Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 4, 1850, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 4, 1850 Page 3
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??mm i.-ill ' iii M, ?W*k ?J'. " it'?t 3.900 MU of floor w?re *old tkti crtl)(, |o Writ, tt $( 41. A large ibm of tbe Sear bar* will go Waet ? IV whig pnpcrt throughout the country in opening Bwlr batterte* on the prrkiat tariff. u4 making a desperate effort to figure up that the Import* and sport* f the country have U?-u for Mveral year* past ?o widely separated. t hut wa am upon the vcrga of ruin. Aeeordlng to their ealeulation*, there in only one way to prevent wide apread dii-<t?ter. aad that ia, of oour?e, by the adoption of a protective tariff. That la the faaam for all the evil* of bad legislation. If tha import* are large and the export* limited, It 1* aanaad by tbe tariff ; If prloe* for agricultural and all other product* are low, the tariff ia to blame ; if manufacturer* and merchants foil, tbe poor tariff ha* to bear the dium ; no matter whut may be the dlOculty, an alteration in the tariff 1* neceiaary to minor* it, and Make all things healthy and prosper*?* New, w* hava a t Leery relative to the Uriff matter, a* well a* the ultra* of the two political partio*; and for the purpose of illustrating it, we annex a table, showing the import* and exports, and the bank loans af the United State*, for several year*:? VoKswa 1bai>i and Bakv I/hm ot ma 1'irrin St*tis. Imjtortt. L.rporh. Bank Loaru. MSP 72,ai?.S'Vt ? l?fcO 74. *'<2.307 72..VW.H71 ? ll?(? 70*76 ,940 73.K4C..WH 300,414.214 1*31 103,191,124 8t.310.M3 ? M32 101,029,??? i7.17rt.!?49 ? i?n 90.1414:43 ? 1M4 IM.U1.S32 104,.m9T3 814,119,499 1W 149,.^,742 12l.fiD3.ft77 96a.irS.S34 lfitf .. lM9,:W0,0.t5 12H,t>i'.3.04<> ?7>*>, >-<? ln.37 170.9W.2t7 117,4I9,37<5 6*1,118,703 IHS8 113,717,404 HtH.4S^.'il<? ?*3.A3l.fiH7 18fc< U2.002.I3H 131.02* 416 492.T7 n 3 IM'I 107,141,.119 133,0^.946 4fi2,i'ii..12:4 18?... 127.94(5.177 12I,85I,!*H 423,14ti,iKi? IK42 I?0,lii2.f?7 104,691,.VM ? 1843 f4.7Vf.79!> W,S46,4?> ? 1*44 10* 44.1,ir*.S lll.12H.27i at\18S.3?9 1843 117.264.ft?,4 l44,'!4t,?Kt KWW.IoJ l*4fl 121691,797 113.4S4.516 313,114.4"4 1K47 146.343,63* 1M,sh?,272 SlOJflO.JW U4? 1M ,977,876 149.241.713 960,52i),?0 It will be seen by this table that there was a steady bat rapid inervnse iu the value of foreign merchandise imported into tlia Cnltod State*, from 1829 to 1837, when they commenced tailing off. An Increase In the alue of exports will aiao be noticed. but it was limited compered with import;; for there were causes at work calculated to check exports, while they were particularly influential iu swulling our import*. The above table ?hows an increase of bank loans, from $200,414,214 in 1830, to (325,115,702 in 1837. The circulations f the banks, in 1S30, amounted to $61 323.808, and in 1837 to $140,185 800. (howlng an Increase, in six years f ana hundred and fifty per cent, in each of these Hems?a similarity of movement calculated to eonrlnoe every nnprejudicial mind of the intimacy of connection exii<ting between them. That the banking movement of the country, at that time, was the cause of the Immense importations, no one can for a moment doubt, In 1833 the compromise tariff commenced operations t a verjr high rate of duty; so high, that in a period often years, with an annual reduction la the rates. It was not to fall tx-low an average of twenty per eent ; Mid In the face of the highest rates ruling under that net. we And the Importations Increasing from $10102P,2<56 in 1832. to $180,980,035 in 1836. How does this foci agree with the theory of the protectionists?that a high dnty Is necessary to check Importations, and encourage the Industry of our own eltisen* T from 1828 to 1833, the tariff was highly protective, ao much so as to cause the attempt on the part of South Carolina to withdraw from the Union, and set np revenue laws of her own, and to creatfeso much dissatisfaction throughout the South generally, that nothing but the celebrated Compromise Aet of .Mr. ?>! < kn r./u> . ...? J?l nt >nlUI<.l *flUtlon{?D<J disturbance ; and (till, the btliDM,as it i* eal!*d, was annnally larpoly against us. It tha* appear# that the operation of a high tariff at one tine, ia ?mtly the kthm to what it U another, and juat ao wKh a low tariff. The movement* of the banks have more infiaenea upon onr foreign trade than any kind f a tariff In 1833, the great bank expanalon itomKanted. The old Bank of the United Stater, and the Ptatp hank* carried on the content for four y*ar* wh?a the former went into liquidation, and the latter floundtred along another year. and then anapended pecie payment* Thla expansion originated in a determination of Preaident Jackaon to wind ap the United Btatee Hank, and waa aecompllahed by the determination of MlehoUa Diddle to make the moat of the hank aa long aa It lived. TIiIh gave the Irapetuato our foreign trad*, wlileh raaulted ao diaaatruualy to all engaged. In 1137, the auapenalan of apecle payment* relieved the hank* and the commercial eomrannity, and for a time ia?poTti?tk>n* were materially reatricted j hut State aredit proved a good substitute for bank eradit, and in 1S30, the Importation* were only about twenty-live million* lea* than thnae of 1821, having increased fifty m lUioaM from thnee of the prevlou* year. Delinquency and repudiation on the part of eome of our State* proved aa great a restriction upon the Import trad* of th* country" a* the bank explosion In 1837, and our Importation* fell eff fmn $102,092,133 hi 1839, to y in the argument* of thnae advocating high tariff*. The Compromise tariff of 1812 expired June 30, 1842. The value of impoat* 1843?in the 1 sweet rang* of that aet?wa* $ino.l<2C87, while In IR'JB. aix year* previouswhen the compromise aet had been In operation only lear yeara and the duty therefore ranged much hlgh9100.183 087 In 1842 Thla bringa na to another (Vila er the value of Import* waa $189 980,039 How ean thea* facta be reconciled *o aa to prove th* aoundnaa* f I heir poeltton ' Within the paat three year*. Mveral very Important maoveoietrta have Influenced onr Import trade The 1hmlne In Enropa in 1847, gave cxtenaiva market* for ar tweeds*affs abroad, payment for which wa* made, partly In bullion and the balane* in merehandla*. Thla lncrenrt'1 cur Imp- rt?tlous In 1*48 th* revulalona and revolutions In Europe deprera-d their hom* markale, andoompelled th? manufacturer* to Mek them UewLire and their atU otion at aueh timee U usually turned to thla country, and we received large anppllee ot merchandise. which wa* originally Intended for European consumption Th* dlaeovery of gold la Call'irnla la l'-t*, g*ve another impetus to r import trade The mlaca were not worked much the flr?t year and their Influence upon trade and com eve* wa* not, therefore, mneh Ml until the nest year? 1M9 The production ha* sinoa bean ao great aa4 the prospect* *o flattering, that an Immenae emigration ha* been steadily Ming towards the shore* of that a?nalry. and aa rnnrmona consumption of all klada of gaode already reallied The Import* thla y*arhave be. a very great, but t'je chipment* o| gold fr- i.i .*?" 1 ' < t< i. it I: - - sin %n.| other parts of ||>* world with largorem<t?an?eaof atoeka. have equallaed etehaag' aad onr hank* have been able to hold at is ihetr sp*r?a llad *h tariff been ten tlia*e more rroi?et 1 ve thae it i* the importations would have bean i aq?aUv krf? . aaj il l? asaarl to attrlbuta tht fart IKl w liar* ???h ?r(? quiMN of fhralg n )? th? ?S??u ?( kl|h?f rata of duly il t? lh? "?lf artamant lt? ^rntMtloiliti l?a?# ana tfcry haw h?r, ? l 9|?? Iktl ?trin? an Ikil II W rn?rlrt>l; Ml oM??? atil la, th?r?f>r? to ihrwtatl thai fc? ?ltl to K Hlarh K?<haM|(r. tr>*r?e?, um . -.w? < aat?a c? ?< ?;v *, i- ; i , i?.? 4* |7<J ?< a* < ukiiu M i <.? a. |xf> 1 ? j } 4a f '? Ktrtaakr < ? M" 4? b '? t- if it >4* , T'W I r .? . , , ,i, I I' ' - , > . 1 * ' ? Tin iK'lltiJi.iM |C7 -rt 4a k?l ?1 fia ?. i>> ,, u r -tR ? * . * -? .??? ! , K i > >; r ... vie > I s i \ . ,, i j..i k '1 " Ii>'M LfkTrCa I if j.1 Mi4i*. , k t*4laaaf> ? < I)' ? j al K T I tj 11 Aatan n?raca*a m> ??'l / ?a 'mH~mI .xi lift 14% 4 M'l??l lUak 111 ut KK I"* i> lit l'-rl'4 IR lli H4 4, MO I 1 II n.?l ial , ' . I ??t 4' * V > M T? 4a i?'A m * * > *' * * 140 4? k 4?l . no 4* ?.v IM 4a K* ?t X Yatk k ft H.t IIH-I mcwn j K* ?. 4.,a > ? * l?. ik\ in?,?? tf.? ?t *oa ?akH rn??aaaJ I'', Ml 4? i*o * >? h? 4<> MO IJ M 4a IC'1 4" k.V> it 17 4A mU Iro 4a l*% M 4* M? (.."2 if l? ? i?11-4 m i4\ 1 n?ti?ai R* via *i ? l.m r> Ttiil l-l in IM 4? kit 40 *1 4* mi s H 4IHfcRTmFJr.Tr* RFJBWEI MF.R> IMT. NLrruAu N.ri >vi i i a i! ?ri i vour nir n r \ m ii I' ! -? -?i I'-raM- A*i"r ?i|<a alll w.??vtl? rv.? N'.ll ll >? < ? ?kl? (T?M4ay) a me. Jm* 4, at I % H- " t .M I'r?a 4?nl l.r.O nil: t, lai^rr^a?la I'LTB 11^.{ " -rrart4aata. 4 II. Brt it^a, I , rr. i.rt.? fi. t FudMIII, | " ' I " " 1F>l?4TI#kk. I-1 , h 1 i r?. < "i i * i ii"?r r ? .*. wn i a . t' *' aa Tk- k. k-r??? <kal nar?f ??? r wr>?r I'A a?M- y-n?. *k? Ik-?4 i" la aa-? f <*i a- h?f<#ni' ?i4 ?a?n<-? ta claaa ?a W*4aa*lay aa?a I * ?i Ol *> V - r' 411 ?ll Al.. Mv V 7 I ; ' , * . I . ! I V < v * I M N . r *<* ki~ frfvk' h * lk? uni ???H rr? WAMTW. I WANTED?A FHOTBSTANT, AS WAITER, TO OO A hurt glituM id ill* ?i?uj A ataxia nu prrftrwJ. who mi produce good ally Apply at Cbaukiri nmt, It tftn, > 1m l>'N, ?> 41# lut, at lit i 'aloak. WANTED?A SITUATION Df A KESPECTABI.B } okiU|[ wtBiu, M foi'k. 1 r-A'.. Icrvua: <?, ?" to do nat* ml enorewerk. Uaa good elty rafrroaea. I'leeta in'inireat N?>. 23 Kiaetaantk atreot. Utween Itroadw.if rvnd Fonrlk ttv.Lue, Cm We eee? f? r time dtye. WANTED-BY A STE \ '>Y, 8<>HER YOUNU WOMAN, aituaticn ?? tSouk; la an cieellent wuhir and irouer; > > uljeotiom to do general houaewnrk '? ? prutu family; ktid can be Been *11 the week, if n?t engaged. Tha Mat of oity r<'< rvace gi?en if required. 1'leaaa vail at Nw. 117 Twtntyfirti atraet, front room. np itura. WANTED- BT A RESPECTABLE TOUNtJ WOMAN, aaituailou a* Plain Ceok, Wiuheranl Iroaer, or to do the general houtework of a an>?ll pi ta'e family, and undurttanria Raking. The mart raapuc;a>;? eity raftrmoe gi?ta.? l'lcfttn apply at 1(3 l. u.rm ureet, in the baMiuent. Can be tatii for mt ratnainder of tlila week. WANTED-BY A RE>PECTABJ.E YOUNG GIRL, A titnation to di Chaioli rwork aad 1'laiu Sewing, would >j>iat in ? arhing and lron'':f. rituo call at 174 Ludlow ?t>*et. Can be man for two flay a. ! WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, a? fir.?t rate Cook, an excellent U^ker, oniJerHanJe 1'aotry, and would bar" no objection to aaa:st in H atkinK aid Ironing, ran g'T?* the beet of eit t reference. Apply at 135 ( roaby alreet, iu tfco rear, near II jualun atrret ('an Ie nei'u for two daya. TITAMED-A FITl'ATION, BY A RESPECTABLE tt girl. aa firat rate Lacndreaa or Chambermaid, tu a?iet in Washing and Ironing, lieatofeiiy ttfereuoe <aa be gireu. j I1(u? rill zi Piltct itrtet. Can be seen for two days. WANTED-A YOUNtt WOMAN TO COOK. WAS1I AND Irs for a small private family, one that understand* I ntii.N*, nay apply at 42 Eait Twentieth street. Eel'er ac? n qnirtd from her lost employer. II, ANTKD-BY A K ESI'ECTA I K WOMAN. A SITCA" tion a* a first rat* Cook, ami a Wa?'??r an J Ironer Best of tiiy reference gieun. 1'leasevall ui ;-1 Kluabetli street.? Can to seen ier two day*. WANTED? BY A RESPECTVBl.E YOUNG WOMAN, a situation to uck, wash and iron, or do general liotnewerk in a private family, Best of city rufuruiioe. Apply al to. >8 Amity *tr?et, corner?f Sullivau. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A PROTESTANT yourg woman, ai Chambermaid, an.l to tuitt with tha washing and ironic*, or to do general house*' rk ; ha* no objection to (r<? to thu country. The l>?*t of city reference from her last place. Please call at 34 Third avenue, front room, up stairs Can be seen fur two <U)s. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A KKSl'ECTABLB young womaa, to do the gcueral homework for a small private family; she is a first rate washer and ironer, and Hood plain rook ; or would go a* chambermaid orcvok, aud w asher and Ironer. The beet of city refweao* glyen. Apply at 41' Mott >.treet, fr"nt hi?(i??rt i an be >e-- i f r two days WANTS D?A SITUATION. BY A RKSPICCTABUB young woman, lo do the cooking. washing, and ironing of a sir all family. The beat of city referent* given. Inquire at AM Grand street, in the Rrug Store. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMEN, a situation t* do cooking and a4>l*t in tlio washlugana ir>'bitg, or to do chambcrwork and Hue washing and ironing, lias a rood (recommendation from her last ilaso. Pleaso call at 73 Eleventh street, between Fifth and Sixth aveuut. ! W'ANTED?A sni ATlMN, AS NURSI AND SEAM trese, or Chambermaid, will be willing to aaaiat ia washing ana ironing ; has no objection ts go a ahort distance ia the country. Baa good city reference. Can be seen for two days, at No. Id West Fourteenth street, in the rear. WAXTE D-A SITUATION, BY A YOCNG SCOTCH girl, to took. wa?h, and iron, in a small genteel family; w*uld have no Abjection to do g neral honsework, or re cHanleruind, aud assist with the washing and ironiua. Has the beat < f city reference. Can be icea for two daya, at 12o , Elm atroet, corner houFe. WANTED-A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE Woman, aa Norse, who hu been aeven yearn In that ca- I racity. and who thoroughly nnderttanda the care of children. I The beat eity references cm be given. No objection to go lit lit country. I'leaee call at KJ1 Broadway, In the rear, eor. j of Biuadway anl 13th atreeta. WANTED-IN A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY, AN | Engliah or Scotch girl, aa cook, waaker and ironer. Certificate* of eharaotrr and capacity required from h?r laat plain. Apply at (' !? Pearl atreet. up ataira. I WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A SITUAtion aa a good cook, in a email private family, and no objertiona to go in the country. Beat of eity rt-fcronce ' 5i?en. Plearr call at No. M Eleventh atroet, between tlio irat and Sccond avenuea. j WANTED-A SITUATION BY A VERY COMPETENT Itirl, witli good city reference, to took, waah, and iron. I for a private family; la a good cook, and tiret-ratc waalier and , Ironer. Apply at 74 Sixth Avccne. In the book ator*. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN a actuation aa rhauibcrmaid and waiter. Beit of city reference. Apply at 176 Twelfth atreet. Can be acen or two, d?y> \LT ANTE D?A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE V" young woman aa Nurae or Chambermaid; can do plait 1 aewing, wuhitf and ironing, and haa no objection to go to ' in the cvuntry. The beet of eity reference given from h?.r laat place. Pleaae call ai 10 York atreet, near Weat Broadway. aecond floor, frost room. Can be neen for three day*. "IITANTED-A SITUATION, (BY A PROTESTANT. ! Tv yciing woman, to do general honaework. and ia willing to make bereelf aaefnl at a good waeher and ironcr. Butt of < eity reference can be given. Pleaae apply at fO Uammiraley , atreet. Can be eeen for two daya. WANTED?A SITUATION BY A YOUNO MAN, WHO haa aerved aa Butler la reme of the moat reepeetable famillee in Fagland?tliurvngMy underetande Ma bualaeee. an<> would be ready and willing to make lumatlf geaerally uaeful. Addreaa, A. T. W.. Herald office. WANTED.?BOOK-K EEI'INO.?A GENTLEMAN ??f practical kutiaeaa qualifloaiiona. having a few hoara te ' apare daily, would be' happy to negotiate with one or mere reapcctable partiee for bringing up, balancing, er keep a* their booka, on reaaoaalle termi. Addreaa, " Aejoantaat, office of thla paper. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT girl, a aitnatloa a* Chambermaid and Waiter, er te take the entire charge of ohiMrea ; wonld have no objection* t" travel with a family. Can be aeea for two daya at M MelHmgal atreet. In the rear. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY AN EXCELLENT FA?try Cork, wko aadfnltiJi kor buimcu prrfwll; woll. IM.aao tfpl; fi r M. r , ?t 44 Pultoa atroot, or liW !*??ooth itrort, arrnu^ll, (ointr Toaipkina o^uaro, fourth flour. Now York. Caa U ao?n for on* ?nk. WANTED-A SITUATION. MT A RESPECTABl.B young woaiaa, to d? g?nrral houta work in a amall pri*M? family. Apply at M Croouwieh tmui, Lotwooa lUak Bad Trojr ?tr??lo. WANTED-SITCATION8 BT A TOL'NO MAN AND Wift, a* domaatlo oorraato. who ha* b??a living in tb? Binot napoclaklo familiar la Eagland, aad arc willing lo raako Ihoniolto* conorally noolaL Addrraa I. F O., Ilorald Offlro. W' ANTI.D-A SITl'ATION BY A MIDDLE AGED WO"T isba to tako oaro n( children aad rlmm'-orworg, who ia oapatlr < I takii-g rbargv ol aa infant fr>n ua birth, and baa ao oilotlioa to go la tbo toinlrf. Tho l>oal of oity r?lf mice gWoa. Iii'imra at No. 67 Bookaaa atroot. Caaba (**a for two da) a. WANTED A IMITATION AS HOUSE-K EEI'ICR -A oompo'oat pora> ii wlahot to m?ot wltb tin* Blioao altaailon. N? ol JrcilMa to tbo country. Adirooc 8. I9il Flrat A Q?"d olty raftrtaM |l?n. WANTEI>?A SIT1 ATI"N BV A HE" l'K? TA BI.K (. I HI. aa Couk, Waaliar ana IroBcr. ha? tho boat of city rtftr- | anco. tan to a#ca fir two dayo, at No. 143 Elliabotli atroot. | la tho roaraa tko third S?<>r ) WANTED"?A SITUATION BT A RBSI'MCTA BJ.l youat girl. ao .Hoamatrooa, nr ? mid do rhambor work i In-- If goarrally aarfil In a raapocahla fami'y ? Tl.a boat of (Ity lafrirnto (Iran: apply at 44 Rcao atroot, la tbo roar. C'aa bo atoa for two daya. 1 WANTED.?A SITl'ATION BY A R E M'ICCTA Ill.l yanac womaa, ao Cbaiabormald aad Waiter, aa I to tak<-caro uf children. Brat vf *ity roforraoo fr m bo- laot p|a*o. I'loaao to rail at No. IM Wo?t I At St atroot, la tba rwar?can bo tooa for t dai a. ? \Lr ANTED?A SITl'ATION A* COACHMAN. IN A PRI- 1 " % a'e family, bj a young man who l.a? had aiporionea f r n>aay yoara, aad io willing to mak* hlaawlf generally n?*flI: no oljectieaa In tbo eoaatry. Can bo aooa for Uiraa data M No 44 1 iBty-eighth atroot, boiwooa Saevad aa I Tlilrd atranna. ! TLT ANTED?A SITUATION AS WET-NCR?*. BT A If haalihy yourg wtaan; ban no objection ?<i ? > la tho tenalry llaag>?d rofrreacaa. Floaae apply at N? 1 A Waal N>aete<alii atrrrt In the roar. I \L7 A NTID?A TOUNO M i' M % N AS NCKSI AMD " Vama'fTf", ia a amall family Sbo mnet nad-miand bor j rrf i lly, aad taiao wrll reeemmraded. k raaob Woald I ' ! I ira All 1) a: S I So??nti. atrwak. | W ANTH>-AN AITKEN I MET'LEARN TUE TRCNM ! " an I llara?-> making, ??? that ran eons wall reeoia aded, aoao ?Oi? * t" '* apply. JOHN i,l I MOTSE. N .. WSitth aoeaeo W ANT El BT A t . . TABLC TOl'Nfl WOM tV TT aaltnatlaa aa (r><a nam" ml. or Uiadr>?a. art? d< kaali.n aad Iroaiag laa amail prnato family, or lia< M oVjtiiiin ('lag t? tkc ennntrr u thor will ratnra. IIoat oi ?|ty to rroaaai (Itn. lai|olrc at IA* tir?-nwl?? atroot, too do^ro trim < nnrtiardt >trr?', wr'nH ^r. fr n1 room. ANTED A SITUATION. RY A KE?PETAlii t " y >>? rlrl, to dn obanthorwork. an I 'ako oaro nl ofclldtoa, or to a? g?n*ral h?.a?? wrrk la a ??n?ll family Sho lo a gM'd aroabor aad ir -a'r. Tko boot of oily rof?r?npa a?n bo firra t aa ba noon f?r two dajra. Pioaoo tall at .Hi Rlriagl>a atroot. Hrahtrt). * mtiation. bv a ?r ihtahik J'?nn* firi, ? > 4? nf la aara at tklKran, na<l ran ta ?*?n for thraa 4*)a. A) ? > >1 IM V|rlfl ?tml iillnloro. \l-A*TKr>-A BtTVATirm fiv A RK<PECTABLI " jnnnt f rl ? '>?k. w .Jl<r? mj Iratar. nr i iji ht aval I natr* rk I* >a.ill priva'a family Tl.o l~?? ,>r rvfataaraa from l>rr laal flara. **' " ? '>' X? lui?al ??mi. \L' ANTfcb?BV A RKM'lirTABI.IC rol'Ntl WOMAN. ?? * Kaatun M ( k. *i ti r an I Irmar at?l f< I > h<ia??*"?k. Nn Bl>j*?l>l?n In gn la ?h<? nnairy .anil ttt W?tt tf ?l?y tafaranaa ran ba flrrn. P #. Call at No. 7 I ? .rnn a II, nrr<>n-l Im hi,* in t.ha r**r \jL* ante i>?a tiTrAtluw nr a mapp rrAM.s tt vaaa ? ??.? |tatn Cook; la an attrllani n.iakrr a?4 In.nnr, an* *raM al?n dn t? ami honaawur* P,n.? a ca'l Mull atreal Inn ka arm f'tr Ian illrl. Haat g|if r?f? r?a*-a ______ iv ANIli'-a covrrm (v'8, t'? ?jo into tilkcoitnM II* tn trnrh thr Kniliali 1.rvi?tit? ?n?l niaan Apply ii v TP I a" 1 ? - ' * " |'iif? I U'aniih- iiv a tahi k yorwo iron**. * a attnMlan In a r??p*? ahlr aotnil faimljr l? ?l? frnarai karam.rk U<cl cllj ralatanca hayl? aaan nil JBkMMat. __ : \\ antbd-a biti'ation nv k Rr " }itriimu.iM'l> I' ?aai.-f ?n4 Imnar Taa kr.t ?il? rafrrrara (r??, i at la# |4m ' an b? Htn f,.? t ?n I'Unaa rail at Id ?lf< ? tl i-nf. 'klf< <?t | IJL* ANItD?hT A (OMI'tUVT I IKON, ASiri'Aww nan a (t"at lank. ar l?> a* a > nt a In ammi j 'air \y. Aifif at At*. II *, <a |. IX *?a? Matt ui | Bf'tf M- - f rp \\ - ? H ?" T, ta an th- kur -n ?^rk al a pr??*ra famtla **> l< a ?"?d rnnk , an t a !>m r*'? an<i 'rin1 a?. Tl.a k??t flMT r*<?r*?Mi (man fr~m kar la?l ?l?ia I'laaaa i-aJlat Nn ?Si T??al| tral airaat. kalwtan tka d?k an4 ViH a?at ? ?. t)L; AfTtlf??A ?rru hy~* f n tr lisriicfA?? l la fonna *om? i. a Cka?Mf na I, .n4 nn acwar, 'r Itamf.mmi a?4 In \?Ui at waak,nn *a4 irultl. nr In 'a Ika ?r?k n( narlun*. and ir?niaf of a ana'l pr rata IMIl). la an rtaaUaat at.lft lr..??r, an I la naat an I tiJr a> at Krr w-m (I- tral n(?lt? inmn a* ran M prWa,'a1 ki t itr tan k kit>l| ivnnnn al ff >n har Ihi riManra, Wrr (I a -itt4 taa War* *'.?H ka*a nn ot*|*?n-|.?n f fa a tfcirt atriAuar In er.*0%r, l-li-?i ?*ll at. JCI iwaaiA tlraat, r??iU ?**, kaafe rwna. WAirrn. WANTEIK-BY A HMF1CTAL* MIDDI.I AHU WO- D bu, a lituU(?. aa aaok, whv par'aeily a alar- AJ tanda the fcurlnmt; ii a Pro.aaiaat, and wi?iju? %u gut la "r wllh a Kestrel private fam ly Beet af tit? rafereuon. A|>- *J* ply ?? So. 1(W Cmar atrart. C?? be wea for two >1 ?va- ' ** ? i Mr WANTED A ?ITUATION. HV A KE1PECTABLE )?uu| woman, who would be willing to do chamber- "ll wotk, lavndraaa, and to take oar* of children; or ku oo obJtition to houaework iu a prvaia f?u lly; ia a I w:taher and ironer, and r^nl plaia cook. Bcj: of eity refereaoe. Plea e call at 7* Kiath avenue, oorner of Haverlay pUo?. ?" Caa b< lean for two dav?. I WANTED?A SITUATION. IIV A BGSPECTABLI )i untr firl, an uumr and i<aui>trt>i, or ohaiuberwork of a imall faiuilr. No objection. io go a aliori oiatanoe in J* be country. N?ne bat rei-jivctalle Tamil a* need apply at ' 361 Stanton utrtet, for two daye. 1 Jjr' TITANTED?BY A REai'iCCTABLE VOI-'NO WOMAN, A | Atl Tf titoallun oa fu> k, Wuaher and ironer, wr to do gunaral I Ah honaework, or Chumbermaid and Seame'rena fan out aud | hao make children'^ dremea. all which ehe understand* ttr?* rata. ' elu fhe han the beat of reference, having born three yoara in her I e? u lam place. Call at No. 17 Monroe atreei. Can be aaen for ~T two aaya. A WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE ' Bin young wi man, lately arrived from Canada, ai Chain. htrmaid and Waiter, or to travel with a raapeetable family I Jul fi r the muimi r; haa no objection* to no a r h?rt dmuuoe in 1 ? > the country. Please call, for two daya, at 17 East Eleventh I th (tract. ' | Stg WANTED BY A VERY RESPECTABLE PROTEST- ??? ant young woman, a actuation a? Chambermaid and eor SrniuBtrei-*, or Chambermaid aad Walter?understands har Or Inaincrt; in willing to be ueeful in Any way. Call at 7i Wc?t ?: litlb street, until engaKed. f?' WANTED?TWENTY MEN TO WORK OS OUTTA 1?. Peril, a, Ormaim and Scotch pteferreil, to whom iteady pi;, employment will be given. None but temperance men need Co apply For f?rllM?r parliculara, inunire at 41 Water (treat, Vh Brooklyn, cf F. W. ARMSTRONG. toi dli' WANTED-A SITUATION BY A VERT RE3PECTA- IK ble yeting woman to do general housework, or plain K? cooking, washing and ironing: has the bc?t ol city reference Tl. for l<one?ty, sobriety and neatnes*. Please apply f?r two Ji.l days at No. (I Pearl street. sui WANTED-A VIOLIN PLAYER, A BANJO AND Sfi Accurdeon player. Apply 423 Rroadwav, Albion rfT Ilotiic letweeu the hour* of lu and 12. A. H., and' fr?n fi to to] N P. M. WILLIAM W. AMI'BEI,. Ic "IErANTEI>-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN A " situation h? Cook. Washer and Ironer. or to do g?n?ral ^ 1Mtmi rrk I r t l.uiiit rwcrk. ftn l a*eiat in Wghff M 1 IVH* f , iu*. Bent of city refer?nc?r; has no objection to a short dintrince in the country. Apply No. 31* Morris street, cor- ' ner of Greenwich. Can *?e teen for two days. ----- - ' - tr.f VITANTED-A SITUATION, BV A GIRL, WITU GOOD ?!" TT relerence* from her U.t place, to do uhamberwork or : JL, general hotmework, or to cook, wa?h and iron, in a *inall pri- j *, vate family. Apply for two day* at No. 37 Won Thirteenth itreet, fecond flour, front room. I ? ! on WANTED-SITUATIONS BY TWO RESPECTABLE ? ff younK firl>, one aa chambermaid an 1 plain iewniK. or 1/ chamlermaid and a?ti?t in aaehing and lri>Dtn<. Han the JT beat of city reference from her laiit pla-'e. The other aa tb< chnmi ertnaid and waiter, or do general Imuaework in a umall led ?>m ate family; prefcru the country. llaH the be?t of reference for rr^m her lent place. Can be ?cen for two day?. l'leate call Ar At No. B* Fourth avenue, thir?' floor. tn WANTLD?A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE *'l" I'rot.atant girl, to do geaeral houaewnrk, of a .mall go private family. She ii a firat rate waaher and ironer, aud { Sti ta.. no objectlona to go a thcrt diatance in the country. Pr Good reference given from har laat place. Apply at 133 Croa ly meet, trout honae, third floor, froat room. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A SOBER YOU NO ~ woman, a profe?i.ed cook and a tuperior laundrv?-a l< eook'e place preferred, or would do the wathing tf a small family, if reuuired. She haa lived in tha capacity of cook Id (V' gentkiiifn'n fauiliea. The beat of referencea aa to being e*- 1,1 (client in everv re.Dect. No obiectiona to the country. "ll Plea?a to call at 122 M??tt ?tre?t. Can be aeen until cutted." "J11 - a?i WM ANTED?BY A KESI'ECTAllLE YOUNG WOMAN, * aituaiiin aa Cook, and to a^ist in washing an! ironin*: it ac4 ust< mcd to baking. Satisfactory city reference ran be given. May be seen at 181 (Jrand ?trtet. In the dry goods **' : t WANTED-A SITX'ATION, A3 NURSE AND BEAM- J*' by a yona* woman who nnderatanda dr< eemaking ' kid plain aewing Uat no objection to leaving the eity. Kefemnc* lives. Pleaae apply at 118 Ludlow atreet, near Riving- r tcm atreet. WANTED?BY A SMART. ACTITX BOY. 18 YBARS ?J of af?. a eituation at Light Porter to etore, where bo J? <an make hirnaelf generally uaeful, (hi? parunta reefde in K< the eity,) wiiteg a good hand, nod can prndnoe uncxceptlon- *' able relettncua Address U. P. P., llerald oiBoe, or 164 Lud- j*' ,ow atreet, in the rear. May fce aeen nntil employed. 1 1 ? <n WANTED-BY A PERSON WIIO OAS UAD LONG 5 eiperienee in the buaineee. a aitnatiia aa Foreman in r* eotue reepeitable tailoring eatabliihment; le In every way ' " capable or filling aach a aituatioa ; haa a (ood kaow ledge of ,lc all kindi of go<da need in the biuiaeaa. and an extenaiva J" acquaintance. Shonld have no objeotioae to leaving the oily, i" provided a good inducement wai offered. Addrtae A. B., Bos f * 2,SUP, Poet Office. IT1 git A FKKM1I LADY, WHO HAS HAD MUCH EXPB. V rienre In teaching har laagaage la her aattve ooualry, i? deairoua of obtaining a few eeb<ler?, either at har own & reeideato or tboaa of her papilg. Scboeli atteaded la. Ad- -1" droea 43 Tenth atreat, near Broadway. n" 1 wil ARCSPKCTABLE YOUNU WOMAN. PROTESTANT. Br want! a litnatlon in a email private family, u Cook, o'c Waaber and lronar;1 baa ao objection to general hoaeawork, th< rrt. go in the eonatry. flood reference from her lent place. tic llaa no objection to travel with a lady. I'leaee call at 148 lieu.n.i nil (treat, (Iret floor. To be eaen two daye. J A~ STEADY MAN, OP ACTlTt HABITS WANTS EM- w ployment la a Protectant ootabliehment, le aa eieellent J\ aereuntaat and naderetaada m-ainreaaent I would take l ehane of a tiuiier \?r.i Meal taiuoa ia a M^Natll I*"1" I *?' ly. or even perwaaeat manual tabor. Any eominanda addreea- u. ad T. 0. P., 34 City llall Place, will be raepaetfully atteaded " to. | ASWIKS 1.AD?] (GENEVA,) A PHOTESTANT, WIMU ? at aa angagemcat aa reeident Oeyaraaea, to teach Ik French aad Fnpliah. Ilae no objection ta g" J.nith. Would 1* aeaiet ae eeainetreee, to make dreaeea. fee. Keferanca to Mila un Bagat, French and Piane teacher. No. HI Eaet Broadway. la A RBSPBCTABLR YOITNO WOMAN WANTS A SITC- Ji J\ ation aa ( ham barmaid. It a flretrate waaher and JI" ironar. No objection to go to the country. Can give eity reference. Pleaao call at IM Caiveraity place, batwoea Eleventh and Twelfth atreeta ? OfiRMAN, A NATIVB OP HAMBUBUII. H YEARS of are, la daalrnua ef obtaiaiag a aituatioa in a mer- I-1 ckaat'i office. Be aaderataada bookkeeping. aad apoaka aad ' ? writta. M>Mw hia owa language, the "Engliah. auJ ia not ia- c eaperier I In ti.r Frrnrti, Ad<lrr*? L. S , Herald effioa, Errand Mi v?a.nm bmplotmbnt.?a wAbt Hoy 14 jeara of age. aho reridee with hia pare ate. Aleo a ia Girl 12 %?are of Age. Aatiefartory raferoaooe givea. Pieate call at V*I IlruaK L atreet, ep ataire. ju| DRVT.OODS JAl r.SMEN.? SIX UR EI<;IIT WANTED *' at II? Sixth avenue. CITl ATION WANTED-BV A UlRL ?'f THIRTEEN " O yearn of age. ta take rare ef children. T:.. beet of refer- ] one* caa be gtyaa. No. I(Q tidridge atreet. third floor, back ? rec?. ~ J Domestic sprvants.?tub BMPLOTBBi* and *; "trrant"' Protective Agracy and Private Pamiiiaa' Intclligeaco Office 14-< t.rard atreet, be twee a Croeby aad Jr Em at net a. rontinnr" to enpplv private faiailiao m tk eg- _ f^rieci ed drat elaea eervaata, and reapectable aervaau with ? . r?i le altnatlnae. frUVItTAOK, OR At COLt H Bl'R.?A STEADY AND ^ r rr? I e*ctal.l? ltrfv. nlin IiBI nhlAim I har dml .m* fr .m W tha Lyiig-ln II* apt<?1 of Dublin, ofTara her aarrleea In th> ahoeo ? at>a< 'y to thn f?! ulljr of ttio oily, i.r to aor lady rrunlrlry l'?r profaanlinal aid. Sh? poaaraaoo tho b(/h?et tootini'.iilala nf rharaator and pr"foaatoaal kill, ?n-1 will be '"I prepartd to Under her leraicea klther u Nnrae tn Invalid*. y" ?r A""ncl.enr, at the aliorti-at notleo I'leaoo inquire f ir Utr. MAUI IN, Ut ll-ary ulrtit, a.irnar of I'lka. ruiujowAij. *r Miming.-a Torwo man. aorrvan, srcAHiNa " Ecitlik iniporleoile, left bit mlJriN In Renieon it., Hr kirn. on Tuoedav, the Slat May. aad hae aot eiaoo boon beatd i f. Ila wan ?h.,ui i'l >uri?( k*. A foal llaahai la kei*ht, had dark trnwa hair, eat ihort. t lu* fu|?hta4 an I I florid rnkiploaioa. ? ban hn loft li-ma, ho waa dreaaod in . ttripod wo..Man (.aatalrone, of rathot li?li< oolnr fancy ebo?k- 1 ' d Tret: Mo'iah *ray rfhre aoat, hat, and kit* klur'. mark ad will. I laj aatioa rorardiM tha A ?U?a. will bo tbankfnllr roceleo-1 and liberal). rewarded by kit anxmn# bro'hor. at <7 Konaon tt., Urooklya, or 140 front * W , (?p atalw) N?w V'.rk, ? >< | > m>k m a ti< i \ uantiii i.f < a i n ?Hivr ur.M.v. 1, M from the eonatr I'arlnw, Inland. eupp d to k; lirla< f.r witk a lire. N'Kanilr. widow, M?a'r'al. Canada, la re (no* a J , ti wrtta to US Arademy (tract, Nanark, Now Jeroey, to bar brother. Jama* Ileal y. ? N. n?Montreal |?|^ri fl>u? tn[j. UMT. ( Io>t-on UdDAV nvrvi.vo. o?r 11 on I'OMiwa u J frin Mnrerler Maee. n-ar Aiatb aeanno. to M?|i i/ol mo', aear Amitt a toe yoId Vaat t bain T'.a ' idor w.ll I* m leal ly ranardi-d, by i-o?in? the earn* a' th? IBr ?I ike X] > ? folk Mti, n .aanronea t >? tn N Wall ?>r?ot. /?W? A. *TI<umi, pre IOST-FROM li t 9TARI.K ftr SM\ R ft IIKI.L->*r 4, a J Ir ft. aoe itrei o tl ? ni?ht of tk? Vt o( Jim n folio (M andnlit* aofot d<>?, lanro alta, An>wora In tl ? atw f *1' Kap W I ?.o??r will raturn Mm tu the Ira n* llonaa, wi'l all fofolaa f% reward no< IOST--ON SATl BDAV. A DIAMOND H1RA1T riN - Ail J ii )<a crti'.rt of t; ? I *ad <>f Ilia Tin waa a lar; PI mi md, *pa anr-troltJ wltf R'-ao T)|ami.ii4r. aot In ailraa : full atom ? Ihof'ia? wl'l ?>? IKoralljr rowartad li? lvna.nt it with I1I NKV HtlRl.ltRN k ( O , IM H' .adwar. JIOTil pm.?R H'-r-iiRtii iTHar., i>i<\h *vr> * * ' a ti r . $ : in ' 11'a ? ! ? ||..| ar an I a li half m 'hargr Tr.f findor wl'l ho fairly rown*?' 1 n ra- . turnibt It ta> A.M. Itu rt, M Hall atraat, cr I7*fc-<t I'nnr- L!" toon' k rtroat. Tr; . aol Mk It a u 11 ?<>K rkwa*I> PVR ink PRt? f.i i nm .*\pruv. L' riftlii of ll;? I , af r ?kia?#a ihv |M| pari af >4 ?n? rrmali l?r af t?# r?*t Hn?ti?a |>la?*?'l ?*>v t 1 Id- |r? ? of rr?'l?rirh kli har1??>? luk'itarlalOfiNi **' Mil if? T??nli?th A??m? TJl? Mm** f? ??i4 "til pail " ?> hi# fattar, Milium Ki"harJani?. Mo, M Pint A"n>io, ft'aar tr**'.. iff \ l;KW aRU -IHM. I.O?T-U>?r UH SHllJl* <>M I' litiiltr lM*.fn>n 'hft'nl'in PM a llmal. T ur??#?'h a-r*?l, ? Kt'll T?'r rr, aklllai, hf.?ira .luf, Mark p K nn *' IV i <Ii' i>4? of ht# lha i* I aa4 U'< #o? ? > >f<, of " ' t<44(? a>ia; aiaw?ra U th# nan* af 4vk Wliia?at ??H ra- R? ) < > < ik? I'm!' n Plaaa ll'.Wl will r*a*l?a Ilia aknr* 4a OJ O* A XMAl.L POODI R' fxn, ?' ? ???llji half, aM ra liar Miin. lia ?? thliar lUUn ?r ra>*4 "a PtHkf M-rrii-* laat, fr,,in fi ih araaar, tt.n4 ' hi i? !?? a4r??i??n>li a'raat, Thf ??!' ? >a??r.t aill ha #|t?n ( ' *i>T ?*iTtni't Ika ?a!4 4 %* a:>?aa H-imhI LANP4, <ki. ii I \ I li)l> WORTH <<r OAS CilANDI ip IWj""W Rra<kata ar i all 4. (fif< nf v r Una la* "win Ww, Ur1 a?t n<n4 f.*<np?, >ti <4 ,lai (.hma, TOlaaa aa4 tan, j A"lal?a. ft# , at 1 rl Ik ? ? 'a, V?. >U S I ,.kn nrar llr.*/l?ay. |l" "'?? wor it of tut* aiaiaa ? frith Cnt Ulaaa, at ??rf?f|,rT, V, t V an4 Art V.?aj- ?tr?ai, |," N?w Tin. at tar/ low prlraa. ior ?**!> I j. srojrri.vfi. % co. f. r lioklCl'LTVIiR. F timMfi'i.Trti- Romiij >s* mii,?Tii*ur " r Amariam I *ia?<>ralnaa? f *?tn ) tr- t. ? in ( i i., flft?rt?. iJikh f m? n?c, M il k. 'I' f p. <>'? 4 ?'anaj Rrwlil# J vij I, r4 r -a It Aai ? l iaah, ,??,.r? i,lar. 4a. r> MR, ? a?l i nt I-, A 4,>?'a, k* Alao m aaw . r - - r *> a-4 aI an if>ii t?rl?rat?4 karif ~i*l a*. ? > ? ??< -'ml i?i. ?? 4ri?? tf. K ii |?-li l*ai?/illr m?4? ait k' <>i t -?r? T*' f" m III'- | lint* a? ika . > -l-i, ifaarjr auaat. i.aar A.U v,a rl. iii..' >>?!., fmi Nraokl;!, | riM AtrtOCAn ART-MMIOf - R*m:r? ' WTIOiK f Rt 1 , l*(a*!*a ara r rai><?'?4 f<"m IwlMI ??? ~^i fl I ' ' kur a< to. ft'.. 11 >(ta 'i\llaij, ;>r??aiia a af tuair ' " WMllillW aI iwtwtMy. 1 AlUSKMEyrg. I OWBBY TMATM?TLKSDAY EVBNINa. JON* 4. I wtilbaaaiad Ik* trwady of It A M I.IT?dandiua, Mr. . 8t??ena; Haaolat, Mr. UaiuMiii; the Utioit ot Haiulal'a ) har. Mr J. n'*1 lark, Jr.; Larrira, Mr. Popa; Polonmi, ! . (illMrt: lat GraatdlKfrr Mr. Wiutgi; M (Jravediftor, . Mirrin ; Gertrude. Mra. JonKn ; Oiilieti*, Mr*. J. WA- ' k, Jr.; Plajar Quern. Mm. Ur- *dl?v Tu aunoloda with I > play of I'HRIMTINE OF S * K l)E \ -Count d Ottea- ' Ira, Mr. (lilbari: Slaiul?r*. Jordan; Chratina, Mra. flam**- i : En ink, Mra. Wn'cot. l<??ra ap?a at 7; alia aartaia will 7W aaloek. Dfraa Clrala. Bi*a. faennd liar, 25?.; , | I > f ATlOMAL Til MAT**, Cil A CHAM STKICT -TUES- j I day araniun, jutia 4, till an'rrlainiHtaLa will anra- I ara with lat act of MYSTERIES AND MISERIES OE 1 1 W YOKE?Muao, Mr, Ctaufrao; Capl. Toliiu. li.irko, < laav, Seymour; Rijt l?if?, Mrs. Ma4ia>u linl?lla Uraia^i. ' ?. Burke. To b? followed tr MOiE I\ ?'ALIEOKVIA? ' 1 ie, Mr. ('haufrau. Svkaar. SeaaiOur; I,!m, Urn. Maliaoa. t cr which the ) EM Al E la lrA K li?Ai^diiia. Miaa A. Crnlaat I anarar. (.'.Taylor; Kamaa.G. Ilnrka; frinutaa tfviroul- I lour, Mil. I.oakyar; Chiag Muetapka. Mra. Nuaa*. To con- j da wiih tL> faisa af lift TURK* CUCEOOi Baiai, 2j < ta ; fit. ):>> aeuta. ! 1 S10R PLACE OPERA HOU3E.?HEi'l EN' OK Til* . Uavara liali&u Opera Coiatuny, auder ilia dlrnatioa ?f I nor 1'. Hadiali. Re-apix-krini-a of (Mgnara SteffAuual, j < horJ. Marial and Slflnor 1? I.' rini.? M'u.lutaJay (I'man, ! 1 lie 6th, will ?.? peiformej BvIkini'a'Rrand opara of .NORMA * lornm. Sitrnorlaa HtalTanonl; Pollinna. Sipjnor l.orinc Or"- 1 ' o, SwiK.rJ Marlui; Adelfiaa, SUii^rlna Codtini; Klaaio, ' 1 nor t. liadUli; Clotil.l<\ Si?U?ra Helliui. Chorua com- i ' ad ot .TO parfurmera. lioueral admitniou. SI. gallery, .VI ! ' itr. Pcate a*cnrcU, $1 50. Doora ?paa at 7; parf trinanec i ' ntaercea at K No irec 11 at, exeept f.v tho prau. Regular ra night*, Monday, H'rdn*f>l iv and Friday. ! '

'11EATRE. ASTOE PLACE OPERA HOl'SK?A CO*. 1 iiiittee iif eitiien* buvin^ tend, red to Ut?n Fanny Wnl- ! k the compliment of a Be-ieftt. the performance will take , ice on Thursday cven'n,;, Jun>: General Cotnxitleo.? 1 I. F. Want, Wm. T. Porter. linn. J. Hou^htoa, h. W lid ,Uhi*?, John F. Brady, Wi'liam B. H?A, Thnina* Pici. Col. J. 8. Liu Belle, Frederick W'e*t. Capt. W. M McArM. M. Nculi. Juut.u Lothrop, Chan. R. tirade, ".tx ru F. mi, Ilebry It. Meade, tervelt, Central do Bongar*, It M. rtiii, trenrnrer. Dramatic and Mit*i<'*l Committee.? n?.S. Ilamhlin, Charles Ua*s, Georne !, dcr, IV'ui. Mitchell, 1 hn Neatie, W. P. Robert*, Chas. KeniMe lim.n. In pur- 1 inee uf the request of the committee, MIm Wallack wt'.l tar in the character* of llamlct an4 l).>i> Cteiar 4* , ' ran. in the pier** bearing thoa* 'lainun. aillrtlil ky an I t orpa dramatlqa*, who hare in the linAMt wmut ' 1 [cnteereu their service*. The nvruiu/'ii performance w ill < diversified by mn*ieal and other entertainment*. Full , ' rticular* will b* annouuved in tbe bill* of the da}. 'HRISTY'B MINftTRKLB.?MECUANICS* HALL, NO. i/J ' 1 few idway, Imlwe.ln (.rand Bud Brojtuw ItfMM?Mon- 1 IT, Jun* 3, nnd ovrry nifht until further notice.? Th? I ] final aud well-known Chriity * Ethiopian Opera Trnuiic, firm established and oldeat organised haul fu the wond, ! > n; rising a company of twelve p?rfor?it>ri, un**r the tfireo- . , of K. P. Chrirtr. They will have the kuuor*f jiving : ] sir irigiual and inimitable etitcrtaiamcci* every night , til further notice. Aduiiiuion U ttnu. i>eor* opea at 7: ' n*t'rtwill coiainenoe at 8 o'clock. An afternoon Conoert : i Satards ve, o< inmuncing at 3 o'oloot, p. M. IRANKl.lN MUSEUM. 176 CHATHAM SQUARE, OI'CN ! etery alternoon at 3 o'clock, and in the evening at K, bv ! I i " Original Female Minstrel*," the only organiied bund of ie* in the world, comprising a company of Twelve Per- 1 ni*rs. Ali-o the unrivalled troupe of "M*le and Female ! tiitee," commonly called "Model Artist a," will ap|iear 1 iry afternoon and evening, in a variety of spleudid repre- ' itatii up of Living Pictures. toiteiher with the tribe of j Irdiiuin Arab Girl*," the only one* in eiisteiice, who will 1 through their gymnaatlc feat*. Price* of admiimion? j ire teat*. STX cent*; Bote*, 25 cent*; Par<|uette, 12>? cent*; ivat* Boat*, $2. 1 M'KVIAU NWTlt'KS. 'XPRESS ARRANGEMENT FOR FOREIGN MAILS.? 4 Po*t Offi*e, Chatham ?nuar*. corn'r of Ea?t Broad ?ay, :w York, June 4, IMO, Mail Steamer Euro pa.? Latter* for \ verjwol, I.ondon, Ireland, Wale*, Scut land, and tli? Coatint.? Mail Bui will cIom at tlii* office nn Wedneaday, 5th nr. at 10 o'clock, A. M. Alio, teller* dopo*ited Id lb* "patch b??ea at the Branch** of Dili office, at tba following icea, at o'clock, A.M., will be forwarded by the Europa: tl.e Ilrug Storo of Dr. Maakim 511 Brotway: Br. Saudu, rner Spring and Bowery; Dr. Sargent*. St. Mark* place d Third a\cnua ; City llotil, 4'HI Broadway ; at tf o'clock. M ? Dr. Uuuilngton, TwoBty-*ceond a'roet and Third tnue: Dr. Billing*, Aveauet'and Sixth (tract: Dr. Natl, >,7 An:nueB; Dr. Kiiepp*. Sol' Uudton utreot.anda all 0 other Hranrhca, at 7U o'clock, A. M. Office oiiou till ID lock, ?i night. A4llON SWARTS^ ^ rand lodge or the state or new york ? flie Annual ComtnuaicatioB of tha M. W. Grand Lodge tli* A. aud II. Fratcruity of Frea and Aeccptvd Majoaa of e Mate of New York will be held at tha Grand Lodge 'on, at tha City Hotel, (late Howard Houao, 14? Broadly, on Tueaday evening. tha 4th of June, at 7 o clock. Tha and Secretary'* oftiaa will be opea until that timo ev*ry y, frim 10 A. M. to 8 f. M. at U? ua< place. Entrance . I'roadway. Tl>? Committee appointed by irdvr of tha M. , ( raad Ledge, totnaka the ueee*-aarv arrangement* for tha duatii.n of FittiuiKa'i Hall. tAU Itr-adway. to lluonio rpoae.*. hare decided that there ahall be a general I'r^aaen of the Fraternity, under the banner of the Grand Lodge it. The Proeea?!oa will be formed at the Grand Lodge 1 :n. at ll.e Clt v Mot! on Wednesday, the 5th of June, at lock ia the afternoon. All Brethren are requeated to apkf la dark clothing. bla?k hata, white apron*. and wbitf '?aa. Tba Officer* of Lodge* ia their official regalia. JAMIES MK?RI.NGLGrand I?retry. ( IK STING Of GRAND LODGE?THI MOST WOR Iiii.ful Grand Lodge of ancient and honorable fraterv of Free and Accepted Maova* ef the State of New York, ' ll a> Id tbeir annual *oiatnumcaiion at tlie Colleeun. 4SO ' oadwar. n thi* (Tti> aday) evening. the 4tb Intlaat, a* 7>? lock. P. M. The Gmud Se^retar) * office will h* open, at . 1 Cnlinnm, tk* entire day and weeing, for the trauaia- ' a of the u*ual hueine**. By or.ler of M. W. JOHN D. W II I.ARD, Oread Maater. ' 'mil W. Povtu, Grand Secretary. ^ 1ASON1C NOTICK?TI1E ANNUAL COMM17NICA- ' tion of St. John'* Grand Lodge of tl.o rao*t aaeient and ' linWl fraleraity of Free and Accepted Maa?u* of the ' He of New York, Will be beld at the (Irani l#i? r?o?m, nit liall, 274 Graad etrcct. on Tu??dar *v*ninr. J uae 4th, K o'clock. BEN MY C ATH OOD, Grand Maeter. <'nr. macot, Orand Searetar). i I A SONIC NOTK'F.?SI l.ENTI A I.ODOR NO. t-tur I atetnher* of thia Lodge?thou* of the fariom I r'.ie* ' der the Jnr*x'letlon of St John'* O. Lodge, and all Maf <n* good (tending?at* rvqueaied te aaaeiuMe in full regalia, ti e lodge room, I'tiioti llall. corner Avouar C and f ourth reet, nn Wednesday the 6th iaatant, at W)* M. to attend a funeral of ear late wr rthy brother. Samul K ibiaaon. K. B. lllYS. W. M. , MASS MEETING OF THE BRICKLAYERS AND i. f laateren will be held at lb* Mechanic* liall, 170 Heeter r<-*?, OB Wedneeday ereulag June 5th., to oraaaite th* e ety. Puaetnal attendance ia re<|ue*ted, alio th* uatuna lire'kirn. Williainduie and Jereey i:ity, are lnrited tu lead. By order of the ( hairmao, CORNELIUS McCLl'Sf. Jacob Clark. Secretary. Jt?TICE?1 UK SI!BS<'KIBER, LATK ATTOKNKY roR ' M ilium Geo. I. Wolf. M. D . deceased, hariag been lamed that an ladieidaal goee r -m l and represent* himf a* the Attoraey for the eeta.e of *ai I M m I^o-W. If. r*a**d, hereby caution* tk- >ml.lio againut aaid iadirldaal, ao aueh at poiatmeat ha* bee* made In thl* date. MORRIS LEn-WOLF. M D . S'ew York. Jnae S. 1*V> XI Le*penard *treel. AMES CONNKR SON, TYI'E Ful NOERS, CORNER ef Ana and Naaaaa at.-eet*. New York, hart oa liaad ?ry article neeoeaary for om|ilite Pria'.ing EctaUIUh ta. Tie material* O* whieb thin paper are pnaied are frea abere 1'ouadry. HOTBU. i noOI.kt's mountain ."'piiim.''. ? i '.m ? . . i llall.?Thl* aell ka' nn and favorite place ?f auinia-r re t, will r?-op?n for the reception of vielter* *a thu H>th i it. Th* whi le e?tabli*hin*nt la, tiii* a* na n, Atted np ia a r>erior etyle, and th* accomm matioub ar? ua*urpa**a>d. thing ehall he omitte l *n the part ef the bii'ia -nraent. atlemnnly and esperleaced pertain* ar? enjtgr l to all ry liejar'm.nt. b a iiincuman. i ciio# |?y a Mountain Spriag*. joa* 1. i?v>l i'.nte via Morrl* au<l f.?-e? bailroaja ti*k?t offi.-efaol I ' rtUndt ctreet. Leave every mormag at S a. m. lurougb G bear*. catimiiu. _ \ rU'lTID STATES PAS?PORT AGENCY NO J ASTOR 1 Honae ?P*mp?rta and I'WtlMlei of Cltiieaakip for lif' rria, I hagrea Caba. and Errope. gratia. I list or iMrMTuam, ami no join iikr < l fiieada ia San Franci*eo, wlahe* o f*-m*a ae'iaain'aae* ii aome fair ily, or gen'lriaan and wife, who woal I attend nr prnttttli'* to herdurlagtb* voyage. The ladv w>'uld (Otriaila la lb* parti** ** *l<* I* aaa-o.'-im- l to both a * ' I lard Uavi Any *aeb w!io would * w lllagte e >athe above naaied favor, will p'*a?- a I ;r**a a note to T. T . ' I Z?Br> *Jway puat office, withia tea daye. n\iL,u<?Aj*. ; I AM DEN AND AMBOT> LINE FOE ! ' Philadelphia, at To''lock, A M. and 1 eJ' r?A I o'eloefc, | M , by it# am boat JOHN l-OTTEK. lailv. Ha ad aye eieertfreai pi?r No I, Noetk Rieer. Far* 4ev* ilao ian Ml " >* elae* h?. B> I < r OTIC t TO CONTR actors -gOITH CAROLINA ! i *a i n.?n t ntrpary, I'MriHin. #? *1. K*! --> -I ? .|?.#al# will ho r ."?ltr#d at thU ..n?o ?t> >1 tho ISth i*'f ] It. f"? ?ro Ii?? all mil-a of rwa lirmrl ' ? I noil a# I Pl?n j Alk'ii. Tl.o w rk will r.l t"i hi# ?art|o ?f itla loarMcn Sf?"? U at tM? IT.rr aa4 th- trtiii 1 k ?V?wa . and Imllwt particular* givau l> ?? rom|. ?rr'? Clril >( Ikl lt w1, Am, II l.r<l-^-? C-|., will h? fn#ad At A1 k?n. i.r on tit# Ha# #f N *ad V Bt? t *?? I* r?e.rt*<i t'i ia the ttniam'r fr.r h?<l'k,oid la ?tta? ra- I *t wlU favorably aompar- with any ftlftr# m tha tTfttaa. t WM II ffAITLKM Ha< rotary. I HIM HAL* AitO l?? LK1. | lo* Mil- A HODBI ft LOT IN' Tlir r I I.LAO* Of ' iddltlowa Tt'iaf, ft. ntro?" rnaaty *# Jtnry i* *** la twn ttartt-a bi?l? villi kit?h*n aad wlUta' tii *4. I - Ictl*m* f**t fr*at. ? > f-. i 4?< p Tkia rrojwur will ! * i ' i raatatl frm ika l*t f Juir a#tl. r?r far?k-r pkrtU , an, laqalra uftlM aa:?*crit*r. at ftid4Ut"trn I'omt. l?|TM ItfrBt.U J <>* SAI K-AROI T li? ACKI^or MM'. roRWCKl.T ! th? r##lo ara nt the Iftta kr< ?? *. PjwiI. at K rlt.atw, f ? ! I win taaaly, iltTK mil#* from th* rltt ?f ff*? Y#rk, , *>#.|i?Uly * th# 4<|xit ;f Ik* llor tita Rr?lir?*d. Hi* al? * t |#rly i* ji.tilt ii.tnly iIIy d*H iauiaai-atila i?la i?T p,.r, ,Ba ( a* ku#twa*a ia Ik* allj nf \?w Vcfk. a#4 ?ha wiah M >4 ikf h#*?y taitu ? i.r th* ally, aa ?r#H a* ? " / >y tha r 1 an#*#* af a #?# jardaa aa l ?? # i?r r*'t4#:i#? Th pro- j If l? iir??*rb'ftl Iff ill h.ialthy Imaltna aa<l pwra , ? aall, ha a< trrj nth, will p - <>d a #? ia tk# ki*h#?t prrt? , n ? ! > ?r kI? . f rr*?'at n ?l ta lM* aliifta'ft. All "f t f>rtf rtjt ia frm?i < > ? u> miuot#? wa'k #f tl>? II ar nr^a4 ii< pet. whwr* th? ?f>a n??r il-na< dnnttr it # Tlt |>r"f*rty t# i?aa<l?dht th# lan?? ?f Jt'.a'a f. "?|#, th# Hfi I rMar, ika ttilinad and p*rtlr It ikarnal , Hit.(- fr> -i it ki Forma la lit t##- I'-r laril?a? par. t lata appli#atl? a ma; ! ? -at It I" Mr Mai .at tk# hmtit Wr, Joh't t>#iaaa< t. .a ll a iir?tr laat. "i 'h# n(1W# af | 'ttt A U. h L I'aaall. * r. Wiath aa* ftia*<>??nt o'rat to, , w o IUtt>K>l ft Off MOMI TN n Li in r*. ftik <a' ? ^ An? ft# <#?ir^na o' lia?ir? a r??l ???# a?lk#tarr<#a t l!r#n| It# h rhi , dtr?#t|T f(. alia fatt tlr'r, fair w ?a aa aft*#ttftH- rar trwhl# i.pi^rtnatt*. f'"ar wr^'nt | aiai (tl a) a-tjalnlan Tat* ar# |'t? r ar nf ta kaiH. tkaaaftha j ran I a pi rrhaoatl > ttiixitallji fattrthla t#r?aa. hf **? a r#a<l? in jtapr ?a with ika r*?t a: oata, k> ?|plyni??. I r# !" Iltnott . . I 'tR RKNT-A KtAT RTn^l CtTfAflB, rLRAKNT* t l.i tl >?? ItritMiia, ^'ai?n l>!an4, onlu la a # all family pplf to |tr I #nr taad. ,?a? Wrl^B* .a, * ('? ??LS.OR WILI.TAKK A r?*W??*-A I?*<1 t ' at.w tin. i, * a f< r4 #aalnoa#. witk t?#a ? ?! aw m f'latl*, t iii-sfr m t.'i i? M1 harr#lo ?I Pirar i tr ** k. A; plra'.K i. t tl ' r. ' r * x n I'RKHiiiit* i-i iiin iv ?r,t??r, ? D * 4^'; Ha'ir, (?tan~*i#.i ty s #wa ? itry krl''* ?#il lta?.) ( I adaarad f*t aay ma#..raotamic paraw#a. Alfta. f*r ?i #, i '?#?# I a?tt #. ob i h# pta#,i#w* l'.-???iH<?w fi?aa laa- ? :,a*flf Aiptytar i owl imthna* l? ?>#rrf atraal, at I iif hotra-t a#ar Iwiim tj. n It ftiMi nil fin I M' v rtflir^'T v f fttrnrtt. tk* faratoltaH k ua# ''a. TM ?rn?d#tay. ^If ftat#aaw tl a Vmn m w l II I. I t? iit-m mivftiki ?iio7ueeA*, a i.Attin a'?M#, frnaila^ <? taai r llaaa tka# a?a Matam -tut kwf'lftl It la I.aa af tk lar.'*#i la th* *ll?, a?4 ia# all 1 ha ' * > #at####o p..?ih'a fnt ^wrth?r iftf -taa-I ta, IMI; at 1 Itr.ati wa?, fraa lu * 11 a M. ' tJ AMI HRMrnTi. DIOiDWAY T 111 A T HE. ^ATIIAESH klZ. SOLI M* L ?*???.?Tu??day ??eum?, Jam* 4, will he performed ill c< iu>- 1 > of 11IE Mmols Man. ud the Mail of Nerve ?McMiane. Mr Uulf.a; Mr A.prn. Mr. Barrett; fiTtan, I Mr M4tUiew>, Capt Ri.rmi.h Mr Ami; Lady Beach, Ml*e K Ilora: Mra I'lankett, Mi* tlield. To b? followed bjr. for the laet tima thin ? <?, the lira ud Bullet of Aetion, ia 1 act* ami tableau*, Ilia IAINILK'3 ILLUSION ? AmaAda, ftlgnora Ciocca; I.tuello. a }?uni raluter,Si?n..r Neri. Toe uc.ude a i'Ii III. tare* of the captain OF TI1E WaTCU?Captain !> l>. nui I. l!r. Iliiilnon Mrca* Cirele and Parquet. 60 MatH Faa llv ?ad third circle*. 2ft cent*; Gallery, 13;? lenti. Nl lilo's.?tl esuay evening, JUNE 4, TBI titr>'iuianrc will auamauce Willi the remedy ?< the LAPlAlN OF THE WATCH?Viae ant, dc Liny. Mr. Wal[ol; Itaiip \ rudrrpottrr, Mr. Nickinsoh; Mr.Auul'f, K >? ilUa; Katni.e, Mlft Mary Taylor. After which, tlie farre of the IIJ1MI Oil AtiOoN?Paddy Murphy O Bralla*lim. Mr Urntiil an I utK>F Mr. J. brftt.a. Mi. Krowunl.erry, Mr. Kryauld*; lirn. 1 r. wnrl irry, lira. Vrru<"?i Mru. HrOuinly, M\>? Wilm 't. r<i en.cUsde with ihe n*w ?Iniii-n ulUly. called Tlt'KI I >11 11 MI "'?Colonel Cranky, Mr. KUkinaoa J Captain Dull i, Mr. ,\Vali-o<. Admi**iou to all r?rt? of tb* bouM, Wait. D otr ot*n ??')4; totoiwr ewe At ?. n ('ETON'S TUEATM C. CJi AMllERS STREET.?TCE.-',. >ave>i'oir( J n or 4, a IIlM played the ouiuedv ol THIS AT l A W?t'?i tatn Munfnet, Mr. C. Clarke; Mr. Snowalt, llurton: lh'Ctor Pel j"o?e, Jordan; Anplefaer. J.limit i:; Cfctvaliar P^dovey. Frederic; Mr*. Pi?iihJu*n. Mr*. Cl.tandra, Ml*? Clark; Ku**mary, Mix Chap.ii ?n.? I.i e?i.< hide with the SFKIOl'S F.\MILV?Chan. T rr n?, Kfq. Mr. H t'Mrkr; Captain Murphy Maxuiri1. Jordan; Br Av.iiidah Sleek, Ilurtoti; Lady Sowerhv frrtamlry, Mr*. Intlo; f re. C harle* Torrou*. Mr*. Kueaell Emma Torrent, ki J Hill. Iliwi I'lKi. lull IVr.iu.t All.?nt. ?'aatilir S-rele, 2S cents. Orchestra Seat*. 7-'> oenta. 1 H avana Italian opera coxpavt?astor I'laoe.? In conoe irtB' e of the groat nmatirof ap;ilicaiiono tar eruto for the whole leutm, w nich will consist of I'nur In, anil ib oriiar to prevent contusion u tnUi' on th* '.rat opening, all person* who wi.h to engage sca.H fur the iimn will pl??se 1'1'l.y ?t Ui? Dox-aflice, thU (l'naaday) onion, from 9 to 2 < clock. BAKM'M H CHINESE MISEIM. SSi? IIROADWAY, HEtv.ti o !?priiig and Prineo Streets. I'. T. Barnum, pro rittnr ard manager. ltu-eneasement for a short time hi(it, commencing Hominy, June 3d, of the (')iinaa* Lady, md Suite, who |>urp> sc tintux il? primipal cities of tl'ia Union previous to their depfcritire for Eur pc. In addition o the Chinete Family, six In number, including ih* I.ady with feet iiirl.te long I the Chinese Colli 'OOlivUtlcg if over One Million Chines* Curt isitiot! Vocal aud luotrnntal Mode during the d?y anil evening. Open fr'tn 9 A M. till III 1'.II. Admission twonty-ttvo anu; children ucder ten, half price. CI KOI L OLYMPIC, CORNER OF EIGHTH STREET and Fourth Avenue, near the Astor Place tip* r* 11 mi so. Mmi.igsr, Hiehard Itjvers. Thin Circui w II he opened on Wednesday evening, June 5'h, with a nv>?t powerful c?mfai.y. Admission to dress circle AO cents, upper circlo '.5 rente. Th orn opt n at 7 o'clock; performance commence a1. <. Equestrians, Mudaini LnUr Browor (the greatest feuale t'|iiestrian in the country), Uiram Franklin, Richard Rlmri, It. Reynolda, Glerroy, Master W. Franklin. Messr.-'. Honey, Conover, Geary, ko. ko. 4tc. Clown, Frank IIrower; K.t-< Master, Mr. Johnston; Leader of tb? Orchestra, 1'. Vose. PsrtWulars is futnro bllla. OLYMPIC.?PI ERCEi* MIn8tki4ls?tilR original Pontpey, lata oi Christy's Miustrela, *M Urvadway, t?kaeou Howard and Grand no.?Every tveninp daring the week ?Deora own at J. Convert at 8 o'clock. The aovoltioo Introduced by R. H. Plftroe in hi? style ef Ethiopian pert itnutnsos, and whioh l.ava been reoeived each night with tbt moat decided marks of approbation by crowded andUo?oj tias stamped them as ten.g the "no pint ultra" ef aegn wu'.ertainaients. Alternoen pet formanees on Wodntidaye ant Saturdays. Boars open at 1, oeaeort at 8 o'clock. Adas lalion M eenta Orchestra boxes. AO*.; Private boxes (9. AMUSiSMRNTH IN PHlliADKLPniA. BAKKTm'9 MISEIM. PHILADELPHIA?P. T. Barnum, Proprivtor and Manager; llenry Sanford, As 'stant Manager.?he-engagement fur a limited period of lb* entire Peguin Opers Troupe, aided by Mr. and Mrs. G. Ili'lman, who appear tv the kind perulaaion of H'm. r. Uurton, Esit. The Scttum Troupe will a( pe^ thi* week in "La Norms," ' l.a Fllle iltt Kegitnont, flie Postillion of I*on)umeaa," " The Rlixlr of I?Te,n "Don P&s<]uale." ILo., e\<ry rveuinpi. Engagcil. the eelebra'e 1 '.ancanhiro H?IIrinKers, to appear every afternoon in thei* original and peculiar entertainments. The entire tronpa will asatot thotn, and piuaent a oupurior h>atrionia variety, with aonga, dnncea, kc KH.f.i'O euriooitico art contained in the Musouiu proper; attractive, and Important u-vclties are in rwi-faat preparation. Admittance, 25c ; children under 14, lj',0. BOAHOIKO, <KC. Board-one or tho orntlemrn mav iiavr pleasant roomo with partial board, at therlif;ibly located dwell irg, No. ID IVoOlUr street, near Canal street. Rooms t? let?one or two handsome rooms to let to single gentlemrc in the honse of a private Family, cn moderate terms, with or without breakfast and lea. Apply at Iltt Thompson, corner of Prlnes street. i>oarl> -1ho or three gentlemen, ok a gen MJ lliuan and wlfa, can La accommodatad with plenaaut room and board at No. 9 Waoh^ngUn Place, Suuiii sixlti at., ' Hiilianiaitirg Ktferancee required. 1 BOARDIN 0.?GENTEEL Art OMNODATION* r?R faaniliee or gentlemen, at No. S44 broad way, aaxt to St. Lbariea. 1 BOARDINO.?MERCIIANT8 AND OTHERS CAV DE j accommidated with good furnished opart menu. part 1 r fall board, private table, where tlwlllln, c .i. 1 and ' ki trillion rat La enjoyed. Warm aad cold bath Mi<ma, f r i the oan of oecnpantg. Apply At Mr?. MEDUl'RST'S, &4i Uouatoa alraet. 7<VT BROADWAY, OPPOSITE <KA< E CHI K< II - ^ I W Tlia above location haa been aplendidly fitted u(> by r lie praooat proprietor, for the accommodation of aiaglognu- I llernen and fannlico, with rooms in luita, Latin, aud all lha 1 n itu i a i f a ui' drrn ku >11 liouea. I'era m i ioi I ,h . i lit) for a aknrt I una cau aim be a< eommcdutnd. A HULL FaMII.Y. CONBMTUfO or A OIKT. Ill* wlfa and child, would offer two rooms untarnished. with I bath, to a geutUman aud wlfa, with or wiilioat board, in J lioaeo 319 Fourth avanna, one |m aboira Twanty-lur :h itraat. Apply oa the premises. Al?o baa tha 4weliiag part tf hoaaa tt\ Fourth avenue, to lot. J Asm am i'Rivate family, having more mm 1 tlrnn tlit-v o( < upy would nn? lw. <?r t?.r?? firn 1 r(K?>p to siucic tentUmen, with brtakfitl or It* if r?<|ulr?d. In(|uir? ?t 2rA (jr??*n BIIAMI IN lilt tOl'NTUY WANTF.11 A I.AliV A\:i two rhildrva, ona ai?lit aad lha othar (Ira years of a<c, and also aa lafant, wishes to obtain romf <rtabl? li >ard in fin f, it (M rMlit) of tbt < i' v. ii 't r i < ' in* una h mr ellhar I ? steamboat or railroad, t?he viehea to remain perniontntfr wltli a raa|iacialila family. Ona laria room, or two small ?r.ia S'joining, will anawar. Addraaa KollKKi*, car rirra' iltpartB.cni, OSes, (fating ait nation aad term*. rOt'NTRT BOARD WANTED.?A TERV RESPECTAblc 11 arriad lady, with aa amiable child, aad eorvaat, wiahaa to fnd comfortable board ia tha coaairy, whare ana aa eajoy tba eomforto of a homo, for Sva or aii nontba.? Naareat distance from tho city, preferred. Tlaaao addraoo 1 "t'owntry Board," Herald Ofllcn. 1^1 KN ISIICI ROOM WANTED?rOR A LADY AND < i Child, In a rnapnetaMe, qalel anighLorhood. Any on* do- I 1 irons af raducing thair eiponaea aa aboro, nay add roe* Hint, at tliia <Bca. stating aitnation aad tarma, wlticb iniut bo moderate. Payment ia advance. HUlUlKt, ! HOR.'E FOR SALE.?A DARK CUESNl"T LADY'S ! Ilorao. ran ill la tba aaddlo, parfactly aafn lahisinovo* 1 Bo-ate, ai.d sound In l is constitution | has carried a ledf for 1 lha la?t two jeers. Can bn scan at llurtmnke l.ivery SlaiiUg, Ujolning tho Bum plana Hotel, Eonrtoontb Itraoti L^iiH BALE?A hay UURHE, FIPTEEN HANDS Hind, I A warraalad parfaally aoand aad kind, will drira ia >ir.(lo 1 i/rdonbla tarmaa, and ia a c?od aaddln horta. Can La anno 1 In tha aiabla fronting tho Itaiiaa Opera il?aao ia Aai-^r I Plana, Prtna fi'ai. I^CK If A ?iM ?koH > OEM l.'iNIJ NINE m and tail, eight yoara' old, warrantod aoi nd, And, and t?aila in all barnaaa, and a flrnt-rata aaddla li .raa. Will ba , 0 ld a I arfam. aa tba nwacr baa Bi nta fir him Erqniro at tl kha atabla. *1 lt?i Thlrtannth a?ra??. near rniaaralty I'lara. ( i/'.h >A 1 L ? \ PAIS <>? DArrta OIATI ? RRI A' E ! 1 li. rw aia aed m t n )r*r? <>14. ?urru<N| prri?<?f./ m on J And kind, fillttr is 4ouWU ? r b?ri.?> 4, vty I . rnjvai lb? tttiirj Cm h ma M CmUIi J L*?r!* > ulTf n I n > Mr# ? 'in I. 1 ^ 1 - AI-E--A \ ur.M; It A \ II . ? , II ? *? I I jut in fr? m tbt fmrfooily kind % i 4 t'fitM; caiibo* ke for ?t>U irit<m, n> im* If , utilif vitldtnikt Hiirvf tl.c Uama in tt.? * , &n bt II H?.|rott'? Mftbl*. I.;?? r'f Mfft, A'\ n f nOlllE FOE DALI.?A CI.BAN IOI.OR UKAf. *' r. ' laaa baada blgb, af Ana app?araaca and a'.yla. fa<| and i Iiad, onil broL< aad porl<?ily aa'o. Alao, Ijght Wag' n ), n.d bar'.'M, marly now. Art'* al l!a>pa'< o.tbia, la , ftnaaa ano?l. tbrna ,ro bM w UraaawU1 ?ir?a*. A"i:'AIK- A M'PkMIOk NA^ lUili^I I ' r o|d, |?rfaoll) a?nad, lad kiod; a a-yi rb dmor, nf g at j . ii.datar*?, trgaibar oiib ac<nd Alaw a aplandid pa r of i k ray P taaa, a-mid and gaatia. ?p?ady lra?ollara, af baa aa- j loa aad nalllaji. ABB nn in want of (no hnr?"?. can I . ' -ii ky call ng at Mr Snan?k*r'o atabio. In W alar, a *r I i l ain awwat, Drooklya, wbara ti oy aro fo* aalo ky Mr. 1 irgo tli|?!ai, tba uiaacra l.a lng aa farthar bob far taaaa. TIM HKII. AMIRItAM TIMHEK I'lll lliVIMl CUMI' A V f . Of. < In \ Iin-i r|i raiol Mirek l(H. I "?pt?al | ti IM. la akApaa ?f BM Malt. Tli? ul .1.* f. ? . I >?r ran < ' Im...f ( kArla ?' .??. "f l?ml?>B. Ih"ir i'a'am*. fi.t . 1 a I nt a* Ai?>?? ?f Ai rricA. a?4 kAtiAi p*i4 fi r ihaaim* , n fmii ?.! in " ?" af ?ti" ?ip"al #!<.? ? ?f ihn C'lcij'Ki/. . ,T? ??>.? il * 1i.a? Ar* praf arail U raralra ink* rt|> ?l r al.ari'i af 'h- ?f.:?l ftntk "f ?*i4 iMli? ijr. J f.artu. .??? . >!. > k??ia( ??* Ara*4i takan. ) ?a I <aI i-? will ka i Wila?i>lu,llM i'h ~ taj af Jnr-. M tlntf ><!??? aa4 ? -a- taaaapaa 4*il j (Snarlti * i"r|>4| limit lh?i t.?ih 4a? ?f J "! ? In?i*i o* a-hu-a lap ' ? ?y til t*?liy *lf>??. ??J an llltM'til tktr pl?n, Ci'K, * kaal4 tl.? mamiW f aki?.i *rpl<*4 f?r, tk*a*4 tnm* .?r ? ka IMilM, a 4i> . a ? .'I I? KM* pra *?' Wt >*4 ' laarj a|'f:lt'*al Allrnii'lUuiitti ial ka a44'?w?4 to tka J, i.. ?... ?ritlM') in?? I'll r?( i"H' ll?rl "i. i J i .?' r? -| | I I r I i' >r itloliMllt, f . r? -j HII rr | -"I i' ? i I* M? <1 i?r MA tr* I rati, i * ?-?? .A 4 ??ari ikart all' tta4 ' (Aria, ?kan ? rip aa?tl?r*taa ?ill * k iw> . if,il(i(4 I.} Ui I ill iKriiuji. l'rta n?. liaalllfa Uo t" llw rail af Ika tt-?r4 af i rant*** a? It r I l? I , n tk? rr-i ??'ent? a 4 . i. r I.' ,-r . ? rI'a Ikr drp<~it a* ?lm'-?ia< All *M<lirali.?na fnp ir.ini, . I MOM ?r ilhilBiil, till lir miiaii ?a4*?M.t B; ?f4l?, R AI I'll II MIIAM rrtifilr**.. ? 1,1'Hi.r W I'lMC, Ba?r? aiy. , 1'rr.naa'KMi mi? U lit>) At tka .(t?a >f kk? .>m).aav. V?. ; 4 H Ail ?' rr?', Wiiar? ?f? tm-ni ?f tn? t>r |i*r<4 malx t iaA/ , IN I* Mil, to h a tl. avti r i ">n ?;> nuirtvir* i-r n | i n r I' - i . Ii n'f . i .f|. r ?fi, ^ it" l|.i?a Di\ti. aI.iii XAk>n,< ikn?' Dakar*, a-i I . tiKkrr kTA??k ?l iraa?f??-ara *k?r*tA M?^r l? Ih# aai>r Al - Alurrlraa T'lir ir Prt^ritill1. wmn .ii'T) : i( i<*4 ka-'k II, IW. Thr liaitkaa nf ?ii? ?ria|.?-,ji ataa a?. - I , , . .?? i i'I I 1 Ai? <>f J'ala fi*til?, *?4 ala. f?r <>?ii* aa ari f-r l.'??n?r? rfalli. ? rrk I n i 4r? tka *!? i?f i '.ar a. r i f^r ?h* ' r.t witAiiba ?' ?t?ik?r. Af.4 ?r? aI?>> frrp?r*4 kn aai.-r t?ki .itra'ia f"r ika ? f'a)r?>.'* ! tifakar, Plaak l< a?lr. nr fl??|^t? far katfrrAila, r link far llickr. Wharran, * Irra, Knlkh>A4?, kr . kkip 1 iwkara, U na* R'ltHara. da, ^r|"i?tj jn|.?.?4. ani^tttmmaklr. Tlakar ??r Hlaraat ra, pAilarainak>?? Oati?riiiak?ra, k>. Aa. It In lha pa - r ( fi j . 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A* %H". r a<* ' A p.raf a tr? i'a "I. r?p?ra4 tartar r*t i?> prar-, . up a-trlt Ika *fa Ht'l _ ?* ?* ?*kf .' r' lktH'ii 'twt, ?ilh"*? yro!tAtt-| j'. t? UAM Ak'AitaA 1 a?Lm it auemw, \ The lahrfst sal* or canton cratb shawm nen.flur* will he < Id to-day by auction, at eorner #f blnkirtnd (ip>vr utruif, toae'be' with a eplasdid aaeurlBitul of Dril.* Coed* luilfcMr 7 .r til* _ A. HITTKHKIKLP, A??IIMI? BKLT1 A. (HILTON, A I i UI.V1KK ?SKCOSfD AITD Imi Ann lea i-uie 'fain ixj L?u at P? tnn? OWil k 1 11 11.1 ON, ?"?ti i ecr? ? ? 11. >>o thv^rouml, o? TMj ley afternoon th? llf'ir .. *lf pi.t 3 o'clock tbahalme* of uneuk Otua|(" t >-4 Villa*# l<>?? At Uil jrautiful ?i..| li?i,ri' i a <1 4t?.ut mid-WAf n Dolit. Frr-y ?imi uwii dVetly oppiails tin fiB'nmiif li e *.-i?- hi ro? >t I'e'uioat. Tt< dliMM row the city \a 2. miifn auu t (? t hh i?o* upie't In reashtBC t k/ llil Iladiw Hufr Kiiail el j-hleh it 1? a full (taMaa, li ' ?ri>-life miiiu e? T(? bk . Iy u.r- rp -reed ferry frvai ttua itit to fi< rmi nt ia ib active o|>et ittun, the Ku.imer Quid Juiiter, rljVK lete.m thin* c .u-tautl/ luring tha day. li e UUposiiinii i.f tli> ...uiid- ii "ii'li that alm?<t ereiy loll mjojre a par.orema ?|> a?<l d>.-. ,?i?- rl??r from the Tafpan Eta to the urlg'n nf tl ?, I't'inum, a view which, from Us o?ilii tut at *cll a> fiobi i*K enr' . i ifxoiialion' li 111* ; rw?Mtd, if p<inalleit by th< 1 i|? mteann tha laheiof '<>ni>> or Urueva Ai aouue > Im Albany Tmrapike to ho rl\( ri? (|" imd, Hin ts 1 i, -i. ? |.Uaed,an<lamnj*rof lionee* in the )>>o. <*> ?' er?-?- n. The lo .-ality ia par> ; tltr b<?I h?, tlifi. u a;i ..oi uit.i. .u|.|ly.,f tpriag watac al Iru Mr. Hl1U> ga of Vim'- 1 n to carry in vlau pipe* at t'.lrlx .i..ii...u i ... i a u jkst. I'M I \ krj t it i i.|r ?i n t i? ubueutly believed tb*t 00 adv: iit*y?->,u* mi < j ? t? for- urit.jr <1 ? !i<>?t*ul and OCDearillt c< uotry ??.? i.eee i vne^r kcnoff?r?4 to the Mb* lie, in,| to >|. 1 t . tn m m? i 'v?ntft-;of of >he water lota. Siiien thi? fir- i rul.- . n t . . ..f April, a number of lot! have I e?n te-roU \>y \ ui? :.,t*era, at Urne |?r??titi*. ery lob put up w ill n a* p > . , Xl,n juitor 11 y be aold to the [ujehrat bidder. On u t. ,inv . f .?)* N uncial tratn fer IHarO an vr HI leave the core er of ( l.amlera and liudan street*, kt ^4 post 1 i?Vl??.i, | pi f, r |. AM monger* at the usual >lnie?,ond will return luuo.iiU tU au. r the aole, Tickets W the trip, g? ir-n and runim., . uav Ve obtained at tho iAm of (be Auetloi u-r, for .? n < The r^nUr Iludaoa i\er train* leove N? w V rK <? 7. H i.v a m? nnd 3. 4 43, and 13", P. M.. and Itau* l?u ran.'- nmin*. at 7 art, 0 42. A. M, icd I ?), 6 5tfc ai;<) 10 1', P O y 'i n p r cent of the pnr? h&f? monev will ho re u i i n ?.?h ir-. u purchaaera who ntend to build iniu:edin *? 1 v, tho w ole ?.f iht Wallace being ill wed t# remain ? n 1m i d and i ori^i.vo. In <a?e f pur!ha***ta not building. n?* > |*er rent may to remain. For 'tirther partici lara, off Ilea: ioo inn; b made at tneitatioa o Um\ a the prviii* , -'it N 0 Mrord street, to G. A. S A I'I'll I: or at tl < <;rrii.neer'? iftiee, No. ? H all atreot, t< n op* f tI t p m ? - n I had. JAMES (OIL. Alt ; It,.M.fct'-Ii4 VALUABLE I1CILDinu lot* in the >i.t Hi iaI.viu. Punitive sale. J ami a ll' \* ill f 1 . > |I \\ * ;ne . <lay, June Ath, IHflO. at 12 /clock, at the ll*r''?anta' I. a - #e, m the city of New York, 1W lota of ? (-'-itnd. i . ."mm) lent, situate ia the ward. llrooklto. bourd?*d iy Bedford, Nostrand, Marry. 'I< inpkin*, and i': m ??finie\ Madison aul Monroe itrcet*. Hi ovenv :;nU t r hre oil u eolarlv laid out, i'peoed, Ond bau'laoki e. , a<ie l. T?io i-ltiintiun of the loto it titn mely ><i autifi i. :' U h e . i \ mi ly odmitted to be onfpiallcd t? any t?r r.vmt'i ihorlto ?d. The t'iioton ftMiinennd Iwar??i n om i; u>oa leave Fultol ferry every few mine ? ' ' ni 11? : u..u until inidni^hl eootey jiaaaei.|f<-r* to * liin a vtr r dittanee of tbe pro* pert) . A line i f omn on ? h i? It ,.-*wi> in c >ut?*ir plotioo t# run to V\r>1 I, Uircct t.i .^h Uedforl ovenoe. Tho usual reatrictive cl: nuirooeea will teinaertod in th6 dcida to tho | uri-ha^i ra 1*ci irda of the purchaoo money can r?'t ain on l.oo I a i v. rt^.. a for hire jeoro at 0 per cont. intet. t; !? | r?*ent?o be paid on the day of lale, frd the 1-alai. >n*f ni?* ?!ay of July neat, when full warranted deed* will ) ? \ .rt 1 Inf rmatiwo a? to title, which ia unexceptional le, cuu be obtained ??f H'm. I*. I'owera, F.?q.. coon'* tlor at low N ? /1?, i?r *<iway, c >rm-r of Pine at. N Y l.ithnrriplnc n ap* ? ?n ?.? hud on application to hichard Tan Bt'"ei k. I*.#. \ r 11 mat. and a*, the oflk^O of the Nuotioncer, No 43 Fuit n atri-et, llr >eklyn, aadatNo. 9 Wall street, N. Y. James m. miller i ? th hi dsow river pr? perty at auetl ?n.?'I he inrru lorineily of Abraham llerrian, deceased, in U t- !.?. ?? er coun*v. of ^lacrea, at tho cunlDuence of tin lluUA<>n Kiv^r and ^prlytcdnnivel Creek, one of the most tp'.tndi i ?n ua i >u? u tho river, and hoetnc the railr- alone ita H y o I be prerterplo* rily aold at au< ii< n to partition the stale araonn the beirav under the directiou of |? . K ? le-, , K-feree, on Monday, June 12, lKNi, at 12 o'clock, at the Morchante' Mxckanios lltCIBliL % n MM 8, WC0DW0RTI1 PUMNO MACHINES AND STEAM En*inea,? John tl. I e t?- >??. l'rJ l ull..a ftroet, lo rrenored to e*e? ut? rcl?rr?? for oiothinoe and enipnea. er aay parte of either at the abort?-?t au'ive. The Improved PlanIon Mat Nina* of L^oter'a are li e t evi in uae. and cannot bo aorpaaeed. 4tlUn tr. J 11. Letter. I.C F'lltoo atroet, n.y., os ot the factory ai llaMn.i n llii'l??*n River. Ladies and gem lmlbn ai?e uebeby rbspectfully itit.rimd iliat thr lull .alua a ill be paid, la hlfc, for *11 durripiium if Mcnud hand and i aat-i'ir i'l"lliiaf, by J. lli ronrv, II Orange arart. Orlrra kit at No. 11, ( HKk through to* 4i*t>atuli poat, pi uirilj at in, loj to. j MOKilNBY. ii Oranja ftroot. AUFERD fc HOI bk, CONFECTIONERS, OP pabis, Jo 76 (Irani! ?-rrat, Naaa ? urk inaoufactur?r* of tba ibolrtal anil boat Krbtiifl < aniiira !!> ; k?cp conataatly aa hand an ui<r atm u! l?r<iial t'un.bda, lilliaru 1'iaiaoliloa, Snrflnr A Int'cla, Italian Alnnud- Eptura aiaattaa, Cnriaaitri Franrli Cboonlatr. ( nun. i hornlai*. Cbocolata Drapa, Svjar ( rratna. all toriaa an t 'vary parfuuia. Notice ?(tliilkt i. h.nlaV rave removed, fur tlia rr??ui, fiuui Nu. .'I Old Slip, to No. tiSaolk ilraat. |utn to l"an *t six per cent iwtbrbbt put/)uuu on Uoi. . n>t H >iua, n> oaa ur uura lua*, ur a iai a> of taara, oi. raal ea.a'a in > hia n r ?r Kr?<ljt. Ipply 10 juilm P. c'OKkit, N". 2.1 W'all, coi-imr I Urua? Hrwt. Cornfmi S. EMB Mol ll 4 tNTI.F. C&WORltflRA^ U*a Fixiorr-, Ira' .lolaa. h la l.ttnpa lie., la (Mai Tart* "y. Afabty i f MWrr llato I ft I *bi? ?. rka , $J - dot. t*i i- and tv? Hp oa< pin .t.n ( tmaa i'l?h. A8h k h. moRuan, 15.' hi ua.aa a i rca , uiinu Fultau aa4 ki n itrrtt*, 1mie m l.? i, j'lvs TAkBs It t.kv lopb*. fro* ll.a cuii in it'Hiaa a Carilrnaa, rerr mill by h:na?l lart ft i'Mlad'in ><a and am lor aala la tku ally, k* iohn J lbv v. 13 iv ill . a- i'.art. 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