Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 7, 1850, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 7, 1850 Page 7
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CmMOB CMMU. 10A1D OP ALDKRMKH. Jrn (.?Report from the Board of AwUUati ia f?ver of extending the piere with the Kut River, between Mo. 8 and 18 Inclusive, and fixing the time of ommeDerment on the firat of August. Concurred in. Communication from the Counsel of the Corporation in relation to the pereoni employed in hi* department. Ordered to be plaeed on Hie. Communication from the Comptroller, asking for additional appropriation* for real estate of $3,200. and interest on revenue land* $50,000, making $82,000, with an ordinance for same Adopted. Petition of Joseph C. Flnckney. for compensation for ervieea rendered in the Financial Department. Referred A number of papers from the Board of Assistant Aldermen, were referred to the Appropriate Committees, and the meeting adjourned. June By six this afternoon only fire of the' city fathers,' had assembled in the Board room, and there was consequently not a sufficient number present to transact business. The worthy aldermen were absent with their guests of the Boston corporation, on an excursion to the High Bridge Atc . who also dine with them this evening at the Astor House. The Board adjeurued till five o'clock to-morrow. board of assistants. J r k > 6.?The Board of Assistants held their third meeting for the June session last evening. The chair was occupied, as usual, by the President. The minutes being read and approved, the rules were suspended, in order to take up papers from the Board of A Meruit n. petitions. For a sewer in Eleventh street, from Dry Dock street to avenue A. Also, for a sewer in Broome street, from rosby street to Broadway. Referred rsriss r?om the hoard o? aldekmkn, conci*hhrd ij?. This Board concur with the Board of Aldermen, in the resolution to appoint a committee to make arrangement* for celebrating the national anniversary on the 4th of July next, with an appropriation of $2,000. The committee from this Board con"ist* of Assistant Aldermen Ackerman, Judsou, Alvord. Bard, and Hammifl. Keiolution to re-number Orchard street, under the direction of the Street Commissioner. Resolution to remove pumps from in front of No. 10 l'ell street, from Third street, betwooeen avenues C and D. and from Franklin square. Report of Committee on Sewers, on petition of Daniel Lord and others, for a sewer in llaach street, from \arick street to Hudson river, with a resolution and ordinance therefor Committee of Finance to bo discharged from further consideration oi the subject of providing accommodation for market boats at foot At Spring street. Resignation of Kobert Kelly, as Commissioner of C< Dmion Schools. for the Kiglitecnth ward. Resolution to tit up extra sleeping room for Pollccmen of Second ward, at an expense of $'.!00. Resolution to appropriate the end of pier No. 43 Vorth river, for the usu ot steamboats upon excursion trips. arroRTi ok eoMMiTTrrs adoptko. The Committee on Ordinances reported in favor of mending ordinance prohibiting the keeping of cattle and swine in the upper part ol the city, s > as to allow persons above the populous part of the city to keep cows, swine, ctc. Committee on Arts and Sciences, in favor of concurring in a resolution to purchase Audibon's folio edition of ' The Birds of America." A communication was received from the Mayor, returning the report of the l,aw Committee directing the Corporation counsel to take charge of all suits in which the Corporation is interested, with the objections ?fhl? Honor thtreto. The Hoard sustained the Mayor. rksolt tio*s. Resolved. That it be referred to a special committee of three, to inquire into and report upon the expediency and propriety of the passage of an ordinance firohlbiting the use"of piers in the North Kiver. and n the Kast River south of Corlier's llook. by steam boats navigating Long Inland Sound to and from this city, from and after the first of May next; and requiring said boats to occupy piers on the Hast River, uorth ot said Corlier's Hook. " The resolution prevailed, and Mesars. Webb. Dean, and Smith, were appointed such committee. That the Committee on Repairs and Supplies cause a nnall station house, tor the day pelice, to be erected in the vicinity of Stuyvcsaut Square. Junf. 6.?This Board met at the usual hour, but. in consequence of the absence of members on the same business as the Board of Aldermen, the proceedings were adjourned until this evening, at five o'clock. Cowrt of General ScasloMi. Before the Recorder and Aldermen Chapman and Kelly. June 4.? Th* Catt of Hiram Alugary. who stands charged with grand larceny, waa next called by the District Attorney. Mr. Phillips, counsel fur Magary. read affidavits setting forth the absence of material witnesses, who were in Philadelphia and other cities, and without whoee testimony be could not safely proceed to trial. The District Attorney ealled on Mr. Phillips to disclose what be intended to prove by these witnesses. Mr. Phillips We have no objection to disclosing to the District Attorney and the Court, what we intend to prove; but we do uot intend to disclose for the benefit of the pigeon* behind the throne. Dbtrlct Attornev?-What do vou mean? To whom do you refer. when you allude to pigeons behind the throne f Why don't you come oat ' llr. Phillip*? It U needle** to mention any name. We did come out last term, and it would be useless to repeat now what we naid then The affidavits will be bown to the District Attorney; meantime, the cuu stands over. Conviction under the Jfrt Prohibiting Slung Shall.?A Strapping negro, named Thomas William*, alia* Johnson, waa tried and found guilty of assaulting William Wilion. a pollreman of ths Fifteenth ward, with a along thot. on the 20th of December laat. The accused was nnder arrest by the officer, at the time of |hs assault complained of. when he suddenly stepped back pare or two. and struck the complainant on the back of the head. The officer waa knocked aenaclesa. while the negro made hia escape, and waa not again arrested till February. There wai no defence offered, and th prisoner was found guilty by the jury, lie haa already served fire year* In the ^tate prison. from which h waa released only about a year ago. The Court sen tenced him to aerve two ysara at Hlng King. Jl'Sa 6?TViai on s Chatgr if Ha jr. ? John Rrogan, a boy about sixteen year* of age. waa put on trial charged with committing a rape on a woman named Bridget Ooolau. on the 8tb of February laat. The complainant being called to the itand. testified tbat on the Nth of February last, ahe went to the house of Brogan'a father, and waa made welcome for the Bight. At about K o'clock In the evening, ahe waa in an apartment on the premises, when the priaoner as suited hsr. threw her down, and perpetrated the outrage npon her peraon. The proof of an aasault was yooitive; but the prosecution failed to show that a rape was actually committed within the meaning or th- law The Jurrfbtind a Terdiot of guilt* of aaaault and battery only Th* Court ?enti need llrogan to th<('lty Prison for 10 day*, and to pay a One of $30?to atand committed till the fine be paid. 4 Bold Attempt to Roh s baty in Ike Street.?A lad. 1* years of age. named Thomas Matthews, waa called to trial on a charge of attempting to rob a lady In the street, nder ths following circnmatanoea: ?Atabout noon, on the 2*d of March Mrs Daniel H l.ord was walking along the west aid* of Broadway, between Twelfth and Thirteenth strests, at about midday, when the prisoner cam* Bp and seised hold ot her purse, and made two or three vigoi*>ua efforts to wrest It from her hands The lady, however, did not relax her hold, and th? young thief, finding himself thwarted In hia felonloua attempts, took to hi* heels, bat waa hotly puraued by A II Teller, a butcher who witnessed the transaction, and hastened to the apot The rogue was pretty nimble on foot, and ran ' Third avenue before he was secured. There a policeman stopped him snd conveyed him to the station house The crime, as charged, of attempt to roh, waa nntprtven against the culprit. The Jury, however, f >and him guilty nf asssnlt and battery, and tbe court ?ot< need him to the peaitentiary tor one year. Jl ftetrK of I ming Roguei?\ outhfui depravity is wonderfully on the increase in New York. Besides the two case* above mentioned, there were convicted, yesterday. by confeaalon. and without defence, the following tleorge Winship and Oeorge Bart. pl> a led guilty to petit larceny, la ?t? aliag *i? In money. and a <|Uantlty of clothing from Hugh McCaffrey, of Hunt's Point They were aeat to the Peaitentiary for three months Patrick Darrow and Joha Oillepsie were convicted of burglary lo breaking into the office of Messrs Whit Nit Metrian. >hipv? rights, at .143 Cherry street on Monday. May Mb They were caught in the not They were adjudged gnllty aod sent to the House of Refuge William II llalaes pleaded gallty to petit larceny, in stealing a quantity ot separs lie was sent to the Penitentiary for aix month* His companion. Jacob T Paiith. bavin* been used as a witness by the people, was dlscbaned. though he was confessedly guilty of Several thefts ______ The Author of the Drnnkard. Ms I >?-. I o reply to an editorial In the llrrml I f Tu*?day In rela'.lim to the d> 'iratn* oi ' The lirankard. or th* K?ll-n HaT.-d. I he* leaa to th?l your Informant t?. eridently mt?take i concerning the ?uth?r?hip of thai pleca which to i Jaatly aaiert cleared the tnnnag'r of the Booton Mua< on ??er twenty IImM I 'I ll*r? and w*? repreaented nor* than >m> hundred nlirhta at my Nunum. la Philadelphia The fillnwlng filrart, e<>pl*d (ma th* " PHim " of the pnhllnhnl drama rh?wa that Ko*i K lrahall K><i . proprietor of th* Button Miwam WK the real originator of thla great drama , that Mr. <V?matoek wu employed land p*i4j by him for aompoalng **a atory In dialogue.- which ory ' waa ilramv tlwi rulni altered and th* entire nndorplnt, toI* her with aererol antlr* acenea Introduced by Mr huith I ahould ha aorry to and*rralii* in th* alight at d*fre*. tha aeknowl*dged talenta of Mr Omatnrk hilt it really do*? not ?**m to ma that Mr WIIS Pailth la aaauming too much whan he raeognlaea a? hii * child ." the heaatifal moral dnmaatia drama of Th? prnnkarri Tmly yoora. P T BAItM M American Moaenm June Mh. 1*60 iiriMT ran* t?? aatract to tm? naraaaan. "The pr rriater nf the Itnatna Mnaaam. cow-airing that drama m la lit aid the eaa-e nf temperance. ?n( ar~l acenile. aaa <?f kanaa and appreciated literary a?<|airemeata. [Mr. 4 *maic*k.l ta nnriei take the taak. I nfertaaatcly hit produe tina, thrniah emiaentljr worthy nf lha aeatlaaiaa and nh'.lar e?', fr. at waat af tkeatrlral e?perie*.-e, aw-lv. atery in dial' gtie.em iraly deficient ia rtaaa tact and drama'l( elf- t 1'r.ler th*?e circnm? tan re a. tka maanacript waa pla> e.( in tha hard* ?f W. * Smith, Ran with the r? inaat that I e would fttitah and prepare it for tka ataar That gea'lan>? what waa written, altarinr what ha > ..r^.lerel aeff?cti?e. aad latradnnad tbc ea'ira aaderplat together with tka l??t acea* nf tka aeenad aat, aad tlx ant ra nf the third f. arth. and ?/th paria. Tha pier# waa prndaced aadar t>i< dire?"i o of Hr. Smith, aad parf'riaari for upward* af on? handrad aad farty time*. tad it, ky all. ack no* ledgad ta i>< tii* meal aaaaaaafal draona ?*ar acted ta Baatoa." A Diititmi nam Diavatattar?Bl-'tareranT T (ta wall. Of Virginia ha* written a letter, la wfilch he takag grt .ind dlatinrlly for dl-onloa. h. Ii<a?ing that th ra. .atk>na heratofor* and now anhalating between the frea and alara State! are Injtirlnn* to tha later*.t< an I tfcly of the latter II* aaya ?" I am a?w *f,Briiie.Ml that although thl* gonrnment nnder aoata temp* -a-y modification* of It. fffertai by ronatrurtloa ?il*ea and conci ioa* will I .tat beyond tha ahrt ap??a af th* Ufa Ma rcry old man. tha a*tt generation ?'!l tart ly witneaf |t? analiUatloa. ? Tus Explosion of thx Steamboat St. Loins, on the Mississippi.?The St. Ixmit Republican, of the SOih ult., speaking of the explosion of the steamboat St. Louis, near that city, and the loss of life, says :?From what we can ascertain, it appears that the boat had been into qnirantine, and although having on board between 125 and 130 deck passengers, but six were required to remain in quarantine, with about 120 deck passengers on board, she left the quarantine, and proceeded down the stream to the southern end of the island, with a view of taking the main channel up to the city. While rounding the island, the extreme starboard boiler collapsed the flue fore and aft, dealing death and iniury in uotn uiiections. oome thirty persona, who were uninjured by the steam, jumped into the river, of whom it is ascertained that nine were drowned; the remainder saved themselves by swimming to the shore and to the boat. Upon the decks seven were killed and forty-eight scalded. Although we heard of nine being drowned, and seven killed on deck, their names we could not ascertain. Seven were of the crew, and pine deck passengers. When the boat arrived at this |>ort, the following scalded person* were on board, viz : ? Severely scalded?Mrs. Upi>ernian and child, Margaret O'Neal, Bridget Graham, Henrietta Debora, and two children, Mr. ind Mrs. Buckerman, John Neth, Christopher Hawk, John Williams, Peter Starker, James Walker, a slave of Mrs. McClure, Harriet Smith, John Smith, Michael Carpenter, Mary Cortis<, Warren I'ratt, Bridget Kilculland and child, Mrs. John Lace, William Benson, Join Milton, Henry Curdy, John Hardenhurg, Metlis Hofl, Patrick Sullivan, and Thos. lionnellv?in nil Iwenty-eight- Slightly scalded? Edmund I)ulan, Maria Wells, John Casey, Tlios. Branagan, John Wetmore, Philip Laney, Patrick Kelly, Thos. Powers, Ruel Lock, Michl. Gatterey, James Fraenui, Jacoh Lone, Jules Sobrie, Elizabeth Cailev, James Fritts, Thomas Young, Joseph j (Jruntre, Airs. Mary Morris, William Fagin, John Lace," Louis Tebbe, Patrick Hurl, Mary Levy?in all twenty-four. The above list of the scalded comprises the whole number, and we are full/ satisfied that the Dumber killed does not exceed that above stated. At the timu of the accident, Mr. < ico, Buchanan, second engineer, was on watch. While the boat was in quarantine, the doctor was kept working, and upon leaving it was lound the boilers contained too much water. The engineer raised the mud valve, and after allowing sufficient water to esca|?e, ' closed, or thought he closed it; but from some obstacle or defect it ftiled to close, unbeknown to the engineer, and the water escaped from the | boiler to such an extent as to cause the explosion. This matter, however, has not been inquired into, ' and the cause is merely conjectural. Another explanation is, that the Hues, which are unusually large, and us the boat rounded into the main channel, and struck the farce of the current, she I may have careened to the larboard side, and thus j exposed the Hues to the ellect of the heat and , steam. An examination will be made to-day. The Parkeu Mirder at Manchester, N. II.? 1 The examination of Brown, one of the chief witnesses in the Parker murder, now progressing at i Mnnchester, was continued yesterday, l-'rom the ] account of the proceedings, we learn th it a great excitement was produced by the elucidation of testimony going to show that Clark, one of the persons charged with the murder of Parker, has ( been engaged in planning other deeds of murder and robbery. A girl named Eunice Cook, about fourteen years of age, who lived at Asa Wantworth's, and who, Hrown says, Clark told him was the only person who knew anything about the murder besides himself, (Brown) has sinee died, and it is very strongly intimated that she came to , her death by foul means. Brown states that , Clark told him that if Eunice was alive, " sh?* coald tell about that murder ; that she kaew all about it." It is rumored that it will come out in the testimony of Dr. Gregg, the person who was i secreted to listen to the private conversations between Brown and Clark, thai in one of these con- i versations the latter planned the murder of an old farmer in Vermont, in order to obtain two thousand ! dollars, which the old 111 in had stowed away in a trunk ; Clark wanted Brown to help him, and | Brown, to lead Clark alone, promised to help him. It is further hinted, that Clark also wanted Brown to engage in murdering a man m ar the Canad i line, w ho Clark said had cheated him out of a smuggling, or some audi o|xration.?Hottun Juitrnal, Junt 5. Arbeit or a Do* at Aluit.?On Saturday laat. a young man giving an hi* name Don Carlo* Valencia Kntlcuxa. cam* to thin city and put ap at the City II' t,l Shortly after In- arrival, hewat met byayoung gentleman who had become acquainted with him in ?t>rinffflel(l. Illinoia. in l)i?ppniL?r 1H1M Thmn?K him he ?m introduced to several othtr pi rronn. moving in the first circles in this city, and marked attention was paid to the distinguished stranger. who represented himself a* a nephew of the great Mexican Oeneral. Valencia lie was treated with hospitality and klndne**. w?' invited to parties, rode out with those who made hi" acquaintance. visited Troy. and. in fact, was having a glorious time of It. ai he can testify. Thing* continued in this Hale until Monday, when he wan arretted, charged with larceny in robbing Mr. Durhans. the proprietor of a hotel at Coeytnans. On his examination. Mr B testified that Don Carlos had been Mopping at his house for about two weeks, apparently without any business whatever. On Thursday last he Inquired relative to the occupauts of certain rooms in the house, aud on Friday morning Mr. B discovered that his pocket* bud b?en rifled of about thirty dollar*. lie susoects Don Carlos, who. when first hearing of the robbery, manifested great sympathy for the proprietor's loss Don Carlos remarked that he would not make such'a fun about It?that he would not stop to pick up such a sum in the street.'' A search warrant Is procured, and Don Carloa ?eeu* troubled at the Idea of his being suspected, lie said, " I had rather give $1U0 than be suspected of this crime If you and I were the only persons that knew It. I should not mind it as much " On searching him. about $10 Is found upon his person, lie saya to Mr B . I will give you >36 if you will sign a paper to the affect that you believe me Innocent.'' Mr. B. agreed ao to do. when Don Carlos gives him a draft on a house in New York Don Carlos then came to this city, and Mr B immediately despatched a person to New Turk to collect the draft. On arriving in New York, he searches In rain for the l>ankert upon whom it Is drawn, and la infarmed that there is no such Arm. or In other word*, that the draft Is fictitious and worthless. Mr. B starts at once for Albany, and on stating his case at the Police office a warrant Is Issued. Don Carlos waa arrested, and on searching bis person between $1** and J HO were found on lilm. together with a letter and some other papers. The exumlnation resulted In hla being sent before the Orand Jury, which if nowj in session ?Alkany Ejprtii. Jun Tnr Cowrr without ? Tail.?Lieut Maury, of the National Observatory, at Washington, on the 3d Inst, addressed the following to the Secretary of the Navy, relatlf* to the appaarance of the newly discovered comet :? fia The comet discovered Ay 1st. by Dr. Peter- I son. at Altona. was observed here last night by Mr Fergmon. with the equatorial. Not being able to find In the catalogues the place of the star of comparison n*ed by him. I am enabled to give only the Instrumental place of the comet : K A Dee. June 8? lOh 36*. 36*. 17h Itim. 10 73d 4<>ra 67*. 11 67 44 17 16 52 73 44 44 The comet Is without a tail and it* nucleu* presents the appearance of a pearly white nebula about lm 30* In diameter, with mark* o'condensation about the centre , We shall probably be enabled to oi tain to-night, by observation, at Its meridian passage the pier of the star uied for comparison Inst night; if so. I shall report It. John Rainhard advertises in the Boston paper* to water the streets of that city during the summer lie state* that he ha* performed that duty for nine years. iXKim AI.. REWARD.?JEFFRIES' ANTIDOTE. A spe?CFW oitct Mtitnr* for tb* enre ef Ovnorrhaa, Mleeb Stricter**, Bad alailar disorder*. It ask* a tp??<iy eara, without the least restriction of lilt, drink, eipvsura, at ekange ta application to baaiaeee. Tbs proprietor challenge* a iiti(lr eaeo which t aiiitnre will aot ear?. aader the forfeiture ef ire hundred dollar*. Farther?the 4l*ea*e caaaet be eoatraeted if a dsse of th? anatare i* taken when cimeed. It I* pat at ia bottle*, with fall itlraetioas. at $1. tMHlM last* a wee*- maajr are eared la two Aays. Eat sals by 0. H. UNO. in Brsadway. I * Retard street. Doctoe con tees' intiooeat1no coedial 19 the oaly rsaiedy for (aetlaal weakasa*. aad aocteraal eaiaainas, so ,?>in* sad raiaoas, lacapeeltallas the maa for seeiety, hasineee *r natrtmnar; *nd all th??a aad disorder of bedj aad aiB'i. raoaed by secret, improper habita nf youth, a.e speedily cared hy this poteat remedy. Yoaac mea who wish la be eare4 privately, eaa pat themselves andcr tbs Doctor's ear*, by applylag at kie ofli'-e aad reetdeaee. IU Third avraae between loth aad 11 th (treat*, where the Cordial Is eld, and forwarded to aay part ef the reentry. Cordial, tner Settle; J bottles for S' elth eiplieit direetien*. N H ? Married eeraoa*. *nd thoseeb?atto aaarry, eeaseloaa ef phy>ical laaMltty, tesy be sare ef relief hy the aee of thia Cardial. Office hoars, from a.m. to 9 p. m. <Letter* poatNi.) New medical booes.-a complete practical Work, oa the aatare aad treaaent ef private dieeeee* c ricturss, aad all kiadr*4 aifectinns of the nriaary et?sn?1 ||la*trated by agreataaaber ef beaatlfallv eolored platea, as large as life. By Unaer Boetaick. M. D. in arte, ..j, ? u uuu. F.u. sin r.,M.? r..,? ,1. h~.. .? 5> d! raTIa V fit it I *al Jno'raoliMao'j ko Bat*. V.?rl?o?lj to u obobI to Ricorfi or ilUl'l work o? th* ?om? f of f ioaaooo, ul far npolM f aaytklB? of iho kind ?r?r pakllohod la tki> onaBtry." Aathnr af tko work ? Soailaai Eiwioaa, Impataacr. Ao? oanoBf ky laipmpar h?kU?irth Editioa, U platMi erloo $1. F?r at tha Pa*. iara', JTm^GiK A TUWW8EWD, ttt Broadway. lit kf i Miiittn.lM ?r'?<??7 ! rkOCTOE TOt RSILf rniVATH.T r<.R ? <:*KTJmJ kr BHM of tko rook?? ABaalaalaa, or iToryOaoHlj I Owa Phyo1?'k?- WW**,. Wl?.?? k??*W? oofTorfn*?, ahowlai Pri*?to niooaaas m4 BaJforoioti^BOOj %h' Qaaoratira flyt'om, la orary ?baj>o oaf for?, ky I ! ?. * D., Ora4aato of tko k'olTorniy of j-MB.ylraai* fkaoarloaf faraMofPoaratDtooaaaa. VialaalWaakaoBB. IM*> , mm of tko Prootata ?Ua4. I?p"ioaoy, Solitary Hakita ol foath. aro faitkf ally foaorikof. aaf all tko roolfw wtob la ?rUpHi Tko oka?tor oa Rolf Aktua tmi SmlMi waakaoaa I* worthy of yartualar attoatioa, on4 ?hoal4 U tm4 k? ovary owo. Totn aot, wko h?r# kooa B?f"riaaat? la ooatraoMaa Mimi, frarloaa to ylaoia* yoaraalraa a*4?l I tko *aro of %mf foot nr. ao aMttor vkst kit i^ataaoloa* ?*| ko. (at a ooyy of Mil* traly aoofal work. I'ta?f?r? rMWM ?o otty, umbo Mat? atatiag a*ma?o, foal M*t of rninlM aowa wttkmtt ooyy oftko Paaktt ?? ?oo oaytxa* nfjaiiai tdfikta w*, ???H biTWHi Traattaa ?k WarnagB, tko Pookot Man lapta*.' I ? v(Oi? HloOwa Pkprtolas. Aar panoa oaaflaf tvamjo Iro ?m? ?*?loo?f la a lot tor. will rwoaira oaa ?nay of thu ISr ^rjyw?g^:^"Aifa.,AV , ?Y? Hk w Mm ft nwiwti MffciMur, *HijprM?. UN1TID STATES MAIL STBAHVRS BETWEEN NIW York and Liverpool.?Tha ahipa computing thia lis* art b? ATLANTIC, Captain Wa??. ARCTIC, Captain Luce. PACIFIC, Captain Nye. BALTIC, Captain Couutock. ADHlA'llC, Captain Oration. Then thlpa having been built by contract axpreaaly for government ?ervic?, every car* hat been taken in their m<n truction, aa also in their engines, to ensure strength and peed. and their accommodation* for pauengere are untqualltd lor elegance or comfort. Price of paaaage from New Tork to Liverpool, $ *>; eielaeive u>e of extra aise state roomi, tl25. An experienced aurgeoa will k? attaohed to each >hlp. No b?rtli> *?cvr?d until paid for. for freight or rosace, apply to (DVD K. COLLINS, J6 Wall ?tr?t; or, toBKOWN, MIII'LKY fc CO., Liverpool. The Atlantio will laave Liverpool May 29, 1840. " Paciflo " " Liverpool June 10, " " Atlantio " " New York June IS. " " " " " Liverpool July 10, ' " " " " Liverpool July 31, " " Atlantic " 14 New York July 27, " The owners of these abi|>a will uot be aecoantable for gold, ilver, bullion. specie, jewelry, precious stones or metals, unless billsfof lading are signed therefor, and the value thereof, therein expressed. fjlUK LIVERPOOL.?UNITED STATES MAIL STEAMship ATLANTIC, Capt. Jinn West.?This steamship will depart with the oiaila for Europe, positively, on Saturday, June lath, at 12 o'clock M., from her berth at the foot of Canal street. No berth secured till paid for. For freight or passage, having unequalled accommodation* for elegauc* or comfort, a^ly to IDffD. K. COLLINS, flti Wall street. TnROL'CH LINE TO CALIFORNIA, VIA CHAGRES? Carrying the United States Mail?Thursday, Juue 13, at S o'clock. P. M., from the pier foot of Wanes street. N. R. The new and elegant double engine (teamship GEORGIA. D. D. Porter, U. 8. Navy, Commander, will be dispatched aa above, with the Government Mails, htr the West Indies and the Pacific. The books are now open for passage to Charleston, Savannah, Uavana, New Orleans and Chagres, and lor through tickets to San Francisco. To seuure through tickets, early application must be made, as only asmall number remain unengaged. An experienced surgeon is attached to the GEORGIA. The accommodations for passengers of saeb el ass are unsu rnassed by any steumshi p afloat. The passengers for New Orleans are transferred, at Uavana, to the superior doable engine steamship FALCON, and proceed from Havana direct to New Orleans. Kates ot pissage from New York to Chagrer? State Room Berth... ... $100 Standee Berth AO Steerage do.?found bed and separate table 50 Rales of passage from Panama to San Francisco:? State Room Berth $300 Steerage Bi rth?found bed and separate table... 150 Bates of passage To Ilavana. To N. Orleans. State Room Berth* ..$70 $75 Standee berth, forward oabin.. 65 60 Steerage?found bed and board. 25 2ft Frei.-ht to Chagres will be taken at 70 cents per enbie foot. The bills of 'ading must all be signed on board the vesael the lay before sailing. For freight or passage, apply to m. ?. ROBERTS, 1H West street. CIOR SACRAMENTO CITY-FIRST VESSEL?T? SAIL, 1; loth of June, positively. The fast sailing, A 1 schooner LA BFI.LA I K ANC1SCA, Capt. J. C. Bull, now loading at sinr 11 North river, will sail on her day. For the bulk ot 100 ?bls. freight, and passage for two persona, apply to F. fc B. FOWLER. 86 West St. PASSAGE FROM PANAMA TO SAN FRANCISCO, by the A 1 steamer Geliah, Capt. Gregory Thomas, being new on the way, and is expected to leave Panama for San Francrisco by tlie 1st of August next. She has excellent iceommodations for passengers, and a limited number can ingage, upon application te wm. H. FURMAN. 87 South straet. Through line for sav francisco viachagresdirect.?The splendid steamship PHILADELPHIA, Robt. 11. Pearson, Commander, will leave her dnok, pier No. I North River, on Thursday, Juae 13th, atSo'elook. l'aasenrers will place their baggage on board the day previoas. Far passage, apply to ROWLAND It ASPIN WALL, M and 55 South street. Empire city line?for san francisco via Chaxrcs direct?The splendid steamxhip CKESCKST CITY, 1 ,506 tons burthen, Charles Stodard, Commander, will leave for Chagres direct, on Monday, July 1st, at 3 o'clook, from her dock. Pier No. 2 N. R. For freight or passag, apply to J. HOWARD k SON. 31 Broadway^ ONE STEERAGE PASSAGE TICKET PER STEAMER Philadelphia, froas New York to San Francisco, via the Isthmns, sails 13th June, for sals. Apply at 1H2 Broad street. CALIFORNIA THROUGH TICKETS DIRECT FORSALE Three steerage in Howlaud and Aspinwall's line far June 13th; two steerage, in Roberts' line, lor Juue 13th; one ttrst class, and one steerage, for June 2-*th, In Howland It Asi'inwall's line. F. WHITE. S3 WaU at. Opposition day boat at 7 o'clock for albany, landing at Newburgh. Po'keepsio, Catskill and Hudson. Fare cents to Newburgh and Pouglikcepsie: 75 cents to Catskill and Hudson; SI,00 to Albany. Meals served on board. The last sailing steamer Armenia, I. P. Smith, commander, will leave foot of Robinson street, 1st above Barclay, Monday, Wednesday and Friday, at seven o'clock A. m. Returning, leaves Albany Tuesdays. Thursdays and Saturdays, WW. ! v fur iiisiw ?I>1 ly 'o the C?pt?in, oq ?t HTtD O cl0f?7A. M. rot P"' l* ? 1 ' hoard th? bo?t. ^OTICE -SHirrMS ^F^OOODS^rBH ^ to j ^Ecl? W^U .imT Th.tCon.rtUu"t? wiU ?il Ifaiifn OB ber wayEtocEt^ aRD, Jr..? Broadway. ^?i or I.ETTKK8 KfM miN. IN TUE NEW YORK ? ? ? pVtu. ib. " "hi,h lh" ^ u" ? Av.?i-n. "-^^v jsrasr-' ??*"* JJnClKW ?"CB UiaeWtk n ?l **T". JT" Mlnli' ? "* I s2J5u? Ss&Jigr, ErJSS-1^Lit ...k.? !r'~i,?r?."- ?r a.*ss; fc^'^r T. fcsd^SSl- 5Cita-?* s5T??. ??? ? ""I"*' r ... ?uv,t1 A 1MB ? "1 """ ?*rt pi !?! < .ik^? o-?,'o f.lkaHM C'*?*||*~r , - l.? l.rJ J.I?T ?'? **"""! o? ? ?i i > l ?*T? " iMri l?M *? ? _u, . laaWlk 0?* ! *? r- sr;-jirwr-^^ ZXZfr?* " ssvr S2Tw?' t- Ist* ?~?=lyr? _ _ . I,..O? C.rJU. ????t ?? ?? * Ita* "*7 Sm M>> - ejj ;^_4 I r.?k..U. " < " I**.*, Ita i^y? ta" ,*| t| n? !>?.? i ' * ?*> ***> *??' dT.7V?.. ?" '"J a* i?i ? " B~ SSL D**r: .te. '-j-_?' ? gTLV ??~r: A- ks-?W.W.?b llVl'j' ? *n? * '* r I r.?.?r-.T -rr ^SH SS5C ^ - c. HSw p" "- fT*1^ rStlE^a*. s-ev 'tr sails* r "::, S?ii"? -'..J " '' i.? .? ?? - ? j-'l"'-' ?"I.rA ^--T 1?n.. in ?. ? " '? . ZfZOfc* ?""*? "*?7 ^ ? KX/.'frn-?-? ? "w ; * " nm?. IhTb'-I I? 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Apmi M.i(in>< BV.a Uahrlk An?a4a Btrarua A Br I* BUrall Miaa K D Stock k) M ra T 8u???r*ilk Elka ?**< Aaa 8?r?l?.*i Oatkariaa Bu'hvaa I lira Bulli?ao Margaret BkaridaB Cathartaa Hmi-h Mart* l.ouiaa Bfuk. aaaa Capt 0 ?call> I alUnaa B?itk Ma garat Stiff Mm Kuakaay fikarp Am leyraa EHtakalk tUuukk it Himmoai Mra 0 M Bkaughaeaay Calk 8t?v?h'B* esib'aJauaSiar.Uur l-abrlk fliuut Haarah arinr SelloB Calkartna Brwtt ASaliBa Huraxirri Harrwt Rkr i ?i>1 Calkark* Bw?at Bl'vakrtk Suliitaa Hm Baliivau Jwkaaua 8n i*b Margaret, Baaytk Mary Sckuykr Kaik A IUxmm Aadr?? Mulbcrr) at ikirfd) Jaua Sterling Abiakaa 0 T Tu?#r l?Wr? Taylor Mra Jwka Tama.uu Catkariae Trggart 4m Trkbelt* Racket I T?b?b L Br ilia Tko?p*B Mra, Tucker Sarak A liBBailaai Mri 1k>mai Aib B, Cbrrry al Ta>lur ft a rah Tbov^ca Mra P. Abb at T>aofaak?i Mrna, TikUa Mra Waa WaakiagtM at Traaaj MkCH Uraaawirk at Toruian i'k?rkKt* fl Tir*M Mary Turtd Mra, Outage Tfc?.o u klua, Clu Tally In. TL.-B.aa lfetttm. al ?k*tk at Tkuratoa BIm V A V Vidaakill Maria V.I la.. Aaa V .a Uiu.r M.r(art* w W.rrf IrU.a W.lkav Mlaa.lilk .1 ?.ia. Mra H. Willi. Mr.. Haaa W.lrr'. M.r, W.iarkar) Mr?,lla-W i'"aa U?w aaa I .t W .11. Bia.tla kMJ.l Wkilalaaa Mr. A Talai.a J.aa. Waaaal ?li, WhHaMa.jorBUaaa M>. ? B Wal.h Mari.BraaJ WiWua M .. M A Wll?a? Mar, W?ad Jan* w?y William. Ml. K, W kiwara Klia'li H Wall. Habin. B Wla.l.,la, Mr. Baaal Cinia al V uo4aa.rtf MralHi.a WKHa Mt.,FaUna at WiU.a Mr. Uraotl ..J Marj W.lak M.ry,OaU .1 Wil .nJ.n. ?r~l W.lian Fluirba Aan H ak.w.a Amanda Hiuaa A William. Mn.Uraa. BalkfluM. U>.l Waal Naaa, at ? LlaaK. J aaa* B Willnaaaa Mthtaa QJWTLJtaEM'S LIST. m Aiaaa Wm AlkraW 9 Altoft Jaa AftraJaafl )m A'Uaia N III AAler ?ea T Alktrige Capt JBO A?|ri? bapt tela Abbatt l?r Oea Ayartl MnhUw Aadar.*a M A'draara AitrCktiN Araru Patrwk Aadrea II** W? Artum Bt?aer AUi.Urr J? Alka W?Jtor 0 Area* Adam Uum)^ AaibWr 1 It* AU lander H Aagei W AMb.ii) i'kM J AUryJaa?a? Alkallrary Amtn N aU A Ak>i Aadu* Ayrw Callua AerkerJie AriMl(.*( Jm A.kf Jaa H Ad ... J H A Ca Aldn.ta l?r KB AMr<*el? M?a Adaaa J?a Ad?ma Maa.uea II ArMatrou* Jm Aikuia Capt fc. u| Abrdtx Aikr?W i? L A?|?r?r I'vn An.lrr??n, J*a A|H? u A)?n Abnhta Lawtrara AlvwIWuk AlW-a E H Ale *ABdar H-.U Anderaoa J Airbrr Wm Alfiiidir Wa N Alaatl M L Autl.ra J H AlUaJuLa Alaley Obae A??i f'nnk Alb-n Uruey AUaalkua AriwU Jaa Aa|aica Tlua Aik Mr B Braftak P P Bra<lae? l<ea?ar Baad V. T B<4aa Choalna Brady Jaa I BraAlay P Braiy Huflk KU kni MoaUfva Bar<l*i ( baa Baker Wm \f Start l)??M M.hua Urr-aaa U Baker fat* Uliaa Kakr?*ll M ?i Haaaoa Ur Jm Bail y C M -I -1 Irbm W .u Hrainrrd Juka A lie a ) Bra*It Jm B.bla ia Jo.iak Baker 8 tea baa J BUarbarH. CoaverM 1 Biaaaa Aufaatua BaraarA Juke Barter J W & Ca guaratm Bartlalt Capt BartlattCa|4 Bit reel! Ji?ka Bartkuldi Bar Ha Baraer Ck.a P Epkralm Beptar John fl fa?>l H Bauakai biMr Baaett Babt Baiter Jubn B I Baaabark 0m Baia Pbllkp P Stamford Joe Bead a W... Peard ft C? A Beaa Abial 0 Berker Ab baa Brewer Juka B fedkar M Beaant ttea W Brwaikaa Tirnetky Bnaley Wa A Kei jaaia Jnrl Brent Wa Henry Ball Braartt B-B Brawer I U Beaartl Aatbuay Brldea Plait Bern* ka Juka U-rty dea a I le|ea llaaiel Barry Jerraiak BrllJuka A Ba?ia< M * bael Baaaett Heary Brygnl U)aa Baaana Juka a Brig ( Jobn W ft I Bail bear) BnanuilH tt Mlua BeUinh>? Cu ] Biki N TInhum Boataa 1,'riah Booth B W j Brrad J kn H Boaaell J A Bruaaea Betk W Broekett Hiraa W Bokee 8 W BkxairauJ Cjrraaa Bond Oeurge B?*r< N.bua i BuAtb Joba Bralley J no B?*kr?nger J.rob Bradbury Jarak ] Bradley Aarua Ba.kua W m V BabcuikJC? 8 Bradakaw Mr Bm<a B Bakar Btepkea Ba< >>a Praecai I Baldaia Ur<'huS Baker Jeha Bnaakea Bakat Julia Baldwia 4 Bak?-r Hurata Bak'?el Wo, U Blan<kard Job a Bailey Tataal Baker ia? Ballard Jaa BUka Jtweuk Bakir A Crerrling Bart, a A P Barber A a ana ha 0 Baraard law L Jart ew Jfha Barbell J 8 Baratunr BruJ BanUy Baal Baratow Hal. y Y Barnn^aaton TB Barrett 8 I. Bantatlo Jaku 8 Baata'.la l.unai?S Batrk* II Kara Bauat M irkj Bare Ukaa Baermai.ael A Beaaa Wa D Bedk>? Eda4 A Berber A Bearh krWa B \ , Breaea Tb?a Bcardtrt BnaaeB Beat Ura J Bergk Henry Her nitt fti W Beat W Hrary Ball W ila.? P l>r Breaar4 Peu-r j Hriaet A Barry Heary Beany J??kn Byraaa Juka Brardirl H D Bargk Teauia Brrnn?a Mi. kaal Beraaad BrtaraflB i Bennatt Bubt Baaaatt iawfhaa?S Bialv.p U B Bukap D 8 BrMcetaaiaJ Brtalay A Ca B?8 Blrvk TUmai BuaeeJuka Bukap U E B?.tk Tk.a Braaka W P

BurlaadMwU Braaaaa L i BuUad N .kard Bukrea Beajaiala i Bradke Jaaa> a Bulira liaaaf C BrarkeJueepk H Btana Taraar Braaa Aaaaa BryaaJaraaa Bruwa EIHa Braaa lira P Braaa A M Braaa Pe??a? Braaa W a 0 B?urkr Mylea Braibera J Bayce J ll Baatwick Ual UW Buiraaa Jarak B Bayta Cap* T Bwuraa Wa M raa W B. ykaTkoaaa Baydaa OtH BaUaaa Hartey f Boa?ar KOa Rr?aa F U Bafty Jaka Praea W a BaBirC t'ural Bualkirk Jereaiak Batlar w a o Buster N?b?>aa Baaka Wa Buare U t N A Bull Carl Jaa C?8 Bur?ckby Tboa BuUar Cb?rWa Burruaa !? J L Ballar Tkoaaa Builric ka K ary 0 Buraat K U Blaaa (' Burabaa Tk<a If Banaa Jnka Butler K Brawn fkaa-B Broaa laaaa B Barrltt AUI Bailar ft On W A Braa a Tbcataa Ban.lei Moiva Bp>?a Joka Braaa I'racaia H Hlnaa (kaa W Baa ley J W Baaa Pkilltp M Boyd A Ear lea Bay a IHia Baatreeaa BoawaU Braailbt (baa A Bay la Oaaa 4 KUaa Ba? ley J M Bairneleka Bayd Wa Ba*d J Bargar I ra^erlafc Baraa Jaaaa L Brakia U Bulklay Bt^pkaa K Balaley Aalkaay ButUr V 0 Barrrll A Lawaa Buraaa 1'briaU.pAa Bwraa JoLa Bargakall Mr a>aia Barak A O Bailer W J Buraat BaalC Braaaakaa Jaa Buad> Jaa D B Beaaat Jaaea Baakkal* P Baraa Paal Bryaaa Tbaa BaiUok Baa Bwkt Bafaa Prad|B BaUar Tki>aaa c CkaraB Mkka?l CaakBa I Carkelia Jaka CaaMvaa B Tkalaera fea Calkaer B P fWlegUa M w I Baap Uaa I W Carroli rfliaa CeapkeD Pat k fob-a Patrick O?fkaB HaaJ Craaer Jaaaa Cabaae Tkoaaa Clark Hiram Caaali Huaa Pre8a Caia Jaaaa Clark Beabaa B (Bark Daaaia rlaa Carll J are a tab Capt Ckaaa Ckaa W Carter TSetnaa Oaaaaa Jaka Clark Ik Aakeraft Clark A Avaralla Crapraa E W Oaraey Wa Carutketa I atar Carter Jaka Oararr BaiH Clark Jaka Clark Alpkeaa ? Caee Tb.^aaa CkarU- Joaepk Ca.bal A ad w Clarke P\ua Ckaaa Cap* Oaa Clapaaa Wa Baltaraaale Jaa Claafkarta Jaa CVaAelaa Jaa C*e??l?ad k Pa Ckeay B W BkekruaB Jaka Cleaaaat Jaa E aea?o?ik Ca?aak J 0 Te *e Clerk aI fW C ark raa Wafcar L CBnalta J W Cb?4a.tar A braaa W Martae Caai% Catliaa Jaa i'aliraa Jaa A ?a4a Caat 8 E CU| Ball OraftJM ?.aherJH Cala WtfHaa Coleaaaa Patr*k Oraala Mirkaal OalUbaa Jaa Oack?c EAw4 Ora.ka.are Oaatoa C-aaklia A lea Cam by Ld a 4 B Caakka Ckaa Caa tat U 8 Coaaer Baaara B Ceaevta Jae Caalia Patek Ceae*erT Oaal.aJaa Baalry Mi-ka Craaage JereaAak Caaaer I Caa?ay Jaa Caraall l4v Cafe ell O P Peaaera Maar^a Caaa ly TUe 1'maly PraaeM Carr Patek CaapBA Co. ha PA Craaa C yar?aa Oaato Jaa Carueliaa P ( arAaaa Jaaeyk Caaa??B Mr Caaa J aa Careabetea * Oeaaek Cap* A Uaa Caraaraa Peter Ifcllaaa Jaa lacker cnadraaua 8 Ceurar W a CraAea PaAak 1 Cartaaa JaeepB Ctaawp W alter Ckarekaaa Jaa Oaaaa P Ca.e*ktia liiai Caat? Hear y Carr a Tbaa Calp Nebea OaapBCa CkaaAlar Heary CaArftMiekl Caiupkall N CaabaB Aa4 ? Ckdl Tb<?aa Oaiaa Patk Callakan Jaaaa Blaster* Jaa Craia KliUa CaapSell ArtW Oraae W E Oaaaaa Ptaa'a A CaapWII k Jaka- 8 Ckaaa Daa I 0 Caaey Tbe?aa Caaabefl Jm B Oarlaa Heary Caratakael Jaa CaHar W .baa Card J C OUrk Jaaaa Carta* Heary Carter Aakeb A Barter AM A Baaaaa Jaka l aaaa ArfwLa Oae**41 Pat k C?a?k.?aa J.ka Barey h Baa4 Tarpeaar E G Oa.raake l>aa EA Clark W Blaa Barter l^-? d W (Wl Daaal varAa (Mark Jaka (Bark Jeka Craaa a TIT* Oraa.kae JakM Carter M?ary Caapraaita Ja k Cle<elaad ? M Creed Jaka Ca^ar laaa* Ckaamag k lakaM CkraaAlia Maaa CbittaaAea Par CMaaeeu N Crei?k*a Wa kal i O.Waa l?? A Ikaai AbaaaB CHaaa t'.?et TVaMM <* ! A I rr?Ui iHM CUfc.r?J??C (WIIM ImI fcrkr.. A N fWUa Mvary flat* IhmU C?>? Patrtafc C*Uia Jm rwi CVfefc.. 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Baarfc* Data fcaaaaka I VaO B^Hm* J ??'a Baaaa BaM ? *? 0 Baalrk Wm BMtMkaail laa Bm* PalrWfc la^BatlLl Baala<aa ImI Baa* BakaH B~aJ*~~ |??aa>aaa I ByaaTU B?aN|M llt'teftf R ..? ? C B.*rD DaaM Baagaa W? W Bapr lab* H BUrka *arr?a RRay lab* j laa^ara Clwa V ilakk Cmj* Pal BUaka 4?t?fa By?a?aba laa I aaby I rtak Rua'anl Haakl BaaiH laa P Baalism Mr Barafa* |*atak f *??Wr? Rraalhary afltoii P.Ik BaP?r<l J.ka I. lW?aftltaJaa W Baaa la**ak RUal?aJ*ka ImIm Aallkay lt(f<a<i iiMiaaa Baadara Ckaa N Ri?4?n Palk ltria| H a T Rtaaafcary Wia II RiaaAlak I 4 Bkaaaha** 4'ott Rtaabt I * laala laa B t Bawaaa 11m Baayalaatf iiwti B*a?r>a?a I?a?l4 Btaa Wa. L Bpaaakaaa P a (a Burl r~k Palk kaaaalar O I, AaMarba H K Bt.PWrrf lata | An.ll ll.a H a II lUagktrr Bvkl K Rarj*at i |l A fla Ra?ag* laa RaMralt* Ian aaryaa E B Bkar? * a Matty Xark J aba 4 0a Rkaa Wa Ikaa B 0 Btarr Ua>a A Ikaar 0n Rkarp* Wai larfaaf ABiai P laaalan PraaJ Bfraa lark Itarbwk Maaf4 I Baarb 0>A*aa Ikaa |?.VH| Baaa* B<>*?H Sk.. R>.;.k L Rrarar laa Bayra H*ary A bivartaa W Baaa4aralaa ?k*Haa Pfcib P ft**'*>ary a/ ?ka *../? ?.i<( t.r*, Maaratat Wa T^ay L*/a la fltaab Mala Balaaaf to-k (laMtM I N aaiaara Pa Raatar A Bariaai Rafcait 4kr?lkaa B <1 Bjaar Wm ,r B-araUK Tk*a P |k*far4 Ba? TVaa *??. Mr Rtoa Mr ' laa B I V Baikakl l?a*kB laftraai Praaria A#If Aaaiaal I'aAkay Baa B'*a.r1 OH* t A*, a... A laAA Bataaa I.a N IkrparR I B Rarra P?-aa Rpaa'i RaM Rkap*r4 W a 4 li?a art I I) ll.ary Im*' Ja Bp?-*'aa Pr.. -? k*yaM '"Kaa B?*wart Aa4r*? BWapartf P??#k * fc?aa*?.? k Pktlif |ia<r? Wa Ikrrklai R?4aaal Batraaaa /aa Rk??ar4 r?-?i4 UiUl'ifrf W N I la ftnWa *..,f ^ ^ U. - 'W r.'?| IWMkalaa BtnBry Tapt laa B>?aa.a ?^a? B.k'? iki*lAa la* R *p?a ^aprt laa |rk l?> i H-? Aa l?* laa BaKt Nina B I1 II* Itaa < *?* IMa*. n.atal BktaMa N y k?aa f?.* 4 Bra.lwa P lf? t RRtrfca*! Baaaaa laa Bk'Aaftaalaa aft la 'kTkaaW Biaa *>( N f ?<il> TVaa??*ra * ?t?*?l la 9 ?a-k ? -h.a Ra 'klaaO ?k ~i>!. ?*a lafk B I Ik-atay I ? ft*?. kNaakRIO ? ik Pfk-rl laiak ti*a Waaaa Ia4l ? a?laa4t Am?'k H***? I. ? ,v- Ja lai klR-'4ll I'll" B H Am k T>aal?*a ?ark? ? lk.?-w? I W >rfk H?r?* Mainl Aa.-tk W?li*r iM.ikPk hyW laik P."!*! k l'*(ar b TS- H lank I N laatk AaW.aa flM.-kPk>l M-af-M MM l*-aka*n W Rr Ik M ' B Bkr<*<lrak-ar| Day 4 *~*l? la* IWm Lrwto Bk*?a 9 'la Ca Ar^ti laal l.?ai aa?r.,<4- t rmwm Wrn ? ! CJaa A-a**aearfcar I'kaa lifaal Im Rkwi Ri|*? R*?My R?? A l> ?* a? ft Blark R<?*?H*?,f4 W Ra?a (*?H ' "" '' 1 karfya BaM*r? 4 B Awathari laaab Rk?b* R*a< baa*at BT? B-?a* A bblk I . IrR.fa | ?? ? RWi*1' laa RfaKW VV*>va*la bk?M*btOaa *a <?r pl. R- R a R? S I'atf 'k ' ? k li at- a a T-* Rkak* W.Pr* H Bt*aA ?*** ? a*Y laa b UalUrbaA Br Ria* l*?aai t. If R?lA?aa HaMfRray* T pat la* laa * * T Tay to BaM V*a4?a t, faikr A Barkaal TVa?r*tk P ^ * a. ?| T I IJ Pa?brl^l TaflR-.fin t?A-? a. IP T'-i'.ay fatfafB <>*a Tm h?*. laa TajUrU-* H Tmw>? l*w paato II P T?tb R- 4 T'fv* IB>.a?y Taa** l.aka I rl*' ? ! a-* Tb<i*r Raak <a T'aari laa T?a! ' fiaaf'a* at T****f>arV T'-a H ? k-fa laa rkalMa II R T l.oa R P TJ?*M,ak P< ?a?*a4 I t TVra,* |??ala| Ttoaaa Waa f f* M aa Paaa.aW | W TW-. ?a R TV?C .. Ikaaaa I'aaal Taar4 ?. Ira Tk araTka T??aUW Pl"a k-aa P M T%*~.. ?i T T T~4*l ?isa.( l^aaa l?a -a P Tn*?|fc aa b P!*ary a ??.*.) T^l 4 llarfMi t Tn*r|.? aa K.'| .. B TW?a BaM rk.?a* ? -** <? r TWh I' ? ?a W TaaaUaa P*a?* b kia|M TVrt - laa Ttof?? PI R Tat I * k*>r T*-aka" R** n Taib ?toa Ttoaaa* laa fl| ra*rnb?.i i,u. a .. .-?-*? p t layto Ba% P Tark*t >i4aa I Taaiaa R? Tanar Rta?aal II ''toy IIm t VSb*aad #aa W I Hby BB?**4a Bl Vmmm, Ba?aal I baa iaaaa Bm I'aRafi laaayb V r**p*a BP'rtoaI Va4W Pa?fbaR 8 Tlaakaa P*a*r B*.*.aa Ri* % lb -a I a* 1^. R l t*k.rf ft bri *.W,a.?l.a l fai.alP ??bRa* Obaa bk takmiaalai Vaa (mil. t.iO'il t<M IiiM )* | |..._ t.r , ?.i.k. t % a * * g a*r ? Via h * I I *?a ?a "aRa BM Paa bbak Raa) Vai V*tn*aRa B *.a B^tia R V.atWklV Vaa A*'?aa (HaPl Taa ?tok l>? laB Raa iH'Wak J a*aK Vaa P*H I'r I I W W.Ik, Im f W.fea rbi * [? Im *.IW? *-M *M> IK * *Oli? I M J?_ >>,?im ?"iic * ?--' r>? l> ?>K . Mfl i?.i W a.?.? rnM ? ?> J.?a ?.W. >>. 4 W.MN.W, ?4I Ml ? .!! H Wl?'w T ili'i l? DtM.1 lititt HI4M J<fca WII4N D * ?'! * * ?* * r.al4a V.ulOrtJM IH *?<M *? in> w.?r..r; ? .... r.m> Dm ?..< .! I N W..J I.. <* ?>?(?.. tr >>'M Iwtl W. .. ? ?. K*rr** l**f ImlL fUxD'H ?l*< WfM IW* W.H. !'??? ? ???.? W.klM* r-ltMnir r !?..?. ?'k""lll H ?< ? * ir Im D?.m twa W. n.t Wa>4 < t ? Mil *>urtH ?i>.>..?,? *w ? HiHi.lf* ?< ?.' H m? I* *? ! ?i * it |m tl'-im.. ? h i' ms b mm* mm tm ? ' r,o ?i hwwla ili^r w.w .w?jii # f w?"' Wtta m~m?n*t *v.>~/.* ik.'. win*.** tkiwi ?t?t? rk^.hd * mm r l?* t * *4 a wlftam* m?* f?? w?i'? wfch, rw> wtftw* rv?t w wte?. fix* ?>??# *?* (%m mv I? tHfr#, ?Mti| ? * mlhm w r t *?im jm wt^mm in I i m*nrn? r?t vi will ? r?m l w>lur4 i?f* ?.? ! w >w*? ? i~? ??h 4 * %*k m r\.a?l d ttfft '%m vri|m|??ry 1m w mt r ? ?k' ' w ?? ? wii?m f?"<l in w .. v . ? 4? ?rf tfcv a * ? ? ?# * t ? 9wm* *t?* thiw? 1 * ?. d.?w w :?*..? *??i ?-??*?!* w^.l.. * ?rt | ?.? fit ?>??? t>?m| wimik im * .4 * r ? ?w * ?i?i tv- <i w-.*rw | a inr hftmllm l??4s'*|t * ., ? w ?+* . n r t?lm iv % 4% ? ?4 (r ... w-irfr^hk^ m*+*< k*mm * ' ?. ; ?l p *! ? w^.h (hi ??vy ? m?i w n t t " *' ? ?< tit?. tten thm tvafm t|?.? t? 1 ?|hh iwll.m wu. r. ibadt, r. a. JUDICAL. MARRiAOE i WHY SO OFTEN UNHAPPY. T II K C A U 8 K 8 AND TUB KKMKDT. Many and many a wirt imodbu ycars op bodily nufftnuK and of m-ntal tDfuiill, proatrate au4 helpleae. embittering her life. that of bar huaband. and tuuardiag the fntnre welfare of her children, triiUfl from ciuu which, If knuwo, would have (.pared the Buffering, theMftuiah to the wif?, kud to the huaband nmliirmiiiMti u4 pecuniary difficulties having their origin in tbe mind being weighed down end harraued in consc'iuence of tbe fickneM of Ul companion of hii boeoin. Mow importiint that tbe camea ahnuld be known to ITVJf wife, to every huaband, tbnt the dreadful and harrowiaf eon>ei|ueuree to the health and happlneaa of both may b* avoided ! I.ife ii too abort and health too precioueto MBit any portion of the one to be (pent without the full enjoyment of the other. The timely poaeeasion of a little work entitled aa lollowa, ha> been the mean* of aaving tbe health and the life of thousands, a* over TWO UDNDKK1) THOUSAND eopiei have been mid lince the firet edition wan iaaned. The author haa been induced to advertiae it by the nrgeat and | reai>tng requnt of Uiom- who have been indebted to its publication for all they hold 'liar (that all way have an eppnrtenitv of obtaining it). and who have favored him with thomanaa of lettera of encomium, kiui of w hich art aunexeA to the advertiiement. THE MARRIED WOMAN'S P ft 1 V T ? MKDICALCOMPANION. 11V. 1)R. A. M. MAI K1CEAI', raoir.aaiiH or uiBEaera or woniv, Tuvntirth Edition. IHmo.. pp 23". Prist, $1,00. THIS WORK IS IN TEN DEI* ESPECIALLY FOR TIU HAHKIi.l), or tiioae contemplating marriage, an it diacloaea important aecreta which aliould tie known to theiu particularly. Here, every fenial.?the wife, the mother?the one either budding into wouiaiiho.,,1, or the one in the decline of yean, in whom nature contiui|. ..tea au important change?can discover the cauaaa, ejmi.t i??, and the moat efficient remedies and moat certain 10 le of cure, in every complaint to which her aez ia eubject. The revelation' contained in iti pa^ci have proved ft blessing to tnotiranda, as 11. mtiuiu ruble letters received by the author (which he is | < iuntied by the writer* to publish) will attest. PICKLY AND UNIUPPY WIVES. Extract of a Letter from a OmtfUman in Ihiyton, (J, *' Day von, May 1, IH47. "I>R. A. M. Mirnii rw?lfy dear Sir: 'The Married Womaa'a Private Medical ( ompaaioa,'for whioh 1< - i m dollar to your addr* *.-'. came vfuly to hand, i would not ha re troubh I ruiMiktit t hftl I am mi ptlled hy a sense of uratituda, for invself and wife, to give utterance to our nuitre and 1 cartfeft emotions. " My wife has be ci perceptibly sinking for some threa rears or men*, in coase neiic* of Rt'rcmt anguish and sufIering some month*. before and during continement; every tated a ad prostrated her, putting her 111 ?* in i mini neat danger, aud which was, oa the la?t occasion, despaired of. 1 suppesed that this state of thing" WKr inevitable, and nnigutd myself to meet the vortt. At thia time (no* about two months) I heard your lock highhr spoken of. as containing aomc matters reachiag my ease. On ita receipt ami perusal, I cannot express to yoa the relief it afforded my distressed mind, and the joy ita I age* imparl* d to my wife, on learning that the great dis. overy of M M. l?- - . ki,x provided a remedy. It opened a |t?-s|Hct to me which 1 little conceived was possible. No pecuniary consideration an ever repay the obligations I am under to yon for having been the means of imparting to u* the matters containee in 'The Married Woman's Privata Medical Companion.' llut for this, ere another year wouid have pa??cd over my head, in all human probability, inr wife would have been in her grave, and uiy children left motherless." Extract from a Letter. COMPETENC E AAD HEALTH. I. a n it, casts Pa, Oct. 21,184f. M\ t>? aw Sir?I know you will have the kindness to bear with me in encroaching upea your time, while I acknowledge (ill behalf of myself and wife) the obligations we feel ourselves tinder to you. in having made known certain matti rs contained in your most luvaluable Married Woman's Private Medical Companion. It ha* been worth ita weight in gold tome. If I express myself rather warmly, you will see that I cannot do so too warmly, when 1 inform you of tha extent to which 1 have, through it, beea benefitted. I will state my aitnation whea I obtained your book through the merest curiosity. I look upon it as one of the moat fortunate even s of my life. 1 had been married eomc ten years, and wan the father of seven children. I was long struggling unceasingly, to the end that 1 might gain a moderate oomrtcncy, but the rcsulta of my utmost exertions at the end it me about where I was at t lie beginning of each year; and that only, with the ui< *t stiu'ed economy, suflieiog with barely tbe necetaarire of life, finally, thia constant effort saa beginning to have ila effect upon my health; 1 felt lea* < sj utle te endure its continuance, while 1 fell the necessity o! reraeversnce. Thia conatant, unceasing struggle on my part was imperative, in consequence of the protraated condition of mjr wife (with occasional intermi*rion) for six years, much of the time confined to ber bed, and of course incapable of taking the charge and management of household affairs. Iler condition arosa from causea of which I waa ignorant, oh ! what would 1 have given had 1 the sia years to live over again? What would my wile have given to have beea spared the long daya and Mill longer nights prostrate on a bed of siekneas ! ail nf which would have baen avoided, had I then seen a copy of The Married Woman's Private Medical Companion. From a Physician. DANGER.OU8 DELIVERIES. OBSTRUCTIONS, IRUEUt'LARITIES, he. ll<>? mko> kr? uOrrinx from oUlru.tlon or irrcgaUriti** |*culi*r to (h. 1 '-n,uW' iiiUm, winch uutierminp thoir health, iho ffffcla nf which ihrv ir? iinnrinl. and for which their delicacy forbida (cchiny medii al advice! Ilow many aufTer from prolaiiaua uteri Mailing ?>f the womb ) or front (weatneaa, del.ility, In . I>c. )! Iln* many are ia eoa tuat ifoay for nun) ai.oil.a preceding confinement' How many have difficult, if not danueroue, dclivertea, and whoa* livea ara jeoparded during iv li time, will And ia It* page a the mcaua of prevention, amelioration, and relief! El tract from a Latter. TO THOSE JUST MAUI ED.?"HAD I KNOWN!" " Nev. 2U, 1M7. "Da. A M Mat'ini rat' Mad I knonn af the importaat tnattAa treated af In 'Tha Married Woman a Private Medical Companion ' ??a yea re a?o, how much mirery 1 might have eacaped ! I bare auffartd jtara from rauaee which yen point out in yonr book, without kaoning what tod.. I obtained a copy, and found tuytaae treated of. I truat every female will avail berrelf ol the laforwatioa contained ia ita PMea." Letter* ara daily reeeWcd af thia character, unneeeaeary to preeent. To thiae yet nnmarritd, knt contemplating marriage. ?r perhapa haaiiating a? to the propriety of tavurriag the reipntMtililiei attendant upon It, tha imfortaare of beta* I oaaeaaed of tha revelailona contained la theae pace, (o latin ale I y involving their fatnre happiacaa, eannotbe appreilated. It U, af eonrie, Impractical le to convey more folly tha varum* auljecta treate.l of, aa they ara of a nature atrielly intended for the married, ?r thoee e?ntewipla*in( mama*'*: neither ia it neceaeare. ataae it ia every naa'a duly to become poaecaeed of kaowledce wherebr the eu?? ring* to which a wife, a mother, or a (later, may be autjeet, can he obviated. COPIE8 WILL HE SENT HY MAIL, FREE OF POSTAGE, TO THE PURCHASER. <>n tha rereipl of fine Dollar. "Till MARRIED WOMAN'S PRIVATE Mr IMt A I. COMP tNlu.V ia aeet (mailed free) to any part of tl.e I'nited Statae. All lattere mnat le poet - pa d (cieept thoae containing a remittance.) and addreaaed to 1>r A. M MAI MICE \V. boa I2M, New York City. oflte*. N*. IJV Liberty alrvet, New Tart. over 10,000 copies have been slnt hy mail Within three mnnthe, with perfect aafaty an t cartalnty. for aala by llookaallera throw hout tha L'nited Stelae, 1/EM ALE MEDI< INE Of EVERY DESCRIPTION, r ready for nae, at tha Inweat poeribla price*, at Dr. I?-I.aaey'a office, 51 Liapr nard atreet, (firet at reel aolth of Canal, and eome atepa from llroadway.) Seal to aay part af tit* I'nion. Coaanltetioae atrielly <..nftdenfiaL Medical adyi< e ckmlewew laiiorino under private dleee ee. lealail Meakncea linpiieatr, Im. an apply te l>r l?e l.?i i a 11 li eerteinty of auereae. TV. a* who have ,offered front a eeriaia elaaa af people, ar from deleterloua drnga, eerdialenr aatldotea ao.. he wou|.i ba tiappy to afford tkem the relief they a-'d. Ofttre, 61 Liepcnard ( . n<ar Hroadway. taeanlna Eemal* rarlodieal Vlila a?4 Drip*. SI. PARI* AND LONDON TREATMENT <>r PRIVATE daeeaae I all and i?-a f e f r ' urea ef old eaaea that were given up by aearly all aibar ph)etciaaa.? Ilnadreda of caret In foar to twiaty-four hattre, no other pkyeictan eaa e<|ual it. Noctarnal Emlaeioaa. D hility Me. eaaaot reaiat a cure by hia aew mode aver at'iera. IDE. I.AHMONT. 42 Riade atr.vt, tan doora from Reoadway. (t<arante*a tare* ia *eer) <aee, or ao pay. female Periodical rill* II. t'DR TT.MAIE A.M. MALE-" MB YE FEU ITEM. AND a malliply.'?Dr'tte'a Jaao Cordial, or l*ro<-r*atle? Elialr. prvecriled a* an ? *? ti?a real'.rat lee in eae- e af debility. iatpoiener. or harrenneee. and all irre?Hlartllca ef aatere. It ia all that It prnfe?a*a t* be, alt: Katwre'a great raatoratlee, aad remedy f r thoee a tha married ataia wtthoal off prlnc II ia a tertaia eara f r aemlnal emieeione, t^aeral delility, aleet, e . a . aeea of the c oital Or-ana, nartaal aftertio?e,lencorrfi ra. Aaaa litirrMiu m?du me, it irfwa l^alled Alar., a certain r. m--l) f"r Innptea' enwanmptioa, Ir dtreetloa, loee of mus .lar enerr.y, |.hyeieal laaeitnde, famale weakmea, del ilttj. Me. It ia warranted to pteaee the ne.r. ^>ld by iUDSON * CO . M J< ha atroet, the oaly Am'Hean areata I^IIE *"i . > rhIV ATE MEI'ICAI. COM. Mnl??-lly Dr A. * " ?eiceae( Prvfeeoor af 1'iveaeea af * aw.r-a?Teafh adllien, l*mo pp. tw?? Price El.?Y'aea ol interim, of pfiyair j| and mo el nlas to r ai u'-wf wii?. ry " ' vimm mtm bumu4. Ml|ni ktnkMl iptrwl k| i pnaaoaatoa <>f IkU wrt. It lat?a4o4 orp*?lall)r f'.r't ? taorrioA or thoar ooa?rm|>l?tfaf morna**, ao II 4i?ol-.r?? i<111 rtnlHtrM, Mkiok a?taal4 k? knows to tfc?? rarti'nlarljr. To th"?o wkooo ht < h ii ' a?t pormit of Ml??wm of f??il?. It to of o?i?-i?l m,(. f Hrro. alro. 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