Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 12, 1850, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 12, 1850 Page 3
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The Herald at Saratoga. IkVv Yftrk Herald can ? obtat? ed ettry Jit at Spoo?lundcU'ts in the Poet Ofliee b?ild?ag, Saratoga. Plumt>? National Gallery, No. 5151 way. eo long celebrated for its extensive eolleotiou of ir"i?hed individual*. afcevld l?* viaitad hit all who have ?>ire t<rex?iuiue the largest and beat oollaetion of porta this couatry. turn far Po?lrilfy-*0?ad (Seti*! Da* otnn li\i after them, a . do their ddeda.?Tk?>ee who n tito%t> very perfect likcnea*>a to pr???rvH f.?r their ity, may U aerved by K A it HI St IN fc. IIDLMC3. at fnui ?l' to $10. 8?>n?e "( the &M.IKJH he via of hiaw token daily at the ?k>-li^lit, &0 Broadway. !oo<t Wine Needt Mo Btt?h.M?Perioiia In i?f H'inra and ftrandiee f?r> uifdiein&l pur|?'>aee. will pint and unadulterated article at UN Hroaaway, u|>, in t,uart I >til?.- at fl perbo'.'le. To thoae ?lio wish ic'e which in wurrarttd pure, wh r?c<?miuend a trial of IKOOK k tO.'d pure old lir*o;enb?rg Winta aad Ilea Splendid UrtiM Hat.?If Gen In may bo 11id to tjuote puhlio opinion, iu relation to hia fttockv :ain Heaerr llat. for 186'*, aim tut beiu<; charged with iu, tiu i? Jurtitied in proclaiming it the moat aplondid i of ita kind ever worn in Aiieriea. UKbt, tU4 lhaat and bnett tauirr, exquiaite in ahape. and the a> mntctri'al pr< p >rti"na. tli?*re seem* to bw nothing ? ask for in ita fum uatito* tout ena?;mbla. CENlN,2ii fir* ad a ay, oppoaite St. Paul's. Strike.?This la the Sra on for Striken, box. of 12"* Pultun atrtet, not lehind the ta*hit>n, a perfect ten strike by the introduction of hi? " Union It ia &a < onl a? a encumber, and as li*ht a<? una of y*a P?a,and cheap a< an exp?*cd Titer Funk. Drownin may oatth at iirttri, but narin onea aill maka a er the "l oion." A hit for 2')#I Think of it. *<riul!oii In l*? nm Mftfclp. ? Mr. GoldWill rr. t*n hi. room* t hifl dev. for the fittTD of il vi'iif e instruction (ouls ) to eit' ?r ladies i r *?htlein-n who to encel in the art o feaniaiistiip, ant may re'jtiirj ni >re lion th*u iuii tie aivsu to individual). m Im.v cUs.ies. tin will be short; ths.-ef.rc, application shu ild bo immediately at the rooms, No. WJ Broadway, tirst ilour the Irving House. . .Itinx H \l', I'owt ll, 0I?1M| AmlMt, An-., Cr hia at'.entinn exclusively to diseiues of li e Kva mut r. in U to 4 ' clock, n* "t1 lir >adway, entrance 1 \ \V?rretit, vhcro ca* be I.n't his pomUr "Tieause ' II the 3d eiii-ion, p>lce Ml cents; als , tiia lelf-a^iiu,; K>b anil ouataim. Artificial Eves in'<er?od. aulli x or Cutting Ilati* anil Wlililrri. , tie inimitable, at No. 1.1 Nassau, carper *f I'ie.s , in woaderfcl in the selection end adaptation of s'yta, th? seienlitic mariner nf his doing the work with those ate liner, neat nd grateful eurvei, gcutls and easy , it ri-allv aiiruiralle. I.uxnrious shampooing thoroughil. Tiy him. and Tou|>?-ea.?Another Jltrtnl taal , iwurded to M m. I'.iitcbeler, fir the best Wl|i ami T>uYhe public ais inn ted to inspect his new le t.r '.. WO T< HKI.OH'S celebrated Wig Factory, 4 V'aUstroit. rpe tp.e larcect and beat pior,ai:iit in ibeeity. C -pj lertee. _______ _ _ lr Oy?.?BaU'hrlor'i Orrtnlno Llqnltl t>ye. can only be procured ?' the manufactory. 1 ?Vall 'Ihe pnMie skoalil guard a.-ainst iinitati >i(. See ar'ous niplouiaa. Persons whose hair has assumed a !' r from il.e use of the imitation it* '", can Itave it ltd by calling as above. Copy the adilrv?i. Herrliant In Havana writ** tfittn, "Mjr v l.i te tare v as .'ark tiud yellow from the sun." and nlf a take of JON IV Chemical i?.>ap ha 1 male it tine hite, and r?iu< ved nil the -un-pots, freckles, ft?.; tlus tide also euros piutplcs, salt rnenm,scurvy, fee. Buy at 4'Vt Broadway. the depot of Jones' Chemical Soap ral Ilk.r Ucstoraiiee, two lino artie'es?try tu.ui. niild'i A lil-clt? Camp."?TUIa title hi? iv-n *0 Voglc's lltperion Fluid; for tiio I*.lies declare the wvost poaerfulally of ihe li'tleOodof bova. It sunly the most frlcnaul preparation for the hair that an. fold by the lnveu' or, William Uogle, !7~ W"? ill Itreet, Boston. Alto by A. b. ii I). Hands. 1 M F ileef. and Kuahion, Clara k Co., 110 and 273 ttru.i Jw.iy, 'erk. MONK V M A U K K T. Tuesday, Jane 11 ?9 P. M. rown no activity In the stock market, to-day rterday's prices were not sustained. At th first to-day. Krie llailrond fell off per cent; Farmloan. >4; Morriii Canal. V There appenn to be 'Uldo operator* In the street. and holders are ! to put much stock upon the market. | he second board, there were large sales of liar, t a decline of \ per eent, and the market clo<cd jwlth a downward tendency in prises. |reetipts at the cfilrn of the A<i>Utant Trearnrer tl'.rt. to.?J;iy, sni .tinted to $77,080: payments, 78; bilauee. J3/ifi8 540 18. Itotal amount (>f specie exported from tfeliport, January 1st to Juno 8th. both lnclu-W*. was 674. United States Tnsnrance Cumpany. of Boston, liclared a satti-annual dividend of flflceu par aynble on the loth last. Bank of TaMlng. (Dutchess county) ha* dea diiidi cd of four per eent. payable on the 1st I'latiters' ltank of Sarannah has declared a i, Iiual dividend of nix per crnl. total number of rn**el?, which hare loft the o port* of the United htatea, for California. 10 the latent date*. U 1.227, vix 379 ahlpa ; 348 2(4 brig* ; ?J07 arbooaer* ; 2 sloop* and US r? ig the mouth of May there vara ality-aeven cleared from 1'ortland for foreign port*; twenty, thli number were l>oand to the Weat ladle*, tr-flva to the British prorlnc"*. forty four of ?era Britlnh ve*rel*. The aargoea of the former d principally of lumber, atnong which waa feet of l-oardi. The export* of tliu Ilritinh Teaelated principally of flour, meal, moiauui aad wera entered at the Baltimore cuntom houaa. the month of May. from foreign port*. 63 ve?( 12 *hlp?. 10 bark* JO brig*, and 11 achoonera; }. S2 were American ve**ela, IS Rritl*h, 0 Bras'orwegian. and 1 Sardinia*. During the *atue here arrived from roait?ri*a port* 143 ?e*ael* iip?. 14 bark*. II brig" and 108 (chooser*. Of rali from f?relga port* 46 were loadad with du<rgoe*. and 7 had?argo<f oa which there vera a. There were cleared during the *?ia month Sn port*, (1 naiela, via: 8 *hlp*. 10 barka. 23 d 12 *?hooner*. with an aggregate tonnage of n*. and employing in their navigation All men; under the Americas fl ig. 10 UritWh. 2 Norwe. id 1 Rtl**lan The d?*tlnatlon* of tha above i England. 2; l'ran<?-. 2: I'eru. 2; Mexico. 1; 2; Rotterdam, 1; Rio d? J:iu"lro. 4; lira*! uiket. 2; various iV?*t India port*. 32, and ?'?" S. The total value ?f the foreign exparta from re daring the mouth of May waa $GU.9ftJ OA, o nount good* valued at *89 WO 93 were for Call ilea cf printing cloth* at Providence, R 1.. few i*k were a* annexed ? |?ce* 00x88 term* priva'e; 4 onn do do.; 7'- vkii In.ejtr* ; n i>i?> dn Ai*64. 21 in., itit. 4'ii a.(?o.i do *4*08 2"< in . uraa* private; Clixflt. 28 in . extra to go *cuth. &; 2?**>d?. II -liort 1 "o I > 'i t?i? 2"', in, j?m? d" ?>x??. 2^ In . fair. 4", l.uuO d? OmW, J II*H It A I .'><?<)do ?'s n exiri 4 ,; r,2xM? 2h in. fair ?S; l.noo do ?2xJd. 27 im? 1 mo do liilU. 27l, la . fair. 4<?. I;, n t< the r< rent large ealea of printing elith* uraee. the C'urirr cf that city. *ay* The f i f printH g cl 'th* ia thi* nurk-'t f tli? la?t ,.! excite I attention and ?oni? *u .-prise en exprr**ed upon the mityeet. wa have been aka tC'juiry in xelatIon to the <|riantity Inted in the Immediate vieiaity of tbia city. wrli? are in nnd-rate operation a< at pre. I ini i ling R lit'*' w -k* a w *top;.?d,\ I t i> nr." il- '< ? >1 pi- * per w.? k Wli n * taken Into account with another that Hrga lee* nude to go oiith. no *urpri--- will l>a amount nf thl* el??* of gooi' / A 1.?' ip?* at tld w*?. r. of fl. nr. * h.-?t. corn and r the l*t week In June, in 1849 aad 1800. hive,llow? ? >?r Mil. H'tfxl. hi. fee*. In. *u f 4 > 11 37 170 2JA614 1..VJ TUilM M7t>4 110.V.4 S4C0 '214.1? n??. 4 i7? 11.yum i?*..10.7 f*tf ' f tfw r-'r. ipt? of th? ?) ? # *rtir < ? I thr jufi JW ?n<l 11VI h?r? bn>n ? r /*/ H'W An ( -rn kt Hm'I'V A, I k -0 2J? 4. "4.S <12 9* ? ? i;?7?4 140 011 Bin ??7 I'M at I 17 47# 70 4 ? ?'i4 401 |an ? v4 j ?t lit" ??t? fth? prinri p*| *rti?'??o( .?i lb? Outline ?f th* ranul? to aad In, ;di i'.'t h*?t tt*a ? l^llnw* i r;rt( or P?<im f* At Tmr W?rr?. I MO 1440 I <*|* Off. Jlfitl'I! M v 1 *f'ir 1 41" 7.14 4r* . <* 4i*:iM h . ... 14 11 25 > 4_T ?i ' M>.141 "4 I ... in* 4 IH*K> iii-u a* :: ! 47 ii.i 47 tn ' ai' : now 14.MI .... i' >'isi mikj Mi. i > . :) I % I *\) 1417 1 >? C7<?rv>) i4-l C-H M7.?M . .? , >, ;?!<> 4 ? 4" 4 it) 4 fl '?'?> , . r?7..rt 3.74 - v.' > n .?>> 1 44.">*)i Ml 4.n u.i;:<o j,l. ff fl. r .k riutr t?i? flr?t ?? i :'n . .i-i tup ? p 'rtl'vB <4 th? -I. 6i i. ?,-r. ? "! .? i: - f?r I!,i- f> r i? n H ? f ,:i V h. r< !?* ^-*n !' <t I'lTrw* in tk? r n t t ?:.>! W>I'J t'ii? f?*T r mpLnmI I af !i.' |>r*tioWi Iwi W !i?n m IJ.'f I l k i. - ? i.f l'i* linr of IIk r.tniU : li m \ . i l v. ' i it .It-re ) i t? k*?n *u>>jnrt l.i tli f i?? ? i"/ f?Tiir*'.|y villi th>?* of I.v t y. .arimi rel?tir* |o r iuei ?>f , I brradptufTa. entertained early in tha muoo, have breu partially rroux d Fo far a< the movement* on onr r ana In are onecrawl, the pro*pert at preunt for a lull aupply of breadHulIs if by do lutana ao jloonry as it appeared two or thma week* tinea At the South, the proi<ppct li l?? l?W atle. The rereipta of prndure from the intcri >r, at New Orleana, ha?a thin year been mod-rate. com pirn J with tlioae for the corn aponding period 1 ait year, as will be M-en l>y the annexed table: ? llu'iirra or PaoDi'ca ?t N?? Oiliiih. To J an* 1, To J ant 1, Jirtie'n. 1H50. 1*19 Applet bbU &3.M0 Bacon ai>bt. llhdd. ft cka. . . 80 2S 101 Bacon, " bbl- and baa... 28 460 3t).'il3 Baron hanii*. hlida. and lc?. 12 DM 17. 1H0 Breou. in bulk, lba 184 04) 217 ??00 Bay^lng. pen 4t 4-iti A-;l 032 Pale rope, coil* 64. 1X3 ?12 Beana blU 8 b7H 13,.M# Butter, ki'Ra uu 1 Srkina. . . 50 207 4>,819 Butter, bbla 1.612 l .or l Beet wax, bbl* 330 342 Be? f. hbl > 47 4.?2 43 100 Bttf. hhda. anil ten lj.621 21.117 Beef, dried, lbs 47.1)00 20,300 Buffalo robe* p.iekft .'IS;! 21 Ccttca. 1-tt and Mia* , kitten 463,023 787.297 Bake D.9I2 14 803 " N.Ala audlVnn... 231.403 2)5.116 " Arkancaa 4t.l'Ifl 43.338 " Mnnrgniuiry, &c.... 18.f>:ij 8..V16 " Mobile 14 3.">3 21-13 " I' lorida 7 623 4 4)0 " Texan 5.3*2 7.0 31 Corn air*). bbla 5 033 10.825 Corn, in ear. bbls 42 719 293.706 Corn, ahelli d. aaaki) #2.'('!I9 1,4V7.W Cheese bx* 63.702 47.650 Ciiiicl!?bx* 41 M4 -I. 122 Cider, bhl* #03 1.1 89 ('<>*1. WfhtMO. bbl* 204.000 180.500 Prliil apple*, lib!* 206? 2 495 Dried )>? ache*. bbls 1*35 4(10 Feather*, bug* 5 542 . 3.087 Klaxwed. ten 196 1.118 I lf.ur bbla 413.225 897.(150 1 uik blnla. bx*. and bdU . . 44t 190 llenip. b?le* 28.416 13 251 Packing Yarn, reels 3 654 1.026 Hides 36 926 88.765 Horn* 4.00'J 1.500 Hay. bale* 41.685 43.824 Iron, {ip tuns 20 413 l.ard, hnda 215 799 l.ard, tc* and bbls 215 574 104.054 Lard, keg* 272.331 184138 LialLi r. bundle* 4 212 3.226 Lime. \Ve*t< rn. bhds it bbl*. 18.01*5 3.7?>7 l ead, p'g* 2(i2.U!tO 317.102 Lead. liar. keff* and bx*.. . . 5lti 708 I.t ad. white, keg* 5.844 6tl22 Molnsfe*. Mis. . 183083 147 027 Oats, bbls and aacks 176 307 - 181025 Omoti* bbls 0.404 6.505 Oil. linFeed. bbls 037 1.308 Oil. oaf-tor. ! bl* 1.853 2145 Oil. lard, bbls 12 205 7.TO6 Oil ri ks. ton* l.tKlO 2 5''.? Pickles. bbls an i kejj* 105 639 VotnloM bbls 147.0"4 110.575 Pork. Itli. and tiercen 836.628 64u4ko Pork, boxen 15 09-1 18.2;9 1'oik. hbd* 13,0f.H 18.490 Pork iu bulk, lbs 15,750.231 10,271,680 Puter nod Ale, bbla 798 1,570 Rom. bbls 162 ? 8kins, dirr. packs 1.308 1.207 ?khi?. b< ar. packs 37 8 Sliol *??* 3 6WI 3 46(1 Soap. bx* 8 8-10 6 412 Slav.* M 2 304 048 Sutrsr bbda 137.P"8 110 255 Sugar, bbls 14.12.1 4 767 Spanith Mom. bale* 3 164 1870 lallrw. bbl* 4 820 6 611 Tibaero. intf bhds 42 540 26 368 Do. rhi'itlng. kg* & bx?. 1.062 2901 Po. be!**.... 107 33 Twine. bundles 1.818 1,810 Fwine. bx* 139 75 Vinegar. bbl* 138 37 W'ocl. bag* 755 6v2 Whiskey bbla 102 800 114,506 V. ludov* Glass. bx* 3617 325 Wheat. bbl* and *k* 61052 300 416 The above receipt* are for ten month*, rimm?>noing on the lat of September of the prvviou* year. The de. ereaFe ha* been particularly great in breadstuff* and cotton. The arrival* of flour, corn and wheat. up to the lat of June. 1?50, were lean than one-half of thoie up to the Fame date In 1849. There ha* Wn a great irrreare In provisions, and little variation In most other article*. Stock Ruhnngr. f.roo u 8 ?. 'fi7 ?rs 116 -tUT.lia M rria Canal 1?V 1010 do i II lit) do a.11 I'>1? ll'?l N Yiikh.ti 12l> H?i Farni?ra'Trust MO .V', 8W> lrd'ara State 8* 7fJ-? 4-'(i <to y\ fti.Hi IVtib .'>* 25" Cajtna Co 4,J*? fioiKmd V"rt Bd* H) J6 ."toaiacton RR 4WW Read Bn*<le, *79 7* 6 Erie RR p*rc 7'5 Imu i.r,f7>, 'Mi *\? SO Reading BR *10 4.sU ?i nfca liank Amariea 1111', 50 do ???, ill IKrtb'o Kx (leak I IT>a 1M> do 4->, Sl> l'?k SOfA K Vftk III". Ill s* V *, N? How l>B III". 40 IJi arr* Aank ifli# 10t? Nnrw fc W..ra 4i<^ d? YLila IniTat Co 119 2< v llarlam RR f'% GO Allium k fyracuaa 79 I AO da W1, FKCOND Board. MM (hi Tttwrrt' Tru?t I>W 'i'< ?li? Frla RR Ti'W ISO do .vV |o do TUV l?l do >30 411) llarltm RR ?i<J IOOrkM?nC? 4!'V IV-< do Mil 2.' km RR ' '? 10 Nl'tH IUT RR H?.* ADVKRTISKMKNTS UtNEWED EVERY Hit. roi'XD. 1 Sol'ND?A l I RSI < ONT.UMM1 HON BY aXV OKI Imv i*,- '< ?* tb? ?amt. c?e ror?|?? It ?n ai.Wio* t? M N OOLP a ilftow aira^t. HKWAKU. { einnnvtRp-MUT. ON ti ejday iORVI.MO, IP J UU in ir.(i f rum S3 to IIJ Rtrc*r ilrnl, a Di*m> 1 bruit rt. nMB.nin* 17 ?tona?. with wIda <n*rav?d ohnin ; ? th ' I * ? r?r'? t?af tn*rar?d upon (t. Th* Radar will ra- i rail* tb? aL< ?? raward ly reiuriiin# tka uim to 119 W<r??f atraat. akara Prlnaa. r. WIIl rs. I Co: p.evaRD?lort ok stolen. sore the Jfl mfW nrr. Kama I! p.ckiga of |a*j?r?: thoy w.r? onrloaaA j lb wr?pfr and irarkod if irlllu. pfpart? o< Wi, M. ( o?i maa. Thoy ar?-"f n? n?a to any ot.a bnt tha owatr. ?ha ) III | ay tba *? ..** raward. tad Mk no < ? far fiair : tctarn to No. M Narrkanla' lirhMj*, or to km thaua l*fl 1 It My fUf, aa1? 1? ?at lk?W. I ^ - KKM IKD- h'.-f. t.N TI MPW KORVI.VO, Hptt 4n?.' II. a lot X cltiat. r |? n, tniftic fr*>? Tkirl n??noa ni l Twtlf h airaat dono liruadw** I - John ilrwi. Tka | l.i.i'tr v j || ri. < i> a tl t rtaard liy l??> 114 it ?i kli.a Racki", : No. W Third titiN. f (IM ON IM'NDAl rilE 1" INSTANT. A IJ r. ' r> d Italian i r-jhotnid li?f, nnawarln* td ?h? niama ol Zarhyr. An* |>ir, r?tnrnl?|'h? ??:no I" No idl llarrir r ri r , llr. oklyn, or 47 Front atraot, Naw York, will t>? lilarnlly rrwnrAAfl. PKHMIKAU I'.H KMATION WAMtll or M4RY CAIV. DACUttirr i' JoI n Cain. ?bUt? of iTimninab'-w Pariah, Kilmaa, .. nty Rayo. Inland \ uf tiding 4 of liar will ? ? 1 lutnk fnlli rrclVvd k< har falhrr, by a?ldr?Min? a l?itar toliimat t' IMn>ntr< l'o.t Laiarsa aouatjr, .ItaU of I'aaa fltaklt. Tf?. CI aliioihu, NIW a RAN ADA. ri ROPR AMD / f'ala?I . 8 IV'ffrii. Ni. f?r? ? c ia land in <'karraa. Paian a, or f al-a. witkoat a | ?i?|?irV All 17. A. !'?< 1 rt? k -t ?ha ??al af th# I>?[ ar'?rnt af fllata, an I are ?>-r.?d h) J?kn K Claytea, f?-r? */. l?a >od ?.jr J n M?SE*. v?. rn nraalw?f. | (JtNl 1 >1 I N ! T Elk STATER P A ?.?Pf. RTA. TREE -TOR M 1 all ' ri ia. < hart" < 'ika ard Eoro| ?, j r . ?ri I )* ? ikr 5't'i Imi< itn'il tl R"a?*nnr?on 11 i< ? >n- r?rr 11 law la Nil I" k r>M|xrti TV ililln only ?!*? wktra Cm*. inliart call'. Pa?a?ortt for Now 4Jr?nada ar? t?' ?tt?- j far*. !)? ' N Y.Sunof thia data. Ilook kturt, No. t Aatof ; IdlM. ; 1?' -i I ptMKt Yltl r. (OIRSE (t. I.) TROTNXO.-K'k*Vv da*. Jn?? I7lk. at ! I IPK-Kvi f? Htwtr* I r. f iim an4 K t. FN.#, nil* >? * lhr?? l? ttt, # al. In %o ? t* rjr A f % *> PitlW for ' rM? 'bit ?>#? f vim ? ??<! UiU > # < thr*? li It?, ??#? ?. T- rot* rlf Jnt? l7lH. f.iirlM It 1.1th, f\. aiirl ! r >t? I run. JOKL ( ONILI.IXi ?- r- r= ??_. !?L-ii ?- i.ica u? \icno?. JtKU Rli.J ?.*, Al < ; ."M I t llt'USO* RITBB |>r I*rty at aott'an.-^Tka farm foriaarljr af Abral.aa Bitih. !?< aa?ad. la W?l?hM1>r romt;, rf *0 wtu, it tna ?<.afl- of tka II Kivar and 'r?ak, a?t at lk? man M I ai'aaMant a t).t rittr. aad ka*a>4 tli" rai'r >4 *1 at lt? Waaltta t.oandary. trlU ka |-rara-? ; \t? rt > a- U at aai' a > jar-iti a Ilia "'tata mow tka btira, nndtr W duac'taa af |* t. Ita/flaa, t-i . Raft'aa, aa M?a- . daf Jaaa IS. IMH, at II a'alark. *1 tkt Irrrhtnu' Kith no \i* m w., atction r' i on r uM-ivas WW at An'tiir ? R'adatwaY. Ja?a IJih, l<tV >>|.>ak at tka , n.f I'll R illiaa. ?>raat. flnoil I'aia'mra la gMI ( lNtt**,ntl"iil<^wM. AIan t? T?ral r?>ntia<? "f ?I4 mMt?r?, angratfrg* la ?ili fraact, kc. itlt peremptory (ar ea?li. \l/ V. W. -MIKI KT Al l HONI.KR ?TfllN A, ('SOCK- 1 ww irt.i.l ' l??R H. Sklrle; till ?<l| an TTiart lay, Jurr I:., > " 10 a'ctaak. at It a ?|nr? Na. ??> Tl.lrd mwmmn, tit >r lifb'rnihtlml, thatalaalla atatk af > ()> ?, ar d ( a l*a'?r da. Iimnal nt'na ?. ront tHnf nf i ifV a >d | flaw* ma*, Id? d, C t' aad faa?T f '?< ", Itinnar and T?a !*?t?, III Imi I" nil dtalar? and rrf?f. T rit?<-a h? 1 MlttMf ii.rnty. ?<l? U'?l<ptk?<fiif Ihlpt?l*f a? a m< d?r*te a>inr?a Stla raia ar tklna 0-,? lill'R!>P*T. JIR* l . I - * riM a ^oHT- 1 tn?nt <1 ||iH 1^' tr, lt.|?p?n'Uat Pvaand, ' l,a?tr. I.tplra, aad aat? I ? . tntladiat m- f w*tf fr? <|aaii(i?? ar<! kith < ??!. Al?" tl' aaitr* ?tark af a maaafai tnrtrt jaatlar, tnatittint <.f <1 iaI ??rk. kaa?y fold I ?ta?, krartla't. It.-, fc<- Alvi ullrar Paaall Ta?a? and ' i' M I". nr. In a??ry rarta'y, all r '-wt aa ap??.ri?ntty ta >a?' mtrt ta at<| pi/ 1 lirn.rslt r?. u tl?? ?'l' aa ??1J ta l^ta ta ??tt (ilrata farri ? ?t? r * 'ir*. ta cl "t a aaaaam. t aial' *n??, and (r'O'n an ?ia?, nn n'^ra'n* af ?tli f. f . I. *I'RRN'i F, N 1J * all Ufaat. J Fl III l( It RHOII r*. AfttNTioNr?jAvrn bi'iht. in ionu jiN? Mro. t kna*n aa tka k??par af th* Baraar la l>?F I If *' '! * V' fk. will, ikla 4ay, at>?n a n?? li 'naa, N?. J.W H?.|ia.-tan rltwl, Rpwk'n. rtllH ?h? "">.! laaat nippy ?a -aaalft a aal! 'rm h!? aUTrw* la aad tka i.? .hltant. ^aaarallr. T\tt trill n l thJt ka |,at (|?ra4 > i a-a< la ?atarlai fat tka aoalarl <.f hi? I ttiMr 4 RATMs. OliriMR RAtllS-r J (IKKOM.K, 4A R kRt'l.AT rim. |t?takifi ad IMS,) in.lfl %t l?-?. R^tt, *t??t?? RrNaitn, liojd, ?m,tk, Itit'.n. Rt!l ttt ?i,d ath?f , naik'kt |>t r?it:?at, ,it a m<i?t ?, >wial !<> (ali rl<am. I" t afoltil,., IHtr ?kr >?ia r ^umatUai, , ta?r. trt. ' f atr? r>n?*cra. pl''4 fa^ ??d all "Manama , oKrttr* ^??Mti - - -f i w a m \/LT ANTED, IUMKDIAT1SI.Y?A GOOD WWCTl D >(3, hull r i-ull terrur pi?f?ttr*>d. A pereou havinge??h a Ci f, in-ll trained. rau nu*i a ready * id?e<ain;; " tleii? rd?,** at thta offi#--. \LI A N T ft. l?- A LAt'iES' JtAlD, WHO 18 A OOJD vv Dn>??ut?&tr ar.d au dreaa i;^?r. N<*na u?*ed apply vUo ut not fully eou.j.n ?:r an4 bavet'ie baat eity reit-roacaa. Fr? i)< K prcferrei .Nt>.7!2 Hroniliity. Planted?by . young woman, wuo ba$ ?ui v? * vat cily r^rene* -a a "lttiaf ion aa Chain lerm&i t. and t? a?>aiat in * iVing a pa ir??nit;g, or as etin'itberuiaid li'lfr, ?.rnouM !.?. n i o^jetiirn to I a1 f *are of niiildren. Pleaao rail at .?."?* it i l*??u *tra? t. uocond tioer, from ro-in. Can U ae?- d lor biff day ? WAM FI?? A HITPATIOV. liV \ HESI'KCTAHLEtilKL, to d>i chamler ui rk and naltin*. or tfuultt i?? willing to do the t ot* Muhi ii.g iu a re |i?*etuMe private t'aiuilv. The le*t of city refvtwto pi van from h?r laat situation. lu at II* t I i ii * o it | In r eparaira. WAMKU-I'V A "BKSrtrTAllI.E Yi>UN(l WOMAPf, i a i r nation < l.atLbt rn ?.g or V\ alter: n on Id l?o a ill to hi ?i; in? a? a ir<<ntnK, and liaa p > objection to ( ? ( In tl.c rriintr). 'l a Wat f r ferenct given if required. fiiiw ?U far tm daya, ?t SJI Moil ityift. j \L7 ANTI lT~A SiTl uTIOS HY A MB8PK' TVIIV.R ; " yotiic wen*hi, r do imiint?ar*'?-rk and waitin<. or ! )<ai.lir?nik n: to tube cure of a 1-aby. mi l t? do plain K-wi&it. Tlol.? i of city reurent* c ?n l?e given. i*U&m ''III it ho. TwoJfih atirM v w aen fifth and ^litli Kveniuif, ft?r t tf- ? ? fi )v r(. t an be-?? n tor time d?y* IKTX1 I ITUATION BY A UftPK ItBLl T j?*obp *<ni?u. to <l? ci.umler worn, anil to ablatio jraablrfC atid ironing; ia a.i ? re? l!eut washer ana ir nor; naa | n<? ?-lje t . ii tu ?in y vt ral I'Uscwrk in a aniall priva'e family. The brat < f t it y refsrei ^ivan from 1 >*r laai ulace, wl.erw ?Ih? baa lived two )t ara. I'Uaaa call at No. IIHMatt j ?tr?* t, flrat floor WA.NTKl)- i:v A UK^rei TAKLK YOUNG ENliLISH J woman, a rituo. . n h? S joiHtrj^a, or to wan. ujxiii a lady. She jiorfantly unJeratMid? dressmaking ail would prefer to travel. Hie ! t ?f ri?y refereuoaa trivm?a note nriiircFsrd to |\ II. at tho ot thia |>a|M*r( v% :11 be attended to for three day?.. W\M : i ! i \ l . !'?( HLKt YO| NQ WOM iff, a aiteat ion t? da c'tnmb^rwork. plain aewinf, or to ta^eeari of r| lluri n. r? d i-ity reference given. Pleaae tall at Mr. I.FE'-. No. 8 Kim atreet. \irANTEP?A Sill AlloN, UY A KBSI'Et'TAliMS f f yonn^ woman, to neu ral II ua^wora in a am ill private familv : cr is cl a:i ; ?rn,ai.i and t ? do wfi-aliin1? and iron* irir. The lest of ie>? i-.- ce . vcu !> m her )? ( employer's, j wh-re ?l o v a? two y u .. Phae t ill at ?2 Attorney street, j In the ri ?r. frf-t f r fT* m I" t-> $ >h <k. 11' AKT1 i' a BT A RI P1C1 kBLB f? youbti ?tittiati. as |?hiin Conk and a tirsfc rate wathef ; and Irorer, hat tii?r ten of citv r? -fere .u from herLtai place. JKay I e seen at 1 iM'ha-i * n at herla.v ciuployer'a j \\f AN'I'F. I* A Si'i! MMV. UV A RE*PECTA .1 I.E v? yonn;r r < n au, a> Jinv re** and dreKHtatknr; undir- ' stands mtt ing ai ! inuKintr boje' clothes. No objection to make herself n-ofol v i:h chiltlrm: would l-? harpy to leave the city f< r the ; u i.mer \pr?lv at No. 4! Union Flare, eorrrr of Seventeen'h street tad Br a Sway. Can be seen for J two days. , \ET ANTFD-AN EN (i!. Mil f>U S OIC1I IFOUAN, TO , v g(? **iii in * . >hort iii?t*ni'^ of Ne.vark, N. J.; mast he 0 od piaip cook and an csc*llei?t. washer and ironer. neat about l.i r work an I willii ; t?? i: ike li r^Sl' usel'u . Hi?hi tire roller* ficr month, an la? mf ?rtal !e home. Apply a* 27 Bowery, this week, vti'.li pood reference as to honesty aui to! net y. \r an-' i 1 r.v a PEt tab e if girl. a* ri amhiit ninid. or children's Nurse and plain fw'rj:. < r to do th?> houne?r< rk of a snrtll family. Apply at 166 11 wis street. C?w>4 eitv rofereaee fciveu. \\r ANT* n -A BITl A l ION, IIY A respectable v? n.iddlv av- d w< a* N'v.r < and Chambermaid. who is capable of takirtr oh ir.-e f a I u^v from 11* bir*h aid upware's, cr to do hot-.-ew *rk in a small family. Tho fccut of e ty r< t?u< iko r an I c a'ven fla* no ohj-cti in to go a short dstarre in ti e country, fan ho seen for two d.*ys, at Twelfth s'reet Pleese mil from I" t.o .1 o'clock. XWT ANTED? A JUtU>fcVMAN M\RU?K, A Flft^T v? rate workman,ean find a icrmat.c&t eituat on a. Ili3 1! 1-1 Broadway. WANTKD-A SITI'ATION. BV A RESPECTABLE v? } nwlish tirl, a? I I an ) >-rmaid <>r Waitsr, or to d ? the fnvrul honrew< ik of a s.i.all private Please call at Jd < 'ak street. Wamm?- BY A YOUNG VW IIOM K El LAND, who hts the lest of recommendations. rtsitiiauon as Oaehman, ltstlci\ or General Servant. He is fully c<>mn*. t?pt if Mlms either ?f them. Please addresi, illCllAFL KAN E. c?tr:ce of tl.i* P*|W r. WANTED?A SITI'ATION AS Nt'RSE AND SKA Msirftin. #hy a reffc ta'de yonrg woman, or would do I amV'frwork and wa?bin* and ir?.a.n<: iias no ohjeeiiua to ? a short oistaaee in th* country. The u?*t of city n'fer? nee fr? m 1 er last idaoe. Csll ur .No U Tliirteenth st reet, Wotween l uifeisry i'lacw and Fnth Avenue. Can bo seen for two da> s. WANTFD?I.Y A RESPECTABLE PROTECTANTOIRL a situation to do chamherwrork and a><4iMt in w ashing and Ironinfr, in a private fam l>; iris no objection to ^o to ths e< uatry. Apfdy at SU East Twelfth * reet, S. Y W AMM'^ n A i rAlil rOUMQ WOK \V, u ?itrat:o?i ms CI in*htrna!d, or to takn are of children, and no plain s w.nj kikI Lanndr*'*; rood city reference can be given. Ph are Mpply at 'J7-? tifiMh A veauo, or address a lettur to M. f., above nna.h?r. 11' 1KT1P BY A PRO BBTAMT OIRL. A SITUATION ' ? ??.*.i ? ..." tu f" ??? wing; wuiiee to go i?i tbe cum:try for a few i??>ntht. city n*tervn<*e Kinu. P'oaf call ai Ihrt iviiui li. corner of Eleventh aireet, im I.H \V ANTtD- A BITVATIOW, BY A RgAPECTAULB v v Prnt e? t ant young ui'innn, at Cham' erni.vid, and to do the flat aid ir< utng. or a? Nnraeand ^oaaiUMtj ; the left ?>f city refereawe given. KiKjttUe a' IH7 WttI Ti*irUtath aireet, aetwud fluor, front room. Can be .<?en fur two da ya. utairrn it a iupmtaiu ro<ma vroti^ If lk llt?Attfti, ii ft privtu fti M i km n )?cil*M ? d.. bovtework | b??t of city r*rerence eietn. t an be aeen f*r tl? ?* laya. if aut at UJ l??Bti?th at'CCt. Wami u-hy a respectable piwjteatant l girl, a tituatlira a? ? b.iutbcrmuid anl Seaan*\re?i, or i %* Mai ft in fire waeblag ant ironing; aha underaiattda Preach fluttnp, and tb?* getting up of ladiee' uitialina in goud aiyla ; ti e beat of city reference *if en ; raa U? teen fur threa da ft. Apply at *6 Kin.* iinvt, or addreaa a do'?, ii. J. Jft.# Will if ^ft??tuillfft*ti?4?4 t??. WANTED HY \ KESPEt TABLE TOVSQ WOMAX. a itluailoi, at Nvn* aid ^mi?ir?*?, of to do lixbft work: undoubted dry rwf?rrui*ea given Ploaie call aft No. 4 >?lli* an atreet. I an l?e teen f r two dav?. WT ANTE f?-A UlTfATIOX, IIV A REsPCPTA BLB ?? )n?af vaman aa rtrat.rate t'aofc. In a private f?iaily ; tie heat af city rofaranca fiveu. I'laaae call io til i.a.gaft afreet, baa* trer 11'AMIP-I DltLK IIAKERH AND BLft K*WlTlHvv Sib firat rata ll<Hlcr *aa< re?fthroe right ban'ed aad t' raa left banded ; an brat rate Kui.t - uodera'auling :?ea*y work, ana are cloaa for* era; oue Hkchinlil Tool l>re?*er, aaaiad at the Schenectady Uaa?' tiee W'-rka Ad lw?i I 8 NdHlh, D ta ? U'AMkU \ MTVATtON If a KI1PKTAILI fi y? ur.g prirl. aa brr??iiuk?r ?r seimatr?ii? llaa no a) tcatt.n to wait en yunag Indiwe if va?|nlrel ila> re a peat* able city rtferruea. Ar( y at 1*3 Sucair U air**t. WaMIH k* A ki-pk. r A itl.k ?'r^> pedant y midk woman, aaituatloa aa t ook. or <.uumf>*r?niud ai.d H'ukm N - il branthea llaa au objection to tbo aaantrf. la a food waaber and liuaar. Aiay te ie*n at No. 5l>? 4uAulk atraet, in tba tear. \JL' AM Ell? A Hll L'ATIOM, IIY a MlllULK AURD If h?otab wernan, ai a<'????, H <4?har. aod lrun**r, in -iiie aaiull, r?ftfc!a' If family, r he . beea flea yeeri In ber I %at place. Ja<|a:re Oiaud a.reet. C'aa be aaea for tLrea **}J: \LT AMED -a Mi AkT, H??Y, A PROTE^fA^T f ii.ii, ti i - I fi-r fuur or flea year me ram rotable tiee*. lie i? f ft.?eu }?ara aid. t an be ?ren by app! j i' a to t^A l? AII ?7AM1V, No Ss Tilnity Place, from l a?ement WANTS l?-A IITI'ATIOM, IIY A KEAPK? TABLB y tan a* iitau, aa Nnr e. ?nd to do aa ?iua. ll?a no oljitiM n to traiei. FVr Ka> good city ref< rence. Can t?e n?a fwr too aa>a. Plaaae eall at 2P Elraft avenue, back r<?<Bt, ?*#f ad flo?ir. \\ mtu ii ^ hi ricTAiu rot >- toiAN, "" a ait?at>?*a ae t ham^rw^id aad flaaaiitreaa. or cMI I* rta'a Ntraa. t'anafaiai.da eut.iaf aad nakinf iMUraa'l a*a*ter. llaa no ?I.J*cti-?e to i<> m t!.e anaetf;, er ia travel utitb a lady. |le?t of city raJeiaae? Rifea. Pleaae call tuia m-??.iaa at 2b MaH? a atre^t. U'A.Mib IIv A RKiPirrtBIJ vol N?; VuMA!f. , vf a m 'ia*i' n :a a pn%.? e faait|<, m dj dr a?Uia4 and flaia aewir.f. and im watt *>n yt*anr 'adf a. W uid bav?* a ? aiject on to 'raval li a 11 r. t? tb? country --1 r.e leitaf elt v r*f. rencra tan be alv.i. i .a be ae?n fur faur da ta at I il I r ?' ? iul \V*.VTLI'-* I'll Ml WiiVAN Vt >M< A ilTt.'A- ! ?? tioa 1.. <t? hM.-x. rk, r K?( ra?M n .wall I ri*a;c fa a : , i cacntti a pidf ut 2 iMvn n; *t r*ei, fr m h onitl t? e>Incli. Uf AN l I i A MTIIATIOM A!* OOK. liT A RMPftr. tal '.? m mar . u i-o nti< ?r- >ta?l? li-r kimrM perfectly, ' and la aiiling tu a*aiat vn ua?biac an! ir im/. > ? uUto lluft to?# ft aV-ri ot.taac* i t au va tfie Xeaft cfaMftoo. Pleaee cell n* N? '< I Tbird aeaaaa. W AN TF.D-A HfTI'ATTON BY A KEMM TAlILK ' ww j our t anftftft. ^ a ail ta aa I' r atard* all laiat'a ?.f r?? ri aid v? an I ?r n I r.e , 1 eat i f reteteuae ?i ?n f? m r.? r a?t | .. ?. Plcaco ea*l at 8ft ? l.latk atreet fr-?nl bee ot*-n . f -n I n f<?r two daya. I WANTll' I.V A H f. - I'l.i I a lil.E Till N't; CIKU A ' n oftaioft ? o t i in rn iii a.?d Waa'laa, and to aMiit in aaabina and irontna, or w?uld an it te do f?n*ral boua*?<rk. li-.od eity rvfereaco. May be 'een at'*<0 rnurtll . jtre^t for te ?ava. UrAMEl> \ *111 A1H \ A ^ M AMI ? Itnan, rr tbialariaiM aa4 II a*(#r If ?? u > O'je?'i tn t ro a ihert a ia* art e i it ie - .i ?t iU 4 .0 I city '-ler aa? a. i a a ' ?a lor a f?w day a, a N > l? If oat f #uraeenth Itrret, in the f ?f. \I I - \N ^ v a ait aaii a a? Ponk. an 1 f aad If m^?. ia 1 a prna * *t.,ily (. ? r< ra?- n**'i 1 WAN 1 Ell-in A I i ft I I. I A Ml.ft VtdMlS. a| < f 1. to ?ooV, w.-i .. a -i in, or to d #*n?rfttl ^ I- " ,m * o^ii! ir ^ 11 of any ref areata |fTvr, , ,wm-r run ni ?( WANT?.n-llV A HK PF'TAUI.F. PKOT|<ITANT i t II I. # I .. 11 -n . -r k MS 1 % I .14 *?'!? . h? : r . . ? * . ? ,> ?* , 1 , 1. .i > n I'ltt't ?lll it N?. I i tlftlMl ! in * fof |W* illH AI'KHTIM'ANT GI N I W A KITI \rn?.V AS f Nrm tilt rial* Vaidi la a I'nitaataiit fata II/. In ' |Mira at ft* HI l?n j.tni a >'< . II' A*1H' II'I H .v 1.1.' f 11 <1 <? *sr - V ( ?i* H. ' ?f 1.' 1 n rapahl- i f lahia< ?M? i.f a " (irpl ' 1*1 akluhn n 1 ? !? I t 1 1 r li ? pa r ?rra,a, tri?'lf jlaaanra *.?, Iiiimm, a will . W , k ; mult 1 ba a * 1 Hill ?r, ..| . .. 11.1\ I ' I r I 1 11 A 1 1 oak. * hi maal iiM i |F ?#H plait e "kin* ami plain *a?k- ' ill ami IrnilK \ I l a . 1 i.:iiil. ?nv la it* r*|>ilra4 in F la llHr taa aaal lag 11 ?ata4a* a fni<>i .n *?f ' 1 r : | 1 - 1 1 . V <. ti. 1 | 1 r a ?<?i??r jaaia f a, * A pp- 1 a ma 'a V* ma-la ?> !? ?? # I a**4 4 iVIftl la th?* af' #raa 11 it 1 Mm * r *a|. U'ILL M. l>IM I.AI.r.KlN 1*11 OH THRfK liATI, a * til? . > . 1 ' "III-, a- I 11 I i -HI I I 1 * a a*i i' 1 ? la. pari ki >f < t'li an* I, . ar ia ! ?? t?li*?a prf.a '? ~?ll a all tia ran na ' I ri? I ' I 1 1 1 r\. tia * ill. 1 ? I' : aa4 la a 4 ..a\< aau ' alar . I r a I; 11 ta * 1,1. l'j(r'|.n 1.1? . ? 1 1 1 a .. n , | | I.. ? V "i > i|?i?' I* 1 tita*? Knai lin.? hma?. I, ;< . f . i ? > . t a , | j .. r ? aw i. I 1! ! .in. li r. a > m ah? ? la ? i a a lit ta utan 1 mae alth I ar * I 1 , 1 I a i" 1 ' | r '?!r- . A- / 1 a . ! I r | ( I ( . I . a: " I w I- 1 ? Iia'h .1 'i ? ! 1 * ?!* :! ??? |t(Rii mipij'r, a I. ? i?f? iaa il< ItUl la la. rmWM I fc I llfvynt MM? 1 ! I WANTS. A UAH ARB WIFE (rilNCI) VA T SITC \ t u,r? *j ki JTvei ?l i>?' Au. >e?ut family; the win in v ( o# k p w d?* chuBWr %iork the hi iu at H *a<!r ?r va^hr >n <;< <>d city reference siren. Apply at I Hi ur?ea*icli ?tr ? ?. AKK?PK.< TaHLIC UfKL H ANTS A SITUATION T(1 dot ham) erwrk and Waiting, or t* a**v t in w.t?hi'i4 an . ir n i or rrc ininriffetiun the i? permitted to r*f*t f^r t?? diMi to the funtitv villi whom liio ii now livm <, at No. !*? U rri*vriith itmct A! K? i l H i .\ . i WOMAN WANT* A SITUATION \s Ntimc klH to doK*.u<'ral pit n *?v r.z ; uo objection U? go tl < r; Uih niit'? iu tneoonn-ry. liewt uf reference* git en.? Inquire at 2SM Hlee^kcr ?trirt, up?tairs. ?ee>nl flo<?r. Ol Nti SI AN. W UO II .-.S Sh K V f. D IN ONE IP P:l K ler^cat establishment* in tin i iiv, lud cau x ve <rio<l it tierces, v(<iiM for a situat ion tn an Oyater Saloon, ?lfn he wmtil I r wiH'tig tu mnke liimhel: federally u-teful; i?r I t- u porter in n v hol**u'e p'ore. ? m write ?o?i linn(J. Apply t?? ft / . No. 4 Suffolk street, f<T three tiavn AMAKKffcD If\WITHOUT CUtLDKStf, WANTS a ?tiuati?iti aa CVachman or r?ar4*ner. .V? oM??< i u to I'n.v trcoumrv. ran he seen i<?r it?o da> ?, :i ?IJ7 U?"?<lw.?y, dtor to I*i i? n Home. < ? <?d rr i renc. itiven. Afi:?i e4 i ahi.e woman wants a mti'a rtov to ei. k, * .?ih and iron, in a rma'l private family, (i .od 1' ifHiici- ^ivi i . l'l?a?f call at 9H Tuoiupauu street. (J a a be teen f??r tno us\*. CM ; I ! , WA.NTFD-HANTI I) IMEL.JtATf.LV IN A J Xirthant Tailoring establishment, an experionee*l i: nt-rul t utter. fully competent to pet up ali the var;ous?arunit*. Apply ut Co FuU?n street, Rro-klyn. TO MLIU IIANT.S?A YOl NO MAKli'fcO Man OFCONi<idrial'K* experience, in deairnua of "Maining a ?ituati? n a* llo< k-k? i?-r, >aleftnan <t Custom ll >*if>c tierk iu a wli"le.-ale I u ?ia? II** speaks the En^l ihU and German lansuafret nueutly, and ran produce the best city rcfercucsii. I'll are addttt* 1.. \r., lierald othce. jjpB?IAt tt Broadway BA *K?MEW YOUK. JUNE 11. dcm?Vi

fi r atirual tion, lie!<1 this dav, the following :'vnilcu rn mm clerted ftiieetoii for th^ euuuing ye r:? Francin A. 1'aliner. Peter K. K ?ach, li 5. Vt ar<l, H. J. Decker, h'Jin . Ht*rrinx? Honj. P. ? amp. Ji hu II dii<*, llelutot M Vt nils, J< h" ?*. lian iii, Aaron Arnold, J< Lti johh i. uuaaiM. I;ttvid A. Wood, Francis l' Sehoala, Alexander Stodwell. And Ja?oh A. Wt?tervelt# tie-*. W. Ilitoh, Hen. D. Crr.ajin * ere elect cd I us| cctor* f-r next succeeding elocti??n. Ai a meeting of the Itonrd, subscuuently hold, Francis A. Palmer, E*u., ni unauimvu. 1v re-eWeted fVvidont. JOHN L EVlRBTT, CashUr. Dl N N K U ro THE IION. DANIEL S. ! I? ? I ' ON. Tbo C? mplitneiM ary Dinner to tfee ll'?n. Daniel 8. Dickinson. byci.i*ena of N? w Vork. Kinrs, Qu"?,n*, Richm nd and Westcbtt Dr Countiet, will to pi von at Tammany II ill, on Monday, Juno 17th, lofiO, at ti o'clock, I'. M. Subscribers rmlditifr in Kichmonu County, will receive thoii Tickets fr< m Jobn Yatea Cobra, Es?| ; in and Qnooni Counties from Hon. Fthnund Driirjrs. Williamsbnrftit. and Nathaniel F. WurinK Esq., of Brooklyn; in Wri<tcli"?:<'i fr? in I!mi, I'eajamin Drandroth; and in t!.e City of No* Turk, a a | f .1.cation to William McMurray. 44 Wall street: A'tunst ii?t hell, 40 Wall e'.ree!, and i?- <?rand atr?->;t; and E. li. llart, Fsqr., No. I llunover street. By wider of linor^t Dvnelni, Jc'hn JH. Brsdlmrat. William Mo Murray, Ait&usti.? Schell, E. H. liar*-, Schuyler \Avinjrston, Robert II. M -rrip, J< l.u J. C iico, Francis W. E?lnunds, John Addiaon Thi-mas, Cc tnnaitice of Arrang* ineuts. VI.F. DEPART WENT.- I 11 r; TREASURER Of THI JT \ ire Department, with much pleasure, acknowledges the receipt of eleven hundred dollars by the bands of Zoohm Will. , Km;., lieirg tlio Amount eo'!e<'te<i b\ Zoplmr John C( per. Jr., ai d i.? or?c T ll?#pc, Ff * .from the following Fire Jr^urance Compftniasof thin city, in ail ot the v i?t<>w rh I childim of the fa'c J >L:i L Ju/ie lost Ms lifa while 1ti ai?ch?igeof hfs duty at a Fireman, April 24th, 1 \>J vis:? $*('; Fiieu.c ls, 50; Manhattan. & '*; North Amen an, fU; F'luitnbie, M1; Esglc, . >?'; city. .V?; .V); E.i-' River. ??': (Ir- r? r-, M*: Howard. ft41: Merchants. y ; V..rth lUv'r, W': > ew York, 6*; lirccnwith, tO; Broadwnv. 5<?j Hovrtry,;?? a. Now Votk, .r?0; kui'kerh?efrer, & : UnUc l Sjaic I nior Mn'ual, *6; Brooklyn, 2.S; rituens, 2'?: Zophar M?1W K* <\ , ?r? JOHN Si. GILES, Trossur^r. N'w Ytrh, Jane 10, 1J.7), C^KAND I?ODGE C?F THE STATU OF f ENV YORK?Bi a it knoah, tl.nt at t ? aunu il Qoiamuuication of th< l?rand lorpo of the moft ancientand honorable fraternity o' Fre*ai!d A cpted Mas ns ?f tht Htato ? f New York, hold a ti e (.vsnd l^idyo Kooin, in the rity of New York, *n the 4??> day * f Jui c, A. L t .o foDowim brethren wnro dulj elt"?ei! ( rai d Officer* lor the enxnin^ year, and snVic^uemly inttrjlr 1 ar ii proclaimed as t uch, vis.: 1 lie M. W. H'lilinn II. Milnor. 4<>rand Master. lie Ht. W. Nelton Randall, D. O. Va* cr. The Kt. H Dan. S Writl't, ^eni'jrG. War fen. Rhc Kt. H\ Will am llo'inca. Junior <J WaH*?a. li e lit. W. ?*rarit>> Hov> ? , Cmd T?esnur?r. The lit. W Ju> W. Powell, M. !>. Grand S.crotary. UA.O D.?UNITED BEOTBEUQBOVB, No.S -TBI Metuhert of tho ahr-re Orove are reuneated lo attend tlir funeral of our Into Ilrothor H*D. WYATT, at the tir>v< W iad 4M(>ntre rtrec*, at not o'clock, on thia ?1 % v, I- h June. I'.'m. Memlera of ;he Order ar -invited to a'taud. order of JOHN ADAlKS, K. S. E. W. Owa ir, N. A. 1mm: tenth anmvmjsakv <>f viii: ffr tne w ill take | li t *( to-morrow ) Thur*day, the I'Uli in?t , at 2 P. If., at the tea building reccu ly erected l#y the M"fiarer*, en hixty.fifth atre?t. be. wren Avrau* A and ji !?? Sorer*!i449HMl !bj cuiahed renil'm'n. The irienda of the in <titnti-.n and the pu) lie arr invite 1 to be proaoat. Sl???ild the wanther pr?ve unfav, rutle, it will te pottpua? d till the nut fair day. The Yorknlle and Pearl etrcet ata,rea run i?ear the tilace. CO PA UN EH14II1 P NOTICE.? I HAVE THIS DAY Associated myself with Mr. Lottie Na-'e Ui-hmidt, and ih* buaineta will te continued aa heretofore nr.'Kr the flrro of M. Pavia It r?. M. DAVIS, 84 William etreet. corner Maiden lane, dc wo at aire. New Yerk June I. MMk Notice, if the lidt irnocammedon sunday afternoon Irat. at No. M llamttf?n atreet, will p'.cjjm call there. el.t will hear whrre the party aite waa ia quiet of reaidue. DANCING* D AMINO AND WALTXINU ACADEMY, AT AM CHIcan ll\11, loQihtmi earner of Ur?>a t*?y and timn>i atteet. entrance in Ilroadway. H'.ura of l>an, ?n< frum t t< 6 o'clock, P. M., on Wed need aye and haturdaya. IN rent* an reepecttu'ly iavi*ed. on the <iaya of tuition, to witaaif tb nutm r u? daurra that are executed. In addition to o'h* daneei, we would add, that we teach a)an in the French *tyl< tlie following:?Polka lfca<?tirka. Red >?a W*|r*. Kivo.Ht?i U al's, Highland Flint, C'ra^wvlenne, P-lk%. K dowa. Ma rourka, la m^leetka, if< t i!!ee, lolkaQje?lnll? k,Caabuca 9nlora P?tn{ ipe. Boy*' Highland l?adir, pa? S yrien, l.a lat. de P"lla* a, la Otfena Military Ji/. an l a' *o the new P? ?V a t^u:. drill* e. Parent a dee. roue of enrolling t >.?.r namei can do ?n t?y ralliaj ait btr at the Hall, a the <* tv?<>f taltioa, or at ear residoaeo. No. ill Howry, II A. H Mliwrn k Co., opporiie the theatre. MI3S C. C. W'll.f.i \^l\ id Aed^itnl. DANCINO ArADKMY.No. 110 tiUAND ^TUKT r.THIHli uo r laat of Hru^de ay.? Mr. Horace, the only Pr ?fea? .f of the acw Dti.era. well ka^wa ia America, the 0 nor tu inform the vlaitore of l*arate^a. Newport, etc.. that Mi 'Salocno" are ? pe?? eroey Oay. en4 thcae |\1iti ami -atlewen w ho ah on 14 like 'a hotor him wtt h t heir pa* r?i& t *, < an he a?enr?ri to learn, i by hia umque n.ethod.) in a few loi o, all the Kr.ahier.aUo !>a*oee W AHH no. U'AMIINC kAlir. EAHY BY MADAME IlKiVfi.T, e Pa * at l^i.rtdrr.a ? Thousand? have rte l t?ii? plan to tleir perfect ^atiafm 'ion. Jt I'tiaM** ??wo p? r on to do e larjre aaal Inf with tat littl? laH?,r and at an?.iil eoat, and in prov* a tli?*?|<?thoa. l*r?co oaly $1, in acalrd en?al <pea. D ree* to Matlam*1 lleatelt, Patent l?auo4re;ii, 4.1 Aan*tr?et( New York, poet-j aid. HOW TO FAKN l.fHM*?Til M EE MONTH 9 AU?i I UK* p* ?ifcd. in tl a M*rebaatg* Hank $l,UW. to ?e tfieoii to ay l^rown whe, havinc n.?*d my of waaln*/, w?.iild ?!ar? to a ake aa atf iavlt that one prrnon a<>Mid oof, '?r it a fie, <*? a larce wa?hin/ I tfore hreakfaat, w.rtent rn?'Lin< or pouadiaf ; ? r fLat th? aialtfriat i? not cheaper than awap or that it m)or? a tt e rloihea. N'oh iv baa claimed It. T im io t'?fi^* aotloa that the m? nev ia a1111 ?i?p. ? ? ?!. and wll ke i>aid to aay o? e ? nipli mr with the rwadltloa. Now, th?re ta ackanea fwr yoa. Mr printed in?i rti??tieua are oaly $1. II 1* il.) t I KfcK. mi I n?l, N*w Y,rk, IMAMK*. Nih' rot* i ?>n*r hai.\ar, n mo suv ?ri*r.KrII a I att r?t nlar aartlnn aala lakta piaT ?' ?hia a-takl'-ha < at rn M <lnratl?<. I.'th fmat.nt, with li'.r-t a, < ?rlU?n, *oil llarucaa. ??atnan*lni at L'n'tlalt. JOHN Jl 00)l(>l> I'r LV.g Sill -.1 UOtMAND Ait'iiT MX t >1 m l >i,a taiih all il.a nrio.arj o? i aiMinta II 't^tataa i.ri't r, nrH a t nri?t? at Irtilt tr?a?, ?itt, ai?J In tha Titian >.f !< n't Oritn. M J-. raar Hr. M ? .*r a wa-r t'tra r- a lillt til, *r lir anta* ?..nl4 f?ut*<l far tha a?nii?*T ?**> II, M>tl<rf ati h III* f rniirra in tha ?.an?n P..r |?r n?l?rv iii'M'irr cf TIMI., i ON HOY. .? ... S Par < K w. V Y., ' r f J H IIaH.aMAI ' IMnllM, I |,*m -MI a i.RAY liim-r. mxiten HANDS III-i ;? k 4 a r ! |H'li in atrtla ??f 4?taMa hmil*. nl It I *)liafc ir in. AUta. a f>?*-h*rM>B?w?r ()? Ka^na. it niiiiiu maaii k i?f, I. .air* ?f JAMU' II lltuvrr, ni . *I.I> UI? 0 npp<?a to thr Orpitan Aa In* HOI!?!.'* A v D ? A h HI A tl K ? FOK 9 A LB?A t'AI H Of ) mi nJ ttail r<>V*i. kaciaa, til iMft w ? <?. >'?! , ??iW ?? ' III parat?11 <>r ' a'kaf. Ai pi/ i 11.? * M'T'i i' nl? ia W*ii fmklll ?"-i. |?1 lit' ?. ? !, I?t???? til* h >ara I 10 a'nlMh. A.M., I dl aa4 > "'elf k, P X. nM Al.ll> A Mi I *RNItHJ rmiMII V ' ' . II. r>?. na?*n jHfi nl4, Mltm nanHa an4 na* la"h \irS, i at"4. ?>>.l > ? ir ( ? ni l# la thrta m o'.l.'i Al?", all .'il ?|. wall qi?.|?. i>4 a rat nf nrm ll?rn?-a Pf."? "f I r? t All, af w?t< n and baiau $>10. Adlfat b*i 2JJ\ l>#ian *?. WATKHING PI.ACR. HAMILTON IIOI c* fDHT HAMILTON. I? I . HOPR* f. r ih> i?aM?. Tli* rt?aiiirr I hlarkarira la*?*a*h? i>' i . f I'lunMn aural ai 4 ?Vlt *k. P. M.; P r N". 1. North llatf. at l?'.!?k aa4 A mi antra, an 4 laaraa I'.fi ll?mili"B ii ? a'.-l.,' k, A. M , Biakinc lb* | k.ia(? ?ach ?a? la iwmxj* ? ntanlaa. HOOI FT ? XOi NT.MII HI-RI\c;<, M. J nr.l.MovT ^7 I. all 1 la ?>l Inwn an1 la< ..rn.' pi a. ? i f - i i i?r aaill f?r t'i? rarxpii^n ..f ?laiiar?, "i? ?h? I'lk a*i. llaolial* ?f llalimaat i?, Ihia a*a> n. flin 4 ?p 'a a '|itfl<? a')l?, ?n4 tha ar?".trn>. lad ?na ?ra na-nrpi?>?4. (.'tfclM tl.all U i mrtfd n ?h*Vatt of tha man i.^wni. :a?il?tr aaljr ami ?ap?ri*ne< .1 par??aa ar- . nrnj# I i I ' rf |.iirlti??i, t. A HlNCIIItN. S I. ..l*) i Mnnnlala ?pr n?a, Jan* I, UA? Ha ? Tta Vntria f ? < ? K a 11 art a Tlokat "(Ufa f<*>t r < . nrt'at>4| itliit. I^jh H r; ainraia*. at M A. M. 'iit"?f Ii al? li' Mfa. P Ml.' Ii I t> V M-.INK III IT f I. J II M.NN ' IVr f t n ' i >i-i a. i ri4 tli- pii Mi*. I ha! "'i 11 I ?>''' ,,f irn?. h# all! j-^a il-a ahiat Ii lal, aa a l.ranah, f-r aitm'naf tfirt,11 lb* Naw V?rk U ial Tli? halal nun an ian *4, alna'aln th? jt>l?r>< ?at tlllar* ,.f ralrflal l. C naaatu ?t, | n I T1* Ialar4 < < n<Laa4 la CiiaMtnona I . an nral.tal r4 aaf*?i?arh f'-r ?* Hkth nf. an4 la ll.a ml'it*. -1 ..i.Mi n* maatfy r*l?litai 4 r. f tli* l^anty nf! < a*?a*ry. ?a.l a.llirr.f.r r> taan'.l* rl4?? an?l 4rtraa. Tralna. pur * ? la<?a Vailr?a4, tt'>rpia|( at fair *14. I*?t? an I r?>r > "a if ? > tk, a? ( anal atraaf. all Us: - aa^h 4ay. th iif* ???? J r* ff. In tan ta two an'! A halt lioiira. Th? h..t?l w.ll a. n rr ^n'Ul.nat b i:dp?4 ,mi will ha na>i?r t?^ T.aotal 4lr*eif. a nf C^t. Rlaf**n R <?? rAn7i' iiorn, irr. t i oivt.-tiim r.- r \ *n.i -n L/ tn. i . nnr'Tal'. f"f lla n mm* .. .. r i . ilai-Hi ' f ft. |. I'li.n. la n ? "p-n. aa4 fallr'i>rM>-ir?4 tf |?r .?ftr.i li??. <*r n< at ?l- i*t?. I. .. f i aat.i ii A oa an4 V . a H 'ttll*a<a|.*fo.<f' am "t * a '*?? , at 7 >. it<i*k airrj aoralM, tnn >, n> a r n* I -. ( f . 11 i, i . . i . A n ! a . I'm I. at it I a.* j.aio i.? .1 .,i . *4 I I ami ft* a' I-*" a'a" t*'iihli?r a I .-Kaon-1 !f l.arf: I. t1 r r Ir a.l tt tia. Iaj?? Iraaf. *a*la tii Ihi 1. , --p 3 A n'rl.-ak In 9*.* a *r n#. at'.pj a t at tlavr.*. a'a, a '.ar* Ota a-* * ?? la p*a.> tal I. r**ra a If ,a ,,, ,,, I I a ii i i fnii, .? ?w r ? i,p.i i r. -tiik !,*!<?; <? H. I I a I . . r? I , ? . >r . ? I I l.'Ir It, a' be II f I It - ! n f f >? . n a ,4 It-at I N fa, | Jt..i ? waVtl -ar?an.>nia ait!, ,<n I n i'<r nia.'tl f* I ai.i lai I aa a ,?t al-? f. r tna.itai at alt t< h ?? I' lHIILr J??a. II. !?* f. f HI, K AMl'SKMRMTI. DOWEBY THIATRE -WEDKCSIAT EVENING. JlfWl t MJ I*. will Uwtid, the n?w ir?K?'iy of MARK) liO/??A h 18 or t k? (itfciau i\trv~Marco Ho<r?rU. Mr. J. Wallack. jr. ( 01 itiBtine lioitkrii, Mr. J P'inn; Alvitrii, Mr. Ci!t>rr* laoi<ga, AI->* 8. t; Akiie, M r. li. J .rd m KaHro, Mr wr The rreritent of the Hetaria, Mr. Pope: L><ko<tt Mr. Merlin; Helena Mr*. J v\ aIIa> k Jr. To conclude wiO; ; tha tf Naval GaC eVENT8-A^?iral K?.?x. ton k r CiiJbcrt; Lieu*. K>u. t.?u. Mr l/rttr; Short, Mr. Say* ui< ut; Mm r?'Bi.ffX, Mrv. CiH?>ri: Misg Mortimer. Mies Wem)?". l>oor? ?jeu at 7*VWk. the <*urt*iu will rl?t at 1W Press rir<)e. fll ?<?#.: tornnri ^kr. Jft ?it* : Pit, 12^ cU NAT^NAl. THIATRL, I'iiATllAM K'l Kfc KT - I.! ?i?? niuv eftn:n* June 12, ? ill e pl.t ih? ilruna of th< KKlM ll M'V? Col. de Courrv. Mr. ('rocker: Mohammed. Mi. I! L. Villon, MafMltK (lc Mnic. Mru. II. Lewie. Ai\?i ahich, the I.A I?V OF Ml K LION8?I Ifd, Mr. C, llnrke; !Se*n barter. JHr V?n?ia; Polly Aune, Mim Anna Cruise To e ?nuludr ?nti the drama of JACK Ml fciT \ Kb?Jack Hliepi?ard, Ifi>e Anna Cruive: Joi n? hon Wild, 11 r. T.lUu; Th?u?e< i>arr?ll, Mr. Crocker: Kolaud Trem-hard. M-*. Vtn 11; llluo Ktp, Mr J?fcenMn; WJfcBafrtd. Mr* Jefferson; Sally. M-u s*nmh. B< xt i., 25 cetits; fit, 110* ots. Door# upon at 7.'* j t-rf?.i cuuinaartfi at * o'clock. AftTOk PU( I ( Pit I BUUi l-TBI CELEJ1N 11B1 liatsoa Itnlinu Opara < -nipany, untie* tl?e dir tint | el ?S.;;ior I. Wednrtdav ovoniug, June lii, till ' 1?1 f? 1 tin(1 VorUi't favorite opira of i'lC;V.\Nf ? rilrcorita StettunABi; Fmnui, SipnorS. VIotti; Don Car lo?. Micnor C, hadiifi; Silva. '^vi. >r 1 Maririi; fan**. Si*noi V. hadial*; Jueno, h:r< ra P.eHiiii; Pon Ricx?rJo, S.y:. I*. Can i di. ? h'-nikcr jioneu of .'U? performers. Maestro ana Dirseto 1 el the Cj cra. Sipnor ti lJjttc?;ni ; leader of the Orchonrra Sifter L. Ai iiti. rrict-t?liei.oral Admtsson, One Dollar Callery, 60 Cent*; Scat* teemed, (1 60. Doors open at 7 ferf?i|iPMV;cf at f o clock. t<8|Uiri ITS III NftTUUA -MXCAAIfU 9* SAlJe NO. .7: > Broadeay, le?aeon Ui%od aaa Brvwuto etrfufa?M* u? i day, June 10, ana overy ui*bt until further Bofcie*.?1TIM . i? ' r _' > 1 ! . ii.i.j 1 vii ?i . r?.upc { tor 1 re? esrahlinhed aud oldcs* ort^nicou btod m ?nc aorli - [ C'.aprigin|f a c<*ni>*xiy of t^velva r^rforaiere, under the diroo' tloa of H. P. Christy. Ther will btve th? kooor *t giving . tneir erisnnal a;id ;*hU ti*ter'*iu!nen?i every uif^hi ! vrtil t'arihfr notice. A1un?hi<>i \!A rents. Doors ?p^n at 7l C*?na? rt. wi\l o..p?oience at *i o'cloe^. An aftanaan ToneaiH . ; on Saturday*, corancnemj at S o'elook, P. M. CI A STL i GARDEN?MISSES. FRENCH fc HE IS El f respectfully inform the eir?Rena of New Vork ana iti I vicinity, time their ngree&ido Summer Fetes mill be iriven | every n>ht drriajr the v eek. TicUete 2."? cents ueh. Doori 1 ojifii at t>; f< ncert at S nroci.elv. Novel and attraotivt j features will l-e Added t'? trie Promenade Concert, with ne* . and popular mumo during the Hull, under the directi in o1 ) George l.oder. who mil perform a variety of the latest ami m? 't fisMonaMc Cclilli ns, H altsos, polkas, lie. The flooi under the direclen of Mr Conway, Hrofifwr of Dtueiri;? 1 S? t* at ti e sound of the cornet. T^e programme ol the concert changed ev? ry other evening. No postponement on account of the weather. I^RANKl IN : i *t, < .? ? fi Ol N.M'AKK, OPEN every afternoon at 3 o'cli ok. and in the eveaing at b, by the "Original Female Minstrels," the ouly organised I.and ?1 ladies in the w< rid, oompri?inx a company of Twelve PerfVri'i*. Also the unrivalled troupe ?f "Male and Fu:nale Arti?ien," commonly called "Model Artists," will upp?ai every afternoon and evening, in a variety of epl^ndid rcprce n'litions of Liviu Pictures, together with the tribe ol " Ikdoaii Arab CiirF," the only cues in existence, who will pro threuph their eymnnatic fvftti. Prices of admission? Stajc seats, 37)^ cents; Uoxes. 23 cents; Parqnettc, \ 'l% route; Private Roxei. $2 H'AN IM; TON'S MOVING 1)1 OKA MAS, AT irAHIIINGn Hall ' Br< dwA). I M fiti<Mi A I .< u rid, 'I he Dilute, lU-nuUf * of the Kivtr Rninc, the \rctio R^ioo!*, A : n4 II ilian Vastoocii i Opcb inning at S o'clock, and Wednesday and Saturday afteri no< ns at it a 1 f pant 3. Tie! e*s cent#?children half price, | BOARDINO, it! BHD, tPT( a I M?. AMD GENTLEMEN. OH two or three single gentlemen can be acc? minodatcJ ! ailh tileatsnt front rctir.*, with full or partial board, bj I rp,y^i?f it .11 St. Warts Place. I fJOAHD, AND Fl'RMSQED ROOMS TO LET, IN A PRC\ jU vate Jr^nch family?Two or three gentlemen or a small family, cau le accommodated with a front parlor and bedr. < m on tl e tccntl floor, and t wo r? oais on the third Coor, wits or without beard, h> applying et Ifl Ueade street, Boarding? spacious and airv rooms, suitatlf for f ?ut leiuen or tuttiiich dc*irin? either permanent or teiPt orary accommodation, iuaybe ibtaiued at No. IF I | l??oiiurd etreet, near Hroadway. r ' >?>> >: M m. fn TUB COL TRY -TWO on THEE1 t { 1J Sumilicit can l>eaccommodate i with good board aud plea i boaI m i private fa?ile In the d etrv. whire tk nra i 1 the eh?i? set kiude of fruit, pleasantly situated ri-ar Aetorii L. 1. Can be a .*cwmuiodaied to the bay. I'or the partiou lere, enquire at 2/2 Eu*t Broadway. Board in the cot ntkv wanted-a Ladt ani two children, one ?iftht tLe other hve years of a<e, aN sn .infant, w i.'h to obtain reiman?-nt Hoard in the< ? u?itry M o rcqniri s romtortuide Umil, with a food cued r ?oiu Ihe situation miibt not '?? over an hoar's di?tauce i'r??m t i city, either bv et earn boat or railr.ud. Iler tcrme will roi S exceed six dollars t>? r week. Address S. B. J. (pest-paid) I J to* No. I, Herald" t'fljee. i L^okt ramiltun.?two smaix familika can bi X accommodated for the season, wr h handsotU'j furniahec parl-ir and lau lcdro??ros each, with the u?? of the kitc'ten I or < .to have l.osrd in a priva*e Isruil*. near the eieaniboai Iai r I i ' at I raid< tee f r i Ira 8VA1.I PRIVATE FAMILY IN TIIE ver1 cl!f< am. irm i?>":tu?n, i. nonvru airi'tti, i amiri cmi oi m'-ii'ihk v, v ouid lot to or(?i or two ireMl*'iu*-n, or to a x?titlamai and Li* wife. a Ur;e troal parlor ? n th? weoni floor, fur Mr!*' ?1 or niifnrniahod, with ?h<*l? or partial b ard. or with (tut l?md. I'uexieptibiklilc rnStranca mil ba fivtu ani ra , quired. All.! VA1K i A MI I.Y, : IlfO HOftl BOOM TI fcM tlirjr ir?i, Hill let t" una or mora ain-rle jrantlenaoi nnfitrnialii u r??* i.ia on tba fr?t ti'-or #f a h>? ?a 11 | TWBt^ltcnixi iirtllf mar bifhih iv?uut. TL* altuatiai iapUaaint m *1 rmtrcBttut to tin *ta*e*. Tue room* art IIiihi d In th* |.?k nanarr *n4 ai?- lichud wilh gas Warn ci 1.1 ai.ii sbawrt I nth*. Aduri*'* Kuri vi, ? ??f lliia p*par. COINTRY HOARD AT hPOTS WOOD, TKN MILE! Irotn Hmitli .\uttoy. Now Jora?y. tu a ??*? t r??|? .ctnMt i I family, for ti t a* ?*i?rt u ? nth*. at t! vat* *f $1 p r m?nk. I'or | artl? ulart, it ?jii?re < f {'. W IK/I'KINS. Ati'irn *. w.i No, I>111n-?k ?.Mti, *?? Vvra, uutfii tba bmra of 11 and. *?) ?)*. POVPTII BOAlD A 01 KTLIXAM A SID 111 Wim Vv iaa I r arcivinii'Miatail with loard for ba ?mm*r. in i I l |i tV , , I'l.rt Ckn'tr, N. Y R?(?r?iNl txthk ci*rd. lu luira at II I 1 I, Niv I w J rp IVo I I F.ASANT ROOM* TO l.fcT, H ITI! Il l t RC t J. fnrrlil ?4 or hut, in a? airy and l?rtti n, ??1 9 )li<>okl%ti n? t three niuiit**, ?alh fT"i\ K ilto i' try. Tirn.a n.oderata. Apply at No. o Willow aarwot , lUaoklyn Ur ANTEl>- Hua KI> I.N THK COI NTH V, FOX J family of ehiltrtn *un?iatiog of tii. Tbt hiatl'ia to b< t | r, H;d wlfhm tl.irt* ir>l? * of tii? ei*y: tba i?rtc? to h* m?d.r*te. A?jmm U. W. t, So. IJ Murray atre?t, Net YbVk. KUN A NO TO LfciT. ttrpBSBI i a TID1 191 Ml IffAfft Of MS >? , X *1 if. , t*l>en at the B<hh), l?o on ti f >r una.' Thai rl ante if a<-ir eftertd t-? the itlarpriiitK, a.* he whole t I alf >l?ar? af I'stirit. t'i In If an^?l, btaa'. frl ai4 hwt.> lt(<rt?Ma|t.kil iU< ii of 14< viaajr l>i?raruaa ara for *!? . ani %t\\ i aV r. latfd to raalin . iaaap? bdr:ic? tray ?- wh? ^< 1 . c alt u ;aar ihfi.1 'brt ^ . the Tn#y cm i * m? ii r rxliibtliaa a\*t\ rrnt iup ?hin w?**x a' ftaovard'i Hull tV> Hi* atlway, 'lu to * i at iinu^ca^iiary *ri?> l*, ili? pt*.r f.-r l.o'a U ? : *m. < r f 1 *m? fur ti lia f F? i Inrtl.i r \ urtianlar*. a|>i?ly ai fiA It a? ay. 9?ra? r oi Frank' llr atrrft t?r i r mi; 11 ui ? ? h .\ i? i.r\h t?? a i oi.t I n ai r' %d dinla t ? ' ?, in a L? n*** p ??f l Iih cl?y ir d di i^.f a irio'd tna?ai*?? l.o^allon un urpaa-^ f, wii" iti ilri?t? raut. t??rni4 ?.?ar* tin* pr*?i?rinor iu^k ' ) ? * tl.a city, for p?rll?ularf audrtaa b/x a. If . )! r iU affir#. L'OHSAII. A v?irI'Kiirmrr i. JT (Jul#. Uijutfi ml r. Oui.->Uan a. (l. *I???a4 of tl.l /daw^ra and VliMtai n I awul.) #oa utm; ?f a !o* af ,it<n i I ? f? froal ly lu'4 l?at <.? w ar* ar? ? i a lar.a th?a* *tar> Iran r fa*?tw liona^, tayi'* r*.?dat ** I all ath#t a^tra#ai> ? oiVnlldinga. 1 lita f>r? t v krinwn n'h#"Uaifiin llMiif," i? Mina"I la th? *(ri'.rc vf fha town, unatainitf M w**a lhra?f an f or ?lioi?A?d !i:'.ak?it in a; !? i ha lt?< ral ?t?f? h?tof NartlrMlrrn IVna? Italia na I. in all la Met* trll a| 'ad la if a f?"rpo?# of Uakiai m ary. 1 ri in* b.ada ku wn i f? u la?iatry i f ? U iVIl) A l)Kl. ftayililn, ll? n? ?da!?, J > # fO, l?A. L^OK 'All \ IIOI F ATHh! UtlBOKKN. ?lTfr a'ad ? a l*lln*la n altotha r? rn?r of lUr'-lay a tie faiiti New Urk; f. .r lull of rr.uni ^n l % carna.a In aaa atlartad. T" I i T ' i iM : I I riKI K 1 af> I'RAHL a'ttaV Mif fha jan^lliii ?t tWivrr ai I Wall arid tna towt dtairat a twain*-* aita in tU eftf TI t atora la w**!l adt iMtd for an? k?ad of t>n?in*t* fill" ?, a*??ra<a for li?ht 4 .or > ?i, ! i i - 41 work, awah aa trw'to* ma t< x traftrr*, r< Id m m*f ufa.'t ur'*r?. y>rintari* ft*. ft?*. F r f?r I m | artirnlara ai ply n|? ata'.r?t o* t pr%m;4??. H ut 9 o<?rata fl^o la Hift rom hontn4 4 " % i ' ' 1 '*'imitd . A I 'uar, pUaaaatli dlnalH ?i km oa* 1 * I'm >n a vara. A| ?>U la I.IK ft FIELD k THAiV. ?J Vm\\ at. FT( 41!' r. ? 1 41 f'*t Iy 11 ft*', for f.rht m&it'ifafiniiaji pwrtvaaa. Af|4f on ti.r | r*m llr *4 Prarl a'r*t%? fi^o 1 it. rrh> 1 .cinn - a iioi ^ on t?if. n ?frn , A (14* wf %' at* n I flan!, d?Jl^ htfnlly itinata 1.1 wa mllaa 1 fum l*a?t Kl*hvr't.d f*rrr, of thrat parl <ra an4 I ftta I ?4 room*. Addr** If. atthi*'' a. Nil -Tnaa'nva h aar with In m taanty-lva to lift) va a^raa of w?ii 1 inft tt4 ln?4, la far aala. B O - 1 ; 1 'v IJ mrnt. tort'* Iff atrra*. ai.ita' la I r an *a? n*ma , att.ra, trnrk M f*. fc* . Aa. loqnlr* r?n th* ^r*m|???* RfiOM!* TO LKT.?MATI.T Ft RNMllFM. pf.RA * INT ni.? tiry r*am?. far cl?f 1* % am? n. with -n; I %rd. m if | t* I *4 Iy Iwniadlnl* appliaa*Ion n'Ita f ior ry S n a No. Fr*? kfin ?tra**.a f#w do. ra woat of llr?*ndwnr. Thla it ana of ha pl*-a-autrat aitnatlona 4own 4own nl.AT. \ HRVCK TTOI'^A, Willi s 1 rallar. all In aoo4 or4?*r. Tto li?n?o la l ?*nta4 with'n a It -w nnrni** w?lk rf Fait n Farry lai^nr* of iianikl WHII IIT. J?i r *"0 atrrat. rr at r" ft? l?a ??., Hr^i Ij-a, OKI ?. -H'MI r<>R ?AI.I A KETAM. I* n |i t*?>uli. A4?iaaa U. IL, Uu?<ii. i 1'Ai.ihmniA fl CRM A PAMtMlfc* oih< I mtMAD* IT, \ fl I ' kr M> "IH ' UiuM . I [?r-n. a1 nl It ? ?! "*rk fitr llat'iotn ImtiMl Wi'l ci nmianlrM a Inform#'! ?. farMtl I ? If!- ITI'I gvaala**' ?train at p?<;< r Ini. n allot*' rrirt?f? ?r?< . I xriKii > i'.i >a4 t-> oi4 fat ara |"'i |-a 4, ARNOLD IU KM, nAI.M:l.?'S i ? PK?*"? r?m*Mt \ ~ll|R i I -i lUn Ii ?!?.* fa e* p?rt?iin? an I t it urt ?ci?.* * tin I ?, *r? rr?|<?r?'1 ",o,, i? pa- . laii-i- fee It'll ?. i-o... 0V( V '1 Wall " M>xn % (. Pr ('- tara. !4 M . Tuumi*, '*% ?, * 'i Ff??o ato. I( /*?> iirfiW. ?T R II atrial. | ( * I <"M - i I I ' M I'M K \Mi PAr.> Kit I\A lif.i.i j*t r'n w? tit eatit.4 PMi?4aip' ; n:h <im-TI? uliiiirmn will ImhiM lluir ???l Mf?? it ;Sa |b|| ?l??* ?ff, ("n T' i r it .1 P. *1, ?UH II |||TNH ln''M I? I 'Vfl III >)? III o < 11 *ra. W ? Ii- a tft. - ,i rn- urn af a ?*H?art fi f 4*a(atrh >.< 'IMii frtifiM, Nf*i4 I* Hti ' t '<f. M a?a pr?? |i'n. to i>?t awah n^nf't.ito a'.ii'para. kf tiaaa j ?!.? ?? < ?at. f ?'l *i ha i?if ily ?*? -ft. . . i4a [ 1 i a i? 4*4 # lh? CiMNt ii oi a . m 4 ?t i v? %l I'tia. In * If. ilif'itry f.1 t ataal* i*i'Vic * Ky IM? Ktpr-tt III i nil 11? f i ?l,i<.*na. la tt li-l ia i f <>i? pr prl*. I It r i...m??taii ?i ai i>a arrlaal af a ?a?a? ? ?rat ito I* 't l? ffi il??H ap ?* It M . a tha | ... rt .i.l P*tki!> t>" firj fr?i/?t aliaM Va 4a. I Ii. .a< ii . . i.ii.rMtii ..'a Tfti.h IIITi ll * "a??r?rt ?ti I A H1'' rl at??a; a?ra <-r' ' W \JI. S.N 1*1*1 l?i I . A I Rnrr?<U?\ ll> fi*N ri.C4AN. a f | i I It ift mi m I It htppf i all oi urt < ? ' ..pait.'i ?, f >[>?,%'r*|it|riif a*r?. At I tin ; . a I "tat i tn' It It 1'ilH !'l|i t ail ma i u .- I?t ?ty off ?'l|.'u l" ?*?ll Mait.'lf .f tha *4. ii ?' ?*. A4:.a Mr. t. t. iSUA&RA, riann?? !; . i ?.i 1 I *MCTE'llutT)i' I O KOADWA Y THEATKE.?B. A. MARSHALL, SOLS MJ UiHf.- W'i Irin J?j Li'emur. Jnn? I J, will rxrf>rm?4|<?r?'? t r ? .? djr of, Mr. Ouo'imnaa; I IVIunmi, Mr. Wliltla*; I aar>ri<, Mr. D/otl; H'irati", Mr. . | tjLoal, Mr. Frvderiikr: (ir ivn ai/^rr, Mr. Ckapiiian; , Gerltuiir, *??. IJlald; Oph-'N M;?s E. 5f?ri? Dur??. l>??ri turt I y Il.i- rrrLri.iia. T )u?l ?:t k. fur tha thir I tlroa, 1 til* i.m fane of the TilKI I. (TCKOO*? Perky u HaatlaUiaaiio Mr Skrrrott; *]''. Mmllav. Mr Parry: Cranky, Mr. M'Mtir.j; A li r, M.m (i ?i.?: D llv. Mr-. Skarrwtt. i I>iaai Cirri, ki<il Par-ifrt. W> rcnta; Famllr Uil third ?1n1MW I 'it raata: t.alUry, IliVi aratr. ^ IIU O S?WEDNESDAY EVENING, JUNK 18, THB ' IN |i?rforinaiii t? aa til ?..m t?. ?rh Mr. lie '.liMn'a m*w a inn t-dy ..t hliMAM E A N I > It K M.ITV? Hf. r *t?nly. Mr. Chi|ip?udalr; Uliurr Ma?ly, Mr. I.vnn?; Jack Snift, Mr. i llr<M tk?n; f ritik Maraditii, Mr. Wilu-.t; Uvea rr Kyd, Mr. I.aai l>; Ti in HaUser. Mr. Jolm Saft"n; Rwi-ifl. V(>in M. Taylor: liar* aru M:inly, Mr' \'ei"on; l!l<Ma>>in, Mr . lir'U^h! V u>. Tlii. ri o >11 hf au int. rmix < n i t half kn )i':ir liotweea i ll f third a i, J foi:rt!i att?. ? I , :i lii? list I li out will I* il.r-wB <pr? aa a l*ri mniilt Muitrul*, where 11 I.m Ami 'ainliaa niajr ohfa n rafrtahmcma, an *ill ala? tha lo??r a-dom for i ((mtlrirrr. Ailmliolon "i nla | j Dl'KTltVS TllEATrfS, C11AMHK.K4 jJT&KKT.? WED| U r?kvi?y nriiiujr, June ? : I to plsytd t.'i? ajuiud* of l.(INl>ON AXCE?><r llareourt Conrtlev,. Mr. II. - i M*'ii'e, MtK*'i J,; C- It Mam Mnitdl*, Joidui.; D<>ily yranker, Air. 4< n?r< i : ( ool,Mr K**; Udy 1 / Fjaufc?r, Mi.-a I -hapnian; M at * ijrace l!i.r'.vi'viy Mil. Ruml I'iTt, It J, HiU. Afttr vhtfh, Her Null wilt ad* ! j fjfr To conclude with tl. MVSTEKIOIM KN'Ot'K>' i IMi8?A Ki iv lludai on. lit'i. Mr. J'.hi ttun; Uarrr ' i *r Vr,ifn.; Mudirrm. Mite Chapman: Silly Clotilda, I VIM J. li D |t?Ai f f>?*K10N*S TUFATIiE. CHAMBERS STREET.-MR If. I -*-* Placid* respectfully urn incea his frien in, that hi* livuelit will t ak* |> 1 ;wc? At the *>. ?ve p ipilar house, ??u i'l ars? day neat, June 13th, when a l.u .rite comedy will ho par formed?Ur. Burton, M-. Hi*. 0 \ n\\ the talent < ( the company will asaist The dr. ma of Charlei* XII. will also form a portion of the cut rtaia . vn?s?Charl .>* XII , Ur. , Placide; Aditn Brock. Mr. Burton. Bo* h k now .? an. % BOH BUY THSATBB- ! h IIA11 NEVER UB \ FAB* on."?ilr. .John VVinan . on Fnd?y m <ot. June 14th, w hen aill 1 e [rescuiod ft wt^aihci -it bill. KcMttuuler, Fri? 4 day, the llth. | /\i /\ Vi K . ill:.- E\? mis I >:EI -tv I- . . : . ?, j V/ i'onipey. late *f Christy'* Minstrel*, 114 Broadaav. be* r tween II>?a*iU and (Irani a.rcuia. ?'|rv evuu is caring C the week.?Dc< ra open *t 7* CfUfort ilNiol-cli. The o<vel? I tie* intr. ducrd b? K- II. Pier- ? In ? stylo oi K ; ian per* r formanceir, and winch hare Ve i r ?ived eaoli t.ghi with the mcKt decided marl?> I *ni : ?b?ition b/eruwd* d atiuwuces, f ha* stamped them a* I-uhr i:ic " r." plus ultra" of tiogn > entert air meat#. Afternoon ; ?*ri rmuLcth on WeIneeda* a and Saturdays. Doors open at ? n . r: at 3 o'clock. Adrnis ion, Jtfi ct-nts Orchestra h v-. V" :nri\i> Ihiaj". $.1 BAKM S > C11! St: I'. ill l U ' BKOA ?.V I \ , BE* tween Spring and Prince Srroets. I". T. Latu im, proprietor and ii *oa^or Rc-c-r: i/'-wTt for a i hart , ;m# Ionrer, coinucaciag llonday. Jure 10th, of the I * . '? ? ? f, tdf0 , ana Suite, who purp :.c vi. i. mi/iho principal i iha tn? Union previous t ? tl??ir . >? ? for Ear* j>e. i;i % 1 ii'ion ^ to the Chinese Family, mx in i.ntnhcr, !nr,!u<!i.i^ .'it I with feet inches l"n^ ! tin i !ine?e OellcitioM, cor*r ?tin(| of ovar Gae Million ( - i uinentti Munic durisx t .o lav nn l evri :ng. Op.a lr- n 9 ' A M. till 10 P.M Admirsira twenty-live cents; ebi!4ces under ten, half price. OTTO (011 IGI H B< EN < IND i PE *.Vtal tree C uurti. Mrmm-'s veleliratel H:. mi verw ? MonOay, Wednesday, and Fcni*y, eommcncinx at 3 k*. 31. r rriwf.c r? duord I cento. N. H.??In rate the weather cnfaToraUe, tbo Contert will take pla< c nrxt day. AW VHKfff &XT6 I * rMlLAUVXI'Iif jC. BAfiKl M'8 Mi SE1 Fill Kl fciLFH > P. LA ft-* DUD, pro| r>et? r and m?- i ? r. Henry $anl\ rd. - 1 r ijtr. I **i w<>ek vt tiie >?/iia Op< ra Tr i:*j. Their will nrptaroi. Monday and fee uy tv-nln/*, i * rraaa nnlitiMy opera <i Tl(? riillD rt T Jfc KtM '.li'M'. and durin?r the week in othfr t.i,,"r???'f.i? #, w' icn a ill t4 dalw [ announced. Tbe l nneashire K-!l Hinper* five thtlr n?v?l ar d intii* ttinf entvr.ainn.irts e\ery afiernnon, a? whlofi tiice tl-o rempany al?o ap[?ei?j- l cfiat. f farcer, i?eti e iramas, Sot \ ^? llad?^. I'iLcin. ."re. Tlie cv-1 <iti?i* are a* *wuio an th? y ne stran^o* M o'needav Evering--J int t of Sequin ard Saturday eveninff-fl-ntHI i?f L Mrs. Sefnin. "Maritana* doriajt tVo m*k. Ai taH ; twintj-flve etnts; clildrsa ur.dcr tin years, Utlf pr^^IIICR1 LAV HiOl .< tjllKI JEWEI \i\ 811 \ I kv u \ !< i-', fr ' V!H'AhT, Miinufaciujer, rt uioved from J??hn etreet to No. k. ?<76 Broaoaay, near Wnite str*-f.v. un*tairs. Nu imit?iisai cf ^r> kind uriiU or sold at this rstaoli-hmeat. Au As?ist? ant a*ntcd. , ^NAKES, 1I/ARD>. FK<J(JS, MM f.v LOL'IH 1'llllJPFB, 0 l.eoru-hollm, H'elMn^r r. and a great vari *. y of curious and droll Face* and rifimsin tiu ta Pcrcha, Jast im1 i'-<l, ai d fcr sale wh? l?>alu and re'ai', at 11 K "i' ?rnim, 815 Broadwsy. .. mi.' H I frMS I NDK.n?Ml ( EROONS VI'.K V SI i'KKIOR 01' A TEU 1LA, 1. for manufacture* end dyers; 1U ea*en Msuila v rv tina ^ and fofr, f? r dn>i'|iiti; 4" ditto, nuitahle l? r grocers; 25 ci.estp iU ngr.l; .'*? r. r"?T? t 'ara?^r v . 1? rt s iy I JiiUS li. Ml'lCH A V, '2 Old M p. earner HTater sireat. Jame? ni hman s gi:m ink water and oil Colors, hlide and |.? rk li *? \ end ethtr Artisoft materials, direct from the mai.ufa M.ry, 24 5oho S?j .r?\ l^ A. k I*. VI A kl). A/eats, 35 Cliif street, W. Y? I DAI'IK li ANQING^. M UOI.K8ALE AND UCTAfU I Tkoman F?>e k. ( o., 4 u> IVarl street, n?ir Madi. y;n, InjH. rtera and Mannfaoinrers?Sole Atceate f?r the United States M taanv *f t)?e L.*st Freesli fact? rlos. call the attention of tre p?inlie to tiivir apiondid ?tu*k ? ( I??t?*nor I>eroreti?>us for(aalls and ceit.n/s. 1'ney ar?? eenetamly ref eeiviuft direct from all th? prtncif.i| factories of Fran.e and , (Serfnaay, he l*t?*?t styi*'4 and p*tternsof I'afn r fH????ra, ti? ns, riich as:? iKeor* sa'.a ft H ?ra, T atur^u Veloay^ , >ore Msroenine, Ulace, < henvi Veraie, I'Ufoad*, Umliris* i l'aysaices. Colorie. lie , Ur T*.ry I sve aU<> all ?ty|?.* of ?"a|*^r liansings cuUcoted frem the I -Rt Aeo*iieaa faet ?riec^ ' which tht y ? fferfat man^fa^r ur * pri a. The tn? st skJfnl and arttstir workmen arc n<*r? d. ! UARHWARE. HAIti S* \ I IMi, k?-TRACK. < II hooka and Wiir***. Anv I- I r>*? I'aiiW, ll ?ree Nails. Bed S-r.-w?. Ctrrl>arHa. Ki I t.>n \ ?. Vice-, * SjUars* j Saa?, "(i. D.H I'trciMt r t'ap?. 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