Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 14, 1850, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 14, 1850 Page 2
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r NEW YORK HERALD. ; IIIKt eUHOOII BKNKBTV, j PBOPKJMTO* AND PITOB. mmCMM. W. CORNFHOP FULTON AN 0 NAflM!' BT?. AWWVWWM,VVW.W TUK DAJ1.V HKKAI.D, 1 .?*. j*T r?i\?%7 frr (mma1HM WiUKl.Y hi-.hAtJj, 8*Mriiay. a 8>? <ctU? I* r ] ?>(.y jr *3 ^rr *knum; fA.- Jurvjifi, edition $4 prr a*..urn, to i m'i* UHVmtavt. A LI. LhYTKKH trymvU, fwr iub>crip or \?th aarer?<, Co be pott p-tui, or IKe po*(ak'< tnul he drdurftH f ram l*? ?v -it remitted. t (>\T.iKY COKHKSfONOt.SCE, rnnfiwtj^ tmporbrj mr Kt. /rum any ijvorUr a/ (A* wrlA; if uttd. will 6? hi rally ptiul/or AMUSEMENTS THIS BVK.N'INO. ABTOR PLACE OPERA?Lt OIA hi Lammkhmook. B0WBRV THEATRE B.>w?ry.? Don.: A t?Ju* IB Lo>PCK-Tw Wl.UtKltll llut t. ROADWAY THEATKK, Brv?dir*J.??Imaek CUCAOO.V NIBLO'S CAKDEM, Bro?4?ny.?Nniton Maw?Ovt On A Lank. BURTON'S TillATRB. Ohkiuber* >tfM(?Hi.i i Dsnix ? $#a?t UtAin tail WinK-lroji bot. NATIONAL TliRATKE, (Latham (quart.?J (.'Mao Ji m ? liir Uurn i.Aki- Lai v i r lite Lion*. C.JR13TTS 01'ERA UOUSE, Mechanic*' IlaU.-Erwn?ns Mi??rm?i.a. 6LYMVIC.?riuoi'i Muiitriia MCLODEON.?WitiTr'n SaaciAOBaaCHINESE MUSEUM.?Cmnuia Lajj?. a*i> Variov* CrBMNHTIM. CASTLE GARDEN??? >!?? Finer Ntw York., Kilila)', iluue 14, lh.>U? T?IcKrnpliIc Nummary. In the of Representatives yestt rduy, some wnrniup busineeB (rejecting motion.-) was trmsm'tcd, when the Iiouee went into Committee of th? Whole en the State of the Union, and took ?l> the California bill. The Southern members immediately commenced offering amendments, and limiting th< ir five minute ^wedies. A large number of South* rn inemlters declared f??r ihe line of the M ssouri compromis>*. Others said they would not eten v-?te for that, unless the right-i of the slaveholder, South of lin", he secured by janitive rnbctiiieutsof i Vngre?s. Questions >f ord-'r continued to l>o r;.i-i-d, nnd a vote taken. Now and then a vote would be tikrn on au amendment, which of court-e would lie rejected. Warm words r'ifBed between several members from -Jill'erent secticus-, uuderftroug excitement. Mr. Toombs, of (la , indirectly arnin-d Mr. Winthrop of fraud and hyl??ir rifj?preteudiug to siij|H>rt the President's pi in, mid yet voting against certain amendments. Mr. Win'hrop replied, that if the g'ntlemm (Mr. TooriJ.-) intended an iu?i;lt, by mentioning the word fraud in connection with his name, the im|Jication recoils uj>oii him. The debate was continued after this fashion, w hen the committee rose and the House adjourned. The proceedings of the Senate are very long snd very interesting. J.f-iniri-ils from Ohio gainst the Compromise 1*111 wen presented, and ?l-o resolutions in favor of them, paused at a rieeting in St Louin. Mr. Henton rote and wild, the resolutions did not represent the sentiments of a m..joiity of ihe meeting. His colleague, Mr. Atchison, replied to him, and brought up the simile ol old l>r. Jacob Townsend's sar upurilla u?ed by Mr. lienton in his late speech; when the Compromise bill was taken up, and Mr. Webster addicted the Senate, lie suid he was in favor of each of the measures presented in the hill, nnd would vote for them connectedly or seiwirntely. Mr. Seward followed, partly in reply to Mr. Webster, and principaljy about an amendment to strike out ihe HUth section of the bill, relatin ; to boundary, which lie he would not vote for. Mr. S. was, us usual, eminently happy on the small petntoe hobby he was bestriding, viz., the UMih section. Mr. Clemens made u motion to am>*nd tli** action. Mr. Clay appealed to him not to press the amendment then, and gave hi* reason*. Mr. Clay continued, uiitl replied to Mr. ."Seward. ilr. Fooic followed and gave Mr. Seward one of those terrible, cutting s;>eeches for vineh lie ?i? famous. I It- was called to order several times for pei?otiulille*. >lr. S?w<rJ rose to reply to Mr. Clay, and mad* a second sp rch, of r-jtiul importance with liis fir?t. Mr. IVuton tlun replied to Mr. Clay. A sc< ne then took place between Mr. Cfoy and Mr. ll>Btos, which caused Mr. Webau-j to liae, rx|>r<-sM h.a re^ri t at such occurreucrs, and admini-ter a well-word"d rebuke to both irenutcrs. "Fir iny.-elf," he udded, " 1 will not " sit in the Senate and witness such ece?e*.M The weeue was brought on follows:?Mr. Clay fnd a letter written by a p r*on m Missouri, which stated that Mr. Benton, in conversation with him, hud eiid st'v.-ral tilings?among ili-tu, thai California was m t lit to l?e admitted, m.d that California should treated a* other new Mutes tool been in lime past. Mr. Clay said lie would not voaih for the truth of th-* letter. Mr. Benton replied, si.l closed by prnronncitg it to b<* Mr. Clay's li tter, ?n,l u:< l.i? letter, ha brand' <1 it as an infamous ralnmny from beginning to end. Mr. Clay replied: " Ai to the J*rn: tor's in.| illations, 1 hurl th< m l ark Willi unutterable scorn and indignation, and suggest to h in to put th< tu in his casket of oth?r " alumiiiee, which?" Here tin- hammer of the \ ice President cl"?rd the remarks. Of ull the tt-n< iiiou*. cnuker-'d, naii? ions and per* veririj| mortals that walk this earth, Mr. II- nton it the worst. At this time If st yesr, he was travelling Missouri, ?.nd at every plat*. unl in every apeech, lie wm villify inpr. t -ilumniafiog (<n<l aim-inn the . fteaf, food, and now lament, d John C. Calhoun. in a manner which mnnt have astonished the father of lie< hint * '.(. Mr. < allio:in replied indirectly, in nn a Mres* to the p?o|Je of the Smth. wh.ih ?<uld have with {red end covered with thnme any man lea-. t taren th in old llnllion. lie is now try a/ ?Le ?atue g one with llesry < lay, that he diil w ith Mr. Calhoun. Mfe hnvc never read n more vindictive, malicious, and tntcaiUil for attack than Air. Brskn uiad<? on Mr. < lay in Ins late speech Mr ?'|*y is aged. p?liiotic, and like Calhiun, hiaiifc biood * ooimy ont ?iro; by dro*\ in tlw aeivire of his #iiiinfrv I u iSI nnt ).? I. \ * V.<.f ?.. 1.1a ?/.!. ^ ? .11 !? tilcBt in \l>t tomb. 1I?* inf*in<>M*. then. for <iy one l<i attack ? man n? the a^rd < Uy ' llr. I)entnn Will, proualiiv, not long diatunc* the .Sr,^;e. Hi* own 5tnt? haaprrtty cWarljf eipre?aed k- r determination to ffrtdinie bun, when, we hope be will l>e oft in tb<? firat ateamer, ?r, by h? f*v?>ri:? ksd to tlf, t? CiliAmit. IU? W* wiM jMVet Jw/elf. Mr. I'Mi' rwopdibtHinM the ftm* after tb? alter'"Ikn krMMB Mmn. CImf r .id il. n;..n. at*! the tvnate adjoined Our frit til* :<?lff;s/jr- d-'9|*:ch from Waabiitf- 1 ft, gn?-a n *?v eJtvivy putur at the C.ipito , and lK(?mto dread tLe n. *t ne'va ' V)*'* havr a lri?xnptu V-pateh from KidlvilV, bitf.b five* ua tl?? moth and Inat d.?y'*prooeHiufa j ( tbe conventw* Tbe addre * pr? pared by 1 the roinmittee wna adept, d N-YenJ a^eliea , ?tcm w?a?.>, an<l taany re-olutmna were offrred. wfcirh Were kid rj,?n the t.iMe, The contention adjourned to n. *: again at Nathalie el? wee?\a after the t\d)r>"rnnicat of rlt?* irraent se?'-K>a ?f Li^igWM. > rr?m it* comrnem enteni u> ita *!?>?< . ? ?? rou.m.nn ahnwn ?l>irnity, prudence .and moderation, ax; I wh 'n we pelirct up?'n the ?< rf rjr.img aul r<-la before tbia ! body, we f*el that w??*re ju?tilied in ? agrainUtinf ih<- flontb upon tlie tuawhich Ibi* eopvin i. a K .i conferred upon that n f'tum. Tar St w 1'at^r L ai'l ?IWfof# b<itenii| m 'h? citraotdinary discovery .W Mf. I'ain*. tb? great <i?*hot, aa regarda the rlewHlt <*f water, and ibctf conversion by ?lertric-??y Into bght, heat, power, j p??r>*, and l*ef?W aks. it will hr jn*t a* well t?< wait tb* r?-*ult of tb? eiprritnenta a?>ouf to be made at ?b? A*i?r llw?. The pliitowpfe* la at that lio?el, hut li? ar*t>t? |9 |.r 10 b? ||nrrv to I*efi0 bis tyrntinai / II I ! III.. I I II .Mil 11 ?? St. D?i mlnno-Rmplrt of Hay tl?Hepatite of I D*mlnlr*?Ni> Green and tk? Cabinet. There has been considerable anxiety felt for some weeks past, in Washington, in reference to the A mission of Mi U. K. Green to the island of St. ii D? mingo. It has been talked oVer in the Congr??- t tional me?e?; but no one could muke anything of it. t '1 he return of Mr. (ireen, in the U. S. steamer Vixen, i has iutM und the excitement, and members of both i houses are now waiting fur his ri'|>ori to tbe De- I peitim-nt of State, with the greatest impatience. J The attention of the American people been 1 i directed towards St. Domingo, by the course which t i the cabinet have pursued, and it cannot now be | j tum<d away from this island, of which they pre- < | viously knew but little, and cared less, as they sup- i 1 poted it to be inhabited by a lot of wild negroes, i I and of no ini|tortuiice. This press has opened the eyes i i of the citizens, and St. Domingo?the lovliest and ! the Virgot island (save one) of all the West India i group?has become au object of paramount importance, and nil classes are anxious to learn its past history, present condition, and future prospects. | As it will possibly be a long time before Mr. Clay i ton makes the repot t of Mr. Green public, we will pive our readers ilie probable pith, so far as it will relute to the political history of the island. Almost from the |>eriod of its discovery l>y 1 Christopher Columbus, to 17.-C>?when the negroes | roce and massacred every white man, woman, and ' child on the Island of St. Domingo?it Iris been in i the bauds of Spain and France. The eastern and i Is rjje^t portion *f the inland, as well as the most ; Leuotiful and luxurious, was occupied by the des pendants of Spaniard.-'?the western side was ctiltiJ \ated by French planters. The latter treated their 1 negro slaves with extraordinary lenity and kindness; | their titfks were light, and they were a merry ; and a happy rare, scarcely knowing any of " the j evils of slavery;" end :bi* kindness on the part of | their masters caused the horrid insurrection. In !/."!>, w hen it occurred, the value of ihe exports of ; St. l.'omingo far exceeded those of Culm. This insurrection, with all iih horrors, crimes, and bloodshed, was hailed with rapture in HngUnd, aft j ihe lirst dawn of civilization and negro liberty. ! That w;.s the dawn; and a precious day the ne; pees have had t.f it since, in the sixty-one years 1 that have elapsed since the founding of a negro i empire in the waters of the Caribbccs. The estabj li. hment ? f negro independence and of a negro | government, was the destruction of the |>, 1 h.'pj iriess, and real liberty, of the negro population of St. D< mingo. After the memorable insurreci lion and the murder of their French masters, vice, crime, barbarity, and cruelty, were in reility d? clared fr? e and indept ndent, and set up in power. Lust arid blocd were enthroned<and have reigned ever since. In 1^2o, France, for a very large sum, ; abandoned her elaim* on those negroes, for the J 1. lids of her slaughtered subjects. In 17MJ-after the massacre?the w hitc inh ibitants of the Spanish part of the Island were so effectually seared at ihe bloody triumphs of the nrgroes of the western part over their French maeteis, that they avoided the storm of blood and carnage w hich hung over their own heads, by the n? tt quiet and entire submission to the negroes. It was this submission and quietness which ifave the impreiMon that the ivgro race inhsbi;ed and rult d the whole island. >?veral attempts were mnd* by the whit* race i to throw off ?he authority of the negroes; but they ! were unnicctesful till 1MI, when they succeeded, i and declared themselves free and independent, and formed a republican government, which th?y st) led "The Republic of Dominica." These free I w hite people modelled their government after onr own. They have a President, !~?nate, House of liepreseutaiives, and a Judiciary. The population j is about 2a0,()?)0 whites, and initialises and , blacks. The territory of the republic of Dominica, i or llispaniols, (as the Spanish par! of the island 1 ... . \ ,l.?? ... V. .1# ,,f ' ' island. The fojiulalion are devoted to agri- ' i cultural I'ureuitf, and engaged in cultivating i the cofles end sugar plantations, tad th* otUrr j eitetisive products ol a tiopical climate. In IS4"? ilm republio owed |<JOO,njn, which they 1 have ?mcc | ? fl Although they have k --? at 1 incteeant ?k> with the brutal blacks, siace ! * 14. 1 yet this little republic hat maintained itself with In n?>r in the tattle-field, and in the organization of I e\?ry depf>itt?eat necessary to n cure } older i nd a pr od government. j Shortly after ruieing their succeaeful standard in 'fl, the litlle white republic of Itaniiniea *?nt an I emharsy to nk its recognition from the great repuhlic of the Wester* hemisphere; hut the then 1 cabinet knew to little of St. l'ommjo'tlmt tliey < declined recounting lktminica. j In the enrly part of 1(M5, the illuatriou* I'alhonn, c being then Secretary of State, no sooner learned , that there exited n quarter of a trillion of frss white people, forming nn inde;* adciit republic, who hud recently lltmn oil the yoke ?.f a negro derpctism, tierce and barbnrous m its character, ; than lit- nt once took the matter in hand, despatched an f|;ent to St..l>omin*o to ascertain the htcM, i and mm note* to the I'reaeli and Spanish mini?I ters, r* ^nesting litem to nsk ihe co-operation of their rr?|ectiv? kCTtmmente with our own to s*jist ti?e white?, sr.d put d? wit their negro nusmtes. I'r.ince 1 and S|?in, through their minister*, ronli illy ae?ej t? d the projofition; but, meanwhile, Mr. Cab Ix nn had n tired from oflice. Mr. IJpchanan was | hiH suco ?sof. ^iegro questions were his horror, and he declined tronbhn>r hi* 1tesd. which was ' wcol-ga'bere J encngh w i:h the Mexican war and ; l!r I si' nh ir. nl>cut iluyti: and nobody haa ever i I j beard of the rifort of Mr. Calltoun's agent, or of the ] I alliance w lit I t?nce and Spain, until th? preaent , >ecretaty i f lie sent Mr. tircen to St. Ik>ming<>, an a tec tot envoy from th. - government. j 1 It i* n?t it all t b ar to our toir<prehfn?rai as yet, I to whi in Mr. t.ire- ii was "ent?-whether to the I i Jiit? Kcpiidic ofiM. I'oimnicf. or the I lack IJin- i 1 pire ofllayti. lie Kfm? to have l**en charmingly j' thick wrh the n'-gro moiifter. 1'atiMin I, for bo !' i ** j."' il tie a-'l w' !: i > i;! of ? nr f.rmsr I agents as ftall A'lienenn t oesulstas the Ilaytien 1 |i 3. I I'.bo th' ?u :.4>n of cerVun eli ;riv 1 St I <i: rjo and :? two .owrnm n;?? one a 1 r? j n1 !?? the c h*r nn ttr > ? whit-, t. -t ' th>-other ' lit . 111,. 1. f*t >u- s :.||J ; It 111 h< 1 world, hoth in a political srt l moral view,? i ' S.atidin^ a. *b ?e t? g -I, . th .t 1 aataguaiatic |>?ition where ns* wi'j?t inevitably ' eat up the other -the qn< Mtioa n^tnrally anm's m ' I the cahwetnof other nations " which shall it be!" , , We Iisy it from the n,??t nr ie?(n>aahle authority ' I ' that the S, aois'n g"i eminent Ituve decided 10 artiHt ' ' their l*|suiisb br-<hp a? ;he whit* citi/ena of the | J I )>s| ubltcof) jnLJ. a. Th? ' loveiiU't Gracral of ) 1 ( nla will s>-nd ae-/*n ?h force io ."it. U fttr I Jtat jmrjit"*-, as toaji a* the late trnubl*/ in Cuba j' re all nrr.if)?t i| In lln? <i'riMim of the I ? f\sfii?h Of>tirt, tthiqk perfectly frnt?rnal mil r n?nral, el.e lui, ut> ilvul4, !! ? Ui'?t inylo ' ??*r8nrr? fn m LngUa 1 ?nd Kranee I hit Uny j w ill tuMiiin h> t in m holy a Oaitaa. , Noff.iltx'MnKii ?iMl <jne*iioii. what w.ll ?tr ' r M|:?clwM rat .net >lo! If V*T O'lhere fo tlic Mob . Jj me ilrritiiK, th?-y nw#f prevent J^puin from grt:mr . ,, a f< otLi<W in f-t. 1 i n.i/.j ; :.jd ta do thi\ they ( p r!n?t ar?i*t ihe wuiot* i>l the'inpirc uf JlaWi to V driff eutthf .'^aiariiind 'be white eitixen* of ? thf KfpiihlMitf Itomiaiti lifrthr/. But we will u?f j. atten^* to divine w hat Mir |?'i .* rretvryof fur* will do. W> li*v no ilonl't, li<?we.v?f, I at that he "j ? iil ri me <fc?v n <<n an Htori>M p?M very n. j , * ith me of M* i n!i?.?nt dtpiwoanr l?tvra, v. h.rh r Will put tlir natter *0 a miuIiHI, t? br ea.-ily ,j rmrkrd fatrn. A? fi r iiirreiaee. we ?-hall <uif?|?'rt si? whifra : ^ ?nd the Kepi Mir of (tomi*.'1*. The ti%>ngtj thaw ^ brava h> ar*ert th?-ir fr<*< .iom ..gnuM if^ro ' jr Offwaaum. umiH ne**> h*v? lire# fully known ?r m><|er??f>od Hot for (lie n~er>??it? whirh we pivhlt?lird of it in the He.?/,/, {. ? tfc?* year* 1*14 and , IHft. t *tir ni'l Mnll he girrn in favor cf n nitti<>o ' r of Creole w hite*, l.oro mi the i?lan J of >t. iHiminpn, (it anil having a iifihtfnl rlaim to the ???], acH.O'-t aa empire *f higrale orang miian**', BM?re fero- | ri?u?, hnttal and cmel than a Mtioa rtf devil*.? ! J.r Mr. I lay to* *n<l hi? cabinet imt ?n(^xn uV Utter, I tf he rta-eea J .. + * tccent Piratical Clpc4ltl?n to Cnk?, and Ita (tol|iMti?ri. What is the reason that the government at VwhiDgton, and the officer* of the government u tliin metropolis, tule no pobitive and decided fep, in abedience to the law of 181S, and our reaties with foreign powers, to bring to punishment ill those who originated, aided tnd assisted in the | ectnt illegal and piratical expedition against the Viand of t ubal It is well known in this city that i Motes Y. BeHch, and his two hopeful son*, h ive iieen engaged lor the laat tUree or fou?' ytfctra, in urgHiiizing this ei|?edition?advocatiog ita purines and plans?influencing the public mind to violate the lawn, and taking all stepa which eould in any measure bring into action a body 1'Mpxlile of pcr|>etraiiug such an act as the recent ] attack at Cardenas on the coast of Cuba. There is no doubt that the mo*t |*rfect understanding existed | lurtwren these individual*, as indicated by their own avowals, and in thu recent movement* preceding the expedition to Cuba. Alter that ex,<edition had sailed from New Orleans, those persona veie the first to give th?* puhhc the first inform ition of its departure, and to hoist the " free flag of L'ubu" fmm their own buildings, as the rail) ing point and centre of attraction for hit their friends, aiders, sup|?orters, conspirators, and violators of the law of 1818, to assemble. ] Of all these facts there can be no doubt. They 1 were c|>enly |>erj>etruti d by tlio.-e i>ersonn?Mows ] V. Ueach iV Co.?l>efore the whole world, in view ! of i,II whochose to look on, either to deprecate, i to admire, or to laugh. What is the r< .son that the 1 conduct of these men, in utter violation of the law*, , i.-, permitted to pstui unnoticeJ and to rec'ive no at- | < trillion from the cabinet at Washington and the I officers of the government in this city T His there < < been a collusion or secret undcraiandiaij between certain portions or friends of the cabinet, and irr- i tuin p< rtions of the Cuba scrip-holdesrs, issued to j the umount of three millions, and sold at the rate j of ten cents on the dollar to all those who were i fools enough to buy 1 In former d?ys, Mos?* Y. i \ Kencli nnd family had become di-tinguisLed fur financial ojk rations in various country banks, located in several States of the country. The Jack- ' KUiville Bunk was one of those famous. institution*; lite Lehigh Hunk was another distinguished engine : i f p;.per patriotism ; but th" l ?I and iu? t important ] was the Plaitifield Bank, which, after scattering ita , premises to jwy upon a deceived community, cx- | plodtd in full, anil an indictment w as procured in I I I I...1 I IUI llli' Ul IU* tL'lM)UL.uu> ^unn. vvuiu n<>t he found. These fiuauci tl operations, how- ; | ever, have been transcend- d y tlie recent brilliant i exploit* in the Cuba expedition, starl'd and set on ' foot by tli"- naif i f litre? milium* of t'uha scrip, at tJ:?- rate of ten cent4 on the doll ir. We reiterate our enquiry?What is the reason ; that the cabinet, and the i geutaol the cabinet in thin di-tnet, are so tduw in nseertaining the real ; originators and principal sr; porters <>f that piratical expedition to Cuba! IjOoL at the number of cheated, deceived, and unhappy individuals, from various parts ot the South and We-t, returning to the I'nitcd Srulet?theuted und imposed upon bv tht se who, for the last four )e*r.-, have been holding out id 111 k of revolution iu Cuba, ,md the ultimate posse asiou and appropriation of that wealthy und pros|>erous island! Who have been the in >*t active in circulating the?e ideut>??iu promulgating tht He false views, in opposition to the Uwt Aloses Y. Beach, end Ins hopeful family, have been the ' principal promulgators of these views? th<* orijjiiiators of the < X)>ediliou?anil are ani''iiable to the laws of the couutry for its rcMilrs and violation*, an now presented 10 the puldic. Vet, with an impudence unparalleled, they are writing letter* to t ongreuf, to the Secretary of State, and to the Spani.-h Minister, denying the plain ami palp?bl? fi.cts connected v?i?h these 1 in.-nla, ami their past connections with these affairs. I Again we call ujHin th> government at Washington, and the government oflicr* in tine district, to . mark und digest the fnct*. Tli* ?viderice kg mist I hew originators of the piratical expedition is plain find palpable, and there ih no ditlicnlty in |x-rforuin.g tlieir dutv, if tln-y intend to do it ul all. llut we : Joubt whether the eabiuet means to carry into ' rfl'ect the laws of the country in reference t>? the nprincipled hnd marauding expedition. We fear hat mauy of the familiar* of'the cabinet are too much c< unectcd with its corrupt aud illegal origin; , ut m hope that Mr. Clayton mi >??u la- ea1le<i lo an account in CongreM for the policy be has uraued in this Strang*' and complicated buaintts. | 11c cannot e?e?|>e our vigilance ; so he in y i^ejwr'* Mir !?? lithl uli.1 HtfVu/vbl .1 alt lK? im h.i^ln'UH )et undergone. Tumir-Six Tmikty?Tii* (!*iut I'i:i>?. ipix tiik Nashv ili-k Cow r."\ nov?The annexed table v ill 1* interesting lo those who have not looked at ( the great national question through t*e medintn of I lain facts. At the North, we have more than a million of square miles more of territory, shove the i lice of Mi SO, than the .South. That fact i.- worth 1 remembering, when we nre invited to ad?pt aboli- ( licnist and cabinet theories:? 1 Tet?l furfaee of old territory. rs?t of lh? llocky Mountains iu ?<|U?r?- iun. ? t. 4 4*.% < Total in acr*s C.".t 4 I'D 1 Total of new territory w<?t i f the llotky Mountains Iu ?.|uari-utiles SS7.74I Total la arm. 25.'' S10 Texan In Kjusrs in Ik? 326 53) In acre 2>"i XIX >00 tiiaml total of torrUurWs and T?*ii?. la quiirr miles 2.1*7 400 flrsrd tolnl In sere* 1 jou9v<.i4d Total north of.'K d>-|r UU niln In sonars mile* 1.642 714 In sere' 1.U1.CI1,7W Trtsl ?eoth ol It d?g 3o niln Iu ?.juar? mile* 64S712 In Sll UliM1) !.?? .tii ur I'. S Sn Coot Atlantis Coast inllr* 1.900 '*>nlf t'oa?t 1 floO I'lrlDc Coast 1 620 Total 4.1 JO Total ;?-i:fctb of shoealia* ' J* Oo3 As mutt have bsx-n *"n. the Nashville Convention has very Conclusively shown that the great principle for which th? Southern States mean lo contend, is the running out to th~ Pacific the line of 80 I'D. Already, the promulgat on af this demand, as the one upon which the South w ill conreijtrate ita w hole strength, ha.? !? -? n ?iT-rtual in Itovinc the earnestuess of the N>uih upon the great js.inls at issue. No political jugc!" has concocted 1 he principle. It emanates from tie' souls of poaihrn freemen, and its operation upon the political tharacter of th< nation must be s< nsibly felt. We f reeive that, thus eaily, it haa bad iN elleet upon Congress, now attaching vast i nportauce to the rttov<menl r'ong on in the South'rn Slates, and a Inch wl'l be encouraged by liberal an ) enlight?B? d nniids in the Northern States. "l h< r? is romehing eminently practicel in tMJ Ilu. Ir i? easily unl? rstood. No theory palsies it. The commercial men. of which class the mass of the population are vtmcd, understand figuris, and they prefer 16 u<* lirm An t< tis'iil n timuil aiii#?f n r.iflw?? than >, I lav* the country ttftrnflnl, At M'mr lutiirr day, lijr 1 h?* in*?hod. and jK>??ihlr un|mriic?tij.i, < h?.n?? * Vmndrd in tv\r tn?roTy. Hi rid< all ill* ?enMllo nri of thr North eoin- * .Je Willi all th<- ^imtli, in ?ii?- !<>lief (ho t N?lb? rn Mnt< ? arc entitled to *<111.0 admntatro, in t whalf of tlioir institution*. Iriin t)i? foil derived, l?y 1 mill Imhti nil., from MfiKO, Nn<i which wm < t ,airr<l \>y ilir lo?? ?.f nvtny of t!?e moft valuable l??P IID'I the Wwhl Of the folltll. It |? M< } (IjmMo * 1 fart, that no mnn imlmfil With a pj'irit of jn?tice, ' nn drnv thkl the foiith nrr rouatittltioMlly, M } J nil mi an gnghit ally, entitled t<> m unuin their J n-timtion? hv l|ie ?tfriM of ih?- |?<pulur will. . 1 will coarrn rate upon greoiprinciple? , iich m tin* MiMouri lino ?*?t?*n?|f.| ? nn<l lha r>?'ili* H'W Iftmnirir to l?* fontlMriiiwrd anil felt at P A'<<ahin|:i n, and inother port# of the country, will < mve a n.imtorfy wiH dwtolve termination The iitollijrnt politician ill perceive thit tln.? i>rimi- f lo once fully eettled ?k>Wn 111. n l>y tlio .Smth. will J[ nther ?ir? nttli frooi (* pojailitfity "in very .|ii.%r?r, t-t Jem fri 111 it* ! *%*) inerita than from the ^rent ri tojutitn that iiiuot Ut?- pirn r amonf the political :.rtir? of tJ?e country. ^ k Tho inu<tit> p*riy H iJi* <"nit> d Stalfi form* ih* " it ioiity rf tli?- t?ople. it whp rhi* pirty thit 11 L11 ?<i ('ior.rrnl Taylor in tl?e Presidential rh?jr; r( nd let it cm fl*?l > imclea*, *Av h a* the prrut prki- *' 'I'lf rtf lh? Niihvill' Conwiiti?n otahl.olios, und h 10 will I* mi < nd tc ohl party dictim tion?. Tho r]4r will riilly fur jn. tiro, rod 11 ill decide tho ft ?\> tf quratn n. ?h their *ole? wo iU decid" il to- k' -iy. f>y uiiirp the .South that fair ajiawor to it? f 1 1 . I if< 01 :n?l?, tow hie.1! i? i? niiiM hjt o<|*ny nd rMMtltntlnml |?w. ' If i? vt-ry f TuVii* th thr ntit'ure of per. j j,, nal nnihiiii 11 ?ith th?- intrignoa of th# ?'.?hin -t, ' toi 1 Pgrt'P will hr uiinblo to iiceoiii)4i?h ^nythmx int jr tho prr*fnt wn ltwill*<| mti Tlio wkulh UnflMim will fortv a now and f^ry w? rt?il (*rt? ? now only a arnaiM? minorny, *rr.lio* io iWiIimI Mrkimiiur?and th? eroal pihi ll)( ill ho iintiro to tho *Voth, and tli* harm*nr of ! tt?? o cr uiw?nr}-, I 14 Fashionabij: Arrival*.?Dr. Brewster, the eele?iaud dentist of Faris, has arrived at the New fork Hotel, ia company with hia beautiful wife, ? ho, it will be remembered, is the aitter of Dr. >nnett, the gifted editor of the I^ondon I^aneet. IrVhile Dr. Brewster was in Luro|>e, his professional kill was called into requisition by crowned heads ind noble families, who, "in epi(? of their teeth," were found to acknowledge the Doctor'* accomdishmeuta in his art. liven the Kmperor Nicholas ixd 10 pay tribute to >11111, in the shape of a tooth, ind the Dactor put gold iu the Autocrat's mouth otouie purpose, enraciing much more from the >ur*e of Nicholas. In ftci, l>r. Brewster has had 1 monopoly of the business in Kurope, and, for -everwl jeais, has outstripped every riv-il, English, Frenchund fieiman, moulding and fitting a new jaw to fame, lie now returns ua a short visit to tiis native laiid. Nsws, etc, sot Pi'slisiito.?The Hoport of tbe Tenth Anniv>-r*uiy ol tbe Colored Home; the Proceeding* of Ibc Meeting* of the Tailor*. Urisklayers. and Pliwterir?; the continuation of the proceeding* in the Arnold Divorrs Cass; and nxveral letters from our Washington enrretpond* ut*. c .ntainlng graphic d**tsil? of the exriling scenes In Congress, to wit, th<? Tilt betwnon 8e[inlorn Clay nnd llt-utvn: New and Highly Important iiround ot the President; the Ultimate Plan of the Saulb: Governor McDowell'* tjpeecb; Senator Alsu5 urn's \ lews. &.< . &c. Th? Itiilliiii niu<m. To-night. hy the tirbm).'!1 of tu.'n of the three principhl female vocalists. Bignora Uorfio will personate l.ui 'a. iu the popular opera of - Luclu <li I.ii mineral nor." Thia will t>e an Interesting oeccaelon, part icularly ?* she will sing that tloriU mi l yet Jelicious curat ilia which *i< into the open by Ponlietti for Mndauie I'ersianl undoubtedly the in Oft accomplished and artistic vocalist. at one time, ill 1'tiri* and London. Besides thin new charm, the distribution et characters includes aome ot tho moat finished Tocalist* of the company. A fashionable ludience will be brought together by such an entertainment At the Taliern?tele, to-morrow eveuinif. the full orcbestin under the direction of Bottestni and Arlill, mill open n magnificent convert. Fourteen splendid composition* will be perlormed. introducing Steffaiio11 i. lJosto. Ted< in. Cottlnl, Marini. -alvi. and (7. H?altli. SlgutriMi i 1 lene S toe pel will also mako her drat ppcarance in this country. performing on the piino [orto two celebrated compositions. 8uch an arrangeau nt a* this will be very satisfactory. ?nd tbeTaberuarle will be brilliantly attended on an occasion so remaikable for the introduction of such varied talent Koa Tiir I..OD 01 Omu.?Two steamer*?the Georgia m l Philadelphia? It fl. yesterday, for Chajre*. Amoug the passetgtr* iu the latter, were Dr. IV IV. Martin'* ^om |?ny. ft obi Nashville. Tennessee tor San Ktancisco flu y carry out machinery, and will use the quarts rock in their milling operation* They are In excellent Health aud line tpirit*. We wish them abundant sue* sew. and a *alV return home City Intelligence. lilt IM>I STKIAI. tOMlKE1-*. i-v. ring the delegates ef trades met in congress at (iran<j atrtet llall. in Urand street, near Krend ay The attendance was not. very large, but pre- I leuted a very respectable, intelligent class of meBhaalcn. >lr. K. Arthur Haily. rrcnid'.nt, took the chair. Mr. llrnry J Ciatu acted as Secretary. Aftir soBie eitdcutlals were received of delegate*, the following resolution was submitted, vliieh nut with both support and opposition :? Knotted. lliat it '* recommMdeil to th? mechanics of tie city, a? ? n *? | nible, to oriraiii/a co-operative unl >n?, or the purpose of leauuctiuf their bueiuuu for their owa ?i utflt. It wa? finally r< ft rred to a committee of thirteen. to report upon ?hl?h cominittee are also to report on ltii* r molallon*. A resolution was adopted that each rude report, through its del? gate, upon it* cmdlllon, n orJerto furnish the groundwork for thclutur#aclou ot the Coi.grt s? The meeting adjourned at halfmat

11 o'clock, till Thursday evening next A full cport to-morrow Tin Baltimoi.i: Giiiv* awn Tiir. Xsiioiai Grsnu.? fester day morning at 10 o'clock, the Baltimore tireya ffmbl< d ot: tht liuUeiy. where they paraded in beauilul style Ihcre was a large crowd iu attendance. i.. .i.ii. _i.i,.i, .-II..-...I ti.. iravlueM of tlit ir grey uniform. They pert'-rajed batallon drill mill wt-rr lcudly cheered Tii* luauu-r In thlch they executed the rk!ruii.:biii/ ch-tr^lng-step. order. order arm*. and the centra movement, :allcd forth the p.ft'idiu ol every judge of military Mtiri. The crowd wm eo great and proceed Id so lowly, that It wtt* impossible for half of th-ia* who rere present to see what via don* There was no iriatgcwcnt u.ade to kcip o|] the crmd. unl noma of he boys wire latbrr *urly whin kept hack. One of hem said In half-joke aud half-enrnest "Ton had I wtttr rrad the rtot." a remark wbleh elicited loud nughtcr. Thin drill wa* perfect ; It occupied about ihrve-quarter* of an hour, when th< company narcbtd ott the ground and returned to their >ead-fjuyrter? at Ilarnum'* In the afternoon, at I O'clock, tbe eighth coinpauy neveu'h of regiIflt Of ktau BiUltin. 1 ;trr kns'.vn ns the Niiional uard. paraded In the old Arsenal, lu Kirn street. and in inmn ut.e a?>< nit in congregated t> witnee* It Many ot the lialUuiore Cray* wera present. TUU eompt>ny. wblih le cctuuniudi d by Capt Hhamway. fully sustained Its reputation. the reputation of the regiment, and <f Mm mintIs >>t this etty Nothing could br !"* '*>uUf|il all was aarfcet. anil htltlnwa Cray* werofm Ti-u . : :n their applauar It *o?MW difln ult t<> d< ti ruiitn which company drill d be*t. for both ?i re Perfect. K"th there cotnf :iBies drill at the tap of the drum- the Haltlmore '! ray* a!?" at tbe souud of tha bugle. The Monumental City and the Empire | I ity. Bred not be afraid t? compare with any other city in the I uiteJ fctate*. or in the world, in the mill- | tary skill and teal ct their ritlien soldier* After tha parade ov? r. a private of the llitk company of tha National Cuartl entertained the eighth company at a splendid diuLi i at k)iui??. iVO Itroadway. where ttiey spent a tery pita-nut evening. Plata ? A Are was discover! d yesterday m~rnlT?g in I he I.amp ?tore. 218 Canal *treet, belonging Ij Polnniun c Keilly Tbe ] rem'.si * w-re considerably damaged by fieai.d wat.r Another fire was dlrcovired a tout 3 o clock yesterday uiorulng lu Xo. 170 Chatham strict, ! occupied by II nge* k On . a? a boot and sho* store The l>uildmg wa? considerably damaged Th< at i leal and Ilffaleal. Rewrav Tnttrai ?This evening Mr. Wlnan*. the favorite ci median. take* hi* hem Hi. when a bill of fnat attrni lion wiil bi presented 1'he entertainment* 1 will control n-e with the tragedy ot " liottgla* or the NoMa hbepherd ' Mis* h Benin taking the part of louugXonal Mr Gilbert a* < ?ld N octal. Mi Wallaek 1 k Ultnalvon. and Mrs Wallaek a* l.tdy Itau ! >!ph. Ihe iir*t piece will be -Jon In London.1' In which Hi nan* will appear a* Joe and slag threw entitle Mings M'inuns 4**srves a good hetiaill. h h.-iTing tor a 1 >ng lime contributtd to tha aiuuseuieut of tn.. It .*?rv k Iks lian?pwa? TiuaTar ?Mr llachaiiaa tlie tnr' lake* his l? in lit this evrtiing. when It i* h' p- t hi* friend* wtli exett thenis. Ire- In glilng him a bumper rhe tragedy ol " tltliillo " I* the plec- aeleeted. In ahich l? alll rrpti sent the noble M>K<r, and Mia* M lluret the part of Iie*d> mona Mr I'rolt a grsat faroilte and a fine aetor. will tii'taln the ch.iraeter of :he tared villain laco. which he play* t?i the very ite Vr?di riaks and fb?w. two gr at acquisition- to he Hroadway *t?ck cmpaoy will also Tha imnseliiaata a|l| eooelude with flo new faroe of tha Thiaa Cuckoo* ' hiaia's 0?li>H.-W? are plea ml to sss that llrougl a>n I* coming out la hit ra:u.U lenient Al- | hough MrUr< ugham l? clover la rtrylhin* h? nj. lerteke*. itil I* ackBowl<^ged hy all to h* ait-ic 'lleBt i n.ed:au yet wr maiBtain his f.irte lie- la IrUh harai'ti r ll< will appear tbi* cveulng. ia the Nt- | ir?os Man " as McPhan** Mr Chi(p?ud4le as A-|.en lira. A i rn> n who haa no Id her Una. will auttaln 1 the part of Mr* t laekltt Miles t'alesta and Carlina j si.i dance a Highland fling: and the eiiteralnineBta will clasv with the new laree >>f " out on a l.ark Wi are glad to Mrcalve that the light and inmsing Onoia* now b< ing played at Nlbio'a. are Irawlig rrtp et house* Hi arts', iHittai -lliis evening Mrs. Hus*ell who ' s geaerally admlretl a* an artrea* of gMt dramatic ihility. ti kes her beoeBt The perfwrniauees com- | iieu< v with lolm ? '? harletta "f the Hlae l?evil?." , lurtoB a* Migtlm. The ni *t pi-c* wUl Int tin eotne. 1 ly cf Pwiethsart* and \t Ive*. lu which Mr* Ku<>?ll. uits t bapaian atul Me-sr- Iturt n t.larke aud H.t * lllappsar Mias alters aud M t'rvderlek will ei vute a I'a* de Tarvntell?. aud the a at u-f ui?nt * will (BFlude with the ' Et<>B Hoy," Mr* Ku-seli a- T -ta be Ktoii boy. Mmosii lentil -The V'nefit of Mrg C. B ' lui/r crmi s i ll thl* evvnlog. when a hill of groat attaclK a will bi pres< Bted Ihe great negro repreaea. atlve Mr T I> Kir* ?111 appeai In ht* gteat cbarao- I r of Junib" Jttm and Mr* Many a* Mury Wilavn I 'be ilrama of ihe liruakard will fi'llo*. In which Ir II M atklns. wl,o 1* *ald to be a capital repraeenlB- ' Ive of Kdaanl Middle tun. the liruukard. will appear n that character Mrs Muny will recite an addree* I o the American Hag. aad tbe amu-emeul* w||| cits* ilth the capital burlrs-jue ol tha - l.?dy of tbe Lion* " | Ir fiurk" In bl* Inimitable character of Clod. I immi i tiimt llaa*? ?1 li* ??m? prrr<>m?n<*t? nr ' ''nt* (I'** fhom a?. iuelrunautal ilioarlayo and i- I ulrlta datitiiig. all! rt.?e off at Mm-haute* 11*11 th.a venteg Oi.TMtf* Florae'* eouipanr ?un< nnrn for till* lt>( a Ihj laterrrtlag |.to*ran>ait of ituinim nlf MiiHim.- White * nader* will r- present tba lark Phekera. kml fltt otlur *ke<eha* at H < *> rjr : night. Cniriii SIi <? at ?Tba ( blaaia Lady i? dill helng lhlllt'd >/ liamnni Pe?lde? the ad?.in*ga of ?a*lng ?r and h't attendant*, ilia rt?ilfn can alaar an ileal Til roller I k>n t.i rata rurlo?lti?? A?'<|| I> tiro i ? - Thin e?Ulli.lia>?nt I* nearly lupl-Ud and a 111 likely he opem d <m Monday n it t'??Ti? 0??ii? A alelt to tl> l? rot.l uad fair- blag .cation will aril repay the ri?iur? thl* Ama?oa 1 he mti>lr of Lo.ter* Ban J I* all-umtient to trill atery tl?ra ol the h?art, and tba *?i m-ry ?urundinff thi? ?! -l?.tic amphitheatre i? pntiiro?.jn" id toautlful Maitmtnla of Indialilaaal*. Ilea A H llwll-y. K?'| . Hon J. M I'olrmin Clnnnatl. T F lla'ne*. J C f'lark. 1? P A and iw? atidred aad tllly thr-a cthrrv arl>nl In till* ell/, -terday and l~?k iw?ne at ')i? Irving llonaa M. J.eai* L*4 * . aad o?e huadre.j and *1* < th-ra. il?? d ;?l?rih;. and took r?*a>< at Ik* A?t?r If ?u*?. The kfyregvla nnmlirr nf arrival* at the |.rt:i?ij?ai >t?l<W lhe elty. ye-Krlny aa? alaten hmidr-d aa<l a. IMaaa fman Nttlro. 1 he Nea 4/rl-ana I t'?*'<" ha* ad? en fmai the ety tie ilea to -1" tilt. (,'nngf** *4* In < an tra m ion. O the .'ah loit . to ?< n*ld?r the #tata of * Tr?a?ufj, <if whlefc, tba Mrreiff-a* ??J" defend* ?al?aii?n ?f the t ublir The cb'Vera at tal.ado- < fiMHINlliilk itU' raglrf, I Interesting Cabtn Ot'K REV WEST CORKESPONDEWC-B. Kkv Writ. J un? 4. 1840. Tkt Cuban Erptdilian?Interfiling Particular!? *f ikt Smranae, Germantvwn and Albany ? RjMtlinf Srttui iff Havana ?Tlu Anticipated Conflict i?twen Ikt Amtruan and .Spa fin A Mm-vf-If jr. Whilst the p?pirH of every seetiou of the Caiou arc teeuitDf with statements and conjectures abeut Cuba affairs. as varied aud apoehrypbal an the veriest ruid nunc rould desire, a few words of truth and soberness from this point, to which the eyes of the frieods at-d the enemies of Cuba are now turned, may be interesting to your renders. General Lopes lrft here in the Isabel, en the night of the 2?d ult. The Spanish war steamer Pitarro went t? sea a few bourn previous, and the pilot who carried her out. reported that he learned from her offleers that iht would Isy off the harbor, and put the Ueneral ot Marines on board ol the Isabel, * passenger fur, Charietton. Humor at onoe circulated various stories, all going to show that the Isabel was to bs boarded and searched for Cuba patriots; and some parties here, wbo might well have assumed a hiitber tone for l the inviolability ot our flag, advlstd Capt. Rollius not to take Lopes, a* the Isabel would certainly ba overhauled. fin d into, and pcrbap* sunk. llollln*, however, is too old and gallant ft seaman, and repose* too inucb uouttdencw in the protection of our flag, to be readily alarmed by *uch mistaken ooun- | els. hopes himself regarded the supposed pari! with tbat air of peculiar contempt, which tinges all Lin feelings toward* Cuban authorities. A day or two after he left, warrants were Issued by the United State* District Court for the arrest of the supposed leader*, ami several grntlemeu are now in ouslody, atd required to find bail, each in the sum of OWl In view of the fact*, that Ueueral Lopex was the head I and li-ont of the wholti affair. and these ]>arlleii but ! secondary agents?that $3.0UU tine, and three yearn ! imprisonment. are the utmost penalties fixed by the j statute under which they are arrested; and tbat th<'y are total stranger* here, and without other hope of ! flndliig the r< quired bail, tlian through the syuipathies nt the people of thu Island, this bail is regarded ; here as excessive In default of it, they must ot course go to juil. The Creole in still held by the Collector, under the charge. 1 presume, ot violating the pass. tiger act of 1M7 Captain Lewi* has been urteslad for violating the first section of the same, and upon a motion to discharge liiin. his participation in the atfuir was fully heard and argued No dacision has yet been made, and he is still iu custody. The Sanuiac. Captain l'atnall. and the sloops Germautown and Albany. Cap'aius l.owudrs and Randolpli. are iu port. ^ ou have already let- rue 1 that the Cuban authorities have seized. up>>u the hi^h seas, near the coast of Yucatan, the American brig Sarah I.oud. and hark Ueorgiana. with about titty per* sons, including their officers and crews, and have I flitm now iu (heir possession, the prisoner* being treated with the greatest indignities. These vessels wort-chartered by the chiefs of thf expedition. for a voynge f'rt in Ni w Orleans for Chagre*. They proceeded ou the voyage ; and near the lelauds of Coutoy and Mugerea. their pacsengers wire taken out by the Creole, uid they were discharged, there [remaining on Jirf.ard tii? bark tweutynine passenger*, with tickets tor Cliagrea, who refused to join the Cuba party and were ou their homeward voyage, the brig for Huston and the bark for New Orleans, when they were taken by thu Pixarro. It Is said. Hbd Ibis story wan told by the 1'izarro'n officer* here, to the pilot, thai these parties were regarded by the Spaniard* as pirate*, and that ropes were placed around the necks of the olficer*. whow?-re choked for some minutes, under prctcuce af compelling ; them to disclose their plans 'lbi* cannot but be re- ! garded by every true iotrntn heart a* the grossest : outrage which our flag ha* suffered for forty yearsan outrage wiiich our government, we believe, will not I fail prop* riy to notice The vessel*, officer* and crew, i were inuocent parlies?innocent even of any knowledge (d the designs of their passengers, and the twenty-nine )>er*ons on board the Georgia na had embark- ] ed from New Orleans for Chagres. had refused to join ' the Cubans, and were on their return to the l ulled States They were with the exception, it Is believed, ! of one. citizen* of the I'nitrd State*. Hut regard their i I ease in ill worst light:?Suppose they started, vessels ! I and men. to go to Cnba. and afterwards repented and i returned: cau the Cuban authorities ???ume to punish them f>r their intention? Can they overhaul and search ! our vessels upon the high ?eat?discriminate and select . i fri in the Americaa citlxens en board, those whose 1 v - w s ot 11,0 ( 11! ill ( * en.ill. 'It I.I..J I'T '?! distasteful. I iuimure th> m in their guurdshtp* and dungeons, and 1 ..II .1 I ..I .lu.fiiil la... UI'J'-WI III' 111 ?n? ? UI'IVKK ..1 uirpunrui, , There can be but one opinion upun thin "uliject and ; * are bapiy to know that cur naval offlccr* ar? fully i ] alive to the insult lnfli< t**<l upon in. Captain Randolph ' , made a demand U)*>n the Captain General far the two vends. which lie peremptorily rilueed; upon which Capt .K. informed liim,'of hi? determination t* take them. He at once got the Albany and Germmtown ready for action and lay off the Moro. awaiting the coming ip of tha hark and brig la charge of their prlra crew*. A SpaoGb Irigale and two corvette* lay off near thorn, and lu thi? nmnner both partlc* prepared for the tonteat. in full view of the w hole elty A day of Interna amlety pa??ed. An action would have at once routed the inland of Cuba In revolution; I.ope* would th?a ' have bee* regarded at the oetenelble Invuder. the I nited Slate* a* the real The tuperlor efficiency of our two (loop*, th-lr evident xupurlority lu nailing and dlteipllne working like two pilot ; bo**", UH ? JuuWt vb the mind* ot the thou-and* of < I anxloua r|a-ctatora a* to the reeult, and every by art on le ard ef them. fr?a the commander tothe wardro mi boy*, vaulted in the proepect of certaiu victory In j thi* po'itlcn ?tot d affaire, when the Saranac. with Cap- j j lain Tatnall came up aud order d our ve**d* here, i l aplaiul at nail * p?-itlon wua one of rate and evident ' dilllt'ulty lie uw at a glance the a^gre??ive conr*e o| tlx Spanish authorllle*. and hi* own g.u*rou* and Im- ' pnl*ive nature required no prompting* to Induce him to *reH from th<m their prla?? The condition of lit* j fliifi and the confident glance* of hi* ofllwr* an 1 men wire hi- tun-lie. f? r *nceea* axaiu*! the odd* that , 1 might b? nppoaed to him. Hut he wm *cnt by hli government to Cnl>? under order*. which lu eflkot hlu. for the time being, the a??.'ciat?. If not the ally ot CuUb 4repoii*m -ordi r* which required him to act with, and not agnin?t It; ordcre which would have j jutliflel him l.< u-iug hi* Beet a? a ciwut guarl, to prev< nt a ^tri';:gling people fi i.i it mng any aid from hi* couutrj n.< n In i-uch tituatlon*. commander* Ire- i i (lueully eiliiblt by forWar^nee the greatest evidence* , f courage and conduct. Tlte Cr-t exchange of ?hol? between the ?panleh and Ann rlcan >blp? would have hern the death km 11 of m* utrchy in Cuba ; and from every turri t, peak and rra^c of her caatlo*, and her i uimiuUIb". tin rejoicing* ?f her children would h<*ve | I * < < ndi<l i M'e have llle* of the llimio A' la Ma, i?4, in which we ' 1 *ee the i aptitkn Gey ral'* uunouiii'-iueiit that Cap'.ain ; Tatnall liit<1 inour- .l him lltitt the \umrican ?quadron | wa? *ent f o aid tb hpaui'b aulhoritli # to ptevent the j l eip.dilU n from landing lu Cuba tan tbW be *o' , i Can the administration Save giveu ?uch order*' From i < the promptitude dieplayd iugivingofn.-ial publicity to th>*unonnc. meut, we ere at a glance th* importance | att*< h<'d to It by theauthorltie* *nd the biiii-tulelleet* i It mu?t produce upon the brave *plrlt? In Cuba, pant- ' i lug Ivr the Mgna! to ri*e and throw off the tyraunieal ! 1 luciibu* which eiuthc* the lat<r<-t* and the *plrlt of i ' her pi. pie TliC?e who think the people ol j Cuta do not with a change of g"v<-rum*nt. or ' j are un; repaired f r It. know but HtUe of lb-ra? , , llatrid lor th'-lr oi>pre* or*, and a det< roilu.d ipirlt to i c throw f IT their yolc kurnid not more brightly In the 1 ' bi art* < f T'il * littlw band, than It d ? ? at (hi< mo- I I nient In the heart* of h<-r Creole population. Hut. , wllh ev<ry vfllce of honor trntt or e;no| jmmt. every | p??at. civli and niill:a.*y lu the hand/ of their enetnl*-* I ? ivriaw d ly an ItulLenM ataiidief- a' my and | tli?lr m<'V? tn> t)l* aud language wateh'd by dlacinlined , l epitt. and all uuder the ? te cr ntr<4 <>| on* military < d-?j it- thelf | lan* of revolt, th'ttgh repeatedly form 4. have hitherto b?'en cru'hed. dr' n* d lu th< blood of * her pure-1 patriot* Pcaro-ly a y<ar 'lac" Itiiha* i>a>*ed. without au attempt at revolt. A r-l?r?uce to > icr hi>t ry. ev< n to the file* < f h- r public prlnU. will 1 > firete thi*. and yd there are tho?e am ng u* who l j<4n the Captain General In ringing [nua to th> hippy ' cetitllllon I her peinle. and the paternal ?way of h?r aoniLineiit .and other*, whur* eon-? rvatlem m?y be ^ eubiUted up in W hal I* ii light. ' who contaminate the atmei'i'li re < f ireudom by deuounciag every at W ...P. ' " f W * aiinilt iht propri*ty <>f gorrrntii' nt%l int?>rf?r*ne* > to | n wiit tullliarj n^iiu.i aithiu wur trrrltory I ?, .?in?t I'alta 1 h< *rt of IMS rn|U for It Bat** J hi - i tainlr n t oallr J upiu t" nniti t.tir g*ll*nt n ??y ' * In that cf th* nn?t th' ruUkh di-apollrtii on ntlh on i th* roaat* of L'u'-a to drttruy tlir c.f a down- I tr?J>l? n ?>'! ' ta t!.i r ikrU fur frii-doa tfaeh a I | duty rhii bir<llj W ' If'?ft? J fr ni prop!*-*u*h a t Ju'j la unworthy of < ur navv Thr ga'iUot rpiril* who I ? 1 M?r i< r fifty JMil |r<udly b- ro?' th* MM* and Mripi I b|H'Ti i tt rj .1 a tli* barhiugrr of ?yinp?lhy to thr op. | MTt-Mvd ?l all nation* tb<- ruiN* iu of th fr**d'>? of r ll'lt tan ?li ulJ h"t l>* Biad* th* ln?triini'nu i f r rpj r? -ion In thr hand* of a tyrant That flag, which * la many diatant laud* auil I t peril". **ett*ui"ut?. and iu<lw< ii o?tLrtak?. ha* wa?*d It* prot*cttng fold* o?*r all ? ho t,?It. r> d th'Ui?l?'? ht-urath it. nhoald ant ?? w I# thu ? n to thr hr**i* upon th* ?h"re? of Cuba, au rtnblrui'f tytnpathy with tyrant? Our na*y. r?- a a- It dm* tl. n'B'iln of a lLu?*nl gloria*. ' 1* di ar tu lit# heart r.f en ry Am?rl<*an , but If thli la to *J be It* IB. ? ltl> duty- ita dMlllf-tnuMt wonld wo " ? *?eiy "hip 'ink Into th* bo*oai ol th* ocaau. and ! are ii* nothing to rhcrUb hut the r*l*ctl?* that ib iil< rl?? had Bftfr heeu taraWlfd, 11 I* undi r?t< d hrre that ('apt Tatnall Informed k thr* apt loBtrnl that be had ord< r? Ii m Ma gnerm- '? m?nt to !>! in pre**atln> th* aaprditlon from landing g lii lit* it.l i-ki I Mm h''? h? f"?M hr>l r??d?r lh?? w ridirf hi t)'flcial to hlu and thai th* Captain Hfniral lep lied. l.y r< uialnlng brr?- la Harana. ?r do ?nt ned your analMaar" " V?> thi* a "Wfi Md Ii* d??i|rn an l?ltm?tl< n that th* good faith of onr ?a*y a* and that hi long hi It rualn"! und*r hi* ?yr it would > * ha*t Jnjiirtou*' Th? fi rr?# of the ripodltion a t? w < ffl**r* *lrrpt*d. h*?* l?fl ui for their M'**ral ho?*a. and It I* du* to to fay. that although we had ii" military or eltil fotr* on th* Mnnd not th* ?llcbte?t dl*ord*r -net th* n mot??t attempt to Tlolat* law. dl?tnrb th* ^*a*?. or r**i?t authority, wai dl?play?d Th*y **r* g. a. raiiy Irom th* lnt*rf?r ?f th* w?t*n >tat< and nuiah*r*d am- n*?t th> m a? n of th* high**t and w*allhir?t fatalli<? Ih< p*opl? h>-r? villi a?*ry b*wct**ptl?n* ayai. pathic d WMinly with th- m and i *:*nd d to tti*m *11 po>*U>l' aid. Th< * tahrn In th* hrlg and hnrh ar? lmpr!??n? I "n hMil "'a gnard*hlp and aurb of th. m a? ?h ill arap* th* y?ll*w lr**r tin rho|*ra and ?h* t< ,nl r m- rr i-? o| 11,*-lr k< ? p?r?. m?y h- p? to #P' nd th* halan** ot th*lr lltf? In rb:\a* !** onr fn**rnni''nt ahall aot Mm lit if 1 b* r*'|U**ta of onrContnlt di apt Tati.ill. I' ?*"lh?Bi. w?r* p ?ltl*r|y r*fu?*d Th* Caat Um*ral. howi Trr Jmlm*t*d l?-*t h* r> >gnl**d a dlf. fr " I" ' - 'n Ih *lf *? ind that of tK. p. r* ? W'ft It i ' A'linli ,-\M* * mti -r- n?i.'n ' P*rha|.? if (i* lad raptor->1 th*iit In tb* MWIaalpf tor at N*w >rlraa* in-t'?d rf th* h'ch '** hi* l***?*y wi aid V < *(!!! ni- r* |ra*to?* { 0~ Tht Con toy PrtMim. [Fro* the Washington Raps bite. Jan* 13.1 Dti^tUbt* were jrMtrrdaj received it th? Nwrj Department from Capt. Tataall. of the United Btataa ?r??i frigate - Saranae." which ware written of Kit Wast. in the 'id of J una. We learn that Captain T.. on hi* arrival at Havana, on the 'i&lh ultimo, found that the Spanish Ueneral of Marine, on hi* return to that place, Id the war steamer fliaiTo. from hi* pursuit of the Creole, after the affuir ut Cardenas. brought with him, a* prisoner*, the crews and other persona found on board of two captured American merchant irurli; that Conma nder Randolph, of the Vnit-d BtaMa sloopof-war Albaiy? which, with the <i?rmaatowa. Oommauder Lowades. waa then off the harbor-and the United Statea Consul. had called <>n the Spanish authorIll.'# for Information In regard to the prlnoaera, bit could learn nothing further than that tbcj had captuied two vessels. with American paper*, from New Orleans a part of tbe invading force, aud that they held proof* ot their criminality; that thaj had refuted to comply with the demand of Commander Randolph, to be permitted to are the prisoner* and the avldence, an<i referred him. lu due season, to the eaurt bet or* wbieb they would be arrulgned. t'xpta.u Tatuall turtbtr found, that bo d^po-dtlon* or It.lormatioiis. in relation to the c*pture?, had b?ea flic d in ibe Counsel's office, aud that nothing movowns kLo? n than what had been gathered from Spanish authorities. At the rl>se af an interview which h>-bad with the Captain (ieneral. Captuia Tatuall Informed the latter, that as he hud refused to peimit Couimauder Randolph and our Consul to extuiine the evidence aguitat the vessels, be should bo bounl, if he fell In with the couvoy, to demand acd enforce a satiafae tory explanation He did not. however, fill in with the convoy. nor did the captured vessels go to Havana ?they having, in all probability, been ordered else - wxk i?", iu itiiiii n runiMun wun our men-of-war. Tin- tsptured vewtU with afterward* ascertained U~> be tb? bark (leorgiana and th? brig ^uaan Loud*, which. lu concert milk ibe Creole. Kid rendezvoused lit ?r mar the Island of Contoy. A number of m>*D and h rmf were thru transferred from the former to the intf r which she mbse'i uently landed alCard^mM1, th? captain of the brig iecunp?D)ia( the expedition. ai pilot. I>a>ing bis vcsk I under the charge of hi* mite. 11 *- aubrttiueutly teetifled that he ?st compelled to serve Contoy i* a K-irrcn and uninhabited island. belonging o Yucatan. situated ofl Cap*- Cartouch. directly opposite and near to Cape St. Autonlo. lu Cuba, and in a position from which an invaling furce could, witb t Hiinl facility. make a dc?c?ut on the north or the south side of that island. t'aptuiu Tat nail lelt Havana on the night of the 2>lth ult . and the ci a*t ot Cuba on the ilith ult., taking with biiii the Albany and Oerinantown. and proceed"! to Key West.where he arrived on the 23lh ult.. for tho purpose of looking utter the invader*, and to aid th.> authorities there. if it were uec? fsary. On hi* arrival ho found all quiet, the greater part of the invaders I-.itviii>r is -various way*, lelt th? island, lie tkere learnt d from the judicial authorities t hat. from depositions made before t bam. no doubt whatever exittvJ of tb<- connection of the Ucorrfana and the fluwm l.ouds with the expedition hut that a part ml Ulo'uinn fi'iind on braid had acceded from the main body.either tror.i a c2 an^e of pur]>o?e. or from having been lm p< h?u upon in regard to their destination. Lcaiicg the Albany and Ue.uiantiwn at Key Went. Captain 'la! nail returned In tbn to Havana, nu the h nit., hiving on board JuJ^e Marvin, of tb? Federal Court at Key West, an-1 Mr Dcncla**. the. Colli ctnr of the Port, who accompanied hint with a vi" w to acijuaiut the I'ulted Piute* Con-ul at Havana, fully with all the lav Is favorable to the prisoner*. Inun interview which Captain T. had with the Spa tiish authorities in company with Judge Marvin, th* latter unofficially informed them that the affldavit* made in hi* court had established tho fact that the men referred to bad n fused to accompany the expedi tlon to Cardenaa. and had. therefore, committed no apgn ssion jigain't Cuba. The authorities r< plied, that they wi re tnemselv** aomcwhat ot that opinion, and tl:at tlnir treatment <>f the prisoner* corresponded with that belief?that the la ter wrre well bowed and taken eare ot. and that after certain preliminary tortus which the laws rendered impeiativn, and which i] plli d i anally to Spaniard!, th.- lulled State* Consul and their friend* could have acre** to them. I nder there*. and. atave all, aa the Hf.aiiUh authorities in Cuba have been promptly notlLed hy th? I nlted State* Consul, acting under inFtrcrtlon* frctn the State Department, that the I'realilent intend* to claim that the American prisoner* laktn ut Coutov have not betn guilty of any erima Icr which, hy the laws of civilised nations, they abould ii.fft r Vta'b." and that if one of them he unjustly pu ulsbed "it mty coat the t wo couutrie* a sanguimry war." all a]>f ri hen*lon* aa to t h>- if? ty of the then mlsguliled men uiay now be contlJ< ntly dismissed Sjiortlng Intelligence. Hi ariau P*n* Coram?Wdisnnti, June IX?Trotting?I'urae fi$0. mile beat*. be?t three in Ave, in bar Ber* l> Hiyant entered g. m. Lady SnII ilk 1 J. C.ic entered b ui. Lady Moscow dU Time. 2:31. JtY TKI.KGRAPH. Piiiladcli.rms, Jnn* 13?P. M. l b* contest for a purse ef ft?#u. mile heats, tost three in Ave, to skeleton wagon* over th* llnnting Fark Course, resulted in favor of Lady Suffolk The following i* a summary :? D T-ryaut entered g. m Lady Suffolk.... 2 111 J Case entered b m Lady Mownw 1 2 2 t Tim*, 2:?1?1:33?2:3? -2:33. Assthii Hravv Bim R.mai i.t.-The Conneetieut Hiver Bank, at Charlextown. N il . waa entered on Tue-day night, and robbed ot fll.7'>0 ris : $2.tO0 In gold eotn. mostly American. M ft*) in silver; $.">.300 in hilU of the Connecticut Kiver llank; $300 In bills of the Clar- mont Hank: and SI fciO in bills of other banVa. The robbery was accompl'?hed in the same insnuer a* that i f the Poreh'-ster and Milton Bank, rin door of the hauklng room was opened by naeana of false keys, as was alio the outer d>>or of tlu safe. UUI fuuflivari Wl> FUfCfMIUIiy ipplIM tO I?' IBDet Iron <b or of the ??( , The Uir*?t<?r>? of the robbed In Mil alien olTer ?1.0U0 reaard fht th? -letettlon and eot,. rl<tl<n of the thieve*. anil the recovery of tha propexly. and half that rum fnr eilh-'r the conviction of the ribber* or the restoration of the m'-aey & Ccmritr, J a nr 13. Mailt for Karopt. Tbr tteanithlp Atlaatir. Capt Wi.l. will leave thia port to-n>"rrow, noon for Liverpool. Her Ball* will clo?* in thia city at M P*?t 10 o'clock that mora in/ Thr n'.,kly lhrait will be publlahtd at t o'alock To the t\>alhrrwl<c.^The lint thMgkt tf llir oallnnlM indtiidual ?l,en hi' iwiailurn km.a^, la, " t? I.are ? my auibrellat" Tea to rat aena?-body kaa hi.rrn?a<l 11. anil a* retunima a torrnw?.i umbrella te aat.l to ' a aa iridium uf lUMinit) lie, III cour . ?<><ial<Litri It lvel. I.enlleuin la tbi? |/>rullar1y |.erple*niK pradiraaieat. ar* in* i f to rail on t.enm, JU liroadnay. >nj aelaet frain ht* roineaae aiork a amiable auUtltule rnr the ml?ini arti' l? , He l.a? tl i m nl cuttuc or "Ik, ultli rl? n wood or ri< to r tu?i< ami inlaid haa<llea atr.n,< aad heavy. ?r Ii|ht >i< tlAetlc. ?-l all al riuouMc frier-. OWN 11, 214 Er*adway. An Ar?lat.~Kia*x, of 14'. Kalton-at., derm IIP le elected aa blanker m*mVr of Ihe Aaieruaa trt I HI n 'or ih? I < utifal diM'lajr I tmkM .n kit win.I W f < 1. Il'lr?a'? Cap-. Hale ho. Itliaiatinvlluapxtin u iaa k* I tiL l la the Jtotrapjl*. lata and tk? I'alcn IIil? ?f Itr adaay, la (hat Cateaian'e ail* tbc finest Roehy Minataia leaver ? a a:iprtB" ludy I eteaaai abai*. aad light aa ?tyiiyr, aaJ H ? T.a llr> adtaay I t on aro rt,aree. umuKi', and dear al any tirf. Ihe* t>il|lit ae?*e to a le<iia< < <>leia*a keiina t'?? Irnadway I nli ii llkta oa band a' hlv ?0#? .Slim ttevt, I* tl 4". far tkoae win. alet. t-i k?a- th. m Tlif I'larabf uniarmaa Gi?leir, So. ;X1 Brnadaky?*irnn#<-a :? > r?ili?ra ahiabl ar>? ail to tie I. aa It la cae f ttatarretten i Saaea la ;e? . Il i- I ardly |n .alkie l-ii an ia>i> mat Ml tiii> thia . ?>??h e ea?ll<?i i?a aitkoat Bieetlac U? love of aoaaa friead A *i,ualaiaaee. Iknr He f|Ml?lt*a. Ihe Toilet artlelta* r*t irlt'd t* load heaaty their larailm aid. ?ro Itvla'a ll?erloa flnid fat atrraathaaiai and ki ^auryla* tha hair, lit* lakaaioaa fir i mi tmi taa aad (m kka Ir m tha toini laai a. aad bli Abh.Io, (the oalal ral"d IHi?i-i? a S->a|>.) R..M hv ha la% at r. H illiaia I "al*-, ?T7 M a?hiaataa at real. M< It A. H k I>. Manila, l?' 1'nltoa atr "t. aad Raakt'-a iaik k fa . II" aad 173 Hr '?d? iy. N. * V k. Thr '/rphyr ( niler Oarmeitka for Urtlr?, alkMi a?d ehlldrea. ta h? had ? thr Mew V?rk Hk^-h-a* aetara. lit Ur aory. ara a liin.rj t .r *atam?r, aad a danli fai <1 aa|i friaa Ihe ? natlea ?lalnr. A 'I wka ? >ati naid a a.ual ?'-Idea el.illa. and 'lea.r> wi ka e'iaaf<irtaa)a ill. . at of a'luimer. ?h iM . < ll.?..i ? trial. lVm. II. Pi m ott.? \ Mannllrrnt Dagitrr II* I I ' ' the ' at' r.un. II I r ,ie t< ?na fy ' Ilea rlai a Amoriraat, juat rrerb aa l? hM d MtHf f e r 1 - a ? 1.11 I'. I r> . ' an '.allory. >at. I L'i U| aad nay. aanaer af faltaa atrwat. Kanrjr Callrrya.KMbrarlna lar|a lair a( ' f*riauiea'a. t'aa aad T'"ket kalraa, a( tha 'va aia -1 r. i ; a . rue tl- a ?? i ' t nn.i|no ar . lea ?-r taalat aaa. aaay ..f aharki ka?? ?i?ar ke a k->ara Ma ried. fAl Milli<, 11.' ftrt i ! .y. Caraar of Liharty Mr?at. and *7 f1r*.a?lwar. kdtwaaa Wnlkar and II UM atiaat*. Portable Dreaalng Caara?laa all that tha. a me -.1 r-e e. . a n i * !? 'fnl artl'loa ? i ,? . i ?- i ' . " dr allie f. -% , ...... i'irr; >1 !MiHJ III T'il?l I y i'i" ?" >. . ? M > : it. Ilr'.a-i '%y ?ra>-r <>f LiImK; iiiii, 11J V7 HmWiiif. (' roll rartnijr, J?J llrra<<niif-Ln<llM ?r? i?1?f.! n* IS?< ri. h e?lln it * et l>r??? I'-aik*. irl'IMII ?l ' r. ty '1 ?b? I-1 *m >a? whlth all! ? It -hi, ??1 ar. I ?Jinir?4; ??> twa* c<t I* i.rlrr, aftar tat 4 14a, an *tt?r ho* in?n'?va. taN u4 r?#alrt4 A * J Hl.NlilKk Oi?*k r?r?i.f|r, m 3f*4v*r ? ?VI" ? '<! to ?hr W I'C. 1 h? ????" Ixiii'Ht ? wmwlw m twl'V ia?r? fii?? lhal ni Until m, M ' r,4 b? k~t" f?r?. at* ft f?nr ar'.ua4 ? ahltii |>?iiat I* a |w??aaM<>n?rf i it ? J r t r I b* ' I . 111 f. 'I ' ! I. . I.. . I ? f ' kirk ?rr f-?-?Utt>p af ii tht ?*? .? !>?. tn ??? *f lhl< t'?*tlnt.*n4?h|rh ?T? fr*4na1ly lh?lf jw all?f nfca.... I . f (,?> , i r l>?t? > ? " r.- i ' W? ti > '4 ' ? ?? I ? ' t-*l ? II? ? if mil) 4i it vara at t? lank la tha ?iata a* aur kn *?' . i ff ?nr I loril.? ahi. 4*a'.r? to pla-i ?hnw>?al?a? la af* r?aitil?a, iaf* a* th< natnr' m t.h?* a?i??tlta'ina* > I >?4 in t III *n 1 f I i' * ia? I fiii? an-*? ' f !? I - -ii li > " t -iiF. ? ii !? " a mtk. wilt irnmPji rim kaalik, ? iJ* r ik *i Ft nj?'r.? Firrnuntai."*: aa4 f?-b iIw>I4 ?>) ! ! * .1 |.|.--,. r, . ... II will I ! ?' ' >1 i ? 11 I !,:,?< i. ..III.- fi lit r a ul-4 An4 ?mi< nui.lnr, and '.V'l fmanrfal ?4. wt? f- nn4 ?i fiF|?a? |f ii?*.4 a l? tk* p n>4<l 4lf i. -a aii..-?? ' T ? * * 4 fi. i ? r??, tk*T 4n am nM?m?> Mr ia bar ill"' i k?*lih. Tl?*? *?'? " ill rlfcata, a?4 ?a k? I .!)? ( ' -tiF'l anitt t* n?>4. I am a > l.? ? n??aat f**?r- I ill 'I II M 'i Hi Ilrrj |.?ll ff Ik' i?lll??4 ?"?I4. ?*' *- I ' f ..i- n?.* i* >*i ?. an 4 <??< V i ( m ia* ir* ***ar*4 mil aavtr fml t* ?<? fnll ?M<ft? ? 1 t i - i.t i-i . t"r tii* !.'? M -1 I'll , tn k? e*rialnl> I ?i mj . ?Ml i- ft. t v, * r 4 al? ?' I'-il) . ..lfc?**. **l i4?^a .?r?f i. ?a4 ili U'Dtt. Ill faMta'l _

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