Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 16, 1850, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 16, 1850 Page 1
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THI MM NO. 5851. TtLECIlPHir IHTRLLIOEHCE. HIGHLY IMPORTANT FROM HAVANA. IE b*o? man Til lirica Prtooners K?Icm?4 ky the b>u. J?ct IpuM MveriMBt, ?u*< i5cc?) Ac. gfi ? Bout Nkw Oblb4h*. June 15,1850. ,or^ Wl bin received Intelligence from Havana u late Bchf toC as the 10th Inst., and are happy te state, that the siavi SyanUh government had yielded to the represent*tiens of our Consul, aided by other American an- rat* put thorities, and, afirr patting through tk* formt of a trial wrv kbermttd the jimericon prttonert, who wtrt frtt to 111 ^ rchni to the United Statu. oriM Mi vhrl Arrival of Cuban Inrndcn at Nsw Orleans ? h i l ? ?, i tr. Ml B?ltimob?. Jun? 14, 1860. Captain Lopes, a relative of General Lopes, with s?- ?Xol veral Invaders, arived at New Orleans, on the 0th, from then Key West Ut.> At Maw Orleans, on the 6th, the Alhambra ColToe f?r i, House was burnt d >wn an I the Liberty Coffee Home sion was also damagi-d. A tire occurred at Lafaytte on the the i uf, unrsruying ntiuwi" ui unsrra. it men, nwn ?>mn ?ud Maaon. Los* i?>?l ; no in-mranoa by ? . Calll Our Special 1'tli)|iaphl? litipatch. 1 the 1 Washington, June 13. I860. The first number of the new paper, to udrocat) South- bu a: ?ra interest.* will be published horo on Monday. mitt Jonathan Prescott llall. United States District At- t'lu se tl torney for the Southern Distriat of New York, ww a??n confirmed to-day without di'bate. lUn Mr Uartlett's nomination an commissioner to run the Mexican boundary, an likewise confirmed by a w,n deoided majority, but out without a good deal of oppo- whic aition Clay expect* to bring the Compromise bill to the ?|*?i question of engrossment l>y Thursday next. Mi Senator Dickinson left Washington for New York th!? ( evening, to attend the dinner to which hit frioud# iu j,? r? that city inritad him. I Com Mi from t'd? South. 1 aaid Raltimouk, June 15, 1840. !n ' jeell The Southern mail is through, but contains very wou| little to warrant telegraphic notice The following or w1 shipping and other iutelligenoe, however, will be of }'|*" in West to yo?r readers:? gtl(n( The steamship Oblo arrived at the South West Pas* Mi -ob the Tih last. The steamship fanny, from Key We?t. bound to New York. slurped at Charleston, on the 12th iustant, far ' cotl our ' The schr K S Powell fr'>m New York, arrived at Tou Wilmington. N. C . on ih> l.'Mh , to*' Oar market* remain unthaunml. We bin btd ? thunder alarm thia afternoon M tc P^r Pullamcnlary I'rbcacdliiya In Canada. n"" To*o>to. J una 1.v IhAO J Lut nii;ht, in the Iloune of A*aembly, Attorn*?- | only <3corral Lafontaine introduced a bill to iacruaee par- """ 11 < met % ;ry r.-praeentation. | *B The IIou(m> wan in committee on nelgnorlal tenure of war* Lower Canada *cvrral hour*, but no decision *>.< agaii ooma to. ; h,*; The Inspector (ieniTiil annnnocrd the Intention of stau ffoTtrmncnt to introduce a General Bankiug law Al*o, mitt < BMlirr on thf (urrmojr. i ^ AU?H)it at Bank Kol.b. ry, I Boiton. June 15, 1840. wblr It daring attempt wa* made la*t night to rob tha ?1'1' Matt apan Bank. Dorcheeter The robber* flred a pla- mi,,! tot at tha bank watchman, and the ball paaaed through tha i hi* bat. Tha watchman flred In return, when tha rob- ' * 1 Vera fled, leaving a lot of akeleton key* in the road jij'itu Tha watchman gave cha*e when the robber* faned about and thre?t? oed to ?hnot him If he advanced |D tb One at tha robber* *a< wouaded; aa, when they left. Wt hi* companion* were obliged to lift him lato tha saggy a<?li ???" In 3 Malllag af tha ?hle for Haw York, wltk ?100.000 IB Rperlc. a.']m MtwOliuiii.June II, 1U0-P M Mi 'Tha rteamkhip Ohio ha* ju?t eailed for New York j^*n with one hundred lh< a<nd dollar* In apeeie p.,,. Mi AMthar Crawaaaa In UaMaaaa. ry Nrw Oblc***. June 14, 1H40 b?tt? Tha aww er*T***e in Graad Lave* Parish, Point \e?p<e, In tha riehect tnyar region in thia State, pro- Mi 4wewd taamaaaa loea of property All efforta to *top it olue< rorid traltlraa 1 b TIUUTY-PIHSr CONQftBia. PIRNT : (b?U to ? N*n*U. ti r t ti ok t mor1k i matfnkttc tslmiapm. w*imi?oto?, jum 15, i860. ml A eoannalaatlon from th? War Dapartaiaat. m to vb^rotvmtou Id Mobil* Hay. ordmrd to ba prlatod JJ* l>iwi raaoluttaii* at inquiry ?er? aubaittad. Tha joint raantat ion t? Nlonil wtortl tUtH (or Mi -rot >??. aotbafar* pro?lja<l for, p?wj Mr. Ymlaa'a r?oolatloa f >r a Bin<118*4 of l( Drntu ifitMl tu ntjuura from Tkurxlt; till Monday Hi at at IS o'eloek?M to lo tioa ar? i*l sidii. d, Mr II*i.a atalaln-U bia aa-a ita-at It* abjart I* t? tbui pat paopl* la tha urriiiiriM na lh? Mia* fooilii la r*. K, -.p?rt to tha 8u?rama Coart a* paopla of tba *tat?a. h<- h Mr Waarraa oppo0?ju Mr Cut fa?or?.l J**t fWa (ai*4 to r?-o*i?* th* balanra of lb* pro*a?4in?i ) wv elan of RapraaantatlVM. Mi w >ihiiu1oi, Juna 1ft. 1U0. haT? Mr DaaiaL ?o?*<l that tba llouaa *o Into xnmtlM on tha prlaata aalaadar Tba Tola wa* tak*n bf yaaa pra* and nay* , ?n4 4t>raia*<l la tba nagatlra yau,N Mi ?MP*. IM. !"* Tba llaaaa tbaa w?at Irfto ('omalttaa of tha Whota ?n tha 8 lata of tba Vnion Mr McLaaa, (< * ) of Marylaat. a>rod that tha Ca. worala but l>a lal l aaida. to taha up tba Caabarland ? I>aa WU ? Tha qaaatian wa? la tha raaraa of baloR tak*a by oaa taDara aha? * M* til.aaid h* withdraw tba motion 1.? Mr M'Gi.taaawa <d?a ) of llll?ola. wanWd to know I' ?? ?>?U? II eoald ba withdraws ( da?lr* to haratha "h" ?laa*ura o? it down d,.? To.owa. CnI withdraw * ' Totad 4??l " " Us Tl ?a " Tha Chairman m?anwhlla. aallla* to ordar "*' Tfea aotlaa of Mr M l.aoa waa rot-d down, 4i ta M TW anaialtUt tkfi proooadad with tba inrMDtt mi. Mr Iwaa, <daai ) of Alabama raorad tn ta*nlim j n. 'to Mr ttr***'! p*?poaitloa of meninc tba Miaaoar Owpfhi ll?at? th> I'aalta It wa? ta tha farm af ^ a pmrUo narnoly that If tha poopia ol any portloa of tha territory, la par?uaar? of tba authority of Cob- ^ 1 graaa, ahall form a aofiatli uUon, thry may or may nat "J" aiatad- ?la?ary. and that lb?tr d'tarmlaatloa of thll " Batloa ahall ha no ..h.taola to th?r ?lml??i>n I a to I-"|> tataa Ha aald thai bla obj?al waa to rararaa tba Ann da-Mwaol tba rommltt*. on wh-n tbay be hi ?a?a4 4aw? tha ata-Bdmant of Mr rtt.nloa of Ky Unri< Mr MoCt-aawana ahonld rot* for tha am?adm*nt, I harla? aiwaya raa.falard tba prlBnlpla that a Atata haa rif bt ta a4ap t al??>ry or aot V'ougreaa baa aortg^t . ' to Intacfrra with thr aubj-rt ?<*" Mr *a? (whl*i of W J aaid It waa a<4 prop.r '!> for Caaf raaa to aipra-a an nplalon ?a tba aabjaat ||a in waa afalaat tba ia??-n?lm?tit baeaaa* h?in? offorrd ta dual tbat of Oraaa tt axtaaa that California la to ba rrtrl di'ld*d llowawar. bla oplnloa waa, that It waa aat a IT1HI ri graaad of oty*-nt|on to tha admlfelna of a dlata, noaatltutloB rwngnlatag alarary, II la all otbar l rMfrtj aba appliad pr.prrly n J. Mr IIibb*an (.! > of > It., waa la <bror of tha WI t>rl?o4pla id Mr la**'* aamlaail. hat aot for laoar oraMa| It la A* Mil for tb- Blaiadaa of California. ' <"l Ha waa tod tbat fltatr to coma lad>pond?nt af otb*r drpa aiianrw Ba wawid ant rota to atclada California. If awl B?tit?t?OB tol-ra?ad .laaary at tl Hiaaai , <d??4 of llllnoia .|?Bl-d tbat tba 4o?waa gawwally |#??nl?at la tba North tbat aa data i*tat?a ahall bo admitted lato tba Calaa | . aa iaoonald' rab,a aumh-r aa?b to aarry oat itaa It bad ! b Mated oa tbla ? ?>r tbat aa rv., aaaftta* ahall ba a laiitt*4. but ba aarar aa- rth, d la It floiw'?h?tan'ia< tba d-mtrlaa ba<l bora ,, arawpf by genii-man fr ni v.nb?ra Itataa, H( alt t lb- ?ota oa Mr Mtaaton'a aaradmeat oa a?.h, ay bad baa* aeat South aa lifthtaiafl'a wiaga, ( ftaad nplaloa of tha North, without tba aipla- ntnr' ? , of wa?ib*r? a?.<f ?. W ) of Ob In, aald tbat tha a a aa) Mr Ire* waa latati tad a* a*oa tea ta tha g .ath t?tdi I ( haaa bo a(f' at ; It Waa bat a paata of.ria* n > I far ralifornla ?hr la bo*> l.?rat, (doai ) of l.a . Aid not want a aompll ? f rota lla d*a r?d -nn, ?hiof antxtanlial R| i' a waa a t worth a atraw an l .nf aa a d'lf-r t ita b?aa tha alarra of tha inih and tba hora-? ^ 5 NE" carriage* of the North, u property. lie wanted illk and water ooniprorai*ea r Hohrnck. (whir) of Ohio. wlahad to affar an ndment. to teat the whim of th>- South that thara 1 b? no objection to the adioixaion of California nw she ha# not tolrrated rf??crr Tha ?nondt of Mr Inge haa nothing to 1n with tha Cailfornla and ahould be reaiated The Southern man oV to California became aha dona not recognlaa ry. r. flaonon. (4am.) of Virginia, denied thla. Tha teat objection to har adnU*ion <ra< that tha bant State* had no opportunity to parUaipata In ilng tha inatitntiona of California r Toombs. (? ?>?) of tleorgia. replied to Mr. >nck. and indignantly denied that th - opposition alifornia by the doutb ia baaed on iha ground that rj la not rncoifoined b? her couai itution He went jurtioe and right If the dootrioe ia to prevail no State ia hereafter to be admitted wh'ob tola- I < alavtry. then evrry effort upon bia part ahtll be forlk tuward* Oiannien It ??' not worth preing. If the Houth ware to be placed la auch a hu- | ting condition, to |p>atl<-Bsn >u excited. aud several member* ; I. " Good " ' Oood " r. Mudi. (dem ) >>f Virginia. a?ked Mr. Sohenck Lb?r it California bad. iu her constitution, tolerated cry. he would vote for her admission ? r. Sohknok?I bav? alwev*. mi>l da recognise the i L of (> people. when forming government*. to | it slavery if they plrtu But my argument tor uding it in the territories in that w? should gl?? i free institution* when we legislate for them. and hem cbauge tbem afterwards. if they divine Mint?lie refuse* to an?w?r; but I will answer iim The gentleumn would not vote for the aJtiiisof a slave State Will be deny that? Were ' Mate* of the Union all free, or all slave State* then oraia, in her present condition, would b* xdiuitted jth'-r *ide. We all kn?w that the constitution of ornla wac made by gentlemen who had resi le i on Kaetern Hide of the continent, and who had been in orcia but ?is weeks or two months. ' Gidoihus (free soil whig) of ubio. declared that i nd hi* constituent* were eternally appooed to ad- I ng another oute to the Union with a slave eon- 1 ition Hxty person* only bare a* much repre- i it ion h?re a* a hundred negroes lie pr<>le?ted ust putting Northern freemen on * Intel with M. Kwinu (dem ) of Tenaeesee. wanted to know iher, if any eompsoinise i* to be made, the North stand by it. Tne Soa'h want an earne*t, without h the (Joinpromise will b* worn than nothiug. promise would hare no cb*rm* for hiui if gentlaproniiae. and then take the ground that no more n Mates shall be admitted. ' WtiLUMa (whig) of Tennessee, said, the North t want compromise. They tight uudur m\?ked t ries When they run California through they will *<ty for a stampede, and run down the Deuate's i pioaiiee * r. C*#kv (whig) of Pennsylvania, repeated what he i on a tnrmer day It tber* was a slavery ciau?i be p nstltuion of California and it no other ubon*. he would Tote for h?r admission lie ' d vote tar tli? admission ?f New M>xico with ; itbout slavery. 11. was iu favor of the President's i . and was not afraid to aeeert the principle* in it a* in favor of the admission of California as she ds. with the present constitution and boundaries. >. I?.?-l)o I understand you to explain the idrut's plan a* oppe?ite to my resolution > Cask??The prinoiple in tlia President'* plan is iorreet dootriue. on the foundation of whioh all institution* are haeod and rr*t for support, if leave the question to the people, you are bound aide by their settlement. '. llot ?Tot, (whig) of Del , agreed with Mr Casey, what the Pre-ldent'e plan as?erte. leaving the le to settle the <(Ue?Uou of slavtry. And so help hrans if any man denies this just and repubtiright. I am opp<>f?d to him to the death It is a I cardinal principle nu wnicn i am wuuag not i to rink my political principle*. but my lite. an J If j etary the Union itaelf It U a qn-u'lon of Union imolution aud nothing flw Whm that day ; r* for such a principle, you will And tb\t Delai will be the dividing line, aud (he will atand D?t thorp who dictate such dishonorable term* aDOEua grata** (whig), of I'enn., believed it to ie ??ttl?d purpo** of the majority of the Northern a that no more slave .State* shall hereafter be adrd out ( tcrritorlra now tree. Mlmbkb?it U the folon of the whig party Biit?m-I would d?elr? no better platform p< ndrntly of moral*. the political queation ought overa It There wan nothing lu the constitution h My* that slavery lhall be extended to future Koainaaw (dem ), of Indiana repudiated the rable policy ot the Preeident lie had voted tor principle of Mr Inge'* amendment the other day bad rar*iy hrard the doctrine denied i-tcpt by khotilloniata. People, In forming their State contlon*. have a right to aay whether they will have iry or not It wa? a principle not denied, aoareely, ,e noM-alatery-holding State*. ' Tintoh, (whig) of Ohio. aatd ha should vote ost the aateadment because If there wan anything d* government more flrmly aettled than ansthnr, it that the recognition or exolusion of alavery la on?titutlon of a new Stata wa* no otyectloa to It* ieelon ' >iun>m. (whig) of Georgia. a*k*d the gentleIf he would vote for the admiaalon of a new (Hate, constitution of which reeog n Isad alavery f? (4 r) The gentleman I* (Meat. ' Vie rue What I hate said I* all that l? necevaaThere ka nothiug in the hUtory of thl* country r e*iatiish?-d than that it it n<> objection to the l*aloa ot a aew State, If bar constitution acre slavery or not ' WoeawaBD. (dem ) of 8. 0.?Na con*titutlonal etl<>a (Hon* crnfutlon.) it CloiBMfts called to order. r. Bttr?u?? reaumed lie deemed It at the greatBoment that the declaration* na thi* *ubj*ot ' Id be made clearly, that tbeSnnth may know what prct Those gentlemen who proteased friendship he President'* plan w?re guilty of fraud when they the oppoalteground, that the people ahall nut da ilna for m rsiatiao 10 marery r diiKii'o, (J'-ni ) of TrniK-MM I unAfr?t*ad ih? l?mau from Obta, (Mr TintOD) by hU ailaae*. u rling ihat ha rtanda on thf ground that t< a ut pwilry br mmmitw-d bloiw-ir nut to rota fur tba laaiaa i..n ?:t-r of aay iU? Stataa r ViirrMi. (wbt?) <4 Ohio Ton bar* ao right to ' auoh an n,f< ? ? ? r h??T?i aaid that kf aidrr>l?M that frartwi ka fraa 8taW-? bar* d'rlar*d agalaat aay aor? (lav* h hrmfUr Tkla li tk? |l*t of tba whuta q a salt i* lb* polat ni which tha Uaion itaod? f?rtl |>nllrHrt di?l?4 that lourtaaa Btataa h*r? i daolarad r ri.m<iM4R (whtgl of North Carolina . aald tha* ad tifra lafotaiod that John A Kin* raad tha ralioaiof tha LagUlatura of Naw Tork on tkr Mb< of alarar*. to abow that aba had ao aald Mr 0| atia>*d ^majority ot tha fraa Mataa ha*a m> 4a 4 r At a* to* Aim cat all tha aon riarnholdlng Stata* pa*ard raaolatioa* la faror of tha VUiwt prorUo, b ?a> about tha >anr thlag r rum.aait aaid tba Wllnot prorlao had hoaa aad through four aa-ioaa of thla llouaa r. Caatr. ("big) of PannMlaanla aoawarad hU aolo (Mr ttavaaa), who aald that bv (I'aaay) waj prad to glra Ova a*gru?a aa a>orh r*pr*a*ntatlan aa af hla (Caary'a) own o?aa?ltaaata Now. ha i*4 th* taat ta go to Mr. fllaraaa' aooHltu*ata, . al?a |1?? waaalaatad hj fourlaaa Iboaiaad whig! > bad ml ad for 0*a*rai Taylor r (whig) of Paannjlvanla. had not aald word la fhror of tha Praaldrat'a plan r UoaMafl, idaa ) of Indiana aaid thai If th? W9proalao waa a (to t> tad to apply ta paraoaa oa traa Itory yoa Bight aa wall aay to thaa yen ara aa at fra* naa. hat aaoaalcd br m Ma Mi thoaa wara aa< lag no taa dortrlaa that lh*y ?u?t regard war higbar tba a tha eoaatltatloa that thay ara ah alata la tanUiaaa a ho tpoka did ao aadar tha >Ta mi??' raJa. la Otaiailtta* rnaa aad tha Houm adjoaraad Oar Haraaa larraapandaaaa. Havana, Juar Sth, IW n T\.L .i " T%. " -- -? jlgntmtt I\*m, 4** , r? h*rr had quite an eicitiag tune of it lately he arrival* and drjurture of Mr*mer* and ahipa ar of the American aary, to carry out th* law* ?e United {Uatea, evaded by the equipment* of rt Communication* aarf repr?aeaUtion< from ?nnn official* are being na<l argr<1 i0 hlf of the prisoner*captured at Ontoy, and aow rr trial ?m informed that thi* BOTemment ia in poaaa*of important papera taken from aaid pruontra, nt e*|? ditioa, snd other etndmer to { nrr and ronfrd'Mry of * part of Ihrm; and, hort, k?ow the prm iae pneitiea of each indiviI, reepertively Without having acceaa to the knee, it ia impo??iMe at thia moment to comi irate to you thr true elate of thi* ?ll*ir, whiah ?ea morh paia and naiiety to A in?ri can* residing ?. oat unfortunately for aaid priaonera, inform* hu i?M kfrn rf?i*fd by lh? Catkin <l?i?*ral, l?t Alrny, thnt a abroad f*p"1ition ?W aNotil irtinfl from Nfw OiWa* again"* this nUnd, in rnnMqnftw tVwf * rul atir i? going oa >a rfiflrrrai ^|.->rtrrvof her*, laauing wnfera, adopiJac ?*bor military m^aanraa Norniuu ln<? I rMacli a WHUmh'7 ; Haa U W *?rl/a, a4*f*ta t I . ni Rl<l4?k R * , u4 w?>ity rm nrrtrwH la ihU nllf f?an4tr and ionk rm>a?? M Amur IInmmm a I, Marrav, AlHaaf . Ha* J 0 WH?ht, malady , Hm I I fk'lti. Wukln|l<n ; W. who *kn..? v a a . v a k?n? U W . ? *<! ala?ly nth. n arrlr..! y?Xm it4 lank nnai at III* lrtl>( llnw ' Mafllt, CAN. a?4 fnrty im athora arrived jmij. >(4 lank K?B? at lk? tin**! i# ?crr??a*,p anaik*r nfarrlraj* m thu prlaalpal l> tba elty. ya?t?r -'ay, >M ?r? ha?drad tad flttf a. iO*? Tn*|, I P?UU V W aal %?llf and ity Wkin arrtrad ratkarda? at tki llaailltaa a, fwt flaakflkaa, a*< took rooaa tar Ikt imm? W YO v SUNDAY MORNI ARRIVAL. OF THK VICEROY NEWS FROM IRELAND. Mmm Mcia SirltNual la fiihrij, About half pant 11 o'clook, yMtM-ctay forenoon. th if*my, C?pt Robert Kwlnij. arrived from Qaliray Ireland. in the North rlrrr. flh? bring* Dnhlln mi Galway paprr* of the lit inut , the day of her de pwi urr one eanca imm m? domd kkritor or t forty.Ave minute* piu)' 0 o'clock. on the morning o the l*t of .l?ne. and >u therefore. fourteen day*, nni and a quarter hour* reaching thl? port, but thirteei day* of palling Mate. having been dvtainnd upward* o twenty-five hour* in Ua'lfax. far coal Rfc* made th> pa**eg< *o Halifax in teo day*, apron hoar* and forty five minute*, having arrived there at half pa*t 5 o'elooi on Tue?day evening She encountered Tory hear; bead gale* during the entire pae?age On arriving bor? yo*terday, on* of our reporter boarded the Viceroy and farnUb** tbo following do* cription 11 her: ?Length. 220 f-et; breadth of beam 27)4 fort; Depth ot hoi I 17 ^ foot; tonnage 800 ton* Her hor*? power i* only 360, wharaa* that of th< C?n?rdrr* U 90 She look* long and nharp, ?ni ap pear* to bo a eh'pfhat wool J mak^rap d aaiilng In fa rorablo wrather Sha wa* built in Qlaagow, In ltl6 b; Robert Napier for tho Dublin, Olaxgow and Tori 8teaa?hipCompany, and hat b*?n u**d a* aptoko niitp during that time For a (team voaael of her *i*< and bor*? pow^r. and considering th* adverse w<>athe ? *trong wind* ahoad. and tho weather foggy? *h< ha* made a very fair p?**age; and no doubt tf *he get fair wind* or c?lm weather. *h? will make a rapid rui borne. She made on ono day, ao high a* 300 mile*, an' her ioweat upeed waa 170 mite* 8ho left Halifax a \ part 0 o'clock on Wednesday evening Hh<i brough T1 first claf* passenger* and aomo freight. She U tb firkt fttami r that ever croNK-d the ocean from an IrM port. Tbo following are tho name* of her oflloer* Captain, K' bert Bwing ; first mate. William Unnr Marray; flr*t engineer. Arnhhotd David Hamilton Tbo following nhaiTvatlon? from tho Qalway paper ar juft and true :?" The veeoel *it? lightly on tho watei and appear* to he in first-rate railing trim Tho beau ty of her build ha* been the th<-m<* of admiration wit' oven the experienced oau.ieal men of our port, wh nave dh(1 an opportunity or aeeiaff mmi o( th? not eplendtd itumrn afloat Should the weather pro* favorable we have no doubt bat the Tieeroy will full; b?-ar out tha anticipation* already torm?d ragardlni har palling power*; but ahould head wind* or roigl weather prevail* ?h? of eoaraa, would ?ot ba oalculatei to compete with the more powerful boata of the <!u nard line, one of whoae *wifte*t (taamert alio t>a<l, from Llvirpool to-day. The Viceroy wlU aall from thta port for Qalway 01 Saturday next Thf t>fwp of the atate of the oountry, brought by th Viceroy, U far lrom encouraging. The weatarn ooaa of Irvlnad in in a very deplorable condition Betweai rack rent*, poor rate*, and other eoor?im< taxation tha very blood and vital* ara preaaad out of tha people It aeemn, it la ne?e?a?ry 10 oollact tha poor rata* b; tha aid of her Hajeaty'a war ateamar* In rafareno* ti the collection of tha rat** Id tha lain* of Arran, ol Oalway, tha Cindataier. nader data of June l?t, ob aerva#:? Tl?? Poor Rate* of Ireland. ' Mr Kurnan tha Stipendiary Ua|letr?U. a??ni panted by Sub-I uapector Cotl*y and a lar^r pull<ve foroa ba> ba?a for nine time located ia tha North liland o Arran for the purpoee of collecting tha poor rate* Thi Lucifer, war ateamar. which had been in attendant in hia worship, to eo-operata with him ia ?aa? o em?rg?ney, had been calWil off to Hiark K<>d Bay Thia ctrcumMaace rendered It difficult to carry ou the contemplated plan ot operation, a* the Ulen4?r bad acrioua ejection* to pay any rate* at all and ao eordlt.|ily beggi-d leave to decline tha attentioa* uf Mi Cryi and the official* who had bean aant to act witl bin; and Mr. K?rnan, b. log deprived of the facility c traaaportiug troupe from Ualway to aid the aua?Ubu I... ......hi.. ?/ -..-A. IL 1 ?? ? -.-r?? ? "t?K' tion offered bj the hardy l?l*r>d?r? of brown hair am tlaMtc Mep. wa? forced to II* a fai* oar*, and lool c?IbJj upon tha embarkation of eattia. whiob hourlj took placu befur* hta *yr*. for tka fair of UalwayIt cbrcra tha heart and mlnlatera to th* prldaofai Iranian to ?t-*th* mark* of cl?anllura? and tka traaa of Industry which *T?rywher* on th* North lelaado Arran ??l ikr rye: but it la a latuealabl* thing t< b> bold Bruleh hajuart*at the tbr ??,? of th?** loilini alavra. to rab th< m of tk* Iruit* of tk*ir h >n?*t In duetry. It wonld appear that tk* ?nm! ?ilk thi aatauie nam* grew tir*4 of th* revolting ta*k an< at ram* J off for Slack Sod Ray, bat Lord Clarendoa. 01 Wing applied to. rttl down tb* SbaarwaWr ?a laa Tuaaday W? *aw n> r rounding lb* South l*laad atandiag ia (hr th* Arran road*, and dropping ka anchor Tb* rommandar of that t**mL which bori Mitchell In chaina Irnm Dublin o?in* on *lwr* an< beld a council of war a* to what rt*p* could b* tah?i lo hUm th* r* runant, repudiating lx illgaraatit II coolly lnforni?d th* olrll officer of tk* for#*, that bl men w?r* oaly armed with eutlaaa** and platoU. Il ca?* their arrTiora might be required, bat *??a in tba irtat* of ineffroliT* equipment b* would tailura t cobs* ob ahor* and ataad to th? pollreia*ii a?ain* aemt Saturday lik* a good Iryal >abj*ct of h*? grac.iou llltl* Maiealy. who laka* aueb opportunities a* tba* t* pro?* ber lore and affection for bar d*ar and at tacb*d I rub ?ubject?. but In the meantia*. Mr Shear wat?r ahoald cn?ey aupplle* to broth* Luoifer a lark Sod AgalaM Saturday, w* auppoao that th autboritUa, when ?uMoi*aily r*lu/or**d, will rmm?t tketr raid, and taka wkaUm aluak tk*y oan lay kuli of la tba i*lBad A WTrMfoiilitt riling from WuMfurili torat(T*lloD tr?B> Ireland. aay? Tao I rat- rlaaa rlftmm !? ? workly. rark aarry la, tcmm ktiadrrda ot p- npia mnj trip ind thaae ant tin Uhkc of a -rk ap*etm??? <>f oar a? I ??< ar mtokMl la at* tolling Ihoir way Hirna|K lh? atrort of Maarkiatfr oa thr aparna?h of hirtnt ti?? m< tram ?h<? John Ball. I f-ar too oftaa Inraa bta an (low of I ha lrl?h liaUU of iIhm poor amalirm half |trM I* |ffj fralao and raga 70a km ai?n of mi ^praitac* la myrtj ?ay thalr aupriw i?U. ??l formed aad athtotir, eoai fort ably clod rhiofly la darl Uw; Iba ainra ton goaorally """ droaaad and w?l looking and all wtha tolorakla qnontlty of laggaga and ?aay. It la raid with aon>idorakla lama of a?j Tboy ara arlaripallr ?r"iu Tlpp-rary, Klag'f 00 a l?t J Wrilotd. Watarford aad Kilkenny 1%a K>clt< aarnt In (ialwajr akaat tki TlMNfi Tha tailing of tha f Irrroj from Oalway. waa q?it a oifrt In taatold PpanUk built ally, an tka traaUri eoart of Irrlaad la rvfrranea to bar daaartura fro an Dukifa to ha port of drkark*tl<>n aa kara tho following from tk DnMia Jk<am| foal ? "Tk? Tiftrr t rt? iarr floatod oa Monday, la Haipln' roadway Nnrlb-wall draaaad with all h?r rolora th ataia aad atrlpoa oa tho foroaaaat. tha mo km jark a bar atrrn rrady for hor t<> tialway, at aia< | o'rlo< IF K Khr had hor full rargo of enaJa oa board trip to thta |IM( wnatara aort, which bkU talrt/ t< op?a op ??<-h t<ltnt?|>4 In IMidiI " Pka !? dap* laaa hp two Knap* la aiaklag Ik trip fr-m Dabtln to Malwap. karlag trrind tk?r? oi V xlnrtili) at ?tf? o'rlack Tka ftrtMrmim of tka Itth ?f M?j hu th? " T?nBa? trM Omp?, WnliMlt; I Om n>lork. P ( " At aa aarlp kotir thla morning tba jnaja n amw4odalth p-raona aaiion-lp oa tba look ?t?t for tkt arrival of tk> TImts;,' Tha ?a?a?la la port wan draawd la all thalr gap oolor* . tha b?M* nt ft Ptlrhniai ran( a marry p-al tba baad of Ad Roffa p<rf>rma< th# aatlovial nth- m and aararaJ dl?<har*?a of aannni halla?l tha apprwanh of ilia ronaaftlng Ihl hatvaaalki * 1*1 an4 nat world Tba p*-> pla of Oalwap wara ap ant atlrrlng tad tba aaracal taktag bo?ta of riaddah pra aaatad a nnai iaipntlng right. with tkalr (lowtn? rolora and mtnnad with ponap and rlgnrout raw*.drataad li Mr ftnaday nlothna* waitlag I* noarap alaltara tl tka Tlraroy Joj appaan d In thalr htppp fboaa wklli ftalwap lair dtuMTi moat faahlonaklp attlrad rn wdad apoa tba qnaji to walrona tka erawaad pa* a*agar* of tka ' Tlaarop "Tain a'cLiii Wadaaadap ' Tka pondarona fnan'l i f tka Tloarop' htajuat *p paar?d wHhIn Arraa axiad and baa ha?a talagrapka.l bp I ha roaal gaarda of tba arraral atatloaa , ptlota Ja?t now ara in altrndaa<w np-,n h?r and rarp oara aad propMMloa rwaortad to f..r a iafa and *pa?dp anaboragal at aar mad?taad at about laran n'cloak " la tka ?am* pa Bar nf tha lat af Jnaa tra And tka ?ohiotrvad fr?tn ah tab aoaaa Idaa aiap b? form*d of tka aatknala** ot tba Malwapglaaa. la mfacaana U tkia a aw ara la tkalr hlatawj ' 8k?rtjp af>ar aaraa a'rlwk oa W?da?M?r, tka Tlnamp rwaad at har aaaartnga la tka tlalwap roada Tbla aabla aiaai I baaing ramalna4 twa hoara anitar tha *ath lalaad nf Arran. tm tka parpaaa af taking la a pita*. bat ant haalag rktainH oaa aba ito r*4 *nwa tka bap a ad wa? bnardad bp a Haharmaa, oppoalta Rallpaaagban who brnagkt h?c to aarkor at tka roadatatd a llttla In-ld* tha potat nf Mattoa tataad Tka Hr*t to parrel aa tha Vtaara* far oat la tha fttni waa a I'ladoagb flaharaaaa wkoaa aipartaa<*4 ay a alUarxtgh araldad hp a glaaa raagkt tka Vat atlaipaa of kar (tal> Ip form aa aha pmadlp amargod n?a bahlad tba hoaVaow'f ridga Tka to a a waa la tba graataat pnaalMf atal'aiaaat. jap baa>aa4 na atary aow'aaaaia. pi Ma I tab ad la aaarp apa. aad baaa Urakkad kigb la ararp kaart aa tka Tlaarep, vltk tka " - 0 RK II NG, JUNE 16, 1850. ((VoriAM ?Ur? and strip** prondly floating from her * main nut. aleere I do?n our bay. nod Walked the water* liko a thin* of life * ' The band of the 3d Ruffs *w ia attendance at the Cout guard tUttinn.Pairhill and welcomed her in to?he tune of Oartyowen. while repeated volley* of musketry TK and discharge* ot eannon on the quay gave her more than a royal gre*-tlt>it The offlner* ot the Viceroy returned the caiuto, and appeared t>? feet gratified at the 1 handsome reception accorded to them by the old " 01 tie Jfi of the Tribe* " ? ";yi?H{? floated in every direction, but the Claddagh 001 nautical and pUcatory acb'?ol presented a most iin- b jo-iau appearance, being beautifully deo >rat?d with aai 1 a variety of bauuer*. beariug appropriate inscription*. M ' Since her arrival the Viceroy ha* been the gruat centra . of attraction for visiter* from the town and xurround- 1 inn district*. to whom every facility lor inKDertinir K. r tbTa floating palace waa afforied by Captain Kwingaud ^ i the officer* under hi* coiamtnil " It if purpriring to ohaerv* the (in at anxiety which '0I prevail* among all cIkhmih regarding t hf trip, ju<t an it ' the fate of Ireland altogether de pentlnd on iU ?ucoj.h*. t< it Tin re U al-? considerable je*lou*y in many quarter*. iu retercuaa to the *Urt which (Jalway ban taken of *n other I rich port* We don't inind thi* much, for wa wi ' would he glad to Ree a *t?arr> packet running from tje f every ruiteble part in Ireland 1 unload of a xiu^la v**?el making a solitary trip we oui(ht to hare a tiret e( of rU-amer* and a navy ot our own. to bear the product 1 of Iriah industry in iatety to every harbor on the glob*." j,?

There it (till mora from the VtnMnatur of the rejoiolng? at thU event:? 1,1 -On Thursday. Captain Kwing, cnmtnnaiW of the co ' Viceioy." Mee?ra Parker and Cooper, two of the ? Company'i-01'irectorn. Mr Taylor the Agent Mr. Oarpan, Mr. Ileinaa*. C K , and a large number of gentle- ,al ait*n, were hospitably entertained at dinner, by the He v Peter Italy. P P.. V (I * > f On Friday, the County Oalway Club entertained the 'Ul officer* ot the ' Viorrny''and eeveral other g otlemeu, " Ini hiding Mr Knuie. Chairmtu of the Mi ll ing <?r?-at * I Western Hallway, and eome of the directors, who ara rtved hare to witnen* the departure ot the Viceroy " At two o'clock, yei-terday, a auiuptuum drjcunrr, ** comprising all the delicacies of the *ea?on. wm nerved ?' * up on the quarter-deck of the Viceroy," to wbioh the i fitu ol our town and neighborhood were invited. Tha v?-,eel wan drdotltra in inn ni"?t i;tudy hlyle. and the " l amt of llie .id liulT* win in attendance to enliven the ni' ' arene with their aoul Btirring uiuxio During tbe time t the Viceroy" lay at our rotda nhr wuh vMwd by the no t rmk and fathlon of both the town and country, who *" tt -ck< J to ?? her in great numh?r?. ?* 8 "In honor of the 'Vli-eroy V'arrival in th# bay of UT^ 1 (Jalway. the town wag brilliantly Ilium unit ml on laat night There wan a regular turn out, of tbe inhabi- IQt tJ.MiK on the occasion, who cordially toolt part in the n* V rejoicing* t. "The bre- workalgot up by our truly national and pat- P?. * riotie townsmen tne Mei-era. U?Oi(h<-gHn. were alao oa a acale of aplendor and niagn'flot'nce that would do ' cr?dit to the Uncft displays at th- I'ortobello Onrdem. ~l the roeketa ro?e to an iniuiHnae height, aud preduned 1 tlie m?t phasing effect. The percona who wuru oa *' board the f-teamrr at the time ot tin Ir h' in^ sent up, *" 9 have informed ua that the diaplay was grand in tha ?u t extreme a* descried frem the bay." [" be ? ? - oo . The Murder of (iutlth O'Brien* rr, [from the Dublin Nation, June 1 J (>4, * If there Im) tenderaoaa in the women, and rase In 1 tbe men, lelt in Ireland, there la new<t to-day to llooil ()r | tbe land with teari ; to fill the air with eurae* They are killing tfinith U'Urirn by alew murder, In to Mnria Itlaud .,r, a We have been Ml>nt for two week* believing that ?? bta arieloi ratln and parliamentary fri< nda would in- ju t?rpo??i ellirlually on hi* bebalf, ae they promtaed to (jr * do liut tbey have paltered with bia iatereat, ruining to It with faint, bekitating help and <|uenebiag hope j,n i among those who were uiauiier and more devoted m? Mrautime, a voire of reiuounlranoe la again heard thi acri fa the ocean, demanding, " la O'Briea to be mur- . a i drrrd !" an u Cru? Itlee the moat terrible? erm-ltiea which it mad- h* d< ua to think ot, and abamea to nientloa? are inliioted pi, on thi* defencelea* man by tbe executioner of itritUh ,Ul f ?? a He il raged In the cloaeat aalilary confinement. Uia BI - f'od ia acanty and loalbaome He haa no oomforta, |m no lueouiusr an urn*r aara tor (are. nor m*ri toe pn folrn. (if t tririi. Ui In ilniiinl thtconaun rrquliUm ,.ri| of deteucy fur mouth* he bu not bean allowed a ctiaunr u( raiment, or permitted to change hie draaa cn Thia will b? qucaliotird dlaputnl, diabellaTed. No ,t( i, wonder fur it W monatroua and incredible Hut o , f writ* mrj ayllabla of It on the authority of on* a* jj,, d Incapable of fal-?hond or ?>acK< ralloa aa of lanrdnr ),a It Ik Ikr literal tralh |u, f In aolitude. In priaatloa, in filth. In rap. Ilm thli ?n Iriab i.u. u. n lb In uoble nau- who l.-i llbttrlj, P(j t bon.a lanily? all? f>>r InUrni bl, t Nor la thU tha whola In tha foul den whore ha l? h? thruat. like a cbaii.i-d reptile, one generuua girl, of tba |n p, age of tan year a daughter of tba U?e?rnur. eought, h with tha inatinrtlva oharity of bar MS. to enlace tha m ,f captive'a rara. and llfblfa hla ?uff< ring. by kindly .,r ofWea. aad forthwith.on pain of new privation.O'Brien hf waa forbidden ever to apeak ta her again Ha ioat thia t?, I Innocatit familiar, wboae childiah be?uiy aad (uUaleae- rm I nau. peabapa apnka to hla father'ahean of tha orphan- Bn f ad darlibg* who warp for him at houa aD What multitude* U?? melted Into tear* over thU I Tar* incident. la the prlaoa revelation* of Silvia fr ] FtUleo ' And here we b??e It re-enacted in the life of a na ( nau from whoai mo human creature ever aufferrd a |,| f WTobj ,t g Tbaaa atroeitlaa ara infllatad by tha G >nraor of rai > Maria laiaad , an official whoaa brutality haa aarnad ra for his. in the colony tba title ol The Mack rteri pant;'* a tjrant. whoaa nana la a tartar, and whoaa tb i prrrraoe ta daapair of Uia haplnaa victim* of hla la- u, l tarsal cruelty W| x la ihla moaater* power -tortured. outrag?d, mad- ri I deaed -livaa yaur coualrjman, the *oa of ?our klo|- pi r Ileal houaa, tha centrou* patriot who lougbt aad fall j wr t fur yon and on all : rei I la thia law ? la thl* Jnatlca' Who la ao brutal here (h ? aa Ui defend *uoh barbarity * W hat parllian of llritlah f,,i ? rula what representative of llritlah authority -lara ,|? , etaad ap la tbeea ialanda and fludloata thli dark, pel , cowardly, aad brllliih persecution! at t Doaa tba law of tiod justify It* I)*** the law of man ),, ? ordain it T Will the people of Kngland aaastloo it? to I will iDf ^wiplt uj irrkbd aouurr III ?a It U I rrlina horrlbl<- mo<i|h to prorok* tho ladlg- , ?t nation of humanity What won4rr if tit* burning eo I n ?i hood of Iralaml iiwo in urn! a(alu?t th? I tin Birtit that thna Mma ( lout jnatlec and o?r raea -thai wi Ibuc niurrfm by alow ileal b our J-ar brulhar - tha <]H | atalnlaaa. brrolc champion of ?ur llbarty ! ! 4., Man of Irtlaad-aail Ul tlnd and mau th? tiaa m l ),,, th- rtcrnlty, villi Ma th? aolrmm'7 and trmh ol our ab invocation '-wMhrrjoa U Prot..iani? or i.'aibollc* y r I ?nh? thar you nr? rangrd bcnaaih th? grrau flof .,r | our fttbm. or und< r tha erlmaon h?nn?r ol (It l.o 1 ' (l??r|?-?h?lk?i you dinra Irl?h Indrpondt-nea or ?a' | rhxrtah a union with Kn, land your aaried duty U pr I Identical Ton auat lnt?rf-rr an l aara thta man'* to mwi Ton nait Mufti* and Mfl thi> man'a lifa, ft* _ lor. wa Ml jon. bolb irt threatened tg t Wa ??y thia advUadly No human cnn?taney can up 1 long wlthatand tha torturing rrualty O'Brian auffari. ro< u ' No bodUy atr*ngth can triumph o?er tha priralloof m ^ 0 Hrlan endure* hli , If you *NI 10I b* manpltrM In the nurdar which na 1 il If ten amIiI nAt kit* O HPl^n'a kln/iH rmA ^a In judgment on your imM-w to /? . Intar- pli frre brnnvM* thi? Iniquity Tormina!# thU dread do ?H"ny Kiportalat* with thlr prnH malignant. >mu ?i. In ?nx-nt gtr* tkli Bto boa talk, or *tn? to tkii4?th. n! TWm iMitn Imtii ^ro4arr4 profound Impraaaloa til la l>aHla The? hxr eielUd ii?Una? iii'lirnaUoa A ou fnmmiitM la being formed of mea ef all p*rtt#? , and. 1 If ?r Itaw lot-aMtkri IrWh h?arta. Ib?r? *111 h* a ro Ununaiallon that *ab?ll J ring thrash tba land Ilk* a? tha juiikBrat p?ai a reoinnetraace which II will not rri k* pru?i?nt lor any prataanl to de<plaa. or aafa for I aat roTerament to dlaobey eb *? liear Indeed, that tb? (Jvmi of Kd|Iii4 cmm to fxn Ireland again ?hl? aornmer r?aiea for tbaoration that er' i monarch* lore from petted alarm Rut ?> war* bar thi and h>r Minuter a tkut a> iirrl; a? ihi trlt foot ? [rUk aai oil, wblla O'Brien la Ihua t"Ttared and degraded. M ( ?ar?ly wberarar akr turna ?hall hla naaM b* lK??4?r an ed la h. r rara a* a malediction ?a aurwly ahall bn wa M"'d ha lluutad la bar far* Tbla promt** wa will m II* faifllli d wa I " " ' lai ottaa ( Um Pablle and Instr?cUoM I* \ Pi (lauUri, i?< 1 P??T Ornn Dipiitiki Jana II H4??-Tbapabr Ue la h?w?hy notlH..! that tha Mincing ?-h> <lula haa tul ha*a adnptad Iter tha (Wj.artura nf tha Unltad Htataa *? Mail IMaaw aaokata ' AtlanOo" n?d 'Pa*l#o.M (?J?4- bni Iim' Lima.) from tha porta of N?w I ark aad Llrarpnol 1:1 I raapaollrrl*, to wit lh? I Naw Ymk Frmm U?i p if rol , Atlanta jw?i IS Tan**. Jaaa It . Parlfta, Jmly ? A'Uatia, Jaly I# | Atlaatt. Jntj V l ?-a- Jatr 11 ' Mall* ran b? a?nt tn fc?w V"fll for llraal Britain tha '"J* ? fV>etin?nt of Rump* and atltar f..ral?a rnwatrtaa haJ ynnrt tba llnlta-l Kin?|.m la b. r^arayad b? tb? J"' 1 a boa* aam*d paak?La nnlar tba tr--?iy antar?4 lata b?f*aan lha tan roantrlaa ^?lia?al?r< irtraaliM '* that lattara and papora to llraat Hrtiatn. aad to moa ' " 1 trlaa beyond It. can ba aaot by tbaaa pa-kata la tba aaaa aaaarr aa by tha Canard parlria, wHh Ihla Hf. i faranaa-that lattara ta plaaaa and anuntrlaa namad la V" tba U arttala nf ' TabJa and I??tnirtloaa," appondad , ' tn tba ' Hatllamaat at Dataila nadar tba I'natal Traaty ,n wltbf'raat brltatn." ara aa^fnrt ta a p?Ufa nf tl ' eanta tba ?ln*la rata taataa<l of ? eaata Tha pn<U(< J ta ba aotiaatod n4 tha pwton addra??ad la tka tor?no I mtiatry will ba l? naM- lax In c??a?|a*aaa af tba J" I pra paymant ?f that aanaat hata Naaapapara ba- ro'' I jawd ltr?at Brltaia, 4 rnata . ta (lr?at Brltata t a?nla, . \ to b* pra paid J t'UI.I, A M K K rnatiaaaUr <ianarai , tn j *4a Tub R?w>i<riaa ra Mixaaait Mora l*ad baa pra (' hably ha*a antarad at nw It ad <4Im tha paat waofc. ?fc than datlac 'ba ahola aaa*<Mi praaloaa in?a| aa- tba ai?m?a oibar? aha ara noa looklac at ar aaantry la bmi a dalapatloa fr? a aninay of Ian Iboaaaad Wnrwa J liana who ara awaiting ha|..? tha aallna of thnaa aaat h?r? la adranoa Thar ar- p|aa?ad with what thay aa baaa ara?, and ?MM pr?baMy lada-a Ihair p?apl? tn will >tHI' l? *llnwnaata aaaatnaJly Tba H?rw??taaa ana ' aa Indaatrlow* frvfai and aoral nanpla jart tha hiad " of ?mlgrasta wo doalpa ? m l'~W i M.a | ChrmmrU, r /wil laa ' ?? tn| *par1la| In lalll(*ara. rnl< Cmtiwiui Oai aaa I. I. Tanrrian ?A ImWInf " aiatrh tar fdtat m la b< ata tn ( . aa tboy pl?a><v olii "? M m at IHI tn aorraa ifUramii hat t?a Rr . >k. "aj ly ti aafi aatlad J In aad Ha? Aftar?*-d. ta ara will a<a ba e?ata?t Ibr a pueaa wfctrk el->aa4 witk laa aautaa t*'< ERA] TRIAL OF BRISTOL BILL. pi Oar TrrBMl Corrtcpondrnct. ' < t>*^riLLB, Tt., Jan* 12 1S50 #0 IAI. or BRISTOL BfLL, ALIAS W*. H. WARIIUaT)*, tr inn christian mi;adow?, kor cot/ttbrfbitino. ni rhe trial of the celebrate* Brtitol BUI, alifi Wax. H. <l< ?r burton, and ChrUtlan Meadow*, for counterfeiting, j1 mmaneed tbia morning in the Danville Ueunty Court, _ tbla place, before hi* llooor, Chief J oat lee Poland. fa ilat?d by tba Hon Walter Harray and Jamei D. Ball, fll Mutant Jnatieaa. lliaa M Darl* Stat* Attorney, and Abel Underwood. ui q , appeared oo tins part or Uis prosecution, and t* m. U Karrar and Cba* B. Vletehar, Htq* , of Boatoa, ^ th* prisoner*. rb* prisoners wer* brought In at half-past eight ax >lock. Bristol BHI looked all smile* and cheer," th d trim a* a Broadway dandy; Meadows seemed oar*- P 5tn and faint of hop*. though strong of a*rv*. Mo- *1 >u wer* mad* by e*unsel for continuance of tb* 1,1 so iusa, which were STtrru)?4 by bla honor. n0 Mrs. Meadows came la, and >M seated by the aide of ?r r husband having a fine, aoisy child in her ran, j" ilicksomn in innocvney. creating no small " noise and mt ufusWm " Mrs. M seemed ijuite a modest, unnn-ir B1 ng affectionate wife, not handsome, bat dent ledty j!(" Dtty; and i* reported to be from a very respectable ,n ally iu Cbatl?**t?wn. Mats She certainly has tha na urral sympathy of this community She seems un mittiag in her efforts to eonsota th* accused The j r lictuienl was read to the prisoners, who appeared f'ml lions and attentive. Kill made quite a suo.ies-ful jj l< tnpt at Bang froid: while Meadows was evidently n| pi.-n>?d in spirits. Meadows pleaded by the name of m' riHian Meadows, and none oth-r - the pie* not m, ilty ." Bill pleaded to the name of Wm il .Warbur- ,r1 a?" not guilty" ?remarking, he * knew nothing j,, out any oiher name." Couusel for prisoners bow j, tvid that the prisoners ba tried separately, which RB s warmly argued hy the counsel and State s At lor ?n y; but it > > decided by his huuor that they should ^ irledj-intly As this decision wis announced w? tll| tired th' wife of Meadows burst iuto tears, a. muoli r?, tossy 'All is lo??at the sacte time she ca?t a look M woe at Bill, who only ret urned a wink, "develish with ral II," forth* ' nnat siling^tcur " ?,u The oath being administered to th'jury the indictnt was read to them whereupon the State's Att >ry gave a brlrf statement of tha rircnrastanoes anil a)) ;ts as the <loverum*nt expected to prove, in suprt of ( Iim charges a.i set forth in tha indictment jt l'i ter M 1'aul wa? th* first witness oall?d ?First tew of ibis matter, year ago last winter, went into ' |ja >w s counting-room; Low showed nut a couple of l ty ID, w? o?i? im iiHPUiirii |U U)?kf B'HIIH IU')QHJ lh thuu (Dim were hoi* produced which wit- ?n| e? mill Uioked Ilk* the our* ) Low told me hit had a nri r.-atl'Mi with a Mr M , of Boston, who had agroed [,, come and asaint h-m; Low said h? had two or three till las of dins, and if he could gat Mr. M . be should ba- (h| nir the richest Bin a In Vermont; tho boxes were ill- w)] ctri In wIiupm and marked "airs;" said hi had ^si ni to New York anil pnrrhaawd a ' transfer press," ! f,,, iieh was uiaiked t'.iltlornta wliioh proa* came to nt, ot"D and one Jos Morrison and myself carried It In- ' tba shed chamber; Low said tiia pros wti de?l(na.l . ,?| work the illi'c, 1 afterwards helped Low to more tha to ?ss down Into tha shed, and partially concealed it j tj,, der iba word, It was oon after nj"red Into my ?hop; , w> ring this time. 'V?i t>Hrt-n and Meadow* camo to jf nu n Low said the*? were the 111411 ha had engaged i hrlp him and wanted inn to halp In repairing tha ' ^>c r?s; at lir.-t I refuaed, at last I consented, and I. with ! adows and MarxUsll. pat it tog-ther; w? dark-net j)U| 11 room at ihs time; one Mr Barter helped in- to re- , ir it. I.ow lirought lue a copp?r plate and soai din?, #<l( d told mi- if Meadow* caili d for them to let hun |0t re them. Mrsdows railed soon after, and took the itr and marked It off Into squares. and made soms presaiciis on it wltb the dies, by mvam of the praas, \ ^j d sanlnl a?ay the plate; be afterwards cams in and j ,.,r ida anotbtr kind of impreeaion on another plate; the j)U| pirraion was a figure 0\e. soon after, went In hob - . |rri ny with Low to Mrsilows's, and tbare saw a plate (Jrt grsrsd baring a flgiitr fire on one corner a female t(1|] natte and a drove of rattle (A bill, partially *?- ! rpi ltd was hare presented t? witness who thought It _ ' *ad Its stamp trotn the platr be saw at Msad'iws'a J>Ul shirk piat*' was presented to witness who Idantllled A i aame as being tba one be saw at Meadows'* ] Warrton oner rami to my shop to purrhate some furnlre. a?d eogaged some, this wa* my first acquaint- _ er wltb bini. Low called ?am? day, attd recommendWaihurteu's credit, aud became responsible for m; was after. Low railed at my shop and carried ay tbe Utee In a handkerchief. (which wa* prnduoed "l" oourt and Identified liy tha wltne?s I (Willi*** re a description of the transfer pre**." and the imi* ol working II; likewia* d?"iiU-d the printing ' e??, raid ha onei' repaired It Th? printing pre** * n irt- pr? ducrd Id court, nod Identified by fttw? who i-mrd " quite at koine" in describing the oieim epa>.?/i of ILa meehani-m II# haudlrd th# n rni< pUu?, r' ' <1 attachment*, Ilka I read/ student, wall IraiaeJ 'r d duly taught | ?? L'rM-?ianiiiatlisi- Low dmt showed ma the dies la bvuary 1MV. Low had Ju?t rrtornnl from Bxlon, *' ver bad eoB?fri?l with Low relative to the counter t bu?ltn< priflniu to this tlma. it waa eeeniag j* ien be uliofH) ita the ilici, showed tka diet la lb> untlng ro..m, think th# door* wara abat, don't know e| rlain. Low n*?? had mada ma hUaoafldaat; tlilnk "" took the die* from bis pocket, br oftan mentioned rr" a auhject to ma after he flret eihlbited tbe diaa; td to raeak of his exploit* In New York and Hotteo. 1 " Id ba bad suffered everything but death ht* Aral "* plolt waa obtaining the die*, bin neit axptott wan la 'u Ltlag tka pr?ea, Low aald a man by tha name of R nt to tha building wbera the dire were kepi; aaw a I"* an Ihrongh the key hole and waa frightened away. "" a nut time Mr It aald he wonld ga through h II r twenty-five dollar*, but that he would get them. I * I aot suppose till4 Mr K waa Chrlatlau Meadow, Id two person* went and obtained tha die* hut never " ideratood that Meadow* waa on- of them; (die* were A" re presented to the wlto>M bat ba could not (wear r'1 tbelr Identity), the neit Interview I bad with Law i* a aoaeMerable lime after the flrsf; aaw *ome b .(#* Low'* *tora with my name on thaa, Low aald tbey ' litaloid hardware, did not help to carry them Into e store, did not com plain to Low harauee my name "" ia marked on tbe le>iea at thai time, but afterward* 1 c< mplaln and adflaed him not to have aaytbiag la th' with the huatnesv Low **ld II wa? not eouatarfelt, " t tha genuine arttnj* told ma aot to *ay anything J'" ?ot It er be would shoot me. Low *oon left for Mew thj irk, don't know of whom be obtalnad the traa?ft?r or * luting pr?a*. after th# praaeaa arrived In Urulon '* * w Invited me to go and e?e th> m. I went and only ' w tbe transfer preae, afterward* law the printing eae at Low' store, the transfer praea waa remove] iT* my sboj In January. ]<tM>, flrat u-ed th* praaa ua J iKuaw >r?l??l IO K?B II. ' 4 ?tr? prMtnl ?h<n tlx praaa tw pat i, (wltbi-Mi h<ra daarrlbad tha altuattnn i>f hn ah?.p. Mia fee , ha la a JawaUar by profaa.loti); n???f pro- l h' *ad Low lur> into Ui* rounterfatt hnalnaaa nor fift n to umlarttaDd I wnuld ??l>ark In tha ?nUrpfii?. " ??r k?.w Mradowa to maka inj linpr^MiDQn upon par but baa* aaan him maka laprmtniKM aoppa*. m* ?ta, naaar taw an; dim la tba bona* of Mr M-ad^.wa ** not (bmk any wara a*ar tbora or that ba ?T?r 1?' i|>?d any pip?r, ha naaar n?H lha printing praaa "* mj ktiowlnlg". don t know aa ba arar had anjr ink J'01 [labia for printing. I waa arraatad about ia? aaaa , n?- tha drf?n<1ant> wara. h.lp?d t" pltrh th? praaaoa I of tba wtodutr and attain ptad to r?*a?aJ tb?oi Ka-aiaailaatloa dtract wltaaaa waulda'l ba tot aartrailoma In bin ana wara On tha whnla tba wit M Mood a rrnaa.raking Mra <i| r>ma two hnara, wilh 1 narkat-la grara and fort Hilda llrnry I Clark rail-d for tba (Mat* OrtaJn aaantral toala aara praaantad to witaaaa fir tha par ta of Idantlflralion Tbta waa oh;a*tad to by prlaon a rrnnaal bait oaarrulad by tba Court I Oral aa* J1'!1 I tonto at Maadow a houaa. Swllara tbaaa ara th? >ul H ? "r?>aa ataminrd Waa praaaat whan Maaiowa wa? >*tad waa n"t tba Aral whi taw IK. r.11! X . I dlt ? not In lb* kouaa >1 tha tliaa. tha It^i wara la a M hi Ma<U 'Jr???r, Mra rtar lull lh? k>?? J*'1 tla ?? war* lK?f?, M?rrh?>l tha bona*, loan) arth t,MMfllkraaUml?. "P1 1 W H'llaon *? Mil <-*Jlad I narry n? *fi?ratia( I*" J printing, ri-?lda In M-wtoa. Maa?a<-haaatta (wit- "* a a>anila*4 tha toola.) thaaa ara mfrtflnt tixitu a *' I aot, {aiiainnl tha thaw ara alaa. th"T ***' ra fail ad undar l.ow'a h?*hira In thro* hnaa, tha '?* aa war* marked Patar M Paul Orrton thara w>-ra Jr' 1 or I?D, afterward* h.ntiil 11 mora at l.ow'a hmiaa * a dlaa ara tiaad to maka haak nut?a thay ara a Bplrta art, (wtta< aa harr prndnr' d a haak aota. and * It thaaa dlaa vara n?-d In ataiaptng tha nota,) ha*a Had on tha l.ualaaaa of i n(r>vln| aona I* f*TI, JI* i < o?a* w*til on to atplaia tha minna of adng * > dlaa Tnr r?ol an I HltllMt l.iiatnaao and fir tha *J rj'Oa* of altariac Mil* of ma danomlaatloa to that of , ikar wttnaaa aaada waa of a It road way hill In tha "T* yn^aatnrt (a. ma ?p??riog h< r? anatind hatwawn ** i wittiaaa and Mr Parrar, rMatlra to Una Nrad in^n neither aremed *?rJ willing to raa'ignlfa ' a iralk Ban > aoaualataara aa hta aharaotar T arkad aoraewhat -if I III* of well kaown rapu'atl id ,) laa ?<to?a ha* worked for ma la tha angaria* baMaea* hat U*e rtolnit* of Boat on tha anpaant fl<<4 rtamtnrd A haak note *m (abalt- ? * In tb* wltn-a* inar*"?lion which had ha?n par- pr? 11/eflarwd In daanaalnatlon and whtrh waa foaad In ??r w k la long ng to l.ow, I thlak thla la tha hiM I al'J nd In lh? honk hat will n ? awear plaltlralf t'bl >ai>l< 11 offtan t-taralnad <?aiwa h-ll pratniitod ) Naw ral a Mil la l. w a >oarnaJ Ik* nl(hl ha wa< m??IU?I aim ia I, tha Idl la aa arm -nt llank ami Uaa nor a ara ha ?ad Uia tiaa iiar n<ak Wu krrpar a??r Low Vofora ha gra i r'>wiailit"i waa la iwimpanj with Mr Pia41 wh?a ??< Ml wa- foaad. faallj had awawM In tha after hia arraat Maad wa had nnna * ha A l'n#n aianaiaad Am aaahlar of Tarmoat ik MnalH ar lata h .a >nK?cd la th> kula"' , w It faaia a Mil an I raad >a Rank waa h?ra ?>? a aaa? ahtrh waa pariiailf etaautad) , tht*MII whaa 7* d up wot Id I* wall ealanlatad to da-aalra tha In . / alan earraa^oMla with lh? plate waa < taaiaid llita aa aa tha haadwrMlag af Mr .iVi ar I ar/ of V ?t..n, a* aot faaalllar with It. (tha _ > 1 lyrtrd ka h/ tfca Mtala'a At??iraa/ aad ' r-t oat h/ nairt | . C llala Mamlnad Ana ra<hior of Wp*I? Rlrar ik lata a? n tin* plata ho?..r-, Ufa with ntliara, i dapoaitad in mj kaaptaf h; Mr Bia??a/, hara aik'd tha Itaprwaaio* on tha Hraaduu Haak hill, lk tfcr inpra a*wa a r* J *aa, aad MlrMMM ta la * 1 Li D. TWO CENTS. Hr?; think It eorwapond* with tTre rtnmp on thto it*; htm aren Wwburton oeoulootll; daring thi A winter at lf.U? Rurr I'roMeiamlantfon The Tlenett on th!i W11U Terjr mmoa?n the Mil* In Now Kn.'.'in j J K. Darling ftomlnod-found ar.ine dim txat tlar In Lnw'n b*? tKiaw In tlirw box**; box** war* arkrd I* M Paul, ?i?ed to we Wtrburton Mil <?i>w?w Oroton laet winter; die* wet? found in 1/OWb nu?e in & btrrtl of f.athera; there war* twMra ot i"?i have one of them m toy po?a?i?ton '|('r<>H^-< tamlnation No one wan with ino when I und the dies Wilton w?? not with m* when I at dlaeoTere.1 th^ro, flm t<M <h?o Welch to go aaif 7 by them till I return**; ijot WTilaon and went ick; ???r dreamed about the die* but noujrht lor r own satisfaction ?n |>r??*rnt when the din* w*r? ken out of the fi<ath*r? MeLaln M* rah all examined-Thix wltne** *11 ob r.e.i m oj inr r?rr?r. a? lie ?u<x?niniHl before Ilia agli-tratu and bound o?cr. and an tmllrtmant found alnpt him by the Grand Jury n?w in wi?ioa; Hut a objection ?? overruled by tbv Court, tui tho >lnt waa re?er*ed for exception. WimoM prnp??d?<1 ?Flrnt knew ah >ut tha bnilna** ion thn pmi vm moved; Low and I wont to >?ton ; Low xaid ba had rtcnimj a letter from ma |xrwn in N?? York, ?h i proponed to de unt?'rfrit bu?tncH* for him. If he. Low. ironM go tend to New York ; ha left, and told ne I1 rhey cant fere he got home, to tell them to wait till he got me ; I left Uonton on Monday for hnmM ; the nuxt vk (W?dn>>?day) Warbnrton and Meadow* came to I hi>u*? ; thi* wait th? la I of Drermlwr ; I wu at talon near a week ; Mraduw* and Wtrburtots-ea*? my ho??e before Low returned ; they aakett if raf me wa? Mimhall ; aeked if Low had returned from ton . injuin-d what kind of a man he waa ; laid w agreed to beat home ; Warbnrton a<ked if had a m in the wi-at part mt the town; inquired about Prler Haul , wauled to know about Low'* stor* Kri.|?r nbl Low came home and Warbnrton went to Wnll'i ver with a tram with which l.ow name hoin>*; aaid It* i*t go down and nee a mini whuin lie railed Jiui ; Jiin urii'd with him and they alt flopped at iny hou-e ; n't know what wa* paid or don* th?t ni<ht ; rtandty ey were together all day. Jim. Warbunon. Meadow* d l.nw , an arrangement ?a< made that WarWurtoa d Jim nhnuld go bank on the larm and Meadewa ould lite in the* villa*" handy by ?o he could be . ily u?> d : agreed U> get up a?uie plates for the alte'ion of Hill a ; selected an obncure hou?e for VI .-adowi, Low aaid ha wanted to look to him ; the flrat arDgi mt nt wan te alter bill* a* thn wu the quicken! elnran ; when the WU* w re got up. Warbu't >o. J na d Low were to go onl and put thein iff aud we were 'hare the profile . Mcado?? wai to d> the engraving bin part; 1 aaw an lnipr>"?iun of a <j>ln() an I f >40 I on a noppcr-piat# H?>'l*?l allowed m < the eopu?rite ; (the platee were handed the witneea and while unliilBir them Hell w.n bn-v taUlnir not*** wtniu adnw* looked deathly polo with tha de.-p'.l anKiaexpre-aed In hi* eountenatina)?tha impm-ton no e*. thro* plate* Is fbOU. fl.vii, (10 and S'JO, M**low? id they were for altering bill* ; Montpwiier Hank wag kid nut to alter their bill* . I.i>* mid- arrangement* (Ira* KNU oh dollar bill* tochanif.i tii? d-n nnmam. bat bin brothnr'* wife gut the money and K?pt il ; it broke up this plan ; the next plan wa* to get up iole bill* on a certain bank ; don't remember lha nk, think tha d? nomination wa* to lie a ttm ; W irrton "u at my hogwt?n nr threw time* in tha ft urn* i weak ; wanted to know how w?i ?"l aion^ w.m thia iiieea of alteration ; heard him talk with Low. who I him thry wera glutting along well; tmntwl Miiiai hsMea mutter* ; thought if they made a atnk% y had b*et maka a geod oua , the bu*in?ai * carried on in partn<>r*hip ; Meadows a?kad in a tha plate* vara not well dona ; d >n't kni* ha told ton where h? got thaia War barI, Meadow* and Low. were olten at ray limi**, nrtlmrt together at oliirr time* *apnratMy. Warrton uid he had a wifa whom hn expect**! -aha cam* three or four week* after ha rame l,?w proridad ne thinK* tor Warhnrtnn and Meadow*, and 1 found oa thing* Low and myeelf want out to Warburtoa's ?r hi* wife cana on we t.ilted of tba butlnea* f* It wu agreed that Meadow* should be ctllad I Haas* and tha partlaa vera to appear stranger* to h lit bur ; " ilrt*tol Bill" wai to be rallad W II Waffrton (At thl* announoemeot Rill'* eye* were laitly fixed on witneae. and (1a*bad Ira. r*n(*tiiM and la no#) l.ow *ald ha had *ent in may t-i WartmrI and Mnadow*, whuh they *aid they did not rare Heard Low read tba leitar In wbifth It was prord by thaaa mau to aoina oa and do ao?ataj<f?M .ll'IU idjoornrd to to-morrow at ft oVIook 1%c Caiftajr PrlMscr* ! Ilarana. ne waamuglon oorrrnp.inn-m 01 tn? ruua l ?|>ma rlh .iimfitran, of tha Iftth Inat. . aaya Adrl.iaa ug l?r ? of Ik* Hth last., hiif trrl?(4 from Uan <!aapb >11, r Consul at Havana From tha trnnr uf thaaa th'N raaon to fear that tha difft-ulty batmii tha t ao rrrnn?ntt In kf no > < ?l an and U? 0. *a?aa tha opinion an opinion p-narally abarrj by tha MlMMlMi and ?hi|>maat>-r? m Imm IM eapialna of tha UaorRiana and itarah Loud woild airnutad ualwiour |[o*arnia<-nt tnunadiaialy and pail ptortly Intxrfi r?d to praaant It ll?.th>r>'r'ir<<,a<li for iinpt and ponltlw laatruatlmia to danaaad tha prlao*. >. %r ao latwaaaUou ah'>rt of thla *tU probably pr\>aa leaclaua Thin rajaaat nnd?? tha p-oull%r aim* am<HM makaa It ohaioua that tha atarn ant ai ala rahla latter of Mr t'laytoa of tha lat laat in <a'uah 0 C. ?a< directed to warn tba Captain ii?n?rtl t iat a hart a hair oflhf haad of any lanoaoat Amtintl ta?n It mlibt laad to a aaacumary war. had nat n raaehad I La daatmatlua Tba trial* af tha pria >awara to ha rondurtad armrdlnf to tha atrtit firu ipanlah law. whtah ra^uira tha proaaadltiffa oa prani ary aiamlaatioaa to ba a^rrat * a thaaa ?uiaiaaIprif Min?i hail aot rloaml at tha datr of tha ?: > ' darpatrhaa. It la to b? hop-d that Wr CUytoat noui arnrat of tha lat laat may arrlra la tiia- t* >?ant any haaty a<-tt-<a on tha part of thaCuhaa Ihorttlra From all tba factn w hlh hara ooaia light, It ll hallarad that tba prlaouar* takua Toatoy bad ililfpnl for California ill l)lii{r?. Ian Caiaphall atataa that, although ha kaa not b inf wltaaaaad tba amhlhulon of auok failing tha uarlcau roaidenta of Havana baliafa that tha a?. *aiaat afalaat tbaia la rary atroog and that tha* 1 rcrardtd with ahaolatn d[?faai.a ha tha Mi.>nl.h |il? aad tglhorltlM Una* lntai>i*-naa brought by U? lubtl r* tha IpnuUk lllaiatar ka? ?'* bma vtaiM* 11 la l k tk?r?l?r? what Uflrrt ha naa J hara r??r<l or Ira ktiofliloM ma j kia baan m >d>fl->l hf in Whit* It IiuIm h.ipoil Ik* nothing K?? bam III k? dot?? ni Ik' >wt of tka iptnlak la kt to IBH1' tka ii|hu of oar rlt'iana. It U rial* tl Orn Taylor aad ht? administration will fiii'llHta, k all tk? authority toaterrf upon tkra. tka nil; of tk? American paoplr and tka Maitll/of i a mcriftn f)^ ka Waaklagton aorraapondant of the PhtlalalpHI* .f lb* 1 nth In-tant ?a;? Tba prtMMM vana ara nndargolnf a aumaarlal prn*a?4laf kwa tka Marina MM Trtbaaal Ju l*? Mama, af 7 Waat had written to tka ifeptala ()aa*r?l, th?*. II prcirrd Iwfora bim nn tka trial of tka Oraola p?'>p4a, it tka priaonara ?aptorad at I'ontoy, la tha -t.i-na ad and (iaorglana had aakark?d with t?ia *it??dln. uppoalnf It to ba bonnd far California by war ^ a*r?a bat that aa anon aa tha rani draigaatlon waa >da known tkay rafuaad to pru?aa4. ao-1 th 0r*>4? nbligad to If* without Ifcria A hi! t bf?? a*it tmm lb* fttata Do put Mt, u J iilgi rrla. to forward all tht> arldaaeo t'apt T??n%Jl ? idaet it not approrad of If tha prt-onara ara a-?t ttallr ?l?aa op It I* Wllaaed tho frw|.)>il >i tha ?ktl? natter Miin t'uagraa* with (iruaf ' >fc?nd?iion la no of ww Hnjlaad. It to ??a, will B"t latarfara 'nb Oimr futittK it NiwOatatai Tm turn Lnrrt - Tha M. O Dal/a ol lh? 7th ln?t It to poa?d that thaPpaatard* who Join?d Oanarat l.ipaa, ardanaa, vara prlaonart ra|aa?ad froai tha Jail Its >h p?r?nua, wa ara MnrMl by nftaan of tha aipadlt. now In aat atty Jotaad rtanarai Lop** Huta I oompany of tha regular anldlarn of tha Hpaiiiah y. aaibraelog tha whnla garrison of 'ard*t?a?. ??l uiaf tha uniform of ?tp*ln ?a?? orar t<> tha at pa la*, and darlarad la It* fhrnr Th ay vara organnad a portion of tha atpadltlna with a flaw to rarthar ratio**. and rat urn ad with It to Kay Wail W? rs froai oflaon of tha aipa<|ltl?n, that II wa? tha laloa of thaaa Ppaotah ?oldl*r* that thatr ahata ranaat - tha graatar part of which *m atatloaad at laataa would ha?a Jotaad Oanaral l.op"* aa .oa? ha appaarrd hafora th- m Tha aoht^oar Matilda m> ariirad ya*t*rday Croat Tampa Ray Aha brought > Mlowlnj paaaangar* (aatiaraa* ramiM witfc i laic a* I AM f'rtl'> %?! MT hahl? C?nll Vo?laf ?k??>rl4f* Oaoa, Nurna an<l D?'l? aftk* Loat*V i *>(im'ril, M*j?r flmitb Ml?V?'ppl R??ia*at) ?t? Rafila t<*?j Morrla, aa4 Wrla; <4aari*r*aatTlrnai** . i'?ninil?*ary Atoa*a1l, <'*pla Howard aa4 II, of |k? tltf Lop* af tka Oir'lMt of dlMi tlMpiwifN hi* <n?ap?B7 MliialUi af ?* ?*r* lafl at Taapa fk*r* arrirad tlM to iI*t ***alng. (rn? Ttapt Nam I* tk< aahoonar HorMajn* Mrllaary. r?pu<n fktna* fl Maraka, af l.niltltti r*f la-at, Bakartay VaiMn, ha (ianarai luff , l'if<?li * 0. of Ik* Laal?a r?flBaal and l*?'J prtrata* %? n O Ptrapaw?. o4 Ula 0th Inatant. >*7* * ra ir<? fallahi* authority, Apt ilmral L?P*?, 'Itj k*aa lnfc>r?*4 that a vriniM k**a i**a?4 t* B H Mar-hal for hi* arr-at on a "kara* of harta* lat*d th? ala>k aaotlaa of tk* ant ifUiw"', ap * 4 April *? mm ha* d*t*r?iaa4 r.**aiartiy la r?nd?r hlaMlf Ha la a?p*ato4 to arrlka la tki* I l*r ikl> parpooa to-da7 or to ainrrnw. fV*? Pom rWtilap ?kar* h* ka* h??a ra?tt*a4la? Tka ? wMI i?*awt ta k* ataalna4 kafora a I e*m *1*. a?r *a4 If tka tratlm -af varraala kt* aoa? H4, will ha hoaa<l oaw anttl tka aait tar? of tka a riot <'aart wh#a kla *aaa <HII ka laM katara Ma wU Jar7 kf U?* If DUIrtat AMoraay for It* d**l1 varnaa *r?ta? - Tka r*rtim (^a) Pal*?, a< od*y oaf* Tk* Rafllak Wig lahlaaa <'apt Vtaak, l<>k **? ??ppoa?4 to karr k~ao la*l >a Ik* oaaaa. ka* 1**4. afWr a p**"*?? atgkty a***a 4?i* fmia rport Walaa tHik o??r tww kaa4r?4 In** of f \r >a oar ar*kaaw4 rtllmul frar af 14a arav af lata t w?ra la a -tat* af at allay ?k?a Ik* pilot k ** hi?a raptaia Wka?t*t >4 Ralttaaar* knar 1*1 h?r 7 ail** at ?a aa tka 4th ln*t . to whoaa aaplala < k ?aar*a4?w*d th* ataaud of tk* hrtt <)a >kti?? oar karhor 7?*t?rlay tk* Rr.tUk <%aa?r rd*4 h?r liraH th? raaaat tka aiHawn aa I a ' pr*r*a<-* of a Ala of martaa* fr >aa tka afctp f *" aata pal ?h* f??ar a??-a ta Imt TfcMr ata' _i I la an I'atay W * VII am Lav Ckarlaa Jnfea>*< rick CkUl tkrr* (rlalaaa** aa4 aaa D?M

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