Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 16, 1850, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 16, 1850 Page 2
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TH] NO. 6851. nLEeurnir intelligence. HIGHLY IMPORTANT FROM HAVANA. 11 TW Iwrku PrlMHwrti KdfM?4 bj tk? ] Bpuhh CoTernncal, See., See., Jcc. , Nkw Oblkahi. Juno 15, I860. ' W? bin raceived Intelligence from Havana as late M tk* 10th Inst., and are happy to s'.ate. that the 8p*alah government had yielded to the representation* of our Consul, aided bj other Amarloan authorities, and, tjlrr ratting tkiough r/u ftrmt of a trimC Gmd khtrmitd ttu American friionni, wKo wire frtt to return to the United Stain. Arrival of Cuban Invaders at Sew OrleaM ?Klrea, etc. DaLTimobb, Jnn? 14, 1860. Captain Lopes, a relative of Oeneral Lopes, with saTi ral Invaders, arived at New Orleans, on the 0th, from Kay West At New Orleans, on the 6th. the Alhambra CofTno Ilousa was burnt d >wn an 1 the Liberty Coffee House was alao damaged A tire occurred at Lafayette on the Mia day, di^troying houses ot Mnssrs. Welvn, Keen aud Mason. Lost #? ?"> ; no insurance Our Ipttlal Telegraphic Oeapatoh. Wasiii*k;to!?, June 15. 1850. ' The first number of the new paper, tondvocat>3outh?rn interest j will be published here on Monday. Jonathan Prescott Hull. United Static District Attorney for tlio Southern Dislrist of New York, was confirmed to-day without debate. Mr. Bartlett's nomination as commissioner to run tha Mexican boundary, was likewise confirmed by a decided majority, but not without a good deal of oppoaltion. M$. Clay expects to bring the Compromise bill to tha question of engrossment by Thursday next. Senator Dickinson left Washington for New York thla evening, to attend the dinner to which his friondi in that city lnvltod him. , From t'ae South. ifalttmokk, julic 10. ibm. Tke Southern mail in through, bat contain* very little to warrant trltgrapbic notice The following hipping, and other iutelligenoe, however, will be of intereet to jomr readers: ? | The stt-ami>hlp Ohio arrived at the South West Pau O* the 7 th last. The steamship Vunity, from Key Weft, bound to nmw York, stopped at Charleston, on the 12th Instant, for coal. The sohr K 8 ToweM fr?m New York, arrived at "Wilmington. N. C . on ih> l.'ich Oar market* remain linchangod. We bate had a thunderstorm thie afternoon Parliamentary Procttdlngi In Canada. tosonto. June 15. 1h60. | Last night, In the House of Assembly, Attorney- | General Lafontainc introduced a bill to incroase partlittei I iiy representation. The House was In committee on selgnorial tenure of Lower Canada several hours, but no decision w?i come to. | The Inspector General anr.onnnd the Intention of government to introduce a General Banking law AUo, a Measure on the currency. Attenaj t at Bank Hebbery. bostom. June is, 1m0. k daring attempt was made last night to rob the Mattapan Bank. Dnreheeter The robbers ired a pistol at the bank watchman, and the ball passed through his hat. The watchman fired In return, when the robbers ted, leaving a lot of ekeleton keys In the road The watchman gave chase, when the robbers faned about, and threatened to shoot him If he advanced "JW %M id? ruDorrn ? ' wuuauru, w, ?%uwj *?- *, bla nay??ioii w?r? obllgt-d to lift him iato tba ooggj "I* _ Malllaig af Uba ubU for Maw Vtrk, with flOO.OOO la Iptfl*. Ni* Oiiitm.Junii U, 1U0-P. M, I 'Tba ?t?am?hip Ohio haa ju?t umilnd fur Naw York with one hundred tb<>u?*i.d dollar* In apael* A Millar Cravaaaa la LoaltUnn*. New Juu 14, 1*M Tba n#v innua In (Irani L?im P*f A, Point Jaay a, 1> tba rtrh??t infu region ia thin 8Ut*. pro4a<-?d laatuM loaa of property. AU tfforta to atop It pr*??4 traltlaaa TIUHTY-KIHCT COROEBU. riKWT rr KOMl'l MA0NKTIO TKLMlAfl. WtiMitSTO", J una 16,1164. A eoaiBoalaation from tba War Dapartmant. aa to -<japror*Baata la Mobila Hay. waa ord?rrd to ba prlatad Baia?ai raaolattmia at inquiry ?tr? aubanttad Tba jolat raaalaltoo ta r*faad aavaral Rtataa adraaoa* for -volaataava. aot baforr prnvldad far, paaaad Mr. Yalaa'a raanlatlea f>r a r?r?i ?? andltad trnala agraad to ailj^ari froaa Tkandt; till Monday at IS o'clock?M to lu arniiL M?a. Mr llai.a a*alaln-?J bia am-* Ini'St Itaahjart la ta j>at paapla ta tba t?rrli?H?>a on th? Ma* footlag la raapaat to tba lapraaiv t'oart a? p?o$.la of tba lttat?a t Mr Waaatan nppo?ad Mr Rlu t??or?it fWa lalad ta rt-eaiaa tba Sal aura of tba proaaatlaf* ] MM* lt?|im?nwn?Ti?. WmninwT**, Juno II. 1 MO. 1 Mr D??ibl bot?<] that tha llou?? ( < lilt o*mn tIm m Ut pri??t# Ml?i4tr Tk? rota ?w Utti by yo?J | a4 up, u4 Miraii<4 la lb* argatlro ;ui,N ?nay*. IM Tb? IIiim tk?i ?'it IA? of th? Whole ?n ibo Hum of th? Union Mr M< L?*i. ("I?m of Marylaad la rod that tho Ca- . ? ore la bIM bo Ui J Mid*, to Wk* up lb* Caaborlaod 'Jam bill Tk? qamrtUa ?M la the eaaroo of balnf tak?a by toOarr ?h??i Mr M'Liri nM b. wttkdraw tho motion I Mr Mfkiaoa** (4*m ) of IlllaoK ??nU< to know I ?btUl?r It ooald bo withdraw I do?lr? to bar* tbo | ylMitaro ?4 votlag II down n?.?" Oaa"! withdraw " " Totod dowa - " Ua a " Tbo Chalrraaa. m-anwhllo pallia* to order 1 Tfc? aotlun ol Mr M Ua? ?M rotH 4o*i, U t* H Tha HMltlM tkra ?mao?d?d with lit tilirtiait aitt. Mr I*aa, (daai ) of Alahaaa mor?d ia aa*fida? 'la Mr. OWi pr> p<Mitloa of raaainc tha Mirooar CwynMlai Uaa It tbf Pwll* It war la tha forai af a yrortoo namoly that if tha paoplo of aay portloa of tM wrriiflry in p a r> u a ac a or luiioruj oi an?, hall form ttonxituUm, thay may or maj nat < aaala<t? alavary; aud tbat d-l*ra>lnat?oa of thia oa-atlon aball ba almt??4>n lata tW t;atoii Ha aald ih.t bi? obj?at >u to rtraraa tha tha (Mimaitlto* on Thur.Wr wh?n thay mafHiit Mr Htantoa of Ky Mr ahonld inU for tha uiMi'la>nt. fcarlag aIwara ma-ifBlard tha prlarlpl. thai a Utata haa right to afclt ala*?ry or *o* Coagraaa ha* ai right *> lotaafrra with th? aubj-rt Mr Tan Draa (?hi|ti of M J aaid it *aa nog proper for Caagraaa to ?spra-a aa oplnim on th. anbjaat lla va* ?gMM>t tha i Ba-a<lai?nt b*eaaa? Iwlng offarv-d ta that of Orria. tt aaaaaiaa that California la ta ba iltIM llowaaar bl? opinion ra? that tt <ru not a ri frann<t of oty-i-ilon to tha admla.lnn of a ittaUi, ooaaatltutlon r?*.<gniaiag alarrrf, tt la all othar rvaix-cU aha appltad proparl/ Mr Rmim <+ ai ). of N H , ??i la 'aror of tha prtoatpl* <* ^ mlBrlt. but not Tor laoorpnraUoff It la ?k* Mi for th< Kiaimloa of California. Ha waatad tkat Snl? to coma lad> pand?nt af <Hh?r ai>a*?ir*a Ha waaaid art rota to airlaga California If * - - aatitaHxm tol-r?i?d alarary Hiaaai I . ld?ai.l "f llllooia lUnl-d that tha gooirnalnl la th? North that no data fltMaa ahall ba adaiittad lata tha Uniaa ? laaaaaid* rahta auaabrr >a>k ta aarry oat iowa It bad ! .-a ?iai*d aa tbla floor that ao awattaita alia.I ba a laatlt-d. hnt b? B?r*r aa 4 In It Noiol?h?taa'la< th<- dmlriaa bad bar* taraw?d by ymlrww mv X"rih?ra gtataa, It 14 lb- *oi<- on Mr Htanion a aaaadaaat aa *y had baa* a-at South an lightaiag a wiaga, flaad opinion of tha North. irilhoat ia? riplat. ?" ) of Ohio, "aid that tha aaaad' Mr Irg" "u iatra t?d aa alaa Ua ta th* >a<h ? ha?? no rf i>t ; it taa hat a pna<"? ofariag .. I far California aha la loiat. (*? .) of l^.dld not want a aoatpli I rot* lla ilMiiraa aoai-%hing anbilaatial ioa raa a -t worth a atraw a? loaf aa a g.ff-r , ata h*M tb? alarra of tha Inth aud tha bora i _ j E NE' ? rod ouTiifw of thr North, m property. Da ?ut?j lonllli iDd vit?r*naprool<N Mr Bchwoi, (whlir) of Ohio. vtahMt to ftffar an tofudnnt. to trat tbe aea?? of th>* South, that thara ball tx no objection to the tdnlwiun of California twoauaa aha ha* not tolrrat^d Mbrrrj Tha am*ndmailt of Mr Inn* haa nothing to with tha California bill, and ahowld be rmlalxd Th? Boitbtri ma* object to California baraujta aha dona not rsoogalaa ilavery. Mr. flauooa. (4?m ) of Virginia, daolad thlr Tha irtatfut ohjactiun to h?r ad'nt??ina <>< that tha souioarn oiavea naa no opportunity to paruoipata la forming the inatitutiona of California Mr Toomm. ("hig) of Georgia. replied to %Ir. Jrbmcl. Hd indignantly denied that th opposition to I'ilKortli by the South la biwd on the ground thai ila??ry la ?ot racogniaad bf h?r romi itutina Ha went lor Juatiae and right If th? dootrioe la to prevail that no gtata ia hereafter to be admitted wh>oh tolerate* alavt-ry. then ev*ry effort upon hi* partahall be ! put forth t?ward? Uiaanien It ??- not worth pre erving. if fbe Hoath win to he plaaad ia aucb a hu- i initiating conditioD. The gentleman wan esclted. and aareral member* ! sried ' Good " 4*Oood" Mr. Miidc. (dro ) >>f Virginia. a-lied Mr. Sohcnek nhrlbtr if California bad. iu ht-r constitution, tolerated ilavery. ba would vole for h?r adniiaalon ' Mr. ScHanca?I have alwaya. ami do renognise the i ritht of tVa people. wheu forming government*. to I kdnpt alavrry If they plrase But my argument tor i txcluding it in the tarritorioa la. that wn should give ;hnn frt-e inatitutiona when we legislate for thein. and et tilt in change them afterwarda if they chviaa Mr Meade?He refuaea to anawer; but I will anawer or him The gentleman would not toU for the adtnialion of a alave State Will he deny that! UT?re ' ;he Btateaof the Union all free, or all alave State# then :*Jifoi?ia. in her preaent condition, would ba admittad >y either aide. We all know that the oonatitutloa of Jallfornla waa made by gentlemen who li vi r?ai le 1 on be Kaaterv aide ofthe continent, and who had beea ia Kl.t .> _..b. I Mr Uiodihus (free noil whig) of Ohio, declared that i , it> arid hi* constituents were eternally eppo.ed to ad- I DitlinK another state to the Union with a Mave eon- 1 ititution Hity pe r ?o n ? only have a* much repre- i i<- tatlon hare u a hundred negroes lie protested ifiimt putting Northern IrrtBrn on a level with ilaves. Mr Kwtno (dam t of TaDiMWx. wanted to know vhrther, if any compsoinise li to be made, the North *ill Mand by it Toe South want an earnest, without vhich the Compromls-i will be wur? than nothing. Jompromiae would hare no cbarma for bitn II gorilla sen promise. and then take tha ground that no more ilave Hiatus (ball U- admitlrd Mr. WnxiaMi (whig) ot TuniiKaao'. (aid. the North lon't want compromise The* tight uudur mtsknd Mllrriri When they run California through they will >? ready for a, and run dowu the tleuate's /pgipiOBlm ' Mr. C'*#kt (whig) of Pennsylvania, repeated what be laid on a turnrr day II there wax a slavery ciau?i n the c natltuion ot California and it no other obections, be would vote for b>-r aimutaion lie 1 rould toU- far the admission of New M?sico with j * without tlavery !!< van lu favor of the I'reaideut'a | >lan. and was not afraid to assert the principiaa in it {e was in favor of the admission of California aa aha ! itands. wlih the prevent coo.titulion and boundariea. Mr In<.K?l>o I understand you to explain tha i Fn'tidrufi plan aa to iny resolution ! Mr Caicv?The principle in tlia President'* plan la he correct doctrine. on the foundation of whioh all >ur Institution* are haaod and reat for support. If rou leave the question to tha people, you aro bound .o abide by their aettlement Mr. Ilacaroi, (whig) of Del , agreed with Mr Casey, is to what the Pre-ldent's plan asaerta. leaving the >erp|e to aattie the questiou of slavtry. And ?o help ae heawn if any man denies thia just and republllan right. I am oppoM?d to him to the death It ia n rrent cardinal principle ou which I am willing not >nly to riak my political principle*, but my lit*, and If j?oee?sry tha Union itaell It is a qn-stion of Union ir dissolution. and nothing else When that day ; 'cmea for such a principle, you will And tb?t Dela- . vara will be the dividing line, aud she will atand igaiost thore who dictate auah dishonorable term* Thaddkus Stbvbis (whig), of I'enn . I. I; v. I It to i?ihe ettl'd purpoee of tba majority of the Northern >tatm that no more alava Htatea ahail hereafter be adult I'd out of terntoriea now tree. A Muaenn?It is the voice of tha whig party Mr Hiivwe-I would deeir? no better platform . ndrp* ndrntly of morals, the political question ought i j o govern it There was nothing in the constitution vbich says that slavery shall be emtended to future Itatrs. Mr Rosiesow (dam), of Indiana, repudiated the nircrablc policy ot the Praeldent lie had voted tor na pruicipia 01 air iiiff'i ?in>ninnrni inn omn nj , I* Mil raraiy hrard tba doetrlaa 4<>nM ric<"pt by i ha ahoiitioniata. Ponpla, In forming thatr Stata con *itutioa?. hara a right to aay wboihar th?r will haaa ila vary or not It wa? a prinHpla not drniad, aoaroaly, o tha aoa-aUrary-hnldiog Stalaa Mr Tintom, (aab 1(c) of Ohio. aaid ha ahoald aota igalsat tba Mtrailmrat N?eau?a If th?ra ??< anything n thl? goaarnnaatit mora firmly aattlad than anath^r. t waa that tha rvcognltloa or aiolualon of alaaary la h* c<>ti? titutlon of i lav 8 tat a vu bo obJaatioa to Iti idmiaatoa Mr llUNMI. (vblf) of 0*OTgia. Mkad tha gaatlOnan if ha would rota fur th? admlaaion of a go* rftat*. j ha aonatltutton of which ra?ogni*ad ?Ia?ary * -(A , ana)-Tha gaatlamaa ia ailast. Mr Viaroa What I hate aaid la all that la naeaaaa- j y Tbera la nothing in tha hiatory of thla country x-ltar aataMuhi-d than that it ii a<> ot^aatioa to tha >dalaai<>a oI a saw Stata. If bar aonatitatloa as- ( ludra ?lavary or not Mr Wood**ao. (dam ) of S. 0.?Ma eoaatltutlonal . bjaettoB (Soma roufuiton.) i 1 ha Cx*iaM*fi aall*d to ordar, j Mr. Ituhui raaumad - Ha daaaiad It al tha graatlat moment that tha daolaratioaa oa thla ubj-ot ihould ba B?da claarly. that tbeSoath may know what i? a?|?e?-t Thoaa gentlemen who pmlaaaad f. I. n l-lnp ( (r tha Praaidant'a plan Wrra guilty of fraud whan thay ( colt tha opprtallaground, that the paopla ahall aot da arailna for throi ?lfl In ralatlan to alaaarv Mr itaaTOw, (J?-m ) of Tenneaaaa I undarataad tha (entleoiaa from Ohio, (Mr Tlatoa) by hi* ailwaea. aj uaarliag that ha atanda on thr groaod that a? a ^uaalioa <4 paiiry br committal blaiaaifaot to fota for tba i4ai*ia? baraaJW, of any alara Stalaa Mr Tieraa. (whig) ol Ohio You bar a ao right to Ira* auoh an lnhiiirt Mr Ptimtmi Mid ihat h? andaratood that AwrtMi >f lb* frt* lltln kur d'rlarod u; ain iltx Data* h?ra?ftar ThU I* tha ?l-t of tha whuta qaaak>n It to tba polat "I which tha I'aion itag4i ItirraJ |?ntlmr* dt?l?4 that logrtMt lutw hara ill lit droUrtd. Mr. Ci.iaoaaa*. (whigl of North Carolina. Mid that ha had Iwrg infix ui< d thai John A Ktn? raad tha ra- . tolalloiM of tha Laglalat a ra of Naw Tork on th? awb?t of alararj. to ikut that aha had Mid Mr 0| ana Mttad.d ratjorlt; of tha fraa HUtaa ha*a a? daJar ad Mr *r??ia? Almeal all tha gnn atarafcoldtng Statoa kafr |t<Mil raaolutiona la fa?or of tha WUoaut prortoo, ahirh waa abnot tba >aar thing Mr. Ctin<.w?n Mid tba WIIa)at prortao had baan praaard th/<u*h four ?aa-ion? wf thia llouaa Mr. CaakT. (ahlg) of PaniiMl rania anawarad hto aol(Mr atarawa). who Mid that ba (l."aaay) waa prwparrd to (Ira ft?a nagruaa aa airh rapraaantatlan aa . Lhraa af bla (Cnary'al own aona'ltaanta Now. ba aanlad iba taot ?? go to Mr lurtai' onHltuanta, Lhat al?* |b* ?a? alart.d hr fourtaaa tbonuad whig! , who had ratad for Oa??ral Taylor Mr Rraaawa. (whig) of f?nn?> Iranla. had Hi Mid ;>aa word In faror of Iba Praaldant'* plan Mr Ooan*n. idaa ) of Indiana Mid that If tba Wlnot prorlao wa* ?<V>J>tad t>< apply to paraona on fraa territory jot night aa wall tmf to th?? jan ara aa I n?ar lYa* aaan. but aanaal-d hr u* Ha told Ibona a bo wara aailng on taa dortrlna that tk-y U"t r-gard I p'>?ar highar than tba aoutltflloi that thay ara di-anw al>t< Tba gatUrM who apoka did m indrr tba In ml Butaa'rula. I Tba OtMMlllaa roaa and tba tfowaa adjonrvad Oar Havana ( arraapandaa**. Ikli, IW T*i Pnmmtri Tukm at (lamtnv 7V Eridtnct >4fa miW 1%tm, , * We hare had quite an exciting time of it lately y the arrival* and departure of ateamera aid ahipe if war of the American navy, to carry oat the l?*i >f the United Muteo, evaded by the equipment* of C/ommiinicitHtnn and rn>r*neatatioa? from *ni?nnn official* are twin* made and nrged ia >ehnlf of the prmonera captured at On toy, and now inder trial. I urn informed that thia carernrrvrnt <* in p?w?Mf>a of important papera taken from aaid pnaontrn, tbnut Lope?'ae?p> dttion, and other evidence ? to ha a^ncy and confederacy of a part of them; and, in ?hort, know the prm tee pneiticn of aarh individual, respectively Without having acceaa to tha ?v?d?-nce, it ia impoavihle at thi? moment to commanirate to you the tnte aute of thte afhir, whiah -anae# moch pal a and aaiiety to A marurana reai.lia* here. Moat nnfortunalely for aaid piiaaaera, iaformnio? ha# inat been received by tha TaiMain (Jeneral, ount AIcoy, that a eecond expedition w*a aNont | I*parti.ih from New Orl'aaa ag?in?? thia uland, f tnd in con*?q?enoe ther^ f a Cr ?t atir ia gotng on . it tha different department* hem, iaeuinf orderk, , ind adoring other military meaaarea NavMiMu*?ta<ll?Maala Han Mr4lan(h- j Ia4?aaa Ilea O W RarV n, i nittetfrfpklei t tut ni.l4.k R N . ?a4 aavaty a?v?a ?rrlr?i |a tMa elty yatw?at and to^k rmnt t it tka After tlraaa I Wen WKIi?a I. Maeray, Albany. 'Ian J ft WrtfM, i l<-h> n.??ait? , tin* R ft fMl< W?akln(t?* . t V I. ftk*al?'t4 WHO Wkfta.y. M i Itoektn* U f K . a?4 ninety ?th'? acrirad yaater- i >at an4 took r i? ? at the Irving lltiM I Mr Mailt, 0 I ft aedrwvty ?aa ?tkara, arrived faa- I etif. talleik rortaa at tk> ie>rt?M llnlal | The afir??at? anaiher ?*arrt??J? ai th? petaatpal i ot? I* nt tka alty. f?Ur a>, vw In kandead aa<t Afty a ?"a. Ii Oev Taaag, ft P?Ult W aa-t %a?il? a?4 \ m.?if ethiri tr?t??4 fekHa; at tha Haaiiltee I Itat*, h?t HaaUltett, aat teofc room* tar Ike ia*M t Wr Y01 v SUNDAY MORNING, ARRIVAL OF THK TICBROY. ? NEWS FROM IRELAND. c; IbUbm Mum Rirttcarat la Uivif, *C, **; *?. tui DM Of I About half pa?t 11 o'clock, yMterday forenoon the " Viceroy, Capt Robert Swing. ?rriv~d from Oatw?y, n*' Ireland, in the North rlrrr, flh? bring* Dnhlln and ??T' Qalway paper* of the l?t ln*t, the day of her de' Sin parture She walled from the noble harbor of Qalway 1 it forty-live minute* punt 9 o'oWk. on the morning of t'jJ* the lit of June, and *ai therefore, fourteen daya, on* thi and a quarter hour* reaching thi* port, but thirteen day* of railing time, having been detained upward* of {h! twenty-Ave hour* in II allfbs. for ewal She made the Th. pa**.*g> 'o Halifax in ten day*. aeven boor* and forty- j"h Br* minute*, having arrived there at half put 5 o'clock wn on Tue*day evening She encountered very heavy **? bead gale* during the entire pa**age. On arriving here yeaterday. one of our reporter* o( j Warded the Viceroy and f?rnl*he* the following dee- 1 sription < t her:?Length. '2M f?et; breadth of beam '"f 2TH feet; Depth ol bol I 17S feet; tonnage SOO ton* i. y Her here* power i* only 360, wherea* tbat of the Coi L'un?r?l*r* I* ft 0 She look* long and ?harp, and *ppear* to be a rh'pthat would mikyip d nailing In fa- h, rorable weather She waa built in Qlaegow, In IW by Robert Napier for the Dublin, Qlaxgow and Cork J*? 3teaaaMpCompany, and ha* been u*ed aa a picket ?lilp daring that time For I (train vrawel of her siie riT \nd bursa pow^r. and considering the adverse wi-ather ? strong wind* ahead, and the weather foggy?aba hap mad* v? ry (air p*s?age; and no doubt it athi* get* flit fair winda or elm weather, shn will make a rapid run I ai boii.f 8he made on one day, ao high a* 300 milna, and h, r her lowest speed waa 170 mllo* Aha le.'t Halifax at th? part ? o'clock on Wedpe?day evanin* She brought CI clam pssseBgers and m>iue freight. Ska U the first ?t> ami r that ever ero??<<d the ocean from an Irl?h <?? port. The following are the names of her olllners I'sptaln. Robert Kwing . first mate. William Denry 1 r,.j Marray; first engineer Arnbhoid David Hamilton, the following obai-rvatlon* from the Qalway ptper are rio just and true :?" The vt-e?*l sits lightly on the watert cr, swl appears to be In fir?t rate sailing trim The beau- 1 h ty of her l>ulld ha? barn the them* of admiration wli\ J'" In >4 wo the experienced oau ioal men of our port, who bare bad an opportunity of seeing noma of the most rxl iplrndid steamers afloat Should the weather prove lavorable we have no doubt but the Vieeroy will fully l>ear out the anticipations already lormed regarding j tier palling power*, but should bead winds or roigh tb? aralber prevails of course, would not be oalculated f to compete with the mora powerful boats of the ()u sard line, one of whose swiftest steam*?' tUo Ha * 1 'torn Llvt rpool to-day. The Viceroy will sail from Ibis port fi tyoi (Ju aturday nest | it The new* of the stat* of the oountry, brou (>7 th* *m rireroy, U far Iron encouraging. The we ooa?t lc'r >1 Irvlaad It lit eery deplorable condition twren j,, -ack rent*, poor rate*, and other egnmDui iiatloa. t. ha very blood and vital* are preamtd oat of th* people. It Mto?, it U Rtnutr; to oollact the poor ritN by m he aid of her Majeety'* w?r In refereaeo to ' he collection of the rata* In the Ielet of Arras, of f'? ' DO Jalway, ih? FinJ**l*r. uadtr date of Jua? Ut, ob- Toi wrva*:? of The Poor IUui of Ireland. cb? ' Mr the Stipeuiiiary Magistral*. im'h- T >anled by Hub-lutprcMr Coffey aid a large polio* furoe. w?.i >ae be<o for pone time locat< d la the North Itland of ?fl trran for the purpoee of collecting the poor rau? The Inc Lucifer. war elearaer, which had leu ta attendance It I hte worship, to co-operate with hita la <>aa? of ' nrjr, had been cail?d ul to Black tfo.t Bay. I''1 I hie clrcumeiaar* t?mlrr<4 It difficult to carry out hoi Ibr contemplated plaa ot operation. ae the Ul>n4>r< ' bad eeriou* objection* to pay aoy rate* at all and ao- thi [totdU.|iIy leave to decline th* attention! of Mr *K< I'ryi and the 1 Atrial* who had been eeat to act with "" aim, and Mr Kernan, b> Ing deprived of th* facility of r*l itaaeportluK trou pe from Ualway to aid the aoaeiabuary, who were not capable af confronting the oppuei- ** lion offered by the hardy Ulander* of brown hair and I"1 laetlc etrp. wa* foroed to II* *a hi* oar*, and I'jok u" :aiaaly upon the embarkation of eaUia wkiah hourly Look place before hi* eye*, lor t he Talr of Ualway ' e * e e * ?n It cheer* th* heart and mlnleter* to the pride of an 4 Iruf nan to ?ee the mark* of rlcanllne** and th* traee* ?a ?f Industry which everywhere oa th* North Inland of wrc trraa neet the eye: hat it la a lameatahie thing ta 1 If hold BiltWh bayonet* at the throa.* of th?ae tolling Ma |HN torahthinof the Irult* of their h?n**t in- '"r lu?try It would appear that the v*e*<4 with th* f' tetanic name grew tired of lb* revolting ta>k and I*' lUamei off fat black Bod May, but Lord Clarendon oa j ruaaday Wa Ml r railditii lb# Smith Uiii drl iUdiIIii la the A rr?u roads, and dripplog bar inrhor Tha rnamandar of that i*>hL wbi.'h bur* f"r If itotiatl In rhtln* from Dublin oama oa altera and I bald a roaaxll of war aa to wbat atapa could b? lak-n Ml lo aubdua Iba n ruaam, r< |iudiatlii| Ulllgaraata lla ,ul mmiII; Informed fha olrll fflrar or tba foraa, that bla urn ??r? only arwd with cutlaaawa and pl?i?la In ra?? tb< Ir ??r?ie?? oiljht b? r?<|ulr?d. bat *?? In that 1 fata of laiSrellfa <^ul|>m??l ha would aaatura to ?r< eoaia on (b'-ra and Itinil to th? pull<??-ta?ii a?ala?l "j a* it Saturday liko a floud Uyal aabjoM of hanranlouji ' llttla Malaaty. who takaa au>b opporlnnltlaa a* tboao rml ta proa b*r lo?a and affartloa for bar daar and at- '* tar bad IrUb ?ubjrrl?. but In th m?antla? Mr rtb?-ar n'' walar should ?m??j tup^lin to brother Liolbr. at lkl Blark M iialtit Patmday. wa aappoaa that tha ,u tuLborlllaa whan aufbalaatly raiu/oraad. will ran*a Ibrlr raid and tafea wbaiarar iMI tbay ow lay kuld "" of la tba i*laad >*' RaUffTitlaa fra* Irrlohd < A errreaponilf nt wrltla* from WntarfarCIa ralrreee# to ralfratioa froai Iralaad. ??;? Two (rat rlaaa ?t?a??ra laava waakly. aa?b oarrylaff maa buadrrda of p?oplo art-ry trip and thaw not eon- r*a tali a* of rb apwimon- of our paaaautry a* I w?? no- " r raitnaM) to no tolling IMi way Ibrnafh tha itrarta 1 sf Maarbaatar oa th<-aparnaah nf harmt tla* aal J"* ftow <h' n John Ball. I f?wr tao "flaw tmrmt hta a<>. lloa* of lha Irlub laataad of lhaaa poor ar?atwr??, 0 J bait gartod la tray fralaa aad m?a. yon a*a m?n of an ' ippfaruM la ???ry way tbatr aiip-rtir 'all wall ' ' lorBad aad atbMla. a?Bif<Ttably rlad ahlafly In dark I 'n Una ?ba wanm too f?a?r*ily wa4l draaoad aad w?U '*r looking and all wiibi Wlarabla quantity af lagcafa, *' ind ?aay It la tai.l wILh a?naidarabla anma of a?y rb?y ara grlarlpally fr^tn Tlpp-rary, Kla?< ooaaty, | w rnviu. wn>rn>n mmm nmrnoi I " ____ I IV Iidbaral In *k?at lk? TUtraf. ,Uf Tttt tailing af Iha Tier rot frnm Oilvtf. >u gnlta th, la atrnt In that old PpaaUb built ill;, n lk( VMUra t* eoart af Ireland M. la U kff 4'Mrtur? fmai bubila to har j port of |i>?i lb* Ml?*li| from tkr | ? Dahlia Pft ? Bin "Tk? Tlrwrr? rti ?m?r ImM on Monday, la llil^n'a tm, raadw?y *or1h wall dr?a?a<l with all har rn|n?a 1ha Mara >*4 Mn^ aa Iba f<?r?mn*t. tha nni<m j<w k al aar bar Mrro rt-ady f"r har a?*ag? In (iilaaf, al aiaa rg Via. If M Khr had h?r full r arr* of eo?Ja na hoard. j,,n aad bar ratr nf palllaf alll kalM*4 an tb? roasting raj{ trip la Ibto irnl aort, which btda lairt/ la op. a af h ad**atag?a In lr*laad " | tba wan twa day* Iwt b; t?n h??rt ta maklag Iba trip frwat DaMla W> <lal?>; binaf arrlrwd tbarw oa r Wadnraday atfilif al aaaea a'alnrk Tba rM*r?f?r u, otIba Mtb a# May baa ib* following Vw? Tiann a Taa Orrira. Wadaaaday ( Mai ' Oaa n'alnak. P M ( liaa " At aa rarly boar thia morning tba qaaya vara raa| p>ro?d?dallh paraoa* aa<K>n?ly oa taa look oat fur tba irrirai of tb? Vlraroy Tha ?? ?! la p.irt war* A'1' Iraaard la all tb?ir gay rx.lora . tba ball* of St t*Icbntaa rjf, rang a marry p?al iha haad of Xd Raffa p- rf >raiad g Iba aatl'wtal inib<m and aararaJ dt- har*.? of aanaoa n?!i Sallad Iba appraarh nf I ha noaaaetiag liak batvaaatba n|d aad naw wmrld Tba a?'<pla of Mai way wara ap aa 1 Klrring aad tb? aaaaral flablng h?>ata of Claddah pra aatad a moat laipoalng ?l?ht wlih Ibalr " In* aalora, ?nd aaanad with yonnp and rlgoroa* araw? draaaad la m, Mr Aaaday nl?thaa' waiting la noaray rlaltara ta ha-Tlmmy' Jay app?an d In tboir bappy fbaaa wblla )(tl aJway lair daagbtae*. moat faablonably attlrad. t|? v wda.i apntt iha qnay to ??-lrom? tba eravaal pa# tn , agar* el tba ' Ttaaroy ' w|, Tiaarn a'ceaaa. Wadaaaday ran ' Tba pnadamna faanrl f tba Tlcaroy baa joal a^ ta I >?an 4 wHhln Arraa a>nad and ha< b. ?a tal^raphal ana *y Iba ronat ?uard? of tha aararal atatl->a? ; yNato Jaat pr? i tw ar? la allrndaaaa tip-.a bar. and rrary oara aad )?? >ri iwatloa raanrUd to f>r a >af? aad >p?ady aaaboragi ta k it aar mad?tand at aK<iat aaran o>i'?k " I* Iba paaar nf tba la* af Jaa*. ?a fad tba hio?nad fn? wklak aoaia Idaa may ha f>rm?d af tba jT atbaaiaa* M tba Ualvayglaaa. ia rafaraaaa ta tbta * taa ara In lb?-lr biakary dkorly ?f>ar wr?n a'rlark na Wada**dav. tba rin^my >w?ng rnaad at har aiaarlnga ia Iba i/alaay * ' 'Oada Tbia aaMa ai tm I baaing ramalnad twa honra f ift^ar iha t? atb ialaad nf Arran for tba garfaaa af aklag la a pilaA. Hat ant baaing rbtainad oaa iha *' if. rad down iba hay aad *? b??ardad by a ldl??*a. ** * ippoaila ItaJlyraagban. who hroagbt bra to aaakor at ** be maAUad a IMtla In-ldr iba pniat of Mnttoa . ' alaad Tba Hr?i to parr? laa tha ?laar*y far oat la **** ha rfling, waa a i'lad?a?h abarmaa vbnaa axparl na?d ?ya altbnagh a?.ald?d by a glaaa -an?hl tha Va? iliaipaa of h?r f' rm aa aba pmadly aa?ar#wd ' V?a bablad Iba boriana'a ndga Tba *own waa la tba rraataa* pea. I hi? rtrl'aaakl Joy baamad oa aaary ?ir'?atiK? pi Ida **h?d la aaary ay a aad baa* MaHa< bigb la arary baart a* tha Tkaaray, alth tha ' RK II ( JUNE 16, 1860. irioM atari u< atrip** prondly floating from bar kin maul, aleeral down our bay and " Walked t he water* like a thing of life." Tb? band of the 3d Huffa *?< ia attendance at thn ut |u?rd ftation>?irhill and welcomed bar la totha a of Oarryowen. while repeated volley* of musketry TKI d discharge* ot cannon on the quay gave bar mora mi a royal grafting. The olllwri ot tba fioerwy ra- ' ue<i I be MUute, and appeared to feel gratified at tb? 1 iidaome reception accorded to them by the old " Oitia W? tba Tribe? " flag* floatad in every direction, but tba Claddagh j iiticaJ and pUoatory ?cb"o| preaeutad a most iin- *' Ing appearanoa, belar beautifully d?orat?<d with an ariety of bauuera. beariug appropriate inaariptlona. A ice her arrival the Viceroy hn? been the jroat ceutra ittrartion for vlaltera from the town and aurround- ? ; dletriota. (o whom ever, facility lor inNpecting |? floating palace w?? afforied by Captain Kwmgaud wr 1 t'fflcarn under hia comintnd It if aurpriaing to obaerva the gr?at anxiety which 'or va<* among all cla???n regarding the trip. ju?t a? it 1 i fate of Ireland altoueiher depended on iU ?ucc?it?. 0,. i re ia ali<o eonaiderable jetlnuay In many quarter*, n tvrcuae to the Mart which (ialway bait taken of *n ierlri>b porta Wa don't mlod this much, for wa wc uld ha |ilad to a ateam packet rnnniug from tin iry Miitabia part in Ireland luatead of a alngla m>1 making a military trip we ought to have a licet ? Uaniera and a navy ot our own. to bear the product I riabinduatry In ?af?-ty to every harbor on the globe." j,, 'here ia atill mora from the I'lndumtur of the rejolo|> at IhU event:? ,ro

On Thursday. Captain Kwlng, commander of tba 001 ioeioy." Meeara Parker and Cooper, two of the ?' cpauyVBI'lrectora. Mr Taylor the Agent Mr. Dar- I"* i, Mr iieniana. C K , and a lame number of gentle- *M n, were hospitably entertained at dinner, by the K" r Peter Daly, P P.. T (1 * * On Friday. tbe County (ialway Club entertained the 'ni1 eera ot the Viceroy " and eaveral other g ntlem*n, *n: luding Mr Kuui*. Cbairmni of the Miiiland i?r?at J" atern Hallway, and aome of th? <iirector<. who ared hare to witnea* the departure ot the Viceroy " * " At two o'clock, yesterday, a ?umptuuu< drjejtvr, nprixlng all the dellcaciex of the w?ii.n wan nerved t,'i on the quarter-deck of the Viceroy," to which tha a " r ot our towij and neighborhood were invited. The ( I wan decorated id the ui"nt mujj eiyl*. and the " hi of the ;td Hull* win la attendance to eulieeu the neJ lie wit h their aoul mining uuaia. During tbe time i Viceroy" lay at our ro?d? the was Tidied by the nn| k ?ud tarhlon of both the town and country, who *" 1 jked to ?" her In great number*. In honor of the ' Vl.-eroy V* arrival in th* bay of Iway. tha town waa brilliantly Illuminated on last ' ;bi There dm a regular turn out, of ttia Inhabi- m>~ it* on the occasion. who cordially took part in tba "*" cteing* ,,c 'I he tire- worka.'got op by our truly mitlooal and pat- P"j tic townsmen, the Mn^rd. (Jeo^hegan. were aUu on rial* of (picador and uiagn'fWnoe that would do , dil to the ttnect displays at the PortobeUo Harden*. rocket* roar to a* lumen** height, and predune 1 i uio*t phasing ?(i?t The p-ri-om who worn on *" ird the ( trami-r at the time ol tin Ir being sent up, n''' re Informed u? that the display wai grand in th? cul ircmaaa descried fram tha bay." bo; The Mnrdnr of Smith O'Brien. f Krum the Dublin Nation, June I ] ^ f there lx> underae** In tha women, and raga In ?j, i niun, latt in Ireland, there in new. to-day to llood Ori 1 land with tear* ; to (III the air with cur?e* t(l 'I t are killing tfinlth U'Brirn by >?Uw murder, in to ' pre ve i?kv i n client for two week* believing that ,,,,, aruto. rat and parlianieutary trii iid? would io- j?, po?e rllt rlua .yon hi* behalf, an they prom I tad to (j,, l.ut It y I. it paltered with hi* interest, ruinlog to ] with faltil, heeliating help and i|iteaehiag hopa j.r, oug those who ware inaoiier and more defoted Mr Mime, a roiee of reiununlranae ia again hnaril the ?M the ocean, demanding, " i* O'Brien to be mured ?? ;D< :rtx Itiea the moot terrible?crueltie* which it mad- j,ai ia to think n|, and shame* to mention?are Initiated title defenceless man by tha exeeulioner of tfritUh lu,| igeatoe. ,?t It i? caged in the closest aalitary confinement Hi* m d i* scsnty and loatbi>oma Uv baa no eomfort", )IU| attandanne He Deter ?er* the face, nor hear* tha re. of a frit nd He ia denied tha common requisite* rtlf decency For mouths he baa not been allowed a inge of raiment, or permit ted to change hi* dress co, bis will be questioned disputed. disbelieved. Ho ,rr nd*r for it I* monstrous and inerwdibie Hat we ta atary *yll*bl* or It on tha authority ol oaa a* n,, (<abla of falahood of aiaggiralioa a* u[ murtl-r tai Ik ikr 11 Ural irmih tur i. anlitnda. In privation.In filth In rac*. llva* thi? Bn( ih K?iiU>Bioii thl* noWla Ma?who lo?l llbarty, r,i ma Inm \j all f?C I r. 1 tn 1 hi, or la thla tha *ho|> In the foul dan whora ha I* kV u?t. Ilha a rkaliii4 rvptlla, ana gauarou* girl of tha |n i of tan y?ar? daughter of tha Uovarour. >ouiiSt, b tha inwtinrtlva charity of bar ?#t to aolaca tha itlta'a para, and llgbtaa hi* inl'rInK. by kindly ,,tl caa. aad forthwith on pain of rn-w privation,0 Brian {,? i forbiddan T?r to rpaak (? her again Ha l?l thla locaut familiar ?h<? rlulduh ba?uty and fullalaaa- r?, pa*hap* apnka to hl? fathar'ahaart oI tha orphan- an, darling* who ware for hiai at hom? alll I hat umllitudaa bars mWtad lato t'ari a Tar ?hU I y lacldant. la tha prlaoa rvvalation* of Silvio fr\ I loo ' A ud hara wa bar* It ra-anactad la tha Ufa of a Da< u fK? wbotu ao human creator* av? r differed a f, 11 ' ? wh haaa atrocltlaa ara lafllaUd by tha 0 iveraor of m rial Maud, aaoflolal wboaa brutality hta aarnad r?i Mm la tha colony lha tltla ?l Tha lilack Sar- b? it," a tyrant whoaa name |? a terror, and wboaa th< >aaoa la Aaapau of tha haplaaa victim* of hta la- u,, sal cruelty M| n thla oaater a power tortured. outrage^ mad- ai| tad llva* your eouaU;Baa. tha ??>a of tour king- jri >1 houH tha canvrou* patriot who luuftht aa l fail mr yon and ua all m? lhi* law ' I* thl* Jn?tlre Whn I* *o brutal hara tha lu defend ?uoh barbarity ' What partlian of llrlilah for a what r?nr.?aantatl?a of llrltl*h authority dara <l,ri ad ap In thaaa laland* and vludlcaU thl* dark, **| raxdly aad belllrh paraacntloa ' m, ?oaa tba law of Uod justify It' I'*** th* law of maa hei lain It? Will tha poopla of Kngland aanotloa It! to II tha P?npla of I raUutl nodara it * wa t la a arluia horrlbl* anouih to ?rovok* tha ladle- I at ion of kmaaaity What ~wona?r If in* burning cm i.kn4 of Ireland ?rw? In ?r?< e*oln?t th? gOT*rn t? r ut that tha? >iu agaln?l Jtrtlir and omr r ac* iktl wa> IX murder* by alow ilmli oar d-ar brother the did Inlaw*, heroic rktuilm of ear liberty ' ; #o Ian of Iralaad ? aoti Ut lJo4 and i?*u lb* liae ? I bul i flfmlty, wit*Ma th? aolemm'y and traik o4 oar ib< cetlfB ' ?wketber you Hrot?lant? or CtlkdlM Vn >hitb*ryou are rangrri l^nn'h the gr?eB fl>< of t,r| r f?th?-i? ar until r the rrtm?on h*an?r ol lit ic org* whether ynu <! ir* lrl?h todependcaee or m r\*h i uaVit with Kn.lanJ your wnH doty U pr? ttlMl Ton Inl* rf*r* and **?? thl* ('! |? m-n Tni aurt itti rfrrf in4 thl* m?a'? lifa, ( ? , wa tril y<>?. both ar* tUr*at*n?d a o I ? tlf tklt tifMly No hum?? ?Ail<Uoiy cbb op g withstand lb* torturing rraelty 0 Rrien *uff*r* r<>* Mlly *tr*tiglk gu triumph o?w the yriratloaa an Irian aadarea hit f yon *111 aol be bc**b1 pMr*? la th* murder which n*< rldgned If yta woal I not hareO Hn*a bl-'-d red p>| JuilfBrnt ? yoar anal* ?? ??y ta yo?. Inter- pit bm^MM thl* tai'iulty Terminate thl* dreed do ay Ripoetalele with thie ern?4 malignant ??M ate! ( vera Meal Pare thm bid ft obi d*elh. or worae to i ib 4*alb. ?al 'bee* t Mi age have produo d a prefoued laipreaaloa tin haMla Tnaw have eteiud iBtena* lii'llgnallea A out nmittee la being formed of m*n *f all par tie- , and. I lehare int-aMallea lrl?b h*art* there will be a i laacalloa thai *kall {ring Ihr i<li tba laad Ilka km i Ja*i||M*at peai a rroi'iiwtrinre which II will aoi r< a pr*4>at 1m aay g?earam*al la de-plae. at aafa for II i pfartaeal ta dlaobef aba re hear Indeed, that tb* Qa**a of >m-? U poa land again thl* anmmer r<>m*a for tbaoration that *r'i a arc be love fmn petted la?aa Rut wa war* bar tha I h?r Minuter* th it a* ?ar*ty a* aha a*t afoot aa trtafe aaa i, while O'Riien la tbna t"TiareJ aad d*?red*4 M C I* wherever a be turn* ihall hi* name be thaeder err la bar aara. a* a Maladlrtioa ? ?ur?lj ah all hi* tn < 4 tw l*?M la bar far* Thii praalaa ?r ?111 aaa ||.t ?l?*4 will latlaa taUkaPahllt ltd lnt(rarlloa? to V f. aa<l on OrriM OariatatDf. Jan* tl IkMarTbapab- nw l? k?fkj aollM that Ik* fol|i*tnf m??4?U ku fail U?|b4 for lb* dapartara of tha Unltad Mataa *or II Ptaaat aaakata " AtlanUn" aa<t 1 Paalba." (<)at- bai i' l.ia*.) frrtm tha port* of b?? t ark aad Llrarpoal (.IT fMllwil. to ?tt Ihr lr?al*?? Tmk. IJmt put. ti n a'to Jih It Pant* Jim If ' ?, Jutj * A?l??i.a, Jt\f It ? ?' JalrW PaMt*.... ... Jalr .11 'J"1 Ian* raa k* aval to Pl?? Tnrk for Oraat Brltala tha itla?*t of Ramp* aaif oth ar f..r?tja riwalrlaa to"I Ik* DilM Klagdaai la ka k? tka b** *a aaa<4 r>a*k?u aadar tha treaty aatarad lata p?? tk? l?r pnanuVi ar>raaHn4*4 "! I Itlltii t*4 yt^ira t? HrMl Drltala, tail la noaa a ba jnm4 It. raa ha mil h? lh?*a paekvt* la tka J"* a **>r aa by lha Canard with thla dlf ?aa that tottara ta fl??? and aoaatrlaa a am *4 la J*" VI artlal* nf -Tablaaad lftmtk?H," ap|>*n>t?d ha flaUlaaiaat at Detail* aadar tba l'o?tal rr?atf '* * b Oraal krlttla," ar? ta a ^?*U(a ?f SI '' t? tka laal* rata laataail 'it t raau Th* p??ta?a [, m ?ulla?tad at tba paraoa addr?*aa?i la tka toratgn *'*" airy *111 ba l? raat* toaa In mta^KMt af tha J*" nwi'irt af that aanant h*r* 1>*tp?par. bar?at Rrttaia. 4 r?nt* , ta ilr-*l nrlta<a 1 a*aU, ?* pra paid J COLI.AMBM Paat ?wtar cjaaarai " "> ? ? ? idta Ma ma?rtaa ra Miaaaaa-r a,? Vara laad baa pra IX kaaa aaiarad at t?r laad ntbaa tka paat w**t. ? * n darlac 'ha ah?la atmri praataaa Amaaf an tba ntaa atbar* aba ar* aaa Inoklag at nar aaaatrp la tori <lapalloa fr? a tolot; af tao Ibaaaaad Inrai J' aaaltlog hat * tha a* ttoa af tbaaa aaat baa . la ad a ana* Thay ar? pla.~d with abat tftap ? an ' ** . a ad atll prnhahly ladaaa I hair P ?*pl a ta la la Mlnaaaata *v**ta*Jly Tha b?r*?ataa< ara " xdaatr! >aa taigal and aiaral pa> pla j.i.t tha klad ?>?' mlfiaaU aa daalra - Jtr Pat |?m| CknHM^a, Tl It l?a? t*at *partla| lat*lll|?iar*. rtila wraaait La Oat aaa L l.-Tkamaa * trnMlna ? ah tar fdM ait la krata to (a aa tha j pt?a>*. ?lH baa a "? " arraa afoarvmn hataaaa laa llmofc. *a? aallad Jla? aad Pla? dltar?a-d< tnaaa *,|| r??i ataat for a paraa, wblah el>a?d vith la* -atrUa ' t>??* ERA TRIAL OF BRISTOL BILL. Oar Yerta*?tt C?rrrtfo?JfB?e. f>uiriLi.a, Tt , Jane 13 HM [ai. of mnni. nn.i? tuns w*. h. wakiiukt > IN I) CIIEI9TIAA ITFADOWl, KOK COHTTBRFBI TI.NO. Tin trial of the olebrated Brtitol Bill, ally* ffo. I irburton, and Christian M?adow?, for counterfeit In nmenced this Morning. In the Danville Ueunty Com tbU place. bofora hi* llonor, Chief Joatiee Polan liUd by the Hon Walter Uarrey and James 0. Bel Kiatant Jnatice* lllaa N Dart* State Attorney, and Abel Un iorwoixl j, appeared on the part of the pro*ecutii>n, an n. II Karrar and Chat. B Vletcher. K?i? , of lioatoi the priaonerr 'he prieoner* were brought In at fealfpnat Hgl lock. Brlatol BHI looked all imllue and cheer, d trim a* a Broadway dandy; Meadow* aeemed oar ?n aad faint of bop*, though strong of nerve. M n* were made by eeuneel Tor continuance of it una, which were overruled by hla honor. Ire. Meadow* came la, aad wa* aeated by the aide i r biubatd having a Hue, aolay ebild in her arm lickooni" in innocency, creating aosniall " uoiwar " Urn. M memod quite a modest, untwi ng affectionate wife, not tiHDdnoma, bnt dent led) itty; and la reported to be from a eery rtwpnrtabl ally iu Cbatl'nUien. Mane, rthn certainly has th ir rai aympmny in i n I* community BQe I'HIIH Uf aitii?ir in bar effort! to eonaot* the aceu**d Tli llctment waa rmJ to the prisoner*. who appeare ?lotia and attentive. KiV. in*de quite a mio.ic* fi mpt at tang ftoid; while M?ndow<i wa? eTldentl >r wiliu spirits. Meadow* pleaded by the aim" i rinUo Meadow*, and none oth-r the pin* nc ilty " Hill pleaded to the name of Wm II. WTarbm i?" net guilty"-remarking, he ' kai'W notbin >ut any other name." Couunel for pri? >nen? aoi vi d that the pri-ouer* b# tried **p?rat?ly. whirl warmly argued *y the oounael and St?te h f; l>ut it ?a? decidi'd by hia hwnor thatthsy ahoul tried J-intly Aa thta ileclalon w?a announced w :ir?d th<- wife of Meadowa burat into t?ara. a> moo to any 'All ! lo??;" at thu use tlmfi ?be ca?t a lixi woe at Hill, who oiily returned a wink, "duTtlUh wit !,' for the ' unavailinirjti'iir " 'he oath being a4miuiatered to th*jury the Indict nt wan read t>> them whereupon the Htwa'i Alt >r f pave a brief uta'.'inent of the clrcunntano-a an la ulbv (iovrrumcQt expected to prove, in sup t of the charge* a? *et forth in th? in4iatini-ot. 'i ter hi l'nul wi< the flrat wll?ee? otll'd?Flra ewd lhi? matter, year ago Wi-l winter; went iut w'? eountioK-rOKin; Low ahowed mi' a couple ? i; Low xalii he mtecdid to make *om? inoae Ih Ihrui (Die* wire here produced which wit a* haul looked like the ouea ) Low told me h? had ?v<nation with a Mr M . of Boeton, who had agroe come and a**iat h ni; Low aaid be had two or thru Ufa of die*, and If be could get Mr. M .be (hould b> air tbe richeet nan in Vermont; the boie* were dl :tri In wiibi-m and marked "mm;" laid he ha -Ii to New York and pnrrhiwed a ' IraiiHl. r pre**,' >oh wai in a i krd California ?li'nh prom eaioa t and one Jim Morrison and my*?lf carried It In tb? abed chamber; l.ow aaid the pre?a ni de?lgna< work ihf dice, I a!l?-r?arilH brlpad Low to m?vatli< aa down Into the abed, and partially concealed I ier ihe woed. it waa ?mii after njnred Into my hop ring tbia tlnm. 'v*i bnrt-n and Meadow* oaiuu ti Hon. Low aald the?? were tho uiiu ha had engagac ht-lp bun and wanted ma tn h <1 p In repairing th< m; at hr.-t I refused, at laat I couaented and I. wltl adowa anil Man-ball, put It together; wa dark~n>-< i room at tba time; one VIr Scaler helped in" In re r it: Low broupht > >* * ropp-r plata and loot die* I told mr If Meadow* caili d fur them to let hui re tbi-m Meadow* railed coon after, and took th te and markad It off Into aquarea. and mada mm preaeiona on it with the diea, by mean* of the prev I aartleil aaay the plate; be afterward! catno In am de anotbtr kind of Impreaalon on another plate, tb< litereloa wai a figure Ova, noon after, went In nom ly with Low to Meadowa'a, and there aaw a plat, rravad baring a figure Are on one corner a tenia!* natta and a drote of rattle ( k bUi, partially id waa I., i.- prreented ta wltneaa. who thought I mud Ita stamp Irotn the plate ba aaw at Mead-iwa'i 'kirk plat*' waa prreented t<> witnaea who IdentlAai >am* a* bring the one heaawat Meadows'* ] War ton Poee rame to my rhop to purchase aotaa furnl' ?. and engaged tone, thli my flrat acquaint >e witb klai. Low called ?ame day, aad recommend Waibnrtan'* credit, and becamn responsible f<> n. hkid aftrr. i.ow called at my ahop an 1 oarrlci ay Ilia Ulee Id a hatiiik-rcblrf. (which *>< ?ro<tuoe< oourt and llnHlli'd by t hi wttneo ) [Wiluaa ra I daeerlptlon of the transfer prae? " ami th ?le of working ti; Ukewlee d< earlbod Ilia prtntln *?, -el J Um oaei- repair* <1 it Tha printiuc prae* w > re pr< ducrd la court ?ni ideatiArd by wh Bril (jullr at borne" In the aiaiui ap A of IU BMkinl>B. Ue handled theecrewa plat* I attachment*. Ilka a reedy etudent, wall treiae i duly 'aught ) roae examination I.ow flrat ehowed the dW I Muary. 1M>, Low had Jn?t returned from Htetor rar bad eoB?erea<l with Low relative to tha saunter . bu?IMM to thl* tlaa; it waa areola re be aboyed roe the diee, ehowed tba dlaa la lb intlng rrxm. tkluk the ( ware ehnt, don't kn?< lain. Low B'?n bed made aie hta confidant, thin1 took tbe die* from bia pocket, bo ofteo airatiuna< l mtjrrt to me after he flrat eihibite 1 tba dlaa dtofMt of hie exploitaln New York and BoiUd d be bad auffrred everything but daath. hie Bre >lolt eu obtaining tbe dire, hi? neit eiplolt wn li ting tbe pr eee; Lew said a man by the mm? of R nt U> tbe buttdiag where tbe dice war* k?pt eaw n Ihrnngb tha key kaie, and aaa trlghtenad away i neit time Mr It aald ne would Re through h I twenty flea dollara but tliat ha would (at them. I lot auppoae till* Mr K waa Chrlatlan Meedow> d t?? pere'ifie w. nl and obtained the dlaa hut n?ee l-ratuod that Meedowe waa on? of tham; (dlaa war ra preaaiilad to the wito> ae but be could uot nwea tbelr Identity), the neit Interview I bad with Lei a a eoBaMerable lima anertba flrat; eaw com* b >! Lowe at "re with my name on I ham. Low aald tba liaised bardwara. did net help t'. carry them lot ' Mere; did ant < > t-.? to Lee hereuee my nam marked on the b at that time but afterward I c? mplaln and adelaed him not to baee aoytblag t< with tbe baalneea, Low eaid II waa not eoaatartall I the genuine article. told ma ant to lay enylhln, lit It or be would ?hnol me. Low eoon left for .lei tl, uoa i ibo* or who* k? obi?tn.<l lk? traa?*?r o utlni pnaa, aflar lb* praaaaa arrtr*d la Urol in larltrd to (o and a** tb< m, I want and oal] r tb* IrtBthr proa*, afterward* wt th* prtntmi 'M at Lm'i Mora, th* transfer praaa wai r*?<i?* my >hop tn January. IftM), Brit u<?d th* j>r**a 01 a day though I aai * "ha mad to own it. Head** I Marrball war* prmit whan tk> praaa wat pa , (w1ta?M brra daarribad tit* lliallnaofkiiikop d? fce ; b* U a )?waU*r by prnf*a.|oa); a*r*r pro ?d Low to go lot" tit* mnntarfatt huain*** nor fan * to andarttaad I would lark In tba anwrprta* r*r k*. w Maadow* to atk* any tiapr???i'in? up?i wr but kar* ***n him aak> !mpr*a*l<>*? oa *opp*r te, na?*r taw aay dlaa la tb* koitaa of Mr tl-ad?w? at tbmk any w*r* *r*r thai* or that b* arw a|p"d aay pap?r. ?>e**r ?**d tba priatlag prw? aiy knowladg*. doa t k?<>w aa ha trvr bad aay lal labia for printing I waa arraaUd about taa aam i? tba drfaadant* w*r*. h*lp?d pttak th? praa**< of tb* aladnt tad ati*aipt*d la maa?al tb*ai la-aaamlaaltAn dirart Witaaaa waulda't b* to >* l<-?? In bla ?n???r< Oa th* whole tb* wit a atond a rtoa?-rakla| Ar* ?f aoaa* two knar*, will atkaU* (rar* aad fortitude lanry t Clark rail I f r th* Stat* (Vrtaln aia I air a I tat la w*r* pr*eent*d to wita*** f ?r Ik* par a n| Idaatlflratlon Tkla waa akjwatad t* ky prta?a irrnaaal but nrarmled kf tka "-ourt I flrat aat laolt at Maadww a hnuee. hollar* th*** ara tk< la ro?a *i*?ln*d Waa pr**ant ?b*a Maadowa wa >wt*4I waa n?t tb* Ural wba aaw th* fw?la, M*adowi I oat la tba baua* at tb* tlia*. tba ttafa war* la i it staaad drawar, Mra M*ad?wa raaia lata tka b*a* i* wa war* th*r*. trarrhxl tb* boaaa, faand a<tb *a**at Ibraa tool* r W Wileon w?a naat railed I narry na tatrailai I printing, reetda In H -toa M**? <- haa*tt< wit ati>aua<dtbatnn|i,| Ih**a ara angrartng t>??4* i a*t, (atan'nxl th* diee.) that* ara ?>* thai a f*uad under l.iw'a b??ki?? In thrwa kiiw, tk? a war* Marked feter M Paul Orrtaa tb*r* won wr Idu. annwaola Mnd If mora at'a bow** ta dlaa ara need to makt baak not*e thay ar* i plrta art, (wHa<aa h*r* prodwred a Saab aot*. aa>! I tbaaa dlaa war* ward In atanptng tb* not*.) h*?< n allaaa* <aant on to aiplata ika manna* ?f naim dlaa tm r?ai and nmnl^rfalt kwlnM and for Ik* )nw of lllittH Mil* of ntt? dannmlaalloa tn (hat &, n*iar 'b aw ?' a Hr..??t?ajr Mil la lh? p 04 haw Tori, (t< ma apat ring h< rt anaand ba?aan? allaaat tad Mr Farrar, raiatlaa la Una Nrad tinp#rn n*iihar atmnl ">*7 alllln* ? raaitfalaa I ?rall<aan* aMutimttra aa hla akaraalaa irkad aami-ahal at t ilia oC wall known rapu'alita.) rfni baa a.wk -<J f?r ma la Ula anffraala* kaaiaaat h* iMIaHi of Ikoaton irgaant ?( I I aiamin"l A kaak nola *u aikalt In lb* wllnaaa ma|v-?tian wfcich had ka?a par \y rftrxl la daanmlnallon and akW-k *a< foaad In a>k la latia at l? !.< I tklak Iklt la Ika Mi I ltd In lk? bonk but ?aill n?w<ar poalllaalf aaM< o tnn f?amln?d (*ama k<tl prat?ala?1 > %\m ball la I."* joarnai lb* nlgkl ha ?aa aaa^lMad t l: Ika I ill k> aa ??wta-nl Itank arvl iha a or a art Kd 'i?ai|aa n??k *u kaapaa ta?r Low ktfort h< roaiallVrl aa# la wllk Mr PM4 ?h?? Ml att f iaa-1. fMII) kad toaaaa to Ik. k afta* hu ?r?l *??4 kad n->na la * I ?# fiimiw-l AM aaal.W of farm ot k Miwtpol ar aaa b >a aagagad I* ika katlaaaa a It faa. ?. a kill an liraad <a Rank ? ? b?*? ?ia?a mm "htrh *aa partially agaautad) . Ihta Mil akaa 4 apaotildl* wall aalrtilatad l?. lialra Ika la tlaa rarr**y<>Ml> aitk Ika plala '"aa taialBi-d lltaa a* aa tl.a kaadarttla# af Mr * ' a?y af f wlM. ia a<>t fax 11 la/ adli II (ika ? aa I tg-a-Wd tn kf Ika lltU'l * lt<iraay, am4 4 oat k; atari | r llala ataminad Am ra?hla* af w>4i< Rlrar k litaa aawa tliia plata katnr?, tfeta allh otkara, dapnattad tn mj kaaptac k; Mr Ritfk?;. haaa ik'il ika liapr?a?toa an tha Hraad.ia Baa* bill, k Ika laipra ai?a t (a J Nt, kad aalraiatad la ia ?i???a?|d>????^ LD. TWO CENTS. eahro; think H corrwapondii with tt? rtatnp on thto plat*. hare K*g iCtrburlon occasionally during (hi UM winter at Well. Ki?er. t'rixanamlaation The ritrnatt on tblj Willi ?ery aomumaon the Mils In Now Kn?Jand 1, J K Darling HUmtiiwl Kound aoine dies iut *ltter In Low'* be* b..nm> In three b ne?, bo-iea *w? ??rked I" M Paul; n?Mtu w Wtrbartoo tntl Medtf. dn?? llrolun Iwt tliiipr; (111*! ?n? found In Low'a ji bnu*e in a barrel of f.atbera; there wara twoira of ,> them, kni' one uf them m my ^o<ini<lon Bf'roaa-examination-Ma noe waa with roe when I 4. found the di?? Wilson wu nnt with mi when t first discovered th-ra, nmtf.bfOc*, Welch to go anil ft my bj ibfw till 1 returned; got vfilwn and went back; never dreamed about the die* bnt ??utrht tor I. mT own saflefactioo ... present when the dies were d taken oat of the fxalhern MoLain Marshall examined Thin witness was ob jeeted to by Mr Karrar a* he ?u examined before the magtetrato and bound over, and ? tmitrtmant found it against bin by the Grand Jury now In wt.lon; but n the objection waa overruled by the Court, aui tho point waa reserved for esneptiou " Witness proceeded ?First knew ab >i?t tbe bniinasa ?- a ben the pre** waa moved; Low and' I w?at to Boaton ; Low said ha had received a letter from one person In New York, wh > proposed to da counterfeit business for him. If he. Low. wonld go if er M?nd to New York ; he left and told If tbay came , befere be got hume, to tell them to wait till be got heme; I lell ljoaton on Monday for horatf j the next ' week (Wedne?day) Warbnrton and Meadow* cauie to 1 my house ; this waa the |m I of December; ( waa at ' ItoHtoH uaar a week , Meadows and W.trburton>oe?'? '4 to my ho??e befor* Low returned ; they asked If *af name war Marshall ; asked if Low had mturuad from I llo-tou . ia<|uiird what kin<l of a man be waa ; said 1,1 Low an rent t<> beat home ; Warbnrton a?ked If had a ^ farm In the west part af the town: in|U'.rvti about Peter II St Haul , wanted to know aWout Low'a itor? Krlday f night Low came home anl Warbnrton went to WaiPa ' Hirer with a team with which Low nam* home; aaid Ha '' uiu*t go dowa and sea a man whuiu lie called J iui ; Jim r* irturmd with him. and they all rt'ipprd at my hou-a; < don't know what wa? said or done that ni<ht , Send^p hey were toR. ther all day. Jim. Warbnrton. Muaiowe ? and Low ; an arrangement we" made that WarWurtoa 'M end Jim should go bank on the tarm and Mead'iwa should li?e in lb? ?illag? liuilj by ?o he could ba . * ! mcily u*f.) : agreed to gel uu aouie pltte* fur the alta' ration of hill* ; selected an oh*cure h?u?? for M'adow*, ; u Low Mid be wanted to l<M>k to hint ; the flr*t ar" ranpment ??h t? alter hill* a* thi* wa* the i|Uicke*? Inieioe** ; when the bill? w re got up. WarliU't >a. J:in ?nd Low were to go not nil pat them If nnd <r.i were ' to rbare the profit* : Meadoe* ?rn to d > the riurtiini 11 ?f< liif purl ; 1 > > an in>prc>*ion of a <f,lnO mi l f >30 " bUI on > nopper-plata; M?i>?* uliovnl m the ?opp?rplate ; (the platen were handed the wiliiex* anil whila eiaaiinlag them lt.-l 1 win bn-y taking note*, wtnlu " Hi *dow> looked deathly pale with tha deepnat anciaty ? *pre-aed in bla countenance)? the itnpret-ion oa J , then* three platea ia fbOU. Hi*>, fill and ft), Me* low* j *ald they were for altering bill*; M'int|wli?r llank *u * pic ked out o alter their hill* , lio* nnil? nrrianiintaM to draw ltMiO oaa dollar bill* to chan^o I ha d-n>taiaa" tloa bat bm brother'* wile |jot the money an I K-pt it ; that broke up tbl* plan . the nrit plan wa* to ft up ' I whole hill* on a oertain bank ; don't remeuib?r tk* , bank, think the denomination wa* to l>e alien; H'trburton era* at my liww two or three linne In the > urn* ' of a weak ; wanted to know how we goi aloag wittt (hta ' bo?inee? of alteration ; heard him talk with Low. who 1 toM hia they were getting along well; aeatn*d aaxiiti* " to haMea matter* ; thought it tht-y made a airikx, ' tk< y bad beet make a |t*o<l one , the hu?m*ei * I wa* carried on In parta errhip ; Meadow* a?kad ma ' If the plate* were not well dona ; d >n't kni* a* he told me where he got than Waroor; ton. Meadow* and l.ow. were otlen at my Iiou<m% eometlifie* too ther at other time* *?p?ral?ey. Warburton eaid he had a wife whom he P a pec ted -aha caaa in three or four week* alt?r he came Low provided *ome thing* lor Warhurton and Meadow*, aad I found torn* thing* Low and myeelf weat out to UTarburtoa'a aft? r hi* wife caoa on-w* toltml of tbe hu<to?a* there It wa* agreed that Meadow* *hould be calla4 : Williaa**. and tha part I a* wera to appear *t ranger* ka " I I'irH <nti?r , " llrlatol llili w?? tu b<- called W II Waff' i burton (At thia announcement Rill'* ayaa ??r? In* | tenUy iied on vilntw Kiwi flatbed tr? venffeanna k?d * ilrttiiM ) U? al.l ha bad aant m>ney W> Warbar" : ton and Maadnwc, whlah they aaid they did nut ra* r?lrt> llrard l.ow read tba let tar la wblnh It wm pra1 poe*4 by thaaa Ban to aoina oa and do aoaataWaM 1 Adjourned to to-Marrow at R o'clock. The Caitajr Prlaaarrf mi llaraaa. " The Waabington correspond" at ol tba l'bilad*lt>hta ' Smilk Jvvnn, of Ibe 15th ln?t aaya Adrliaa uo la* j data nt tba Klh laat., bare amend from <l?n I >m 11, > our Conaul at Havana From tba trn'*r of thaaa thera 4 la rraaoa to faar that tba diltfulty liotvwa tha t ?o a goremmaala U by no anu at aa and Uaa (V . lirmMtihf opinion an opinion p-oarally ahared by tha , A mertcan realdent* and ahl|>iuaat*ra at llaeant that the captain* of tha Oaurgiana and rtarah Uuil woild b* eirnuted unlaraour ?<irarnia>- r>t I iu mad lately and pwt remvtarlly Interfered to pravant It lla,tb?rat>ra,a<*? fur j prompt and poaltlaa Inalruatlona tod*>naa<l the prlao*. | ara. aa mo lotxraeattuu ?b<>rt of t bia will probably prora a| elBcaciaua Thia r? jaeal nn 1?? th" p-ouliar eiroa a, ' Mancaa make* II obviou* that tba atarn ant an ni?I lakeahla latter of Mr I'laytoa. of tba lit laat in w'nab . <Jen C. *aa directed to warn tba Captain lien-r >1 tuat . If ha hurt a balr of tha bead of any lonoaaat Aa'nitt r | cltiaen It nl(bt laad to a aaa?uiaaey war bad tat ! then reachad Ita deatiaatUn Til" trlala af the pr ? >nI ara aara to ba eoadurted according to the atrial f >raa I nf Haaalak law akUh na..ira Ih. a ? I llmuirj fitmlDtU'Dn to !> ci<rft *? th??- ?maiaa rial bail ml rlimul at tha 4il* of I ha l!?|. pbJ a ilr?patrh~i It I* to b? hcp-4 that Mr ritrl >i1 aaaaai f<M*?l of lb* M latl iirio li l!a> M |.rr??Dl any haaly artlna on tb* pari of IhaCuhaa aulhorltlra Irani all tha fart* wht-h bar* ?<> to light, It U ballaaad that lha priaouara Utm at i:<>atoy bad *Mpp?<t for California ?la <!h?<raa Oaa CaMphall atataa that, although ha baa not b m ?lf allaavMl Iba ahllMlloa of *unk f**llDg? tha Aniarlrau roaidrnla of Havana baliaaa that tba as* tlUnant agalaat than I* ??ry atrong and that tba* ara rrgardvd with ahaolaU di'farur by tba ttpariWb MAIili Bad BDt horttlM Alan* tba lalalhg-oaa brought by tba faabal r??rh?d bar* Iba Mpaal*h Mlalatar ha* t?oi bna rlaibla Itu ? l kanva tbarafora. what advlraa ha may hava ra> rattr.l or koa biaaflaloat may hata bwa m >d<fl-> I bf IbriB Wblta It la to ha h?p?d that Bathing baa baaa or will ha dan*, on tb* a art of tba rtp?al*h ilAiali ia Caha to Impair tbarlgntaof oar rtt'aaria It la a?r?ala that (Irn Taylor aad hi* administration ailt rtndiaata, lib all th? authority aoafarrad upoa ihra tba dignity of lha Amarieaa paoplr and tba a*unlit/ qf Iba Wa*blagt?n aorraapoadaat of tha Phllalalpbta [ ( Ha of lb# lltb ln*taat ?(? Tha prWonaraal Havana ara undergoing a aaaiaartal pr*n?~dlng b?fora tba Marina Kaarat Tnbnaal Ju tg? Kama, of K> y H ??t bad rlttaa to tha Captain Qaaaral, tb ? . it aa proard Wfcra him on tba tHal nt tha Crania p?ip4a, that iba prtaoaara oaptarad at foatay. la tha 4a?aa !><>ad aud Waorgiaaa bad aabarkad *ith tha asp*dllion aupp?aln( It ta ha boaad f*r falttnrala hy ?ay af I'hagraa bat that aa anoa aa ?ha raal daaigavtloa ?a* mad* known thay rafaaad to proaaad an t th< Orada waa <>hlig?d ta ga althoat th- ra A d'apatah hit iaat bran aaat fma tba Mlata Dapartiaant. ta J adga Mama to friraard all Iht* aaidanea Cap* Talaall'* coadaet U aat appraaad ?f If tha prl*o?ara ara aot laatanllr fi?aa ap It la ballaaad lha Praald?Bt vdl lay tha what* a at t?r hafora ()M|rNt witk alroag r?r<'???ndation In aaaa of War RaflaaJ. II la kaawa, ?iU a?t lat*rf*ra Tm C?m? l???rn ?r Naw Oai ??? Tub tiian of Urn - Tka H. O l*Um IH lhaTtk In* *; II la Ual tka Spaniard* who Jnln?<IH?oT?l l.apaa, at i u4?nm, war* prisoner* r-1-n.-l from tka jail Wa ? aek prnoM wa mrr aaaurad by nlka.ra nf Ik* nfH tl<>a now In eat ally. jotaad ?>?n?raI Lap?t Hula lull rompxny of lh? rriUir ?oMIar? of tk* Hpai.iak tm; railirMlB| Ika *k?|p (trHMH tf i'ard?ua?. ??l *>uli| ika untlnrm of ftpala. ram? orar In Ik* rtf* illltaa tad d*?lar*d la It* flaror. Tkay war* organ iaa4 M a portioa ot tha aipadltloa with a rlaw In fjrth** t>yarall?M. in4 r? turned wllh II In Ray W?al Wa Uara ffna oflwnnflh* upwlllli*, thai II ??t Ika nalaloa of tkaaa f|>taUk ?niil?ri Ikat tkafr whala ra iaiaat - Ik* grant** pari nf wkich waa Matlnaad at ataaaaa would harajnlaad Oanaral aa rua kf ka app?arr<t kafora th-m Tk* Mik?>aiW Dalllla Jan* arrirad ;ailof4a; froai Taaipa Bay lb* kn><(M tk# following aaaaangara gaatlaiaaa with tka lata attrition <'ol'>n?l ffhaat* Oaat* Vaalar, rrrkaarldfa Pawa. Marraa an l Oarla. of tk* Lmlil. ana * *iin?nt, Major Kail tk HlaVa?lppi R??i?aal J klawtp Haflla. Fola* Morrla, and Wrrta , ifaariariaa* I*r Th?ai*a . I nninilu?r)> moa*al|. "'apt# Ho?ar?aa4 Hall, of tka lltf l.op?a of U? Oir'lMt af eta* ^HNHW hia'oapaay. oaaatattag af U mm ?*ra lafl at Taapa rk?r* arri ra<| *l?a ya* I !'?< ? ? ?!??, Tmpi * ? I* Ik* Khnnnw HnTn?t Major Mrllaary Captain fk?au f) Marak*. tt Ik* l.*?Mtu , Cmftftm Kak*rl*y M>lk?n I of lk? (ianaral Staff . c'apfala A U Mo?4. nt Ik* l<*al Mim rtflMll an4 l?mi J prlaataa ka H O Pmrnfrnm* of tka (tk laatant, ?n ? Wa l*ara In-* rollaKI* aniKorlty |k?? MaaaraJ l.oa?a, kartcg Wn I?lar?i4 thai a wirVfc* kaaa l**a*4 M tkaC K Mar-kal for hi* arr*?t oa a "kAff* * karlag violated tk* *Ulk aartloa of tk* aot *rV agraaa, ap proaa4 April W 1*1* ha* 4r**rmim*4 *<?aatarllj I* nrrvndcr kftnaalf Ha I* *|^*M U arrlW la tkl* I'J far lkl> pnrpoa* to-day or In marrnw, Tl%m fan I krl>tlaa ?k?r? Im> ka* ?-*a r*?ll*a4la? Tka (Mini wttl raa?wl ta ka ta?iln*4 kafor* a V tm ala| rinw ?t>i If tka IraUaioaf warraat* kla I h? arHI ka koaa.l or** ?"' ?? K?a of tha UMrIM i:*?m ?k*a kla ?* * will ka laM Mar* tka i irtW jmtf ky tk. 1/ I D la trial AMaraay far It* 4a*li ***a Awf?H *r?r?t Tk* Pm-lrm* tHk (Fa) PJ*, *f Mo?mI?f mf? Th*Ra*lt*k krtglahl*? Oapl flack, kl-fc aaa .)tppna*4 ta kar* tna laat <>a tka oaaaa kM arr<?*4. afW a ft al*Mf *>?a l*fi fan* Eaayarl * al*a. "Ilk arar twa kna4r~t toa* of T tr >a fhr oar ar*fcaat? raltam* f?ar af tka araa af Mia krl? ??ra la a "lata of MaUaf. *Wa tk* pllat k -at ra.hi^a raptala Wkarrat of haltiaora ka*rj?l h*r l?if aif** at a?a. aa ika ilk ln?? to *k?a aapiala f t? eh -?ire?4???(t tka aoaaa*4 of Ik* krla <>a r.arkln* oar karW yaataMay tka Kr.tlak <Wn?*l hoard** h?r h?aH ika raaaaf Ik* aia'laaar* aa I ailk Ika pr*?*ar# of a HI* of iaarlaa? fr<?? tk* *kip PHI ?l?anta aat ik* fi?ar ai?a la Iroaa Tk?ir aaaa* *?*. w till*at t>a?ay. VIHlaai U* Chartaa J ok aaaa, ana Patrick CkMI tkr*a (riataa** u? aa* ??aa.

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