Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 17, 1850, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 17, 1850 Page 1
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r TH NO. $852. W' ? Mirru* f^O* UTIEPOOL-BMTIU STATbV MAIL 8TIAMv aklp Pacific, ?? ? x>?. -riu* aiMiuiiir rill <nw wtth UM mAiU for Cur..u?. Boaitlr*!; S?inrd?jr, Julr 6ik. tt la o'clock from bar tw?tb ?t ih? 1*01 of Caaal otreot. No berth ?e?u>-ed (ill pat? for ? fwfril|lit or >nni?. having aeo-ineMed aooommedatleaa Vsc >U|MH or anmf'"* aaale ? KUW li. COLLI**.* CiUnrNI. All iMUn 111 p?p?ri moat f?n through the Poll OSm. Th* (lunii Ailaatie will eueceed tTe PaoiA*. aad Mil Jnly ?Tth. TUB BRITISH A.NU M)KTH AMERICAN R. M atMBiklpi, b?lwt?B Ne? Vork Hd Liverpool, Md hetwoea Bmux ud Liverpool, oallio* at Uallfna to land aad reeelre Miiti ud pMMbfvr* ? iBtrloi from M? Tnrk.. Vrdniiilij, Jan* If. Cmdi " Boctiiu M. Cambria " Ntw Vnrk ., ** July S. MIhwi. " Bom..* ' 10. For freichl or pMu>. i-pplj to IT H'v l?H Jn?.. Knidvif. ACIAN STB AII N A VI U.t Till N Cu MP A.ST?FOB V/ Bremen, via SouthaaipiI ha IT. H. Nail iteamihip BIB MANN, B. Cribiroo. onmnikiiilor, will aall for llramon. Til Roilkimptii, 01 Tharadoj Jnno'JO. from Pier No. X V. B., at 3 o oloek. P M. Price of pcuift ia th? lint cikia SIB) Do do la the Muond >>ahtn tiO Aa iipirlraoid Surgeon attavhrd t?. (ho ehlp. All lotion tanat ro through th* Pen Otfieo .*potie d?llver*d in Havr* at rod mood rate* Fur pa?aag? ur freight. apply to MAt.LKR I SasO. t;?a>?./*> Rroadwar. UNITED STATES MAIL dTfcAMAlts BETWEEN NEW York aad Liverpool.?The ahipa <'?m*o<iag thl* lino Mr* fca ATLANTIC. Captaia tteev. aRCTK., t aptain Lao*. PACIFIC, Cap tan a N to. BALTIC. Captain CoaaMok. ADKIAIIC. lap-?u. Oration. Th*** ahlp* haviag booa built hy ooii'raot eapreaaly for -ftovaraaMnt eervio*. *v*ry earo haa br?n taken in their eoaftrnotioa, a* alao ia their eagiuea, t-uauro atreaglh aad their aoeommodatioua for |<??a?n^er* are ui? eqaalltd for eleganee ur oomfort. Prioe -I pa<une from New York to Liverpool, e*< luei?e <tx <( ea'ra alee mate . room*. USA. An experienced aur?e<m will he attaohod I* *ia*k anip. No b*rth* aofured paid for. Fvr freight t paa*age, apply to Dm A. coin >3, M Wall atreet; or. to BROWN, KUIPI.KV * CO , Liverpool. Th* Pactio will Isav* Liver p.'I June IP, lilO. " Atlantis " New Vork June 16, " " " " " Ll??ip....l J til? 10, ' V ** Parlfln M " V - I , W I..l? a > - ?> ?- ? ' - " " " July 31, " I V " AtlaaUe " - Now Fork July V, " Tiie ovmii of l?Msa ihi^> will not kt accountable for Silver, hellion. (pari*, Jawelry. prorioua atouee or motale, anion biU?rf ladiu* ara ?ixao<f tharofer, and tba *alu? thereof, therala -*|.r'HW'l I EK>* DO It I. IN, I)IKECT-TI1S P1NB A 1 FAST S k I I.I NO I Hritiab brig UiRLiMi, > ap'. Caa'de, will ba?? Imroodiate doepatrh lor th? haoa* >et tako iba >>olk of I,.*00 Id,la freight. auil being a ?ery faat sailer, ii a JcairaMe ocarey ancr. Apply to A?K til AM i.KI.I. "ON 117 Fulton a?ro*t. FOR ST. ?TUA SUPERIOR COt'PBRfaatcaed and eopperrd abip HiruKl. Ctpl. French. For freight apply to HiiViik IIIm'KKN. Ii* i'aarlit. 1JOR ?AN )' R A > Clx O 1IILK.M Ul, A.N II SACK VMB*to City ? 1*e <t Undid uiew ?: :? rn.lup ("<i M >TITU I'lO.V. - Captaia T>. L Wilcox U n.-w I a.lion at I bl alalpbia, and will aall far tba aboeo porta on Saturday aiii. 'ho 1M la taat. Otmlt dNlhM hr h* ( a?i liaiioa. Will be aent to Philedrlpb a fraa of rxpenee tu the oliippi r*.?t> ?re r?4ne?l d to hai.d ibt wealp*< of tba CmiiUu anil amt><>v K> Ir .ad aad Transportation Cvmptny, un or i?'?if? Wadnoad y auit, ! the IVth indent, to ) IMK'I, I W <11 e'.reet. N. T. The Oeaatitn lion hat daulla en;iuea. and ttaada A. 1 oa the aaderwriter'a liet. L^or rTniston, j.uaic . -i in. trtLu umiwn ? eteem.hip t KI.SCLNT < ITV. t'ept. CUarlaa Stoudard, oonmaadcr. will leave for Eingaim, ou X. uday. July let, at three o'clock, from her dork. Pier >? 2. >4. F?r paaaage, Apply le J_UOW t H 1) !* MIN. 34 Broadway. . EMriRR city liTTr?Vui~a >n ? ra m'ois o via Charm ("Ireet-Tb? .plenriid ?t?--.iu-lnp CkBSOEIT CItt. lA* tana burthen, tJnar e? Standard, Commaudrr. will leave for lb Hftrea direct, on Monday, Jnly lai, at JnVliuk, frea bor dork. Pier No. 2 N. R. F >r fretaht. or nana(, apply Hi. HOWAKI) k SOV .V FOR t'AMKORMlA.? I Moiilun nVKKIS ruK 9AM ! Traacittt, via Panama ta leave New Fork Jaly let, h* ike i'traKrhip l're?c.-ni titv. 1-r i h u-v and i.e.ii.tiip General Warren, froia Paaauia to ?an Traueiaoo, nay be i had op application to T><>|.B Ik <' >.. HI Front atraot. CAI IrUK.N IA IliMUliUtl lit kaiia Ul ? fcO r? IHKtl ateerace aad one Prat claaa, la H"?land A'p^awall'a llae for June *\ for eala. F. W 11 I B. Wall atreet. j i; Th? Ca>k of Ur Wfcii>ieR, in Uomton ? I'he following ia the uetiiion of Wrbftrr, b^forf ih^ Supreme Courl of Miiwwrhuaetfn, with th^ bill of error* annrxft), na prrpared by his couubcl: Suffolk, St. flvrakmb JuoictaL cobbt, j i Maroh Term. A. D. I960 ( John "W W r hat or Pl'tfT In Krr >r. Th* Commonwealth. Defdt. i Aftd l?* John W WV baler I.- r- l-.'. '? he .1- t.-i. Unt la i cwUia Indictment tor tn mardar *b?rcon judgmeat ??< rendered ageiuxl him at tble preei'nt iltrgk Urai of thla Hon Court comand pray a tha Cent k(ti that * writ at ?rror b?; Imui va tba [U'l?nifiit aforeeald. returnable t? thla lion Court at 1 tta pwicBt term, on euc.h da/ aa tba Court may directto tba and that certain error* In the pror diag< and Jadgvaat el the Coort on the Indletn. nt afireaald, may ha rwrraeted. and that thie Mot Court will ?auae t* be dona la the premier* what of right and aoaerdtng to the law af tha land ought to ha dona, ftlgaed, JOHN W WTK IHTH It. ffluIaU, aa Irrekai Jrotcai. Coear, ) March ftrin. A. D. lttJU \ i , Ma W. WahiUr. Pl'tff in Krror. re Tha Commonwealth. Daf'dt. Aialgameut of Krror*. Oa (hi* third day of Ma*, eighteen hundred and fifty, tha aald Johu W. Webet*r euaea, by K J ward D Sabler aad I'liay Merrick, bin Attornlea and ?aya. that la the record and pro??edlag* of thla Court. In the ca*a of the C ooa r.n wealth ?i ?atd Wehatar. In which jutgant wa* renderad at the prewnt term of laid Court, to wit. on the Brat day ol April eurreat. aad alao in iha ^lefngthe judgmeat etoreaaid thrra ia manif-et error*, la tble. to wit: Id That tba aald Supreme Judicial Court did not a?jnlre iurlrdiction of tba arcuaaiioa agaiaet him. the raid Webeter. 2d Alee. that tba Indintmenta aad tba mattare there !a contained are not *ufHct>-at In law to warrant aay Judgmeat agelnet the aald J> lia W Wr biter. b^nauaa it doe a net and cannot judicially appear from tny matter or thing* before thla Court, that the Municipal Court of tbe City of B< aton aco- pl?u or aetrd upoatha indictaif at Commonwealth *? aaid John W W abater 3d Alao. t hat it don not tnd cannot judicially ip. p?M ? lb* Siitrtn* Judicial Court afurataid. from > / matter it thing klkn It ta the rw>nlM<l p roc eeil oga, that the mM Munlet pal Court of tha City of Boai?a made an adjudication directing tha not whao tha "aid indlaiaienl ahould ba enter*J at. and tiara day In, tha laid 8apr> me Judicial Oaurt 4th Alao. that tha mid Mimic-pal Court of tha City of Bnrtnn did not Iti aad ad|udi?ala that tha Mid IndlrlBMl V'Uld ba entered at aod bar* day la tha eat I Supreme Judicial Court at a Dxad or other cartat* time whan It could ba judicially known that tha Supreme Judicial Court would ba In eeaelna 61 h A l?o, I hat If tha Maui lp?l Court of tha City ?f R-.rton-did Si and adjuitcat. that tha Aid ladlatmaat bruld ba eatarwdat a Iliad aad certain una. when II ww Judicially known to lb< aaid Municipal Court that aid Pnpr?-jn? Judicial Court would ba la ?r?aioa. yet that aaid Indictment waa not la fact entarod oa Itld J?y ia tha Popresie Judicial Court. Mk AI?o that it la nut aad cannot from any matter or thiag la the aald Supreme J udicial Court, judicially ba known to aald Supreme Ju fetal Court that the aaid Job a W W abater wa? .areaJ with any urJar or decree, or copy of ?u<-h order or decraa. of the uld Municipal Court of tha City of H.iatou flilof tha tlia whan tha Id Indictment ebould ha anler d ia tha aaid Supreme . Judicial t.'wurt till /Haa, that no order or decrra of tha (aid Municipal Court n| the City >.t Beaton tiling tha time whan aald ladlctaieat ahould ba entered la 1 be aald ^nprema Judicial Court waa aver l-gally arted np"i tha aaid loha W Wahater ao that ia faat the ?ald W>b?'er wa? not legally transferred Train tha aald Municipal Court 7t tha City of Moftun to Uiv aald Supreme Judical e Cowit. Ktb Ala*, that thara U error la thta. that It appear* by iba raaord aforeaald that lk? Judgment af.-raeaid haa been gtaaa for tba (aid t'M?innaw< ?lth *? >>a?t tha aald Jdla W W. hater WhcT. aa by tha law of tba land 4ba judgment tforroid ought to hare bean giren tor tha raid John W We baler aga nst tba ?a:J Commonwealth Wih Tbat neither tha aeateaea pronounced nor tha judgment rendered by thia honorable court on tba laJinaorut af. rraaid la warranted by or In aocoidanc* with tba lawa of tlal* cos.monwt.allb. but that rach U contrary thereto Aad tha ai-l John W If abater praya that tha Judgment afitrllid fortiie efanaaftfaeuald in:.* hv mraripit. annull'd and altognhrr hrld for Both in* tnd that ha may k* ra?tnc?d to all thti g< wklrh da hath )<> ! by <4*Mloa (MMjidfarnt (fllgaad.) RDWARI) D aOHlKR. Coun?*l for raid J. W W. Ant?e*H \n the petition an<1 I.ill of rrora, U tba fallowing affidavit:? I John W K't?t?r, on oath ctrrlara and uj. thai tba forgoing prtl'lnn and ao^nm-nl of crrora to ba Iliad th? r-wilh ara not Intandrd by m- for the mart Imr^oaa af peorarlng dalay In the rt^ution nf tha u<l|ia?ait ib?r?ia ai'utloaod. but b-f aaa? I am adrtard ,y a??l(ft>. 1 ma by thr court, that In th-lr nplalon. fha aald rrora aaalgnad ara of aurh grata important Ibat It la |tr?pi-r that I honM hara thru prHMlad ta thr InpMia Court fnr lt? iInMm (Slga.d) J. W M'BRdTKR BilWtM and awora to baforr ma oo tkla 3d day of May. IMO (fMgaad.l Cil VXi.M A fflU'll Ju.tlea of tka Paa*?. Dawntlr Mltrrilany. * ??(M at* t'aetly, wn i> rutad at lltrlM, Ml?,, tha 14 th w?t . fur tka aiurdar of fear ovaar. Dr. Him hi# wlfa aad aklld a Kngliah aniony la a*>oat to ka arUhllakad In lr> i rovnty. Oaorgia Tbay iwrt pnrahaard IMOiQ a<f laad. |nd ?IU ga l?V'j inln aianufaaiurlng |Mda ?>*a*iaanf tka lata ll'iw V. If RImom raaaliad vlMtot. I C., lk? Ktb ia?t. It- koaaaa ??r? da?ti ij?d hy lira a Mmitraal, via an tha ft?k i?at f'fMit poanlatlna of ftaja? Maaa , la IK MA. of rK blti OM ara fcaialaa. ..a>ialtt?a ot tka Connartlent I.aglaiatara bar* 'tad a Wll la akotlak nay tal punlahaaaat. aad ta - fita |i|a t?yrtaaaH?ni inata?d a gioaud fnr tka Troy aad Hoatna Railroad fit at Nartk Aitaaia. a law <tay? alaaa. Oaaoral v #> kraka tha gr??d ?Mk a p*ak a*a e nr i I. 0*r frtktk CcrrNpoudeaott ] Pom, may m ism. 1 TM FitncA Ffktwn* for On Summtr Shim. , The yaar 1860 will b* noticed, la the annalt of I fethion, for the elaganae and (ofw(Uri< of tha ' Ulch good* of every description, mantilla*. tI?IU?, bonnet*. embroideries, flower*? Torything li (mierally more brilliant than It baa ??*r been for the lant three 1 year*. [ The bonnet* of L of horn a trow in mack la favor. i Sou* of them are adorned with light and fleitbl* 1 j plume* and feathers; other* with branch** of frnlt, or I bunche* et flower*. T*ry often the pa>*c Insid* of the I bonnet la aurrounded with a limi of white ailk, In the I centre of which la lawn, or ribbon, made with straw, ' twisted with much elegance. These bonnet*, a* well a* those of rlee itraw, are the neoeuary oenplement of a distinguished toilttu. The rloe bonnet* ar*equally j trimmed, either with flower* or feather*, or fruit*; but | ribbon* are not ao murh uied. There are aleo some fancy atraw bonnet*, which ar* j rery fashionable thl* year. Soma are made with white | and colored ftraw- other* are only faeonntt d pointei I or a titut churn. Tnese bonnet* ar* ordinary?trimmed 1 only with ribbon* of a vary bright color The red, 1 purple and green are very dutinguei. The knit*, d la I Louis XIV, fixed on the *ide?, are the nt plut ultra of I flue la*te and refinement. In other kind* of bonnet*, either capatn or rkap*ana, > the bunches of flower* are also u>uch employed. The I most fashionable Imffr it flturt I* called the bouquet < ol the reaper," composed of ear* of corn, bluets and daisies. The honeysuckle, lilias. lilies of the valley, < violets, and alto hawthorns, are much in favor. The dresses are made, for this season, either of 1 watered or China silk. Nevertheless, the plain silk*, of variegated color*, ar* al?o very fashionable The ' style of dressmaking is to add five volant?, or baii'l* of ' 1 different sites, upon the skirt of the dre*4. siojie 1 j others sre trimmod with frimrns and embroi*leriua. of I i black ailk. ------- ' , The larga atorea of I'arla. at th'>ae of Jtan J* Pj-xi, I I'ilUu de Ft anr?. fc c.. have exhibited for thi* n?w j H t-nii a great amortmetit of new gooda. wbioh will ba 11 i h wMUm. The toularda. i^r-naJi u?? tarlatftftt, , and uiualma oi printed gingam are very brilliant thla j year Tba nankeen color, covered with embroiderlea ] of whlta cordon net*, will be much In demand tor to:l*ta of morning. ' The neweat gooda gold In Pari*. are made with wool ant ailk; and the flnenea* and aottne** of that novelty u.?ke it very faehionall*. It ia called M-trivitnn*. and ! it bft* been adopted already by the moat elegant ladiea ol Pari*. The faablon of dreaa-maklnir I* the atyle open In front, and giving room to a rich JlrKu The ?l*evea are Hlway* made large, and terminated by an under Meet e Lot ullirrt, tied round the wrlat by ft pair of bracelet*. The nio?t elegant of theae jewel* are In the form of ft twUted ribbon, with knot. dome othera irattata two branch** of a tree tied together by a plnce of ropo. 1 he costume* for children are much varied tbia year. Every age hath Ita own. Mttla boya. from four to alx yeara. wear a ahort blouae (tuni'v?e) trimmed with a velvet ribbon, shoe* and gtitera. atr*w hata, or amall c?pa of a cflwr aulted to that of the bb?iaa Boya j tr< m eij:ht to twelve, wear a amall roundabout, ft I wai-tcoat panlftloona abort enough to ahow the ankUa Tbey wear alao gaitera, ah >ea, ftnd colored stocking*. 1 he little girla are mora eoqaetiab than their brother*. The atyle of dree* worn this aeaaon raally charming and ataniped with tha aeal ot flno ta?ta and clrpance The beddica and eklrt are trimmed In front with dibroidery and lac*; the hair nxed in larga ringlet* i n t he aide* of the head. l>arge pantaleta, trinmiKil with viKKnn ftnd 1 aJIW aluok gaiter*. The color* much in demand ara the pink, the I .1 t iiiH/nr it e blue. anil tht^whil* ?trl|>ed with all color* ; a utrnw r<>und hat. trimmed with ribbon. and adorned with a garland of flower* a h 1* the whole toilette of * fashionable youD( Parisian Mia*, promenading ritlnr ln tb* Jardm d?* Tuileriaa, or lath* Champ* h ) 1 ba*? not much to *ay ot the loiltlUi of the gentl< tin D ; the ctyle of draaalng ha* uot been muoh alien d The frnek coat* ara mad" abort ; the dr*M ct at* (either of blue, brown or green elnth*) with pointed rkirt* , tb* pantaloon* are alway* tight, and eut round around the feat. (lreeoi?b brown, blue, grey and mixed eolnra. are the ftahinn* of tbU * a >n QaJttri *uited to tb* pantaloon, or *h?e* and c< lored *i.k *tockiug*, are al*<> naceeeary to acquire tl e )*me of a dandj White moune and gray fur hat* have taken the place of the Mack Mlk and beater hat Brown and light colored kli glove*. a ahort atiek d rjimrrtrfr, a pair of wbltkera in th* Kngli'h ntyle, and ma*ta<-h?a. Hurh ar* the nece?*?ry addition* to th# toilet ol age at lam aa of our Parisian city. 6 O. K. Piaia, May SO. 1*60. TKiatucaU- Camp - Xerai Mal:tri ?Military Rtnttt? Jlmrrirant i* Parit, ft. fc. My letter, I, will be vary dull thU tl?e. I feel the Influeec* of vary warm weather, and the olty, by Itaelf, U ao much ocenpied with politic*, that all th* TaiUlan life aeen to be involved In It. Bvery plaaa of amnarment feel* the effect of thi* political aieltom-nt; and tha cmhntli it Itctvrt (lecture rotm*), th* 1 paaaagta where ara *old tha new?paper*. la th* *T?- . nlnjr, in mora frequented than th* prom?naice. the IkrttrN, aad th* public ball*. Beeld** all thl?, w* btfi ju?t antired th* hhod during which Pari* ia drrrrted by our Auhloaabl* people Tha aummer placc* of rriide ace lutta already attraoted tha Itrnat number of tha ulitetrMj of Franca. Tha ckaltsma begin to ba Bllcd with thatr proprietor* and their friend*, and ia two week* henca, ona would aaa la Pari* but thoaa whoa* poeltlon, or fortune*, or ooeupatioa for*?>* th) d to remain within It* wall*. A rrry rurlon* celebration took plaea at Tnnloa, on the 16th taut. Th* famed man-of war propeller, ealled tha Twenty-four P^rrier, (which wh to have been callad tha Prcaid*at.) wu launched, with mash *uoeni. She 1* k rery rpUadld ?teamer, of nine hundred and i'i<7 horna power, the leagth of whiah laTl metre* and ST eeatlmetr**; her breadth la 16 metrea aad 60 ri atImatre* (ha will earry M gaaa, via. : 73 aader the eorared battcrle*. and 16 oa th* bulwark*. Th* lauach of tha Twcnty-fonr h trier waa a rtry brilliant affair. The Archblahop of Frejoa had come expraaaly to MM the mtmmol h man of war. which went lato j the water amidat the moat deafening hurrah* Tha , ' i> ?<l aaa Immrme. and tha aulhorHlea from all the depaiUueat* ware on the ?pot. Tha* (he Twcatt-four FrTrier waa launched on the *ea Will aha hare a 1 happier fate thaa th* arent fmm which aha derive* ; her aama ' I hou no The at' rcin oa the ocean are 1 Im to b* drndfd than th? political inmpfiU. and *mMil bava a longer lift than constitution* A T*ry larga review *m wiinaaaad j?-t?rd?y Id tba t m p da Mar* i.rnaral Chanfiralnr aialiad. la (kit Imniant* ground, (oar brig*J? of "ur army, now la gitrtcn tlibar In Tar la. or at St Oarmain *nlT?raalllaa Thatwo brtgadaa of aaaalry, undrr lb* command or (Irntrila di Urovh; and affordad I paadid light. Tha rrglmaat it at toirr*. with thrlr . gold ralraa?l<r and halmata. att aotad principally tha admiration of tha ini'sM? < f PfNMM Tha twa brlgada* of mfinlrj roantnilnl hy 0??*rala Julian and auboal. wara alio r?ry boaatlful. Tbalr martial Mffet rllrltrd tba warm rat arlamatloni Tha Rapuhli -an Guard. a r>| au nt ol tha llaa aad two battarlaa i f avtlllrf*, w?r? alaooa tba ipot. Pitea tha d- partura of tkn grrat Ducha* of Badan. tba folraa of tba Ply***- National bar* I oat much abaim; naaarth-|a?a politically ipaaklng. tbay ara vary ranch n'a<f, and tb?y odor a aarr cariou* J rmp d' mU lo itttaa who do But go tbara to daaoa aad taka a mrpar hnt .?. okrarva tba load*r of aur gr?*?ram-nt. ar-d tba sourtlara of tha Trwaidaat. I Inland going lb<ra ikla aianlng. aad will It'll yon. I hop*, Man) lataraatlag <Ut?*l* la aiy a*it. Prloaa (.out* Napo aon ?ant aa an IcTitatW a wblab will ba attaudad ta, aad I a III g t? yon tha par'lcalari of tha Bly**w. 1 flflttd yaitarJay aioralng tba moat alagaat hot*l la farla, It baa baaa ract?d by tha air* of Mr klcultoa of N*? York, at Kna <t* Coureallaa. Xo It Tba art hltaatnra. oraamanta distribution of tha building ara raally faultlaaa, aad ao daabt. whan Ita prprtator will baaa Kalahari aad raralabad Ita latarlor with tba Boat raflai d aamplaa of our Parltiaa flaabloaa *nd uphot?tary It will b* oa* of th* riabaat mamioaa of I art*. Mr Moult?a lat*nd? glala* aotr*a*aad par? tlaa n, it wlntar la bli aaw paia^a. and, wo doubt. aai aa ba will b* ha hi* atulabla lady aud daughter, r?wihd?ti>?' una 011 aatowa rnu. hui umumou I i HM In fa* * of i>* Aaur ran nhllilran Tbr rl-h<p *appr, acooiapan ad by lirp nnmW I rf pr <al? ai.d Mtotor* of charity. (tha whoU tmnp* i mounting l< iknat f. riy p?r?oo? ) I* on th? ?w ol w? li ralug tu lb* laltad Rtataa from whlrb ha h*? h??n I ?ni I r tha '??t yt?f Mr Kappa raturna tbltbar with ii ??j aad a larga ?iim ha ha* oollactad frr tlx- rhurrh ia Amrrira Am. rj the m< at rurl< a* aoTrltle* arrlrad I* Pari*, f mi; niftilloa tha famed glg?ntlo Having Panorama of tb> Mlatlaalpnl Rltrr. rilcail i| fron tha Fall* of HI Dtilkiaj to tbr Golf ot Mexico. piloted by J R flmlth. 4 oa tha ?** of being fihlblul at tha theatre la Vaud'vllla Place da la lloarea The eiblbltloa of thl? pi riorum* which eorara frnr milaa of raara* aad t? "ally aa artUtlral production. of which tha L'alted Ptatra onght to ha pr?od. will ba accompanied by a vaudeville. wrlttra expre?ly for tha occaaloa hy *'" 1 Imuran and llriiaa* k. which la appropriated to tba alrriimataace and will daetro* tha aioantnny of that klad af rikihltlna. Pr?fra?or Rlalry la oao ot tha *>at>av> r? of tba affair aad th- ot bar g?nll?m?n wbc la ifrrttiOt behind (ba rortala la al<0 wall known ti joa Wo d'-nbt bat thla aiblbltloa. whleb bad aaeb aaaaaaa la Philadelphia, alll awt la Pari* with ?alv?r?al approbate* Theatrical new* la very .hort thla waak Al tha Opera hoa?? Madaaia Lahoefo nbtMaed. oa Prlday laat, another trli mph In tha o^mllr railed Roa igi al " (th? Rigbtlngile). Tha admirable ?orallaatl"H 'I that art let th* eetence rf her taethod hava met with tba nalverral approbation ot tba and of tha prraa; aad ym a>ay aa by the /-v.JJ.tmu af tba aawa ?ap.r*. vhich t aaad Intra, (bat ( am ant partial la aer la?f>r Tha r< hearaal nf tha " Paaioa af th* ?l?at,' aa vptra la which aba take* tha priaaipai character W YO MORNING EDITION?MC fcuk(|UB,uil the flrtt performance will take piece la ? month end e belf Albonl ii al?o the ' lloneee" ?f IF, UtnmU. end her pert of " Fider" In " the Prophet" l? ' .e out brilllent n ueleel grni ever admired by e lover of aau.ic, Bhe will / on appear In the opera of -La Favorite." At the Theatre Franklin, efter the tuec??* of Millie. Rachel in the draaa of " Anpli," the able raao*g?r. M Ar*< ne Honeeave, ha* produced the new come twe actn, ef M Leon Goelan. called >' La Queue du ehlen d'Alcibiade (the tell of Aloibiade's dog), which wee performed la?t night, for the Bret time, and til received with much appt?u?e. The plot If very good? the wit excellent. In enort. It waa *uce<*r ?ful 11 Pauline." by Alexandre Human, a drama, In five act*, mill be performed (without fad) Saturday nest, on the board* of the Theatre lllatoriqu*. At " L'Ambigii Comlque." the historical drama, nailed " Le Rel du Kome." being a narrative o( the life of the Puke of Reichetadt. the eon of Napolaon and Marie Loulae. will appear nest wetk The Uvppodrome and the Clrout are nightly filled, and their njuungrr will make a deal of money thi? luBner. The Marquis of Talarn, who visited, four yeara aga. the United S la tea, died iaet week. in Parle. This nobleUIaII iu the very typo of chivalry, and had reoelved thn honors of all the order* In Kurope. He *?< also a grandee of i4p?in. One ot thn clauses ot bin will contained a donation of two m lllon of tranca to tha Cuuut ?f Chambotd, whom ba rail*Henry Y . hi* Kn>< No doubt, thb aum of money will ba accepted by tha founfc pretender, who 1* not very rich, and whoa* |*ner?iu* diepesitlon always leads to much expense. M de Heyronnet. the ex-uilHiater of Charles X . arrived yesterday in Paris. after an iliMnc of twaaty pea's aut of Kinucn. You remember he ha J been contended to ten years imprisonment, in 1S30. Mr de Montbolon's po?t will be taken by Mr. Defly, bancelier of the legation of Naples. a pentleumn sho if said to porseas qualities which will noun make tim popular In the city of Kiohmond It. II K Among the Anurisaus lately arrived in Paris, I hare round I he name* of? Henry Wells, of New York, Csoiws Trollar, PMladelphla, I. Ciena, Jr., Baltimore, S J. M. Mi Horn. New lls*en, liarlon Attlonii. New York, Thomas M. Par, Hartford, _ S. Wi tt, New York, CharVd ||. Baudoaiuo *a4 P. S. Newt>eiry, Cleveland, lsdy, New York, it. W Bsraet, Cinriiinaii, L. W. Pratt, Florida, Kd?ard II. I add, Boeion, 11. Mor^n and lady, !i. York. Kotert Ni Iwg, Philadelphia, M Morxmi Tuuiur, Q. Y. R??d Binion, Pueley Selden, lleei> n.l era, Ni w Yt rk. Mrs. J'.-el St?ae, and family, [>. t'aniernr, Parenport, N Y, New York, Dr. W. N. Kin*. .?a*s?nsh, T. B. Wiiboor, Jr., I *. llaTilattd, I'hiladelihia, K M. Hurts, Philadelphia. Lbarlva Jbt.niMa, Baltimore, A Vlalt to tha Knocking Family, Ta aati.fy a curiosity excited by the varloui reports >f the ayxterioua knocking*. aaiJ to ba produoed by ' spirits" who naoompany tha "Knocking K,?tuily" 'ect-iitly frcm Boche?ter. I went. ?n M >nday latt ta lea then at Earnuin's Hotel, where they ?m n?w rsseivirg visitrrs. I called tbera. between nine and t n I'ciors 10 mi moraiug. wliile tney wara At br<sakf*?t, ind *ii tbown into lb* roum where thoy rroci** ion par y, which ic on the aacond floor, directly ever hr grntlemtn'a aittiDg room. Ai I entered, I noticed. tcMrd up ? the door. a handbill, with "rule* nod rgulationa," and atatlug the bourn, and price of ltdDtHiion (on* dollar ) Tbe rule* require *ialt*ra to Ke auch eeata and ptaitiuni a* am aaaigni-d thi-m !inlr>K th? inhibition-to prnKcrfe the aainr ord.-r and lirorumaa 11 in a ' atlrinti religloua a???Oiblr," and >bj?ctliig to any diacueaion rmptt'lnt the quostiom iiid ana* t ra gi?? n duriug i he eiaiulnation. Alter tbrrr glila. or apirita. had ao recently baffled ht keen p? rcrptioo of the tHrru of highly talrntod ind reapi rtabln gentlemen who ware nntertalu'd by b< m at the bou?* ol the Re* Dr Uriaeold, 1 bad nut be vanity to auppoa* that I could ?m farther into a ntll-atcnr than othera; but I did b?lia*e that aome of h? mai*?Ilona atorlea I had beard were eiafrguratlona t l*aat, and I determined to aatlafy mym-ir how tar hey w?!e ao. ifpoaaible. VS bila the young ladlaa wera abaent at breaktaat. I iad a good opportunity to inapect the ro in Ou una ide ol it la a e?fa, In trout of which la a ling table ooired. the whola length, with red datnaak cover hangog OT?r the rdgra of the table about lo or l'i inchee be table la aome two fret louger than the a >fa, ad ?tanda rlirertlv In front nf It ? ?? - ttron Kitting on il to write handily on the laW* I ?'??J lb# IlUe about, to wf If any thing *h ?U ark< d to It from tbe Hi or; I aim) felt under It. an! *iiiiut J It thoroughly, an I did alao the aef* and balra, to pm II It waa pnMible that any ?ort f machinery wea attached to them. but waa J ijr the examination there waa nothing of iba kind. I >p?tilng int of tha room are two atnall pantrtee at >arh totner 1 eiamlned tbaae. alao, bnt found milling *< cteted In then that could aU tha glrla to Mka tbe rapping*. ithar waa lliere ?n lha floor, or inderthe carpet?, any poaaltiinty of owneoaira iaa hmrry. or ararat ?prlog* or *trlng?, of any eort kalMtttr. Aft* r brraktaat th* three glrla (ghoat aeera) oamn into be room, and tea ted thenaelrea togrther on tha ?ofa, t?d Tiailer* wbo rame in at th# same lio.e (aome flft?en >r twenty, moatly gentlemen), ware requeeted to take ?at* arouid the tabla. Tne family conairt* of not her and tbrne daughter* Tba IJeat daughter U narrled and la, apparently, about twenty-flee joar* ol kg#, and tha young**t near flltaen or alsteen; tba >iber ? aga la about half w?y between tba two Sh. la k rfty pretty, arch looking black eyed, and ratnor nod>?tly tx bared young girl. Indeed all of them tondncted tbemaclrea throughout with perfect prtn ; Itltly. W h-n tbe party waa aeatcd, a gi-ntleman in I :ba company Inquired how tba qtie*l>en* were t ? it put. Tha aldeat (later replied, they mutt b? iddrrmd dirretly ta tba tplrit. and lha r?p<>n-M ?i uld come In kii i k* on tbe iable. or al> -ul the r nra i trry re?p>-(tabla looking gentleman at my I-ft i>*n i>kad her if tbe *plnt* niiderafod aud would a i?we* |ue?tlona if tbey ware put to them mautally the taut* l? It ?pok> n aloud. The girl aaid they would Haitian n?de ?< me <la?hea en a pieoo o( paper before him with I pencil In place of tba worda ol hie m*ulal queetn I. H<) pauaed lor a reply Immediately cauie a t tl light knock* on tba floor, appan-nlly under t'la roui?.<-t 11/1 Tbl* gralliiuafl continued hi* men *1 inertion* for a Lumber of uitiiulea. and at arery panae . air.e one or more knock* on tba door. Tk* blue* I luuii *(! mm ii uiaun uj pouk ou? whu i a* ninn rir.Bgwith it a gantW bi w upun Ike iloor or <-*rp?t I try appeared to in* to b* uodrr theyoung?at girl and. i? I thought w< > m?>lr by liar; bat although 1 ?nt dirrctly opporit* to b*r. I maid out p*rorlr* any motion j< rr**p< 11<J og with ih* nviee*. Afl?r the getiem*n had flairhrd bin mental queal'.nn h* mad* bo itali mrni whrtbrr tha reeponrea vara right or wrong, >ut quiet It f. M. d up th* bit of paper ha bad in hl? .ad<), aud left i ha rm>m A Dt tb? r g?i,tl. now commenced by asking WUl l.a >pnlt rimmuoieat* with ma ' ' (Three ko<>ck*. up>*rei.tly on, or under, the rmtrwcf the tabl*. direst ly in ront of ma ) u< nlleman - liar* i l.?t a ainur ' (Threa ap* ) 0*t>tl?man -At what aga did aba dia ? Wirl ? ilk ih* rpirlt to glva tb? aga by knockr <>n th- taM* Intlinit - wul theiplrit gtf* tha age of my liiUrlf apping en tha table ' i mmnliateiy eame.a* i eountxl. it rapa in pretty quick auecct.lou (trnUiotn <hakaa ila brad ii. ra a diaruraion wu Atattnl about tha mnb?r of rapa given. Ob* counted 14. on* 16 auoh?r 16. and *o on <jcou<rnan w ill lh* apirlt r*p?*t ,b* knock* mora ctUtlnctly ? (xn answer) gentleman ukaagan ni aniwrr) (lentleman How long ha* ny ?i*trr b*? n dead ' (a paua? no au??r ) i-ntled?n When did ?h* dia * (Noan*w*r) lixill-ntnf i writ* the name of my ai*t*r with other*. will th* plrlt kroc! whm i plnr* my pencil on her aama ' (On* >p I (ieiiW-man writ** n numb*r of nam**, and point* 4> I brio w. h hi* pencil aaktng, I* It tbia ? la it tkt*' K nor ka 01 th* right nam- ) tHnt:*inan (Till th* I Irlt no* trll th* *g* In th* tame "a; * (Writ** down ur or (it* different number*, nnd point* at th*m ) 1* t thi* ac' (Knock* as he touch' s tbe right sinner ) lentlrman l?ld ?h* >1 * In I'mii) Irani*. N?* Jm j Ferment. M***aehu?*tta. or flew York' (R p* right igaln l MenM>mnn lln?r iran; f?ir? >ln'? i-i-i' Writ** four rr fie* number* rn pap-r ; rnp* a' twentylr*yiar?) Oentl> umn That I* right Another grntu fi rn ka?I* th* spirit of th* i ?r?on am iklnkmg oi preaeut * (Thro* rap*) Wll it an war the q nee t Ion* I will pnt * (Sl? rap* ) ta II tha iplril of a man (1 br>-e rap* ) Wk*n did the ,>*raon II*' (Urntlemnn wrl'e* different numh-r i I* II hi*, fc*. (Spirit rapt at tha wrong number ) (Untlal? man Did It dl* In Morton New York. Blatimora, IfW orleai *. or llarrUbur/h ' (Pie* rap* ) Did It dt* iiidenly ? (Two rap* ) Did it dk? ?r diiraw of th* K-art. brain. Innga or stomach ? (l?o imwir) Will ha spirit rnp when I writ* th* ?ru* aga * (Write M ,y. City-one. flttjr-twr. any-tkr**. Hfiy-four 8fty-1?a, ifty all fifty *errn flfty *tghi fee Noin?w?ri t)*abmanaay* M* ka* wiit'*n ih* true *g* tJirl n*k? Will the rpttil trll m? a h*n th* p?raon died* (N<. aniwer ) * ill it nut tr|| * (Itapa ) Omtlnnan - W . II It all tke di'*ae* of tha naraon now. (Nothing ) Witllt iov (Itapr ) tJirl will It an*w*r any other way' NUhlag ) OHi -IWw many guardian tpirita ha? 'ha irm rari (nauria iwr i<iri *r?lhat?ll I H)' iR"P* ' Ulrl mm Ui*7 ?r?. Will tbry ro.i. M>r>* with ib* ganUaraan ton* Mkir,tiaa ' (four pa.) A? my '?rt rawia n?it I fltad wy mind mth* n >aia if Andtaw Ja<k?on. ?ni wk?d will tha aplrit n :?n?arm ?lth mn f (Hum) Dora tha aplrit karw bat It/dividual I no? ti?r? In my mind ' |K?p?> T? bat Individual liatcg or d?-a^l ? Olrl aald I Boat p<it :br f|B' a| ion nffi r?, I than a?k?<l aa dirartod It b? ?Blrlt to lh? body ' (Nn r ) la II sat of tha ??.dj* (Nr>ai.aa?r) Ifdrad. ?iW tba aplrll tall boa oprf dura hla il?aifc? (Noanawrr) Will tha aplrit *|. Ibragr* (Nctl>lng ) Olrl aay| tba gan'lf n?a doa? lot Hi hi* mind aufbriantly on hinjiNw' >m Tha aplrll I 1 raia.iinlraird tbla lo hrr hy tha alphahat aba an? ?i rti.p at a, b c be . railing tha Mtora n-ittl rap ajita. ablah ?aa tba lirat lrltap Th-n r> coating it. 'm tba arrnod, and ?o aa uattl word or In ??> all it d, >afl< lii.l u> l?ara what tba aplrit *tnl~l I

i>*.d agaia Dn?t tba aplrll know what ?a- tha aaan >ail-a <.f tha paraoa I had la my mlaJ' (Hapa) ? bill it daaignata tha ore u patio a hy rapping ahaa I jaa ? II ' (Fa pa ) * aa ba a nl?rg?atar pbfatrUn 'arp af, mrchantr prlitlriaa- ifcapa ) Will tha aplrit .11 *blrh of tba namaa t a* abonl to aril* la tha on* ! h??a la my mind ' (Rapa I I arnta loan Aadraa lark'O*. John 0. i'alh"?n J Q Adaaia Tbaaa> II B?si< n Tonnblng tb? Bra* with my patiall I aald la It tbla* (Ho aaavar ) Tba aaroad l?o aaaaar) ? Tha third (tbrar rapa ) Tbia anavrr ?aa vraag. aad llani'l If at quaatian warad l?m?lly *M tba rapa it* grotirg tbr prraoa la ba a poillMaa. I thoaght it arir.. > ) rat tmaa tba gamUoaa iarth-r Th- girl tkaa aakad WU1 tha aptrlt uim tha |MUaaaa'i RK E (NDAY, JUNE IT, 1850. q?N Ions another t na ? In reply oime three or faur rap* whirl) ohe Mid meant yea. Other* the* t-ok their turn Id aaking various aorts of qurHtone, which were answ red inure or let* o >m-?tly, >rmp?idiB| ?Hh the akill or awkwarduM* ?# the inannrr in whx-b they were put. t the commencement ef the exhibition the re pone**, or kaoakinga, teemed to be on the floor; but abtrtly after, they came on, or under the table. In placing mv hand upon the table, I could distinctly le< l the vibration from the blow* While other* were aching question*. I raised the table eorer and looked under the table. plaelng my ear upon the outer edge, to tee If the vibration continued, and alto to tee if I could disoorar any oonntgiia between the girl* and the table. The moment 1 took thl* position, the elbrat ion and knock* upon the table erased, and came all the while my head wa< in that po*ition, either on the edge of the eofa. on which the girl* were Mated, or on the floor A* aoon a* ray bead wu raised, the knock* returned to the table the same ? h*fore. I called the attention of two gsaUtimen ach sld? of ma to the circumstance. which they also had noticed I repeated this experiment three tlmea. and each time the knocking ceased upon the table, aud went to the floor, or sofa under one ot the girl*, and returned again when my head wa* raited. I then stated the fact to the company ; when the eldest of the girl* replied that It was in consequence of my disposition not to believe or my detire to detect and expite a deception, that the spirit would not condescend t<? nmke the K*ni!e*tat)MM on the table while my hnad ? a* under, aa It. (lb* tplrit.) did uot rura whether I bellavi d or not. M?e aaid the niirit *oul>l knock on an/ tart of the room ? well u there I then deaired iheta to ack the spirit to make th? noiaea i n the door leading to on* or (tie p*B'rlen. The th. n? girl* thereupon tint up tri m th? eota. and itood by th d >or deaignated, nil three with their hack* againat. it Theuldeat Baldwin the spirit now knock on the door! When * number of loud Hid diatinot raps were heard about a? high up. apparently. a* their ahouldera, and directly behind 1 tbent. Mlie aaked me to atep Inside of the do >r aud aee if 1 could bear tbein there. I did go. and placed my 1 band on a pantl of tbn door. aui could hear tba 1 glrla outklda. ai they barked up to the position thay 1 in againat the door Soon the knoo?* came j a^ain a# loud aa before, and I could feel the ribraiion of the blowa very dlatlurtly, with my baud on the 1 panel W hrn T cemecut one el the girls arkej me < If I wan yet convinead ? I aaid certainly, of what I had mod and li.ard I then asked them If the aama 1 aounda would be produced by the apirit. If they diil 1 uot touch the door at all ? Tbe eldest aaid yea. of I courae they would; for aaid abe, bow can we pr.i.luoe tbn aoundi with nothing in our hand*' all holding 1 out their band* to fhow ine tbey hi I nothing lu them; ' alao changing I heir position that all might M?e there 1 wai no maobini ry attached to their dreiae*. "Now," ' aaid I, ~ ladle*. without intending the alighted di?r?- 1 epect to youraelvea, or railing In question your veracity, will you have the kii>da*ai, all of you. to atand a litle distance from the door, ao that I no part of your clothing will touch it, and tbeu a*k the apiiit if it will rap on the door ? It ap- 1 peared to nie that they yielded to thia request with rt'tn* reluntance ; but they could not well refuae to the attention of all in lh? room wai drawn to tbe bearing of thequ'ttion; and the* advanced abi ut a toot from the door ; I at >od ao that I 1 could ace thua waa no connexion between them and the door. The eldeat girl then a-ked-tVill th-* spirit cow rap on the door (A pauM ? no rap? ) 9h>> again repeat) d tbe queal ion with the aaine ff ct (No rapl iu'i rrui ted the alienee) Will the ap:rit not rap now on thn door? In reply to tin*, cauie loo rather f-ehle rapa on the floor. I atood upon a liae with the girla. and I prteume on the aame board in the floor that thry were on. and alight aa the rap* were, I could diatinctly fee I the vibration uudrr my feet The . I .?l,i it... I. u.j ? - - I j * I ' > 11 rt.u ll>u vwuUWS U?H ?M VIJ ITHI | > I HUT ''J Fy 1h* aplrit it ft urrat diatance froui th ru, 1 ftU't In place* where they had Dover before he ea I ?v.4 1 to bir. rbe muat aot a>k m<> to bell-re any incredible ' lat.m.nt which I coul 1 not ?ee or wltneM myialf; 1 n*ltb*r would I attempt to account for them. or to I foim any opinion of wbat I bad nr?*r hcd that linea I the teat* I had ju?t wi'n??'?d a* well at tho?? I bad < propoeed myailf. were wholly unsatisfactory, th"? > mull ncnir me if I wmt away an inrredtiloua ax I ' rani", though I ronfa?*?4 to them I could net itccjuut ' for th* niatin?r by which the rapping wax produced. 1 Keitbcr can I Dow. If It la mechanical, the deception * ia Tery clem oca. if it i* apiritual. It ia Tory wn| dtrfbl. The cont.cllon on my mind 1* that It li a da crption. <1 On leatlrf, pillaatiapparently d-eply intaraat'd < In tbeae exhibition* iuntnd inn to come ?*4io another I day, an tbftt. by mating ft farther InTeetigatioa. I > hop Id b* (Miatiurod of th* t(*nry ot pirua ax ha Vft* h'HtH) If. At bit rci|ua?t. I col tijftlii on Tui-d ' y I iofr >ng; l.ut to glee particular* of the la?t exhibition Wftw'nl but lengthen. to ao purpaaa thia article, already ti.o " l?wj drawn out " On nay taut *i?it, tb>- Kirla aftt " uii rbaira ln?trid?f th* ?ofa In front of th? txble and facing It. I atood near th-m behind tha chair of ona of th?m and thi light tbla lima. I eoald. la thla p ?*lItaa I?*Ifm m?i|i ? Ue 0mm ar tUe f them carh time a rap ram* on tha floor or tabla. I ramc away no noraaeraint tothe btll'tf In th* agency of aplrlta than at th* dr?t Mtiloi While. bowcTcr. I w?i c<>atcmplating tha company Wfore bi*. there war* two claaaea of peraona there tbat. ftitn my heart I eould not but pity Th- Aral waa th* poor girl* tbemaafWH* who bare undertaken to carry on lb*** eihibitkma In tha face ot ail th* dtWcnltle* and parpleaitiee n*ce?eerily attendant upon their pre carlcu* and cloeely mratlnned performance The other waa tbat rlaaa of peraoaa wbo hnd soma there fall in irr iMin. icr ina pu-p- 01 |*uini| p-rmi aion whlla rat In tb(? lowar world to roo*?r*a onc.t mora with thadapxrtad iplrlt* of tha loaadftod tout." On* lirj r?prcUbl*4ookloii (M ^ nll'Bui. In p*rtloul?r, txdtad my (ommlHrillou II? ippntrMl J.<?-ply (t< rtad; lmln| bit for?ha?d upon hi- b%nd I h? him i *lf?' ???j * taar wblrb. 1 doubt not In ib? int?n?ity rf hi* ftfllim. ha could not n pr< m I fanried th >t b* **? DioTrd I jr n.nif rarant aflVctlon and had noma thrr* toglaan a litUa contort to hti Borrowing haart. through lb* uncertain - ' tam-a of tbrm)ip|xiia4 fa>orll? of departed rplrlta I thought I roul I r??d 11 much In M* r*?ry look and motion I >14 to nit* If i tha nature of nan la tha i*m> a??ff whi-fa?In ?!hrl? and In haathaa Itudn. Tbert l? In each. alike % lore of tbo marvallou*. au l a tatural da?lra to laok Into tha world bayoiid otir own. and with all tha llgbli of Cbriallanlf y and ra??latlon and all our b MMtad adt*d<n meet la acldica. learning and ei?lli?*tlon. ho? much Mora fraa are wa. from tha fro#??it (iip'ratltloa, than lla poor ravage. " Wkaaa inlilnM uila't Cad la aloada. an I hear* 111* la tha In ponrlualo*, I cannot tall bow theaa knocking* %ra produrrd. unlraa It la by ?ntna mactiiaa conceal*.1 nail r the (lntkii.g of tha girl*, near th> Iranrlaa or ko?.-? wblrb bring t*uch?d to or preaai-d agala*t tha l--{* of th* taWf ptoduc- a tha knock*. which art tha*]" roithrough that motlnni ta tha rastra of tlia labia, and appear to ha thera I think tha girl* product tha innnda alternately unn# or tha ktbar li mora rlneely witch'd , sad I do not tliey eta per- I nadr the aplrlta. by any enir-aly. to mtko lb* riti la or on in; pltr? tbtl Him> m* rni?ri>l*d*l'b(h?lr party t or kaowa their a< oret la aot io nontext with at . the llr? the * unl I* pr*-?lucej Tl>!i la tha loipm- i alon left ? my mind. aft r th? cloae. t erotlar I could I ?ek?. nnilar Iko elrcuni-tancea ; and any oae who I* ' act willing t<> take my aplnlna in the matter. can ad form no* blmerlt or her?e|f by c ?llln< at liar- ft pi m'a hotel and pay n{ the moderate price of one V foliar tor a-Juleelon A dellar m<Ui aarta'.aly b ap?nt 1 wir?f, lut, a* I now think, not much wore*. II. W I Thaatihal anil NatlraL Bo?ni Tonera* The ?a iertalnnieote, thin erenI* f, arc rcry attract Ire they comm. a-a with the ayeity r.f Pliarro 'Vr and Mr* W allaak tthing la , ' adlt>g character* of Kolla and Klnra The a<a'i*?u ata will cloee with he op- ra of K"?i Roy," In which . B'?'ly all tha csea.'rat eoapaay altar urd to thl* ' ihtatra will appear taoaawar Thiitii.- The aew and?*c?llcat comely of litr?irn" will l? ylajed thl* >r?ala( Tha caat I iarserlleat, comprlalna Nn Abbott aa Mn Cro.i.y, Ml'' Kate Horn, a* VWglala 'Mdrlebj Mr Harrett, aa Majbrtry; aad Mr. Perry aaflmlley Tboee whodel'rht In teelag a |ood > me\g ably aatelaed, bad halter rltlt the Broadway thl* ".realaf Niato'a Oaaota ? Th? heaotifttl operatic play of flay Manaerlat" will ba produced tb'? eraaln*. Miaa ? fancy Wallach aa Man M? rrilwa. Chippendale aa Pomlnle Haaipaon Mary Taylor aa Ml?? Menaertac, and Mra Vernon ae Mr* McCandli'h The ratert?'? meat* will rloee with the local aktteh ceil "J The ataraa of Tt." ' Bvbto*'? Tmcatb* ? The rarer Urine ei^alleat comady of, the Fam ly" and Oi.lMtt'a laughable fare* of 'X T 7.," are the pleeaa ae|~cted aa tbe entertainment. Rn to" and nearly all hla flae company of conacdlana will ip ?>r a ? ?th pleae*. Miaa Hlfart will alan a fcrorlte ballad aad the orcheetra wUl execute aareral orartarre National. Tnaarai.- Thfea *t?elleat Haaa com prlae the eat. italnweata at thto eatablle' meat the | flrat la th? farce (.f -(Join* to t'?\Ra?> the saeond, . the ' W?pt of WlaVton Wlaf," and the |?<| tha rran'II wpy." T?>? bill n? <1 ui* win an-a*i a larga atMlraea Mr. HlMia* "l-l daaaa a Pm 1* MmvIoI. ' 0 OmiiTt> Ofut 1f..w?a ? A fln? programiMof antMtalrniant I* nnriiitr?t for tbla #?r?tiln?'? *ta>iaaaiaat-aaab m (UM( toll to #* Maabanli) 11*11 Olimih - Pirrer'i annonnra nnrtl Mofi, ('? and rbnrnaaa tagalbar with thrir l??|k?bl< akatrh of tkf bla -k Hbak*r>. Cni*r?? Mt-at Tfcla b*lii th* laat ???k but ona of tha mbihltl n of tha ( hinr>? baauly thiae who bara rot y?t wri bar ?hooH by ill ma* at <to mi Anitii ta Mi at'm - Till* aatebltabnant wblah Iim Rudrrcw* altaratloaa np?aa to-day. T'ia amua?mmta mn,'?t of tta alagant and laprwlft drama of Tha I)r nkanl ' C?ntB Oaanan Tba Pgnnif f>Ui wklah ara hl|k>t mlnglwi arr ann< onr?d for ihU a??k Ta haar Uadar't band ajrn* I* worth tba print of admit loa. ^ _ Ipatth | In toll !???? . CanTBaTiin Cav*(*. L I.- Ta irrtaa ? 4 trotting matab. aad a eoatrrt for a piraa, mm* otf ttila afWaooa Tba match la far tdOO, alia baala, boat la flra, to ga aa tb?y ploaaa, botwaaa br. ila aad b (. Hof. For tba para*, ir* oa** %ra artionaaad to atart. tba raaa b?l*g ml la baala b-at to Ara. Vt 2M Ik. w*fOB? Tba !? raaaa will tall a ay tba whoU af 14a ?*ar?ooa. aa<f go?4 to a*tl?lpat?4 1 [ERA] IntvrectlMg from* Central America. 11 Ol/K NICARASt'AN O )HRK.SPONl>KNt 'K. Lion Da Nictiiaifi, Msy 3, ltj| n? Ojteratume of Hr Ck?{A*lt?Tk* Newtpaper Pr??i? Tht TVtrtD tciik tke L'mlrd Stmt**?Jiffwirt of Ike Central Jlmtncan Slmiet, fe , # ?. 1 I uud you herewith ? eerie* of papers, which eonUIn M aie Better* of Internet. No. 2ft of the " Corr? del Itf so" hu an account of the operation* of Mr. Chatfleld at Ban Juno, of whieh you here no doubt heard om<-thlng. with the oommunication of the Secretary of Foreign Relation* to the Leglnlatlvo Chamber*, oa the subjrot. The e^tabllchninnt of a tariff on export* at Stn Juan by the Knglish authorltle*, 1* in violation of the armlrtlce of March 7, IMS, under whieh the lnglish now occupy tbe poit. This weigh* heavily upoa our oommeroe. a* three-fourth* of the trade through that pert If In American hand*. The Qaaela del Soliod?r of April 5, contain* the cerrerpondrnoe of the British admiral Womley with fan Salvador aud Nicaragua, which will pay for the translation. It will be neen that the pre** of Central America U prohibited from pultlithiDg anything which may cot fuit tho taste* of England. The Britlnh admiral has loft, after threatening San Salvador with all soita of vengeance ; supposed to hav* gone to the Sandwich Islands. The state of Nicaragua has rati fled tbe article* of confederation of the States, and It now only remain* for Honduras to act in the matter, which she will do at aa early day. The ut.Ion may, therefore, be regarded u a 1 fixed fact." The Krgliih are aiding the old Servile*, ( tod moving heaven and earth to prevent It; but their fi Kffurt* will fail It In distinctly charged. and it I* *?ld '' that the jiovernment* of th? allied State* hare full * proof ot the fact that the late attempted resolution la Mondur** we* of KHglish origin I *end you a translated rilraal from the proclamation of Gen llarrias " an tbe sub.eot which you will use a* you think proper. ^ Great impatience exixt* among the people, in con?e- *' jurnfo of hearing nothing of the antlon af the g >vern T meiit of the United State* ou tbu treaty with this ' State ' The following i* the eitract of the proclamation " if General Ilarrio*. commander of the force* of San *"* Salvador, co-operating w>th the government of Hon- ' Jura* It present* undeniablu fact*, and it* conelu- * ion* are rustained by numbarle** other circum- ** lance*:? : "It I* row tine, people of Ilnndura*, to draw the " reil. and I ?h*ll do it with a free hand for while I lore ?' Biy country with *11 my *oul. and equally detest thota '' eliou-uip our ti-r- torie* and inxult the di<aity of * our (tOYtutn i'i f doubly abhor tho*e Tile ion* of * the coui'try who nr.- hastening with undt*turb?d * h< art?, to nilu and slavery. At the *ame time that J (} n Guardlcla raise* the cry of rebellion against the President, who would not acini in hi* de*lgn*. app-ar* D ?n lynoiulniouv an unauthoriied treaty, celebrated 'uy Mr K Jaurcqni. with Mr I'hatfleld. agent of the llritlsh gov?rrn.ent, by whi<*h a portion of your ' oil I* surrendered to the occupation of lli-itish force* and Hondtira* I* obliged to declare itself a dis- ~ llnrt gov* ri meltt, thu? br^i. klnir the pact of nationil'ty and federation signed on the Sth of Mot l*?t l?y he commissioner* of ilnndura*. San Salvador, and Sicar*gna. At thl* *ame tint" appear* a llriish Admiral In a Tesael of war and demand* of rtJ hi* povi romrnt the ratidcation ot thl* bate treaty v< [wbirb no one whose eye* are not annotated a ith Hriti'h geld. can ice without Indignation), > 1111 y i > g with dlfcourteoo* and threatening Irt- '* ere, the govirnment* of Nicaragua and Ban Salvador. r* *ith the evident obj< ct of preventing those Sl*f * * " rom giving the aid which they h*d decreed to thl* M [i ti renrnt again*t the faction which would overthrow it. Ilp<'? hi* part Gen. Guardiola attempt* to iow dieeenslou* In Nlcaragaa. and advances arm* to I .or in oiivrF 01 pi juth j hi* riuuiintiinn 01 cir- j MmitmrM la tbe rcKalt of plain arrangi-d in Coat* ! '1 lira, to dlfronrert ?be ?lll?d th*y artall linked ffeilx r. ami if thry do n?t fail of It will not h- brr*o?n of any fault oT Man Halrador Th? thru* J* illlrd ro?prnm?nt? h?TK In Ihflr potir igronteitilil? locument* that th? revolution att*npt*d by Q*n. Kr luirdlnlt *m concocted Id Coeta Rica, and b* lb* iwtlci to which I bift idffrtrd " u' "I Important from the Hay Men Empire. cm;e fort ah prince corrihpo?ide*cii. Post ?u Painca. May 'i* HM M IV Rtlmtimt if Ike Vmltd Htntrt wilK lltyti- Tke Kjfii jj| if an .IrtieU M Ike New Yrrh lleiali on IKe Kmperar ? |(l The of Mr. Qirm?tntnfuei ?/ fnwli? ? 0-1*, - , f.. I1' I writ* Tom a few lln?*?. In order to >1ve ?ou tb? u lateat intelligence from tin* laland. Mr B (ireene j f? ?ho tiiml to thl* Mend by the Antrlrto govern- ,r returned bni&r Id the !'alt>?d .-*lat** ateamihip | J* Him, to the United State*. II* bu b*"n h?ro nearly I jenr, b*t waa moat of th* time among the Domini- ! '' ' nil, on the KpenUh portion of th* l<lti< Ilia aJr-ot ' J( t Port an Prince >u mark*! by on* or two aire urn I t: tancea which cauaed con ilderable e**lt*mcnt here, w II rom the Kmperor to th* lowest black official; Tha ana day that Mr Ore*a arrived tha United fltataa ia tramrbip VIten, and the United State* aloop* if war Uermantown and Albany, eame into port J,' Ibout tha aaraa time, n eopy of tha tin*14 wa* eeelved. r?nttinln( an nrtiala whieh etated that ^ hare ware ten thousand men ready In New York o embark for, and eonquer thlt laiand The article L< raa tran?lated and rtad at the palace, In pmenr* ?.f '? Fenatln 1. and ell hi* aourt, who war* very much o| ilarmed, and readily granted tli* r*<jue*t of Mr Oreen, M bat our cnnmlf *hould be received and acknowledged ** n all th* llaytien porta Mr (Ireen bad an Interview In referane* to the AmeIcen claim*, kit had no powera to eettl* them, and " he Emperor talked abont a eommiealon, Thl* la all " inneenea I will glee yon a short blatory of tkeee ilalm*. They amount to I million and n half, and beong to American merchant* aod amp owner* They k iroae from the mo*t aerlou* tyranny I will give yon ? ne Inalance The capt*ln of an Aiueriean veearl lying n thl* port. *ent a?hore ar d bought * few etiekaef lag- ^ rood to make a lira to eMk with elng out of Bre f, rood. The vea?el wna immediately Maed for having rc ogweod an board, contrary to law. ai I both cargo and 'eeeel were confiscated by the Imperii' government ? til innwr naiaa* ar* oi miiif n jur? lirfa in* pi iDgliah aid Proath bU k't<; elatm* ifiiiit thl* go. "J ' ronfll, Ikff took itr)n( ?! tin ' irotaptlj paid bj hi* Tb* .aly a>ur?a lb* tl tBrrlriD Ma l>k* that ?i I bo of ta j iu* *1 ?, to a*t?d a m*a "f war h*ra to d?ai* d tb* m >n*j' * iid It will b* pa 14 Tb*r* la go a** of talking. Tha d< hnprror alll talk about It for (it y?ar? r?lb-r thaa pay tl itfollar of th**a claim* anl*aa forced t* it II* want* 0| >'i lit* ("Id to k?*p up tha cplrodor of tha Imperial *# abllakBMit Tb*ra ha* ?.?* a'*?*r?t a(*at of th* Hrtl*ti fo**rnn< nt h?ra fbr *oa* tlai* Ha la a Ovraian. a frl*ad >f tl 'rlaca Albort and ?aa road* a knight by hla Thl? ? Ur Robart ha* ha*a bu*ily *nca?r*d la br .jm about ^ i union b*t*?aa tha Boalaltaai aad tha li ?yti >a> *o ( kal tin r? ih< aid bo bat oao g >?*ri>m*nt ot> th* ItUad < |o Bad* a arof^xitlna to ftaataaa akoli ih* l?-aatkat aad military rkl?f >>f tha ?h i?* or |i m'alraua. i" hat ha aad hi* rvpublia thcuM a?kao*t?di* V ?a*iioa lit a* syrrw of ail lha Ulaod and that tb- la tor 111 r ui'l nri'ini U n( *arri.a Wt'h tha Itl* of lilitrj rkM ( All Iks Irliii Th* ll.ailal ' II ?a? through tha trirh >|4 II ? III irirq Tka n.-n la po?*r ha?-k?d h? tha aSo'tt <nlaU la li Ingland bat* wtl tkli fir Robart out h*r? to -mrrj nit a d*?p laid Tk?y vlik t" *? a n?<ru -inlira mi?r all ibla baautlfal lalaad Hmii|i?. t'i?y l?nt i Ik alaraa at Ui? prograa* whkh lh? (Julio* rftata. ara caking aad XUrj *? that tka day la arx far <1i*tanl ?h?B jour gfat rapol.lm will ah">ib a> lh-a.- laUnla rb.J *lab tn l*r a t rain that ?IU *?almy all ?n-h i>r ? ??! ban-n tha i lialna <if nir R?b?rt. ami It la da.| rablf ta tk? Hi lll'k gaarrata'al 'hat ik?r?<ria. about4 >btaln lha iM?a??|on aaatrnl and t'>??ro"i a: ><a??r| l*l*ad In Ik' Waal India* Tbla. Ik?r tru 4 will ratar3 foar f-o?th aad ibaaa aa?rn jn??n?i?iii< k>?ia a n f fra* ng all aol - ?! panpia la j ur 9mbara Mal*a Tb? arrival of lha f/naM ?|tb an art rta abnat tha 10 U?C m'Ti had a vary happy affxol apoa Iba n*g -tla llr t.i nf Mr Urwa Tba llaatim goaarnmmt baa Ian afaala In tha Inl'.d ?'a ra, akc para ha* and ?hlp k*ra all tba military aad r.aial ?" i ~ hi* r r?q? ra a. Tha ag?it n f< nril'y I) I V K?-al. ra and Inli-a'nnMr ' lark Tba at; at< i I* a? rumulallag a larg- mpply A* > >a I* k* I' r*aoy ba a II gn to ? >rt aad ?*trrm lata IHa hit.* r,f |> n intra In thla ha la anppor'?d hf lha idrlM ?l tfcal-r.ti h aaJ Inark Ma'ult lla la ?*-? Kklt'iiia Ihl- fxiat an II. la ant ba atl?H>d altb balitg rmpar. r nf all th? l-Und r.f at l> naingn hla ?! i n. f." ??ay a n ah m ra aii.?1-l II- nm grata aad apl*? at wnrk aaiiti tba *la*?* of la'i* and aaroa aa h- k*< put do?..ib* Ilnailalaan* h.? |l jra. |i para ta ataka a da?a. at on 'ha' l-land aad If th- b a ka rl.a and aa .at ba artl. h%?.- an r tiaia of it and har. ?* ?n ^?ror af I uka a*>.r ahl?-k ka *111 f|?,t It tn aa?* ma'tar ta nntta aalin tha hlaaka nf tha athar laland aad rnn?j?ar tb> nt Ir. m kaa akliaa Why atll not iba Ararln^n gnrrnmant a*nd a rkanr ta It. intra aad a*. ?nw r-mfii1... thai r?piH ll? and aaafca a trraty ?,'h It Tka P clalMaa ara ??l"ti? aad r?ad? ta ra. ?1?a ?Hit* amigi >t l? f? 'm tba t'altad Ptatia andglaa'haaa iand ,?li>ah ara ibar'aitaat tnlh* ar.i t It jr g, ?, r..ii,?.,t ' ? l>"tala<"k aa th. y nngkt la jaatlra tn 4n >k* tnald a?nn Ha la a Blh-i t? p?? d *? raa-tlaa lit If Tnalaiaa la ta k*r>*tf aad kar rvannraaa. krr ab ta altltan* wMI ka ma*aa#r*d k* tka flay'iaa fffdS kafbra J<ll w? ra?4. \ LD. 1 TWO CENTS. TRIAL OF BRISTOL BILL. MCOND DAT. 0?r T rmout Cotmp?<> ??., Vt , Jiid? IS 18K) ri lAL Ot BK1MTOL IIU., ALIAS WM H. WAklil/K TOff, AMU CHXIVTIAII IHAOOWS, mt couNTKRrBrri*0. Cio?? examination of McLain Mtribtll Th? ten dollar pl*te w?j dm *aao by ma; did trot mm lha Impn-aiiioa Biada upon ihe plate*, Meadow* a?ked me If thel?pr?(?iou* wire uut Well dour, auppoaad. from bU oon?ar?atic.n, he the |aipr*Ni1<)i a, Oral had a eonverlation iii becawber, with Low, tu reference to th? counterfeit bualaei>*; wbon T flrat asw the presa did not know what ii ?u><t<-?lge?d fbr; n*?Yer had ? om L>efor?, bood found nut ita u*e?j helped l*aul aim th* [>r*M from Low a rb^d to I'au'.'.Tabop, tbiuk thia wu he flrat of January, tho lauer ? apoke of yerterday. I lid not read but brard Low read eoma of it, tba tiglalurv wm M; don't kuow wUo wrote it; bad not. ak bat tlma, beard i be name Mcaduw<> ran not t?M t'iw oi.tecta of tba letter, other than the w*ll?r prop?a?<l 0 do Low'* bu'lnea*; never abould ha?e known whak 1 ad of buaini-aa ba ini'ant had not Low Laid me, dul lot airit. yeaterdaT. that two per*ona propOnad to d? .ow'a bunineaa; my huafnoia la keeping tafern. aorneiniei (arming work at blarkamithlog. and ocikinml. y land a haw mill; uaed to Ilea at Lowell. Mama; ll?ej n wvri! different ctreeta; kapt houxe wbila Wit, re; ia* In the employ of mm LMugctoa mo?t of tb* Saw; lent a Tletualliutf eatabllfhnirnt nart nf tha lima L??? of h?*d in Mulne. in a taw null, and been over ?h* rorld a little generally; Low told iu? the prvaana. di?a, nil platea belonged to biin alone, want to fio'ton li? nmpaiiy with Low. to aril pelta; hail no son vernation iib an; one there lu reference to tbi? b'ttiiinaa; d >o't now aa Low talked the matter up wbile there. aaw liadowa and Kill, for the tlr-t time, at mv hotira la Iroton, tht y wi-ra then inquiring after Low; don't now aa Low ever aaw M>-adiwa or Warburton, till hey ramr toGroton, " Knglmh Jim' mg eanf up c m H pIIii Hirer and wan aaaoclatra with the remanent* [Thin Jim eacaped ibe vigilance of thi offl ;er< t the time; Bill and otben were arretted at tlrotoa.] u their arrangrmenta. 1 hail no part aatigaed me; new better then to go into ao big a limine-*. fe trrd e ehould ba ?aki|ilit. ham let Lnn and Rill hara loney from tune to lime; 1 waa nut ioteri-ated in >ha ounti rl* it buaineaa; retoa<d to go in'a It; their npolla ere to be divided between Low. Me tdowa, Warhurloa, m and Mr Farrar. of tinat<<n, iie?. r hau aeen Karrar [ that time, but have aeeu him alnoe; mat aaw him at 'oton. an counsel for reapondenta, Hriatol Hill u?ed to >k me bow Meadnwt got along with the plate*; tola uninea* wax a common talk between in, tu at I'aul'a op but once while the prmn waa there; never m* til or Mcadowa go Into Paul'* -li"p. Kill u<od to eoma my liou?a in the mgbt to talk about the plataa and .air buMneao; Warbuitcn bod my boras aeine p irtloa the wlntar, never had aeen any itnpre??lona nude hj :e?e platea, Kill wan at my hoiiae i?o or three tune* week. Warburton never told m? be tmw ai|ioni( out counterfeiting; I waa a-ked by yiiu (Karrar) If T i rw anj tiling itgwluat Warburton. and you told ta? if did. t keep It to myaelf, if 1 lied about tbla bun.ui na . any oiia, 1 waa not uuder oath theo, am now. and urt lull ihe truth Jonaa Welch called?(Mr Karrar here moved to exiido the witueaa mi the ground that h>i had Helmed i the t? alimony ot other wi'iieaaei lu violation of tha der of court, but wm ovirruled ) Hoarded at Mrc arabali'a laat winter and atteuded acbool; waa thera hi u Walburton ami Hudnwa came there; IhlnC j wire together with Maraball the night they oaiae. Cio.a-t xaunnation--(iia?e a general de.eriplion at' errhall'a houae) think Law c?iue kioma on Friday; irtaina are ui-ually down in tlia room la whleh they ere together; dual know aa they were down that day. I?r Simon K lieaib navmed ? ReaiJea at tlr.itoa Mag', have neen raepnadenta and ona other oaa ere; pruonera came there together, tha other oaa me alterwarda Law and Marahull were alone tatber at one time at Marnhall'e hnuaa, doa't k'iow it waa Kunday, Warburton went to Waat lirviua oa after lie came to town Crear-aiamlned--llava aaen Warburton and liarall frequently together, eoineltiuee they aeem~l ta tlx prlilU convrraation. Il I* Dot unutual t? ? lb* irtaiun down, nil*In ha?a nana lliil in lirotou bof>ra aadowa camo; won't bo |iiMlliit AM< ti lioalb aiaminrd Lira ia Orotuo, bar* ??? apondrnta at (Iruton, ttrat it* tb-m thr rtr?tof Jan. t; ha?a ?wo rrapond<-at . Low Mil Marshall totb*r; i*aw ibrm in Mar?ball'a titling r?oat on a 4uai); turUlot ilotu, doiit know tbair batiutM; i d In Dill ??? oHn at Marnball'a duria* tfca laiar; htt? ?<-? llill ia onoptay vilk a itrtufir. Im') Warburloa uaad la (>i pruviaiona of Marall Croaa-aiamlnatloa ? Uara oaoaaloaally apok*n with nil"? tad Vi aihurtoa, n< t %? ,>i?>ui -t ? ili k It la uau<ual to ha?? to* euruiai uf ik? itlng down la tti? day Uair, Low li*?d aoaia IftM* 4* li a Mar?h?U'a Marvin Whltrh>r ?iamlari Had In la Oiot?l; ?? a tba pilMiaara a a?at*raf tiaM, flr-t aaw iikorioa aoilki to Waal ilratun oa to a Iwa ol r Ihi? i {? .? im aituallua uf in* in and building* ) Waibwrtnn waa al Marahall'a rijuiDily during tba viator; oaeo pa?nl BUI * iioaaa: tw a alraagar tfcwr*. whoa 1 afiarwari* h-ar l . >iU4 Ufa (iiorn >?W Bill looking uul of tba win taw Craaa aiawtaailaa-A puMiu r>tJ ia%l? by VTar rton'' bouar; It ia io?> lul) ruda from kia kmua ta (ii" i.aar*?t neighbor , hou?a ataada aaar th? jo aeon of two winli-r road*; bouaa a?t aipmwl to pablia law, I paaaod liu bauao la tba lanralug, tko r.url?<?* aro down. Bill waa la tba bouar. and 1 aaw kla trough th? window l.jaian rbil brick aitalaaj LItm la Oroton, ftra* iW lirUtol Bill wban ha waa arretted alllrulw, .aw aadnwf at Low a b >uao. Low told ao ha waa a atraar aud ha didn't know bla bualnoaa oaoa oamad adowa to Walla Ri?>r, al Low ro^aoat < ro>? i I imln-d Waa in Low'a auaaloy aa a ataga iTtr. and Low told ma to call at Marahall'a h.iu.a id grl Mrauowa. told ma But to take aa; fara ol kia i hr (Low) would aotilo It, wbrn I saw tf?ad>wa at owa no waa iryiug to duj annia pomom, >uj lo* Id him mai J J IVck daw Low lk< I wlnUr go oat ' rhurrli In ih? all moon; wat<h?<j him, ha wnatM ia?i<iw? bou?a d la with at rapp ag. bar* ki Warburtc.n m company with l ow lo privaia anamallw, <aw WirbatMia oara tu ooaipaaj' with a rangar wb'in I had n???r ao*n *?fnr? C'r< a*-< turn ii.a?i llava ??*t? Low ani Warburtoa l? B | ?n; Uul two i,r tbr*? Minor Srat - aw *-? l ?< la rotna tka laat of Hintnbw or Aral of liaaambar, IJara tka govern air at iltoraa; Mttml th? aaaa. tk?rimimt r<>g thk ikfik i Col JltobKralrtinlcH' Wa< pr-aaat whan War? urt?.n wax arnatrd, at* two trunk* at hla bna birh wrre writ parkr<l apparaotly fur l*avia? !' ??( arrb?d Nr*4nm' hnnaa, aai ba*a loaad ii4kla| No rroa?>?iaa>iaaUoa llaarj t link aaaailnad? Waa praaaat ?k<? War. artoa waa arrratad; fund two trunk* wall pa*ika4? iaai>iK<l thaai, and found tlx-in to eoataia liia wari>ba ot ? arburton and wifa >o rro*i-'taalaatlna W W Vll>a* iatnte?d Waa praaaat wbaa Wwart'a waa arraaud, aaw tba troak* th?j w-rw w k?d; Wart.o- < a *ald ba Intaad-d to ka off la a day two. aald If wa bad b-?a a da/ or tao latar tra boulda t f< und bin la OMH It ?? bar* 'no irnl by tha rwpon4*it^ ">annt > 1 Ih?y had put la nil tb#lr t-a'iiaony >har<>ip*a tr <?> ? I nn ?*<h ?lda )>mmxl ap. anil Iba il*?rl kaig< 4 tb? Jary lb-- fftaU'a Attorn*? haa jn?t antiflad tha raapna?*iin*al that ha OUaita ta try tbalr ?iu?u la w jwtalag aa an?tb> r' Mill paadlac P. It la boar iiln' n't-loob and i h? jury baaa baaw it aaar tbraa baart. and ao fiMlnl, THIRD DAT. f>???iLta Jan? 14 1HM Tb? Jmry hata Jn?t rem- lain o <urt an 4 tbra i|k I?lf finaiB h ml'M a v?rdtet ol guilty ><vkI <b MiUtut Hill an I V>xtn*i It la aal< (bat II* ir? altar lt*ia? nat a lonf tiaia MonJ at a In ?( till *?l min?t?a pixlmii to IHalr t'u'ni la ui.??ll-rtb? prl*oit'r? ?a?* aotlsa of a a^ln It r*? ?t of ju4(*m>'nt baarjaad at a'antra If la tha *? ()*? th? trial or BtU. for bar i rplarlmi* tooia In b'a pton I* pr >*"-a?lnf. hla k< ?ar*r, I* only a ai'a|rm?aa?r und-r lb* c -miua lav Nana* Affalra. TWrlbiit'M'raMa activity man I fa* tad at priaaal l lb? ttrlnai al.ipyard* In aad around lfa? York At Mnwti UarriM ft lawtaa'i la t iltaaaklp aa?> rurtiag for tha Norwich aad Haw l.ond >n It?aaha4 J r?> n ? < "r 'W tl iwp, id IM ton* barlbi-n W* und*i*tauj ab? la liU?4<4 r tli* Paclte At Mr Jaeob Hall'* yard. k flna aftlp for tb* CmIm kit* U roarlrartlag far full ft ina nt 1'bll vt?la-ila r bartb*n I* 1?*. torn .h* I* In KM ? 4wl M id* >nit 91 f*at butd Kb* will ba IiimIidJ ahtqi Ik* idill* of nrit kfi?lk. tail U to k<r >i?til it l>f If) l,ock?ood At tb? ? ;?rd ih* b*al to laid for a **ry unpmiitr ily lt?<; ti l * 1>I f??t lon? U wiito *n<1 J? <! ???. I't* ln?*t>d?d for 4- Mr* S|.'>n'>rd ft Tilaatoa'* ! * ? Itrrarinl p*-k>U At Mr * || W?l.Vi irt t*? ffU <>? tun'? f Ofi* I* Ir.mrt to t*k? tb* plae* of th?4 < rth?i a?r r*||. ,1 ih* Union and to b* ??m?aad?4 f tbr lat* maat*r of tb* North*ra*r I'apt Bad I nt* . 21 i f**t long M b*am .nd M ???p ?th'r ' + lip f?>t M*?*t*. T1i?mp?>a. .1?*h?a ft Oa . an l lo > n.n.*nit*d by Cap* II..H* >a<* of th* Oriaiahaa'. ?-f dmrniliiti ar* length. IW hwt , k??ut, ft { >pth Ti\ At tba yard ?f M?*?r? tr-*?rr? ft Mark*? Ito*ra r? t?o park-1 ?b>p? a*d tbrra *t-*ui*r. aal'r ? ?y, ? d .hor'lr t* br ?o?pl*t*d 0? of tb* l%tt?r l? f.trn b* llarr* tr*d? ?f bout JTOOtvaa, l?ngtb ?i fol j, **l? W, dvp'b IT. k..n fiotxlbn* ft f!a ar* ba?lt?g paalM *b> nilt by ??* ** "aittb ft Dlaioa wbl?H aft| k? umrh. d In a f?a day* 8k* ft UJ i**t I >ng *J k*M% MtllM M'Mti lia?l?. Ilraaka ft On ar* a?d?r *?atrar,\ k* uild a itxw Mp for tb* California tra<?* tba all IK? ton* burtbra, X'4 b?t loaf, .*W ?Ma Ml M * P M***ra Boyd ft Ninth** ar? baring a *hl^ ball', at b* ** >? yard fnr tb-lr llarr* Ima Bk* U I1M t?a^ )l tart l>?i S7H *14* and 1A4 ftr* Alan at tb* Mat* yard a paakM *kl'/ Nr tb* I4*rr* ia* to b? rvar,aa<t*d by t.'apt r> ???? Ma to 1|<4 urn- 101 Mt l?na M b*m aad U 4?*p. ao4 If k?ii^ g fat Kwn l> Hwibat ft Oa.

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