Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 19, 1850, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 19, 1850 Page 1
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f %* fear* *' T II NO. 5854. TTTMITE^ST ATES^MAILS rOR EHROpit-POST OFBoe, Naw Turk, Juut 18, lnflO. Th? i?nulu Mail f.r United State* Mail atokuier HERMANN, will he male up at tliil Oili, op Thuraday, iba 2uih inataat, cIobihx at t r. M. WM. V. BKADT, Pmtmaitar, DOK LIVERPOOL.?UNITED HTATEs HAIL 8TEAMX lUf PACIFIC, Capt. K?-a N jv ? I'hu leaimahia ?ill depart with tha mall* fur Europe, po?ilWely Satur4l|, jilr 6th, at IS o'alaek M., from her berth at the foot of Canal atroat. No berth aecured till paid for.? All latttrl and papers inuat paaa through tht Poet Offloe. The itMniei AtUatM will luooHd lb* Fftciflo, ud sail Buir nth. /kCHN 8TKAM NAVIGATION COMPANY?FOR Vf Bremen.vla Southampton? I h? U. S. Mail ateamthip HERMANN, E. Crabtroe, oouimauder, m ill tail for Bremen, Til Southampton, on Thunday, Jnne 20, from Piar No. X 3 o-oloek, P. M. Prica of paasage la tha tint cabia $121) Bo do la the Mcond bahin tiO Aa experienced Surgeon attaohad to tha ?hip. All letter* mult no throngh the Poet Office. Swfi? delivered la Uavra t reduced ratea. Forpaaaage or freight, apply to MOI.l.EK * SAND. Agen'o. 80 Broadway. UNITED STATES MAIL STEAMERS BETWEEN NEW Tork and Liverpool.?The ahipa ooiapotiag thia liaa art '.ATLANTIC, Captain Waal. ARCT1C, Captain Luee. PACIFIC, Captain Nye. BALTIC, Captain Comatook. ADRIATIC, Captain Cirafton. Theee ihipa having bee a built by contract eipreaely for government vervice, every eare haa bean taken in their aonatruotioa, aa alao in their engine*. to enaure atrength aad cpeed. and thair aoeommodatinna for paaeengera are unoqualled for eleganoe or oomfert. Price ?f pataage from New York to Liverpool. $':?>; eiciuaira uae of extra me tale room*. EJUS. An experienced aurgoa will be attaohad te ?aeb imp. No berth* eet-nrvd until paid for. Far freight <jr BIIIMI, Apply to w?m ?, , ?DWD E. COLLINS, M Wall ?traet; or, to BROWN, SHIPLEY Ik CO., Liverpool. The Pacific will leave Liverpool June 19, i860. " Atlantlo " " Liverpool July 10, " i'acifte * Now fork July t, " | " - - m Liverpool July 51, " " Atlantlo " " New V rk July 27, " , Tha ownera of liiaaa ahipa will not be accountable for geld, ilver. ballioa. tpecie, Jewelry, preeiou* atonea or matala, nleaa billqoi lading are atgnea therefor. and the value thereof, therein eipreaaaa. i XIOR LIVERPOOL?TO SAIL PUNCTUALLY?FIRST Jl of Julf.?The well known, fa?t aailicg, c-ipperod and *opper faatened ikip LETI11A IIEVN. I'apt. MoWnt. having the greater part of heroargo engaged, and r"iai on board, will aail aa abevc. For halaace of freight, or paaaage, having splendid aecommcdat'one. apply to joskpii McMCRRAY. *0 South atre^, For Kingston, Jamaica, direct.-the splendid etwaio.l.ip CRESCENT CITY, 1S00 ton. burthen. 4!harlea Stoddard, Commander. will leave forChigrea, toxehing at Pert Royal to land paaeeniera and uiaila, on Monday, July lgt. at three o'clock, from her dock, pier Nn. 2. N. R. for pauage apply to J. HOWARD k SON, 34 Broadway. Empire city line-for san francisoo yia Ch&gre* direct?The aplendid ateamahip CRESCENT CITY, 1,900 tana bnrthaa, Charlea Stodard, Commander, will leave for Chagrea direct, on Monday, July lat, at S o'clock, from her deok, Pier No. 2 N. R. For freight or paeaag, apply to J. HOWARD k BON. S? Brradway. rpuroi gh line for san francisco, via cha JL Riei direct?The i-plendtd ?teawi>l ip I'UKKUKKK. iienry H'indlr, C mmander. will leave her dock, Pier Ne. 4 North jlillr, I< r t f'?gr*"ii direct on M> nday. July gib, at 3 o'clock. 1'MKDittii are particularly requaated u> have thair baggafo on board, the Saturday previoua. IIOWI.AND A SI'IN WALL, Noa. M an i fc> South (treat. FOR CALIFORNIA.-THROL'OIl TICKETS FOR SAW Fram ". via Taaama. tu leave New York July lat, ?j the Steamahip Creactiit City, far < ami itearaabip <Xcneral Warren, from Panama to San Francieco, may be tiad on applicatioa to DOLE Ik CO.. 03 Front atraat. CALIFORNIA TUROtGn TICKETS DIRECT.-THREE steerage ai d one nr.t-clasa, iu Uowlaal It Aapiawall'a line by the next ateauer, ftraale. F. WHITE, S.'. Wall atraat. CALIFORNIA THROUGH TICttT. DIRECT.?OXI frit elaaa, in Tlowland k Aapiawall'a lina, for June JB, for aale. Apply at lui Maiden Una. FOR SALE?A TWENTY TON SCHOONER, RU1I.TFOR a Fi lling Smack, in good ordar. AI?o. Cannon m vanam# alana fioiu tweuty-t?e ponnda down toS<rivel,oonata?t'Jyeaband. ISAAC UALL, IV Front it. i CLIPPER nCILT YACUT FOR CHARTEK.-A CLIPPER beilt Yacht, of Iti6 tvna turthcn, will b? chartered to a 1 party ef gentlemen, fur all noatba. Sha ia entirely new, and Sttad np in paaket ship atyla, coppered, and 0 >pp?r . faatened ; la a tine aailtr. and one of the in >at perfcct veaaela I juUiUprt Enquire of JOHN W. AVERY, I No XM Water ureal. Th?ktrtc?l and Nntlcal, Bow itv Thuitii.?Mia* WenjM an actraw of eon tderable dramatic celebrity, take* her bnnetlt at th? .Bowery theatre thi? evening The pieces (elected, are the coned; of "Money," "Nix. the Cabman,'' and *'CIMl,4h? Maid of Milan " lb th. iirat piece Mr. J. I Wallaokjnppearr at Kvuljn; Oilbert aa Mir J. Veaey, . cd Lefter at Sir Frederick Blount; Lady Franklin, I Mrt ONbert;*nd that of Oeorglana. by Mlaa Wemya* The charactrra in the other plrcna will be filled by the ogcellcnt company ot cnmetUana attached to thla theatre Thli ia an attractive bill aad considering that RIm Wanni ia a great U preauined the theatre will be crowded. BaoanwaT Tnr?T*a-Tha new coinedy of "K?tremea," which haa been preaeuted with auoh an ?*?rl)<-nt caat. i? drawlcg well The appearance of Mra. .Abbott baa added eonniderably to tha talented atoek company hh? la a great farorite. u W alao Miaa Olivia. who peraonatea tha character ol Virginia oidxlrh. In a purely romantic and olertr mtnm'r lUrfftt'i Maybvrry la ft capltfti place of acting. and ellcita Trpratrd chcera In *hort. unlrr tha pra*<nt ftbla atnf management of Mr George JturMt, thl< beautl-ful theatre la rapidly *dn?nrlnn in public estimation. Mr. Maohftll la indefatigable in hli eiertlona to plena* lill patron*, by producing tba beat dramaa ftud engaging tha flrat ?tamp of dramatic talent NiaLo'* GaaDt*.? We know of no plana of arauaaxnent which pneaeaaea an many attractive feature* ?a thla ooot. comfortabla. apaeleua and beautiful theatre Tha great pleasure ol tha promanada muxlrala. tha 4'scallcnt r< fn ahnients, and many other erdoyment*, render thla location a favorite renort. To night, llrougbam'a escellen'. coaiedj of llomance and Iteall-t*,"?Chippendale aa Aaper Manly, Lynn? a* Oliver Manly; Brougham oa Jack Bwift. and Waloott a* JPrank Mervdith; Ml?* Mary Taylor. Mra Ternon. and Mr*. Brougham In the othar hararter* llara li Una roDpuy of comedian*, auch aa muat attraat large and IhahlonaMe audu nraa Be a Ton'a Tutiiai -Tha new comedy of "I'pvlde J'own. or Philoaopby Id I'ettleoata," will be produced thla evening. for the second Uni< Burton a Inlmitahla weraonation of IHrhard Lovall. of lha Seventh arena*. L In keeping with thn Incomparable lafthlUty of thla ertr?ordlnary gaolna. wh<>? peculiar atyla of acting and geatlculatl n always ellei'a the muat aathuil lle plaudit* Ilia management la good bit giving to rach artiat that part which l>Oth natural and acquired abilities entitle bim to. la tha grand feature of m> arvai inrrrM nearly ail 01 ni? cnipuny appear in tbr art pleca. 8e?er*l oftrtum ?tll be n?onl?4 by the oreheatra?XI** Waiter* nil M Frederic will dance a " Fta da TarenteJie " and the entertainment* ?lil clone with thi " tlyetertov* Knrcklng* " N?Tf??ti TNrtrir -Mr Seymour, who peraanataa the lrl*h character* at thl* e*tabli?hm*at. take* bi< benefit t hi* evening. when a bill of uncommon inUrert 'Will be prevented Four beautiful dram*? -'The P polled Child." " I.lfe In Alabama." the 'Lottery Ticket." tad the ' Robber'* Wife." The character* la *wk piece will be ouatalned by an effective and favurita fork cowrpany. Tba manager anxlou* to keep pw* -with the prp^re** of tba theatrical world ha* la aotlva preparation a aew local drama, entitled " Mo* la India " whleh will ahortly be produced, with Mr t'hanfraa a* the hrigbt particular .far Cnairrr'a Oraa* linear ?Thoea who wlah to enjoy a hearty leutfh ihonld vl?lt Mechanic* Hall, where aa atartaiamenl "f the moet lively and inaplrlllng character I* nighU) glren The *ong*. choru***. aoloc on the guitar aM rkdln, are executed with fraat mualcal ability. Ot-vwrtr - IM?rce a*aert* that nobody eaa beat hi* Uad la th? repreaentatli'a of tha Southern negroc* The aavaentaU eon*i?t of tinging ln*trum?nt*l per tormanree repreaeolatlona af the Black Shaker*.' be Aarairt* Mi'iii'N.? Rarnntn'* aew and beaatlfb theatre ia now tba reaorl of hundred* wh>> are ?nr firleed to flad that, for taate and elrgaace. It eaaaot ba anrpaa*> d Tha performance of th* laipraaalre drama of tha ' I'runkard" will be *are to draw large aadleacea, gor month* to aoaaa, at thl* e*tahll?hment Mrauwp.?Mil tha littla Chine*e lady I* drawing tba faahlotiable* to aea her Re*lde? her ttraction. Munati baa a fine aelactlon of rara eurioeltle*. which caa al*o ba *e?n for tha aaiall mm of 2t eeota Ca*TLK 0?ar>aw Tha many at tractive feature* of thl* l< eatloa induce hundred* to vtaft It aeary evening What com fart on a fine cummer a evening. to alt on tha balcony, with a prnapect the aoet plct are.,, ne and enchanting -a beautiful bay anrrounded by tha moat "harmI nit ecenery -while tha mode of l.oder* hand break* apaa the aar In etralna of th* pnreat harmony ! Malice IntelMgewce. A Ml Hmttnrumt MW| ?Mr (Tharle* Stop, ttanl, proprietor of the bath corner af llmadway and Walker utreet.oa opealag hi* Iroa *afe . aitnated behind the counter la hi* bar room, yeatarday morning, Uncovered tha loan of the following property. In bond*: ? Fire (I per cent bond*. State of Kentucky. of $1 ting each with powpona attached No* 4-1. Ml. 344. 1UI and ! ! ; two7 p*r cent band* of the N*w York and Rib Railroad (!*., of $1 000 each, dna In ISM. with coupon* attached. Noa 111 and 8W, one 7 par cent bond of the New Tork and Hrle Railroad Comoanv of *1000 dnota MM. with ennpnm attached No j'.VJ, e?rtlft?aU nf |].M. of Ohio 4 par coat utoi-k or 1M0. la tb- name of Chariot U Stoppaal, oat aartltMtaKH*ni."(C I p?r aaat atoak of 1M7. la tha nia* oI OUHm ?J fttoppanl In all valaad at illJOO Tha aknve naa>< atoak aad hoadt bava bM? ?tln<rt*4 from th? ?mn Mf?, wltkla th? l??t f#w dtfuiwt. and k; whom it l? fit to h? known J*o oa?. to tha knowladgaofNr Mappant. baa My aroaaa to tha aaftt. ?. ?-?pt himfUi and bow. aa4 la what maaa?r tb? thl?f tu ohtala*d tb* property from tha nfc, thick ba Mid lilkal,i4??l Miyaw ta ba tary ayttarloaa A ra, m I of |?W. for tb* ntomj of tha pmparty. It offarad k; Mr itoppaai ft la ballarad. that If tba rog aa baa not already na(otlata4 tha boada aa4 aartlflaataa. ba wlU ?ow oa tha pahllalty of tha robbary. ba d*ta?ta4 aad , tirangbt ta jwU?a, oa nt-wyilnj U da ta E N E' A TELEClAfllC IKTELJJCEXCE. THIRTY - FIRST CON6RBSS. riEST amnion. Ituto. BT MOKae's MAUNBTIC TBLBQRAFH. Wunikutor, June 19,1860 The Dtloltnej BUI from th? Houm, wu considered and parsed A communication wu recelTad from the Secretary of State, anawrring a reaolutlon of the 12th inst. Mr Jones' BUI, for granting land in Ohio for a railroad, ?aa debated, amended, and ardered for angrosameat. After the transaction of the morning buiineas, and < the consideration ol various bills of no general lute rest, tub omnibbs bill was taken up, the question pending being upon Mr, llii ?:' amendment ef yi-ftrrday, relative to the future formation of two new Statoa from the territory of California. Mr. Foots moved to amend the amendment, by inserting a provision that said State shall be admitted with or without slavery ax her people may elect, which, alter some aeoete. wan aacpiwa -33 to i. The question then reverted upon Mr. Hale's amundt as amended. In the course of debate wbieh followed, Mr. Kine signified hia intentlou to move an amendment limiting the boundaries of California Attar debate, the amendment wai withdrawn by unanimous consent, upon an afpealbj Mr Voots. Mr. Davis. of Mississippi, moved to amend the twenty-first section, by adding; a provision repealing all lawa pre-existing In the territories, restricting, abridging, or obstructing rigVts of property of every kind existing under the laws and constitution of the United States. Mr. Halb moved to amend the amendment, by adding a proviso, excepting from the repealing clause, tlie laws abolishing slavery. Mr. Ci.av was agaiuit both the proviso and the amendment. He had supposed that there was an understanding in the Senate that the Ir.i loci was not to ba Interfered with on the question of slavery. Mr. Davis defended, explained, and advocated hia am endment A long debate ensued, upon the propriety of tha amendment, being, in eflaet, a re-hash of the viewa expressed upon a similar amendment offered by Mr. Davis several weeks ago. objecting to the amendment, contending that it invaded tha ground of nan-intervention?its supporters denying the assertion, and assuming that it was necessary, In order to secure to the slaveholder hi* c institutional right. Without coming to a vote, the denato adjourned. House of Representative*. IT BAIN'S ELECTRO-CHEMICAL TEIJCORAPH. \f*, Jnne 18, 1854. contdtko (itctiok. Messrs. Strong and Tar Dtsk. from the Committee on K lections. made reports on the Iowa contested election care. [We learn frem a member of theCommittoe, e at the reports show that Mr Miller had tha most votes, bat that the majority of the Committee aro In tavor of Mr. Thorn] son, the sitting member. The reports are mads tha special order for to-morrow week.] estiopvablr ArrBoraiATion op ruaLie moiiv. Meesrs. Sweetrer, Butler, of Pa , A. Johnson.of TesnJ Morton, and Peck, were appointed the Select Committee. ordered yesterday In pursuance of the resolution of Mr. Sweetiar. to examine and ascertain whether the Secretary ef the Treasury has not used or appropriated a large amount of money from the surplus fund, without aiithoritv of law Mr. Chandler mored a reeon*!deration of tbt toU by which the resolution ?u pu^il Tliero iu 10 much disorder yeatcrday. that gentlemen could not distinctly ascertain what it waa. Th? resolution waa specie* of indscorum towards the Souse itselt, while on the Seerctary a serious charge was att-mpted to be Ciad Those who are acquainted with the Secretary know that he is incapable of such conduct Mr SwtKitta the Inquiry was made In go04 faith Mr. Cmamui.k* did not want to suppress Inquiry, he only desired a frivolous charge withdrawn. Mr. Moasa asked whether Mr. Sweatier charged on his own responsibility. Mr SwciTita was understood to say he did not. Mr Moasa? Is that information before the House. Mr. SwtrTxca said the Inquiry waa made to brintf the tacts before the liouse. Mr. Moasa said it was time for the House to put the stamp of reprobation on the lending of the ear of this House to people outside of these halls, In order te arraign different officers of the government, and slander the gentlemen who have been thus honored. II* was surprised that tha House should carry on Investigations on mere whispers of slanderers Mr H??.*ix?:s said a member of tha Committee of Ways and Means had written a letter to the iUcretary of the Treasury, in relation to the subject, antffkat tha Secretary has remained silent Mr BtrLv confirmed this statement Mr MoanK had only voted for one of tha Investigating committees.'because It wmddesired by the Secretary of War himself. He repeated he would not lend himself to hunt down high officers of the government Mr. Asmmvm, (whig) of Massachusetts, thought every , unprejudiced gentleman would thank Mr. Morse for 1 the manner In which he has treated this question This was not the time when the House should act on tha whispers of persons unknown to the House, and wha set k to destroy character The gentleman from Ohio, (Mr Sweetser), has used the House to put before tha country a rharge against as honorable a man as eiists Mr ttWRsriKB. (deni ) of Ohio, stated that he had received bis information frem a source of undoubted confidence lie bad no doubt of the facts charged The names of the persons giving the information will be given at the proper time Mr. Mooaa (whig) of Pennsylvania? Doos tha gentleman (Mr Sweatier). sa? that the Secretary of the Treasury has appropriated money to his own usef Mr Aismi * read the resolution on which the tornmlttee was raised, and said that tha words used, or appropriated. occur in it. There are two distinct char gee Mr. Swvrrtra said ha knaw nothing of the Secretary pet sot ally The charge Is against him as an officer. Mr Ainmvh did not doubt the gentleman, aftnr hi* disclaimer but the resolution stands on the record a? a censure Mr. Hatlv. (dem ) of Virginia, said that the letter 1 was addressed net to the Secretary of Treasury bat the Secretary of tha Intrtior. Mr Ashwvw?If tha Secretary of tha Interior was csllr^ mftj la the charge made against the Secretary of thifWaMiry ? Mr Ihmmt. (dem) of Ohio, said charges so sarlooa should be investigated, and If true, should lead to the Impeachment of the Secretary On the fTth of June, HM7, under the administration of Mr. Polk, $1&X?M0 were transferred from the contingent fund of une(. , pen lied balances, to the national treasury. In be cember. 1MB the preeent administration did take from the general treasury this money, and re-approprlated It, wltheut authority of law. Mr ('asst. (whig) of Pennsylvania, remarked that the rharge bad been made against as honorable a man ' a* I* In this llall It was a miserable humbug. unwor- ! thy of the house and the country Who la the secret author of thla charge* Dare yon hting him to tha bar of tbe House ' Mr. ftwttrtta said, at tha proper'time. the gentleman will be gratified with an exhibition of all the facta Mr. ?'*s*v?Tha *eeretary will come oat of the ordeal , like gold tried in the Are. Mr THnwrsn*, (dem ) 0# Mississippi, said some ?l* weeka. er two montha alnee. ther- waa referred to him, as member of tha Committee of Ways and Means, tha Indian Appropriation bill for eiautnatirn In that bill there were certain items to be appropriated oat of the sarpins fui.d lla visited the department to aee what remained unpaid when the money heretofore appropriated want to the surplus fund Mr Rwlag InUxmed him that tha money had been drawn out ef that fund and appropriated lie also aald that ha had precedents for It, and at the same time, re- i marked that tha monay had been improperly carried 1 to that fund The committee put into tha Indlan bill re appropriations for the Items there designated Whether the money waa improperly or not carried to 1 tba Mirplni fund h? (Mr Tbompaoa) would not giaa n opinion Tb? fart tu kswtfar, thai It fu carried thrrr and than 4rawn oat Rom* ronraraation took plara Wt??ii aararat f tl?m?n. and qua?tiona wcra Mknl and tnavuM Mr. Ataono. (Arm ) unggeatad that tha roaolution of Mr 8w*#t?ar ombraooa a rharc?. and Inqalrad whathrr lb* facta could not ba a?Ttalnad b; a rnaoiutloa of Inqalry Mr. Tnoiaraon. of Miaalaalppl. rapaaiad that m?n?f In tha traaaury rannnt ha drawn nnt of It bat b* appropriation or law. Ila thooght that Uwn would ba no Improprlaty In making an invalidation Mr Kino, (whig.) of Naw Joraoy. ronl?nd"d that It would ho mantlj e< MtNH an# fair to glra th? gontlaman ohargad tha banatt of an aiplanation a aimpla ranolatlon ba paaaa-l. aaking tba Maorataiy on what groanda tba appropriation wu mada Mr Hwikticb, (dam ) ?aid that bit raaolation rhargaa not tbat tba monay ha* haan atolaa by tha Parratary of tha Traaaury. bat appropriated without authority of law Mr. 0<m. (dam ) of Obi* I a*k tha ganU?man of Naw Jaraay, (H. King ) whalh?r tb? cabinot baa not condrmnad th* art Mr Biwo, of Naw Jara?y. aald h? did not know. Mr Caaci r?mark>d ba bad hoard tk* oabtaat oandamnad tha aet Mf. Btawraw. (4am ) of Tamaaaaa. aald It appaar?d to k*m that nothing dlaho??r*Ma or oorrapt l? iwpaotod R r*rything that nan ba obtain ad by a aom mlttaa of Instigation, mm ba aaaartalnod by a raaalutlon of Inquiry Mamra Root and Ttra mada afawramarka Mr Tan, (fra. aoll) of Naw nampahlra, morad tha prarioaw qaaaMoa whlnb waa aaeoadad Awd tha quaattwa balng takan. tha rata by wtalob Mr flwaataar'a raaolatiow waa yaatarday paaaad, waa raaoa aidarad y?aj IB, aaya IT. W YO 10RNING EDITION?WEDI Mr. Swkkticb ?*id lie bad no personal feeling in the mitUr. II* bad offered th? resolutian purely la tha discharge of publiu duty. beUeviBg that maney ?ai drawn out of tha surplus fund without authority of law. Mr. Chsndlbb. (whig) of Pa . spoke of tha bad effect of making tuob charge*, for truth, travelling on erutches. ha* a difficult task to overtake faIsehood. lie imputed bad taste to Mr Iwaetter, who had not chosen the right way of gratifying It Mr 8wketxeb offered a resolution In lieu af that which he had offered yesterday. doing away with the Special Committee, and directing the Committee of ays and Muni to inquire Into the faota charged. Mr. Mum. (deni ) of Virginia, read a lecture to hi* democratic frienda for yielding so readily to the other aide. Yliey were once called ' the unterrifled democracy," ' tha lion hearted demooracy ; " but now they aesume the character ot the lauib lie hoped the democracy will etand Arm. aa in the dayaof yore, and will not be shamed lrom a proper course of duty. Mr Combau, (dem.) of La., yeaterday voted for the resolution, because be was natlefled that It would result in the complete vindication ot the Seorstary from the unfounded charge. Tha labor of tha mountain had resulted in tha parturition of a mouse. Mr. Sweeties said all he charged had been proved. Mr. Cons40 did not knew why a oommittee should be appointed, unless it was to report questions of law. If so. he would recommend that tha subject be referred to the Judiciary Committee. r ui I lira f?UVWUIII|[a hUUft pt?QU, WUOQ I Mr. Chandleb offt*rt?I an amendment to Mr. Sweet- < aer's resolution. which referred the investigation to the Committee of Waya aud Means Mr. Jonks aaid that cominittue wanted nothing to do with the subject, and moved to lay the whole subject on the table The question *u taken, and dacidod In tho negative ? yean Mi, nays V6. Mr. Cuanm-aa's amendment to Mr Swoetxer'a reholutlon vu read?"That the Committee ol Ways and Mean* be inatruoted to procure and report to the House an accouut of all sums of money, if auy, which I are been taken from the surplus fund which is accumulated under the act of Congress of 17V5, from appropriations made for t?e Florida Indiana, and vrrioua oihi'r appropriation! Bade by Congreaa, aince 1830 " The question being taken on the amendment, it was agreed to?yea* I (Mi, nayi 80. The question recurriug on agreeing to Mr. Sweetler'a resolution aa thus amended, Mr Williams moved to Uy the aubject on the table. At twenty-Ore minutea paat three, without dispoaiug ot the kiiIiji i t. The adjourned. Affairs la Waihlngtoa. Washington, June 18, 1850. A caucus of Senator* friendly to the Compromise ' bill, waa held here laat evening, and It was agreed to refrain from all debate, so aa to get a final rote as soon aa poaaible. J ease K Dow has been attacked by a stroke of paralyaU. The following appointments have been oonOrmed: ? K C. Coffey. Receiver at K a*ka<k!a. Ilinois Wm. Ilalstead. Dlatriot Attorney for New Jersey Chas. II Merrttt, Census Agent for New Mexico; lirlgham Young, for Deaeret; J. N. Johnson, for California. The Cm* of Gen. Lopes. Niw Osleanj, J une 17, 1S50. Tho examination #f General Lopes waa stopped today. and the rate la to be sent before the U. 8. Circuit Court. The bail I* $3,000. Call for a Meeting In favor of Mr. Clay's Coaaproaitae. j There ban Wo a town meeting called at Monum?nt . Fquareto come off on ftaturday evening In thii city. J The moating la represented to be one hi favor of Clay'a r Cwnpromlw. The call ha* been aigned by all our leading merohanta t Dec talon of the Supreme Court, la Profeaaor Wtbitw'i V??. Boiton, June 11, ISM). The Supreme Court delivered it* opinion tbia mora lng, OB the petition of Profeeeor >Veb*ter, for a writ of error. They were unaulmoua In dUmiaiing the petition, being of opinion that every form neceaaary to constitute a legal trial, had beeu oomplle-1 with The Governor and Counell are now In aenaion; but It l? not known whether they will conaiAer ilm oaee immediately, M at the iweflon to be held in July Th? Terrible Uttamboat Dliaiter. liurrai.o, June 14.1IM. The burning of the Griffith ha* been attembid with a moot aerioua loea of life It la auppoeed that more than 20O bam either been burned to death or fuuud a watery grave, the greater portion of wham were emigrant* Mr Vranklin Heath, bia wife and fonr children, are numbered among the lout. Mr Heath waaformerly a reaident la tbia city, whence ha removed to New York HI* brother Jameaia itiU here. A gentleman nauied Pal- ! mer, operator In f peed'a telegraph offloe, Toledo, I* aNo among the loet The G. left bore yeeterday morning. j for .Handitaky and Toledo, with more than two honored 1 B-pt-ngrra Wbrn witliin about tweuty miioa nf Clare- ) id. >ne took fir*. and tba fl*mea upraad with (ach t rapidity and fury aato dify arery effort to nxtinguiah i th> m Tba nio?t *tr?ououa nff?rti were mvle to atop f thi ir projrreaa but they war* onlj nubdaed when tba ? unfortunate rtaael waa bum ml to tha wator'a edge ( The maU, after It waa found impa?ble to aara tba f threw hinnelf Into tha lake and aawm a?hore t lie proen'd<'<l immediately to Olnfrland llo aayt that t onlj thirty of tba mutitude on board eaoaped, aud that r two hundred iiroa were lait Intelligence front \ Meat an?The Lopes CaM, I ?Vr., Ac. i flaw 0(lka?i, Jane 11, 1160. " Tba Pirayimt learai that eereral nro, deaertera from tbe Lopai eipedltioa, have arrived at Campeaoby. J Alao, tbat tba obulera prevailed eitaaalraiy at Ta- , baaco and Talia Ada. In Yueataa. r Tbe eiamiaatlon of flaneral Lopea ahowa nothing f naw II la doubtful If any tcatlmoay oaa be bad, crt- ( minatlog kia. f Tbe proaecutlng at tor nay waa compelled to apaeal ( to the Court to pre rant the crowd from applauding Oeneral l.opea la the Court Canadian Parliamentary AARalra. To?o?tu. June 18. 1U0 I Laat eight. In the t,egtalatlre Auamhlr, Mr Boalton Introduced reaolotiona for amending the eonitlta- 1 tloa. by aeparatiag tbe lagtalatieeaad aiacatlae piw..ra. c eitaading tha ejentlre principle, aad awlmllaling tha i whole ay ?tem of government to tbe Amerisaa m >del Tha llouae waa roaatad oat for want of a qaina Death mf Iwm Rlfgi, Canal Collator. t 8 niiK-HDT, Juae M. 1 MO | laaaa Hlgga. fanal Collector, of th la eity, died ??rr > (uddanly at Poada. tblamorning Ha left here In thla J morning a Ripreaa train. In good health and died aeon f alter reaching there, lie waa oaa of the oldeat aud I moat reapeeted of oar eltlaena. I I Proa TrlM. I Ni? Oautm, Jan* 17, 1*V0. I ' Tlx Ta?a? CMIiat, of lb* 14th, contain* pro.ilatna- ' Una by Col Monro*, dlrarting tha alantloa ol dalpgataa to tha eonrantion for for stag a M?l> goaarnmant fot ' Nt? UrtlM Th? (oa^iUoo *u to ba hold at HnM 1 To on Ihr nth May 1 Major Nalghbotira ha* ntnrn?l to Aantln. aftar Inaf. ? factual affort# to oriraaUa tha ronnty of rianta Pa. In ' (onfiiunw of oppo.itloa front tha military aatborl tin ?Ulion?4 thara. FraM Klarld*. N* w Oai.iuftv J una IT, 1AM) Th? >trin'r Faablon baa wrlrtd from Tampa Bay with In companion of troopa I It la reported that Oaaaral T?l?n lafl for Washing- f ton, rla Paraanah I CbaltM at Maw Orlrana. . Mia Diuini, Jgnul, 1M . Th* daatha by rholara, for tha ?Mk rnilni to day, , rrtch tlnr llronblya City lUlllftat*. or Tma Coaarr I'rui (loata T?it?rJ?y, . I*twaan tba Lour# of 10 and II o'olank tha roof of th* Klathu'h Almabouaa v*? dl?covarad to ba on #ra naar ?, tha mlddla ohlanry. a ad bafora rnblaiH eoald ba ? obtained. tha wbola building waa wrap pad la flamaa, ' and entirely ponaumad Tb? nnraary building, which ataada ?b?>ut twenty faat from tha main adlflpe wn nit- . Injur ad owing ta tha daring aad peraeraranae of fha . Platbaah (lrnt?n ona of whom, a Mr Martaaaa. had ? hla aim aaaerely Mnrrhad la hi? effort to Ufa tha outbuilding*. Tho bakary waa on lira aararal tltn?a: but tha war* oilfU/ eitingulahed Tha furaltura / waa all aaaad, wHh tha eieeptloa of a nnmbar of Iron b? datead* Tha building and cootanta warn Injured ? ?, Thara are at praaant. about two hundred and Hfty , [ anprra la tha building*, who will all h* tamporarily T plaoed la tha adjolaing oaaa Wa undaratand It to ba M tha InteaHoa of tha Roard of ftuperintradHnt* to no- ? tlfy tha *uperTl*or? of tba raaualty. la ordar that a . ap?ptal maeting may ba aallad and m?a>nre* dariaad for tha erection of annthar building Tha flra la *appoaad to hara originated from a d?f*?t la tha ahlmnay N*?*ir Daawaar - A llttla boy, nam* nnkmwn N waa aaarlr drowna<l. yaat*r !ay la th* i? -nd at muddy ' watar at tha foot of t'umbatland ?tra*t. In <na<afhaM |1 of getting ?>*ynnd hla <l*p?h If* wa? tak?n out W tha watar in>pn*'Ma; hut waa reaaaaltatad by tha a|ar- . tkmaofDr hetfa ?nd eth-r* CtTT Carar flefore Judge Ureenwaod and two Al- h darmaa ? T%* Pmplt aa. Eufrmr Awioaa ladlatad for aa aaaanlt and battery oa Hanry Craft No arld'BM " la (hror of proaanatloa and 4**>ndant dleah?rg?<t Itmii'u Jratui OfRpar ^jtilraa yeatarday. arcuated aglrl namad Mary K lag oa a aharga of having toiea a quantity of jawairy aad riothinc from th* fo honaaNo I:? Atlaatia <tra??. ?iiu<4 it a Suit $?> |n Tha pmparty waa foand la bar poaaaaaiaa, aad aha rat w lorkad np for MialMiltl I * RK H fESDAY, JUNE 19, 1860. lontkcra Hanufhclurea. COLUMHIJK FACTOKIB8. The Albany (Qr) Putiiot of the 11th init. glrti the 'ollowing description of the factor'-4 la the elty of 'olumbus. in that State The Coweta Kails Manufacturing Company'! ostabihhment occupies a largo brick building, containing ! iOO spindles, which make from 1 400 to 1 800 lb*, of .hread per day; 44 looms, nicking 1.800 yards of hear/

>snaburgs par day, 24 oottou cards. 3 wool cards aud >ne wool jaok. They also manufacture a considerable luantity of llnavys. which are more prodtable than >buaburg? and yarn*. They employ from 115 to 123 x>ys and girls, from twelve years oil upwards. Aveagu wages - Superintendent $1 000 per auuum; overier* (GO to $60 per month, wearers f.15, carders $8; lilnurrs $7 W). Power ?One ol Kioh'i oeutre rent heels. five feet diameter, capable of carrying as muob nor* machinery. Profits on investment 10 to 13 per lent. Near this establishment is Carter's Factory?a large >rlck building, nix stories high; cost ?10.200; privilege t 000; calculated for 200 looms and 10 000 spindles.? (ttimaU-dcost when oomuleted sioo.noo- will umnln* rem SUO to 400 bandit Not far from thi* building. U the Howard Manufa*uring Company'* e*t*bllsbment. The building in of trick 50 by 126 feet. nix ?t<>rlm. It eontains 5 090 pindies, 103 loom*?40 more to l>? addod. Entire oost >100 000 They manufacture 15 000 yard* of cotton >*oaburg*. ?heelings and shirtings per week, and 400 o600 lb* thread; employ loo huuds from twelve year* ild upward*, one-third of whom are males; wage* from J to 75 cent* per day tor common hand*; assistant*, ilto $1 26' overaeer*, from t- to f,-> M); superiatendnt. *U)0 per year. Consumption. 1.-J00 bales cotton 'act proliis. under *ome ditneuitie*. have varied from |>it4 to % 1(K) per day; estimated future protu*. :'M per eiit on investment There in an extensive m? hino hop connected with tbls manufactory. We examined ome bale* of olotb made by thin establishment, and ound it of a very superior quality. Tile hand*, male lid ft-male. bad a general appearance of cie inline**, lealth. and cantenlmeut Th* proprietor* of the inalufaotori-s have made arrangement* for preaching, iuuday school*, and a daily free school, for the operaives and their tamilie* We next visited Winters' I'alace Mill*. Thin i* a arge brick edtflce, of aix storie*. oocupied by a inahme (hop. four runs of mill stones?two for whi-at ind two tor corn ?with all the necessary flouring ipparatui, capable of turning out from 80 to 100 bbls. if Hour per day. The entire aost was staled to be 4itne $50,000. Ten thousand bushels of wheat had re:cntly been purchased in liaitimore. aui was being nade into Hour at thi* mill. Near thi* e?tabll?hment, is one which 1* rightly rined " Variety Works"?sawing lumber, planing, naking tub*, pail*, bed*tcad*. window blinds, sash, ic , be . all by machinery adapted to these purposes. Phi* i* doublle** one of the most proiltable establishnent* in Columbus. Tlii'M several establishments are *ituated on the 'a*t bank of the river, and are propelled by water, aken from the great conduit, which has been o intruded of *tona, to receive and retaia the water of be Chattahoochee river at a sutHuient elevatUn to itiord the ntcesaary power The head of water thus urnished. is from 10 to 14 feet. This oonduit i* caluu ateu lor supplying ma power lor many oluer mauuactorie*. There are two iron foundriu* in Columbus, which urn out a large amount of cartiug.4 and machinery or mill*, (teamboat*. fee: They employ a steam eu[ine. The City Mill".?In the upper part of Columbu*, i< i large wood structure, occupied by four set* of mill tones, two for Hour and two for corn?and extensive louring work*. On thefriver above the city, are *evcral establishment*, ?hich we had not the pleasure of visiting ; among hem. the Kock Inland I'aper Manufacturing Com puny, 'apital employed. $40,(XH), to be increased to f-ti 000, o complete the machinery. Tb?y now manufacture .000 lb*, wban the machinery is completed. Cost ?f an* and other materials. from 1 to 3 < cents p-r lb. 'rice of paper, from 10 to 12X cent* per lb. Employ girl*, 'i boy*, 13 man, and I teamster Wag*#? Ulrl*, iS per m<>nth; foreman. $100, machinist, two opeatlvea $40 each. Main building 75 by 'M f?at, three torie*. beside* flniahing room, warehouse, ho In all easel where we hare given the wafos, the pari?'? employed board and lodge themftelvei. MOHILI COTTO.X FACTORV. [From the Mobile Advertlaer. June 10 ) The extensive building*, for the future operation* of hi* company, are located four and a half mile* from ! * city, on Hayou Purand?commonly called Dog Liver?nine mile* from it* entrance into Mobile Bay teamboat* can land freight and receive it within fifty ard* of the factory. Thl* location wa? preferred to tie In the city, becaute. being In the pine wood*, all lunger from epidemic*, to which th* city i* sometime* uhject, was avoided?thai enabling the company to "tltluu* their Ipu-IiiMh throa^li th. y.if: ?nrt If pt.A >butu those engaged in the factory from olty Inluenrata - which are not alway* favorable to good order md Industry For general health, no mora favorable oration can be found anywhere After all the improvement* contemplated are completed, " Pulton " be name adopted. will prove one of the pleaaantott rilloge* In the (Hate. The faetory building i* built in the moat substantial nanner. of hard-burned brick, and appear* to eombine, n the deflgn. everything nece**ary tora complete eoton faetory The main building i* 182 feet long by 64 rid*? 110H feet three (torie*. and T1J{ only two *toie* There are 1V6 window* and 4.760 light* In the iou*e The roof I* well cover 4 with ilate, laid on heathing tongaed and graved, and a* tight a? a floor, t is fronted by a square tower four (torie* high, 17 br 8 feet, and 70 feat to the top of the belfry. The brisk onaumed amounted to 760 000. Coat of factory $27,000. 'he threo story bull ling will be occupied-the flr*t by 7fl loom*-the saeond by 40 carding machine*?the bird by 6.040 spindle*-with such other " fixings'' a* aay be necesaary; the work, kc ,fcc , t? be transposed rom one room to the other by machinery. A large rater tank is bailt in ths third story, with ho*a to j arty water to all parts of the building. The water U ore.d Into tne mnk t>y tne <'ngine im two aiory i mlldlng In appropriated for i h gine r in <n I m * ] bin* nhop on the flrnt floor. *nJ the imooiI for ?ilting oi D Tne machinery of the.mill which Ujuit being p?ned MM put In pltc, MUk of thn moat apirorad kind, and tu jot up by the Miutttwan Company | n tbe rery beat etyle. Whan ready for work, thn mill , rill require >M) oprratirr* three fonrthl femalea nrt will manufacture, whan In fall operation, 0.000 >arda of yard wid? rbeetlng per day. The tnotlre power con?l?u of two enginer of7S horae >ow?r each, low preaaore. twenty ineh eyllnd-ra fonr eet atroke. forty revolution* p<-r minute, fonr bollera, hlrty all feet long, which are located In an adjoining Min to that which contain the engine The amoke tark la IgbtT-tVo feet high, ten t*-et square at tha >aae and flee by all ?t the top. and 1 >r?t?d thirty feet rom the mHl. Tbe amoke U tiki n from the boiler* to be chimney under ground A ran7 InttUlgaare. Foil Mean* iooTT, TtSaa, May li, 1J40 IniToa or thi Hun t for tbe matual loteraat of ynar num-roti* raadere, >?th In civil and military life. I enrlnee herewith a liet >f aoma of tba poet* on thi? frontier, with tbe oflrrrg' tee. kiatiTH miutaRT r>trrA*TMf*T, tsxa?. inrsaioa u*i .fw.'ewia Drpaitmrmt-Brer. Maj Oen. Broike, owimaading department. Br?r Maj Draa.* A. A <1.; ?i?*t Uarnett, A. D 0 , Brer Col Johnaon.' Topogra- | iblcal Knglneerc; Maj llntter. Pay mutter, Brer. ?*j Babbitt* A q M j Brer Maj Belger,' a y M ; Inrgeon WHgbt, Lieut Brnton ordinance Department; -ieot Bryoa Topographical Rngiae?ra. Lieut Mioher Topographical Kngineeri Hrer Brig (lea (l?r?nd * commanding p?at. and *tb Regiment lafaatry; Ire* Lieut Col. Rwere.* Htb Infantry, Brer Maj. mi lb,* Rib Infantry, Brer M^| Longatraot,' tth Inantry; Brer Capt Word" Ith Intan'ry; l.ieat !w?t, R M M , l.leut PKi-ber, Adjutant; Lieut Itroat, Lteut Roy. Nth Infantry. .4?irm Cifv Ceiereife Rit rr fV^erlmewf . - Lieut Col 'auiitleroy.* rnmmandlni pa?t. and 11 Regiment Pra oona, Brer Capt Bteei?. i<l Dragoon*, Brer. I'apt rood. Adjutant Regiment, Brer tat Lieut. Trea, tum i r*a nr ma? ?r??ie? raait r??r WaitftfA ' * ? aavTMw*?r rear MNM, at.ia r?a? on TNa oaawr-r, caMt*c<*? ?i? rim noDTNrtrr. i / brl Warrt, 7Vim(y Jt?wr -Jltf. Mftj Arnold,* U >r?fooa?, ecatiuaading port, Capt. MmI*;. Hb In "(ry. Lint Bold, sih Infantry, Lieut jUarr," 24 ir?*"nni; Aaala(ant ?utgar>n William* /Wl On^Mi l*rm? k,m l!rt?. Lt. Ool Doafnfil. th Infantry mmmandlag f>'t, Capt Hamilton*,JH ragnniia, Llawt Mtaward 14 Dragooaa, Aaaiataat | nrgron, J M luimr. f?ri // ? Rirtr -|lr?f UCo) Nnatfonnrfjtli ! | rfTkntay. rnmmanrflng poat. Urar Capt PnHling *th nfantry. |,t Plr? rtt. l,t ll*J1"rm*n l.t WlUard, Lt. { Itotil, Hth Infantry Awl)Uiit Burgeon. J 'hn< F?rt fVagAan Hamillmn'l f'tUrf, CMor*4m Rtrtr J\r?r. | laj I'laka, M I>ra*>on?. cromati'llng poat; Oapt ',1Mb Infantry, Lirat Pink, Hth lufaatry, Aaaiataat nrgo?.? Rirnra', AW? M*> tin .Vn?, Prr4rr,rkAvrg?IA. C.ri Ntannl >rd*. Ith Infantry, onamanding poat, Bra* Maj Marti. Sd llrafiHini; ('apt Raarilaloj*. 1th Infantry, Lt. laka. *Ui Infantry, Aa?l.tant gurgaon Swift , Km! /.mrain. Smrm Morrlaon*, Hlh I afantry, i Branding poat, Bra* < apt Oaken 3d Dragonna; t Dodga. Ith Infantry, Lt riimmlnga ftth Infantry Ftrl lng?, (mi River Bra* Lt ?!nl ?llard"a*, 3.1 ragonna. romraandlng po?t. Bra* M*j flpragae*, 8tb ' nfanti* Brer. Capt ktrrrhant. Ptb Infantry; Lt yler*, M Dragonna: Aaaiataat Rnrgeon Oatty Frni Ihtnrmn b|i> Fail, aur Pnniw Mia (Jranda - ' I re* Maj Hrott, lat I afantry. commanding poat, Atatant Pnrgann inopar. other "tRoera ant kn >wn The nli>?ri atatloned at tka ae*eral p^ata along tba 10 (Iranda. fort Pnni-an Laredo, Rlngg"M Rarra<<ka, i?d Port Brown aa aiaa tboa* at Port Merrill, n? tba oar aa. aro not known There ara generally two com- J ?nii?a at aarh txi?t one mounted. tha othar dl? anntad Tha Indiana along tba frontier ara g?neJly paaooaMa n*d qatet Tha troopa oeeapy health* J f>0?ftiona. and ara bleeae.l with tba moat haaniifnl >nt.|ry and rltoiate la tha world Indee*. ararytblaf ?re t"**M marlng on in the aiaooth tenor of ita way * T>aaa ofleera hara thair famillaa with theaa ' I 11 B. WlUlamahaa arrlrad at BawOrfeana, fro* Call- < rate, wtth a Inmp of mid. embedded la nuart* weigh Ig fifty poanda It b Mid to ha worth ??,??, and < aa B>aa4 Mar tka Marapaaa rim I ' ERA T?IM Mtd New SlMtr*. The Prealdent, on M?nday, transmitted to theSenate the following niHMtag*:? Wkhinqtok, June 17, 1850. To Ikt Srtia't of th* Unit*4 ? I k>*r rrcrWvd > copy of th* resolution of the Senite of the 11th June, iu*tant, requesting me to-inform the Senate whether any order* have been liMued to any military officer or officer* at Santa Ke, to hold po****aion against the authority of Trui, or In any way to emharra**. or prevent the exercise of her jurisdiction over that country?and to furnifh the Senate with copiea of any oorre?pondence which Bay hare taken place Im teren the War Department and the military rtationrd at Santa Ke clnce the date ol my la*t cornmunication to the Senate on thatKUbject " In r.ply to that resolution, 1 *tate that no auoh order* have becu given. 1 herewith preernt to the Senate cepii-H of alt the correspondence referred to in the reeolutlon. All the other order* relating lo th* Hubjeot mutter ot the resolution bavo been heretofore communicated to the Senate I hare already, in a furmer me?nage, referred to the fact that the bouudary between Texas and New Mexico in (lirputed I have now to stnte that information ban been recently received, that a oertain Robert S. Neighbours. styiiuK himself c< muiinsliiner of the State of Texas. ha* proceeded to Santa Kn with a view of organizing countiea in that district under the authority of Texas While 1 have no power to decide the ijuestion ot boundary, and no desire to interfere with it a< a question of title. I havH to observe that th? pos<es*ion ot the territory Hito which it appears that Mr Neighbors ha* thus gone wan actually acquired by the United .State* from Mexico, and ha* since been held by the United State*, and, in my opinion, ought ?o to rein:iiu until the ijuestion ol boundary *hall have been determined by aumu eompetent authority. Meanwhile. I think there i* no reason fur ??riou*ly apprehending that Texa* will practically interfere with the pome* sion ?f the Uuited States /, T.\YI,'?R. Among the letter* accompanying the tneisage, wan the following :? [cor*.] Sikta Kk. April 15,1858. Sit :?Having ft-'B, during the dny, notices panted up, both in Spanish unC Knglish. inviting the cltisens o tlii* place to convene on Saturday next, " t j take into oonsidrration the propriety of inikiug a 8t*te idotonient. and te petition you. a* the head of this government. to call a convention, tkc. " I deem it my duty, a* Commissioner *f Texan, i?*nt here to effect au organization under liar law* of this portion of liar territory, to call your attention to the fact, a* well a* to the 3d *vctlou, 4th article ot the Constitution ol the United State* 1 deem it the more nece?*ary thus solemnly to protest against any couatenauce or aid being given to thin movement l>y the present head ot thin g> v- i eminent. In consequence of the published order* | which have emanated from the War Departmout, , and the result of au interview had between u* a f tew day* since. The government which I have the honor to represent ha* declared her deterinination to maintain inviolate all the territory within h ir ' boundaries?such boundarie* a* were guarantied to j her by her eompact of union ; and I would tak? thi* opportunity to refer you to the second section of the ' Joint Resolution for annexing Texas to the United 1 State*," and preamble of the constitution of the State ot Texas, by which the terms of said 'Joint Resolution'1 are accepted. And also, to tbe"Jolnt Resolution forthe admission of theState of Texa* into the Union," approved 2Vlh I>ec., lt>45. All of whioh, in my opiuloa, would be violated by a consummation of the ohjects of said State movement. And further to atata. that I now moot solemnly protest against any movement* in favor ot State cause, until Texas ha* extended her jurisdiction over this portion ot her territory, or until the will of the State ot Texas can be known in this matter, as guarantied to her by the enactments referred to above. I have the honor to be, very respectfully, your obedient servant, ROI1KRT S. N K (iJ'l HOURS, Commissioner State of Tex n To Col J. Monroe, commanding Vth Military Division, United Stales Army, Santa Ke. Interesting from Texas. WITH THE INDIANS, ?Vc. ACC. [Front the New Orlean* 1'icuyune, June 10 ] fly the Hrrival yeeterday, from Galveston. of th* nteamer Galventon Capt. l'laoa, wa have pip?ri from hat c117 to the Tib in?t. The t ugar and corn crop, on Oyrter Crack and th? Lower llraxo*. are nald to be very proinlning in *plt* of the oold and Wet weather Cotton I* quit* backward, but with v*rr favorable weather may produce a medium yield The planter* In that dtstriot are (ruerati7 abandoning ootton fur agar. Lieut Mechlin arrived in Pan Antonio oa tli*2 >th ult.. from Kl I'aao del Norte, having mad* the trip la rUy? The road la In tine condition ? M^nr Neigbbor* encountered atrnng opposition to th i mleeion in Santa Fa. The New Meiican* have an Innate anlmoalty to Texan Pome aonlound Texan* with Indi*n* -otbrr? dread relitbulion for th?ir eruvltlea In lS4n and many dUltke kurrenderiu,; tl>? peonage ayat*m Mr Aubrey'a train panned through Kl I'aao on the a'th oi April Uatfarty BllMllM nigltl by a | evcre atorin near the l'ero? Mr WIggtn* train. fr<>m Han Antonio, wai met at the Prcoa on the ltth tilt The Southweatera jtmrrican eaji that It ta computed that 2 000 negro** have been added to the agricultural foree of Washington county In the la*t twel ve month*. By the *spre*e ftem the elation on the Laona. the Wrihrn Trjtn learu* that Captain Merchant, of the lid Dragoon*. with twelve men left the Fori on the I7th ult . in pursuit of a party >( Indian* who had b<*in discovered In tha vicinity On the ltfth he came la eight of the Indian* fight In number, near the Klo Prio lie puriued them promptly?the Indian* retreating to a rlvine near the bank of tha river, where they made a etand and on the approach of the party. Bred At the flret Are Captain Merchant wan wounded. On the receipt of tha Intelligence at Laona. a conveyance wa* Immediately eent out to bring la Captain M. but be had not yet arrived at the etatlon when the eipree* left, and it la Impoeelbla to know at preeent the eilent of the Injury received by him. but it I* thaaght to he % eevera wound The aame party of Indian* a few day* before, raptured, robbed, and whipped two German* who were on their way In from KlVaae They *tare<l In company with Lieut Mechlln't train, and had fallen behind (From tba Orpu* Christ! (Texan) f alley, June IJ In addition to the nnuieroua account* of Indian newa which wa have published. we are again called upon to record another aerlou* conflict between Oapt. Ford'* company of Kanger*, consisting of twenty.aeven men, be*lde* blmaelf and a party "T nineteen Comanche Indiana. Including one *quaw Rorjue. the celebrated Enid* of CnpUin Ford. ba? ju*t arrived in town From I* report of the engagement we eonJensa the following aartleulare o< th? light, which occurred on la*t Wednewlny, the Wife ult about thirty Ave mile* from Corjug I'ferl"1.. Captain Ford bad left Fort Merrill for the Klo Grande, and came upon the trail leading In the direction of C<>rpu* 1 hrNtl After following II two league*, they came upon the Indian* Capt F Immediately ordered a charge The Indian* fought deeperatrly realeting every Inch of ground The K*og?rs oon put them to flight, hut not without the lo*? of one ?,*D killed and another wounded though (lightly Two Indian* wet# ?Li,i <1. three woun L d and one taken a*.tier Wm Glllhpi* the individual wha wa* killed."iTa roaila of tha OUllepte wha fell at the storming of Monterey U* had charged on an Indian, and inatead .f shooting him with hi* revolver, a* he Intended. mUs-d him. killing th* Indian * horiM. whleh Inatantly fell ti tills pi* M thi* juncture nt being aM? to reetrain | hi* own bor*e ru?h?d over the dead hor?* Jnrt a* tha i Indian waa recovering from hie fell who. having hia . bow drawn. Miot him through th* heart The Indian, ! who ban been taken prisoner. wa* captured by Roi|ue. m the latter Inform* u* lla la a young warrior about eighteen year* n|d. Roque Inform* n* that be learned from the prtaener that a large farce of Indiana nnmtwrlwg *11 had left their noaaea the name time hla party did. for the pnrpoae of making 1 rtmpaign upon the settlement* of T> xaa during thte moon Captain Ford enptnred eavnral horaea. ehlelda. how* and arrow*, together with a great variety of paraphernalia belonging tn the Indian dree*, which trophio*. we are Informed. are to he forwarded to General Rrook* at Pan Antonio Appelntmente Wy the "* end te* tkr *4 ear* end raunii mf (A<- |mmI> John R llartiett. to he Cnmml**i?ner f-r running lb* boundary line between the I nit* I Htate. ,n 1 tha republic of M. ilea, under the firth article of the treaty 1 with thai republic, eoi.elnded on the Id February I IMA. KlraC, Coff?y, (a be Receiver of Public Money* at ! Ra*ka*kla. Illinoi* John W AihmM'l t* tu aw- f-u-j Rtatnn for (ha antnrn rilntrlnt of rrnKflitnl* JmnM Clark. In b* AUnriw; ?f ill? ?l*i* for t hn dirtrtrt of Khoda I aland J. Pr??w(l Hall, to ho Attorna* cftki United ll?l? fi>r thn ?auth?rn dlntrtnt ol N?? Tork William llalntnd. to bn Attn*nnT of b'nltnd ?( for tha dlntrlnt of Na? Jnrany Arrmirmptrm ht tww rtmnmftT. C'harlM II Marritt. a* A*-at to taka thn rn?au? of N .? Mnllro Hrluk.m rnnnf aa Ag?nt ?a taka tha ranma* of D?J N inknmi, aa Agnat to taka tka e*?m of California Hi*nii a Di?*ara Can i? Coaa^ri?-aT.?Tka llartfard (Cotio ) Trmtt, of tha ITlk laalant. ?p?*kln* of a llrrfM |n*|ril by tka l.ngltlatara of tkat Mala. on >ka l&tk m?taat ?fi Tkn pnUtloianr ?m marrlnd at tha ag* of ff) Bhn waa a r??p>*clabl? and iatnllifant ronng lady, bat a?ln( to pin* pn.-uliar alrnnmvtanma. r>?r m'nd hncann aflnnfn.l ant to aba-Mntn ln-?olir kut ahn aaa In a dintraotnd atata, and la thla aaadltl'in r aana to N'? llamn < n a rial! to b< r aiat?r At thla tlm? ahn h*r*ia* arqaatatad with bar hn>ban I, kolf i rotnmd nan thrnafh tha aanany of a no|oi?d r< m?a, *b" ??? nmpl p< I hy h.* In ?*abla| ll?r tint hand kad anmr proponnd thn matrh nor had akn, W*t on# aranlng aho ?aa tnrlt?d ta tha koaaa of knr >i>h'r>nam and 'h-r? fnand a matpany aa*?mb\?d, ir.d ?H* ?u lnf<.rai-1 ahn kal bn?a pnbllah< d. and kat lhaaa prnannt kad anaa tn ?a knr marrlnd *ka oiinnntnd, and tka caranoi; via partorta?d by ?lor?d nlnrjrymaa 1l?r hnahand thru aarrln.l b< r to Ti rk ?r I r i, .-d h-r nawtatH that r?ry dl?a?T<nohln to h?r II -? wnnt to Oaltfora'a aoaaa noritha a (to bat kaa rnaantly rotarnnd flkn kaa raso?trad tram knr hallarlnatloa. aad look* apoa hnt haakarxl *ltk >l>?g?at and korror fla kad raaa4r*4 knr laHtrn of knr appUealin* far dirarca, kat 411 ?o* >(<[>??r Id'vltJoa L D. TWO CENTS. City Intrlltffenrr. Levcf or thk Hob Ma. Dicamscxr, at thk Oovrawoa1# Room?From 12 till 2 o'olock y?*terd?y afternoon, thw Hon. Pulel 8 Rirkinfon hMd a |vn? in theOorcraor's room, st the City Hall, where he racelrod the tinm-ron# vlalta of hi* frllow-citlien*, of all aectfowi ol p >lltloal opinion. Ha wa* attended by two oominittee*, froflft the two Board* ol Aldermen llurtiiTi Kowdviim iw th* Klkvmrth >^a?n.?Thft Eleventh ward contain* a iiu-g? proportion of the rowdim and thieve* of tha citT. At 10 o'clock, an Sfttwrdfty evening. David Haitur, George Miller. and a p*r*nm nKim d O'Neill, went Into the atore of Mr Htail. 161 | Lewi* htreet, and broke aeveral article*. aad abu?*dthw Iouug man In the *tore, and tben taking a decant** of rauuy and ?ouie oiber article*, went tboir way. Laat night. at the -*nif hour, one of theae fellow*, namal*, Baxter, for whom th? police had been on the look out* made an attack. together with noma other rowdle*, upon a comjauy of Herman* that had been out on aft *curaicn. and had ju*t returned. landing at tha foot of Fifth atreet. They iituaulted in n womeu and ohildrwn, in a desperate' manner *ev<rely injuring gome of them. The Uerinan*, driven to drteud lh>-intelve* from tk* brutal attack* of the rioter*, rut Uaxtur on the nealc with a bottle, or aome other weapon that chance thrair in their way. It wa* neceaeary to Dead fur medical aid to attend to tha wound. Caution to Lamm.? Ladle* in the hiibit of TiaitlftC our large and faahionable dry good* atorea. ought t? keep a tact hold of their puraea during the time tbay remaiu We do not mean to aay that thi* 1* ueo?a*ary a* regard* the *?le*men though it la ft part of their ayt-tem toempty the puraegt f their euatomeri. it they aitn?but, cf courae, by ta>r in-ana We refer to ft vtry different de*oription of per*on*. and, we ar? aorry to >-ay,tbey are of the fair n<i. too. Several ladie* are ill the habit of leaving their puraea ou the counter after paying for their puroha*??. lookiag at the article* uiey nave nougm, <>r wuue mey are wmiiug tir thoir change Borne ot them, of late, have found, to their c?l that the purse was mm tit inwrntui whtn they looked for it; and It has been ascertained that some lighttingered. but well drexsed women who frequent the stores under pr 'tence of making purchases, adroitly impropriate what they Ond xo curelexxly within tbeir reach, of course not stealing what Shrtkap >ar? call* ' " but merely taking it in mixtakn for their owu They neyer perceive their error til) they hava got hooie and thiu It would b>< impox-able to Bud th owner. A bint to the wise ia sufficient Katai. Accident.?1The Coroner yst?rdaf was called to hold an inquest at the City Hospital, on the boiy of 1'etfr Marter, a German by birth a^ad twenty-live years, who came to hi* death bv being crushed between two carts, oa Monday night, at the foot of Roo*< t*U stre? t. The deceased, i. seem*. wa? a night eca?enxer, and while In the exercise of his duty met with the accident which caused his death. Verdlot accordingly. Hoot's New Vows Citv Dibki tort, 18j0. 1851 ?We linve received a copy of Mode's Directory for 1HM, 1861. It is well printed, and contains 84,406 names, being an increase of 16 819 The custom existing in this city of moving on the 1st of May. renders neressaty the publication o! a new directory as soon after as p>esiblo atid It has be, a brought out in au unprecedented hbort time (le*s than M) d*y?) from that date. Ko niun in business should be without It. Thk PairiTKa's LiaaABT.- The I'rinter'a Library. No. Shi liroadwav.ovir Jollie's music store, will be opea for visiters this day Csutioi* Cnii i iisiin T.amps ?At one o'clock ye??orda^ morning, a fire was observed in the window of 86 Pitt Mnet. when it wax f'>uud by the police that a luup had caught the window curtain The Are was fortunately extinguished without damage. MniiANt Kxn i.sion.?Company A, Jefferson RifleDien, Fifth Kegluieut, command'd by ('apt Kloppenburg. pa*M'd the llrruld oQlr yr-terd iy. on a target excursion to Highland ravilion, Thompson, aul wiB return to New York to day. I/.W. At Ini . '..lank .... \f ? 9, file wai discovered in tbe b^mcal of No 6B.73I strtet, occupied ?r a atora-room for belongiug to Alfred Sclienck. he lMvUion atrrat. It m eatiuguiah?'U by a utreaju fram one of the boee earl*. Hnptrltr Oo?r?. Before Judge Fain*. Jeer 18 -Swl agatt>?t rte Cvt'p*' nini - In th? niM af I.cntlitlon ?? the Mayor be . of New Vork for tha deatrvctlon of a <|iianiity of eh">w, all-g-d to have I><*r bad a?d dargerout to the health of the rity, diinnf the prevalence of the cholera. In 181V, the jury raadered a eealed verdict for the plain*. Ill for >W7T 81 Jrhn I. Fianeim and RapKar* M. Umrt et. Klmari I.Viwnif, ? ThU wa? an aetion on k charter par:/ dated 111 at January, lKlff. between plaintiff) and de fendant lor the charter of the brig t.'hairne. from tha rity of New York to Home port In tha Madlteraaean, not farther rant than lira degree* of longitude, ea?t from Pari* The veeaei nailed on the l?t of Pehraary I l?o, ?lib a oarge of 8 witi bu?h->la of grain In bulk .jraa lulo Kayal. in roawumuM of injury t > tb>> venei. aj 'id March, 1840 A bottomry and reapond?ntia b?id af executed at fay alto mM charge* there ineurr ><1. Nald bond *ai made payable at Wtbraltar, Initu t of Oran. tha port of deettaatloo The bond w*? paid at Gibraltar, where the I arrived oa lh> i<l of April byeserutlng another The ?au?l fluiliy arrived at Oran on the 10th of April The veaael w*? delayed la discharging at Oraa in 9on-?i|uene<? of th? iat?rfer?ii?a of the authoritle* there that pnrt being uader >rt military goTerameat of th' Kr?n<h. an 1 aleo, in til rqu-nce of want of lighter*, fc* The chart*r?ra agreed in the charter party, to exhibit pr.ini^t dM patob ' In discharging the cargo, and for t'l auiMMaary dclav. agreed to pay demurrage at the rate of %M per day i'laintlffa claim demurrage by raaaoa of lhaaa delay*. amounting to $l.XJt>. The defence la. that the defendant a?t*d thr >ugb?at aa the agent of oae Meilliere. of Carta, who had a aoatract with the (overuairnt ?f France to aead tha wheat, put it on board tha brig frcm tha port of Maw York to the port of Orea. and then deliver it tn the ofticer? or agrou of the Kren.-h government. PlalatiC al?o rontrnd* that the reaael. In going into the p >rta of Fayal and Gibraltar, deviated unn?o?M?rtly ?nl Improperly from their man, and that. oonaaqaaatly, lk< wan unjustly pri>rra?tin?t?d to Iki great daaiega and Injury of It* plaintiff Ad|<>aro*4. Maprtmt Co art? f Irralt Coart. Ilpfiirr Jnilfii Mitchell. J?*r 11. Ihrortr C'ate AmslA e? Arnold -SMI torn witaeeMa war* examined to-day, with a riew to aatabli-h the veracity and repeatability ol th* plalatiC* principal tiln*?*a the Beck*, and tba Court thea adjourned to thla morning. when tba oaaa will ha nuBimrd up. and la all probability awbaittad to tha jury this aflrroo'.q ( onaoii PI Mia. Iftita J udya lagrahaaa J *? II?lmp*>i*nt la Cmtrri? titkn l{**n?n, a* m/ krt rut I fii md,w$. Jam* h\*krr Tbia waa aa action f?J Injury doae the plain lift bv a horea, tha property of defeadaat. running over Iw It appeara4 that Mr Plabar i>?at a aumb-r of eharoaal carta. a*aa a locality called tba llook Three hor*ea t-i?aagmg tf him broke eat ol their ataxia, teithout any attaadan^ D" * *' 10 ?rrnl at tba placa wh-ra tbay vara aoaue,0**4 ?o W watered While ruaalag through tba otreaU, on* of tba aaiaala ran o?ar Eilea Uaaaaa a little girl alt year* old and broke bar thigh, froaa which abe Buffered graat Injury Tha dafaaea an, that he (Flaher) hired oat tbaaa boraaa aad carta t* tba men who drave them aad at tha tlaia af tha aaeidt at they vera not under hit control Tba Jurv, however, thought Otbervtaa. aad brought la a verdiat far tha plaintiff of )]U damage* Aviutrv if Muaava n> Pitn.aoai rma.?Teeterdaf afternoon, at at?>at ? a cloak, a ma named Niohulaa Ullea itrpped lata the ndlaa of Jaaaa f kairiaa't la Paa>oa atrtet. above MI1U1, and aailad him I a to i*a fK at part of tha ollca. from eeveral friend* with wh.>? ha waa roni. relag la tha fraat of tba hou?e, ha aoel r to lend him flX? on a note, thia the latter refuted to dn The aaaa who atnnd alt feet toi Innhaa la height, raiead h'axalf up. aad atclaimed, ' Mir. ya ra a doomed maa you ara (potted " Mr FairUoa ? tha* ordered the latradar oat of the heaae. aad gantl > led blm toward* tha dorr The fello*. while on th pldettll, palled oat a Colt'* revolver W. attll ra aialtied la the door l*"klng at blm Tba ia?n ?e?^ Aha bairal N did not " 'ben tank Mi depar look bla t<> tha ilijnr'i ?In ll-ra h? *? iMrchtJ by Mr Bulklay, ?n I ?ha tls barr-llaj oUtol. lull/ If adad and lirra knlla wara fnaad la hi* p'fakatt. (ill** ?m I o?* k a*l up. and h? attampt?d to ban* la hi* rail all of wbiah *111 b? m( 4?*a a* ia?4nily. ( roar?? on lb* day of trial If* ??? abaa.jaantly rata or ad to tba N I tutln* lloaaa aad bo baggad " *k? ?Ihaar to proaara bin a *hlllla?'? worth of p>it>oa, II ha ?l?k?l la him Tha ?h >l? of th* tbirt in m *tr?ara bat tha following I* y?rfiwtly?iyla?alaif of tha labjact (lUrt. la tha yaar I MM, iaawad aararal t hf'ti'ind llrkat*. prlnta.i la r?l Ink whlah bara oa 1b?li (!? that ha lit'iM to laaaa a illfwtor; Tha llahat raa<l? a* follow* * Thl* llrkat. No ?. wfll aatltla tha lioMar to oa* copy of tha I'annaylranla Hiraatory Ihr ItMV aontalnlrg tha aina loaatloa. aad baalaaa* af -r*ty m-rraattla Ira. manufarlnrlnR and pr??ataionaj man In tha Mtata " Thta waa ttgaad bf III'-* h Hrothar* proprietor*. Ho 141 llhaanai rtraafc Tbaaa tlrkata vara plarad la tha hand* of twa aaa. who aold thaB Vo ordar of tha abnra tlrai aad poakafcad tha proaaada Mrhol* OlUa had thaia arraatad, bat altar daa ln*> att?atlon tha partial vara dlaaMaaad. aad Ollaa waa arr-atad at lha lartanra of a par*oa who had pnrrhaaad oaa of tha tlnkata Joaaa P. FatHaaib waa roaaaal la dafbaea of tha two maa. aad aflar tbay wara tlu-barfad bar*Ba aoHBM I a*ain?t Ollaa la a praaira tb-n Aflar a fall ln?*?t(<a Ollaa waa oaaaUta4 to aaawar tor fblaa arrant, ha Vaatarday ha got oat of prtaoa aad la a aplrit af raraa*a proaaadad to tha o?aa of tha lawyar aad aatad aa wa hara alraadr >t*M ? Thla I* probably tha rantlra whlah ladaoad bla t* dapiira aw boaorahla aad a*alaat lawrar aad rwtfcf mambar Of aorlatr. of hi* Ufa Ollaa will haraa hewteg thla morula* rulmd'Jpk.m IM*~. J*m? It. OMMtla Wlaaallwwy. Thara wara aarwatr ali d?ath? la Mm. daHaf tfca waak rndiac tha Uta Initaat Thirty at* howaoa wara daatroyad by flra la tha law* of ? bitw<.rth ( a , aa tha ?th laataat Tba whola amount of I am bar atporiad fro a* taraaaah aad Parian, la (laorgta. daring tha praaawl yaar, la ]6.MnOTI faat Thara wara IM daatha la Philadelphia, darlag Ik* waak andlag tha Hth (aHant Tha i nwatiiutional Cnaraatloa of Ohio ha* a<raa4 upxi blannal aaarfoa* at tha 8tab* Lag 14 at ?r a.

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