Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 27, 1850, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 27, 1850 Page 3
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braf- > ? improrvd fc per vent; Kiie Railroad, V; lukn Railroad The itlti at the afternoon board vtn limited (1m receipt* at the offlee of the inbUii Trwwvrar f tbl* port amounted to f42,018 AO; payment. fid,414 ?1; kalane#, fS.OW.lM 40 The Busk of Hamburg, 8. C , baa declared a dividend f ?i* per cent, out of y>? earning* of the paat <1* montha. All bat f 160.000 of tbe amount n?ic<'?*arjr to aware the tona traction of taa Albany and Rutland Railroad, baa be?n ewbacribad. The caabier of* Bank of Indiana giro* nol ice that a new counterfeit twenty dollar not* h?? ju?t been een. which it adangeroaa imitation of the laet twenty dollar bill tamed by tb? bank. The paper is nttber lighter and thinner than the gennine, and the lover ptrt of the dress of the female tigurn. on the right, la oniuted. and mingled with the eloudin* while it la distinct la the genuine. The filling, and cashier'* aigBature are In the tame Land writing. The farniugiiof the Bostan and Mnine Railroad Company for the year ending November 30, 1841). were $612 383 SI; expanses, ordinary and exraordinary, $328 6VU 01; net earning*. >19*- 044 DO; reserved fund from pre*ions year. $48,272 40; total for dividend. $'i+J.9l7 36; dividend 5>? per eent, $195,624; prevent reserve) $46,293 86; exevu of dividend ov?r net earning*, |2,NO. The movement* In cotton In this country, up to the lite* date* in each of th? past two year*, have been as annexed Movisun or Ccttow riit I'lrrin 6tatcb. i EjpitrUd to Rcfeind lireat liu tin li wt I >1 Stft. mm I il St fit. Pell. 1MH. WD. ' IMS). Ikv Vew.Orlesa*. ...Jr.ns 16. 774,2-? 1,071,106 SIM.IWl 6IV9U> Habile Ju?i* IS. ,:2i.4-W 6ud ilrt m.Y'l 277.4.W rleilSe Jan* H. 176.lei UM.3M 30.3H3 iy.l-'j Tuit June 6. ?.,662 34,98 613 ? Ctmit June 19. ?,741 .V2,S? 109 U?, 114 S. Carolina June 2i. 341,407*? IJ5.0H W7,**) # t aroliaa H.KT9 9.672 ? irnteie June I. (*,CoH 11,174 ? 35) tiew Voi* JuaeXV ? ? 137,r?9 121 JT>4 MMtl*trle... JueB. ? ? Tetal baits. I,673 1,636.7W *56,915 1,45VM~ lae rente, IMU ? ? ? ? lieettue, lh64>,.. , 660.2:6 ? 697,066 IZxporteii to ExporU.1 to rraucs S. oj Kui opt tim-t 1*1 Srft. liwr tec Aryl. ' Perls. l**>. IMC. 1K4J 1?4.1. H*? Orleans ...Jnse 16. X'4.yl0 14<i 109 11,021 fc',.V>! Mobile June 15. 30,MM ?O.W>4 ? M.-U' ?Urnia J ulu *i. ? 6,721 7,165 g.tH. least lune li. ? 7*0 ? 1,74'< feorfia June IV. 14.116 1M.45H l,ft*ri 3 Mi i.Catelina Jan* 31. 3l,t48 43.731 6,044 Zi.Jli Jt. ? aroiin* Juiiv a. ? ? ? ? lr?mia Jun? I. ? ? ? 1,056 >awl<rk Juna ?V tt.677 *4.171 13.711) *',/ll kUr Jfoiu Jwu? 22. ? 173 403 MS TetaJ talc*. 234,713 MW.107 ab,7tl 136,1*3 Istittte IW>?> ? ? ? ? D<<I<IMI', lfciO M,4.(4 ? 94,344 ? k. purli fn .iOut Tot<ii KrporU to ivrtitrn Porta forriyn fort* tirice IK H<iA. iwe I ( S jrf. Pari*. ' ?J-4W. IN**.' )M?. 1H* ?l?w Oilaanf... Jane 13. <*,77? SM?l SI4.&02 910.MS ebtle Jul:': 13. a,*7* 27.4J3 176,441 3*!.Vi7 riaraa Jane K. 3,173 4,V? 3J,,r. 7<,'*i3 Taiaa... Juno t. ? ? .M3 2.4'U Wkorgia Juue '? ? I15.IVW JlVtVi 8.? areliua.., . Junn 21. 10,77* 12,177 1.*>,4I4 3TJ.3M h. I arolju*. .. .Jul* 22. ? ? ? Virginia Jon* 1. ? ? ? l,40o Ttvi Yoik J.me2V W7 4,I!H tiZ.W 01,24# OUn fuM... j<M !. 3J9 612 2.M4 3.7V8 Total bale*. W3,Mri 143, ?29 1,117-173 it?4,W2 lai'reate, IKfiO ? ? ? licrt&s'., IWO 49.7*3 ? 827/H7 ? Tbe lalliui? iff in receipt* ha* not been *o great a* the falling off la ihipmeuts to foreign port*, by 1G1.4U1 kale-. There bus been a decreaee in iliipments to iiortlurn potts this feanon, of 27.4G3 bale*. Stock oo kand at tbe late-t date*, I860. 871.373 balwc. against 211 Ji2, at corropcndlng date* In 1849. Tl.e receipt* up ta lateat data*, ara within 30,427 feaUt of the lo?Nt estimate* lately farmed for the *ea*on Left year at thil time, tha receipt* were within about ninety-Ave thousand bale* of thu aggregate for he year ending September let It in poMibl* the aggrcgata tkix year will go over two million* of bale*, but hardly pro table It i* our iinpresaion now that it will at vary fifteen tkoiii-and bale* either way, from that Quantity. Recent account* from Liverpool relative to the cotton market, are of the mo*t extraordinary character. The preaeut deficiency in tha lupply o( tha raw material, might be a partial *u*pen?ion in tha Manufacture of h?a*y good* to get along with; bat in the lace of the moat unfavorable *eaaon regarding the new crop, ever t xp- ri'-ncrd we *ee the manufacturer* f England apparently indifferent a* to any further advance in price*, and working literally from hand to mouth They evidently look tor a break down among kvlder* h?rw? for lomi usftTuriblt change in our mo j market - tlinl will compel holdera to dugorge and |il their ?toek oil lb>' market Tb<y appnu to have very littla confidence in our ability to control enough of the ?rop to girt un any control of price*. and undoubtedly Xpcct to retain that Influence over the planting Inter at of the I nlttd Slilel. which ha* heretofore hewn ?o profitable. Tin money power ol Manch?*ter and Liverpool ia mimeni". and >U'h la the extent and perfection of th? combination among tha manufacturer* and apllaliet* ?f tho?e citie*. that aim oat anything they Ad-ltaka i* uauaJly accomplish* d He cannot cope with that povr at pr?a)-nt. We cannot gat up au?ti oatbinalinn*. and a je aadly deficient in capital; but the tim< In not l?r iluaat, and la rapidly approaching when we aball not c i?ly eatabli?h price* for cotton, but hail hare ti>m| ?rktlTrly little to *pare. after (applying our own Manufacturer*, for thoea of Great Britain, tt any prioe. If the government of Kngland can. by nay lujnagem n;, promote or citend the cultivation of tiou in ti.e I.ant I noli *. It had better h( about It at nee There la not a moment to bo loat. aa the coin crcial etlateiica of Ureal Uritaln depends upon a nutrient aupply of the raw material from aome other ourte than the I nittd /State*. We look with perfect Indifference uponnny efiort made in Kngland to obtain m aupply of cotton froiu any other part ol tha world hut the Ubited^latea, and whatever may be the rwault af any Sort aula It cannot aSeet u* materially. It la, however, probable that any falling off In ?ir?at Britain, lor our rotten caused by rwceipta from other part* of the world, wonld give a gtealer impetuatuthe eaaniaption of thla article within our limit*, and4 ' ??"? n th*n VnUril Lb?? duHoCull of tha* auort* mnj la Binul*rtart?| which that foontrj bu to >?BR Ik* quitltf ol fl-,ur. wh*?t. tort |g4 b*rk; Wft t tid.??irr dnriuK thf .'.J work in Jan*, la th* ;ur lMf *nd IMtl. ?w u follow* ? flour. M>. Wi'al *?, CVm. ?? ferfcy ?< IMf Iy? Jj7 111 V44 4? i mu? i<j4? 1M ?iM fe.OMI 40 t>??. . . 11 2tt t* M.7MI D?? W uMI D?c J.mtt Th* *p(r>|*t> |u*uit) of th* Uf Iwft ?t tidf WiH-r, fn b th* iob^hmduiI ?f Mfl|?tioa to Ikt OilJlu.iidiilii. ?urli| 1M0, VM M foilow* /'l?wr H'Wu. *m, C?m. Im flat'?y, Aw. IMP ?W4 W ?14lu) l.Ii.lM4 Vitrtl m? ...6*3.Jld 1*7 Mi ki UJ 1 lo nr> In. .. vl 4*7 Dm. Mk.HI M ! ? l?M4 Tk? ilT'l*1" of th* * ' artlel** Iwft at lid* wat> r. frrtu lb- Cunra*aecnirul of o*ri{?lljn to til* 3U4 of Jon-, ItrliMlff. durtwft lk? J??f" l'W tnl Ittb tu ii fwkl'iw*:? H*wr. Ml*. IClmf tw Or?i *w Btrlry. kf, 114? !?.".?O 44l.4?>l 4il Ml WO Ho* IV*> t<J <UU im KJ4 Wl 76J I In HUi 9rn... U.470 U.HM2 lif Jim IM Inr 1??17 ttj n4mli| th* wh. ?t iu Soar. th* i(uiili; ul th* UMM I* ft M tH> ?ilrr thi* y*?r. *??|i?r*4 with Ik* ?*rti?^>Bllu| |M-ri<><i U*t y?*r. ikuw* <i?r r?aa* of 1*4,7 M hwrr*l* of flour. Th* NI?*Ia| tabu ih?wi tko quantity of *o?* of Iba prior |>al artlrlr* nf pr?4aa* l?fl al tld* ?al*r, ?r? lki(oati?i?i of to tb? 2441 Jan* ta?ln>lra 4nr.r? lb* J'lri IMA 41 4my 40.43 <U/. 40 ?1 < >? Hi'tirn nr Pa^niri it Tio? Titii C?I'pr* "?? 1. "4?. * ?? I, '4P 2i in floor bbtn 44w*w? M4 767 *7.1 a 10 ITkrtl bwk MI.4M W4 l? 1/7 *'41 for*, do, tiltM I.7M ?14 t?*l ~S1 ftarla;.-d<> MMM NiMl 110 421 ?) , 4? ?to?i 7uM4 mnrt 0< b?r uraioa, do. . . S4| 7(7 471 WV) 47j 74,1 Im( bbia 14 447 IAM4 ?.<V?4 r?rft ?u 47 ? V?.*>7 4UW Arh<*?, 40 lo.U? 14.I.V) lft r?? Hnltrr lb 7*2 *7n *>? 510 7:7 Utfd. do 4 Ml 541 t.ltiMC 5 IfttMtM VknM 40 2 4*7 I Ml 2 447 4..UHJ.1 Vm4 do 472 4-17 4M.4V1 Bmo* 4o 4 740 428 4.447 273 6.101 .*>7 la tba rrrrlpt ?f all artlrlaa of brMftrtuli. tbarw bM bwa a (real faillnc oV. "*a?pt barley and ry?; fell* la Wat. haaoa a ad rWw* l bar* baa baas In raaa* cnaptrrd atlh Iwt T**r Tba ann> ltd I ft tar fr?m Ik* Paarattf of tba Traa Nfy. NttlM to tkadalj n ??*l, may b* important la th?** roac.rnrd In tba Import atl'?a a ad mt?n?lT? aaMMptloi rt tba artl*!*:? Tinrif Dirtaram.Jur 17. 1 *40 - - i- - - <1 lkt? rl.nul. PIT?in n-pij iv >?h -"- " ? ? r-? awl lj nlm.-n of PhiW??ltM* I h??? to rtata that fbrrtan eo?l inland. I ft>r conmrnfttoa ? and pto* d is boad?1 war?*KMi*?? ?nd?r tb* prn?U??m il ihr wan-housing U?. IMI h" Mw ?lt)ioat parent <4 ditw* owl* to M ?iforUJ H4 UgiU. u< iu w *mr* t*a vaaarl M not rr|v<l?d M landing abrowl with I? tha mr?nln| of the la*. There la another pravlckoa o< law, howeT?-r, on thin *nl\jrct to whirh it May be wall to refrr. By ao act of Oonjrraa of the 7th July IMS. It nhitll be lawful for the captain or oiaater of any Hteamboat or eaeel propelled by atvam. nrrirln* at any port In the tnitfd Plat**, to retain all ll>? aoal ?ucb t> ?t or thwi may have on board at tba tim? of h?*r arrival, and may prorrrd with Mid eoal to a ft>rel?n port without bcln* rrquirtd to land tfca aam* In tBe Uuitad dtat?a. o* to pay any duty tkararo. Vary r??p?-f tfully. yonr obedient nervant. iSlguadO W M M KKEKl PH. Sacrrtary of (bis Treasury. WM D. LIWII. K?1 . Collector of the Custom*, Philadelphia. St?ck (exchange. twon U 8 W IISV M *h? < laaton ('* 4A?? |(K0 do G2 112 ? M.,ti?wk KH ? V 1MW do 'M 107 10 Eri? KK 74'H IROO Eri? 7'? 1MI l<?> d* at* 7* IM?0 d? 719 JfrS AO 4* TSV MOO do 7.9 ?rL KM do a*? 7* Kl?l do S? frf; .V) ri? r?> 7i? IW" llBd Rif RR lliU 10 V l<? Raadiax RR a3U ?4 IU00 do lOlC IV) da ?V 64<N> do IOiV 100 do 10 pb> Mad k. Ir.dl* RK WK I'*1 do 4?? 4 Bk ?f Amcrica d off 107S W do ?IU U 20(kcan Bank lni."4 SO do iU 4-1 Sj 30 do IK! RK) do 44?? 100 N An Tro.t K?, 1(U do 4?*J I 12 Am Kxohaafia Bh 1 IS* 1C*> * > iltm <0 ft do II: V 10 Had Hit RR 70 10 Karmrrt' Trait S'i, to Vor k Wot KR 41 60 do t30 3!". lop l. ug Island KR 14 ion do *:C 7.VI Uar!?m Kk ft-V 73 City firr Is* Ca lot \ Imi do b*l i-S2 &ta> karri* Canal Ifl?'0 do WW J-V 2ft do V\ 1*0 do ?90 S.<? 176 Canton Co 4 S SO da ?? W>? 110 do b60 RECORD BOARD. $1? M Eri? 7"? 19 . *,% Iflo ?h. HarUm RK S*V< 2M<10 do P"!,' So do ?? 1000 do ?'0 K*adin< RR 44|< iU'h Erie l.ic>me R'U !H>? AO do sS 44% 1COOO do b?0 92 100 <lo 44*? K0 tlx Eric RE T'"> SO kcrria Canal IS^ SO do bfdja V't <00 do l.'.C SO do ilo 7'' SO do (10 lftj? UO IlsrUm RR &t\ ADVERTISEMENTS RENEWED KVKRV IM\. hkwahlr* LOSS or LIT E?TWENTY DOLLARS REWARD WILL b* I aid for the recovery of the body <>f h-lAi- HlfT'inN, ti>h>m frowned whit* endea-oring to cot aahi.r* from the *ttnn,h?at Swallow, which war buruen Jnu* 2"d. near Fortieth a r?*t. North river. Ue wja about A feat 9 inct ea high, i'2 veara of aye, wore a light mix** t*?J tr?ek ?o*i. dark tweed i>aataluona, an'I letter* Vt . H. worked na the ahirt with rr? allk. He bad in hi* po*?e**i<in bil a and receipt* for John Vt HuO?n. A not*- addre???<l to WILLIAM III TION, ear* or II*.tin** H Co.. N<>.? loutli Will am irect, or ALBERT A l.\DE(KEIt No. Sti W*at *tm?t, will be punctually attended to; any information thankfully received, *nd <.#itaMv r>iw*iil*d. ftlO REWARD?BOAT SToI.EN?STOLEN FKO* W 1" along ride ot (he brig Navigator, at pier IllNr'h Kivtr, on tb- i.i^ht of the Jtith inat., a )awl boat, pit nted Mtcl on *he on'tlde. with the nam* of the vuaml on (he Htm; Inrid- painted l*ad aolor. on th? bottom, with i;reen thwi.rt* and ti p. Tho above reward will be paid u r-'uruli'ft her to the resael. by THOMPSON k N El'll \US. 91 Wall *tr*?t. <tin REWARD.-IXHT. YESTERDAY. 2lr? IN <T. *5 A" a whit* and hmwn full bloodrlpMater Dog Had n a Hat ebain collar, with bra*? plat*. WTioever will rwtiaru him to S7 Eaat Fifteenth itreet. (hall receive H,? a^m reward. ?1A HtB-ARD.-l.OST?ON WEDNESDAY MOHNfil I" in*, tli* 2ti h inat . a blank and t?n Terrwr D *. Hid in ali'i lout a green leather collar. The fladir, by returning her to So W*st Broadway, shall reoeiv* the ah- ve r-warl II \KVRV TOUNO. Lost-on ti esdav m??hmno, two BILLS of Exchange, drawn at fO day*' light on E. Dua?cotnb. Co >k k Co., of > ew York, and aco?pfed by them, 24th iu? f'r $!'ll P, and one for $.'..*00. I'eraoua ar* cauti.iiied ??aiiiet rei riving or negotiating the a?in?, payment having been ?up|tfd, aa they can b* of no nae to any Ml but ih* owner*. Thw finder will he rewarded by returning them to A I.J or & CBAUNCEY, tJ S >uth Btreet. L03T-0N J6TH INST.. IN GOING FRO* II BE It fY atreet t* the U. S Bunded Wirehnnae, in Broadwvy, * I'airof Silver Spectarl TktMlf will b* anitahly rewarded on leaving them in the itorekeeper't otllj*, in the above warehonao. LOST?A I.EPINE GOLD WATCII AND CHAIN. (WITH aw i??l and a alid* in the f.irm ot a hand,) by a la ly. in w a1 king from the Aator home to AT. Stewart'a then r riI'irg in <re of the South Ferry atagca to tb* Bowling Green, ?r.d? alking up Greenwich ?tr*et to Horria. Tlio Under will be auital ly rewarded, by luaving it at the Drug Store, cvrner of Greerwieh and Morria *trett*. LOST?A NOTE PAYABLE ON DEMAND, DkTtD Jnne 9th, I'.V, f,ir ane hundred and twenty dollar*, ?.ri?wn ly l\ G. M 'loaav, pavatle to H try Hckliviti. AM turifh* jr* hereby fantl.i,ra againat payin< the natu*' The finder will onfer a favor on the nnd>ra'gned by leaving it at bia place of bn|inoaa, North Kivcr Hotel.corner of Barelay and Wert itreet*. IV MOLONEY. irOHTIM. C'ENTREVILLE COUKSE. L I?TROTTIVG.?THIS ' day, Thumdav, June 27tb, at .1)^ P.M. [t?u>i:rli fvr $?'<r two mil* I). Steroneon naa? b in. Meudhn" Mail), (? f n to a akeletoa wagon: J. Ooaway naiaea hi. f.!-trigger, to Rulky. Iiutibuiwi *ill le%?e Fulton Ferry. Brockl) 11 at oa? and two o'clock, P. M.. reluming a* loot > lb* iijiU art ottr. Far*, each way, ?iu. JOEl CONKI.IW. SARATOGA SPRINGS TROTTINO COURSE ? I'l'KM of few. t'O to the aeeond beet: mil? h?au, boat 3 la ft, to harneaa : to coma ft J ol) 4t h, at 3W o'clock. I.. M (Julvey,**i> ft. f Ctay Kafir ; O. P. Dimif'a limn Tom C'arnaly, fi rmcrlt Ja-k Rcatiter Porta Jjill; $'<i to abroad beet: Bile heat*, I oat 3 id (i, t" a ldla ; ?? e?me i.fT July Uth. at 4 clock L. McOuitey r. g. Grey Eagle ; O. P. DimBHI .t N r Proprietor. Red iiousr i'i.kam rr ground.?pacing.?a rur?e of $28 will rawio off thi? ilijr, it 3u'olo<k P. M , in.'a feata, beat three In At*, to eadulc. Clare wi .h tha Mliwiaa eatrieet? Mr Wella etltn b. g Sir Arrhy; Jinna Met oy entera blk. f. Jim Crow; Hank auterf I Ik. g. tlheao; J. MeGnlr** eatera a. g. Chicken Pony; J. B. eatera br. g. Tommy Buck. BXCCRMOX*. SU N DA T- 9C1IOOI. ETCFMSIKV-TIIE SUNDIV cho'1 (oancetcd with thr Fourth ITaieereaiiat Society. (Rev. Dr. CbMnn'a, Morraeetrcet ) will make their annual aienrrl"B. oa Tbnnday. Jon* 27, to ,N?9tone OftiTt, New hcheKe. Tha la if* aad eoiarnoduue ? amb -at N -rth America haa been chartered far the oeeaamn. aemwipanl"! by Ix daorth'a aarirallad I ra?e haad ; aad will Itave pier fwl r S|>ria? ?trre-. at a quarter te 7 o'clock; Murray atraet at a quarter rati 7: Market etraat at a <|aartrr to : Grand treat at " o'clock. Tiekata, ft" eenta . to Ka bad ?f G P. Petcreoa. Pearl atrret ; J Agate, 137 Broadway ; J. Gi'Bn, Br- a<la ay ; W. O. IFeadcll. ti Maidaa lane ; M. W. Ward, l? Chatham etroet; E. A. Peiereoa. 70 Caaal etrcet; aad at Wie wearf, oa the maraing of tha caenrmoa. I A II I N O BANKS?-NEW AKH \ NGRNBKT?THE r e'.aircr Bl'FFAl.O will run rrcrj day, exeant Satardayl?lea* lag Canal etraet at 7 o'clock, Grand 7Vi ('. I,.... ? 1L. l'l.r V,? *t V It Ma y r.l ?r,,,n. l,? t P.M.. wltkonl fall. (Kl*? <"< ? III"II Hand will k* oa Mrd. R?ir?>liB" n'?. <tina*r tad *how4ar will ba |>r?vid?4. <0 rm'?. ??*li way. Nrw JIRSEV 1 A I LUC) AD?For BTH or JULY tX cnrri' n?. to ?a4 from PMI?d*lpliia. fir fl, wilk"ith?r of tin fi'llcn ii.? traia<:?l*a?ia? N?w York tha 3d and VI if Jal) ia tin Han't 9 u'i lock A M. anil 3 aVIoc* I*. N. iraiw, aud on tkc ?lh of July ia tl>? k and * ?"*l<?k A. M. traia*. ft' mU < t it Likarty Mcti ; r?taraia? from Pk'lad*l|.?>ia oa th* 4th I.f Jaly, la l!i*A*'*la*a P. M train, and * Ui* Itk aa4 Alb af Jal* la lk? k aad n'alork A. II aad Jn'ol^k P M. Itaiaa. Way l.ia*a? la a44itma I* tha *??al 4aily trala*. *llb iKfl'Mtt irfi'Bit^aMaai, lliiN will k? tha Mlnwltd *jf*a train* oa Ik* 4th of July ? l.-a<inf N*wark at tl A. *, t V, p M . aad II P M : laa'ln* **w T -rk a' 7 A M.. in P. M ., aad MM P H.; l*??i?I Rlnah*th??.wn at & and l"\ P. M j Itaiiar>?w York at |t? aad II*. P. H . l-??i?r KaSaaj at <s anj 1(11, p. II.. I*ariag N?w V*rk at 10 aad 11% P. I.j !'*>.*? Nrw Itr una* If k al 4 P. M.i Uaaiait N*W > < ! k at 10 PH. Oa Friday atoraia*. Ik* ilk nt Jal*. a train will l*at* K*wark at 6 A. .* from N*w Yark al 7 A- M. _____ -(yr|u|(( NIW YORK AN0 MW t*(iUMIl TFI.tORAPH Iib>T-bb?.?H*n haat*' l.i*a laIwwi.-DItKwI-IV l?>rart?ra of tko N*w Y*rk aad W** Eaf land T'lajrraph C'.iaf an * ha** Ila< lar*4 a 4t*l?*nd of !?aa. a (71 p*r aaat.. paya* kla M atoakko|4ar* oa aad aftar in* *tk -f Jul*. I.Krreiirs. Pr*?i l*al. I I. W. Jianat, Vrr*lar* *a4 Tr?a.nrar THK MAN that miu To ARCHY ORIBTB, un a**k. a fray iwara, la r?aii*at*4 to rail a|? a hnoatkit ?n>t*. I> Bar*Ia> ?tr*at, ao4 f*t*h twt; ki* Oa.<r*.>at. Ilr -> 4nt?? h* will aVlira ARi IIY ORIRVfc Jim NftTicE-omn or tiibcomhiaaioxcrop Jiirra. Ma <. Cit; Hall, Jan* Ifttk. i <40 -Monat ia ' harakv (i**a ?a all pcraoa* *?'Bft fr-in Jury Du'jr, *K? I hat* aat r*ftl*?*r*4 '.hair aam?* al tbi* !*. %? are ir aad akaw th' ir ?r aa4a *f ii'np' , f-r ika autp?*a ?f anrh r*. tlatra'iaw. an at h*f?r? tha Mh day of Jnly a* ?l. ThtjwUI la* a**i4 k*ia? iib?'?"4 t* lha f?rf'rai*n ? of Jar* l>u<y. W M A WtlKTK I'' aaiiaai n*r at Jar r* DKNlLCTlOR.?TIK I OPAHTWtRMIIP MBKRTO. far* tilatlaa k*tw**a tka ?i'?'n,*r?. aa4*r ik* una an* Arm -t Lya'h A l?ar*it, al l'? W??i *tr**t, ia ?hl* toy Aia?..l?-4 ky tantnal **n?*a?. Tka aautaa4ia< Vi*ta?*a*f I Ika < ar#ra will l>* aatil*4 Ir Jaa Ltaili, wh<> i* fully aa il.< riMii t* n i*> th? if tka Ira \m li.i?nUl i>n "JiVLtwiii. Di? T?rk, Jaa? II. IW?. CMA1. UaTllTT A' A K O. ? Tk? Itlntlili ?f>fw>r laalty nf mnri> ItlkMitwrf ihwki M Sli piriM frli>4i m4 hi? I *rt. f? f ihfir Mirnu> aa4 r??>?c|f ?II j Milan* iu ii kl* aM nkmuk't itui. n'> lt?> VkI it. J\n. LINlH. ' A r**rr or Tin stat* of ii.i.iwni* -nortci is /ft hfiflf ?i??a. that a ?it|4*?4 *f All ll'lltn ?Mh . U??aaa4 lolltrt, *111 l? paid n|<x* tha alnak if lli? 1iti< of llli* II. it (!( if th> nMrl'tn. > u4 ifitr Vn>4?l, tb< ln> >roiiB? WAIrfWllRTH ft AllM.Do.*. I?t?f?it Ar*?ta, No M Ktektnc Plm To I ItllTtU IIO INO HA 4 MI MKT AT COMMA*D I ?al itptlli af (Mrrliliti lk? arlatiaq of ?> nr i?? ll!a?'rat<4 warki I'?rti??lar? aiay >> < > ? ?rplyia? >' tf Vfi?y atraat, .Si? T??k. Nonet to bri'tiss-aaii* ttrtl* ?a fink Taril* vill ?a ?r??4 ?r > Var n< 'i*ili. I? . <>a Thi'tilir (thla 4a?j at "IIM'LAIH *." 7M hr ?4?a?, f' r*?r t.f Kifklk J amki ? owkrk * aon, rin roinixrs, cor>rr af Ana u' fluHa itntu. Naw Tork. ha?a > ha*4 Tin artlrla mumirj f?? u??lin PriaHa* RatakUah au TT>? aa'artalaea wfclak titaaaavr aa? arlaia* ara*r?a Art i ri dial iii his jv*t rf< rivro. pre S<aaa>?Ma " ll?r???a,' a a?w nnli < tUui lri'i p?im< aru??i*l l.fifkaa. VlCTUH MI-HOT a ?a<4aa Lftft*. IMIAftlllIKi, AC. tr. kh.lTMIVff Til I ?T A T VII T" % F ?a"w?"y* !?*? #? I..U |ivlt?,,n AUo, r??a <* ?h? ?tfc ???. ? Wt ? Trry rr?t'ti. i YJL* AftHIFHOO* |i , ?K* WIIAfl Will. RAVI, " *f??r tk? anh .f J?a? laoaat, a? H?? ?all-kao?? otmt of r aa4 Thir??**tk mmU. ? ratal t" ? rat'aMa f?T faattli** Bf ria?U Nt^n. Bin at full \? at* r?rmi iMliii ? City. >*/ ?l mmrr4 af ?. plaaaaat **4 aattotartar* ?*< k???? ? at ant xh>f In ||M) di??r<?? i.rt. wun hoari* ?r a wtnowr lailt, akara ?h?r? ?r- an V.artara, la raiiraA part of ika lit, a ri"?i ?a?l kaAr-ata, taral?k?4. ?n l?4?, ?r M<?t|a?aa aaa \*ij. Hn qa-a?t"?? will ka a*ka4. ?J4r***, for t*r?a 4ay?. Oft.?lia, M tka r?> <?m?? Tn It KB MB FOUR MBNTLBMBR t AW HAVB BTILt farai?h?4 IMIUMIM la a |>lra?*a-ly attaatad ?wl tkaira Irlaa*. half ?H * "?' ? Ut g<amiMa< an/ T?aa?r?tlt'? UaWM. kraakfaat ??i taa ?a4 Ataaar < ) Ui. ?ia4t;t. UmaM a??k??? AMlW kaa I., BwaB | S?LM < r a N UTUmlVliHOrilViTI LIBRARY.? S?ln ?i >1.1 Min. Il?i.n intU ok ud htkUuucr*. Mimtlil Maul* li?<lr for ik* Tr<t4?-Wilt be i'K'M #? lnuradjj kvri lb. . Juur '.'?,aud foil vain* evtnin^i ti'l 'd. an ox'coatee talaakli ft if ue aaridaH Bud IMmal .:? a-id brtka. intiiM'v h air very rat* uud ''MliitnlaleU worka in IJirrlUK, Frit nee and Art, aiM-iag arlnch >r?. Exieyl'.pedia Kritanua of the t'uuit <.f I'barla Sariud. <*<>14 mi.L'a A t> * m a' * d Ka'me, H ? la.: Britiah llurei. tiritlah Theatre W y?>i'i work*. rowtilate; W?Ip<I--. l-. tt?ra. Bet walla Jihrne ly < r k?: Pietnreaqin* Aut'MOiti.a af pipain, Historic l.alltt} ?f Art, J'lnden'a Illuttra'ed work, Kdiatnrfr Rottee. f liaam Exirac'.a. ttouni Anburn. iilaetietxi; I iuj.i n r'-- l'i pa^MMl llicuonary. IL><arih'e acrt ?. I'? si \ ( yrlop-riia, OrerBwood'a lllnutrated lancet of l?i'11 SLaw'a Zcchyy, ?aorii> Permona, Patrick Luwtb, ai <1 atllo'i ( iitmn ?n-r,4 v?U., r?jal 8vo.; to^eiber with a ?ali.aH?* eelWi'tnii ol "< hool ai d Mix-ellanaona Hooka, ?tatiiner) Mutir a . t?i < i r i rade. < <|| I V 1 K r>;sr rr, ard OT Bread w?y. BIUKDIKKI, a I *. 1 HiN i*.itV ALL'Abl.fc OIL Pai>tlb|K-li liaroioer will ?? )! at auction, mi Priiay, tke 'J>(h inat,, at hi) d-w anil faahlcnablt* Auction i 11 iua, Mo.SB hrvadvav,a< iaar of Autinny II a'ili tk. a r> ore* MllMtUltf tlia lllMll, Plttb, raiM Bad Italan arhooU, Juat receieed, and net r l>*fore eilubtt <l. le>ng <f the ni"?t iOjibui' artiata%?ii.: i'lackler, fc I aijir, Kohcri Uadno, I^o-'urrr. Vrraat, th-camp, fi o'aaan, 1 Vim ra, Vaa l>>kv. It- , hn<i will b? touud one of thi leat (I'llirtliita hen i< I -1? v(tm*,a>4 worihy Hie attentuB l ktrateorr n kimuii and hert. The t'aintiagt, wi'l ra'alt |ilir> are r..? r>a^ jr lor exaui'nation. C1TV IIAIL bOM, BBOOKLTM. AID BRibtJK ST rLree itoryr brick lioutca. ate., i>? Jaai>'( role, auctioneer At publtR aal? at th* Merc I. am'* Kaoliang*, W'\ll etrnat, on Thurmay, 17th of Juue, ai 12 o'eh-ok, four lota. ?ith the blildiui, beir* cue h-.tidre't feet (Mt, (MM irr-jolar di fih. frcu wire ihao n actT frer to at>out aarautf, of tin- i h?i?e?t btooklvb lota, i tniral in t?? itreat bl,.rn in Fbllon atreet. aitainat the City Pall-ttie i ufidvuk tula?to he aoln ib .nr lot. mljeci to murl,??.H t r the WrvokIjn fav.i'gt Itauk. for fooraud a liall yoari. at aee> n i>er e? rt. '11 e l are of frarar, ai d rent, f^r $V*', $ t7A. $910, all SM?. and ttrw.ll ..u'lay nii|(ht be aiade ana ia uesiined to be peculiarly so is a eerr.lew yrara. It it the very heart ami cut rre of the my A Ufoklyn, equiditiari iivHi all ilie taistiaic ferries. as the ferrr leasee alU exp-re 'l a Jrer, and a u?a general re- arrangement is thtii t?>l,enaiie,it is cnttrtentlv expected that the Hontsu'c street ferry will be esta-lithMri, lessci?in* 'he dis'anse it* in these l"?#i to a ferrj, aquarter of a mile or more <>n the Br. ok 3 u aide. and c< itie>tin* immedittHy with the central financial \ uaiasee of the city ol New York, at or near Wall tree- I^arkt and i * a j r n l street* cr?wd together at eaeh end of t|i? hlcek. At the fa ther end F"ltou stroet turns a?th a cecided snptle, tn?*?te A,1Hinr. WlPoughbr, and JoraleHi? n streets. At 'hr nvarer end the grea? Mvr le avenue, on e ? Fulton and Washington streets, ana Court street, and lUa'apre pluce conn t0|te. her a; the aauie junction. Large ard > ? Ml.) f< ||( sti ry IV ret* ! kffpWB MM Ir-.ut, a*Ml imposing architectural appenrane** have been ete-ted on this block wi Lin the year, of which a handsoiuo lltlief;raph may be teen in 'he n *? Brooklyn Oireotoryj Montagu* Hall ia enpoeire. A large a<<d b?**utitul loiild'iig. u?*arlv adjoining ll'>ntai;ue Hail, ie te t* eirc'sd tine season. On Hits one hundred iff i, filestores might be built Capitalists looking out for perinue?i)t lavesiiutata likely to clve large repayment, are invited to It uk at this, and attena th<* sale. Maps, ah<wfng tli** uite and position of i^e lota, are ia C<lf |& ( hiltvr.'* < tl oe, y H slf ?ir?-? t. N?t* York; In Jaruc* Cole's office, <3 Fulton street. Br ooklyn: *nd in Englebert l?ott'e auction ai d ct-mutisfcion store. '& I Fallon street; aud ?n the prt Bises, in Falph MaHore's land agency. JW7 Fulton street. Al?o. 11% + three st<ry buck houses in BMnKmt, Brooklyn, lr the har.dsonx'ly hnllt hlr.ik Uisees Johnson and Tillary streets, U-ing N(,<- 2*4. SEfif, TJO, i!lt>, ths last being a drasiist'a store a^ tie earner. an1 three and a half stories higl?. The?< houses acre sot ttaMlally built two and * ha^lf years ago, *\t\ under c?*iHr*, with neatly finished basements, with first, sec nd. and third s'ories of approved modern r.lan. 1 he four Hihide lots eru 1*2 l > >4? feet, und the houses 22 by 5*-!: the ?raer 1?t is 16 feet .1 iackea hjr SV and the honse is li by 44'. $2 W of mort|fure is n^^u eneh home, aed may reniein. Ss'e i?^?itive Feu tetter opport'-uities for in ve?t? meat are offered, li'idee street is a jr?vo r?et, and its p>LS|ee'l\e ad%antapes arv beyond the cummoa ae?raae. Also, a two story fritme honre, 22 t? et B incheg, h> feet; lot 2b test, heiujt N??. 270 Psarl street, and next to tl-e e<>rB**r of Myrtle avenur, ruonin? lack to an a)Isy ten levt wide, tl^^may remain on boniaiil m ?rt5sae. at 7 |? r c mt. Hi ferer.? e ar? at ove, and to Rse H R. of u?.of, 49 V\ p?l? arenne f*rnaklv?i A Hilt NY J l.Fftt KI.H HIU AT AUCTION, on Wrdnt-tdsy. ihr Jduth of June, IK'S', mt 1*2 s'el *ck, at tie i a?tbants'Kx harK**. the foll^winic eaiual le property. u. in tl a tnwn of l)< nkirk. ( hautao^oe county. State of Kea ^irk l y?r*larot the rustaes. about i 0"?> bailo ing lota In said roan, and a iinmlsr of valuaM* Mater treats und barf pi ivilrses on thsharb?r. 1 ha sale of ihs ? hole of which will le i*ls<Miite end t*niet?*r%sd. to die hi^h^st bidders. l.itlM|j>a|.|tie map? of rh#- proprrtycan he ohtniusd of the an?-ti?>neer. N?? 7 Ur<ad s r^ t, ons month before the sale, 76 percent of the pur?has<* ui< uey can remain en bond nnd nn i'fSf e, for years, at G por cent per annum. Dunkirk flt?a on tbalak*, tH? imfwljrnfin ?r?lt U huyt-ra. Tlit- ml* will Ve continued daily until tin wliola I*r' |'i r' y i? r?-laf. OH? KFiriim AKE KKJIISDRIi OF Til* I ARGC .air' f IStuoklrn |>r 'i>?iiy a-Uartucd br Jamra C'?>l?, to ??kf pt*<? thi? tiny (Jun* 27 ) at twelve o'clock, at th? Merclant>'k charge. 1 hi* |>r-|*rty rooiiMa <>f fnur Iota. and frame dwell no, on Tult. n itreet, oppoaltc (lit City 11*11; ff?? three aory brlek hi ncea and 1< ti la llriftu reet, nnr J< l>n?"n ?lrnt! and al?> a two atory frame liouxa nad lot in I'Htrlairfet Tliia |r?piri} if fir) valuable, being iu the b??r? ai?d < tntr* if ft* c't? f llrt'Okhn Hr.M.V II. LklDS. Al't 110NEF.K?THC MAliNlflccm luarj Statue u( Chrut 4!r?eH?d.?Uanry II. l/fli A I a. will tall at >ucn i, n Mosday, July l?t. at lin-?|... k. It> tlx mil. ry. rear uf their iti>n. N?- H W all air*?t. t a eelekratrd |>l?ea >1 Ivery Statuary of Cliriat Craclftcd, rarra.l by lb? M< i<k fnCMlM, It >a ciffd-wly a?a?rtad to t? the )ar*?ai. aa well aa the n-oat eiouiftitely carved piece of lurv S'aluiri in the world, and will |>o>ititaly b? a.-ld to ?!.< bifke-t k dder. J MURPHY. ArrnOMER-HV JA?i>B I1IM1AKT, S?< re IA Mprnca a'reel?1 hia day, at II* o'clock, a* the rpt-r uf fjrand. <Vnfra a- d Orange atreata, in lb* building known aa tM?l-k?l|i.?a' llall. ShrrilTi Salu -Ik? fuinl' ura acn,ai..?J on iLu Moid, third and 'oarth at.irivt ut aaid ku.iamc. < .? ???!in i?Hrt ??i i mmt'luirt. <;*rjw-t*. Oil 4 UtK Mirror* if* . fee PAWH1 ROKIR'8 ULI -UW|| H HOtl IMS Itttt | ?*1I. ' III* a?y, Jt?n? 27th, ?( auction, % Ur.;? ?rtnival H uirrdffmul fwittialini ??f Utliv*' Civ hisf, Watch'-*, ri*t?, J> ? *)r>, r trt friit- ' 1 onl? fee. Bv of AKKAII AM (.UOnWIN, 31 <>0lr? ?trr?t. WH iALfe tnu TO liK'l. y-K 8ALK-A WELL-KNOWN UOTEI., NOW OOIVQ * a pr IStaMa buiinraa. ami ia o?e of th* limit drairabla aiiattluna la tlir ritjr: alll bo (old at nut.half it* vilur, m thr prrarM profHrtur Irnraa for Eur- t? la faw >lai Prlir (Ml). Applv to i\ R H?? t? .irwl Tut novRNTRArt viLl.Aiit ?n Tin ki iriru innu?? I. ia f r aala?Thirty dollar* to i>? paid <to?n. ha), aort ?n I nail a?.d taorffac* f.>rfner ;tin, If rrqnlrrd. L?ta aiiai't Li tight la tl.? a? i(iliiwrht.i>d f r donMe wLat t aak. TLi* la a lii a| p rtaaity for *r\ aao in iii"Jrr?t? ciicooimat% t<> unt*lia?* a k>a?. Ob Jaaaary lat, li?ui?'.?J ii aaaaiptad lot SI.MM. Par map* ami par'laulara laqniraof f- *1 n. r in H id.. IT" lad 1T7 W :lian> at.. Wladaw ."had* H ?rahnn?a HI l'?t ,\ ?. I V i II Hi llfikn *IIK tiLE?A PART at thr farm lat? It Award lj lirofn J'H't. K<q., a quartituf aiilf K' r'.h t.r Ptartnan adiolniap and ba'Wran iha i?iH?iit? of H'aahinx'na Ir-inv Mu**? II (Irinaall, E?q., aad liar. Wm Pauld>a?. la offered at private ial*. In plot* af from two tc trn at r?a tv h It bar a fr it of I'lU faat a? I II 'a. a rlttr. I* nadalatla^. tnrarml vtlh fruit and forrrt trrra, a?id h?? ?n al uadaat -u/pla ?' *rr'M ?atar. Fur partirntara apply f < . A J'AC'MI Wo A Broad a rmt. f^o jom miNTiiis.-iin i k hwe I for antr ?n aiaori turot of anprrlor Ea*ll?li i'?l?rad Ink, |ni up ia amall r?tm?t?ri Alto, cut a fin* Wind Cot Ink. K IIOR * CO., Hi and Al Unld Hraal. BIOK IUHN*-S IHIWNTUWN FOH SAI.E-A KKKIII aad writ asaor rdtlorVof amndard ll.x.W* an I Station, ijr, t' (attar with Ilia prlvll* : "f I'ora. ITpon thai r?nt of tb? (tarr, ah?.rr flMlprrytar ran >> mad*. IhiaaArlaa ran rat' >h*t>> r fi r a prrron of ?n*ll aapital A<*drr*a lintn> J a Alt, altli r*al nam*. !?*n FrairW", Trtlaar offlna. II l.n Al htit ITAW *f-THR M tNSItlN oFiuiiv I..N#rt"t,.W frrt h* All, two ?tf,rl?i aad atiie, with lirr* Latrwrat, with kltrbrn raar<~ alf. rdma ritraalfa and ? m MltliH a<<'<mi?"datlnn ft I fel llt Pina of I prt at? r*?l"nt- ?, hariac a lar?r r aeh h?n>? and ataSI* with rarronndla^ In an nf tarat* arrr? ant tn th Manna Pivi* tloa, a*4 la'aiartrallaii (if bral'k nr toaatjr of Ap|. , to JOHN H r<lVII, 1*1 raltoai a?ra?t ... > S" oar rat TMRT ' tk i.m mrt-* i k i> rut ki\r r No*. C. Sin >a<l 2411'I'ttfj ' ra?t. arltk limn n mC>m c?ra<-ity of 10 ??ii? r*? .?.h tl?? r O?.o*?l?a (i*>? >ai*t..l<*talr. 'or fnrtkor f4rllnllrl, lr>l?lNnf f II f ?T W It Of? 'H* ru'l li-tiS"iiit. hi, on ,i n ... h of so |).? VMt ttr?" loqutro of M C. WRB.*TBR To m\i i iii ninr - mi.? i i f * t in s ,i |l...iron pi i'u I; atlaa'?4 ???r Clmhffi rtoi. *1 III* ttri*il>iaa ..f th- II<. ! '.? Ki?#f It ailr-nd nil ttlttldtl l?r> ?..ltfii? il:>l kui?l n rtMtariti, u4 rti to aa!arr>4 a, a aaiall mmh T a p?ra*a vto aak?a ttia r. at '? ?, ika trrtaa aaill to ar rfrrat* Af> Ijr aa Ika prt Iwi. Two MO'ND >T?mY TMiNT ROOMS To I,ItT. TO ???ttl?ni?a. alitor takiai 4l?a?r 4oa?a |>.jra. or *ttk til* '??llj (a ploaaaat Weatiia la Barclay atrral. illrtM R. k., at tkia *t??. HOn?KI. LV>R i?Air. CIIAP-A ^ruiDiD MIX VIAR* OLD r lla. k Hlm?4r4 Mara. *ft?ra aa4 tkr??..juarl?r? kaatfa hint, rf p^wtifal fraait ill irut aa4araara . la p. rf?.tlr i*i>tt* a*4 ?<?a4. raraa-ly rr?m*tha > nntrr. Ir tr.n*ra, 111 aitt ?ar of tka (iii'rt aa thr I*laa4. frtft t*"> (wall t?1ar f"V wl*k a I'-'la tratalaf.) Ik* n??*r la ba'ii'oi A44rr?? ' Virli " ll?r?M " **. Si m t i i"< nit T n R attWtlM Ha ?????!* tovaaa ' - lvti?? ao4 C ??*. !< I?i far tk? aim 111*. ?or?r*l for aal* v Ai , ?< killOit N rt.o# *?.t.o?>| in T >.rth imar L'"k -?ik A ?RRV NaUUMIHB NAT MANR. MX Jr )<?! >!?. rf.nlr .aatat tia4?r tha *a44la. f.<r olthar of atallrt aa la haraaaa, ul la a ??r? flat tr?tWf Ta to aaaa at lulul'i aukla. aavaa-r of Naaa aa>4 B*a?*r WWtta. DM MU-A IIH R A WAT CAUUU& with POM r a*4rlaf?*. pa'aat ?al?a. la f "4 ardor I riaa |l*t - Apply al M < aralta atfaat. CARRM' ?a or, av , WA'iONS-TBC at I tor k-a tto plvaaata to laforiat.k* lallat aa4 |?i<llaaa| f Ikia *it? aa4 I'ltl torh"o4 that ka ka? at t,la ataklra, al II..I aitoa, a?ar ika f?nj ala* toaotlfal Cam**** -a > aa? ta r- ctaia laalaa par****: al-o, R. tkaaaj aa> h..r?? atmaaa. all 4rr..ra<?'i aa4 poia ?4 la ?p a*al4 atria aial, rv-?ll*nt harna aa4 oarofnl 4r(ai??, aah.rk ha aa ill lot k? tk* h< ur or in. m prliaf# arfplr air f?rtlra,fur Aiaaat t? Pii-ra- n a .if. n..11 . r ... 11 i. aa...... i, . - a?? Hnalra, nf ai( hty rl?' ? la lb* M%k> uriin*4, ? tama fi? I'pil" u<li?. u4 r?ntWm*n ? tnf-r tkr niifttKf, n? lb* Ffrrv Haatar. ?l?t a ill prill nt lk? rarri??*r aad 4r1tPTC lalnagiaa la Mm. r. f FRANC14CO. rtrm>(OATfOMii. Mum tihv ? af Tnoi^*M> < o? ii* *oi.r? y?*. trn'ay if " H k(t la <! . t>4 kow Wi * > it." It' irnabltn nf trarktac k; a? artl< l? ihaa io*|>. U> la nMilard aT?rj?rfcara. ally n ?ad and a arrant' I n't ia Injarr j' rr rlnibaa T ? B*ll kat? I', ami w -? at by ' hj r?tf la:tar ar l y ?>a"?f?f Tit* nt MT r?taraaj, If It ? ( aot < ll. II I u 11 \ j i it ? I m s aaaaa v?? \ iV Tub rRuarraii, no s, jlkt ihip-him v> i iu * la* portrait <>f Jawaa K. Mardark, aill ka n>4; Thar<*?y. f7tk mat., at 12 r'alrak. 1*. Matka?a. Bdiiar (?<>at?att -Ho I, S^aial DittlMtitai. N IV NT-Ilia. ?r llnalrta arw rrarilj, I aalu .naklr I if? tn N?? V'.rk," "Tka rar? *? ;" *. ??M 'Kara: X AathtaUr Ufa ft Jam** t Nartaak: ?. Hat Iran Ik* f?l?rt?itj, A Iknt af J?ka fiahar, ky a ?atkar af tk? Park fit: *. Pant* aa4 Qala. 7. Tkaatraaia lanlra. K, Tkt ??a fctjrni; I, Mr Faaalni?ra t;> par aaw cmnir at Itnrtra'a, ' I pataa linaa," I", Naa H'rical Pabjl'atli'i: II. *r?a4nj T??tt?; If, TTia National. Mkla'a, aa* Haraair * < . I'rif" 10 w. T? *l.f?n, k rn. r.M>?w? w?? ** ? -t f*? I ml (till ka ka4 ? 1(1 kmih nft (?lM 'f Jfa. I. ?? ItlKftTITT or Ji !Ml?* AWI> rftRMTIAKITT " 1 1 ? Math** H Klll?r, n4Nfan, in Ik.- ? ' taqair). ratk*r thaa mi ?rr?faat ?? tr-T.r-r, ? cfu?? I ha ? I hrwtla?".jr i* aa*T*at J*4at*m. aa4 !? p*rf??* ' ""> ? ? ??tk ik* r?f?nt ?i ???n ?a a* xf Ik* p-tati wkiak Ik* Jia> a*? ti*t aa poian *f Mtmltl di>*r?aaa ? for >ala Hk M f. |M<. **ra*r *f C?ty Mall <mr?aa<l ^rr??* ??r**?, a*4 la Hca**** aa to\tww R??f.>Til an< l ?, I ??W N an; (>ri*r fc Kratfcaf* ? < ? * *tau, 2M, Mra'i it k*au* . IwlaaiJ. MP, *..ra*r*f Dna<; aa4 < r?<**a, arvsiSn'1 "~k I ^ W A NT#. WiNTIfr-IY A TOUMU HAN OP iiDSINBM hat ll?. ? aitftftiiua ui wiieleeele ftil r<VftlJ dry go?4a ?r otb^r aton. ftftMUrfttaa. ?r wunlJ ftf t iu bouhlovMr. Cm th? be?t ?f r*f??r?ne?. Addr.'f. ' Duaianaa. BarftJd WAhTKI>-fITtJATl??N\ UV TWO 814TKKS, IM A nmMilh fiftllt: >h aa Hcftutalraaa?<ti? aadcr- I Una* cBttiag and making abiria and tiiildrm'* elnthiag; , il>.' ril.irw Kirw or f bambrruiaid. Apply ?t No. ISJ , Forty ih Mint. "OTAMED -BV A BBSPEt TABLE YOUNO fBENCH TT ?. man.a widow, wliu .?! apeak Kngli?h well, 4altnattoa >n private family a* Uri> n?krr, StamatreaA. or otherneedliwoik. M.eeBiigive moat aatiafaeiory reference iu New Yuk a? ta character aad ability. A|<pljr to Mvua. Glfcol'D, i S!4 Br< ailway. j Wanhu- iit a kbi'ei TAHLK youno wom4n. | b nitnatloa a? C"?k Mia perfectly uuderataade her | Loiatip. tiood ( farmer giran. Apply at 4>> Third avenue. . U AMFU-BV A KB-1'ECTaUI.K YoUNfl ttiRU A " Mti.aiton to do gi-natal homework, or rhaiubcrwork and I t lair >-r wing Th.e lirat of reference run be giran fr?m her j JaM |iln*?. Pirate to call at !>7 Eighth atrtct, between tbe ' Piiifi b2.4 tevtath areuae*. bark, in rim rear. WANTED-A VITIATION AS CHAMBERMAID. OR wnnid dc ike general houtewrk i.f ? ?ioh1I family ; ia ar rx< elletit a aalier and ironrr, and a tory c xid ae&meirone.

!! Wt an I r aril rroiutnendeil PI. uau addreea J. 11., IN} ferenth stieet, fourth rt?ry. fr< at room AMI D? It V A TOD MO WOMAN OK EXIT (IE.MT, a aitvaiion a* Conk. in a V?rk aity hotel, t'lrat rato rtfitritr ?!< > If 11 i|aitiil. Ar11\ at IA llridj-e (treat. V\r ANTED? IN A SHIP t HaNDI.KR'S STOKE. A I j Porter a. quamted wit'i ihe huniiirta. T.i a mau well j recommended. aud willing to make hiiuaclf aaetul, tua aitua' ticu will I r pun airat. Apply *o j Hi HEMllEHHOH.V It ARK Ell lit Co.. Ap Sonth at._ WANTED?BY A BESPECTA BI.E PROTESTANT >< un* Baa. a alruaticr. as nituhnmn or wai'er. llaa | (?td rity irfarenee, and likuw>?e the highest teatiraonlale . fun. ti e ild country. Una bo i>hjecti?ua to tb? town or I ri un'ry. Aiidreea J. W., llcrald office, or can be Been at 243 Third art i tie j _____ . Wanted-by a rkspectahlb woman, a situatlok aeoook to a?e'ai in ? anliin* and ironiug. llaa no | eljerlou to go in tbe tuntry. 4 an milk eo?i. Mity he reen > a> fcer li.t t 'are for a truck, tji l'uurili (treat, between tbe ! I f.iarrt and lalaimt Place. ' WANTKD?A SITUATION, l?Y A RESPECTABLE 1 yi utv Bun.aa waiter or p.irur in it hotel. Can bare j the beatot cn> refrreacea. Arrly to A. U. Ilrmon At l'o., 3U >i nib air.rt. f..r Tli. maa HradfuH. or Pateraon p??t otllcr. ! A SITUATION, BY A YOUNO MAN A3 | ? Barkci per, >>r in a H'holeaitle Liqimr Store: be per- j fi illy unOrratsnda th? I'lieinei". and ha? thp h-m of rily ro(. r. me tr. hi liia laai employer*. I'leaae call at Mi Centre | ftrcrt, lit at tbe isiith Ward llvicl, aorccr of liaauc and | ( riitre atrceta. from 'J to 3 o'clock. WANTED-BY A FETECTAU1.E WOMAN. WUOTTAS lo?t bcr ehil<l, a iiuAiion h* ' !? take one to h?*r bnmi, t rgo <?ut. ThcfcMt rijf?r?uco gi ti biiMuv^u van ut seen irom j a* \?:**A ! \LT ANTIQ-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WONtN, A | ! TY nltuation u rook, Waalier lad lrrnior, or I'hMlwf I pmiil and w uit< r: miv rffuri'o** cm k given. it repaired. ; I'lriKP inquire at 34 Poreyth atriet. ia tl? litwintnt. WANTED?BY A KKftWTABLK YOUNG WOM IN, A ii nation an Nnr?? and Plain Sewer or ohai?b"'n*i?>d anl waiter, in a rei).eetahle pnvatn family; ahe thoroughly ui Hern' apda ber lit aeee; in willirix to go in the country. (.Mid reference fi\ cu. Plu? rail at No. Mulberry tirvct, in tl e bttrirfil. WA N 1 K II? BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT younr ?nn>an a ?itnati"n n Ntirne or light. Chamberb>a,J, in a reapectabl* private ramily ; would bate no objection to g<. to tl.e i'kiiutry for tile iunimer. Apply at Uolrrc*v ntriet. in the ba?*T*>*nv 1L A.Mtli-BV A RESPECTABLE VOUNO WOMAN, A ?? frituui ion to do the ft> nrral hoaaework of aiuiall private fauiiiy, or charaherwork, and a??i?t in the washing and Iteming: fcaa no cljectioa to ;t<i a ?bort distance iu the omin- ] li). Uutd city reference riven. Pleaae call at Tl1, Jay atrert. II"ANTED?A SITUATION, AS GROOM OH COACHv f man. '>y a r*?|??table yjung man who uniarettn la the eaie ati<! iaa*agem"iit of borjea perfectly: it a atfady and careful drher. for w Inch bin refertneca will certify; it a I'rotertent, and baa noobjrclon to town or country. And would b< ft nrd generally naetnl and obliging, C.>n be iwi furl fewdaye. A'loirM A B.. Coachman, 12J EljveolU itrvet, I?i wi en F'rei avenve and Avenue A WANTEt ? BY A RESPECTABLE PKMTR3T.INT GIRL a itaation ai chamber Bind or several bonne work. She can fntniah the boat of city reference. Plea?? apply at N f. # Vn-li airtet, near tbe Math avenuo. Can be ecen far tLiie dayr. Wanted?t situation, bv an amekican yoneg man to tend bar Tbe beet of reference* from Mi pmrnl employer*. Addre?e, L. 8., for onu week, at tbe office of tM? pap?r WASTED-BY A RRHPrCTAIIIR ENGLISH YOUNG girl, a eituation aa Niireeand SeatnatreM, or an Ch?mti rmaid and Seamalrea* ; ?hr ia a gaod aaaher and Imnvr.? l?i to ?ljrctt<n to go a abort dialan< ? ia the c >untry. Pieaar call at No. S Siatli etreet, Third |aveau?, third ?l?ry, Iroft num. WAMKti?hY A IUM'UTABI E YOI'MU WOMAN, who nu>icT>i*i<H( her l>u?ia<*?a, a aitaatiua u ('? >, in | a board'n* houta < r large pri? ate lannly ; ia willinr lu ??i?t lr warhirK and Irntirg, if ne? led. W.uld jo to either eily orri umr.v. Tl<? heat ?f *lty referenda ulren. Can t>a a?-n lor t?o ii?v? it :72 Walk.-r atwM. WAMIb-t HITI'ATION AH COOK, BY A PKKHON ah* uadarataada tier buiiaca thoroughly. She cm git e g??d r|t) tafmar* Pl< aa* <'M1 At No. 13) Amity atreut, l.m al <au * trvH f> r ?w" day*. W AMEl>-BY A V HiY KR!U'KfTABLR YOI'NU wniiian, a situation at Cook; alia in fwrteat in Booking, and urderi'anria all kinria of pa*try The heat of ettyrefcttarr rin )? glvtn Apply at N?.2A (.'lurk etrvel. ia tba front ?aa?m*ai Cia m h*i fw t*a liji j WANirn- BY * RE.M ECTABI E YOI Mi WOMAN. A II uetiob I.) Inr ? orli and a*?i?t al waaliinr and a' |-| iy*a?"V" "i TkoMpaoa trait, 'fan be ??n for two <> }? |lf ANT?I>-A PITr.fllos. ?tY \ Ki I r MSI.R wf ynung woman. aa aa enperleifed Voak, who uudcrMeiide lueaO and allaoria al MNM < t? nn ?l |Htl?a M take a part ' the warhm* an I ironiog. U?od eiiy reference riven. P rue ?JI tl FT Nallvrri irH'. Dr. Jnka Hrafjr WANTS D?A CITUATION. BY A KKM-RCTAMI R )i at| vraaii. aa tn k, ? h" o.ideratande haklaf aa<l all kit da of |?atry, and ia an racellnt w< m ?a; haa lived tug jaara IB her laat pla< ?. w.nld l?e willing to r-' a abort dtaiii. a ik the cc.iiBtry. I'aaini tLr b<tt(iiy n.'fi>r>ea. Apt'lv at IM Crvtly ttrcat, Houatoa alieet, la lb* rear, front nut, Ivarth floor. Can b? aoea for two daya, if not tai'ed , tl'anhd-i aniATioN. by a kkstectailk TV j. unit ? . mar . " t af4>mtl4lMrl?alaM perfectly. having had tan year* rrae'ira in moat i?i[??uMa lamllar. Ilea left bar late auipl< ter'a ia ruaHniuint of tha familt tela* klmot to Irate the ell v. Ite at eity reference fr a rtr la ' plaee May h* teen at } Mar<?a atraat. It/AMrn-A YOl Mi U.tN ACQUAINTED WITH " tha city rvtail l?ry G??d?. Thread, NeeJIa anil II tatary bna neae. Apply at 71* Brondway KORCHTNXC. \L' AKT??A SITUATION TO DO OBNKKAt. HOfSRf? work, l> a Protestant yuan/ toaa. Tba beat of reft. fine# fiaaa. A|fl)rii 117 Varl a ttraet. H'AHTEH-BY A MOST RESPICTABI.K MfDDICaard a- an. a Mlaltlmi M ehildr-n'a or Inf-inta nnrtm. Wonld pr?f?r ta attead aa an k anrve, or femm* ear*, having a dpi r alnui tha chief l)iag-i*-hospttal "f Dallia. and irt t< ?'aa fr> m tba moat re*pa< lalla pL?air|aaa u re/ ilar I wta?>?iN I n?i? ft uttakU ri'f r'taren-t mar Lc ktl la Mm at. or will at'nl to lln U \ K TlS. 7 W<l xkm alraal, <V hnai?|>''?r ainot. iy*NTIU-B* A Al't'll TAHI.F. VOPMI Wi>*AV, ?T aalttatl'a to 4a rai.aral ll?ua? % ura, or a* thiHraa a Ntira* ar4 ?' 4? l'h?i?k.i?"fk. N-i ajtatk.a tkaainatrj. (i<?4 fll) llhrtMl. M?> )? atra at No. I Cuaihl ttn't, In I ha *r"??rj ?t?r?. Hot'm iOlXT.-WaNTIIi, IN TIIK vin III H' > !? main a4 ha r??'t?n of tkr*? D<r?lllr? llwm. k< a Uf, PaateBoa. with nftr??(f?, which Hill burl pr< tnj l atiaatlon. WATRKPC PI.A(T? Tiik poim hotil. f mota. is trs-wih. 1k? Mi ?? ? no?|. a<.mani > th? ilti-m II ? xrnif, tha fr *i.?a tt ard 'l.i |i?kli? In ^ mnl, Ut tha tary li>*r*l f'Trllfi llUbfttA . inf rrri. iVn thai Tha ' t r. n' Haul li fin* r f- f. llwl't-tai haa hr, n anlar** I, ky I ha a?ant?? of JR aac"ll>'at ?l?aplnit apart m?at?, ana (iratlt iBifrt.?rit ln lt< fimil arraugaairat. fi i>f ??>! ?) ) ? r r 4 Mppria'n<< at, F. N. iaf?rrtia ifca pa Mia mat tha llfia.lM'i rtixH lo la-4 a' Wont I'.iat, an* ? ?? at- p at ''Mirat' Wharf, ah'at twj laiUa Wl?a. ahnra naaiitna>oa III k? la r*aili??>? to r>-n*"T f?T'' f"! Total, f rrw aa t ratallia* t.r rvlrond will atnp al <' l-l 'ffiai. a h?ra kcata ara ala tja la waiting to aaara? t*t*m M">m th? rt**r. FHANt I* NlltCH. A Mil.amk PAVILION-HOARD AMfCt HATIIINI), . a' th? Highland Naaialt k. Nt? Jrrmrr. Tha ahaa h.tal t'l?? of thn italtfittal ' .< *11 na la ?ha l'n:r| Rtataa. ta a?w ?|?n. carle it > aarf ati4 at a 11 wa'ar ha'hinf, part air, kar waika. 4*h(h'fal aha4?a, a waanifWn' ?l#a f llaicran, aith pl< wJ <>' a"' f ihiat. Ifc? an*< rtN?r will ifinii ttlaalitiliilbia ?i?itar? aa I Kartrn K-afnrtaala. Ji?KI'lt J THOMPSON', N B ?TTa itaawim F.Jwtn I* wia at* JUm llart plj ra?a> larlj to and frrtn tha ? ?? pta'o l Ai r.AS iiovk. ?iiH?.w.*m-?r. n. j nt firm X w wrilti ?<>ni4 npfatlHlHf ta>M lit MMk M lk? ! p>. ilta. ift' kaa tak< n ?h? II ka?*? a? I kl?kly 4 I nnr -F ra>?r>. ii I ka II In ptoaaara la llina atiaatlaa in i|i? aaaaaiar- '<f tk<> plat- Iko laaUna M it i? k<n?? U Mat to hftariM a>l W?i?iaaH tk? ihtrM >' ha AiUpIi , anil at*" .aa on 11.. "h Hrf n?a?. tin h>r?l an Uca a??l; (iniiilH, iti< aittin* r-' *a prot 'I 4 with plaaoa far lb* tal*r<aiai?rat >f twin, a* I ka I" ? pra|ara4 to tar*!?* pai?iatal *t InaniM k ai4or*, Bit all i.'li?r? ho 4tlnht la ?*a hathina A>kmi, f??liar an* aalti?* Baihlna hnea?? *a tha ka laa far ?lailara, ul l-allnag uitam Miay W t.r or*'! a* th? i ar W A. MATIIIW9. Propria! ?r. N R.- Tkt attain"? llart l?n I*.ok aiip, Km| Ftrar to 4 Mala !,. ?>?, fool of KaUia?aa North ?-.???. dally. for tkatkna* pltr?. KKAD&M o? Tiir. UEK'I.? ii trie vor grin an?" a al"n Ike hai.ka ?,f lha iwaallfol I'aaalo > lltia >. aaar n4alta4 la ika noalmt kraaea or anjoy-J tha laaarl?aa aha4*aa < ( I'a ainoaraat f?lia??f Maa* >?a if?r m(?4 <tr itnl air iMt im< u la?i?o y?>? l? atay a* ?"H paa4 tl< at lla k.,i4?r? I Kara ? ? a*a* piil'o4 aln< la mar lif kl llllla l<ai alth ika a. on amlllng ?|? n r -a aanaoft aa4 la Div air? I roatltaa np.a yon. aa4 y.a all ika a Mia Ha4lac a ka||y r?*pi.a from tha corrarf lil?f If an. pan ? ana. kaaa at pp?4 a> I araiaa'a: far Ik'ra aalr aonl4 ka Ika ftar4 flaala of joar Jonrari B- lla?111*, loaatlfal In aaia*. t< aalllol m appaarana*. k^aatifal la at'raailoav la tka animal ai.'I pp par i-rr nvi of a arlat. or aall. ?r a row. Miaaiatl It. na i f ih? m>at a' arwunt p-rla of l?f-jr. tallk rlaai an I aalakrt<aa <1 mail, * air*||*at talgkk?rkoi>4, a?<* antt 4nli*l la >ai||ii?rt. II aaa -kalian** a>napa> itn a ik lla an at aM*4 plarai la ?kn Iaa4. TViaa-fi II aaa miaalllailtailr aiao?a, ! all *n?*ta foal aatlraly at kna a. Try It oa?a,aa4 a?a ?mI ka nawilllac t? laaro, %a4 ?l 4|orr<arn Thaailoi* Utt a ka?aa aa tat, kat 4oatlia4 la ka ko'iar kaoaa. la akoal alpkl allaa fraai Naar York, aa4 ika n>t4 It ofaellart. M M R A * CM. Lin inmiami- mmn roRD urt A?r?r??t? P."'?i. . ( I ---., ?... T ,* lutttj jp.M.K.w ?lif|oi?ruu?hM tiwM la Ttrt, la tlif naM ?f lk*ir X*art?aa Tn??iMk I ai<*4 8ta<?a l. oai RMrt.-miai r>lr??t?r? fxJnarPartly, ? .III.* y? B<?k. MrR..n. lt..rT UJlia. ia4 p*Wrt 4. |mi^ ?ak#a ?a??t?M? ?aiai, at ailnaM M" ? ???ra ?***la?. __ J. I tAHfit* *** . <im?ral A(*ak Or?i<* o? mm<a?t,ik *IH!AL iK?tr*A*c? ?.?> r?rk Jut. u, I"sM? ? I* t)rr?v? t[.a? ?* '*rtifrai?? of iwar4 f?r lS? y?ar with *k? ??!???? taa III t? S*a<?4 ta t%? h?U?r> tk*r*af, J .^.T* alailw* mm< */ ? ?a4?T. 1WIU1 ay ?l JaT| ????. a* ?ki?k ila? all Hn?r?? llailna ?8 ! '*' w*i?aaM# i? k< raa*alW4 a Mta*al By ??<? M Ifc? l?ra/? lliAIUM BBWCUBB, Va?/>?r ' AJieamum ? ASTORPLACI OfCKA HOVR-THR CILIBRATBD UMtullalitiUHr* Cuuip*u/. antftrthe 41rwj?!uu of '??'/ Uadmli. Ou t ridny I?ci'n* Juaa IP^th, IXV', ?itl tic BtMonuHi far Ih? . ad ilia* in ihia ?ooatry, Mayarirj (ha*?ma i' 8'f"? Rf-aiu: II Couta dl Saa Kru.!>i( Corrmdl So Hi; *,,? " 8uffana?i; II I'aata Di N?Tar?. #t?. D. t alMli; Da Cnh. Mx. Barattmi: Tavaaanr, 8??. f. BMltli; D.Ra?t Si*8.0?adi;ll?ru,Si? 8 Mart inclli; Maori tert. rtig. V.<M?|plh: Raul di u,.. l ?-i. u-? _n?. dt. 7 Marinl: trlnno, Sig'ra CwrMiua'Viet'ti. General Ad'miMUa! $1; Keats se.ured, si to. Natiof.41. t1ika I HE, chatham STKKKT.-TII1 !iday aveB<*g. J?c? 27. the rtui www e-it. r.,11 Hnii euce ? itb tha burlesque of tin l.iDV OF I'HK I.I'INS? tlud, Mr. C Burke: bumroe, Mr Herbert: Ca~cr. MXey aiour; Bras banter, Mr. Venoa; Mr Dishabiily, Mr. Deering; Polly Anna, Miag Abb? l raise: Muir. U.ahabilly. Mra Hen y. Tu la followed by the new loeal t.ioe, wriltaa by II. A. Baker, l>q? entitled, MOSS IN I lltNA ?r late aiuen,; :,? Feo-Pooa?Maaa, Mr. 1'. S. Chaafran: ajkesy. Mr. Set rnour; , Liny, MU? Anna Cruise; Oo>key. *r? Jeflkreon. To e,m- i dude with (be fare* of MY NIMillBdK'^ WIFE?Mr. fcomrrton Mr. Cro? ker; Mra. Home rtuo, Mrs Jeffvreon. C1MKUW VII MlJSItTMAUi?MKCttANil'S' UALi, MO.411 i > ",r<?dway. between Urui u4 Broome atreeta?- Mob. i * >1 Ju. ue 24, aad every night aatil further aotioe.?Th# original aad well-known brietr'a Ethiopian Opera Troape | the Brat e*i?l?llahe4 ead oidaat nrganiaea band in rb "? world, comprising a company of twelve perforasera, aaaer tLedlreo tloa of l.F. Christy. "her will Sara the honor of giving I their original and inimitable aatartninmenM arery night 1 until farther notiea. Admlaaiaa Woanta. U*ora o|an r.t 7; Coaaert anil owmmanca at ? o'clorV. An aftVmaoa Oonoan on 8a'urdavt. commencing at S o'oloek. P. k. Bakm m'8 amkkican muskum-p. t. barxcm, Harar-r and Proprietor. John Graeawood, Jr., Aaaia'aat Manager. Pertnrmaaeea at ,t}? aad 75i o'eliok. Thif beautiiulard immemo establishment having entered upon the eeeond week of ila re-opening. ia now realising, in every acnae, the n>oat triumphant auereaa. In tha new aad gorgeous Lac tare ia beini .wrformed the aural and domestic diama of the ItHI NkaKD. It attracts imaicnae houiet every evening. Tha afternoon perfonaao< ?e ara of the m??t iuten sting and amuslrg eharaotor also. Mr J, Harrington tba wonderful magician and ventrlloqniet, b?. ing re-engaged, nil! appear every afternoon this week. A million of eurioaitiee are to b? found arranged In tba enormona saloons of thia Museum. Among them ii tba Carriage ef Queen Adelaide, the late Qu>'eu Dowarer of Grant Dritaia; National Portrait Gallery, fco. Admission, 23 oeuta; ahildren onder 1# year*. 12,t, M ma. Bi bruit* cwnMa museum, motmr, Lctveen Spring and Priaco streets. P. T. Uarniiiu, proprieter and manager. Ihia large and Interesting collection remain* but a abort time longer. It ia the tu>st mumOrrut eshibition of Cbineae figure*, eurioaitiea, wonderful ?p^oimena of iacrnnity, to.. rr< m tha t'eloatial Empir-. ! ret>re enta aMMU immediately M nnected with the atrial Laafu, the roligion* worahip, the mcrcautile cuatoma, the meehauia operationa, nnd tha a'teni-ea of the Chinese. It ia intriniieally valnal la, and ^eyond dearript'on inatrni?tl?e. aui'tsing, and rratilying. Open ever* day and evening, front A. M. till 10 P. M. Admiaaion 23 eenta; Children, under teu yeara, li t, eenta B ft knox's OKK.IN Al.onkrat T04 TUCM It.-tII Ifl diatlaguiaked little man in miniature, who haa perfoimad before all tb? principal erownei hra<<? of Europe, and tnoru than three million of bia American fellow eltiiena. ia makiag tha tour ol t'onneetivut, and w ill bold hia levoi-a in Woodbury, on Ttieeday, the 2'>th mat.; Litchtu Id, 2t!th; Winated, 27>h ; H'aleut villr, 3*>th ; PlvuiMith, 2!Hh ; Waterbury, l?t and 2d of July ; aid New lfaven, 3d und 4Ui. liia WMtlfalMiniature mnpagr, ponieaaml carriage prtjcutcd by Quten Vietoria, will be aeen; alao, the mi^nii'sent and eoa'.lr Jewels presentad by Emperora, Kings, Queena, aui Nohilit% of Eurone. PRANK).IN MUSEUM, 17ft CHATHAM SQU-lRE, OPSH averj afternoon ?t S o'clock, and in the evt ain* at h, by the " e?iigtnal Female Minatrele," the onljr orciniaM band ol ladiaa in the world, comiriain* m unntnv of Tmlre i'erftrmera. Alao thw unrivalled troupe of "Male ar. d Fen.ala Artietea," eammoBly railed "Sludl Artitia," will appeal very af'r-rneon and evening, in a variety ef aplendid ropruaentationaof Living riaturea, together with the tribe ol " Bednuia Arab Girlf," the only one* ia e*i???nce, who wilj o throngb their gyuiuaatio teata. Price of admieaionRtnn< ae&ta, V% eenU; Boiee, 3S eenU: Parquelte. 12K eeatK Printe lUaee. (2 Mrsii'AL instltltinn.-jrAN CUERVOS, tfac tier ?>f the Violin, Piano, (lunar au<l Siu^ing, wiehca to cunneet himaelf, a? Piofiwr of Muai<-. with aon<* trniaarr. UiNMfl?n at private imMmmi. He apaaka t En i l .v, French and bpaaiah language*. A llie.i aa above, Uaraltl oftice. AMI SKIUKHTS I V IMOOKLYI. rpiVOLl OAKI.LN. MOOUYM, NKAMCITYIiAUL. JL loraarly Military Garden.?Grand Promenade C?ao?rt. \t edneiday, Tbnreday and Friday evening*. June Jflth, S7th, aad2>lh. Mr. F. TP MJ?, AKint of Gunalo'e Band. m itt rr?pee?f?H)r Inform* (be eitiaaat of Brookl.i n<l Ni ^ rk, tbat he will ?>p?B tbe above Garden for ti< un.aior a?on. Lew 1 y fcitec uu unit brill antly Ularaikatcd, and it.e grealaet rrm:> inaticn of taleut aver pre'enud in Br,"kl>n. T!?o otebeatra, eonaiatiBg tf the priBfipal member* ef (innri'a celebrated band, (tteyrraiitrker celebrated band, an i the ?>s?oai? cr'etraud band. Leaderef the OrebMtra, IIr. Jlcwig. Au (Bran meat ban alto been ePeetetl with the celebrated llerr l>hbe, who baa Joat arrived from Paria. an i will nhirtly ?npear with bla eatraoHmarv :> rial feala. wHilft up on nature elephant a. all kintta of miniature an n !*, balk ?ua, >o , nad the grtatrat brcworka of tha day. Tit keta lit)* eenta. Decra open at 7, eotcert to rommenre at X o'clock. A cran'l Sa< red t'nneert "B S rdav tcBinir, eommanelng at <o'.,loek. Brooklyn mi.-him.-the la mm and gkntlearn uDiartJ in tbia e.t?U?l,meiil ar? re*i?e?t?d to meet in Ike Crand ltd) of it* kfntum. aa T?nr^Uy tu .rum*. June 17'h, at 12 o'clock. CHANPRAC k MUM. Banafer*. amimbmbirri m piulaoelpihat BARM'B'A BC9RUB-PBII tDBI.PBIA- P T. BARhub, pr? prictar and . I, ary ?ml?H i.n.imi Bianaprr. R' cD?a?ru.tnl,lor lhi? ? *. ' J h .HiM. *, tha die portrajer of Yaakt* peealiarntea; to epi??r *v*ry c t nli'u o umdit t he ? ei k, and trtHnlij ml Hatjrday aftatnnone. Id the aftarti"?n?, the K- II Ri?r?r?, tha lle'er <rrne<.ii* Warbler*. nil * Reand l're? atkil'-n by tha ('mapa ay 11* Muniau'k l.a? r tn4 tlx tinnl remain fi r a limited time, I'onr Un Vrpeat*. an 1 -"'l. irti cnri?eitica, of tli* u<at r. ttarkaM* nature, Sniaetbirf new ai.d rary alaaya pr< tiring. Admiaeioa U *?nu, chillrea uniier 10 y**ra. l7)f era la. TilK THA OK*. Horsr carpentrm*- armiation -tub *r.*bera *f thin ??? iati. n am rt<|a?at*4 <<> l* fnnnlntl la i lb*tr iimltmn thla (J<in* fflk,) im thi* la tha | tTi nin* on which (V* regular election takra place. All ?hi are diiiruu* ul JotniBg, are rear"*!fulI * incited to l.e preMat. a. c. lltl'ew, Hwrctary. RAII410A0. Cab dr1v and ABBOV RAI1.ROAH link TOR phil^de'rhla, at a*e*a a'*li>ck. A. B., an 1 hall-pact una o'clock. f". b.. by etearoboat job* POTTKR, dally. <Kn?day* *a<-?|>t*if,) from Pl*r X?. I, Nerih rifer. Para?Pint laaa ear*. U: *e*oud *laa* tare, II. RMCBUAIIBOCB. " E DOE'spirkworrji.?THE BO.-T EXTEXM ye. iikii.l ai t. *ad aperb colored Brewort* la ih* United Jtta e?, can ba I'btaiaed (large and email) from the lalioratery, at aaalactorera'prlree. of I fc J U T. W!R, Jersey City. GCWS AND PlhTOL!*..'**) liable l.arr 1 P wltog Gaaa, cmbratiag ercry TBnety. Engliah and Grraiaa. I,WO Mngle hnirel da ?. I.i"*' Vnltad Ptatca Baakcta, *l*?aat. HO do. In. III He*. im*' P*ir? aaeort*-) p??k*t. holatar and halt FlitoM. (110 Kivolvcrc, *?cr>rted, $7 *ach. Vary urtlrU arcl' l by tha npurUmatt or gaaimlth kcpl la auan'lty. B)."l?' Mall Cartridge*, Cntlaaae*, Sahrej, Hal* Kale**, laclndlng a full *tock of Hardwur* and l'<it|?ry, at im raincij '* w P'"'**. m w nnr. ^ m. t v., 91 Xi.d'-D Ilea, a*it ?ba raroar if Uold a- raat. EA^r in walk lira, and coirroKT to toe rcrr Tti< I'aanaa (Vraai, or Utlkcr Clnth Bout* and Sh ? . t?* ao fa-rally ??-<l IB lorland tnl Franoa, it In >r~d?-*4 U ill Auftirta fikli* Tlx of tkl* Biorftl Art ih'ir pliability Mi<i fitnnf *#? t* tba Int. Tlmjr urn ft bard or eraak T'ajr rannkli tba IttitMll.iit, 4 War a brilliant pu!iah ?ara |-ar Itularly altftad (?t ? rm limtlM Oaa trial will pr>i?? thHr awfari'irit? orat ixthOT R oiobail. ro r.r-?iw?r rAl IfORMA OOI.U-W. MAJOR R A RR ETT. ni'LLI?it 'ailir aad *'?r?r ?f l?r> m l Raiala. 17 John nrHi. Vi? Vi/ik lli' hnh?1 <uk ptl'? paid f> r I'tli'ortli f.i W Putt Amiii of nil <lracri|> miiriirli and dltl?a?ly o?i>?. JOHN WARWICK. *a jxm*li> t luJ ! nn H inml, II JuklKflM, lk*? Tllk. LB APII? AMI OPNTLMfcM AkE MERUIT Rf?PK< T??ll) iff' rmad tkil ikf full fil? will k? Mil la uk. ft i (II "I Mintl-bi.iA Ii4 'Ul f t iklif. by J, || <?raa?* >imi. iir<-n l?ft at Hi. II, nrml IkMtb ika di>| tlili jr'-a ptl? attoadad I*. J. BOKON R> , N- I' Or?ni ? lr?. I Bl A< K I.A< KR.-TETER KOHRRTR. WR WROADWAV I ! ?( jaat rwraurd a liri' lot Of Mwk lloaMiiil Ulill k-4 >i|?ik link Shmli at 9'i. aauallv Id at A .*> V?l?n. i J II I black lri>p til ik?rt Milt*. f*ar?d >ata. fcr. MA 111 I M R V._ WOOI.WORTH* ruiiwo It. rbmo?, Moaai E??la<a. MnlUr* Aad <n? tr Dill*. Mido lalbaa. and ??ary kind ?f marhiaar iimatry i? ?t ?|> jdamnr lacar, afaaar mill*. Ir>a aa^ llrt?OMl* ii ra, H.ri 'il- Maablaaa. I'laolnf Mar-klaaa with all rk? lai-?t linrr?*r-ta'ata, toaataaili ?a k?ad, ?r mad* u> ?rd?r At tba Ikartdl aalic. J. II l.l;HTIR 1X1 Faliaii atroat HDllCOHV11 I.E'ft MaMCPACTOKT or fKEMrll ttrakaai'al (rarr I) lamp. aad oa?ry l?r H/ht. Tla larr-at n?k la tka I'al'fd Ikiirtatfil farialf, lid Im-i iu| fli (r.r ttoaratra aad ?aa-ala. Kfpa. ajaa, aaaataa' I* ?a kaad iinat laaailtv af kitaak (ll?i?-o, I'bilaa*|ra. Hi. ka Wai rawi Hbadaa, 4- . Ii. n a' Apora aad tiaaak Oil foraard?4 laid, by akal aa ? aaa ra I At I M* Rraadtir. af italra. SI I.Mil R BATIIR - E. J. ('A RHOl.'R ?S R t Rl I. A T ^iifMMwliilliktd, |r?.,| Imaaaadtd kjr lira. II-tt, ? J. -VX>|, a' a n. m IW?'. >11 1 " I tr !> imh??a, aa I antl (fcti'tl nm*4y f?r Mil rfca'an. far*. irrafala. 4t?-nl<?ratl?aai af tkatkla. Iiatf fc?rl?n'i, nifthtl |*im, rkMBttlHi ni ill an^ilMl a# IH ?>!?. In > - I'Kr.'iKi k \ -1 K 11 r*' m iiK MOTH -4 ? Th? *4?i<a ( I.? |? 14 In i, rrniktl lnm<r. W Haitian l>a*i*. It, IhM all ta? laalt** ? ?? < in? fur* tnrlM ?'1W Mil i htm u hi* far kr*fta? 4aana* aaaiaaar la hu tkitfai in nri l?ia# al? from ? ? ?! U $1. aa artlrla Ladl?a m?? r??t m?"r-4 thai (Mr artirla* will a* r*tara*4 to fkaaaa tr*? fr?a aaxfc* Sn.N ir iim^tTTIMTi hO HOXirrOII FOI I all lac. Mak aiakara, > ami |l???. Ir-m WH aaaM ? ?ii r?TV, far a?i. i; * >i>i.k-"<n a m*? i.?r. I nflrilu. M Tallaa >l(?ai, ??? A ?ll??r |>lat?4 l??*fi Hft, f*r>?4a Waa^r. f*r <ai? prii A WAN l>K( lAII D II r la 4*a i?r*4 ' Whta t Wti?a t aa4 a*alaat ?k??f Tka laaa-art W"H4, iti? frl a4 : aiw li*ar lit 4"u?n: for rfi'Vt. aala #?a* b?4k?f*. pnatliia, Bit a. Ti t |,i..a haa' la ?p ' Ik* alula 4i?a; {.;> ?*jatiit P?a4a>r. ak???riar 4aa?k Ok a all *a4 Dotr, *l<ipa a?af> iaa**i'? tiraalhi *1 II* fill. Nanali? ?a lb* fan aal ml** 1?. ?a'?l raarntlna la a irl ? l.yan a M*rn?ti< P??4ari an4 Pilla, karalaaa * aaaat Ihlaf ta?a Inaaata an4 ranala, ar* '?r Mia al Ik* 4?|>"l. Ul Ba?*Haaa* PR uum ? - HI >D1 WITH mill * ? T ? R I, I 11I m 1 T , ar min?an>n, ?<aa D*.?i M>imRM-*i Tri I.I.? (Nrnnna ma aa4 ih* aaklf*, tkaa la hia lataaa ?*atr *f Ih- lata l>? Ntnla'a ? atarf ara laiaMlalnta', a* W'? a?'ll?. t?* aau a -fa* ih* N?'lr??4 ll-p*t. Kinr..nm? 1MB * ? FDri, >M<?t rmm K . !..*, i>4 ??? If ? l4t*ftl?4 I* na? ?f ih. a-? rl'XMt iHili'l with ?m4 (T? ? hi 111 * ? fc?4/??li? ??4 nwM ?ri*lk ih* ivw ft**, *?4 < . M?.i rr??l*? ? <?*. Yh? Mr J? pntt Hi jr ??4'h? ?,I4 ??4 T*in ?,w %n4 *>l th? vfMtry fat "T* f"!Hw" >??? u tan* pt?*M t?iK?. ?mh?, t?4 ??M Wm4?U? f -mt fur itxn ?f|y p?tT.?u, nwiii far V ^T*' ?r ?? ? " *' ti? Mm ih?Mrh.?t, 4l??trk? ?f PrtMitlu, M aa4 ha?t?t *? "P*"'"" ?'?* ?? U?? ?TMH n?ni ?< hu M? wrt11 ?# ? M'IT iir? Mil l? Ik? (M4I ?f ar*rf Vir'f*m kiJnitil k*T*? "> r*????4 Itiif rw^iitUt ntN'MlM ?' ?V? ??wt mn mlm. m4< aa iW part >1 i|mi r?f ?** "?r ? ? ? in Kb T*? MukHi*. STi^r^trMk >*>>w nrn??<?fa. ?1MM ttflf M 1 BE.?"WAJT THIAW*-*. A. Mar8HAU-. BOt.B i* Uau -Tbaradaj itnlif, Jim IT will M parformad ?* iV ' ?*'X>K COCHIN WAl.TIR-Sir Aff ?t. r * " 'MrBtitlluii, Mr Djrsit; U<i?i Hl? ttora; Hiald. To bafollairad b?th IKJIM, wAVCI.i:??8^uir* Jollilw/, Mr. Wnit.a* llo?aUo W ?*jr|n, Mr <T1?rni?a. Mn Vtnlu, Mfu Ciu-nun. T? tu?cli,d, with the TIIHF.E CICSOO*?f.r*j? F?*J.1;1'Mr. Skerrvi t; Col. Crank/. Mr. Wbitia?j Allc. Mlw <> > ,ta. [>< lly. Mr. tkarrrtt. r?r??? C'lrela aad Parquatta, H ?-?nt?. t'aaiil> and Third Ciralaa, lAeauM. D*on?fn?l? ui t-r r pa?t 7?. urta n ria?? a' a on art . - ? " oVI-.rk AJIDLOI?T1IL HBbA Y BVBWlhO. JLNK 37 ?TUB ... i will oiinimcnoa til l aa ?ert .ra ?m. mi'tr *i.irn( win n? pr?seci*a rniaiu u U ^MPlrt Jollybov, Mr. Nlokmaou: |for*U<? Fmjl*?, Mi \\ ulcwtn Iir. htirtfrai', Mr. John S?fion; Mri. Win. n Ab iai<-r?ii**ioa of half BB honr, whta tl* i.,aj-nifca,-ui Mill Room sill he tti) iwn ep#B u k J'ro?eBtde Mu.iiale. Tu ti followed fcr the new .per Ulc pauioibltuic, tpccttcular. f bor urtphieo-Bllt'orieal tauirtAialiieBt, in b? called THE l.xi.ANb OF JEWEL*?Oiltfiaterh'end the Great, Kinf i.f Phariiale, J?r. Nicklnaoo; Pnat? rretophtillo. Mim Nickineoa; Tinetll'a*. Vn. Virnoa. 1) I UTO.VR THEATRE, CHAMHERH ATKIBT-JOHNMf don't llimlli ? Tturiday titoio*. Juuo 77 will to piar I Hotkttcn*', dr. Tin of ih. W KS'K. ASHORE?Ml let Brrnam. Mr G. Jordan; (irampm Mr Clarke; Walter Barnard. Mi L.vtr?, Marmatluko Mai 04 Mr tturtoa: Ja?uiy CtarliBK. nr. John*t(.n; Ali'v. Mr- K . .."II, H-lla. Mita <>*pttaa. Afttr which, THE LOITBKY TICKET?Mr. 1 pier, Mr. llolioan; W urarwl, M? Ji no a, Mri i;or*?t, M'?. Hu*hn. To coaclade with the M YSTERIOI'S KNOCKL; .~A Karr Mudgaoa, ??q..Mr. JohiniOB: Ilarr* Hoaaley, Mr. Jordan; Timid Tnekcr, Mr. P?r?loe; Kalt Mi.i ;toa. Mitt ' *?lly flat 1Mb. Mia# J. Hill |?l KTtivs TUEaTUE.-A CaRD.?U10BOE C. JOtU . , ,' VL* ?George C. Jcrtiaa ruiuetifully ai.niuncea t?. liU mead. and the patrvnc ol Ilurion* Theatre, that hit rcnvSt will take placo at the abovenauied ?*taMi>m-nl, oa inlay tvtaini; Best, June2Mh, o? which ?*? t?i"B Bhaka?.ftft'l ooui-ay of KATllkHINE A "? l> I'KTllL'CHIO will b? f.r.;. ?Bto4?IVti'j, Mr. i:i,ulilo< k; li?Oitrt??, Mr*. Kun'ell. Afur which, the eoii.cUy of i II ,K1.K< TUB SECOND? Capt. C'opp, Mr. Burtoa; C'harlaa the P. Mr. Ueorge 0 Jordan The performancce will wnrlnilt with Mr Karton'a Terv laughable patlr# cemody of FOR I Y WISES, la which Mr Hurtou aad Mr. Jordan will app. ?r. CASTLE OAKDEX IS OPEN SIGHTLY, WITH A nerie* of Concert*. a la Miiiard: or 8 , ,'iucr F?f ?, aoder i ko direction ol George Lodtr. Ticket* M conti ewh Own ? run aid; L'oacert at H prMlaaly Tiro mm. ir will mum at 1 1 BtiBulca |>att V o'elook, aftar ?h ti, a Suaiaier Rail, nadar tht direction ol Mr. Cobwb), the faeanle Prtlwur of l>aaaiBf No place of aBtufeaicnt is ihe alt> uat vomptrv with 4'antle fiardea in hciDZ anai.'ed to the waut?< ffauiilioe. wha tin here ratioaelly enjoy t' emkcleea wi'h F?nh Air, Mania, Dajiriuf, and a I'ool rromrnnde (>ou haiw run from every poiat iu I he upper part ol tfte ?it?. t the i(ataa '.ea.liux to t Mile Garden, aad will he is rvadiunut to r-r?ie paaaaanera at the i-iid of the perfermuuc?. N k?<ip???ai?av on a?cetiBt of tbt weather UraaJ rabbath Coacart, vu Sunday evening. OLYMflC.?FIBRC'K'b Ml>i I KfcLS?TkB OMUJMAi. fompcy, iate uf Chriety'e M>oetieie, *44 ilrnwdtrwy, l?tueea Howard and (>raBd stroet. Ever' eeeainn during the wtek.- Daore open at 7. Concert at *a\loek. The aovel? tlei introdueed by K II. I'ieree m hi* atvle of Etbiof ian perforniancee, and whi'-b hint hern ret?(?ed each uight with the Uixt decided marksef aporotatio* hvrrcwded aiaieaeea, hanetainped then aa Wein,- the " Be pine altra"of Men ettertaiiiineatt. AftenooB pertormanoen ob Wedav B?yt bb4 Saturday*. Dour* open at 2, ??aret t at S o'clock Admit? ioB. 2.0 c*ntt. Oruhettra boat*, fair.: private kciea, $3 OTTO >OTTACE. HOUOKtM -OK.\M? lNjTKUMENtal Free Concert*. IMranw't oelekrated lltad evtry M'.nday, VFedneadar, and Fridav ?i?e>e^ei??n?* al ? f M , and rloainit at K H. M. Ferriage r< dneed to * aeatt. N. II.? In caet rho weather la unfavorable, the i oncer* will take place next day. WASHINGTON HALL, fit# IlKOADWAT -.MOUTLT crowded to *ee llaainaton'i Hovla* Di- rnma*?Tha CrtatloB of Ult World. The Delore, rtatnrn AM.ey, Polar Me^ion*, River Rhine, aad Italian Faatwcelai. 0|ie? nrerw ii fin UK at H o'clock for i'hoo<r, ewry day at half p^l S, I*. M. Tiekcu 23 v?ut*. ChilJrea hill pru t Uirriaw. |3UK UVERiMJOi*?UMTSb s'I'aius MAiL BTEAMr (hip PACIFIC, Ctpt. ?>-> N>e.-lh.> itnwtiul ?U1 depart with the mail* for Europe. poettieety ->atur lay, Jnly Atb, at 1J o'eluek M.. from ber Ntrlh ?i lb* foot { Canal itn'ot. Nu oertti nejrn4 (ill paid for ? For liei|hl or nav;utf uuiumIkI fto<i?miuo4??'o?? (or *)o?nne* or *ouif..rr.. ??ul? t.0 EDWi-. K. IUUJNb.W *nil <troo?. Al! letter* and pi. pea nuet po?? (broufh tlie Pod wibca. Tl.e ?i?amcr Atlantic will *oreeed i*ia I'acittc, and aail /al) J7th. _ _ CTKAk BETWEEN MH yoKK AM) U LA.SOU*.? (j The powerful eii^' ?'rew aHauiship t'llV OF uLAStiOW, 1.0s? ton* renter? I WW :nn? orer all?jflU hr?e power, li K M*llie*?, formerly ?f the iif?ai Wtalera e..tntnaid.-r, will nail Iron .Saw \ ork to U>aa?o*r, ea Hatur<lay. the >.11 >1 of July, at U o'elvek. ao?B CaMa pae?a<?, (rteward'a fee included.) ninety dollar-. aacouA eanln panac". flftF-#?e >'? xtritipaeaeMera tut hi. Time rate* include rr-i'inl'.iie, but am winea or liquor*. wbieh will f>e mj>pvn on board a' moderate rata*. Carrie* a eurRocn. Tko elate room* f?r Or?t ml nt> at eabin pai.teaiter?. are nanaually iar?;e, c. ? nn.di.iue. aud well ivnulaicd. torfreiiUt or |i?n?t?. apply tu J, McSV *')>, 1 Beaver treat. _ UNITED 8TATF.S MAIL KlEAtaKR* I'ETW FIN HKW York and UvirpooL?The *bip* uenteoaia* <bi< Uae tn IM ATLANTIC, Captain Want. AftCliO, C aptain trfioa. PACIFIC. Captain Nre. fcAl.TIC. Ca| ?a<u Comawefc. AliKlAl IC, Captain Crafioa. Theee ehijw haviaa kaaa brill by c.n.raot ifieni; fat 4-vei aticnt net eiee, eeery oare hu iw? akra la 1 heir eoaItruotioa. a? alio ia tbeir eauinee, ee ?u*an etre iifih aa4 ij?ed. and tliair aeeonnnodatiubi for pit... n??r? nre ea>qval!?d for el^anre or > otafort. I'nce af jear* New York M Liter pool, tUti, eieluaiet naa of ?iua ?i*e MM rootni-, ?12.1. an aiperien.'ed ?urr? n "ill 9* altar bad M iscb ali 1 p. No berth* eoeared until paid far Fer fl*Ukt er puaige, appl, U , ? w.u |trMt) or. to BRl'WN, MM1PI.KV A CO.. Linrwl. Ti( PaeiSe Wlil lu>?e Liv< rteM.l.? Juaa l>, I'AO. " Atlautta " " U??rj??l Ji*lylu, *" " faoiuo " * New Vi.rk... J? ?y a, " - ? ? Uverpael July .11, ? " Atlaatfe " " New T .rk July *T. " Tb* i/Wioii 1 f tbeae *bi|u will aat be au'o ta'.aalt tor ?el4. .?W.. #f/, ,t )*rn. .-V 1 ! . ?? -< '! -T U' -U Mtilsm inaiar art aitn?d thf*r?f?rv a?i4 tM nh? dl, Ucrain I^MK BKIT1S1I AND NORTH AMERICAN |(. M. 9t?anirhi^i. tu > ? Vi rk io l I iv?ri*?'?l( an4 b# a a.a 111. I .m **aa .1 I . v ...., I .a Uai Fa. V ia.J ..J m-rlii mult >i4 i?uw|)ri:( amhrta, Stun, it in Nut T' rt, W:Jin?J?jr, /?\j S. Nlutn. U>r , " U' 'laa " I*. F.urpa, Latt, * Nr.w * .rk, " " 17. lliUrria, lid/, " tt'it n * ]?. forliuiihi utMuii, apply '? t 1 N Mvi- J. * . r> Br. tin;. I.1"!! MAH'l.ll.l i. - TM? ! I t N ! ,..t . \l V UK, * I F?? ?? >. i f i f pa Itvll to Rot l? M HIM Kl\, l?l > ??rl riwi fJOK IMVKK-1IIK MTrilliU t'H t. \ I II M. UOO.MKIt I U >4lltU, ( t|" <>? nin? fyr f (iKkl trpfUlt. >! pi) to not I) k 1IIX Ka.V lot Cwlllfttl, LV,K HAVRE?Till H I'IKIOK rUV.'H HRIU RBI. & Diur, l ai t Itillai). ??ltrrlaM. -i *1* kHoTl h HIM'kl V li.l I'.wl .trral. I L'HK UVUfOOfc-TO -A'l. ?i>. rtALL*-MM* r af July --tli# wr II knoaa, la?t railti ?. c | mu? t?i hi|>|?r !wt<in4 tkip I CTIll.t Uf Hilru l>*?ini tbn ?r??t?r part of htrtar*" ??,"\*?d ainlguiniroit board, 111 aail ii ak?>?*. Fir halanra ->f rr?i|tht,rr katiag pltudid kaai.xnsdat oi.a apply t?i J '' Mil W MIKNAV. W <Mlk WIMi 1/ok KIMOMTOM, JAMAICA, UltiCil fill Sri.lCWr 414 mi amrlilp > llt*< K%T I IfY IW" t..irtfc?a tharln fltoddard, Com mandtr. ?i|l Itttr fi>r('l<agr*?, t?a< hir9 at Fort Kojtl ! > land pa?*>?f?r? and *i?ll?, Mind**, Jul) Ihru ?'al<?k, froai k?r d'? ? a-i N?. J N . hL F?l a(t>lj> ta J. tloM'AKUfc MIX, M TIIKOl't.N LINK TO CAtiroi(A|k-TliR C. A MAIL Mraairklp Company i?i?M ,N?? 1 t Iftont. S*m Oiliaai and I t.aar, a toarkiax " Tkarla?i aad ?a-.nuah to land aad r>??itat'W>ni?i aad a?il>. O*??t 177 Hint, mail af Harnn ttrrat. Tk? mi aad apttniii oamahipa OHIO. I'kf i Jan. a 1'iadlay > liaa t k, t. ?. V??j, (,tOK<?l 4. 1'ip Da?ii V I'arar. U 8 *???, 1<WC at, FAI.coki Ckpt. H. J ItrU'tlM.I1 S. I 1*0 taap All tka Wklli of 'h" Ciaipany k?>t*.?Ha n|Utl of tka Nai raaatrmin*. aad a^aaMiir ai l-r r*>u??tra Ikattll *nnr|?tM Tk? at*aa>?h>p I'HIO aill tail ' a k ?r rtanlar day I r>dajr, J?a? Wt Ii. at 4 F. M . (raw tka ptar faat i| wirr?a a. North Kiaar Th? |*m? r? kiiht Ohta to Ckajrva. will ka tr?n??trr?d at lltrata ta tkt Falaaa. aad Mix??d lll?lt from Havana!* !>.*,-? Ft-ijM to N ? (hrltaat Jk taatk par foot, |?W? I <s**ir m tf .oaa, Uall hi hiI. Far !-?n!it ?r tuian afplr at ilr ?ntr? r^raar aaitaad Vint* ttrMK, m d. U. RiHIKIl |' N. ?. r..,??. t? io Ch^rM Htn |U'> Ihd glial |? > fctaai?* Bank (ill' af (ISO IHnrHf, fiuaJ UJ aa? b< arl .. hi gi>' lUMtUflfUt M< M. llrnML t*t? *<??? gr: $;i Pi?? ! ? Bar'h................ "5 uirui.l n>< k?d ml kmrd V IS I'llHlUMI LIMB InH *.?* F K * N 1 N|? l? ???i Ilia* p?ta-a ?la > Iiutm lb? linn thr?a?'> hj ih.? Itaa i* ?f j 4af?{ a < . ta,?*?.? t? S.-'i; -?.>? I <iiu?. lift" TT>? bull <*f t#fl i*Wi: f? to fie'i |^i iwN|tr f t h?-??(i?m la 4*fc rkma < r n??>r? kjr (kw IIM. Fur <-t <>.h?f laionaatlua. appl> \% IIKit0I.I AM> wmcllT. 1 JO f>4?r ?tr*-l ?. ra?r af * mIiImMi M loaf. 1*B*oi (iH link rim s*m rn m i- >?. vi \ ( ,ia?r IiimV- 1 It* .| l. ?4id urwokitii rt k.r?l IK IE Hear* i 4I? I i oiiaaa<l*r. will laaaa kardaal. t'lir Na l > "0 taar, f?.r ? !'?*??? <itrri. ? *-* !*). JIlj ? k. .It'tlach. ru?i?n ar. jiartlf alar') raqaa*ia4 la ka>a ikalr ka(*a?a mi t?ir4. tlaa Iatar4ar nra????a. MOWLAM" a t'l'lNWtLL |k?a M a?.i vt ?..*>k ' rxt. rii.irnr^ii tfmoruh ti-kh-. dihii r-4i<ii H fr I'M?, )? ! , Hi l?thmita, tkir-l ?*ja*? fr a i(??r<.>kil /"li ink; ai i * Uaar -*?n tiakaaa a*r i karat-?. < ?MM IIMnM la Jal| fr >ta < *? tiai ?f-r mI? l?? I; i I S.IKPiKK. M t ?fi>r Win airaat foironnu rnnoi'un n k#i- run Hv ! f *11- ? V Well.trewk Liim ALIfi?*Ma-i UKOI on II- kl lil ruK UN r Imrliti via Pmiin*. i?? Uaar s?? Vark I) ill MataiMr I r*x at I ilj. far < I urx. Mil) iiiaailtlf n*a*ra' Wnf?, (f j fiw-ua i" F?*xnaaa, a.i Ka tail ..?> a| fil-ra ? la lw?| f * ? M ?i rr .m atmt. IMll'tMH - t urrii' ! 1 ion mm vi * cai's ? \Y. t. Pkila?*laf.ta - * < ?Mfil?? :?ra ?r > afpaca - ? < 4aak?a? r--a? a* (. !? ?. lr\ a ?rif la lla iltaam I ? l?< ??, I *|>l aia ur. .? K* a' ?> ? k .< lariaia H"'f, HI )<? ? II I.. ** it.f r?'ii? la Ilka ?' ir ??f ? ? 1 ! r n?h In !? I .1 r la 1 fII 1 %t a Ma) ?r k?t ? ('fin# '? il . |>?'a?*r- P ?!?? ># lha ???< !? ?l.?. . * rib t? * ika |?r' ? f Irp TV* k*a * fwlli raaipirM | M Ml with < rfy ?M?imH a* I In a *it > I Ik* l.anha aa4 ? I?>m k"*> a?f* Iku n?*all? ?1 r> a?it fi.' a ?. fi r hi * i.?w ? . apprise. w ni'Mi K?. I VNI itml, ?t < |'<AM aa fcfii fni. T?> 1KAVM 1 HI' Cl>l>v Ill ->** 'Vi'KMM IMI?|I a.K a I |l?? '? ? ? *.,4 rt?4*ri*k*I k*r?, ?l'M?i'*4 r?t.,a?art. *% Halalak 1. 1' iu' SarUal?t. I'. tl>* paklt* ar? karaby i*ii.M?f1 ! ?i ih* ltri?u4 pU*4|4 In* pr ur* a?**a?*f iiAI.I IIOH K. 1 apt. Ai*t V*. I * ! ??. tilt*4 a? anb * * r ??.? a?l IMl tmt la*. Hi **. ??rpa-?? 4 la *?< aii*...l* i?a hi a*; k..*t Vatfc *f I ?tk, |a *? * f*??l?? fc*t*??* Ra n*, r* aal 4m*la f I w*k, *t?. Ik* 1* *?& * l'*l?a??* a*4 Hr*? I' >1*', li t **<t 1 * *i s ti a *i'?i*.'.?4 *x4 r> ?--!??.f?m m?ik_ at' *4 **4 I tiMiliiik H?ir-a*? PafiiHtraSr ikl* l|** ki>iM I aa a *rr? HIMI akarf a' l?'*M, f. ..a* Ta**4a; ?*4 Fii4a?*. r-arh fiMir ?k?iian k* 1 A. lk? ?ul 4at. KM i4 kj II a M an4 PMaraVarA al?*l ??'.?. 'fa> antrk p"<a- tka. pr->~?4 farlk'i V aill, *ith piM>,in W; ika ?r*ai mil II** rkn.?rt ilafcMa k* tfcta ?*??tliT Ita*. frrta fcallm.t. U, ?T*4*rMk?k*ra, M 4a. 4* Hi*l ?< *4 (I W 4a. 4*. ta'aratar*. H 4a. a* ? bar(.1., lit ! ?< aa4 imu r?a< a?-^ Far f*Pl?T i?f*i*>* (. a aprli At tk? B**i>i*?a Kailr~*4 * ??, 4)rlat*( ika W*aklagi*a Railr?a4 i>ffi?* P?ait H MI, M la<latl<> W?r'kla?l< *. *? *- 1 ?* ?.?-? tir-ai akarf. a* aa T?aa4at? a*4 m4>ia aa x**r4 ika *alila.M l? AI.HaNDK? ?>

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