Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 28, 1850, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 28, 1850 Page 2
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r 1 JJEW YORK HERALD. JAMBS CORDOM MEIRETt, riOPRllTUR AND BIMTOK. mrwvw a. w. cokxkk op rtnjfo* and ?a**ap sts. TflF. Vin.r HLKJIJI, I ttm, per ?opy-t7 yrr ??mm. THi (f ?EAL V ilLUj/Prrriy kltttrday, a(rtntt ptr opy. ?' ?-i . w?? > r*> *? i>*hiilr the ooetupe. JLI. LETTERS fc? wuU, for iuhrrip!i.>in, or toltk aHver- ] iiiwi nli. fr fr f "? f -- > - pmUif wUi tie deducted /rook L1 mmtrv remitted VOLlJhTAKY i 'QMKRSPONDKNCK, rosluininf unport wit 1 yvi, ivJutinl /root any yu*mer uj Uee world, \J u,ed, teiU be mh ralli/[**l for. | SU WITH V taken of meumymou* oonmunieaHoni. Il'< do . ttot return rejected cumutuiticutwne, AVVICR TlXLllLXTS ,e metre, I every vwrufcn#. AMISKMICNTS TH1J KTRMINO. AFTOR FLACK OFKRA-L?? Uvtmon. 9 BIOlDWAT THCATRK. BrnUwtT.-Rcnooi. rOB ScA?BJLL-LA Folaa N*TIO?ALC?Fhibjib WAMUI. ? ' 1 lflBLCS OARDRN, BroadwAj.?Maid Or Ciounr-Tu ku>ii or Jawila. RPRTONT! THRATRR. Ch?mb?rt i?mt-C?Aiiui IIlitliaiil A.'D PlTBKIllO? I'ukTT WllUK. NTIONilTBIiTKI, Cbitkn Hatrt,-Pi?ru'iIiA?* ? - Mow ia Imi?a- 1'aitao Wioaut. URIrtTTS OPERA UOfc'SK, HMkulw' HtlL-lnnotun Vmriiu. LTWPIC.?PiMiw'f VrarritLA OBINRSE RTJ8IUM.?Taihov. Or ?i?im? CASTLE GARDEN?EvMaaa PrrsA. AMERICAN MUSEUM?Ami'aiwo PaRronvAncM Arraa MR ? IrtmM. Raw York, fiMaTt J??# M> INftO. Mr. Webs>trr occupied the attention of the Senate, yeste?Jay, in reply to the famous ppeech of Mr. SouM> on the Omnibus bill. He took lip, urittim, Kr. Soute's point*, and answered them in a masterly manner. After he concluded, other members look part in the debate, but no conclusion Wdt arilved at up to the hour of adjournment. The conte?ted election cuse i.* Iowa was the principal subject of interest in the House ef Representatives. The vote will be taken to-day. Our corres|>ondent at Washington informs us, by telegraph, that Mr. Clay expected that the vote on ttr Compromise would be taken yesterday. We certainly are not at all disappointed that it was not token. Since the receipt of the intelligence from Santa Fe to the effect, that the people of New lftxico had formed a State constitution, we have not ezperteJ that the vote would be taken for a tomb to come, and we would not be surprised if Aerc was none taken during this session, notwithstanding that the whole country have evinced their with to have the question put at rest as speedily aa ftnillf. Kntopran Affairs. The arrival of the mail lust night, brought l>y ?he Niapiirs, supplies us with our regiilnr file#, nnd all innort.'int intelligence Kuror?e. The Uiili.-h press having rfffivfd the intelligence of the riiflit of from Cardenas, continents upon tin; i.flu.r, in it* Uriial tone of haui'lity indignation, though tl.e jonrnnlitit* are obliged to declare that the prcs? of this country, generally, have treated the whole Cuban invasion in a proper spirit. The politieal news is of a mure picific character, so far as the dispute between th- cabinets of (Ireat Britain and France on the Greek question is concerned. The api>rehensions that the difficulties between the latter powers would lead to hostilities hud sub?ided, in consequence of its having been placed beyond doubt that the British ant met, rather than push matters to the extremity af a war, was deteimined to >ield to the decided apposition it encountered on the part of I'rancc and JIssmi, in regard to Greece, and to abandon alfagrtiur the position it had assumed at first. The , lueetion was in process of adjustment, and the , tervis demanded by General Lihitte had been , aomplied with on the part of Lord Palmerston. 8ueh, Uvn, is the end of this diplomatic quarrel, | in which ike British cabinet has manifested to the world au iiiconnstenry aud weakness uf action , and polirjr, whiah will ni<l v?rj> n?uri<ll)r is I privipg Great Britain of a tfrml p ?rtof her influence * aa ibr Cv*">tu>eiit of KuRiyC. The fact, indeed, , limt Cm.1 n^. -nrt l.>nitrt i*iiiesses that deirree . ''matte ** ?? " - - ** i weight and poiitictu .""'Juecce in Europe by , nirsns c-f which ?he was one* v? P0' to dictate to f 'her Euiopran power*, could not have t*-!*n more , trikirply exhibited than Jiy the (1r*ourmmt of this ] 4upute in relation to Greece. The remonstrances nrged by Russia, it ia well known, had induced Jx>rd Palmerston to change ln? jkiIicv on the ( ?rrrk question. The llritish cabinet thereby ? (Dished the proof that it is ebliged to %ik ' J he r.dvice of the L'zar on thai, and on all questions ,, Twisting to the politics of the European continent. , TV'e think this is pretty clear in the present state of niigs. The political power and influence of I treat , Bntcin in Kurrpe, is fust going to decay. , fr< in W arsaw we learn of the deliberations of < the l>iplomatic Congress, at which the Kniperor , .Nicholas himself presided. It in understood tint ( otne deeision lias been come to in relation to Ihe , flairs of l lermuny, and the settlement of the diflt-r* , nee between the German power* and l>nnurk. . Tb? poaition of Austria and Prussia has I?-en disensued; and we are informed that the Cur his de- , eUre<| himself against the incorporation of the of the former entire with Germany, w hile Wr ha*. on the oHiit hnn<l, given h,? consent lu the . Mahlu-hment of tin- confederation of Mate* called , Ibr Pniwinn linail. TMa iMrlUfflcf, which MM , 1r< m a rahahle source, is of the greatest importance. ( Anntria, who, rvrr hoc* ilir called m th<* aid of Kuftia to ?i>pf>r?s* the Hungarian revolution, ha* , lo*t her independent position among th- great jh *rm of Ktirope, id at preaent nothing more than ( Ar rrrvant of the h niifr, and Uiund to obey the ( command of the Catar. The Kuaeian intervention, ( ?r rather the invaHon of the Coaaack* in Wextern Furo|>e, ha* turned out one of thoae great event* 4 which ha* completely altered the position of ad'air* | In Kurop*. Tl liiomentou* ronsequeu? en of that rvent have heen the downfall of liberty, and the e*lal>U?k.iii''ulof liutwtian atiprrmacy on the l.uro|>ean I < mmmeat, and the humiliation of the moat ancient 1 Hn^rrwl ho??r ?f Europe? that of llapaburg?hy < Kuaaia We learn, 'hat the Austrian mmiater. i ' Pimce of Pchwar/> rberir. ha* been treated by the < Emperor of Ku*?ia. at War*tw, in a manner which I I cra*ir?ned him fo leave th?re without awaiting , ' Hie end tf th'* deliberation*. The l_'t*r, we hear, | 1 intimated to the Auatnan minister, in a very de- J < ?ided mann"r, that whate\er course the An'.nan ' alnnei meant to pursue on the Uerman q?e*?i.?, I < ?? , ' I a..l aM.iura t\i nil* U l.i/'K tt'ill Kitflf I!? tf% Praaada; and I bat a* to a war l?*t*?en th-Utter i and Auetria, be would know how to pi?vnt it. i TV mtfrtM-wi klw^en tbe HmflW Nicb?i?a and I lb* I'nnrc of Piwieia, in the folnh capital, a*id I t* have kd to i p?rVct under**and?t ip regard to (r<-rtnaa affaira, and hate pained f,?r the plan* Matted at llerlin, the food fa vera of the Ciar. , Pntaeia, according to the agreement which bn Wfd reirv to. in to r? rciu-i the t in m ot I man 1 'itiklifhfd under the headdup of Pruaai*. fibe to not to object to the formttfon of the ftund within the conf> deration that i? to embrace all ' be Mate* of ?>rnj >ny, provided I'niaeia auflreeda, ' by Bailing all the minor power* under one hevl and government, in cmelung th? revolutionary 1 element* in tiermany. The nld'>rm?n?c con- 1 federation ia to be reestablished ; hut Auatria mh ! ot to he permitted to eater aa an entire Mate or ! mptre, in tbe manner [.m|*?ed by heraelf. She x ] a^ereiy to joia tbe confederalfon with thoae of her i Serwii Sutra that formed parte of it before the i ?cvn|?iion TV olijaci. en the part of ?I?# <Var, ia aMhiag ihi? arraafpinrnl, m to form a clow alftMCf wuh I'thmm, mimI to prrvrnt Aaotria from a more ia<V|w>n4fnt portion, by h<-r oa* mtir* into ihf f>rmanic TV policy Huama now aim* at, ally, weafcea irrcrocaMy f>l*<i?+ii U> VIp kcrarU the prey of Ruttian policy. The iu<?tiw of pert of the Sclavonic dominions of Austria to Russia if, already regarded by Kuro|*an politician* as nn event which must take place at no dintant period. At th? present moment, great mov?mrnW are being prepared by liucMa ia Europe. We may look oat for important events on the European continent in the courae of a very short time. Nkw Mode or Diplomacy?Mn. Clayton's GKNit'8.?The last account* from Havana give u? the remaikable information tliat Mr. Campbell, our cou.-ul Ht that city, hud received no infractions from the State Department at Washington, as to the souree he should pursue with respect to the ships and nten belonging to this country, now in the hands of the Spanish authorities?the former striped and rotting in the harbor, the latter sickening and dying in the dank and dismal dungeons of the Moro Cattle. This i* only another instance of the peculiar originality introduced by Mr. Clayton into hia diplomatic tactics. '1 he two letters, which we originally published some time since?in one of which the " eagle" was to hover with his talons over Cuba, and the panorama of a " sanguinary war" was advertised asat>out to be exhibited by Mr. Claytonseem to have been the only authority that Mr. Campbell has hud for action. The lie raid supplied the Spanish government and Mr. Campbell, on the same day, with the State paj**r? connected with this important subject?just as it has done, often, befote. In the l'oussin difficulty, the correspondence first came out in these columns. The same limy be suid about the I nited States steamer purchased by the Germans, and of several other grave government transactions. Well, we arc glad to be of such service to the country; and in view of our ciuriprite, una 01 our famines lor puDiistung all Die correspondence of that singular genius, Mr. Clayton, before he has waked up to seal his letters, we think that the country may diepeme with all its minifters abroad. The diplomacy of the Htrald will be sufficient for all emergencies. The b-st way, undoubtedly, is to recall all those who have gone away, or have been sent away, to represent the country, and hereafter to permit our columns to do all the needful diplomatic work of the country. It will cost the government nothing?cut down the national expenditures?furnish the cabinet with new treasury plunder?and permit the citizens of the United States to enjoy their honeymoons at home, " in the land of the brave and the home of the free." Promised DsvELormxNTS or Gkorok A: Co.'s Gkbat STOoi^-rioto* Gako.?We perceive from a card issued in Brooklyn, by One-Kyed Thompson, and published in the stool-pigeon organ, that One-Kye proposes to make vast developementn of crimcs and criminals, with which he was more or less connected during the last twenty years, in the shape of a feuillttun in one of the llrooklyn (wipers. We also learn from our correspondent at Danville, Vermont, that Bristol Bill, also a pupil of the great stool-pigeon college at New York, organized by George Wilkes Co., hud some time ago written down in prison certain confessions relative to the torpedo mystery and other matteis in this metropolis; and that these revelations will expose manv of the nrartiren nl the etool-pigeou confederacy in this city. It is i also stated that Margaret O'Connor, wif< or doiy of Bristol Bill, now in the Tomb*, id preparing to publish a ftutlhlon of the same kind, describing Mine of the criminal my-teriija with which she h;'S been recently connected, both here and iu Boston. A-hl?-y, recently convicted for pausing forg^l money, end Kent to prison for ten years, it u* said, has written revela'.ions of the fame kind, deicribing his whole career with hi* associates, from the p?iiod w hen he first occupied a desk in the yflice of Patrick Byrnes, a latter in tins city. All the&e ftuiUtiunt, when they come out, will [* very curious, and if properly done, may throw a jrrat dcul of light on the stool-pigeon movements raaaacted and set on foot in this connuunitv for he lam f?-w ) cair., under n?e management of (>eorge | Wilkes A Co. One thing is certain?all the facts j md trutli have not yet been hrouglu out, or there : M.nld Inn* been no ofier of disclosures. Wilkes J tinitelf Mill be (.laced on the stool of tvveUnoj ird repentance, ona of thesa days, before the -lose of the nineteenth C'dtory?and if so, he may [hen tell a itu*1 story. How t?> .wf.7 rt.r tiik Slavery Q' kvhon ni C?>xibk?<.?What can be done to set the government ighin in motion, and relieve it from the terrible | !rag on its action, produced by the anti-slavery j igitatioa, which seem# destined to h-ive no e*J ind no repose 1 What is to be done ? j Really, we ar?* beginning to think that the best j ray would be for California 11 set up for hemrlf, Irclare her independence, uni'e with t *r?-ji>n. the ! Salt I^ikr country, on.l the of the Pacific, ? n.d form at oner a mighty republic on tli<* ?horea r nf the Pacific* Occan. Tlicy have the neceiMary J material*?the money, the Ian-la, the mountain*, J! I he constitution linkers, the pcmoM, the gamhkr*, ' !he rogue*, ihe Niints? all the material*, except ! lenty of l>eautiful women and young girU, whom ae can rentl in any <iunntity frmn thi* quarter, at 1 >o much gold duat |?-r )ie?d. A? another relief I <> the ('ongrea* at Waahington, ami to I he whole :i | ?iMie,fn<io the Kwky Mouutaim tn th* Atlantic, | ?>' think it wouhl l?* well to cut Ukhw from Tt-jkua ! Hid Nrw Mcxico, allow them to *rt up for th< inlelvea, ii in I take their chance* for the future. They ire now reorganised, and rlear from all dangerous taxation nnd d< mination of Old Mexico. Thr*e are net joke*, or if lliey ?re, they may neeonie very dry and aeriotn. Thing* are taking >>u< h a thupe iii Wu*hington, and *uth a tendency n the (tooth, under the influence of the tialphin ahinet, that no one can tell what the cx.ict re*ult >f the piceent political rmireg!m may he a year hence. Thk Taiar KxremiiMT -Ve understand that * ? mfuny haa been organized in thia city, to left kJ. t? _ lutl L' 1 CA I J ' pnr. I mnr i n|iu. I irui iv mirru iiumimu i a ilollnr* already have beea paid over to the inven- j | ior? five thousand dollar* having been f?rni?h?*<i t y ' ^ [>ne entliu*ia?iic gentleman. ThrAitor Hnui^ in to . Se the pern* of the eiperiment, the proprietor* of .hat I rMubli*limeat having merely given (.ermiMion to J Mr. Pame to uae their liitarea, and thu* to e*pe- I iite the ptocr** Unat dwibw, however, are en- ] Irrtamed in variona quarter* ma to there being any 4 discovery at all, while other* make light of the | w1n>le matter, and predict a failure. If Mr 1'ain* ^ ?b<idd fx it in making inflammable gaa from water, 1 01. ? 1 la?r g ta certain, namely, that he ha* aarceeded " in dta*i?.gout of certain capitalist* twelve or tif- , im. thousand dollara in good, aub*tantial gold.? Tune vuii Lit all ' - ??? ' I?ir<'iiTi<T Movkhknt in Boston I,TT**ATr*K.? ! The lit* rnti of lloafon are about to *tart a new I pnper in tke *t) le of Pu*rk?a j*per that ia j 1 he trai?<ript of all the wit of fcnglaad, and 1 which hh* over a thotiaand correspondent*, the rtr*m of wlrar jokea ia akimmed from the milk of fancy. We have tried several weak ddutiona 1 t?f l'uiicb liM rature in thia city, hut never yet could j K?-l (im enough condensed, to keep theae lighta 1 of literature burning loafer than a month I ,ai ? rmoM La 1'i.ara.?By the arrival of the j Srip Niajmra. Harding, at U11* port, ye*t#rday, from ( liut'o, we atf ia poaaeaaioa of date* to the 12th < alt. < >neral??nbe hi* fnrcea Mill remained in ' the environ* of Montevideo, keeping tha inhabt- , taat* is cwiii>iiunl frar ?< an in?tant attack. Tha Frer rh iWt wm bring daily aagineattd by frrab Mrivala. Dllr>1?fTY?Plea*BUI FaBIW* II TH* Imw-Wt ara iafnnaerf hy Capaia Honl*,of Ihr bug Ttm, from the Canary IbUimI*. that ui Fu?rw*ratara ilrr? would not ba a ponad of barilla thin f ear, or of any kiad of grata, aa tb* warn for rata ia now two moatba pa*. Rwrytbtaf ia parrbrd up, aaH tferra m a graat aaaroity of waftar. Tbw b?? I "a ao rata *>r mora thaa yaw, Imtoxmkmcb nan Linn la.?We km from Cspt. Caniield, of the schooner I). C. Foster, ar. rivtd yesterday, that the colooy of Liberia was in very flourishing state, tod perfectly free from ickoctft. There had been ao slavers captured on the coabt for eonie time previous to the arrival of the D. C. F. The health of the American sqaadron on that station, was also very goed. C<tpt. Cin" field's vessel was boarded by the British brig-ofwar Wolverine, and detained some time, on suspi cion of being a slaver, and was only released after a thorough tear clung. That Vixen's Gik.?Our ship news states, that ller Majesty's steamship Vixen has fired a gun, and made the schooner Enterprise, bound for this port, front Chagres, to heave to, and submit to an examination. If we have any Hritish indignation in C'ODgress, perhaps a little interesting inquiry into this practical illustration of the " right of search'' may be considered in order. Our ship-masters want to know the latitude and longitude of Grea1 liritain. Lat* rr.o?t Bahamas.?The schooner D. C. Foster, arrived yesterday, brings us intelligence that, for some days previous to her departure, the islands of Great and Little Inagua were deluged by heavy rains, which destroyed all the salt ponds in the vicinity of Hum Key. Dm-ksrcd Mattes.?We hare in type the proceedings of the Industrial Congress, the Commencement of the Mew York University, and the Frotestant Episcopal Seminary, together with a vait quantity of other highly interesting reading, all of whleh will be published at the earliest eonvenleoee The Italian Opera. The * Ilngnenots" will draw another fashionable audience to-night; and ax the opera, in consequence of the manager'* arrangement!, will nut be repeated, there lx a certainty that every neat will be occupied. The company will cIom their operalie performance* next week, for the prevent season. with the representation of the " Peinirainide ' They w ill then go to Boston for a few night*, and, returning, will give a few musical | entertainments at Castle Garden. after which thej will retire to Havana, for their regular sea*on. Tlia*, it will be eeen. that tlio^e who intend to hear the great opera*, and the splendid vocalist* and ore hen. tra. hare only a few opportunities for ** doing. The *'Huguenots'" i* a magnificrut ?eriou.< opera, and should be heard by all who delight in massive harmonies and brilliant voealliation. City Intelligence. PnHKror thi Mew Yoaa Vot.truncal.?Yesterday there was a great rush at the Comptroller'* ofllee fer the payment of the $6,000 awarded by the Oonmon Cuniiell. in rami of (25 eaeh. to th? survivors of the First Regiment of Hew York Volunteer*, who served in tbe Mexican wer. reaiding intheclty of New York at the time of their enlistment, and now residing in eaid city. Also, the widow* and orphans ol New Yorker* who perished In tbe campaign or by (iekness caused by nerving in it. Thi* mode of dUtribution ha* given great dinutUfaction, a* it exelade* tbe most urgent atid uiont worthy ease*. Several remarks- ! biy well dressed persons, of both i-xe*. applied for the I money, and received It; while there are manv poor fel- > lows in rags and destitution, and lying on a death b.-d. wbo have a far higher claim, but by the action of the j resolutions of the Common Cotmcil and Its committee, ' are declared not to be entitled to one cent. ! Fisr.?At half-past twelveo'clock yesterday mornlng.a ; lire broke out in the leed store an J stables of Krnest 1>layer, 82 East Kleventh street They were entirely eon-umtd. together with ore horse. Hlx other horses were saved by the police. Tbe flames extended to tho>u| uuara ;t? om r.iftmiu piri el. orrupiea DJT lir. ' 4 Valtntii.e. which wa* aliglitly damaged. The fir* U toppoted to be the work of in lneeudiary. f Droti: o> 1Io(;k.?Bach l< tlje d gree "f impnnlty j for kit kind* of nubance* in the eitjr. yeaterd iji i large drove of (twine, the fllthieet we ever beheld, were I lilven delibeiatdy through Naraau atreet. and the , t principal thrrouf kfare* obntrui-ting vehicle* of all c lind*. and pedeetrinnf of both wim. at the aatne time e Iif.iwing all around a Burnt deligbtlul odor. It 1* a ; o >lty the city father* were not prenent, in a body, to a uyoy the luxury. ii Nrw or PaoTrrrea Couraav 22.?Eici'mmi n Kl? Ilatrw.? Protector Kngine Company, No. ti. * eavtaXcw l'ork for New Haven on the ifcM of July. .cconipmUii by Dodawortli'a lull band They will be vcelvvd ky the Fire Department of the above eity. and ' nil be the gurata af Fountain Knglae Company. No 2. " "Ik party will number riity. and will, no doubt, hare t ? itcry plruitul Cine We were Induced to vialt the . * cg'.ne Loune y??tiT'l?y. in Chamber* alr-et. to ace tile *: ntgniflri'Dt u?w famine built for the Company, by Mr. " inet Smith, and which th?y ar? to luke with tbein to ( the t'lty of KUneIt bai n?* |'?n yet u?ed. and " 411 >/.? till ??ka. ?b>U ulani It le *l>., I# , iKa , C lano engine, and la aa powerful a? any made in Philk- I * elphia It haj an Mgbt Ineh cylinder. a?d earrte* : *' .? feet of hoae It if aa beautiful a pleee of workman- | J1 hip a* we ever Uk*M. The frame or 1^>1. ie the be t t Ln,uiinn.> mahogany, highly poiiahed. and liavio* " Ight coat* of varaiah. ihi.-h uo wet ean penetrate It * Ihi an elegant finiah to the engine not to be attained * >y any paiuting however beaulilui l'hia varni*b la. ' , II. -%i time, r ||. A| r t>i?n paint, and only I?t> J! ?ul aherva* the painting wonil r t at leant ' 10. Whether painted or not. tnahngany I* the * <od R' d. M 1'iag the beat adapted lor the purp< ?e al Me kind ci tagine la called piano, from the ehapn of * lie boa Uing m?tir ,th* ? ""l"* instrument of " hat tarn It la prettily ?.!? * 1* baa twj j ?? niUU. and ran play with on$ tn l?? re*m?. at " 1? by opening or closing a Tale*. Tt r^*t? on ,l (>ilif? all.cb tor the puipoae of paaeini? rapidly and aeily through the atreeta. are a decided advantage. " u an in<*at>t It can be lifted off the apring* and p!a-ed P1 .v. _i... r?. >k. i.i- ?' otki d on tb* ground. Ictrad ot on the top uthi * hilattelphla tnftine* In tbla partlctlar rDifiar Mr. 10 mltb bar tnlrcducfd a valuable improvi m-'ut. Th* al ttir? pr< j? ct over rn*ic. ? of tr.ii eU*? to the cttmt >? ( ill out two fill on clth?r rid', nnd therefore U'H * nly occupy unncccMAty ?pv? In tbfl fttfcet wlill* ?? nntilrg. but endanger human life; by meana of a olnt. tbior tpTpri In Protector Knglun 1'i, are fold. J 7' ip o**r th* frnni<' or boa. *bir? tb-y are completely Ut of tbr ?ijr. They can be taken wn la an limttut fter tb* t D*lnr arrive* at th* Ure. I?. 'uty-aigiit nieu n work tt thin engine It* copper Air birrel la rcry fc itiidion*. Nni bound with brant baud*. And ?ur- " oountrd ?ltb a gilt eaaie Tbu front pl?-i-*. presented " y Mi llookir bear* lb*- following Iurrrlptlnn: ? In 11 tin* of aeed *t 1<-n4 our kid. Protector " The up- ^ >taraiia* of tb# whole U *ic*?dii>|[ly beautiful And " Ight and a rrrJtt to the artlrtlc -kill of New Vork ' n< rbttilcr It (mt fU(. ' Tut lliMiiTnn Kraat.-Thi* ferry. which ?n< fn iu tbf Battery (R')ulh Kerry) to tb? Atlantic , >ock*. ba? proepervd to a m?"t extraordinary degree . 'he boat* arr euDittillj tall. owing to tb* rapid rii?aIon of ih? population id Routb Hmukiyn It i? to be grelttd that part la not kept hy lit* le?*e?* af the rrr* with lb* io-r ?-d traffic Anil tbr deoiand* of th* nbiic lor iiaDipIr I hit old boat called tb* I niton. . fj i w in nae fourteen yeara baaing t?en originally oa B| be utterly unfit tn r>>nt'y pu?nfr< >( 'n t>uii4ay evening during th* atorm. the rain cam* Ic ofk lk' roof In a continued atn am. |'*Ud( the I ii?htor? ijalt* tbrcugh, Tb*r? wa? not i dry m-at in ~ h* boat And tliua. peopl.i ah" ha e paid their com , nutation Brnty wire compelled to ?it on wet ?#au At , b<-p< |tl of tbtlr lire# Th* old tali ha* been alaca ; T t tit to hofpital to he urad but ahe It pvt metd.v; i ad dec* m y. If uotbicg e|?e can mflunee tba *>n>'*ay. <.u*hl to ladun theai to raaione bar altogether, i.t xippiy a )m tier b<Mt In bf r att-ad Pur h-r tbrac pi oat? are repaired oa tbla ferrt. th" aaiae a* to A'lantlc tr?>t; lao l? ai? nuahi to raa till t<a o'?|.>-k at ai|(ht, ad on* boat tUI ball paat tvwlt* or at* a'rloak lib rpruj Mill- ai'UP ill ?I"|? I ?>! ! > n-n o niK> 1 Ctl'IM* To P? ?*? fiNtan (hi? ih? Ciitira.? lotvil) tlaadiag ail tha ?' ? k; tk^ n??fc >apar> ar.d all ikr>iu*HMI< p rwaa dr??a?d and tail rr??B'd by Jvn| a t*4?> ik? l#fj knU tkllt r?n? p?opl? *111 atlll}'t?? at tba na? ufagn*<| waking If ant tk> l?na ofiMtf litaa (% W?Jaaa?ay am*kllr aaa ot Us* I alia* knaU *aa latitat lb* rthrr ?df a man ranaiag la fraat ku'> la aatrh h?r a pad lain lb* watrr aad oarr. aly eap.d baiag IHIIklt I T?Pfc?t Kiiriv* Tfca 1 f fipt Harvard. iitotrrtng 36 miiakrt* pa?a?d tha o??.a. an run l?i *T*ainj( "a II" If flura tr- m K?nii-w.-d i^nltivfT fUaMal day at Ur(r| prwllf*. rh? targak bora th? ?arka of K h*r? Tlnr?w?r? \<rr* prlMi lor ?upartor atrknawhlf ikirk war* li>ltll'lilrdl*lb>tkr(? kNt lk?U | Tut NuiflBai Oi t?i> Tt?a ^aaantb ll-jiin-nl nr (llli'MlllMrt. InrRal laat W*iln??.lay la llrm m* >tra?t. lb* r'uht rrttlng oa Mi-rcar Tb?y than marchrd llitH|k ioihicI tha principal and flaally prirndiil In llnlK'km. with oa? day ration" Th?y btrouark'd la tha Klyiaa I i? ld?. and parformnd a ?ariaty of military atoiutlon*. la a m*nn<rwurlhy of lhat rraik rorpi TM? irurOon l< prMimlaary to Ibtlr tlrlt to lu?toa aad Nawpart, oa tha l<h of July Paanttaca oaniTimi nr Inini'u i? Kmi Pmrrr Tlia bttiMlng. 23 Roar ?tr<?at owned by Philip Hamml I* in a ilanginm? rondlMon and I* liable to lull at ant Bumi nt Ona cliimnay ha? already fallan Ha lha ai(ji iniD| M?, Noa 19 and 21. thara la a angar > hi u?>- in tlw aouraa of rrratlon. fur Ark?rba?*?a k. IV ami th< ballriiag No *3- undarinlnad h-i in Ih.> digging out <>f lha aailar Th- Mayor. Ald<-r?. a and an aril aa lb* proprlatnr. hata brn ni|'laimd to but without any ra?nll It appaart liar opinion of lha ronaaal to tb* corporation. that thia lu-iin?? la thrown. la fat"**, on lha abonl4< r? of tha t'ity Inapntar W? b?,\ o call ht? attaa II? MmriwKK it Ti*< -Oa th? 19th of Hay 1*4, ! n alloy look p<?*" * Chw tot*?aa Charl** II _ rb-Bx. Bilr of <k>< iMMbnal rtrn? ani P. f Maar???oa la alikh rVnw >M * ! ky <liar ?m vlth a pwml a?4 la aB|>|>r>*> 4 to to Mortally aoaa4*4 Nmlwa<* irr-'it>4 Bt tha tl??, but ntoniattlf >?r* pad lo Jaa>al<-? frati ?lilali fl??? h? irrtva4 at thU ^ii < a Hrn4a| lad In tka Of?a?ut I'll; ataumkly, | tn4 to mtim. ta aNantaa< la IM* fllj Dura at ttit Ilia* ar a Watra Tka Onmat k?l4 in laqnait. na Wrdi"4mj, Bt 74 Imaaa atraat, on tka ' tody af CaB?BH WaahUI. aa?4 M j?ara. b*rn la Haw , <a?a?y aha una ta kta 4*a?k H aaaaa, fey a Maw ; >raa a Wal aklrk traatarad lha frontal l??a Tka i. r*a?ad oa tka ?th Inat , waa la Ollwr atr?a?. aaar I to try, aa4 wUa*-aa*4 two aaaa IfkUu. ka Ikaa aaat > . la kataaaa Ikaa ta Hay tka ftgktlag akaa ka Taa?<aa< j Uaa ikaa* mm, vfcoae wrnmm art nM to ka Haktaaaa | |i u4 H?y?, i Mow m the h?t4, wht<ih kiwkii Ma 4o?b ?t ttr?t. It ?m thought tha blow wh kItcb by a kluax abut. bat on tha ertdeaoe before the Coroner, tt >u ihofn to bo * brick. Tha jury rotated th? following verdlot? that tha daeeaaed in* te Ml Ontb by fracture of the fronUl boon. i?um4 by a blow from a brick, while In tb? hand* of Uoblaaon Hi Haye. Dnrmn attrurr re Commit Bi'k-idk.?Wm Haley, wbile lu a state of intoxication, Wednesday afternoon, at three o'clock. made several attempts to oomait enlciJe. The offlcera ciojbt klm 1* time to prevent hU jumping Into the river. Bonv Fol'hii, Lost from the Stum boat Swallow.? At the time the ateambeat Swallow to 3k Ire on Seturd?y last. a young nan by the name ot Isaac llnttoo. aged '?i years. born in Kockland county, jumped overboard in order to ura hiaaelf from being burned, but unfortunately tank in th? river and waf drowned. Yeaterday the body wai found by a boy. floatlog in the river, foot of 107th atreet. An inquest wai held by the Coroner, aad a verdict found accordingly. Death nv a Fai l.?The Coroner, on Wednesday,held an inqu?rt at Ho. 664 Broadway, on the body of Joarph Manny, a carpenter by trade, who accidentally f.ll from the third atory of a house in proceae of building In Twenty-second street. to the cellar, receiving iiueb injury as to cauac almoet instant death. Verdict accordingly. BririDK bt Ccttihs llii Theoat.?The Coroner vai called to bold an inquest. last Wednesday, at 114 Kldridge etreet, on the body of Charles P. Bugle, aged 63 years, a native of Oermany. a tailor by trade, who, ynatrrday morning early, committed auiclde by cutting his throat with a rotor. It seems that the deceased has Wi'D somewhat deranged in mind fur soine time paxt. and early yesterday morning be went up Into the attic as usual, to go to work; shortly after, his wife heard him fall, and on going to the bead of the stairs, discovered her husband with hia throat cut. and a racor by hia side covered with blood. The wife immediately gate the alarm, and medical assistance was procured. but to no avail,aa the dccoased.was dead on tnelr arrival. Verdict accordingly. PoHWAHDinn on the Isihmi-s or Panama.?The pub11c will perceive by the advertisement of Messrs. Taylor ana J)c Haufre, in another column, that thoae gentlemen bare entered lnta the forwarding and eommt**lon, burlnee*. at Chagrep, Nkw Oranaila. and that the* han provided every luwility t?>r the transportation of freight, and the conveyance of pattrenger* from Chagre* to I'anama. We have no doubt that they will giro *atl?faction to all who may patronise thorn. Folic* Intelligence. M -SriClOI.** AFKAIU?PEOHABU: Xt'KDKR. A few weeks since, William Peteruian. ona of the returned Volunteer*, formerly belonging to Col. Stevenson's regiment, arrived in this eity, bringing with him 'he earnings of hi* California trip, confuting of a certificate of depositeemade payable at the Fulton Bank,

In this eity, also about f200 In gold aoln. together with a gold watch, valued at 9300. On hi* arrival, I'etennan called up to nee hid brother, residing In the ^cond avenue, near Sixty-Unit and shortly after. aMociated himself with an ol.| acquaintance, by the nmne of Charles W. Cruger. who at the time redded at No. lOO Centre street, but subsequently went to live with I'eterman. at a boarding house krnt br liofffc llandfeldt. at William-burgh. Here Cruger and I'etermnn roomed together, and were apparently on the ] btft of term*. i But since l??t Monday a week ago. Peterman has t?-en missing from ht* b?ar ding heuae, anil Cruger when isked the wheraabonts of hit Mend Peter man. replies, bat he is tick at Rushwick, Long Island, and to other* 3ruger has told Quite opposite stories as to the lesation >! Peterman; In fact Cruger has been detected in oev ral falsehoods, which has tend suspicion to rest on bim. that some foul means has been Instituted against I Feterman. bis life taken and the property stolen by i be murderers ; the information respecting this mya- ] yrleus disappearance was yesterday placed in the : kands of officer Reed, one of the Chief's valuable offl- , <er??and last evening Cruger waa taken Into custody >n suspicion of being some way concerned in the mur ler. as If supposed at present of Peterman. On hie arr,'i>t. tl.e<Heer a.-ked turn if be knew where Peterman ras to be l'ound. and Cruger replied that he did. and < vould take the officer to Bushwiek where be laid sick, I Ml ou the officer going as far as WIlltamsbHrgh. Oru- J |er refused to go any further, and then Mid ne knew lothing about P? ternian. nor where be could be found. The < (Beer conveyed Cruger back to this city, and he is low detained by the Chief of Police until euaie farther , levelopemeuts take place. The parties are all Germans, and the general in pre#- 4 inn is. tbet Peterman has been murdered for the pur>o*e of obtaining possession of Ills money. At present l Is believed no person has seen I'etrrman since last k londsy a week ago, and If any such information p i nrbiug his ahtrtabonts sines that time can bn given a f 1'eti tman in justice to the man now under suspi- I ion s* wtll a* to the brother.and many auxious friends I f IVtnoiin. tliey would psrluroi an act of humanity. * well as to aid tko ends of public justice, by giving . miu? diate Intelligence t? the Chief oi Police. * further diTvlcpmeuts will certainly be made during B bis Uity. b +1%rnt of O'imMiri ?Officers 8 J. Pmith and Crosett rrest?d on gsmblers, by the names of larvty Young, lianiel Wan?ley. John Burroughs, and n?Tge Priestly. These four sporting men are said to E n upy tbe public house called the " Kuiblem." situt?d at No >>8 West Rroadaay. Tbe other three. Thos * leCann. John Patterson, and Andrew Katen. keep at #( he ' Ueeau House." No Ut Church atreet. where the aneof "faro and other gambling sports are indulged i. It se< ma that a young country boy by the name of (l SST'Vy icce, by bis parents, from the land af ateady ' aliils. 1< rated at Woodbury Conn . with a lot of plated , I" ciaciea. wnirn Uh tiupmea or lo merchant in Mai- * rn Uu?, and with lb* fuud* thou obtained he (trolled I bout torn to ?*o ttii* algbt* ai any young Yankee ould do on a rialt to York. Well. la thi? tour of di*- m wry, he ?n Indue >d to drop into the "Ocoen ourr." In Church ctre?t.Ju?t lo got a ttegar. and there i* f? II In with fomc. a- he thought at the time, 4evlli?h ""1 fellowa. P*T<ralhe **? w< re playing at "faro'' id -blutl," at which gane* the young I aokee obrvedeotae of the bystander* mike *ome lucky' hita " ^ Well. 1 |urw." eaid our young green horn, ' 1 11 J a lirud;" an4 ao. beginning with email au a ( Oj a shilling upwud?. vur young friend wm toon lltrid of near >30. The aeit day be called in again lib the hope of regaining bin loon of the day pre. <u*; but inetead of meeting with tha lack be anticiitcd. be loot tha balance of hif fund*. miking In all 3 Krom thie gaming boute, on lwing ail except 10 be vi?lted tba ** Emblem," und there he thought to (i akc rp hi* lo?* by plaj .og out the five dollar*; but tr a* ' like the nc>u?e. It aeein* ha wa* bound to *'*e. ?. mo fly* d(,llkr? noon rauUhed, nl?o hi* g ild ttrfc. which wat given ?>t hire to llarrev Yonng a* pi illatrral ecurlty for 1>!u loaned to hiib, wtich wm all flat at tha " fare" bank in a Terr ahort time. The .. notiit adventurer wa* now dead broke, and feeling ihamed. and Indted afraid, to moat hi* parent* with- K it bia wateh. applied to the police court for red re**. p( uatlce l.othrop. on hearing hi* at or v. i**ued a warrant ir l be arreet of all the above named partie*: and when ley were brought before him, the maglrtrate (.are ' nmto understand that It wm about time aome of ? M?e gimbliii hoi*ee were broken lip. aid espre?*ed u ? dclei miaatioi. to lay the complaint before the nest 1 land Jury Ti.* accused narti** demanded a h*ar if whlrh ?>i a.-t .lowu for four or look yf?trrd?y af- (l| rnona. t, Shmlm/t Chttkimf A Nark fellow, rail"'! Wm Var l?i Uati rtrd atcallcg a aoat. ml pant*. ahlrta, l) r . valued la all atfpo th<- property of Charlea Swift. It n t Nt uailrtrt TlrrlotWIn* " fiand In the *ue'? ^Faritun. and Juatlca l.othrop rotn ni< tied ln> to pnr?n for trial. I* (* ???/ W??? ?The pollre of flitrrnth ward fi, !r<rt<it r>n Turfila* cT.-ulntf fnur m<*a by the name* . John llrtrhaa. Patrick Murphy. Jamra Hamilton, ad John Tan Wart on a rhartr of rfrdatlaft th? pern nf Catharine Kiirke Juati?<- lllakley detained the H tumU partita for lurihar haarinf hr Parlflc Malta?California CamipaarftiiM. It i? Tiir rditom ?r liir Srw Yoaa ll? an it? T* I>r*a Hia - I nbamed in your paperof yeaterday. aa T rtlrle headrd "Th? I'arifle Malla-California '"free- ?1 Bd?m?." wit irk (oaUlw aaveral rrroneoua ?Ute- f' rata, unintentional an d ubl. oa tka part uf tka " rlter. which with yoar parmlealoa. I will earreet. ' hat partirular portion to wliirh I refer I* a? follow* ? " "We hare rreetvad ad?tae? fra? raaama. iafnraiiat a? that | * ibela af lettera a?H aa a-paean ara la tb? aftieen. ( tw > * | iraa ?taa?>bi|< M*ata. laarktd fa* Calif ara la, !_> *, ?alirala*. aaH ?tb<r porta at tha Tar fta : and thai ili'?a la'ttra o Ira Ufr la that plea* f"r mnalha wMlee?.ailatata af ?kair imt-trtltil at ?a Fraaataan, he., ban k*ta mHai la ap?a aa ky arary mail." p It la laipte'lbla. under eiUtinf prxtal arran*?n??nta ? kat lettera regularly mailed la tha Vetted Utatai] L-uld gat lata the ofllrea referred to, ainept tboaa dtirlrd to thalr f ara or "ant by prlraia haad Tka mail K for Panama la opmed by myaalf, and. In my abby aregnlarly authorised Consular Agent , and II lettna <?lp*ftad to any part af New Uranada eteept " hoaa for tha Consulate ara haaded aver to Ik- pnetiaat<rirtln( under that government Thl? la raju- n tttd by lha dialing poatal rnaveatl.)n batwaan tha .. nilail PLaUa and tha Saw (iranadlaa pifum'nl h.' Ball* I..f I n 11fornt* arr regularly Ixpatrhrl front 0 * in ma tba 1*1 of arary ngih. It, tbaratora coin laiata arr made at !*in rrapartinf the < ? arrival of lettrra It m?t be owln* to the f^t 1 I at fflch lettira h?T? born lntru*tad to prirVe 1 and*, or dlraetad to tha are of per?ona ?h > hin 1 ulrd to dalirar them orer and not tt tbe Pi?t- t fflea Depart ment. Tbla will appear tha on ?p 1 riittknl Mat* that tha tf> nti ?hn arc impnay I li? malla are raqutrrd. vpen their arrlrnl at Pa- 1 lama, to raport to tha Oon?nl th* number of ba?a, I nd tbalr weight. whleh. beluf '"mparM with tha 1 lata mada oat in New York and New Hrleana. prior to 1 b* railing of th?- t'nlted fttntaa mall ?t?am?r* enablea 1 hat oScr to ?re if any of the b**< bate been ln?t or 1 nl>laid, and alnaa I hare baan In ofloa bnt ona ba? 1 la* barn inl??lnf ( Monterer. California. ba? ) blob 1 ? ? afti rwarda found, and the aire nm'tanea reported tbr drpartai-nt. lour atateaent la regard to lat- a am dlrr? t<'d to palnta aouth of Pauau la oorrif t; >nd I an happy toann* nnee tbnt I am about to raaka >? arrangement in tbla eity whleh will injure tha * irompt tranrmlaalon of nil l-tt?r? K r tba South Pnalfle J Ulilllf Tba public will ba duly adriaad of tbla ar ? nn|tn>it. Tary raaportfally. Tour ab t aarrt, 9 a R (nmwrw*. 0 Caaiaul at Paaama MAILS FOR CALIFORNIA, i THI WUKU HBRALO. I TVa taaaafctp Obi i trill laaaa thia pprt, tbla t Ifamaon, ?Wk tba anita for tba faalta Tba WaaJMp * Uratf wtfl ba pnblUbad at aiwa a<?ia>k h.. ?n- ' if AfBiilivUilMiiilftcilMk j f^art Tflla D^va vrmoK Cwit.-N* 1M. 1?7, 17*. 1W, *J, SM, M. 367. 2M 200. 361, M4 U. 3C8, fJO. 271, *78, lit, 877, aim, ZOV, JMA, -JH, ZB4, ZJtt, *H, WO. A BkaaUI Convention of th? OtIU Pkl VliTruiTT U BOW in eea?ioa II ths National llnni, Couitiaad ?* ?? , New York City. All mtabtri of the Fnteraity are laviteU to attend at 10 o'clock this morning, as business li before the fraternity. FRANCIS FERRIS. i. BRTAWT SMITH, OLIVER WETMURE. JR. F. O. BI'RNHAH, Corn mites of Airi>(iBMM. Friday, Jnas 28th, 1800. Bailer* and Parehnaers of Heal Eilalr and Be si boss, should boar in mind that Mr. Flammer devotes hi* personal attention to tlio purchare aad sale of roal e?t?ie and basiaesa. Hia faeilitiee s.p Croat, Bad'he satisfaction he give* to all who favor him with tnoir bneineee, loads aa to recommend him with confidence, aad advise tboao who wiah good prieos aad quick sales, to hare their property or buaiasse recorded at hi* oOee, No. Ei5 Woostsr street. Wanted, for a Young Ladjr, Board In a private family, where she would be received aa one of the family, and where there are no other boarders. Brooklyn preferred. Refereaees given aad required. Address M. 9., Herald office. Coleman, 1O0 N aasa u street, lias on hand aa eateaoive assortment of gentlem*a's summer hata, of tba m?et fashionable style, aad finest qnality, and ftftt per eeat below the Broadway houses. His aasortmeat of rica aad Ckiaa Pearls is extensive aad unique. Bapenrheld's Rocky Mountain Drab Beavers, so universally admired fur their light, aeol aad airy appearance, are beynad comparison the most elegant Uat of the season. Whilst ia Broadway S* 60 is asked for aa inferior article, at 107 Nassau street, the vary best Drab Beaver that caa be made ia sold for oaly $4. Hata.?** The cry U still they come." Yea, tbey, tbe people, do "come" in crowds, to Knox's store. No. Hxrultoa street?the gentlemen to bay one of hla Rooky Mountain Silver Beavers, the ladies to purehase one of his various "jnvemlr" hats of all kinds. The enterprise af KNOX attracts universal attention. Astonishing Low Prices for Bngllih Three Ply aad Double Ingrain Carpets, Rags, Floor Oil Cloths, Re., at the celebrated cheapest Carpet Establishment in ths United Btataa, No. 10 Bowery?UlRAM AN DEMON S. There yon caa select from tke best assortment at low price*. By all means call aad see them. Carpels?Wna. llrGrorty, 136 William street, wholesale dealer, offers for sale 75.000 yards of carpetIt g and oil cloths, at retail, cheap for cash. We advise theee ia want of rich carpets to give him a call. 190 pieces Eaglish Tapestry Carpets, new stjles, Jnst landed. Also, a large as- 1 sertment of Bogs. Fourth July.?Ladles, Mr* Miller, In Canal treet, has the largest, handsomest, aad best aasortmeat of tiaiter Boots, of all the fashionable colors, Slippers, Tyco, and Toilet Slippers, Misses' and Cliildrea's Gaiter Boots aad I eno**, oi >n ainda and prices, to b* had la Now York. Wo an recommend onr lady reader* to tlii* (tor* in particular, 1 having from th* fotualo member* of oar own family, tad 1 their friend*, heard the artii lca highly apokan of, wbi*h idi from J. B. Miller'*, 136 Canal *tr*?t. A iaptrl?r aitlrle lit the Boot or O alter line will To found at 41 Courtlandt atreet, under the Merchant*' Hotel, ?h?r* they hell fin* French Calf Boot* fur (4 1 50, uaually $f> and $7; Nhooa and Gaiter* equally low. Ton . wunld do wall to (it* them a call l?for? purchaalng elaewk*r*. THE DOCTOR. | Thert li nothing la the way of nnder (armcnta better adapted to our climau, with it* frequent and rapid change* from beat to cool dampnea*, than the < cphyr good* to b? bad at the N*w Y*rk Stocking FM'.ory, 1 |U4 Bowery. ] Oiut* Rhlrti and Drawm-Jwt rwilvml, ] ft large a**ortmmt of Cans* Moris*, Silk, Cotton and Sha- ' k*r Shirt* and Drawer*, of a very auperior quality. 1 WARREN SAXON, 511 Broadway. 1 Fine Art*.?Talbot ype* and Da|p*err?otyp**.?The uhacrihcr* harinir i.urebaaed tb* National Mininor* CalUry, 2*7 Broadway, (late E. White'*) are prepared ( to tak* Talbotyp* I'oriraita of all *ii?*. np to th* *ia* or Ufa. i fhe adelity of likeuea*. and tbe bcantiful tui*h of th***pi?- . lore*, it*in then greaur popularity *T*ry day. Daguerreo- ' type* taken in tbe moat approved ityl*. Tb* pnfalie are re- ' ipeetfa 1 It invited to caemine *pocim*n? at our eatahliah- 1 n*nt, 247 Broadway. HITE, LANGXNIiElM It FAN SHAW ] O. launder*' Metallic Tablet Strop?The ( ildeat approrcd Strop now la ?*e; bavin* been before th* j tublie for tb* laat thirty year* Can be had of tb* *nb*erik- e ira, wboleeale ami retail. SACNDEKS. 147 Broadway, cor- , icrof Liberty; 2P7 Broadway, akd No. 27 ? Strand, London. ' C Comh Factory, 8H7 Broadway, between f falker and W hit* alretta.?livery deacrtpiion ofTortuiee II ell dreac comb*, nf foreign a* well a* homo maaafactor*. . 'nml* mad* to *rd*r, after any de*ign, no matter how*v*r ' ntrioat*. A. k J. SAUNDERS. 3*7 Broadway. C Wig* and Tonpeea?Another Medal hat J on awarded to Wm. Batchalor, for th* t**t Wig* aad To*- * ?**. The public are invited to ln*p*ct bl* n*w (tyl* for 18ML t BATCUKI.OR S o*l*brat*d Wv* Factory, ? Vail *tr**t C I* k**p* tu Larfwt aad kat aaa*riacat la Ik* *it|. hn L m tuna g Hair Dye^?Batchelar'* Oenalne LlqaM * lair Dy*. ea* oil; be procured at th* Bannfactary. 4 Wall JJ >r**t. Tb* public abonld guard again*! imitation*. Sm * ly Tarlou* diploma*. Person* who** hair liaa a**nra*d a ad color from th* n** of th* laiitatio* dye*, *aa bar* It orro*t*d by sailing a* aboT*. Copy th* addr***. n Phalon'* Magic Hair Dye, to Color the . lair or Wbi*k*ra, tb* moneat it i* applied, without Injury a th* hair or *kia. It ran b* wa*h*d immediately. without iatnrkirgtba color, and hu na bad odor. It it appliad, or g: lU, It rllALON'li, IIV BrnUvt;; mi by Pawoeil, Milk- I 2. Ml coraar of Cheat not ?.nd Fifth Ureal*. rtuladelpkla. It . m Be Carernl.?Inrl|?lent Btldnui majr b? I uily cheekad. M?*U'e Byperioa Ftaid la the beat pre?tn- _* jha? if im-mm. lU raa??r??lY?> nualltl.. ?i|U/ *> riaed, aa ?Tlu III propertle* (a baantlfirat aad air.auhf a- . ir tin fcair. & 14 by tke iaaeat?r. Wll.l.lAM BO?l g, 277 ' a>hiB*toa (trrft. Hfletna; ala? by A. B. k D, .faada. liO * ulton trret; Riirhtan, Clark k C?., lit) aad 273 Bread* aj, ' Verk. i SI Dr. D?tU L. Slott, Nrdtral rh?ml?t, has *JJ tahliabrd hu city agency at No 14 Warr-a itmt. tfiw , ior? fr< IB llroadway, wbara all order*, whMeaale aad retail, r In* erl*l rated rmparatioa of aperiaat irua, "The Chalylate RtituratiT*, 'arc reeeired, aad preinpily aiaeeitd. _ _ ^ MDICAL CARD-WATER CU1I. 1 C. Bchlrfcrderker, H. D., HydrUtrle Inatl- ] Itina Willow Qror*. OA?? la l hiladalphta, 18 iWalfc ' aelftlt itmi 21 i i I MONBY MARKET. ^ TuraiPAT, June 27?4 P. M a The (lock tnarke t wag in a Tery uu*?ttl?d atair thia yjJ orning. a< tar a? price* wcrt concerned. There waa N maldcrable activity In most of tha faaela*, and the anaartlon* on time principally *all*r's option Oor- < nnent and Stat* atock* were in better demand, at n ice* previously current. At the flr*t board V. B. ? a. 1S0T. fell t ff %i per cent; Long Wland V; Reading ? H. 3?; Krle Inauraue* Bond* advanced H per rent; rl* R R. V The demand for Erie R R. I* prlneliliy for delivery upon the opening ot the book* on ^ it flr*t of July. At that time a very larga amount of ock* will change hand* and probably a large amount pt 111 come npon tha market. What the effect will be M pon pricea. ia very uucertuin The receipt* at the office of the Aaiiataat Treaanrer \\ thia port to-day. amounted to $20,030; payment*, di ?#.612 64; balance, *3.3?i.au7 70 It will be awn Bl lat the dntie* for *everal day* paat hare been amall, idicatlng a limited Importation of foreign go:d*. ^ A aiviaenu 01 hi guiwn on urn one iddumh i aoir bond of the But* of IUInola, will be p?l<l at the of] b< ic of the Interest AgenU. #1 Eicku|t I'laee. od tail l* Iter Monday, the Ut of Jul/ pi Tlxl'ilH Matx flu Iiiiirtnpr Company have 4?ar d a eeml annual dhldenjuf fir* par cent, payabla ' i lb* lit of Jwly. c| It will b?* avail by an adrertlnem'-nt <a another eo- tI iinn. tbat the Cb?mnag Railroad Company baa been ^ tulatly organiied. and Ita offleeri for tbe ?ar elected Tbe road ltaa been economically eon- B rucl. d and a* It draw* * large ?ni >unt of buiinea* >r nm tbe Krla railroad. and from tba Central llna of f, tilroad* It will doabtlaaa pay the leaaeei at leaet tba ni nnnal rent. It la only eighteen alia* long, and caa, * ere fore, be properly aana^d I'tder the lea?e. it 111 be a eoatlaaalloa of tba Erta road, and wa eup hi oea the nrtlpti and eipeneet will be merged la thorn f that Company. *, Tbe pon receipt* of the Patquehaana Canal Com- at any. In each <4 the paat B?e year*, hare been a* an iaie4:? C?mi Cottraer. ? M? NIMN 1M7 . iai?f??7 I_ KM 1I0.M* W 1 *48 13M4WI 01 1MW 141/71 Hi |J Tbe debt* f tba Company amount to two and a half 11II1VTIH VI Tk? ?nn?i?d Uhl* will |ln k pr?-tty good Idn* af h? ?ff*?t of to rarly or lata blooming of cotton up?n , Ik* tilnl af th? arop:? orta* Caor ar tm C?itm Dtt* or Bi.oom ?*n Kaarr. ?< n*li ^ JHumi. limit ?f /V?K Kxtmt if Cr?p. ( K.6- JtfW*. 14th October, 1 4-H (XMI h?l-a ?.i7? 7ibMay. 27th Oetobar I.*00 000 " ? ~ |4ih J iibo. 7ib October .l.MO OOO " ' * V ?*4fb Hay, 7th Nortmbar.. . .2.117,000 " f' 940 - flth.luna, 17th Ortobar 1,11.14 000 M Ml IU hJiinf, lilh O*tob*r. 1NJ0M * Mi i;\b W?;. ?t Nntrmhft, . . .2.17W 000 " ?b k4 < l/ih Jnnr, lftth Orlobar 2o.tou0n " 144 31 #t May. "loth October 2 :?4.000 " $1 M#?.loth May, Bd Ho?aa>bar ? ~ M6 10th Jaua 1?t NoT*f?b?r. . , 1.M0JM " b> M7 ?th May. 27th N.?mb-r, . . 2 .Utooo ' Mil Joth May. 30th November. ...'2.700ooo M = M9 1Mb Jura 10th Hwal?r . . .20d0.000 " Of which 20o.(00 wara loll or?r from Mt- v ? _ I A lata bloom baa b*?i invariably followed by a ahort rop Tha blma of IMS tm aaa toy latar than any u rar on rar ord and that althnfh tha froat held of u mtll Dae?mb-r ftrlog tha plantera one of th* flaaat f italhtf ?unn< oa record. ya? tha ylald tu radnaed a 700 000 bale. 1 Tkb ;ht thrrr ha> M?* no aaneaDrmmt af tha Mia of tha plant blooming and fadtiil know wha- f her It hti Ut'i place or not At alt arontu tha pre ? ant aaaaoa la maah latar than laat. and tha probaMU- ?? y la. that tha data of froat will thta yaar b? earlier, M ha talaraaaa ft"n which la. that tha arop will ha laaa 1 kail that nc? <-noilr>f to m*rkot la Ui* araat of tk? | r*y Wt*i kw Ikii l*o tlthiM i(Mm hr tk? ftan ? M and mi. jrl*?a aaat tcMk h%h?r point* thaa i itn Wm km* for TMrt ? T?? of ItM Ma4 MStm aal Ut< Ma Mt. ai ,1ju ?n J c jsaMSBi road Company, for the y?*r anding May Slat, 1M9, tBossttd to $M1,1M 41; tiptUN, $1?M7* 1?. tareat, *47 667 M; net earning*, $144 811 75; $121,067 U; nrplna, ?2S m 41; mrplaa, 1$49, $H>>21? 49; total itrylni, $82,782 97. Tha road will ptofcaMy ka completed to Dayton thla tall. Tk? Safe Harbor Iron Worki, loeaUd on tha ?<i tog*, Pa., are making railroad Iron, at the rata of 140 rail* par day, or 160 torn par waak, or 7,900 ton par annum Tbrae itaam englaaa, of thareepeetive capacities of forty-five, ona hundred, and ona hnadred u| twenty-five boree power, ara employed la tha soiUag: mill and blast furnace. The nambar of operatives tm~ ployed U about five hundred. Tha eaah ei peases par di?m exceed $1,000. The grass receipt* and expenditures af tha Western Railroad Company, Mass.. for tha six m on tha astfiig May 31. ItiO, were aa annexed Vutmr (Mam.) Railboad. Passengers $Ut, MM Freight AO Other source* It.172 91 ToUl $377,006 ?7 i Kxpenaaa came time M,1M tf For tba came period in 1849, tha reeeipte were *366.942 Of Do. do. do. tha expense* wera. . .. 311,906 41 Showing a net gain, in favor of tba prsssat year, of about $36,000. feml-annual dividend of foar par cent ha* been declared. A delegation of gentlemen were, at tha laat aeeoant# in Buffalo, aolieitlng pubscription* to the stack af tha Buffalo and Corning Railroad. Subscription* safl-clent to build fifty mile* oi the road have already been obtained. The total value of Import* into Newfoundland, daring * the past year, waa ?770.190; export), ?876.647. Of the former. ?233,8(3 were from the United States, and of the latter, ?20.800 were to the United State*. The following dividend* have been declared by several companie* of Newark, payable on and after the l?t of Jnly next:?Newark Banking and Iniuranee Company. 3^ per ccnt; Morri* and Raaei r*II*a?<* Company, 8 per cent; Newark Gu Company, 3>i pec cent; New Jersey Insurance Company, & per Mat. The State of Ohio in divided into eighty-five MuUm containing 23.764 029 acre* of land, Talu*d at 8964,066?18; Tain* of town*. $71,1*1,600; value of personal property, money* and credit*, $04,028 038; turnpike*. bridge*, and other joint *tock aompani**, $1,173 768. Total vain* of taxable property in 1848, $431,048,808. Total tax** for 1840, $3 631.87S 29. The conference between the Trn*t**? of tke Indiana :*nal aad th* Ohio Board of I'ubli* Work* ha* *loMd, and a *atl*factory adjustment of th* rat* of toU* Bade. A general reduction of toll* wa* adopted Wtum Ciiii? RrDicTioi or (*u*. To Infantile. Jn pork, per ton, th* redaction amount* to $ K Lard, per ton 68 Bacon and bulkmeat. per ton 88 Flour to 1 at June, per bbl 3 Salt fiith. per bbl 88 Lumber, per 1000 feet 11 tolngle*. per 1000 T Ult U reduced to 40 cent* per bbl. to Lafcyett*, aad the lame to all point* below. 71? PmryviUt. >n pork, per ton. the reduction amount* to. . .$1 88 ^ard. bacon, and bulkmeat. per ton 1 08 <alt per bbl 8 lalt fi?h. per bbl 47V Ybeat, per btuta .* V 'lour to l*t June, per bbl 6 ' tor balance ot year S lorn, per bu*h V .umber, per 1000 feet 33 thlngle* per 1000 feet 7 ran. nail*, raating*. fce.. par ton 88 lrocerlee. fcc., per ton 88 T? Trrrt Hmutt. in pork. lard, bacon.and bulkmeat. per ton, th* a reduction amount* to 81 83 'ine *alt per bdl MV 'oaree Fait, per bbl. 7 alt flrh. per bbl 80 V'heat, per bn*h 2 lour, prr bbl, to lat Jnn* 18V " for balane* ot year $ orn. per buah IV lumber. p?r 1000 teet M hlngle*. per 1000 fe*t T lerahandl**, per ton 1 80 v^ mmmmm, EWinil, M.. per in 1 TO roeeria-. p?r ton Tt Tkrpr la alio material redaction an ninfcirtlw om Cincinnati to Fort Wayne, and other to vol on be Upper Waba?h On many otb?r artial** than wa ight reduction*. Stock Elthaan. rmUA<'a,'M 1"7 JOO.tu Harlem KB Kfe WQ * o. ?7 n?H *? * ? ?4e HAS >m * aw M 4? k'JO lit-, *> 4* MB ?V 000 4o, ?o? C8 I17W '*> * ? *? ?C 4e. W 116 1*0 4* kM aoC WW Ohl? '?. "?r. a?w il'-4 4o SBV iiaa bM 11.1 "<l 4* ap* 000 Kraiurky *' 109', So SrTacm* k Ptiaa Its HJO 1)1 lut H?a<l* r >; ?> Kaa4la( RB aM MA. ?**> I'raaa ft'a M 104 4e *14 44 C (?0 K-a4 MtX Bo,J. M0 1(0 d* aM 44 ? Kri* T?. L? 'J9 11* 4o aM 44 4a ? 100 4o 44)4 iW Kri* lar B?, WJ4 ft ft Had Ki*tr BR 70 ?M?lla4 III RR tin 101 MNVINHIR 107 Afh*NIIftUKR 113 >' Maahat Gaa I. Pe ltl W Drl k Iln4 l a Ca Ii5* 2ft Suaiaptan RR 41 M Mrr Kie Kaak 114 104 Kri* MR a*a 74 Ml Cantes Ca 4??, 4a MO 74 V M Murri* Caaal 16* ? 4a *H M'J (W 4a Iftjj M 4a JR 74 A F?ra>fr?' Tr *9* 3? ! 4a 7k?. Ml 4a S?\? TiS 4a art 7?<, t? 4e a*l ?? uron BOARD. t?o Kri* r*. ? IW>, 6011 iki Harlca KB ?*> N? 4a. M Mi l?> 4a K ?> Kri* la* B?a4a *2 too 4? a? 1*0 4a n 1* 4a M? Mil 4a t>M WJ JOU 4o MX MB Had RIt Boad* 1? ICQ 4a Mg 4il< Harlun RR 6"^ "? 4? kM *\ ? 4a aSO .'<1 r*rm#r*' S"V X> 4a Mil M>V U< Readtaf RR 44Si M) 4a M0 MS JJO Krt* RR aM ? 4a M% to 4a aM Ml i* 4o H'S I ImMi Oa W?dn**day. June 2Mb, Mr ZaexaaiaN Faoar, of lia city, to Mlaa of Ore** Point. ?| I aland. On Tuesday evening. June Ctb. by tb? Rrv Datl* ockluft. llr. Immmi<i \ a* Pan an, Jr . of Ua?k>i?k, Wew Jeraey. to MUa Maariia Mmr, of Mlddlamg Conn In Brooklyn, on W'dnerilay. June 36th. by the Ret. tiltam II l.i'wl*. Mr. H M N m to tuai J U , lucktel of the late i-n. \ anJtrhoef hotk ef DM. Ob Wi dneiday. Jan* 2Ctb. Kliuicin Biiiu, In tb* 4 J? >r ul h?T aga. Tbr rrlaOra* ami friaada -f th? family and tboaa of lit *oa. Thorn*. Harkrr ?r? r^p-eU.illj larltad to kind hrr funrral. tbt* (Friday) a (tarn no a, at tkr*? clock. fro* tba rwiltict of I houia* Barker No 71 xth itraat. Oa Wadnraday. Juaa 2IKh. Mr PtTtrn Moan**, p 4 20 jran aad A lamith Uia friend* and arqnaiatanraa. aad tboaa of bl? vara Patrick and V>l?r Lealaa ara ra?pa?tfally laird to attend bl* faarral. on 1'nday afwiranoa. at 2 clock. tr?m the raaltleaea r>| bin motb"r 314 Tvaatyxth #(rc?t brtvMn th* tl;hUi and Math itmdm. Oa Th?r?day. J una 27 th. of typhua favar. Kmm* i iw. oaly daughter of J. ka Vf aad Abb Maria Mead, i th?cl| year of her ape The rrlallm and friend* of the faml'y ara ra*peet illy Invited ta attend the fnaerat tbla (Friday) afterr?oa. at kalf part one tr^a h?e parent'j rn|i|>*'a, 171 ir.o? ?traat. Tk? rrmalaa win be takan to Tarrytowa. r lateraient Oa 1 bur-day ainralag. Jnn? !7th. ofd?e*?e of tk* rart. Mr* M*ai* fttiaarc. agrd 41 yeara Tba Iriaada of tba family and of bar *oa*. Katrp id Aamnel lliarpe ara rr?jecMul|y latl ad to attaint r fun-r*l from kar lata rvtlfcaea, )N t.raaawleb real at ona o'clock thia aftaraooa Oa Thumday mornit % M*a> CutrHrir. *M<i? al la lata -laaira 8brpb<-r J. la tba 74lh yaar or kar mfr fler relative* aad friend* and tho?? of hrr brntkar, II Datiai. at* particularly larltrd la attead her iaeral. tbla afternoon, at 4 a'slock. h?r lata radaaca. So 11 Suffolk alreal. wit boat fartbar lartta oa 1 At ral.-d.nla NT . J aaa 17th Hrr Ataiianta D. *" \> nf _??.???????? AUURTISMLNTX KINKU KII EVKKY MY. MW Aid*. OK THB JIHT IBflT.. I* I 1UV Mill atrrat. *?'?* fn RI I alaa Hut ta Hutm f??l, ?'?lf ?*'" I" ' " kwok, roataialtic taa <rtj> dallar lla of 1 nt> Bank, K#w >?rk. >aa ito d?tlar City nr h of I'tlaa. na? t?a doi'ar tiklr, Baahanira' aad Bnaafaa- . rrn' Rank. Naatarkat. and at 1 wanly 4 -Kara la i?fan?a Bar a ?f Htw H<4far4 ?'h >a??r a ill nuia tha iv' ta I.. M fTIVBNS k 144 I'tarlatraal. will raaai? a ?Im"i * r?w?r4 |1ftH.\r<nn M.*T ON tfDXUDiV H01X I"' i*r, tha JK'k inai , a klaak aad laa T< rrw (Wig. I lad i ?!< loat rr?a 1>ath?r mllar TV. a Radar, kv ratarala* t tt? B rat krtoltar, ahall r??al11 tka ak^tt ranard. IUBVIT Torwo lOARDIIIO, AC. lOAlMMl -T1? 1.BT, WITH BOABD. BT * WIDO^ > 1*47, a bar* tkara mfr an k-aidr ra. la a rattrad part af tka t?, rn?m aa4 kadr< oa<. fnrntakad, to a ladj. ?c wallwit 14 lady. Ba qaaatloaa wMI ka aakad. Plaaaa alhm. far raa 4a;a. < ) halia. at tl.a >nadt?; Paat Otl?. "UU MTBT Boa*!) WA?TKt>-Br A (IIITIJIA*. J tkraa mall rkltdra*. an4 aarraat. B'ataa lalaad ?ail4 I paafarrr4, If Ifca allaatiaa ? kaalih* aad >( aaaf a?aaw t* it farry. Addraaa, alatlag taiima. 1. V, kai I.C* raa* IBaa. >?*?DI?I*N tl)*N. AT *4 BABl l.tT v r * KIT J ()aat|r?aa aad tkalr ala??. aad r'agla ?a .?l-?an. aan ? , tlMckH. f*rai?k*4 tr nlanMti ? Hwlit ml. Tr??rt??t ktiritn fl f?r *?t I* i (!?? i< k HI NCI R C KIM MM W *?flM A ft'MM ?? ft P?l. * Tut Ilia ?lik of t?i?k*?? Inu w mm4 tm, u? rlM>MI (tr *kl?k >*< ?|| k* MM if iH?kly ?H???4H?< AOw P. I? L aftNTLCNAN AND L\DY, Oft TVO ftlftuLJI & lW*i, W iwntMrf ilik ki?H la trt m ?Wt KHtik IpMN. ? |t4 AfptyMltohwkitmi,

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