Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 29, 1850, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 29, 1850 Page 1
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T H NO. 6864. rrw> *SOR LIT*KI*OOL. uViVli) dTATRS MAIL ?T*AH- j V lki| PACIFIC. Capt. Ii-t Vya.?Thta iiiMUkll 111 ; 4mrl vita lii* mili> fur Kurupa, poaitiraly SaturJij7Jaly Ith, il 11 n'?lork K., from bar barth al the tmmt af Caul (trM*. No bartli aoourad Mil M for.? For freight or pwui h?vtu? unounallad aoaattiaodatioM Www ilniaft or ?on?f"rt i>t*W ? W ^ IUWU. It. I.ULUNI.H Wallatraa*. til IMUn and pa|*ra umt p??? tLrouih tha Po?t Mm. Tha atMOMi Atlaati* ?fl' ??> " ?< ? Paalie, ami tail Jaly Hth. NITRD 8TATRB HAIL STS.iNRRS BKTWIKN K?W York and Urerpt-ol.?Tha abwa oampoaiaf thia llaaart j ^ATLANTIC, Captaia ? m. altcTIV, Captaia Luoa. PACIFIC. Captaia Nj?. BaLTIC, Captaia Oiw>nt | ADHIA'ilC, captain Uraitua. Tbm ahipa bar tat b*?a built by eoatraat axpraaaiy f?f I ( Tirtatat aamaa, mrj uare Una baaa takaa ia thair aoaOtruatioa, a* alto la thair riKluct, to ouaurv atraagth aad Hilt, aad thair aaaomaoa?ii?a? tor paaaaafara ara un qaallad for alagaava ur eumfvrt. Prioa af paaaaga fro at Now York to Liverpool, $'*>. uolniita una of aitra aiaa atata rooma, t$3b Am aip?rirai>t>d aunraua will ba attached to aeh amp. No bartha aMinrad until paid for. Far freight a M1>WU A. cUi.Li.Na, M Wallatraati or. to BROWN. aillPLIT * CO.. Liverpael. vfca Paaifta will >at?ve Liverpool? JuneliLlHM, " Atlantic " " Livcrpwl Jul j 10, ? " raaiaa " - New fork Jaly C, - at Li?erp...l._ Jaly SI. " Atlaatla - ? Naw Turk. . July 27, " Tha awaara af tbaaa ahipa will net ba aaoaaatabla for fjold. ilvar. bullioa. ipaoia, Jewelry, praoioaa ataaaa or roetala, alaaa biliaaf lading are aicnad therefor, aad tha ralae thereof, tharaia asprctaaia. FOB LIVERPOOL?TO SAIL PUNCTUALLY?FIRST J af Jaly.?Tba wall kaowa, fa?t calling, coppered aad u^luiu^.Lli.inr>ll 1IEVM I'.M H/.VK. Vi - _ , h| the greater part of heruar^o engaged. and going oa board, ?tll tail u above. For btltniM of freight,or faaaago, kiriif ?plandid accoiamodat on. arplv lu JOSEI'll VckURRAY, 09 Seath atreet. KtOK GIBRALTAR. UE.NOA, ANIt LIGHORN?THH mC luprnur Sardiniaa bri< HAliAli 1NSTO, Bono, maater, j ^rill infft with prompt de?t?aich. Apply to l'KTEH llAKUUNV. > El'I1E tv'S k CO., or to BOYD k IHNCRS-V llil Pearl Itrwt. | FOR KINGSTON, JAMAICA, DIRECT.?Till SPUN- I did ateamahip CRE.MENT 4 ITY, 13110 till fcarthea, Charlte Stoddard, Commander, will leave forChagrea, touch- 1 tag at Port Royal to land paaatngera and mail*, un Monday, 1 July lat, at throe o'oloak. from tier doek, pier No. t, X. S. Vor paaaage apply to J. HOWARD * SON, 34 Broadway. | Through line for san francisco, via cha- ' grea direct?The ap'iebdid atekuuhip CHEROKEE, Hear* ! Wiadle, Commander, will leav* her dock, Pier No. 4 North i Jliver, for Chagreaa direct, on M< nday, July Mih, at 3 o'olock. 1 <Paaaragera are partiealarly re^ueated to hare their baggage on board, the Saturday rreviuua. HOWLaND k ASPINWALL, Ko?. SI and & '? South etraob. UOI CALIFORNIA. VIA PANAMA.?Till Sl'BST.VN- , W tial ateamahip GENERAL/At UaKY TATLOR. 1 A. S. 1'n mMler, n<>* un hat route to California, it ! oxpect&d to reach Panama abjut tl>e 13th of Aiiguit ahe lie* aupericr aec< kiin<'da<iont for panaeagura. l'i?r paajage from Panama to San Fraaciico, apply to JOSEPH T. MAKlf.V, No. 37 Soath alreat. ; Through link for san francisco?califor- : NIA v ateam nod eailia* packet*. *ia Cha?rea and I Panama. The time through ty tlua line la abeut ttlty day*; price of paaaage to Ska Fraaciaco, ca'.in eeeond ditto, ' i?J. The bulk of ten cubic feet allowed to each paaeenger for bapuife. No expeuxw in debarking or euibarkiag to p*? ergeteby thl* line. For paaaage or other information, ap- ' (ly to 1IER0I.R AND WRIQIIT, 130 Cedar atar-it i>orn. i oi Wellington at., 2d Boor. vol CALIFORNIA.-thkwioh ti< eets FOR SA* aC Fronolteo. via Panama, '.o leave New York Jul? let. i S':h? Mctmahir Cre*<;ot City, !?r Chagret, and aieanuhip ivral Warrea, fro? Panama It Smn rraaciaoo, tufty bi o? indication to lw"?l E It CO.. ?.< Front atreat. C ALITOR* U PIKKl'T 1I1KJU.U T|.:KETS.-THltr? loner ealia atd oao au?rag? i>or ChtT ku?, July Mh, eonaecting with Tenncaaee, fr<> m I an kit*. July i.ih, (or aale Ion fcjr AI.HEHT WII.I.ES, { 8* Broi'lw?jr,?rniT Will itrift ?l>ortliig tnl ) I - tie CnntTiiu Come, L I.?Thottiro.?On Widari-day laet. moat interesting trotting natch, for ysoo, -came off between b g 1'ilhnm. ami b. in. Mendliam Maid, two mile heat*, to 260 lb. wagona Win. Whelan drove (l'llhara writhing at 1< a?t thirty pound* more than the rule* require, Jna \Thelply took charge -of tbe marc. Tbe betting opened at twenty to twelve, And two to one wai current previous to the Mart on rtlham. The weath< r wai well suited for racing, th? track wu In good order, an usual, and the horses looked *nd aoted finely. Fim U?mt?Meadhaai Maid won the Inaida position The hor?e* started pretty evenly; but before they had reached tbe drawgata 1'ethaai bad taken tha track way from the mare, abe bating broken up; and aba fell off by the accident four or Are length* to tba quarter pole I'elnain went finely down tbe back Mratrh. opening a gap between blmaelf and tbe mare of i lgbty yard* The ? broke aeeeoud tin* Hound tba lower turn, and up tbe home stretch. Pelhaai waa kept Well In haiid. and he tasked the stand in J 47. nearly one hundred yard* ahead of the mare Mr. M helan wu n< w irea to urf l'i Ibaiu forward. hi? object being to di?tane>< the mare if no^lbla, and end tba race with this h' at. and the little horse increa-od hi* rpeed considerably. leaving the mare far behind. Bats Were Ire. ly offered at long odd* that tbe mare -would b? dietani*. .1 Md it Imm much that way Hie was more than a dietanre out when Pelham pa*??*d the half mile pole; bur making a desperate brush ?h? aueceedid in gettlcg ll?iile of the dhtance atanla ir? iiiwie iui' uag mii. i ruiiiu ir^iivu iofim mile iii S 40. making the hoit A Si 8?iar.d lhar.~Thr*t to one pi: Helhain w?? offered. *o<>*i w the Brut heal ?t> owf; but hr im>I? ho to inj imki io timing to the arore Mon the word ni gir?n for tLi? teat, that a good deal of money wa? bi t at ?nn ou the mure She w?? a length or more ahead wlun lb* werd rnu glrm, but i'elham toou overtook In r At the orawgale I'tlhtm a martingale cam* locae, and falling hetwn u li!? lega, dangled about hU feet. TM? broke him up. atnl th? mare 1*4 to the innrlrr bole five or *la lengt >i? Mr Wl>l?l Mll|l< to ke-p i'elliam Iliad;, which *u ei-rt*toly a great arliii r. meiit. for Iktr* are few hornet that fnul'liiTi trotted a rod under almllar elrrutnititncea. I'elliam gained very tittle oa tka mar* uuMI be reached the lower tuin. whin be i ioeed rapidly, and about half way between the thr? a-quarter pole nod the drawgale. the Diare breaking up. he took the lead, and cr<>*?ed tbe jfore two length* ahead cf her, Ix 61, tho martin4?i> etlB flapping about hia lega at every atep He want very faat round the appi-r turn, opening a wide gap oa th? mare, which he held down th? hark rtreteh and round the lower turn The mare waa carried off her feat at I he threw- quarter polo, in an endeavor to f 'roe hor forward farter She broke again at the drawgate. and Pelbam came home an aay winner, two length* Ahead of the mare making the laat mil* In 3 : 44. and the heat In 1:37 The fnliowing la a >?maary J omirlndyk* name.I b g Peiliatn 1 1 j D Pterinaon nata-d b a Mendham Maid. . .1 2 ITai. t'n ?l I hat Sfcund Hrat. Tlrat mile. a 47 1:61 Second Bile 2 40 2 44 TaUl 5.71 6 37 Coaarc-rio?.?It wan th<> trotting bin U4; WMktogtoa. and not Lady Suffolk. that aaamiarrd ?? flaring Uroat limr and aaable to trot la Balliamra. Tha lalWr nam* d U In Una eondltton. and Ukaly to b? m fueit'Nfnl la tha Moaonvntal City a? ?Ua >ai la Jhila4rlphi* Tkaatrkal and Mailral. , TNitTit.-Tlw hraultlal dramatic ro manr> of tha Uplrlt of ttoid." wtU r<>siarniw tha aattrUlMrtUi, tin* ttiliii Tha piw? It wall oaat Tha aact In aarrraaion U Ilia o?w grand hallat of tha Ma wlo I'luta." In vhirh Cl?aoa and Marl will dlaplay thalr T>rM|r<ffal ability Tb<< ?aawoi'nti will eloaa with 'frtaad TVagglaa " Tha raaipta of thla aaaaiag b-lag for tha baaaflt n| tha door ke?a*ra, It I* ho pad thaa* who hava ao often aip'rianrad th? civility and attention paid to thani in h*ing lorttfl comfortably will WB?mb?r tha* thl* aavnlag. aa It la tha oaly rhanra th?y hat* during tha whola yaar. Niai?'< Oaanta ?'Tha aaw and aaeraaafat aparatin ynatotaiaa* and ipoatarnlar antartalnmaat. *atltl?d tha "lalai.d of Jawala." la drawing larga aaaaaihlagra f*rt ki?Wl Tha irmir? Ii trulv nolrn lid id I the ?Mt a* rktri' 'Tt I* ?*c*4lrat Prnai tha apprnha tioa *'? ?? fcj ?t? uOrMn who through tlnmt ??#ry Menv. aipra** t h?lr < l?ht hf r?tl>r?lfl chrar* wa ara larhaad tci Dink th?i ih- Maad of J?wr|?" will prnra * Aladdia'< l.?mp " la *lht? who *111 hara mo oaratlam ta 0I? to di t- ?k:U ha raa raealra para <u4 at hi* h?aa< iful (irVa. U Hf 'tlit; wataa'a T?niir - Mr. C. llarhart, tha prr>prl?4<>r of lha aaloona. uk? hi* h-n?ftt tki* areola* Tha pke?? MitM ara aar?lUat; th* (tlril; of th? ' floury Mooa. aad (ha haaatlftal drama of lha Adoptad <'htld " Mr Conldnrk will i^nr u Puk* Aran*a; lira Rwa*?ll a* Jultaaa and Morton Jaaquaa, tn lb* Moo* " Mr J R feott, will apptr a? Mlrha?l la tlia Ad..ptad Child' and Mlaa Chapman aa hi* wife. Ob Man day Mka*J lllll ? hrn-flt will taha j.lac* ?h n vary attraatlaa hill, m.hrarlng tha atraafftli ol tha talrntol maipany will h? pr??anta4 RitiMii TMK*Tka ?Thla ffailii Mr C. Rnrka I'm dtatlagimhad anmadiaa will taka hi* hanatt Tti* ptaraa ??4?rt?d ara tha fhrra of ih? (?p?atra rtd?|ima " tha fl?i>? "Mnaa la Chlaa.' aad lha pop ular drama of Taltehar la America '' Tin# la ftntllraiUnklll aad rnnaidarlag Mr llnrk<'<|t*al }>opaJart<y. ra hara l.tcia d.ul.t but thit tha national, thla arrniai. will ha rrowdad from pit to d?aa I- ' rmmi'i Orra* II . a Thl? plara of am ataman t eoatlanx ?tk'l to druw l?rg? andUarr* Th? innji, darlU and a* *i?<> th? ia*trumrnM perform Mfi Mr* rrndrr?d with *r?at mairtml ability Oi tunc ?Th? Mm- patf >raitiiM?, "??( |(wi. rko. v?*m and daaring wtiUnii to ba th? tltractirr fM. tur*? af this at?Mi-hai nt Pirrra pl?j? on two la. MiMtnti at tka ?aa? Mat* iat>K to Mima. Th? ati*n<1anaa at night, at thl* ' taiat haaatlfai plaaa of pabiia ?at?rt?laa?it, la vary large aat i#?p?M-t?M* Th? m? #a?i at Ua "?rw?terd- la a *~at kit. Ctmi Oiinn - Tba *eiaai?r m?rti ara rttj aak rflMixt mil ?hr no* f Whara ?aa b?tUr nadir b? hnrt or wh?T? *m n?a lahala pa??r alt. aa?t fe?hntd ?nrh H*aallfal ?r?n?ry Daring thl* tua **th?r t? *hnal4 aot b* nrfriMt to aaa tba g?rd*a crowd'd *trrj ?T*nla( XT' " TVT "C J2A JL1 JLLd M TELEGRAPHIC INTELLIGENCE. THIRTY-FTtRBT C050KKM, F1EST SBSS1UN. ttonatc. BT Mt' Ji'l MA0NKT1G TClJCflRArH Wamiiwotoh, Jaii" 20, ISM. After the uooal routine of morning butlntu, tke Btuale returned the consideration of THE OHKIMJI BILL. Mr. Dim, of Mie*iM?ippi, reaumcd hi* remark*, (upparting at km length the amendment aubmitted by Mr. Soule. Mr. Soule followed, in anawer to Mr. Wt bater'a reply to hia apeech of Monday and Tuesday, and alao la answer to Mr. UouglaM. Meun Doi.-ai.Ate and Wemtee rejoined. After which, tke question waa taken upon Mr. Soule'a amendment, which waa rejected?ye**, 19 ; naya, 3?, aa follow a : V?j??AckUon, Barnwell, Berrien, Butler, CUoaoni, DI*i?, of Mix., Dawaon, Dawn*, Foot*, Uonaton, Hauler, King, Nun, Morton, Knak, 3eba*tiaa, Soule, Turn*/, Ynlte. K,iy? Badger, Baldwin, Bell, Beaten. Bright, Caaa, Chaae Clarke, Clajr, Couprr, Curwin, Dun of llui , Dayton, Diukinaou, Dcdga ul W ia, Dc uglan*. Kalcti, O-een*. Hall, Ham- I I iin, rfi'Di-f, jviurr, jiorrii, rwt, rntips, rri?, ?wara, 8hields, Sini th, Stnrgeoa, Uaderwood, Vpbass, Walw, Walker, Webster, Wbitcumb. Mr Difii, of Massachusetts. addressed the Senate at length against th? entire bill, and In support of the princi) leu of 'be Wilmot provlno He bad not concluded. when he give way to a motion lor adjournment. Previous to the question being taken upon the motion, Mr. Cl*t expreeeed a deaire that a general uu deretandicg should be had. that the rote on the engreerment ef the bill sbeuld be had on Wednesday next. which wax finally aam<nted to. with the additional understandlag that further time would be given If any gentleman still desired, at that time, to address the Senate. After an Executive session, the Senate then adjourned. Ilonae of H?pr?s*ntatlTM> Y BAIM'8 KUtUTKO-CHKMlCAL. TP.CTKAMI. WtiHnoTon, June 28. 1890, Mr. Pabxir Introduced a bill respecting the National Armories ot ?|iringfleld and Harper's Perry. Referred to Ihe Committee on Military Affair*. The Ilouoe then resumed the consideration of the report on thr. IOWA roHTMTID klection CA^R. Mr. Disnrv argued in favor ot Mr. TUompson. the eitting member. Mr. TnoMrsoN, (Jem ) of Pennsylvania, followed on the came side. Mr. Tcomm. (whig.) of Georgia, spoke in favor of the contestant Mr. Van Dvxr. (whig.) of New Jersey, oommeneed a speech, und alluded to Mr Thompson, whereupon, Mr. OABTrR, (dt ui ) of Ohio, railed tbn gentleman to order?saying he bad called the member a thief The SrukM did not so underxtand the gentleman from New Jerxey. Mr. Van D\kk?I saM It was announced that Mr. T?.. mt.ann tm It I l,o r.,11 K.w.W .n.l tkl. I ......I - -I ? J r--?. ??? ? h a Urciuy. lie argued in favor of the ronteataut. Mr UrkT. (drm ) of South Carolina. laid that altkMfk the debate M been ably conducted. he had never before urn fo much inattention It wa? probably owing to tilt tact that all the argument* wora cuilx dittl iu the rcpvrtx, and that grutlcmen bar* made up their mind*. lis therefor* tuoved the pr?Tinn* queatiou. which *u aerond?d. and according to dicUlcu of Ike Hou?e. Mr tfiaoni , (dcui) of Prnn?ylvauia, wai permitted to make tin- cWiog >p?< ch The renclutmn i 1 the minority nf the Committee on Klcction* concluded with a resolution that William Thompson in entitled to the ??>t which ho bow hold*. | Thi*. Mr. Yaw Diil muffd to aiu*-nd. by counting I certain vot?? and rejectiLg other*. aad declaring that | , biBlrl V. sillier ta entitled to the wit. 1 lie uuc?tiou waa taken?yea*. US, nay*. 04. 1li? rritki* >otr<i in the n< gativ?. which made a tic and tin- ljUi'tl iB w;i? lout by a strict party rote, I with tha e*ccptlou of Me?*ra I>urke?, I'roaton King, I and IIoIiiuk, who voti d for the amendment. Llefi re the reiiult wa* announced, there waa much excitement. Mr. Jounnna, (drm ) of Arkunxu. loudly Inflated that ; Mr. Uicgham. (di m ) of Michigan abould voto, but the ' UtWr would not. having paired off 1 be question n?w rfciirn-d on agreeing to the hmlutn n <1.elating that William Thompaon waa entitled to the peat Savarak motion* ware made that the House adjourn which were Dfgwtlved Mr M?<'i.iawa?i?. (? ? > * of Illlaaia. moved to lay the whoUtuhjrct on the table Mr. 8<mw?c?, (whig.) of Ohio, lnqalrad, if M>le ke done, will the effect be that Mr. Th iinpaon will keep the aeat? Pri Aat a Tbt rhair ia of that opinion Mr llui atoa, (wbig.) of l>eiaware -W ill it be iu ordi r to mive a r? con-id. ration of tho rote? i I Tin-Pri ?*?? Mild uot. inl'H by* prutlaman who had tot< d vn Ibv prevailing aide Mr. lioi tTox?M ill lli<* ?pc*k>T Jo ua the favor to move a rtcnnhidi ration ? (I.augtiter ) Mr. TiKvraow. (il?m ) of M>*?i??ippi. moved that Ui the IIoum adjourn. It adjturn to Monday, and the motion ?aa aiu> ntfed aa iirrnl to; but on taking the ycaa and nay* the mtrw win a roriainej. and, ultbnnt dl?po?icK of the question. the Huum ajjuurnI ad. at m arly mi o'clock. The LatNt frona Waahin(lon. or* SPF.f lai. TKl.KOKAI'HIC DBS-ATOM. W4?H!woTOf?, June W. 1840. Mrmlx'r* In favor of tlir Immediate adml??lnn i>' Cal fornla have been culled together till* arming. In tin- Imll of the llouae of Kepreaentatirea. to counsel a? to what l? lxa?t to be dona The rail, I am informed, wm iwutd by Mr. Potjr J'er centra I learn thai, at a raurim of N?n Southern member# brld on Wednesday rfftlnii lot. (bay rra?lved to ?tlrk to the MiMonrt t'omprnmla* Una. and tn bo eMlafleil with nothing ! '?(. pa tn tba another of all knM hafa bill ordered IVnai tba lotted Vlatn to Na* Xfiiro daring tba pant week. Thla looka equally The lltaMahlp Vlrrray Aahnrr. II4 l 11 a v, Jin?n. 1930 The non arrival of tba steamer Viceroy. Captain Swing. from New York, for Llrrrpod, up to Uat night, (are cause for much anilety. Thlg morning Intelligence waa received shat aha aril lahorr on TuaidaT evenln* at half-neat 1 o elnek m f b?( Idud, k?(?Mi Rip? 9>bl< ul C??l l<Ui<itha wrathrr brla( r?j thlok vktrt ?h" bow IIm, and Ittofu iUbiimI that the vitH Bowi la and oat of her with tha tkU. II. M Steamer Colambla is ajnng*ld>v rendering M lataae*. tod hope# are entertained whea ths lutki are topped, of jetting her off [The Vlceray left Maw Tork on Pa tarda/ noon U?t. with tha following pa?eager* ? Mr. (J. OlfcMa* and lady, Miea fiihkin*. Ma??er OlkMal, Halter <ll?>ia? aad *er?*at. MTm Ttj Heptane Lyaek, II. WMttall. Mr. Neddy, Mr. Haaaork, iae leaetoa, Chae J. jaeaky. Alfred Ur?ea, I II. >i*naa, O. f. Lyla llad lurk wean to hare attended the Tlearoy trnm tha time tha left Ualtiy.-Ip. llriiLO.) Imawli ofOtn. I^wpwa. N*aroi.a. June 28. MM. General I.opei en harked >w<( yeatarday on biard tha whooaer frank, for yaur elty Sit t>mii( %i*r>a rrtoai Affriy at Ithara. iTMaca. Jan* 29, 1U0. Alter tha rloaa nt tha Clwai laat alfht, a ear tea of affray* took plara hen A number of men and wi>a?n w?r? ?erl<.u?ly Injured Oaa maa, named Moll Day* rannot (?H?e. hl< ekall M?| broken A larga anm bar of watranta bara lieea laawad and arroita mad* The origin of tha diffleuMy la not yet ka?*a. P P -Mr I'eye. tha man Injured |a?t reainf, ha* dnre died No clue a* yat to the marJ*r?r*. A ttvoe Rtorm. Bai TiNnm, Jan* M, 1M0. A p*irrr Hon y?rt?rd?y ?latt*d *'uaib?rland Tha wjnd Maw < *? tba wall* of larga bV?l. In ?o*tm of rrrrtlon rrn-hlr* la an adjoining railroad dapot ? Th? Mahlfi i t th? National Road ."tat? w?ra itnirk k; lightning. aad bnmt to tk> granad Tka hnr??* and roa^kaa wara ail urrd. Th? |om U not know*. _ Caart ml Apixali. A' a*?r. Jan* W, 1W4 I Prfantt I* Noi 11*, * M. W and S9. No 37 Wa* ar|?r4 Mor*T*?arr? ? Tha atfamboat Zapkyr, arrlTY-4 tt tM* |?rt lli'i Morttlnf from tba wraak of th? Mo?alalat>T with Ika captain, rrcw anl a portion of tha material*. r?v?rti tba* tba MoaaUlaaar ?m lying with bar bow out tit aitrf. and liar ?t?rn andar llopaa ??r? anfartaiard bowrraf, tbat ahould tha wattfcar prnva faaaraMa. hrr angina* vnald ba ?at?d. Tba ?traai?r Jateb |?|] vita two tlum puaipa. and a l'ghtar wllh a |ait| nf n'l. Mt \?w Tnck r?H?rdaf, f<* tka pnrpoaa afr*nd< ring a#?Ma??a. and It to jrat Kbta H?i4llla? mmf ba >aw<l froia tl* trull It d tha lf> uatabtrar *u full? tn?ar?<1 a tnaky Mr riiciawf nr in* ,-*?w fori pomptn/ fulir'in, Aw TT KlUui litrlMr, Obtain. W K Ha?phH??. p>?l? of Ihf brig Fr?nr?-? no r*r?ntW > f*?tfhp?rw m la fh# ????. tk? ffi k rf thai ?f?*l h??? h-?n ??nt?-ar <! In pay I 1*? wk of fl.CIO and k? for Ihrw y-?r?, ia4 , lo b? iB^ ntJ Ik* tea ll paid VIWT ~WT fV JL U [ORNING EDITION?SATU 9mr Wuhlngton Correspondence. WssHinoTaif, June 47, ISjO. Mr. (feiitef and California?Ornrrai finite upon the Quetfitn qf 36 30, and the Prttident'i Interference in New Mexico- Jt Qu??fu>n S. lilt J with the Correepondent if the New York Herald?Mr. UamuieU'i Deiut. Mr. Webster, this morning, nettled the question of liw rt-gardlDg the public domain in California, ihowfrom th? constitution, that the public lands remain in the possession ot the government, though the municipal sovereignty of the territory may he merged in a State. The rpeeeh was strong, but pro.?y and dull as an argument in the Supreme Court. With regard to the division of maratime California, by the line of 36 30, Mr. Webster thought it inexpedient, and ot no value to the South, as the Southern part of California is not adapted to slave labor. This is not exactly so. California, south of 36 30, produces readily sugar, cotton, tobacco, Indian oorn, olives, oranges, fcc,; and, by Irrigation, the stream* being abundant fi r the purpose, a large slave population may be empli yed in the cultivation ot these prodacts. The climate is hot, and not adapted to white labjr, but exactly adapted to slave labor ; and, if there are any seams ot gold in the mountain*, that is no ebutaole, of itself. to the introduction ot the Southern institution; and the verv reason why the extreme Seuth require a i share in California, on the Pacific, is. that they are 1 excluded by the natural obstacles of deserts, and a oold or parched up soil, with the few habitable patches already occupied, and from a pre-exiiiting statu o! thing*, from any participation in the rest ot the terrl viirp ?ci|uu':u uvui ivvaic". At, Vunromi r. VAIUUratS U admitted without ft division, the South are abeo- I lnUly and entirely zoludod troni every square foot of the territories acquired from Mexico, in the acquis!tion ot which they hare paid their tull qu >ta of volunti?r* tad money. There U. then, ft wide disagreement between Mr. Web*ter'* view ot the caae, and that of the leading men of the Bouth. But we pa?? from Mr. Webster to General Foote. The Ueneial contend* that the MiMOuri Compromise wa* repudiated by Mr. Oftiboun. and has been repudiftted by the South, where heretofore It wai proposed for tteir adoption, ftnd so forth, ftud that lor all practicable purpose* It 1* good for nothing, though he woulu vote for it a* a* experiment. Mr Foote next took up the comcpondence of the Mew York Herald, reading an extract from recent letter, expressive of one doubt of the Oeneral'? final vote on tne htll, because of the appearances of the tendency of public opinion in Miselrsippi against hit course in favor ot the omnibu* The Ueueral vindicated his course ? declared that he would vindicate it hagjre the people in Miaeirsippi. and that he ebould (tick to this bill to tbe last, an the ark of tafety. but the General reserved the climax of hi* iadfgaation for the benefit of the President and the oabiuet Hear him: "Whoever,*' said Ueueral foot*, " counselled this proceediog in New Mexloo, is an accursed man l factioulst. whether in public station or Mot. ft trftitor to his country, aud 1 hope his forehead will bft branded by the stamp of infuuy." This b 'Id denunciatory language 1* an inkling of what we may expeet in tti? further di?-u<sioQ of the powers conceded by tbe President to Colouel M jdtoh The resolution offered by Ueneral foot* yesterday, was to-day adopted with the following amendment by den. Husk ' Aud that the President be requested to inform the Senate whither any civil or military goveruineut In the town and couuty of Santa He. ou the east bank of the Kiotiraade exist*, or is sanctioned by the authority of the Kxtcutive, In opposition to tbe jurisdiction claimed by the State of Trxaa." And now that the horse ha* been stolen, Onn Cat* propi.M* to lock the stable door by the following re*o lution :? Hciftlrtd, That the Committee on Military Affmlmbn laMructtd to Inquire into thu ripi dlency of prohlbltlofl by law any officer of the army troui nt-niniujj or eiercieing within the limit* of the luit-d State*, any cltil power or authority, not conferred by an *et of Coi)|trr?r. ltd ot providing au adequate puniahuient tor awob eflVnua*." (it fourn'. tt rtill exlat*. unlaxi rap?r*<idi>il by tha Hate orginixa'ion; and it e(i?ta. beoauae of tha m g.. . l of CcHKrrM In li^iflatig( for the territnriea: and b?ratin it ?a? nece**ary that tha rircuiifi' ?h>uld do aometliing and bfcauw a military govern m <nt wa? trai>*n>ttted to him fr m the late Admlnlotratlun; and b?cnu*e he bad no authority bum Congrean to abandon it Mr llarnwell. the new Senator from Mouth Carolina nali- In- ll? i? a rliuieb ni-mh?r, hut be I* ready lor any emergency to whirl* tiw b.??L ui^j be driven. In (flt di-lrucx lie l> temperate. ncbiliiitit Hud rerjMCtlnl In 1?U language, but acaroely leu* deceive I ban Jeff Pavl*. ?f llr wax ll?trn-d to with profound attention. i?? If the l*?ua before the benate depended upon the ?ltghte?t rhado of opinion h? might txpret* Ueo fuoln aod Mr. UutUr uuaiiaueU to <l??aM the opinion* of Mr. < alnoun, and Oen l>avl* followed. Iw a I wioet enaagwtlr and pungent reply to the reaaarka of i hi* colleague, with reMM-ct to Mr. Calhoua't opinion*, and the nplnloa* of the people rf Ml*?iaetppi Ilea. J-ayla however, we think ?4? tinneeeemmly aevera iil-oa the letter wriur* lie called th in Mi?>i?i,r?, r< ady to pounea down upon any Southern nan who ehould dare t? etaul up for the right* of hi* aectioa. There waa one among tbeia who waa paid money to abura tbia une lien |la*la, of Mi?l ?ippl. and we abotild Ilka to know who boa ?o much mouay at hla roit.mat.d at to be nbie to afford tabrihe a ! tier writer to ?l'U?c Di>l? A man who rati afford to dia- i liurw iuobfy for ?urh an ot.jert. nni?t b? a rurioaitj. j Ni it to lb' kllfr writfr?. a> ? (la??, Orn UtfU aooro- i td tli* ag? uciw by which defunct politician* ar- re?uxr?ct<d to throw thalr opinion* into th? *ral? la ! favor of tbl* bill. And thl* remark. wa ?'ipp'>a*. rofvri ' to Ih* lattara of Andrew 8tav?a*?o. John Tyl?*r and , other* addraaatd to Ui'B Foot* and publiabed lately | in tha ('mm Tha wbola day wa* prrtty mnrh takra np by flan, i Font#, in defining bia poaltlon and that of bit onat|. tuanta agalntt tin* remark* of other Sen.itor*; and for tha purpOM of at-curing the mail, wa leave tlia (Unata <l? riillug upon the ijueation of adjournment, U?n Darl* | till Ix iuii in lint pneaaealon of the floor. Th<> (Hbate on tha old aore of *laT*ry ?jclu?li>ti ha* ' rapidlv ln?ria??d to-day to feaer beat and tbecbaocaa of pacification 1' ok aa gloomy a* a*ac. Adjourned. WaaxiiMTON, Juaa 27, 1U0 Sm-lr'i Spfftk Mil ?Ihmglati'i /?') >'g ? Wiiilcn j'im<frtuui Krrlf?/'ihi'h Jart. hy tantr, Ba'TwII, ! fhtllrr mmJ Itmrit. to-Jay ? Tkt fart ('ant ft ltd K'tt- | tintI, and Mt ITtf fa Srtth It?Tit Land Haunt* Httl, | and M> Ktptrtri fail in Slotkt With attrntloa aad latereet I listened to the alo- ! q?rnt aptaeb of Mr. gaiator Swule, delivered on Moa amy ana i uem?y D? ai?d* rrrj 1b(*dIouh mid atriklnj point* la kl* objection* to th* adailmloa of California. with U*r prwfnt ronatltntioa ud boaiterln lato th* L'aloa. II* bit a good command of th* Infliik laagaaga. nd turn* hit partoda al^gantly. 111* rr*a*k aocaat t hla rkmal appoaranr*. bin *itr?m* eourtaoaa biwla| toward* hla p**r? Individually and *n||aetlraly, and tha grand flourish wiUi which ha roll* out hi* aaatcncaa all roaibla* to itndrr bla, t*thw? vkn ktir ' aad k? him kr tha flrai. or *** tba road tlaa. aa aitrrairly rkptiratiog ?^>akrt Hal ta raitlnM to admir* him a* aa orator. 70a muat not hoar him too I often III* manner la too thratrlral to aoatlaaa to 1 rharm upon any otbar atag* than that ?f Th*apla Mr Poaglaa* th? ' T?uag Maat of tba Weat," r?. pllad to Mr Boula yeatrrday with tnuth povrr and lnt?>; qiotlnf iRlkorlllfi aad precede* ta agalnit Mr. t.iul(i > pmltloa, ahlah the llllaola orator Mrnad ta think wholly roa.lualra and unanawermhie I Mr Doaglaaa, aa tow know, la a akort. sturdy niaa. In p<raoa. lie apeak* with gTeal energy and pr<n- n enunciating ?rary word dlatinatly, aad *?Maaad* tka attention ot tka Iraata Mr Wrl?ltr had deelrad him to nrak flrat la r?ply to Mr Howia a poaitloa. relatlre to the public domain la t aitfwrn la and iO allot meat, aad ha compiled and tarrd Mr. Wabater tha traihlr of hwatlng up the aeraral acta by whir* all tka Daw ttataa kad been admitted ' | lato tha Valon To day Mr WVbater took tka floor, and. with a ?l?w- ' ly d? lirered. but ponderoa* argumcat. I aft Mr Mala oa the land quaatloa. not oaa Inch of aotl to aland upon. Ha did not apaak long aor waa hla maanrr ao anim*t< d a* hi* ft-tenda would hare de?tred *till ha waa Daniel Wabatar, tha prat eipoaader of tha eatatltatlcn Tka audlanea to hear hla waa a crowded aad a brllI ant ( ne Mr foot a follawrd. aad apoka at *om* length npnn a variety of pr lata 11a dalandad hlmaelf, aad daflaad I hi* prtlUoa upon the Mlaaoari Com proa lea I.I on Ila told a plaea of aeerat hlatory. relatlre ta a mirrnxat mad* by hiaiaalf. Mr Senator Bright, ad tka lata I'reeldent folk, la regard to that llaa. Ila toovght np Mr ('alkoua'a great ?pa*ck of laat yrar *g*in*t tka Mlaaoari Com prom la*, aad roatraated It with tk* conduct of tka friend* of that departed tate*m*a. la now (oing for aud la dating apoa that identical roiapromle* Ila allud-d to tka praaaad at at* of affair* at Santa Fa. and d*notine?d, la nhraant term* any and *raryb'>dy, la authority >r tat. who had iwt*rf?red to indue* the p*>ple of New Meiico to harry np a fltata ll? all 11 lad to tiw? n nta IB ta? a?w?p*|??r? ?n l r*?1 frun Ik* Nrw } mk Hnm!4 ittrnlf of ona of ltd titikl Wuhli.ftoa rorrmpond-aU 'that llaaaral root* might from tka dmao<-latlon> of kin ronrx which vrrr mmlng up from kin own' rttala In IK>rnifn4i again*! th# rnmprnmlw, or ?fW*t II by dodging Uia qnfrtloi. tid d?clar?d that ka had ?>IUwr ??w? . n? r til llkrlj to ???f| la kin hatrlt an^flrt of ttt* tn?a?nra- that ha vkhid It la hla p< iw#r In paaa It by hi* rtMa through Okgraaa and thai tka paopla would Uiaa aaa how gU II? ha waal4 thou aara tka Caloa. A Her him M. aan Rtmwall. Itatlar aad ia^-raoa Ditll, mada aiilMUH aa<l nfwrbM Mr 7n<-?* apokaafal* aadafata MidaMhUa* Mr ? ? i r ?. nt t nt of th? ?an*t* rhamhar Mr K xHa waa. la rack nr; i**4 aa<l fhanaal a ad Mr. Bfntoa w?uldnt tiaai htm Tka tpaanha* of Maarra Foota, B?r*w?U. Watlar. lU Daaia rnn?tK?t?d a a*vt<-a af aa*Mtag1 f*a?lljr j*r? * H? hour bring lata ahaa tka pfmf wu pirnf >4 oat, tha Janata a^fwtarnad altkoat eoailag to a rata oa Mr ftotaU'a *mandm?at Tka tlnwaa to da? aa/aatartay. wv ?ng*g?l lai lull 4 R K B RDAY, JUNE 29, 1850. debate on the Iowa contested election. Uoth Thnmpaon. thr> sitting uumWr, and Miller, the contestant, claim to hare received a majority ot the legal rota* ft. Perhaps the better way to aettle the matter would be

for Mr. Root to make a brief speech, contend that on* parti had an ace in his butt, and the other three knave* in bis sleeve. rt 11 th* previous question. and let th* House send Thompson and Miller both home to trj th* race over again. When the qu stlon Ik dispoaed of. th* Oaiphin business come* up aa privileged matter. It wait passed by on Tuesdey to let the laud bounty bill pass Should thin latter bill pan* the senate, the way th* Mexican war bounty aerie, now In the hands of capitalist* and speculator*, in heavy amount*, will fall In price, and the* way government stock* will tall, alao, will be a caution to the Wall street financiers. Mexican bounty land scrip, now at >130, will go down to WAfiuwoTOfi, June 2T, 1850. Ki rm'nf Farmgraphi <\f the Momenta u< It tun ?/ the Kxcepting tb* apnichot Mr Webster, settling th* constitutional law reapecting the proprietorship of th* public landi- In California as inevitably attaching to the United States, excepting this judicial speooh of Mr Webster, and a very good tempered but decisive t-peech of Mr. Barnwell, upon the Missouri compromise, the day has been wasted in the Senate upon frivolous explanations. General Foot* was twenty time* on tbe floor, attacking and explaining, and his eolluague, Oen. Davis kept him employed in this way till the adjournment. Rome of the observations of Oen Davis were In bad tasto, such a* his calling the letter-writer* a set of scavenger*, and such as very hruadlv insinuating that somebody pays money to V J. (Jrund. to abuse tbe said Davis in the Baltimore .Sun This was in bad Unto, for It also involved an insinuation that Uen. foots, the colleague of the gallant MiHHiBKtppiao. la In tbe oowipiracy. Mr.Urnnd being mi Intimate friend of General Foot*. Tbe remark* of General Davit were In bud ta*te In another view. They betrayed a go#d deal of urnoeu on account of theae nam* letter writer*, and their abu*e of the raid Senator a? a duuuionint, and what not. T'pon the whole, the controversy between tlio two Mloninsippianr upon th* point an t# which of tltera reprmenti the public opinion of MUaUtippi. wa?. to ihe lookrrti-ou. exceedingly ridiculoa* and frlvolout; and the Senate wai clearly out of paunnoe that ?ucb a dispute nhould coet them the lo?< ot a warm dinner. But tbe aate current of the debate to day, abowa very distinctly that the trouble U not over, and th%t it Ir mill a <iueation whether anything or nothing will b? done thla neirion M*antine, the House |? wanting time upon a contented eleotion caw, while the Galphlna ot the cabinet are waitinr the judgment of the llouiie upon that little private bill of $216,000. And Ihua we Ond the Senate, the Home, the Cabinet and all, in a atate vf iu*peu?e. '* Double, double, Toll and trouble. Fire burn and eauldren bubble." We can't poaalbiy get outot it all nhort of a row, 0?r New Orlrana ( orrupomlrnrr. N? w OaLKANi, June 17, 18.50. The Invasion if Cuba?Prrttmt concerned in it? Gai-ern?r Johnton?JWjtUanl General Rowley?General .fiifuttin?General Quitman ? The Legal Proceeding!. 4-c.,fv. The State authorities are, in the matter of the ini^ ion of Cuba, very deeply engaged. There are ntrong urplciona, which have not come out In print, that even Governor Johnaon li not free from the charge of aiding and abetting thin Infraction of our law* of 181S. If tbla thing come* o?.t, there will be the devil to pay. They have already got the Adjutant Ueneral, Rowley, and General Auguotln, tbe commander of the legion, Into lb* mlra ; and if they do not (top probing, they will pethapa find aim eat arery promlaont official perronage la the State. The Drlu la In a bad bn alao. aa Figur baa been proved to bare been the cht?f h??a Hiid front o( tlie oflVndltis* " he having ?lgn?'l tba the bond tlr*t. and mad* tba propneition to Major tially. ol tb? artillery, to give to aald dlgur tba armi of tba State ; no there If tlia nlcvat kettle of Bob ot which to mailt' chowder, that tb-'ae court* have mod fur a >m? lima,. II they will only go on and bring lien Unitman ml" tb? H'.apo, ili**j will nava lUiu > imal ol crimlnaU. It la aappoaed that the eaaa Will l>a presented to tha grand jury to-morrow, for their action. If they find a true bill. I auppoae tha biatrlet Attorney will ?od?ator to puah thl'ga at onra to a verdict. I eauuot. for tba life of ma, tell how thlngt are going to end. Tha e?i.\. ... u pitmg Ironger and I ahould not be a?tonlahed. U Luli'l la *???4 h? lha luereat technicality, and Ibrn Cuba la ground ftill more i?. tha daat, under a deapotio government. and har chant* TlnN a people who boaat of the freedom of (b> ir Inalitutiona and wkoN Declaration of Independence aayt that all Mian are cr> ateii with certain Inalienable righta. among which are life liberty, and tha puranit ot bappineaa. Tberr ia what aon? ni?n would call, writing for bunco tub. ?b ? Co much for Cuba. ArMTiowaL raon rnr Wn:r? or thi STrattaoaT Oairi ii m Thirty additional b<*l|e? wera r? c trered ye*terday fifteen by the Wreck Maator. In Lake cou.ty, and fltiaen by J W. Ki'ch. Raq . mi I othara In tint county. Human woman, aged about 3d, do., do 3(1, Mr Marahall, of Toledo gold watch, ring, and eightytight dollar* la mon>y louud on bia peraoa; (ieriuan ?birt mat k< d IV L , aeventecn. gold coin* found in a belt; wubiu. badly burut; Kngllak woman, agej 27; German woman. Iri-h woman gold ear ring*. atoaa, aad one $'<M gold place, and ten do found In a belt; IrUbmaa S. 0. M. marked on itudar ahirt; trl?h boy, aged lk; Frenchman. *4?d.Vi. belonging to th? liari* National* a uumberil paper* In hi* wallet, child, 1 {ear* old alairt marked J II John I'aul ling, btreeper, wit* burl< d temporarily In tha ?*nd, but will be brought up to day. I>y i h? "d I K< llow* lor Iti termant. An Kngli*b lady buried by her hii*bttil at Willoughby. lie U ilia onlr ?urv tor of hi* family. Aa KngiUh lady who waa brought aahore In a *tate of gri at rxhani-tlon. dlid <>t tha reoldanee of Mr Wood, on rnurauay crmiHg urii rniriru j ? .i?riiijr ny > mp?tbialng atrarg'r* Her buaband and <n children drowned. An American U ly. with dark brown bair, M?< k allk 4r'H with lm?n dr-'*#orer II. gold earring*, rather hra?y, upon th* right Hand a gold rlag no<l upon the 1? ft three ring', one marked on the lualde. W P W. from w I> M and J L , Ptb March. IS M A lady 30 jfirt old. Jr'Wfd In Oiraan ityl? witralM drrai and black wcr.U-d atixkinga Muw; h-kiiIwi & franc pli-cea In a rloth hHi A* Kngliahman. tt yean old. dr< a-cd la ?bo*? corduroy Bant*. r >at gray, plaid wonted n?t and cotton ahlrt llair aubara In a r?d raltao bag were mil ki y? and tea cut* A German 30 yearn old dre?*. gray aock*. cordaroy pan'.*, moleakln Tr-t an<] jrray Boat Po'iad wp*> him. a I'athMic pnj'r bo..? and two pur*'* ? intaal.igj tl. A body, tappoacd U> b? a ailddl- aged li-rman a ?*ry large atan <lre?*ed I* wnrated panta (bur at) r?nt and blu?? calico jacket Found on hi* prrwa aom* tiar aa paper* and a large muff bo?. A body, raiddia all*, ahoat 2i yeara old amall black leather parao. coatalalag three franc piece* in? Upaniah dollar. 7 bajf dollar*, and 44 centa la change A boJy. *uppoao4 to be thai of aa Kngllahmaa about 3u year* old thick aet aad abort Of the other bodice wa bare no lieacrlptloa Letter? addreaaed a* follow* ware f..uod yeatar. day -I'blltp fchaell. Ht l.oata Mo ; John M if1|-r, Hellerleu aear fit l.oal*; Peter Walker a aho-maker la Ht l.oal* Mn ; Benedict Zaacgl Pambrovk tlaaaaee county. N. T. t'p to tea o'clock thl* at "ruing alne anra hodlaa bare heea reentered. aiany of tbeai yeatarday and today. being found frna two to Ore ailai abor* the a pot wbera the wrack Ilea. * ? *aw tbla morning, the notebook of John llam Nortbey. of Fackbara Farm, ilridgeriiln aear IloUworthy. Doraa, Kugland la It wa* a letter from bi* mother, full of foreboding* and a allp directing wbrra bla friend* could ba written to la ca#a of aa aceldeat. Mr Jlortbey aalled from Plymouth la the ahip John, for Na? York, and bad a pa? aga racelpt dated March '/7th ? Ct*r*Un4 (<)*U) flu mil June 23 The bodiea of als female* were fo?nd on Hun4ty, about four mile* from aliora for the fallowing da* crtpttoaa. we are Indebted to officer tlallagher who. with Mr. Btockley and ttWl t nl the boll** -Aa Anerlcaa lady. anppoaed ta be from ii to id yev* of aga; drwaa. green merino, rilppar* No 4 Kllnbe'h Clark -about 13 year* ul4; dark aubura hair. Maaik m?r1oe drrar; a bandkrrehtar *? found with Lot with tbo Lord'* prayor apoa lb* rdgor An Knglwb lady, mppoaod to b? JO J??ri old; 4r?<i| llffht ralllro r nlH airlrd 0 F ; "?r? afcooa. >12 or 111 Irani upoa hut ptri"> An child ikml ? jfw? o|J; hair kro**: Mirk boaihaatae drraa; iintM piirpio pro* A IJ?rman girl I* U> M r?ar? old, dvk dr?H; rkralM awlri T, An RnglWh lady ab ut M yrara ?I4- dwl itlllwi <f??. ?b?nl?? maikod II W; apin Ik* nlMIr flnter of lb* rtf hi hand i fold rlnf on lor p?r?o? km ft pair of ||am n??rti?n. and a piir rfrar-rta*a br. il*> bwt, *f Ik* M <t*nrf'a M-i-ty, haatba proprty Wo ?r- unJar MI(?tioa? ( ? Mr. for inf<?aia'm to thr aurabor of Ml*i found W? b?IN>r# Ibnt up to U<t rf?al*i[t*o busilrrdaad twrnly -onr h"dla? In all, harr lw?i roo>rrro4 YflUNlt, brutkrr and l?l?r, II aud H >rrra r? rorrre.f fynrn th? wrork. Thoy prori d lu t>? two o| I family of t>ln? who loft tbr rortnnt of l.trralao and rririfrnm on Iho M"??l|? for a in-a? ainm< tranter*. aad fbvad Iii*?t4. t graro An .naan> man *H ' takra char** of by th? MtborllN, rn m l?r. nearly nak?d. and In a moat pltUblo ronil'Ina la a M?id m ??.t ho *aro bl? a?at a< ll-nj?m n II >tt?ford. of Mtrbtga a, m*i?4 thai br wa? oa Vwrd tbo Orlfltb and had I oat bla arW? aad Hi rhlldroa II rar* t b? naiMoa of Ma wtfa aad tbroo rhlldroa aad Vh-o??? rawing , a?aln Ho Ka> hooa aa ktad'y pmrldod ft?r ? tba p wr paMtr n f?r ??? * unf >rtan?|. ? will p. , nil f Ni<M Jwr 24 Litm imh pft?i*xr? I; Ik* atrlril it IkU ffi tkl* *( Ik* h<? willif ktif R r l.*p*r. I (' p?*4n Hnr?h kltf o?HMb? ?> n?r II"! of Pit 1MB- . k?? PM*"* *? Ik* t*th ?ll Tk? Mrkrl, M lh%i 4iU, WM ?*! ?mplt?4 wllh Mil dwrlfitln** < loci# n | " >i?, J n4 ?friUiit> In *11 lk? 4iff?r?nt fcrtnrh** ?f tr?i? [ wrr? rm ft Mftl* Ktijif Wlfr? ftii.l prlrx* m i" < I" ?ht| i>i-t Tm k?Mk III N?M ir?o4. aixf IK* ?rr?nr>?? trnm likli ? <! Kin ,|? J?n-ir*. r?|ir>wtl tk* lk??r M ??(vkll ?k?tf4 -Wi #W? 1 Ml, It I [ERA S?xluctlon ?H<I Melancholy Suicide. [from the Cleveland (0) llrrald. June 35 ] Th? coroner's inquest over thn body of Lavinla I Cook, who committed uioiiie by taking oxatie acid, was commenced to-day. She was formerly a resident of llurtoo. Ueanga county, where h-r remain* were thii> afternoon conveyed by her brother She wai about 27 J?ar? of afe. and reoently In rather feeble health. There can be little doubt that the cause of i the depression which led te the net. wan a disappointment of the heart, and the sudden termination of an l engagement of marriage, or of an intimacy which ha* * long existed between the deceased and Mr K Cuwles. i of thi? city The flint testimony before the Coroner, of perron* about the American only elicited the fact* in relation to her death, which we stated yesterday, and that an intimacy existed between Ml** Cook and Mr Cowle*. A beautiful locket containing Mr Cowlee' I miniature, wan found ain<.tg her thing*. and on* of the chambermaids stated that she had se-n it in MIm Cook's possession. We add me testimony of Mr*. Canfleld, and of the examining physicians. MKS.CANKIEI.D'S rwriMoNY. Mrs. 8. n. Canfleld had known M i?s Cook for about Are years; llret when in the employment ot Mrs. Shuniway; she left Mrs Hbutnway and went Wito the employment oi Mr*. Wheeler at which time her intimate acquaintance with Mr fowle* eomuieuced; three Sears next September she leit in company with Mr. owles, as she stated, for Hutfalo. and Mrs. Canfleld lost sight of htr until the following summer, when she returned to Cleveland; during the summer she cslied upon Mrs. C. twice, and during one of these interviews. Mrs. C. asked ber where she had been during her absence. She replied that on reaching Buffalo she found her health too poor to return to lor employment, and h?<l b*<n * pending her time with friend* in Williamiburgh, ' nposite New York Mr* 0 *aid to her that th??e t irnd* rould he written to, and th? tiuth of hsr statement corrotx rated She taplied that the family had moved Mr*. (V then *rked tier ?hern. rihe said to the inteiior of New Jersey, evidently tor the purpose of evading the question Mm Cook left Cleveliod that fall, and resided in Buffalo until the fall of 1840. when *he retured and reoided at the American. At the flmt interview after her return she dated that thera had been report* with regard to her charaoter, and that they were laUe Mm l! Haw nothing of her for several week* hut learned, through a cousin. Cynthia Hitchcock, the tutu ot matter* between Miss Cook and Mr Cowles. Two week* ago ohe *eut for Mr* 0 . asking her what course to pur*ue a* to the ma'ter (stories circulated by Mr*. Cowles aJ to her support here ) Mr* C told her to go to Mr*. Cowles and eiplain the whole affair to her She did so l**t Saturday Mr Cowle* requested Mm. 0, through Ml?* Cook, a* *hn stated to accompany her. but Mr* C. declined doing eo Attar the interview, Mr* C *aw her and she appeared more cheerful, though (till depresced About three o'clock yesterday Mr*. C called to *?e her at the puggi'dion of I>r. Uriswold; examined her trunk and papers, and found notes, envelope*, and money in the trunk About two week* *luce, the deceased told Mrs Canfleld at the time she sent for her. that Mr. Cowlrs had supported her sinoe she left Cleveland the ttrr-t time. I, J. 1. Cpssells, I'rofessor of Materia Medics In Cleveland Medical College, being duly nworu. dep tie. via.: 1 chemically examined the content* ot the stomach ef Lavmla Cook, deceased, and found oxalic arid in sufficient quantities to eau*? th- death of tht drccaoad. J. L. CA&4KLL4. Cleveland 25th June. 1850. kr 8 I> Uriswold being sworn, depose . That he has ' been acquainted with the deceased about six lu'-nlhs ; j that he was called about two o'dwk and found h r al- | ready dead, the band* were rigid and the jaw flrmly cio?< il l examined the room lor pol?on mi l fouui n 11? . eirept in hrr xatrhf! wa< a pap?r rnutniniu* mallr arid ; rndi nTored to f >rce opru her mouth. In ord--r to aaeortain If he could aiurll p<>iaou, but detected nothing 11*T SloltTEM EXAMINATION TWENTY IIOI'M AFTER i liKWK. The utomarh. heart. lung* and uterno appeared natu1*1 That wueuoua ni. Bibran* of the atoui.ich id It?t toftened ; the depending portion* of th* Hi mirh were (ODgrKtrd. and pr>*aeM?-d t alightly motlied appearance. The utrrua ??? uiiimprngnated and the otatira were each slightly di?eaaed A -mill turn >r , tu found on th* rurfirr of on*. Tim atouiirh contained about half a pint of fluid In which on applying chemical teata. ?fr? drfadtd lk? preaenre of oxalio , acid, which *aiprobably the ciupp of her d> ath It I) (iltlBlfOLD. ! Wf, tb* underaigned. who attonded the put ni'T e u examination. concur In the above teatiiuonr gir-'o by l?r Orlawold. ?o far an It relatea to th* appearann** t ha body pr?eent? d on th* po?t uiurt'in riuiiliiaUoa. ..4 >U. .1 d>?tli M.I. Rtooll, D.i'i, Cawaaoft, P. Mathivkt, I* A ilimwv (Ilo. UiLtiariK, M. 1'. IlKwirr. AIR. COWt.E*' TtniWIM. Th<a amount of Mr Cowl**' teaMmony ??< that he bad known Miaa I'otilit long link wketi h? wa? a boy Mr Brat became iut'ini'elr uri|uaintcd with har a >ma thrar ycara, ainca at Mm W hreler'? lie declined antwitiii| aa to whether lie went K*-t with har in 1*17 ? whether there had been any Illicit lbtarcour?e b*tw>en tb? m - wh< ther ?he had been pn and whether 1 *k-. v ?...,! I - ? . k - II ! < ? ? ' I - (*il no rf((|fUI?Ul of uiMtiilo It iwr.-n th? parti** A corrr*p< niicarr lh? parti** la 1MT. and ht< roattauMl Mar* Only two of b?r Uttara rt a-aiiird In hl? po**ra*ion, h< having IwtMJxl th* olbrri torn m rrrrltid llrw* k'rM on l'k?r? . <? > iiyht Chi- had frojiimtly Importuu*'l kla to | mmi) b< r and h* ha.l IntnrmMy r?pli*d that It* u*?*r | could rbr had (aid if be did not, it vnild b? lh? d< nth ' f hi r I On Sunday. Mr Cowl** wrot* hi r a Mt*r *nclo?lng f>2>> tlir purport ol which * > that h* had Ifaril from ' variou* rourre* that ?h* claimed an ?ii|{a|iiii'a( b*t?r< n th>-ai nnd a promt'* ol marriag* lhat*li*knrw thir could iimh b-, that all cnrr?>p b*twr*n , th'in mint cra?* and thr Id* a of ui.irriai<o *top th*r* Mr 0?ln tatrd that h* ha I (Iran Mi??t'o.ili miory , at aaj til.r rill' a-krd It. fur tlurr y*ar*. and that hi* kiti r?. had th< y kol l*?u d**tri>j*d. " uld h??? thitn plainly that to ld? a el marriage wan *T?r b< Id out but. on th* contrary. rnunlantlv di-rlainn d lluring lit* 'samtnation Mr tjoala* ?n ?lrongly (- , fret*4 il ||>n ktl m(4 thai i M Imw4 ttnitiil I taking pol?on. and ?? n limn of doing <> *o olten. i I that b* >ad not th* |i-a*t fear of *ucb a thing feeing don*. On t be r?e? Ipt of the la*t not* hi* only thought : w*? that Ml**Cook might aohr hail m*tiui?* threat- 1 *n*d take a b*-ul and go aw a jr. if h* did not rail at th? tin* appointed Tbr lillria belo* uurkrd I an J J i were r? c*l?*d hy Mr Cowl** on Monday morning, In lit* oitfc r in vkirh tkry irt nuntwrxi I-Ell Kli ? ritoM MIHH COOK. [L,ilrr \? 1 J Moip** MuHI'll Royal I **p?rted yau laat *T*? why do you trwat m* In Ihi* nay ' You wi ll know 1 wa* NSfflM *> g? and ?? your mother You uid go. you know, and Uod know* wh"n you *?* it* yau won I blain* ni* for rating what I did wh? n you kuow nil ail Rntal you tnnt tin ill, too If you d? It will kill m* Royal yau ? we *nr lh* **ry minute you g*t tbi? If y?u don't rum*. I'll ii nd a? rr y< n. If I hat* to *end to that wadding on Monday v nlng at lluk>b*H'a. 1 will N * yon H?f<,r- ariotkar nifhl. if I ha?r to rrawl on my barni* and ki.<-< * ill hiit* to ium< the aed ling n>tM If aft< r y?ti I won t ?uff? r an?th< r n gh? Royal plia?*roM* and ?** n? thl? morning I *bali [Isttrr N? 2 ) My d*ar I think you ara to b\d with I'l*a?* rrw tu4 Bin. If It t? only a If* uomrtU-l ?>n'l Ufa through thr day oh ii<?r' do com*, for tbla will be our lut Com* and kl?? no one- u<>r* Tor a Tarr U?i. Cr>n? || you f< t thl*. How ran 7011 U ?l ?o toward* on* ?h > ha? nff<-r>d *0 much ?nB" thl* morning I ?IU wait till 10 o'i I >ak to aw* yon at | II ?'?Nk 111* VKRiilCT. fn arrordmiT with th* abo** fa< t*. tba e?r>nwr'? Jnry rwtnmrd a r*rlt*t that l.arlnia Ooek ram* to bar dratb by bar own band, by taking otitic arid." Tm? I?* nao-Ri rrtatc bain- l.rrrti tin Ma. Fatna.?Tba llrwtna A?>rn^, of th* 27th ln*t fontalna th?- M low lag lrtl*r from Mr 1'ilna .?"Twrmlt m* to ?ay that th* Mat*ni*nU mail* by Sulw*' In yr ur journal of tb* Mth ara fal?* In *t*ry irow faiaa In bl* 4a??rlptlon? of th* apparatus fala* In hi* Hn*lon* and fair* In bl* iatlroat*a Tb* apparatu* <l'?a not atnad on a InM* ' bnt In n ml Iron fraa*, thr** tart from tb* floor Th*r* I* no ln?iiU?*d npl?r wlra' ronn*rt*d with tb* ln*trum*nt In any way. No part of my larg* apparatu* 'la e*ocaal*d in a boa Th* rnrl<?r*tting of tb* gaa la www and original with mynll II w* may boll??* th* arlantid* world lor It a***rta. that It la an lmpo*?iM)lly to rarhonla* kytro grn with lh* >plr|ta r. Id Tb* *taUw*nt* with r*l*r- I nc* t? a ??lf n gwUltag ca* |>MlMnr.' might apply to tb* production of hyn> **n. >>ut will tb* gwntlainan rnatrltt arm* ai parat?* to yr>id?? th* ot*r*n ' Voura. IIKNKV M PAI*K 1 F.I - My tim* la nu< h orouplcd. and I rtnnot po?B,b y m**t all tb* parilta who ara aai lonaof Imnof. I tal i'ng tb>m?*l*ea My dl?m**ry will Ink* earn of 1??* If. Mrantm.a I would *tat*. I?? *aa* wa*l* of tim* and good u w>p< r that now* nf tha** rnrrtl>>u* arllrl** aff*at my n*mtilary lnt*ra*U a* 1 bar* dl-p. <*d o| th'in for In* I nit?rt C<al*a. II M I*." V i't< i?t?a, Jon* 27 Oat a- Amount of roal tran*port*d on tha Philadelphia and Mradlng Mailroad. during th* ww*k andmg 7\mt C?f > f'Hi 1'rrti trkni M .147 14 - I'?tt?* ill* 4tN ' Krlib)Ikill Hbt*? 10 \ M 1 * I'm! Clinton 4 017 9 Tn??l for ?br Wfrlr .94.74* IS fntl??>lf lltitfrw kit Wit IK T<4nl ,\M f?1 14 t? mm* Haf li<t fNf. . M-4 7 n * Hrhw^tkiH - Th? rnnownt of f?l hipr'"' 17 lit* raiMkl for lk? *nk ending Th?r?<Uj Jw tl. l&Mk. m f> |I"?C? TVii fX fort 7 i?l 10 * Muml 1 W4 (I M MmjlMM ll?*?n 4 <W4 ?? " I'm Clinton. I Toi 4 fol?l ft* IM? w?k ?7:J? 14 Pn T*o??ly ...,.}>% J*4 14 ii LD__ TWO CENTS. Manifesto of (h? C*ar of Rauii HeUUrt tm Italy. The following ia very nearly the textual copy ft the note addreaard lo Lord i'.tlineraion by the Rn?Mian govern meat, oa the queation of Naplca amM TuMaays M do Neaaelrode beglna by obaervtng. that the cabinet of Bt Petersburg completely identifies Kaelf with the princiolea which have aerved an the baala ot the conduol of the cabinet of Vienna. " It ia too an?h InterwoTen." he aaya, ' with the maintenance aud lndapeudt-c re ot Statu of tha aeoond order, aud of the tranquility of Italy, aot to identity itaelf without reaerea ia the aentlinenta and political viewa of Auatria Ia \irtue of the principle* of public law, aa uad?ratood la the Kuaxlan policy, it can never be admitted that a sovereign. forced, an the Grand Duke ofTuactny haa liet u by i he obstinacy of hie reballioua autyecta, to ratake puKhCDtioii of point* occupied by the Insurgents, aha 11 be bound to make compensation to foreign resld> nta who iuij have auflVred certain lo?*ee or injuria*, occaaioced by the aaaault of tha city where rebellion haa been. When people eatabliah themselves in a foreign country, no matter where, thay are bound to accept the chance* and the caaualtiea to which aueh country may be exposed l.<gti<>rn revolted, and It bacanie necaaaary to employ furce to reduce it to obedlenca If certain English pr?prl?tora hare ahared In the injury auftered by the proprietor*. natives of tho plaee. have they a right to dtnitu<l indemnity whiab the Tuscan government refuaea to it* own aubjeota T? Much are the motive* that h?va indu<:?d the Tuscan government to addreaa itaelf to tha Kmparer. and damaodrd hla arbitration. Tha Kmperor. notwithatauding the lively latereat be frela for Tuaoauy, haa not coaaldared hllnanll baund to acceda to thia request. It la not on account of a aura more or leaa important In amount, but on prmclple. that the Kmperor aiuaot admit even tha Idea of an indemnity ot any kind claimed aa a legitimate right, allil leea exacted by foroa. bacaune by doing to he would appear to givit it au Implicit aanotion by grantiug hia arbitration to both partioa In tha evant at I.ugland consenting te defer toil. Aa Iu?iaay la dlapoeed to eater into conciliatory explanations, M could form no part of the inteotiona of the Kuaatan r. U >v " fr ... WUT,1 ?UJ IJI|".UI1U'UI HI >U arraugtm. Ml I'aimalU *Uh I ho Kugiub n>r>-roiiiait. Itut tin* Kniperor baa a riKht to expvct from the jmUn and moderation ut the Kugliab government lt?<-,r, that il wilt not rmploy. lor the purpoee of arriving at that arraogenient. any mrisi but those of an e.jaaily conciliatory character ; and th.. imperial cabinet thinks It It* July, iu what coucarus llaelf, aui from the pfsent uouiiit. to ?r??TTi- ita own judgment as to all l hat It regards conformable to the recognised in.t&ima ( intvruatiouol law. The cabinet at London caa.iot bat uuderiitand that the preaont is a <|U??tli>n of the gravel kind for th* in dependence of the whole of thi< contintnlal Statu, la taut. If tha rights aought to b* aatablubed by Knglaud at thia ai .iu. Bt witU respect to Naplca or to Tuacany be ?noe admitted ?? a prr-deot, the rvsult would be an exceptional poeiUon lor all Hritleh aubjecta?a poaltlon far au^wrlor la advantages to that nji yi'J by the native inhabitants of otiaer couutriea ; while tb* governtu* uta that ao r .Mi-J and admitted thi n on tbuir territories would be planedia an intolrrabli- attuiation la plaee ol b-in*. aa hitherto. a aourra of Im netlt for the ooiin'rie* wh-ra the* establish theuievlvaa. aud when* they transport wita tb? ir e?tabli?kiu.iila thoee baoit* ut ludu-try, of rality, and of order, which no honorably characterise tli? Kuglmh pe< pie their proatace would b*c.?nae a perpetual aouree of auijnyauae, aud iu certain ca?? an inevitable acourge Their pretence Would beo.Mia fur the agitators aud perturbaiora au auoouiMg .ment to revolt, beceuea b< hlud th<- barricadu-s would uoulia ally app< ar the menaclcg ev utually of tiitur<? r?clamutlous on behalf of Kngliab Hiibjei-ta injured in their property in rionaei|urnee of aela of repreanioo. Kvery eovvrrign who by the geographical position <4 his territory. or from his relative woakuoM, would lis thus exposed to niea<uri? of coercion from .to Knglieh fit* t. would l>? struck yuwelloas iu oreaeuce of r<M lion, La Would uavcr dara to n I ?j?t in- i <iir?? of o w*cluii luai<r|tBla ?nd if It* a<t<>|?ied t h-in h? w?uld t?e okligad lo aaamlni' the detail* of every tlon. to mllmate tlx* nece??ity or luutllity of *u*li a r>lrat<Hic uieanura which way e*po?a Ktulmh ?ubj-oU to Injury, anil to rt-coguiiic1?? Knglinh govainiu ut u HU|ir>uii' judge k>ilv?rn the noToMfii nti>1 hi* ? abject* In miillirr ri Litil| to civil war and inlnruil jj.??-runirnt Tlx* binprr r cannot *ubacrih.i to i Ueli i lh?ory howaver diepo?< <1 lie uiay b> and m.?y halways l>< i ti. torvnlva with bi nevoletie* p. r-om o-l a^lng to tb* llrilieh nation. lor who? character hl? M*j-?ty'? t'?ti fin In wt II kooaru ll reclamation* niloh ? tboM now mad* on Naple* anJ on Tuscany *" nupi> rt*d by lore*. lie will feel b.w-*lf obliged by ?o-f ?ity, loludii ali- atidwxplaia In the ino?t |?r. ?l?e and farmal manner tka ti'i.u.iii n< on altlcb. In In!ur. he willc muiat to grunt to Iti1tl-<b ?tbj'*t* lo bit lerritirie* llm riflil Of reaidruce ami of property Xba Ku??ian (|i??rntmotliopa* that tin Ktiflixb okmH will rri*)if? Itl nbaorvatioiia in the ?ama spill of impartiality that hu? dictated them, and that it will act acn >.-din? to tbo runu- aplrlt In tha conduct ti b? ad?p <-4 toward* tho court* ot N apie a and ol lu cany TbMeaa<??t th?ao court* lalbal uf a.I w-*k 8tal< a. whore Hidaw* l? "ily icuaranl)< <1 l y tlx hi kint< hance wf th? prluc plaa juat invoked At lb* pre?-nt m '.ii'-nt in or. than avar. r>r|?ct for IIiomi priucipl** liy tin- (treat p iwera can aloha rate Kurope from tb' greateet liawtam." A copy of the alorr au at the Kmper.r* raqoaat, kit with Lord l'alun ratoii, A |>|M>lnt u>< nta by Ihr Prrildtnt, I'y >? ! With Ihr a?ii ire %ui ronttnf rj tk* ?#, Ahtrutt Lawrence, to h - Kaioy K ilraor lluary and Mluieler I'lanipoteaiiary of tb I uii. I itutu tl t ha C'Jtrt of the 1'iiitwd Kingdom of Ur. at Britain and Irvland Hailia l *j'<J> to ba Knrny Ki'ra>rdlnary and )( Irti r rienl|i< ti ulVary of the t'nllad dtata* to tha Kepublic of chill George v Marsh, to ha hill:*#' *aal laat of tVa I lilted Mate- at Confttaalinnpie, I'aac Nevitl tHeela. to Ha t'karff d Affaire* o "? I bit d lilalrt to lk?i KeuuMIc uf Vanaouala Jullu* C. Kri'l>i l<nnr. |n_ l>? Conaul of tha UutUxl ( late* for the port of Nanta. In tbf> IiUdJ of Mow I'roil l> iiri> llonry l? Nnrrl#, toll* <'on>ul of lit* l'ait*d I'.ttM for tb? p' fl of I'ara In lit axil Mrhola* A Mr'lure. In b? I'onml of tli* Uu!lc4 glate* for th? port of Anapuleo, la Mfraleo JohoC B Uarlo to b? i-pr?tirj[ of !h* l.-fa'.ioo oC tl t'nlted ii*or h> r HrlUntlt Maje*ty J'w K II' Ibi?u to b* tferttw; of lb* La,-* n I tS? laitrd ftatra at Hantlago d* UhUi Willi* II fllhaon. to be Mamhal <4 th* IsiU-d ,V.?Ua f< r th* north" rn dlatriet of AUUaa KJttril Hillloai Job?tui. to K* llprivtw; to tha Hoard of Cnaiml?*t<>a?r* on Mvakaa Claim* John l> H*rrlayand William NrNetr. t? be JaaUaa* of tha Peaee la th* aouot j of Waaiunat a W illlam M Klay, l?urr?|or and Juapeotor of tha Rpoiii at Portland (tregoa WlllkaM l*mt*r Surveyor aad Io?pertor Of tha Iv vinur at hr*<jualIy,Or?goo Hoard of Kit tar at Ion. J< nr M -X C. HaaMlrt. Kaq . praaid*nt Prviral ouma * r* appropriated for repair*, lie j f.' u<o a*r* rotid t< r bulling ? * a lditi?n%l vtory la I rloiary *eh?o4 ta Trinity Pl?r? flrat ward. tb? projowd enlargement will arcoaa >daie a*arly tbraa bu"dr?d additional pupil* . / A'?v S<knnl - Th* film of }S1.00" *aa aa> prr pnatrd to purehaaa a *ttf la All-n atreat la IM Tenth ward f<* a n*w achnot h"ii-? Til* Him of |>l UA) ??' appropriated fur the pnrrhaaa of a<Mitlrnal ground at Maahaltaavtlle la lb- TvrllU ward to mUr** tit* aebool >'??? Jirmlrmf ?The KfrutlT* Committee war* 41r*rted to r? port np*n tha Kree Academy Mi*"* H<-< kam, Carey anl lienny were appointed a n aimHtew to r*pre*eat the Hoard of K1?ie?ti?aat the Frr*Prhnol meeting, to ba held at Vyraruai >a lha loth July A.'ijmiai By th* rOiaralttee * report It *Jp?ar*d 'bat thrr* would b?' required f<J* pubile and aard *rh'H>l?. U? defray the ripen*** of r .mm <n i?hnn| duration for IH.iO. fX?.7ti, of ?l>.cU aould ha (or building tad ri*|.?ir?. flt.000 for Kraa Aral-iay, atnl flkiKVi ImTh?f? wara ?l - hmm daflriaMttaa I h? paid out of till* am nil Tha a iwjuirad MWfili that of laat y?ar. wblrb lh? report M*tr? l? In rt>naa<j nance of tha lnrra??.-a nil tabor atf pupil* tb>Ta b< Iny thla Tear 3WMI mora than tha pratadJpg tu?l?a Month* Adjourn. 4 Hii|wrlar Danrf. Itafor* I hlaf J n?tl?a t>?kl?y Ji *? W Fl4<rm>4 /V*n?? ai*4 F< ant't .Inn. kit r|/V, ii T\ommt and Jut * /l?r?ip?'|-Tkll ?'? Mill* M laiury dona tbafaaiaia plaintiff a gnataal looking y<'tag i inan. by falling through a hair b a ay la thr l.f.-nlant a rrtck-ry atora. ta W aablagtoa atraat. whirh It aaa allipi wa? by nrglkganca I.ft np?n *haa tha plaintiff waat to aalrn aoaia p*ohai?>. ta Jaaa. I Ma Vita tianbla'* lag "a? hrokan by th- flail ao l aha b '>ng mcrini* at tha tiata iba aaa ao badly braiaad and ao aiaktmd. Ihn. aba aaa pramttaral/ onal*f4. aad ha* It-rural h*alth baa Wrn alitor that ltat?. nau-h l?palrrd Ml la*.Iff* ?<-ra put In great a*i>an?a |nr n?4l ral atlmdanaa and claim dwaagaa to ihr a-atuat at f IOM*1 far tha injury aad tha a?paa?a? laaarrad Tka d?f?nra U. that If Mr* Paaata did flail Ihmagh tha hnta. It aaa by Har ova earalaaaaaaa aa It la -ntlraly oat of tha thorrughfara or paa?ag? ta tbalr plana of ratall ba*lnraa. and I* alway* UN ?l'h atraa for tha purpoaa nf parking. an that ?a arriona Injury ronld ha lalirtfd a aay par-oa by falling Into ft Tha, alan rrnt.n l that tba hatchway l> not in tha ratail atora, ahrra Mr* T>anrl? allagaa aha want ta parabaa* crocket*. but that It la la tha ub<daaal? dapartm*at, ahara aba tnuld ant ha*a had aay batlaaaa to Uaaaaat. Vat diet forplalatlfk. *? Ct atraa* t Owt-la U?a iinr and Tanalaar at Rnffaiif faaa la Jaat not on trial which ciMtaa aa iiitla attantira Dr. H N Lmtala la lndlet?d na a . onplaint U iha Profaaror* of tha Madtaal t'otlaga. nr ?t ? of tb> aa tor aaaatng to ha puhliahad la tha Cim'\rr naw*|-aaar aa artlrla regent lag apoa that faculty o| th- Inatltutloa for pr?aurlng * wotaan la K? d? ll??Trd . f ? rhild In th? p'of M*M?V m?4tr?l ???id. nU. ??* th? of 4?mm?tr?tln* Ik* p*t*nr? ?f OlntotriM. TIM pnhllwwtlon la ilaltt*! ?nd lk? lint pmpoar* to jr??tIfy hjr tkntlni th*l M r f?l?ft?l to ? ? lmfr*f>r, and r*mUfrw in H?rrtirf i hf H?t John K KoM*. illtnr of th? Mo CHrtiMi .MwM. i* Indlct-d tor pnMWhln^ >liiiil?r ?rtlrl? III* trtaJ hw wot ft ML? Hmkftrr (Hi') -1w*rirmn, Jumt V, Tfc? cbol?f? hv ?ppa*r?4 ?t Claelnfeatl. and Mr???i (*( 1 CWI km occurw%