Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 29, 1850, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 29, 1850 Page 2
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r NEW YORK HERALD, i JAUEN OOROOl BEKHITT, i I'ROPftirrOB AND EDITOR. mWVIC* K. W. COKKKR OF FULTOH AND MA9?Al' ST3. 71 fK PAHY IIEI\ All), 2 cenU per eou*?%f prr mmnui*. THE WEEKLY HERAlJJ.em y Situ y, ,/? "'4 centi per poyy, or $3 yer uumi , the Lurvfteu n ?ii ?!? '?, II. V annum, toiaelude ihe votUiut. Al l. LETTERS by mnil, for lubeeriplvint, or vith advertiTH i'ti, to be or the yiUif 1oiU be deducted frum mont y rcniitted. ITiLUSTJR Y CORRESPOSPEWE, coitMnin9important meum, lohrHed from any quarter uj the ttvrld ; ij uted, 1nil bo lilt rally tHiiil for. Nt) SOTK Uihu-n of anrmymout communicatknu. IV< do mot return reircttd r>>mmntnu,itu>ne. Jl)YER TtsKMLS Tti renewed every ntorunif. AMUSEMENTS "HIS E YEN INC). BKOAI)WAT TUBATHE llroad w%??Thi SfiBIT or OvLD-'lHi Mauic Fu'ti- Fm??? Wiiiai.n. MIBLO'S GARDEN, Broadway.?U?muvj -Tm* (aLAXD v JswaLft. BURTON'S THEATRE, Chamberf ?tmV -lIo?KV Moon ?AioPTkD Child. BATIONAL THEaTRB, Chatham aqaar*.?Thi Sue ?? BkwttikuOM -Moaa ? Cm?i- Jimv Twitckib. OflRISTrs OPERA BOb'SR, MaohaAtaa* HalL-Br?iolui Ibiimiiu. BL7MPIC.?Pi??o?*? MimtbiU. OIMIII MUSEUM.-VwieraOvliMnm CASTI.E OARDEN ?tinaaia Fim. t VIRICAN MUSEUM-AMiainu PiKfOMiMW Am?. ?> aiin Eramne. Maw York, Balm-day, June 4?, 18SO. Notlre. W? beg lvaT? to state, that Joaim A. Pi Otili.k at tlmr attached t? the Herald an an occasional eorswpoDilmt at Wnxhlngton. and the South, is bo longer onneeUd with tliia cttablbhment In any capacity. Rewi from Knrope. The steamship Pacific, Captain Nye, will be due at this port to-morrow, with four days later news from Europe. Trlcaranhlc HummarT. In consequence of the storm la9t evening, o?r telegraphic despatches from Washington are more than usually meagre and imperfect. Mr. Joule's substitute for the Compromise bill, a reported by the committee of thirteen, was lost yesterday in the Senate by a decided vote of thirtysix to nineteen. Ah soon as this was decided, Mr. Clay expressed a hope that a vote on the engrossment of ihe Omnibus bill would be taken on Wednesday next. lie trusted that such will be the case. We are getting tired of this eternal que? lion. We are satisfied the public are, too. Tke Iowa contested election case occupied the attention of the House, to the exc usion of almost very thing elc*. It has, however, been settled, ud to-day we expect that body will go to work with the regular business. The ordering of troops from different places in the United States to New Mexico, looks as if the sbinet were anxious to create a row in that new territory. We do not believe there is any necessity for such a movement. If it is made for the purpose of intimidating the people of Texas, it is ?ery reprehensible, for there is no necessity for it at all. The Texans will show their good sense by looking upon it as a weak endeavor of the cabinet to sustain themselves in office. There must be no fraternal blood shed in any dispute growing out of the territorial question, and wo to any cabinet or inv fiHmiiiifcfrutinn tlintmill "Bins if ltrtfh K<kitu?a ?f Congress may wrangle, and fijjht, and quarrel, an much as they please, hut the respectable and Uw and order-loving people of the United States must not shed each other's blood. That will ever do; arid we venture to say that if a life be lost in any proceedings growing out of the present agitation, the matter will never be settled, and the Union itself will be endangered. The Irish tteani-iup Viceroy. " ??? ? with a diaarter on her return. The particulars will be found under the telegraphic head. Thf British Hlght of Nttrih In Aaaerleaa oixlurt of the Mien, The American Fchooner Knterprise, Captain Poyd, fr< m Chagrts, bound for the port of New York, on the eleventh of June, in latitude 21 2S, longitude S4 5, fell in with her Riitannic Majesty's steuniF-hip Tinea, from Jamaica, for Cuba, which fired a gun for the American schooner ?o heave to, and sent her boat on board. This is the tirst step? thr preliminary process?in the right to search vessels at kb. Thi- is a very simple piece of intelligence; hut it may and should lead to sotrjr important results. The American goverr;>ient has ah* >iys maintained that it * ill i'?^)Jrfct the citnens of the United State# against all iniptoper and vexatious interruptions on the ocean. In October, 1*11, 'Lord Palmerston aade tlook a correspondence with our Minister, Mr. Stevensm, then at the Court of St. James, on thia very subject; and the 1'resident of the United Mates at that time?Mr. TyW- made that correspondence an im|>ortant topic ui his annual message. This was eliietly with regard to visitations and aearrhes on the African coast. The " I>," a United States veseel, had heen searched and detained, on the cNSt of Africa, by her Majesty's brig Termi^ant, on the tw? nty-fcrvt of Odolwr, IKW, and iuhft .jiir)Hlji,oth'r vrwH? the "l?gn," "Hero," and " Mary." On the retirement of Pulmeralon ftt m ofiioe, MP Secretary of Mute for Foreign Affairs, Lord Al?erdeen earned on the rorrevpondeur?-, and the subject became oar of great intereat on t-oth side* of the water. The government of tkia country, however, never yielded to the premiv|*tuou* doctrine* promulgated by r?lmer*ton, and ihe ha^h-M argument* of the llruiah Orcrr?ary were thorot^hiy battered down by Mr. StefrMoa. ixitd Palrnerston, however, it appear*, desire* to rraew thia tvatttmnf, m>? that he ia in power ore mure, and accordingly leave* Africa for the water* of the wolf. where he arnda hia Vixens and Trrnnpant* u> enmmenoe ih>\r hoatilc work with atiH greater boldneaa. 1'nder the circumatnt.rr?, therefore, ?? ?i|icrt that Mr. Clayton will w nkr up, and open a correspondence with Sir Usury tinlwer. If lie ia afraal to do 41, nd the '* weak government"? aa the lintiaii Minwter ha* called it?only dare t? threaten Spain, IVrtngal, and mtch decayed and decaying power*, we "and the reat of mankind" will call pon fir Henry Hulwer u> eipiikia. Thi* whipping of Portugal ia a small buaioe**, like Forreat'a wln| I'tt'ii Willi*- r njr?in*t a wrati Mr Wr ahoul J like to h*ve chanre with rough md loach Inhn Hull. Juhnny. autre the r?han flair, ta p? rfrnljr MMff m t?mi<er; and with our imperturbable coolneaa, we could come into a fight with ?r-ni* thirp like a fair chance For gr?*t powrn to h? eng?ged on Greece *r,4 other punf Ptilri, mnn ns'roa* cowardice, of the gutt.i percht calihre?limber and loath?oir# What we w*?t ia dowmight Bendi#* and I'uddnch iiitUt tor the champion ?4rfp? for the belt. If Mr. Clayton cann?t arrange the preiiaainanea we muH **?*? him, n<t, (nr the neat few days, we ahall h?al our long pwfcer, and Ktir him up to a correspondence. A* mttn> a? h? write* ln? letter, we will give it to the British M ifitoter, thr-tifh tbecelnmna of the HrrulM ?aad the letter fr?>?a Sir liej#jr to the commander mt the Viien. may aa well pa through the aarue Medium He ia rut her too " grvthead," aa well aa Mr 1 hatfi-ld. Wake up, Mr Clayton. Joho \B?U *haH wrv#r atop the courv* of i&e eagle upon the ocean, to search what he ha* uvtrr hia wing, I with out coaaent, or that of Jonathan. Wake up. i frrraraTfHi ram Hba/ii,.?We learn front f'ap tain Rog?r?, of th* hrig Cfnthi*, trrivwt yn*r\ lay wtntinff, that lha atrkneM had *r**tlf ahaUit i?a b? 8th mf Mar. wH*a Iv Irft that port; hut it had |?t imi?? 'he Ki.tinf at tl># Hiver l>t Piatt* We tUo Irani from (apiam l,itil-h >M, of tfc# fcarji Krpuhlic, armed jrrai<nley from l*.?rat Jan* i K>, tfcat the ?irknr?i hi, I entirely h ft Northern Braitl, and ww making >t* w*Jf South. Tl?* Hion?rkrtin givra m a no* L?r column 1 Cvsmmities and Uncertainties or the Law vmike nit: Ntw Cole.?When David Graham, the leaned jurist, and others, undertook to ! give to ibis State a new code of laws, which was to *rt nude all uncertainty in legal opinions and decisions, we untigined that we had mude one of the UioH valuable discoveries in legal cab-lighting , which the world ever taw ; almost equal to that which Philosopher Paine is about to exhibit at the Astor House, one of these evenings, to the astonishment of all the gas companies of N?-w York, and the wonder of the "rest of mankind." Before the promulgation of that wonderful code, the law i of libel, as allied to newspapers, was uncertain in some points; but since the new code went into operation, and judges have been elected by a mixj ture of respectable and rowdy voles at the polls, we believe that the laws of all kinds have been more i uncertain, more contradictory, and more impossible I to get at than ever they were at any previous time. Let us illustrate. A few weeks ago Judge Cdiii|>j lu ll, one of the most learned men on the bench, decided that Mr. Watson Webb, proprietor of the Courier and Enquirtr, and United States Minister at Austiia, had committed a libel, for a simple publication of a correct report of certain transactions and examinations in the |>olice ollices. A few days after this decision, the same enlightened judge and jurist gave his opinion, lhat a statement, publiohed in a Sunday pa|*r, by ie late Mr. Burns, without being a police rejiort?a simple statement, imputing fraud or dishonesty to Mr. Gordon Bennett of the A'rtr York Ilfrald, on certain old transactions grow ing out of a note which was paid by him, without any consideration having ever been received by Mr. Bennett?the same judge declared, that such a direct publication, although untrue, was no libel at all, but just and proper. Several similar decisions have also been made, rather contradictory in their nature, by another distinguished member of the bench?we mean Judge Oakley ; but these we will ( examine with more accuracy and precision hereafter. This, however, is only one branch of our jurisprudence, which has become more complicated, and more uncertain, since the publication of the wonderful code of law for the State of New York. Another branch?that in reference to the rules and lawB of evidence? appears to be equally evanescent, equally contradictory, and " very like a whale." Let us illustrate. It is generally well known, that the indictment and trial of old Drury, of Astoria, on the charge of sending, or carrying, the torpedo to Warner's house, were founded on certain alledgt d admissions, extracted from old Drury, as you would extract teeth, by two famous stoolpigeon tooth-pullers, One-Eyed Thompson and Bristol Bill, and in the hearing of certain police officers, shut up in a closet, under the snperintendence of (Jeorge Wilkes, thus exhibiting one of the most original plans of getting evidence that ever was concocted in this community. By the advice i of John Graham, another step was taken. The Governor of New York, on the application of Warner and Wilkes, authorized David Graham, ' one of the codifiers, to act as Assistant Attorney, probably because Warner and Wilkes, so deeply interested in the torpedo business, had not sufficient confidence in the law intelligence or energy of Mr. McKeon. Mr. Graham accordingly acted under the name of assistant, but really in the capacity of chief, and contended throughout all these trials, that the stool-pigeon, tooth-pulling evidence against Drury, furnished on that ?cc<tsion, wits fulficient to indict and convict him. Hut the jury hap|>ened to think otherwise, and disag/eeJ. Judge Otborne, on the other side, made exactly a contrary legal decision, although the admissions of One-Kyed Thompson implicating him in the crime, and not Drury, snd testified to by several witnesses, were not liable to the imputatioa ?f bong stool-pigeon, tooih-pulling extractions. litre we have a ditlerent issue in the character of evidence, ill ill*" ftull Ilia Vf iirioM* of Justice Osborne and David Grahin, oae of the prime codifiers of New York. Such uncertainty, such contradictions, such differences in opinions among judgvs, lawyers, and coditiers, are nearly as perplexing to the public at large as the Rochester knocking*, or the wonderful gas philosophy of Paine ; and it is high time that some plaa be adopted <>n which the law and the law adninistra* torn rntiM ft# rrfnrrm^I mm J ininiMvi* ho tlut ; every one might know how to act, and conduc, j hiniM-lf accordingly. The Rochester female knocker#, before a committee of ladiea, have been tnp|?(i to the naked truth. Phikoaplu-r Paine it preparing to he atri|>ped to the lamr point?and it will b? time, one of theae daya, that the Code rhould be put into a cold shower bath, to give it mme character and certainty. Thi Row Abovt the Qi kkh or Enoijito.? The pamphlet published by Mr. Herbert, in reference to hi* quarrel with Judge Barton and Mr. lliret, of Philadelphia, about her Majenty the Queen of England, Victoria the Kimt, by the grace of (?od. I >efrnder of <be Faith, and bo forth, ha* created quite a wn*niM>n in the community. Mr. Hint, it appear*, i? determined not to let Mr. Herbert have hi* own way in the matter, and accordingly announce* Lin determination to give hia ver ion of that celebrated quarrel. Thia ia all right and proper, and we hope that Judge Barton will likewii* enlight' n the public about that celebrated row. We want aomethmg to enliven ua thia warm weather, aa there w no chance of anything like a dec?nt tight in Coa|KH?at leuM for a week. Py the way, i' ii> mud that a certain Mr. Herbert attempted a few year* aince to play the bully on a Swiaa gentleman, named Theophilua Valentine, who challenged that Mr. Hrrliert. The challenge waa accepted, and the partiea fought in Canada. I On the lirM ?hot that Mr. Herbert waa near loaing > one of hia eara, aod, rather than riak a wc >nd, iimur n punai'ir arn,,f7> uw uin? ?immi mji'imik da with matter now before the public, or wun one of thr partira wbo figures in it? 8r*t* Aitnobitiw or lxitr?ta*a and Lorn.? Thr nfwi from New Orlrana prepare* u* for pom? very curioua and interesting development*. Some of thr moat diatinguidicd mm in the State urm to be implicated, by immr mean*, <in thr Cuban invaaton. Aaorrrfpondrnt nmnra ?<xn<* of the part ft who arc likely t? he called upon for explanations, f ur? ly, if (hr authorities of Lomaiana have brra m active in fitting out the expedition, th{ cabinet at AVa?hingt<Hi mu?t have hren awaf? of the projott. Vntler what color or pretext will they deny tkat tkry had information on the eubjectl Tint Ni< ahaqi a Ca.ial.?We hare received fron Mr I). L. U'hite, the ** < nt of th* company, engird in buiUiuig (hi* great and important work, a full account of tbe whole arraaffeinrnt. Thr age haa Mt |*?docrd a more attiprndoiia naterpriM; and in all sincerity, mr mmy go u> work, mH finish the (teat highway oi nation*. Can no arrantfeBirnt be ainde, by wkick ten* of thousand* of laborer* m*f be brought, at once, upon the fi*Jd of operation*, that we may the arioaer exclaim, "the bn<iaJ of the Pacific atvi Atianlicisaorompksked thr good woHt is done ! " Fan* r?at>r*ta |i*|m to th? 1 ?tH ln?? kit* b?>a r??ft??4, whif Ji r?r rt th# inhabitant* to b? trr* frois all anxiety rtlatir* to another lava?fc>n. Mu?ia#w >. lun.l Marin* * fhlrt. On Tknradaf U?t. th? rtriatmat Roladorr vtl liuorLrii tri m Mr T <'oUy?r'? yard foot of T??ntyflr*t ?trr?t. ||? l? o*t?4 kf tbr Raw Rranaaiek aa4 t'rrth Anh"y PUamboat t'oapnar . I* !7t M l?n| *4 l?in, ti>4 I tat I lii*kN k*M. and aira*araa W> taa-f Tlf Rrtndarr baa tW|i|kUM draft of nt iunI of liar Maa I>n? ad rat k?r draft. ?k-a Ituatbrd with M ta.ia oa toard, bring only ? In -h-a RarraitaU at lnrHr.daala. C?pi ?l'M?i1?r. I) A , llan J W Rradbary Ht| Lb tit Nd,"?U t A, K?? f M Umb?t, U !*, and O i tbai.' arrt??d jt$Uri?y tad toek ro<m# aitha In tag llnM Hlfkljr Important from Canty laland?Organization of a Stat* Government?Preparations for Defence, die. At a late hour laat night, we received the following very important intelligence from Coney Inland, 1 end we havten to place it before our readers and the public in gent- ral:? Comity TiL*wi>, March 28. 1850 Tlite ban bin a grrat day for Coney Inland. The iubabitanta ot tliii territory bare. at taut, awakened to a nense ot their right*, and are determined to be no longer a ruburb. a (topping-place,.for New Yorker*, but to akfunie the poeitlou to abich they are entitled, an me of the State* of tbie miybty confederacy, and the moft important ol the wtole hatch They bare lo?l all patience in awaiting (he action of Congress iu regard to California. and ar? determined to d<*oiand admission into the Union at once If the derntnd be net cowpliid with Immediately and unconditionally, 1 without respect to the Wilinot proviso. th' jr will ret I up a separate republic. Olganize fleets and armies, and set the United states at defiance. They are determined to defend the boundaries ot their State ac?ordiug to their notions. aud don't care a fig whether Congress may think they hare too extensive a line of sea coast or uot Their dander is up. and they arc "on drtadful intent* intent." if their wishes are not complied with As K ip. the whole Ulaud in In motion. Flags are flying, drums beating, and our noble people are marching aud countermarching, ready and anxious to meet all who may oppose them, especially the people of the States of Long Island and New York I never raw so much enthusiasm In fore. The very cWun , are jumplcg out of their skin*?no. out of their sh?IU ; ?with delight; and wo betide those who dare to say Corey Island is not a State. Gil Davis and John8mHh have been duly elected to represent the new State ia the Senate ot the United States at Washington, with instructions to demand " in the most peremptory language, that official courtesy will allow " their seats in that august body. More anon. This if, indeed, a moht important movement on the part of the people of Coney Island, and no one can predict the results to which it may eventually lead. It cunnot|be denied, however, that they are entitled to admission into the Union, as a State? equally so with New Mexico, Utah, and California. They have a tremendous population at the present time, not of gold seekers, like those of California, I hut of clam diggsrs, whose untiring energy in digi ging into the bowels of the sand banks, in search of that delicious fish, might be well held up to the admiration of the Californians. If they have not gold mines, they have clam banks, abounding with " softs and hards." They have splendid hotels, as well as a government mansion. They have forts and redoubts, in the sha|>e of bath-houses, and a steam marine, ot at least one hundred and fifty I norse power. With such means at their command, | the people of thr State of Coney Island are not to j be trifled with. The question of the admission of ; new States is evidently becoming more difficult of solution than ever, and Congress will have their hands full before they adjourn. Tke Italian Opera. Last night the " Hugiunots" attracted a very fashionable audience. A large proportion of those present were strangers now visiting the metropolis, and the I remainder were principally kaliluit of the Astor Place entertainments. Never has the opera been mors faithfully or energetically performed than on this oe casicn. The long, brilliant, first aet was chiefly marked by Marini, whose song about the Protestants was highly applauded. Bignora Yiettl, though not very prompt in her time, was very satisfactory in the main portion ?f her vocalization; but Hotlo. in the 'rood art. was truly charming. Wf have ntvei heard her to more advantage, after she fairly commenced. The tirillianey and force of each cadensa will long be remembered among hertrlumphx In the third act. the cloeing grand ?r?na between Mteffanoni and Baivt produced a perfect tempest of approbation. They were called for twice at the clone, and were liberally showered with bouquets. Balvl wan more than himself Hi* " terrible momento" was a grand climai of power to a highly wrought specimen of voeal munis. The duet, aluo gained vaitly by Stet faaonis wonderful and artistic skill. She displayed in It, and. indtid throughout all her scene* uncommon energy and brilliancy, and was warmly applauded. The tourth aet. introducing the trio between Marini, .-?n i and Pit ffiinoni. ?a< eflertirely rendered and the t r< kmn and rborus added largely here an they did in every act, to the sacscMiul representation of the pera lit. M<" 1 ?Ill V. (? A I TLi? in a favorite < j>? ra It* melodiea are rich?It* mutlc familiar -it* rhnruMr* brilliant?and the atory ' Interesting. In thi* T*de?eo will appear a* the Qu-eu, j >n>l Ar an- will be auatained liy Vietti Thi* la'ter ! fiart will gl*e an opportunity for the whole power of I in r r< ntralto voir*, and there will b? much interest to hear the voeallata generally. In no grand an opera City In t ell thence. Tut ForaTM or Ji-i.v ?Ktvr; kind of preparation I* 1*1 ng made f?r the celebration of thr Fourth of ' Jul* The military parade will be on a grand aoale, I and the firework* will be magnificent All the little j | l ey? In the city are appropriating their p?ek?'t wi?| , to the pnrcbaee of rockets and eewekera. ?erp?nta and | I fnakea. blue-ll?W?e and Roman candle*. Catherine ' wh?>te end many other varieties The "children of ] ' ixrgt-r growth" are aNo making their pr<'|?iratioaa ? | I some to go on excursion*, other* purchasing ft rearm a I and ammunition, to blaie away in honor of the great ga>a day of American liberty Among the eelebrator* will be that of the order of Odd-Fellow* who will ap- l pi ar in full regalia The *teainl>oat Crotoo will carry I them to Oyatcr Bay. L I at I o clock in the morning. I and they will return at the aatne hour In the evening, j in time for the firework* The member* of the order will be accompanied by their families. The procession 1 till be formed an follow* ? LOOSES. I I Mapitolla Howard Knterprisw,* I'.,?M i Mariner*, Diamond. Mechanic*. | lManrt. Pembroke, Protection, lluntlrgton. North port, Htmptwima. Ilimpatead, Br?v?kna?eB. And "Iftcr t.odgra frotn the r?unt|ea of New York, 1 , King* anil Richmond; Mltpnh K*(aapa?M. Nn. I}, ti'githar with the Patriarchal branch of the order; the It W (Irand ):neam|<m< nt. and aflldr* of the , Southern IIMrlet of New York; the V. W. (irand l."dge anil i>(llcera of Ihf Houthern IMatrlet of New I Y< iK thr whola ?rf iiip? by Ihf band of tba 1 (?nlt<4 Kiatea ?hlp North Carolina wilder the eaeort of the Wmhli'irtog LllrCutr^p. of tba eity of Brooklyn, Cift. M m M Burnett Miatraiuk * Di*arrraa ?*< r.-The family of ibr lie* I C. P. Clarke. ?.f New Orleana. now on a rialt to their frioili In tkla eity. have he?u thrown Into a atate of | painful anility by ib* atrange and andden di*appearar>?? if Mr* i lark* who ha* not brrn hoard of ainea , W rdt r?jay afternoon, tbcat 4 o'elnek. wh*o aba left L r kMktt'p hon?a. In amirdanea with a pr?*lo?ia air?aii-nt, ta meet bar family and frimda. at the Iter Mr Whit*'* in Itroofctvu < >t> tari her inrevtigatlon a i Bute waa found In the bou*a?f ber brXher. whirh cava rlw to itrnni appreticnaiina that *hr bad daatroyed ; bttwlf * hat make* tkla urn mora probable, la tha fart > I her IiMm under mental (MM m*nt f>r tha ln*l few weeka. during wtiirb tba haa fy?<|Uantly ri pre?*ed a d? termination to commit lielde fiat in Piwr Btirir.?Y**Wlay forenoon at ?? ' o"rli?k. a Are broke owl la ib? upper part the faary ? ap atore, of Mr. WkUlam* a; pine *treet. by tbe boilingorar of a kettle ol aoap. by whirh one of 1 i the hand* named Ttxmipaon. *aa aartnualy harned ? I ' The tlaraea apread rapidly upward*. and two atoriaa Were enveloped Two girl*, who worked In tba eatabllibmant. leaped out of the Wind '** upon tha roof of an adj^lninc building The alarm heiag (lien the Are inrine* of the dietrirt were promptly on tha { apot, but. In the meantime the Aaautant Indneer. Mr Maglnnla. entered the building with a hoae and la a ifeort time *urered?-d in eitiagutahing tha flame* Tin wantage la about a* by water *' fire fiMmwti CoxMoooa i A*M?ar Tbe at earn boat Comm< oore went aahor*. at New Kor belle yeatarday mora- I ( Ing In atblrk tog. l?be la nn damaged liar maila. fortunately fame np yeaurday ?tier noon, In time for California aad other deatlmthM^ Ptiii i* Gnai>a ? folia* man W A Philip* brought to Hi' ThliJ ??r1 ilrlloo hna?t .in Thursday. ?a?an palla, thraa ftW, ait tub*. oar ftrkln bmt-r and uv bom f h? ?a tha pruraada of burglary In Brooklyn. found at K whlnftnn market Fim A lira broka out ?t 11 o'rlo?k on TknrtJi; niiiht In (be rmr of No 107 Kin* umt. It >u aono , >lllt|nUhrd. With but ltlllt||<t*iit(r Miiii?*u? laatmrr.?Tha fallowing wara rh??B j aa < IDrara of tha M< rhanlc loaUtutr log tha aaauiag J' Mt lh? annual alartlon h-Id on Tuaaday ?? nine For I'nwidrat Zadoak I ratt faraar . Irat t Im JPrraidi nt. Vh< ma* Pmull. farrnrr . a.-?mid Via* l'r??lI .J'Bt llor??a UtrrlM, prlntar . i'nrrr>|i?*4ia( fMro' Uij John It W hitman eUrk K?<*< rdiug Waeratnry ("diarla* N t'lark. lawyar; Tivaawrvr, ft iilian T. X-ttuh tailor. A tcirr ?AtaCllfton Ptatan laland tha body of riMar I ftohiMtd>-r. a nmJrr of l-ru??ia. a|. 4 twanty yarn ? *? found V"trr<1a;jut*rnn?a. ia the wood*, about a mil* (run \ afidartrtit < landing W bra t>?i>4 a piatnl waa l?li-g-!/ hia '?hi*h ha-t K.-f? dWrharffad and It la uppi?- d tu ?t?-?i auirid* by "h' rtnn bluaalf. H?- I. it bin lii nr iMithM fity on tb? 2l?t at laat month, j and a?? larltall; Jarttiffil at tha tiaia A< Ci6?ai _ On Tt?V?awi.?i />?rn Mr'junda a lahorar, oa th? n?w hoiiw Mr UK Wooatar atrart, fall from the tl.inl tsar? I l'i?o.f t<? ?b* lowar floor It to unnaaaaaary to aay ha wa* art lon^lr. If n?t fatally injurad Ha wa? f< nt? j ad to tfca 11 Sj /lo?pltal An iNtm ?At Ct* o>liVJi on Th?r?dar ari-ainf Anna PaBitlton Ml In thi ?traat. *rar tha Jarkaon farry. and bnkahrraim bh* a?# taJun to tha City Iloapltal. r??iiM?iu Reacvr.?1 adWrtejr morning about o'rli rk a wild iter pa?ad ibraa*h tha ally from tha a I I r ' III ii. a king hi" aav d Harrlir "trwat. ab'ti' ha i.'rf.d upon tba pier ba>B(lti( to Mr. An- J d<r-ra. of llarkrn'ark who vaa th. n ataadlng aonr?r?ir.g with Mr. Corwln of J~r*ay ftllfi ralatlra to tha |>itr. whtah tola prngr?M of rrtiwlh) ' * whan. la a m i in-nt a* Mr t'otaia tmnril bli brM hr iaw tba ( iriiwl prorrading with faar'ul ?a?ad difwa 'ly toward! , Mr Andaraon who la a ? ry ag-il g> ntl~mat. At tha Inatant and witboai ?ont?nt a baaltatiaa or tSought, Mr (ftwi* irii?4 tb> aid gantlaman by tha ao?, ' and ' draw bin ti.rwaid. wh?rrhy tha hnraa of tb? an. "wai Ja?t rlaarad tba body fllahtly bruiting lb? akin a "id | knrakltg tha old gvntlamaa down Ton aiaah aradkA j r?B oin vr (i?? n mr. ?orwii ?or nn r??ri?F" nmnnfr Im ^ r??ra^c p?r??aa fn.m 4?n*-r a* b* k*> la ??? i r??#nrrt ill* ilTW M M?r prr<*M *k??t f>? *h*fW?- f hi* hu?ln*M h? t?f thai at a ?o*h-halM?r I Police Intelligence. Svtpiriovi .Iffcir? Tht Mytlny KrpiaineJ.?Teaterday morning w* gare an account of the arreat of Mr. (.'ballet ? K rugrr In coasequence Of auapicion reating eu liiis, aa to the wlureabouta ot William 1'etarman, abowaa fupporad to have been murdered, and bka money atolen. conaiatlag of a certificate nf depoait, uiade |?v>lile at tha Kullon 1 auk for $10 000. together with trveral hundred dollar*, known to have been on the perion ot Peterman at the time of hif disappearance. The publication, yesterday. in tb? Hrrtld. the facta ac they then appeared at the time of the arreat, brought a hoat of friends belonging to both part lea about the Chief 'a < Thee. Th-frienils of Kruger f< It contideut that he could not be guilty of any deception practised towarda bit friend; and the triead* ot the mii-aing man were equally aa anxioua to ascertain the truth and the whereabouts of Peterman Accordirgly, during yeaterdar, constable 8arkman and officer ltu d. aided by Mr. Hoeff. proprietor ol the hotel at Williamsburg!), where Peterman wai putting up, inad* a general search lor the missing man. and I'llelted the following tart*, which led to the suspicion. aud authorised the officer in making the arrestPeterman. it appear*, wan laboring under Rome fear of a prosecution, to come from a young woman, who threatened to a suit against him for a breach of promise of n.arriage. and in consequence thereof, wan. to use a remuion expression. " layieg low," and. therefor*, kept out of public view an much ax possible; but, during tbis perrery. Petermnn !> gan to drink conaiderably. and bU friend* removed biui from the public house, and placed him to board at the Tremout Temperance House in Uroadway. Now, It seems another friend of Peterman. who wan not aware of this secret understanding, believed, because ho could not find his whereabouts. that some person had used some foul meuns towards him. for the sake of his money, and when Kruger, who was known to be the intimate friend ot Peterman. denied any knowledge of his whereabouts, suspicion at once fall upon him as having acted in some way dishonestly. However, on the investigation y??tetday it was clearly iknwn that Mr. Kruger was acting the part of one of Peterman s best friend", as, on the officer making inquiry respecting Peterman. and cburging him with the murder, which Kruger, of course denied, but suffered himself to be arrested, in order to protect kls friend Peterman. believing that it was merely a trick of the officer rt questing him to produce Peterman; that, in fact it was Peterman the officer wanted to arrest, and that by arresting him, (Kruger) that he would become alarmed and forthwith convex the officer to the biding place of Peterman Under

this impression. Kruger said he would show the officer where Peterman was laying sick at Jtuahwlck.on Long Island, and for that purpose went over to Williamsburg on their way thither, but on arriving at the Hotel kept by Hoeff and HandSeld, Kruger informed some persons present, iu the German language, to notify Peterman. who was then in this city, at the Tremont House, that the officers were after him. and- to quit immediately. Therefore, in conformity with this information. Peterman left the Tremont House, and that night returned immediately back to his hotel in Williamsburg. where, during the day he was found by Constable Suckmaa. The fact was communicated to the Chief of Police, and Mr. K ruger was immediately liberated honorably from custody. Thus it will be seen that Mr. Kruger had been acting in good faith, and for the preservation of Peterman. instead of. as alleged by some persons, to have been acting against him. On the explanation of the whole matter, Mr. Peterman invited all his friends to jovial repast given at Mr Hoeff's Hotel, at Williamsburg. last evening, when the health and prosperity of the suppesed murdered man was drunk with all the honors. IHtchargtd Jrem Custody ?On (Sunday lMt. Charles Plcppitni. a young man of about 20 yearn af age. waa arrested and detained on suspicion or having bsen concerned. In acme way. In the stealing ot his father'* bonds and railroad scrip. amounting to (13.500. An examination we* had yesterday in tne matter, and m ne evidence appeared to implicate the ton in the lone ot tbe property. Justice Osborne dismissed the charge, and lib?rated young Charley Irom custody. Jtnavll. vith Intmt to Kill.?Two Datchmea, called Conrad Mercrlff and t'hillip Smidt. were arrested yesterday on a charge of violently assaulting John Ualfock. by Bring a pistol at him, loaded with powder and small shot, some ot which took effect in tbe complainant's face. The police ot the Seventeenth Ward took tbe accused persons before Just ice Simpson, who committed them to prison for trial. Chergr oj Faltr Prtttnrn.?Yesterday, a man by the name of James Pprink. was arrested on a warrant, and conveyed before Justice Lothrop. wherein he stood ehargtd with obtaining eight sovereigns. making $35. fn m an emigrant by the name ot John Cullan. by falsa and fraudulent representations. It appears by tbe affidavit made by Cullan before the magistrate, that James Shrinks keeps an intelligence office at No. 114 Nassau street, and Cullan called on him lor a situate n. and Shrink represented that for (10V ht could get him a go< d situation, by which he would receive (1 per day Therefore, in conformity with tbis representation, Cullan paid Sprink (36 on aceouut This payment occurred on the 27lb of last May. and since tbst time Cnllan has been calling on Sprlnk from tiay toda>, but asyet no situation has been procured for him aud he now believes that It is not in tbe power ot Bprink to procure any such situation and that the representations were false and done merely to obtain tha money. Justice Lothrop held Sprink to ball In the sum of (300. to answer the charge. ||( karfr ?/ St rating a H^utrk. ?A young man. of tha common thief order, calling himself Joseph Murray, wat detected in house No. hi Warren street, having ia bis possession a gold watch valued at (ho. which iha rogue bad stolen from one of the rooms bel'inclng to Mr Barnard. Tte roiao *u arrested by officer Bryant ot the Third waru. and conveyed before J??tiee Lothrop, who consigned Li a to the Tombs lor trial. The Wttkljr Herald. The H'ttkly lltrald will be published at nine 'clock tbU morninB. Its aontenta will embrace all the lm> portent, a* well aa Interesting,;newa ot the week. Bin|le copies sixpence. ColrmiH'i Rocky Mountain Ileavera an ill il>t iu>, and do ? ondi r, for he aella a haadaomer and I ntlfr llat for |.1 JO thaa other kattere (apply for (I or $i. 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Amldon, 301 Broadwajr, near Dnan* Mreet, I aa on hand a large aaaortmrat of g*aMem*a'* Itrah Ilea* it llat \ ui tnrpaiaed by an jr f?r braaty, Iightnea* or durability Alao. an exteaalv* a*aorimaat of gaatl*uiea'* aud thildrea'a Straw llata of ettr; variety. kellrr* a ltd Pvrrliaaera ot Heal Batata and Baaiare*, thould beartamiad that Mr. Hammer devote* hi* trrnnal atteauon to tli<- parcliaee aad sale of real estate aad ' nam'**. Hia faellitleii are great. aad 'he *aU*faetloa heglvee lo all who fav*r him with their kaaiae* *. lead* aa to reeom- 1 mend him with coaftdrace, aad advice tkoee whs wlah good price* and quirk aale*. to hav* their property er beaiaese recorded at hie ofnee. No. IV IT ouster strict. Game Shirts and Urawtra?Jaat reedv*d, a large aacortmeat of Gaate Heriae, SIlk. Cottoa aad Suak*r Shirt* aad Drawer*. *f a very superior quality. WARREN SAXON, til Broadway. 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Billionth tbr mill, ia rrnaoqarac* ' th? *np*rt< r atjrla of hi* MlM iaf itaaitr il?llilii(, >i4 kll rheap prir*a, baa baaa far aunt Brake |>aal. tramaadoa*. 4th of Jaljr..Iloota, Hhoea. and (lalten, eon l? fonnd I ha <heap?*i a< 41 I'i?filaa4> ilrMI. E<-U"raraer V>mi aa ill rail a* >o?4 boot* for ti.S? a* ?t ?r at?r?a * I i >ar $7 IV. Patent laathar koota, ahoaa. >aH galtrre njaalty law. Ii Caattlaatt (tract, uader tba Mar. I.ant'e Uutal.?The Dmtar Oar reader* woaltl aare thenaaelrea aarh tronl la, if laeteat of re Bala* eboat te*a ia nai'k of IU->ta Jhoaa. 0*4 tar a be. tie* mM c> lr?M ta Hi ??'i N?? Vatk B. 11 a Ml ?>h.? f n> |m r-n at. Ke. Ik* faltoa ttraat whore tba; will flax* iW lergeat art laat at?ak of |m4* la Ihlerl-y. Try Bi k'e.aat if j are ?ot amuJ ia at) la. luaiity. aad prire, it will ka ) ear o?a faalt Kdge'a Plreworha -The moat eitenalee, hrtlliaa I. anH aaaark teleret flreaorb* ia ikf I'aiiat Ala aa, raa te nhlaiBed, fierce aad email) a' aannfariwrara' priaa*. i IA Maidea or at the laboratory, Jenaey City. I a J. O BDfiB. Aafonlahlna liow Hrteea tor Kngllah Three Plj Bad IteBkle Iftraia I arfan K n a ?, floor (Ml i lotke, k> , I at tfca celebrated . heapoet <:era*t BmaMiehmaat ia tka I'ai. tad Mate*. No w R.aery-ll1 * A A S. Tkara I y?a ran ralaat from ih* Mat aaeortaeat at lav prieea. Hy all aiaaae rail eat aaa lham Carpeta.?W aa. Mrbrortf, IM William traai. ? haleiala dealer, offer* for aale 7Vi**i tarda of aarpetii ( aad oil elotha, at retail, aheap far eaah. w> adaia* inoaa la want < f rlah rarprta to viae him a rail. MM pieea* Ee?lieh 1 apaaatry < areata, aa* etylae, ja*t leaded. Ala*, a larya a*, aartmrat af Kega Krw Rlaroarerjr In I ha I>agaerreot)r|M Art. ?Or. ( THI't ha* laiaaiat aa l.laena Oelaania Half for pallalilag |>)atea. eat pravantla* thra " oaiaiaiac, ia errry tarialloa of alBoafaharr. Tin* hat (laaa a aaoaiur*. nee* lo flale* hrratofora mkanaa. ant enaVlaa the oporator to tabojtietnroa In leaa thaa half Mar artiaary ti?a of rutin*. TtA RhlMiN k MM Mtf have fatrrha*<Hl a ncht ia tbi* aa* tiarovrrt, and *111 pr aa tbe Hn^artaar* of it to all vba mar ataaaant fla* pn turra. at tbair rant, la tha lofaM baildiace, 3ft Br< at* ay. Vina A rta?Talbotypa-a and Dafaerr**Ijpee -The eaherrjkara haaiu parehaaat tbahatioaal Hlal Hart r.?1l?Tj, X" Inrnlti), (lata B Wkita'af ?? pr-par?4 la taka T*]W| ?p? Nmlit *f kll?4t?? u iW liK at llf< f*? Mality of li * ??? M< tk? fcaaatifal tk if I? ? |*i?ltm.|lltik<k|Hiut rr?l?rltjwitH??. D^-rinwiJpa* takes ta ?ka bmI a| pr?t?4 ntta Tit* nMM in itsswttKy* m'LTOK&fi rwsa:* WhM, Inailf*. Uqaan ni fcgart^ rfc* *h??paa? ?< Mai ?t Uqaara, at ??ar? 4*aartpu?a raa f f?*?fca?aa ? Ml H??*?oa Kiwi, mm at Halkarr/. TVa TO rtatar *.?< M?ip?Mu.a M. aa* aaa Mil llwMaM> --,u?a?-fc?4'Jss-Kak Fourth or July.?A every om wwiU hiMlii m* and (My (ftitrn or ilnei for our national holiday, wi km * of no plare where our frieada caa t* better auited than at Watkue' 114 F ultou etreet, a> there the; ran be eure to And really food articlee, at very low prieM. "A woril to the wiaf,' he. For Bole?A good established Feed and Craia braiaeaa. well attuated. For particular* inquire of Mr. ( 11AHI IS HARM M No. ?2, up (fair*. Pearl etreet. New Turk; or of Mr. HM. PAP*, No. 41 Jame* itrret, llr.klyn. Green Turtle.?Bayard (removed to No. 8 bWJj at'iTVii"" "" ' June 28, 1M0. General Pcott. A magnificent Duafrreo* t>|>? portrait of tbia diatinguiahed officer, taken for the Gallery of Illustrious Americana. may be mod at BKADY'S Daguerrcan Gallery, ft >6 and *17 Baoadway, corner of Fulton tract. 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Tba ?tock market *ti not to buoyant to-day, and tbe closing price* of yesterday were not sustained. At tbe first board ErU Income Bonds declined pet eeat; Farmers' Loan M i Erie Railroad ; Reading Railroad *i. V. S. 6> advanced >?' per eent; Reading Mortgage Bonds**; Erie Bonds, new, Harlem New Haven Railroad %. There wai considerable activity In all stocks, particularly Oovernment, Ohio #'s. Harlem, and Erie Railroad. Harlrm advanced from the opening, and Erie fell off from the opening. Tbe market Mr>a?<l Wfftk tiid thi> fnnrivR thnw imlirBf inna nfanntkMP collapse. The fact is, the spirit of speculation exists only to a very limited extent. and is confined to thoae who isakf Wall stieet eperatipn* a profeaaion Something mora than an ?asy meney market ia MMMTy to keep prices lor stocks poeseislng no intrinsic value. at the hiuh point* now ruling; and in tha absence ot that element of (peculation, tha street brokers have to fact- thing* aa they beat can. It haa thus tar bean up hill work; and although the adranca in prlcts haa apparently been great, very few faney stocks have changed hands, or rather have left tha poMeaainn of original holdera. at pricea anything like thoae now current. The receipt* at the offlca of tha Asaiitant IrtMmrtr of tbl* port, to- day, amounted to 04* 74, payment*, $1388 VM 06-balance. $2116.42? 84. The Ccmmereial Bank of Albany baa declared a semiannual dividend of five per cent. The Mercantile Mutual Insurance Company hare given notice that the certificate* of profits issued for the year 1148, with the accruing interest. will be paid on and after the 8th of July, at which time all iateraat thereon will cease. Three hundreu thousand dollar* of tha bond* of tha Worceater Railroad Compaay were sold at auction la Doaton. yeiterday, at tha following price* $10,000 at 0 per cent advance; (2,000 at 4 do do.; *5 000 at SIf do. do.; $10,000 at do do ; $10,000 at S do. do ; $18,000 at 1*4 do do.; 24.V000 at J* do. do-Total. $900 000. The *ale waa well attended, and the bidding quit* spirited. Tha bonda are payable In 1800, with 6 per cent Interest, se mi annually, coupon* attached They are convertible Into stock at the option of the holder*. The Seventh Ward Bank has declared a semi annual dividend of four and a half per cent, payable the lat day al July. The TYarsUer give* the annexed table of dividend*, to be paid In Bnaton In July:? PitiDism filial r. in Boarow, Jt'LV, 1860. Railroad SIimAi. Capitali Dir. .Imontr w???? rn nauroaa t imum ? aoouou Mtrhturg 8 3#) 000 4 132.800 ?od I.owrll l h.iU UUO 4 7 ? jrK) Hi fti'ii'I'd I'rot KWare 3.180 000 70 000 Motion M*m>' 4.140 000 I 124 JK) |l<?lon iti< Wurttilw , 4 HW i*M) 3 136 000 Taunton branch Xtoooo 4 10000 H(W8.ld and Kor(h Adam*. . 4f?o.0?0 S 13 f*?) Horrbotrr and Milton 130 0?0 8 8.UOO Ha?irrn M????fhu.?tl?. .... . 2 M0 ooo 4 114000 latlrtiNrt IUnp<kir?.,., 4M 400 4 19.700 I'crtland k I'nfUBoitk. 1 100 000 8 Mooo Manrbntrr nl Ltvrincf... 400 0(0 8 lkooo l'armw^le 1.200 000 3 300M Total fOM 800 Kallr?d B*ndi Rnlloid >39000 Frovtdrnr* 8 000 Cbohit* 1*920 Vermont Central 27.000 Trrmciil (ml MawKhmitti >0 000 Michigan Central 2* ooo Old Colony 8 220 Dorrbrf trr and Milton. ................. 4 000 Albany (VrMni Railroad) 30.000 >191.140 U*nnf?. hiring Slack* Chlrkr p?? 700 000 9 >14000 Cabit 400.000 8 16000 Nachu* 1.000(1110 10 000 480??0 > 14 400 Man<bcM?r. . 1,'iuO 000 4 4* ooo Lanrnrtcr ?J0 000 4 84 000 Clinton MONO 7* 80 ooo I>?tght 7oo ooo 4 28 ooo Middlr??i 1 UOO.OOO > 80 000 A|?|>lrton 400.000 8 14.000 Hamilton l.aot.ouo 8 38 OHO t???ll on 1 900?h? . >20 Mono (- i eb. ro on 2,000 " 28 41000 >389.400 Otty of B?.ton ah. at >40 (XO ' Norwich " 8.000 rilltOMiti-f ' 900.000 HvfilkiMIt " 12.400 Do l??u?d tor WrOtrn Railroad M 31 >74 |M|74 MNn. Franklin In?uranec Co .... i.Vnimn in airinnn Uri mi n " MJO <110 1? Ht OHO A nirrlcan " .*10 01)0 10 1W.OOK Biwtoa Kirhanffr " XX> (*>0 8^ 11 Tift " tail PandwiibOlaaaCc 300.000 3 BOOO ' tiio.m HnnyiluUhnn Railroad Ptock* MM .*>0 BnrnU *. 191 140 Manufacturing Plotk* MMM | Hrrlpt 3*.-; .171 tundilaa . , 110.7* ujntjHo It will bt acen by thl* itlUnnt that tha ilrldfiidi of tl manufacturing enwipanlea eanipara favorably with tboae of the rallr"?d eompanlaa. and If wa May Julp by tha per trit dtrMand Irrltrn). there la wy little foundation for tha ?iwkli| aid complaint* of dla reaa and ruin The Nf*OTlM*<fla? Light Company hara dorlarwd dla|?asd of ire p*r cant payable at tha Parmara' and Hiaktaln' Hank, to tka atorkhnldara la Philadelphia. on and aftar the 1 at af July nail Tka wirard I,If* Inaaraata Iniatty aid Traat 0n? pany af Philadelphia, hara daalared a dlrtdawd tf lira# par rant oa Iba caplUI atnask. ilaar af tka Wall las par a hla nai and altar tka 1 at of July aaaalnf. Tka Mtrbanlaa Bank, of rhUadalpbtak. glraa anMaa 0| aa aahllrUiua In traded Im U taada U> tha l,agta*?tara f % . " ?? at it* silt mwlon, fur authority to lut>?N the eapl^ tal itoek two huni'rfd thousand dollar*, by restoring a part of the rapital. which vai reduocd by an Mt of April 8. 1M3 The feeond annaal report of the Leuiarlll* aaii' Frankfort Railroad Company, giTM an Me< unt of the operation! of, ud an the road, for the year ending Jane 3. 1850. Since the preilou report, the ekty of Louisville bu subscribed for 4.000 additional sharp*, for which thu bonds ol th? city, payable is eight annual paymrnti ef (2ft 000 each han bocn given, the first payable January, 1865, bearing six per eent interest. These bonde vera sold for $173.731106, and purchased 3,500 tons of iron to oomplete the road to >' rankfort. The w hole amount of stoek subscribed by the aity of Louisville, is 14 000 share*, at $60 each,?$700,000. Individuals have subscribed fotfl.018 shales,?$10,900,? making the wnole amount ol stoek $760,000. The city of Louisville has transferred to different individuals 6.618 shares of stock, leaving to the credit of the eity 8,382?fhares. $419,100. There has been reeeived from the eity ol Louisville, on account of stock first subset ibed, $330,160 27; and far the sale of the bonds, $173,726 66; and from individuals, $22,111 36-making ' the total sum of $626 988,18? leaving due tor stock subscription. $224,911.82, (less the discount made on thaeity bonds sold, $26.273 44,) which sum will be collect- ' ed, or the greater part, during the next twelve months The last estimate for the completion of the road was $926,000, leaving $200 373 44?whieh sum it is expected will be raised by the sal* of th* bond* ol th* eonpany. The road ha* been in operation from Louisville to La Orange, since Jauuary last, and the receipt* for freight and paatengers have increased from $1,157 30, receivi-d in March, to $2,203 reeeived in May. The gross receipts for the first five months of 1860, amounted to $6,781 68; expenses, $2 331 $0; net earnings, $3,449 68 beside* hauling out of iron and Umber lor the uae of the road. Whtn Frankfort ia reached, and the connection formed with tha Lexington and Fmnkfort road, a* fixed by th* charter* of both eompanle*, there is no doubt in the mind of tha engineer that a net dividend of 10X per eent an tha Mat of the roaft will be realiaed. The annexed statement exhibit* the net revenue of the province of Canada, for the year 184$; also, a= straet of the expenditure during the same period, anathe state of tha Consolidated Revenue Fund (embracing various Items authorised under the uet of tha management of the public debt), on the 31?l January, 1M0 Fixim icior Canada?Rc>??n? and Iunditi ii-IIM. Espcditurr. Public Account ?4.570 Arrearage*, (services of former years) 129 .'WO Seigniory Laumn 4.064 Outstanding bond T.786 Civil li*t schedule A, (old acaount) 12.016 Balance carried down M.-TO ?218 433 Interest on public debt 180.126 Amount > schedule A 33.A04 Do. do 1) 36.081 Permanent charges provided by Legislative enactments in Canada Kast 5,387 Permanent charges provided by Le(l*latl*? enactments in Canada West 11.292 Permanent do., do . Province of Canada O7.l0t . Charges underestimate* of 1840 117.WS Balance at credit of the consolidated fund... 121.709 ?701,310 Rtrtnut. Py balance at credit of consolidated fond, 81st January. 1849 ?5.965 Public works, act 14. Vie. . 300.000 Vcpaid warrants.^. 228 Contingent account 10ft Civil list schedule B. (old account) 12,333 ?218 643 Balance brought down 69 276? Net custom* 412,9W Po. Kicise 21 1SI T)o Territorial d.'ifl* Light houw, or tonnage doty, Canada Wert... 1.000 ItaDk import* 10 761S' ' Revenue from public work* 42.616 Militia flora, lie Vine' and forf? ltur<>*. including *eiture* 1.316 Carual revenue 14.171* ?791 34U Balance brought down ?121.79$ The it* m? included under the head ot arrun^ni ara pen*ioa*, expenee* ot road*, bridge*. to., hoapital and other charter* balance of grant* to *ohool*, grant* to Meclaniet' Inctituta. repair to Monkland*, ?1.0*4 balance of mlaria*. lie . penitentiary commiMlon*, ?1 IiM 6a . balance* of administration of jaatlae on ae ronnf ti aoaaaiOB eekoola. ?34.164, Ac.. Ac. Tbe charge under the head of intercut on pnblkdebt I* made up by tba following tsu, via Dank of England. for interest. ?73.442; Olynn, Mill*. Halifax k Co , do.. ?117.086; Having. Ilroa. It Co., ?29 671; Hcwa^act fe Co, ?62; Receiver General, intercut on debenturea, , ?i;6 968; D I>avtd?on intarert Cbambly Canal loam, 1 ?1.060; Win Ftlder. ?72; engraving debenture* ?919; C. K. Andcreon. expenne* to Nov York, ?26; cmlry bank*. ?609; premium on bill* of exchange, ?1.297'? total. ?180.126. Tba next amount undar the head *ehedal? H, lamade up of item* provided for In tba civil liat. for tba year ending Decern bar 31 at. H4t. the noct Important of which ara r? IIla Excellency'* aalary. ?7.777; Judga* Canada Weft ?6 870, do . do. Eaat, ?10,M9; pension to ( Judgea. ?2.007; *?larlc* and allowancaa for aontingen da* of the Attorney and Solicitor General*, ?3 760, Court of Vice-Admiralty, ?472; oircnit allowance*, W..I ..J Vfl 1ST. u a.? cl< rk. crown land department. ?900?total. ?33.004. Thr amount unlar *<-hedula B, eoapoaad of tba frlOvTrrnor'a t?>-erat*ry and hi* ofBea. ?1.R31; Protlnrlal 8? rrrtarj'i oflc*. ?a*tern aartlan. ?9,937; do. do . tMUrn do . ?l,floS; R?(lit?'a oflea, ?1 0M RrtfliirOiHrtl'iolllei, ?1.901; Iii^tor Untril'i offlaa. ?H,k*l; aiarntlva council, ?2 *47, dtpartaist of pnblle wnrka. ?1.M7; emigrant agent. ?S90; pen. *lon? ?6 022, Indian annultl**. ?fl ft.'<6. eontlnjeneia:. of public nfleer* ?0 061 ? total. ?36 Ml. Rlock Richanm. Wr?? C fi ft. isvs uo 2f>*kiln*RR MO M (TO da IM7 lis* ? 4a V>\ m* 4a 1.1 N?? llftG an 4a klO 7SV ?44> V n>'*.A3r?a K'lS M 4* all* 7%V W" JM'iJW 11?.?s? 2ft do IN 7\\ H?0 Ohio a'*, 1W0 1IU 25 4* 7SV inn.l?o 4a IC7S ?f? IIS 104 4o alO 7'<^ io.cio 4* ?>o iis mi 4? am W? III Rea'a, IM7 M>, ?? 4a au 7S\ MW. PraaVa -r* I* 2ft Wahaak RR ? ??' R* II 114. H'li |S da ?V ??4? 4a l'70 7J\ M da ktS *2*. WTO Re?4 IWU IW 7 V? >' 4o ??2 *00 Erie r? IT" >10 l? s IK' IIirlaai R R K'V 1?M> Kn? laraaio ?a* Ml 4a ao !?<*> 4o an no *l<i *r% In? da WW ?l? M 4o Ml 0O*t>? Del* Hn4( aaC*IM ?M do V I"' *?r li Hut III 4a HO On 111", till l.a?jt I*laa4 H'. ? Rank af tan M> IS Nar k If or 41V HofarTraat M ? H 4? 41? ira da l\i HON Tark k V llaTan l?r<* SO 4* ?a?k .* '? Sn R?a4la| RR a**, K0 Rorrir ( Mai I.'1, .'<) do M't V Rrir RR 'pa 7' '? M 4e **0 ?'? 100 da ka? n>? Rm*D hoard. |7W rK.,'Mwnr *1I7K JS .h. Erie RR k?l 7t><* inn ib* Tar Tnul ?f0 ? W >? Hiiia k Karl IIS |nn 4a R* l(*> Raa4ta( RR 44 V IDI 4a ?'? * < aa 4? OH 44 100 4a M0 .* ?, |tN 4a *10 44 J"0 4* I<?1 4a 44V in Kru RR r \ sn Harlem RR *10 ?>*Z tft 4a ape 74 ? R-hawk RR W?) RflJ ADVKRTISKIHI NTS KKNKWRD KVKIT IAT. i ? dHUi C1HO mwaru.-UNT, ON TH* IIST IWST. IN ? I " ?" ? all Rack U H?n"f a r?at, a . all i ia t~?at ?>??h. '"atalaiai t?* ?fty dollar k lla ?? I Haul N*v \ ork. la <i liar ? *? C"r Pai.k I li'a "m? tai i ilar a>.ia, MarKaaira aa4 Maanfa ' ttirara' Rank. .Naa'?<-ka'. a?4 aV. ai taaaty dcllaa* ia > r bnli k r>f fW4f?>N. * k?t? * ill ratara th? ? ?>. a I M >.T|VI\? ft Ca . Mri I'aarlatraat will raaatfa(kf il??? r* ??H can RkWAKU - LOIT. ON TVESDAT IVBWINO, ? " Jaaa 0ik, *>n.awhara la tha Hiiwh;, Hnnl amall j ! ala. "Ota. lad to < "'art Iadlat4aata. fr< ta tha at"f? af I a T Stawart ft ' 1 > ?t?Ta ra.ard will Wa p*i4 f..r tha ruri'Tf a' IM aa?-? ? j appliia, at A. T. Ml* MM ft Cii.'R. Brna4wa? ta4 Baada at. C 111 *pi1 AIIOt'T IIX MONTH* II.Nt R. ? I" a jallaw V??h Tartar RHah. with fall dark ?ra. a???-r.d il* raa' 'f " Jaaar' T"h* ad**rli?aT hja r??"'-a I" liiak .1 i. ia 'Va aai(l,?.<rhnod <if Pria"i' a. Na? Jtmj. Tl r a?'< I < r? aar4 III la pai4 for kfr ratnra t? II BOniNMIft. Jr., SJ Wall ?<r?a?. *aw Torfc._ ell|n?Aiin. ion on wiDn^ntv morn I V |f>(, ilia /h h ??.? , a Maafc a*4 tan T*rr">r t>"? Had e?i ? hi a 1? at a pr?a Uathar rallat Tha iadar. hjr rataraia* him laW Dmi Rn-adaay, ahall natlttthttk firawtri. II \ R v RT rOI'NO. Tiikkb iM'i.i arr brwaro-wim nr pair towli aaar a illdxlitar. at i h? a?IW af tha Aaaiataat rraa I Iff, fact-at I1. na?, a ltia**la'. that <11 '"at Watw**n Tmktilll AltfltlA r a tha avaaia* af Tu-alaj, tha 1Mb Lo-i-a i,ai t o KirixiKo nw. ro*TAi*i*n a. k U'r kair at>4 on U?a kirk of the p<*. <k? ?ai?a "J T M ? >*? to ha** kaaa whll? |>uxa? tfcr. ack *t>rtai, or nmu. ar ?aay k??a >?* *flp?4 1* a and Thir4 >m? atf- Th? flrot aill U ptinMj r?ir4?4 by laa?ia? 1| at Ha. ;? L?>?? or l.l? *. T? RSTT DOM-AM reward ?ia la |ai?fnr h? ftaarary af Ik* My nt HAA<' HITf10 N, I?rf?? ? t? la>a *?. waa4 ?klla aa4aav<na? la (a* a?k. tt fr. Ik lh* I'naKi^i Avail**. allfk ?u karnaA J-Wf TV.i a* ? K. ril??h? r??t frank r?ar. Ha vaaaNaal A faat t I l?k a j*ara af af?, ?ara A Hfki mn*4 i waaH fmak ?-> ?. Aark laaail aaalaUo?a. m4 laitatt ?. H wark*4 Ik* akt?i Wlik ra- .ilk na IM la k?a paaaawa kil'* aaA ry a |>M f-r J*ka ? Waeaa A a44ra*.<-H m IT I > I I A ? 1 TTOn, ??r? "t <.? na?<tn? k Co., Hi. I A<.ntA Will A<a M>?| *r ?m?T * i ri>??\n ff. ? 1T?.l atnai. -til W paarta.U. a?ia?4a4 ?: %?T lafi?Ma? iteakfuUj raaa<?*4. w< IWlHll

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