Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 2, 1850, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 2, 1850 Page 1
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I / ? ?? ? ?. T H1 \ r ' NO. 6867. DOUBLE 8HBET. I TKLKtKAl'HIT IKTKLLIGEXCC. muss DATS LATHE | J FROM EUROPE, j* ARRIVAL i lh , CO or THS I 0U , STEAMSHIP EUROPA. J; TELEGRAPHIC OVSK THE i? U ISoTa Scotin, New llrnnsvrirk, sad lain* Lines, TO PORTLAND, ?d im AND THK.NOl OVKt BAIN'S HfcKCIIlNTS' LIIB | r> TO NEW YORK. *' TBS MARSST8, itc . dec.. SCO. ] ilo The Kuropa wn telegraphed at 4 o'clock. end ar- , 1' ' rt vrd at 6 o'clock P. M. She left Liverpool at II ' ra o'clock on tb? 22J J uue T TW? Kuropa ban about 82 pef?enger?, and tailed for J Jiew York with fair wind, at 7 o'clock. The Avla arrived at Liverpool, at 7 o'clock on Saturday morning ' 1 Fifty peraona are known to have beon lovt in the re* Liverpool and Olaegow ntenmer Orient but no Ameri- tw< can name* appear in tb* li*t .Mr and Mra Scott, of ph| Montreal, were ameDg the loat. Gr-at blame ie at- ^h< lathed to the captain and mate ol the ateamer. i p In the lion** of Common*, ou Thursday. Lord John ? Jtuaaeli made a very brilliant. apeeoh in defence of the , j ' minietry. relative to the Greek queatlon and treated j the vote ol cenaurv on the part of the Lord, with the j in oft indignant contempt. | i It la settled, that *o long aa the minietry retain aa tioi they now do, the confidence ol the uomiueu* they will ; td zvtain their place*. I j There n?w appear* to he Ie?* probability than ever j,c of a ijeedj adjustment of the dilHcultiea between prl Lord Palmervton aed Gen. La ilittv. i ljlu An attempt we* raid to have been made, oa Thursday, j|, to aevaeainate the Freaideut of Kraace, but no particu- j pr, lare have been allowed to tran-pire, lio The weather, during the p?*t week ha* been very "" favorable for Agricultural purpuees, ?ad the growing ea, crop* promise well. s . ?? ^U( Cora Hi e rrlal Affair*. of COTD.t. f," tio I.tvaaroei-Corio* Mivekt. June 21. I860 nij During all the prevent week the market ha* bevn mi< quiet, and rhtber dull The Kuropa arrive.! wu Sun- j orj day, with report* of the erupt, in ne way varying m, from tbaee previously received The season i* | in late, the growth gen-rally checked and preju* diced by uuprcpttiou* weather, fud tha amount Of injuriea caueed by iuundatiue* I* very great. ! tie But thia intelligence ??* accompanied by eouie D" decline in prices in all the shipping port*, caused tu. l>y an ins-raring dl-p'>*lt|un to all, or to ahtp, > to Furop# Infiuenetd Ly tbeee advice*, hller* have tiered comm u rather freely, and the demand has I been limited The total eale* td tba wank have not ct exceeded k* 6<4 bale*. To day the market ta r?iher "* more grnrral. and about i.noO bale* were sold at ? a - - ou aproulation ?r<l I?t eipori Of A tun delcriptioae, tb? market now afford* good ehoioe. f('( The lower ar.d middling quallilr* ara quite aa bit " low aa laat wt?k, aud they ara freely offered. U" in fair nod good qualitli-a th?ra I* no change. ' Tba aalta of cotton on Krtdey were iW? bale*. Prl- nn ?<4 are Arm. but uneh.iegt d The a?l-? for tho week bit amounted to R.M.0 balaa, of wbtcb ?p?oul*t"re took j|'(' \b >ut i 000 balaa. , ?, rritn?Tt rrs i th Flour waa AtiU at preTiou* rwlrc. ' no Cora la dull, and qu tad at 2?* 81 for new yelliw. di; and for wkita. : or ntnyimnwe. 1 tb< Th? better qualitlaa ?r b?*? a ara In mora request *" Lard continues in good d 'utatii from tba trade and |># ijM<ulat4rt.aiU< Hi inallotliar artMtaa fary llmltrd biieiaeae ?ai doing at previous price*. jj, COPPKR. market an rathit Inaatlr Hat"? f >* I flrdl- I aary flue middling Jamaica h? o-aa made at hirer- J"t? pool. at tlx a 8Ae p. At l.nndoo. on Thursday, good ordinary native fat Ceylon brought 41*. a 42a ftt'OAIl. i ro, Ybrra ?w a good d-uiand for fxrign at prarloul or i ** At Lend*, tba public ?ai?a oa Tburaday waul off ^ * b^rlly at laat week'a price*. MI9CKI.UA NEJI.-S. tl?rra? aold at 19* 94 trimta ?Turbantlu* ?m In aadarata drtnand j At Aa M A 5*. 9J Tar?Koanlua L'aia.a.m rorln ??a Im tfood 4*tn?od At 2a 94 a i? 101 tr-r cat. T?i i.?w ? Th? uiarkrt *? dull an.l unobai?4?d Toaac a ? < %!(? oil ??0 hbda bar* bi-ai m?da Prleaa P' %r<- uarhauffad but flrn Aihm Th-r? ha? b?-a a 11 ml tad Jan and at M? 94. I A 27a for paarla. aad 27* a 27* 1-1 ft* Montreal p >l< laaa - Baclrb Pig W l?#a flriu TU- aorka a arinca tul a dUpaaitlan ta ratura to Ui-lr Ij^ri at Ika ra- **' Jurrd aa|na On - Llnaaad 2M M a?< A m nrai Lard Ma. ' Pr Aarriaat ?hala AM 10? a A'll la par tin. Tha man'j markrt eoutlanaa *aij Ou Tknrtdap, r*1 tkaniaaal aarkat wa? Ira Ibr1.a4 .jal t ha day at If |* adraar*. rioting at pa a P4S " PHdt? 'onnli 1 ap*ard flat -tkara batnj a fonaral laailad atpraaaad * ' afalaat Ika daalalaa a' Ika irraak <|naar|oa arp B1 Hull baatarat I at adS a 41 fur aaiMUDt br Tba quotation* ?f Aun rlrau alack* ara uararird, ri- ' rapt foe U. a UK ?i. IMk a KiH. Na? Tark ttaU 1 a. K'W PT; Ok lb al W . M a P7. u\ Tha freight m*ri at ta? ba*n atailonarp. bit alik a . downward taadwy. 1# particular for Haw Tarh. D*a4 aright marina** ?ar? ?r*eea. Ia paaaanprri tiara ta an aitnratlaa Ai mania lm? tbr nun afar t art a4 dl?trl*l* nan- < < liana ?atir<?"t?rr T?*.p ratlaaa ara gr-irralljr ??ll Ta ployH; rivltlnn* am ..'.rap and w?i?* t?if M> At Hatia.Jaaa II I La rottoo market ru dull Tha aalra ol U>a wa>k warn aV.ut 1 01(0 balaa Prior# vara pn (irktnH lr Tb* f? ma.arr!*! mi!>uu:> by tha o??r1ai?'l K*?t lad a *i.l North Air tIcio niili la th***rlf $1 ?art <4 wv k art eouMfM. on th* *btl? *1 I HlUfMtr; hwtKtif Hblpplng liil>lli^rnr?. Otnw, Ut, )i ? ? M", M ?..r* I. J urn* 1. Mppljr, N Tl ?r Miavwiaw fan* I*- Arr B<?ihri I ill irr, i?i?? I"?*M I **tal ?. v I ik Oi.vra 1?M Aitairtl f-'l-f ' Turk. * ' ( J*** i??Arr In II ) *. > fork. (IIOHWI), Jill A- -U I'riia! ". II itoi. ( M ???. J'i*? M Arr R'n* I! t. . !? thi < i li a. t im 15? aid B.iImi. n V rl. 2? mi I ailin, Jil> 15? * rr faawf * WT-?rh. i UitiniL.iaM ll-.irr II p?, Mi, Piimatiti, Nl rl; I ? ?. < T''" I r t . m . lr m H?:ao, wm? to v>ai la a* tin *nr r? ' *?' *?' i>. id llM, J II UllMn*. I'bl !*.. i ub ? " Li"a>'? Ni> SI? Irr v..? ti, >?.n Jna* I; Tti**?*ra 4a. , Baaaau.i ?*. jar, a I#? Arr Jmny v rtaa, NTv.a, MtA, . A' rfraa III,-, Rna-aa W. J.?- Mil *# rk at Tmiiii mi K?iii Jmi Ul- li li', lalrk, NTwL at lagmiPtvi, Juki JR?-id t? ?a 't.# ?a, (at N T??k. nr*?? taming In ?*w Tarll, I'mii 4i? rmi, July 1,1*M Th* Tinman* Hnaa ?uh Oi'ila >a?d. and th* th *?elli?af1t Fng'nr^ Finaijlian'a Wra?a Hand, laara fri bar* to Burrow r rmna. m > ? fork ,, Another ffh?otlti|< trrapi. ^ a * liLTiacai, id; t, IIM. Tb?? Clinton. (It* ?at* th* ahlp 4r*aila. hai vilt W<l toN?w Orlia i jail for ahautiaf aad |aa|M?ail; a??t4i i| a mat p*u>-d O A ail. 3 NE" THXKT*-KIR*T (ONttlUEM, riUT mmmom T MMUfK'B MAaWKTIO T1LHUIV. Wa?mii??t*w, July 1, 1M# IR?r the transaction of th* morulag business. th* netn took up THI OMKiaVt BILL. Mr. C<*>ran resumed and concluded hU remarks In | pport of tbe bill After answering the objection* to { e various proposition* of the btll In detail, and at a , mbioetion. he concluded by declaring hi* object In pporltug the bill, to be the reatltullon of peaoe and | rmony, and consequent bapptneM and prosperity of e entire country. Mr Biwano obtained the floor, but yielded to Mr. >hxm, who addreeeed the Senate In a regular old 1 hloncd anti-slevery speech; without concluding. be j ve say to postpone tbe further consideration of the < bject until to-inorrow Mr Tl-lii submitted a resolution providing for the journment on the first of Auguet?which lie* over. iohmsTioh ruoM tmb I'Sxsiohjit RKLATira to haw mkxioo. A message was received Irom the President of the ilted Slate*? lu reply to Mr. Poole's resolution of qutiy relative to proceedings in New Mexico, trsuiitt ing rople* of order* appulutlug Col. Mouroe Cleil J Military Governor of New Mexico-staling thel the other correspondence on the suhjast h?u been i >t< for* transmuted aud that no oflloial iuiom*11 ol Col Monroe'* pioclsmstlon hae tw?u received. mtasage Wit* laid on the table aud ordered printed. Hull IMUIiunul wentkd. Mr Cue submitted a rerolutiou ceiling for lnforman tu relation to tbe recent >e*rch ol aa American 'en on thi high oca* by a lirltisb public vessel. L La Senate thru adjourned lloniv of KtprtMiiUUrci. SV MWXIUI'B MAONRHC Tlfi.KWKAI'H. WiM moron, July 1, 1U0. THK CiUWII CLAIM. "ha question pending *ti on klr Preston King's ! olutlon of Saturday, to postpone until to morrow > weeks the ooneideration of the report of the Ual- j in clakn. to aa to go into Committee ol the Whele on i State of the Cnion on the California bill, in motion ef Mr. Bsvlv. the resolution wet amendby poetpoalng till to-morrow. 'hie waa carried by a role of 10A yeae, to 7S nay* Jr. Don moved to lay thereeolutltn oa the table hit wa? drolded in the negative- yeai, -1 nay*. 1?7 'he Uouee then refused to postpone the eonsidsran of the report on the Calphlu oUiui, auJ prosaedto discuss it. lr Bibt caused the resolution of the rarjnnty te , read. affirming that the claim waa uajutt?that the neipal wae paid in complianoe with lawe, but it the interest was contrary to law and p'eeudent naid that, fn hit oolnion. the Select Cora unit ee ha J ; perly discharged lha duty eontided to thain by the uee. Ilia confidence in the uourluslons arrived at I colli) Died by subsequent researches aui red e- ' n. He pledged himself to tho country to euataio ry material ground assumed in the report. lr. Tuohm proceeded U> aliow, u it only that theoonrt of Mr. Ciawford ?aa right, but that the ut'er-st the claim wn* allowed iu puratiasce of law and 'cedent. Iu conclusion, he submitted a resolun a. an amendment to thaea of the Select Comttee, declaring that no evidence had baea -ubtt>d by Ibe aommiitae which impugn lha pereoaal ofllclal conduct of the Secretary of War dr Cuei.aa took ?tr-ng grouuda against the pay- i nt of the interest of the nam Secretary Vt'aiarr. I paying the priuoipal ought not only to have b-en ' peach* d. but ivuoved fi oiu ofltce. berauaa the claim * in vi'dattcn of justice, lie agreed that the oourl of Messrs. Crawford, Mer?dllh. aad the Attorney ueral. was unjustifiable and daiigeroiia There waa authnri'y tor connecting the President with line Iter, f->r his eharaoter waa a shield against corglen and diakchaaty. Jr lliiwti remarked that Mr Taombe had indulged tooth ng euphonious aouuds. when he a lude-i to argum.nts t the genii* uian from South Carolina dr Li at (deia ) of Aouih Carolina, roan t<? a p nit i order and v lpreased tlie hope that >lr Hruok* wji.U , t Indulge In p? rsanaliitea. an<l Introduce his nauie | II r Baooae said he wa* spualugof the marked alienee In tba tone aid temper of Mr Tnouiba. and a about to remark that when the gentb'inau ad- . rawed the other d- it waa intones who li a**otb* d ? tar. But when he spi ke of the g-ullettien im Ohio, an J tha gentleman from New York Brooke, it was Iu lha r**ugh rigid tone* of r grlsley bear Mr Brooks eould always speak de#nlily and in a manner which b**came a rn-mhsr of sllmae lie then st> again-! the tialphin nam d-aol bat the S*er*tary sboulJ not hava rendered j msslf liable to such suspicion of wroug daiojr but [ culd have been like <'a>.*r's wife lie belie vl that >ui the I'triaaapuslil; to the Pacific Mr Crawtord s d< noune* d Ail that whits emu I do w?s to ragret e occurrence Thay ara an noueet party a id sbmid t 1m limit*.I bv it kit iii i t laid th?t tba llnsw wrra now ph^lvj Id etiorion * to abrih. r lk? I t l'i>ii|r'u J<id? riy i% wrong. in r???'t>K tho bill to Dlluw tho p%jrui?ut o* alalia No rUtm cvor pino-nti-d airain>t thi-K"ion lit w?? tifr w nibrcpri^vfiUil fi? t d j on will por *rtlrlr? rh?rp|inft a> >ro llalphin rot Ni p lb* giut Ionian from Olno had lulrouunod x lutl u i? tui(Uiro (hitktr tlio .Hoi-rotarj ol lb* nay bud nut robb' d th? Trroiiiry ' l> r . w i ki 7 to. ('Ii ni ) it Ohio I w. uld ??k tha gooiiu ' whrthoi i** harga In hit rmoliulott lion not kh prot ii on tbli floor * I Vlr Hoi , (.. blf) ni Kj - I ran only ?*f this wan thn ^ u.iron I <n which tho pond* man n frlonil* pi or. d on ! tfeot I ho trooourr *? robbod 'or attti* n-w-pato ?ay.'*mnro tialpblo mbborlaa " II* thon orpnod ,10 rnr nl tbo lo-ni b< tog juot, and that th? ru'iulrji ??? mil In pay it llr o-brd tho gmtl'tum of tho otb? la wbitbrr tho/ billa* d thara wa? fraud or rruptinn In tlio opinl ,a ot I bo Attorni'T Oruaral the P. rre'ary of the 1 rfiiurj Mr ooataodod em tlcally deelderily tbat the rlalm *? Ju?t Without eonrludtng Nr B (?? w?y lor motlai to journ. which prevailed Ktwi f?nm (he Capital. Ol B VKt'lAL TMBSK-tPHIC COK**S>rO!?t>B"TB. Wtttiivuvon, July I, l*M rh*> el earner Ylien nIH from tb* Navy Yard thir irnlng with ibtfttcki for lb* eqttadron off Cub* war fitted oat lu prvat barta, workmen hvtog em ) "1 upon her night and ! ; Icnae B Bl'.Ia ? ? ronflrmtd by the Senate, Warden tba Dtetriet Penitentiary. rb? riunx which the ftonthecn whig* held on ft* r>l*y evening, w** a fall urn. and tbay bar* adjourned Saturday earring ant. rboOalpbla |o?ln?e? la na 1?r way It will, la all bbahlllty, bang >t for erretal day*, rbe Umalhti# bill drag* haary. Ctaytoa and th? Mart are 1 thing far a aar panic <> at to divert bile attention frnai their Oalpbtnhm with alibar ela ?r Portugal [No doubt of || In Herald I I be frleade of tbe aaai'Mloa t t t'allrnrnla are holding tirtu meeting la tbe llcat* of Kepreteatatl*a* to |M. I he weather I* ?gr*~'llag y warm the tharmO"ia<ar lag at M * new pan al treaty with Prnaela will be rent I '* Senate. la a day or two for ratification ledge Pharke bae eiia'oncrf bimeelf In fnvtu of eg. olng tbe Mlneoarl CompiOmlee line to the Paelftn ! be Heeretary of the T-?a?nry dlemlaaed tbrae elerb* in tbat departmeet to-day Pwbllo A|*nt from Taibey. ftaLTineaa. July 1, IBM rV JeitUigeitw annoa neae tbat a publla age at fram irkey. rant by tbe Porta, at tb* Insane* of Nr irtb. will ahoetly arrive h? r* to laepaal oar aaey, , d report oa oar retoar- a* poarr an.l laduetry Thm rtela Jaalra* #f taropawus. and taollaad latarabiy j eerde nr It it offtelally aeaaaaead that In ?h# ?*v*ral i eart.ment depnrll.irla*, reb.eot t* draft, there u ',111,41#. The I'all ?f Table Uoak. Hvrrtie July 1,1MB The deepateb ?ent row on Bntnrday, at to the fall ( iblt Roek. I# eoaflipud About forty fWea tf It are oe bat ao IIvet wer? |na? The tli peeeont la lh? rrleg- hade very narrow earapn by Jataplag ant. a* # MirriAtfB Bihtoff Prof. V tlwli'i-i halm *t A*. Baaro* Jnly 1. IMA Thrra i"?ina ta ha do doubt Ikal W?li?l?t la tbonl uiaha i<-nn brraat of II rtlatlra to tba di*alh of Or. I ulna a. At a t a?tln# of tba Pi folk Madirai Aaaoa.auoa a lat aaar of Aalatla ahalara ?aa r?port?<t la t ha?l?a rrat lb a ma a i.f tamparafa liahlta who dl*d In nut III tear# attar balny attached lataiaallag fraa llaaaaa Afra*. ItoaToa. July I, 1AM L?M?ta from Bnanaa Ayraa. J a tad Apr] lb. atata t Br ?? would not traat with tha Fr?ii-h Mial'tar r tha yirpr ao af adjaatlng tha d<f!l?'iltiaa hatwaao a two ration* Tba raaaon for thta rafnaal ?aa ?aid ta > tha far-. that tha mlal*tar waa hart-4 ay by *o rya a aarnj and military f< roa < "trt wf Ayycbia. At a??t. Jnly 1. ltd Nab 100 and M anhmlttad Ba WtrpiM W YO MORNING EDITION?Tl The Industrial CgngrMi, Last evening lbs Industrial Congress inst at Grand rtrwt Hall The attendance was from M to M members. Mr Bsaa, In Introducing a now preamble Instead o' that proposed on the last night af mealing said he hoped there would be an end to the unpleasant scenes that occurred on former evenings, and that the/ would now proceed to business. Tbs following Is the document -? " The delegates appointed bp the several organisations o! mechanise and lalxirers of the clip ol Mew York, for the purpose ?f forming a Central Industrial Council, b?lDg deeply sensible of the privations aud sufferings imposed uu the laboring classes, by the hostility of the relatione which now exist between capital and labor, and of the constant lend-noy of these relations to Increase the evils complained of do hertby form ourselves into a permanent orgauiietioa, for the purpose of devisiug means to recoocde the interests of labor and capital to secure to the lab >rer the full product of his toil, and to promote union harmony. and brotherly feeling among ail the workmen of whatever occupation and to u*e ell available mam to promote tb, Ir moral, intellectual, ami social elsea. . . ., ...I m the saolueel ..V It-., nhuela as .!.?> ...... ? tb? following Constitution " The icregoing war adapted Inatead of the preamble proposed *od adopted at the former ni". ling Mr Bnrr then Introduced th? following preamble and resolution*:?Whereas the House ot Hepraneutativi'H ol the Congieaa ot thu Luiied Slat. a. iu tUeir official rapacity an reprcaentativm of the people have pasted an act to grant laud from th? public domain to Ml who have ever been engaged iu the bu.?ii>en) of tightlug. whereas the itiroci tesdeuoy ot aueh bounty will be the paasage of thu laud Irom the eoutroi ot the pet pie into the bands ot the aoulleea apoc ?latota in thu production of Industry. a* well *? Ilia laud and Other raw material of production therefore Keeolved. That in thu opinion of thl? Oongreaa the public domain of this nattou la the c.tuuion inherit aure of the whole people aud that any attempt M grant portloua thereof to oum i-iaai of cit teua to thu nciuMuo ol the 01 hera. we r- gard ?h an aul of plunder friui tic laanj for (be MmM ol the few | Krmlied, Jhat our Keuatota Iu Congraa* be re- , quested to ameiid the Mil granting bouu?y land*, ao aa to make the neople a laitdt frie to be ocuupied by all i who aiay wirh to make a bouie thareou. The foregoing raeolutii t> and preamble were adopted. ! and a copy ordered to be ??ut to the froaideut of the , United Mate*. aud to the member* of Cougieaa from (bis Ml ale Cpen the Ihlrd artlcl" of the conatltutlon coming , tip. it was moved to rti iko out the word benevolent,'' ai d eontlti'- lu' iuberfbi, to actual mechanics, or ineinbera of tradea bodiva. Iu the coarae of the diacusslon. Mr. Par laid ha wanted to ree the word 'benevolent" atrunk out of I every constitution of the work'og elaaaoa. aui tha | wora 'juetloe" placed In it a stuatl Mr Hmith *ald If that wi re done the r>Ongr?*a would j be deprived ol many valuable oieialiera iierepra- | nti d a benevolent society. who were about to gat up ; a co operative society. Mr. I'om> ?aid ha belonged to aeeeral benevolent ocletiea. but he did not like the id>a of any aeniety being represented here but one uf mechanic* IN proporea a eub?tltuta. toth.telf>ct that each hody of ! uerbaalca have the right t? wend three delegate* la ' ti at convention Tbe readn k of the Brat article wee then called fir, ; wLi d it appear* d that it ordained that the member* ot | the I ongire* abould conciat < f delegate* tro.u "India*- | trial booie* or association* of men,'' who subscribe to , tbe priuciplee laid down Mr Launatil aaid it wa* not a man witb a pen In bin bar.d or a man riding iu a otrnafe wh . did not know what labor waa. eepecially iu these bet ilavs ttiat tbey wanted in that ee-eaibiy (Cbeera) Mo, there ?a? bo man cu tbe taue of llod'a earth wh<> understood the ri|ibi? and grievance* of tha workiiirfiuau but the man who worked It they admitted d< |. g?|.-a , (Tim benevolent anateliea. the Krwmaaoo* UdJ V?l- i l.._. M..?. /.I T.r., ........ ? lit .1 .1... i I . r ?,v^ I tie*. no ball In th* city would contain bait the d?la- i naif* (I liitri) Mr Duior Iron tha Labort r'? SocWty. h?ra read, lib ^rtiiMiKtul ha t hair, a iuanii?*lo aJoplad by ! th* ?i? Irty fi< m ahu ll lie cam*. M: M < i.omti. I'rrndi-ni f lb* Bricklayer'* and I Flm'tr'i Acociatlon. nl.brd to know, tor bin own In lionatior and th* liiloiniai Inn of 01 bar d*lrgat**. what ! ii.?,in- Ion ?m apofl whlah tb*y war# called to am a hi: Liiitt rh*lrn<Kn ol lb* committee. tb. n road th* article, at lb* iaetanr*of i b* ohatriuao, from whtab II t| |>i arril thai all Inuuxlri tl *?n?btkiM whether | U gndnit or protective, rbould mid delegate# Mr. Mctltbiaat. M bat J* wa tnechaaio* want with Win roll Lt wrlrtin hi r? * 1 ba )?a* and nay* w?ra lb-: lakm by th* c ailing of I lb* r. 11. Mr flrnwrw. in glring M* rot* ??td h? app?ar*d In : tn.trad of tb* three delegate* fr on tbr talloi* Mr l.'o*an ii'? SIcClo?*m.?Do yoit rota for three? .Mr lltmua ?tluly tor una. Mr Mii'i o?*r ?I tbongbt yon wer# ao l>lg you might ai.t* for tbrr* On railing tba name Jimn Cumming*. two aniwrrnt, < 0e rotltig ay* ali i tb* otbrr Mo. amhlrt roar* (f laughter The t hai * in wa* punl- d whh-'i ??f Ih-ut to ?d' |>t a* thr* rai only 011a Jauiea Cumn.ioge on tbr ^ II Tb* adoption of lb* artirl* wa* declared to ba carrl< "i br Mi to ao Sir ilaiia thru morrd tbat tha Congra** do now MjHfa I k: r C. JfrOtiniti uiorrd a rccon*ld*ration of th? j la*t tnta A 1*1 KliTt?You rotrd In tb* minority and tbaralore ran not more a rot* of r? consideration Mr MtCii?itT-A member who rotrd In tb* raajoiity i* rra<ly tomakr that motion. I i tikUt* Tbr motloa for nljouromrnt ootnc* flrat In oruer Mr McCi ci?a*-Th*n. I more that wa adjourn, tin* i d.t k 1h? I'mnnn* tin n put tb* motion, whan Mr Barr, ! r who maili' iho motion ?*id br hoped It would l>* rotrd down *? it ?h? mad* inadvertently. nod would !? | in < fleet to adjoui ii ?in* dir tbr r*ry thing that that gentleman want*, (pntutlug emphatically to Air Mo (.Iwi' t.) II* mu*i not ratcb o* Mr llrl'iMUl-I *111 b* ptrparud fur you "a a fa* i Ure tiighl. 1 Air l.?* *- A ad w? will b* prepared for yon Thr qui?tr>n wa* lh?n taken upon tli* adjourn? -ot | it* I at hi Mill then iuo.cJ that thr*** n Ijooro till week Air Mint mnred a* an am*ndni*nt. that tbry n># 0m ri d a Ilk lb* fouitb article ol th* c oaatltulfun 1 tie >o>> I ilw Ot ?a- adopt* d Tic f< 'iitb ?rucl* an* then rend whan Mr U> a< on* propo**d aa an auirndio-n', that in*t*ad ft *a< h o* legate p*)'ig >1 * * ti body -honli b* land by tb* roiigr*.* a* I'. n.rr??iH*? i*jalr*d. ||* aa* autlrely rppuw d to creating a fdud in tbl* body 1 f.? aimndmetl wa* accepted, and th* fmrth artlrla an* adopted ; and *11'h* other attic**, till lb* concluding on*, wubout d*b-it* To tbr uonclndiiig artiel*, declaring tbat th* tit *t!itrt"ti niulf not b* anrmlMl *kl-*< d* drlagat-* pi I x. d a rh?i.?' an iu>> adiorot wa# ai ..?ad lij Mr III thll vlir l??iKlrir(t ll'.Ul?.oilr?ur|ir4 thai II majority praanat of glif l*o di |i taliuna ' iun-lilulal I' lk> ?>aullW? aot id anc* pt of iba ai."ration fl > Mtlili- >u tMl.f >mrd II originally ato v| A d?irgati thru Diurl, that tbr aonalU jllou ha |n? tito|A> J m It >u?ili Mr Janta I i MMinut turn moml for a ra ronal lara. II'a of tlx third artlcU ?t th? ooa-tiia.iou 1 ba r gait man did uu . appaar to h"ar tha mutlou and ana pMerriiiag tiiotii'" bur-iaraa, a In u Mr Miunail aald b? thvugbt Iba i'halr did not nam to b< ar tha motion ??r ra moidarotlna aa ha paid ooatt. oil' a to It. Tba I'aaaiuaat raid h? -li#wat h?ar It Mr. Km??ti tlgn ht to Mr t'uMuiiug'a dnrlt| for r? cotialdr ration a* ha bad rotad 1a tlx ralrorllp. and iii- rbalr dirldad tba t?.l|?l wan out of "Mar Mr. C l(<'wain aadii aaraiai atiam,>U t? ap-ak, hot rouid tot obtain n bearing ham iba |'i*a i*nt. ? b? darMrd ha nna oat ad Ordar At langib h? >n<aia adthaloor. aad proamd-il ta add ra*a lb- 0" igr-ao jl raid, tbla ! my flr-l a, paarema hara an 1 tnaur af y m o.ny tblob I hara appear "I ??r; abrupt But I ram* bat# hwatr* 1 ?< oaraad th ,t >bia Con gr-aa (It mtght ba rallrd a toarratixa but tbal ! | aiattara ant) - I rau.a hara ba. auaa It aa" rung la j D>y rara that Una tody ? ra baa bogging lb# | fti-rbanlra af N?t York H'bn tha roll ?? raad I nirrtnnipht, I brard h- nam- nf Oaairl II Taylor trad a# a dal-gata Ir-m Iba lab"f~r? It baa I aba ar I did hr t*rr rattf a boo * ah?t right ha. h-. to r-pr*. ar nt tba labtrrrt of S"? Yorb ? it not right ht'a Miatt hima Btaiax ar* alt* an tba hat to rapra**at Ih* working nan? fr nam n< king m a to rapcaaut *?orhlag mm. and not m>-n alto rapraaant political in'orxoa aad *t.I ia l urn tbla t'vngr* ao ta taatr nun normat M n |i?trn|nn tail ih< -ma*drra lo hara ubu do not ra. pyrin! a tip IkkIj at not. Pn.iin- Nam* Mr M.Ci">*att- Yaa. I will ntwa If naaaaaarp I am not a'mid to do to. Piiiiimi- bo. lit tlo i a ba no paraonaJltiaa Mr. Mit'i oaaar- I'oniiral *rh.ui"?a ?nu damagornaa bo*r fiiiit.d tl air at) into th'B i. iiigr*i? Tb?y want ta inaka capital on. or It an l to < ap into plana ail pnarr. bp making tk? hrrhtoia m-lr f-mntoola it.l.Mra I W bat aa* tba pat hi?*otp of uaaaguiam la k*? ti'ik * Tbia man and that gni into i!ougr*aa II tha ?b luldrra tl klia thing mail tf hat old I hi p do l-if ba aln n thry got tb*ri ' Til. f warr tba graat*ot dinagngt ra that err Intd (Onat rbcrtlng ) To ?|)irt i.ur fdji t, no do not want ai-mb-n oi bono?ai? n< *i cioii*0 tt a aant^ no taWnharr. n r oraIM , ( n# knna what a, nani aid It rr^elrrt at .Icquinra <a ripraaa It #a *ul aa dixior* nr ia try art, or maa af that kind Mr hopa Iky bill ba?r u? nlih a good g m tor lb- If onn raka. ti-r it Ik y dn i'"l *a aTiall b undar tha o.lalul | ntcraailp of pnitbig'h?ia out (l-aoghar aad <-br-r* I I I ?ai h"? ah i "it t" marloda hut h-fiir* I all do on, I III anrn thl-1 nngtaai, that a? It tr at praaaUt I t in. .t KM 11 l I n i bagiB right i It mt o da imf.ira i ba rninmoalty a? ahumloia ??'l I a.a *nrrp to aoy Mo hat* f n*o ta a point of orilar tfa liara lia fated lai g *dK '>b ta tba gmtWmao d'ontnrlng tbla I i.r*m?" aa a barn bog if a la out af->r<lar tbaro la aa mut'oa bafora Cot grrat A Dai lain- Ha aid not droannra Ibid oograaa, but aAa *d *bat ha kmrt vtkrn -v about It RK 11 IESDAY, JULY 2, I860. Dei.eoira-I move that *? adjouia. Petei pint?The motion in not in order while dele gate U apeak lag Dtui.m- l<>' be a motionf Mr MuOloibkt? Yea. I'lnmxiT-Hutr It. Mr M< Ci caacv? I move that thin AiMmMf adjoarn vine 4*, and that a body of mechanioa be elected lu Ita toad. PaceiDBwr?That motion U not In ordar, aulelda baiugalwaya ill* gal Mr. YYvlvh ra md that the benevolent aorietiev b? toludrd, a? the introdurtlon of thrm had vaulted

Biurb trouble A Dei.toti e?There arc religion* aoetetle* r*pre*entad here, divinea and rcalnalaatioa of * ry kind and It la high I Inn- for the working man to ijuil it I, for ona, will not pay any Hubecrlpinui Mr Waiih ultimately withdrew hla motion, owing ta the lat'tiec* of the hour Mr Winn* remarked that a motion of hla relative to each trade lummbir.g information about Ita own condition and grievance** had not been reported on by the committee to whom It wan referred. Mr aw chairman of the committee, eald they had not arrived at any decidon upon It, though they had it under ooniidiration A Patuin Huggaeted that in future the inaetingi adjourn when t? la 11 o'clock. Mr. l.owa euggeated that the neit night aliould he devoted to a practical dlacuaalon of the right* and grletwoce* of the working men 1 he tiougreea thou adjourned, at twelve o'clock, till Tueaday we* k [On leaving the room ?averal of the leading member* complimented the reporter of the Hriald for the full, ft-ii and impartial manner in which the report* of the Congre"* had been publiahed In the llnmU ami added that It vi* the only paper that had puhliahed whit actually took place ] Theatrical aiirt Muvlral. RdWiav TiiEiTaa.?Thia theatre will be re-opened on to morrow evening, with a eptendld bill and powerful tatk i.HOinwav THrnBE.-The bill to be presented tbla v* ulng at the Broadway Theatre, will be filled with lliartion Thetourhing and pit belle drama of the hent Day." with an exuell-nt oant. will be played, toc* tber with the comody ol the ' Soldier'* Daughter." al'Klam A uguata will appear In the beautiful ballet of Nathalie." auported by fllguor Jterl and Slgnora Oiocea ud other promiuent character*. Such a bill eaunol hil to draw a good b >u?? Niaio'a Thvitek The beautiful operatlo entermvnt ol the "lalauil of Jewel*." will he repeat-d thia evening It ba* already proved very popular, nn i the ma|. mhcenee wl'h w nirli u l* put upou the etage cannot but eriaure fur 1 a ?urr?*?ful run Tha ?tag? ef. f>ct* are tnnet (i >r, and the piece i* put upou the etege in a elyle thvl tio?1< wji h g- Keral applauee The te voi ita c* m> dltt* if M bera liters* a Will, Ibara'a a Way' will cloee '; ? epl.-i taluiuent o*tio**i. i in* t x f inn iwrorno piura or imuw m- ot la ttlll crowded A atrong bill ofattra* thru la off* red for thi* ereuing. con I .Mug of the farce of " P> " pillj I n nl <1 I*. M the drum* nf Mum la China, or. Liie among the Voo K"";" the ' Foreign frluaa " arid An Al*rail<)| dacrltioe"?four *t?rltut ptaoa* It D'uj be well to remark that thl? la the laat ?"l of Mr (.liantrau whoae acting in tha character of M"<o hat Dirt with rurh grurral approbatian Tha pioooa ara well cart and a mint tail to draw a good hou.<te Bl't Ton'* TxaaTan ?The p?i firmancm at thl? theatre Uila trming ara tor th? bane It of Mr C W Clark*, and lire plrc?r IO b? preaantrd ara ruth a? rhnuld till tbahoura TL? ' Bn-rchri Folitieiau Kaiat ileart t-arar Won Fa.r l.ady," ' T ?.r Life'* In Danger." and ihr' Hlfllid Kakr ' rompr * th* pb-ea* to ba perf t tm d Mr Clark will app< a - in two of bi* principal character*. and b'l popularity rbnull ln-U'a bun a pood hnuao Tba atrenglh ot tba cuinpauy la caal la IM play* f'Maiarf'a Oaraa llo'-aa?Thla lam1 d old hand of urlurtr* l* ar* gathering frnih laurel? arary day; and i k* ir rroaded audlcuc. ? giru ample evldenc* ot tbair nir err a. Amuicid Mrattrai.?Thla place ia b?coming more popular rrrry da? Th* drama of tl a Drunkard' la repeated fl'tt evening with great amino**. Oi.TMno ?Tba negro min.treWy at tbia plac* Jr?e? rrowdid bouraa nightly. Th* prrlormaucra are aery ljrta ratling. t'a 11 * Oaar rw ?Tba nimmar frtra at thladalightfnl plarr, ara juat tba thing for thia tultry weotaar They rhouid b? area to be appreciated fnart ot (ianaral Mreelnna. Iirtore th* liieenli and Aid. ruiru Vlr-iao* and Anillh Jwir I.?The July tarui ol thu (ieaaloua coniiueuoed to day Tht Ca're.tfor Tba following car** will rlaim rh* att? Dtinn ot tbr I'.-urt during tha pre*. nt trrui t ijrbrm 1. Attempt to e?uiuiti a rap- I. Rohbrr* t for. g.ry 8; burglary 4, Kuihaaalauicnt 8. liranl lareany 11 Kel-r prrian- *? Rkpo.lng obacewo pr uli ' In all i!V Indict* d JH llarturdy 3; A'baudon:n*ut 4 M>kiog.u Total, old and uaw 114 '/in l..ur;g Jury Only eiglil of the panel f grand Jur. r* an.w. ring to thrir liaise*. the graud linjuoat wan not f( fluid Tt ml vn CAergr ?/ V e ping an h\f*nl w ttml C'cnarwf nf bar #*?ra? it? An Italian, nam- I Couitla Donnari-r aia. eaa called lit J dead h in-dl aealnet a ba'g# ot abdoctlag an In aul. named Anna boaira Oorra-i, twelve year* of age trou* trr tal ber'a h m?e and uiarijlng her, without i btkinmg tha coat rut of her part nta Tha affidavit of the Rat. Jarimiah Cuuuulng* waa read by enkwal 1 tin art t->rih that the d?ponmt (t UU Hdli(>; married the d feu-lanl to too* Loul-a i ortao on thr 6r h t-f Aped laai at hi* |Ur Cumoiinga') raatdrae* In TWeilly nn?n>h trcti John Cotraa. bet-g tworn t*-tlfl*d at follow*; ? Am a l.ouiaa Horra U uiy daughter, et* - waa horn oa it.a 31-4 of May. 1 *.17, the d tend to< earn* to u*y hour** r* tcial tiiuer pre Tool* to IheOiuuf April, Idol nil Ilk* the b* ura at nl-icb ba vl.itrd aod 1 told In n ha murl not tieil in* Imu.e, II ha wanted to aea lue h* could find m? at my J lac* of buelnaee, on thr m -rnnig of tbr lith of a pi 11? my daiighlnr want tu At Pater a t'himh to eatrehl-iu aud I -a* no m ire of liar until the loll ol Apnl. when I found In : nl. Sin 80 beouard at.i.l nl tin ro< ma ol tl r lltiooar- lirnin I roM es* mined On 'bx JMlh ?f t|/r I. a boy oall'd en in*, o<l .tati-o i h*t if I a?m.d f daughter I ?wuM liiid Ui nl No h! I.?i M J or i { ? ul liters and fiuuu Alius LouUt aod look b-i ii lu? Mr ,ltuj. ill or toy wifa read a lelLer In lus "U lb* Hill of April In Inr-li ?? written that ll\.; vara hi irrind aid had ( no to Baltimore. a nil If I *ou|l | irl<m th*m lh?y ? llld ?' *!' b.i I t,u.?iu.u I; Mr. Moll Coiinn.1 f..r br-m-a. Do you kin * a In r- ?n?r a .to la ?~wly? I ilk; i ha ;re?tHon Mr loi rla'wl that b? da u a Ii pnitr thai Ml Allnall', t?l< r refoifed to. t'* <-ln*r ai *! of It e pibsrauli. ti aga nat B r tissual ?p. r.i*,aod lk? thia niu? Ailiitln bad control >f tlio yu* lady and bar it'iher. aid that ha bad iniruli 1 >uk|Maii? Hum r arhuiK hlia. r.-rrao I'll am laaiimd ? I *aa at I'tn iara 11. a a rouoie on lb lrtia>aK*r ah.ri ha Introduce! I > ma a w.'inan I In l.r rail.d bla aifa Mr Moll op? nod tb. i r lha a ( udaat, ako, ho fi ll married lha girl lu giant ailh. a pp a thai *ba a. old. r lliOn .ha I* now .-ai . to i? Vlbeebt DflftrOftl aa< ru I kloa tfv i'otu; ( t h ru bsrr In Hrnadaa. with a g ahoia h" aald nraa h:? daughter, I a-ked Ul in h ol<> ? ?.a, *od ha old about 14 y. ara nl t|? Tbla ?i a ??i * uimihj a' Ufiaraitulnid ? I mat lham naar tha I nk, I tlk-d ik. fkrs ut the yunng lady, but did nut > **?> bar trraa I l a rur to atlll la f'?? lha Covrt 1'ba SltaiMslilp Helens *l-?ora>t. ink iia li'7 ?? aor, I Nia Vuat. Jal; 1 IhMI ( T- ioi Riutsu ar tmo N V. Miasm.: b. ii bia:? Ik a oi.uld h. g lu roiraet an elltrrlal roonk a your pa|>a>r of > ba .km b ?l J una is nea ;oo HI a tbat Ika alaab'r llal. Ua flman la ?f tha earns III a aa Iba alaamar Irt'lab (,ur.n. tho lot bo P analog ua anturrlioa ahaleeer villi iba lall-r ?a?.?| uf "?iii r? Iba llalnua th bio being tha lira 01 a ua a Una ha'.aa. a llaauhu/g and tbi? port out uOied "f Robert M ri?a>aa Ma<| of aald ail* burhr alia .ailed fiiai llau.Muk no tha Uklh nt Hay ana |i?al on lha ktb of J una ao.r? aba put lu io fuaaijvavif 'lao.aga la bar uiaahloary Your oh I enrols Mi H d 11? r b JtltrfHRt. I'nntigf.. a nt lli-l. i.a n v.iaa Tub Crba.k Aaraib ar flaw i ?It io lib cotiniiieraMe inortitlL limit thai ar a" rum|a lied !' infirm our r.arl.ra, Ihul Ihn ilaorlvpncriiia wa ptnmtaed iu moke, rsUUOe |u tha C I'U? I'li' li rd cerium high fiiiictiimnriaa of our g.a?. iuiii" ni with th* l?i> Ouhau H|iril|iHNii luff brrn |?i?l|?'?'d, ??lt of Or fmruc* to lllk urftl aoliOlaltone of Mm.. g"ut|. iu. ii, *|)iih u ttiiiia * af.ould Iva rofn,? to fea- m Hie atl.ur. lha Ol'ilUi, hfWeeaf, la of Mich a iMtlirt thkl it i? oam lo HI I r Dipt iv mcnl it, ami all ibe fact* wul ?wir out in due luno Wp yield wnn great reluctance to lha ronanfaratiuBa wh eta haoe hern pr. re* d U)aiu u?, hill wlm-h had uot hres auRgei-iad hafora, ah'i o. |>r.iuu-ail Uiii|kw f uta, whirl) liata rlrekh; i.ld allied ?unuidaiulila pdhtimiy, r. lalika IP Iho aid and roll fort ? gianded lo the (Juhio 1.*|wrliti? n hf high idlulinU, who are now tnodl tealou* in worn ruling ilii pinna * ho filled in an eoiripiiee, 01 aboli ilif Mid ofTiutMla fondly hn(uJ tn UMihi t 'hr llvtti. The following i>Avrm, w ho arrived her? on Fri?i?y fiom Hey 'A r?i, .1.(1 who wrte in theli>? tattle ?t ( ardetii.e, ap, eared lulure the U M Ihetiii't Court )latrM<), in 4li?rgr n| titr IT. 1 M ?fil?l lot th? JhaMMl lit M 'tula, 4ini were de|i?e|ed over ? the M?relial line, vi? i A Ij'iiaiit (i'li-Tal A CoUlBlet, I.mhi I ill J 1* I'm-kett an t Majiif I In nm? Hn? h'ue, of i|#e Kentucky Regiment ; I.lent. 0 Hell, i f Hie laiititi mi Kegoit'al, who loal an Htlii lit the htitle ?f jiiieiiH V|?? i ; ami Oi,W. l.? ?i?. ii toionntler of ihe ate imer A,'lJudge Kiel ileh nhartred that be dt<l hot dea'fe to opy ihe )i iu>K g* mien'li he d-manding extravagant l-ell, e?i?i tally ki they were at ranger a iu the coy. He Would, tbrirloti, only reniitre limn to gtv? aei urtty tu the en to ol f l.tMW The clera of the court an m lit to the roern ot tail (I'Htn, Id take hi* Sou it in it like enm, he being confixed to hta bed. At'fiot'n, f?, J figtir ami J I*. f)'.Hnlli?a? Wo gn?r tin it ecoguiuui-UB.?/Vnr tdiau /Mi*, Aurtl [ E I! A tll| Intelligence. I>kmtuuctk>N IIT piu*nr AN oil, PACT'HT?lows OP ?U> (MM)? van v scut imk hpbcTacljl Yesterday. About half.past one O'clock the post Office bell rang AD Alarm or tiro for the hfth district, mud tba flu turn of New York hastened down Pulton street, and the other street* leading to the K?st Klver It was oon ascertained from tbr rolum- of bWck stnok? th ?t Ascended ibat the bte aw ou the Hroukl) u *14.. of ihs river, and It wa- thought to lie in the rUimn ot tba At lanllr Book* Tb? r -rflxgratinu. however. waa foua l to be, not at the Alia.' lie Books but user tb?m. In the ellehrive oil factor) ol llobiii-, Lanntn & Co , of New Y ork. on tl>r usrihwest aide of Degra* Plana and quite eltwo to the itv*r 'I ke tlra took plana under the folio* inir ctrcumstauoe* At half part one o'olnnk. while the * orkxni u an ro engaged In tliu factor), and some of the proprietor a were ou the apot. a cry ot bru waa heard from the end of the factor) uext the rlrer, and in medial* I) the daun * l>urd forth, mid the dark >m >a? which arcouipai led them *o bulled eveiybody that the cause ot in* tire could oat bu traced, though It haa b-en mid that it originatod In one of the men throw inn fbe retrains ol a cigar into a ran of cainphlue ? k very eierilon waa u-aue to arreat the progress ot th? flain*a and to save the property Tbe llrat an impossible to be aroompltahad owing to t*te building luting frame and tbe coinhu?tihle nat ure at itie contents; and the latter w a* only practicable to a rery liiuited intent The men rolled out the barrel a of oil %e rapidly a* they could, but from Ilia maimer lu which the II imo prraeed upon tl.ein they were only peri ia ly successful One of the brat thing* aarrd waa a h"r *. whiob was taken out blitidiold. with aome difllculty J^everal compnnli a of the Brooklyn firemen were In Attendance in about a i|uarter of an hour aftar the aim in was given and otic or two New York companies wore caily on the| spot. The New Turk Amnion did not alt?nd in any considerable cumbers owing t-i the shabby tuaum-r they had been dealt with At tliu lorries, upon going to former Urea in Brooklyn. The progress cf the coiiflaprmiou was vory rapid and though the firemen labored luaufully their atrrama aaeuiad hut a mockery win n hi ought to bear against the lu ijosMo pillars of tire that rear- d thalr head* and bade dodniicn to tl.n antagonistic el*nieiit N?-v*r perhaps was there a tin re sublime picture than the in en.ody dark eurgj| p billows of smoke which rose, one upou auolbor. like Mark filters, to the height slid proportions of a at untmn An Irish laborer, looking ut it frmu th? Ni v York ride, could tint h dp exclaim ug to a colli | anion. " II II an' OKU*, U not liial grand aoenary !" By the lmBi?-n*e quantity af oil, rosiu and p I ib in the establishment, the gorgeous claud* of uli ke were continually fed and overhung the river lu terrible grandeur The sight attracted thousand vol spectators lbs wlrol was southwest at the b- crinntnir sad tbe 1 g ut. it i?nr? ?pr? *ut*i tallied thai tun pilua of lnoibi* a t iji th* i1?t r tor a quarter of a mii? would tak* lira; hut In about half an hour tflrr tli< ffaeJmiixiiMil. th wind h.Oed round to, ai.d then north and i:j"? prvfiiiUd lh* turlbitr aiteuaioa of lb? Situ"*, fu* lot tuunt< ijr tbta (ariory ?a? built oil va>*aut lata. And w?* rniiH<|U>n>lT laolated YhI when th* wind rloi K d lowai (1- |)evrt?w plaott auch ?u tn? Oral at ttoi atudowa of th' It nan at a dl-(aui'? of IfrO >ard?, thai It wn> alntoal In (Krrabl*. To* ?i|{hl braim> a tm |l iii I. lo 1 he hl|{lift degre* of pitbliuilty. an I wi< worihy th* pencil of ih? lira'. of llTlug or dead artist" ll parr a Mrikir>t{ of on* of th- tii*>iltha of Taitarua ainittiig ? roue of pitchy I molt*. * th ml flume curling up from it* k>?. n CIik cutra-l >u to y litem d by tan anialler voiuuiea of *111011*, on* qu'l* wblt*. and I br other blua To Illustrate 1 h* aying that flier* 1? hut 'on* ?t?p f ut th* aubilui* to tb* ridicu!ou?." wblla tli* ap?etktori ?? adiwiting tha ap>cli?rl? on tht watd aid*. >0 .udJfi ly did th* wind hiit around thtt th- y wi rr ail *n**lop*d aud blinded Iii th* thick blank atiok* tn an lti?f*nt and tuina on the ontai Ji ran ?< f411 ua tln-y could* thoa* who w*r* aught in ' tL* iiini'i circle irirr*lj ku*w which way to run ll war a uioat laughable acme yet un?e<i with a da?h of u lam holy. lor a poor woman. flu .11 op th* am ke r< limit <1*. r her ran away, with two children iiu 1 t-ark thinking ah* *? about to be buruc J up In , her lhaiifae (* > dell** Waa til* tiuuU. thtt In* I il.lalmaiiia of Itigraw ^laca bad to oloae thnlr | wibdowa and famine. could acaraely at." oth?r | in tbrir hi uaaa fnortly af?er a thunder atorin | ram* on wiib a ab< wer, and then thi>r? tm ano 1 ih. r ?e*?p*rtr>a a??y CUlmarely th- wi?d. altar (rt'ajr nwttd fit* compa-a. aetlled at th* point fr itn abltllll klrw llllat Alnui 4 o cloek t ha entire factory wo < !<! ywt. lhou(|i iiu- rharrrd timber* an ) otinr rotuhuaillilt uiatt>r eoutinu?d to liiirn till an a ; *a bead hour of the night At Miua?t a bla<k aroh of, Mm k*, rwl*K 'roni fii?? llr*. panutd th? rntir* i ity of | |tr>* kiwi anil a lor g dlatanco b*youd it, praa*ntin< a tt ry mritui tpia aruttr* 1 ha hiwka w*r? Ion unaltOy rared Tit* following I j the amount of til* daina<<< ? Huildmya and mm in nary 11 k i"?1 Stock Total |3U imO I I niuitiit* ... U MM) l.t ?? to rwt*ri. . fjo .'*? 1 1 | 1 hi factory had tw# l?a nh otni ya knd c??er*d tw^lt* !? ot ground It wa?33UI<*> in Iflifth as4 it* area j ?aa .' 0 M 0 fi't t Th* auiount ot iturh iirad ft >iu til* 1 tare, k la ti n trillion 111.lee.I Th.. aauie eatabli.h .tent |?n? I i.rind < igbtcm iiiuiitln a<'?, la aliuut J-?( alinf il IT' < i II V? In n lb* llrnnklyn iirtni-n ?>r? nliout to Iutk, tt i half |>*rt llii- n'rlnrk. k li((Ut b?l wr"n Nor 2 lid 7, ftliirb InrWd tor a r >n?ilrrabn- tiUi?. and ?f- , | fi i ?l< d ??lux tport lu I In- npo<;lat<>t? Till ViiTim ibr brat ricrudrd liT tar 1 j lb*! ?f any pri-?lmm day. itini j.. r?ptr?iIon f-ll lik* ! lan In uj iii?i j aim did mil > I thi- prnni >?l? )i?tl w 1 *i ry nrmlf 1 Ikrikuuioler ??? up to Hi. Vim At . W?mi oVIork iinriltt a flr? ' rcrlirr* il in lb** rt ir ' ?V\ lirt^i nth *t nn ft> J titi?u\-hi>1 nab tiw't g d?ma*? I' ??? nonupliMl by i r?.lnr< d prtiplv. A< uii > ?i *i l>? wn ?n P.a'ly y 'arlay mnrnlnc * ynnnf man In lb> i iri' ' Jnhn M ?rtln. naniinpmil I with friil nth' r mat to th? t "it nf Nur'h M ir? itiu t(n l,iiihi'. iii?' whllr ?rimr w?r? lift lr?-?-lnr M /- t tin. wt?? ??? ?tlll ! ! < riim uudrr tha 11>tlu a<- of < |tqo? r tri'in thr r'.f?l"ii? nlnll'n npr-? iunp-d ln>-> the rl??r In kind ?f bra* win tn?nnrr, with hi? r|?th*? I'D r?d ?:n full f ? flr?t little "of ??oii b?x*a to | flout idrr Mint rink ?int licfnri" bit fmpm i itm riqll ritritilr Mm b* l#f?it? hi tar nTafttfl'-d with thft ? nt? r that oil tha MrtM I?t >ad-a?"r? In I!l? ??r nt no mill fk? Mir**?r ?m illr'l to hoi I 1 n lin)ii?>t on t*r txvlT ?'"l a ??rdlrt wan road-rat , rrnrillrffly Tb dirfwfil ?uU;riiriul ?4? <nl t aatlftft nt brw T irk Aiiiumim 0?ii?m<? ? At Killn'tvllln. B at?? t"Imrt, on Snr'n? * yona* man ?# <! ?l>nit ai jun i Humid Wltbu'l Fitipatttrk ana't*?of Ireland wMU rr d< n*rr i ir ! ?'r mill b?>ai|V' a ntaka f II nrnf. j biard tnd htfoii' in; latino* a"iild K-t to him h* nil drowBrd IIIn body *M rooor>r?d 7*ntrr4*y B otmrir t'na*< w* War r?own?ii ? Thft ooroBof yantardny ( b'ld >n iMjuft-i ?t tbo toot nf tlo*?rorur ntrvrt oa th? j Mi of an untnonn bot nb'iat 10 yrarn of arf* with |i|bt balr mul jn t outline bin front twH, hn w?i j dr*???d in rmi'di^'Kt J?<-kol dark ?trlp?<t p?ata *t>1 D ?>Hn ?ht?t Tbo body of thin h'>y w?n found f! ?ft'tn< 1 in lb* d?? h f?* t of tl<if? rnftur itrnt T?rdl?t, d??th by i?T"Wiiit r Plain ii f???w?'it?i Tin ?n?n^?r h<ld *n In^ii-'t I jMlmtnf at'hi t?ot c' HnNimtn 'trt- t on th? b "ly of Math T??i ?ib? ???d it y??r? born In t?l?nl. ft Lo ? a> found d' ftd ("fttln^ In th? d ink faut f Kobin fnitnni *r?"rtt?j to th* mldfirn nf hl? ?l'?, J bo ii-nld- d nt (to M Roblnoon ?lrM h? h? l b??ii , Imln. ing rlooa/rtdar nl?ht It l? ! ? |i??. d that !m f? I iff tbr di rk Vrrdlrt, d?ft h by drowatntf Aitrvrt *t k?>rin?. rcirn f?t?l ? On Mindaya ? i k o .m y. /ti ritar a Mm Kill* rooMin^ 1 wlO> b? r biflfttid at Nn 212 Mulh-rry "?r??t %tt?'nptrd to t?fc? b?r own M*? by mt'taff b?-r throat w' h I rator la tbr nh?n. r cf h< r bit?h*nd A? tli" tlma, | knwntif tb? wimnd did t'?t frotft (b*al M?dt'al at- i' n wan inadtiy pr <r<ir?i and tha wnqal ?m ntlti hrd np. ?'?r? wh'rb tlm? tha uaf >rtunat? wnit an baa twrn I'rj. rti'p la ooarn^nrao# ot th? mnrllf lh? Wnund aail amtnl a?F*iln( IoiI'Im and ?ip:r?d yt-atori'ny. Tb? rnrornr b'ld an laqu-wt ?a th? hmly nnd tk? ;ury r- nd?rxl a ??rdlot aomrdlaf tn tha bow , farta Ri luiiii |l,>nm iliirtr -in Pnnlaf if?'? It ??? ?>i?i ii IirUII ?'? ?! if t)"? ,4*oitirh Wnarits " had not h<-?n arr?*t*d. a* ru?r*d Ind"*d If wnni.I impo**'t.i# to Un>< ?ny npnn whlah j M> Omsral could km pi?e*'l Captain Cftitli unda* MM Itrftftklfn fit/ lnUlll||Flil*. '"it* C?i ?i l.i fir* Hon J lii? tirsnntrood. City I J?Jj? -TbiJurj forth* r'?ll tertn of ihi* Court wo* m| mm l> <j f. ts?y *t tb* opening ?f lh# ainrl A fl ?>* of JAn.b ?ft* no p.-..I upon Chart** N Hill Robert P llaetland Ueorg* Uauli fihadiah Atnilh and J*trine (llll for iK n ?t1. i -lanr* ?? p- tlt Jarirt Th*r* I *11.(1 no rinaet riftu/, tu* court *?? fttpurnnl tn Ihi* d?y lino. ?tioa ? Th? hurt h of ?h* R*#tirali?a R-e I Mr tl>ayer p**tnr (1 iii**r*alt*t AaaooUtlon) will ho (li.llralid thla afli ri min r>*?l ratnry pnyrerr by th* j parlor itormon by Rrf Mr Chapin. 1 T A.ldraa* [ l? Hit Mr I arli y pastor of th* loiiariau churah of i Ho. ?ity Marrmfiil) of ftifilrlrfaala. Rlrla'd M w)l*r a R tfa*> kanntmli II R IT .and j rlaty m t.iber* arrle.d lu tin* ally yesterday, aod l? t fi? Hi al the American Hotel. Hon M Ittniy 1'ioftl.kc. p?i?, Holf <?rw*n, C. 3 A ; I' t< Miwirt C 8 A , C Uiirr* "d*?ieo. A Hobrmo. Mefteo. and on* hundred ?nd *w*nty iw* ethrr* arflfMi yirterday at lh* l"'n( W V* TP* tfr*frle nnah*r of arrl*?l* at th* prlnetpnl hot. I* Of I a* rtty wat nln* handn i and ninety >* a l> Jna* loalifn filial an eminent ?lo|lnl?t, r> <n I Jam M Pallrero nfltur of th" ?d>nai a da Taonai, If I M Man a** and Re liiiero. wi a h?r* * ?* l*? ill* amd j fry with a ! * In the i**li.r?H n >.f the f.**lih of their | trap, eilra India* arriead la tbla rtty y**t*rday by to* ship I' Arn??* C K Ta. leraian leaear of d**paf*b*a wna aw >ny th# p****t g*r* Iron Lteirpool In lh* **arlfln y*at rday .. fnntt I alei.tfar?1'ht* l>ay. Cortvoa ti*?? 1'art 1 R.? IU, 4A* .# 4T1 f.7, j t?: tea f*l. **? ?:? ?tt. *tp wi tao wt w? art, aa.t tu* ?*: in vit a"* .v* at* at* kIT.Ml ait ? Pan t w ?m n* ft nt, ?tw nut v?# mm tv* mm M W4 ?d tid, tit. *1 A. #14. W4. #11. #JII 5M. ?* tat L D. TWO CENTS. AF FAIRS IN EUROPE. TUB IETA1LS OF THE 1BWS RT THE TACITII. IK FMLEI4.I CO**KSPftSMME. 41*., Ac., Ae. Tlia rteamship Pacific, Captain Nye, arrived at il.ia port yesterday morning, in eleveu di?s aud fifteen an<! a half hours from leiverpool. Our advice* from Ixindon are of the I9ih ult. The advices from Singapore are to the 3d at Way. They state that the ate timer Nemeaia had returned from Sum, at which place she left the United States frigate Plymouth, having oa r> *rd Mr. Ualeatier, ou a missiou to Siam, Jcc., where he had met a very flattering reception. The account* from Berlin describe the health ef the King to he so far restored, that in* Nd ijeaty had ditrcted that uo further communication* nlauve thereto r hail be published. Several eminent novtscal gentlemen have examined ihe criminal Sefeloge, and pronounced him to be quite insane and irresponsible^ it is consequently doubtful whether uny eiirmnaJ uiquiry wt;| now he matituted The iXike and Duchess of Montpen.?i*r errived at Mudiid ou 'he llth instant. The health of ihe Queen continued satisfactory. A letter from Rome tu one of the Pans pipers mentions a plot to assassinate the Pope on Holy Thursday, which was probably marred by the rain, which prevented his Holiness from laktuf jmit in an in'ended procession. The question of the President's dotation ia the all-i ngrossing topic ut present in Paris, aad it ts grtie ally thought tii.t the enure bill, as proposed by ruimsteis, will not l>e adopied. Our Krench Correspoiideuoe. Paris, June 17, 1130. The A/tn"prtotum of Musty th* Pruutomt? Ant mputed Cuvji d'l'tat?Humored Hsii^n+Uu** of Louis Kapnlton? M. 'l'hirrt aw/ /-<>*is Pnliffe?/Aim art in*?Pnmt KtlUmitki? Tli* ii nk Quest loss? Ala t s i?t? Mew Journal? C'eiwirai^t of th* Ihumu?Pitt* Aitnth?Switzrrlaml?Ger..... iar._.. . ?... - . ....... . ..... if , The law appropriating three million* of francs for the Piwidriit, Louis Napoiena, lithe general to. pic of the liny, and, according to nil account*. the greatest dwuhta are entertained about it* accept?tion at the Xational A?einbly. It baa alieady been submitted to a check in tbe bureau, an 1 if net reviatd by tlie Klysee it in probable that it wilt meet witb another defeat in the (Jhtuiher. Tee commission before which the project of law had beeu sent, was composed of \lea?r*. Leverrier, Augiistiuf Oiroud, Lefehvre, iJrru.'l*, Fonoul, uni Liavonx, in fitorof the project?ill Meaare. I)e Karri re 1, Jlufougerau, Kavreaii, Ohapot, aud Thmaina IVatnaxurea, da Dwlmatie, Ligirde, de Muruay, Creton, nod Klandin, who wne opposed to iC Tl.ene nine grntleiiru proposed sev> ral amendments, which have beeu refused by the five fir?t named member*, hut winch were characteristic enough to lie mentioned here. Mr de Kerdre) proposed to allow the President the -ntire anioj i. of the three millions, but with trie understanding that they were granted to ;? y the expeas.-s of installation aud lirat establishment, during me year laid and I Nib. And thia meant?this sum of tuoiiry u> to pay yinir debt#, and do not believe that you ?r? entitled to Hah amnio r credit lor the same pirpose in lfcil. Mr. Favreau only allowed l.& fronts paid for ever. Mr. Dufmigrrsis l.sw/CM franca. Mr. Creton and Flan lin l.WI.OOJ franco. m-? trig that there was no b lit r w.?y 10 agree, UM nine mrmlieia have adopted this |a*t pl.u, iu I i!? re|*irt of the law will b-* madr upo.i that inullva The coinmiaeion li.te decided tli it the 1'ie.ileul was & civil f?nt Inemrr whoa reprs-eat <t on t luoaN ought not lo learmtde that of a at ig, a id that hi w as to ah-tslu tioui travelling, u.ul f>, no TlOt: s irrrn iuied tiy a military escort. Th??eb|nw??i i f?e.. of Louts N i|?iitou, are iadr I S've.-e, a r I ? ? iloulil lie I...a felt Ihrm Willi timet] bitle.n ?, ., id M.iiow. I iiloiimialely, our l*r> sole ,t lasomltv aatised by his cabinet, that mate* I of rrvi-otg mluw before it will r>e brought into l;i? \ tip .10 Aw euiblv, I fe?r he will tie ob-nn lie m in i|en{*<, snd will meet wuh in eutne defeat. T 'i (' * {> itiimwi .iin isi f urif, mi ! ? ? V'lii til ilia I !*-? , li ?v? wriiif ii iiMiiy articl-a . puiv.' nil (lit I'li'rlrtf'lll Wi|n not til Ik' Sillily mil ?' h - i.y ii'h'r l'riMiil- iii of * ie..u'>lio; tit it, a /rllhl't) TltylMt IMl/Ilt III |>e W lh hii , l.uuia NhihiI^oii c'oiiM nit *>? CMtiti mi ll with u m l.inn .it lino Im! th.t < niii.I ft ti.c-, which be natiUilty r'Mti1*. AM ti re |/H I ininity d--t<i?re,. wi I j.rov u ' <'??" 1 tr.It,, in *|U e lit them, tlir J'rra. l-nt ?ill ln?e lli? dia-all I " mI I rir.^ r, linked llv .Niliiintl Abm nitdy. Thr C nuhl j/nrnwl. wtt" It ? III - la-M tiifuiRM dnrWa|Hi|M | about th-- affair* ' I lie i,l?-rr, (tut it li ? taken the'r of llw you,'. .1 /,* .V ?yi-e lion,) d? Haiea that, to r? y lit or to m -tity tit I. w, ia in i ii ii before a dinger ant a cimHiet, ?hirli Would ir??te a public calamity?tb la: "(HMf three ri.linen* nr a imy-^Vlnltr. a in-m*, la nth* r trfffia, " yout pur** of your life J" and I h??* no dottht the coilntry, la-uig oii ita gu irj, protect, at ihr aainr unir, it* iiwaiy .mi iii?JSitf. I ?muii ui tliat tliia i-fuj-it ol giving litre* million.- uf (r '.lea, la thr iiuiat unpopular art - >fe* 1'rraldrnt unra h' ha# te-e.1 elected, an I It* wilt aooti i ii.a* ih-iM- who hntte adviarit hen to |?r-*a-nt it, kitrr the *?< c. aa he h id inet with on tit* alt i total law. Tin nuBOri af a rn?i/?-<r#f<if are m?re Al'iwdrt Jm J"V* 'hi 1. ever before I; a a .ul lb It L ell* Nap-f leoo I..? ITiMiafi aiad the intention of retiring 'r>>a? tl.r I re?td?i.ry, leaving the country in t'e |>iaee*i itJU of doubt and laort xladr. I'h.a, I am aura, la 11 i a Here irml, for it Would be too much mi n^oaition ? th the ayn-eche* ha utt-red dut-ag hi# yoar|.? > Ml J>t t/u- I.IIU, W III! h Hi ir, hy the h,eyiM of lua Uliclr'a. * lt? ijtfWt, ' aiud ha to th* lllbat.rtt.-a of the Clt) i " till' aiorin la over, I Will r> odri in ir.j b- ui the gieaf trutha of our revolut ii in, b..; I will rr,.rraa, nib ejoil atr-ugih, the new er-.ra at.-l t-ia ui 1 j>,-?j idicea. by reatorutrf aecunt)*, err.-ar uaaf.,1 cat-rpri***, I will ,i?* birtf- lo a* w lodnairn a. 1 ?h II render yonr ri-*ld? ftM-lful, and airtatiorata the fate of tbr ya||a M 11 r ai-t-vf, nUo, " Ye?, tbe moat aineere and iii"?t dr?ot. J ol toy trienda arr ui tha bud and l ottauan, ano not in tulvwaaud siit h->UM?. Th- y ii<',i ?, in the w-.ik ?!.<-(?, in 'tie public -trorta, ind ia JM country." i'hanr word* w?ta undonhiadl# em'-rra fiom the chu f of tiia g iferninaat, but thee wme tn? I. .wat fa "J t i I itinama - if fir ?I K.'iraint na lh? iJre and hi* it?iiii*t?r*, *?hi> himdmiiM't J *a.| obtain-J from th?- N?ioii <1 A*-*tiih|y, tweu'f Uwe of n*?r.ont, * Inch are alr-ady, or wilt ** ? 0? brought into activity 1 br coneiitaiioia of 1*H had d*cr**d fo?p*et ?f aniioiiHitii* *; universal ruilr ge; lih*r?r of th* pit*, f'tfbl of aaacilihl) , right of aeaiat n| ??*h other by employ no-iit; it.* lunolabilu* of o*i?'a hmmrkulii; au filial ?hari'or pro.Miiiion uflh" ue#^ jtiMie*- rrtdrM gran*; arm i-na icaiion m nl* ?**y to "fijiMy Whit kan h*fnm* of all lh''?r dor**!1 Trig knnw> an 1 how w- ar* hi our prr-aeat at on of uncertainty. I^iii.* Napol*<>n, who** tniui?t*r? have placed u* oo th* brink of an ahyaa, wutilj retir*. and l? ave u* to eitrtcnt* niir?*l*** from a lathticai labyrinth, which h.ia no thread to h* our conductor No, it i* tiupoaaible? No mm of **a?r would ever believe it No man ot honor, or nf ambition, would h* th* author of *uch a deed -hat ?iih ulterior |>ai|?w* M. Kouhi r i* about retiring fro m th* preaenf cabinet To* f.tct la c*rtaio; it i? confirmed by a m*mher of th' National Awnhly, eiiu kaane T?r> wi It tit* wingu** of uar aiMt*am*n M. Thin* returned on piatnrd.y lud, from hilt J'?urn*jr to St loonnrd, wb*r* h* lw i been to vnnt hi* il-Maprty. Urn* I'tnlipi* The ohj-et n( hi* tni?*ion ?ti known, hat th* detail* ot hn interview ha** he*n k- pi a?'cr*t Mmti. de Hr?i<lie, ( lllj.ot, Ihichnlrl, nod de liallliaiie, left ?r?trrdaf On lb* *?m* ptitrr mag* We ahall anon know th* **idanttion of tk* riddle, for it ?p,?*ar* that th* old king i? **'? low, and cannot reaiat **ry lonf thr approach of death M d* Lnmnrtiar, who had left Parte on hia way m)nut, ha* bn?n d*tain*d at Macon hy a am * ra Uiuea*. which will probably prevent hint from going to th* w*?t. It ia atid, in won* quarter#, that ihia illniae ui hat a drama which kt* ( '' '** oBject to all- w the poet to he pr*?^at at th* N?UonaJ Aaneibbl/ when the U* tA the three aiUin?