Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 2, 1850, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 2, 1850 Page 7
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. I f Dlmarie on Witchcraft. The Rev. Pr. Shepnrd delivered & discourse, on Sunday morning the 23d instant, in the Disciplea' i Chapel, West Seventeenth street, on the subject of ] witchcruft. The text, or rather the portion of Scripture U[ on which the discourse was based, w.ia the 18th chapter of Ileuteronotuy, from the ihh to , the 22d verses, commencing with Wk.B H?m nrl .mra inf.I the 11111(1 wUioh the L Ifl! 1 thy Ootl girrth thee, thou ?halt not learn to do after 1 the abomination of tho?? nations There shall ujt be ft>uiid uijiiiiijr yiiu any odd that maketh hiit wa or bu 1 daaguUr to p*?? through the tiro, or that u?eth divi- 1 ? aaiiuu*, or au obnerver of times, or au euch*uu-r. or ? witub. or a charmer, or a consulter with tiuiiliur spirits, r a wizard, or a necromancer ; far all that do tOeae tblugK are an abomination unto the Lord; A ud became ] of these abominations the Lord halh driven them out ' itfore thee." The learned gentlemun started with the prot?o- , ?itiin that it is nut naturul to mun. All men .ire so ci nsiituted us to become religious uii l?r certain i influences; but religion is no more natural to mm i thit 11 in speech. Man id not naturally guied with ' the ability to speak, but he in born to speak under 1 certain influences. The same (iod tlmt gave mm the organs of speech gave him a revelation and a cajKicity to understand it. Language was first taught, tco, by God himself. The Almighty first i fetird Adam's capacity to talk, by causing all the i animals to p-iss before hnn, and whatever name he I gave to them that was their name. It is not in the | i I* u rof to originate an entirely new and origi- 1 m! tfcwfht. There moat be omethtaf in the mind ' ] to suggest every thought. The religion which was ( given to in;m iu the ou set, was th religion of na- j ( ture. It was just what God desired tint men J j-honld have^, until he should give them further j revelation. The religion of the Patriarchs, the i | Jewish religion, and the religion of the primitive ! ' Christians, was each, at one lime, the current rc- ; ligion, ami that was the reason why spurious ays- ' J teins were introduced. All tecta are counterfeits | of the true religion, and are m nearly as pus- , a'ble to resemble the genuine. lie that could ; make a counterfeit, must know what the oi initial J , is. IIow could a -purious five dollar gold piece be matte, unless the Ui ricator kn-w wiut the real ( gold coin was like 1 A true religion refers to a true 1 i < od, aiul is r- pr<-entcd by true miracles; ufU-- i religion, by false ^.I'ds, and by (!^cej>tion-4. VII the > iDCtttf ud their deities, and all the an- ' ci at i>.jg. ns hi.d tL' ir signs and won lers. This | v.,s illustie.t' d by the frpcak r, whosaid that the | i! giciuns i f I'lgypf were so expert, that wh-a | Mo t. wus called on by Pharaoh to petfortn some ' )i ir ide, he ih^w down hi* rod, which was imm.*diateljr chunked into u serpent. Thereupon, the j llgjp:ians tlirew down their r.'ds, and they also ; I cuRie 8eri>'?nts ; but the true was even here dU- , i:nai*ictli<'d frt,it? th, l.i 1. h >..\eer hv fIn* nliciiiinipniin of Closes'* serpent immediately devouring the ! ' jx'nip of the magician*. The speaker Mid he htd no doubt, tin t through an invisible ind infernal agency, many miracles seemed to wrought. [ Pasting to the word witch, he said it was a generic term, under which might be r inked all soothsiijers, astrologers, and practisera < of magical arts. Glancing first at some of counts given by Virgil ami other ancient pn< ; said lie, the po?. ts have always hud more to do w. h this class than Imve the fo' r pr'i- eiiter.- of the , diviners, astroln". 1 migicims, Mr. i>hepal ' t ihe a hoi- c! that sll we see ol rices in modern tunes is no improver I once, for ihey used to make their a by the use of words, bat the mi l rm only be in luced to make their rrvei > knocking*. It is generally conceded, In id, il at the ladies have more familiar Spirits in tht otlie. world lliau have the opposite sex. hii.g Saul, wlien desirous of consulting one, called upon a lady who lived in Padnr ; but the apparition w hich came forth at her summon*, astonished her more th in it di i Saul, and all** w is herself ?urprk-td.und demanded of th** Jung why he hod deceived her. Coming down to the history of the perform*ncesof some ofth<*#e p igan priestesses and magician, he s;>erker sain In* attributed the success of their performance in a great m -aiure to vt ntriloquitin, or the power of rp -.iking from the abdomen or stomach. Among the Romans, said he, the person w lio practised this art of sp-akiog from wiihin passed fir ;m oracle; nnd among thi* more ancient pao. 1 .. w!*n practised it was termed a goddess. Wn 1 > v *pii.stn is, or how it is performed, 1 c?.. ;ot > , >. being myself no ventriloquist: and, hcing no witch, I cannot explain how witchcraft is performed; nnd, being no wizard or necromancer, 1 cannot explain lluir utU A nil in 1 Miniwit i* k ;J a in f h#? fvn"li>stt?r knocking*, for these ruptx rs l?elonj? to the same category. The Rev. gentleman n-xt proceeded to chow that in the performance of miracles hy Christ 110 mystery was inrd. ami the miracles were prrfornwd for him beneficial pnrpow. At when the leper raid "Lord, if tlmu wilt thou canst make in-? clean;" and Jesus said, "1 will; tie thou clean;" and in the same manner the eyes of the bliud were oiieurd, and the ears of the deaf unktop;ied. witchcraft loin always been associated with idolatry, and mystery has attended false systems of religion, its in the ca?e of Mormonixm, when strange plates, with str?nge characters u|>on them, ? were found in a strar ce place. The last feature ot witchcraft, sorcery, \*c., to which the speaker re- J ferted, was that it was always used for pur|s>ses o j . gain, as in the instanee of Simon, the sorcerer re j t>rred to in Acts, Sth chap. 9th verse, and Bar J Je*us, mentioned in Acts 13th, tiili. ( Untieing a the disgrace which had character' bring ujion the truth, the preacher ended his discourse hy a moral application of the argument lie hid held in his disdiscourse, telling hix hearers that wheuever they fi trod a person disinclined to receive the truth, he was bewitched, Kxhorting all to seek the truth, lie closed his remarks. Homer apathy. Tin II' MO orjrim Tmoiv on Pascricv or Mini BE. It? K. K. M?K?r, M I>. Ki? Vona. W. Ko,m. 323 Baoioxir. Medical arionce. and those branrhe* ot It known aa Jfa'rvia MrsVa and Poiolegp owe, undoubtedly, muoli to | II.ihneiTian and hl"yit?m of hoimropathy Before lluh- ' in mar. introduoed hU sj ateui o( Infinitesimals la the ad iniinitiation of medical therapeutic agents. th>-attonisliuig power of various in-diein- * in very minute 4 > ?*, was neither Known n<T susp?etad The ruumnn ?ml prevalent idea am >ug hi <dteal men was. that tlie mciol any mejielne was is proportion U> the quant ly administered; and in v >n?e.ju'orr of this admitted principle when a medical prarliu >ner wlshi- I to produ-e great and sensible effvrta by any medirine h? ?r sorted t the plan of giving great and large AofsS ?f the medirine in qne>tion llnta-ropa 'hy, on the contrary. | has demonstrated that in many eases an Inflnitcsinisl d'?a will produee more yowertul action ttpou tba human ?y-t? in thau large dosss of the s?nie ubx'xn-e capable of doing Thus, when several grains of murine hydrargyri will U"t produee salivation an lutiuitc<nnal dme. aorording to the hoairrupa'.hie sys- > t in. anioiintii g to a portion of a or th > aun- j e ai?ca, incrrdikly minute, will produce llil'. (TrC ? i *< t? -wh ? thin. npin n<-w tirld to mi i u 11.. I uvif ligation of lb* artUn "I n\. ili. in- ? upon the human I'lridnilml a? It ma; app ar h ?m f?|?ib; h>> Kinrl?fl*r|; ntiMmlird iIik laet. (hat tfie ( a-tion of it j,r-?l number nt potent r*aiedi>-> la ia V nrl| |o Ur bulk adtnini?l'rad; In Oth?r word < th? oior* ininut' Ijr the aulwtancn Is <11 vt-l?-<l lho mora p >? ? i iuI U >t? a<-II' a on twin* ink- u lot" tli< b ly Tin ninth chapter of the work before u? ia eiWaia>-ly ln>r atlng In tlie detail' anil tact? which It 'UlH in r.dvt a to thi? aobject. and .(i-htti" attentive p rn??l ?..! (itniji-nlkin llut *kll? we otf ihi* and nth' r vain afde atfrntirim to Itr llahoi-nan It H n >t t ? b npp<>?ii?l that hi* ?y?teiri l? confined to tbeadmiulatration I.f Inl.nit' "iin?l d - It l? u?'-? ? r.-.- it-I aao .i h aw. pa.hy th* ilow of <ach m>dietne hmil I I* mru<K ' noURh to prnvnkt* Iha n* c?,??arjr reaclloa ' ? (pagaII7) A nd it further appear* fr-im thn p \g -a ?f the Tuluuia k"f->re ua that t hi1 h'>mn opttlbi! p-a i* titivMr ia a* i (|fetl?? and decided in a luilnt'teriui; fr? <|ueiat aarl?-uB. irat doara. a* the I t tilt v in gaa-'rtl i* I*. Ihirrlurr. no foundation lor thr vulgar plninti that thatr ayatetn con?tat? In admiiiintoi In/ auch parlinli-a of ineilirtne a* 1-411 produce ni> re- 1 Fultn Ozi lb* contrary the r**?ii|ia produced by Ik" d< ?* lL?y ailninUUr at a aarff. etiT.-a* tbua* produ-a I I by Dior* bulky di"*t ?? ana no raa*< n why tla h na onpathlo doetrlra ahonld not h' adopt'd ' : I ? ni< d r,?| pr.,f.. . rally. It la rompoaed ot liberal < d and rr(l??t Inn an. aafco bate nit f.<'.|U*ntly changed IIId> ctrin<? aAtl priaetpW a nt tut tner tin*, and not om t tilDltlrd laMrallmi at d iiinillir bat bare origiaal* I fnm ikunmlTi f |ri?t ^h iB(i 1. If not ioiprovi ni?al?, both In tfciiory ati 1 pre' tire In f? t. ihey are u> ? (ratially cn^^-d iu th* n arck after k nowiedga an I turliral iaprimnti'at aa d. nnltkr Ih# ignorant an I aelBa'l. they ai ? ItN-ral In * oreannicatia^ ? > th* public avrry new iHor.o 1 ry. and aklnit It roai?'in propar'y Why. (lien not the u?lonbti'd diri? * of hif^irpopathy Ikwii (Jcplril a* a medli-al im^a n?pm nt ky tV aiedical ^roiuriun ' & think # e?a> traea th? i?M to Ik* Minalm ulati a! fact*: T t?? Ilr?t prae. n?k iiaaJi n.nikri '* hrnu^k f r^trH tKi j+rm not ae an illitl'm ti m?lieal <-.* or-?. but ma*i o/iywlttvii Ti.> ml uil (T?Pt >nJ nppeiiin of * .tkiiaf wae to uf t. th rid. Vuu 0iu?t di*rarj yn?a old dortore. and enipivy ? We ore ta. (run phya??tanP. and llfj ?: t b? ,*.r i?te I Ttnw%? war it fh? Itnlfi : an/ thtw ?i? thu* beyey rm* | hero ent|i'?i?d tw tile bf^eflt. we ae"??e miliar nf i t'u^iijoi .vuiririiiJ nur i<( tb* | uV'' The jrr?*.leet j uaedia4.tece .ba> Ucn t Ui< tau-?el ?ri o?. fa r ( prineiple^ooif in It-etSlia.* 4re? n literal y brought t?to ' d'etepute, and treatid * jinierliiTy Ti- mailtrel pK3- j an* b< dy bare jx?i.r4n n rppi*.?i in the pric. ; 'plea ?l tlebireliixli tint ?iW<u > ex'tfeu urenTm I Chi j haeeouCjr iwrn nppr.eid/eO a blind Mr.1 arbitrary I r<-Bi ralUatma by whlel ?taboard be m?4r a'wdute " Ix-reey tn emffepr ?"T reiredr. .n?d*'?e It W?? yrneeit to j I b-. tie t N r. fa tliey am rbf 111 fur it $h- il>p^ l' Itripe te niMiertaar itlte. aaa ke<> pi a'.rpliu*.. it M low# (dial ? ' ?r? ??!.' aineut a farm arte < p auu-1y I met be- a e?mil tbiu|tf It may appear * ? to be In tbt'd??triiae f.f naiti reai a* U> admit if Ji> | | rir< ptina niltfiii dtirikn trliiiifMiril uitHk I i tiae. ti '* die* I' Mkri i?t ?h u "ir far illy ?Mt ' i! iu*< by tbalr r?metier. they ?ar? tbein jh l)i i 1 Ifefcnereea petnrlyle. ti?C are b' i' <?"i(>e*bij* if) lylfd I 1 Cb'BI'elPre TbelK.mii paii-'iteare mieia'i'*) irthr* lia r'A* tb*t | J theyhatabu: nn? i.rlaelpla ilia they ?..( but a, n j ghat ane. and that Ui< y aeeer dob'ate frooi it. fl??? j , promulgate other htft ly impends ' priumpiae ami | p me td a * r; qnee i.el ta aatape ^.il in d'>ug * >1 U>- j CgM agattdt their cac pr.a lyi*, that ?# una J a timilihut curantur T.irrj anomalous action ef thi human body la not a dliwt; on the aontrnry, then are aationa which occur which are remedies. Tbna Ibe diseased system ia often greatly relieved by spon tanroua catharsis, and by bleeding These actions a ben they occur, are reuiediee. and remove disease Now, when nature h.rivlf points out and einployi these remedies, they are wi.-e who understand aud givi be?d to her adinouit Ions, and gently aid her lu th proceas Of giving nllef to the overhurdetied body Bu it ia a dogma with the school of llalinemtra. to diecart these natural remedies altogether, and to deuounei those who employ them Herein we think they an arong. and have established a principle of diettnctioi ?nd reparation from the faculty, which cannot b< maintained on rational principles. 1I< n iropnthy has confirred indisputable beucfit ti medict.1 scieuee In the following particulars :?first in the discovery of the gnatcr p *< r of many poten therapeutic agents in very minute and divided doses Second in the discovery or application of several ucv gents. Now, this is glory enough but these are facts not dogmas and lu its i acts hoinieopalhy must succeed and eveutuiillv (radicate manv t rroueous nraetices ii medicine. The advocates of the system hiwciir, wil Duly ? cakt n thi lorce of the good which it contains bj making that good to carry on its thould'TS a variet; r>t drguinK and arbitrary doctriu?-.< whUih prevent thi ?cfi ptatii'ii of the gocd by the ui-dir-al community aa< the public at large, and which create an animosity am tntagonhin ar urprofitable to science us it if wrong ti men. Ti e volume before ns is one of the best produe tit us of the l.oum oj utiiie school which hi) ever fallei under our notice. 1'r Marry tax handl* d his aubjee In aiPA'Urly niann"i\ and the work 1? valuable, uu tm rely as a text b?iok fur the implicit doctrinarian. bu ?i containing us< tul facta. valuable information. an* the designation of important remedial agent*, fron which the enlightened physician, of any and ever] school, may learn much and derive considerable bene at Amirhan Vj>kkijs S?:ak< iiki> ii^ a Si aikhWai Steambi:.?The schooner General Taylor, CapUu Wrght, arrived at our port yiaterd ly afternoon, it JO duvs from ChagreB. She Was bound to Turk: Island, but shifted ht r ballast ut sea, and put ti liere for a frtsli supply. When oil'Cape Antony ju the luili of June, she hh boarded by a l.ieut ind Midshipman, and eight Spanish soldiers timed with carbines, cutlasses, and boardin [)ikcs, from a Spanish war HteauiT. The ciptai ut" the Ueueral Ta> lor produced Iiis papers, hu this did not satisfy the insolent Spauiarda, wh Here very insulting ami overbearing in their de rjorunent towards Captain Wright and his cr< w They persisted in overhauling his vessel, an pearchirij her from stem to st'-rn, nnd finally de mended the schooner's roll. Afi<s* remtiaiug o. l?oaid for neatly an hour, they took their depnrture J'lie General Taylor was in company, oil' Cap Antony, with the brig Nevius (of Beverly, Md? ) horn Muf-inello, Culm, bound to Boston. Th ^(.aiiifh man-of-war also overhauled the brig, an JetH.ined her in like manner.?Sivimntit (Ut.) lie l ut/iran, June 27. Hirfiltt, LVK LIVERPOOL.-UNITED STATES MAIL STEAM. " ship I'A'.IFIC, '' > pt. Ei-a Nye.?This ste.vusLit ?il 1< rt with the t: ntlc fcr Europe, positively Sa'nr. July fi k, at I, o'elock Si., from her berth at thi of Cs .1 Pase niters will please send all lug ' e .1, " ps" ago citt b< nrd Friday July Vn with i.'.incer?f their berth. Ail letter utr I st 4'ftcc. The steamer Atlantii mm . Ft 'bo. .vnd sail July 77th. < For freight or ;t\s?'ct, hsrir.g unequal!*-' aoeomraoditioni ti t eltgauee or coia ort lBp|r to AUH i>. H. COLLINS. 60 Wall street. ITNITED STATES MAIL 8TEAMERS BETWEEN NEW J York and Liverpool.?The ahips oeu.-oiing thie line art he ATLANTIC,Captain West. ARCTIC,Captain Luoe. lACillC Captain Nye. UALTil', Captain Ci-mateok ADRIATIC, Captain Grafton. These "nips ksviaj teen built by ooutrast es,?r-iMly foi <'venv eot service, every care haa been taken in tlielr aoa,.;to .on, aa re I .,0 in their engines, to encore atiengihaai ipee 1, and their aceemtaoiationa for p*feent;ers are et' i.led for elr -anee or comfort. Prioe of pa-'tgo from Net To 1: te Liverpool, $ *); exclusive nao of extra siso stat ;o t a, An experienced surgeon will he attached t< :a etiip. No oorths aecurtd until paid for. Fir froigh r 'are. arplr to KDWD C. COLLINS, Sti Wall street; or. to BROWN, blllpAj.i' U CO., Liverpesl. 7b. TaeiBo will Icaro Liverpool? Juno 19, ISflS " >tiantio " " Liverpool July 10, to " "aeitto " '* New York July b, " " " " " latirwol... July 31, " " Atlantlo " " New York July 27, * Tli < owner* of tfce-o shipa will not Ic accouuta'.le f it goU /liver, bsiiion. specie, Jewelry, p-eolona stones or metali ar.icaa lading ara signed therefor, and the value there ?f, t.heriin expressed. AOR CALIFORNIA, VIA PANAMA.?TIIR R( BSTAN r tinl ateameh.p GENERAL ZAl ilAKV TAYLOR, Rob 1 S I'lttroin. master, now on her runt# to California, I expected to reach Panama about thel'iih of Aurnst. Sb has superior accommodations for pa-aengers. Tor paaaag trcm i'anatua to San Frnn.isao, apply to JOSKP1I T. MARTIN, No. 37 South atreet. TliKOl LINK TOR SAN Pit A N CI St 0?C A 1.1 TOR Ma by steam and sailing packets, via ( hasres an Pannms. The timo through by this line is about tlfty day/ price of pa/aage to Ran Francisco cabin i'.'IKI; second dltti GPAs>. To ler*e f or Chagrea July l.tth. Toe bulk of ten cn b>c feet allowed to oaeli pas., nger for luggage. No atpeu tr> in debarking or embarking to passengers by thia line. Fu passage or other Information, apnly to iiRKin.R A fu wRinnr. ISO Cedar atreet corner of Washington 2d dooi M l b UECAla. DH. lirATuS- IIF. i:\ld INFIRMARY. BOSTON L*r. II. having returned from F.utopo, mil receive pa t rule a* formerly. lie continues to attend particularly t t'. na'ore and speedy cure of lluruia.ur Itafldie, flnSS - r locele. Dydrooele, to.; also, t? Bisoav. s of female Trusses are di?|-en?cd nitli. in all eaees Applications tnui 1? made at hia oGice and itsideuee. No. 2 Eaeter i'laci Boston. SEMINAL DISEASES. GENITAL AND NERV(H>S DK hility, impoteney, strictures and impediments to uiar riage in genetal, Invariably cured by I?r. fie I.aney, J l.ispcnard street, near Broadway. Ills mode of treatment U>at of the m?st eminent knropjan phyaiciana, and nnser passed by any other in America. Treatment, also, by lotte In Eoeliah, French or German. MEDICAL BOOKS A COMPLETE PRACTICE work on the nature and treatment of private dtsvaeei atrictures, and all kindred affections of the nriaary orzansillnstrated l>y a great nnmber of beantifnlly colored plntei as large as life, Ily Homer Bostwlek. M. U. Largo uuarti ESI pages, 2d edition. Price *10. Estrnet frem the Boeto M'dual end Surgical Journal ? "It maybeaaid, fearlesali to be ei|nal to Rienrd'a or Aeton'e work on the same famii ol diseases, and far superier to anything of the kind eve published in this country." Anther of the work on Semtns Auiiesnn*. Impoteney, k?? caused by improper hnbilsFourlh Edition. 14 platen; price $1. For sale by tlie Pah lisbsrs*. STKINUER k TOWNSEKD. 222 Broadway, and b tha aathur, W4 llr?aiiway. LISTOr LF.TTF.RJ! REMAINING IN TBI NEW TOM l'o?i Ulti'-f, Jim* ItsJli. orrMiAi i r ri miiuu i> thi papki hati?i* tm* i.abash iilrviiTM. rim** IIUOI lb* dat* of th* lif t Ik wkloli Uiay ill ad ?erUu*d. LAMBS' LHST. A tdimr. Vn C r AHntt Mn Frank ArtltrMirjf Air* Mr* KorU Aunlu Mr* (i'Imiii- A*htlm Mr* (Midi A*!"? Alary K b?r**t) a?> n ?l) A il-art.nt, Mr* J*- Adair Hrur:*tt? B-2Atkio* fcliiBtath Nfkl Ald*a Mr* Franect Ainl'mo RIUb iiilint Vn X AjwlMkb B R \ V" DiwIm |lrt.*? l.ydia t*t Dm* kruli As* Kim Abb. Ilr??a Mr Hirhard lUajaaia IImi.uI ( land*: Itonacna Mi** M?r) llrnt-n Mm y Rudy Mil* Abb, I'-jd Abb f? Rivaaiaatl M*dai |ath?t Moil* AtmorJaa* Him BudyABB, W'ttb- HrFarlaod Buad Sa*an B initPt *1 BayIan Inj4.t J>r?<.k*C?Ua F DrfJij .I*n* Bark Parah Bmwa l/xl<* Marker rlfcia Hurn'Ana Brotra Kab..*-a A lilatj aim* L?n'*j llt?or Mr*. Bliia- Bloeh MiuJiil* t<r M*ry b??n *lr**t Hrook*a/ Mm J B Bai 'vin Almirt Brady Mi?* Ana. R..yl# Mr*. Ja<?ok at B-ll Rliiairth, En*. B'eoitrrat Boyl* Hril?*t ara *1 Brad/ Jail* Hoy * Marjr B.-tnran MIm Abb Bt??fia? Maria Hoylann Mary li.rd Mirf*r*t t'.arnard Ifarrltt Hark Mary Htik<>|<U*l? M flalaitr Sllaal.rth llnra* Mary M> *. I'aiTar l.aMwin Mr- It u ilurrell Matilda D iiy|-l*i* Ball DUabaMt, IS .< k?r kraiUa Uuaiti.aat fa'**ll Mr* Fdw Cptia?r Tniharla* I'atay Mtr* c*fi?y Mar?. lAikl anlan < Btkanaa. I'miilf An* J*a* M 4'b at Caraaa<li t'aifcaCUyAttoaiaa Coaelly Catkarlaa r1^? C'aikJaliaJ ? *nB?f'an Ann Craw/ rd Varramt C'klUa Bridgat <?*?ay Maria Claar Ann* < * r'?H *" * A C ?n ? II Htnnatta OlaAard Margarat fl.aai'-rlala Mi** ( ovlrlda* lui i Cady Mary M<"*y (**> ? Mr* M. B-Coatafnrd Jalla r*fii<? IVitlrlh rna *1 (nilln* tllathalb I ? -a*?lall Marrttt li <> ? Ana* C?laaty Mr*, tfl# Car ir t lwak*tk Cnrtit Mr* B>'M *t t'armll ( *i?*rin* i n htrih Nai lia Cntiti'ir Jaaa G<fark Mr* M. C alTr** Mary Ma4i-t'"nla? t'aibariM, (Aialea al *?a ? Cha? *t C?"*T J< kaaaa (!>**? A la Ira A C??olly Brtdn*% Caafr* Ml** M L, Clark Jan* Oa*ll Vary k>HM I l*>k bary i >w** M*rjar-| Ca-?icr lalkarla* l'all*^l>an M?'| t'unaaT Martha r?a<ii|l< Mary Cairjikall Nary Ann'iok* Mr* B Crrfi Vary Clancay >l*t llaaora1 ???an Aman<M <) at.iti .Inhaana CaadUr Bll*a Ojjuray Mr*, C id'Ci**/ t arly Aaaa ThoBaaca at C a If Mmgarat Cartar Mr* Tkarpha-fkartk *ar*ai?t C >1 a* < a l.aria* In* Cal?*r MarCba C< Itia Mr* HaaaattCarrall Mary Craaaia; Au Oalama* taru UraM klwa D Datyatt M*a Fatar pnaaally Catkarln* Ptaaa Mi** ftaaaa IWl* Mr* Kaiab I??.b ? ar < barm* Ow*!.-\tnpaMlMl r*a Ualy Mr* *T? D'.ohar Mr*, kliaa Ka.iti Klt*ab*U Paailay Mr* aafk kalhairaat Hiak Mr* Aaa I. "..1'* f ?'U?* li.yla Miaa Ibndr** lull * kr- II ** ?'?w rnr 0r m? > Donill; Mm Miir rK>??ltRI ? Pala.r.rA M.J*. || p.rl? M<? aiUn-f Ha* a*l DmImti l>-rr? >U4 U? b.H.T (im hrtt t?rwrr?7 Mr* Mar? < *laalii.* n?Ui Mra MarInil* hufhar'r Mr* r IHfr???tll Mra . in** tart* !>.??!... Vrm. Ma# C fank Hint w ?? ?*? (Ham li^n Km; l>iff**y Mary |4??? i>r?. nn Ka.U Mia. Mary Hm M>*a Mn t?-*a *r1Sr*t fHIMI M*ry *?m**J?Tf Mt?a !<<**r'a Mara Ikrla M*r(?r*? kTa*M Jat a W liMit **r?fc Itaai A?*?.l kiwi* Mm ft aw *armk A ^ r?T Mt?a III** r\?tftmm?a' F1*?a?l*| MJ*? 11 rr?!i| ( alkarifi* Nr>4?at F-rf?H < ???iai tai ln?H Rri T II fuit f*. .-a Mra Aa * r>L..* I.a I lit* M Eft * /..!,? na?ran>li Mtrr ?l*l a*an * ?? Fat la? t<M|M FlU'?ana ttav?V* la; RriMil |anl r ?< r Mr? ?al? r.iati lid f??a Mr#. A Maria: taMir farrinc'** Mr* DM a?#?? Fiat dilmt C-l fallaa Ajn*#~>ai ?r f?\?nn Frtitl Viritu / >???? Mar?aia> IIm4 Mim. Ir?t i? raiaa M*r? Am 44 I ff f'araalt g Cilia* Anns r.arl.?* !*? Mkfjr fi?rd*? Jan* fl? f al'i* Ma> ??* R liix iilyni ??'? In. ??ir ' * ? M?rr??* A a I> i.tali Ir i?r ?<n? 4*? ?4 tiM'laill >.a. *?!#. M-aa/r?>? ?' } Mary Q<1?wrtWi*afMM4?A IrH'ol ?r*<T * '?* ? larr* *?**?? Mr*. aiif)0*XMJalla r| Jalia A * ?? H H?! Marj A iataMattrlma Kan I ?ai?Mr< Uu-iWi: H*?uf M?i*Wa* Hatlr Mm J P?> It Parah Hfi*> M ?, A?*k*"? M*?#a*?i? Mra Haa*?? Man a?rr?t Kt*a?i ftrxifp* H*?iia A*fa*?ia VilliimK Mi?*a?a Ma * *arl |aa Ml? P. >! ?>? Il?? II *? ??k. -i??An* liHl i\nu ?>|kiilMy. Mm* U?ta>? t HarAlkar Mra M?k- Harlaj Vary Bslahan Vary , ark HaJaay Mr a iapt- HiliMft K >aa Harford laalla taa Uarall Ki:,>ua tmai Varianl laailtaalkulaaa Hojrtlaaiada - MtufaaB'ha Laa-t Uua-ar l(tr; ii lliiTarkar Maryarat Hnaalay Anna llayliaa Vri,Oran|< ; llara Carolina Ilannva Sab ua atraal Malat Feby Jaaa llarrtaao Eitrabath Haybaa Marxarat Hi llaad Hvllra V K HuiTaoa Mri 1, lllfc Uallebaa Uriiaat liaraatt Vary akraal t I A J a In ra Vary Johatnu Blita Jaakiaa Almira f Jaal lat Ifarriat I JohaaonMaiyO Jorea Blitabatk " Jackaou Margaret Jaam Miaa Aoa Joliaaaa Haaiar-I * J?a. r|ikarah T Jack??n Maria Jahsaoa MirthaAax i Jankiaa Barak V Jaaaaua Sarah A ? i K. Krtly Fraarta M tally C'alkarlaa Kally Mra, Mtk It } Krrta Maryarrt krlly lira Mary Kotly Bridrrt Knur Sarah Jaae Krefer t atlariat Krlly ki..a Mary,4ii kratnrx abb kranaa Briaxat a'rrat kelly Mre keaneuy Mary K.rkham Satan l' I.kDot Mrs I* AlkerlLetbhriUga Mrt C IW.cati Satan Sylvia l amb, it Mary I erd Mrt John 11 UBnut EHau 1 an.l rrt Mu'y A Leughraa Mary Lertcr Julia I rrhin Ai m nelly l.v??t Catharine I,, men Ytaruuret 1 unity llaaath Lyndeey Mrt, Heeler Leonard Kurt 1 auler Margate! street Lewis Mary 1 eo Mrs Jen re Lumber* Madam. Linn Rliiaeeth lelenf Mrt M Greenwich etLegan Antoinette I rv'ari Mirt 1 D Larkin Mr- A L Luillew Harriet Lemon June l.avia Mrt M A l.ynoh Margaret Leonard M re A Lawrence EluabethLee Klitaketh l.eaky Ann Leu Mrt, Church it M Hnpinn Sarah Morrison Ellen M ltealiew Ellen Meguire (ailiurlne Moranty Julia Meyers Maria Mailman Mia Jaeub Moriurty Lllen M Minium Mr-M W knin Ann Monrphun Ellen Miller Jane A Martin Ann Mount Caroline H Millard Elun Martin Hutu Murdoch Jaunettu LMuere Union J Mairuui'h barah Murphy Mrt J M Moore Mary Mute ell Caihatine Murphy Lllen Morel Mile B > elia Bridget Mullally Mre JameeMerton Elir.a J Merrill Deborah Mnihollanil Mary Morris Mary Ann M r.turn Wist, 8thltMa,'ovem Mrs John Mortimer Laura 1 Miller Amanda M Mullet Cecelia Morrnrtey Ann , Miller Marraret Mansfield Martha H tloriarty Johanna j Mini,el 1 Ann Martin Mrs (juorge Moult Mrs M E L Moore Hannah Martin Hlita Monroe Mrs Geo D Voore Mrs Vt m A Marshall Mils C 8 Murrey Mary Moren Klwa Massey Mre FrancceMurpbr Bridget , JUtrlvn Jlary Mai ne Mrs John It Murphy Maty Mulhern Margaret Me Mr Annally Vary MoGlcughlin Anne McDormott Mrs (7th ! Mc( a'lerty Mt-e, MeKee Cynthia or hth aveane) I Clark et Mckraruau Catba- McDonnell Bridget I Mrt sun Am rlno McDowell Aan M' I arthy Margaret Mrkmook Mist J A McGrath Bridget or Dana ah Maton Mclean Miss Jessie MoGouvern Maiy Mil'uik) Mi. mar it McMaiiimy Bridget M Kcrnan Ellcu McDeruiott Ann Mi lit ieu Mary Mckoutiu Olivia M.liiruott Aha Mi Ci aithM rsl'l.iUipMc l.uln Mary Ann Mi Honntll Mary MiCannMary M cLuekey Mite MeElhent CatharineMcCoakv Jane Collin I MeCuidey Mrt IV Nanghton Fanny orNorrit Ann C V"e Mary ' Maria Coffey No tie Mre Abner P Ji' Jan Maria kelson Lydia Nelson Elisabeth Nodiue loiuinda >. icIioU Mary 0 >i?lis?u Margaiot Nurfont Mary Molku Eridget Orr Amelia C Oliver Margaret O'Cennor Mrt, I Onhorue tliia O'Brien Urn, Eighth?t O'lirieu Jnliu M ater sc O'Uoarn CittUarine <i 'Bricn Mjrfaret O Brien Msry O N?il Vtr.4 0, (It emu Mary O'Brien Sarah Henry ?t O'Ctnuor A me O'DrUtall Una O'U-Ui Aunt 1? Primer Mri, Prfajh >uuue Mr* Tew Klliakntk luring Ht Bu^-cn* T Prase Mra John II 1 I'arlrni'Ht Harriet Pine Ann Amelia Peppers Fmny Pavfer Madura Vre Pope Ltieinda Pottingell Mri R L I'riry baiah Power Margaret Petereon^I'hreaa Phelps Mra T.lfth mPundetillCatliarincIVip'e Mm J 3 Penny Mpne'ta J Palmer Sarah Pi pe Ca'harine Petinou Jane Parauloy CarolinoA Puna Mr? Win S Pullia l.yiiia 3 d I Qo'nn Sarah, Qnigley Surah Quirk Maria lltary it Qninn Sarah, QnacUenhuth Mr* Quirk Hannah Munrue at S'.tpliou P 11 1 Kaulutt l!r.i Horaee EitterlauU lira Uo- ReynoUt Catharine Kaw.aryti Urn, Ve- w?a?la Koilly Annu >fy ?t Rifnilln Jimti Kelly Bridget, IIu 1 Haliea Mri Ann Rol.iaaoa F.lna ?' ??? Rein Mn It M, OrtcnKoktLBon Jane Reily Mary, Water' etrect Keitrk Mary ly Place Rct itiHtBff.iy Roulstone Vie11y Ki< hardnon, Mist 1 Rej uoida Mra. Ga?- Ann Brendway " ("evert at Kyuu Bridget Rot Sarah Reynold! E!i?a 11 yan Ellen, H'har- Koijera l.ntmla Retlly Bridget or toast Kooinsoa Bliiabetk . At.n Rattoone Ann D K< am Bridget ' Reilv Mary, Suffolk Raye Macaw. Kant Ma'am, Hreet Franklin at Kro&ilway Feily Mary, Center Read Miss M, First Kiih Catharine . itr?-et avenue Ryan Rllen, CaiRipley Mary B lit ^ar Mary miue at hUliaidton Marga- Reynolda Mies, RyauMarjr ret I'rtiby it S I Satin Emily Scipnette Catharine Snow Miaa M A I, Sparrow Lonita A Seott < arolise Sanderson Calha- Suuth Hr< taott Mary Tine fcuiitk Mra, 3Ptk at So lea Mary J S? atilnn T< rein Smith Mra M, Ei?t Strobel Cathuriae L b^ai piece Mrs II, Broadway Slevtr Snaan ' Lldttdcett Smith Cathartne SUonly Mrt i> Sani'lim Surah A South Catharine, Sullivan Mit Ana >e S,ll Knldah Fortyth atroet Sullivan Bridget ;e Sheelt Margaret Smith M<tt Kate Sulhvaa Jalia Stevene Mra M I Smith Lou lea Sallivan Mary Steventon Mri, Snith Roae Scully Tliertta C W Orand at Smith Sarah A Sohulli Mian JTraaSkerrett Catharine Smyth Jane eea M d ShrarniaaAan Siata Mrt Ben Seta u I it Rebeeea II i; M.raruitn < aroline Stirk Eliaatnta R Soy dam Sitrali >, Sl tarnma Fanny A SkiKDtr Mrt 8 tikiduore CaUiaritit Spclayne Catkarme T r Tanner Cordelia Towhel llantra Tmradoll Mrt Saatl Taylor Anna E Turktr Aii?oita F Taylor Fmlly Tor man Surah Tolan Mitt T> I) ' TayUr Mitt Phehe Tayl< r Mitt, lloweryThcinaoa Widow Ifirtff Mary Taylor F.lita L Ann Thitt Matiuin, Watt Taylor fcliiabeth Tli"nipa?a Mary Breaeway Twttily Mary Ter Tally Bridget _ Tlierp" Ftiia Martha Tnrntr Hridtet TLoiaton JtBtma Tt>dd t aiiiarioe TylerSutaaA ? V * t'K?iar.n Mra A I Tan Kip*r Mra( F.atl Vaa T^at Naaey I' Tan Iiyko Mita M Br. a !w?r) Tan Toori." km|l Tnulo Maiy M Van Boon llnauak XV Waltn Mian A A Wilira BhtI<I I W?l?k Mn A J Water. A'lc* W IUri Hoary Waalu rt.r.o K || ?v i|! ire KihIX * nlinin. Km I. Wi'I'iMrtinudly il Vt allar. Jan. ?r..?dw*T B'.dnor Martha Kik'iiii Mr* Tboa-Winder MndlU Ma - Whit# M>r|tnt r dui. dalm. Wri*ht S*r?h J B'alrli IUoal ?kh Whi.f. rd Minn ?.7tbWiIkt. Mt.j Adoll Vdth hirutt nrwi Mn A, Proa L WnlnhMary.Ornnn.W.nd Mary 8 ..ra.i i ntHl Wurci llnhnln WiUoB Mim Rn?. Wrl.b Brlds.k Walker Mm I A Wll.iy mr* anf k ' i, Web.t.r Mim Abb Wnllnro Abb ?? , W.df.oOod WBlli. Wl IBM. A??BdaV ? I'D. K W.l.h Mr.. Utm- WiIIibm. Sanaa A r, Whtto Catharian non .t WkUtak.r Mary A y Wlutn Sarah C WBl.hjBllB Wi*btinna Mrn. M r Wlan. Urtk Mb.ib Walah Mary. Broad.1 Wilalan AaaniM wBy Wnod lUb.aon w-a T y lord Rath Yam. Mra Patnr Tanaf Abb GENTLEMEN 8 LIST. * Ahrakam. Vr Adrian.*, Cnll.r A Abbot Nathaniel D _ Ark?r??n (lor.m Bnran. Adamn John 1 Ark.i ( . Addam. Joka AMank Uanry Aaklau I J .t.ii Albion Hugh Alnuladl A Aiulrftiir# l?n Aat'a Alll.rl Bibuot Mori- Al*?nr.d.r i.ayt AU.n H oo Abo. <! 0 Alloa Joka r Al'.nnd.r flonry tl Alrarwood k MuniAlbaoU Sl| L A*k? li.ary fnrd AI ?nrd (' A Aldrtdyn R J AwiWJ Aid.a Pnal Alo.and.r Cbo R Allan G>?ry? A .(in.. Joha A'm.tronr Joka Ara.tron. Jaka Arnold Win M Arnold J W A if Inr CaJ.>a A aold f K 7 Andr?w? Jonrph J Arnold MLlay-3 A.hbara Robrrt A Arnold 0#"^. Ab.Iib Thomna K 4idr... A D Aador?"B Walk.r Akwrl.nrr Tkoiaan Airrill Jo..jk ?' Aikm. Banjnnun Anal.ySnmnnl Ai.tiMilA D-l Ayraa llraaar iuoii lufii-l a A)r.? Ph n.r A.hl.} < hnrlna D ArB??roaf fraoal. Aroliot ElgaA II ArdrotAoha B Bradlny W R Black.t? M-atao* Brnhaaon Aomm Brady Jumna Blu.kwollA Bnboonk Dafld M Padial U llorkor. J I Babbl. II Brndainay lloary Blatkmaa clim Bl.ok Hooj T Brndhary Oiioli Bnbnook Mi.k Inn 1 bradloy 1.8 Bald * in Clia. N Ballial St. P H l.ri Bnk.r Hall Bnldata W W Baldvlr R-? N B Bnlainan tin. Baldwin M II Bnllnr Haiay M Band.iol Mnnolaa Hnbar Bara nkor Ai ka(> Ballard t harUa W Hak.r ( apt Ann 0 Baldwin < nf < Ed Bailor!' M Ban.ha llnnrr Hub. I'alrlok Bnird llnrid Biako Pa.rlnk |...Mf< rd Btaykna Barua W? W Barry John Barr rami Bark.r Joba B-l Borknr Haory V BnrMato f-d Ba> rati Hr ClnaicaO Harv a l.aroaaa M Bark.r Aoniak M Bailor Brady. I,ant B.radnll Mua. Aa- Barrrt*. J?r h _B "d tlla Barry J" tin Bayol ? * John Brarkaa Babrrb C a fiataal l Beam MarMa It Bar'.ay HaaryJ B?al?it < a t.ala? J Baa.k i??" B Baakl.y II M.aita K A Ha.kwtkh Tboa. Hoaai-Uj Maaf l??-k tir Altai* Haala Wai Ml"*" ? C.riMi rMliia BrtM?l?a?ay B "I"* B HrrryUra liwml I * I # Ba*4aa wm II k l.try 1hr?>4ora B?rry B.arr B.lkaap/aWiaa BrairrMr B.arau J.ka C Hraaaia falar Barry A B Baff.r Jaliaa KT,." ? a? w BtrrtMb. I? r???f Barrr rhaa I talk sap J'.ka IB Brapratt.takl 0 Baraiakal Mr S'l'lV'S t llaiariak Brirhara t _. Hi44la I I C Brtrrt Harris M.'Jankarfrr Bkl- Biaaahl 0 5^ j l.pll ??i-. ' ** * ? < Brill Wa Bliit Jai I* Ca. BIim N BriaMtan Jaa 5^** 1 i RraSirk A4as B.4?s H?<l) Bla<? B N B. <lia? Jaa Braa J?.ka ?""71 Hoaa Daalat B B.frail B Uw ?f?4 Ml HotaailJaa Breoka lasil 0 II. <-1 (a B Baaa Ja? Hrara Wia B ?r?sat kraaal Hrrillwi Br.wa J-I.a ? Mrasa Jar Braah Jake tI-? Brtaa I'lll Braaa J Warraa Br-aa Na'Al J Siaaa Ma Brass Jrha D TW B lii??a Biakaal Bar4 Wm B.tlu W?u May J W B..rk. WW Maj4 I}.. Bv.ia.rk B C B?y4 I?a4 " "i*!? J.F . Bawraiaa Wa> 0 Blaaa I haa W I??f4 Dar?4 J B. alar4 J M B??s>aa Jaka H.?y4a Jaa ' I(M>a Jaka 0 Hatha Thai Baaaaa Bahl Bu.k A-ah.l Braaa ? ??* ?|t?? Baailaa4 Jaka W B 'kaia F.aj BaaHay J Braaa M? Baaklat ?s?uaa Baahlry J A Oa . 1 ftr.rtia I kaa Baraaa I'kae arabAsi J Sam# >iailartal4 Ckaa B Ba.kf0a.rta* Baart Tal.asa Buaaa l-kaa W liaaaaM J >aaph Harila I haa Hatha*k Tk*a S BaU?r Jaka ?aa*?rt Mr Brraaaiak fr?f B HaUar ktahaW SVT'iTCL Barb Br Ralph J Mataaaa J< M Bnrka I a?, W? tlaaal.r raaraa Braaa Jaka Baraa Blac Barfail Wia ? BaHlak A Brraa._ J. ka llarw Pa?r1ak Hrara Jaaaaa Byraa Kaa^a I? a Baarka Tkaa IBaaamal at) By raa Dr Ckaa ^ (VaftJ.ka C%?4aUb k'aphas ^ "kar*" B P* t> I l.alrart Stapbaa M B Oaapkall aiai r Oaata.l f UaJlahaa Oaaa <rai?lka?a? I raktraa Baaj I ra? Jaataa ? Tkaatlara Tkama. l kaal.a tkaaAaaa <J^#?all KaakM |-ka4kar?.Ja.aa a (laaaaa Iraaak A lM?kall HaaJ . ralJarkavk fa Caaaraa klaka?4 < haalar. Mn?k ( allakaa fart rtaaUII Ba CUr???ll J.ka CaiB'rf Jaka Oatr p?al' Jaka ItaaM^ 1 ?.aky I larka Jaka CatkaaaI far ll?k I akla Walaaa r?? Baab Jaaa I araaakaa I larkt la? I Itirit' Jaka aa4 Oaaal4r Jaa Tata* *?t?aaa.ia Jaka r Cat a Maraar Jf Caapia BAala tarkr II tkapaw AUaa < Bn M I a. i*II !> ?* ( aaatay farrlkh Caraiakaa I?r Jaka <ar?r Bar?fal??aar 0ai4aa.r M M (Mb laaaa t rtart kr?f|?4 Marl 0 W l (lark C*l* *" *a*raa I larka? T I'rark A S 0.r?r Aaafkf ar. I'ao'tl f'arr. I B'a?f B 'l.ik. Jfka ( raat arr J#a <-7:^*"^ ?.y.a.lTa? C*?rt ??kMl I4KJ B W JSr* traJaBB ^ ak?r taarr r? ?Ja Ja a>a* ^ I '? M f ? btt.'*a< I Mr^ C?aki? V ( Craaa/ llarMrtaB.r O.I..4 WHkaa , **I^ra?r BMla^" CbUJ JakB )? I'kkla Chrliman CkM CMchoator Come- CMak Th?? 0 * Cllao A Uh Cufcy John <>: Collina J Coau Has Crvukar W? ?' Cult >? ??! a Colo Ctkin I R JJaj Colloa Hrary Cole A Van Mm- Couk l.awie "< Coleman WilliiP Irand Colo Ifcu M JJU' ( olli?? Oointaa t C0B111 William O lomr frtilll Vol c'rogrr n'im II Coohran John W Cawidy Joka (' Ituti I'mruk Cool*; Owes ('Ml,at K Ma CokkKathaa Coanall Joha Coffey Dan "u ( ro.-ktr Allan a Coaklia ('apt Tr ffouigkau I'atriok Mu Couoirr Jurntii Coaaorou Allan Cookrnu Lyon It ?' Condon M U Coaoolljr Junta Jokoaun Hui I talua Jsbi Couaor J C Cunklia Trad' k IV Wui Cenkfrrd Aliaj U Connello* J?ai<u Coaaolly T.uiottiy At ill > Canii'or Juteah Corroa Miraela 1>0 Coanor Andrew Corbia Joeepn Cock Can 11 Cook A ? , Curkoi Hnbinaun Corlioa W k. W Clooc Kilward Corwiu W?T C??ory l)a?id C<>lieii M U u Cooper Coparay George Cuop? r t'npt R -2 (re??et Kit-hard Copnag_ Rev Geo Chuppia I>r S I*?li ,, forma* J l.e<<a?rd ctoM Kara W I c>|n-lau1 Jahn ?, , Comtek Mitkaal Clear Edaurd Coagrove Cbriatop'r ( Con!?'v Jolin Crowley John Courtney Eugene Ml,t Crone's Jainea Coelln John Courwoiaior Con , t'.iiyle Patriek Coi li IIi*1?? CUukIi U li y,,, Cloatmaa Kieh II Croaby Capt F Co* Jiran jjc( Cieli Joee Feruan-Crui< ltahaiik Dr A Ciikltl Tbm jgu(

ili r Curtia W & M Camminga Iter Dr Ui.( fueling J H Cuuiuiinya (laa Cayla John H, l Cuuiuiinga J P fc TChryttie Jainea Cunniiigford Patak ^, ( Curtia Edward t urtle Gee Cenituiuaa David j|,( Cunningham li ugh fiiminiuxa M'ta R Caaaidy John Ul ( Carti* N II Cunningham Ik llroeComrninna Joaeph yi, l Curtia Joaeph U Cuahing Plioiuu Church l-aao j(?( Cole Joaih Curtin IT fallen Edward jl, j CeLiinaKB CutusGIt Cammeakey Pet yj, ] D Mel Daily Murrey Drake J -m ph T DwyerT Mi l Daly Edward Da'ey lleruard Drake Joaepk M Mi-1 Dalton Dotainick Daltou John Dalley Jainua ' pH>i? Mm Dauea J IT Drake Jmeph T J Darnel* ft Co F Dacia Mr Ilacia Thouiaa Met Dat M Marie Davit Hhclden B Davia Cap! I.ewia Mvl Darlcv Joka Davia Thoa DariaThomaa Day M'm Mr Daav Denia Davia Mf H Nui Davenport J D De Alv?ar Joae Daveap- rt J D Ne? Dettray Jamie Do Culver Mr DeCau'illon l'hot tie Dc la I our Crigand Deady '1 liouiaa He l.uce Time Nev lie Hale Chroever De l.anoy Win R De Foreet O I.autrtng Nee Hot.a De J Carra l'ablo-2 Delano Nathan Net | Di*i n Ik Petersen De Caten And J Henry New DeUny lienry Dreavee Jamea Da llarrett Peter h 11 Dean Joaeph Delany Martin Delaney William Nie , De Woll ItenJ Deoyrean Roger Douroia Mariah Nob J DcmpeeyJobn Dana Seul Derby k Miller Noe i Dermont Geo liny Devoe James Devine Patrick Dayer Cta* Dcrbey Charlei D-soemeanx Dr M H n.p Dickinson Rev Dui-Iiagen Mr Dwialit Rev II GO o'Fi Baxter Die! man llerr Diekeon (Iraliam . n Di<keraun l'eter Da it,ht, Thompson Driaeoll Florence k I Dicterlen Juliua 1C? Diuan Thotaaa )) ( Pinneeti Jamos Dixcn Daniel Driver M'm o n | Dinatuore *I 1* Divine John Doane Edward T (i n Driyga W # Dixcn John Donoven Thotaaa ..... Doherty Gaerga Dodd Joseph Dorr John G Donly John Doherty Iv in M Doty Capt l.evl F-S Douylierty Iln'y Donly Daniel Dou-1 Jamea .... Douglas* It H Pointing Daniel Doty Hiram Duvener M'm Donap A Jtonarhy Michael 1 Downey Thoatat Donovan John Dowdall F D nrelly Jotm Deody M'llliaai Daglas* Jon&th'n Douche! Mona ' Dowson l'utriak Duffel Doctor EdDowling Chria'r Donarherty Jim ward ? . Duuenn M m T II Drum Hugh Doatol J iiunnatt M m 11 ltulty U Johna Duboiaann Hon C D , ' Do 1.can Oliver Durham 'Ikon II Dwyer l'a'-t l'ntt'n David Euryae, Foray th k Dutm-nd John J, Duffy Mr Co Dupree Cltarlvc J''T, Dull ia Peter Durang Ephrcm K Pa v F?watdajna BhleeaWm ^ Earl Renj I'att SifiKiVo" EHUWV"' " Barley Wni Pm Eddy Thoa tdes Richard A Rastmau Win W 1'eii Bonn J no Rmm Jmi Rattan Ilanl I'm: Elliott Jo* Evan* l>ud!?y C Plough Jnn I'm I I'flin (i Schroder Pinny ! < <> Cart Evnaajata'a W pert Foolish Walt Ha cabin Solom'n Ksliug Joeuth J lMi KUiottF r p?r| V p?rl Farnntn Chna B Tariel Patrick FlartyTlei l'tie Parrel! Hugh Flattaly Jama? Frankmheitnor 3 1'rio Fa tten Win Pi aania Jumei F.iriscll <ico L } hn Fairwratter Al'r Fairbanka Gee P'arranJna I'm lislce Mr Finuitiran'e P'lUpalrieh ItieT J'uk FclPinbtirg T B Francis II 3 P'ee llenrr Pick FteleyOwen Fiacman O E Feldner Mr Pom Fcarly Wm Fit Id P E Ferrttsaar Etna n Faw I Ferniaa W 0 Fray A Mark Fleming Wm F 1'ort Flench Jaa A Furlong Tloto? P'ltapatriek Jan Pun Fiueh Jas IF Finn Michael Fiaber F II Pari Piak L K Ftnley James Fiak Andrew Enai Pinnay JiBisfl Finch llorallo M Ftetimoaa Simon Piuluyson If* FtUga'dit Jno Proo'irk Hannah Fcgarta P T'.yartv Journal Folaam Phobal ?' '' F orach I)r Fowler P U Fnvrlar lie Cain k V?" Ft rd C L Dr Park Henry U Co WUl' Finer Joshaa Feral Henry Fit tar Saui'l M B Frrhes E P Fersst Jnn T Forbs E Fay I os H in V F"?ler laoae F Ford'lkna Rap Fox Wm Froy Pal'k FoalerJae Mac Fulton Jti Fryera Rieh'd Fry Wm Kay Fallar Augastn Feota Guy Fay G CmPnm Alcx'r Crabe Otta Callaway R F liairniJauC Gala W Urnlita Id*'4 W l, Galiahcr Jno Gabay Il'y Aben Gallagher Mathew m, Callaght r Chae II GWdtiluit Joa 8 Grituuaa Michael |t,? Grady Johaaao Galligati Miobael Garrcan P A Gareiajaa Gandar Jnu Gardner II d Gardiner Thee A Gardner Knaolved-2 Gardner J U i Ganed Jaa Gamtlo J O Galobel A 8 u * Grant Thoe Canon Mirkle Gaatyeaall Jao Crittton II P k i t> Graundwater Saia'l Grattna Gaa Greentrea Howard Greaa C K o, \ Gran ty C W Green Jaa Greaa K M < rccn M Green Saml Goerac R Walking- n, . Creen Gaa Glaiaon Jaa ton Grehaint Jaa Germaaa P Grittin MlahaH Grtvickinu Jno Gil l.a II Gibaon Fran, la J o ' Gill ll'y Gila R 8 Ginnal T 11-8 Gilkey Kliab f*pt Giliaiur Wm Gillna Anthony Gtllmaa Frad'k Gillra Jaa Gillra Pranesj l-. Gilmartea Jaa Gilturu Philip Grrnnul Wm k? , Gtna latmat Godfrey A G ollahar Jaa Glover Huawali B Gonld a U Gnnaokaa Gioran GnldS Glarrr Juaepfe L Gordon G P Jr H' Gankel V Grecian Jao Colliding Jaa Got line Alfboeo G .ld?tnitk Ilanry B Guillanias t-ui Coring David Goth G Mnaeteur-X Gatlloa Wilaoa Pa> GljnnJaa hate ibrahuu U Goth George o,t H Pal , flankta*** Wm llamiltaa W W lin.ll (>*1y p'* I lltbaul Vict* II* kit Juo Walltr llaneoi ('apt J W ?* Htintmond C F Baity Narray II maeom Frank llaniin< Bd U flail John 11 cm mond D C *** . Ilnll (. I, Halee Cha. [I II*11 Cnpl l)?*ld ??' Hand,a Griffin Harkoti Miahael II main Chri<uu i llandy C Hnmnhan Thon.aa Manilla* Tint PI" I UtnliijrT llnaa?n Jacob HtiilM Niaola Ppa llut LB?1 Haaeu U*<>rK? P IUm>ui TL??m Q ? ? Harrtniton fin Harriaon Tlim K UmakUy Joinua J*' I Hardralurah J D llarria William llara Jntnaa 11 Pel llinira I'hi lluuafa a It Harrington Waa H Pta Uinova iimibor* Harnioa i W llart I'atar Pla t t o, Uarna It Itu T Harriaon Hoary baa I llanlitif Cay. A 9 Hart Joka Uayaa John 9t< Hackee Mr Uarna Mr Uaala Will.ant Pal Hayaejohn ilarti?u JanM Uawkiaa William I llaaaltoD I>r llnwlay Inns. I?3 Hay.Ian Joint a "* t Ilaya The tuna Marlon Daniel Hatch WmB I llau.a aba I'atar Hatah Portion! M II an Rohtra llaytor K lie b to Uarr <J C liayaa I'amd Sht Hatch Hiran II< iliym, M'chaol Hablard Ua? W '? Hacarty Tbonaa Ileal* Martin Iltaly John r HaidaitinrCarraduall'trfnittray Albart Hermann A R bin Harry Patrick Herri man II ratio Ihathaa M R Phi IJrrriman St?| haa Ucrbart l?eo?ord T lUrlika Maarica Pm ! Uraitu (laurf* llrrfr* John Hiaaina GvorR* "l" I Hill Holla llanlerfn J<hn fillTa A M P'? I lllroa l.ueina Hill t harloe It II itka Pater Ie Nil | liiliard John Hildant.mud Ft Hiokey Jntaea Pin Hirfer Jnaiah Hinvoat R.lart |lna?> Jatoca Pa i Ilaliaad J< ha Haaakatar Aaron Mnlbrook J O bn I ItoManRm Holla y It I aya t va Hi ilfinaa kuulea P>u I Halt lmnirl H Hnala o ttrnrj Hocon Thoinaa bin | H"?anRnhd U ah ha Wat 11 >gaa Jan Pni lloran Timothy llnrWin Alaa'r Horan John Pta Horn Hao llortoa V*m lloran Anthony Pin | Humor John Ilornatat Mr Uornar John 9m ! Ilonrk bidnay F llvtrnrd Inlna P Ho??liVI?. I.orealo 8 Ptn | llonard k Co V. I) llourhtnii A Co Motta liurlun btti Hi ii Ur I k II no a?t Unity I.all.or II I. Iloaahloa kdar F M< II. wall ti M Hoiieja-ll llayda P T 8t< ) llntaain Geo W Brattan TI<| Murat Jnlin < llantwfion R Flint Jna Hade R A Pn lllltallk Unnaoy I'atar Una Robert Pl< Bni l nnl Chna F Unuiar k I'lmtar llyda Chaa K Pa. I Hnrlay Kiehd Hanai Ho man Hrlaa Ph. Haaaay lenaa llotobina A 9 Ulaeklayjta ' Pb Hartley J oka JlaratHdowd i Pn I Iratn C F Ingnlla Wn lll>( An lataa nil | Inyraltat Ala'nr J Tn 1 Jaakaon T'rtak Jnakaan k Roan Jnakaon Goo 9 y t ! Jnakoon Samaal Jatnaa ktaykta Jamea Daall y r: Jange Mnthaw Jenainga t ha* Jeranano f W Tri Jelly Mr Johaaton It C? K Johna.m Sidney 9 In | Jaltaton Wat Jakntoa Wm Johnaoa J C Thi Ji traaion. Maakman Johaaton* Itaa R Jonao J K i Tot all . I Jaynao Kaahaa S Joaaa Wm a I Jonao b M Jonao Va Joa-a I.Oanaror | frl ! Jonaa W m Jonaa Jnn lilm'J Joiao llanry |r, Janrnat AlfraA Jaynaa Tl a R?t Jadd J B Tit K Jib Kanraa Dn*i4 Kntain Tliaa 0 Knaaan Analla kia|faJakaB KrolfaCaaiao RapaartViu J kaaaoaah Artkar Rally llaaid N ton II V I , Kaaaaa W II Kallnm Chaa Kail a It hart knly I'ntnak Kalaay Waltar P hooaa I'otriak 1,1 krana Thonma Kaalar John K Kloo F I ' I Kailythrta'r Rally Patnak Eaaraay Pa?rtak J I Rally John Rally Va Rlctbar Frnnata j"l Kelly John Re Ile a Oaran H Kc?|an Franaaa Reiunli 11 I> k Co I >yat S (' kaaiaa loan *" Reynrr (iao Ii Kaann Wm H Krnnalaa J R tary Vn Kanny Jamaa Rainy Win II Ki card* Rclort kaorn Martin Kidd John Ki'lnm I'atriak RiddJW Kid nay Jamaa J"* K Hirer Waa V Kill#) a I aarroaan ki.alooa Cbarlaa i I'" I kimla I Pr R Klna JaaanA Rapt kninlily VaA Kirk Robart Kianaai Wm V i j RiapRnraaH Rarantn Uaart Kinralha V* ill mm ; Rirekata H Kanaa Ron raj Rook Mr Una Rnraeh W Rata Jnn.aa Krnfor Mr Rm KaklJC I 1 ?* I Vr. Lime* Morrla UB?rrl A H Ukrlt J?k> I) I tu !???< I'mi I fana tilaa Lah,.. k ll'i nul t?<) Uh? l?n ha Urkli Jm y,t, Umj id Uviiin JmiHu latot WaS J ?,r Inc.tiiM i II N Uvrtn'f J U?*| I > tr Utfol A>4n? Uiit i?l?li (ilnai I w i?ki f,, l*r?i ? Uxitxifr IhM latin Ni?ImIm |i L*kr r>taiu>4 Urrk Jttii W I*; J?k> v?? Iw?>r4 Ittiiu l^irj IXill y .. It C La?U Hai<rj U>li l.uaian L U?h? J>li I Uuri lull |/*m cut I Utlil'al I??n.n iim !.?<! <> Haal J}*' Ulll IBM larjAkfca l#*? i* & i'a 5*' U?t? IIMf7 1,-IUr Or J M l.omrr Hanriafc * at l"l'J I.* ?! A Ijbhf lilimr *' kmwilb prw On U>wi It litttaa J kt * ' I I Ukitit |||,a l?-kwn<,l AW % C# J ?' I T Uti; Allvrt lAtny Jtmit N * ? LmtUy ? *1 Rank#* tana yhu l'4*n Walk * *' UlUiid Mmr I aikir Miliolu r U*?ri Xr * ' I,}|? HiiMrnm lnk'lApi H L * ! I n,Milt! I??U l./ma M< r4i?? Int.rat, Anal * ' A l^.at R Lad) ? H a Wat l}Mk Jafca *? L?rx??r I <J?a It Ji ka'a U<t?> Akral am'a " Fri?*d?M> Ukuna I1" * ? ? _ " r?i*a wit - FT"*7** - ! w*. IT,? ? jafainalai laftk H H Ht< Harlln .? ? ? iMktlk Ihmi Wnrkla k f? H , lf' Matita It* kwuaaakaAat ?% ??> Hyr-. frit Malm HaakiM Mania fmfc M?a C . X*T"*?.tor >? ?< J 8 ""V, J^k . w''*" M?|aa Tarry lUtkiti U M? ^ ktjti liual Ik 'ilrair Jtmm J '*'**.' ,?** Will, kl*r?<?rJJ knmu I' Marti'k I D H.trf.m I.VI Nar.ka.iA>- Nf.aaUatart* N?m.< Ama lv<k..i' */ I'm Vil*.. kttmmalo Sat.' jWll Sf.T illw W4,,i< knl j (i *> '>< Hat llHkall Ja W Wlklli I.MtTkldMl Krkt.Aa Nartm fait Vt Nti.kall kdarta r ><>? ?al laakaaut Tk* , IfirlkH. M?4i.i,M?all law"' ? ?m. J?a Wa#nita DanaU ! *!!. ',,,>. w>## Na?ar k.ka rill laM NtAaaaall ** tut tim h Jim Ika aaAakd Maaar 8, Wt 8 ' ? * Wki lata ika Hat f*'*!, i Vkit M>??aa?lta Ma'ka* lUaaHaU iaatah lalat Ha|T i k.lnat fkM 8^a laka ,T!I? I., lw<kf bmlaiialMf ""T.l*. i. ? V" k.a.ra Raal I Hart* W M*M?all J*h> r ? N?r- t? Ml n rVar w Mark Itkit SV" i_*'* VM, k'tl*|l>t mibatWt _ Skit i? ?rr*. k<ii?i i> i" itrmitHii S**!*,US_r? . L:w- iSsvfci ix (isfc* ssr/f, iz'SK. ferSr W,n I rlarty Poanlt Morton J W Melt Jamea K lit Byleanua Meabray <J F Meaaba'k Jacob ial< Utl Mortimer J oka K Mueely Juinea ft lie Wm Mo?haeh Murita Moran Danl it Jne Mooter John Morgan llenry range Kufut Morrio Kobl ('apt Monrea Miauud T re Jao kooo Jauiet It Murray V*ia B reaa James MarJek Joka Mtilen Michael neey Paul T Mall Wui L Mvert Edw ller Mathiap? t Mulligan Patrick Murphy Mr Hi r Tb Marlitt haml Muipliyjuka louny I'aik Murphy Path Murphy Mich! |'by t'liao Murphy John Murry Wui riieek M in MareiaJuo ler tie# Minehia Wm M? tdnm Richard McGmgli I'm MoCIore Jaraoj 1_ I U.ii.rv. UUKO UiiCn.'Li TVi,?a <rn!? Jam.. Mcllveiir Jam.s Mcl'ulleuch Mr tuck Icy Tva n- MaKay John MuDonaM I'hx II I i H'Cll Um M"l>?aalii iU? Ju lur. J hn M.Keon. I'atrlok M arly t his MoLauyhlin Patt MoDonisol J. ha lu'im fii'k M> hear Jinn M. John " '> Nr?l McLoml Ruti'l MoKvny Mieka.1 >rd Wm Vc Millin Donald MeFntloi JtiUM '?r11 it Thos M'Namara .(has Motiihney John lam Uil' >r> H X M. Unman Jus urmitk J hn kt Arthur John Mi liary Jamee 'fcrihy Mil h'l Mrr|ilH-m arlhr Timothy Meltanirt Miekl M .'flunk PaCk al e John McCaiiyhev Jat McKonil. U?or*? 'unn.ll It B Met ah. Philip MrKuon I'alriek 'ah. (tarn MoCarvill John Mi-Ke.r.r Thru 'ullrn J a mm McClrrthv John ok ArehlivuuNt I'.t.r Mcl'ulla VI inny haul luialtl Thi uia? McCoy M m?J Mi l-elland John )orald Saiu'l Mct'r w.y Thos MLnuchi.ey Martia ' nald Samuel Mcl'mkur John McMaahan John 5voy Fdward McCormick John or McNah i> "u> C'ha Jar McNainara Tliuiaiu Iri-yi-r J. hn Mct'ollum II it J Mr Vicar Darid laaln Charles McCall J K. McCuutekuu Henry iiU bam 1 N hot. Allan Naah Juhn B Newton Weelock n an A O'Don- Newn an John B Nolmn Aruti* II M N 1 *18** ? iherry A N.illy Alen N.vius Mr nan f'atriek Nclcr Charles N.agle J hon Kdwnrd Nrrill M'tn Nottin* Mr u an Kr.ii S S Nilli. Frun.ols holua I'nter Niemann Mr Nilua M1 IV hulas k; N ii 1- la i John T Nolan Francis P Ir Herman T Norton John 1) No'croea CaptJnmes u Michael Norcvtn Fred W W O oilly Bernard O'Brien II..race O'Connor M .T arrio Gabriel O il are llcnry Ohcrhotcr Merits >r Capt Thus H O'Neal IVier O'Onuur Law tent Ji'im u j'onneu l nos renue ftllatgD Pat'k O'Uurd O'Conner Thoj Mkin il Vui Oruuiidb? Q Orrnund UbeiliiaUf r U till* OX'fnuer Mich'l O'KeetfJohn eaie Thciras (Frontier Peter (Hiver John !T ir C hurls# O'Cennell Ihos OMulley Austin une )!n I u?l O'lt&k'An Darnel O'Conner James stile Futnek Jautvi O Mo lid Miuhatl tlioiue Andre OXXau^uefccy Mi- Orchard Samuel )?>d James W ehnel O'Reilly Tr>oma* itaEdnard 0 Koilly Patrick Oxliolui Junius riue Michael P etew Ftene*a Farkcr Rev J. 11-2 Psrhhirst R * "slreoeritk Palmer K<(ud (J Paddock Uenj'a tee M J Palmer Gen W Park J U melee/aims Parmor Daniel Palmer Geo W" ker E Pratt John I' P**u Ai Bacon 1 Ca|?t John T Pratt l.ewie A Patterson Geo W i er Mt Pally Hamilton I'aticmoa Geo ey A A Peck T J Puttera? n John tersen HiraiA D P? e? K K I'Attsrson (Son 3uik Jaa 11 Peel A 11 I'eaao Alpheus D y Nehemiak l'Lclp# Egbert N Puck Kuv llenry X ee (an Si la# 0 Pcarce kichard P#ok W m B reon N F Pepper N II Peck Patrick iIMolb l\mnJD-2 IVnUl?ton Captain [?? John Pendleton Elixha K Green re Do YFitt C Pettlgrew Kobi PeteriRcy S M tin* Jobi Phippen Arnoa R Pen in Harrison iin# Kioh'd J Pierce Mr Peckell H P e Charles Phillip# John F l'ureol George r 1-arques Philips Alexan'r Prince Benjamin >rj J#uits Pbillippi Math Pirkings \ trdjohn Price IVm Picka*-d Ftnanuel irtt Kiehard P..#t J D Pi iJohn ett 1 Porter John T Fomeroy |; M eroy Julius R Pontoe John Port A trt W Ponltereron 8 J Portertield Capt urAlcxau'r Plumuier Vt'tu T Rohvri py Jacob Purcell David Puig Aq?<T ten Nareieo P I'arkherst CD PurU Thomas i M U Palmer Jona u H u iilyCha.J Qain John Qnlnloy Pntritli iin Idw Vnia Falriok yiuuu Utwroaso uii Mr, Wtourn ih-uuc It nnrllntnl Fay Wm Fam.onJa.II ploya N II Kay Jamet Kaw.on ? E U lot'i hirua* Racklifl .Irrnm' Kapp Joaopa Klcl.ard K.juhuiI C K Uadduu i l.l. Jilt m l.! W K Roynolda Lak? Roroyer Nlchil'i an ll.nry lead Win Rimuu. Timothy in id Wm H KcokoJohn Holmi Johanna lloj Michaal Kelly John Keiainatou A <J iwick John RifW llnwon C Rink Win kcrvutt Jainof Kidor Emory Rirhardaon W fl TI iny KiM>JnIiuoC Richnj'Hid Jaiuoo ? Tl.nuiks Kichnrii.on W A Ilicky Kol crt rrtsrn Amlrco* Kockmll llrrald ll'Xititon E*y imyt'd Knkrko John?2 Roach A <' S B Ki John Kvbinaon I'otor line Convtrto Kcb.u., n lleory Kutrrvi Uracil r.r- F.vasi Rollina Copt C II Roblnoon Solo* ;rrl llr Aud Kullioa Junes S Hogor. Rilce K klindr. Aciru.l Kookford 'I'homad [ir.l'eior Hoi iu.ou Hut., d John ice k Co R< . k J Ropokhar*! JVC ichc I* f Roci.y Wm Rom A M ~1 n J H Kvroniball Ln'a kuokik J >bi cutcltllrr'a Rowiand l K?.i C'Uarlo alEdr ard Km Jaiiic. Hoarkci ratrick n Matthew Roadlepb Joha i, Jumrl Kyai. Matthew HynaJolin u William Keaaell Wm Kyam Minimal rail I iiuri kta> Jnanikk Kueaul l.4\te.4 fall J Biibianoa Time Kotlo N K 8 ifont C V-S fundi S S Etr.ith Char In ibornc M Is hand* t apt W A Stanley J M tar llitr; F hie tin Jaa It 1* W nk (iarrat Small llorrltl Shale. John nton M ch FnoMturo Vf Hihrnilir FlHll imaltr Jttab Ptanabarj Jan Saliatar* Staph a >?a J I* Sargwnt Tboe 8 Staek (Jarratt tin Jamaa Shaw Beny F 8iat(ulJac)h irki fan.aU Suanin Henry K Sharp UeoJr ller k Hro Snail Wra Seaman Lloyd J iilook R II 8' ?? Tl.i.n S'olv K?t Ja< it la Joba J Spedekar Win halilliialiayda A uterJohnP Siitafrr Doi.allt Sebnalder Juhtta trail tr Aogite Kf ?or If m ( ' SfLafer loha , ad W m gcloter Joetak Sheff'ri Mahlon f per W ib b|?Bitr H W Jntor A M melt Win 8in J Sahtulor Hair.n'k rlinyKS Sey m? ?r AIM B Shepherd DrS E .ernerhera Stewart ti k t'o httel I) IVai'lagtan 'atar Munik M m II Dlirrmaa it If amiendin*?r 8,-anfi r lr. ilk k StereneJ lUynrt Serenbili Hoy T M Saytnonr Jaha Bart tiro Stephana Jaa SLeppnrJ IF rtin baia'l ShitlaBd Phillip Stewart Jaa iihoi'ii Uenrr X Shrrrnian Tin a SheparJ KilwarJ t M>lm Jakn 8 Sehtrldl ChrU- Slinr K 11 ymaafer Jacob tiae* Shiel Tkoa tmer L'Lae L-l Swmefrrd Rnht Sirup- n Vt'm A taonjaa Vchieea Jacob Sima Arrnaiwni inj < hat J frhllllng J Sifcri TlaoJorB rla.t rapt Wm Siaipeon f J Sprino Albert pman W iVord A Simmona livery Scliimdl Araewatni?i>n Sinclair VFm aia Irt llnth Skinner M rrio P'iakaayBP nth fc liartwi'B Spifea Fredk Smith Jwoeh lib '/. W (ant Jainaa L llulit A L ith WaehiBKten Smith ( apt Smith a l>at...aaara itli Fradariak Smith Jehti, Ind Smith Tbaa II itth llaary Sltnone 1'eter Smith Wia II k Ci I tall Win blank John Smith I'ailllp nth Na.aoa lliaui liavrge Sa.ltli li J nth II .1 Siulih tiiyimhua P Stoddard A II 111k John SbolirThta Stakan Jan II kna Jaaita Srlonuni I. W ar L beutt H II ilea rrudariak kbtros* Jalil i ritim-hnuw Jobs 'o ard f'lral' r Hluman Salomon II ow ('apt Jahaa Seott Edward Scott Satnoel >rr Hot lir k C Sonlhack Iraaaia Stoirma Aiirne'.ae utt Win II I.?i Saadnr'aua L It op ott John Salinek A Sa mini la Jn . W ira Henry Seyffardt W'm Star-aery A Itaa Tlmaiil P Stwriaraat a Id Pail man Wm in Johali Shan, a ay II C Sallitaaloat imp aad Jaaklaa Soil tan (Tnallua SaLiaaika Cbaa tin an Saad'ikar faally IHniila V tlcrTk-aiaa Tyrradl Mlahael Trarla Unfit. Jy liran Jamei C TaalTa M iliaal Taj I r i.""r?ja >ok Otorya J Tayh r Fenni r B Tmmai inn i !* tea M W 1 aj I"f Jamaa Toarkaa Joha A ok Win T Tata J- ha Tarry KUkt araat Jamaa Tajlorl.nka fo'iarty korim 1 Hrottl Af TnyatorAra Ti'nrlcWiaT kotiy TawipleloB Joha Thiaaia F W'm may Dfaata Terry imrid Tiaaa 1bamaa-4 Bit all W W* Tren.por, I'latlkCa I'kouiueon itaa 'aay I. O ThiMi f H R Th> maa tmk'd I .III ? a tfuoil Hot rw T.eoo. W II i<u I'airlrk Th'ia?? I'i>iTliora Lti n|U-i.i h T1 n.| i>( n, Calt & Tkam^oiu I'aail I ) Ttfiha. lUnrf >? pan* J l??* Tb'.*ip*?? J I. * C? 1 k>.lap*> * J inn lumJikik UkmiUoII IiiikH i ii a Tl.?rm> a lioWiliC Tl.'iuk. J?aa r* ff?*ry Tl<*if. a A A Tfi> aji-m J -a t.aa, W n. -I Tari< a>-t (;atrappa Toapiina r> B ip hiai >r?l A T1i<>i*Mr>n Aa4ra? Taa|..? Mi- a?I fnpi-n Ala*- If j Wa'irM* Tiaar II 1? C H?r Inn k Tknnai D ?.?'? J>a?aal I a Ttwrr* H?nry II It ilao Tjl??(1lal?l Ta'ila ?k.iu<r auJian T?n?r Alfur4 II Mli Pa'.lak T"ff .< Hanry Tadrh">? Rkt'4 ?>Ma I'ati4 Ta> l?* amaa Traahlal Alii kaiU Tajlai Ota V WrAal't Don mi i ?/? in il Vr-jwl.arl ?>??.<* h a L b I'aLar kwi ul V a lt?a**a TaM? J I>? Tti .Ta-"* Art* I IIkim II Vali alia* M W Ta* Ori<*ti Jatia laa M II ??!> <? I<*? W Varrat lurtt it* Taart* Vul llu<; TlWr fhirln aa?-'i R???n* *!a*tlr? H ? Tulania Mr Alia k W T??d?li'.l J T?rh?i flaara I* l?artkii Tan l>ail.u/4*a Vaa-ii>r i>?r?afcr avid ?\i?r?l 1> Jt*?i 1, ll- ntaaJ ka R Tnn llutMiC H HlatTolt J a* I Kul Jata T?a *>4 Ckai C W laa? Jamaa WalltrRa Wal*a>? Flaarj (r trn Jmr R Wall Tl."lna* Wahar?* Al?>nf?' ai Ifrmln Tk% WailirWm Walk?r Maa*> na J *?t??ttk Ilaa R WiHn CM..a 1 II Caft NMI H Watt Tkariah kar k R talu R*r J M WW'ITunra * *>t k ( o A S Walah J*fc* .t'?n Wn i ' ?ar Wai *??? > ?>?4 , ?ai>la> M*4t ? ?r? i.a W WaiaxlU^ W*r*?r Wai k' 4 I'ainak * '! >lHri W>Tr?? A < km. Km *"<h IiiiImi Wtw ll?il>f 4 ? !?.* J W? Hakt U*. lam* k kiaa Tkaaia* ??t,ki Haarr * ?<aa?l?"aat-?. la Allan Wkatla* k Marj?? Wkaalat R*af*t? . ? ' *"? *Ml Utiill Wk..l? Ja.C "'"dTl Vlvlir H I kartk fH?? '? ' Wi?iA Wadal AaAraw R ?lak M aliaal T i O Wktftttov fcWkl ^? . I .1 L Wal.k Jaka Waalara ft A ?, J\,Jm Waal Kaatuala " I Al'ra4 Wajaaaili B**a4i*kW>l? *. *j II II J 0 Wtlaan Capiat* Wi(fla? f? _ t ll.irlak RiiHaaiHi Wn.kt W? ? Ma W.i??? Mr A WilUfciaka iWn Willatt R4?ar4 Willaagfckj Wm R * a Ja>a|>k Wllm W? Wf lRk* / I _ la. R - ?A ?V k a VlLkl Hatf wui??? i?k?r Jtfca Wil**i * Will km. J?>a?a ~4 W1111 ? Ww Wim' il Jia* ? r.Mtfa ??. Whit*a4|a Kit MlV f*?? _ ij.ka Wait*.. TWau w,a??ar?lw itv?r K M *Mi?.f r-rt t a?>4 r jukui Whin*#*, Faaaah Whitateaaa llaa rkrar ? ' W'.r. m wa. . o.?|. AttkMf ? ?<??? It ff II I !/ ? A W??4??>i1 Jul? II W?W>Bl%aa la Wa f^?^ita?r tr??lhii?l ? t , ? ...? T.a*aa ? ? ?? ?* I feaa I |M ??1>aW ??H ?f -"nil nTKti.r > 1 MKDICAb. MAKiUAUK l ' * WHY SO OKThN UNHAPPY. T FI E I'AtlKltMNb THE KKMKDT. Many anu many a mike lmmkca years or li.Hlly n>(T?nnr ?ud i f mtnial ?nu?lth, yroatrat* an 4 h*iple??. mihittennf her life, that ??f her huohand. and haiI ardien the fu? ure welfare uf her u'ulJrn, anaia* from nqmi ' which, if known, would hiverpaird t he euff*rlc| the anguiafc l*i*J* lf*> a,?d to the l.u?lai.d cuiharraae<nento and pecuniary dtt r nit i??* bavin* their origin in the mind being wel*hn4 dean and harraiHiad m eouoe<< uenco of tin a.eknean of Utn C1 inf .*lu u of hit boiom. M? w important that the cannon ehould bo known to ovary wife, tot wry 1 iuhand tint the dreadful aud harrowing untequenceo to tho health and ha,-p|uaaa of both may an avoide I ! Life is too eburt aud health two precious to admit toy por*i' n ?.f the one t-, h? ^p^nt. without tho full enjoyment of the other. The timely ponooiioion of a little work entitled an Mldwp, ha* been the ioe*ne of earing the benlUi aud the life of thousands an over TWO lll'NDKKL) TUOU8\ND ooriet hatt been sold tiince the first edition wai ieeued. The author hue heen induced to adv?*rti?* it bv the untent and | rii)U-nt of those who have If o iniet tad to it* publican,,* for *11 thi-v hold dear (t) *1 ml may kirr an oppnrtenit v of obtaining it), ami win have favored i> i* with thousands of letters I tucomiuiu, torn* of wbleh *t? auacged ? 111* advertisement. THE MARRIED WOMAN'S raiVATK M K b I C A L COM P A N I 0 X . BT. PR. A. M. MAI'RICEAD, ritrrmn* or msra'ES or worn:*. TWvifiWA l.tlllinn. 18ino., yip 250. Priee, $1,00. THIS WOHK IK IN1TEN l?EI> ESPEPlALLT F'lRTnj MAHKIED, or thee rontemplatir - marriage, as it di**loa?a imp. rtaut not* which mould be known to them parUiularly. Here, every female? tha wife, the mother?tho ono either budding into womanhood, or ti e o*e in the decline of yeara, in kii-m nature eontcmplatca uu important change?ean discov er the can***, ay Diploma, and the must eUicient ruuu? d esand nest certnin nioiie of cure, in every complaint to a III! h tier Ol a subject. The rovelktioaa contained in It* pace* have proved Meaning to thi utands >? th? innumerable letter* received I y the author (which he la i : ciitted by th? writora I" publish) will attest. SICKLY AND UNHAPPY WIVES. Extracl oj a luittr Ji can i (itntlt loin in Ihyhm, O. " barrow, May I. 1847. "Dr. A M. MArmoraf?My dear sir: 'The Married Woman a Private Metrical Companion,' lot ahich 1 enclosed ono dollar toyour address, came aately to haud. 1 would not have troubled you with these few linen, but thut I am impelled by a sense of gratitude, for myself and wife, to give uttoram e to our aineere and lieartlrft rmuiiona. " My wife liaa heoo p.n cptibly inking fur some throb yrara or more, lu o,.n-e.|uen.. of h-rgreat anguish and suffering me wontlia befor* and during confinement; every successive one uiure and more di initiated and prostrated her, putting lier lile in iriiiiuooul di.ogrr, nnd win h was, oa the !e?t occasion despaired of. laiiiytscd that tins a'a'e of things was iuevit able, and ri signed myself to meet tho wont. A t t li 10 time (now about two mouths) I heard your lock highly spoken o' a? contain ng some matlera reaching my ea*o. On Its receipt and peruiul, 1 eannot evpreva to jota th? relief it nrtsrded my distressed mind, and the Joy lta pages imparted to my wife, on les'uiug that tlie great dislovery or M. M. Doai.meaux pro* ded i? remedy. I' opened a prospect to me which I little inceived was poesible. No pecuniary ooaaidoration an t".or repay the obligations I ara unuar to you lor liartug teen I he meana of imparting to a* tho matters conlaincc in Tic Married Vt mail's Private Medical Coupi nlon.' But f i ti \ ere another your would hnvo pasted over my head, in all human probability, my w ife would h*?? been in h?r grave, aud my uhildren left mothsrUss." F.jtrnel hum n Isttrr. COMPETENCE AND HEALTH. La>R, easTtPa . Oct. 24,1847. Vv Pt *R Sin?I hnnw yon will bare the kindnes* to bear with me in encroaching upon y i time, while I aeknow ltdge (in behui! of my elf midwife) tus oougnuons wn rem nuistlvo* under to yon, in having; tuudn kn<?u certain mature Contained in your most in?Hluablu Married H'-ium's Private Medicil < ouipaninn. I? hu? l*sn worth its weight in gold tome. It 1 expivs* ui>?< If ru' her warmly, you wilt that 1 cannot do *o too aainily, when I inform f?a of tha extent to which I hive, through it. benu benefitted. I will ate iny situstioa all* u I ?iturned your book through the merest curiosity. I look upon it as ona of tha m il lortunatt even's ot my life. I had i ? -n married aotna ten years, and *iu< the father of seem children. I *a* long struggling unceasingly, to tho end that I t. ^ht gain a m<<d?rate eoinfatoticy, nut tho result* of my utmost exertions at tha and ft tae about where 1 wui at the beginning of each year; aod that only, with the nmat stinted economy, suttcing with barely ti e necessaries of life. I nhlly, this constant effort was leginaing to huvt i'.sehect u^>n my health. 1 felt Uss ea? able to endur*its Oontinuanct, while I felt thw necessity of rerstversnce. This constant, nn censing struggle en my part was imperative, in consequence -f the | rctrhslod eoudiUon of my w ifo (with <>eca*i< nal iiitei luichM o ) for sis years, much of I the time eonfined ta her bed, and of course incapable of 1 taking ti e charge and Diarinrcnietit of household affairs. Her condition arose from cutis** of which 1 was ignorant. Oh ! what would I have given had I the six years to live over acainf H'hnt would my wife have given to have been spared tbe long days and still longer nights prostrate on a bed of fi*kn<?? ail af which would have beeu avoided, had I then seen u copy of Tit Harried Woman's Private M*4ieai CovpautA. Trcrv a Physician. DANCKKOUB DELIVERIES. OBSTBUl'TIONR. lHRE'it'l.AHlTIES, k?. IT. w many nr. .iiltnng from obatrnetion nr irregnlnrltlna peeuliar to il>? l.iiitti. eyatera, whic'i undermine their health, the afloat. of wbieh they are ignorant, and fur winch lilittiy rirlilli wiklni mln il mlvio?.1 II w many anlf.r from f rolai .? uteri (falling of t !> womb ) or fr la H?..rall.ui (waakneaa, debility, ln>. he )' Mow many arc is >nalunt agony lor tunny m<m lia grinding coulineiaoai' II.w Wany have difficult, if no' dangeroiic, dYliteriea, and wlioac livea nre jeoparded during em k Mm*, w ill 'led In ill page, Ihu meaaa ol pretention. amelioration. and rcliaf! Extract from a Lettar. T? TII05I JUST MARRIED.?"1JAD I ISOWSr " Phii Aiiai rMia, Noe. ?, IH<7. "Da. A M Mai'Riraat'' llud I an-.n of Hi. important matter! tr<at<4 .1 in 'The Marnod Human I'ritate M.di al Companion ' c ine yearx a to, lo w mneh inn-cry I our tit have ea< ar?d ! I have nifler< <i yrara from aaeee which yon ,oiat out in year l.ook. wiihouI kcwing what to do I obtained a copy, and lorn.I my cn.e troai.d of. Itruitevery frmala will mail hcracU cf tha Infarmation eouutiatd lit it, page*." I.etttrt art daily retcitcd of llila aharartcr, anaeeauary to imwDl. To Ihcee ycl unmarried. fit roatemrltting marriage er perkap* l i.Haliur an to the propriety of incurring the rat|a>nail Iliii.. attendant up a it. ilia iaif riani. of Iwiac puNttitl of the rrvrlationi contained in ihe.i page*. <> i?tiu.atoly luvolying their future happmoaa, canuot be approciat.d. It m. of eearaa. imprartlml la to emery more felly the vnrivua eahjecU treated of, a. thry are of a natare .tro lly la. tendvd |..r the married, or tl e ntrmplavog rn.rria**; aaither I* il arceaaare, i. n nrri oe . duty oe i.c ai ..... .... I a.. .I.e.. . I ... I .1 . a n ifr. U author. ur a alitor. may V tuljeot, tan b? obnatad. COPIES WILL BE SENT BY MAIL, FREE OF POSTAL E, TO TIIL PURCHASER. Oa tka r?rfipi of On? f>"l!ar. "THE MSKRIRD W? MANS full ill MhUICAI. CuMI'ANION" la Mat (aiailad frao) ta aay part of Ilia I'aitrd Statao. All lattara lit o ft to aval-paid fein ft Ibmo riintalnin* a ro tail tanoo, > >it ai'tmoil < I>r. A. N MAl'KIt K \ 1, V?t lift, NaT Ti'ik l lty. I'uMifliiua oCko. >?. lit Libarty ntroat, N?? Tork. OVER JO,000 COPIES HAVE BEEN SENT BY MAIL wtlliln Uiria irmntht, aith porfoet aafatr an<l aartalnty. JVroaU at if'id llroiilaay. ami at the I'iiMUMiik tJA l.liitrly atr Si a York I. ill A , Al' my; t? It I?a*i?. 8'iolno T. U I'tlor-' B, 9 rh'unat itraot. I'Silouolflila. tad l.i.'.korllori Ikruurlinut tbo I altrd stotoa PHIVaTE IVI NO IS ASYM'M-rOMML'NICATKINS ai d jjlleolioa for admitinn lo I* mndt lo lit'. Kaa* O'-'ly. IIn ai .' I'ark. It a(l r i?tii? arrat plratnr* l? rtti>na?af ihi ab<m la< titallaa af iHtalllM la r*ut aiu'h (nod. I kaow t>r. Kraioi'y lad I lit a k bim >k ilfal, aid aolT >11*4 to arraaaa and minor* tutli aa oota! VAI.r.NTIM MOTT. M D. PA It IS A.N D LONDON TREATMENT Of I'RITATH di.?aff. Call a ad >?a tb? crrtitio-oo for roraa at ,d oaoo that w?ro (Irea af by araily all othor ph?oniaao.? Uuailrrda of onrao la foot to ta, nty-foar h-mo, a* oiditf fhyilt iaa ian final it. Voo raai Eauatlant, Dtkilit/, a*, aanttt n-fxt a cara by hif s't m <l? ???r otbora. DF? LAKMONT, ?J Hoada tlr??.. ut donrt fr<m li roadway, aiiaraa'aor curat la trorjr caat, o. aa fay. ftatlt fori^dioal riiif El CrVlUI EEWAEu-dirrniEf ANTIDI/TB, A MI. ipftFcfv ri:.i Mixtara '-ribt < rr? of O aorrlima, Claot, f ri-11 re - and, miisr Ctrfm fl ntabo a o|oud? tort, lllioal lilt leaf ret r.titan if din?, drink, txyxara, c| thany In o,'f>ii. an?a to boiiot'A Too yr. frttlor cl.oJ'ea/aa atlritlit tan whirl. lL? r i.trt mil tut aaro, under ibt for. frimri of art hoadred d< llan. Far'hrr -tht <im?m taaatl l? acatrattrd If a do?? of tbr niitora it takea *hoa atpoatd, I* it pat an ta bat''at, with ftijidtne'ioao, a> |l. ?o,.? ko.' t Iffff a a y aro fnrfl In ma dart. For aalt by ( . H. R.Nfi. IK ki'iadaay: IT f f i l tirwnt. DK COOPER 14 III ANR STREET. If AH, FOR THE loot foartera rear-. r-nflnod hit froatlca ta tbo 'roal. nn tit i.i n>?r trial tad othor dlooitataf adalirato aa aro. Ho ran a -- iko nttl Mtnttlod tattt af I hit do too. ail Id iai? rrmnrrl la tao to tor day t. A parftrt oara. * ? ikttga. ^^5 No i t KE MO PAT.-DR. IORBITT. If RT ** "? ay bt teurnltcd oa the iraatmaul af >?_ dlatataa. A yractito af tiatrrn ifaro. dn?"?, " " moat ef dallntt dittnira. raablaa Dr ' "VtAo'""*' ,,m.*Airdr?ii?i,oflr oronrv at-d. .arriwd i-rooa. ETFRT MOTII t R'A blX'S '"* ' b0***'/ JJ1* ?r^" a ,,. 11 . '..'.o ,,, *. iI ' rr* . a nil h? abrtatad rot ?<i iu > ! Mu? a'?". th% r?>kPott?r?N riut. |?a?ta "I aaJ? ?' M* it i*u?r? u>niviK>Ai'iiiiiiiir"iii(riir4riTiii. aa<t ??" >. al lir, li,.' A a Hi- irfhrtl I ? '' < ? Klliln Mm I* rnra t! tiArall raaar af Bloat, f"?r' raf m>Ml trfBkii'aa. ?f HfBra Urn. If (Airatly kn it Mm* murnmm. Pilrala aatraaca ikraa*k Ilk* ktry- , pill KARHIBD WOlik f KHITa t B IIDIl'iL COXI i?- ii III l?r. A. M fiitiKii' 1'n.liiHi ?| InMMM I wirn luiS ifiUii, l??i, jip zvt?rrtoafl.?Yaara a( iff?rin? ml ykyrlaal ui mamal nuiih tr maay aa mlfmmwkli a if*, mm* Miituri litnlllN I* lb* lukkni, mlafck i?< l.ii irknll; I i n.-If r<.rr?.?l a if thif *nrk. It Ik i'iiI'I tally Imr tbr i>r that* mttakliNH irrlaf ? Mil flaalnaai lay naat antral*. *Mah akoal* k* im t* 1MB (kflmltfl; T. thill khilM health free kit p?tmil ?f HlnnkM lllbi lily. II I# rf mtyrlml imprttanra Men alM. mmmry female- the art fa, lh? Mtkif Iki am* liber batata* laf* rnaahAo*. or tht eat la ilia 4*ali*e*t ihin it'ura Mn.iaiiitH aa Impart ay I ehaaaa, ka ' '? thaeaneee -)-r.*i >?, an4 the anil efVleat u %n* neat -a?at* aHi ?f ear*. la mmmry aaaaflafat k a kiak kar aaa > eahfeat. llilrMt rf a i-e'ter 'mat aCaaUamaa la Diyaa. OIK^ Ik A ??' " aarM) Diu ktr - My art fa haa kaaa yaraeytlkly tlakla* fat riB' t' I" T'?" ' aii.ra it mtinn -a ul (raal aa t it taf r ? ' " lit nstaih* lifm aaf lanaj bar a?aa?m?*' mmmry wnr-mmm-mm taa mm *a? air* ItkKTliWf ami raatraiat bar. p<*tia? hrr Ufa la immisaat 4*m**r. ami rhirk wae a t! r law aaeaetoa. 4?fAir?f af. I Hffillt kal Ikta fiat* if ih tn ? > iaeeltahla aa* raaltaat myaaM a mail tbe ?-m * tkla time 4e. * akiat tmaaalha),! aar? roar book kl?kly iftaa al. a* aaatalala* **M* tarn rit'l nf mi raar <>* tu ramift aa* taraaai, I Haul ?i y-n tV rallrf It afr.rfef my ft'treaaof miai. ami hi ) j tta r***a tiajmrka* ti my wifa. aa learatat that tma yaaf alatetery *1 I. X. D*n>naa*? frillil a itaafy. || raa a i r??i>?t t* ma, trfcl'k I llttia naatrM traa k*aatMat frr tkla. ay* Mat' rr rear ?**M bay* amaaa* iraf krml. la all fanta^-kaN/..*. my m^f* m*a? ka**k*am a kar trara, aa* my ahlhkraa laft aawmtma It la, at aaarra. inyraotleakl* ta aeaeay mara fate taa lartaar yakjeeu traatrf rf. a* Ikay aa* af a aatar* aaaliMf atawfaa far lb- marrtat. aa thaaa tea tamalatta* tulim far aat* at CO #r*af*my. am* at tta r*(luhtaa teaji JVarlt ftraat.^M?? f'^iLittl^k^Ca.. "ft* tka matpt af ?| a afcpy mill to^naamltta* k*

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