Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 3, 1850, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 3, 1850 Page 1
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' / / > TH NO. 6868. ?|WOTl< r..-STEAMSHIP PACIFIC, FROM LIVERPOOL X* i? diw hurginK. unJ.r ^cn.r*! ?rd?r, ?t the foot ff Ciw&l atrret. Consign.*. *111 pie... .end their permit! on t/.arel In.medittely. J SO* Ll?ERPWOL.-eMTKl> STATES MAIL STEaM' ship PACIFIC, Capt. Ki?? Nye.?Thii steamihip rill depart with the mails for Europe, positively Saturday, July 6th, at 1? o'clock M., from her berth it the foot of Canal s'.ree'. Paeiungers will please tend all luo[? cage wot wanted ou the pat*** on board Friday July.'iin, marked below, with the nunintr of the'r berth. All letters muit paee (trough the Pv>< fho?. The eteamet AtKntio Will succeed the Parifo and aai Inly 27th. For freight or passage, having onequalled^oeemmodAtioM for elogauus or oumf' rt. avplv to KlilV I). K. COLLINS. 86 Wall atrotk. UNITED STATES MAIL BTtAMERS BETWEEN NEW York and Liverpool.?The eon* cemyosing this line are he ATLANTIC, Captain West. ARCTIC, Captain Luen. PACIFIC. Captain Nye. BALTIC, Captain Cowsteok. ADRIATIC, Captain Oral ton. These "mips hnviig bees built by ountraot expressly fof Rivera-rent earvioe, every care hit been taken in their eonotmc. on. as also in their engiues, to ensure strength and Oper I, and their aeeommodatwns for passenger* arc nncqr ? lad for elegauoe or comfort. Pri?? ?f paesago from New Yo.d. to IJverpool, $L*b exclusive ueo of extra eiee etate fo t s, 8T5. An experienced surgena will he attached to oa , ship. No bcrthe to cured until paid tor. Tor freight or vwxo, apply to EDW'D A. COLLINS, V. Wall etreeti or. ao BROWN. SIMI'LLY t? CO., l ivoruoei. *te Atlantic will leaee Liverpool July lO, " " Pacittn " " Newkork July i, " " " " " Liverpool July SI, 14 " Atiantio " " New York July 27, " The owners of these ehips will not be accountable for gold, diver, bullion, specie, jewelry, precious stones or metals, unless Inline,( lading are signtd therefer. and the value ahere f. thyrr.n expressed. 130R CALIFORNIA. VIA CBAORES.?ON SATURDAY, July 13th, 18VI, at 3 o'clock 1' M , from tho pier foot of Warren street, North River. The new and splendid mail steamship OEORCIa will leave nv above, her regular day. Pateape can be procured on application at tho olnoe of <he Company. 177 West street, corner Warren street, to Charleston. Savannah, Havana. New Orleaua and Chagres; and through passage to San Francisco, Califuruia. For terms, jj p'.y to M. O, ROBERTS, 177 Wert, oop. Warren at. I30R CALIFORNIA, Y1A PAN AW A.-THE SIRSTAN1 tial steamship a: EN ARAL ZAi 11 \KY TAYI.OR, A. 8. Pittman, master, now on l er route to California, is .expected tc reach Panama about the 13th of Auiuit. She .Las superior accommodations for passengers. Fur passage from Panama to San Truncisco, apply to JOSEPH T. MARTf.V. No. 37 South street. TllROUCiil LINF. TOR SAN FRANCISCO?CALIFORNIA by steam and sail-ag packets, via <'ha$res and Panama. The time through by this line is about lifty daye; price of passage to San Francisco, catdn $20U; seoond ditto, IV'iO. To leave for Chagrrs July 13th. The bulk of ten eufcic feet allowed to each naesenger for baggage. No expenses in debarking or embarking to passengers by this line. For passage or other information, annly to IIKRDLE AND VTRICIIT, : t 130 Cedar streot corner of Washington St., 3d Boor. TIIROUCU LINE FOR SAN FRANCISCO, VIACUAgr?# direct? The apleodid steamship ("11KKOK EE, Henry Windle, Commander, will leave her dock, Pier No. 4 North "Sliver, tor t'haeri ,,s direct, on Monday. Julv 8th. at 3 o'clock. j'tremgcrn are particularly requested to have tlicir baggage onboard, the SalurUayprevious. HOWL AND ft ASl'INWALT* N'.s, M ami M South street. ClilirOtKU TICKETS, THROUGH DIRECT?TWO / lower cabin and one steerage, per Cherokee, Sth inat., connecting with Tennessee from Panama, July 25; cne first class to < lift :res, ami one through steerage, per Georgia, J3th, and Col urn bus, 3d voyage, for sale, low, by (Al ItKHT WELLES, ss llroadway, e truer Wall St. ItGK cai.irOHNI \-A THIUH'OII CABIN TICKET FOR Jc steams In p C11FK0KEE, of Sth July, for sale at No. 6ti Cedar atreet. Through to san fiianscim o . for sale, a through ticket, first cabin, in Howland ft Aspinwall'a line, per Cherokee (to sail July sth) ami Teanessoe. No detention by this line. Preferred berths in both shins. Apply t? JOHN E. DEVKLIN, 11 Wall at. Iiiomt VI IFORN 1A ?Til Hoi ',11 TICKETS VIA1STIImua and l'aiiuuia, in Julr, for San Francisco, for sale tif DOLE ? CO., O Front street. Foei tit sit J uly. PROGRAMME OF TI1K CELEBRATION OF THE FOURTH of jr i.r. The Military under the command of Major General Handford will form on the Battery at 0 o'clock, anil after pas;in through si vrral strieta. will be reviewed by the Mayor niid Members of the Common Councl' at 11 o'clock. A. M The various Cburrh bells throughout tiie City will "bo rums from ti t7 o'clock, A. M ., trom 12 to 1, and 0 la 7 o'clock, 1*. M. There will he n display of Fireworks in the evening In front of the City llall under the direction Of Mr Hall, and Msdlsen Stasis, ??<l ?t Hi?rlem under the charge id Mr J. W. Iladfleld: Tompkins aijuarc mid the howling Green by Mr. Stauton, commencing at lit o'clock. Thore will l>? a baud of music at each of the above places, who will perforin trom early in the evening until the close of tho fireworks, j Committee or A*kas?;emkvts. rfUttmm. dill. .lltUrmen. ' Or.n. H Fhaveliv, James Ackekmav, z ?sami. hftla m at Eft, Ceavia Jt'uaow, IJ-SAS r I "1LK1.IN, A A AllOSO, Jtroif Ouiii, 1). 1* fsMVis. JtbtcitH Mil i,kb. D J RAMI. WI I.I.I AM ARAMS. Commlss'r of Repair* aul Supplies. Common Conns-It. IIOAXI* OF AI.OKR.MKX. Jolt t ? AMi-rmtn Morgans. I're-ldent. The resignation of Th mas IVaUk-h. as Common fcbool Trustee of the Fourth Ward, was accepted g llll 9ALAMKS OF Til A roLlrK. Alderman Milier submitted the following ordinance : lie it onlaiced. by the Mayor, Aldermen ami 0<>maionaity, iu Common Council convened, uutil further ordered. I. The rem pen "Ation or par of captains of police in this alty shall be SioU per annum. 2 The rmnpeti-ntii'ii or pay of assistant eaptains lihall he fO'.O & Tin oompensation of policemen. ffiOO. 4 The ordinunca |o take effect from duly 1st, 1850 This pro pi - I in caused a lengthcnc i deVite, during which several amendments and amendments upon amendments were proposed Finally, tbe previous question was n, <ti d. alien the ordinance was lost by a majority of 12 againrt 0. TNI wiLLisMsai a .ii ri:aav qi-Mtins. Tha question af the W illlainsburgh Ferry eame up for cons.deration, upon a preamble and resolutions from the It ard ol Assistants Incorporating the sup gesto.ii. of Uo- M nv'>r in hi s \ etn upon th,> ordinance granting a lease to the IVIlliamshurgh Ferry Company ?f the l,rry front Cherry street to South Seventh street William.burgh The Board of Assistants eomMu-nced. rfe naro. with a series of resolutions. Instead of -amending their former ordinance. In order to save the time (ten days) required for th" veto to be published h< fote i.ay action , old I . taken --a the question Tha Mayor is of opinion that wh vergets the u?w (erry ?bould pay for it 1 he Roar] of Assistants now propose to allow the Williani-hugrh Company to run the ferry for >2 .iOO per annum, they having a claim to that amount against the Common Council. Sev. tal mi n h- rs of the it,, ard npr ?rd th-cis-i res In favor of a rival company, who want a lease of the -proposed terry, and offer to pay $5,000 per annum in advance l?r the privilege. home members, too. hrld that it was insulting to the Mayor to art in this manner In referenee to his veto A motion to refer the document was lost. Alderman Sh?? moved to strike eut the preamble, In order te consider the proposition In ite naked form The motion wae carried The previoue question was called for by Alderman Wno?, and lo t Alderman llswvs moved to refer the resolutions to the Committee on Ferries L-et by fl to 12. Alderman Kai.i.r moved an adjournment, which was lost [Alderman (Isirrtv moved to amend the resolution, hv Inserting that tha Ferry Company pay $5,000 for the privilege l.oet, 1 ' voting f ,r and 8 against The question was ultimately taken on the adoption r>f the resolution* when 13 voted In the affirmative and h In the negative and the Board then adjourned . at 1 o'clock. BOARD or AWHTAim. Jet.r 3 ?Thle Board met last evening. r recent. the president in the chair, and a quorum of members in khetr place* aaroait or committ*r?. The Committee on llnade reported favnraNy to grading Second avenue, from Tweuty-eighth to 129th gtreet Adopted Committee on fftreet* reported in faror of eon nrring with the Board of Aldermen In revolution filing the evtcrior line ol the cite on the fast river, Mwi a tkMnatl and rreatynM ?treet?. mm I tag to map drawn l>y Daniel P.wing Adopted Pima wornniittee in fhror of flagging eldewaik* in Thirteenth treet, fTom Mnth avenue f> Hudson river Adopted Also. for regulating forty eighth a treat, from Tenth ft t : nvetme to Hudson river t>n concurrence, concurred In Alan, in favor of Ailing sunken lot in Twelfth I wtfet Kit feet eaat of Avrnitc H Adopted Alao, tar regelating and grading forty-fifth etrvet. from . lerentb avenue to lluJenn river. On concurrence, oncurred in. Alao in faror of concurreuca in reaolution to Bag aldewalk on easterly aide of tf eat atreet, Anm Oanaeroert to Thirteenth atreet. Concurred in. Report of the Committee on Repair* and Bnppllea, In faror of repairing and re painting the City Hall, and appropriating tia.lAK) th. relnr. Adopted Irtrraa raoe nit a> <*? ?r n rriMli Resolution making additional appropriation of 1-100 I tar the )at regiment of New York Volunteera Referred It renin* Ion granting the nae of the Supreme Court i | room in the new City flail to th? ludaatrial Congreaa, Jer holding evening meetlnga. Referred Resolution appointing Wilson o Hunt a Comtnia aionar of Common Schools for the Twelfth ward. Cuni I eurrrd in. Report of fommltte on Wharves. Tier*, and Blip* In tavor of building additional I. to the aontherly aide of pier foot of Hammond atreet M R Conenrrei in II Resolution to repnir tldewalk* around Clinton ' 3 Market ^ononrred in Re'seiwllon to pay John Leveridga gt.M3 21, being g ttle amount of judgment obtained by him againat the i etty ?o iMJi Rev . 1MB. with Interest up to the present I? Rae a* aaaei itiim. 'ibi ReenluHon te repair Lewis atreet. between IfeeHhn tttid Hiring*' n streets Alan, to flag sidewalk in latkuns atreet, hetweeu Wa-hington and West street Alao, te repair Perry etrtet. without delay AUo. tn repair Charles atreet All concurr-d in Jjoard adjourned E N E' TELEGRAPHIC INTELLIGENCE* | HIGHLY INTERESTING INTELLIGENCE. THE EXTRAORDINARY CONFESSION OK PROFESSOR JOHN W. WEBSTER, OF T1IK I MURDER OF DOCTOR GEORGE PARKMAN. : I Thrilling Account of the Murder, by the Murderer. ? ? I TI1K WAT THE IJODY WAS DISPOSED OP. .IDDIT50J.IL ADVICES FUOM EUROPE, &c., Arc., Arc. i Tile Coiift salon of Professor Webster, of tlie Blurdcr of Dr. Purkmsn, Boston. July 2, 1850. At the mooting of the Council, this morning, the ease of Professor Webster was referred to a committee. Before the committee, at 12 o'ciook, appeared the Ho*. l>r. Putnam, the spiritual advisor of the condemned. with a petition for a commutation of punish i Furkniun. The Reverend gentleman pre faced the statement by j 1 n few remarks relative to the inanuer in which the j < confession was made to him lie stated that ho had ' no previous acquaintanceship with Professor Webster, before being called to act iu the capacity of his spiritual I adviser. In the first few weeks of his visits, he sought ) no acknowledgement of the prisoner. At len^di, on the 23d of May, lie visited him in his cell, and demanded 1 of him, for his own well being, that he should tell tho 1 truth in regard to the matter, and lie acceded to the request, by making a statement, which was uow subj milled for the consideration of the Cowuoll. It was in substance as follows: ? Tilth CONFKSSIOM. On Tuefday, 20th November, I sent tho noto to Dr. I 1'arkman. which, it appears, was carried by the boy, ; Maxwell. 1 handed it to LittleDeld unsealed. It was 1 | to ask I>r Turkman to call at my rooms, on Friday; , the 23d, after my lecture, lie had become, of late, very : importunate for his pay. lie had threatened ma with [ 1 asnit; to put an officer in my house, and to drive me from my professorhip. if I did not pay him. The I purport of my uote was simply to ask the oon. : : ference. 1 did not tell him. in it, what I could j do, or what I bad to nay about the payment. I ' wished to gain, for those few days, a release from ' | his solicitations, to which 1 was liable every day, ' | on occasions, and in a manner very disagreeable and alarming, and also to avert for so long a time, at i least, the iulfilinent of recent threats of severe measures. I did not expect to be able to pay him when Friday should arrive. My purpose was, If he should i accede to the proposed Interview, to state to him my I embarrassments and utter inability to pay hiin at present?to apologise for those things in my conduct ! which had offended him?to throw myself upon his j mercy?to beg for farther time and indulgence, for the r.akc ofiny family, if not for myself, and to make as good j promises to bim as 1 could have any hope of , kosqing. I did not hear front liiml<>n that Tday, nor | the Belt, (Wednesday.) but I found on Thursday he I bad been abroad to pursuit of me without finding tue. I i I imagiitcu he hud forgotten lh? appointment, or else I did cot mean to wait for it. 1 feared he would come | In upon me at my lecture hour, or while I was prepar- j : itig my experiments for it; then fore, I called at his i j house on that morning. (Friday.) between eight and I liiur v i-ii'iK, iu iruiiiKi uiui vi uiy *i-ii m i<*r uiiu ni the College, at hall-past one? my lecture closing at one. 1 did not stop to talk with him. for I expected the cclm rsntion would be a long one. and I ha l my lecture to prepare lor, for it w:ii necvsssry for ino to hare my time and. al?o, to keep my mind free from other exciting matter*. Dr. Purkiuan agreed to cal on me a* 1 proposed lie came, accordingly, between ! half past one and two o'clock, entering at the lecture I rtom door. I was engaged in removing some gU??e# , 1 ' from my lecture room table, into the room in the rear, ! | called the tipper laboratory. lie ramu rapidly down the step, and followed mc into tho laboratory He lot- ' mediately mc with gnat energy?" Art you I ready for me. sir.? liars you got the money I re' piled, "No. ]>r Parkninn." and I was then beginniag to state my condition, and my appeal to 1 him. but he would not listen to ntc. and interrupted me with mush vehemence, lie called me a scoundrel and liar, and weut on heaping on me the most hitter taunts and opprobrious epithets. While he was speaki lug. he drew a handful of papers front his pocket, and 1 took from among them my two u?te.i, and al-o an old letter from Dr. llossack, written mauy years j ago, congratulating him on his success in get1 ting me appointed Professor of Chemistry. " Vou | see,'' he said. "4 got you Into your office, and now I will get you out of It." lie put back into bis pocket all the papers except the letter aad the notes. 1 cannot tell bow long the torrent of threats and Invectives continued, aud 1 ranuot recall to memo sj uui m PUIAII pmivu ?I "Dai or Fftiu; ai nr*i. I icpi tnterpoaing. trying to parify him, no that I might obtain the ol.ji rt lor which I aought the Interview. l>nt I could not -t??| bim. and ar-on my own Utn|x r wan up; ( I forgot everything and (alt nothing but the (ting of hla worda. I *a< earlted to the highoat d-gr-a ot paaalrn. and while be waa rpraking and gesticulating in the DCMst violent and menacing manner, thru-ting tbo letter and hi* flat Into my fare. in my fury I teiied 1 I whatever thing wan handiest (it waa a atlek of vood}( ' and deait blm an Inatantaneouablow with all the loroe that paraion could give it I did not know, or think, or rare, where I rbould bit blm. nor how hard, nor I what the effect would be It waa on the aide of hia luad. and there waa nothing to break the force of | the blow. He fell Inrtantly upon the paeeraent. There we* no eeroud blow; he did not more. I etooped down over him, end he vented to he lift leee Rlood flowed from hie mouth, and I got a eponge and wiped It away. I got loma ammonia and applied it to hie noee. but without effeot. Terhapa I j epent ten mlnutea in attempta to reauacitate him but 1 found he waa abeoluiely dead. In my horror and rouat* matlon, I ran InetiactWely to the door* and bolted thim. the dcora of the lecture room and of the laboratory below, And then, what waa I to do ' It nerer recurred to me to go out and declare what had been done, and obtain aaaietanre I raw nothing bnt the alternative of a ancceaaful movement and eeneeelment of the body on tha one hand, and of infamy and daatmetlon on the ether. The flrat thing I did, | at aeon aa I ronld do anything, waa to draw the body Into the private room adjoining, where I took off the | clothe- and began patting thvm into tha Are, whlrh ' wbp warning in me npper laboratory They were all eooaiimed there that afternoon. with papere, pocket- J book, and whntrrer they contained. I did not eg- I 1 amine the pock?t?, nor nnw anything. except 1 the watoh I <i? that, or the ehaln of it, hanging out I took It, and threw it orer the bridge a* I went to ('antbridge My ncit more tai to get thn body into tin' alnk which -land* In the ?mall prlrate room; ' i by retting the body partially erect againrt tho corner, 1 and by getting up into tin- rtnk my?<lf. I enceeedcl 1 in drawing it up th< ro. It wac entirely dismembered. 1 It w?." jnirkly done a* a work of terrible and de*po- ' rate neeeaelty. The only Inatrument cat the knife pound by the .Ulcere. in the tea che?t, which I kept j for culling cork* I aiade no um? nfthe Tnrki h knife, I ' aa it waa called at the trial That had long been I 1 kept on my parlor mantelpiece in Cambridge, aa a en. ; 1 rlnwe ornament Mr daughter* frequently eleaned it: ' haaoe (be mark* of oil and whiting found on it. I , 1 had lately brought it Into Boston to get the allrcr | 1 aheath repaired While dismembering the body, I a etream of Coehituate water waa rannlng through ' the rink, carrying off the blood in a pipe that paaaed down through the lower laboratory There ' mu?t hare been a leak In the pipe, for the ' 1 ceiling below waa atainrd Immediately around It.? There waa a lire burning In the fornaee of theliwer laboratory LitUefirld wac mutagen la thinking ' ?????? VV YO MORNING EDITION?W1 there bad never been a fire there He had probably never kindled one. bat I had done it myself several I bad done it that day for th? purpose of making oxygen gas The head and visesra were put into that furnacn that day, and the fuel heaped 011. I did not examine at night to see to what degree they were consumed. Soma of the extremities were put in there, I believe, on that daj ; the pel via, and some of the limbs. perhaps, were all put under the lid ot the leelure room table, in what is called the well? a deep sink, lined with lead , a St ri am of Coehituatc wan turned into it, andjkept running through it all Friday night; the thorax was put into a similar well, in the lower laboratory, whleh 1 filled aith water, and threw in a quantity of potat-h, which I found thero. This disposilion of the remains was not changed till aft-* the visit of the officers on Monday. When tin body had been thus all disposed of. I cleared away all traces of what lmd been done I think the stick with which the fstnl blow bad beeu struck proved to be a piece of the stump of a large grape vino ?say two inches iu diameter, and two feet long It wai on* of several pieces which I had carried iu fiotn Cambridge long before, A>r the purpose of showing the effect of certain chemical fluids in coloring wood, by being absorbed into the pores. The grape vine, being a very porous wood, was well adapted to this purpose. Another longer stick had be?n used as intended and exhibited to the students. This one had not been used. I put it into the fire. I took up the two notes either from the table or the floor, I think the table, close by where Dr. P had fallen. I seized an old metnilie pen lying on the table, dashed it across the face and through the signatures, and put them in my pocket. 1 do not know why I did this rathor than put them in the fire, for I had not considered for a moment what efiect oither mode of disposing of thein would have on the mortgage, or my indebtedness to Dr. P. end [the other persons interested, and 1 had not yet given a single thought to the question as to what account 1 should give of the object or result of my interview with Dr. Parkman. I never saw the tlodgo hammer speken of by Littlefleid; never knew ef its the College to go h' mo. as late He eix o'clock I collected my sail" ax well as I could, that I might meet my family and otbirswilh composure. On Saturday, I visited my roc me at the College, but made no change in the disposition of the remains, and laid no plans as to my future course. On Saturday evening. I read the notice in the ' Transcript," respecting big disappearance. I was then deeply impressed with tha necessity of immediately taking some grouud as to the obatacterof my interview with I?r. Park man. for I saw that it must become known that I had had such an interview, as I had appointed it first by an unsealed note on Tuesday, and on Priday bad myself called at bis house in open day, and ratified the arrangement, and hud there been seen, and had probably been overheard by the man servant, and 1 knew not by bow many persons. Dr. 1*. might have be? n seen entering my rooms, or how many persons hu might have told hy th" way where he wus going the interview would in all probability bo known, and 1 must be ready to explain it. The <{ue,tion exercised me much, but on Sunday my course was taken. 1 would go into ltoston and be the first to declare my. self the person, as yet unknown, with whom Dr P hud made the appointment. I would take th< ground that I had invited him to the College to pay him money, and that 1 had paid it. Aoeordiug< ly. I fixt d upon the sum hy taking the small note aud adding Interest, which It appears I east erroneously. If I had thought of this courro earlier, 1 should not have deposited I'ettee's cheek for is ia# onkriri Diver Tank on Saturday, hut should have suppressed It, us going so tar to make up the sum which 1 was to have professed to have paid the day be. fore, and which Petteu knew I had by me at the houi of interview; it had not occurred to mo that I should ever show the notes cancelled in proof of it. or 1 should hare destroyed the large note, and let it be in ferrod that it was gone with the uiisaiiig man. and I should oniy have kept the small one, which was all that 1 could pretend to have paid My single thought was concealment and safety; everything else was inch d< litul to that. 1 wis In nostste to consider my ulterlol pecuniary Interest. Money though I needed it so much was of no account with me In that condition ol mind II Thud designed and premeditated the homicide of Dr. Prrkman. in order to get the possession cf tho notes and cancel my debt. I not only should not have deposited Tetter's check the iicitih;. but iliauld have msdt seme show of gcttirg and having the money the mone irg before. 1 should hare drawn my money fr ui th, bank and taken ocsasion to mention to the csshb rthkl 1 had a sum to make up on that day fcr Dr Parkmau and the same to Henchman, when I borrowed the f 10 I should have remark) d that I was so much short ot i sum that 1 was to pay I'arkman I bORowed'thc b?iii j nl lli nchman as mere pocket money for the dsy . I ha J Intended the homicide of Dr. P., I should not kav? mrdi the appointment with him twice, and each tlm* iu so open a manner that other persons would aim >at certainly know of It. and I should not have invited him to my rooms at an hour whi n the College would be full of students and others and an hour when I was moat likely to ret elve calls from others, for that was the hour, just afti r the lecture at which persona having business with me, or In my rooms, were always directed to call. T looked iuto my rooms ou findry afternoon, but did nothing After the first visit of the officer*, I took the pelvis and some of the limbs from the upper well, and threw them Into the vsult nnihr the |*ivy I took the thorax from the well below, and packed It In the tea chest, as found My own I inpretaion has been, that this was not donu till after the second visit of the officers. which wn on Tu a day. but kingsley s testimony ah ws thit It mu-t have been done Sooner The perforation of the thorax hsd hern made by th" knife. At the time of removing the viscera, on Wednesday, I put on kiudlings and made a fire in the furnace below, having first pok, 1 down the ashes Some of the limbs. I rsnuot ra. member which or bow many. wara ronaumed at tliAt time. Thla waa the lout I had to do with the remain*. The tin hoi waa dealgucd to rmlfi the thorax. though I hail not concluded whert I ah >uld finally put tlie hoi. The firh hooka, tied up a? grappl-a, were to bo need i?r drawing up the part* in the vault, whenever I ahonld determine how to dlapoaa of lh> in and ret atraina enough I had a mnfuaed double object in ordering the hoi, and making the grapplea. I had. before, intended to get eueh thing* to aend to t'ayal; the hoi to hold tb<- plant* and other article* which I wi-hed to protect from the aalt water and the lea air. and the hooka to he uaed there In obtaining eorialliae plant* lr m the aea. It w*? thi* prevlonaly Intended u?e of them that *urge?ted and ml led It If up with the idea of the other application I doubt, even now. to which u*e they would hare been applied, I had not uaed the honk* at the time of the di-covery The tan put Into the tea cheat waa taken from a barrel M it that had bean In (he oratory for - me time Thv bag of tan brought in en M nday wa-. n >t uaed. nor intended to he u?*d, It belonged to a quantity obtained by ine a long time ?g". f r iperlm< nta In tanning, and waa aeat la by the family to gel it out of the way Ita being-ant In juat at that time waa accidental I waa not aware Ibet t ha J rut th? knife In tha ehaat Th.. all-It I n the eaurer of Ink. wae for making c.nric ding-^m4 r n cloth The bunch of Mrd key* bad hern u?ed long ?g<> by m* In Fruit etrnet. and thrown careleenly by Into 1 drawer I nerrr examined them, and do not know wh? Ihcr they would tit any of tbe lock* of the college r>r not. If there were other key* fit'I eg (loom with rhich I had nothing to do. I euppoei <1 they mu?t her* been nil duplicate*.off key* of former loch* left there hy Ike median t r janitor I know nothing about them, and ehould never be likely to notice them amonget the multitude of article*, large and email, of all kind*, collected In my room* The janitor had larnlehe.j me with a key to the diverting room for the admiMion of medical friend* riettlng the College hut I had nerer n?cd It The nitric add on the *talr? wae not need to r?moT' *pot? of blood, but wa* dropped by nrddwnt. H h-otl Bern railed for me on Friday the gnth. I wae in doubt whether I wa* under arre?t, or whether ? rr.'re trirt ?. ar h of my r<>< m* wan to be had. the alter hypntheei* being hardly lea* appalling than the rm'T When I found that w# went o?<r tragic# fridge l thought the arrret m -it probable When RK H ^DJNESDAI, J uLi 185(J I found that the carriage was stopping at the jail, I wan 6 ure of my fate. lletore loav. lng the carriage, I took a dose of strychnine ftom my pocket and swallowed it. I had prepared it in the shape of a pill before I left iny laboratory on the 23d. I thought 1 could mot bear to currire detection. I thought it wan u large dose. The etate of my nervous system. probably, defeated Ite action partially. The effects of the poison were terrible beyond description. It was in operation at the College, and before I went there, but aunt severely

afterwards. 1 wrote but one ol the anonymous letters produced at the trial the on* mailed at Kast Cambridge. The little buudle referred to in the letter detained by the jailer, contained only a bottlo of citric acid, for domestic use. I had seen it stated in a newspaper that I had purchased a (juautity of oxalic acid, which it was presumed was to be used in removing blood stains. I wish the parcel to be kept untouched, that it may be shown, if there should bo occasion, what it really was that I had purchased I hare drawn up, in separate papers, an explanation of the uso I intended to make of th) blood sent for on Thursday, the 22d, and of the conversation ?.;h hittlefield about the dissecting vault I think tlist Petteo, in bis testimouy at the trial, put too strongly my words about having settled with Dr. P. j Whatever I did say of the kind, was in the hope I enlortainbd that I should be able to pacify Dr P., and ; mako nome arrangeuieut with him, ami was Haiti ia i order to quiet L'ettce. who watt becoming restive uud-r the solicitations of I>r. Parkman. After Dr Webster h?vl Htated moat of the facta ro rented above on the 113,1 May. thin question, with al i the earnestness, solemnity, and authority of tone that | Dr. Putmau was master of, was addressed him : ? " Dr. TJ'ebster, in all probability your days are num 1 btrcd; you cannot, you dare not speak falsely to mo | now. you must not die with a lie in your mouth; so, prove to yourself that your repentauce fcr the ains of your past life is sincere tell 1110 the truth, thou ?a eonhdeiico to be kept satrod during your life-time and as much longer hs my regard for the bappi: ntsa of your family shall seem to me to require, and { the interest of truth and justice to permit. Search ! to the bottom of your heart for the history of your | motives, and tell me, before (lod, did it never occur to you. before the decease of Dr. Parkuian, that his death, If you could bring it to pass, would be o1 gT< at advantage to you, or at least that personal injury to him might possibly be the result of your ex. peeled conference with him * As a dying man, I charge you to answer me truly and exactly, or else be silent?had you not such a thought?" " No. never," said he, with energy and feeling; as I live, aud as Uod is my witness, never! I was no more capable of such a thought than oue of my innocent children I never had the remotest Idea of injuring Dr P. until the moment the blow was struck. Dr. P. was extremely severe and sharp the most provoking of men?and I am irritable and passionateA quick banded and brief violence of temper has been a bisetting sin of my life I was an only child?much Indulged and I haTe never acquired the control over my passions that I ought to have acquired early, and the consequence is all this." " But you notified Dr. Parkiaan to meet you at a certain heur, aud told him you would pay him, woen you kucw you had not the money ?" ' No," he replied. I did not tell him I would pay him. and there is no evidence that I told him so. l!xcept n>y own words spoken after his disappearance, and I I, n ,1 Si.l,irinlr,?S tn tmlri, (be i-rnun I that I hud paid him, tlio.e words were of the mlaerable tissue of falsehoods to which 1 whs committed from the mo m 'liI 1 had iK'ltn to cuuol tt< 1 ? - - W?a ' thought of injuring Turkman." ( This w?t accompanied by the statement in which ' Professor Webster attempts to explain as to his acting bittl. ti. id. sending for blood, and of inquiring about gases frem the vault. Alter reading thn statement 1 I>r Putuian proceeded to argue a< to its truth' fulness saying that It was uiade when the writ of error was still pending. Professor Webster's elate was worth several thousand dollars, and that he was ' cot In such a strait as te. commit s|nch a crime do' lib< rately. The previous petition from Professor Webster.protesting his innocence and praying for absolute pardon, be said was got up by his family, who were no. wavering in their belief in his innocence until his conIfersion * .is communicated to them about a week sine# lie eonrluded in a.-serling hi* belie f that the confeseion was true. Member* ui thn council have retained a copy of tha 1 | petition previously pre*' nli-d. and withdrawn by the advice otl'r Putuian. which will probably be publish.!"^ ' ! It assert* his Innocence, and it also asserts that Little' Bsld. or some Other person, placed tho remains in his i room, to ronipsss his ruin. ' INTERESTING FROM EUROPE. ; ADDITIONAL. INTELLIGENCE B|r g|TCI> /it 1 lM | STEAMSHIP EUKOPA, AT HALIFAX. i The B*ws of the quick passage of the Atlantic gave i great satisfaction to the friends of the roil ins line, nt j Liverpool Some disappointment is expressed at the | romparative failure of the Viceroy, but this is more j than eompc nsatrd by the report that government had ' determined to make *< m? i ort < n tha western eoa*t of | r Ireland the station for the delivery of the North American mails. The Kuropa will be sueoceded by the lltVmia. America Atlantic, and Asia Am tig the passengers loat by the steamer Orion were Professor Hums Mrs. I'latt and two daughter*.cf Glasgow Mr Rennet of Chester. Mi** Morrl*. the niece of Mr hum*. Mr lagn. James Martin. John Pierce, of Liverpool. Harriet McKianie. Hugh and Capt McNeil, of Paisley, and Mr. Park of Birkenhead. Ea|land. The conduct of the government In reference to the controversy growing out of tho Greek mostion an* to *i)gro?? tho attention of th? l'ogli?h pr**t tn l public alniort to the delation of cnry other ' lul'jcct. Tlic London Timet I* tending it* Ta?i influence in 1 oppoeitlon to the mlnletry ami r1o?e? a powortnl art! fie on Friday with the prediction, that. Whatever map Ie th* al> mat* eff?et nf th*** *ren;? ca ! tk* g..vetnri*rt nt tlii* ronatrp. w* hnld It t? h* a ru ral I imp..?*ih.lltv for Uri i*alm?r?tni in r**'nr* the l,r?l(n , rniattn** f Rniiaad to th*lr natural, *nae*fal, ??i I. aor?. tl? ed'tlan, ?*d a* lour aa tic I r|<? if* -cal* .if thv ndl *, meat wl.?l*?.me aaJ imp-rtant .InIlea mil remain a a'?jr? aaaa. The Llrerpor.1 .!#? mat of Thursday night ?*y? Lcrd Ji l.a Nnaarll dealt th* wnrvt blew to tha peer* ol.l.k thep hare *v*r p*t received. Ilta ?*p*rh, npen aae<i*lr?cal e.n tempt 'nt thorn, and hi* hanctiip. demncratic d-ni*l that th* vot*? vf th* nppor hen * eaa *n*vtitatlnaallv ha? th* lightrat iaflitea.o of-a lb* oaocotlro government, wee verp flectl**, ||* aaid ho did n?t **y till* willingly II* *..iil4 n'iir hatt all.ided to thorn, nr to tb*>i peenintlnn. had a dlelitiot nn-a i a rot be.-n pnt t.n h'm. tie did not ennteal that thop might anttti* them*elve? in pn? .? ?nteo ofeenmroj hut the* ?*r* vote* In the abetraet an t har* rntl ng to d ?.th ire real.ttee ..f the eaonntir* ani-temei t. W I ?n no and hi* nil. -agnea acre conaured hp tho I'nmmnn*. then ha would hegi* to tliink ?f resigning. lot aorta.nip ant hof .ra. Ilia allnamag to Is rd Falmar*ton **r* tho allo-inat Aehatoa molt hat a made t? Achillea?"t aiu*. and ta'h to na I are.m tor own gr-iind. and then hear wltt mi noM* friende will *ap to vmi." Thio wh* a point whmh tnld Imrneotelp with th* fl-n*o. and. portion*, I i*d J. tin in hii Whole pill lie Ilia, trttr ap he i* a*, h a thnri'tgh F.nrlt?h atrain, aa when ho d<" tared that ao I n? aa h? e .ntlnno t ti.o miatator e.f fngland, ho w mid not act a* tha *1)nl*tar of Aoaftla .r Rn*'ia, (u.ituen.a fleering.) hat W'.nld, with hit n?nal aM'tip. I re-t the f 'en- i p.di?y of the r. nnlrj a? the tnialt'er o'. Faglaad. ( Kmhneiaatie cheering.) termini* the |..te of . (fir* fnt mer*'-fllio aake, nrthoprldoaf ihe I'almeratnn pflicp tanat he atrnnr. when an atiain'wat of the honae nf Itedfnrf ran thni pra'ticallp r< pud.ate the iioiite . f l.?rde. aad with *h* gntin ..f a r?p..blitsa rontrc all rninutt.tinnel rn?trnl ia lt.? re?r matiro* of the ('?n>mnna. Th fe* pip1* of thv < nmm. na' l'rrin>er render the whol* pr. - ending nf th* ls<T<1g on Monday lodirrnn* and rnn'rn p'lhlc. lie deal* with E>.rn*e cw ow*te a* a mar* debating flnh. whnee deelat ? are tonnernne ; and ho dealt with Aberdeen and htanlep a* ??r.' ioolanf ile*p..|l* inlngne*. areueing them trnndlp of being oaomlo* of Englanti. The (ireclafl rqttalble ha* ***um. 1 a new complication Fitrthot paper* hat* appeared In the *h*p? nf latter* Mr Wpae and Lord Nortranhf. which Ihmw thn charge of bad fhlth on Baron flroga. an I of fglrehcod on General Da la fiittr. in roprooentitig that Mr W pae waa informed of th* London convention At 'he tiro# when ho renewed th* block*.!* and in con- ' aeqttene# th* fooling* of th* French giirornmont to ward" Lord PaJmeretou aro m.>rc angry than ever The General Poet OH** ha* ie?ue.| an order that after tLe 23d of .Mm- the delirery of all letter* on Run lag will ocaar Tha ot?a*arn n* U with alrong pponiiiin t I [era: i. Parliamentary Affair*. At tboconclusion of l.ord John Kussell's speech, on Thursday night. In vindication of tho government, Mr Itirrucll complained of th<> attack that had been made upon Lord Jttaulcy amiannounced hi* intention to defend the resolution of the llousc o* Lord*. l.ord John Ilu--ell replied lhat every facility should bo afforded tho gentleman to take the sense of tha flense of Commons, and it was agreed that the follow" Irg resolution shonld be considered on Monday ' That the principles which have hitherto regulated the fnrdgn poliey of her Majesty's government were such as were required to preserve untarnished the honor and dignity of this country, and iu times of unexMuphd difficulties, wi re best calculated to maintain peace belwttn Kngiand and the variwu* nutions of the world." Tho reading of the resolution was followed by prolonged cheers, and the greatest excitement pre railed throughout the debate. The House of Common* have Assented to tho bill for abolishing In tramural interments, and also to the faccry bill. Ireland. Public meetings are being organised in different parts of Ireland, to denounce the government for its persecution of Smith O'Brien, so stated in the circular. The Freneh Republic. The proposition to impose a tax of live percent on capital was rejected in the Asctmbly, on Wednesday? 330 to 264 Advices from Paris of tlie CPth. leave littl. doubt hut that the question of the President's salary will be satisfactorily adjusted, by adoption of the following amendments to the bill proposed by the government, namely " Ttiero is open to tho Minister of Francs on tho oaMtnatsx of ls'si, a credit of two millions one hundred and sixtr thourand franos for extraordinary expense of t'Kb.dent of tlje Hepublie." Tho ministry, it is raid, assented to tho amendment. Kmllo Do Giraruin has nnnounecd that he has resigned the direction of j.n Prrise, in consequence of his election us representatiTe for the Has Khine. The private fortuneof Louis Philippe is said to be one hundred and sixty thousand pounds perannum. which he has divided, by his will, equally between his children and grand-children. Lord Palmerston Is said to haw authorised Lord Nnrmanby to inform the President of the French It ?public, that he has saspended all hostile demonstrations against Naples and Tuscany. The Paris Bourse was oxceedingly dull, on Thursday, the 20th ult and the price ot C.overnment stocks was a shade lowt r than ye-terday. The five per cents c'oscd at !>4f. 2us. Denmark. The King, it is said, will abdicate. Prince Feederck w ill espouse the Duchess Helena, and under tho influence of Itus.ila. will asciud the throne of Penmark. It is supposed that thus the complicated difficulties which surrond the question between tho Duchcs of gehleswHt and llolstoin may be adjusted. Home. The unpoj ularity of the Pope appears to be on tho increase. It is sail! that nearly all the P.ouhd youth have cither emigrated, been imprisoned, or are unjer sus- I piciou. and are not allowed to be abroad after sunset All the letters of the l.ngli-h Consul, except eftlcial ones, aie intercepted and examined. The finances are in a melancholy state, their paper being at 14 per cent discount. The Jesuits have been established at Mod<-ua. al[ their property has be- n restored. Markets. [From the Liverpool Times ] f ir??i ?oi.. j i,ne 21 Savannah pitch pin*, at auction. 2nd per foot; New Orleans pipe staves. 3 inch, A'P6 per Ins); fine. ? 13 to x'lT, hoc.head. X 13 to AH. urn uibxkiui iMik III I'M TH>' murker, treely eiipplb <1 with stare*. but not the m?*t saleable deaertptton. t>?-inn deficient in quality and ?ut?Uiir?. tlocd Ht?ut Now Orlcan# hogshead ?taTe?, 12 Inehe* lone, are wanted. Uhlpptnjt Inf rlllprnrr* I'moiI the f ini'l. June 1.1th, "I'eaelaw," from St Pirtrrst urn l"r X York; aluo "Orn..." Inu Kootnaaknrci. Sp>ken V?> SOtk, < err!iar?, Horten to Calretta. latS) X, Ion hi W; V. a. bltikUn Ir' ici. at LIverp ol, JuueliUt. raatrntrriln the Kfeainalilji Kuroju*. Mr una Mr* Itollorrll, t? children aed nur?e. Mr aed Mr* Sin'nil* and x?r?ant; Mr au<i Mrs K*yn Id*. Mo andMr* llrlaoaiti. t'ol Palmer. ladanrlitrr an I ??; Mr and Mrs M -4clr, Mi ji' ja'l, Mrt Hi' l.eioad, !?.?#. ? M rljr, llen.ii r< n, Ttrtet and rerrant: Mre Saeori, Mtnr< ll.Ukurn Mal^au, It.. Ity, Pearice, A< krnnd, l err, Ji?Hi>e. >' rrrt. N rrif. Ilit" h?. M'rrv, ( aill < al"v. K *lu.e. Tlnirrar. Hate*. Aalitoo, llrirgrei I>ay Re**iifcldt, Ilutferlteld. I'ainptxll. Ayro*. l>t?i, Martini' ah, lUaoiri'r. I' ikiaa, itrx. I>t ekrn. fin ,*r, lii-nry, Storel, Harj-n, llryaa. Llwcllia, l'likenm from llnllfnx, IUmi at. Jhly 2 81, P M The wlrd ftUl h"14? to the eastward Nothing farther twin the "Vloeroj," but ahaU probably UaTe intelligence to-morrow I' loin \\ nalilrrgtoit. 01'It KTKCIA1, TKI.KORAI'HIC nHspATCH. WtiMit'itoa, July 2. 1*50 The t cited Btati* atcuincr Vixen lelt here yeater" day, a* I informed yon in my lad for tho Went India aquadron, tearing coaled deapalrhe* requiring the Amer'can squadron in that quarter t? enforce tho d< | maud of the yori rniuriit f> r the release of the AmenI can priaocrti The 1.0. 0. f of Paon*ylarania contributed, during | the month of June, four hundred dollar* for the \Ta?hj ington monument, and the officer* and cadet* of Wert Point. *ubacribed three hundred dollar* for the ?ame 1 purpose. Some change# hare been made in tho departments rrccntiy. Four clerka-- two whig* and two democrat# ! ? Were appointed In the department of the Interior and eeveial in the Treanury department, the number of whom I hare not ascertained Order* bare been i"iicd trom the War Department to increase the rank at.d fUe of the army, in a*etrdance with the late act of Cnngrer* The amount el Treasury note* outstanding on the firat of July inat , was f.i82*'9 I f|<?rtln^ ln(? 111 k nrr. Ormrtiu Cttin, L. I Taarrinn.-A trotting Btlrh (or mil* lii tla, Iiml tbrwln Im, In bit- | tiraa, will com* off lhl? afternoon b* 'warn Itj wall kBi an naga Th* ; will maka a good raea Bainwoaa. Jul; 2.1 *80 l fKft>'Jk iwJ f ia'v Mtgr <ng Tt.ara Ua* gr< at Ufmliltrn of apwatatora. yaatcr- | da;, at tha Halllnmra trotting eourna, to wltnaaa tii* | raaa, two mi la haat*. In hamaaa between g m '; Buffo'.k and l> in; Moaeow, aad e-tdoia ha* l.aan wl!ne**ad mora beautiful aport Tha Orel I heat ?a? rn r>?t eiaitiuir and thouyh nnbl; anniw ?i. ma i) Luff; laMt Tina 6 9> The aaeond heat waa won b; N o.mow 11 | And the third heat h; l.a t; PulT.ilk Time. 6.11 Al ; ..ra. waa win lif; Puffo.k It waa' ptala to all preaent tbat aha owed h< r alator; rathar to | tha running of h*r drtfar than to bar own ap?ad and ! bottim tin both the flrat and laat h-af. had; Moaoow aaaaral tin e* took the load and would ba??h?an to maintain It. bad It n< t been (or tba cracking of the whip of the drltar of Buffnlk. wblrh Inaarialil; rauawd h'r to i.ri ak and |. -a gc. .m-? llMk1! drirar *pp? rentt; knew (he failltg e f Mo-rew in thi? rcepeet and wh?n liard pu'h'd on aaoh alratah tba flouriah of h? whip waa InTartabl; lookrd for b; tba apaautara, and alwa;a bad tba intended effect Tbr Pannrama nf klramhaatn. Jul.* 2 1*?0 I Mm Forma I'ndirtha ranorama of Maw York (ttramhoata." I notlaw ona or two '<tni>eh>na Tha | p'lnaifal boat to Aatoria la tha Aatorla." laaalng baw t ork trom P*ak allp 'a to 9 A. M., I 4% and OH I' M landlnr at Itaaan.wood Tha IrUnd ('ti; 1 Iran < Trek allp for Flmb'ng at 9 A W and 6 1'. M , through with >ut awdlng Tba elegant ataamar .'obn ! Nailaon h-a?aa Bnrrla; atraat p|?r for Iti* Brunt- ; wiak and intermediate landing*. dall;, at S P H The** boat* are not noticed in ;our paragraph. An t I aa ;ou ra<jnrat?d to ba informed if ;ou had omiUtd | an;. I rend Ton thia notlra Tbara I* alao a fair;from Aatoria to 100th rtraat. running two beat* BTKAUBOAT. hiiartlla tllwrllan;. A moranx nt la on foot in B ton, to aro?t a monnini nt to tha manior; of tha lata rapt Bturgia. of tha raTanwa ? r? |rr A lln< f tah graph I* about to ba watabliabad to a*. t?nd In at Ft l.otitr through tba towna on tba Miaaou rl rlTar Pi nun | Pm.'h *?a* tha onl; Rare.! ut inn try aoldlar who attandad tba lata aalabratloa at Bnnkar HiU Tba whrat har*aet in Maryland la now on hand. Cnart ( alrnriar?Thl* l)a;. TowMaw 1'itu All odd numhara from ">2T to 125, , both Includm Part 2 M*. and all aran pnmbara i from 030 to 0M, both tucloaira , 1 A D. two cents. The Liverpool Ooiku, and Amcrtcwi Milpprre. A meeting of merchant* and ship owner* interest*#, in the I.lcerpool trade, v.a* held on Saturday afternoon, at the Of?W of Hob *rt Krrinil >.*q 7'J S ulk street. to devise suitable measure! for co-operating with tho move incuts now in progress nt hitrerpool, regarding the use of tiro and light.*: on board Teasel* while in tlio docks nt tlitt port. It appeared, by etulenienU made at this meeting, that tho sorority, not to any oru'dty and folly of Vhi-?e restrictions, had lonj been f it by all pursuits engaged in tbia trade; but no doci-ivu steps weru taken until December last, when a public meeting was hi id in the t'otton Hale., p. <im. Merchants' Exchange, f.lrorpooL at which the foil.,wing memorial wits drawn up, and upon a uuaniinou* vol-, signed by tho chairman, in behalf of the meeting, via TO til* CMAIRStlT tSD Wl:v?R*j or TMK LIVKRfOJI. OOsk < IMMITTEK. ClksTi.r ntIVe t lie Ullderi,giintl, master* of vessel* 'Hiding So the perl of l.ixrpoul, be* respectfully to Le allowed the an nf tires ami I till on board our slops, while in ih>*k. In asking tl.u accommodation, wo only oek thoconvrni naas permitted in loudoa, and other wot dock* in this country and wliorc. In no instance, ha* thurc been a of enutlagrstion. to our knowle liro. arising from fires or ti^ht^ otther in cabin*, galloys, or fors?c.?tles. Tbo uudri isnslnre pn | _rc t toebow that tbu want of thn a<,moe e eomf*.rU ut cookie t on board ships, tends to make one of the most ex pen-t ve ports in the kinptnt. and to demoralise the seamen to a degree scarcely to bo credited. We have the lienor to rumaio. rontlotnen, Your obedient servant*. The following resolution was also presented at the meeting, spokentu with much eloquence and c irnoetues* by reTern! clergymen anu shipmaster*, and unanlmowaly adopted *3 Kcsidved. That Chrtsitianity and humanity alike (bniand the use of tires and lights on board of vessels while In the docks, and that a prompt eoiupliauoo with these (ti lands will lie hate and politic The chairman of thin meeting, with a committee appointed for the purpose watted upon the Dock Commissioners ol Liverpool with the memorial and in preloDlmg it. made a great number of statements among which ? re these important and interesting fact* - let That the ships while in the docks, under th-se restrictions, are more exposed to damag by tiro, owing I HI ll? rwicur- vur o lurj WUUiU DC II 11 Wi re allowed under proper regula*i< 11 h 2d. That the waDt of these essential comfort* ii boatdship necessarily drove the eeinuvn itnil r>HI"wr>? into tbi Mint a hy night, exposing tb-ui to rims destructive beyond example or belief lid. That most of the loaaua of chips in tin- Liverpool trade are outward-bound. instead of inward-hound Vt-asehi: wbei-ra in all other ports the reverse is the fust This ic attributed to tie usage* complained of. 4th That the American ship ui--ters now rujragod in the Liverpool trade w. re not regularly la-ought up in it; th. reverse hoi.ling true of chip-ina-teic trading to all otlo i p.o is 1 ndeed. it appeared that hardly an individual engaged in this trade bus achieved disi tint-lion in it; the great majority being ruined hy o.ol i habit*. and heuet) dis,|uallh> d tor offlees of trust Home of these ctnlenients having been positively denied, the committee oir?red to proie thein, if oppor* tunity were aflorded A cub committee was a cordingly appointed hy the Liverpool Dork Coinniit ew, and all these statements and many more were abundantly v? ri tod Here for a time, the matter reeled In April last, however, nothing having le-en lieanl front the Dork Commit! another public meeting wwt tailed at tb Liverpool Kxchatige; and after an animated diseusaiou. a comiuittee was th.-u appointed to re,jmet the puldiration of the testimony which had been laid he lore the Dock Committee The latter, however, retu ed to permit the puhlieatkon of the evidence. A third ?ud private meeting was then immediately culled, mid a committee of Captains appointed to wait upon the tlirkenliead Dork Trustees, to ascertain U accommodations could he pro-cured at their docks. ; The committee received a favorable impression from 1 the r?suits of this Interview ground having I been g< nu ?v?r at the meeting iu this eity. on Saturi day aud properly discussed, the steps already taken ! wrro fully i.m?s?s*d and unanimously approved. The kuttjolm d resolutions were then offered and uuaniiitoiiwl* Hiltiiit t i It will h. Rt?i n t hat tJ.. Vam T...le parties have agreed upon BntrtrM which lnu l brini; the whole mailer to a speedy issue: ? Where**, It '.as e? m? to the knowledge of thie mee'irig that step* r are rmo ntly 1 .. i , ii., i mii<, ip-naattrs eaa otlivis. n '' rI : Llsi 1. f. r the | . r, . .if obianting the n ..* id t.i>, ant lizi.ts >u board of t <:?.cls while lyii.a in I iverp' >1 <!' ks--ther if' re ki-. M' !, That tbl* taovr meat live oar approval, no.l elotll I ?? r no iiei ia| | rt. Keeolred, the r> oilati- u? pratiit t let livlits m l *r m on board ,.1,'p*. .v wlnrli *e*ai"ii M. I nth, -r? an*. -a in ships are en j Ilea t ' oar.1 on ?ti?i*. esposea the an to tatiolis wl.iell *re dotiraetiv* to their morels--unQ I-tig tbeui lor llo proper discharge of their duii9a?tuar*ae<>u the risks of ntv. -eiien?ead IS thereby pr-ju In lol te the in ten it* of ilip-ennert, sinners *a<i K. ,ol?.4, w? rvcemmmd to ear captains sn I og-ntl et l.ivrrf I to use , nrj u.ssri in ll r | .wer ta oia such * . i. no lat: nsaetl. r i: tl.. I : 4 ... hut il uaeuei sslul, that they take in mjii.alo in* i-nr < to S'certnirftb ii'fsa l prio n I . .sew on i e i a* of t||. rtsuH for oar felutt oet".n. Kurf In r a'-tlon i* ef couree nu-pi ndrd until tha efI feci of this latter movement is ascertained. W" understand that , ur underwrite ri an 1 rhipp ra Lave m tirratod thiuifl?es In tbi* matter, tofetlvr witn the I eatueti ? Prim,d Society, before wb"hl tile ?ubj* 't h te beto laid. T1 e decided action thus talten will undoubtedly exert an iuflui mo on the ot'ior aide and it is hop. d that the sympathy and co-operation of our citizens tna) he nliated in the cause It would be unjust to close without > marking that the peop.a of k *.scl>*? I a. itei eily ? partii iilarly the press philanthropists and enrirycien of Liverpool with many in ; London, have takeu a d ep interest in this matter, and ! to tie m is due in a treat measure the lionor of advocoting and advancing the important otyerU of thia rep,rm W w trust their effort* may meet a cordial r< spouse uumr.g u> Tlimtltrnl nntl Ulitilnil, Bowr.tiv Thh*iat Till* favorite old place of amnsement will he re opened tliis nfui.ig with a (plendM Mil ef j iTf rtnari' The uelerrs 11jr popular d..tons of "Th- lirunkard will h- pre-ente.i, with a powerful cast and cannot fail to prove of interest to all whu h ?1 an Interest in the moral* M the eit* The piece Is full of tnstruclien. and the nrerit of those engaged in It* p.rfoinisnra lannot fail to rive It a good effect The drama of the *<>w York Milliner* ' will also he pre. vented The bill I* a splendid one, and should Oil th* Louts) to it* utmost capacity Baoaow iv Tin star -The enterfalument at this theatre f..r tbi* earning, consist* of the routeJy of Laugh when y ou < an." the Uiamail I',>or Cou-ia Walter," wad the taree I,f Tlia Thre. t'u-k The bill i* ou i-xn llt 1,1 on- . -m,.I oaat with tha whole -trangth nf (Im lalatitad mrpa augured The aaaaon I* naw drawing to clot#. and ntary all, *1 l? made to aaalain tha entlabla reputation wliloh tli* tb> .atrr bat iculi.a 1 Nikio'k Thiitm Tba apb udld apecla-la of tha " lalau l of .faoela will be rot ated at tbia theatra thie evening It U beeon. in?r atlll mora popular ami It wltnaMwd afar/ ?? ntnf lay a delighted aulteaaa Thw wi to r? I* tru.y niHe.-nt. and aliould bo n?? h/ arary ona who ba? a ta?t" for aueh apian lor Tba r>ti?in?l> m.oaO la ?ery tn*. and la an eieeftait war (o WWl a half hour H h?r?tlnrn a Will, thtre'a a Ma/," will conclude tha iotoruaiing entnrtaiuBrat BunTei'a Tiiairae Tha p?rf,Tmanra? at tbla tbaatra. till* earning ara lor the beneflt of tli* and dowrkenpara. The remedy of < 'harlea If .** which ha* bean ? rerai tun. ? am < ??fully repcatwi. will ba played Tba lair.p of 'Your I.I fx'a In hanger " and Peeing tha KIrphant." will bepreaantad TU? bill ! a good Mia. an.i tba object w.rtliy . and a? tha aaaaon la la*l drawing to a clwae. all ab"<ilil wltneea tha aupwrlor acting tad rtyla in whlrb tba ptecaa ara put upan tba ategn Natloaai Tiiaarer - Tha comedy of rbarlaall "will be present,-d at tbla theatre thlaer. nlng Tba a'traalit* pirra of )l ? In t'hlna will ba rap ata.l with a new (are* entitled ' KMheoter K in rkioga " A >imig raat of character# will ba presented. rotnpHaing many ol tha principal parformara of tba ri?y and tba plar*? *rn of afih a o<.tal character that It a ill b? wall worth tha attantlon of thoaa fond of witnaaalng tba entivoning patformanera eonetantly brought forward at tba National Aatrn ?a I'aawartc T< an A?i?i?Tiot Thera waa a ragular m< a'b'y meeting af tbla a?e< llanl and flourleb ng aaaoriatl >o bald t> ttar lay at (ha greenroom of tha Rpadwuy Tbaatra. tha chairman being tba praaant llecllfe and popular Pro-ldent. llrnry U Htehhinv Km Tha Treaann r. Mr M'einyaa. reported the eoug llttla addition of yi.bnti from tha tru?taa? of Uia lata t'hilade Ipbl* fund A tola of thanka war pa?ad> naly to .lohn Brougham l.?| for bia indefatigable and taluabla parrlee* aa Secretary al. to M !' baptnan Ka<4 . ona of tha truelae* for h a aewl and eflleb nry aa Tr-aanrer pre law , eiaee th? da part lira Of J( bn K"*ay Tba fin,da of tbla rating aociaty now aim in,t to about p7 Ouv a moat agaeilawt raaalt. and arhlrnra of tba praiaaworthy an rgy with wblah It haa barn conducted. Cwaiart'a Oaan Dam donga, glean, and danowa - r-r- r ?u?F ar? wall worthy of * alatt f'aati t Again. thl? aranlng. will thora bo a aplandid ignmrr fAta at thU delightful raoort Awrai. ?a Vi'ima.-Tkll plaaa of ?mnwm?nt If opan niorotng afi>r?i oo and er.-alng Tha n?? i?l PUtrrnfU drama of tho Prunkard will b? r?f?gV?4 to-day Oi.twair -th? HfM? Mtn?tr<-U again hold forth at tlix Olympic. lUia availing Tbair parformaacaa ar? aicallant Minat ta-?? Piiwnr haa juat floaod a aartaa of moat Mireaaaful aoncarta at tha South tha laat a* i har|r.on Aftar a waak of rapoao at Snlllran'a laland aba will aoma to thla city, and prodnoa a >plawd?d mualral apactaalo praporad ogpraaaly for bar Nnprrlor Court. hmsrai. ma. Ilafora Jndgaa Uattlt, Paioa. aad Cawraai.i.. Jei? 2 Th? calendar waa call a. I, and on a or twd aranmanta b. ing hiard. tha aourt a.ljourn*t at aw any hanr Tha aonrt annnuno?<t that thay would rammanro to rail tha oalantiar thta morning |tfa>l*<aday ) a ancond ttma and that default! aould ho thon Ut-n hut afVar that any cauaa wo?ld bo V-nrd bf ronocr.t of parUro. A a

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