Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 6, 1850, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 6, 1850 Page 1
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TH r ? NO. 5870. THE FOURTH OF JULY IN NEW YORK CITY. AMUSEMENTS, ACCIDENTS, AND INCIDENTS. TBS MILITARY DISPLAY. Acc., Arc., Arc. Another anniversary of the glorious, mr to bn r#Xnembered Fourth of July, 177ft. has passed Id Now Tork id all ot,t the land ?tho day upon which the representative* of the thirteen Slates in Gomtres* assembled. d-*ctared their freedom aud independenoe?a declaration which the providence of God. the bravery ?f American cltiiens. and the consummate wisdom of George Washington, made good against the greatest power on Oarth. This is a day which no true American can ever forget to celebrate, and no man with the spirit of freedom in liia heart (no matter what oountry has given him birth.) enn regard with any other feeling than that of reverence and re-pect. There is no class of naturalised citizens who are aieh enthusiastic celebrants ot the day as the Irish and the Germans, who, by contrast with '' fatherland,'' know how to appreciate the liberty, fraternity, aud equality that reign in this, " the adopted home of the biave and the land of the free." The ancleuts marked in the caleudar their lucky days with chalk, and their unlucky days with charcoal. Destiny has singled out of time the Fourth of July as the " bright particular star" of the political firmament, that sheds its holy light upon all nations and peoples who are struggling for freedom, and win, lor dial priori*** jewel, are wining to pleige their Urea, tbeif fortune*. and thrir sacred honor " It I* meet, right, and thr boundrn duty of every cltiien, to do hanor to this national festival. and to transmit thr legac/to hi* childrrn ai thrir dearest privilege, in order that they may baud it down to thrir chil lr?n for all generations. It i* a wholesome custom to keep up thr celebration of Indcprnd< nee Day It* indnruce is imbibed by thr infant with it* mother'* milk; it ' grows with hi* growth nnd strengthen* with hi* Strength," till it i* fully developed In hi* manhood, and ha ataud* proudly en ?t. the moat Independent human being on thr face ot' Qod'a earth. It i* no wonder that thia is a nation of *'>Miera, for scarcely ?an tba boy lisp thr word* - fourth of July," till br burn* with enthusiasm to commemorate it by thr explotion of gunpowder. " Thr child ia lather to the Biau." and make* the future hero. Heldom haa thr return of that day passed off wi h greater icUt than yesterday, it* seventy fourth anniversary, from sunset on the evening of the third, till thr morning of the fifth, there was no intermission of the rattle of firework* and the pealing ol firearms, from thr tiny pistol to tbn motion s roar. independent of the exhibitions ordered by the nuihoritie*. which will be found uudcr their proper hi .-ids. Large numbers remained up nil night on tbe 3J, in order to bo sirring with the sun on the 4th. The day win bi tntilull; tine, though very warm and all " went uteiry M a marriage bell " The ateumhoat*. whither terry r excursion boat*, were decorated with dug*; an if. out the masts of ail the hipping in the two rivirs lloat-d the stripes and the tar*. 1 he hnteU and public hud Jiogs were arrayed In the same emblem* ot (reedout Iu llarnum s Museuin, ooth on th* ltroadeay *id<> and on Ann street erery window bad a banner, and front tho ruunnit to the Astor House a linn ??< run across, with a huge Union flag. Frout the upper t?o ' down to the servant maids, all wt te dressed in their pay oat attire. Hotuo went on excursions, by laud or by sea The railroad cars and steamboats were literally crammed a* were Also the stages Home went upon ?por1inx expeditions, the 4th b"ing the first legal dav for eh toting woodcock*; and it the exploits of some of these parties oould only be known, the account of t hem would afford as tare fun as erer was found in the column* ot a public journal Most of the excursionists managed to he home by rundown, to witna -1 the public fireworks in the erenirg, or to exhibit some on their own hook. The streets were crowded slnm-t^to suffocation, eape. ctally at the time of the firework-; and for some time alter they concluded, it was impossible to pass through flroadway in the vicinity of the I'ark. There were nunieieur rases of Intoxication during the 4th. Kven b (ere freakiest you inn lit Me many a patriot reeling in the strei te, and muttering the name ot Washington. eonsiib ruble number of our citizens firmly believiug that It i* orthodox to get drunk in honor ot the day. Towards ij'^kt the case* of iutoxicatlon increased so xropiuly. that you could not walk many yards without meeting h me one who fiun l it very difficult to keep the perpendicular." From the paik* and square*, and the roof* of the principal hotels, aud from private house* Innumerable, iu New York Hrouklyn. end New ->?w*ey, ti ckets of every oe.n iptlon ami color eonttnui<1 to ascend till a very la'c hour, and the nlgbt krlnr exceedingly tine the effect was beautiful Iu th* extreme The aggregate e?? use of private firework* carrot be much under illKiUoi Seldom, if ever, has it. | Fourth of July pat*i d off with a greater am >uut of sbl'joy nilut. TUB SAf.trtATtOX Of TltE N iTIOMAt. FI-AO. On Thursday mo.-nlng. the vet. ran corps of artillery aisiubl'd at the Battery to salute the National Flag, at the riairgof the *un under the direction of ilenoval Storm* Th* Nationul rtamUi d havi.ig bisn raised, and the erlioea of freedom having been awakened by till' mouth* or tin* > <ry (IIIK t ilu-ii rrim III" r.ii{ll>n n flia bnttl? (laid mill ravarla ra'ad over lho?i water* into which tliojr were drlvati from Naw Vork tha purpi ?n dl.mlsM d ami Jsi the cbai is of tb? spectators. who ?ame tbers ' ?< ii at tint a-i> hour t? witness tha carari' ry Al high noon and sunsat tba salutation vai repeated. ui:am> lAfAi'K or Ttir rit *r ninsioN or mi mkw TURK ?TAI K MILITIA. At 0 o'clock, A M . this Division of Stat# Militia pwadcil on tha Battery in honor of tha grvat day The ripht rioted on Whitehall (treat. An InmriiM crowd collect. d |o n? t lata tnagni Scent display, and a boat of bojra kapt np a nontlom us rsploslon of pistols and crackers Tb? trnopa vara raaiawad by Oovarnor JT lab. and a sain la having b.m tirad. thay broke into column and commenced the inarch through Utata strvat and Broadway, ta tha f ark, in tha following order orarasL koooik ?*? srsrr. Major (lateral (landlord and staff ascorlad by tha troops alltrbol to lb 7th fglm-nt Tha Man ral roda a war bursa rallad Hln-k V rri<ir." a vaterm battle-steed h> l-ngi <i to X ?J r Merrill o( th? I'nlt d Mala. Iiraacoon* wb.rh took a livalv par: In adahrating lha nation's mi laereary And atihnugh lb r*i Lant Oen-ral always looks wall In hi* railit?-y ??i lls yat monnl.d npnn tba b.auilful and wall-tralnad charger ha a'treated wore than ordinary n-sttaa. This borsa was ridd. n hy Mr Mi it U i who la now In Trias ) la tha Florida a d Maiiran wars and la all *ha battles of llrneral Scott and has bsw-n twiea -wound, d in hattls, nasi at Molino Al Hay. and again at Cbeptiltap.r Although ba Is now eighteen jars ?ld, and arm murk hard ssrvlaa. yat ne Is perfect It sound in wind and limb and appaara I Ike a roll "Ss- . f? 1 1. ^ Wl- L_ oonfcrrrd ou Itim. made the "erne of tha fourth rather ir? m> n Y<t the round of inu-ir, tbr bit .tie and array of arm* and the booming of cannon made hint |>rl k up hla ?ara. a? ff ?n lie battle-geld again ; and no boy m ni? d to enjoy vh<' oaaealon mora, or aotdier Xu u or perform hi" ditty better. naar amerce Brigadier O. aeral Storm. commanding tha flrat brl ga te, villi iff foub-k ".mi (eavalry. Col John Ryar ? We vera glad to ntferre that th>e rrglmeot formerly hor?? ar tiller y" baa tahee theadviee ve (are them ?ome eight or nine montha ago to abar. Imi tbeeauooa. and atiek -to tbelr aa Idle" b >ree ar.tilery being neither one thing aor aa' h <r but ? a >t <trd combination of two arm" neither of tbem Mai r(l'?il?e llorae anilWry can aold m act In aueh a eenutry aa tbl? and to do eo. the traiaing of the horee. muat be perfeot. where, ae light artillery Ta alm .at nlvaya available and neref Call" to do (remendoaa ai*rntloa The lata Meat ran war afford" ample proof of ita power. Thia regiment le now a aplecdid body of in- n The .v. ..eW ftiffOCif, nominally command I ' Wpleer. who parade* nnoe a yeartoaare hla nommiaainn. Lient -Colonel I'raiir. with that ei"eptlon. 1* alwaye In ci inn and Thia regiment evnatete of four toncentre rf In'antry tie fl<v l i?h fiuard. Captain A. CaeMe, the Highland Qnaed. Captain Rcoleano. tha faltCcnUa Ka.ileeto Captain MeLena and the WaahIngton Conllneutala. Captain Darrow Thia regiment tenet preparing; lie lutereata ar# Injured by pi telng 41 wbir? It la aimo-l I <et?In a cavalry brgale It onghtto lie atlacbe-l to an Infantry brigade Third hrgtmml Uunatr?Cel. ft Brooke Poetley.? tW? la the aplendid reglmi nt whoae oflloere on a late occa-len pre.end d their Colonel with a raagni'le-nt p ?ir ?d gold epanlettca Ma" mark of their eeteem *' Th'o I?e raveliy regiment, which I" the pride of our militia, are alt tiermana. It well aoetalne the reputation of lha Pir.t Brigade, ita gallant Colonel ranking in military eelince among the flrat ofieera In the eunniry The namee of the nfllwtra are aa fellow*: l.lent. Col William M.-nok Adjutant Hunter, gnartertna-lev Martena: i a/am Julia Jagela. lat Troop, Captain Andrew R< ie-r "id Troop; Capt H?nry Pfohlelch, 4l> Troop; Captain Willie rt Sn'lvan Ath Troop; 4daptaln J' hn Meri r dth Troop; 'aataln John Beoht'l, 7th Tr?op, cap aln l.ewle Keller 4th Troop Thia woe. Indeed, a ?|d? ndld turn out em ova eetntnn Rrtgedter Crn-raJ Morria, with atatt. eommaadirtg p t J htlf fr I??A grgterrof, (Light Art II Wry J Col Charleo Tatea ft ronfi"te of four oomyantea of I got artillery, and Iwa E NEi M tr-x ol huMart Copt Utnck.u Mid Copt Fortn* o bvlong to thi? rrginirnt. r t\fik krgimrnt. (Jifbr-on Ouordo) eoiuutondod br Col Andre* Warner. oou*i*ting of ?even companies of * infantry They paraded ttioug, and consist lor tha uio*t part of German*. p .SiJ h Hrguurnt, Col Thoa H Pwri Infantry oillnd tl Governor'* Awards. The eldmt rtgitneul in ts? difi* c aiop pr< bably tha oldest iu tha Stale It hat b an or- r gaiiicid alneo Ibo war with Great dritain Titian BR1UADK. d Brigadier-General Hall and utaff commanding tha tt Third Brigade The .VioilA KrgimttU, called " Natioual c Uuaid." commanded by ?!olouel Abraham l>uryan Tin* ir th>- b<at diM-ipliDi-d ibtautry regiment io tha Stale. g To It I* attarbi i| a troop o! ravaliy and a company of ait llery which on ri gimental day*. apotl it* otherwise h UliitoiBl and beautiful appearance It would ba bettor b for t lie cavalry and ariiiiery. and be tter lor the lufau- c try that th<y wi ra eeparated , p The codi pan lea are com man lad a* fellow*:? First C? ittpaDT ( aptain Amuiernian, aauond. Captain Pond; 1 a thiid. Caption I'rica, fourth. Captain Cbarlo* Smith, u fit It Captain II It Melville, (lata of Cw II . ninth p Kegimmt); sixth. Captain Never*: seventh, Captain g Y?u Wiukle; eighth rouipauy. Captaiu Sbuuiway Tha f, troop I* comuiauded by Capialu Watt* and the battery ot ai tillery by t'apialu llivver The beau' Ifnl bras* f gun* Lave atIII tha new ihlna upon them It was thi* 0 ri giui> ul I hat w< re called out to auppre** the A*tor d 1'iuce riot* It wa* oiigmally an artillery regiment It* appearHurv, on Tbur*day. *a* magnificent It* uuifmm i* grey, and the companies are only distinguished w by their letter or number. j * /.' gAM lefimrtu, (\\ aehington Uri y*), Col. William tl Borden and Lieut Col Davoe The greater port ten ot tbi* regiuietit'* uniform i* al*o grey ?th? Wahvniglon " Grey* home and loot and tha State Fensiible*. all wear- c, ing that color Captain Hatterwu'* troop of Wa*bing- r, ton Blue*, and the W aahingtun Continental*, wear blue u nit't Ui* f) Tbi* regiment wa* formerly tha third, and bear* a high reputation. It now rou*i*ls of two troop* of di hone artillery and *ix cimpaol <* of iufantry Tha c< Washington Blue*, which led in tha march i* ooin- *j mauded by Captain i'utti r*on, not ouly tha nid *1 p, captaiu iu the rt ([intent, hut. we bclleva. in New (l| York Tbi* troop had charge ol two pl>aea of caauon, o both trophie* lioin the llriti*h in the revolutionary 0, vj ..VDiufinu. ?uo sue inner UJ p| lirnotl tiates Tht y were captured, one at Prince- ht ton January 3. 1777. eud the other at Serai oga. l)cto- tl ber 17. 1777 The other troop of horn* artillery U the )< M asbiugton dreys. commanded hv Captain Varlan urdoubtedly the tineat aad largest lu the c ity b 'twi a| and uniform are all grey, and every man is a atout, ? substantial butcher. The horse* are ma aifieeut , ?t The principal infantry couipauy ia al-a r lad tne wj \\ a.hingtiu dreys, our oi the beat and in it luin-rous in the eity. rotnuiandi d by Captain l.iule The State r, Feriribh a. Captain, byona, ia alao a eery tine c m. ri par y. and mustered well Tbu t'outioeutai tiuard, I Captain M. >1 Vandyck. a noble bndy of men, jj, wealing the antiquated dreaa of WAshiugton's day. 1 To tbia rebuilt nt baa been lately trnnsferred the j| tbr< e following companies troiu the uinlb re|(imeat ' [j. Company V, Captain Joseph ijuiun, Captain Stephen I fy II Cornell. Company U; Captain t'hamb rlin, Couapany E. The attachment of Calvary and Horae p, Art llery to thia regiment, ia an unwise orgeni- j \ xatn which should be attend, for the same rea- j r. ton as a* igm d for the Seventh regiment, by trana- ] M (erring the trooper a to a cavalry regiment. Cavalry, | {,( to be effective. muat manoeuvre in large bodies. and, p, like the lightning's lla-h be felt before the noise ot ; c, the arcouipanying thunder ia heard The outy use to i which the three troopa attached tworegimenta | aie put, is to eacort act aa sentinels, and clear the ground Ilow can troopers, under such circumstances, | learn their duty It is no wonder the Asior Place j Opera rioters diote iheui oO the grouud in disorder. al Am/A Krgimrnt, Colonel B C Ferris This is the ' new liitb l' gmient ol iatautry. raised within the last two months Th?y are a stout built set il fallows. ' Ci in d man bed wonderfully w. II tor the short lime j c( that has elapsed since the formation of the corpt. Their turning is eminently military. Hut, I " vi ry unfortunately. tiny have imitated the ah- ai urd. unn ilitary practice of uourbiuiiig cavalry .j-j with infantry, ami accordingly they have got up a titrl; cut tf IU ai< a fleb out of water. The uul- , U form of tin- regiment in very handsome a light green coat and light blue trowarra G< neral Hall cxpreaaed bia admiiation to Col Orrli. of the rapid progreaa made by lliin nope in military training They do great credit to their excellent Culounl. Til* ofllcera area* foliowa :? 'p Colonel. M Clinton Firrip. Adjutant, Cha* Sweeny, w I'aymaater Chna Shea, Capt. Maurice Wal-h, A. Capt 1 boa. O'I'altaghan B. Michael Doheny. 0 ' fiI Michael I'helan. II " John Kaeanagh K. I I ' H'b Iliri'hiuan K. " Michael I'ornu. O. | " Klcut 0. Hamilton, 1. 1 a> Ural John i; Tbia regiment number* about liVl ; but they aro not 1 ail unit'rmed Th, re INN ab ut 900 ou parade ou rt lhurrduy. inn rot'BTH aaiuaDB. Brigadier General John Kwrvn. with ataff, command- * irg th? Fourth Brigade:? I jinlJi Hrgimmt?(Intai.try)?Colonel William llalw-y. It rem lata of the following couipauiea: ? Company A 1 (I n.met CI card), Capt Mrllratb a noblo iet of tvllowa; ' company II. Capt Melrel Freatdent Guar,la a n ry '* tiDe ccmpany, company CI. < apt Watroua. c oiipiny II. Captaiu Clarke; company h Capt Uu on. company *' K (NaiiooalGreya llank cuip ioy). i'.-pt ' piny O . Capt. Baldwin: company II.. Capt Shepherd. 1 Klrttnlh htgimru: Infantry)?Col K C MorrU It ecnnata ol the !< llcwiug rpiendid rnmpaniea -lat. F> The Montgomery Guard. Cap! Murphy, the atrongeat *' Infantry crwpany we aaw. 'ihe uniform of thia company ia xeeedirirly hand'ome. and forma a pretty contract w ith lh? JJ company or City UlMNt, Captain '* MrAidle, wboav l-iautllul uulforui waa the aubject uf y< i.url cctnnar nt Sd TbeM *1 pany Cc remanded l>y Capt Sufert. 4th Capt lien- I' ptrk< r'a company (Lh Vt iirhington Guarda. bib The I Continental*, Capt. Iltluia. tth The L'nion KiS a. ! Cant. John V Ehl?. P* iTwe'/'A brfgtmrnt. (Infantry.! Col Henry O Btebhln* 1,1 ? the followmg con panlea The l-lglt Guard. Capt. , " Y i cent, a m gnit-ci tt le-dy it men. , the J1' L*!?>ilig 1'ueilirr?, Ckpt. 1 rc?'"h; which mu?ter-d l" atrocf; the Tndepetidi uce Guard. Capt. B.iyla; th# Ouaid i.atayette ta French company.) Capt UOInra; the llallaii Guard", Capt I., cghl; the Tompkiua Bluie. Capt I'roudhon; Ihe llruaon Uua:d?, Capt Mcloay end laei not hut. the Baxter IIIu ? ooin- ri mended by Captain J h Waugh th# gallant captan, f whoae name tbey beur having fallen at Chapnltwped. '' It la worth vol note that thia company aent muu ufllre"irto the Inl'ed Stat? a army during the war* In Florida and Mexico It la. perhapr one of Ihe be?t dieciplined compauiea In the Brigade. The New York ? Rlfb men. Capt Ji huaou, a* tine a company a* any in ' the aervlre Fr' ni their dark uniform they arc aomotimea called Ihe Black Wfle? I. ,L. ik.__ i~. - J vkl. II liliiMi'lolick hrttfr llix nixt of the othi r*. la tha clr i.m?tancr that no tn?>p of ravalry la attached to any of th> m - a mark of rood m iliary taata an I jodg Hi* ot in the eotrmandanta In threa iwrlrr regime nt?. roneMIng largely of Irlah ' ai d flirirana. tbtrr are niiityni troif? and mmpanlaa. right to each regiment. A band accompanied each | . 1 he hi ad Cf the column entered at the eaatern ga?e ''3 oftl.elrrk *14 the whole line paeird la r*view bet ere I' Ocve?t or Pl?h the Mayor and Common Onnncll The l,r?.n,<r rla-dirgtn font "f the City II all in?l?te.| * tipoo being uncovered till the laat company paaaed, f" and ae It e flirt ta Ot each gave the ealute he aekaow- Pl le.'g. d It with a how Tl a following wera theOorernnr'a atall -lieu Apofford Knglneer-in-Chlef, Col Nathan. Col Claatou. t ot. Cruaby, Alda-da-Camp; Col. Ureen??j. Acting Aid. 1 be nunilere wha congregated in the Perk to wit- co weea ' the pride pomp and etreumetance of glorloue war," wiihoot lt? teirlMa real I lias, were lmniea<e Krin *i Din tnd children w- re there to aee. Tleketa were leaned to n eelrgt few, who oernpled the wind >wi a*and halarny t-f the City llall. K eery body ae. med to | enjoy th> pagtant. aa well t< the Irregular Qre kept up In the Perk by pt?tola and oraekere The Una of military having all paaaed In review wera gr d mined and Unvernor t lah aoeompanle-l hy the Mayor, and the two hoard* of the Comm >n Conned, proceeded to the houae ot Maneral Aandford. in Cheat- ''J tore atreet. where they partook <>f a enmptnouv ?/?- ?p yruerr In aompany with ?everal of the military coin- kt mai.dantr and 'tat ofllrere at MASNIgli EST DISPLAY UP PIBEWttnga IE Till PARR. *' _ tf Tboutand* upon thonannda congregated bare on Thtira- ^ day evanlng. to wltnaa* the dlaplay of Pirew .rki In tha a; 1 Park; tha erawda thronged to tha vary ralltuga and ' ' even outride In Broadway and Park Row. tha nam- Ul her of epcetetrre wae linmenae; and deepite the pre- . th rau<ion of the treaa being " tarred." many were Blled ; with daring young Bona of Freedom. In flront of the City llall a at a pea dona frama-work waa erected, on aa which wera dleplayed the moat magnificent firework* ' ever perkapa eihihitad In thia alia, la the eieentlon of thlrli. Mr II. J A IUII. Ih? 'nlnool tid of Pyrnteehnlral Artiot ontntnpped of hl? former *T n.i?t nurrmntul 0 rti Mr lla.1 wan ont only ?rv *' yaped in the arranjementn. bat he p-rennally -up-rln *1 t*adrd the flttlny up of th* vorha The plwn wera *' all ol the moot brilliant Mtdl. and a* larfe la dira*n- 1 I n? and a? many In number. aa It ?a? ponnihta to 1 *> ril.lblt to adraritaye In frnt of the City Hall A | B Rend performed tbmngbnnt the ereninf and the na- pa I tlonal aiatiifrrtatloa went off nith front trl* Tbo ! J" Committee of Menagi m> nt at tbo head of vltloh wan ( hi tloorao II Prauklln. Una . dooorro the hifhont flom- | fj m- ndntli n? for tbt eicellence and efltelonr J of tho of arranpmmtr J? Prom tho boor of nnndona to tho eommenenirnt of P" tho flrevrrka. (t^ o'eloek) rlfnal ranketa were n?nt Into tho air. onrh aiioooodlaf ono orerlowrring tho i la.'t In height and nplondor of eSiet. I pr Tho raiioua dorieon of tha Breworka woro rery baeu- I tifnl. and no perfect, that their interpretation van , lt> qnlto raay. I aa Theto van ftrnt thoItalian Ann" of hrtlllaat Area, , | Illumined vith revolving e- utrva of ehang able odor* d tinmen, terminating vith reporta f*1 Rockrta with rrlmnnn and green meteor*, woro n*ft t* aant aloft, wllh magvilflrent rffeet. p( Then tbero van Tho ltnB<|net," formed of Chlneaa fferha. Intornperaod with fl mora of rarloo* rolora, P' rrlmnm green, nranff*. purple, with revolving rentraa hi of hrttllnnt flren ( l Roekota with oorponta and ntreamora now illumined tho air 1,1 The nut dorloo waa a " Tree rivea" of colored Ro- of FV YO [ORNING EDITION?SAT' .1?ii candlr*. and brilliant Area, rhainrinc to a lint of i rvolving " eiinc" wllli colored centres A outlier thuwrr ot rocket* with ortinson and purple tare. linnet- of the Serpeuts," a very ouriou* piece, rcreseuting a largo revolving Glory <>f brilliaut fire*. In be ui'dtt of which, several serpents. of divrr* color*, 1 ating each other. were visible. This wan followed by sckets with geld rain Nt xt was a Quadrangular I'iece," of Chloeae gerba, rcoraled with spiral rurve* of crituaon and green, uuuouling with roue a of brill'ant white, with colored entree Another beautiful volley of rocket*. with crimson, n- n and purple star*. The neat waa a very magnificent <1 tap 1 ay. It wax a i itge " Illuminated Glory. 'with revolting centre* of j rilnant Urea, enclosing a tone of Ore pointed atara. of liar white, with suspending lighta of urimsoa, greeu, Iirnge and purple. Kt ckets were again cent forth, with crimson rata, hieli were followed by a magnificent device, aatuely, arund " Figure I'iece." til lialian atroamer* and t'hl. tae fire*, with lighta of purple, orange, crimson and titn Tliia waa succeeded by rocket*, with oolored tea. An ' Egyptian Fjramid." with Italian streamers. lnrmixt d with Unman can dice of every possible variety I color t-i minuting with diarhargea of aerpenta, waa liplnyrd with excellent effect. A not her abower of rockela. with gold and silver rain. 1 hi lit xt waa a ' spiral I'iece of Colored Scrolls," lit brilliant Areaauimounting twospleudid revolving heels, of colon d curvea. moving in oppoaite dirco,t na and Inimiug a variety of bt uutlful ehaugea 1 hen eame rocketa with latwiiwni, followed by a I'ttsian flower I'iece." repreaeuting a beautiful suoeasion of changeable th-wera, of various culura, sur,undid with revolving gluriea ot brilliant flowera Thia magnificent sight waa succeeded by rocket* in iglit* l-ut the " Grand Finale." being the eleventh and last sice, waa superbly cltgaut. and superior in uuignifi nee ol desigu. iu beauty of colora. aud in it* general locution, to anything ot the kiud we have ever witM-svd in litis city It was defigued aa emblematical the pleat ut atate ol political feeling, aud waa judiuualy uiauaged. and received with aliouts Irom the st in bb d multitude. It eousiated of ''two colossal liars," the outlines of which were represented by | a.: r |/11 B| nurvui CHWi-u I1UCC WIHX. ITOIU iv sld<* and summits ot which ?er? displayed colored i nan caudle*. and biiiliaut fires on the b***aa, whence rut.if b magnificent arch of colored and brilliant lire*, anuing the whole front of the City Hall, between the ii >gi ot the building, and formed by the thirteen star* the oriiriniil Slate*. iu lance work of Tariou* color*, illi ceiittal reeolwing rosette* of brilliant wliite. each ar surm< outi d by a glory of dazzling tire*. Over the litre i f the nrcb nppa-artd the American Kagle, of lossal dimension*. having a spread of about 25 feet twon the wing* represented in colortd lance work niaih the atch wae a temple 60 feet In leugth. by a i.portlonate height, in the front of which was diaayid the woid UNION" in colored lance work and (tit* of many hue*, the letters occupying the entire ace ot 80 (let. between the pillar*. The whole of this and flnali tunned a surface of brilliant and colored e* of about 1th te< t in length, by 46 to 60 iu ua'ight. I I I be cooclui-ien Of this happy device, two Might* of | ckat* were tired from each extremity, which tormed | tiiumphal areh of colored atara, aerpsnta. maroon .tt.rien. A.c a xpnudiug oyer the whole structure, aud 1 educing the mo*t wonderful effect, changing the blue mopy store u* into one glare of burning crim*on. At a fiw minutes attir 0 o'cl'ck the Immense crowd iparted from tlie scene ol auiuitcmcut. FlBKWOItKS AT MAIIlbON ScjUARR. At an early hour in the craning. Madison square id its vicinity ws* danscly crowded, by persons who me together for the purpose of witnoaslng thespleu- ' d dieplsy of fireworks made by Mr. J. IT. tiadfield, ' ' W Uliamsburgh ; and certainly we must confess lat the exhibition was one of beauty and grandeur, d a a|ual. if not superior, to any heretofore exhibited, tie multitudes who surroundad the scene of aanchsnt- | tit. were very vociferous in their applauvv, at the rminatiou of each piece. At the a| pointed time, th*?cone opened with a huge ngola li|(ht. I he >erukd pier# an a Battery of Mar<>*nv The third, a charming Meehauieal I'leoe. repreventg a liorin Dtrl wheel, changing t<> a vertical globe, I i<di r<pi<eeutid the annual and diurnal motiona the mi Ih. exhibiting rcarlat, green, and purple wa? very kandecnie 4 A I nmbebell of fioblm Bain, very rplendld. 5. An elegant IllMuiimtted Device with golden Area, id cbavgea to a beautiful illuminated figure, o trimron Illumination l'bia *m very beautiful, tiding a rraplendent light on tha multitude of aurundiug facer, exhibiting a veiy b> autiful effect. 7 Bonibvhell of ailvrr atara. beautiful H A very handroine piece chaugiug to.tliree large ' heel*. and concluded with three Yew Treea, in brll- I kilt tiler marooned p f h? 11 ?f crlored atara. very pretty. 10 1 hi* piece ?n very novel and beautiful, comeuciug wuh a vertical wheel, and changing to two rge aerpeiita. who puraue each other alih eyra of i re. vi ry natural, conr.udirg with a Died figure of , ometrical conrtruction. This piece waa highly apauded. II Kh>llr. variegated Vi Tbi* war a rpletidld piece. The colore were Very and i i u |?iid of f.ixiu flyer* and other brilliant* i v rich and beautiful. 13 11neu Illumination, very good 14 The Jew< lied f'ror* of I be hegion of Honor In [ 1 I* l > gin* a vertical wheel. In green and purple fire rangii g to k b autiful rro*> of the l.eglon of Honor patently ret with rich jewel* The approbation vela to tniv piece waa long and loud, lb rbi it* of colored rtara Jo A revolving run piece. Thta pleee wa? very vtirior. commencing with a large vertical rcdl wheel, rilver lawn work, changing into rix variegated icv, In red blue, grern. orange, purple and yellow iv concluding with an iinnirner revolving run, in illiant tire. 17. A dlrplay of purple Cra. Ik A grand cvradi piece. Thlv fre commenced Ith a vertical whirl In green and fold; veoond,a tree " "j"', """" ? |'ji??iiu ?l neluiling willi n caaraile thirty fret In height, in ? lib ti ahower. Thl?, like the former aun piece w?? ghly npplaudi <1 ami 'I. ? rrrdly ao, f?.r it waa a tuag- | Trent Jilt re of firm or k IV Double abril. of rnrinn* colora. VO Ibia waa ih? n Deluding plrra. and very ?gliitiri'i.t exhibition it waa. mirpaaamg ajmoat any- I ilng ee have n<rn bifnre. It comm-nced with a lilt ? -hill changing very riipiJIy Into an Alleg >riil rirtiea. In whieb th. name of tha tVa<hgt< n appiarnl eonrpicunualy. surrounded with ap prlatv insignia. and rrowmd by the (iauloa of mi-lira; I' urtaina of (Ire on each aide of the piece 1 irnwiig out streams of II |uld fire, casting atarc of im'oa gr<en. purple, orange and other sweet colore, ul tin n conch.d'd with a flight of rockets, filling tha r around with atara, aerpenta, golden rain, flary rtior> fee, Thia C neluslrn waa viry Impoaing. and wan reoelred | lie thoueande of apertatora with tang at,J loud apauae. In fact, tha whola exhibition reflerta much edit on Mr Hadfield and hia aaalatant artist*, tha elgna were rich handeoaie and magnificent, and well IruUted to K*in the patronage and eonfidenoa of the I bile. PIRbWolKfi AT TH9C BOWLIXO OKKKI* On Thursday evening, towarda 8 o'clock, mnaldarle numbera of our moat reaper table ciMxen*. who, in nar<|uenceof tha immenee crowd, had found It Imlaaitle to witnaaa tha more magnificent exhibition In a Park, and other prominent planes In Uieoity. were en to aieemble around thSBowling iireen, evidently : li rt Ing tha moat comfortable and adtantageoua poalne and nnxloualy anticipating the grand dlaplay of works. which waa ehnrtly to entae During the larval however their anxiety waa aomewhat relieved r the friqnent reporta o( guna. platnla, and otkar eelea of firearma,?by the deafi-nlng nolae of every nd ot rrnekera and squlba flying In every direction, id canelng no little commotion and oenaternatlm nong the byatandera. and by the burning off of ronkete i r, i y I. ariiptlon wbteh seemed to attract th* atatton cf tie people more than anything elae A* II tproarhed towarda half poat right e'clo-k the oumber apart a tor- inerraaed t such an extent tha" one ra?t ultltnda covered the entire apace around the Bowling rem and a considerable portion of Broadway whiia ie windowa. roefa. and balconies af tha aurroundlag del-. end In laet. of evi ry hnuaa from whence you uld command a view, were otwerred to be llt-rally ewdrd At length the ascension Into tha air ot ffnraI (filnn<ii(i rriffkrid Knpnud nff within thn raillnff d villi draw forth monlfrotatlono of admlratloa 'in th* multltada. nvinrril tho nomof tho rognlar ftr?work? Tboor rnaol.tod ' ?. t?B rlfular mnotrnptlnno. ombrarlnt ilmn?l ' rtj lynlllof IllVUlk Thoy rommanr?'l altomntely ??rh "id* gradually olromrln* toe-.?rdo th? oootro Itfcoayh th? moot of thooo flr?*orhe wont off rory >11 Mill wo moot r?nf?M that th* ?"pl? w?ro oomo hat dloappolntod In tholr ojpoetatlono. for, through mr f *nl? in tho prr|.Hr?ti n or through tii" rai< ! anoyi nirnt orotnor of tho flrvworkv. th?y w?ro oaly irtlally buriwd off a rlrrtimolanoo whirh d?otrayod, i a ronoldi rablo oitont. tho gonoral offoot of the "t. billon Tblo wao partlmUrly tho oaor with tho laot 10. wbirh wao eonoldrrod to bo tho moot mngnlftr.-nt all Pbortly after, tho rrowd dlopor<o<l. to tormiaato o fat national birthday In the boot man nor oat bio AcriMRtn Afvn fwctnttwrn. Tmo. Foaar Boari.? Some ld?a may bo formi'd of tho owdlnit of all tho othor forry boat a, from tha followg partlrularo rolatlro tn tho fltaton Irland bia'o. To y tbat thoro wao not i raoant opot In any part of 1000 boa to oaly fftroa a Mat Idea of tho aambore. la i? lato trlpo coming baolt. ft wao trnly torrlln. Th? to b<ato tho fylph aa<l Atateg lolaador. war* InoafD- ' rnt and tho old Watrr'WItoh. that wao lying np. wao it In rrtjnloltlon, bnt tho nomborv were not perroptly diminished by thlo oip. .|l?nt. At & v'olwok, a riot oho out at one of tho lendingo on tho Ialand. In which any por*ana woro oortonoly trjorod, la cnno.fjn.nro tho prrornraof tho maltittlilo log. I lata tho b?a*e. RK E LTRDAY, JULY 6, 1850. and the pat* being abut arainst them when the boat wa. more th?n full. Indeed. the HufTeriDga our oitiiena ndura by iL* atruoiou# arraugi uitnt# ot those landing'. no counterbalance any pl. a-.ur.. they may derive from tbe trip. that It la wood) rful they continue to go In audi nun.Ura. For ladle# and children, a* well as in. n, there I-a narrow paaea-e. loto which ouly one perron ha# to enter, and il he ha# broad ?iiuulJ?r# or protuberant proportion#, he uiu?t r<|Ueri? hi.uself in edgeway Ju?t i in an In > what the preaeure of such a crowd a# wa* there ou the 4th ol July must have been. We have no doubt that uiauv person# #u<taln

fatal Injury ou three occaelone. When the ATatxr Witch arrived at the third lauding ou her way to .New York at 7 o'clock, she had then far more ptssenger* tL an #he was cap# hie of arcinuindatiltg or conveying in safely. Yet '!>? put In. but wae no deep that her deck we# far below the bridge, and the paereugnr* from that landing were literally thrown Into the boat, many ot tbelu ee>. re)> Injured One w .mau had her noee broken, and # man hie arm fractured Another man. with a baby in kia arm# tell into the water, and both wererav. d with much difficulty Ou.'woman trot into the boat b> fore her child and the hoat not away without thi little one The poor woman war lu thr greatest agouy. It aria* rhx would never get the child, a* there *a- nobody in charge of it Sh- tainted, anil a drop of fresh water could not be procured to revive her. Salt wuti* war taken up iu a bucket, by which her temple* wore bathed, and che ultimately recovered The sone ou board during the pa-?age, which occupied an hour, battled all dn-criptlon l'h? boat careenid from Hide to Hide, and the women ?cr? ann d lu terror. The pilot would ttrrt order theiu ove ride, and tliea to the other and then trick again and then in the middle. Many stout htarted men on hoard were of opinion they would all tlud a watery grave Purely curb conduct t- highly culpable So pn at were the number* on the bland at 7 o'clock the time the laet boat usually leaven, that the boat* had to run till a very late hour to get them away The cami ot the Mater Mitch will give au idea of other b"uln. Kj unn dilie ew(fi. > bo crowded were the Brooklyn Kerry boat* after the firework*, at 10 o'clock that it wan necessary to keep thrni tiimuied lent they ch-ukt careen Marly on the morning of the 4lh a ead, and pnml1 ly fatal affair took place iu t'haiham Htreet. near the 1 ark A young roan, year* of age realding at No. 1M Heater *treet, by the name ot Adisnn hilhy. a marliluiat by trade, van walking <>n one fide ot the atreet. when acauuon wan diec.barged by ??uie perron* oo the opposite aide, and a ateel ramrod, or b' It which had b< eu b tt in ihe caunou. *?< blown out acroH* the Htreet. Htrikiug Bilby in the chent. passing through into the lung The wound la one of great danger, and will probably cause his death. A aniall boy w>?, during the day brought to the City llorpital with a wound on the hand, oau?ed by the explOHion ot a piftol. Thr wound was dressed. and the boy HUbHei)Ucntly taken home. Towurda the evening a boy of about fourteen year* of age. by tlia name of David Uuekley. residing at No bl Cross Htreet, wan brought to the City llo-pital with bia right arm broken The accident occurred at the uo< k near the Battery, by a collision between the dock and a stc i mboat. in whi<-h the poor hoy'* arm wis janin.d and the bono brtwicn the elbow and wrist br< k< n About ten o'clock on the night of the 4th at the alarm ot die. llogine No 13, wan running tlowu William Htreet. between Duaueand Frankfort, a young men by the name of fieiinit Conner rail maker uy trade, residing ill hliiabetb Htreet. two door* troiu I'rinoo Htreet, accidi utally fi ll down, and the wheel of the engine panned over both lege fracturing the thigh bona ot the tight, leg The injured man wan immediately conveyed to the ding store of l>r. Triiphagvn. iu 1 earl street, wht re the Doc tor and 1 in kind lieartt d wife pal l every nil' IX I' II I x I III- ri III I XI mv MllI'Tl-r auu t U I,- .J Ur 1111 / had him conrcyiil to the City llx-|iiul At nine o'clockf ou Thursday morning. ? fine I boy, Jo-cpli Hull, n a ol Mr. Hull, rcidirg at lt>K Dcgraw *t llrooklyn. b>*t three fmgert Ot hi - lift hand, tiy a |iIhioI exploding accidentally while hi war remonug a cup with the rin:tat hand and the h it being on the a mile There w.i* ouly pnwder wadding In it but tliul wan qulfc sutflcieut far the I in| A ton of John Mon'gomurj, of :trt7 Water afreet, had Li - f nper* badly elialleied. at It o'clock iu ihu morning A man named Hubert Carl, rcldinr at No. 1'JI Li XI.aid Hreel, I rat the u?e uf Ilia left hand, wblla bring a Inadi d piatul ilia finger* w re .batten d iu a ihtrkiur manner A little hoy by the tame of llicbarde. n aiding at the corner Ot Allen and tirand Itreeta hail hi* haud terribly rhatUred by firluit a doubl?-h?r*et*?i plntol in litoadvuy lie war carried lu the often of t)r* Child* ill ford who dreeeed the Injured llmh and the lillla t. Hue* war coneeyed to the renhb line of lii* parent* Wbile the t* ghaut ?burgh troop* were hriti j a aaiute on Thuraday. in the garden of the h del, n? ar the I'eck flip berry 8011th rterenth rtieet, a boy tired a pt*io|, trom which tha burning wadding entered the rartridge boa of a aoldier, who, not knowing the danger, put hin hand round for a cartridge and at tbr *?me lime turned In* (ere w |x n t h? ram nlge* e*| ludi'il -1 n 11 ring the Imi In piin* burning hi* lace in a dree.itul ui*u wr and kii*< king bim on the ground 111* head 11 reived a *e. rere injury frcri the tall, lie hied profu'ely. anil renin neil iiixenrilde for a eoanldernhle time The aid ot a pbyainnn ws* eunimornd but it I* feared the man will not lire 8evi ral of hi* comrade* were al*o injured, but lit t danger) u-ly. A few other accident* occurred *oeh a* alight Injurii* to the lace and hand* to p.T'ou* di -< liurgieg Araarm*, cracker* Ac ; bit notkiugof *o ccrbm* a nature a* to r*<|Uirr ti e immediate aid of the City >urgei n In fact, i tie accident* thl* yewr are comparatively nothing when rum pared wrh the year prerl?u*. A r lr.n i n*e nui..b. r Ot people Were in the atrial di.ring tte U?y nod g and a large <|iiant!ty of liquor wt* afbet. which lid to ptr-onal c u.fl.ct*. and r< ,-olti d ni the potter making a* ret al mreeta Ttmowipo Tire C*?<-r?* ?*t> Viniau Put'in i* ran F*im or Lii'ir* *m> ihaii'i fiiirltg the 4th. tha little boy* ri m> d to fi el that thi* h 'd an unlimited licet)*a to do jual whatem r they pi. a?rd and many of 1bi m took particular pli aanra In xploditg Are cr cki r* *i d plttola In the laei * of Ivib *. by way of *tartling thi m Ihl* prartice ought to be ?upprt??cd A lad named John McCartney, n ?ldlng lu ibr Vth aranue near'Julh afreet r?? Vurled Into the Chief* ofllca, upon the rbnrge of throning n pack of flrejcrackcr* ii.lo ttiu lire of a la.It while alie wai n i*.|iur tlir mih t!.?? Park which Injured Iter severely She wa.< unnv* jed I. ui?' in a cgrrfafs. Tut Iisr A ?i? a ? No full of the e irltecient an 1 fun of sgtiibbirg crackers ui.d firing pint' l? were th<- little lay*. i.ft< r the 4th. Hint tunny of them k'jit nt it yost> r dayaa busily a* If it were a aecond Independence day rp?rrts op tiik fourth of ji/i.t. Thr |tliHluu> dimnDdrilioni of the nunnriM" 4'h had em h effect upon the unnaluialised liiL?blt*nt* of NewYirk that lllajr tbrougi d tin* r?*?p< etiveoffices In tbe City Hall, yesterday in ?wl numbers anxious to declare their intention" tf becoming elti?**u? of the fi>tt n public of frrnlm, tha eerenty-tourth anniver?rj of tba birth of ahirh baa boon e?lebr*t**d, wiih (teat pomp and circunistauea. throughout tba length and breadth of tba land. Tha Fourth on tha Hudson Itlrrr. Seven traina of care, at diffxrwnt hours, left tba New Tork terminus of tha Hudson Hirer Railroad during the day. They were rr*wj..<| a* were, in lead tha steamboat* which went up tha rirar In theseeiod train, a private party of Mr. Forrest's trienda went to Kent hill, to pas* the day with the tragedian at kl< in sail re country seat. Among lb*s# were several Philadelphia and New Tork gantleman ttthar traina wore filled with throngs ot ladles an t gentlest, n Intent on escaping the b<at, dust, and noiaa of tka oty Tha arrangements for their arsoium.dall?n l*? Mr Oliver II. Lee. the superintendent. Wore admirable, and the cendiietor* during the whole of tba day were attentive and afiable tOtllSg with UMt perseverance to avoid mistake* The last train down to the aity was vary late, however, not arriving In the aity Ull two o cloak y? Merilay morning 1 be midday tram left many passenger* at Manhattan till* tinker* ?h? re a Jlat|agal?b? J party alighted Dearman. Tarry town Ding fling, i'old Spring. Oarfi*on a. and Pouglikaepde At Tarrytown the train parsed through a beautiful and refreshing shower. At Ml g Ml g I be I'aulOic g ' sd-t ??re c at. and th- ? In la town alive with Joy. except tba unfortunate inmates ol tka Stale prison, shut out from Iba freedom of tba world and tha Itnosaal pleasures of the day. Il?w ?ad i*a contract l-atwian tha tflacta of artna and lh? rtpaltn >< a wtU > t4t rwd itf? On arriving at tiarrUcn a. oppnpf la Coiran*' magmtl ant hntal at t* a?? I'l tnt. NnMl di?tto*iii<had ymr tnoa allgbtrd. and wira aourayad by tha ??rj prompt iDd nrrfil l?rrjia?n l<> tha olh<-r aid* of lh? rlnr li>r?tb(}MMiidnl tba bold and muuntniuna* road. i d war* happily rituatad In tha and try mansion (.f Mr Cnaitaa. who had tha happln. 'd ?ii. nd.nir to tba want* of mora than thraa hundred rlattir? T*a dlmnaM wara gtrvn in th? oour-? "f tha day. and tha arpar*.noli war* aiimlraMn la d*--t?n itnd iffietlrily aarrtad ant Tba earn id tba aaltarn, Ibr klad ?tt. nllnn* of Mr. Cottrnr and bl? a??l*tant?, Wi ra Ikiam af nolaglnm Tba bill of lira am |li ndld. and dlrplay<4 tba cfcaracWr of ih??? talarmm*. It waa haadtd:? nn?m' vrraT nun hot in.. 7>M ?d.<y. July 4 lffcO nil l nr r?*n |haoJ/?i?d?l I a Viae 4? /oonrr ml Hi and 4l< aVfor* Ara-n* thorn prn>ant at tha lath r dinner labia, nan tb>- dlilitigulrbad tl. ru ral hcott, alio had ra. ttiinrd tr> ni M> aburph whatn ha bad niv ipanti-dl* bi I n rallrd upon to i fliriala at Iba n labratl n which aa ihall bitlrr praiantlr. Th? l*dl"? tl> I ailbia.'b nthi r In pri parlr* Wfratha and nrn.imi ntal f?4*d la bf nor nl Iba print pn|?ltr Wa iaa ih wlttr and fairipnt lr* V > r l . of Ni ? V?>rll h* ai lag a an at h af 'bin bird n? ?ha notild ray. that tf a (into ral might taki bl'liaf id bar At all arlltl . tl?? ib* from tha Iran In !ha t'hlraaa Mnnatim pnpidlad hif almtfarpnn lb?n ihlp fur pha nith?d to know If th- do* w?? ohloll ?d nf a man or inrfilf a aiaa-darlo-lbara b- wig qnltp a parlal dbtlrrib n t twi an lb" two. In tha twaning t ha md? t?. ' at tba Point." fata a brilliant lata In honi.f nf tha day anil of (! n>ral a all lha * aata nf >lr t'atai n? wara ban I?<dti?ly III ill <1 tn all and lha ball It waa a awry hftb bant and happy iwraplou, anlirantd by wiu?J Urn [ERA worka, l?-awtv mill gunpowder graoe and military enIbiisiaslu The entertainment was kept op in flue style for uiinjr bourn and the wVole company were di Jighti d with the courtesy of the cadi li and the arrange nunls lor lh? g<-u< ral Joy ol the company. Probably there never ??. a uinrn brilliaut day at West I'olut than thia unpr. uuditat.d<-e|,bratiou alT >rded but at the Wert Point Hotel any day timet be a happy one. General 8cott, though a lit tie fatigued from hie Jaunt to Newburgb. w?h in tine spirits and uiinti-d with hie It-How country moo with the utmost alf.ibilily discoursing upon every topic from ' grave to gay fi-t'lli lively to severe," to the gratification of hi* many listen) rs Ilia tloe. commanding figure, and UU dignified yit not auatere conreraatlon, were the delight of the party The c? lehratlon at New burgh wae an occaaiou ot the dn peat interest Thousands had gathered to witness the ronn oration of the head-quarters of Washington. It wae hire, at a period when the continental army were in a atate of revolt, that the caltn d- liberation, the praetw-al foreaight and sagacity an t the general prudi nee of t he Corouiander in-Chief, turned the tvlsliiiig aoldiera from the possible path of infamy into that of renown honor, and glory The history ot th;e gieat nchlevement. second to no other in the histoiy of the country?for upon the *ucoe?s of Washington at that time dtfu nded the liberty *f generation*, and it la to tie hoped, stages bar been wiaeiy regarded The bouse and have been purchased by the htate. to keep the memory of Washington and of the patriate id the revolution in the heerta of those who are ton prone to risk the mention of all they gained, for (he i-altry life ol pitiful party It la now the property of tin- State, nnd it is to be preserved and repaired, at the ei|M nee ol the Hate government for ever Tin flag the firet not ot consecration, was hoisted by Qeneral Seott amid the enthusiastic cheers of the multitude, and the roaring of artillery The General tin n addressed the vast concourse before him iu a pertinent and interesting speech lie Is devoted to the Inion aud. like every honest man out of Washington. is sick of the di testable tai tics of politician*. II* I dot - not wish to survive the Union lie was f illowcd by .fudge Kdinords, Mr lletta, Mr. Kullerlon, and others all of w bout w. re eloquent with the history of th' se times which tried men's souls A full report of this cvli I.ration may permit us at mi early day, to g;v? all the particulars of any iutetest. It was a brilliaut occasion. Cltv In tell lire nee D?:rARTUitK or 1111 Phiui>uihu Pi a km km.?The ' I'bilHtl) l| liiu tire conipatiia a, Humane lloa-e and Kugine Poutliwark tva k ik. ir d. parture for I'hdad lpnia ' ya-a-lerday afternoon. at 6 o'clock The uieiuhera ol Ku gine Co No 22 took the carriage of the llouc Co. to tha ' beat; lloret'o No. 8 al-o ei-corted tbein No I3n ! corted foul hwark After leaving No 22 a house. the I'bilnda Iphia HoeeCo gave twenty-five charm for I'rota etor Knglne Co. No 22 Independenee Ilo<e (,'o. No 8 and No 22 ra apouded with twenty-five cheer* to the Philadelphia Co and uian-ln d pia-l the llriaU ofliee 1 1 he Continental Guard*. ami KngineCo. No 5. marched ' up lirriadway and through Chamber* atreot. on their n turu from an excursion to Bridgeport. Conn., and ' pat-md the other companiet. when the member* of Kb- i gine Co. No ft gave thra e eheer* for the Philadelphia Co , who re-ponded to th.a coin plimeiil The Philttdel- ' ) h a Co were preeenta d with a very D< at picture of lloee Co No. 3; also the new picture of the Piremeu'* , i Monument at (ireenwoid Cemetery, which two of the ! ma inhere enrrivd ahead of thereat. when pu>aing the : /.'rtaJii ( (lire Itothtlie Philadelphia companion gave three rhi a r* for the New York IMaM Tliey aeeuied w>ll tdeava d with their fourth of July excurai-u in the Kmpire City. Tiat Wa ainni.- The heat haa again returned with incnaeed power, 'the last two daya have ba-en eg. ceediLgly warm, purticularly yeata rday. Tile tollowii g i* the Tighter of the tin i in<.meter fur Thursday ' and yeeterday:? 6 AM. 12M. 6PM. 6P M. July 4th ?H 76 H I Ho I J Illy.'a'h 74 HR 90 R7 The lightning, for tha laat two nlghlf, lima baian very 1 abundant and va ry vivid. Mom I.ia iiT trim Lia;iiT.? We have|received ano- | tlia-r report, aigna-d by Mr C'harlca Itoouie, Chief Kn- i giueer a.f the Manhattan Oaa Worka, addra-aaaed to thai I'reeidenti of the New York and Manhattan Ga* Light | Cctnpaulea and countersIgnaad anil v% rilled by Jatha i Torrey, M D . Jamea H MMum M.D , George Uarroc tt. .la.In. II Hlake. v.ry ffTrWi to ?U? ??m? a ll ait aa ' tha form- r r port Groin the ?wiue parllea. We have uot j room f. r tt tat-day Tna Tat Tahlk Hcurrr),?Aa far aa the ltoar<l of Al1 del ma n i? concerned. tha tea tabic ia revived by tha ir V ta- a.f W edtierday evening. It n main* to he aean l whether the llt.ard r.f AvaiMant Aldermen will concur. Ill ia prcti'iadtd that the viand*, are only faar the committee* , hut Alderman Cook explain* ha w'the word* of the reeadntia ii may !> kept and ya-t the ah of tha twaa hi aids In- lad aa heretofore. The way in which the g. ntlrnn n pitch iuta. each other la very tunny, parlh-ulaily the jaake cracked lay Alderman Miller ou the red | of Alderman llawa. Pi a *?A fire broke out ia a carpenter'* ahop on *1 hun day morning, atone o'clock in Twenty-rixtb atreet taear l.exii.gton avenue, occupia d by Mr. Cunningham ldhiuage trifling SnaMMit MaHHantv l" thk ro.ia ? Yesterday ui'iLing. at f. ur o'clock. tin. steamboat Mauhaltan g I on tle rock* ?ppanlte West Paalnt, and waa contideratdy irjura-al no life waa loat. The pasaengers were lialasfa lit d toa Newbuigh laaaat. The ?t ather w ta clear, 1 w hit b Utakea the accidt nt the more rt markable The JJJ 11 h I I* I I h II FMIUillllliniW I I n I'ii ?: iioh Cmriinii.? At tri o'clock I* M..a lira lirl. i ut In thai lurry food- ilnrr. No. So Third avenue, occupied by Sl.r, II atmiv Jt ?*> ocoaaietii d by th? turafingof a ramplnne laiup w bich wa. uuirkly --x lit iruiilird by ima i f tha hoae coinpaulea. Tbo damage by B*e and ? ut. r, about J-.'ioo Daaiin bt CaMrMiiaa. TbrCorouar on Thuraday held B? lni|gi at at the City lloapital, on tha- body of i a' ha no. ? arr aga d Tl yima born In Ireland who to ad Uiittad into tU? IW apiial on ilia fifth of Juu**. having Minnlh anira b> ri in* by the buraling of a ram- i I birr lump rhr died. y<-at> rduy tn c<>n?quanaa of' tbr ligVlia It ua received Al o. on lha body ot Klb-n Tolun up" d 10 yearn, la tu in lit laud, a bo Uknwtae dl< d in coiiM ijurncr ol Injuria* raeain d by burin canaa-c by tbo np.M-tting by rainphtua Verdict* ac| ccnlinply. Anoint a I)ratm av Cami-iiiwk.?Another vlciltn in thla Uii lig< toll* rplrlt uinl for burning iii lailipe. a young uoBian by filename of Kllinbclii Mcllcrtn >tt, aired .1 ymre,boru in Ireland, (lied on lliur.d'iy at Urn < lly lii-rpital ill CI li-i I|ii< Li e of burn* rtoiriflk by I hi- u pall I lor of ranphlbr. while trimming a Itiup lla < ortner liililau Isijunil, and the jury returned a verdict urn rdi.gly IAkimbt on ma Kaia Itunimri A young man ab'.ut nineteen yeara of age. aou of Mr I'o-t. one of the anpe-rtnlenilenleon li e Kria ratlrrad b II accidentally In m tbe rar, the wheal of wbirb paa?. J over bla t< > t anil atkle. rtnablag it in a moat t> rribla manner. The utiforluna tr y i ui.g man uaa nonreyed to the City llorpital. when Ir war diennd neoaaaaty to aiapulnie the Irg juat a trove the aiikb-. Tha opera'i in wi?? performad. and tha youbg man la now believed to be don g ? 11 Aa i n-iuBt ? At 7 o'clock on Wedncaday ar oin ; Peter Biarie. aged three yeara fall from the third atory of No. <0 Ann atreet. The child waa not etpwoted to live. Waa.oa Acciornv A h?y ahont teu year* of age waa run over <n Widuaaday afternoon. at Hn'rlr k lie waa eoavryad to bia pealdenoe In tha Sixth Avenue,Titan Bnnv Koran ? Ahont hull peat tl n rlnrk on tVedna?<lay morning. tha body ot a boy ala->ut 14 or la y< ar> > I age waa found floating in the river near llouaton afreet ferry The U dy had l?-en In the water aevital data, and waa entirely naked probably dr-vin-l while laathing. RiBavi.b Avi.Liao ? Teaterday, a little boy. fuhing at tha fbot of Barclay atraet hauled up a rorpva. lie Imaginad no doubt he had a very large fl h I'nii at iNt lloarirai. ?Tbe young man Robert A. Bellby who waa ahnt iu the rheet. ou the morning o tha 4th, by tb< ramrod or iron bolt n*> -I for that purpa ae dtM-nargrd fr- m a eann- n in Chatham atreet died ieatetilay altera* < n. at 4 o'clock. An iuquo*t will be vld ttia day on tbe body Caaacwa Mab Dar.waan The Coroner held an In que.t yeaterday. on the body of an unknown man loalid floating in the dork at the Barclay atreet try II* npiiara-d to be about forty ya-ara of age. aan 1/ hiir and mhlrkar* a?d nhonl flva fret ten lac In In height dirived In a claret cloth coat, atriped aalln va at arid , biu? rpottad pant* By ana parx na ora-aent It wo euppeetd to be tha body at Arrhibald r.ley It had beva about tw* nty-lowr nnura In lha water Verdict Ida atb by drow ning. Taiaivv CHi icit Clot a. The hand* on tha dial 'if thla laautlfui lime keeper have pointed f. r tha la-t j two or thru-daya to one minute befove 11 o'rloek fhia j clock la fatr.oua for kevplng tha time to itaelf. not giving it to the pntlie. Thantilral and a I Bawi at Tin a rar The Impvvaalve ei <1 moral play of the lirunkaid.'' will com the performanaw*. In thla plvae lha i avion frightful arenea of Intern p- ranee are tapraaeLtad ao aa t- leave n deap and laatli. re. n amhtanca < n the mlndi of the r alag generation, the dawn rf dlralpatlon t ha Inrreaalag appetita for .trong drink. th? Undatable crn in?i?nr<-? whlrh h-llow, the brokrn-heartid tnolb ar, thai terrifying diaea-e* of <|e. ii.i. ? ..a n...u. ik. .... ,.r it.. drunkard Ihnonraail woll oalonlati d to imprnna thi g rn>l of tko prooont g-nomtlun Tho aiuuioiii. nln ?Ul oloao with tha ' Mcctior and tho Itandll '? Rami war Turarat W'? ohould not h? anrprlan-1 at MftMilix Thoatm rrnwdnd In mm; dant thm ni'in wlu n It l? knot n ihtt MnUino Aagmta. onldonlly tho m-nt haoto tud Anlnho<| 4mnaoaia Hint haa u rtWIid ikl? M untr; I* to tp;?tr In th' Irtiillful ballrtif Nt'ktllii ' Thi boat jiilgaa Ir tin M'ln lint pimmiitwl h>f tho nut icrnooiul. tn< ill *t Itfi'l irMim^llknl daimuio hha will br noflrMk; Mi *i 7,*t)M?*ikl and aptardid mrp? 4* lii. >i Th? mn il jiiti- will ho tha riiialn l>oil<*t pat n minn o I Thi- ft old In whh-h tha o*trnndlRRi; artlata thi- 1'arla family, wltl appoar lltllr; tkill ^tltntlt.i-ii. tk<; ktti nUoitod l ho m<?t i l>> hi m T\tiar- w ho wlah to ipon I n happy and ilol \h'tiil Hint'* ?intiaonn nt had Mt?r > nit thi hio?o?*j. thin inning Kiaio'a Oaatrn.-Tkn oplnndid npmtanla. tha i* In d of Jiwola" will bo pri M-nioil again Ihia aronin* Ininthi- attondanra. a nd Iba on haaiaatle plandita ' tkhb Mil* ttaoat attt| acnna of thU mnd?iAoimi LD. TWO CENTS. extravaganza. w? should not be surprla.-d if |t had ?< ry lung ami successful run Nearly all lh? talented artists engaged at Nihln*. appear in thia piece The the r part* of the entertainment enpsist of a aauaioal promn ade, anil the elegant comedietta of a ' Da/ aft<r the Widding " We underatand the enterprising manager haa auolhel popular burlesque in rehearsal. National. Tiikai an ?The bill for thlf evening ia v? ry attractive The Aral place ia the "Kooheater Knocking*."' which ie received with marked applaumi. The n> *t l? the drama of Moae in China." in which Mr i bactrau. the great comedian, will appear an Moae aided by a very strung cant of charaetera. The mat iu succession will be the burlesque of "Otallo," in which the famoua Jim Crow Hire will *ustain ths part of the jeaioua nigger and the ainuaementa will i lose with the new farce of ' Peeping iu at OP. M. ('HiKTi'iOrrtt Hutu Whoever delighta In a good no loilj well aung. and instrumental performance* scientifically net uted. had better viait Mechauica' Hall, thia evening Oneiric?Pierce and hia Negro band announce a Cue bill lor thia evening Hong* gleea and churuaea. Amkru ?? Mi av m Thia establishment, ainra It has b< eu newly fitted up ha> hsven the raaort of thousand* The p> rturmance of iho ' Drunkard" U attracting immense assemblages Cabvik tiaadu*-Those who delight in eioellemt music and love to "trip on the light fantastic tan." have ouly Vino opportunity thia evening of doing an, an thi Havana Opera troupe appear at the (lardeu nuat week Mr and Mra Barney Willlama are announoed ta c< ti n.ei re a n enpsfi went at Buffalo. Kilward Hi no nyi tin- Hungarian violinist. la giving conrerte at Louisville Ky ThcPlrst Petition of Profcaaor Webster for !>.. ?I The following document, wliicb i* the original part tion of 1'rof WilttM fur Kxvcutive pardon is of Intrrrft at the pri sent tune It was presented about the perii-d of iin date. and withdrawn on the 4>h ult .? To kit Karrlirtn-y Crater A'. B* tggt. LI. L) and to Ike Hon. rak/e ('ouri il of ikr Sta'r of Mattackatrllt Having b' n convicted before the Kuprcuie Judicial Court ot the murder of l)r (Jeorge Turkman I would most respectfully and humbly petition your Bxcelletiy and the Honorable Council. to be peruiitted to declare, in the most solemn manner that I am entirely innori nt of thin awful crime; that I never entertained any other tiiau the kiudee', feeling* toward him and that I n? *er had any inducement to injure, lu any way hua whom 1 hare long numbered auiong my beat friends To b!m who seath In Secret, and before whom I may, ere lend be called to sppear. would I appeal for tfia truth of what I now declare, a* also for the truth of the solemn declaration, that I had noagcucy iu placing the remains of a human body in or under any rooms in the M< diral C'olb ice in lioetnn, nor do I know by whom they were m> placed. I am the victim of circumstances, or a tout conspiracy, er of the attempt of soma individual to cause suspicion to fail upon me. luftuenc? d. probably, by the prospect of obtaining a large reward. When first charged with thii dreadful crime, I did not publish to the world a declaration of my innocence. or any explanation ot the circumstance*tending to briny suspicion on me solely in consequence of entire Ignorance of the course 1 ought to adopt, and implicit reliance on the calmer judgment of others I had however prepared for publication a document to that < Oect, but as there wa> a "iroug disposition, from the first to misinterpret and misrepresent my every look action, and expression, it was deemed most ad iskhle for me to preserve and maintain silence ; the document was. therefore, with no tittle struggle on lay part withheld. Imntediaily upon my arrest, every nn at s w; s resorted to to bend even the utost trifling appearances in my laboratory, aud insigutHeant circumstances. to add to suspicion aud to pervert tliera to my disadvantage. In the stale ot niliul iu which I was silennw waa constantly nigid upon ma. and I complied, mora stiicily perhaps than I ought to have done Kvery metl od of poi.-oulng the pubtio mind aud exciting prejudice against u?' was resorted to, falsehoods. Iiuputatu us and iabrlcatlons wore daily diffused and I si 011 |M rei t vi d U at the contradicti o ot nun would toad to other, and that the refutation of thena all would h? nn endless task I therefore submitted in silectaa and resignation, believing that the time must shortly strive w lieu Hew ho hi ingeth light out ot darkness would cause the truth to appear, and my iuniv. | cenee be made manifest to all I llad I previously been aware of the use that was to be uiude nt si no- ejicoin-i.ii.ei s on my trial, to givv an | unjust snd erroneous Impression, if unexplained, I should have been p'ovidid with evidence to explain t !. in most sal tela o nly Home of the stals-ue nt*. references and circum| stances, hows ver could not be fully explained or diapn nil. with ot the testiiuoiiy',i>f my wife, of which, ustortnuatily I could tod avail myself. I uow nray your Motors that Ihe evidenac may be reviewed by you and thai li e lestinionv ot IOV Wile ins* Is- b.. ,r.l s.ol ? _ ci toil a- kino my nail etatementa ami ctpltnttluni. Kep<atinp In lli?' mnl aolemn ami poattife miiinnr, ml under ihi' fiilleet M?nif >( my reaponaihilitj ?? a umi ami at a Cbrirtia* thai 1 am wholly innocent >( I tblr charge to the truth uf ahii-li thi- Searcher ut all ; liiarla i? a wiiiw-a. I would humbly an l reayeetlully , pray llml thi' prlrtlegi' I bare a-ked may In* graute j I do thla uiiiJi r tin'full belief that Ilia testimony and I rtplanationa I would now offer. are -urli a- will dia|.love many thing*, impair ?ery greatly the arideaaw i.| ut 1< net two wiltu .o and place lu I hdr tru 11* lit eireum-laoce* tmw i liecurw On thla rrriiw of iry ra?e. your Honor- will. T troat, III d officii lit r< (anna lor ri reitig tha deei-mn of iba r? i rt. Dml for tin- Interpoeition of im-rcy Thi- kuowlidge of my feeling* and h.hita and ol my Tunoua engagement* and occupation of time both before nail alter the diaappi nranre of Vr I'arkinaa, | haie troni Hie flrat. been aufttrlrnt aeauratice to my afflict* ti family i f my innocence; ami neither that nor tl.iirtruat in iliui who haa auata.nwd both them and me In our dare n I night* of aorrow and amine** ha?? ! n el.aki ii by the unlookrd for rwault of my trial. Thiy would pmy to In- permitted to unite with him ?Sob th?ir loie earthly dependence In thla petition, tx lb ring tlmt your I arelb ney and lb* ll n .eibla t'i urni' ui'l find aufllrb ut ground* lor granting to ma 1 ? i ardor and of reetorlng to them the huahand and {atIII! b r which I uio-t rrapeclfuily and humbly fray, (hlarnd.) J. \V WKIiDTKU. I'.'Oi - April t!! 1*.'iO | \s it ho ran n on appliratloh of lir \Veb?ter, .lun* 4, i ali) Inlli* iHli lllgeiirr. Pti kpn< krti ?Two b?y? of about aereuteen year* lege were dilerted b? officer* Reed I'olia aud Other*, In the art of | irking lb* fork eta of gentlemen among tin croud ( ii the l attery at the rcrlew of the troop*. On the arre't of the boy. the officer* found In their poeierrlon f< urteen eIIh pocket handkerrhlefa. of didI fell tit al/ea ai.d deecriptlon They gar* their name* ea John Liary *nd Hill .Jmith ilturitre wanted for he handki ri bb f* They ran he *een at f he ofllxw I id tha < biel vl i'olire. The young rogue* wer* Ioehi4 I "P i Aa rfr.r l fi?n? of th* Thirl ward wan paaalng III) I. ir (irrU'llfh ftraal I platol ! ) (Uililrtiljr ilia> It It. fur* bin an.l tnde. (. a* rloa* to bil (?'? I bit It* <1 atiui tlr h*inl th? rurh of abot pa** nn.r by him "n it* king fr<tra whan** th* tiring run In n? i l it* by lb* n imr of M l. lf I Mmtgaa. with i platot in bin hand Thf nflift r tmik lh> b*y Into cuat.-dy ?hr? ll*?? Mrarttlm I thnt thrlhougbt|*a* yourg b<ty. with other* ??ra ahooting it mark leron tb* iUwt, and loaning tb? platol with ainUl 1 ah? t lb* dar.gar waa In e*n*e>juenr# of tb? l*?y dtarl argiug tb* platol at th* nark, without looking M t<t alio might !>* * m^l.t tray juat a< h* (Ir-tl and thul T*r*W? Ibt abot trt m tb* piatol inatead f th* target. Jntiee (inborn con mlttad th* hoy In prtaon 1 tgAl and lift an (A* A'rra Pent/ t llurlng th* day. I riot and Pght took plan* on the Fire Point* b*tw**>n tbo nwapaprr hoyn nttd a gang of thl*r?? flub* ami t< id a ?i i? u** d In ail direction#. and aut h- a.I* an t I lor ity HO**f war* pi nly Th* poll** ??< rallad to tjtt'll ih* diaturhanc* and wbll* cndnarorlg to arr**t the principal ringleader# .fllc?r Cab*r. of th* ft*r?ntaanth ?*rd rao*la*d * d**p*rat* cut on th* ht-ad tmn* a rltib it.alt by ?*) f tb* tht*r*a Th* offl**ra finally . urrttdt.l In taking Into cti*tody A l*?*nd*r MnNba. laiiiik Murphy. j*mri font**. Itennla Mefaulay, ' lb. ma- polar, and Tht maa Uilllapi# Th*y ??r* all | rontcyad hator* Juatlc* Oaboru, and coiiinilttod to priatn atnmi'wi ?? OjfUrr ?Offloag Ftruhl*. of tht Fifth ward police * aa during th* afternoon. rlolently noaauit*d by a nan calld Jama* Ka*n* who*trnek th* poller wan In tb* moutb knocking out on* of hi* laatk, ard otbarwla* Injuring hi* fae* Ka*n? Wat taken bolt r* tba magiatrat* and ?<>niniitt*d to prtaon for trial l'l< #t/b*t */ /mat taa*f ? On the M inatmt. a lint >travrr?d at th* foot of Dor*r *tr**t. h*tw*on * Irtah and KPigtleh tn grant* Th* poll** war* eall-d to th* rpi t and a number of tb* *wppo**d rlnglea.tero War* arrotad Tho nait morning tba prtaonera w*rw tak.n befnr* Juatlr* Hahorn who ws* enmpellad to Ul*al.arg* 1h? tn from an*tody Ihr wont nf*wtd*no* in rot uqa. naa of th* poiiooman and witn**?o* altbot nod br-mg at a or willing to teatlfy agalnrt them ftrfata/r .daa*w/i - between ton and *l***a on tho night of tb* Fourth a *olor?d wolirr by th* nam* o# Janathcn F**li*. w*a aut with n n<wk*t knit* nernao tb*naak and laftjnw Inliiettng a d?*p and dangernw* nrnt 4 by anothar oolnred waiter. by th* naa# of !tnh ftaitia ta.tb rmployt d at the Atlantic Oarden. oppoattw Ih* Fowling Orna n Tb* dlaput* aro** b*tw*eti them in r i r.aaou# nc* of flnln* beeping com* *hang* whieh r t'gbt to Viaar It an giai n tn aoni* gentleman F**ho warrant to th* (lit* tl.-cpltal and 'talra waa runIDltlad by .luatte* Oehorn to tba T"?ba, to oogWOP tbo rhargc ul an ottampt to hill ?k. at-a .IQaa U).l H?TT**t llnrn July 4. IhfiO. T# t?? Rmit ? m !fi? Yo?? ? ha? My attention hti haan to ?n artlala Hi your journal of tbia tuorn la* r*latlre to the un?earaly fH at the Umftn* of tba ra of tha ahlp K (aerator. Krin* a nMn paaaan*? r hr tW??htp im< tha ?nlr fan mlaialar m honru. 1 M It due to npwll and t public to >)?)< that you boar boon misinformed aa to 1h>- r?n? of tha riot My Intarannrae with til K? n<?n i ?ih? lia prtret wia aieeadlnily limited, bain* routined to a fro daya pro alone to o?r arilral In port, and nalftatad to mittam of paaatn* Intaraat and ""? I I 1 K. h*tor to ? r*?o fi? nt <h? I itiethe?# of r nr rnnrereatlon mnab lean mitt art In di?t>?te ho. tooen tba Thumb of R>tna and thnaa of tha Reformation Roll (CRT Dlt'KhON Praehytartaa Mlntatao A r?r?o of *( loon* petleana were moentlf tsbe? to llrnnnarllle. T? aaa. ohera tbay or* l?t in ll?* it ulaotut* of (Ml.