Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 8, 1850, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 8, 1850 Page 3
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" / TKLKCHAPH1C. From WuMnftoR. m snecial teuwkapimc wcspatant. WiiiKkTon, July 7, I860. *he of Mcmm Stephen* *ud Tooinba, of UtK>?*in, ! to e< arare Iho President. create* muah a*toui*hmeat, feat thay epenly dealer* war upon Old &*ek heno*. forward. la flatting atraggla U ezpaoted to-morrow, to saro tk? President The Raragti of U?? Cholera at Cincinnati. OiaciNNATi, July 7, 1860. The re part furnl?hrd to the elty alark, under the mw erdinanee. for the pact week, up to thii afternoon' ! thaw that th? total aumher of death* were 187, of > Wlirn IIV were ui ?uv.?... -1 ? ? fell u? they should be. The Board of Health met this afternoon, and rei ported t>3 deal he during the past 24 houre, of whleh H were of cholera. A severe fire ie now raging in Peter Wright to Bon'e hiaa warehouse. M arkel street. above Fifth. Much damage ie threatened. Police Intelligence. 4 Merge g/ Fultt Prttmeet.?OtHcer Elder arrested, on Betarriay evening. a man by the name of(J?>rge lliggins, en a charge of obtaining a horse, valued at $lflo. Horn David W. Norritt. of No. 174 1.aureus street, by I *>) <- and fraudulent representations. It seems lliggius applied to Mr Norris. and said he could sell the horse bo Mr Van llrutit for the required sum; this statement Mi Norris believed, and patted with his horse, but Instead of lo doing. Uiggins is accused ot selling the horse to another person for *7.V and did not return any of the money thus raised for the horse to Mr. 4 Vorris. The ease will be further examined to-day before Justice Osborn. k splendid monument has been erected at Frankfcrt. Ky . to the memory of her cltizcus who fell in the war with Mexico. It is the work of a New York sculp: I ?or. Court Calendar This Day. Camaoie Pi cs*.? Pert 1st -Nos. 841 to U47. odd numbers. Part 2d?540. 6tV4. (28 to 800. even numbers. Harrison and Holmes, Improved Daylight tif'aine'a baa?Pains haa made on* Daguerreotype by hu gkt : II. ard II. have made I" l*W. I'ame talks of lighting Ska later : U. and II lave lit up tha whole country with hrillinnt expretsiona of the poopln. For n floe picture, try the improved dnylight. ThP Broadway. room 37. IHotlec ?The Mr inhere of the late Butchers Melting Aseoointion are requested to attend n meeting to be held on Tuesday. July the 9th, at 4 n'eluok, P. M. at 11 She hide house oorner of First nvenne and Fifth atreet, to hem a report from the committee appointed to prosecute tha criminal anit agnmat Robert Elder. By order of the committee. GEORGE MONTGOMERY, Chafcaan. The Arrival of the Steamer from Callformice?The etinniship Philadelphia ia now in our city?tha 1 passengers who art In want or Bonta and Shoes, or Gaitnrn, wonld do well to call at 41 Conrtlnn It atreet, where they will ad the ehenpeal Boeta, Shoes, and (iaitera in the eitv. 41 eartlundt, under the Merchants' llotel. THE DOCTOR. CI. B. Clarke charges $16 for a French Cloth Dress or Frock Coat, mails to measure; for the very gneet, ***- hi??h aUth itmnWu silk faainru ?li)! o?h?r irarmanta in proportion. Summer roady ma<T? Clothing very low, ol ,,r ' wim. 'Tic not neoe.eerj to ?nt?r into further partlculare. rM lit William etreet > ToCalifornlana.?For aaio at a eojielderahie reduction from eo.t?One tint Calin Through Ticket foi Ban Krareieeo, per Cherokee (July 8,) and Tenneeeee?th< being unexpectedly compelled to remain over: eeleeud berthi in both ehipe Apply to N. J. WAT tit 111' KT AS Wall etreet, corner William, third (lory. II Kotlcr.?Jtmei J. Tapeeott brfi to Infbra | hit Cnmpliint and Alcohol enitotnert, and the publie in genI eral, that bit prtuii.oc in Brooklyn, were not to mteh damaged by ire en theTtb, at to pre rent hie eopplyiag them ai tnal. Ail ordere will be execnttd with the aame prompt ee?. hie Camphme and Aloebel apparatne being bet eUghtlj lajnred. Cirtrn Turtle Soup.?A Flna Green Turtle will be carved up at 11 e'cloek, tbie day, at Weodwerth'i i Waehlngton Lneeh, He IS Dut- h ttretk. J. Gallagher wil I pteeide at the ter. In hie ueual etyle. ! Ladlri Going tc- the Mprlnga, Niagara Folia I Bewpert, and ether feebloaeble rea- rte. ten And nt J. U I Milier't. geiler boote of ell tlylee for tre.ellieg, end drew ) Men, ONaad bnekine. (tingle end doable eolee.) bronei ? a Preach kid elippere, eleo white end bleek tetin elippere aad white linen getter boota, for balla, together with e fargi aad varied eeeor'ment ef Mieeea. and Children egniter boob aad thoee ef all kinde and pneee. Beery artiele it of nyowi mantfaetare, aad warraated J. B. MILIAR. 134 Canal etreet. Dr. Jemre W, Po we all. Oral let, Anrtet, Am devotee hie etteation to dieeatee ef the Eye ant . Bnr, from f to t o eloek. at ffll Broadway, entrance I Wara pen rtrvet. where can be bed hie popelar "Treetiee on thi I Bye," Sd editlee, price 90 nente; elt?, hie .elf-aoung Bye aol f Bag Peeateiaa. Artifleial Byee Inserted. Hair Dye? Batrtielor'a Genuine 1.1 quid Hair Bye, eaa oaly be procnred at the manufactory, t Wal erect. Hie public ehonld guard again.t imitatioae. Set my verioue diploma*. Ferine. wheee hair hae aeenmed I bad color frem ihe nee of the Imitation dree, eaa hava ll aerreetod by calling ae there Copy the addreee. Wlga and Tonpeet. AnoUtey Hedal hai been awarded to Wm Betehelor, for the beet Wlge aed Tonpace. The pnbll. are lavited to loeneet hie new etyle fer 18M At BATCHBLOE'f. eelebratod Wig Factory, t Wall etreet He keepc the lavgaet aad back aaeortmeat la the eiky. Ben ha addrwe. Pbalan'i Hegle Hair Dye, to Color Ukt Hair er Wblekere, the memeat It le applied, without latari to the hair er ekln. It eaa be waehed immediately, wltbuai L daetarbrec the color, and hae ae bad edor. It le applied, et f told, at PHAI ON'S, lirr Broadway: end by Fawoctt eoetk' Mat enact ef OBeetaet aad fifth atretic. Philadelphia. Oearaud't Italian Hrdlrated Soap will are tan, ptmplee, freeklee, eallowneee, Be. Peedre Sabtili fee eradieaiteg enperHeune hair from any part ef th< body l iquid Rouge for pale IIpe end eheeke. hilly Wkiu tor red eheeke. he, et 9T Walter etreet, fleet etore from (eel la) Breadwey: Callender.Hg Soeth Third etreet, Philadelphia Bit tee A Co.. lib Waehiagtoa etreet. Boetea. - J If IORIT MAHKBT. Br one*. Jaly T? F. H. Vie ataek market, during the paet week, hae beet qaiet. and prlaee have not materially varied froe thoee prevloaely euireut Thle i* aaaally the dullee eaten ef the year. Price* generally fall aff darinj aid ieaoer- the reeult at bolderi raalnlng preriou be leaving towa Thne fur the market baa bean wel maintained, end maeh leae anxiety le exhibited to dW . pnee of etoek. than |wo have nbcerved during greate activity among operatore The oaey money mark* aad the pro.pact of Itg continuance, ban a vory gren Inflaenee npon bolderi. and enablea thorn to earr atoaka without any Important aaerlflo* la the way o Interact. It doaa aot. bow*Ti>r, Inaline other* to baj or hare any affaet at praaant lo Inflating prioaa. Spool kalian appear* ta hare ran oat. Th* vain* af dry goad* entered at thla port for eon (umptlon during tha paat weak. *> 1777.133. again* f 146.6*2 for the correapondlng week laet year. P The operation* in Erin band*. fli?t and aaaond mort 4 >aga hare not bean vary large lately, and price* her (been eery well anatalned. Nearly tha whole cf th flret mortgage bond* hxva been ahaorbed for Inraat meat by airing* hank* and athar tru?t cnmpanii-* (and by aapltallata. It would be impoaaibte to par ehaaa many of thaai at anything Ilka praaant price* Tha inn! annual Internet of three and a half per oenl I* payable en th* flr*t of September Th* aeeond mort gag* bond* are raj idly going out of th* market; and w* hare no donbt that before tha lap** of man; month* they will be aa acarc* aa thoaa of the Aral l**w* are aow. We hare eery little laith In any a*?u 1I Title* of the EH* Railroad Company bnt th* flret am aaaond martgage bond*?all othara Hand below th*** ? and any monty railed by aa iaiue of Income bond*, ot ny other evidence ot debt, and eipended on th* road nar?e*e* the value and adda to tha aeaaHty of th twa alaeae* of mortgage band* Ry th* time th* roa I* completed to Dunkirk. nearly twanty-flv* million #f dollar* will bar* baan expended on It. th* whole c whiah la mortgaged to the Aral and **tnnd claa* o ii bondholder* Thee# bond* amount to aaven mlllloa 1 af dollar*, and lh#y will then be aeenred by mortgage on property aoniliting of mora than thre* time* tha Inn There I* not a railroad In th* eonntry of an; magnltnde. th* Aral elaaa aeaurltie* of whleh are a well aeenred a* thoaa of the Erie Railroad Th* annexed comparative *tatem?nt exhibit* th< gnotntion* In thi* market, for th* principal apecula Mti atock*. for aaah day of tha paat weak, and at thi claa* of th* weak pravlona Priaa* have baan vary nnl farm - ? Qw or arrow a roa rwa fimmriL flroewa n* rwa New Taaa Maaear. Bnt. Mea. Tie HVd. n*. Nri. Hnt. JmMdVtatU"'.. *67.1 US 114** 111* 116* - |l~Md |IM obi* r* no - iiota - ? in'* no Kanteaky <'* 10*1* ? _ P*na*ylvaaia *'*.... ?a MS ? ? ? ? ? HM.,.,.,. fflU ? ? ? ? ? ? Indiana Mat* Sa*.... 7*S ? 7* ? ? 79% 79 Reading R R. Head*. 71 ? ? ? ? ? ? Naadteg N< rtgag* Bde *r>S - 77 - - 77 Read lag Railroad ... 44 4V< ?"V ? 44 44*, h ee. and Woreaaier . 41 4il| 41 ? ? ? ? K? Railroad, old ... ? ? ? ? ? ? ? A I..I....J ... TU/ VI V* tXLI V* ML Harlam Railroad.... IWV ft'", #>S .VT ? ? |t?C 1/ m l?M< US ? 11'. MS ? ? I3\ *?? ? M ? US US - MS ? flaaatarim 41 ? ? ? ? ? 41% rurnnlM. ?S *" US ?0S ? ??S ?l*1 4'aa.on I 4'V 4*S MS ? 4**1 4*1 H?fTl4 (Mil, ...... I?C Ift*a I* 1-1S ? 1>K IS* H.tHu.i Railroad . |H?S ? 10/S 107S ? ? Wi. II.4mi R Railroad . To _____ 71 % Br*h Aa Tmil 10\ ______ aBoada. M I OfW ? ? ? ? IOAS ? T>? M n<2 *?% MS - " ? kt?m. Band. ?S? ? ? ? *1S ? A oanpartaoa at priwa anrrant yoatatrdaf. with thou nlhi| At tha aloaa of tba prarlona waok aihlMta n idtanH in R.adlnf Railroad of s par aont j Rrti . Railroad S Ptonlnfton. Si far mar*' Loan. IS; Naa Haraa Railroad. S ; Hudaon Rlaar Railroad. IS; ant ' a daallaa la Indiaaa I'd. of J, par oant; Harlan. S l-aag Ialand % ; Krla Bonda (aaaj S Tha ralaa (id dnwaatla aattnn maautaotnraa inalad tag vhlta prtntad and aolorad gooda a i par Pad Irar tboCnitcd lUttt, is Mcb of th? put tw??jr M / tin. ww m annexed:? MmpriCTi'tM > LVrTow nrnm p>M was Uoitbd 9 Btatm. 1??? fl #16282 IBB# HMTftOW 162# 184H467 1840 854*?)7 163* 1.218.183 1841 8122548 i?ni 11*313 i8i2..; airoaiw 183 2 1 66*674 1843 8 IWW 183 3 '2 632 617 1844 28*6.7*) 1634 2 085*94 IMS 43271*1 168S 2.8S8 881 1848 8 846 461 1*36 6.266.734 1847 4 1)82 4*1 1637 2 831 475 1*48 6.718.68* 1I3? 8.788,766 184'.* ?.?l.oui Id less than twenty jmh the incrMHf in export4 ha* been more than tour hundred per tent. It must be borne in mind that while thin increase in shipments to foreign eountrice ha* been going on, there hoe been an Immense increase in onr domestic eoneumption Within the period covered by the above table, the population of the United States has increased in my millions, and. of course. our own consumption of eot ton manufacture is largely augmented. We must not look to the extent of our exports of domestic good* tor data to show the increase of cotton manufactures, as do idea ean be formed from that. The home consumption is equal to full nine-tenths of the production of cotton goods, and our mannfaaturcs depend upon the local demaud almost entirely. In articles of coarser quality, we have for some time successfully i competed with Great Britain ; but the dangers to > which the trade of Great Britain are exposed by the growing mannfarturing system of the United States, are yet far. very far from having reached their elimax. The progress we have already made in furnishing onr own market, although great, is nothing to what a law years will exhibit The next twenty years will, without doubt, show a greater proportionate Increase than the past twenty. As soon as wehavo monopolised our own markets, in not only the coarse, but in the finer quail les ef goeds, it will be time enough to turn our attention to foreign markets. The loss of the markets ot the United States to tlis manufacturers of Great Britain. for even the coarser fabrics, has been a serious blow; but whsn they lose them for the finer fabrics, it i will be a fatal blow to the manufacturing interest ef England i The quantity of soar so cotton goods manufactured In the United Stales, is Immense. The amount of raw i material consumed is the best evidence of the great production, and the limited exportation, shows that the domestic consumption must be enormous. Last 1 year, 184P, about six hundred thousand b ales of cotton were oensumed in this country, principally in the manufactnre of coarse goods. The success we have met with in manufacturing coarse fabrics, satisfies ns that similar results will attend our attempts in the finer qualities. We have many advantagvs over the English. Our position, with the raw material at eur very doors, with markets all around us. with every facility jn the shape of water power, supplied from a thousand I streams Internal communication. and with a tariff sufficiently protective to place us on a par with the manafactures of any other country, there is no reason in ' the world why we should not, before thr lapse ot many ; years, oeenpy the very highest rank as a manufacturing nation A few years since, and the site of Lowell V -?- - ?-...a v, ? it . ?4,? only manufacturing place of Importance in the Union. ' Mow we hare a dotun Lowells, or placet equal to that In the extent of their manufacturing establishments. . A few years sinee, there watt not a solitury]manufactory ' couth of the Totemac; now there are hundred*, and cpringlng up in every part of the South and Went, a*If 5 by enchantment. At thic moment the building of facl torlfe ie programing more rapidly than at any previous time within the history of the country. The South Is rapidly overhauling the North and East in this branch of industry, and competition between the different sec| lion* will soon he so close, that the utmost attention will . be required in the production of different fabrics te J secure the local market*. All this will strengthen and 1 consolidate this important interest, and ahut out entirely all external or foreign rivalry. The annexed tahle chows the quantity of flour, wheat I corn and barley, left at tide water, during eaoh week | In the months of July and August in 1848 and 1810; I also the aggregate tor each month daring the same period :? I wsrslt Ricbifts or BaiADernrre. 1848 Flour, Hhtal Com Borloy. July?let week e I 1103 41.122 80 407 1808 2d do 75.047 81,474 80.X1T 8.JU8 Ad do Tf.Ah'J 44 188 1 02.148 4.T40 4th do 80.308 80.948 72 804 9,OH ' Total 27 6 844 187.721 388 987 17 JOT A ugust- 1st week... .40 680 90.874 182 784 7.TM Id do ...44X30 11 228 189 984 8 480 ' Id do ...02 189 40 484 229 848 4.637 4th do ...88 249 88.140 184.140 1.180 Vital. 1840 .. .914 884 184.981 837 441 98 987 | inly ?let week 91.442 112 184 809 938 8.486 . 94 do 88 928 47.773 989.081 84 do 74.022 88 030 942 484 ? 4th do 94 770 11 024 188 078 88 \ Total 349 278 189.820 1.079.004 8.080 i August? 1st week ... 48.774 49 1X8 142.881 8 009 > 2d do 40 1 *2 28 841 42 908 440 > 84 do 49 499 12 101 144.198 942 1 4th 4c ... 82,780 101.204 81.448 4.444 Votal 921 842 811 000 411.890 8 847 This bring* us to a period in the year when the new ercp is juct abont being received here. 1 The aggregate receipt# for the two months are e* tot1 lows 4 Flour kkit. WW. ku Cort?. ku Btrlty ku I 1844 .... 498.728 402 002 978 479 41 884 , 1849 470 614 41*1910 1 490 924 11 087 I Mrcm the knowledge dekltr* have ef the preeeat resoureee ef the country, and with the above flgaree. they r can aalanlate with some degree of certainty how near t the receipts of the ensuing months will approximate te 1KH 1NXU Much however ileBends UllOB y the harveetr l.ate arcountr from the (loath and If ant f u? mora aatirfaotory in ralatton to tba growing erope, , and tba prorpecta at praaant ara eertaiuly very faror^ tor a toll ylald I'p to tba lat of July, tba raaalpta af breodatuffe at tlda-aatar vara muah laaa tbaa thoaa ta tba eerreaI ponding pariod in IMP; and It U rary probabla that for tba ramatndea of tba aaaaon tha arri vela will ba eovreapondingly leer, ara a In tba event of tba harveete t proving mora abvndant than tboaa af laat yeow. trom # tba fart that tha Waatarn eonntry baa baan ?o eons plataly alaanad out of all aurplu* atork. that largar quantifier af tha naw arop will be required te aupply tba aonanmptloa of tba grain grnwlng aaationa of tha eonntry Tba prcduaara will not ba abla to eatl anab a large portion of thalr aropa aa uaual Tha annatad tabla of in porta at Buffalo, via tha laka. from tha I opening of navigation up to tha lat of July. In aaeh of r tha paat three aaaaona. eibibUa tha aaarelty of lonr , and wbaat In tha aonntry waat of that port ? Cowaiaaca or Bcamo?Ltu iMroara. 1H48 IMP I860. I Ijtk* epewtd Jpt U P. ?4pt>( 11 Jtfeer* 26 ; Flour bbla 8P7 All MD .bH) 18 J 4P4 W heat, buthela. . 1.6|0 PV8 2176 4MA 73.1 A JO Corn. do. .. 66? *21 1.240 422 1.3P7.0? * Pork, bbla 46 873 41 664 .14 il4 t Baaf 1A 108 12 AM 18.346 1 Tba rvaaipta of Indian torn vara in ateaaa af thoaa a laat year Redueing tha whaat to Bour. and tha falling it off thia year eompered with laat. to tha lat of July f waa equal to 688.181 bbla. Thia givaa a pretty aorreat a Idea of tha aondltlon of the Waat. ao far aa a aupply a of breadrtuffa ia eoaeerned. t Tha Canal Department baa turned the following tabla f ahowlng the average weight af tha dtfferaet kind" o, a lumber per foot, tear4 meaanre. to enable Inepeetora and Collaatora to arrive at tha true weight of ear* %.-vf i of lumbar, of wbieh a oar wo la aomnorad I whirh haa delivered by metgto) after the mnrrviK ha# been I creertelned ? Kindt *f Immlrr fry prr #reeo per f?t L wo*4. w.: !v & r^Beerh .... .. 3)4 * 4L m Blerk Walnut .. 3), > 9Jt . Cedar 3 V, ? >u l Cherry 3H M ?J a Kin 3 ? 4 m Hemlock IK M aw llltkify H Maple 4 * 6^ " Oak 4 ? IK ? Ppruee 2,'4 " 3 >4 " ( Pj ram ore i " 4 M W hite Piae 1% ? ** " White Wood .... IH 81, ? | ThU table will be valuable to tbnee engaged la ehlp1 pine lumber ae It will enable them te keep a ehrek 1 upon Inepvetor* aad collector* I Aeeount* from tbe South and Went relative te the 1 tobaeeo erop are of a very direnuraglngcharacter It } I* ntaaJ to make the flret planting la the early part of May la varlowa eeetloaa of K eataeky. on the 13th etf Jane, owing to the late epring and the rubeequout #*receive drought, veareely aa aere of plant* had baea vet and the delay. It I* elated even ahould rain eoon fell net* the fntnre teaeon prove fevoraNe. will pre elude the poeelbtllty o1 an average product The I'lttebnrgb jfe>#?^*?i deeerihee a earn pie of Irew nee veerntly received fr< m letke knperfnr It I* appareatly a pare elide of Iron and eald ta ettet la ianeaee bod lee. en the l.ake chore abounding In timber It la Iran M te Tt per cent pure Iron It le worked la ; jet Device er bleoweriee ae pig metal, and the bleeme. It la ftlt by thoaa interceded. md be tdlnmt la PHI#bnrgh at $40 par ton. Tbee? which have bean broagbt ara ranch and aneouthly mada. but tha Iron la of No 1 quality. The workmen employed aooaert the ore into bloom* for $8 par ton-the material# being furniabed tfeam. If thle be ao, aud out aaeouot be from a reliable wnree. there la auuther revolution promiaed la the Iron buxlnrx* at thie oouutry und the world " The Comptroller of tbl* Stuate ban. in pursuance of an aat providing for a final dixtribuiion of the fund* held by him, balougiug ta the creditor* of lu*olreut bank* and banker*, given the annexed notice to holder* at alraulating note*. RaoxMrTien* er Cibcvl*ti*u Novu *r Insolvbht Baa a*. ....... i atsr;. i ? do. do. do Stock* 3d do i j!?yS."1J??,.( ?u? do. do do Stack* *8 do Bank of Commerce.ButTo. Stock* 70 do | I u._u ... i . Ai .1 Stock* and bond* I . I 1 Bank of Lodi j aI)d mortfH#gi. . \ 97 do | , do. do. do. Stock* 83 do . <xo*" i ! do do. do. block* 87 do I 1 Bank afTnnawanda Stock* 68 do : Hank of Wextern N. York Stork* 76 do ! .. . ISlock* uid bond* / .. , Binghimton Bank >|Dll monwm... \ 74 do ! do. do. do. Block 78 do i i c..u~.??c. R?uk.. ..5r?r"i1Kbrd' j??. ; ' do. do. do Stork* S.'i do ChflKBH Bank, New York Stork* '?> do : City 'J'rutt b liauking Co. btoek* Car 1 | *? I?" ? ? i ! " do do. do. Block* 72 do , j S : ??.? *- (.: ?..? ssfssiS^.i do. do. do Btoek* Par UKtw?:j *?* i p? Rank. Buffalo. J j ? d. Merchant* Kxckangu Bk \ Stock* and bond* / ,, , Buffalo < aud mortgage*. | l do. do. do. Btoek* 81 do i Mil.or*' Bank, Clyde [^d i M do do do do. Stock* Par. Now York Banking Com- ( Ul do i I pony ( ) 2??,?i;i.Tu ?*>! "r.'Vir?t'" ) 1?? bu... ,?.nd ?..k j ( < ' , ?. i. i Stock* and boade / Bt. Lawrence Bank j Md mort|{lkg?. . . j *0 do do. do Stock* 82 do Tenth Ward Bank Stork*. 84 do I nion Bank. Buffalo Stork* 81 do Lnited State* Bank, Buf- \ Stock* and bond* / . j fale ) and mortgage*. . . ) The circulating note* of the abovenamcd bank* out(tandiag mu*t be preeented at the Comptroller'* office for payment within *lx month* from the flr*t of May last; any of *uch circulating note* which ihail not be prwented within the *peet!ied time, will cen*o to b* a charge or claim upon the fund* of **id bank or bank* remaining in the Comptroller'* hand*. Holder* of note* will receive the amount due at the above rate* of redemption, on presenting them to the Chief RegUter of th* Free Banking Department ADtRRTISKMKNTS RK.VEWKU KVKRV BAY. HKWABU8. tit 1 no B8B AKD.?A LADY WAS LOST OVERBOARD v A-V/vF from tbi iMimtr Bay 4Uk', on h?r paatage ? noaton, on I'ueadny araninr, J*n? 13, bitwMQ li or lent a and Throf's I'omt. Sha wan dra?aod in blaak silk, and had -?n a lintn aaak and vtraw batnat. Any waraon or prisan-i wha find tha body, and *t\a information ioJAS. V. W ATK.I Ni, 16 Cathariua straw t. shall raoei *? tha above re war 1 Taken fkom thk 9TBAMMIP ru ilahemmiia. by miataka?a rad laathar tnnk, rary mush abated, having oa it a oard. markad "Geo. Ormiston, " 8an Fraouimo, I'rpar California. It waa takan by a par eon wha laadad a lot of piatarea from tha f'hiladalphia on huaday aijrht. Tha I rarer will ba libarally rawarded by laariaA it ! iv ureva ti. STOI.EN?FROM ON BOARD THE SWEDISH BRIO Will.vim (iiuiir, Lurid. oiBiftr, on the night heteuen the 4th end 6th Jnly. a Cnhln, eixty*flva fathom# long, nnd ah' Ot eight laehve eireuaeforvree. A eattahle reward will ; te paid for the rtravery of eaid I'ahle, and detoeuoa nf the i Chief, by appllaatdon tn the Captain, oa board, at PierIL W. K . er to FI NCH k ME1NCKE, M WallKwtl. LOST-ON THE THIRR IMST.. IN TUB* O'CLOCK P. M. traia from Philadelphia, or on the 4lh, ta thie tdty, aeoupoW of the I'aited Htatea Stook, No. IIj or 1*1, amf'BBtin* to B*> Meaaarea have been taken to etep pev, irent of the tame Whoever retume the eaid ehaek to Mr. EDM' WORTHS, 10 Llbetlj atreet. New York, will be liberally rewarded. I BRACE) IT LOST?CONTAINING THREE AMITH18T*. en Batarday, either in Warren, Greenwich, Mnrrar or Rohlneea etreet. A liberal reward will be paid f*r It, by R. Rait, Jeweller, Nil Broadway, earner Warrvn el. | BPKCIAL ROT1CEB. /"kONEH * If ATMBB- (RICH'D L. 0?DEN. TITOS. J. I!apnea )?Wholeoal* and General Cnmtnlenea Me'ehaate, Baa Fraaeieeo. California. Mart-handle* eonetgaed to at will be alaeed ea heard ear >nit -il, end eold by eamplee?thae veldtag all nake ef are. he. Refer Wl:-Wm. H. Cary k Oo , New York. Jeeeph T. Sanger, do : Lombard k Bottiiek. dej Barr k, Cowiaa. Hopkiaa k Co. da.; Cenklig k Smith, de.; P. T. Hay**. do., Read k Rawle, Albaay. 10. Of o. p -THR MEMBERS OF NATIONAL LODGR. Me. BB, I. O. ef O. P.. are particularly rennoeted to be yuaetnel ib their etteadaaee en tkle (Monday) weeing, ae mallere eeaeeratng the welfare of the l.odge will he nen; eideved By ardor, ROBT. BTILES. Beeretary. A CAB D.?THE BBMMBBE OP BMITEO 8TATM ll Rwgiae dtaieir. ke. B. weald beg leave to return their eiaeere thank* te Peter B. Aaderaoe, Boo , Chief Intiaeor ef the Brooklyn Fire Department for tn* tnotptnone reakfnet faratehed the Company. after the Bra la that eity ea the mnrning ef the Tth iaetaat. HANIEl. RT. TALCOTT, Foremen. am- I Dev. Job , Reeretavy. NEW TORK AMD NBW IN CLAN D TILBORAPB Company.- Merehaate' line to Boetoa.?Dlvidead.?The Dtmetoca ef the Mew York end Now Eagiead Telegraph Cemnaay here deeltrod a dividend af Savaa (ft per e*nt_ payafle te ateekhelderi ea aad aftwr the *th of Jaly. M LEYFERTS. Preetdeat. L. W Jaaamm. Been fry aad Treaanrar. NOTICB-IF THIS SIIOII.D BERT Till RYE OP Rlekard Caaa aad Raaaah Cane, who name to ehie nanatry from Qneea "a engaty, Ireland, (n th# month ef Oaf her, | MEf. they will ke laformlag their father nt their reetdeaea, bj*eddreealeg a ante la Thomae lade, earn af J. N Edward*, mo. 4 SotiM' etreele, Now York. JAMES CONNER * SON, TYPE POCNDER*. CORN FR ef Aaa and Naeaaa ttreete, New York, here on hand ' avary artlole neoeetmry fer anmplal* Printing Retahtlehmanta. Th* malt rial* ea wkieh thie paper are printed are from the , abort Feaedry. Artificial mcni. jvst ercriyid, per Bteamvhia ' Hormtaa.' a aew enrrly ef Aleieadre'e pateat artifleial Leeehee. VICTOR BIAhOP. BS Maiden Lena. IPORTIEO. CSENTREVILLE COCRSI -TROTTING MATCH.?A J Troltiag metah for B"v' aeid* will taka place on tha above trtek on Pender, Slh day nf Jaly. a? 4 o'clock. P W bet w. en tkv eelel ratril trotting horee* Irleti Yolnnteer end flaw*; 1 mile* and rvpt *t, in beravee. Roht. Coaanly entert I. (. Ineh Volunteer Then. Ktlleti enterv e. g llamr. Ftoat th* well kaowa tpeed af tha ahova named hurt**, groat Run HOI SE.-TROTTINO -A MATCH Wll.t COMK Iff oa Tuoeday. 9th tn?t . batWOOa 1*0 jrrenh r?eo, fur 5100, play or pat: Bnto hoata 10 hnrneeo Alan, tho >?? ay.a pnroo of (2ft. will ooao "II. mil* hoata. bolt throo ia lloa. to harnooe. tinned with tho fu||nwta? outriao? ?Witt. Tenant! oatora b ? Bay fttnto: C. Hrv.ko b. > Vankeo Hill; C. I'edothill a. | t banco. Tho taat -h to omac ofl at half ; poet S o'clock procteely. RED HOCSE.-TROTTING COrWI.-i PCRftE OF f Jft will onwia off no Thoroitor llth Inet., In thn men walking tho oroateet dietnnre with'a thn hour. Rntrioo to bo motto at fTreon A Mttddtno Tn olooo at V o'olook Wodaeotfay ovooinr- Entrance HI per neat. Oir.ftiN MOOTINO MtTtii nor RCrKlvin a I eplerdtd Int of Wild I'lOO. aa which will bo ehut Inf at tha Boll # Ferry Hotel, VJ.. ?n Toeedey the Itth laat. Tho crack nierkomea will bo no hand KliWAHD E. COI.LINR. Proprietor of tho Bulla Kerry Hotel. Kil l HBIOkB. EICI'RftlON TO Till FISHING BANKS EVERT DAT. oaoo|>t ftatordey ? Tho oioomar Bnffaln will loaoo Canal otfoot at 7 o'clock ; Grand, 7k; f athcrlno, 7k; pier Nn. SL N R., h A M.. rotnraiao bjr ft P. M. Ehl'e eetitl.n band will bo on board : dinner and rofroobmont prertded N ? Tho Rnffalo will oitond tho trip, oa tho Oth of Jnly. aroaad tho ' light chip. Fare, 2.' cento aaoh way. NIW TORI AND FU'SaiNO.-FARB 12k I KS T* Tho now aad oeaaoll'ii otoamor IIU1II CITT, loaoao Pock Flip. Now Turk, daily, (Saadayo oaooptod) at 9 AM. aad ft P.M. Ketnrntng. learoe Flaehtaa at 7l? A M. aad ft r M. roroono doairt ao nf tanking aa oicorotna ahoat New Trrk. cannot do I oner than omhraoo thia "pportoalty. Tha oaioaoioo aoroariao aadgardene arc new ia thoir porfooI Men of dnworo. and tho aoatloaiaal* pmprlotnro alwara | happy la roooiro oiailora. Fta?ee for Groat and Little Nook, Rcaija. and Maahaaaot, raa la aoaaootioa with thia boat, at FOR HA IjB ARD TO LBV. COAP FACTrtRT TO LIT?B1TRATE IW THE HIAR O ( Km. 22- 2m .n l >U i/harry attMl, with titan. flrf. IWiwity of th? p. r t. tkiHimiki Mtpaw>k Mlllw*. r.???Ml.? (It.a lmia.4iai.lj. F"f fartA.. laaalr* .f P. n. PAT. 124 Hi Mt Ckwrr rt. l|OCKAWAT CARRIAGE, HEARLT HIT. IH GOOD A*, or4.r. fa, .in.I. .r 4..M. Lam. Will ho all .'.ap ?,^T11*, ljt<tl?wi". it*.r. ...Mr, |< F.arih ml. ?r .? S. ' fr.11^., zni Pm?t Mr.I. TU'fTtl IWn H'RMPHIO or I irutH. ... !. n I .r ? ? I*1*'** f.Btilp, t. I.I HmI* W*|Wtl>HM4 M. Wtfa. |a (irninnr itrrrf a-.r Br'-a4waj. Tot fWliwIm p 8., Mfr.u i1* i " H>i itrid or iUrntMIHID, A niMlW f?r fanliMor ? .! ?w.ii.??. a 4MraM. .??aatloa far mi.w w ortmtor rwi/aaM 4 .at. .t r? wwj. h.t..?a RifMh m4 Nino, mnmi ' Hiww4f>rPM IIID ROOHR TO LIT. WITH RATH ROOM at MM! Mooou .1 ta.h.4. tLm. ran., ar. la a a?. 1 tat# f.atllj, art I. ?b? I??t l"?aOaw I. tAantt a-# .. wtniH Hilri .t V4 Rr..ta.a m 4 Tfaai.Ha Himi WillWlHH ?i??U ihUi.h miy I IIAII.RO* l>*. CAHDRH MDilim RAII.ROA R l-TH I FOE TEfLA4.lrt-t. .t Mim , r|n#> \ M . .14 ball put im ' tnwft. p ? hp itH.tMl /OHH I'WTTBH, 4.11r (gnw- 1 jMiuHfW.lhv Ht?r R. t. *..*) ttraf. fw RH I I itaa. wn IV nun ahai ma Ml WOT*. WANTED-BY A RUCIilA BLE YOCN6 I.ADY. A oiiuoitf*a> at u tali* aam vf ohiUrwn, and in imti Aiiliu aad >rtu.h. The Int .f rffmui* M> U(1?' II IHllw ifM l...*rc-L%:. ;71 Rr*MWt?k MfMt WAhTfcI>~-An artivo a?a ?x|>erirnre<1 vnnn* nan. with a oe|.i>al of In Bi H.QUU lu 2.0U* dollar*, to take two a.i.n>r>nnui and tliar* in tbr }>m{|i* 01 * nail alo.o olorc. to l>t Ootaklubcd la ooauttlicn alih a Btau atariuna* out,... rn Hew is o|>t ration IB ttia ?ity. A ddroa* II.. Una I'.it WANH A HITI'ATION, A S COACHMAN, II t A Man ol bin mil tial'ila. win- haa rondiiuted it.c ui?Bkpeiurnt and earo ol ZUi* hemee, In th? old Oonutry, for ilia loot 14 ycara. A i.rlioaut would be aloe auitaMa for a atom, urwbercfoud adlrraa and eleil aitaation may be required. Wntra a aood hard. Character. kr. will he found aotia fastory. Address MoCann. Hrrald tlthee or 5KN Fourth nrwt. WANTED, IMMEDIATELY, FUR THE WHOLESALE an'l retail liquor bmniirH, u etore, wuh basement or Milar. or th? allele of a email house. en vwhere in Now York, liroklyn or WilliasisLurgti. Address R. I. M . stating rsnt, a inch must he moderate. at the office of thie paper. 1tame1)- a situation, by a uirktilu TV Protestant voung woman, as .Seamstress; la an exeellent hxnd at tusking gentlemen's shirts, and all mannor "f ladira'linro: would not object to do light cliamherwork, if required. I'leaar call at &'K> Fourth rtrect, between the kooiaof !l and .'t o'clock. Heat of oity reference can be given. WANTED IMMEDIATELY?A WHOLE HOUSE. OR part of a huuae. aiiiiable far a dreaeuiaker, furniahed ?r uefiirniahed, in a bueineea part of Broadway or vicinity. Addreaa J. M. Herald ofBce. WANTEU-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE yontig woman, aa Cook, who underetanda her buainuas. Underetanna taking and nastry. Would aaaial in wimhing, if required ( an inuw llie heat of city reference, Please all at No. ISA Crosby atreet. between Prince and iloueton itrectc, in the rear. Can l>c ceeu for two daye, if not lulled, WANTED-A SITUATION, AS CHAMBERMAID. OR to take eare of children. Ilae no objection to go a ihort distance in the country. Can give the heat of oity reference. Can ba aeen for two dayc, at 135 Croiby atreet, let area I'rinoe and lloucton. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A MIDDLE-AGED Englishman, aa Valet aud Travelling Servant. Speaks French fluently, and kaowa the continent of Knruge well. Can he well recommended by a gentleman at present in town. Address J. K. L . 17 Centra atreet. New York. No objection to any part of the globe. Wanted?a situation, by a very good reeouinieuded clean and tidy girl, to do oonking, washing. and iron'ng. or all the housework, la a first -rate Cook, washer, aud ircntr. and la willing to make herself generally nseful. No objection to go in the country, i'leare call at 6M) Broadway. WANTED?A SMART. ACTIVE LAD, ABOUT FIFti en jears of age, to attend an office. Ona who writes a good hand aud gives good recommendations, may apply to 0. A at the office of tins paper, br letter, giving name and address. One liavln#- Solas knowledge of eostom house busirMl preferred. Wanted? a situation, by a very competent girl, with good city reference, to do plain cooking, washing and ironing, in a private family, or to do general

housework in a small family. I'leass sail at 123 Waveiley Flare, the residence of her present employer. yv anted?by a respectable woman. a situa ti lion a. v eon. do* aau give |ooa r?irr?it? irun ner laet employer. If addraeaed by nut*, plea** diraat II. Murphy, 111 Clinton Plaaa, in th* rear, wbcro ah* a an nlao ba men f'r |M daya. \JL' ANTED?A SITUATION I1V A SMALL 01BL TO DO TV general bona* work, or take ebnrge of abildren. Heat f ait* rr'erencc. Apply at No. R Vnrk etreet. WANTED.-A STEADY RERPErTA Bl.P, YOUNG MAS. a? junior dark: on* who write* a aood and awifl band, w llmg to mak* bimaelt woeful, may addraea, poat paid, Bog E.74 I'oat Mttc*. N. Y., in tb* applicant a own hand antup WANTED-A SPECIAL OR ACTIVE PARTNER, with a aaah aapitai of abont tan thonaand dollar*. to engage in a manufacturing buaiaaaa already aatabliahad in thia aity. Salaa can !<* alfaatcd to |ka amount of una hundrad thonaand dollara par annum ? profit* one hundred per ent. For further particular*, addri'a "Iron," Herald i ffiea^ WANTED?BY A RESPECT A RLE WOMAN, WITH A frarh breaat of milk, a aitnation aa Wet Nura*. Can b* aaen for two day*. The beat of city reference own ba given. PKaaa rail at 71 Mott atreet. WANTED?A SITUATION, HY A RESPECTABLE young woman, who la a flrat-rat* Cook, and an aaerllaat waehar and ironer. flna the beat ef ally raferanca. Plear* rail at 2fi7 Mulberry atraet. WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A YOUNG GIRL AS Nnraa and Seamatraaa. Th* beat *f aily rafarenaa from bar laat place, where aha ha# lived four yeara. Plaaao aall at 147 Weat Fifteenth atraet, hataoen tb* Seventh and Eighth ai*nn? Cnn b* area for two day*. WANTED It V A RESPECT A li I.E GIKI.. A SITCAtlon to do general hanaawork in a re.portable family. Tbe beat if any reference given. Call at No. C Balaam treat. Can I * aean for two daya. WANTED-A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE young lady, a* Dreeemakar and Sarapatraaa. fully aimpciant for Loth. Alao a middle-aged woman wiahaa a eituatlon aa Cook, Wnaher. and Irowar. B-*t of retaranae ann b* glean. Can b* eaan for two daya. Plaaee aall at No. Id ban..a at reel. I a t ween Jamae and Oliver alraata. \Lr ANTEIi?A W11M AN TO DO THE COOKING TOR " an anting and < yaier aaloon. Apply to A. ACKEKLY. No I Grand .tract, W illiain.bnrgh. \\ ANTED?ItV A Kit NO MAN OF BUSINESS TV halite Bad aiparianc*. a (llaatmn in th* grotarv. wire *r apirit trad*. Ilia wieh l* mora to attain a rerinimat employment than paonniary mativaa. City raferaaca mm I * I ad f IWgwiped. Addreaa HTM Herald otfice WANTED- A Rill AT P.S It V A RESPEt TABI.I yonng w< man aa ahambarmald la a good plain aawar food any rafaranr* given. Apply at Mo. 100 Jay atreet Braoblya, la th* 1 aeamaat. WANTED ?A WIDOW LADY OF HIGH RBSPECTA blliy, and wall a>|i*ritnced . n tb* man age man I of bona* bold affaire, la daeiroua to get parmaaon' employment with family, or aam* invalid aofng to California. For partiaalart refer to CHAR W. POI.MAN, ARB Broadway. WANTS A SITUATION?A RESPECTABLE Ynl'Vl woman, t* took, waab and iran. Bad mak* karaalf gene rally waalal; haa au atdaaiiou to go to th* *< nntry; will gia {ood an v rafarapaa. Ilea** aall at ISO Malbrrry atraat, oai a aaan for two daya, TIGHTER AND COOK -A COLORED MAN AND WO Welter lit Cook (<o-h u Ma produce lh? boot nwanni' datl ?< n ?> m i* i . t it 9> Burn atroot. from 9A.MtofP.lf WANTS A SITUACION AS COACHMAN, CM COACHboi ar.d |r< ob, a reapet'teble. a toady roaaa ban. arh? oaa bo well reroa> bob ded. I'lbm addreea J. C-, 131 Avtnut C, earner of Eighth itroot. wimtid-a situation, nt a respectable " young Aaorirai, w. maa, aa ahild'a aaroo and maitrooo. Apply at AOn I1?nat'n atraot. N. V. A ml CATION ah ( llAMHERNAID. OR HOUSEMAID, t on do r'aia tanking, walking, Imam* aad general kcarawork. llae no ebjeeti a to travel la tho eoaotrv ( ?a bring two yeare oity roforoaoo. Caa ko iota at 1*9 Eighbooaib ottaak. watt. ARESI'El TAHI.E VOINO B'IKa b WANTS A ?ITCatina la a ptirato family to do general boaoe-work. la Iuirt at Bio. 233 Twentr-Pirat atroot, between Eighth aad inih aroanto. Can gtte tba boat eity rtfrroaao. A WET NIRBK WANTED -Al'FLY AT NO. IM WEST Eourtoonth atroot. Hoy wanted?in a rii.k noons johdi no hocsb. Ono acquainted with tho oitjr. Salary drat yaar. S'O AJSraaa Do* i.yiti. C'AI' MAKERS WANltll AT DAMN'S. 214 UKOADDsro store for sai.e.-one or the rest atoroa la tbo ally, driina a flrtt-rata knalaooo tn?at>i tin appor claaota, in ff?red for aalo, ta annaooaanoo of tha wreoent proprietor to rotira from tho baoinooa. Tar ma about ft UINraah. Apply ftr parttoalara to Moatra. OLIVER A MORGAN, M Boarar atroot. No* York. At. stewart k CO. want in tbiir caeprt ? dopoiltntat two or tbron Bral-roto oaleemen A'an two w on. taporioaood la till laying dona of aarpota. llr-adW|. > INEORMATION WANTED?Of MAR'lARET AND M ART Mane< n, n I." nawie fr* m Krnmgey, near Eaai?klllen Ireland, alnat two yoara ago and art enpp'aed in bo lirlna ra New \ ork af prueent. Air iafcrmatinu reaperting ihom will bo t> aakfnlly roroirod at SOIS Eoarlh alrrat. ky thoir brother. Jaime Munena. Situation warntrd. as an experibni cd< oor' by a ynanr wnniaa, who baa lived In the (rat famllioa in tba oily, from them aha oan prodnco tho btghedt teetlmonlala at oharaotor aad o< mpotonoy. Apply at IV Mott atroot Y.K<JAI,~NOTHKRo I CRT NOTICE "FTI F. Ill THE rommismoncrop barahy yiran ta all parti-at anamtt from Jnyy Duty, wha bar* not r??1?'?md thatr mhin at thia *< ?, to aproar u4 ahoaa thai? rr- nf aaawiptton, for tha narpoaa af ?n?h raan or tafora t.ha "th day nf July r-*?t Thar will an aroid hair* anmamaad (a tha prrformanaa of Jary Doty. ? ? A. WAt KEF. C .mmlaaiunar of Jarora. entiie scrREMt coi-RTor Tnr.state or new 1 Tnrh ? City and Conaty of Naw Tork?Thomaa Doaanbai) i?im Edward Mailt nth. Fnmm^na f?r m"tar damand oa aoatrart (Com not ?ar.) T" Fdwarl llwlltnlh?Ton ar? ktr?hy ??nwnad and r?inind l? anawar Ilia aomplatat In thia at Hon. ahieli waa filad in tha otrtoy of th? Clark "I tha City aad ( oaaty of Nan Tarh, at tha City llall of tha aaid alty. thia day, aad to aarra a ropy of yoar anawar to tha aaid aomplaiat on tha aahaaril-ar, at hla efllra, No. lSCim Ball I'laaa, In tha alty of Now Vork. within ta aaty darn afVar lha aaraira nf thia aamwioaa on yon. aaalaaira af lha day af tarh aaralaa; aad if yon fail ta anawar tba aaid romplaml within lha tima aftraaald. tha plaintiff la thia artion will taka Indynant ayalnat yon for tha mm nf two haadrad and twanly.twi ollaraaad aarantr "? ?, with iataraat on ob? hood rod and alaaan dollar" aad thlrty-tlra oania tharanf from tha Ath dai of April, una tr?naand alaht haadrad and lifty, aad an ana handiad ami aloraa dollara and tkirty-kr< aanta Ihtraof from lha !tth day of Mar. nna tbnaaand ai?hl hnadrad and fifty, haaidna tha aoata ?'f thia artion. On lad JaaaPth, |V? THOMAS WARNER, rial ntiff"a Attomay. NFTICE.?RESIGNATION OF AOENCf-JANES Ma Niral, of tha drtna nf M' Nirnl A (' ., of Taawlck atraot Urarj-nol, and w M'allatrnaa, N--w Y".irli, hn?a ta aoqoaint bit fr aaoa and tha pallia, that hn haa raatc"".t thn ayaotr and aaanad ta aat aatha anant of l.lrlryaton. Walla A Ca. af Naa Tork aad 7 Faa Conrta, F'trhuo h atraat, t,oadan, aad h< trnai* hia namarona frtaada will aaatiaaa to patroaiat bia IJaarpaot aad Naw lork hvnaa. CALIFORNIA* TAYIOR ANP D? llAI FKt. FORW ARBIMO AM? C"iamiHloi Marohaata. I'hn/rra N. <1. R a ara n?? twr. { "( U forward alt rnoAa wat to oar aara. harta* fa* ll*M iraaght boat*, with India rabbrr ??ir? mitillt for thi aonrnyaaraaf |>aaa<a><-ra and frntfht. M't liara alao mad) arrranrno??t? with Rnaala k t.'o., Traaaportatloa a?rata, a* S< r?. na aad Craaaa. a? that thnrr will la ao dalar ar a tha lathaiaa. M R. TA VI.OH, lata of Balttm-ra J M l)K It At FRK, lata of Maw Orlaana. Rafaraaaa In Haw York. J ll wtrt k A< aa ha Uradoaf Oar Aaaata ar* forwlaa, Bro k Co.. V- 5 roaanlata, Paaama WaTandart k l i Ron Traor.aoo CaMforala. CYRYGORY S CAI.irnRNIA RXPRMA - PIR fTRAM* ar ( bar-1 Monday Jala A. Tha onkwrribrro will farward thatr aait t>|>rnaa par ah< aa attaaar ta aharya af a of rial naaaaayrr. I'arh aya* aad paraala raaairad nniU II a aloak. and la> tor< antfl TV I* M THOM TK?N k llltf H?:t>( K, M.aarar* aad Aaaata l?a I'aarl .traat. aar Wall. CARKORVR t-KITRD ATATM ANIi CAI.IRORNIA * t . r??- i lonltr mtiiiM to forward aa R?a aa arkaraaafa iwatnl ?o*n*i??ar, If aaaiy ataaiaaa laarlar Ran Fiaaataao f?r Tarawa, with lat'a-a, par-ola. raakayaa, araala. and (told dna<. for all | arta af tha rnttad tataa (told ant a<tr> far war dad aad inaarad thraarh, aa l?r yoltrtaa of faaarwaaa frm Maw York ?*ono aorarta* t?r? tlah, fr*ra ??!* af atit^aMal, aatll arrtral la Maw Tori. Itrafia aa Maw Yark ia amaaata to aait, faralakad it tha pilnapal dMaaa la Ana franrtaao aad kaaraaaanaa t*f. iOWFR f ORt lOMfT ( wka fatal, ha faaaalaaa. | AMrRKMlNTO, J Bowbrt tueathe?dhiikve rnt pricbsbaiM, Khiia Pit U>* iu. Nv (lira niosrj 4?idm<1*i1 for Hat*. ?/t?r lti? in paid. T1 . I? it.? tljMtK- , J tb? larpvwt, tbe ??? I'M, and tl * b??t v?atl)*t?d in I the ) t y standing rn tli? bifhrat |root.y aid b?in| stir- J 1 rv?udr<1 imi <1< w? < n rv?rv mdr. it muM Mich lh? alight- I I it it >*Bttar (nm wUt qoart? r u comti. Th??n- ' I lei i?.iini?ot ft ^ 111 MBrtM tb? f nut n.? r*l i la> of th? Druthuiti, vr I h? FalUn Ob? Hvati, wheh will bt acted ivcry night , tic faar of vhiih in and I'hiladvl- ; ( phia. also tbraughoot the United Sluice. Iih* Vtn trumpet- ! 1 d ly one whoee unnot for an Jn?tt.nt be doubted. ' H It her done r ore for the- eauee of T? tnpem? ce. than all the I t cietiae in the world. Stiancenriii- n? lie eit\ will here ] en opportunity of a itnecciug thia great uunl drurna, with- * cot i > iMiutt) of iihalin , the hroathel wo or ?Lrre thou- , J end 11m< na where there i* tcarely any iit-aim of eecepe for ' * foul it, er f<>r the aafety of pereone in en? of eendeut. la ; fthe lit w? r>*. tb?* means of mgree and vr*** re nu- J inent.h 1 u r,. ? ml liraightfl i hhi'I, n- I ptVMOfl 1 > tuiK b* w llooini, end im aiabli of find in, ij >ir Mny oat iu ft * hairy. The extreme 11 if fit cf the Ti eetre allowing the eu- U w.n<kT l !?lticed tar hraoeth the voof of the building, on V which 'be r?'Ling re\a of the eiin havr been playing all ? day long T. 8 HAMKl.IN. 8, 1. Proprle cr. Stagee run- , ' ninir at ell Voura. Monday ereniug, July *, will be aeteJ, eiiw!i?! k?ioii 1 .T1" ,,r*, "" *r' :it moral drama ui I 1HE DRIINKARD, or lb, p.lleii Save Fdward Middle . ?"* i Bill Doruion, Mr W inane Ardent ! J' Rent-Jaw, Mr. Pope; ? rilba, Mr llainilt. ?. Saiu Evan. Mr. fc H Bank Mocnger, Mic K Dent a Mary Wiieon , Mire ?,???; Mr. Wile,.,. Mr., Jt" i," 'JZ ; e. II.flirt; Mr. Swindle. Mr. llroadlev i^ftou. to aha P< Drunkard will be actel THE SKkl.KIa >ENT IN < E?Viator I Lavttte, Mr. Humiltou; Valentine ttournay. Mr. t'epe; <l*n% I ' l a Koucke Oirard, Mr. Sieien.; Ixur'tl. Mi.. Weray.. A' Door. will open at a quarter t( 7 o'cloek, and .be eurlaia I will rite preci.ely at half pact 7 "'cluck. ^ CIIRISTTS MINSTRII.8.-MECHANICS' IIATLTNUTtJ 1 Broadway, between Grand and hr itn -reel* V r * 1 day. July Mh, end every night until tu' aottee. The ' I original and well known Chriety'e Ethiopian Opera Troupe. . the tiret eetabli.had. and ilde.t organircd laud in the world. ! com pricing a rouipauy of twelve, nnder the direction ol E. P. (diriety. They w ill have the hcuor of giving L their original and inimitable emrtainnient. every night j until further netice. Admiaainn, 2A rente. Deore open at 7; . Concert will eommenre at 8 o'eloek Anafterwoon concert A on fatnrdaye, eommenclng at 3 o'clock P.M. Barnum's American mlsecm ? p. t. barnum, ) proprietor; John Greenwood, jr., arriatant manager; > fcuith week ef r*-op?nirg?.nlendid exhibition, and per- > formanec every afternoon at .!)? ?nd evening at 7>?, eommen- , Dig on Monday. July ith Engagruient of an eutirely new Com- ( pauy. 1 he afternoon enteriamnirntn eoiieiet of mauic and van- . tr.loqniem bv Mr. Harrington.and the farse of the IVimb Hello. . The eveaing perfortnance commencing at o'clock, will ' eoneiet ef tknteterling, moral(and domr.tlc drauia of THE DKI'NKAKD. Kepi-nted on tliie occaro a, after it. immen.e I eucce.e, with a completely new ta.t. Mr. C. W. Clark, ae r Edw. Middloton : Mire Alexina Pi.her ae Mary; Mr. Ilada- J w ay, a. Hill Dowtou ; Mr. llcnkin., a. Cribli. ; Mice Stan; hi | a a. Mir. Spiadlr. Amon..t the new eurio.itiee are the . Hcoeier Giant, the Mammoth latdy, the Fairy Uuoen. tjiieen Adelaide'. Carriage, Wax Tableaux, Glare Glowing, Ae. Admis.ion 25 cent. : Children nnder 10 year., I2>, eenta. j BAKNI.M'S CHINESE MU8ECM, Kit BKOADH'AT [, between 8prmg and Trince atreet*. P. T ilarnum, pro- , prietor a?d manager. Thi. large and interc.ting oolleotioa . remain, but a abort time longer. It ie the moat magnifluent exhibition of Chme.e hguree. ewrio.itiee. wnnderful epeoimene of ingennity, he., from the Celeetial Empire. It re ore- ., cent, object, immediately connected with the ioeial haeiti, the religlone wnrehip, the mercantile ruatome, the tnerhanla b j operation., and the acience. of the Chme.e. It it intrinei- | eally valuable, and beyond deaeriptlon in.tnuetive,, and gratifying. Open every day and evening, from 7 a.i. 1 Mil 10 P. a. AdmM.ion is cento; Children, under ten yeara, , I K)e eeat*. n Minerva rooms, mm hkoadwav, open evert i evening?New and magnificent mammoth Panorama of ; the Overland Route to California, Gold Digging., Cilice of Ha- i eramcnto and San painted by Miiiaud I^wie, on w fO.thlU feet of eanva.., from .keielic. taken by him.elf. A. W. I Fcnno, whoee lecture, have won the approbation of the Praia, ? and the elite of Philadelphm, will lllurtrete the Panorama. d Admittance 2Acente, children half price, lb ore open at 7. Picture move, at S. Exhibition, on cud Saturday I aOcrnovne. Liberal arrangement, made wi'b eehoola. Doom ' I open at 2 1*. hi . picture move, at 3 I A. W. FENNO, Proprieter. e Federal street tiieatke, boston.-to let, the above ??tiit>liiilim?nt, with eeenery, ilrtiiM, ke. The above theatre hue bean entirely renovated And modern- | lied, and will vie with the moat elegant eetaMiahmeute la the roantrv. It will be lat from the flrat at September, aiihar It tlia wee* or month For furthar part irti lure, apply la New. York. to Mr. MAX MAKE1ZEK, or in Boatoa, to E. ?. AUSTIN, Eaq. AMV8BMBNTR IN BROOKLTN. B' ROOKLYN MUPKUM-l OKNFR OF FULTON AND | Orange atracta?Proprieti re. Meeare. C'tiaofran A Bnrka. J Direetir of Amueemeate. Mr. Burke.?Tha Muacnm will ? ha a pan everr evening. at lialf-pael aavan o'oloek, with n a ehoireeolleoiion af arrtaa<tiaa. The leiture-ronm performance ( will 'mn.anra nt S o'clock. Monday evening. will ta prerent- ? art. fi r tka Arrt time in thia eitr,'t l e etnrily moral draraa, r an til larl lilt. DR I'NkAHII or I'll UFA I.l.tN V A Y El>?Ed- ] ward Middlatun. Mr. 1' Bowrra Bill D>rut#n, (a Yankaa) r Mr. 0. Bnrka; Mary Wilaon. Mm. Bowara. To eonrlnda with , tha laapliebU faroa of TU F. J EA I.Ol'S B URBAN l>?Tom, Mr. Jelleraon: Alrira, Mra. Jeff'ra n. Admiaaiou, 2.1 eauta. MIMICAL,. i TO BF. FOLD?A MEW I'lANO, ?V OCTAVE. MADE , bt I indrman. M Franklin alrtet, New York, who will | give all information aa regarding the quality of tha inetru- , ment, which haa a light apparatua attached, and will k? aold , reweonehU. For particulara, Inquire af JAMES S. MAGNUS, MM Fullon atraat. N. T. RALES BY AUKTIOH. lOCI A. CNILTOM, Al l TION KER.-FI N AL AMD alt aia( aala of Deartnon Cottnga Sitae.?AM af tha boat aottafa aitaa in Daarmau village, being tboee referred he tha ' eompany, will ha auld at attction, at tha Marohanta Eiehange. in kiew Tark, at 12 o'claak, cn Thuraday. July 11th, 1*40, for tka parpoae nf el'.ring the intaratt of diffarent par ttaa engaged In eetahliahing thia new and beantifnl village. N. H -For partlaulara and mapa apply to tha Anatiunaar, No. P Wall aire t. ? REAT BALE OT DAMAGED DRT GOODS?AT JOB I, vE (.rand atraat. aornar af Orchard On M ,ndae, July ??. 1MB,0. M RODINE will tall hia entire etoak, whieh waa reeeitly damaged by Ira and water, wcmpneiag every 4a' aarlpllonof Summer, Fall and Winter Gooda, all of wk.ah are in au imparfaot atata. Being aompallad tv diapoee of 0 immediately, great bargain* ma; ha obtained. a The moat valuable portion of the atock being bnt aliglitly damaged, an er>|* rtnnitr la atierd.d to piirehaeere to aelaal their aaaaonabla aa wall aa Fall gooda, at a eery trifling ' teat. 1 The atoak aomprlana aeary deoeriptinn of aaaat Droao and Domaatic Gooda. eia.: Baregee Inwno, Mualiaa, Ginghame, Llnene. Cbambraye, Mohatrw. Tiaenaa. da lAtaaa, Mho, Shawlo, Marmara. U'>ntan naa, Alpaeaa, I'anamettae, < h,tha raaetmaraa, Batmatta Va*tinga. Twiede. I it,an Drtl1 lingo. I.inea Sheelinga and Shining*. Brown Sheetinge and 1 Fhirtmg. Flannela, blanket#. Counterpane#, I'rinea. Aa . Aa. The at,ore etoak karing bean MMMIIW "no of tha hwet aalretad la the aitr. now in an lu.paifaat atata, axtrwuiflinary hargaina may no had Call before the in net terfaet gooda are aeleetad. G. M BoDINB. 1-1 Graid atroat, earner Orehard New vtiHk tattirsai I.*. *v, Broadway aic. tioa Nolle#.- Damaged Aeddlea. I letel Holetere, Aa.. ta ta aold thia at oral at ta the hlgheet bidder. Tha aboaa eru elaa ware imported from France in ahlp Sabine. far the lla oana mat bet. At the came lime. a variety at horaaa, ear riagea, aad barnaaa. Sale to rrmmanra at ft o'eloek GEORGE W. Mil.I.IB Proprietor. li MIBGEI.I.A A KOl'l, SMlTim EAST INDIA WATER COOLER IS TtIR grwatwat diaaorary af tha ago. bemg eo aoaatrnatad that a tbay will ktap water aold for eeveral daya, with a email * pleaa af lea ; eoneagneallj aerre family, katal Weeper, dining ealeen, emee, tad etoia ehoald have one. To he had oaly of ikt inli ptoprliuni, T. flllTII t CO?f7 hlmrtntl. J PKINTINo nv MACHINERY. CAROM, CIKCI I.AHR. Hill Head# Mill" of Lading, Noln. Check*. Keeeiptc, larieo-r email Peetleg Utile, Be., A*., printed at low price*, at II.' office of Snttoii e Yankee I'rIt J I'ulloa elect, k between Naa-ao to'I llreed war Ornament*. af all kind*, far L -1 la, tarda, A a. TlloMAS E SI'TTON, Printer. ; US P'llltn at root. /'AI.IIOKMA BOOTS. l'"i CASES MINERS BOOTS. " ' M lath Inge. ISO An. fleheraiee'e do. Mi do. 4o . SUU'a. 1 plaatara A". 17 An. Ao. Haital la far < nlif-rnia mtrkal. Al- J ?e ia 1AA?> eaeee ke-tg. ak-e? aaA >r> ?an?. cotnprMang a fi Cracial aaaoriaifal, adapted tie eoiithrrn, a?a'arn, at A aoia traAa. far aala by IMMMHA HKwTlirR*. li> I'aarl aaA M Haaaar ala a ACHIN1RT WOODWORTB'S PLANINO M A - ? chiaee, Slaatn Engiare. Ilallara and Shafting. Sugar h Milla, Slide l atkee anA eeery kind af machinery naeeeeary ?, In At op planing maar, or aaw mllla; lr?a aad Tlraa" ( ait- r, li ra Megnatir Mx-l lao l'lnning Machine# with ell the lateeA , Itnarovemewte. eoaeteetlr na hand, or tuada to nrAar al th? ahortaat aotlee. J II LEST BR, IV2 Paltaa atraat. _ HPARPONVII.IB'R HANl'PACTORY of PRPm n ' a Mechanical (rercl | l.empe, aad every at bat etylea. *' Tra larger (Mil I* tha I alted "<t.?iee, tba rraamat varioy, aaA laraaat etipf-l) ft r eteaiuert mad veeeela. k'epe. alaw, I annaiaat ly nn hand, a grant uuamot t af Pranch Oh Aaa, ('him- I aeva, R i<-ke R ei Taj-re. stadee, Ac . Bn. Haat Spcrai aaA Preach Oil forwarded A?14. by ?hiils?'? retail, I t) 4^ Uro^iriT, 9f f'ftln. ~~ TO THE I. A TUBS-TU/. NEW ioBK LAMES l>HE?S j Cap load Ortea, anA rcnaiaa faary at-ira. ( R chat ad'a)? R Mo Kit tnond graicfnl f r t li rtl pa'r na ? -ha haa raee red and fnlly appreciating the eeir-. will laa?a aathing ni.i'tii an h?r fart tn Boat tha aoahaa of tl.a pnl-lie She J henJaei returned from Pane with the mote ahnha enleeMnw af cane, head dreeeee. e- llere, tnoaratag g<-?le, embroidered di handV- r'hl<fe. and tneallllee M-a R hea alan me-l' arranra- mrnta lo reeelvtfrnm tha Prat milllrara hnaaaa. tha aewpaitarna a a cry c?i acckc, which will he c hi at the a en a I m -derate price. The n?w gnoda will he - fenad thie awl The w eelcete, feat here, rihknwa aad II o w' re will ant arrire wnttl | Argnat A Iranih of thla ttera at Herat- . t, ?pp cite the Start" fifoRi-P KICIIMoNll. V4t Broadway. ,, A female aeatetant wanted hi fl'o jolt I'R IS TIN" THE SI' list RIMERS HA Pi " 1 fot iiIp an sbortm'nli of l'?l??rod lot, . r fnt ay in (mall oanaialora. Alio, Mtn fiaaB?*4 Cat lak. ' ir< at mm* maaofaoiaror* _ It Ilol ft CO . V ta4 SI 0*14 rtraat. 1 [ f l?HI!?a.-rATINT NRW YORK RtAA HOOK A F trry ?or*rl<r artlrl# for A am anA ?#?k tlobtar. for ml* by I T. ft T. K. HAT*, t?1 K* I" ? ?r Main 1 II ARI'MARF. RV Til It rtCRAI.R TKACF. LOO. OA, k | II *<11 ill (fill fhaiaa; kooki aaA lim.-H I I ar*#* I h?rM nail*. tarll*. ?!? ?, ka<b1"ok*. fry "II. II " ??4 1 Walktr'a R?ro***lr e **|>? "Aitoar't" *o??; *11 alt*?. h**t C. < fi?., (klHtlf, ft*., ft*.. atth ? ?*ii*'T ?f **?* ("o4* from 4 th* ?t*lraa I' r >*l* ?' wmi ** atatr* |>r*a*. kv JOHN A. MKWH<>ri,6, IS 0?M Mf**i ap DUN Jl T' OFFHRTkMRN FINF DOI HI R QINlt A IKMH ** .fciki v* Fagllah It linn", uiull? to lb* ?- M I ' n .' \p'?raly f.r | arlrl'lc **4 aooftamk *hiotia? ? I to it.* tttt ?? Jn?i r#**lTtA toy FH AM IS TOR R- ft BONA. ( MaMan Un*. N York. a PomomIob L'?to "f all kJa4a- R. R ?lk*T'?, H*r'?, Wm'.Uf b R'*har4'o, Ool't, Alark*y*?. ft* ft*. Man Wa44iac. Ah. t p P lift M, FVad*r and Fla*la, Fl'iniliif on l If. rto- ? >r> Knlraa Id rmat rariair. Aim. tola Arm to tor tlay'o ' I'ataat toll*. 1*1 I alraraal hh>t Caf'rllroa. FRANC IA TONKA ft AON A, A MaiAoa U-*. If. York. BLANKITR FOR CALIFORNIA *1 AKI RT AMI BI.P*. f r M by toll <>N .. Ill N I ? I o . . <i aaA H! Rilliam uml | RINOTAI D* 1.1 TINRK. AIRIAT. HA.A Rl MOYBO J] I bi> rlhoa frta 'Aft to If# lir> aA*ar, ninnnlift Worm* ilnot-oftii hoar* la fatar* from * till J. fuMo inn of ??*MMfal pra*rio? of all ftiooamo of tka For. oaal.lo* klm t? oara all 4*?tao** aayioaaaat a< im. aaft M Atari,arcaa of tk? R*f, ff riftrt ih* B-r<tanf Aram b* anilaj'i'1 R a'aror f hr ? o? i i. o aikioofkra All lo'larr mat* b* p-(tfmlf. fv.aoal.aOoa fa*. I | by lattar ar alftifalaa. *1. ? f II k/A F'RFFIT THAT PR KKLI.IfTOKR I'Alf RHOV [! W * " " ?F* rraatool oaro* la all alaoom of Ai?*a*? aaA I So a. at r??p??t#hfa roformm of aay patant i***toiB? n*? **14 y( TF* hair ha* aa4 ma b* roa*?*4 la any oam of tor Sanaa ton (oa* thirty mar*. l?**'h*t *nb ? all aanati a) rhoaaiall* aFt-ll a*. alA torn, otla** of Ihhi?* oat* oaf m hrtlam, bora* all aarroao aaA I* aft**'!*** oh lor*, ftlarrhaa hllioao aftolla. ft* AatA la laoao bottlm at I. 1 _ tol 4 *billi*0* m*k a*4 I. L a*A 4 *olUio a ? ? *. ai aft m p.a-l tool,. I Riaa^ So ha aaA Proof* aj . ?i*" toft aaf irA, JA k*r??*a Oraaf aaft Broama rrrraaa, *o< of alt <k* BraaftlBi aaA AaAlora rahaa'a p??ra}>r *aa ahraia It to Ufa L ? , ' ...r.fti ar *a aaaoa.mlo*. ar ? A# hy toftto* a two ftoooa ? ? ft7 . I r?2J*. #*?h, *Aft Thaa* yo-to larart- IT Mr afh*r?A ?* RJl 1\* Haator *aa k* aoaoaltoA at RAN | l^afatf, ftrr *f ikiaai. 1 J __ _____ _ iwrixnCRTi. \T IHLO'9?MON DA V EVENING, JOLT 81?TBI IBl" IerIein uiente wHI commence with Till ISLAND Of '1H II.^-diliiihiitrk'Hil the Ureel, Kie* ef Pherittlfc (r Nleklneon; I'riree Prettiphello Mite Niokiueoa: Ceunt l?rlrk?. Mr. Ui ntur: Kin* truer eld, Herr Kerl Veu Vuiel reUrienthlt; Udy Kidell*, Miu Mery Taylor; Tlncel"re Vernon. To conclude with, Bret tine here, a < mie eketel. celled THE WOMAN II ATEM-Heron Keren lint*. Mr fynne Frederick, Mr. Keynolde; Stork, He. rooter. Lelie. Mice Niekieeon. Ticket*, Mlo.; i'rrrote loier, 19, Doore open et e querlcr peet 7; te commence at o'clock. VATIONALTllEAl KE,? HATH AM STRUT.?MMNDAT ev ening. Jul v ^t 1KM), the ?Dt<iruium?at? wiii ermuit?M itb WILD OATo?J nek Ro*?r Hr H A. Perry; Sir Gtorg* 'bander, Mr. E Th?inp*t>n; Ilerry Thunder, Mr. J. C. Duna; jidy Amaranth Miei E Metayer After whieh SWISS U A IMS?Swig, Mr. W. II. C'hnpmaa. Walter, Mr, J. C. lata; BurgMueMtr. Mr. Ro??\ Da mo Gibh, Mist flaulonille. To cunelud* with THE ARTPUL DODGER?Old Urdibtf. Mr. E. 1br>Bip?nn; Artful D dger, Mr. Varray; uickeilver, Mr. Seymour; Emily, Mine l*atetv B- xea. it, HVjC. Dvvri oj-ea at hnif-puet 7, to aonuaeuot at a cloak. >IIRCrS MINSTHRL8, AT THE OLYMPIC, UNDER ih** directi< n %t thagrtAt original P mpey ?Tble baaaful eetablirhment ha* been recently refitted and ventilated r the cummer M'imcd, and it ia n?* the moat eoua/ortAhl# port of | uMir aiau^rment in the rite. The eontfnaed auotea that baa fa\ rrd thia n.iinitaile Band of Ethiopia* irformera. haa atatuyed then a* beiwc the ne plaa eltra oc ayro harmoniata. A1miini<r 26 rent*. Doore open at 71 nf?rt at * o'clock I' M. Afternoon Concert on Wedneadajl ad Saturdays. Doora oyer m 2: concert at So'eloek. * A8TLE GARDEN FIR I CRASH PERFORMANCE -> of the Havana Italiun Otmra Company, uuder the dtreo"?i of Signer F. Ladiali.?Monday evening, July M. IHA9, ill be p? rformed liellim a grand opera of KORkA-Nonaa, anonnn li. Steffaaoni; Adalglea. Siguuraa Coetini; Clo~ ySa, Sie'a L. Bellini: PoUionc, Sig. A. Vietti; Plnvio, SUr# Badiali; Oru\?io, Sig. I. Marini, with a grand chorva aaid nil orrhvatraef the tirat artiata. Maeatro and Director ef be opera. Signer (,. ll?,Lterini; Leader of the Orcheatm, ignor L. Arditi. ll?t?<-<.Q the acta of the opera a ^{taaiah lance by ..iguAru M Geae and Signer Pattioli. Tieketa ( ,dmia?ion,0<) tenta. To commence at H o'clock. riKAM) EXHIBITION Ob T11F. WONDERFUL REl* minytan ltrid,e. at M14 Broadway, mt door ,0 Niblo'i lardrn.?Thie eelebraied Maqio Atrial Bridge ha. been oalibited in Europe lor ll.e la.t fi ur ??ar?, t.y the architect, (r Kannnyton. and viaited by over t.'Kkl.nuu of peraona iniludin* moat of Ui. eeienufic and civil engineer. of England, ^ranee and Germany. and pronounced to be the gr.iueak Ir.biinical Wonder of tb? Age lb? .pan of ih. Bridge la 1M< f?*t. made ?C common pine. with four ntnngen only, ona nth equate in th? centre, ami no oentral aupnort. It will u.tain the cnornmnn weight of '.(tnio pound*. ehowing a trength of wood hitherto unknown This exhibition will 'rove highly attractive to thoao who have a taate for ineohalical eoience, and tlie Bridge, lh" glnrioue t rie to oh of Ameiaan yrniu., ahonld ha Men ly all. Open from 8 a'alook, A. I . to 10 o'eloek. 1*. M. A-done.ion ? conta. MRANKEiN MLSKl il. 176 CDAiUAV SQUARR. OPKK " every afternoon at 3 o'clock, and in the evening at 8, kw he " Original Femalr Minetrela," thn only orfamied band eC uliea ia tha world, enmprieina * oompanr of Twelva Par rtnera. Alao the uirtvallod troupe of "Male and PrrnaiA Tti.toe." eemmonly called "Modal Artiete," will appeac vory affemoon and eveuinif, In a variety ef eplendid mpra.etatione of EWinx Picture., tof.ther with th. tribe ot B.dnnin Arab Oirl.," the only onoe in eaietenee, who will o tbreuyh their Kjmnajtle rente. Price# *f admieaiaa? taite eeata, 57>?<<nta. Beiee, VeenU; Parquet te, ten tea 'rivate Beaee. 12 \!<T()R PI.At'K OPERA HOOK.-THIS SPACIOUS and elepant theatre may ba let dnrinit tha aun-nier rontbe for eonoerta. mu.ical catertaimn.nt., fce. ka., by ha myht or week, on application to Mr. Baee, box No. Bw, 'oat, Nt w York. "kTTO COTTAGE. Ilolli iK EN-(. K A M> I.NSTK1IM 1N. ' lal Free Concrie?Tbie Day, July 4th. Straua.e.larated Uaad if ruKayed. Female reduced In 4 nnti N B. -The Rand will perform alee M nday, tVedneaday and Frlay n.xt week, at the Cottage. PANORAMA SALOON. Ml BROADWAY, ?(>RN ER OF l.tauenard atreet, "Exhibition Fr??." Some of th* fin oat uimiiutf* IB the world : the llirth of Venna, the Greek nd other elftMietl t'Bintibge. Likewise, the M&iemolU >T?ter, weighing 160 Bounds. Th?* Pamiimrs ere for sale. __ W. A. ASflK, Proprietor. PITT Ml l KG THEA'IKK Till' I NDEKSIUNED. HAYtt>|r laaaed th. Piltabnrg Thoair* fur a lorm i f jrin, utanda opening it. 01 or about tl<* Jd rioptamber. inataat, foe aaason of niu* to Itn month*. IVro ni of aoknowladgad landing in tha irefaaaion, drairouaof I runiu raxagemtata, >111 adtfr**a (portage paid) 1 JO-F.I O C. ruSTtil, ChaabiM atraat Thaatra, Philadelphia." AHIISKMKNTS IN PHII.ADKU'IUAT BARNrM'S MUSEUM, PI1 ILADf.l.PH IA?P. T. BARM'M, Prupriator and Manager?1>*ary !<anford. A raletnI Manager. Taatirc Week. .splendid bill* prarioaa va, ipon, and aobaaqnrnt to iha 4th ?f July, in which llarian'l >ri(inal and Popular Company will appaar. On Ik# 4th. lix Grand Parfirnianoa- a tl a I.act nr. Hoim.for wtuah tba uoat partiaalar aid brilliant praparatiuna ban l ion mad*. Haw awrioaitiaa bar. baan addod. Velum** alona oanlA card tho numbrr and altraotieenaaa of Ftarnum'a aollaa? ion. Admlttanaa 2ft ata. Cbildran nndar 10 jreari. Ilia ata. "WATKHIW 6 PLAGR. 11/ AWAVANHA. OK I.Kir.NWnuB l.iKt llnl'HR TV (formerly buna fond, in Uranga aauaty )? Thia iaat aalndad and beautiful auminer ratraat. aitnaiad ten iail.a Tom f'baatar Dapot. (N?w Yurk and Erta Railroad,) ia now jpan for tbn aaaaon. Ibalako ia It) milaa la laogth. ofhrinf treat facilitita for tboaa porn, no fond of cailiag or reata^ for bomotifnl ridaa, mountain air, rotaantia aoenary, I H dating And hominy, ftaah natar bathing, and qutat ramble^ tbia place aannot b? aurpaaaed. An aioellent billiard labia, and i bowling allot a araattacbad t? tba hotai. Tba Naw Yark and Eria Railioa. baata laara ?icry morniax aao avaalitg from tha foot af Dnaar atreet; alaa * h. Patera.* and Kauar>o railroad, fram tba foot of t'onrtl ind atraot. Stag** will re In raadmaaa at 4'halaea Depot oa tbe arrival of tha mormix>K traina, to aarry paaaengera to tba laka, atartiag from Gao. Coopar'a hatrf. in I baet< r, at whoaa hotel an anaaai.w Uvar) atabla la atlarbad. Ear torma. apply to H*nrr D. Foliar, No. JUl Broadway, oornar Prmoe atraat, >? of ika proprietor atlaka. tba T UEKON FEI.TRR. WHITE II A 1.1, ?CAl'R MAT-TIIE Sl'HSCRIHRX weald raapaaifalWr inform the eltlaena of Now Tork and rleinity tbat ba baa opanad a largo hotal at Cap* Inland, Now Jaraey, danonnnnlao Whit* 11*11. aftar th* moat apprartd plan af ktie Eaatern Ftaia* far baaaiy of laastion and atyla aqnal to any on tba inland With obliging aad aiiaaII y* aarranta. n wall proridad labia, and earallent wmaa and that liquor* at lb* bar, ba hope* la marit tba patronage ?< tba pablie. . S. WARTY. Propitatar. PAVILION HOTEL. RETPOBT, H. J ?E. W. THOMPaaa. Proprialor.?Tbia apaaiona and al.ganl hotal, having baan radttad. ia now open for the rerepttoa of boardart. Tho balking. bah in* and lulling are not aurpoaeed. Tba an I an did i'f ataamhoat Cbinxarnta run* deny, from th* fool of rhambero atraat Tba proprietar pledgaa bimaalf thai an palna will ba aj-arad to r?ndar bia houaa worthy tha patronage of famillaa nailing Ilia country SEA BATHING tlTABI.IRHMRNT ?THE (K'EA NIO Iloaaa at Conay Inland ia oprn for tba racapti.n af haardara and traaaiant Vialtara, nadar lb* diraaaloa af "barlea M. Kagara f..raarly ef th* Delnvnn Iloaaa, Albany, rbla boaaa ia dalightfally nllaatad ab. .1 aigbt mil** front Iraaklya, aaay af aaaaaa by aaeaatKoala aad atagaa. aad la labratad for ita magmlaant batldag Geatlatoan wiekjag a da bnaiaaaa ia Naw Tork, ana lent* ia tha murutng at? rloak in lit lirti, and TV, ooh-ek I ? n>|i. r?lir?li| M hair liftraniaEaa ihi afiaraaon Tha andarsUraad aa m t > fnrada aad tho pa olio thai hit haal r*? >i| a atad ta raadar tliair amy j l,aaani and aaraaalla. aad aalilta a ahara a( Ikttr palrona?a ( HARMS . ROOliiS. OcBABir Ilovaw. Jalyl. 1 WO. JP.A BA1BISO. AT li'Vi; KjtvNCIl THE Mount# !? II rii r at lha aVata a?l?l raiod hathlnt plana. la mow a pa* or via rrrapiioti af Italian Tl n% ra'ahliahmant aaada a* anaal, bain* nndar tha aaira *o?rr*Riant a> it aaaaVaa Bill, and all via aid farorH* propriotar J W Mania iaiU, la ta (Ira Mia a aall. St-l at lha O, ana lUaaa aak ar lha Monia llouaa ala*a, an I all will k? rlaht, at a* harp a. ? t. H MORRIS B. 11. Tit a proprietor kaiad daelrenilf ra'inai from ikd laardiaf buaineoe, (.Bare hla aatal/llakaiant f-r aala. J. W. MOKRI8. Propria!?*. BOAimifcU. AC. ~ flOARD?TW# nillINT ROOMS o.M TTII PRION# IJ ?..or, with ar wiiheai hoard, ran ha uhtalaod la apriraaa iBil'y, reaidin* a hare at alraa- RaOranaaa aaubaaa* I? adrsaa a aata la R. K , afBaa of ihla papar. [lOARDIBO?RtJITSfl op noon pi RM"iri. a . ms 1* a or la had. together or aoparao, oa Ural or f - <nd d r, llh f art - r fall hoard, priaaia lahlr. in an En?luh kwdlac aaaa, aalablirkad eipreael* for taatlaaio'i. where alaanlinara. mfort and attantli a tan ha enj yed U arm aad oal?l ! It oma for lha ata of aaanpaata. Apply In Ira MIDIIt'Rsr, II llooaUa atraal. )OOn. WITH HOARD. o\ THE riR?T AWD flCOD V floor, far famlllaa or alalia (entleiwea at ltd llada-a iraat. Rafereadea aatbangod. [ROOM* WITH MfA* 1'i.SfK WAWTBD. OR A V I ?iId 1 Bat a>ar - ma n aaafaatory whara Hraw aoald Va narrtad. la tha l"*tr part of lha any. Apply l?. D P . at ltd a>n. ?OAKI> fAMHi BY A SIM.LR OI VTI.Rtl AW, 1 wort of Hraadaav. halow Broowid alraat Addraaa M U, r.. aflir af thlr papar. pi il.MI MEN Vl tt l I VRII.T *1 hoard Tkf ? II > f |tia naar aha dorr. Adram I ai*f i alrrat, Ilit* papar. w irhihot mt amiino manr. kaiy okhow to wa?ii< ixmiM FY wlthrat lab' r.? (h? haat nu>m in I A If world. mtairanarbiaaa, ptnndara. rnkbara, aatda. "T nilitr injnrloaa ir* Ira. Inatrarticna ara plain, ar'ilaa ahaap. and a an a# H ta;akm. la aaal ha mail at am?la poataca TV'aannda a aaBt arcrr iranlh Prlca oalr 11 p?r copy Call or a-ad KAtMblP HP A YPI.T, fa tan I Lao adman. ?4 Aaa abraat. aanad l?ar| Naw York. MI HAT IK II f "T t aa malt lay II Una what f I pray. Tha a>nllahar af warfcina- day. Hat abatO II f W' arr i? it mid t G? la H Twa'raliar yna'll ka mid. Tha Taltad Pta'aa roraramant cfFicaa and Inalltolinoa lb# aw Y' th H frail a I lha Naa Y"rh Orphan Aaplnia. tha daw ark Aaylnm far aard fatnalaa, and mk-r pobllc iaallta< aa, alau lha tdilara af akaaa In aawrpapara and pari' dl>la, and 'M1 alrrrt man and ellitaaa Whota nareaa aad ad? naaaa irvA.? fa ll rj . fftao and Ihnaaaadaaf athara a a w ? and apprara n? plan aad all will aaaart If la ba traa, bat a family all aaaka aaah map la aamnpltahad hnf?ra raaklaat f. r a,? aaata. aad wllknat rakhmp ar poaading. ar ii a lap maakita. aampkana. tarnratiaa. ar a mm aiai and hat ft until lha aaiar ta alnah lha alaihaa bar a baaia a/haa f? r k< air alaaaiar, ana half lha tabor, aad all lha i n< ? a aad nap ta aaaad. HarihAtad ?"t In taj %l* ?f>a mat dallaal* fabria. Fall iaa' matlnaa ara prlalad aad dank a nail. If ra^nlrad la a aaalad aaaalrpa. aa raaalpi af lAa una tl, ar aall aad aaa laatmnnaia aad apnatmaaa ad taikiay. H. I * ll,f ITNtl, la w M Nr. Ml Naaaau al. If. Y. I nnnAiicM. ^krri* *r ARCA*TII.b urTrAf. tmrntrrtm i ' l? , haa York, Jnnr da. Itvwi ? Manaa la barahrnm*. hat tka aarllkaalaa af prntla laaaad far lha raar laid, wtah ba aaarn?( miaraat will ba paid ba tka kaldara bkaraaf. at kair 1 a a 1 rapraaaaiatlaaa, aa and aftar Noadap, lha Pah day r Jal/ anal, at which urn* all lakamai iknwaa wHl naaaa, ba aar' idaataa ba ha aaacallad aa papm-nl By nrdar af bh? card, CHA RLSA NBWmBB. Saaitmp r IPS INM RAFM B ffAYIrtWAL t?Alf rVWI? lira [J ANOUN Koa.ata. .1 I"/"*"' ," ? Taak -Oaa..^ wo.i*? forpm faal *!?.'? A Iaiwaparaa?aafaa4 iaaa?a4 la Paw Tar*. la aa?M af Mi Mi taliia TraaT*it?a luw taaaJ A a Ma * Wra-Mra ' ? '"Jr? ,tB J la,war n??laa4 W? Taa H*?k F*a< ( ? tulir. IMirW MB?a. Ml J aap y?'Ur?, it ? allfarala *J?*a MAaa *a faravwhia ?n ?. a* IwW Ma a4 *a?a ' won DTAtft. OaaaraJ ?i?t. j?ir .an i.itb nnxi taarWAXCJl <*> I paar. at paw Ha taw. ( aaa yr ? 0 0. waa. tawaian. A. Mania Praataawa Wai wtHa. f. ?raaa Caaala, la . Iaaaaa4 iplin Aawak ?r *4 rat At| Itaallaaa rwra*?a4 aa %a AMbw* Maa. <f Ml .Iraal t - Trrk - W ? I. ? *% , ti I a|^

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