Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 9, 1850, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 9, 1850 Page 4
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NEW YORK HERALD. JAMK8 UHNNBTT, r*OI"AtBTOR AMD EDITOR. Imci *. w. t:oR.NKK or rvutoh and Hamad n?. Tttm f*?\_ y Hh.ti.M U, I ((Ml y*r Lvpy??' p*r "? " Tlii f t.LKL Y tvtry S.iluritiy. at 6V crmlt per top*, "f $t MMi (A# kuroptai. lifllWil. |i)*r?n?um, tpi t'fM/t Itki jMMl.ivr. Af L LXTTUCS by wuiU, lor vAarripMaui. ar ?U* ad?r? I'm atr. ?r N potl-puid, or tAi pantayt will k* dtJutHd Jrum Ml Marry riwillpd. TrOLC S l AK r COMKEHPOSDKSVM, c-UaPtu.imxparlsM mrm. rail. ??rf /rem lav auurlar / lAi <o?rUl ; V *?<*. ???U * IfcriYiMy w??rf lor. ? ^ ND KOTIt t: Inkn / UMaymMU W? * *a( rc(?ra rritflHi nwnwMM<MH. ADl'EJtmiiMKM'N r<?iKimr|?rdM._ I Alll^IIIEM* THIS EVEN IMG. OPERA?OASTLE GARDEN?(iliiiD Comcbbt -r?olUMI'K M< BOWERY THEATRE. Bowary?Thb Dtf?iu>-iiiiA> loniri. NIBtO'S GtlCIN. Hroalwar?*r Jura*? j Ei.MI 1 Him I A H im Tm?HA? A WAT. NATIONAL THEATRE. Chatham h?i?-Eiui 0?? j ? !?ia* b*Ai?? AATrvL Bo. o??. C!II'I5TY"S orSRA UOl'SE. Maahuries' 11*11?Bum? ?u.h MinrrnsiAT. OLYlirtV, Broadway?PiMurr'i *"R??Ui ARERTCAN RCSeCR?ARt??o?? P** re* ma now ArMaR?U> AMD KTSMIMO. lllYTRVA POORS?Pamorama CAuroimA. 1h)u ble shiett" K?w York. TutMlay, July 9, IHfrO. Affairs In Cwllfornla. The arrival of the Georgia enables as to give, 'in ill it- morning's piper, some additional accounts j from CHlifoibia. Our correspondence is very full and complete. We are compelled, however, ta postpone its publication for a day or two. Telrgr?|iiilc Summary, We regret to learn thut President Taylor wan alarmingly ill fromdiarrhtDn last evening, although * was hoped thai be would be sot of danger by thin morning. Under the telegscphic head, we {publish bulletins that we received from Waahingwn during the night. Tha Galphin cabinet got another very severe ling in the House of Representative* jreaterd?y TUy were handled without gloves, and received a terrible rastigation from whig* as well as democrats, Northern men, and Southern, Eastern and Wstern. That body passed, by a rote of one hundred and siiteeo to sixty-six, an amendment decidedly disapproving of, and disarming from, the opinion given by the Attorney Gem tat, in favor of allowing the interest on the Golphin claim, and from the action of the Secretary of the Treasury in paying it. The vote was composed ss followsi? j!|ki JTsya. wbv at tvMfs os brownti 08 beuosmta ? l'i??tuU?r? T FrresotUr* 8 After this strong vote was taken, Mr. Schenck'a amendment, which we published on San day last, was rejected by a vote of 163 to 39, and after that the House passed a resolution, by u vole of 132 to 09, that the Galphin claim was not a just demand against the Treasury of the United State*. One report lays that the lloua* next passed s arsolution that the act of Congrers made it the duty of the Secretary of the Treasury to pay the principal of the claim. This report may be right, but it is not very clear ts us. Afterwards, as we learn, Ihsy pronounced, by a vote of 117 to 81, that.the Secretary of the Treasury was not authouzed to pay the interest on the claim, mud that it was contrary io law and precedent to d* so. Mr. FestberMsn. Mr Carter, and other members, gave notice of other amendment* desuncia toty of Mr. ^Crawford and the cabinet, the last named gentleman announcing his intention of offering one requesting Mr. Crawford to refund tit money, with interest. There appears to be some funny work yet :o come in this matter, and she probability is, that before ihe House is done srnb ihe Galphin cabinet, there will not b? much left sf ihem It will be seen by the telegraphic report, that Mr Daniel, of Norih Carolina, offered s resolution proposing an amendment to the constitution in reWiUifl tA hlaVftrv !mf , ie?ct ?rai"i wan mo.lo nn.l it waa withdrawn. Nothing of oon*e.|?jcnoe was done u> the Senate. The California hill waa partially diaauaaed, but n? conclusion wi? arrived at. It teema that there wan a hearing yeaterd ijr, on the care of Profeneor Weheter, the particular* of which, in another column, will he read with interval. A final deciaton on the case will be given M> < be 18th inat. 1 here ia a report that cholera ban broken oat in Washington. Important from Caba, Our advice* from Havana by the ateamahip Georgia, which arrived at tbia port yeaterday, are verv intereatiny, if not important It appeara thit Commodore M? Keever, of the United St i tea fr?gaie Congreaa, h id an interview with the Captam General, which waa of a kind aad agreeable eh .racter, and that the latter gave the former the aaacraare that the Contoy prisoners would aoon he libera** d On the e'her hand, it ie Mid that the Sp.nirh Admiral in Cuba ia in favor of teaorttag to ni'*?e measures towarda the priaonera, wuhout eaiioy, *? e FUp|M>ec, whether they are guilty of tabhg a p?rt in the invasion or not, and prohaMy ia the hope that their egecution would lead to a war, m nhi.k tV.. A hl^.11 L. IJ *" " m i "*?n nniirru iMurm nni^ii n' wmnn niprnr- the ?h?tp American navy, and curry out ? laid the ll.teste winch Snot* Ana* nttered *. eiatt pcevinna ta the breaking out of the ni. ?? IK-liean war Hut a* we are treating with the C?>? ?( Alcoy, at d not with Admiral Armrro, ft a of little e-nne'|'n-noe what the latter ntay aty | tj* ??r ( ?. Me ftirther 'e-ni by thi< arrival, that Pa-intm. d< r? M< K-ever aent leyiHlrhri hy the Georgia to 1 th |-?'*? rntnent at VVuehtngton, which will put an ' er.itrely dicinrt face on the matt* r, and which will ? j ft, \r r.mcliiaiyely that there in no danger of a * *-.iigol?ary war" with Ap.iin. I' Ityiin there ha- l? en a great deal of mi??nd Tetan I't^f c to-ieet ? ^ * ad wnh thta matter, in the interroarar whi h h .* ( tea (dace let ween the (Vrunt of Alcoy a.nd the AnieW.n Con-til. General Garrpbell, who ii a r> a e rr i,.I agent, add-era d Ma l?ttera in the lone af a ai|'it*ntii't. Thta breach of rH./nrffe wan not cv> iHi Ved hy the Captain General, * Ho, in conney et ?e. paid no att-ntion to thetn In thia hewn tmt -tiirl hv ail the dtplomnle in Cuba. Inrrgtr] the thr-nia of a-re-a notion which were rrudr 1 Mr P. midaell we I > hit the\ ifm. in i ?om< quel* * of ktlfM whi 'h In* #<Mrr??rct ? tl r gnv? romriit Ht U'aah i but thr r*|>uWi- j % >???? iA which w*a |unhibitrd by th* (iuvrrw't i It ahould l^nH M ikplciimnuifn I*- , , ?* a tl>?- two fiovriTnvnK or l^twrrn the Cuban I* *l "'xt Wf CampVII Po wHI i$ ih* c 0i ** ? (ittrnl toward* ?*!* 1'iiit' 'I 8t tl'-a th?< h* ttati th* iftirnri. w wt b CViri. Mck'evrr thai b*> *. vmld ft?* Mr. t:.iRi|ih*|| .irywturity md , p?t*i *'*? n*' 'I'frnl Ma h?uw for him it nri***. it 11 til ' Jtltyti II had iK.t */U I fi?r( ao<i would r*fu>rali " ! ft MM lb* aaihorilwa. II* |m<| |i iuM hi r in hin own w?f. |i tfwrrft'."* "" Id ppcar thai ih't* it nn iliiy?r ' *.f n " *! gii. wntv war" brtwrm thr Uaitnl Sut*a ' uo byaip, not* **ih??*n<!iug EMrrrtary Clayton'* ra- J ? - 1 1 111 111 dearer* to raise a hreexe *ith that eou.itry, for the | purpose rf covering up tb<' Iniquity and corrU|Hion mi of the cabinet. What a pitiable sp< eucle tha1 g? tame cabinet presents, to be pure! Spiring tio th mean* to hi^ it* guilt, all the little artifices Wtu/h j hi it tfMillert to tor mat purpose mi one ?? ? ; ier, and they stand before the country condemned pt and censured by the House of Ilepr> nentatives, aa : 01 improper advisersof the Ihesident, andunfaithful to i T their i ffices. May such be the end of all dema" ai pt-riues who seek Iheir own peeunrary and politica b aggrandizement, at the expense of* confiding I'rett- n deut and a deceived i*ople. t] Thr Ktwi from llleiraKW?EuterprlM la f, tli at (^aMter. , fur efficient charge de affaires, Mr. K. G. n Sepaier, hua arrived from his important pant at a I-eon di Nicaragua, where he has Wren active s ? guarding the best interests of thin country, e against thecurious intrigue* of the l>Titi*'h govern- h merit. He returna to "hie country, upoa leave of 1 absence, Y*ith a view to arrange, we da not doubt, l certain affairs of great importance tc the United e States. His mission, thus far, has ".effected the j highest honor upon him, and we are fully persuaded j I that a more active and intelligent agent could not j t be relected for the ini|?ortaat position which he 1 hoMs. We trad that kia visit to Washington will r awaken the slemhering officere of the governmeat ? to the necessity of our earnest action with respect ' oe the affairs e.f Central America. t The new federation of Central America is an c important ewnt. The intrigues which have been 1 going on in that quarter, for the last two or three years, have been defeated, and new and brilliant 1 10 the enlightened policy that now animates the ' mod intelligent Ctates. The new representatives i are te meet in September, and if we may judge of j the whole body by the sample furnished by Nicaragua, a highly interesting aeries of acts will be advocated to attract otrr attention and that of the world. This new federation has been opposed by the agents of the British crown, and means have been taken to interpose serious obstacles, by the excitations of revolutions, and such other schemes' as might delay or destroy the project. lathe failure of these, our countrymen rejoice. The letter of Mr. Chatfield's secretary and agent, fully confirms our aften repeated surmises as to the character of the Btitish patronizing policy in that quarter; and we are delighted to find the whole antmtM of the boasted liberal views of Great Britain so completely unmasked, us in the letter which we publish. Mr. Balwer's letter to Mr. Chatfield, which we were the first to publish, was a very rich affair?but this one "goes ahead" of that in almost every particular t f interest. It will be re&i with very delicious satisfaction?because it is not often that these diplomats have their correspondence so widely exposed If they will aid in revolutions, however, they must run the chance of losing their correspondence. fi The news, generally, is of a character to excita o attention. The States of Central America are too utu? known, even to our own countryman, wnn * re daily becoming more immediately connected b in unity of interests, politically and commercially, c with them, and with their prosperity. It appears almost self-evident, that our population will soon prefer the route to California by Nicaragua, to that by Panama. Companies of men travelling to I California will find the latter route much less ad1 vmtngfou* thaa the former. The whole state of companion between the two may be comprised in a few worda. la passing from one ocean to the ther, by the way of Panama, an economical person will have to pay, in the way of detention and other incidental expenses, about aevvniy-five dollars. By the Nicaruguan route, fifteen dollars will suffiee to transport him across the country. Tolerable accommodations may be obtained for about nine dollars, and one may go across in a cart for seven dollars. When the steamers of the Niearapuan company are running, the pawnee* will be made, through Nicarigua, in twenty-three hourr, or iu iru hours less than by Panama. Even were the advantages ofj speed greater over Panuma, the salubiity of the climate, by the Niciraguan route, muat be deemed an advantage that Panama cannot |>osaess. The Nicaragua route ia, also, by muny a mile, nearer to all the ports of the United States and of California, and this is an important advantage in shortening the passage. So much interest will be taken in this new route, that we will look at it mora closely. The first point on the Atlantic, is the port of San Juan del Norte. This is^a neat town, having large houses, capable of containing from thirty to fifty persons, and we ore informed that large companies can obtain these shelters for about a dime a day, each person. From San Juan to Granada, the river ia Fermled for about ninetv miles to the lake, through ' which, to Granada, ninety milee mora have to be pursed Oo the lake, at numersus points, provisions are abundant and very cheap, while tine hunting and game give charms to the traveller. At (Iranedo, a city of twelve thousand inhabitants, all the comforts of life are to be found. From this latter place to Keah-jo, on the l'aeifir, which mty : be reached by a good cart road, thcie are a numner of towna and cities. The aceuery in this region ia full of tropical grandeur and lovrlinea , auch aa ' lluml.oldt line recently described wilh such vivid t earnestness of coloring in Uia "Coantoa " Ib-autiful vr.lleya, magnificent mountain*,extensive lakes, clear skies, luxuriant vegetation, delicious air, anil a healthful climate none the traveller, and <U ignate it aa the country which will soon furnish the | popular paih to California. The railroad across t Panama will thrive in the course of twoorthiee years, and will cairy ovrr much freight; hut the pa-een; er traff.r will f?e chiefly earned on by tnc new ateameraof the Nicarsguan route. M r have muny more facts at our command respecting this beaatiful country, ai.J with respect to ( its growing political importance. These must be reserved for another occasion. (*ur simple object ] has been to show the value of adjusting the most literal relatione with the government* in this region, i and of doing wh it we c?n to lead the people there' , to a more enlarged security, happiness aud pros- | penty. Mr. Sourer, unquestionable, will furnish | the government with seine valuable reports upon | the whole subject, and we afiall await wpti anxiety for every additional vUtemrut upon which we c.iu rely. THffGn?AT Har.r I-ax a ?Captain J'tansbury, h of the Topographical Kngineer C?irps, has made a h *'ty interrMing aurvey of ihe thorp of the Great C S?lt l?i,ke Hit report doee not furor the belief ti that thr lake ia nitn) to navigation The water o aeriue lo he only a f.w in< he* deep, and a riw of * | one fctl, it ia ?Minmti d, wovM double ita area tl On thr lirat draert Captain Htaatbury found a p )?\einrnt of aalt, ten unlet ia length, aeven intlen ( ia width, frurn a hull an inch to three-quarter* of o an inch thick, ami atrnng enough to attyyort hit 1 tmiVt from tmli.nj.? in thr mini, which he h*? Hp- tl rhNd an very trencher, i * i I u ,,Thr il prrtii at ilrpth of 'he I 't*h l.vke ia aixteen f*rt, and f< lh? H> pth of the Ore it H*lt Lake, fur mil-t frirn it tlo fhoip, ta onljr a f< w inche*. Tl,u? iti hop* n of luyur.ful navigation teetna to be entirely eat r el , particularly aa U*e Huh or Jordan river it an ti inru-ndieiint atren n. Tli* difTieulty of ohuiaing "j wuter.Uki ii togrth?r with other circumtttacray ' then lore, teem* t? h ?ve ehawn, eoaclu-ivrly, thai ,y thi* long liiIk' <1 of regiea w ill hoi I out IVw induce- n mentr for tire enterprise of rata. We inmt look to other, more highly favored, an.I le'a mac reaaiMe ,n to a toward* the ?h? ree .if the IV lie. '.)? nn <*t the civililatio* of our trnitori'i Willi the n^W fie?<l?of ndventure aa.l commerce grow lag in our pjtininr Weatern paoraioat. It la C< ttK tan Go ?A Hunt thlce hundred pv??*i?geitfrom Californi < nrriied h*ve on S.inlay nnl )eeteiduy, in the Philtdelphit und fVorgiuy abort | ihe annre number left tin* ei'7 yeatefaL-ry, for th? ,y, placprv, ia the Cherokee j u The MiuTart Reptulic op Hattt.?The Do- j MCAi* Rtt't'Ri.icAH*.?The wonderful intelli- , nee 1)md b?r? announced, that Fauetin the Pirat, <r black guimlun of the dark destiny of Ilayti, is cnedettrkittd id reduee the tariff on the un- j irtation of certain articles, lo the amount ot ten centum, and that the United State* will be put a the heme commercial footing as other untune, he iiewB needs confirmation, and if it were true, b the dictator of Hay ti in quite as likely to change , ie mind with the first breeze, on thia point, as to taintuin a fixed liberal policy, ws pot no fmth kt ie announcetrieut. Ever since Faustin the First prung into lire seat of power, his acts have Ven a | tries of despotic encroachments upon the people rho ate forced to submit to his loathsome governuent. The republic of Hayti has been gradually, nd yet rapidly, running hack into the b.trhnric tate, a course to which the ignorance of the. govniiKiit unerringly directs it. Every step taken ins been a step backwards. The seat of the first 'nropean settlement of the new world, it is the set lu intelligence, in wisdom, ia practical liberty tod virtue. All that was gained under the French jovernment has been lost, and ihe population has 'een reduced to a state of Hlarming di?organiziion, thd' threatens eventual ruin. The exports lave been diminishing with extraordinary rapidity, md the soil and the industry of the country are dike lost by the pitiful policy of the governn at. I he outrages committed upon the population, ?ad tlKin foreigners visiting the i*-Uud for the purpose >f trade, ha\*e crowned the wretched system which >us prostrated the energies of the inhabitant*. Happily for the Dominicans, at the death af loyrr the Spanish population created the republic >f Dominica. In this portion of the island is the inly hope of the intelligent population, though it is low threatened by the barbarian troops of the >lack emperor. Holding two-thirds of the territory, ind the beet fortified towns, they are liable any noment to the slaughterous designs of the brutal raustin. San Domingo has been the scene of one nawwre, and may yet l>e subjected to another. 3?ch is the wretched ]>o*ition of affairs. Tbe two portions of Hayti, held by the two reuiblics, are curiously enough governed by systems ?tally opposite to each other. When the Dominiums broke from the traces of barbarian rule, they vere without means, ond almost without hope.? l&'itfx great practical sagacity, however, they esabhebed a liberal system of oonitnerce?a feasible, lonest and effective currency?and are reaping the eward of their enterprise and liberality. Yet, in he moment of their prosperity, they are threatened citfi r.n invasion, which must be "disastrous, even if t only distract the population from their regular itrsuits. The preparations of Faustin will do more ban this probably. They will be directed to the uhjugation of the Spanish population, mmy of shorn-may innocently fall victims to the bloodhirety rapacity of the black-faced and black-heartd dictator, great only in golden boots, in the full reedom of ignorance, and in the wanton depravity f his barbarous nature. The question is, under the aspect of circumtances, whether some kind of protection will not e afforded by the civilized world to the Dominians. They havs generously offered fifty acres of and to every emigrant, in full right and property, ree of any charge, together with exemption from nilitary duty. This fact is an evidence of their uperiority of the islanders of the eastern end, who lace patents on licenses for every kind of business, nd shut out the enterprise of the world from their ates, ignoruntly jealous of everything foreign, and licensed against the prosperity of their neighbors. Ve are aaltvd to aid this feeling. The agents of the lack emperor invite ua to relinquish the settlement if our claims for the present, virtually ta permit he funds, which are rightfully ours, to be used lor he purpose of slaughter and rapacity. Shall we lo thia I Flutll we consent to furnish amy a*si?tinee, even the most remote, to Faustin, and with :he certainty that such aid will be for the dsatrueiion fof a people, wboao policy is enlightened, a bona porta have been open to our commerce, and n whose prosperity we have a deep sympathy and i positive interest t A few weeks will settle this natter. May the end he one that the world will rjoice to contemplate. Faarns on Emioiiants ?Tux Cowdwt or tux ^mmssioners ok Kmio ration.? We referred the ither day, in general terms, to the numerous frauds nd impositions practised upon persona arriving at hia port from foreign places, and intimated that the loinminttoners of Immigration were justly ehargea. le to a very great extent with them, because tie y do not take measures to protect those at rangre, and tolerate if not wink at them. About a reek since, an English family arrived at this port. rd no sooner hail the veaael reached the Qnaranine, than ahe wm boarded by a horde of ruunera Ad bullies, who seized all<gage within ai;hr, by nice, and thua compelled the owner* to follow hem wherever they plenaed. On being remoaarratd with for their conduct,! prr*on representing nmaelf to be b'heriff of New-York, waa apivajed o,w ho raid the outrageous proceedingwaa right, ind he runners handed e?rda to their victim*, oa which be names of two of the Ctaum dinners ofKmigr.itMin ?err printed, as n ferences One of the Cinunisioaers thus referred to, has been applied to on the object, and said that the use of his nunc in thit nanner was not without hisauthority. The result rns, in the case ol the family, that the ruftners who intently seized their baggage brought them to ome forwarding house, where they were charged omrthing like five dollars a head mare than they tight to have paid The runners, as they are call_ d, receive very large aalariea for their services ome of them as high as thirty and f?rtv dollars per reek each, for services of this kind The Commi*. ionrrs ol FmtgTation were made togntzant of this nee,but they were powerleas, they said, to give any elief. is a pecimen of the traoda that are prnoi i d upon persona arriving at this port from foreign sunliies. The aggregate amount of wrong infbetd oa these stranger* most he unm?n?c in a siugle eaton. Our Plate Legislature have, from tim? to ime, passed lawa for their protection; hot, accordop to w hat we see nn<l hear around ua, they are tiojierative. The (Emmies ion era of Emigration we their offices to a recently pureed enactment, an we have yet to hear of their conferring one a Iantage on the siranger, or protecting him from he nonierntin mnners who infest our dock*, and oard ships arriving at this city. In the case we ave related, we see the names of two of those Jonimieeioi.ers ured as references, with the aaneion of one, and yet those people were ch??tej nut f fve dollar* each, and compelled, against their i ill, to go as the fot warder* dictated. Now, is here no way in which this system of rol.l>erv an! hinder and abuse, can he put an end to 7 If the 'ontmiasionrrs of Emigration cannot, or do not, r will not, protect the stranger, we hope the .egislature will abolish the office, end leave it to he protective emigrant societies, or the con?uls af he nations which the emigrants leave, as was rnierly the esse. This matter ought to he taken i hand hy the preen and the public, and some devised that will save strangers seeking nr sh-rce from al least some of the im s.?itiou? pr os sed upon ihem. In the mean time, i.r mr-rii Diving here should at once proceed 10 ih- It ni*h rot'Ciiac Emigrant f*ociety, the (} rman K' Nvietr, and other similar in*ti"t'ion*. wh r* ley can get iiiforniiition and advice, free of Trie PicaaBM *T Kio or J aver no ?The followg ia the officii I statement of the mort tliry of Itjo > Jeneiio, from January l-t lo April !h)ih, l%(> ? ? W! & JLi i f t n eh. # ?? ?* I *? iCamstsrM ? * * gnu to* 101 1/70 0 7vf , Nawa from Ei iori ?The iliherniv will bring e neat news from Europe, rihe will pfnhibi/ rive at llaltfia to-raorrow J r kuk m v/riom* of Til* ASXXXATKm OF UVEA ? I Ad iiiteiesting article from La Prttu appears in oar ! b columns. T'oe writer comprehend# very clearly > k the pot-nine. ?t Cubs, bat ilic anticipated ultimate j L rstulfs of the situation of that inland are not likely j to take place, unle?? s? me extraordinary event I ( pr' CVpi atea ibem. The Mmple truth in, that aur < country doe# not det-ire the annexation of Cuba, i %T-cept natural event* briny ahont such a eonaum- t I niuti 'D Car own internal commotions, still ?e- i yravated aud extended by the politic*! quacks in j ' t f\r confederacy, give as sufficient trouble, without j ( netkiag any additions ta them, by complicating j | our a Hons The ituwtense rapidity with which 1 California has sprung into commercial importance, ; arrests our deepest attention, and demands our mot at (ive and ear-neat consideration and thought. ] J hit w Mexico, also, adds to our anxieties; and it < would be folly to increase the aeries of political ] anxieiies which now distress ua, by going beyond , onr own territory in search of causes. The slavery j agitation at the Northern States, for twenty-five , | years past, has been preparing a path of thnras for , tie?stimulating at the South a kind of defensive j active, which springs naturally from the senseless and uaiiatural aggressions of the abolitionists j Men huvr departed from the exercise of reosoa, j | and huv? broken down the proprieties of life?even j going so far, like Horace Mann, as to entertain j colored persons at the family table, and in the j dm wing room?with oo other result than to excite hostilities, and to embitter those sectional prejudices, which ought nut to exist in a confederacy Irhe our own. When men sacrifice to questionable I and theoretical freedom the great interests of an ' enlightened country, and merge their patriotism into a single barren emotion of abstract theory, j then we cannot fail to doubt ths results of their peculiar taste and ambition. Too mush of this spirit of aggression prevails; and it was I an unfortunate hour, when the political parties of the country consented, in decided opposition to the letter and spirit of the constitution, to draw from the discussion the means of araass| ing political capital. This movement on the : part of jailiucal tacticians is now doiog its work. In direct opposition te every form of the will of the people at lurge, for nearly a year, we have had the public time sacrificed in the halls of Congress. In our political calendar this Black Year will long be referred to, as the most disgraceful ia the annals of Ihe confederacy. Its cabinet history?its executive history?its congressional history, ean never be wiped away. The escutcheon of the country baa been blurred beyond any and every precedent, and we have only now the prospect of a hope for \ an agreeable future, in a complete reconstruction of the elements of the government, in a general turning out of the degraded partienns of folly and fsnsliciim, and in the introduction of a new order of men, devoted, first and foremost, to the Union, in all its integrity and prosperity, and to party lines end party policy as only and wholly secondary to the one patriotic idea. We shall look for the I White Year of the republic, and so arrange our | politirsl atmofphrre as to produce it. Till this great desideratum is accomplished, Cuba must lie bey ond our thoughts. The cabinet msy hurry on a war with Spain, to force the annexation of the it-land upon as; or it may be worked out by a change in the two republics of the island of llsyti; bat, unless the government first embroil as with Spain, Cuba will remain in the possession of the Spaniard. No doubt, Mr. Clayton and Mr. Crawford would he gratified to have a war to cloik the cabinet intri'Uta of the past twelve months;

but thsy, probably, will fail even ia carrying out this darling idea of their poliiical dotage. Another Fthkt Flak* Ui- in thi Horsn: or Riruisaktativas?The Union strain rn Danser ? We recommend onr readers to look out for another funny flare-up in the House of Representative*, ( abeut theae warm days, which will be more ludicrous and mare extravagantly fanny, than anything that hut taken place in Washington since the commencement of the present sr-vion. It will knock the "sanguinary war" with Spain into a cocked hat? throw into the?*haHe livuainn riat.i.l ittrfti from Cuba, tud go ahead, in an infinite degree, of the famous tobacco case, and the funny I correspondence between Secretary Clayton and Mr. Poaoin It appear* that one of the letter writers in Wash* ingtcn. generally understood to be the puffer-gene- { ral of the cabinet, alleged against Mr. Giddings, that that gentbman had abstracted certain papers relating to a certain poet-office in Ohio, from the atchivesof the Poat Office Department in Ohio.? Mr Cidding* was indignant at the charge, and denied it, in his seat in the Houae, in unqualified terms, ineietiag, at the tame time, upon having a caiamiifee appointed to investigate the matter.? This was at first refused, but was at length granted, and we suppose the committee will soon enter rpon their duties, if they have not done ao aliewdy. The heat of the joke, however, is, that the charge has since been reiterated. The |ieraon who made the charge, says that he has evidence in abundance to sulsUantmtr it,and that he is ready and willing to prove hi* assertion, at the proper time, to the satiafaction of the committee, if not to that of Mr. (lidding* bin self. Of coarse the country will he in a terrible stale of suspense until the committee of investigation will have made their report, and informed the country whether Mr. CSiddiogs hooked "(hem documents" or not. WaT*b Crr K*T**i.rsH*airp? ?The establish* ment of Dr M i: de, at r? usenville, N ih ;nj" .1, 1 Massachusetts, is bow full of patients, who are progressing rapidly towards eonvalesornee, uader the wmti r treatmeut. As soon as piUents are dis1 charged, others who have applied are ieady to take their places, nensonville is delightfull/ ait anted in Northampton, which may be rearhe I by the I K . _ LI...- ...I....a 1L'..... ? I ' i bvt ?. iiH'tn inni?"iu. ?? ?* i snir rni?iMinnrTi>'niN are springing op in every part of ibe country. Their effects in renovating the confutation, wh*n bmhrn down by dii?e.i?e.arr now universally nrknowlc.lgd to he wonderful. The German physicians have art u* tbr ex. mpie of thtr simple practice, and we are cartying it out with great vigor, for the h tj? nnesa of thoae whose sufferings have made e?isSence almost intolerable. When acieace in r.milliard with the pracitca, as it ta by I?r Monde, there can be no safer remedy for disease Kalian ??pvra at Caatle arden. The tret appearance of the Havana (raws' of voeatlete tad I'aatls (tardea. ho ngtit toga'her. laa* tight aa lmn< a>? aonrouraa <>i ladlra and gentlem?n It ?na eatiuated that frew twenty Ave hum.r.d In three thnneand pwresaa sera preai-ot Bellini's haautlfal opera Norma" ?< prodaead. the naly rliacga In the *.rm?rdletrihallon ot the.6ln. hsiag ttia ' part af Polllnne. which waa eat meted to tha aara of ' PlgtorA Vlaltt. whovicrtcd blaierlf to give satisfaction, and sbo. la lateral ?a?aaa. vary effective Mar nl. | as n.oal Imparted to t.ia p-va->nailo-i at Oroveao, j all tha power. fores, aad artlalte Aoi h that a bar. | srtertee bta Interpretations of character Rignorlno Coatlnt gained much applaaea aa Ad'lgiat and tang h< r rasltallva, and eonrsrtad am le | a.Ith greet ahlll. tbntigh with scarcely power en nub for an orrlie.Ire goiglsristvs and b.aey, ami a h >a-a of meh large propotlkna tier anerrea hnsar. r. was omjur.t ii.i,al le Pt. (Tat anl teallr I the hi^herl d n K or rose.ptli.n of what Nntma ah< aid he Iter aeUng I ? and anealitatlon were magoiAeent. la tha flr-i act, I aha aarpaa-ed all h. t prsesoi* trtuaipha gc. stand now- 1 J plate aa thiy I are beea. and fr >? the flret aeena to t in . a laet waa cv.rwlo Imcd hy the |laudltaof th'>n?anda j Tha papu'ar ?a?ta bow. d at nam to bar Br-vti talanf, 1 aa>d jriiyad har all lhat rha h*? tw?u da??r)l*-d I Ut?-l noyrano anaallat and aetroaaof thi ardor. I * T?- Bight a grandanwrart. with Mr Indrr'tkiM an I , all of Ilia Mat 4l?t*vint?h?d raa*I of thr rrnnpaa^ ' willhaglvrn A upantali danra will alto. bn Inlroduaad J by FMn?a and dig ar PaltMI. Thry warn ray- ' ( liO'dtl; rnaorrd |??t tl|h' In I hair faoainating and j f rliaraatrtiai tr ala|>a. In rt Manr|?b tart* waa I Urndad with tha Pyanlah lata final inn and aa th-lr D *w Myla | , rnmaa ktmwn w.- think It may ba ganar- ?l ally *f|ft?lat?i Tha gardan will b? fro wind to- * ?lgt?t at Rykdhs Aim thb Rarrows ?Capt. Ryndera at h?-fu umoug ih?>ee queer fteh, the Rochester r>*ckera; end though accustomed to the knockDgs iu Tammany Hull, he ?(? to have got into i Dew Older of facte, that have somewhat etag ;ered him He has given several blows, and re- | :eived several in return, all of which he describee n a very curious and entertaining manner. The pints prepared him " to dance to a new tune," *hrn he approached them; but he settled down nto mailt rcf hict position, for investigation, and he stoiy of hie spiutual experience shall soon in'uim the world of the rll'ect of the mystery upoa ais anxious inquiries. Captain Ryadern shall be ^eard. til) InttlllgenM, THE Itl'HDKK IN KIDOK STRUCT. Yertirdey wr published the account of the horrible murder perpetrated on Sunday In Itldge street. In hirh Robert Moffalt en Iriehmnn by birth caused Lhe death ?>t hie Wile, by healing bar with barrel staves Coroner Ueer heirt the inquest. yaaterday. on tha body at the 1 billet nib ward police station house The men I'atrirk Cauipht 11 coueiu to the deeearsd, who was under arrest. w?e i xamlned before the jury. Ha testified that be called In at the baeement of the deceased, about 111 o'clock on the morniug of the murder. and saw the deeeaeed In liquor, and her face bleeding. ftsH'u alter MofT'iit. the huaband, tame In. very murb Intoxti aud The quarrel was then renewed between the wife aud husband. the latter aelaiog a etava of a berrtl aud I* tiling her about the head and body, infiirtirg the wounds ae exhibited on the deceased.? Aud lor wit erst. Eliaabttb Oolan. teetifled that she bud beard Moffatr declare, tiurine tome of bie orevious quarrel* ?iib bin ?itr, that be would take her life belore ibe 4th ot July Other witnesses testified to liearlP(t fiegueiit qrarrel* between them, whieh ha* led. through the agency of intoxicating drink*, to the ?wlul rerult of murder. The jury, after a brief charge ftom the Coroner. retired und in a abort time, returned the following verdict, in wbieh it appear* they implicate I'airick t 'ainpbell a* an accessory to the murder Verdict - That Ann Mnffutt came to her death by blow* inflicted by the band* of the prieouer, Robert II'flail, and further, that Patrick Campbell i? implicated. in not baring interferred in preventing the murder. The deceaaed we* 80 year* of age. a native of Ireland and baa left four children, the youngeat not quite two year* old 11 offatt and Campbell were both committed lor trial. Diriicviri between the PnaratrToae or the nam OairmaL am> FaanEacEiia canto to CaLiroaai*.?Some *lx or eight week* ago. the btig Oriental an* advertised to carry paaeeuger* to t'aliforuia. Several person* engaged pateag<* and *ome of them shipped their luggage ft nr week* ago. In expectation that the veaaal would call immediately. The Hailing waa portrouad Inn day to day. At length, on Friday, the 2*'h of Juue. ahe railed, but ouly got a* far a* Statten Inland, rehire rbe runai-.ed erer eince. till yesterday, aheu the proriiloua were seised by tb* *h?rifl. for debt, and th# vaaaal was libelled by the paasengera. and towed up to thi* wity by a steamboat. Some twenty perron* hare employed Mr. Haakettto take proceeding* to rrcovcr. tu alt, (2.400, a* passage money paid One perron, named llenry S. Rice, paid (87b Another, named Kdward F Beeely, from Canada. paid hta paerage money for hlmrelf. Ufa wife, and ten children. Thi* poor man lost all hi* property in Canada by a etorm. that destroyed hi* mill, and h* made an effcrt to relriera bla fort una*, bvwoiuirto California II* I* n<>w in destitute circumstances. as are also some < t the other passengers It is stated that there were three females on board, who eonld not obtain a change at dress, and were reduced tJ the greatest ineonttrnienee It is very doubtful whether these passengers will he able to recover anything, as the risstl is derlaied to be mortgaged to about her full value. This is one way of going to Oalifornia Annuel. Kxcvmsion or rsr RmsrH Rniiatsr. Kr nonet Uiesu --Last evening, tbe finest regiment of the First Division of New York (Date Militia proest deU lr< m Tier he 8. N. R , on their annual eieurslon to Newport end Boston. At 4 o'clock, the regimental line formed iu the Park, accompanied by Dingle's trass Hand dressed in their beautiful red uniforms The regiment mustered nearly 800 strong, and after drilling, proceeded te Pier Bo. S. N. K , where the eteamlx at Kmptre 8tate awaited them, and iu which they embarked amidst the cheer* of a rery large concourse of eltisens Brigadier General Hall, e< mm an ding the thiid brigade, and ht* aids, aceoini anied the regiiueut as guests. The gallant corps w re beery uniform. grey troweers and knapsacks; and tbe eighth company. Capt hb tun way had their orercoets rolled up iu their knapsacks iu true military style The leftmost will r. ui?ln to Newport to the ISth instant, whtn they will proceed to Boat en. Ascidlnt on the IIsslem RiiitoiD?On the Inquest held on the body of the boy. 8)4 veers of age. son of Abraham Kiley. <bat was run over by tbe Harlem ears between Tbirty-flist and Thirtieth streets, on Saturday last the jury rendered the following verdict That tfce deceased came to bis death by being rnn over on the evening of tbe 6th of J uly. by the ears of the Uarh m Itseili ad Company, while going at an unusually rapid ret*, and that the company are censurable for neg|. etlng to have a sufficient number *f brakemen on the eare. Convrnnon oreu the Taenia to roan a Paoeretien ?A meeting was held la?t evening et Montgomery Hall, lb Pt Hire streat to take Into consideration the in< atures noressary to form a grand proeoasloa of ail the tiadee. Tbe mas owe and ship sawyers were alone repres-nted on the oeeasion. and it was agreed to refer tiir subject to tbe nutc general meeting of the tredes et tbe Industrial Congress, which I* composed of the whole body of them There appears to be a difference of opinion on tbe subject, some thinking that e procession with banners, through the streets, would be a grand demonstration of the strength of tbo trades; Ubors thinking It would be a useless expense fatigue, end show Tbe sawyers it was stated, have prepared e flag costing three hundred dollar*. Kmiosstios ?The following are the arrival* since the first of the month :? Kmeralda Mverpool., 896 Martha's Vineyard. Bteemer Helen Bio- Glasgow 901 men. Hamburg.. . . 387 Scbooalac Liverpool. 891 Oregon. Llvtrpool. . . 817 Gntterberg. Ilsmburg 260 Rets ard bleijaugle. A-hburtna Liverpool. 488 (Norway) M Wk>bln|lo(. Rrrnri 91 tar ah f*ik?r, Vtwry Co???filr?i. Harr* . 804 (IrrluDd) 1 S3 Kltia M?rrl?oa, Llrpl 381 [>M( Wr?gl.t. Lirarpl 471 Kir. l-l ir Liaarpool . 69# knurr*, fNor- Haa* Ilalmboo. Barway) 147 paw M C< nl. o-k jold. Baagaw, Jamaatown. Liverpool iUW (Norway) If* Hopewell l.lm-nck.. l'J4 KoWrtkrll;. lUrr*. . 4*9 llornat (*abooa*r) do 94 L'frrlal.ation llrerp 1 917 La I>wch?*aa d' Or ll< mo. I.lrrrpnol 384 lean* lltrr* 39ft Lrauder Undrrry. ,, Kft l*aa4. Orartntb 317 Wav. rly Dublin 191 Ainrlin, Cork 3oft tmy Limdnn 113 Eatofotta, llramaw, . . 104 MiamrFHll* 10 ? Ulla Knttardam.. . . 337 Total 9 3o7 Dtnivainu or Eurinanra?A eaaa I* to aom* today trior* Ju?tlea O.toro pgalupl a Bra la douth itrort tor obtaining mon*y by falaa tokana la |i>l*( Italia to prraoiia rn.diug bom* rwh from thla oountry In thrlr im-tid* ahlrh draft* war* dlabooorad at tba rtbar alda o( tba wofrr; and th? Arm ara abvgad with knowing lkia?rlraa to ba Insolvent at tb' tuue of |n ap ipld drafia It la allapad that ?381. or ?ipaarua at ftl 'JPO. haaa bran obtaln-d In tbla way but Ll.a rut la brought In tba nina of ona prr-on alia ilnpaa ba paid tl<I and blp draft waa rrturnad dl*hoa' d at d that br waa tnnr-oaar *ro*lly lattao by a I* taoa In tb* amplaymrat of raid Arm wh?o ha w*at ' 11 a rffloa to d< Biaud tba aaiwunt of tba lotarard rait Tli a a a* a pwaraari o< ma lataroat. i bat. oa 8t??o.?? -At A o'rWk yaatarday mnrnlnp i ycui | girl nam. d Path rlna Mlnnquo, wo* avei laotilly al.i ad. la a r?r#"Btr* Iwiwaan two lol.r-*' lOinrd Jian Hamilton and Jibu itallaghar at tba 'opbar of Oatra aad Antboay *tr-*U l?r 3 waa ay aar rail, d la and drerard bar wound* In Ibe maan. IWr tba two raarol* Inlliatad wound* oa aoah ntw*r, Irmlllra r* rri*tng a atab la tba right aim. aad Hal Of l.t r a wound In tba 1 rraat-natlhar of ib.m mortal. I ipowntn wmta Barniwa ?Ow Saturday, whil* *blllp frb-a*rmana a Gtrmaa aprd twenty oua laora wa* hotblug > (iraanwood bay ha a waa *nt I", far In tba amrrnt. and wa* **rri*d away with Aba d' till ba waa rsbawU'd aod urnwn-d (UiMdM ? aarra aa a raarion. * a*a to awimm*ra how they Ida with thrlr liaaa by veatwriag bayoad their abiliy to aara ib.m.-lr.* Aaoiatp Par woaar Acciopwt ow nir Moptn Riria. - h*i w. aa tba Hour* of II and 13 n'aloak r-iUr lit, ; i* Ik* *1. Joaapb Rrlknnp t'npt wll*..|| w < r< . . .rtina oa bar ap trip la Albany from tbo llud-nn titer Ko'lrnad at Poapbke*p>ia *e*oral part* of bar r*i hiti. ry pare way tie* oppo*i?n tbo rillape of trl*lo| *ti.I.b* wa* ??> d'aabl'd that tb* Now Wo-ld I a* obl-grd to t*k* off h?r p****ngrr* aad a.'nary kiln to iba iknra alty Aba will ba rpaadlly repaired td taka h* r plara again la ahoat two work* Daring i?r !> #**? trom tb* rout* lb* 41 Nlehola* will taka j Fiat Fam*c T?i?l ?Yrrtardny pruning a trial nf rirr tiffin# ht? 34 mad* at lb# fifth ward lib.-Mp ?<.|*. ?.>t Btordaap. nblrh I* 174 fn-t M?h bl?a ' Kt lb* natrf nlthui ? f*n fwt of th* rap thu? ah"*- j a Ir- at bat a* uiH.-rr'aiid that ? a forra*T j ?? ??!? a f hi* pibc rngia* |Uf.4 orarljr thlrt**n fvri J it?i 1 !< rap b.iBf bright i.l ararl/ lvd trrt. W? 34 . ?* fiprftid. hat d<d nut era* Bvvat i tan ?Tb# r#?#nn? oAImm at th? qnarantlaa t ncrrdap rt?ifrii<t anifoflh- pa?*?mt?r* ?fa Br.ia*a '* * 1 la Ihr a*t nt taking arbor* a la'g# quantity nf ?l'tl'?, Blftly atnnrd a*?y In th?lr m? ttr?r.#* fi?i.?41 I o'rlork T<rt#rday mnrnlni t In kflu >nt in a *ibi.|i fr?m? inM* In farnt yaarond #tr?-l, *ln#? a bor.nd and Tht'rt a?#nn*a. nM#h ?W rmal.t#ly 4f?>rot#il Tan hnra?a p>-rl*h*d In lb* llam.a Ati??rt t? *r?>#.-?ia About II n'r|o#k oa tinla) nt#hi a. Thorn** t?rCln*k#y ??-d fit) y ara. ?o l ( **>dmg In lh? r#?r atfid Brldg* *tr##' na? looking oat f tbi all 4 a h? ar but la th- li?ad ?Hh a hnltrl from pun. ratlin* aaai a pnrtlna nf tb# **alp bin j ' (boat tuurbiaf ib? iron# Th# inju y U not fatal | !< rlti* ha-b#.-n a* >?t ili?ao?*r?J ta th? pat palmtar . I tb* foal d.Vd Iikvi* rana Daowairo -On hnadap noraiat at 1 a rlmt. a anaiaii ax* rr-ra-d from dronninj at th? j larrlajr ?tr*#? nip lij Cbnrlr* Collin*. lift Ro^rnlt ! Iraat. __ Board at aaptiabara. Ald.raian Or?n *? II franklin prariding Ji n A - Pur-iianl to lb* art i.f ?h* I. girta'nra lilrh r> lid. ia It Imfftal it? na Ih* Board nf duaarrtat* i o no at i n tb* arroad Monday In J uly. th> y a?- j hib|? d yartrrday nt If o dork, hot la th* ab*?nr*of t l.? M?)irtid Hi. Hrriitdrt ib?y armaot c>impvt*nt n lahi ant ipmllr a- turn oa tb* prtartpal hn*i**a?nf hf dap. whtrh aaa In awullrm tb* lair* fur IH.'ai and ! h# praud jwry IUf* tor lb* )*ar Tb* Board, thorn- J < *. **t?ir r*t?ri*d -om* t#a prtitlnn* and b lla - > n < ti*rt a Mrb a> r? tan In at fhrriB larnlay <* 3# for If4. ??h ry to ar?t Jaty at d th# oth#r. MB to h? rani* ffitQ fb? aitlal** lurnl.h-d to th* Kldrtdg* irirl i rl-nn and thrj Ihi-n anjonrn-d to MT#4aimlay if (ir-ntorma) ah?n lh? tatra tor th* r*ar and * r'*ud ?arp llrta, alU ba brought fotaarcj lot tk*lr ifiiiblth. I ??i Cmmmomm Cam all. r BOA r. U or At. DBKMKM. Jot* .-4MWMW Morgana, rMlint. Nnnl petitions WSIS lllMCUtnl . r*sr crrtct aire. The subjoined refutation. paaeed by the Board of iiiirtiulf. nee snueuired in hy tbli Hoard :? Keeot*?d. That, if the Hoard of Aldermen oonenr, a Special Committee be appointed iroia eaoh Board, to concur with the general (infroueBt. relative to Delecting a die. eui riM iiuK a laiieble buiidiny In the ! Ciyr of New York, tor the accommodation at the Poet [ Ofllce and United dtatea t'.ourta, Marshall's ofloe, ha. The following Aldermeu were appointed to eo i operate with the committee of the other Board:" | Delamatcr, Coueklm. aud Miller. omkimi's TBarric. The following reaoiu'ion. presented hy Alderman Dodge. was adopt) *1 1Uk.1t. J That the 1'omraimioner of RtMln ui Ruppliea irpnrt to l hi* I'ow d hi* O|ililoo of to* tnnatl eo?t of ke< plug iu ivpnir the street* which are uaed hit cmnibua root< s and abat portion of said ooat 1* tan currtd by omnibus naval, and tint he report the Mt j of each >UMt s>|ara'<ly. BUI H lilLIOM, Tbia proposed tnilrood. the plan of which waa pub* ? 1 lisbrd a lew days ago lu lb* Utraid. cam* np for consideration. a p.till .u bastug beau praaantad against it by the ouiuibua proprietor* Tha petition atataa that the adoption of a syslsni of railway* In tha ally would bo venturing on what waa new and natriad. and discarding abal ba t succeeded. Tha omnibuaa* of tha a city t arried 20 rod Ma. past tigers annuallr. 70.000 pa duy, and bad tt,u aiagaa. 6 two horaag, aad 8,000 Mi and t aprtiding antiU'illy tHtioooo. Aldeiman tt'oou mtUd up tha document 3d, being tbii report of tha roaiuii>tee iu favor of railroad*, for tha purpose of moving i hat It be referred baa It to tha Mine committee with the petition of tha omnibus pro. prlelor*. A lengthened debate anaued in tha c ottraa of whieh Aldei liinn Bk itis.s adverted to. wbat bedeacribed aa a '* rcurTiioua" placard, beaded " Wbat outrage next * and attacking the motive* of th#(cominittee, and boll? ing i beiu up to public odium. Alderman Aiiaw said he wan not oppoaed to railroad i n the city, but be wan *g?m*t deciding in favor of iany pellicular plan arid be thought the Ooansn Council ought to be very cautious before they committed themselves forever to a echrme Involving the nut important consequent e?. nud au amount uf specula ; tion never bef.,re thought of In connection with tha 1 corporation?a scheme to glv-(to its projectors millions, * ' at the put lie expense It was a serioua thing, to remove the pern tiger traffic trom an intcreat that had grown up Into reepeetability. that waa *o long eharlshed by tba city, and had Iu turn. cherished it. and confer* tha bu-iur*a up<-n five or alx individual* for tbvir private advaotage. An eminent engineer ^ bad atattd it aa hie opinion, to him, that ralroels r \ below the avenue* were impracticable. Whether or | not thie opinion ww correct, they onght at least to \ be rautioua with their preeent uniounl of experience. For hi* own part ha waa not satisfied whether thin board, or a company to be created by it, ought to* have the management ot the propoard railroads Ha thought, mortover. their power to diapoee of tha atreeia in the way prop.,aad waa very questionable. Finally, no system that doe* not take In Broadway, ar provide tor it* traffic, eau he eemglete, for tw? fi-nrral system* ef conveyance could not be tolerated, n conclusion, lie satrd tarn would they give, gratuitously, to half a toien individual*, a privilege lor? i.i.v. v.- _??. ' J. $2U1mO annually for t wenly years? Aid- rmau ltouoa *? nppo-ed to making rarentvw from the itmii Let the public be benefitted, erea If the fun ?irr t<> lir reduced to lhi*? ( h Iha > condition of the iinrili pr of laying the rail* Alderman Woou raid au endU** railroad had bran proposed. going n(. mi" ilirrt and aomlng down another. Ha aan'rd lime to deliberate, and aaa ?hatha* or not tbla uilght not W ih? brat plan. The motion to ra'rr bark was adopted, and kbit Board than adjourned at eignt o'clock. BOAKD op ASTtSTANT AI.DUMKH. Tba board of Assistant Aldermen mat laat evening, the 1'iaildent in the chair, and a quorum of Maken la their placer rtTiTitM ami kimonstbancb. A rrmoDrt ranee *ar reut In by Mr. Rpenaar an A otbtrr agalBtt building a rawer in Uajaiuond street. Itefeired. ? mrniTi or <owMiTn.aa Report of the e'i>i?mltue on Police, In Mvoe of paying nodical bill o' Dr I) K. 8 earn* for Barries* at tba Ninth ward Station House. from October lit. 1149, , to May Wtii 1BM?. amount of bill being $40. Adopted. In taTOr of paying I>r Marah'a bill for medical aerI alcea rendeied at Seren'h ward Station iloaaa, from February 12th to May 11 tb 1B.-0 Adopted Kriiort of t'onimitiae on Lamp* and Mad in far or of ' lighting North Haa*? stnet with gaa. Adopted. C< mmittee rn Market" reported in favor of concurring to appropriate ?On fur repairing (tooth atreet, between neekman and Kulton rtraeta. Adopted. Finance Couinil'te- tap.. I ted in faror Of granting to the (io?em?r> of the Alma Houaa. a loan aufkelant to v bnlid a workhouse ou Blarkweir* Island. with an ordinance to carry the same lata effect. Adopted. Committee en Sire eta reported in faror of placing n errarwaik from comer of Uou'ernear rtraat to the gate* of the Jackrnn rtrret ferry. Adopted. Committee on Wbarvaa. PL rs and Blip* reported la faror of egtradtpg pier No. 41 one hundred and eight feet Into the North rirer Adopted. rsraa* rauw tiu aoaait or tiuHuia. Rescind. That the clerk te the fire Wardeae be paid monthly, Instead nt quarterly?concurred In. That a erose walk be laid na the South aide of Bradc Itreet. aerie* W*?biagioa 'treet?concurred in. Resolution That tba Hudson River Railroad Co. bare permission 'o run their dumb eaglae ae far aa ; Chamber street in nider to test it* power aad probable j safety for conducting their car* through the city. Tba teat 1* to he mad- under the super rial va of the itreet . aommiaaloner concurred in < ikt-OolTiOC*. Assistant Alderman Barn ml* of the Thirteenth ward, offered a trrolntlon to ioqulre Into the eipedwney ed ' abolishing the bureau el u>e keeper af the CMy 11 ail? lort. THK TKA TABLB. The long mooted quest!- u of the tea table, connected with tba legality ol iu- mb-rs of the hoard aeoeising pay. waa ralleu up aad tmkrd about, and ialt as Ibun^ without dt#4->iow __ Bracklya CHy InUUlgcaac. Iwrrm n?ruaii ? r aRu Ntihi???t? 19. fiaialaa. 14. adulta l* chlidrea. 11-total, ST. lttfratiiU laUreaswood and mktr Hrooklyn pvailt, M 8 H WU.LKT. fhyaiaina Trmrim or Hi imi -Tilly on luodty moraine laat. Intelltgruro ?? n mniuuxitrd to the Coroner, tliat ill twiiy ui a U'iU u>a>4 J*mra Wild had been liutd in UoaaDua Hay Bear the t'eany H ridge Aar< rdlt|ly a yvil-nwii ai eaaan nation wa? ouW kyDn. 1 Ayr*? kiid lie W I'll* *hct ebowid that both vrlite Were deprm d their ii legnaient which appaarad to be anti mortem, thera vara nlao woaada upoa tha I aft Ida of lb<- MM rftdMll| made hy aoiaa calling 1 Indium* lit (a ?llrk might prwlaoa Iba aaaae) ' pri ii* u? to la iik rilou. the upper aye-lid oa tba l?lt 7*1* *' 1 ' 1 luiger aootid attended aitb aa entire 11 ?a of ib?* I*II ala u! tba aoae, the entire left aback, i fr, en lliri i|wrlrtf id aa iaeh below tha orbit, asIradloi l?u? to the baae of tha )??. brblad to a I'biu an ia< b <>t lb, rar la Iroat to within Uni' ijiiai re < ! ?u loch or Iba ripbl ai|l? of tba Bi UI li ball I I In ? I n i baa briail and 1 ar or be" loaf, la) lag apen the abide ratlly of tfe? amilb. thla laat I wound appinr* tharp aa i >rll raarkad aad waa asdm ktidli niada b* l- ra d-aih Tha Ci rouar waa aaf?p?a rluritg jr-'iidm In tha Inreet gath n of tki* ra*r. but had not r ai ludad bin labor* la*t Bight The perpetrator <it < b e rt~ed of rl..|an?a i? not carlainlykauaa but eweptrloa la rtfa Wa. bowaaar, withh< III IhMii-uie mull iba eerdiet of tha jury Trio bn tbir^m tba mmd.r. d ma tee pa a ktod of atoro aad tan id far iln !' a ay bi iJgo CoWMrn Curat it. ? tt'Ul aeitpetre aiptada' Thla rjp. at inn tame up la 'ha imtniaou CouoeU laat aaabiiii, ou r?Klotirt of tldai uian l'??t to praooat tba | iloirar of lhi* attlala ib* city A Id" t n an ?.? i h am- tidrd. by aioaptlaf tra proot kaildiepa la obiili no otbar article waa ilnri l Ann mil luee.ei. "Mid tbla would D"t mart th* rt-a kury tmil ling Bui"! bo rnapMad partly of iid II." In- i i J -I'll) or alnali-il In tb~ building In i? ill. >al)|u ! mi If It had been rwr mi aiuoh f i. i < 1 it > i . " lo-i ii tinned K eery building lid larlti. it' iiik ?r urn lb* baga. lu which tbo altpetrr la nit.laloid would anftlde to render it alplurlft liiliruy 'h? g>M*>l Innri *rr" tfrtld ad lfc?"gl"i a I." - - - -? * ?a? '??" --> ? ?' ' n* nursing Iran IUs*. *1.1 Uf|f air.' tint of pmpoity oa* loat la rama* qtiinr*. Point t.ii . iran f .a i i.niiaon Counoil of ??t twkupiriaikM f r a long iiw* <>n this awltar and >at ? l? n v i J tbat inliprln *mM ?! pl?dn "A Mr iii hi; *hi<1 th- Alfrrain. hot out abith ha* t n t?u .in 'ma la pmrlma " It v daslly d< rid-d In f. far tlir rariliiltna to a antniultl nod riufin Mi.r hi mil" t in . a i > r. aulata Ilia *t.iri;,g of , aolipatn aithlo ih? rut potato lloilta of thl? ally Fifif>l pi l??i tii* tha Sainton o*blog for tho rrnn ral of V m Piauklln fn n Ibr oSaa of boll rtngor oo ibr City llall tor ?ll ?a.l "tlol of data, w*ra roll rd 1 r a . i .. to i ?*mi Rii'inaatl rapnrt Tha-otn f i ? ? o :a a for ibr i mii^ aauoaafor , tha ally. ** ta*nj? il I pne ?< the amount to ba alar 11 4 fr at gfi r-t? fn- )la> aara Taa ibnaaand dmiaro ana au'horifid t hofrooad na tba rr-dit of tbo alty. tha taiaanf h- rarraiit yoar to bo plodgad la pajaml ih plan IW ha (ra line and latin* oat of Waahlar- H tn* Tail >I 1 n war '!> > i -d aad ad jptvd It aaa drawn hj -I hi. Ilnlt*. aararyor I no Inlalllganrr. t PIT I IT Cm IT . I *11 I > Itr? r-1* THt \'?atmao I?iaiairt N?a Taai.? I'ot.dv hi i Homr Jo It* Cniiklbl ai it a Jirt r-./,? # H m a*, it* Ttrj ?td ' I. * % !.< ? * ' ? V --I I i# oa* an on l.ii fir tha ufi ??*?!" t if l.ittri* I'alrat *t ant- d tn I ho plaintiff o r I 'nt IIimh, and fartbar a?iTtntart for * ???!> ?r- frntn Matobrr I. lath t>r oh?l I* rtiaiBiotily tn oti a* tba i jht-ohaatad ral I mad nor ri i II. - I I'hn 111-, vl? I'f tha I t< I Plata* It I* tholaag rat mnantad on too aola. M'nq Irarb* on- a? a alt t <l of fh-? atr. aaah triia'r ha*,', f fnirah.i.l* Ih i| ?t ?*ab trual halng a*** yithar. for tha | n'p nt tnraln* auraa* ami lit I .1 ? I ? I II ill I.? < 't in 1 , .n to tha rar and tha a t I ty trrwn h* lit# body not not hy I ha I tin k in n i r I ii laaTa tha trark* fran to yltf i n lha ri?n Ii V a thorough ioaa?tl**Hon. tho Jury t. n -.IM tnr th- pUt .tiT for >I;iO. aninaot km >i p I ? a i t.n no h? tba partia*. ?? th* ant aa? In i . h t tat. ?t antt to try tbo plaintiff* tight and till*. Wot taiintt of tnfllT t'lnnlo. * Jh-r; ' >' I ' It "no J I" I' K.J! r- a w W"?|| .< <> f K CaHfrtal*. ?lm ft Htntfn?. * * ?l*rv>r. *111. U mIi r>. >il ?. 4 wl.riaf. aati t?ob room* a? llf-CUat.? ?f t, IIpo A l?' ? < ?-.? J H?rl>. mi* | J*4<* .t fjml iit*M| Or i *.i ?, tlKiarn f?j? ; ? ?? it f, ,<rtm-kit Oat-H1*. II A 0 Cla?. > i li .? ? K John "ft. W??htne to;. ?i H *4 Ml??, ! nrritrtl *1 Lb* Irriaf **>?.

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