Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 9, 1850, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 9, 1850 Page 5
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- / sponinx iut'ingones. HtLimoii, July 1.1M0. A mliitcd trotting cuu* off on M?4h ooor nltlunire Conree. In which Roanoke nod Lady fevnoe were the e-mp-tnor* Roanoke ?w the nnree Ik three rt rm?hl heats. it being lor chr?o out of too bent* Tb? lime fulR. 3 S3, aou 2 4A. The benU were well routcled. and ?b- horde* enntinod neok nod d- ek throughout the whole eonteet. The owner of Ledy Bitbd* immedlntelr rhallenged haoanfc# tor nncib* r Belch puree $300. mile hente. three out of l?e, to tnke plea* to morrow Lndy Suffolk. Lady Mneeow, and Prihem ere to trot to-dey for n puree of $200. mile heat*, the h*et S in 5, in haroeas. There will on*eqarotl> be n large att< s-Unre The eelebreted tretting bore* John Daels wu told, an Saturday, for the euw of $1*10 BY TEI.KOKAI'II. Phiiauh.mii*. July 1,1854. A trotting match took place here, to-day, between Lady Suffolk and If oeeow, mile heat*, beet out ol See IB kernea*. The race waa won bf Lady Suffolk distancing Mracow. The full heat time was 3:31, for n puree of |3U0. __ Tito Keteptan Mails. The ttcamshlp Niagara will laaee Boston to-morrow oon, for nallfos and Liverpool. The malls will eloso hi this rlty at half past three o'clock this afternoon. The WttkJy Her aid will be publUbed at 10 o'clock this morning. Court Calendar Title Day. Cannon Plus? Part 1st -Not. Ml to 1059 odd bars. Tart 3d?044. 993 to l<oi evtiQ tuabi-n. lot ADOoiiiitrn rr#p*riy ivr nmt.? ? ?> UtMl) iilutirl ra'atea at. Abhotaford. an tU? Huoeoa Rim, nppmnia riermnat, half a wiia aoo'.hnf D mutt aaaeUtiea of l.'tfi lom. taryiegla alte *ron? a quart r 1 o i wa Bare# each, are now In the mark at a' low priom. ''nmrnnn tlaa by the tlndeon Hirer Railroad 111 eta to Drartn ?. from whaaaa aarriattn oonrey pa?? i m re gra' e to tliupr<iwr y. Tailas the m >at lihar.l. TtMHAi KitKRB. Agent. iiO V?aau atiaet, from 11 A- M ta 12 M.; at Abhotaford, 1 to 6 o'clock r. m. Those Persons having us??l Watts' Nervous Antidote. ill roofer a fnvor by eoiamuBioauog tha reaaita af it* medicinal propertiaa, and In what diteavea, to >ba anbseiitar. alio io appoinird Correep-adiog ftaanta?v to tn Committee of Ineeetiiratinn. ao to the rlaloia of Witts' Marvosa Aatidota to bo a rpe'iflc rrmedv for narvoaa alTeattoa. E O. LaMGDO.N. <10 Greaswiah atroet. Clarets ! Clarets I Cia eta I?S31 Houston at sotsar af Mulberry ?Prom uoc'i a this day, .100 aaaaa af ira le lama, o'the f <I awing brauUa:?Bla:> n lraa< tl 76; St. Jnlien. $3 Mh Alfred Morton, $> li Pnroha-ara for Soat' only, will effset a areat aaviny by ealliuR *? the above a'l n. where they will find firat. elaaa liqnera, braadiaa, wiaas, sacara, Ac., at unpracadaatadly law prima. A. DALLIMORK, preprietav. ' The Members of Congress are Invited by anoent u'g. ihnt prluea of guoJ fellowe, to partake of tka li snriea of h'a tab'e at hla popular dining ralooa, 15 Ana at., wl an retnrriag l.oaoe. The poMIe am alao Invited ta vlalt tfilla axaalleat fiabl abmant. If thay do ao ouoa, wa nra aont thar will Inaomt paraaancnt patrona. Indoadatrial Will eeavinoe tliem that thay cannot aet otherwiaa. A Ward ta the Ledlei?Oenln'l Latest ptvlor of ladloo' riding hn's for scanner, art perfect tiijous ; M graesfal and hl w.Miturt they is their appearance The ladies ere resp** fnllv invprd to'bis (bow r-oros ta l<iuknt then. GBNIN.3M Bred way. opposite St. rani's. Klegant Bridal Cards, Knvelopaa, Cake Bait*, auk 1- ', >1*1 Vtflatf ths m ft ' 1-!. I -I|> 1 I" Stylos, Milt bad st ttrrdill'i, S02 Broadway, tiomer af Dunne treat. Mr. Ever tell hsa s branch llnrt at Me 2 Wall I rttl. fir tbs ate?tnni'>dsti<>n of hi' rotrs town caitomtrt, where 11 tbs shore articles tan be had, of the finest quality. The Hera of '76.?Perltapa Caw of oar saadtrt am awnte tl at General Taylor is a btr? of 7d. Yet. ? it is. Yon will find tlis oil hero at Its dm sf Hogere fVOMl s'nlhing establishment. 76 Fulton "trout. And, by ths Wat. tie Fourth being over, and the neoaaa on ths wane. Movers is re'ling off hi* tjilrnd'd stock of sinnir soats, trstta. pantaloons, Its., st aa iinmeaee rsduetisa la priss. Lord Myron's vanity or taste was In hie kai St. nbich vers whits, toft, and fine. All eas hars these, as si las a puis, clear fa-s. brow, and neck, (hs tbsirskla ever as dt colored, freckled, snntnrnt, or pimpled.) hy washing with the true Jones' Chemical hie. It nets Ilk" a charm on ths complexion, making it rsally nsnntifnl. Bnyitsnly at ?t'3 Broadway, ths deno' sf Jsass' Coral llair ksstsraUrs, lbs finest thing m"de for ths hair. PtasOon*a Magic Hair Dye, to Color the air vc Whiskers, the mssseat it is applied. wlthoatlaJan to tbs hair or skin. It oaa hs washed immediately, sritaoal disturbing ths color, and has as bad odor. It is applied, or aid, at PHAlOkl, 197 Broadway: and by Fawsstt. soatbtttt soyasr sf Cbna'nnr Sad rtfth atoots. Philadelphia. Hair Dye,?Batrhalor'a Osnalna Llqmfid air the. oaa only bs proenrsd at tbs aiaaafsstory, I Wall Stisot Tbs psbKs skssld guard agaisst imitations. Bos mr caftans diplomas Psrsaa* whoso hair has aasamsd s lad oolor front tbo ass of ths imitation dyes. aaa hard it ssaaotad by nallias as ahoew f??s s>?? addeass. Carpets.?Wm. MeOrsfty, IBS Wllllaas krsst. wholesale dealer, offers for sale 79,0011 yards of carpeting and oil rlotha, ni retail, cheap for saah. W# advise those In want sf rich carpets ta give him n snM. MO pioeea English Tapestry Carpets. bow stylos. ) net Wo dad. Also, a largo be* Cm. Win field Beott-A magnlfleent Dm. gueireatjps I'trtrnit of this dietingntebed offissr. taken for As "Gallery sf Illnetrinas Americana." may bs seen at Bradv's Dagnsrrsaa Gallery, 300 aad 3U7 Broadway, soraar mt Faltsa street. Tka PI taut Ma rational Gallery, Ma. 991 Broadway, saalaias ths larrs?t aad mo.I interesting sollee%iea sf pertral'a ia tbs ITni<ed Slates. No na*. who aaa appreeiai a fins pie'urs. should hesitate ia visiting tbs eldest operater ia this country. Thin Keys and Baantlfal Patent Ta poetry Terra Plr Carpet* in la gnat dornand; pMltiNljf to ke fatted . bIjt k? 'b? fani<n? '"heap ClfMt tTarehoaai. No. W Bowery rtlKAM ANDSKSON'P. Tbo*e fuer in4 ??. .hilMag Terlieh lagrela Cornell. and thru Bad fur akUlia t FUir OU Cletb*, Ira deeidadly chaap. III WalklBf and Caaiflirt ta the (Mi.-Midtkii boon, ibor- Bad (ili?n, N<I4? iftry nkir Otjle if k-nta. akoea. raitlraaad altpperi. inaaiafa** ur*d if hi ke*t Inub aair ilia aad piteat leather, at BBOOK'g Xew T'-rk Root and thue Emporium ISO Palaoa ineet. at a an from Broad way, ike akeapoet plane la the ail; to got a Read art tola. _____________ Caaka-Pi emat mm IbalL, Opoa Chala FatSera. P ? Tho ladloe are leoi'ed U lamia* tk? ? atyle, ad tkleraar'a Pro I am Cemka, very keaailfal. Tka aaoortarit ta ik? largoat aa4 meat eamplete la the ally. Jaot readied par ilaaiaar, a eumplet* aemiriaioat of Proech Oaaaba. Z M. QVIBBT. 3031a Bread way. lay's B eatoratl ra Btttrfa.?Tkr re lax aMe* ml ike fram* a*u*r*llr taperteaoed la ket aeatber. Bay k* vkollr a*oid*i ky an oeea*loaal aae of that powerful Toaie and ta*tnln*r ef the *tlal Ultra Rma'a But .rettoe Bitiarn Tk* rlger wkteh it lafa*?* late th? aieaieok, bo a pi atlia It aieelai. and tae feellag ef alanlolty whleh It km port*, throogk th* renaealrd h-dr, te Ike anlad. are aaoag Ike am oalrnortlinar* of aiodlaa' phenomena Prepared and (old Hp C. B. BfNO. Drurgt*'. 192 Broadway. mourn* mamkbt. Mownar, Joly $?6 p. . Tka rtoek market opened quite buoyant tbU mora* b|. and tb?re was ennrldnrable arttrity among nil the fancier. The raadlpt of mora tbnn two million* of Call foriW gold dnat gora an apward impetua to priaea Whether It *111 be anatalaed or not la n qeeettoa a faw fori Bill determine. At the tot heard. Krie Bond*. rw advanced w r,r Mlt F?rm?n Lam, V. OaaImCo K, IlnrUm )* IriiR K . H- Banding R. R., V Morrl* Canal. H- 0. '*. 1M7. dorllned % par fit. At tk? irfnad beard. F?rt)?r<' frll off V p-r *?. Kria R R , ronton Oo , % iti Brio Bond* near. H. Tk* rwlfti at the offlr* of tha Aralatant Tronanror od thla port to day. aoiuaUd to |1M,447 M; payment*, >74 434 70- balance >1941 049 M of datlae on Import*, from lot to Mb of Jnly. woo >698,661 IB. Tba demand frr riekMita. Rt remlttaaa* by tba Boa ton parket boa Wo Tory moderate, hot ratal bar* booa (attain* d. and the marbat eloaad firm Wo .junta bill* oa London. 10<* a 10R premium Parla, >f. V\\ a f ?H ; Hamburg 36)4 a 16)4, Am.trrdam 40 a 40* ; Brrmm TOR a M tka ataabantca' Book of Philadelphia baa rreolead to effer to tb? Meek holder* reran tboaaaad abaraa o tba ?tock tf tbo Bank. no? bald by tba Bank, at toaaty *<|ht dollar* par ahara. with latarait from lat Jnly Inal Application to b* mad* Wor* tba lat day of An gnat to tba Prerldent or Caablar. , Tba Philadelphia and L* near tar Taraptka Company bora drrlarrd a dlrldand of >3 par ihara Tba Northern Rank of Kantnrky boo daalarad n oaml aaaaal dlaldaad of 4)4 par aant Tba Irani far* of Called Btato* atnak to Rirotgnero, Worn the 1?| to tk* tth laat.. amnaot*d to >301 ,*00 of arhtoh >14 *00 war of tba loan of 1149; >4 000 of 1A4B; It kOO oM84?. >154 040 of 1B47. and >14840 of llll Ttr Triogtr of Ikf D II. Mint Philadelphia |I?H lb* m?i?4 lUtf lint. Ikt iBMit of (old IppwHa ltd gold tn< atlaer a?l?|*. for At tr*( ill ralhr of tba prrMit yaar; alio the total rata* of California gold dart reoelrad from Deo.. 1*44 whoa 4kr.lrtt depoelt waa raado to tha 90th of Juat. 1IM OuitTiMa or C S Mm-Kirnrtr or Oat-ireaata Oat.a Calditnet reeeWed from California .. . . floJPOrtoo on ?kh*rgold ball Ion owl no ?| Total gold depoaiU fTomJaa 1 to June9P. $11 IM.illl III ^4^d rolnogofor na? porlod.... flo 7n Mi to m War do. do do I* l WW 0U Total gald aad iUrer coinage >10 UM Mi tu Total amount of g*<ld reeelerd direatfrom California. lr<oa Dae Ut? to Awne 'Jbth. ltoO tUIMOOO M Thle doea and Inelade tba reaetpta it Mr Now l>r1e?ae l.ranrh Tha rarely at that port with tb? am -net irpr rtrd to Kara barn reealri d hp tba *t???* hip* Phlla I'lphta aad (iaorgla. at Ibta part, tr im Oho*'!**, will aoo. 1 the *P|fegate to aaaHf tweaip million* of dot|?r?. Thl* I* at tha rata nf thirteen mMtloae of 4a1l?r* f. rumm Inrln (ting the laet orrleal Th* )t?* m* <lp Or-g'n at Panama from *?n PraorUeo bring* ?ee/ fa?nt?lde neemnte rela'lae to the prndaatleenof /'* a. I n r. .? >'?< tor J ad eir... regarding 'ha poet Ii?o ol nwrrrahUto matter* generally. No'withriardinr a I ll <e.Wirn; le. in- people of ? ,? pra-ni?er tun bad to evnit a I with, la tba ?tuy * of fln#, * T?r/ I apcrUat ik*i(< In takes ptaoe Is the ijites of doing bseiseee. sad prises tave sot flsstssted ?o mask 1 1 aa we MtlelfklM. lyNoUtlo* dm. la ? |mt mjdm, I '(MM, m4 kKlaiM *vMhU7 It w?dMU4ipoit I better bwb Real MttU hu largely depreeleted la ; nil*, without having the HnwUn eutlot I fated and * may. with eafety. look for better aad ; auw epeedy returns for shipments than htw ye* beeu j rrallard. Tha Vermont Central Railroad will bo completed j early in August. It la one hundred and eixteee miles long, and extends from Windsor to Burlington, on Lake Champiaia. The coat, estimating tha stock a* the price ot the leat leaue aad preaaat market value would bo aa annexed :? VaaMooT Okktbal Raiunoao. 10#000 share# clock at $30 $3,000,000 ltonde issued $007.000 bonds to b? laaued for payment of interact 284,1 SI $81,122 I-era aceeta apeelally applicable lor payment of Bonds 281.122 000000 $3 000,000 , Tie Bane of 80 000 aharea at $30, firao $1800.000, which, added to the other raaouroea of the eompany> wll. in tha opinion of the director*, pay, with tha exo* ption of the bouda tor $000 COO. aa above stated, the entire debta ol the corporation, and leave 03UO.OOO for finishing the road, and tha income hereafter will be applied to dividends Tba receipts of this road are eWadily increasing. Those for the month of May ex- ! carded thore of April by about 26 per eent, and those , of Jnna. aa tar ae aacertalned, have gained In the aame ratio over May. The Ogdensburg Railroad Company Lave jnat leaned n circular, signed by the Chairman of tha finance Cimmittee. In which bonds of tha company, secured by a mortgage of the road and property, to the amount of tfilrfl AQU ar? (iff**roil to ill* at tink holtie?ra at nar Tha bond* b?ar 7 per cent Internet. payable Mm I annually, and ran ten pear*, from July 1,1849-aubeeribere to glvt tbalr aotaa to the Treasurer payable In two, four, tlx. eight, ten. and twelve month*, on payment of ) which they will reot It* the bond*. Thl* amoant la the i halune* not taken by the original aubeeription, and make* np, together with thoa* already leaned, the " $1600 000 eorered hy the mortgage. { ' The iteelpta et the Michigan Central Railroad Company, (or the y< ar ending May 31. 1860, eompared with J tbcae for the previooa year, were a* annexed :? Cutui Railboad, Michiuajt. ' 1840 1880 1 From through paaoengera. . . $88 874 IS $1M.647 44 1 From way eaaaenger* 132 001 44 140 880 *4 i From freight, chiefly local. . . S14 430 ? 370 410 81 f From mlaeellaneona earning*. 16.321 77 61,088 41 J $427 429 63 $448 874 IS i Expcaaca, exelualve cf lnt ft. 330 333 74 307 380 08 Leaving net Income epplien- ! \ hie to Intereat and divid'a.. 188 1 06 77 401,445 14 . The company tranaported, In 1848. 834 huahela of ' onto and com; 1840.14 071 do. do ; 1860, SOI 780 do do. The amount received for mleoellaneona freight, In , 1840, waa $00 483 60, while the amount for 1860 haa i been $144 733 60. The amount recti red for tranapor- J tntlon of wheat and floor, In 1840. waa $116,016 41; and In I860, $183,(78 41; ahowlng that the general freight haa Increaaed 47 per eent, while * heat end floor la- < j ?rwm vuij ib per rial, Bereral plank road* bare boon chartered tbe put year?on# from Jaeknon, northward, on* from Baltli , Creek, northward, one Iron/ Kalamaaoo, eonthward. one 1 from Paw Paw, north-woaterly. and one from Michigan City, eouth-eaeterly Thcoa road* open aeenaee to rich , and estenelre farmiog dletrleta. and promlco to bring i a valuable addition to the boelneee of the railroad. Tbe reeeipte from the whale flaherj of the United State*, dnrlng the oeeond quarter of 1860, and the eg- ] gregat* for the year ending Juno 80, 1880, were a* an- j nciedi Wmaij Fiew **t or two Unirmi Statu*. SJ> ipi nmd Larks. Brifs. B*4re. Bhit. Sp. BM*. tO. New Bedford 3M 4 80,301 06J9T Nentacbet' d 0 8.187 8U0 Fatrbeeeo 0 8 0 4,7,-0 8.M8 New befidoa 8 I 877 8.414 1 6*4 Harbor d 8 8 988 14,145 i Creoapert. 18 8 M0 000 , W u< pert I 8 8 1,188 881 i Peetun 8 1 0 808 ? 1 F.dgarteam. 1 8 8 XOOO 188 Wane* 1 0 8 1.888 ? I Matlapetielt 1 8 8 808 II i Stoei**tft* 4 8 8 830 8,118 i llolnee' Hole 9 8 8 OHO 8.308 I hlppleaa 1 8 0 M 1.508 ' Total 71 1 8 41.435 KM.770 | Bettlpi* let ana*** 18 1 1 U.443 0S>4 , la 1M0, lit in. XT 18 17.1*8 44.373 | 4*. 34 8*. 08 S 8 01.748 100.483 Total* 135.708 373.351 Price* for both whale and eporm rule eery high, hut there la no actielty In the market The parehaee, lately hare been for export, on *poenlatlon. The new clip of wool I* about making It* appoaranao in tbo market, and much tntereet I* felt by operator* and manufacturer* to oneert ninth* quantity and qanllly of the *upply for 1840 The r***lpt* at tied* watr In *aoh of the pact fourteen year*, worn a* annexed Kncmrre or Wool at Tio* Wat**, 1838 8440.07T lb*. 1848 8.118,400 lb*. 188 7 844.148 - 1844 7.078800 M 188 8 8.834 048 ? 1*44 8 *04 038 ' . 1838 8,471 884 " 1844 8 808,874 ? , 1848 S 874 WO " 1*47 11044 000 " I 1841 8417 074 ? 1848 8 6.14 000 " 1848 8.864 148 * 1840 18.731 403 M When wo eonilder tb* diAealtl** and danger* at- i trndlnc the rrowth and keentn* c.f *b*en. and the id try alight riuii* Wading to deprteUM tho quality < iti deereaao the quantity ot tho Roeee,tho fluctuatlon* la rooolpt* at lid* voter oro hy no bmm anrprtoing 1 | A large amount of wool to nnn<ially Imported Into tho Tatted Plate*, bat It to of a low pneod. oooreo quality, whteh dooo not oomo Into oompetltlon with tho quailtloo oultleatod hero. It I* principally ared for tho ( manufacture of oorpota. blanket*, aad other o'mreo < good*. In the year ending Jnno SO 1S49, there wore 1 Imported Into thl* e run try 17.140 037 pound* of foreign wool, ealaed at f 1.177.847. equal to about 14 eonta per pound tho preooat market prtoo of wool ratood In tho ' Called Stater, range* at from 30 to 44 rent* per pound Wo can form no optimal* of tho probablo auaual produetloa of wool In tbto eonntry. and the Commtoolonor I of Patent* bao emitted all ortlmatoola hi* report* Thl* J to a great ororelght. whloh wo Wuat will ho r*m?dl*d by the pr***al Inoumhoaf, HiOfk Kf?kangdL I 1 finro C r*. 'It roup (If imWatrToRB f* ' 7* oo 4* 7d K7to ion *0 7"X ' am 4* wr li*fi on do *ao r-C ? r>?vOhier* ao i?7 an 4* vn 77 ' WO inia.t. B?e4*.-?T 60 do MD 77 I , It* on Erlo T'*, "6* 1<WV Md do Mm 7; to mo d* -to ?C on *. .v> 7-v 70>?) do laoem* 04* UK *0 4* *M Jt* ? am Ho'*** R E B4* 101 IvOBeol.iaRR 6-V r m do MJR Ids 4* Mw * V ' and Mehaok RR Ml tun in# *. t t* rfc* Rank *f ? ' HTM 100 do MO 0> 1*1 Mrehaal t K-it KM 16 H.rl-t* reef fall It ( S6U Parmrr*'Tratt li to *v' R*ad *? EE < % | > do *30 4'S M 4- *10 04V , ltd 4* ?l? >00 do bM 04V IW> Herri* C*aal K-M JO 4* 4iS 1 MOCaatoaCo *> *) 4" add 0<to M do 4'K *76 do 0t? f *60 lee* |il**4 R M* I \ 6*n do MO 0* 4 IB Mae'n h 1*4 R ?>H IM) 1? York h H Ilara* Kai* nittdtn board. gjenrnir*, II7J? r*e*BH#BB hi 77* * lit 13 T t N II It 04* into It do *10 77 , I ?*?P-rt. * **?. a?w Wto 10 4* _ 77lJ I'# ah* Farm Tiait 6dd 41% ?0* 4* **n 77 i 174 4* 41', 10 4* km rto ' U> Bail.ib RR 6' jJ 60 do M 77*2 . Wo 4# eta Mr* Id Ifabaak RR ** a *4 Taat' a C* 47 , HmKRTIXHHCW RKMWKD KVKRV rt,\Y. 1 - , , i tiWB. ' ftoi M> * mart otoni (jAnsitr n*?M> n r"t ^ wr til katd it, kj a^plyiac t? K KAI T. k 1P1 rm v?-ON MThDAT I.Art. MaH TIIC OlMVBR F *f Br?.?4?iy aa4 M?ni"i lit ?t *i.?!4 H-tt Hackle 1 It* ?*i e? C*a h?M It, na 4e*crtc|a? the haekle. ea* pay in* fae tkto a4?ettlie?o??. Inqalra at 14 W?H Maatoaatli et. I ... , j g HEW ANlil. r CO fUMk RkH'dRIl TIIR DWRl.t mo IIOIMB OP 1 jpC'.lftftf i.e aaheertbar ** *! re l -a Tharedar. the ' ? < . ?> 'i ' < ' dollars atolaa Aim > (Mi Ihamoino #<a??aiod of IVI'f t? Am 'ritia ?mK i, ml thrao I ml dollar l|||soo<-itj hank" Tkr r bin; w r ? artrd dartna tho ah-tara of Iho totnilt from ill alio T?o u ol. to toward o 111 ba pat.I io any p?'""0 roaarnln* (ho raid t. oawaal UHOROft W FF. > l,nf .< W kfrlmr otrao . \ CIIA RRWARD I.I AT OH THR ll? |V?T, A DUO ' F*r?a. mntalolat f 11 da Mil* ?iA 171 la mid. fa# a Snoot mil rorotro tho >??? toward aod ihoaho of iko twaar, hy Unata# It with CM WFitT > Aoj o-t?ot |o Riv?r?-i.iit iv rut i'ui i nidi ur ur?T- < tlto lloll. Itr adwiy.a Hida <atoh. hnatiad coon, * fi Id dial, Itaol |*>tatora. II ft O. Rtnl; riakora. nitinht" I lti .7 Ano m? ItMlng ">? ? at lha hor ol Fa'avotta 1 lla't, wl'l ho morally r? wardad, sod to ano H-no aoka? ' IUM-IA THE PAAR. AFTER TUB Fi'RMtn <\ OF tl J Uio 7ih Hocliaaa'.dka R?ll ftm.k tl Hi" Kr*'moat. n th II i ww >4 ir.*o?> la II. Tlo ???ai kt of Ifc- osaor. sad a r?- w osod will ha pood l-y loartnt ! at 111 Hootor ?r?'i , a P H H I I I I A Wd ' < HMDKI. " " LM? PAIE-A FAIT TftnTTlftO ORAT 0 >R?R Id J r I oado ' i?h. l.#tw.oa 7 sml > "?r? old. mod sod 'roofs * II h Sit "# , *-ry r od rador tho aati'llo a .d wtrramad a.nad ' In o??ry rr |>?rl lnaai>otat Hrwwor'a slahla, Rr.?d?t>. f* hr'Wrra 1.1 li ltd lt'^ otrootf 1' a'OR IAI ft- A VEttr II iMllh'tl ROxl rillir, AH r a.sta d a??. d tai|? r-od irwia ' aa?ia. Maltnn?<a- ( anli roatla ?'d t?d? ahlo, tod an aa<ia;it|S*d warrantoa I wir (t.'tn a# to tawwftwtM aid fia?dam ir>m ??*?. An If a>. tl llUltftKHmh ; ?j wjunm. U7AKTID-A PITCaTION, bT A~*?F?(;TA bls " 7?o?I to iu koiMvark ta a mmJI prtv?u f?oily, ? ! ? took, hIu on J Irtifr; oo ofcjootiua* to tbo . oo. trj i bMl of HfwtiM (too*. Ploooo tali at Wo. ST Ttof root. _ | 117 aNTID? Br a mspiiTiHit mn mxrirfNT TT young woman. n aunntion aa ChtuUratMMl Wnitar, nti>tr>r< af ibilHru. Itfaitm* ir?m IwtaitplMt, | rl.arr tha i an ba ??an for t wo dnta. No. 10 Ttutk a' raai. i j LiriMlD-i VITIATION BY A MIDDLE- AHED j WW woman. to nock,, mod iron, la ? aatali priynta ] nmily, ia ai'ling la tnnka haraolf aaaful. Good city rnfnr taa ir<m bar Uat ylaca. Eagutrn at No. Dl Solli?aa 1 Irani, in llm raar. 117 ANHl'-BY A Hr.M'ECTABI.L YOUNG GIRL. A WW lituaiiaa an Cook, or to aaaiat in waahlag and ironing, I r aa Umdrara; ia aa rxc-llant look, waahar, and ironar. I laat af city rtfarouaa nan la giyaa. Pin nan call at No 111 I 'nl'an atraat, N Y Can ba tern f?r two daja. (17 A NTED- A RESPECTABLE BUY. FOURTEEN OR WW lii i aa )?ara ? f aga. ia a Clothing tvoro; ona liiat ana ( frit* a g. ad l and, ato la nail arqaalatad with ilia aitp, , HI ajrli at 1*2 Broadway, cpaiatra. II7A^TE1)-A SITUATION. AS ClIAMBKKMAlD AND 1 ww Waltar, by a raapaatablo Proiaaiant young Woman, . 'ha tboroaably nndarata. da kar burineaa. or to aaaiat ia raiiitf itlimiif. Thabtatof aity rafaraaaa. Any porta anting ba I p. mil pi. a. a anil at No 1,1 savanth a> rant. ( (IT lNTh,I)-Sn 1'A ritiN?. BY TWO RESI'Ef A HLl " girli; ana aa Cook, and iha nihar aa Chaathartaaid lata go. d rrfaronra fram thair laat plaoa, in Urioktyn, rl.ara tbay ba?a litrad for iba loot f?ar yrca'a. Can ba aaoa J Jl tbtaa <*aya, at No. X4 Third atraat, third Boar, front unni raar Firtt a.?nnr. | (IT A M Rl>- HY A WELCH WUHAN, A SITUATION wW aa ( a, k ar Lanndraar. Oood rafaranea can ba giraa. ll>pi* at No. & Norfolk atraat, la tba raar. Can ba acta for wa daya. II' ANTE I) IMMFl 1ATEI.Y-A WHOLE IIOUSE. OR WY part of a honaa. aaitable far a dra.atn.akar. furuiahad 1 r orlvr&ithcd. U a bnainaaa part o( Broadway of rioim"iourtat y y,v.r>u , 11' ANTED?BY A YOUNG MaN OP BUSINESS "i balita and axpcrianaa a aitaatioa la tna gmaarr, rina ar rpirit t-ada.^ Hia wlah ia mora to obtain a parina aa J* I J') If require! Ai'lnn HTM. f I e-?l*rt olio* c H'lMll)-* blTL'Al ION, BY A RESPECTABLE ' yuan* woman, a* oc>ok ; la a fiiet-rate wanhtr and ( roner. ?Le kae ll o I tat ol i ll* reference. tod ran be eecn tn daye Pleeee to aall at 27J Vuurlli atreet, between Flrat ; nd linail necnnre. llflMlll-i KLSlKt TABLE YUCNO WOMAN I? * I deiiroae of obtaining a eitaatina aa good took, waeher. >nd ironer, r to du the houeowork of a email family. Uoud , elerraro ilrea N'n ebjeetion to go to tha eonatry. Call at a. 17 Kawenlt airaat. Can In eat n for tbroo daja. ] |K7 ANT ED?A SITUATION, UY A RE 11'ECTAIILE f7 Proton AM yeuag wotnan, t? da general ho'iaawurk >td taka aara a* eblldnn. 1'laaaa aall at No. W Greenwich >eeaae. I . WAN! Eli?INFORMATION OF A YOl'Nti GIRL, Id 1 I yearn of mgr. aamod alice MaRRCN. She wu in i be'an.Hy t-f a gcailrwaa la Wttahtngun place bbe loft ] Lara on (t o llth u( Marok laat, and aetblag Laa botn aornaf raid at bertinee. Any Information af Lor will bo tbaokally roacirad by hor dietreeated mntkar, Catharine Mar ran, >t lMElreentb oOraat.battaaoa Artooat A and H. WAN TIP?A BtTl'ATION. BY AN EXPERIENCED yeei.g woman, aa a pad aaok. la a reape t table private amily. No objection t? aaalat In wnehlag aad Iranian. Can at (< < d aiiy p-farrnoa from brr last plane. Can bo aoaa for wo daye. ai 171 Woat Wnrhingtea plane. I ! |I7 ANTED?A BITUATION, HT A RESPECTABLE 1 77 yoni | woman, aa ('nitmhermald and Waltroaa; la willing ad rapahlo af waking borarlf generally naatul. llaa no uk??il..a to ao la tbo eoantry with a raapaoiabla family?anaa ithor need apply. Baat of rofaroaca (lota from bar laat ilare Can b< taat for thrao daye only, from 10 to 3 a'alaok. I'leeee call ?t No do C"l* inl.ia at root, front bAaamunt. Ur ANTED? BY A KIM'BCTABLB QIRL, WITH GOOD reference from bar laai place, a altuation aa Chambernaid or todegincral honaoworh for a email family; ia a [oi d, Iroaar. and plain acwar. Can ho aeon fur throe layr, at 131 Pixteeath airaat, third Boar, front room, from 8 lo 3 o'clock. WANTED-TO RENT. AN OFriCE ON THE SECONP Boor, la or abnnt Pearl etroot, between Maiden Lane t> ? J. hu airaat. Addreea, poet paid, J. M., .'317, Poet-office. Maw 1 orb ally. XE7 ANTED?TO LtaiE A HTiiki oititibi a w.m TT tarrying ti tb? taiUtntry hu*mou or would pnrehaa* i lata*, wiik >imk. of n .atk.btbtd batiatu, iu a goad lacalloa. Addrara F. A., at tbii otbro WANTED?BV A NESPECTABIJC Oik I.. A RITtJAti< n a* Cook, H'oobar, and Itanor, in done raapaaiabla 'miily ; baa mo uljaciixua to oity ar ?oantry, and Baa a .od tiiy rtftranca from bar lant plara. Can b? man for tan days, at No t-17 Broadway. aan door aboaa tba I'aiaa Uoo.a WAN TED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE >anna w< man. to go ar cithar Waltar. Cnambarmaid or Surra. Baa aa at jrttian to tlthar town ar aauntrjr. Ilaa tba l*rat of titjr rafartnraa lr*>m bar laat plaau. Call at No. 7i Uatoath atraat, bataoaa Fiftb aad Sixlb aaaanaa Caa ba Man for two daya. WANTED TO puri hane-a SECOND band hydraalic Praaa. at J. BuKlA'd Dying Eaiabliabuiaat, tad Fttrl ftrrat. Now V. rk. WANTRP-BT A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, a illu'iot aa t bam barmaid, aad to aaatai m waaSiag tod Ironing. Baat of ti-y r*f?r a?a aaa ba piaa. Plaaaa tall, ar airaat a aota to No. Ud Maraar atraat. UT ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE TOUNG WOMAN, YY a ritaatioa to do tba gaaaral bonaawork of a amall aailly?Id a good waabar and Trvaar. No ol.yoatloaa to go a il oit dlat aara la ilia aoaatr*. Caa ba aaaa lor tbraa daya, it N? 70 atraat, trot #?"r. back roaat. Wanted.-a yoimg gekman pianist, converaaat wttk tho Eagliab laoraaga. wiabaa to (ad board In a pritt't fatally. a > . ra ba ooald ramuaarata by laiMaa a buiic. Ironcb aad Ctrrnaa long uag.a Rofaroaaa? Moaara. I tba-lanbarg aaa Lnla. Addraoo Box lltlS. WANTED?A SITt ATION BY A RESPECTABLE young girl, aa Chatobrrmaid wuahlag aad Iroalag. ar ?1 ami orwork aad waiting. Caa giro goad oily rafaraaaa. Plaaaa a all at bar laat placo, t7 lit. Mark a plaaa. WANTS d?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE yoaag wamao, ta do ohaabrrwork aad wattiag. ar ta lako oaro of akildroa. Baa tba boat af rafaraaaa from bar laat place. Ploa?o call at I0B So wary, la tba boat atari. Caa ba aaaa for tw# day*. Wanted-a capable woman ascooe. washer, aad liaaar: alaa. a Honor; both aia> aadarataad Ibalr toalataa wall, aad willing to go a abort dtataaaa ta tba leaatry. Apply tbta day at l?J Soooad araaaa, fr.aa ? la u a m. WANTED?A SITUATION AS COOR. WHO UMDEBataaaa bat baalaaaa thoroughly aad aaa pradaea aa at ao|?otabla toot I atony Caa ba aaaa r?r two daya, if aot aa gad. at 1 I'albaat atraat, aaa door from Maaraa atraat, trot laor. Wanted-by a respectable english young oil U'lltton liitintHdfo.1,,1., a .1,... ii?B la a a I" laaalt ?4 ralatl atora ar auiwaaiaalnta haaaa, >luft krtalU maka I Imanlf irnaral'y nrnfnl Kleaaa a4Itaa*. |W|| rai4, Induatry, at Mtdbartt and Uaard't. *7 Hat* !?? Ian. WdNTin-l PITl'ATION BV A BflPfCTABLB jaaai am.a. to tank, wadh lad (H?, 6f ? Mitral I aia work, ar ahaartr Wert, la a aaaall prlrata faalliikt'l if all* rntnaraa frnm ki.a laat plana fall ai Ma. M3 [a am lath il.aat. I an la aaaa fur twu day*. WANTED?BT A REAPECTAELE TOirNO WON IN A altnatlaa to annk, waali, and Irua, aad ha* ao ablaanan 1* (* a abort d>*'aac* in tb* aaaatry. Raapaatahln ally rrfrrrara. ftaaa In aaa |i1aaa far iha la>t thraa yaa-a. Apply Na. I0A Baat Blaaaath atroat. Can ba aaan for two day*. WANTS I*?A hllUATlON. BT A RESPECTABLE yorai ?* aaa a. la da gna*ral boaa*n?k la a aaaall pr<rata family. ar t* da ahaaalxraarh and aniline aad ta taka tar* a< al.lldr a. Band ally rofaraara nl'ta. Piano* tall a* ha. 17 Waal NraaAwat Plana. 1i'aNT1ii-aa groom a no BtTI lsr, a i BULB. " candy. a* bar aia, aapahla of abtna ear* of a pa r r kariaa aaa II hi aagnr, ta wait at labia, aad ail) huaamf aaarally aa-fal la ta* ba*a* ad a am ?U fauil* Apply at Id .lilatryat, ap atalra. jl |lT A N TED ? BITT ATION * BT 1 * O K E sP ECTAIILI I Tr y ri| wamaa. aa t* go a* tank . ?ka la a Ar. -rata aabar and ir< a*r. aad wanMhaaa aa *bjo?u*a< t* da tb* aaa* work *f a amall prl> at* family ; tha oibar ta da aham ar work, aad taka tan nf akl'draa. Tka baat atty rafarawa* .abryiia* Plaaa* aall at L'0% Halharry atraat. Caaba X an fay two day*. \JL' AN TT D I ITTATIONS BT TWO TOrtO WOMEN | Tr t* 4* rbaa'tr nark, wailiag. rr attaad l* ohtldroa, I* a it *atr fawlly. 1h* Wo- of ally r*f<-r*aa* >! **. Apply at J fat; klt'talb atroat. batwtaa Third aad Pnar.k ******* a ha roa for two day* II" AN till A BITI'ATION RV A REMATAHL1 J TT Kirtt ta aa* k *n.h aad iraa. la a prlrai* family : kaa aaljtrtliii ta g* lata tht rauatry. Bart ally r far**** aaa ?pl?tn. Call at Na. 131 Cranky airtat. ra*>aa Na. II, la tb* I ii'a nt ed-a biddlb aobd WOBaN. rOBrsrBNT ' TT ta taka rharyaaf. ard ia i ha Ira wark of a amoU aaft'y l>a<* with a * * * irr??*aMndait<n may applr. Taaa*? afiaraaaa. from 4 ta da'alaak, at Zl* spring atraat. lstameik-br A htPadt v<>rva WON\n, A birr. i " oil** its ** ..' plain * * k and nn tt'tllant wa.'mr ? *4 ,r?n?r; iba hna- *l ally rafaranrarna bag! ran, by apply. I i( ?< 1*7 Bnlhairr a r e', luirpr. Il.rirr aad Or?d*l I VkJ A n 'i ID?A M I I'nl ItrN U> A TUONO WoNtN. A> I TT a (rai rai* # *.* and nn rarrllaa' tahrr af br ad haa an<l M' wanld bar* aa a' lar i n ta a-alrt ! *.?.* vdirnnir* ' llttM 'til ( Ni fl fiftC I liaat, In Mia rant, f?f Ivi * 117 a m i ? o - A nrlltThiN A* Ml tMllRRMnlD AND e " ? a.har aid ir I>. r it ? rhanih?rni*.<l and t? in k II r ?r? I I I'ltnn. A||'i * l>?r |r?.?al ><4 1 Inl T?ii'i -' ?riH ioi t f '(wMl ru .ilin J Ll'AMUl A mil Alios. BV A NUl'lCT A MLB ' tt )<?! mm Itt'k. ?t>li h< Ir , w t? 4? it>ml ramart ii a mill prltiii family: tin km til; anaar? raiararr. PIiim (illit M mil fry itnrt. frna* . mm, narr tka atar*; *** ka aa.n fnr l?a daya 117 ANTCD- A rOOD bi-OND IIANO MX AE?T , " H .. kaaay 1*1 hurt* n>rla|a. A Ian mi l.h* irmrliMf mill lil^t all m ita I i arrlkia An* paiii , ltia|fi.| ilia th* #1 , ?a *?m-d. ran l ara > am-, prlaa, ||4 I., .n,. .. h. Nr.r!k Amor,-an II"*.-1. i.t..-.n a I IJ I J II-ANTIII BV A MC?rtCTARI ? VOI kll ?U?|N, ' ?* almattaa ** 4 ? ,*. i. n It-nlian hraal Hkkl'a *4 parity, In a yrtrai# family. ?r *ail4 ha** a<> KJa it .at " layrlil alna.ilni-kaiaa.afn. ai laiilriM Tha It talimiaa |i?an a* ?n at|nfli) a? d rhtm tr Apply a* I f. rnk a.aana, hatwaaa M?*h **4 (*a<h an.-ata ntki 'an f..i i* . rtaya. ll' A m j ii a ?ni atkin. nr A mm. n rviti s y an > f a**, la . i* . AaWla f mlt, akm .h? ian ?# * I *?* ! !? ?? ' l?n fa .4. < ? .an bad aiuif.lnR. bh* la aiaapt a I 4 a 11 III a in a an ' n a 4' ' r i>r l'i of maud. N a a.aa V qrlttd * a la a half ni p ai . A a t Ia4y Ikt' ft..aid taaa an iffaai limtkaai. ma a piy at Ml Kf. < * ta atra* . b?..... I...,..-, a aak It . H,, It,...,... I t>r* I ?l apply I,at a ra n lal.'n family I A'll II I I'limiaalllN t n a i I'." I . , . I , kl FT a' t??. <?r tha It.t t.a t.ara. rapr-aani-l air*.a a |. I i n I. ll. a aitr J , * I tr ' ''a waatara rat ...iihr- i.rt ? *( *. .all a ntii * ar4 ?? ma*t Marfan** n. a tnnr?l?, I ,-ala r.r* ?*au A N'aa Y> rh bam af (....4 aia?4".? a * a itali a A* btf.atalnr, a* mlth' ha rraaA ,.a Ma nila* aM a I I. I.IH fa* alia alia raf.Ha'a. aa4 a*?..ri?a t. Mlt m. aa'. A * 'bAdmaand la f n^t.r-lal, at ih.a Aa, all) ! ' ..... tlf fj ifio blob*, inh *?ie~4??i or rnk iui * / ...rati* iba ally 4.n*f a* hn*la?* an mi.| a a nppra, la akarad Ina til., ib |..M.i|aaii>t nf fh# .? bf prap?lai..f a ahlnp la fauna frrm tkta ha.,n.aa. . int. khcnt bf 4*d* aaak. Appl* far i "trttaalar* t? ..itb I l lth* b MfikGAK. *1 B.atar fM. haw T'.rb " itiv t.ixfld-in ai rim a?i> intfi.i.ujpmr ? l . y ?*? ?4 at .1|i 1*1. a a r a*. ?p a.air*. Afpii-. i * M~ a n aila hab,""n?b lha h" r* ..f 4 aad I f.4. S"b* b?al | " l-'j, lat Ih^at ?; * am rtfaraaraa. ' $? wmw. | Aoooltjovknithan uibih vmia aim . * hmhih imt h .i?| Avouau oibl. lately abrtvbd peon iwalw..a. ?.?i? a ,>u*..vt lit ?mll faaail? or to taka iu' ? ' ntt'd'Ow. Ii.qu.r. at No. M Coalro atroot, frost ro. 01, op atalra ALaUY, WHO MAS HAD MUCH .XfEKlftNCt IN tuachinu oil has to form tu mf** .out a? Koaidaat l?>.rartiaaa. Hor ronno of iaatrnetioa oom mi. Enijtiau, in Ita Tiili-ai kranoboa. Fraoeh and I'aliaa. (ar ?ii ?h? i|uat<) linaic and l>ra? tug. Would pra.'rr muok to go South. Addrtaa ktiaaS 0 If , |H-at-iitboa, Now I oik, whau aatiafaatory rar. rracra will bo glvm. AUIUUlY KEiPECTaHI.E You NO WUHAN WANCi a aitoaiion aa( baBlurwiuld, smrn'rw, or Eurua ; baa otjacti. ua tu go ta aba aonairjr ; la a Protoataat, with tbs boat of ally rtfrraaraa. AddmaVG Diane atreot, two doora frrrn Hnadwav. f an ka aeon f??r a faw Haoa. At. sixwakt ft co. want in tueik carpet a drpai-taicut two ar thraa drat-rata aulaauiaa. A'ao to o dob, aapurianard la tha laving down of earpota. Applj p ataira. from b la 7 P. M., Hnadaa;. TO PENClI. CAl** MAKEES.-WANTED-A MAN competent t? t:ik* charge vf agol.i peuou I'l-i meoaiajlory. Niim tot a tint tut* Work mill need apply. FOfj A N OH Til. II Ditch ?t. I^O ENGINEER-. aN I) OT lit AS?A MBCII aX IC Al. ENgineer from En?'oi d wieL.o <0 *ni with ? reepeotabl* potty ur Mia, t?J'u i hita im carrying out n ro .11 nu^ntDt S ? ni Engine iiu, r< > emtnt, boas '? invention which eon be I'tnrlxd 10 nit) tup int . and from the very large economy in n fael. particularly applUcabl* to ooaa* "oniim 4ti. t> od rel?itn< *? will *c oiv. l und r?i|uir*d. AddrcoA.G. at Mr*. Smitl/t, cmor ti 1 our: and Atlantic eiroeto, Ur-oklyu. HA I. K.N I1V AH-iION ~~~~ WM. MoCOKMKK. AUCTIONEEK-PIaNOS. SERA|ihim, Dul*:u>*r. fee.?Tlii* day ut |i>>* o'clock, at K". 2 Hpri ee otrcet, * i(J be ev'd three e unuo, 1 Seraphim and I Pi le lr.il1. pienoo are *t" f r tiiriog out. or orirnte rami Ike. Onr I. u grand notion. ft-ly: * paaalo: Border: the other** ere made in thia eity. Al?i. a pi nth

not Ann Chair. Kiuivmil Hook Kaok, and far Ire. Re BKl'CE A. CII11.TON, A DCTlON EAR.?PI S A I. AND el fiagtalocf Drarmno Cot tone Sitoo.-?AS of th* boet lottage (ilee in Dtarman village. being tin** reerrecd by the lempany, nill b* *>* at auction, at the .Merchant* El ihaiife. in New York, at 12 o'clock, on Thtmday. July 11th, |kM>, for th* parpo** of clooine be infroet of ififf.ront par lie* triiagcd In oatoMiehlng <hie now and beautiful elllng*. N. H - for partiealari and map# apply to tin Auctioneer, Mo. 8 Wall otreel. TRAVhil.IiEltl' Oi IOiC CAMDEN AND AMKUY RAILROAD LINE FOR PIIILAdclphia, at oeeen o'eloek. A. M. and half- poet onto' jlook, V. M., by otoambnat JOUN POTTER, daily (Sunday* -aocp'ed). from Pier No. 1. North riear. Pare?P>r?t ela*a rare. 83: reoond clan oar*. $2. INDEPENDENT OPPOSITION LINE FOR FUILADELphia, touebiac oaek ?*y nt Cop* May.?The now and iplerdid oeeen etoatuer* PENOBSCOT. Capt. bey moor, and KENNEBEC, Capt. PI..*ere. lear* Pier 12. North River, retry Ttiroday, Ybureday aud Satnrday. at four o'clock, for Philadelphia. For pus*rk* or freiyht apply to C. W. lJKl'SU, tBBoe on tho Pier. ^POWrnlC' RED MOl'BI.?THOTT1NG.?A MATCH WILL COME of ** Tnoodoy, llth mot ., let ween two green hortoe, for titw, play or pay; mile hoato In barn***. Aloe, th* eome oy.a pnro* of (23, will *o*a* off. mil* boat*, hoot thro* ia (e*. to harnoe*. alooed with th* followtag oulriee:?Wm. Teaoott or tore h. 1. Bar State: C. Brooke b. r. Yank** 11,11: C. Underbill a. ( C'hanoe. TLa miMti u Hat off a? half |-oat 3 o'olook prooieoljr. Rib HOUSE.?TKOTT1 NO COIRSE-A Pl'RSE OP 92.1 will aomo off on Tbaraday. Ilth Inat., to tho aaa welkin* the irtatoat diataaee with-, a tho boar Bntrteato ka nado at Croon k Maddona. Toolaaaatt o'olook Wedaaadaj treeing. Intranet ID i>ar aaat. SPKil iL (TOTICKS. TO THE CAPTAIN OP THE STEAMBOAT HUDSON.? Tho Ann.* lloat Club ?<.. ? Ware to ratnrn tbeir thonka to the explain an* nr*w of tlia auamooat liudenn. for tbo klidi ? ? m d attontlon abuwn to tboa oa tbelr Excuraion trip up ?h* ritor Jnly Ath l"30 A CARU?JA< T. TAPTOTT BEOS TO RETURN HIS aioctra thaaka to the Brooklyn fir* D*par'ni?nt gtne ally: alto. to Engine* No. 9, 17 and 22; Fl0*0 Company No. 16, nod lioob and l adder Co. No. 4. of New York, for t' a try effluent terrltca rcatlorod on tb* morning of tho 7th, In freriaMat be aonfla ration through hlo diotlllerr. In Paiiran atroet, whleb will eaabl* lilia, with little luoa af tim* to | urea* hU r*a?lar hntlnet*. UIUAIV a HAVHI.1 (Hit 11'U L. (WDCN, TIIOV J. Bi< IT" )?WknlMtlr and (itninl Cos iniooton M.' ihuU. Kan f niliift, *?Mf..rni?. M.rehanOioo nnjcnid to a* will b? plnrod on board oar i'wi ohip and sold by mm plot?thuo aroidlrg all rtakt of lr?, k?. Rofor to iVm. M. i'ut fc Nf? York: T. B?(ir. do : Loir bard * Bmtriok. da : Burr k da; r? nio. Ilonkiao fc Oo. do.; Coaklia k Bmlth. da.; F. T. Hun. do.. H*ad k Raali. Albany. NEW YORK AM) nrw ENGLAND telegraph Company.?H.rrbnato' Una to Boston.?Diridond ?Tha Dimatcra of tha Now Y'ork and Now Kuglaod Telegraph Company hart declared adiridoad of Ha ran (II par aaat-, payaMa to ataakholdara an and a/tar tna Ktb of July. M LEFPERTS. PraaUaai. L. W inant. Baaratary and Traaanrar. COPARTNERSHIP NOTICE ?THE RHBtCRl BERIIA Ying tbiaday takan Mr. O. B. HEKIO. Into part a. rehle. (a.lnata trill baraaltar bo aoadaatad uadar tha #ra ?( U Trapwtann k Co. L THAI-MANN. ? f aiWaioa. ?-?C . Jaly 1. IMA. JAMES CONNER fc BON. TYPE POUNDERS. CORNER af Ana aad Naaaaa atraata, Naw Yark, ??..<? an hand drary artlala-o^oooory for eompl.l. Prinlloy Ratabliabmanla. Tba ma'mala on whiak tkia pa par ara pais tad ara baa tka kaao Foaadry. TAERN FROM THE BTEAMBIP PHILADELPHIA, by a lot aba?a rod laathar traak. rary aiah oka/ad. ha.iag aa It a aard, aaa>kad "Gaa. Ortalatoa." Baa Praaalaaa. I ppar 1 aliforala. It waa takan by a poraoa wka laadad a lot of piotarao boa tka Philadelphia an liaday a>?bt Tbo loam will bo Hborally rowardod by laarlag It kt I SB Srean it. Notk e to contractors-realed proposals for thf rradlo*. maaoary, bridging. aaparatraatora. lay* log the traak, had fanning tho Canaadngua aad Corning railp< aa. loading lr>m Caaaadacaa to tha Chomeag railroad, a III la .wlrrl at tha afflca af Joha B. King,fc Ca.. e?atreotor., la Canandagna, aatll tha Sttk of duly. I'roil. aad plan, caa ha ?aaa at tha ofBaa af tbo ahlrf at r.aeadegee a'tar tba pith laaiaat. Thla rod la abuat 15 Hra ia length, la divided into aaailoaa of ana ml la each. Mida will bo ro.olrod on aaaglo aoallooa. or forao.oral ualtod. JOmN S. RINOk Co. Ooaaadagaa Jaly R 1BBO. fNDWAMUB. BANDPOKD k t O. ?TRANSATLANTIC J P.raago P.apraa? fl Oonaral Ruroiw.a Agonry. at Adam- k ( ?.'a F.irttia Ofbro.. p. aad la Wall ttryot Jempla. tayra'a. pn> tact relaaMen, m.rehaadiee, ka.. firaard. u to aad fn m all paria of Eur?p?. ta roaaanion w th 1 Motor. Chaplin k 11 too. a' England, aad tha Htaaagrio. Natlooala. of I'rnaoa. Uooda parabuad aad aola .n emmutlon and particular ti'iati.t n.n abroad to ahtrpiag | aaaagoo aad morohtadi.a for <h. Called Statoa. lit I la aad laima . f artry deaoripiioa re!loo<od. Iiratie tnr tale, peyah't at any Iowa la karlaad. Inland or RontUnd. Tna Tiaaoat natlo Erpr. aa Company baring elBret an I re.ld.ol pari aooa ib Ntw 1 nyb, i'lill?JsWw'ra. Lioo? < Lttlvp., BRA tAttllaat to.-.i,nrTai^n &rrang.mrnU a*roan, m pr mining oatlra .atl.faatioa to all wba may firor tham nith hualao.a. I'ackago. and pnreelt loft ni ary of tba olltaoa of H'aii. Adam, fc Co. la lb. U?lt.d B'ate. will rarolyo prooipi a'tonlt?a Tba Lmd-aaad Ll<arpa..l D 'tolotlet and llrltiak Tariff, may ba rem at tha . (Too a. aboto. Alexandres leeches.- principal depot at VICTOR BISHliP'B Na XI M.ld.n Ldao. Now Yirk. CCalifornia, cuba, Europe. u. s. passports./ t'ailod A to toa Pa..port ng.aoy, No. S Aitwr H'mae 1 bio ia tba naly o?<a abort C. 8 Paaapar't taa ba obtained la Ntw Yark. CortlSraioa nf aotanoa pnblia of Naw York will not .alb.a la proanra rta. Untied 8lata, paaaporia preror.d f?r dollar IN FORMATION WANTED or Saa RUSK E ALIAS II ANI t.h Kbaohaa. atti.o of Hroff r wmr. Irelend, nkolaadodol t(..W?, May tho "lot, thee a "I pod at Mra. bl-rei.y'a, St>4 Nismond Harbor. Any p-noi gt.tay tnfirrtl a if lnt till ttor fat^r oa bar ...wr Mar, tbo I na. -ft llotrt ttroot. Now Yorb. If ' to |oport phaoo oopy. BOAKDIJMJ, AC. tjoakd-rw? plranant KIKKI off TUB ??rotD IJ i'*f, ?llh or W?ar I. k- ibitlul tn a fri.ata ' it;, iaat4iar la I'lrilMaiwt Kofi r.naa. atahan(a4.? tffri a a*la < A iIn ?f Ul? fpar. Doaid wanted foe a gbnti.bean. bib vifi IF a?a M"nt, la a pri.aa family, op ura, "b.ra ika aa> ajanau < t a fc?ia . raa ka ka4 iii.oal lu aaraa. A-liraaa A all, at Ik- r vf tk*a parar. Board vaatld rt a i.ahv. wiio has ?r- INTl> H?| t? I k? .|| 7 la a fiaall qatat family, ahara lha-a ? M?bat btifan. Hlb mi airy rnvaia. Inantloa i?raartaA ib.?a T'ltb final >r * ikr kriali f la Rr-mkiya. t?fn? Mil taraa.ia., Nr S. F. J , Naa York p aTloa BOARD.?A ot TLBNAN A> n HIS WIFE, AND TWO at ikr*a llagla r?. 1 lam.?, ran ? i?.?awfinf *llk . arH a* 4 gar a rooma la a Raa-a plua.antly aitaaiaA aa a ???? r ata, an4 kaalag ka'ha la lh? n.maa f?r *ka aaa uf tha . artfrra. Oal? a faar lurfari takaa. ?ptl7 ai |R> Baal FtiaaAvAR. ___ BOAI IHMJ-M'ITF.H OF nraiD rrHMHHf.ii ROOMS ?ay la kff, tnaaibar nr a> p.r. a, aa Ant or an oa4 kar, ink |>.r' ar fall I.aar4. pit rata >a' Ir, lu aa Knall.k knar.ltag iauar. aa> akltat a4 ?Kfr aalj far tanlita..-n. abara alaanliaaaa, "iifi rt f?4 atiratiua raa ka at). r?4 Warm >t4 <'<14 ka'k far Ika aaa of aaaapaaia. Apply la Era MBDIU'R-HT, 41 I* atr. rl ROOD a. WITH ROARU, ON THE FIRHT AND hbi OND k ?t for famil.aa "T atn?la aaatlnmaa. at IM UuUaaa traa*. Rafrrtxaaa urbanru4. a 11 I m: OfNTI f?is II IMI a ROOM. WITH r* an4 Tra. la a amall pntata familr aptaaa. I44r?a? (i A . ll la i.Elra. A r?w RINCI.R OR>TI ? ?eN TAN n? FURNIOIBD rm nib ?.f) i ir. r< a hi.. a| h r vOknt k.#al fa at. 17 * I jural ka. Ki Villa atria-. A fa? 4aara frata Br a.laay, 1*.1 rlra, PARTIAL ROtRIt WANTED IN FIKOOKI.TN. NEAR akar or frrr>. < r 4?? a k? a <mla r-'nllamta nf rally I.?l It la a raap>rtaMa lari.n a faiailt ahara ka aaa kl"t tl r r. ?.f..rl t a koma Jl.?U.,.. ... I? t aa If Ft *atr*4. H'aa. a. art lm tt?d(a''It. a f-tr Itaar ta il ?-i?r <'mi *tr?, (lalmc trm. On i-aikm* Bt itlulili pFaf. fff4 F11H lti.ii no 10 I.K ? . 2<?ar r*t i'tm ru ir -iti-aTI, is tiir r*a> ? kt-a. JV. M" aaa f'K 'harff atrr. t. N *? ' > '? lata l ijmtt if thi Miii ta man- f <l? I'-a aa< h alltaia r ?'? lititird i?>?U frr I'ltr-krr r?riwlis i??ib .# r 1 ??T flHttarimtit |><MltttO I A Hill M.I alhi.y NKO, IN H'*?D 11 'ttit A f"F * - ..r a--ii-if . I-1. 0 >1 li-'i'p i|>lf i' I inlia'i li'irtiii'li, lir?anh eraatia, ?r at J. '' fkll'i 8f A I ran* ? T ?. p'h mi.i. fn ihli 1 h h'l a ii" f <1 m "?va, ' a > tta t p !?* -Ik ff k k ,-ff "F ; !" 'F.| I kfta at a ?it kutrrM maaftvarF if m Ii w fla M k na af llkF? for >1 M 'f-l* tvatkr' f any "tHar, la y* la i..r. ,4 bit ll.tkl It U.iKti, Ji M rat* < ??! rttMl, J?f?f iH;, N. J. i-.,irr imt CM-HS, ri UMMiiiit < < mss i 1 ' F "III I * F ...If-, |..?.tt a fFatlkaiaa aa< fcta ait* la ft'"Far atraai.aar Aralay rff tartitklim apply if r f, ii' fwa a<1aa. {'*'?< ft I Til f i It % ft p. ? iii <*?stlir? 9M a kaili! rr mbf wtaanfar ff a Kara at-am a-.aH Sa ' t fifiiii, in tit i ?ar pari af tli# ailr. Apply In it f, ai i ia Pff . \?rnr n? 1 kt-r?<t*T orru'B, on ipumi ! I ' f. r ? a f|F IV-Ft ???!. f>.r far I bar pttriical.w a, la- | i?ta at 111 Taarl at tart. i 1 all* AMC??M?WT?. DOWIir THKATHC ? OBiBBVB TBI riicno IUim. mtmw I'll Idle mi. Na iiM amir liawM fur Maw, after tb# Maimm m paid. Tbla la ill olden ?*. tabllibaa. ?h# laryeet, til >n>ii, u< Itikni Tialllauf la Ik* alia, Handle* lb* hi*fcaa> (reeed. aad bale* aarroaadad bjr aiedoai m aaary aid#, 11 Baal aatab Uia eli*btaat biraia, ao waiter ffu what |iaru r It aomae Tba aatarteiameaia will covprue tba araat moral i.lay vf tba Criikail or lha FeJlaa Oea (taaad, wbieb will be eeted airry mailt . tba fiaa af who b la Bnatoa and Philadelphia, alao throughout (ha Ballad btatee, baa bata trumpeted by uaa whoee rerael'y raaaot for aa laataat ba doubted. It baa doae I ore for tba oaaaa af Taiaparaaaa, tbaa all tba aoc at aa ia tba world. Straajara Malting tbaaity will haaa at iIj( i f o< taitv of Inhaling th? brtuk of two or ihraa thno and per* n. wbara thara la tcarwly any Da MB a af oacapa fur foul air, orf r tba infaty of paraoaa ia mm of aceidaat. la tko Bowery Theatra. iha mrtai of lngraaa and arraaa arc namri< aa larya. end atraightforward. aoohano* of panoaiMlting bewildered, and laranabla o? dndiag their way oat la a harry. Th? extreme l.auht of th? Theatre allowing tba aadirme to ta alarm far bebtb'h tbo roof of tho building. otx which 'he onrcLiug raja of it ana hart ka*A plariajaU day ln|. T. It tl tMiil.lN. Sole Proprietor. Simn Mining at all hoarn. Tatalav eveatag. July 9, arlli ha aatad, ?"?r.l th'l Jhaatra, tba great moral drama af 1 111 Pitt h K A KD, cr 1 ha Fallen (tare I? Edward Mid>1 laton. Mr. Mourhoaet; llill lioruton. Mr Wlaaaa; Ardaal Beaelaw. Mr Pupa; Crthhr, Mr Hnm>ltoai Sam Keana, Mr. II. Uoaldaoo; Uaak Moe?en*.r, Mtaa K Uan a: Mar* Witdoa. Mia* Wrnyta; Mr* btlron, Mra. J .rdaa; Arnae. Mlaa C. IHfi.rt; Mae Spindle. Mr?. Urondlet. Praetoux to thd Ilrniiiard mill be artad THE SfeAl.ED SENTENCR? Viator Larltte, Mr Uamiltoni Valantine Uoatuay. Mr. Pupa. Uapt. Ia Hotiele l.irard, Mr. Stereaa. lanretvo, Mine Wamyae. Door* alll opeaat a unanar to 7 n'. laak, and tba certain will rtaa prenaely at half pael 7 a'aloek. CnBISTT S M1NSTKFI S - MECHANICS' HALL, NO. 47S Broadway, between Grand and Broome atreota. Monday, tfaly Mb, and retry night aatii turthar notion. Tba original nod aall kaoaa Cfcrtoty'a Ethiopian Optra Troapo, tba Itrat aeinbliihed. and Id > t org nulled hand In tba world, aoBirriiiag a company of twrlaa narf imera, aider tho dlrartioa of E. P. Oirirty. They a ill have the honor of giving thiir original and inimitable aaartainmanta tarry night nntll farihar aa'irt A<imltti< n, S6 oanta. Tienre r pen at 7; Cprcrri >11 rtpir.rnrr at H o'clock An af'trnooe ounoart 6b Eat'urJayt. ootnmehMm a' 3 e'clock P H. BAHM'M't AMERICAN MUSEUM.?P. T. HARNI'M pr? i nul'>r . Mm OfUlXMi. Jfn? IMfolflil niunafttr fourth vkp?U of union did exhibition^ and perfi ro aucin very aftrrn on nt .wVa, and evening at 7?>i, communing; on Mobdny. July k ti Engagement of an entirely new eomptny. 1 ha efteruoon rniertrinmente aoneiat of meeie and rantrii#<|ul m be Mr. IJari inaton.aud <be farm of tlia li.itnb Ilelle. The evruiad fierformauca i-oinmeiielng at 7^ o'clock, will <miet of tliatate rl'ng, m?ral,and dorontic drama of THE IiRI'NKaKD krjo a edon ihia orratlon, after ita linmanaa enecror, with a completely nrw ran'. Mr. C. IV. Clark, aa Etlw. Middltti n : lliea Aleiina Ftabar aa Mary; Mr. livlaway, Ittll Powtnn ; Mr llenkina, aa Cllblx; Mini StaahopaarM'rr Spindle. Amonftttha new auriariUae are tbd tioorier Giaat. tl.a Mammo'b Lady, tba Fairy Uuaan. ifuean Adalalde'a fnrriift. Wax Tableaux. Ulaaa ill .wing, bo. Admiarion 2.1 rcn'a : Children nndar 10 yaara. '2aenta. OAKMM'S C1MSBSE MUSEUM, AW BKIIADWAT MJ be-ween Spring end f riov* etrvata. r. T. IWnura, propntur?d imdu'I. lhi? large and interacting collection remain hut a abort time longer. 11 la the mint ma*niAeent exhibition of CbiiiiH eurioeitiea. wonderful lytcimene ol ingenuity. le? fi m the Ctluilal Empire. It repewtente obieel* itnn.rdiateLv connected with tbe eoelal I ebite, tbe religion* worship. ibe mercantile roe tome. tbe loeehaaid operation*, and the eciencoe *f tbe Chi none. It i* intrinsically valuable, aad beyond deaorlpt'oa laatraetiv*. naanaian, and gratifying. Opur ntn day aad evening, from 7 A.M. till H> P. H Admiral'n SS aoata; Obildrec. uader tea yean, UK rente. Minerva rooms, m ukoadwat, open every evening?New and magniBueat mammoth Panorama of tbe Overland Route to California, tiold Digging*. Citie* of daoramvnto aad Ran Franriaoo. painted by Mtnand Lriri#, oa 'i' fw feat *f eanvaaa, from akaiche* taken by bimvelf. A. W. Ftano, daeMaloetnree have ?un the approbation of tbe Preaa, and tbe oMfe rf Philadelphia. willilloatrate tbe Panorama. Admittanev Jdren'e children half price. Poor* open at 7. Pielure move* ae 8. Exhibition* oa wodnooday and Saturday afioruo-na. Llboral arrangement* mad* with aoboela. Poor* opea at IF. If., pivtnr* movo* at X A. W. FENNO, Propria tot. Federal street theatre, b oh to n -to let, tb* abev* eatal.liahmvot, with aaaarry, dreaaoa, A*. 1 be nbov*theatre bn* been anlirdly renovalod and modaroited and will eie with tha moat elegant aatabliahmenta ia tb* country. It will be lei from tbe flretof Kept?r.U>ee. either by the week or mon'k. Fo< further prrtienlara, apply la New York, to Mr. II AX MARETZEK, or la Boatoa, to E. O. AUSTIN. E*q. PITTSBl'KU 1UEATRE ?THE VN DERM ON ED. HAYlag leaavd the Pittabarg Theatre for a terai of yeare, ia trade t peeing It, on ur about the 7d September, iuetaat. for a tooion ?f nine to ten month*. Prraon* of arknowlodgod tending in tb* yrofeaeion, deairoueof forming eitrteenia, ill ndoraaa (poetage paid) JOSEPH C. FOSTER, Chaotaet atroet Theatre. Philadelphia." ami'nkm emtr Ik bkuoklyk. Brooklyn busium?corner mr ruvtos and Oraaga atreota?Proprietor*. Mooor*. t'hanfrao g Dork*. Director of Anueomaata, Mr C Burk*.?tha Mueoam will b* open avorv areata*. at half-mat aovan a'cloak witk a aheiaa*. llantian af* riMiuw. Th*l*-tur*. room ntrfornnM will auBfuaae* at 0 a'alwek. Monday evening, will be preoant 4. f. r tb* frit tiB* thi* * <?, ].* ttriotly noral <? *, nliilad THE DKCNKaKU, or th* Fallen Farad-Edward Middlatan, Mr. I). I*. Kaaan; Bill Durntan, (a Taakaa) Mr. C. Bark*: Mar) Wileoa. Mrs Rower*. To W* follawod by a Grand Hi v*rtl-r men t. by tho Infant Easily. To eooelnde with Mia lau.Jiable fare* of SLAFIIEK AMD CRASHER? Merhrr. Mr. J*f*ra?a; i'ra?h?r. Mr E?nti Mr*, Staabar, Mr*. Jefferson. AdmUalan. ? oonia. Children aadar nia* year*, j half prir* iSi;?i?AU, TO BE FOI.D? A NEW HUM), fV OCTAVE. MADE bv 1 iadaBaa. M Franklin attest, Saw York, who will girt all information a* regarding th* quality of |h* tnairnn*at, a hick ha* a light *|>para<u* attached, bad will ha aald rtaoonahla For particular*, inquire of JAMES S. MAONITE. HUH Fultoa Ureal. N. T. LEGAL NOTICE*. J LEY NOT ICE.?OFFICE OF THI eOMMISSIONEKOV Juror*. No. *. City Hall. Jan* Ihth, 18*0 ? Notloa i* hereby gio*n t* all parson* ***mpt from Jury Duty, who ki'i not rogiatorod thoir union at mi* oflio*, to appear and how tbalr gronad* of aaaiaptioa, for tha pur pono of auch registration, on or bafora th* Kth day oit Jaly aaat. Thar will (had araid bain* naawod u th* p#rf"rmaae* of Jury Duly. w M. A. W ALEEK. Coutiaaioaar of Juror*. IN CHANCERY OF NEW JERSEY.?BETWEEN NAthan Holla*. Complainant, and Jonaph Harrison. Defaadant.?Order far Fnbiiaation. ?It appearing I* tha *oarl that th* eoBplainaat ha* *la<l hi* bill in tho aboeo ana**, agatnet tb* abort tanad d*f*ndaat, for tha foroaloenr* ana aI* *f **r.sin mortgaged tirmlni, ia th* aald b II moaHoard, and tha'. proeee* of eubpana to appear and an*w*r, directed to th* defendant, ha* beea regu'arfy i*aa*d, returnable to th* tana of Juaa, IJCO, but tha defendant. Joaeplj Harriaoa. aou d rat be fauad ia U 1* Stat*, to b* rerted therewith; and that ha haa aot cauaod hi* appearaaao to ha n'ered a* la eaee aaah prove** tad beaa duly carved ; and It [ being mad* to appear, by affidavit. ta the laiiifactlua of tb* < haoea'lor, that tha aaid Juaeph Uerri?oa render eat af th* Mat# of h*w Jorsey, to wit. la tho Stato of haw Torh ?It i it, thta taaa ty-recoad day af June, ia th* year iii nor i.orn ihuurand *i(ht hnadrad and BftJ. ututioa f John B. Mt*k*r. *< (idiot of ill* *"Wipl*T!l*"?, fj tfclk rd?r dir<?trd t* tl.a i bam tllor. that tb* laid imm dcfoadam. J. #r|-h H?rri?o* d* *p|?ar. pUad, *t>a*?r, or Armor Ik lb? (oa.pioiaaat* kill, ? or btti't* lb* third fnoodaj ?f ?P"?U' ??*t. kf lh?t, 1b dtfknh tkorouf, .art, dr. r*k k< a *?** *t*ia* kim a* i h* Okth?*lY'r ?h?ll iLiaV r.,n'i?hl# A"A It I* f-nUr *rk*r*d, that thia *rd?r ?h*ll, althlb !? *'? day* hor*aft*i, b* **rT*d ponnaally oa ib* kid no llart iwa, by adalivory ?f a *opy lh?r*nf la luia. nr b* pollirhrd aitbin tk* *aid taanty day* la lb* Newark h amity Boglo a aawapapor prtatad at Nawarh. la Hit* Atata, aad *oailnurd tharaik l?r *.? a*?k* aiitraaairaly, at l?a*t nr* la *trrr a**k; aad aim la Ilk* mumirr aad fur tk* Ilk* apoo* of tim*. io a k**ipap*r prlntad In th* *itr *f > *a fork O 8. ilAL8TEI>, C. A tra* rtpy. Itk't It. Or?acna, Ilk. pvblicatiohb. KM? K F R Bf?F KIR > >>K Jt;i.r-IO*MBM kklNTOr b* thirty *<tik *oloat? - Tk* Eaii karkooi ar forJalr ( alalia >a aovoaot *f ib* rturmlaa of Tt*oad*r..?a by ik* krfaoh.iii i;ilb kf lalant* lair ran tad grant hial'rirai ra>rir*h. anh aa uanaaal ??ri?ly of other attrar Ik* *>?*>. A* l< tk Ik* (r*t aouilrrof a aow kalama. It Ik a good Urn* for tbk?* latoadlag to irnan tabocrlbcrt to amd la tb?lr lakk*. 8 III k* M?N, I'ahll-lirr, I3R Jtaaoati *tr#*'. LHI1TII 1. 8 l.l VINO At.E, Nk .111-I2S ' BNT8 < <'N >*bl* ?I T*k fir*t R* k'loa* ?f laglaad altb Rukala. Ttniiad 'initt ha?a*la*. I N'l.ipid*'* l^rtnroa, l'ni?*f*all*a l*ia*i I iMrtiaia* *f Uraat Britain la th* Ba*l. I'ai'kd rant Ha* aria*; l>i*ry . f a Oniiful 4aa. guarUrly kulra; ? It* 1 *a Main *. Iluklta ralroraity Maunalak S ll.k Alt*rk 'a < aba, Bxaml'irr aad Upottl*!. dhurt AOI*! *? Rtiokrr Hill "it la, T >k I wo HMoa: Bortrr I* P laad; Nt*i.f ikr * k. A a*w rolum* ha* r?*?*il? t*mwin rod aklUbad a**kljr at ill *"lltr>aiMr I; K l.'t I'll k Tk , Ho.|..a, aad oil by b*W IV * l>.t V EN POK r. Trt at * Ra'1- l?r< PI hl.i-ni i til * lavtll. UkMllT. WMIklllDMfl "TNaMfM da Tkatk. anlviil math, Ma . #.' Th.* ? rk t? m rtn> ib* rapatatioa of tb* aathor It opEra I* iiiabi **ry i lam aad ralaabla traa*l*a *a a ***i la ahiab ***ry Mt I* lattraatad. aad It ahaald, thora> b# oi raw la tad.*"?I'Mfin A Enuuimr. OH M lirMtNLU POIXAK* RkW'aBl) 18 OPyEMEU by r. T Kanaka i ** trr, I''/ Banana atrnai. f >* ika a?la>ioa uf tk tail amy I'aaalr, ahiah k* ha* pai I'rhad la a raw llttlo I*|?r railed Tba I fnay Th' ogh'. n lib ibo maiam klr pi.viaotka* b> b *l? arm mpao'u* th* an?w*F to bo f. rfriwd If t at ml t i' >1 I n "P"a l" " ' ' *" wo?ka. al i a Ibk r-| hi l*iaif all' ko pabllthod ana ky *! * aolrod : Ik lha ??ry I.r ao?K of tba World I waa atdi, T ho- i o? *itot. to A'm or E*o, II 1* *ald; Rat atraaia, tat ' in*, that all ???.ri bar* *laoa lib a>y | raraar* Irrn !r o 1*4 I n a*ad* thvai ail ala?* i lor lor r r h. > . i | r 4 |. hrr < '<> of wlfa, Or ' f a l'l' a j I at ttnr iw*n kaaaa la ay I if* T? daoll a I ?ro ibor*'* b**rlao**o, J .y airik, ar dr light, 1ko? th* kl boa I ng nly taiaoat *ay *a< il|hi I * la ket a m*r* ml**, thmgh a?a*r la *t(hr| l a alway* la a?r - t in a faaad altar* that*'* arklth, I >n ?***r I* ran b-M<ir la h**lib ; Ik lb* aoaad <f ike ? rd. h a?h rkrarla doatk. And I f. II. a I . art if *iat?4 to lata broa'b. I ai eh doabi If Mlotrra at pi***a?a or* fait | With ll-lrk, 'ib f< nam, I u'laa bkt*dw*|t. I ll>* kith <k* i 't'l la bla w?r and hi* waatl lint > b* India* dlrdaia* lao. It* part of hi* law, 1 lik', t< I alat r. I I i kit a if* an aad ?<|iiaw ; fo in lh' *? all kbn Ihlok thoy mo <%ah doftna. I Ilia m a baa, <ml naiad in tain*. WARHIltoi W**lll>'. MaO> I At V.I'd UOW TO WA8II I I.OTII Bi * i. boa I Io t T h* Mm >r*tr*i la Ibl* acrid, r*i|*ir*a nathikro, p an ?r?, rabhart, and*, nr *ih?r lajarloa* ar* il*|o* IkMrni .li ti* *r* plala, aril'd** ?b**p. and aaa h* hao *aj ah*i* I* tint ly moil at olaglo pool a* r. Thmaaad* %i? ?? ? ?? -*? r t\r ?n?*-r ftlr?rr<.iiy, C*;i nr ?**4 I* MA Da III ItMvM.T, Piutt U?r4nm, 43 An Kmi, ( ?!' *4 A ? r | N?? Irk to ADO Hl-* 1 A,h '*Rorp.^OM l.tlRRO f I t, , ^ ' '( Tifllt fhifnl. r*l *t %?, |f|?f nr.H < ? u- f my nf ilmf ind mnfirjf ?|th ?f? ?> * mi ? r h <1% r? t S i ? . r<ikM?? un? |*m n 4<> a Itptf'tollv m h . r .lis-*, f r k?? i.o^y ItiHlc pom yiil fr>? ' i | v? 4 %Sor i |? nr r?* 1*1*1*9 f? r> r Ir I*# mAtoriml, ehfAprr ?*? |- fir * if i*t < 4 twry m)iPf 1h* * h?l* pi ' ?? ,g* rU.Mil |t> m- "t f?-t $1 ? m r ? ipt of *1. in * p.? pn i Sit?r t'attMH i?h?i rt pit I <p ml lol.i , ?lr ?. t i rt? > **4 a lto?ml to lux*. II 1 K I I.VIThlm, W >UM< Hratl. N. r, (ill MMONft. I^At I HM?\ in til* IhlilMi HANKS BrnilT BAT, A i"f[< l.? ? l.'iffala a III I.-art 1 anal t'ii'1 II I >'ili I ' i V . ' aihonor. iMi pi-r ,Nu V U.K..OA I . v titiki I|l7 I K !' ?.? loa >?tii will It ' ? til 4 t?n a??4 n'rttlrtti rft??il?4. H H --To# BoTtI. rill . ? ??,< -a* rip a ih? ?tn of Jrly. ?mra4 utr li?l.l .tip. Itit,hli>nttttb NIH TtiAK ANti TM'MIITU.-fAM lf?f t'RNT*.? Ti i.t? % < i"oroli nt iiHU'f Hi ?.I1i OITT, IiIim I'm I 'I t ,Sra Yoia, tail;, ( a a 4 art t ti.'?l I at f A M ?? .1 I' II. kf'tn'M Ktifi I lathing it J'. A H. *w4 f r H l i i m I rU n U'lrtfiKi rttrrl ??? 1 ' . 11 'ttll ?a ?mOr*. - |h.. .op r nwjly Tilt Nlilfit aarwtat an'l ranltaa art in thrlr ptrfaaIlia it I' ????. ?? lh? ? n h ma ala j>.?pr.rt' ra tlttri h?pji? it itrMir ... -.r . f,,r r,t ..t a?4 l.llllB .Nark, K'tujii. r. 4 M < ,na??tt, raa IB roaertllra VlUi l&i* kr?t, at Ir4?ar4 faraa. ??mmmmm?* III?itjb?I iVCIEHKHTt. I NIBMFM-TTBMIAY IVIKINW. JOLT"? ?TUB ?f- I i*ruiaat?ti will axnaiwaMr til* f'li 1IL.\>D*F I firrir flllUlMMailiail Ui Ur??i Etna a# PteniaJa, I Mr Niuk.naam, PniM fNMlplwll" ?' ? Nukiaaaa: Cou.t Mrnak* Mr UiiMnn (lu lontalil, llarr Kari fta Taaau rauriambtli Laky YiAaiia, Mil* Mary 'layWir; Tiaaat-. uaa. Mra Varnoa Tu aor.alodr wtili '1 UuitM anm-dr ft W U1IITHUV4 A W1I.L TNIHA'l A War-Da Manor! Mr W*|t..i |)ni ,S. ii.i... Lrarh; D Fi ?no?*oa, Mim r Wallaak; l> naa H aarfca, MIm NiaikiMua. Tialiaaa, Mia.. PiiiaM Btiaa.JJ. D^n tpan at a iiaarUc fMl li la tan mane* a) n'aloak. NATION ALT UEATKE,CM ATli AM STREET.?Tl'ESDAY availing. J.ily ?, IKlki, th? ?nu-i amiaanta will ai uuiauaM with M 1LU I'A TS?J a* I Hutit, Mr II. a. Parry; Air (j a rmn Thaodrr, Mr. R Tkompat.a; Hurry Tfcim i.r, Mr f.C- Diaai l.ady Amaraotl Miaa E. Manarar. aft.r whiah SWISS tW A IN I?Sal' Mr. W. II Chapman w?|,?r, Mr. J. C^)aaa, Hariow.aaUr. Mr. H?aa; r am" liikk, Miaa Mimlam villa To avutlbda witk IMA A KTF17L DoDUlK OM BarAiny. Mr. I Tb??|?oB; Ar fol l> dy.-r. Mr farrtyi bnickailrar, Mr. Srymour; Liallv, Miaa Iwaiaa. H .iat Mai ri'.li'Kc, Doora o|x.n at l.alf i.u.t 7. u> taaaauu ail n'nt?B." " CART I It CARDKN-SKCOND nioht OF TTU CBLBbl*(ed ll?< kDt IlklltU (>p?r? .'ODip?JJF. UB'li r III* dl reckon of Signor F. hediali ? Toe*<'*? evening, /nly Ftk, 1K0. Prog i amnic?Part I. Urud Onntn U (ku? Ladr*. Roeeiul; Grend Feainei*, for fait Ornhee-ra, with Rnloe for the following inelrument* : Violin flair i?? Clarionet*, tara U"in* end Corn*'*. Meter* N-ll. Ibtk, Butt, Sclia*i<ler. Pfort, llritnnee. Lata*, and Adkla*. I* Join irironMt. Grend Spaniel. D?n<? by "tigeor* (lot* ltd Signor Piatell; Koiuanin do I* " Profatn." Meyerbeer: [)*tltndtl Ntbtto Verdi. Part 2 Orand tjecrtai*. Jtnin* nude, K<rami, he. Ticket* el cdtniaeiou, Ml -otto. PIRHtI'S MINsTKALS, AT i UK OLVMPit, UNDU the direction of the (treat ?r.*ia*J P"*ipi-y.- Thu baaekiful eetelliehnient ha* Nr-n rroeotiy refined aad eenltlat*4 for tl.o rtituU r M'U .n, a>. I it i* eo? the luoel oomfortahi* raeort of pal lie h,i? ni. nt in the city The eoa'inned ewe~ * that bat favored tliI Inimitable Hand -f glh.epiaa perfonxiere, h*> tt*r )<d them ?? t>eii * the n* plat nkra of negro haraioni*t*. Admit., , ja rent*. Door* ?pon nt T; eonorrt at R o'clock p M Af'?- ,... n < ,.no*rt on tr-.tnaedayn an'1 Saturday*. Do?r* open *< I renew at S oVIoolt, GrtA.ND fXIIIDITlO.S tit I'll* tuNulkfl'L RBmiag'rn BriJe*. at IBM Broadway nmi deur v., S'iklo'n Garden.? Thit ealrbr* ed Magie A<r.*l liniitu htt latt el* kllited in Enrtpe lor the latt four v**r??.> the err hi teat, Mr. Remington, and viai-rd ny over 7.000. ft HI ,.t p*>?.,**, >?_ eluding tn *t of the reiou'tfic an ? r.vil engineer* of Entlaud. France end Germany, ant pronoun. *d to be the ?re*.**n M-< hernial Wonder of ti e Ai* 1 lie .pen ef to* ilndje in KMifeet. made *r eotnmon pine aith f >ur eiringert only, aaw Inrh eqsara in the ecn<t*. and no om'ra! eopprt. Il wtM inetaiu the enormoue ae'ght of .V miO eh >wiag w trenyih of wood bi'beito unknown Tliie eahibition will pre to highly ntt raei ive to thoe* win. hue* *'**>* for mtehanieal eoienee, end the Bridge. lb* gl.>rt?n# triumph of k rae? riean gmlue. ehonld he e?? . ny all <?p?n from 8e'eloak, A. II . to ID o'clock. P M. A-dmie*i?n 'itr-nte FKA^AUN MIISKLM, lie (.UalUA* 31*L Aivl. Ol'JUV eeery afternoon nt it o'clock. *t,d ic the eeeniux at 1. k? the "frigiual rniwal* Miii*ir?J* " the ualy organised hand it ladioe in the world, antnpriring a ??uiauj *f Twulve Par? ferinere. AUo the narl vailed treun- of ' Vale and fenel* Artiataa," aetnmonly nailed "Model Artiett." wilt appaaf every afWneet and evatumt,In a variety ?f -p lend 14 enpeaaantatien* of Idvlng Piaiwrm. ?o?e.he- erttk the tnbe eM " Bed coin Arab Cine," the ouo* l* *ai*o*oo?, who will |e through their gytnnaatir font* Prloa* ef aJe-ieele* - Prtnta B>m. t2 Otto rorrACE. iioboken?ukand in strumkbItl 7r?? I'nnrt-Ti i? !> ?. Jnlyd'li ri'mnaa ooJbIniit But If tngMad h rrnw rodncd fx 4 ?aaba. N B. ?Tlit hand mil parf< rn aim Monday, Uodnaaday aad Piiscat waak. at tha Cotta**. Panorama raloow m? nkoadwat. corner or l lf|?c?ia alraat. "Ka.'.iiu a Fro." Noma->f tha Hawk Faintii.a? i? tha world : ?hi > rib ui Vanua. the Brook Mora, and albar elaotiral I'linu.^ Llkawiaa. the Mammoth Oytbar, weighing 160 trogdi. Tha Paiu inrr ara for aaia. ft'. A Avi<r. >'r?prlator. TO AYAHPRf-ANV LADY OK GEVTJ.EMAV, DBiirraa ol joining a draniailu aaaaataMoa of g >od a'ending, ?an avail liamtelvee of a goof opportunity by ariiraaa? Hg T.. Iki? I1S4 lunar p ?t office 11 ore will h* a moating uf tl.a Aaaoe-.atlon on Patirday tm nj, July 1.1, at lliliUanf Hall, Monrry. opponita Spring ett??t. GYMNASIUM.-MR. t'HA". OTflCNON WOULD MOST rtapectfall) lnl.'ni lh? pi.h|ie Lot bo haa become aula I ropritK r of lha rrlrl ratrd mill ??;?uaiva <: > m o-uiuj originated by tl.a lata P. Mnnrqoin, at 1Kb* Broadway, a ear Nlllo't, and ia ordar to tarty otii iha nlaaa ?f fhia anparb aalabliaLnicat, l.aa argar* d a reV ratad fiynaaetia from Germany, a boat ptartieal ib*?*?lc<lge of ihr art haa aaaar l.eea equalled in Anirri>m by nuy prufetaor. Th.ea pupil* of tha lata profereor wboao tarm of aub-rrlptiun had a>t expired and who ara daain tia of oun'mulug. w II. by e?Uiwc and Joining during July la traatad with on tha m >at liberal tatina. Further particular* at tbo liymeaainm. AHI MBCMKWrtt IN RHlbADKLPHlA. BARM'M'S MUSEUM. l'UllJbD6.l.?-niA?P. T. BARM M, Proprietor and Manager?lienre knnford, Aaai>t ant Manager. ?a.tlaa ? o?b Splendid Villa pro?l..aa be. nnn and aubaeqocnt to tha 4th of July, ta whloh R.ream's Orlalnal and Popular fompeaj will apt-ear. On tha d?h. Sin Grand Porf*< In thai rctura, for whiah bha at oat paniaular a>d hrllllant pro rami lowa Vara Le-n nada. laaw aurloaltioa haaa Veen added Voloa>aa a-a I* rarord tha ruin bar and attrar ttaanaaa of ftaranai'a aollaaUam. Admit taaaa 26 ott. Childron uadar 10 years, Ilia ata. WATEHIItO PU OR. WHITE 11ALL ?PA I'M MaY-THE Sl'RSCBIBBK would roapactf ulL) Inturni tha alt liana of Now York aad rlaiaity that ha l.aa apanad a large hntal at Papa lalaad. prre td plea e( U>? Eeetera hla'aa. for iieon t r of m4 t yle ><411*1 to way on tl>? telund. With ohliein* h4 IIINItia ten tale. a **11 prneld.d lahle, and earalleat wiaee h4 ether Imnore at the ter, be hopo* 1* mem hepetrnaaae at the public. ? 8. Eft ELY, PreprWtor. Pavilion iiotei. eeytoht. n j-s w tuohp. in Proprietor.?Tlitc eparloat and elegaat heal, har'ag bora rrtit'rd. la bow apra lor the trooptloa of l-.ardore. Tba bathma. C>> lt>( iar walling am act eui fwerrd Tbr op lead 1A aow eteamboat Chin,.arm a rnni dally from the loot af Cbawhrrc ctrcal. Tbr prop??'?? p'? !?? hitacolf that aw paiac will he nparcd to reader bin hoaaa worth* the palm, err of ricltiaa the wcclfl Sea bathing LB r a fl LI Ml ?t i.n T -TU E iH'EaNIO Uoaoa at tnaijr Iclaml opea lor the rarattlow mt hoarder* a*a tiaacicat Viciton. ond?r tha diroraioa *b Chariot M. Kigrra, furwrrl) of th* Deleter. lio-e, Albany. Tbir h*a*a ia drllghtfally rltaaird aboat eight aiilaa froaa Brooklyn. car* of nerr-e by noami/nat* ard a*rn wad ta celebrated for lta wiacaitreul latitat ftoatLatea otehia* tc do harlaraa ia New York, ian low. a la tba m-rwtag ac V c'rloak ia tl a boat, and 7b o'rlonk h iinfr, ntiralap ab their reaeraiaara 'a the afiomooa. Th# andarairard ac am hi* frirad* aad lie pa ! * that hie boat . f.,rte will, ha a *d to rrad< r their net plraccat aad agraoabl*. aad aw11* lu a chare af th* Ir patrnaege. CHABLB* . EOCTBETt Oogenic Bt t aa. Jaly 1 IdH IRSrHAEf KE. OrricE *r hbbcantii.b miicai. inachancb Co., New York, Jaar 34, lit*dl.?S*M** I* hereby pin that the aartllWata* af pre die leee-d for the rear itfCwiift th* acrrmag iaiaraat, will bo paid to 'ho holder, thorwof, or Mittf lagal r*|r*aaata?i*a*. aa aad after M.<aday. tba wtb up af Ja*" eat. at wbirh time all laioroot th.reoa will eaeaa, tba raptt.**ataa to be oaaorMrd on ptram Br order of tba Board. nbwrohb W>tr*. C* Ul BUM lb | A Tavi.fiE a Nil It* It.tlTKE, fOUWAEDlNf} and Coniaiiaeloa Merrhaate, ( -a. rre, N 11 it* ,r, ?rwfared to forward all good, era . Are, hat me Ann lirht raueht hnate, with Indie rahher rovere eultkUa for the eoaeejaaro of pa->orjorn and frrig* t, We hate alee ante arrraagemrate witb Raaele _ ^ rree'poriatlaa agtaie, a* w tbftt wi'1 * ? i?'? 'itlty iw-t %h* lelhaiaa. H. K TaVMim. lataaf Baltimore J M. I?E It .t IT HE la'o f New Orteaag. Eefrrenre la New York, j Howard A Awat. 34 Nrondway. Oar Areata are fnrwta*. Mm k Co.. r * r menlaia. I*aaacaa. McCeadare k Co., Raw Pranrieow. f'aitforwla. fi|| MINCIhleLANrorW. TritTI E rol P.-A fine t. kI E > tl'e tib WILL kb tre.d ap ia eaop aad e'eat-. a fl.a Imperial Dining bal-t a, Hr. ad atreet, aa Toned ay. tbo ait. laet., froaa It t<ll 4 a'rloah, by JNd M un.niVtti ilti Cob A I. ? POM IIINh ft nKu'ilftlia. M JOHN S 'MEET, leielmt rerrlted a large loi .f atf*'l < itel oo'l..?oo. rural e< tkleooa, aad Lallaa erodooral f r eal* ia original pe.taco _ Bnown japan vaknimi at auctionthind*y? At aaatioa 'hie dap, at II w'cl .ok ni t .eenrd aad lie - la, aae hnr> red iartrle a* mot# ia fr et of 1 he r etora, Werner af Wallaed Fiort ete. f* A LI I OK MA gold Ll hT. K'M KA, A NI) aaath, Vv o 1 ami hy ? M'LOMON ft t tl Hold aad rllerr K* t ere, Aereyrre. hwrip haioltor*. aad 1 eae,.ri of b.r n * Bit rre I*, aad keen tahetai *# that r-'n-aia Iki nWtt aietal*. Old 1. Id, |i a o'ce aad fro lona Atonow height. Jewellera aad hiliet.mi'he' A **?', Oee?. and all herd etkatea-ea proatd at lb* Kraaeri, R*Aa*ry tl Ana trrot, New 1 ark. ACAED-TllB "I "At It I lie. K BEUA LEtVB ro |N. forta I adl?" reqeHer ear klod of nlaia wore, ahirft loailt p, ar I ahi Laoa. In ell it* branolire that thoy eaa ha*a tl* >aa> ti'telil it toper r ?m..t end na tha t? .tk modrrefr a>e by eppl> iae in T fl . A I) mra'root. N It W II (11 r> <|<> r-d) a ta 4 at ilia ra Idraoa of aa* ledt It tt.adeea1 w . ? k IADlltS All. II AN All V NC ' *?< TJ '?><) Infura.. <4. tha full r .li r atll l-? p>IA in aanh Iki ill HmiiI i mi I a?*< pA-Sanl nnd a^l' .lf amine* he J. kiililiM \ II inuip iiiwt it.ln> !?! t" > . 111 tLr ??h tlit liw|?tu |i<:. if iIiiiim. mkh^I; amili* IB. 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