Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 11, 1850, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 11, 1850 Page 1
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* TH t J ;. 5v? NO. 6875. VILIORAPHIO. THE DEATH OF GENERAL TAYLOR. The Effcttof the Irlanrholy Brent ia Tew York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Darrisburg, Washington, Boston, and other Cities. THE INAUGURATION OF MILLARD FILLMORE Ail PKMIDEKT OF THE EXITED 8T1TI*. SKETCH OF IIIS L.1FE. The Proceedings in Con/ress. Intentions of President /illmore in Regard to the Cabinet. CXffEKlL TiYLOR'l -1ST LETTER, tea., hat Oar Iptfltl Tel<*T?Fhl? ?ei]Mitefc*. MA.rn or uwr TAYP&?I'ANIC in Washington. WASHINGTON, J uly 10. 1850. rbe Preeident'a dnth haa caused a general panic her*. The hot?U,And many stores, u wall u all the publio bail ding* bung in mourning. Thara wu n admin scene 1* both houses to-day, aa yon will aaa by tha reports /hrra la a general regret that Mr. Clay 414 nod ape*; bat his mind waa too maob eonfuaed to Jow htm to do eo. lie will, hnwnrer. yet satisfy tha t^'o. fhtra waa a large attendance of whlga at Mr v*fwa'a during thla day, lie requested Qeu Taylor's cabinet to remain a few dayn, on their offer to rea%a. THK LAST 1IOVM OP QKNERAL TATI.OR. Washinoton, July 10, 1850. Frni careful lngulry, we learn the President was mniibl* of persons around him till near Are o'oloek last evening, but hs never spoks iron about two o'oiook Mil hs died. His last words spoken to General Darts, wars about ths constitution Ills body Is kept la loo. nil run F.HAL or aK.VEKAL TATLOE. W&shisutoa, July 10, I860. Ths funeral of General Zachary Taylor, lata President of ths United States, will take plaos on Saturday* the 18th Inst., at 11 o'oloek. kvmocs m Riumow to thi cabieet. Washington, July 10, 1880. Ths cabinet hare tendered their resignation to Mr Till as are. They will, howsrer, continue in offloe for khe present. Speculation is busy as to their suooeseers, though no change will b? nado before the olese of the present session. S CM OILED rKREORNKI. OF TILE SEW CABINET. Washington, July 10, 1880. We understand there is to be an entirely new oabl ask. and that the following are to constitute a parbof it:?Mr. Webster, Secretary cf State; Dawson, Senator frees Oeorgia, Secretary of War; Judge UopkiQSt of Ala basis, Attorney General; Mr. Gmnacsr, If. T..' Poet master General, Mr. MsKeensn. of Psnnsylvsnla, Secretary ef the Treasury; Mr. Corwla, ol Ohie, Seore?ary of the Interior Some doubt Is eipressed whether Mr. Webster will accept, but there Is no doubt of an entire reconstruction. ABOniltt ECMOR or THE .TEW CABINET. WiSHiseTos, July 10,1860. The general impression is. that the Compromise will .?? sees ?Wlv >? Mr Wtllmnre la a warm fHeeJ of Mr. Clay. There is another report, whleh says Mr Wiathrop will be uamed for the State Departme nt, T. Butler Kins fur Neev. Mr Grntrr. of Tenn . as .Seore tar; of Wnr, md Mr M Rwd?b u( Po , n* (Mrttar; o ' Ut In tori or. lb# other* ?r# not ifrnd upon, ran bmobomino topic? pcbtukr ei-mor* op the r*m?*RWCTTciH OP TIUI ItRW CiDJHr ? I'll* PROivediikm in co.norks*. etc. WAiHutoTon, Jul/ 10,1840. Uod found Pr##,J#ut Tnylor in (h* hsnds of b*4 nta, nod h* Rook him. Th* ooblast ls?t night (Holslly In for mod Mr. FUl cr* by vrtttrn *ommuul**tlon. of Q*n#r*l To/lor'* drmito, nod bio o?n eonosqusnt #xnltnttoo to th* frsald??y. Thry nil vrot* tholr resignation*. whl*h viU bo hold in nbaynn*# for mm do/*. To-do/ th* Department* or* oil *lo*od ?n l ihrondod in mourning. Oloom nnd sorrow r#*t on nil fnoo*, y*t poouloMon* o* to th# fntnr* or* going briskly on. Prsofdont Pi II m or# U known to b* Mr th* *dja*tsnsnt,nnd will onll n ooblast shout him frl*ndly to I hot foaling, nnd salutary m< n*ur#s, whlnh will now .? ** Hot* fow of Iho** msmbari who opposed It, to flsno# th* *obin#t, will now tn?k thor toll* nnd *np* port it Mr (In/ w*l b? eonmltod, nnd will hn/o do# wsighl In th* fsrnsUs of th# n#w ooblast. Fa* Barratry of Btata, W abator, Wlathroy, ill War 0. Riraa ara uaal far tha Troaaury, J a*. V. Ilaaou, Oaarga Irani and Iltaha WkltUoeey Far lliaa Department. I T Milamu Far War Dafartaul, T. Rjtlar King, ail aaaraaly anybody alia Far Paal Oflaa, Riohd W Thomyaoo Jmo 0 Clarko. For AI lor at; Oaaaral. Id. lataa, Rafui fboata. Tha IwaU and aabtwt rayalrad to tha Hoora of IryraaaataMroa Tba OommlHoa of Congroia antorod - Ilk Mr Pfllaara Tha lattir look tba oath, adtalaUlirad by Judg# r ranch , aflm whiah Mr. FUlaora, tba iaaala, aad aablaal rollrod olftoa ayaa Taylor fMlawad la tha Roaaa, by Maaara Ooarad. Wlothrap. Hakar Bayly, Milliard Klawv Raw Tark, aad MiLaaa . aad la tba daaata! b; Maaara Wabatar, Rarrlaa, Dora. King. Oaaa aad MMmtTT-niUFT OOIBIIM. rtaar anal. m aw'i uaami i aaa 11 a Wiaaiaarao, Jaly Id, II M raa aaara or in raaataaar Kb 11 a'alaak tbara aaa a fall attaadaaaa, with madid gallarlaa Mr MarLaa y ray ad Tba laantary of tha Iaaala raaalrrd taa ataaaalaatlaaa kaaa Mr Ftllmara. Tha laatmir aallad tha ftanata la ordar. aad raad a atlar addraaaad ta blmaalf by tha lata Tlaa Praatdaal, ragaaaMag bin to yraarat to tba Aaaata a a rai nanlaaMoa .aantaaed which ?aa alaa raad Tba aoaaaalaatloa ta tha Mala aim ply aaaoaacad. that la aoaacrjaaaaa af tba death of laabary Taylor, Praildaat af tba Cattod Itataa. ha. ("Mr. Fillmore) woald aol ba abla laagw ta faifll tba datlra of tba Praaidaat af tha gaaatl, aad taggaatod that tbla aatltaatlna night aaa tloa nf praaldlag oflaa*. A n? f * ' ***a after uaoiiod fro* Ik* Ut* TU* PraMdanl *f Ik* Halted Htala* addraaaad la kslk kraaakaa M Oongraaa. wklak will ba foand la Ik* prt>* aad I ay* mt lb* Home* Mr Waarraa aalaltlad a raaalalloa prorl.liaf Ikal Ik* tr* kaaee* tkaald aeeemble la Ik* kail ef Ik* I!**** mf kepreeeatatirr*. at lt*?ela*k, I* wllaaaa Ik* ad la law aWoa *f Ik* oatk I* Millard Vblaore. I* aaabl* klai I* aaerala* Ik* pewrra aad I* dlaaharg* Ik* dallaa af Praald-at d? *4red ap*a hla* bp tha daatk *f Kankary faplar tk* lata Praaldaat *1 Ik* Halt?d Willi Mr Wdbalar a raaalatloa aaa adapted aad raat I* Ik* Haaaa, baa wkaaa* a aiiaiay* *a* reeelred aaaoaaalad tk* raararrraae *f Ik* aald Hoaaa tka-ala Oa Ik* *f Mr Wamar. Miaari Seald. I)a?l# ef MMi , aad Badaeae*d war* appelated a aaaaill**! a Ik* pari tt Ik* iteaele I* aa* ?t*k a Uka aawalttaa ef Ik* Maaaa, I* aalt apoa tka Praaldaat *f Ika fa lad tail, aad lefera* kla Ikal tk* tw# kaaia* waald all aad aad wltaea* tk* adalalalrallaa *f Ik* aatk Tka akara aaaailU* proeaeded I* Ik* dUaharfa ef tka dalf ?*%a?d tkaa. aad aaaa alW raaaraad I* Ika akaaiba. wkaa Mr fewta, m Ik* part af Ik* iwMk i, lateral - _i i E NE i ' * ' * I the Senate tbat the President requested their Immi" diate attendance in the hall of the liens*. The Senate then proceeded to the hall of th* Iloueo of Representatives immediately. After the oeremony of administering the oath to Mr Pillmore had been completed the members returned to Iht ir chamber, when another message was i received from President Fillmore, which will be found 1 in the Boose proceedings. Mr Dowse arose and said?Mr. Secretary, I rise as a uieinb. rot the delegation of the State whose oltlien the late President of the United States was, to olfsr j resolutions suitable to the occasion. The announco, ment'S^js death has already been made officially. here 40 jsewhere ; and on the wings of lightning, j and almost ?*. swiftly as thought, the sad Intelligence has ?A..n conveyed to remote portions ol this great republic, flow sublime, as well as melancholy, is the eoene in which we are now engaged Dut a few days sinoe? less than a week ? I many of us eat near the late President oi the United ' S'.ates, and sainted him, in health, at the base of that j monument, which the hands of a grateful posterity 1 are now raielug to the memory of the first and greatest ' at his predecessors; and statesmen, like himself, will ; assemble to pay devotion to the memory of the man | first in war, first in peaoe. and first in the hearts of his | countrymen, and to kindle anew In the breasts ol , all tbat spirit of union, fraternity, and liberty without whioh we shall prove ourselves uuworlhy j of our ancestors, and a reproach to his memory. I ri), lUVir nib. ijBlfk UUU |llftVIU H WU9 |?Ubl? UrBMI from the Potomao that cooled hit heated brow. the man whose eery pathway to hla log oabln eehoolhouse In , Virginia was beeet by the tomahawk* of the savage and who had passed through four wars, and many oi the bloodiest and most glorious battle Held* of bis ooun: try, unscathed, at the head of the greatest republio I of this or any other eountry, proteoted, not by i bayonets, but by the affections of his oountrymrn Tet, In a few short days, la the midst of this quiet, this peace, this proiperity and favor, he was called to approaoh that doom whioh awaits as all. Zaohary Taylor was born in 1784, In Orange oounty, Virginia. In early life he gave evidence of extraordinary energy and foroe of eharaeter. In 18U3 be was I appointed, during the Presidency of Mr. Jefferson, a | lieutenant in the army of the United States; rose, In 1812, to the rank of captain, and after the declaration of war with Great Britain, he was promoted major, by President Madison, after his memorable and gallant battle of Sort Harrison, with a handful ol men against a large body of savages. In conclusion, Mr Dovns submitted the following :? Whereas it has pleased Divine Providence to remove from this life. Zeehary Taylor, late President of the Un>tedBtatea. the Senate, sharing the general sorrow which this melancholy event must produce is desirous of manifesting its sensibility en the occasion. Therefore resolved. That aeommlttee. consisting of Meeers Webster. Cass and King, he appointed, nn the part of the Senate, te meet such committee ai may be appointed on the part of the House of Representative#, to eonfer and report what measures it may ha proper to adopt to show the respect aad affection of Congress for ths memory of the illustrious deceased, and to make the necessary arrangements for his funeral. It was ordsred that Saorstary of Senate communicate the foregoing resolutions to the Hoots of RtprsotnJ tatives, Mr. WiBsisit ?Mr. Secretary, at a time when ths great mass ol our fellow-citisens enjoy rarae>-kablo ! health and happineea throughout tha whola country, II hu pleased Dirlne Providence to rlel! the two lloueee of Congreaa, and eepceislly thla Home, with repa>< ted occasions for mourning and lament a' ion ? Since the commencement of the eeaainn. we hare fol I towed two of our own members to their laat homo ; and we are now called upon. In oonjuuotion with the other branch ef the Legislature, and 1* full sympathy with the deep t?ne ef affliction which 1 am sure la fell throughout all the country to uii part in toe aoiemauien or to# ninerai ot tns late Preeident ot the United State#. Truly, air, wai It aald In tho communication read to ua. thai a grral man haa fallen among ns. The late Prealdant of tha ' United Statee, originally a eoMLir by profaesioa baring gone through a long and aplandld career o' military eerrlea, had, at tha elote of tha lata war with ; lfenlco. become so much endeared to tha people o | tha United State*, and had I nap I red them with eo high a degree of regard and canfldence. that without eotleltalion or application, without purauing any deelowa pathaof policy, or turning a hair'a breadth to tha right or ta the left from the path of duty, a great and powerful and generoue people eaw lit, by popular rota and rolee, to confer upon him tha highret clril I authority in the nation We caanot forget that la j othrr Inetaaeee. eo In thin, the puhlie feeling wae won and carried away In a degree, by the ir-lat ol military rennwa So It hae been alwayn. an 1 ee It aiwaya will he, beeauee high reepeet for noble foate la arme hae been, and aiwaya will ha oat poured ftom the hearts of tha members of a pop jlar governm? ut Hat It' will to a grant mistake to auppoaa that tba lata President of tba United States | owed hi* advancement to high olvll trust, or hit greet I eeevptablllty with tha paopla, to military taiaal 01 ability a]> or, I believe. air, that, aeeocieted with tha j hlghiat admiration for thoaa qnnlltlea pesaeoeed by him. thare war apraad thnaghout tha oommanity a high degree of oonCdenoe and faith la hla Integrity, I ai d honor, and uprlghtnaaa aa a nan. I believe ha I wna eepeoially regarded aa both a Brui and a mild , nan, In tha riereiee of antbority. And 1 bare oboerved mire then onoe In thla, and la othar popula' [ governmanta. that tha prevalent motive with tha naaaaa af mankind, fbr conferring high power on ladl. ' vidnata, la a confidence la thalr mlldaeea Thalr parental protection la regarded aa of a rare and aafa character The paopla aatarally feel aafa where they M themselves to be nadar the control and protection of aober eouncll?man of Impartial mlada, and a general paternal superintendence I suppose, air. that no earn ever hepp> ned In the very heat daya of tha lonu Bvpnidlc. where any man fonnd hlmaelf clothed with the blgheal authority la the State, under air cumatnwraa more repelling all rwaplelea of pereenal epplloatlon, all aueptcloa of pnrvnlag any crooked path la pelltlea, or all sneplolon of having been aetaated hp sinister vlawa and pwrpneaa, than la tha aaaa of the worthy, aad eminent, and distinguished' and good man. whoaa death we new deplore. Re baa left to the people of his aoantry e lagaay la thla: n# haa left tham a bright eiemple, whlah addraaam Itaelf with peealiar feree to tha yoang and rieing generation fbr It talla tham that there If a path ta tha highest degree af reaowa, straight oa| ward, without ehanga or deviation. Mr. leeretary, my friend from l.ealoiaaa (Mr. Downs) haa detailed, shortly, tha avanta la tha military aaraer of Oencrnl Taylor Hla aarvleaa through hla Ufa war# moatly aa tha frontier, aad aiwaya a hard service, often la eombat wi.h the trtheo af Indiana all along tha rewttara to* ? many thouoaads of miles It haa haaw jaatly remarked, by oaa of the must eloquent men wheee voir# waa aver heard la theee h'nueee - mat ii if noi in Iadlaa wara thai h*r >na am nolihratad. hat that It la thaaa that thay ar? r.>ria?d '? tha bard aarrlaa, tha afcrn dlaalptlna damlrlng apoa thaaa who bin a grant aitant af fraatlar ta liliah with Irragular troopi halng aailad auddaal/ lata no a taet with aaragaa, ta ft ad 7 tha hahlta ad tha aar^a Ufa aad manga war, la ardar ta faraaaa and araramaa thalr atratagr all thaaa thlagf taad ta aiaha hard/ military eharaatar far a aary ahart pari ad, air, I had a raaaaatloa with tha ataaatlra goaaan aat at thla aoaatry. aad all that lima, vary parilowa and raibarraa*'ag otreamataaaaa ailatad Mrrn tha Caltad ftntaa aad tha Iadlaat aa aar h-irdara. aad war waa actaally raging hrlwaaa tha Callad Stataa aad tha florlda trihaa. aad I vary wall raraamhaa that thaaa who toak anaaall togathar aa that aaaaaloa ofletally, aad who wara daitrana at glaring tha military aoaaataad la tha aafaat haadt aama to tha aonalailoa that thara waa no an la tha aarataa raora tally natttng tha gaalitlaa ot military ahtlHy. aad groat par j Mail yrwdraoa (Vaa liraiii T?ri.o? ; and Ha wat wf raaraa appotatad to tha raaaant Unforta lataly, hia aaraar at tha haad nt thla goraramant waa ahart far ay part. In all that I hara aaaa of hi-a, I ha a a faaad ntoah ta ra?p?rl aad anthlai to aondraa Tha alr-aaialaaara Mart ahlrh ha aoadantad tha gaaarammt for tha faw taoatha ha waa at tha haad <4 It. hara hoaa aaah aa parhapa nat ta gtaa la him a aary fhrarmhla. aartaloly aat a lang opwaataalta at daa4aalag hit prlootplaa aad hit Bitay. aad ta aarrr thaaa wat I hatlara ha haa t oa tha mtad af tha aawalry a Mrong laipraa. ftoa. drat, af hla ataolaVa hnaaaly aad tatagrlty of rharaadar and hla faad nail aad 1 natty af tha W YO ??.TS? > **+*1V " MORNING EDITION?Till milduupK. kindnera ard trie ndline** of hi* temper toi warda nil bia countrymen Hut h? ia goon' II* ia ! our* no wore except in the force of bia namp'.e. Sir. I heard with Infnlte delight the a?ntiment? exprmaad i Ly n j honorable friend from Louisiana, (Mr. Downat 1 who Im just resumed hts seat. wh?n lia earnestly 1 prsytd that this event might be used to soften the ' en i.e. to allay party i rtmln.ulou, ' d rosters f- lb >w ebip and goad feeling aaon| Iks rariout ; sections of tha Union. Mr .secretary great as is our loss to day, if Ihese tnastimabls ami inappreciable j blessings .-hall liar* bevn scoured to us, area by ths d?Lth of 7..o liiiry Taylor, tliey have uot b'ru pur- j chimed at too high a prloe, and If his spirit, fr joi ths 1 regions to which it has aectndad, oould see lh---* re- | j suits? could sse lh?t ho had ? atwiuad a soldier's laurel i i nrourd a martyr's cro? n, he would say erultlng, j "happy am I that by my death 1 have dons mors for that count ry, whioh 1 hare lorcd and served. sthi?n I did or could do by all tha devotion" and j ' all ths efforts that I coul 1 mats In hnr behalf 1 ' | during the el ort span of my earthly existence." Mr. ; Seen taiy groat as this calamity is, ?s uiouru. but out I as those without hope Wa haes saeu one eminent | mau. and another emineut man. and at last a man in 1 the mart < minent station, full away from the mld-t of 1 1 us But 1 doubt not there le a Bower aboee us. oxer- ! ' i rising over us that parental care that has mark "1 , 1 our progress for so many years 1 have condlentu till, that the place of the departed will be supplied; ( i that tbe kind, bensfleial favor of Almighty God will . j atill be wiih us and that ws shall ka borue along, | I and upward ai.d upward on the wings of suatainiug I j Providetee. May God grant that In the time that is ; | tie .'ore us. thore may not ba wanting to us as wiee men, as good men for our counsellors, si hs whose " fu ncral obsequies ws now proposs to celebrate, j [lulogles wera also delirerad by General Oass and other Henatora upon the Illustrious d?n?asrd. In the Senate, yesterday, which, however, we regret to say I ' failed to r> ach us la consoqnsnoe of ths wires glviag oat] Mr. PssacE?Igiustaskthe Senate to pardon me for | venturing t. add to what haa already bran said gala* tive 10 me expression 01 mo pror<>niul< at r.-vtret with which th? Senate and the c juutry have learnt the i?d evout which ha# bei-n nunouuoed to-day A lif? of public serv ice. hardship. dang?r. and glory, has been ?u<ld*-uly closed Thai Providence whioh protected the late l'rueiduut amidst the perils of his long, taithtui aud splendid military career, and which permitted hlin to reach the harvest of admiration and affection, which had grown up for him in tha hearts of hi* country wvu. has removed him from ui before tha measure of hi* usefulness waa full That tfta, which waa always devoted to tha serviee <>f hia country, waa ylrldrd up while ha waa In tha discharge of the highest civil trusts, not aoughl by him. but pressed upon him by tha people. To tha performance of theao truata be had brought the pledgea of aa unstained life, ot a pure and fervent patriotism. of atern integrity, of a ktrd and benignant tamper, of unyielding Qrmnert*, aud of unmixed devotion to tha welfare rf country, which he had served eo well, and wlilch had eo freely bestowed ita oouddenee on him. Vewuanhad butter fortune, than ha. Nona better due* i It. The virtuaa of hi* ilmplo and modeot. but heroic charaeter. have no endeared him to hia fellow oitiaena, that I am aura I may venture to My, tbat evtn iu the midst of tha political alrife, which ha ever nought to moderate nnd a often, there la not ana whose heart will not thrnb with emotion whan he learn# tha death ot /.arhary Taylor. [The telegTaph here commented working badly, and, in consequence, we failed to reoeiva any farther Aeepetohe*.] Hawse of ItepreeaiilatfvM, MT ItAlh'k .kCTBO-CHBMICAI. I W.B<iRA>U. Watiiieoroa, July 10, 1U0. TUB DBSTN OV TUB riWIDUT Bev. Mr Banta, chaplain of the 9enate, deliver ad a prayer appropriate ta the occasion. After an interval of Ave mlnutea, tha Bpaakar tack the chair. On^uollon of Mr. ffraaLur, the reading of Ike journal waa dbpenaed with. A moaeag** wat received from the Yiaa President of the United Statra, ud rami M followt :? TUB rm?T H IHlul. Friinm Cilittnt ?/ tkt 'Mil ard llru*r of Kep/trentohoai ; ? 1 kita to perforin tbe u4auok(ilj ilalf of aiaiaiotog to yon that It baa pleeeed Almighty i.od to raiaora fiom ibis lite /.aokarf Taylor, lata Preeldent ot the I oiled Slalee. 11a died laat evening at tha hour of i hell-peel tan o'clock, in tha initial of hla feini-y, and i-arronndad by affectionate frlanda nalm'y, ?u 1 ' ! fall boaacaalon of all b.a fhrul' laa a m>>tig hla Uat word* i vara tbeac, which he uttarad with ainphatlo diistinntl n?ee - 'I have alwey* done my duty 1 aa ready tod'.a , My only regret la for the frienda 1 bare bahtnd we" UaiiD| artuouuecd to you tallw* olliiena, thla ni >at ef1 flirting baraaraniaut, and aaaurlngyou ll haa penetrated no heart with deeper grief than alna. It ramalua r for ma to aay, that I propoee thla day, at 11 o'clock, iu tha ball of tba lloue* ot Krpreacnta' iree, iu the preaatira of both hooeea of Congreae. to taka tha oath pret ! acribad by tba constitution, to anabla ma to enter on . tha aseeutlon of the uUlca vhleh thla ???nl haa devolved on ma MILI.iltD PII.L?l iRB Mr Moaaa, In ohedlenra to tha anggeatlont contained In the melancholy announcement moved that thla Row* now taka a receaa until 11 a'o'ook. at whleh 1 tlma tha Hauaa wtll ba In raadlnaaa to receive tha la- I nate and tha President, who will than taka tha oath af i office. Mr. Wiamaoe mid II aaamad to him tha* tha Praal , , dent baaing aapreaaed hit pnrpoao to ba Lera at II o'eloch. It wnald ba hardly mora than raapaetful to aand a wastage by a com mil tea. Informing him thai Ibetloum ara ready to reoeiaa him Mr Maaea ncaaptad tha modiflealloa. Mr WinTHior moaed tha appointment of a torn miltea ofthraa to eo-operata with aunh at may be appointad by tha Senate. Tha raaolullon *ai agraad ta, and Moan Wlulbmp, Mor*? and Morehaad war# appoint ad tha committee. Tha llaoea took a reeaaa ontll 11. Tka lJouaa vaa called to order at 13 o'elaak. A meemga tu recaired from th Senate, that tbay had appointed a committee to wait on the Prew1d*at. On motion of Mr. Aeuwuir, aa lb* llouae had pravlontly f aaeed n almllar raaolutloa, that from tha Senate vaa laid on tba tab!#. Judge Caanm, of tha Clrealt Ocwrl of tha DUtrlet af Colambia. cama lain tha hall, aeeempaalad hy Mr. Mo ran. and took kta aaat at tha (lark't dank Iftwaltw mlnut-akal elapaed. tk* Senator* an- I tared, the member* of tha Uouae re eel ring them rtaad| lug The former were eeeted In the area fronting tha Speaker'# chair Inry part of tha hall, floor, and gellariee, wae erowded with lad lea and gentleman Tha President of tha Halted 8 la tea and aablnat neat an me In, and vara received Handing Mr Piti waaa took hla aeal at tha Clark'a dank, and tha cabinet Immediately la front of It. Tha Seaman mid that tha oath af ollae weald new ha administered Aeeordlngly, Judge Craaeti admlalatared It aa laid dows la tba eoaatlluUoa ? Tttt aatw. I do totem nly twear. that I will faithfully area ate the office of Prealdaat of tha Halted 8 la toe aad will, te I tha heat of my ability preserve, protect, aad defend Ml COB*tltUtlOB Of Ml UtIM rtuta* M(t.LAKD ?ILL*Ott? Tb* Pr**id*at, lint*, and *abio*t then ratirod. At twnety BlDitM t* t*l, a nn**ig? tatrtMliid fhia lb* PiMidnl of lb* U a I tad Stat**, thn Tb* Ipkiii naarkid tbat tha kmIio *f y a* tor day *n broogbt In a el*** by tba *anoano*u*at of tba diifitf'M Win*** of (hi lata Prooldonl II ih hi* daty, to-day, to toy tofora tbo lloooo aa ofRolal aalnatiaaaf btodnatb II wa* hi* parpoa* *liaply la aba tba aaaaaaaaaaaal, aat la dw*U oa It Thai daly will aiora proparly d**olra oa otbar* Wbll* | tbia body bad baaa yoooliatly a amy I fro* fatality ! daring tbl* pratraatod aaaaioa. wa should aat ba rogaidloaa of tb* aalama warning whioh Proald**** ba* gt**a la oa, of tba daatb of tbo*a aaaoctatad wltb aa la tb* adarinlatrattaa of lb* gaaaral gor*raa*nt far tb* drat tlai* la aar blatory, ba* tb* li**aMv* of tba aatloa baaa *trl*baa dowa daring tb* ****l.a *f Oaa MitatlfM ?f thi yfnpU Aa tha organ of tha flonae to Ml It prefer aot to iadnlga la aa aipraaaloa af bla own aaotlou Ha Mall lot fbrhear ottering the asturaaee. that tha IIoim aotll ladalge tha meUaobety eetlefen Una of adopting rank BMiirM aa would mark th#lr t roapoct aa tha memory af tha dletlagalehed patriot who haa toaa aa aaddealy aammoaed from hla high poeltioa of < hW Maglatrata, ta which ha waa hy hla grataful aoaatr/men, ta tha repoee af tha grara. Tha maaeage from tha Praeldont waa thno road ma aarowa waaa&ca. FtlUm * 1/ (V VuM ad IIIBM af IrW'MaMrrf ? A grant waa haa fhllaa among na, and a whota eom manlty la aallad to aa ooneelna of naatpontad deep and aad aaaarali moarnlng t woald rooomment to tha twa hoaaaa af floagraaa to adopt auah maaanraa aa la their dlreretlea may aaaaa proper, to parlor a. with daa rolemaltlre, tha fhnaral otoeqolae of f.tcnaar fittlt. lata Praeldaat af tha flatted llataa an I thereby ta atg aify tha great and affocttnaata ragard of the A ner man people far tha memory of oaa whoaa I fa haa h*na da retrd tn tha pahlla aarrlaa whoaa aaroar In erae haa not heea far pa Bard la aarfhlaaaa ar hrlLleaey whe haa toaa aa rewsatlr, hy tha aaaolla'lad rotaa of tha paople, atrratad ta tha highest Bathe- ity la the gar era meat, ahtrh ha adalahttared with ?r ainsh honor and advantage lahta raaatry. aad hy whoaa tadtkm death # RK H ^err IRSDAY, JULY 11, 1850. so many hopes of future uscf olnce* have been blighted for ever To you. Senator* anil Representative* of a ration In tear*, I ran nay nothing which oan alleviate tb? nor row* with which you are oppressed. I app-al to you to aid me under the trying rirruui.itance* which smiound me in the (Uncharge of the dutie*. from which, however much I may be oppressed by th.-m I have not shrunk. I rely upon Him who hold* in hi* hand* the destinies of ration*, to endow m<i with the re |ul*its strength for the tack, and tbu* avert from our country the evil* apprehended from the heavy calamity which ha* befallen u*. I shall inoat readily concur lu whatever measures the wisdom of the two house < may suggest. a* befitting thi* melancholy oecaxinn (Signed ) MILLARD FILLMOKR. Wsshih.tos, 10th July, I860. Eulogies were then delivered on the oharacter of the deceased. Mr. Ceaasr rose to offer a resolution dletated by hi* own feelings, as well as a duty he owed ,to the {State of Louisiana, which he represented, and ef which the illustrious deceased was a bright ornament, and in accordance with the wishes of members of this House, to offer a few brief remarks appropriate to the oocasiou. Seldom ha* ooourred a more striking illustration oi the uncertainty of human life, and the instability of human greatness, than that whioh was furnished by ths event whioh they were oalled upon to mourn A few days ago President Taylor was In th* enjoyment of bia usual robust health On the fourth of this month be attended the ceremonies which took plnee in conuneinoratinn ef th* nuniversnry of our national independence. The exposure which he in| curred on that oocasion?the ceremonies having taken I tilann in tlin rutin sal r ? t a?n il*> <1 t it hainif itn n ilLonin which, U?t night, terminated his existence. In the course of hia remarks. he said that there waa do part of the lifeof President Taylor wbioh posterity will be called ou to cvbdemn. or morality to reprove, er humanity to I'eplore On bla illustrious character there are no dark Kfole. Ou the coutrary, the details of the pioture are as noireot aud beautiful as the great outlluea are grand aud imposing Jji* modesty waa unaffected. and combined with unflinching earnestness of purpoaa. lie had a atern eenae of juatine anftened by a apirit ot universal benevolence; unfaltering aineerity, which knew no disguise; a truthfulness and frankness of character, incapable of deceit or dissimulation. These were the prominent characteristics of President Teylrr

Three were traits which endeared him to all. These made hint an upright man, a valuable oltiien, an affectionate hnabaud, a tond father, a devotei frleud. a kiud and indulgent man Theee qualitiee made his martial eocrage shins more eonsplcunus. as tbe brilliancy of the diamond is enhanced by the gems of more sereue ray. In which it is encircled. Theexolt< meiit of politior had no charms for him. lie wes a man always opposed to political controversy. The splendor of the Presidential mansion had no temptation for the man who was marked for his simplicity, lie did not hesitate to discharge his high duties. At no period of our nations! history has the exeontlve cheir been surrounded by eo many difficulties Under theee circumstances, need we be surprised that a man of stautrr heart than (teneral Taylor might hesitate before he in harked on tbe tempestuous sea? Tbe vessel cfitate waa tossad to and fro, and all eyes were turned toe ards the pilot, who has been suddenly swept away from the helm. Let us survey the dangers which surround us, and he prepared to meet them like iocs Let us Inritete the example of the Illustrious duo rased who knew ne danger Let us not despair of the safety ot tile republic. Let us determine that It *kall aud must be preserved, and It shall and will ba preserved, aud he assured the eloud which hangs over ns will b? dispersed aud the 8tate? onre more appear lu their wonted brilliancy. II C offered the following resolutions : has pleased I'lvlue Providence to remove from this life Zvhery Taylor late President of the United States, the House sharing in the general sorrow which ths melancholy event has produced, Is desirous of meiiileetiug its seusibility ou tbe oooatloa Therefore. Rear ivod. That a committee, consisting ot thirtooa mi rubers, be appointed on the part af this House, to meot tneh con. mittee es mey hs appointed on tbe part ef the Seoete. to coneidor ead report what measure* It may be deemed proper to adopt. In order to show ths resyeot and affection of I'oaaret* for the memory of the illustrious deceased, aud to make the necessary arrangemsn's for his funeral. Hi solved. That this rssolntion be rommunloated te Mr WmrMnnr (for Ma?o ) r**o*ad*d to tb* vole* of | 1.ouI>1m>. II* In th<- hl|)iM term* of th* li<?c***d TLrr* ? >? th-e- til u*. h* unit, who ralM on h.ui, at on i I i-tl.rr man. to ualntatn th* constitution, on which fl I* ami wtltMM now reet [tut h? In* btwn but iiw away front our *lghl, in the very hour ?f our peril K might b* literally >a'il h* eonuunred toil) my, ta** the eu.uiy lu wliloh It* waa luroxl to eurrender Mr Rtara wa* loud in hit pral*** af Priwldaat TayleC. rn aoladlag ly -uyiug that hit d*%th wa* at happy a hit lit* waa glorlnua Non* bat th* nth** of th* bra** Murll tweet *nd Mo>*<>ni in the dual. Mr litti t. a* tb? repr~e*ntative of th* natir* Stat* of the l*t* i'rerldmt Taylor, >ald h-.w*v*r much Tlrgtr.l* and her reprewentatlre* might hate differed from th* lllualrioua ih ad- there wa* no Stain mor* tnrrowful for hit death than th* on* which gave him birth la th* miCtt 1 f the ttnrm While tb* taiupeat wtt howliag boot tit. the chief commander hat been ewept from the deck, and 1 h* aon-nd in 0'>nim.-tni called to th* helm la thl* or,*i*. the chip of Stat* la to h* a*r*d from tb* hr*ah*r* around It ; aud h* hoped. II wa* not ont of place on thl* occael, a, to Inrak* th* | patrl-itIfai <>f th* nation W* ougnt to ehow to mankind h*r*afi -r. wL*a ih* delug* ha* awopt from **t*rn 1 f 1 hrielemh m th* Vtltift* if liberty, that thl* ha* | b*en looked oa a* th* Mount Ararat on which th* ark I of Ih* l*et hope* of mankind can r**t Id -af-ty Shall we n*w kindle In it* boeom th* l*i*rn*l lira* which tbnll convert It into a dr< adful volrewn to voinlt forth It* terrible lava caoting deenlation end blight amand and niaka It aa ohjeet of terror to m*nktad to b* avoided ralhrr thaa ought* II* altudi d to the aeeno of to-day - a change of ailminletratlon. ralm and udeina, without any 'orbodiag ot war In thia wa* a now mauil**tatlrn of the hoantleaot oar political eyttam Mr**r* lln MIP.IlM A lit 1*0 Mr luM, # Maryland, aad M**??*i.l, fnllvercd brief *nlogl**, eharaoterlaad by *l?-?|nnica. On motion of Mr. Wiiiti. the blank In Mr Conrad* resolution w?? ordered to b* tilled with thlrt*?a member*; whereupon The Hraaif* appointed th* following gentlemen ? M***** Conrad, Mr Dowel. Wlntbrop blare 11,Doer.f?rr, IIreck Stroag. T taton, Cab*U, Mf. Stanley and Wi t her livid Th* lion** near I o'clock adjourned till to morrow. Marki of Reaper I to Ih* M*ia*ry of Got* Taylor In otli*r t ttl. *. at a ?roa. H**T*a, July 10 ISM Tb* city gev*ramoat mat taday. end *;pilnt*d a commltUw t* maka arrangement* for tka fanaral oversale* *f rtaaldeai Taylor. Tb# ally It in mourning Tba tag* ar* at half mat; tba Wdla ar* taillag , tb* *b*p* ar* drca**d la blank, aad tb* varioaa ooaru b*v* adjourned. Aa tba arm* tpraada lbroagb*ut tba Itata, algna *f wo* appear m aai TTHogg. *LTiM*aa, Jaly 10 1 MO Tba City f ona*0 war* *oav*acd by th* Mayor, td irak* aaltahla damoadratlona la regard to th* dvath I lb* rr**44eat n pniruitaf.rm*. Twn naarate, Jaly 10. ISA# Tb* d*atb of (lea Taylor ha* pr*daood profound Impraaaloa la oar *tty. aad *arly m*a*nr** will h* lakea far a pabll* d*m*n?tratloa of r*ap*ol t* tb* mb ory of th* lllaatrloaa d*o*a??d Th* Slc-ck Hoard met tula morning and adjourned, nl uf r*?pe?i to tb* m*m*ry of S*a Taylor at ABaiantiaa, Iumbi?, Jaly 10. IW A mttilii iif tk? (IIImu Bit K tk* Court Hon**, I } a'alnak, U***raar Jokutoa praaldlag wltk awaral OlatlagaUkad altlaaaa and tka floor* *f lh? lata gorrraatoat aa Tlo* Pr*ald*nt* *t>d laaratart** ?T*ra*t Jnkaatoa ?Hnwt< Ik* ting i*4 paid a trlbat*. la a (train of klgk aulnglaa, to th? *k? raatrr and **r*la*a of tk? lata Pr*atd*al A aoaalttaa f tblrt**a waa appolatod. to darlaa aaltabl* tactlaoalal* of r?*p**t; and tkanflaor* of tka maatlag. and ark aftlaaaa aa dl*p***d ta aaaoatato wltk tka araaltta*. will proaaad to Waaklagtoa to altoad tka faaaaal. _ Pftoaadtngi la tkla City. Oil raTi?k'a Di*m?arriAkaaca or raa crrt. Tkla Baratag It* ally waa arrayad la lb*** mbl*iaa of Baaralag aaaal wbaa any aatloaal aalamity b*fbl* fli* rrptiMla la *oaa*qn*ao* of tka B*w? of tka daatk of (Iraaral Taylor, Praatdaat of tka Ualtod Itataa. tka aga wara *a?p?nd*d kalf aaatktgk from oar aktpplafc toa tka ktry koala, ftoai tka Otty Hall, tk* !*??y Tard. tka AUaatla doaka, tka katola, aad otk?r paMla baUdtaga raa onirvra, rata nar?nra raaamarr'a r>a*ra Tk* Caarto at praaant la aaaaloa adjouraad tkla aralag, la ooaaogaanaa of tka Balaaaboiy iatollU gtna* of tka daatk of tka Pr*atd*at, tk? liar aad tka Poark 'a *a*k lartaaaa *ipraaa*d th?U rogrot at tka dl?a?troa* *?aal lartral of tk* pablla oflaaa af tba City Hall war* alao aloaad. oat of raapaat ta tk* naaary af tka dtoraaad. aad kla ?aay paktl* aarrtaaa aad petrata rtrtaaa. raa caiar'a nrnca. Tk* 'flea at tka Ckl*f af Patla* kaa tka wtadawa atr-td aad tk* Mayor ragaaatad tka* all baataaa* la Uia tkad adailta af partpaaaeaflt ba [ERA] suspended. A similar obsi rrance is adopted in all fh the other pablle departments, and the law eourtf 1,1 have adjourned. " TIIK Ct?ST<>M-ItnITJK, hi The doors and windows of the Custom House are par- F' ttellj closed, and a notice Is posted on the entrances, },' to the effect that to-morrow the department will be closed, with the uzeeplion of front V to 11 o'clock, for " indispensable business. FIRST DIVISION NIW TORR STAT15 NH^ITU. division ototsi ao. OX Ntw Yoss. July 10, 13V). * The Major General announces to the division, with ti feelings of profound regret, the decease ot the I'resl- J dent of the United States, which event occurred at the T city of Washington on the evening of the 0th last. s It has rarely fallen to the lot of any publ!o man to * occupy so promluent a position In the estimation of [ h<? contemporaries; to share so largely In the common t respect of all nations; or to ]>oase?? so thoroughly the respect, the admiration, and the devoted attachment ? of his countrj men. h The career of (leneral Zaehary Taylor hat indeed " been mt morable. In the second war of ourindepen- J dence. his bravery and skill ..linns out conspicuously on the pages of our history. But it w is reserved for a ' future emergency to draw out iuto bold relief and to ' impritit on the tablets of Immortality, his sagacity, <" firmness, persevering energy and unsurpassed gal- P lantry as a great military raptain. The victories achieved by him lu the war with Mtxlco, will ever r> stand conspicuous In history, and will enrol his name 1 among the illustrious warriorsof all ages a Called, by the voice ot his couutryin**. from the field P of military glory, to assume the conduct of the civil P1 udminletration of the government. he carried with htm the respect and confidence ot all claeao* of the people. t Suddenly. in the midiit of a life of uaefulneee, and In the enjoyment ot a fame ran-ly equalled. thli dietlu- (<> gutehed ?eldter and magistrate ha* been stricken do?rn ri by the baud of death It la becoming In citizen*, of all olaaae* and profu*- rl nione, to mourn i>nch an event, and to render due tea- ?< ttmonlal* of regard foronoro highly esteemed. lint it ! peculiarly appropriate for the member* of thi* l' military body, proud of their connexion with a sarvloe tl which ha* received *o much lustra lrom the obaraoter and deed* of the deeeasrd, to evinoe in *oine fitting ? manner their reepeot for hi* memory. from three consideration*, the Major General feel* a*eured of the alacrity with which the divl*lou will 0> unite with their fellow cltlien* In paying the laet honor* to the memory of th* late President, on inch day , a* vhall be w t apart for that duty by tho corporate authorities of the city. By order of ... CUARI.Krf vr SANDVORD, Major Ueneral Commanding. ^ Uoaaa r C. Wmto**, Division Inspector. / , HOT ten. ' Raw Toaa, Jnly 10. 1H40 " A* a mark of reepeot for the memory of th* late *. President, and of tegn t for hi* death, *o much to be deplored by the whole eountry, th* puhlie office* of JV tbe United State*, in this dletriot. will be oloaed during a the whole of Kriday, the I Jth inataut. j;' The several department* of th* Custom lion** will be open trom 0 to 11 o'clock only, forth* tranaaotion of independable business. Th# Bag* of th* public building* will be hoisted at half mast ,w In TliH TAMMAHT HA1J. COHVIHTIOH?DKATII OP TUB th PUSHIDK.NT OK TUB UNITID HIATMt. Laat ('" iiiiu lome mriubtri of tbe liumncratlo Oon- ?l relation nict el Tauimauy llall. but not enough to ood- dl dilutee quorum, which. bo doubt, wa* occasioned by lo the fact that It was generally understood no bueineea ao would bo transected, la couaequeuoe of tbo death of General Taylor. fo I aplein Kiarrrn moved tha following resolution of th adjournment, which was uuauluiouely adopted :? d heeelrad, 1 hat wa ka?a received with deep tad ainoer* rafrat I ha aawa ut the dnaua ur General /aaaarj Ta;lor, ika re?i lent of the filled St a tea, and u a mark ?f our reipaot for hi? lllnatrlertl carve*. aad hia patriotic aaralaja ?a his country, thia conraatloB do adjourn anktl Wadaaaday ataaiuaaexi. The meeting then adjourned. The Law Courts. HIll'KRloR GOlfRT. i Chief J notice Oahley and J udgea l'eiae and Oampholl presiding JtiLT It.?Upon tbe opeulag of tha Coart, Mr. P. D. Lord addreeaad the lieuoh. aay ing that airoe the adjournment of th* Court yeaterilay, latalllgeuoa had ta< b received of tba laaiaulal death of th* President of ilia lulled Male# It waa a respect due not only to tlia exalted position. bat to tba private virtues and the public aahlevemauu of tienaral Taylor, ihat Lie death should b? marked by the lie nob aad tha liar, kf a aaarallon Irou tliuir ordiuary < aeupelten, aud he (Mr. Lord) moved that they aotr adjourn. The Chief Juelice rail that the Court deemed it proper and b> eonung to adjourn, la oonaeqaeuee of the death of the I'reeldeut, not aleue froui the reepeel to bla high paallion. bat ae a tribute lo hia private uaarlta. Tha Court received the intelligence with graal aensibi* llty, aad they would therefore adjourn nulll Monday | next el 11 o'clock Tbe Chief J notice took that oppor- t tauily of mentioning to the gnntlruiua of th* Bar, : that tha calendar would not be ageiu taken up tbi* [ |arm. bat that Chamber bualnaM would be attended to c tpawerrrrod uirpiiriom oor'ST. t JudfM Paw and Nuot praaidlag ' JvLr 10.?Mr Uwr|? Wood rwww ewd Mid that. tha >1 ? t k at the I'rt.'l-rri of the I'nited Mute baaing no- T curred alar* Ik* adjournment at tb* Ooart. he beeged. at of reapeot for the dietlaguUhed public tare i tree, rwlirtt lUllm. aid th? lofty yrlral* ahem tier of IIm ,< a-rrot-4. to mora the iilJtiimBrot of tha Ooart. j Judge Pncr. In ac<iute?(-|ng In the motion ?tpr?wl ^ ' the de?p eympethy of the Oourt with the peopi* of th? eourtry at large on the dl?ne?rnu? and tad aaaai r, Aaj> urntd to Friday at 11 o'chwk. P CUMbDI l l.KA-t?PART SKCORu. Judge WoOtli uff ptoeidlug. Ii Jolt 10 - Mr t It. Oattirg on the opeuing of the V emit. raid that InUlltgenre of lb* dmtb of tho I'raiP a drill liarlug arileed In thia oily, bmwtui >1 puted by , tha in> inhere of tbe bar then |>rJRt to aiute tha c Court that It waa ur uul on tbo deaifaa of p ablio c liar a f triact milnanaa. to adjourn aa a token of rup el, * j but ou tbia occaaion tha death of oo dial ingui*hed an ludltIduel - UutuiguUh'd by bia publio tarrloaa, and adiarid to lb? people for hi* many prtrvte tlrtu-i - It would ba agalntt tha Irelinga id tba aourt the bar, a tha jurora. and witoeaa*w lhao preacul. taooatlaua tha L buaiaeaa, and ha therefore oiorad that tha court ad jotiru a Judge Woodruff fnllr eol idled with tha rlewa. and r ' arqnlcerod In lhemt?h?arf lb* bar oa aipraaard by I | Mr Waiting; rotable of tb* gr< at worth of tha do- l ' raaaad a* a puhll* character, and hit exalted inertia < ] In prltala lira, tha C"or t ordrrrd on odjournmeat for * the day Jtidgia fngteham and W'Kdrulf ordered the follow- ( Ing to oe placed tipou tbe mluutaa " lbla court bdng t lDi"ran<d of tba death ol Zaahary Taylor. Prealdeat of tbo Tatted BlaUa. ont of rcapeet to bia prlrata rlrluaa, J hie eminent nubile aarelcea. and the aialted atatl >a j j ha nrcaplrd. It la i-rdarad that this court do forthwith I atj'ura reiMMO^ PI RA.A lIUMRVIta. i Jolt 10 On niotloa Judge Pair ordarad an aljourn- | rent. In reepect to Uie dlattnguiened character of Preaid*nt Taylor, wboae <! < ? # tba publio hart now to c 1 mourn. oorraT op oitRrai. tuwi it. Baikal the Recorder, and Alderman M or goal and Smith Jo it 10 ? At tba apenlitg of tha aoort, thia morning. Mr MrKona platrlnt Attorney ar?oa an l aoid May It i pleaee the court tbe paper? of thia mori tag eontaln tba etoftl ng and m urnlul IntelPgoueo at tba death of tbo a President of Ike United *tat-a <f otwlibeUadUg that the aeoouala of kla 'linen were alarming yeateriiay. I I rnaiiriirtj n"p< >n? It wilHl l ml Ufa D'*Q ?l*0 1 * Ml with tin# Mil rnult It la i<i| my tatantlon to pro- y noaaM u anlogy ?n th# aharaotar of llaaartl Taylor, r til* nam* la writ) an In Imparlababl* lattara on tba hla- t iorj of bl* country I a I *>T h* racalral a rommlarl >n b fy< na Mr Jrlfaraon, and In 1*11. ha dialing uiahad blm t] a*ll In tba war batwaoa th* Co it *4 Atata# and ilnwl tl Hrltaln Ha alto din mgutahad klmarlf In tba Florida a war lint bla moat gloctout aahlavamoota warn roa?r??d a far tba arar wltb Matin* Th? nam*a nf Palo Alto, Roaaon r d* la I'alma M?rit*r#y. and luana Tlata ara r*onrd*d a on tba Impnrtababla Monomania of tba Unltad rttatao Tba darrat* of Oaaarai Taylor at thlf arlala la Indaod. f a national aalamlty I had bopad that uodar tba ad- t ivlnixratlin 'fa J<?iilt>rrii rraaldant, lha juattia i a blrb agitata* tba aonatry would hara. ara thla, boon | a* tt lad, Mill do I bop* that patriot lam will triumph orrr nil aonaldarntlr no, to parpatnat* tha union of tha | Ktataa I mar* that, out of raapoat to tba llluatrlona d>a<a**d thla rourt do now a<lj??rn and that tha . alrrk ba crdarad to atkt an approprlato antry on tba Minolta. Calrln I Mat bar lata lUeratary to Otr. Tonng, arnondad lb* motion. In oom* appraprlata ram ark# Ranordar Tallmadgo aald - Th* Chkaf MaglMrat* of thla oonntry baa barn *u<!d*nly tnkrn from n* and II bocamo* na to unit* In paying that tribal* of roapool to bla a>n?ry. wblah bit diMlagoiahrd akaraalar mrrlta Uia laat will b* fall by tba wholo nation Tha r< urt frilly onnanr with tba auggaatloa of th* I)latrlat Attornay and ordar that tbla rourt do now a<^ourn, and that Mia pro par antry ba mad* on tba mlnuta*. Th* oonrt than adjournod till Tburaday morning. Co at na oat (waarrtl. noAin op Ai.hRRMict. l aat arrntng, th* Board of Altarman mat, lha Prati dr at Aldrrman Morgana. In lb* chair Tba following maaaag* waa rooairad from tba Mayor, and road ta lb* board ? Maroa'a Orrton. July 10, 1*V> Tt fit /far a aAIt |A? Ca*tatan Caaaril < (At Cify */ *< Tar A* Omtlamrn A tmly grant man haa fall an, and thla nation la* baa a ailed with tb* d**p*M gloom D**th baa nloaad 'ha mortal aaraar of l?* I'blaf Maglttrat* T.arhory Taylor, rraaldant of th* I'nttad Atata# ?plrad at tba Praaldant'a mnntlon, at lha #*at of gor*ramant, laat arming Ilia laat word# war* 1 am pr# parwd; I baa# andanrorad Id do my dnty wardt, Whir h wall baflt th* alaw* of tb* lUb of to amino ally juat and faithful a pnMi* wrttni I wVI not nttampt th# taak of portraying bla many prirat* rtrtuaa nor tba aialtad nntar* and a?tont of b d pnbtta aariltn A grafafnl poopld will award tb? feU Mcoaw* bit*, who by h* rnlar In th* L D. rpiUA nr<*Trrm AVVU sld, ?nil wisdom In council, ha*. In a pTr eminent (free added lustro to the glory of hi* c >uiitry, and tranced the la-ting welfare of her people W hen death?the common ler-lie- t-IV* at the iml of ? nation. It become* tile p">pie with subtnison to an all-wise and inserutible 1'roTiJence, to iu ? and reflect upon an eruut so appalling and earn It on I would respectfully recommend the adoption of eh measures, by the Tommon Council, as the deep illcltuda of the people of this eity, and the solemnity f the oecaelon, may be d??med to re<|ii're. ksi<fv.d) c s wxrTTTnri.t. Aldermsn Vesen f<< then morod the following preinbl? and resolution* :? ha* 11 need Aln'ghty (loi to remote rom us Vy death. Zarhary Taylor, frssident of;the uitid State* and one who has aumatael the horror Of da eountry U|."n tUe II Id and thus rouderej a-erIrw. for which the ir, ath he won. at a riotarioua rldler was no compensation. it I* becoming that the rent ?honld be signalised by n mourning and grateful ieoplc- Teeply ayuipatUmig with hi* iuim?dla*w rieud* and the wliuh- nan n iu tlieir bwrearsiueut, herefore, H? solved. That. If the Board of Assistant Alderman oricur. the i amnion Council of ibe t'lty of Hew Terk ate receitcd With deep feelings the intelligence of th? nilh of Oeneral /.achary Taylor, i'ri sld. nt of thw uited Slates, and they oordially participate with their lloM citiseua in the grief whicli Is fell at th i eudleu >ss of one who was endeared to the nation fir hi* derol? n totho public s?rsice, and the purity of liis prieata harauter. and the exalted station th i American ps<v le had called upon him to fill. liesoived. Tlial a suitable demonstration of r so wit r the memory of the lata President ir.euld be mvda y the aui horitics and rttiseua of Hew Y.vrk, and that c> mwittee i t die members of each beard be >ipi inted to make ?ucb arrangement* a* they may devio roper. Kern) red, That the President of [both Boards of the I'UilflOD Council cause tho chambers of their rospeate boards to be hung to mourning lor the spaa* of net? day* and tlut ach member of the Common modi wear the usual badge of mouruing lor tha paod if thirty daya. Jteaolved, Thai bis Honor th? Mayor be rounett* 1 to ii niiuiiveie a eopy ol thee# resolution* to the alllictI family of tha deeeaaad. The. cumui litre appointed were Aldermen Ki sukHn, elamater. Conk. Conckllu, aud Oakly. ou the part of l a Board of Aldermen. T he foregoing were ucauituouMy adopted, and thw card tbeu adjourned. nil!) or AaatSrANT ?uhum. The Board of Aaaiatanta met at a little paat lira sleek. Tha reading of the minutes waa, a? motion dirpeoaad lib. Assistant Alderman W**i>, ol tha fifteenth ward, ibmitted tha following preamble and resolatlon* : ? Whereae. tbe no leiieholy and afflicting Intelligent* u reached ua that tha true aoldier and para patriot^ tchary 'iayler. IVaUUl President of the b aiteeidtnMlL no more, bating breathed hia laat at the national >pital. on the tub of July. 18>n. and whereas. the di? g wished and nutted position which he held aa ilaf magistral* of the American nation, hia brilliant id eminent service* In the Indian war in tbe Western atea, and in Klorida; especially in the glorio-u battle side of Palo Alto. fissaoa da Inl'alina. Monterey, and utna Tlsta. In Meiloo, aa wellaa hia triad end devoted itriotiem. bate rendered hia death a truly uar.i<>ual Jamil?, and whereae. It la Biting, an such an rn-naon, while bowing with aubmlaalon ta tha iuaorutablw aye of II.Tine Providence, to mourn the l >*a whirh we, common with|tha whole nation, bare tbussuMteluedg ieriT< re be It Knenlted. That we deeply an J sincerely sympathise Ith the atlliolrd widow, and the relative* and iinineat# frlenda of tbe droeaaed, aa wall aa with onr lelw citiaena in a?*ry portion of the bntoo, la tha loaa of great and good a man. Heaoliad, That la token af oar reap#at and eorrow r tha lamented daee?*ed. the oftcaol tha Mayor, and i? r ham bar af aaah board of Uooasaoa Couneil, ha ee. ad in m?uiaiug lor tne apace ol ninety day*. Keaolved. That hia honor, tne Mayor, and tbe m?m ra at the Common Council wear tbe usual badge of icarnlag on the left arm for thirty daya, and that wa >?ile out fellow silisen* generally to wear the eanaa aiUi-m uf mourning f?r tha mm- prrinj Kaauln <1. That "i) tha >1*7 oflba tuoarnl la ITaihngton t'l'y, tha National flag b? 4 at hall-maat row tha i:lty Hall, tha aavaral pubiio building* tu tha ity, and from I ha ihippibg In port, from runriaa la ?Mt. and that mlnuta gnaa ha Brad aa that <lmf roB tha Battary aad Totaphiaa htatr*. trvia 1 ta I ckal in tha moroiug, It tu 1 at axon, and tu J Ml ha avaalng. Kaaolrad. That a aomialttaa of flaa. an tha part at arh board, togathar with tha Praaidmto tharauf. in njanetlon .with hla MM tha Mayor, ba appotntai a mala audi athar arraogamauta an ara dua to Ilia lata saltad position ot tha droaaaad. Kaaolaad. That a aopy at tna luragolng praaahta aa t aaolntinna, duly anthautteaiad. ba tranaBitlad ay bra iraor, tha Mayer, to tha alttlatnd family uf tha d >i>aaad. Amiaiant Aldarman Mod art by aaooadad th- ri?luluaa, which warn unanimously alapiad. aa I tha t ?towing ganllamao wara appointad nu tha coiu'u.ltoa: -Maura. Ward, Craaa. Aoht rutau, HinlUt. and ilot'arthy. tin motion, tha I'raiiilaul wu alia* tu ha cohualttaa. Tha maaaaga tranamlltad by tha Mayor to th? hutri t Aldarmrn iuith tha roa.dutiona app-udad.) waa hare akan up, and thaaatlun af tha attar board euaowri d in. 1 ho board thaa adjaarnad ta iii.twtMiin op th* c utmrrau or %rai. CO!1MUN COITMCLL. Tha Cob mitt aa of Arrongainaitta appolutad hyjtho on m< n t.'aunall In Talattoii to tha daoaaaa uf l.o nat aylor. lata Praaidaat of tha llnitod flatoa, that at uob No 4, Ctty Uall, yoatarday ait-ruouu. Tho Mlowiag praam Ida aad ruadntiuua naro ulopt1 and ordarcu ta ba published la tha aorsral pu:.Ua * I ar* :? It bcraa*, It U ann anoad that tha fuaaraloftb* llr I'rnlii'nt of lha I' r?t* ? I Hi ila? will laka plana In raahlngton Ctty aa TrUay tha 11th that, at M ulock, noun 1 h?, atoia It ta nw"i"? iu?? > ii oil i An ill ar rr i<l?*tau ?<? 1 thalr *tofu? and pUcaa of burtaaaa on thai dry. r?ui tha hoar of twairr, at un' U (annul aul l?o all placra of public au?u??tar all la tba araulag t id day. 'ibal iba ball* of tha aaaaral ebarrhia, and tha flra.latai hall*. b? tollnd f/oat eoou till tao o'cloct P U , ad <bat aiity ?tx nilaata guru (hatag tha aga at tha at* Pnaidral) ba ft/?d from tlia Krilary That tb? oii'ii at'i aiaalori >f r. aaat< in tha barbae; od tha prnpnatora of aii pubilo placor ia tha ally. ba rjuratrd to dirpUy tbalr fltga at half un?t daring ba wbnla dap, ai.d that oar f< Horn altUana ba alaa ra|iiritrd to wear t ba uiuai ba<lga of at >iutla| lor thirty laja. . rmmi/f** tm Ik* part ?f lka Caw mill** ?o f kr pari V A* Brrrd */ ~1U*raa. fliiiol af .liuiUaM. Icoaoa U Paaaaria, I. L. U W?*o, laauai. Dai-auaiaa, CailtM Clara, loaaa P i rwuil, Jiuar Aoaaaua*, Iaaiaa II. Coaa, Humi Ioih, larva f. Uiatat, fi.bti.rii MiCiitut, Botoia Moaci*a,1 Oku W roaiaraat, Piaaidaat. Prraidaah R. B --Dua aolica will ba gifaa. through tha pvbtia ?apara. of tha fuu-ral ob-mjuiaa oa tha part of 101, ally. for thia iuforaittion tha eouiwittaa ara waltlug, ia irdrr U fl> tha da y for tha pubilo faaarai barn. Board af laparr I aai a. Tha Mayor praaidlig nil Dta m or rianuuT r*n-ob. Ja Lf 10 - Aldai iuaa tia? 11 faainn ar??al that, Ui4t tha praaaat maiaaaholy rlraaautaaaa, tha raad rg of tha ailautra ol tba iaai praaaadtogi bo dtipaaaw* rltb, w harm pa a. Tba Baparnaor ?f tba T<r*lfth Ward raaa, bat apnka a a aacy traaruh ua and liiaudibla Wr aairratond blaa ta aay. that ha bad b-ni r? i irala J t? mpoaa a notina Thay bad kanrd of tha daath of tha rprwaratatlaa tha aona< ituttoaal r*pr?aravatira of h* aoaaralgr ty of thia grant populati >o a mm who ad gatkarad araoad hlat tha loaa aad ooalMaaaa od ka poop In a nan who had wort un'admg oa ha Br id of battia and aha had caaar -r atad th* r?. aladar of hta boaorahla lilb ta thaitfB aaraloaa 1 hta ountry Tha aatlaa aoarni bx ! ?. and It ia bat Ight Utt lb* Bow l of Sapor*!" r> oli n!<l raapiad, I* a approprtata tnsanar to tha tim??raal faahag "* pBpathp Ha lib* Suparrtaor of tha Tvallhi *a* aonIdrat that it oaoarrad to a*arp am bar ol tha Hoar4, bat It aotlt ba unfit that thap ahould prmaad '"? tap mattar ?>f bnainaaa on tha praoant .<?. ?.! ,n lla ltd no aulogp to paaa upon tha hoaorad da>?a l Ha aorad tba adj'iuramaat of tha H<tar<l ThamoUan >alng aaroadad tb* Board Immt fialolf adjimroad Tha Tartlhla lllaaaa aad Drath af tha Praatdrat of tb? tallad Bfataa. WiaNiiotot. Tiiwdar Jtlff 1IH F V. T>a h?lla ar# tolling groapaof paopla ara aln?tarad ipoa tba atraat- a graat rtltallf ha? "itl'tlf Ullan >pt?a aa. tba Praaldaat of tha Taitad St?t? It d*?d h? otrong. rlgornna. Imn, hardp aonotitatl >a of Old laah, I aa haaa artitbad Into <la?t, but tb? attark ha* Nan tarrlbla aad laatorahla Pt r tba aiaet biatorp of thla dria Ifol araat ? rdtr 0 ? ta thaoflelal rnport. Vroai aarloat aoaraaa. h*?l*ar wa praaaatl poti tha folloalu lafa1!* da aarlp aa on Wadnaadap lart tha Praaldaat waa marall doubtlaaa fV'-n tha affart of tha lntaoa? ha?t of ha naa! bar, aad fro* an at'.Mai apldamlo 1'iflqanaa andlrg ta abalara aaorhoa. and kindrad dlaaaaaa. and rona tba manlta of aip.ouraa to thaaa Inflnanaaa aata? npona a?a am rot ant.ralf f--a 'r..nt tha pa?ti|anlal polann of tba Rla Urando Alaa bo* manp brara rtri ltd trttt a>n r f onr or nlaa In Ma tl "> haa# Itataad batn? ?o"a< lla I fy->n tha a., ? fm'?l ta la of lha paatOanoa lahalad along lha faUl Rla (I rand a r tha tacrra aa <an > of Tara Trur (1m Tar I >r a id ra Talgji arBarrd. parhapa am igthalaa 'ofanpi ittbap poaaaaaad rohtiat a>aatltnlloaa t,r?ngtHana t 1 r'a r.a ard ahat # >?* baMta. hit ?? aaan ' i ?.<a% iraalvaa of tha latpraaaloa (hatha* T??l>aha 114ht lib hlaa tha aaada of hl? dUaaaa from III m?i gaaad matybaaa af tb* Rla Oraada V* tha Hag laKlNUadddp, NtfralMal

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