Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 12, 1850, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 12, 1850 Page 7
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X. ? ? 7 9- ' istoileaJ H / l*Mf ?rt< of Gcntral Jom 'Aulonlu l'a?t. In the Narrative of ihe expedition to the riveri Orinoco and Apure, which sailed from KugUnd in November, 1817, and joined the patriotic lorces in Venezuela: by Ci. liim>n?ley, L*q., Colonel CommaniidUt of the aritith Brigade in Sou in America. Published in London, 181!). on page JUT of the work in the following descnpi >.u of the person of General Jot-e Antonio Paez, by Colonel liippis ?y, who huew the General personally ' I'aez t??i a man of about hve feet seven inches high, rather riethy, plump, round face, fair complexion, and most prepossessing countenance He appeared in a dark tilue jacket, sabre, cooked hat, with a large silvei cockade in front, as he wore his hut, aa the Bailors say, fore and aft." I >n page 416 of the same work, we &id the following:? "M .ny anecdotes are told relative to Paez, and vouched for as being authentic. Indeed, several ?,r ? ..." ?t..- ....i...,? Though almost a general of his own authority, yet he i8 too powerful for even liolivar to dispute his ' which he has, therefore, lully acknowledged, u ~h (..mhi PBd sprang up all of a sudlen, Pae/ la sell-taug ? ravnfuilai. before which from nothing, during ... . lie was hardly heard of. When it broke out, he was toon found at the head ef a numerous body, avowedly for the purpose of aidiag the cause of the republic, llis courage, intrepidity, repeated successes), and the numbers of his followers, speedily gamed him a name. The quickness of his mevem< i)tf>, the rapidity with which he pursued the Hying enemy, the personal conflicts in which he had been engaged, and the conquests he had nude, both collectively and individually, rendered him the admiration of his adherents, and the dread of the vnemies, into whom his very name struck terror, as they advanced to the plains and savannahs to encounter him. His followers, too, were all so many 1'ae/en, looking up to their general as a superior being, to whose mandate upwards of four thousand brave men paid implicit obedience. On the parade, or in the held, Paez was their general ana t-upreme. In the hours of rest from the fatigues of a long and rapid march, or from conquest over the enemy, and the retaliation rigidly euforced, Paez would be seen dancing with his people, in the ring formed for that purpose, smoking with them, drinking from the same cup, and lighting the fresh aegar lroiii the one iu the mouth of his brother soldier. "On intelligence (for he kept his vidcttet on the alert, and never watt surprised on his post) of the approach of the enemy, the words, 44 Come away, my brave boys!" uttered iu Spanish, were sufficient. In a few minutes all were ready, and with this hero at iheir head, they were invincible; and it is asserted that Paez never lost a battle wherein he commanded, though under the orders of liolivar he had been beaten. "General Paez is uncommonly active. He will, .,j amusement, as he did belora some English officers, single out a wild bull from the herd of cattle, and ride him down, pass his lance through, and thus slay him; or gallop up to the animal s rear, and, grasping the tail firmly in his hand, twist it so suddenly and so strongly as to throw the beast on his side, when, if souie of his followers do not come up at the momeut to pierce him, be will, by a cut of his sabre, ham-string and leave him until the arrival of his people puts the finishing stroke to life, and the llesh is prepared for cooking. "At the action of Ortiz, in April, 1818, Paez, with 'his cavalry, were eugaged, and had made several charge* against the enemy, who, though (lienor in numbers, was fur superior to Uolivar m discipline and generalship; but the General-iuiChiet had bo puzzled matter*, and to confounded ike line, that the infantry were beaten, and nearly destroyed, before Bolivar could collect himself, 'which extorted some sharp rebukes from Paez to the chief in person. Paez covered the retreat, at bolivar's request, and one or two charge* secured the remnant of the infantry from annihilation ? Afler the last of these charges, which he led himself, he reliied on one side, and having dismounted, was seized with a tit (something of the hysterical kind), and lay on the grouad foaming at the mouth. Colonel English, who reUted the circumstance to me, was present. lie went up to Piez, though some of his people warned him by no iue*ns to distutb the General. " lie will soon be well," said they; " he is often so, and noneof us dare to touch him until perfectly recovered." Colonel English, however, approached, and having sprinkled some water in his face, and forced a little down his throat, be speedily recovered, and, coming to his recollection, ihank<.*d him cordially, saying he was a little overcome by the day's fatigue, hiving, with his own laice, and with his own arm, killed thirtynine of the enemy, and been taken ill whilst runDing the fortieth through the body. The bloody lame lay by his *ide, and he presented it to Colonel foiglioh ae a memento of his friendship and affection. I'aez soon recovered, and joined his legion, mtid when Colonel English departed, he presented him with three very tine horses from his own >tud " We extract the following passage* from " A visit lo Colombia in the years 1*22 and 1823," by Colsael William Duane, of Philadelphia. From pages 154 and 150.?"After the war of extermination had been pioelatnied, the atT.tira of Colombia hid be:ora? very gloomy. When the pati iota were nude prisoner*, the practice was lo p'llilicly order them m Im- conducted lo a dr)>ot; but a private order was |iv? u to txejute them on the way, for which a tit jtficer w?? always selected; thev were directed to !?e pierced with a lance, in the tirst thicket th?*y ipproacbed. Col Kivas, a frieud of Uolivar, h.ivi>g I lien iut? the ensmy's hands, his head wis :ut oil by ime of those Spanish mousters, placed in i sack, anil sent, after the Turkish fashion, to his jisultt d and alliictcd friend. The tlower of the arny and the population were at ihn period undergo UK h piogreseire extirpation; deap.ur hui vercome mnds of a weak tnn|>eriimeui, and other* of lax iriociple* no longer hraitated to talk of a reconcilation with tSpaio. .lo*e Antonio Faez, a native of be pliiiuM that border on th?* Orinoco, h*d signiIxed tiiinmlf by Inn match lea* intrepidity; mwy wruoiiM hxVHig retired to the plain?, !?< reproach:d lhrt>r wavenng litem, and coacluaci by deciding that if there could be wretches ao abject a* to ibatidon a cauiw in which >o much blood bad Iven jenerouhly aacrilicetl to ^iv-' them freedom, ihey nui>t not expect rouuten nice to their perfi If from uni, nor the opportunity to corrupt othera by their owaultre ; he would not coiilpromiae for a nia< Table eii?.l< nce, the independence he foukht lor; he would rally all of hi* countryman irlio-e virtue* weie un?huken, and t?km4 po?.* mioii >f La Cithl'-ru atid the lake of Valencia, he would sarry 11 au loleriiiiuuble war againat the S^.uimh yranlp, and all who nhould submit to auhieclion; uid there it would not be in llie power of till .^p-iin o di? lodge him " From p.iges 158 nnd Ki9of the name work :? "Lie?eral I'aez took a on the a.iiicioui > of Coxede, near the confluence of th? Hiii'ilI xieahM n^_;ra| and 1'edro with the river , a law AAiilK i\f 4 > A f f . vlAI h m , oaitRtl commanded the highway between the lain* from wind the d|Mtnun armiea drew cuttle or their t>ub-i?tenre ; ami its occtiyitioo maeh ibarra??ed the ;?i>mi*h uriny. Morillo il einnned u;? n * movement through a '("file on he b ft ot iJie Colombian position. 1*4ex h* I, it the P.IIIH' time, resolved Uimiii a movement ipoa the nuht ol Mumlo, and tiie t wo operation* ere going on at the ume iutmt. At the*e dtnm>*ii i<ui? ini both bidet led to conaequencea which irith< r contemplated, the ciaual rii-rovery by etch bat the other waa in motion, der inge.t i h pi tin >f both, and b d to a r iHtct, in which the valor of lie irti-imd ihe miliary talent* anil rraourc -a of be commander* inioo determine ihe iMue. IVrha.a 10 battle of the revolution Wan mure desiierAte or i.tnguittwry. It w? a aerie* of man.i--ivre* deterMm (1 by the poMtinu and the cmp War J of the :oniniMnaer? 1'he dpiiutb chief rltcied a posii ti fr hi ? hn h he ro il l direct In-t operation' I'lie Colombian fhief g ?ve h ,'- hi i ll order to tV hiefa of hi-divi ion-, to maintain a cert mi line, an I 0 move u|N>n each of th en ny'a column*, f ont lud lUtlk, at Ihe ?aine tune -|*aex huuaelf holding wo columnsuf cavalry Itncera to co-operate. Sm>lette, who waa i hiel the atall in thix billle, acquired nnd m-nud grent *i?tinctiori. The conflict ol' several h'"ir- .1 ira.i" I, .ml m> fatil to btfiti .idee, th.n the h.ittle re iH?-d fmm loea of m^n and ntigoe Mmtllo found it necei?-<ry to retire upon -.u Carina, though ne I limed * victory l'aei >eiiiaui?,?t in )ai-new-i<Ki of the field, and had to inlet the en< my'? d | | The great nbj'Ct of cniing the fconrce ?H|ylt>-? from the viain* w ta t!?-< i'?l, >tn'I th- S| n.i-li army di?abi--.| from jnopcuting military u^it uiooa for *om-tirni. The Mtlle o| t oted* Ml, tn-ref??re, OMM lered tta one of b<- nioet important in ita nm? ij'ieaoe* mi well aa Ihe hio-t t.oitiMiliary ol the revolution. "An iVi w<? ihe h-r? of tht? victory, anil hia ntr> |)idiiy add m lt-|? -ration the principal impulnen >l'ih? truiini h. it in i v not iiu,iertiu-tit to itt ir? 11 thia place, a.j ere. lot 'which, though it rrl ilea |n the amp hpn oh ih" plain* near t alalwi*o, thowa lie IIT1|>reiwliM ei.lti tamed by the .Spaniards of the 1 imidaltl* character vf tbM chwl M ny attempt* li id In rn made to . a.a'^iriate the I'reMilent, by the S|..IH h Mill- II I til T T1111 WHS III I'll' lur l iinilH' |H?f|?ww ? J'lez Hi- future ??l il?e ounrj ? aver) w.?*in clin?ir-ii ?fll utheili^Wfiwy I rieowve*. i> *rt> ft d iter |i|?.irimr, or a[>|>?rel, in M>ih , v?-i? ulifce. I'hta render-it it < tne nnire dijiii'iih '?> diarfiminntr hetwem the Mirrtcfi uii-1 fcicr. A |Mrt|f hurl h- **n nlfcird on l.r pin III*, *hll aere HI KM* <(?? facility *Wck [i?t ti ti> tl?? nir?ii? Jo il?-c>-j>t4i>o, i?n<l they wen* hiimi J : ? rrnd?K?MUi* on tne h-mk of u rivulet, *A aliiwi <1irt?M'e imm the or bivouac of P?rj. Kmnr rwi'Mriff, who fmiH Ireichirf lo Iril ? oiintry u ni?nr> lor ??? iMinttkMi, *> 4IIH " lil? leill Ol h'U ill (lie ||f|M>li?l. A ?litili? hut I id l?-#-n im rupwil hv ?he general'* bun/nock, nn>1 oijv < ceij|4? < Mher hrflbat the JonvMict md ot.l ikm were er h?nd. A ?^>ri?htl)r ??>, Anxutt", hid * fl'' pi ire thT* alwi Thin o l< il rwml led * <> U Ih' innrgiii of the rivulet, mil i>'*M n mi < >". b" w-?? nUrnied l?jr Mime mi-eh ve?v Dint In"', "t"! li?ieiii?i|r more ifienlivelv, rnffl e|n>iij;h Id iiiil"f*e hull, Willi IflfttitlCti VC til ? r- '"mi, m? it turn pteiii1 t*t^ ijr, no I reveal what lie had beard. Puez instantly chinged the countei ?ign, nelected ? few officer*, with orders to mon circuitoiialy, ami concentrate at) near aa (toaaible 01 the (mint designated. The picket was directed no to interrupt the entrance of any stranger; and w well wan the Spttnifh party entangled, that th< emissaries entered ihe general's hut, and found i empty, only the moment before they were seized Not one of the party escaped, and some of then revealed the whole design; othe^ were detected ai deserters, and ihey were, by the sentence of i court martin), disposed of aa traitors and assassins That intelligent and prudent boy, Antonio, th' adopted M>n of General I'aez, is the youth who it now admitted, for education, in the United Statei 11 ililurv AfA/iomv \17uuf Pair* SHIPPING. FOR LIVERPOOL-CNITED STATES MAIL STEAM hip All.ANTIC, Capt. Jaiuoa tfest.?Thl* ata?iuatii| ill depart with the mail* for Europe, positively on Saturday, July 17, At 12 o'clock H., from tor berth at the foot el Canal atreet. All letter* mnit t?u through the Pott Oflioe No berth secured until pud for. For freight or puiift having unequalled tec mnoilttlom for elegance or comfort, apply to tliwu K. COLLINS,S6 Wallatreet. ITEaMIII, beTFIKV"*IW w .?,.u> a^verpooL?The ship* oompoaing Ihn bat Art the ATI.ANTIC, Captain ARCTIC, Captain Luee. PACIFIC, Captain Nye. BALTIC. Captain Cuinatoek. ADRIATIC, Captain Orafton. These ahipa having been built by contract exprearty for government ecr> ce, everv care ha* been taken in their oon truriion. a* alao in their tDginea, to ensure atrenglh and (peed, and their accommodation* for paaeeager* are unequalled for elegance or eomtort. Price of paaaage from New York to Liverpool, tISI; exclusive use or extra aiae atau rouma. $3?>. An ex|>erieaced aurgeon will be attaeued to rach ahlp. No bertha aeenrod until paid for. For freight or paaaage, apply to ED WD. K. COI.LINS. 86 Wall ?tr??t, or to BKOWN, SII iri.E V fc CO., UnriuaL The Atlantic will leave Liverpool July II), " " Pacific " ' Liverpool.. July31, ' " Atlaa'ie " " Now York July 27, " The owner* of theae ahipa will not be accountable for gold, diver, bullion, apecie. Jewelry, preeione stone* or metala, nnlea* billa of lading are aigued therefor, and the value thereof, tl.erein eipre*eed. THC BKIT1SU AND M'KTU AMERICAN K. k Steamships. betweun New York and Liverpool and between Boatoa and Liverpool, calling at Halifax to land and receive mail* and paeaenger* Nlacaia, Ryre from Boeton, Wednesday, Jnly 10. Knropa, Lott, " f'w Y ?rk, " " 17. Htberaia, Lang, " Bo.ion, " ' M. rer freight or pauage, apply te . CUN ARD. Jim., SB Broadway. /~|CEaN STEAM NAVlUATloN COMPANY.?FOR BKEV f men. via Southampton?The U. State* Mail Steamship WASHINGTON, G. W. Floyd, Commander, will lail for Bremen, via Southampton, on Saturday, July 20th. from Pier No. IN R., at 3 P. M^ Price ofj>a*sage, in the drat cabin. SIS ?IIV WVVHU VBVIII, SB r A I ItllCCH OD T^VUH i* attacked to the ship. All letters muat go through th? Poft OIBcc. For pimui or freight, apply to MOL1.ER Ik SANH, Agents. 80 Broadway. S- TEAM BETWEEN ' NE W YORK AND GLASUOW.The powerful new *cr?w steamship CITY OF GLASGOW, 1 .UW7 tone register?1 6U9 tons over nil?330 horaa power, B. R. Mathews, formerly of the Great Western, commander, will mil from New York to Glaagow, on Saturday. the 13th of July, nt 12 <&loek, noon. Cabin paaaaga, (steward's fee included,) ninety dollar*; eeooud cabin passage, do. flftT-ttre dollar!. No steerage passenger* taken. These rate* include provisions, but not wines or liqnora, which will be supplied on board at moderate rata* Carrie* a surgeon. The itate rooms for first and Meond abin paeeenger*. are unusually large, eommodioai, and well vaatilated. Tor freight or passage, apply to J, McSYMON, I Rearer street. FOR NEW ORLEANS, DIRECT.?THE PINE STEAMship GALVESTON, Place, master, will leave for New Orlean*, on Saturday. 20th Inst., at 3 o'olock P.M. For freight or paaaaga apply to J. HOWARD k SON. 34 Broadway. OR SAN FRANCISCO VIA CHAQRES, ON THUR3day, August let.?The (rlendid (teamship CRESCENT CITY. Cbarlea Sstoddard. Commander, will leave for Ch%<rai on Thursday, August 1st,at 3 o'clock, 1*. M., from Pier No 2, N. R. For freight or paaeage apply to J. HOWARD Ik SON, St Broadway. The EMPIRE CITY will succeed the crescent CITY, leaviag tor fhagrea i n TmiJ-t, the 13th of Auguat, by which vccael through ticket* will be farnt*h*d. TIrough linYfor san francTsco", via chagre* direct? Ttie splendid steamship I'll IL \ DEL "HI A, R?t>t. H. Pearson, Commander, will leave hur dock. Tier No.4Nertb Rirer, lor Chagre*, on Saturday, Jul* 13th, at 3 "clock. Paaeentere will place their baggage an Beard tht day prat ion*. For pa*sa#e apply to HOWLAND k ASPINWALL, No*. M and M South llrsti FOR CALIFORNIA, TIA CHAQRES.?ON SATURBAV, July ISth, 1880, at 2 o'clock P.M., from the pier font ol Warren street. North Rirer. The new and splendid mat] steamship GEORGIA will leave a* above, her regular day Paoeage can be procured on application at the offloe ef tht Company, 177 West atreet, corner W*-rena tree t, to Cbarleaton, Savannah, Havana, New Orleans and Chagrea: tni through paaaaga te Saa Kranciaco, California. For terms apply to O. ROBERTS. 177 We*t. eor. Warraa at. l^oR CALirORNII A, VIA paNAWA.?THE auistanP tial (taamahip GENERAL ZACHARY 74YLOR. Robt A. s. Pittmau. matter, now on her route to Califoruia, It expected to reach Panama about the 13th of Augrat. Shf ha* enperinr aecotuni"datW>a* for paMengera. For pawag* frota Panama to Han Franeieoo, apply to JOSEPH T. MARTIN. No. 37 South etmet Through line for san francieco?California by atiaa and (ailing packet*, via Charree an4 Panama. The time through by thi* line ia abnnt Sf'.y day*! price ef paaaaga to Ran Franciaeo. eabin 12(10; aecond ditto. 190. To leave for Chagrea July 13th. The bulk if las anils feet allowed to each paaaenger for baggage. No aipnnaaa ta debarkiag or embarking te paaaeagera by thi* Ua*. For paaaaga ar other information apaly to HERDLE AND WRIGHT. 139 Cedar ctraet corner of Waahlnrtoa at. Id (oaf rmm m?w *25?SBWS T 7- ?-?r?c- "K> is&VSj?""' Allen * ftli?*b?Ol Au?ti? tSlc-iU. A^mtja A^JbA.l?? BwoUS<?hU?,B?rk? l#*k?IU n B*"y Klili B<>no?T 'j.'*". H?k? M?ry i ? * *??_ B1??h.r. Mr. J*m? 1 n?ir ? M?yA uliaJn *?? a 'I 1H Bl?H*?ryA?? . B?T<U Mr* J??? B?U?IB il'i" S[.?,.?r Juli??n* BO.M M?rr sa;i.rr SirsBjrm* BrU?*? &rhssu* r* S:r?v XClT. 1 cfe-r^-. ?,vri?AaS?r. |rr?-i c^u?-.? %X?S* D ^.r!5" "" Wl" C."-T " ?. ? fStsp^ WMSfiB*? covr.: J;:: g&VWf2 M"' ^lrn0^7-iC M.1(>aU> n?rr A?m tr^V_.iiBt C?mwM *" *' D*k?r Mr., rort.t D-^*"- fMUrT SSrjs"" " r.frT"'- ""SS. o I Ei-w11"* r~HS"rv r.?y l.?i?? ilr.o. Il?n??h D?r;?r swss?.Exuj???trl fll? ?* '*> "*" Wf " I ? 1. HHwu Praia* Bnaanaah Patina tli-? fnnvnH Mary Franklin Rllaa M Fran'ia ft ia*.hath Ann fmif itiii Fr??eiaa?? Jan* F?? Margaral FWmn in : Anna Prat** Mary ll-J Fiirl'.at Mary F-r?man Iluabath Fljnn Karjr Fljnn fc* Fiahar R-haara S ^ Oravat Carrliaa Gllal.riat Mar?ar*t Qallaahar Mary, Uardaar Mart Uiiim Mia. A, M >tt *t UarraiiMraJ N t+ia'ham at Oalri* Mar?ar*t 0* r wa Itmr Uornilay Aana UlavinMary 0?fa?) Mra, niitk at i;roa?t'a?k Marat J Oraalay Cat Kama ???4*l*t Mra *a? Uraham Maacarat Oar ruda Marr C .llarhar ? rah (iard^aiar ha rah Ohio M ?<Wm Maria Oalla*h<r Mary, 0*rra?an* Mra Baa-Oillan CatharlM RMimanl Jaaiia Uila*pl* Mr* P Qr**a Briilfat Gratr*nbar(h Cath-<lrina*a lllaa Q?r?r<i MiaaflJ ariaa G >ry Mara*ll? OitiB. Maria Cannon Mr*.Or**?a(l .la Mra. Taa'kat Gill Mar* *tr**t OI?h?a?ki Mii?Rll?n Olllatt laatalla Gainl.t* Widow Or* W* Mr* Oacr** M Sal* Ann* Norton Mr* F M Hart*t*n*Martha A ala llMty W H?i?r4 Rll*ak*th H*r?n Miu M J Haiaht Aana 8 Maaland Jaaa I. Hill Mm M J H a 11 M r* M H Hard Jaa* 4 Mulder Mr* C Maurink Julia Uaaiar Mr* ID H >l*a Rli.ahaU Hamilton Hr?<r*t Hatt .a Mi** raaay ll.raa Hridrat liar* Catharla* Itahhard Mia* LR II can KM*a Uarrla Mra M M HaU lilm llndjr* Kata ll<id?**' I* JU.aa A ll*t?*n RHoaar 11 >aH Maria Ha*th Mr* Havan t'athariaa H?ya? RlUa Ff I Can liaa liana* Ann Hunt Riita Uill Nary H*mm*r Malinda H* * Mary M Ha't I liaifcatti Hart. falhar.a* Mnthbaril Mra, MlfIalM>*a Mi?* AIM- llarrlt Jarali A t**n>.h atrnat na H H*rria?tnn Mary Uabharil Rllta i norgaa Mary Ja*ai Ann* Ji lin?*n Mary J*h**n* Mr* F?* l*lla JnaraMra Fnltn* at J?ff*ra llannah JvSn* a Mr* llwat JaM May F. Junta Mra Chatham Ju<la?a Ruaina II JobM*?u Ilia* atr**t R?lly Mr* P*arl it Kirknan Mra, Paart R*alT MTidaw ttllj lltrrlai ?tro*t R?ini?rty Mi Grand K?i Maria Rial** Maria *tra*? Kaaaia Harth P k*lly Caiharia* RmMvrtha R< art Mary K'lly Mary A** Hiiuht <ar?h Ritk Mai'Karat (amp Margarat Kilh*r*w Rluabatk I* I.'!laili?r*M!1*Mar<*latkkrtil|t* Rliaa R l<a?r?a*? torah Uarj**?itikna l.*ie**t*r Mr? Joaaphl*iri? .Ian* Ann Lai km Mm Ana* LliMla Mr* M na l?*ni Ira fan ?t. M<-|>. "faI atraat l,"din?- l ury l.*?y ri"**-l Land' n Alailra l.ynrk Jnlia Ua>*n*arth Oorl.?a !??? * A??** Ixhria Mary nnlta Laarrarr Marfarat Uuian liitllM Uitrt Mary .? airana l,?rkia Mr* Anna InH Famy L*ni Mra F. RraaMi* Eli*ah#tr. att*?t l.ran' nrSarra iaa a'rrat laniliail ftl'tah?th I. y a tar Mr* Fran k Iran Narirr l.aarraaca Margarat Lar; Mra A L> Lf*ii*(t*n Mra 1 Ittktif**'^ i M*frath rt'harina Mlmna Mia* lary M*I1?? Mary ?T ft Ahkott M?ni*? A na* Maaima tlinia j Faktnv Maty Mnaatjny I ?t;llk Man a IMtty iaaa* I Malrrvy Ana M>'l*aaMr*MlrV<>K? Martin Mary Marti* Aan M?r?' Mra i, l.aalna M arahall Mary 1j 1 Marti* jaaa Mo*ra Mar* Ma***ll Mra M, it | Maalay Mary M M??frk*?4 Ma? b aw*an* b I ItrckHt Mr* Moraty Mary May Annta A lluoll IuiimO Murriaoa IIn SOUt Mafloy Brt<i|at ~ kty Klliabalk ?lmt Menca iutuhlu 1 Mrgralk Mary Mulv?y Briilfal Meroer Ann t Maaay C alkariaa Murrv Ann Marrall Garirn4? _ Mr, rut Eliaa L Murpliy WTi4nw Wa-MilUr Mix B M Mar win Mra A, (u- ahlngtaa Plaoa Miller -UiNkk 5 alay alml Murpliy Eliiabatk Mluur Kr< fhaodol.a t Mi44latvn Mary Maraarat 4 Millard Ellin Matiuny Juhauua Mmokt nriliret M Mruia Htniuci Muraa Margaret Marry Cuthaum 1 A Muroucy Mm Murphy ? Mnluaay Abb Muauhao Catharina Murphy I'alharw* Mui.rr Mra Bbby Mouuu fth Mra Muvir* M iry J 1 Maora Mia* C B Mclaaat Mary Hae ' MrCaffarty Mia* MaAvinch Mra Una MaGrath Mint J tut* I Mary-2 MaGl.wan Bridget Ma<lra*<>r Mary I Mal.'orailak Mia, MoKwna Bridjnt MiUrmr Mary Mulbarrv at MaKauny Mary MoHtvarn Julia MfPonaill Mbi MtNally Aliaa McK-naa Mna II Mary McArvnny Mary McMillan Mr. ArM.. I u-lA tt.i'.m u a., -i .i.-u get MoDede Kim Klleu Margardt McUeorge Mr), M. Douali Miae Ade-MeSwiiMuu Margaiet Greenwich at lift IV : Nagle Ca.harine NewWn Mri,Water Neall Hliabeth Nathaua Mrater ItrMt Nowtun Margaret N?r|~>rt Martha I Ni|U.Suuil Mormand Mad-nno Newell Harriet Nuiry Mr> J J Yra o Oden Ana I O'Keeffe Mary O'Brien BlUa Oi?hbmI "i,,? Wiabeth O'Dwyer Ellen Broadway Qiiref Klua A. O'Leury lutharine O'Connor Ellen P Pratt Mr*. Waeh- Perieole Mr*, F.l- Penoa Ellen tagtoa et dridge et Phe'r>e Kachael P PalaeMiee, lrtth It Prendergaat Cathft- Partial Mary Pareoae Miee, rine Phelan Mix, wiuiIiUreea* et Porter Abby i>?ioD et Perry Mre Charlne Poger Mr?, Luonard Prentice Elian Pearh Mr* H, Saf- etreet Peaeoek Charlotte l?U et Powere Bridget O Pleney I .? ef Powere Mary Priee Rlieabeth Jaeaeet.redy Pi-all Jane Pout Harriot Plielaa Elleaer Paine JoehaaO Powere Mian M, Preetoa Miee I artlia Peck Sarah 11 Waahiagten at Pugh Mum a Uninn Kate Qnaekeabuih Oaro-Quinn Mary Qainn Mary Ana line Bay Mre, eor Mott k Robinaen Mre John Reilly Bridget Chatham ate F Keilly Roeana Reader Matilda Rachfort Catharine Rioe Ann Beed Mre, 0th ay'? Kutled<u El-ne Bitter Ellenor lleill Mre Cyraa Ryan filiaabeth Roe Mary Kliiabeth RaillyAan Bayner Catharine Bodgere Jano Rellly Ellen Rafferty Mary Robineoa Widew Keilly Mary. 9th et Reinhard Ami* Margaret Keilly Sarah Maria Rugglee Julia Ri?lry Jane Reid Uabella Ryan Ann ?r 0aRirbardaoa Sarah A Reilly Miae Ann nora Roach Bridget Reilly Mary, Alien Ryan Mary Robineon Margaret et S Slant Ann Imlth Widow Mary SniteinzeT MnffnP Smallen Mary Smyth aliae Farrel-SmithMra A M Sawyer Mre fc 0 ly Catharine Smith Bridget Seare Miaa Phila M School Kike And Smith Kate Stewart Louiaa Stokely Lnay Smith Maria Ppella.oi Catha*in?Salmun Snean B Shielde Mrs I, 11th Sheridan Margaret Stanwood Miee L itre:t Smith Widow. ShanghaeaeyBoeeanSkinner Mre Joienh Prinea ! Sweeney Anna Shorter Kmlly Smith imnlit Slaavin Jane Snllivn* Uary A Stnith Jane INtiihd Caroline Skianer Mary A A T Tat* Satan Thompson Eliaa Thotna* llisabotk Trainor Hannah Torrenea Jan* Thompson Anue Ternaa Mia* K7 Tynan Rot* Thomp*?allii?b?Ul Thomaa Ml** A >11- Tnyl*r Jane I J *ab*tk Tannian Ktlsn Tally Kary VAT Viol Madam, Leon-Underwood Debo- Tan 8?oi(? Mn, ard at rah A 24th at Taa Beurta Mn Upton Cynthia Till cite MadamTva P*U r Q W Wade Mary D Williamson IUm Wart Mr* UiMt H aaaii Mtliiu H Ann White Mary Walt* Ltieroiia Whitraarsk Mm Wlllia Susan Walah Catharia Samuel Wilaon Ann W*?k*Mr*, (jrand Whooton llary L Williams 4nrak a're*t Watir* Bridget Williamaen !>* J White Ann* WakemanAruunda Wood* Mia* J MalWricht Mra M A ?S via* Wilkay Mtsa B Walah C**elia Weadraff Ion* William* J alia W?kk H*l?a M T Tall up lliiabath OKNTLMMXN'S LIST. A Adam* k Co J k B Aharerombi* RAM Adam* R4w A Akrams Joseph Aakerly A*rC Adams Wm Abbott k>r lj Ainew Robt Abbott Wm M Abraham M L Allen Robt Agar R M Acaehlimana P Amldon Riaharf Aiken Thoma* Abbott llernan O Adair Jaine* Allison A IL Alexander Robt-J Allen-Henry Alllaoa Wm Alter M K AuieeCaptCJ Alexander Lamkart Allen Juhn Alien lien W Allaop Joha Allea Robt L AlUxaadsr Wm Alliaen t illen John R Al)*a Kdward Albert II Alaxaadar U*rr II Aylivara Thoa Andrews Archibald August* Men* Arnold Wilhelm AnnUin Jam** Authnr Jnatlaaa A)era Wm 11 Amiga Wm ArrerHr Anbry 0 II Atwater J W Andrews J W Andrewa Ambre'a Ashley Jaa If Adiuua llenry Avery Salem At wood Thoa Adam* Jvha R Adam* II Armatrong A P O Bab*o*k W S Barry Iltnry Baryman Wm Bainbridce T H BtnvingJasM Baldwin k Jaokjen Bailey t: M Baker ('apt E Balllit Robt l> Baker Jaa L Bailoy Oranvill* Bandatrist Joa Mia* Uake> Win P Baker Jaeob Blake John Bailw M m Baldwin l>ar*a Bake, Brothers Ituker Arthnr J Banh*r Win Meas lilaek Jnlm Brand J Difioli Antonio Ballon Lorenio D HaUr k Ce J M Bradford U K. Blanabard Patn*k Bailr John lilaek (jeo Hraidy Bradley Patt lirady Haul Habeoek It li Bradley Jo**pk H Bradford Claaa A (Jal-eork {'has H Blackmar Cfeaa W Hlaak ('apt J M Blaek*to?* Goo W Bal.bift* ('apt W A Brady Thoa B'air J~hn Blaoksua Penny Barkor llro k C* Barry Davit Bant A Bnrrall Charley BartUtt l> W BarVir L D Bairy John Barrett Tl.aa H R?rn? J U? IWker J W Barnes Jaaiea Barrott O BtrlUtt Geo S Barclay K K Baler W-i. Berry Stephen Baaaoa Jamea Ilarratt VI ut H II Barry John Barton Lt A BUuvnlt Hlraa Hay ley Wm Fred Basaford Tkoma* Mratt liauiel (J lla ub an J nines Hay ley Wm F It lie iy Thomaa Bxlet Chkrla* Ballsy UrO M-i Bratt Mr. liraad at Kanaka C f Breen Matthew Back Phillip Beroley Thoma# Bedell Chester lleek David Breeu Georjt* Br-e*e .1 . uea Beck (1 'orre ' ltennetii Wn Bortholi >?kt S lltnuinir Ksv 8 C Bartrand ( ha* Bartrand derma He tie lewis Uluufin J?a jjraooaan.lla rawrivorui.n a Barry Wn B ?1 Bratt Alln>rt Barry Jaha Baaat Rabat Blaythtrn M HntiM Miahaai Braonaa Riah'l Rrawarar <;.?r?* Hr.nn.uWm ltl?. T T Briaarbr JmN Pitt llaary Br'ot" rraael??I Briant J Brtabana I' Bkaaall Daaial B Brida J O Birhop C W Briabana Jaaaa BUaa * Bubop Abaalaa Briaala* Joha Boaa-iuat Jaaa-DaBan?bt U II Brwaa ?T'"?0 ,, _ Bcatall J A Br????Drt* J? , .'* Blaadaa MtM Bomnn Oaa W Mil Brook. Broihar* Baaaad A Baardaaa Dr It H??ard I> M Baak frad Booth RTm D Braoka W f Bruaka Joha Jra?k? Natbu Ho,art Joha B.gar? Rad.;lpha? Broadaaoa Jaaaph fi.ia.T 11 uibaj Mltt'innaU Wm L Brook. 8 II Black ThoMM B' Ian J Roll Browa II Ca Maa.ra Itrocaa J-ka llrowa Thomaa _A?S Browa J<? W Rrawa Joaapk . Brown Joha Browa Chaa llmwa Tkoe S llronOU Browa B P llmwn Cap* Brown Aar.a Brown PT Brow* Joaaah Brow. J no Browa Wm Braw.. Hj. LibartjBayd Joha frowa Tho. I ??r\?i B-yla Dva?al Boyd Phillip BowtarJohaM B?w?n Jiaii Bott. Thornm L Browaing II S Bowyar Ja*ok Bin C?i T L Boymyion H D Baarka Rlobaal? Ilowman Rakl Blow. Hatr1*k-I llmwa.ll ftolna B.yU J?ha Bawara Mr. Wall it Buakly Jamaa Hrnt.llanry BlnfT llar-jr Burnhain Wia T Buakly Ulrna Bruarton Win BntlarJolin Bum aril. 14 Wia II Ballar Patt Bnuli Br- Ja a ok Balwar Mr l.lttoa Burke Mr BurkaJaaA Bardaai Wb BnrkaMiakMD Ballard 0 K Bura. John Bailor If r A \jn Buntla* lla. Df Born. T.rraaaa Barr t WJ ButtaraJ<>ba Bailer L B Barrlll k U>wi?BnrnkaaJoha Bura. St?M?' ''"V--, BaraattOan Ryrnr B.raard JJrrnn narid Byraaa Joha H.ree Palrtak Byraa J oka Bjaui AlpttvaM Byraa Joaaph C rial by Patrick Crk?* Cam# fl-mer I airi '.ll Joha Caam.rt Julio* ??ha/wl?k H?A Chamwru J J Camp B?a?f Samoa! Chamber. Ha?b Campbell J?ha U A ( aaaoajam.a Clalberae J H ?>aaa laaa; (ma Mwarf Caldnrell Jaoo raUaall C i-l llaraar Clark <lao W ?pb.l lunlal Can Bald Captala Clark R?-a. R.chard Capua Joha LM"/ CarpaaiarDMH Caa?y John Ctaraa 'aha na Can Jemae CaeeJMUta* < ? ** J Jf ? < Chapman t?? Wm Card J C n o> R Capoa Jaha Oarfill n r Cartwrichl H Cariar Oaa R ( hilda Ci K ( larkrjao Clark Daaaaa Carpaaiar Jaa J Clark H.wall Clark CJ?" B lark * K < arriak J B Ckaaa Dadlay R Carriak A H i'M. C'haa Cara-r Laarl. A Carter Rwh% Carpaatar W W Clarka Cliaa Clark. Jao cSHj Jno . v Umj Jio irttf-ri Jm C*\Un H m C1i*iy P%t Cr?wf#rdI Mf*l j H"?fc Ck?r? Cmln/y ^ irnhaail J Cliffy J ..?rh _ ?.hl?nall Jaa r I'm W in tnllifaa Ihiall |W??? Jm Col h A.. C..?htaa Jaa P giajfc. Ja? Ma Oockfart A Or- ^J,a. ^ ^ ? Calaaiaa W T ? r"?kar *?ra Craia OaaAraa^ Tannine W C "krolt TllM Lnl|? lattl " Oa'a A 7a. Raa- C?l.?a. R B fcala f A tru<i Cfnlt* I H I t A f Calamaa ITilllalP C?. kar Dr T W CallachM ]? * lrStA~jir' i -'irc'ViVr1 ?oUall ll.mard Ondtt J W Orrlok Rokark Ccxi-UK Otiltn W m C'l"f? f ? On*>* P Ooo..rJ?hn ( >n?ar Edw Ob* Rdw II OMa* J"?fk C<>nor*r 0?o 9 Ondon bail! Connol I r Ffttk ('- nU?-t NlrilU Conner Juim Cook Jokn H U'julnJ An*w J Conyaihan M M Or?o* J *?h . J' OwM B Cr??fcy Cook A II Cook Prtamaa Cro^k# Or->r*? Cook J>*?n Corr Pait Cr?o?*ro?>Ja* Corr Im? Corr l'*t?* Clout.** l?*? Only Jam** P Coo par P A C'ook Ri*hn?d II Coatalln P.t*r Coof-or Goo llttH lita: C C'>artn*v K uton* 0?l*v Kll P Cowl* <l*o N l>**o Jokn CanffiUna JtaM ro?h*y Mr CrowUj R II Ot*r> Rohrrt H I orm J?hn rook* (loot** Contooy [itiitl Onlt?r Jam** Cfowl*y Coaan jam** fo*iii?r Joa?pk Capman Htrmn Carran WiJ1 am Chnrrh Myron if Clnto John 9 ( nnimlnr? Jama* <'lnffJ<ho Cnonl?*hni? p?( :n*hin( IInr*r* II Currtar 9amo*l rid Cnttina Ann* G Cnllon John and Cnrloy Fran*l* Colly Jnhu Jan** Ciamini Uomm D | Hair Jan** Dngfan Wm Drak* M 1> I>r*?? F UaiUy Rarnj D"*??nf>or? Pho* bally Jhn Datllt Man) Da?w<a Wm DnrMC Ilarlacn N?th l>aaf?rlh Geo Di'lil* M IMrlt U I>-1 lUtli I'ufl b*ahr*il ??t A II Dn*t* R |trap?r llakurt M baairiody Jn* bnvla P>*4 k bana Wm N DamliaNol. M*a* Par If. Wm luni-krr Jarnh b*a<'?n J U l>ay John D**<>ura*> b*fo?brAlmar Ron Jo** Dttlt Jnha, HO daa.l* % Co-2 l? l:rh??*r?lia An- l)ni?n l<*? ' I?* *?aair ll*nrt lo D? Haltnn Pvanool* l>? (.'arionato rr*ab? Oondcronrt Mon-l>? la Penary Man- ol*?o ?nt?S n*l O* la P*nn 9or O I>t 11 ?? Mlrhn*4 !? l-anin oardo l>in?l*4*n* J K DttW II b J bii .n Tailor IHaon A II |)ni<ui>o D?r?*k?on J*r? k bnlnn Tko* IK*.. * Wm Di.laon J*? Mohk* P II t><nl?<Jilin D nir*anT>.?* b-olay Ctiaa Rao or) 1 *" * r>' n?*??* Don HI- !? ' ? 5?in'l a *. .??. Jan l? f?rl l?" frtKM J oka IMaot l*n<ri'k mir. r Cfca* l?a?naw Joa l> an T>no?hy * Trrnal Mm* l?r*h*r Jala* l>* Map-aa M?n* IN Vaxair FrMt !? 4iorkalp*r Mon botUka nJaa'fe Ikrty R.larm *?nr paraolTlina J |ka Krrrra* Jon Pnldl Wai A D? >l * ? m4 ll?*y tkatV* DtulHtJtki I D* Tlllaloa Jam 9mU I Dwurt hidoi l..aBoi l)uau>4 MIA DtriirMi D?lia B?k Otitltoi W D?nnia<!?o Dol ir?r Lillt Jo- Drif?nhark llnri Dtllua llonry acpb L Dlllia*ha?l EUwIb K Diak?ra U?a?* Diet at If Douilijrdw f Dtckliun P K |jgu|l>? I H DobUib Hiekl iou4b.11 ciiM DoBBtlly RtBna Do? nine Ku(?b? PusBlin* Juha JtriB J"kB?I Duty Ltaaai* >HM|km l>r W 0 7>-,olaa Richard Doudjaaiaa D*a(hau* Pint Dvfly J?ha l)umlo" Win DuB*anata U Durban !' B Duval Ptarra Dunu Aim DabatuoB IliCL Dukehart Uaary Dab iliaan J W Dinar J?hn Duubar Ilavid Drurjr Kami f Duncan Wia Duma# Uubart 0 Duranl Oapt U Duhrual Preydiar DallioBt/ Pkl'k Duaa Thciaan Duncan A Dudlay C H Dtit liu M'>r?an Dueloax Aa(B*M Da An Jobs U Diamond Chaa Ely Joha iMtman Eagaaa Sftar Mr Eraru n ft Edward Kaoton Wta 8 Klamnra Thonaaa Llhaoa Jaaub Kill. P H J1* Tfcoa 0 Eaaioa L **art?BGobeadai EckarkJoha Ediuoaa Oaa Eagaa Tbnmaa Bnrinht Julta Emery J U !'? ? Euataoa J V Ennia Mtchftal ?n?HUj Miohaal K?aaa Jl loial U lianlt Warrun L Etaua David W K ruuildar mi l ralton Thnmaa Jr*"*' Mr Pftfth C 11 Fh?d 0 H Fl?i??a Job? Parrcll W altar Franks Tinoaal R Paanrfl/John Planer* Patriak Prauk Sawual Farr Charlaa Parrely Lake jnuion ai.^ Farrell W^W Ki ^n J>at| Fagin Jamea Plan'gau Kurnaa Mr Felaenheld W Frueuian Wm F raj Jkmaa F<- aret Jamea TItok Wm rreeman k Co 11 M Freeman Uiunl Freeman Ski K?. Willi an Fleming S L Feel* Adam Pleegera W Faontr Thoi Freeland Than Klomiui Richard French H?i C R Fergueon Thoa Farrier M"ua Feunelly VuUi Fleming Fred N Fleming Franeia Fielder J S Fleteber Joahna Fenley Andrew Finch Mr Fcrgnaon Darid Pletehart Miek'l Fiaher JDF Fenner Walter U Pieher John Firndo Manuel Firth Srth Finke Capt Fitagerald Dnid Fit> Mikl Fi'tgeraid Jaa Ftnigan Thu? Firby Richard Fi?h Randall Fiake Andrew Fiukle Milton Palmer Ileal* Foley Edmund Fitigerald M Fieher T Fordan Kdwd II Folger Rob! 0 P<>l|<er E F Fay The ma* Foley Fetor Fomba A W Forbaa Wm Foret Moeea Farward kt Co W B Foster Rie'd Foater J O Floyd N J Fouieet Isaao Fowlor K lward Foater John Forman George Foater U C

Former Anton Fox John Florenee Win Fnaaingtun Laftette Flynn John Ford Fatt Flynn T TO Flynn Wm Fuloher Ueorja lluniiitrTH Fullan Mathew Flynn Jamoa l ay Jolm Faddoa John Flynn Jamoa O GageRaanael Gaillardo* Jaanea Gale II D Graham Joa Galdaeano Antneny Gallaer W W Grafton II D Gahan John Gallagan Wm Graffain Capt Oil- Gallagher John Ctllaaher Tlioa Ter J Oarliok John R Gall Wm Gawre Jamoa < *-< Rout. Urantrre Howard Gannon Jaa Uardiuer Qarrieon Oarbe Otto Ora? Jamea It Ca Garrick John Gaghraa Jaa ravea Joel fl Gray Franeia Cataa ft Garni in Oray Henry Craven lira I Graatrie Howard Oray Franeia Gray C F Glaaoa Jaa Grogory 8 D Grutn Ogden Green Chaa Gedaay Capt J D Grukban Fatk Gaheid A Derail Pr Geia Ambroae Gererdi l.uigia Grahan Hugh Gcn'tt H W fliikd Fredreieh Gemmell *iam George Wm Ollehriat J?3 OIU Tboa OibbaJamei Gritlkn Thoa ibba John C Gilmonr Thaa Gtlmore FaM Uibba M W Griffiu Wm Oaibilia A Onidelon Men* Griawold Wm dottleib Carl Grlawold R H Orlawold Ootaria I Goan Joha Gotta Franoia Gorham Rich'd * Goodriek Wm 11 Oormlv Patk Goldamitb A Goodwin S R Oott ii <nj Grovea Mr Golden Jaa M Goodfiek W M Groyee lliram (Jordan Mr Goraaan Patrick Green R Guerra T B Oomar Patt Oulierraa La la Grraee W 8 Grumm Wm Guillen Jaa Gaillitfan JuaM Goth U-J Ueuld Hirta H Hair Walter Hall Oliver Hall John Hamklia Lewie A Hainea CbarlM lliJl R-bt * Co?I Hall Bargea* T llall L J Uwrnnu Wb Hamblia Alai'r Hamilton Frtil Uadden lleary B Halated A h Wm. J r Hainan Joha Henewell Chaa Ham William Hallahau Hirhl Uallanan Jamea Hafar Jacob 0 Haaraty Edward BaWrlin Marha Hair Waller lrr- llall Charlea Haalan Phillip ing Harding John Harvy Charlea Haaeltlna Daniel Hardy I Doek Hard wiek Tbne?2 liart Vm I Hart Profeacor Harm Frm'k 8 Harnagtoa JoMph Harria Ihm Vlarding Thoe Haaalaoner Joaepb Hart John Harl?y John L Hart A Hare Juaaph Hari ett Lawrtnee Hayea Dootor llutoh Htadmaa Je?a Hatek Alfr.dnek S Hayward Mr Haiea Charlea Haarley C t HayaeJoha Hatek Hiram Heller J li Ha'ynee Mitehel S Hawkiaa Themaj Healy (leo Hegan l>ean<i Heath A 11 Healy Edwart Heath Rlbridge Q Heart H T Hxart Mr Heiferinan John " ajay Jamea Heary Jama#, Jt lleyfrea Andrew lUery Km??? BrDih<i? M 1-4 Hirtm P L Maaaay Veter Banned Fr?d Heritage Jan Bntxirt U^t Q Henn Robert Hereey Joaepk, Jr Harrington C L Heron Rt AnJw-J Ilerbemont A. Jr Deary Samuel llaiael U lleymann Ialdor llrary Jae H Dinimnlmaan L H?-wei liaorge R T I Hey?r Mr (Bowery) Hill fltep> en Hibler Saml M Hill* OH Hilton John T Hiueat Peter Hilton Nethan'l 0 Hl. ker Mr.CearW Hilior* fe Co Hi^rite Miehael land treat Hiek? iiaaio . Hindman Wui Hind Jamea ilindion Thanaa l.lae Wm M Hn??Ttia-l Tline* Pa*.k Holly ADM Halt Stephea Hoimyard Jamea Hefiraa J C Holme C J Holme Oapt Jerry Hod (ton Joka H'canWm Bobler C J Hoffman Sebastian tlollermana Berr Huldan Joha llot ay Mr Hohentkall EJw Hogan Patrick Hooker C I Him Jamea Jr lloalfcldt Johaa Horn Tlioe S Hoop* Anthony HortJam*a-J llaberlia John Bvaeld P Uepkin* T R Honney Fran- la 0 Hooker Z-J llorioka Robert Howard Oco W Howa J V Horan Denaia Hnwlaad E flower Rarmaxd How Jae Hoaard (bark Cea- lloyt Rnfua Howard Juha no Hoyt Lather Q Houaton Jae Hndeea 6eo H*aat?a Itan'l Ifoellbea Jo'ia lltiHIy W Mieel Humphrey (Eagi- Herd Norman Haatiagtoa The- aeer BateheeoaJA aa H Baal Thffmae Hoeoa Wm H) man Heary Hadaoa Tho# MunaanluKiloaia HnnicgreM llaatC'iaaM Hart W 8 B nteheiea ttee Beat B JtkOa B??b*a Jemaa Una ton RevfHeary Unbba Cbaa A HaaaUliaa I larael Laaard I nek Robert Irwin JoV# larael Edward leaaae Philip B lean Joha Irriaa Henry Irwia lleary Ireland T J Irvlaa Char bee leaaae Dr Aadw liiaoC M m , ? jMkan Thoi JtrtU Joutim jMobt i it iu?M W t JiBUMtltrUMt JaaaaaaCapt Rafa* Jay I. V Jtikni Uiu W JintiCbtrlM inkiu Jtn'i Mili|iR JmkuiD n f Jaaamga Wiafaid Jaaninf i.CgartlMdt J*Dain*a 1 hoaaa Juhaioa Aaal atrert Jinlotl 0 Jubna<>a J?aapk Johaaan <'haa?t Juhnata Kokt 8 Johaatua Jumi J'hnaon l? (i Jubnwa 11 trial If Johaaoa T Jnhnaoa Plillia Ju?? l>a>>4 II Jajraa iaiUli Jikuita l>??id Q Jadah William II J'jaa Hanil J?I Joa'i (<lmuu I Janaa Tbua Cliff JoMi ''art IHfH Jaaapha Kobart Jnaaa Thoa Juaa J m tL Cv?3 Juaw Ctpt Joa? Joahaa J Jor4aa Vnrili Jmkm Hanrj JaaM Jackaoa Va Jaaaiofa II K Kataaawakt Kataar Mr KroaaarTk R"'?ll rbaa P Karat*t> C Kxinuh Milaa KtitkUl; Wa Kaaaaaah Jaa? Kay ( r?a Kaiia iiin* Kaapp Wm K?aa??i>raa 9 9 Kaanaa Wm II Kalljr llanrr T K-?ti?< Jaa, PhilKrll..*, M K Kntarin Capt O lip. SiapbJa *f Kaaf Mir tlrary Kaaraa Thvaaa Fran-ia Kail) Ma Kaaraa Pa?? Kf?no William Ktar Patrick Kallay Joha Kali <) Qao U Kaaly Patk Kollar Kfarad KraffcTMathaw Kallr lliahaal Kaalv fclnmnd Hrllar Jnha Klala Malhiaa Kaally Jnbn Kaaraa Thoi Kaarnan Mirhaal Kaaior Jaeob J Krrnin J>n?i Kattnac ?>ao Knaiiar Janiaa K?rr Ala* Katra Sath 0 Kent Haaual?t Karoharall J A Katr Thoa?1 Karr Uan Kannaly Wm Kanaa Matbaw Kaan < I'atar K?an?rijr Mtebaal Karaa Tbnau Karaay Mirhaal K-n<-lv Win Kmoallr W A Krnnelj Miahaal Knuuwrll 9 H Kicran Patrick Klaalln* I, K >artu.? Kiirli llaarj Kalfht (I J Km* f. W Kittl* <>ao W Kinael Wa W Kin* Hiukiah Kia|a J B Kialad ( kriata KiacalanJ P H KinotnryK Kiaaaa R ft?I Kin/ Matnnal Kn<? Janiaa KatltOaa Kan K?> JaaN Knblaakam*'Bar- Kaat Mr Ky?ia llanr* K man Kahfaai Lawta Kalbfllaaab Mat u Um T Uh Thna UaUrt W Lancdna JT Um?I UK Ukiii I) C Lad a 1 B UaH capl jM-IUkntr J??? Umk 1'itM Laa* Jtramiak Laa i .1 , -ub UnpMhl J Lnnu Mr lAlhfp k Iku U? 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Mil?u>h Q?i) V M>'l>?ni<ii(h Chaa MoShuna Candy Mai alyra Hater DoDuitli David MaPaya Henry MrKeniiat lien MoDowican Alex McAlfatar Jamad McKee Carlula McDonald John J MeATuyMirtla MeKar Alax M IVrmott Thna MoAlonay Jlurk MaKaun Julia M krlain Andrew MaBrida William Mclaughlin Uermard Be En lee Jainaa MeCnurt Arthur Mcl.arau Win M< fci.nwf Joaaph L MoCollow John McL?ra> Juha pfNi Hcrnird Ki-l'ftrthr iMiMl ciiuira u ii Motiury Id* Mr('lu?ky It|ut MoMaaomy John Mi-Cieary John McCain Patrick MaMorria Mathear Mclinim Hugh McCurmirk Patriak McMaran Dr MoUarie Orneliue MeCr?a, Ball and MeMaaii* Jinn McGuire Rcrard rhlmaa M.'Nulty D Hi lluxb Tim. MeDuuald D & Co McNalr Kuirh Melntyra Alfred MrDonmiih Mtehaal McRan Franri* r- 2 Mr Donald Jnhn K McVoy Alu D MchvnileWm MoDavit Oilbarl MoValley Jimi N?apM< fi Tho??fi N'aah William N>l; It OlMlfoid M?**tU> Aarpaat Newall Edward Neafe J Nerlna William Newland Bent F Nawmiaater MNawll W II II Newham Mlchl MW"?L U ttry ?Je?m?n Kent/ ? Kti^n Nl'talar Ramom Nlvholla Dr Niehole k John?aa Nlcoll Davit Nimmni Mr Norria Doujlaaa W Niluiran Darid Ntk' lana Jahm Noble Jamaa 1 Nuaa.y De H it! N.rthey I.uth*t M Nounaa D N-J 1 Northup Chaa Nolan William NutiT t Nuyea Calna ^ ^ O'Connor Mioliaal O'Naile Joaaph O'NaiU Jobs O'Mere Thomaa Olivar Duo (or An- 0'Re?an l>aai*i < O'lirion Jrrmooy draw O'Kally Joha 0 Nail J-.lin Oldfleld Thomaa J O'Meara Thomaa O'Connall Jop.on O Kally Thad* O'Brien John O'Damull Jams* O'Connor. John O'Brien Jama* O'Noill Philip O'Mallay Auatia O'W*!! J?hn , . , O'Rllry SI ma on OBriaa Cornaliui O Flahort* Miahaal ' O'K John Oat man Darid Oeborni Philip O'Conor Jama* O'Kilay Rer Mr Oab?n?e Amai O'Reily John Owana William Oakary Thaad a?I Orvurcke l'alriak Oaaood J C Olt Miahael O'Honrke Martin Oaborna Fradariak Oaborna W Oaborne Dauial 1 John _ O'ReUly Phllipp P , I-arklnaThoaTB-S Paral Jamaa Plakli Chaa , I'*rker (iaoraa Parmelae Thaa Parkaraon B I I'*rniint*r Hi ram A Parauna Henry L Parker ('apt Joaypfc | 1 arkbant 3tei>h'nR Pare Samoal Paraamar Chaa S , raolaocCapt P M?IParmalaa C'apt Pariah Hanaoa U I ayaat Jamaa Paaon T 9 Paokard Raaaon j 1 a-rick, Parrot A Payne It Bang* PraU * Co f Co Patton J W Pattaraoa Col W1 a Padriek Joh? C Pataraon John Pratt F B l Plainer Haiti Loul* Parkar Kobart PaaaUyWm Paabndy A phaua Paake H reangl ? ParerDonBaldoma- Pe*ram Orlanda A Paak Uoratia II ro Pear* John Paaa* Raadelph H * arry Jamaa P Pearson Wm B Philia Rialiara ndiaton Capt I KPeeken P Pandola Barnard* erry llaary Peddlngham T 1Q Peraira Manoat etere Fradtriek Peter. Otia T P?tti(tr*T* Rolrt anryjo* Parry A 8amp*on Peppor GeoI*a p ( HIDIWPAIM x ?ri/ 0 U rifWHXUBIMW IX Pitkin Jeroma Firry ID Perkins N J n Pinskacy J M Pepper Jams! PiltWn tl Pir.'rU Jean lUp- Penny Mr Plnmmer Oapt HI M I. Me Perktas Ttaatehar Piaksrtoa A k Porter Jemoe L Philliips ('has U Pio? John ? Ferter William Phiilrtie Jimm Pike Jo?eph a Potior J A Pier* Edwin T Piereon Wm Powell Wm II?S Philllpe Wm Poet C B Pollock James Prink Joespk Poet Jamos R Pope J K P?rt?amai Carlo* Power fc Weigh tmaa I'oret Mon? Pombat Uregone Popa John T Pott?r I M Joaqniiu Power Qao P Poll kt i tea X C Powere Joha H Por'.ar Reabea 1 w Put u< - on Potsdauer k Ro**?-Poll man Erni? j, Pollom Petar banm Pott -ants G 0, l'utua U Power Praia* Fardel Alexaadar ,, Q, Qninlarea Mlehl Quia Bernard Quiaa Jeah *? Quaoksnlos* N _ u R ? Raphal Stale Ra# Alex Racnat Condy ' Raafrly J It C* Kameay Jas Raatdull John Runt y Jai Raybould D Randolph Jeremiah Rahele* Dennis Rataxen Thoa T , ' Kaad*fl Jeaes W Keaouf Edward Rayeeaa Da Jaan *' RemrieJobm Retniek Felix W Raid E F' Charles Reid Chae M Rsed Mathew P-I ' Rehltl Mlehl Rayaold* Patk Rally Jamaa *L Re.lferae Mr Reilly Pa k Realr Thoa ?' Kearden Daal ReyaoldsJohn Ruddy Jams* * Hvbinsoii Html L Rootaeoa Adolph Roheon William * Robiioa ijocrge Roberta Robert Roash Itaeld ' Kofire A Ueary Roeh* Mivhael Jr Roael. William Roberts Solomoa T Rokiaeaa Ceor** Korcliaisau A P Rowland Henry R?ee Moaa " Rcrn,be'< Chae Roueche Piare Rotl eabslm Sin Knee William Et franeols Roth Cnnrat " R> ni d- Jaan B Rowland (Iu|th Rose Alexander Ron >'l<w Rose Joha Roeel'karle* RosnJamea Reyaulde E H Rose William " RoesAnteaiaO Rosoafleld WoU Koarke James Roe?ko'<p I'Uilip Rnpeell Joha Ryndere Reaboa Retherford Alex If Eyan Jane* Ryan Mathew 11 Rsilly Chetles Resgan Joha Eyaa Miehal?t v Rs> d Cs* W Rebel Jnka Reyanids Tiauthy RtleyJohnA Eiee John Ritchie J<>hn Riekaby ('apt T Redding Wm Reith Joha Rithee William Riley Julia Riddle Jamss M hlchm< nil Volney Rise Olittr B] Richmond S M Reidy Oeirse Ri)t? J Riohardeoa A4'W Kichsrctin E J Rieordsa Deals! Riley Joha M p? Riley Edward ElbletOaoW?> Rieley D P lh Rol bini R R?g*r Timothy Robertson Wm H?I d. Rubleder Pelipa-I R>?er* I?r A Ru** DrlW fr Rol y ?idaey II Robiason Robl A Roilas-a Capk el Rollins Jeuioe 8 Rob*rtS"n U M Roth David et Rutherford Jem** Ruffe William R..d*ere Oeo T ? Rchineon Wm L Ramnmc Jnha Ryer Uaast* II Kuaasllsy Joha Rested Jorxen B U Rale Ri.hard Rhwabaoker AloM I k t J \ t P )t Panbora Matthtw M Hehfaatoa I baa ? I ord Capt B? aokraderur fpnldin? E W lamia* nder Cbrietlaa fliansban Joha Eahmahy D aiall Predriek R.Jin'lenbera Jaoob Sander. IkOt Hette Ml'kael Rayers Thomas Itoraca* P W en Haaiaoii Osta Smart J P k (' RaawJam** n t<l>aan k Co (wtrti Allea leeUllir j, Sawyer B T Sarti Aatoai* $hark*y Pehx p Santsr l.orent* Sweot H 8 Shaw AC li Stark Bebi*l*ia Sheldon A Salbey laaaa f. She).I n J Sa*or Chs S Ipear N P lUa .rUeorm Soddlll* P P SWin ilMMM k. letoa Mr Sheldon Wm R SMbbiae Joha Stebbiae Jwha B Hebrai.erPJ Steele U W t Steeri Mr Smith Tart Ja**b-3S*aaam Hearr Shelley J W Smith J M 8 Smith Jamoe M > Smith D E Smith 1'att Smith Uaorg* ,, Bmith (ialas Siaitbwiok R*kt Saulh Daaiel r, Smith Wm Pints Wm Smith W J M Smith lhi'DM (tokell Joha ?l Smith Ja* Thos Stoker Xaelar Bpotnrd I'ell* Sirrme Jnmo* Snow Augastia B*hreod*r Wm n SiK.?orJ Iboma* Short S Soh?l?eld O w 8t< eknell N H 8^)t? Marshall Soatbmayd S 0 Sect t Waltar S*rf*oa Maal P Short Mr ^ lortd Jamss Stiskasr N H-l S*bea*k* Wm ? Bommsrs Tko* Swift Rishd St*ph*ae D R Seseh J T Blia**rlaa J T Sshlaaol SapTraa r Steth II Will T ' rieklaad Elisha Sliac Robt *Siturroa Irwia Slddnas W t Silrsy RvM spelmea Joha Rohmidt Cha* ftresam Wm impaea lis* W Maaleioa tieo-l Slier Uo* Mint Robt Skieere A M Seh-llia* / u Stillwell R M Smith J Smith leaaal ,,, bieranlli Moaa SelbrJeka Smith II SbeMery i'atk Steel rThoe Sehealdt II*iarl*k Smitli John D Sosath leaaoh-S S*hwettear M?ri** r, Selieck I apt S B Bheldoa Ne'baa Balti Mr T< Shnetder Jnlias Bheri*?n Mlehl Sheepr Edtaoa4 Soiboft Jacob Sherwood Natbaa SksrHtt JH U Me It M r, N orfolk St Sebermerbera CJ h Stewart Chaa D Stewart Joba W It J Skermaa Clark steriia* Abraham T St?T*ae<* Th** Btawert Alex * St*phensoa Jos-1 SpotteirJC Ssheaoh Jnha Sohemtrhora Ca_- Shepherd J W Stereae Jvha 0 ? ' asltus Sheridan Jnha Steneen Wm ? ? movrlleary Sehl<>ee h MoIMm- Stepheas Thos W r' ?ie ,?iMfc roekwood^ a el ^ ^ t SpreoMIJI Paott Edward f-uaaaaf Kantt J?a 1 Raott Jitroat W Piu* t? t fi.uirn Joha ?c Bat-tlida (uun Jtmti Ro?(hl*jr l<aarrt**" at Hiiro (jnataT Raatwara Robt Snivtri Rm n Snitun L'baa Rahaak Fradariik N 8<aari Bob? lc RturgaraJJ tla>rUa<n? Hatharlaad A B It Rnrdar n??rr L Kaellrt harlaa Harit Wa H I) ftabnltr l>a?id Rabifia H A A?>lltaaJaha 8??im> W n P wan Joaapk Biaad Haarj f Btaafnill I'ktl Ftl'i S K T m Tarli.r J?$ Tapping Ium TijIt J R 9* T>)lt|(iK Tarpv waihaw Tw)wi I D k C* *' TatiUj Andw Tabar Q Taplia* Thoa TiumiI Joa Ta>l..rTho# T**r Jm TajUrU Tratatarai Ml Thaal tut If Traanar J?ba Tlttaij falk Tarra IM J II TrlKolfaa Jnha Titman Ja? B _ Ttbhata W Tlllaa Tboa W Tlltoa Ralth !* f T'ldan A II Ttlman Laata Tawnaoad II D 1 Tliinaai ll?r*ard Townaaad W W Tor la t ciiaa *' Tnf>?rJ?aaa Tifial m Th?apa<>a B"ht T inlinfcn Nalha- Thomta U J B Ca Tbnradika J Slawt J" aial L Tool M ahaal Tuakllaaaa .*aUl ? T"ioirpaon Joha T"dd Joa-pb Tnnf W? T>mar<aoa Alai'r Th oaipaaa Joba Toaakar Joha Thnapaoa tliaa Th?mp?oa Ja< Taapkiaa A bran Ttioaiaa Mr Thoap*aa Raff II Tboapaoa Jaba V Th"np?< " AlUrt A Tuthill J Tboapaoa Tbaa W ' Inula tbaa B Tnrl?> Cap) A Tartar l apt B Trutnln T W Tharbar Abaar Tarlay B Tnrarr Uao Capt Taraiataa Jaa-f Trrta U R Tnlltrk I aptJoha Tnraball Oa^rf* TaabarW-IUaa To?kji let Tracy (iaa W Taraball Joaa II 1 Ta'tam I'kM _ J D * Cafcar Capt B B CM L<awia Ha^awHtar fi*?- J* luaka ? T ^ i? I'alna J?M Rowan Tlolatla Plrtoai Talaatlaa llr Toorandonk U A Val.allWmB-1 Vialatta Ridoaa 1 Vanra B' m J Vina*ai Ranlaa Vaahall Wa " VanlaJama Vtakrldaa J B Vaw?h*a ! ?<! Vara'* Rtophaa T Villains TB Valaatiaa J.iha Via if frad^ . Van Tab Ilabraa("hbrWyV?? Ia?aa Jaa U Taa Ara<laU J am ^ Vandarwald It VaabowUa_ Ktohari Vaa Hrnihayaca Van Valkaakart I" .. II - k? (haa Daa'l B Taa That BW.ako# , Van Nara Jaa Vatcatt R 0 Va? Rtaaavahl Taa II' ra RmiI Va? Baalbayaaa JM AAalph Di W I Bhalaa Martia Watlar* fa Walkar Ikaalal MalkarM Wallaaaal* ('apt W Wallaar J M I* B al'ar Halartak *a^r J??i WadallaarrB B ailaca Abaalan Ba.karThaa WataaraJR Wid- iiat ( I B at?rwiaa IT B?I Bfaibar WartarJf Warraa < baa W Ward Mr Joha T * Ward J O Walt Joba R Ward Oaarna Wataoa John II B atarbanaa laa WaaiaklaB Blrakof " W a?b J' l o I) WarraaRaaJA Ward Joha * Waahbara W m II Warwiah* W arataad rharlaa g W ari?a < > W Ward Ja?aa Watarkarp B a B Ml M ar'l Tl.airaa W arraa BaaJ A Ward lljataaa I* Wttaram I'atrlak Wrlrh llarrjr Walla Balph W?H) tbi'hataa Wallaa Alhart Wbaalar 14 ' B'.-ilaJohk Whaak Waaiaa W Waad Bd ward K VrllJJr ? haalar A ad raw Walah Blward ' U . .rtla I/ln r.*A n ah* I) Vh??UllBR Jakl W '>?. '?f tiar'i ? HwWr Hnrj W??m?n H-nrjr v kawart * .<?? J. ha W>n?lt Jmm ' ITMf U Wri(htiam?< n W|ti?>r??? l^oliN . W ri?ht < n? W i*k? John Wl?kk?a Jn*n II ~ l?- r. J M *44 Wlhaf CJarTatk Wlkina Wmitm " WicthnftWIt Will *rt H ?? J<>hnD Wilava II II ( Ml)) W 1.1. V I" M Wil4?y Jnaaah Wright 0 * Wl|? i U A * il??? II '1 WH??n t?*aiol la * ( ! :> W(?*?ii?n>f film V I K M.i'? Hnrf 1 iHitm iviar Wuil>?? TC a W,limine < * Willi.ataj II-S V>l I J-.ho I Hairy Wkita Wi?4 anllar E4- * WlilU * m Wln(t??? * j'r* t'l Ph W t jtn-t W!IUr4 W Mi* J?al-S WlaaWw Imm WHt? l?ol|>V| Wia In* lux WhltaBC V Mt? lh< aa vt nr*?k> r lln'f Whit* l>"*ltl*** t ' W.nihi'D N?b? Hum Jul a WWI?<j D M Win" Work A ' WiaB k H Mt? h?a>* Th?* *'"r k <?( ? J Wind Pr*4*riak *n n *IMa*i w?. I?ar4 I'tphM WW'iJWM # ?*? k d .H * Wa*4 Mairf ?' W? )<-<r4 j*ta?* W-.^t r?*flak WuctkAlaaC Wallaj (itn P Var?? Pk 4 Wwnitih W ? .> i,Mth hM Warmall'naaa Wih'<tt(,i4i w?? ?j T w??irM?? ? W*a?M*?k) H?ra- Wita* FatHak WraM *a?aa?l w kl'l * rait * ? (?? Wf?aa?4U *1 Wa?4 l>a?i?l M * _ TarkRaaa*lfl ? !?? Wr YaWa* *?k?r? j, t?*?j?NU r?iiDr.TB. | MEDICAL. It A Hill AG IC i WHY 50 OFTEN UNIIAPPV. Till CAU8KH ANI> TliK KKMKDY. MA.NV AND MA.W A WUK i-NDlKICI VtAHS OF hodil> Mifforic* and of lueatal aa(<iM>, p>..?'r?i? uil k>li a. eiii)>itt?ritift her lite, that <>f bar liu*i>a id. and hM rdiii|r the future waif art of bar ehllUrea, arieie* 'run aawaay which, if |bo?Q, would havoanared lli?iiilftrfii)[ ta tli* wife. aL(j i? the huaband ?tiib?ri??eni.-ote %ud paoaalarj diAcultica hartn< their orjgia is Ike miad imm w?igha4 duan lull birruHdiQ euuaiquifio# of tha linkntii a* ill# companion of hit twiuu. no a important that iLe eauaea thou Id be known to avary wife, Unv.rj huaband. that the dreadful and karraviag euiieeijurncra to the health and happineee "f hath aaav a* at bided I Life il too al ort and health too preoioua ?* MBit ??)' portion of the one to La apcnt without tha full a^fayBiaut of the other. The tiinel) poaseaaion of a llttia work entitled a* followa, baa been tha meana nf aavinc Uta * ?"I and iii* Ufa of thouaanda aa over TWO I1UNDKKD TIloUHAND at'Piaa have lean aold autre the Aral ednioa ana laraaA The author haa been induced to advaruao it bv tha e ia eal aud preeaiBK requeet of thou* who have hrra iaiebta* u in put Ileal ion for all the* hold dear (that ell may l<?eue>. j < rtnnitT of obtaining it), aud who have favored hiut wtlfc Ihottaauae of lettere of auooiuiutu, aoina of whieh ara auaeaeA to tha advertiatmeut. THE MARRIED WOMAN'S P R 1 V A T 1 M K n I ? A r fHl U D a M T Alt BY. bit. A. M. MAirKlCKAir, riorum)! or kiikajxii up wumcd. Tuvntvlh Edition. lUmo., pji 2fto. frirt, ma this work 18 intended especially foe m iAKKIED, or thoae contemplating marriage. m it diaoloaa* uil?>r:?ut (vcreti which (tin uld be k uowh tO ihw pat* tirularly. Here, every female?the wife, the mother?(be m eithet t>nddmg into womanhood, or the one la (he decline at yeer^ in whom nature contemplate* an important change?oaa iii>eover the cauaee, ajmpt.'iaa, and the moat efficient reaaeand moet certain mode of cure, ia eeery complaint to which her ae* ia *ubjeot. The revelation* contained ia lt? page* have proved * bleaaing to thouaauda. aa the innumerable letter* rae*ift4 y the author (which La ia permitted by the writer* to pmfcliah) will atte*t. _ . biceit and cniiappy wives. lit tract oj a Letter /rtmi a UentUmum u. f>i ytm, 9. " uavtun, May i, 1847. "D*. a. m. MAraicnAr?My dear Sir; Tba Married Wonan'a Private Medical Companion,' for utiieh i uuolueed en* lollar to your addreea, came aaiely to baud i would not inve troubled you with tbeae few linea, hut thai i atu impelled by a aenae of gratitude, for nitaclf aud wile, to giva itterance to our ainoere and heartfelt eniotii.aa "My wife ha* been |x-rceptibly cinliug for arnne thre? 'ear* or more, in ooiucuuence of her great au?<u*li and eaf rlnf; *ome month* bvlore and during oonhueiueut: ever* ucceaaive one more and more debilitated aud prostratai ier, putting harlife in imminent danger, aad which wu, he laet oocaaion, deapaired of. i aupp< ?ed that thi* a la to f thing* wu inevitable. and reaiguod uiyeell to meet tba rorat. At thia time (now about two month*) i heard your ook highly apoban ol, a* contaaning auat mailer* reaching y eaae. On it* receipt and peruaal, I ueuuot eaixuee to yon he relief it afforded my dutreaaeii mio l, * <! the Joy ita age* imparted to my wile, on le*>niug thai the great dull very orm. m. Deaomeau* provided a reinedy It oponad % roapert to me which i little conceived aaa poeaHM*. No ccuniary conaiderati >n can ever repay the o?Jigntioa* i am nder to yon for having been the mean* of importing to no ia matter* eontainu* in 'The Married wi.tuau'e rrivata Icdtral Companion.' But for thia. tre another >ear wouia eve pa**ed over my head, in all human probability, mj if* would havr beun in her grave, and my obildroa toft iQlhwliHi" Extract from >i Letter. competence and 11 lamb, cajtsPb , Got 14,1mt. Mt Dkah sim?i knnw yon will have the klnduoee to boar ith ma in enoroaching upen your time, while i eekeewdge(in behalf of myeclf aud wife) the obligation* we faal araelve* under to yon, in having made known ertaia luatra contained In yonr molt invaluable Ma ried vv..u>ae'? rivate Medical Companion. It ha* been worth it* weight in ild t* me. If 1 *iprea* myeelf rather warmly, you will eeo tat 1 cannot do *o too weimly, when i Inf'rin vou of tba iteat to which i hav*, through it, beon beiietltted i wltt ate my titnation when i obtained your book through tba ereat curioeity. i look upon it a* one of the tuoaifertaiteevrn'aof my life. 1 had been married euae laa yearn, id waa the father of a? ven children. i war loun atruuhix iceaeincly. to the ead that I tnmht gain a m?Nr>M eaatitennjr.lnt the mulU of my utuioai eaert one at 'ho ead ft me about where 1 ??? it th? hogianiu* i.f each rur, aa4 *t only, with the moot atintrd e<?u<>iny, an timing artth trely the neceeaarire (.f life. Finally. line aonataat efforfc u beginning to havu it> oflict d^u m> health. I felt lee* >pahle to endure ill continnance, while 1 fell the neoeeaUy ernnmei. Tbia eonatant, anceaaing etruggle va my part waa larative, in eouaequeace i l the protraated ooadltioa of my Ifr (with ooeaaional intermleaion ) fur ell yeara, meab ut e time confined to Lit I til, ami of tmr,' mcapahle ( king the oharge aud management of household aMn, er condition atone from eau-oa of whiah I ?* ignoraat. kt what would I have fit ea had I the an yeara to live eve* ;alnf What would my wife have given to Hare b??a ared the lung daya and atill longer night* proetrate wa % d ?f airkneaa I all ef wluab would ha?? hoen aruiued, had then ae?n a oopy of Tlio Uariivd Wouian'e 1'rivaic M?(U?al f-nlf From a rhy*ici?n. DANGEROUS DELIVERIES. OBSTRUCTIONS. IRREGUI.A RITI Sv **. (low many are (uffering from obaHwtwa ?t irr?*?laii?ta? rullar to the lemale eyeum, which undermine their uaaltk. e efleet* of ahich they aro ignorant, aad for wuieh 1M1 ileaey ferbide eeekina nwdical advioa! Il-w many eutfer ai prolapane uteri (falling of thew<mti.) ><r fr ui le?rbaa (aeakaeee, debility. h< . kc. )! How ma ay art <a e?aan> airony for oiaay montha preceding roii'lnoim nt! tlov* any havi dillti alt. if not danrer>na, 4rl|iw)?, md whae* vea are Jeoparded durlag eui h time, ?ill Hart iu it* pace* ic tueaua of prevention, amelioration. aad talief' , Extract from a Letter. TO THOS* JUST MARRIKD.?"BAD I K.VOtfMr " Pmi.AiJU.rHi4, .No*. 1>M7. "Pa. A. M. MarairtAi': Had I known >.f the i important latteri treated ef ia 'The Married WTomaa'a P Irate Vleditl Companion ' eome yeara ago, hew aiat-h m<eery I aa.glak >?e ea>-*|.ed ! 1 hare autfvred yeara from aauiea wlneh ye* aint out ia yoar hook, without knowing what to<to I ?klined a copy, and fouad my eaae treated of I traat every 'male will avail beraelt ef the information eoataiaed ia It* MM." Letter* are daily leeelrH of thii character. rJq Lreaeat. To thoee yet unmarried, kat eoateinpleiiug marni?a. er >rlmj>e heaitating a* to the propriety ot lutiirrmn Hie refw'iiei bilitiee attendant upon it. the lu|' of iieiac Deaeaaed of the reeelatioaa t-onlataed la tltoa* pegaa. an lain alely ia voir inn their future happtaeee. raaa?' ?ppralated. It ia, of enarea, Impracticable to eoaeey wore tally the *aoiie lubjeet* treated of, a? they are of a nature airimly laladed for the marri"d, or thoae eoateu.pU iug marritge; either i* it aece??arr, anire it ia every ?ne'a duty u ke<mi*e aeee'd of knowledge wlereby the an ffennaa tu wSieh a ile, a mother, or a enter, may be eabjeet. ean ha akflated. OriES WILL BH SENT BY MAIL. KK.EE OF POSTAGE, TO THE PUR.CHASEK. Oa tl.a r***lpt ?f Om TMIar. " TIIE NAKKIEK LOAN'S fHIVATE MIMC1I. O'MCASIO.S' m a*at i*IU4 'ra*) * > any part of lb* l*alt?4 9>? aa All ill h |?<<l-ptid tl> r-oiiiMM.) 4 *44ru**4 to l>r A. V MAl'MK Ealf, Ul IJIt. Naa? irk City. J'uLU?< .met, No. IV LtlxrtT atr**t, Naw V'LK 20,000 COPIES FfAVE BEEN SEJfT DY MAIL tUt Hm tax-ntha, with |*rfrpi itfair tan nrttlmji. For aalr *1 Til Rr?*4? ny. ami ai tlx ruHiahintf O I a, ISE Irrl) IUNI, N?? Yurk; Llltt* V n., Albany, # X. Da>, g<iatoa| T rt IVuri in, Chaatnat alrwi, riiil*4alilaat'l IlookiclUn lln?u|0'<ml tli* l'all?4 siataa. )KIV ATK I?l?f.ASK<, MWI.NU, |*p(). tanry, ant imp* llmrnta in ?iarrl*?.. ?-i.rill>f-iai*U mpUlBta, k?., cured by l?r. UK i.a>KV. '?l i.<i|?uri r**t. n'?r Hr?a4?ay. an4?r tbc 4?imai?n <rf arxaaa aa4 iparl<i?. ip?4il; ?4 K???' e*a?a r?au .?*4, by -!al apj.liralloa. In an*-4ay. N? mrrrary a>*4 ' >*aultanaa ?lrlf 11jr pmr.a. fraach raaaala >'*ii?4|n*i rtlla ?a4 r?|w. 91. >ARI.? AND U'MhiN THIM?int Hf I'HIVaTB 41 **>*. V'??rt?! atria. yonurrhraa. |lwi. aypbalia, fta.. ir?4 m a fa ? I. a lira by a *a<rial>lr |i?ila|iflii'i aiibuak ua. (?M ?i fonmaa j?ar?. that ill* met i filiUM n? a[>. parniaatlli rum. II n ntr*4? ( . 'twt<aa ?IIL mfy laj that ? athrra can ?'!**? I' Kma*iaaa? ibllliy, anr aajr ' ?. fan mm a e?rt ?> lay nu4?.? mala lri*??ilarit? I'll |! I'r*i< adar. li*?-?4 |> .4 ay urimfff Mill > . I IK I. a Rt?l l \ f I ' - I- - ' at. kTKW MEDICAI BOOKS a UHI4.1 a . ?A?. I iUAla work *n til' na an iih traa-maui .1 prutu ?ia?aiw, rlilufM, aa4 all kib'?*4 iffMlluv ?f th? uriaary untaea? lvitraii-4 by a treat uaaiUr <if baaatlfiilty * '..?v4 pltut, 1 larva a* iii*. >y h .anar Bcatwlak. M l*, tare* iaaraat liu<?. M Hilira. I'Ha* (HI. Iii'aal imb ika Kuaiat 4ia*l a?4 Surgical J#?raal ?" It iaay b* <ai?. I*arl If. b* *<|aal to Hicor4'a or A lal'i arurk ua lh* aaoa? t anally 4ia*aa*a n4lu aap*rW K> anything ?f 'be kla4 a?** ikllaha4 la th'a fonatrT." Aalhnr a( ah* ? rl *n *?<ain%l ailaaioaa, laaf*t*a?y, ?., >aaa*4 by ?myr. rwr Xaatta? arth Mit.oa. 14 |>l*'a*. |>rir? 11. for aal* by ?ba ?'ab K A I'I* N.-LM' in U- a^?a? aa4 by a ??a*f. M Bnadaiy. HUE MARETED fO?AM PRIVATE NEDICAJ. L tr ill a- M) Dr. a. M ??'Ti -an ?*ri '. ...r ?1 i-n?a?a? Jroanaa?Traib *4lu*a. ! ?. pp. Wtt? Pr?**gl faail *1 rdnfU ?'Hll M|lilbM>U| H a*** ' mat* ?rf? m4 mmiir; tiRnliM M lit kxkui IglH it* kna >.|-ara4 ky i p ***>?* of On* ??rl (l| INlk ?*p*?l ally for ?h* * ?rn?4, *r *k??* 'r.'orapUkllst irru<* nit 4lauv?*? iMirtaa M*raM. ?hn? rii-iHW k*wa to th*r* fkrttrnlorfy t o %)>? who* >*?!?"i <*vm not penal t *f aa i??m 11 ?(fe. ll?, It l( tf MfMitl ilnpor'M-* w?r* nl?*, *r?ry "?lMt t>? wil*m* naiiu-IM dm h*r ki *4iaft la to w- na* -<< 4. or th* la lb* iImUhiI ar*. la ?H??n imn ' >? ?ila*.ti aa Impir'aai 'llUft, th?(i?(?i. ?y. rf>o>?, *a4 ?li? ?T,H?t 4 la* *n<> t>??? e*rt*!a n "in l? *? *? **?tiata? k*r r*? NMMt irMt of uttvar rn? tSn<im? k utjoa, dM ? ? nirt?nii? i. isr r Mu I My wif? bti N*t i*aiaa * > M thro* y*?r* or a or*. In *oB*a<ja*ae* < ( b*r ?r*fti mr i*(. nr*rtn? fa*atb* b*f*r* ? * lunn h*i * ?*??i< at. ory mnimi.w mor- a*4 ??r* (1I<1<WI<4 Ml Mtr?t*4 h*r. patting k?r l?f* la taiaia-ai ?aa?*r, u< ilik *ti*t ill* |Mt o?*?*.?m. 4*apair*4 A I iuh--**4 tibia lUta of thiaw >u i wtittfit, ai* r>*|>M my?M" awt th* ? r(t. A' till* tri* (*< ao*ai ? >??a*|,l ar4 y**r Honk ktfhly ?J? kof, a* > ..< ?M aMr? r>acinar mj oa?*. Oa l?? r***ipt ?a* I yr?M t* y*a ill* r*ll*f It * *-<)*4 ar 4tatr****ii *ial, iM t* l*? lia r>***? mt Krt*4 t*. m* *il?. -n Utrmaj *ha* tka ? ' Jitt*??rjr ( it N. iMt'idum a r"<rt(. It wa*4 a pr?a|*ftt ta at, ahieh It "fa ...*.?iv*4 a. Bat fir ibU. rr? aaatSat yaar Id h?r? f ?i >? ? f h?a4, la *i' haa<aa parkaMflty, ; (( Haaa ?m| i bar ptn, aa4 up tiilMm Wt aoiaarlata It I*. af want, InfrMttMkU ta ? ? ; a .? laUl iti Iru a? lr?? ?4 of, ? th?j art of a r>? r> it*a4al fat tha a?arrl?4, ?r lhaa* marnaaa. For Ml* a? *11 Brna4wtt, a?4 a? 'k* P?Slt?fcm? ?*?a, it i' - - *. v'? ? ' ? I if I * < A I ?.- j * . k ft*. a. Bn?t?a ; T B. Pttinot, MCk*MI?Mtntk. rmWIalthUk On ?ka r?"?ip? of f1, I ttfw will ka tr*n?iai?'?? ' i nut, a* nf paataca. M IIt Mr< ol 'h? Caiia4 H*ava? oil.imi III k? I4WM, ao?l-*a'B, TVr A V Maa?t??a>i. ? Hi* TwIMIt. Mm WliWt?.m?. 3>? TOR FONT BR*' < Ik* <>?lf rtm*4y far r??>*al ?. ami i >i?*a ?>* real mlntma ? ami run ?n?, iimi-?I>iIIu iM ui>rii.mi kviiD**?. ?r awlrl??if. all ??wa *t?T4iar4?rt of ho4y ?nl mild ft r* I hi ?acrai **4 \mr* ft , tMtt of* t*r*4 hy ihi. p??#a? r?i?a<<y. V Oatart' n#'*. U Thil* ataana, Ttnlli M* Irttatk ttr**t?, ?h?r* ht I? *nntaii*4 ?'?rd:al. WW a, dint WiiIii f*f |V li*i?rtnt r*m?'* ?" ">? ">arria4 *4 Mr?l*, ?< < m|>aa> ? k> lilt. N. B. <af?l/ f r?*rH*4 i any tar' *f ikttanairy. - -(ui iictnii jghium *?; .h?tb. tiri. |4>W alflat Mittara fat ?* ?*r? *f ??. a rrhoa, <ti*at, in*i*r*t, aa4almll*r f* n It ??? a !* *? ?**, Hkoal ?l?a l?a?* f?at*i?w?? ' 4I*W trial, ttp>.<aia, tt **?? la ?ri>ll*ati*a ?* katit tt. Tfca rr?vrl*W r ?hall*a*?? ftacla eaaa b.rh aljtara aill a?? *ara, an4*t >W fatMar* of k?a4ra4 4ollar? Nrtl)? IiiIImm nail , a*aira*t*4 If t 4*?* *1 th* >at*??r* <t t-*>a ??*. lit fat tt la W>!tu?, althralMtrartlaat. M $1. Mat > #?! ?> t A tur ar* ".r.4 tai?. 4a/t- t-t talt Vt 0. I. U>?, IM ?taa4?aj; MS Barar4 ttraaw *

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