Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 18, 1850, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 18, 1850 Page 1
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\ TH NO. 5882. SHIPPING. Fo"* liverpool.?lIMltll 8i.lTIs MaIL 4TKANAlp ATLANTIC, Jbmm ;*> >:. ?Tliii s'eam?'l| -will dopart with tlm mails it/ Kurope. p?<itivoly on ,1a lur4ay, July 27, at 12 o'cloel; ii? (r-m ntr * Tth at thn f.ot ol I Canal street. AH letters mint p*is 11 rvnfh the p?it Oft. e. Co berth secured r.ntil paid fur. Hor lr?ij(kt. or pa?a.-?t ?Tin< nncuualled aecmniMla :>r.*rr >'< -.anfe or ootafort ppl/Ye EUWD. E. C01.I.IN M Wall ?tre-t. JTNrTED STATES MAIL STEAMERH HKTWKBV NEW *J York and Liverpool.?The loips cimpo?u.j this line art the ATLANTIC, Captain West. AK'"Tli\ Cap;a<n Luea. PACIFIC, Captain N ve. BaLi iC- Captain Cotnitoek. ADhlAfIC, Captain Urafton. The** ship* having been built Yy oi.niraet expressly lot government service, every care h?j t*'.n taken in their cnnatraetion, as also in their ?njinn?. ? ennure ttrouvb and speed, and their aooonnu<?"l?uoin for p:i isngars are unequalled for eluancu or roin, ?rt r.vsol dumjhfrom New York to Liverpool, tIBO; exclusive n? -r extra siie ?'st? roomj, $329. No berths sacuroj until ua' d for. An expertarced mrreon will be attache! ti tach thip. Forireijhtet passage, apply to EDW'D. K.. COLLINS. IW Wall street, or to BKOITS, SIT I PLEY U CO.. LI/erp,ol. The Pacific will leave Livenxol July SI, IHM. ThsAtlanlu will leare Nrw 1 ?rk Ju'y27, 1M0. " " " Lirtrpjol august 21, " " Paoitt* 44 " New Vcrk Aatasl 'd, " " " " " Limpwl September I', " 44 Atlaitia " M New Vtrk S?j>to:nb?r 7. 44 " " " " Liverpool Sopismber 23, ** " P?ei8c " " New York S?ptemh,,r 2-t, * " " 44 44 Liverpool O.'tober 1*. " " Atlantic 44 44 New York October 12, " ** " " 44 Liverpool October 30, 44 The owners of thee* ship* will aot Se accountable for gold, ailrer, kwllion, speoie, Jewelry, prsrians s-onss or 'netala, vnlesa bill* of lading are signed therefor, and the vain* thereof, therein expressed. OCEAN faTEAM NAVIGATION COMPANY.?FOE UKKmen, v U Southampton?The t'. atates Mail 3teainrfu>f WASHINGTON, 0. W.Yloyil, Commander, will sail for Bremen. via Soutl.tuiDton. in Na'.urdav. July Jich, from Pier No. 8 N. R.. at 3 V. M. Prioc of passage. >? the firat oabin, SIM; 4*. ia the eecond cabin, ?'*?. An e*p?rien?ed Sorjeoa it attached to the ahip. All lotteri rami ?.j through th? Poat Office. tor passage or freight apply to MOL1.ER k. 3a N W. Ajente. M Broadway^ TDK BKITI8II AND NOR1U AMERICAN R. k SManuhipi, between New York and Liverpool, and bet*MD Boaton and Liverpool. filing a. Halifax to laad and receive nail* an 4 paaaongora.? ilibernia, I aug, from U??ion. Wednesday, inly 11. For freight or paa?ag?. Mfly ? If. CIjNa RO. Jvt.. 3* Tiruadway ^TIAM BE1HE1CN MtW YOKK AND GLASOUW.O The powerful new acrew t'earuihip CITY OF GLASGOW, 1,087 tool regiater?1 609 tnna over all?sail horM pawar, B. R. Mathews, formerly of the Great Western. o?mtnaader, will sail from New York to Qlasgow, on Saturday. the 13th of Jnly, at 13 o'clock, noon. Cabin passaga, (ateward'a fee lnslnded.) nin-ty dollar*: aeconi canln pasaage, do. fifty-five dolla:a. No steerage passengers taken. Theee rates include pr?riai? a, but not wtnea >r > Uqnorn, which will be sappHod on b. rd at moderate ratea. Carriee a surgeon. The atate rooms for tirat and second eabia Mseecrera. are unuaually lar?e, ci.tnmodious, and well TeatlStad. rcr freight or pledge, ?pply to J, McSV MON, 1 Bearer streek. FOB CALIFORNIA VIA I'll \ < IKI S -l> N SiTUitDAV, Jnlt Sf, at X o'clock H. M., the United Mail State* steamship OHIO, from her pier foet of Warren atreet, N. R., with the oraromeat mailt for the West Indies a->d California. The koeka fee thia voyagu of the Ohio are now open, and pasthge ?M be secured on application at the office ofttbe United States Mail Steamship Company, 177 We?t atreet, corner Warren street, te Charleston, Savannah, Havana, New Orleans, and . .... A , V........ I, li-l.f. f .. EV..n/.l.*a MATEM OF 9 ASSAOK. StAii- t?tr\. Stand##. Steerage. Ch?rt?.ton $i". $.U $10 SATADBAb V> 21) 10 Hataba 70 M U New OticAkl 7> 60 25 ChAgroe 1?0 80 SO Katoa of puitft from PaoamA to San Franoiaco?State (Mm. $300 ; ilii'iA(( $150. California pAaeongeri by the Ohio will go on from Hataba to ChAgroa by the Falcon, without <iuUy. No berth aocurud until paid for. For freight nromni, Apply to M.O. KOnCRTi, 177 fft?t tre"t, cxmtr WarrOB. TEAMS nil' ~OSl'BBT, FOR CHAKI.K jToN, S. O.?TO J (All fr' m Philadelphia on Suurday. Jul; 20, At lOo'clock, A. M?The ardeudid ateamahip OrfPKBr. J. Dickinam, Mmniairr, will tall from tbo wtiArf foot of UmHril utreet, PhilAdelpliia, oa SA.ardAf, July 2"' h, At 10 o'cliok A M. For freight or lap^Ago, Apply At KINSLEY k CO.'S 11prwaa, No. 1 Wall atreet, where A plan of the ahip cab ha Ml, And berthi leanred. Freight fur Ibia Tua-ri ihoul l Hato New York ob ThuredAy. Price. $i0 per ruMe foot. For further iaforaiAti?B, refer to B. L1TTLKF1ELO, Biaaley k Ca.'i Kapreaa. f^OB NBW OBL.RAN3, uihbct.?TUB FINB STBAMJP ak>pG?l.VKSTUM. Place, muter, will leAve for New OiIoaba, tin SeturdAy.Angiiat A, fr ui pier No. 2,North rirer, ?t wSleck P M. Wei fr*i?V.t ?t rmm Apply to 3. llOWAKIi m. SON, M BroaJwAJ. FOR KINGSTON JAMAICA. WilBUT.?Tt?B SPLBN?ld khip CRBSCBNT CITY. Charlea StoddArd. ioubai. <Mr. will leATa for CbAg'ea, touching At Port B?yAl to lAad tMiseiMri iod the Bftilfi ob Th<ir?diy, August 1st, it I Tiloolt P U. I'm her dock Pier t. N. R. F-r pAUAge Ap cloo*. r. m. j ?OWARn SOW..St BroadwAT. MHOUGH LINI FOB BAN rKANCWCO-UALllOlU MIA bv ate Am AAd aAllin* packeta, eia ChMroa All .p.n.^. Tf?a time through by fitfa lire ia About Afty day*| -fir! oa if fun " to 8m FrAnolaoo. rAMn $200; aeeond ditto, I'm! f or OhAcroa Jul, 27?h. The bulk of Ub ... Via bat allowod to eA?h paaaenger for bacgAgo. No expao ,m *-4'??fciAA?T embArtu^ t-e paaienMTt ?* li"*- 'VI paaaaca or other i a* *>l^ Atton, Apaly to or ouier ?. HKRwi.B AND WRIOHT. 138 OodAr itrsat eornar of Wtahingtoa at.. 3d $00? F~~ OR BAN FKAlSCIBCO VIA CHAOBBa, ON THIT RSdiv. Auguat let ?The aplendtd ataAoahlp CRBHCBNT CITY.Charlea Stoddard. Commandur. will leare for ?T.ACWa oa Thuraday. Anguat lat. At 3 o'clock, P. M., from Pier No. a N K, For freight or itaeeAce arpl v to J. HOWARD k HON, S? BroAdwar. " ?t|1 auereed tha I'RBSCFfT CItT ~th?'?otinr?... ... "??? ' a?om, t<rr ?%a<j * ca T<ua>. . whieh tmmI throtfth tlekeU will v* 'iniii"fiU'rORM* 'rtlROLciri Til KKT-U-Vwo sl*RK*u? llrket* per ittintn Ohio. Julj dnJ Celam*** fttlBt A ben' Antutt 2 th. FuruUI'* kf ALBIKT Wll.I.ES. ww HroaJwy. ?*r Wall. Theatrical nml Hnilril* ITALIA* OrrBA AT Ca'TLC QAIDM.-Lwt night, nwie ritriUd by Loder'a baud and by the opera orrhmtti gave great satisfaction to the lover* of Instrum ental harmony A tolo on the flat*, by Mr. Ebon, upon theme* from " Norma," wan admirably executed and we* much applauded. On Friday night th?re will b? a grand opera performance; and In order to bring at ' Kllslr il'Amore" with great perfection, th-re will fee no atartainmeat thin evening. The rdir of Sergeant Releora will Introduce a new member of the company, reoeotly engagi-d He I* well known among musical critics aa an eminent barlton* and his name will be -familiar to many It la Lulgi Vita There will ba great to hear him. a* *?ll aa tha other vooalists W? learn that the opera will be produced In tha very beet ty*. Bowcav T?r*r?r ?The "Drunkard." a drama of deep lotere t aad which baa drawn eery good houses, will acaln be preaented this evening Tbe cast ia good, aad the stage management, under the supervision of Mr Mtvna, baa given general aattafaetion. Tha drama Of tha'Hoetler and tbe handl: " will ant succeed, and will ba followed by the farce of the ' Hpltflre." After ' the aeooad piece the entire cvmpany will appear la aa allegory, arranged aa a tribute of 'leen regard to ' tha 'memory of the lamented General Taylor. Niblo's Oa?i>?v.? Tha great euecea* of tha new eztravaganaa entitle*! the Inland of Jewel*." haa Id 4ue?4 tha manager to continue It* performaaaa. until all tha plaj golnc public ahall have wen it Everybody praiee> It; the areaary I* beautiful, and tha actlnf la eieell- nt There I* great comfort esperieneed attbia beautiful theatre by the vlsrtera ? It I* ?n eool and wall ventilated The mueiral promeaade also af mraa groat pieaaure an the auJI> or* ara inimd br tbo dulcet itraJaa of* floe band. and arc ?uppli?d with wry nflwtuBl they ?ay <Mlri<. Tho amu'omenta wttl alaaa with tho whlmaical plcca eallod "Ttehllab N*ti<m*i. Tmutii-Tho haaotiful drtai eallod *BmIm Hfldowi." will romBFor* tho enlortalnmonta thl? Th? o?it In atMiiwioa will bo ih? IkrM 0t 'Mot to bo Doao." and th. wholo will oonclada with tho afterpiece of tha Artful Dodger' MIn M?1?1u will daneo' La Jtoapolltala " Tbla in fine bill, and 111, bo d mi lit attract largo and taahloaabla aadlaaoo The taanag< r, baa a aow loaal drama In robaaraal. which la eallod The Nov Torh Flraaioa," wbleb will ahortly bo pt*4w?4 Onairrt' Orra* Hor??. Tbo barleaasa ?p?r? I drawing larj* hooaoa The alnglng aad I antra laonla iii>(waa?? are itetllni. Irarybody la plaaaad wba TlaiU Chriaty'a rooaa Oiianr. -The alnglng repraaentatlon af tbo "Black tbltin." and tbo amuaing akotch or tbo Dl'ck drill. form tba featuroa for tbla ovealag. iaa(Wi> Nihi'M.-1Tho charaotar of Kdward Mid dletoa aa performed by Mr. Clark*, la highly eatoglaod, and that of Mary Wlliot by Aloxlaa ruber I* a Itla bod repreaontatlon of tbo tooll-gi of a heart broken wtfo TkoMixrun |? dolog wall. oeai. awn I"?TauatnT?L Oi?n?T -Mf. W. A King, a artlat of groat maalral ability will gtwo ft graad oabtbitlna at Krbon'a factory, on Monday ixiini aoml at a now aad aplendld ftrat claea organ Mr*. K Lo M,H<Mwra PhUlp Mayer. and T B. WlllUm*. Vnthl Kftwt and Ohrlaln. will ipp>?r in Mti Hnmti?Tha piaoi una of lb* ?T*rk*4 mat* la California It highly *ulogl?ad, in4 U Ittrtfting iniWri to a*a It A Hrw ivnriL loniriiUT Cnrl RImIw, tkt lnt*bIm at tha uilqu aailftl Inrtruittl. which hu nU? an gr<-at a aanaatlon In tha ainalaal alrrlca. tbn?(ho?( Knrop*. hu arrlrod In thU ?Kf. Tbla ? trMraur; larawttoa fwni oahlnntloa of n-arly *11 tha kM>n Inatrawort* now In aaa f>r tha "rawing Tionl, hnth atrlagad a?4 win4. and haa b*?? proMWM< by tb^ablaat in Oartnany aa tha aovt xftmt thing ?m InrnM Tha diUttmmti of 1i* York will Kara an opportunity of Indglag for thaa airaa. aa tha l*mt?r jl?n aa aihlbltioa of Ita ?arM pom, hiaaalf. at fllblo'a, aa Thnraday.aranlog wait Howaaa Baaraa.- Tho aaaaaa af thl* t??tlM and popular thaatra will aotaiaaae* aa tha ]Mh ?f Anguat tor aoma waaka paat. tho managara. Mann Baiar tad BagMah hart baan ragagad la ! proriaf tha boaaa ana fkraiahlng tha (tag* with now MM?ry Tha laat daaartmant will ba Iliad by Mr. Jtlahard iialth, of Philadelphia. a ymiag aad amMOawa artlat who haa earned. an I vary jn?tly a high Iaaalaltaa It i? eipeoted that tha thaatra will opaa with a aaw prlaa eoma^y. front tho pa* of John Baq . ?ho with Mary Taylor, aad Mr. and Bn Olhwi, and othar aetora of grant reputation will IMMrt tha priasipal eharaatera Thli will ba MIml hy aaotbar plena* hy a wall-feaowa aatfcor. llWWl atara haraV?? "< tha MWO, U Ml rf tea al promlaa to tha ?nt?rprialag and naaah r Hllfn I Haaara Bakar I Bagtla*. wha T^hli thk aity tef Urn toya, Utakh IWr II E NE M TELEGRAPHIC INTELLIGENCE. IMPORTANT FROM WASHINGTON, S&ZZ.LZAZVT SPEECH or MR. WEBSTER ON THE C0JPR0H1SB BILL. ADMISSION OF THE NEW !HE\ltU DELEGATE. ROIOliS ABOUT THE CABINET. Colonel Monroe's Proclamation. ? WHIG STATE CONVENTION IN VERMONT, i ELECTION XXV KOUZSZ^nA. Indian Oalracrt on the Kio Grande* I CURIOUS RELIGIOUS MOVEMENT. NEW TREATY WITH MEXICO. THE CASE OF PROF. WEBSTER. Popular Movements In Texas, AtC. SCC. iC C. Our Bpccltl Telegraphic Despatches. KUMOKS ABOUT THK CA11INBT. Wasminuto*. July 17, 1S40. To the list of names, that trill bo in the cabinet. 70a muat add tbat of Mr. Graham of North Carolina. It ' in not certain whether Mr. P*arce, of Maryland, will go Into the Nary or into some other Department; hat he Kill be a member surely. The fame holds good Of I Graham and Vinton ; if the latter it net incapacitated for (he offlce of Secretary of the Interior, by h\flng , btt-n a member of the House of Representative* when the bill creating said Department passed. mr. Webster, and not Mr Wlnthrop, or Mr. Hires, will be the Secretary of State ; that Is the only thing find upon. TlUt CAHINET?COL MONROE'S raOCLAMATIOK, (fee. Wa?HIWOTOI*, July 17, 1850. Mr. Webster skilfully adapted himself to both sldea of the line, to-day, in his speech , but It is pretty much the old ttory. The debate on the Omnibus bill is good for all of tho week. The result is mighty ticklish. The new President's policy as well as the formation of the cabinet, are not yet dit-cioscd. Mr. John C. Clark, Third Auditor of the Treasury, is dtngerously sick. Mr. Clayton is better ; and Mr. Kwlng is indisposed to leare his poet as Secretary of the Interior. An official copy of Col. Monroe's Santa Pe proclamation was laid before the Sanate to-day. lie says uot a word about Texas In his depateh. BLOOMY PROSPECT OF T1IK OM*!BtrS BILL. WiiHixiTon, July 17, Tbe Omnibus bill swing* upon a single b'.ag*, and our impression, to-night, is, that, unless tb.? President comes to the reteue the bill falls to the ground. The concessions of the Committee proposed by Mr. Foota to-day, excite the ridicule o* the South, and nothing better Is expected. Mr.t}iaj afraid of the result ; and Southern men confident that the bill wll fall. Two rotes are 'y*nted to save It, and we cannot find them to *** CNCOHFIRMEO "O MtKATlOXS. WAiHinoTon, July IT. 1850. -esident Flllmora has refased to withdraw tbe namiuations now before tke Senate, and declares that they must be acted upon by that body. The announcement, by telegraph, la*t night, re| (petting the members who were to compose the new cabinet, are fabulous. The lion Daniel Webster (till xtaads foremost for berretary of State. V H ISTV'V HIT CONOKBII) riKtrr session. lanata* ?T horse'S ff *shi?<itow. Jnljr 17, sitrr.s 41.lot srr OOLD COI*. Mr. Dicaineon reported against changing the stand. r , m<j oi silver alloy in gold coin IMOSUr. AND GEOKKIA II All ROAD. The i Kr*uting lands for the Mobile and Georgia i railroad W?. MOh uMrir to oa*r*ai. tavt.oa. Mr. W*a?rta ld?'roduo"<i MU, dlreatlag the ar*?. ; tlon, In the Congressl..,""1 UurylngOround, of a moan meat to Zachary Taylor, the United | States, which was eon slderaj ?n<1 IHriaa or .C0?."KS* The bill* to remit to heir* of Dr. Co*,*n' * an* wh,oh was lmpoaed under the sedition law, wm pa wrj MinnuoxA RAiLaoAn (ill. The Minnesota railroad hill wai amended and ord*?'" ed to a third reading. After the transaction of the morning bualnaas, the OMRiat'* bill wa? again taken up. Mr. Wrarrta Mid It had been hii Intention on Tuesday of last weak, to follow Mr. Butler, and say what he had to *ay upon thla bill. But b? fore the Senator had eoneluded bis r?marks, the Senate adjourned, Inconsequence of the illneaa of the President, which termi uated In his death. After a few touching reflection* relative to the death of tha President, and the conaeqoenees flowing therefrom, and an eloquent allusion to tha circumstance* of hla death. In tha conselousneea of dntj performed, and af tha honor, gratitude, and lore of hla country, Mr Webster proceeded to sap what be had designed to say before tha decease of the rresident. The longer tha question* la agitation wara postponed, the greater wsuld be lb* agitation H* waa la favor of an early decisive settlement of th* matter Mr. Palk, In his message of 1141. suggested a maainr*, which waa again recommended In the meeaage of 1M9, of the lata President, and now wa have the proposition of the Cammittee of Thirteen. lie did not view theea as antagonistic measures. Tha committee only went a little farther than the late Praaldent. The otyaat of all was to procure a settlement of the qneatlone relating to California and tha territories Hla own opinion, from tha flrat. baa been that It would be batter to eonatdar these various suhjects la separata bill*. ' Although he wna not rirmiiH upon that point he wna I* fbTor of the idaiiwioB of California it onae. II* alao ?m of opinion that Co*|nn oifht not to aaparate without flrat providing government for the terrltorlee It bad been tuifNUii bjnM that California ?ht bo UnltM, Bad the notion of C'oagreaa ?w>p there Bo did not mean to *ay that au?h notion might be had is the eourae of mnlt, that Oallforala Might be ad Bitted, bat that would not get rid of the anient ot tha terrltoriea The Chat man of the Committee on T#rTttorlee would feel hlmealf bound to proa* tha territorial MUa For hi* own part be mu*t any. that If the Motion to lay upon the table *bould ha earrled, and th* prop?>?ltlon to admit California be preaeed by Iltaalf. ho (honld feel bound to eonaider other aeanrM It now remained for Southern gentleman to aay, Whether thl* meaeur*. providing territorial government*, | without any reetrletlon on th* autyeot of alarery. ahould pan* or not H* ahonld feal It abeolutely uereuai; to provide n territorial government far New Meiloo II* ronld not eon**nt to her admlaaloa a* a StalW? even aa a fr*e State II* wa* oppoeed to tha admlteloB of any State antU ih* poaneeaed tharequlaite mount of papulation, ho., to take bar place a* a proa peroaa fltate. Th* admission ot weak immature State*, waa ralenlated. In hla oplnlca to derange th? ay?tem ard preduoe mneh Injury. The bill wa*oppoeed. unfortunntaly by gentlemen who never before agreed upon aay awhjw t whnteva*. Home of th>'m from th* North oppnaed It. beoanae It gtn*a op the right* of th* North . end Southern men heoauae It gave np th* right* of th* Mouth , and each declared that they weald fight It ta th* 4eath Thl* atata of thing* had nrodueed at rang* Mlowehlpa II* regretted that h* differed from hi'colleague and with the repreaentntlvea of Maa?achu?ett* In the other Hnwee Hut he felt that the iatereet of hla own Stat*. In enmmen with the laiertat of every ether State. r*qwired a eet'lomeat, nnd a p?rmaaent aettlement, of theee qneatlon*, by th* adnpttnn of thta or anm* other elm liar meaawre The |aae*ge of thla meaaure would aettle at anno the dlfllrult? relating to the boundary of Teiaa. and nvert a ennfllet between her and New Mellon. It wwwld alee, taken la oaaatdemtlea with the other meanne ree .amended by the Uanmlltw, artU* all th* other 4 J*etlowa growing oat rf the Institution of alavwr It I wmM ikua relieve 0'iagi aw trwm parni/ata. whlr.t had, ? IIB?I?II Ilia - " ?MMa W YO -fl. ^ ORNING EDITION?TIIU for month* pr?\ Impeded the public b<i?inaaa Whit would tbe North lone by the paaaage of tbia bill T Nothing wore nor lea> tban the application ot the WilUiot proviso to the territories. Tbe proviao wta ot iin vuiue. except, ho far a* it aceninpliahud a valuable purpose, nhfch it could not d> in tbia inMicet. Wiug a* Le h*d heretofore ahowo. en irely tin net eamiy It ?t' tberetore. ?i 1 jn t %nd olT.?a '< va. The probability of the exclusion ot slaret v from th? Wrri'oriea, by uatuial cau-<a. ?a> so atroug at to furnish reasonable ground upon which to act Ho atsuirtd that no man would venture a t'trlbing now. (or a large inheritance to be paiu when ?l?very -h >ul<l be e*iai'lirbed iu N.-w Mexico Waa therethen aay reason for pressing the Wilmot provlao ? lie referred to the kpei eh made by Mr Hrnith. the oth>r day aud regretted that, after establishing, a* he did tun fuot that, slavery could not and would not go to Sew Hnico, lie i hould not earn it out to the conclusion, because he wa? actutg under legislative iaitr notion*. This led him to conaider the right of inatruotime nud the spirit in which tbey should b? folljwe I lie did not com ider that a man. alter hiving aw.>rn to act oonrcientiouHly for the good of tha whole, should feel bimst If bound to violate that oath l> oauae ot the instructions of the few? instructions paaaml, perhaps. in heated blood, and otten lor ooiiateral purpurea, with a view, perbapa. to catching th? rote* of some particular taction to be influenced an1 oontrolltd thereby, lie referred to au Inatanre in the h it nth ( bsmberi A representative pledged hi in tell to his people to vote npon a oertain <|uestiojs, if eleoted as I tier should direct He waa elected, but when he came to take the oath ot ofiloe. it waa objected that he did not come a* a fair man, competent to vote with a tew to the general interest of tbe country; und. alter an impressive speech, by Uuiaot, was expelled the Chamber on that ground alone. One ot the most iiu diate hettlcment of Ihiii question. With population of a million, nettled upon a uterile rocky noil. she w?? intensely interested in commerce. navigation, fij-herics, and manufactures. all of which depended upon the protection and support of the laws of the United Stites, not one of which could be touched without affecting her interests. They, then, in eommon with flve-sixthi of the whole people of the North, were desirous that the subject* which had bo long occupied the attention of Congress, should no longer embarrass the Legi>lature of the country It all these measure* are passed, the South would gain just what Massachusetts loses exaotly? nethiog at all, except a satistactory adjustment aud settlement of agitation, lie was confident that no one in Congress desired a dissolution of th? Union. But all the world outside these walls were not at fast at all the world inside the walls; and he had no doubt there were many outside who desired that end. The t xtreme views of some 1 Southern gentlemen were spread over the North, and charged there upon the entire Seuth. as their general sentiment; and to (he wild emanations of the abolitionists ot the North were sprr&d through the South at the sentiments of the entire North; thus groundless prejudices had grown op. of whioh the people ot both sections mutt rid themselves, If they would come together as brothers. Ue retsrred In this conuectloa, to the add rest of the NauhviUo Convention, intimating that It inferred the necessity of disunion. Mr. HsMNWALL.vf South Carolina, rote to defend the address, and a colloquy ensued, which, however, resulted in nothing more than an expression of opinion from each at to the meaning of portion of it Mr. Wk.hste* disclaimed auy in entioa of kttribattafl iii-union tentiments to any body of people of tb? Booth. lie referred to the Cuba expedition, and ridiculed the Idea of attributing 1U prosecution to eitfcrft ration of the Union. Ue aleoreferred to the war witt Mexico, and the acquisition of her territory. Thii ?a? not the aet of either section. a* suoh; It was thi measure of a party - tin- party which supported Polk lie aluo proceeded to consider. more especially, preju dice* which existed in the North, nor. arising on an; disposition ol ill will, bat in the studious efforts of e*-r tavn persons to misrepresent the facU. The first o these prejudices grew out of the supposition that uude the right of the Mouth to the reclamation of fugitlv 1 slave*, free persons of col >r were weekly or daily car rltd oS from a Slate of freedom into slavery. Thi vm not no. Where was there * single case in whlc this light had been exercised, except under the provi lions of law. After alluding to other prejudices, an charging their diffusion upon the abolitionists, no re turned Lit rental ks upon the general subject. It ws gratifying reflection that, however short the llfo i man, States might be perpetuated. He often lei plen?nre in looking forward and inquiring wh^ ?ot.IJ be the future condition of the State whic aent him her j. He saw nothing for h?r there but th i (lory #aich enriches her. Now, if commotion-, shoui liske this country to Its centre, there would U **a rock as Orm and immovable as the grai.1^ * j u#r >t>-| lk-UPK failla. There would e*?? on. iUri wbl, I ?i u;d burn out] th* brighter amid th* general gloou V ti?t were Cougres* to do hew bring iter Impurtai question* to au U?ue ? Were they to dwell foree upon Mi* tuple only ! The eyee ot all the world we upon us. watting to see whether we can get throu* thi* important crisis in our history ?whether we cj stand thi* conflict of eeetiouai interests, 'l'he questii with us was. whether w* have discretion, orinnw Amerlcanietu enough to settle thi* 4ueation. and *ol ti-the world the question* which they nre now dering in relation to us. For himself, he , American, he had lived an A merles aui| should <1 an American?knd a* an Atu?r ^ h. ,h.,u!d *rt ?o without being Inflmenoed, jwt degree, by f* toual consequence*. Mr Olh "P'.rfned hi* desire that all m?ndu??to ba propvwed to the bill should be diapvs*^ 0r * the bill matured, a* far at possible bef?nt> ^ rc should be takes, and that, in thai itate. It should jti'lgtfd of the Sooftti' firfl, wH the country *fu pud* mbUmrrr might ^ jtf ^iet u# t I deetre agam loaoores* the Senate u,">v" obj*. l'? urged to the bill, before any teat vote it. ''Hid be baa. Mr Halc addressed the senate briefly, .40 reply | Mr Webeter * remark* In 1 elation to the straOge fa lowebip effected by the opposition to the bill. That wo* a good deal of potnt up-n what the Senator ha said, aod some truth; but there was another si te 1 tL' picture which. In lit* e*tlraatinn, was quite as got a^ the ette stated, and that wai th* fellowship anion the ft lends of th* miasure, lie witnessed a uioetln of the Irlends 1 the bill not long elnf?. ati l. In ordi to avoid a violation of the rule* of parliamentary pr< ceedlngs. he woald designate those composing It h State*. Th* first that he saw at this meeting were tw venerable gentlemen, renowned la the country fc their talent* and elation, sitting ' cheek by jo#|, considering it>4 Intmrts v? J1*? ?! ?*; men h* would designate a* heatllrkj aud Mieolgsc (Laughter. In which Clay and Caa* Jolnod ) He mils*' two gentlemen?Mississippi an J Ma-sacliusett* Missli Ij pi waa a fiery youth, and enaractetlsed tbe Wllmu proviso as Intamcus, and raid - It ought to b? burled . and he went for this bill because It did bury It." Mas ilfk"*'1'' n*rt grava aud less Impulsive, replied ' This k' rather hard, Mississippi when we are to to to ther lor 11. " 1,111 Veara ?. under a different*^ tat. of clret tb*Ut>.'* I <Hcd a mut fur a patent for ttai C?im which yOfc lof??fiu*. Mow, rou in raibd, II ?a< m* to nr. llad'ot ? bettor turn thU att ter or? r to tba law ot Qo^'(l.augbter) Th?n than w*r<! two ether old geatletti " tb"ra?two whom b? ba lined d?t?t ?<r? tnowa tif ft tofftkw In to commit togi iher before- theh- nuin were Whig anv I'unocrat (Luughter ) .Now, It wft? la t*tk?r bad t??u lor nuy ol thoaa whoe'>aip'?>-d inkling ac that to talk about the Incongruity el the opposition to tb? bill lit would go Mjoara upon that point, and afrea thai neither tide ahould twit the other of the Acta T in Senator bad atatad kla drnrt for the adaption of tb< Brviua btcaUM It would eettle matter* Ha *wtr< that anything would ba Battled by thia meaaura wfttat depended fnr ita paaaaga upon a cheating of oua party or tba other Mr. Ilinraa aignlded hia daalra ta addreaa the MaU to aaorrow Tba ?ot? being than tak-n upon Rentnn 'a am?nd< ment. It waa reJactad--Yaaa II; naya M Mr Poor a off. n d tba anradnaat ot which ha gara otica yeaterday (Tha resolution waa ordered to b? print* J, without reading ] Mr eiplaiaed tha aaiandaicnta, and a I grilled that ha bad do particular objaatloua to them Ma daalrad to know, however, whethar their adoption would conciliate any partioa ot tha oppoaition t<> tha bill la tha co?ra? of a con reran! Ion whtoh eaaued. Maaara Daweaa and Berrien aach mil that tba further ooaalderatioa of tha autyaat ba poapoaad aatil to Borrow Mr Dana, al Mlaataaippl, aaid ha had ao objeotlon to tba poatponemeat. lie waa rtady to vota a?w, or at aay other time : and ha hopad, U tha M?nda of tha bill aow dealred to hold hack, aa more would ba beard f tha obatrwo;ioa aad delay oeeaatoaad by thoaa who ware la favor of it, aad alao aubmltted additional ramarka against the bill, to whioh Mr Poota replied Mr Bt ti aa. la reply to Mr Ciay'a laqairy whether Mr Foota'l amaadmeata. If adopted. would noaoiliata aay of tha oppoaaata o4 tka bill, aaid they would aot, aa far aa ha waa eonearafd Tha farther consideration af tha auhjaot waa poatpoaed aatil to Morrow. Aad tha ftaaata. after tha aoaaldaratioa of e leant Ira bwlaaaa, adjourned HaaM af Kapraaiatatlrn, I iii* it laaa MLMtTI mo* WOW NB1ICO. TIm Hoaaa want Into OommltU* of tko ITkolo o? tha 8UU of tk? Diloi, ? < rNun'd tko eoaaMkfaMoa of tka raolallaa of tko CnualtU* of tktl It U liuprflfit to idall Hagk If Smltk to Ml ! tola UovM aa a doiogato froa Now Moilea. Mr B?ii r rtnitrk(4 that Mr MnGanghay M M4 tko eoaalttaa that tko qo??tlon ni of Tory lltUo ponooijomo* to Mr. Baltk hlmaolf, boeaaao Ho* Moil co all! aaoa ko koro with a aoaitltattoa. ntlag for adtolaatoa m a Stato, and that tha majority of Goagroaa will bo fonad la fkror of kar admtaaloa It I* ka >*a. raid Mr Bally, that tko iwUwiai 4mi not ifnk wlth< at authority hi tko party with wklok h? aota Baaldoa. lag araata oaat tkalr ikatewi bofnra. aad ao know froa 'Khar aoareaa that a aortnaa pnrpoa* el thla oort U antortalaod ky a lirp and powarfal party la Coagraaa, aad It will ko aoaauiamatad aalaaa arroatad by paMlo oplaloa. Tka aotlon of tko adalalatratloa. la rniatloa to tha bfinadwlH. kaa kwa tko aonraa of dtarord. tko fbaa tola of ktttar wtton What had booa doao la Oallfarala waa pmpilaly lt?. If jnr' rid with Wkat tea lakaa plaeo lu Mid what It '* pro - d to laatltato wHk r?gardC 1 aw Moa'oo. i?? Hattaw. toiMlT a?taptad

it r?. thlho tt'ft lot ii al'aaot. to'Uj.'i to t?\ -m W??14 k- ?kn(or>?aaM4 RK H ' ffi> i , .1. t? . ? . ?? RSDAY, JULY 18, 1850. fialpable violation of the constitution He argued that and t? t waa th-> deaign ot thu trainers ot the Constitution eJAu 8'ate arising out of disputed territory. can i be admitted into the Union without the consent of the State disputing the territory, out of whieh the new 8'ate i? propos? d to be organised. A similar " III cordition of thin?* now exists with rsgnri to Texas and Nv* Mexico. lie Insisted. from the On I Ignorance of the latter, that she would not be pre- ford a pared to be admitted an a State for twenty yarn llouc Mr. CiBrr? said. that gentlemeu not enly denied to New M?xico political privileges as a territory, ? but they attack fmr iu her abatnie. and deny that she has any right to a voice here. What has the quae- <j-h? tiou of State organization to do with this? Ywu do nut treat with her aa a State; she does not aspire to sister- Every hood, but comei here on her kneea for the admission forme, of a voice to apeak Thu qu"ntioa of the boundary ticket van brought here tor sinister purposes. All we have to do i? to declare that she shall be heard by the man one 0 who has been selected. and who has knowledge ol the people and the country. and to give us the nmwssary Th Information This ia all there U of it. and atill the time of this House has been occupied for boura over flrmec conflict of 8tate sovereignly au<i boundary. The for adversary of Teiaa is invited into the controversy, yor and she In met with disunion, and aword in hand, lie argued itrenuoualy in favor of the admission of Mr. Wood Smith. New Mexico was organized a century b fore For Texas was born. Tb? people should be protested, in yhe favor of whom he sooke with fervor, lie expressed no sentiment as to where the boundary between New *tron( Mexico and Texas should hp run. or as to the mod* pie of and mannrr In which the question rhould t>? settled. the ge Mr. STicriiaws, (whig* ot Georgia, was opposed to the dent, admission of the delegate, because a part of the tsrri- p !, ory of New Mexico as claimed w?s within the recog- resit tilaed boundaries of Texas. The war was waged for eonipi the boundary of Texas, from the meuth to the source very of the Rio Grande, and, he contended, the publld faith , ia pledged for it. Mayer Mr. Howabo. (dem.) o( Texas, said that the admitsiuu of tlie delegate was not ot so much Importance ?;onve a" the effect It would have on the public inlud of The Texas 1 tc I yon that whan the act is done, all ne- . gotiation with Texas ia at an end. The question of boundary must be settled by Congress, or bytho sword. Oover I do not utter thia at a threat, but I speak of pub- minat lie aentlmeat in my State, and of the prevailing excltenieat. I speak what I know. I have received a letter from the Governor, making Inqiring of thia government, whether it is the purpose to ratify late A - in ne 111 >i.f a itmiwunHn.. * n a State government; and to know whether it will ioforce hi* acta by It* military power. The aoleaaa proj test of Texa* has been directed to be placed on tho Pur I fll? p of the executive department ot this government, geB1bi I if tbia be the object. I learn trom th? name souroe, that active measures have been taken to protect the 1"" n right* of the Stat* ftom the purposes of the federal Judge government, or by military power to maintain ber 0 qc 1 right* aud honor. Resolutions. during the lata ses1 cion of the leglflature. were Introduced, requiring the whicl member* of Congress to leave their seats iu this hall, Impoi in eaae the delegate from New Mexico khould be ad- q? , mit I'd to a neat: but they were withdrawn only from the sentiment then entertained that they would not janiin pa**. dent* 1 Mr. Dubt, (dem ) of South Carolina, inquired what ^ \ answer has been received from the general govern1 went' Mr IIowaxp?No answer ha? yet b<?en received. tee wi ! owing, no doubt, to rocent public event*. But I antl- gmltl ' cipate an answer. for an answer must come in *oine form. The application was made in such inann?r UD p that an answer must bo given. You may as well be abreo 1 told now. a* !i#reafter, that the people of Texa* have on Iti 1 I flept on thelt arm* for twenty years, und will not sub- Ju< ' mit to an > jtrage on their honor and rights, as one of the fi the -Stategof the Union. To sanction the act of Col. " 1. Monro*, would bo to attempt to wreat from Texaa meek f landt. pledged for the payment of their public debt*? beari territ(.fy enough to make throe State*-an attempt to racri f violate joint re*olntion* a* to elaverv auti the domes- ' 2. r tic ^>licy over the foil?all of which wa* guarantied has c by tua resolution* of annexation. * ?<> momcut this m*k? I* done, the State has a right to gc .nit of the L'nlua, on tl s ar resist oppression, a* thouuli tcoi>aiUed by a foreign t'av b power lie spoke of the ri^ht oi Texas to tho h?un- or tl: dary from the lu iuth to Ihr soure* of the Ri? Oraoi< "J d and againit the di*m*mh?rir. Qt of that S'.ate pern Mr Haewn. (dew) of Indiana ???* that the qnMtW>n at hi * of boundary ha* something W j0 wUU thi* .yKr'tlon; h.nt ? iiw.. luofwai ?o IPOUT^ hhn t0 T?te mgfcio?i ifce nd. unc It ?i?ica o/ the ***?*' ior h? w01,^ -ct you to give the ( h Wi*ii ?et g?te until the boundary ?u fairly bear settled.^ main question 1*. ?h*U U" be admitted? " < ' , "Iuat territory does h'< represent organised hy mvi .?w? New Memlro waa clearly i* mllltarw government. be ' ie The second question 1*. *m lliia man lairtjr eUoted ao- bo?1 r- cording to the law a of tbc United States In relation to -Wb? ih the election* of members and deleRatee' Heroines beta, n. pretesting a ner tit Rata, not >com the publli attU??lat tie*. that he was elect" d by tba people, but hj a self- 'v ? ar euaetltwted nonvention lie truatmi that gentle** pn alf re Id tliwir eoalety to show that Texan kw M olsitr to rr? (h tba territory, would not overt 1 le tUa Uw ?n4 the in established naages and custeins of tba fount*# ! Mr 8-mowo, (deni.) o( Pennsylvania. M, that tbe general principle ?a<, that tended ? re *ei nment ceased after tba war w%* *?' military go- bii kl- polltloallaws In New Mexteo, ??- .ued andthstall fir in tba territory to the L'a)'* * ?sed on tba cesetim oi int He political organlaatl*" .u State*; and there was no pi I w, constituted - *- no government-until one wai If i ir- ol lb* * -tier tbe constitution. and by vlrtau ?' ' legislative power, lie oppoicd the adinla- " tion of Mr 8mlti for the reason that In waa rai ii* I not elected In pursuance of a previous law passed ??| od by both Houses of Congresa, *nd signed by tbe am >te President lie mid In sixteen instances no delegate be baa been admitted until there hat b-en a territorial prl mt- organisation. Two third* of tba territory and popul*- of lis , tlon of New Mexico claimed to be within the jurisdle- ore ni ' tion of Tesa?: therefore, under thee* clrrumstaneee, " | It would not be discreet to a Inili the delegate, at it par , may aggravate the bitter feelltg now dieting rlpl j * >. *tng tbe debate, Mr. Smith ?at u;>ar the bar of tbe 4v llatenlng tiar Li Tl.^iTl. , " when to I r!f Ml (whig) of Indiana, moved to am'nl ?ck ,d the p,.?dlng rea7im?;' h' "" ^ ig that the said II tf. ftnltb i* 4 * *l M Ig drIr gate from New M-xleo ?r Mr But*. (dein) of Kentucky, m-.v.-d fn ?| Wf ! ihr< : m" ?? " a>ked several qn> stions and >- i??tHit?*i*eetlW that the ap-n 1tn?nt wi? In I. order, m it waa merely an exercise ot the prerogative ** ? of tbu lieo?., and uo creation of territorial gorera- TroA - tofbt t Mr, Bi nrvre. (whig) ef Ohio, d?slre<! to know from I I, the journal wbat was the bullae,. before the Com- 44 ,n ? mittae t i fat Th* Cniiiimir rtated tbtt the from th? ] )??delegat*" fTi>ui New and lirwrfl ?lvr? both p?et a reported on. and raada the or Jet. of lb* day ibua "1111 It w*? the Brat bualn?aa takes up. r At tha Inataneaof Mr 8rao-<u, no further proceed- K took pl?ea. Tk> q neat Ion w?< taken and tba da elalon of tba rbair rewraad A yea tfi. Bay* HH Mr fcHl?ci tnorad to amend lb? reeolutloa adr mlttlng Mr Sm'th. for preaaat C?ogr.?e Agreed to. of di | Mr Mkade, (dam ) ol Virginia moved to amend thia, T,r|? i ky adding " aa the del-gala front that portion of tba [ tarrltory of lha Fnlted Ptatea kooto aa New Meiloo, Tb< , lying weatoftba Hiottraada ' lleaairithat hlaohj-etln t j offering the auiendmeut wna to arotd dia-u??lon of tba n( , l boundary qn*?tlon. fraught with an murh hartrd to , lha country lla confidently ballered tbat If tba latenj tloa of tba lata Praatdeat had been rarriad ont. Id UN) t Curtaining th* United iHatea auth >rlty aaalnat T?t??, the 1'. It would haaa raaultad ia a coaflirt between 'feiaa aa<j tba lnlt*d Stataa U?atlr**n Dilgbt anaar at thalmba, at My af ao anxqaal forrea. hat they eoall not tell tba ladla aitaat to which II aiigbt ban Inaolaad othera lla had jf* heard tba oplalon roafld-ntly aspraaawd by gaatlemea of retpertab llty that bad the wt?he? of the Ui" rbief Baik , maglatrate baea carried, (without by %ny m?itna Im, pugnlng hi* patrlotin motiraa aad intention*) thla e< untry would hara bean lavoirad la elrtl war ataty I daya from thia tine No maa could aay tbe boundary 4 qaaatlaai waa free ?f difficulty; and be aakad whakher I* tba my waatonawaaof powar gentlemen wnald oadartake to dvrlde It lla appaai?d to gantlam*a aa tba way. 1 otber 'Ida to TOt" for tba raaoluttoa of tba majority of | d<ar tba Com m It tee of Klactiona. eicludiag Mr Cmlth. . and by tbla mean*they www Id avoid tba ^uaetlon uaaeraaaarlly thruat o? tba lloaaa Tla appealed ?a "? * patriot inn to aacaad blm la bla affarta Jack*. ?> nun, I'i?m ) of ikmi. ?ai>l II tea HOIBi woand h.uld adopt Mr ?mniu>ilt th*y would Pr*d*i Idmlllbteltlaof Tt?M:u4 for th* parpo*? of ok- w*ra a -rlatlag lb* liflfnlt; be offered a prorlao that, by *u*h Unni admlaaloa of Mr hmltb, tbla llouaa la not to bo aa- notorl deratood aa axpraaalag Bay oplnloa rulitlni to tbo < mat eoafllotlag bouBdary rial a betwaea Jlow Moiloo aod a fli T**aa bridge Th? queatloa waa taken oa Mr kaado'a aaaeadmeat. bart abtrh waa reject. d. Ay**. M, nay* <H? Mr VtTtN'i UMndarat *u then adopted witboat a dhbtoi. Mr. 0?bm*k, (dea ) of Iadlaaa, off?r?d an amend oat, *' that Mr iMllk aball bo admitted. pro Tided bo m daly elected by tbo qaaliflod rotor* of New Met- Lolobi loo In aoeordanro with I ho law* in forro " Mr <1 portal aid that ho coaatdorad that tbo aot ol tbo Coarantlon v, vaa mrrrly tho Bending to tbla hoaoo a a?mir?l >nd for*, aad plaa. of a territorial goTeraaaoat. aad that rallwa Mr. Palth *a? Mat hero by tbo alaat**a men ?oa?oa- with 1 lag tbo Ooaroatloa, imply to irn Coagr*aa to giro . . th.Bi a territorial goT*raoi*nt. II* ?M oaly aa oat Ida agaat. to do a particular thing Mr OoBMtn'i tmradntal waa nJhM ayi IT, I aaya N Witboat farther actloo tbo CtaaltlM aroea Tbo Tbo frriid laid boforo tho Hoaoo the following h . lottor, ableh, bo Mid bo raeaivaJ ye*t*rday It vaa road Cab*. " WitHnuto?, Jaly H. ItiO of all I " ft a v-Tbo application I bad tbo bon?r to aiata throngb toa to tbo lloaaa of Roproaoatatlroo. oa tba oootad of April laat barlag for Ita o^eet tk* laraa*gatloa of air ooadaet rolatlw ta tba tlalphia Mala, baa. Mt nn^Maad booa deelded aad th- reealt la NIm tbo anndomaatloa of tba oUla. aad all aBh?qaewt |? th* proraedlag* tinier tho aot of flangr**e which pro Tided . for Ita aotllfaioat. except th* payaieat of tbo prlnol- n* Bl Aa tho qaeetlxa of tbo aayaest of latereet la bo gl*toa rod to bo jaalolal la Ita oharactor, I hara now r? p?etfally to reqaaot that tbo Moaao of bepreaaata tlroa nay tab* tbo a?ooaaary >topa to eaaao legal proeeedlnga |? Ko I na tit a ted agaiuat aa*. for th* ra- A le eooery af that ar aay portion tbo Oalphla . . nlai* 'bat 1 liata reooload At tba aam* time. 'w"l, t ai | r- aipt t?> gtr. tbo aaaaraaaa that I will by ta. aa. > rp<va delay, or rate* la mj dodraoo aay otbor gathar - i tbaa tba proper ooaa*rwe'laa 04 tbo aot tar , . -Li '-'TUlirr d'i|? -Ttfci lin -III I ' " ERA 'stament of George Galphin, deceased.'?Approvgu-t 14 1MB " 1 ha v? the honor to be, " Very respectfully. vour ofc't servant, ' OkO W. CRAWKOKD." on Mown i Cc hh. Speaker of the House of Representative* " motion of Mr Thomvioh. the lett?r of Mr. Craws' referred to Lh? J udiciary Committee, and the i adjourn*d. Kfelg Mate Convention la Vermont. n. Vermont, July IT, 1850. Whif? State Convention met to-day at lOo'clock county was represented. Committees were d to report resolution*, and nominate a ?t*t? The convention then adjourned till half-pant clock, P M. AFTERNOON SESSION. State ticket, a* follows, was unanimously oonI Governor?Charles K. William*, of Rutland. Lieutenant Governor?Norman William*, ol ttock. Treasurer? George Howes, of Montpelier. commlttes for resolution* reported a series ;ly affirming the well known (round of the peoVermont on the subject of slavery, honoring neral policy at the government of the late Treal and expressing confidence in the oouri* of lent Fillmore. The report was adverse to any -omise of the constitution. It would leave slain the State* untouched, hut would prohibit T In Territories and new State*. Hon Solomon Foot*, of Portland, addressed the ntlon in an eloquent and Impressive speech resolutions were unanimously adopted. NorVilliam* declined the nomination of Lieutenant nor. and Jullen Converse, ol Woodstock, waa noed to supply the vacancy. convention then dUxolred. Antl-Scctartan Convention. CL'BIOUS ItEI.lflloirs I-ROCKKIIINOS. Oswego, July IT, 1860. saant to call, the Anti-Sectarian Convention as d at the 2nd Presbyterian Church, in Oswego, aorning at 10 o'elook, and waa called to order by i Smith, on who** motion, London Kino, of Oswelunty, waa called te the chair, In accepting i, Mr. King submitted a few remark* as to the tance of the convention, and the work before it. metian. John II. Edwards, of Oswego, and BenPich. ot Monroe, were appointed Vioe Presli ; and the Rev. W 0. Randolph, of Oswego, and .. Fuller, of Paris, Secretaries. the motion of Jndge Smith, a Business Commitu appointed by the chair, consisting of Judg< i, the Rev. Samuel J May, aud A. 8. Wing*, request, the Rev. A. 1'simk, of Syracuse, In the ice oi the committed, addressed the convention i octets and importance. Ige Smith, oi the Business Committee, reported allowing s<rii!s of resolutions: ? Resolved. That the aplrlt of Jesus Christ is s . lowly, obedient, bMy. harmless. und?M?d, lorng. forgiving, coarageoas, self forgetting, self flciag spirit. Resolvtd, Inat while, on the one hand, he whs lot tliia tpirit. however great account he roij of Drift and the Bible, yet is not a Christian; >n ?thrr band. ha who has this spirit is a Chris fcven though he nay never have heard of Christ ' Bible _ __ ^ _ nf I. RfK'lVffQ. 1 (lib in ?aai*tiuiun an'a piety. we begin at the wrouK end if ?? begir in head iuxtead cl hi* heart, for wbil*t. on the on< I the jpirlt of Chrlut may be in the heart. an< h udh'UuiI theology tatlin head, there maj be 01 Lthi-r liaud a sound intellectual faith when th t la duetltute of the pplrlt of t'hrUt, I. KeeoWod. That to htii; . fugitive *lare trom th t?it of th*klOM>?nttUrta aud l.eouard Wood*, *ou! uflulttly greater erldence of piety than all It ka, and sermon*, and prayer* of (fees t| >le brood of I'^umio and DW-iJ'Very divines, t. Rw^JVail. That U i* lar less useful to be end* ? to comprehend ai?* ?j|,Vln the nature rut. than < nrt'.-rOI|?g to be like him, and tar It fwl to eftnutructing and *u*t*lnlng theolofli from the Bible. than to he imbibing 1U api d obeying It* heavenly precept* 0. HesnWed. Tliat thu ^ * ndaiit nro?l?U- ' - v era* Christ raa] , dw cipie*^k uu,?a their *ep* ration; andtbat thedlrldlnrarcZTutU o parties and **e?s doe. no l^ lAoUnee tn l! U>d7 ?\ *h!ob U"'y alM *" ">enaher?, th Jone to tLa natural and living body by tear! neder it* constitutional part* 1 1 7 nee. Wed. That the world i* perishing in *ln I l*e of tthe lark of that Chrl*tianity which r*n spiled only by the abandonment of eectariaui-i **Z Mn on <>? 1 briellan* with eaoh ether nr tf!I?' f fiV. #K ,*w ??!biD? 'hort Of the plain Bit aclple. that the Christian* af a place arethe chur. Uhrow ofa/otarUnl'ro* U - n.n iin, u?i mc i firiMiann wno ara n^i pr ad to roatrr l tbalr rhunb fellow?bl|i by lh>-lr jirli (. ara not prepared to work for the eal ration c eorld. cither Hi bom* or abroad cither in I'hrl idi m or h< athmdom: and tint the flrxt duty l? n< abcrto multiply tha m< ml? r? of the church bi nowlrdge, leva, and honor thuae who am alrrad RirBlMa 111 R??ol?eri, Thai for 1h* Chrl?tUni of a plaei I ?truet ft el.urrb, Inetend of elinply occupying tl ' ?cli place a a Ood tand?ra It to thani la I _ ' *al>"lllon?ly ?U|>pl*ntii ,7"'r,fc"illl'nlaa n?'U cburrb," Ood-rnad" tillircll With the . Tbt Cm* of Proftuor \V?bat?r. Boitok, July 17, 1KM. 0 j^ecutira Council U to decide on tba fata l<at- r to morrow The petitioner) far Bwtatlcw ? punNhmant ar? not ao numeroi tba ewe |f ft,, *l>lli|t?n Ooode. The condemn*) .I# I. .w'tigad aloe* ha Bad- hla confa lUX.K'. " i marry It h. d lh# UlUr **4 ot 0at^ ke A*ed for hla eaeawtla. _____ srltrd P(?lin| tn Tn* Indiana, Ac. Nr. Oaiaa." J*r 1MM? f Tazaa paper* are warmly dla^av ln* eulijw ffrrence with Saw Mcilco, aMgX'*' ua popular morciaente In rafarea.?a ffcbrrt01 public mcatlag on tha fan Jaelnta Mb ll* ,*d re?n|atloat d>noanrlng tba act tew f' al aoiirDoirnt, and railing on tba Uorenaof J lira tha dletrlct of Santa fa la a etate of Inaurrar alao, calling for a aaaeiun of tha Lfglalatore ci It h A iifoot tha Bio Uraade tha alarm reepactlng hoetlla na waa gradually auheldlng hara Mora favorable arpoaall o1 tba Cotton crop tai Blot la Balllmora-daTaral Peraani bat. Bai.TiHoaa. July IT, IMO rlawa riot ??firtal oa lall'i Polat laat craning, a* a aambar ot parawaa wbo labablt the Caueaablab It la ftarad will raaalt fatally lag tha Alatarhaaaa. tbara war* aaraa pareoae uatag Ibam Mr Jao. Ptlllar *a unoffanding elUbo It la thought eaaaat reoorar A bay aaaad oa lolomoa and a aagm naraad Daa'1 Paar war* lad aarlenaly aad Joha Myara Jacob '"haataer, rl'b A K '"til?r. aad a wnaaa aaaiad Ballay. lightly lalnre* rge Kooning Jaa Manly aad Jaekaon Oordna. oualf had haraetare hara baaa ari?rtad aad Ittad aa tha r1ag laadara aman'a riot alao oeaurrad oa Baltlaore (treat i, daring which platola war* uaad. bat ao oae waa ?w Treaty with liilea, B?i rtwoaa. Jnly IT, 1M0. Poatbara Mall baa errIrad Tba Una BoM 9. r, oar Mla la tar to Magtaa, baa aaaalalad aa la. it treaty with that goearamant^ almllar to tha i?aa treaty, for eoaaectlng tha two aaaane by y A aammaalratloa by ipaalal maeaaagar. Iba treaty, haa arrlrad la tba Water Witch, aad orwarAeA to Waahlagtoa CaWa AMn. b?i ti*o??, j?|f it, 1im WMkli|t?i KtpuUir atataa thai laforaiatloa a?a mtlni at tba Nary Departaaaat. fro* p malting a happy and Im vital* taralnatloa liflrslllM arlalai fW>m tka lata aipadlUna VIM Wagma Otawawl. ?! ? ?, Jaly it. 1M# > ?*CTa !??? w?ra 4m*aad na Hatnrday laai. North rim. Mathawi ana at y. Tirglala Thay *<t ta t)r Tahh, ?nd Maaar* Dalia/aa and lia L ____________ rraa Rl? Oraada. Hn>*. JuJy It. 1AM tiar Rla 0 ran da riff, datad 'ha ttk Inat . ? (ml dlatraaa aad anartaraatlaa pmdaaa4 i tadtaa* af Rla Onala Tha aaaawat la alt* tlfmat fraat thai ?tr?a hy tha IrtaHrllto i Lg ^ -*v _H Jr ? TWO CENTS. MlMlng California Vowals, 4m. Baltimo*e, JuIt IT. 1M0. Kr?r? ir? entertained for the aafety of the bark Abby Raker, and the schooner Flight, which nailed from tbia port for California eight niontha ago. The former ??* apoken about four laontha ago and haa not betu beard o( alnco. AuguMua Bradford. Clerk of the Baltimore Coaaty Court, Ilea dangeroualy 111. L*fW alive Klectlon In Lonliiaaa< N*w OaLSANf, July IS 185*. A apw-ial eleetion took plaoe yeatarday, for fow uii uibrrn of the Legialatura. The reault waa that three whiga aDd one democrat vera elected. Tha whig* Ihua gain three. Blcluicaa at New Orleans. Baltimobb, July 17, 185#. The New Orleana Plr<rjunr aaya that flfty-flve agaa aail fever ratimta. moxtly foreigner*, hara baaa a4? mlttud to the Charity lloaplial. Homeward Bound. i Baltimokk. July IT. 1M0. Borne of Rcverdy Johnson'a baggage has reauhtd hi* old residence, in thia city Omr Waabliigloii Correspondence. Waihinuton, JULT 16, 1 H.I#. Intrretting Doing t in the Senate ? Coming to the Mark. The developeaienta in the Senate to-day are af great InUreat?Oainibua coming to a ahort turn. The controveray between Ueaara Clay and Beatoo, on the (juration of'' bribery and corruption," involved in tha Teiaa indemnity, threatened at one tiM, anotheracen? ; but. though highly excited, Mr. Clay managed to reatrain hitmelf. uiuon to thu gratiiioatioa of every body Ctnaideral'le light waa alao thrown upon the Texa^ boumlary. auflh-ient to abow that Tesat haa the aliment kind ol a title to the disputed territory But tha government, for all that, can afford to be liberal far rake of peace. Better buyout Texan, than hara ta 6$ht her out. Mr Uaie moved to lay the whole eonoern on tka l.ll. . W..4 .W- 1 -? U. II El J mum , vui. uu vuc ?yyrm* wi .ut ruuin, an ijrrru ?W withdraw It till to-morrow. Mr. Koote hariitg com* important aiuendnnut to offer. The motion oi Mr. Hate created ao iiumtuhe se umiUop Mr Webnter then announced that ha should pr*? oeed to gtre hi* yiew? in support of th* bill. Vwry good. Look out tor toother great npen?u to-morrow. Thin support ot Mr Webnter la auppoaml to tally with advicea from bead quarter*. Mr. Koote had hln important amendment* partially read for infornutlion. They purpose to out off two <l+gre?* from New Mexico to give to Texaa, chauging I ha Southern boundary from the 341 to the 34th parallaL N.L.J and, secondly, to provide for the division of vaiuornib uy iitv iioi> ui ?m, kikt ht tuuimmua iitv tbe Union. if the agrei'i to it, which of ooutm *fco will not tonifut to do t Tbe Senate considered the** amendment* of lash ninall importance that tbey ?topped the reeding ao4 went into *xeoutif? **8*iea upuu an ominou* looking I parcel from tbe I'rexidvut largo enough ana packet, W ( hold *11 tbe nomination* of tbe new *abinet To-morrow will be a great day. It will probably tWi ride tbe fat* of the Ouinibun and tbe composition of tbe cablart. And yet, to auppone that we are out of trouble, 1* absurd. The ori-U I* not panned We ah ail baT? a great deal of trouble yet Progress of the Cholera at the WMb i The cholera in moat of the towua and oiUaa at lk( Weft, where it, of late,' raged with *uch fiulaaoe, hea considerably abated In Cincinnati, during th* weak ending the 12th inat , the number of death* by cholera amounted to three hundred and thirty-eight Th* greet?*t numlH* , of deathn per day, occurred on the !>lh and O'.h last., i on each of which aisty-fiT* death* occurred Th* i total number of death* during the une week, wU 1 fire hundred and ninety tlx, many of which were attrtn I butt d to biltou* dyaentery, a dir?aa* kindred tocholero. ? On the 16th iuat . but >evviiteun death* from nbalaro war? reported, which ahow* a ilecr-*?e ut fifty pet e cent, when compared with th* mortality oi th* 11th Id inat. w At 8t. I.oui* there liaa, of late, b??n a very ureat <tm ? ' I creaie, and the dlw axe may bu con?ider?i aim** I abated but **T*?jtT-**T*U 4eath* having a- I during the week vndiog thv Ibkil lMt . of At NaehtUle. *o imI wm " .oorra# '*! t,b* dlsearj, that * ' ~ peruled ?*"* * ?l*r?, an-1 Mot *it I t. -"'new wa< aim net entirely auemore than half tbe oitiien* fled th* city. "? whole number of deatha by cholera, on th* lotk kea 'n?' ? *M ulna, whloh ahow* a decree** of more thao of fllty per cent fram the 6th inat limine** h .< haa* reaume J nnd there 1* now a probability that It will a* in* *K*'? caua* another *uch panic*ihT*T ?"?* hare occurred at Col am boa an Ohio. but two death* hare occurred; and at the Hack ng and Preonon Spring*. In Kentucky, some flfleao d*a(b* bate occurred Tha dlaaaa* i* not g-n?ral ?a- through the Wert, and hat few plecos bar* beaa be visited with very disaitrou* r**ult*. At Prankfort. in Kentuck/ flv* death* had occurred op to the IStb last . and at Loaisrill*. four d?eth< h?4 occurred but oue of which, bovirer, originated in th* city. The other* w< r* person* landed from teamboat* pawing up th* river The great**! m .rtalftr to Kentucky we* at 8h*lby?Ul?, wbera twenty three in t * ?*? 4 within tha ?r*ek ending th* 10th at I *- "> Aator House Fir*. * To thi Khitoa or ink New Yo.a lU,il?a_ .1 V ,* ~.A* *0Ur r?P<*l*r. IU h'? statement af y the fire In the cellar of m- * hn* m*de remark* wi i t ?ore. Ust e?euiug, ? . ; "m*rM Which arc calculated to TI io me *?riou* Injury, I am ?? - ... ? i? room in your * T99 will apnre mo r-, - win ui nanw nifl frfflf I" | -(plain, ?o lar > I can, the rnaaner la a ?rtch the flr? mu?t hire origluatoi] lln atataa, ' There ran b* no doubt of lb" ar*in. but there ?ppi ar* to b? no aiirquat't motive tor It. Orand)<-na was only inaurnd for >l buQ. and thrr* li probably about half that amount of goodnla thr place ' No* iir, tha truth I*, that (bar* la t2.A00 worth of good* manufaa?f tured and about $1 UH) worth nior* In progreaa at a irmaafhrtnr*. (wlthoat taking into amount the ft?lt taraa of my at?ra. which co?t orrr >4"?? i a? mr la* ntory, taken thlr morning by at prejudiced gentlam> D will abow All thin would inevitably harp been a- d??troyad. had not tha flra been extinguished And I- n> w. one worjai to the ormln ?t lb llr>- My? >o aika r atatea lo ma waa rmoking cigar* with a few fri- b l?. la the Immediate vicinity of the rtalra. ju?t b lore eloalag tba itora, and hI preeoraea that a oljar lia< h'-n ??r?Irnrly throwncn the floor by ic*' of hla aompanioM er hlro?> If. and upon ihnttlnf tha ma'adoor of th* atora 'he draught ha? blown It Into tha cellar an4 it Ignited th* papar That lira waa discovered la aevaral |, places. I believe to ba entirely Incorrect I have been reaident of thlf city and a tenant of Mr. A at or for tha laat thirteen yean. By my Industry (I I liaraac<(atre<ia aomfortabtemalaieaaaaa andaaoaf 0 my friend" and cuetomera. I ma proud to cay. I number many of tha moat reapeetahle In tha elty My Ma haa bean employed la my at or* far tha laat two yearn, ' and I have uniformly round him attentive. h'O-rt, . (K-d dutlfnl That he ?hn?id be concerned In a nelfctlo^s attempt, not only waatoaly tod?-troy bi? father* repuU'lon and property, hut tha Uvea of hanlreda > wh' mh. n*?er knew I era sure no oae who know* ? lJ far a moment believe. Taora. A nil A.1DJKAN Marin* AMrf. ' Foa H M XMMMblp Ruropa. Capiat* Lott, lalt lbl? port yaatarday. tor I.lrorpool with ?T paa?< n?or*. (oboaa ??? ?U1 kt found undar tba pro por b?a<l.) aad >329 r>3< la aprcla K?? ItUMMif -W? nndoratand ???n Howard fc (loo hara e<>Htra?to4 with a Arm at WtmnnMhurgh U build tham a larg* and ulwtantial "toamahlp for tba I'arlflr Pba I* tr'aadod to ragt?tar about 1.W0 tnna aad a 111 bo 2>> wl loan. and 36 foot wltr T% > "wnom Intond bar to ba roady for mill littla orotkM BMllK _______ H???l - Tfca D H rtarwhlp Rollaf I.l?at CommaadleR R J Tottoa arrlrad at thl* port yoatarday, la '.hlrty alfht! day* from OlbraHar Tba Ihllovtag la a Hat of bar oSaara ?Llaat Coataaadlnf B J Tot ton, Aet.rf Maatar, Floraa Craaby; Furor. W A Cbriatlaa. Paaaod Aaalataat faryaoa ilxirg* VaoUhfi l'???od Midifclpmaa. Jamaa J Wad tail. Wm Taa W)?k. A. W. Jobaaoa, Captalaa Olork, V I Bar niw. perM** Ca?T?a?ri lb 0?viii, L I.-Tmuim -Tva trotttag m*trb??. > < eoat*?t foe a para* eomt off IhU aft*raoon for Ui? para* th?ra art ?at*rad four of u gno4 n?g* u ?aa b* prodar?d two of whlrh htn laatd* rtiw paadlcg Mwmii thatn *1* IUIa4Mr and llrawd John Th? hor??? In th? m*t*h?ar? wall palrad and a flu* 4t; l(?rt may K? rH*oMbl; anticipated MaTMBNita mt DlttliigaUliwI Pawpla. D Brown. Phil* , R 8 Broil* Mobil*. J. 0 K-ndafl, Mui'hMltr Rni : IIm W'llllu Kit'JtIL N <>rl#aa*; Mtdliwa Rwk.n R N.; Lt Col lin-nii. V S A , and lSOoth?ra. mIimI yaatarday at tba A "tor How. H IN band Va : <l.a Daff iir?an*.Oao , D MaDavrai V * A : J tt Pnahaia t??*> , aad 19 athara, arHnd tw(*rd*f at tba JlatflMa C?l W Wright, U fl. A , Lt C.I W?b?tar 0 t A ; T.t Raaifn f P M A ; ??-a T.lmadja ? * Haaburgh and tU otb*m ?m??d y-t.rday at tba Irrlac Mr PwWn Maw of iM^atrkn an4 Raroa O*ro|?| *41*4 flnr K?r?a? jaatardajr ?n tha tNiax Ruropa R?r Haary N I "aunt.on nf rookiya. M t/% traa marrtxd oa tb* Ittth laat , U All**. dtoihur of * Prt*M?l TjN. at hl? r>iH?nn in Ttrgtaia lUkAid A# lam I iiian Jet t IT - TW Mayor la tb? rhalr. TV CNW Jmjf kH Th? Itat of (Irand Jarora tit hundred In namhMv ??? daly r on brat *4 by th? Mp*TTiao*?. ax*ardl?g I* lav. I'* vhwb pnrji'iw th> pr**?at mooting waa pa?lipalarly ?>?? ??4 H?r cal avail Mil* and pMMioa* war* wftiwi m4 I tfc* ftaart KNnti

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