Newspaper of The New York Herald, 19 Temmuz 1850, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 19 Temmuz 1850 Page 1
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* < I r? - ?... TH NO. 5883. | 1TTKRA FOR TBI PACIFIC ?'OA9T.-TIIB PRO J pr-fior of (ht Reading <67 Rt< Nll|C.) ha%inf m?d? arTang? it ?*U with <k II ''orwin?, . Yms trilMUCiCoB'i'l Panu'ii* t? and forwifl lruerv to ill p< r" < n the Pautfie le'ter 'u * will to mad* spat the abot? office for t^uif- IViaillo, i'allao. Tali-ehuaua. ValparaNr A"?ifil'n. " aaatlan, ?o., ?B<1 f.irwarilod by eviry itntucr ??ilin? troin 1I1U p >r? for ( bafrea. FOK L1VRRPOOL.-UNITED 3TA . E.-> MAIL ITBAB hip All.ANTIC, Capt. Jaun * eat. -Tin# aieaiuanit will depart with the mail* fur Europe, positively on .Saturday, July 27, at II o'clock M., from tier iM*rth at'ha foot of Canal atreet All letter* mint uaae < rouxh the Poet Oflkra. No bert\ aocnred on til paid f.r For ir-uht or piwtara, having n ecu nailed ac?oHini?il*iioa< for elegance or comfort ai I\j ta tprp fOi i,iv?. vt Vailaaraet. UNITED STATE1 MAIL STEAMKK RtSnvKKN NEW York and LiverpooL?The elupa ?.,uip. Una line *,? the ATI ANTJO, Captain Wert. A Kt'TIf, Capta'n Luce. PACIFIC, Captain Nye. HaLTI'" Cao'ain Coma took. A Dh I A 1IC, Captain Uraftun. Theae ehlpa having been built by oomrael eapreaaly fof government eervlos, evarv oare Itaa been takeu in their oon. atroetioa, aa also in their eng'nea. ta ?n?ure aud npced. mod their accointnodaiina for paiaeugura are at,, equalled for eleganoe or comt.urt Price nf from New York to Liverpool, $1*); exclnoive ?e? "f cgira ?'w at* roiiHia, ?32T>. No bcrthe aecured until raM fir. Au e?p?-U onced aurgeon will be attached t -ach lup. Far tr-Hgi.t ? IDdIv to EDWD. K. COLLI Mt. <r H all .treat, or to BkOlfN, SUifLiV U CO.. Li ?rp-ol. The raHfc will leave Liierpcol .. IMO. The Atlantic will leave New York July27, 1*40. " " a. Livtrpiol Auguaill, " " PaciSa " " New ^trk Aucuat'i, " " " " " Llverp ol S-pitno'-er'1, ** Atlantis " " New V-rk S*t>te nber 1, " " " ** " Liverpool September 25, " " Pacllta u " NewYtrk ^aj teinb r Jk, " " " " Liverpool t):tot>er III, " " Atlantic " " New York Oit'ba* 12, " " " " " Liverpool October .10, " The ownera of theee ship* will not be acoo u ' ahle for gold, liver, bullion, apaeie, Jtwelry, prenoiia ?tone< or metall, anleae bflli of lading are feigned therefor, and the valat thereof, ttoroia ax pre lead. S\CEAN STEAM NAVIGATION CO*PANT.-I">* UKK" ' map. via Houtbanipton?The U. 9taiee \! til Sieam.tii t WA8I1 INGT't N, O. W. Floyd, Comni?adrr, will aail for Bremen, via Southampton, on Saturday. July OTth from Piat No. .1 N. R., at 3 P. M. Prtoe of iiuiuf in the tirat cabin, $12Ui do. In the aocond oabin. An etperieuced Surgeon a attached to the ahip. All lettera muat go through the Port Ofite. For paaaago or freight apoly to MoLLBK s SaNH Ai?n'a. M Br'.adway. l^OE CALIFORNIA VIA CU Wilt Its-f?\ S ?7 UKDSY, jl" Jul" II, at 3 o'clock P. M . the U"lted Mail State- utoaittoliipOIllO, TTr-^i ,r?rptrrroet it Wstrrcti i:ka., n w., ??u .11 #ov?rnai?xt niaila for tlie H eat loHiea a d t'alifimia. The ^ oeAa Tor thia voyage of the Ohio are now open, an* paaaage can be aecurod oa application at the .tftr- f.u e Cuitod Staiaa JMl Sttamabiu Company, 177 t, corner Warrea atreet, t- Charleaton. Savannah, 1 iva ., New Orl ini, and Vbagree, and through tlokete to 8> ''raoeiaco. H ATA* or QAM ACE. StAtr Muri. StAadaa. StaeraM. rharlaitna $? *-") *10 iSti ad it Ah 23 W 10 11 ATa 11B 7<> M 2!> Naw Orlaaaa 75 60 24 Chagrea 100 KO SO Raim of pwiuc from Paoaida to SAn FranoUco?SiaM room. >300: iterrajrr SISti. California pa*i>?nfere by the Ohio will go ou from Davaua to CbAfrm by the Falcon, without delav. No t.orth aoaupsd until paid for. For fr?i?!n ?r |>ama^?, apply* M. O. HOtlER rj. 177 ffnt a'r t. Mrnr tfr?rr?n. STF.4*SHir ORPREV, FOR CBARI.K TON. S C?TO ASfTom Philadelphia on Saturday J'llrS'.at Itfo'olock, A. M.?Tl* aplendia rt??m>hii> OSrHRT, J DMiMNf commander, will (Ail from tba wha'f fo?r . f l.otn>>*r.| atreet, I'hiladelphiA, on Saturday. July fc'th, A* in o'nl >ck A V. For Ireight nr paaaage. apply At KINSI.IV fc CO.'B Kipreac, No. 1 W all atreet, *litre A plan of trie nhip cab bo ?b, nnd hrrtlm laiirtd. Fru'i'it f >r tbla ?ea?el ahould ea?e Nrw York oa Thuraday. Ptlae. l' e r>-r < ?1 ie foot. For further Information, rafer to X. LiTTLEFiELD. Kinsley It Co.'a Eaproaw. KIOE NStT ORLEANS. DIRECT.?THE FINE STEAMED ihip OALTE8TON, Plana, roanter. will leave for Naw Orleana, on Saturday, Anruat S. fiom pier No 2,Nurth river. At 9 a'oUok F M. Fei f*?W>a "T r?>?\rf truly to J. HOWARD* MIN .M H'.-Jvray. FO* KINGSTON JAMAICA. I?l R K ;T.-Tn E SPLEMdri akip CRESCENT CITY. Charlea Stoddard. cunaan vier, win invn tor muenin| ? run n-vai L" ikbi P>'in<ii? ?nd thr oi?il?, ob Thurwlay, Anna it Ut, at S Mock, C. M., from ber dock Pier 1. N. K For pixxi apply < J linWAVD V *?? *? b-^4wh. f^IRST TE9SKL FOB 8AN fr*v r'O ? i'M k sup<rior fui tailing Cm (On I'arkat Ship t'l.A <e VI?i>N, Brarj S. Brian, Commander, will t? ?. on f. r tea. Shi|>J*l? a ho I ?? < Bftaged Ireinht will li'raa <n > nil't oa bnard. I' Mll<er with tl.etr bill* of ladiaa For balance of < r |t?ieofr. ?rt ly to R It Ul'NTKK Nt Kroadwa . And l> II lOKltdTStiN, W lo tlia Captaia ; r .A?r?t on beard. at pier 4, North Rirer Tph?hjt.u uni fok ban rha/s'l-xw?.auullVIA by twain and eailiag parketa. via ? huna .ad Fuuiv The tuna thru'ifl* by tint Una ie nhnnt Aft* de.yai pn?? of paieaco to Saa Fran'teou. ra in giiai; eeooad ditto, 11 Ml. To leave for Chagree July J7th. The tan Ik of t.aa cable faat allowed la each paaaeagar for taatgage. No eapea* Mi ta delarking or embarkiag to paaieagara I v <Ma um. Fat paaaage or other Information. aralv ? > UEKDI.R AMD WRIGHT. ISO Cedar ?irea? ?nm >' . id leev I^OK HAN FhAN?; VIA > Haoitbe. ??i I'iiuksJT day, Ang-Jit lit.?The anleadid aieanahip CRUCE.NT CITT. I harlee Stoddard. Coaiuiandar, will <?ara for * iurof oh Tfcitrtday, Annual lit. at 3 o'clock. F. M . from fur Ni. IN. 1 l?t liiukl ar lieeeaet ai>ply to /. HOW A RD A ?<?N, SI liroadway. Tha rWJ IRf CITT will aueeeed tha CITT leaving lor fhagirt cn Tnetdi*. tha IJth of Auguak, wrMak vi aaal through tlckeia will ba taraiehel. ! in |?i Iaii t fiorn Mulcn? rehuantrpec Treat)- Counuiieil the New Urlmi I'inay'in.v July 10 J WI- haitlle untpeakahle(rallltcalion of announrlnK <" i'cr Mln* ettiiena tne itfvil feiit* fiat *nt nerget.e er.4. arccm jilieh-d Mini t. r to Mex.oo h ta ucit, .iw-i in i ffrct mc a tr aty with tha'- Ki??"rnmi-nt, -imilar ,ti |ta prov.aiona to tha' alr-ndy mtdr with Nicaragua v lirri by owr cltl??'n? will b> enabled to carry itile Ifnot th< Ir eh: r.-h-d rnterprle- of building A railai^r , ominun ratli n lietwevn the two ocean*, whirh wiM ttlnft New Oilittua within twelve diva trnyol of j?n Franeieco. Mr. Letcher ilrtiry>i the w*rm?M fianka of lila rouittrjni** for tho tart, enn ryy ami iinwearled prrf-ryrraiire whlah ha haa dliplajrml in 0f?n4ui tl#f to A eiin.-tlnl ri Ih< a'.lu'iii- u-X ' nil On N.'W <?tlraii lirt Im fonf -r. .| an limn-n l> niiOt. ami It will Im-I,, r i wnt mil if ill* wliili- < 11r i ut <if I'arllc triiyal wltli U? rich trraatirva, l? not <llv?rt*d from its j.n n lit court*, and mad* to rrntro In h?r purt. (In tLU n.' jrrt 1h.w?yrr wi ha? n- f. ;ir. We know t)i :i I t !.i* e r?ui it tew a) -jii lint ! l>y -nil -it i''ii? ?t tlif.r t?H I'li1" Hi' "fig I a-1 ii iii ii i r I am ! n " ii-'t?otly aad iaboTtounly i ngajrrd in tha parfortnanre of thair duUaa; t'.tt ' 111 j 11 II'n : till ti e...iri irr'in.'i'iii'iit' with tl mil* " wb h >M th'1 r -n?-. ..|..?i fi ?:ii tri? Mi-xi < an ?"ietiiiii' ut ii ml that Mh. i ?i.d . ? .r'ant pr?liminar.y arraag^mrnta ha*r barn made, which will ri oB l>? praarnUd to tha pablla. \\ y !'ill r-tiirn to thi? en bn? f?nn"t refrtln n . n n ng'ut illation our ritlt-ot oa till* r im Inti llif c i.i a Thatrmtj w?? mnda on tha 2l'h of Jnna. and ani 1 m ini Ilietaly to a ap?r:^| ni ng r to ba . I.I' n ' iiigt II r -V I 'i -I'll ^-r arrir I I r# in til ' Water Witch, at. 1 iniui* Ji r.rly [ir .ri aJ.-J >i rib Raphael Arnija on a trip to rhlhaahna. waa atta ked by n bam) c' tha Whit" m mt*'n ini' ?na 1 h-y ti lr tr im him firtjr mni-- aa't, a? an a?liiit -a <f ili? effrrnt-ry with ti '' p-rp?-tr?'.d >le-1 tnii Ina. at.l tha unpr..t. r ; w.| oil litl m of the altl?ari? tho n \t day tho IbiIiho* i-?m? lot" hla ramp ami re n d h m h - on mill. at what In that II iii.try ii rnmidrred fair pMc. I'apUln Rowman. Halted Statee Army. h*1 gone to E'bihiiahoa la obtain money for th? viu Military DeMi. ..r H' en hail made a tr? aty with tha Apachaa of I'. >?.-I a 111?1.1' > an I In thr.a d?ya ?t-r?anl? thef filiated 't The Major w*< pr'>n>[.t t .-ha?tl-e th.'tn lor tho ain'.atinn c?n 'hi SI "t June with a eudrient i tai. hm. >t In. li ft lion Am t" n'ta>-k and pnnlah Ih'm It ta believed ha w'll aire t h-m a Kaeon they rill remeniber Tha boldneaa and iMpnnlty with whlnh the Indian* ' in n 11 4ep, rdatione on the t>-"i.i'- and (iroperty of tha eriitre al moat aurpaaaea belief 1h? ea-ea cited ar* ;o?. biiit.i..o. for reptiti r< fh- ? tr-ja. ntly e.ima rn nin (Be aim two mnea "i i 'i" i nu?-.i ~i au-? military tatina a> d kill p< r?v?? and d'lre off the aroch. ir.. ,t J. far'Ion ill e*pr??i d a I > 'oln?..| Mon hwp Of the ?1 ii t in > 111 ary rianntmlrr t in lir'-ly ataled hr ban in-itti-r lh? fmrij ?| harart. r por tha ltapn?|tion Ber. -iry to a.-nre tha >r<lectlnn f.f the rtti?. ii? Bor any "t h? r- |nI ait? for 0 r??pnn?thle ft command Theaa ri mplain'a hara .... n r p. .'?dly mad" ami If ?e Bra f"? nii?laformed. ia*a been r'BBunlriti d to the department at WaabBftoa i olnn.l May M?>nr Henry. Or.ptai't Nykea and Dr. l??r>li. f ' he lulled Ptatea Arm* were to h are for hr t nil- l Hi ai'- -ti tha loth ot July < olonel ( alh. nn had attempted to mak? a treaty i he I ih In.l.ana hut i: had n"t > <-an rattle I and rohaU? w.'tiH no* b* Th" Indian- had pn.miwit to "" In Han . i?n* at *lhiii|ii?r<|H?. on tti? sth of IIP' "? I'l' t ; they killed Ihne Mriii?n< and i' <1 al '1' i ' i ehe. ). f r in the immediate riclnity 1 I he i??n *' Panta Fr the g' neral Ifnpr. -. I >n ?aa that a ma.l.ernf M?vr?B buntara Bare cnn'-rrn-d with tha , ?< l ea In Ibelr attain an I ?lau?htar of Ik* ten Ana ana al the Wagon M m..I I'.- inunxlmi ?aa nr ' I ? ?'! r ?t Hi -iti. n' a nl the offer io aell .iippoaed to In- taken (mm thia party, Biaii* by i rai.a t? the I tab* Tirr Mr?tr?? Bmanaar Co?Ktaaii?. ?Tha Cotarnla. o to 'on the boundary hetae.n I h? I n'teil rifatet nl Mi lira will aail from Ihla pltT f"r l.avarrv T *aa, I . I Ir r "t 1 he flr'f proilmo I'a-a*i| *1 Jahip1 I'll" upon whom the d-la.I- of (.r?i, ?-atlon are .? who d-a. r>ei er-ilit tor hi- and , > . 1.11' bu'lieaa ri inplete.l on I n I ?y l*?t a ir, I . r a aleamet ?hlrhl? t.. r.ntr. y th? enrpa, ' I Id per>n?? *|ih the h !?age. a f Paraln?. n; to Iihi ton" of (r-i^lit Tk? aieaui-r ? ,i 1 I pllrll Hlll. i I .1 M.a I.,w?r?<r ?T THr <4\ ? . - ? llnwiao Honal , the lit in tha l.ond n ,i.,.e?i ?t Mat M^aty ? .t .|ia????? t?m- * ? ' ? de??rlplt.i* (he d??a? ?a*n fcr ?ba da ml.' cr illy Amrnrtmm n ha .fad' r M.'a HWn- I ra?a ,1 riea white olra trlB'Btad with houillooea of lall*M<|l?fMia| a?a n? Mai lined with ahl'e ?'<" ?nb (km attlTM tiilie |o?p?d with rhaldalne <>f m<4?I|i|;1M .Ttl.e Head ilrw* reatbel? Vl.iada Uppata. Mil mid. drtaanU DU?ond?. E NE ^ ; v.; I CUB WEEK LATEB PBOK ALL PARTS OF EUROPE. A&&ZTA& OF Til* STEAMSHIP AMERICA. TELEGRAPHIC OVKK THE Notb Scotia, Jfew Brunswick, and Iiiie Lines, TO PORTLAND, THSPICK OVKR TO THE raw yore wrrw Eeath of Sir Robert Peel by a Fall from his Horse. IMPORTANT^ FROM^ PORTUGAL The Demand of Commodore Morgan, of the American Squadron. ADVANCE IN COTTON Improvement in Breadstuffs. 11am r*i Telegraph Oppice, July II, 1860. The America ha* arrived. Captain Hhannon rrporta head wind* the whole paxsaga, The A. arrived off tha harber iaft night, and wm detained by a dente fag' rue imrru Liverpool on Sunday noon, and sailed' on her return, on Saturday, the 0th Inst., at two P. M | Cotton advanced fid. on all description* above infe; rior qualities, galea 60 000 baiaa?(peculator* 17,000, and exporter* 6,000 bale*. Sir Kohert Peel waa killed June 29th, by a fall from vi. hmu The Commercial Intelligonc from India and China I* considered rery satisfactory. The money market continued easy. Discount* on good bill* at tight. 2X a 3 per cent. Console hare fluetuattd from WX on Tuesday, to 07 on Friday. Account! from the manufacturing dtetriot* represent an increased tia4? The llavre eotton market, on Monday and Tuesday j was very quiet Sales, 1,100 bales, at previous rates. The Am erica's news reached that city, and cause' I an Improved feeling. The aales of that day were 3.000 bales, at full prlrta. Portugal* We have dates from Llsboa to the 9th ult. Great excitement prevailed there inconsequence of the arrival oi an American squadron in the Tagns to enforce the claim of ?T0 000. Twenty-one days were allowed by the American commander for a final reply. Fears were entertained of a refusal. The Portuguese government have determined to resist thai demand upon them. In relation to the difficulty between the United States and Portugal, the correspondent of the Timet says, that previous to the arrival of Commedore Morgan with the 1 ndapeadence and Mississippi, some delay waa occasions*, trom Mr. Clay pressing half a doi*n different claims, of ancient date, and refusing all proposals for arbitration, in a manner Indleatlng the p?fsession of ample powers and instructions from tbr department of Stale at Washington. It was alro said that Mr Clayton had shown an | e<jui?l disinclination to treat with Henry Hulwer, or to hear any applanation of facta relating to iodi ot tb? lain* aciaing from tha dtttrutUoa ?.! lit* ' cruiser, General Arnntrontr," io the port of Fayal byaBrlll-h force, In 1814, subsequent to the arrival of the Mississippi. Mr. Clay railed upon th? Minister ot Ferelcn Affair*, and verbally lnt*m?t?d that be should ?>uly give the government twenty-four hoar* tor a final resolution upon the different claim i. He appear* to have refused to give hi* ultimatum In writing but to have left to be inferred tbat he egjtectcd the proposal of a ronnd sum for the whole of J Ibe claim*. Mr. Clay assumed a very decisive tonewhich bad the < ffect of alarm lac the government. But I b< lieve tbey came to lhe resolution of Ceunt lojal'a, addressing a note to Mr. Clay, to the effeot that no nltimaluni of twenty-four hour* could be aubmiited to the council of ministers, unless he presented It In writing. 1 hear the Pcpe'c nuncio hna informed Count Iojal. Knglnnd. in the House Of Lord*, on Moatlaf night, the ministry suffered another dofeat, by a majority o( twenty-two, on the Irish fianehise bill. The proposal of gtvernment. wu that the franchise should be regulated by an j At (jui liScation and Lord Stanley proposed an aaiondni nt. tbat the qualification be ?15 Instead. Tha amendment being carried.and the principle of the bill d<stroy?d. government have since withdrawn it. They hava also withdrawn tha Lord Lieutenancy ot Ireland bill, tfce Mercantile Marina Bill, and tha Amended Incumbered K*tate Hill. They have announced their determination to Mick to the budgat, and. U need ba. appeal to the country upon It. Thera I* an Increase of AMI 604 on this year's revenue as compare*! with last year'*. The increase la the (Ireland itlu* or aiparta. aa rrrapared ?l'h Juno of litfcfi ir. I* ill ? 4 113. bring * lnrjT l?rrr?H (hti on *11} former ?craaloa Thl- Infrofrnrgl la distribute <t with rrmarkabl* uniformity throughout all <la' par1 went p of barlaaa* Uaif of the am<>uui Ix-mg tudaf>i ndi nt <-l manufaciurta of cotton or wool. Tba fu<Mm and tlo'.ent drath of Sir Kob?rt P??l riiiM il a gr?*t aennation in Knglaadaad franca. Tba Krgll'b japer* arr flllt d, almoet to tha em-tunon of amtlblng elaa, with aateaded ??l?? ol th- 1 if- and character if tba lata Prrnlrr atd with epaculatioaa aa to l>? ffect bU diatb will ha?f upon Ike p?llti?? of bta rouiilr;. Tba particular* of bin dra'h art tba* Mated Om Mixta; fttlllf, Jan* T> whllat pro?*edIrg Irmn bla reaidrnce InW hiteliall up I'onatitution fltil, ht> hor?a suddenly rblrl at aom?tblti( uw>ia|. kicked up bla beel? ard tkri* Sir Robert ot< r kit b-?d ? bta tar. Although nnderrd laaeaatbta by th* fall. Ntr Hcb? rt trtalned hold ol the relna, and tha aolaial being thua cteched lo?t hla footing, and fell hmellj apna thet^p if tba bar'net Nut?l gvntbinaa paaaing. rradirtd tba mcaaaary aaalataaea. and tha hil-fraM** ih placed la a rairtti', and r*awvcd to hla hnuw la Whitehall la a atata of ln>en<lblllty All th# Badl**! talrrt of l,o?dai vat ?oon at hla ?>r*le* Their united eB< >t? ??r? unavailing After lingering till ataean o'clirk ot Taradaj night, tha great alata?man agplrad, In the t .'id jear of hi? a?? la repl* to an oiler by Lord John Rntaell. In the > aama of her Majeaty and of tba nation. :>f a public fararal. tha fkaally declined tha honor, luaaanch ?< II waa fir Robert's laat whh that ha ibould be hurled In Draytoa Abbey with M lltlla parade ? fnwthU. The K|l< allow of |ni?rnmi Bl li ? ' ?n rtlli <1 to the tr>*taw nt which Hniltb O'Rrlen hi.. r> onred at Brio# lilaad. bat without allcltlnp anything tatImUrh?ry ftoai then. I ?( pabtls mmIIx* h??H brto kd4 In Imblln IJmerlrk. ami other 'lllaa >t which tha *aadart of hu heea d< nnoneod by man of *11 rttadea of nnlitlml opinion At the Dnhlln <hmI. log ? Wit run Mr. O'Rrlan to Mr R?tl. Qnaoa'a Coastal. wni reealrrd. confirming all that bad bean tfM>t1*<l abnot tha emrllj to which ho wa* nahjarM. Pprrnlatlon I* ripe la Raglaad aa ta the probable cffi rt the death of *lr Robort Pool will h?*? |B the portion t?f partus ; the general belief appear* ta he that tlie event will rather ftrovgihon than woahaa tha hold* of tho aroamt ministry Tha death of Mr llrowno. M P.. far Mayo, Ireland. wa? alto announced Vranra. From Prance I hare I* aathlatt of spoolal Importanoa. Tho prooeedlaga In tho Aaaemhly. on Thuraday. were Interrupted by % scon' of violence hetween tho K'?b?r? In the lobby Order wan Anally restored h? the personal Interference rif tho patloo President Unpin fetshon re eleated President of the Aiwoaiblf by a large majority Parle Hoarse I n. P4 a 96. "I I. rilrls^asion Mr Roebuck 'a motion on the foreign policy of the Prltleh government. ?u aaanwaoaA In ' -Me ( a Fsfnrdsy. and produced quite a?an-*ti mm 1 >n ssturd y the rej.e'' f II CoBMlttea n? ih? Prrld>at'< relaty was i*bnlll>4 to the Aaaeaihly. when It wu ? i rd that tho amendments proposed by tho>*, greslly mltlgnted ?he wferlty nf the lut, w pspni ad by The propaaal to donhla tha I earn Ion aettt has boa* rejected A MpW-wiaMo dinner wa? (teen an Itlitlty. at Iha Rlytoe hi bona* af AfcaaaaowaUlaHow af Initwl and Whlah l-oad RMfeaatl) aad Da war at LaH Itta wrra pre?ewt Tha f'aewifwrtawwf ?awthat tha Ragiuh toot I ??ra ahowt ta Ware Malta far uihralloe. , A * ?> waa * l<ht mm SaftAay. at Veraalllaa. hstwsaa 1 | M ViMlw a sa stalls* rapro.aataWra, aad M. Clara, | * r<proi i MMli, ? UMIM ? ?Ma fiiMlnl, fit 1 " tV# ' iiil.-.iim ilafiiirwi WlNf/# ^ g^U.>?. w v n T V . V ? + MOBNNING EDITION?J I which M. Valentin van ?e?erely wounded. M. Drnnyn dt L'lloja left I'ari* on Monlay, for Loudon. to remmir bis diplomatic function* It it raid that Louie Napoleon ha* gl?en 40,000 franc* of bl? lata tiicreane ot t^lary to a charitable iuctitution. which wai laoguiihii'K for want of fiiud*. The M'tniitur state* that the llrltUh rablo?t bad f-bown great model atlon in th? Tuscan affair, and that it wu nearly nettled. Tbe creation of ? m* ministerial department, under (be title of a new Minister of State, ia spoken of in the Naticaal Assembly to-day. A pt('i>o*?i in suspend all lal or on Sunday and all chnrch holiday *, was placed anong the order* of the day. A strong opposition la being orgmiied ?;aiuut th i law on tbe pir*?. Tbe director of the National has been sentenced to An# and imprisonment. tor bar<-ly ml dcrtpiionft Id tavorof a brother editor. On learning tbe melancholy intelligence of th) ui I III ill cir ItOUC! I OUMUeas WIS partially SU3fradt't. and aereriil Gistinguifhid Frenchmen, including M fluiict, left Pur is fur Loudon. to be prasent t bia funeral. Louia Phllllppe U said to be dying of cancer In the stomach, and Ills relations stale that his lift) caa ecarcely last a month longer. Th<> President ha* expired himself so highly patlafled with the manner in which Mr Uro? conducted the mediation of Frunee. in the Greek affair*, that he has mist d him tn the rank of Coinmaader In the natioual order of the Legion ot Honor Lt it era from Naples of the U-lrd., state that the English Mem to have abandoned the Idea of appearing at Naples The Kmperorof Russia hai signified to the President ot the Kepublic. tfcat the presence of U. de Preaaigny, at 8t. Petersburg. will be anything but agreeable 'I he mission of tbi? gentleman to the Huaaian (Jourt fails, tbejefore. to the ground. Thia sort at declamation U humbly submitted to. 8|Mln> A decree has been published in Madrid, granting ?'J 0,(Ki0 to the. Minlater of Mariue. lor building twe steamers ar.d the purchase of timber for eight mora v?m I*. The decree is iouuded on the augmenting ot the t>pani>h Navy, as demonstrated by the late event* in Cuba. Pruaala and Denmark* The 8chleswlg difficulty betweeu Prussia and Denmark, has been satisfactorily adjusted. Brown & Shlplsy'i Circular. Litkkpooi., July i, ISM The c )i l inut'd gl omy (.ec unti of the growing orop of cotton in America, hare produced a farther advance of )%i. par lb. la eur market, exeept in inferior (liialitlea, which are pretty Iretly offered and remain stationary. The salts amount to 00.050 balea. ol which 17.6W1 are on apeculation. a?d COJO for export; and lb? American descriptions constat of 13 IKK) Upland at ?S,d a 7\d.j U2"0 Orleans, at 6\d a K',4.; 6 7WO Alabama and Mobile, at C>,d. a 7??d . aud U70 Sea 1 Maud, st 1?1 a 17,',d per lb. The otfl'iial ^notations to day are 7?*d for lair Uplands and fair Mobile. 7*{d. for luir Orlean*, 7*, a lor middling quaiiiie* iu? import of the week if 37,000 bale*. The stock no* iu port Is eetlinatid at MO.000, being a dcop'toe a* coin Cred with la?t year at I tin rnma period. of 310 000 It* The ktoek of American in about Ai2 *<<H> bile*, or a decieaee in tbat dercrlptten <>( Ai'JOOO bait*. Kitract from Gardner A Co'a. Circular. Since our ia?t report there ha* been a growing ttrmnec* toward* ; wheat nnd although thu arrival* hare been large, an adranre of 2d per 7# pound* nuit b? quoted Wheat flour partake* but in a lee* degrea In tnla flrmne**.and advance. Indian corn, in the early part of the WNk wm very dull, but lia* oomewhat re covered to-day. and closed with buyer* at 27t. tor the boat J ellow. Markets. Amir* ? The demand Uexumelva?1 0C0 barrel* hare been dlrpoeed of, at 27* t>d a 32*. Hd. for Montreal pott, ami 2?w M a 20* fur Montreal peari* In lh??n aalenlUO barrel* pot* are Included ?old to arrive at 30*. a 31* . being an advance ot 3a. a 4* per owt , While the piii e of pearl* remain* d unaltered. Corn* ? The markit i* very firm, and higher r ite* are demanded. Flour tllghtly advanced, with aa increaned d-min<l Brown, Shipley ft Co. quote Weatern at IB*, a 24*.; I'hiindelpMk. in* , Baltimore. 2.U ttd . and *?ur IS*, a 21*. per bbl ; wheat, 6*. dd a tin 3d per ?n |ki , corn 25* a 20*. tor mixed. and 'M* bd. a 27* per quarter for white and ytllow. Wheat?A good burlnl-** at 14 a 2d advance. The growing crup* of grain continue promt*, lug. though the bavett may be rather later than the at rage of *ea*on* ,* are without any material change. Rate* are t?adlng downward. N*v*i. Dim Tki-lut transaction In turpentine were at b* H<l a f>* I'd per owt. About 1 Don hhl*t> common ro*iu have been ?old thl* week, at 2?. 8d per ewt.. and 500 bbi*. of Wilmington tar. at #*. 1 '<1 ptr bM On.*. ?Olive?moderate d. mand without change In price* Thrte I* an improved demand for B'-w pal- *eal at advanced price*; 3hti tun* *old at A"30 10* a jt':il b*. per tun Cod I* In modi-rate re,jurat. For 40 tun* iia*e?d. 31* I d a 34* perewt. wa* obtained. 6 tun* American whale reallxed iW per tun. I'ae* uiok* ? Beet unchanged. Pork dull Bacon In moderate d< mand, but na advanca Shoulder* turn at I late advance. liam* iu rather belter inquiry. l ard I uiKlid lid. litter. Tailow dull at lant week'* r, > ** 1 thuac? Cmall lot by the Atlantic aold aloirly tt 2+t. 7* Cd ; aid very diffloalt to more. H< oar ? Fair iIi-iiiiiI. prion M hlghrr. Ti a ? Good Inquiry eoMlnuea for e imtam to ipM description* ct black aad (rma at iropro*in< price# TLe nmrkrt being barely ?uppllid. operatl >n? are | Im.lUd Wool- Thr demand continue* good. but the mnrket I* ti ry araatily supplied villi mat kind* ?f f<>r?tga wool, and pricea bat* rather a tendency to airaaca I.i*car?oi Toa??i o ItrroaT.?The aalea thla month are 1M2 lihd? . ?U: ?'.? Virginia loaf; rUm'd; StO Kentucky Iral; IOC it. m J, auJ 4 Mary laml. t'e th* antral of th* A?l?. with account* of Injury to the crop rprrulatcra began to ? perat*. and nearly lk< vkvlt for nhIi tit tain vHlli i vwi, m <r>li a- a large proportion by the tritde. The whole at full |>riec?, una the market cloaca firmly. Shipping Intelligence. Ttr rwraHAran, Ja??SK -An Faaai M'ljaw, JfV'rk. ( o?u, Jul; ft? Art ll.-rm-.n ( ). Lrattree. N Vcrk. ? I tic. Ji Ij 2- Art ftiiu fprague, MVork; Aalwcrp, do; Tiiktova, do. pot t.a Jos* SO? Of. Andrew Tnti'r, NYork. I maul l m, Jrae .?? (T. K"mh??. fr> m > V'.rk. I (.taoa. Jrra 7A--Arr knrtl.a B?al?a. I ?.aai a<.?M>, July > ?Arr Alartln N Vnrk; All laa4, da. Im.roeT. July I?Arr l??p<>ld, Bi LttiNat, Juw V?Att rli?K*lk Keck, B"itna: W*h, Cpn.rlle, > Turk, A X. d?: Jalr lat, Wi?t Poiat, *e. I raaeea, 1 do; K a*e lluatrr, 4". Fitra flilae, d<; t'oa***. de; I" rwin. th. d<>: Adam Cair. do; 4th, Kauiprtta, da; Ilk, llualoa, ! ? Hada'tMa: I If ai Ilea, Jaa* I*?Arr g'lra Ban*. NTrrk. >t hrvaatai la, Juaa An faara W l/n4, Beaten. |(i t*ji?hi'?, Jaa* >? Arr St Muvlaa, Jtlnk, Harold, da; Hadaoa, ft. Tun , Jaly ??Arr Clatia. Thompeoa. NTnrk. eaar t?i I* awmaa. Caicvtta, May 14?Arr (inn, Beaten. Sid loth, Cartel. I Boa<un. i l'?rt orCMrUurr, Hay 17?J a port, D.amea?anly Am [ ?Mnl. itrrt uttnra, l.imaai t, Jmlf ?1The il a<ie|h?r*. for W*w T?rk. h?? pal hack, katle* a**a t inaaiMl oatbaMtaat. Too i ware 1111*4, two a aaked ***?kaard, ana aoreral othcra Mvaraly njartd. Owl- Itatil Cantapaiidanra. Km ratinro. May It, 1M0. 7\t Frnuh S'tntl Firtt la tkt Hirer The following I* a Hit of the Preach njuedrnn In tha Hirer I'lata. under rommaad of Raar Admiral La Predovr. rl? Frigate* Coaatltatloa. (lag ahlp) U ' gona. I'rmone. 46 guaa. Zenohie M gnaa. corretta Triumphant* Id guna, bark AairoUlt*. Ju, bilge Alclblade. 20 guna: Baaaard. 30 gaaa. Aloactte n guna; Panther*. guaa, at? amer< Prony, guna; Arehlmidaa, gana. tran?p<rte Meurlbe. Auh- and ICgerte Vl li<?rl of thla aquadron are l.iWtr>MH of thellaa, to garrtaoa Mnnt*rideo, ah"Ul<l Rotaa nut noma to terma with Ibe French eatoy. of wbleh there la bat littlo probability Admiral La I'radoa* haa bata la Ri*n?l Ayraa for th* laat moath. eadiarofiag to treat with hiwaa, bat the latjcr aaya he will not eattr lato nega tlatibn with iha French gorarnuii nt until IM wo'tpt ui on thtl/ way tc Pr*u?w liKodti r?i?0Mfof> an I,?Bt P' rtmm?A enrraap< r dant ot tha Datorlt TVttnw "I IHi'lik t??t . wrltin* fr< m Rult VI. Mirif, mj? Joha of thlt rll kt* jwt r>Urnd Iron Ikf Ttw llfwt rl??r. 70 Mllaa tr< m thta plaaa tod glraa thr |.a".lttl?r? of a r? mailable ph< nuau'Doi. which ha wltnataad About 11 a'rioak I* the day of tha link till . Mr ftpaliling't att- jtltm wan attr?Mad ItnrAi a alight agltatlM of th? watar uiar tha thora i.fth? frw flaarl rlw. ami ?cry aonn ha taw. wlthaari la? tha Itnd n.Mciily tlaa out ol ika watar a faw iod? fr?m tha h >ra and within ilnnn * throw ?>f hlmaalf Tha h?arh oppoalta wa? aire ralt?d up at Ik* Mm' t'ma to a baight ..f >or?? tatlw Iftl Tha new inland la round, and aSoiit IM f?? t In tlrci.talartaea. and I* rai?ail a bora Iha watar all fa?t. and the rlaa na the baarh which I* wlda at thta plara, It of ahoat tha ?n> tlaa and look* Ilka ahllloak of land. Tha o? w laland wai at Aratanrarad with raid and pabblaa. Ilka tha boltaat of tka laka. bwt tha waaaa lata daahrd o?ar It at?ra and waahed it dmra toa Mint >i?r Th. water wa* abaat ait teat ileap whara tha lalaad waa fntaad. and a boat kad pa?a>d n??t tha r?r? >P< t not lire Inataa bcfora tt? formation A fttrro4a ti< m tka baaoh. back no tha rUa of thagroond, a craat df^rtwlon at tka aarlk lank t iara at rataar habit aa tha t?phaa?li?f la tha watar. A otraaiar apnt of proaa*, .. n . :<I n d? -n rtrru*iferanra cr Tared w|th trae?. M addenly 'ut k down to 'he <t. pth nd SO faat h<-low tha *?tfara A numhar af Indiana. who vara >n'?nH fcear tkit plata. ana nrj much fright ana I at thla ttraape m?nit??latl"n of t he powar of tha Ur- at Ppl I ilk. ' aad S<d frntn lha plat? In fr. ot terror and eot?l? : Boi ka r?t??d"<l for ?"?atl?i' to rWt tha t*ot Nt tgUalloa ?.| tha aarlh or thoak Ot aol.a took plaaa. and tha aaata ma>t htra baan mnrh Va?? powwrlai than

tba laltrnal aoa<?1tlont of tha ea?i> that nally aaer wipany >woh ph>a?m?aa. and "tilt It l? worth? tha not lac and oatlderat lo* af gaatogtata aad aManttfta Inqiitr. r? artar truth, aad wa thtll kc aki<??4 fa* aar MdMlvfMl tartkalarii that will tkrww litkt im ij| ' H^ttt to ?> aay lalafrilai that wli) atpW^ fha MM MlMIl* I ill % > R K li FRIDAY, JULY 19, 1350. TELEGRAPHIC hTU LitM IKPnt T 1 HIT V IMI M \l l? <1 IVHTm i I u u I a 11 I invu n i km nm 1 EHD ?F TDK DEBATE 0* TUG AD*1881M op tub NEW MEXICAN DELEGATE. The ATebster Case before the Exerutire Gonncil. Proceedings of the tfcnute* lilMORS CONCERNING TUB CABINET, flee., ire., ?cc. THIRT Tf-E IRST COSCUK8S. 1MK3T SK8MO.N. Senate. nr mobsk's mlaonktic tkijcgrahi. Wamiinoioi, July 1$, 1S69. The reertittion to admit the editor* ef the Souikrm Prtu, wufcroupht up. Mr. IIalb, (ftM noil,) of NfW Hampshire,renewed hi* amendment as to the National Era. Mr. YvLt?: (dem .) of Florida, objeoted to the amund umi, IV unu| wermij pitprr; lie wmua 111>J1 It ho to admit the editor* of all the Washington dallies. Mr. Atchiso*. (dem ,) of MMsourl, opposed the rcnolatloa; he would restrict admission to official papers. If applied to tha Southern Prtu, why Dot to all the paper* In lb? coantry? lie moved that tba subject be laid on (be table, which wa* carried. The resolutions laying upon the table w>re all taken op and disposed of. The several resolution* of inquiry designed to bare a bearing upon the aetions of the late Executive being, on motion, laid on the table. THE OMHIBVS BILL. The Omnibas was taken up at 12 o'clock. Mr llrRTr.K addressed the Senate, In opposition to the bill, lie believed that, If Oongrex* pained it, they would rot Mud peace, but a sword. to the country, lie proceeded to consider the history cf the slavery agitation, and the aggressions upon the South. with a view to show that this aggression bad been increasiug and growing bolder, day by day. At the commencement of the session, the Senator from Kentucky (Mr. Clay) introduced a series of resolutions upon the subject of slavery, which were met with an universal burst af disapprobation by the Soath. A tew months bad passed, and a committee of the Senate bad introduced a bill infinitely worse tor the South then the resolutions and yet Southern gentlemen were engaged in supporting and urilng that bill with all their ability and energy. In the course of srme remarks, designed to show th\t the scheme of the ooniinittee was worse for the South, be considered Ibe fugitive slave bill recommended by them, contending thnt instead of giving the South a better law fbr the reclamation of fugitives, it made old law worse and more useless than ever, Mr. Vootil called Mr. llnnter to erder for iliseusiiing subjects ant connected with the bill under discussion, and iiielcti'd upon the point of order. ber?u?e he hid bimselt refrain* d from arsuinr the fugitive <.!?*? Mil and thought that, ar Mr Hunter well knew Northern peutlemen bad Hmi ready to allow Southern gentle- I Dm to iirttrni jurt tuek > bill mvouM ruit thi:m bat that th. y declined to avail themaulve* of the opportunity tli un offered The Pa?*n>?nT ruled tbat If the point wax lnil?tej upon. the Senator from Virginia muat confine bimielf te the bill under consideration, and not debate tba general auhject <m braced in the report of tho Committea. a# had been done daily during tha progrea* ot thii d> l-ate Mr Ruri ra Intimated hi* Intention to appeal from the dr< inlon ct the Chair, and proceeded to argue the appeal Mr Foot* Interposing. called Mr IIutier to order for (peaking when there *ai no ijuealion beforu the Senate. The PareirtRT ?The fcnatorYrom Ml?ai*alppl will take hi* Mt. Mr Foot* resumed hi* *eat, but rub*e<|u'ntly renewed the call to order, and InaUted upon hi* objection until the apptal from the teciaim ol the chair wa? takin Mtfrm Pirim#*, Cl?v, and othern appealed to Mr. Toote to ? ithdraw hla ohjeetlon to the courae of de. batepuriued by Mr. Hunter. Mr. Ko?tk positively declined and *ti hlmaelf called to order. for >l>tin( the reasons * hy h? so dcellued Alter turther conversation upon th* point of order, Mr. llrwi r* moved waived the di*cu -sion f f the otu-*ctlonahle tople, and proceeded with hit argument gainst the general bill, examining the various p 'iuix tande In It* favor and defending the uppotilloii wliioli he felt bound to make to It Mr Pooti. fallowed In reply to Mr llnnter'* remark* u|<>n Don-Intervention Tne Senator had defined non Intervention tube a simple leaving of tha ijueatlun ot rlaviry to aoll and climate-the It* of nn'.ure. He contctidtd thut non-intervention wti a principle operating In all ra-ee and at all ticae*. and after iradluc eatract* fro? Mr Calhaun'* apeech to show tne Vu< m> anltig of non Intervention, went into j an argnntest to ?bow that Southern Men who opposed j the bill we re demanding and contending f >r lnterr?o- J tlon to protect slavery, alluding t* the *pirit of dil j uni"n 1 Mr Da?ia of Mla-la?lppl lot<rp?i>iog. nxkrJ hlo> if f hi it** ol aay at?uul< nlat? Mr. Koon Id wflj. Merred to th< maatintt li?1<l in 8<>utli Carolina on tl.c fonrth of July, who** pro. ra?dirga hiif l? n puMlibrd In the CnnrWatou M.r- I nop. rLaiictrriiing thoac u?utiD|? a* dlauulon iu<wttaM. Mr T>*?ta. in rejoining, ?al?l ha kna* not * alngla 1 dlrutilonlit In the fitln- Houth Mr Kiot? Mid hr illd know totch, and r*f*rr? I to It. Ilarnwi II ItbHt. who fotmarlya rapraaentatlva In I'MirM*, til i.i w mukinir dhukiii apeaahaa In tba aoulberti country. liaproc*ad?d with much warritth and ii< notl pointed language to rebuke deuounrt-1 *?TJthiajr, eterjbody, and eratj rat. whUh. In hU ><plnk>n, baa any Imdmrr towarda dlauulon l|? did not dealgn to it; anything again>t lb* Nnhrllb Convention l?a? It. but to vindicate It from the oilitim which ha feared would reat upon that b"dy. In rn?n. qu?i,<*a of the n il of Individuate who alt* nd-d It In >1 Irlt ?f dlMirlon end wha aa It had not the effect d<-'r?d. obj?cleJ. and wt Kt breathing di-anion and ruin over the country Mr lit ii ra btl< fly replied.Intlmallegth\t Mla?l?alppl amid not ?uataln Knot* In th? po-llion which h> had mmmH nlmtW] ?. re mtotoMwi Uw i||mI and elation In a hlch they would auhmit to any and avery wrong. He maintained that Pouih t'ar< Una wm ! aa loyal a? any other Plate lath* I'tlm; but having ( aiarkidbtr tttm, wm prepared t<> follow It to tha , ei 'I Mr Foarr denied that ha had aald aught a?%lnat Pouth Carolina a# a Plata. or lapugnad h -r honor la 1 tha Itaat degraa | Mr llin aaid that Mr Font* had M?*(tlfd a n?w phaae In Ilia qiMtioa t? day la all tha apearhaa I made heretofore all tha aaltatkm and tr ntW? waa atttibat?d to I ha miearahl* fanatical aholltlontat of tha North to.lay. the Penator au^woatna the** abolitloalata lo ha deep and aace talnad tba a?itatloa of tha South. h? waa glad '.hat tha ?c?lea war* hartanlng to fail from lha eyea of Penatora ar l that Poathara nan at la?t had diaaovered aherw tha raal ?aat of tha dlaeaaa la Tha aparchaa rade hy tha gavitleiaea to-day had lad Ma to hop* for what ha had never atpealed bafora, Ikat ?om* good waa ta grww oat of thla aeven a on tha dl'cueeton. Alter additional dl?eaealon between l>avla of Mlaa , ard Fcote which waa brought hy fwdn'i call In orihr i for travelllag oat of tha raaarda, tha qaeetloa waa . atated Mr Hr?TB?r oppoead tba ameadmen' and tha qaea- 1 , tloa brlag taken. waa rajaated yaaa. at?; naya, M lha quMtl'Xi waa than atated upon Mr. Foola'a aeeoad amendment Mr. Rian aald ha daatrad If pnaalhla. ta havatha lull pat la auch a rbapa aa ta J??tlfy bim la voting for It. Aa M now ataade tha hill did a<>t oaa thing aor tha otbar Thcra waa aothlag In It. aa a wh. la. which ahowlil laad Boat hara ai?n ?o glaa It chair aupport Tha aaia?da??at naw umtar aoaatdarailon am oaa tad to juat nothing at all. It propoaad that Canfraaa ahoald f <rm j a tjaw Klata oat of tha tarrliory of California at aoiaa flit lir* (( lib tka a nna* > t n# iKal a*A*? U aa/?k m pomrr wan alraady fruited kr npf?M tar??? In tba rrnatltallna Ha urn) to am*!)'! tha am ??d???nl by rtrlblBR oat *11 ?ltrr tba wnrd pmMril and bwrtii| tba Mlowlof Tba b?ai<tfary nf tba Mat* aball ;ba a* Mlow*, ?cn> n?r? iir oa tba faetllf Of fa* at lb* 41ni nf n?*lh latHnda. llonN with th? nitkrra boundary Han n( Ik* territory ( -n tkr ??mialt n? tha (flarra Rr?lte, lk>ir? aJf>a? th? ?r?l nf that winlaln to t'^trt ?bar? It Intaraoet* lb- pa rail?I of latltuda 3* N Uifar# with laM parallel to lb* I'actflr fV*aa Mr. Kmmi Ibnt ylaldad lo a iao?ton fr>r a.ljnwrnmnat. and will flat* kli oSj?<-t(nn? to norro*, to tba bill Tba Inali tb?* a^Jvirard llaaa* mf Hayraaanf <1 t?. T RAIN'a KUECTftO-rNKMtCAI. * ?< ? ?Ukl*. Wiwmm, Jttly It. Il'i* Mr. Runa, (d?m ) af Maryland o(f?r?d a raanintlo*, wblrb * *? ad' pt?d. rUlli| o? th* Praaldaat of tba l att?d fltataa to aoaiaiaataata what oriar nf praaadaa<!a ainng army and ???y dltfn rboald ba tabllaSait Mr'Jotiaaoa. (data.) nf ikrkanaaa, aald tbat m bnal?*? bad baa* tal an from tba tpaakar labia al?a? U?a Wb nf May laat M?ny bill* af iMpnrtMea irara I bat#, ahlrh nn?bt ta ba t*fcvr?? j a?d ba tbat It ba Iom Ma baard '1 ao otyaattoa. Mr W>?m?T. (traa anil) nf Panaaylraal* ?I Mr. JaHaaaa Ton objaat ? W. U. I atpaatad It? (lMfbtar ) Mr. St*na>:. (4?m ) nf Panntylaanla. inoaad that tba Mo?aa an iato < oaaliua nf tba Whota an tba Mat* af 1' that aton Tba tml? ti* ?gra*d In, a ad tba mart af tba C'bMltbi af MuNm, miKl?| tba Maftta iro? [ERA y fi ' * ? * ''. New Mcxic", wax taken up The question p tiding was the resolution of th? majority, that It la Inexpedient to admit Hugh N. Smith an a delegate from New Mexico, to which the minority had offered an amendment that Mr. Smith be admitted. and this wan amended by adding ' for the Thirty first OougroM, provided, that by such admlsiion the House 1> u?t to be uoJ rstood as rxprr??iug an opinion reistlea to the o?nilntirg boundary claim brtweun New Mexico and Texas " Ur. UHarw, (den ) of MissAwvt. mored to atrlke ont tb? word* "a$ a delegate." us Mr Smith was not elected by the people and "(leWg'tM'' iu?| 1..1 repreti-utatire The House could give him a re at by courtesy, end be la to be an honorary member by courtesy. the art of hdmij.hion, hola entitled t* pay a* nil lean- .i? n member by the simple rote of tbe II^us", when the constitution says no money ihull be drtwa frjm the treasury, except in pursuance of law. Mr. ('as11h, (di m ) of Ohio. c< ntended that a* New Mexico preferred her municipal organisation. she has a higher claim than Oregon ar Minnesota to representation. becau'u her population and Interest are greater. The gentleman talk* about courtesy, lie should like to know by what law delegates are reoeleed, and by what authority they are deprived of a vote. It was becaute there was no constitutional authority to bestow it. Tbe amendment of Mr. Sweetie*, (dem.) of OlUo, providing pay, was ruled out. t Mr. UaXEN. (dein I of Missouri, onanud the rid spoke %gain?t tb? admi?Hwn. M .iwri Cahikr. (ilem ) of Ohio, and Duer, (whig) of c New York, were In favor of it. , Mr. Bitut, (dem ) of South Carolina, replied to Mr. . Duer. The di-bate whs continued by Messrs IIolmki, 1 (dem.) of South Carolina. Brnoon, (dem ) of Virginia, i and Wcoi'WinD. (dem ) of South Carolina, againat ad- , tniaaion. Mr. ("km m l. (whig) of Ohio, wu in favor of It. 1 Mr. lUtir, (dem ) of Virginia, renewed n pio forma i amendment to strike out the word* it* a delegate." and refnwd to withdraw, whioh gave rise to a scene. Mr. Di kr (whig) of New York said, that delegate* bare their seats by virtue of c-n?titutionnl power to d make needful rule* and regulation* concerning the territories. There i* no othur power. The llouae could admit a delegate from New York or Philadelphia, or from a torelgn country, to appear here aud represent p certain Interest*. They ran admit any one. Mr. lli'RT, (dem .) of 8. C. Raid In reply, that the ant of Congree* ?f 1817 provide* lor delegate* who claim 11 seat* under ordninuce ol 1787. or who shall appear from territory extabllshed by act of Congre**? tli.?rr?- g( fore, no delegate can be admitted except by law. Messr*.*, Sikdo1*. and Woodw*hi> ?in five S minute speeches, opposed the admWiion of Mr Smith. The latter contended tthat he color of title to the territory is with Ttxaa, who claim priority, and that the Cnlted State* gevernmtnt ought to put down the insurrection in New Mexico, instead of aiding and abet- W ting it now. di Mr. I'owill, (dem.) ?f Va.. aaid, the territory haa been acquirt d. and gentlemen lay the conRtitution 1* " silent as to admitting delegates. This i* aa much a* to aRRert we ran acquire territory, but not control it. The right to lrglslutu. 1* the right to acquire information. Mr. Hoi.mks, (dem ) of S C . entered Into a brief argument to fho* that Texas never had a tit la to the " disputed territory, but sha ha* It now. because the I nlted states Attorney has prosecuted and obtained . it from Mexico for her. Tbl* exclude* the United State* from disputing the power of Texaa. Mr. Si Ronti, (dem) of Pa.. Raid the question was N simply, whether the House will receive Mr. Smith, under present clrcum'tances. What Is to be gain id by endeavoring tn put amendment on amendment, und " thu* prevent action by the House lie trusted they would vote on the quertioa. and dispose cl It In half an hour. The qiicftticn wm then taken on Mr flrtfn'i amendment, and it waa rejected -Aye* ti7. nay* H5. Mr. 8ik*Bfti. (whig) ol Va . offered an amendment to to the commit tee'* ru*olutlon. r 0 a* to declare It expe- U client to admit Mr Smith Tim kll lUl Ml MINI gt advocate* on thi* foor. New Mexico, who 1* equally intt-reeted ha* nobody on the floor apeeially, to adro- ' cute her rut,!- Are we to |ry the queatiox rr pti it b V e allow coun/el tn *h? common malefactor. 1'h? ^ 01 It question la, ahaU the delegate be heard here in the trial of a great uuealion ' Shall th? example of ' Khadamanthu*. the judge of bell, be followed, w bo tl condemn* without a hearing ' , Mr M?*d>:. (dem ) of Virginia. opp?*ed tha admiaalou of the delegate a- It would be in violation of law r and the ?on?titutUn, and no good, but evil. wo ild j nnM, Mr Tavi.oa. (whig) ot Ohio adverted to the nlotU ] article of the treaty with Mexico to ahow that pmt.eetlon ol right* and privilege* of American clttien* w%* to be aectired aa aooa aa poaalhie : tbeu why 4el*v to admit the delegate! The treaty U the -u pre me b* i ?nl cannot be diaogarded , Mr Hitxtin (dent ) of Te?ne*ae?. eentended (bat the ailmi*aion ol the delegate mereiv wa* not the way 1 to acemn the* right*. The people bf New Mexlc > did pot eelcct him to r preaent tin la To admit him wauld be n dangerou* precedent 1 Mr. Ilow<an, (dem ) ofToxxa. replied to Mr T*ylor, and mid It waa not trne that there la any ennte't between New Mexico and Texaa and that the right* Mentioned in the treaty wen- t" b? aerurwd at the , 1 proper time It waa evident a territorial goverutnrnt waa anticipated Mr Tl'ci, (free anil) of New llimpahlre, gave rea1 *on* why the debate ought to rloae, one of which waa 1 that the object bad b?en under debate three days. 1 and bo probability of changing the view* of member* Both aide* bare been heard The opponent* <>t the delegate nad occupied all the tine bat one hoar and a half. I Mr Fiaat li . (dem ) of nilnol*. farored he idml?- , aloa <1 the delegate. and regr. tied exceedingly that Texa*. or ber repreacntativee.'ehiuld eoaatrne the eon- ! dnct ol tboae wbo vote for adaiiaaiou, a* hoe.iUty to ! I ber 1 Mr lite a' aew, (dem ) of Oa . o?poer#nd?U*l?>n The qiieetion waa then takes ontbe amendment of Mr. Meade to adult the deli gate at the prjper time, whiih waa leji clad Mr tlo*.w?* (dem \ of Indiana, offered an amendment. provided tbat aald Mr Pmith haa resided within t | tlie in nmlarlea M New Mexico and mad* a ap-'ech. t | Mr ToiiMM*. (ahlg) of lia., oppoaed the adui<a*ion of . I (he delegate Mr Pi r* aimply meant that ha nnfpfl Intjlrr Mr. ' ."roll) th< rlybt to ?lt tirrx und mldn-ea the ll<with 1 ; r?f?rar re to the nffalrn of Sn M?**lrn. 1 Mr. Tiioairania. (dem ) of I'a refr<-ttf I that h* would ! ba?e to vote arelnet tbla ad Dilation llf w mid not rob# rra>a? be |iieatlooa now a#ltatlr(: thf/nn-it-jr aa<l brjed to ??e tbrm f atiafattorlly arltlid lu 11m- cuurar ol two rrnnlba Mr At i m n okr In favor of. aod Mr Milliard againai i the aatniireli.n. Mr. t4i??Tn*. of T?inww. off?red anl amendment, daelain ? flat II N. foilih be admitted to a eeat. ha b?tr* i la-rtrd by lloti*a> delegate* from N?t Merleo, | tber nit havlna rhoeen one f> r th'maeleea Lleuteu i aat 1 a) be aatd. railed togftb* n ineteen Ml Ma rMm.IlM u4 IHati of tb>a t1nt?4 Mr faith, te r(M li>rr to arp tbr rriatliw of territorial govern- , u>?nt II* ?a? mteleewd by the |>?op|e Mr Mittnaa aaiaadamt <u n ixtnl Ayea, &7, I No-.. | Mr Bowir (whip) of Md . offered an amendment, admitting Mr l>iulth to tbr floor aid allnvlif hint* , adilteeaihe llouaa ru all 'uSjei-ta refern d to by tba I t>nvrni 'on whtrb rlratH btai and he advocated It JMe??r * > MM an.l |? MMM i>ppo??4 admlaetoa I Meaera Ji.nh A Km. and Hi n aa, of fena , adaO- 1 rat<4 It. Mr Mm area, (whl? ) of Delaware. rail tkat the Bret | ilrltftta frrm >ba Northweat territory. Wm II. Ilarrtaon. wee rlftH to rntfn<i l?y a ei'imllni, and tbla w?? a fri d jr?r?d< ?il < Mr JoHftMft, (dem .) ol Arkaoana. mM that Mr Pmlth waa born mi l ralerd In lb* South but having V?blWb> d a fnwi ?boll lion pamphlet. he la to ba aup- ' I i.rtrd by >om? gentleman na tbla rr?and and he read from tb? Journal Ika namat nl tboaa *l? ratal | ayalnat Mr flblrl a* delegate from Mlnneaotn. Mr Hot wtns? My purpoee I* to rota for tba ad ml a- * ?' n of t b ih legate Mr JxHaaov? You rotad for f lhl?y, I apprehend that t frntlrert who have changed their (raail saa (Ira to tba ronnlry their raatoaa for doing eo Mr Hia?n i. alrrply wlahed to My that bla vote j votll ant be Inflmaeed by tba eonelilerntlon men- j .i + w_ aa. i.l_ w- ii i-.i .i ik.i tk. " a<ta<i>alcn of tba dalafata wowid laad I? tlfll Mr Ha | j- -urh *nnM ha I r?*ult one tl?? BO- | iHlni ha an abolition a?<?n?iil I Mr ft naara tiltnrtlfil lk? aloatlon of Mr. flmltk. , rid jnat ifird hia ?ota a?aln?t Mr BiUay m d-la(ala | f,"? Mtt.naaote f Mr Caoaaa aupportad Mr. Tana h la* mra4?nl. Mr lai.r ragiri to be rrt<l tilrarU li?? , T?fi>|hl?t to tha paopla In Hew M'ltao t?llia?ih?tB , I th? If ?n< aita* wara ?n-|IH epaaulator* of tha flotrth. | and edalalr ( Ib?wi U> fora a lUla mwIIUUdi, iu4 , Ill'trrdirt aloaa^ Further iW?a?? an??ad on an aaiandmant effarad by Mr hart providing that If eald faith aHall gat ad miitril hr * hail takr no part la tb* daSataa of tha H< a? >ihI ahail not b? aatltlad to the pay or llaaga llnwrd by law to a dalagate froa? ?T>rtltor; Thla wee illH|r?<4 to. M to ti The qnaatlon au takrn on tha anvn.1m?nl to tha nlfital rtMillllot. Iliit II teetpadlaat to admit Mr. Pailth ltd an derided la th? atfalita ajH U. era * . Mr Rk*I> a*a*la?al van r>)>ff?l The ijweetlo? irr?rt>4 Ilia fnl|owtB||. aahaMtatlng frr tha original rawlKltit that Math N Pmlth ba ad1 mltirit to a at in Mte Hour aa a delegate iro? Haw I Maaleo for tha 1 hlrty -f rat Climi, aroaldrd that by 1 aarh admlaaloa thla llowae ia i.ot to ha andeeatrod aa empreeelag an? opinion relative to tho raalieting boundary la??a (law Metlea an J T? *o?. It war rejected M to * -and lh? original reeola ' II. n that It la laeipedlaat llash N Rmlth. *'1 . to Mtl. m a drltpta iroM Raw Mrxleo. wu greed to-ayaa W?, aa;a M Tha rnmaitttea roar, whan Mr. PtaoMa mo?. d the pr? a low* qaeatloa >o tha ad alio* of tha reaAtaiinaa.* Mr. it*****, of renaeyl*aal* meted that Ifcelinaae Ijonrs tleeldad Immediately- ywa, & : na?a, ltd Mr Caawn.i. wxrod * oaU of tho Koaaa. Negatived - ??to ??. Mr K fowl a a ainaad that th* ff*n?o adjourn *%d ?' '| Barter of Ira, tha air Una praaallad ftlltlllrt Bohhary. heatea. Jaly M. I?M heaeaer R I akaaian a atora *?< hmhoa lata I oat night Tha iafo waa Www* opra wttb g?npowd*% aid rofctrl 0t |*ll watch*r he . t* th? njw W t\om |; I. D. TWO CENTS. Th? Cut of Pro feasor Wcbctcr, die. Bull on, July IS, 1850 Th? bearing of the ?h of Professor Webster U now >rnceeding before the Council. The petition*, oontainng about 1710 unnrJ, praying for commutation, ren< |>reM>nted one being from Sacramento, 6tl, ignedby K. Chwiw, Attorney Un?nl, and thirtytin* others, formerly of New Kngland. Mr. Allsh, of Salem. produced a pleoe of grapa viae, rith knot* on it, with the view of showing that, la tk* land* of an incensed man. It might cause death by oaa low. It wa* a formidable looking weapon. Mr. 8rrAK remarked on the influence of capital >unishinent. in tha prevention of crime, and argaetf hat it had no surh influence. While he wa* thus engaged, he was Informed by tha Chairman that what he said would be in order btfora he legislature, for the abolition of capital panlsbncnt, but that It wa * not so in the present instance; or the Council had nothing to do bat to oarry out tk* aw as it exists. Mr. Srris continued and spoke at some length oa he crima ot Dr Webxter. and contended that although )r. W'ebtter had confessed the crime for which he wa* ionTicted. it did uot follow that he committed it; and upported his argument by a oase which occurred la lermont, where a man confessed to a marder, and yet he man who wan supposed to be murdered made his ippearance. lie also referred to Pearson, who is sooa ,o be executed; and concluded by dwelling at soma ength op the degree of credit to which the confeasloa ras entitled, arguing that it entitled the prisoner to a ommutation of punishment. Other speakers, among them the Re?. Samuel Brl?lecourt. addressed the Cuuaoil, at aome length, la ?Tsr of tba prisoner. The dec! iou of tha committee has not yet been mada ublic; but it is. without doubt, against acommutatioa, nd the condemned, it U said, has been ialormed of bis fact. An attempt was also made to get a reprieve for Pearan, who la to be hanget on the Mth Inst., on tha round that bo 1* lnrane. SECOND DSSTATCH. BoiTor*. July 11, }*Mti The report of the committee on the cue of I'roteaaoc rebeter, will not be made publlo to-day. There la mm oubt entertained that they unauimotuly eonour la fusing to stay the eentenee of death. Amu re In Wakhlngtan?The Cabinet. W4?hinuto!?, July IS, ISM. There is no n*w cabinet yet. The old cabinet *V Lick thin week out. Next Monday, we expect Preeident Fillmore to ie*4 meeaage to Congreea, on ilarery. lie i? taid to maintain OldZaek's poaiilon respecting <w Mexlc*. The Compromise men repudiate the idea of Mr Iflalrnp for Premier, Mr. \\ ebetcr. they eay, In the only man. The Storm at Baltimore. Baltimore, Mil., July 17?10H m. A tremendoua (torm h?? prevailed here all day, ui l now more terrific The wind hae Increaaag to m troeg gab*, and if blowing from the Southeaat Tha teamir due from Norfolk at I o clock thia morning, at not yet arrived and iodi uneaalnea* preeafla for eraafety. The bay la eaceedlngly rough. Tha tida i unoaually high, and la oeertt iwlng tha w liar re# hereby doing considerable damage to tha atreeta, ibleh are thoroughly flooded with rain. There era iow roma appr?h? nalona entertained that tha ahip>lng will ?et eacaj e injury. Kflccta of the Slorua In tha IMtwara II a jr. I'NiKNirHu, July H-MK P.M. Tha at earner Itubeit Morrl*. wlilca Ian here tbia noiniBfT for Cape Mi;, when within twenty luilea >f the laland. had to put back to Wilmington fee *(aty. owing to the atorrn Tha Delaware rlrer and bay are exceedingly roagh. Tronei.iloita Rain torm at Phlladalphla* ruiLtuKLrHia, July II?1<|^ P. M. Our elty baa been tidied by a treniendina rata >torm which commenced at noon thia day. and la ?tUl p- ui laig down In torn nt* M ind aouthe ?l l>?alructlve t'rtahrl. Ai a?n, Juty II. IUO Tlf-re la a great flood In the Mohawk Hirer. Tha Bipreea train, due htre at eijbt o'clock ia detained at I Ilea. In eonee.|U? nee of the track being aia leat uitdee eater. 11 mlji-e eaat of thai place Kg ?, ouat of th? Jan age done to the canal baa yet b?ea r-->etee|. bit hi re ba* ondouMedlj u<n ?< much damage don* aa >y the atiao we bag aeek before Iflat (ana4l?n l'at llaaaaaent. ToaotTo, July II, 1IM The ot the tulnUtry pr<fie- te red see hair on cfflcial aaiariea to the fulloeing rate* .?The W( Att-tneja Oen> r?l. >3.<VXJ ca?h; I'rortn <1*1 Hear*aty. C< gmlMtouer ?f Public W?rka, and Keoeirer [let era). |3 tH.ti each; the two Mol'eltnra Oen- al $1 i >0 i-a< h. A <el*tkbt 'outlfci-eloner of I'ublln W >ttu, |i,IM puaniium. _____________ Telagtaphk. tlarlne tie port a. oeroe, fill M. Jlrrieed?Sblj Art". c?l''"fa. March 2 v a pi . ia, let a . ? n, 1' n m it i., ir'kt at!'. It Paieral.t|?g. fr in xatta )'<r m'lltua.auit ceUO>>. lajr 17, It: li m i n ti >i k, i oka ibip Harjr ai.rv f al << ia i t ii - , vi, u? 14 la ?, l?a ji?, aaa abir Viitea. luatm fr ,m h m ?t, M if. T?ra?, Taiki lei. aoa, July 7tk, left ari? KiohBoad. |i ih. ? <??? Iiark Aaar >a I I. lay ?.Vh, br,< Aaa M ir'i H ',N - I >.< fci|>.r?|i. l'.,,, ra. J >1/ mh; fcallt a..n Phllatelr*!* Mr t bat < (jibbe. Itattim* ra. Helew. au.p "N.rth Baal," rr ? ? all alia. pilei v a? i i qaette, alia afi?r??ia, a? <v |g tallaa, nw lb>? jldil, II ll' i a.l'T It r4e>n f. i S \ ,v rlaaiail- H?ika I UnWI, liHitlitr: il-- alaa. Hi Ja?a; btija VaMalia Call' ala , mi *. 1 Hi lt??, ftaa J' * . ' Xaatba* Uhittwr. X Ul Fm?>i, I rftnr !#*'< ; ?>< aan, Hilt iu .??. I P r?rk aa I . .. W.r? n??rr Cwrit*. UilMriailt, Put. adalf I ia. K >aa? Bar Ma'a. > ) rk 1 Iknttk, Jm'f Mb Arf*ra4?*ri?a *?!???, Tnrti lalaaA, Hiowt, m4 Vo> ?atla. M il 'br? .'mi l, Mid J ,Un H*u4 >1 uk, 4a. L'l?l * '.r farah Naab. rhlladaipfcia. Fa 1.1. Inn, id> l?. Arrltad-Bchra Orrfoa, fi rt Wal UJ, F vataia. Jaa<< Rlrar. Wow Hmri'itn, ia If IT. ArTitad-fc-l.r f?a? ar Joraa. Raltim >ra f-r W ?r-'iaoi. Aid wkt llfari Clay, Alfcaaj. Hi fikilc, to H>Ua, *1 rk. Jntt IT. Arrlrad? B?l* J'?uk. NTark: HknTiw. aal Pariaa* I*. CM trt( I'oUai. far ( Pl<ni>am, /aIt IT. Arrlrad-Mir Po*"?aha, Aalfclk - r Faaai-n. V?tI *11 aabra Ilalimara. * - Hi..??. ?'h 'la l?Ia>^ aa I'll ira K ?'ra, All-aaj. !<> ? Bara, 4?; U U l?a?ia, k?. lolpii. lai n. Jalr IT. aailad? Brig ifaaiitoa. Africa, aahr Ffc?Ka kuw. PViVlalpfcia. _ __ _ Tub lata Il??. M*th??i?l l<i?ai TH? Hal km Maw ) U*?rt!r. of lha lath Inat , apaaklag of Ilka lata taihani.l ?n-b??. klr * b-g*nhn iftat tha breaking owl ol lha Frm?k r*rot?i|?n and b- ?a?ral ?ar>ar? In whlrh all W-ir-.p.. h^aaoia.K-tlad At ihla fiimraWa point nl tlrna Mr A hirlit ini-lird ku Uia ol at o?? of oar kml prtra'd rb?. ta Of Inatrixt'l'.n undar tha R?r Dr Collar nf lk?llli'* and baring ?liai4n?n| Ikr a >ll>gtata r uin* ot ?hlrh ha bad b??n pr?parr4 and b- n lal'ta'?d kin tha lomu ?l bu?m< ?? an I lha kiKtMp of til* "anting mo* ha ri|init la t h? aoaplny of nan of n?r oat rktfiprlalai atari-hanta lla?k?t l>?rkr K* \ tha aadrr of tha rangoard nf India adrantora At llko kffoofIA b? ambark-d on lha aaa of fortuaa a? alark A narahaat na?iI <?n hla aa?t rovaga h- Inak p? nnand of a, an I haf .r? b? arrtrad to tha ago r*f tl ha railed for tha Koat laltaa In a raaaal wnlrh. at tl i? day ??ald aaarralj ha d< ' tnad anl-.aMa for a rr.amng arafl uneupprrvd. a^thnit th* tmpr>??4 nantlral Inatraifianta a?. I arl? tie# wbl?h n-?o ?i*il?ar rally pr??all Iruatlnf r-tily to hla daad r-^li >nla< hla r)a? aailbiahaad n ? nna na hoard having atta.a?4 (|> tb? aga <1 hla awji'Mty l|? aarrod aaor-a?|r.|? aa r?^?a?n.t??lra In f>?r ^tata l.agl.latara a* taamb-r o| i agraaa ft>r all jrwr* aa Mata |an?inr orar whl?h M) ha fra?ldad. and aa Hmter in Unairaaa for nlao y<a?- altl hi nor to hlmaalf. and att'fartlon ta hM r natHnantf laall ar lamarrlal gnattlnna vhiah bt? tn?m??l?oa l? in* r*r?.M?ratIon of Ooafraaa^ kilo ai< ?it?r of totkkouaoa in man opinion vaa moto ?oackl tor and in tra jnitl; rooportad ftirtmi* Cotrn Ooom m Bnimi Mxnt TW Manafart urll| <'natp?ny IiwatrH at villa. Ala kaa r. fatly >nW ?aaof*otnro<< a* ikolr <kr?nry. lo Ikla mark?t a ad al*o la Nov X" k Tk? r??wl? aro of unarv of lh? kad taUil OatihCff* Tho ftloti'ir at wkl?-h thay vrv mail* W ?* ! vrroaaf'il nporallaa. ?nl?Mk???n4la( Iko Matt ?rl?o ( rntloa . aad Uat 7**r tba ?.a4a ? dioidond ?f por ooat Tko? haw i??1> ?>t|. 4?w4? a* tare* u ? p?r ??l Tha M?r| kaa K la ?p? ratl?? >I?W )W I* >* ? kf Mr P?vM *entl. ?k? ? alan Ik- largoal aWar.fc .l4of. 4 ?k? laa? ?.-ar ?aaoo4 ott#?a|va aAlhlxa. to Ka ma<t> te ?k? w>?<*kl?o?y aad building. Tho ?no<t< ara oM la tkla rMy ky o? <-f tka largvat hr uaaa la hall rtl?n -(lki'ai TtaroKor Jafy It. .lark llarrl*. ooa?lrW4 In Roato*. ak*4?idaif Lf Vt faVa hl? mT'*** * rMMit JMt* 19 ?9^> 2 vr