Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 19, 1850, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 19, 1850 Page 2
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KEW YORK HERALD. JA1KI UOHDUII HENNBTT, mePMCTOR AND EDITOR. rriCK M. W. CORNER OF FIT.TOJI AND NAS8AU ?TS. THE WEEKLY HLkAl.D.miy Saturday, at i\ cent, per ?0fy, or $3 ptr iimim; lAt Kuroptan t*ptra??mm A# U4 iiul< the moitiigm, i Hti i*?u- ? HkKALD, 1 Mnli *?r copy?$7 per imm nl ALL LETTLkS by i?au, t?r ,uO?cripn<m. ,*r wm Mnr V^r^.riJty COKMMMPOSDKSVt, Pffalwfciilwpiilaii nowm. tutirMrd from any quarter of Ou world , l/ u**J, wtU to tlrr,!Jiu miid for. HO SOTH F. I"krn of inu*ywwu? omuiMcodMi. HT? <i? mot return rrjrrtrti lomn unicutiam. ADVLKTISLMKM'* revered every mornnng. AMUSEMENTS THIS EVBNINU. OrBKA -CASTLE GARDEN? L'lum i/Amobb. OWIRT THEATRE, Bowery?The Dbvnbabu?Ilorrun a?o thi Bandit -tub 81-itfibk. NIBI.O** GARbBN. Broadw*y?Ibi.and or Jiwiuh boa lull vm Uauk. NATIONAL THBATRB, ChkthMB Chabi.u II? K?v ro be Dobb?Biv Ir Dcab?Mi* Amir rows. CHRISTY'S OPERA HOUSE, Maebiaios' HbU-Btwonam Huktbxuy. OLYMPIC, Bbo*dw?y? Pibbcb'* Miw?tbilm. AMERICAN MUSEUM?Ami'iino PsBPOBMabcm AftbB?00? AID evknins. MINERVA ROOMS?Panorama or CAi.iroBwiA. H?w York, Vrldiy, July 10, IIIMf Ttlrgrapblc Sniumary. The question of the admission of the delegate from New Mexico, was the theme of discussion in the Iiou?c of Kepresentatives yesterday, to the extlui-ien of everything else. As will be seen by the j-eport of the proceedings in another column, the matter was decided in the negative, by a vote of 1r2 to Mi. Under the circumstances, this decision was ludicious. The admission of Mr. Smith as a delegate, would be a recognition to a certain extent of the boundaries claimed by New Mexico, but whk-h are disputed by Texan. Until that dispute be settled by the coni|>etent authority, it would be ini|ioliiic to admit Mr. Smith. We have nothing to say about the debates and arguments relative *o paying the delegate his mileage. We will leave that to our Fonrierite friend of the Tribune, who sees in the mileage business a matter of as great importance as the maintenance of the Union, r the complete reorganization of society on the Fonrierite plan. The case of Professor Webster, it seems, was before the council again yesterday. If we are not very much mistaken, his friends Jjave done him more injury than service. We shall see to-day or to-niorrow what the result will be. The late hour at which we received the remainder of our telegraphic intelligence, precludes us frviu commenting upon it more at length to-day. Highly Important from Europe? Probable War with Portugal. We received, at a late hour Inst night, a synopsis et one week's later intelligence from Euroj>e, by the steamship America. This vessel was detained onsiderably by a fog which prevailed off the coast of Nova Scotia, otherwise we would have had her eus earlier. The news by this arrival is exceedingly interest, big and important in every point of view. Our affairs with Portugal have assumed an alarming aspect. There is every reason to believe that a collision between the United States and that country is not improbable, to say the least. It seems that a peremptory demand for the claim against Portugal has been made, and that twentycm days were allowed fur a fiaal reply. The denaiid was backed by the American squadron, so that if, at the end of the period named, there be aot a satisfactory answer, the American squadron will, according to all ap|?*arttnces, proceed to ztremitiea. We will, probably, hear of stirring sew* from that quarter before long. England has lost one of her greatest, if sol her greatest statesman, by an accident? we mean Sir Robert I'eel, who was killed on the twenty-ninth of June last, by a fall ftotn a horse. This calunity is one which not only England, but the whole commercial world,especially the United States, bus reason to mourn over. To Sir Robert Peel may, in a great measure, be attributed tlia great commercial reform* which have ultra place hi Kngland within a few years. Ac h statesman, he bad f?w equals and no superiors. The hnglish Ministry have sustained anoth-T deflteut iq the House of Lords_but we hojie that no >ore notice of it will be lidbii than waa the case mi a recent similar occasion. If the ministry will bold off as long as they are (nicked by the Commons, aiid if they should be supported by that body, the moral effect will be tremendous. In Mt h caw the Lords would virtually be a nullity, ami it mi^ht prove to be an important atop toward* depriving the aristocratic brunch of the legislating of all weight and influence in the government. In a word, it might lead to a peaceful revolution. that would be attended with gigantic consequences. Id a commercial point of view this news ic of (treat importance to the United .States. Our bouthern staple has advano-d an eighth, with very fartr salrs for consumption and on speculation. We i-ball comment upon lb*- news at length when We receive our filea and cort<*s|?w?dence. Hrx-i*i i*m a*d it* AsaociAT**.?The New York Trtbunt is the daily orgun of socialism in this metropolis, but there is a weekly one, equally efficient in is way?a small sheet of ns curious and contradictory a character as th? d uly journal. Like the 4mly n? w.>paper, the werkly, in denouncing all that in recognized aa right and proper by society at lure-. attaeka Ibr Hirnhi and it* proprietor like the uo of an otter, liowia* hi* teeth *n<l glaring eyaa through the muddy watera m( hi* im??iiMlioo. At lh?- wmr time, thu amall aorialiat weekly di?roiir?*-?fn H*ep<ici?m, in the apirit of Mary Wollftcmrcnif), improved upon hjr Kirrlud, and ho??ta that the infidel* in the United State* may be e*timated at half the male |iop?ilation, and tllat th? re re more trftjela than believer* in every village and city, an<I that they could fill up all the churi-he* to the land. Thi* Mme paper publi?hca, mUo, a finle ue of hooka for aal??cheap edition*, dear a ry pr?c?. Among them arc " ftranaa' Tife of Chn?t"?wiitten by a man who glnriea in proving M?< k to be tvhite, or a I* to he the truth ; " Three fanpottor*, or Mot**, Je?ua, and Mahomet." price thirty eight ceoia; ' Chnetianry I'aveiled," by Bonl. nger; Shelley'* "lateen Mnb**?the rha,??*<It if a poet, drunk on be. f?tj.kra, after trying aocmlMk veytaK* diet?nnd several other wnrka like i alil if, tunning, *nj rm?i-tency. We an p. i' the wtid'iPt' are very p-oud of thia aneornte, a?.t ?re IcaV thrm tr cujov liif compnny aa they La* can. We have *een enough Hr*'' m a** Pokt or fcrrtT. ?We have r-cejv? Mveral? etnnunicatiuns?ahon and h >nj*-u?on t>.? ai<> jeet e l making IWim-ia, in California, a port ci eitry. Maay of theae weald *e? m to he ti?e prani.c itxi'of 'IjJfcw* ?e (I petaona, and the argumenta ?? <'bv tbe**v aHhoi* doubt, wd. hare all |K>aaiM a*. a>*r?in ihr ptop? r parter If Henieia ought tobea pert of entry it will hccome auch, nxarr or Wt< r. Ni thing can he nccom pit* lied by harrying ? ?ycnd tb' bcuada of rea*"n. We do not doubt that IViiicu, aa well in* H*n riucttro, *n<l every ther |>Ucf in California, will have full attention at ?o dntaat lay. Meaawlnle, aa it ia warm weather tkere \d<I here, let u? breathe and wait Lmtt rnrm Ham.?We learn hy the brur Hajrti, Cart Ctuto, whieh arrived yeeteniay morning from r*rt an 1 nnce, thai nothinf ot eoa?rfjg?,nre had W*n*,?i ? ptn the day he wiled, ft'hinM , but it ?v jee?'?:ly t?li<-vrd that the di-(>'"" betw.-, n the Btoniiniran an I Itny'kn fnvemmeat* would h? p??ee..bljr aeti'ed \,y treaty. I'orl au I'nace w*a vary healthy, aad the new co0- ? erop pram??? <1 V?U. Mr. Wtbitcr and lk? flaverjr Question. I I In spite of the thick gloom which has hung over i Washington floce the commencement of the pre' tent session of Congress, and timid the confusion | worse confounded which has existed there for ftontr time, we occasionally get a gleam of suii1 shine and of hope, which cheers the heart of the patriot, and inclines him to believe that matters j are not quite so bad as they might be, aud that order and harmony will yet corns out of the chaos which is now witnessed in the capital, when we see such a man as Daniel Webster arise, and with his mighty intellect and commanding eloquence define his own (Ktsition, and teach leaser men their j duties in the present emergency to which the country has been brought by fanatics, eorrupt politicians, and dishonest purtieans, and see demagoguism hide its head, cowering and quailing before his patriotism. The last sj>eech of Mr. Webster is one of his happiest efforts during the present session; and we have no doubt it will create a profound impreaaion in every jwrt of the country where it ia read. , Like a genuine patriot, aa he ia, Mr. Webster throws every consideration aside but hia duty to { the country in the present crisis ; and in the per! formance of what his conscience dictates, he shows himself willing to hazard his pdfeical existence, if such a sacrifice should be necessary. What a lofty petition Mr. Webster, Mr. Clay, and their associates in the compromise question,'occupy at thia moment! Amid the usrm of fanaticism which is raging in Washington, their tall and commanding figures are seen above the mist, and their warning worus are near a alum me tempest. It is a great pity that there are not more Clajrs and Websters in Congrvss than there are. 1/ there were, the slavery question would not con. tinue long unsettled and unadjusted. A spirit of justice to all j*rts of the country would prevail, j The representatives of the different sections of the | country would not be contending for what was improper and unjust, but harmony and brotherly feeling would regulate the public councils. The distracting question which ha* already cauiwd so much bitterness and ill feeling between the North and the South, would he hushed and set at rest. Nor is there any real necessity for a protracted discussion of the slavery question in connection with the new territories; and we venture to aay, that were it not for the machinations of ultras in different parts of the country, the whole question would have been satisfactorily adjusted long be | fore this. But we have fallen upon evil times, j Denis u'oguibin, instead of patriotism, id the order I of the day. At this particular juncture, we look upon the speech recently delivered by Mr. Webster, as of great importance. The calamity which lately occurred in Washington, taught a lesson which cannot but be impressive. Death has, within a few days, taken away from among us a chief magistrate, in whom integrity and patriotism were the chief characteristics. The funeral solemnities were performed, and as soon as the remains of the venerable man were laid with their kindred dust, both houses of Congress resumed their regular business. The question which has agitated the country so long," and which has caused disquietude and fears even for the integrity of the Union, was the first business in order. It came to Mr. Webster's turn to peak; and the sentiments which he uttered on the occasion ought to sink deep into the heart! of the people. Instead of acting the part of a factionist, he avowed himself not a Northern man, but an American. To use his own words, he " was born an American, he had lived an American, and aliould die an American ; and, as an American, he hould act now, without being influenced, in the least degree, by personal consequences." We commend this closing paragraph of Mr. Webster's I speech to the consideration of members of Congress, hoping that, when the time comes for them to act, they will prove themselves not Northern j men or Southern men, but Americans. Iirmolition OK THE CaTHOUC ClU'rcii?st. i Fitter's in Danokr or briso Knocked Down.? 1 T'mler the direction of Tom Carnley, the Sheriff, St. Petet'a Church, on the southeast corner of Barclay and Church streets, will be sold at auction ' to-dav. The building alone cost about ninetv 1 thousand dollar*, and occupies live lota of grouitd. It can be converted into an elegant store, a grand bazaar, a great opera house or theatre, or a grog shop, with few alterations, and offers great inducements to peculators. 80, it seems, under the administration of Bishop Hughes, and of his predecessors, that so much tealous attention has been directed to spiritual ! aflairs, that the temporal concerns have been sadly neglected. The grounds and building are under a mortgage of between seventy and eighty thousand dollars, and the whole must be sold for the satisI faction of creditors, no matter to what pur|?se the j sacred property may b" soaverted hereafter. This , is a singular finale to the management of St Peter's Church, and is full of solemn warning, and sermon- ' I izing on the power and privileges of money, vtrnu piety and the clergy. We believe, according to the canons of holy mother Church, that Bishop Hughes has power beyond this life, as well as over the curious regions of purgatory, extending as far as the undiscovered land from which travellers do not return. Cannot the Biahopextend his power, then, over and into the mysterious hearts of unrelenting creditors, whose avaricious grasp is as tirm and rure as that of Satan over the sinner ^ We wish he would try. We, as a good and pious Catholic, do not know what the result may be of the demolition of St. Peter's. Willing, however, to save it if possible, if our pious brethren, including Bishop liughrt, will do likewise, we will put one brirk in I the barricade between the Church and the creditors, 1 in the shape of a hundred dollars. Our pious brethren of the tnethodist, baptist, and even of the pr*-sb)teriaa fraternity should, also, he|,? in this good work. We have helped them all in the diys of diversity ; and they must not exclaim, " It is not in our way," when we apply to them. We most remind them of the past, and ol our holy examp'e ; for when we helped lliem, we were, as now we are, of the old line that Mietches a long way behind Luther and Ctlvin. St. Peter's Church un<?er the hammer' What will be said in I\iadi?e ! What ! does Bishop Hughes say 1 - - I h.TKiilTnt O* lUit.noAD*.?The new ?(*(>" r? afe di<H.ui>nne the qumiion of politene** ia riilm-td cat*. Many of them are advocating n d^parwre J from the courteoua runtoma, which are peculiar, j ?f believe, to thin country, and whiali have hern j noticed in foreign baoha of travel*, a? highly cr*ditubla to our ta*te. The whole tendency of puMic manner* haa breo io |wf a deferential regard to females, not only la ate atnboatt and nilroa J cart, hut in the e?>nc? rt room. th? church, an.l theih?*atre -the ni W r (or ioA *4 the humm nwr, <j?4mly and i conrtroualv gi?ti*g way to thoae of the wealfr ae?. Thie i* pgi.t and proper. It i# far more liberal* ! elegan*, and ge>ierotia for men to witrer ft l?le Inc?t>*? aie?>r*, iunn that th* w< afcer ae*. wit* l^ave J t any rl; ma ?pon oar attention,'honld be ii-dfe^ard i for a moment. In travrllitg, we Have aoinotiinea peticfd thnt Otir fli??t H young gentle- | m*a aim pav attention to Mge in either aet. Hurh 1 little trait* of politea?M -,*hIi highly kii the intrlli- ' gem e and' duration of tliow who d. | lay Ihem. 1 C'ompariaoiMl ?fch Knropean countnea, in iheae , matter*, are much in out favor, and, it m to b? hoped, will long remain ao Ctii Mnt'i pr?? ) PntT?? Kartnaira - Tli'W ana tli raa larg# eottor factories at thi* point Tha Co art a ? ,u< * W anuffcetiiriag I mf?rf 2 MIO ?ptadl*? raako I *OI 1 yard* hraiy <?nal>nrf? prr day 'aod ploy IHtxj. 1 and atria; Carter'a faet^ry. ealr ulated for ? and 10l<?V> ?plndl?a and aaaploy* PT?r :?>0 h*n<l?, th-. " Howard Munufartnrinf Company 103 lorun? V0OO * Itlalln mamifartor*" per day IS OiH' yard* oai?btir(a. j! ?t.?. li?f and ?blrtlnf?. and *on?ura-? annnally 1 ?m ' balor.ttcn tn addition t* th?a? the aHta-i* of C?-lt>ial u* have aevaral of the fln??t flwurlnf mill* In lb# J?<nth iK>id< < one ar ? ? planing aad variety tk< Rark I'laad I'nper Mill and twn lae** l??n f ma- . drl?*. t liuiil uaia faat lbe?uaiing the L"?til of lb* < loath I Advestihiko?WiiAToriTl?Oar contemporary, *< the Tribmu, makes a great parade about adver titling, and quotes some very judicioiiii extracts from a prize essay on the subject. The philosophy of advertising, well examined and explained, ha* no ^ charms for him comp<tred with the enjoyment, in ^ which he revels, at the idea of circulating eighteen thousand copies of his paper daily. lie thinka that lu ih the moat important consideration of all?when jj it is of little consequence, if we remember that hi* I)Hltt?r is rhi??flll tuLon Kv onl!?<?? Knva o^knnl arirlri dreamers and poets, socialists who live on air, and tfc phalanxterians who gorge in vegetable diet.f P1 If the mere circulation of a paper ought to per- J) suade people to advertise, we have two chances to it one with the Tribune. Our daily circulation ia alj J' ways thirty thousand, and frequently it runs very a far beyond that. The quality of the circulation, however, is the main point. The Nexo York Herald 0, is found everywhere, abroad and at home. Every j intelligent merchant ia but half posted up in hia ? day's business without it. It is as necessary as the time of day. Go into what country you will, there will this paper be found, and in every locality of the t? slightest importance in the United States. This is *' a world-wide fact?and so is the Herald. fli tb Eabthquaxi at Sea.?The baik Black Friar b? arrived at this port from Manilla, yesterday, reports " that on the twentieth of June, at half-past six in the a| evening, in latitude 8 deg. N. and longitude 36 deg. "J W., the shock of an earthquake waa felt for two or w] three minute*. The barometer stood at the time, at 29 the thermometer at seventy-eight degrees. The wind was from northeast te south- *< ' east, accompanied with rain. Phenomena of this kind are not uncommon, and the sensation derived in. from the shock is peculiar. The mariner's first impre: sion ut that he has run upon a rock, every vi- rj, bration seeming to strike the hull of the vessel with e0 considerable force. In some cases the masters of vessels have thrown the lead, to assure themselves ou that they have not run upon a shoal or rocks. aij mi Cltjr latelilgeuee. B. Ann ioi THBBottH 1'Acinc.?ArrugemtBM n?r# ^ br?n nii4r ty the proprietor of the Exchange K#?d- tj, to g liooB In tht< city, and A. 11 Corwine. Kh<j., the | American (.'total at Panama, to denpath a mail one* a A1 month fr-m thia eliy to the South Paclilo porta. Thio a ha* two a Jendermtum la the Pacific inail service. and the t?* arrangement will be found to be of inoaloula- ] ble advantage to the mereantile community wj, Thc Fiat at ini Astob Hocse.? Yesterday. Mr. p0 Orandjeau's lawyer. Mr. Howe, came to the offlce of , the ( hlef ol Police for the purpooo of balling Mngh P Murray, the clerk, in custody on the charge of anon: to but when he found that Murray had made a statement eht seriously affecting another person, and tending, if true, to clear up the mystery. he left him to shift for *D< himself. Mr. t'olemau, of the Astor liuuae. and Mr. hm ?mith. hi* engineer, both swear positively, is their hBI all) davits, as to the lire being In two places, (the on* about ten feet from the ether.) and that the oom- P1'* bust I tie materials (including a piece of candle) war* Vit designedly so disposed a* to produce conflagration; . thc and in this they are cerraberated by the statement of ' wit the Chief of police. Between the two fires there was a ! <>P? barrel of loose paper. loose straw. and near these I i weie three barrvls of alcohol. The case is gone to the ksj Grand Jury, who will have to determine whether a i its cigar, thrown by accident on the floor of the store. ? an< might not be blown, by the draft from the door, under jt , the stairs In the cellar, producing a lire there, and (be another tire In the opposite corn, r of the room at the fan came time. Mr I.ahnu. in addition to Mr. llowe. is y retained for young lirandjeun. It will be a curious ' trial, and some startling developemenU are expeetel to come out. Tiir Kksvit or thf Boh N^i nr ? Yesterday the captain of the ft earn boat New Haven wait examined jui before the coroner. In consequence of the accident in 0j which that bont ran foul of the club boat " llaited j>c American" on Wednesday the 10th instant, upsetting re? the brat and the two young men. brothers. Jacob W. . and DailelW. Banta, two of the six persons In the | boat, loot their lives The jury returned the follow ,n* verdict, that Jacob W. and David W. Banta. came to *? their diaths by drowning, and that their deaths was the ~? result ef accident by coming In contaet with the steam '"r boat Kew Uaven. ou Wednesday night. July 10,1860 Cji iioi to thi Pirn ii raox thk Fiar. Dtr artmi vr. - Mr Bean, nt the Fire Department, has called at the Htrald office, to request us to state that two men have . been going round the hotels and atoros of the city, *r' collecting money, under the false pretence of its bring for the widow of John I. Ouire tne dri'.uan who was i killed a short time ago at the fire in Water street. Mrs. Ouire is provided fer. and shu has not authorised 0 any person to collect money In her behalf, neither neg have the Fire Depaitment. One of these men has re. lor fresented turns. If ? the brother In law of Mrs Ouire. ^ t Is now ascertained that largV sums of money have )rDl been collected by swindlers, from time to time. on tist similar ii-casUns. in the name of the Fire Depart- n,t nrnt The public ought not to give money on account ihe of the Fire Department, except to the heads of that crrl 4?paitm*nt I ^ VaLL o?' tmv. Wsi.i. ar a Ilorsc Th>k Mii annu l inji atn Yesterday afternoon at three o'clock, while the workmen were taking down an old building at the rorner ol Mercer and llroome streets, with a vUw t-> * the erection ol Brougham's new theatre, the wall tell J"* and buried three men beneath the ruin* They had been undermining the wall, aud It fell quite flat Two of iur uiru win* ?ii?- lurrmfn. kqj wrra conTi7?a 10 inair ? residences with tcarcely id/ life In tbem. One of M tlx in, wax laid oat on a plank as If dead The third did whoae name it Joxaph Mftt'rlllioo. bad hn foot i W. bid I j fractured and wax can'eyed to th? City Hnspl. pla; Ul. where every attention waa paid him It I* feared (Hi the ctli.i two will tint recoter A ximllar accident occurred at the nam* building a thort time since. ^ Thi Wmtiiu.- The thermometer wax at M Teatcr- ptmt day. the lauic ai on the two prerioux day*. The day |tirl continued gloomy with the wind from the southeast . till at length it v<-?rrd to tbe < axt. and the threatened m#1( rain began to fall at 7 o'clock in the evening an d in- nrK rtrated till 9 o'clock wben It defended h?artly and j p< utlniiod to do xo till half past tan o'clock, when It |Blf ctae down in torrenta. tl , Far ai. At < imkt.?About el* o'clock yeaterday after- Uia con. a pedlar named Patrick Cannon. <rai run over at in t French'* Hotel, while In a ttate of tntoxleatlou the gut wheel pasting o??r his breast. fracturing hit ribx und ru l eruthlna bit lun?x lie waa conveyed to tha City Hot- goo pltal. where he died lu four bourt after liia ndmlaalon. , II C>iiir.a A' < ir>r*Tx Vtxterday Herman Bteenwart. a I" ' aaller on board the Frentxerxt. bad bix leg caught In a K rope, by which It waa badly fractured Ha wax coo- R reyed to the City lloxpltal. where an operation w if performrd. namely, xawlng away the protruding bonea " in the hope of saving the leg John Tover. who fell " from a horae and bri'he bla ami waa al?o conveyed to 1" the City lloxpltal. * la t'wawnww M ? > Varwp Dunwwro Th? oroner yett-r- l'T. day held an i a quint at the foot of Hnnunerxty xtr*? t. , . on the l>ody of wo unknown man found (lotting In tb* ' , rlter lie appeared to be about VA year* of aga. and " wta dre.x'd in a glazed cap, two ahirt* and a pair of , titorx on bit feat. Verdict, death by drowning An) Pin it CLra* or tmi Cowwo* Cora, n .?One of tha , I, m? lant^oly circumstance* attending tb-death of Mr. IT. Iteekuian. la that bla wife wax absent at the time oo a , otb rltlt to ber relative* at Saratoga where the levx of her hu-bnnd'a decease wax forwar.le 1 Mr Beekman'* luiiera! will take place thlxafternoon RiwOxia John Mahoni a b >? xct?ti ?*?r? m,i w?? t ran OTf r T*?t*rtlay by the hor*.. m l of Ih>?tor rlri AnbroM I. White, 303 Broom* *tre?'t ll? wa* ?#Tan- Ma; ly hurt. The doctor attended htm at hi* recidenta goli Tmnitin. <}?a**?r. i* nit Juxr ll?anti lloekley hu" waa arretted at talf-pa*t on.- o'rlirk ?*?t.-r Hy mornInp by ' fhetr 0ray ?f th'tifhti" ithtaM for throw- ri1 1 log garbage In tha rtreeta, and be wa* &a> J (A I aoi Pollre lnUlll(rnr?. I, Chart, tf hiving F?/i# I ho/It?* few day* i|n.? 4,1 romplalnt wa* mad* befora Ju?tlee >)?bnrn by Patrick p. r K"b?n. resident ol tha* eliy a?tain*t Un?|? Oln'-e ditf and Ueorge W Se?*ion* dolna hiialne** at No. rtl H .uiii d>> *treet on a charge preferred l<y Hoban that on the X7th Bill otNcrember and the3d<f I? eemh*r la*t. ?<- pull to wb< th* above named peraon* fW at tarh time and r*eelr*d the a draft frr the lamr whlrh dralte wer* forward* 4 to thr LI?*rpo<l lor the relief ot Rohan * ag".l motl>*r but Id* V tead of Mirh draft* being duly honored tli*y were re- of 1 turned protaated for nnnpayno-Hi and thus K<>hana?er? Mei that he haa been detiauded out of hi* money. The T ra*e lia* been unler lnve*ttg*llon for aereral day* and nel ytatrrdar the magl*t>ate d?>-ld*d on hearing the whole l ie fart*, to hold f**e*lon* and Olney to hall la the *am of wot $6ti0 earh. to an*wer th* rhar*-e at rowrt gar Jhrttt if W?'r'?rt ? Thr>-e young men. ratling them- thr pe|?e? Tlx ma* yainn John Nolan, and <ienrg>' Ha* ?n, Org ere 4et?rte4 In committing a bnr*lary. haelng broken no Into the groetry *?r>re, rorn- r of W**hlngto? and H*r- T row *tr>et* ?erupted ty John ltl in*r After the thr rr .:ue* obtained arce** to th* ' >ri- tl.ay r?ran??l 1*0 p?? nt the nionty <tr???r?. containing about fit In p?nn>?. !i The r>^ne*t In looking tor plunder woke up Mr plt< It >?.m?r *k? f ti< In- or ni(lli*m gave an alarm and woi I IPr< r T1.1lot of tb* Mnth ward. *u*a**d< d in taking th* II e burglar* Into auntody a* lh.y were endeavoring to gu* 'erapa J uai. e m-akely rrumltt. d the aectteed par- . aa Ilea 10 prt*?n'or tr1*l. I Wt -g i?k * m?n rail. <1 Kn l*rlek lli<l?en- mrr. (xittla waa ycaUnlay on* rhara of burgla ri. u?ly entering th< * ? O** ?tr? t n|>l.d by John W ilier by far Ing oj.?n the f??t-Tiln,j of A Ik* oai r window Tba rugue waa deterted In tha aat. | ran iml .lu?tlea (Khorn e-.iuniitt>?l him to prtann for trial ?hi .1t? VnJtrtunaH .4/fatr ? ilr Tb<>ro*x Matnblla |>ro- pa* i<r1etfi* of Ui# llowery Theatre. mad- a i>B|>ln(at ha- , tloi ora .'aMW O?horn if?t <iaye?la<-e *gala?t bi? ?t?p- pie. ion. ?fderlek 1 Maw. a jr<>itn? man 19 year* of *< , den 'Mi(inn him *l,h firing an arrow fr ni a bow whi.-h t r 1 trurk an latent daughter <<t Mr Haiublln a fine ehlld ton .f only four yeari of In tha eye destroying the Ne? igbt Mr llarahlla. a* ail fkthera would u lo feeling terr hl? reied at tha groe* aaraleaenee* If lonj k thing #le* on the part of young Mhaw. entered a utro ? inplalnf ?g?ln?t bim for tha ?Ment aaaaolt. although Ire 10 one eould aeareel? h-ilare that eoeh a iaoa?troo? et r uld or would be d?ae wilfully ag\ln?t an ?i?nf rding lafant. Tha trial will ba brought haf?re tha ?n ?f ?pfrl?l Young Mhaw *ai arr??t?d nd d? taiaed la uatll tha trial J( ^ tin T>? a?w ptawat Parlhenop dleeorerrd by Mr Oaa- loup a a*, at Naplaa. baa h? aa *?n from tha National gata 'hortatory at Waakingia* it ttNkikltt t (tar of part k? Ittkk ai|tll?4> wt? tw fork But* Instil at ton ?f CI Til glitter*. A me?tio( of the above aoeiuty *u held ysfterday, the Aineilcaa Institute, Broadway, at 11 A. M.; iiiiam Ssrrell. Ksq , tu the ab*?noe ot the President, tke Chair ; W m Pitt, Ksq . Secretary A eoaildtrile auiober of members were present. Tkis highly useful and important institution la (tilt ita Infancy, having Was first organised ia January, 4V> yet It consists already of abort a hundred memUS, all of them being engineers engaged in public orks of thia State. The transaction* of the society< le first rent-annual volume of which has beeaalready ibllxhed, are highly Interesting and Important, being itirely original. consisting of scientific papers prented by members, accounts of works, machinery, inmtlnnil kfl ftpialnalUi. ' , ?-' -"h luo citu bu|iunri ui lU State, accompanied by well executed steel en-avlngs. Th? permanent location of the soaietv is at ibauy, where it haa room* for the transaction of jsiness meeting* fcc., with a well selected library, odels, and drawings, and an actuary alaay* present i the spot. The chairman baring called the meeting to order, te uilnute* of the former meeting were then read, id approved cf. The member* preeent then proceeded to vote for the luiission of new member*, who were severally nouiiited and proponed by individual membtrs, and about renty new member*, being engineer* in thia State, re. on vote, duly admitted into the society. Th* nemi-annual report ol the Actuary, on th* laucial eoncernn and vropertj of the society, was ten submitted, read, .and approved of. This report Ingot great length, occupied considerable time i* lie perutal. Sundry Interesting and valuable communications, >on various kcientiac subjects, were then presented id,read. A number of models and drawing* wera also eaentedfor inspection, or a* donations to th* society, neh the Actuary was directed duly to acknowledge, mong the m*d?ls of new Inventions. we particularly tired a new steamboat boiler, invented by Mr. Dett, of Albany, and by him call*d the Ilellx koii?. It tmed to u* a vtry great and decided improvement upt the ordinary tubular boiler The flue of this boiler, In lich the fire. Maine and smoke sets the water to boil, a* it wera. a narrow etreet of iron, opening at the mace door, then winding in a spiral form all round, 1 it ends in the chisMaey. A man might walk up[ht in this street, when the tire is not burning, of urse. This close an4 winding street of iron i* ?urnnded with water?it is in the boiler proper, aud us presents a large surface of hot iron to the cirmsmblent water. After the transaction of a variety of othar technical id general business, previous to adjournment, it wa* Dved by 8 V Goodsell, Ksq . and seconded by Oen. C. Btuart, cf the Navy Yard. Brooklyn, that th? thank* the society be tendered to the Hoard of th* American stitute. for their courtesy and liberality, in giving e use ot their ro< m? tor the meeting of the society, rbe society then, on motion, adjourned to meet at bany.ontne third Wednesday of January next. 1861, the rooms of the institution, at Albany, N. Y. Theatrical and llwlcal, [taliax Orraa at Castle Oabde*.?Th* preparations

ich have been mad* for the production of the very pular operas "Elisir d'Amore," having been comted. its repiesentation will attract a large audience the new cool retort oi the muse*. Th* battery is a irminr nlare. either to eniov the Invigorating ln?.i >es ot the breetea. or the exhilarating music of the man voice and Instrument* attuned to delicious -monies. There will be much Interest felt in the ap. trance of the new baritone ol this company, Lutgt a. who will be associated. for the first time, with i Italian /r?ujx. lie will gain much by appearing b some of the most distinguirhed vocalists, In this il*. lowrar Tunrnr.?The performance of the "Drunrd" having been received, from the first night of prem ntation with great demonstration* of pleasure, 1 what is better than all. having drawn good houses, rill be repeated again this evening. The drsmas of i "Hostler aud the Bandit" and "Tho Spitfire." will low. h bio's Q*antf.?The attractive and beautiful exvsgsnxa. "The Inland of Jewels," which is put an the stage in the utmost splendor, and every night nessed by hundreds, who give testimony of their e*-ure by marked approbation will again be promi this evening It will be followed by the drama "Don Ca-*ar de," in which Miss Fanny Walk will appear as Don Csosar de Baxan. Who oan 1st going to Niblo's to-night ? Istioksl Thfatbe.?Who can say that the enter, nmrnts at this establishment are not attractive ' sr pieces?' Charles II," the farce ot "Not to b? ne," the rxtravaganr.a of "Buy it Dear" and the ce of the ' Man about Town '' Nearly all the new upaav will appear. I'erry. Chapman. Thompson, is K Mestayer. and other eminent comedians, taig the leading characteis. msistv's Orras Hoi sr ?The same performance* ich are drawing so well, will comprise the enter DUii'iit this evening, namely the excellent burlesque ra,and the singing and instrumental performautvwi .-PI?M'l NiuMl announce a variety of ;ro iueicdies, and other amusing entertainments ' this evening. MKSii sn performance of the excelt drama of the "Drunkard," by those famous ar* Miss Alexina fisher, and Messrs. C. W Clarke, lawny and Ilenklns. continues to be attractive, theatre is neat, and the stage management very llUble to Mr. Clarke. Iiwebva Kooms ?Those who wish to aes a splendid ntlng, should have a view of the panorama of the iland rente to California. Ir Hi i<o*, the celebrated Irish comedian, sailed terday for London In the new and splendid A inerti packet ship. Cerneliua tirinnell. No doubt ho [ be welcomed by the admirers of bis abilities aa a icdlau. and exctUcnt ballad slngor. Ir Kiau's grand concert will come off, on Monday nlng next, at Krben's factory. Canal street Mr A King may be considered oae of the host organ r?rs in the Statea lie will be assisted by several aent artists. NovtmmU of Dlllle|?lsh*d People. mongst the person* recently arrived In the United e*. isaiierman noblmnan Baron K Von Oeyer. aum who made himrelf very maeh known in South rica. by his contract with the Brasilia* governit. which granted him large territorial in Naupoo. r the Amazon river to get a settl<-m*nt up there, raine to the I'nited States to have a steamer built, nded to run an that king of rivers, and la which sill make the journey from B oaten to the mouth af river, lie will Invite all, who would Ilka to aottle hoc* beautiful region*. to jnin him in hi* *ip? on. Tli* country Bear Naapoo la laid to be vary i In eroaralda and opala. and to produoe tobacco aa 4 M the Havana tobacco, of the vuelta d.? al>? Jo <>n David T llWney la now on a vlalt to bit family 'laclanatl. i-Oovrmor Young In In Wellington ev. Kraatna Wcntworth baa been appointed Proor of Natural Relitcn In Dickinaon College, on. T Hotter King ban arrived In Wa*hlngtoa on Auguatna Block. Ark ; Col Joa?pb Bay*, Qa , r Dr Allan. Boetoa; Y W Brook*. Ala; P Howie, ; and thirty, four othera. arrived yaaterday. and k room* at th? Clinton Hotel II. II. tm 0 II H i.ll Well*. Jamaica; Iwen l.a ; and lorty-al* other*, arrived yeatcrday. I took rnoma at the Kranklln Home 8 Kwell. Major Rich, U 8 A , and forty ai* rra. arrived y?*t*rday. and took room* at I be erlran Hotel. lent. Col. K C. Buchanan. 0. 8 A ; I>r R Mar -on. H N ; Cant. J Harrington Delaware; and In era, arrived yeaterday at the Irving Uouw Additional fiona Na?* Iftiiea, [From the ft l.ouie. Mo Republican July 10 ] he American Coneul at t'hihuabaa. and oth-r Ameina. arrived at the Pa*o del Norte on the 3Uth of f and r- ported that a very valuable diaaovory of b i mint bad been mad* about ality mile* fr- ra ' biibua 1 he gold ba>t been found ia large ijuantitiea ; n V.? 0 to f4M> worth of the pare metal >u obtain- I Irom earh mule load of earth and aand A aula i ia ertimkted at threa hundred pouada The diacovI ad created gx> at eiritement. an J Induced many rent art ra. iauta fmltli and Bryan. C. P A . arrivad at Paao . Norte, ob the '/7th of May from Teiaa They ra- ' t that the goverameBt train would eacounter great lenity, and m< et probably would not reach th?lr tmation The train had to paaa a j?n*Aa ol 140 ea. de?t itute of every thing and it wae i|uaationBhle iber they could accomplish It Three ollcer* of t Blted htatea Army had he* n de?pa'ebcd down Rio del Norta to aarvey It I'd have received copia* In Kngliah and Mritcan. ihe conatltatloa for a State government In Naw ilco be prevailing Impreaalon at ftaata Pe wa? that Cony MMMMi tor (ioverBor Alvarea randidate ft* utenaat Oovernor. and Me**?rvey. for Coagreaa, id be elected The raeult. aa to the other*, wan reded aa doabiful The Memicana had eatared Into tlectioa with aplrit ami enthu?laam. and evinced a re* of manag>m>-nt and adroliBeaa that would da JWcredit to an old politician of tba Htatea be cropa ia the vicinity of Santa Pa. Bad generally nuth' ut New Metlsa pre* at a mora favorable ap ranee tbaa they hava tor twenty yeara paat nl"'matlon ha* l?n a received. Iwhich reliance waa red. that tiov. Rell and Major Neighbor*. of Tata*. M be In New Metlco. with a military force to aea-rt claim* ol Teia* to Jurisdiction, by the laat of Aa? or the Bret of Peptemlwr. The citiaan* generally ' pr> paring to reeiat the claim of Taiaa. aad the lidate* we r* re . uir> I to take atrona and diatinrtive ? I *? 1 ii.' it Pollllral lute lllK*nrc. i ???*? MVP tm? ? m ? A meeting WM r*tly held in Tallegvdo county. on# of tb<< *tr'>ngt#t I iwftlci* of Alubimt by which r>a>l<itlon? war* ' <1 vtrongly denoanclng the comproml** propn?l i of I bo J>?n*t?enminliu . M It ftummdere't pruirl> frir which lb* Kouth hu ever roni*nd>'il They y lb# tight ot i'<>ngr??? lo r??trl<-t Urtry In th'* Itorln*. which are the pom bob property of the th. no well m the North They np|,<.?e the right of r Meilco to form a Territorial or ^ttl? govcruuent, he I* * part and parcrl ot Tela*. and of right het? to that 8tat? The rovolatloBK >m ultra. Bad ngiy denounce everything tending to the taking ii lh? right* of the Rontn lie Dinotntlf Plate Convention, of Wlinri. will tit l.ewt?|own. on the Iftth of Augnat neit lor* r? tit Of/t>?tot rr.?Wp|bI(k? learn (W>? Oapt hirg* that th* " ?*? a report In ftt Thoma* of a Juttoa having hv*ken ont in the I*lan4 of Onada af which th* eo.'ired population vera th* inatl ? They had don* eo.nldarahW deatraatlon to peaf. having ?c* Ira to tha }<?ti of Point Patra ? ?'? Urn ???, htly 3, Pramo ?f tilt ClMlcra at the W?at. The cholera had appeared tl New Albany. Indiana, Mil eight fatal cmti bad occurred up to the lotb inat. (ingle fatal cat* bad occurred at K vanavilie. Ia., which created the |w>t?it poeaibie eonateraation anaoK th? inhabitant*. Ia tfarriaon and Clermont cuuntiaa. tha dineare haa alee appeared, and aome twelve fatal caaei hare occurred la the former, and ?<>..? i? ik? i-? ? The Pittsburg (Pa ) J?umml,ot the 16th tart . nays ? There have been thru* or four deaths In this city within the la* forty-eight hourc which have be?n Attributed to cholera. In two or three inatanees, deaths have occurred in a manner that givea encouragement to the fear of contagion. Of course, the love of the m*rrellou? Ua< given I he darkest account of very cae*, and we Hud It impossible to gat any reports upon which we ean depend. The Cincinnati Commtrcial, of the 16th inst., say*:? In one house on Sycamore street, above the canal, nine persons, on Friday nigfct. lay sick at the same time, with cholera, with none to attend them ! When I visited by the health oBcer. Dr. Tilden. on the following morning, live were dead, and the rest dying. The scene is dascribed as horrible. The house was a loir, dingy, dark, unventiiated and filthy rookery, and seemed a pent up box of every putrifactious odor known, such as would start cholera into lite, had eholera never existed. Upon the floor lay a dead man. wallowed in filth; upon a bed two others, la the sleep of death, with features distorted by the throes of departing life; an 4 in an adjoining room lay two more dead, and four dying ! Brooklyn City Intelligence! thic rvstltt ri'.Einr to-dav. We publish, in another column, th* full programme of th* ceremonies to be observed to-day in honor of the lat* President. The arrangement* of the oonunittee have given general satisfaction, and the gentlemen who have performed the arduous duties are entitled te the thsnks of the citizens. It is confidently hoped?nay believed?that the various organisation* will be out in their tall strength upon this interesting and solemn occasion. Carn-ar or a Staves.?In our marine Intelligence yesterday morning, is announced the captnr* of the ship Martha, by the United States brig Perry, on suspicion of being a slaver, she having on board the implements nsed in that traffic. The crew. 34 in number, were placed in irons and brought to this port. THE WEEKLY HERALD. A2TAIXI XST WAIHZNOTON. THE L1WKERCB DIVORCE USE, d^Cif &Ci The W?*.?:klv IIeraid will be published at nine o cioei to- morre w morning. It* contents will tmknct the statement of Mr. T. Bigelow Lawrence relative to the divorce ot lira. Sallie Ward Lawrence; tbe interesting intelligenee from { Wathington. in regard to the new cabinet. and the proceedinga in Congrexa. including Mr. Webater'a (peerh; one week later newa from Europe; the decieion In the eaae of Profeaaor Webater. be., ho. Jtc. > Single copiea, in wrappera read/ for mailing, six- 1 penee. \ Lost, on Wrdntiday last, on the Harlem < Railroad, between Foidham id4 New York, a blaok Broad- I cloth Frock Coat, with some manuacripta in the pocketa. The finder will be rewarded by retnrnirg it to the owner, 3l>J Broadway. C. fUWARDS I.ESTER. J Fine Arts.?T a 1 bo types, or Portraits on Ivory, ivery |>aper aad and daguarreotypea are daily taken by the aubacribera, in a nperior atyle, aad in any aiia " retired, up te the aiae of life. ITie rnblic are reaneetfully ] invited to examine specimen! at the National Miniature ; Gallery, 247 Broadway. A I1ITE, LAN0ENHE1M k FANS RAW. J The Plumbc National Daguerrean CJhllery, J No i'>l Broadway, contaiua a very larje and interesting , collection of Portraita of diatiaKuiaheii individual*. It ( seenia altv.ost impossible for any one to visit tliia celerated , nailery without aeeinx many "fa: similes" of their frienda | and acquaintances. Gentlemen wha wlali to get handsome^et* I tint Boots, and eaar to tbe feet, at a very rea-onable priea, i c nld not ao better than to give eur old friend Youu{ a tall, I it 41 Conrtlaad street, nnder the Merchants' Hotel. , THE DOCTOR. ? Hall Djrs?Batehslor's Genuine Uqald I air Dye, aaa only be proearad at the manufactory. 4 Wall c ttreet. The public akonld fttsrd against imitations Sea t ay various aiplinaa. Feraoai whoaa hair haa aaanmed a by calling u abava. Copy the 'addraiaT"* " I j Wlfi and Toapnee > iwUiii Itdal has ' kMi iwtraid to Wm Bitch.Ur, for the kwi Wi?* u< Tea- t peoe. The publi* ar* iavited to iaipect hi* aew styl* for . at BATCH fcLoR'8 calebrattd Vii Factory, 4 Wall street. > BtkHHtttUriMt uibMl UHrtant la tkiiitf. Nn Mi UlrHt. 1 Ooaraod'i Italian Medicated Hoap will , ton tan, pimple*, freeklee, *allowa***, *e. Poudre Subtil* , for eradicates isptrfluuui hair from Bay part of tho body. Liquid R"ok* for p*l* lip* >nd obMk?. Lilly Whit? for rod cheek*. He., at 97 Walker atrret, #?et ?tor? from (aol &) Broadway; Callander, M South Third a tree t, Philadelphia; ; ,tee a Co., IS Waahinctoa atren. Boatoa. ' The pain af tender feet la often dread rally ' avrrarated Lv ili-ftltinn boot* Bad ahne* Oaatl'aioa who t are am oyed la thu way eaa alwava bo tttad to a hair, oal J af a took mad* up with upoelal referee** to all tho inflrtnitiee of thr foot, at JONRS S, 14 A an itroot. It is the ohoap- ' oat atore ia tho whole city. 1 Hammer Flannels.?Tlie Benefit derived 1 from tho uao of aoBiothiax po***??in* the aalara of wool lea, J for uadrrwoar. at tkia aeieoa. caaaot bo too highly appreet- . atad. Tlia Zephyr HooiU, to be bad at thn New Vork Stoekii?? Factory. I *4 Bowery, aaawor tho purpwee of heaaier -i voollaa, aro mf>?? delightful lo wear, vary elaati**, uaahnnkatila w hen wathod, aad for health aad eosafort uoit to la- , valuable. J MONBY MARKS T. Tiit'senar, July IS?6 P M e There was not so much firmness In the stock market W-day Little business was transacted, and thare wm s general lack of animation at every point Illl- 1 nois Internal Improvement Stock declined },; Dela- J ware and IIudson Canal ; Parmer*' Trust, V?; Canton, t *?; Long Island. V, and Reading Railroad. 1 per cent * Iiadaon River Railroad advanced >?; Krie Railroad. >?'; ! Krte Bonds, firat mortgage. do . iid do., X, and Incoma Bonds. >?'. There Is quIU a glnt in the money market, with a ery slight demand. Money for remittance gar* u little activity, prior to yesterday, but we bare come down to the stand-still point Rates, however, are * unchanged The banks arc ready to discount freely e bnt there ir little paper offered. For good paper for * short dates. 4)?. for sii months. 0 per cent Loans on I' call range from 4 to & per cent. J D?aanc linima. k Boatoa ? a S, di* MiMW (hk *'*>. .1J* a 2 d.* . Philadelphia .. ? a V die Mobil**|>cheek*. 1 a I', til Baltimore . ? a '? dla New Orleaae. .. |U a ] At* ' Richmond Ilk. 1 a ? die North Carolina. IV, a ? dla ft' Check* ? a ? di* Cincinnati 1?J a l\ die t ? hatlt et? n . .. Val di* I iilnTille ? a I'? die J Saeam.ah .... V a I di* Naxhvill* S a 1 die J Ai'?n?ta S I I dla *t. lx>ui* ' lietk>. IS a ? di* ' Colambu*... . ? a I di* Detroit S a ? die ' qvoranona roa Sracia. r *P P Hi . Amer sold. old. . lfl?. Bios Carole* 4Ms..flM W a SIM M i or go., new n?' a nij>t nv? rr??o?... m ?l "Q . H?lf dollar*.. * II"'* Doubloon*... I? HO a 1? 7> ! P<.rta*n*?* ckU I'?i i lnn>, do. ptlrltl ilW* ltd . 8i?niiik dollar*. I?fi a lort So?rr*i(n> ... 4 H4I a 4 K* , 4*. aaarttr* <*>? t inn 4?, light. 4 xj a 4U 1 *'tic?n 4olUr? loijJ a 10 \ Hoary cuiaaaa 81* a ? . 4*. ?i??rt?T?9l?)5 a 100 N>|wU?m... . ]Ht lit I Tr*aanry Nota*.lllg| ? Il2>t ? The N?w Jirw; Rtllnwd rnnpin; kir* derlared 1 aenil inDDtl diririend of four per mnt pifuMo 1st of ( Anfo't. The Ptttrnn Railroad Company throe per at. Ct?u or Nrw T ?* -Ri'Tifti or fuci.ditiv.kt. The fnllnwjng lablr afcowa the ijoautlty of MM< of th? prlarlpal ulklfl of pmdur* left at tide water from the oammrnreaient of narlcatlnn up to tha 14th of July, tarlurl -e, during the year* IMS. 75 daj*?'4?, 79 4?y? -"ftO, M day* Cmnsl Open May MM* M?V 1. 4? April S3 W Flour bbla. . 112 1<>4 M.llll ?u.. JW Wheat bu?h.. 702,447 ?43.?IA 34*. W?7 Corn (I04 4A.1 3.T*0?7? 1 fr?7 373 Barley 101 S?fl M *J?J 130 N0? Rje rt7 4.VI 104 184 13M76 Other (rain* 47* 40.1 *10 411 m*'l Reel bbl* . I W? 17 *>? 3o 7M6 Pork *0070 62113 4.U4I Aahaa HOIf IA 830 10 311 Ratter lb*. S. 333 *43 1.A3I.141 ?1A *44 lard . ..? onfl *41 ?,7K> .H41 ?00<>0M rhpe.n ic>.'>30 3Ml ri 1 Wo. 1 1.1*77 MM 133MOS l.::? l ? 1 Racon 6,043 Ml ?.?7i HVt) 7 *MMt * C?n?i Rr.i ?irr? at Ai mm. Fr, xi> Win n ,'in h Flour bbln.UIWl Rye hmh. 1.730 ' Cora M??l W7 !' ?- mi l Bran*,. . , 0*0 ]' A?h??... : ** <! 3.190 L1 fork 84 Ratter lb..13 4*0 t kt 170 Lard 4?.\no Com hunb.10S.S0 Wool ins.430 '? " 'l-r ? ??> ll?m? and Ban on. .?.9U0 * Oaia 7.U* ? C?**l Rri ?irrt ?r n*r, 0g< own Wrn I* J?i T f W hp?t buab. .318 * Ct^it Kn urn it n'i?r Tioi, ItroRt W?i i? Jitt. ai Flour.. bbl*.10806 r?a? and 134 Corn MmI 294 Potato** M7 A*b?* . 1 .ICS Biw4. ........ lb.. 1,700 *blP*?y. he call* 446 Huttar 4? 6M0 | Corn bujh. .86.10* Ch~*a M700 J Oat* 43.87* Ur4 78000 i R Wool 166*00 t H hwt I.NI 11am* and Ba?on. . .11.100 N Tb? qnantily of lour. wb?at, eorn and barUy lad at lid# liter dorit'j th? Mtiond waok In Jnly, la th? yaar* jj I MO and 1*60. la aa follow*:? r Flur. Wkft, Cant. Kirlrf. Mi ?#* kit. f IMS M art 47 778 WW*81 1 MO 34,Mi* 10 O.V. 36.t?* *M m IMINN. 87 7M 883.07< III. JIM '' Tha a(|f|>U quantity of tb? aam* article laft at U4? watar froa tk? *<>an*D??M*ot o/ navigation to ? _I 1 the 14th July iuelualra, daring the J?JCI 1849 ui) 1650. la u follow*:? Flour, Cam, Uli Ana.' i. Uuik. buik. 1M9 960.1H #4?.?16 2 760.670 96.MS lboO MMM 368 307 1507,378 130.100 Decreaac. .364 570 366.908 1,243,199 Iua.29 974 The aggregate quantity *f the Ma? articlea left at ttd? water, from the ? ? ? ?* ??? vi B%T?p?on to th? 14th July. iLelusive, during the year* 1848 aTil 1860, ia u follower? /7?mr, WW, Cera, BarUy, ktfr. hut a. 6u?k. iuja 1848 813,804 "ti-,147 004 403 10130* 1860 6U5&46 258 307 1 507,378 137,809' D?cre?w. .110.768 Dee 444.140 Ine .812.916 Ine. .26,432 By reducing the wheat to flaur, tha quantity of tha latter left at tide water this year, compered with tha corresponding period of laat year, ahowa a decrease of >31 032 barrel* of flour. Stock Exchange. ? 6000 u S 6'*, 1K68 115 V, rhkj Cria BB 79\? 1WU) do, 1367 115 1UW Ui| lalaad KB 11 *50 du 115^ ??> 4a 10W. 50U0 do 1UH 2?5 Reading RB 44? ?HO da, Wk ean 117 si 1U0 4a MO 4SK 1100 India** 2U'a J4l, 60 4a k!0 4<>? 7<*X) City S'?, 1K68 104 I4? Dal k Hadaea M7 Beading Ba, *50 73 25 lladaoa BB 74 10 ?h*a Bk Commerce 1(>7 $5*10 Bria Bonda, IW, M7V 8 Bk America H>7\' tMNI 4a 1H09. 101)2 350 Firmera' Loan. *2\ 15<iOO Erie la Bea4a ?li? 160 do aOO 41 80U0 4a MO 91 SO Canton Ca 46? 35000 da ?1J? 60 trie BK 7"T, 20010 do MO ?l? 25 do 7*& HMO 4a M ?IV M do b3U TV HW0 nialat Imp8?k, '47 49j2 M do 79 200 abaa Harlaa BR AO'S 10 do 7#!,' SECOND BrtARft. STOrm Erie B<ada, 1868. 107Vi 50 abaa Erie RB a? 79 10U? Brie la Bda 92 25 do 7Vi? 100 thaa l'armerit Loaa 42^ 50 da klA 7VJ4 100 4o 50 do a30 79 200 do 42?2 50 Ilarlaa RB 60K 100 do bfiO ?2S 50 do MO AMfERTIttllWTI EKMWM BUI BAT. THE TKLEUKAPIU, Notice ?notice is hereby given, that a. meeting of tba Stockholder of tha New York State Telegraph Corn pan T will be held at the O'Rirtly General Telegraph Office. N->. 1H1 Broadway, New York, ea Meaday, tha &ib day af July mutant, at 6 o'cloek P. M. L. W. J EHOME, Seeretaey. OGDEN k HAYNES-(RICH-D L. OGDEN. THOB. J. Haynaa)?Wholeaalc and General Commuaioa Hatahaate. Baa JTraaoiaca, California. Merchaadteeeonaigned to aa will in imklvu ui wkra *ur iwrt uip una *oie ctumpui thmm iToliits all ri*k* of Are, fee. Refer to :-?m. U. Cut It Now York; Jooopb T. Saager. do.; Lombard k Bnttriek. .1 Burr k Stevea*. ds Com*a. Hopklaak Co. do.; Coaktta > Bmlth. do.: F. T. Huh, do.; juvth Bawla. Albaar. ukwahdh. 0XA BKWAKI).?LOST, IN GOING FROM BlOCfS Type Foundry, In Chamber* street, to 8S LaureaM a Miniature of a gentleman. Whoever will return the tame to the *ub*crik>er, will receive the above reward. MaRIa L. NOKRlf, AS Laureai etroet. AO REWARD TO THE PERSON WHO HAS FOUND X tpO Bo* with an instrument in it. Wat lo*t in tbe abac*. W hoever tin* found it will bring it to the Hotel de Pari*, SM * Broadway. LI OST-A HBOC1IE SHAWL, ON THE FLATBUSK Road. The itentlemaa aho picked it np in Flatbaah, oa tba ivening of the 16th iaat., will oblin the owner by leavia* lb r. the storr of Tweedy, Moulton Ik Plimpton, 47 Brnadway. ^ LOST-A GOLD SM'FF BOX. BETWBBN SBCOND avenue and Broadway, or in Broadway. The ownar'a >ame ia engraved in the iaaide. A liberal reward will b* ;iven to the finder. A pply ai 147 Sacoad avenue. f OST?BANK BOOK No. 9?,2SJ OS THE BANK FOR Li Savin**. Chamber* atreet. name of PATRICK CAIIILLj :o he left at 216 Mott atreet, or at the Bank, Chanibara at. LOST?TWENTY DOLLARS REWABD.?LOST, JULT 17. la the village of Yonkera, or in the Qadaoa Bivec :ar? from that place to 320 We?t street, a large Poekat Bo< k, containing city hank bill*, paper*, and promiaory aotee, or ;he following deaeriptioaa. ana of no value to aay bat tk? >wner, a* they acre aot endoraed, and tke payment ha* beem itopj ed. Note of Abr. Demareat, dated May Id, at 3 month*. 'or i-'t'Ki f*?, order of II. F. Devoe; net* or Abr. Demarex. latrd July .'>. at 3 anettha, for SftSUtit, order of H. F. Davoet lote of Da'l. HJni e. dated May 4, at S n onth*, for $113 W, ird*r of II. F. A * ; n*t* of Jumea Uartaeld, dated May t? U .) munthi. fur tSili OU tnliir nf II V Fk vn?- mntm ?f TvA?.?i k Uardley, da t'*J W A. at 3 moot hi, for $497 0<i, order of H. f. Deroe: note %i '#ribet c llaniley, dat<d July 3, at E nontha, for $?*>??,order of H. F. Devo*; Bote of L. Watliaa, dated hay 8, at 3 mootha, for S*0 73, erder of H. r. De? r?u; note of L. Watkifl, dated June V. at 3 laaalha, for 1319 3V. ordarof II. F. Devo*; note of Ja*. W. Smith, dated. I BI-17, at 3 monll.f, for $*U llu j crder of H. F. D*voe; not? >f B. Newhouae, dated May 9, at i mm tin, for S2?3 S3, order >f E. Ford: 40 tharta Broadway Bank Stcek, It*. The Inder will pleaae leave the lame at 320 Went (treat, or at the iffice of the lludeea Riitr Railroad, al Youkera. Bad raeeiro he above reward. STRAYED or stolen from Till subscriber, OX Sunday *vraing. July U, INW, from No. U Water atr?et, irnok'in. a lipht lay Hurt*. lft)f haada high. one whit* for? oot, (think the rigfit foot ) Bad a alight ringboa* on th? vhite font, large rare, tail l** or ?JU niche* loan, the hair* on. hi end of liia tail rut aqnare off. Any pereon retaraiag hiio. to >aiil number, or rive any informatics of aaid huree, -halt >e mltahly rewaided. II. J. HIALT. FOUND? A MOUR NINO BREASTPIN. THE OWNER . can obtain information concerning the Mat, by inhaling at the Ship (.handle tt, corner of Eaat a ad DtiUucey . raetr. near Oraad atreet Ferry. ~~ IPKClAt BOTICKi. ' rue members OF W ASUINOTON assembly, No. s. B O of B.. ar? reqneated to meet at their Lodge room ritb regalia, tlaa morning, 19th iaet.. at u'eUek, alao tha rder la gaaeral, are reepectfnlly Invited t* attead, to aajr he laat tribute of re*po*t to oar late dereaaed Brother loba l irkeoa. By . rder af R. PIERCT, W. P. ii. M w iij.iamaok, 8. W A sonic notice.?TB E MEMBERS OF ST. john'S Lodge No. 1, and tbe frateraity la good itaodiB;;. era ?<(neited to aieet at Frwaa?un'? llall. No. 0UO Broadway, it two o'clock. P. m.. ihia day Fiiday, ItHh iaat., to attend be faa? ral of oar deceased brother Jann L'Amn, By trier f the W. M. R. m. CONDON. S*ereiary Brick layers and plasterers-a mass mrkt lag of the trade will be bald, on Friday rveaiug, tk* I till mtanv at eight o'clock, at Mechaaica' Mall, Heater at reel. ? m? ke pie^a-etiei a to par th? laet tribal* *f r*tp*et t x be trntM Preaideat lay lor ! It ia hoped aad eapcetrd bat e< Ti r B>.oB. whether be beloaga to *?*tety *r aut, will n wi.h > in pertrrmance of thia aatioaal daty. By erde? 1 th? Central Si?*utlv* commltt*. _____ WM. crussell. Chalnaaa. Notice to contkactors.-sralbs proposals for thacradiar. maaonry, bridgiag, aap*r**ra*tara, layag the track, and fencing the Caaaadagaa aad Coraiag rauI ad. leadiBg from Caaaadagna ta th* ('bemnng railroad, rtll b* received at tb* office of Joha S. King, s Co., coa? ractera, ia Caaaadagaa, nattl the KVth ef Jaly. Profile* ad plana caa be even at th* *Ar* ef tb* ebief eagia*?ra a* 'aaaadagiia after the 21'th laataat. Thia road ia abant If tiled ia leagth, ia divided iato a*?tioaa *f oa* mil* eae'e. llda will b* received oa (tagl* taction a, er for eeveral aalted. john s. uno k c*. Oanandagtia. Jaly 3, IdVi a LRx A N Dr. i S i.F.FCbk..t.-PRINCIPAL depot at 'V VICTOR BISHOP'S. No. S3 Maldea l*ne. New York. FollN II TRUMAN. COMMISSION MERCHANT AND l>blp Hroker. 2.1 Wtat ?rM', coraar of Morrle?Offara ?ery facility for tlia |arrhaaa and Ml* of Ttinli, and th? onalinrreBt of veaaola with thalr cartoon af io?da aad pu??? ? If m XbkUkiI, Ireland, aad Soutlaad. aad la ob? alalBf outward frei*lita or ehartori. Li rarpool, Naw Oraaaa, aad California Paekrt Offlea. N. R. Pia^vrn u< reifht forwarded to Philadelphia, Baltimore, Pittakarg, lilllaaati. Rnftlt, aad al! part* of the * oii?ra nialr), y Ue boat rnaal aad rai road liar*, at the loaroal rata*. EDWARDS. SANDPORD k CO.?TRANSATLANTIC Park ate Riproaa at.d Oaaeral Enrnpeaa Agaarr, at kdin> t Co.'a li?mi OMeea, II aad I* Wall atraat. ?Vtailaa. parcala, parkatea. aalnsblaa, BtrchudiM. ft*., forrarried to aad trcm all part* of Ruropa, la aaaaaettaa w"K ln?r? < haplia a IJ'iiao. o' Enilaad, and ?b* M?aaacrt*? (alioaala. of France. Oecda purcliaaad aad aold on com?i?ai?n aad particular attention git*a abroad to ahlppiac *?kage* aad mtrchindlaa for tb? ualtad Statao. Rilla aaa lain* cf *?ery doMtiptloa rolloctod. Oralta for aala. paraI* at any town la England. Irelaad or Bootlaad. Tho 'taantliallt Iii>r<H Ciaraa; baaiag ofto*a and raaidoat *rtaer* ia N*w York. Philadelphia. Haliiaaora, Li < ?"-p??l. id Loados. aad aicellaat tran?poriatu>a arrangamoal* broad. arejnatl#ed In pn aiUlai eatlro eatlifactioa In xlt rho ma; faerr tbein ai'b bnaiaaa*. Paekv,"* aad par- el# aft a* any of *ha off ra of Me?r> A dame k Oa. la tko Dated State*, will rwreW* prompt attention. Tbo Loadoa aa4 iiiarpv.l Dtraxtailaa and llnuab Tariff, may baaaaaat tk* ca a* abovo. ni rand inhibition 01 Tiir i nduvtbt or all n atirna.lB loadaa. Ma., I-.1I. ? M'Parlan* II S'.aploy Amelean C'rmmioaion Mrrchaat*. I Ui:haai>atda l.ondon. havtnc ein long and o<leaeti?lv oagared i? ?ho p>rebt<ia> of Hrilah maanlactaroa for the Au.*ri?aa marbata bag tn offer btir arrtieoa to their nnairroan friend' aad lb# publla broaaboat tka t'alon. In receiving abipuieato of Prodao*. lannfaetarea. kc , iat*t><lr<i for eihlhitioa at tba ahoaa iraad I ?p"*ltl- a or for aalo, aeanrlng then* that th? ntm ?? ore aad attealoa will be pal l to promote tbe inter* ?t ol. be eaatnbatar* aad h?a"r of tba *atiBiry by aoeur ag tha i?at eligible t>- alti a> for all article* to ha aahiMtod, ! rooap..ah which object and to enable tho I'nltad Statoa l? ake h?r Profrt ataad la frlondljr rlralry with tho .,tk?r atloB< af fb" world, an taMe arraa^eineata will benii'Ie. I*P kh w llhabapi r to r>r?i*a rammwn'oatl-aa in r*ln? loa to the above, ana -.aka thla opp rtaaity of lowdennc a iBowalaf lbi;t rtriIcti aad aaprreneo ia tbr pwr^haain({ f aowd* la thla tnatk) t. aa well aa ia t Ho raaaielai .ad diaal?| of all klnda of Airerican prodaca, ka.. for wblab ob-. lal tfij feaaew ?t?rj a? all? hie a-lrantairo. Ref-toaaaa ? w Vork?Mooara. Store L ? ? Ma<?all k Sle?of. M?r h. oath k f'o. Iloatot ? Mr ear*. If. k (i. Platrr" k Co., J. C? iowa k Co. Pblladelpiila -Mt?ara. Rabiaa, Mill ? Ca. tf al n.'rc?M-htt. W- lf-aJn k Vflll'ataa. WAIUIkOa CL'Asn 1,1 I * !?? FT ?i(| i | ' I eat n?aiiatMaw 'it r?.,.lrwO mnehtBe* f undor* ral '>ara, aHda. or athae tkjurlaaa ara cloa Ib< I actl< Ita ar* p:*ia. arti-laa a'.aap, and eaa B'l auyw" '?* " ?* y la>'e pnata.a. Ti^.,. .r.?a fa aoat e?r-r a at t I n a?lj $ I p> e ropy Call ae eanal MAI'A kR lit A VEI.T. fa'aat Lkaiadraao, 43 Aaaalnat, ?0""ad fear I W?w To*'. 1 M 11IV III Wf :? II M, ."*1' 7 * M l> . J wltknat kola* '>irr !. *?'? ?a%o4 haailnrf i?. l?i> m.ltoa roalal. Carl ?ii? I i? T? ?>k?! nn; Ian; *11 In fr? ?bak ta U?> iM ??w I* 4 . Uj aiartal rhaap-r <l?? ?, I- a ?ii>?<4 < ? -T??h.-r?. ?l?h?a* hrlr <" or > ) a?. rail <?e a-* ?? II TWIltlTIII.NI Naa^ka ittws W#w V?r?. t ?r? m?a? k* p-<a? raM. N. II ?To<i ??? )?>a It: hr it. tih pi 4*y. tha 4r?a4 f MinM Mi, U nk< M nna% M. Mlif da> ia tfca waaa. OALirORHU. >atir<'*ts-vi?r important-the roi.i7?w7*a [ l? an MitMl tram a lata Clraalar fmn ik* Pa??p r% ,.roaa >f t' ? Dapartu?oal af Mata "Tha tanartaaal ha* raa rv|l?<-tal!y *dii?*<t bat K -ian?? Pahllo is (ha *?al? at aw Trrk, bav* na aatWItj to a-'aiaUtar oakfca;" a"n*a?a??ty P*??r-ria ara ?a^ iaak?4 npoa ' (, ?<>uan?4- kf, ilUiita faMIc PaM| rti pro?ara4 a* UiiaflM aalr la Ita Tark?N?. t Aurr Pla?-a rATLftR a/> D l?fc UACPRB. POR WAITMM AND. a Marahaaia, t'hacraa, H. O. Wa ar? <iaw arairoil f> ro?,-U all * < xat ,n aar aara. k?' i <a l>?kk raackl kaaia, arttk lai i rakkar aa?cr?, taiiaita hall* >aaapa?oa ?f r?>wMa>i a-4 fraifht. fahiia a4aa ata rrrar/?wi-ai? mtfc Hna?l? k Ca., tra? t Ma' a aa?va. a* M'?a aa4 Craaa*. aa Ikat 'hara afll ka ao 4ala? >ra ika ikhaiaa. M. * TAII.nK, tta af ?aJ>na-r. I. M HI HAl'PR R. Lata af Maw frri-ana ftafaroaM la Haw T-rk, J H 'lraH ft fiai. M lr?W*?|. ar Act*la it C"'?iaa Bra k In t * CeotnlaMt Pi t?a, KfCaa?arr ft Ca., U frwaaa, V?llfat?lR