Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 21, 1850, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 21, 1850 Page 1
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TH W I ? - ? NO. 6885. ^OHE WEEK IW EUROPE. ARRIVAL OF THE AHKftlCl'g MAILS. vyV^WWWW>A.vvw\^. 4W RELATIONS WITH PORTUGAL. TBI DEMAND OP THE AMKRICA1 C0H0D3RR Tbe Particulars of I lie Fatal A.ccident to Sir Robert Feel. THE MARKETS, dec., A*c., See. T1>? kti am.-liip America. Captain Shnnnon, arrived %' her wharf about nine o'clock. (torn Liverpool. vli Halifax. Sbo left Liverpool on Saturday afternoon the 6th hitUst, and baa. therefore burn tuurteef Jitji and fire Lour* in making tbe [>??<?(*. Tbe arrival of an American e jualron la the Tatcm for the purp<>.<>e rf enforcing no ne di-maud< upon thi PortngurM geveruiucnt. eaur-d uiuoh excitement it Cl|lui Ontr Patha, the corrmandur of tbe TurkUh araiy in Kuaelia baa been neat into ilo-cia. with 20 000 troop* S*t tbe f arpote of enppressiug the In-urrcction which ba* broken out in tbat province The Wurteaiburg cabinet having dWagfd on thi Herman queetion, have reaignrd offlre; a dirsolutlon o' tbe Diet is. conM-<iuently, daily expected. Imfortaat from Portugal. ntR american claim*?arrival or tiie united vtath* hqiuufcoll?oik 0.1 the govki!*.NIKHT. The Amrricfin "qnadron have Tisited LMioa for th? purpose o( 4< manding from the Portuguese government the sum af ?70 000. Mid to ba d la to them; their demand 1? In some point* reason ibie and just, but in others the British government is implicated' and row t ir complaint* are of vary long standing' The At au Oomn dure 1 "Ivan the P^rta^uaf# iluji -ompl ; ? U hi* d>i ll, and at thiexpi. ration <>t ;:at per. t? avowed hid intention of staking reprisal*, and detaining sufficient merchant hips to ratirfj the claim. ''Two American ( hips of war. tha Independence, ftfl gun frigata. and tha Missfntiippi. fl-'t class steam ?rhad airiy?d in the l'agus, charge 1 to demand, and. if n?< <-ssary, to enforce payment of certain oijirai m i l* 1>ytbe United Stales government upon that of Portugal. These elaims are nume 'jus an 4 varied in ohaTartar, and som? of long standing. Tha principal ii a claim for tha destruction of an Americau privateer, railed tha Cenerai Armstrong, which was pursned into luyal liarbor, in tbe Axorea, by t?o British Tassels of war. ai a time when wn were at. war with tha United States, and. b*ing attacked by th*<ui. the Americans were oompell* d to set flrw to their Teasel, And Ofcspe to tha i-horo. It ap^ari tint, although the Portuguese government are r<t?pon*ihl<*. according to th# law of nation*, for tba dh n ige dona to a ravel of a frk'ndly power white iu their water*. Great Britain is teallj, by the rules ot equity, the party who should '.a ws^onrible; but this Idea is repudiated by tlie nuttwon governmvui, wno [He mrc inv. ot rortngal to ?et tut of th* >4m they beat. can. The turn <1 < oia a<led ob tbU olaini U &><> 000 1>*rrllW by the arrival of t!?. w warlUu iitra j*r?, 'hn ininl'tr/ held a rcunril, to which they tn?|:*J ,he f )r-*!<n mlniftera, in hope* that eomt Mi.ok in ibo way of arbi'ration mi^ht be > kfccied, butt be Aiii"rii*Q mtoiiter reiuied to bear cl *ny arbitration, ami in?i?t >d on payment of the clalia* within twenty day*; uml If ptynrnl wrf not made by that time he mil chit hit in u?t l<m*nd hU piwpcrt' and the ? |ua.lron w >u'd proceed to naki' n-priaal*. 1' I* auppi??d t ha', the a**.lr will be a> ttled by an offt rof pa\m.'at by in-talm?n'? which tW Americac* can *oarc*l? rafaae to no u?-?dy a <l*>?tnr. Thl? n atter formed a aubjeut of di?eu<?ton i.i t h? t'hinib <r of Deputies on the Sid of J uri". ?vhrn tk? I'r -t 1 nt of the Council, in tha abeance of the Minl-t-r of Kor".^n Atlaira, made a l-o* rtatement ot the affair, in which he denouured tbe claim* ot the A mirWiiP* a< unjint or xreaaive and concluded by Maying 'ha' the Portujueec guTin n enl would uir" a- required, an antw^r in the tinte tpeciflt'd; but tb? li#u?? bi /ht depend upon it that the auewer would be tu"h ?? would ba conformable to tha honor and iii<nt'y of th < nation.? If if thought that, however Ju?t tin an ill :gi'j<li miiT be tbe retuaal no tt r part of the a ai?rlcan?, to submit to atbitratii n will eiitttla the l'ortu{n>*?* to eonalder thin at a 'iiihi .Wirii, and to na'i on ?lre:?t Itrltaia. undei all trratlen to aid tin oi in tb? ir extremity Tbnn tbe affair rati at arac it." [Corttapondtace of inn i.otnlon Time* ] LllHJ, J unit JJ It,'.!). Tturirg th* twenty day* allowed by tha I'nit d iutet Charge d'.\fiaira for thin foTertitn ii' to decide npon ' he'errral tl.nm? h? urge* for their r?-<v?ial*ion. l he lntirr?t thif m'urally . x-n? ! > ib? publt tnia<l h?i led nie to n>a'<e ?ora'' In^util*? r?-|i' elb? th'iu.nndl find the r>< t linpo tant rf. renee to ?h? Am-rloan aimed* cr llcn?>r*l Amiati u.-, of ?'4'j t >n? and 90 m"B. Ca((? n Samii'-l wbio'i w-ia d itroyrd at the neutral port ?.f Fayal on th J>i i7ih of ri>-p'et*> Vr, 1MI. |iw Prltl-h furi* l'1-io i. o< t 71. Cap* tain Robert I! 'y I: Rota 38 I'tpula How -rrii> ; a 11 v'arnatii n brl^^Captaiu ilealbtin. uadu lit. t JllJ u { cireum^tancva : ? I AecQrdisjrtf'tbr tmcri.ian rrr?iii.C%,it?li H" .1 and ulneof blaifner* i I m w B?al< ottla and p-tr-tuJ before the 1 allod Statai t aoiul at total, an tho Hth of ?epteml>er : ii That Hip ileoer(',Arnniran?. h**in* ail'! from T*iew Y tk for a crul.iii i>a t.!ie 1' h put m ? K>?ynl on the nix* nt ni>i>n. to get a mpi'ly of fi? h >?atrr. that tha rr?w ?an einpl 'yd in ttkuii( It ou haafj durlnf tha *r rt.oon. and at NaMI dli >farw4tba liritiala TeMrl? (ouMlDfr tonitu tlx) D rlurft: p . lit of tha port, in whlrh th-y ulliinntcljr anrh r4 at 7 P M , and ?oan after pin.# m>|i|?|oui luoriju ni* on their part, Ia4t rating an latenliun lo ilolata the neutrality of the It M-ired Cap'a'n Itald to i t'lrr hi? brl< to h* warpr d In ?hor?. rl >?? uu i >r ilia run < f tba na<U*; that In lb* art of doli g <> f ir t> >ai* ayi<r >4i*hod hia ?.?? ' tried with arm- d man Capt.i . t-1 rep ?.- lly halleit Ihrni and warm J theui t-> aeep i>3, wht. h the* <lUrrgirilinir h" nr Vr? d hi* wen to flr* oa th??i. which ?ai d?.nr and hill- ' and wound* d rarai.l m.-n The o?t? retnrne.l |V,r flr#. and kill* I uae m^g and I wonndrl th? llr*t ll?i tenant; tl y u>?ti M toll Ir rhlpa and ptf pared f"? a ??nn I and in >t forml I Ml attack. 1 he Amrrl-an In thn in aotlma wa* olaeed wttHa ha'f a ra I- o*'b ..I tL.? rboia, ?t>i I within ha'f hrd of ih* caollx "floor if T r>. di.lfht .'2 or si *tat? 14 hintt, I aupp'-ir J tr rant.iln nrai ly b n men ni'h h Jl rann in. I wiri I*. klnr.drrb'iMr*. i.nd other ar:ai. r.ivU a riolat. t I itlack ?<n ifce raid hr y whir a ?e?-re e-utcut ena.icj, I vrbirh laft.'d n< ariy 4< mlnn;e< J tmaiuU"! in th* Ir-tal defeat an ! f.nrMal >)i t. uotlon of tbn boa'a. with an Imqirti" cn tte |<wt nf tba Brttlch Tin I Aoar. <f the Atn-lirai a In ih a< U>>n ?n nuc lieutenant [ .aid oae mmn killed. and two lieutenant* and fir* lNm?n wonnd^d At daybreak the brig Carnation w?? ' rnnght rlr ?e In. aud b> (an a baa*; ranntnadr vn tba I %?'ilr?B btlg thru C iptain Iteld, flnuiii? further rofctotanr* unavailing, ab mdoned tbr< ra e!,' ?l>?r partially ili*tr'jli?f bar. and toon after the British act bar < n In I no* aiv* yon the Kntfllf-h ftH n In tb'1 afll larlt of '.lob*ct ??^>nd llant -nait ol tb? riautagenet. G*r>r?? Taylor ro*?watn, and Jain** Wood, mariner, made ir* Caral brfo'e the llrl't'h Vli a I'onaul. oa tba -anuie dr-y, the JTtli of flepteinber. ?l? : ? That on .Votiday th?-iHtU ln-t atab^nt So'nloak in tbr rnnlti| he (Llent Kawwtt) war ord-red to $n in itba planar* a* guard boat. nnarnie<|. on lM>*rd tba brl< tarnation to kuow what arm* d war at anahor In tho bar, when Captain Uentbaa. of UM br?t. or htm to In mire id paid ranii-l (wh'Ch by 'n'ira?. Itloo ?' ral'1 to b? a prlratx r); ?h -n <ald bo?? ? aa nfir lb* prl?al#?r they hal'"<l t? ?*y thay wrr* Atuorlr*r? n?d ilolnil th? Snfllall l.o?*. t koipiT or tbay would tti> 1'ito hrr; upon whirl) ?fr. ord? ri-d bl? ?i*u totiark . *tarn. nod with ? b >*;hook w?a In th? ?M of to doln-?,whon tba A wanton manner ll- 1 Inta '<! b-at. I lllod two man *iiii<M wci >om< ol th?-n mnr'ally; andtbl-. ?? '" !! it KawW t fr. ' !y r 1 nl Ml to mnrdof Ihroi that lh?y ilroeli in I null" 1 for tin- no rcMdUoor of any kin I w t? m I*. nor n>. M b?i > i- t li' Tii'7 <!,? '.r , n - i-"? ?# ? to ntWk *ald ? ?!; at ??ral Pnttt|w?? 1 ?at" til - tti i" "f h*1 I .n iir it". . w to urltift lltet*. wblrh It a?rtn< w?*ra **l I to b? arm-' 1 lean." Yonr colnmni will not admit of full ?'met? from tkanuBii-ni I'ntthr c ?i "'"V > r> <-r|T I ami ?rltt?n iip"-i IMi M Hit' th?'i 'Tornor (f Fatal; but t abnll praaaotly <]?ot* wi? aaaaitUI jioii,I? prrml'to* thi' I'rln - It'-vjont of Purtnsal dii I'l hl< r 'i ' a< Ilia 'I Ian lr > n Ml 4 nmt <-n tb? 3'M I1' .?' I' 1 ' r im t -I f h- . -i lain ? -f Att t i ' >1 r ' I tin Fnt'l-k Atnl>af??'lor l.ortj flttan ft .1 I- lo-ln^arap) of tfc?? tloTt-rnrr of Fnyal'? r.-r? | i?ri tl '>i'"tupor tbr Mfiirfii-f j??t f '?l?*d at Rio ard *tatin* Tour KirHlanr* will ob**'** th- Ho>oaMrmpr ofth< HV'li -b ' oi , ii !< r a' 11. ? in ?i-< in nroTok'd attack on tba Akirrl'ao srlvataof, to ?ttrl fcota Ih'xw al"l*nl mroiirM to ?.!?< ol tralltjr < b lb? part of tba Ain ri. an< In tha drH in tar- *, by f< pHUrj th? arm?d hirrr* lhat w?ra m y i- it i i, with thi ni<?t marif??t dorll- nv iha; th y Wir? rat Rqttlilll lb* Hl< Kinal lll(liai?? hai II r??trd hl? ?ul??l?t?r at tba <urt ot l.on I to m*k? tb ?tro?y??t ropra^^ntatlo*. bafora th? fnna- ll-?aat o tha nnltad v in(4>'tn, and l? ra pilr* *tl>f?ott<>n am lrdamntl'raiian- "?t ily for lilt aubj' ct< (Injurod b tli tir? .' ?t . '!..? <? ! I but : ' ' In - II. m pm , t?4-r. wh^ar ? runt j wa< gu?r?aikd| by tba aarogaan of a r ? u?r:il t r Had tt\# of Afiilar atopjad h"Tr an I tba r-i ly ol Ua |ofrt????l, | do not ?nit. I'orti-gal woutd n iW b? thr?at?.ir.t b? At:>?rnt? o? ?< co*t of ibla Matin bo* ln*t ad f dofnj h p.-rlpt tainlj wr<<? a d?afat?;h \9 Mr. runiptx*. tha A aa lra | E NE * s I A uibaeeador on the 23>l ol December, with the folUi I ' l!or > an bia Hoy al Tlighnea* a?oid viewing thin aff? In the light it ii repreaented. attacking till an* ; ri'ipnty ?r.d independence. bj the uitnlteet violatic ! ot hi* territory in the Infringement of It* neutrnlit | which ought to hi**'- km t>v th? iwo bi liferent power* Not a w??enf'a delay en?ud I ! causing to be addrraxrd t? th? Rritixh MluUter nt tb ' court, the note which ia confidentially roumi inicati to jaur Kicrllency. per copy at tlio'iame tlrn* thi his Koyal liighnesa directed hi? Minister in l<oad< 1 to make the leclamatiou ao serious a< the oflem I renuirea." , The not1' to T.ord Stranffford. thus ennim<inic?t< contldeniiaily to Mr Buaipter. nt ill form the grat 1 argument of the Aiueiia..n claimant* upon 1'ortugn for Uam?pea modeatly net down at i'JOO 8l?0 and a* ll JCrgliah g rernnieiit alwaya routnxt*-d thu t?cta i hastily a* 51 ted by the Marquia of Agular It by n mean* foliowa that Portugal would hare any *hado of claim upon KKgland. t tm it America could inil oat a good cause agamat 1'ortNgal in con*e<|ueuon 1 her precipitate aOn l*?loua. whicd however. oanaot t conurucfl Into an obligation to pay tte Ionium ut tt I owners ot the General Aim -troDg, >n caa? the Kn;li> v 1 ('I ?fri.wDl refused as it did r*fu?*, to aluilt tl claim elihar npon Ihe facta, or upon the prtnclpli 1 i la'U down in tUt U? ut' naMona. whilst it readily m*'< i reparation for the incidou'al loaaot of Portuguese eui 1 jocta at I ay *1. Tl r pa"<?* from whi<*ti T qu?'e were, with th* i't;?] ' t? a* -?euteuant Kaaaett'a >t< po>liion mil.inttt?l t I Onjir?r at ffa blByfon in 18?5. ami ooneequeatly tl ' Aluvrl'-art w!U i>'t question tbeir authenticity 1 ! tbtml find letter ol the 2<lth of September. 1814 aei ' dariru the Dight by the eoniiuanU'-r of the fi'ltia ! torn a to the Governor of Kaynl. which aaya: ? t I ' I'erm't me to inform you that one <f the boat* 1 111* Hritar.nic Majeaty'a atilp under my command, wa 1 without the *lighte*t provocation, tired oa by tli 1 American schoonerOeneral Armstrong. in coaaequenc f of which two men wero killed and se?en woundei and the neutrality of the port, which I had determine . wiof Tiwiqini U roasei] lienr i ol thin outrage. I urn U, t- rmlo' <1 to take possession t | that < sm-1. and hop* th?t you will order your fort* t 1 protect thr force employed for that purpose." i To thi* the Governor icpiied:? I muet assure yon that from the account* which have received, it ii certain that the liritish boats wrl the firs! to attack the American achooner." Am! Id bis despatches to hi* guverument at Kio, h shews tbW impression of the first attack having bee m:ide l.y Kngli.ih wined boat* was original!j derire trom a note rent to him by the American Consul, b tween it nnd 10 o'clock at night, wheH he state*: ? I went directly to the Ca*Ue. ami harin* been in . fi rmed of the cin umstanreii which 1?U to the?e ho* tile proceeding.. I lenrnt that a boat bad been ?eu ftoiD 'he itritirh ships of to **auiiiiethe prirateei ?t.d oi. its return three others had been sent armed.'' | I unuvetnnd the Governor ot Kayal's subsequent in inirie-i led hnu to doubt whether the tirst boat o ii'iR's were arned. or intended to attaak the oelvatael j and when It is remembered the whole aff.'r took plac ' after 8 o'clock at night, it t* more thnu probable it wa imperfectly seen, or understood on Itore, and that th Governor'* flrat impie^ion. derived fmm the Amerioai a. t'tits. coupled with the ut \al eiag^eraliuus up >i ' micb oeeifioiii, led him to give a very biased accoun { t.i his iroverruietit *nd caused the Marquis ol Aguiar' I pr? mature admissions to the Amurioau Minister Thepep?rs submitted to Congresa in 1845 pass ?i i once from 1814 li to tha 2d ot Juae.lx.i4. when | find the Department of dtat? at Washington wrotl i Cnptuin Held ? The situation of Port "fal i. such a* to render thi present an unsuitable t'm- tor presenting asy claiui tiowever just n|?>n the iroT- rnmcut. Wh. n the poll tlcal sfTair* of that eotiutry beoome fettled, your me | mortal will raceive proper attention; and such mat j snree will be adopted tor ywur relief as tUeuircuuij *tai> *M of the ca*e m-?y appear toju?tify." , Mrem U>is I infer tl ? clium bal not Urn urged upoi rortufslfcr twenty ye*rs. and that three year* in >r< | elapsed K-tera it w.ia presented, on the 17th of Ke I brutrj li?7. to tlia Yiarmiit t*a da li?ol?ira whej 1 MiiilHlefof foreign fflTnlni. >h rtlyaftw the rendu ; tio* nt lfe]iWmh<r. that after b. In/ refelT*il toi j inqiiiry aid noticed l>y hi* *uc<*<iwor. the Duke o i litre):^ iu lM4*i. it wa? ultimately rontenti <1 upoi { (net a.j# t>|>?n principle by M. Secretary Dome* d I Caetro. |K n i)"t* of th- 3d ol Au<u<[. J84U. In tbii nolo tlu- I'ortupie-e Minister dnee nut appear to ban ! been a??re of Lieutenant K?mett'i di position al i fayal feut alter r-d trrinc to the eootlioting statement* ? respects lit* hnuaniotiU o( the boats, hi | ftates : ? It ia^ howeYtr. ai. undeajalTs fact that tlia flrnl hot n?f fr<m on K aid tit* pr!*at< or, tba* crilenily i c"D'tiH tioi: her th<< Btfyre??nr and violator of itu r*??r*hty of the port *l h friendly nation, by wb -ui tbii bad been rreeived ?itb all amdn< *e- and (i.e'm rim- tor th* coat! et which afterward* took place mill ji o?t erti>u? ttHul ot tuat r<*t|H'ct Ua? to tbr i I'OltOHtiete tcrrtlcvy Am) l?e note n ?*iiimt ?cry Mrly la argue tfcat tin fin t ihn would tmrr f lte?i d Purtuf n! froci auy ( lain I tli? ptivatier nji^bt (.o#slbly l ira h wl aiialuxt it mi m uiiil. if H fouiiikiv Mg *hoan th* uwcrLor o V tjtii pi>*?e!- d. a?d refused to u?'', th* mctMarj mi at? ti> pnuct at. unuf(n4lt|| Wlil|(i?rit. Ia?leai of Im- i g. an it is ci t:e*-i-d. that be h.?d iu th* i>luii( only 11;?- hundred lulaetry and einbt artillery soldiars with tVe ca. Ua gun* la a ruined stale, and in<-aiiabl< of si ? eClr'eut detent*. The Itovi-inor did ali in fill p *i r hy ii nnnir -nre ti> Captain LiOyd. and m lh? U*n? ! Arti'-lronr eoul4 neter eiprrt It|nIi( thi three hip* cf resulted to take her, Captain ll*i< hoi'l i j\-?o have cinfim-1 hiinnlf to reiuoastranee Nai! b- [ rrrvd Lin re*?<i to hi** heiu take.i withon' j.r iiti caiion in a neural p* rt. i.kpulp Llnjil rnul hav given ii up in th? *<itu ug at the inrtan i>f th< 1'or u< * OoT?rii..r or taken her to stue adnir?lti eon t, *li?re ffie rould tn>t fail hi itig r' l *?>e4. with r i - aj.d danafe* a* a* ill>nat pr.a-. and tlun I'urtry: I would ha>? been f.eed frmn a u.?Im ?he hal nl pr? Me i,.rai< cf n?o' 'fng. Iu the tituation tb?> twc bi I'ifen ut.' placed the iion rnor ol Kayal 1 will ?ot l,in> Olin-ii.- the elaun wuli referenee to ti e l*w of r.:ili> ? lil erallj ju't* ,t in the pap ri ti'i -ii me. but rnrtiiiit inj fiivhfll * iih tlie nri-i'.-din^ Mnt no ot t*f faet<?, larai* your rm t' > ) to tl av th?li I cincUtion* ttliit t 1 l>?U??e, ?.ill i*oiurtil* wltl I tl of tin* Into Mr .1 J' Upoltur Hbo. a* it t tale at >Va?l ington. mail** the following coinnm nl* *11011 to ftir hituiiii-l I' Head, Jim a iaayir. anti fin of tin* i?pt? ii ot 11k? jirlcutu.'i , on tin* l'Hb o January. 1*14 'At tbe rn|n>kffil lurlaiii" of your-mU and ''thi*r? III n lid in it i oufi* of tin* pri*?trt-r <i*n ral Ann K"n? UiUOfW mirut ban ?Ki.ln and a^ain in?trurt Ml itl rr(ti M rit?tlT< * at I.M.mi to ItIb< the el ?im t< the roticw of Hi* ffctrrhia* ot of Portugal Till* liai tipfii dun*. ??d ??ery arguimi<t linn Iun d raplnynl It Itnlbc* 1'ot ugai tn aohiinali d^i* th** jU'tier ?f tbi claim and to make due reparation. All tbe?e eff >rt? of vlilrli ?u ar* well a warn, haa** pr >red unavailing and th* 1> paitmcnt of Main I* unwilling, under al tl ' rlrruii -tanee*. i<> r'W* the ?./>llr?tnn harlni Mrrjr t'ltin to b litre *h . t all tutiiiw ajvlit- ttlnn will prut, an fruitlent a? t hoe* tba'. ire pad Argu nient aiid li iporluaity hate been e?fcn i?t?d and Vhil f i Ti rciut-M ean tet- i*otli i.? in llie riraomatanec-. f jiMtlfy it variant it la Laving facwurao to any athil weapon*. Mo ill will nay tie American government In at an) t;i> a iaiUntdto i .-knowledge the injustice of elairni irt foith tij it* tlViirtl On loreign p'>w*r?. at it arm *hr.w? a laudable p<rttttrenee ii> nut-porting th-m tt I tl la t; (iit? ijmtM/ Mr l'p?hnr'? declaration thai ' th* riti*uiiiMaiir?"? lii thi* r*?e did a-it jualify th* la fi.rr?ii ?nt of the plnln will ba generally eoaal lerei emu lii?iTr, and pailiritlarly a- II ?a? m?d* twratjr-fl*i da>* attn Mr Hi .d, Jun. had ?ent to the Oepartmen1 of Pta'e tba bi ?t refutation hi? Iniraile tal-nt ant ialrr'tt iu tlit* ?a<f aould tn((rtl In replt to the l*?r tugue?e note o| the 3d oI A liquet. 1IU, whiali bad baai rt n*?iutilcatad to bint. I aill not rt frr to tba maani employed toladuci ??tn?* ol Mr. l'p?iiur> hiimaora in tba l>epartai**ni o Pta'a to rreoatider tbe ca?*. and reatora II in tba debi ?ldr of Ibt* account neaibat Portugal; but think I ba?i fiat* d nuflleirat la prom that If It la not. a? I b?ilaT? utii rly unttnabla. It I*, at alt ar<-nta o ?o duub'ful l character, a* to <4tutllfy aa aibilrary and nnju*t tb< r?fti?alol lh<* An * rlran ft Mnit'iii to r*f-r It to tb< arbitration of lh<* Kinit of Sweden, or any otha warli imt* p?war whilst that bonorabla and anooilia tory pn po?| ol tb* rnit?|uw goTfrumt-nt protas It p-ripet rfllanrt* upon tba )?itln*)i It* eanea Yo fO'h 1 rli'm at tbi*. I ranntt balit^a tba A??rtaai I'oitarart will anthmiia rot rtira mt-aaart** againat a wni a goTvrnmi-nt. I l>?Me?e Mr ? UT hm B"t yet ' rnnany mai'ti ire claim of lb* Urnrikl Armett i>( to amount to Ih WWi. to which li bx been e*teaded hj the Ann w?i 'Taclflco" owner* ami crew. notalthetandta lle-?r? Jrtklia iiiil llifrii, the ? ? !> >otl. kul vrlllfi to Mr. Peeretary Monro# o I the Hth ol l>ect m l>er, 1HI4, that h?f c*?t and ou?l did n< t ev eed 0QU and the r?rn?e. at Kayal *7(X I ha?e iii?<te no cer?mony In thin gWInc the opli |) a I >ta?e || 1 111?d Ol I he <) li.r?| \ rm-tf-llf rlmm. t>( M1IHI hat* no doubt tbe 1'ort u(u??e iceernnier ?lll coutlniie to reject It la toto. and Mr Clay'attb mnti>m expiring on the 11th of July, will make It iratter it cent ral Internet, hnt ? re?p.>et? theothi ft 1 t claima Included In the t,lrim?ittn a Council < Ftsl* li about to ha held I nbatl cnneeqv ently ft ??(T?a them ft>r a future |<Ucr and ?bow t ha ground upon ah'eh 1 think MB* of tbem bctt<r founded tha I at of ihetien-ral Arnntrnng. although finally as tt r><f? 'I upon til* farlflc'i drale, to a total of aboi . WM* ___ Tlia Death of Sir Robert Peal. (K rem tha L"mlon Tlrnee July 4 ] It it lBiti??iWa to eiaggmate tRe ftellnganf pn ( frm 4emotion ?lth whl?h the moarafbl Intelligent i f tfc* d?ath of fir Iiol?ert Pael ?a? reeelr'd yeeierda | in every clrcl? of tb? metropi lie. At nrat. a fet ling Incredulity wae created by the flatting Int?llIttt-tic but thla hail heen rt mor d beyond all doubt tl [ pixt ?ery ratntal il-elre wae lor mora ample I> form tlr n Otan tlie> ?? <!? ntteea of tfc* o?rnrr<?nre hail hit * t rto adu.l't' it "f In order toeatbfy th:* eery t alnr * anali't). It will. |irrbt>p? aufWee tf we emS?dy tl * tf aeltnft !;tcldenl? cmot. eil ?ith the calamity In li . Hibjoiiitd narrative. tbe niat?rial? for whl<-h ha l, t 11 ^aibrrtil frn? ?ouroe? of unquestionable a _ then-telly ' f ir It' * rt Teel h*?1 called at Ttneklnghani paiat I 1 and entered hi* name la her Majtety'a ytal'lng ho. a tew nlkutee tit fore the acafteht Pneeetll * tip ft natltutlnn kill, ho had arrived nenrly opnoel tli- wieket jiafe leading Intn the Orcon far* wbt n .* r t !HI?* KIM*. ene of l*dy I>mer'a danght*ra, 1 horrebee k attentb d by a gr.>?m 8lf tnbert had eeare? rt | ?' 'i>jtd iiIii'.h alth tkil jouug la '.j aiji.n I W YC -?*%*% ? ?TTWnAV TVTrvnxms MVlliyjll. J. iUUHilll w- horat became allphtly rectiff,swerved tni?anl?the r'lll I of the Green I'ark mil threw Sir Robert aiOew iva >ir hie left Mioulder Two genMemen ?ho were clf<?et ?- tli* apot ran forward and raleed him holrt;n< him In >n sitting poMure Dr. yone*r' wa? th? third rentleinai T, | to render aV#Uno? II* m* tilt M?iitant fron > ilii I- tance of 150 yards, ac I, hastening forward, reaehn In 1 llu'tpot just as Sir Robert hid lid'Q r?i-i by ttic 1* i other two KcnMnirivii. 8lr Kobert. on b?in* r?i?...j d groaned very heavily, and lu reply to l)r Foumart' *t qiieMion, a" to whether he was inieh hurt, replied >n ) Yea? very much." During the lew moment? whicl :? elapsed b* lore a carriage *aa procure.I Sir Koltxr became unconscious, lu which Htatc he reuiaiued uMi *1 i after be had been a><lnti J icto tht can lag* 11 - t. tie i "I alii'hiIt revived. a?d. ag&iu iu reply t" Dr. Kouaiirt said. "I feil better'' The cariiagtt ?v the.i <>r it dered to drive slowly througn the park to White "* hull-garden*. Sir Robert boing support I b/ I'r 0 Tourart and the two gentlemen who had fir<t ra^ * i ?d him frnm the greund. They had not proceed I ed more than thirty yard* nl.'-n Sir ,' i ues C'ltili ?f mat the carriage. and bavins heard <>f the accident >* | came up to si* if he could r? uder any a-Mane Hi i? j Koucart reuntstcd Sir .1 vines to accompany biui m Hi b | carrlcfie to Whitehall, iwilch Sir .Tamo* consented > do. In a lew mlnutea after h." fcnd entered the car '* , rlage Sir Robert became much exiitrd an l endeavorei '* | to lalMi bimnelf up, which it v kB ih ?u-/h' na-i'K y t >* : profit He thee sgatu sunk int a state ot tulf ud confclousncfs. iu which he remained until hU a-rivri P* in Whitehall Hardens On b-ing titled out of Iheear ? rtege be revived, atvl walked. Willi a-si-tance, lorn tlv la h uy <Wj i.. n-i'M' Sir V ' -t ?. : i n by l.ady Peel, red vh* lu mber* ot hi* family, who hat i* beeji awaiting bia arrival in painful anxi-ty aftei having received intelligence of the aeuMoot. I<adj ! Peel was overwhelmed with emotion, and would havi }f flung herself into her husbaid's arma. b id not Sii "> .'aniea Clarke, and the other gen'lenian la attendance ' removed her The effect of the meeting upon Sii ' Kobert wa* extiemcly painful. lie swooned in th< arma of br Koucart and wa? placed upon a sofa In thi d nearest apartment, (the dinin,? roein ) Krom thii 18 roi m Sir Hohert was ueter re.n ived; and ao eatr? n-lj f a?i nltive to pain did he epeedily become, that it wa' ? only after very considerable dlillriilty that he coalc be removed In u the aol'a to a pateut hydraulic In'ii which bad been procured for liia uae. 1 Sir James (Mark having couaulted w'th Lady Peel, it ' was arranged to aend at onne for Sir B -aja'aln HroJit and Mr. CjM?r Uawkin* I)r Seymour and Mr IIod{^ * aon. the family phyilcian and eurgeon, were alao - nl n i for at the Mime time. Sir Janiea Clark and Pr Fou' * l cart remained in attendance until >lr. Shuw (Sir lien ' ' ir!n i:r' u - -1-1hni came, when the f'tmer l> ft, { At length Plr llcnjamlu arrived, and a consultation ' ' took |>lace between the aix gentlemen who?e nam"* " I areabive given A fortnidnbl" ditllculty presented ' l Until at the very oilttet of the cafe, from the dinres*. 'i i ins fact that Sir ltobert'a miffwrlnoa vmh in unia !>, * 1 b<-would not permit any minute examination of liia I Injuries to be nihde by the medical men The slightest j touch In the vicinity ol the injured part* gave him Intense agony; and tl*< only manner in which he could be trenttd. under the circumstance*, ?* ? to mkuhih that the comminuted fraoture of the clavicle (which wan evident to the eye on the elcthen bring removed) was the only one, and that the rib* were uninjured. After the connultutiou. it wan determined to red eci this fracture, hut owing to the extreme aenalblltty ot the patient- the operation wit not completely par. . : ft rBi< d. ai t. at the expiration of a few home, the ? ! eufferer entreated that be uiij;ht be released from the r ; bandage*, nnd they were accordingly taken off ' | I)uriog .Saturday evening Sir Robert was lermltted I to m-? l.ady Vi+\ and the memb'-ra ot hl? family; but " alltr this time it was thought advisable to exclude all < ttrangera trom the apartment, for tear ot producing auy additional excitement. Sir Robert paaeed a rc?tltti* uight on huturday. his extreme sensibility to toueli increasing houily, and bin uyiuptoois altogether becoming very alarming, which at the first, we believe, lomn of the medirnl gentlemin in attcud^uce 1 ' oid not confid'r them to be On Handay evening the 1 |>ul?e havinpincrca??d trom between 80 and 90 al whiuh it had ranged atter the accident, to upward* of loO. it 1 wa? deemed necessary to take some bloo.l, with a view of reducicg the inflammation Twenty leech"? r were ucrordiDgly applied to the lull shoulder hy Doctor Foucart. and a large quantity ol blood wui obtained, [ ' There ?a? an poitive improvement in the conditio ot tb< patient ficm this operation and he continue ] * In n veiy precuicue etate throughout the wholeof.Mun| tin; ai d Y.i nduy On Monday night theularmiug symp1 t( ui? were greatly Increased. About 7 O'clock Sir Ro' 1 liert bccaaie d. lirlou* and attempted to ral"- hlni??*l( ' up hi bed In this Mate he contiuu?d during the , greater part ot the night; nnd at Interval) he tweam* 1 I ao much exhausted, that his medical attendant* were evtrai titoea of the opinion (hut h? enald nnf harrltu ' through tb? 1 n tbr par' j) rm* ol hi? ?ufI*rWijra 1 Hr Kobcrt'k hiiighti *frc with hit <U4??t itud dearrflt ' frlenda. and ihe n?niM of Harding* anil tirabaro *i-r? ' lreijuiiitlj upon hit Hp? At 4 o'clock on Tuesday n.oi tlnn 0ir Hubert t? U into a aound aleep in which he ecntlraed uninterruptedly until 8 o'clock <>u awak' In* Lin mllid wa* quit.* c. mpo?e.| and hit mtdlral atn i. ltnu roriatdcred him to l.e much by * j the rift l<r Lad enjoyed. Tb'-ro ??< ?*.IH. b>a?e?er ' I cau?e for interne anxiety 1'roui the vcti ..J of iUc ao . cldint tip tolblia time nearly "n iioui .iir IW<irt had [ t . ki i> no ott r auatenance than a pta?? i ( rlmni vn? ! and tl e joik ol i.ue cgs L -attn ue which he w?? m J duced With < m? difficulty to a>w*ll?>w M?dn ' | had Win aduilnlatired. a? a u >W?r if mir<c, bu ' . thr^ ^hou! 'he aame lenr boned p. ri ! the ajMeni ' I hud riiDaiii"d |*rfertlr IunetiTo The f>?il- ? h?i ! I preMly ire t.iMd "n Tu? day. uiarkioK from 1IK I to 11v." ard ' ccr.niiic rery weak At t?- n, on Tuen' I Kck. jt cipre-eed b m 'elf to he a 1 <f tl?? ea-ier. I Ihl rcliaf ?a? unhappilr. ol ahiw t dai-ation \t -i I o ch . k far ni' ? dinner -j? jm[ tc,<m tti n imy ?h~h ' had yrt bnn 11 ctrtd prepcute?l Ib'-iu-- l?< * At thla tttn* fllr Robert tejran to breath* atertcrlouidy. rad'hla 1 MT.'rKitkia U'lcc btlii 11^ cia.-cd to au'w-r r 'y of tht |M*ttoSI tdiiMiJ to bim, and app ar><t to b? ?nkirjt Into i iiuiaiimMM' "Mr Hrnjtniia llri?U? ' aaaln ?i M nr. and on bn antral. a?rc.d <*lth 1?r Voucart uud tl ? ather mcdl al ft utlemm, that the ea?? now KfViiint a net dang-Toty ae;i"-t Tb pul ? : fad ktninit * ~y w>ak anj r*'> d US Kr. in 2 ' .i , b rk to f o'rl? k. the chai ^i'I. r tlic ir iri' v? pro. |!ii ?i*iv tbr piuae i ncreawl i j t<? 1:10. I nil beciutttM [ * .-aiiii:. lly ? eaki V Stimulant* m re' rr J hut I ad no a| | ai tit > (feet ?t?1 tb" > rf-rtorb)tn bi "a'lHn|{ I licniit mora ml mm pwlnftil. Tb? nltlltw tr?r? ! ? I nil i u ' ' I i n -1 >1 wligM c"iil 1 i all'itd w;i? ?jl|mu>i< d *111! Ilia' 110 bupt* whatever I ?>bttd of fir Kobtrt I'eel'a life b^lnj; prolonged ' fi r twenty f"H- hour*. Tbe liinhop of ililirallar 1 ( ' e He* I p Ti mlln?<ti.) a rery nld ftb-n I ol >r 11 l>*it'a w e now aent f t t" ?JmIni?t>r th?< .. .? < iKni ?.f ?? cl.urch (\y1 tbe rrrlril of th? 1 J. laic It wa in I' Ilc l I>i I I'. I i 111 I then. ;'i1mt< | of iba family tbat lh"y tril|(bt n<>w wllb'iut rl?k of InrieurinK tlic d?tipfiT"n? coviltlon of Ihc patient. I?c ? I ? < lultlid to the a)Mrtni<'iit in which he w?a lying. ' a f? w tin nn 111- tin whole family w?-r? a--? i,.M. ! 111 11ki | tc-cm I thc.r I H'iti iI r. IV. it? win- s!uiu~led f n<litl?n at Ibia time acar-*ly nab'.cd bin to rcc- /| n. their iib-ntity. It la nok the frorlnco r<f llic journalist to rl !.itc tbc aanct ty of a ir< nc like th!-. r.pj tlicivforc thl? ' |>< Hi' n of m i narrnlira n> cr?<ni iiy nil i. r? r if di la'l ll l? anlKelrnt to aay. that t!ie1 loeni i| 1 Midircr rcrltcd ?ufllct???lT. during ?>iie p^Tii^d ( ilia ' Inlcrrli iilcatlfy Ibe b inrea of the c brb r? I on 1 i-liniuiiil'i>( bit t w .rda wb <n hen; 1 nu'li ' ixtiiidid bl.i faltcrli * hrml. and. In an attitu l t.e, 1 a|'? 1 kiliil tbe >nl< n- ly ? 1 In ! r-'- wl >pcnd in i *1 nil < ly li 'l.Me ri.ln d ! : < ) ' i : ' At liltf ft rfriln*! ifiti fif 41il? . 11?f . f . ri*fi* 1 .fit Hirdlngr and IMrJamea t>rah?m. wlm h-xl two infoitnidof llic Utal ii ruit anticipated. were adiaitti I to t!<? presence nf the uow rapid)/ n.ikirm Both |f?ntl<mcn wrr? painfully iiff.-ct"d, and wi il might l.rrd Harding)- remark on I. aring the r m tbit the contemplation St lilx belnred frl?n.| apon bi' dying With bad mora unnerve! him than all tda-igi r? j li"' bad encountered on the pluina of Moodke? an<1 ' At 0 o'clock fir Rohert bad become an otban't-d at to be calloua to all in?prc?>(on? The an m b< la of bla family idll irmiltnl n? %r htm with the It ceptlnn of l.a< T Peel, wlinae painfully aacited ' Mnii rendered tt absolutely neeeaaary to remove h? r from the apartment. The milhr?t'? atrencth waa. hn?? ?i-r an tar ribanati d tbat. although he gave or?**ional In d'rktint of belrg aenatbla ?it their preaence. the prw er of utterance had altogether eeaa< it. and It aion became rvid>at tbat hi* end ?a? rapidly approaching Mr ll< b? rt ceaced to eaiat at nine minute" a't-r 11 j o'rUcb. Tboae prearnt at bla deeaan- were biatbrei bfotharr the D< *i> nf W>.reenter Colonel peel. Mr w! j Mr* l,*wrere# P?e|, three of hi* a?oa Mr f Pa?l, M l\. Captain W Peel K N . and Mr Arthur Paul W>. *on-in law. Lord Vllliera; Lord Marling* Hit J Hn ham ard tbe medical gentleaaea 1m attendance. IW-a j aibillty to pain bad reaaed aoma time before <Vath and bia laat n.<>m' ntt ti n not disturbed by any pay ai< al 'atTeriiig 1 | After death an ?Tamiaatlon nf the body wm mad* wh?? a mn?t lmpott?"t tart waa for the flrat tim* dla ! rovtred. ?l? . tbat the 'fth rib on the left ?i<W araa frae tur?d Tbi? wii* the r gtoii ehcre Sir l.s.hert com : plained of auffering the ireatett pain and W wa* prn | btibly the aeat nt the u -vrtal Injury, tbo broken rll pre*?ing cnthalung producing what la techni rally known a* fITnalon .'.ad pttlinoa?ry eag'Tg-w ent fl Tbe fatally wur conaultad ?a tba aubject of a fM? mrrlm examination but both Mr I'rederiek I'eel aw Captain I'ei I objartad t< allow the remain* to be dig torbed ia any a ay. and tba prerlae rauae nf death 'r?l therefore n?t?r ha aaoertained An application jetrlitlnn to take a eaat of tba fate, fr< rn an i clita rulptnr, wan alao rafu-ed Krantr. Acinic#* frnai Fatia arc dated Thnradae ?r'<itinf, lb 4>)> In-iaat 1 be Mimiimr coatradint* a ealnmni^tt? atttamer * ' nahliahed In the Nmittmal respecting Admiral l'am?(?i *_ l?eacb?ae? and tbe alleged destination nt the front " f. r t *1 TIM> lilFir>nt w?^ c.|>i-l hr til I Na'w* ?l n4 i* W<r?W'fi?? frrmi th t (inwrioj' V* "J ot th? rrpaMin -?t?ltnl th? fort? i *' Mrrtfv M<?lron*f. and liajr. on Wdn??d?7 H? wi J* *W)ah?r? r?-c?l?t4 ?tth nuun#. ?. mub of rrtfH "* and ?)lr*. < *hy f# A m mfcrt M r> prrfnlttl /r?. tit *11 f?cMo?a of tt Imv* l'4l*r? ffra thrlr ennattti mti. laotiuctivg th?m to tola i|>lart tha k?? ? 't, ri<? Th* I'rrfrrirf lk? ha* forV Men th? r?pr?a?i "* tMIOnof' C*,aTl"tta th* I h?*tr? of Y|??in '}* Till' mr'jilwrt ?l th? Par -alary ?Mut? of il "* Ctunril KtdW trrldrri at lhi if la?t initio* to an J* |.nt P |)i,pin fi.r thi' r?rnd -nry of 1h? National A '7 tn th' tlflinn nhirh to taka plaaa ? r* 1' ur-iay *odH?otg rote tot ?wnl IRK II ?3, JULY 21, 1850. ? i Teon Fancbw, Hernial d'Aiy, and I)aru, for Ti:e fit a | WeeiUmia. ? 0 | Aeconntsfr. m Kennr* (Kri'tuny). stat* tb?f in ct-n- t>? ? , wq?nr? ?f n Tlol?tt Iwl?ll tt?? rr>a?of wt^st, N< r, oat*. t..l acco i nd rape for t Srree I str'i'"* In fhi?' u?-l<li- fi* i. horhocd. have been to*^lly d.-etrnved, ?nl ut the same J? 1 j time. tbr.e brutes thrown down by a whirlwind lm , | (it ut tal Fabvier Ins presented ,i prop.>sit ion tf? the 1

[( I National A'-'irMj, to the effect tliat Ahd-ei l{ id*r G' ? i hall be forthwith irantft rred to Alexandria or St Jean clr I, d'Acre. In virtue of the nonvention made with hiin t'\ li | Kft-fh arrest* have take* place at l.ynn* They were fti ( connected with the conspiracy ju?t dfacoveredatOrail i*h I | It has been appertained that Lyons was the centre of leu i , the movement which wit not longatfo projected rn an Mc in m? lt?". and it n.?y be said. Kurcpe?n scale, and the .V t . , plan of which i* taid to have proceed, d from Loudon . *nd Switaerland. Amongst the persons arrestel at M on* *re two municipal councillor* of the quarter* 1 (IntMoticr* ardt rolx Kotine. Domiciliary visits litre htt-n made at I>lj >n and some persons arrt ted there ? OiHwrwise that town, a* well a.i Lyons, it in a (state of ?!. l perfect quiet " A confl'ot ban tak'-n placa at Paint Pour^aln in the n department ol the Alller. between a p?'t ot the inlialii- *f' j timts cl ti e town and come soldit-rs of the l?t regi- J m? r.t of Cbaaseurs J I The Hours''JeroTt-red frtm the depression which j : p-evaiied th??e on Wednesday. and pubile seeuritiaa . | were in good demand yusterrfay, at au advance on "j| I Wt dnet day's (^notation* The F'v? per Cent* opened at Vif fell to T-4t. BOc and roaesut<.-e^uently to Vftr 2i c , ?* ' , at which pi* a they cloved; tb? Three pcrCenta. olojed . t at 47? IU . ,tol | ?? Kpaln. I'*1 , Account* from Madrid, of the 20th ult , statu that **"' , thr marriage of Count de MonUmolin with Donna I. , Maria Carolina Fernanda of Naplc* would, it was ap. t?r preheudtd. lead to a coolness between the court* of ,juj ,! b) ste and the Two ficlile* The Hpar>i*h government u? , ei irplaibed ol the profound mystery oWrve.l on the ( r). , suSJect by the Neapolitan cabinet, and uu the 2U:h )><t , the President of th* Council ha<i au iutervlew with yon r l'rinee Carinl at which he protected against thit want 'j ut , ot courtesy oiticed toward* the t^ueeu by the King of ti ri I Naples eat, I The Cometrlo of Cadiit. of the 2*tth nit., state* that, Ulj(; irdnpr; ilpntly of the two 600 horse power steamer* ?(1U < rdertd in Kngland there were now on the atoik* in TLit fltuin two shin* of the line. o?e of Rii unit the ofhor <\# \ Mi gun*; a Irigate of 60. Jk corvette of b(?; four store e,,( ship* Oth trine, three schooner*. four steatn?r* of :>00Itorse prw?r. four of 360. and one of '5X) Two regl- |,r?ment* of the gartiionvf Madrid were to b? armed with cue percussion musktt*. r,,t, Iht , Italy. to 4 The (i uyyitlr di Rumm of the 25th ult. announce* Met that the Pop* ha* appointed a commission, chaffed at j to distribute to the varion* chun-he* that ?ntf.*r?d A'4 | damage during the siege of K>>m*. n considerable surn );ai . from bis ow n privy purse, to be applied to their rrpair. ket The Opinivue of Turin quote* the following official the] circular insutdat Napba. in con?ei|uvnceof which thu carl \ constitution in virtually aboliihed mot thk materia or thk CTtBioa to the run tc orricaa* b<vi or TNK 1IKRDW. ca i Drier I mini, 1 y Ii,hb? Pruvidmeo, l?i re* tared ia the duiuintoDt of bi th sides of the Kar<>, it it the eipress <rill of .? i Ilia -Vii\j r; t j the King, otir absolute IomI, thai nil functionarUn rlall take a new oath, airrdin* to tie !> -ree of IKlti. VORF.NA. a' i Another circular of the Minister of War at Napioo, and dated the t tb ult.. prescribe the form of the oath to i-l* be taken by the i fflrers of the army I?o mention i* tori made in it ot the roiiKtitution. the obligation it itn- ciiil pose* keing, ou the coutrary, implicit obedience to con llu> King. ?i d " rtei Turkey. rati Letter* from Trieete, of the '24th ult.. in the Jllit'mnnr y.otunn. Mate that Olutr I'aeha, the euiinuuliT the of the Turkish army in Rutin lia. ban been sent into at \ Born'.a with troop*. for the puroo*e of suppress *"i tng the insurrection which ban broken out In that proTitre The latent new* from Oalmatla i* that the** Olli troop* hare entered Bosnia It U not believed that a * ? battle will be fought, for the insurgents are fi w in num- to t i her nnd ti e leader*, the I'as has of Tuixa and Zwor- n:t' nlfli, have gone to Coustantiuoyle to *urreudor to tho de* Sultan anil to ack hi* pardon. all fln? Hell jr. On the 17th lilt, an eschang" wn opened at Palermo, () rl IM the Sicilian rente* negotiated for the first time. <11(| h pjnodnf bishops of Sicily had beea aittlng at 1'alernir einco the 2d ult. Wnrtrmbrrg. ?-P] Adilcrt ftrm Ptnugnrd of the t>tln?t., state that j'"' the cuhii el, having disagreed "n th?W< rmau question, 1 *"' have rt signed ' din iu a body, aad tliat a diseolation , '' * of the dUt i* daily expected j '*' i JVrf.ui tin* I. on don Mercantile tiaaette. July 5.) r<'? TJie v. rather liw been lather uii.ttU<d ainee out init t.iirly In 1 li?? tii k high wind* prevailed in diftereut purl* of lh? kingdom. which may hare dona "l ?i IB- II ."chii f by fx kt ,i>k d"Wii III- grawia* ?r.ip? l.ul 1 fit m llil- riii'i1 ti?? nltlliulu r?'.l Ir e utieipate J, pru- *:^y i tldrii di tk!(| lurtlirr orrur* ?(ui:I?tutiIiIii obatm ' J. . trr Tbe rain wbleb ha* fallen rlnre Thur -lay morn- | liif i* raltiUtM In Im o( luumM M?fl?? to nil kind* J'u' , ol rprlng rorn Mid pul*e; but a long contiauaure ot 1 wet would n..t mlt wheat- Indwil Wi do not i nnrldrt t tl *i tlx Ia?t few d?>* bare !>> * ait. ? tin r auepioloua * i for lb* procei* ol bloomiag 1 br reporta (torn the ag'i- J" I cullnial dlelrteta are thm far eatUfbctory. and iiiiIi'M , ai'\ihtng fhontd ben-wflar oeewr to irar the pro. pert, wr tuaj calculate i n a *o xl. though probably not an ; ?r?rly, hartr t A vrr/ laige una: tily ol hay hug i J'ril 1 b?en cull'l durln?r the la*t fortnight. In good order, ' ' ? atid In lb* (uutlirrn coiinllra the erop Ik mo*i)y??1 cured The pioduce i* not e.|ual to laet yv but it la "*r far ! ? tti r tl un cr-bloi 'ng ikr harkvanlvugl tba *'<1 ' , fprirj and the flight [.n>fjer? tb? growth ' pf?-? bad ',r k.adt uj. to the micdia of Way. could bar* been eg- J |? l?d I'btaUM** IIIIU to tic progreeaii.g !.iv>r?Mf, I ! I.i lb on t) i. *|,)e of 'li? rhannil ami lu Ireland. That *' ! tbe crop will *!tc?cTh< r e?c?fie the tU*ord< r to ?h'cli it f hit bn n llnb|.? dutis# aereial fneec*>lTe ?en*oa?, can- r tint lit rrtuciitbl) aatitlpabil and we b?l!?pr.^b<il>ly, " from time to tin,*. in ar ot tuiunr* of the duenna ; but f , *> the Iriadth ol' It nt plant ed with thl* not I* vary I great, a email loea would not materially int?rfer? with 1 T ' ' i tl,? *fK'fi iite produce Tbu* tar w? conM d?f the pr- a- | . t i ctii, in n Iciencv to lla prcba'ila iutur eupply of J | home grown food. a? highly promUlo# ; and n? fori 411 PJ. I Mipplli on . ? 1'l rral real*eonttnui t"?rrlte week after I ' ' ! week, there ia ?orea?oa for auppoeing that weghall ran j"' * i tharl I'ttrini to haraert provided notbinr ooriir*< 1 li.r'tine lain 1ti ard merchant* t" withhold aupptlea. : I J rom li??rpr?l we learn that Jliitifl fjra wheat f' ' iP.t.Ut i^uarttra Indian corn, apd ISDOO mrki and ' 11 (1II i arrale luur had been r*?e(TC<l 4urin( the werlt '' ' iwdipp Ht l?-t N< twilhetandmit |nf)(e iwi'li ion to | | the availai.le i^nantily on (k? niuket. ImtbralvM j ' n> t rl? .pi r n 1 ih Miay than on t/i?t day ??'a night, i'1'1 et,d the d clln* on peeondary aorta r.nn utiitil to only Id. p?r"tilb li.diim corn wae h"w? rer. 1 iernl co?. ['*' ?ld>raMy lower, without leading to tniu-h bu?ine*?. 1'' 4t Maik lane, the trada ha* remained dim, but " , hujera bar* (reucrally acted with extr Be caatioo, 1 , | and tha lr:in-'b(lk>iia in Bt<?i trlinlin l.ave barn on f ' i <iwl?e a retail ?nl? (> Monday w? ha.I an tinuaually mall >h?w of wheat hy land cart lag-- ?nn pie* from , . the home rocnti'*. and erarrdy an;. rr?m Mora di?- L! ^ - tant patta of tha kinydotn. 1'actora were. eon?e- , ' <|uet.tly. nnwilllrg to Ickc 1??? money tfcan h?- ' lot* ; and thoofh tha mllleea wera nut frer buyer*. . t*lng in want of email quantiiiea of ire h'h wbeal for aising. ealler* aanceed?4 In n|e?ung J'' the il?i }? at ptlceo elmllar to t!i'>*e rurrent on I tli*t day week <>n Wedne?>!ay the Intel and Kent ?iard* wre oiuta bare, as it iln> morwiag ihe dlapiay I of rami le* were again acanty. in wiiieh e*eta of allairi , . hut little hneinei 1 wa? done, and .|ii?t%tlong nnd?r- j' ^ went norharge The arrival* IVoni abroad h*?* been , | airply ktifflnient to meet ibe <Unta?1 baring had only ' a n tail country Inquiry. 1 ba a?tr'ltale quantity of J wheat *' Id o? Monday wa* le*a than u?ua|. but nupariot *nrt? were rot parted with at Wiwer rata? thai he. toee arid abero lea? ni>'i?y wa* taken, the dlffrrenca ' ' In i|tiality ri<? i^ual t? the CilfcrHice io prlen. tin ". ( Wniiiili'aj there were a faw wee' country tuillei?who ! , ih>k fman lonmr a i>an'*m wm-at at ar>?ui r^rm r . i tarn** ?i d tbi? raornlng th?r? mora I'li-llnatlon t? * k?? i\?n wrltW ! lb* waah Hi.ur. frr?ta frnand, ?' i inn p'rftctly ?w?at. ba.i Vm In l aly ra^tiaat i thirnijihout 111* ?rfk, Mil k?a mmBuniM pr , I ?tfo? priori; otbrr daaarlpt?<>iia ha?? krM ' ' I ' n</I'Ui 4. Kr-glufc barlav ha? aean.-d to onn?? 1 , t Mi Ha ralwa miwt at pr??<'Ot ha rri(ard*<b , a? Dentinal. Of kraVn wa hat- had |M4 rar<-lpt>; | ?>?!?*. lio?'t?t. ??ah??nra of any ?np|lT ! , at <1 a tti Ml; ili mart! to intidia* puM>u?< a. all * '>J K'uml i,ualnlt * of ft>ralga hara (> -n firmly at t I lal* lllrti III tnw?ltl?M In trait ku Wn mlin- . 1 arrant. and tt* rale a ba? undrnrona tto ?arlW*ori. Tha ar^val* of oat* nooatwlaa an J rto* SrMlan '? Inrt * ha?? %?*t ?maU ami tl.< u^h w? bata ac>tl? to report fair nti lpt? from abroad tnoat of lh? lattrl litriiif ( ( ] cotr>a In hand >a bad arnditlon. fr?ah #?rat rnrn h?? j % rat b? r ti r,tl> i opwar i? In rain*, bat ?*\ notice BO l?pto*rtm nt altbrr In tha d*?at\J for. ?>r olu* of. , tha crt>in<?<>r bl?<ta Biina ij alt a, rt* h?r* h< ?a , l?ld *l?h amah (rmiwi. at M? rata* ami twa? j. ii?4 raurh annght aRrt. hara nu b*?n ollrr<-<l ?' all li r than wark Tha trl?h il? tnnna for j l?d<an rcra hurltip; Mm< >t ? b lly b*l Inl. anil. .? * ' . of li.t? r??l baa tranoplri-d rlnrr our l?rt in Seating " , tar gov#, . ? lb C 4 I.' rr* MnltrT Minn JUj I. On? t'flortt Th? * rtMk Ulw(t(-4)ll ?r*?*nU * ?rp? Of rnn?t dtilblr IhinnrM ?Ufe * ?< tliiiS) <J ?ui<)?iry In f>rlrr? " Ir.r nil dr^rtl|ili<n*. of p jM'c > rurtllr* Th?t*l?<of J' * '?>> li' n f 'nnd? K*'OI M>rt *? If fltn ' < il. TWr? to ?l.o nor# hi>nnM>? ? ?*!r* *1 11 ' i f I' I In r AH. t tn ? Wtlr* f!o???U h?to hw II do?? it t' <4 OT, and ?fn 9/ ?* dir. for ?< - ?i nint. h dnrrj Tbr?? pf l>!,i? Improt-'l to lM 17 S S Nm Tlir * H4 t l|iikil>r p?t tnH At V*rh4' ?*, ?T? In 7W tn . RucklMnrk'il'l tn2tl ct ? jirr'rtft Sir. Vt conl!piii> to b* tb? ? t>*l? i tl x-'MrUiM d??lt in lj th? d?*H* ?>f lb* ' *rrr\t , f Ij Kutit. <>p?mll'ti? h??? li 'JJ?? * Minppp V?n dn?? In Im'-nni A?t?* ?t frnn 1o m?, ?hi?h pltrt ?n ?ddlll<1ii?l "t 4 fli |-tr ?< nt from i?l?t '?j i'trnrUn llonrU ?l>o I.< ??e ?br?,t a per I mi. b<-lUT Tb* < li?* |i ?lrr? lh? fol1i>?lnf Id'tifi lhl? d?j : B'i'itnt o| A)ri? 6fl Wi # *0. fci(m?dof:Omtilt II1- Mitl- >i run are< nut .'?> I'trtitlau ? mart 4 XV, | 21 dlMe d f-tTt 'I ST.'b, H uirlin VIt? |>?r t>nt? 1) ?, <litlo Prnr and it Hulr r#r (Vol* W \ \ dir . '' tin l?f>rlf> , 4% H pn , Sfirth Fit* p?r (Vnl? 1*^ fc,. V^O'inM* J AS, RtlRton four *n I n Half prr I'mU?j|. Th? i ? A " nu?Tli t !? tlM> gtt r?i>j Mtrr. fiiNi |M>| % ERA 0 . 3 J r " "dJ In ftpT*rn1 ln?t*n?e? h(vh?r Th?re la not. how- I .. . .1 j? iiinii i , r.aaiern <;min'* i <ireat Wot eru M''4 U'?, Brighton , rihoe-ti i n hiH'4 Si In Midland 86'i, PiiuthweNtarn >i, V. Southeastern 14'i \ North Smlfurd fl'j *i * J, I' York und North Midnil Jfi'i Stent Northern l:. \ ,||K Tiian: o Clock?Cocaol* are tirin and etoM OflTf t'? lor the account Share* are in moat good, and * tbn?:?Nnrlbvt klrrn It!'; 110. Great W'. ?tern .V.J H Midland lift 3?H- 8oi.tliwii.tern ^ North afford t}i fl1*. 1'u-tern Coantlea 7>^ 71,. Kortlgn hi i f m? ) ct ter No-thrrn, of France. 1| , ||i or_ id* and Tours 2'; Vlerron It'X 14' Kor?itn >c!-?*rc flr?. Peruvian 8S'4 M?t,detorrod 30?41J7 ilcan CO,1*, Kuh iib Scrip 6 pin. l-mni-ooi. C?TTO*i Mabkkt.?Keport for tlx weak dfrig July 6? Hy the ,-teainer which arrived on 8unV forcing. or bare ailvU-t* front America of the in- unfavorable churactT ot the atate aud proapecta the growing crop, all partie* agreeing that couxnler,c damage ha* haen none, and that the ceaaon in unlally late. In connequence of theaa continued bad ounta. wo ha?e had a good <J"lnand for cotton rni'f hout tbr whr le of the week, ami Vlarce buaineaa ? bi ?ii done at higher rate* Ainei i.-aiu c >i.ton ia '?d iri r more particularly the eolation and middling aliiie*. tbi great hulk M the demand being fhr Brazil* and Sural* alao partake of th? ad*anoe. other aorta are firmly aupport- d The committee liroki i? place tfcir I'piand nil I Mobile at 7'?d . and eaii? iffd 11,870 American 4 ftTn Surat? 4so KgypD 44AI I'.ibia and -00 Maranbam bar* been tak>-n apeculatton. and f> Americuu. 100 Surat. 640 'tiHBi, CO itahia and 00 Oartbaffeua for export. The l? tor lb* wwk amount to 00.4H) bale*. .onpon maakkta.-- Achei>?There 1* not any new fr?. e connected with thU market. Canada reiuaiaa I at preTionf low rate*; flrat anrt pot, 'JO*. and rla, U?x. per cwt. tfotfie The market baa been tty atiady during p*et week, and price* bar* n firmly maintained. On Monday about 600 hag* d ordinary native Orion were aold at 4.'ta Ad. On ?d?y plantation Ceylon wan In good re<|u**t. aud in r rate* were will aupported. At auction. 241 k* aud 06 hag* all aold: uud rt-allfrd M?. to (0 . low I ,>z* IiiWj u .BlubH flue ordinary 47*. to fill., < d ordinary 4''h t>d . triune 4?*. to 4.'m per cwt. re were it'Tcral Inquiring alter Native. but bu?in?** ) lieckt d by ttav reluctance of holder* to *ell and d ordinary cannot be obtained under 43* ttd. On ! dr.c*day aBO bag* good ordinary Native were 1 light forward. and sntd at 43* Gd.; .'>00 big* and .'<00 kr? Nativn were aleo disposed of at previous * The market remained tlrm on Thursday, and rn were aoeeial inquiries for Native Oejlonat 43* fld 4*and common clean plantation at S0? per cwt hi*?The market for British ir>n continue* ateady, ireTiont rater. Welch bar* at the nprk* are Arm at l'ia. t'al , but there are few buyer* abore ?4 10*. 1 way bar* are quiet at nreviou* term* The Bartor Heoteb pig* i* dull, but * the make I* *hort re are no Keller* undar late rate*; 4*>? to 45* M , 1. are thu rate*, according to number*. Brituh tin re* off steadily at late price* In foreign there ha* d more inquiry, and there ate I*** ready *eller* Ban* lirui at 71*. a 7:2*. and i-trait*70* to71*. Tin plate* in good request. and realize 27* for 1 0 c?ke; at price there are not free *elier*. ?* the *npply i* ill. The salt* made in *pelter are to a email extent L'14 15*. to jC15 on the *pot l.ead ha* luut a dull sale, price* are looking do? n Britlfh pig* ? 17 i.'x to I. and ;heet* i.']S lo*. Copper i* *teady at former dh. Naval Store*?Buy?r* of tar *bow*llttle di.sponn to operate, and a* non< ha? arrivi d the market til>uee bare of supply Stockholm i* quoted at 'At* , I Aicliacgcl at ll>* per bairel Knglish eoal i* idy at 7* per Stockholm bl<l Kmln morrn at late r*. Bough turpentine I* held firmly, and thu *a|e? been realricted to a few hundred barrel* at *. D I , m*rket being *te?dy. Spirit* have gone oil steadily : rery fnll price*, and holder* evincevery little di*po- ' n to m11 Knglirh drawn in puns i* sold at 30? to | titf., and American. ca?k* included. 31*Ad perewt Peal meet* with a good demaed and the market inn at ?31 6*. to A'ul 10*., and other kind* at X'JO { 131 10* . but the Mock 1* getting larger, douthern i it* with more ntNntlon Troin hipper* and hnnie Ur?. but not at higher rntc*. At auction 7N tun* found bnyt r* at fioni i.'30 15*. to jt'iS 5.* for low to I > Thir? ha* not been much done in Cod, *till I ilere are Dim, and require X.-4 10* to A'35. Sperm In en in egirllent request, fully nuppoiting former ; dm but tlierc i* a tetter awpp'7 At auction 150 . f colonial were all fold: good ai d line at. ?S4 to ?*"> Hi ndniatter i? ft ill in small aupply.aud tine eelU ly at A to to ?b'2 per tun. 1'roiUlona? American. lice out 1cpoet of la?t week there ha* been very le bo>Vi<c?H ti (intact. 4 in Bacou or middle*, and the le mui-t be regarded a* dull at foraier t. run , quote a* follow* Bacon. So* to :wi* .; middle* ef , k. U0*. to JCe ; ditto Hacon. 30*. to 8*i*.; *m?ked , m*. 40*. to 66?.; aiid(lu pickle Ju*. to 3M?. There It ; my ni w feature to notice In Lard Beef and Pork tinue In Un ited dim and. aad a* mpplie* are I d. late price* arr h.j? lj matutan.ed tjuotation* are | (Olfnw* Beef, ltitii. to 105* pee tierce of 33H lb* ; lie *iee*. H *. lb ltHV. ; prime nc*, si* to *5* per ' rce cf .'.04 lb* ; India pork. WV to Pt>* per tierce ef , pilirien e*f f>0* to 80* per barrel. There I* little j tig in rheet* and late rati * arr *U|iported ?!ri?li : ' iera?er*ot butter operate with caution, i.nd only a i itefl l.ufiren* ha* liei n tiaMacted of late, pric**, i wi-r-r are j?ot materially alttred. Cariow (Monmel. 1 h tiki r uy le ing *t ill b? lu tor oo? I o un- I >r ' , i d*, and *croe ?i rr fine mat k* at 70*.: Cotk. 07*. i'8a : I m.eriek Ma to fiba Thera I* ti?ry littla i n < fit ring fur rbipm< nt. and thr market roBllouca y firm for the finer <411 Atttlcn; Indeed. in lonie la ncea ar advance of per c?t baa b?cn obtained; me in xll Watf?K r<t iande,1 .v.* to Ola ; a fewaali-a, b . at the Mine rater, parol!* out of condition are I of rata In lfa?t middle* are ijuotod at 4<>a to l.< ; eea. 4ifa I# 44?. A better ileioaad for ham* la l??okor owing to Ilia rwall (tipply but aa yet pricea are . harp> d Lnnl I* without IB proremi-Bt. tt'at?rf< r J , tS r< <: n roalntnft at 60* l?Ui; Belf*>t in firkiaa ! Kifa Sfa. to llarr* !h d p?rh. ol prtine quality, I n.. t la a r""' it ?|Ulrj but inferior <|Ualitlea ara n?tul ln?i? lr per t|. roe; meaa, 6>1a. 1>H Klce ta in fair u< mi and. hut hoMcraara compel!0 arrej t fferuier iat< .tinTiu 'day la> t ;<.*>* bag* ll-n. *1 rr ff ld at ai d atwr the ?!, at ('? fid to VJi for Idlini; to Cm- whit*. London ilre?a?4 Carolina ?ell* uly at lain |?lre* Herd' A touch halter demand | hi < n t xperlenrrd for flattie lliiM't d, weveral par : bare been taken, el gianarv. at Ma to 4:1* M | llla'k 'n. lot in olhi r ktnda tlia able* are of a j ting ekaiwtrr. limi*! th' iiaand qaartrra H ack | hara been aold for arrlial at imllar prleea to thoae dcd. Kaat Jndia ?ei oa ai-l.?ld lor full tTin* but l? (lllff Al tu?tii h l(l<<M|ti?il<ra ra|>?tej part old. lombay. ordinary. ;'fi* t alrwt'a (<H> to 4"a Madrae tak?n la at 4!<e . "Ai quartera Haaaaiae part 1 II 4<>e ; 1 till quaitira Te?l laken In at til , and <|iiaUer? oil aw d, part acid ai 4.' i p< r irur Canary d la rather eaatrr t<> bat. but err <4* m alBMt in gleet* <1 The demand for <Tah ilnret d cake* baa l.?en rather juiet thla weak, rg to 1 he fine weather, but A'? Sa tut'l lt?a p?r an <:< u *i. J-d Kinlt-n rake* are ae*roe but a part ela of Amerlran are now to band whirh will be t'ci urlr g tk<- W.ek fine>far??W?a at ?<1 Ja (Vd to ?? p.rtt n Kapi Me<t rat*aar<* aaaltered lo ralua *r Tkt Wot holla market apaiied a'eallly < oay and although buyr* w>r? not dl-po*?d to tate to any a slant prleea were firmly auppi?rte<J. purrluve* extindto ni? Vt bhd*.. h e . InrltoJat anrtion l.'it) hfcda.13 tlertt* Harhadona whl-h it at tull tern.* Jir s<od a:*4 fine, at 04 par 1 drellnefM 01 Wr aorta, low y? llaw wdd at 3?i?. tid ; 1 hllinir to 31/, 14 , go? <|. SUM. to 4V* fine and ' erior 4U So lo4.u . tin bM< Rrltlah plant anon ' e t1lrpi*4 of i n YVrilnraiay. the markat balnf t bnf firm Prei kna Icaa for Maurlllua ar ly Mivoorted tin Tne day laat. a* a public aale of 3 baya yood and fine br> an went at Xla to 3*?.; to irond >?llo?, .".4a 'd 'ja S7a ; and (fwod irraiiin low. Via In 4t r I d per r wt <?n th* mrite day. ttM> ntlty < ! Hi ?(tal olored amounted to R 4V4 ba-at beiUraertaof white I attarea told at liria raVaa, > an I p''.d rial oil j'jn to 42< fit . but of er kl>4 a, a ?toell p .ftton only fomid buyara, Swilj firmer fe>mi low and middling *.ule. ',7j lo Ma. fid ; damp 34? to 41a M; food ard fine IvllowXla to IT* .Ifl^n d< >utiiii l?n . na<? larea i.ral? ri.,uiit I.u'j kplilrfr ikaiilfi <1 nu i'*u?r to , to |i>rncr l< im*. DtWr4tri4t} XHlkhM u4M k ri In Frrtr hiro m fn Nfltrvti In puMt* mil* va-A *01(1 I t.'Hihl ad*a?r?. M l? 4> p?r c?i TU? r?J 3 ?rk?f U tut th*r? ! n"l mof uMiitu" tig luiward Thar* i* dnlluM? la Iki* inar 4 Um M t? t ir I'Mnl quotation f.t #?? f T. ialkr*H ?td Inti-rlof Hrti :I4. tn ?J ft ?wt > irnirti kaa k?n tian?a?l*4 fr>r 4a;?*?ry In lb" I tl i*i kiiiiU.1 ft Ik" )> < ?n'J ' h? fUm ? (*? ptr4 kTv rd, IN ii rarlt?4 i?<-llrr?d ?l ?.? to 04 , . ra*t. tiut k-* ?.? u ?>i h? in limili ll'itBwt and tc In tio drirrait <>f .pply ill itkvr M<rt< 5ha It titty i>B rf?r Val>r>'*iiiiM. and pr??lnu in* an- ?t>t jttinl altfc* At auction 'JM >.? Kji'r-j ??r? In part ?.ia at:-V. ?' ?4., aail f Win ?d ? i3? M.: HI pai'kafft" Ronth Ami-fii-an. i to fli.e ' J? f4. lo :.7? 3d.. %ad .u? a*k? wr?ak?d Y.? and'i- :-t$ ?. to Uki. 34 f?r?wt Jrpakllc ?i|wtl1 I ) '< u packPfvt ara >U.lar>d. Th- .lock lt*r?- I* that d| laM y^a*. kut prln?< fn>. unJrr it tftti*. lUll U'Urt-rl-i an up.ii a* ?ral? I p?i vrt i. July t ?At th'm lay'* irtafk t tk?r? *m air att?ndkt ci- of I ha t>k ih f* *n thati'WB and ?nl>y ? hi . ! ?.? t. r. ar f:4 with uutrh rwallun. aad r Hi Inart ?i?n? In ?kf?t and ?> ur *w nultn ol a i *11 rh?r?rtar, at bar? ly ;k<* plea# rf Ike day ?# %. ii '?i< f?i? ?rt?ra tpi fnlty a# d'M, hat Interior ?td <>M*ttal ci>u!(l kavi> f??n V>?ght <<n rfttk*r ilit t?r?? I'.itiWy and p<a? mo?i>di'lllti tail at late rat*#. It><l<*n com vart wltfc ?ear*?Vj j ?lt?atlcB. urd a u?t W. nnot>i\ hilly per imrrlr>*?t il:,?? iki* Unf ?<**k ; 9*" 04. b*ln| the ?* >?** pis* bklaiaikl* lor Bite V?#?nr?ii y lk *. Vctoir, Ju'.j k. ?Tlini* hn Wis a goM 4?*1 "I ?'t id mokj aiaikir thU ? -?k *ki?U i* ci>nm4<'r? 1 a* 'liirnUt lur ihr> ai ilia Kr??Ui( aUaat. 1 Iki ttf.riiiog * Btaik' l tk?r? ?U? ui ol att> aUnra I' ir i1 fOl>nt?> biiVkl* aril d?*|- li. wh? kltnwad diiporittm to lnc,-?tw tkrit *t aki ol ?li?at and ur, atiil a fvIr lu?iv?" iuIkp I at aUraticaon | i.tsi la? o?? if Jn'lt Id p*r hn?k?\ n? all | ikliiif* i| !?" faia rr. ?n4 <4 f<-? tas k' ? Fr?n?h nr. Oati >i 4 aatw? al 'popart>4 tni? rat?. Itari'-y. iin? ar'd p a< *in> to a 'air Ml??t it fall 11 r ?ittrinr i ric* ??l Tundaf wa? mora taaily <k1<4Ti4 let Indian rnia to dtp, ait.i a ?ood ' ady >u > mi.I ; a ainkas n >? Ucw im B0?. Wd to '? |n-r 4Cm IK t ivmrkai ??a?r*. Jnlyi A?h??a Tka J?mar.| l? ktmnlir. KO to 1/tii) bn*. ha?? Ijwi iii?r"??-d of al r. fj t?i f.t'i *4- for M?ntr?al V"t? an i 7^* 'il to tor ll'iittrUhMl. Ill lhi"? r?i*? -mil.' ir Fot? T Tfe ^ JU IJo t?.a,w- TWO CENTS 4nrlndp(J mid to irrlr*. nt 30? to iilr *? ?drn ^re of .'? to 4* p?r pwt . whtlf tti- or'"- j ?v rfnmin* uraltfn <1 Itrimstone !n thin ?rti--l> TIter* )? rjothi'?M worthy of notice Coor?? -No?i?l fi-por I* a toil ' f i ii? re ir m e* u y ue m a n n i.. r .111 * i > '.a dun 10? trc? have been *ol<i by (taction at fora- - . ?t?**; 6H rai-k*. 50 bay X Plantation, nod H() tn/i imtiv* Ce-, Jon have bI-o beeu iliePOHed of at the ijuota limit; t)i :?t Ik firm or and litgU1 r price* are now d< >? > Jeil K?vai Strri s?No tali * in turpentine or tar b ?*. be.-n l u?rted. Of America^ Hoi-in abi ut 1000 barrel* or?n'iimniv r|utility have b< en taken at 2* 8d. to 2* (M. TrT'-+t i*P bl* Kjiiritn turpeufl oe reallu'd 2S* 6d tuiiS* I't ii tf.i, Oil*?Olive continue* In mod-rate leurind ?vith '* change Id prir?i, the ?ale* not exoe- I iz 'norft i tiv f>0 tuna. Thero I* an I OP'otwd >r o > >1* Seal at a^tatici d price* *bout iiO fun* to"*vi Hi'ld at *'3f> ion to A'iil St. per tun. Cod }* tu i<> > I- .ato return at the quotation* Twenty tun* p?l ar? repotted at liT? tkl to ,'<S? a#?d aliont -JO t jtih Liu -'cd .* UlH. od to p, r (,wt : > tun* Ameri. ?n Vfh ,k? rtaliited jii-r tuu Halm l.?i*>Ter: the pale* ant 'jufc to ubout ho tQLh at x'iH 10h >" X'JH per tuu Provision* - AtoptIcati The tran**<.4fona in B?ef duejir the week have been altogether n retail oh ><ai!t?% wiihiut alteration |n price P-rfc hai ruled ve.-y dull, and lower prife* have beeu taken for ordinai^^" Prime MexH. without leading to nueh bn*ine*a. *"t kecoii there ha* bee a moderate iVirand only, anil tM market in uot ho fVrro a< at the d?t? of our |?at till, with the stock *o much !?** thnn at thia ?a?.e last year, h"lflere twe confldeut tM present rite? being maintained.;. The late advance in Shoulder* baa partially cbet ki d busiue**. Titer* in rather more inquiry for Ham., Holder* of hard hare succeeded n establishing a further advance of fid per owt , and tkt Mle* for the week reach 1'20 ton* A small parcel of New Cheese per ttlantic. me; a die^giiiK eale at ii4s to d7s 6d. per owt; o'.d very diffai ult to move 'fallow is hardly no firm a? laat week. l'be demand for Urease Kutter I* slow. Salt?The advance uoticed in our latt it fully established, anil I* likely tu be permanent. The d?mtn4, however, i? only moderate at present Sugar Theca baa been a lair deiuai <J and the sale* are 700 hhd.?. II P. and ."I.Ot'O hag* ftengal irenerallv at tt<f advaoo?r together with 7 0< 0 b(ga Maurltiua. at .'itii. .'! l p-it narf, round The reduced rate of duty on auxar art 1 mo> iiives coirn Into operation thli) ^y Porei^n; -iO hbde Porto Kico brought full pa4e? r^nginx ffnt H*. tid to 41* t>d ; '4> bbilit dunukoi to :i>U Ad. per cwt , duty paid, and 10 case*. 400 lias* brows I.rati). 16* to 17*. Cd Tallow?The demand It an a little improved Peleri>l>urgh. Y. 0 . la Heady, at ,'17* ; M ratka Au*ttallan (mutton) *'dd readily, by auction, it fctU. to &>* 3d. per cwt.; Iti houtb American, nutiiiog if nimuent lia* been dona. Tea?A good in i'iiry hi ill ^ontiuLa* for nearly ail common to good dearrlptiona >f blaek* and gn an*, at improving price*; but tha narket helrg barely *upplied. operation* are limit?4. niNI Jllfl UI'UIHMU CCIHHIUfH gOOU. QUI 1|I4 UlVKHk n ?i i y fcantlly i-up[ Hid wit h moot kind* of foreign, kud piieri have rather a tendency to advaoce In nlnglii-h ami liifb )' DibiDft aorta there U a large bumsi h* doing, and bolder* are demanding a further a^rance. Iliiit MitiiT. July '!?Cotton?15/ the tenor of >wr lai-t ciioular of the 'ititb ult, It will have been mw ;ic?d that lb*- adviee* per nUamer A?ia, announcing a rite In N?w York on receipt of uufavorable aceounta i< m the Houth. concerning tti? coining crop. Iia4 :ri:it?d a eoualderablo movement hire, a< writ a* in Uwrpool. and the r<*nult wan tbat our rate* regained heir former atai-ding; Mtice then. the arrival o? tS?? Atlantic, bringing tour d.ijn later ne??. full/ oonllria> n.jt the prevn ui ftatcmi nt?. bai< au'taliicj our marketm activity, and our transaction' have burn unliusle4> up to the mil of the week. with rery r^titT price*, whloh UfttrtkilMn have not varied during tlir pa*t ??' i idh* ni'twlth-tanuinj;tbat buyer* ww well Mupplind. Die American ateamer Atlantis, which Irlt New Torfc. n the liith June. doe* u. t bring advice of any d?v iblpn taken up for tM* port; but we learn that a p>iv;iou of tbn last pujrba?e* mad* lu tba South wtm lentined for JIavre. *f therefore remain with onlf Wi lve cotton hip* eapacted. agaiH?t thirty laat y?s? it tba Mine peril d and the deficit in the receipt* uoivinueil lo Increaxa. an that wn are 1?J to limk I n a rep. net rxoi i 'lin( two million* fHty ttkouoia 1 bale*. >iir advice* froi> lb*- manir'actuTing dlatrlct*. bite In bin country atui in Knyland W( ver) >alli-factoey, nd teed to give* feeling of confidence in th> article, mr r*celpt? fiur.i' tbe commencement of the ynar each 188,: XI 1ml?P, agalnet '2421561 (aim lai,t year, thw lellvetle* ItMi.Cofcifculc*. nn?lnnt 11>8 - J bales. and an* ti.rk may be i? at Wi.07* bile*. a^almt b.i 4H# ab a at the a*mi> period in 184U Tha following wi-rm he hale* rfficted. vi? 5.87H bale* New Orlean*. Wif. o Hfif.; 1 ?W1 bale* Mobile. Wf. to JlOf; l.St'i balaa Jtllilll. W'f. toll * 4'J1 bale* Vea li-Uud. Iftlf U? ttipf.?Total. lOlitf bale*. The imp rta during il>? ania aeilid amourt to 7 b?l-? a-tien I'ba ail ad?leen from New York, per AtUutlc. anlonnrinii the dertrtietlon by flr>- of th? bond?4 ?nn I'UU"' for p<'t? ami pearl* which ronlaloed upr. rtdr of 4.Mill bbl? oroaaloned an aotl*e dein uid her* For poiafh and all <?ir suppliea on band, aay abiul S# tiliU. wero larmmtlati-ly boiiitht up at 4W SO to 81, a i4 >ale? for caiRoaa aQoat have %Uu beau effected a>y ?l>Oiit 70 bl-l? to arrive duriua thecurr. nt ni intb 1W to 4Vt M 1M) bl.l . at4?l M to 4l?f 24. to dalirrr In Aori I auti lOtibbl* at4M.,lo il*Iir*r In i?mt i t mil October There bai liooa nothing doing in |? ?i Ifc'h to tbr KUllnfUOl ?u pp|i*-?, e ouBii *4 Lo ?*> bbl? held at.v.". t'a<*n nominal at Mif nn Muk n hand InpuTU?Si bbl? potn-li and It* bl<> poarttab. per SI. II. .wax >?? thing <i >inn wh?tpr?r Import* 61 I *k? from N?w \ >>rk by At N loeiaa. ''nnln Llgma?t'oir plot it neglected anl prior* j?it?* bi n Inai Noartitt. C<ITo?. Iftr th? la?t |..rtn ;h* I) a >i< mill ha> I'tn >* I in t at * ?tmd ; out li*n-*itii<n* arc I.Biitnl t< iX'U bn-? >t li ninrn, i . If. j>>r 60 k11 In liotid, 1 <' <>4 do il?iiii<-.l >' ! t by pi.hl'r auction at '.ft to lndf , an J Juo I.1 ;* Jar* la rood order at ltfit to ll'if. p>r 60 kil . duty wild. Prlrm for Rt PoKlngo ordinary doocrlption* ar? aupiiiiImI at 64f and Ml. for Port itepuhlicaia ami ' tf. or Oonalven; thrf I', however. no iii|iiirr a' tl>?-? atM. consumption tiNfinj on the rf?rr?? I m porta, .0#* bsg* trnm Pti.-rlo Cnbollo by t?i.n?tart it?r <i tk. on ike :?nh tilt , (( tuprliml 4.'. 41d bag* '411 bM* , S caik?. ati-l 1 -i?l? hog* fiTt-Ign col!. ... of which It i*)? age Pt 1>< unt'o. Ir .'.IMI b?ir< .la?a br-tdo? *00 b*rr?ta Cnrlltii<i<i* klxl tliinduloitpi , and 160 halo* itoiirhon: >lt IVtttfO Kil i .iln*t 'J ?.kiMm kll In 1M?. anft I I'M I.''I kti in Wi l.itr I M l Ii.itnu'f the Iitl* >f 140 libln American i t fttlf M per (0 kll , oii'.y piM. Import* 1M fr III New I III* alii' pel liaatrma. t*<k V3IHI bb<- ti||? f> demand what aver MtcrK. M 1)1 to kil, whale oil tiliirh may b? i|noi.-<! ar 4**fl lo 4trf.^ *i.H <4 kll I'n at 41*1. t* h f . ao<l ; kiU oca at M*f to r?'l r < r ft?l kll , duty | ?ld No arrival*. uerel'irn Bark? We hat* to report the aaio o1 Sfc libit*. S*ltiluore branded Now *rk at fit per .'*? kil, tut" paid on landing p* r St. Nhbolae, which *hip i.aa IIP lib#" fit board ot tafiou* doeorlption* litre Na Kfttkr deinai.d h*a taken place f..r roaio time t>%*t? 'nil >*!* for i'atolina rary tr< in f t<> 47 ami utb ? lierriptton* f II to IR arrnrdinc to quality Htnok ? f ! * <# Here*- t'arwlina. and IMnO^bagt kaatlamaa. ImjMti '44 tl* rr??froat New T<?rk by i?t Nirhola*. aniA '1*0 kaf* from t'alrotta by Niohoia-tv?*rd Sn*ar ? ibt market 1* ratk r ti-ary. an.I **Ue<hi** boon I mk? ed ta 4ll> lilid*. in n il Colonial ?nat at (*V u iter 41 ill duty paid lor Imt i*e 4 m- In t?r< !kh eu^ar to l<M> i ? Inerto It ton a* I U.> to. and 4V* hhd* Maianaa* *k Mi p< r Mi kll . ui Ix'nd, prlre* wbirti d ant* a ?n?Uk U tlleo on our j.r*?' -we qu' tati *< Ht?ck on th? ?nlt laa* IS 7t*0 bbde frmh Wort Indian t'Ki kh.1*. taeitoHlao m>4 CuIm, I.JUUMre* llataaa. aootneM >!t(t* I'ornamt.aen M < har* ro??lTed aineo th*u iik *? *ml 476 ok* *t* Havana, by Cnnatant and K?nn ka. rail.* No rail, to r<p<irt and pn. n" flnal. ak M lo for Ku*>...u. f C*i to 61 I t* l|*o< an l Wt to .'.4 for Now > ork fltnak <>a hand *,'00 ot>U (hi it*a. .iPV toa* llaenoa A v*? . and 6t* hhfl? NirTnrli. 4 ln.lebrni 1 lie < ul? **! We bale to ? ' aa 11?' la hat of M.u kll North W< i?t*rB* at Ci.V>; arti^l* mainingln ibo mao p<>*ttion W* have roo?ie?4 ri ni New lor1 iM. kund.eaby Rliaabetb Deniaon. aa4 t) buiidlM fri.n l.ondoa nwl Itotlerdam *old pro. Uu*. yto?rrt?o II? the tit >toh?la* wo reralerd boetdoa. 41' hncdlen. t" that one ?toek m*ir reined al 'it '? ? >11. **??<!? - K> no!l?' thf fulbxriilK riz -10.IWA ill T)<iiifia* IgrtlrM 1 M, <( IA 'MID kit *t Dnni*. 0 1< u ?i? d >lf( ?>; an.I w. hat- r<-e*i*?d I OVft ! at .* In oi c?|rtitt?, l.y !< phi?d Oa*ar, lld>A In fn 1'tierto *' t<etl? t>> \ lef or: fcndl?l l6 K' m?| l? lh>B N*t loikli; Ntoholaa. I nl?? 4 *l?Ui Mnralmi'a OKU, Jiii IV ?Tin Mi.att f Mir Thl? ???t m ihatUd, and tL? ??rr?ut lamed by the l?nii?4 rtatra Martial y?ntf.'?y Owing to 1h? botalerntM t?te ot the weailwr. and the abtp baring htwn drire*. in ibe Wa?b at quarantine hy tha > tor in <?r Thiir^Uf felfM. the Captain *? not brought whore at the rl<? ng of the 3ee yeeterdiy afternoon Therw ta no iloat.t ol the nlr??l tr<#< In wblnh the Htartha was tnyaged. a* are In ponte^mi* of 1h?- ntkrrttlif. ?Mek pit 'I hrynnd di?nt.fa lb atfxam that aba the ciia>MUi'i<ir of tin U .1 IfkC 1 it? boat J< tl thr Martha, ha ordered oar otitis V *!* to g? under hrf tt?rn window, and watrh If my inK il-oaild hethrien orrf Tba pimfea Immediate*T " I* it a W^ii-d. threw not a writing de.k with* *?uit ail^aii l t ut the waight ' ,t\<f '"O heaty bmk* Ibe tiring by ?M< h it ?at an* ndod- ihedeah thrmlorr. float. 1 on the ? ate?, ?- , ?*? aelxed op thr hnat'l ei i ar In It were left* r* which prove the ttnboiy rorttpallet! %t Ihejre'nel *jr enrjir ? the eorreapon !> ?<*#, tt app< *ra that the Captain of the "Inter *U lo foe* fit 4 j?? n^nth and a par eentaje on eaeb ?U?e The owi.ire o| the Martba. U U ra'd, bare had a imaA'J* dona fhrtra* occiudo*. for a iIbiIIat ol??n. e JvtT tn The enptnln and erew. thirty three la n?? Var, Iiiii ( in transmitted to Kln#? ennnty ??" ? I'lifkljn. Hr II vfcetl appeara a? oounarj lor the a^ riind. who will ha hrcagbt up for il?Bta<l?k ' '* court# of n lew data Aaarerer Rrtrncn Onttnn Oirican ffi itilm ??i ?l that Li. hi P. I. of tbe ewiter *"' ?* ' 7?ttivay tlnrrd ni.d?r nrreit. by otder of Cafa Jt<>n*a. | The cawri* of bit air??t II wa bate been aorraatly <1. ar* (or ?nt?rtalnint a wlaat party of npner. I. i"'m ? ill 1' ! ' " ? tniwr on i n? -wr t'i g . I *?' i , '?r la?? IN' i1?y tlx- fun.r^l I W ? lair PrtVWrat wWhi wt airtfnrUy fmn? ?.*>t N"r?<r?. nf lh??n<??f h?<t Wa ?r>(f?|"<l ?M iff la ftrifiiltur rTdi?r? (hid th? Tf?<*r? ? JMtai'a'. I.yllriiif toltioU fa?? kr> . Mil tb? <?tw inl* w?? n? t at all plnaxd to lsarn tWat. ?fi?rh? b?4 atvra ori'fH 'hat th? n?u*l nf iu- arnlnf ah '?!< { ? pba?r?r4. tin iWrk'( ?fc'? afcnnM h?*? V?1? n artr ?k? w? .>? of i? irn h 1? U?M ito* ? > jr ?t i j'1 'bnii'?l?i?lii tin wrt W ii TP) w* ? H'.Ort; !? *? ? -?

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