Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 21, 1850, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 21, 1850 Page 3
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I City Intelligence. T*? Wkatm??Teetr rday tbe *Mth(r iu delUhtfwlly Hue Tbe thermometer waa just at the point of ujojmmt. end u delightful breeee blrw freeh from the went hU the U?y Nature looked rhuriaitig utter getting her Ore wiwhed The air iu balmy, elantie aud ia>lgoratlng; ?T?n the Croton water iieemed lo f??l lb* talutary influence of tbe atorm. for it wm cooled down cuu*id?rably The following wa? the (tatu of the thermometer, yetaeiday, at lour period* of the 4ay:? ? ui. M. 13 If. 3 P If. P- ** *0 fi 83 >1 T?? IIactc Street Catasi Rornr.?The report of the Special Committee appointed by the Common Council. relative to the tlague atrret calamity, in now printed, and hae been preeented to the Common Conaeil by Alderman Gnflln. It take* up 1 itt pag*? It {i??? an account of the diaafter, th name* of the illad and wounded, and an aoeoua" of the tunoral of be unrecognised. the prooeediati? of the Common Council and the committee in reference tu IDs wnme flair, including an account of the subeeriptioas aised. the manir* paid, and to whom they vara paid, ail of which might be lound;long since in tha columns / tha HaIt ia now an old story migration roa a W tic a?The emigration for tha la?t week baa been unusually large. There were 110 arrival* of emigrant ships yesterday. The following are tha art+val* trom the 13th to the 19th inclusive Princea* Aliee. Liverpool. J27 Virginia, Bremen lit Adeline. Lwnrton 227 Berlin, Limerick IJ8 Star ef tlie West, Litr- SeringRpaiara, Uull 113 pool 387 Christians, Drawea 130 Klnptmc, Bergen 14.1 Owen, Bergea 97 Liberty, Glasgow 210 Frederick. Bergen H Ineft4 OuitaT. Ilrtmen138 Bueea, l.eoi>ol<l t>7 lie*. Bremen 174 Liverpool. Liverpool SIS Wm. Bitchsock, Havre.. .'SIX Altxaader Edinoad. Havre263 Koekaway, Liverpool... .274 Staatsraad Vegt, Bergnn.. 91 Mary Ann Uaan, Limerick 97 Jobs Mefceusie, Liverpool.29H Alien Broun, Hull 62 (Hive Branch, " S41 Helen, Bremen 1W Charles Chalmers, " 311 H H. Boody, Liverpool. ..12) Hugh Ballench, " 38 Onward, Havre 2W9 Sir Robert Peel, Loadon. .237 lateemaa. Havre >73 Catherine, Liverpool 200 Badieen, Antwerp 167 Iftnrinin, Bergea 124 Arivle, Belfast IIS Keognile, Cbriatiane... .131 A- WesurveU, Liverpool..M Bauah Hilledge, Oalway. ..158 Admiral, Bremen lady Hibert, Livirpool.. ,'D0 Ceaopas, Bremen 80 Centurion. Liverpool... .400 Bllen, Liverpool.........448 Admiral, Havre 228 St. George. Liverpoel... .360 Atlantic, (ship) Liverpool 304 Lord Laadoa, Dublin 248 Standard, Belfast 217 Columbia, Bremen 181 Henry Clay, Liverpoel... .804 Charlotte Harneon, Sarah, Olaagew 2W Ureeaoek 120 rioreatlar^' Kd Criale, Glasgow. 140 Miles, Hamburgh 93 Water H'a, Cork 128 Leviathan, CorST M Wilhelmiae, Bremen... .132 In sundry veaaela M Qnaea Poa.are, Livcrp o!.K9 Total UWI Deaths at tiii Sailor*' Dkdu Harhob.?The following are the names of person* who hare died at the Bailors' Snug Harbor. Statcn Iiland. Irons July. 1M9, to July, I860:?James Qill. Daniel Phillips. WlllWni liolden. James Johnson, Peter Johnson. John Rudge, Wm. Thompson, Wm. Wilcox. Lester Clarh, Paul Connard John Morgan. George Allen. M. C Byers, James P. Beck, John usborn. William Williams. Thk Pbactice or Leaviiki Hall Doors OrEit.?This practice still prevails to a great extent. In the city, despite the many warnings of loss af property from aareleaaners in securing dwellings and stores at night. Captain Smith, of tha Sixth ward, reports as fallows:? The hall door of No. 302 Broadway, leading to Doctor Bnrdell's ofllce, waa found open thin morning, about bail-paat twelve o'clock, by policeman Blake, of thy district, making the third instance in which the name 4o?r baa bet n moat culpably neclectfd within tha laat two month* If an entrance is effected, tha cry will W?" Where are the police t" Iim Awninn Post*.?It U to be hoped that the Common Council will repeal the law they enacted a few year* ago. requiring the occupants of atoraa in Broadway to have iron posts, or aone. The storm of Thursday night laat ha* sufficiently demonstrated that these Iposts are n?t aa sate. or a* strong, a* ordinary wood owes. It waa a rare sight to see a wooden awning post blown down, when not decayed; but the Iron ones are omftiUiU} breaking off. in gales, or by being run t|kiMt by aart*. engines, and other vehicles. Tm Steamboat Ki i.tok.?Pursuant to onr advloa, this oM tab is about being removed from the Hamilton venue lerry and sold. Sne 1* advertlted for aalc. Theatrical and Haalcal. Bownar Theatre ? An entertainment of (freat novelty will tone off at the Bowery Theatre to-morrow evening Tha indefatigable manager having engaged the celebrated Acrobat Family, namely, Thos Dunn <1 F. Gloaey, W and S. Walkar. and W. H Steward, they will appear to-morrow night in thalr wonderful laksical Oroupiogs. Tourbllllons. Tours de Force, and la the mighty deeds ot Atlas. The entertainment* I will commence with tha drama of tha " Maid of Ty10I," which will be followed by the Qymnaatio Groupings ot the Acrobat Family, and tha amusements will lose with the comedy ot Joe in London." Ther* ean U? ii?u? uuuui uuv bust ilia nuw?r/ iu??u? wui w arowded to-morrow evening Mibl.o'1 Qabden.?The beautiful fairy extravagant*' ailed " Fortuaio. or the Seven (lifted Servants." will be produoed at thB* cool and beautiful theatre to-morrow log. It naa been in rehearaal for loot time, and. If we may judge from the (plendor with which Mr. Hiblo haa produced similar extra vaganta*. we may take It for granted that the scenery. drese**, and decoration* will be of the mo*t costly and gorgeou* da?criptlon. Nearly all the exoellent company of eomadiana will app< ar in It?Meter*. Chippendale. Nieklnaon. 8efton, and Mr*. Vernon Mia* Mary Taylor. Md'll* Celeite and Carllne with !many other eminent art let* Tha entertainments will conclnde|with ''The Iriah Lion," Mr. and Mra. Brougham taklaf tha principal aharaetare. Naviohal TMEATaa ?The new local drama entitled Tha Maw York Fireman." which haa been In rehaareal for *om* week*, will be produced to-morrow evening, with a very itrong and talented caat of eharactara. Mr. A. H. Perry will *u*tala the character of Frederick Jerome, and Mi** Mertayer that of Alice Hawthorne. All the other character* will be suatained by an excellent company The amusement* will commence I with *hf ftkrce of the " Man With tha Carpet Bag," wbteh will be followed by Mearal dance* by Mill MaiTina, and all will cloee with tha comedietta of" Cousin I joe." Thia U a vary at tract Ire Mil. Cnimii'i Oreia Horse?Although tha evening* are very warm, yet it seem* to hare no effaet on the attendance 'at Mechanic*' Hall, aa the room la crowded very evening. The Ringing. Instrumental performances. and, above all, the laughter-provoking Italian t opera, are all excellent ia their way. Ourienr.? Pierce'* Minstrel* announce for to-morII vow evening a bill of graat attraction Binging. instrumental performancee and daaeing are the particular feature* of the evening. AHiaica* Mvui'a.?The dramaef tha " Drunkard " ' which baa been performed for tone week* at thia eetabliahment. ha* drawn crowded hooaea. We are not urarieed at thi*. a* the acting of the truly accomplished and excellent actreaa. Misa Alaxina Fisher. and the no le*a able effort* of the great favorite, C. W Clarke, to rapreaent tha varion* acene* of the drunkard'a life, are *ach as must alway* oammaad reapeataI kin kftaiAi Tt will hi r?m)At*d AjrtJn to morrow ! StaffCaau.r Oniiin - A grand eoneert will taka plaaa I thin i??dId| at Cwtli (Urdrn, ander tha able auperIntendeaee of Mr. Oaorga Lodar. Ma ffoabt iha Garden I vlii ba arowdrd. laTaacmaa rioa Cwtul Amebic*.The Haw Orf laana of tha 11th I oat , my:?Wa hare ra( aatrad newa from Salvador to the 3d, ud Guatemalato tha )Oth alt. Tha only anil of lapoftaaaa that had 1 aaeurred waa the aaaaaalnatloa of aararal patty ahlafii | by their owa follower* Tha Btataa of Salvador. Ilondaraa. aad Nicaragua atill taaiat oa loralai a federaj Ufa union. Tha legieiaturea had appolatad iiala(a(?a { ta repreeeat tha Btataa la tha geaeral government Tha i Btataa ol UaatamaJa aad Nloaragua atUI held off. ao<l I a hot diaaaaaloa waa earrtad oa in tha papara aoaaaraI lag tha poaalbUity of ra-aatabUabiaff tha aaioa Tha L faitadcr Utna of tha Wth of April, any a that tha aity I had baa a throwa lato tha greataet eoaeteraatioai by I the aeeurraaeecf a frtghtfal aaetdaat It app-ara that I on tha Xth. tha Praaidaat af tha State, with aoaa I frianda waat oat to tha Fort of La Llbertad. aaaoaaI paaled by Ma daughter, hla alaae. aad aareral other I yoaag I a dire The aett morniag theaa ladle* and aaI rare) otbera want la batha. tha aaa being at tha Una I vrry rough la a aioaeat ait of them ware overR who. mod by the waaaa. aad aarried oat iato tha braak ara It oat a wera laataa< ly launched. but notwlthatandI lag tha ataioat titrtioaa, two of tba unfortnaate yonng I ladiea ware drowned, one af them tha daaghta* of I Praaidaat Tarn Baaaaelae I Oanaral Taylor.?Ttia laat and baat Par| trait af Ueeeral Taylor aver ?ngr??e>t appeared ta the I rat I bo. ?f the Ualiery ef lliaatriona Aatrieaaa. It ta eeid by all It nkaellere. aaa aiaa ky BR t IiV. Vt> Broadway, wbara tba | artgiaal bagaerreetype ta ta be aaea. I Tbt Plaiaba Katlnnal Oallary, Ho. S.11 I preeawey, ahonU be flatted hv every oae who afpraeiatea I dae pialaraa; tta enllecttna ta tha largeet ta tbta eoaniry, I aaa ta computed *t " Hfa-llba" portrait* of tha laaat dteI kkagaiahed taatvliaala la tha I'a f ted Btataa. lathing Llha Inilrpcniltnaa.-Wlien at I traaxiaaa Ba?wa tbat tha artielea be aella ara aaa>?aalle4 la I aatellrac* aad oheepneee, he aaa afford to ha tatependeat. I Ut the puttie, therefore, aaa tbair owa ilteeretloa ta regard I to barlk* tha Beota, *h?ee Bod Oaltera at It Ana atreat. ... . . - . hivtl .. -- ? ,,f h.m ISmK It la Mfjr tailing * Bin of Uil< by Inqwlrhi ' wknai hi kayi kta keota of; af tourH h? uairtrt, II lir>?k'a, No. IW Paltnn atr**?; and ?a kaow by car owa axl?r,?D'? (bat k?? ? "da ara tk? heat h< aheapaat to ka Inaad. Mr R " a ??k ron?prl?ea all th? <lilT?r*at Itylaa of India*'. fanU' and thlldrana' b..?t I, ahoaa, hi ' . OIIY MARKRT. liTcanir, Jm\j 30 ? t M, Thara la not hath driag In tha atoek raarktt Tha I ara email. but tba prlrai appaar to linn an up ?ard Undnrf The llartrm Railroad Company hara deelarad a t ?ldard of two par ?*at th? Aid ?to?k for tha laat a ntba Tbla. tha aaaoad dividend la a^nal to f ar par aaat for tha yaar. Tba Albany and H.hervec tody Railroad Company fAtfy that tha tram<f*r book* will ba eioand from tha Pd Inatant to tha 3d of Aufuat preparatory to tha jai'nt of tha dividend on tha lit of Auguit Tha Naw Jaraay Railroad Company hare daclarad a rial am ual diaidand af fonr par aent, and tha Patariea Railroad I -ampany thraa par aaat tha fbf f.Wa Rrpmttr laya. that all tha bla?k rrapal bndar $2 In tha market a of New York. Boatoa, aad 'l.lladelphla, haaa baan t.oa?ht ap?the partlei ipeea otitic on tba want* of tha eemmuaitf, la aoiralii e loaa ?.f the lata Preeldant k'ea.ra Hoffman k Ca. aold yaatarday ioaa add lota If idv ak? aa follow*:? IN Ph'anl* Hank, 10.1^; 10 do. Union Bank, m fcff do Naiinn*1 Rank 116; 16 lo uhio I,if* and mat 616 10 M Howard f.lfa In*uran?e 'ompaay, 1)1 M) 4t> Mar?*>anta' Bank. 117; t Uoitod IMata* Lrti6caf*r of * 1,0<vf ea?h, 1M7 <* , 7f> ahare* New Vork [aa l.laht onmnany "? ?* Commaraa, Plj.Tov *9 ?9 BnMH* "VlN ? 4o luk | f tbo Stalo of Now York. 10?; S9 4o 4o. do , lOS^i M do. Bank ml KiaUtky, 101. llMk Klt>>nwgt$AOM r 8 '*, 'M U 107 M .lu llul?B II ?S ?wn uilopst *!<><. m d. _ mil V*H lad. 8U'< S'o T? tto de Ml HI 4<?U Eri* Bond., SO 1UJ ISO ( 1UCHI do 1MU M 4* bio *1 ??0 trie In* B.nd* !?*? ? do ?1 MOO Hud Kit Bdi 1*3 100 d* afetM *1 | 2U*k* I>ol It Hud 167 300 d* WO ?'!{ M) Natiunl Hk 1U 10* do kW ?l>? llH Hvrtii C'Mtl IAK U 4A Ml do 16V MO do (M 47* Ml Parmer*' Loam 42V MO do kM M trio UK 7?S 3M do 47\ 7* do kdO 7M% *tu do k?? 4X 76 do *00 79* MO do aft) 47* 176 do 7?S H N T k N Kav MrtV* 60 Mokawk IB b?0 Hs'J 16 L l*laad UK 10>? 26 do Ml UCOND BOAKD. 11)00 Iri* Roadi, '??? 102k 100 *h* R*adia? IB dWd noo <io 10!", *10 liar lam UK k3 fllj* MK 9 So MO it'JV, 100 do *80 Ol SUM du IttiC JO do WK KK*) Erie la* Bend* 30t do *10 61 M>t? do Ms *? do ?1 MoO do lfc!'? 100 llorrii Canal 1SV lfclOO do !>2K *" HR T'? H aha Farmers' Lmi 4z\ 50 Nat Fir* la* Co 106 ?' Keadlag RR 48 ADVERTISEMENTS RENEWED EVERY DAY." i FVREBAL OF GENIBRAL. tifUWU NEW YORK FIRE DEPARTMENT.?FUNERAL CER1moniesin c inmemuration of the death of Oen. Zachary Tiiylor, late PreeiHent of the United Stat**.?The line will be formed at * o'eluclt no Hudson atreet, the right resting on Chambers at. Officer* are requested to have their eompanie* promptly on the ground at the hour designated. Companies will appear without their apparatus, and in cititen's dress, appropriate banners and badges shrouded in cry*, and *ach member will wear crape on the left arm. The Fureui. o and Assistant* will also carry their speaking trumpets, shrouded in crape. The line will b? formed in th* following order 1st. J*r**y City, Hobokra, Brooklyn, and Williamabargh ompanie* on tb* extreme right. Id. Exempt Firemen. Id. Fire Department Banner. 4th. Crand Marshal and two Ail*. fit h. Officer* and Trustees of Fire Department Fond. 6th. Engine Co. 1, Hose Co. 1, llook and Ladder Co. I, Hydrant Co. I, and in that order throughout the line. Officers are particularly enjoined to exclude boy* from their companies. ALFRED CARSON, Grand Marshal. Tfe* Alarm Bell* will toll from 3 1'. M. to th* (lose of th* Proocasion. CUSTOM HOUSE.?BY PARTICULAR REQUEST Of the Collector. Naval Officers and Surveyor, a general meeting of all p*r*on* in th* respective department* will take place on Monday evening, S2d fait., in th* Rotunda of th* Custom House, at 8 o'clock, P. M., for the nurpos* of completing the arrangement* for the funeral ot*?<iuie* of Geo. Zachary Taylor, late Preiident of th* United Stat**. New York, July 80, lHflO. Democratic republican youno men s general Committee.?A meeting of this committee will be Lild at lammany Hall, on Monday evening, tho 121 initant, at 7% o'eloek, for the purpose of making such arrangements as may be suitable to evince a proper raspect for the memory f th* late Preiident of th* United State*. By order, QARR1T H. STR1KJCR, Jr., Chairman. | Sccretari**. NOTICI.-THE BUTCHERS OF THE CITY AND county of New York ar? requested to aaseaibl*, on Tuesday, the 23d isat., at 1 o'clock, P. M., at the K. P. H. florae, No. 29 Second avenue, to unite with our fallow cltiaen* in paying th* laat tribute of raspect to oar lata President, Zachary Taylor. They wiU appear mounted. In itiaen'* dark [dress, with check sleeve* (black itrings) and whit* apron*. By ord*r of WM. H. CORNELL, Grand Marahal. P. 8.?The bntaher* of Brooklyn. Jersey City and Wil- I liansburgl . are reapeetfully iavited to join with u* on that occasion. f> 3.? An adinnrned mactiar will he hald at the K. P. B. Hone*, en Monday evening, th* U.I iaat., at 7 o'clock. Pai.?t rmI attendance ii earneatly requeated, on bualneca of ip;[ rttncc. W. H. CORNELL. Masonic kotjcb.?st. johns grand lodub having aacepied th* invitation of the municipal aathoritita, to participate in th* funeral solemnities in honor of the lata Prueideat of tba natloa, tha following committee were appointed to carry the lame into effect. R. MEACOV, Grand Secretary. Tha oflkecrt aid member* of St. Joha'a Grand Lodge, memhen of th* varion* (ubnrdinate lodge* under ita jarudietion, and all mama* in good Handing, are requeated to a**ambla at th* Grand Lodge Room, 274 Grand (treat, on Tuesday. 2U imt., at 1 P. M. The prooajaiea will ba formed nnd*r th* Grand Lodge Banner aaly. Br*thr*n will w*ar dark clothing, whit* glove* and apron*, and no icarf, except th* Encampment of Knight Templar*. Prompt atteadanca if requeatad, a* tha proceaaion will laava tha Mil at to'alock precisely. CBA8. W. WILLBTS,) I). B. PARSONS, Committee JOHN W. SIMONS, of JOBN D. BARRIS, Arrangement*. JOHN BITING, _____ Masonic noticb.?tbb members op thb mbnn l/odg* No. #, of Pre* aad Accepted Maion* of th* State et Mew Turk, ara requested to me*t at tlieir lodge room. Ne. 71 Diviaioa (tract, en Tuesday, the 334 lastant, at 1 o'clock, P. M., far the pnrpoM ef participating in tha faaaral honor* ef the lamented General Zackary Taylor, lata Pr**ident of th* failed Statea. All Ma(oaa m good standing ara retpectfnlly invited to attend. By arder. wm. n. bucklbt, W. M. C. A. Ptnaoai, Secretary. V. B. Brother* will plaaaa appear la black h?M and alothiag, and white gloyea. MASONIC.-IN CONSEQUENCE OP TBB INCLBMBNey of th* weather, the funeral aolamaitlaa la honor of G*a*ral Taylor, t* baohaarvad in the aity af Brooklyn, hava b**a po*t(*aed until Monday, the Cd inat., an which day all brethraa in food standing, desirous of uniting theraia, are raqueetad ta meet at the L >dge Room, at Tomeey'a Hotel. in Liberty street, Brooklya, at 1 a'eloak, praaiaaly. Brethren are requested to a ppear draaiad ia blaek, with white |10T<aul ifrom. 10. O. F.-THE R. W. GRAND ENCAMPMENT OF Southern New York. haTiag HHpttd the iBviutiva of lb* E. W. Grand Lodge to unite with them It payiag the merited teetimoaial to the illattrion* dead, will therefore Join with then in proc*e*ioa, on Tn**day, the 2*d last. All maab*r* et the ntrltrtku Branch of the Order, la thi* aad erery other J*nedietlon, Intending to appear ia (aid prooeeeion. are cordially aad taraaetly invlta* to anwiaMe ia fall ragalia, ander the banaar of thu Graad Enoaafkunt, at the time aad place hereafter to be d**ignatad. da* o <tire f whieh will appear ia Moadav'i paper*. By order. JOHN J. DAVIE*. Od. hcrl**. 10. OF O. F.-THE MEMBERS OF LIBERTY I.ODGE No. 40R, are reqnaeted to meet at their L?dg* Room, No. 71 Diriiion itreet, oa Tneeday, the 23d iaet., at 12 o'aloek, ia full reaalia, to aaita with the R. W. Graad Lodge of Soathera New York, ia payiag the laet tribute of reepeet to the memory of the late Preeident, General Z. Taylor. Brothere of the Order, whoee Ixidfee do aot lara oat, are te*p*ctfally invited to aaite with Liberty I<udge. Tnoe W. Rownaw. Sec. CALEB HIRBY, N. 0. IO. OF O. F.?THE MEMBERS OF MEW YORK Lodge Me. 10, I. O. of O. F. are raaacctad to be paaetaal ia Iheir atteadaaca, at tkair Lodge Room, aa Taeaday. Mi iaet., to aaite In proeecelen with oar brethrea ia honor of aar lata Praudeat of the Called State*. J. R. URMER. 3 Oaamitt** WM. MICELE. J af WM. C. LUFBERRY. ) Arraafaaieat* IO. OF O. F. PROCESSION ON TUESDAY, JULY ?. The Snberdlaate I odgea will meat ia tbeir reaper tie* rooms at 12 o'clock, and form in line on Graad etraet, at oaa o'clock. The Jnaior Lodge* retting oa Centra *tr*?t, the line *xt*ndiDg Eaatward. WM. D. EENREDT, Grand Martha). ORIENTAL LODGE. NO. BM, I. O. O. F.-THE MEMl>ere art reqattttd to meet at Uia Lodge Room, on Tue*dey. 1'ld iaitaat, at twelr* o'clock, for the pnrpoe* ef Joining ti. the fnneral obte.iuie* of G*a*r*l Ta>l?r. by order. W. TOOPER. Secretary. Br?th*r* are r*<ta*tt*d to appear ia black hat*, aoau aad pantaloon*, aid aliit* tvll. IO. OrOr-TIll MEMBERS OF DIAMOND LODGE. N*. 14". I. O of O F., are reqnetMd to meet at Odd Fellow*' Hall, Anti<|ae Rooom, oa Taeeday, the 23d lneiaut, at 12 o'rlock M., for the pnrpaa* of aaitlag with the Gran* Ia dge of Soathera New Tori, aad other lodgit of the order, ia participating I* tb* eo'eaiBltailea of the faaeral oh?e>|uiee or General Xaahary Tarl*r, lata President of the United Staiea. All member* of Ihe order, la good ?tending, who** indg** do a*t iatead to participate, art rt*pa*tfally muted to nait* with tM* lodg*. By order, J H Zeaamtir, S**. J 8I.OATE, M. O. OU.A.-THElEMBERS OF MOUKT VERNON CHAP* e ter.No. IS. O. of U. A , arc raqaetted to meet at th* ( hepter Room. corner Broadway aad Walker atr**t, on Tuttdey, the 23d iaet , at II 'el*?h. A. M , to pnrtinipat* i a lb* faaeral *b**qui** of *ar lat* Preeidant, General Z. Taylor. J. H. BCRBISON. Sacretary. THE fiU8TEA8 OF THE~ CONGEEGATION, TMA.Ntf I II. hare ordered a tperlel faneral nervine to be keld at the T'ttiple. threat le tr*ot. on Ta?eda? afternoon a?it. tha ImIui, InmtdU'tlf i(l?r tk? rttiira if tha praaaaaloa, ia hntvt of tha lata Pmaidaat, 0?a*ral Zaeharr T?*l?r, on wMrh ww?a th? * ?. Dr. L. Mtribaahar will daliraraa MM een rkward.-lort. in going fro* Biucra " >\t T>P? Fonndrf. la fhaskara atraat, to U L*or*a* troat, a Miaiatara of a gantlaaian. Whoarar will ratara iba aaaitf M Ik* aabaarihar, will r?<-ai?a tha ahora raward. MARIA L WORRIT. M Unnni atraat. 0ok h r wand -lost on tui i*th ipmt., in ?4U Wall atraat. katwaaa Broad aad Paarl atraai*. oaa haadrod and fifty lollara, < twa killa, oaa af oaa haadrad, aad una af fifty, ait* noaaf. Th* findar will raaaira tka ahaaaravard. witk tnaaki, ijr l?a?ia* tha ataa; at M 0. banght'a Markla Tard. Rightaanth atraat, katwaaa Irrlaa Flaca aad Third ?????, _______________ Cll ll RRWARL) AIHIOSDKD FROM TBI CITT ? l"J"" of Rlrkaoad, oa tha l"th intt . laui T. Taaaaaaar, with alitaan haadrad dallara kaloajtiaato tka arm af Raaaady. Smith I Co ; thi* man ia. ira haliaaa. fmm Pon(kkrr|Mi*. >aw York. h? waa ragafrd with a* t'ia Yiraiaia ('antral Railroad: h* (aaa hla aaia* oa tka aara aa Baaatoa; aa l.a t-oh tha Northern train ? praantaa ha ha* f?a? la Maw York Wa wl'l fita tha afc?*a raward far hid aprr*h*a*toa aad tha raaaaar* of tha taoaar. Jalrl*. I>*> IINMOr, h ? <' WANTS. WANTRD^BT^ a" RBSFBCTaBLB rilCNit llUI, 4 allnatloa aa Chaa^rrmaid or Childraa'a Naraa Th? haat af raforaaaa ran k. *W-a apply al So. II Third !"??> Caa ha aaaa for two dara WANTfcD.-MTVATMJNS ARB WANTBD Fu| flFt**a ( ?rman, Bofhah aad Naotah Farmarv Wanara, Caarhara aad Portara. nla.>, far thraa Oatmaa. fi?a Vo.ah, ??"'? tna'iah. fiftaa* Amrrlnaa, and akoat forty Protaatant Iriah Vamitr?#?p. Nnraaa, I hamharaalda, Waitara, (.'a oka, Lanadrraaaa. Hauaakaapara, aad farral worhara; alao.hoya for 'radaa. All haaa food rharartara. At 7 Carta! aa paat, Vnara> Mm IV '- tin' r.tnrl"jia?nt A*? rj. Ti' *11, MAklR" -A YOWNll HAN FRO* I'ARTS kaoninc tbr kaalaaaa la all ita hraa-haa, aa alas laafa*' hair draaalnft. la daairaai af aai|>l?r<r>aat in Naw Torh. ar tha aaichharina aitlaa Addraw " Aatolna," Ualaa Ho?*l, *or;t*r *f ??rar??t*h and R**t?r *tr?*i? _ publication*. ? 1 'I <TuT>\" HTTiTlMMttiTo k ui. ? narsfsw* \ JL h ? Turk. *111 pnhliah oa Satarday, Jnly (7th, <'art 1., firlf* tw?at?- ** coat*, (to I.* *c,mpl?t*4 in f..rty- | 1*1 part?) ??M> part t* *oata|a two en*r?Tin(r? ?i?*l. th* N*w Y*rk I'npyrlaht Kditloa of th* maf'iti Work* *f !<h*k*j>*a r?; ravtMd fr-.m tt* ortgtaal *ditioa*. with Historical IMr?dii*tio*?, and Not** tiplaaatory aad ?rHi?*l ; ! Iff* of th* P?.*t. an-l aa (aim*o?i?r? hhi ?a hi* phra**?logy aad mctra, hy J*m?* (Orchard Malllwall, E?i PH.A., Pf.l., srnl>*r nf tha *oaacil ?f th* Miak*a*ari?n 8n*>*ty. aathor of th* l.lf* of kt.ak*a*ar*. **. With llln*tratioa* r*pr**?atia? th* principal * ??* in wtk play, da*lra*d npr*?*iy for Ikla ??rk. ky H*nry Warr*a, Pr*?i<t*at *f th* N*? W?Wr l>lof HwUtf *f IaiIkb : M*ar< ( orhoald. k* . and ?n?ra?*d * *t**l ky R. ??r*, H*ath, flad'a, All*a. Valkar. fc* Thi* I* th* *aly ilttoa *f klkifMr*'* Work* llla*trat*4 trill ti?i??I d?*i?n? * atari R* **r* t* auk for th* N*? Tork <"opyrlfht BdtMam. nUVKI.I.Mr 0OIOB CAM DRN 1N O AMROT RAUROAD LIN POR PIIUdalphta. At MV? o'oloak, A. ,aad kalf mt *a* o'tlMk, V. M , ty *Ma^S**t JOHN pfrlTRR. fily (NaaSi *t?*pl*d ), from pt?? N*. I. N*rtb r*R~fWI M i Art, M a**#ad iBm **/* I _ AMIIBBMKim. ROWMT THKATRK.-MONDAY KVSNIMO. JULY 12. mj (iIImuM ill* *c* drama *tjrl*d lb* MAID Or TYkuL?fcwiiwlt, Mr. Ti11 in , Hiohicl Boruri, Mr lUtnil- ' toa; l>< roifi?a. Mim Wdb;?; Nituliou. Mr*. Waicint; J Aft*r wbi*h, Niblo'* **l*krat?d Acrobat Family will apnuar ' ia tbtir wm.d*rful pcrfurmanc* of Cl*j?i*a) Oiiniaxtio 1 Croupe* After which. w>U k? nptUd.u Allegory, arranged u a tribute of deep regard to the aeinory of the laie lauieat-d Ventral z. Taylor, late President of the United St*m*. Tj eon elude wub li.e eemedy of JOB IN LONDON?Mr. Strawberry. Mr. Martin ; Hie* Strawberry. Mre. Ilroariley. Door* *pei?ata73?; eartaia will ri?e preoieely at 7"^ o'eUek. National theatre, cuatham strut.?mon- i dav eveuing. July li tho entertainment* will commeoee with the farce of the M A N W1 HI TH E CA RI'ET BAU ?l'loekaell. Mr. Harbert; Wrangle, J. C. Dunn; Grab. Mr. 1 Thempeon; Griui*e, tbe man w h a earpet bar Mr. W. H < Chapman. After wbicb tke grea I oral drama of the NEW I YORK 11 KISM AN ? Frederick J r. me, Mr. II. A. I'erry: 5 Mr. Wealthy. Mr. Thompeon ; Alii: llawthorne. Miea Etuily ( Meatavtr. The whole to oonc "de with ootm-dietta of COUSIN JOE?Cousin Joe, Mr. W. H. Chapman . Margery, M?i E. Meetaeer. Door* open At 7M, ourtain at I 1 o'elark. Box**. zae.; Pit. 12H* ; eaate in private k*i. SI. I CBR18TYB MINSTRELS.?MBCH AN ICS' HALL, no. 471 Broadway, between Grand and Broome street!. Monday, July TM, and every ni^tht nntil further aotioe. The ! ongiaal and well known Chriaty'* Ethiopian Opera Troupe, 1 the trit eetabllaked, and oldest organised band in the world, I oapriaiua eompany of twelve performers, under the di- 1 reotion of B. P. vnrlaty. They will havs the honor of giving 1 their original and inimitable easrtaiumenU every night 1 until further netioe. Admission, SA oents. Doors open at 7; 1 Concert will oommenee at 8 o'clock. As a/ternooa ooaeert ob Saturdays, commencing at 8 o'clock P.M. i CASTLB GARDEN.?THE TENTII GRAND SABBATH Concert at the above Magnificent Saloon, will take place on Sunday Evening, July 14th, 1HV). Loder's Orchestra in a grand performance, lisrr Noll in a violin eenoerto, | by David. Mr. Drescbar in a Fantasia on the Curuo de Ba?I setto, and the Young Virtuoso, Carl Blaeaius, apoa a new i instrument invented by himself, produeing the effect of a full orchestra. The Cosmorama*. newlv sr-nn^wl and brilliantly lighted, will afford amuremcut of the nromenaders. Admission I2\ cent*?to coalmen e at 8 o'clock. No postponement on account of th* w-ulier. REMINGTON's WONDPKPUL MAGIC BRIDGE IS ow open at ail hour* of th* day and evening?first door abor* NI bio's. Franklin musevm. Chatham square.-last Week of tbe Season ?Open every afternoon at So'olock. and in the evening at 8. by the "Original Keniale Minstrels, the only organised band of ladies in the world, comprising a ompiny or Twelve Performers. Also the unrivalled troupe f " Male and Female Artiatc*," commonly called " Model 1 Artists." will appear every afternoeu ami evening, in ft va1 riety of splendid representation* of Living Picture* together with the tribe of "Bedouin Arab <lirl?," the only one* in xistenee, who will go through their gyuinasti* feat# Prices f admissioa?S'age Seat*, cent*; Boxea, 2Acent*; Parqueue, 12^ cent* ; Private Bona*. f2. PKOriTABLK SPECULATION.?Till UNDERSIGNED la d**irou* of **lliag hla one-half interest in a Panorama of the Mississippi river, a* ha i* aaable to acoompaay it ta Europe. Thia work ha* Ween on aucceaaful exhibition for obi Biantha in thla country, and will prova a good iurrai' Bant to a eapitaliat who would wiah ta visit all tha prinoi. pal cities In Europ*. Letter* addressed (post paid) to C. C. P., box 2.6M Poet ottoa, New Tork, will meat with prompt attention. TO ETHIOPIAN MINSTRELS, SEKEN ADERS, AND otbara.?The subscriber i* now erecting a splendid Ilatl I auitabla for tha above purposes. Raapectable partiea who I may wiah ta negotiate for trie same can aee plana, to. Tha I hall will aeat comfortably about 1,2U0 pereon*, leaving the aisles *p*n, aud with a very large stage for the performer*. It will be let by tha year, or longer if required. Por further particular*Inquire for GEO. #. MILLER, M4I Broadway. ixClULSIOBIM. ~~ Excursion to the fishing banks evert dat, exoapt Saturday.?Tha ataamer Buffalo will leave Thirteenth atreet, 7 o'ofoek; Canal itraet at 7Xi Grand, 7?j Catherine. 7X; Pier No. A N. R.. 8*. A.M.. returning byl P. M. Ehl'a ootillon band will be on board. Refreshment, kc., a* namal. Par* IS e*n ta *ach way. HI80*LI'A>"01lli ~~~ Fashionable dancino.?private i.essons bv Mr. Frvdcrie*, 48 Franklia street. School* and families attended. TO SOUTHERNERS, AND GENTLEMEN U1TII TBNder Feet.?The Pannna Corium Boot* and Shoes ar? aneaualled for giving eaae and comfort, eorahined with durability. Tbey never draw the feet, even ia the warmaat weather, and will not get hard or crack. R. GEO. HALL, *a Broadway. LTON'S MAGNETIC POWDER AND PILLS, POR THI destruction of Cockroaches, B.idbug?, Moths, Ant*, ' Plies, Fleas and Insect* on pleat*, and for rata aad mio*. Both artiele* warranted free of poison, are to be had at LYON'S Depot.43) Broadway. MA C H I N E R T .-WOODWORTH'S PLANING MAchines. Steam Engia**, Hollar* aad Shafting, Sngar Mills, Slide Lath**, aad every kind of machinery neoescary to fit up planing, angar, or aaw mills : Iron aad Bra** Casting*, Magnetic Machiaes. Planing Maohlnss with all th* lat?*t improvement*, ecnstaatly on hand, or mad* to ord*r at th* ; abort**! aotiee. J. H. LESTER, 192 Fulton *tr*?t. Hdardonvills's manufactory or niNca Meehaaleal (caroel) Unp*, u<l *iir; a< h*r etylea. The largaet *to?k la It* United Stat**, Ui* imlwt Tidttf, ] and UraMt aapply for *t*am*r* and v****la. K**pa, alao, I wuuatlf ob &n4,a put qaaatlt v of V ranch Glob**, Ckla. { a*y*, Wick*. Wax Tann, Shad**, *., he. Beat Spam aad French Oil fanrartat. Acid, by wholeaale aa* retail, *46 Broadway, ap (tain. 2nnn nnnorBoTTLKs' nkarlt.of dr.keljVVVilfVWIiiMF'* Liaimont.| or Majric Fluid, ban 1 b**a ?old, without a failure, la reetorin* tb* hair, curing rheumatic and all other pala*. Sold at No SSI P*arl etraat, by C. Rlac; C. V. Clickaar h Co., ?7<i, *9t Broadway, bat wee a Grand aad Broom* (traata; of th* Ruehtoa*. aad tb* draaglit* In (*a*ral. la battla*, at 1, land d *hllllao *aah; $1, (X aad $4 par doaaa. i WAEBMB, *C. ~ Board -a small, private family, resibino in a plaaaant Ircat'on, In a aiodara built hoaeo, aoataiaI Inn l">t. *?ld and *h?w*r bat ho, n*ar two etAge rou toe, would I 1*1 to a lady and gentleman a front parlor aad b?d room, or I a *ntt* of rooms, well furaUhcd, with fnll board for lady 1 and partial for (tatlemna, if raqalred. Addrreee Ada, thi* i efllte. Board in toe country ? families desirous of leaving the city during tb* warm w*ath*r. *an <I tain good aroomuodatioaa, la a ploaaant and highly *alubrion* part *f th* country, by applying t* X. K. V . New Market Depot, New Jersey. Term* moderate. Refe1 raaea* mill**. TQn BROADWAY. OPPOSITE GRACE CHUBCHl%7 4 Bearding.?Pareoaa eojoaraing ia lain city, deeiring a private reeideaee, combined with tb* eoavealeaee of a rat elan* hotel, parlor* aad bad ittm* connecting, aa exeellaat table attentive wrvtati, bath*, at* , can ba accommodated at th* abort plaaaaal lo*atioa. Parmaaaat arrangemeat* for board caa ba made. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE, or TWO Si NULI OEHtlamaa, aaa b* aa*ommadat*d with board, in a private family ap tow a laqnlre at No. (M Fourth *tr**ta betareaa Flrat aad 8a?ad avaana*. CO IN T r T BOARDINO?A LA ROE NI.'MhER Of boardar* aaa ba noeommodatad, aa reaecnable Wine, at the old favorite raaort. kaowa aa CHAPMAN'S MOTEL, at lallp. Long Iitaad. With a healthy elimate. aad aamerou* aecommodatioa* for Saa Bathing, FUhing, Re., tbi* cannot fall to prove a daelrable place for thoaa i at*udmg to apaad a few day* or we*ha oat of tb* city. ?F*CIA1. ItUTKKN. First division, n. t. state militia.-division erdere.?No. W. ? New Verb, July Irt, IMoO.?Thle dlvlaion will parade ea Taeeday neit, th* JSd July inetaat, fov tb* purpose of rend?rlag funeral honor* to Major Ooaeral lechery Taylor, Tata Praeidant of the United State*, pur naat to tb* nrreagemeate of the Common Couacll of tb* ily of New York. The division hae will b* formed oa Broadway, the left reatiag oa Chambare *tre*t, at *aaxt*r paat two o'clock, praeiaeW. The fnaeral proceeaioa will proeeed from the City Hall, ap : Chatham atraat aad (be Bowery, t* Caioa plaaa, aad dewa Broadway. Brigadier General Stoma will detail asoluhl* detaehmeat from hlaeommaad u> Br* miaate (aa* fr<4h the Hati Wry dariac the prn?*e> La. aad will mail requisition upea the Commieeary General for the aaoaeaary ammoaitioa. Brigadier Ueaeral Morria wilt detail a troop of bora* for ' ear art doty, ta report to tb* Major UeaoraJ, at hi* qaartera, j at two o'clock. Brigadier Goaeral Hall will dlraat two traopa ef hone, ta ' report to the Division Inapoetor for special daty. at twe o'clock, ope n the divieioa parade greand. Cemmaadaat* of regimeata will eoad their atandard* aad aamp color* '* th* City Ilall. oa Friday a*it, the IHtV ib?taat, at eight e'elook, A M., to be draped with appropriate mblf ni? of moaraian. nadar tha diraailea af it* C'tauuttaa ' A r~*r. f r ' ? Offl tn will waar tha araaJ tadgaa of motiraia< apoa Ua toft arm aad IWerd kilt. Tha dlrlalna ataff will U?>M< tt tka quartan of Ik* , lUltr 0> iittl, tt two o'lNI P.*. Pn??'ll?r (lanrral Bwaa will aaaaa tka national at in.lard ta ha ?>aplay*d from tha Battary, at half-at a*. wtth tha , aanal ka<lfaa of Boarmiag. fr?? mari?t antil aanaat lad?pradaat coalman da looatad la adlaiaiac aoaatlaa. di?f-t*4 to parade with tka dirtalon. will rwaort to tka B*J"r Ba??f*l, at kin qaartara. na tM laat., HI to th* Uinaioa liM?'<*r?> tkarroaad, who will aaatm Ikon p?iitloa la I ha?. By ardar, CIIARt.B* w A AN ItFORD. Major Oaaaral rommaadiag. 1 Boawwr Wrrwoaa, TWaWloa t??r??t/r VDVillDd, BANDPORD ft CO.-TK A NSATI.A NTIC JCj I'ackaga Biproaa aad Oaaaral Bur?r?aa Af-nnr. at A daw a ft (a.'i Baprwaa Ot?w, II aad IB Wall air??.- *aplfa larro'a. sa<-la??a. ralaahlaa, aarahaadiaa, ftr.. forwarded to aad from all parta of Rnmpa. la *ean?*tlea wk Ifaaara Chaplin ft Hoiaa, a' Borland, aad tka Moaaacrtat Datioaala, of Praaca Oaada parohaead aad aald n ?miaalan aad particular altantloa firaa arraad to ahlrplaa farlafta aad arokaadtae far tka Halted .*t?tae. Billa aad alalma af every deeeriptloa anllacied Dralta far aala, payakla at any tawa la Bnglaad. Iralaad or .Votland. Tli? Traaaa'laatlr Bipraee Ota pan y ha?in? oftcee aad raatdeat partner* la New Tork. Philadelphia, Haltimora. Liverpool, aad l<oado?i. aad aioallaat tranapartattea arraaaawnte abroad. ar? jaatiAad la pr?ailaia? aatira aattafaetloa to all , who say favor thea with hnelaaee Parka*? and parade ! laft at aay af tka nfllnee cf Naeere Adawia ft Co. la tka l)at1 tad Riataa. will raaaiaa proatp' a'taatioa Tka L^adea aad Liverpool iHrootoriat aad Britiak lariC, aay kaaaaaat tka | (Baa aa akata. ALBIANDRR-R I.I B( I1BR.? PRINCIPAL DBPOT AT VltTttR BISHOrj. Na.n Maidaa Uaa. N.W Tori. ' iirii i liutm ri jt'i.r tn lx/ifi ?Tii the KitrroR TT *f Ik* Harald ^r An m?f of wnoa m*?ntn.l* ai>paar* la ih? m*m<Hr which I raaantly toaaahofln* UoTtrnor* of ?h? raap^atlro Stat?a, ta ?r-'?r tha- It mt*M ha fosinnnirkod to th* ?alir? prraa of Ui* U11IM At??**. Mtl*4 Important t>i?r?T?ry of Mr L. D*a?haoip*. br m*an? f wMah ??rry oae fan h? kin own phytlolan aal ami it, aontainin* rarlp*i aad proaarati >aa for x**rr fla?? of dl?um On pace ant. foarth tla*? t??r?af th* ? ? af thia Rrrnp, for irn Int. aft< ra aril ; lo>*??H <<f tan. raal two ? TwimiitftU;, THM>i<iin?tiii OHCBA?PR PAHTWIOHWHIP^ "" fOFARTNIRAIIir \r>TI( B -TUB Sl'BIU RIIU RHATV/la? tkla da? tak?a Mr O. t HRHIOT. liMrV'Mnhia t ] (?*> will Umlt.r ba r<ada*t*d aad?r t,ti? v n a* u Trarmaaa R L. TBAPMANW. ChsrlMtoa, B.^C.. Jalr 1, I AM.

Nor I ( R-Tlir CO-PARTNER*IIII* OF MtRRCT, Jkrry R ff*. SBI>? Broadway, ru ?a tha Rra* of Jaly, laat., by mataal aonaaat. A Ion ha* bona formad from th* *amr day. aadar th* aamr *f Oalma, Rnilltfftot R <>., and will coatiaa* th* hnaln*** u h<rak*f< r* ?o*d*M*d at tli* abor* addr***. Tb* Arm *f Karr*'. R Jarry, *f I'Arla, (oatlaa* tb*lr ralattoa* with oalm* i>*ill* n< R C* , nf Haw Tork. aad will **ad tham all tk* 11'Ml and kaadf.aiMt *rtt*l** *f jaw*lry fahrt*at*?l ia PraaMk tt AI If I, ven.i7ieoT._ Notice-tub copa irmuiif or coBvnrt Brother R t'*,*f Paaama. waa diaaa|.*d *a th* aid day af Apri* laat. 1 k* kali*" ia aoa?ia*a4 at Panana* atd*r <b* tarn* A?m. by A B Ckrwlaa, B M. Corwlna ?-td _f, Si>ra*r. Thaanl* aaaat af tb* haaaala B*? Taft la fljftn. R WBMRAT. 71 Fro*t atraat. wba ?!?? ia a*'**Maa4 K laaa* ?l*aa>aaa tbalr kabalf far ?wn?a from Panama ta l? Praaata*. B*v T*rk. Jaly ll IA? A NOR - OOV^pra. PATIO M OftlTUfB. 11 iBviciBirn. NIBMT*.?MANAUBftB, MB89R8. BRAUGKAM AND W U. Cklp|*?4tl?. Hun iti eeraing. JulyZ2 the 0Qertalauieata will luimnii with FUKI 1'NIO or the ,-V.t.u [lifted MrmU?Bareu l>oi?"?er, Mr. Niekinaoa; Strait*laak. Mr. Flarenaa; Hoietarer. Mr. i.yatar; Kin* A1 fount*. Mr Chippendale: rrlnraaa Vindleta, Mia* V.r?.,n. tin H ?? M vrlms Miaa M Ta.vler. To annclude with the farua of I I. K IklMi I.IOW?Tiin Hour*. Mr Hroughain. Mr S<(ti*hhi, Hr l't>illip*. (i I oaevr. M r t'ommr; John I, >ug. Mr Hakitr. Mint ti hn. Mix K. Taj lor. Mra Cernlia FMra U ouabain. I icketa, 60 acnu to all parta nf tka Salaua. PrivM* !> or* open at qoarter-paal 7. To wninnM at f .'elock. CA8TLI (1AKDEN- SECOND WKKK OF TBI CilEIrated Havana Italian Opera Company, under the direction ut giigor F. Badiili.?Monday evening, July 22. will > ptrforaad DouUelti'a favoiite opera of LIICKSZlA mutilA?Don Alfonaa Ferrara 8ign?r 1. Marini; l.uorena Bor(ia, Slgnore Angela ltoaio; (Jennaro, Signor L. Salvi; Oraino, >i*nora Caroline Vietti; Uuhetta, Signor D. Collctti; Ku 11rhello, Signor F. Uadiali ; Lirerotto, Signor M Baratiai. iicketaol admiaaion.60?aata. To cosmetic* atHo'eloek. Omliloiea run fmm wary point in tbe npper part of lb? ally, to In gataa leading to laaile Garden, and will ba in readi>t?* tn receive paaaenger* at the aud of tha performance. PIEKC&'S MINMTRELS, OLYMPIC, No. 444 HKOADw?y, between Howard and Grund ntreete. ?MouiUy. J oly 12, and eve rv mght until further notice. Tb? continued iucccm that fiae favored this inimitable t>aud of Etliupian fierformi ra, hu atampcd them ua being the ne plue ultra of ill Ethiopian banda, tomprieiag a company of thirteen perfermera, under the direction of J. B. Fellow*. They will Save the honor if giving their original inimitable onUTtainmente every night until further notice. Admiaaion 26 oeuta. I>oor? opeu at 7, Concert to commence at 8 o'clock. An afternoon Concert on Wedueadaya and Saturdays, commencing at 3 P. M. BARNUM'S AMERICAN MUSEUM.-P. T. HAKNUM, Manager and Proprietor; John Greenwood, Jr., Aa litant Manager. Sixth week of rc-oueniag. Splendid exbibiticna and performance*, every altera..on, at 3U, and avoniuf, at 1% o'clock, eemmencisg on Monday, July 22. Thia moat unexceptionable place of publio amuieoent being absolutely filled by multitude* to witnea*. the paat week, the d< mcatic draara of THE DKUNK A KD, It will be repeated every evening the coining week, with Mr. U. Vf. Clarke, aa Edward Middleton; Miu Alexina Fiah>r, aa Mary; Mr. T. Madaway, aa Bill Dowton; Mr. H Qenkina, ae Criba: Mine Stanhope, aa Miaa Spindle, fee. The very amuaing pieoe of THE WINDMILL will be played in the afternoon, when will ap|>ear. alao, tbe Laneaahire Bell Ringere. iio., fee. Admiaaion, V> eenta; children under 10 yeara, l-)4 cento. NIBLO'S.?MR. CHIPPENDALE'S BEN EFIT?THE publio ia reapectfully informed thia intereating event will come off on wEDN ES DA V, July 24th. I Mil, on which occaaion the whole atrength of the company will appear in a variety of entertainmrnta. Ticketa 80 cent#. CASTLE GARDEN is NOW OPEN FOR THE RECEPtien of Tiaitera during the day, from 7 A.M. till 6 P.M. It ia the largeat and moat beautiful room in the country, affoiding aeperior opportunity tor reading, meditatione, or nndiatnrbed promenadea, while viewing the aea, (hipping, and delightful ecenery around, and Inhaling the deucioua iea tirreie. Admiaaion, 12H eenta. PANORAMA SALOON. 413 BROADWAY. CORNER OF Li?penar4 atreet. "Exhibition free. Some of the finePaintlnga in the world ; the Greek Slave, the Birth of Venna, and Venn* Reclining, abonld be neen by every I lever of the line arte; likewlae the Great Oyater, weighing one hundred and fifty ponnda. The Paintinga are for aale. W. A. AS11E, Proprietor. Theatre for rent.-the martland theatre, situated ia Front atrnet, Baltimore, ia offered for rent. Tbia apaciona edifie* ia adapted lor equeatrian ai well aa for theatrical performance*. It ia one of the largeat tbeatroa in America, and ii well fftted with ecenery, and machin?ry in good order. Applicatioaa addreaaed to WM. MINIFIE, 114 Haltimere atreet, will meet with prompt attention. AHUSRMKNTI IN PHILADELPHIA^ BARNUM'S MUSEUM, PHILADELPHIA -P. T. BARnum, Proprietor and Manuer; Henry Manford, Aiaiatant Manager.?M. Blrd'a adroit and dexterous Magical feata, ami hi* perfect Ventrllo<|nlal delineation*. have attracted the entire publio during the paet week, and elicited 'heir heartieet applauee. He will remain thia week, and appear every afternoon and evenini in a new eerie* of eonjuratioee. Hi* eelcbrated Mechanieal Marrioaettea will be presented. Tbe Interminable Bottle, jBriat Clock, Magie Portfolio, eto. Mlae Le*lie. Mire Warren, and Mr. Robinaon, appear. The uperb Duaelving Vuva aad Chromatropo at ever) performance. To b? *een at all bonra, 802,000 Curinaitte*. Admittance. 2fi cent*; Children under tan year*, 12\ cent*. PEEIOIIAL. ^ ~~ ELOPEMENT.-ON TUESDAY, TQS 18TH INST., A pratty and iatelligeat younic lady, of tba borough of \ork, l?fl her father'* honaa on pretence of going to a party; hut luetrad of thia. the mat a young gentleman from Otwinburg. Schuylkill county, who had a carriage in readine** for bar. They immediately proceeded to Laneaatcr, where they were married the name day. MB. PETER S1IERIDAN, WHO LEFT TUE CITY OF Dublin, accompanied by hia aiatar. Bridget Sheridan, on the 36th of May, 1M0, will hear of aomething to hie interest, by communicating ol hli wbereabonta to Mr. Jamea Shield*, at Joha Mills' Botcl, IS Marrta alley, above Walnut atreat, between Front and Seoond >n?n Philadelphia. 0 lfk REWARD Wil l. be PAID for the recovery 5 lv of the body of C. Ledwith, who. it ia auppoaed, fall trom the Revanaa Dock, foot of Whitehall atreat, on Friday morning laat. The above reward will be paid by applying at the eomer of Centre and Anthony atraata, or to Jama* Reagaea, IX Whitehall atraat. _ wATBRU? placer. ~ OCEAN BOOSE, SBREWSBURY. N. J., ON TBI ahoraa af the Atlantic.?The hoaee haa been newly ferniehed, aad i* now open for the reception of permanent and tranaieat boarder*, aad all other* who delight in aea or river bathing. Balling, fowling and tailing. II . A. MATHECS. Mansion house cape island, n. j.-tbisfashionabla aad popalar Hotel, haviag teen elegantly refined aad aalarfad, ia hi open to the public. boopeek lidlam. Cap* l?y, Jaly 11. Hunting pare couese.?race between suffoth aad Moaeow poatpoaad.?Monday, Jaly 23d -puree af t*iO, twa mile* aad repeat, in hara*<*. (SO aecond beat. Field aad open ataada will be 60 ecnte en Monday. David Bryant eatare g. aa. Lady Saffolk. N. T ; O. W. Young eater* h. m. Lady Moaeow, Albany. I. EASTMAN, Proprietor. po* ,*lib aw p to lot. Homestead village in tbe twei.ftb ward. oily af New York. Eighth aveaue. One Hundred and lorty-fiiat aad Forty-Sfth atraata?The subscriber haviag eeld all hia lota oa tba waat aide of the avenue numbering from one to oae hnadrad aad twenty-ana, aad haviag repeated call* for more, baa ladneed him to have anrveyed and laid eat ia building lota of lb by 100 feat, the traet af laad ea the eaat ?ide of the avenue, making In all three hundred aad **veaty aevea lota. They are aitaatad oathe flaeet aianna ia tba city, all withia view of tbe High Bridge, at nrire* within the reach of all. The title i* ladlamitahla: tb* pniiiMl bay*r* bar* k?t imIiuIh who iatead to iBfrofi tie property, *111 atki It am <MinU< for ujr pin a lading to baj a ebear komeatead, aad bare it iacrritM la rain*. On Jaaaary 1*?, a hoaiMtoad ia *x*aipt to th? amaant of |I,iiUO. Th* aabaenbar * opeaing th* a>r*at*. T*a?* ? Sa*aaty-tv* per **at *aa remain oa boad aad nrlfM* (or tea fun, thirty dollar* at tli* time of tab ertblaf. aad tb* balaa** whaa tb* parti** tab* tb*ir daada, ai|*. plaa. he. Apply at tka Window Shad* Waraboai*. 174 aad 177 William itroat. SAMCEL T. BARTOL. SI ORES AND BUILDING LOTS FOR SALE?WILlian *tre*t?Th* two *tor?* No*. ?7 aad tu Williaai treat, a*ar Pi** at reel. ara to let. paying a larg* lateraat?a feed loeatloa for a baak or lif* inanranr* eotrpaay Maiden .ana?Tbeaii *tory *tore No. 7* Maiden l^a*. fifth ** an* Lota?Thra* Iota *<>rn*r of fifth aiian* aad Twaaty* *eTenth *tr**t, a*ar Madiavn MM, eight* four feet tight iarhta by oae bnadrad feet. MaahattantIII*? Suty lota oa T*atb avenue aad th* adjoining (treat*, near the *hnroh and (ehool hnaae, (nltabla fur factor!** or awdllnga, *a?y of aeaor( t( tha lower part of Mia ally hv and railroad*. Term* eaay. apply ?o H. B. SCHflEP rlLIW. 1M John at. Bl^< K I RAPES, BLACK CRATES ?J/SOO 1'IBCCS, f*r (I AO a pi***, II yard* aaab. lower titan any aUire la tka ralea. Ala?, Meaning Badge*. witk an *irall*at lik*aea*af Gaaaral Taylor, for**ata. f?r ada by T. E ISA At RB, A(*bi, Na. 1 Jeba ttraat, ana door from Bread y TO CiROCEBS.?LIQBOR STORE ON THE fOCTHw*at earner af So**nte*ath al. aad Math mnao-loaaa and flit tiraa for aala-th* boat baaiaaa* corner ia th* upper pari of tba *ity?If applied far tAia day irtll b* (old *haap. Apply *a tha preiiae*. A. SMITU. Am PRINTINU OfflCR POR SALE CURtP. AS THE ewaar la (tab, aad aaabta to oaatlaaa th* btiirinaaa. Tha oflt<* ha* carry r*<iuiaita for priatlag a a?wapap<-r or lob work, and will ka told At a bargaia Addraia Bo* 1,4*4 ff*w Tark Poet Ofltee. C^OR SALE "TIIE >l'ltS< RiriER HAVING BRR.V SBr rioaaly iadi(po**d. aad anabla to ai-aad vo baetaaaa for 0?e tiia* peat, i* deairoae to call oat bia hiae, known aa Park H?a*a, dlreatly oppoelt* tk* 4 at or H?a-a aad City lla'l. aad oaa of th* boat ataada ia tba alt*, and wet e*atral f?r traaateat knaiaaaa, tha lodginga alone being eofB lent to pay tha raat. l.tPARR ROW. STAOB LINES POR SALR.-TUR STBlIt'KIBSR Htr. in* boea aarioaaly indtepoaed, aad naaala to attaad to I naineea for aaearal a*?ath*na*t. la daaimaa to **ll owl bi* lateraat ii tha Tnrktille aad Harlem liaea af atagee. Thta ta a rare oppertnaity for a profitable laeeeMneat to aay ?aa da Iroaa to eattr lata boetaen* The traeal oa tba?e Itaea > large, aad eoaataatly iaaraaalaf. Term* oaay. Apply to tk* jAtlU KATANaCH. '?r M ifHM tad l?'h t* . at THOMAS MrKfMT. ?nr With lit. and M aaaana. rm BALI?A PAI* or UIOI AND TUT BAMD* r ? ITI? dart'* rr?r 'tniM' llom *. Th?y ar? ;?iin|, ?t M'taiah, warranted aannd aad kind. aai i>F?rad at a ta<>d?rat? i>rler at tha oantr 14 i"ia?alroad Al 'ca t i 434 r?*1 nllaa. Stait* im AHIi cottaiil to lit.?a ??rv d? tlraMa Cattaf* Maaaa alih In lata nf Ofaau aa<t flat la tti? natapant krin* nnai|>aatadly i-alud away, will l*t it frr ?h? Kalaara af tha yttr. at a vary l"? rata, aid *t?? |??>aaains taa*ia4 tattlr Tli? mi nation ml Staplatna.hi*'. and airy, alt hit tkraa nr fear amntaa walk af tha V andrrhilt ?r Ataxia ion Farry. laqntra of Kay T nfkiai, 27 Wall uraal, ar K O. ftiuHfc, StaplaVoa. SOAr fACT??T TO ut-mtiati |? TM? rltl af Naa. He 9tu aad UU <'harry at r?at. w(?k 5*t irr? B" ta c?a?ny af tka pan* to -oak I' ar ? < Mm?. (Iras l?ii*a?i*t*lv. F*r'r-lnr I?rMavlara. lanalr* af P. P FAY. HI aad Jf$ (Tb'r-f ??. CALirORRIiir Taylor a m> dl havfr?. Ft irw a m?lfn and mmiMict MarahaaM, f i a(r>- N.fl> t* a ?r* uti raJ?ra4 tu for warn all u ?? . t. ..r??r? tin* Ima . I rantkt '?ial?. ?ltfc Udia rahVar r< ??rr ?al ?M? far t ? aoaa vaaM af tawrr'n aat M . t a** ?*? n.vla arrran?*anaatt with Rann< t Oa, 'r?a*|>"rtatlo? i|>t't. it Uwaa aad Craeaa, ta U?t "Jiara *111 1>? no <1 Wf u?< a t!,? lalhaiaa. . K TaTU'K, lac af Hal-itr TJ M. I>F. HA I rut lata af >?? l?r'-*r?. la Haw T?tk J R um Ik f.??. V Pma*. <ray. Oar Aiai.ia ar? Corata* ir< A t r>. tl. * Ci a*n1?l?, P?- I ??ma. Hut aadary A I a.. *aa <*al'f*?w a. i\(. rib k hatnk.^ (hi. j.) l. p'idiv. t u-f. J \/H*?a*?>-Wh lnal? an4 ( antral Cnvn. B%ar"..a*t* Saa fraBcino. Canfor?iU. Mrrrhar, tl<* *?? ??!?..*? ? II fc* | la??4 on l.nard aar atira ?Mp and a*l4 l\ It** ??0i1irg all riaki af ?ra. kt. H.farko -Vm l.i'a-yfc Ca., > ? Tork Jrtaph T. Faa?a? 44 : I? -*kar4 * Bt>ilr*k. in,: Htirr ft 4?: C m?n, Mi.; t Is* k Co 4 | Totiklia k imlrt 4a.: T T Btra. 4*.: Wk Aavla At hi, waihiho. ' < WAH1IN0 MA Ik* KAST.O* BOW Tl> W ASH < i ottif" Itkaat labor.?'Tha > ?? ifftMi |? till* ?rlil ? kMhlaa. f udm. nkfcara, mi4i "r ih?- In. ? ? l*l?a lattraaiUat art plata. arUaiaa ?i ??. aa4 ? ??4 aaywhara. I* >*a? k? Mil a? *??' r>?awr "Hi ? * Prloa ?al> |l m- Ma? *1 ?r a4 i- MAP^kl MAI Il.T, Patast Uaa4ra*a. it AA. ' ? - ?i ) ? Tart. t tla*4 a ap faatnry ta h?.*Vk? la tliaf (h?ai,? aa it tof p?. pl? ar* a>ia? T*al*??r**'a pla*. ?ka? ?k? ?.a*ir.ak?r* ar* all *r*akla? if Wo ?..n4-r p*' pU "?a |laa ! ??? ?.* it p?r??a 4n a laraa f?inl|a *>?h tofnra l>r-akfa?t. fn? I?m thaa dt a*nt*. ?a<i ?1lh .<? ?li? la*?>? *f rakMat ?r pna*4laf All >ka * ? ? la a p*n|kl?l (or |l, w m Iia4 ?t ii fvalTilna. Ha. w Na?**a traat, H T , aa applieaiioa p*T**?allf ?r hy !* !*?. ^**ir?i4. *?. j?i awih an, k??i i f m "MtiM INTELLIGENCE B7 TIC MAILS. DB. WEBSTER TO BE HTXG. DECISION OF THE EXECUTIVE GOUNCIL. COMMUTATION REFUSED. Friday, August ID, fiird m the Day of Eierotioo. REPORT OF THE COMMITTEE. ADDRESS 0F GOVERNOR BRICKS* [From the Hoston Traveller. July IB ] The Governor mil Council met thli morning, when a unanimous report trom the Committee ot Pardons> against a commutation of the punishment ol death la the am* ot Professor Webster, for the murder of Dr. Parkman, wa? presented. This report waa accepted by the Council, one member, Mr. Copeland. of Nerfolk, Toting In the negative. Friday, Auguit thirtieth, was flxtd as the day of execution. Below we give the report of the Committee on Par. don*, and the address of the Governor to tha Council: committer's repokt. The Committee on Paruon.^, to whom waa referred the petition of John W. \Vebst?r, a convict uuder sentence of Death, praving. In behalf of himself and hla wife and children, the Governor and Council to extend to the petitioner a commutation of the punishment awarded to him; also, a copy of the records of the Court, containing the trial and sentence of said Webster. and also sundry other petitions and arguments referring to. or in support of the petition of said Webster?now report, That, by said record, it appears that said Webster was regularly indicted for the crime of the murder of Dr. Ueorge Parkman. and set to the bar of the Supreme Court, at the March Term thereof, A. D. 1850?and there having been inquired of how he would acquit himself concerning the jpremises. for answer, said he was not guilty, and thereof put himself upon tho country. Counsel was thereupon assigned to the prisonar. On ?ka l lit Ki (Uv nf fctur.-h following. R&id Wubfittir VM again set to the bar to be tried A jury was empaunellcd and sworn, and after full bearing, on their oaths declared tbat tbe said Jobn W. Wsbster was guilty And thereafterwards, Til., on tbe lit day of A pril. in aid Court, eaid Webster being plaoed at tbe bar for sentence, it wax demanded of birn by said Court if be bad anything to ray wherefore sentence should not be declared upon tbe premises and verdlat aforesaid. To which said Webster nothing further answered. Thereupon, it was considered by tbeeourt. that tba aid John W Webster be taken to the jaii whence he enme. and thence to the place of execution, and thera be hanged by the neck until be be dead. Since tbe passing said sentence by said court, numerous petitions and arguments have been presented to tbe Kxecutive for the full pardon of said Webster, founded upon the belief and presumption that he never committed even a homicide. Kecent events, however, relieve the committee, in a great measure, freni tbe consideration of all such arguments and petitions. On the second of July. A. D I860, the ltav. Dr. Putnam. by appointment, appeared in behalf of said Webster. before the Committee on Pardons, and read a conlession made by said Webster, acknowledging that be committed the homicide, and declaring the manner and circumstances thereof, and at the same time presented said Webster's petition for a com mutation ot the sentence aforesaid The petition and confession were supported by an able argument by Dr Putnam. To thin confession and argument, and all argument* and evidence supporting it. we have given our most serious and anxious attention, and we have proceeded to aonsider the same with hearts and minds desirous to know tbe truth, and our duty, and with a Qrtn purpose to do what both should require It seems to your committee that the sentence in the ease of said W ebster. having been passed by tbe court, after a full and tair trial, in the course of which, all the facts and circumstances which could then ba brought to light, were patiently and thoroughly Investigated and weighed by the jury, and having been fully affirmed, after a careful revision of the law upon trial, since bad by the full court, on solemn argument of both sides, there appears to be no ground for Kit. eutive interposition, except it may be found in the subsequent confession of tbe prisoner. In this view, the ouly questions, as it seems to as, are. whether tna statements which said Webeter now makes In his confession, of the manuec and circumstance of the homicide, are so eonOrmed by other evidence, or so intrinsically probable, that they ought to be received as true ; and if true, whether they Justify the Executive in a commutation of the punishment To these questions, the minds of the CommiUee have been most carefully directed and, as they trust, with Bo unwillingness on ib?ii p?rv w <wn? lu.u.mnu.tlva conolunien. II ibey could do to eonalataatly with a supieme regard to truth and juHtice. Bat alt*r nil the considerations which th*y hava been able to bestow upon this confession, and under the light of tha evidences and comments with whloh It hit been ?c ompanled ui support *d, they leel constrained to My, that the Bant ha* not been suah m to satisfy their minds that the petition of the mm la materially changed. In other wordt. the palliating facta and circumstances net forth in the confession. hare not been ao confirmed by other evidence and clrcumataae**. aa to form a proper and suflofent basis for executive interference To thia painful conclusion lha Commltt** hart unanimously come. The Committee, therefor*, respectfully report, thai they cannot. consistently with what they coaoelva their dnty, recommend a commutation of the tantanc* In the caaa ot John W. We baler. M prayed for ia hit petition. fcotblng now remains for the CommittM, la tha disaharge of thla painful dnty, but to advfe* your Kicellency In determining upon a time for the asecutlon, and thay nam* Friday the thirtieth day ot A uguat n*it, aa the day , and recommend to your KicelUucy to daeld* upon that day m th* tim* for th* ssanatioa of John W Webster. JOHN BgkZ), , Coast il CNiaaiB. July IV, I860 ovxrnob's adi(r**s. To th> lloaoa*ai k owmil : Tha Council having considered and acted oa th* ate ot John W Wrbeter. a convict under *entenM of death. It hvcomes my duty, aa the Chief Executive Magistrate ol the Oommanwi altL to make a Baal dacl?toa on a question involving 'in Ufa of th* priaoner I feel the weight of Its rvaponaibtlit* But It la a raapoaalblllty tound la the path or official duty.and I am not disposed to evade It or to shrink from It. Vor *lght months pa?t this extraordinary case has cr*atej a deep and painful Interest among tha people of Maaaachupclts and ol the whola I Lion. Its history la as brief as It la terrible and inatraetlv*. Kvary new develrpiment in its progress haa b*en mor* Strang* and has Increased that Interest On the ?id day of Noc*ml>ar. 1840, Dr. G*org* ParkBaa, a well known and highly respectable citlMa of Boston. 1*11 his bous* and family on buain**a, aa was usaal lor him. and never returned to tbam Ilia aaeapccted abaeaca alaimed bis tamlly and aiclted th* attention of th* p*opl* la and around Boatoa la th* oar a* at a day or two It waa understood that lha priaoner bad a? id that Dr. Park man m*t him at his room* la tb* Muliral College la the west part ot tha city, aot far trom bait pa?t one o'clock ea ta* day of hta dlsapp*arance and that he lb< n and there paid him a suit of money, which he. Dr Park man took lata bit bands and hastily ruahed towards the outer dour l*r. t'arkman wi< also seen by oth*r persons about th* >ia> time of day. within forty teat of th* door ol (he College. and walking quickly towards It. Thsst, llli nlh*ri*itrDnalinrci rflrreti-4 Lha nuhlle mind toward* tb* Cont'd* building* Tn* n*it Krtday, on* i ?k att^r lb* dl??pp*araer? of Dr Par Inm tha dlantnUinl part* of a humai body ?*r* foaad la dlffr. r*nt plaraa In ai>d und*r th* room* ooaaplad by tha pntoatr tn tbat C* IU?* mm* of ih-ni lu a luraaaa, n< *rly dr*tioy*d by lira MUD of than parked In a loa ?h?rt and oibar part* in lb* (toll of a prtay ?liacb?4 to hi* laboratory. Mi*plrk>l>* "*r* rtrongly Ss*4 oa him and ha ?a? arratlad aad rooiaitttrd to l.a?*r*tt vrctjal A MIMrt mqn*?t *> rallad and aflat a long aiaml nation Into tba fart* o? tba ?h** *onducWd la a*?r*t. tb* Jury r? pat tad that th* r*ia?m? touad ?**ra part* of tbv h< <iy jt lb* lata l?r <?*arga Carkman tha' h* aaraa to hli d?ath by alolaac* In tba M*dleal Coll*** la Ha* tm on Friday, tb* i-'-l <lay ?f Ku???b?r and that ba tn klllad by John tt W*b*t*r Tb* a?ld*n*a tahro balor* tb* iM)ii?*t ?* not gl?-a to tb* pablla la > January, IHMi. th* rv? * laid b*fara tba urand .lary frr tb< rounty of Huffolk. and tba ln**>tl(atloo brfora that%(<ly r?*ult*d la Ondia* an ladi*iai*at aga<a?t tb* p(i*onar tor tb* raurdar of l?r farkman It* va? arraign**! na tha . fidlr'a*ol. and plaad ant f<l Ity. Twn ol tba utoat abla and dlatiuvulahad la<ry*r* of tha Coniaa**a*iUi w*r?. upon hl? owo *?l*rtlid atalgaad to hiai a* i-< uo*. I by tb* ?upr?aa? Oourt. and hla trial Vfor* ib* fall bvuob of tbat t oart. Iliad oitlha il'tb day of Match Mom* tliaa bafnra tha da? , fflal U-a Attorney (iat-araJ luraialiad tba aoaat 'iof tku pt' onar not only with a ll?l of tha naant of tb* w tn*-?ar to ha e*ll*>l ag?ln?t him ah.ah W ra ilr u 10 l < <l> 11* n ?il capital *.? < ta ihia Ooaaon- I . -aitb. *ut ?l*o anh a r?.pf ?f lb* t-?Uinany tak>a to or* Oi* Ui too"' lu (0?fV and whlrh had '?*a produced #?H H?t h> . b-t t? tba Mrand Jary ib- t a ojr lu'ao fi't lt<a trial arrived. ?fc? a four ,'iiJC-tof II iOu|.riiu* Ooart war* prtaant, aad aai ilirinp i rtw ii > in | ? ?? - |ii?fi?i<>UF w law ?*?iy jarr ? lM ? ?' 'Ira ?ii fr.?m t !? jury box u tl.r n u.j n( 8?Q I Mr law, tfc* yri?>n>r li? i t r.jrbt i-wMw !y ?l?n?f any r.?wn l<> ob it|< fr Jtuvf) mil f.>r <0'.? r m hi ohj*ef W> art ?* '*'i >.!; ut t>? <-all*d la auipaul?? i.iPf lb* ji -y ?l o tH'il k.1 m ih? prti*?a*r **?r*ta?>l III* | *t?-llipl"T J tl|(til if Cfe*ll?Uf>- ID 0?iJ f(.Urt*VO In t? >!'<* Tb* trial *u ' t>? t1 lal> r**t Mill *r>l*mnl ty and *1*t*n day Ob tti* vwt of th? prtannrr. :b# ??? ?? *f>ij?<l with nr. at r?i n?*ti.?a>. aandnr tod ability hf tb< M<>? I'nny Murrtih hi? valor roao>*l. Att*i dci>jrlrg th?t tJi? vvldaoe* o? th* part of tb* (r< Tfrr.Bi ni ?a* ufllrlrnt t<> prota that tb* prlM>o*r k I '<! !<r r>tkintn at all. ih>- ennn?< I look th* p?nu, It at If ii imt 'Wit tb* jmy nboald oonav to th? amcluatra that i' Iim bill blm th?n tb* clrouniitUrH of tb? *? ? wrrt im I a* to aatl?fy th*tn that it k>inr? *<>< i.j ant ba?? b??n pr?n.*dit*i?d hi **? ih* win ' ? ?n nnyNM*<>iiti?t b*t???a tb*- p*r tlaa it>d of (udiiaa p?**ina. Tbla pri(iti< n b* ?nd*a*>>r*d to naiatal* tvr an Inf*aloaa aod ,'??rlal appeal |r th* jar? Tb- aaaa ?** f Irt 4. f.?, >ha part I Ui* roa>ia*a??allb, oy iha A?iotn*y l>?n-ral,k? an a<! troaa af ala?alar t fat and ?T?rt At'#' iba 4ttnrti< y ()*a*ral bad tnlah?d hi* arganant. th* Coart (nf- rmad tb* prlana*r tbat b* bad tb* right, whleh h* lalghtai r>*la* ar not, aa hapl*aaad. to ?* 3*1. r oia k- to tb* jury a* b* aaw at Tba trfaoaar ro*? and for twa* ?lin? addr*a?*d lb* Jary la laovnl'tbalf Aa*lah>>rat* *> ai. an f*.iiu pr< ft*n?l*a harga waa glita bj tb* OhM Ja*lH, Wltf ?*orar?a Mob with the other member* of the Court who ?at with him at the trial. The jury retired to their room, and after au abaenoa f three hours late ou Saturday ereum*. returned into Court with a Terdict of guilty Ttie nwxt Monday Biorning the prisoner wai attain brought iuto Court, aud received frcui the Chief Su> tice the Heotence of the law which doomed him to nuffrr death by h^nginrf. at ?ucb time as the Executive of the Commonwealth ehall appoint. In a few day* a copy of the record of hit eonvietioa wan trannmltted to the Uoveruor aud Counoil, by the PherilT of the eouuty of Suffolk, according to the dirafrtion of the statute On the v4tb of April, the prisoner MDt, by the hand of hit frieud. to the Uuvern?r and Council, a petition far pardon. under hi* owu hand, on the ground of bis entire innocence ot the crime ot wbioh be had baen convicted, and for which he was under nentenoe of death Ali proceeding* on this petition before the F.ierutive were suspended in consequence ot havinf received notice from the couowl ot ibe prisoner that they were about to wake application to the Mupmnit Couit tor a writ of error, tu be issued la bis owt on account of certain alleged irregularities, wbiob bad been discovered in the course ot the proceeding* apainst bim That application was hear* before lb* full court, and overruled. In the opinion of the court upon that application, pronounced by the Chief Justioe, all the proceeding* in the case are deolared to be according to established judicial form* and the law* of the commonwealth. On the 4th of June, and before the question on th? writ of error had been settled by tbe court, the Rev. l>r Putnam, for the prisoner, asked to be permitted to withdraw the petition which had been presented to tbe Ooveraor and Council, lor further consideration. This request was complied with by tbe Uovernor and Council, aud the petition, in a day or two, wa* handed to Dr. Putnam. On the first day of July, Dr Putnam plaoed in th? bands of tbe Uovernor another petition, signed by tb? prisoner, asking ter a commutation of hi* sentence. On the second day of J uly. this petition was referred to the Com bailee on l'ardons. and, on the same day, Pi 1 uiuajii appeared before them, aud mi1n i iiifi rnrnl, which he said was authorised by the prisoner, in which the prisoner admitted thai be killed Or. Parkman at tbe time and place charged against h'm but denied that the act was premeditated. lie narrated what the prisoner ueelured to V the manner of killing, and described minutely the mode aud process in which the body of Dr. Parknaa wan disposed of after death Tne prisoner alleges that tbe "single blow with a tick of wood, two teet long and two incbes thick," by which Dr. Parkman was killed, was given by htin in a moment when " be was exotted to the highest degrea of passion," and while Dr. Parkman was speaking and gesticulating in tbe most violent and meaaeing man* ner. thrusting the letter and his Oat in hi* face; that In hi* fury, be seised whatever thing was handiest, and that was a stick of wood, and dealt to him an iustantaneou* blow, with all the force that passion could give, and that be did not ido*. nor lami, nor oar* where be ihould hit him, nor how hard, nor what tit* affect would be." Upon thin statement, and upon the other facta proved upon the trial, Dr. l'utaam a<J lre**ed the committee at length in an able and iinpru?*lve argument in favor of commuting the sentence ol the Coart. A. petition from the family of the priiioner was before the committee, and a large number of other petition*, some for a full pardon, and other* lor a commutation, were In the handa of the oommittee. Moat of theae petition* were from people, men and women, in other State*, and generally ba*ed their petition for a remission or mitigation of the eentenea, on the ground of the great doubt* of the prisoner's gnilt. The oommittee gave three hearing*, after tha meeting at which Dr. Putnam addressed them, and listened to those who desired to be heard In aid of tha prisoner'* petition, and In cupport of Dr. Putnam's view*. Tha Committee on Pardon*. consisting of the Lieut. Governor and tour other Councillor*, alter a full, careful and patient hearing of all that could be offered by the friend* o| the prieoner and by other*, who war* pleased to be heard in hi* beball, came to tha unaalmou* opinion that thsre were no lufflcient reaaona to justify them In recommending the Interposition of executive clemency They recommended that the Governor be adviaad to have the aentence of the law, a* pronounoad by tha court, carried into effect on the UOtb day of August next. Tha Council, with but one exception, concurred with the report ol tha committee, and advised the Uevernor to carry out the aentence o! the court aa recommended by them. In car*fnlly and anxiously examining and eouaidaring the caae. I do not feel authoriied by any eoneiderationi which have been presented to my mind to set aaide the deliberate veidict ol the Jury, arrert tha sole an decree of the law, a* pronounced by tha high eat judicial tribunal of the commonwealth, and disregard the opinion* and advice of tha Counail. If the circumstances of the Killing, aa etatad by tha prisoner, are taken to be trua. It may be wall questioned, whether the Kxeeutive Counoll could Interfere with the *enUnee without violating the settled laws of the land. In hi* charge to the jury In this case, tha Chief Jattice say*: "U I* a eettied rule, that no provocation with word* only, will Justify a mortal blow. Them If upon provoking language, the party Intentionally revenge himself with a mortal blow, it is unquestionably murder.1' The only new tact brought to light as to tks killing, depends upon the word ol the prUoner. It will hardly be pretended by any one, that the declaration of a person under sentence ol death, should be peraxitted to outweigh the doing* of the court and jery, and rescue him from the consequences which are to foUov their proceedings. It is candidly stated by Dr Putnam, in his able argument. and by several of the petitions preeented la tavor ol commutation, received since hi* sonfessioa, that standing as be doe*, the word of the prisoaer is i entitled to no credit. II the circumstances disclosed on the trial are relied on to support hi* statement, the reply i* that tbose i circumstances were urged lu his favor before the jury, and they have decided agaiast him. The facts m Ibis I appalling case are belore the world; they will hereafter i All one 01 the gloomiest page* In the reoord of sitae > amongst ciiillsed Men It is undisputed, that on the 23d day of Novembet, 1(49. John WHiU Web*ier a pr<Inaeor In btr?M I nlveralty. and In the Medical Call*-** In Hoatoa. did, at mid day, In hi* room in that college within * ' ? feet of the place where he tally stood and delivered acientlflc lectured te a large claa* of young men, with unlawfal violence, take the life of Ur. Ueerga Parknao, a refportable cltlirn of Hoatoa, who bad torn M that room at the repeated requeet* ol the prteaaer Thai after taking hi* life, ha e*l#cerated, aad la manner moet shocking to humanity mutilated tha body of hi* vletis, burning part* ol It ina lurnaee,aad depositing other part* ol it in diA>real place* ta tha building, where they were found by peraoaa who war* eeklni after Pr. Carknao That after killing him. he robbed hi* llftlaaa aradltor. by taking fma him two note* of band, algnad by himself, ta which he had no right, and nommluad atlU another crime by making lalsa mark* upon tboaa note*, and that a Jury of hi* country, em panelled aecotdlng to law. under the directluu of lour of tlM Ave eihlnent Judge* constituting lha Bupreme Ooart ol Ma**acbu*etts. after a long patleut, and Imparl!*! trial, and after hearing In hi* defence the .* gumeata of learned aad eloquent counael, upon Mi?u oalha, found him guilty ol murder Upon that verdict, the Court pronounced the awfal *entenae ol daalh In each a ca*a there ahould be abvlou* and coacluelve reason* to authuriia the pardanIng power to iaterpo** and arraat the aword af jiuLiee I do not *ee tbaae reaaona The combined circumstance* of tha aaaa force ma to the conclusion that tbt- aaleiy of the community, the inviolability o' tbe law. and the pria'lplea of Impartial J ual lea d-a.aiid the execution af tbe aealaaoa. I hope II la not neceeeary for me to aay that It weabl have given me unspeakable pl*a?ure tt hat' <vme to a different result and that 1 would do auytbi ig oa earth In my poaar. abort of violating duty, to atlevtata tha tuffeiinga ol a cruabcd and broken h. rtad Kaily unv f jmntoi. Carstit Ciumbii, l(lh July, ? Oar Waahlnglaii Cerrttpanilinfa. W?smi?h.roe, July 1A. 1*40 TV 5ntaf? ? TV Ommhttt ? 7"*? fn <n/*m and Uu Cattnrt JV Ihfifvllirt aU rmni We raid nothing yeatrrday nt tbe epaecb of Mr Benton on the boundary of New Meilco, besaaea wa felt WW IUUUIU u?fr ?U Biupiv tip Jl ??r I II R 11 J H? m?(IQ upoi* ||0 ttlltat *ag)#? to day In the n?tt#r of IIm ou?y to b* p?id to Tn?< tba laainaatloaa of OI4 llnlitcn wrra i ntU? too broad to pa?a uuR>*tr*4 kf Mr Claj , fend t: mm lof Cnrlm'i m?p of Tkim eomjtllad Mr Ewkto pu' in hi* lafene# of lha fiiu MM*. Wban tha OhdRiu. th. *?for?. ra nrdarad oat to. day. lid Ik* <H?#I had m ?nta-l tho bos. rrmrkad bli whip lid atartad th? t?t<rr Me Rank iom to Iki titla oTTdim to ik> urrtttr; of R*t M?ilno lying fU( of th* Rio Qrtldt. all th? way up. But th* ?r?iimrata on both ?l<t*? ot thla parpl?sto( i|*atlo? ara *o lutkirjtd *a i Ikrwdhtr* that It l?iHf*rlgo?t? h; Bori than that Rank mud* oat a ?i-rj plaodklf f a?? la auppntt of th* tula of Tot** t" thin territory, aklfh ik? narar parrhaaad ! ??? anaqnarad. o???r lattlifl and ha* m-rmr <x?aupl<-.l to thin day Ha* kl*?ict? iia> bam a iMrmrata uotry B>r two bundrad year*; and yat Mr Rmk wada nw? ft ?od ttw la iupport of tba tttla of Ta?ai, and only ragrat that ha a* act ?o?l l?d 'oatn ^hun u* *jh?q lb* poMtion at I'raatiUnt killmo?a Rut till* a n>?-? 1?>*i In 'ba pan to tfeat which f< low*'., ia>l tM 1 oand to fi.ili.w, o* th* part af Mr Clay. Mr <l?y ma*. and It * % ni*n"?..? *t a i#a that hi# pirtt aa* up lla Ind'iinanUy darnd-d lt?? I'oaaui'tt#i of Tblrt- ?n fr> a> ib? a?parato#a of tha Banatoe fnm H xn,rt tfttaiadta hi rpawch y> atarday to tha I, at tliat th*- Mil Via atiotl >.n-?rln< It* ??t thr.ufth th* <i*nat?<>ii bid* i>l ra<>nay. la fk? Indannlty to ** fail I i'aia# Mr Clay dealrad to tnow what wa n* b?r of ira Barat#?wb -t wmbar of tha Ifoua* ?onl4 da?ig ">*tad aa ?nf? Ibla to any ?uah auati ia?riii|? lia na*t paaaad to tb? quwatlon "f tha Bon'harii boundary rf Saw Maiioo, ?howtnj. from tha b *t autbo?U tl??. tba' tha Bowtb- ra Una of Naw Matlao ?ro?*?d tba Kio'iranla. at ill Paao. runnlnft aaft aid laaala* th* I'p af urritorv amtandinft down tha rl??-r thraa hunlitad milaa to tfca Month of tba Poareoa aa b?l"n?inft to T?ta? tb^ufb rlalai. d bt ?r B*nto* to ba a part of K*W Maale* Tha oaly di? >.lty wlih Mr CUylntbl* mattar ai t?ar<<l to ba tl>? p-iouoetatto* at Clithu* baa U* oaaatal tlma# b?d It *~-yo? waw Pararal Banal or* -OM 'IW waw Mr clay -Cba waw yo*. (i.auftitar ) Baaator* Oha-wawaa*' Mr Clay (daliba aialy )?rba raw-waw' Taa atr. whara It latara*#' tba lira of Cba-waw waw Mr Banto., r?a<* tor-p f lia ap^ar^dto b* hlfbly atrltad a !! I ft ill m ira In ara>*i a* ba wa*tal<>*? Ma *oti<*nd?a fur lit* anrraetna** <>i bit daflaltt?a of tba R?w Mi-Straw boan tar* Uial it h?4 not kwi tauchad that tt.> Vna fVotn K1 I aao nta wnrt, and a<4. aaat aa Mr t'lay h.. I ? p{ aad aad that wha f aar tarrltory lay all ri| t ha rtvar on tha aaatarn alda. batwaaa f I'aaa aad M>* Faar?*?. atakraaiag a tria*?i*

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