Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 22, 1850, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 22, 1850 Page 3
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lac only recently made their debut, we in ist not be to* critical ; suffice it to My th.i<, with proper cultivation of their vocal power*, ? liule more confidence, an improved and w?r tier expression of feeling, and some minor ma'ter* which time will cure, we think they are d-?uued to a'une ia our musical hemisphere. Mr. Hytlla wn in good oice, and Mr. Lawsou's ul iviug was uuexc-i>tionable. Miss Louisa Pyne, Mrs. VVei*?, and Messrs. W JH. ilarrinon, Weiss, and Corn, Uavebeeu perform" ' lhg. in various well knviwii ?>pcra? <it the flientre Royal. Aj the metfopulu m ^at>eis were no uuiuimou# in their praises oi Mi* L<*ui?tt P/ue, h-r debit in Liverpool w?a l<>< ked lorw.ird t<i wuh much interest <>y ?ur tiniti.--loving pUy-*oere, a truly good Knglieii >Jc ili?t Itt-iiig now Miuiewhti of u novelty on our i per<tiie et.ig-, ihe sole rival to Miss Pjne being Mir* Aun? ltoiner, whose Idle Successes at our Liver Theatre, i-uU daring (he present week at the Surrey Tue-itre m L Midou, ure i *1.11 HllUWil IV UU WUV I 4 RC ? ? llll IU musical. At present hive ? .ly se-n Miss l'yne in the ever-green'* initMla," in which her tinging was certainly must ii limited and benutiful. iuiiy say lhat in I?e>gi?', Hi{ ire, an 1 up,?earance, bhe much resem >lrs : iter y,ieen. i*he is vetitr un?l blonde, and qi.u* a novice on the stage. Her voice i? a c! ir tiiil fresh sopr iuo, ?t considerable compass ati<l brilliancy, managed wuh excellent skill. Her style tud articjlaiiou are also exceedingly good, while Iter vocal facility', and the tiiste display ed !?_? h r in Hie most ditlicult aiid novel tioiiiun, ^i\e pft?tii'?e of tutire excellence, which, Willi cure, w.,? in lime make Mhs Pyne the first native ft i i cia^er of (he day. ^he ii? at present deficient in ti-nly, an I h-r total jgnoiauce of stage by-play, ill; exgenciejof the seem', make her perform inces appear uoie in these day?, wht n operatic performers nave to act as well as sing. Her conception of Arrmui totally difiert from thai of Mrs Wo?J and iVfisJ Anne Homer) nothing hut the quiet simplicity of the village maiden was up,jjient, the piston Usually uis.rluyed in th<; i.u-r >cen-a of the opera being much toned do*n by Miss Pyue, Whose whole personation of ihe chancer is one of repose. The first two acts went ofl' flatly; hut in the last scene, Miss Pyii?* created a slorin of applause by her exquisite staging of the ' Ah, m m gut*#*," which was given Wuh surpassing tabte and vigor?the embellishments aildrd by the sing-? er being of the most beautiful ami difficult description. This fine display was Uu lly encored, and repeated with increased cfteci. Mr. W. Harrison's voice has deteriorated siace he was last here; once or twice it quite failed him, though, as the opera proceeded, he warmed suticiently to call forth an encore after singiu< ihe famous air, " .-kill #0 g*ntly," which he gave Witt) Much of his usual sweetness. With regard to his acuug of Elvino, the least suid of it the better, as it is a character which he is totally unfitted adequately to embody. Idrs. Weiss, a bold, vigorous, but inelegant singer, personated Liza with great spiM ; her husband played KoJolpho very lamely, but sum; the air, 3< As I view, wilh great taste. If Air. Weiss could only act as well as he sin^s, he would take a tntfHMMI on the stage; as it n, Ins frigidity anil stillness quite spoil the effects of the scenes in whicfc he plsys a prominent put. The chorusses and band were not so good as usual, being in want ct drilling ; on the pre-en occasion they made numerous blunders, which a little study beforehand oi so well known an opera as " ooimambuU, would have obviated. Tne other operas in whir-h Mtsj Pyne has api?eared were, " Tne Bohemian fciirl," ' M.iriiaua," and "Crown Diamonds," in each of which, we believe, she has been eminently ruccessful. A droll anecdote is tolJ of the Nepaulese ambahsador, now in London. At Mr. Luinley's Sand /err, he asked to be introduced to Carlotta risi, with whose dancing he had been enchanted at the o)>era house. The lady was presented, and the prince made aotne remark, which, ou being translated, w?i found to be, that " He did not Jiaow her with her clothes ou !" Miscellaneous. Th* (Ji?*t India") Diamond?Her Majesty's MrattHlkp Medea has just arrived at Portsmouth, with a freight more precious in nominal value thaa *?? ever earned irotn Peru to Cadiz. Maj?r Markeson, one of her passengers, a meritorious and diatinguished officer, bring* with him that fatuous diamond of the Last, called iu the foudness of Asiatic hyperbole, the Koh-i-noor, or "Mountain of Light," which, alter svmbolisinK the revolutions of tea generations by it* passage from one conqueror to another, comes now, in the third centenary of its discovery, as the forlett of Oriental faithlessness, and the prize of Saxon valor, to the disMnt shores of England It was in the year 16fi0, before the Mogul dynasty had been established by the prowess of the great Akbar, that this marvellous stone was first brought to light in the mines of Golconda The " Mouutain of Li^ht" parsed iu the train of conquest, and as the emblem of dominion, from tiolcouda to Delhi, from Delhi to Mushed, from Mushed to Cahul, and from Cabul to Lahore. Kxcepung the somevhst doubtful claims of the Brazilian stone among the crown jewels of Portugal, the Koh-i-noor is the large*! known diamond in the world. When first given to Shah Jehaun it was still uncut, weighing, It id Mid, ta that rough (MM, nearly SUOcarats, wh eh were teduced b> the unskilftilness of the artist to 279, its present weight. It was cut by HoModmd Porgis, a V eiieimu. who, instead of reo rviug a remuneration for his lahor. was Hued 10,(NX) rupees by the euiaged Mogul. In form it is *' rose cut "?that is to sav. it is cut to a point in a eeneaof small faces or " lac-ts," without any tabular surface. A good general uiea m ty he formed of its shape and sue by conceiving it a? the nninted half of a small hen's egg. though it la said not to have risen more than sn meh from the gold aettijig in which it was worn by Kunjeet. Its j villi' is noax ely computable, though t wo millions aAerling has been raeationed as a justifiable price, il calculated by 'he scale ? mployed iu the trade ? The Pitt diamond, brought over from Madras by the jtrandfalher of laOrd Chatham, and sold to the Repent Orleans in 1717 for ?125,000, weighs scarcely l;>0 camts ; nor di es the gr'st diamond, which supports the csgla ?>n the summit of the Russian a? i ]'tre, w eigh as much ?s 2<M). Such is the eitfaord'iiry jewel which, ill virtue of conquest and voveieiaidy, has passed into lh? possession of KngIsnd. It whs prudently secured among the few remaining valuables of the Lihore treasury, st the commencement of the latt insurrection, and although even its nominal vaiue would be an inadequate e? m.-i nauion for the cost of th? Sikh wars, we may look u(*?n this acquisition as a lilting svmliol ol that supremacy winch we have ao fairly WOI. Doha Maria Loreto Marti*bz d? Motun*, tin IIm> k Prim* Ikiftia.? The subject of the present short biography was born at Havana, in the island of Cuba. Iler parents were free Maria nf iKe ii'ire rare of (fnmhi : the little Mohi w??, thrrrfurf, not nuhj 'efnl to the mi?er He ronwi|urnff? which remit from aUvery. 11' r father waa a cajrver of nr*?i artistic repute, whose ill nn.I probity procured for biin th? aotioe and re?|nrt ot tb? principal txnilki of Hhvabs Isiieed. h> lnjih'y whs Ue nte>-mrd, ih?t tli? Intendast, lion l'r?nc??co Air-nl ?r. d?iwl ilt it th- little Mana ah rtl?l lx- received into hi* firmly 8?tne few yean* h id elapsed. wh'n I)tn Fnncmro rdered hr the government to h different po?t. On hi* departure from the h'v*iia. the family were 4ntb to leave their yoiitui yrnlr^ir behind; and hrr pnrenls equally* wishing i? th*-tr child, yet were unwilling to mar h- r fortune. They eventually sacrificed their Mn(>i ?nd Miri.i accompanied her p^irnria on th?ir?o??|-. Kvincing an extraordinary ta#te fi?r muaic.und a vote* aingul ?rfjr TP' lod iotia and uuerrintr in intonation, her friend* engareH the beat nuMer? for i's rultivntion But the A^uilitji were declined '? return to Sp^in, where th" v fixed their re?id? nee at f*?ville This wan to Mmi* n m^ana of not only enUrging her iewa of mitral a't, hv li?'<-ning to the Seat *cf?liat? of Pptin, hut of le.trniiig the nation*! Bwlndie? at th? ir origimil wnrre AfVr a few years, Maria returned to th- We?t??rn World, wltere fche w ia wedded to I>?n Mituno Moreno, a eapt'iin of the rrgi'iii-nt ??f S*n Fernando fcirt If hud a ye r el i|n?-d when the newt wa? received of tiie d'-nth of her protectress, who, while living bad allowed ber a handsome mtnp-'enee, aed h?r huahand having compromised himself wtth the government, was forced to emigrate, and thu* the subject of our remarha w*s reduced to th t??tier*s* eitr-miti a. Hut Maria bore her abiding fortunes with keroietti For pome time ah* g tve l'-vaona at SeTille, srd when ahe had Mma?a*d the requisite anrn, entered Iwr^rlf a psp<l at th* <V?n?*rvatnrio st Madrid llere ahe wa? ao fortunate as to He heard by her M?ie?*v Qneen laab*l. who, deligh'erf with her vocal eicellenc*. named her aa one nf her ?mirtt Hona Maria having ffHtiH a rtmff to travel, wliit-h ia near ita lerrwn ition, haa pnased a few ws^ka at Paria, ?her? ah* gav* a concert. of which the ?ntire Pariaian pe-?a an?ha with enthnirfaam, nan mg her Ihe Hlack M ilibran Her snngi ?' IVfttina rr*at*ii a m irked acnaation W?d mn mi PfAirxn Oothww. ?Meanra MatHelaf. f >na and Fi?M, harp contracted to make four p tir of entine?nf fi?e hundred hnran power each p*ir, fur th? Spani?h Government *t An eat;mated co?t of two hundred fhouaaod ponnHi for the whole Meanm John ^Vnn flr Son hare also contracted to make two pur of enqinea of three hnn^r-d and fifty horan iwnprer ench pair, and Mf?w? Miller. Ratr?nhlH de Cn. tw? pnir of engine* of three hundred and fifty botf* powtr M??h pnir. fortj* name government. M Wifmm am hnildinf * war atnamer, and >tr. Grf?n, it Blarhwall, another of a aimiUr I'tM, to he fitted with their enrinen in thin conn* iry. Th* other ateamern for th* five hnidred trrrr p^arer en*inea are on th- atockn in Spain, hdH will noon he read? ft?r their reception. Th? fr*emwie?t of Spain at* at the prenent time rreatlr fnrraufnr the rnraj nary of thai eonntry.?tsrmdo* The Euctbic Tkueoraph in Fuakck ?Tb? report of a committee on the electric telegraph m France; lib* been presented (<> >h- A*?emtily. I'll committee recommend opening the 'vl-giaph to the public 'inder certain condition*, such as tbtt n ? | person who t-ha 11 be unknown nhitll be allowed to use the telegraph ; that all despatches, except articles of newcptpers, shall he copied into a register nt full length, nod that the government shal hive the |tow?r, wlittn it mav think ti', to suspend th? ute of the telegraph. The laritl fur despatches the committee propose to fix hi three francs for from one to twenty words, with no addition of twelve centimes a myriametre. The com mttee also pri>pose that the government ^h^ll contract with the journals to send news to he inserted in thrill at a r? duced cost. T he electro-chemical tel?gr,i,.h of I Mr Bain is recommended for adoption. The Steamship Atlantic ? ["his splendid Te?wl tails to-day, wuh hei fu.I complement of freight mi ci paseer.grrs. Duriiig the pint week she has ben visited by some hundreds of our townspeople, all of whom, through the kindness of her coninmndei have bren conveyed and admitted free; u.deed, Captain West haa hiiinelf remained on boi rd, directing the attention of tlnuictnui the objects most important, an I exhibiting that urbtnlty of manner, particularly to the fair sex, thit semis to be the peculiar characteristic of the American gentleman.?Livtrpooi Courier, Jidy 10. The Habvkst in France.?In the provinces of Guieune, thr Centre, LSuruundy, Franche Comic, aiid Ahace, the wheut crops ar? excellent, and beans, potatoes, Vr., promise to he ahuud int. The hay in of excellent quality, and the rye, respecting which fears had been entertained, is, generally speaking, in a good state. Several vineyards suffered from the frost in March, but, on the whole, the complaints made ure exaggerated; and in Medoc, the Yonne, Saone-et-Loire, and the Jura, hopes are entertained of an abundant and excellent harvest. 1 ?! JV1AN WHO STRUCK THK IJPEK*.? It 13 S II 1 that when her Majt-bty hud an interview with Lord John Rnecell, on the evening of the day on which l<ob?*rt Pate made his attach on her, that she remarked to hint:?"I know the man who struck me perfectly well by sij,ht; I meet him oftener in the Park", and he makes a point of bowing more frequently and lower to me, than any one else."? MiJJUld Indejendcnt. Interesting from Spain. The Madrid Etpana, of June 29, contains no in1' important statements with reapeci to the questions {it ir-sue between the Sp inish government and these of Naples and the United States. It says that the news of the projected marriage of the Count of Montemolia with the Princess Maria Carotin* Fernanda of Niples, ii fully confirmed, and adds that the government have entirely approved the first steps taken by the Duke of Kivaa in this matter, and " have sent him instructions in conformity with what is demanded by our dignity, the national interests, and the rights of the crown of Spain " It also rays that the Minister of Marine has given orders for the Castilla steamer to proceed from Alicant to Naples, and remain there at the disposition of the Spanish ambassador, in case he should find himself under the necessity of asking for his passports and withdrawing himself. With respect to the points at dispute with the American government, it says:?" Accounts which we regard as highly correct, state that the reclamations made by the government or the United States on our own government are of a sufficiently exigent character, since they require not only that the pirate's made prisoners at Women's Island shall be set at liberty, but also that the two vesfsls taken from them by our own marine shall be given up." It further states, in connection with the Cuban ii flair, that the Duke of Sotomavor his had several couferences with the French Minister for Foreign Affairs, " in order to open negotiations for the purpose of forming between the parties interested a treaty, which may prevent the piracies that might be committed for the future uader the shade of the anomalous legiblati?n of the United States on this point. The French minister, knowing the opportuneness ?f the indications of our ambassador, and the fruits which so useful a tre ity may produce. has received the idea extremely well, agreeing at once that England be invited, in order that they may proceed oy common accord in everything which relates to this important subject." W art em berg. In consequence of the late Ministerial crisis, which ended in the dismissal of the cabinet, a new Ministry has been formed, consisting of Lieutenant General Miiller, (War :) Councillor of State, Linden, (Home Affairs;) Ober Tribunals Rath Pleswrn, (Juttice ;) Baton Keinhard, late Ambassador at Frankfort, (Foreign Atlairs;) and M. Rnapp (railway director,) Finance. On the dissolution of the Wurtemberg Diet, on the 3d inat., by Koyal message, the Speaker addressed the Assembly, reminding them of the dissolution of the I>t?-t of 1*49, (in I irrember of that year,) on which occasion he stated that the dissolution of a IHet was legal if the government were resolved to respect the will ol the people. " The people," said the S|>eaker. " have now recorded their opinion. They elected an Assembly in which government had Kurcely one vote. l>ut the government has not respected the will of the people. New ministers have t?ken the reins of the State, but the system remains unaltered, and the Diet has ugain been dissolved. It will soon he shown whether the government is prepared to submit to the will of the people. But we are justified in orotetting that this Diet has done its duty. They had but one alternative?thev h id either to stand on their right, or to yield by degrees, and to forfeit their position. We have chosen the first?we conducted our opposition with lirmnesa and moderation." Thia speech elicited voHf<rous cheers Lombarily. The Milan Univerml (Juztilt, of the 1st ioit., contains the following "We have received pleasing intelligence from Vienna. Our corres|>ondent inform* us that, <>n the occasion of the approaching anniversary of the birthday of the Kmperor of Austria, a general amnesty will be published in the Lomhardo-Venetian kingdom. We rejoice at tha tl.ought that such a bo(e will soon l>e realized, and that so many exiles will be restored to their country and families by the spontaneous act of our gracious sovereign. Asitrla and Hungary. The Ban Jellaeblrh has arrtrnl la A^ram, wb<*ro he bow po??esse? th? authority ?f a rle?rov. The official Journal* ara foil at tha a<Mr????* which h* has published to tha popalatlon la all hi* a<l livpsrl. l?ow#vrr ther? l? on? oae wont to ba fmoil < of th? banal eounrll of tha mlnWtry. or of the linpof. I tant i|U'?t|ona of the Ihj Th'-y contain aoining nui | extravagant proteatatlona of hi* loyally to the Imp*i rial bonae. and pralae of the jrreat patriot lam which be declarer ha haa on all occaatoa* manlfbateit SI* I or rlyht month* a*o hi* loud-tongue I prtlin of hlmaelf ami hia party were recelred with entha, ?la?m by a I arc portion of tha Croatian population, ; bat elnce then the conviction baa been grvlually galalop ground amni(>t bl* for?er adberenta and friend*, that he I* caly a patriotic mouther whoa* p?'rtotl?m baa ?r>rd aa a matk. beneath whlrh b? ha* wrril tha court by rarry leg 11 rough moat unpatriotic and un ; popular mea?urea Tha middle elaaaea la ?-roatla ara mora politically enlightened than la any otber province nf tba plre a faet. the troth of which ta tlalaly apparent la tba character of Ita Journal i?a lany of tba younffar braanbea of *o?lety In A*ram bitterly repeat tba *upp>rt which they lent to tba j??. erouif Dt agatoat th> Margare. and algh for tba liberal eonTaatona which Koaaaib aad collaafue* would bare maje thea Tba right of aaaoelatlcn hag haan taken away from tba liberal part* and their npp-m?nte ara larored by the government In tba moat extraordinary aiaaner. Aaaoetatloa* ataillar to tha Ru**lan Treuhund ara ft>ralng la aeary proalaca. with tba eapeclal aauatloa of tba ailnlatry. Tha Calholto prleata hold auraberle?a meeting*. unwatohed aad uncontrolled hr any pollaa authority Trial* by eonrt martial atlll continue I.ait wi ek. ae ate ace* af Imprisonment for Ufa were pranoancad agalnat nine member* of tba llungarlaa diet, who toak no part whatever in tba war. Pi a*al?. (hr Martin anrreapoadeaee I* of tba 5th I net Tba ratification ol the treaty with Maark wad atpeat.d to a-rlve la Berlin on tha *tb The eoaalaaloa of tha pa*a> had bean aflt jially notiflad on tha Bouraa aa th* prevlaa* day Tba King of flatony had returned to Draadan There war* great apprebanaloa* that It woa!4 ba Impoaflbla to preveat. the Rolatein partr from atlaaptIng to oaeojry the Herman part of linhleawlg Tha aaadldafee retamed by thaaaw election* wire aaarly all of tba war party. Another of ihe murderer* of Prince l.lehanwakl and General l.anerawald had bean dellrared op by tha Fraaah pollaa. aa*. Wa hava letter* of tha S?th all. f*,-??a oar eorreepoadrnt la tha Roatn itate* Tha peace of tha capital wa* well preaerved. thongh a variety of a beard raaiora were la elrealatiaa. Tba attention of the dlploaatla aarp* at koa? ba<l beea mach exalted oa learning that tba Pope at tha caramon? of ftt Peter'*, mo-titled the proteat usually read agalaat the Ring af Napla*, for rafaaiag to par ir^ate to tha Holy Baa aad iha 1 Wll?f pr???ll? that the prot??t *111 ba afcaoflnaa* la fatnra Tha praf?at agalnut farm* M< PlaaaaM fH U< la th? intl lorm RII(Im4. Tba whlfh th? death ot fllr * Pa*l afll bara upon tba fntot* pm?p?rt? of political partl?? b?ra baa kwi IH? allaogroaatnt topi* -Inaa tba aalllag of tk? Anntn Tba Hfbt kn?tr >Mi *m I kirtH (t rri?ln Ntnnr Tb?. f'tiaral. ftbnafb Intaadad to ba print. *t< attan'tari by a rairt m?1 aoaraa of y?*>i>ta and by a groat bi.dy of (b? ?nat rwtaaat *? la larop* Tbara hi antblaf fat daflnltaly k?n?a M U th? balk or dlapoaltlnn of bli |>rf>p?rtf. A* t mrk of raayaot to hi* faaaral all tba raaa#l* la th# port bntatad tbalr *alor? half m?t bkb Mil tba "bapkaapam aloa*4 th?4r via 4o?? with if- mm* (baling WM-art P? 1 (tba araaaat baroaaM arrtrad fa tw* on Paaday aftarnooa fmia flaaara waara ba ?aa atayinc wb?n tba aialaaabolr aa?t of kit btkar1! li?tl tNabM hlta W? ba*? tkli araak to raaor4 tba 4?atb of tba Data of Cambria*. Tba Daka 41*4 at hi* kwt la t\9?1 *U\j oa U*Uf ?i*t. ' 0 Imn. D?rlii|'i Clremlar. London. Kbii>*?, July 6. 18A0.? Fitb P. l b* colonial and foreign produce market* b??e been tbl* *ttk, willi a lair amount ol bunnea*. Cotton U again % J- tli arer. Indian corn h?? d.oliui-d U per qr. From the cfluial rtlurun of the board of trade or I bo Are month* ending 5th appear* ths ccesuniptlon of augarand tea ha* been rather In exces* f la?t yi ar, while in coffee there ha* been a falling off ot SK million pound* being ?t tbe rate of about 16 per cent; the importation* of the three article* excited tbo*e of the la*t year. By the overland mail whloh ar" 1 riv? d 2Vtb ultimo, we bad da?-? Iroui k >uibay to 26th, tid Calcutta to 16th May; the oommeroial advices were devoid of intereat The 'Herman'' aleaintr arrived off Cowea tbi* mernliig The dulutaa iu Amtilcm atrcka continue#. with a downward tendency la prices whim *a)e* are required' but tbe uart-actlon* have been very inrlgiiiflcaut. Unlted Statta ?'a, 1867, 106 a 106)*, ditto 18)18, Bond* of 1(00. 106 a 1* ? , IVnn*ylv?nia 6>, 86 h 8ti; Umhcbuntta 6>. 106 it 107; Maryland i'n, 89 a 01, ex divide ud; Canada (i'a, 00 a 16)* dividend from l*t Augin-t next. South Carolina, Loui*iuna Union Hank. Miraia" alppi Planters' Bank, and Florida Bon da ara wanted ' but there are none ou tbe n urkit. Athr.s are held more firmly at 31a lor I'oti and 29 a 30* tor IV ail*. Con im*l ? Tbe atock eonalata of 4902 bng* against 31 Vo I Hg* loot ytar. Hales hawe limit confined to 40 baga llondura* Mlver at 3m 8d a 3* 0d aud 20 ha** Mexican at 3k 8d being former priced. Tencrtle held at 3d lt'd without finding buyer* Corrrr ? 400 ciiak* llHiO bnga plantation Ceylon at auction, have been iealized front 47c tid tor flue or t up to 66?. for good mid colory. with a few choice lota from 66a a 81b Ot native growth (>000 ba<s good ord have been taken at 43* 6d. with a ft w good at 41* Th"re baa been nothing doing In other kinda. but their is more iiquiry for good firrt Brazil Moating. which woaM to-day bring 40* A cargo of 6600 big? St. Domingo ban ju*t. been ?old at 30a for it near p< rt In the Continental maiketa there i* a gem ral want of activity, but bolder* are firm; the atock of Java In the hands of tbe Hutch Trading Company amounted on l*t infct. j tc 476.6<*) bag* (Including the 142 750 bought In) againat -196.200 bag* at the correrponding dale last year; good ord Java I* quoted in Holland27 ceuta 1 he Conn market has been moderately auppllcd with Parmer'* wheat, which haa been readily tak.n off at full prlcea The auppliea fr-m abroad have been llbe al and there haa been a fair retail demand for fine fre'h ram plea, but anything ordinary or out of condition 1* extremely difficult of sale f'priug corn fully maintain* it* value. Flour 1* h-ld firmly at 20a a 23?. per barrel for American, according to quality, but the rale la checked by the continued arrival* from Frmuce, fcc Indian eorn cornea lower from Ireland, an! la without dimand; we quote Oalatz near at hand 2t>r per qr. We have had ahowery weather tlnce our last, which will benefit all kinda of spring corn. The oropa look very promi*ing. Cotton.?A good demand haa prevailed thl* week, and 7860 balv* have been aold, viz 6460 balea Sural from 4Sd a 6>gd 600 balea Btladra* 5>,d a 5'|d, and MA balea Orleana 7d a 7>?d. being extreme ratea to Xd advauoe. At Liverpool a good deal of activity ba* prevailed, and price* are fully S'd dearer; mid Orleana 7 d. per lb. Uauoa, &c.?At the public sales y? sterday about 10UO esses Cantor Oil were realized. extreme rates 3d afi'ad. 100 *eron* good to fine Yellow Bark partly sold trom On a 0. 6d. Oil of CaMia brought 8a a 8a 4d Oil of I'eppeimint bought In at 10*. In Camphor little doing, but held firmly at 70*. Turkey Opium In quoted nominally la*, with a downward tendency. Gum Aninil in d< mand and likely to k?U well; we quote it ?8 a ?10, according to size and cleannes*. Cutch 18* , Cainbier 11*. a 11* 3d; Q?lck*ilver 4*. Uimf -Our *toek of 8t Petersburgh Clean is 704 torn; It 1* dull at ?30 Manila *teady at ?33 a ?35; Jute meet* a steady demand at fnll price*, via :?ord. to mid. ?12 ?14 10*, and gcod to flue aa*orted ?15 a ?17 10?. Iliiif *.? At *ale yesterday, of 18.S38 Fart India offered 11.100 were eold; common description* wero In bri*k request. and brined sorts realised rather higher rate*but tha demand for the best Kip* waa again limited, and cry few sold.' Indioo.?12,225 chest* are now declared for the sale* to commence on Tuesday next; the market remain* very firm. The deliveries la*t month were 3.546 che*ta, leaving *tock l?t Inst. 29 0G4 cheat* against 31,366 last year at same period. The Iaon market U firm at ?4 16s. for common ban and ?5 for rails, both fice on board in Walt*, fig is dnll of sale at 44* Cd for mixed number* on tha Clyde. Swtdish in demand at ?11 16* a ?12. anil itock light. Cake* ? There ia a good demand for foreign, and last week'a price* are fully maintained Kiund American ?0 a A'fi 10*; oblong In bags and barrel* ?0 16*. & ?7 respectively; London male are worth ?619a. per ion. Oil* ?In fl*h and ollva oils we have no change to notice, the former continue* very firm; Linseed ha* further advanced to 32* per cwt on the spot, and is likely to be dearer; for delivery up to and of year 31* a 31* OJ I* now demanded Rice ? 70W) bag* Bengal at auction hare found ready buyer*; fine lie fid. a 12a; good 10a. a 10* fid; middling 0* a '.)* Cd prr cwt Baltm tbe ? Of 2M0 bag* at public sale, part only ha* been takrn from 26* fid a 2fi* fid. for 13 to 5 lb*, refraction. l.r> 600 bags Nit:ate 8oda. refracting ?\ to 4 lb* , ere oflen-d on Wednesday, and all taken at 14s , tliara 1>< ing no disposition to purrhasa Brft.Lit h held firmly at ?16. Stock lat instant, 3370 ton* gaainst lf>70 tons on 1st July last year Pri< u ? We notice sales of 480 bays Atrican Olnger at 36* a 88 fid . 160 bag* Pimento at ?'4d . 2.100 bags Pepper at 3d. for good Batavla with shot Malabar at 3>?<t. a 8,Hd and M case* Batavla natrnega at 2a Hd. lor limed, with fair brown at 2a 8d. a 2* Vd . and one lot ot flue at 3* I Bron.- Tb# iltnttloii In duty will Uk? fffurt tomorrow ltritieh Colonial Mnwottdo will now pay | ]1?., and foreign brown clayed 17a per owt , a reduction la the formtr of la . and In the lsttcr of la Od. r?r ewt. The mien for the week amount to 1 2u? hhda. S.OtK) bag*. Including 11 000 baga to day for the better descript ions of which the Importer* obtained all the tdiintiiif, and on middling kinds about 0d . bile In ord lacurrent aorta tba buyeia hail tba full b? ntflt of tha reduction SCO bhd* . 250 bbla Porto Rico ol tba new crop have real I led eatreme rata* It fcrtign again toneldarnbla traaaac.tiona bar* taken place, and the market ia decidedly firmer, tha *ale* ei mpri'a four cargoes y?llow Havana afloat (9 2.10 boita) from 19a. Od a 22a , a cargo of 4U0 caaea wblta Dtiiia at 23a . and 8.400 baga Manila at 17*. 3d per ewt . with 100 case* low brown Rio at lfl* Tba continental market* ara *om*whaf firmer At Antwerp ft good d<al ha* been done and ? favorable result la confidently anticipated at the approaching Dutch a?lea Tallow I* flimer at 30* 9d an tha apot, and 35*. for new. late delivery Tia -There ha* been le*? Inquiry than U*t we. k. hut price* remain vary firm The bxni eon*umptlon In tha Bra month* ending fitb June, exaeeda the fame pi i lod of la*t year by <H/9 110 Iba. Tiiw.? f.rgli*h firm, with better demand: Foreign dearer. 100 *lab* llanc* rold at 7#*.; 0trait* 71a.; atock of both *ort* *44 ton* Tin platea in active requeat I.r Coke are worth 27* fid p?r bo*. Toaacco?No transaction* worth not lea have occurred thl* week buyer* being unwilling to accede to tha enhanced preteasioni of boldrra Tt arr?Tii?*?Tbera ara earar aellera of rough at Ci M . but nothlng baa been dona thi* wei k. American apirlt* may b? had at 31*. 8d ; British cjuiet at no* par cwt. W HAi??'i?r ?In tha ab"nce of publle *alaa. there ha* been little doing; we quota 8?u'fc*rn and North Weat ?140 a ?186 and Ptfar ?190 a ?198 per ton Tba ColcBtal wool ?al?* proceed very aatlsfactorily. and will probably be brought to a clone la tb? ourse of tha en*ulng weak. In other article* no Important transact ton* or change In valae baa occurred. The Coartf of Enrapeaa F.tahange. IIambi bon. June 2* HM, Amsterdam. , .3 month* 36 80 atlvara for 2 p. I'arl* " 189*4 cants lot 1 p , . _ . . s?*w { maroa and ablllinga ,'on'1"" 1 "7* > banco for 41 atg Genoa S " 1 90^ oenta for 1 p Leghorn S " S 24't lirefor 300 maraa haaaa r?an. Jdy 4 Amatrrdam. .$ mor.tha 20Veanta for 1 florin. Hambwrg. . .9 ** l*.s*. centa for 1 p haaea. London I " 2b 3JS fra and rl* far ?1 *tg 0l aaa S " V7H cents fir I lira uuor*. MfMTii ??-n?r t'ww I iu< Amiti RntM Jnly 3 Purla I month* MM grota* for 3 franca. Hamburg.. * Uli do for 1 p I.nnrio*. ... " 12 ?>v; and atlrara f? 41 ? * Ornot, ... " 4Afc Ntliof fla fori lira nuoTa Lrghora. .. " 39* do fui 1 lirt. Iioximii, Jnlf I. Amatnritam Anna 12 3aAti I florina and atlaan tor Rotterdam. " 12 S)*a3U ( ?1 atg Antwerp. ..." franra and eta for 1 do. Hamburg. . . " ! llMallK ??rea and ahll ban I dl rati* " Wilt franca and e*nta for t do. I.laboa. . ...? dajra UK ???r? atg lor 1 mllraa Oanoo I mm an 2HaA llr* n? and ata tor ?1 atg. Lagkorn. ... " *0 ?*a?;K lira for ?1 atg Bui lion raa Ov?> a. a. i. Gold, atari dard 77 * Sllaar, do 4 llK A mrrlran dollar* 4 10S t n1tari do I nOO ??<?%Ppani>h do , ,|Tg ftpanlah d on Moon a ? ? ai,* .? Bogota and klaiieaa do ? ? l'< payao do ? ? The Bank mt Cn|1and. A a Aoroant pnranant to th* Act 7th and Mh !* ria ?ap m for tka ?aak radlng Saturday tka Wtfc day ar J mm*. IMOr? NaUa laaaad,,,. tSSjU.7W Oo??ra?aa? dak?.*114l?,iaf Oth?r <HiritlN.. 0?M ?ot? and balItoa I6.?1fi,wr tllrar kalliaa.... ??.' ? ?j?.MB.7M _ aanatno mrtmaair Pwar)#^ aapi- UanraaMt aaantai,. Al4.MM.nM rUi??. laaladinf Dirt rw.a Patlic <l??Mlla Anmyity (laelailaa Ea- O'W aaoantUa . Il.?T??.77* rliaoaa* ya?ti?ga jfMaa.......... M.toMi* Itaaaa. Tnaimta- o*l4 aad al?? aiaaara of Ha- aata 711 Mt tiaaal Dakt. aad w..t# *? 111 hm-4H * < __ ih?r fcflta. 1.?4.7W ttrrnm . Mr.w.a* Jn\f 4,1M9. ? Cfcl* ? Th? afcn** fimra, ftw ik? ?? Wik nil, ?b?n r?*par*<l wtlk that tor th? prM?4la( *Nk, hlbita tk* ?h?:? la Ik* liatrimtM ?n of pakHe ?f ?M.Mi i ?>tir?i of po*IW ?f <W,4H; M Iborih of raat of ?1,M0 ; and an Increase of Mren< dt; ud Olber blltr of ?03 667 In th? aeaet* the return ehows an Increase of other 1 atcuiitlasol jtM>4 337 , adecrease of rtwria of uU?ma! 4414 476, a drt-rrniK* of jrold ?nj Mirer coin o( X'48 1 WO ; and au Increase in the gorirninrnt aeouritiea 01 .i'tUO60 The bullion In the W?ne and ih. banking department together amounted to jt'10,Vi>7,lO3. wbioh. a? compared with jEI* btw bii3. the amount of the prerloua week's return, abowa a decraaao of ?9 7.20 The note* and post bill* lu circulation togethnr mounted to XW 546 832 which. aa compared with jL 'A) * 34.140. the amount of tin- proviou* week'a return, hiiwhs ait iucreaae of ?611.4l/rf. Market*. I.ivhipool Cottoi* M*b*kt.?July 8.?The salna aince Ttlilav uiititmil ?,1 *M MIO K.,,u of kli.h 1 1 llllli - ...... ..... ... ........ . . . ? ? ltk*D on speculation aud tor export. To-day's eal.n urn 16d00 bag*- 6 000 beiBK taken ou speculation 1 he market in firm at tbti (quotation* of rriil iy, yet the d> n.aiid in not tree. The antral* nine* Friday are eight teraelr fioin the United tilaiet, tour from Kgypt, and two from III uibay. Tumitny Kvening. July 0.?The (peoulative mania baa a#*in mlE?d held of Cotton, even at thi? current raw* caused entirely by thu di-a^trous asoouuu recelved of tbo growing crops in Ara?rlca. which all *eem to concede will be unner ?n average. If not a n?*aplete failure 'J hear actlnt in a good trade throughout the ninnulacturiiig districts, a degree ot wildlies*

and enthusiasm to which the market ha* been a stiauger lor seme years pall aud it will go on. to the cost ot many who will uot know when aud wh- re t? stop Sales 16.000 balef, one-half speculation; price* rather dearer. Liverpool SIakkkti, Wednesday Morning. Jul/ 10.? Cotion.? The buaiuvs* continues daily on a Very exttnsive scale, the itsles it) four days haviug amounted to 64.000 bag*, of w hich the trade have taken 29 000 'l'te remaining 26.0.10 were bold chiefly to *peoulator?, with a moderate portion for export. These larg* oparatlont bare led to a gradual advance of )?d. per pound upon the last week * quotations for Amurioan cotton; and all other desoriptwns are rather dearer The Import* reported since Thursday are?From the Lnited tjtales, 14.797 bags; Egypt, 6.341; West Indies, 34; Kaat Indies, 0.607; total. 20 7Jit. Won.-There has been little business denn in foreign wool, this week, but as the prospects ot the trade are healthy, holder* are extremely tlrui, at late rata*. The dt maud for Alpaca continue-1 good aud, a* there is little here, pricos are advancing; Coax.?There wa* a good attendance of buyer* at our market this morniHg, aud tfe experienced a ] healthy demand for wheat, at an advauce on last Tuesday'* price of 2d, to 3d per bushel ou Dantslg, aud j 4d. |>er bushel on all useful red; some parcel* were I taken taken to hold over; fliiA liottock red wheat I brought 0s. 8d. per 70 lbs. yrennh flour is likewise 1* 1 to 1*. 6d. per sack dearer, Urindiug barley improved I 2d. per bushels and grinding pea* Is. per quarter Oat*, i oatmi al, and bean* wera held for full prices and wen scarcely so easy to buy. Indian corn was 6d. to 1*. per quarter higher, and flue American yellow wa* not to be bought under 27a ttd. pec 480 lbs, the *ale?, howaver. were unimportant. Copkkb.?The market oxhlbits a more active appearance. and for ail kind* of low and middling qualities the demand is good, and prices about Is. belter. Aukbicak Provision*.?The American bacon offered i iu u?y i pusiic hipitohu ?x?r ouyer* %i lull price*. The transactions In thalard market hare been limited, owing to the further advance n-keii bj bolder*. At very low price* cheese fold r?adilj at today's n ile. Baron, 28a. to 33a. per cwt.; lard, in barrels. 33*.; lard, in kegs. 33*. to?3* 3d.; cheese. liner, 32s. to 3#* Diswoeos, Ac-The transactions iu the dyewood market are agata to a fair extent, and for all description* verontinneto experience a good inquiry. The ales consist of loo tons Campeacby logwood, at x'fl 2?. Od. to ?8 10- m in quality; 300 ton* tit Domingo, at JE4, 32 ton* Cuba fustic. at ?7 fin to ?7 fta. to ?8 l&s. dkyiai tibias ? Little to report In brimstone, and the market ia heavy Ne aalei In madder. In quercitron bark. #6 hogsheads have been disposed at', at lis. 8d. to lis. ftd. per owt. For Persian berries thrre ia more inquiry, but without resulting in much ba?inecs Sumac rr mains without change. Hi Din?The bide market has been rery quiet during the week, and nothing of Importance. Holder* tlrui. Hokns.?No bale*. but demand good. Oil.?Mnteed oil ia la good demand, and prices bar* Improved 3a. per turn; pale rape oil in moderate request. at 37a 6d. per cwt Cod oil. X33. Tali.ow?360 boxaa acid at 36s to36*. 3d. In Petersburg, Y. C. the demand continues limited, at 37s. per awt. Parlour*.?Pot Boston?Weight. 15*. to 17*. fld ; fine goods, 2us.; crates, 10s.; hardware, lbs. For New YorkWeight, 10s ; line goods, 15*.; orates, nominal; hardware, 12s M.?/.'i f 11/fori 1'iwi Slip. July 10. Lo*dow Psomm c Market.?-Tuesday, July 9.- ? Skiab- West India market olosed quiet to day; prices generally rather lower. W)8 bhds. aud trs. sold, including Iil3 sacks Barbados*, whloh went In public rale at 34*. to 41s. Mauritius, 10 000 bag* put up to auction, and a small part only sold at (id. to 1*. reduntion. Yellow, ,'!is to 39s.; brnwn. 28*. to 33*. U0U0 hags Bengal, nearly all sold. Benares, 30* to 42? lirown and yellow, 27*. to Ms. CorrcK?Plat market for all kinds In public sat* 11 ca?k? 4o* bags Native Ceylon sold at 43s. for good ordinary. Of 333 casks, l.U6bags plantation. finly small part sold at barely former tates '21 bkl?? .K.inhi milt nfT at iltff nrmai Inwi.o? The quarterly aalea began to-ilajr blJdlng spirited; low.' cheat* ptrnwd th' kn??, ul which ;n.O aere bought tn. Mengal advanced 3d | ar lb. Kn]'pah*4d , the market unn h n befurt T?* Mar ket quiet, but holder* firm. Late rata* for black ao <1 green Kick?Market quiet, but prioaa tlrm Public calea. 1 !|Vt> bag* Bengal Miund aold at Hi ttd to 10* for mall broken to good bold whit* aLTrrrag? Dull market, and price* barely supported. At publlo *ale 7?i8 lag- llerg.l mostly aold at 24* Od to M* for H to 12.1% pound* refraction TaLi.ow le?a la demand, but only quoted t>6* ttd. to 07*. on the npot. Mti>cHr>ii.ii?Suti or Taant ?Tueaday r.venlng July P.? Bluer thia day week the demand for noma kin da of yarn* ha* boon good and a alight advance "*tablirbed, whil* thia branch of the trada generally muil be called firm. The Herman hou?ea are rather free operator* Yarna for the Bradford market in good demand, and Itkely to continue Hat thaUreak aid Indian merchant* are doing a fair buMneai in twiat, and the trade, an far aa regards demand, mint be called healthy. The (fcmand tor domeatlca la good, and pricea rather higher. A law of our merchant* are buying rather freely for the China market, chiefly ?hirtmg The common run of calico** are not tn biiak demand, atlll no change in valua. The dyer* are all getting bukler On tha whel*, the trada of tlia town la Improving. Oi saeow. July A ? Cotton?We hare had a good demand this week from th* trade, ?n>4 parti; from *pe*ulaturi>, and from tbl* (Mae, aa well aa the ontiuued unfavorable report* from America regarding th- atat* ot the crop, price* hat* advanced at Uaat H J per lb Middling Orleana may be quoted 7',d There i* con alderable buslnesa doing In good* and yarna, and manufacturer* are obtaining aa advance, though with difficulty. I'ig Iron?Them baa h**n very little ku?lnee* doing In our market lor pig Iron during the week all inquir* helng conllnel to email parcel* for Immediate uaa and no speculation whatever. To-day the price of all No*, la nominally 4<)a. cash, a* there la no bnainraa doing. No. 1 Oartiberrlo 1* held at 16*. each The Crop*. Th? ffliicbn<?f rirrmim ot th* Irtlh ln?t says ~ We Intra that the ?h.n nrop la Clarke ban tx-m very Iiutj. A gent it man from ..vfT-rson, ?birt tba emf li also very heavy. vtuwd throngh a large farm below Berry vlile. ou la?t Wednesday. where h? bail the rare pWasure of brboldlng ten emitters and a reaping machine at work In a luxuriant Held of wheat containing 1?0 MM. The Jacksonville (Flo ) Nm speak* of eoploui rains In the nort hern part of flurlda which were no much dm Isd that the editor think* they sill nf? to the pe|.le oj that seetlnn at It-nst half million of dollars. Tim Ntw aleo rtcerdi thai rueitipl of two cotton talks, grown near Jacksonville, each of which m*a?ur?s early six fret The balls are already beginning to firm The Cincinnati Ii<uru*. of the ISrh ln?t. says ? There ran hardly be a doubt, any longer, tba- the wheat crop ot the Weft, fur the present year, will Im the largest ever raleed Within the pa?t ten day*, we have r? releed latements fretn all the 'ate# of thin eetlon of the I'nlon. end, while none or th< r? ?p?ak of lee* (ban an average Ml in any locality many say the crop <n particular districts. will he of full average el?e. while not a few ?p?ak of considerable sections wherein will br garnered much ni ire than the axial am age And not only Is the erop a Urge one Ills al?o a eery good one The grain Is upoken of universally as mand. pii>mp and heavy In one or two loealltiea. a Utile ruet has twi n spoken of, bat it appeared lata, and was confined to the straw, and nowhere bars we seen any mention made af sink wheat. Tba Ralliaote Amtriemn, af the 16tfc Inst , says ? The whi-at cn.p ot the eastern shore ol Maryland, w ri'gret to believe, will not furnish the abandant ylel 1 which was promised tone wewka since Th.' Injury t the crop by the " ly" and "ruat" has proretl lar mora eg tensive and serious thai was at first supposed and tha general result Is |e?s than an average yield, la clndlng much that Is of ordinary i|iiallty lick Is ths tenor of the Information from various points In that action of the Mtate. Tha corn crop now promise* vail, hut rain la much wanted The llocbester. N. Y.. ^arlrn, of the 19th Instant mmjw - in Biimr itH-Bimna in wii vuumj wnwai I:UK n BiDi?no?'1 a* a?r|y aa Friday l??t tha 14 lb Inat,. and la *?ry n> ij plirn jr^twilif Tha c.rop hw not ! taganarallv |oo4 for aia juri put, sad it in*? b? doubted ?(p'th?r Monro* eonatj ?r?f krfan prodacad ?|rftt yU Id John Park, of (lataa. ah >wad a*. y??t?rdaj Hu'ahlnaoa and (tool* wheat, which, for plumpti*>n and ttrigbiaaaa of karaal*. w? h??o n"r?r ?aan ftei 11 * d Tba?a p?rlm?i i wara hkrraatad on Haturda} Ju?t t?>ntj at a day* attar tba flr?t appaar aoca of Ik* h.??da Tha Mortlatown (K. J ) Bmw. of tha lflth ln?t, ayai?"tba tary try ?p?II whiah parradad thla 8 4a.aa ?# tk? ?? < ! for * Krill t I ?.l Buak I It kf ( hlk' ftt Ifn*tb *l??n ?i; to r*fr?*Mn( ibowi ra Tb* wtt?at o vitrKiu* parti) of tha rou ily ??? atrnnk wltli ru't hil? itf'dtnf and, la l?atan**a. will hardly half rrnp Tb? fast la w*|| wertb *ap?<<t*l at?*titl? a to ffcrm*r?. th?t whll* tha M?dlt*rr?n'aa wh*at hu antlrHy Hirapad. all tba mb?r ktnda n%?* t*'B aff'dHl by tb* nut Ta? oal erop W ktv* mfrnwl mi** from th? dry tratk?r whil* tha roia. which waa ??ry backwarl, baa grown rapidly and pmwtltwa a good crop Ml? Concordia <! ) InuUigmrtr. of tba Oth ln?t.. ?aja:? 1 b- of tb* a >tt?n orop to <,\>arnrdla and T*n>aa pariah**, or ratb*r la tbooa p >t'loi? that ba?- not b*?a Injnr. d by tba watar, la la DV way Sat utlng Th<' mil worm. w* war* told y*att- t?y by an *p?rl?i>*.-d plantar In tb* lo??r part of. jr p?rt?h, ha? atari* It. appaaratir*. aitd baa alr?a<ly 'J-at* and ia d' lt g Ktirh daman* ra? abun'U'i"* ' ?'-< "? tb?r of lata baa ro?*r?d tb* notion and eora Il*l4a altb ffrax, and >ntlr*ly pr*?. nt*d pla i?hiB| l"hoa* bn ka*a h?<l lone ' i rt-nr--In "ill tt vattn 4 r tt'>" - 1 ?b<*r i.plntan I* atHlod to ra t h r*ap-o? ? that un<1?r th* a>r?t fa??raM? ?>i *\ pirkto* ,nn?t ">m >i?nr* at I?a4 ?n* m nth 1 ?t*r than tttial aa twill r?onira a a*a*on and fall In all raaf*?to atatlar %o 1130. t? l??ur? tv* UMrda of tor*r . I Tike IVMwratlc CmvmiUoi. ' On Fliday evening the Democratic Convi otion M, I eembled at Tammany Hall, and alter waiting in vaia i till half paat V o'clock for a quorum, the mooting wis orgaaiied. by appointing Fernando Wood, liq . Chtiri man. in the ab*ence oi Loren*o B. Bhepard, who u nut in the city. Only thirty-two member* baring aniwered to their I name*, Kg-Alderman Pi aur moved that thoao present constitute a quorum. While be ?ai speaking, three member* cam* in, 10 that aqueium wm> completed. Captain Htnota* then moved that hereafter twentyone nituilHr* intttad of thirty live oounlltuUi a quorum. The luotlon wan a<!opU<4. | mr Wi.iu Lere m< at) .1 the chair, and sailed Mr Purdy thereto. iu order to hi* uiaxing t >ine observations in moving *i.u>? re-olutiona. 11 aliud"d to the | oifliTciKf tLni tun nmorif tiit '/uiuoiiriilii p^rj t}. dielracting. dividiog ?uu weakening ?t W tin a | view to heal those dillerenue*, and to pi .eatthodej mocratlc party a* a firm uaited phalanx onou more be ?a* ready to ni, kn * eaerirtce on hi* i.urt II* beld la bin bund rt solution* which ho wa* i about to move, to dii-?olve the general committee*. ot one of wbicb wi? had the hoDor of hem* t-hvirio >n This be d d with the concurrence of every nitinb* ot tlie en imttee upon whose call thin eooveution had ami uibled It wa* nm." -ary for the peace and har. ! mony of tte party, and in taking this mep h. wished it to l>c unU .rstood that h>reafttr he did not intend to be a ctndidate roraseat in *uch General Committee a* might be organii' d for the tulure government ot the di umcratio party in New York lie then moved the fwliowing preamble and resolution*: ? Wln-reac. The etllciency and organization of the Democratic Kt publican General CouimiUett have beeu | naturally a tit cted by difference! aud mUunJerituoding* aim ng it* mem hern; and Wlicrea*, The deiio cratio party, and consequently the great principle* for which ll coutcii Is, must inller fri m internal controversy; and Whereas, We aru desirou* of removing all obstacle* in the way of a return to harmony an I uuion, by the extinction of overy cause ol discord existing; therefore, Repolved, That the Qeneral Committee at Tammany Hall upon whoie call this convention ban assembled, , and any other committee claiming to be regular, are hereby dUcolved; and that the L??m?cratic Kepublioan Klrctors be requested to form a lit* General Committee. in such manner a* may be hereafter provided by | this Convention. 1 Mr Mki.vii.LC. of the Seventeenth ward, one of the I Secretaries. proposed the following amendment : ? Kerolved. That the two bodies, each claiming to b? 1 the Qtneral Committee of the democratic party at , Tammany Uall, be and are hereby dissolved.and that the i Democratio Kepublioan Elector* be requested to form j a General Committee, lu such mauuur an may be hereafter provided by thi* convention. Mr. Woon declared hi* opposition to all amendment*, i The following wai then proposed:? Kecolved, That the two organizations eernpo'^d of j member* of the General Committee at Tatnmuuy it till, each claiming to be regular, be diarolvud. A lengthened debate followed on theae motiona, I when at length the meeting became impatient, and Mr. McKkli.ii. moved the previoua quuHtion. The motion vat carried, and the main question beIng then put, the original reaolutiona, aa proponed by Mr. Wood were carried, 19 voting in the affirmative, and 10 in the negative. Mr. Wood then resumed the chair. Mr. Cochran here complained that the printed eopiea of the address and reaoliitlona paaaed at a former meeting, which were now on the table, were lnoorruot1 y printed. Mr. l'uanv wlahed to know who had changed them, aa be found hla name had been appended to them. Dr. IxoitNiM ?The reaolutlona were nearly aa they had been paat-ed by tbe Convention, and Mr. Furdy had authorized the use oi hla name. Mr. Puauv (excited.)?Do yon aay I aathoriied my name to that report ? Dr. Inuiiiiix ?1 do Mr. Pt Kov (with great vehemence )?It la false air' Borne tilting here took place, but the battle turned out to be only a eham '>ne. tor it waa explained that the error waa laid at the door of the printer, Mr. J%red Vf. Bell, or to the peraon who copied the document for the preaa. It waa unintentional. Captain Rfrti'taa moved that the error be corrected, j The motion waa adopted Mr. Cocmban moved that in futnre the proceeding! be published under the aupervislon ot the offlocra of the Convention. Thia motion having been adopted. Mr. J. 8 KLNRhDT, of the fifth ward, then brought forward the report on organisation, prepared by the committee appointed for that purpoae. of which be waa chairman, lie ooncluded ky aubmiiuug the iollowiag document*: UhNKRAI* nn.F.? JTOK THK OROAWTZATIO* or THK MMOCKACY OF TUB C1TT A.MJ COL'NTT OF NSW TOKK. A RTTCLK I. or raiHaav MctTiwna. See. 1. The primary meetinga lor the selection of Standing Coiurolttera, ahall be held intheaeveral Election Districts on the third Thursdav in T?e??abot of eaeh ye><- ? ? ?> ~<vea o'clock in the evening. Pec 'i. The primxry meetinga for tbe selaotion of Conventions to nominate candidatea lor all the offlcea to be Oiled by the Icily an>; county of New York, or auv nart thereof, ai the general election in November, ahall b?' held la the several Klection District*. oa the third Thursday In September In each your, at eight o'clock In the evening fleo 3 Tli? place* at which the primary meeting* in the Feveral Klt citon Dl*triets shall he held, and ilao the time (except In thoea cum In which It la hart In Wllixll ahall ! ?. tixtd by tha Ueneral Committee, or In default of it* action by the Ward Committee!; or In de-fault of the action by tb? Ueneral and Ward Comluitt.m, by tha Klection District Committee*. Tba iilarea <'f meeting rhall N> ai UK aa may b>- practicable to the centre of the respective Kl'ctloo District* flea 4. Tha Mm and place* of primary maatiugt hall be published daily for at leant ?ne waek, la ?il the dally democratic paper* publlahed In tha city, and at least once In avary other dnuorauc paper published in the city. flee ft Tba Ueneral Committee ahall hare th? tola power to call primary meeting* to aaiect convention*, to laaka other nomination* than those provided tor in thrae tulea or for otbar special purposes Bee 6 When the hour ef Meeting aball have arrived, tha primary meeting shall be organized by tie appointment ol a Chairman and Secretary. The meetlog ahall then determine the maanar In whleb tba t delegates to be *rlected shall be ohoaen The voting lor delegate* at the primary aie-etlng thall in no event be ernltuui'd teeyond the expiration of on* hour from the tint* of the organization ot the meeting. flee 7 The ifflcer* of the primary meeting ahall make out and Ueltvir credential* to the delegates selecte d by the meeting. Ahliri.* II. or rnMMiTiKC* arv > < n"tvr.f?Tio??. flee 1. Tba organisation of tha demorraey of th* city aDd county ol New York, fn m aad altar tha flr?t day of January. 1141, shall conslit of tha foliowlu^ | Standing Committee* and no ether:?A Oansral Com mittte tor tha city, a Ward Committee for each ward, 1 and a District Committee for sach election district fl< c 'J The di legate* to the Ueneral Committee shall ba rr i^ris member* of the Ward Committee* of their 1 respective ward* Kaob election diatrlct (ball be entitled to the same representation In Ward Standing <,<maiiiir? bp in oiurr " >rg iiiimmiiiiin fto 3. The l)l?trlct Committee* ahall coualat of tbraa . peraooi ehn*< a fi r the purpo*a. Id each election dlatrlat together with Ibr ilrlifmni from the district to ' tb* (liB'ril and Ward ComaittMi 8? 4 The Ura of uBr< of (^landing Committee* ball rummrriff on the nrat day of Jannary ?nd ?? plra on the tblrlv-flrat day of lieeember. In >aoh year fee. I The flrrt dm in* of the Uaneral Comujittea, f-r each ? ? y?r ahall be held on the flr?t Tii.-?day la January at half pad reran o'clock Id the evening, unlet* mrh day be the flr*t lay of January. In whiob caae tba (Hat im etln/ ?hall ba held on the llrat Thursday Id January The flrat uieetlnga of Ibe new Ward fon>mltt<ea >ball he held on the aecoud Tuetday and of the new DUtrlct Committee >< the third Tm-iday la 1 January In ea/k year at half pa?t aevea o'clock lo tba cvtmrg The ttm> at ahich tberirat meetlnga of iher cnmmlttiea aadecnventlooatball beheld, and'he plane? of the flrat m?< tiny* ol all nommltteea and c.arau'.lon*. ball be etierlfkd in the call of the primary meeting* to M>lect ib<m. and pubti*b>d therewith f?r A Regular m??(ln|? of -tending Commit t>-ea'hall ba held monthly a* foil .w? t?Ol the Uaneral Uoramlttea oa the tlret Tueeday , ot the Ward Cosm'tea" on Ihe second Tm- l.j , auJ of tha Itutrlct Comialit<><* oa the third Tuesday ; at *tieh hour* ae may be fined b? <?rb aommlttvea respectively. If any auch day hall be g< aerally kept a* a holiday, the meeting (hall ba bald on the fullowlng Thursday Hfr'al and ad Jonraed meeting* may he hell on notlca given. f-c 7. Any dUtrlrt de*lrlng ao to da. may aelenf an alternate to a regular d*lega?e, in a nominating con ventloa. to aerve In eaaa ol bla realisation. or of an abaolu'e vacancy In hi* >a*t. from any other nana* . bat no other ??MI<al? ahall ha allowed la aay coaventlan or commltfea. Anilaeperaon re*tgalag hit aen?, ahall, after hla tealganllon If aooepted. ba allowed la reaama It. fte?s S All vacantia* In Handing Committee* ahall ba tiled by the IHatrlet Committee of the dlatrtct la who.e reprcx-ntat |t>n tb -y o?<?ur , bat, If a vanaacy ba occaatoned by a fallura to elect. or th* r*f?r*n?a bank of a aonteat-d eicrtl' n. another primary tae itlng of tba dlatrict ahall be held, ander lha call of the ooia mitt*e or convention, In which lha vaaaacy tiliti, for the purpose r f Ailing the aama See w The power of Standing Committees over tba primary meeting* to ar|ect d? l> ftatea to any aommlttea or convention thai I he eihau?ted by the call of auoh primary meet ln(? , and In naee ana* meeting la nsceM.iry to All a vanaacy. It ahall be nailed by tha nooimlttee or convention la which tha vacancy ahall oMir . (tee. 10- It ahall ba the doty of tba Chairman of eanh Standing C'>mmlttae to tea that tha aaeretarlea of tha committee deliver all the hooka and paper* nf the aim itiitla Including ihoar rrom ni t??r t?mniiiioM and c?a??nllon?, to ih? 1'htlnau of the Mai toamltUa forth* neFMillgi y?*r. ARTICLE in. or 1 Tfc# <Vmi*r*i-j ol oarh ol?-etloii dWtrlrt ahall bo rntltlod to tba following r>|>r imititl n In ooaBiittoa* and ronTontlona To ??i?ry or ?onr?ntlo? for tho olty 4 oanty. or dlatrlat maaMlaf of tho el?y tad annatr, on* drltgata , and la ra*a th? nun,h?r of 4amoor?tM ?ot?? pmlt d In tho dlatrltt (to b?- a*r?rtalaod and do trnaiard a* brrrin jrn?ld?d ) ahall vioood thro* tana dri d, ta oao drl?gai? In artf ttlon. To av?ry romrnlltoa or oaarration for a Oaagroaiteaal. ffmatortal or ally Judidar? dlatrlat oaa dala fat* , and la raaa tho nnalwr of doaiooratlo *r?taa p?tiad la tho dlMrlot (to ho a?rortalno4 aad d?t?r mtri?d aa hrrrla prn*ld?-d ) thai I taaad Uiraa baa dr?4 to o*a d#l?gat? In addition, Ta ?Torj Mmmlit>o or cooraatlon fbr a ward or aaowil'y dl'trlrt oaa d?l?gata for oarb oa? haodrod rotoa polled In th* dlntiiot, to ha aa<?r'atn?d aad da | trrailnMl a* hor?ln aro?ld?-d N ?*?!* b?l?*?. aar ward ??anlttM mar lnrr?a?? !? nnaihor rf 1 !?? ??? ta a awtaatllig ???wJUaa atwar*, Ua ?ata?aM I* J I I -II I If I be <Md*d amoajthe Mrtnl d!?trieU therein f? A mid* yroporllui u by (h< ratio Durabjr e?tat>habad Ceo S The ?umber oi democratic r?te? poll.J <? 1 I tk? re?peoti?e tltolion aiatrlcte. ?ball. fur the yarpw* ef thi* article. be the average DUBiber of TMee pohe4 ' in lb? dUtllct at tbe general eleotiun la tbe previous No??-mW. for the democratic candid ?tea lor the fal. lowing offlcra, or *uob of them aa "ball b? filled at tha raid election. vis Hm Idenlial Kleetora. Governor of ' the ,State, State Comptroller, Slate Senator, Mayer at tbe City, City Comptroller, and Representative a | Congiea*. 8ec 8. It nhall be the duty of the general commutes, after the general election lo November, lo eaoh year, and on or bolsre tbe teeond Z'Uuraday in Deoeaibsr, j lu the tatue year, to aacertaiu, in tbejinanser pf?<-ilbrd in rertion teeoud of thin article, tbe number ot votea polled In each eleotiou dlxtriet. and ImUt* the repr> i ratatiou ib election district will be -alltli d to lu the aeveral committee* and cnuventi >ui for the * year, aud raure a atatnm-ut thereof ? be ininu dlat) ly advertised in all tba democratic papers published in tlin city ? AKTKIJl it. OK OBl 4!?llll?0 CoMMITTCta *N?> CO!???WTIOI?? I 8ec. 1 At the Brat meeting of ?v?ry oomrnittne or coil fentlon. a chairman and one or luure umLuiat thall be chonvD, to aerte until permuuent officer* *ra tlected If there be op|ioaiug no uluationa for either ofllcr, the choioe tball oe laade by ? diviaiou, the part< u.< making tile nomination* acting a* teller*. 8'o 'i Ho peraon ahull b- entitled to vote at any meeting of a committee or convention. unlae* a certificate, xigiM-ii by the < lilcerw of the primary meeting^ tLat b<> ?u duly elected art a delegate to aucn cnmuiiktnoi rouri Mtiou, ban been racoeivod by the ouuiiaiktee or com ciitiou f > u 3 W liru there are contorting eUiinanta for "eat a* di'li Rate, the claimant holding the certificate ahull 1* jH iuiliui to occupy tb? ??at. until the right of tbi- conte?taut fclihll be axct-rtuln >U and datermiuedl When contenting glaimanta, at the flint mooting, profi ut conflicting certificate*. nrither ahall be enti-ie<l to a heat, ui.til the couimitte* or convention have ukct it., mid and determined their righta. c. 4. ft u committee or uonveution ?hall prooeed to tl:e tlecti' n of pel uimeut oOinurv, nor to the mala buaine** lor which it ia convoked, until the oonteal*4 i at* hfcall lute been pu?8?d upon. 8?c. 5 Should coDti-Mting d. legatea appear from more district* than one. the order In which tuch diatriota ball be called, and the elaimaof the oonte*lantath?r?. <rom i-ooxiUered and pa**ed upon, ahall be duteroxiB?4 by lot. See. t? Committee* and convention* may permanently organize, in sucb manner, and adopt auoh rulaa M older a* do not oontllot with the requirement* ot altieles IT. and V. of these general rule*. ASTICLK T. Or FfOMfN AT!0*fa. Sec. 1. Candidate* for office* to be illled by pop alar eltcUon, shall be noninated by vity or oountyeoave^ tion*; or. In ca?e the office if t be filled by a part only ot the city and county, by convention* far aaeh portion*, except the candidate* for offlcea to be Oiled by election district* may be designated by the delegataa from the reapectlve election diatrlcta to th? ward nominating couventiona. H?p \l. When a call fhr a primary meeting ahall provide fcr the election of a convention to nominate oaadidatea for office, it Khali alto aiuhrace the electiaa of convention" to nomii'?te candiuate* tor all offloe* t* be filled at the aame election, except auch aa art fUl*4 by the vote of the State at large. He. 3. Union* unanimouily choaen, candidate* f*c ofl< ea to be filled by popular election ahall be aoininated by open ballot. aa follow* The roll of member* f the nomlr.atiug convention ahall be called In tha order of wardi and dlatrict* and each member voting ahall. upon the call of bin uaiae. deliver to the tellers liia ballot, with hi* nam* md'Ukud thereen, and la eauvauiing, th* teller* kball rail, and the Hecr*tarlM rtaord, first, tho nam* ot the voter, and then th* nam* ol th* prnon voted for. See. 4 A majority of the whole number of member* of the nominating convention,Including unrepresented teat*, shall be necessary to a nomination for any oflsa Sec 6 Candidate* for distlnot offloeg ahall be nominated oa different ballot*. Bee 6. It ahall be the daty of th* chairman of evarf nominating ooaTention to see that, immediately upoa Its adjournment, Its secretaries deliver to the chain man of the general committee all of Its paper* Including a ropy of it* minutes, with a full record af all the ballot* taken, except that ward nominating ooa ention? shall make such delivery to the chairman *f the reapeotlv* ward committees. AKTK1.I VI. illlKDHXori. Pee 1. These rules, or say ut them, may he atnead*# or repealed and new rule* may be added by the tiean ral Committee. if a majority of the wLol" number of it* members vote in favor thereof provided that saak alterations shall be formally approtud by the war4 committees of a majority of the wards, by a Ilk* airmatlve rote; or alterations may be made, fully ail absolutely, by a city conventiou called by th*U*n*ral Coin mittee, and elected in th* manner herein provided for city and county convention*. Mr. kt*?uv. after reading the report, argued th* importance of a complete organisation of the party, and concluded by moving that the report be mads th* special order for the next meeting. The motion was adopted. A letter from the Whig (leneral Committee, la rotation to tk? funeral procession in honor of Gen Taylot, which had been read on the previous nigbt of mealing was brought under consideration of the C<<nv*ation by Mr Wood who had prepared a reply eoorftiaf the invitation, which he read to thu meeting Th* following wire appointed a commute* to eat with the whig committee :?Capt. Ryndars, K II Pan dy. J. 8 Ualited. and Fernando Wood. Th* Convention adjourned at 12 Vclock, till Wedas*day next. Comment) at Harvard College. [Kiant the Bo*ton Atlas, July IS J At an early hoar Cambridge, in the vicinity of the college beg*ii to show the usual mark* of bustl*, and throng* ot ladles and gentleman passed towards th* doors ol the churuh, w b re the exercises of the day w? re to take place Itcfore ?he arrival of the (loverao* of tb* Commonwealth aad hi* suite nur.rted K. the Ltnerri the gallerl** arid a lerg* part of the b?lr af the rburrh bail t? ?n filled. by t lie frlfodn of the Gr*. duatlng Cla?x and of tha College. The .-xercUe* w*r? conduct-d In the umnl Uitnnrr and 'he performance*, Hdurrrrr* in Latin or i.aglt*h by ttiirty-tw.i of tha candldatra for tha degree of Barb'lor of Art*. wem creditable to tha young gentlemen and to til*College. Tbe can uionien li tha church laetad until nearly three o'clock. Tha degree of Bachelor of Art* ?a? confarrad apnm the gentl* nien thoM name* aa published ynatarday Tbe degree of Maater of Art* wa* conferred om tk? following candidate*, alt :? In Cot a an?Jmm B?bii Mark ftlMay Adam*. Anxaitan Porter Cuemliarlia, Auaiiu Jacobe<'oalid<e, Joeepk I'talodT (Jardror. Prmacle llukit. 5olom >n Jimea li irJ?a, llcnrv I-iraad llallru, J <hn And raw Urailit*, Ckaalea laward Hodpra. M<< liard Maaaiaf Uodgee. Cnarlea Whitek?l4 llrnnrr, Jamat Jenaiann, Praatoa ?hi |>?rd Llaiala, I'harlaa |,(>?a, Rdward Ooddard Miner. William Allan Nail, I'hariea Hear) I'ntaa ri>mf n, Kmtwa Tinman K .Mna..n, E I ward Wnlnuy bewail, I enjamivt Hhnrtlefl .-haw, Charlaa Ull wan ^ml? 1?, Duncan McDaanaTkattar. Uan?*e ijuinoy Tliurndlke. ?in>r?e Henri Timioiaa. franeia Marlon Tower, Biward 1 in hrrtnaa, Andrew t imaiaahatn Wliaelarirtil. Oi r u? iil lnr.??alk l,. ?, of tha elaaa of l*fl<; John J a*. Petertaui, nf the rlan of I?I6; John A. Cunningham, Jainaa Ilendridfe Italy Carina, and Cliarlaa Pi<- rritif, of tie ' ua of 1823; ltd ward Jmnh St- araa, of IMt. II-nrj l.?wr?aoe kuatla, and Elijah Wtman Steam*. l-.V; iwwrd Willard Pray, la?l. I?a Witt Cltatm Tow?r, IMJ. W,litem fr.dari' k llriii|?, and George Martin t.ana. lag>> The digram of Bachelor of Lati ww confarrad ok tha following candidal#* j? Wamiial Eatey llaldwia, William BoaJ. Oaataaa* A rail1** Pram*, I eeaard Wa*liieg<?a Hr.wn, Baal Huahnell, Aaalin Jacoh* Cuulidra, Jir ma llatl*. Aleaaa-ter Pialey lira ay, * illlaai fartia IHekana, Mir eh D?er. J >aeph?a (anaaa Bidrman katoa, J. nn llaalait, Ueorge Kia.eU llaa'inga. All* ri Oallatin Jaakiea, -aary llridae JaJktua, Jaaaa kdar>n ketth, Joi n t'lacianataa Kior. Ite t) am in 'lata Bar* John Maral.all Xtairra, Angel Naaerru. Aiaeeea I'oMt, Daniel Ephraim t*flord. Joe,ph Th-maa *helt?e Hamaat Ittar) Shrave, Unary I'arnam >ni>k. fcdaar Jama* Hj?dy, J-ha Ppauldinc, o-ia hal|hl Kaia. ^amn?l T>wa?*a4l C.aor?a Hirhard t'aderbill. Mdaey W*he?er. John llnak Weleh. Urorg* White, Hanial Thaw Wrigkl, laaac thaaaaaf W i maa Ihedigraaol Doctor la Medicine wee conferred tba following candidate* :? William Hammond Brnwa. Benry Clark, larael Tk*entflka llane. Willina Ualie liarel, Jena hea f>aaeHora. B.?hertPlalay Ih i.Ma, Bdiauad Teeker laatmen, Jahai fiikef, J' kn "amuel It> Ii * ?? i i.?r ... v?.. i-..- . * 1 llMilinri 6?rbn,li<?w Knit! Urerlar lidam A ilea Hill,J..aapb llraa* fliaphan* Iliti-hrack. Il.tlla Sialtb ?a?tr, El am Laiah. William l.*i(b Ion. Wiihaoi Laaaitt L*a?'ln. J??tph (>a?la M|f 1,?t|. Initial Oreai Of*. Theoiaa Oaan*. Fruklli flaiebrr r>',)k l?*i*l CnnU IVt?i. Dii.UII I'.rln, J W'lliUa I'r ai?a. Jha > ?man Sao bora. IU..j?mi. tiartlf *b>w, i?**ld <>?*<?w fmilh. Mk I.our,j Ikmm NrRtwi Thti?% ( laaseat a4ftvi walker. Alnart <:?ii?u? ?tr?.k*. bardaar Wolaatt. Tbetollowlng honorary dogree? warealeo ?onfcrra4 ? Dot-tor or Law* ?< kaalae u. Lnrlai. of B . >a; rkiriM K?i, l'r<aid*nt of t'olam'.ia ? allot*. New Tack; 0--?rta Tlekiof, n( Imtaa ; IWaawr l,Ur laia t klaf Jaailee *f tba Hui.raaia Court of Ohio; Praam* bi?k>r. hofqaar of HlMnrf ana Pcllllral PrAn<>aa} la tka Unltaraity of Sua .h ''artilla*. Mil la a or Dtrinrrt ?Rat. (.aorre w. HI* rdan.-f (I >?t?at Rat J.e?jh To: ret, I'mfaaaor if la'allaataal aad Moral t?Mloanahf In th* I altaraltt of V* Hat Predar'ak 4. lariat, of Rruoklja. Maw Tork . Rat. w.lila.n P. I.aat. a* uatn't. Baaakrhaaatta , Rat. TV maa J. J?tjn. af Cliataa. Sa? fork. Port..* ot Bai.x-iaa.?Dr. Rafaa Load*?. af ilatarfcill, Baaaa< huaatt*. atria or Ann -Cbarlaa R Almrtad, af llirtM, C?an*rtl< at; Oaorra I.Warni'.ra. uf t'ambrMfe. Rat l.aataa RJUlMf I'aaibridia. Urari T. Tkrkafman. af Nat Tart; Rat Thotnaa 8. Mat af Boa.oa. Th?iaa* T. Bvara, af Batten. Allot I ho announcement of tha defraea tha Alumni ?m?M. with Ik* clergy aid other dtat mgalahad |?mM, war* Intltad to attend lha Oollage dinner and a pri? aaalon a a* fnrmxiat Uorw Hall, tha library which motad to Hartard llall. tbara th it anker talnm eat wm protlded Proaidaat flpark* pr eel led aad after a hl?aMn| aak* d by Hot llr Allan of N"rthb?rou?h th* m?al iu ao< i. d< apatohed Tha eomm?noaru?tit hy ran wna aung and tbo aft-rn^on tai pa<ae<i in a aarlaa of rrnark* Iron aotaral *ontl?*n?a recalling tha m-mory of thoao a ho had formerly Jolaed In theaa ira-h-rlng*. who are now no nnra Man* Intnti 'ting raialniaaaaa* of tha paat wwre tha* b ought ap and tha eomacnaomrnt dmnar protracted to munh m to than lit uaoal lergth I'rr-ident Spat ha r-llr> d early, hatlag nailed to tha chair bla pndareeaor. Pr?e|.|?ni Rtaratt At about ball paat 8ta o'clock. tba fliTeranf, wltlk blaaoltaand ohi * t. too* ap th? lr liaa of march fat Koato*. aad the fattltltiaa of tha day wire cloaad Donaaatla Hlatallany Th- Brnijara of tha C >i ivoi Coaooll of hata determined, at thel? r ?n e*pana* to hara p?'a%ed a fall longth porualt a??en Taylor, to be hnag ta their rhambar Tba porkrt of Mr Kendal, of wia rabbad a few day* *la?* ?f >1 07t _11 bolongad b? the wife of a man In t?alif?rnla aad Mr * h*? P?"?? rared tha mooay for goli dnat for bar Tba Woodworth Planing Marhlna Pa*e?t flana. |g befora tha Blatrtot Court at PlttabnrB Aa lajanallo. waa laaurd agatnat tba defendant, asd tba platatlf held to ball In tha *aa of M.W till I'tMti U randan d Tha jewelry afore of I K Lakawan at ftatem Maaa . waa mbbad. a f?w night* Of ??OBB wort* * good* William Doffr u< O?or?? W. P?rkln? arr*?t?d ?? Nortfc Daarnr*. Mm* , for ?fc? CnagreffttlAMl Ctivnh * Ifct' r<*H- *> *' ***' '?h vb? ecta*. t >

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