Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 23, 1850, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 23, 1850 Page 1
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' , T H NO. 6S88. B!MV IMPORTANT FRflVI f.AI IFfliiNIA ARRIVAL OF THE STEAMSHIP CKESfENT CITY. eighteen days later. ARRIVAL OF THE C0LUM3JS AT PANAMA. Two Ilundred anil Fifty Thousand Dollars in Gold Dust. Another Terrible Conflagration in San Francisco. OVER THREE HUNDRED HOUSES BURNED. LOSS, FITE MILLIONS OF DOLLARS. J*ew discoveries of gold, j lWARRTArtPa ATVT71 TVEAT7TR THE MARKETS, Ac. AtiAc, The steamship Crescent City, Capt. Brown, arrived at this port, yesterday afternoon from Chagres ria Kingston, Jam., with eighteen (lays later news from California. The Crescent City arrived at Chagres in nine days, via Kingston, J a., from New York, and left Chagres on Saturday, loth of July, at 12 o'clock, M., and arrired at her dock in Kingston, at 4 o'clock, P. M., on the 16th, fifty-two hours from Chagres, and left Kingiton on the morning of the 16th inst., at 0 o'clock, A- M., and arrived at New York, at one o'clock, yesterday afternoon, feeing from Kingston. 6 days and 7 hours. The Cresoent City brings $3)0,000 in gold dust in the hands of the passengers. The steamer Columbus arrired at Panama on the 6th inst., having left San Francisco on the 18th of June. 8he brought 160 passengers, and $130,000 in gold dust, on freight, and the mails. She was seventeen and half days from pert to pert?the quickest passage on record. The following ate the lists of passengers who left San Francisco, on the 17th of June, in the steamships Sarah Sands and Columbus, for Panama, en roult for the United States, many of whom came in the Crescent City:? m THE STEAMSHIP COLUMBtTS. B.C. Wiggins, R J.Watson. David T. Gunnison, N. 111. Hall, i> 15 Freclind. J. C. Fulton, Isaao Hum? \l ,. I...UIU l#.nua n^r.l i V A \I n.,,1 .*?> John Irwin, J. P. Rynders. Henry Perritt. W. A. ' Hamilton, R. V Montague. Austin Arnold. A O. L.ibutt, *T. 8. Johnson Kdward frVhrinan Mr. Howe. 8. Clark, .A. Hatlley. Nathl Hoice. Wm.T Moflatt.Ueo. Lowrey, O. Lowrey, Jr., 1*. Short, J. 8. BrunUage. Krtoi Brilungton J. 11. Singleton, (1. W Peacock. Wm Barton, J. P 8 . Maxley, 1) Leet 0. T. 8. Curtl*. A. J. Striker, J. Vincent, SilaeSink. Lyman Lock wood. Albert Smith, it. M. Boyd. W. II. Montgomery. W II. lMuinmer. W. Keanaon. W. II. Lee, M. Pry, J. Kirk. W. T. Kendrlok, J. B. Ingi.ill, J. Willard. A. Paatage, John Potter, A. 2). Stewart. Kdw. Blaki>lee. Q. \V Randall. F. B. Cage, M. W. Burnett. E. Miller. K. S. Fllea. TV'. 0. Doorea, 8. Ilavdm, N. P. Sawyer. K. Srai'h. K W. M Calterty, W. J. llufluni 1)an 1 B. Akin. G. W Davla. D. Ray. P In(traham, Levi Tavlor, John Evans, Jam?i Kvana, J. 1). Patrick. Jami'ii McManus. W llutibard, N. M. Babbitt, M M Babbit. D. Nye, JW. Buell. A J. llarria, II U Hunt. J. Currey, L B Com stock. Sam'l . Watoon, B. K. Wast, Robert Martin. W Cunningham. W. Thompson, A. A. PrMtnr. A J. MoriiU. J. B. Hutching * 0. Stineon, A Pmoot, J. B. Mallory, Joha (JaU*. Henry Du jomt. T. K Wilson. E. Bailey?Total, IIS IT* TtIK STKAMSIUP SARAH SANDS. John O. Lewla. 0. II. Onllck. Francis Oaaalt. Charlei Cunningham, Mr*. Sturdevant and child, Wm. Cor brere. it. Watson Noble. Thoa. Soarey. M. Mlnet David ' Simon. K. K. 8hed. Win A Bird. Nathaniel Adams, John Styles. Wm Myer Philip Van Ward. Joseph R IIolT, Gabriel Crook. Ale*. Fraaer. N. B. Wright. B. Y. ' AN ite. L. Lai ham, Joha P. Lincoln. We ai? happy to hear that Messrs. Adams It Qo.'f , tore, la San Francisco escaped the general ronflagratloa. That enterprising firm shipped, on the Sarah Band#, nearly (100.000, being, as heretofore, the largest ahippers in the city. During the three days preceding the departure of the Columbus 1,503 passengers arrived at San FranoUeo. The f130.100 la gold dnst. brought on freight, by the Columbus, was detained at Chagres to wait the arrival of the steamer Cherokea. A destructive fire occurred at San Francisco on the nth nt J nna Over 300 buildings destroyed. Loss ettlmated at %b 000,(MX). The tUumr Went Point arrived at Panama on the 4th of July, sod will leave on tht 13th for Ban KrancIm*. TheCre?eent City bring* from Klnj'ton. Jamslca, J7 bbl* and 1 half bbl ginger and pinet, 1 cane gla*?. 1 <10. paint, A. Laiarn*. Mew York; 92 900 In (pool*, 0. Durand, $2,000 do do., Goodlaca k Co,, New York; > 4(0 do f> Brookman. New York; 92,000 do. . Churrbman. Robert* It Oo ; $1,330 do do . Buckhead * r?M?. Baltimore. Total. 91.460. W* have recelrei by Adam* k Co.'* and Gregory'* Xipreaee*. file* of San FrancUao paper* to the 18th ult., ^nolu *lv*. nummary of New* on the Pirlflr. (From the fan Franrlaro Herald, June 17.] The new* which will be conveyed to the Cnited St*te* by thl* ?t*amcr. I* of absorbing and palnfnl Interest The dl*a*ter that ha* laid in aih'< the mont thriving and mo*t wealthy portion of our city ?fol- I !"Wing t*?t a? IT doe* on th- of th" lire of 4th ol May?I* the late*t. *? It I* by far the mo*t Important Item of intelligence It will, no doubt, excite m good deal of nurprlM. that the btiiine** of the city an >o m?ny ?evere ?h' without bein* wli.?:iy prostrated. Indeed, we doubt if *uch manifold <ll*a*ter* could have been ?o well borne In any other city In the world We rejoice to be able to *t*te that the enterprise of oar citizen*, although it ha* received ? *evore -heck by the flre of Friday la*t. ha*, neverthele**. not , r.uccumhed ben<ath the niUfortune In pa**ing through the Mill blaimi vtreel*. one hour and a half after the flrw had been *uhdued, we *aw carpenter* bu*ily m Cy?d re laying thn foundation of a hnilding that had n torn down but two hour* before, and variou* ntract* r hare huil<lin/? immediately ?r. -ted. had been even then concluded, by *ome of tho*e who <af. fered heavily by the fire- ?o Indetatlirable la the enterprise of our people It will be ?een by the report of i meeting in another column that there la a determined effort being mad* to prevent the recurrence of *n*li an awful calamity. Art**ian well* will be rank, reaer? -voir* contracted, hook and ladd*r *n#engine com I'lni"" na*a mm ?r^?ni?r i ..j ..... and anartatlr yonn* ma?. and It l? noit rartain that an rewill ha laft untrlad to praaarra tha elty la futur* trrnn im<-b orarwhalmlnf mlafnrtaaa. It nanaot. hnwftfr ba roMnlnl t hat tha ln?H? eoaaaqnaat oa thl* fira will atarelaa * moat dapraaalag influ?nr? , on httalnaaa n| **tlnn? for " ma tlma to ?"Bi* Tha intalllganaa from th? ciin^a la of ?uch a natura * to pro?a that thara will ba a i-r?nt?r jin ty of (old dng oat thl* nmmrr than arar balora. T? aoarraly hao? which rallay tha Han Joaqaln or tha KMTanrnin. ha* aant out tha rlchaat apaolmaa*; hot tha gold com-? from both ra*ton? In 'ulBol nt qnanIMn la ^ftfl lial t h. n- VH M littla aitrarajanca in the a?*artton that tha rro la inaihanat Ibla. It ha* baaa found too. m tar north a* Oragon and a* far routh aa th? mountain* n-nr I Anfala* Th?ra *p paara ta ba a rldga of (old h-arin* ijaart* runalna tha wbola Worth of tha roaatry aim oat north and aonth Tha ara haa baaa foaad richer ta tha moont*ln? of !<oa Aafala* than aran la tha mlna* of Marlpoaa Wa hara aaaa larwa n?>? < from both localltla*. A* found In tha formar platia. It will raqalra tha amploymant of aelaaoa and machlaarr - tha ona to dlraet rx-ratuna tha othar fr>r grinding Iha rork ami with thaaa two aganta angagi-d it will afford from tha 1* manaa quantity that *xl*t? anfllelant raploymaat wd cerapaaaatlon to thraa fourth*. at lra?t, of all tha ?uparflo<u* labor of tha Ualtad State* It will ba aaaa by oar commercial raport. tha acaaracy of which may ba ralia4 upon, that bnatna** ha* baan drooping for aoma tlma pa?t la all onr principal <-ttlaa In fHockton. the m-r^hanl* ar rih? thi? 1aC??lon. la aoma maaaurc. to Iha operation of tha requiring for?tgner? ?n pUr ha?? !icea*e? Tha taw wm. m might ba atpactad, attramaly aapopnlar at lir?t am"ng that cla?? of mlnara; latterly thay hara become mora r?eoa?lla<l to lu "per*tion. and bar*, la moat Inataneat. ?a haliare. returned |o thalr w?rli Tha law will become a nullity a? aoon aa tha art of IVOfifr*** MlillwiiR ' wi in%?j m* union Nn*ii Iww> nfRoUU? knownto nwr 'toI ? |ut hnrt?(<-? T?? r*^pn% mnriliir "I r*'ty *T ,t?" Tb?! ?. at tb# mopth of th* ??l<n h%? r*?a*4 ?n nr4?t loltMif fhr of rnlt<"l trnop? to tn that prttnt f?f lh? prntMtton of nd fr>r t%- |nmi?li??ni ?? tb?? mur4?r?r?. Cipitia K N "R ^ t f >1 ' ' Pacramento, to investigate the particulars of Captaia Warner* murdtr iu November la?t, I Our reader* in the I tilled States will be interested In thepositkn recently assumed by the people of Han Francisco in relation to the aetn of their rulers. It will be Man that the oitin ns are determined to hare a pure and healthy administration of their alTtirs. Indeed, notwithrtaudlu* the Had cata trophe which ha* just occurred, we can coDgra'ulatf oursrlves that I abetter orcer of thing* in dawning upon our city. II it hurt o. In the eager pursuit of business. the framing and the administration of the laws were neglected by those mo.nt inter< sted It ha<i at length become apparent that the very life of business depends on the soundness of the laa. and itg equitable administration. Hereafter the watchfulness ot the poople will secure the honesty ot their servants The arrival of the Tennessee is hourly espeited. The inttlllgence from the L'nitod States is looked tor with great anxiety. [From the Pacific New*, of .Tunc 17.] Since the Hailiug ot the Oregon, on the first instant, little;had transpired in California of absorbing interest. until the Inavy calamity which befel our city yesterday Within a tew months paat, San t'raneiseo Las bteu visited with three large (ires The twe first were met with undroopiog energy, and a few days was only needed to elapse, until the bum of business comnil need with renewed enterprise. But the present disaster is a Boost stunning blow?people pause in their operations until they thoroughly consider what is best to be done. It visited a quarter of the city which ha? been the main depot of commerce, and swept away far more property than on former occasions; large proportion of which is on consignment, the loss of which falls heavily upon distant shippers. We are bound to create an efficient tire department and also to have established a certain limit that muit be rebuilt id a safe and proper maimer. Our citizens ar? no* Caking the matter into ooasideratlen, and in a lew days such ordinances will be enacted a? may guarantee greater safety in future. We refer to other columns of this sheet for full particulars. Because of great destruction at the Are, all kinds of building materials have advanced in piice. and tor some time to come, we think will he held above their late ruling rates. The foreign miners are paying their tax without opposition, and all disturbance has ceased from that The latest mining intelligence will be found in other columns. In the Upper Sacramento there Is much excitement about land titles between those who wish to settle upon a part of those Immense claims of Capt. Sutter, and ethers who hare purchased his right to many of the best localities, and hold them for speculation. Since our la*t, the discovery of large gold deposit! in Oregon has awakened considerable attention here. Tt accounts are very authentic, and we think may pit ably have an Influence to direct part of the cur at of emlgratiou which Is now on the plains. Pacific City, near the mouth of the Columbia, Is drawing very considerable attention among business men. yuite a number of buildings have already been erected there lately, and several large improvement* are in contemplation. An able firm of dan Kranei-tco is about to ply a steamboat between Pacific City and the upper waters of the Columbia. from the liritish colonies we have had several arrivals lately, bringing srowd* of passengers. tiuite a trade has sprung up with that part of the world, and most of their product* are to be found on sale in thia market. From China wo have a late arrival, giving notice of the death of the emperor. We are in receipt of late dates from the Sandwich Islands, but there is no news of interest. Still Another Conflagration?O Three Hundred Houses Burnt?Nearly Five Millions of Property Destroyed. [Fron the San Francisco Herald, June 18 ] We have scarcely courage or spirit te attempt oalmiy to record this last and most terrible disaster to our apparently doomed city. We know not how to sufficiently colleet our thoughts or our energies under this stunning blow In little more thsn three hours, at l?art two-thirds of the wealthiast ttntflnn tka ,.W? k..u The property of the heaviest honwn In town?the hard turning* of year* of successful industry?have be< n swept away Gloom and desolation ha< settled on many a (tout heart. Many a man in easy circumstances has been brought to tbe verge of ruin. The commercial greatness of thlt fair city has received a shock from which It will not recover for many a m uith to come. It in the will of 0<>d?we bow with humility to tbie nwful dispensation of aa all-wise Provldenee The lire originated in a buck building attached to the Sacramcnto llouse. between Sacramento and Clay streets. It commenced a little belore X o'clock. A. M . and r* the wind h'.gh at the t ime. it communicated quickly with tiie adjoining buildings When wc arrived at the scene ot conflagration, the Haines Were roaring In on immense volume from the direction of Sacrameuto street to the corner of Montgomery aud Clay. The Mayor and all the principal oitisens were promptly on the ground, but the supply of water being limited, no effort was of any avail to arrust its progress short of Clay street. Here a dtderiniaed staud was made, but notwithstanding tho uiort active and east-lets exertions, thi flame', spread to the north side, and extended as far as Mr. Naglee'i unfinished building on Montgomery street. The banking huuse of Mr. J as King, of William street, wu torn down, and this enabled tho citixen* to arrest the progrets of the Are at this point. Mr Naglee'f Iom was comparatively trifling Meantime the wind carried the flames down, with resUtlesa fury, to the water's edge, sweeping In Its progress the whole of the blocks from Clay street on the north, to the north side of California street, Inclusive, and from Kearney street, with but the e iception of few houses, to the water. It Is owing to the noble and manly riertlon* of Gregory Yale. Esq . assisted by several cltitens, that the shipping in tbe harbor was saved from dsstructlon Mr. Yale was deputed by the Mayor to proceed to this point and to use all means necessary to arrest the progress of the conflagration Ue remained until he was pressed so hard by the fUme*. that he was obliged to escape in a boat. It would be impossible, so extended was the aoene of action, to particularise half of those gentleman who 1 exerted themselves lo day the conflagration. Mr. Kohler. Mr. Ilartol. Mr. l?rod?rlek, Mr Melggs. and others, acted as they always act on such occasions, 1 with cool courage and determination. If any man. more particularly than all others de] serves the thsnk* of the community, it Is Col. Jack Ilay?. We know no terms of commendation sufficiently ftrorg to express our admiration of tha i conduct of this gallant officer. But for hia noble exeitiens the whole of the block, hounded by the north side of Clay atreet. and from Montgomery street ta the water, would have been iaorlficed.? He fnrmtd a line from the Artesian well in tha i building known as the Pacific Batht, In Montgomery street to Clay street, and by the moat untiring effort* kept'the fire at bay Several tiroes he was obliged to descend from the ladder, reeling under the snorching heat, lint, even after the fire had been partially subdued. he remained on guard till 4 o'clock In the af ternoon The banking hou*a of Biirc ri? 1 Co. I* *r?in anacatbed by tha -being tha third tim? thi* establishment ku pinned the ( rful ordeal Tbe har? kf(an to ff*wd it m t *ort of Balnraandvr concern that cannot be burned up W bile ?h* conflagration *u raiting Boat flarealy, tbo neighboring banker* the collector of rn*tom?, anil maay of our principal merchant*. dcpoaltad their la?i;< amount* of trea?nra. Connected with thera bulldlo* In a powerful forcepomp with ho?e by ram of which walrr wan coidnrtfd ta mb? of tha neighboring building* which rendered rary great tarTic?. The entire loaa 1* eatlmatad at from thraa to flra million of dollar* Tha following i* a corrected !l?t of tk# aufferer* by tha flra. in moat part obtain*-! fr >m tha parties th?nwlTw ? rut *T*rrr, komtn iidi. Ilarri* k Panton. druggitt* . . $10,000 Starr k Trua. ratine h<>u*e 16 000 Whit* llall Coffee Hnuae 6 000 Hawk. Parka ft Co . grocer* 4,500 Kelaey. Fmlth ft Rialey. b*ot and *hoe atora and building. 30.000 It Heard. eichange 3 M T K Battalia. Wood cork lticbange. . 3,1100 >b?n Nile* Kichang* 2.600 Ntm *IM. Hamilton k I.ujH'r 2.000 W?ll* ft Co . banker* unknown. Prteraon k < o grocer* unknown. ftennett k Co., groaer* 14 000 Davld*on ft Co . agent* to Rothehilda trifling Banche* ft Brother * building 60.000 Mark ft Oo Merchant*. an<1 building 60 000 W. K. Reye* ft Co . clothier* 6 000 l.aoonnt ft Harrier" fancy atora 1* 000 4 hanrlteau ft Co., allk mercer*, and building. . 60 000 Bennett ft Kltby. hardware 18.000 Adaladorf * Veuetadt grocer* unknown. Oardet merchant, building 60 000 PI'che ft Co.. merchant*, and building HO000 T J. Ptnllh clotBliT i.nuu Ilalffht k W?d?wnrth unknown o?bnr?* * O'Donoall. 6 000 Dr Ra)? It C*., 40.000 Moitnimm rmrrr. *?rr kdi. Oaborn k Brannan S0.000 1 Fltm * Til<l.n I* Crrfunna k R?ynnM?, flour 6X00 J L. 30,000 M ft 4.000 Ka#1? ftalrnn 60.000 I Aufttln k Co . Hon** 26,000 Col. Hay* 6.000 I J. B. Hart ?00B i ynimby fc lUmnonil 6.000 I Macnurtray k Co 6 000 , Journal of Commerce unknown I Ream* It Brother. 2,000 ?n B Low 10.000 | John 1'nrrott 4.000 I 0. Cook* 16,000 W??T mi II M Kaffir 6,000 MIm fteymour. S?|*f Mom 1 WW 1 Fa?h ft Co 2.">00 Mraebam k Co . A t?**f ion??r? 10.000 Clilted fttatea U?M 10 000 H?? Tw? ('"*?? IIOUM 1000 t. A.I JO Thayar. sommliMiloa m*r?h?nt? . 16,<*)0 F retard k Nwiwaii. aoetloneara unknown I>r. T> O R*hln>?a drmn*ti<- mtir*nm 4 <V)? VmnnH. ti?1lf??tr J>XM S? ntf ?i 4. 1 eg fb new building*. ......1,600 W YO MORNING EDITION?TUI ArRAMKNTO UTREET, NORTH SIDE. Market, corucrot Kearncj '2.600 Olivt r it Del Voccbio, stock aud building. . 10 (HK) ; <iui4ii n ra^'an. paim ueaier 10.000 Paju & Hart grocer* '2:1.500 | John Sharp, grocer 120o0 J M.Coughlin. stock and Uinht n< 20 000 i Etevers. Drake At Co., gen? ral merchant*. . .. 15.000 I L. Bos anji". Colliard At Co 10 out) l Simmon*. Lilly & Co.. geueral merchant*. . .. 30 000 i 8. Brannan 10.000 J. L Kiddie At Co 4.000 1 C. (Mil 11M* t Tontr. Wood & Co 8 000 1 Lament Wilson & Co , oommis. merchants. . , 2 500 1 Sat raoiento House 5.000 1 Plummer. Keith & Co 10,ox) | A Kobiuson 100.000 < Geo. II Morris 3 500 I Hoot _t>auin ii Dittman 2,600 < SOUTH SIDE. 1 Everott &. Oo , merchanta 25t)00 ' Glenn At Co 5.000 1 Dixon. Forbes & Co loot*) Jewelry More 25,000 Weil's A: I'OUsel dealer* m b shoos. iiO.. . . 12DU0 Swifi 6i Bro* . jobbers lO.OtK) Chas Bertrand 1,600 . Mullott k Tullot. French store l2tK>0 Tiellue St Guillet 10.000 ' Madame Antoine. millinery ?tt>r? 1 .'> v> Cramer & Kaumbauch. importer* 20 000 Jacob! k Co.. dry gooda 1OOO0 Bromly At Co 10 000 ' lUvlty. Sterling At Co 15.000 Wm. 11. Jones, auctioneer ?. . . 5.000 i Collin* k Cuehman 3.000 . FiUgersld, Uatisb. Brewster St Co., 20,000 Merchant's Hotel 6.000 Vandyke Si Beltlen 30.000 . Backua It Harrison 7 500 Taffe At Co., 18,(HK) llussey, Bond & Hal* 6,000 Wtbh8t.Com Mill and machinery 6.000 J J. Oliyer Agnew 6.000 . Caughey k Bromley, 12.000 . James B. George 4,400 Dearborn & Sherman. Merchant'* Hotel. 6.000 Simmons, Hutchinson It Co., 4.000 Yasaault Si Co., 11,000 KEARNEY STREET, WEST (IDE. Van Ilouten. Market trilling M A. Blumentlial. fancy wares 2'?> . Anselm Merandel, fancy wares, to 1.000 j EAST SID*. Chnrles Burrett. crockery dealer 20 000 . Treadw*U k Co., groaers and hardware 3.000 Chinese Restaurant 3.000 Olympic Amphitheatre 4,000 . AtMeiiorftr &. Hcbwarts. grocers and dry goods 3 two . liutin Ptewart 4t Co.. ,-aloon 8,000 . P. 0. Lander 7.000 J CALIFORNIA STREET, B. u. William* t Co., commission merchants, mi .udiii i two houses od daerauiento street, 15,000 { Cook, Baker It Co 10.000 CCNTBAL WHilr. Market 2.000 Otting. r 4. Brown 8.000 D. Uibb 15.000 Mcl-ean. cordage aud naval stores. ........ lft.uoO Pollard L Randall. merchunts 5.000 Mtllui.llowwd kCn., merchants 180.000 Finlay. Johnson it Co 40.000 8. Taylor, formerly ?f 8ing ning, 7,000 Ilcwea & Cutter 25.1*00 A. J. Cost 800 P. Verplanck 800 Shannon, Drake it Co 8.000 II. W. Howe, watchmaker unknown W . B. Cooke L Co 15 L. B. Brown, late of Massachusetts 8,000 It is worthy o( note, that a vast amount of property was faved by the constant supply of water from the artesian well, belonging to the l'ai'itio Hatha, in Montgomtry street. TLe proprietors of this establishment are entitled to warm praise. Their hou<e was thrown open toretrerh the exhausted laborers at the tire. :unl with the readiest generosity they volunteered the me 1 of their Inexhaustible supply of water. The whole block on which cur office stands was saved by this 1 artehisn well We deeply regret to learn that the proprletera of tho 1 Journal aj Comment are severe losers by the lire They saved nothing bat the forms and t small quantity of their type besides. We have hopes that the same . spirit of energy and enterprise that has characterised them on former occasion*, will enable thein to over- , com* this calamity. Our own loss is comparatively trifling we have lout none ?>f o?r property by the Are h?> In* by the y aid of thf ??est trWrnU m"T mtiMUhmi>iii htii sue. , renled In saving our building. The house next to ( ours, however, occupied by Mr. Sherman, vu so , exposed and the danger waa so Imminent, that we , were compelled to move our whole establishment.? , The consequent derangement of our materials, compels us to appear this morning under some dlaad- ( vantages. We shall, however, have every thing in proper order by Monday. To those gentlemen who bo kindly aided us id removing oar property, we tender oar sincere and grateful acknowledgment*. We aia indebted for the moat generous aid to a number of (ft-mlt-meii anionic wbcm we would mention Col. IUth, Mr. Kraaner. deputy sheriff. (Jen. Ureen Mr. Dickinson, Capt. Cope, ot tba itlenmore. Mr Meaax, of San Kafael. Mr. liuckelew. Judge Smith, of tbe Superior Court. Mr. Bernard P'jton. Mr. W. W Hum*. Mr. lilalr. and Mr. Maynard of the Navy. Mr. Dodge. Mr Tharp, Clark of tbe Supreme Court, and a great many other*. T t K M! Kit rMTICirUU. sts>it* kkid. Clay afreet seutb side. coru?r <>l Kearney, oceupli-1 by Ohborne i i)'l)<>nn?ll ?roc*rs; building owned by >inl*y. Johnson k Co. Total loaa. art 'iPm ** Clay street. on both side*. ti%>in the above to Montgomery street. and on the m>uth side to the bay. burning all the new houfe- rcc*ntiy en nted on the former burnt dl?trict. from the i'laia to Montgomrty street, except one. K- % W?a Montgomery street,on both sides. frrtn the south sltle of Clay slr?et to California street, except the lam* brick building owned by W II. Darts, and oceu. |i|i d a* the Custom House. Hsrrainenta street, on both side*, from Kearney atreet to the Day. Including tbe large Iron warehouse owned by Cooke. Baker It Co., and oecuplad by the Umpire City steamship office. California ureet. on the north side, from Kearney street to the Hay. except tBe custom house building, as before mentioned Kearney ?ir*< t. on the east side, all tbe buildings frt.m Clay to Caltforr ia tre?t ODtral V. barf ?All the buildinrt on this wharf, and the street leading to it, including the large warehouses ot Mellna, lioward It Co , JTIsley. Johnson ft Co., and D Oibb. Sherman'* building, comer of Montgomery and Clay *treet?, ii* for several hours in imminent danger. This buiUing was occupied by Ureen ft Morgan. Melhado. Klancke ft Co.. J. Mat toon ft Co., on Clay street, and by Fay Fierce li Willi*. Bacon k Mahoney. R. J. BI -- ??J II U k|,* n ,... U | *treet. Th<' (Hruf?iit? with i boat of good men and I true, fcnci-ntm*.i d all their force to aave that buildiag I on which hung thr lata of th? entire block bounded ; 1 by Clay.Montgomery and Jackaan *treet?. , I additional Tby rmc latk PlltK. I Orayaon fc Guild (3,000 l I Hamilton k*ter, Central wharf 2 S0<> l j Proprietor* of the Sacramento wharf fiOO I llcnry graly. Civil Kn*lneer *M) Mandiere II Co . Sacramento afreet lO.ouo Tba beautiful new iron (tore, juat flniahed. on the | corner of Montgomery and Marrameato atreeU, hu bren completely deatroyed. The tire ha* been fait more aeverely by Meaer*. Ih ward Mella* fc Co than by any otbar individual Ann Contract* hare been made fhr the immediate replrrement of nearly all the building* In the vicinity of Clay, California. Montgomery, and (lacramento utreit* (Ireat credit la due to the proprietor* and attache* ; of the aereral wharvea Ibr the prompt generoalty with which they gave "belter to great >|uaa title* of good* which would otberwiM hare been completely de toyed. Revival of B?aln?M at Han Francleco. [from the Pan Kraacleco Herald. Jane 18 ] W* are rejoloed In being able to atate that th? city pre*ent? tc day the mut gratify la* Indication of re. tarntng life and animation Thronghont the greateat portion of tha bnrned dlatrlct. hmiw? are already ! printing up. and thoee who on Saturday were wandering about depteneed and *piritlea*. regarding with aaddened look* the ruined and blackened remain* of their late thriving bnalnea*. are to-day girding themaeive* for a renewed effort. All along the line of Clay, Mont gomery. Parrameato and California atreet*. and the wharf*, the clank of the hammer and the trowel rewound*. and everything give* promise that hut a abort time will elaree before the bu*ineaa of the city will have thoroughly revived. We are glad to *ee that tho?e who were the hravleat loaera in the recent dlaa*ter am amonir the flrat to make the bold effort to retrieve tb*ir lo?oea Ab?i| tbc*e who are building on tlx1 horned <il?trlct are Mel I ii?, Howard fc Co , Co >ke. Ilrfk-r k Oo ., H M>a<ham Rpq , Flnley, Johuaon fc Co . Oaborae fc Uranium, tod many othora of lb' h?**ieat loaera, are already ?n Central Wharf threa ?torea half built Dp and the whole of the baainaaa portion will be rebuilt forthwith, (lateral brick at?rea ara Mi?tr?ft?l for. and people are turning their attention to Ihe making of brick u a speculation that m??t yield the mort ample return A tain of imap-atona haa aUo barn diacorrred. thraa milea from town, promieing to afford an eitenaWe (apply of Are-proof building material io that there I* f??rj reaaon I* hopa that, grletona aa ara th? praaant effecta of the dlaaater. It a ill Wad nltlmataly to a mora haaltby and mora ?ab > condition of bualneaa In thla eity The ranawad confidence which Inaplrea our bnalneaa nen arlaea. In a great mea?ure, from the certainty ' hat iio? e*l?t? that thora will ba organiied a Bra depart m oi >nd a flr? police, that mu?t Inevitably pre apreading of flrea la futnre The while ?tr< neth of onr city?old man and yoaag and eapeel ally tbe latter. hate coma fnrward and ara now forminf organlratb na that not only prom lee afflclenny but tba moat immediate direct and perfect efficiency Before U<? "l><l of the week wa ahall hate ?ereral complete angina and hook and ladder nompanlaa To day. the wmkmen employed nnder the dlrectloo of the aatboH tlea commenced boring two art*alan walla, one in V' rt mouth flqnnra. and tha other In Jackaon atreet U<?<r>iim fare al?a being coutructod la iitareat I ????? RR E SSDAY, JULY S3, 18150. parts of the city and it is thfl Intention of several eitl?en? to hare wellg bored cootlgaoua to their property. Before <id? mouth the city will hare an abundant supply of water, twiU such a tiro department an probably ranuot be found anywhere iu the United Ptatua out of New l ork. Those who are foremost to this movemeut are among the best men in the city We have saen many destructive tic* ill New York, and we hive never seen dipplayed. even there, more cool and determined courage, more energy, or self-devotion. than were displayed at the tire of Friday last. If this determination and energy had bern aided by any of the appliances for putting out (lren. it would have sufficed to conHue the conllagration to the immediate locality in which it originated The great want was water That want will now be supplied. nnd it is this certainty that jive* our buHinef men courage and c. nfldence to rejommence opera;ions It in our settled conviction, from the evidence* >< e hnveot the zeal evinced by our sitixens In the orgunl'ation now being effejted. that :here will exist, f n Jture. no possibility for the

>ccnrrence'ofsue:i another conflagration as that which laa jmct happened. Intelllgrnre front the Mines. ooi.n neah sa.n [From the Pacific News. June 10 ] This discovery, already noticed In the Transcript, It s hoped, will prove but one of a series equally Impotent. The mines alluded to are situated iu[a range of ow hills, lying; in the valluy of San Jose, between the Jontrs Costa and Coast ranges of mountains, nnd four >r five mile* above the Pueblo. The gold is fouud in he form of ore?one species being clearly micaceous and-stone?the other a blue, compact stone rcsem)ling talc use slate, without the slaty texture. Several ipecimens have been assayed the highest aisay yieldng cents to the pound; the !nwt st about 25 ceuts. 'o that it may be a safe computation at over twenty ents to every pou nd of ore lor the whole mine. What s a little singular In the case, the people at San Jose hick it is a ailver mine, while there Is not enough of .his metal In the ore tor the netessitles ol the assay. K company lYom this oily have purchased the mining right of the ; whole ranch, (consisting of several ague*) upon w hich the mine is located, and are about o commence extensive oparations with appropriate Machinery. rich discovert ok vein gold. , [Fromrthe 1'aciflc News. June 12'.h ] There is no doubt on our minds that the mineral veallh of California will be lound incalculably greater ban even the most sanguine have hitherto imagined, livery day's discovery g es to confirm this opiuon ; and farts within our knowledge warrant . is in saying that tko present season will bring to light the inosi. startling developments ' n vein or quart* mining. If in the low, or , econdary bills, a few hundred feet In height only n the Ssn Jose valley, rich mines of goldoreare , round, of which we spoke yeiterday, what may not be ] looked tor in the explorations among the mountain | ranges on either aide ? And if such result* are found in the coa*t mountains where no one expected much KOld to exist, what will not the loot slopes of the Sierra Nevada disclose to the searching enterprise that is now activity < mployed amidst their gorges, and on i the borders of their streams T We are led to these remarks from certain remarkable discoveries of quart* gold whiolihave lately tome to | our knowledge froai an unquestionable source Several , gentlemen. engaged In mining upon one of the northern rivers, tn tbxir uxplor?tion5In tb? atlj??ent mountains during the pa?twlntef.caine upon a vein of i)uartt, where the pure ore was observed in threads nnd spangle*. beautiful to look upon. An examination took i place, specimen* taken from various parts ot the roc.k, und such rude tests as were at hand applied, with the most satisfactory and even astonishing result*.? The rein i about thirty feet wide, and in some portions so rich aa to produce a dollar to an ounce nf rook' A piece was knocked olT weighing fourteen pounds Hud submitted to the action of the hoit in a blacksmith's trrge. when the amount of thirty two dollars was smelted from the rock ! Not half of whit it contained could be got out in mch a way. Other specimens hare yielded from a dollar to two dollars to a pound of the rock, and the quantity of it is represented as literally Inexhaustible. We shall have some specimens from these mines in a week or two, when we shall probably speak of it again The mother mines of California are yet to be discovered, of ] which the gold in the rivers and ravines are but the li?integratcd particle*. , SOUTHERN MINKS. I BrocaTOi*. Hunday. May 9,1V>0. i Iditoi Pacific Kiwi:? i A week or two since. I forwarded you a short letter W>ui the Mariposa diggings, but. Sliding that nothing :ould be made there at mining. I made the best of rar *ay to this place nnd have been here a few days When I lett Mariposa, the place was aim'?t entirely lean led 1,j Itle ulluer*. uutl tUe ttorekveper* aud traders were beginning to wind up their buslne** and amutt also; some going to other parts of the southern mines, but by far the greater number wending thslr ray to the northern placers. I have late intelligence from various parts of the outhern mines, of which I shall uow proceed to give you h brief account. The h gV *ti>ge of the water prevents miners freiu working, as yet. en the mala streams to any advantage, and. thcrefuie. the success of miners generally Is very Indiffereut. Considerable feeling af pponition ill ihnvn to the payment of the (20 tux. on .ha part et foreign) re. I.ut American miner* lire unlr*r?aliy in favor of th? measure. On gundny lust ? murder took place at Sonora, the particular* at which are a* follow) - - On tha evening previous. * D?n named W hltmora entered tha hou?e >t Mackay & li. lt. and hat a (mail <un at a mopU able lla wm successful in winning, but was n<>t alUAed with the moar; paid nrar to him by Mackay. I dispute aroee bat warn than, and tha Hawaii given. I in n Mackay ordered him to leave tha ho una. or be lould shoot him Whitin' r - ihin h it. promising to I we Mackay tha next day Oil tha morrow ha eallad it a (tore where Mackay wm armed with a nun. and j requested a ft land to tail Mackay ha waa at the door, | I ind wished to see him Tha latter then went to the | i loot with a revolver in bi* hand faying. " 1 wish 1 had i gun.' and tri* d tow rent tha guu from Whit more, rha latWr than ran away. and V.ackay followed, with tha plutol 1(11 In hi* hnnd Whan about twenty pace* distant. Whitmore halted, levelled hi* gun, and Bred, killing Maekay intently. Whituiore wti immediately taken in custody by the *herilT At Be nor a. the miner* are doing tolerably well, and Due day last week a Mexican found an eighteen pound lump near the town At Columbia noma of tha miner* hate sunk hole* to th? depth of oua hundred taat without reaching the reek. At Curtl* creak, mar donora, miner* are averaging from (8 to til) par day. At Harage'* crack, near the Merced, miner* are making fi in to fH par day. About ten day* sire*, two man. who ware in the tragoon *arvlee during the Mexican war. named Dr. McOrlle* and Jama* Dorman. arrived at OtMW'l srei k and, from tha time of arrival, the latter wa* continually intoilcatad. until la*t Thursday morning, *h?n ha wa* found daad uaar the oaiap. with nothing but hi* *hlrt on. Ill* companion, the aforesaid l>r. McUtlle*. immediately left taking hi* fTiand't inula md money with him. and leaving hi* hody to be cared for by t ranger* Pitch Inhuman conduct de*erve* tha everest condemnation Thia same Dr. MctJeJIe*. I think, may be known by hi* having the end ol hta note k>itt? n off j i Business i* duller hare now than at any previous , time, although a great numliar of new houaa* are being erected some of them are quite handsome one* too; and nothing i* parsing to disturb the quietnes*. except i m me Utile noise made by tha fquattar* on town lot*, and the original claimant*. [From the Hacramento Transcript, of the 11th Inat.] Mr Henry l'rior ha* jn*t returned to thl* city from the southern mine* whara ha ha* been digging the paat winter. II* dug two month* In the Mariposa digging*, without meeting much sucoe** Those who have passed the winter there, be think*, have generally tall* n in debt Im a part ol tbeir expense* A company of eleven men were the most fortanate he saw They struck a rich place, and in one day took out nineteen ounce* of geld. In small lump*. be*id*? finding a large piece of gold blended with quart*, weighing *even pound* Alter this they bad very little encourage mant Mr T laft tha Marlpoaa digging* about *11 wrak* ago. and want to Rattla flnaka rraak. ona of tha trthutariax to tba Touolomna lla ffnund tka min- r? at thl* ?trwam loing a fair bualna** averaging from tan lo twelve dollar* par day About lira hundred wara at work, half of whom, hi' think*. wara Mr ileum Tba tax collector had given tba foreigner* noth-c that (bay 1 would *ocn ba repaired to pnrrhaae llccn*** (or dig- 1 nM . and tbla had induced Iham to *e?d a deputation in Joaa to wait on tba Governor. an 1 ra<jn?*t govera mant to reduce tba tax about to ba levied upon them Wr P think* the tax will generally be collected fro? tba foreigner* In that arrtlon. although m*ny d<-clara that they would not *nbmlt to It. Mr P prorpected quite axtenalvaly In the Marlpoaa and TouoIniina digging* but tha rirheat ha found war* on HaMle hnakefereek 'r?n what ha baa ?a?n and from all Iih ha' baan able in Irarn, ha judge* tbal inln-r* have pen* rally only made enough to pay thalr exp?-i.a< h In tb? r>: inelpal digging* ha ha* vieitad lla Ofea?l< na, r I ard of mon<t?r lump" bring found, bat nor.i;i.lM y iald could ba calculated upon A large poat ' n t.( tha Jigger* throughout that portion of tha | iiun> - ara foreigner* Provlalon* ara very cheap. and all kind* of trad* dull. Mr P la an old Miner Ha : pant tba laat **a*on In tha Feather and Yuba river mine*. and afl?r hating. an ha think*, thoroughly triad I tha aontbrrn digging' ha again return* to tha (laid of ' hi* formar labor* lla aaya he want nouth after Inmp*, and. not having mcraeded In hi* object, ha will now j go where ha know* there I* planty of tha duat t?n hi* way to thl* city, tha C'alavara*. Mokalomna and Cixuiin?? wara tha principal atrearn* croa*ed by Mr Prior. Tbay arc (till nigh, and falling vary (lowly. If at all. OOU> ON PKATtlKR RIVKK (From tha Pan Franciaeo llarald. J una 17 ] Tha *t*amar Kl Dorado, which raaa down iait night, bring* tha lnt> Uigi'non that tha great a*t excitement prevail* rn Feather river. In con*e<|Uenca of tha dlaaorary of a vaat bad of gold tearing ijaa ti aaid t>> exceed In quantity an<l richaeea even tha *pecirnaa* fro* tha mountain* of Loa Angrle*. vonrioi ai u-n. (From the I'aclfle flaw*. J una 10 ) Shout twelta nlkt from K night > ferry. on th# Stft- I rtelana. and fcmr or l?t bIIm back from tka rt?#r, j thre? mn rtruck upon * rich depoaH of fold. iMt Iftter ftod labored Ihotl mrrn weaka ?ltfcoill ll?ln| 1 Interrupted W hen they etrurk upon the ?p<H It wfta mora ft matter of Inck than of judgment ft* they ?ar? (rteen In the art of protpeetlafr |?? oftkem ??in( < the pick there for the ftr#t Urn# By mana?einen? they n ntrired to blind the eyea of the pftopla at the trrrf. and bo one xifieHed that they ware taklftg out gold ty tlie f ou?d dally to mck mu A? laftfVfc M . [ERA _ \ r Indian in the gratltt' ation of hi* roaming jfropenstties. stumbled upon the locality, and from ai? eminence watehing tliwir movement* for awhile. gue?sed their secret. aad communicated the information to the ri *t of his tribe The next daymen, women au l children, to the number or four or five hundred, were OU the spot early i<i the morning fork a trial of their luck Antic pital it provi-d to be tY.-m a half to a whole pound of gold. every one of the whole number carried away that night, in lump* varying from one bit to ten dollar* As a mattvr ot course ?o many Indians with so much gold about them, followed the example of their white brethren, and upon their return to camp, pussed the night in orgu* of gambliug an 1 drinking Iu the course of th^ir revels they im-nu tiouilj let drop a hint ot the discovery, and the next day were secretly followed by a white man. The news wat communicated to a number, who scrupled not to take possession, and send the Indiaus adrift An Alcalde was elected, the grotrnd ft (iked olT and allotted to the several claimants ThU gulch, although rifled of its richest treasure*, afforded irocd pickings for a large number of persons for weeks, many carrying away, when the water failed, a thousand dollars and upward*, as the reiult of their labors The three original discoverer* ot the gulch took awav with them the bent evidence of their perseverence in the shape of about forty pounds of gold to each one . all scraped up in the short space ot Devon weeks. THE KOREIHN MINERS. [From the Faci&c News. June 8.] The resistance to the monthly tax. of which sush alarming rumor* have been diligently circulated, ha ended in smoke, or rather iu a quiet submission to th law. 1 ndewd,there can be no doubt t bat had t hese men been left to make their own choice, unaided by the reprusentatii i>s and misrepresentation* of those who had personal views to subserve, and private gains to pocket, there would have been no tumult, no attempt* at re- ( li/U*?f, or threats even, although they might have regarded the law as bearing onerously upon their labor . This m itic Ttew taken by person* just from the neighborhood ot Sonera, who have had ainpla opportunity to make themselves thoroughly acquainted with the state of feeling existing there on this subject. l'he Auietioaii miners arc willing anj ready to sustain the officer* of the law in the execution ol their duties, recognizing the equal right with themselves, to labor when and where he pleases. when backed by a receipt of the payment of hit tax. From the same source we learn that the foreign population is not leaving, in any considerable number. An opportunity does not offer every day to make money. lu defiance of a high tax, aud they are not quite ready to sacrifice their interests to nv?id its p^ymunt. With this fortunate ending ot the apprehended JiJBeulties the necessity of an extra session of the Legislature it so materially le??< ned. that, iu all probability, it will not be seriously urged. Fatal Affray on the Conaninnea. [From the Alta California. June 18 ] We yesterday received from Mr 8. 8 Miles, the folowing account of a fatal rencontre which ocourred it Canton, on the Consumnes Kiver. on the 7th Inst , rnMilting in the death ot a young mau named II. H. llull It is the first intelligence of the altair that has yet reached us, and we are indebted to the writvr for furuitliing us with the particulars:? Canton, Conii hsei Kiver. June 11, 1850. Thinking, perhaps, you may not have heard ot the somewhat tragical affair which occurred at this place last Thursday. the 7th Inst . I thought I would write you. as 1 am in possession of the full particular*. The facts are as follows:?A Mr. II 0. Smith, who has been keeping a public house at this place for some time, had occasion to go to 8an Francisco, and lett his bouse 1b charge ol a man by the name of l( A. l'ike. ot Illinois. A lew days after Mr.8mith lett home, a young man by the name ol H II Hull, commenced boarding at the house. and. on the third day after. Mr. P. went t? a store to purchase some provicious. llull entered the room ot Mrs. (fmitli who Is a young married lady, of high standing in society at home, und in- f suited her in a most atrocious manner. ?o that she ( was obliged to leave the house 8he started in the , direction of the store, where Mr P. had goae. but n toon met him. and informed uiin 01 tne cium oi uer ^ leafing, and the intuit* offered her. Ah noon an Mr. ( P. reachtd the house. llull yet being (here, he (Mr P.) , accosted him in a very gentlemanly manner, and asked tbe causa of liin insulting Mrs Smith. Hull xaid it wait none oi Li* business. and that he would nay what he pleased to her. or ao>b..Jr ?!"? . upon Mr r immediately Mixed a chair, striking and levelling him to tbe floor. When Hull got up he drew a double barrelled piatol. and tired twice at Mr. 1'., the last. at.ot taking effect Just below the knee. Mr P. then reixed a loaded dualling pistol, and ordermi him to leave the house. tolling hits It he did not be Wvuld shoot bim. llull then drew a Mingle barrel pistol. but Mr Pike feeing hi* movement*, aa -non as llull made a motion to raise hi* pistol, flred. The ball took effect in tbe lett bream of Hull and he fell. Pike supposing him dead, drew him out of the house. and left him Ufon the ground. About an hour afterward*, two man pusslng. Mr. P. hailtd tbem and lniormed them of what had happened Upon going up to Hull it waa found that life was not quite extinct, and they wished to take bim into the bouse . but l'ike refused to let thrm do ro. and they took bim about a quarter of a mile to a tent, where he died the next day. Mr. P. immediately gave hiui?elf up to the Alcalde of the district, and requested ta be tried Tbe trial came up on Saturday, and he waa acquitted by a jury of twelre men. On Monday (yesterday) the miner* of the district met at the house of Mr. Smith, and gav* a dinuer in respect to I'lke There *u ane hundred and twenty perionf prrsen t .and upon their leaving to go home, tbey Joined in giving Mr. P. nine cheer*. The Indiana at Itnttleauaka C'recka ' W are iudi Med to the kind *ikith "l Mr. Samuel Kip. for furnishing us with the following account of t it,. -? .t.n; 11 _ v...t ~ ik. .hit.. .?.! r n.ii.k. I..T- U.M.V W..J w?.t at Kattlexnake creek. the particular* uf which had not f Mon reached u?. The 'requent recurrence Of difllcultie* between the Indian* anil the white* ka I niltlor of aeriou* regret. Ah usual, tlio proeiit rancoatra, ( K'oor ding to our tnturinhnt w?a brought on by tha ' lulnaotiduct Of a white man OiNNINUKAM'I RANIIII., JtlllK (I, IHftt). Thinking tlie recent difficulty b?t*??o the white* and Indtiiua may l?- interesting to many uf your imilcri. 1 hanten to giro brief account to aend by our worthy friend Keelcr, of the exprea*. The rad affair wa* enacted upon Kattlcrnake <'r<e k formerly favage'e Cnuip on tba Oth in?t . and resulted in the d?a?h of Lutario. the chief <<f the tribe* ol Tuc lumne and Mercedc* rlrera with lome eight or l>n of hia warriora. and tour Americana [Ili-re ara variou* tumor* a* to the numbtr killed, another ra|>ott uti tit Amrricaa* killed | It < riginated in a perion named Roae from Tetaa. ii-ii.g itirulllng language to the chiel wh" reaented the Hme by atrlking him whereupon lloaa drew hi* kaifv. and Inflicted ?ereral wound*; hi* rerenga wa* ot nhort duration for in th-' twinkling ot Hn eye, ke frll pierced by tweaty arrnwa 'I he eonfuaioa which followed may ba better Imagined than d?a?rib*d. A ruth wa? made by tha American* for their arraa, when the Indiana, numbering aomi- 154. were ilrlr< n to iii noaatehM. uMwitkmntkal Lttwlo could, at a th' tt distance, command k>bi# MO warrior*, and, leafing an immediate attac k the American* Ms( lew In number immidlatoly withdrew The Indian* bar*, of late, keen particularly tmuble*n?e. and. If attacked, will be doubtleaa driven to tba moat, *outbem rlvara. Heeler. In returning with the mail from the Matneda river, raw. near the cmaa trail*, a large party armed. eiiM? upon the rtmpi on tha rlrera. and on" and all u? prepared to mitt any attar k that may b? made The Hlvrra m?l the Itnaila. [from the PIlM 'I lmr? "f the 1 Ith .'ana | i Migratory movement*, a* wall a* mining operation*, are aadl* obatrurtwd and Inronvenlaneed by the rontinueil height ot the principal treara* the ugh Sacramento Partia* have returned within a few daya p. at to thla city, liablt to prn?aeiite j.,uniay* and-Ttaken to Stockton and tha aouthern mlnea. hence, account of tba fwolien and rapid rlvera Intersecting the aeveral road* On tha w?*t bank of tha Ma<-r* manto. thr lowland* ara nlmlnly inmbarae.!, to tba aeriou* inconvenience of travel by tha roada leading I from theeoa?t naar tba Ray of San Praani*?o,]to tha aattlementa In tba north, and tha waahing* of tha Trinity and I'pper Sacramento Tha Iramanaa Tula plain* bordering tha Saeramento ara entirely nndar water. Huain<a* operated upon aa well by tha hindrance . offered travel aa the *n*penalon of labor In tha rarioua waahing* la dull in all parte of Rarram?nto Suppiie* ara abundant, tha demand limited 80 long aa tha wateraremain ' np." and laborer* Idle, their ra.jolra menta will be confined to the bara nece*?itle? ot Ufa 1 he d.fflrulib-a ahlrh drover* encounter in paailng their herd* into the placer at pointa rem i?ad from the naln ronte of travel, and aeparated by Inundant rtr?ra In often very con?iderahl?. and It la eoa*tantly fnljectlng the varlova ramp* to a aearrlty of a principal article of food, but of merchandlae and general article* aad warea for miner'* u*?, there haa long reign* d a plenty In the placer I'aitlt" too. of migratory digger*. con\po?ed chiefly from the rank* of tha foreign population, auch a* Haw Mulcana, Sonnrlana and tha poor?r people, ara prevnted from making their euatoinary spring tour* of the Northern Mining Dlatrlct. and wandering from tre?m to flrean Droai>eetine or laill* nuahln* their adventure* In the -pirlt of re?tl<-**ni'?* Rut nil Mt* If... Iv ill. |iilr? ?h'H th? llmM may he expertad to reb?<l' The day* drag weaftl? t? tho#a of our country men n< ?mp*il upon the " ?pot anl wh" awaka with the morning nun hut to mark it* glance upon t?>??rlng muni of no*. ib4 fr-thiHy aak. Will It *T?r melt"' When the dreary 4a; in otir and In tha gloom of evening the ralUn roar of the rnthing waters lull* to reat th* time.wearied (fold aaelier, per ehanee bin dream* are of falling rtrer? 'Meriting th?ir hidden treaeur** In sparkling -and* at hi* feet. and he tart? ronenlidTely to a ?ot??rtou*ne?* af ?tern reality. will If tl?n umllniaiUkcil dlnnffKaPirlit tntr?.nt >Han?la hi. h?p*? that lh? flood iV r*at railing Th? road* on th? ?r?f?rn t?ink of tb? S*ora???to. F.athrr ?r? not eroa??d by nil** an ?it?nt to imp*d? tr*?*l. bit nua^run* <.?(> ??l< n* "I"** th? bankn to th?> aonth of Oil* city b?t? raniwd lb* wtUri to (Of?r a Urgr tract of i>n?n try. anil ?nrroach upon th? rnad?. Tb#ra ha* b??? thl? a?a*on hut llttla trar?l hj t h* rn?t* attending fro* th# lowar dMrteta, throng* Pan Joaa, and rroaatng r?r?|Uln'? Ktralta at B?n?cla Th? road la food from a f?? l?a*u*? thin ?ld? of that |>la<*a to tti? nortft.rn limit ft rweliFi tb?? rmmlni of thli etty aftxr a sir. tuitoui- but levtl ttrctck, the OUlaace ol whicii ?<(bt. LD. y TWO CENTS ?nd will be. at no dlHlnnt d?y. Uwwwd nnarlyoa* Dmr. Several leairuex below Ide * rancne m? roa? diverges at nearly a right angle towards the river, an<J a trail croasm a low mar?hy flit. about. thr*? quarters of a mile in width Daring lutdsummer thi* route ih much frequented. but the win ter and spring freshet* entirely obstruct a passage 1 ^ i" th? only narrow, neck ot tul?> land between the b*nks of th? Sacramento and the high land* to the we't beyond, which can be made easily available for trav? 4'ing purposes The trail strikes the river a abort dist ance below Sutt?rville. and at little expense (that constructing a plank road the distance required) th ? roa'l can bn madv passable at all seasons of the year. This will shorten the route from the buy to thi? pla v> at least one half. Tliu importance of such improveu.'*"nt is manifest. when we consider that the northern min ?'*? ami this city, th*- northers mining depot may be th> "j without any d.ffl-ulty, reached, though late in tha" y<ar by parties of emigrant* who arrive by the southern route, and incline towards quartering in our valley. Tile Buy of Nan Fraiit-Wo and It* IiupiVTte meaU. [From the San Francisco Herald, June' 17 ] The following important improvements, so neoes* nary to the ,-afe navigation ot our bay have been completed, under the superintendence of Commander Catlwallader Ringgold. U S. Navy "' ToNtjuii Psint Bmoai..' making out from North Bay. ha* been surveyed and a black spar buoy moored in thp N. Vf end in 15 feet low water Ve?s"ls coming in from pea are directed t? pan* tbe buoy on the .starboard bow. two cable's length distance "'Blossom Ro< k.'?This rock has a Urge black buoy moored upon it. in 1ft feet^ow water, terminating in a cone ot three feet. The point ot tbe rock lies -A) feet N. K from thebuoy. having only six feet upon it. at loir water The tide sweeps over and towards this dangerous rock with irregularity, and great velocity. Vessels must avoid approaching it too near, partioulaly is light winds. ' 801itiismfton Middle Giioi'Nd.'?This cxteaair* thoal. tending north and south, lies to the eastward of Angel Isle On the south extreme there is moored ? black spar buoy. 16 feet low water. On the centra of tbe shoal, a red spar buoy, and on the north r xtrem* a black and white spar buoy, both U> feet low water. The soundings on the west extreme of this extenslrw phoal. decrease abruptly from five iathoms blue mad, to hard sand, in three fathoms " 1 Iiwinciule Rock,' a dangerous shoal near th* ntraits of San Pablo. situated 400 yards southwardly from the Two Brother*.' 1* marked by blaok *p*r buoy. 15 feet low water. " Rim on Point Rocks.1?A ledge of rocks, lying o9 mm wnu n rununri iiipiu*-. uan umtt spar Suoy moored upon It. In nix feet low water." Complete examination* and *urvevs of the bay, ogether with the approach of the harbor from the *? , lave been made, including the survey of the Intermaliate bay* and Sacramento river. with a view to pubtcation at the earliest moment, for the advantage of the public. In connection with the above we are enabled to (tat*. that experienced pilot* for the oater bar. and port at >?n Kranci*co. and Sacramento and Ban Joaquia river*, have been duly appointed, under the superintendence of the Hoard of IMIot Commissioner* (la ueaformlty with the recent State law* ) and in whom th? commercial community may place tall oonfldence. Accident to the Steamer Mr Klin. [ From the I'aciflc New*. June 13] Dnring the down trip of the Oold Hunter, on Tumday night, (he unfortunately came in contact with th* McKim going up. striking her bull about the foraI nil- and injuring her to ?urh an extent that ?he ?llnally *uak in ten feet water The acci Jent happen?4 in San Fable Bay. an J originated in >uch manner that h'- officers of neither ve**el *eem to be id fault. Tha 'attain* of the boat* were not at the moment on deck, md the pilot of the Holt! II outer had left the wheel la barge of a third perxon. being nece**arily called away or a tew minute* A* i* u?"?l. the MrKim wa* ahearng oil to pa** to the right and while In the aot of resting, the eolllaion took place The engine of tha old Hunter wa* rever*ed In time to materially le*aea he f?r?e of the blow, though not In time to prevent it. rhe paa*?nger* (and freight, a* far a* po**lble.) were ,ran*ferred to the (lold liunter ; nor did *he leave onill all had been done that could be. for the preservation o! the property on board. It I* thought the McKIm can be raised without much difficulty and utile** th? injury is greater thaa In autici|>Jite<l -be wUl be roatly to iaake her usual trip* without much delay TheUold Hunter bore away a n**e badly batters# and bruised, a* her evidence of the conflict Since the above was In type, we learn that It ia believed the breach In the McKim eau eaally be *topped? and the ve**el pumped out A competent gang of men. nnti a topari. navr ncen wni id ner, wi: u *ut>m*rin<? armor, anil ?hn will probably Ixt here In a ft>w day* to undergo the necewary repair* fortunately. only a 'mall amount of freight waa In her hold. it being mo*tly on deck. The damage done to the Gold linn* ter will n> t rieml (lit hundred dollar*, and aha will continue ber trip* without lnterru| tion. Arrival of Ov?rland Kualgranta. [Prom the Placer Time*. June 12 ) A gentleman, who name down from Waawarrtlla o* Monday la?t. (tatee that about torty emigrant* arrived at that plaar on Saturday, who hare eom? from MiaK>uri thin spring, by the Car*on route Thl* party left Independence about the flrnt of April, and eame with pack mule* After they had haen on their Jouraay about ten day*, they pa**ed come aix hundred team*, which bad itarted on the journey before thorn la cro**ing the mountain* t hi a company often found tha now from flfUen to thirty feet deep, but it wa* a* clone packed lhat mule* feet only mailt a alight impreMion on it. The company arrived are all In good health, and M ippear* that thi y cboae the beat *ea*oti to perform heir Jouruey The animai* are reported la good coalition. and gentrallv have been in good grating Tliia icooant* for the abort time *pent on the way Tha ivvrage .li-t?Lc. pa-ceil < vcr p> r dii m i* over thirtjr uHe* It I* probable that laat y?ar'? experience bjr migrant* on the overland toute w.P be the mean* of f\n vi nttng much (uffertng thl* a-mon, a* th<>*? wha follow tin- xample of th? former will *et out knowing the iMn<'iiltir* they will havt- to encounter, and prapartd to meat tb> in Important Uerlduiu [From the Pacific New* Juri-17] We refer f ur readtra to the law report* in anothar column for a very important decision, made yeaterday by the Supreme Court, refuaingtha writ of yau wanmnlu applied fer aijain-t I, A beaaacon collector of mlaiag tan * fr< m foreigner* Th a I* a highly exciting quealion, and one wlil< h will tw view. ), in It* *ub?e,jtient *t*?e?. aith much lulureat Another application will doiilitli-M be ma le to th" I>i?tr1ot Court of the fifth ndicial di*triet, af which the Hon Cbarle* M. Creanar, late a number of th- L#gl*lature from the 8ai Joaqnla diatrict, i* Judge lltbrtw I'trimnny. [From the Alia California ) One of the moat anlamn and liiipr??We errMBontea r.f the II?t,rcw faith ?? ? performed y?<t?-rlay at the Albion llnu-i' in the family ef Vlr KWmuty. I?r /arhariah offlnat' d uynn (b At tha in* lime. wa und?r?tand a Jrwi-h llari?TOI< nt S >?i?-ty waa lormcd A? th<r? arc maaf and uwtil eltlien* of t b* Jmiih |i'r?iu<lon in our eomminlty, ha re n<> doubt that thi? > 'dutt will bf a tare* ona tail that. ere lone we thall h?-ar of lha eeUbU-nm*nl of a nynagogue In Ban f rancl?co More LadlM for California. (Kmm tba Pacific Kf??. June 14 ) A Sydney nhip arrived ri-nturdaf nt >rmag. hating Ml board two hundred ami aluty pa>????r. of whom. r>v?r ? ? nty ware f?male? There wa? qulta a r??h nt barhalora to th? hay all tb" foren on wh<.u boat loada of them climbing the nhip ? mdea, trying to engag* hou??k??per? The Offlrlal Heport DF T1IK HRMHKMT I'llYSH 1*1 Til IMK HOARD <W makk Jtn?E 15th, IHTiO Wm Penn Naw York. aeurvy. ciirad. John I'lark, Iloatoa do do; Wm IIauaon. Hamburg, do do, Aalonlo Oori< Ipho. (Imna do <|o John Manual Italy, Saetrlc denuigament do , Oao II Itrigg* Ronton, yaentery. convalaacant. J M Hlauaon Iflaeoatln, ihthlata do ; R Slaneon New Radford phllln curadLawrence Jacob* Roaton dlarrh<ra. dead; Robari Bwlft. London eongeatloa of lung* T>nvala??#nt H?n jam In Mrl.aran Pennsylvania diarrhea do ; Henry llanaoa. Norway ayphilla cured. Pntaay Kmmaraoa, Maiden Miaa diarrhoea. dead. 0 II Temple. Bremen, ?curey eared. V t'alegare. Italy, woand convalescent; Kdward Hcbonottl. New Orleana dysentery. dead; Prancla Kearaon New Orleana. Irritation coava leacent; John Wlleoa. flcotlaad eonorrh<ea. cared; William Bimmona ft l.onia diarrhea ronralaacent; Oearge Thompson Naw (loath Walae. paralyal* do ; r> II Parker l.lnia. eieoriatloa. cured; Kdwd Bbepard. New York, rein lever, coavaJeseaat; Life Wiley, Boetoa. dtgeettee irritation eared C. W. Mtorer. Kaetport polaon cured ('has William* Boaton, hroarhltWi. cured, Hobt Jahaaon Naw Vet k hepatitis, convalr scant. Benj Bowne, New York, Intermittent fever eoavalesceat, Moaaa Jonaa Naw tfork ptyallsm. John H?w Tor?, ay pauia. < nrwii Mln?l BIbbco. r?m. pneumonia rarad, CbItIb ITUlard. MifMrhawtto. arachBatU. d*ad, W l,op?r. CbarlMton, S C . diarrhea. cur?d,.fam?? * Ib?t?, Kulmonth Kn? bomoptln*. euradj J.C Baaabai. V1.*: clnn?tl. dyMiotory. cured, Jmm WaMaa, DirtrM Columbia. ayphllU, eoBraleaeaBt, Wm ( ,*f" fachuaet t*. ramlttaBt eoBTalaaeaBt; wm WHOmnrf Maine dlarTboa. poBTaleeoeat; J I* MawBcbniietU. rrmltt-nt farar. #oBTai#?*aBt. HbbMJ. ^rhult? Denmark Iaternal? Baltiaora. dyaentar7 roBaalaaeeBt. ?Mil <???. NawfK.ft. R I mania pot?. coBralaaeeBt, Joa Fbt?b, Miraellle* rheumatism cured ('baaMauray. W~ tin cured, Aatonla Barfaa. Valparaiso. rphllla, ???nlaaaeBt.W B Broadway. Vlr.l?l? . rfcawMtlM, aired; W Harden !*? ? York. do . n?*TBlaaeaB? ; Job* HwiitK An do do N H OHI Ba>tlBi??ra.ftmat?ra,d?.: Mow* Plo?m?* Mala*. hy^nrophy of tha haart da | Rraillla Rick. 4" la??famt?at fr?ar. do ; Mr? Mary Mrrtf. Tort Philip. parta^Hlon. do , 7*hm ?awyar, Malar ?ua ?hnt wnnad. do,i .loka H. WalU. Nawharf, 5 Y rh?uTO?ti?m do ; Rleaard M?rrU. Philadelphia, do d* , Jnai'-n mami, Haw Tork, dlarrk<??, do ; Nuth P GrlirwoJd Haw llavaa do . da . P?ta? Pair, port Philip won ad do ; Kdaard C OH hart. Haw Torfc, dablllty do ; A lhart L W?lah. Halaa. raailttant flww, do ; Thrxaii Murray. 0#n4t*?4. f; {* C Mtinir-t"n *a? York, diarrhea, da , Tkoa nayw% Umr**. kNiK * | A. Maf VIM. ?* ? .

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