Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 23, 1850, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 23, 1850 Page 2
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*Wirmr.tii?m, do.; Peter Lombard We*t In He*. eyphylu . do , Louis Yovjutrel. France, diarrhoea do.; Patrick MaCoy, Port Philip dro|my, do Blrtbl, nartlagtit and Deaths, la tiUlfOritla. [From the California papars to June 18.] B1KTH. M rt Margaret McCoy ?a> delivered of a ion ai. thu i But* Marine llorpital makr1a0es. On the 2Sd May at Mrs Hail's ranch. (Upp*>r Sicrarneuto Valley ) by the Hon Mr. Paifchildi, Alcalde of ? Yuba District. R?Hkit k Wakk?n, of St. Louis, to Miss Timotbia Ann Hull, daughter of Mrs 0. Ua'.i late ol \ieksburg. In haoraniento City Mr. Jacoii IIi-tiM?:i.i . ofDeaatur, 111., to Miis M?k? K Hi.nkson, of Washington co., Mo., both residing in K1 Dorado county. California In Bacrameuto City, on the 8th u ?y of .1 une by D D Pullck K.-q . Makiin Mil lib to Mrs. Jane Coos, all of that city. On board brig Colorado. Feb 27. by Captain Baker, Mr J Iltnav Gai'xii, of Koxburj, t> Miss Mtav J. Ptinchtield. of B< .st.on In Bucrainentc City, yi Merday morning by Rev Mr. j id,..,r.h<,..K? nf Ihia.ill llr .1 It Uirniril to M is* Mkdora Hitch both ?>t lb" former place In Sonoma. on Holiday, 12th iu?t , by Judge H. llopkinii. Intii N. lUM'oini to W*ar Miniioa Mjuob, *11 ef Sonoma DEATHS. Id Sacramento City 'loth ult.. ot typhoid fever. TiioMii Sihinoik. formerly ot OKI town M<On board bark H W Browne, on tb*' passage from Panama to tlii* port. April 19. Mr W. Vuliumot. ol Bicatn. May 146, Mr. Aktiivk Whitc, of Slauilton j o N V On board bark Rising Sun, on the passage from Panama to thin port. April 18. Mr A. iv Mv:? i:hs. of New Turk. April 23, mr J mm. Kwioht, of Boonville. New York. At Korksville. Junction of north an l south forks of ttiw American river.) on Thursday. May 3uth, Lutmhop K. ST??roBD. ct New Vork aged 3.> years. In Saernmento City. 3d inst., B. P. Ewik.j, formerly of Illinois. At Mutter * Fort. 3d inst., Scth Kho?n, formerly of ; Brie. Pa. In 8acr?n\i nto City, of typhoid fever, 30th inst.. Mr. i IrvritD i>. O. Bvhrteap, of Boston. Mass., late of Havana. agkd 30. In Sacramento City. May 28th. of dysentery, at the h'Ufe of Justin Spear. Mr 1?. Tiiirst?n CauwixL. formerly ot Leudondtrry. N. 11.. aged 21. At Setter's l'ert on the fcth instant, of dlarrhira. I Mr. Hakux Ml?tiki., formerly of Wisconsin, aged 3d < JWH. Ou th* 8th instant, of typhus fever. Mr Johv A. S?tier, forintrly of Dallas county, Texas The friends ! of the deceased can learn particulars by addrecsing Dr. Po??U. of Sacramento City. At tbe Commercial llottl, in this city. June 5th. i alter a tfiort illness II B SA*(.ri?T. formerly of Wortmelar Mass . aged about .'<4 years. On tbe (ttb iust . Captain Bin a Maihics. ef schooner Maryland 1 u fan I'raneisco. June 17, of chronic dysentery. Mr. W*. UmiTAcr. late of Baltimore. !Ud.. aged about U0 years, and l?ng a resident of Louisiana. On Friday evening June 7th, after a short Ulnen*. Mr JoiifCiii nio'" mnol M r. llobert Crelghton, of Philadelphia aged 25 vears Of typhoid fever. at Yuba city, on tbe 16th of May, .1. u?> W l.iMMiM l.t imhuri? <?r.un?o \ n in tk.. >'?.! j?ar of lite age On Sunday Juno 9tb at Foster's liar, Tubs county. I>r Bibivktt Ln Pmh i ir?, of Panola count* Mini., *ffd about thirty five years lu the liiirtior of Han Kr?nci<eo. June 12th, on board Vaifc ?t:atford Mr Wm Risski.l, of New York. city. Thr C alifornia Market*. Pab F**wci?to, Judii 17.?On accouut of the very srlou* flu but little has been clone. ami we quote. * ilbout reference to any speculative movement that Kay take place in arti'les that have become scarce by large quantities being destroyed Hi fiMii in?Chile flour, in 200 lbs. sacks, landed, sellers at $11, ilo. do.. In 100 lb*. sacks. $0; American sweet Uour. $11. Harley?Sales at He. Cora?Sties at So. Corn s>< al. in hall barrels, sweet. 7?*c. a 8c. l'Uot Pilot bread 7\c. a 8c Navy bread, 6c. a lie. Hay. U a $6. Uricks, hard, J.i.'i a $40 M. Cement. $6 pir barrel Hoot* and times. 76 per cent advance on good Invoice* lllauketa- Sale* ot colored at $2 60 | f<j. a* to weight Candles? Sperm. floe. a 62c ; mould, 1Ho. a -2c Coal?Bituminous has advanced. and is | wr;int?d between $26 a (40; anthracite, $36 a $37. j C''lire has become very scarce, and suies to small e*- 1 tent has been made at 46o. Cordage and rope la good demand. I'kii.noi Foreign, for ladies'wear, in fair demand, at rtmuneratlng prices. Domestics have become scarce. aud sales to some extent have been made. JUavy drills. 30c ; 4 4 Meeting*. 20o a 22c ; 4 4 bleached ar< lower than brown. 16c a 20c ; American prints, Vc a lie.; medium 12c a 14c, 9 8 muslins, 16e. a Itte Cults, $8 a $0 per M SeiUliti powders, $1 50 a $'2 Cr dcti n. Baleratus, IBo. a 20c Bail duck. 30c. a e Flsb Mackerel. No. 1, $14 a $10; do. Mo. 2. $11 a ?ilt, eodtish. 6e a 7c IfaviTs.? Almonds. 17c a 25c.; raisins, $7 per box; Xants su> rants. 16c per lb.; peachss, dried American, SAa ; appl< s, do., 30? a 36c ; walnuts, #e. a 8c. Ft asiTl st in good demand, at remunerating prices; ,W- ware <1 the better kind*. saleable; crockery, good arM* ted. 1<K> per cent advance. Htaowtat A steady demand for saleable goo4l. Kails. $0. Bar Iron.,') a 8 eta , sua* re ?nl >n4 snare* site- higher Btovvs. but little demand at this seasou. will scarce cover ci-t and charges Bar lead. 0 tents. Lead pipe in d< maud at S6 cents. l.iMSea A merieau -Cargoes, assorted which sales have been made, Planed, $C5. Timber, $70 a $VO. Plunk. $'o a $M). Mmtxti $1 a $1 10 Kyrup. $1 87 a $1 60. till linseed $2 a $2 26. hp. rm, $1 75 a $2 Olive, la cases. $7. Phlnt* White lead. 12 a lead U a 12c ,Utbvrage, 16 cts., fam y soiors in oU, 35 a 60 cto. I 1'eavra tan Ai a Byast' and other standard brands. 97 a $7V not plenty Reed's ale In barrels, f2 a $30 per bbl . do in >trs $C 60. a good article. Ohauipatfn* alder. $ >. beat, fowder In canisters 20 a 22 cents; do. fC, d*. to <|uart*. $12 1'lekle*. pint". $0 a $H; do (utrtf, flU a $16. T aiatoe ritup. H per d*ien Uy?t?r* in 2 lb ?an*. $26 p*r do* gardin** in whole feci**. f la p*r do*. l?e*f. m***. $10; cork. prim^. $M; meet t'.'ii t'?' according to the order; clear, $<S0; bacon. g<?d. $jo. h*ni?. l.p?t , do. second nualltjr. IS a 39 t? , chee**, l-e?t .'.0 a .'Ac ; do common. 18 a lard . in k*g*. 27 a JJ8c ; do tin*. 3>l a 31? ; rice, India. 6l*c ; [ do Carolina. 6 a 9c.; butter, common 40 a Wc , fln? I iio*brn. t o a iOo flriaiT* ? Alcohol. $ 1 25 a (1 40; Kr?nch brandr. I 1 a $2 y> in c**k<. d't. In cn?e*. >9 a 912; Holland I gin in catk*. >1 a >i 75; do . tu can*.. HS a #9 per do*, u, Jamaica rum in ca*k?. >1 ?<; do pur*. in m?i p*t doirn Sauta Croix rum. in ca*k?. purr. $ I Mi, d<' in raw*, ft* per doien; Madeira wlno, in ea?k?, $1 a $.1. a* to quality; do . in ca*?*, $'.? a $16; alierry in e*?k*. >1 ? V.' M>. do., in oafM. $10 a *12 pir doien, port, in ra*k*. $1 60 a $2, do., in car**, $12 a $14 per doien; ciaret. In rankia $.10 a $40; do, n imh, $41, t $0 p?r d >*?n; ohwygki. Mil ill I $)k per d *en. Mnsoncahela ?lilnki y, In lib'.*.. 7Sc a h'<< . Irl?h and Ceoteli whUkey. pure, $8 a $3 26 Moth ipariou* liquor* are put up here. which ran Dot be i| noted. Piano* k*t in demand; good a*?ortment of blank book* wanU d k a*a ?Common brown. 2&c. a 27? : fair brown 28c ll* . rrn*h<d white. .".Me a <Oe ; loaf whit*. 34c a *. Lton* i;nip |V a $10 per doicn r, ?. ? Vonng b> M>n comm?n. 40c; d>. fin* 50e a * ; Ponchotg. r-iuBi'ii. Sie. a S#c.; do Oolong hie ? Ti*.In bo**? $1* Ci?.aa* $10 a $12 per M ; do . good. $2i o$3o, do. tin* Havana. $fc> a $7l? Fainted pail?, rarr* atol high Drug* and niedielne* *r* In d?m*0'l '<bario leaf. Kentucky, aearcn and high, ffpanlth, i le a 4? ' . manufactured. No 1.40c a 46c . .Jo No. .'*? a lie , do . No. 8. l&c. a ii?. fthor*l* $1(1 ; do , nr.d point, lift, and rraice B?-ythe? nominal, very . , h f but iron, from 3*c. to 4tx per lb. Zinc. ?b**t. i.e. a lie Oil CLotM*? High C ap. Irn?n. 6c aTl ; CantiU. I |0e a l'.c Cbocoiatc >paui?h &?e I.nglWli mtiatard. #7 per <J< *eu in .bp scarce Nutmegs. $.1. icar^'c U>c per lb , ground. 7d?. 1'iami.i W. t.iv Hif >b..rt Milii. par. G?l? D *r.-$l?a ?1? 25 *1 ??r - Frcm 4 p?r . > nt per m n?b and npward*. ccofdibg to rceurity ofTered. tai(lll(;<?r* from the Hlhnia* of Pminnm. Tha l'rwe?rl City hriog* to U>a l.>;h lout Hi* iian>b*r of Auril^tu at (' ma. tt I ha Una U> Craaaint City l?H. than at aay tim? within tSa laat tii month* TbU It attrlbuti-J to tha p rior faelitifea afforded t? p?***ng- rt far 9aa FrauaW? I'aaama aratlnwa to Va ?*ry healthy Th*r? aro hot ftw of any k'nd of dWaa*a i*ri| tba amipikti. u<l w Ika atatkx a< atinua* aool an,I plaa?at tha |raa? aara on th- part of trancara ?M| r.n,. * Uy prot*at tfc?m fr m tha iliacn ot Ulna**. lha 4th of 'uly ?a? ralabralad In Fanawt*, by tha . KHitrn raal.I.nt*. *tth ?r~at ?nthu.ti?m Tti?r? w*ra itinni' r? lra?injt rw-ry ?.*k ao that ??aa trilil't without tkr i?h Urkata tai gat oil Itbeut f / <flfll*ulty Id a ( ? Jay*. A' P VaU. of riofMt, *? pMlwiin ? liia way -?? th" Crne?a road, la mating th. Iiihm it. U ?w*? tad b? a party. ?l*> r?bbad it.m of Ml b* poa- I >a?it. ar. I l*ft him f r d?ad Ma *i? ll?ro?<T*.| ait moralng ty party, faint from tb? i ?n ?f Macd lu id a d;ltl ?Ut? ila ??i t Vaa back to i iMM. (From tha tanana E-h'*. July J Tba t?an?*t>ip Oregon,'"apt. Fattaraaa. /ha nail ' H?a d?part.d fnr *a>i Franrlwo na Tu?-*day. $nr?a af krr ttakati hara ha?a ra ?< l>l h> r- for bO>M rahin. and > #4t" taarnga. Aba will go ?tiu k fail. [From tba Panama Ftar. Jnty It 1 Th^aa ?a< nfia faatnrain ?ha pr"">-a?tou of th" Fill'th. ' whiah rllaltad tinltar-al pral*? Th? (t?? *tid"f rlr?n? ' horax ha|oa*l?g to fol Mann. w>rr ravly attirad la | ?lltt?rlrg paraphernalia an I. monatad f>y th* i I* of Tot Pwhar tha rhl?f mar*ha> *?a.r* Whitikar riagtnB. Watonwan. J>.aa* <Wk*ralth anl Man-at. attrarud tba a< ttra of aa?-rybody hy thrlr m latarly ; feor?aman?htp ar",'?l'jr did Tha CnffHWal" ateal that rrail'a W* alBl"?t rftviad him tha pr>u4 fc?o?.r a? ha *t<>n4 up In hi* ?tlrrtii?*, a* aohla a? Ma- ; la> a and lookad for ail tha wntld Ilka tha I'ktrilii r . rat. la tba palmkat day* of Fr* nrh gt->ay [Froai tba Panama Kab? July 1 ItttanM ('ai r w? i >i ? rrw' mm m nni?f I. ? ni i|n h in' i 1 mt Vail, from hi* ? y t< r?lit>rnW. tU till* yhn >HNt n^nti hy M>a?nf M? nwn ?<Knri?m- n in t fokNil nl ?<-m? ?<nw ?r ?40f> ?fift Win* 4r??<lfull; ?( 1*4 *i?ngt?4 O* h? ? ? m?t I W> ll?? f *- !?? th? ?hn?t ?M ntian. ?? gl?d >' ??. ?!!>..? i h?t Mr * nit hiM k.?-n br. u^ u to th * yimmm, ui U in tmu ?; ml Mtertry f NEW YORK HERALD. JAH1EH UOIIUUN UKNNETT, raUPRlBTOR AND EDITOR. mici H. W. CORNER O* riM.TON AND NASSAU *T?. ^ TWK WEEKLY llt'.KAI.D.mry s.itunUiy, p*r t*py. or $3 ptr innum ; ths kuroptan tdiluni. ft p*r tnnut/%, I* ti.l imit fA. potItiur. i'HA. UAH. ? HKliAIJ), 1 rrn't p*r enpy?$7 per ???? ALL LETTERS by muu, tor utHcrxpv n,, or wt'A aJt'er* be po.'-ptiitl, or Ou potUife v*U it JvdwUl frj? IV, mfw^v rrwiffi i.'. I KO/.C N r.l* V CORRHSt'1 >SDKSCK. eontomiitgimportan ?ri?, < Ikitiil from i/iy jUifier o) t\e world; if u?ta, u*.( M Ubrr.illh puiA for. y. _ \0 SOTK K t ik>" of anoAymiut eommumciitumt. Wt do M.* rrfwr'j rfjerlvj eO"iniUilitilt*>??. Alt i'EH TtHLMEi\ TH rcwuxd tvtry mornune. AMUSEMENTS TIIIS EVENING. opira?castle uaruen?l'euma d'amoe*. HOWEHT THEATRE, Bowerjr?Mau> or TtAOL?ao?o?AT fiHIJ.*? Jot 1* I.UMUON. VIBLO'I GARBEN, Bro?4w?j? Islaud or Jbweia?SeBlOt ? I'AMII*. NATIONAL THEATRE, Chatham iqair*? New Yo?k fikinak-lhi Man with thb Citrrr Bad?Covun Jjt. CHRISTY'S 01'ERA. HOtSE. UecbuiM* HaII-Ethior;Ai? Mihhtrkljy. olympic, Bro?4w?y?Pisacs'i miiktiiia AMERICAN MUSEUM? Auvrnxa Pmnmikou Arm*00* ADD BTCMine. minerva rooms?pan (kama or cai.iroaniA. N?w York, Tuesday, July 'A3, 1850. The Ob?equl?i To-Day. The obsequies in memory of the late General Taylor, President of the United States, will be celebrated in this city to-day. From the arrangements that have been made, we are satisfied that j they will be conducted in a manner that will re- | fleet credit on this metropolis. In order that every one attached to this establishment may participate I in the melancholy pageant, we will issue no evening edition of the Herald this afternoon. Telegraphic Summary. We understand that Mr. Pearc*,'who was selected by Mr. Fillmore as Secretary of the Interior, has declined thtt poM,and that the Hon. Mr. Conrnd ttf Louisiana, has been appointed in his stead. The reason of this is, we learn, that in the event of M. l'earce's taking the post, a democrat would in all probability be returned in his place. Mr. Clay made a very eU'ective and powerful vrtfprrlnv in tli?? S?'n:itM in fivnr t\f f)t#? | compromise bill now before that body. In advocai ting the passage of that important measure, it will > be seen that he did not conceal his opinions of the | ultras in the Senate, whose factious conduct dur! ing the present session has created so much a<jita| tion, and prevented the passage of the compromise, lie spared neither the Northern fanatics, nor the Southern ultraists, but spoke his mind freely in reference to both, meeting their respective arguments one by one, and disposing of them with the greatest eaee. From indications in Washington, we would not be surprised if Mr. Clay did not again speak on this subject. He feels that he bus done his utmost to carry it through. He knows that members have made up their minds as to how they will vote, and he desires to have it decided one way or the other. This week, no doubt, a test vote will be taken, in some shape, which will detide the fate of that measure. We warn the Senate of the responsibility that is resting uixm them in connection with this territorial question. The crisis is appronching, and they are treading on dangerous ground. The proceedings of the House of Representatives do not call for much comment. The President made his first communication to Congress, yesterday, in the form of a message, transmitting a copy of the treaty negotiated l>y Mr. Heiss with the government of Nicaragua, in relation (o a ship canal across that country. The Intelligence from California?Gold Discoveries In Oregon. The steamship Crcseut City arrived at this por >rMrrtl?y afternoon, from C hagres, with intelligence fiom California to the eighteenth ultimo? eighteen days later. The news is very interesting, and it will be found in full in another part of today'* Jin aid. There arc three features in the intelligence which must strike tie reader us of interest and importance. The first is the dreadful conflagration with which the city of San Francisco was recently visited. This is the third cooll igration of importance, it' we mistake not, that San Francisco has been nftlicted with within the past year or so; and although it was not so extensive as the previous disasters of the same kind, yet we learn that thrte hundred building* have been destroyed, and that the loss amounts to some five millions of dollars. Great as has been the damage, however, we perceive that it has made no very great impression in that city; and so far from the inhabitants Nmg overwhelmed with the disaster, they were, j at the last accounts, making preparations on an i extendi'd scale, to repair the damage which the conflagration caused. We learn by thia arrival that the prospect of the 'miners was never better. Additional gold discoveries have Wen made, an J according to reliable intelligence, three-fourths of the unemployed luborof the foiled States could be profitably engaged in producing gold in that extraordinary country, so great end extensive are the deposits of that precious and much sought alter metal. If this report be true, and we have every reason to believe it is, the product of the California minus must, sooner or later, create revolution in the currency of the wotld. Kmipration is pouring into California at a rate that astonishes even the prople of that territory themselves. Adventurers from all parts of the world are arriving there in thousands, and the prospect is.that before ten or fifteen years, it will be the most drasely populated ?tate of the Union?that it will in power, resources, and the number of its inhabitants, rival the Kmpire State. On the w hole. th<- iwiws from California ia very interrstinf While Congress and the people of th? United States aw rngiged in diacuaaing whe'her or not that n-w State shall fx admitted into the confederacy. It i? j*oin? ahead toward* greatness at a ifrrd uppirillrlfd <n the hiMory of the world The truth i?. that the Californians ^re much l"Ba agitated on the subject than we here in the 1'aited , S'Htea are. J ul it an*?lF that California if not the only i*<r- j tion of our Pacific territory in which gold ciista , Intensive depo-nscf that valuable metal have been f found in t?regon likewise, the eitrnt of which no one can tell. Accounta of these discoveries will he fouad among the detail* of the newa. Tlx New Administration?Preparation of Whig t 11.hit to oppose It. Mr. Fillmor* limine aelected his constitutional ad* ivrir, i he n? w adniiniatratior may now he con siderrd as fairly undrr way, and the next thine which will l.f anxitn.dy looked for from Washingit ton, i? forre indication ?f the (>olicy which Mr. Killniote will adopt in reference to the treat qit?ations of the day, and especially the subject of eiavery. in connection with the new territoriea It ta co?:c?drd on all hs*da, that whatever centre the Prendi nt may pursue, will exercisa a great influence, one way or the other, on the fate of the Compromise bill, * Inch haa l?en before the Senate for line month? past. That matter may b? ?aid to be in a state of abeyance for the prem-nt, notwithstanding that it is debated more or lew every day Hv the dissolution of the Gtlphin cabinet, it ha* a better chance of succeeding than it htd while they ?ere m oflice, for it is w?ll known that they n? d the influence of their position to defmt it, and imposed restraint* on Senators, who are new u hack led and free to act as they pleaae. Its fate, one way or the other, will prnb >bly be de cM*4 tin* witk, Mr < lny, it* irre?t i.n<l eloquent f Itaii i'H n, r.;?><*, ?fi*r hi? long and anl?m Ik l or. *nH timing to RMir to th* <* ?hor% In rrtmit Ins e?h?*?tH rtrmir'h It n?'t f*|?otfil thtt Mr. Fillninr* Would, r could, ail of il* cii|wi h.o which iii? whig party, especially in this State, is divided, in th?' seltctionof lite cabinet. It would be unreatollable to do bo; for the man, or set of men, that would please one coterie, would displease the other, and vice terra. Thus we see the organ of j the Seward clique, in this city,expressing its disapprobation of Mr. Hall, the new L'ostmaster General, rot because he is not capable to fill the ofTica to which he has been called; not because the new President has not confidence in him; not because the people have not full faith in his honesty, integrity, and capability; but simply and purely because he is Irom Kulftlo, in the State ?f New York. The reason of this if o vious, aud although the 7V?tunc may attempt to smooth it over as much as it pleases, it sticks out in broad characters. The reason is because Mr. Hall does not belong to the Seward clique of the whig party, and his selection by Mr. Fillmore, as I'oetm i9ter General, will tend 1 to weaken the influence of the Seward or abolition whigs in this State, and throughout the country. We have no doubt that this clkjue are much chagrined at Mr. Hall's selection, for abolition influence was all powerful anions} the Galphin cabinet, which has been scattered and dispersed within a few days. The Seward clique being everlooked in the selection of the cabinet, their next game will be to endeavor to augment and j>er|>etuatr their influence, by opposing the administration of Mr. Fillmore, unless h? should make it subservient to their plans, and have abolitionism one of its most prominent features. This, also, might have been exacted, but lest there might be any doubt about it, Thurlow Weed, the organ, in the interior of the State, of the Seward-anti-masonic and ismatic clique of the wbigs, comes out openly, in the face of day, and avows it, boldly exclaiming, " it this be treason, then make the most ot it." A few days since, he filled a column of his journal with extracts from several country papers, which are under the control of the chief organ in Albany, containing similar sentiments, and then avowed 1 bis real pur|>oses, and those of the Seward clique in general, which are, that unless Mr. Fillmore thupe his administration to suit the views and porposes of those factienists, he would oppose him. He held the following pluin words on the occasion:? Let Freeident Fillmore follow in General Taylor'a cherished track, and he ahall haws the mpport of our heads, our hand*, and our heart*. If Oeneral Taylor had faltered in the great duty before hint, we should hare abandoned hU cause. If President Fillmore, the high ifflre and sacred mantle of General Taylor, with all their responsibilities and trusts having fallen upon him. falters, we shall abandon his administration. There is no mistaking the tenor of this threat? the language is too plain to admit of a doubt concerning what it means. Preparations are being made by the abolition clique of the whigs to oppose Mr. Fillmore, and he may expect such opposition, if he do not submit to be dictated to by Thurlow, Wm. II. Seward, the philosopher of the Tribune, and a host of smaller fry in the interior. Mr. Fillmore may prepare himself for such treatment, if he goes countar to the wishes of the Seward clique, and the result of the contest will be interesting. Dy the way, Thurlow Weed, in his old age, is resorting to the tactics of the Jackson school of politicians, in manufacturing public opinion. He gives the cue to papers at a distance, telling them to take the course which he points out, and, when it in done, he publishes them all in a henp, and exclaims, "look at public opinion." The gbme, however, is so old and musty that it can't be successfully played at this time; and, if Scwardism is driven to such resources to sustain itself, it must be waniug very faat. Ckowdid Out.?A perfect avalanche of late and important intelligence compels us to leave over to aLother day, the publication of a number of interesting articles, among we which may mention the important news from Oregon, received y sterday i by the Crescent City, the statement of the dissent- j ing Couucilmen in the case of Professor Webster, I further particulars of the ravages of the late stortn, an interesting letter from our Kingston, Jamaica, correspond*-nt, our theatrical notices, &c., icc. Disastrous and Fatal Shipwreck. TOTAL LOSS OF THE MtIP XLlZARBTn?BIOIIT O* MORE LIVE* LOT? SAD FATE OK THE OSSILt family and otiikes?th* statu* or jjii.i c. 1 CAUotm. On Ftiday moraine la#t. at four o'clock. th? *blp ' Eliiabt tb of Philadelphia from Leghorn and Gibraltar, bound for thl* port. weut aehore about At* milee ea?t of Kirc I*land light hou*e. and U a total wreck fhe *i? undir the command of the mate. Henry P. Ran?". Captain Healcy having died during hi* ab-*nce from thl* country. The KiUatx t b van freighted with nnrble. ea*tlle ?oap, wool, almond*, oil, Leghorn hata. kc., and the beach j i* *trewn with article* of thi* diaerlption. The *tatue of John C. Calhoun ??< on board, aud it U hoped will ; be recovered. a* It wa* carefully packed, and waa placed near the keel, which (till remain*, with many of it* adjacent timber* There were twenty-four pareon* on board, vl*: (It* cabin pa**engrr* and eighteen of the cr*w, l<e*ide* the wife of the late captain. The In** of the Counte** 0**lli will be deeply felt by hi r many frlcml* In Oil* city and In New Kngland. , Sin wa* well known In Cambridge where *ho lived many year*, and enjoyed the admiration and e*t?cm of a large clrale of friend*; of an iuipul*ive and ardent disposition the had wiirmly ?*p?u?ed the i?n?e of Kurf penn* etr^ntllng f>r liberty, and thongh not always correct In her view* of political freedom, yet *he advocated th'-nten*lnn of litx-ral government* with earneetne>* and vigor and only weakening her view* by carrying them too f?r I n *ight of her native land, with her offspring at her aide, and the h**btn<l of tinnier ellme to gladden her eil*tenee. bending over her in the perilou* hour of the *torm. *he and th.^y h l . i >:rnrk d"wn in Ikl l?t their bright>?t b< p<* Mr Horace Pumnrr. of Itoeton. we pre*mne. I* th?-brother of Mr Charle* Pomner and *on of fherilf Pnmner lie wa* a young man of rare talent* of va?t ol" nation, and better acquainted with Kumpwin p litlc* than any man in thl* country The m<?t *? errt e#*;tiet* of Europe were nt n I to hi* ?tn Ilea. and tin moat dlpl< matte of rr?wn t wrre prou<l Intnj'jr hi? con?cr?atlon Hr tori, hn* p??r>l ?vnf Th* d< "h of tba etrang.rn It al*o gainfully nm<r11n?r Tlic m j ?t- ry wlihrh ?hroud? their ir>|itii id<1 pur|in*fi add' ?<.IMtude to regret Mr* It ley the captain* wif*. wi? re?rurd by th* peer nd n.*te Mr l>a?i?. nwimralng with h?-r a?>itr* on a plank The remaining pMMnfri *ar*d ?-r? taken ft'm the ?rr?k by a aloop th*t went tothelr a<>itUnra and aer* nil en??*y*d to tulip, where a purae of flCO ?M eollrtUii and prevented to Mm. Ilealy and the matTh* CountrM OmU, It I* *aid *h drowned, with hrr hunband. In the forxaatle, where they , had (? * In the hope of *afety, after the Hern ?f the had been broken up TheCouate** hi? been abroad about four year*, having during that time, trm.ll.d over the principal part of (Ireat Britain j Ki.ire* end Italy. tmonxthe bodie* washed aehore are th<i*? - Oeleeto Pan Una. and tlx rhild. la?lied toget tier. ? entirely denuded It le ' ir?4 that all the manuscript* of the Count*** and I ' 'iimner are |o*t. though it l? poa*lhte that ll !. . it. y t< m? .whore containing them \ j.. i. i ,a of the crew appear to hate raped. and further particular* may acxui ba eipected Th* following are the name? of th* pa***ng*r? drowned Cel. ?te Paulina. of Ri'm?; (leorgw Pandf ird. of (l*rmnny; Angclo ('will. Margaret 0**UI and rhild of Me.reBee; Horace Pumner. of Ro-tnn; Uenrge Hitr< rteward. of England. Ilei.ry W*?U-rrnaip n intaa. of UMnai't ll,< i.- ! ('eln?t* r.mllna. Angelo f)**i| I and rbild end < >?*< Pandfnrd hare been recovered; tho hodln of th>- other unfortunate per?on? w?rr not flruind tip to la?t account* The F.linatw th w* learn, win consigned to Mr John Ogden. <f th.? city. and. with th cargo, wa? fully Ineiired at offlcca In thl* city and >u Philadelphia. IHarlnc Affair*. Mir L?n? Fa?aaim ?A larji conennrn* ofp*r*ra< _a gri at number of whom wer* aompoaed of th* f>ir rx?a**emblrd at Me**r*. Perlna. Patter*on k flank'i yard. Willliai'harg, yeetarday. to wltne?? tha launch of th* aboT* ?e*?el At th* tlm* a4r*rti*ed. 9 o'clock, eT*ry thing b? lng ready. *h* wa* looeed front her facetting* and glided tr<>in her war* Into the water fhe I* a firwt cla<? thlp of a ami beautiful model and mea?ure* 1 :i?3 torn, la 1?) feet long 40 ft .^4 41 Knl.a (a ,i?no.a hw Vf I??ri ? Tkomr. fun fc N? ph?-?* and built for thrtr 11 or of Mrerp >o| f ? !? an I ba? rrrrj r?<|ul> If# for tb? tr? flor np- 1 prMKIf oti Hie *?'el l? ?oat najaatlo* ill (hr pro. of I In1 bvMan. tbat "h# 'b. nil not di?rrai>* tb* i n< Me ltd; ?fco?? nam# ?h? h?? th? honor to tvnr h%? | r??.|cnlly bran rarrlad out to tb* letter, *h# i? to tw> fi ? man dad by I'ap'ain *amurl Vn'nn ? i?ntl. mm ! i long and mr?i f??orabla known to th? tra*' lilt./ pub. , llr ?MI? nrrtMlffl; In fonatnil of tba pa k?t ?b'p? . Itdrlta an I ) (ford II* ha? no? anoth* r not>|? ?Mp J ??mmltt?d to hta aara, and h# t? worthy of tb- tru-t ( fur Winn* Tni Tbia t??(kl ?l'| br tann?b-d ? d->- it hall paat nlna ' lo-? tr<-m th??.-| of w>?t.TT?|i * Narkar * ? " fn ' of I 1 rd tml Itiito mn in Bojrd A Hinakell*' Itna of !' ' V I rkrtJKodar tka xBiuiand of Capt WilJard 1 I A "Striking" Illustration of Soelallam, or the Devil to Pay among the Tailor*. " The snow-ball increases ai it goes.'1 Yesterday the tailor*, being on a strike. marched in procesafcm to several bonces" in the tailoring buMwm. ?ith a bill of prices to be adopted and rigned At twenty minutes to Ave o'clock they marched down Kim?au stmt, with a view of calling on the establishment of Long*tre?t fc Co.. No. 94. They marrhed two deep, numbering about three hundred. Nineteen out ot every tweuty w?r* Germane. The Arm as cue ot their number etates, having been informed that the tailors had come to the resolution of intimidating thorn into ?n HCfluiefcCene* in thnir rit'iimtulM nr LLltiiij session of their store, were prepared to ri-sist tUeui. It was frum the workmen of thin establishment that the work was seii< d. as they were passing, a few days go, by the Hixth Ward Hotel, aud for which tbe|offenders wt re brought to juotiue ; aud it was believed by the tiru. that this was a high-handed piece o( revenge, as well as to show <iet> rwiuMion to be m isters in the struggle. Mr. J. 11. Bates one at the Arm. was standing at the door at the time they cam", and the leader paseed in with a bill oi prices in his hand, asking tor Mr I.ongstreet The others were about to follow him in. when Mr. Hates deairedthem to stand buck. Tliey pressed on, and he called upon the shop-men t? shut the doorag ilnst them There wore about seven or eight young men inside, aud they proceeded to close the doors against the tailors. Here the battle commenced, tome ot the tailors had clubs, and some of them had atcnes. They used both freely, and Longstreet's men used their fists, yardsticks, and whatever weapon chance threw in their way. In the conflict, several of the tailors got their heads broken, and some of Mr. Longstreet's men were wounded severely. One of them, named II. liraves, waa struck with a stone In the aide of thu head, and fainted away, lie was eomvejed up stairs, where hl-i wounds were attended to. Mr. William Wallace was also hurt; and a young man, named Mark, who was passing by at the time, wiu severely injured by a blow of a stone. One of the tailors had his scalp cut right across, and bled profusely. Another was struck with a ladder, nnd lulled Into the street. The result was. that the tailors were routed from the building. One of them, a small msu, wearing a brown coat, rallied them, when they made another attack on the store, throwing a volley of stones into the windows One ol the stones thrown is at least seven pounds weight. In the meantime the police cf the Second ward had arrived, one or two officers who had been posted in that street, by Captain Leonard, to watch the movementsfof the tailors, having gone fuv aid to the station house. The officers arretted the ringleaders, and a struggle commenced, between the police and the tailors, who proceeded to rescue their comrades. The police, however, held lUt-ir prisoner*, and brought tut m through Nuhu itrett, toward* the Chiefs office in the Park, livery f?w yards the priconers resisted, and a skirmish took place, but the police made good their capture, nnd chastised with their clubs those who interfered. The intention was to take them to the Tombs, in order to have them brought before Justice Usborne; but, when opposite the Vribun* office, one of the prisoners would walk no further, and a handcart wan procured. upon which he was placed. Two of the tailors got hold of the wheels to poll It back, and tbey were immediately arrested bjr the police. Captaia Leonard, who had arrived a moment or two belere thi?, teudeicd very ellect ual service and ordered hi* men to flpCbeir clubs if resisted, which tbey promptly did jM^nforcement from the Chief's tfliee now ran over to 4Mst the Beooud ward police to conduct tbe prise tiers fn the Tombs; but as a l\rg? number of the craft were collected at the Sixth Waid Hotel, in Centre street. Captain Leonard thought it better to bring the prisoners tw the Chiefs office for the present. They were acoordingly locked up there, and a inrge crowd collected around The Chief was

Knt for. and was quickly in attendance. In the meantiuie, J Uetice Osborn had gone home, and the Chief despatched the clerk tor him, and also ordered the refer ves ot the Tliird, Fourth. Fifth and i*lxth ward- to be in attendance, as it was threatened to rescue the prisoners. In a short time, Justice Osborn arrived, and the prisoners were marched down to the Tombs, where they were committed upon the affidavit of Mr. James Wilde. Jr., one ot the tirm Their names are as lolUws Hubert Barr. Daniel liettey. Harher. Henry Brown. Conrad Sneider, Charles Franck. and Pater Brttykar. The Arm of hongstreet state that the men who visited their establishment yesterday do not work for them. Tbey employ fifteen hundred hands in the city, and one thousand in the country, making twenty live hundred in all. Captain Leonard snu the police ot the Second ward took charge of the establishment (t Mr. Longstreet last night, the proprietor* having given them up possession of It. in order to its pr.uctiou against an apprehended attack. MEETING OF THE JOt'KSEYMEJt TAIL-OKA. A numerous meeting if ttie journeymen tailors of the city and county of New Yoik, was held yesterday morning, at the great room of the rilxth Ward Hotel, in Centre street. The room was crowded at an early hi nr. and the men from the several shops continued to arrive In large and animated groups throughout the day. The tailors arc now on a general strike, and it was announced that a partial victory has bean at length obtained, and their exertions in the causa of a just reward for labor have been rrowned with success. A la-Re number of the employing tailors have come into tbe onion. and have agreed to give the moderate ad ancc in price* which 1* asked for by the journeymen The meeting on this occasion consisted, in fact. of everal meetings, which met together for the formation of shop committees, and for the settlement ot prioa* with the bosses, as also for the diatributioB of ticket* to tbe several person* who came forward to enrol themselves a* member* of the society, or to aecelve .( fctivti legitimate conjunction with the great body. At tbe same time meeting* were held by tbe Oeriaan rartles of working tailors of our city and county, at llld< brand's great room. In Hester street, for tbu sain* purpoaes and organisation, and for the transaction of the same busines*. where the same order, energy, aeal, and animation, prevailed. Th.t. nn il,, 1 i hiil . ?h... .....II... on thin creation. Tbey were atrietly mnetloga of tie J aa>l action. and tbe buainea* oi giving out ticket* and arranging the other matter* relating lo thu aeveral *L?p*. took up tbe gnater portion ol the Jay. Cltjr InUlU|tnr?. Latino thi Coa-ma Stone or * Cin trji. ?Yeetarday afternoon. thai interesting ceremony of depoattlng th* corner ?lon* ml the church aituatej at th.' corner of lor rt cent b *treet and Sccond aranaa. wa* performed by Mr. hmitb On arriving at th* place we found a *ou?iderable number af laule* and gentlemen already congregated. to witney* tbe particular* ot thu into, retting celebration Toarard* *ix o clock the caramon)** comtnractd. by tb> oflering 'ft of a prayer. altar which th" ahole a. M-n.bly Joinad In alnglng an original hi inn. expreaal v compoaed for thla ?al>rari oceaalon At th* termination of th* hymn. Ha* A*a Smith mad* a faw Tt mark*, atatiug that thr fonndatlon of thr present edifice ?a< laid by tb* exertion* of a t*w lealoua ntli man. whoaa iiaiuc*. alon^ with tho?? of th* nlldlnf cfiinm'itaa ate., ha then mad* known to the ongregatlon. "" t,"n I*** H de#erlptlon of the pita ft int to which ilia church I* to ba *rect?il and a statement of the rum of money requisite for It* ?ontplktion. wklch will amount to fifty-flea thousand dollar*. 11* than enumerated the various artlala*. ontain*d In a eoppar box. which wa* iut*i>d?d to ha laid beneath tha corner atone After soma farther remark*, be j?r< c< >-uaii t<> perform lb* 'moat lnl<-r**ttng part of Ilia o r< to' ny. tha laying of the corner atone. K *ary. tli*??(t bad bean previously prepared Hr?t wa* dap*. *lt? J >1* copper box upon which wa* th-n placed tha r'jMi aim* i'lita wa* ?urr? dad by offering up tli* r itl.jlng prayer, after which line Pr. Adam* de. 1 .. I an ahHiueat aUJres*. the mlwlitra of which w that tha rre< Hon ol rburrh"* ?aa for th* pn-|?oi? i'iI i>. lifting I)bri*tianlty At the ?ini>|<i>i?n lie gave th > ene liatloo, when tbe ariembly flap -r*e 1. A Pan ??n K?r?i. AftorvT * th? R >n *n?r?,?On Saturday uiornll g last. a* .Mr llunt wa* riding In a ' out borir weg*n ?'pomr>?iiii d by *tep daughter, a klr* Make. at lb* .iranoord tinamc half a utile frr in Stamford. Cot. n I he wagon came In contant wiih ti? IreomMlve trata of can coming tr->m th? eaat; * ' i. ?hat tared i he wag-n iut" ji|. ce? thriving Mr*. Flake and Mr llnnl a distance off. Inflicting great bodily Injury. Mr* Rlake dlad In* tew hcuraaft?r the Injury, and Mr Mont now lie* very dangerously In. Mr* lllake, whoae re*tdenra wa* In thla city. In W hitehail street. near tbe South t'arry, wa* br >ugbt bona a corps*. A Prai ic Kihibitiom of twa large organ* will take flare thia alteraoon. at the B>anu(actory o| Mr lleory ] Krben No. 172 Centre *treet. between the hour* of & and ft o'clock. Mc**r* King Loder. Greatorei. Tundel Hrrge. Lords, and other*, will perform oa tha or raalon P(?th ?t l?miw!*i*ii.? Coroner (Jeer yesterday held an inqae*t oa the body of Christopher l.edsrith aged | year*, born la Ireland- The il' C< awd wae takea from the water on Sanday. in Old Slip A m m by the j name of Cline wa* placed In euatody. on auaplnlon of ! beingacce??ory lo the dealh The eeruiet wa* ran l'-eed j a* follow*.-That the deceased came to hi* death by 1 drowning, under cirenmafanfr* anknowa to th* Jarv. I da thla verdict being render* d. the prt.wner, Cltee, ? %r di*eharg?d from caatody. ft'iMMVl Oiiri ?Tha eoroaer yeeterday ' afternoon wa* called to iB*e*tigate a myateriou* eaee In th* Kighlh avenue, between Twenty-aaeenth and Twrnty-ei^bth atreet* It aeeai* that a man w.i* lonad ilead. corerrd with t>|o<>.| in an uaflaiahad building. The catel* uader in> e tlgatl' n. It<i.i>* Ore** ?to??ti.iuiini* ?I.a*t night nearly, If not qnlte. fcur thou*an<l ladle* and gentlemen attended tbe representation of l.acia dl l.ammermoor " It waa the mnet briillaat night of the ?aaei<n at thla e*tabH*hment Between the acta of tbe opera. Loder'a band performed aoaic faTovlta mult for th* proiaena<l?, ao that there waa aothiag tedion* during the eten'ri We cannot rpeak of the opera In term* too exalted Roaio'a Luala wa? a highly flniahed and arlietia performance. admiraMy *u*talned to the laet, wh? n her execution *hone magnlflcentlr Sal el narer *iu|a?aed, in thi* city, hi* acbieremeata a* Kdgardo but the M*f?ff* la tha aeeoad act belag enored, drew to? largely, hr a repetition, on hi* role*, and ha dul not aertar In the third act Thla wa< ni ich re prpiltd: but II ?n andlm*** will ?ncor? 11 ?rl? ? whi.l* frcBH. In thin *?rm w*?tbrr.-cme disappointment* . Iiiurt W fipf'ti 4 fladiali on with hi* lHlial pnw.T, ! and r?r?l?rd m??t nppUuiio, U? whloli h? wan j cntiilcd Th?> <'P*ra wrnt "fl writ, thcrbiaf p*rf<>r:nar* 1 brirr r?l1?d lirlor* thr curtain at the rnd ot ?tch Mi. ' Tonight thrr? will bo ? M u?lr*l?" by ' l.rdrr * bund and tb? nptra ?f f.iMr D'Amira, with i p< w. rful r??t of rbarartara Thl? arrtng ?m?at will i highly tlffa'tory. wo prr^nmr; and ?o rich an lilrtl*lnn> |>I. rartod by ?ucti ta|. nt. will b? duly ra(ttdrd by tb* public. Mud.iWio A iigurta i? at tk<< Walnvt P tr??t Thaat I'hitad. Ipbia ^ Tb? mmul innainrrm.'nt of th? Waaloyai L'nl ' r<-rnty. at Middlotran, Cona , will Uko piaoa oa tb J Mi ?i Aug<m pnximo. j Funeral Solemnlileatn Brooklyn, In Honw ] f General Taylor, late President of tlt? United States. Friday laat was the day selected by the anthoritiei ot Brooklyn for solemnising the obsequies of the late Precidrnt; but the weather proving unpropitlouj at ' that time, the funeral pageant was postponed till yea- i terday. when it took place. The day was exceedingly fine, end no unpropitioas circumstances transpired to j prevent the accomplishment of the design* of the ' committee! who had made the preliminary urrangemt-nts. In the afternoon, the stores throughout Brooklyn were, tor the moat part, cloned, and muny of j them, at) well as private Iiouhcs. were hung around with mourning weeds. The (lags that were waving were at hall' mast. and trimmed with black crape. The front of the beautiful City llall wu draped in black, the effect of which was the more apparent from the whiteness of the marble which ootnpoaed its walla; indeed. everything in our neighboring municipality betokened a city in mourning. The proctsnion waa a long one, for so comparatively small a city a* Brooklyn. It waa formed on Hicks street. the right resting >m Cranberry street. At about two o'clock, the line of march waa taken up; the procession, ae the head advanced, forming in the following order, according to the programme :? Ex-Mayor JOSEPH SPRAUUE, Graad Marshal. Col. Wi?. Cnrabersun, f o . , .... Col. Peter Bcrg.n, i sP?01?l Aid*. , Fihsr Division-Mii.itaut F.icoht. i C. S. Battery uf Flying Artillery from Kort Hamilton, ander j scmmaud of Brevet Lieut. Col. Taylor. I Volunteer Coiupaaies from lbs adjoining eouaties. Mfth Brigade N. V. stale Militia, under command of liriga- , dier General U. R. Dnryea, eonsiating of , Thirteenth Regiment, Col Abel Smith. Fourteenth do. Col. Philip S. Oroeke. y Officers sad Soldiers wf the late Mexican >far. Officers ol N. Y. S. Militia, off duty. This division was preceded by an excellent band ol music, as, indeed. wan each division. 1 Second Divibion. 1 F. W. Hurt. Aid to Grand Marshal. Officiating Clergy and Orator. Clergy generally. ' Commandant ?f Naval Station. 1 Officers of the Army and Navy. dstachmsnt of Seamen from U. S. ship North Carolina. I Band ?f Music, l\ S. Marines as a i.uarJ of Honor. < CRN, < Drawn bv Eight Horses. < Charger. This nrn was of large dimensions, glided, and sur- 1 mounted by a largo rpri-ad eagle. A sheet 0f crape ! covered the whole, and was tastefully arranged around the sides. Appropriate inscriptions were lettered on , the sides of the platform which held the urn and the homes' coverings were embroidered with the words ''Palo Alto," Kussaca de la Palina," Monterey," " Bueua Viata " fee. Following this were? Pall Bearers in Carriages, Comprisiag eight <j*-M?voi> of Brooklyn:? Seorge llall, Jonathan Trotter, Jeremiah Johnsen, Cyrus 1*. Smith, , Henry C. Murphy, Thouiaa O. Talmage, Edaard Copland, Frao'i* II. Stryker. Mayor of the City of Brooklyn, and President of the Board of Aldermen. Committee of Arrangements. Members of the Board of Aldermen, with their Staves af O.'lice. Committer or Arranrementa appointed by Cituena. Mayors of the cities of Ntw Fork snd Jersey City, and the Members of the C"mm"n Council* thereof. The President of the v i 11 a a of MTilliaiuaburgti and Truatee* thereof. Member* of the Senate snd Hon?e of HepreaentatlTee of the I'nitcd btatee. Member* r>f State Senate and LeciaUtnre. Ex-Members of Conferees and State iiCiitlatures. Judffee of Waited State*, Mate, County and City Court*, and Members <>f the liar. Ex-Aldermen of Brooklyn. Heads ol Department* of Brooklyn. ' He libera of the l'reia The several Brooklyn paper* had carriage* eov.ared with black, and bearing .the names of the journal* whieh i hey intended to represent. After Uic prvsa MDc the bin General S*sndinr Committee. Democratic General Standing Committee. Board of Supervisor* of Kinirs County. Sheriff uf Kinica County and his Deputio*. ( County Clerk, Treasurer, and Surrogate of the County of King*. Board of Education. Principal* and Scholar* of Fubli* School*. thihd lmvimok. K. J. Luckey, Aid to Graad M*r*hal. ( Band. Fire Department. Fourth Division. Wm. M. Ilarrii, Aid to Grand Marahal. Band. Grand I.oilee of the State of New York. Subordinate LoUi-ea of Free and Accepted Maaen*. 1'irrM Divimow. David M. Talmage, Aid to Grand Marahal. Band. The Independent Orler of Odd Fellow*. Sixth Division. Tbomaa Sullivan, Aid to Grand Marshal. Band. ( Tbc United Ord^r of Americana. The Order of (Jailed American Mechanic*. Sk-vaMH Division. Mulligaa, Aid to Graad Manhal. Band. Th? Eria Beneficial Association of Brooklyn. The Shamrovk Societies. The Emroett Benevolent Sosisty. These societies were well represented, and made handsome appearance. Eighth Division. Dr. W. 8. Dillingham. Aid to Grand Marahal. Band. fteer* and Member* of the Medical College of the County of K ' nir?. Hamilton Literary Association. f'riater/ Aaeuctatioa. The Order of the Sons of Temperance. Beshatut*. and variuua Temperance and Beuevoleat Socio tie*. Bntehera' and ether A**oeiatlon*. mounted. Citisena generally in cerrlagse and on ho-K.baek. The proeeselon. wnen In full marching crder. took tbirty-flve minutes to pasa a given point. The atraata through which the line marched ware thronged on either side, and the windows of the houae* were fully occupied by spectators. The bell* of the churchei tolled continually while the procession waa moving The route taken, was through Hick* (treat to Plerpont. through Pierpont ta llenry. down Henry to AtImlU tKmuah All.nil- l> I<llnl.m I'llnlnn In l'.alttr. through Haiti: to Court, up Court to Llvlngaton. through Livingston to Pmith. up Kmith and Jar to Myrtle IVMM, down Myrtle to Bridge, through Bridge to Coneord. down Concord to Hudinn iT*nu?, tli r o 11 n 11 lludaon to tfanda *treet. through I and* to Main, down Main to Front, through front to Kniton, up Fulton ?treet to City Hall The head of th? column having reached the' City Hall the Orator of the day, the Major* of Itrookiyn. 1 New \.rk ete.. **v*rai army and navy ofll.-er*. and Invited gaeat*. took their place* on the pla;form ? ' (There wn no provl*ion in*de for the member* of the pre?> a great overaight bytheway) The nillitary i formed on each Hide of the park, !n?lde the railing, and the Or* companies aocletle*. ate , took up poeltlon* on the nuUtde. There wa? an Immegw concourae ot eitii- n? on the poreh, and In front of the platform which waj l.ullt on the i>tep* leading to the porch When the band* had cea?ed nlajIng. the timid Marshal announced the Ret Mr l>uacan who ottered up ' a ferver.t prayer, calling on the Almight to make tha American pwopla. who tha (applicant naid. owned no iuperlor power on earth, aubmUdva ta thn will of ()n?nlpotenca. , bod worth* Hand then played a requiem, " Jte*t spirit. re?t." It wm a capital performance, and produced a decided leniation. ( Aa apprrprlate oration wax then delivered by Jama* Humphrey E*<j. After which the Barred MunlePoelety under tha direction of S >l Wyraan fang a funeral dirge, and benedietija waa then ?ald by ona of tba reverend gentlemen prevent. At tba ronclnelon of the ,n*'Cl. > *ixty x lain te gun* wire fired from 1'ort tireen an 1 this < v. -d ' tiie Ceiebtat i< n i Wa cannot hut advert to the overeirfht \.T mittee of Arrenr' m*wt? in allowing the I eP?rreJ Mmlc 8< clety to utand for an hou ?u I ? ..-'t u?.d?r a burning ?un on the white marble ? p lit < Ity Mall Tliey muet he mora gallant, or in i in. ladle* will not volunteer to aid in municipal r?tian*. MAI 1.4 FOR Kt nOPE. THE WEEKLY HERALD. The *team'hin llib'rnla t'ant I.ane a li , Una ton to-morrow n?> for lltlifu anJ LUorpMl. I II*r mail* will tiny* In Ihla fltjr at half paat S 'Met thi* aft' rni on TUe HtruU wll] be pabllnhad at 0 o'clock U?U morning Single eoplea, la w ripper*. lIlfHd John LfMla Poulrtt. the wa'l-knnirn UOf for th* i< ti #rrt a? at hi* mutnrn, It* Br**<la* .. ? Finoat yrcca turtle, for wkieja h? *olt*i w a tail In n hU friaada and th* ptiMic. Illll, the Inimitable l ullrr of Hair and aktakar, *t11 Kmwi, t*ra?r of Pm aiay k* daily " ttlinl a* m th? ke*? tjlc <t form ao< mar; t. a r ,11 iiU|'n?ni uf tbf lialam and l?mit?* of maa Th? laiaitaklr aktll ia thoatot*, a*|Ulrrd ky l?ai *\p?rl?a**, aataral ("0<< laoir aad judaoatnl, oaiiaoatljr at kiai for (tTla* th* ak*?**4?i*a. _ Oaaninil'l Italian RlnllralH tmp will vra laa. pimple*. fr**kl**, rallvwa***. Ho. P^odr- Sttktil* lor eradha'iar ?p*rflno?a hair fr?'ta any part ?t th? bad). I.Mam Hoax* for pal* Up* and ehe*k*. Kill* Whit* far r*t *hr*k*, ft*., at ?7 Walker atr*?t, ? tt.>r- from (a?t u in) Broadwaj; <all*a4*r, V S< uih Third ?tr?*t, l'lui*4?ljk< Bat** ft Co.. 1 Si Waalilncton atr??t. Boatna. Wlf?I WIn* !?t III/rn? an>t Btrn tiger* are la iaepert MlAl.'t JT? ?f? ?tjl? nf Wln? and T*?- T pe?*. II* I*?p* th* larke.t *n<l k*at *f?irlti<nt iwth* elty, at hl> 11 lekr* ed H j i* By* Factory, 117 Broadway. F ?ora?r *f Dry atr*< t. Copy 11,* addr***. Hair I*j It'll? Phnlun'a Manic Hair l>)r*,la *?ler ilia kair or ihiiktK th* ta<<?*nt It I* appH*d. wltMit 'aiorj lo tk* h*ir or akla. It eaa k* wa?h*J iiamedKtely nitrn nl .1 .ttirHni th* *?! r. aad ha* ?o had "trr. It i* appliad.i r >11. at MIA I.OM'5 Hi( aad T*np*? B.' jf**t*rr IS'7 Br I I* ay. lti>|i|ilriea In Ann Strert?'The Until llwppin*a at Harnan'a Hotel, ia aot half ao p-otltahl* a* th* anl* ra|.|.n ? li. Ikr i>*i?htomood ><f Bar*<i*a t?n?*?m. War*- D l?r?.t tour** to lh* aaanfaettirlaft ?t B iol*. Mine* an I Uait?r?, 11 ?ap*r a?? h*a?taowr lhaa aay *th*r* ia lowa, at JO^BS'8. Bo, 11 Ana/tra*!. ** | G reat Birllrmtnl ? t rt?t?tla?C'nnfnalnn ? 5'dcatii BBUtiKA, a* eon| a* a newly plneked water melm. |ita? I it mill* to m? I tunc, trn-i n n mat ??> <J?ll *r |.X) I u|?. IHtni, aa<l ??aiula? M? ?t"fk of 1*11??', lu< rhiUran boata. *Iim?, gaitar*, h*. ?tba beat ?u I cLtapMkllMlHf. General Tnylur.?Tltp ln?t and li?at Portrait al (i?a?ral 1 attar tm v?jr??#<l aifiarvd la ?ba ?ra? h?.?lih?0?llmrfl!l<?tri It li ?'N k; ill hookMlIrr*. af>4 al?* kj UK * l?\ . t*> Hr"?<1?a/f irbara tba arl?iaa> ItaauaireMfiw < ?? it <*?a. Amtrlfna tti ol) |wi for Rnropr.n>? lata i?prnr?<l hlaclMatt* .lie l"ro<-a?? f?r ?<tiu ta?<i?riaat)pa llk*a*rf<>, inil'i th?a ta ?eat ta all l?r<a of lb* wotM?jr-x i *a<ti an I tmi?4 rll nataa >f a.tiy ?ph?r?. T.?? ia lelllbla PtMnMa ata mm** by Hal***, ima k Uvlat', HH lw<wa|. / roK 1*11JE FUNERAL CEREMONIES IN HONOR OF TNK 1-ATI GENERAL ZACHARY TAYLOR. TUI Joint Committee appointed by the Common Ceonell of the city of Sew Turk, to inake the iieMuarv trranceinente for u lcuinmn, tlm .t.??-.(ui?? of the lamented General Zaihary T?>l<*r, lal<- 1'resident of the United Siatee in e adopted the following Programme of Arrangement* f#i the occakiou. on Ttie?d*y, 1 he 2*4 mat. CENKRAI. WILLIAM HALL [lei been uanim"uely eeWctod $* Sraad Marehal of the day. And the following pereoaa have been named, and will aet ail 1J? Aide: . ? _ Fred. Penti, Jamee M. Turner, Vn. Dodge, fharlee Oakley, - Jkhn W. Avery, John Rtdlay, W. L. Jforrie, Bttphen Barker, Richard M.Hce, He*ry B.Cook, WW.Tompkine, Jamee R. Walter, J. W Morri*, Baninel Oegood. Elijah t. Pnrdy, J ?me? C. Iluruhain, Robert B. Boyd, Jamee Conner, John B. Montgomery, U. 3. Storms. Win. M. Scott, Jamee T. Hall. N. B. La Bhu. William Stet JobnT. Ogdeo, J. W Stile* Tho*. f. Draper, Tho*. K, Win. T-Cbild, 8. S. Ilened'ct, Robert Biuith, O. F. Ottrnin, II. M. Graham, M m. H. Cornel!, David J. Levy. E O. Hurling. The procession will move froai the Park at t r?. >Ti?*k f. M. precisely, and will proofed du?n Broad waj ?r i. rd tho Par*, to Chaiham street; through Chatham -.r:ct i* tho Bowerv: up the Bower; and Foarth avenue t tloa ,<nur? Lronnd I'mou Square to Broadway. and dow n liroa Iway to b* hark, in front of the City Hall, on par?i' & ? r.ita point. >acli Division will bu under the order* or it* rospuotiv* Martial. Tho lolemnitfei at the Ilall, at th* *lo*e of tho pro*?**ion, *ill be a* follow* :? 1. 1'rayer by the Rev. Tho*. Ann it age. 2. Funeral Oration by Da\id Gralium, Eiq. 3. A Requiem. chorus?" Mourn, ye Afflicted Children," hrrm HamleT* Oratorio " Judas Maccabasus," by the Uanuo? ?ie Society. 4. Benediction by the Rev. Dr. Taylor. The ccremonie* ?ill then conclude, by the firing of three rolleys, by the 7th (National Guard) Regiment, Colonel Durvca. Ihe arrangement* of tho day wiU be andtr the command f the Grand Marshal. The levrral per*one having charge of the church and tro lliirm bell* ill the city, are requested to cause the iamb o be tolled from the hour of three o'clock P.M., until tb* lose of the procession. The owner* and muster* of vessel* in the harbor, and th? proprietor* of the various public building! in the city, are requested to display their color* at Lalf most, from mart*'* :o sunset. It i* also respectfully demanded that onr fellow oitiien* >los* their several places of business during the day. They are also requested, whether in the procession or BOt,. to wear the usual badge of mourning on the left aim. The several Order*, Soeietie*, Association*, Trade*, aad ?thcr bodie*. are requeued to assemble at such place* aa they may respectively select, and repair to the place* of ren? ieivou* designated in the annexed order, by two o'elook, P. M. lb* different Division* in the following programme, wilt be designated by a wbit* banner, with the appropriate number of each in black. lh* following will be the OKDK& OF I'ROCKSSION. FIR ST IM VISION. Troop 01 cavairy. Coder the command of Capt. Joshua A. Vanan. General William Hall, Grand H umbel. Spooial Aids Colonel John W. Avery, Colonel Richard M. lloe. Colonel William Dooge, Hubert Smith, ?s<i. J?ran K. Walter, Ksq. The First Division N. Y. State Militia, Under tlie command of Major General Charles W. Haadford. Comprising the whole of the uniformed militia of th? eounty, al a military escort, preceding the urn, in rev en* ore or. aa follow* The Fourth Brigade Commanded by Brigadier (lea. John Earen, oonslsting of th? Twelfth Regiment, commanded by Col. Henry. J. Stebbine. Eleventh Reg't, commanded by Col. K?bt. C. Morril, Tenth Kvg't, eommandrd by Col. Wm. HaLsey. The Third Brigade. Commanded by Colonel A. Duryea. consisting of th? Nin'b Kea't, commanded by Col. B C. Ferris, Eighth Reg't, commanded by Colonel William Borden, Seventh Kcg't, commanded I y Colonel A. II. Brinkerhoff. The?ejo?d I'.rignde, Commanded by Brigadier Gen. George P. Morris, eoMistim? of the SiXh Reg't, eommandrd by Colonel Thomas T. Peers, Fifth Reg't, commanded by Col. Andrew Warner Fourth Reg't, Comm.rded by Colonel Charles Yates. The First Brigade, lommanded by Brigadier General Henry Storing, consisting; <>f the Third Reg't, commanded by Colonel S. B. I'ostley, Second Reg't, commanded by Colonel Charles B. ttpiew. First Reg's, commanded by Colonel J. B. Ryer, First Reg't of N. Y.*State Volunteers, A lie'acbment of V. 8 Marines, A Detachment of U. S. Infantry, U. S. l.ight Artillery Battery, ( Used in the Battles of Palo Alto. Reaaea de It Palm* and) Buena Vistn.) under command of Cel. A. B. Tayler. Light Guard, LitfUt Guard, Ciftjiutut, FUNERAL URN, c*ptBuard of Henor. Guard ef Honor, sbtOisd pitihtow. Ccn. Wm. I.. Morris Aid to Grand Marshal, Gen. S. A Benedict, i < Cart. J. W. Morris. S A'a, Officiating lorry men Orator ef the Day. On near drawn bv eight white kories. Hone, Caparisoned and led. The following Pall llcarera, thirty in number, (>>ein( th* nuaberof the States of the Union.) vis; t. W. Lawrence, William Smitn, Michael IM.hoeffer, Wui. W. Todd, Samuol Jones, John N. Aavrie, James Harper, Thomas O'Connor. W.IIU. V Ui...k.. All A.'iiiVirVir "" WIfium N'."uiokemaa, eneral W hi tin*. Alex. Stewart. Jeremiah J. I>icVimob, Jauim l>. Oil v or. A. R. l.KI'DCt, Edward If. l.aiglit, K if. Morrie, Joha Adimi, Peter Cooper, John Kobl.laa, Anlheiy Luab, William Durbrow, Ilenry f.a?eriy, Jeremiah Dodge, Morria Franklin, J nook A. WeotervoW, Ilnjnr Ron Jo' n F Wool, Commodore M. C. Peiry. Mi)"TI ?( N'V York. Ilr... ?Iyn, Jeraoy City and Newarfc. t'reeidenta of the ?illareeof M'illiemefcurck and Hboken. Ibe Out in' n Councila il tkecitua of New Vork. Ftirtadal|bia, Brooklyn. Jerae* City and Newark, in the following order :? Ybe B?ard of Aldermen. Preoedrd by their Serfoaat-et-arme aod)headed by their Preeideat, Tbe Board ut Aaiiatant Aldarinan. Prieeiled by tliatr Sergeant-at-arma and bonded by tkair Pr eat dent. OBI era of both Boarda. Committee of tbe Council of tbe alt* of Philadelphia; Common Conecll of the city of llrooklya. O&cer* of tka Common Council of tha alty af Brooklyn. Cirie Societice of Brooklyn. fruitce* af tha vill ./a if \s i!i. with thalr officer*. Cirle fWietiee of M'tlllnmebarab. Etniiut ColliII of Jer?e> City. with tbair Clark, Htribil, and otier ofttcera. Civic 8 rietloa of J^raty City. Hit Common Council of tha rity of Newark, with tha Clark, aad other ntticara. Civia Soeietiee of the city of Neeatk, with tka Clark 1(4 etheritRcata. Committee on tha part of tb? rilla*a of Jaataiea. Ex-President of tba I'tiitea Statoa. Hla Iirtilrxr OoTaraor Fiah aad Suite. Ilaadt of Orparinnti if tba Stalf. Senate and AeeemMy of the State af New York. Himbora of tba Senate and ll?u,e of KepreeeatatiTe* of Ik* I'w I ted Statoa. The Reverend th? Clergy. Major fleaeral H lufleld Scott, Coir.mander-la-chief of the l.'oitod State* Amy. and hla Start I"he Commanding OBJrer of tl.? lira* Cn tad Statel Military nia'rio', and Me Aide. Officer* of the Army of tba Pelted Statoa. Commodura W . I? Salter. I mir.ander ?f tha Nary Tard aad Station of Now York, WUh tba OfHiere of tba Nary of tbe United Statoa. I i Kti'if of tke Nary Yard. O&oori'B n *f illtia of tbe State of New York. Sen ?. ?.< ? I -vei \y of tho Cincinnati. > i. I ' arj 5 leta in Carriagea. ' V iin . r| , 4 r.f the State Lerialataro. I *i r a< man atd Aaaiatanta (>f ts? en . f \ . ?t . Uricklya, aad other eitleo. li.eda I Di,? 'li >ad 0 .rera of tho rity gorernmeat. . k! n atera aad Coaenla. J Iflt -ft t < a'ea. State and City Conrta, I i*t ! Atiorne). v ?r? t Member* ?( tho Preae. ti < i 11 Dceatlea of the eity of -r y rk. Rei ?ttr. Co' I) i and Coroner of iho olty af V - i'.r b thoir Ofllcra. Cm i Ma.. . e?. wivb ttuM. TM-k. i .riato*i. Col. Th?o. S. Drii'T, ?> ' to Grand MirihaL ian>< F Ra'l, R?i . Aid. larabal of tko I'aitod so e. f r the Son'.hcra Du'rkat a/ kte York. Cmitd !uim uli rict Attorney. Gollrotor ?f ?ho |M,rtuf Turk, With tht cWrht aad #:lifr aStara of hl? do part moat. Sar??yor, Na*al AbJ otktr nff' trt oonnnto.l ?ltk 'Sotr d?rir*aoat(. I'oownatttr ?f iko alt* of Now V?rk. With ht? Sorrrtatx (Mi-tttli an* clorko. Tho Board uf Edaratfon of tho olty tf N-w Turk, Pror*ltd kr In rr*?H??t and Ct?rk. romdoat. Tru?t-.", T? u'tv m l Mudoa'? ( i - himMa Col*rM.d.a\ Council, Faonltv *a1 *tnd*nta of tka V'airarolty of .Soar Vnfk. Cottrga of Pkrolriaao ami ^nrnirn, ? Vark A"M'-njr > ' Modtolno. >'?? Tort Bodleal and' Phy?i< lam and Taavkora Ii4 Ftiptlo ..f Oram-nar Soho >1 of ttltaUl, I'fllw and 1'iinrMl;. Tr f???or? of tho ?>eo Aca4rwj. With tha pupilo if tho oaao. Col'?i? ?f rharnwir. N?w Tork Miilirioal HoclofT. I'altad <laTtl l,T?r>n. Natioaal Aoa<Utnr of Iv.ira. AB'tiraa API I'ai-Mi. Cliaabor of Cmntaorra. Strftl l ^ift T of .Hrr > nic wnd Trtdcintn of tkt tityoP M?? Tnfk. Atn?r("0> tairtttnlo. M- Saal' ' lootttato. Tlio oorrral I"riator? *'< ! -'oo of tho aitp of Jf?w Tort. B"arc' .f Yrada. aotoro, ViHiai an J Uiu 'r aui"i of lha port of Viir T"rk. TIM* of tk? port of S*w Tork. oakoro of |l< In-tr trial Con*r-?o. T?aoko? A ?>rialton. oarf i* ?ad Pa pit* of th? < rral Pnkllt, Ward, and Frl lu P*k>?.lo. raoidoat, ?n|?rlnlond?n?. (>ffi ?r?, and Pnpilaaf tkt Dob? BBd Duak, ai..I Hllnd InaMtattoao. rit'HTtl I'lriMOO. ajor Oonoral Frodorlrk Poati: Aid toflroal lanhtl. II. H. Oonfc, Aid. riroaoa of Pr. okljB. Jrraai I Mr. WtiliaTlol>Br*ht Bad o hrr oltioo aad nllaaoo. Frompt Firrmoa. Fira t>r|?Br?Bioa? i.f th? olty of Kow Tort. firTM niTfOtnw. Col. Ckarlo* OaUir, Aid to (Irani Marshal. Blijah Ij Bon , Aid Torn* Mrn'? W i ?aoriM Commlt'oa. Mi.'Oratlo B< | uM.raa f;?r.?ral f maiitaa ai ibo CUy ot Hrm Turk. To"n?^*'-a'^T??n rr*?la (loaoral^Cojnmi t taa. ir.-r*. ImIiII nf Tlirmin/ o? ColnmMaa Or4*r, *nJ MrirU w.ird CommtMooa'.f tha Cltf nt Naw Y?rk. Eniinra-V Irx'iuita. iiiTH ntnMVW. Caft. ITm II. t'arr>?*l, M t to rjr*n4 *?r*S*l. rup'ala Joha T <V>l?n. At4. It. J W? Or <? ! I.'.Ht? of Vrr? an4 4?r*at?4 f tka 3**t? of >'*? Vork. *i?4 lh? Sni.? 4imN t,?4f?? n?.'?r tt? Jar1<4lct(<>*. Bat?k?w" ?f th? rHIoa of f?w Rrr.Mfn. haT??U*?of *MH?t ?>-ir*h, M<l ?lh?r an4 Tllllf ? (tn*aa??4. f ???? *M writt'id. William T. r?,in. * *.. AI4 t? ?;r?n l Manhal. Jn'm IMtoj. |m? AI4. On*4 l."4f? nf th? Jt*M. of *#? r?rk of frH Mil Aworioil ??#. ??. R W Or??4 f of In t'pop Irat Or4?r of 044 r?llo**of nthorn Nn Vnrk, ??4 tha Htol4ta?M U4<( iM joii*4*cU?%. t

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