Newspaper of The New York Herald, 23 Temmuz 1850, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 23 Temmuz 1850 Page 3
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I HGHTH DITWIO*. 1. Thot. It. Whitney, Aid to Grtkd Marshal. Col. William St??U. Aid. Oidw of United iairiMU. rnnru uivimoit. C?l. J. W Stilea, Aid to Urtad Marshal. Major William M. Scott, Aid. fltaiid Division of tliu Sun# of Ta?par****. TKNTI1 division. Major N. R. I.a Hau, Aid to Grand Marshal. Captain C. *. Vtorma. Aid. ladeiwrnicnt Ordar of Itaahabitaa. Mount Elin Lmampuicnt. Cala 'onia Section, No. 14.1. Cadets of Temperance. ltnaa ('atholi** Temperance Society. nittMH Division. Oelenel W. W, Totnpknr, Aid to Craad Mtnbftl. Stephen Marker, Ea<|.. Aid. Whitehall A?i)ovi?tioB. Columbian (iuard. liaiiitlin (iuaril. Allen Guard. t'hanfrau Guard. Til ton Blues. Bentveltnl Order of Rereaas. to wi?: Pbceaix Aracmbly, No. 1. Waakiaston Assembly, No.2. Mount Joy Assembly, No. 3. Brooklyn Assembly. No. 4. St. t.??'rK*'? Benevolent Society. St. Andrew's Benevolent Society. St. David's Beaevoleat Sooiaty. St. Nicholas Society. Taylor Verein. )Ulka (It iiist, rtudent iu the City of New Tork, twei.fth Division. Otlonel John B. Montgomery, Aid to Grand Marshal. Captain Jauies a. Turner, Aid. United American Mechanics. Mouse t'arpenters' AsseciaWoa. Pioneer Temple. JtUMjmil Itoie Cutters' Association ef NewTork, Brooklyn and Jersey City. Bricklayer* and Masons' Association or the City of V. Tork. Journeymen Marl le Cutters of New Tork, Brooklyn, aud Jersey City. Shipwright! and Canlksrs' Beacvolen. Society of the City of New rork. tilw York Ship Joiners' llenevoleat Society. lUggers I'uieti Association. tiiirtcexth iiivirion. Major II. M. Graham, Aid to Grand Marshal. Major U. V. Uatman, Aid. Laborers' Union Association of the Cityof NewTork. ni'stimti division. Major Jan es Ooiincr, Aid to Grand Marshal. Samuel Osgood, Esq., Aid. Hibernian I'niversul Benevolent Society. Mlterniau Universal HeaevoU-nt Burial Sooiety. Shamrock Benevolent Sooiety. St. Joseph's Beuerolunt Society. ft. John's Benevolent Society. St. Alphonsu's Benevolent Society. luimett Mutual Benevolent Society. iiitf-isth division. Ool. Jo*. C. Burnhaui. Aid to Grand Marshal. Major D. J. Levy, Aid. aWereal Independent Order of Odd Fallow!. Independent Older ol Faithful Fellows. Improved Order of Red men. Operative Bakers' Union Association. Independent Ordi r ef Beuai Uerith. United Stales Seward Association. siitebntm division. el. K. B Boyd. Aid to Urand Marshal. E. O Burling, Esq.. Aid. Order if Ancient Drnidi. artmen's Aaaociation nf the City of New Tork (atoaatad). The Societies, Associations, aad Trades, to whom places in aaelgned as above, are requested to appear ia the order prescribed, sad to walk eight abreast. Sash Sooietiee aud Associations as have not rep*rte d.will be eloigned places in the order in whieh they shall report themselves to the Grand Marshal. No banner bearing political devices er inscriptions wlH ba admitted in the procetiinn. 'Ike First Division of New Terk State Militia, and the aivio societies above enumerated, will assemble at 2!? o'clock ireeUely, at the following pines, preparatory to keiag trough t into column :? The Division of Militia, ia Broadway, left ratting on Chambers street. Officiating Clergymen. Orator of the Day, the Clergy, Meaeral S?ott, and Aids, and i'all Bearers, In the Gevera r*e Room. Mayers of the loveral eitleo, and ei-Presidents, Foreign Miailters and Consuls, in the Mayor's Office. Common Ceenclls or New Tork. Brooklyn, Jersey City, Meet-ark, and the Trustees ef the villages of William*bungh, Hobokeo aad Jamaica, together with their offloers, la room No. H CIt> Hall. Oevernor, Lieutenant Governor. Heads of Departments, Members of the Senato and Assembly. Senators and Mem bar* *f Coagrea* of the United But**, In th? Uuvem?r'a Roam. Soaietr of CiBcInaatl, Revolutionary Soldi*r*, ei-MiTors and *i-Memb?rt ( t th* < urn n Council and liIft4i of Del&rlncnU of the City Qcvtmrntnt, in the Library Room. Offlear* of the Army and Navy, In Inptr i lluum, City all. Jailge* of the Cotirte, Member* of the Bar. ax-Member* f Ceagreae, in th* Law Library Room. New City Uall. Sheriff and In* DepatiM, Ib Sheriff' a Ortiee. Coaaty Clerk, Re?n?r aa<l Coroaer, with tkair ofHoen, ltd tha Poliaa Magiitratea. in County Olark'n Otflee. United Slate* Diatriat Attorney, United S'-ata* Martha] Md hia Depntle*, Collector and Surveyor ?f the Port, Naval Offieer. Pottnaater, and the offieera connected with their Miertl DcHiiaaitf, in L'aited S<ate? Conrt Roam. ClTla Secietir* of Brooklyn, Newark, H'iUiaintburjh and other placet, in the Park, rear of City nail. President, Trniteea, Connoil, Faeultie* aad Student* of (V limkla College, and of tha Univereity, ia the Supreme Oonrt Room, New City Hall. Medieal Societieeaad Student*, College of Pharmacy, Hiitorieal Society, United State* Naval Lvoeam, National Academy of Datiga, American Art Union. Hoard of Trade, Maater?. Wardcue, Harbor Matter* aad Pilot* of the Port, American Institute, Mtchitici' Inttitate, in tk* Superior Conrt Ra:m New City Hall. OS>an and Pupil* cf Blind and Deaf aad Dumb TnatitnWeit, lit Afite of Couimir lioner o( Repair* and luppUee, Maw Itv hall. Cither A?*a?ia?loB(, and Gentlemen of tha Third DirUiaa. Mar ef City llall. Poarth Dlvielnp, in Hudion (treat, froal retting oa north (ice af Chatahere atreet. Fifth Blvieioa in Tammany Ball. I Sixth Diviaioa, ia Howard itreet, front raiting on weal rid* f Braadway, aid running np Men er (treat. aeenth Divides, ia Caaal (treet, front aa Mat ride af Broadway. Eighth DivUion, la Caaal itrtat, front oa weat aide of Broadway Biath Di\irioa, in Litpenard atraet, front on weat (Ida af Broadway. Teatb IMviaion, ia Walker (treat, froat oa waat tide af Broad way. Blavanth DivUlon, in Whit* (tre*t, fr*at oa w**t (id* af Bitadwty. Twelfth Division, ia Fraaklia (tr**t, front * weat rid* af Broadway. Thirteenth Diviilon, In Leonard *tuM, front oa w*at rid* of llroadwaT, aad line running ap w ?at Braadway. iPenrtevaih Hlvieiun. in Leonard itraet. front on the eaat ride of Bread* ay, and l.ue rnaaiag ap Elm ttrMt, aa far aa Caaal atreet. Fifteenth I.'iv (.ot., ia Warrea ttrMt, froat on WMt (id* af Bra?dw iy Sixteen) h DlvUiait, la Parelay etreet, froat oa WMt (id* af Brradway, Mat canning ap Greenwich itreet. Tb" tloeiaff arrtnntla*. eoaelitltif of the Prarar, Oratioa Root.1cm ana Itenedletloa, will take place aa the eiplanade 1b froat of tl.e City Ball, eu the arrival of Die rear af the aroceieiea. l Tketrotiwif the Ualted State*, ttationed at tha different p?tti la tbl* harbor, *re r?|U* '*d to Art miaate gua*, fraa Ik BOCB till mnet. . . _ . A detaehmtB1 freia th* cenieiaad er ?n/?Ji?r General Storm*. will tire niioU feaa from the Ilatterj durinjt the (TNMMH, The earri?*a* for the n*e ef the Pall Bttr?ri. and Society Ief the Cineiiiaatl. aad Rcvilutioaary poldlera, will be onder the directing of Afher Taylor, Flrat Marahal of tha eity The i * atra aad preprietera nf all public aud lieenaed oar} viaftt and veMilea. ate directed to withdraw the aame from ?t ' atreeta throflf h which the froeeaaioa la to paaa, after tha hour of I o'clock, I*. M ICTka Chief of Poliae la charged with tha ?afcr?*meat af tha ah* te order. The owner* "f private e*rrt*r<? and vehicle* ara alan reapeetfallr re<|?ie*te<t to aoafora with tha wiahaa of tha Committee la tbl? N? extraction ol aav hind will be permitted ia tha ekreeta thtnach which tho prnceaalon la ia |>aa*. Committee oa the | art of tha Committee aa the part af tha Heard af iMaiMl, Beard of \?eiataat Alderman. Oroiai II. B, I,. II Wtm>, Pan ret. IJtUktm, On ah*. Jaxca II Cook, JianAriiii??>, Juwa* f Com hjj?, R'nur Smith, J ? I > I "* ?Lir, l i i! ? * V( < * * nrr. If en oak OecA a W. Btvbtbvawt, Preaideat. f'reeideat. NOIICV MARKET* Mowdat, Jr i.v 71 9 P. M Tha *to?k market to-day baa been without any activity. The ealea effected war* vary email and unimportant. At waa generally anticipate.I on the afreet, the Board of Broker* adjournal till Wadneaday. aa tha eeramoniea In honor t4 tha lata Praaident Taylor ara to take place tomorrow The atooka ?hlch advanced were New York and New Haven Railroad, S I Reading Railroad. X ; Madiaon and Intllanapolla, 1 par aent. Ml IrU kevtu. el 1M9, i%. Tha atock* which dacliued were Farmer*' Trout and tha Harlan Railroad. )(. and Eria Railroad <. In the menry mxrket we hava no change to notiea. The demand for money Mill continue* very limited, whila tha euralv la very ercat aoapared with the want It l? net unit own however. that the amount to loan* ? h'.rh have been made already. I* very great The rate* for nanny are ?l!^htly l*wer than they wer* few day* ago 4 to 0 for food bu*lne*? paper. from two to *1* month*. Loan* on Mil tmj from Ifc to 6 f?r cunt In eterllng eichange there i* a limited demand, and the Mipply of bill* (rem every quarter la Increasing fc?r little bu?iti'?? h:i ^e*u done at 10 to 10'i per of ntum pri t hi in C. rt , n description* of bill* do I not run up to 10. anlthf*." are rat|*factory to th? cu? tomer*. though net of the flmt cla?* franc* are dull at & 22S to 5 231< | Am?t.r !an 40 Io40\ ; Hamburgh, .V?^ to 36 V and Bremen. TBV to M At Ik* "ft" of t>>? * i -tant Treasurer Of tbi? p rt. the following account* hare b*e? mad*, respectively, for the day* Mated : I July 17 Receded <1 ??> T?2 7'.! paid M' 7?J 11. kalance $3 r.4C CM) 4? . Jnly 20 lecalred 223.W4 IT. paid 93 H S n balance f :t MA 240 M; Jnly 22. received >236 016 <>4 paid $4.0M M. balance t* <?TW 270 72 Th* new* from California I* highly favorable In a |t< mmerclal point of view Another dUaatroua Are ha* nip <le'I the r.iur?? of gold remlttanc**. yel a conidder l ie amount h*? MMj through the hand* "f pa??enL.f nnd it la reporti-d that the Parah Hand* I* well freighted with it Th* account* from the mine-ar* Lnronraglng to the enterprise *f the country * .tne UlBdant (Ml I* promised during the preeent *(IM. IT? do not e*timale the report* of gold In pa**enger?' Land* to be *o large a* reported, bat there I* reaaon to Lelleve that an approach to the *nm announced may L rtli'd upon Tbe fire will be ranch regretted by I bo*e immediately tnfTerlng, but th* (peculator* In will not urn much nvmr a illiaeter that tiro I. to '""'P t'V ro rul Th* ftock ?ark?t In Rn?i?ri appear* to mnija rtrJ l? that in W*lt atreat An authority mji "rrj Itttlo h*? Horn *o?? In atnrka luring the waak. >ar? 1* Biodrfnta driannd forth* *0114 >t???riptlnM. kI tha n?u?l Hurt nation* In othor kind*. which ara t?n<1?4 with mora h?f*r.l tto?a 4l*p<>?ttlnn hna . n ahown to pnrrhaaa tha Vermont Central Kallrond ?r?? on Mm?. preparatory. It I* Mid. to ?pa*nlatlea BTtmrnt tor ? riM, AU>?t U???m4 *h*rM hat* been bought in that way within tha past fortnight. to ba paid for at the buyer's option at any tuu? within nxty aid uiuety rfaya Murtvlk < <>uniy Railroad stork ha* alto advanced in prion in eonaenuenee of purcbaaes to supply time oontraeta Th? Old Colony Kail road ia said to bo naming Ave hundred dollars par clay mora than th? expense*. and ha* reduced ita floating debt from 140 000 to flOOUO, and largely lessened the number of shares in tha corporation. The Diractora of tha Auburn and Rochester K R will pay a dividend of tlx per cent to the stockholders of the ct mpany on the Brut day of August next, ni men 01 me emeu wueru lueir uuii in uu* rejutered. Tbe assignees of the Commercial Bank of M&aehett?r, Mis* , have drained a dividend on capital of tea per cent, per annuni, payable io the New York stockholders on the 5th August next, at the ofllce of the Manhattan Company in this city. | The Morris Canal and Hanking Company have declare4 a dividend ol tea per cent, per annum, on the amount paid in an the preferred stock ol 1840 of said ompany, payable on and after the 0th day of August. The Mutual Beuefit Life and Fire Insurance Company of New Orleans, hare declared a dividend of twenty per eent on premiums for the last fisoal year. The Suffolk Lead Works have declared a semi annual dividend of five per eent, payable on the first proximo. The New York and llarlem Railroad Company will pay their second semi-annual dividend at the rate of two per cent, en and after Tuesday, the 0th proximo. The following are the total transfers of U. 8. stocks at Washington, since Jan. 1, 18.'>0: ? United Static Stocb Tmnaritiitii at W'ASnrKOTOW, ON Fuji K1UN ACOOVBT. FROM J A X l.l K? TO J 1'i.Y VJ, 1 UN) Loan of. < Jnnusry 1 to 1M2. KHS. lMfi 1M7. 1X4& Tot?l. M?j 31 380,il86 ? 10S.SKK) S,23U,Au0 653,780 4,320,518 | 1st to 5th July inclusive... 16,800 4,000 12,500 lf4,050 15,250 201,600 I fit h in lli. IMth inclusive... 9,000 ? ? 99,130 8,000 113,4.10 ToUl SM,.W. 4,(WO 121,400 3,4*0,000 673.900 4. S3.V 508 The total tiiIup of foreign exports from Baltimore (taring the week ending on Thursday, was $102,410 50. The article* of association tor the consolidation of the Auburn and Rochester railway companies, have been executed, and the new company, under the name of the Rochester and Syracuse Railroad Company, will supersede the former corporation on the 1st of August. The directors named in the articles are Henry B tiibton, Charles Seymour, Ilenry Fellow*. William B. J. Mercer. Jacob Uould, K. Darwin Smith, Nathaniel Uhayer, William F. Weld, R. II. Irea, John ' Wilkinson, Joseph B. Yarnum, W. J. Van Allen, and Thoma* Y. How. A bill hits been introduced into the Provincial Parliament for the incorporation of a company to construct a railroad between Niagara and Detroit rivers. The bill provides for the eonKtruction of the road , from some point on the Niagara river, in the township of Bertie opposite Buffalo?to some point on the De- j troit river, in the township of Sdftdwich? opposite Detroit?passing through the tewn* ef Brontfoad, Woodstock. London, and Chatham. The Lockport and Nidgara Falls Railroad, whieh wafl *old at auction for the payment of its debt*, has been ' purchased by Messrs J. B. Yarnum and Samnel Jau- , df>n. of New York, acd J. C. Colton, of Lockport. The purchase vests in the buyers all the rights of the former company. It i* the intention of the above named i gentlemen to extend the road to this city. The work on the Rome and Cape Vincent Railroad I* rapidly progressing to completion. Regular passenger trains from Rome to Camden am to commence running by the 30th of next month, and the entire length ef the road will be finished by the 4th of July 1850. Stock Exchange.] |W0 n 8 n, 1W 117 .V) ? <* Erin RR MO 79 At**' Eria Inc Bond" C2'i KM) llarlem RR CI I 1WKO do kSO P2? 100 do MO ?lii 8000 Eric Bd?, I MO H'2W 3.V) Readl".* RR 4* *< 0 do 1?2?, 190 d? tAO ?7U AO ibu Ohio Tniit lOAXj I'D do *30 <7V 15 Ilk of America 1I>7V 2>>0 do (40 47 . 7 Tradeamou'i Bk 140 10 N n fc Hartfd RR 118 M rule fir* Co HlO V Mad k Ind R* W I 10 Maahattaa Co 117 2ft Mohawk RR I ?5 Eri* RR 7"\ <00 Farmori' Lean 400 4* rt * j SECOND BOARD. Sljnoor M'i,lW 113W 00 ahaa Farmr*' La *30 12V ?0*)Eria In# Bdi #t% 100 do M 4.1 ICOOO do b?0 9fu 100 UarUm RR 81U i INOErla Cartiteataa 8.\, *oo do MO (112 ' 16 .ha! SyrfcCtlcaRR 147*2 AO do b4 8l C 100 larncri' Loan blO 4.1 ISO da M MS , AO do 43 80 Eri* RR 79 100 do MO 43* 75 do T9 100 do *3 43 HOBaadiauRR 40% ISVEKTHBHKNTS RBNKWBD BVBRT DAL, TRAVELLER*' G17IDK CAMDEN AND AMBOT RAILROAD UNI FOR PHILA- 1 dalphia. at hth o'aloek, A. M and half-Mat oMo'llook, 1 P. M., by ateamboat JOHN POTTER, daily (Sandaya x*apt?d). from Pier No. 1. North rii?. Vac*?Pint alaaa an. E* a?oad ?laa* aaw. ti INDEPENDENT OPPOSITION LINE FOR PHILADEL- ' phia, touching aaek way at Cap* May.?Tha aaw aad arlendid ore a a ateamara PENOBSCOT, Capt. Sa/mour, and KENNEBEC, Capt. Plowtra, leav* Piar 12. North Rmr, i ??rv Tranday, Thuraday and Saturday, at foai o'aloak, for I rti.w.1.^ r., P-?.. ; BOARUINO, AC. 7Q7 BROADWAY. OPPOSITE CEACE CHl'RCnI 57 I Beardinx.?1'craoa* *ojo*rala( ia tbia aity, daairlnft a private r*?idei ce. eambinad with tha oonvenien** af a Irat rlaea hutal, parlor* and bad roam* aoanaatlax. an ? ?!lant laMe. attentive acrvaaU, bath*, *t* , eaa b* ac*a**m<>dated at th* ab*r* pleaiaat lo?atioa. F*raaaa*al arraa* - meat* for board can t>? maae. WASTi WANTID-BT A TOUNO WOMAN, A SITUATION IN a re?i table family; la ago >4 aook, waaber and iroaer, ar da general h<ua< w r* n a imall faiuilj. Can pro.luce hud1 ba ref- rrnra from bar loat plat*. 1'leoaa aall at | 111 Sixteenth i>t., near tha Se Tenth avenue. Caa ba nan for fonr daya. _ AKTI D?BT A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT >?uag araat. a aitaatina aa Chambermaid and Lanadreea or aa rhlldrea'a Ntiree and wait aa a lady. Would frafer tnlng with a faaiily who Intend In travel. The >>aet of ally reference caa ba giren. Apply at 129 Waterlay Place Can b? nti l< a _______________ W^HAKTII) t SITUATION, BT A RBSPICTADI.E young woman, aa Chambermaid or to do goaeral bouaawerk for a prlrata family. Oood rafaraaaa riven. Apply at 173 Eleventh atreat, aaaaad fro at roam. Caaba aaaa atlll iap|f4. WMHanted-an experienced man, or uentlemaaly deportment, to take unlimited charge of a bawllag aaloon. Attad up la goad atyla, and la a good neighborhood, may make a profitable irrannmrat, by addrawing a aota ta M ML, laft at tba Herald olfee. _ | \L'A N T E D-SIT! ATloNS. Ii\ A MVS AND lll!? TT Wlfa?aha ?nd, ratan'ta I akina and cooking la all Ita l.ranrhee tha man ta ailllag to maka hlmaair gaaarally aeoful, at lay aork; aad hare a? obieetloa ia goin| to tha eooatrv Apply at tba aormar of Firet avenue aad ilhli atraat, Naw Y orb. VI' ANTED?BV A RESPECTABLE TOUNO ENOLIftll" maa, a eltnatloa aa Waiter la aome raaaertable boardlag hanaa or private family. Maa had mack eiperienoe la tba above braaeh Ba wiehea to etudy tba aola intaraat of hla e in player. Baa ?o ebiaetloaa to the aonntry. Goodo'y refareneea glean. Addrena Jamee. Herald offlre for two day*. WANTED?BT A R EXPECT A BI.E TOUNO WOMAN, a aitwatloa to do chamberwnik aad waltlrt. "r h .naa- | work,for a email funily: aha tboroaghlt naderataa'le Irer baeiaeet. Th>-haat af city refareaca ean be |ttai. Caa ba > aeen for two 'aye. Pleaaa aall at Merger (treat. WH A N T I D-A SITUATION, IT A RESPECTABLE Prateataat girl, to do tha hoaeawnrk of a atnall private ' family, or ta 4o chamberworb aad waltlag. fan be aaaa for ta e daya, at Jfil Hiath aeaaaa, bat warn Sfsty-fire' and Saeaaty-Arat atraat, la tba rear. Irat Soar. City rafaraaea glean. ' WIHHANTEP?SITUATIONS ARE WANTED FOR flf tern German Enalteh aad Hf tali la-mere Waltara, j Coaehmea and Portare : alaa, for thrao tiermaa. lee Scotch, aaeaa Eagluh. Iftaaa Amerieaa. aad abnat forty Proteatant Irial. Saaaatraaaee, Nnraea. I l aml ermalde. W altera. Cooke. Lanadreaaae. Hi uaakeaprre, aad gaaaral work?ra ; alaa. bcya for tradoo. All bora ** ? I < haractora. At 7 uaraiaa airati, Bltnoraa Mi 't I'rotoataat Impl-TmoBl ?m'T. WANTtn- MY A RB*PE? TABI,E TOCNO WOBAV. ltnati?B a? eK?tnli<r?aid ?nl waiter. a?d to do rial* M*in* or (oaorol h> na?woik -hii ?o ol?)?*t > n to f i a ahort diatom* Is th? Oooatrj?tk? b??t of tlr rtfifnti |i "II. I i?? " ill 17 B n f " r 0'. 1 ft r ' let r- in raa b? for two <Un _ I WANT! D-- A MTTATIOX, BT A RB4PBCTABLI )"??? woman. u Chon.bfraiui 1 uj W'aitor. II" bo aljrctir *0 a A?n di-lo/i. r i n ?h 'Him i). Itaat < I uty rofottM* (l**n. rieaoo call at N 21 Prlr atr ?t. WANTED-BY A BR?I'B< TABLB Tot SO tilRI A ItnaMon; raa do plaia rooking. waahiaf, aad inaia#, is a trlii!- r?n i|. i ?n t? ?an for thrao da, if aot aa*ar?d. ri??-. <?ll a> Mo. 17 Boaaralt atroot. | WANTED V SITVATION AS WIT MR?E IB A BBapoolabla fomilr. ?>r a faraoa, who la wtlliac to aim at homo, or ? > oat to aoroo. ton alra ??od roforoaeoa a> to raapfrttb lily. I l*aao In inir? al No n Tr in? A I II1CIII.Y RRSI'Et TABLE WOMAN WANT" A SfTl'AMua aa Nam or Stamatraao: ?aa lira th? boat of eity rafaroaea; la willing to maka horaalf *?nornlly noofal. Bha oaa l.? ???a or hoard nt for twa daya. at N#. m Bowory. PtRINER WANTtli A TOISO BAN. AN AVP.RI. I raa. of good (tain nt, raa fmrrhaaa aa tatrraot la a r?~ afrrtaMa bminooa tha' ? ? Indnatry will rraliia a handaoma lacoino. Tbroo hnBdr*'l dollars In raah will ba wjairod to fca raid down. for ahlrh board will ha glrta aa a??artiy For pariltalara, addraaa at thla afAoa. 8. C. C., nntll Saturday. TO WIG NAKBBS?A YOUNG B*N FRO* P A BIR. knowing tha ?nalaoaa la all Itg hranthaa, aa ala > la-lias hair itr*?aia? a drairoat of ain|.l"jmaat in N?w Y..rk, or i ha tSigbborir.g Vltlai. Address " Aatoiaa," lain Hotal, aog. I (irooaaiob and Rector a'raora. I OOOEKFErtK WANTED-A BOOD BOOKKBErRB O aiar haar of a (Illation by addressing " C. B.," Harold { oMco Salary yHMMpUaMkkU referaa'-e aa to ckaraa- , ??r A milKlt-MM w?*? pr?ifrr?? TO M?R< IMVT" AMI *AV I FA<Tl R*R? A TOI NO 1 m?n, >koat to tr?v?l ihxxich tk* ? grH. wt?k*? f?? ?k?Jil*? ?f kl*4l fflf (ron<? ?n Mil "oitiinifMon #?il?f?*tOTjr givn. AM ? !*? mr??ii? kddrkwrf to TravdUr, will m??t wlHi |>rompi ?intln (m ? ? w?>. SITUATION WANTEO AS BOOKK?*rF.II IIT A TotTNfl mrriH ?.?* who I* ?n fait *t 4??kl? ftrj, ?rllM BfkO* fn?rt hn?.. mi l.(tr In k?i'? l? Ik. ?n? ??-??ii? In lkt? altr M to w?p??t?kility. ? '<* * M*?k<Ai>T *i?l<Ur*ti?a ? inn?4t>u r??r?'i?n? mnu (u-4*t) / c- c . * ?k? FUNERAL OP OERERAIi TAYLOR. GI N k H A L UKDKtt.?rUMKAL MH.IMNITtBS IN Honirofthe late I'reaident of I he UniieJ <tated -The ViviaiuBl -will marib eifht abreaet, and at half dir mw. Soeietlua mounted will march live abreaet. Marshal* ar? roqueated to I'lacu aocietiee having muiio. un the right of their reapecti\c DirtlllU but in aoother viae to alter the authorise! programme. No military Mill will be allowed in the civic |Kirti?B of the pri;i???ii>n with arm* Aide will report to Ibr OrauJ Mait>ual a* their Diviaioaa tlx* front of the City Hall. Hv order, - M M. li ALL, Urand Mitrthal. J?h? W. Avrin, Aid. Young men's democratic republican general Committee. Extract from the mtnutea:? Tawmakv Hai.l .July 22, 1850. Retolved, That we drepty dt ulnre the ludden and aerera bereaven ent tlio nation has >uflared in the death of Major General Zachary Taylor, Preaideutof the United St*t?M. Aa a ecldier, we admired i.m aa Preaident of the United Statea, ve uoncrtu mm; >1 a rairioi >nu American citiien, we respected and loved him. His fame in idealifled with that of ti.e American I nion. and hit memory will uver lite in tlie hearts o( his grateful countrymen. The member* of thu Committee are requested to assemble at Tammany llall. tlii* day (Tuesday ) at 12 u'slock, M., pr?eiiely, for the purpose of joining in Hie public demonstration to the memory of the late President of the United States. GAKklT U. STRIKER, Jr., Chairman. jam m Tuiikkii, / J. U. Tibhitts, J 8"r*Uri*' Notice.-the orm ers ami mehiikrs of the First llegimer.t N?w York Volunteer*, are requested to meet thia 'lav, July 23d, at the Meroer Qoitse, at 12f? o'clock, with dark coat *nd pant*, aud glared eapi. Punctual attendance ia requested. J. W. bayus, Chairman. Masonic notice.?st. johns grand koixie having accepted the invitation uf the municipal authorities, t? participate iu the funeral solemnities in honor of the late President of the nation, the following vouauttee were appointed t< cany the rame iuto effect. K. MACOV, Grand Secretary. The officer* aid me obcr* of Si. John'* Graud Lodge, member* of the varloue subordinate lodge* nnder its jurisdiction, and all naioni in good standing, are requested to assemble at the Grand Lodge Knoo, 27* Grand street, on Tuesday, 23d inat., at 1 P. SI. Thi procession will be formed under the Grand Lodge Banner ouly. Brethren will v>ear dark clothing, in full rrgalia. Prompt attendance ta requested, as the procession will leave the hall at 2o'*lock precisely. CHAS. \V WILLETS, 1 D. U. PARSONS, Committee JOllN W. SIMONS, } of JOHN D. HARRIS, | Arrange.nenU. JOHN EVVINO. J MASON1C-8T JOIIN'i LODGE. H0. 1.?THE member* of this Lodge are requos ed to meet at their Lodge room. Fro?s?a?oi?B' Hall, Ko. 000 Broalway, on Tuesday, 23rd init., at 12 o'clock prectnoly, to unite with the m. W. Grand Lodge of the State, wbo have accepted the invitation of than via authorities, to participate in paving the lust token of reapeot to the memory of the late President, Zachaiy Taylor, By order of the worthy. F. G. T1SDALL, Master. r. M. Coi?i>ow. B?t'y. iff tanvio xinTirr tub uruuroa n* niutu s M" Lodge No. 20 are ?arneetly roiueated to meet at their Lodge Kooin, Freemaiub'K llall. No. MX) Broadway, thia day, at I o'clock P. M., to unite with the M. W. Grand Lodge of the State uf Naw York, iu pnying the lant token of reaped to the memory ef the late I'reaident of the I'aiteu State*. Z. Tayl?r. By order, JOHN H. OLIVER, W. M. P. 8. Vah HnrTi'H, Secretary. Masonic-grand lodge of the state of new York. The otficera and member! of tha M. W Grand Lodge, aad of tne anbordinate Lodgee of the State, and aojournmtr Brethren, are reoueated to agaemble at Freemaaon'a Hall, No. UIO Broadway, at oa* o'clock thia afternoon, to unite with the public authoritiei io nay in a reapect t" the memory ?i the late I'reaident of the United Statea, or General Z^chary Taylor, By order, JAMES HERRING, Grand Secretary. Io of (>. f the members of i iberty i.odgi Ne.tOP, are requested to meet at their Lodge Room, So. 71 Diviaion atreet, on Tuaeday, the 2&1 in?t.. al 12 e'alock, in full regalia, to unite with the R. W. Grand Lodge ef Southern New Tork, in paying the laat tribata of reapeat to the memory of the lata I'reaident, General i. Taylor. Brothera of the Order, whoae Lodgaa duMt turn ont, are reapeetfukly Invited to unite with Liberty Lodge. Time. W. Ruwun, Sea. CALEB KIRBY, N. G. Io. OF o. F.-TIIE MEMBERS of NEW YORK Lodge No III, I. O. of O. F. are repeated to be punctual in their attendanee, at their Lodge Room, on Tueaday, itd inat., to unite in proccaaicn with our brethren in honor of our late Praiidant ef the United Statea. J. r. I'RNER. ) Committee WM MICKLE. } of WM. e. LUFBERRY, ) ArraaiemeaiU. IO. O. F ? PROCESSION ON TUESDAY, JULY IS. The anbordinate l<odgea will aaeeuinle in tfceir reapecthe room*. at 12 o'eloek. noon, and form la Mae in Grand treet, at 1 o'clock. Junior Lodgea rciting on Centre atreet, extending ea>tw\rd. W. D KENNEDY, Grand M*rahal, 10. OF O. F -THE H. GRAND LODGE, *F SOUTII em New York, will meet at the Grand Lodge Knom, National Hall, Canal (treat, on Tneadar, the 2iM, at U o'clock, noon, for the purpotn of uniting with the civic authorities ill paving tb? laet tribute of reipect lo the illuitrioua dead. By order, BEVJ. J. PKN'tz. Grand Soa. Acorn lodge, no. wu, i. o. o. i.-ne? york July 17,1(50. The membere of thii Lodge will Beet ?t t'n? u?# KooK, eoruer of CUarlee and Hudson etreeta, on Tuesday morning next, lie lu#t., at U o'tlock, fur the parpoee of joining in the funeral eeremony of Genera! Zf/unry Taylor, late Precident of the United Statee, under the direction of the Or nd Lodge of Southern New York. It i* evidently expected that every inemler will attend punctually at the tine .p-clfled. JAMES BLACK HOOD, N. 0. 0?< it F. Kcn/ahim, Secretary. Globe lodoe, ho 117 1.0. or 0. f.-the memhen of Globe Lodge who iatend to participate in the dedication of Huguenot Lodge, at Port Richmond. Staten Inland, are requeued to meet on board the eiaauter Huguenot, Tier No. 1 North River, on IFedneeday morwrag. 2itk it >t., at a quarter before nine. By order of the C imuiittee. Alpha chapter, no. i o. u. a ?members are rcqueeteJ to meet at Chapter Reoma, at 12 aYlock M, a Tneaday, 234 in?t., in full mourning regalia, to Join la tha ceremonies of tke day. L', OF THE C. Perry chapter ko. si, o. u. a.?rn* of Perry Chapter No. 11. O. L'. A., aro reqaeated to meet at tLeir to. m, oa Tu*eday, 7-td inataat, a* half-pa?t twelve 'clock, P. M , to attend tee funeral of our late Freaident, General Taylor. JOIIN L. VOSBURO, tha C. OU. A. HHOTHERS, OF LIBERTY CHAPTER NO. 15 are rtiiiritid to sect at tkeir roomi, Fountain llall. Bowery, at 11 o'clock, this (Tueeday) morning, with crape en tha left arm, and the froat of tbeir regaliae dreeead in crape. L L. lkwi9. PHENII ASSEMBLY NO. 1, BO. OF BEREANS-THE membereof Phenii Aeeembly No. I, B. O. of Banana, are reeuented to meet at tkair Aeeembly Roome, la the American (lall. cornerof Broadway and Grand (treat, on Tneedav. 23d inn., at !> o'clock. A. M, to participate in tha fuBeral o? e< uuiee of the late President of tha United Siatee, General Zachary Taylor. The members are ra<|uaata4 ta meet m full regalia. By order af SAMUEL HALL. J Committee JAMES HERON, S af JOBN AUSTIN. ) Arrangemeata. Bo. of b.-the members OF this order are netilHd to meet at the aoraer of Bro me and Bowery, at 10 A M , ia order to eecort the Brooklyn Aaeemkly froia tke Fulton ferry. By ordar ?f JAMES ROBINSON, O. M. N B ?The Brethren are expected to meet in dark clothing. T1ie members of washington assembly no. 1 b. O. oi Beraane will pleaae aaeemble at their Room, at 9 a'cloak a. M., oa Tueeday, 1.3d met. with full regalia, for the pnrtx'ee of attending the obecenlee of the lata I realdent. 2. Taylor. ROBERT P1ERCEY, W. C. 11. M. Wii.i.iaKt. Senbe. Notice.?the house carpenters ar? requeeted ta aaeemble at Coaveatlen Hall, Wetater thia day, (Tueeday,) at I o'clock, to proceed to the place eel forth la ike programme far observing the funeral okceuuiae ef tke late President. 1 D. BEN NE*SY, J A. BUI'TILT, /Committaa. C. W.CAIE. ) Noticb.-the lll'tciieks or the city and aoun'v f Naw Tork ara raqnaatad ta immWl, Tuaada< if? M4 iaat., at I a'alork, P M., it (hi K. P. H. Hoaia, ?V Baaoad, to antta with aar fallowattiiai.4 it >'ayla? tha l*?t tributa ?f ranpact to "at >ata Praai >? i, fcaahary Taylor. Thar will aptwar taoaatad, la atuia id k |dr??<. with ahaak alaataa (Maak atria**) uJ tklU <i ;> hi. Byortarof \t?. n. CORNELL. (Irani MarabaL P. 2 -Tha ki.tah?ra of Bmoklya. J*r??y City and William iry' aia raar>a?tfnlly larftad ta Jala w<tn a? oa that aaaaaioa. B.? An aijoarnad maatiat will v" bald at tha K r II II '?a?, an Monday aaania*. tea fc!d i??t., At 7 a'aloak Tiii <?1 kti'mlaaca ia aarna?tlv ra-ina lad. aa koali ?a? af in jttani ?. * i> W. (I. CORNELL^ NOTtCI?TB? l.H TUEH OP THE WI1ITEIULL HanaMilant Aaa"itati< i ara r? naa'ad to matt thla day at half |.a?t 'J o'alm k P If., at thalr Lortf* r?oia 4? Wl.itahaJl ?'r?at, t ! ia tka (aaaral okia<tala* ?f tha '.ata I'raaidaat <.antral Taylar. By ardar. R 511.* ET U.S. NEW YOKE, JI I Y rt, II-W.-MEMREBS, iMvt*aiv namkari tad frfrnda of Excalaii r F.afiaa I ampany Na. I ara ra'poifatly iaaitad to aalta wi'h tli-m ia tha faaaral aaltmaitiaa to aur lata Praiidant. Tha aoairany ?ill ataat at II air ranna hauaa. Uaary ttraat, tela day (Taatday), 23d iait., at 1 oalock, P. H. SaMCEL P. TITT3. roramaa. Wit iam V. Jomwtow. SaraatAty. Iaborkbr cnion benevolent societt.-noJ I at i* Mfat) H'T?a to all aMmkor* of tha mM Mi ialoa af tha aKota l-?.elaty, to attand ia thair maati?g room, in fli riai atraat, thla moraine, at 9 o'cloak, to aaawar to tkalr namaa ?n?n tha roll la caTlad, and to partialpata la tba o> ?a^uira to-day af tha lata Praitdta! of tha I'altad Sutia. ithar with or without r*??'ia By ordar. /aIIIt ct'm KINGS, Pmmaat, Piriirn Dti.iow, Aid. \JL" ASHINOTON ENGINE COMPANY. NO. *1. ?TTIE ** t'ml'ri aad a?-n aaihara of thla Company ara rain -atad to aiaat at tha Enema llnnar. thia day, at I P.II . to jolt tha funara! pr iraaalaa of Uaaatal /.aahary Taylor, lata Pre* fidant of tJia Caitad Stataa. By ordat i.| th?- T ranan. ASA WILLIS, llMi?iiry. lh'nkiml 0M1?c Its Of OSNEBAL TaTI-OB. latb JF Praaidant of lha I'nHad Stataa. Tha ioa?bara of Ikf Eaiaiat Bataal B. B. Soaiata. ara haraky aotikat to aaaaaikla at MoMfriaary Hall, " Prinra itraat. at 10 o'aloak, A M , oa Taaaday, Jlr l mn , t? Join ia t+ia aolamaitiaa of tha day. By ordat of tha pataaiiUaa t>f ?rranc?n?ant.a. iavk- ii HI .nil. SIKNKRAI. TAVI/>R BADCR*- ENORAVBD Off A itaal plat*. from * PaaaWiaotjua ? ["rfaat Ilkaaata? pilitfi on flu* aatta, aa4 rnr Ml* *j J. Kallf, III atraat, o? J. t lark. I'JZJf Falton atraat. a?4 alaha Bra r?fi>ili4 ta Miiniat tka apaetMaaa, an4 than ?? I la thalr i.r<rr? a* aarl\ aa pataikla. N. M.?Hantad, 40 amart jrMl inrn to -all tlifoa Ah nation moi'rns bkavf, Ttriors I.O*S.?THE 4?|it?4 Flait** an4 Rnaatl*. ta t>a w>ra In tha rr?*?? ?ln? ta*4ar at tha fttraral oh?a<vTl<>? of nor lata hraraki'l 'kmantad Praaidrat, 1 an ka *M?ia*<i at VA I.EN Tl> E IM Fult?a tiraat. aarnar ?t llrnadaar. NAI.R9 BT AUftOR. TrRFMF Horn, AUCTION tIR-Fl'RN'ITCRR. ON W>dn??da? 24th lna?., at l<> o'rlock, at No. .%* I aarl atraat. Iha f?ini??ca af a ??nt??l toardinf h*a>*. annalattnraf aafaa, taWlaa. ahalra, waahataada, tolUt tnMaa. h?4(ttaii, (,?rf?w, all ilntki. alalr i>arr?ta a?4 rnda. f??th?r t?4? and n attr*?a?a. dlalaa taklaa. looking il?aa<-?, hall and t fk*r l?wif a. kttahaa fimltarai all tka funiliura la a thraa tory hoaaa. ItKWARIM. ?&n RF.WARD ?LOST, IN OOINO fRO* RRCCE jptiv/ Tj-pa Fonadry, la Ckamhara atraat, ta Al Ibarra* atraat a Riatatara af a fantlamaa. Whaaaar will rattan tka aaaia ta tka auhacrihar, will raralr* tin akora raward. MARIA L. NnlKla, M t.aaraaa atraat. CIO TAMH ?r iustaki FRO* TM* A I ' ' I h,l..|.lrM? cm, i? Ik* ' ?>? of l.lh?r\r nn n?Mjr iCiurr,,, a M??t l.nh.r trvsk, au>rt?J J ? Tk? fnHat will Ik* ?> ? n??l. kj l??t>m l? wt?4 * H*l? II OU lllp, n|> ttoiro. f o?r -A ooi.u ?m rr ?o*. arTwiitN **roj?n M J ????? **4 or Kr ?<??. Tk? tui'i ?m? t ??'? in ?h? in?t<l* A Ul -' ! ???*r4 will U |l??a H tkt tafer. i^lf II 1C ttnHl'liH I AmmKMKHTM. Bomt*r theatke.-tuejdavevenimo./ult n

ill be acted Ike b?w drama atyled u<e MAID OP TYKljL?K?ieo?elt, Mr. Tilton; Michael Bernard. Mr Hamilton; kt<rollita, Mua W?inv?e; Niitchcn, Mre.; After wbioti, Niblo'i MUfcrtU'l Aorebat Family will apprir ia their woederful performance of l'la?ical Uyiuuaatio Uroufve. After whieh, will be repatcd, au Alien^ry. arranged a* a tribute of deep regard to tin n,enioiy of tl.t late lau,.a' -<4 General 'i. Taylor, late President of tt.e United Sun , T > cauludc w>lh 11>e cemedy of JOB IN LON IHi.N--Mr. Btraw| berry. Mr. Martin; Mian Strawberry, Mrs. Broadley. Du re H u .ta?Vl oortaia will riM preeiaely at 7^ o'cleek. National tukatkc, Chatham strut.?tu?Iday evening, July 23 the entertainment* will ug. I nit me with the faree of the MAN WITH THE CaRI'ET U.VC1 I ? J'luekwcll Mr. Herbert; Wrangle, J. ('.Dunn; drab. Mr. Th?ui[?on; Crimea, the luan Willi a carpet bag. Mr. W II | Chapman. After which tke great limal drama of theNF.W j YORK FIKEMAN?Frederick Jerome, Mr. U. A. l'erry; Mr. Wealthy. Mr. Thompjon; Alice Uaw thorne. Mi?? Emily Meatayer. The whole to toftelnde with comedietta of COUSIN JOE?Couain Joe, Mr. W. B. Chapman; Margery, Mui E. Meataver. Doora open at 7>?. curtain riaee at 8 | o'clock. Boxei. 26*.; Pit, 12ho.; eeata in private be*. (1. I ^imilUTY'B MINSTKELS.?MEC11ANIC'3' HALL, NO.471 V./ Bruadwiy, between Grand and Hroome streets. Monday, July i'-d, and every night until further notice. Tb? original and woli known Christy's Ethiopian Opera Tronpo, the first established, and oldest organised band in the worl4, ooniprifing a eomrany of twelve performers, under the direction of E. P. Cnristy. They will have the honor of giving their original and inimitable eaortainmonU every uight until further netioe. Atmission, 25 cents. Doors open at 7s Concert will commenoe at 8 o'clock. An afternoon concert on 8aturday?. commencing at 5 o'clock P.M. Remingtons wonderful magic bridge is now open at all hour* of the day aud evening?firet door above Nlbfe'i. Panorama for sale?a spi.IND1D painting, by one of the firet artists, with all the machinery for iminedirte exhibition, will be told low if applied for soon. Inquire of E. D. IWES. 9 Chambers ?t. Otto cottage, hobwken-grand instrumental Free Concert!?Strauss celebrated Band every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, commencing at 3 1' M.. and closing at 8 P. M. Ferriage reduced to 4 >entt. N. B.?In fane ta? weather i* unfavorable, tlie Concert will teke place next day. (1 R A N D NATIONAL ANATOMICAL MlTSEl'M. .TOO ' Broadway, containing Ike largest and moat interesting collection of Anatomical Figures ever exhibited. Those who are desirous of witnessing the great Procession to-day, can have a tine opportunity iruin this.Museum. Admittance, 15 eents. NOTICE-T1IE SUBSCRIBKK, TBE LESSEE OF T11E Chesnut street Theatre, ia now prepared to let the said pretiiinos, for theatrical performances, concerts, op<'ras, &o. It will bo clored on the 1st day of Auiciist next, and be ready to open cn the 1st day of September proximo, during whicn tune it will be re-modelltd and dueorated all over, which will considerably alter the present appearance. JA|IES QU1MI.A vy, National HoteL_ Castle GARDEN is now opfcn for the RECEPtien of visiters during the day, from 7 a.m. till 6 p.M. It is the largest and most beautiful room in the country, afloiding superior opportunity for reading, meditations, oc undisturbed promenades, while viewing the sea, shipping, and delightful scenery around, and inhaling the delioioul tea breeie. Admission, 12H eents. ABIV8EMJBNTS IN BKOOKLVN. neiinrivv iii'sr.rrif? rnp m eh nr nnvoi ivn D Fulton ttTeett.?CHANFRAU fc HURKK, proprietor*? C. Burke. dmctor of amusement!. The Muteara will be pen Meiy evening at half pait 7, with a choice collection of eurioiitiit. The entertainment in the lecture room will t?mmenee every evening at 8 o'clock. T i ty evening will be rreteniod t lc beautiful play in live purls entitled the LADY 1>F LYONS?Claude Melnotte, Mr. F. 3. Chanfrau; Pauline, Mrt. Howert. Divertiiomcnti by the Infant Family To conclude with the laughable burlesque cnlle.l the LADY OF THE LIONS?Cl?d Meddlenot, Mr. C. Iturke; Polly Anne, Mrt. C. I'urke. Adtaittiou, 2b cents; children under mat yean of age, half price. PERSON AJLm IF THE GENTI F.MAN WHO ANSWERED AN ADVERtiremmt in thii paper, on the IMth intt., will attead on Sunday next, at 4 o'clock, ut the place he appointed, he may have an interview. MR. DAVID SCKYUICOUB. WHO LEFT MATIIERTY, l'trihahire. Scotland, four or live yeara ago, will hear ot t< metlnrg inti retting to kitn by applying by lettar, ad4r?a?ed to J. M. Clinton Hotel, New York. INFORMATION WANTSD-OF PATRICK RCCUY, OF the town of Ualljconnell, county Cork, Ireland. who arrived iu thi? Country about four yearn ago. Any information reflecting him will be thankfully received by hit brother, John Regbjr, Steward of the packet chip lienjamin R. Milam, Pier 12, Kant River. BFECIAI^ NOTICES. POST OFFICE NEW VORK, JULY 22, I860.?NOTICE ? In order to participate in the fnueral ceremoniei in honor ef the late Pretiueat of the I'nited State*, this office will be rioted altir P. M. A 1 the mailt including thoie by the ttoaoier liiteruiu, will b* cloted at the above hoar. WM. V. BRADY. P. M. IMPORTANT MEETING.?ALt, THO*E WHO HAVE itlt in anrwert to the eolation publithcd in the Penny Thought, headed " $100 and reward," are reqnetted to a'.teftd a public mtcting. thie (Tuetday) cveninz, in the L??ture Kc.ia of St, Luke't UuilOTnj, corntt of Hudivn a.tJ Ciove it reel*, at eight o'clock, precbely, io take toeh uiealuret at tr.>y leeui to thcin meet, h, B.?The preu aad public are lnvit|d to attend. SPECIAL NOTICE-TO TOE I. O. OF O. F.?THERE 111 be a relel ratlon and dedication of Huguenot Lodge, Ne S9A, at Poll Richmond, Staten Itland, m Wednesday, the 24th of Jnhr, l.-wlO. AU Lvdgex that intend lOiaingia the celebration,will please take notice tiat the tteamboat Huguenot will leave Pier No. I, North River, at alntCo'cluek ia the morning. aad leave Port Richmond at live o'clock in the afternoon, en that day. N.B.?Should the weather prove iteimy, the celebration will take place the next fair day. AMOS PICA RLE, Secretary of Hnguenet Lodge. PROPOSALS FOR COAL -SEALED PROPOSALS WILL t. rriritid ? the I! <. e "t tl.u u.iarterma?ier ot the vuuwi ri.hi Military At*limy, uutu to# loin iav of Ai.gutl neat, lev the delivery on the rnhllc wharf at Wett Point. N. Y , on or before the lit day of Ootober next, 1,4011 tent *f coal, at follow a:?I,0<*> toat Peach Mountain Coal, broken ana tcreened; SCO tent llaaleton (Lehigh) Coal, do. do.; 100 tone do. ttove ?ize. It) per cent will be retainml until completion of the contract. Propotalt to be addre?aed to Lieut R. t. SMITH. Quartern alter C. 8. Mil. Aead'v.. Wcit Point. N. Y. W<ai Point, JN. V . July ?. IHW. PICKED I P, ADR I IT?AT ttTOWY POINT, DIKINO the late atoria, a large quantity of Ship Plank, from thirty to forty-flve f*?t li nn, aed from In to threo feet aide. The owner ia requested to call m l pay charges, aud take the iuii away. JAMKS MILLER. Stony Point I.agbthoace. P.8.?Abont 12J Plank. EDWARDS, 8ANDPORD ft CO.-TRANSATLANTIC Package Expreae and Oenoral European Agency, at Adam* * Co.'? tirrm O*oea. 10 and IH Wall atreet?Samples. par'tli. packagea, valuables, merchaaulse. Ac., forwarded toaoU from all parta of Europe, in <088001108 with Meetr? Cliaplin ft lKraa. of Bnglnnd, au 1 tho Messaariea National*, of Pranea. G*od* purchased and aold en eommiesien. and particular attention given abroad to ahipptug packagea and n>aritiaadlre f*r tho United States. Bills and laima of ???rj description collected. Dratu for sale. payable at any town in England, Ireland or Seotland. Tlia Transatlantic Eipreaa Company baring oflree and resident partners Now fork. Philadelphia. H-itimore. Liverpool, and balm, aad eicellent traaaportatioa arrangement* abroad, ar*jn*tifl*d la promising entire satisfaction to all who Day favor them with baaaaoaa. Packaree and parrel* left at aay of the itiicee of Messrs. Adams ft Co. in tho United Stat**, will receive prompt attention. The Londea and Liverpool Director!** aad British Tanfl, Bay b? aoeaat the fllee aa above. IN CIIANCERT Or NEW J ERSEV.?BETWEEN NAthan Holies, Complainant, aod Joseph llarrlB.n. Defendant.-^-Order fi r Publication.- It at p- nring to tlia oourt that the complainant baa nled hia bill la the above cause, again at the above named defendant, fir Ik* fercelesnr* and sal* of certain mortgaged itemises, In the aaid bill mentioned, and that pr>e*as of sahpwna to appearand anairer, directed to the defendant, ha> been regularly issued, returnahle to tho term of June, 1*60, lint that the defendant. Joseph lla*ri?na. eoti'd aot b* found in tt la State, to b.- e*reed therewith*; and that he haa aot cauied bin appeareaee to he aatered aa in rate such prone* had baea J 1' aerved . aa't k?ing made to affidavit, to 1 .* 1. M 1 . | Chancellor, that the said Joseph II <,i?cm. i.?- ? , S'ate ?f Mew Jcreoy, to wit, in the Stat* al Nia \ la. thereupon, on thl* tweaty-eerond day ef Jeer, it v I f onr Lord oae thon>aad eight hundred a- i (1ft). ar tf John Ft. Heel er, Solicitor of the coa 'aiaant ?> ' ? j ardor directed to the Chancellor, that the < J at j dant, Joseph Harriaoa, da appear, plead, ii*aei\ ? r I to tlie complainant's Mil, an or before the 'td *?.- ) ' | eptembcr neat, or thai, in default there ' m:"b it* ? ' be trade agaii.r' him ae the Chancellor atiall ti ink e > an't jii/t. Aaditia farther cedered, that thi >rd within twenty dap* hereafter, be aerved pere< ally said ?' aeph Harrison, by ? delivery of a copy tl ereef 1 , or bo pui 1'*Ih d within the aald tocntr dare ia the Mr Homing Eag: . Anew -paper prieted at Newark, ia tl lr * , ' and coatinaed therein for an neck* suceeesivelv aacaia everv week; aad also, in Ilka wanner ae r tba like apace of time, ia a aewapaper printed In th of New Terk O S. HAL^TEI V, A trne copy. Sani R. Ovnaat, elk. ALIIANDRfa LEECHES.?PRINCIPAL Dl AT VlfTOR BIPBOPMl. N^. ? Maiden Ltai, New f*-' ~PA?TII?MHIP>. ~ rOPARTNERSIIIP NOTICE.?THE SUBSCRIBER IIATing thi. day Uken Mr. O. II HRHIOT, into>, kaciooee will ncreaftar be condnctcd aader the lira "I L. Tratmaan ft C*. L. TRATMAN N. NOTICB.-TIIR CO-PARTNPR.MITP OP WARRP.T. Jarry k (iainio No. .TMI >, Hrnad ? ar, wm diaaolrad <> tli* Drat <>f July, inat . I) uintual iit. A new (Inn hu ho?n formad fr?m tho aawio nnd?r tha nan* of (iaitno, O'lilUmnt k Co., and will oontinuo tho btialnrM ? haratofn|? oondtictod Hi tho ilmtt The firm of Marr?> k Jarry, rf P?Hi, * ntlnoa their rtltllnm wifli G<i'ma, (ioillomot k Co., of Nf? Vork. and will upoH thorn nil tho Bowoot ail hindu matt arttoloi of Jcwolry lair < tia l in I'riao*. H. OAlMf. C. OHILIaKWOf. ?I'OHT I16. ITKIOII COl'uk I* I.?TBOTTINO ?Tt'UBAT, JI'I.T U Vh.-I'itr*' I mi, with in Innido Suk? ?f * i? ?. h?tf f"Tfn?: two miU haat? to wacnat: *irn *?4 drlror to wot|h IMl Ibo. Fro* for all honoo that a??*r won a puro* or?r fiwfc tatraae* to to mart* at Ur*?* k Maddan t, hy Totally otonlaa, July 2M, IUb'*l*ck. Thro? or a?r? to mako a rao?, aadtwo to otart. IDi KR k MeMANN, Pmprt*tori. RKD BUCK. PACINfl?A PURSE or TWKNTTfly* IMIui will <*om? off on V?la<?lt;, 34th. fcr horooa that aoror wo? a pnra* o**r tin abor* amonat: half mil* haaia, to laddl* Bntria* to rlooo at Urroa k Waddoa'n. at t ' lock. Thro* to aak* a raoo, and two to atari, ~ BCCI'RRIONa* * ('RAM!! MOONI.TOTIT, COTIM-ON, AN It ri/lT''.I.A * 'lonrti'nnp the Hwdxa ritarao rami R- <i ?? luaa.lay, Jnly 2.1. Th* laryo and romnmdiotn flnlTalo, Cat.t. A. fwii'li, aao.mponiad t>y tho b anttfol n i It 4*oh?4 I aryr (lilboa, that taa ao*'>aiiao4a?? on* Imadnd tola of rctill na at o?o tim?, t"d?th?r wltn th? ('Itjf Bin* and Cotillon Bind. Mr W'hltw.rth. I,?ad?r. T)>o da?*ia? dopartnmt will ho nndar tha 4ir?<-ttoa of tho faturit* ptofooaor. St. i. Parkor. Th? h?at will Iraro Fill* troot, kaot rir*t. Itt o'olnrk. P. M . Bt?->*o itfoat at 7l?: Cithirloo, 7H. Pwf No. .1. Nnrtdi Rivor, at anartet boforo I; Canal airottat (*: Nin*t**atn tret*. ?t **4 Tho ban* will II* at Hammrad itroot pior natil "'i. Par? for tl>? *icur?'?a (Ifty rant* Tli* bar will bo foraiaha I by Mr N. Tabor, en priotcr of the North Amaruan Hotol. Bofroakmoata tnraiahodhr Mr. Maoyor 1j* V FNI NO ?IA BATHINO?ON AND ATTKR ??Tt R4 diy. Jaiy jptb. tho fttaaaboat A Ni l.T4 ' t. > Mo iaiaa, will moka ?a oa-irair a trip to r " llamil' n >1 C?r ay toland, daily, loiatar IM?r NoJINorth Rl?-r. at P M oat will ?I?0 Mm for paa?oti*oro to takoakroSnrt Path. aa4 iaato I'oaoy Ialaw4 atO1* o rlook, arrlrlwf ! "*? Took at o, EI< VRPION TO TBB riMIINO BANRH ??BBT OAT, oioopt *alu4w. -ThoatoMBor Roifaio will loa*oTMr> tooath itroot. 7 o'rTook: < anal moot at 7Vai Oraad, 7%: Cathaitna 7lt PlorNt .v N B.. A M.. ro'oroia* byl r. . ?ii t touika Hii ? rt to <*a kttfC WW?? * * ?.? ? h?M? ami sK.nic.vrs. NIBLO*B.~MANAUEKS, MESSRS. DRftUUBAM AND W. 11. t'l.ii>p?ud*ic TuMilt} evening. Jul) the nH>tauioeitu nil! continence with ih? IM.ANO OF JtWEI.S? Cil'gligerbread lh? Gr. at. Kin* of I'harital* Mr. Nirkia >0a; Prince Pre iliplicllo Ni'kiueon; Count Muneki, Mr Caaover. Kid* Emerald, at. invieikle (recti |irinea. llerr K?rl Von Voieij>retrriamlnl; Prince* Hellotta, Mim Emma Taylor: Prince* l.aidrorett*. Mim Itart'ii; l.adv Fidelia. M .** Mary'laylor. Tocorclude with the SKKIOl'S FAMII.y? Cart. Mucuiro Mr. it rr.aghain; Mr?. Torres*. Mim M Tajlor. I Ticket*. o<i ce?t* to *11 |<*r's of tke Salons. Private B in., tJ D?or* oj.f a at qu at iar- put J. To commence at 8 o'aloek. CA8T1 E OARDEN-SICOND WEEK OF TUB CIIIbratcd Havana Italiaa Urera Couii'any, nndcr Hie directive of 8i|[iior F. Dadiall. Tuesday h\c6iUK. Jvly .'.'irl. tli* perforBmaee will commence with a Promenade Mumcalr, daring which. the favorite orchestra, under thv direction of Geo. I.nirr, aril) i.erforni novel M ultte*. Polkas and O?11< i>a>. /ti.r which, the n unc opera of I tl.lMKK D'AMOItE Auina, in**. H. ,vt? ffkiiuni; Gianuelia, ki*a. 1.. brllini. II Dottore Dulcamara, Sij*. Mariui; Sergeant llcljsore, Sig. U | v lta; I*emorino, Big. A. Vietti Maeatro and director. Stg Bottesini; I<eader, sigaor 11.. Arditi. Ticket! of aduissioa' Mi eents Doors open at 7 o'clock. To commence |1... 0 look" PIERCE'S MINSTRELS, OLYMPIC, No. W 11 lit A D-' ?ay. bet?tin Howard ami Urand stroet?.- *1 n u July 21', ami every night until turther notice. .mued succeaa that has favored this inimitable ban ' . fian performers, has stamped them >s hnng til# -u U'? of all Ethiopian bands, comprialag ? company < . tUric i perfermers, under the direction of J. li. Fel'ows. Th * will have the honor of giving their original inimitabl. t'rrtainments every night until further notice. Admin.- Z.cente. Doors open at 7, Concert to commence at H o'el?< . \ \fternoon Concert on Wednesdays and Saturday! njI at 3 P. M. ^ BARNUM'S AMERICAN MUSEUM.?P. 1 dai Il'M, Manager and Proprietor; John Creenw I. <r? Aaaiatant Manager. Sixth week of rc-opuntag. . . J id tihibiticna and performancea, every afternoon. at 3v{. and availing, at 7\ o'clock, camtneacing on Monday, July 22. This most unexceptionable placo of puhlio amusement being absolutely filled by multitudes to witness. th>- past week, the domeatiodramaof THE DRUNKARD, it will be repeated every evening the coming week, with Mr. C. Vf. Clajka, ax Edward Middle ion; Misa Alexina Fisher, aa Mary; Mr. T. Hadaway, aa Bill Dow ton; Mr. 11 lleokine, aa Criba: Miaa Stanhope, aa Mlsa Spindle, fee. The very amusing pieoe of THE WINDMILL will be played in tha aftornoon, when will appear. also, the Lancashire Hell Ringera, fee., feu. Admission, 2ft cents; children under 10 years, 12)* cents. Franklin museum, itschatham square.-i.ast Week of the Season.?Opcu every afternoon at J o'clock, and in the evening at H, by tLo " Original 1 ein.tle Miustrela, the only orgnnixea band of ladies in the world, comprising a company of Twelve Performer*. Alao the unrivalled troupe of "Male and Female Artistes," commonly culled "Model Artists," will appear every afterimau and evening, in a variety of splendid representations of Living Picturea, together with the tribe, of " Bedouin Arab Cirls." the only ouoa in existence, w ho w ill go through their gymnnstio (eat* Prices of admission?Stage Scats, X7}( cents; Boxes, 36 cents; Parquette, 12,'i cents ; Private Boxes, (2. Minerva rooms, broadh av.-l\st week of the mammoth Panorama, ol tin-Overland Kouteto California. Open every evening, commencing at H o'clock. Notice?The anbacriber being nimble to devote his time to the illustration of thia universally admired Exhibition, ia desirous of disposing of it. For particulars apply at the New Ilavan House, or at the Minerva Rooms. A. W. PEN NO, Proprietor. ntiavoibnun iv u? rtiiuAua*iir?a*A? BARNl'M'S MUSEUM, PHILADELPHIA ? P. T. BARnum, Proprietor and Manager; Honry Snufurd, Assistant Manager ?M. Hint * adroit and dexterous Magical feats, and Ills perfect Ventrilequial delineations, have attracted th* entire public during the past week, aud elicited their heartiest applause. He will reiuaio this week, and appear every afternoon aud evening in a new series of conjuration*. Hit celebrated Mechanical Marrionettos will be pro-anted. 7h* Interminable Bottle, jttrial Clock. Magic Portfolio, etc. Mia* Leslie. Mis* Warren, and Mr. Itobiiiioo. appear. Tin superb Dissolving View* and Chromatrope at every performance. To be men at all hours. HW.UUO Curioiitie*. Admittance, 25 cent*; Children under ten year*, l.'>, eeuta. MlNUAXi. MUSIC?INSTRUCTION ON THE PIANOFORTE.?A (jtml'Dian, Profe?*orof the Pianoforte, familiar with the English and (icrman languages. having a few hours unemployed, would be happy to give on the piano, (ia Una city or in Brooklyn,) to a few Ladies and Gentlemen at tin ir tun residences. Terms moderate. For particular* please inquire at No. 86 Fulton *tre<'t. Brooklyn, wkere h* can be letm between the hour* of two and fonr o eloek. P. M. Any letters dlreeted to "Professor of the Piano," at tin at ovc direction, will rt**lT* immediate attention. References given. PUBLICATIONS. Talus, willouuuby * co.. 4<*. vesey street, New York, will piiMitli, on Saturday, July27th, Part I., price twenty-five cents, (to be completed in about fortytwo parts ;) each part to contain two eugraviags on stool, the New Tork C< pyright Edition of the Complete Works of M> a lis retire ; revised from'lie original editions, wi th hi?torical introductions, and notes explanatory an<l critical: a lile of th.'poet, and an introductory essay oa his phraseology and metre, by Jumes Orchard Halliwrll, Es1 , F K. 3 , F. b. A., member of the council of the Sliakspeiriaa Society; author of the Life of tthakspcare, Ike. With illnstrati'ni representing the principal scenes In each play, designed rxprescly for this work, by llenry Warren. Prcadcot of th* New W ater Color Society of Loadoa: Edward Corbeuld, tic., and engraved on steel by Rogerc, Ileath. Findcn, Allen. Walker, fcc. Thi* is the onlv edition of Sbalispearv'* works illustrated with original designs oa st*el. Be sure to *ik for the New York Copyright Edition. rOB RAI.B AND TO LRT. ARCTTC.-A GENTLEMAN FROM KAVSCIIATKA, REmaining in this city, wishes to soil hi* Racoon Cloak, lined tbr< upbeat with far, and covering th* whole bedr. The collsr, if put no. shuts up tko whole head. thus safely preserving nose anu eare from boiag taken off lath* morning Indispensabl* on Journey* ia any froioa region. or ia railroads and on tteamboats daring wint*r. Soal far kooU ditto. Kcsitleaco. U>< Houston street. IOTS AT YONKERS FOH SALE.-SEVERAL 8CPEJ ri< r business aril manufacturing location*. Villa lot* on high ground, y?t convenient to tbo railroad and stoaiaboat landing. Also, two handsome Cottacoa. Yoaker* to a he a 11 li v apil flourishing town, and pronertv t? it* vicinity I* rising rapidly In valus from trio ranritiM now afforded by th* Dudson Klver Railroad. Apply to W. W WCMIDVI OR1U, Maaor Ball. Yoaker*. or t? C L MATH KR, Office, Actor House. UOH BALE.?TBE SUBSCRIBER HAVING BERN SE M. rimialy indiapuaed, and uqiMc lo attend to bueiaeae for imne time |'Ul, If deeirone to Mil out hie home, known aa Park Hoot*, directly oppoeite the Aitnr iioih and City Ilall and one of the beet alaada in the eity, and moll eeatral fir traaileat buMoeM, the lodgiage alone beiar ?"?eient lo pay the rent. 1.1 I'AKK ROW. IjlOK SAT K?A COMFK TTONJJRV AND tCI CREAM Saloon, with Bxturee for inanufa Jturing tonfeetionary, iu one of the greateat thoroaglifaree in the city, and now dcing A triit rate buaineea. To one that nnderatanda the buaineea, the ternia will be liberal, a* the preaent owner ia about to re lire from the buaineea Addreae (J , at thin offloe A *"A8T TROTTING NARK. KIUBT VIA HS OLD. DARK i a er.rrel. I.m, anda high; alao, a Ira year aid bay bora*. If! kaade, vary atyltab. Both heloag <" a aentleoiaa who wWhee to dlapeae of one of them. Apply at Barr'a Stable. Ftanklia atreet. Bear broad way. Foi xai.e a i.kih rRV, i n.roR ani> feehstore. aow doing a good baeineee ia a growin/ part of the eity. up Hen. Thehoree feed alone para $10 a week. Will he ?I<1 ibeap. aa tha owner wiehea to glee up buaineea. Apply at IS Ceatre atreet. TO LET IN STAPLKTON, STATEN ISLAND-AN rtffarniehed parlor and bed room, with kltrhea and garret, delightfully aitiialed, with a view of the bay. R?fereurea e?ihanded. Addreae S. P., Herald eKce. OALirOHRlA. ("1ROSS the IB! II m is NEW III I.I.I A K l? T a III,eh J laoked, ao aa to ern?a the letbmui, for aale at No. H Ann atreet, up ataira, entrant-* 149 I'nlton, wb-re every article ia the trade ia for nala Superior eae Lea'here, Cloth, He. CALIFORNIA OUTFITS -BLANKETS, BLUB. (irken. ararlet, and white Mat klnaw heavy and large; teata, with water hammock*; waterproof anite of oiled or nie'.alli* eloth and India rubber , bara, aarka. panaiera, India rubber bage tlaaketa ? III I I nrM,TI-'H AM' LAI FRR, FORWARDING AND l ' >ir aV-i -ihh' t'l.i- N.U. Ratrean* arepre. tot tear! i U --iet i . oar ear* having ftae light Ireoi lii i ? ?, >Im, i ii r severe, aultable for the ght. we have alao made am 'e'ln t ir hi net h On., traeaportatloa ageate, at t. i ?n i i i . ? l . 're will Se an delay upon the li .mrtie. * X. T?YI< It, late of Baltimore J li I'E nAl I RK. late of New Orlnaaa. fine ?i *?ev l r? .r II eard k S-a., Jl Br .adway On ? . are i " re l(r. k Co.. P S C< n?ulate. Pa aat. Wi t>nu tr?Ce. iaa I aeiaeo. California. auiuuu * Mentis. ~~ 'l?** -T0A8. JTEWAKT M tM'FACTURKR <?F FINB I ? Jewelry and Silver v? are, No. 17a Br?ad?av. aext te ike earner or White atrial, oeaaiae ariielea nal*. at red need prtrea. ha imnatinae nf any kind. Braaeb at Saratoga, i ear Ualted Btatea Hotel. California COI.D SAM'- A N r> i;t" \ RT / W AnTFTT. ky M. Salomon k Co . Quid m l Silaar R?fto?re. * ?aay rt, l?N> tBflUn,u<l tl?ea?ra af Mrlh'i niunl*. end know uliiu' at that o"aiein I ba akera aetata. (M4 (Jold, ??f Ininmli ill Pretloaa Iiumi fought. Jewallem vi l >il?? runllhi ???(>, Or##. aad all hard ?n>-etari-?e 11 ' Da l at the Refinery Refinery, tUin trati. N?? Vork. J'>11* IIERDMAN, COMMISSION MERCHANT ANf> Skip llr.Var, S3 Waal atree', oora?r ?f M?rri??Otfarl a* rrr ferllity fi r t he f nrrhaaa and aaU af Taaaela aad iha e?a>if ntaent af aeeeela with thatr earc<>e* of |a?4< and |<ae ??l?r> ?mm Raalaad, Ireland, and fleotiand, an I ia ek? taiaiae outward frel*hn or chartere. I.l?ert.??>l. New f>r. laaaa, and California Packet Offiea. N. H. raa<en,tera and freight forwarded W> Philadelphia, Haltlm-r?. Pilteknnr, Clfirtaaaii, l?"ffale, aad all parte of tha W aat< ra oointry, I y II a heat raaal and talir< ad liaaa, a' tha lowaat ratea MlCniRIIT -WOODWORTH 8 FUMIffl MAah i nan, Steam Eagiaee, Hilera and Shaft la*. Hncar Milla. Mida Lathea aad erety kind of marhiaery aeciaaary lo kl ap plantnc. enaar, or aaw ail III: Iroa md brua ('aat> ln?a Kaca-tlr aehiaee. Plaalna Mar hiaaa wit I, all tka latawt Imiroaemeate, reaetaatljr t n bead. *r m ide to r>rdar al Ike rtiortaat aotiea. J. U LMTRR, IW rallaa etreet. H P*RDO> VII I.R'S HANI TACTORT OP RRRNCB . Mtrhaaiial (rarrel) Lav a, and e?ary ether atylea. Tie larraet ?tnek (a the L'aitad ! atee, Uio ireataat variety, aad lartaat eaaply for a'aamrra aad *eee?Ta. *?fa, alee, aaae'aatly ? hand, a great one*tit* of F-'.nfh Ulekaa, Chima?Ta. * i>ka. Wai Tatwra, Sha-i-e. fee.. He. Meat Spara Ml freaek Oil forwarded. SaM, k> whol-eala aad retail. dC Br alwav. ?|. alalra. PCIUII1D RT M I.EVRTT. DtlTIST. ?2* IIROAD ay, " Preoeraia# tka Tooth Artificial T.-?th, Re., Re.' Tkia wirk le worthy the repa'aitoa of the author. It apEara to aa te ka a aery t>laia and tralaakle treettee <a a aaket la which etery kody le let areated, aad It ehcild, Ihaeare. ka eitanaieely elrenla'ed."-Courier h Kn<?airar. r??|iR SIEAMRR ONIintll _ lilkRIM.t t \ R R T 1 life cnld fare heea aaaed ! True, aa thia tarrihla eataetr fha' ? >11 II a?t aaraa ae a earning t A faa d"i<i f my el?fie. cheap. and perfect Life Pr???r?ora on hoard I.# laka ilaan-r Orimth, ?lie whnla poal of which wnald aal . aah the plttanoa af |*i, woald hara eared erary a.*taI a hoard Hat what rare own?re Me law eoaipela carrying the only aeaeiMe aad available eeenrite?aa ladln ra?h?r Ufa Pra*arrer, Ma leglalati-a will arar Va mado. If a retirxr niatlaa i'f the fe?|<le la Vrngraea wore t a ia> rod are a kill end n?k ertloa naaa It, ka would he laaghed al. Tkara Jero f raatdaat-aiektne la tkle maa?nr? and ao aalle reniltttn from aark lan.latlon. Traaollara, aroalde yonrtelaaa, or le loett My aaant kad a ford ?t?v* "f l.lfa Prererrare na hie ehelree, wltkia a few m lo. r>r the drowotnr hnnerode. Thare le ao nae ia raliirn attaalioa t? lha ralae of a life prfaarrer?an aaeda it. TTie dmea manarar mr?r* ?f r?kk*r I* tk* *t?t-? 'M ptWtM &,?*' l>f* f ffwrrffi la <??: y?t i??t ft ?4?*! *t*ftm*r wn ft?j at our ??i?r* > * ? t?rpf? *f tk*?, n?T?r "ill k??* 9n |? ?? ?lll i? t?k* " I ? 'f? (h** ?<11. *? ?<? < ??r>*r? tn 4?**r** to |.r"?r*r A f?? i??r* tiitt?, I ih? ? ? < ?f ? 4iattM' >??< l???WM oiri>?* Ik* lifa |>rf?rr?.*? ?? ! ?. ?n<l *fcfttf >? h*wi>*?. n?>4?r tk* ?% . r'*'""* *" >?*r tk* 4*<-k ? *t?t k'f |WW .* ?r ?? . ft mj t?T??tl*? H lft?*k?4 it m* f?r mj ? ???> '*?. *" rt*k?. ?* I ?M k b*. M tk* wtM ? > ? tk* o?l? rtty f?? bftr*. ir ? ? *?p**t t.biw.UliW";*! JM"r !: ? tr**4 ?t?pl* *f Inilft r?kk*r Un ? Ml* *r ?* |?rf**t Uf? J?*k*t?. Tfc' ?!- ?<? V* VVJ. ' M Nit ftt ft -*r? *n?.-T "<>*?. *en AT I TELEGRAPHIC INTELLIGENCE* 'ARRIVAL OF THE ASIA. THREE DAYS LATER FROM EUROPE. The steamxbip Asia, (.'apt Judkias. arrived at Hallfax at nine o'clock, yesterday morning She left Liverpool about eleven o'clock on Saturday morning, the 13th inxtant and hag. therefore. be*a eight day* and fwentytwo hours in makiaf the paato Halifax. Thin la equal to ten day* and Ire hours to lioaton. or eleven days and one hour to New York. Owing to an interruption in the Maine Him, we ar? without hi r new*. It ia three days later than that received by the Atlantic. Our despatch, an soon aa it reaches us over th* wire*. from either llalitax or Boston, will be po?t?d on the llrait n bulletin* The Asia will be due at Boston about four o'eloak this afternoon, and her mail* will probably arrlv* in this elty to-morr?w morning thirty-first congrbu. FIRST SKBtttON. Senaca. BY BAIN'S BLKCTKO-CIIEMICAI. TXlXORAm. WiMIKUTOK, July Xi, 1IA0. Mr WebHter'* rerignation wa* laid before the Senate by the I'rerident. Mr. Hoi'itok presented the proceeding* of a meeting of citizen* ot Texan. assertiug the right of Texas to all the territory claimed by her, and condemning the aet# of federal officer* in pteventing ber exercUe of jorl* diction, and declaring their determination to reaiat such Interference at all hazard*, and to the liwt extremity. Mr. IforrroN *aid that, knowing the charaater of the individual* controlling the meeting, he wax entirely confident that their declaration* were made in goad faith, and that they would be mad* good After the transaction ot the morning businefi, the OMftlBCI HILL Wa* taken up. Mr. Foots submitted an amendment providing that tbe State of California ch?ll not ?x?rri?e jurifdiation over any territory couth ot the line of thirty five deg. thirty min . until after the oui'Mtion ot e?tabli*hing a territorial government *outh of that line (hall have been rubmltte 1 to the paople Mr. Clait toek the Moor, and after a few preliminary remark*, proceeded to addree* the Senate in tmrot of the bill and in ar*wer to the objection* urged against it. lie commenced by expre*i>ing hi* Urm conviction that danger to the I'nion dov* exi*t. and requires imnediate effort* to av?rt that danger lie wan no alarmist. but inu*t be much ralitaken in the nigu* of tha time* if they did not betoken danger. Among tha sign* of danger, lie mentioned the *olcmn re*olva<i of reveral LeeiMature* in favor of extreme sectional mrafurtr, in the event of the admiKxion of California, tha pa?*age ot the Wilmot Proviso. or the abolition of *1? very in tbs District or t.oiumbin. tl? also aauieu sxpreaslons of Motion*! feeling. tbo countenance, or ? tolerance of a discussion of the question of disunion, n<l establishment of a pre** at the seat of governnrnt, not to advocated the Interests of the Uulon. bet tha interests af one particular section of the South, lie considered the action of the Senate, in appointing the select committee of thirteen?reft rred to the opposition made to it* organization, and the ridicule and opposition which it* report received upon its presentation. The committee reported three measure* conjointly. which were under consideration , the bill now before tb? Senate; a bill for the reclamation of fugitive ilave*. and one ior the abolition of the slava trade In the district of Colombia. The former waa objected to. because It provided for record erldcaae of the right of an owner to the possession of a fugitive, which the objector* complain made the old law worsa than before Gentlemen ought to be aware that tho record evidence wan an accumulation merely. It had been objected that the bill for tbe abolition of the slave trade in the district. deprived tbe owner of hi* right to take hi* Mare* through the district, In transmitting them from one place to another. Thin waa not so The owner would ?till have the privilege of bringing his body servants into the diatrict, It th? bill were pasted. Hut he designed to confine himself to measure* immediately under consideration. If ha should have occasion to refer to the plan recommended by the late President, he hoped it would ho auder stood that he did so without the least taellng ot unkiudnes* In this connection he passed a beautiful tribute to the memory of (ianeral Taylor II* had knows him probably longer than any other mm? In Washington He knew his father well, as one of the best and most Intelligent cltisen* of lb* State af Kentucky, and had known the lata President since the time that he entered the army: and although he had not met hlsa often beaaase of their respective positions In difTeraat spheres ot service, he had always known hliu to be good and honest and a brave man; he had covered his own head with laurels, and added honor and glory to his country Without ssying anything as to what would have been hlsoffleial course had he lived, he most say. in reference to bj* administration Incaoaextom with foreign affairs, as far as they tivt beon developed, U bad his hearty and eordial concurrence?Peace ta hla ashes. He considered the propriety of admitting Maw Mexico as a State, declaring his conviction that sho waa not In the ?tate el maturity essential to a State, and that she could not l>? admitted as such at ths present time The boundary af Texas also waa an Important question, and one that must be settled now. 1f the terrors of civil war would be avoided The bill had been objected to because It wn a compromise, and ft compromise was considered improper What was a * compromise but a yielding of extremes, by both sides, of a question ; snd who would say there was any Impropriety in inch a c <urse' Ths bill had been called cmutbus?he thanked the opponents of the bill for giving it that name. An omnibus was tbe vahiale of the people. It had been *nl<l that It contained too much. The only ragret was that It coald not contain more, and settle all the questions In agitation;Indeed. tha very objection in fact, of tha oppoiItlon was that tha Omaibus eould not take In Wllmot also The tneougrulty of the passengers in the Omnibus was alao objected to He must ssy that there was not half Iba Incongruity In these measures that tbara waa la tha elements of opposition In this connection he referred to the fact, thai frea-sotiers and extreme Southern man were united In opposition to the hill Mr Misan called upan Mr t'isy to say whether h? knew of anr consultation* held between Southara Senators and Senators from the free States Mr Ci st No. But will the Senator say that (tonthern men opposed to the bill hsve not held freqaent consultations among themselves ? Mr Mssos ?We hav? had frequent consultations la reference to mailers affecting the honor, dignity, and safety of the South. Mr Yes no doubt of It; and others of u* hava had mxnv eon?iiltations with reference to the bonne dignity cafrty,and perpetuity of th?-U nion (UrcatapIn the gallerle*. ml*u<-?d ith much difficulty by tbe a Htm at the Benaie) II* proceeded to preeant argument* heretofore offered in ?upport of th? prop'??ltlou. tbe propriety of joining tbe eerrral a^MorM, In order to aecure the whole. and reatore p?a?-e to the country.and gocernment and protection to the territnriea Suppoae tb* meaaura *b?uid b? paaaeff. ?ai Knrthmi S?aamrii should be aaked by their ton titumti why they di.l not pot In the Wlltnot pro flea, would It not ba a nulHrlrDt an?wer to My that th?y voted lor the proelao. bat. failing to **eure that, anil believing that the In Imn and tn* law ol nature. exclud?d alatery. tbey did not leel at llbeity to Tot* againat tba whole niaaaure, which contained ao mu<*ta of good la admitting California, and reetorlng peace to the ronnlry ' Would not auch an anawer <at t?fy ecery reasonable man nf Ik- North ' After replying to iom? re murk* of John Pavii, in which be alluded to (ha domination of tba eotton Interest and an frrth, Nr. Clay alluded to the opposition to th? bill mad* by thoee who aay tb y want (be conatltUtion, and nothing alae Their rror aon*iet*d la taking their own Interpretation ol the constitution without paying any attention wbaieter to Ibe hon>-?t Interpretation of thoaa who differ lr n then p|d not p?r?>o< who olject to the bill, because It adml'a California with an inhibition of elarery In her conetitutlon up >n lb* ground that tba acceptance cf that constitution In?ol?ed Cengreta in the act of adopting the Inhibition of alatary; did not auch aonduct on thrlr part, eonfound tratb and falaehood Ma--k and white things totally different In tbelr nature and hjscta What would the North aecure by tbe pa?*ag? of the bill ? Tbey would aecure the admlaslon of California. and the abolition of the slare trade in the District Werw n< t than* object* of intereat and Importance to tha North' What would the South gain* they would secure tbe acttlement of the boundary ol Tex** aa<l thua aecure a large portion of territory now in dlspqta. Tbey would ba aaeed trom the im|>o?ition of th? protixi by t'ongraaa. and would be r? ll*??d from the agitation of the t|ueatl?n ot daeery in the Diatrlct of Co umbla The South would |o-e n I,in* of any r-al faiue. Tbey could not overthrow the law of Ood, which 1* California, and Northern Te*?? eiatnle* slavery. etan If that whole country were left op*n to the Institution lie r- ntnred to predict, that if all the territory claimed by Te*aa *h Tfm?ia Tejtue. In tba ?our*a of thirty fiT Hfty yaara bene*. Iher? would ba no tUr? State in that country. bs-cauew lb* Jt/spuUtlon aettllng In the eiicr*tve portion of that territory not adahted toalare lah >r would ahollah n'r m"[i'n?n n n** wr'""! ? rt-i rt proprn-'Toi riiVKlltlni tha illifdtnl boundary ot r? taa to lurii m maaaara ?? thin for ll<-ft,rtli?r w>-nt into an argument to ahow that alarary trkmitTif It eotnag Inaontart with tha /*# Imi ylrlda t'l that la*. If thla war? trua. th?n It wa? only 'naaa^ary to ?how that tha lo?al law* ot Itah and Naw M?*l?o and ('alfornta ?*rludad alaa*?T. to ahow that l? aonld not b" aarriml tliarr tinda- ! h? aonatltntt'n ot tha t'nltad Atataa II* utii>r??)i>4 that eon? Itatkon ar.-orillng t> tha ( "><1 old mlM of ntnaty l|ht.thlrh admit* of no pownr not W|Wl|? MnMH th.rln or MC<H?r| to r*-ry iinh ?l>-l?(rat?-1 pVW*T? In "far that ritla what* h<? would aak did any man In I hla authority to tarry Uvea to t'altfnrnlaij' It r< nld not h? f-un l A<aii, If Ifca lin? of thirty-alt w. -a run. and rta'Tf by art of Copfraaa mlailttad to the aonlh of thai* III*, Cowgraaa would ha?a rommltinl tha wrf aat of oanrpaMon which tha inath nomplain*! of, Ihr tha jiflnalpla waa th? ???. whaihar It ha aiarrlard la th* Inhibition ar latroduetion of tlavary. What would ha tha w>n??i ??ne*? tf tha d?. fi at of thla maaanra ' In tha flrat (>laaa wa ml/ht a?. part two at at I wdra nn? b?twa?-? lYxaaaud Maw M??i. ao. and anothar b?tw?an Tataa and lh? Vnltad M lata a. It waa wall haowa that It waa tb?lnt*ntl?n of tha lata aJmlnlatratlon to rapal an* lata-lon ?f M*alao by Taiaa lla had ?" d"*M that tha t?nltad *t?taa would f oma of tlatorlowa in tha rontaat, If othar par* tlaa atood alaof and tha aoataat r-tn vo-1 V"t wwan t ho f>tat? of Taaaa aad th* troopa of th* I'nltad gtataa Rut Tataa would ?ot ba alona In aarh a oont-at. many (*owth?tn?afaa would flo?? to haratandard. hollaring tbay war* ??httn* for alaaa tarrltory and ftnuthant right*. Th*ra wara frataraal an J cnmto-r?tal, aa w*U a* palMJaal tlaa, wbia* h)M tba fatqtrj tagat^Hfe

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