Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 24, 1850, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 24, 1850 Page 1
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? 4T.. ? ,W< ? >T H *! +> * ' -? NO. 8888. SOLEMN FUNERAL PAGEANT IN TtlfC CITY or IflTBOT TORE, IN HONOR OF THE MEMORY AND PATRIOTIC SERVICES OF ZACHARY TAYLOR, THE ? Thfrteeith President of the United States. The lamented death of Zachary Taylor has been anAounced in every part oi the I'aiou .ind the sad intalliRence lias been received with th? deepest regret in every part of the country Tho sacred rites due to the heroic and virtuous dead, have been performed over the remains of th? vef-eran soldier and patriotla Civilian, at the feat of the federal government, and very city, and almost every town dene justice to Che memory of the duad by the ceremonies which liav* been deemed most suitable to an event so afflicting to the people and to the country. The city of New Tftrk ban ever deeply felt that no Adequate testimony could bo given of the sincere Xogard of It* citizens for the patriotic worth and private virtu* of the great ciiiaen and soldier, 1 *bo has recently departed this life. The news of llis death waa received here with monrnful regret, which pervaded every heart ; and slnoe the sudden and md event, the emblems of woe have marked all the strait* of any distinction, throughout the metropolis. It was apparent that such a feeling could Hot be aHayad by any commen evidences of sorrow; ?nd, In accordance with the general desire of this great metropolis, yesterday waa finally set apart as a day of volemaity and mourning. Hundreds of thousands, no doubt, were present at these sad rites, stationed on the cide-walks, in the streets, at windows, on the housetops, and in every available spot whenoe the pageantry of the sepulchre could be viewed. The death of a monarch may be marked with more of the glitter of ivealth, with more of the antique panoply of old nations, but a true heart will be prompted to declare that this was a sublime speotaole, when the ritisen soldiers of a republican oeuntry, ud the civilians of every grade, with on* tornmon *ons*nt. *ome forward to make a sacred public demonstration, in honor of one who would have been ready to acknowledge the Humblest or tbem bis eqaal. if disposed to be ?o, in the path of vlrtae. bravery, ; goodness and of American citlsenship. Thif coustl- , 4uted the sublimity of tha pageant. Vast a? it was in number*, brilliant aa it was in the paraphernalia of art* and arm*, and in alt the livery of a*soo4ated distinction*, there was something beneath all thl?, vhioh true-republican perceives, though he may not have "Words to describe it, and that must ever be acknowledged while we are blessed with our present invaluable gtolitioal institution*. The moral of this day I* not the least of it* benefltato the people May It over be ap- 1 predated and regarded ! Annexed are tha particular*, ehlefly Interesting In ' 'the history of the day. They will be found complete as can be expected. The ptaaeasion was over seven m 11*'* in length, and occupied more than three hoars in passing. The number comprising it I* estimated at from thirty t? forty thousand. Tens of thousand* of strangers were in the city, as spectators of the scene, while others took the places assigned to them la the Isnetil cvritf. roii>AK*mo!*?. From early morning till the atV-rneon. all was hustle and preparation. Everybody was either preparing to take a part in the proreaslon, or to be a spectator Of the gorgeous pageant AI1 were dressed in their iol'day clothes, and the city, iu tact, wore the appearance of a day devoted to some ear rod object, i ejjuxioeea was suspended; the stores and olBoea and 5>l*oes of business wire cloned an J many of th? doors ]>ung with mourning The flags from the shipping. In both rl?ers, were suspended hair uiaat high. and all the ferry boat*, and public buildtnirs auj hotels, exhibited tire tame indication* of national sorrow. The omnibuses were f. stooned with mourning and done of them bore behind a large placard. with the word! "In memory of General Taylor " 1 1j<- city was filled with people all the day; bat aj th<- hoar for the commencement of the procession drew nigh, alt the street' in the vMalty of the Park 'were llt<rally blocked up. Tbu ferry boats from Brooklyn. Wllllamsburgh. aud New Jersey, were crowded to excess with persons coming over to see the yroresslon Over Jersey City al >ae. 0 000 persons pw'fil Men of all partler united in doing honor | to the memory of departed w <rth the democrat was jMet as tealoua as the whig In his respect for the de<ea>ed; and Tammany Tlall and Kr. n h's Hotel rled ^rlih the A?tor ll'iu e aud Broadway llouie, In their aaacifrfttfttlou of that respect by the conventional If ns of public grief THK PARK?ITS tlTtAKAVf. The Park aog its shady groves presented. ye?terd?y, an extraordinary and animated appearance Its broad | avenues wen' at an early honr crowded with oatloaa "Vpertstcrs and contemplative loanjers, waiting tn view the ceremonies of the day. Portraits of General Taylor from one to sit cents, were the order of the day, while there was an abundance of loe creams at one ?< nt k alas* ioid lemonade brandy balls, segars, | ?nh> 1 frait of all kinds, There ? alio nolMk of j<ung and ?M I ' with energy g lli* crowd, driving a bilsioe*- wnirh ev-n gr at ]'i iits can hardly uinke agreoahl" .n I which is never *V< ry ornawenial to the ftferfa of a n at city. Great erder and decorum prevailed; wo saw no need of the |ndiee. who. therefore. were not to be seen Hroadway, and tbe adjtcenl buildings seen from the Park, pre- . nented a highly plctur??<iue app< arance. The great j Asior Itrnsn, revered with funeral fr*tonna of blask, ' iring'd with white, bad a striking appearaare. 8o would tie American lintel on tbe oun nite c.-rner. Ikaee don* k?| not the bu?y and lot**tr|nus foam ?nrm>unt-d tha top nf the roof with *nd shirt* dangling in tbc air. of ?ol >r b?t*m m >urnlnK and white, which, from th< Ir high post twallowed up all other nhjMU. when on# Jo >S*d that way. Ilk* l'harnab'a leaa kin- swallowing up Ibf good. On the oth't Md? nf tbs Park Chatham street presented a llT*ljrr*v^ <>7 fr?geb'> gr, ?t r?d brirk II?t?l, hung with black. a;14 Tammany llrtel solem.ily f-?tooaed is the ram* manner. ?i-r? prualaiiit olijrat* \f* were sorry. n? ws walk-d roand the ?h >dt enaelats of the I'ark. thai the fuuat?!n w?? not playing. The nitty weather, and the eitraordlmry ?oea?lon, with the crowd ut tl>llrr< t? sea t h<- ceremonies. call*! for It* artlnn and nhthltl?n on thl* day.lfen-r The two tilDf< of tb. t'lty llall ?it? lurmtviN with and In tront of the building, on tha pittfurtn* of tne fr?at entrance. wa* erected a Unp >rary pUtfurm. ?i.g with ti'ai-h containing stand* and ??at* to r? ?> ? I he officer* and brad* of the pro.**??i,>o afler It* arrival trow the long 4rre?r aaaigaed It Tha wh da Jlt'l a ri ry ? Inn funeral appearance A cupola, akmnded with black. brightened by streak* of white, aurai"wntrd the centra of the ereo-Un from wheaca tbr orator on th? occasion hand Wrahtrn K?l , all tn d"ll?' r the fnt.rral oration. la honor of tha departed hero and President. a rmah a ac k op broadwat. from an earl* hoar la tha day. tha atoraa In Broadway were elosod. and tha thoroaghlarw waa ercwded by aa Immense aoosoorea of yoopla all aminos to*ea the prnea**to?. to accomplish which they aralted them?alra? of all aorta ot standing iand ?lltlnr positions The window* of tb* storas, hotels awd afcof. were fully occupied snd the side-walks were crowded with p?do>trlan> At about two o'clock It was fivnd that the sidewalks wt-re ant competent to accommodate th? paeseaf-rs and th? street* wera taken up for that pnrpoae and yet while there was to uch activity, the proprieties nf the ocraslnn Were SO ohaerrad that there ?a< no h?te*erniMne*e; but all by enwmon consent kapt a reepeet'ul ?tlca?c. aad tha ?. w Y umymy . klKilip <?? I' (1 riOfXIJ b< ard In tb? a'f??-t In (join* thr.n*h Broadway mm7 of tha h'lll tlrf *?t? t<> b? ti Had In ra"iirnln< ?t< d? C<'tnn? nrlnif at tha 'n?. ?i If. niltf ti4 tba #tr??t mil going ?|i*ar4 )? f -'I that many of 'ha pt<r?a ?rr. d*r, rn1.i| ?th hi*' * a?i)? . <1 liit? in'ia11 a appropria,?lT lnt-> d-alnaa Intimt'lng tha fir Which Ikr; WTT* Itf imI. No. .19 Mrnadaay bat It* aatlra fr nt Irapad in blaek, ?ith whtta mu?lm 'ufflfttaat to r?H?-r>' it. No. 44 ? appropriately daaoratd I Tha RntiM tV>r*k^a? mnd? n fl?? nt nftamp'. to ??hlMt alga* of amartilng h it ao n'ttfardlv n tiaa rf nat-n?l' ??< M okrarfkM* ? m t h akolr liar, vh'-ra anjr Mt>|ift waa mala 11 <1 a I rata quit* * intatwr of ?h* atnraa ?lan( tha rtrrat w?ra far b ?tt?r # t o?t. aHNoiit a*?minf to a'toicpt a dupl ??. Powan * M'Niiwr at N<>? 114 and 114 mad? a p; Irndld dlri lay ThMr b?*ntlfnl wbli* mtrk! b'llldInr hiiat with blark hninbailar. mad" ?p In f*a|t? a* ??4 M>t ?if with roaatita It , by all o 1 la, ttia h*od i? it di-play la Ih- loarr p>rt ol )lr<tad ?ay I't'taB'l Aaariran M11 nm **- al?" h? i Una ly 00i nit 1 lt? f oal 1 *(? of %|| niiiiaa, ?hlrH b? hta Jlr atiM f.oai ilia lm?t of th? bull ling. ?ir? h >r ! > >! lib Vlark BaMdaa tb?a< . tii 1 capita frnat *? ahfV d .a Bioarntnu. Tha Aalor IJ?a?? ??< al-n h ?u 'fn lr danoratad Tb? Vtiolv fc lit ot tha b'lllJia* ?-?a t.-?t'i >nrd #l".fc htmrk r>a' r nl. ultlru a aianJ . .. iur .tui or* to lli# whftNl M+*in B.unt Jt 9/w kU ibtlf fin ?ior% b*a4. E NE - . ^ .?*?" v. ?, cmely and appropriately net off, *? had aho M?sin. I B< louioii 4 Hart, who made a grand display. The American Ilutet wa* draped iu daep ourniug, i fruB the upper to tba lower Htorle*. Hut ol all the of a mournful character, not one came up to that prv*ented by the front of tha | Irving Ilonw. The proprlr tor* of tl.U >-*tablirhmeut j c| ur.-il na pain* in doiug honor to our lite chiel miflntrute. hj diaplaying. iu the brut manner, the em- ' bli nia ef lorrow. There ?u alio method iu the arrange- , ment of the de?igni. Thrre were thirteen columns, ; Mxty fi-vt high, representing the thirteen original State*. with thirteen garland*. represent ing the thirteen ! President* of the United dtate* Then there ware thirty j *tar*. for the thirty State* of the I ui -n and. in tbu centre, wa* a beautiful temple of liberty, with the goddef* of liberty in the centre .Surmounting all wai the flag of tha United State*, *hroiidt>d in black orape. Juit orer the main entrance waa the following Inscription : ? 40000900000 OOOOOOOAOOOOOOOO o ' The action* of the Juet o Pre*erre tor aye th>-ir rich perfume o o Smell Hweet and hloneom from the du*t." o OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO The store ot A T Stewart \ Co . opposite the Irvlug IIou*e. al*o made a splendid dlaplay of blaok bombatine drapery They alao had an inscription, of which the tollowlag I* a oopy:? OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO O "I H*TE E!> r>K*ro* ICO TO I>0 MT DITTT." ccoooooooooooooooosooooo o o o TVi? htilMinoa - Dot very highly decorated; but owning down to Ninth street. w? naw a beautiful display from June's Hotel, : Ad the adjacent buildings The entrance to Niblo'a Garden wan clothed in black, i In the centre wai a portrait of Gen. Taylor, covered with black crape. l.afayette Hall and Freemason'* Hall, were alio hung In mourning, as were alio the Broadway House. the City Hotel (Florence'*). at the corner of Howard street, the Carlton House. the Society Library. Dr Mnffatt'n building, at the corner of Anthony Btreet, Seaman H Muir's store. American Hall. Gothic Hall. Deforrest's ! buildings. Ball. Tompkins & Black's store. K W Hutchiug's xtore. Stoppani's Baths, Tiffany, Young & Kills' (tore, and several other building". The building*, for some distance down the lid* street*, were appropriately decorated, and produced a good effect. While the procession wai passing through Broadway, there was a dense crowd at the intersection of every street, on the side walks, and, in fact, on every spot which coold be made available, for witnessing the procession. PAD* ROW AND CHATHAM STRRKT. At an early hoar Tark row and Chatham street presented a very lively, yet mournful appearanc*. Lovejoy's, Tammany Hall, and French's Hotel, wer* very tastefully decorated with blaok and whit*, festooned from window to window, and ornamented with ro*?ttea, exhibiting a very pUasirg yet solemn sight. As th? procession was designati d to take its march in thii direction first, the multitude* of people assembled along the sidewalk, crowding away into the streets, nd the windows, and even the house tops wer* thronged with the pretty face* of ladies and children French's Hotel *zhibited a beautiful sight, every window was enlivened by the bright eyes of pretty women. The store-keepers, too. along the line of Chatham street di?played their good taste, in complying with the solemn order of the day. by leateoning their stores and dwelling-booses with th* requisite mourning. The National Thustm vu &lan ??r? AmCAKA*CK or THK BOWERT. Tbe chop* and house* of thii great thoroughfare were rery generally closed, and almoat all of the principal building* decorated with the sable emblem* of the nation1* mourning. There were few that require special rotlee, a* the whole (treet wan one *rene Jraperlrd with the outward trapping" of woe Amongst those which we remarked an itrikingly effective, wa* the marble *tatuary establishment of Kiaher fc Ulrd, where wai dlaplayrd the bu?t af the late President Tajlor, covered with crape, which wa? borne at each end by the figure* of American eagle*, and underneath wa* the motto? ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo o O " imatiDEitn oth, 1860.o o o 000 f oooooooooooooooo ooo oo OOOOOOO ooooooooooooooooo The *ereral hotel* and hou*e* of entertainment wi rr appropriately hung with banner* bound in black. 1 rom tbe Bowery theatre wa* suspended a large flag, and from the front ot the name building there wa* a great display of black drapery Uppueite the theatre, the Bowery Motel exhibited an eagle enveloped In nieurnlng. from which waa suspended a iign bearing the memorable word* of the late departed. ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo o O "l Hl?t HCrifOHID TD ?o Ml DlTt.'1 0 O O oooooouoooooooooooooooooooooooooocooooooooooooooo | FULTON AND NAS.HATJ KTRKETS. Psrrral of th* sbopa and store* In Vulton ivod Nassau street*. around the HtrtU oflit*, wen decorated with mourning. Among them ??? th? eating saloon of Mercer on one alda. and of Rogers en th* other. The lltimld office wan very tastefully hung on the two fronts with crap-and muslin, and contrasted, in Its richness and neat simplicity, with soma of tha mora thowy and cheap decorations elsewhere. OOf'ltTT. A-?T>T STKEKT. This street had all Its stores ctesed, and the aiten ;?e India robber estaMWbment of Horace II Day was dressed with great ta?t* preventing a m<<?t imptslug appearance Tha National Hotel was ai o t tstefnlly bunt; with nape, while moat of the hot*l* presented mom or less tbe aspect of mourning. AITKAl'.AV K or TIIC tJITU STATE* OVtE.IMENT Bt)lU>l*OS. Thise various ediflora pr< smt> d an appearanea at i once betttlng the solemnity <4 tbe o*oa*ion. and the general suspension of work fare Indication tbe sentiments of respect towards tha memory of th? lata dop*rti it PmMwl The Tost Office was hung with bltek calico, arranged In testoons around the lower part of the bnlldlog, I wbll* the pillars in ^ront wara enib routed with the f *n>e material Tbe Custom House was decorated in the form rf . rosette*. an the two ends facing Wall and Pine streets, ' and on the side along Naasaa street. The T'nlted States Honded Warehouse was festooned In front, with blank aod white calico, interwnern, while the national banner enrmonnted with a atrip* ef crape, was saen Buttering In tha breese T1IK rklKKMIIIt. Tbe honr appointed for tha prooeasion was I o'clock; but long before that lime thousands upon thousand* *i re assembled in and around th* Park, lo order to get a good view. Tha day was beautifully One, but owing to the diversity of tbe crewd shutting out th* breea*. the h*at was f*lt to be very overpowering (Mill It wa? cheerfully *ndur?d by men, women and children, for the sake ol the SD?ctacle the* ha 1 itnna to w|t*e?a Through tha whnia lino of lha propa??|oa, through t hat ham ?Ira?t Rowir? K Hrth *? nn?, Colon Park and w*? tilled with human ha. lr?r- loth on tha iddawalk*. In the doom, on tha ot?p? f tha building* I* tha window*, on the b*lronte*, lid oa lb* rout* jet the great pre-mra wi* around the I'ark. th# point of ilrptrtvn- and tha termlnu* of the pNtfNki It l?<inlred all tha onergy of tha pol iea. a**l?ted by the military to keep haofc lh" crowd, and r|?>ar I ha way for tha pruo??*ioa Krary moment rotna ana watching hi* opportunity ran aaroaa, and if umbe erred e?c?ped, If by the police h? van broniht bark, bo matter what hi* atatioa frrmni of all agaa, ?ad iriaa<l m ndition* praaaad forward and It waa ration* to ll*teo to tha aarnara Inrentei by Mile who wiabad to pa?t. Otia wanted to go by tba il< talwiU and would loaa hi* pa?*tge another wan ted to go for tba doctor and a third to *aa a ?lck child Aactbar mora ?tnrdy would pu-h bia way, la dwplta of I La police, tailing them tbtn waa a frea mi try *n<1 h? would walk whar? ba pl~a->-1 lla iww a h?.warar found out hi* mlrtakn; and If ha per?o?er <1 further h? ?ti taken away to prl*?'n fMhIIn bowed gr> at ft'rhearanoa generally. and appealed to Ih . mpatblea of tha crowd to pra*at ra order and d-roruni Thl* po?t w?< commanded vary efllriautly by Ca|>tala Leonard uf tha aaaoad ward pollaa Tba balcony ?n<l window* of tha Alitor llouaa. and the root, war* filled with beau'y and r?*hl?n. aad the Amirlra* Hotel prw?aat*d a goodly array of tha talr eei. ali>|M with tba oppoaita The Irring llou**, too had erery window full nut the falre.t eight that wat pre.. nt< d around tha Park wa? Parnum'a Mu*en-n. ?M.H (V.III man 1-1 * ma?nifWnr ?i-? of I h? pr??aa. alaa anil from ?vry on* uf I la window* wn-4 a mill fl it. ?hrcad?-d in rr?p?\ anil on tba top w?ra two m i?ntleant na?a, Mmllarly h<ond; ?na. th? (las of tha I n nt a? '1 lb* oth?r. * t? ry li?n t..m? n?w nan h*arItiK tba art? rf tha itlal* i f New tntk. in dark (r??a up ti a wblta ground It ?*< ifrMllk(l; chaata. Hut lb* m? ?t Intarratlnf part af tha apreia l? w?a tha ?rnhlii|r ol haauty with whhh atary ?lndo* ?,ir| tha rr-ot < f tbia klil<ll*( ??< crawda.l. It ?< m?d lltaralljr aliaa with human Inlnga Inr prnrfMlnn. andrr tha command of Oanaral William Halt *rn!im? tieod t'> ? >? paneluallj at 3 a'aloak. In m lha fnrk. through lb* w*at?ra cat*, bftdol by a trt >.p <if caralry nndar ih- foma>aa1 ol Oapt Joanna A. V?rlan. I?ll?w?d by *b? W rit Point Rand, and tba l.lyht Onard around tha fun?ral urn, bcrnc bjf'?l n?nr? ?a, and the h^ara* or car. drawa by a'gbi. gray h?ta? a. wllb a blind old white htraa , ?tparlaon-d ?nd l?rt hy a Hf|To, t?i r? praam* WblUty" tha *M h ir* r* < h? lllaatrloua dead Tbia portion nf tha pmraaatoa lialti d at I ba cornar cf T)r*<lwiy and Park B>>* t* .... j pm.m ,Wt , ?? nBunailnv M?r?? * *rd <**r ??? ?h-n th. h'tr.? n't 'L ? lo* '* t**1' ' *!? M?nn1 *4 Ik* rrr?*?tr.n for..,d |? ,h# Wl,twlW(: irrt.r. Ii th* Ur(-.i ud ?.,* ??rr m?m in N#? I ort rm?T nivmiow. Trrsvp ?f und -r t h. ?r,am?n>1 of J*>hn? % TartM Or* W.I I MM II? l. lirani Murrkti. nmriAi. aiiki, CH JrhnArrry. Vol lt?h*rt M W Milium K?b?-rt Caiith. I..j Jamn? H Wtiur W YO X 'PRNING EDITION?WED TH* Fl.W UmslOl* HEW TOkK ST AT It MILITIA. Under the command of Major General i'harlet W. Psndlord (compi.'*'11* "1M wh'le oftho uniformed militia of lie county.) ?? a military "no u t, pr-o.aiu* ill* urn. in rererfed ordP?'. as fellows:? TwtfflA Regiment, (liitautiy.) t'ol >ntl Henry U Stub b'ns. of tlie following commutes: The Lafayette Failiam. Captain French, wlrlrh rau?t*red stronii; the Independence Guard. Captain Boyle ; tb* Guard Lafayette, (a French company.) Capt LeCloro; the Italian Guards. Capt Lenghi: th?* T.>m ukmi Blue*. Capt. Proudhon, the Benson Guards. Ca'^t. McLeay and Ibt. not least, the Batter Blues. cumuiAUlid ny cumtenant Miller, their gallant captalu whose name they bear, having fallen at Chnpultepeo. It U worthy of note that this Company gent nine officers into the I'nlted States aruiy during the wars iu FlovkU and Melieo. It in. perhaps. one of the best dl-*iflined companies ! the brigade Eleventh Regiment (Infantry.) Col R C Morria It consists of the following splendid companies ~lst. The Montgomery Guard. Capt Murphy. 2d. City Guards. Capt McArdle, whose beautiful uniform was the subject of general comment 3d The Washington Guards, company C, commanded by Capt. Sufert 4Jh. Capt. Renneckei'? company (D) Washington Guards 6th. The Coiitinentuis. Cnpt. Helms titn TheUiiten Rifles Capt. John 1'. KUis. The llamblin Guards. Capt. Stevens, a target company, who appeared iu their chirts, marched with this regiment, ahead of the Montgomery Guards. Tenth Regiment, (Infantry,) Colonel William Ilalsey. It consist* of the following companies:?Company A, (Unmet Guard) Capt McGrath; company B. Capt. lialtel. Pret>id?nt Guards. a Tery One company, company C. <'?pt Watrous; company D, Capt. Clarke; company K, Capt 11 uson; company F. (National Greys, flank compauy). Capt. Kainor; company G, Capt. Baldwin, company U, Capt. Shepherd. THIRD hhl(;Ai>K. Brigadier-General Hall and Staff conmtn4lag. Ninth Regiment. Colonel B G. Ferris This is the new Irish regiment of Infautry, raised within the last two months. They marched wonderfully well for the short time that has elapsed since the foruiation of the eorpi. Th* Uniterm ot thin regiment in very hnndHi me ?a light green coat and light blue trowsur* The officer* are aa follow* Colonel, B. Clinton Fern*; Paymaster, Charles Shea; Adjutant. Charle* Sweeny: Captain* Th?ms* O'Callaghan. of Company H.; MicJiael Phelan. D ; M m lliucbman. F.; Kdward Murray. 11.; Maurice Walsh, A : Michael Dnheny. C.; John Ravanagh. K ; Michael Doran. O ; Lieut. C. Uamilton, L.; John Collin*. K., *on of K K Collin*. Kuthlk Krgtment. I H'athinifton (ireyn), Col. William Borden and I.ieut Col. Devoe - The greater portion of thia regiment'* uniform 1* also grav?the Wnshingto? Grey*, home and foot, and tbe State Feneible*, all wearing that color Captain Patterson'* troop of Washington Blue*, and the Wellington Continental*, wear blue uniform*. Tbl* regiment ?a> formerly the third, and bear* a high reputation. It now con*i*t* ot two trbop* of horse artillery and *ix companies of infantry. The Wafhington Blue*, which led in the march, 1* commanded by Captain Patter*on, n?t ouly U>? oldeit captain in the regiment, but, we believe, in New York. Thia troop had charge of two piece* of cannon, both trophies from the British In the revolutionary war. Tbe other troop of hor*e artillery 1* the Washington drey*. commanded by Captain Varian, undoubt edlv the flnect and large-it In the city?horse* and uniform are all gray, and every man i* a atout, substantial butcher. The horse* are magnificent. The principal infantry company is alio called the Washington Greys, ene of the best and inoU numorou* in tbe city, commanded by Captain Little. Tbe State Fencible*. Captain Lyons, 1* al*e a very floe company, and mustered well The Continental Guard, Captain M M. Yandyck a noble body of men, wearing the antiquated dress of Wa*hington?* day. To thU regiment ha* been lately tranaierred th* three following companie* from tbe niuth regiment;?Company P. Captain Joseph Uulnn; Captain Otephen II. Cornell, Compaay B.; Captain Chamberlain, Comt?n v H The S'imM Rrgimnt. called " National Guard." commanded by Colouei Abraham Duryae ThU la Uli belt dl*eiplined infantry regiment la tbn Stat# Tfce companiea are commanded a* follow* Pint company. Captain Amnerman aacoad, Captain fond; tbird, Captain 1'rlcr; fourth Captain Charlna Smith; fifth. Captain II B Melrille, (lata of Co U . ninth regtment); niltb, Captain Never*; ?e?enth. Captain Van Winkle, eighth company. Captain eihumway Tha troop la commanded by Captain Watt*. and tha battery of artillery by Captain DiTTer. Th?ae beautiful bra** gun* have *1111 tha new ihine upon than. Itra thin regiment that were called out to auppreu tha After placa riota It wa* originally an artillery regiment. It# appcarance. yesterday, waa magnificent. It* uniform i* gray, and tha oompanlaa an* only diatlDguiahed by their latter or number. acro^u BBIGAOK. Brigadier General Morris, with rt>| eommanrtfng The 8?*f* Krgimrnl, Col Tho*. K. Peer*, was atxo-nt at White 1'laia* h't/ih Kttimtnt, (JelTamon < uard*,) commanded by Cel. Andrew Warner, conflating of *?Tencompanies of infantry. They paraded (tmng. aid conalat t"r tha molt part of Uermatia Fovith Hrgimtni, (Light Artillery.) Col. Charlea Yatea. It c*>n?i*t* el four ccmpanit * of light artillery, and two troop* of huMari. piaiT aaioaDB. Brigadier Oeneral htorui*. with ataff, commanding. Tift |>|<aii( nmifl fTj| B Brooke Poatley.? n.e name* of the officer* are a* follow*:?Lieut Col. William Menck. Adjutant Onnter; guartermaater Marten*. Capt John JageK lit troop; Captain imlrew Belrrr. id troop; Capl Henry frohieich, 4th troop; Captain William hulliran 6th troop Captain John Meyer, 6th troop. Captain Johu Bechtel, 7th troop; Captain Lewi* heller, Stb troop Thi* regiment, and the *plendid manner in ahirh It* troop* marched, were the fbetre ot universal admiration 7>? Srcond krgtmrnt, commauded by Col. Pplccr Thl* regiment conai?ta of (our eomp inie* of Infantry* tue fci'lllrh Uuard, I aplaiu A.UMtW; Ilia Humana lluitil, Captain Kcr!e?on, the Calnl<'ilta CunllMr*. r*| ?mu MrLton, aniitbw Washington Continental*, Captnln Dam w. 1 be t'ml Htgtmtni. < < Bnandi d by Col John Ryar. Tblt rt glinrnt formerly borae artillery, la uow a fine ra?a)rj corpa. A Pi.tarhineot of United Slatm Marlnra, * Detaah< m<ut H I'nilt-J fltaUa Infantry, I' State* l.i^lit AltllWry Buttiry. (u?<d lu U? battle* of I'alo Alto, ke?ata tie la 1'aiiua mi l Huuna Viata) under command of Col. A II Tajlor. SKCONt) Uivimofl. (tcd Win 1, M< rjl*. Aid toUraud Maribal; Gn. g. 9 II-1*diet, Capt J W Miirl*. Aid* The remain* of the Hr*t Krgim-nt of N?? York Vol?nt*? r*. df-???d id black, with nap*, commnndad bjr Col Harnett. aa l b?*rii.g th? {lorioua battle-torn ctandard* that wrre car. led triumphant orer tbf | Ulna of kl?li?? The place aat down la tba pro $ranime lor the New York Volunteer*. l? Id the Drat division IbikiIuUI; after tbe milnla. bat thi*ali tba plane the; M?ll; oceapi'd Officiating Clergymen. and Orator of the Us/, In n carriage. I.ICITT OVAKD, | I UGITT OCAHD. taptVirraut ? 0* Capt Yianent, ? ? ? uritti ! a* a Ot aan ar Uoaoa. a Oi imw lonoa. Tbe rar ?ai drawn by eight ? bite borae*, >-eprl*on*d and led by itht negroea. Id the pn iraa me. the am oeeapie* th-> poHtlon we have here a*?t?ntd to th* bear** The urn which wai i ?nr mounted by a bronsed eagla, waa carried m far a? th<-crrner of l'ark Kow by r<>t>r negroea. an I during the time the bearee waa waiting fir the mllltlato pa?* on. the nrn ?m carried away to tha "tan I at the City j Hall It wa* mid to be too henry. and tDe nrgrn** w*re Dot properly dr<-?-ed who carried It On firmer or< a-*loi,a It waa borne an a rar 1 he h' ar*?- wa* very rplrndid It waa made *p<rlalty for the oeraalon by Kdward II Verier, undertaker, riMMtrd In thlanty It la fifteen f> ft |nn| b; w*?n ' feat w,de. and roat >)(**?. 11 wan covered with on* hundred r?rj? i.f hlark and white allk velrei It *m r< v?r> d with a magnificent canopy of the ?? ma material lined with white and red a.-rge. and having Itltfi oetrlrb plume*, whit* and bltrk Tha whole wa? pnranunted by an eagle with a green wreath In fclr beak, ai d crape around hi* wing* There were two atara f it tha front, two i n the binder part and Iwt on arh eld* of the ear Tha wurd Taylor," In large lattara on the bark On tha left aide were the hattla nam**, Krtara d? la I'alma. and I'alo Alto On tha right. MonW?y and lluena Vl?t? On both aide*. " I hare dona my duty, and em prepared to die ' The h'^rte raparl? ned nod lad. to repiaaent old W hh*y." a* helleard by many to be Whltey hlm-elf nod m* o( lha l?lgbl fJunrd actually pntl. d the halra out of hl? mane and Intl. a* Whltey ThebU-k gr?oma kept, up tfce joke very wall Tliey wora blue unltor m wltb " U. B " i n lb* rapa. button*. and belt* The folloelrg Pall llaarero. thirty In number, (being tha number u< tha Ptatea of tha I nlon.j vli : 4! W l.a*t?n?a, William Smith, iiebael I'frbnelrkr, *m ?. Ti?, tar I'll I J' ? . Jeha N. Sarria. Jan ?a Umper. Th?mu O'tSana*, Wil lain V llaremeyar, f?'?paea A!lea, A H Mickle, W illiam N. Hlakenaa. . Sareral H hitler. Alet. Bteeart, Jer*irieh J. iMrkinaea, J.tmna l>. IMIrar. A. K Rdwnrd W l.?t?ht, It II. Mrrrla. Jntia A<fam?, refer fVet-ef, Jnhn RnkMaa. AxhinvLamb, William Unrhrnw, Ilenrt f^?Teri?, Jeremiah Onitga, Jfrrrta Prank If*. Jaeok A. Weetarvell, I V.. w W...I i j m n._. p?)or? of Na? Tnt%, Urn, fclya. Jrrt'j Cltf an 1 1r ?ark. ' of iha ?illa?<a tit Wi1li?m?f'tir<h ?n< It jt> >k a. ft >lli?n.?Mir?l? ('ammuft CoaarlL WMh tl? <VM r-ll'w. nI h?* rltUfK. ' Wftrkir* h*i I'lvWatire R n-Hl, Jrrvf Oil/," ft lino banner, Mr. Tki'Mi, ?? Virihftl of tkla ko.l j. tolMtl of J'rmrf ( itr, (Vftimon f'onnt'l of X'W Tor*. T> r <tf!oT?r?or FIth (? ? am im II ?r?? hlaiaolf ) f ftftirftl (ffiitrt I f ll* Arwj Mid Ma*/ ift c?rtia?*< Thft SoclatJ ? f t'ln lotatl, w(i*i maet. I nf |? ftr,.lon<-?r? If lit ntf |i*ma?at. r?nlgn Mil ??! ? ft?-l C"ia?U. Jm*grr nf ihft IJftl,?'l V?'?a. ??a?a *?< <t*f C?*rU. nun i>t?iam*. r?l. Tli? A Tmi I. Ai<< I,r?n4 MftrahftL Jam? r Hall, Im, At* Martha! of tka I an. < !*.?' f r 'h- Saatkftr* Di?tr1<-t af fcr? Tot%. Wit* *>! 4<-fntio? and "tfcnt o??0Tft. I nitrrl Utawd VMIfKt AttornafCollr ??or of tko for* of Now Yor?, WHfc Ui? rlarkr mi atk?r "*" ? *f hit 4>ptrUMii, IWr?ft??t, Na?*1 llffl'"!, A?4 otht ofk-r? wnm>< aitk tk?tT RK E NESDAY, JULT 24, 1850 TheCn t#m Jlonii* offlcera onniMtuteit a *ery Inn* troin, and the/ all wore in their but'.' n holes the cmblama of mourning. Poatmaiter of the nity uf New V irk. With Ma Secretary aa-i.-tuntii and clerka. The Board of Eduuatfoa of tbe city of V?w Turk, Preceded by i*? rp'aideat and Olerk Preaideat, Trustee*, faculty and Siudenta of Colombia College. ProaiJent, Council. Faculty Studeuta of the Unireraity of New York. College of Phvaii iana and 9nrge?ni, New York Aoadamy of MedMt,e. New Terk Medical Hocieiy, and Physician* and Htndenta^ Toacfcera and Pupila of Urammar School of Columbia College and I'mrcrmy. Prnfeaaora ef the 1' roe Academy. With the pupil* of tkw aame. Col'ate of Pharmacy. New York Uiat"rical Society. Wni'ert Statea Naval l.vcetim. National Academy of Deaiga. American Art Union. Chamber of Commerce. Qenerai Society of Mechauica and Tradeamea ef tke oity ?f New York. American Inatitute. Mechanics' Itatlluta. FOUKTH mrniiiK. MaVcr Ccnoral Frederick Pent*; Aid to Oraad Marshal. U T!. Cook, Can.. Aid. Piremea of Brookljn, Jcraer City. Willi a^aburgh, With aplendid banuera. particularly Hutfjoa Hole Com| nay. No. 1. Exempt Firemen of New York. Fire Department of the city of New York. The A reman onaatitntcd perhapi the nob'eat and 'arrett, though not the moat impoaing portion of the proamnion. n?TH niviaiiin. Elijah F. Purdy, Eau., Aid. Tenag Men's Whig Central (Vmmitt?a. Democratic) Republican C?n?r?l Committee of the Otj ( New York. Young Key's nfmwrti.e General Committee. Democrat.o Whig General Committee of the City of Jkw Turk. Engineers' Institute. niTH Division. Capt.Wm H. Cornell, Aid to Grand Marshal. Captain John T. Ogdnn, Aid. St. John's Grand L?dce of Free nnd A?nented kuoM ?f ill* State of N w York, and the Subordinate Lodges under its jurisdiction. For vaay years the Free Masons have not mad* eo Irnposrjfr display. The refalia of the Grand Lodge ?h very flns. Batebers' Asaoeiation of the aities of New Tork, Brooklyn, and t ha Tillage uf tVilliamabnrgh,

and other oitiaa and vitiates (mounted.) aiTiNTH BiTiaaon. William T. Child. Ea<|., Aid t* Grand MarsbaL John Ridley, Kan., Aid. Grand Lodge of the ?'ate of New York of Free tad Accepted Masons. Washington'! Bib'e wm burna in the processien, followed by a magnificent ailk banner. B. W. Grand Lodge of Independent Order of Odd Fellowe ef Southern New Tork. and tha Piikordinate Lodgee under ita juriedietion. Among the different encampmenta and subordinate lodges of the Independent Orde??f Odd Fellow*, we partionlarly noticed Continental Ledge, No 117, I. 0. of 0. F . ita splendid banner, and tha rich regalia ef its offieers and member*. Dofl credit te tha order. The Mount Vernon Lodge, and Nor thorn Light Lodge, and Diamond Lodge, all bore splendid banners. The turn out of tha Odd Fallows was Tery magnificent, and their tanneri and regalia were admired by >11. HTM BITMICn. el. Thaa. R. Whitney, Aid to Oraad MarehaL Col. William Steele. Aid. rderof United Aiuencm.1. The United Amorlrani war* exerted by the Worth Guard, and had a epleadid baad. Thetr rvcalia and baanurt vera u.a. nifli i.t. particulitrly Mnuut Vernon, lliap'er 13. himtm DiTiaioa. it J. W. StiNn Aid to Grand Marahal. Major Willi am M. Soett. Aid. *?ad blriaiea of the Son* of Temperaaaa. tkivtii Diriaton. Mat or N. B La Ban, Aid to Grand Marahal. Captain C. a. iMoraii, Aid. hdiMndui Order of Rcuhabitea. Mount Klta Encampment. Catatonia Seotien, No. 145. Cadet* of Taaperaura. Raman Catholi" Temparanoa Sooicty. bi.wKtvTM mnaton. eleaol W. W. T?mpkin*. Aid to Grand MarahaL Stephen Barker. Keq.. Aid. Whitehall Aaaociatioa. Columbian Gaard. A Ilea Guard. Cfcaafraa Guard. Tilton Beaeyolent Order of Bereaaa, to wit: rhrvii Atuftmbly. No. 1, Wuklnfftok A??*mM<r, No. 1. Mouat Joy A?#?iubljr, No. J. Brookl^a AMMtmbly, No. i St. Georjc%'? lUaevolmt Sooittj. St. lidrtv'i fittBortUnt Sooiotjr. St. Dot id's Rencvofoat SU>?iotjr. bi. Niol 0'am ftociotf. Taylor Voroin. Italian Cltiftoa*. rom4ont m ;ko City of N?w York, twklfttii i'lfimon. Cotoaol i?ki B. llofitKom'rv, Aid to Grand MarthaL Captaia J?mo? M. Tnroor, Aid. United Atn*noa? Meohaaica Houto ?'ariH>nt?ra* ANiootatioa. Fi?R*?r T??^U JouraoymaaStoaa Cuttera' Automation of New York. Brooklyn >n l J.r?.y City. BrloUtjin aad Hum' AmooibUob uf ih. City of Jf. Vnrk. Mulih Cnttvra of New York, Brooklyn, ul Jim) t'ity. KliiywrigkU and Cnalk.ra' Biaeeolaa. Soaiaiy ?f tha City of Nt* York. Naw Tork Ship Joiaiere' Society. Ki|(cn I'nion AHurittwa. thiinitth i.ivhidk II*J or II k.Unlitm, Aid to Umi4 ktriktl. Major O. F. Hatman, Aid. !<aknnri' ITaloa Aaaofiatioa of the City of Hi* T.rk. Thla krdy turn.4 oat 3 Wl> In rocalia, with Pairltk Dillon, tbair I'latidcB*, at th*ir haad. Thoy all wort grata. Mi'ariUTH mvimnie. Maj.r Jaaica Cuiiatr, Aid to Uraad Marakal. Somn.l Oa?*od. Bai| , Aid. Hi bora i an I aletraal ilanarnlrnt Soolaty. Ilermaa I'niearaal Hanavolaat Burial Sveiaty. Shamrock Haneralrat S<vioty. Bt.,'? B<-tievolont S ci.ty. ft Joha'a R.nreolont Soeiotr. St Alphon.n'a llrnoeolant Saclttf. Kmmult Mutual llea**o ent Soriaty. rirtaanTit t.ivimon C?L Jaa. C. Rnrnliani, Aid to Crand MarahaL. Major D. J Utj, Aid. Pa|T.raal lad.pend.nt Ord.r of <>4d Fellowa. Iad.potidrat l>rd.> of Faithful Fallow*. l?|ro*ad Order uf R.d ot.a p- ran?? I'.akera' Laion A*a?<iatiaa. fadapoadoni Ordar af Utaai Bonth. United Sutra *??ard A<*<>eiatioa. aiiTuirii mriii.n. Cal. R R Kayd Aid t.i (Sran I Warahal. B. O. Ilurl nit. B?'l Aid. Ord.r ?f An< Druid*. Aaeoelatlii of tli? City of N. w V?rk (miontod ). TMa ? > tilr; I i Vd? if atnlworlb t an The* uiorabaJ four deep and a Ha k Iiahi>o? w*? k .rna hefori tharn In van. Una of their nuni*>?r appeared in a ??ry hatiH.xn.a tart, whinh ha droeo. la th? prcceaaluD tbe llnti lj?r? alao attrantail oon(Mvrablf notlco mounted on- body of thorn, all on wblta hopp? and tho oth?r all on bay Tb<-y wara rlrnla of tha Cartmrti In iihyl^al ap(i?ar*niw< Tb^y all ?mr rh.rk ?!? t? ? and k.iiu. of tbam wbitr aprou*. Olta of lb- IrUh aorlotiva, la tb. foii'traoth ditiilng, bora a beautiful harp drrorntod with nrap* In the T? mp? ranca >"rkll?< w.ti' a number oflittla boy*, which ?dde.| fii'.rh lilkf lnt? r??t of tha' part ( th* proofalon Tb? latliclla Total AMio'DM wtrty hora a gr? i n Unn r and *oragr>en hadx'-a The uniform of ('hanfrao ? Oanrd wa? r?r/ prc'.ty, <1 that of th* Tilton Dluva (bin# ihlrta) ??? raaiarkabla. Altogai her thia nroeafalon ? a irran J and gor^-.-nut dlaplay (if the phyatcal weight of Naw York It could not hara nutubarad |.-aa than fCnni thirty tbouaand to forty thaaaaad KkHIIok men It took ciartly thrac houra ftotn tha tiro* the pro?a?alo?i firat n>i??d ri tiid tha coraar of I'ark Row till tha and -f It pa-'ad 1 hough tha ground orar which It tnarrbed rgtandad lo cii mllaa, th?ra ??< not roots for th* ?kol? ut it. Tba lalt?r part had to count* rmarch from Hrwidia ?tra> t to tha Park Af?ar ptaaing thr< ti|ih <'liatha?i atra-t th<- H<?rr k mrth ar-nna, I'nioa ."<)?ara and Hroadway tha h?a I of tha column n arli. d I ha Park about 7 o'clock and It ? < half p?-t 8 o'clock hat or a tba laat of It ?m??l Tha ratp Oil, aaa.ati from tha Aator llou a lha Irtlnt llonaa and Harnum'a. aa lha proeaaatnn notid d wn Broa Iaay on lu latum. waa (rand la tba ailrama MOVIMO A*t> ARRIVAL OF Till PROC EMIO*. Tor a long tlata bafora tha proamnion ranched tha ?pot where tba aolaain caramon iea of th day vara to and, by tba'fuo* ral oratloa tba dl'tant aound of au>l? nnaiiDcrd tbalr approach Tba mlnuta ball* tolling, tba allant aolamnlly of tba arowd. tha Inalgnla of mourning dlnplayad on all tha hoaaea and carrlad along oa tha numaroaa baaaam, had altogether. a mot impoelng a (Tact It waa lata bafora tba procawlon reached tha final term'nua appointed Tha crowd waiting la lha Park to rrcalra It *a> great, bat not extraordinary. tha great maa? of tba popnlatlnn to lug engaged ia wltnaaalag tha proceaalon Iroai tha houara, and along tha aldaa ol tba atreeta. a* II paaaed Tba proreaatoa took about four houra in It# paaaage from tbc I'ark and |ta raturn back agaia Forty thou "" I inuifi?i?i?, m imn p%rt in inf pn?rf?i"n Tbara wfn Mi tknumul flrenpn tlniw, Dtp thousand military, and an immenaa number ol bnnrgroia, who joined m aiich. braids* all the orfiaiwJ Inatitwtlona and public bodies of thin groat ma tropolla henra, the calculation mad*, of foriy thousand, amr.n to be no ecaffgeratlon It waa. at all ftuli, a Krrat deuionaitalloa At aeren o'clock tba proreef ion In-gari to arrlre Tba spare In iK'i'l of tba pulpit ana k.pi clear by rnp-a, t d ?urronaded with a cordon of jiollca. to gire ro^ni to the company shint to arrlre Immediately b? low the pnlplt, on the platfoim ahora, fto ?i the rtoNa <Hlj of <i eagle. shrouded In crape bending its b?ak, with a wreath ?>t whita roaea Interworen with bis-fc Icavea ?n*pen't>d from It orer a gilt funeral urn. Il*awtea bun* with crupe The effect wa? st.lMng Tha gwen trees iu 'root of tba t'lty 11*11, which c naiv?ndad a rlew of th<* ceren;nnl^e w> ra filled with himia t>< l?gs- adrenturou* men and bey*, who had lam 11 red tip. and wera perched iu ?.be n 'l<l of t*?a tillage Aa evening rania on. Ih??a dark ftcama avntad a? If tha tteea 'h-mHim had h?a made to partake o4 the general display o( mmrttHig It part tig If O'elOeh before tha earrtefes dr>?a wp oppoetta tHa stand In tlw tl??t e rtl?*e ?? I???I4 Uiahaa. Knq . tha orator. Chief JSrttre .lones and otbsra. It if * sl.vgalar on*i?ieat apoa ttia de?irw att? r lame and di-iinctiaa a f.-lin,% wbiah naturally till* ??| many bwsowis tha* ew?r ?e.-at nit fniwoui. and popular perw n* are little A hardly known a' all ereit in their ??a eHy A* tba carriages drove up and d?p'alted the great peojda of ft.m Vork tath< noma ratte and cwriooa a>(^?itrtaa of - Who la that'" audi wha ta he?'' and who ia that man'" th?*a no one In tba crowd cawid ? H tha name* of any ot th-as Wa. our* tree were oM gad to point aat ae?a-at whom kaaw by sight, U p*r-o?? who w? sh-iuld hara ?[ERA I thought war* iuor? familiar than ourtolvi* with their | I follow citizen* The arrival of tlin nr?>* *???inn ? &* m. ! llyly Mill animating Kceue the Hoard of Aldermen, ; with the memb.rx of public institution*, general offl ri rn mid other*. ascended the platform 7'he Thief Marshal, (? ui ml Hall wuctit th?* bead of *11. directIng with activity every disposition. The cenotaph on it* arriving in front of the aland wa* Hn alfeetin<' object The Imagination almost ?up|io*?a the body ol the departed hero to lie In it Alter the fpl- nlli pageantry. the brilliant troop*, the gorxeoiw oUd hussar*. Ihe rirh ? tjuipnges Ilia caracoling horseuieu hid iiHit'ed in front of the *taud and withdrawn. wh.-n tne iiillh functtonarie*. officer* and civil divnitaric, of the city and neighborhood had taken their *< at* on the platfoim, the Urand Marshal 01 the procession introduced the Ki t Mr. Armltage, who to< k the trout of the platlwrm and offered up, In a loud and audible voice, a player a* follow*:? THE PKAVER. 0 L*H. we coafta* Thee ?? the Cud of nation*. tli# rnler nl tbu woilda, anil (tie lliepotcv of all event*! We coafaee TLea a? Mil Supreme Kulvr, unit the great otijaot of wur aluutioaa, a* wall a* fie ?ri at Dvp"?er o' all trio eventa nf our nation. Wa wwtild aeknow V-il^e Thee, especially in tin* day, in tke pen.liar diapeneatn n with which Thou bait viiited a* at tbi* period. Thou bait removed the ( hiof Mugistrate of tliii people, yet 'l'h?u lint always regarded witk tbv favor tke people of thl* land We. therefore, believe lliov will remove tbi* severe aillietlon winch ha* fallen vpen u*. Tlinu ha*t, tie****1 ua wnli mfoni aeo*Mrity, Willi peace, **4 with both eivil and rtlvgi'Mis liberty, a?J ban niaav ua a protperon* and bawiy poople II we have mat with a crista iu the removal of tie Hr?aident of tho United Statea, ?a eonfraa Thee as our guide in thia cri'i*, and levk to Thee to conduct tba council* of the nation, and kr?| to a snaeeaatul laaua all event*, in thia our alllicrinn. OLord! we ke*eech 1 hee, regard ua aa a people, and wbile wivare engaged wi' h one heart and on* voire in lamentation, may wa feel the kaint* of ihy voter whuh eptik* 10 ua, *o that it may be appliod to our aniil*. and that we may live in blearing before Th*e. ffo MHI lit thy keeping the ^weily *nd bereaved wndow of tke departed lie 1 hou a father to hi* widow anil ki* obildrcn: may the waunda inflict id by thy band be bo wad up. and may they repoaa in 1 bee. the Omnipotent, who fca*t all power In ihy hand. We pray for ?hv bl?*aini ipn? tba Pra*idant of tba Uiiited State* and ihe Ke^i'tat j*e, a* aha wpon all the peupl* in tbi* land, Sanctify thl* affliction to them. W* a*k thete blesamy* thraugb Jean* Ckriat our Lord. Amen. The Marshal then announced that the l'hihannonio Pooiety weuld ihaunt a requiem t? the repo*? of the nuil of /achary Taylor, lot* Preaidont of the United BtntM. On lookirg up to the ga'.lery above whleh wag supported by the high nynietrlcai column*. whlahjadoru the beautUul front of thia *iuii>l? hut beautiful build iug we ni the uiuxical oompauy aide, who thua began to filng. led by tbn tatooted yonn* nnmioiari. Mr Kisfeld The affect in the open ur was line. and the Kinging appeared to fine aluo The music ilacll wax moet solemn. Win n the siaging of tbe requiem was concluded, David Graham, Esq . rose and delivered tbe folio* tug oration :? THH ORATIOH. Fallow Citi j?i??The solemn pageant whm? ceremonies are auw drawing tu a cloae? lh? toiitag bell?the muffled ilnim-the lililH MltW lh MtU habiliments of w.,e by whi>h we ar? surrounded and. abo?e all, that grief within tvery heart " which pa>seth shew," denote that the band ef Omnipotence ban fallen heavily upon our laud. Fer a second time within a fow short years, oar nation la again called to meera. Onr standard-bearer is fallen. The hands u which, uadsr the gtudanseof Divine Providence, the de?llmri of our country were Committed, lio cold In death, lit voice a hich su lately in tbs Held commaaded our armies in aglerious and successful struggle, and which but dsyin the councils of our eeuntry directed the civil policy of tbe republic, is hushed in eternal sleep The p'acss that krew him onoe shall know him no more forever. This is tbe event we are now assembled to commemorate. It is for this that the student has left his closet-the tiadesman bis gains?the workman his beneh?the laborer his toil. It Is for this that our city is OMfcM in mourning?and that, as a portion ef the Amencaa people, wc have met to pay our laat tribute to the earthly remains uf me whom aet only we loved as a ii,an, ani revered in all the relations of life, but whose mtmory as a soldier and as a statesman It will he onr delight, snd that of oar posterity, to guard and cheruh as dear to every patriotic heart la the performance of this tad duty. If we ware impelled by su higher motive than pereaaal aflootion, we shall tnd abundant cause f?r the ccrouionials ef this day. Hoarding the illustrious departed as a man whose srsvery. ss well as humanity up. n toe field, and whoae uasfl ctsd simplicity of character, as wall as wisdom and patriotism, a? siemplil ed in the hichest station within the gift ef nisa. bad ahed lattra upon the Amerleaa aame, we mirlit well nans* ta make the offering uf this day upon bis t>mb. Well, indeed, might thia peep's. In the sadness of their kaart. gather around his ashts, emLlemed ia yon funeral arn, and etclaim with the peat: ? " Prafae to the man ! A nation stattla Beside his oottn with wet eyes : H?r brave, bar b?aatilul, her good, As when a loved one dies." n?it the scenes of this day are hallowed by higher and holler aeaoeiatluas. lender any circumstances, an stent like that we cominaiuornte, would be full of admonition Its influence not merely up m the strifes and contentions <>f every day life, but upon the agitationa reaulting from political an l party neperity, could not lail to impress upon u?, the oft repeated,but loo seldom heeded lesson of tlie vanity ef earth, and of our deep and aolotnn reap nsiMlity to that power in ?hose bands tl.r destmv of lain ar.d of natiena alike are I | At ? period like the preacnt. howetei, in the biitory of oar nivmrj, " When in oar fathere' jn green griTra, The fir-try ( dli>nm >> r??i. Tim th* heart f the patriot la filled with appr?henrion for the cntiauame o! oar fblljlM IllUMUtM when the lui home or liberty la thie M'"?tern nontinent ii threatened with annihilation?the oeaurrrnce of nuuli an rifnt ie tiled with deeper and more eolrtnn warn In,*. For now three qaartara of a teatary our Uaion lia? Ore a ptaeerTed in tha purity of ite patriotism, and alio integrity of ita inatitntiona. Paaaina, a< wa baee d >na. thr<>n*li foreign ooBHBtioaa, and through a direraityof internal policy, t ha natrral incident of a forai of (oeernmrnt where |wpular opinion ia the teat, and wltara th* freedom of that opinion Ilea at t ha foundation of our political ayiiom. w? lii'l atia o>d ? poirii , I tlaMlftJ whitllh n MHMiIm from abroad coold reaah ar parll. Eatendin*. a> ?t ha<l d<>ae. oar d< Biinlua o?or aa almoat boandlrea territory, we had found oor>el<ria proportionately a>ronftthened ta the attachment at.d tldeii'y ?r enr f eople A n > rcaeioaal wM?peri?g n' reai-tanre to tha puliey of the ( >?(r>aeat had, it la tru?, baen I eard, bat It wan a? anon rffi elually hu?hed in o aileme. by the loyalty of oar pe< pie ta th< ir loved aad rhonahed Utita. Itvt at fourth the I .on linn of fanaticiem, aad the threa'onina* of trraaoa hraha apaa oar eara. aad the union of the M atre ? t hraitanad a it I, ditruptlon. At each a period waa tba lanirrt- >1 Ta) lor i-?||?d ta 'he a i .n ml . r tlt?llt> noaetkBrnt. WIlh the a' ?l? pi rp, aa of prea-rviaa tha l a unimpaired, be had utiM up a ri? blah traat and to the rapraaentatlTee of the * torn an people be had dtclattd that, "wbatoeer oar (ar* might tbrea'.aa it, ha th aid a'ond by it, and mamtaia it in ito integrity, to the full eaMul of lit uMiaatu B' laipoead. aad the p ?>r r inferred up< n biro by tha Conat .atii a " That he would hare raJrrait d thia pltff a, la abut u tally mteati d l>y a long life, devoted ?h 11 y to th* teiMte tad the huaor of hla oetiatry. H aadina tin a, aa we do, around Ma tomb, la it inapp-oprlato on our part to vindicate hie In ly putpoa?, by pledging ourmIim to l?h otl or. and In nor country, to rebuke the aplrit of faratK i>m, whirl) would endanger our InatlluUone? if nerd be,to < a>t a*id* th* a>io riatl n?< f party,aad riaing aioto every e?aaltlrraMon but that of dnty to ngr ttanJ ?ln older to abouldrr.m the aplrit uf eoacoaaiaa In wl i?b it a aa foimrd, la prrearrtnr and defending the tini n of tbe S'.a'ea dt ir* wnli of <.ar'ad fbiaf " I am p'raparod - I ha?a indrttm^ In <o wiy ?lIt?jr.** And if aaytkla* firihrt w?r* * anting to iaaptrn a* wilt coaraco an 1 iral la II* ?io?Bli*B, It I* tn ?* In hl< l?a( Itf* of aalf ,l*t.yint **-ri(le**, and nf faiiblul and doliaiuiah*" ?*r?l** lath* d*l?a<a?f Ilia Intariata aad I oa r of hit roaairy. Aa la^aUalia* tbi* Inn't, It t* tniimtlr nt-in* is imai ta th* lr?<iai ?>?ita ab.ah I a?c mark ad tha car**r of th* lapartad patriot, la dolaii a?- a*lthar th* i~ <a?|. a acr th* tlta* n* aarllt attott*d to Ibta ritb t (hi iiirnau Uf ih? day, atllfarall aaytblBt Bmra thai a hn?f and Itnfarffl ifln-i?a tn th* pr> aiiaant iarid*at* ?f hi* llf?. aad ta ilia pain-tic t>nrp"*?a rl >iil>i*i a aglt uitftl a, ha** Mifel hi* loaj aad 1 nlliaal arara* /arbary T??lor waa bora la H aai? e*a*'y. > Itfllll. la tba taar !? ?t> a If I aa la at* rf?m a ri? rlatxnary itai-V (hla fath*r haatn* !? ? a Cnlna*l I" Hi* I'nat It aiital araiy. aad baata* fauglil by tb* aida nf W a taint t' ?' " * ban la of Tr*nt?B.) and *at? ria* up"* th* ?tat* af llf*, if But la tba Bidat of !* ? r**olatl<>B. aarrnuadad al laaat by Ita thrilling ataiciatloaa. It la n?t to b*irnad*r*d al that ha ?? *arly Init ** aiih th?*? priaa.f?l*fc matot?? nai ra af whirh bad M tn th* Indaptndaaro of hla <- lantry. At %br a#a of ala )*ara h* mi?ra'> i. with hi*family. t< K *a ta' k?, aad laklr( n|? lua huaia la tha mid at uf h..?<ila ladlaa trlh**, b* l.teaa faaiiliar. Ir'tn bia aarllaat tafaany. with tl? rlaam nf ?b* tnmahttak a d the jail .f th* M*a?* la tka Biidat af *nrh Nataa, ah'.a aarly trill in* 'a IM prar*|taof airiaa aad r*lt?l< n au aa> BfHar'M kjbxi-ii. plary m<<>b*r. hi- aalara Ijr in.bib* I from th* l*c*adt of ra* vulatl'aar) ?al< r. a* axaaipliad la tk* liia.nry of hlafathar, aa *araa*t tnllltar) ta-i"a ; aad al'hnagh bat llttla i* a a Ihia'lrallj kn?a..l th* a**Bta uf kli jo.t'i.all a*- aata am la daaartl ia? It aa ladlvatlnx a *tma* pradilar t a W * tittriwi ii I lt? < p'lil mrii'a nf th*al'i*r. I' < Vy ?*?dad tb* apart! t?. kiadf* ?H*t ardnr ta?o ? ??m? Tbliwa* 1 But l"?a wtatia<. Ila >rta? of tba I * .r,rd latu tk* t liaaa- j I*aka a<rak*?*d tb* alnaibvrlat |>atrb 'ihb nf tba Auarfaa f*"|da. aad ?a> * warnlt of tha *. lll?lna ?r h th* m^b*r | oaBtt*. ?l?irh a? B fi'll ??4 1'iiai Taylor laiatd at*l? ai>| tn Jafrra?>B fnr a a?.B?-nta?ira la tba army: aa*. thrragh tha lnlla*Br* ?f bia fatbar, uktaiaad a li*at*naa<-y It tha ^**raih R*flm?M >f th* amr nf tha I rtt?d ntttn. Crtfia ft?r. aad b*fnr* th? war nf |*I| kmka oat, b? bad attalaad tb* rank nf rantaia. aad b*ia( ord?r-d t* tb* W'*t, wa* ?a>( lnyrd la r*pollla(t tba t. rd?r ??rf u? af th* ladlaar. trllrh (allorrd ih* aarraadar of (>*a*ral Hall'* aria y. la th* Btfi lata*-* of ?hla dnty. aai aibit ll>4 tb* Ural itawai'a ?.f hi* fnlara Irllllaat rinlr, lla*ia? br?? ?atr?at?d. ta I"II, ?lth th* 'l*f*aa* ?f Fort llama n. a i s>all aad n a|aratitr|y d*t*a> *l*aa a'.rkata n n tha if a I aah, la tl a brart nf tba Indlaa r- natry. and with bat Hf'y m*a aad*r kta a -taniand, k* aad*rta?k th* i?rllna* aad al a nat I paU .a taik K>-t??la?d (aaya ob* ?f (it* bt*(rap!i*r<) ta . a*r? ai'a>-k. aad f. ila^l ta ' i*rr *?tata?aai. ih* >t*a. >a f r*4 lb* fiirl II Ik* *<r*am? nl ?n?n >a4 *lnldrrn, ikr bli.?.4- *ni4lln? b ! of tkr** k?n4m4 r*4 m?n, on 4 1} ? 4<?>l*tirg ?f fo?kit>? n#?ln*t a Ikink f?r*M n't l-lO' k Ik;, <*? ! I r rt 11 f fW'l Hit? nf hi* rh>rM tor II* *iIitinlil' lll r ftmw. t*lli*4 hi* knn4fn1 of nn4 M kit l?<ti mil?l I* 4i*lionrt*a>il ik* ln4ion?, tknt b* * >rtl l<4. t? ?k? iMitu "f nut |?rll ?ii<l i<lfrrin(, l? r*Iola Ik* fort onll! k* ?? r*li?t*4 kj "Hfrlft Iwi. fnt tl x r'Hnnl nliin'iiHI k* ?n? kr*??ttol 0 Bitjt r k* fi Ml 4*o i Mo4l*rap It* *uaiml**iiia h*irtna lot* Ih* Haj na ?ki>k il n?r?rrf4 th? Itk of !** jitrml>*r, 1511 ? ltif *?r if I'll *! n?tr, *i> nw?4?'f li? on m'orrnl < f nrorly to*at? ynen nf I fun ?? ?*ll an d mmk" |* ?* Jo rirr I *' ' *" r1*\l???* rtrf>l>T'4 at lh? ?? t n? 1 *t? ?i tk? *?B1 ?!. ( nf tk* < *?!** r*|nlr*4 Mi t>r***0<*. I'?l wllhnol Ik* ?'c*rt**r* ol on* *t*nl* >t * mlli'ory ?l*m*'*r *nt*?lnt*4 ?n nrr*?t Ik* oti*nll>? nf th* unir* nt t* laipnrt on lnt*ro*t In tkr bfoyrnpky ?f th* *nl<lt*r In* t>*?l***nt nf h???r?-*i In kt* *nr??"- ??pnrr*4 4urln? tl Hlonk Monk W or ol IM1t.?n wklofc nmn-lnn k* *?*lo 4nt>r*"l?l<4 l.iir??l( wirlicolarlr ot Ik* kmil* "f tin tt*4 At*, nlt?r* i - 1*4 11 < ^ irot lofn*Iff fnr kit lata ion t *?r<Hi In thl* vor, k? n * j'r1 tim '* ' In tknt r**r. to thr r?nb of I "' loi *1, no4 n t* nftnrwor ' at ia<-h*4 to tnr "?lttk Infontrr. Mrk r**ir>*nt k* rommnno. 4 wlirn k? *o? .>r Inr-l to in* ?c*n? < < th* I W'tnln * or In lkl< lmrro**ln|| mnWat, no ono tk. a* n.t.r* r?n-|>icni i:?lj tkaa lb* ?o|int>< T??i/ n. Tk* ItlMti *n4 OiillUr) k ll 'f tlj* ?"?t 4ittlnful?h*tl u#e-ri In onr tttn* k*4 konn lnlt?4 k* 'k? nn?**n knt <V?4lj ?k*f?? < f il..??.f, and trait* a talna'I* lift ko4 fallen o to 11.' f*t*l t< m'ltk OK4 tb? Il???h-ilrnliiii5 Hll<- nf tk* *n?*? Tk* nior***T? *nt nf iMn onr r*<|nlr-tl <|*?l|tto? vhi -k I'tf tl; ooj *?** ir* r?r troinioc -on l*if?r' N <*iMn4'4 pi<0> * M, II' I'M V ! t: h'f ! I'. 'T?,M ?".l U tk* kifk?M inti|i*rjr ,kil' ?n4>*|>?fi nin In luU ?tni'rt nfj.lnjlo* ?*<'!* iri 4 *'i Imklf <|ni' 4>4 f " ?n In; r?*nl r< mmanti. n*4ft>rM? woll ln ?n bill In In4l*n wotloro, n* (* i|?-4 4?rl*r hi* brllllnnt **r>*r in tk? Wnf.k W??'*m Torrltnt}, 4n?<*? ?k* ?*r nf low. *n? npp?l*i*4 In tk* r< tnmot 'I f ! ? fir*l I ?4? ? f ih* ornt ?f Ik' "nnlk. I? II. I a?tntl " ?<! in liat-murr, w, i.ita k? ?r n t <?r l la ? *< wire ? Ifflaaltf ?hi<li hat hiihili I. nr-4 If. am? !? f? thai nf ftrlacina ?a ? a?til ?(,?* ir?? i m >h (ha Ia4>a**, >r<t that la ' a M? rl| ca ;i*afi ? ..f Ol ?. .-h '1-a h ?rl 'aaat ni# f the a, ? hriil ant liMtnaaaf that pr->|r-iif-"< aa<l faarf al ra-iMWt The -kill a Ma f< | ara'i'.ai h|a aHrltr raa a( Ilia atiat a a??la?t a wit T a>"l inftU f'<?, ?i 4 lh* iH'Una*-aa l <? ?atiliaaaaoati if i't biaplau, fcv it at ti.a? iL< iiaaMiulj u,a* a* aii*e?J ??tar \M* rnmmm?????1 i> D. ' TWO CENTS toward! the defeated f'irr<\ crvatljr ontnnitiK*rinir hi? damped him it* an aocouipliihtid utht-ar, and attrao'.?d Va?anl him. if nut lb* k?i>< ial admiration wf hia aouatry, at Irart tf? lilKliot approlatH n of tli? Government: au4 an as evid> iir?uf that apprnbatl' n, ha w.w promoted to th? rank V . .? tn ??iirr urvriSi. Kin 1'irivrilinnv WR1 liaUl-:Ul?(.?l J foil..*ed b? lis being cbartfetl with the chief command ia Florida, tin duties of which lie peitorcuod with signal distinction until IMO. when lit? reeigned it. and wu ordered % the e* trmai.d of thtFirit hcpartineut of the Southern Dili* si< n of the Army. I"|? to this period, General Taylor waa rot; pirtlivu!; ui-known to the couutrv. A wide interval I ?o f . pted I etwccu the early eseats of hi* life, aad tbo?a of a more recent period, and the latter were ooutioed to a ?rm? :e district, attracting little more than othcial netiwe. Mis diet iitrtloo. i?r? at It wa?, was rather of % local thaa a v?ati? itm! character. Hut it wss u-'t destined so to remain. In the lastruajte of ore of his biofunphers, "hitherto his imminent* Kad influenced the fate of districts ; th? y wep- now to aflect the late of empires, to attract the atifiitien ?f mankind, aud to Imeouir a portion ot liietory." !>?'? ??* 'hi- i? 111< n of hi* paMic s-rvice, thu relations butweta our country aad Mexico, arising from the prop ?sed in < rperatlob of the Kepuhlio of Texas Into otkr Union. wsre hefitifcihr to ass nine a portentous character, in aatieiuat in . r a collision between the two nations. (i? n. Tailor, in lHf?, w se ? r?i?*y??t to place the forces nnder his command iu soch a position as imulit ei able him to act most promptly and tffielfttUjf m the d< teuce of Texae. afterwards to take up a politics on the Rio (irande. The events whisb subsequent!/ occurred. t?r*ce<l.tig th? hapitenius of the threatened collision, not be referred to. Tney are a portiou of tlie history of our country with which all are fan iliar. It i? encush to nay that a utate of war between t ie Unite* State* ami Mexico was reoofni?rd b> our government. and that, is thin taiorgeacy, General Taylor oceupiod the p st ?>f eomtnarder r>| > nr forces, kitm this uiMuvnt 'he mutoart of hit fame wanftill 1 have ativerte 1 to th- inciien s in hin life sl'iih preieded Uu* period with ui re i-ai nuuUnty tuaa is nace;*nry in resp?#t to thorn which f ?ll? w wit" an u ?exi ami led rapidity and brtllianc). Here 1 al.le t* do so, i | would n?*t attempt to re uut the event#, which, with a th nrxt few months, were destined to render the hero iin-n?rt*l, aad to stamp a dealhle<a rvifvn upon tin n 1-1144 >f oar cot* lit ry. Who in there, uvea of f h- youngest im'iiik us. t i&t dav* nt remember. as if it were of yesterday, the tit nil of aua.tiy with which, throughout the whole breadth of nor country, the rveo ef all were find upon our little army, und it* galfaut leader, on their march fr ?m 1'oiut Isabel. aud the l ur?t ?f exultation fr? sa i?er> heart, and on every tongaa. aa the tiding* i t I'alu Alio aud ke?aoa da la I'alma s?opi tvereur land ? Who. that baa forgotten the feveriah solial* tude with which their pnogreh* through an uncongenial olima*e, and in the fte?? almost of dea my itaelf, wimi regarded, until the vietOiiom stare and stripes were planted upon Ilia heights of Montervy f Or, aa ire follow them atill further, eoteeNed l-r dieca**, hemmed in ?*n all aides, in the very heart of the vwu y'a country, eerrunded by a h >*ule force of overwhelming niml>r?, who ha* lorgvttcn the dn-ad of auticipati -n which pervaded out land only to ba succeeded hy an universal sush of Joy, when broke up>a the ear the immortal triumph of ftaena Vista? Who daaa not with all the vividness of the prcscat acena, tha boldneaa, the lmv*ry, the salf-deoying aaoriflcaa, and a??t le^at of all, tha humanity of tha victorious General? Ik tl :csa unsurpassed achievements, ilia merieai. people beheld the e xhibition, not only of evorv quality which can ennoble the aoldier, but of <?very trait whi h dignffiea and adorna the Iran. Sen. Taylor was not only brave and daring in tha tieici. bat he waa tnodeat, retiring and l umaae. In tne raidgt of hia proudest triumph the aimplicity of hia character whs not iu least remarkable trait. In recounting hia vietwrien ha waa unasMimiug almost t. affectation. It was enough for him that he had done hia duty; and when that duty waa ended, he return* d, like I Incinnatu*. to hia farm, apparently with an other deal re than to devote the rema nderef hia lira to ret iremcnt and repo?e. Hut in thia purpeee Ue waa not iermitt?d to indulge. The hearta of hia country men beak high with gratitude, and it waa aol long before the hi*heet truat within their gift waa tend* red to him at hia regard, fioarccly havfag net bia foot on hia native sail, the |?opuler enthusiasm exhibited itaelf in tone* n ?t to ba miataken. and for a time the tics of party and the allegiance of p?litleal a?*c ation ieetn?d aliuoat to have loit their power Tha iatearity and singleness of purpose?the lofty patriotism ?the bold and daring chivalry ?the moderation in triumph? and the trul\ rerullican simplicity which marksd hia ( haraciar, and in all wnieh he waa Jot inaptly compared to the father of bin country, had atruck a ohnrd in tut* American heart. It responded to the touch, aud the acclamations of hia country speedily railed him to guide the political deetiaias of twenty minions of republican freeman, Called as he wag from the held, in which big whole life had he peat, he ualvrally encountered euiharraasments in tha execution of thia high trust to which none of his predecessors had been expo #*<1. While he was de?pjy imbued with the spirit of repabrranism. aud with the most patriotic davotioaio the iestitatu na of hia country, un'ike them, he had participated in aa degree in the political discussion' of the day.and was wholly t a'amtlia* with the iatricarfeeof diplomacy, aac of tha traiai...ul..Kn.,,M I... ... r>rw%_?.< ? I.f. k .... f... . K- A . tH . .. 1 , ? ? rr?|? retbilltieeof^HeVabinei c Ko'eriB*. Ibea upw tiiii DC w and oo'rixd ?pber? and that, too, at the m?at neutral |*riod in the hiatory ot our country. tf are waa ?n 4? tbe circumatanoea V) which bo wne aurronndea to haeo dlamayed I he etou tort heart Unt he ahruuk not (r m the ?*, Firm IB the lnte?iity if hta patriotic purpoaa, though di?drnt of hta < apncitj ?u fo'"t thecrtata. ho throw himaelf upon I h? k o< T"?li y hta countr] men. Bud aa?amrd hia high fnaettona *ith (ho declared to administer thegnTtiuni Btfir the benefit <if country. not of party. ko reatraia the eai-cnMee power within it" legitimate limit", to seeon4 the lei afltutional cToita of tbor?| reaeniaiifeeof tlis people* at-1 Inet, and shoae all. to maintain thuaa inaiitiiiiuas which be had aver veaurated, aod to defend at (vary hatar4 that glorious I'aion wbuae flat ho ha I eo often b >rne alefh ataid tie shorts of victory. la tha rieoutlon of thuh.lf purpose, surrounded be tha reaped and admiration of hi* couii ry, tirii.Ir Hied In tha *enernti>n of the Amerionn people, and nub a heart treating Inch la aapiratioa to heaven. for the perpetuity and glory of ?ar inatitutiona. ha haa bean auddonly rnt down, and n nation. paralysed a" leaa ty the aiiddennraa than by the aeverity of tha bio v. lands atkered In solemn aadneaa at und hla tomb. Fi mthl?a'ftictlns dier* naati' n hew impr?eaiva ?h? leaann to this land! it' w toll of incentive to a ialf*aaoriflaiB| pntriotistn si tha part of na all, la tha eaample of t he lliustrwiia dead ! Uow full of adtn'nlti"B to skate ti e acrimony of political con' ant-ten. and. animated by tha highr?t obligatiae of dul* to onrenaatry. t<. maiatala, at fee r) aaeriBoe t lie flory ami perpetuity ef < ur Union I " I'olitical difference* and peraoaal |i referenda," aaid a dist ingulalisd <tai* mian, ob an ooonaieu similar to this "are Incidental to frcs institutions: porhtp" tha htaltl'fal action of aar (ovsru'uent require>a them. liut Ink na differ aa brethren of tha iam< groat fraternitv, holding tha taint rights, bonnd by tha aama ties, an t aeskmg tha (> od of our common country. I<si at differ, with Una day's affection scenes frarh In our mlnda. Tbs grara li a antral ecmpaai r of dte.< utii na. lloir ll "mix. tha the rough edgea ef cor,fi|?i ?fcow it rebukes the harshness of angry diaosaeloal -ai d no rath of all thea* thnuaaada bat lenda to tha aapulrfcre. let tbe prospectm l-ritc oar politisal eontrofaraiaia. t at tha world behold a "pectarle w.>rfhy ef freeman ? that nl.ile we, without rnetratat, dlacnaa tha taeaeurea, and judfe I he effirera of nur (oeernment. we draw a line aronnt tb* ehariii. a of lila, hat no airilea of party ahnll be permitted to Invade or dtatnrh." One word mora, and I have don*. I bate thiia lar apuken of ti e departed patriot In the relatione nhi.h he h?re to lila soiib'ry aloaa. I dare acaroalm ttnat myaelf to allude ta the nearer and dearer ties whlcB I - . .. I . l 1 -I - ?... . U. I>?l l?l III f. rr-t tha iti?tl>rH riKil?n? of tha dooieatlo tlur, t>4 wbila, aa a paoi'la. v* b?? In aubiulaaioa n th? rbuMcii| r I. I>t r? prmnirnil th* ?idow m l the fatbarlaat to thil l'i ?iU? nc? aha !<) hu p<>?,r t" aaotba tha wouadaa I'lrlt, aiiltohtal th* brniafd and brokan haarl. T . ibia i.d tbr trar*. lha aympathiaa. tha rotaolatloaa of maa %ra in av aihnr To thalr daaaUtioa ?n iuU, how traly may w% ttpl) tlit laaj um? of ib? |>f;| ' Bat tV.ara ara * aarw that blaad fur thaa. la wo, whlrli |l?ri cannot quail. And ?t >mld? Hi,* think of vleinrf H hara m r ? it ar, ao dattn' 1?m fall. Win it il.all lin y turn to u. urn tliaa l?aaf W III* rra?t <n lifar thr rl .-rltli'il iniun f Time rannot t?a?li furfatfalaM*, WliiU nflnl'n full heart It f?d lit fame. Ala* ! for tb??n ibn' put for thaa f Tl.ti cannot tlicof l>ut waap ikn mm. IV>-f for tha dea l the rrl?'mn?t b?. H bo oa'ar *a?a tiiH tu tnoara bafura." Alt?r tbr above rjoijurnl uid Inipraaalaa oration vm cnocludcd. durlnn tba delivery of which the tal-uud orator ?i< fr?*|unntly applnudod tha company "-tall-<i ad ll* proailf In waiting /radually withdraw, an.i tba trot i'i marc In d hi in* to tba auund of IruM A lid Cfa* ATI H ? Pt^lT*. Tbr Cbltf of Pollen, undrr tin- nrili-ra ol tha Mayor, niaiV ni' ?t rsrrlh til trrii,<< in< tii for tha acoiuwo datinn of Ihn pnhllc; a niiinlw "f rowdy foil ?? w?ra, Inrliif tba day. tak> n Into euatody, an I aararal plnk| what* ?i rn arrrala U and arcurnd fur th* halauoa <4 tb? day In ord<r to prolrrt lh<- jiwlliti of Ihn many prrn o? on whom they would. h-ymd a lonht har* practiced tbrlr pr>fr?aloo*l ?kl I A alight anann-twrmtndlni n*rurri d li'lawn tb? " United Americana" ad tba " Hibernian inrlrly " Inrln* th? tint* ol tha pr?.n anion la Broadway near f*pria< atreet bat w o> a harmonlcd by tha Intarfcmace af the police aathtritlea Akolhrr al?n occui red liy ">nie otha* partlaa naar Anthony atrial, la Broadway, vkeh Ml oon iJUl'lled Tbaalrlral and Mantral. Tun (rattan Oraa * at Cunt OtiWi.-Tkl" Mkb i'Anni*'' r?p<at?*d laat nlrht. with 5t?ITa&nnl M tba Adina. Tk? othar elmr?fiir? *?r? tutttloM kf IkoM who paraonatcd (bra 03 tha formar oernalon. f>|i)?r V iat 11 nnf ?i rj i*hU) m<1 with much p >w?r, tkr part of Namorino; audi KI|nor L. Vltn, ttan tkrllaH, mad* a **ry favorable Itnpn-aalon Ha ?m ?n?y In tba rati ale. and fang wit h fore* and fraadom. Marlnl'a fr-t act wna ndiiiirnblv ?hq?. and full at J um> r; but, la lk? art h? |mt m'lrb of tha I irlt of th? abarnrtt-r T? night. "Norm" will ha (iiMuffd villi it? original ram brrt. by the llavaaa hrvp* Tbla will b? a rara r nt*rtainm?ot and a full I.wiim- may h* axpacUd. I*?mt Ttuara* -Tk? p?rVnn??c(M of tha Aar?l*l Family bnaa |l?fti the graatrat antlafactlon to lhm? who hat* vtatud thl? aUgant th<-?tra, Th?lr ( r< nplitga. Tourbllllona. and Tour* da I'oraa ara nightly rranidrd with authu?ia?tlo eh^wrlng Tha drawn of tha Maid of Tyrol " l< a?>ly raatVwd by an nwlIrnt rtork < tapaiiy 1twill < ?} ivnr* tha parf?r?anrx tbla ramlng and will ba fallowed by tha aarprlrlof fanta ?.f th? Acrobat Family and th? antartaint ?cnt will eloaa auk tha drama of " Tnlanttn* and Oiaoa '' Kiat a't Ounti Tha aary attrnfttaa and b?antlf^ ntravaranrn of lh?" l*l?n<l nf winc'i baa ba<l auch n loaf and anarwa.fwl run will ba r?p?atad thiaaaanlrg Th* nrtlng la aa?. llant and tha aa?n?ry It gorga< n? In tha ?*tr< m? Tha eonaludlng piaan III ba ' Fortunlo." wM'h will ho prodnci-d In graak 1M? r?i alm ar?- for Ibo b?r?? fit of a i*rj w>rthy iaan, at.d * > irn|l< n< mlnf, Mr ('blppoKlalo. w? h*r? llttlw ?<nl>t but thai tbr Ihn'rn will b* itrot^nl N?tio'?i Thiitii Th? ont?rtalnn?n'( lbl( ? will <-<,mm nr? with th? farro of ?h? "??!? ftwiiM," whirh will b?f?ll"W?1 br tho n?w looal Irani* of tl>e ' Now York Klrrain " an4 tha wh"l? will rlurfo with tbr iltrr pWe? of " P. P., or lb* Man m4 III# TI*or " rmtm'ii 0?n? Hn w Tfc? H?rl?*]n? Op?T%, Ib? boaat'fnl mrln4l>? and ln?triiiw?BUl p>rf.imtaii<>?w |[I??ii a: tbl* place. ar? attracting I ?rg? iu Iiidhm. AMr??r*w It wi >i Thl? ' tabtl?hm?nt U em*iM nlthtlj la nr*?? In wl?a? * lh? porformaiic? of ?h? *r?llrot drama ? Iba I'rwiihard." Tb? V?wue la A tar plara ! ?? lb* pn*?a?lon M It paaaaa ItrnaJwaf Oi n-rir - M'fw'n Mli??lr?le ?r? utmnly will ll<ica l.?wl?. Walla and Haeo* are wlaaiwg l?t '?a o|.lalob* froa the ullliou V:*re?? UroMi ? Frnno'a Panorama if California la b?ln(t nhlblti d f*>r one week I >nyf till en?ie?llen% ( Ml'it ?fd fx I'bf oil j rr;r*?rnt* tba aew mdora4a, I'.? not lo c I bio I a. I of parlnf flail U Ik* "Uol4 l)lf|iag?'' f