Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 26, 1850, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 26, 1850 Page 2
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HEW YORK HERALD. , 4 A NIC* 0DHOCII dlCBIMlCTf. PBMPIllB'roit and BU1TOK I trrit'i h. <m ovuit or rtiLTon and uwa# rn. AMl SKVirNf THIS KVftNlNQ. OPtKA- CAJTL* UAKUIN-IKKKI. BOWKHV THEaTHK, Bowery?IIau> or Tr sol?Acto AT fuul- Jock hi HinaOX. MIBl.O'S (jAKJrZN. BreAdwey?Doaocv aku S >.<?Estn tiM ***^i)NAL TUSATRI Chatham ?maro?New Vobb F V?n?-lior? m to he !> ? . iilKISTV'B -,1'KRA tjors*. tfyehAaUi' fUU-i ?Ri? MiM*r?Bi>nr Oi Vlll'IC, Brvs-lwsy?I'ibmus'* hmbrasi-a. ABKKUaN MURRI.'n?AMI-Biioe psbrukmargbb InntllAX ART RveSTNM II IN I K V A BrniMS?Pa??haba n? 'atirombta law Ynrh. Krlday, July M, TrltKra|iblc Suanuary. We received nothing of rons?quence trotn Washington last night by telegraph. The proceeding* of the .Senate yesterday. however, conIrm us in the opinion that a vote ?n the Compro n~c hill is close at hand. In fact, we expected i iwt its fate would he decided yesterday. The warm weather, and Mr. Clay's eloquence, are evidently milling a strong impression on the mem e r>. From the tenor of the dehilea of yesterday, it is apparent that JSenatore are satisfied that the una' for action haa arrived, and the sooner a vote !s taken the better. We Should not, therefore, be surprised if a fiual v-ots be taken on the important subject to-day. 1u the House a variety of subjects were discussed, but the indications are that this body is owuifirg the actum of the Senate on the Compromise lull before they do anything. According to present appeaTHnces we look for an early adjournment of Congress It would he well to settle (he slavery agitation. Factionism has made the most of i', the u h. e|-( of government are partially stoi'ie d for want of money, and the country is aur felted with nluims about the safety of the Union. The Suite Free ?? tissol Kystcin?Socialism vs. Christianity A State Free School Convention whs recently held m Syracuse, in this State, in which the He- I betes thist occurred were of a very important and significant character. One of the objects of cer- I lain |<ersons connected with this movement, is, to I abolish all kinds of religious instruction in our free schools?to allow the minds of our youth to frow to maturity, without hiving received any religious impression whatever, und to expand in lie lux uriance of infidelity. Such an undertaking is w ell calculated to arouse the attention of our citizens?to call for an Investigation by all who the wslfare of society at heart, and to ascertain, as soon as possible, who are at the bottom of this extraordinary onslaught on Christianity, and who it is thai desire to abolish religion from our frrr schools, so that our youth shall he brought up hi tide Is in this civilized and christian country. We need not go far to ascertain who were the wirepullers", and who are now the advocates of this extraordinary attempt to bring up our children in rbc ways of infidelity, by abolishing all religious duration in our free schools It origiaated with llie clique of socialists who are now in our midst, and who have been, for years past, straining every neive to convert this happy republic into another France, bv reorganizing our in-titutions according to their wild ami impracticable notions, and overfciri inir the existinv euliifhtenert order of thine* in povert m-n?. religion. and society. As might have I l??r? ri|*c'Uil, llortce Greeley, the Fourierite I editor of the Ttitmmr, had a hand ia the matter, i isd was on* of the most conspicuous actors j i this unblu-tiiiig attempt to drive religious J insttugttou ft* ni our schools. As the exponent of Ihe bo* unci, of Fouri* ri?m and socialism, he attended the convention, and, with all the curious sloqu* nr o of which ho ia master, he advocated the abolition of religious instruction in our free schools. The object of the movement is plain. It is to leave the youthful ntind void of religion until it is capable of understanding the mysteries **f infidelity, of imbibing the doctrines of socialism and Fourierisrn which are propounded by the clique of foreign and n live socialist* who surround Greeley, through the columns of thv Tribune, ev*ry day. Such is tf<c plain meaning and object of this new socialist j movement; snd this glaring attempt to poison the i minds of our youth ought to receive a rigid , scrutiny from Christians of all deuominations. It j is a lamentable fact, that, as it is, our youth are J ignnrnut enough of their religions duties and their religious responsibilities, notwithst tnding that imo*nee sums uf money and th exertions of thousands of instructors are employed in their flit ion; but, deprive them of the benetks which they receive frcm the precepts that are tnstil ed into Uirm in the free schools, and what can we sxprctl The socialists cinnot bear the idotof tfie duilv exercises of thoae schools being Cam- I v nerd or rnHrit with prayer, or that the doctrine* t Christianity, which are the basis of civilization fid of the wonderful prosperity of th? Uni'ed States. should be inculcated in these seminaries of t**rni*g Thir i- decidedly the most dangerous form that MM-ialieiii hi* yet assumed in this country. Its infide'. eh-ord, revolutionary, ?nd dianrir mizioK filla? i# e can he easily met and vanquished hy persona of mature ?jje and V'dtftnent?its evil tendencies cnii he corrected hy sound, religious, and conservative pohl ic opinion. But let its doctrines lie fasten# d on our aouth, and the heart sickens at the f-o ject of ihe conse<|iienees that would inevitably swsr Hi li*ion would he hunted down; the rights of prop* i > would he diari-u ?rc|ed; the anchor of our safety, ? s |* ofde and a god-f irimf nation, would h. lost; nogl t a ould prevail over right. and a h ind of theorist* would feign en try me in the g neril de-tri ct|?.n w hich they thern-c Ives produced This salaet i? deserving of immediate investigation, s<j I arid di-,?i*sion.itr deliberation Are our t ' its prtpertd 'o etaintenmce such a co>ir?e of ??'i ii <?. the | t.n ??t th' en lull*'* Arr thejr willing th?.l the mil II rii of their children eltoiild he with the doctrine* of 'inarchv, angared ml I onet i ?.* i-r hy tin- clujneof foreign and n inve >1In* . t I. nin r. in tin* city. The aocUliat* are el ? h. hy niyht ami by d.iy, preparing for il?? ! ? * "ii ?'ii, * h?-n o il citizen* will he r ill'-.l a,-.* <> cri'lde *> helhef enci tlt*m or Ihe henii{i) feu," i| l? of ifirkuon and t'linan <nity ahull he t??|i i ii> our ifr ifh 'oli. We pot iVunn thei in?iii tliMe early, ia orJ'-r thet thy m*y tv-t.r.-. f rert l< | | interact llie dreiyim of tl?o?e phltn*oplicir ? tu . under Ihe p|?-n of progtc*?, are heat on the d?it ir'mii i-f > 11 ih.<t ifix-d men holt dear. We ehetl r> i Ui tn I hie euhjert, mid, in the rii'nntime, i. ? lie |?hHr of the lend'-ncy of ihi* new and dar,?inne anchtlift inill. fueiii *t?hi o? I'm More.- fbp atatae of Ihe lata Jet 1' nil mv from lh? ehWel ot litre-* ( i-n. *i i. h ? | i?. ..1 i.?i heard lh? III-fated -h p Klitaht I h It l? t>- J*? ? ill lie reentered Stneh dnaM. eti?ia. hi >r 'in -epeet In it* fate On the 7th nf April Mr I'. ?et e ?e frr**i f|nreae? that the atatn- hid hut iini't fee ehipmettl and ? .i*r%' nl? ted hln??-If |i a- il *a< eat reedy tn b? pit aa h-iert the i?-llili t,. It*, ni "Ian J la wbi-'h hU ete'tii> nf R?? w*? ?h pp<d that viteal hating Vea wrecked at c'arthart a. The rtatup nf raltmnn ?? the flrpt f ill length 4>.... .... .... .1. ft.. 111.... |l...,a fft 1. * ,.?. lh??i Afr?*n fr?ri ilnrrk* (' >! Ih? l?t? O'lk1' S-n atof a H1mm? tmt th> Iim M"f k"?? fro<m hit Hit* TV? hair t? fprrwilril tknrlM than h? war* *t naar?h?laf??r part nf Ma Ufa, and ?ho ?i#rrraloo la r. tlfi r. o? than Mr OalboM'a ?at dnrtnft lh- la-t jrara TV? fin- ontiina of th krtt la hraatlfallj prnrr?r* and th* work ?.f th- rmln-nt aanlptor haa t?*n artm rrd hy *t-ry n? *H<> ha< had tha planmra f arrlng tf. It la h<<p*d that thl* pl*n?H air* of art at) la M?..l a. It haa * at T< t-a nf ladl. and a- I'a arrival !??? b*#n laa M nlth traat anib-f* by tba ilrada of tba lamaatad tlaVaaman Taxation iii New Yo*x?Tkkmenoous Nckeasi ' ir the r<*T op (loveknjhk.vr ?By a document, a hieh li-H ju-t been is-U' i from th<-olfi of thComptroller of the ei:y of New York, w 1-ara that ih>- of our niuiticipil government, for the y? ur of our I>ird 1H50, wiH amount to the pum of three millions two hundred ?u?i thirty j thousand one hundred and eighty doll trs and for1} s? v? n con's, Hiiti (but ihi-s emu h*f t>eeu assessed on the re*I and pereoinl property of our citizens for ihtit pur pore. We have no hesitation ia saying, that 'hi- ie an outrageous levy; and much, infinite- ! lj much more than would he reijuie I the e?- j oei re* of tbischy. if its municipal a(T j15 livere ad- , niitiis'ered in a fair and equiubU banner. We | had eone ho en, that under new charter, there j would he a i>ereeptil>le diminution in the taxation, and tnat our unfortunate <eitiietis would not be corn- 1 polled to submit fc\ drafts on their pockets as tin y suffered u^Jer previously. Instead, howev?yf of there heir?g A diminution tiver last year, th<j-e is positively an increase, and no small one eivher; for it timov.nts to the large sum of upwards of two hundred and thirty-four thousand dollars. The ani'aunt of 'mat ion levied this year is $3,230,130 47, atid the sum assessed last year was $3,003,762. the tfifft rence between the two years lieing $234,420 and upwards, or nearly a quarter of million of dollars. One of the paid organs of the present whig corporation, in publishing the assessment for this year, esrys, with great ?avg frouJ, that the assessment this year is less by four and a half cents on the oue hundred dollars than was that of last year ? This was done obviously for the purpose of throwing dust in the eyes of the people, and liatfe'ing them with the idea that the taxes are less than they were last year. The trick is, however, too transparent to be successful in deceiving the tax-payiDg public. It is said that the assessment last year was at the rate of $1 Id and thirty-two hundreths of a cent on each one hundred dollars of real and personal estate, and that this year it is hut $1 13 and seventy-five hundreths of a cent, making a difference in favor of the assessments of this year of four cents and fifty-seven hundrvths. This is a'l very well as far as it goes, but it will be |Mrrceived, according to the Comptroller's statement, there is an increased assessed value of real and personal estate, amounting to nearly thirty millions of dollars. The following is the report:? Vaive cr the Reai. ai?i> rrenoitAi. Estate is the Citt AADlOl'MTV or >s:w York. AH AMftANr.l) IN 1MH AND 1 HlW. s-Asicum*nU of 1*41'.-% /-ittciitnot/i of 1S5<? ?* Prrionnl Prrtoiuu H ardt. Ktol EtUtU. fitu/r Rtnl Et'ate. KtloU. 1 $>.011.Ill) $24,211 930 $24,474,383 $32.7?4.2ll 2 14.831.2.411 I.J4I8,?W? 16.i$K*IU 1,971.401 3 Iit37 7.'4i 4,-eI 466 13 *40,900 6.496,4*4 4 J-0.4I.I7U 9>\7-0 8 101,671) I.iJS/J.lOO 6 f.Sl4.7U) 1.7IK.IOI #,740.11.10 3.211 170 6 7,4?4.MO luaiO'J) 7.607 !WM i.113.192 7 ll,4>lf,4?3 J 2-114.1 l(),9?S,f?2S 2,8?.4rfS 8 1I.4M.n10 1,074,MO 1) 682 223 1,111723 ! 10.707,110 1,1411,.173 11) y.'H.SJW) 1021.-23 II) 6,416(00 113 4.10 6;.V(i,.Ki0 9<.2,7lW 1 1 3.417,070 13M-3W 6 715,700 410 307 1 2 4,917,0k I 073,300 2tlfl 34-1 <.<A0 13. 4.403 3*00 440.668 4,47.1 Ml 4 "A" tt 14 7,14:'.'00 1,07.1330 7,31,301 J.-yi779 16 17 2*4,414) 10,733,6.14 17 973.5 1) 14.SiS.4IH I 1 6 1014-2 113 7*6,614 10.132,<79 883. MS; 1 7 11 41-6! 1*0 2.2M.MU 12,i i4 0 SSuO.938 16 14 766.130 S0U3.100 17.442 2:10 4.041.387 |l#7,74ljlu $58,466,224 $>7.141443 $74,919,241) 197.741.919 68 4.11.224 lntrt*.? 9,399,517 *>.411,018 9,3>9.1I7 Total Incrooto is one y??r $29,8o3 133 It will he noon, therefore, that while the assessment io apparently l*-si than that of lust year, our citizen* will l?e called upon to pay nearly a quarter of a million of dollars more than they did for 1S19, the t* jeo for that year being $S,005,762, and for thi* (3 210,180 47 It would ?ppear, therefore, that it matters very little to out citizens what kind of a charter they huve, th"t they are certain of being plundered by the tnui. icipal government to the exteut of their ability to p*y. We warned the present city government, immediately after the election to which they are indebted for office, that with the new charter they had an <>pportunity of reducing the taxation, that reform and retrenchment were expeeled of them, and thHt if they did not act as the people denied, they would be held to a strict ac, count IWpite the often expressed will of the peoI pie, and ui defiance thereof, an well as of ths new I rharter, they come forward and ask nearly a quarter of a million of dollars more than they di I the j yem previous, for the support of the city government Wr ?rf really beginning to lielieve that, I charter or no charter, contract system or no conj tract system, the pariy in power, no matter to what sol < ol of politics they may belong, will plunder the people, end will be as corrupt mm they can poaeihly be. We now give notice that we are opposed to the continuance of the present party in power in j our city government, and that we Mhall advocate n change at the next election to the best of our i ability. If this is (he way the whigs act, then, in j the name of economy, let us oncv more give the i democrats a chance. They are very hungry, and they may act honestly for one term at all events, if they are put in office Tiik Pkaths or Ohkat Mks ?It may be some convolution to the little to know that their lives are as hula ae those of the great, and that on the hed of sickness there is, perliaiw, more probability th it the humble attendance th-y may have, will often be more snrersafal than the crowd of doctors who are celled to the bedside of the great As a case in point, am |x>ee s i*?or man had fallen down and broken his rib. lie would not have been carried into an rlegnnt drav ins room ; he would not have been plac-d upon n patent hydraulic bed ; he would not h ive L. J ..?! .h. SmIM.S ..f !.. L. i'.mi mi u?r i?ir|ii hi in*- mini Kmi(i'inniu|{ nun ? hut hi* rib* would have been examined, the fracture wmiiM have haen direovered, and, it may he, hie life s?ved Not no with Sir Robert lVel s th?y sparrd hie feeling*, and forbore to eiximne and fit d out w here he w?* hurt, so th <t ha literally died mi4er their hands, without receiving aay aid frrtn th?m, in reepeet to the real cause of his | death ai d wrhout their even knowing w-here he w a* t un ; lor lh*y never found nut that a rib was j bt? I n oil after hi* death Strange comment this 1 i>i c n our cot tidence in the great name* and a great I o*t ?.f surgeon* and doctors. Had it heen a poor man in New Yoih, and he could not hear to he t? i ched for the pun he suffered, we ?hnuld b ive t ?!? n him a dose of chloroform, set the fracture nt once, i sd very probably hive sent him hu h to his w ( k i . fortnight. There are in .nv similar ea*"g en.itfc Ihe great, perhaps that of treneral Taylor ri i he accounted one. Theae case* are ao num* r? *, hot it would seem almost better for the hi h to wish to he poor, as it certainly i? better for 1 the ,a?or to he cont- rifed. and not ro wish to be rh'h. Atatrai. or Mtoawr Aa*a It mm or *?o Ma. |ni au tor lliirst ? WsAauia l.i-hop an* Mr HrH?h?u hasa arrireg fi m Mrtlra arot a mn<toal entertain want, on i- no- n -n prvpnr.'i ay in- i?i ?r wni-n It Ik timcmMMl *h-a Ih* inu-lml p'tolh- will U ulitt In lli> rntoml ?l Ik* nrrt*!*! Ilf * ?* la M? ?d I It* mo-t lma*ti?*<lr- an t tat*lllir*nt ?oa??ll ttllh* ll(m and aa^uaatl itta-ly will -*hlnit all III of liia laala tap ?tnc<(n?t ma<l?tl (Hull HI Mad m.- Hl.hnf It Iawirrili rn|iiitl'? I" aa; anythin* mor# titan that h-r -o-al Intarpratattnu will ha aqnal to tha d-mand* mat- npoti h-r talant* and <". I'tk fldliUM nt? la U?a a^ftral art H?f ?> ha* ha?n vary pr-at la M'tlai Tha raa-ipta for tha llr?t tilaa malita at tha fanta Ansa Thia'ra, aft - tit.I'd In J" tl-h pinatra- Tha pit tirk-la o a artld | at tanf* d-llara aaah and th* hi.* r? ?li <a I frum ?ir lo #?* nuaaa* nt I* lid At ywar?i?r > w p-r.-al f#. I tha nluiDi pr-r-at-d Madam- IU-.h'<p with a ?'Id | n> aa ?ajiia<t at lit huaorrlaad ??.a?y ilnUara. and at hfadatajara aartral ama'anr* pr-aaati-d to har a !> i i,m t i raaitit at-a w(th *-nt nt-d'a pta-tra- Fti?a | at- ? ry ritrtwa- fant* If th- h'a'ury n| au-'nl I *ta?ai ai d It a?iw " ha ?a what wilt ha dna- , by an aialtad puNIa la tir>* m-tmpnlla Nrwaranwnnr Point faairir Th* Piatat K ! rf th- tdtb alt . *ay* Th? llrtti.h 'fam-Mp BolMn. ''?pt WllllMM frnm ? iltun ?rrt*>4 lb I- port on h.'indny Im* th. X.d : I t br. n*hi $"ui>iM*Mn falti ' lli n fnr tran'pori ation lo P.mi hmnptnt. u4 I?.?I| .fim p*..rf>Krr? ; among nh> ? jl. ?- it to n?.?|m Mr D't^iin ? m*k*"*r<?f th? j t'loofB A.I A?T?f? k ('? ofihlrcty. and Oan?ml M iii in>>1. Aittingnirbod ii'Mitof tt>* R?pnW,'> of Ktnndor 1 Railroad Schemes? RELIEF TO BROADWAY.? ! A corieei i>cd?nt writes n* to lh?i effect, that ia ' our article of Sunday on the subject of rtilrotds f(.r the relief of Broad way, we were wror?" tiaim^ that the route of vrhtcles belou^intr * ia weet tide of the city, is through Chain*" ' M e to ilud-no, end so up that street to *rs ",re ' pliicfs of destination; "because," diff ient sou street is to obstructed by a?ys ie, i . ihe liud-ori Kiver Railroad, that nearly every , ? person drives his team P ^ 7 ?reei, b-fore turning of , t n te y avoi ihe obstruction." Very well; that iirovt ^ exaetly what we mid, and ftri Bgil.t nit o jr argamrn| in?t??d of weakening it, and me i, fl-|| more |>^>ar*>nt that a r.iilrotd ,n a 6lr'jet will not relieve anoilier running u-ar to' " iid parallel with it, hoi that the ouly w iy of I (1 staining such relief is by opening new avenues. I It is said that by establishing a railroad or two in ! by streets, Broadway will most certainly and effectually be cleared of a majority of the thou| sands of vehicles that now daily crowd it. Those ' who reason thus, however, are very much mistd| ken; for what proportion of the carts, coaches, , cabs, pleasure-wagons, hand-carts, heavy trucks, j market-wagons, milk-carts, omuibuases, and so ; forth, would leavtt Broadway to travel through a street with u railroad in itl This question is easily answered, and we will answer it by stating what every one knows to be true?that Broadway would be more densely crowded in consequence of a railrosd in any parallel street near it than it now is. It is said by those who wish to build railroads instead of opening more avenues, that the omuibusses block up ihe lower part of Broadway; hut in this they reckon without their host, for there are I only about four hundred and fifty of them in the ; city, und some of these?six lines of many stages | each?do not run in Broadway at all That street ; is filled with all manner of vehicles; and if any ! person who is curious in tuch matters, will stand { in Broadway, in front of St. Paul's Church, and j take particular notice, he will find that, of all kiuds | en wheels, one hundred an forty pass that poiut in j a minute. It is not possible, therefore, that four , hundred omnibuses (the number is much less, in fact, below the Park) alone, most of the routes of which are three or four miles long, and some more, can choke Broadway, or obstruct it in the least. For instance, take a view of tint street on the Fourth of July, or any other holiday, when there are no carta or private carriages of any description in it, but many more omnibuses thon on other days, and it will he teen that there is no'crowdiug or choking up of the carriage way then, hut everything moves on as smoothly as though there were room enough for a hundred times the number. The remedy for the over-crowded condition of Broadway lies not in railroads, though it may he that quite a number of enterprising gentlemen would like to have the city fathers believe so, in rder that they?the enterpiimng gentlemen, not the city fathers?may make money by the exclusive and gratuitous use of the streets. No; the remedy is to l>e found in opening more thoroughfares; aud if the work is commenced by extending Hudson street in a straight line to a junction with Broadway, the jam will he broken, and that mighty thoroughfare will be relieved precisely th* same as an apopletic man is revivified by blood-letting. Which of the public-spirited tmpibers of either branch of the Common Council will tike the matter in hand, and push it to a consummation? Fmrwnicx or thk Eu/.ahktii ?In connection with the late shipwreck of the ill-fated Kliztb-lh, on Fire Island, we arc necessitated to mention ooe circumstance, which tended, in a material degree, to aggravate the deplorable loss of so muny Valuable lives The circumstance of which we complain, is the shameful negligence of those on shore, at the time the vessel stranded,and the insufficient provision of men by government, to act with courage and promptitude is sa emergency, such as the : prevent one was. The fact that the Elizabeth, at the period when she run aground, was only a quarter of a mile dia' tent from land, induced the passengers to cling to I the wreck to the lent extremity, in the anticipation | that thoae on shore would every mom-ut biaten I to match them from their perilous aituatioa. A i considerable time having elapsed in fund exp>vu| tion, and seeing no sign of assisttnce, one of the ! crew took a life-preserver, which, we are autho! rued to affirm, was the property of Capt. Histy, 1 ai.d not that of Margaret Fuller, as it has been | rrraneourly stated, plunged with it into the sea and swam ashore io quest of aid. lie found the life boat, but none to man it, and he was unable to prevail upon any one of those who were standing on the besch, and who were generally fishermen, to venture with him into the sea, and waa reluctantI ly compelled to abandon his generous design Ii'n said, that had be succeeded in obtaining three men to accompany him, the noble Bailor would hive launched again to battle with the angry billows, notwithstanding the many bruises he had sustained, nnd the rshausted condition of his strength ; hut he failed, and to have attempted it alone, would have been utter midnesn 8om- time during the day, hawever. the lif? boat was launched, when it was of no avail, the vessel being broken in pieces, and the passengers having met with a watery grave, with the exsepiion of Mrs. Hasty, who committed herself to the Waves on a plank, and thuareached the abort alive. Now, had the paasengers been ignorant, that a lifeboat w?? stationed within their reach, they would hive imitated the ex of Mra. IIa?'y in clinging to planks, and there ta not the niuillrnt doubt bnt that muny would hy th^ne mean* have heru aaved; hnt knowing that nsniaUnce wo no near at hnnd, they hreitated in rntiimittinj theu?eelves to the waves, and remained on the ven?e| m the espectniion ot instant relief, until ehe was r??it maunder, and they awept in'o the boiling deep It ia a melancholy rot>eider*tion to think, that none of those on ahore ro'iid have been induced bv motives of hu nanity, to taken hotd Hep to reac te their fellew men from the j ,we of de-?h. Bui the f. ult does : ot lie ? much with these b- hermrn, u with the government. l>n thein re.t* the entire r? spMwihility. Is it not the clint tx of absurdity to have a life-boot * itbout providing a body ot men, sisnt, bold and intrrpid. to man it, who w?>u'd be competent for every eniergenoyl It ia <n inn'anee of the moat flagrant delinquency. It i? 10 b- expected that government will uke cognizance of tliia fnct, aod b> ibe adoption of epeady uud aaiaia* ty ntenaurea, erdeavoi tnobviite in fa'urc the reoccurrence of tuch a melancholy disaster. Our II t ana < ?>t > < rtoi.rr. lltTtn -Inly 17 I'M I'm'frl hairi IVittli i n Pari linrai |/ I'.i m *? !*> t Han<?~ 71# Caufap Piiaarrri- Inn- l)aiU-tn.irt* ^r, ThafJ P ahtp Alhnntr atrlaed in thaaarly pur of tha month. i'b lti? tmth liiMatt tinc. A itmm r Vi*i-o h*?im I'MiBMlnni Motria on b^? I arrri-d Tha Coii'h) priaon? pa ?ar? lib? ratai oa tha Jty an ?t??t nllripuli d ">#i? ill?i liflufi' tnd tb y mar- o*nt day pb board tha U. M fritfata t!on?{ra?a Tan pit- i <ra art d> lalui d on tioaid nf lha Apattl.h anBlf-f xlr An. hi tana upon tha ph a O at ihay aara tlia .>in.-?r* fc?, of tba ?II?' l?. and aitlijaal to piintBhiiimit It |i l alimit that ibry bo will h. *. n up eannlually a* tha potnl at lama appiarat" th nnilt I tha lm* rbai flap, in attinp tba rttiMua ami prop-rtI ahtia In a lit utrai port It ! eotif-n?l? d that it la i> ? i ha Pyatilarii*? nptit to ptmltb th ? turn a* r, ra a*?lh?t tba npatilah lava Tba !'>itnm<'<l'>r>- a-i-wd t? o uaya loo laia to taki tba arfaolr ru i i f BrtlliM Ibla nip! -matla tftoibla I'on.inoil ri M<-Ka.*af but doaa tba buxnaaa hafota Mai anil l< antl'lt d to tha latpit abate of (i<?. r In tba ?uah aa It ia lha t'onpreaa I laarn la daattneil tor Kli T?ot'otnaadl 111 atr not aaoud In ana port Pba prlaopara waat ?n boatd tbla filpata mllb ptaat alnertty Tha atar iparpbd laiiBarpita naa lifa to thrm and ilnaa Atnerioaa taath hate b-aa atinna in | ort. tbay haaa all patnrd uoodarfally Mot a Inyla ana of lha priaoaara 1 hf jrll? f??rr hw ?? nn * *-'! floribBbfowa, r niif ifi? < ft t hl? p'ft Ob tii- t?nlb. ?t*hl.fn ? potted A *lngl* rtr lliat of th?* M?ond !( Ii mil of B ?rtn?? rt*#?rr?4 <.n I-?r<1 tli< t'oo?r?M Th? f?*?? brought o* bt if ft- V v ?r IIr kM bo??r?r i??i<i?r*4 lb- p?'?oi?or-b??r b??fi fr n-'?r-e| ? ?i> I Kill !? ? ? b<>?? Tbo InnrroM I* tier ??y to Rio t .. *?> tl 1 w ? I % ' Thw D*BsocrBllc Coi.vcmIIoii. Ou Wc dueeday (friU|, t of the Democratic Convention wus held in Tamo-soy Hall. Mr frronniD W'ttd in the rhalr The resolution of the prevloue Dieting baviug made the quoruut tweoty one. Ini tend of thirty-flew, th.-re whs uo delay Id waitlig tor a <jao tuui sidtLe confection proceeded at onee to bull li> re Tlx minutriof the last meeting havtug beeu read, ai d the Chair having announced that the Committee oiiOi-ganuution was before them by a resolution adopt t <i hi lliwr last ujei ling. Vlr II >>T>.b moved (bit the report of the Corn taitts* on * itga u tin11on In* refeired to the General Com mittev. to l?i elected under the resolution vf the sourci.tiou. ulno. that the 16th Usy of August be the day of saiu elec ion Captain Ri sness advocated the resolution The report war too voluminous, nod it would take up too ninth lime to pel through wiih it section by section. Kor instance. there would he ?u aiuenduteat to section ?>xb ot the first article ?hi"h order* that "the voting for deli gutee ai the primary meeting shall in i,o ? unt be continued Wyond the ixptratioaoi one hour trout the tune of the organisation et the meeting " If tbey acted in the nport uow, the ouly course was to pass upon it mm a whole Mr Kumitii raid ihe experience of that cnnven'ioit war. that they could git through very Important doat.niei ti* rapidly e u< ogli The reeoliition wan only a tin de ot giving the go by to the report. Mr M?.i.iii.o?. contended for iuimidiate action upon the repott. and expreaeed hie hoetiitty to the electiuu 1 of any n in nil tee now a hen eo n.aiiy of the leading membeii of the party were out of town Mr Fi.n e I'?! Ks war of opinion that a General Onmniitlee ought to be elected at OUCH. If they put it off till the hour 11 ruutiet arrived all would be confueiun. Thie wae the first printed plan of organitation ever submitted to the democratic party lr wae better to relrr it to tbetieueral Cmnmitive. wbocould eelect the , beet portione of it aud rijeet the worst The styracuse Con v> uMan and the fall election*, would be upon them before the time propoeed in the report to elect a General Committee. Mr. Cat rati?I think we ought tc paes upon the matter at ence It wae not by elow nation that boiiapai le aou his hai tie*. He crossed t be Alp* in the winter and to ,k the ent my by surprise The inui-ie stimulated him. and be wvnt ahead (Koars of laughter ) Mr. CoiHRiNK said he waa fully prepared for this movement It was shadowed forth at the last meetlag and the reeolutione then pissed, were the progr* in Die of the pre reediugs to night, lie thought it woulu Le highly improper tor this body to proo<>?d to the election of a General Committee This convention was niDiaAmd here In virtue of a re-iiliitimi ot the Sachetue lerf or(san'if the democratic , and the in Mir of proceeding now propoead *t< only Mlnattg tin irregularity ot the committee, at tbe head of which wee Mr H rrtrro and which they waute J ilium iced II they were to hate an irregular committee, they might ae well have that oue a* aunt liar. War anything ever ro that a bady would not accept the report of tie own r. tee. hut rtier it to another body over whit h they have no control and in woieh th> j may not have a ei.gia rent * A platform ot principled waa adopted, and now they were going to atop abort without the organiintion which they were runnioued here to <)e\iac and annpl Judging from action*, be impeached the motive* ot tbe gen'irmeu who hud brought forward there rerolutioD* They wanted to have the pat'> ju't aa it waa at the beginning or even worre. without any organisation at ail They left thi m lrea opeu to iu. pulatlnna of which, if they were gnil'y tbe) would bring down on their heads the iudtgnattou of the peopla Carina Kvaniua?I d u 'I kuow whether tho gentl'Dab> wirb n father to the thought; butcartaln lti?, that bud motive* are imputed uigbt after night. I, however believe that every t ne who comer here cornea witb honert motive* and good intention* I cannot see the point ot the gentlemen'* argument, that if we re< t nimettd tin election of a Ueneral Committee, tbia will be a b"Uy growing out ot itaelf-**lf. elected Thla ir not the care for we don't elect the committee H e on!) i< commend the people to elect it He aaya we were artl hire for rei ruaiiiiation Whj that ia jutt tlie very thu g that ia piopoaed Thete were two

committee- that bad not tin ci nfidence of the whole pe< pie In tin* particular the democracy U disorganutd and the hu-ineae of the committee ia to reoti tii**re it I don i kuow anything about the toreabudoait'g of whnb the geu'hmnn baa apoken I hev Men noth't-g of the ahedow of the ghoet that hauntr bta imagination. Mr Cot Heart-The kuoekinge. Captain. (Langh' tel ) tarvai* Rtatiha?I lave beeu viaiti d with knock or c< nipui.ctn tia viaitit g- rince 1M8. becauae I .1. . w.a a. I. ?... fV.a _ I ...... Vv HIU OS S. SV.e ?' ?? Mr Ai'tii* mid lie hop* d they would proceed with the report Mr. JiMii* rtllrd for I be previous question 1 h< pie vote question * as then pur. mij ?rH> d The main qui ei inn or resolution of M r II ale ted. >11 thru put. ltd lwl-14 ruling in the tllrmelire. And 14 in I in Ds k ?11 v r Captain IliMitki moved that the report be laid on the tahle A point of order hi here rai'ed an to whether a report rould tx la >1 CD the table when it wan not before the meeting, the rerolutloD to refer it having been lo* i 1h<' fNiiiam dnidnl that Ibe report war now before lbe nieeth g and ha had eo announced It at the outu t Mr Mr.Leu.Lc.ot the Pcvsnteenth ward, here naked the gentleman of the aeeoud to give way a moment, and allow him to aek for Information of the Chair. Mr Kjndetr giving way. Mr Melville enquired of tha Praaideut pi? <"? whither it >at hie luteution. In nu ving hla resolution* dlui'lrlnt all gi neral eomBiiltem which aere adopted at the laat meating to tb< I lab that patiiotie body ot young demorrele known a* be lit m< eralie Yonog Meu'a Committee, who. on a late iieraaion. when tha two organism). n? composed ot Bombs re leet.rt to the general aomoitttre were qoaieliing among th> me. lv-e, ernie forward, and In vtted r nr tliati Senator to Tammany Hall 1 be I'a Latere V r?? ) ?. In anivi r. ataied that It certainly aae not hl? intent o n in the reeolution* offered by Mm at the last meetii g to diwnlvr the Young Men's tieneial l'i mature . ami that the eommittaa raturid to h) Mr Melville wae not dieeolved Mr Mrim.Lt I am iiiforined that several tntrlli nt p nlh no n are of *he derided oaiuion I hat aa tha Western mmni ttee did not join in the call made by liii ttood committee tor the asstmbliog of thla convention and the latter eon tulMee having be. n diesol v?d on ths motion ot their nwnt'hairmuu lu person, a bo t? our President pie Irm by resolution- passed by this b* Uy ibel tbr Western mm mills e hue undisputed poeseeeion of tbr Meld and is the tie tie ml Committee of lbs democratic pally On the other hand, lbs Young Men's e< mmltiaa not having been dissolved, is in lull fores and may alw claim that all other gsnaval r< remittees haviug besa dissolved by the nation cf tbts convention that they ara the i nlv egtetiug general orgat nation of tie party Pitch bring tha slate of thing* members should be rarafal how they voted to stop all action on the part nt this body to br i g about a foil and romplrti organi rat loo which wi old he sustained by all good de no erats The mm lot, t si lav sin the table was then put and lost llvitlug In the affirmative, and 17 In tha uagal os Isr Ih.ssham I now movs that wa take np tha report l? aitirles. not by see Ions M r 1m ?i tit lk fi D<t?d f Uf >< tlon Mr Faihn Biovni ih?t it br \*k* n np by leetionf. Thritiiinni'M war a<lrpr<d It ? ? ibi ti |rif(>tfil i hit raary d< l?iratr bp Itmltrd to ti ro HI. ? Ik hll ?|i?rb iitit tbtl on tr|p|il? ?p??k falrt on tl.a ram* qurrttnn (' |>'a'li Imiuw ?n rnlirrly oppo??d to thou In I k f |>? ob f'irh ? pUIn man a* ho muld n>it I|>U It lilt lilik< Ik m ibnrt I period: and h? rosily wai.trd In bit lb' rla?rtr rlnqurnrr of tbr (rnt|?. ?wa of tb* Kth (Mr t'oabranri who ?? brought up lib. brt tf Qlkiillrl and ins'lr prrlrel in thr law (I anyM.r ) Mi M>i ii t r tn>?rd a* an ainsoiimrtit. that flra ii'i mil I* ?In hnit I bo ?o i >nrpl.t ?ii aiioptprf II p Hoi p. < "i. of flft Arltrlr wan thro takrn op, mi itiu (rllnap:*. Cii 1 Tbr primary nnMle?r f"f tha rrlrrtlnti of Mm <1 > k <' ion.?H< rba'l Ip h> Id In thp wtrnl K ati< ii Iitnnrlr on llir third fhur.dty In llaaraihpr t.| arli Jirr halt.part ?? n v rlirk In tba earnlti? T* Aldartran Piana raid hp *u ntipwrd tothla rtrto n > ip).' mm Imp- ??fr highly otyr-cti.mrhlhi r III > n n. ii >| a ?n pm- iiiiii-ol I lir' ' r-1-e lan"rtr I* rtrnrk oni. aid ??m? ' rgMlig'i-il. atdiha'thr bant ill holdir g ' b? atlnc bp alav at rock i i Yt Riant ? lr Id rhr olq> rt of tbp arrtlnn w*? to pr. ?# no . npn rtmtiiaa shout from ward to ward. I lid itfl.-rtc r> itn rOelt rr Mr Mritnir rrldlbp rl-rtl.n rlUrrlrta ware tha ft??t ptinrl| |p tit iba rrport It th> a.- wara rtrark .III It aritilil I. kmi.|t to tip root ot laa propornl rrfoito Bkd it rtfojn>' it lr In iffk ??t<l rlrrtian dlptrlrt* wpf thr main f. a.ut* <.| 'I. r.|?"? ai.d <> > liftiu* lit t h* i>rya..ia? t < t- i < i i*|*Mj ?'< rt<> ' t ataway wita ih~ J m iriant pnii'!|'l 1I' b* y l? M < ut ib>- nit rll > r Mim-ia Ih. r* antilrt I* i.i usa In |>ti.i mllti* a lib tbr ft l">'I ) | *lnm nil h III * ! laMll) oyinmb It Ilk M? Mi ft ? lift It "null lilt l.l. li it |>ii ? til tllrr* loth# t >llt t III h watr a I irh a.* nui a lit III f". * i? war. I, unit fa, rll lit |i *l|i aaul at *b r.n.tain <1 ao many ill mi i iaur tit-t ii 11 l?f fa..ball.a That nrtl<i tim t li n(h pi'ltl A I Mil li a at lb' u IL'.ii* I'J M r IUI-lritl to lay tha aii l'tn> in !>. ' laWr ?h h ant lli*t Wr fl.aaitT. of ihi Ruth aant. ihtn mo?ril 'bat Ih* I tit i ii. ti n a-IJi'ttra to W i ilmtday rttnint bait. In i |.li r In |i?t- in. t tin.* for tli* i> >i ?..|. r>?;l a of lb- r*|i>f? lit motion an* a'li plti1 atnl Ih* f'onranlton than dji iirm 4 al l?lalliifcitlatit-?1 Ptt?|il*. III.. I I I r. I . a? I .T ? |. a ? II ?mint I'rrtiili'Bl of lli lli' v'f ' N I t ?t| *((? no iIn 2 il in*t t. r- n ii*>nt I* f a . t> a ?.. Ih* lam ly R*t Mr < l.amlafp ?t W llmity ton l?*I (T. I. Ah t?a ami lutillj llttana linn. Mr M?< II aim fait ? d I! ; Han HI Mr* l.nrd Hl'lt >p of Jtirt'it. Hi.' thirty I i.ihoto. airla*tl y*at*r4?y aid '. ! na in* ?1 th? I Hi., i I'lart llnti I. 11r 1 tl ti *. Now i t|i in* t>r X- al Nmi.tim T*xaa. Vt li*tmi| f'an*. II lliil. i.n * ii*hti gtnn, R?t K. Mil. I.. II. T. fi l l# ami i.m hutnlri d and N?a i.ttnra, a'flTi ? yi an Tda> al Iha Aa-nr A A i.tili a?. I.ali.n, A. Aarilm I' id'-n** t>f. Il.lli .1 I .tit It H ill.a... I . a II.. II ? f. *> and f * y n h?r? irnrWI it lh? A>ifr<nil " ' l'???J I II..n Jon an MMt tatahaa; f filV.iii B I). t inal, l.t I>p)if. r. P. K . and fortyt" < tl . ? l ata atrltrd at Rarnuni'a X Mallard Ma-.; A Walla.-. Wamphla; I> Ran#?if I I|>. I|.??I( W W . ||. (lantyla and forty oth?-ra. ?r> ? d )< *! rda? at tha franklin (It* a K Th.iraton Or??nn; t'a|?t Jnlln* P la; lltt.'.R I: l ?t). 0 Naaj; l.l?at. Ilaat, I. A It. n Rr larll- Roaa. and ana hnndmd and aaly tkria Mh.r> .arrlatd yaat.rdna at tho train? Hna?a. n, P I] | aril* R T ; Watt * Rtnddard II I : Pa. II I ll h?r. II R btona Florida Hon *1 *aboo?. ? ??*< b na.irn. and forty-two athara, arriTtd jnaWfat tkt Clinton Hotdl. < f?k>B>ci.r*mcnt of the f r.? Th? r lamination of pupil* at th* Frw Aradvtny In L? sin. too tuuui' which ha* ho u procrea-itm fo' noma tinu part, waa brouitht to a roncloaton on Wnttrrdtf, *b< ii tb* prtuflpxl f th* aradnuy. Dr. W1 h-i*r. i"?l to a lot|f?- nadWnc* 'h* r*mlt ot tho?? *iamiaat)ona. Tb*rr wrtw two g< M ui*d?l* awar<J?*<l. oue to John It at ill, a ho Mood at th* head of th? Hauler rlaw, ai d ai < I her to Kd?lti t* Hi.beuck tin* h??d of tb? a*a?nt ria*a 'lh>*. ajnltin ilr beautiful tblnita Ihry toi tain about t'JO w< rth ot nn)d Th* da| tin an 01 * ndr I* th* *rm< of N?w Vork with the n oM.> K s**l*ior" and th word* h r** Academe IHoO. On ' h* r*i i r** i* th* naw? ot th* ?tod ui to whom tno ni ilal I* a* nrdi d a il b ihi- nature of lb* dtaliuctiou for whieb ih* awatd ir mail* Altar ib* medaia i h* n**t 4i*Mnrti?n waa abiwn by plant 1 tha UNO)** of the rtud- Dt* i t th* tap of the ll't 11 ili't ii *pri'tiv* elarw* Tb* r* am ihre* < li*a** and tb* aiMn K d ti ii iu each c)a*? wt re a* loliow* :? l'laii a. 1 Ji hti (lardy. 0 John Ov*rhla?r, 'I Aidr*a Mc'Mwin 7 Jo**ph J*w*tt, 3 lli i jam ti Ka) nor. 8 J?m*? Kraut. 4 .i > oung li Theodore LSanta, b Ihiili* II ?lt. Jo John (i?ltia. ILiU 1 R P Pshcock, 6 J Hiuran. 2 A.J (iniptuu, 7 J Vaiia 3 K T forwln H H k helms. 4 A i ran plon, 9 J. L Jrwett, b < Allen. 10 ? liar. icon. C. it! C. 1 T 8 Rising, ft W D Rikl. 2 T li Tiitou. 7 Louia Hruckman. 3 J J K.(i?rn 8 I) V McCoy. 4 Theodore Ksler, 9 J M Oinithui. ft J>i> i i Drsrjr. 10 J R Anderson The r< port wm rend by Uotace Wi-bttf L 1. D ; the principal of tbe arademy. wbo in addressing th? pupils mid ? Young gentlimen?Another term bar closed in tbe F rse An. d. my. soothe records of the progri ss you have n ade in your etudes dutitig that time and your j classification, are now to be read to you It in due. 1 h< never, to your trteuds. that a brief statement ot the tacts should he made known ou which this clasibrstion is founded Moral ronouet so necci-sary to { success everywhere, is not neglected here. An aoeuta'e account is kept of every d. bnqueney he it small I ' or gnst to which is applied a scale of numbers linaiti d by maxima and minima values At the close af I 1 ti e turn tbe e number- designate as negative quauti- j ties the stai ding of eech student according to the na tuieof bis oil nces; they, ot course have the effect to ' 1 1< wer h m in his class I view this matter ot moral J conduct as of very serious import especially In con- ' hsctiou with our institutions of learniug; here, as in t)ie Mimetic circle, restraint and good morals are imposed acd enforced As it respects the studies on which our pupils may be employed, we apply the scale of numbers above mentioned, in estimating the excellency or otherwise of their daily recitations, wlih this difference however tbar they are cun-idered pesltive quantities instead of negative as iu the forcer instance The same thing Is done at our semi annual examinations except that at these examina- ' ttnns we assume a higher rate tor a very obvious i rcwcou At the close of the term the aggregates from ( all this* sources, determine the standing of each studi tit in his class. [Order cf merit read | Tbe results of the clsesiflratii n just read to you is such as you l ought to have anticipated, your position in this particular has been fixed by yourselves; we have only end re d it UDon tecord Waving given vuur industry. ) our eoaouct. and your opportunities the deduction* I ot ibe ni-Hiurc ol jour luetnr ?rv almost w much | 1 to be d? pen tied upon a* the solution ol any uiathema- ] ] tlciil prollim Th< re are. 1 scarcely know why. lin- . j pretaiens toitntd by student* during their academic come. . that their mccess depend* on some fancied 1 cirri nirtanee entirely bejond their control, and not 1 on tbilr individual eflorte; there 1h nothing more j unirue or pernicious than this belief Many impedl oolite lrei|U?btly lerit uioDee are to be oe*r*om? be- ' l fore jou ran attain anything valuable, or that I* I worth pns.siring The eery eflort* you make quality you tor higher attainment* and the difficulties you ! encounter may he the making of you A wise man i i ha> raid that a difficulty is a or) revere instructor, t ret over ur by the supreme ordinance of a pareutal 1 (iuardlan; be that wrcitles aith us strengthens our I ] n> rvts and sharpen s cur skill our antagonist is our ! ] helper. Thi> amicable conflict, with difficulty, obligee | i | us to an Int 'mate acquaintance with o?r object, aud , i ci inpelr us to ct nelder it la all Its relations It will ! | Bt't suffer ur to lie superflrial ' Ti e ceremony ot awarding the medals was perform- | ed by K V Btnedict. Esq . President ot the Board i I of hdi cation who also made an address for the 1 bstitit not oulv of the pupils hut the large audience J which ?ss ariembied to witness the ceremonies The I . spit eh if Mr. B a as in advocacy of the academy, aud , It lie her rndeaeored to show Its otilily and great \ MsMmb in such a community as ours lie would 1 hate all classes of jooth educated here lie would bavi prepared for and educated here, the sons of the j w? eltbv and not only such, hut also the poor even the ( very poor est lie wi nt Into a somewhat b-ugthenej ( argomi nt to prove that, following such a course hap- i py> would follow I ! Kiahty-nne new candidates for admission have he*a J essmimd sr.d found competent. This will raise the ' j numbsr of pupils In the free academy to nearly duo A , i vacs tins now ensue# until the flrat week in September, i when the next trim commences. s 1 The Congrra* af Trade*. On Tuesday evening, the Cangress of Trades met In i the Cotsrt efOyer and Terminer, in the Old City Ilall ? j Mr Bailey, preeident. In the ehalr. I A resolution was adopted remonstrating with the Common Council for the system ef contracts adopted by that body, which deprived the bonest tneehanlo j and the lanorer of a fair remuneration for his work ] while it threw snormoiis 'profits Into the hands of the i cot.tlector who paid the very loweat price* tor lab?r and h*d every thing badly done The resolntlon was I rcpn- sd by Mr Bally the Chairman a delegate from I ibeChutrbot llnmsnlty It la as allow*:? t i te the Con won I i tin il i I t??- ity I N? ltrk,M> } th> jnetic* an<t ntaeaai'* > # the municipal gorara- ' n *b* frcyithrg >'7 law aratnrt th? letting cf any w?rk if 1 tl ? r?t> t tt?a h* contract or otherwise. to par I* who art J B< ' a the time of raking ar who do not c ntinna 4eriag |l?ltt(mauf ruch contract in the h >1it of rnmpiym* wi*h 1 the rule* of watrt asd o har term* aatahhahad by tha trad* % or rr- feraioa of 1 r employer* i j Mr P akB hi oupht lora ard a reaoltitinn fmpathiaing a with the tailor* in their atrngfrl- for b fair remnncra- 1 ilea fnr their labor from the hn*aaa and iti'talnlitg them In th< Ir preaent atrike. and recommending them to atart aro ot.eratlee enrlety in whieh they would ire ? tk e'r own r mployern It waa aa follow*:? ( h< a'.ead That *e aympathit* with th* aailnr*, anw atrng- ' fliraf-r tl* a atatri aeee of aatandard'f wag** that will i *e klr them' lira wlthoat Wing dependant on liaeity and { tt a' We retard th* old gante of ' Ural" per***nr| <a. aea n hettgpnt la operation. aa la IW w a lam attaapt ocrurh t the?r*t new makirg fertheir reii'f. 1 f Mr l'?. a contended that artificial legislation tor tha k proterthn of lahor waa u?*|e*a There had Iwei ' enough of It In Kngland . and where were the working . rl??' or In anrh a miereable condition a* In that eontt- : try * W hat waa wanted waa. to make lahor free hy I firing the freedom of the land, 'n limited i|tiantlllea. t 0 all who chore ta occupy It (t'rlee of tjne.tlon ) | Mr f Mt-i'i oraa? eald Be waa In faaor of the reaoln- I tl<>n tot he did not agree in tha Idea* of the l?at * apenkar The gnat aail In that ronaentinn waa. the j it tr during into It ntgbt after night of matter* and th i t* which did hot properly b. long to It If they a wire golrg to make It a land reform a**ociat|on why I let tl BI ?ay *o ar d lh> n they wtnilit underatottdem-h ' rth>r end tbr put lie would under*tn> d t hern too Rut { |? It waa an taoiMtrlal ronirreea h* hoped they would km p to the pr int for they would And plenty t > d >, en he ot going Into * peculation* foreign to trade* alter* m Mr Jena Ptmari it. a repreeen?at|*e of the tallora. k ? kr *P| an d to he lane anil war I ear. in* on a *tlck ! ; 1 m rtnttBrrpt relatlae tr the taUnpa' *trike and | th? iltatratatr ? Hi-rcfrflti-J to '?? 'hit (In Idlttt ?tf? ri'i ot??r.'td ? thtp onfht to k< p 1 h 11 Ip Ihlti tli* t Did I.. ralll.d i.n wa? thi prloni; * n il 41 with llil* i h?t tho proao't rlrlk* rinnotnd to tha hop. that It ttuM nltltnaioir load )? ? In ?kl>-b lli-j odd I* ihflr #?n br??r? lit work fop (CKwr* ) Tha iii'tpit i tn In the nf?>p?(?n In r?f#t?n'i to tha t niMir l-nnratraat and tha tnHora *? . not im? Whan thi MM (lr?t Monphttn I n?rtr?>t t k? iil'nlj trin-nl In p?t II And ah. n a tJorni?o waa til ir?>i ?otk m ihai honao on> dap h? ???tnot ' h ?t o'h.r lot who pal )ii* hand HortWm to ?top him m?r? 'J to talk to him No did not nit him ?t II Thi fl.rtran did not wndoo.tand Kngll-h nnd ho ' ? irolr? ot?: tha oih?r wa? itopnlnp litm hni ?h?n J I ??f'r?l and two poilaotnon who woaa l?ln? In wait. > >? ! nrarnt ihot rn-h-d f 'ward and arrootod lit tba irrosnt In tha paptn nil t p h"r r.aa (with doop aapnlohral raloa, that mad* > all 'at?ft- t> wa? rrdp In tha H.taid f I'l i > r.iTi?lit lb' .km V? roitui- Tbw Inllora patho rod top#that 113 of , I < i p ft. ot' ti" n and ib?j want to hit plana pon.-o. tnt < opd ord?rtp to a?h h'm to aipn lha Wll In-toad f t lhat hi. lam at taohi 4 thorn with ttort kind ot w.-n- , I ot>? and i> ? iho Gorman* rooolrod a draadful pa?h . It.? i bittl Inn llo hop. d tho dolopataa would toll t II It rot.ntl'nonla not to dopond <o wh?l thop taw In " lit 0' tho paporo Mt Kiina Tkoro waro alwapo two dot to ?tnrp. I '?ftra.t had trld hit Tha tallnra' ?tor? wn? pat to a t ' Id ai.O ft. m ? ha? ha had h ard and had rtvoa j? to hi l: i *o Lorpatr.ot and h>? m n would flud thi m- li ial>.? hwd-ra l?np In th< wrona h.j ai vt l'it r tald tho law Iwa** ?tood In tho way of tha t ?.' wlti thop wantad to do anTthlnp for th-m>. <?a It ? ia'd < I at that wot-combining aga*n?t < t? hi ttaa and Iho law *? again t mn li nation ' 1 h. n >pa'n th?y won l id it aa *|i p I tlanl nation, g and tho Mm dhinrd- of lha proia with tholr raportara p. n > a I ri and thoif odlt r? aowtlnt out on o? and m n d. wn town tnaat'np at n? ?? thop did at ma j tho ihat ilap Tho papora In tha olt^ ar? arrarod j r1 ii ?' v 11 una ini) copnaipn ?nn p#inirnnni i m i /i tr'riti (i^tfrr HtknM?trlkn ?r? inmWii?Mii??, 1 and Mat pi irMnatton wont da I ?a? that mmhinatl? ii l? th? only thing mid to nfrllta la thr onlr thing. ' it d Om th> tatlrra miihl to go aha-l tint tha ri ftiat mil fm tM? ('umtfti la lh? law t? g-k ? lt? law i.f rtiaiti'natii<n 'hiBM Till thin |? rt"oa, jm mil tin WW) p'lliriWiPtl pnnnMng npoo ton, ' il ir? It" tit inn iitr ant artlaa itiji to i*iI>?m font w ftlitn rii Vnl'llral artlnn It tha word ( 1h**r> I A ,1 m<>haptr raw d? am thing. If ha will try Ma ran ' alangt tha law hy political a?tloi . and ha ran mat* p. w ia? i a* w.|| aa any lawjar A good mmhanir la ta a gird lawyer a gnml doctor. a tout ararythlng - | a, (laughter)- whrraaa a pmil daitnt or a gao<i lawyr la gi r>d tot nnthlig rlaa I Laughter ) I go In lor lha T' rapial nflhalaw ?rd t krlli ta In itrlkaa Tb? tradag pi hata pawar rightly rmnMtiwtl yat In tha carpenter-* f1 t?ada. tn w |. i h I h?lnpg I nrtit aaw on- fourth of th< m nplfed together yat witharan a partial anna- ,n titration i h. ? hare ratted fhalr wag a a to |1 AO. la- ti> atand rf work tug for |1 a? thaa now would ha If It w?ra pat for anlket Ko donht It will ha aaid In tba papara. tn mtitrr.w thai | aiada a long winded apeeaV M aid Mat I am looking tnr a rant In fha fongraaa of la t (l. nrhtrr ) I f dn with n ??t* l??h for * it r n?frf? rft*n*w?.| |?n?M*r ) Tht rttnlotloft ?m ?hm pnt from tht chtir and ? adepUd. and tht Coogrttt thaa adjaarntd J of Inprtat Court in i hamhkrs Chint Justice Kdmimdt. Jilt 2b?Hohra* Corput?a jronap nu unTdf I'Hlo borh. o native of Spain woo brought up oa i<t<M ?m|hii ?tib? instigation of kh ftionili mi bp bit r?n de.-ire to claim bin discharge from the United Bitter krui; ?u the iimutdi hot ha voa under ago ahen Le eulieled The opplicotion woo resisted br Mr E HlobkniHii but the fact being pro red that Boon wax born id 1F30 the Judge ft-It hound to discharge biui tin Waving the Judge'* cbamhori bo woo. howrvrr arrested and brought to the Marshal'* offloe, ?hele a charge ??? Dado against biD foe obtaining mom} and clothing under false pretoneea. bo bovine utrd himself to bo over tweuey-oue roan of' age wb< n ho enlisted in March last. Committed for examination I'ultcd tiutci Commlaalonec'a Caut, Before Geo W Morton. Csq, Jlili tb.?Chart! of Hommde at Sea?William W. Holt. ru|irgtrr of tbe American ship Liverpool, wao b: ought Ik lore thr roiumiiMlonrr charged with baring cao.nJ the d< ath of Jaoa Aum IVhirtledone. a child, ag 0 'r?m jeare. a pa*eeog>-r on board that resaal, on bi-r late viya^e between Liverpool and Naw York. It apptarad ibat tbe mother ot the child, baring look hii bix buiband came to thia country, where aha wan again mai rled. Har children w?ra provided tor in tha old rctiiitry by the will of their father, liar present buibaud rent for iba youngest child, and U waa on it* pan age here, under the care of ita unola, whanthn drcuturiauce at preaent under inquiry took place. Tbr i orle of the deceaaad dapoaad to it* death, and that ba ear put in iron* for accunlng tha aarpantar with having caused tha death; tha doctor waa called to tea it the day after it waa hurt; did not tall tha doctor therbild bad been hurt Jabn Uourke dapoaad that be ran the i-hild climbing np tbe rtr-pa af the hatahway. and it bad got up about eight or nina atepa; tho carpenter waa in tbe act of coming down al tho tlmo; he pot bi? foot between tha body of the child and tho ladder and pitched har off; the child eaine on lta brad it *ae taken up immediately, and there waa a guab ol blood out of ita noaa and inouth; aba died lib pcnie day* afterwardi' whan wltnvaa apoka of thia on board be waa abused by the Oaptaln and mate; tho Cspta t> put btm in Irona for taD daya, and aworo ho would bang hi in and throw him overboard. Tha ship donor depcard that be did not banr of the occurranoo at the time and waa not called on to nttend tha child Tor two daya altar; the dtceased was anffsrtng from lever in coiisequenea of eloae confinement, and want fair and attention; did not sea any traces of injuria# from the fell The tiommiaaloner did not think thero aa evidence to abow any malice on the port of tha ao;u?ed or that the death ot the child waa ooeaaionad ay the fail, lie therefore dismissed the oomnlalnt. HAILS FOR ECROPB. THE WEEKLY HERALD. The steamship AtUntlo. Capt. Wait, will iMTt thin>ort at twelve o'clock, to-morrow, for Liverpool, tier Bail* will el*** at the poet afllee at half-paat ten >>lo?k, A. M The Weekly Herald will be pebliebed at I o'eloek thie morning. Sfngi* eopiee, in wrappers, ilipenc* MAILS FOR CALIFORNIA. Tbe (teamehip Ohio, Capt. Behenek. will lear* this >ort for Cbagree, via Havana, to morrow afternoon, ilcr mail* will elo*e at the poet oflet at two o'claek, P. E Tbe Weekly Herald, containing tb* proceeding* of ^ongrer* relative to tbe admiaaioa of California, and :be latest new* from all parte of the United State* and Europe, will be laened at 0 o'clock to-morrow morning. Single papers, in wrapper*, can be bad at tb* oonnter, [or sixpence each. Rtw York, July S4, 1*30?Mr. Sdltoretmung the slmost lamMtlMi rw rti for health aad pleaivre that eu.irn* the metropolis, my riporieae* warrant* B. In pr<?i unriag the NeptUL# Hunt* at New Itnehelle, ef shish the far-famed brother* tapis. D an 1 4. D. Peek are lie proprietor*, the ?<*t comfortable .nd delightful ho***its .a* b.en mv good fortune I* visit. Of th* M***v*. Peek it ! n.neceeiarV for me to e*y a word. Thsy are perfect geatlsnen. (oierb and cat*'or*, aa everybody know* who have orar riritee th<m, or (resell d with them oa our river steamer*. The table d?ilv a' > untie in the choioest d-lio?cio* of every de ati-n. tnd l)c*iiMnu?u anaiuaa that comfort rtrill a> lit ho?u tbiaitltti In abort, tha Neptana ore for comfort, pleaanre, eanty of reentry. and it# [ n tuenaoee. ia uniurpaaaad hy any hotal ib the llnien. rlrrt ia tlio a rt'btrtbt lieery attached to tha Neptane,. ?here Ore tor*'n a can he obtained from the worthy genllao aaly prtnrietore, Maura. Ooald and Vhermna. Near R.olrllu i> ahont an hoar'a rida from thia aity. throngh a leantiful eonntry anil flea road. There ia elan hourly conray ei re to and fr< m Now York per railroad. Tha company it "tha Nep'nne Hone* ia ealaet and reflrad. although I regret to rat tin te are a.a few para aa (would bo exelaeieea) wha o far forget the p'inciplee of eoarteee and what la due to the gentlemanly rrt't'rietore, aa to eead from tha tabla to il etr wn rooBie for th?lr own wina. and that, by tha way, ier< mparahly inferior ta that fnrniahad by tha honaa ; h >wteer. aa tlet art the loaera, it eomforta me maoh. There are. irnever; many choice apirite at tha Neptuna, aneh aa Mr. B?k?, Mr. T?pun Mr. 0?1m?n, Mr. u?<- t, Mr. B?ra. ,he aonl of wit and good Hiring and Mr B?ft, gentlamea rhn wiab to lire and let lira. All who with ta epand a deightfnl tin e ^nring tha rnatmar monthe, go to tha Reptna* Bonaa, at Now Rochalle, it th# adrioe of a TRAVRLLKR. Grand Fancy Ball at flarataga Wad a a#- lay, tka Hat of Angutt. approaching, haa haaa aat apart for Lha ealekratloa at thl? great anmmer feet teal at the Uaitoa tatea Hotel, Saratoga. Dna notice will ba glean of tha dalaila of the nirangtmtaU. j as. M. MaRYIM It CO. Tha Plumb* Rattan al Gallery, II*. ISl Broadway?fltraagera aad othora ahonld aot fall to eiait, a* t la rna of the moat iatareatlng placet ia tha aity. The e?lactian la tha largeat In thia eonalry. and oompoted of lha noat diatiagniahr d Indietdaala. J- N Miller Ilk# ree.l We..t We. <ke . triftl u4 l.oat of Uti?i, Ni?M itiii Chililrot.'o lliMr ll' Oiiind St oo* In hn had i> Ni? I'- rk. Mr Millar'* prism, too. whil* thoy >a*?r* * ortlole bs folly tbsir worth, or* n^ltrtu ord r?**o**bl*? ploo? a thorn wthia lbs rnrh of all. Coll otkiiMlolliikBiil, iadio*. and j<o will aot rogrot jroor visit. Thou Hew ond BsootlfOI Patent Topotry rhrrn rir Corpot* oro i* rroot d*m*od Ju?* aow;p>ottir*tp br (rood <a1r ? Cbsop Ctrpol worohnam, > ? Bowrry niRAM AMURR'tV*. Tkw*f**ro*<l tr* illio* Inaltoh Iiiktoio Corpot*. ond thro* ood fsar ohilliat fbrnr Ail Cloth*, or* 4*?if*dly *h*op. Throating C?oro Complctr, and ready for it torb arfirl* rnn'ttiooo tLoitia brio* of lh* rarjr bwb n*Hty. Poroon* trooolliu. will Hod this oo ortisl* eoaii'lf tloutr. trartririM o>< utility. TMIot orlitlot off Tory doocriptioa ot .*5)4 Broadway. Z.M. QUIMBf. 6**r*o<l'i Italian Medicated Snap Will r* too. piaplm. frorkloo, ollowaom. ho. Pondro Saktllo or orodisotin* roprrflooo* hoir from oay port of the wdy l.iqmd Kfiurr for polo lip* ood shook* UIIt White or rod shook*. It*., ot f7 W*lk*r root, Im *tor* from ( tl Brood WO) : f alloarfor. AR ftonttf Third atroot. Phtlodolrhio Its* It Co.. IV Wuhlmtna ?ro*l. Bnotoo Wlpl Wlgil-i illimo and Rtranger* ara Briton 10 Inoport>'5 now otyI* <>' WI?o ond Too!*' lis koopo 01,0 loryoif nod b**t oa*<irtm*nt in tho *lty, i( hi* oolobrotod Wofyo Hair By* factory, 11/7 Broadway, ornor nf Boy >rt*t. Copy <ho oddroo* Hair Dylnn-Phalen'i Ma?lc Hair Oye, to olor th* hoir or whlakor*. tho anaont iti* applied. withnat oiury to tho h?ir tr akin It ton ho wo*hod iamodht'oly ifihoot dlo-orklr* ibo onlnr ond boo oo hod od?r It to opilioo. or #"ld at mil.OJI'1 Wii and Tnmpo* Mooafootory, l/f Brredoor CarplawWm. MrUrerty, IM WUUaaa tr.'O whnio. Olr ooalor. odor* for *ol* TS.IMI yard* of oorwot . ** and oil Intht, ' rotoll. obrop f ir oonk. w* odolo* taooe aopt "f ?irt oorpoi* to yio* het ? ooll. 10" piono* Bogiish hps" ry Corps'> ?? To'o* loot l?*4od. Also, o I onto ooOfOoton <lf Comb Ki Horjf??hell, ikpan Claatn Pat ft t I - Tbt 1 a latitat to t itta' ? fa aoa at> 'blob ' in 1ar(f ud raritt Jmi rt'fitdatriUtnt't. 'lEf't'tl'Ht null1 of fttnoh f ittl ?, rrrj aupurlor, aa4 tmilttl nttirttt Coatk'a? ?'?l k? Z V QI IHnT TOH Broa4way. IhnPrttnlntn tuip??M(7 IUn4i(?, >, ftraa a a?at bar. Wit at 'romf r aM- artt*l? roar w r?. III' |pt rrotnin aa* Itotloloo Citrine aha rtlaial it at ?? by *itr> ma kt at. ao4 raaklaa tha ararar t> tab* a> off to ? I t ' it t ||* ?? If o? To M litd nil; >t IV> 'alt t Hmt im 4?'? f'oai Rroa.lwar, Hair l?> r. ? Hairhrlur'a ( rttulnc I tqnlif ll>r It .at mj ka fn . a 4 at th. mniafwion, 4 Wall Iran Tlo a* k'lo abm 14 git art aftlait itaiUMioaa. tak t) upon 1|>I - a* Par**H? wh .?? batr kw ajnB'd a a4 rotor if. a h? a*? of tka ' matin* 4th, aaa Kara lb or rant 4 kr ?all'n? at ?> or r pv th. a44raaa Ul?a ..4 ... |f a#.?tHulhar HfHal hu fffit-oo. i Wa liaiti alt r. for tba kott Wlga aa4 Toa ?t Tl tilt, a or tttt.t?4 to lot | ooi hi* ? ? tub for s"4t, at I4T Ha I t.H > o?|?hr?'tJ H|| lar'orr, 4 Wall Iron ? kot|f i',. trffti aa4 Hat' aaaorlaaat la tba ll|. T?ry tl t ?fomi Pill, tht I timMaklc Callar of Hair and ittbtra a 11 % ataaa, tomtrtif fat atraal, maj ba tail? a" i ?? Ita I - >?tt tn ! r f o n n*- * "if t t* a f"I l?11< r?ta> n< It tatnrtt anti Iraatiaa of rnaa Tba laltaU l?la ?kt|| It t*? akara. a?n?trot ky It.mi *t portoaot aatnrat t?4 taa'a aa4 Jotaaioiit. aatlaaatly 44 hint for (if tag th* kara a4*too Ramiari C l-ihlna. nra( ahrap anal Ibah? aaklr at 044 Ml at' Hall.?Liaaa, 41 |>a. a. Parta l.aatraa. I tat't ?. a a *k; alto, at. a?r rtm*at al tbra |T talta. Corrr of Klntt aa.i htat ntaa olraota. Dr. Jiatta W . Panrll, Or raila4, Aarltt, tro.aa hit attrtt a tt'it.titt j ?a 4itoa.aa of tk* Kva aa4 ar frtaft't i ! fc at 7a| Iir<-a4aar. aatraaaa Ilk Wara itrrat tktrr ra? ba ka4 kia (titular "Traatdta aa thr TO." W atlii I- n rrl' ? kit ttit't aim, kit aalf-aotiaa Brf aat to Foot-. . - Mlt.tit r.t. -A 1 ' MOIST NAKKKT. Thi muit, jnly 2S- 6 P m Tb? elnet B.arltet opened eery heary. thii aorninf, ?rt aim of the la or lee were fold at prlrea H>* thoew rrent a? IV fl<*? The only Arm ttrailf a i tiiy la ihf Hat ?M trl? ieonnd Mortgage Ron la; > d tin en-ali ii'iKii'l y on the market fur ?|r ahnea bat matwenr hr.ldrre bar* In them Ooeerument oeba bar* b? tt drooping for aeevral daya paat, and ia demand at t h? d?i>rrelal|i>k. I? rrry lialtkl. Tbw no lee ara nuneiiallr aetlee for tha aaaaoa. bat prloen rmotrtth.m role ao high that h <l l?r? ran hara ry hit la bopa of eoatainlng thata. It la tba Itn-K'l'.n f many tha? a rp' rulat.lre m< ? -merit to enmo Itrat will he r? allied aa aoon aa the fall aeaaon eetn hot Iti Ihn- iliry kill do ii hi leer he ilioappoioted It t he borne In mind that qnotaUnna ?? nearly ry fai ry In (be Hat rnle high full twenty par aent,. the Barrage ahre thi-ea enrr.nt at the opening of. el rpring a buaineea. and that there la la faet. oo. argln (or a fori her rlee, hnt on the enntrary a great argln for de pre i-iattnn I'pon a aareful ei?m(natlna I th* U#t. It ?UI tx> *??n that, ?m<ng th? ?*? ! ?, U ta

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