Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 27, 1850, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 27, 1850 Page 1
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TH NO. 5891 HIPPIOO. TW'Tin.-PASSENOE^S ?'?K A IK * M A M I P ATI.AN*. J.* 1 If, for Liverpool, will |>le?^e > ? < o_ ?> ?>"l|. ?' Hi ? f jolock, A. M. ' ' KOTICE TO SHIPPERS TO NEW ()?ir *1* -TitI Mail Steamahip OHIO ie nn? r^'lr i? receive fr> rht for Nr* Orloana. at the pier fun' ot Warren etrer , Nor a m?rr. freight taken up to 12 o'clock on Saturday 47tk inetakt. TTNITED STATES MAIL STEAMER'* BETWEEN NEW RJ Yirkaud Liverpool.?The ahipa no? noaina'hie lin' arv ATLANTIC. Captain Waal. arctic, Capta>n Luer PACIYIC. Captain Nyu. BaLTIC Captan <'oni. toek ADRIATIC, Captain liraftoa Thaee ahlpe baring lieea huilt by minimal oapreeel) t*> * pevernu.ent errioe. everv care hue bena taken in their coaatmetiua, ae al?o in the'r tuiniea i- eaeur* ?t-r?.irr.b at.e a peed, and their aeMaaeuH*M far |aia?u>n are at. quailed for elegance or e mlnrt Prira of oaa'age froiu \ >< Tork to l.irerpoi.l. ECtk nclneire u? if eaire eiie ?-at? ffooste. E.12S. No bertha aeon red until oaid f?r. As etevri need enrpeon sr>11 be attached a< each chip *" treiafci at lyaaaage, apply to Ehf'U. A. COLLINS. M Wal etrae.. orto 11KOWN. stl I Pl.EV A CO.. Lierp-ol Tte Paeifls will leave Linen* ol Jnty 11, ISSu Yhe Atlantic will leave New York Ju'iyJT, ihfci * " " " Liverpool A usual SI " " Paeifie " " New .,rk Anruat I, " " " " " Liv?rp -I Sepmm^rll. 44 44 Atlaatla 44 44 New v-rk .Cmr nhri , " 44 " " " Liverpool September J&. " " Pariflo 44 44 Ne? V. rk Bnitnuibor SS, 44 44 44 mw Liverpool Dumber 10. " 44 At Ian tie 44 44 Nea Vnk October It " 44 44 44 Liverpool October 3lt. " The owner* of theae rhip? eill not ha aooeiimablo for*' It WUver, tallica, epecie, Jewelry. precoma atonea or inveli Wnleaa bills of lading ar? aimed 'berrfor and 'he taim thereof, theroip nzprueerd fAOE KINGSTON JAMAICA, DIRK1 IT.?Tat SPCBNdid elup CRESCENT CITY. Clinrlaa Stoddard. oounuon4er, will leave for Ct.airrea, touching a' Pur1 R..val to .ant paeae-irtrv aud the niaila. on Thursday tuguei let. at 'eloek. P. M.. front her dock Pier J. V R for paaea e apply ia J lliiwiuna to: 34 Hroadwav. 1|3UR CALIFORNIA Via Cll it.K as.?it > SATURDAY, JT July IT, at 3 o'elook P. M.. the Cm tea Mail Staler ?i<i?ia hipOHIO, from herpier foot of tt'arren atreei N. H., with the fovernaicet mail* for the Heat Iodine a'd California. The oekl for thla v-jage of the tih.u arr now upeu. an" ooaiuge an be aecurad on application at >he vflice nt,tl.e I'm tod Sraiee Mail Httamehlp Cempany, 177 H'eat atrect. earner if errva treet. to Charleston Sa.aaaah l.'a ana v.aiwl..... hagroti. and through Uilrla to San Franeieoo. a ATM or uamaoe. Stat' room. Htandee- Stem-aga Charleat-u $.3 $*) $10 Savannah lb JU I) Havana 7" M M Hew Orlaaaa 76 #0 19 Chagroa 101) W It) Ratoo of pa* v age from Panama an Sam Preneieco?tttatv Score (Sit); gtreragr: $1N>. California paaueu'erv by the Ohir. will go en from Havtne do Chaarco by the Falcon. without Onlay. Mo berth oecared nctil paid for For freight or truuft pply t? s o. if nitr.K t't, 177 Weer otro't, twtttvt Warren TBRornn link p^r san fki.nci?c), <i \ oha grrv, direct.?ahe >p endt-l n??ii?hip OHKKt)* k R. deary Wind'*, Coremaaiier. will lewo hor dwelt nor No. V. R .for Cbaaroa. direct, on Tuevday, au?ii?' CI b. at three 'clock. Pnre?ng'r? will |la<'? their bag^aga on noard thv day o.-orioua. 1'or peeetgo apply to lio?LtM) * HPIVWtliL M and 96 <m h vtrcoa. Tha ateatnrhip Philadelphia. Kobrrt 11. P> arvrnt, to Standcr. will vucoetid the Cherokee, and call on baturday, dv|vit'7lh. at ?hr?e n'rlnak. IjlOK SAN FRaNCISi O VIA CHAURBS, ON TllCtV day. Auguet let.?Thv enlendid vteatnahip CRfv.IM CITV.C'harlaa Stoddard. Cemiuan.lnr, will leave for 'itttgrae a Thurvday, Aaguet 3 e'eloek. P. R.. from Pier Ne % N. R. For freight or pt wage apply te J. HOWARD la ION, 34 Broadway. The EUPIRR CITV will euoceed the t RKM.f.NT C1TT leaving for filagree oa Tneadav, the 13th ef Auguet. wrliich vowel through tlckota will no fnruivhod For California via Panama -the h-bstan tlal oteamvliip (lea ZACHAKY TiVI.ok, Robert A. 8. Pitlnian, mooter, now on her roato to California, u aapeotod do reach Pai am a about the l5-hor Augutt dhc h*i ?iip?Sior accon modatmav fur paooenvere. *i her arrival at Cn ama, will be caaaigaed io C'orwine, llrother A Co., ( tic of -the drm, A. K.C'wrwiho. ie the American Coovttl I F r aaea>M from Panama to Sen Pntacteoo. apuly to JOSEPH T 'MARTIN. Mo. V Sunt# etrrct. or to Fla'ehar Waetray, <Ay*nt for Cerwiae. flrrther k Co ,( vit 71 frontvt FpRROLSH LINE FOR SAN FRANCISCO?cACIFOH1 MIA by v tea to and nailing pack eta, via 'h agree and ?*acam* The tima through by thit lino ie about Arty dnye; friee m poeaage to San Fraacieoo oabin gjiv), v?a >nd ditto. IN). To leave for Chatrve J alt Z7ih. The balk of tea one ^ . . """""" ? """" P??"?iiRer o.r ^IHI. f>? -l|>co aa la debarking or t.? paii>eii(;ira b? ehta Una Wot (MM(? or other information. >p*lf *o n RKIM.K Aki I) WHHJUT. ISU CMor etreat ?imi<r if B'unln^tou it , Ii ||>?| CALIFORNIA Til KOI (ill TICKET" Full 27ru JILT euil I.Uh intuit, fnr tain a* tin California t*a.-<?? p r Oit.oe oi.o Out At liepot. 1711 Broadway. Information otrvu* lam gltra aeay. Every body ta invited t.> >* '1 f.,r ->na. akvoi n ntrrriT*. ?^m?a? I Vile Capture of Ihr Privateer Uenera! Aimat rong. To thk Kmtor or in.. Ill halo:? It i? raid " that ono at or) la good until another la told;" and ' hear both aid'a, ' ii alway* adriaabl* befor* Judgment However trila three ea> iny may ho. I ha?" e?ery rca on to brlli-To from your uniform Independence ami d'iaire to do jnatirn to all partler coming under y-eur nogui*niice. tliat you will not he'ltnte to *uli?rr1he to th m Therefore lutamiiob aa yon hum rrnnitly puhllahed. in your janrral. vary a*tr*o?a from Fngl -h pnJtere. tout liing the claim fnr th* Illegal rapture plundorirt and burning ot the "Rtl|( Om>-r? Arinitrmig " <wMrh traacl 1 had the honor to mmuiatidi by a llritl?h fl'-rt in the neutral port of I'ayal permit me to Hale ionic ol th~ |Uta a? ih. v really ami truly occurred iu tliat Conflict. being atill frtah and vlald in my rcc< llection Altar leaving New York I anchoret in the port of Tayal. Fe|.l. W 1H14 about uoon I immediately railed on Mr l>al>n?y rur I'on'ul with w) otn I dine I At6l* M.I went cu board uav ?aa?el, aooomp?>il*d by tha t'oneul and auroral olhi-r g"nilein?n and while ?on?er?i?c aa the aubj.ct of Hrtii-di cmt-era b ing then about tP M . we dlacovered th" llrltiia h'ij Carnation of twenty pnn? auddenly rounding the Xorth>art bead of the port, within gunehot when aha Cret aepi arad Aa th" (.tarnation wm duly Informed of our oharac. "tcr by the pilot, and the appearand! of our M ig tli"U flying nl our main-peak ah-' rrry unceruiti inlnuvty hauled In rloau alntigeld* of u?. within hading do . tancu I thought thia *aa being rtt'her aoeiabln tor an iinraif, ilnl immediately dein ended of tha I'oneul if ba thought they would regard the neutrality uf tha port, whin he aaaurrd me that I ueed not gire myeelr anv nui aainraa aa they would nrrer troubia u? ? v;o. .1 At tba aatre nminant, tha Plant.aganat 74 and Rot a ff lp at c, bora In algtit. and an actlra lotarcinr>ir by algiial*. contlnuad ?onia tlma hatw-an tt*F? Otr?t> tfoo ad<1 the Cooiruodora-* ?hip l'lantag?n-t Tba rr?tilt *m, that tha i'*rnai|oa pro??4t>J to throw out all bar boat*--4a*patrliad ?na to Ibfi'tnmodnro'* ?hlp and appaarad ntharwt?# to h? making unorual cirrtlon" A brHliant mono, cl-ar aky. aait a aw opt b am. enabled u? to otieeraa their mm a wltb great tnlnut< nc?* The arming and Dtnslng of the boat* wera ori dl?tlti -tly heard and 'w* an I tha >< n w?r? ohaarred aloft on ih? yard* of the "Tarnation |>ri parlng tha -all* tor rrltlnr nnd-r ??? at a woweu' ? naming Ro pear were tha tan aaaaela that tha word* of command on hoard tha Tarnat'Ou war# frequently beard by thoaa on board tha (tonaral Armattopg 1 ba objart of thaan mano-nerc* on the part -?f the enemy wera now bat too el?ar1v and dlUlnetly "nndar'tuod. and rould not po--lblr ba ml?tak*n h? nay p?m n baring tha alifh?e?t knowledge of naa il or nautical affair* It wa*erl<iant,tr'>wi th-?e oparallua*, tbat the enemy had not lha moat dl tant Id-a of paying ant rrgard whateeer to tha nautralliy of ?h? port, but Ibat tha whole object from tha otitaat wa? to captuta tha lieneral Armstrong Hanra lha gaaat bnrry nd aaparnaaa to man and a'm tha h"at* in order to rnaka tha attarkaa rarly aa p<>?>lli|a. whila there wa? ilttla or no wind; faartol tbat ehoold a fre?h braaia aprlng np we m rht maka our earape during tba night. On railing thraa rtr? umataticao in tba notloa of our Contul lia armed to hate hta donht* I told him w* were about to bare troubla and that ?ary Boon, wh?r? up .n be and bl* frland* Immadiataly attar took (tare and want on ikora It war now between 7 aod 8P.M. and a* wa had rj'Tj rcMon to e*p?fi' an nnri irom in- hpi?j-< tm*? fur ntotiMy w? p?pIiM to oloar *ta'o for amino. Cut nndor ??j. isil crawl In ntrt <>f hl? n?i?horluicd ?r ?r wrfr tbro layiBd nun li to bla fir*, th til l br br inrlloi I to ro'?f bla bo?t? In th? ?ttark Hi' itlitli'il Otlf anchor with l< lllllr ?n|?r nwlkl*. and l>r|ai to P??'k "bom Tba itMitl the i ff nation ? a* on lur *>f "hi dropped h?r top cnt h? r cable nt>>| ?< under "ml In a m im>nt, a* tbr nhr litnr darpatchlnp b>ur boat" In ptir<uit of a* Wbrn wr ??? Ihr boat* approach-tip a* we had ex;pcefad, or Irt po our anchor pot a ?p tn< on therahla, art prepared t? msnlfa tbriw rtia lif|? eu'tnr or p'nuara wbicb -tarted fl"X toob th? lead and ?u i>n> i b rably la adranaa of I ho other thrae Till' iuay lare b en th? b'-at eommatiiat bp Mont Kitw.eti fkr ptilltd ttp with all fpr-d and rout.dinf r|om nud-r tbr oti-rn. cania up onder our lirooard quarter Staudipp on tk> tafml at tbr <im? moment ?itr> tiia trumpet In nty band. I hailed lor r. p~?t-dly a? ?ha orpn trhad. but they would not delpn to an-wer. *a alio pa??od rli?f motor Ihr atom. I plainly -aw that rb? ait not only well manned but aim f>ll urmml ft b< n neatly alonpable |otdor?d thi .n 'n keen nit or I rl ould flir In'o tbom bnt Ihey itl?'-yjr-t>-1 my tl rmt" One rf tbe rallcr*. In a -nr't tone er|-d oat ? ft I. at'* lh? r.iutli r ''' Th.. nffl> -r i.f ihw l-?.l rtn lira tho milor. mi.I ? Tull ?n*y ami fit" to an-w.r " I u at lanthtat ultft th. ) to.Mil lh? !r nod i.nll. d al nndi-r th> main ohatn* and *tii*n In th* * t ot bonrdintf tliH oritur to tiro *??,? ?r>-?i on bo* h *! ?, a' <t)r him inntaiit. nn I tb<> firo from lioth p .rtie? 'i< fimntlnr.rnu* In Ih* fkiririi-h ?|ih till* boat. (hrj kill-d nn* of m . U *n on tli* npot. an<l noun<i?Ml my ir<t li> utonnnt irirtilf S?? Ihl* ?iih" l> it ?I1 to h*nn rmojj'hat aftnr kt'llfiR anil wotmnlnit t? n of m* rr??r. af.i-r n|i i rl. e it" boat th* vkrt thrm b *i* ?*ra )a*t imltir a np Mt tlathwtd ?|d? I l.? i?.| !,. u ?Im, tut t tny ft fti" d t? *'??'; tb* r.r>* e nmi.ii -nf nn t o. ft 111 !I||| litr*ln ||?HI'|.|| In * fi'? nutiatr* Th?y now pnllnd off tn th"tr ihi?- an.I I li*-rd nothiap in r* Irnm th m until th~ in'lntahi ?t tank ?ti*n thi j atti n.p.i d to b >?rd n? nilh t >ur< ! t an and hurl *! nv n Th* n'lnn r n Inn t about lofty wmu't* ?h>-n ihi ? ?rr* NHrdf dtfrM? d. nlih a ltd# at too or i.|?rr* hiimtmii m- o for InrUtor r*ilM?ltrl, I tnler Jvu In th? paiaphi'W 0. EtIIU. J E NE TKLIGKHPHIf HTKLMGEIfrE, V 11 IUTl>r I KM TOON OHKBS. ?TNKT -SKSMOJI lenatat [by MO?SkV MAOMiTIC TKT.KQR Af'H ] Wa-hutotom, July 'JO. 1850. K1TKA PAT TO "Alt OHI. Mr presented a petlilon of the "allors who "erred In tin- fiulf op on tli* Pacific. during th? war with mi xipo. asking for throe months' ex'r* pay and bounty land* Referred t? tbe Navy Committee. Mr I'inoi disir'd In thta eenneetlon. to oall tho Btfiritloii of the committee to the propriety of "oma indication by Congress. of Iti appreciation of tho gallant ?errtee* rendered by tho naval officers on land during tho Mexican war. Uommod-re Stockton. it vi old ho remembered, porform>'d land services, mid In coi nection with Ot-urral Kearney. fought an important battle. There worn many other* of t too# naval officers who had rendered ra<>*t tinpupiant pi rvlrrA'undor tho circumstances and although mlli'ury officers boon breveted. and received erord* and medals. tho officers of the navy had re celved no notice of th? Ir services Tic hoped th* oooi ' nitltre would p. nsldir the propriety of pome measure giving throe gallant men some token of the approbation ot Congress. MISCKLLASKOI'S On it ot Ion of Mr Mavoim Mr King was excused fr'm further srrvleo on thv Committee ot foreign Relation and Me*?r* Hunter Vhelpo and Oouglaas, were apt f ictid to All vnrantie* in "aid committee A romuiunteatinn wan received from t he jeeretary of th. Navy in an-wer to a resolution of the rienate. in whlph h state* that e|l correspondence, rela'ive to the it inn.d Inland expedition, was sent In by tbe late Presldi rt After the consideration of the morning business? Tilt coMrnoMtsc hii.l we" sgn'n taken up Th. question pending being up?n Mr. Husk'" motion to huh mi M r llradbury's amendment so as to provide, i ma' in the action of the commissioners to settle the I boundary of TVxtin Texas shall he entitled to all (he | rights of territory east of the Rio Orande wbtrh she 1 fx (-rested at the treaty of (luadaloupe Hidalgo, or at any lime sir cc it* ratification Mr l'sTToe opposed the amendment. The Peaator from Texas was unwilling to rl-k the right* of his Hta'r upon the treaty, or to adopt a phraseology which shall seeure tin-in I heir rights a? they now are. afrer the ratification of the treaty of Hidalgo President J'olk ls-u< 1 rirtain orders recognising. by inference, the ju> iaele. ion of Texas in New Mexico The object now of Mr Itti?lt in inserting the clause relating to the richts t f T> xas since the treaty. wa> simply to secure to her loft rential rights under those orders of Mr l'olk Phe was not willing to abide hy the treaty. Mr Paatt said the amendment only proposed, that if Texas had acquired any legal rights since the treaty, she had retnim u them during the action ot the commission Mr Ri sa. in the ronrrn of some few remarks.referred to Texas as the weaker party, and as requiring of the UMtert P'ates a bond to k?gp the peace towards her during the ptndepey of the commission. Mr Hai ? expressed his surprise at the adroeacy of ' this amendment by gentlemen who a few days since, oppssed and voted down an amendment off-Ted hy him. w hieh provided that the rights not only ot Texas, Let ot the United States also should remain in abeyance until the commission should have completed Its labor Mr Dayyoa FUggestvd that If the amendment could h" mooiftid en es to include the rights of the I'nlted States It would be unobjectionable. Th? ffena'or from T?xas bad iterated and reiterated that th? title of Texas ?? indieput able and that the I'nlted States wt re making mi assault upon Texas the weaker party. These ase?rt'ons proved nothing On the contrary, they amounted to an entire begging of the qnestlon. W ho we* now in possession ot Hanta We? The United I plates, who wts now about to march her troops HtO 1 miles across the desert, to entorre her jurisdiction where she had never hitherto extended it and never ntteaipted to extend it until recently And yet the Senator accused the United State* nf assailing Texae. Ileagreid with Mr llu?k that the proposed commission was a simple armistice, and 1 e lelt fully as ner- i Inn th..t wh. .. t?>. >mUll.. -V.A..IJ I s e-'S partlea b. log retreih'd. would coma up here and re- i pew the content with hp much apirtt tiirir. II *m i uly > iIiIhv mil tlie friend* id the (%>mproinl"e in adopt >iig It ah.-ir doni il rtcii thi Ir pro|??ei,.u of ret t ling tin- quit-llc u which had been deemed at ao much tin- 1 |>or?Htir?. Mr lit * briefly replied. raying tint T?iu ?i< In ' a- good cob-lit Ion aa ?lie ey--r would be lo the pontmt. i The United Plat'- during tho armistice, uilght tort ire additiopa to ht-r strength llo only d??lr-d to i phire lhi- nutter In nuoh a pn.ition that th? claim of Tel* a rh' u'd prearrre to itaelf It* tela tit* atrength Mr flrw a* r> raid that although thl* waaan ariniatino, j Itwaatoba underatood tbnt tha comuilaelntjer to lie ap- j jrf lnti d undi-r it would make. not a corrupt but a , trill- fair nnd jit't award Aa> noting that tola- the character t-Mhe conitp'*?ton what ?t< to b" tbe effect ' of th-a prcpoai d amendment * It wa? to leare an Impll- I cation th*t Ti-*a? har In noma war. acquired aoma i rght* anb?rf|m nt to the tr- aty of Hidalgo ft would 1* the duly i-t the n-n mlolmi to Inquire what thoa# Interred Hphte were; and If they filled to aeeerlaln nr >u- h righre any where elae. they inii*t. perhapa, arr're at the eonrltielnn that they are tho*e claimed hy Traaa For h-m*i If, he niiiat aay he hellered that pin act-on elnre the ratification of the treatr could affect the right* of either party In the leant degree: but if Teraa bed aei|iilted any right hy any artlon of bar o?n Nir Mejtro hy her action ha-l alao acquired i lgh?: and It Teiae had aci|iilred any right* at 1)1 Pa*o hy holding an election there, then New Mcgleo had *l*o icquirrd iighf? there h? her action in calling a ronrento n. He hail no objection to a fair commi??lon. and waenppond to the amendtoent. not for what It contained but far what it did?-ot-rontaln The people of 'he I nitrd flta'ea would mhralt to any diapixttlon of the Tigaa question which Congr-oa* might make Trie* a* thei nlr party who r*fu?nl *nlinila*lon Tha i t potltinn for the aetllemrnt of thehoundary dl?pnte. If tin* hill had been oppnaed. flrat hecaute II wa* Imptoperly eontierted with other and Incongriion* meaturi ?. at d lerund berauae the preposition of tha Unairlttee i f Thirteen waa Itnc-rnper In I'aelf, the I i*t oh- i jection appeared to bare been wtll taken, and tha pr-v i P' m'i n oiiu wen rmnanti' il Mr Rtiiin it r u*z> ?te<1 tli?t Mr ltn*k modify hit aii-iidni^ti*. ?o * .reply to r-nd fb*t neither tho r'ght> of the l nft.d Stain or Tnw a hall. In the meantin e. Ve affeeted Mr Hcao declined The humIImi helnij Ihn taken on Mr lluak'a trnrnl Birnt. tt war rejected yea* 13. nay* 34 Mr ft at moved to amend the am< i.dmint hv a Idlng a prctlxi that the right* rf the rotted State* an t Teg** >1:all remain nn'n p*tr< d. in their full extent. If th> ('< irm'eeloner* rhall fall to provide a line aatlafaw lory t? hot h particr In the ronrae of the dehata open the amendment, Mr. Hi nea ea?d the oppn.|ttop to the propneltlnn fhr a e? mnita*lo?, would he mwritu a portion of territory fr* m Teiae to erect Into a rtee State- a refuge for fugitive clever open the western border* of tb? I nlted State* Mr Fom? and Mr ft ?r denied anv rueh pnrpnao. and Mr t lay roh.cqn. ntly wlihdrew hi* amendment Mr Siwaan moved to am-nd Mr Brudbnry'a amendmint In effect hr *nhet|tnrlng a proe|?ie i for the admieriob i f New Mexico, a* a State, by proelamatti n of ' the I'rerldettt ptovMlpg he rhall lie rattifleil that tha n r et'tution formed h? her convention hag h?en ratlflid hy her people, lie enpported hie amendment In I few < h>ereatlon*. peal en oil g that New Mexico wee ntHled to edmtr<lon under the treaty of flnadalotipe. a i .1 11 ai i tie t" o|.<>..n. n nf 11,. Senator from Maine It Ode pled wetild put off nntll the e|o?e of tha labor* of the oontmi*?|oii the quel I Ion of her adtnlaalon lla ret allien d and anrwered the object lone urged to her a4mt*?ion and argued th* propriety and expediency of me ha meaeure Mr. Trait raid *o extraordinary opropoel'lon could here ini*P*ted from no other aource than that nhlrh h?d gtn n It ulteranre; and ha wea certain that upon the tea* and nay* be would be fnotul alone, for m> o?her Ih-nator had had the hardihood to arow hi* ut'i r ?il?regard of the ponatitntion In the c'tiraeof rut aeqnent remark* h~mmerr?d to Mr. Seward a? hating there wae a I Ver law neerrnllng the eonatltntti p and wh'eh he would obey rt.a though to violation erf hie ow?h to maintain the nnaetttotlon Mr Srwaap- I deny ever having here or elsewhere, i xprrracd aurh a rentlmi nt a* that Imputed to ) nn hy the Senator from Maryland ? Mr I'aatv. moth exrlted. Inrtaled that wh?t he raid wa* I me and called on averv Senator In the I'hamher to ray wb-tbev *r hi ward had not daalarcd the of a high-1 law Mr SanaOi. I do not deny that Mr Trait aftrr romc .*r|iej remark* In lenunelallon of Mr Si ward'* position raid hi* amonrtai-wt wag vol*t|ee of Mie row'I'III ion herauae It propnacd the | adnii"*lon of a Sia'e. wlthoni the ascertainment of the laet r f the rrp nhllear.I'm of hi r cnnatltntlon If adopted, the Prr.idmt might b* directed to proclaim the admlaeli.n of a Stala with a monan-hiaal conatltutti n Mr l>?vvon requested Mr Seward lo withdraw hi* an i r dmrtit Mr t' objected Mr. fiwain had no dealre to wt'hdrnw hi* amend irirl I * *? id ?*r n. r>- r^nny in in* in* ?n ?ia'"i I t a?.y prnpn.tHm than h* In a'anl lata, unit h* ?nnld rtn an. tbmifh li* *t?? "I *1'n* II* no lni*titlon 'if npl|ln|r to Mf. f.Mft |*r"ntl r?n aika Tlinr* ??? in maa ia *|i4*iiw if ?n arurb Inipmlat** In jnntlff th" *? p*r?<-l'vrr <if **> a fit* nviiiit** it th# iu' ii* Mm# ta ikiii mI il'fiir* If lb* ftnator |r?p<iir<l to *?|><l 1 m a* b# hail *iipti??t*d. bi- ??? r?*<ly In ro?? t *t>a lint II* aiulil rank' an nth" a*# rttf*ne* than tba f t? iilntl'ii el lb* api-?#hi* ii dJ'Uh> d In an***f t?> lb* "I, I) n|.j?fill? n mart* In bl* nan nilnmnt. h? |'i* d?ir> rt a riM rl lb# r?nnl?u?i'n if N*? Iiitnn, Mil In hllli bt a fn*a li*r nf lb# f-nnrrnHi-n frnm ahl'h b* n art ?n .b> w 'bal li ?a?f* jinMirn# In f rm Mr |l?fin# n?}*rli rt In lb# am- rn'Ri'i't thai I' p*ntmirt in pal *1111 atmbir an* at* In ih# 1'nlnprnmi** I'll; IfillnriW ?t*? M artn^trrt lb# tvt*nrt* ># %rW ?l. fi*n *r.nlrt ha rr n p*H'rt ! tat* a?atari h?r adatla?i<a. Iti ?n?ln* ?r? n-i lb# awl'rw bill Mr llnii ?alrt If ih? Irn wan in K* aiail* ta rap* I Ihn ! tai r-r In m >'# Ynrh b# aur# M ) ! ? irartlt? U Lia Lilfcf i* ? klfW la*, h# aiaat jrt art W YO MORNING EDITION?SAr t?> the me: h? If there *n< unr on# in the fleiiH?e who d? nied the xlutt ncr of * Suprrna# Tltiiif ?uthwity ? Mr I ?>n mnl the 9>'iiHt?r bud ursnril upon ? flf. I Irrtut K'Blr nf r#i't* #|t< fi rhtu th -trii<* o-.e 'I# [ lad ttld i? ih'nr n(>lntlll? llltlnr ?<jthur!l) not hit ' routine* hi bud mofe l??itenre mill rc?p?rt t.hx? thn 81 D?t> r frr m flew llnBipeblrefor the Being who.e n#ne | lie it l?i ii - nil. ii i1??< cm led uu tin# Hour by the Huiift| tor from New HNtnp-hire VP tlai ? mild \lr Pratt to O'dar 'i* rh "glni; h' n wlih having dppcrrntpd tbe name of the Almigh'v. I Mr Pratt dbRVOWet liaviug utelru ti >u eip >i?lon The Chair arid h#* did not und> r?*.a!<d the rxprraeion Of llir Piou'or ironi M tr \ land. a.- Mr Halt did. Mr Pkiii In concluding hi- remark- raid, lfh? j I'lrr made thr moti o to expel the S-na'o" tr-a Vw 1 York, f c would ninet < h-ertullyr inrludu thr deiiaior iri'in N? w Hemp l in nl-o j Ait-r fur'h> r d< l>?t?. Mr ?m"n lm?nt war rvjectvd Ycaa I. n:iy- 4i Tb? ^"nato then Adjourned. Ilouar ?if ItrpttlicnUllTM. BY BAl.N'h KU?CTKO-t Mr.Mil At. TKI.KURAPn. Wiihinoiiii. July 2'i, lSii). ri'BLir Eir npitukl* in 1hk oiathict. Mr IIahhis, of Illluoid ffered rerolution which wnr udopti d. rai'.lng n tfe -ecetrry of th?Tre?-ary to turulxb lh? Hoiiip with all the amounts exp-nd-J hy the government tor public huildinga. gmnndi, rtatuary. trrpiH bridge* canal and tnt?C"l)aneoui ob- j jpcta. in thui L>illrict. tbe commencement ot thr ec avion. oiitrr la' os. The blU reported yenerday, to glto cvary man or woman. h> ad ot it family, a ijuAitir nctiou of iuud free of coat, wa< taken up Mr. Kaown, of Mica ra'ppl, brl?'llv expla'n-d an amendment which hi 'n'euded to offer, not givlnj abrolute title to the lea ia but continuing in force the pre-emption lawa n< w in loreo. to rxtead to all the territory ot the I nitoj Stater Ilia drlju war to secure the laud an homer in perpetuity, to make bi tter men. encourage industry, and add to the aggregate aealth id the country Mr biapito*. of Teinie?-ee. raid it wai erldent tie llou.-e war not uow prepared to act on the bill, aud it war referred to the b'oiuuiiltee of Uia Whole on the tate ot the I nion Air Moure moved to recnn-lder th- vote He characteriaed the rotemr pro|a>red a* a m mrtrou* ayrtem I of corruptl n for th'1 peroore of making to ruppoit the gov rumenl flic giving away the public land will do for a Itttia while, ar !<<ng a? the aire- ivt. V ben there become eahau-ted people will want to run th>lr baadr into the treasury. and take. lartaad of let) aerea. that many dollarr ft wa? a nouiHugging, aiounroua aeheiue ?t corruption and au open viola- j tlon ot the rourtllull n aud lawr lie v?< iu favor of j rediicit'g and graduating the priee of laudv. to enable wort hy men to obtain bomer lie repeated that the irheme wax to tak-money out of the treasury, and give It to men wlibOLt any eon-ideration whatever, lie war unwilling to take away tbo proper Ineentlvea to locate, and give tbe landr to |nw tired vagabond* to be found in tbe purlieur. aud force tbrtn to take land, whether they will or uof He Kave way to Mr Ho ckar t>. (di m ) of a lobama who said that tha I gentlemen, he would bet. could ecutfle for voter ar well ar aoy other. A good guvn uin.-ui ear tbe only way to gi t voter He propored, if the bill could be pui into j a Mtuallob to enable Dim 'O Ol-Cll-a till- public Und rj a't ui. to do ro Ho *i ui'l allow how t it in hill. In Mead of eneouraulnp Fourb-riem will no to put It down becauae it will enlarge l ha mini her of freehold m The heat mode <>t raieiug revenue waa to hare the public lande tilled, that the product* wight he exchanged fur aullable g<"Mia. Mr. Fowiaa roM* to ape?k Mr Mn*??. did not >b Id the floor If heceuld atranple itae iiiiouitoue mon?ter now he would do mi aud he expreratd the hope that the bill would be laid nu the table. Mr Bxoww. (detn ) Mlra,. rei|ueat>-d Mr. Morae to an-pend bla r< mark* till he could aak a word of explanation Mr ilnait did ao. Mr known underatood the pentleman to aaaall thla ' ui?aaure aa unconstitutional lie wauld a-k the Ren- ' tleioen whether thla pneernment did not pi?e to Louta. iana four buiidn d tboHaaud arrea of land aud whether tbeee prai.tato her were uncoiialltutioual and unju-t Yrh i an give lauda to sovereign tttatea. aud pamper the rich to waka the lordly more lordly You nan give i lnriia to corporation- you ran pin to everything aud , fteljkeej. except the brave-hearted mldier wi o l^htl I ll.e tat ilea of the country. Tht? cla-a ia d> iiminced by the p> nib n-an *a low bred vagabond* and a? un worlky of hi* protection He (Riomoi waa a friend to tbi pi nib man and to the tolling iiillllona. ai.d he ihonld like to hear the genllruau u-inp ?uch Unguag* in hie dtalriet. the eottattira there 011 the ciiMie laiida Th? p< ntb men. b. lor. in- c uietilurntu 1 old* more humble language \ ban t.e doe# here lie | ft old nrd lell them " J? n are a lo tf\jig low bred act of I til uent" but would talk to Ih'-m in different t rma while rleotionarrliip The g?ntI- man may be a demagogue at home but hate t l? language la dlflereut lie | (Itiown) waa fur ahlOd'ng the poor inari from their 1 lard hearted oppre-aora If a man be wurlhleve la ! ttai a teeaon why we rhould not rare fur hi* family .' tiire to t lie druukard a wile, a bi me. and ?k? will j adorn It. bin- a iU leaeh h? r children to lure the ao|| If you a ant to make p.*>d clfa-ti* of thoae lo illnp vagal onds proti el, and not dene unci- tbeui aa ilea,d-ed , and depraded. He tbaoked the peutleman from l. iul'- j iaaatkr Morre) eol fur hie apee< b but tor hta cour- i tor In yleldiap the florr Mr hokM: rlalmeil the floor. ? Mr (dim) of Tcnioww iV>nt tb* *ain* i llDir moved tola/ tliB fUuUoa lu rtentbliltc oa til* labia MirS roufti?ton rr???ll?1 rntilH ahlrh Mr Mi Mi 11 in, (deiu ) of 1 Irglnla, *?? reconciled ? Hi di'iml mm tl.?f tlii- g>utl<mau from i.oimui , i *i< dpi jmtlriMi In hi* refl- tlon* on the I'ommltte* i ot iiiltllluii who reported the bill u? co-nipt ng an I I deviating If inUiunn kul nalml uaiil the e>wn- j nut ire lad explained lb* hill, thry would not h<m j I urtaji d tlom ? d'niicjiii'i If thl< wb? demagog- ' lim the < < mnilllro who reported the bill worn dent* 1 Pino, II* mbmltti illo I It* llou?e ami lh? country to *ay iillrr llm rilitli iniin'i i|in< h to whinh *1(1" he Imifiil Ilia ihanmlrr ol demagogue* II* thanked Mr Brown tor having obtained the Bnor and replying to Mr M*or. lit >lmull Him la to ur the gentl*m*u I fr<m l.ouelei a go into hi* dieliirt and ?p*ak a* be ti ol { 11, la meruitg vgaiurt I |o.?* who aeie not horn % h* wan with a nl?< r ?poon i?>ita?? mou'h. |l.aii|limr and voire* ' hit hini ?g?tn.") Hp would a*k whether 1 I.out* Ian a did not nnlo ha* portion of th* dMrthu- ' tloa of lha proceed* of lb* aalaa of thr public land*? I \ Irpinla which h* (Mr MrMml-n' re pre-antwd Mora- ' rd Itit prifirid bribe *ad will never take It Tha ??h?llltile of Mr Hrowo lo the Mil would have the (II- 1 r?rt vffart of prol? rltit lh* poor *palo?t the Ian I tor* and plralva lie dairit *ay, there wa* ihb clvaranter of people In Louisiana who bad become nrh hp pouarir p on rvttler* ami robbing them of their h"**-*. *ad by piovreutln* aid fpanbb rialui* M bore U the evidence of fie corruption charged by the gentleman ' 1 I* tt tnoro ?o then the <ll*ti Ibotlon ol the proceed* ill the aale* of the public land* ' Mr B*m v ntuvid to proceed ta the b?*iae*i oa the Ppoakrr > table Mr Mi Mi i* a?krd whether Ihl* wa* courteou* to hlBi ' lie had mnrly gtfoa way tu hia colleague for explanation (Laughter ) The hrkatta *a>d a* lh- morning hoar had expired. Mr Bayly had a right lo interrupt hi* e?liragu*, and to irake the motion Mr. Mnar* vanli il an opp< rt unity to reply, lie tr?**> *? lie m*rk* are out of order Mr. lUtit I tlmorht it B) duty to aiak'tha nmtl"H ink' llrlii# lk>lil tht ( ? !' mtn troin l.nnl-lat>? ha* a right to ptoraad. tin j ran vuto doau tin- aioti. i, Mr l>?atrt? I aah n>athar a inn'inn to tohr up tha jirltilf taht.dar ?til ant t?k? priority * (hauahtar ) Tlitniiik- lit only motion in nrdar la i hat ol til' pr nth man fhnm ? ttir 1)0' tlrn ana tah?n and tha llooaa rrfatrd to n arid. r tha borloa*# on tha Pp. akar'r taN?. Kr. Mi Nrum liadi Mtnaiainnrk<. ?h-n Mr !>?> . of Md nMalnad tha (|n..r and tata a portion nt hlr tltna to Mr Mom* wh<> .o'd It ??" rary arldant In m th? tlutti rinp ? hlrb had lr.? a?t? ru aaad that tla ta? ttiiiatard raada. ahl"l ha had 'brown mi at rtt'di m bad rff'rtad pat tla man ni t far from Mr (I.atiphiar ? Rot tha rtnd.atlta but tha a??rm n?nnar In ahlrh b? had barn oaaoiltd bp lh?a? with h'-nt hr hail h?ao on trh tntlp trtan akutt Ihalr ahina an nut ar tl Irk aa that nt thr thlnnr?r?o (laanahtrr ) If tha pinll n an tri m Ml??t?ai|ipt arm** Inln tha fourth * M pra?atnnal IHrttlrt nt l.nii|?iana b> oil) Hud that thr ItI>|| laaar It Mnrar talk* tn tha panpla ttiaro a* ha (1oa< h?rr. If youpnno wtth all thaaa n n< rap** VtBt tha |.|ia nf pr'tarVap tha panpla yi.n atil Para Hub far top hh and arklnp * >? tn plant m.n for tbm Ihatipbtar.) It' admitted that ha tntad l?r tha Mil pltlnp i rtain aaan>p land* to l.outata ua for ih'tiamti that thai Plata ha.l rarlainird mllllnn' td tktM im Ua |i'f?rkBttt. thu- hrtapmp in .n y into tha Iftarnry. and It woo mdl tup hut ju<t that aha rliMild ha r? 1B1 Mit>i <1. althMiph iha landa wtilui'it diainagt a" anrlhlaa* lla raid that ha had h-ra ana at h> Bia natt'cmd an nd'pandmt pn.ut<>B. and alttr r< ma r< mat k? In m pin. ha n m irk ad that ?krt ha alltidrd to rapahond* h? an ant tho?a *k(i ran I no l??y t? wmh No n>ai> baa a rtpbt to a*k (ba p"T rtv | ni't l l< fltrblti hikn linf dally I raatl. an1haam?H n a ra <1t|l?i < t,ra baiwrrn tar np thr pn?'rnt??nt In il.a ft rpt ? f Ion!*'. and 1 h" pf iiaaada of th" landa and ptrtt p It It A ar II . harauaa ha bappi-nad tn la ntifnrttt ala Mr Fiof ?d . la antItlrd to t lia floor -whan tha I Ml la apaln tain n np 1 hr In or# a?nttnta Cr tr mttfaa r f th. tkd# nn tha Plata ?t iha I olnn rn Iha Mtluary mv h II TI.b <l?l !' ?? *f.nHt,ii?il In ?*?. tj? ?r,| ? j?a?*Ti'?y

m IkFtiltrHmJ tbn I'tofoMm <>i lr?t rb Bid ftiBBiag 11 n iMntlti ? w? *n?l tb* I' />? ? rnnn?rr? 4 In tb? kiM^ikl II fltm I Iti >.rlr <1 kilhri B-f m bi.n to il>* In 'MM* 'a hfttb atnl l?n??lnf ; Ikiil ^Militf ubiIIui! ih iihI m tn? ?Mn? r*l M it. a 1 hi Mil *? ? ?? 44 ??4 lb* III U? t l*i'f?i#, Muimr ^ibi.hlH nt lUlftt. II. iiil,<a | M IM*. 1h* 110 ?i?U ihM ? ??. *i>4 ?*ll*4 *1 innf 1 B'rltBlL H u.4 k?*k im? Ik* N?*t . RK I run DA V, JULf 27, 1850 Kleruilnn of furmi'i for th? ^Ittxlrr of hla AVJIe id T?'P < hllilrm. ?t lit J 111 r d") H'|) A hoot on* hundred peraona wIVBumwI the execution of Ft aiat r, f hi? niornlr g.A large ?*< rollwlml alunf tli* jril tomp of whom clamheVed "n th? roof of the adjoining lu?o?e, and rttafiirhcd Hje funeral exerciaea hy their dunxnlnrit ?hout?. Two well dreeeed y- ung lafli-n. hi-fore Htm prlmner li fi hla call, entered th? ji?H yard. ?ippnd *d th-a dIowa. and Inapeeted. with louka of rurloaity. tbw Implant ut a of iirrullcn 8i vcral other lemalra ware admitted to the jail _>.?arjl, t(> wilnirr the i xeention While upon the acaffold, Pearmu rewd hla Rihte wii'tV great apparent devotion, and wh? n the rap wan drawn over hla fare be appeared to be eugaaed In prayer llo aerended the atepe ol t b* gallon ? with tirmn"*a. and, aa he walked upon the drop gavu a laet lock at the auu end the arene around him lid war hung at lmlf-pKet ten o'clock, and made a full confervion of hla guilt. He died alrnnat without a truggle. The following U the apeech made hy Pearaon on the gallowa : ? I abenld like to ray a few woTda Re prepared to dh n.y trienda-aeek anlvation. fbia U the Intpph-et death of any. If only prepared to die I hope mil iniat Id tlod. end that I am going to he with Him In Heave* 1 rvronmit nil you all to the Holy Word ot Ood, and pra> that we may all Pieet in (leaven " The following la hla own confeaiion:? ' I with to ubbnrden my anul and free my confidence of whatever I "iighf. with all my h-art, nnd under the eyi of my Mak> r, who will judge nie anon I declare aa followa Truly of th- death of my wife Martha II Pearaon and of mv two twin children, Ntrah and Lydla I runfraa that I myaelt ali ne took tlolr livea. on the morning of the 11th April IMP. between the houra of two and four o'clock Thla la the time, aa nearly a? I can reedli ct, and thei-e are the principal clrciimalancea Oo the Ihth April. I drank ale to exeeev; I went to mv hrnther Henri'a. In Ken .atl-M .i>?-i took an umbrella. kl*eed my daughter Mel|?aa. told her I waa gwing to Piovtdencc. and tlon parted I went down Pmnont utrw-t and Ti to a elnh hou?e and got a pack of eard-t; then I atruck over to Providence depot and loft thrm I went to lloylrrton atroot and obtain- d a ahoe and knile at a ehoemaker'a, then nb>atii?d a vial of laudaiium at an apothecary'*; then I went to Merryroan atreet and pot a bottle ?f (tin I then went to the Low* II depot, and left In the rare for Wilmington, I think about oil o'clock. When arriving at Wtluiingtm. I a?ki d whoa the car* left for llcwton in the morning. S'niie one an a?< red. nod handed me a Pa/Vtndar I then lett for uiy bl ue*, where my wile and two children wore living 1 went over through tbewrx <f? and. rtupefletl with liquor, pal loet It *> a kind PrnvMcnie to hold tne hack, awl knowing where I war Wh> n I got through I looked round for war time, and raw my barn T -aw a light in uij bourc I tapp'don the windew; M*.-*h* c.tuia and raid ' who'a there ?' " Daniel." I an* wered. line Conie to the door and lot bio In I rat down and aha got ire a nip of tea and I took rnpper. Shortly after, rhe Ittired; I rat op a little while l?y the atove. and then went to bed with mv wife I got up. went out. and returned again to b?d between two ai d toar o'clnek 1 did thn fatal deed after the Ant tlinot which I think did not wouud her Martha got the khtfo away from ine I know not how and held it by the handle. It ?M hard to g?t it again and tn the dark 1 nired the blade in my hand- and in wrench ing It. rplit the handle and got the blade aaay IP m b-r. II the handle had not been broken, the deed night not have been accompli* Had? In doirg thu deed. I rut my hand* badly ( then overcame her. and in the rtruggle ahe c W tit. Mb' Phi lei Daniel, don't murder m* murder' murder!'' I ph-rrtd he! in the Deck, eh" then got on the floor IP oi the bed; ?br then cried -Oli my Mod"' f, || on the flror. and died I do uot know how the pillow ua* under lo-r harnh ilept on the hed wi'h my wife; rhe | awoke and cried I pierced her alro In h- Deck and "he died. I.)die awoke andcrawled on lire beg raytngaome. ihing and lauphu g. I think I put inv hrini no her bead al.g plcreeg ller In the D?Ck After t tn * lam-lilatiln deed waa ftutehed. I -aid ' How could I have done It." Now I acknowledge, aa I have often and repeatedly. that Martha gavn tr r no eatt*e. n> it her III at j mminer or at any lime to do tbl deed I war not ! nloue of m) wif> all her children without dnuht were I, i >r Ml.. meul mi man m.,i w.OI i.f n n I cannot i <-11 ?ly I did lb? il?di titf nl that I axled away lleture Intmi (be lmu-e I kindled* lipht to ilreiv by I lett my wife " the lt'a>r bar. 11 K put tie kuila In her baud* ib>< children on tie bed the laudanum bjr her on the tahlo. j Hh the rarda and u?t.>? sue if thirh I xi?n> d. tn > tendii>ic to make the Imprexxlon that Martha alter de. ! atrujiiK lite I'hlldreli had romi.iilteii xiiiaioe When ' |dlt| nut the hark dnnr I croxeed the wix>de to a hi not. and I here naelied my per*vn o? my nlfe'a and rklMhlt'l Mond I Ifcaa IMMid my ahir*. hlrh a* inin in the ?t turtle, and bloody The hi e>d i on n>y rlean ahlrt iletn wax my nan blood At- 1 ter wiping myarlt allh the ahlrt ehmh I took off. I miled it up carried It to Rorlon and xunk It lit tha water Joit below tlr Piovldenoe depot. Ilia body waa taken to hla unlive plaaa. Wilmington. i the eecueof 'be murder for burial He lost all hope of a reprieve after ha haard tha re'ult In the earn Of Profeaaor Weheter brum Wavhlanten, oc* Mtrui *1 M.koka piiic cuiHtrflynnci. W*?MiaoTua, July 28 1*00. It la now currently reportvd that Mr. Kemp. tha newly appointed benalor lorn Ohio, wiii appoae tha I'r'Biprouilee bill. Ueneral l.>>pe* la hera. Ua arrived in tha city laet nl(ht. I)p*iitii| af Lwulaatlle and Ktw Orleans Lot;it*ii,LR. July 24. 14*>0. The O'ltallly Lino. bet wen Lontafllle ami Now Orl-ana. in now working ?it?ceai-lully Thin great lm? la nearly 1100 nailaa long, larludtog th* hrauob betw?n ruajumbin and Mriupbia 1 La lower end ufj.rrj haaly Iroaj lha tntwi?l of the Mood-aippl and I Oh K ut u< k y * nd ? alnio?4 ruin-d ly tkf pr-weedtnga ?a?ln>i Mr O Uetily lor all-g--d oobteuipt of r < irt but a'l lix> born r- anil repaired by Mr. U lte.ll/. altar Ung aad nrduoua f?rli. K< aaalna ut Ltntral Tayiar, *r. / Kaw Oaaaaaa, July 21 IIM Tba Council request the Hoaernor of tbe Pteta to appoint luu ritlama of the Mat# to e?<, rl ilen-rel layiora remain* bono the Mat# paring lha wa-ie Ipttrtl of removal and burial A In occurred In tba Third Mantelpelily on the 1Mb tnat It eouaunird Taylor a dim abop and lice othar bunaae. Dtatha or Ulelliigalthrd Ptepla. July ad IBM The Il? n Daniel P King, member of Congreaa fro? Dl-trirt No 2 died yeetarday, of djeenUry. contracted at ? a-bineton Heaaonable eipeetati-ae af hli r"? eery were entirtalneil until Wednesday laal Tlia funeral, which wae prlaate, to-.t plana th -alt-raon. at banaera. PtBiiiel II Wallay, aen , ona of the moat noted lohabltanta of Rogbury, died at Hurlioatvn. yesterday. I Lai laein.a, Jaly 24. I'M). cba|man Cob man. the aon-ln law of tba Hon Mr. Crittenden. died I.era on Pundaa laal. muah regretted. Lata finma Maiiuia. Cnaai ??roa Jnly IS, IVrO. Thartcamar Irab-l haa arilaed. with blty two pvaaangara. fortj.two prlaonaa* had been aeleaaed. and put en b? ai d I ba frteala Cor g?e?e Ona had be--11 pardoned lha mat of the Oeorgiaaa and nuaau Laud ara eliU under Inaeatlgai'on I.alor fioiu lulia. >? ? On um July 25. two Tba atram*r Tay at M' Mlf m lha 2l tt< ?i li Wt? t rut (! >< uf ita - 17th Ib/1 . Ibi f h' i#m |? at ill raging In W fk? ?* " I' nnlaptiant Th- kr?*ii?llla ya^r'l '! Ik* I7lh ma'am nrnutili r f Ilia r|aaal|nk >4 th- nuloffll* kill lltrf) titular Tyt ih la* t"f aiufilarlng t lyinin I'ltt ill , al?n alnnlar rt'iHliaiM <>f H*|ti Wi" I"' It ti'k n Tt>a Indiana tiiiliaua trnil.laauai aaar blllitlllr, hut in |nt innnwtt. 4 na|it?t?ua Utath wl n?ly. A. a*.\i July 21 H'/l A ynttng lady, nauiad Tti iu' m aaitl la h- I tilily ttryi citmrtid 4-ail in tha n?l??n Id i?>, tbi? afWrnnaa. aha ?nli?il kaia i?-t W .Haiti ay aid tn day kit kani>n 4m* t'.tailklil krkti Ii)im tk? waUlliii.ii > nri>k>n #.j.. a m l ? ?> 'IUI.1 ci >i? ha i.t.a and ill* ia|ygaril lnim ii inilur ?l i|| ri taim. n. i. a Hliti at via iaaiyvl ami In 'jar ywaa.lon * ta ti vi tl littara ta|ti tria'nr ? '< rton. O-aaral llalrt. and othtra nl kt? llan p birr. tin at ft*.Mla, Ac. * ni La. July 21. MtO An ailrfr|aa hi'il, ra'lail .h? Hanil) limi-a. la tb i I'tara ?aa di'ttnyad h) jia |nlatUj tit tn n* lli a Iih y i I * at tti i mat. a a at nard at frttairnU, Hi b Narai a. i n tha trat AU.Iidiiig ? Riaaltyi Hi, n . ita July 24 1440 I a ittm? xaiif rn?r f f Vr I'MI. ? itftrrinl m Ikit | art ul> Mall I !,..? hj a a?r? "ailit, I HiiittN, aa? 4i<4 || frt b<Mir. [ERA Additional Purlieu I an of tht* H tor in. 11 rum ill* AlluHi} Slid* K?*i-f*r July '?? j T> ? In kv) laliih on Tliundii) anrt I ridMV dtr* pro di;? u tfi* ui< kt extendi* and <li?n-troti? flood, In tli" H?k| u m ii ith irHiutane*. *r kr.o?n nt. thin *.t ibt yfir and thr ?at*r h?? ht|(h*r In tb? Mr< t* < 1 AH at y tlmn li Iihh In en at nny Mm* for viiail year* Tin* rt?*r eoutiau*'#! rwiu* a?l Ft?day him! f*aturday. and It wan not until ^alirda/ ntorMi u thpt ir n inmeno-d mib"iilMig n r\ *|i?wfy hiiJ V at;null) itulffd Thew?t*r niifit'ii up the ari'l ii ?? tubily up to tli* Mioud utory or thf n(i>r?*if ou it man? trm-t ?** *u) n>? rg? d to t h* d*pin ot mora tbati thr** f**t aod the **t?r extended totherrrb h??ij?h un the atMcin hid* of ftrnxtfway. oppod'* to tl? rtonib'Ht UmJuj^t coTt no* all tin* inti r up li,"* AII I bo ?lil"' atrnwt* loading from t b? ri??r f llchd^Hj wrre Mjlion ruxl a? l?r ? he.ii ircvt and mum oflh<ui boy old Aooo*? to th? b'liiao* Padiug tnthi pitr war put iff t'xcpt by "P"?m xutl baal< 411 | 1u 1 bo h- Hix" *t (bp loot of llMjiilr- a "trM. a re*u<ar letfy fKtahlMod u ratt being 'liei'lred frmn tb? hi foge u> n? ar Rti.?d???, bj whuhabowt wax hauled lb tu.d #10. whlrh did a hrbk bueitirmr, earning I ariorger*' to m.d trim the ?.in<<u? eteawo -at* 1 N1 < fl? clii r4 Ilii- f'??| lie d nilot bun- been rery (li<lottnui The meroliatit* had no expi ctal ii Ji* of the >t d riHrbim the lop of ibt- pur. aud enampiKnUf iti' pteparatb ii* Lad two a made for ?uob an rfrut A bom niidiiliitrt " idny however ibi-y ?i m?iiinrj at their ririu?ura? aud lutoruied of t lie g ri al riSt thwati r Being tlon ue-ily .j> to the pier ami iniovediutely every 1 X oil ion mar .?dr t? rnninr uirel.nDdiae Ke . to plare* cd uturity. whirh wer. In moat ra " ? ruceen-jlil altboi gl> a i-Uiall q.antil y ol dour ?ra? partially witt.-d All llfrrllirii ol Hrondwav and all tbe nin ety eant ol it. ??ri- doodad: and t hi* it tbe ?evat h tinn thl* >e?r thai tin int reliant* and ol cilliirr bain been I iirin'd out of pia?p-?iou by tha lloodr tin I bo aotmiiK of Saturday a mir-idi-raMr uura hi r of logM j arxrii iloou tbe rin-r .rid Inter to tb? day, ron.i luiubir Tii'iu tin- oppir part of Iba pur rarrird off. tbo water hariug ri?cu hi*n puou^h to dial it off All the irlaudu lu tin* river wire aubnirryi'd ffa *ril ?. tbo low laniln bord- rioy the rirer, and 11 iirh daniay* nno-t onaue In ri>nae>}ni'ii?ii. the | bland* toiUK demraily incwplrd a* TaffetaM* Kardnna. and he llouu mol uaim wiatUrr will probably di'rtroy all the rrop* a* ?1 nti vor In cut will b? rw^pt off and what in uot will bo laid low. and 1 bo ilopo-U nt in ltd I will lirvront it ?ri r nunluir to nnvthiiiw. fbo Ian inm I <>t till- pa**enger* tVnia the New Vork boat*. yesterday, war. a cwrlou* sight I'he mo?? b ate cart* tin., w?re all hu*y terrytug the paesenger* to the Iry laud mud whenever m be'*k u river. more courageous tiiwu tliu int. drove id with the oter up to the horses' hacks. Mud marly in the boltujn of the carriage, he vu sure ot' a load A correspondent of the Philadelphia .Vor/A .hurttmn, Ot lb* klfd instant. writing trotn 1'ottsville. Pa . under date ot the 1'J'h instant. *?y* . ? A tremendous storta baa beeu raging here, since Vt'edio-d ij rvruing which el til continue* It baa caused all the stream* to overflow. and ewrlled the (ii'bu)lkill ?o a* to deluge all iha reade In the neiyhliorhoi d of It Tb? turupike, frona Mount t'arhon tw tfcliuy Ikill lluveu. I* Impassable In mauy places for carriage* Fbr tidewater boat lludtoil, lying above the tlaui at Mount Carbon parted her fast* *bout five o'clock thi* uf'eruoon ?ud. lu her deeerut carried away th> loot budge at the Mount Carbon dam. passed under the turnpike and railroad bridge, and vuuh at the ttrat daui below Mount I artion A tr< niendou.v body of water la pourtug In from every ijuarter A scmw broke loose at bcbuyl- 1 kill liaven thia morning whleh earned away tha 1 I redertcksburg bridge, below hrhulklll liaveu tiraat t. are are ntertalmd lor the vatety ot ail ot our bridgea j across tha hchuylkllh A number of the stops* In the region hare been J driven out. aud I fear the storm will do a Urge amount Of damage, and check the ahipiuaute for eoiue tunc 1 he nnt paper, of tha aatne data, say* We learn fr m a lattir received l<y a geuth man ?f thi* city.that on the morning of the IMh ham No 1 ot th- Delaware and Uudron Company a work* broke aud tUodad Car- j bondale. tilling the cillari and damaging property to a < oneiderabla eitent Hut the nio*t eerNiwa di a-ter winch taaever betallen ihl* company occur* by iha I givpg way of tha dam which ha* diverted the I-wckawena Iroin lt> natural ahannel at Carboudale In returning to itr < la > hanurl all the rune* at tbta | |>la< < weir luddrnly tilled with water Tln-ae coavli- | luted the Urg- at portion of the company's oparatlona | -where It bar egcaeated coal lor more tbsn twenty i yeare and extend over many arrea Without other i aid than the pump* heretofore In us* It I* euppoaed I It.r mine* cannot le cleared tor month*. The minea | at AirMlalil were above the water, and *afe Two I hoy*, brothers Wei* oiowu-d In the utiiaea?on* hue I It y ir ue tn to warn the other ot th* danger 1 he kiiiladt l|h?a J.?rfg*r. ot the ?kl lust . speaking ot the vtorni *t lieading My* -The river at thi* plac* ' rnaa ratiifllk Mil (lav klid la*i tiidlit lK?< wktnf I rit?k)d tbi-lfkl mail) u|> (<> tbt- uitrk ol ilieuieuio- | rable treabrt ot 1MI 1 lie rnel Hil l mod w barter and ' 11 til) r )?rd? along tb~ IkoIiii fcia Ciiinplelelp rub j n crpd. mnli|U?nllii?i<if tlnir conlenla will. Uoitol- i l?i In- cairnd ? iij Maup (twilling bouaua. Ituia j Wnler rtieet to k'rout ilrwl and at tome poluta a . high up aa flerond rtieet are more or leaa Inundated. I lid during pi rterday afli r? oou and la?l evening their fhDitl a were fa.-t leaning th-in and re iiiovlug tbelr bi unbold guoda. franklin itori la under water to within belt a r<|iiarv o| Nronil el net, t'heanut elreat atul rtrev Ir below about I lie raiue. and i'nunl aireel which ektrta Ibe rin?r to the eouih M aim oterllowu Hie water ht lug an? of tile h< ucua .S or I h oft be I'i nt) etreet bridge the flood ba? aim enrroarhrd tu an ?i|iial an lit upon terra Jii mm overflowing Iheatrwet* and liiunualii g bourne the rata eoutiuuid to fall etradllp up to a lale hour laat night, and ualrM It rook reaeee we fear tha frrrhet ban nat pet dene ita ' worat Ar In e? Id'oca ot Ibe Isnieuaa Ijuan'ilp of | rain whleb baa faih n we map atate that tbe hollow la . Walnut rlreel between Third and fourth, la tilled I ?itb water to i he depth ot eanetai leal, and praaeuta tbe ap|i arance o| a u-t pond which had alwapa eaMid there W'eomi t? d to atate above, that two a< <|Ut<lncir of tlie I nton 'anal. wbleb rroeaed the Tulpehnrben a few uitlea ab< we Heading were carried anapbpthe flood It wee reported laat night . t hat the l'o|ier Not bitilge thr-e anlta below town bed been rwept nwap but a a hope the report la untrue 1 be iform el Thurrdap utght tit gnat damage to tint ' tiuit and other tieea lu ibla vlrtu-lp. A gnat manp flue trult Una which prounaad an abuuilaul ptrli, were torn up bp the roote. or Htnpped nf iheir heaiieat I ranrhi a I be abada treaa in our atreela al>u auflered tetlOUe den ag" h mi ara enMrelp pioeliat d and eearrilpeup earaped the luaa ot liuib* Our atreela. In all ilirertiena ate alrewn with braiu'lma aurt hant. aa tin i gli a but III all l.nd |aed I.or ua Home InJtitp waa alao oone to holiaea lu the loan ot milling, rlilnatp' he but we do nut lu ar of damage In tbia *?) In aiip great relent It i* lUipoaHible lu giee nupthing like the particulate of Ibe atoruj nud fiealiet la tbla dap a rater hut wa bwtlera w* bate haaMlp akelrbi d above ibe maiu larte relative to the dieaalrra wbn b lave ihua tar iranapirvd Ibe Vn aton New Jerrep ifanirta of tbe 2iud in?t . ape:?Ibe terml rata lanead tbe river to ralae higher than at anp time ainre the great frediei of litu. It la rttpptei d that It waa twelv> hit above Ita uaual heel All Painrdap Ingr rawed timber, feneea and variiiU' klud ot luiabwt came d<>wa tbe river, and tha rhore war lined wnli a<rn women and children *ecur> I leg It Pvvrral canal tenia and aeowa aim pn--ed mill and mme Wood anik ltd feel long auppu?ad ta have be?ti conneat<d wiih the canal worka at New llope lodged In the creek mar ktotrl.vllle Wa heard that tha 1'elenare III virion of tba t'anal waa ocrrflowid ai d the bank lead given aap at I i ntre Bridge, and thai In the anon- irrigator boi d ale ut Blip rheip bad been drowned, and aome wile n ruiiij* nar- ???? man arani (town the |ml of l<f raft hating got on at Taylorn* a ilk- be ?a? tab-a < fl at lt?utb Traaioa The fla'iug at art u>> d U7 the I ,1? in t rrett ?? upael In a large lira.aaitlh ki-a- hail t<> land h> r pa eng. ra?n th>- Malt# at the K< U>?* Mill In l.aaik>r<?a a large tuatarnf lim air? Oi.a u dnnu by lh? gallon Thai ??l?y aatWf # W had la ahiO ih-lr anrhmage to a?> al It* lurj Tli"I l?k at H habit a at" ?a) a I hl? la I ha lai ga?l natar that I a- il ?ir.ra gi Thi MfrreoataiHul W n.a iibill iiilililat luurali.g ?iu?a ikn It fatten atarathit 111' n. t ha ll'?t'0 ('< ?tria?, July HiVJ Th? lata >t< in> aaa aery enrera at Ilia V.rtb At lliitUagtiD It n a>ni inred rati, It* on Tbiwday morn lag. tkirk raailgtu Uttmiliaai frlila; l.h>?lag ?a- , Itl'lj Ik lattar til/. W a ta< a baaril alto 4taaatara on l.i ha I'l ani|>l la The ita?a ahtah left linnlngton lor hiiataa mi fotarla; moralag |.rara?clr l -iMj to Lain Vi aiiai W < ? ahara. it aaa nwd that a nier tiling I- .? a a>hail out tba hti'lga bvt l.n ki u In tha nt'ia an?t !? |iioi igm had In walk annul I ha liaih. At tiaaaau a lao aula# la)i?4 thag tuok ho rttgaa aa tli' irnia na'.g i nn ao Ian hat hear lira tar. na hi ?ga ?>a ranted away anil at Itartnotllla lha (1MB lit iiiniaoaratlo aaah aa?j an aothoiikIt" ? id lha tallica# IK litt d>>p la aairral ptaaea laiirn, htiuu iiir ami Wlloai filli tba ttaag ?u India > tjang lha t-ala Inaa lha gullitali mart fr.*B thi t'di i ti l ttual ilna <>a I iliiay I* M M tot atrltrd ah*a tha train Irft'or a rn Mm,.lay and thar a aita ma, r? ?f aoaah Injury on lha li,,a nt thin 11 a I read Around Monipeiiar. lha mm van of l"i ty i lal I h or* duration an lull and ao rapid, a If. m a a rlaa rt rtrer* a hoar thalr h-da. and hibi h |,t? p? fly a a? Inat lha 'Itk'l rtaar ran e?-n *llb lha Il'iita If M, a||,r At Itlhal, haitnt ftortt fl-lrf and !<<hainn It la rap'.rtad that mi ?n. ilix bad tu n | a*ay 01 i|<< >ii|i??? iii ik? \ iim M i vtitial Haliruad tc li i t n 11 t?. I In i,i y> I gpraa*. lh*t tha Irani uf vara k fl. b-tl hi rv n l i il.j mrmiif prwvai < 4 up III* l.i ill l.trm.l Mi.rikiiii ami l antral rna4n Waal Hrl.lli l| h ?ki|i It |I III d (liat Ikr n ad k-y.iad an* 1.1 pair li tmrvtii IIJ a !h an iH(iKa ?a pif(! ? a i f It kail kn ii ?i * * il ?? y ky tha t.iud It waa I ht>r? hi hat ih ia.Mn i ii. a I; i an mail ami 14 l? ma da ft' il tiiday i t li uiilay . auu U ?a? nii'l-raluiHt i hat I kl Itapaff III ika M all Inlaa li N rflh 1. I .| anl lllir. lll'pti a aria vnatMn it In tha k ?a III a |?? ai,l?*Ma 1 ki rara It fi It vat Randolph at 111 A M ya-li r lay. III! t il t kliak li| ' ti ti.a -u nll liltd*a of a< lua Ulty tial aln III ll.ut n.llv* upon Ik# kfirlhvm al'lv "f I'llli-I ah la II I pa-Ilia*f? aalkiit around. tmiK *? i hi r liain aid pftmdid <u WH/uttf tthallna. W? k Bin lunki r ilial ik? t'a-Miirp ir rnad 'ap?d lltlal no|- hi Il.ji iy - that tha kitlltvan Had had I?iy ?< ?? ? all d>B.ap? all ui I* ur milaa bain* Wlnd? T tl atid ikal Ikv Ir jnty ky dalaplhu aad flifanaa( kl ?| n all ihv ri?a> It yrvalvr. n>?i| arailralf, Ihaii iki nfi mv rt r*|aif >M 111 I . i 11 ih R, ) J. I la uf Ik' <h ln?t ?ata I V. mi. a | a.?i.?i fralla l>ur llaad ih*t th* rki ira I a? In l>i ii t ut la a ?" ' * ima at dntib t adlmp Piv inMt?ii 11 vh jJa/r ipvl' p? 'bur-day, . ?t<tu;"tiiai; LD. TWO CENTS. liitrrrsttfiK from Trim. Thr fnllowli It tr tb? prorUtnkfton Umird by Qdy, > b* 11 for lb* cif thr Lr|iilatin* :? i H hi rci? In thr "pinion of tbe K irrfltirr. %n ' '>< < ?i lion" Shu (rimnf.trt d ^Inrr tbr ?i|j<uirocnrnt of th? l?nplf'ttnrr Hiirli hk roritrreiilatol in fhr ?<io?tit itton, imoirlng li ii?*c??r?ry nod proprr to conr-nr thr l.?ylr'.ilurr of thr ftihlr In r*tr? rcllniry nrr-ron ? N??, Ihirrfnrr I I' ll'iiiclfonnh Hrll Unrrrnor of the rtl?U M rlrtnr of ih<* lufhori-y vr*t?d In rar by I pavi'nrtou. <jo. i.y thaae praia-nta. harahy ra.|uire ifmf ?l? H - out <th and K> ^ri>?DlitliiM composing tbe 11 ( i-fat i re of l hi* KiM?. a*all * ? mMa m special *eemi i v (h? wtttol la Ih* cm.t ol Ai'tiii In lh? tinaty oi Traifr on fha 'wnil Monday (iha 12th day'/ nf\utgn*1 n>jt to ilatih. rata end inrkc ai'tton upon. ?? their wt'dom Bl?f difrrt. euch m.tlterM an shall than and ib< re I"-praam fed involving IIS- honor and rights of I li t HiHt? It. testimony ?b> reof. I h?p brrriinlu ?t n v 1>M><t end ratmed the great ?enl of the State ta ha affiant Done at tbe aity of Au*ttu. thin first. day of Jely !i? Ui? y?**r <>f oitt Lord ou? ihou>and t tiuo* (irr? ni d tlfi v m rh?a ii*K pr-nfL*or*r>f m* United t!?c irvriit) Ni/rth. uud ot Tvxmh tht? flfYrwnrb P H. BULL. By tbe Coventor Thorn? II Duval, A.itlng Secretary Of Mete Id r^d>m' nting Apon i hi < -tap of the tlovernor, Uk* timolol I'rUftmi'S ?>?.?If l'resident Ttrior or Coopleas should persist' in refusing ?<'Kn< ?i-dge th? oIhno of TV** then 1* tmt otw allrruativs lelt The r< d |>Mi:t tur.iiiMli a hernnii * void l'hi? omnp-iat lulii voi ratified hy il> con-iilnilniiMl ai ijor:ty iu th# h'l'Mlr; r'?Mijui Dlly l* u> l in t bo nature of o treaty, nod ratitinf prevail j tithe prove inn* of ih. eoastii nin d. hr c'jt.joi't to the jurisdiction of the Supreme C?urt [FroO tb* lfvw Orli-vns Delta, July Ifl ] The steam.hi* I'm 1 tit 111? Captain faii'h. arrived, I * tli In-r l Urt raary regularity. yesterday. froui Lavaca | ?nd lia'v. sIod tiov. Hell's p**?elam*tl"n In paMllhed in the rtsl vapti<a papira of :h<- IZth instant The Legislature to railed to himdi fir at a us tin on thai 2tb of A ugust l h> Corpus ferivii pap-r state* Mhtf it ha- in'ormatiJ? thai ilta Ira n of carta despatched fr-un that piao? o I . IIvilli, Ly Am. Mauu it Co ?w attacked ay ah< aft t?o hurdnei iudiMiia Diar I.os Apfi'lift Tbey nirp pinl tbr liriKin killed loor yoka ot man and ilriivritlu laiga ra**lla<la accompanying Ilia trala. 1 he paoda in Ih- rart* h> lung-d to Win M-vnn is. Co , Mr VVasemsli. and several cilitana of llu.vraro Mr M M Kio?vy. tNral agent ol thr grata by appoint raent ol the livl Legi .|*t Ol a h?> arrivad at Oaivaaloti Ha aiat-a lhn? tha dafalaaliooa ol otflarra IIrvdar tba late Kkpubiiu. niB'iuui to about louioai Tkia tuoui y Mt Kiua. y D now anuaavoriog to ooi>?t under tin tMOneioiia of Ilia lata !? The rittvi ua oifan Antoato have bald a in*"'ring and nprraaad tbair datrrmisnvtlon to au-taio iha tarrliorial rightaot Taxaa. Ttia alm-ua of Ma'ag irda ditto. A correapnrdant of ilia Nawilrlrana a*', ayinr. of i bo Ihth ilo-t . vritiug triuu Itio Cramla city uodar ihtie of thi'ih Invt . aaya II la jMonlul to itnee* thrdiatrrea ond conataroatlnu whtob th<- praaanaa of tha Indiana i u ihia horoi r baa had ami is atill proilueinr I n i livid h?ri**o tbr .m truui lirown. villa, aaiaiiibo larnia on tbr Amcrlran alda of Iha Itio lirvnd are damllid Tha hatp an d lniialittaata ar.' Oaring tor nro tret Ion to the Mexican clone .on.e hire gnu ' tiaok IlitOtkr Interior while other*. ttneli Wouicu and cllllilrob ) *ri hudalrd upon the right bank Ttielr only protection Ir?:? the weather being inup t.irt bro.h fin il?. or the .fnuty *b*de of the uiecquit tree. In *e Die betid* ol the river you WDHl Hoe tell nod IVKDlr, at nihil* fifty imtl nit) *oula, ineti party having it* htoty of linli >ii horror* to n l*te Sotue had lull tu-ir utick, rome the it friend* and other* their relation*; while *11 bud been driven bv the jnvagre to Jon their home* I know of hilt four point* on our *i<ie of thl* river thwt *re not eiiindoueif *onih of h?ri>d>e? ilro>vn**lllv, It 10 (ir*D<te i'lty . It< III* *nd Urrilo And even *t then* point* it I* roueideeed un.afe to go out ? the Indian* have coDiUlllted d ?pri datum* * Itfilll eight.of hired*, Hi m* *ud Jtio tirunde City Knna the beet lu'or iroet.ow I r*li yet I learn there kre from ?evro hmolred to one thoilrknd Initial* now iu the valley of I tie Klo?ir?od?, lot *11 lho*e who know the Ceuuui tle Indian agree. in tbe vpinion that they are the b-.t warrior* lu Ihv world Tbv.e It.duui* are tb* only ttrawhHrlc to thn inipievem ut of tbie gieat vallvy. rich lu tulernat raaourei* whirh are now purelyie.t and freai It* poeilion < tbv iiumvn.e wealth of Northern and Welter U Mexico. IN. I lew |ii|?ll||*n**, Jl J*iira/tVoi Jtfaw ... A.* Iwk Mag O* Thtir*dayt four young mru by the nane i of Andrew MeNlnhnL redoing *i No 'Jiti hllllai* ell.el, U-njamin Oarr *f No 7 It at reel; together with Jobu foUud and M icbavl M nrphy weat on a plwaaurv <'ir*r<i'ni <t >vi the bay. II. a wii boat. nil. alter taking a bath heetwieii ;i and 4 ?clock in the atfernueia by ? ?o.|. dvulal move ment In the (mat, *hn u| *el. ami all tour fit* i hio* u into the water Tuland wa* quite a?a-,t. and the other three were only cliilod with *btrt ?ud pantaloon*-- the hata-jce ol th-lr nl.'hiog 'auk to the !*..!<. to of the liver Now that the boat * ? teittna upward*. tb* only tu -au* lett iu tb ir power w*. to i liny on to tbe *iife* of the boat and then do it dtieu with the tide toward* the nwean In thl* prec*r)<>u* *llua(lou tliey tloated about a mil* h-l -ev fort l iauiotid. and then a ?|nop. call d th blip, ol Kovkaway. t ap .i u I'eiraall ram* to their ** aielauae. A rope aaa thrown out and the yojuj nil u aiicreviled in getting an h erd the .I i> t* ? on ? they aero board Pearaall toll ll|r? Ib-f UiUat tor the trouble lie hid uktn or rl? r*"T Hi 101 M-uino tbrii poitlot by l.hi tr nip* I hoot, olid probably, drift out to aaa Train l?.t rn|4Mt of Piarrall alarmed the young mm. who bagged to ho tlli/Wi it I hum to right luior boat, but. not waintMi linc till i ipoatulationa ft ho young nn-n ho eaid Ih ami. j not. auirrelhr) paid huii ton il< Hurt ' tCny.' aatd ibr young moii * * bare no money ae bin- l. ?t nil our Inthmg." "Mull" ?ald bo. "If yon cannot rwronipt me me tbr air trnubi- I inuit lot yon iro to ea*. HI.), aald I'tatMll, |>niut,mg to Uarr. - ba ha? a mati li (li?f n? that ??trh mi l I'll right your boat; or I will ?to It lor %'t Ui ia-li " rtnally th? aalah ana ylirti to Prwwll. and I bo boat than draao up ly tbo aide of tlia ?lmp by tho young art, tha ?aUr balrd out and. alien that au dooa. Ilia young man ta< k to thwtr boat again. and ana. uu need to row up fur Nc? York But unfurluoately, about aewen ?'eloch whn a >hnrt dlitmiiw thl? "Ida lift Hamilton, a >H|iiatl rune on. and lh? bo?t halng m 1 in or t a Rat bottomed nue a ?a?? ht* 1 it her up an d tliw wind fapattw" bir Hera again all four were In tha aaior Tht? tlma. lunhlly they aara aacn from tha itmrr and at ?oou a? tba Morin had lullad a llttla. a b< at rnim and look the in aalaly to abure Tha man's liar a a* Jama* ft Htlba. ot Rtaion Maud At thla lima tbo young man had b-on elln(!n| to tbo boat la tbi> perllou? "itnation almoat axbau?t-d. for nearly tan tioura Yeetuday morning uhrr remaining ' ? the lotrk ilurtiip tha atvlit all lour returned to tha rll y by tba ?( amlioat H?lnh fri to if uarautln" Oa arrtntl h< ma. I hi y hot an to r. lata their <tde> nture ahoa they nrrultloil t? |ii tolbn Police I'our I and prafat am in | la iht before.I netlro dehorn. agaloat ('apt Pearaall Oh Iba charge nt obtaining tha watch uo.tar tba abnye cirrum-ianeee Tba inagtacrale. on tha abnwa facta a? ralati d ly MrMrbol uui t'arr, laauad hla nairant ( r ibe arreet of pi araall Si?ht>t .itbi & young man by tba nama nf Wm II Arnold aaa arretted yeelerday. by t!apt Wllay of tba k'tiat aald on a rh?ri[a I at a alt nf forty eight piece* ol while pongee etlk handfearablef walnad ad tut' tfoiu Ihntnfe at Meeara linalaad b Aeplaaatl, Nv 64 doutb ?ypo?t It latni tba aecuerd aaa 4atartrd In tbo upper part < I tba pnnlaa. al?h an ** I.I dar k and tail eanaa aMrh ba bad juat at. Ion tlapl. B Hay aaa m at lor. tint on ranec-hing tha rogue. b nhile allk baailkrrrbief aaa four d In hi" pocket. enrreaponding to thoaa ntclan Artaraabort cuiaol'attob a it b i ?pt Wiley tfia young r yoa %? *? ial?lg"d ih'lti | lla allk anil gave tic namaa of tha paanbn bar* to a hi TO ha had fdedgtd tha earn* la Hin i re thereof 'he ciRicre irromaaal-J atlh tba Itilrf ?nl iftiiHn i>i? ? >h'ip Nn l#7 H<i??rr, nit r? P(*m nf tlm Milk I *n?<t far f I. ?i<> n jitmm linm klinf?a ? | -hop it ( rand itr?ai, Tba prn|>ar?y an I I ha ro(?> *?m th?w r? orayad h?fnt? .laatlra fiiborn. who ri mioll(><l M>* In |.riM.n Inr trial >!???? rj /hfaatp tfi Jwranwa. aallad th >??- Hobart? and l'?thartn>- drtiarit wi rr trrrilxl frtli-rlaf. by itnl l>ulv?n nf lh? Haraath war<l. nn a rharf- oi I ?> my pr"l,rr. ,J by Jnha Itanaait tha hifbaad of | ratbarloa; and a? al<gnd It oh. ria *a< a?ar? <>t tha laat that latbarlnn *? a mariH wruan hrf ?ao hta i arrlaaa % hrr. It a. am* thai John Hani.att anrnftl?f ("liUitilatll, ntf In I ll* Mtlrw al to tk?flila yt'Mkfl?lawy?ar<, on a rhtrfa of M nr, and 'ik?? i|tn ?i >l> |>a?rti.n? <1 hj th?tin? rfn-r but thai da-toj tba ?|.<it |>>nid > ! h' Inrarr rum hi* "Ifa Ca ba rt| a ?> n-atrl-d In Thorna* Rnharla hy lb* Ray Mr. MarT.m tb. 1Mb April In47 and a> fl-nnai' tlifnt j In* wtta if'l n?lr l'?l to bar 'If annth r hn?hand bat I n all M- |.mparti away and lha? Mt bl? ' > ? ' tfllilraa alni'Wt 4 ilHnta. i?n bannatr* llbnant'nn li< a yrb'ii ha at nnr* ma da a aomplalnt %*% * hit I wlfa. oh a rharpa ?f Miramy alnna whirh tiiua Oatha- . ' tlna and bar aannd bn>hand K Vili hm U-naV ! rint ntiill yartrrday. wh? n th?y r?l urn?d to tnl* ?HT, and aira lakan Inm rn.tndy nn tba rhaafa Jldlta (idmn n n ndllad lh>n? h*>tb In |.rl?nn fortrlal Xlnliai Mail ar ? A man rall?4 bradoalnk 'nlftf. am at|ifli<)iAi rday, nn a : bar f nf ?tralln( nn Ibn :i ib if Jnn a .|iiaiiillT of rlntblnr ?al?*a4 at |W tba l'i? party of Chtrlna f'aatnar ko It ktwi atmt Tbn at'lindaa* roinmil'ad to prana tor trial lii 'Ma b'n'.r fV*?n AH*rmm hy lha nama nf Jiln Pwohodn waa arrnat' d yaat-rAay n? ?fk?'r?? I a n!I-|i a lelaa naM'-diha (ll?ha llaak itMrpnriInt *" ba wnr'h f.% In yaym.-nl kif HA o?nta w<-rth nf n far. tn Maltlil# I'nnnii'?ar Nn WMIraanwtrh itraat. J Waller flih. rn a* nmiltlrd him In prlmo fnrlnai I r,/ Ata'Amr A ?. la an. ? * f>" '"JJ**?? ? Th?if-"*** ? <p ' I lly llall I Iter nn a rharfa nf t*aM>inf Mtohaat waabnriy tilb a irt kalfn. In tha ahd. raan Infl atlnf aar.ial aaa.ra a.i.rd* Tha lajn'ad ra?n wa? takan to lh? I'lta llmaital and ?ha wnniaa to tha Tomha. Who * a? r< in i*t it lad ty tfci Mifiitrili. la nwntt tha raan.k I of tba injutlra P? nti Mir Mlmtlinf, llif iifnl ?l ???l fr?<? PI?V>? I" tl# Ittt'd ruin. f>r lit* t|U?rt<r rndlng 'Inly #. "* 17 ft ftmt tim# la 1M0 1&K*. d**r??M <J1? thr ntl It Urn ft Pynmrn nr* r.? ?ad ( ?> If ? m?i?h 1? both on t rtday . th-y tlM?< DIM >? '?? ? ll?? IU*I> III* ?fc?? ln'?l??r?d lh?y thmii bm! |? y?t kit ll IM P? i1i(J hmi h f r|o li?. |l ( ll'io illlh*t >0Trt th0ur*?6 ym0B* ttr BOW t Adjfcl^gn ti*ra jl,

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