Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 2, 1850, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 2, 1850 Page 4
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Maato, Miller Morton Phelps. Rusk Sebastian Seward, Smith Soul*. Turuey, Cphttn, Walkur, Wiutbrop, Yule? ? Hit*?M***r* Atrhlron Balder Hull li.rrlen. Brad bury. Bright. Oars, Clay. t'leairue Dawson. Dtoklaaon, Podge of Iowa, Douglas, Dowut, Kolcli. l'o*t?. Jon**. King. Mangum, Pi orris, P*arco, Pratt, Shields, Spruaacu, Sturgeon. I'ndcrwood, Wales, Wliltooaib -n. Alas' alas' tha omnibus ; Alas! alsckaday ! How cao you, at a time like this, Desert our lluury Olay ? Mr. Cooper ?bd Mr Hale oiircd ofl'to dinner. ' The rrault wr?e, that hy the vote* of the Texts radiators, inrwin iiou-tou ana tut.-*, me propostlion lor couiiMissiooers i?> settle me !Yx*? boundary whs exclud- <1 from going hack into the bill, and Ironi thin point the dislocation of the Compromise Wat inevitable and terrible. Several successive motion* to adjourn were made and trjected The weather was hot, h it the Senate were in for clean work, oua way or the other. NkW X XX ICO I.KPT OCT IvriKKl.T. By Mr V ulerV motiou, llie liouuJnry comtnia ionera were <x<iiid-n Imiii going back into the bill. The thing w.ignf no fur her value to Texa* ?the cream ul tin- pot w,? ek mimed ort, so that wbeii the motion to restore hack to the hill all the aectioue lor a government lor Mew Mexico wa? put, it was lost?25 to 2H. Thus nn immense chasm was left in the Compromise? New Mexico and the Texan boundary, and the boundmv commissioner!*, and everything relating ta New Mexico mid Texas, being left out. KXTE.VSIO!* or ITAH. Mr Jeflersnn Davis then moved to extend the boundaries of I tali, so as to reach to the Rio Crandeon the east, the Sierra Nevada oo the west, Oregon on me norm, ana me ijiia river ana me boundary of Mexico on the souih, thus covering oil the tetriuuie* except tlmt east of the llio Grande and California on the Pacdic. Lost?22 to 34 Mr Dawson moved t?> adjourn?16 to 38. Mr Walker moved to strike out all from the bdl except Calilortiia Lo: t?21 to 38. Mi A'cliison moved to strike out California from the lull Mr F note coneurted in thst motion. Mr Phelps whs for |ios'pouing the bill indefinitely It whs no longer ol Hiiy account. Mr Bradbury no(?rd they would put what was left of it. Mr. Atchison thought that I'tah ought to be provided tor. The smuts at the Salt Like Imi nothing but a theological government, and they ?'t re nililleO to some I mug more. Mr. Pheips thought a theological government the l?est in lie woiai for thr Monxomt. Mr. FYote was f. arml of the proviso, if We attempted lo legislate tor Utah ttlone. Mr. Haled -ir'il to know hew he could reconcile thul w uli hi * lair declaralioa that the proviso Was deartl ( 'rt ,t laughter ) Mr Fooie said it was dead; but feared it was now resuscitated Motion lo postpone rejecfed?28 to 29. Mr. A chison moved to strike out California from ihe bill Lost? 29 in 29. Alter tbs debate on the Utah boundary, Mr. Wiuthrnp moved a reconsider rat ion on California, as h privileged motion Not >?t inexact order. Molious to unjouin ntid postpone rejected. Mi. Be rtien moved to strike troin California the clause allowing two reprint nia'ivea in the House. Lost?21 in 2t> Mr. Winthroji's motion to recon-ider carried. Motions to ndji uia mi l uo.-tp me, io?t Motion to etrike out California, carried?31 to 25 California out ol tl.e bill. !vl??i:ou to adjourn rejected. Mr. Beriun naked for au adjournment. Mr. l>aw*on hoped the j*iiate would adjourn. They might do Miiiirihing in the morning. lie moved to adjourn Mr Benton?Will the Senator withdraw it one niintitel Mr. Dawson?I will. Mr Briiion?An idea strike* me. (I. tughter ) And he spoke ol Homer's pale laced woman, who spoil over again evely uight what she unravelled in the morning, and thought Mr Dawson might have same vimou ot tiling up ihn Compromise. Mr 1 Venion, however, was kindly disposed. A* the omuihiiehad onl> one plank left, he wan in favor of preserving that ?? ?u act of generosity, and was thereiore in favor ot pasiing Utah this instant Adjournment rehi*ed?2! to 33. Alier delmb on hung the hound irv of Uuh on the eobth at 3t> hO, n was rejected, 2i> to 27?and was also r?j*rt?d, and <17 was agreed to. Mr Noulr moved a constitutional umrudaeut, but withdrew it. Mr. Hunter moved to adjourn?22 to 23. Lost. Mr. Huak moved to lay the bill on tho table. Lost? 20 to 29 And the hill, with California, New Mexico, and the Texas boundary all cut out root and branch, and left in the nake i shape of a hill providing a teniional government tor the Mormona at the Salt Lake, war tudered to a thud reading. A (iff i him (ha iinnturH ia fulfilled. That thrlaat shall ba flrat. W hilt- tki trading taaturoa of tki bill Arr r-jrcird n? ih* worst Thr Nrs Jnrumlrm prevail a. Tbr Moraions mn tt>? day, Hurrab ! bo)a. lor tba Conprowl**, ' Writ ilukr lor 11 arrj Clap ! How strangr is all ihi* ! li look* like an act of thr twelbr aposilra uuirad of ihr Committee of Thiitirn. Th <1 Ihr Mormon*, of w ltom we have k'mici I) hrmd our word in all ihr dt-bates, should Contr ou at last and c.ory off nil (hr honor*, all thr labor*, arid all ihr Wink of eight mouths leguelaKoo, dors npiraf lo In- IlillnCuloua. Ilut thr hill wn? u|*hill wrurk. Aflrr conciliating Trias, wr loai fVait-r, >mrl.ln, and L'udrrwowd, unless tkrir wmw thing lakes hack. A ad ih-n M>rai? Urtrun, h u g. aud Clemen*. wrn^y no m>au*turr fur ihr lull, in aci-ouut of California, though ib< > *iu< k u> Ihr Inst to kern ihr Omnibus on li* whri Is. Thrir .I'd a^trar lo hr a chancr of auving ihr hill this morning, ihough it *u very slim, hut bo niorinl man, (In* side of thr great Wall Lake, ?v? r iirraiurd lhat thr labor* of the ('ortinuttrr of Thirirm would br |ir*lra down to a govrri.nieui for the Naw Jeruaalrin, and the tatala -lift. Whilr thrrr win a hare chance of atving the bill, we have Trfiainrd from attacking it, a* we might have done. Hut wr do not Iwlirre that the prace or thr hatmouy or the mlvatina of thi* country drprnd* d U|*>n that hill We do not believe It. It did not mrrt ihr nrcmartire of the cue?il did not covrr thr ground. And the radical error waa m aurmo'iog ui com|>rl Senator* lo take an unpalatable imaturr, by irni|iering it with I idle lU|>r ud *jlrl l ne v ompcouNor, uuoever, ?u wmnhmi; hut the dilRcultjr wti in getting Mich i echenie through both houses. What re the ebonites n?? 1 Thejr t? tn fitor of the idea that nothing will he done. How is California te he admitted single-ImioIxI 1 We cannot dttiM. The prospect i^eiri to he that the whole <|We?>ioa will gn over to the peit session, Caiifor>u, New Mesico, Teian houndarr, fugitive altves, ai.d all. The whole (juestirn and all ita ianues are II adrift. f t e.niiig the aainta at the Salt Like. The Senate have taken care of them, and that'anll. Owe rhtiairipau tarrnpandane*. I'tillMOkl.t-HIA, August I, l<M jtmoml of (imrral fafir- l\* Fnorf Btil mi Vmpo Moo- /Tea-? t ftp?CiiM Wooded Mordtr ? 7V < tmtt* BUl?Ttu 1/at.ia C'aaalSlmko, # <-. The watering places, far and near, are crowded, nd the weather continues intensely hot, bat Mill thera are mora arrangers la Philadelphia, at tha fur sent time, thaa have heea known far the kit Ml jears All the hotels ib Cheaaut street are well Ailed, J ones'* so nm?h an, thai Ueneral Lopes mold not obtain adniiitanca on hta arrival here, on Tuesday evening. What ot.jeet this illustrious lieneral has now in view, it would be ditFiculi to CM !>lecture ; hut if the I'll) Fai|?era of New York t~ *1 >11 d* MMXIK <>l (l?ID| I |?MlC m?|Hlull t? Ik* hrt? of I nrrt? nan, M mrticuliy would hi' priM uml in fi rw inline him in Miiri Muil, tad k'li'd Dial In- iiwiM mlu (liithdin, il I'oiVMlf Willi Para diltuMdi' 1 .< ,*! h?a no tdon of iiiM'iff Ml mlNtyiiiHiarr rtapi>rd ?|M*n km nam' Mil fano -ho retaliation nnutird out, if II w*? Hon I* lW iruwH"*ry fiichrriiig of a dif>p*d Ml? aril m ncpniao iMilKaima a* not to M ivtrilol flit', id Wwrw Ikrir la nothing left for hull b<at l?> hang on i? Ilk akirtaul I ha l*u genuine hrruM ll?l i?UhMi alrrad| Kiurd 'iVe gland law | drraa h?|| at Ilk Co'umbia Hi i nr. I ape M > , conara off una evening Tteael* %[> " iwfieaknien'a nira " A? then arr am li>aa then ar?rn ih>>o?*iitt gueat? on ilk lalaad now, to nay nothing of the Urgi delegation which left here III la iMuniing. the lull ought la to*, and no dttahi wul he, ? r> kriMtni ?tl > r May ha not an fathomable oi rii'l idft aa ike fan Il " - * hut ikon ry nana ?>i .- tia'"*i ? , ? - it nhvtiM h?" rrmt iiih- i<^i tun It th? lirtt tiiat G*(m M t> ii ? ""t up for hnfH'll in (r> l?|l- t?*li ,iU?W? ?tmH-Ult ah la itM-rrl) in th? a*a<11tinjc ct?ih*a ?f faahioattfn -hh> t? t?, !?- ?i??, ! ? C'Mttrn.l ag-nont tlx r nm'Mffr Nti ,.*rtni?"f I' ni ??!' IjilM a, ?N? nnrn* IfW M<I|| ailTtn't^x ut I-Itr fnrra ar?H ch?a# I t int* h.. < v|f < l )'? arrival ut th? Gaff h* f i>w it nit ltx.' l t ?r ri cnU ( ! ?*. l rnirVr w?* cninmi'lM, laat f ,n."i " >[ U>i. . f?vn?r ?if Hfrari' ?? ""I'Ml'if' A ??m, ? ? * u irw in Mfj?<*<4 to br Oalltfhtr, hi w. ,ii<t <?* ? fh<l r-a, atnvnl in thu ritj \* i? |,r ru.irai.ifi iv M a irnt knutf.i hi t , i ,> at th at-uv* f I* tlf win if, mi. tfiCi' iitty Iwik alar ' ; . Th u t ilt.rl r 9?||1. choked bin wife to death. He was promptly arrested, and committed to prison to auswer the charge. The uews of the defeat of the Compromise hill was receded by the great mass of our ciluena, of both political parties, with feelings of deep regret. The abolitionists of the North and South have muc h to answer for. The Union Canal was so much injured by tie late storm that, it is believed, th* whale work will be abandoned, or uutil a suflicieiit sum of money can be raised to re-construct this improvement on such a scale as will admit the passage of boats ot uivti. tnnu hiirtKcn Under the influence of the foreign new*. the slock | market to-day w?s quite firm, but not so buoyant as was anticipated before the meeting of the I boards Mill, in one or two leading securities, I there was m flight improvement There is very I 111:|e pHi<er offering in the streets, the rate srenaaiaIing unchanged Oar Fatenon Currc?|Miiilene*. PatktioM, N J , July 31, 1H30 1 Tfii Btavtifi of l'utrr$on?Con^ren JhU?Ftnt J>r\vts? Put t M mnluin Air?Situ fur VilUt? Fat lor ut. Have you ever been at Patersonl If not, I say go, and vun the Fulls They are Niagara in little. The drives and walks are very beautiful? constant hill and dale, perfectly undulating. One of the greatest inducements to visit a country place in the summer season, is the aacommodstion you receive during the stay you make. In this respect, Paterson is equal to any of the large cities, and superior to many of the watering places. Our hotel, named Congress Hall, is kept by Mr. Luse, and is equal, in every respect, to any of the city establishments. The table is excellent, and the rooms superb Mr. Luse, himself, is exceedingly kind aud obliging, and always ready lo make every thing couilortable for his guests. Hut llie out-door accommodations, piovidrd by nature herself, comprising mountain, river, vulley, ravine, lakr, rock, * country-houses and Dutchman's cabin, are of the most varied and pic tuierque character 1 have scan ihein iu all soils ot li-hts; noon-day-light. star-light, gas-light, twilight, thiiiidri srid-lightuing-light?even common fi.-h-oil-Jight?this laiter mi ihe Falls. Under all, the scenery is equally heauiiful and picturesque, exciting utid satisfactory, varied and sublime. 1 rut at fix in the morning, and sometimes before it. One day there was quite a competition between rue and the sun, 10 a-e which should rise flirt?hut the ami heat me ny fifteen minutes and foity seconds, und that wl? entirely owing to my dancing the yxrlh i ?nh one of the l'ntersou exquisites, the night before; and he is an egguiaile in polka dancing, and aoiuetuner breaks mm the schottirhe, but that is generally in the lull of the moon. Antopos?what was I going to any?can you tell me ! Ah, yea?it waa about the fine mountain air, early in the morning. Well, as 1 auid before, I nao at mi hi the morning, and take a walk to the Falls, and drink some delicious co<>| water from the Indian Spring The merits of this spring I ought to deacnhe. It is far superior, in my mind, to any of the mineral springe, and har a much more betiefjciaj eflect on the mind and im igiiiaiion, producing quiet, content, and hii easy sort of h ippinees, which is far preferable to f.abiouahle excitement. People are verv little aware of the benefits received fn hi drinking three or four, or even five glasses of pure cold water, from e tch a spring, before hrenkf<?l I can assure II m, no matter what the dociois may say to the loutrary, that it far excierts I he briiefils ieci ive i from all the mineral springs in the world i am myself acquainted with a person who was made sick for nearly eighr yeaia, from driukiug too freely of a mineral w.iter, aud w ho was sfierwsrds cured by pure spring water. Tins is a singular fact, but a true one. Paterson has a great many beauties and neculiaimes, which 1 could not describe in a dozen letters. There sre eight or ten factories, of all kinds?cotton, iron, locomotive, di.iper, sail cloth, paper, and card factors s A book would not deI scribe all these, but at present I leave them to the I cf nsilM Im Wei s There ule ei.rhl (,r ten beautiful <hivr? radiuiing from (Jongresa II.ill in all directions? po-cimr river, mountain, valley and gorge of the green hills The site# for elegant country seats are couiitleaH, hut as yet, only 1*11 ?r ihres occupied? such as Mr Colt'# beautiful place, which 1 call Mount l'arn?Heii?, without the Apollo, hut in hia place you find Tain O'^hauter ami Souter Johuny. in primitive granite, chiselled hy the unhappy Thoni, the Scottish artist 1 have much more to say, but I am just going to take a drive up the 1'aeadic, and you tuuat wait till 1 return. Oar Pennsylvania Cnrrcapnntlanee. two wkkks IN NORTHERN rRNNSIfLVANla?no. I. Junction or thr Juniata, I Fourteen miles shove Harrisburg, July, 1S30. y JkfHtrturt from I'hiLtdrlphia?/JnwainjfOacn -/>iactutrr? Dun^trrrolypt Putmru of ikt A/ mh'ri nf ?Ks //if# / '/i/iiai/f /if* n /'/?? fiii* mI ml at (imnnl Taylor?Arrival at tht Jamtlon Here I am, in an unknown but aurpisaingty lovely country; the mingling waters of the Juniata and Susquehanna, dancing, glittering, glistening in the lull lays of the harvest moon, while a most refreshing breeze has relieved me from the dust contracted in my just terminated 120 miles of railroad ride. 1 left Philadelphia at four 'clock this afternoon, the road for the entire distance passing through justsacha country as would sfiortl equal pleasure to the eyes of farmers and of tourist*?to the men of tact and of fancy. Such tat acres, such substantial tiaras, such comfortable looking farm house*, such excellent fence*, cannot lie seen in the aaine combination in any other part of the world. Mr Huchanau (tnay he get the nomination in 1H62') told me, some ystrs ago, that duting Ins long residence abroad, he had seen n i spot in ihe old world to equal Lancaster county for quiet beauty of scenery, fertility of soil, and all the substantial elements of peace, plenty and prosperity. And aid Buck was right, aa he always is, when his judgment is uninfluenced by outside or inside prerouie At Downingiown, a place where Quakers mast do congregatr, we stopped for SU|>i?r, and a capital one it proved?Ihe horteaa, Mrs. '.K'holn, doing ihe honors of her well tilled table, wuh a matronly grace peculiar to herself. It was nearly nghi o'clock when we reach <1 I^ncasier, once an old fashioned Lbitch built town ol b.OfJO ii'hiihitan'a, hut now a spruce, go-ahead City ol W.IX.0 souls, thanks to the example of faw wandering Aiahs from New Knglaud, who, with s?ifiie rtiizena of Lancaster, of liberal Views and well filled pockets, succeeded in establtahing there three very extensive and prosperous cotton nulla. Here we received a large accession of pasaragrra, and among them I recognised n friend wiai had iust arrived from Washington, by Ihe way of York, ie w?s, as you will perceive, (enchased is hie name.) ihe warm personal fnead of the late President. No man in the United ^tatee was on terms of greater lenmary with the departed hero, and none, certainly, enjoy id n larger ahsrr of hia confij ? ** 11/ Ik 1 _ ? i .f.^s _ W-J *_L nr?ir wni, i rrmiiini, w?>i we ntn muni nrat w the tir tognhrr, "bow did you !???? thug. ib Washington V "Tkf iruib br rrpltrd, " I tub* rrry little interart ib the ittcvrMiw My whole bran and iul w?? hound up in Urnrfal ray lor I bun w. II, and il kr h*d brra leli to tbr finrriir of hia own Miuiid jmltmrit, anH trw 10 carry not the itn (Hilwa of hia own honr.i bran, hr would haar tv-ea allvr thin day, and far morr imyniltr than wbea br w?a IBdUOrd into other Hut, an It wan, br was brtrayrd by bin Cntwnrt; hi. |*?-ition, and rara bia retaliation, wan (-oRi)ifiHiiiar-d f>y bin cabinet; and br wo humrd to bir grave by Ibr profligate acta of hta mboot Hr nearr got o?ff ibr abock cauard by ibr Ualfbtn huataear; and yon may rrat aaaurrd ill.t hi. |*ihli.hrd VK-wa in trgard lo thai iraanaonon. in an allrgrd inarm w hrtwrra bun and Mr I law fold, wrrn nearr giaea by bim The fuel of it w.a, ihat ibr itrnrral wan worrird and bad( lid inio recounting an obwrrva ion which hr win niadr. 'You know, Urarral,' aaid Mr. ( tawbird, and 'You know, Urarral,' re bond 'br trior ; but ibr tfeneral did n it rrcollrpt of rarr baaing aptwoard of tbr Oalphia abstraction ' li in iror," aaid Ibr Urnrnal, ' I migbl bavr m.iir ibr ohieraattwa attributed to me by Mr. ( iawlord ' Thia waa rnough far the (tnl|ibian. Tbr 'nught' waa aprrdtly concerted tato a criuuntf. From thai moment, ibr Urarral waa ronrfHiitly under the .orarilUncr of bia eahianf. If any ill hia old and i runted fnrnda, and I among ibr iiumtw r, called o|*>n him in ordrr to opra bin ay en, nnd to let him midrratand how matters rrnllf *iih*i, nonn oar of ib* Ualphiua would aoter iha room and tbrir remain, ibua prrarnting anything libe rotifidrntlal cottar raatlon "Wm <:u? < ," I aeke.1, " compromised in thin hnn'iiul imiMrimi V "IHM1I). bo; obliquely, yea Clayton ill men of omnia ry abtlnie*, gonrf Hninmt, foarf of t glare of grog, ?? malo ,ivomi?e* over toghl whok h? totally fnrgeta in ihe morning. fli? ruli?K am ia *?ui'y If the lf*rth Am'rn <4 rhouirf haif^M to u| that Angaria or lilaugy barf n tapering urn or a well tamerf leg, to wrath woalrf n?r a' onee, for be vrnolrf conr-ive that be bail been alight* r| ami overlook-rf Aafortbe Secretary of the N <?y, be ta the ino-t aplearfirf ?yrta men of 'brnN' wreknera' I ever m-t wi'b. teing wan by far tbr a I ileal mat in th* n .H an, aarf ftw abler wn oai of it ItoH. nan -riwolinta, , abrf in e one If naltiab, all thai ha wm'-d Oaa to i have k>M on to hi* office for Ibe nbole term i A* for Jolinaton aai M-r-rfnh, the public rf.oobt not h-ve l**i? *nr;>ri?ei| at th'ir art#? I Jwht.etou, ton blo w, woo nn?bberf la B?lt "tnarr, for a eertatn haafe iraaaaeUan ; aarf Mrrarftih it 1 a?j|?. .?rf if bavr r^n-(^".iniaoea w.'h ih? rnrtee I banks of Philadelphia. Aiuonj kmlirat &?i?, wm to if cure the eollectorship or that pert for Mr. 1 l^ewie, the cashier of the once notorious Guard lialk" 1 parted with my friend at Ilarrisburg, and kept on until 1 reached the Junction. M/ nnlle is showing the ttiskerings of appro iching dissolution?so Itniist conclude. To-morrow I shall take the canal boat for Williamn|?ort. Tuk Colossi.. Presentation of the Foreign Ministers. [I rum ibe W ubluglou R. public, Au^ual 1.1 The Kuvovs Exirneiiiinarv and Miuulrrs I leai ItotrDtiary id foreign government*, uud other diplo malic functionaries accredited to the govrrmeut of the United (iiniri, were p-rsi-nlrd to the President I yesteidsy ,mI twelve o'clock, st the executive in intuitu-? I he I'lrsidrnt being aiteud?d by thoie ineinheiH of his cubiiiet who were in town. Sevrrtl ot the diplonidtic personage* were ahsent; mime front iirlie|>?>ri ion, mid others from h iving gouti on smnnier exclusions into distant and different p trie of the country. The following presentation* took plnce:? guiito. I M Aliuki'Ii im Bootses, Knroy Extraordinary and Minister A-1? uipoL. ntiary M Kuwaau d* Drutcii.. first Secretary of the Legation Great Britain. , Kt Hob Sir U L itutwu, Koroy Kxtriordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary trance M Sum be Boia lb Comtk, Knvoy Extraordinary and Minieter Plenipotentiary M A inghocaBoULoM, Secretary of Legation. M J. Mark, M. I'oceaKLOca, M. I'hilibcrt, Attache*. Spain. Bon A. CiLsuov n* la Bahca, Knvoy Bxtraordinary and Minieter Plrnipotentiiiry. Portugal The Commander J. C. i>* Fioasikxk a Moras, Minister Kesident. Prussia. M. Maoncs, Charge d'Affaire*, ad interim. Belgium M Henri Bosch Sriscn Minister Resident. /Jrnsii k M Steam dl Bill*, Charge d Affairs*. B uxit The Chevalier 8ebuio Tshi kiho dm Mackuo, Knvoy KxUaoiditnry anil Minister I'lenipotentisry. Chili Don Mami rl Caktallo, Knvoy Kxtraordlnary and Ministvr Plenipotentiary Don Francisco S. A.iah rcaoa. Secretary of Legation. Pe>* Don J. M Tirado. Knvoy Kxtrtordinary and Mlni*ter l'lenipotrntiiuy. Mexico. Don Amgei. Ilvici, Attache. Mr. botitdco. Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary id the Emperor of Russia, being the eenior mi mber ot the corps, in hemg presented to the I'reslili-iit, mule (he followiug address in behalf id hiilifcr It slid his Colleagues:? It has pleased Divine I'ruvidi-ucv t? take out of this | world 1 be Chief Magistrate appointed hy Urn people to preside ovir ibv d- eiluivs ot ilin Aairrmss Union ( Alter having shared ?llh the while Couutry, the deep and (inauimou* rrgirts given to the memory of i the Illustrious Uexjera! aud vauo-nt stale-, mau wanso | loag and hiilliant caierr has been so suddenly closed, the Diplomatic Corps a|>p>ar belors you to presvut their rerpecta to the President designated by the coo 1 Itrl happy. Mr iT.adeut. lu bo able to urn you, in tbe name ot th? Mml-trr* and bowl* of Legation here prerent. that tb? aoTereigua and gererum-'Olii wblcb wo hare the honor tn npreeent. doire fraubly to maintain tbe boot relatione with tbe Am?ric*ii goTeromeut. The hap) y pnritlon of the United 8t?t?a pi too thorn great facililir j lor remaining u noon tier ted with tbe oooIt-tie ibet may egi tit the world and todt vole ail their t florta to the maintenance ot tbe Union and tbe growth | ot ibe national proapr rity The Diplomatic l,'or pa aiucerely hope. Mr Praaident, that the aucci-at of your Admiutatraiion may reeponl i to your good intentiona and to your derotion to tbe I country 'lo which the Pkbmidktt thus replied : Mr Bodieco and gentlemen of the Piplomatin fiorpa ?I hare Ualrned to your addrrar with tuingled | emotion* of sorrow and aeti*factlon; it remind*- me again of the tin parable loea which my country bat ! auetainrd in tbr death ot my tliuetrioua prednceaaor; but it ia gratifying to rreutre from the r?pr-ierni?tie*i I of foreign nation? the aaauiaoreaot iheir friendly feelInge end amioua deeire to rultieate amicable relaI tlona with tfcla goTerunient. 1 congratulate you. Mr. Bodieco, and your colleague*, upon me anlreraal peace whicb now prreaila. and tbe good auapiee* wbieb hang orer tbe tnlure; and lam bappy to aaaure you that I reciprocate u.o*t cordially, all tbe good will which you bate eapn-rred toward* tbla country; and that uoIbtne aliail tiw Barilla* on luv uerf to m?iulaia tho*a kind rrltlliiiu witli ail fiiminu nation* whioh naturalI ly eprtng from the lore ut honorable peace with erary | foreign At]uu bairjudlj rrntirM. txrpiaitltaluunh a* to inid|>I u?fr< uith? ngua in* 0<'ntrorer?le? of tha old world and my mt? n'loa la to inalntkiu a etrtot T>< u'rallt j toward* all nations. a* the tru* policy of the I liitrd State*. 11 run* nt) legitimate aulh .ntf to restrain an; a* greeaion upon tbo rights M ot bar* and t>in| the power* of pirtroarnl to promote tba baruiunj, prosperity. and union of tbla (rowing re public nor tb* ariilulw of whlob 1 bara ao un. II p? rladl* been rath J to pr. ,Ma I tender to yon and your colleagues. respectively, Mr Kodieco, tba aesurenee of my blgb ragard. - j Attach ki> at a K attukhiiakk ? Ae Mr*. Enoch Hi jam, t>f South l>iuvrre, ?* ** taking a walk iu tlio garden, ahr was attacked by a rait lean ck-, which apr tig i nd caught her by the foot, Her act * htiik biougbt her hiiehtoJ to the ?p<?t, who i mu co rled iu killing the moriater. Fortun r'eljr, i Mr*, llryant hod wo, at the tune, a pair of In-lt* rubber oreraboea, which prrrrntrd the fang* from | penetrating to the flesh The snake measured 3J reef, and had nine rmtlra.?Etttx (Man) Fit* maw, JtJf 30. ... ? CITY TIIA 1>1C THuBaoat, Angnat 1?6 P. M Aa many merehaats war* awaiting tba receipt of prli rata latter* due by tha Canada, trada la a general way waa languid Aa holdara of cotton offering lot# I pretty freely, tbera ware fair aalea made, at prarlona . rata#, tka affect of tha newt being to stiffen lormer rate* Owing to tha Incoming new crop of wheat, j which haa prorad abundant, and tba early reaalpt of 1 new floor, tha market proved quite beary to day, aad price* ?m unaatUed, Bale* af ordinary and son mon Stat* bra Dili vara malt at a decline varying from US' a 2ka b?low ralaa current a wank or ten <l*j# Haw. oibrr brauda wera Inaetl**. and prior Irregular. It heat waa dull aad pnrai larlmad ta droop (urn war rear a* and aalea 01 mi ted were aid* at an adaaara. The park ma-let war dull aad prte** fa' rered purrkneera Reef war rolllag la a retail way Lard war ateady. with fair aalea at aid prieaa. Tbara war mot* doing la eoflea. wblia augar aad aolaraar era aaU. A mm a - Tbe market war not to atlf ftw pott, while pear I r were la goad demand at yeatarday'a rata* Ralaa aam up 80 bit a at >6 IS* a >8 ilk far pot*, aad go a ke u*\g fur pearl l ItiiaMHiri ? Mewr?Tha aalaa of damaatla are raged ItuO bbla at 88 Tk a gd 8k for No g anperSaa. gt k* a 84 Tk for oit-t w eet-ra aad eoaaaa to atraight Atat* 84 8|t^ a >5 lor ratted to eh wo# Miabl IBB aad gk88 a gk a<H lor pur* Uaoattt. goutbera lour war quiet, and Irea Ira. with ?alea of ,'iOU bMr at gk lk\ a gk 87H tor ml ted te traifht braadr Kpe : Ftmwe waa laattlae, with aal. a of Ml a Sou bblt at gl. Carw Meat waa anaraa aad held flrmly with aalaa of Ifttl bbta gwod Jeraey at g.t lit* Th- r* war * do *a ward tasdenay la the market (br wheat, with but a am-. I d em aad from th* Ka.t for mllllag A cargo of I bow Another* *a* reported aa ??ld a* tor ma ant aa ret iained A anio waa mad* of hOW barbel* af raa. at ?*He I tart war* lo gawd eupply aad dull at *V a <r iot ncn a ?ia t 'f Jn.'j rh-m *m hlr laqalry fur aura for !? K?<t M lapr??4 rata* Tba alack la th? aw tat wa* light aad aalm r<?pTUr* *1 auw ha*h*l* at lit for k-*l?d uJM? a Ma (m kaUra rallna. flMai ^nHa Mlltt Crttar ? l>a > )? t? <Uj aaount t? I kit balat. without an j laprur- fB-a< ua prarloat rata*. ewta* to thr ITaa aanti-t hnld*rt nfftr thtlr >arf<l<a Orrrat -1km a a* ta?na<il la tk? atrk'l ta day. aklrk maaiud la **! k tag mad* or HI" at ?*4# a I an . and >1**11 pa/or I? at Ida far 4a raraibo Othnr daacrlptioa* w*ra qui*t at liaax rata* r auuNTt to** ar*1 a koo kata* nf rattaa war* >* ra?d at H-16d aad a lot at M balaa war* *a**?*d at d la atda* artlnlat tbar* w?. b.n it t la?. aad i ba rat** for rata luar. dnad w?i*ht ft*, w. ta nufolaally tb? aamt far w-aanmataat [??di ta < aJttrn aia. tbar* * ? a ralr dnaand at ta* Mu it - Thr moral arrival* war* raaiaUilaf larfar, bat a lib aa aalafotad laqairy. prtna* w?r* a*ahtu{*d Include* IB tba oprwaltnai w-r* * I Of R*aa?i trraa. art ragtag 0 lb* at l?H* 4 <** da tl lb* ?*pp-.*d at 1*11* ; * *> Itio <Iraada tu lb* . at 1114* , * ill irttt talmd Harwoa Ayr** row 41 lb* . at *S I* g* Bart. lorn Aagnatar* *1 lb*, at 1414* , J ?i*t bot%*| fnrtn UabrU* ?l a M lb* , at 1*14* aad lM? Bar**, lona. M Iba al I** ; all aa anatb* aradil or I m 4 ! prr mat for rarh l.ttiHta - Thr d**aad tiara nar la?t d*ttrc ha* brra rrry artlr* aad tba *to*k waa gmaily nlm l Pawn la/jr* taJaa wt r* aad* at tba Mfowta* q>itta t ton* liralaak lk*H. I?S? a ldv*r , nlddla. I* 4* a lb j boat 7 14*. a lb* , dtatH Ma a 14a . pa ? 4 . Id* a II* 1 tab. *laa*h?#/ tl* a tba , do kpaalab, 14*. I "* Mr 1 ***** ?Tbar# wa* ar'bing d*a* la tblt atapl* I today Tba damned wat qaitr Halt**, at fora-w prim* 1 hi a Tb# Haamd all aarkat wa* prvlty artlr* with awl' *4 t M aalfow*. at yaatarday a prtr ? lapnrtrr* of Rti*linb waa* buldlac "Ut fitr aighrr prima Ifktlt at t.i H.llikl Al lfoa t a Ml aft n? Hi a^a'a H ill. aaH th? naly aaU u?i<> *a? thai of a lot i l M'hhi" Nrailrlaaa*. att^n a?\? fidUHMl T1?? pork aiarkit ?aj <*<m" h>n* |< ??r aan Hall ?f?al? Hnai? IM tki? ?liaaH h*a4? at flutl aflOHTH f-f ?" a?H M IJa f>r ftl?< TlM* ?a* a moH-ratu lrqalr> far h?-f tram ih rutai I rait* a?H rax ?if aiai i>f ? at at a t14 f, aad prta^ a Ha M II t ?l m- lid rf- -a ta v ? ?* r* 1 ii ?. atth rafad a? :?ai a- tlHn ?i H ip flrp Ml>>< aial' ??? wail" nil a?|n nf la h-vl. of .(maw-oat 4a l.arH ?a< I 11 Ifc'; >i'li win af >' Wii? t? IK i tr an I ? <* I<? 1* p? ih IM r diimi" qutat *1 II a II* far ?u?< f a Mr fi r i a?w. aa~ n-? a-i'?? ai t a ?S" T t?vd IdHttl, a art a ai*aif ait kM pripMkar ta I?>r <lnr "? >dcf faan.l a*na at imHI* af Kratnoky k??r I. ?i nh.|r>-l far kfrtoa Ik- itufk 'i aid aiJ lla?aa* la 4r?a aaaHd *m llol, at-I tl a at th- a Maf ra'? far 'Id Hxa**. Tk* lock of Kentaakf ta tha Impaction warahnuaa >u Matrdioba i.dW , ot Tlrniaia. 473 hhda., and Maryland Id. making a total of 6 TOV, which, oonparad with otbar yeara la a vary light amount Thetranaacactiona aluea Saturday tnaluda lull hhda Kautarky at 7H ?7\c.; 76 hhda da. at to ; OK do. at 6Xo.; 60 hhda Marvlanil at St'n >..l Oil l.h.l. finlnU >17. Whisbev.?Th? market tor this article ?n lea* buoyant. though sale* were madn of lMMbbl*. Ohio at 26 a 26)4? , and Prison at !t>A%o. Drudge wan quiet at 24)6 c , time. KacairTS ar rut Nobth Rivrb Bear*. flam, bbl* 7,744 pkgv 454 iihrt 149 Cera. but 01145 Usui* Iron , fit Kjt, hue 2 000 Puller pkga 60 Data bur 1,200 Dried Irail, pkgs..... 49 Wutl. bale* 341 HiAKK'I't K K VV ,1KBR. MNM9B HAhka Phii *nm.mia, Anrn.t 1.?Fir$t Hoard?tM?* Ilarrlahnrg Railroad b ?. lit,. Ml ahar** Psnaay Ireaie RulrjaJ, Ci)4 7 ??.. *4; Wt:n?? 'anal, 'lb,: U sebn/lkill Bank. I*; gird State ?'*, iftlja; i up 4? . i Snsqeehaeesh CaoaT, uv, .'(UUlli.l ed t'at'a M, ul. 10 Manufacturer* and 9 ' oauics' Kuut. 2746' 10 1 ratie.iueii't Hank, 6.')g; ItbM Reading Railroad, t'l, 7 )%. b'.<e/?J noied?13 Hauiifaeiurers ana M<ol am V bank, JTJni Kill Nonisioan Railroad, to [ I he S ate ireaaurer ruium need paying ahia morning ai tha bank i f t i iiii.yltenia, ibv semi annual latere*!on tha State debt, uue to day.] OaiTiMonn. July 31 ?Stock Hoard?$11*10 Halt naura 6'a, Irttaai. iu7; lataiitu no. H7)a; luod? do .10% sou Haiti io>r# and Ohio K'ilruao Honda, lWi7, tJ\. 35 share- Union Hank, 6k; 13 Haltinaora and Ohio Railroad, 719; 15 da. do., time, 72; SO York and Cumberland Railroad, lnjf; 25 York Turnpike Head, 3)4. Telegraphic. Kepwrt*. Nave OnLKaee, July 29, 1850. The new* brought by the Atlantic and Aala in received, bat had no effect on market*. No order* for cotton hnee been received. The week's sales are only 3.300 bale* The ntook of aottou le 36.000 bale* The wok I eaten of tobacco hare heeu 1 jnO hh In., at same price*. Corn i( at MIC., aud ordinary Hour 44 26 Bckkalo. Auguat 1, 1850. The receipt* nince our laat have beea an follows :? Flour. 7'J0 bbl* ; wheat, none ; corn, 8,000 buah. Western flour in in fair demand tor the Kant and oity trade, but common to luir brand* are a trifle lower. Wisconsin i* quoted at 43 87 a 44. aud Michigan 44 a 44 12 There ia not much inquiry tor wheat. Cora i* not quite ao active, hut we have uo change to notice Palua ol mixed Western have been made at 62e. Ohio Whiakey i* at 24o. Alba-it, Auguat 1,1860. The recelpta within the paat 24 hour* have been:? Flour, 4 000 bbl*.; wheat, none; corn, 0,000 bush. There is very little business doing, anil w* hare no quotations to make, with the exception of sale* of ti.UOO bush of oats, at 4t)o. Married,

At Brooklyn, on the 1st at August, by the He* Dr. riw, Ps-rca Pi'icill, Ksq., merchtnt, Nc? York, to Ki i*?. eldest daughter ol James O'Connor, Ksq., ot Brui'kl) u In fturwicta. Connecticut, July 25. by the Rb*. Dr. Bond. II VVimnfcr, of New ll?ea, t? Lucr Kirm, daughter of on* ol the firm milkmen of that place. New llaveu papers please copy. At Au-tin, Tezaa. July let, Captain W U. dram., U. 8 Anuy, to Mlea Asm* b.Duiao, lata ot Tallabaua, Florida. Died. On Tburaday, August 1st. Wm. IVmii. oldest ion Ol Abraham and Cornelia Warner, aged flee year* uud nine ni? mh*. On Tb'irrday morning. August lit, William Ilcuar, ion ot George A and L. Augusta Brown, aged two j tare, one month, and seren day a, Ou Wednesday. July 3l?t. ot consumption. Meant* B , a lie of Ueurge S. Knight, aged lid years and 0 months 1 he friends of the family ara respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, from Jackson's Hotel, (Kieer Houses) llarltm, cn Friday, at It), P. M .without further loTitalien. Lowell (Mass ) and Manchaitar (N. II ) papers are requested to copy. July .'kith, Mrs Hsnnah A, Looawoon, agai 05 years. Thi relatives and friends of the lansiiy as* respectfully invited to attend her !au*rai. from the residence ot h?r sou-Id law Dr m J. Iiailt y . No. 176 First street, William-hurgh. this day. at 3H o'olack Ucr remains ?lil l? takru to ureeneooa tor iumd'OI On Thursday. August 1st Ui MWtiM Louiu Cismm, aged XI months sod 10 dsye Hit lumrel will lake place this day, at fire o'clock, P M (rum No. XI4 tlreeoeinb ilrrnt Ud Thursday. August 1st. suddenly. of apoplexy, Journ I)? Ucaaar. Jr The r< toaic,e were taken to Greenwood On Tbureday, A agust let, of ty pbus lever. Matthias B. TV a*d of Ibe late brm ol Ward a (ioadby. The frlrnila ol the family arw luslted to attend the futieral, at No. 33 Wayne street. Ilarslmus. N.J , on Baturifay. Augu-t .'id at It o'clock, A. M. Tbe remains will be lakrn lo Newark, for luti-ruieut On Thursday, August let. of scarlet feeer, Kara Hit.Lit eldest daughter of liberies en 1 K Kate I'urTlanee aged four years, safes iu?ntbe.and eight days Ou WT oueeilay July Slat, after a few hours illness, Asst. wife of Stephen Oaiobreleng Tbe funeral will take plane on t'rlday, Angnst 'id, at four O'clock. P li . frsii her late r.uditence. Si Ureal Jones street Vunrral services at Bartbolsnsaw's t'bureb earner ol Lafayette Piers and Ores! Jones street Tbe rslstlvea and friends of tbe family are respectfully Invited ta attend, without further Invitation (in Thursday morning. August 1st, at sight c'oloek, of scarlet fever Bon its t'ensso ouly soa of William M sod pbetie A bo.ruin ag. d two years and Six months I'mmrrtlcut papers please copy On Tbiierdey ni-rttlng. Aug isi 1st. lilts, daughter ef Francis and Catbai lue I. vans, aged two years and ten months. A. , f 11, r. .... v .... .? .-..if.,lie in.UeA r? atnnd ber tobrtti llu- (Pride?) moraloq at ftX o'clock In oi ih? iol4nrt <>l It- i la ber. No >0 limn ittrrl N R . Th< ri a ill ba n<> rarriafl-a Or W'rdn-aday >wtlh| Jul) Slat al M Wblta etreet, at 11H o'rliak. JeH* T. Du>iu. Baq . oouaae||or-atlaw ot ipiiplrif lie di?d la I bo fall huoa of a bleared iaiai< rlHlitj. ihrnagh the merit* of bla Lord and Saviour Jeaua t'hriet. Ilia trb-ada aad acqualataaeea. aod tbovo of hla laibrr UaorfV J., aad hi? beotbere Uaorga M . aad Woi II Daryea. ara rvapeetlnlty lavttad to attead hla tanaral. at fnar o clock. tbia (I'rlday) afternoon. from St John a Church Jnrin f>k? CriDitici llriwiMtTiL. ana of fro derlrk aa<l Reheka llelarenbultrl. aged two yaara, vlavan month*. and eleven daya Tha frlmda and ari|Ualn'aaaaa of tha family ore lavllrd to allaod bla funeral. frnoi No. W1111 am atraat tbla (Friday) allaranon. at 4 o'clock At llri-oklyn, oa Monday July Ntb, of email pot, Xatira Rranrrt I'uar, roa of Iba lata Xarler Bhav Clarke of llallfat N 8. aged 31 yaara Canada papera plaaaa ropy At I'la.niirld N. J . Jaly Slat. Jawca O. Wmaoe, apt 41 yaara lata oaa of tba pablirhera of tba Brother Jonathan, Tba frteaoe of tba fbmllr ara relocated to attend tha funeral at FlalnBeld N J.lhUday A ainat Sd at IS o'rlo. k V Tba ileaaiboat Red Jarkat leavea tha north rnd of tba Raitery at ft o'clock A M . aad raturra by half part 4 the ??? -lay. |ftrta| ample time at Plainfleld to attead the fao-ral Al I'blebalab bar ' .nella l?p-ioj? Arkaaaaa. on tba Both Jane laat, Captain Jena R N Otaatnai ot tba ft rat Reylmeat of lafantry Ha batbai ao Invalid for aevrral yeara bat earv-d ta florid* aad la tfaileo ARItIBB IBTBLLIC1IOB. Part af law Varh. ?a|M ?. ISM. vr nwaa I Niaiav vara ?..ain Kvn ww tblwrnoav I ti OtaaraC. Wpa-ftatwertaad (rk?L Bebkard. I a1ea, Ortaaell, k Raphra llaraab It'tn. wWn fc'? k n-'a-'arati ( iteilmi, fair ImIkii Mal<< k Mtlwa: Atala in, ktlaaaa. At J?ka S 4 1m?h? k -ta. k Jaarla. On aa, rhbrteat?a: 4 C H*apkray. Mm. kii. M lifttia Bit*'. Haatb k Rirbar4t..n Hi'li Iran k i.a.'tf. . H ?.??*. Fappa k 0*1 " Later," Oilaba?? Aaiaaaak. rtrvr* - Tat j ba, Nalt* kaaballa. Caaai k Attala: Indtaa Qataa. tanaay Tan aa Frlaaa. Rrrtt I Via. Altna(tr|. a- lay At J ah a MR i #?"# ''??? Rarr?a Da^rciaaa. Rt4all. Aaraaaak, Daabaai k Ihm-a Raa-aa'Da. Ca'r>r4. twk. y Irlaa4 R G Rr?kaiaa. Wllkalatab (<?I4>, Rlaba. a te'tatraa. v?h-a? Oaa Aafrraan Rawyar (lay Waat, R t, Raitl?a4: in. 11, baraa ?aabia?iaa Wlllatt I Rabiaa. kalab. HalIhh. ra A|l.i. ?aaaaa 4a Rarlter k l.-r4: lata. I'liaa Raa(aai Una rr*atll 4? Mamai," B".-lia?. Taaataa. Oaa Tatlnr Raarall bra Itaraa Miwiit- fiailiail. kaiaaaa. aa4 Oa?i4b, O'RalU. Pkilarfalnbta . Aniial. Rbip l arrlab (fktl. AAaaa. Ufarpnal, 4aaa IT, with a(a, *n a??t? aaHa aa4 Mn pBaaaafrrt, M Apaf<r4, 111-.'-a k Ta. 4#a> r a#4 aaa birth aa tbt paaaac#. Tb. n baa ba4 lab I vta4* aa4 aalaa tea abMa rvayi bbly Aba.a (Mraai. b'.a. Rati?r4aa. M 4ay?. aitb a'a a' ItT IA-I.if.ri. la arAaf /air tX la? 4? 4?\ lr? ?l M aat> barb (Iart4 Rlrbala. 7 4ara fy--a Raa'-aa far *!?**. 1Mb. to* 44 R> I ? M 41. at ' x-4 alcaalr nil a ably abaatea > ban#. A k.lal*a-t fl?ab*rx rlaaal aa?a4 I *b'? irl.ray (?f Rnf ?|. Oal'l I'laafa^t a (4 4art. b a?aa?. ba lJ'4-ban- Tit- t b r *14 la a? a|ib barb Jrhb Aaltea. fraaa I'artlta4 far Mtl.?r*r briaa aaaMa ta a*II 41. rary? l?t? ?" .4 F'aaa 1 ar*t?i, barh *ar? Rltaa. Re lallaa. f rarr Rayna la I. ra*4a # r bit Tark. 4 4-.?? an Rank Riacaiaa (Brk (atra.Dibl a. TP 4tyt, 'a ba'latl. al?b ') naa-ira.rt. la I" ' Ryraa R ( - J*ly 4, Iti tv *A, Ian 44 te, Ir-li Rr abia Tltrray. fraai lAaaraaal far ?|t*haa inkita*R>4b ) ?**> apaba br ? l,aa? R4aar4*. af aa4 it ta Rr-rfa.ft Rl. far ' >*! r-ar* Waar. Lrart?i, kt /"bar rR. Ill; 11. with ratar ta . A ftT W" Rrte IRa Rraaa (T-atl, ftanpa Lirrrpaal. 44 4tyt all* Aral ka RaakaMaa Oa- fta Rna Raalr) |af Maw Narra) Rrr?"?. Rarba4aa? Jala 1 r Tb' maa ibtb, a. 4 ?? Kay tM, alib aalt. ta CaabaM k Raaarar, Mr* ?" Rark Alblaa rmaar, Ollaa. Oaatlrra. I* 4ayt. vltk <bbh? | |a V k4||||l l| ^R||| Rate Riailr I R? 1 Raaaala. Rr /aba Nf. la kalfan allb II I naa.tryara ?n R I. Raatk k Aaa 4a'y I.Rtb - "?M. la't?4, | la#? f?ta aa4 ??lB ? yaraaia ?a4 i-iyt laa'mtr ? .pfi ra' a, , aar4 . A.I..4 atlrr 4aiana. la aa<lr 4a4 r ?t'?r. a.4 arm* tt rl* 4*4. >4 Maataak. I*ai a aaa rati* t*yaaat aa4 tapat. | *R.U > Irbar4 0ab4aa ( Rr). RarHra*. KaUfbt. RR, t* 4bra, ??tb ta4*. br-? r?U Alt*. Bcla'tr* rwtawiftb, fC, Aft?*, U?<?' ?' ?? I* O? || %ti<n Vb? hrtNl Hr I f.-rb ft >.x If *41% W?ft.? Wr 1% p* ?A 1Mb ih 9 Pibi - of M? Mi*4. bH? l-V b*ft ff '-r* *??* ?4 **< l?4 ?.!1 > ?. ?? Mr < B *(?. I lfft*b?rft. NC. I 4?? *1?b bbF-lr **)<* TbMl. Nrtlwi. ? C, ? *?f?. Ml ??' bit P-?br*. lebeeee, WewWim, MT. i 4?r? *11% i *- b- f?*> %??? , k?4>**, k*r-fttftA ? Aafft brbl b ? b aM? n*mrk NbOMUkS * ! ? bob' ?-r*llra. fM?rr,*W?^li?f?. MMi ft Ciiim Clf, H-44*r 4. '! !? <; af.ip* r?tb?- | rbp*, kin, r>ft?*?r?--b: YVbt*rf b?'b. Jim llbl n??l?r D?lpr| brttb* I ?4?i?? ftl?? Lf l*1>?lU-4. II !>-?-4 I-**-* 4'?> ?( M* ? ?? I'a* I I* IJrr '* ? I.Mr IMrV' PrtMl, l? >* A ft 4 **.??, i {-4Mb, ? : H?rb???b bftfbt f?.I?ftrr??, rarr-'*- k-\- b- | t htm. (tarn Tb?BM, Fi.h, Turk. IaUad, brig* Wilhtl ia. _ Bark Mary Ellaa, MeClallaa, 12 day* fromSa/ua la Oraad*. Alao 1 trig*. Jilt P-Wlnd at Maria* WS*i mridlaa. W, at raaaat, KW, IltraM Marine Darrrfpaadaaa*. BDoaaTowa, July 27. PM. Arrirad?Sehr Margaret Ann. Marana, N Turk fur B ataa; a* uikiori *abr, fr.ui aa Baatara p> rt lumbar laden, bauad W, aaebored ia ?ater Ratda Sid aaart Margaret Ana, dllta Wrlgbt. and Hahama. SUt?In port, aohr Kaurgy, Marobaat, for Bo*tun, watiiag wind. PHiLAiianvKia, Aug 1?4 PM, Arrirad?Brig Clileuya*. Emory. ll.t.iou. aabr* 2Tayl>r, M?rth(in tin I.Tliia SBiindfr* l'?rinn dii. Cleared?rhip 8w?u-k, Dunlevy, Liverpool; bark ImI*. Mftttbrvn. Bos' jb; lirtai Csdioq Crowall; Hea Bwau. Merrithew, sad Foster. Blkrr. <J<>; dmerien. Tr??Uati, "**Um; ivhrf HaunHcrv, Cora >n. ?sd ilsmlet, Haerman. Provt dene*: Uutss, Brown <*al?tn l>anl vVth?ter, Fnksrta. i?toria, 1,1: Harriet Fuller, Bradley. and Lad* Baker, fierioa; J I Pvtta. Ireland, Norvish: Uarriet Garret sum, boolt, Norfvlk. Mleoel laneoni, Stpamicm DikicTOR, L*l|htna. hence for San Joan, CA* put into Charlcstoa 2Hth, for coal and some repairs. Ship Philadelphia ?Copt Stotusbury, of the ehiu Philadelphia, which arrived at this city on M <nd*y e*e?in(, from Liverpool, reports that on the 3d alt, wind trash with a heavy aea from N N W, found rb? al.ip making considerable water; took off the main hauh of the s?oond deck and f >uot a pood deal of water on the lower doek. and male a thorough search; discovered the leak in the lower larboard after port; listed the ship to starboard and succeeded in getting it caulked and covered over. The leak was through the centre of the port, which appeared to have been caused by some hard substance having come in eoutaol, whioh started the eeams, as it had been perfectly caulked in Liverpool. Ship Scotland, of Nantucket, late Folder, from Boston for C alifornia, which pu? into Rio Janeiro in Maroh, in distress, has been condemned. She is said to be folly insured in Boston. Kakk Sklma, af Dundee, from Dublin, June 25th, for St John N B, in ballast, struck on Crand Menan. dnring a thiok fog. wind SK. abt midnight of Monday; sunk at 4 o'clook next moraitig. and is a total lose; crew saved, and arrived at Bast port. on Tuesday. Brio IIamdan?r of Portland, fri m Clenfnegos. f >r Philadelphia. lost ?s ''ape liatteraa in the late gale, was insured for ab< nt $7<HX). The crew saved only what they stood in. tin Brio Si'TCLirg Crow from Liverpool for 5t John, NB, was w reeled ?. ar Cape *able, July J<? at 4 am, during a thick ftg; crew and part of materials savnd. Brio Cismnoc i of Augusta, or vicinity), Lawry, from Baltimoie for Weymouth, with tr^n and bricks, wo' ash ire on ti e Hedge Fence, Vineyard Hound, abt 2Hih. At last no< ount* she ?u <iisch arming into lighters, and weuli probably be got off with little damage, if the weather continued tnrolahls. Iir ic John R Rhodes from Baltimore for Pansacola (beforted apuken), istured to Norfolk Monday morning with loss of topmasts, Ac. Shhh M a sr. Coombs, from Bangor for Boston in beating down river 27th, got ashore n? ar Emery's Mills, in a bad po Sition; will probably bo cot off. Anttu-onxii Vuuru?A dismasted rearel. with ? nam* on the stern. having every appearance of a Prince B'lward lrl*?d veeirl was fallen ia with off eoaet of l.abrador, re* eerily Tha booiea of thraa man were in iba oabia. Conaitci or the Pour or Nkw York, roa thi Moy-in or Jul*. lelkl?The following ia the number af raaaela arrired from porta during the part mouth:? 8teamera A Schooners 73 Shi i a P7 Burba HI Total MM Bnga MS TiaacmpTion or Fnaa?United Stataa, 300; British, 1V>, Not* ay and Sweden, 1 *; II a use Town, 17; other nationJ, 35. Total, 4US. Whaleman Bark Apphia lfaria, Folgar, from Nentuoket, was aeon July 17, off Naatncket shoala. Spokane Ship Schiller (Bram), front lialiiaora for Bremen, Jane 10, let 54 41, Ion 2> 49. Ship Frank Johnson, from Harana for Boston, Jaly 21, lat 2f> It'. Ion 7W3U. Ship Mora (of Rath) Lerrahee. 8 days from ST?rk for Glasgow, July 22, lat 41){, Ion SI IS; (other aoconnta say Idtb, and 20th, and Ion 53 (0). Koralgn Porta. BanaaDOna. Jaly 4?Barks Frank, Spsed. from Philadelphia tir St Thomas; Cordelia, Johns do do; Uen tlnrmnn, altad. Inn Alexnndrln for do: brig Dnrid, Dunninr. from East port for do sehra Sanaa Bray, Brabla, from Philadalpl. a lor do; J ? Ridgeway, Snow, an do. Ciuurttegiue. Jaly 1]?No am vassals la port. Daiasottain, Jaly Id?CI4 aohr Father Matnaw, Boudret, N Turk. IlAMiaa. Jrly 21?Arr hrlg Wilberfsroe, Pioton for N York; 2Sih, aohr Ophir, Lewis, Philadelphia Arr at do 24th, aohr Fairy, Locke, Wilmington. NC. JaKsma. July 17?No Am vassal in port. Idtb, two fore and nit ecbra going in. MinaaiicHi. July IA?Arr brig Jny, Byere, NTork. Pictoii, July IS?Arr briga Acadian, Loekhart, NTork (and eld 22d for do); 2()th Curlew Card. NTork: Commerce, Card do. Old Huh. brie Tweed, U'Dougal, NTork. Arret Jlst, brig lodiaa, Kvaua, NTork. Kk hibi'ito, July 15?Arr bark Integrity, Stephenson, N Tnrk. Hi m Kit. July 23?Bark MaaoLester, Porter, from NTork, far Philadelphia, Llg; only Am yaaaal. By Jomm. PR, Jaly to -Brig Francis Jane.from Baltimore, Jast a r. (the only Am veasel). with losa of deck load. StJohr NR. July 2A? Are hark Clio. Robaoa. NTork; 29'h, brig IMsrly Mill. 1'uraat, NYork. Cid 2Sth. brig Jnvens, Henebarry. NTork. 27th. ship Oaward, Urosby, Lirsrpo< I; sahr Peerless Daniels. NTork. Tanaaro, at oat July I ?Brig Marin, Parry far Boston next day: schr Catalog*, Harding, for do 10 days; only Am yeasals. Hobs Ports. Bosros, July 31?Art ship Gen Berry, Patterson, NOrlenat: brig Osceola, Stanley, Galveston a*bra O'Brien, Patera'a, Baltimore. Triumph. Maaoa; lly Pnyaou, O'Neal; M m M Baird, Rlubhi. and Homer, Webb, Philadelphia At quarantine. Proa lark Em-liae. Pepelaw. Ualway. Tela puvq. i-riB mmii mwBii, rnuinipnia niguM ior t brig. CU ahipa Ctnbrlt ( Br). A'key, VJurboa bark Oirwod, (hi?, !* ilaoclphta; Mary. Whalloa, da; krtfi Stepkaa Y um Gray Elchsoaa, to Wad for Bio; tumil Brum, Baktr. Philadelphia; aohra Now York. OoogooU. N Virbt A M'Wna, NWkaraoa, do. Trikuae Mokoraoa, talaa la load lor Aaaatoa. NY. Mothlog aailai. HaLYiaioaa, July SI ? balow, oooalac op. brig Yioloriaa, Blown. Si TSnmaa. Cld tarka lladley, Keat, aad baton, km Irirk. Bootoa, acbr Cumaaador la t.'hiof. Kotokaa. N Y?.rk. HaiaroL, Jaly V?Art acbr Palrteld. Nlokoraoa, Prerldrare for Hal*iaoro. Rath. Jaly 17? Arr aohr Oalla. Lawraaoo. Philadalphla. CkAaLBtTva. Jaly B*? Arr achra Zookr, MTood, Ma an ana; Julia Wardan. Polat Hope Milla. Klloa. Cobah-o. atooaar Ditorlor. Le.ghtoa. NYork. ala Da'a war* Hroakwalor and Uaaptoa Moada, for Saa Jaaa. (aoa mlaaoll) CU a hip Coaoro Shorw < d. NYurk. berk Aoadia. Kreaeertlle Ml. EAorruBT. Jwly C?krr ahip kliaa (Br), hi York lor St J. So. Mb. .7ih. bohar-a Nooaaa, NYnra Sid Ytd. kr ca M<ata(oa Taoihakrr Bali in. r?. 20tk, Yaakoc, AaalU I'kilaorlrk.a. ( I arirr. liana. NYork. Tail Bitbb. Jaly IS?Arr aclir Roraa Ylata, Philadelphia. Oi.-.i oarrra, July SB? Arr brl* B Baldwia, Muni|?mrry. Baaiportf.>r N Yoik. ict r C egrr.a. Noadoat fur Nowboryp?rt; .atfik. acbr Jula Parhor. BalMaora. an. Jaly Si. Hi PM?Thia af'amnaa all tko raaooia oatward booad prwccoilad la aoa Th* Soot t oaalatad of karka Cam an.i Naabaa. for Boatoa. arif. Vaodalla, Marietta. aad boa Bird far da; Baity (baa). far Wladraa; ly>atae aad FftirV DsBArsrs llAnltn rt S>I< J W i..Kat?.s t.r Us ? s ? VttJmtr II Wri?kl, lor CorOoooo. largo ouaat-ar aA acl ra A t ori III ikm lrl|i Wool is ohoat IVaWak tkU Bt'rroooa ka4 in M> n Hiwloinr too kork u rap rc*4 to W ba ltil?ir> 0*4 iko krtga ? tko Ckltopoa. Ku; H. or. ' r??> oil tma Bo>t<<o. V Ml t Jul* *4?Art Hlr rtkaoo Small. NOrlaaoa. k4 for M< ou-r oa or NTork. CM aakr Rally Waoaar, Brook, PrarlAat . o. Nov Ooi.oam. July iS-C14 ahlpa Pyramid, llaodaraon, linn M Un, 1.01410. Anlaarrpt hark (Pr). I"or r* o4a, Hi 1,-ula, Han-gal ooO 0 mkl.brlia Ailooalo ( tatl). An tola, lloooo: Iralng, Kublnaoa, Hordraua; f?-4laii4 ikon). Bortlrtt, do; ookr Onr ArooM. lAlii'ory. Stall ool 'aoipoaaky. TaaaA lo mo flat lait akto* HioAooton, U?lrok*. oo4 ah I pi J oiiioo Partar. Aloi Uroot, ood Hkr Vortlotl. bnoroLo, July ??C14 krlf O llollorob < Br>, CopoUod, Bol'kll. to Biir, July M?Arr Mkrr Amariaa, Pl.lladalphlA; Ratub'ir, Albany. MIA or bra Uornn < hapmao, Alloay; Poo'tr. Smith. Viriii.o. Mloori H No* Loobou Jol> %>-krrM*kr limi Jaooo. Chomhar laio. VlroioM lor birulil. Bonair, gallop, Booioo t-r .lio Ttak NVp'lot boal ? 'mbb-rrra Chapman. from * Toaki alp Ch.a D RolAaa Uoaa. Troy from Narwiak MI4 Mkr laokollo, Mirbool. It York. kiaxiT, Jolj IB?Art irbra On?>o. Bokor. Boatao for. NT'tk, |iboi4<4? Trior, flinrlir 4*. J alio P Colli oa, Biltord, 4* for NTork, alp* Camm?4oro, Tplor, PRiaarfofH Tork, I korlop Hkoaoa. A* 4 : Aao Bliaokokk. Totllo. PRtrar f?r NTork, t4ilor, tan Rliraaaatak fur 4o, Harp Brook. Br* ak. ProolAoooo for 4o: Roport. Maak rl 10. f Ritar f j 4a, hn-oaatr, July Nf?Arr aokr L Aodooroid, Coraoa. Pfcilo4olpklo. la Mb orbra Baoiitai. Barry, flao Phlldalpklo. baood lo kil'oo. ( rbol Rooroa of 0*4 from ilr.okhoaao NT, t4?4 Prooklto. fkorboak. frooi PbilolalphtA Aaarvraar Jaly Si ?Arr *o0r Taioa. riakhom, Raadaot IA ark* ftoralol Bao4. Philadelphia. Poor* awl* Jolr SB-Arr aklp Natkoo flooaoo, A'aor, Nrwpori. R. kt( B Ho, Monty. Mania Hondo naCaHaaaa. Pun anoiniia, Jolr SI - Arr anja aIHioa. Vain, Bail . oil: Aroro. laoaa. R.atoo. RAoto. Robotlo NTork aahra Boooor. i.aoAp. Ao. Boory (lollop, ooA tolly Aoo. Clark, "too (It Tioamil I orooo ooJ O B Parry, nil Rtrat) toaoar Rroookor fuam, NTork. M~o obnp Raaatlae, ?r, Hoaooo t la bra TI ryi?to. l>a?io. Poll Riror-. Ol>no I *trpio'O Coooloat. Noaa Noaoo Broohorillo bioooroor ftoofor Orbit. Torro, oo4 II II rarry, Bootor, liakotrp-rt Ro'aata tthaaa, or a tfoary Biak?p. Roily, ' oor Tolroo HooA. IT r? Par a ti oo r a. Jala Arr b in Oodlry, Votoo MoM'a. aakra Oaford Haa laoA, Rollimoaa- Loka. I.oka PhiloOolEblo I'roaaalaaalo Rrakkaao, 4a. alp Jaoapo laanaaa, IBahrooa Nbrt B oa br a t.n kartaa. laaaa tk. frao ' M ' ?' < r. ? - o no a or ?o>rroo, l>.\ Jaa | I Ibapoty Vloaaoro pt .to olpkto Nkaoy Bil a Tylo , o4ool. Bol4ob, Aoa Wooa; Ro? aoo. tlbaart alpa Capital, Montk AI bo o a; itrooaoat, Ckryono, RoodaoV Jaa L long, I Joooo Joooa, NTork I Ulnarr July 81-|o port orhr Br'a 4 P??k. BraUfc. tr?m Alitor SIM. tiark Gtaraliar J*r4aa. f-.f MGrloaita. I4< *01 r* Jilt *????? ?Ar *vtta, taut, BTnrk W ijihi to' Jilil* ?rr okf t J Totl, I 4 l"o?all Pa?all HTwfc Alt aokr A'k*a Ptlllpi. N> 'rk. k?? ? ? *1 |I?, PTatAta ?, al cm JUk. an? k>f?m|l)lt| Irao'awa kmora; aik iatr (ariOwrta, OVJokrtal, Booiar *iik aofcr t.'kaa Bill#. Praaoia, ft Pork. Paaa*H|ara trrlaaB. In aamaa ?Partot Hki? itarrirk - Br Bra4kar>. a>TTBBtt?B? Bkip atoia?4 ?toara, H Pro oi, P*ka1i. t PVart*. ioo J ho B hot. 4 aolrh. H tiloaa. A Bo-oo P II Paaor. 1 Biaoaa ft t?pa IHBI ao ?Bar* l ai< r o ?B t> lapalte. I V D>aat. Bai'itaa PR- Bart Pan-f kiataraa*. I? If aol foot oktlaroa M aaOlaaaraa- ft '.ror D'-prr. J Por-r. PkM?n|ira oallrrt. ' rtoaoa S'aaoraia I raaaaat lira?I Boafkiaf, I I II " I *-.> - i. Mr)*, j, j J A Miaiaa B I P? a ?r H In, j |i ' lira i,.i? aai aaroaai P aaa }*- I rfra If R am ka art oapaaar "ftra B' i?oaa J Ha"1' B?* ' I a . r I p : I . |rl lo4 f. P? Ira ft Iaoora. I " tt ? T -a'aoa- toro-ial H?ri<a B ' aftla 4 t ? II n !' iaa, II II Po.oa. J-. Plata Pall. Bfay A-laaft I Pi rr Jokraon II ' >. BMnAlar 1' lilt I A DIM aft COOPBR PRBtlrR PHItl . araa. mil tro4?a?ialr tjum fcaropa, *w k? oa-ao aH a all anaa-oo mf paaa aarl akllaraa. al kar nfftoo, I?t fta.t Ura'i 'i r'lrrl Wlaara Sr-o<K aat rilltk anaaaa Ala* for aalo. hot Air .llatao, of Ja par. oal-onif. for rr aortac all fa a al* rkairaoalr ?a, 1*4 Boat rvaaliatk atraai N I io r-rotk. taAr.otaa in** laoiarr arataat'tt* ma 'al r ol i HIV, larao'oary lr? rit??M;?irB I) II- I'* I. iMf. M I '.foaora nraai. #*-*f koVa?|, m -a* rarxi a ol Miori ool Ba. ?a paiHrrlotir al p-1? lafoa Hi* |? plrr ttraH-4 a* lira MaHaiatr ai; ka I a4. I jr ?r*tiaj ?al/. ptftt|MRa. fjtt Rft? BnTMlft n nn* * ilk IHULPRTMMMTft ft*r? |i? l> > .ar-lol? roa* at ararj ainikl fBPV at 4 Iia a4?r-a f n>ar4 rka faara of prottf, aal kortao : poota of k laapa 'a?ilj of oMI4r*a. ftaal4 k* ok*1at?4._nt al* I'pa llaatitar, Ala* Iho ?-r.rooar TP|h Tr? ko?* a4 *?? !. Thir* atrooa ?*> .1* I lUiru ?i THoh \>t rat ruA?.TH*j. ? *i .L.trnMH"*. OftMl? A ?..*(?! f - <*?r.4or % (ir?n^i.h ? ?* T?. ? " *ft4? hi '? HrlMi ? ?? '4 ftriaia 4<ao*to<, attj k< ?a ka naa nJ rkavltt* m Mm "ana fa ktr*'lira f?a? llafral or naolaiaati to lb m? ?<??o ?4 t?4 ?m Trout ifi* oIm tr mmlatl iimroaa, ?Ifr-? aaaaa M? o* too or, Ml mi "irtala rta?M?a. | ha Ihraro aaoh wolr, ooio. roJ ovrv ao. ha aaa ahoo f*'a 'Will far waHra aaa ha ?*ulailllaaa ot m?m la ihi i|ii|? t Hippiara. T N1TID ST ATM MAIL ITBAMBRB HBTWKBkTnw U Terk ui UverpeeL?The ship# "mr-rlai thiaiiae*Ma ATLANTIC, Captain VM. ARCTIC, Capiat, Luec. PACIFIC. Ceptaia N re. BALTIC, Captain " ? ADRIATIC, Cap tele O rid tea veeww. Tkeee ship* having been built by eoatntek nimMj fet government eerviee, aveiy care kaa keea takes ia their tia teeotiea. aa alee la their engines, te eniure strength eeeJ, end their aoeommodntieu (er pnannagnrs are naehaaltnd for elaganos or ?a(ert Price of pneengn frea New Turk te Livnrpoul, 81Rk eaolaeiee aee or eatra eiee eta to feeaie. $336. Ne herthe eeoured until paid for. Aa tlgtnl need earyeea will ke attached tc each chip. For freight eg ??".iMrw jioiru, OOLLINS.M Walleireet, or to BROWh, 8B1PI.1T k CO., LiverpeeL The Pactne will leare Uvetpiol July SI. 1WR The Allan tic will leave Liverpool August 11. Paoiae " New verk ,. Aeguet vi. " - " Llv..rp>ol Sapt.m'-er IL " " Atlantic " " Nee York September J, " " " " Liverpool September St, " Paul Do " " Nee York September 28, " wo ow Liverpool Oetnher Ik, " Atlaatie " " Nee Verk October It * " " ww Liverpool October 3D. " The oeaeto ef theeeehip* will not be aeeouutable for f(.14, Itlver, kulliea, Jpeoie, Jewelry, preeioue etuaee or inetalA laleee billt of led in* are signed therefor, and the vals4 thereof, thereto eepreeeeO FOR LIVERPOOL?UNITED STATES MAIL STRAMI rhip Pai IPIC, t'apl. Eire Nye ?Tnie eteemehip will depart with tne rnaila for Europe, positively oe Saturday, Aaeaet JNtli, from hvr berth at the toot of Canal eireet. Ne berth emored till paid for. All letters aa4 papers muet paea through the poet ethce. For freight or pa enga. ha vita IIeqnalled aeoommudatioaa for eWganoe or comfort, apple ta IDWtllU K. COLLINS, S6 Wall streak The steamer ATLANTIC will snoeeod the Pscikc. aad sail September 7th. Till BRITISH AND NORTU AMERICAN R. M. 9TRAMsl.ile, between Hoelon aad Liverpool, and hotweaa New Torn and Liverpool, calling at Halting to land aad raeeiv* ma<le aad passengers. Asia, Judhiae, from Boeton, Wednesday, Aug. 7. Canada. Harrison, " New York, " Id. Cambria, Leitoh " Boston, " 21. Niagara, Stone, " NtwYork, " "28. Europe. Lett, " Boetoa, " Sept. A America, Shannon, " New York, " " 11. < 11 i hernia, I.eng. " Boeten, " "ML Aaia. Judkins. " New York, M "ML For freight or passers. apply to k v unard. Jr . 8s Broadway. FOK CALIFORNIA VIA PANAMA ?1 MA AUB->TANtial eteainahip (.;??. ZACIUHT TAVLOK, IUVi 4.L Pitt man, master. now on hoi wile to Califormin, t* expected to reach Par uni about the IStli ol Auguet. She hu aaperiar accoa mndauona for paoaetigere '?u h?r arrival at Panama, will be c?aaigned to Corwtae, Brother & Co., (oa? at the Urn. A. B.Corwlee, ia the American Coaxal I P..r paeaaita from Panama to San PraauUco. apply toJOsBPIIT. MARTIN. No. S7 8outh atreet. or to Flatcher Waatray. (Agent for Cortrloe. Brother It Co ,) No. 71 Frontal. Through line for san francisco. via chagrea, direct.?'I he aploiidid aieamehip CBKKUk II, < Henry wludle, Commander, trill leave her dock. Pier No. ^ N. K . far t l.agrea. diract, on Tueaday, Augnat I.VIi, at thro* o'clock. Paaaengara will plaoe their baggage oa board the day previona. fur paaaagr apply to HOWLaND a aspinwall, M and hi Sou b atreet. The eteamahip Philadelphia. Robert tl. Pearaon. v,ommandar. will anoceed the Cherokee, and eall oa batnrdajr. A iicet '7th. al ?hr*e o'clock 1.S0R SAN FRANCISCO?THE Nt? SHIP. WI1IT1 syu A LL, ('apt. B. Lock wood. jr.. will be al her berth in n law dayo. ready to reeeiee cargo, and have prompt dtapalch. Furhalaace of freight, apply to BO'iTil a e.DC\R. 95 Front atreet. California ticket.?one through stkeraue Ticket In liowland It AapinwaH'e loo. per Onrrakee, for Augu.t Id. lor .ale by F WHITE, Tl Wall at. STKAM'.IIIP OSI'KtV, f?r 1 HaKLESTON, s.c.-thm apleodid aloanjvhip OSPBKV, J. Oiokiaaoa. coramaodar, ill aail from wbarf foot of Lombard atreet, Philadelphia, on Saturday, a11 met 8. at HI o'eioek, a. M. For froigkt or paaaage, apply at Ktwgelcy A Co.'o Gxproao Ofllna, No. I Wall a recta oorrer Broadway, whan a plaa of the ahip may he aeca, and borlha (toured, freight for thie veeeel elionld leave New Fork on Tharedav. Prlca tea cent* per oabae foat. Forfnr bor information, refer to R. I I Kina.Uv I* Co 'a Iiyrni LK/R NEW orleans. FIRST I'aCKET. ASHURIlfUl -a. m 10 i.inu - im lut r<**uiar pacaet snip i.aHlGIl. Stewart, haa two-thirds of her cargo on board. *nd will sail on or about the 6th August neat. For ba'aree of freight, apply on hoard pier 16. foot of Wall ?tr*et. Can Hirer, to OLNEV It SESSION*, 61 6 a th street. or to C. II. CHURCH * COn 119 Wall arrwat. otraer of ftonth. J. fl. Ashhridfe % Co.. Agent*. a? New Orleaaa, will promptly forward all gonda to t heir ad drew. STEAMBOAT FOR bALB. OF ABOUT 210 TOWF BU?tben. in complete running order. Can accent mod a ae MOO or 900 persona The owners having no former nn for her. will cell her at a bargain, if aojnlied for 1 tnvuadiatelj. For further parti< ulars. apply at 221 Pearl street. mtmtit RECENTCARi.sOF PRIVATE Dhiadii kkmoviii by Dr. UK UNF.V'8 new ine-hod. in one 4t? (Nl and difficult case* of ay|d.ills, jr'eet. atrioturoe. female oemplainta. Ac., treated in a car ful, tnorongh. and ialeliiaemft manner, without a erewrj. Genuine Female Periodical rills and I>r i m II Office 61 Lirneuard street, near Hroadwav. DM OCTOR YOURSELF PHIYATRI.Y-FOR ? CRN TA? Ui ui.sao ul the Piekn <Km?I>p?<, or Rerry Ui> > Oaa Phyalcaa.?Tornty-ciehtli kdulno. ?lth ohkuattl ettgranagi, ehuatng Private Di, ?? - ltd Malfora it lea. of the Gtioillti St item in irirj ahapa aod form, to whtoh to ndclwl n Treatli* oa the Di?ea?ri.,f lea vied. iaietided fur i k? k of female naly ( ?* pige IS*,) being f tho kighoit laportaaeo to aiairtod po.pla. < r thon enatentplatiat aarrlaga, b? ? il KB Yon re, M I), Qrad. ate of tbo Cal'liiit; of Pcaeoylvaata. Iko twine fwnot il Secret Diaoaooo, Aomlaal #iabaeee, bio*u? of tho Prostata Gload, ioipetoaov. Bolitart ilakit* of Yoatk, are fslthfaUy deeerihod, aad oil tko reel pee gtvoo in plain laagoogo. TV ?haptsr oa Soil Abase aad Soainal Wrakaea it worthy of po.-tleolar atteaUca. aad ahemld ho road by rrory oao. Tonag aoa. wh< hava Vea Lbjortpnato ia contracting dieeaao. prtTioao to planing yeareoif aadti the ca'oofaat doctor, ao matter what hit pretoooloae may bo. got a copy of (hit troly aeofal work. Btraogdn viclttag tho <ity, particularly thooo eooteaplod1*0 Tnarr>a?? don't think of r*'utninv h'.ae wlth-ot o , of tho Fachat .bae' larm. Boa raptaiat aad parens. golag to toa, tboold pt.coooo Dr. Yonng'o Treaties oa karri age tko Pocket ifCocalaptaa, or Brory Oa# Hit Uwi Physt-tioa. Prtoa ttotato rack, or ?# copiea lor oao dollar. Cooteo of tko work will bo e*at toaoy porooa la tbto oonntry. oa tkoit oaaitttag tbo aoa*y, for aay another of nnpUi they may oaat. In letter r"M pud. adttreeied to T B refer.,.tt. Ne ? Ibeotaai eiroet, whoa all orders aast ha addroaaed. The podtags aa a oiagla copy to any a'aeo i< oalp Ski raata. For via. ta New York, at Btnagor k Tewnened'o, ko. JSSn.afiati Dewitl k Deteaporl'a. Irthnaa Beildiagt. H le nt k llr, ther't No.tJ Aaa rnet W F Bargeee'a, No. Id lit itreot. Bmiio Kim, Fttrdge k Co.. and Radd i no k to.- IKI'inere. Md . U'n, Te.Vr k Ce . J ere it Hnildtagi. Raebiodtoa. I>. LJ. Shilli oeten'e; Now Or I coma, Laatotaaa J V k> raaaVSt Uiii, Ml a l Oft R. R tTeedwsrd't: Loaierlllo Ky., Elijah Nobis aaf C degas k Oo.'a J I Ittel erph. Pa.. N A Miarr aod J. B llolta.e. Cincinnati. Ohio. P ot k Co. .. rjMII MARRIED WOMAN'S PKITATR MEDICAL Cuk. I aaiaa? Uy fir A H llHrHMa. Pptl?Mt of Diaaaoaa af -T??i? fditloa, l&mu . pp M-rrmll-Tua af oaf arlog. of pkyalral M' maatnl anrniah ta Ml? aa afaotioi.a: a nifa, uf Mitlirj fiknlila N tho liiitia( mirht k>? hoaa I|?ni ki a llatl; poomaln of tkla ?wL It la I? too dad aapaoially far tka n^mad, ? tk?? MiWa. plonat marnoga. ?o It diarl too Important ainU, ?M4 ahoiU bo kaova to ttiaa nrilnlarlf. To ib .?? nhoan hfalth d,?o not parrnlt of aa taaraaaa af family, It I* af aayaalal latporlaaaa. H'ra, aloo, atary fm.ala - tha alfa. ika mathat?tha aaa atthar hnddlag lata womanhood, ?r tha aaa la tha daallaa ai yoora in ? I., o. aatora tunUniplotaa aa Importoat afcooaa. aaa dlaooaar tha aaaaaa, a>m|,*oma, nad tha moat afkoloak romorlioa. and moat roriaia moda af aura, la aatfy oompladak ta whlnh kar aaa ia aatjact III' -tat af a I-attar From aOoatl?maa la Dayton, Ohio.) Darroa, Hay 1. IMT Da A M. Mat; a ma Af j? M* I aaa fu ?Ij wlfa haa Wan paraaptihly ataklna fa* aott.a thrra yaora or mora ta ' ?? of h-r (raat aa|<itah and aaltnat aaa moatho Wfnro oaf danaa War m ftoamaat, aaara aaaaaaatva aaa inn aa' mora (aMIiutai and apoainiaa kar, patting hay llfa la immtnaat ifooror, aad oi.i.Y . aa . a 11 Inat <>in if I n i>t".?i ika thla alato of thiaai wao laaaitabta, aad raaignad mfttH a? moot ika wont. At tkta timo (aaa a Wat tara aaatka), I hoard yonr Wk t ighly lyrkaa of,aa Oootniniog ooaoa ainm r?'h>iat ?io On Ha r- aao r?rna*l. I ? o..t caption to yon tka raWaf it iDrdad af dtoaraowad miod aad ika ) f Its aayoa import* d to my alb, oa loaning ikaa tka grtat alaoottry k Daaaaatai iratidad a ramady Ik opoaod a pooaprat ta ma, aklak I llltla aaanaiaad an|load kla. bat far tkw aaa aa- that raao aaala tara aood aaa* my kaao. la all hamaa yr lability, my wtfn wonld kaaa kaam la hay grata, and my aklldraa lift mmharinan. It ta, af Maraa, tm atactica tin aa anaoay mora tally Mm vartono aatjoata irnn'od of. no that aoa af a aotara alrtotky la ton dad fat tka marrtad. or thorn ooatnmolo .laa marnaga. for aajo at ffl Mr adwiy, aad at tW FaMiahing ?M U? liberty otroot, Norn Tart; utado A 09., Albany: W. K Da* m. Baatoa. T B. Poiaiaoa. ?H fkaataat at . I~l 111f ilpbm Oa tka rocoipn af tl. a o-.ya mill ka traaamltwa W mdi froa of yooraga, ta aay part or tko Valaod baatoa. All taaaaat moat ho addroaood. poat-patd, to Dr A Maori! aaa. baa I.W. Twk Mtf. (! ? IV Li Marty nwrt. fi'xiu) ki?iiD.-arun> antidotb, * ift~ ' etMa Dinar* l-r iM? ?*r? af wi.rKaa i.lan^ iirl.'araa, Hi MmiIv IimN?i> Ii ul? t ryaatr ?itfc?ai UH l.aat KMrltll"ia ?f 1M, trial iipatara. a* ?m< la ai flirsiina M kaaiw TIM MrtlkM .i.liaaaat ?>|l> raaa akMk tka Mi Kara will ad MNk *!? Mn (*rfMiara ( Mta haatnt 4 Hart TinMf -lM Ma roalrm. IM II i?.,h af iha Hlllara la takaa ahaa Mfaaai 11 i? i a> ?r ? i i? * i r i r ? l <>i>? Uiik IliU I <Hk - inruail it lai toji far aal. ka C M*f ttf Raatatr; MM iMrirl atraai Da. iwu. it mj*?i rraaar 1*1 n?a raa laa* larriaaa faara. ??laa? MM piMUH aa tfca iraaa aai f Mmtrltl aat atMat tMaaaaa af a taltrala taun rta rara t|a aaM immIM aaaaa ?? tMta *!? aai aat jw KM Iiatrri lafti la laa toft ? ?a? to "a>?. a* ??Mtoa DM iOMMMOM Ml If DVAMa IT Ml IT 10 ??M total la ?fca iratiiaaat f tab ran tiaaaaa. TMa ? n WilHIMtH?a VIM la >k? ktMtam <mh ktikaai t.taiaf far tan. la pra ara a-a a' Hi) I ito.Hir??ifi4. ?|IHI HO taraTla f??r taaa P , . . , - c * '"Hitktl Ml f'tia af* Haraaa Tail ant Ma tha rarliMtHa far aaraa af aM aaaa I Mat aari can I| If 1-ari) all atMa. fMyatalaafe? a.'itrat# af rant la liar itlaatv-fnt Irart aa aalat ?. >?! Barm-ana. fall Ilia %t r nfat iralar a fair* My Mia aaH arata aaar rlM'ra I>M ' ""IT, ?l Nanta at. aal. >?a toaaa fr?H Maaatanf. hih 'a aaaay aaaa aa aa aa* f.atal. falill aa I rm. CI nWM I I. NOI1IMOM IT'tlLD ItT T?? THwal VM Maaa a a*ra* -1 la-Ira, "I'rnii niau " iMar la, ilk' 'ara - f iM? kttlik I lira trratBt au; yaatf ta af |>r laart a tat Maaa " a .< .wiriffally (Maaaaato af |M "at 'a TM -a iha a..a ?a .-??#?It aa , a ta-raa a*nalala.A a>a* ta aa (fraa af at.r?aT fraa a a ta t r?. Maatoff < r-al" I-. - II i.H<i .a-Ha aaraa a Ma aaVlaakraftt -all ara TMai iMa? rail aaa aaaa j - an.1 ihai 'Mair iw t at ' aatiaiaa t* Mil iMnt la aaaaa arj <1lr ? ? -a til III I > nr. ' IVraaaa ah<a IralH Mat ' aaa rnlaarl Ma iMaaa r?a?i t?, .11 *> a raa 4tf. I hum t m tr V ||, ( > V i i,a, aaaaa*. not-iet m.?I?t.H .?iTiiQk or -TII* rniVATt l-lllM." wd ' V ?Mi ih'H" > HII imitu f? : ? ? ? klB ? , C?ra IkNr 4 -Urn, ' I?M I.Vai,*|f "t?TM ?*4 m* 11 h.fltia ?t* Mfplirtll !> ? <*.> \ - IJ ( *' ?! if II apwi D? >oi iiin.i ii , .* i,i M KM n.iiut lMM?-> ?1l? kiVTwM* 4 kiT?? r~'- Lis * *ar* |?'f?<<l>. mrI*' *?" ?? nc,<|l Hi r? 4%/r '' "lino hr H>if >M> can*. W? *f a -v mi, 1 ? ha ?***?> i* riiariMimii* t??mna fr ?> ? ?i?>m ? atcimalnliaMi fin.lkai ? ? * M< llil'-va l? hH . fV-. *? 1 Hall lilall, *+# Im 'm a# > ?- * . - Ml - la wa?1 in* ??fl "W w ?' M.fw nmii.rrr i? fwt ?wm ' ' r? MU rar? a^iv ?? ? *a*la !?:-t * miaikinn .* ?~tf- MtUMMk ** i, ,a ! *? F?i?V? f*T^*lkeal Iv?iHk* * ; *l> ?w u* i .* ?. r- - ?i > iMi1 ? n *, i 2 I

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