Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 4, 1850, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 4, 1850 Page 1
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T IT NO. 5899. TELEGRAPH If ?TCLUCEMK. HIOEIY IMPORTANT. THE TEXAS AND NEW ItXICO DIFFICULTY Arrltil of * Sj??rL*t! frora F?im, MEETING OF THE CABINET. K03E1I1T101* ANI> COUMUllTiOVS, dir., iu;., <ke. Of* SPECIAL TKI.EORAPHIC CORRRsroXnRV*. WASHPtnTOIV, Aug S. lHM Mr. Thomas Howard, of Texas. fourteen d.ys from Austin. arrived in Washington let evening II* i-omrs we understand a* an agent of (loeerno* Itell of Texas. to President Fillmore and with the necessary information from hjs government to eueourage th* couno which Mr?* Houston and Rusk have pursued on the boundary question. When tbo President, a few days ago. was arkrd by the Texas delegation to make known hie policy, with respect to this boundary dispute, be asked a tew days srace. till his eubii et should be fully organised, that l.e might bar* a deliberate consultation on tbe subject. Mtantlme, Mr liovard bring., information that 1..YJ0 men bad volunteered In Texas to go to New Meg* icO; that tbe Governor had accepted them, that tbe troop* bad nut to Senator Itu-k to eouimand ibim and that Ij (00 could be procured, if desired, l ot tbe march is across au imnirnre d.eert, HI Lfunoi KoihsJo. Is bilked pl.ine, eiak- d us by tulrgiapbic poles, in anciout time* by tbe Mexicans, to guide their caravans across this trackless aasia <>t -?i miles Taxis will therefore postpone an invasion. we suspect, v hil? there L- hope ct a pacific ?-Jju*iui- at. The cabinet, impressed with the necessity of tmoMJiate action, are in tessioo upon the subject to da/; and,on llonda/. Mr. I'earee will bring in Mr Olay's criminal proposition for defining the boandar/ of New Mexico, giving her a government. anJ paying Tun ten millions lor the disputed territory. Air. Kiilmore is exp. cted to send up a messape recommending the measure. Mo doubt ia entertained of its past ape 1 am informed that Mr. William Ketchum has been aeiuinated Collector ot Bufbilo, in place of Mr. Allen ' who was heretofore noiuinatsd. and that the eubatintion has been referred to the Oounuitlee on Oomtuercc I and Narlgati'm. The case ot Messrs. Maxwell and Lewis will be anted upon next week The former was reported upon favor- i ub y jeitcrday as 1 am informed. Mr T Crittenden has been nominated aa Consul at Liverpool Mr. Fillmore, it is said, has finally ma le selections of Secretaries of War and the Interior, and they will j be communicated to the Senate oa Monday. THIHTY-KI11ST CONUKKSS. eraser SBmiow House of lupraseatatlvci. BY RAl.N'b Sl.KCTRO-t'HK.WICAl. rKI.KOIlAI'H. WatHiwoTow, August 3. 1HSO thk roet iricanor bill. Mr. Bear, fdrm ) of South Carolina, inquired what bad heeoma of the Fortification bill, In which many ftlt moch interest The SriuKLB said It was on his table, and would come up in its regular order. raivsTC calkwdab. Mr Darmcl. (dem) of North Oarollaa. made an ine ITeet ual effort to take np the private calendar. The House then went into Committee of the Whole on lbs State of the Union on the Indian Appropriation Bill Mesrrs Thsksior, of Miss , and SwrcTata.of Ohio, (both democrats) during the dl?eua?lon of the amendment charged the late Secretary of th ) Treasury with illeaaily expending money which had by law ravertad to inn nrpiun innn Mr (whig.) of l'? , ?ntnr>il hi* nnlnmn Srotcrt agaln-t ih# charge* touching the character of Ir. Meredith The (ritlninin from Ohio had mora ( o(o? loo i d Mmnthlnf In the conduct of the lata Secretary deeerrlng of erasure K eery friend of tl>* 1st* Bi ll |tf>Hit admltiatralloa U k anotob*. Ilea* that the , by lb* repetition, mnnni something. Mr Intnni-1 m??n that the lata Secretary's aet wan unnotbnrlaad by law. Mr fninnirn replied that the Hou?e ban already decided I hie an J relied on the department fur all departure*. If any, tram the law Mi. dwairreia eaid. that for the third time ha had Wi attacked by tha gentleman from Panneylranto, -who bad perverted hla remark* Mr Writ*, (whig ) of X?w York. ro?e to a poi nt of order, that the rentleman moat run flu# himerlf to tha amrndmetrt. a? rroulred by the rule* Mr Swerrara will the gentleman from that atda ,'oreetal Inquiry Into the nominal of the retired dearetary ' and bare they to ehoka down the motlrea of raw'tomea' Mr 0r?ai re, (whig,) of N C., called Mr. Rweataar to otder (Cotifuelun) The Ciiaia tie derided that Mr Sweet?or, atoirdlng to the latitude uaually allowed waa In order. Mr Irnatri iipi-al-d, and on the question being taken, the daeUion of the Oh air wa? reeeraed j Mr. Jumwmiw Idem I of Ark . offered an amendment which waa adopted, appropriating VW "*> for procurtag {(formation and preparing atntlettea and making trestle* with, and preeenta to varloua tribe* of Indiana la tb* United rtatea. on tb* border* of Maiton. In the eourae of tha flro mloutaa debate. Mr Katifwan. (dam | of T> is* aald that h* bad eeod letter* Man Ma)<w Nrlghhor*. who waa of the opinion that a few thousand dollar* to make preeaate. wnald h**a far better efert than military force to eoerae the Indian*. and no eapendltnr* of million* la w irfare. Among other amendment* adopted, waa one of fit OOU far the eitiog oi-hmeo t of the tlU* of Indiana in the territory of Mlnneaota. and a eltnilar anm to carry oat the trealte* with the Tex a# Indiana, and preaerao pence and tranquillity with them The Committee rose, and the amendments were concurred In fending the qneetion of the third reading of thn fcUl the flataa*. at half past on# a4Journed liar I In Vlrgl.iln PoarueorrM. T?.. Angovt I.1MI Or Bright. ofthU piece sad Dr William White, nf I'cap Creek, had an eltvreetlee oa Tfairtdi;. when tha torn* ihol Ihi UU?r Ml; ll th? ebwk. Tb.y tbeo departed Tht Mayoralty af Baltimore. BaLTinaaa, Augaet I, IMA Tha democratic mayoralty aeeeder* hrld a meeting to day. and amid much eathoalecm nominated Turnar Bar Mayor. Thry thru marched <kiai la a body, with drum and (Mb. to Tovner'e hoaaa. with much eheerlag There trIU dnuhtlr?> ba tan drmacratla caadldataa tor mayor a? tha regutir dalrgataa attl nnmlaata oa MneI day Much vicltement piaralla bat war a tha twe mart Ira Peal Bngbt a lltUa boy. living at Pall'a Point, wee drawaad y eater, lay attrraaoa. Healhrrn It arm a. Bnviwoaa, Aagaat I. 1M0 Tha Boathera taall la through At Richmond an Thursday night.Captain "Tlagtald area drandhaNy baataa by a man named Blaka, who called at hi* hetiee aa prataaoa of ba?laaaa Tha damourette majority la Raw Uaaoeer County, I TSnrth Coral too la 144 Haw Or! aunt ta nan.aally healthy. W reck nf n Marge. At. near, ng ?, IMd A barge laA?n with entn, want oa a rock la?t night, a few mRae Mor tbo ally, aad enak la deep water. Aba la aamrd the Blahop, aad only a part of tha cargo I wr1U ba eaerd Aba I* owned by tha Meaen Durante Inraartw Mt.avg Ceng ? A ralugblr negro I elite, who bad been at work aa i bUckamiih on I the dry deck at Peaeacola, arrived at Portvmuutb, I N II mi tin* 'illih lilt _ in iamai frnm iHnt uln/i# Letters had t?f? trii to Portsmouth hy the n?n?r Ml detain the M?rh, in order that be might be returned, and the plots ami other* w?r? on the look out <nr bun Hat the friend* of humanity grot wind of the matter, hbH on the arrival of the vennel a few of the moat energetic and active aholitioainU went down to her, la the lower harbor, to ohtaia I Of oe wuon of the nrjm, hut nan reacted by the cnptaia, and were forced to They tbea ( roeared a warraat for aaaault and battery, weal down the second time with aa officer, arreated the captain, and summoned the aegra as a witness. As rooa aa they reached the city, the cantata was suffered to go at large, and the alavn was takea care eg by his frieada. The affair created rstaderakJe egciimwat. E NE r"" r! "?!. jyt?. K l?H) TV f'ttmrh Pr<?i- fit TSrmtdim %msirt a VM" "* /? ?I mm (J.-ffmimt? T*r /'?>/ <* fVmmrt? /.<?.K.V",/..*, Am J hiIt mnd !' fntUt tlf?S'trt fum SfmiH ? Cimfttrmrr trttk iW .1mrru*n Mm* HI" ? 7V J?i?v?? ('Amu (fiimi '/ #/. ? Ot*k*A?, law ?/ Omrthnldt'I tkJt/tnt -JiAwm ? IX# JmI'ii* .f?i ? 7TU /*!"?( ft'"* <f ?*? AtirmS/%? IT# Mtn i?(? ^ (/? S tiit vf A i?( fmunmnd? iht /Awry. Il.r l.w on tlw prraa, wh? h A* callrd bf lH? flutiM n ii.lirr ?f !?? trader* of tha l'in?iin ne* ?;* |rra, " The kimd li? ," wu ?<kmI as Tut a.lay l??t, ihr l?>i h, by majority of 1X7 ?<>!??, in litut of ihr law, M H, TK? << Oil) matin a la now arcoin^mhi -1 ; ibr aratracr t km lx t u (M?'i.<>unc< 4 ta about ?iv? ?l I ?*r Frtntk , |>ma daiiiiot a?k for tbr rrtipmaaf ita trial, bit : frt in ihr timr to niw i*4 tbr riianmriiii to bo mailt of tbr law, by tbr (otr? laBKOt. Tboa, lb* |>rr?r, a bit b baa eirctrd tbr rrpubltr, wbirb baa b?rn tbr raua* of tbr rlrrlioa of our prrarbt at at return, wliii h h< a rujyortrd ibr in ii tbr bard lintr ibu uttb a hu b ibt y ha?r |ar<rd?ibr |irraa of tbr Bit tiela ir |%t t), a? a ?11 aa Ibr |>rraa ut tbr lartiuaof anjl('b) ?ba?r lu-rn |-ut la ibr aanar lug, twi kbiMkrd tlttaii anb tbr atior Itlow 1 hrat Brwtali d li> l? mi r that the in iu ? I. ..I I' ll National Arrriiilti) would br ta a majority la favor aflbo , Ua ; that rnrh aa attrni|>i agtiaM Irrrd.on of thought ai d ibltliigrurr auuld Im |wr,?-tratrt| by lb on alio rar tbrir Miuatiwa to Ibal Vrry |>rraa, agriaat alia-b ibry araao Murdiraciird. 1 could not at f, o r ibal a crunr ol fin lUtrrl* would br coa.liililtd in iucIi a Utbl tuaaorr, wiiaout err a nog thrliart tint tun aiimiig our pwauiatOMi Well' I) I'M I ti. .1. t v i) I- ii I and i . i I ba-l, baa rva|M>iatri| by ihr fact. Ta' ta i. fill; t in In < 11< tl, and morr no tbaa*, untb r tbr r? ik* ol thr liourh>iaa, wbo nulla /fu I lit* to (tiolrcl tin til again*! tlf i .hi?i ii"i ; under ,\apolt t.n, a Im um iI to rsitr Ibr /dbralaim ill lua tunc; un Jrr Lout* ihr Will and Ca ?ilr? tbr X, what o; t lit J im Iht hbtruux tbr c< II* ol ."h PeUgir; t li I I ..I.I- 1 li.l|t|i|? , alio bad Iliu*/l.-d" tbr tirrt* a lib the law of tW^trmlirr. Tb*#M**aof btirriy baa diivrn ua to tbr cscraa of akarrry. Tbr lilt tbi'l ll.t- toil Mini rr..utJM hmhi i. - i..m tlie cauae ot the ' caiaMropiir ot Krhm*ry," an.) the w hole piee* I- now involved lu lia?r l>?eMiiirul uf llie ticlimi ?l that *' Cmt? *t ropImi " The riir- j lute* of libeity in(ty tricm^k ; they have reached 1 their htm! V e>! the law' ot July, I Vat, in ?y be (oilMiltltd t.i the ino.-t fatal lildW xtrurk up >u the , ItreOi in of the pros lor tllr left lilly ye ir?. The | re-tnabluduiuni of the tump, oi tne < man ,< >?* mmt (kwil), the obligation under which every 1 writer Mill l?* Ionian imi own article*, the tine which hit* been iiuti aril for ev. ly oiuiaai >n of Una formality, tlx *IUUI|I Upon the ixditical ami m trial pamphlet*, the Mump uptui tne /rui/frhua* and novel* puhiirti'd in he bottom of the journal*?every |t*mrr.jhol the law i* a " tie ail allot" nguiuat the j freedom ol the pre**. Aa I lolil you, the majority cf the Notional Am* inhly, inatrud of making a law only iighioet the " had ' pie** of 1'arot, have involved the "good" pre** mlo it* revenge, and thu* tliey have- niixtwd their aim. No doulii that the dibcnle tly pie*a will alway* lind one way or tnolhi r to lit e ili-ell ol the ch iina ol the law, and thua it* unxu ty to circulate the view* of aoriety will he doul.liil by the dilhculty to do it. The paragraph relative to the novela ria fruil'rt mt, instead ol prohihitiiig their ajtueuranca, will corrohorale it; einceitwill only I* necaairy to pey a Mump of lite cfntimri (a cent a numhei) to obtain on impunity, 'lhua the moat corrupted ?nd rotten principle* will lie allowed to be pubnahed, if paid for; a* formerly the govern run,r u?ed to do with the gambling hell*, and now with the houaea of prvMitution. Evidently fhere baa been a miMake done by the National Atarmhly, and they will noon know it, fur it i* a fault winch will dinuniah it* airenglli and power, tnatead of rendering it double, a* it ought to be. ft waa in vain that General de J.xmoririgre, in a very tlotpieut apeech, tried to doMUade hia colleague* In in voting in favor of the law, not only lor r?*pect for llir coaMitutioa, but alan to avoid any eubjrct ol n crimination, und cauae of revolt U|*>n the pait of thoae who wnh to overthrow the promt republic, and to esiaMmh anything new; it waa in vain that he announced, in a very poailive | manner, the attempt made to induce the geavral ' council of every department to dem ind the proro- I gallon of the 1'ieHdeut's powers; il wm useless tor , him to foretell Ihf " (>rdln<xcf of July, of the I,. i-dI.ii. it ml " an Kiiipur without the I y and genius of the Kmperor." He spoke to deaf men. " They have earn, add hear not." Three advices were of no influence, and, though many nietutxrs af the National Assembly were aatiafied that M. He Iximoriciure wan very right; they were afiaid of the light, and they ahut their eyee to the brig lit net-* of the ftitnre. hnungh said on this shameful theme. Fortunately, 1 am not blinded by the new law; and I will be rnubled by the light anonymous of my initiala, to rend you my opinions, as well as those of my numerous political filends, without fear of Mr Carlo!? i.nil tun colleague, the procurer dt la Rlpmbfiyw "1 call a cat a cat," sard the fanrd French poet Hoileau. That I will do alwaya in tny correo|Miiidrnre for the lliruld. Hue of the moat curiona incident* of the debite of the National Assembly, waa the demand made by Mr. Bale, the i/urtuw of the House, in older to login a lawsuit against the publishers ol the journal It Piiuvoir. (a penny newspaper, which is the organ of the govern, menr, in oppoa.tion to L'Erintmtnt ) This gentleman is accused of having written a very iaaalrat art.cle rgaiott the tnenitiera of the National Assembly. The order to sue him was voted; and this atlair will be brought before the KeprefSntativea in the sitting of two days. Mr. Hranier da | Casaagnac, the former editor of the Epotfat ? the eame indi>'dual who was ee near lomg hung at Hayti, in IMI, ia said to be the author of the ar- I ticle. The prorogation of the legislative Assembly is now on the taptt. M. de Montalembert read the report trade u;N<n it, which concluded by the proposition thit the Assembly would separate for three months, to begin from the llth of August, ar.dtotnd on ll?e llih of November neit. We hall know what will I* decided in the wiling of | to-day, and you will hod this reault ia the poatac-ript i of my Mil r The mitt for the itate of aiegeof the IaUnd of t .rrxrtMi< tipo * .ia also l>ern decreed on ilie fith in tatl. W ill that rigoroui^deciaion reatore peace and calm in our ruined roloair* t I do not think it. Ix*ui? Napoleon haa been very uinet. at leaat ia appearance, during the votea of the National An nihly. He haa hem vi-iting several hsrracka at 1'aria. I in achieved the plan and rrgulatioaa of the new rncunipim-at at \eraaillea, aod on ^iaday laat, he went to viait the coy of Compieatne, where he met with a aery warm reception The I'rewdent Wan received by the whole population, and though, to apeak the truth, no eutnhxiaam waa nianilraled, he waa better treated than ever before. It ia neceaoary to undrrat tad that public opinion alwaya wpuratra him from the disgust ahwwa to Ida ent .?>'?(?, Which, with fear exceptions, ta formed of men di w it di rorda?amhitiona and rotten hearted, ailly and mean ia their dealing*. The rewiffr t < amwidgm waa done in one day and ooe night. (in Monday, Louis Napoleon hid re- ! tunitd o the hlysee, ,where be gave, laat night, a grand mtnfr and a concert. The aocialiat party, though eery qniet in appearance, haa not craned to pursue )u courne ia order . to augment Ha uratm and Mlnwera. The place of meeting . f nil theae pretended patnoti, ta dect- | dedly I,, ixlon. Maxziai, Struve, l.edra Kollin, j : Cacwdcpr, are there (plotting against the Whole of Eampc, and ready to ruah upon the continent, aa a flock ol I'irda of prey apt a a corpae. I underataad that, among their arrangements, they woald det ree I The organtxation, in France, Italjr, and tiermany, of arc ret aoeietiea, on the same plan aa thooe formerly known aa " Societies of the .Seasons " S The oropagand of principlea, and dietrihntioa nt (aimed pamphlets, whilst the nawa|>apera of their party would do all in ita power io he mild. ana 10 appear u 11 they had aepnrateii rroin ttieir isllMnm. t The murder, at an appelated momeat, of all the mea who occupy a high poeiu-n in the goveramenta of Enrope With Mich a plan, a aort of undermining would take place, and no donht ita proareao will ha immrme and t<> feared. The laal account* from Londoa, contain the no on of the departure. for the plana of Jeraey, of Ledrn Kollia and Ribeyrnllonffharlea.) both wMurfda of the ISth of J one, IrMH. Their returning to tha atiorea of Kranee ia the rauae of mach goaaip ia oar political cttclre. Nr matter ; we are oa the ywi n?? ; they may rome. The oewa received from Spain ia of a vety nenooa characterThe abortion made by the Qaeea, the aofrmn declaration of the hnaband of laabella relative to hi* noo-pulemity of the chit J, aad hi?t, Va/t, 'ha vrrooe er,e. .itioa J r*r cahtaet cf W YO SUNDAY MORNING, Madrid to the marriage of Count Montrmolin with Ilia Mtrr ?f hint Ferdinand of Naples There ta . - >ii< nu'i wuicu iiiuwi trimiBV l n ntiili, anil II ta to be f.itr.l that the- li in, it-at , MktMtbeiinM It ta mid liltI the 8ptuith j ati.haarador, at Nat-Ira, h.ia Irfi the- Court of Kuif? ' I ii..- i'ii I... -i I i f n in im-iI, ?I.M I. mrved thrie fri?n Hirclma. The marrt-er lira hern hy Hon Se', hrotherin ln* of the king of Nuj.lra. 11 ikrrra, the ct-leI irate ii H|*niali furenllo, w.-ni to Naplea. to |irr9-ut bia wife, the- touiitiaa Morrlln, to "Ilia M ijcsty ! Cl.-rlrajVl.," theae rtiniora have embittered ' tkr |U.nt I beta, en thr two hratichei.a of the Hourlaetia 'I br riainia of llir United .State* ug.iuiat Portugal la, alro, tlir r nae of much goaeip The ( aaala (.1 11nnnar al ii T? Jal h-ivr Ii ?il, ou thu auhH rt, w terel tnbli-iriH're with the Auirricnn Mini*- ! trr, Mr (. la), and Mr. M arttn. Consul of the I mtrd f*'atra at'Nin Thr Council of Minister* e'e ndr d to adRl.t one of thr claim* of Mr. Cia), an.I to |>rotrat aguiust thr others, and tiu illy to re lore the- indi 'trinity tier Ilie- (enteral Armstrong. Tlir atbttiatM ii ol Sweden, eir of any othrr power, waa prwt?*~rd, and it ta not vrl known if it will lae arer(a#il I ou arc verv lihrly aware, that tliAttn inan clainia aRHin-t Portugal nrr of fil&i.DUO ; ? lor -rv. r .1 oiler in ettrra Tbia latl . I llu i I inn h i* he-en granted It la e-iiil ihat Mr (. lev h <a declared, that if the- ac- I km* I' I'gn e at of tbia indrninity waa not itiunr- , amir It lu be, br Would rluteaik on ho ltd e Ith'-r ol b. ... . i? . .i . ?i - I ...- ?... i . -Ill Ml; 11' r, III ilir Meillier, waicn ?rr? im lb* wa'er* ? ! Ilia Tagu*. If *t>n (Ww ih* Al|?w with mr, you will find ia Pi* tin on iu k h rlcrti iii?-t*I uImiiii the fear in which country i?, i'? wi-< ouni of the movement ren. d< by the A?*<run tnm,* ?g?in?t iufr<iutier* aim k il>? hank* of the Twuo 1'hr encampm> nl* fnitt.*-<l at N.ttinu, ami lb* htteen fori# which aie how banding aluiiK the ?l>..vr uimrd river, are tl,e munr i I much k**a*i|* Im? c? Mainly ag.iia?i Piedmont, I be U?t r- I'ngr of th* lull in revolutioni*t*, thai all ib<- int.ixiir* ol tin- Aualriandiplomacy are directed. and no one d.uWa that if l*?rH Pal* ii i >' ii had l>- > n rrboud, trie arm) ot KeleUky wniilU have *t*|..*d *h*ed 'I In duchy of I'a'fri* u Mid to he in pril diaordrr, oa account id the *ad.tea departure of the he, ?t eft fo? Verona. taking Willi Ma ail I he v?lu. hie property of hut iwlirr?aiUrr, )*w?|*, ano everything il w o> alan *n I th it nil v. ,h'- I.I* ^ 'eminent by tab-rim Nothing very pari'rnlar i* to be mention.-d at Home, Willi the rii-e-ptiua of the trial of iie*iry Cell um hi, who wae at of hiving taken p*rt in the li .umciloa a*a'i.*l the Pap*. Tola hold n Uln-r of tihiiiuliir* army, en i uahle inta, a *.en< i?*o* hi art. d acwof.e llr Waaoiily anten' d to eiile, ?n.t w*nt on Ootid of aa Kasluh MeiRuliy laying in the port <*| Civil# Vvcihic, whii h ini<n*dial*lv ail'ul lor i.rtfland. Piu* IX h*???nt i* l>oii?< >a,?*l on th* erne* of the ord*r /'uinn, al?o a rff *tn?ri mad* in moaatc, ami a ?l|*ll. (4CIUM-id C* tiaallaa.lrl Plolllbo. Th* MlUlaler .1 i in* me i.l the l'o,?' ha* |?ut a lax of eighty npoa ever) . d tram* ol real ol the procaine* belonging to the clergv it In ia honu I go with yon to Athena, you will uiide rata mi that everything i? quiet there, and that a Ileal* i I* had tiera Mgn*d on lh* Sl'h ult , I be King< 'ihound Ihr t.'nr Nn bnla*. Vi hat will hngland aa) t In t'.eruiaii), (ih* nioat eeatral point of the political M.lutiou ot i.ninpe,) nolbiug very particular ha* taken place atnee lice eueigrtic rue aware* which have brra decided by tbe Caiauel of Vienna, net wink ale lb* recall of iiaion i icy now, the (*tner*l lu-cliirt ot Hungary. MaiaAal ifadettay ia recalled trom Italy ii cnetw that tb*ae two miliary cbiela had tahen b*u m*ay privilege*, by the eit rcue ol power auife >nty The Anatnaa army walwayana the footing of war. it la coaapoaed at nUt.UUU in a, and incay preparation* are made lor an nahaowa expedition la ibe meantime, at Mayeace ? not baa taken place between (be army and the mhalwlaiiu M my artcala hale he. u made by lice autbonne* of the city. ' lb* <*U* ?llua of the .Iwchie* ia alill carp JiViOU?, in *plle ?.| Ihe ya-ace i oc*. luwed ant lauiHilk. A letiei receive.! Iii iii IIa-lihuig, .1 . I i 1 .1, ill abtaiao tho twbi ikd n mbh I'liai ipail) of rmea-ot-war at a Urge *io , cat ?ie cm Iiigalrr, u+'i hiii ill' Id n md , ia >i(M Ol I lit fit )r ?>l Kit I, lit, la III* alinaa.41 ul UN aiiir day, NW Uaaiato im a-id w.u a >d mM, aad juiiid lilt Kuaataa aijwadrwa A Inula an *yrili d lo laka piarr H I Ik t. u-*taa? k?4 triad la rntrr Itot |nrt l>y tin r li ta a til kiuai that tiUMU lit* Ikr grtalral dtatrt In akalr Ik* rtvululii iury j>iii cij4t ? wi?H H art atnl ia four la lto?l part ul Ilia iNurlto of Kudyi. and ia old r u> m?trad, thai govrrumtal nwra la htlp l> amaik aga.uH Ikt twoduihit*. Iu?hm| kr aaaw/td Ikal Ulint tuug, Hit irvuiuiMia ia itot ftrtoto-aai| will liava I tot wnr lata aa ! Iiad ia ilaaffary la lilt ait an 11 aw, i tot pauiota id twriaaa) art (>aaiiy tigrgtd 111 itoa rtrruil id torm, Iv to* aral to itot Uui luta, ta aidtr Iw Itrly Itotm .\* doatol ttorU army will aooa bt aamtroaa, aad itorat ?ol.iai*fit# ail, II la aaMJ, fra.l) It. prolti I lat Imam id all Itot ! (irillicl Malta aim K art Itoraatratd to) Itot (taw , nana and thru aliwt ll ia uarlraa la aay itoal Itot | human lUiirtrniiow ia Itot coaar^itNa id itot ftu tuinl * t!??d in lx*<!"W toy t raart, i n* land, Kaa*ia, ud Auaiiia, aad agaiaai wkirto Pmaan |ir? Itiitd, t) (ha medium ar M dr tiaaaaa. Citbtlal Ikriratid, llaiua id Mtray, dtrd aa Itot I di k ma I . al llir agr id tigtolytowf yaara Cat* hlatt aolt.irr, wko toad ralnm ia Itot raaka id Itoa Frriicto aim* la imt itoa rttidwnua id *1, had lata iiftM til at all I La ware of Itoa rtjmlilR aad <d itoa amiiiia, I' II K. P, B.?Tha Aaartnbly toaa dar-uk-d itoai 11- yroragation would tttiiiiiuly latoa aa I toi*a n aiL.d ii 111 til hilar 1 kr ?iHr M latu rid Itot vacation ?w utoouoed l.jr a |t'?l majority It ba? brri alao decided Ibal a ttmunitttia ot twroty-avr B.ertihrra would be tboaoo, itwdfrialailil, dauag the |>rorog atiud, Ibr o'di*?iw?ae pr-arn md by tba thiity-aeca ad Uti?b?f Ibr n??u?ll<? Ihtrtag Ibr dlaraMluO of Ibr badge! af 14)1, which bilItWrd, iki Nbll lad |de? r rH?tiir t? lb* HflfflMM of Ibr duo r> of Ibo 1'ecbeaa rnt Ob Irlbii OfcMb War Ujacuf with a aoft of georiai mtrbfi. A letter rrmrrd fioai Nayfra. ftof Jul) II. aanouacra Ibr taietiratrua <4 iba marriage bri Waro Conn I dr M>>oi< HM>lia aad Knareaa I arwMor, aoM of King Pafd naod The mmi ay tnoh fliti at (arena, without aa) paolMt'), .oeoof Ibr aoia 1 hrr* of Iba falfuI) Tbr Pnarraa baa a dowry af d ti< a la ("ai.ian ft a../af tanaat root . aad for Ibr I hike dr br rreeiuea, evacy year. Sl.lWl fraat a I rota ibr Ibr braa of H-rrt, kl.inu from Viraa i. aad Iba aam? am >aai food 1'etetaborg, braotra all tbr hope Ml la btai lbna| thr timr tbr crrrmuoy waa lahiog flaw, tbr Ibihr af Hivaa, Aabio? af fyoa ml baptra. waa laa*b| Ibr M) no Ibr drto lugtia C aalilfa. after baviag la he a bis yaanwitta. ktiwfwg I# Iba otdrra br bad received tioew MWuf I l.r Kuglteb aqaadroa bad omved id a^bt or M a taa. ____________ Iba Caao Trada af daglaad. Jfma tbr koodoo MaraooUW Waa i a id) la ) Tbr Weatbrr baa brra aa?|?anan for Ibr feu tog crt>|0 rtritr oor loat, having bad a b|h 'Of' of teni(rr?lut?, with areaaeew.l ahwWera Tbr r?pi-rta ftutii thr sgncoliaral diatyw-ta are, howevot, a n.rwhil >, aad roaay arr <4 o^anao ibal thr fharp froad wbwb waa nrrfiror?d ad tbr morning of lb? lb>b of J oor Wat. all rtrd ibal per two of tbr o brat my I be a la rar, lojanoudy II id I ertaia Ileal Hi aoow laaobnaa ard germ Villa to a rooatd'r.blr eitrat aakpag tbr rartf hitwia of wheal, aod ta oibrro toe bin to aoarf mm to have aat ao regularly a. mild ha drmeed Throa romplamla arr out grorrwl. hot thry rraeb wl 'O dlfler* ht quarter*, aad iba prohaSte yield w aaaaa qoeatly regarded km aooguiarly tbaa waa rbr car ear lie i to tbr araaao Tbr data .Mende l br a*> decidr^ ofmmum being K >< 4 vtMM, awd muet ie?erve o?r judgwai mm ?h*a *tera ahall bitrr ad aann tmrttm T ** imumvrmrai la ih? erapa ml eh W'?d ? and Kie. within iW )a?i iwa w llww wb?, m it He a oa all handa In he ??rf great. >a4 aa ?? we arc ha^r la aar we krai I. e earn* laiaea ?# ?|? Hing pnlalnra Thai I la* ma will ha a taw CHpbrtmr trnmdiaeeee, la mr. irmly la ha > a named, l Ihf diemder afawara in l.<- gredaelJr diannmh 1 in#, ami aa the breadth ml Taw# ander paaaaa riilturn la eerr Urp, a ai??deraiei? gw*d ? nil would wake aa iwmeaaa ad.uu a a ita a#gr?*?ie inanllty at load, and rea?ea?*e fir air alia hi deficirarf which I ha paniat j Might of the wheal ear# mar. iwrhaga, we ?mm in i he prudaaa of the laal aawed rr*f Tb- I eoiaWe i ha raner ut ha weather ha* aw her a though bo mr-Hf .?f itnpartaoee hae tahe? pt*c ib the ttehrenea of wheat frata lh? (mwn, i*?a? of that article hare reee?1e?l la per t??fw at aaearal of the principal mark eta to the ntral hanai*. . whilat at porta na the ocuat at ?WwH the npt< I from ahroari hare heea tolerably paa4. a* whera j atocka of tereigra are heM, qooutiaai have mvea wajr Is. la fc per quarter At Math laae haataeM I haa heea dull throaghoot Oae week, caaaef. M the. I lirvt laetaare. We the fta^eea af the waaihar. afteiwaerfwhy tha eatcBt of the fore.ea arr? ?l , *,? I w?rAtof 1C,(X)Q qea, wheat, A,(TO qra hut,-), .| RK I AUGUST 4, 1850. 31,000ijrs. cats having been reported from Saturd iy night up ?" IhhI eventnsr; besides which we h ive received 200 sack a of foreign manufactured flour. English gibtinhaa. meanwhile, coma to hand very sparingly. d->n Monday the show of wheat by lend-c.trringesamples from the neighboring counties of Essex amd Kent, was, perhaps, the sm illest we have hud on any Monday thia year; notwithstanding which it waa impo.-silde to obtain previous i.rinna dit.i hfilli/ M #? l? f* r.? 11 V II ri \i/t 11 i ? it In give wiiy, only h small portion was sofa. The little

business done wan Ht mot barely equal to those current on that day week; indeed, red was in several instance* parted with ut >tn abitenient of la. per quarter. On Wednesday there was no addition to the quantity, and, whet lmd previously been leftover wasplaced without any change occurring in piicea. Owing to heiivj ruin, last night, more firmness wis di:>pliyed by sellers this morning, and the turn was rather against ilie buyer. The demand for foreign wheat has l>ei n of quite a retail character throughout the week, the millers being apparently determined to wotk ofl what they recently purchased previo is to eriteiing into fresh investments Importers hove, however, refrained from attempting lo force hue'iies.*, und have generally declined accepting the terms ofiered. <*T transactions would pr itiaoly have been somewhat more extensive. Tne prices bid for g< od qualities on Monday were Is. to 2s. per quarter loaves than those realised on tlut d ly se'nnight. but this abetemenr w.ts only acceded to in very few enh< p. On Wcdne.-day so little wasdnne as to render quotations almost nominal, and this ii i mint: the transactions were again very circutnh tilled, but there was evidently less anxiety to n II. The mill* rs have ex|ierienced great difficulty in e(ii cting sales of flour at the recently enhanced leiitis. We have not had much country-made flour sf market, and its value his therefore b-en tolerably well supported: prices of foreign have hIm. been msintiined. Ill the absence of sop pin-* if Fitglish barley, there has been too little doing to WHjrunt alteration in quotation*. Foreign ha* t>i en fri'rlv off-red, Ht Into mtei, without excilinir notch attention; and neither on Monday, nor mice then, have ojM-mtions of any importance been entered into, though sellers would not, we lltiok, h ivi- hi i n unwilling to li ?ve nude some conoesnon if businrt* could thereby have been facilitated. Milt ha* moved off tardily, and the turn hts Iwen in lavor of the purchasers. Oat* of home growth have come very sparingly to hand, but the lth? ral arrivals from abroad during the last f.irtrught have occasioned some accumulation on the Hi.-1U l. Ttie large dealer* have, throughout the wnk, acted on the reserve, and the tra unctions have been altogether on a retail scale. The cninparaiive scsri ity of really fresh corn (the major pan if the foreign supply having arrived in hid condition) has, however, caused factors to iiiniat on foinier li rni* for good useful samples; we have, therefore, very little change to report in prices: though lew money may hive been taken for heated aud ill-coBdltKXied Iota, this cannot lie regirde-l as * tedm lion, the ii-irinsiu value of the urlicie b-iug HHtriii li Iim m the diiler-uce iu price. Homegrown bean* hive scarcely aold so well an list *" k, Imt l-pipi-ms have lieen held very lirrnly t previous prices, the stock of the latter being reduced. sod the Mii-plie* having lately hern modelate. 'I here lies been Very ht'le passing IU pease viuie iv se'uinghi, mid their value has undergone no van tion Nothing of interest has transpired in fl< ?tii g cargoes of wheat, I mil in corn, Are.; there have been few offers, and little disposition to buy. Ammtk-msi. paaricvi af i ok the expt/vsion ok Ti's Hnnsi.ui America?From the engineer of the Alat-ama. which cwiiie in at six o'clock rhis eveting, we team ill it the A labrtii i f -II in with lite America about two o'clock, A. M , an hour after the krribie accident had occurred. At the boats came together, he say a, the persons on boirl the America ruvhed to the other boat like a ll-ick Of i-breis some with hnGgsge on their shoulders, and a-itrlyall it Uule uf confusion and b-wilireiWi nt (Hi tMMrd lite America the scene wti an awltil oar?several a t re ilea l, and their k*4<l* -si lit.Ill llolr l? I,bee, and many iirr*4iiiii|> t-4*?l<ir?t Tkaw who wrrf *lde, ran aU-ui )?** *? lor r? li.-l Iroin thc.r all'Ting*. 11* ?r?t oilor. |?ui'il oil n?er aevrral. until lh? * i;>|dy wi? nlwrtii-il, *nat ni?l??r< w;i? mnl in it* *? <1 Mr l.?. ,.(? r? hikIiH, of linrliam, Ct , who in i><>n>i d ft* In!'lly Mwldrd, allied hi* rr-Hiilt-nce tonu. of iIh-|wKorugr-r? on the ALhnna, and rcIjur?ud !* ? II' *11 . to In.-. \v 11.* Wnl III* lrt-t III. u IT III of fc'f. TBr r?|ilo?oio took pltce in I Br klalta>aid tauter, I Bp ar carnal front Ihp ouUlaie? hlowmp the forward rod of tl entirely ofl', turning tkp Nalar deck tijmote atnwn. mixing (b? n|>joT j da a k fuBH* four Art, and making thp rootre of th' : Not b irrfra t wreck When the Alatuini left I nr, i ij,lil i.f llir ?ldrd were dead, and |?roha- I h jr a* loan* more anil not recover. I.'It of /'n> au I*,amf. -W. II rtiirnel, N Y., Oat hodlV aa aided. htad* a.|i*Blly; Jeremiah Cam- [ oar. wife and five rhililreo. hadlf actl.ied; McI,??? hiio, hreoian, tied in an Boor; ll Itniwn,color- . rd wiiiter. ?.arn to |?a ee* hr the iat n m; Win. Li- ' ? *. head cav-fc, hadly nralded; Ktchtrd Hettlic, I Wkllhjr, ( aa-dx, laadly ac tided; Luther Kionry, Wishing"-*, M-ia-nnih CO , Mx h , l.vllv *rxldei|; 1 loaofh >t*orlilf, Iftithxin, t't , moilally; luiio-a i kaneritor, lirruran, died in an hour; Patrick i U .lah, hteoian. will die; na arid Frenchwoman, haw deal*-1 in ortr YOfkl badly; Archibald Lm- I ftry, ?teer?f* [wia>aenc*r. Mich , badly; J. F Later, < inri*?*ti, not Bull); |t O. Knmwy, Cincinnati, fai-e and hand* kltjjhtly ac tided; Patrick I li-w l? t, dra k imnaeafar, ittadaand face acaldetj; It I 1 try, NaHwalk, i thio, Beaai tnjurrd hy a Ull, w III Triry. liu?-iug, no doubt drowned; I ItrdgM Wah h, ltnMi?la, badly *calded; Jacob I owning. AHwny, handa alightly at-?lda-d; Michael 1 lUcfeny, tirrmfta, muat die; Charle* Potter, oaeaaer, lineal** Ileum* Warren. deek |n*on?er, nrr. Jiitiwm m?n oti nam, i. . -..i.irj. TkMwaa rarurii, iraM, kaily ar?M?H, rott-rrH rook, iwr n-tkowii. niig'itljr oMrrt Tlw Amkiic* araa ia OvrlauJ -CUvtImm4 < <Mi?) H <*U, Urtrm, Jmt* SI. !'???? rait Cmbithn ar m Wmn Hm-as ? Pirialm illwaaarr, h) tkr alinr <>? kw (.hrwriaa, Ikaa taki apa?awa?ta far liar Mkl ib itrufgnuwa, ib i?bm ^ik-bi f ?H liar aataralilalBl cuaditiua uf ihe Wkafc llixar If ila uahr alihlular-ai ih-*rr era br j a* narxHa It aa tr lii-ant thai aluioai firry tarna>r a/ I'rrakral T|lrr aal Prrawlmt I'olk a fasukra, aaliilr aa4 Mark, wrrr nek iVrai aal iK? i? Sard rwrraU llarramaa aak Tayiua, aai?<> rai?r?4 Ha aaaMa ?'ll, alail* (ma larrr. with liar srda *4 .?raw ImIm m law Iranar, wral fM Pa4k. la I* a afcrrt tinar aflrraarda Aal ikrrr, Wa>, 4*r4 liar km Mra T?lrt Tlar wlUni 4 ?Jar M Haasw arr rtrrr.Jiaff I* d?nar St all tiira. and laws Ikr kuraMl atscjr a ckilliai ai I |k?n all tSr? ma#, akrariri Ua# ?> ?rural kawa arr apa ai <1 l>ar Irrla a< aata tkal awk air w aawksk " Asdad is ilaaa, ilia malaria from ' Mar I asassas, wnkma an marrira?( i-l./n l ' Nrrak ? riW#-. saaa aw ap fsil apss liar saatli aadr sI tkr Ik kaar Mama, as all H- naakalrd. aa?>'.4|ra assrrr. Tlar |a?a Hradpr. aa M la ralN. aavrr liar I'Haiaar, arrasM* Mrs If ssd saakra liar rt?--r MsIm S laaafa Ml 4mm, wlatlr ilar ffrrrasrw a# Mr aiappM aHata aw a?r sadi ra .? .anartraU-a tr rasa| aa# akM sasa* las ilas r adaima ?4 Ha ais nak'tr Tlarrr all?14 ks a kfki krdfr arnw Mar f'aaawai a l?l.. ar W ? aa4 rapararw Ian Iff" ?? aa as M ik? aawi iak? iknr a alar* I rsrrrst aawap 4? 4, as4 ika ark?r? as4 kaa?arst ?4 tlar Wkwr Haaasr Ua?-i4 V dfaasrd. *rat|iair4 aal aadr tknri wffkla 4r* BmH Maaarwws. dsff t Claw Ip'tTia* aaa raw Ok sa* tarasrw* ?Cksv. Qamaws. ? M aia i my p. karaWff kr? I |4|I li I lap a |*srd par* as km I a.araar, kw SMaaprd prrMraps* a? * akr iwka rapi ?in?. aks llaaawai a# 1.-st aarrs kw ma4a a "?>.?wi 'was ap? km kw kisawM TV iWWi nan? si M. laiim pawaidr., tai laakara a rarrasa . ? tar *?4 kw a rristasal ( fa, kr kaar . Maw. kaaran. aak aa Is an?a a? < ?w ikat kasar. saa4 wkaMkai - wait V r?award ar as Is apyd* *S ikrrr ?ff-w-l IV I mar4 %s'rs, raSI ks ks Ts* I?aa - -Was isar aa appwaf V essatass nai ?aaskka aaasrwaM aaa mff 4a? taiwian m wwaawak sswaap, K I Tka Hffkar wa Maa4 aaaa Mar* kas alaaad* aaaia I ikrar laawaa ? tV law at laras i aka aw aa. aa aawa iwnr'l, k-k a* *11 agk *? k*4 Wm a**M m Milf C*?m ? <k?? rk?f tM rtwtf *n? KHM *? * i H'k?I*. kwk, U rwmi>f 4. w?d fe *4 *m?i imin<??' Tk* dial ? ?M4 ? W 4rm*h ?, t?4 M MW 4mf mH II ?* *?, ? wwn W Iwml a* <M b? mn afcar*a>4 - Abart 44A Ml; ?> ! ? a r>i ililnn*NtWM M im nl ai I an 4?*?* in* ?4 ?>a?ki * ??? aka*? a anat? w Hia tk* Nn w? *4 H a Mak *kk a a? >'* ? * ? iwlna a la* kaj* mm fe*aan *k* TWa ??* ? k?iim ?%n m tk* Vfeta* <* yka* kf*4*a? f| *a Uh *t *M tk* ?k*4* u*i?i af > ?ia? ky ***** It <"* % M? I** iwantk *i Jatf ?w ??ti U*?>4 a** M?n?J In. [ERA The Bill to Establish a Territorial Uorvrn ueiit for Utah The following is the loll |iowil by t.'ongreas for providing a territorial government for Utah:? BiU to rtiailith a,?/ U.,Tmw,i /?, IT ft, Section 1. He it enacted by the N n .te and |lOIWe of Representative# of the United Matrsof America in Uongress assembled, I all that (irt of the territory of the United States included within the following limits, to wit: hounded on the weat by the State of California, 011 the north hy lire Territory of Oregon, and on the east hy the Minimi! of the Rocky mountains, and on the aoutli by the thirtyseventh paraKsl ot north latitude, be, and Ihea.inie is hereby, created into u temporary government, by the name of tlje Territory ot Utah; and when admitted as it State, the said Territory, or any portion of the same, shall be receivi d into the Union, with or without slavery, as their constitution nuv prescribe at the time of their admission: Provided, That nothing 111 this act contained all ill he ..\>i?stiued to inhibit the government of tlm United States from dividing said Territory into two or more Territories, in such manner Hnd at such tunes as Congress shall deem convenient and proper, or from uttachuig any portion of said Tertitoiy to any other State or Territory of the United Stales. Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That the executive power and authority in aud over said terri| lory of Utah, shall be vested in a governor, who sin I! bold bis office for four years, and until his succes:- ?r >1? ill be uppointed and qualified, nnless sooner removed by the 1'iesident of the United States The governor ahull reside within said termor}, shall be commander-in-chief of the militia thereof, shall perform the duties and receive the emoluments of FUperinlendeiit of Indian affairs, and shall approve all laws passed bv the legislative assembly before they shall take effect; he may grant pardons for offences against the laws of said lenitorv, and reprieves i'or offences against the laws of the United Stales until the decision of the President can be nude known thereon; he shtll commission all officers who shall he appointed to office under the laws of the said tenitory, and shall take care that the laws be fsilbfully executed Sec. o. Aud be it further enacted, That there shall be a secretary ol said terriloiy, who shall reside thetein, ami hold his office lor four years, unless sooner removed by the President of the United States; be shall record and preserve all the 1 laws and proceedings of the legi.-i itive assembly hereinafter constituted, and all the ucts and p.*oceeoings of the governor in his executive department; fie shall trunrnut one copy of (he laws and 11c copy of the executive proceedings, on or before the liist day of Dect lob* r in each year, to the President of the United 81,ites, and at the suae time, two copies of the liws to the Speaker of the House of Representatives and the President of the j S? linte, tor the u-c <d Congress. Aud 111 tile case . of the death, removal, resignation, or other necessary absence of the governor from the territory, the secretary shall have, and be is hereby authorized and required to execute and perform, all the powers and duties of governor (taring such vacancy or necessary absence, or un'il ansther governor shall be duly ap|toiuied(otillsiirh vacancy. Sec 4. And In- it lurtiier enacted. Th it the le gislutive power and authority of siid territory ahull \ be vested in the (lovernor and legiil.ttive as- i MtTibly. The legislative assembly shall ronsUt of , a council and house of repreuenutivvg. Thecoun- i | oil .-h ill consist ot llnru t il BWiahllH, htriM ill'' qualiticaiiniiH of voters us hereinafter p-escribed, ? whose term of service eh?JI continue 'wo years j The house of representatives shall eon? a ol'tweu- j I)-si* rut mix re, possessing the name ij i ihtiiMllon* as prescribed lor members of the council, and ' whose tetm of service shall continue one year. An apjoitionment shall lie made, as nearly ei|tal us practicable, among the several counties or districts, lor the election of the council and house of representatives, giving to each section of the territory represenunon in the ratio of its papulation, Indians exce|Ur<1, as nearly an may he. An I the members ol the council aud of the house of representatives ahull reside in, and be inhabitants of, the district for which they may be elected respectively. Previous to the first election, the governor sfiuli cause a census or enumeration of the i thalliums of the several counties and districts of the lerritoty to be taken, and the first election shall be at sueh time and places, and lie conducted in such manner, us the governor shall U|>poiiit and direct ; and he shall, at the same tune, declare the uuiiilu-r of tin nibtrs of the council and house of representatives to which each of the counties or districts shall be entitled under this net. The number of orisons HUlhonzed to be elected having the highest number of votes in each of said council | disfiicta for im mbers ot the council, shall be delisted by the governor to be duly elected to the council ; and the |*-r*on or persons authorized lo bs elected having the highest number of votes lor the house of T> j rest nUtives, equal to the nurnter to Which each county or district shall be entitled, shall be declsrrd by the governor to be duly elected i members of the bouse oI representatives: provided. inni iw in n iic ueiwet n iwu or more persona j voted for, the governor shall order new election , to su|>ply ilie vucuury made hy such a tie. A ad t the persons ibun elro;cd to the legislative men- I bly rim 11 meet at auch place, a d on auch day, n? f the governor shall appoint; hut, thereafter, the i time, place, an I munm r of holding and conducting r all elections l>y the people, and the aivortiouing ( the representation in the aeveral counties or dio- t tricta to the council or house of representatives, | ercorriing to population. ahsll he prescribed hy law, | a well aa the dttjr of the commencement of the regular arasioiin of the legislative ***< mlily : provided, that no one aeaaion shall exceed the term of fi riy d?ye. fcec. 5. And lie it further enacted, That every free while male inhilnUnt bImivc the age of twentyone )eara, who shall have hem a rrsi lent of aald trrntory at the time of the |ias?age of this act. shall lie entitled to vote nt the hrat election, and shall tie eligible to any office within the and tarriUuy ; hut ihe qualification* of voters and foi holding flica, at all sulieeqiieul election*, shall tie auch aa shall he prescribed by the legislative aaaemhly provided, th*t the right of sulirxgo and of holding other shall be rjercla?d only hy citizens of the I aitid ituirs, including tlnw recognised ?? citizena by the treaty with the IMMI nl Mnim, conclmh d February second, eighteen hundred and | forty-sight. i tvc. b. And be ityurtber enacted, Thai the i legislative power of said territory shall extend to all nghtlul suhjecta of legislation, con-intent with | lb* constitution of the liiit'd BMHMllhl pro- i viMons ?d tliia act; but no law aha li he pa aged in- i Urfenng with ihe |irimary disposal of the soil; no i tax shall be imposed U|MHi the property of the f'nittd States; nor shall the lands or other pro,wrty | of imn residents be taxed higher than the Uod? or other |*?pr|ly of residents. All the laws p isaed by the legislative aaeerntdy and governor shall be submitted to the (longresa of the I nitrd States, and if disapproved, shall lw null and of no effect. hec 7. And b? it further euacted, That all ti w nsbip, ihstiict, and county offifMS, ao< herein otherwise provided for, shall be up,ana ted or elected, as ihe rane may be, in auch manner aa ahall be provided tor by Ihe governor and legislative assembly of ihe territory of Utah. The governor shall nominate, and, by and with'the advice and consent of the legislative council, appoint all nfti- I rem not herein mherwisa provided for; and in the i I 'slice I lie governor alone in ty appoint *11 aald fl.orrs, who shall hold their offices until the end of the hrat areamn of the |ej>is| .rue assembly, and shall lay off Ihe pereaaary district* for members of the council, and house of representative*, i i.'I ail oth? r ofticrrh. hr< II And he il further enacted. That no memfeet td the legitdanve aaormMy ahall hold, or br a, t??>.bd to, . nv oHn e which ahall have tx?o CfUaltd, ??f the aaiarjr M enioluirn ill of which ah ill havr hrra incrraard while he waa a member, dilute the term f<* which he waa elected, and for ona year after the eipiration of auch term; ami no |WiHa holding a romtiiiaoioo or a|>|x>iMtiueni under lie I aited Mate*, eace|M pjetmaeti ra, ahall tie a to*to*?r of the legialalive aaaemMv, or ahall hold ia| id '* ttodet the government ol and temt iry Nc I AM he it further eaa ted. That the juitli >aI f*'Wr i ot mid territory ahaU he veatrd in a a*fti to* court, dwiricl cuuria, pcnbni* court*, and m jualwa of I he |tirt The oU|ireaie court ah ill raain I of a chief juance and two aanoctxln jMic i, aa) >w# of whoto ahall oheeutute a lyuutuin, and ho ahall hold a term a.Uie ae?t of government of lai t i#r>n?tty annually, ?M they ahall hold theif lh> ir id c*? daring I w period of lour yearn. Tl?e not lenowT) *hali he divided into llir.e judicial dwcricta, and a hi Arte t court ahall he held in each f *n?d dwdticia hy one rf the Juatioa of the *npr* too c???rt. at oueh time and |d*c? aa may he prraarihed hy 4?n , and the aaid yndgea iktlljjifltr I ha M amema'.toa ala, reaped ively, n aide in the dinti 'a I. 4, ,h?li he a-aiuiied ih*m The inria iL1** pn>?idr<i *?, f4 ood thai of Ih-- probate 4 .1. if Wi4r J, Thil jMicn of IM p^irx )*na?lirtioa of an/ matter ia *'*TM'?f ?k? ml* or hnaodortea of Imo l I 52i ** ? tobef* I ho drlM Of aom claim*.) ^ *'1 ',u,? ? hxaOrrd itoJUra; and tfcr aa>I i * * '?" ood fitoirt nxru r??|?mifrl> -hall pot ?? < ktaoij a? ?,|l aaroaHOOM law fanadirtion i ? a 4 ? a?-w<. or Um jad^c tMf-vf, -ball 1 LD. TWO CENTS. its clrrk, who shall also he the register i? rhsinery, aud ?h?ll lieep his oilier at the place where ibr r??r< rnty he held Writs of error, bills ol race|4i?.n, and appeal*, shall be allowed in all rates frsm i lie final decision* of said district courts to the supreme K Mil, Iiuder such regulations as nmv he I'lfw nUil t?y Inw but in no ca?r removed to the supreme court shall trml by jury be all-wed in ?ai<l couit The tupfrnie court, or the justices thereof, shall ( point it* own clerk, and every clerk IihII h 'Id hie i Hire xt the pleasure of the court for w hich he shall have !.?en apfiotiited. Writs of eiror mid appeal* from the filial decision* of said tuprenie lomi eh ill lie allowed, and may be takes to the Hipri me Court of the I nited Sta'ea, in the ?ani? msnner ami under the same regulations as I mm the e\r< nit cmirta of the I'nited States, where the vslur of the property, or the hmount in !? i,-, *itained by the oath or affirmation of either | in*, or other coinjietent wituesa, shall exceed one ibmi-ar d dollars, except only that, ill till esses involving uile 10 slaves, the said writs of error or appeal* ,hall la- allowed nod decided hy the taid supreme cuuit, without regard to the value of the matter, property, or title ia controversy; and except, *Uo, ih it a writ of error or Uppeal ahull also he allowed to the Supreme Court ol the I nited Slates, from the d ci-ioua of lie- -aid supreme court created hy thu set, or of any judge there of, or of the district courts created hy tin* set, or of iiny judge thereof, upon anv writ of Imhtiit coiyrut involving ih- question of p-rM>nal Ircrdom; and each of the said district courts ahull have and exerci-e (he same jurisdiction in all rare* arising under the constitution and laws of Ihe I'nited Stslcg, as i* vested in the circuit and district courts of the United States; and the * ,id supreme and district court* of the *aid trrritory, and the respective judge* thereof. shall sud miy grant writs of ha bent ita/t?? in all cares in which the same sre grantahle hy the judges of the United States in the District ol Columbia; and the first nx days of every term of said courts, or ho iriuch thereof a- rh ill Se nece.-amry, shall lie appro|iriated to the tri d of cause- mining under tic M*id constitution and laws, and writs of error and a >,? *! 111 all riieti cares shall he made lo the supreme court of said territory, the same as in other cases. 1 he grid clerk shall receive in nil such cases the rrme lees which the rl ikr of the district courts of Oiegon territory now teceive for similar -ervice*. See. 10. And la* it fuller enacted. That there shall he HpjHiimed an attorney foi the said territory, who thull continue in office for fo ir years, unless sooner removed hv the President, and who shall riceive the same fees ami salary as the ntlorney of the United Hates for the present territory of Oregon. There shall also lie a rv.airhnl for the territory nn-mited, who shall hold Ins office for lour years, unless sooner removed by the President, and who shall execute all prore-ses it suing from the said courts, when exercising their jurisdiction ar circuit and di strict courts ol ihe Uniird Hates: he shall perforin the (laties, be subject to the same regulation and penalties, mid !* entitled to ihe i-aoie feet as the marshal sf the district court of the United State- for the pre?t nt Territory of Oregon; ami shall, in addition, a.. *? l,ii,w!r,'.< ,l..ll-r> U.I.I.I .It* -hlion lor extra services !S?e. II Ami be it further enacted, That the goreruor, secretary, chief justice hml associate jusices, at'Oriiev, and marshal ah ill lie nominated, tud by and with the adviee and consent of the Senile, appointed f.y the President of the United Stub s. The govs rnor and secretary to he appointed iMHloieiHliii thall, Iwf-rr tliey act as audi resja-ctivey, take an oath sr alFtrtuatiou, lie fore the district Drive, or some justice of the pence in the limita of iif Territory, duly authorized to administer Mills ntid afltrmalmns by the laws now in . rce lIn rein, or before the chief juatice or oine associate justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, to support the constitution of he United States, and faithfully to discharge the intirw of their respective uffioru; which said oat tut, alien so taken, shall be certified by the pernou by a horn the same shall been taken, and such certificates sh ill be received and recorded by Iheaaid secretary among the executive proceedings ; and the chief justice and aasoci ale juslices, and all other civil officers in said territory, before ihey set as such, eh ,11 take s like oath or affirm lbon, before the said governor or secreury, or some jsdge or justice of the |>eace of the territory, wh'? may he duly commissioned and qualified, whtc t said Oath or nllirmnlion shall he certiti-d aud transmitted, by the |e-rson taking the atrne, to ib# secretary, to be by hun recorded aa aforesaid; and aflei wards, the like oalh or allirm ttion shall be taken, certified, and recorded, in suck misner and form as may be prescribed by law. The onvernor ahall receive an annual aalarv of fifteen hundred dullaia us governor, ami una thousand dollars a* Mi.-Tintr Hem of Indian ilftir. Thechief ju -tice and Htaociate justices ah til each recnvr ?n annual salary > f eighteen hundred H..II ira. The secretary shall receive an annual sal4rv ol eighteen hundred Hollars The sail salaries ilia 11 he imid qtnrt?r- yearly, at the treasury of the I niled Stales The members of th? legialitive i sarin My shall he entitled to receive three dollar* a< h j**r day during their attendance at the ae-mxi hereof, and three dollars each for twenty miles ravel, in going to and returning from the said seaman, estimated according to the nearest uau illy ravelled route. There shall he S|>|>roj>riated an ually the sum of one thousand dollars, to he esended by the governor to defray the contingent X|?lists ol the territory. There shall alto he a|>ro|>iiated, umiually, a sufficient sum, to he e*|s*tidrd by the secretary of the Territory, and it|M>n an estimate to lie made hv the .Hrcrrtu? ry ol the Treasury of the United Stite*, to d'lray^ the r?|> toes if the legislative oatem iiiy, me limning 01 inf m*i, n hi hiii t inru-imnl sxpsns#a; IM the a-cietury of the Territory Khali annually account to tic Secretary of tic Tr-amry of the United Sia'ra for thr manner in which the aforesaid ?imi ahal! have hrtirip??di<d h<ec 12 And la# it further enar'ed, That the legislative as-emhly of the territory of Utah ahall hold ita first session ai suah inn- and place, ta said It riltory, m Ilia governor shall apfiovit and direct | and ?l aaid first aeaonn, or aa soon th#'r after as ihsy shall deem fiprdirpl, the governor and lefltlaiiir awrmhly sit.ill proceed lo locate and i atahli-h the scat of gnveruuirnt for said territory, at rucl place hr fl??y may deem eligible ; which place, however, shall thereafter he subject lo b? i h?nif I hy the an id governor and |pfislnii*p aasPBildy. And the Mm of twenty thootand tfhllara, out of any mousy in ih> treasury not otherwise appropriated, la lier#-hy a|iprn,.ri"ted and granted lo said It rriiory of Utah, Iti hs a ylied liy ihs gnvernor and legislative as?# nihly lo ihs -rs- itoa of oatlahlr (mi ll; building* al ihs asat of government feeo IS And bs it further enacted, Thar a dele gate lo the llouas of HepresontH?ivr? ??f the I 'mlsd Mates, lo serve during each Congress of th- United StstM. mn fx# elected hv thr solera nu llified Lo rlect member* of the legialutive aiarmhljr, who shall he entitled In the same right* and privilege* a* are ? xrrrtaed and enjoyed hy the dr|eg,iies froaa the several other terruorte* of ihe I aHed Stutn* to the said House Represent at ivea The hr?t election shall l>e held at -uch time and place*, an I he (nr. ducli d in such manner, a* the governor *hall appoint and direct; and at all subsequent election*, the time*, placca, and manner of holding the election*, shull be preacnbad by l?w. The perron hating the gTeatert nuinbrrof vnt?? ahull he deplnrm by the governor to be duly elected, mid a certificate thereof shall be given accordingly : I'rtrvided. That amd d? legate ahnll receive no higher mm for mileage than i* allowed by I - w to the da legate from Oregon cec. 14. And be it further enacted. Tint theauna of live thousand dollar* be, and tha same ta hereby a|u*npiiatrd,out of any money* in Ihe treasury not oiherwiae appropriated, to he expended by and under the dim ttoti of the ?aid governor i?f Ihe Territory of Utah, in the purchase of a lihrarv, to he kept at the i*at of government, for ihe uae of the governor, legislative assembly, judge* of the auie-enw cnnit, aecreinrv, marshal, and attorney ?if acid territory, and such other persona, and under aueh regulation* a* shall lie prescribed by law. fVc. IS. And lie it further enacted, That when the landa in the aaid territory ahull he surveyed undrr the direction of the government of the United Nate*, preparatory to bringing ihe aim'-into market. section* number'd sixteen and ihirw six in eai h township In snnl territory shall fie, and the same are hereby, reserved for the puri?i?e of hetag applied to nrtna.U m Mid territory, nn<i ? Htatea hnil tetntoriea hereafter to I# erert.d out o# the annie. Fee 1? Ami he It further enacted, That let?. potanly, and not.I nthertriae pr??i ted t>r law. IW govetaor of Mid tertitnry may define the jitilmtai dtrfnrtn of Mid territory. and aaaign the imtuen -tnho ni?)r lie a|fMiin'rd for mid territory to the oereral iliniirte. and alao appoint the naw ? and I'lnree tor holding coiirta in the aeveral naomu* ui ubdirianma in each of Mid iudicint 4aMriola, hy l>r< rlanm'ii n 10 he inaiird hy nim; hoi the legtala. tire aw mMy, nt their heat or nay *?ohneqo*,i nena?nM, tmy onremre, niter, or minify mich jadiainl dtetiH'te. and a-e-an the judge,, ,Md ,h? ? and placet of holding the courts, aa to th in *h?U ai i in | roja r ?nd ronrenient M?. IT And hekU further fancied. That lh? Uw? of the United tHitn arn hen I t r?ie??|,d orer a^d detlai- l to he i. forco in ?i.:t e.THMv ol t'* A, no far th- ???e,?r any I* f* lift th'r'4

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