Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 6, 1850, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 6, 1850 Page 5
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217 M ott street, was taken from und-. r the bricks deud, and three others. Owen Ho vie, Walsh, end a inhn w liure name we could net learn, was b illy btuiteil, hut uot dangerously. Ofiictr Jfl'Alar litie, ? Very i men lit lie Illbor of the police, h i,.(* ?ed to he in ihr viciuity, ut the time, and renter'd every usmm. uoe 10 -ible. The (had body wul CMivt yed in ibt Kighih w.iiil police station iiouue, wLt re mi inqut fi will be iiebl tliib day. C'ily Intelligence. Dhjtii or Btajauix Mi i?rim.Tni. I'- j . an <V.n Vkw Tin* M.hiiot Benjamin Huntingt hi. Fsq., who died on the !5d instant at the ad vanced age of id. was Loo* u to our older classes of oitisens as having been for many yarn a merchant lii Front street, in this ' city and for a much longer period as a broker in Wall street, from which latter business he retired a few years since iu consequence of the infirmities ot age, Mr Huntington was one of four broth ri. nous of den. Jam In H am lug ton. of Norwich. Connecticut, who reprise c ted the State th the old Continental Congress, and the first ''ederal Congress during Wa.hiugtou's admiuie'ration. He ways also the flrrl mayor o( the city ot Norwich. The four brothers removed to this Btate. ai.d two ef them were among the early settlers of Oneida county, lor'.ting iu the town.of Rome Theso two brothers were at diff- rent periods, candidates for Lieut enaut Governor uf this State; Uenrge Hun.lag. tou as ilot federal rai.dilate. about the Uuie of tile lose of the war of INfi. and Henry Huntington aa the Cllntontau candidate, (on the ticket with 0 witt Clinton) in lSiitl and boih were unsuccessful The latter however, was a delegate in the Sta'u convention Iu 1811, iu fraiuiug the constitution i I that yetr. He amassed great wealth in Oneida oounty. and Presidint <>l the liunk of I'idea Benjamin Huntingtou. the subject of this sketch. eoiuuinuced the mercantile bujicej* in this city, cirly in lite; and noon after the war of 1812. became known in Wall street as una ot our most eminent broker*, and i eculatois in stocks. Although a democratic tepuhllean of the ol?l school, ha was warmly In favor of th* United Stati s liui k. and was a great speculator io the lock of that institution Being of a very sanguine temperament he g in rally operated a* a bull audcou sequent ly Iwcauie often the prey of the bear*, and few Bi' ti itr Vt all street wa* subject to so many up* anil do* us in his financial operations. The final result was a retirement from Wall street, and an exit tn Oneida onnty. in very moderate circumstances. Mr IIuntinglou married some forty years since, a daughter ot Oi n Jtdediah Huntington of New London, *u officer ot the Revolution One of his children by this lady is Huntington, the distinguished artist. shono thk ftsruts ?Upon an alarm of Are. n Sunday afternoon. 24 engine fire company, and ompany 10. with some others on Id's rope, came into collision at the corner of Fourteenth street and Eighth avenue. where there wa* some hard fighting. There wrra also i? viral skirmishes between that and the Ninth avenue, where the battle was again renewed. There was a crow d collected of about 3 000 perenas. The police of the 16fh ward, under Captain Freeman, arrived and succeeded in putting a stop to the r ot, hy arresting the ringleaders and those of the erov d who would not disperse There were 13 taken into austody. besides two arrested by the itth ward police, who came to the assistance of the 16th. The following are the names af the men arrested by the 16th waid police:?James PeoaingtoD. Thomas MoDermott, Thomas Alton, Jamos Donaldson. George Comstock, John Monroe John Me.Nally. Thomas Clark. James Good worth. John McMann, James Casserly. Edward Bahdet, Terence MoDermott and Augustus Tate. They were brought before Justice Bleakly this morning, and ommifted. William iiurtis and Clarke Hrawley are the aames of the person* arrested by the 9th ward police oti a charge of interfering with the offlccrt while in the discharge of their duty. MiLivaav CoMrawita R?:Tuavrn.?The Scottish Ouards, Captain A C Castle, and company D. Washington Grays Captain James Little returned yesterday mornIt'IC from New Haven, from their respective excursions. 1 The Brottish Guard* were received by the second company Governor's Foot Guafd*. couimind<>d by Major llendrlrk. This is the oldest company bat one in the United Metes end was raised by Benedict Arnold. whose autograph they hare upon their company roll They were afterwards strengthened by the addition of first company Governor's Boot Guards, from Hertford in the old unique British unilornt After pvrsdlng. they then adjourned, and sat down to a most elegtnt ard eubrtautiat entertainment, prepared under the direction of Major Bsadrisk. The Washington Grays were received by the New Haven Grays, commanded by the accomplished and courteous gentleman. Captain Arnold They, as (lid the Governor's Guard*, ei.'.i rtiilred their guests with genuine hospitality t, !,,dang the street with a large (lag, Wel ob< Grays " Both companies have every rernen to be gratified with their cordial receptions, and the courteous eouduct of their generous hosts The doottlsh ' kilts" rsnlti <1 con i terahle attention, from the novelty ot the drees, in the " land of steady habits;'' whilst Podwnrth's music enehaated alt by the sweetness of bis strains All combined, rendered it a gala day for New Haven, marred only by the mud eaaeed by the previous uigbt's rain All parties, ho.its and gutsts. appeared satisfied in seeking happiness according to our glorious constitution, which is the right of man. and our military in particular Among tha new mn miliary guests were i,i?nr?nsn'. 'oionel Craig ud regiment. tieptnla Kagleson.of th?Highland Omtdt; Captain Bougeaud. lata of tha New York Vn. lanteere; Surgeon Dod. 3d regiment; Dr. Bostwlnk, let brigade. etatf surgeon; LieutenantCummiagi late of the Ulghland Uuards. and eereral otbera. Tub Cosrr littan iTMNtim.?On Sunday, several person* New York were disappointed in b?iitg left all night at Coney Island. The steamer 8t Nicholas, which was adrertlsed to leave at hall paet Bit. left Ore minutes before her time, and witbont ringing tbebell She was eo full that tbe captain did notTeel Justified In taklr i any more Thle was all right enough, but that tbKosciusko, that was adrertlsed to come at bait pa I eight o'clock, did not come at all. and thus Ersone were kept all night on tbe island, without ring tbe means of sending home word to thwlr friends This was not right, to say the least of It. Arcinmrr?Henry Mar. a boy of Ore yeare of age, fell, oa Sunday, from tbe eeeowd story of the Methodist Chnrrb. corner of Morton and Bedford streets, injuring him sererely. Dsowbid while Bstmixo.?At sight o'eloek onSnndny evening n young man. twenty-three years of ago. renfding at No 194 Orange street, was drowned while bathing at the Screw Dock, pier 30. Eaet Hirer Dirrraeiwij Pi uic WeeiHir.?A number of boys hare hern In the habit of rongregstlug at the roroer of Ann and William streets, near tbe Chnrch, through the wrrk. and alaooa Sanders On the latter, they annoyed the congregation by cursing (hooting, and fighting. On Sunday. John Snllhan. Timothy Octree Daniel Qulnlan. and Jeremiah Onmminga, were caught In the Ihct by Sergeant MoCrendy, and arrested AoTHta ftmerst ? In order to do jnstise to all, WT i nr..-, . win in||OVlD| ; City and Cimnly of Niw Ynrk, II -Otorw W. Walling and Thorn** Calrow. of Mid (!lt; being duly **?m. dtp<?? and My that th?y attended at a aau m**tin* of th* tailor* In th* Park, on Saturday attarnoon July 27th 1A60 Thar* deponent* board a man *ddraaa aaid mooting, who thaaa deponent* war* Informed wa* ? Bar*. and aaid Barr. daring th* eoar** of hi* remark*. aaid. tba hoaaa* war* harkad op by nine handr?d thiarlng policeman who arretted th* tailor* and loakad thorn up among lie*, bed bag*, and HI**, which wa* a mora It plaaa for th*m**lr**. ORO W WALURO. THUS CALBOW. Sworn before *>*. Angnrt Mh 1H60. 0. 8. WOODIICLL, Mayor. Brooklyn Cltjr Sfw?. Thi Tatar or SaMvti. Dat ar.?Tba eaaa of ttamnal Drmry upon a charge of forgery in tba *acond dagrr, , la harlng counterfeit bank notaa. with intant to paaa tba earn*, wa* called yartarday morning In th* olty court of Brooklyn. In contaqaenaa'of the indlapoaltloo of T?ru*y. and th* difficulty of obtaining a jory, who** j health would b* j*< parded by a long trial during th* prevent warm want be r th* trial of thi* complicated, myvterloa* and unintelligible operation wa* adjourned notII the September term of th* Court of Oyer and T< rminer. betnr* which trlbnnal It ha* been rent Thk Pro RSDtMta ot ink City Court.?Before Judge (?fc? n** ?wd aud Aldermen Van Voorhia and litu-h. ? Thorn** llowliag. w ho wn convicted at llic Iwat cnniiaal trrni of the court, of having mild nu-at, ?h lnouglii a,, for aentene*. Mi* counted moved to peat pone the eenirnee, in order that hill of eaceptioua might be prepared. The motion wtiHdrrii'd. Iiowurr, and a fine of t?V) tmpoird upon the defendant, beatlea imprisonment for rhe term of thirty da) p. CtAtu OP Pmjt it ?A woman named Mary Ann Owen waaraamined yeatrrday, before Tuatice John ('. Smith, on a charge nf perjury, preferred bv Anguatua Camn'e-ll, K-o , of AiUnnc atreet, in bar intt aworn falsely in an aliened auit for assault and bolter), which Mary brought against the prear nt complainant, aud on whose testimony he waacooviced and aentenced to pay a fine of #7. Mary w> a fully committed for trial. Hair tort ?The eiamination of wltneiaea in thia case waa concluded la-day. The accuaed waa full* c> nitnitted for trial. a I ? r * * r- * ?rv mmi nnjifn "imrf i^inv.ov wh* hilled yreir rrlay morning by lh?? billing of n heavy tinit-er upon lnm, which he w*? helping to rtiae. t n nrw building, which ie hemg erected in I'enrl rtwi, between Vorli nil Front itreetr The unfortunate man lived but few moment* itft> r h- wan i Ifn up Mh.iiabv ? Tim coitinww.tat. (Jrannn.?Thi? r mimny proceeded to Philadelphia yeeterday iiM>ri,intr. in thr nine o'clock train. They l.nibed v. it well, and numbered about fifty n?en. They will ii'ay in the city of brotherly love three dare, returning here on \Vedneaday night. Honor to wh .m Honor l? Doe. To tin tea ar ini Hrlu*: Sir. In your p?per ?t f>>"! d*y 4th l??t . epoetin* of the launeh of the I rtram-hlp Proui'thene, you make uee of the f>llooInr ? Commodore lenlerlillt h?? displayed great Jm?tf In ibe naming o| tht? beautiful ?hlp. and we wonde r th?t eome per on bw not ehoeen the name of Proooyheue lor e rteemehlp before ; hot. ne It la. the Comtr?4i r# itrnili ?! ?? for there ie not. pmhnhly. In tha ol.ole world heridee thla, raeael of nay deoeriptton of 4l it " If yen ."e'er to tha Rrltiah nnry llat. yon will Ind ?(ate>.' ?' Prouietheue. t; rteam aloop ; 3u0 k -e* power ' *'? eonat of Africa : r inntnder (ten ry tt Foot? '' b " >'? T"" e-r-etee ther M r?n derhilt bW be*!) 1 ti?*? ?Wa aorrecgoo MM NAILS PUU Kl HOPE. < THE WEEKLY HERALD. The teanifhlp A?ia, Captain Ju<lkir?0, will leara Koet n tc-inorrow noon, fur Halifax ant) Liverpool Her mailt will clone in ibi* city, at half paat three o'clock, tliia afternoon Ttie Hee'.y Herald, printed in French aud Kuglith, will bo published at teu o'clock thin morning A CtiiV?Tli< Undent! ;hnl, Latr Mi?t?r ' Of the ship LL/ubeth, ureckt i ou e'w 1 ?l? ??i, during 'III V heavy jrile of Thursday, thu Mth iil i r * v u'u I rt hU grateful acknowledge" u s far himself a. I afoir t? Mr. and f. ^r"- ""Lli'li Oaks. t\?r tl?-if nnJ ''iflU'iu ***** duo to th*m wbeu throw* aih?>**e rxlmajt i an I early naked ' The kindma* and humanity dispU'fd n tk ? iistr \o<k asicn. towards them by Vt.' an Jir. Smith Oik .ml but , for which they must all have perished, e ? ?* a. id- '.ho war n- v cs? gra itude from the ku'< Tiber*. \n I t.?c ? ?I h ib -y 'eel k tl.?n can ue?er fco ftuduieutly repaid J\i>rood Wmlf of ? elf and crew. ill \ <V . Late m ?-t <r ul ?hip Kluibuth. ji A Odl|{hlfui Trip ? Take the (luduori Kt- * ver h Ailrt au Care, iu th >\ .ir-er- pas' e gbc, or weiv.j o'cuci train, fctop ? . Keilu ier'? Xan4<>n ( V k*-'* ) *nl _ play tenp'us, hutllrboard, quoin, fcc , no. lioookert -?ca.* * uu uciuparuou with this ucli^btful spot. I lore r . re ore * Hour ot thoFe benu'iful humming bird* cull I mosquitoes. ImI* hufil?M at i. < " it? prieM, a ?i' booftj iHgart, ai <i all the varioitH fliti?>r. innlndim; H\ iti'i Lite lialaam, ui d ki Linger * l'ikf,ic Liniment, oau be bad in case of acei- , tltatf. ' p Suminrv Coritolniloii?Tlic Z?|ihyr lTiu!rr- r Shirts and hr tKeri to & had at the New Vork st<, i.ig Factory, lot Bowery, are in d % supur or ar'iolc. All wlr* 1 wish r ?te comfortable during the heat of Summer, should give thein a trial, Who would wear tan ui((y. Ill-fit ting Hoot h rr Bhoe, when they can ret a hati >?<?me, well-muim? and durable cue for the name price or ? Uo to lilt ?OKS LV) Foltrr street, If you win' fsshionaMn, durable and cheap p Hooth. Shoes or (.hitore. II.* stock is the largest, hid goods the heat and cheapest to b-i found in the city, X) Nit under'a Portable Drmlng Cane Fnclo- | ry, 147 Broadway, corner of Liberty sweet, and .>7 liroad- ? wa).~The?.e cases combine maay advaii &^e.^ over the imported, beinfT** ntli the view for rertl service. All the articles contained therein are <>f convenient air-' and good quality, among which may bo enuiuer.ited thu Hotallio . Tttblet strop for keeping rascra in perfect order. ^ The uurhalled 8klll9 Taate, and ?Vu?l^> ment disrlavcd i v lli'l. r he inin>itkblu. At I.I Mnonii iii ia the science ot cutting hair sod wkisksr*. to c:>rr"*n<vn?i to ant display tho ht-autissof ih-* head, faoe, aud entire appearauce of man. ia justly at Tact nig univaraal attaniioa and Hmmmimtkm. Omtli him General Tnylor?Tha lam and beet Portrait of General Taylor v.?er engraved, appeared in the tirat No. of the Gallery cf Illustrious American*. It is aold by all Booksellers, and also bv BRA DV, 206 Broadway, where the n original Daguerreotype is to be seen. The Plnuibe National Gallery, No. Ji.%1 Broadway, should be risited to be appreciated. The immense collection of portraits in this celebrated gallery, make It exceedingly interesting to those who are fond of examining _ the human face. K. Colored Oogiitrr?ot)-pM.-Tliri? aplrndld 11 Picture, are takeu duly hy tho aubarrlt.ere in all rty11 lot art, of all the diatinguiahcd tranger, lately arrived in i, th. city may he teen in the gallcriet,. kCADE BKUTUEK3, 23.1 Broadway, A oppoeltc Petit Fountain. , A The Truth Acknowledged.?B. T. Bnbbit'e eoup powder cannot ho too highly extolled, tor it h*? P provedof the greate.t utility during tbie hot weather, in the raving of labor hitherto neceteary to a. J jirUi.i the S clothee-washing of a family, doing It more eff-ctual.y, an 1 a hundred per eent cheaper tnan hy the old system. tor ealo T by Fail, k Co.,C"and70 Washingtonstreet. ????? I ^ Oouraud't Italian Medicated Soap will v are tan. pimplee, freckles, aallcwaeee, ko. Poadra Subtile N for eradicating superfluous hair from any part of the body. Liquid Rouge far pale lipe and cheeks. Lilly IThitt for lusher, renshneri, at 87 Wallsr etreet, ftrat ttore from (art la) hr .ad*ay ; Callander. 118 Honth Third (tract, Philaaelybia ; Onus k Ce? 1W Waaningtoa etreet, Boctea. J Comb Kectory.?Shell, Open Chain Pat- ? tetne St>-?The la lice a-e iayited to ..xamine the now atylee, I which it very large and varied. Jnt? reeeired per steamer, 0 a oomplete aaenrttaent of French con he, very srperior. and B bsautifal patterns. Combi at wholes*le by c 7 U. QUmnT *?,!* Broadway. jj N Comb Factory, 3H7 Broadway.?The moat 5 rlioiM *elfcti"n of open work Dree* Com la, in T<>rtoi?e Aholl, g liuffalu llom, he., to he ae?n in tb* eliy. l.adie* will par- ( ?ivt the advantage of procuring combe at tbia oatabliab- g most, from th* fat t that I ha groatcut ear* ia til en in tha aha- p t ing "f rarh, ao aa to fit tha Kaad In thepuont perfect manaar. g t'omba made to ordar aftar any pattern. Repairing done. * A. fc J. SALNDSKJ. > ? I Hair Dybif?Pbalon'a Ka|1c Hair Dya, to aalor tba hair or wnUkeri, tha uomtnl >t ia applied, without a injury to the l.alr ar akin. It ean ba waahaa immediately without disturbing tha aoior, and haa no bad odar. Itiaap- ; phod. or aold, at rilALOM'S Wi< and Toupaa Maaafaatary, H IW Broadway. I B I 1 Hair Dye.?Ilmtchelor'a Genuine Liquid n air Dja, can only ba pr?curad at tha manufactory, 4 Wall 1 atraat. The public ahould guard agaiuir imitaliaua. Baa ! a my aarloua diplemao. I'craona whoae hair haa anaumad a bad ot lor fiatn tha naa of tha imitation dyaa, aa* burn It : aarraaud by aalling ai a tor a Copy tha addrne* I; Wlfl and Tompres.?Another ledal haa ' baaa awarded to Ww Batrhalor, for tha boat Wlg( and Tan- t pee*. Tha pnhlla arc Inaitad to Inapaat hia new atyla for 1M80, at BATCBBLOR'b aalabratad Wig Peatery, 4 Wall V tract. Ba kaapa tha lantaat and baat aortmaat ia tba I alty. Capy tha addraaa. Wlgtl Wlyai?Citizen* and Rtran|ert cure e iBTltadto inapact PIIALOM'S aew atyla 0' Wig* and Ton- a paaa. Ba kaapa th? largert and baat aaaurtmaat to tha atty, at hia aalabratad Waige Hair By* raatary. 1W Broadway, * araar *f Bay (tract. Copy tha addraaa. t 0?l HAKKBT. fi Maw oar. Augn?t &?4 P M r There ha* barn ne ehang* of coenrqaaae* In tha ?' tock market aloe* Saturday. Wa hare no Important J raiiation to report in prieee, and no aotirlty In trana- H action*, it miu( pa aei aay iar me nosion steamer, there war laaa doing than uaaal for the aeuon At the first board Partners' Loan loll off X par cent; Ilarlt m. Xi Heading Railroad adraneed V par cent j t Kris Railroad, X; Long Island, XThe receipts at the office of the Assistant Treasurer of this port to-day. amounted to $122,000, payments, $?7.j0? 86, balance. $A 017,TM OA. The Insurance Company of the State of Pennsylvania have declared a dividend of 7 per cent, or $14 per share, for the last six months. A recent report of the llank Commissioners of Alabama to the Governor, 'hows that of debts due the State Hack and branches, he has collected, from the 1st of November last to the 1st of duly $M7 63$ 0$. About two thirds of three eollectione are on debts uiaiked ' doubtful." ' bad," and "unknown," aud the other third on those marked - good." The current quotations in this market, for fereSga and doueetic exchanges, for specie, and for nnousreut money, were as anoeaed Praetor Ksrnsmaa. ! On lonSna . I"', a In', na AmsterSaa... 43 a ?S>s Ob Paris M a if ll V, On Usmtar* ?X a MHg On Urease 7/X a so I L'eevaaarv Mores, | H i at. ITU .it Ho t. at fU at New leglstiS . Si? par M Mis. sp peiV Sis *4 Sis Alh'y. Trsy. A . '.Sis U 411 Nt w Orleans... ^ to <hi Jf.York,eooai-y * Sis S Sis Ohio Ji, s.a 1 Sis NswJererr... die l4 S Indians 1 Sis 1)2 Sis | Philadelphia... \ dit per keatecky $ IKS.s > Baltimore t, lis die T> un*sese J S.i 4k Sis VIrglais IX Sis I SiS rn I Sis Its tW Nsrth t'amlinalX Sis ? Sis Micl.lraa 1 Sis tV Sis $oath ( aroliaa I sis ? Sis Canada S Sis 1 Sis Georgia 1 Sis ? Sis Wbceliaa tank, are IX per oen? Sisesaat. IW?f?TI til imw Rwtoa ? a >, i. Matiitafkk ?' ). ,1*< a t dl? * .. ? k S *n M*bfl* ?p 1 k l'< fit BoHiia< r? . . . ? k ? i N??r Orl'kit. . I???i 4it P till i Uk. 1 a ? di? t - 4tt P lH. Cknkt ? k ? 4 ('mriltlU ... .'!? k IX 4)1 f> rwiMtm .. J, a I ai? ? ilt ii j Niinaiti,,.. V 1 4ia f arhTlIU I .1 ail V * i au m i4 ?? an . Cunku..,! - ' DuriU 1 ? - a ? " Oi'iiTinrn ui Krwn. Prr rrnt Vittnr '' AMt.goM.old. ,N? i I a. Con lo*d*?0 ?!'* )? ?|t*n? |. d?. 4o? will) k IWIU ri*ofra*"t... MMo 'H "0 it HklfdidlkM liWJt k liu* D- b|...n? I.. *\ k l?7% ? pn???ik?* f'a H?? k l'?iik 4* imntl l??' I* fa I, BpMikk a..|lkf? infi k Ilk* 8< ??f?itk? .. 4 < 44 . a. kukrt.n'?ix k ion a*. iif h%. a-ik at* n M**i*an a-.iikf iimi* mix it*,,, fninkk* ?mi ? ? 4* ?if-f.*i,ni(i Nki U < * IU k ?? ? kMnry Nkikf.lllli k llltg I ? r?rkl|B mfeaan hk. b??n ,? DimUik l?in*n I for rrwitttanc* by th* Bonton P?' k?t of W*dn#?d*y, bat t drawn* of nt*rlJpg bill* do ma ??*t- th?lr rkt*a a frootl*!!. Tb*r* hw kMatwjrllUh Inquiry for noatta?n. tkl bill*. *od lb* rktr? rrraklo wlihoat altfratloa. No Ahnnt* In wnr?TT?nt mnn>y ft l? pl?ntl?r In tbo , itrkkt than It hkk b*?n for kom<-tlmo p*?t I>o-n"?tl<! < irhangr* contlnna qui?t Tli?r* I* *<> lltM* doing on j any point. Ihnt quotation* fknfiot In fonkld?r?d oth*r- J wt?? than nominal Spool* hk* Wn qulto aotlr* daring th* pkkt two nr thrt* w**b* th* 1<-mknd bvlng prlnelpally for ?h'pm?nt iilrer h*4 b*?n oiportod to torn* *st*nt to tb* roatlatat. 'J Thtr* ha* b? < n. during lb* p**t twn or thr** wr*ht ' s * rrrr fk?'rtl l? rh*nr? in tii ?i p?*r*n#?r.f th*#oHoa j J crop The plant ionka morh mnr? rlgorona: and If ? a haaa flnadrr woatb.-r, a fair aramgf fall *1111 no norma. It la qalta poaalbla ? j If 14 aomaahat greatar that that of tha prct-nt yanr may h# raaliaad Tha qnan'ity of ^ cotton atandlng la graatar thao laat year Tha plant la pratty alear from gram and tha proapaat for a foil aaaraga arop la drcldadly battarthan It waa four waaka ago It la. bowaaar, too aarly to form an opinion with _ any d?gT?r of rnrraatnraa aato tha raamt. and ? ahall J not commit ooraalraala any aatlmata Tha plan* la ,, inhjaat to an many dlaaatara. that in ona oaak tha * romplailon of tha arop may ha eomplataly rh?nga<l a< and tha hnpaa of tha plantara antlraly Maatad ' Tha ralua of mareban tlaa ??f rt?d t m thla port Hi dnrfap tha nn>nth ot July Hating uiabing tha daatlna " Hon and axttaf 'f ?h>r uaauti t? aaah plan#, in at mi- ? IHf I- j ZotiaxKcs or run Pout or Nkw Yoa*.?Birjuri, July UN. Nulrmt'd K it'll lo Vro^wr lo II ben- Ikb ?- Prom qf U S lure. lure. Hj/yL London $.??,938 942 ? 1*.<23 l.ii?r|H'bl . . 1 '?M."78 7 1,329 74 920 * * w 20.1,910 12.30 ? ? )il i r | ?rt? in Gt. Britain 4 ono ? ? ? I 'to *9.134 3,9.34 ? 7S,7"0 >ihi r |mrt? m Franco... 24.914 I 413 ? ? 48,498 2 7iw 8,419 7.1 T? irto.n 12.748 87 i 1.732 2.012 I'.rnkiirir 18.894 4,991 3,431) ft.134 41. Notlh Am coluuico.. 86.977 920 ? 27,718 ir V4'i>?( liidiuo 111,498 1,948 ? ? uba 92.884 728 730 ? 'or'(I hiio 1870 ? ? ? lint l'< trillion 23,4 6 ? ? HI10 lx|>r>? 122.19-2 *1,073 447 *V40 'Unli W u.t I ml ie( 28.143 C42 ? 2*3 ,?i 7VI71 ? ' 73 940 j ? ? ? "lTi - 7,644 !AMIS fit 3U.?tf ?- ? ? tctnllci Rcpibllo J7.!'K) 8W ? ? ?1,210 13,4V) 6 $20 55,531 rntr&l AntTKA 4,1.51 4-S) ? 040 kJV ...... ?.KW *.*?? 1.10V tilth of k i> ri p? 33.373 2,W)(i 602 315 I art iru . ft"09 - ? . ft, 235 1,217 - 1,815 lulland ... 71.301 4,411 - J5 534 frits..'.'.'.'. 71.048 - 2*0 lautilius li.OlO _ _ Tot All ?.',,571,21 ill 88 328 25870 317...41 'otn value of merchandise axpirled ?111'11 on ifj.rcr.ale shipment* of specie I. vVki.'i Total export, July, 1550 $ i,0111,30.1 The value ot imports into this port for July, wan >22 118.018. Delimit the value of exports for the until icriod. and wo have a balance against ui on the foeigu trade of this port, in oue mouth, of ?18 420 701. 'bis single fact should be sufficient to latiefy every tie, that we are rusbiug headlong iuto a atate o' hinge reaembling thoee of 1827 and 1841, with a very trong probability of realizing similar results The annexed table exhibits the quotations for the irineipal public securities of the United States in this iinrkel at the tespeotive periods named :? groTATions run Peauo Snuuima. JtiJy 2, trisi. Aw/. 5,13V). ' 8. Loans, 5 per cent, 1H53... !(>!>, u 101*4 10IH a 102 Do. 6 " 1866... 187 a Wi% 107 a 107V De. 6 " l?,2... 112 a 113 ill a HI V De. 6 " 1S67.... 115>i a 1I5>? 114 a 114V Do. " It**.... 11* a 116V 114V a IN', Ti'Morr Notea, 6 per oe>?... . jib ?_ 115V a 116 iew York 6 per cent, lrS4 ... . ? a ? 103V a 105 Do. ? - ltxW lift a 116 111 a 113V Do. ? " 11*1 116 * 117 111 a 113V Do. 6 " 1162 116)4 a 117 112 a IIS Do. * " IKifi ? a? 116 a IHV Do- ? " 1*67 ? a ? 116 a 1I<V Do. ?>o " 1160 116)4 a 111 105 a 107 Do. &H " 1161 lit * a 111 106 a 107 Do. 6)4 " INk? 110)4 ? 1H lt? a 107 Do. 6 " 1150-55... 102 a 103 102 a 103 Do. 5 " 1*65-51... 103 a 104 103 a lot Do. 6 - 1150-00.., 106 a 107 115 V a 186 Do. 6 " 1161-62... ? a? 106 a 107 Do. 4)4 " 1149-414... ? a? ? a ? ihio 7 par cent, 1161 103 a 104 103 a 103V Do. * ii6o ? ?_ _ Do. 6 " li66 ? a ? 105 a 10ft V Do. 4 " 11*11 110 a 110)4 106)4 a lUtiV Do. 6 " 1870 _ a- 114 a 114)5 D" i " 117ft 114)4 ? 116 114)4 a lift Do. 5 " 1140-46.... ? a? 100 a'102 entucky 6 per oent 10* a 106V 103V a 104 Do. 6 " 95 a 97 92 a 94 Imoii lat. Imp., 1147 60 a*4 80 a 50V Do. " Int.Stook... 25 a 27 ? a ? linoiii Kuddatle Bunda ? a? ? a ? idiaaa Bond* ? a ? 47 a 50 Do Stato rim 79 a 10 76 a 71V rkaaaaa, 6 per coat ? a? ? a ? labama, 6 " 12 a 82)4 82)4 a 83 Do. 6 " ? a? ? a Do. 6 " Starling, ? a ? ? a ? en nay It a- 6 " 94 a 94 V 93)4 * 93)4 Do. .6 " 108 a 109 ? a [aryland, 6 " ? a ? M4 a 105 Do. 6 " Sterling. ? a ? 99 a 100 enneanoa, 9 " ? a? 85 a16 Do- f " ? a ? 108)4 a 104 aaaaohai., 6 ' ? a? ? a ? ilohigaa, 6 ? a ? ? a irgima 8 " ? a? ? a ? I. Y. City, 7 por ceat, 1857.... ? a? 111)4 a|U2 Do. 7 " 1162.... ? a? 103 a 103 V Do. Water Loan, 4o. 1151.... ? a? 102 a 103 Do. do. do. 1170.... 188 a 109 1*7 a 108 Do. Firo Loan. do. 1141 ? a ? 107 a 108 lriukljn,6percent.llftft-ft7-S8. 106 a 107 105 a 107 laltiniorn 6 a. 1100-70-90. ? a ? ? a - - ? ? 186 a 108 I. Y. Life and Truat Co ? a ? 123 a 125 armera' Loan and Trnat Co... 39V a 40 42V a 43 >kto Llfn Ine. and Tnrt Co... 109 a 109)4 106* a 106 laak or C. 8. in l*ena IV a 2 IV a 2 audm aad Am boy H. R 150 a 140 155 a 160 lartford and New Karen R. R. 115 a 116 120 a 121 lew York and New Haren R. R. 107 a 107V jio a 110V lodeon Rirer K. R 70 a 70V 73V a 74 lew York fc Erie RR..aew (took 75 a 76!? 76V a 76 Ihany k Schenectady R. R..., 82V a 83 13 a M licaead Scbeaeotady R. R... 136 a 136 136 a 137 rraroM and Utlcn R. R 140 a 145 145 a 147 lew Jereey Railroad....,. ... 116 .a 117 112V a 113 .ntnrn and SyracuM R. R.... 98 a 190 ? a ? .ul.nrn and Roeheetor R. R... 93 a 94 ? a ? lew York and llarlnmRailrnad 59 a 59V 51V a 59 leading Railroad 43V a 44 4hV a 49 Do. Bond. 71 a 72V 74* 2 7?V? o. Mortgage Boada 77 a 77v 77V a 74V 410 Railroad Boada, lat 156V a 107 101 a lft<V ft*" a M *2 ? 1021* a 102V Do. 3d 92 a 94 *fV . m alt. k Ohio RR. Boada, IS64-4I* - a - - a _ Da. Dir. Boada.,. ? a ? ? a ?" Ultlmore k Ohio Railroad... 5SV a 64 6* a fihV Indaoa Hirer Railroad Boada. 10(1 a 101 *yv . inO reatarn (kaaa.) Railroad 16<)4 a 102 100 a lOoV VI. k Undaoa Caaal Co 156 a 156* - a Do. " Serin.. ? a ? ? Tbli U usually ths dullest time of the year, but we at? not tbia Ration noticed the mutl Inactivity, ancy itookf of til kind* have been much more aelve than government and State itocki generally, and >rlee* have been astonishingly iteady. Qnotatlone for laitod Bute* have been gradually depreciating 11* poeelbla. aa the demand for money Inereaiae for ommercial pnrpoiee, that government and other good eoaritie* will be thrown upon the market, and cause further decline in prion*. Should thli be real I ted, he remlttaneee of thee* itocki abroad would bo ma4o e a greater extent, and the ultimate absorption by >r*lgn*r* of our public Indebtodaaoo, be sooner rallied Some time cinee, the Secretary of the Treaury eitlmated, that at the clooe of the flical year, une 80, 1881. there would bo a deficiency In the pube treaiury, of from ten to fifteen million* of dollar*. I vent* have cince traniplred, ihowing that there will, tthat time, bo no deficiency, but, on the contrary, rurplui The enormon*Importation*entered during be part eighteen month*, have given the government a avenue from custom* larger, by many million* of delmi. than anticipated, and the apprehenaloa* enter alned by the Secretary of the Treasury, that a new an would have to be contracted, have entirely dieppeared According to tho moot recent returns from lepoalta Id tha dlfferant depoaftortaa, im I10.IM.916 1. Tba recelpta during the put twoweeke, h?? been erp large and tba depoaita at tba praaaot time, pro ha dp amount to full twelve million* of doIlDra, and tba Dtaraat on tba public dabt Juat paid Tbc Importaiona during tba remainder of thin aeaaon. will, withat doubt, ba larger than In an? prevtoua pear, nd tba reranua from dutleg will, therafora. ba proortK-nably greater than aver befare Tbla will lnreaaa Ibe reaourrea of the Treaeurp bepond tba eatllatea. and at tba alaae of tba flacal pear. 18M. there ill ba. without doubt, a bandanna aurplua. It le perhape. unfortunate for thoaa who are deeplp rolaed In "peculation# who hare large amouula of lorba and varloue klnda of propertp, purnhaaad at igb prleea. that the government ean gat along la lie nanrlal operation" without reaortlng to a naw loan, it our eupplp of arcuritlea. each aa are lo proper redlt abroad for remittance baa become ao mneh reused that weeball haae to pap tor our ennrmnna Im ortatlone la eome other wap, and probablp in awap alcnlated to reelrlat tba operation* of oar bank" and reata a etringenep In the moaep market A large monnt of eprrie ha* air-a.Ij been "hipped within the art two monthe to pap for a portion ofotir foreign im orte. and aa the aeaaon adraneea the exportation" of nllion ant lurreaee The ennriaoua Imp >rtationa fur nip. have not pet been paid fur A'igii"t inap u<? r me up to the month peevlnu" but the Importa will iyl.|lt??h. 11. an imrerr?? yin'<?nt m l ih? hollan ? itain-f u# lhu? ?? llod to * our piwr to i|iilitfttft abort of lorf? ?hlpni?nt> of ap?e|o Our rl? b?Ti> for Kim-t Im# p??t boon eoroporaMroly lini lad ftni aro llln ly to rontlno an ihrnnphout lh? i>ro rot taaanp ?l lift Tb? tutnro l? lharfnro anything at flattorlnc ftn<t raunnt r?.|at ifco Inifrrolnn ?o it fnr? lk> olooo ol tho fall trado th?ro will bo a "triooi?ry la tho monoy marhot that atll "trairton many I I how ?b" harr d?'ply l?til?#'lth?mwl??? la tgy f tho aporulotlro nmroioonto of tha day HttM k Klrhanfo. l?Mn v vr 11is j<'i tuaiint Ritiaf mo tn4 l'??0> do 'IK (91 |f?\ ! 0 do IV 41 irtWp do ?J lilt, >11 do MP 4'?d 41 "It do ll'lft I2A Brio It Una I 7?< -ii> N T< rk I'i'M l?i ? ?' da 74 ?vn lod aoi I'H'a .17 anil do aid 74 1010' ?.no7'r <? IMS' ft do *10 74 Ho t IR Rd? W Mnrl-m RR ad "V, 4'% IA a-.taooa' Bk 12. S ?'> 4o Ibid ? M Mark R ? M rn do opt K Farmcra' Troat Mr 4" '* hoar Maud RR-aV 12 W do 4 H JAO d. If'4 *? do 42)a 8 NTnrt I RNi?a ll"U P Ohio l.lfo at d Trait 1?o-?, V> Otoal <?toa RR M.4 IS m Ivradii ( RR 4-', hi da III 0) da ?f rrcomi Roaan. to") KHa ln-ama H 4a (o >, |r? Er.a RR. ad aio 7AW wn do Pi.fl 1.01 da b ?i 7 H WO frla 7*a '!?? |ir.*0 do M0 7 .*2 f ?! o?aa Raah lift. 74 do C r..l? RR-ad jr.ij m ROfal a Rka To 41 " do 74?a va llarl.m ip? Kd ? da h*o ;?u |.ai do v<i, 4 do all) 7'?i w Roadlo* R Roal ipr. I do - i ... falaad kl* U>? o no M9 7fi* HDtrKTM'V! NTS RR1FWF.P KVK11 DW. Kll Nil M. ific < imu.F' r. iiovt* I ? ro iNFonii rn? II I'M,- i M * < nf h> . k of t ! rn 'i i ?*., ?f Fx lata h>i?i< I' I' f Wirt. 1? rk.i'i k h" ailnr, ?a4 rnnpnnfall* r?. mmm)' riaaa ?imia?n, aa tha faannr? 1* il.a kaalaaaa, t? ih? ?f tha a??taaara ?f Ik' lata Ira. m In tka pnMIr < wa l>a* laaat in r?f?f la lk? akn?? ?4a*f'Uaaaat an! ?n. ?li tb* ? i aailm af Ik? r ' I 'l ' " I '? wMnh. la ??ni .1 t- i'h tka Mr H> j?ra t >a? <m ?Imi|iII aa . " t.raaanta tka tarfaat a a<Tt at a?a? hafnrn ta 'k>? ' <k'rj. k tHKMSn II n??r?(Wo, lai 'tiara of kaaaal i. IM" faralfi Mala *L una a an Wanted to hikk-a good t?vo stokv a?d I utii' huuM, la i-iM w I ,t L.ia|?n*rif ' B ailo r. 0rati* or brio wo alroaia. ,jJ B., at thia * oflloa. / WkMia IT A voi s , mv v mikivki) ? from lha ol? eouu.i >. a |hmutuant . ^ |.rk , or furtrofti Or t yin' iu .i r ,. ? a'>la a>it|jl->y. Ll sent no cum- ri li;" * i?i *I u lit u< to g )t * J* thorough nowUrgt f hufii *.s*. a* b? in ?iiU< bo enter into * busii aft ii? the ?f r t e ?bo* e?ne?.t inned titue. For his want of km wed,r he h p & n* will mtKe g uinrncif by co&ftiftiit m ? *!i?'ii to his employer's tuterest. I Address A. Z , ?t thi- oil < ^ \\T ANT EI>-A 8ITIATION, HV A YOl'NU MAN, 17 J" Yf >rsi* of age, in a H?.oUs? Audits U. 8. M.. uk N c. i 9 Nassau ( j* HI A N T ?. 1? - A aniA riON, bV A KE4FCUTABLK f] )? una: w ?u-an, t? d > ih I tiaoaork of * small Imaiy, i 'J or s? * hamheiuiuiri. Ilh *..? oi j**-uon i # u m thomiuutry. ( ti qll'ie at No 11 I'ri < e m r- '* n the ha Be moot. Brooklyn. ] ^ WAMID-A >ITI AIIun, BY a VolMj MAN. AS |'i rter in a di y/<M,d m*. or t . ri vc wi express >ii. J K ohm the ii?v ihm-'i--fly . * ?u)d in i e hims-.i <?-,i -rally useful. lit?t of ?i > refrrv ce. Plcsui AillrmJ. F , Uirsli n ? j p WMTI1MII BONliT, STSAD1 Vol \<, MtV ro TT |?kv ?f A liquor r?. U.- mutt h*te urity, f lmi vc ... 11 rtuminendtxi. Applj ?t V>. oS! ,\??nue C mid J

Fitih ?. ft W A NTED?BT A VOU .Ml H AN, A M riMTION AS AS- * ?? tiMum I'Urk 'ii .onm wliolr-:vU .torw, fd.yj ui-U pre1 f*rr.d)or (lrrkiiii.ii iilttue. U? write* a ?, <..! (pilule h ,,ul, 1 . I k?i Baa A jnonUiu of 1 Iknplii 1m htdi ruAwaM* I . .ihiiii.k in ' I'liMM - m ( ?, mid i in brim I 1 uti?f?rt?ry rc'er?. e? Irinii 111" 1??'employ, m, I'loaao uk- I 7 diat.J.f S. ItotAid Jj WANTED- BY A RESPECTABLE PSOrEST.VNTUIKU L! axilumion to do nen.-ral H .ueewi i ? ..r > 'n i uuornork. 1 h.?t of en y rrUienei mven I'lea* call a. Mo. 7 Seeoud j J.1 1 avenue Can be Km for ihiee d?y?. , ? I j c WANTEB-BV 1MKEE Vt.fMCi (1ENTLEMEN, |?\R- * tial ioard iu a private family l? > ?*o Term mu.t ? I be reaaonablr Addreaa A. H Herald ofll ?. . l? | ? Pi WAMi.U ? SITUATIONS BV TWO KKO'ElT.l HUE *' \ ouhk wemen, (outers,) one as Cook, the other as I r' Chambi-rtn ?id and Wnitrvss; both good oooke and ?*- I relit nt wanhers aud ironers. Good reteronce sn be give a ; f fr* ni their last place* as to character an I capability. They ! art fully competent to perf rtn th- .-o duties, us they ^ Lave lived in the u ?? ve capucity several years. call 1 a 228 West Twenty-first street, Ninth avenue. Can be seen | Ul three days. 1 w )( vng wnmeti ?? Cli?m( ermMdi and Conkt. The h?st of city ?Heroin e pi\en. < *11 *t No. .'ty Gruunwioh street, eorvcr Morril ?-c the> can be neen ??-r three days. . WANT&U?A HTUATH'N. BY A RESPECTABLE yuu* woman, aa Cook, VTasher and I rone r. The eodt ' ol of aity reference can be Riven from her last placo. I'lcate ? call at Hi Nimceuth street, in the rear, between Sixth and j j. Seventh avenues, where she can be ween for two day*. 1 WANTED? BV A RESl'E' TABLE WOMAN. A SITC- j I atioa aa plain cook, waeher ami ironer; known how 10 I Bi l ake Viead. Can ba aeen for two day, at 4b factory atreet. p, Can prodnca the baat ol oity reference. W* NTEP?A SITUATION FOR AN ORPHAN C.IRI,, fourteen jtara old, to be bound till eighteen with aome vr rrapectahle family, where there are no .mall children, and I who reaide in the aountry. Forfurther pnr'iciilara. apply nt 3.1 Croehy atreet, room No S. A note will be attended to o. tbia walk. The ndeer iaer la nn American. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A S TUntloa na nnree, wt to take care of children: aUo. a yrung girl, gwcliild'a maid, or to do waiting. Can give the T heat of city reference, and hae no ohjectioa to ge a abort dia- i. tance in the coui try. Apply at 12.1 Cedar atreet. Can be at een for two daya. If not engaaruu. WANTED-A SITUATION AS WET NURSE.-If coq- ffr ff renient would railier take tho child houiu. Please ap- w ply at 450 Washington street, between Desbroses an 1 Watts ca streets. in WANTED-BV A BRSPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN, y" a aituat ion to do general houae wark, chamber work, or th waiting, or taking eare of children. Pleaoe cail at No. 265 U Mad I,on atreet. (lood city referencca given WANTED?A SITUATION TO COOK. WASU AND H iron, by a woman ol good tharacterand ability, and J who can bring good recommendation, to that effect. Apply ei at No. 15 Franklin atreei jji WANTED?A PARTNER. WITH ACAPITALOF FROM ?! 1,51)0 to 2 UUI dollare, in aa "Id ea>aldiehed manufacturing bu. ineea, in plaee of the aeaior partner, retiring The ? buaineae ie very profitable, yielding from JS2..1 ?i to Sl,tlv?> an- C nuallv, and n<> nak. Addreaa " M' rtiiner," at thia oAee C WANTED-A HOUSE. WITH THE MODERN IM- ie provementa, la a deairahla neighborhood, by a genteel pi family without children. The proeent oeuapente can remain e, to board. If eo inclined Rent muet he moderate Kfo- li< rencre exchanged. Addreee, poet paid, lu E. A. M. S., Horald al office. tl WANTID-BY A RESPECTABLE YOl NO ENULISU U woman, aaituation aa Chambermaid or Nnreertmaid, at la a reapectable family. No objection to go to the ?luniry. w Can he teen for thraa date. At IP Oreea atreet. in the rear. w WAITED-A SITUATION as chambermaid, by a I reaper table Protectant w. man : wouiu have no objection to wait at table ; ie a go d acwar, at d would be found C eery willing and obliging All lett.ra pre-paid, would he re- to juectfully attended to lor four daya. directed to M. M., 11 Ol High atreet. Brooklyn. of WANTED?BY A SMALL FAMILY. CONSUTINO OF ? ihree peraona. part of a email bou.t on the weat aide, within Ifte.n minntea' walk of the City liall. The lower Gi part ef the elty preferred A-tJre a R J., thi. otfiro. WANTED?A SITUATION. BY A VERY RESPECT- al able youag aa Chambermaid or Waiter, le R a gotd ecainai reaa Ilea the beet ot city t.lrreaeea Can be y, aeen tar two da,a i'lawa. all at 2i pullivan street, between hi Mil "tor paid i re .. a i age Haa AO ohjeetlea to Ike taailry, I WANTEK-Iir A HUMS MAN. 24 YEARS OF AOI, ol a aituath a >a a w! ! ??le grocery etore. City rafo- n one nt i ii* t, trooi r miin (I'm. rier.e Ktldrei* lo ti J.J P.. Born'd ciflic* wIII bo olrollv .tton'1-d to. Ii WANTED-* MTDkTION. hv A RESPECTABLE ?i young tMMK.u ('n k, Wtoh'r. nod lr?oor, or would hnrf no nl.jootion to do tho hnnoowork of ounll pnroto nmfiy. I lood two yonro in her loot ploeo. which oho hu r? coolly loft, nnd con ho troll rOioasondod. Call at U Caaal v Iroot. Kokorr. . WAMhD?BT A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, , a rltnitinn no Soanotrooi or Ladyo'Moid No ubjoc- i' tion to trarol Well rroummoadod frotn hot laot plaoo, 37 Ii Knot Twooty-drot otroot, oho oaa ho ooon. anted?a SITUATION, HI a KS-tPEOTAULE JUIIOI wcoioo in 0 prirato foutllr, no <-..k , <>no who ii io onpahlo of f?.milino her oitnatioa. oad lo an oieoll.nt _ Woohor and Ironrr li e hoi' of cut roforoaco from htr laot a plaro Call at 3"! Rulb-irr otrrot, la tho roar, botwooa I llmoton ?r. Bloockor ?tr??to. fl W a n t r. d- b> 7 kr.tpti Table ipkoti. ta nt r" young wr-n.?n, n "liua'tnn no t -d Cook, W'n.hor, on I ' Irnnor. or gonorol h> oo?w rh in a .moll family : iio.n-ob- *" Jootinn to go in the n< unlrr. Tho hoot f ro'orom o (iron. , Can ho toon for two dnyo, at Nn.MI Baetlougal otroot. I P.tHI t. a t u-,. r. ruN- fl aittiag of ahont dto room. and knelt- n. to bo oeenpted ri hy a grat'oman and ft milt ? ntuot h? in an open and roopoc- * taMo part of tho ot'y A'lHr- > . ori'h full articuloro. J. t| Marthold. B' i 1.3*0, Pn.t-oiSoo, N?-w York. Roforoacoa d will ho (iron and axpoctad. tl ABTED?AN EXPIkllM |:|> Hook 7ECPKK TO " take charge of a art of h?nka, and nv. hn partial at- | tcntion to the gentral hnaireaa ?f a w*rrfe Importing eat*- | hliehment On* familiar with the watch and jewelry hn?|. |g ncaa would h# preferred Addrna- i?<?t*p*td. with owm ? handwriting and raf? r?nrp?, to hoi I7*M. I'ntt Offkc j? iy ANTIlV- A MTuTtIOn" liv A KB4PACTAIILK f! " young wfitnan aa cook. within* and Toning in a private l' family, tnd baa n?> ohjottlont to go a ah??rt <lia'an** in the w ton n try. Con he ?een for ?wo daya Btatofefty reference* Jj en b? Klvtn < *11 nt 29 I'rinca ntrrtt, ttcoad 6/or, front " room. antbd? a aiti a TION ht a voi Mi ito m A N, 1 tad- tl>t h*naew*rll f a arnall pnr at* family She " would nlao he wilting to aaa'at in plain aewini. and ha" no * ohjrrfi. n to the c nntry Apply at 149 Canal t?. Can ho < ten for twn dnya. tl WANTf f> ? A VlHAt. NAN. A lit Mr>~ K t KN flfV r jtin "f wi*h?at> leaf p-tin'm* en- w Sinaerirf. - r o.a? hif.iRf. la a |<?od drnttirh am*u. a "t -f in |j na'Hrn* kahita lie m?v I.# ten at I7 > Clm a ror "tfl note adrfr??nod W. D . It ofheo w?ll rtrai?? lmm* di|tt * | A> I - I ? TARI I. I Mfl g- 1~A \ I ~tt nt. c N w t v tt attualion ? Cook, in i ro?pret|Mw private famMr .?r * I k w h. and lr ?n hhe can *n vre- ^ fotenre faqn rr it No. 14 *tilh ivtti't * woon F "irth f lid ABtlf ItfWll ^ ApiivaTmTn i i^: i a YmT n?; n \?i iiin man ? ' | rr- ' t v i ?. i . i? t t - v i le H ntry, ard la eth?-Twfa# r(.| ier?in aith II ? oh- ' Jef? la in media e and rwnfwetlMe emfl %m?-nt. t'? ?hirh d< illhrt EftliM > * o.r.nd.on A-..U. hi, .. A U?. ? I ?' C,?( ' * ? {j %l |V*A>.?H <4 N 1 k4> ? a -M \ < | \ ^ VII.- V 0 lidrrj I <r f I tin# trhr r?n ,? of n of \y thr tonka. Qrr*4 rafer?n<?t wan * I Af'y *t v ^ Mhn rwt I TCH AITIKV :T?O> H^Fr\n> m * V\Hnrtn w io*n '?f ! >?:* nr?<l n ??t tri. ii* ?.' !! , r nr0 It (nation t at?f*'ant eu'tM ft* ? <*h 1 ? V?o? " Et?tUI?tn? ? Ti n t*at -f |ty rf. i < Jvnn Aidr <a M. W !?* Pr**?i . ?fo# ? i- t TO ftll1-A'l'h^ AM) tKlT'?~l U.'?* ' - N vol SQ If man ?f 2* \ a?" f a ' a p fltaiH- r,?l h? r at f l#rk *a' man. - i H??'* ** ?? *. " r#?ti??w Ilr m a a 1 i ,k v'' *' '%'1* fB |ritar?t: Natfrrrra! trtfoanti) W? * -.1^. Bi d ft* p'-i? a " rftlpfar tory f? Art'tir n ?*** trim ?i?tr?ont. tnt>r?* at rf"|n*r 111. nt ?wtb? ? plot" %?: ti ? '? tf ? H O.. at ofl tt MUTKHIIO fUCKI. f Tint ?*M?nrnr nors* n -.n vrtn i* tii* ? ! of salt i nrv, if ? , sorvfo ffnan In j f* lalra ard nnaata v v ' ft* I' ii* a * ' i l< ? 1 r tllltfr ft|??Bo? I t, . . i I r It tn? ??a*r?l tr|- b ? ft, *^,1 ?? ?r r- f.'. r . ' , , n.i ? i't ' ' Anmn I. 1*01 ||, . v >.?> ,.?\ ft i ** St A Ha 1 MI Ml- IM.IM IMVIII. s *o< V \X I,. fl I Tftlti* by !?* l-??t?n Valat I M r a *h s .nth f 1 rrrt, Hf > ^ h , v M 1 ly, f- r j Jam air a a ' r < , a " .r j Bar* ?iol ' ; . MIR %V t**R S | rtci'iiNtntt. Jf, Elt? VMf?N T(? rtl? ?IMIIN , fuNk* ITHI'MT, 11 *?o|4 th? ? ?? .?? n,4?u> ?.ll lt?>l fmrI T ?'*twV. Canal * 7\: a?^?^^L? S P N ' ?> R . ( a M ? !>-? r.? fcTf ( P. M Bhl *"ntlll a tand a P h? a ard. BnlraaaaiaaK \ Rn.. a? v?nal Pa*? df *?,??? *a*a wad a I F *1 .. I , I' ! I tl'l l??? 1 M > i-r-li r??.f ' lr ( *?it Hi 't <>l >' i' ,, 'w f'rf, ?v '<* < i ?>. t > .- * V KM t. i r*t?mte( k? * * r M uc p? ? N ITMMt. * r nil'. Ml mi r| KJ [T.r?? 'I r??' V . . I* ' Hrr hi ?t#W. J?l *ala.i Trany M ?* ?<! TI'*"' * (??> ? ?? 1 r i ? ' ' '"'mn V HA t nr."'" V" "* f ?nn i > f.i> iim. ?i 'iC ? '. t^Ti E Mj r-? ?? ?i tit. i it*n ' ' ** , * t *l| "TlW. I I I fill' I I' l: ' "i?*i| t >. r>, t J' in i ' " u 'if. ! 2 7" ?--r ' re Tnafc?? ,?r f ti|. rl<n f i * >? n? g * "* * h* <? *t \ r I y ?? >f ? s \ l| ?????r M? .. ii. f '* f.rtli , * -I a . "l ? r. it I>???li -4 Hr ? *!, ilo I? Pali ?? ?? ?n4 Rritlah : L rrli'i.'pHHM ?n4 r.. n,n? fahtt*|ia4 II ?it J liar* a I ?a AMC8ICMACFITS. L>0W1KT THlATKl-BkNIFI T OF MR. I. P. Vt'ALDLF roa.? tumdiy evouiug, August (>. will '? repeated. the raid painetic drama, entitled the dlKiK OK HON I'lKkir Ora oral Ta> lor, Mr. niton Captain Allen, Mr. 'J tVatkina; r dfft Mllivnu, Mi Martin; llurry Oakuiu. Mr. Steveu*; 1 Dumi Founder, Mr. Jordan, Koinono Falcoii, Mr. Mo.,re, taehat, Mr S?/in< ur; Seuora \dcla. Miaa Weinvaa. The per'irraaae will eoiuuiente with thediamaof TIlEDKi Va K l?, >+r tht Fall<n Saved ? kd wank Mid it let on, Mr WV kina; ill I)??a ton, Mr. M'inan* Ardent KcnceUw, Mr Maudohall; dry Vt iliua Mi?k Vt eni>h?. Mra. VVilHon, Mr*. Jordan, pen a: \ to7, curtain ri?e* at 7>f. B?xea 2* eta; Pit li%. ~*A?TI1 CANPF.N?TUE lEI.IHKATElJ HAVANA ^ kalian Opera I ?-ni| rn>, under the direction of hipaor F. [ "" rutadaj evening, Ausuet nth, llv'il, will be performJ. Htlliui'a graaa Opera of NORMA?Norma, 8iic?ia Stef1 n i I Mariai; V* P"?tioi: Flaviot Signor F. Badiuli; Cloiido, niynora L. Hellini. With a grand Chorus H -twe* a IV a?ta?l tbecp* in, u Promenade Mimical** during wkich the ivyrue Orchea'ra, uuder the direction of tieo. L ?der. will citoib nov*1 Vt ah tea. Polka# ana Callope. loo croaina and I vr rfircMhu.onta Uill ka 1. .v.o.u,,. ' ' ' >H ? To OMI llM'liCt At S ?'i l.,ck . * M'ATioNAl. theatre. ihatham street?ti.'esirn<? with the v\a "i >'rV AN I > I'll eVVmr'-i'i", clllii< r, Sirs. II. I' Oritluu. Att*r wln,.i, ,i j !" 'if W1 VRfi F'htM A Trxieriek JtTuuip, u. a.Verry; I Ir. W iklthy, Thnion?<n; Kntury Err.., Hi. j. ti..nj. I**th. n.?, Mum E MMf.r.r; Mr. 4,r..m., Mr. IIPYVm? I m To ei>nclud? with tn. WHITE KAKR,?ltU>k Mr Y< uny; Mr. lie Morville, Mr. Vwrrry: liiiruud, Mr. Tli.lmnr; l eter Smrki, Mr J. J-tf.tii.ii. Louiie Mrri.t, Mm. V i?t?y?r. lioxrr, ir>?.: pit, I2)ic. To.t?roui?nu? ut'hu'clock'. JARM'MH AMERICAN MUSEIM.-P. T HARNUM, ' Muiog.r end Proprietor; Jubo (jroenwood, Jr., A>.t.nt Eighth week of ru-npemut, commencing i Muuday, Aun. ft. In compliance with thewi.h of thnuir.or who bnveht eii .tronxly mirrored witb it. Rreat u, ral lict upon the puhlio mind, Mr. Barnum will not withdraw llE Dttl'N KA R 1> yet for a few dnye, hut will promt it lorv evening t his wH?k, with Mr. C. W. Clark- as Edward iddleton, Ulna Alfxinn Fiaher as Vary.. Ac The afternoon frforii i a nee. thi* week, will consist of the new farce of OTTO BE DONE: the Lancashire Bell Kingirs, Ac. inongat the new curioaitie* are the carriage of the late 06in Adtlflde, the Hoosicr Infant, Ac., ko. Afternoon rtforvnancea commence at Sjk o'clock, and evening perrroanceb at 7% o'clock. Admission, 25 cents: children hri**r Id vcara. 12H oents. ^ASTLE GARDEN IS NOW OPEN ro* THE RECEPJ Mon of visiter* during the day, from 7 A.M. till ft P II. is the largeat and moat beautiful room in the country, fording nptriar aypartirilr for reading, meditations, or adisturtod nromonid?, vUtovUtriag tht ma,skippiiL ad delightful scenery around, and Inhaling the deltoi us ta brteie. Admission, i2>? cents. SPECIAL NOTlCkl. T TS PARTICULARLY REQUESTED THAT ALL MEN of the Tailors' Protective Vmou attend to-day, at the xth Ward IIi t 1, tor the purpose of paying the last tribute ?! >. who caiue by tbeir dratli yesterday, while seeking roese of their grievances. O. O. F .-GRAND LODGE Or NORTH CRM NEW York. A special session will he held on Wednesday evens;, August 70i. at W o'clock, at the Lodge run mi, No 396 t. udway, for therurp-ee of conferring the G. L. degree, unetuul attendance desired. W H II. PRALL, Grand Secretary. 1GIIT Gl'ARr. COMPANY A.-ARMORY. LA PA-J fayeite llall.New York, August 5th, lAVI ?The Company ill assemble at the Armory, in full uniform, on thie day, iiefday. at half past 12 o'clock, P. M , for the purpose of reiving the Alhauy Burgeat Corps, on their visit tc thiacity. By order. ED. VINCENT, Commandant, Eli. B. Coopkh, Orderly. NOTICE TO ALL THE CPSTOM TAILORS WHO N speak English.?Brethren, we call npon you for our own, id your rights, to aland by us with advice and deed. The eat union has been formed for the rights of lahor; you sow the cause we hold out for ; where is the man who would e his brother labor in distress, and stand back at a time ken onr rights are to be obtained by union! We therefore ill upon you at brethren to join us far your own and our Irrestf, and ctll a meeting on Wednesday evening, the 7th St., ana there then appoint a committee to report to us >ur views on Thursday, the nth inst. at 9 o'elok A. M , at is Shaktpearc's Hotel.corner of William street. On behalf of >e Committee of the German Custom Tailors. HENRY ZELLWEGER. Secretary. rUE FRIENDS OF THE ROMAN CATHOLIC HALF Orphan Asylum are requested to meet at Wm. P. Pows'a, No. 76 Prince street, on Tuesday evening, Augnat 6th, AO, to heat the reports of the committees, aad also to maks rther arrangements for the excursion to tako place on the ith instant. By order, THOMAS MA HER, Chairman. J W. Waijh, Secretary. JARACEN'8 HEAD, 14 DEY STREET.?T11E UNDER* signed, having been many years engaged in the Star and arter, Richmond, the Load on Tavern, and various otheroabrated places el resort in and about London, has great rernre in announcing be his friends, the frequenters or tho teblishments over which he has had control, and tks pnb0 generally, that he has resumed his former vocation at the wive hotel, where he will be pleesed to see them, where ieir every wish will be gratided. Assuring his customers ist his dishes, llqunrs, and legar* are net to be surpassed in lis metropolis; satisfied that hit ssertloas will meet with the ji relation of the most fastidious, assisted, as he Is. by that all-kr,own veteran, "The Major, ha fully expects to maet Ith the liberel patronage of a discriminating public.? ICHcRD Rl'I.E. P. A.?Green Turtle, and Salmon, and ibster la see ready te- marrow at H M. precisely. 'L'CfESaiON TO AN ESTATE IN SCOTLAND-TUE ' heir, male, of the body of tho doooaeed Doctor James 1 chant. is drat called, and entitled to ueoeed to the estate Cask, la the connty of Perth, under the settlement of its is proprietor, Jimii Bleir Oliphant, Esq . of Gask aad rdhlalr. who died in 1H47. Dr. Oliphant la understood to have sided for several yeare precediag. and subsequent to 1764, at iteehaad. Neacastle-oa Tyae, aad to have removed from tteebead to Irvine, in Sootland, and to have died ia 17VI. e left four sons, John. Jnmts, Ibeneier and Austin. John tiled and died In Cnnadn, James died la the West Indict, beneter died in England. Auettn was ia Scotland abont the mr 1799, end toon after went abroad, and hat not since keen erd of. A legitimate male deeeeadant of aay of these rothere, in their order, weuld be entitled to tho eitate of ark. Falling tueh descendant, tbs heir male whomsoever r the said Blair Oliphant, that ia, collaterally eonn ted with him through the father, would encoeee. The restate appointed by Mr. Oliphant to aarry tho dcelinatlnn i hl? ettllemrat into effect, make thin public intimation, nk iaqnr>t that ointments may communicate with thoir ??ati, Maori. Huntar A Conning, writara, Perth, Soelland. Prrth, 2ltk Jane. IW. ^OH MALiK AND TO LKTf. L|OMESTEAI) VILLAGE. IN THE TWELFTH WARD, n bounded by 144th alraat and old Etna's Bridge Road. Ilet atraat. Seieoth and Eighth eesnoa. A few mora lota >r lala. la ia, nithoat reception, the beat ground and kaapaat of anything on the ialaad. Jannary lat. a home lain ii eiempt, for $1 (ML 74 par aaal of tha pnrahaaa lonry eaa remain an bond and mortgage for Ira yaara. For are Ac., apply at tha Window Shade Warehoueo, 174 and 7 William atraat. SAM DEL F. BARTOL. jtOR SALE.?A NEWLY FITTED UP BEOAR STORE. In a central looatioa ia the Bowary. To a peraaa who ia c< mm and from fSOO to (400, It preaaata an opportunity rely to he mat with. Terme can be made easy to a reipeeMe party. Apply at tha wholaeale and retail liquor atora, uner of Houston and Molberry atraat. 3 RIG STORE IN BROADWAY FOR BALE?THE Proprietor olfera Ureal- tha atoek and flituree of tha lore *' 1 Broadway, comrriaiag an elegant aat of llitoree, la-e eaeaa, he., anitabla for a lirat claaa drug atora; alto a ell aeleeted ateek of drnga, chemieala. perfumery. Ac. Aa he whole will hare to tie remoeod by lat September, (having iapoaed of the leaae for another bnainaaa. laarly appiioattoa I reqneated. DtuggtaU from tha South or Weal are re<|ueeled rait. r AMb-LAND-FOR ONE THOUSAND HOMESTEADS. Ld H anted to purchaae?two hundred and ttfty aaraa of ind. aa nearly level and aqual ia ita parte aa oan be found, Ithln forty minutee ride or aail of tha otty of NawYork. cranes having au< h landa for aala, will pleaae addreaa (poet aid) J Struma. Its Httdton atreat, Naw York, aintfag locnii n and prtae ; whan n lima will he aat for a committal to net lha owaara of aueh laada. at the aearoet point br rallied or water aoaveyaaee s from whom it will be repaired jat taid rommittoo be convoyed to the promiaoo for aale, od la-k to aald poiat, free of apeaar. D|^ ANTED?UP TOWN. EAST OF ITIf IRD AVENUE. IV aad between Twaatieth aad Tweaty-aiatk atraata tha hole or lower part of a neat aad raapeotahle bonaa. for a d and permanent taannt. Addraar Tenant, ntthn ufllon nf lie paper, atnting location, term-, Ae. JTOME WANTED- WEST SIDE OF UROADWAF. BB' tana Dunne and Broome atraat Addreaa Frank, era Id Ofpr#. J.thT OF A HOUSE WANTED. BY A GENTLEMAN and hfa wife, mnat N situated waat of Br >adwny, barren Barclay aad Daaae atreota. Addreaa Font OIBcn. nt MA. FIDE ?A BASEMENT TO LET. ONE BLOUE FROM " Hiiindwny, auitnbln far n phyticiaa. Apply nt No 1SS prlngalrrat. rO LET?AN UNFURNISHED ROOM IN THE PLR4anntly aitnntrd koaed No. A3 Btarh street, near St. d a'a Path. _____ ___________________ I BILLIARD 7ABIR FOB Sgl.E, NEARLY NEW, a b-|. ogina lo a prlea'e gentleman aben* to learn f.r erope: can be had lor Iflil cash, If applied far immedtatoiiekuiinn ill ai-. ,i,ui ?< ikbING BOCfE TO I r.T tMD niWITCI) roi t fair ? Tt>? rndden lllneaa i f the lifj proprietor of a II > ??Ii?Iii d I aMinf hnnee. I yca'ed In Al< char "troM. r h adway. ladooea her frtnli "> np?e ihr hanee to lot. >e fnroltore. (nod w,lt. he , for tale Valna to to deierucd by eipraleemant of didateretted par'iee. port of I i h rin ho pol4 in raeh, end i ?rt ! two toil f?nr m ho. or ply ?erared. Abval $." <' It tho ortkl* taeniae fro* the rrra' htardrre. ooiao harehoarded therefor >aanp or* aad nil are 4?oirnnt of reinalaiiMt. aad to whiaa r?f?r>re oon ko (lata Portlier parriealare <-aa ho learned bp itnMiri b. a I.IW7 I'ool-olt'a. or ellisa elMMeD<erel. I J* Hl< acker at root. TH A V KL.I.K RN* OUIDK t A MbEN AND AM HOY RAILROAD LIN TOR PHILAV 4alt bio. ot eoeea o'clock. a. M .and hell peat one o'elnch. U h) atoamP'kt JOHN POTtlR, lellp (load a re r'oo) fro a* Pier No. I. Nortk floor, faro- Tirol alaoa re ft ..mod e'aea eaea. ft. IbhPINDINT OPPOSITION LINE TO PIIII. A DEI.II ia? 1 heeieaaiere of I lata liaa arc coat racalar O'tr New V- tk aa4 Philadelphia,landiaa aacli way at ii. Mai. .? M ndav, Wadaoaoav, Thoredepe,aad to I'l.T I, N. R.. at 4 P. M. f'ablnlaaa.ll I . DR. r. W. HRI7?H. OAUPOMIA. mihmgii line for san printmcd, tia cha1 fraa. dtreat.?the apiendid ataamahip C'llKNOk AE m> * n'Ila. f oaia.ander. aaill laaaa hor 4<>?k, Pior No. i, K for I bacroa. direct, on Taeedap, Anieet I V h. at three .X. I'taa-nr'ra will plana tholr keifare ta h..ar4 tha , faalmo Por ptaai', opplr *> HO* LAND k AAPINWALL, A4 and M A.mtk at root, r aaaMhip Philadelphia. Robert II Paareoa, I>iia i will encceed tka Cherokee, aad aeil oa katardap, 'tan 17'h. ai ffcraa o'clock ktai k> a uaink.o <khiii> b ONDRfa. TIHiad. ?lla i Whnleoaloaad Uaaoral CoiaaileetoaMo? hen'a">*-* Caliloraia Mernhandiae cnnaieeed to aa trill (la d pa board oar otora alnp and aold by aaati.lea- tbnt ofdinf all rlaka of fro, fca Refer to :?Wa H. fart k , * ? York: Jooapb T. Rearer, da.: Lombard k Rntrf-h , Rorrk "??eaa. do. (?oaian, Doraiaa k Co. do.i Cnnkllo failtli. da.: t T Haoaa. do.: Read k Raorla. Albaat 'o M>R itli UK ii a i f Rl. poll Washing AND C- oanae-on Mart haa'a, f harraa. N O. t> are aow pre. r>d_ I rward all faoda eeat to oar rare, hatlnp hne llpl t 7 \ ,r?r./f? ???? ?Hh *"?*'' * ' ?? 4*l?7 ?l>*? ' r, ,. .v - v;TfioI T.u?f ?**?? *?. "" J ?>Y"/r.\%,r^rr,v?rxv It Htw Tft.j JTfCl 17 * ^iiiaUM ^ ?^" " . V.,7.| ? TO 1 KM* * " " I.. - , tt * ? < M ? '? whOT; ?M < ? \v:,;rr r ?? ?""? A AH Sif.ftfcKT*. __ _______ XJIBIO'HOkRI'EN -* A.\ \?; K KS. MBSSIU. BH'WOUIS kill ?l.?l * < IVP i 'aI#.? ire.i I ? ion I Iiet ii 111 u| laliot Ri <* l? I'Ujft (' tti? dy Lilt I'1 b;il four of Mai . lit n?> .nail..- U.iiu d. Toe-day et mug, August Mb.11 *' ,rst d Overturn l>% the Orchestra. Te be folio ?rd by KOMANi r. \ 0 M *ulf, Mr. C hii'pi'L'itl-: J i > . Br<>u/htni; T in tt? Ijjur, Mr J, Mi-lu.n; H,. *tel \'i? VI . i ...or; ilnr? e-e *e*lv Mrs. Vern n: M? M.n , \5i i; , T> conclude with FLEU&S AM Nil -/ .. v i finjry: yar> liter, Vtr Uurand. TukkUW'.. u, ,11 ... ,t iu?. mIoob; private "oxvit, $6. Donr* <'P"d at . |h' tot- mtv-noo at 8 < 'clock. \' Bio's M l f 'i i MI :; i.;V'iO.VLf APIS ! at K i t .1 I'u s?fi <n.?Last h k-1 but ibtcc el tl:o .cKii.ii' . oa . era .'ddih* llliagva..d Mnntf. Kuril mi. Mr H. V < 1 . I'bapian Mr. T. Johnston. lihL A? II OK i'K?i?l i. i'u, Mr Mirt?n; >.* <ber, Mr. J 'J. J'; V . I !i?. V - i Mr- frapp r, if re. V, rt "ii. u nh. i i . ? tbetu i hut rnn'H Thoafre. I'OOK I II L ? o|t|.? - I'lin.cda.v Mr li ri.n; <>'! Muttlc (o?i tlil- i ii \ Mr Hr-Ukb;i?.'i div-r iscment by Hleagy liaiai ' .ud ibe conn 4c bullet, ,sir*iches jt j India?Mr Matt b? ? Mr Bum Sally 8<T%?tgM. Ifi>- Taylor. ABTOR place >P1 : Iloi'dR.?THF LaDIES AMD K?n1 leui??u i. .-i d . r th? i i id op. ratit tpec'scle of | Judith. arc rc.ji:. u > u u? i nl rei.HtrteloB 1hur*<tat ti."t i? ? .* 10 <.*. i. ?-M. ! u-J i- e for f he I all- L and a hut dn HU| ci i \ i. ' i?t r'd \ ppiuatiuu t? be inadt at the office,intuc. ; t w . '.Yi ck. ( II A til.F* RASS. Lessee. (sard.-ci hi n * o k.ha oorsi closed for a J Hlt.-rt ??Hf i. - | i '. n? ?!' i tiriaiy ? ifmitre! t, and j the ptible gen*' *!'> " I ' fully inf? r>ni*d tlfit, for the tiurtKhfi.i * t-rn u i ' .i \*t:u i he building of Mechanist* hull, il?c\ will hi i.i , <palar <aou-crte fur a short hcuron During <leir ... in this city. ?he Company will timi AM'iny, " -n' ' i \.Ke. Di e notice will bo i;ivnu ot tlufir r - j their 1 ^n?* eutnbllsb? : and tin.nut llall. in N. w \ r- K ?'. CHHInYY, Direoter. I^HIovi- yi \ i: it K ?. t':IIOPI A S OI'EKATlO a 'i r? u| ?' Ini \ , f. rc'-, at t.'i-i O'ytnpic, So. 414 I Ilroft'l **). In-iv. t. v. M i 4il,a (jruud atu.? M -uduy, Aug. 6, and evers i. . t . .t <urm*r tio"?:e. lie "utioiied. u(!c?im tlist bi?k in i , % tiiituiTahle baud of Kthirpiaii pcrt- rnM-r?. '?a? -'r iu|. . ?. temg the no phi- ultra >f all Ethiopian j- . t u nipauy f tlurtcau per? fertinT.s under .. ' J i? i.'?n n-1- ? ??. hftvt) thf hntinr * :iv ( r?^iT,? J inimitable ^nturtmlnm?nt#?v^r> nul l "?in "'>wr?. p. ,.,ou 2 . oeuli. D<>or* open at 7. r' ?-outmeetat Ho'ctoek. An atterDUOD t' .nrerf on " Hi nnU- B, u '.umenoii^ at t I' M uulI-? Otto cottaoe iuhi^ken?(ran t insthumental frw: t'.inriT r. * > vie* i?to Band w jry M aday. W ednvsday and Friday, coniuienoing at ,'i P. si . and llnlini at A I' R Fcrnagi reduced to f seuts N. B ? In Ptir the weather Is nn'tn ruble. *b? Concert will tcke plan* seat day, AMIMKMKNT* IN flllLAUKLPIIIA. BAKNUM8 MU8EI M, PHILADELPHIA-p. T lit r1111 in, Pr"|>rieti r and Manager; Henry Snofurd, team'ant Manager.- Fire' n||nian in Philndelph a of K m , rly'g celebrated Operatlo rr .mpe? i arapbell Minstrel, lone, pear al'erno.-n and ceei.ii.g in their original and amusing entertainments. M Bird, the distinguished Magician pre* sent! a lreeh lie' of N " ri miotic and Yentrilo |uial achieve* moots. Aleo hie ludlerou - I ife- Moving Figures Thehugo Oeai g Ortang reunion thin week. dnJ.Wii irioeitiee in the Beam,us eal? me. it'eneie and splendid prepar e on* are ia progress for the grand dram it tie re-opening. Admittance 26 rente: ehildron under 10 years. I2hs rente. KKWAHDt. ROllllIKV. ? PAWN BORERS, ATTKN'TIL.V. RTOlinfroin a house in I ghteentb etreet. the following artiolee. ril.:?Twelve allyer >rki and eleven tea ap? uia, marked "J"j two ealt spoons, tuarked "8 I. D''; Ave table spoons, marked "N H"; two dnatrrt etoona, one marked ' Stuart, and the ether ' Charles " One-half the value of the article! will he raid fur ihtir m every, am' n que?ti ns aeked. if eft at 42 Cedar atreet. Nn York, August 2, KYI. iiiaii i?v Avomdm TERENCE BOYI.F. AUCTION ebk.-CROOERIER, ov Wednraday, the 7th iust., at 10 o'clock, at No. id I Washington atrret. r insisting of Voting llyact, Imp-rial. (Jua Powder, nnd Black Teii?; Igiaf and Crushed Rugare, Coffee. Flour. barley, Hi -. Star, a. .Stitmrg, Indigo, Ulna Fig#, Raisins, 8picv* [lams Sh<, Beans, T-a I itnisiere. Oil Cant. Molasae and C nt, Brandy, Gin , Wine, Cordials , Stand Casks. Kecv Deceutsrs, Srales. Weigh s, Measure#, Counters. Bin-pumps. Terms rath, and city money. " BO AIIUINU, 4C. COUNTRY BOARDING - A t.AKGE NUMBER of hoarders ran be arm iniiiodated at the lieantiful island of Dotorit, on the Sound, luo unlet from Oh'ucove l.tnding. Far further particulate apply at Mr>. J. Ftuiela, 1->'J Broadway, entrance 119 Grand etreet. BOARD-SINC.IEGEMI.EMEN CAN BE PI.BASANT* ly accommodated, with single or double rooms, with or without hoard, upop rt atonal Is terms, by applying at No. 14 l.iapvaard stiret. BOARDIVG.-A FINE. GAUGE AIRY ROOM. WITH large pantry, to let fnrnished, in n small private family, where there are no hoarders or lodgers. Apply at No. 21 Howard atrret. for particular*. Boarding-fine airy rooms, editable fob tingle geullt men . alto, one large front room, suitable two gentlemen. Can be aeen by applying nt No. 2 Plneo. Board wantf.d-isy di h single gentlemen. Ina respectable privaio family; lower pi t of cho mur prafervrd : f oths requisite. AJdr--t I. O. W? at this >fh<M. aiatina parti ultra and terms, which must he moderate. Boarding .-si iter of good furnished roims may be had. tot ether or separate, un hrst er second door, wilh part or lull a ar t, private table, in an Kncl *li boarding house, where el. couilor. and nit. nii. n can hn enjoyed. Warm and cold bath rooms for the use of ocoupants Apply to Mrs. MEDHI RRT. Ml llouatou et. WOT BROADWAY, OPPOSITE GRACE CHURCH? I a7 I Boarding - Persons sojourning In this city, desiring n private residente. combined with the ctinvenienee of n tret class hotel, parlois and bod rooms eoaneetlng. an sisellent table attentive aorvanta. bathe, etc , can be accommodated nt the above plentaa* loeallen. Permanent arvago? meats for board oan he made. ? poll tkiinhipn Dissolution or copartnership, ? tub"col partnership heretofore ,listing bt tween William Paul and Louie Sehaflner, d. . business ai 4 Petri street, is hereby dissolved. All outstanding mature will be arranged by said Srbnlfuor. who remalna at the above place wii.i.iam parl, Nsw Yonu,Aogast u IMP. in , - - iimgnfr. COPARTNIRSII11" NOTICE.--TH B Sl'BSCRI BERHATw lag tbia day taken Mr o. B BERIOT, Into partasrstiip, hneineee will hereafter he eoadueted nadei the firm of L Trnptuann It Ce L. TRAPMAJ4N. Cbnrleeuu, B .C.. July f. ISM ?OflO" PARTNKK W AVT*r> IN AN OLD FSTARjJtfUV lished hualaeea, now paying over (IMI per month, an I eae be douhlod. Meet hare ready cash la hand le purchase on. half of tha mlorvel. aa one of tho firm le obliged to leave on areonntof mlsesi. t 1 1 1 r carlo to C. II ROWS. M 4L9 *innto?',ob-p*rtn*r WANTED inamaCJAtjAfW aulas ormr bueia-es already usia) lished and dui as a very safe and pr-.hlabia business in making stapia j af i les for li e w'.lesale trans The kusinees ran be ttadrd to almost ana amount. ? tho dsmard it arrntljr Ibmum, BBd tho rn..d, ooror ??t of fashion. Call or a?iJrra "Maatn.'Sl B'.aerterstrtrt. IHIXIKLLAHKOlg, _ ~~ NKVt YORK l.Al'MlKY. NO IA M'RCCK ATRRET, nor Nmhu.-'To sin*ta rtnllatnan, famlllaa and now olurt <1 alnr? II ii is "lit < I t'..n moai |> rl -i laundrtaa ia tlito or an? other nirv. It i a. been urootod at an oinraM ol about riiar tho oaiid untlara and it onmbiura tho (oliosIn* adraniaari ? In*. Poratias loarln* tl.eolty inhnatocan hart thrlr alitlhoa aaahrdnnd irona* In a tuporfor in ini.rr in i?" hours'nmo -M No ml or malarial la anJ in tho washia* draartntrnt hut aura olio* oil a?ap and f.'rstna water?hanee thr rlothra arr not destroyed h/ patent aoapa, or other patent homli'U so estenaireir o'lrrrtiaod la tho newspapers .Id. Clothes nasi r'l at th e ostahliahiaaat aro handled with *raat rem -portion lore petas ha.a* takan sot to luh or taar tham lu waah or dtta. Uooilarraa'a ahirta am d- nr np r,|t e| r. now niriaoa aal".(oni'aaian'aaollaralroaa4 In Try atalo? al.ito aoats an.I while peotaloea- elnnaolly Irene l and polished All this ran ha iu whara aaoont IB a wall appointed laundry. Ail*, t'lnth.a nloaoa: or loot. hirh seldom or not rr happena will ha prwmitily paid for. At h I lo> ha? waahad at tl ia ra'ahllahmen' Bill taraar nmh loi at r tl an thoaa "a.had at almoot any olhar plans simply betattse they ere not eels I an il, d with euro, hot no ittjiiriona dm*, snrh aa moat unahrra uaa, ia pomiittod to outer tho pt?aa, at hit h of itaolf no n tr?ra clothes I.adira Urease# dt>no no hyr an ripaiianaad f-eetn lannUreea. Clothes takam and dallaarrd Iran Iroio t horse t. r rarrji?r A noto ih'.tnli thel>rot I'oal wilt moat a it n prompt situation. for forthrr partirnlaia mt|u,r<. at ths "(ho of Ilia Uauadry. It h| rut a atrart, second elore VsIMUh R WfftiND, Rsperln.sndeat. r R.? f rprrifrtod I a !a aro noill ?nl for ifaalaa earn iMHl. SlfAMlHIl CaNaLa.-HIT AKM\KI/ IKK Till ' I. j. || in l.tvrri- ' ? * *#rjr h* ?l * ! ? f nmc Ha'gir ?b?i iii|i r f % 11 r?rr#M. I'? r mU hf J SO. B BAR. ?tf- ir??l j-ft fy, nA( I KKKVoTt PI I'M TIB -tWOl'ft*RB VCRT BtTl?tt r ? Pi*t##. tlvvfftd hf th- ?Uccr?fkcniril fr ? j* - ? 4 f< r ?ftl# hf nr.k irg?T?%r n 7t Promt??.. .) I nil I mi ' M KUIfil "f Dt, Krllin|rf gr i?|H PloiA, fern** titbit ft'ltim m r? ? Lur. riMI rl.t I'tuft'ln mil gji i.thir |mtn? Rml4 nt N'? JAM I>ftr( tr?rt. I) ? Km.. C V. Clink tor ft Co., 474. 4M l.rtnrnft fJrftM tfttl mortrtftU; of thn ui.?ai tin 4rnrf1*t? lm pftm#fftl. In kMtl#n. it 1, t. ?n<1 thilllng tft?A; fl 4*. ht><1 ft p*r tlMW Ha ?A*ur* or rms -i M*t hillril (rftroHl Linji*. t?i f??? oilur ''jrlnf. Tl# )*'(? ' nt?>rk in thn I nn?4 ''h? ?** ' ! rftrmtf, ; ?r?i Inrrnot an.^>1jr for .? <! K*#p?, i Rttr %|t|r ?? i m4, i |ml in * *!? of Prmrh Olnkn#. I o'??. BIran. M T?|^r?. a. k" k- Rut Bf*nm III I Pr?nrk <Hl fo?~?nr<tf4 '?f|4 v* % h ! *? %nrt r* in il | 4 *. It . , ? ? PIRD VH- I'BBirnTRB fKOM i IILA DKLrilVA, " j t#i ? r? \ t-r n#r*i??-? t?> 1*4 foa and *rftfl?- '?*? of this Htf# *1 ?*< i ,v. I" ?ni lug nmitTr. ?!?? 11 n ttnr trrn*?.fc<v. t) ??-! t m i rr i-mimi'I) rrll'l " b) Pft|*?1t*n. nn4 mil t?|l tk? Mton of th* lnv'y ? r^rnit. mnM tl.? % mill tnnrr/, nl*. tenant ?f tkl tlMur lt? ?14#mra li7<)ifiU>m itreoi. 1 Ml#* #an?#; linn*Inn ri om* collar IT IM I.Vl ttj I NCBRDI RIB, TIIK *A?T IIUM <T I i?f Pn Cane* #nM ?t tta B .* try Anrln? Biort. Darlftf thr Imi k, til* MtiMlikmfftt tn 1 irtlnRKll) t fr r- n no T wl?Mti)#r* A fir'ill ?*?! *, f>?rh?r? Wli thn ?nl# of ft Iftiknii* m?i?V nt nt< tit I >%;f j inn Attotltr fta?l mr? r*r- n* ?#n##n m?* till p*i**rr/ ?f th# ram-am. ftM *!? _ m* mmai ?>f nil * thai ??> intuit ihoaaaaA A' llara ??f?h t ( ? ? ? <l? ??r* i l?| U??l, ?hi?-? " i? i > nlf a 'raal, latum1* a*? n m * ?' I ? *? * n lliavaar Hi l lilif, A"?>M ' and I iltn, w? It *"ll mnf ??[ l? "I ?itn * ? i ?*?? ?i jii.l *? half |? (? third* h? ]>ti?* ? h??a Im ? II ? ? w? ???" our n*? *-?>?"i*fi?r tala. and r<ii*'t*rt ' < all ip*'-**' i >a. ?t,%'l ??ll nar Arm**1!*# 111* I' I . * || ' ' Aid ?? ih" ! I'!' >?*? itl"? I ??*? ?rl?l| I fr | I ? H rr >? l! A m r W C.lLIM " t* T ?.?Alt.>*. j',. priori * , ? ? *** a*1 l? r*?frt. P"hTI iTTrTrvhi^" m fHit.M .i" ?iN' ? 0000 ' rn To* rii'Hor imr f?r. *' N P P<*r ?, I >1 ??*<!*, a all?la4*?f HUB* 1'iir'i.tM d at <h?lr f ill ?*'n? Dtoi ittM'iTYt t n.'i> , i"i ? n<( nihi.R f ?rrh*'"? ' " "* flu'**, ***ra?l?4 *r*Tt"? f? ?? ?? r a*. It* I'l lh?i? villi ih* prl?I'.** ..f r*t?inii>? 'tin ?* ' i"? ?" ?>!*? MhlM. I ? A ?, Jf r?f'i**?t I>???rr?? > p? Frana*. I. ?h*t K nit. ? '. VJ TPK Rt'POP. fiBpttaa. S> MaM?a I.aa*. aptlalra. Mw. unu ? !??-? HkllRM T H 1.1H *l\< K'lK tk.tltt.. it>? rir> fvr tidM'il )? l? *?>?? iL?ir r?n tj ft m Kr? at tk roiif??r? lf.? <>? < >*?. ?t f* A' if ^?.1*4.2 ' At. UkMiT Ml HV M t.t??TT Of >TIM, " ' t ' 1 4 ' . k I. ' ? -? I. >,. ( r? , M ,r MM t litf. Mar* ?? n* U Iw- a I 7 flat. ?vJ itltllli '.rtati** Ml * ! ?

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