Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 11, 1850, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 11, 1850 Page 2
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NEW YORK HERALD. - - J A m KH COKDDH bKKNKT'I rMPBHTOB axd ?orroi OFF'CI N W. CORNfcft OV FULTON AND NASSAU 8TS. THK DAV. V Hr.tiALl), i v.;* set ,py- $7 t*r uimit. H f.L \ / Y retry .1 /['ii-itiy, <if "jy; ri'ttprr 9opy. I* /*" 1 m li?4'?! *'? ? Si n, I# <ih|t ? a t " i" it Hi it'ii*. *ittj $5, f<j m.y p irt ?/ (A# t'Ji H .. ,'.1 ttu/i./? thr po.t i ft. JLI I.KTTKhS by ?.it(, far tuAar -iftmu ,?r J/UA i*dnr~ tfxi H > /?, ? i. or lAn po,li,r,.i// , ,'.-J , '*d tram ik* v*>nt y remitted. AkI .CEMENTS TO-MHK-; . i i', fc\ Ol'XIlA?CABTLE UAH DEN ?1 ftrftlTAlu. BOWERY TUIATRE. lUmry?Tin I ?l. r. ? t.A?T !???** ?4j?K Ul'XCMUJ fot'AJ N<'Tk. MliLO'S OARUEN, Broaiw.if?-t?vt rmiLf-U'iH Lion. NATIONAL THEATRE. C't lb*ru ? , n-Tm DiU'.tni> ! ? .N KW \ IIh k f .k? WAX? >~ ' r? AT THK 3? A*. Ol.VMIMC, Hro?4w?y-r?txo?s- s ? V?ak Kthioha* Omit a Tmui I I. AMERICAN Mr?I.TM-A? I' IK >' f Arr??- 1 >?!!,> AM El Turn ? *?ti i aiutllMbnn Owww. IVcH York. Smutty. Iw^uM II, Mil). MAILS FOR THE PACIFIC. The L'i| ailure uf Three Splendid Steamships. 1 L? (ti&mslilpt Knpire City,Captain Wilton, Georgia, Cuptttin l'orter. and Cherokee, Captain Wioillt, will lute (hi* port at three o'clock on Tu?d.!*y .?ft- moon, lor Chagrin. with pus?eng?and the uwiLn tor California and Other parts of the P iclflc. The mail* will | lone at tiro o'clock The tl i i/// H-,,11 will be pub li?bed ht ten o'clock on Tu<' aioiiiSu^ Ajfi> nt,.i ai.ipli 'l with at f quantity. MORE EUROPEAN NEWS. A&EIVAL OF THK ftTEAMSHIP PACIFIC, OFF HALIFAX. FOUR DAYS LATER. I ke American m.ill t>teuniilii)> Pacific, Captain Fjcra Nye, passed Halifax, N. S , at suusrt on Fri- | ?lij the 9th inMant, en mute for New York. She I* ft Liverpool on Wednesday nlternoun, the lilst ult , Mt iwo o'clock, anil was therefore nine dayu and five houni in cros-ting th? Atlantic She will !* due at this |>ort this evcnine. ?wing to an in teiruption hi the telegraph ime*, between A-nrierst and Truro,we are without any further information. Ilittlllgeiirr ("loin \V.?tlil,if{ton. Nothing ofimportance wmdone in either house cf Congrets yesterday. The House was ensiia^d 1 all day with the Civil and I'iplountic bill, and the Senate with the California bill. It is probable a I \ote will be taken on the latter to-nvirrow or next | day. It i? to be hoped that no impediment will t>? thrown in its way, but th u members will ioeet the qaetlion as soon ;:e possible. We are anxious to kuow the nature of the report ' , t>f the Southern Caucu* Commute" oa the Cali- | fui ma (juefction. It will be submitted to the caucus | 1 to-morrow evening, as we are informed by our pri- I , vate corr<'?|>ondent. We hirdly think thit it will tbtt 1 frreniuch with the bill now before the Senate, ! 1 no matter what it? character may be. The Canadian Parliament, it will be ?een, has ! U(n prorogued. The Con<111 Ion mirt Proipceta of the Kngllih Colonic* In America. Notwithftandinir the cessation of all outward ex- I eitions uri>nir the people of the Cinad is, to procure n serration of those colonies from the government of Great Britain, and their incorporation with these 1'nittd State*, a change id working in the niinds of the penplr of those countries, an well as in other British American colonies, which promi- , pet, before mai.y year*, to rentier all of them entirely independent of England, without any pcratttiion or encouragement on our part, or we inijht add, | without our desire to see them State* of this great confederacy. It must not he supposed that because the annexation movement hns apparently fallen to the grwund, that there is a<>: a large proportion of the Canndiun people in favor of a sepiration from firrat Britain, or that the project h ta l?-en abandoned So far as we understand thesentimentsoftheCa- ; xdMns, we are (alibied that all Canadian mhjecta t pf intelligence and talluence, pirticnlarly the m?r- f caiitile clasM-s, look forward with pleasure to the ? tlay when Canada will either l?e an inde(ieudent I F an ion or a j>art of the I'nited States. Th if feeling of discontent under their prcaen* mle, in-! I dcsiie for a change, have l>eco produced by a very simple Hntt natural cause a greater intercourse between the two countries. The two people are beginning to understand and know more of each other than they ever did, and the loyal Britain, notwithstanding his innate reverence for queens, lord* | and commons, and his ina'iujtiv dislike to reptib- I licaniani, muat see in the l'oited States a great ' ( many ilnnC"? to a.liuir*, ua<l citnnot but m/li a? th>* contract whit-h th**c buay, bua'.luiK ISla'ri fgrniih to km own, q?t<t, ailrut, and mam- 1 niatr rountry. Tlir grrntrr tlir intercour * l<ri w?*n tb* two tlir more r.i|>tdly will iIk klnghah enn ?fl th< ir i rrjn licro ; and by th* tint* th-re * coninmaicaiiuB, by lirj.l an<l water, from Kt-w V.irk to llalifix ami Nova >t. i, tkef will ' become aa good republic . ? * are ourarlvra Mattrra are ra|M<ily taking tKia chinn*l. Th- an- ! ihrntira ami i*itu> na ?>f HutlVo urr at pr*#*nt on fee uio?t friendly lerina with th* auth'>nti*a mid citiz'Mof Toronto, the r4p1t.1l of L',?p*r Can idi, aa wr!l aa with Ike t>ov*rnor hiiu*rlf. They are entertaining ta*h oth?r in great atyle, eit*n linjf aril nf< "|'*uijr mutations to ?iwt the* t*o citi*?, and ke of each other'* wel???nie and h<??piulity. I? i? vrry rvMrnt :fcal th* trndmcy of m -h int.-rnkanyea of frie ml?hip, will l?a.e ihr (ffret i)( \ ai> h'-ruing th* Canadii-ra?of miking th*m anxiom W> 1'* on mote fnendly :?ir.?, to be p?rtin|Nlfr*i* llf fit?t|*i?r of tli*ir more fortxnat* ighbora. The inhabitauta of Nrw Ikuniwick ar* going in tin Mm* dinrtion, although by a rtifl?-r-ot pith Thry now want unlimited coiitrol of th -ir allaira, reciprocity in trade wtth ih* l'ait*4 M?tra, or the |?wef c.f negotiating commercial tr*;iti*? with thia fepobMc ; tlo y w.#ot v?>te by ballot, xad on elective leg i*lait?* coaaefl { I key e<n retrrack- j Mrut in the public r*|irn?iilurr ; m a word, the N? w tirun*wi< k Colonul A?MM iation, which, w* pfrtt'lr.e, f|vak the eentinieiiM of ike people of that, w iiit th*ir matitiiiiona to roiiforin, aa Bitick aa |<**l'lf, to tlioe? of the I'nited Mtntea, ' i ... ?.-L - 41 . ......hi.<- ... .11 I.,,. |I.? ?..m Tfc'fe i? f>?t ?*>r ?<*P frr>m to nntifxatinn, anl ibt.i would be ?<>on tak' u, if ili?- (iret Wfff icrm?f i*hri) We Ikttk thm i# * ?-"rr< . ! Tirw in t? - uf ?hr pr^e>t c?'ii<Jiti<n and ,'t* of ilie duaira in America. If, ? i?|>f?i>?Wr, they will l>- , t-UirrriPg f??r annexation in a frw ?e*r?,the ItM i? whether it Will I-? ju > eioua la iflcvrt t.?i?ikai wiik ihi? republic. Aj>ari from th? o,v??ti?>n with w hirh f?cli a |fo|" ti<?n w<> ild ceruinljr tmhtfil If ihr I 'vi'l' ? i in*' J*??iihe'n wr w hether il would I e w to adinit tlieai i all. i>r, at I*mi, lw I <?re ih-v fhonld, l?y a pr<?b?ii? a <>f a uumtrr r>r yrare, Iiayi< j rotrd ih?ir ct|>a* ?n> for^lf govrtn .Koi It w<>ul.t be quite ? well, U> allow then to be Hraiinrt ntti?>n? 11/ f>ur?uing rh< counw Which tlir 1'nitrd Stale* hire t.<iu|iU d, and follon ing o;ir ex tuple at cloaely a* | pnaatbje, they w.nll aerate portion at le?at of il?? fita which H"W ft-nw 0'ir toMi'nliMa, and *Hi< h ?ia?e marf? the proPl? ?f t? l'?ii<*d Sun* 1 r tt? n>?.?l itfUifiil aid nwt , ?-.i.| at n the , ,| ww I./ / # - ... Tur. Tradk-> Movements ? The Si.indbm acal.NHT "I IIk Ili.KAf.n.?UjT retVreOOP t?> allot her column, it w'ul be set-a tint ih>- Primer'* t una would not permit our r?*|>ort?;r to l>i< ("fe-trnt ?' tue.r meetingon !S?tuiilny ni:;lit. Tii )' haw so u i l - iHt- | cd rij;lil to hold tlx ir meeting in |>nvit if ihy w i?h, though it never l""kt> * .1 i>i this ri';?uiilicdu country, wli o| ion unfettcrd, rind spftfch isfr?e, to hold ?: ir " moer meetings, nfier the j tathicn ct the moit irchi^al cotintriea of Euro,*. j llowrvrr, thj' i? n ii itler of tsste, and focidlimn ir./.y h;.vc luil.? hand in introducing it, e^peci^lly | d the ureal ?f<iu rt the sect, mi this cry, Horace ! (ii? ?)y, in the 1'ft Bident of the I'rinitr's Union. i 'J'li " "II i '-hi; but there is one thiii</which is not ri hi, and th? t isto c' ml> r the llmld. Mr. Crate j r'.itrd v. hat lie It.\ ?* Uno very well was ' in t tin' fact, 11 a i?, ti- J?t i! (.I is (lit- eneiuy I ol tin l au. e ol Idbin', i.iil i-< opposed to labor ninve- j wmts. This it u . t joke, when, in ill i>ro!?Hbility, every print-'.' 111 the room knew that the He mill is the oniy p.ijxr ia Uie city, with one exception, iliHt puy? the higheut price* to the co:npositors. Prior to the agitation of these libor moveminiH, Mr. Bennett advocated remunerative prices for li>bor; and when the movement commenced, he set an example to the proprietors ol every p;tper in New York, and to tin* houses in other departments of trade, by I'uluntuftljf r.ii.-iug his prices to the highest point. This is a strunjje mode of showing hostility to the cause of labor, j A tain, the ILruhl ilo^s what no other puper in the ciiy does. It publishes full reports oi the proceed- : in^s or tne ?iii'i Hi'' truths wn>> "strike for higher prices, and by its immense circulation, snreads the sentiments of these ni-n o\?r the community, time materially ai'ling tlitin in their struggle. For example, the ILiald ii the *nlyi>t|>ci that publishes anythinu like reports of the congress ot trades. The reports ill the 'J) tOtine being a mere botch potch, half report and j half continent, nnd generally about hall the length ot tbo-e in the Herald. Again, let any one compare the rssorts of the 1 tailors' meetings in the Herald with those of any ; otuer |>?i>er, ami lie will see whick is the heat friend of the trades. Take one instance. On f*at- 1 urd .y, the I5d instant, a great meeting of tae tailors | ?.! > lit Id in the l'ark, l'lie only paper that eon- I tamed a word of the proceedings, next day, was , the Sunday JhrulJ, which hid ail outline of j li..If a column, which was appropriated, on Mm- , day, without acKnowledgmeat, by the morning pi- < pepirs while the Herald of the same day,contained a lull re|Kirt of the proceedings, extending to i three columns. Winch paper, on that occasion I best served the cause of labor 1 Some expres siens, attributed to speakers, have been denied; but the nioit initeiial of these has been sworn to by two disinterested witnesses, and others were ready to swear tj the sine fact, nuui> ly, that Mr. W. V. 15 ur did say the " capitalists were backed up by JKK) thitrin% policemen." It would l>e lar better, therefore, for gentlemen to speak more coolly at those meetings, than to find fault afterwards when they timl themselves faithfully reported, and the expressions appear too strong to the public, or to their *wn calm judgment. If the Herald occasionally diti'ers with some of the sj<eakcrs at th.'fe meetings, as to the nv>de of managing the strikes, surely the editor nas a right to express his opinion. If he deprecates the insidious engrafting of socialism uj>on these movements, he has an equal right to give utterance to liuf K#n(ini^nr U'lfhmif h?iiiflr ' -?"s uu ...hiij ?f the cause ??i" labor. We lind that this Mr. Crate is the secretary of the Congress of Trade*, snd on two or three occi(i< us hr wits <: .|lH to account for neglect of duyr, which was all reported in the Htruhl. Whether this may have sharpened his ire IhM ui^ht, we cannot say. lint one thing is pretty clear, and that is, Ihut the Tritium at>d its spoofs have poisoned the t minds of many of the tradesmen against the Hrmbl ; hut the vast majority of them are loo sa- 1 gaciotit, and have too much sensr, to place any reliance upon the statements of the organ of Fourier- , tsm and its rli<:ue. It is absurdon the very face of it, to say that the Hrratd could have any saltish object to serve in op|a>?ing the cmw of labor. It is (jutte m.iiiiftst that its interest i* just the very reverse. ern.?t* or Ai?>i.itiom*m m i'mk slave Sr.trav ! ? We have frs?juently read in the Southern newspapers, und Relieve it to he a fict, th it thf hard- | ships inflict'd on slaves arise, not from a disposition on li e patt cf th^ir owners to inflict puni-hnc nt on them, but as a matter of precaution, to j i irotrct their property from being enticed away by | Vorthern abolitionists. Thus it sometimes h ipp-ns hat negroes who hud been tampered with by those ( aunties, ure sometimes sent to a more Southern | ?iate, wheie the chance of escape is not so great j is it is < n the States bordering on free territory. ' Families mr.y, consequently, !ometim?s be sepiraled, nevrr perhaps to meet again. These occur- \ or.css, which all tnmt deplore, are ?eix?d upon h/ ihe abolitionist*, grossly ex .gsreratej, and issued forth to the world in (laming capitals, as a part ol the system of slavery, when, in fuel, they arise alwi'ft aitog# Hit from the interference or "higher law" fanatic*, in what ought not to concern lh?m Any prrwui who ac?'ii*r* thr prople of the Southrrn State* of being l< < ? Ir.iin.iQ than their fellowi itiifDo of thr North, ?howa * d -plonhle uaorone* of whom he *peak* of, anJ aaya whtt it untrue. Any one acquainted with th* working* r>f the institution of idavery in the Southern State*, known very w? II that it very rar-ly indee.l hipi>en? hat a family ia *e|Mrated, un<l it i* only done nhcn thr alavr hs* leer guilty of wronf, *ufli?ien' to juMify the harah rneaaure. Aaa gener?| hir?. thr ?Uvr* m ihr South arc a h iivy and w.-ll rontented cIhm of people. nmrh nvirr *o thin he frre colored men *1 th'* free State*, who, ia he mnl*t of iheir ranting ?yt:ij?ithi/-r?, and with wry optortunity to obtain ali that i? n-edful for lirir rilnfort, .ire anioi'K the |?><i(eat and moat irpravrd of thr community. The abolition f inatirs care little, however. f>r he rm?? rv which matl their inline Mpit ition on he *lave? in .thr Southern State*. They are At.lilrd lo one hie-., !>>--* ? hut on- l!e?, ?ad (note them*elve? to thr f irtheranc" of hut our dra, without looking forward or backward, or Ktinir what thr enftprq? -?cr may he to thr mi. ruinate victim* of their ah-tract sympathy ( I\m i; ?Thrrr u a Canal fne*tifii,tiii? Committee mow in *e??iot> at l< ifTolo, 1 i muied for thr purser i f making full and thing u.'juity into c?rt.m fiauW* which arr Urged to ha?r hrep i < Minu ted in the man ??rikm of tlie canal affair- of thia Stat*. We do not j v that llii?e fraud* h?vr actually hern con ml it, 01 that th' rr wnf any n*ce?.?itjr for appoin'iag , n mvvMigktinf ran mltw; hut w Ho p*jr, that in , ! .'t'? ui.i fr?in)? liivr l*fn J r. < I!? ? H. t.y whirh nnprin<"i[>l??l men im' Mini* (t moiit-y. Sun- ?>me mncf we pnh >l? I'.-nii't Jh?.r t . n Jimlilf tr<n*?cm n?. *hi.-h itrtiilrd ? mo?t tUgrint dereliction ??f hity on thr put of prrtMin* in ufllir, who were . (. (i <1 . ve re, <,,!( h n ... ? |,jr *h,f h 'ft 'I!. ? wfi' l, i K, H?.| :h? SI.-.. plundTnl inoirt iiiii>? r? ifulljr Th rt m?v K?- no < <* ' i*ion for HQ n>r-t ,-h n n et ?iini", hut a- Hie ci'inrnitte# l??%e liffli #; , <>Ilili il. ?nd i'V ill ?f>,|nn, the to* |inry Hi"y ? well he ?>-?rchnig Th? com-m'tee w r ii ti. ili. pnrii? w hi ?? i?i ><l*tn>o i* r<Min?rte<1 wiili ih* movement, to adopt tin* courn*. l.*T? i ri'm I'oiit it l*mx< r ? We learn m i ' 1,,-itun H'<., <1. of the ?? ho n-tMiry Kln?.iii. iititiil y??' M-iy from l'ort an Prinze, ?hn h | li.< r f lir l-f> on the IWh of July, tint rtihrr of the i iotrrntfnf that plane km f iMicly hot on the Hay f-efore (upturn Wood left, for t.iriiig " ?-|*nly *j*jhrn the proeee liny* ?f he IVwdeiit " I r.... v r ? I Ii.unr*f ) it k?a l ?*en atiafactoriljr ?< ?rtain?d < bit Ihf i.Wf rl?rli i f onr t?( thf railr?a<t* in th it ' ?gi< 11 ? ||. f iii 'er for ton* r r iblr M 1 h' r< wpxnr * h.< ni'f lojrd kifn j arr 1 *?ily 'rk'4 i rm>Maonktism as a Moiivk Powir..?15f en r.riicte, which we copy into this lUy's piper, it h| | arb hut I)r. Page, one of the examiners in ilitPatent Office i.' Washington, has suc<v?ded Vy ju i ary of his predecessors in his xperunents in <>V tsihiiiii power for inachintry in eleciro-ni.ur Dr. I'jgf* constructed i^oni* midlines of d liiiniatuie size and character in 1-^7, Ht fvilem, chufctlts, Mhere h?* resided at tli>; time, aui h*u continued his experinieutj at \V,.-h nfj-u fo; Hume trn yenrs since lie ha* been it tS^* Pv.i'nt O.lioe. He, lu't year, succeeded in obuiniojf su.Ucii'.it power ti) more a printing preKS by eleciro-m ?i?ir'inn, ami Iiih iiuchined were t \amiaeii by n committee of Congress, in cons* quince of which :m ii|>l>ro|>i iuioa of twenty tho-j^mi dollars w mile by Congress, on motion of Col I'.cnton, to enahl" Dr. l'uge to continue hid e.\j?;iiu jau i>:i ..1 e xtended mile. ? We may hero remark that the tir^i elcctro-m 1 n> tic machine ever made wr.??s.j,truc:ed by I'rofestor Henry, now of the Smiths-' mi i'a In >'it i thi n of Albany, in 1831, which t'i>* IVof-i-sor describes in Silliman's Journal, vol. lii, p i*'- AW;? ^oi linH'ii importance, rrot'.-.-or nniry remarks, " is attached to th** invention ; uIiIm i/!i in the progress of discovery and iuv uti in, it is po.s.-ihle the t-aine principle may hereatier i> applied to some useful purpo."\" After which ? *ver il in ichioes wtre tnade in Euroj>e, all \-ry smi ill, and oiily considered as ustelestj curiosities. ^onu- tn ichinery, moved by th? power on a am ill scale, was introduced in this city, in HJ7, by luvenport, a Veriiionter, and was lully noti vd in the llauhl, a 8 jiiciny of our r -td rs may recollect. Experiments were continued t>>r two or three years, by various persons in this country and ri Europe, hut the most important re^ub that grt woutofthese ?,\|>erinients was the discovery of Morse's telegraph. As a motive power, electro-in ignetisin hfts long ceused lo attract tut* attention nt the pu'nie, l ut it again promises lo become iiu|K>r:aat. Tiif. lit hiucane at Ti rks Isi.a\l>.?We learn fioin Captain Cuilds, of tlie brig J<id*on, fr >ui St. Martins, which arrived at this port yesterday, that the hurricane at Turks Mand did coiiidera:>Ie damage. it coniiueuceil on Ttmrsday, July )!, with the barometer at '?<, and filling. At ?n>o.i the wind died out suddenly, and at I P. M came out from the .S. W , nud hi - * a h'lrricaoe, >v n;h continued until (> 1'. M., when it veered around to the southward, and continued mi during th- night. The liritifch ship Isabella, of Liverprx i, cat liei masts awiiy in the outer huitior of i>t. Johns, A itigua. Several vessels in the inner h?rhor were blown on shore. The plantations suite red considerably. The vnnts attache i to their mills were hlown away. and some houses blow j down. On lh<i 1.1th of July, when ori the inouth ol the harbor of St. Martin*, Cupt. Childs haw a large vessel wuh her matte gone. It was blowing heavily at the tiui", and he could uot communicate with her. In the outer part of the harbor, he saw three vessels ashore on the beach, with their masts gon<*, namely, the hark Franklin of t'oitland. Cook, in later, und the liritixh brigs Victoria and Kuchautress, of New Iimnswick. FkOM XbI VITaS ? llBATII of UfcNKRAI. Tayi.or. ? t'n the melancholy news retching Neuvius, of the death of President Taylor, the American residents and shipmaster!! held a meeting at the residence of 11. (iibbs, Ekj., who was called to the ch iir, and John Katon, E?q., ZeliM-iyhew, Knq., and M l!ow, liiq , were selected as a coniniittee, by the chair, to draft suitable recoluli< ni>, w ho presented the fbllowiag, which were Trail to the meeting, and cordially adopted; ? Jleaolvrd That w* condole with our follow citiirna Id getirral, for the great and irrepanble lor* that tba imtiou ban lifTt-ri'tl by the de itb ot the Hero the Citorral tho llona->t M?d? Zarhary Taylor; and * mourn bin departure from tbla world ar a public calamity, dcctcrd by a divine l'roridene* In hi* laftaita (MM. ' I;en ir^d That ?<> rla?? ot Ainarican citiien* ran a|)iieclot? more highly the inertlwahle blearing radiating from our gUriou* free inttitulioua. than too?e ?bo are llT.Dg In foreign eouatrlaa, aud wa l--?l peculiarly m< ?i d to rejdcw when our country rejoice*, and to mourn when ?ti? bin cium to mnuru KecoUea. Tbat the Awarioaui to Nuefitaa and ri- . riuitv are reiur.te<1 to wear a baly* of ui 'urotn* tor tbirt) >lay?. a* iin?rk ol reepect to the llluatriou* d?ctatoJ (Pigm d) KICIIAKU 'ilBUS V 8. \ C Chairman vaty iiriiiKrntc. Ftiiiikc Acantsi o>tm 11 Km. Kimntu ? A* tba l??t down train M t!?? llud-O'i l(i>?r rallioad ??? approaching Yonkera, oo Knday m^bt. c< aung f'unJ tbe lurrf. th? eiwluear eaw th> red light (the to atop) at the bridge II* ?uJ?iTor?(1 to rererte tbr engine, but wa? unable t? d'> eo In time To *ti? bli lite be b ap" 1 fr 'iu lb* etuioe when quite rlo?e to tbr btldge anil the llretuan followed hia example Moth escaped uuhurt In a moment the a af ;i,? and l-agiraKr f?r were precipitated into tbo oivak. and thecal' were alljamnied together und nio<t of the connecting linka htokeu The paa-ienger- who were fur the moat part aalerp. weta unhurt. but being ita-tUJ from their aleep.thej were rattier augry Ta. y |a-?ed the lollcwlng naolutlnna la tbe Youkera !! >t?l at midnight. Mr lllram T ("lark In the chair, and Htun C ii ltobiua?n and IM'ta .lohnaon ( New tcik Mcretariee ? K. aolied. That la our c|tel?> the accident whieh baa ju?t occurred, la tbe raault of groat ntlantanage. n.etit and ctglee; ou lha part of the Ilii Won liner Uallnal <"< o panjr Tbe train w?< behind time upward* of half au hour . tba red light Indicating danger bad t?eu op ab< ut 30 minutea Mtertk(l?M no ^Efficient precaitlona were takm to have tba approarblna train notified before It reached the cur?.\ which presented the aignal being ?een by tba JenJ gineer llrtolved. That in ?lew ol tba tact that upon a former oeeaalun an accident occurred at thi -in? draw brli'jre tbr MgUgMM < ' which W" rom;>l?m. and which baa aubji cted our ll??a to auch Imuii.icnt p?ril, |p ir.nat minnrdfiaalilH The <lr*? I ri<lg* o?*r tb# rr#*k hid b*#n withdrawn lor ih* purpoa# of NiBr aloupa up to th* mahi gany mill* although th* train waa b-Mnd tun* It la n< xt to uiirarulou* '' ??' r'iu* one of tin- 2<l> pa??ngi-rr * a- out klllrd. and It wa?. only by tb* aeoid*ut of Itttaggag#rar atnklug again-t th# aprinklrr. ml thn* piodurlt g a iih!. that tb# wh >u train ?>< not pr?rlpitat*d irt# the watvr auj la thu r?.?n#arly *11 would bare h?n loat H. hon \ ? Thia charming villa;* In making rapid tildta toward* bring I" ( olat?d by a r< ?p#*t*bl? rl<? nf Nrw \ oik oltlima who a##k a r. fug- t' r Irom th# kt> rpow? ring b#at and 4u?t ant 4n 'lotbatn a< Kill a* firm taxation and th* *n rn*taut rauta i harg>- I of lata by th* Iandl<>rda Th* tujibm wUo riatt llotrkrn daily, arc oa tb* lorr#a-r Tilt f'm llotrirai ? Th# naoibrr of pi(i*nt( at pngrnt. Ii Mat** <f thi? *atabit>hai*nt. I* ah >nt S."4. mora t Ian half ol whom ar* titiahl* t p*y [or m* Ileal lr*at?*nt TV* nimihrr ol p*tl#nta ?r. .1,4 durlnf th* a?t y> ar ? a? 113 of whom nly Ml <ii# I wblrh e n?l1*1 log tha nalnr# or th* rata* *#nt in thl? *sr#ll*al imitation. ahowa a rarr tmall mortality Inuad Tha lio*piial la bring mlargrd and -nudry rbang** and icproitBrliti ar* bring mada In It Fia?.?Taalardat nn?r?lng at una oalaek. a Sra wa* M?e< ?aj?d on tb* rotif ot hou?* Xo ITS K. atr#-t ad waa r xtiny ui?b> d with trifling dam .g* Fit* rim Uanriit*? A flr* hmk* ont on Friday night at tan o'elock In thr t'tabrr ld^ry Mora of L?wm *?w?t#d. No 30K)? Urand atn-at *an*#d by th* tailing <1 a ramphiu* lamp Tbr contanta of th* ?t< ra wrra l?<troj?d >'i*t in a T.rnaaa Taan A lira oc-ar-ad an Friday night la a lumbar ah*d atlarh*d 'n llarm * Ka??n? rUnof.Tla manufactory. Nn K'J C-wtr* tlrtit rau**?l from Bra In a barr*l rantalaiag aah#* It ?aa *itinI>pMi? J with trifling damag* Aitixri to 0"W?iit Pining 1* tai Tn??. A man Sy tb* Dan* of Jam** Taylor, ronftnrd Ir h# Tomba n a rharg# of obtaining nionry by fal- pr*t*n<-#a Pltm a< # paaaangara wh"m h* had at p* 1 In th* brig Orlantai for 1'allfornia att#mp?#d t'*t*rd%y to :ak# bla III* by au?p*ading hlma#lf by th > 1 *rk with a >llk handkarrblaf to tb* and of hi? hr: \ in th* r*" atlrh b* had plar-J apf^n on* and W h*i. <UwNi*#ied by fha k**p#r bia far# waa blark and hit r ovrry aaa *it'*mrly d< nbtfnl hut thrnu': 1 Ih liai .adial* nd ikiifnl treatment appiird by Or "or*l th orlai n t-hyilcian Taylor waa rratorad t" Jf* aad r?a?on man a abort tlma alnra wa? ?ai id*r>-d to prl?. n by Ma f?ll and not btlng al>la to ( rur* oth-r bail ;o libarat* him from th* prlaon nil. baa It I* iup p>o??d. lad him to aoamit th* ra?b tt of attaiaptlng lila own lit* AxiiiaraLir l?aowar? ? Mr J r A Flam>n*r a r*al ratal* brokir. raiding In W > ?ratr**i in thl? Itr waa arrld*nt4lly drown*d j> ntay aflaraoon. it Aoutb Am boy, I,o*r <???aan??p -On Thursday n' . it t*i o alork. [>rnla Mnlloy. a a*aman f*H orrrb I in a w |t|all torn th* **hnon*r Town??n l Pratt. 11. ?1J* th* aunth ?r*t bnoy. inaid* of Handy Hook Ar* 1 pot A man nam*d ll*nry T>, r < !! y*?t*rla a mrtt.lntf from lh? Mmtlil at iff f I. V 4.1 Pn'f,.n tirrt frartariaa hi* knil u4 >r?#mu<tr njutlr-f bin II fc?T?j?d |o I hr1 . Una pita' N?T?nrnll of Otaflitgnlthrtl P<?t>lr Hon l> M Pfwart l? N Walkar Rirhm." I; ?r>? 1 < II Pinion. Ca pt V O W i n f \T ? irklan I srw nrlranr .1 |io?n<n M S > ott rior I r?nrl? A War* *!?? . ?n1 thirty fur o-h r. sr I?i it jrrtrrdaj and look room* at ik* Clinton I?, -1 .lu?l*?Wajn# Ua . Prof L f B I*nn hk* . i|r M R Cart if 91 I.oalr; J II MrMali Hat ?? ant nr htmdrail and ?l?htT latan otk?ra irrltil ;?itn lay at UalrTlnit l|on?? C C Ui . J fh??klh Ky ,(li' Brown harUrton ?? Burr. I' B A : f. i?hlld W??Mnft.>n. tad fotu a'h<r< aritT.vlyr.t/r lai ' IIk An >ti?.'i R rii'n I f N 1 llndaon tla T llatl-rKtn.I' . I. < llop?on lalpaiafwv tlanrral (' 1 A aad nlnMj (l?? ?h?ra arrlnd al th^ A?t?r J K Barton, Maannah B Cat> AUh.aia i| r. rhomaa Cm . W Wa?hlarn K?w i>r|i-ana an I trta an athara arrtat-4 lar at tha franklin J II Foalk??*? haa arrlaai at A?vUrl?ana, rfitr kla laa| aad myxtriom tMI tv U*lan a * Polite Intelligence. i m < iii*. r or l onriiin rsnuiati tutiniT aNim NILS' 1 UK I tWIIK. lirforc Juftiou Mouatfort. On Tuesday U#t, the cue ol eouitpiracy to oltaia luouey irom lleury lltti i us. dow pwnjinj; u-j-tai-t Juo. IV. Ml??. the ?r*> further hiai l k?f re the The enly evidence tik.-n whs th? t?ntimoily Riven liy the two roiouintionerg lit J?..!?, whotie tiK'i - are attached to there > *<) gi?.uto>tr ileiiry lluV(D', on FttUi turnl male by the payxneut ot j>w* The loliouii ? atx tl.c ..Cut. U V> li. 11 llainej noru 1 renijt) ut No. -Uora'i> ttretl; hn|/ ? 1<4 < 111 .mi ut N i. 11 i !?b t r? ?tre.t ?ui a eouiiMUur lit lnw uuJ eoiuuiU-iimer 'if dinxls; ?o , till tbe 17th itugkrl, l'lv, (Crlrfr til JuUu SjUIVaU protiurtro;) 1 tikve -.tin ibi.< paper btWe, iiiis purport* 11> be h |jn t rj| r> I'koe e\-ouud by Joou dullitail ill faTor of Henry llakrtia; 1 witiie. -J tin; kigo*turn if .Mr. buUitaui tbo cortitleat?> of arkuowl. UDUl is ill iny baud*tiling ai.J aifued ty in ; 1 kU"? | J<>lil> Milinati ritli -lefjily to kuo* liiui to b? Hie perhull * bo < lecutcti it; I r id no purlirultr at'.|iiaiijl' n. e with l.iiij; ii.liO. h.ty ll J? lung 1 known Nullivau, had rt i u Liiu about tin- cii) , cauuot nyfor Low long I biiil mcu li hi about tiie city: < oultl uolMy wbeteal.iiit* I tin I (i-en bim: but fe< u him pn.-iu,; lu tbi i tr? 11, ufVer I. .1 any I >M ? i It turn. .1 >u't I think 1 ? # ever to tairn. don't kilo* hn leMUt net; do nut I.Do* !.is I Jiiu re; d not k:i # it tt ' Wits iL'.irilfi or I "It ultl U>?e blui to OH .mJ or 41 j m m ui n. ii? iit 1/ nv II . *? utvuii/ >: i lor au ;ut 1 know, 1 cau&ot n il Dii'ii'l a{u by tli< ?r app?trauct*; he may alto havi* *-n 1 ?or VU> y*rB ? l i <uL I .] not think he tat; h?ve not tutfici'-at r?-j >!! .ion of hioi to kuu.v hi ajg?; 1 think U?- a iutidl>i?? i. t iu iu; think 1)*' w?t* at?m;t6 f**tt !* or 10 iucho h;^h; ?l ?n t know if h?* win or thin: d'? not Kh h if h wa* d*rk or light com pit xion. or ti?t? c?l r of hi* *yw% nor caul da?< lilie !>th ui"B-; Jo u >1 > now li ?w ui iuy Li.U-H 1 litivl m j-d him about the citj. I <li<l n??t know hluu iuiIIj rientlv totuk' Hu HckiiowifU^t-mttat of * dewd without id?uti(i?ui i??n: I tin iK the ufkno*lt*<l^?m<mt w*a t a, k? a at my-vttland i??re no rut'oll** *tiou that nay !# !>? n ** ? with him; hue* u > r?* ol!.M?t',on ot ill* 144 f. Lj h i tl<i- tukii 'Wicd^uicnt; m> usual lew w?i ^ > cent*; <lo not. Know if I have seen him r* in ( hive no rcoolli'fltiuu of the man tkilhvan further tha 1 ?h it hi* ?>uut?nance -o'.-nivd tarn.'it; t> me u,<t I ku?w I.iin a? the miu > ho clh'utl tlia re I 'a?n: I thin'; I khouM reeo^uiio bimil 1 m t hiro, ? numl .r of yr. col# arc jo 1 In* of \ mitiug my olflmi lor similar pui|*'Mi; I have no particular po?orcf recoil.'.Nin^ peopl* t>y th? lr f*je or appearand**; i have not *p ?l n to Mr Nile? tor a long time; do not know it riuilivan wi? e? nt bj him; do not knew it the release came fe m > ileMa(*tflc? or w h* ivi' came from; d > not know :f I ?h >u <1 r member it in *a?*'dolhiMU had com# alont? with somebody 1 klew; I do not know auyh ?Uy in Mr. .Nil'**' t Hu e; I m*ver spoke to Miles in r* latiou to this iuUru* i n-ut ? r Mtl' t ct matter; C cannot recollect whether liit * tiiikluie .lohn Sullivan ' was luoje ar. my old ;e, or?o?lherit hAtl !> n rnnJf before he earn* ; it was either acknowledged < r m?mi? I in my presence, I ?*aa*t rememb* r which, do n >t know Sullivan n handwriting but from thin in ?f rument; cannot nay whether ttii person a ho nifidu the acknowledgment Sullivan or not; did not know hi* imrue till he tool me; , don't remember whether b? tol?l m* his name Sullivan, he acknowledged it to be bin signature. 1 *ok?d htm it it was his signature; it is my invariable I cuil'UI xrL U IV. 1 U" I r C VII?>: 111 > U UQ ll|f object except what I derive from thej e.tidcatr. aud n.? tolait pticllct; I never did m.y Ouaiuen lor Kiiaa, Cornelius lJ? g?rl. sworn -RolJt :it 126 Bluecker street; myoSlee If at 192 llrondway; am a c?mni<aioner ol deed?; my office i* in thr rami: building with tb&td Mr, <1 W Nile* (Rrlmarked A, and atttdaut ?t the back el it, produced ) 1 have ?e.!n the paper btlvlf; It *n< shown to me yesterday, by Juatioe kli'UDttort; the altldivit ou the bark ol thv re'i -aae km

been sworn to btlore me my signature is attached to the jurat; I do in>t know I. lien r riullivau. the person by ?li< in tin- affidavit purports to havi! bt-eu made; I tbiuk a |i u.ale, attended by a young lad. cam* iuto my i It ?ii the lad Irom Nilfi office. 1 think; I hiol iiot sean tliu female b?'far?, the lad called my att< ul iod to 11 paper. and requested me to take the woman's al' Uvit; the female may ban been attended by some perron from Nlies' (I 111 re i1 l)o you know the handwriting ol the b >dy of that affidavit f A.- it look* to rar Ilka Nilea' handwriting; I believe It to be bi- hf jurat appear* to b? in the same handwriting. ao not recollect having ?e?n the release and ei rtifii-atr Inside the paper, until it n< thowu to lu* erday. the filling up in the bitnksln th? general i release 1 oka to me like Nllaa handwriting; ha?e frw- i <4u? i tly urn Mies writ-; I may be deceived in hi? 1 ut.uailtllig. but should esteem myself a judge of It; the signature. " KMilT. Kulllfan,'1 to the affidavit. ' ws? not mad* in my pnaerce; the paper wan handed ' to me by tb' |ruwh"came with the tonal, and the signature a?* tl;> u affixed to the affidavit, do out ktii'X a ho pnttl tne the fee; 1 administered au *ath to tbi per i n < ho ? as represented to ma a* Kllea T Builivan; ibitk th ?man waa rathar mall, about B?? feet; she Las Mark bair, retiring manuers dark com pbxion. do i.otkmw it I should reeogulte h?r; shs w?s pialrly diessed, da not recollect any partirl" of h< ( dreae; eli** aas^iut lat. but a well proportioned wob:>u. Ibe ?< m?n appeared to be strange; the young Ban usbsred her toward* me and abe se.rned speclaliy retiring. ahu appeared to me to be a woman In humid* 111' , I do i.ot think aha apoke; I tendered ber the liook. and ?ke plac* d her band upon It; do not r?col|eet whether she seemed familiar in (nakiug affidavit". do bot think I have seen her belore or eince that: judgid her a pi raon about twenty yearn old [ a-k?d her no question* (Mr* William* waa here tent f< r and confronted with the witneaa ) y ? Look at the lady Kllen T William* now preleut. a lid state il the In the one who awore to ths a.'fl davit A ? (After having carciully viewed h>r). I do ant tliibk that la lier. Mi< Vi iUimn> ? beraqueatiuncd by Mr CUrk* n* to abatlier ahe had to an affidavit baf?>ra wltn?n< and distinctly stated ahe had Dot W untaa?I nevir aaw the lady now preaant bef.ira j ' the I.m no point* ol tei-cm Waare with thr peraoo I raIrr to ; abe U taller and atoutar than tba one a bo wide tLt affidavit thi? lady la lalrrr In rtmplrilog ; I Iml ratlaf.rd the la not lb* peraou ; my ofllca 1* on the floor balow that of Mr. NUc? . t lie re la and i? no other c<iurai?-lon? r In tha building ; I avid to do ?.me ol Mr N ilea a bu*ln?aa . tba bu<lt?u eoail>te<l nor? In affidavit* than acknowledgment! ; I aiu alaaya apecially careful to a-rvrtnlu the identity or a j ru n before ( take hi- aaknowiadgment to a daed , I kWS)?. In au<h MM, require the pr join of Idaattfloa- I tl? n a* laid down by tba atatute ; on taking affidavIta. 1 do not require to know the per* o> ; I frequently took affidavit* ol Wuoien keat Ir.ui Nil. a a offlje (Paper nhibltad to Mra William*. who teatifled that aba bad not tign?d It.) *'lt?f?->lj (Igailiirr to th# affl iavit l? not In tba ?atne Ink aa that of the lady and tIk. jurat , lb-aigntlure Kll< ul Pulllvtn aeana to be In th" aama Ink with tbat oftha writing lathe body oflha affidavit an 1 tba jmat Ihla ended tha dlreat examination of Mr Bogert Mr l>avld Oraham. eouneel for Nile*, had m-anaiiile entind tba eourt room and proteated agaiuat any l continuation ?f tba aianilmtlloj. It having b en pr?- ! vlcuaiy *grr?d upon that th? bearing wax ta be adjourned Tba*. however. weened not ijulta to ; have understood each other when making tbat agrae. nient, and finally concluded ta take tba direct aiatnination of tha lao eomuilaaionera. reaerving the right for the drleU9* to eroaa alamlne the m on a futura day Mr Clarke then roaa and movad the inaci?trat? to hold Mr Mlaa to hbii on tbta charge Tha ofleaaa vat quite eatabli-h< d and a atrng probability that tbaa^ cutd had coaimitled It He (eoaawl) did ant think that Mlea would ruuiaay aor did ha thlak that hr would not run away- the probabilities vara about qual. bnt If ha did run away ha certainly had a g ><>d motive for doing an being already held to ball on >>aa charge of fallony lu aootker eoart whilat ?evaial alai lar < harga< wera atlll peaalag The peculiar aggravant g cIrr i.airtanaefl o| tba effence aaw aader Invaoltgallon tendered It aery daairabla tbat tka paopla ah' uld be abova all rl?k la thla matter kl r par id i.rahan aa*warad that be would certainly M.limn to Mill to Id ti? Mil II igeU *w tile rr|Viit , ru?t< m la ra**? ol thu kiad but att otb>rwl? Juttlra Mhod'Ii'U Mid ha- did not fa*l lacllo*] to bold Mr. HIU? to bail at Una *tafa of tU pro???d n*?, , an h? ?or*o?*r wa* aow la tb? euMwdj of ?a ofll ,-?r who van r*?pon?lbl* for hi* app?ar?o?* Nilm ?h?u'd bar* lb. h*a*flt of a fair aad < !>** lnr??tl<?ll..o of hi* ra** aod at th* elua* of It h? (th* mafi*tr?t* would know how ) dr I with him Aootb-r lo?* ir|um< at th*a *D'a d (boat lb* pro r".ty *1 allowloi th* drftac* to ?f ?***ral atat*in?ot. and atHdara* of tb* woman William*. wbifh war* takrn !a*t w.*k aad larai tha fouadatloa Mr < lark* toctradrd that It woalj b<- daafarou* tn |?t tWni h??? a *<py of th<M* pap*ra a? It annl'l alf ?rd thrai aa opportunity or taaiparlnjt with tb* wttwaaoa lh? n*lt hrailaf b*ln|t Ml down for th* Iflth of **pt>mb-r n*xt Mr llraliai* *uhmltt*d that hi* all-at had * . Ifhi to kat' ?i lti>l|kt of th??* pap*n and dan >t Ird It.'rot a* a farnr. bat itrleUp at a rt<#t Jii> if* Mount tort r?fuwd th* applloatioa *i j fuiih?r hrarlng la Ihl* mattrr wa* po*t[M>n?i ai.tll tli* l*'h <>f f*pt*iab*r a*mt > Owf I (im in fSoM jf(?? Oa* day laat w**k ?lhr-t? #h?i -n aad VrOnBtll nf th* fifth ward ar a'tad * u.?o n? th* mm* of Jo*?ph Fayall on a rl**ga ot Mrtllai a |p Id watrh aad t*o jold flaj*r rlt f> *aln?d m *11 at ?to tb* pr?p*rty of Ml** Prao tli Holatf raaMIng it II llirriini lUMt llaaaiaa Ibal tha appttad M tha how* for h.?rd about ill Wark* an.r? and 1 ka Ul4l*df. Mr* MrKt; ihotH Mm ro* i* *hii-k ho i|r>*il to Itkt. *114 mid ha would eon.' Ik* Mil da? ThurxWy to b<wr4 Th? l>rit nnn ri ha and In tha back anting m<>n I whlrh la | t.clpaLly orrnplad by all?? Uolnaa ilia prisoner aft?r hla braakfaat a?t down lo raad tha naa? i apar I'kiIii thla tin Mla? llolmaa ha I Orraatna to laarr th H>o?a anil 'a bar abaanra tha rosna piak' I up bar atlth aKIfh aw I;||| im tka tiMa. put l| In hla notk< t ami on bar ratnrn hr naila iom' ht r> marka ?b M andliR hla Innura an I than laft tha h' ?.-a )u ah u mirat or twaaty miiiuta* II. llolmf? ??i (I to look what tiina It au whan aha dla?< ta ra d th ' har watrh wa* 4..Da Iwmadiata ly aha I * 1 lata d thai Kavall *a< tha ro?aa and mora Initial, nt'y wLi ai ha dial n-1 ratnrn bark to th. honaa tr boil I ! a ?f.' '( to pre ml" A aaaali or ?a p*?ad whan rt t r lay in I .1 ?traat Mlaa Holma* mi at tha rary trfi.. *ha m pp 1 Ala pro?ra<? aa1 aakad him about ' l.i wi 'ah ha .> i.l d trr aaa nc har bafaira aad told l<r aha mu-t taiini.lrh* miatakan and at tha tirna 1 par.i i) Im 'tig naar tbam aba wa< ei.apallad to lat i 111 I" i'n Fitjay. h"?at. r aha waa aratail in tha dailliaf h? i?a of a fit. nil whan again aha aaw tha 'am. n an p*a? tha hou*r A gaoilarnan than followed tha r*'fna. at tha ollritatir.n of Mia* ll"lmaa who tra Kail tha a^rn a<j to tha pramlaaa. dt Anthony atrawt. Iii ?l? .?j rh? i d of th* a?w>?? ?a? pall*J la ii r<qat?ltl a aad th* a#ca*?H ?' takaa tat* eii?t'??* ng arth.tif hi* *r*aita?a ?llaat?4 la a null a'Mr f?^ia. la a trilrk?4 l<?ikla? t*a*m*u?. It tMrraraf 4t Aalknl atraat. ?M an ad a traak il aifh ?*ry ralaabla rlnthlag ??o?i-tinj of * hml * ?, a r*ntl?maa'? ** ai -ralac ?n*a iv || 'lit ?nl, <r |.?r tloihii* a ?llk mantllu. a IM of all??f piat< 4 fork* a f?ld |?-a aa4 p*arll p?l*at laathar ah< . ? 14 ?|>*atii*lMi fold llnv?r ring* aad aar r*a/? i ?* >uk ?ia>r?;?a. ?rf?th?r aiib a?a?y i.tUar arti?lt? ill ot whlth ?r* evidently stolen. for #hlch an owner i? wkB'ed. He bat lik? win* $345 if. tc >li anil puptir u.i tity co doubt ih* proceed* of property The ; i>rop*i ty liom line rogu*'1 Wu pUoed la thtf , r.m.Os ot Mr. Mrvtrl, the r! ck of thu Inw-r pollen. ?' tha Tcmbf, to whoiu ail perioni who hav . >? ? ? robbxj of artlelc* Htifuvriut; tb? <J??rripU<>n i? hViih ?l?en, will call An4 tb* property will hi- e ihibltid Juttltr l,ottirr>i emutuilUd the mguo to prUou iu d'fuult ot I 111 Uli b-il The CI" in: S i ! of It' Journeymen Tulort.?Mr. D??Idion. the efficient and K?uileiuanly eli-rlc of p > lice lik' uudtr tLu dlriotiun of Justice HUtlti-y kb< ut elo?fd the fTiJrj-o u^iiu-i the Thirty r . u?. riouxiN jnurutyiufQ vaiiorn. wno "m irt*4 on M B4i| ImI, at a ru?t iu i?? rtjr-4 (tint. Tf? ntj u R* ! ?i i it4 huvt* b??-n t ik>n by Mr. I'liMnon. and twenty-tour of the prUou* nt. out of ih*' thirty-eight. h*v?* b*?*u coannutt'd 1.1 t.ill f?>p trial, in ?i? lauit of *300 ttil Pt?e b tinn wilt po?rdbl jr b* aojudl?*ated upon on Monday One of th*? accufd pnrtMH K'*b?rt llutcbin*ou. a tailor. no t the only I lrit-buan unions tin* tuu?> ?i.hf arre*ttd, w,u ba.l<*J yei?t? r-.Uy. and lit* rated from rurtndy. \J.f Murray ami ,-u n MrCurfy.? A collision took fdace. y#**t*rday. biUven the celebrated Mine M b. iay uiid i'< iKauiuu Mcl'arty ot the t i. < ward. in mbiili affray the jcllctinun received a Mark eye and Mike a cut bead. It that a f??* dayi a< > a w*rlaut uit i .'Ufu tor iv ik?. on a cbirge of n?*aulting m mi* n<mi. and MiK? knowing th*t a warrant wa* i*mj? d tor J ut a | p? art*U b?-t< re J u?tt ' * O?born. and /avo ' iu bail, and a* a pioUclioti a^a>u?t b* iu< arretted on the warra* t. a Jew lined *iTi ?iven by th ini^Utrate or clerk m Itfnir foi i h (Di- fact of bail nation h?un cota* ]??i- ?a with. officer UK'aity. *bo im. had tb? i v arrant tor M ike'r arr? *t. n.t b. itg iware that ba I ha t beeu #i\eu, arretted Mike. y?nterday at'i'-moou on th* vaiitftit A ?1 tii 'uiiy aros?? between th<ui. as Mike j.rou minl against tbe authority ? f tne otticer. U1 >*h ii-n il Idwr>ii theiu- the pcllc-m.! u nu.lmd a violent kucck on th" chok troni tli" bst ol M ike iud in return Mike'* bead wa* badly cut by tbo club of tlio pollcciran. Th? officer ? ?wrtf that Mike struck bint flr-t. mid i.i hi? detenu- be u?ed the club; i HDd Mike declare* tbe policeman struck first mid tha i , the mutter i? at t>"lwt t-a them The c?*e wui paitiy hfmd b"to'* Justice Luthrop, yesterday after' lioi.n but a? Mike olfered to h'i?r. by a wUuee? wb'> could lily be pi. c it. * t ii Monday. aa tie nn then out ! of town i hat Ih'i' l . i r ?ti n -k first. the further li"iriiijr ] ' ntponed until Monday afternoon. at Uur o'clock. Jitf.l <f l',i:inf flu glir -Tito *niill hoy*. mile 1 I>?duih Koy and Joseph Shine. were defeated tilths act oi breaking iota the ilaelliDg b w .No 0 Hubert Mn>t It seem- the family an- out ol lu*n. and the Voui.g rogue* but obtained acc -s totl.erearof the I.' u??. wbtre tbi y were Ion ium an entrance when detec' i d llie police of I be l itili ward arrest-d them ami Justice l.oihrop lock-d th> ui bo'.b up for tiial Jim si o/ .SAi/i ti Two bad-looking fellow*. rillili( tlemnrlTfil John allagher and Jobj Mu.-phy, *i'|i. ?r *-11 I jciterday by ibe Fourth ?ard p illec. on a charge ol breaking into tbe cabin of tha ship Jonutban Goodhue. lying at the foot of Koocevelt street, and stealing therefrom u niod?l ship. together with a | coat and pantaloons. tbe property of the caotaln, . valued In all at aver f io The property waa all recovered. mi l Justice l.othrop committed both tbe ri'sue? to the Tomb? for trial Cnnrt of Gnicrnl Srttlmii. I'tfore tbe K-corder and Aid rtuen Haws an 1 Hall. Am. 8.-?7'iinl for Stealing Il.jnilktrchttfu.?A young man named William 11 A moid was tried oa the charge of st> aling a lot of I8n handkerchiefs, worth f 14i. on tbe ITtb ot July !a?t. The stolen properly belonged to Kobert Noyes. and were tukeu by theprisoner froiu the itcte ot Messrs lloalaud and Aspluaitll TbaMCUMd auioitted that he Hole tbe property, and pawned it la ( rand street but a* it could not be prov> n that more than $"- > woith were stobn at one time the jury return* d a verdict of guilty of pent larceny. He wan teuced to tbe penitentiary for three m uillm' .J /hiiinuir !frrr<M A gill. Darned Klira Murphy, wan neat tiod on a charge ol grand larceny, in mealIrg fill iu bnuk bill*. t'lc property of H'llliam Mehaii Mr* tlehan testified that the 11 vuned. WilOuad lived with her a? a servant. at ilillereut time*, came to her borne and < ngaged to conie again Slle left, and after going away, the money, ai wi II a* a hat and cravat, were missing The accused confessed triat she took tbe hat and cravat, but denied taking the money The bat and cravat and a ?kii t wre f oind in Iter posa-a. sion. and identified nn the property of Mr* Mehan Tbe jury returned a verdict oi guilty of petit larceny, and the court sentenced her to tbe penltrutiary lor thri e uioutbff Hurttmi y tn Mr First f)tgttr.?A man named Okas Pairchildr. wai tried, eba'fred with burglary iu tbe Hrst degrei-. iu breaking into the preuii'e* of Wm W 0?borne, ^Thlirand etroat. on the 11th of July last, and stealing I herefrom ah >nt MO worth of clothing, constating principally of pantaiooni Mr Ofborne renidet in th? same houseioabirh he keep* bis store. The prisoner waa impleadid with a man nauird Adams, who escaped from f he court rinim yesterday Otticer Campbell teiitiflidlhaf at aboat 1 o'clock on tbe night n| the lUh ot July, [probably morning of the lith.j hn waa in Grand street at the corner ot Chryntleatreet. where ha aw the prisoner and Adamf in po?sesaion af a large lit ot clolhing Tbe officers asked the accused what they w< re doii.g with the clothing which they had with t hern They raid tkey w ere ' going to the office with it. I Ur told them they had bi Iter go to the s'.ation huusa and rtcdtr an account of theuiselvea. On reiieivlng this Intimation Kairrblld" made Ogbt. and infliotml eraral serrre wounds wtih a knife on the band* .. .d fsce ol officer fumuel Brown. The pollcem-a Ix'haved galla ntlv. and nfler a violent raelatance an I a Ion; abase, the accused were both taken Into custody, and iu their possession ware found two pair of nippers, (in trnmenta used by burglar* for tnruing kev* la door* nhii h arr< d on the iii'ide ) Tbe property found i n the culprits was identifl'-d by Mr itsbirne as hia. The Recorder. In charging thi jury, passed a high encomium upon tbe conduct of tie ofllcera who wbeo attacked by dangerous weapon*, made a gallant re istance anil perseTernl In thetr effort*, which result- ' ed in bringing the burglars before a court of Justice to answer tor their art* The jury fouad a verdict of guilty and the Court sentenced tbe prisoner to the Mbl* t.riann for *a??ra I'lta ? / girl nam~d Catbarin* O'NIol, plradtd gu'lfy to id mjictmeut rh?r^iaj l.rr villi graud larceny. iu otanllag J> A Iroin man otni'il ilicbard f mn h on the Titi of .1 uly la*t f b? >u mutniriil to the Flilr priron for t*? y?ar? r*> iiti'li a/ S.gkt in Dn?|n ?Tb?r? l> I brliljt ( le<aing turn th?- Court of t'raeiona to tk* flr?t corridor bt tbr ' ity l'ri-on which 1>. or U""l to b?* known aa tbr Hrid|:? of flub* It I* tbe hrldga orrr which arro?'d p??" o? I ? In eotuing frun tb? prlMB to the Court for trial. and aga n t trr condrmnation, eutprit? paaa bark o*tr thl? <uui bulge to Ikair doom nd hence the name gIt. h to It iimr yearo ago by ths r?(".rt?r? Bridge <f t<igh> " Will th- Bridg- of B gh? I* in a wondrrlnlly dilapidated condition and It I* p Hittlrdy dangeroua for ofle? ra or pri?on?r? t j pam o?er It In It* prmrit condition Tbr platform I* ao much deca)ed In mow plorH. that iar<* portion* of It bar* actually tunihWd i u< and bole* latge enough f?rthr*? urn tu I alt through hate barn lett The?e arc temporarily colored up by n?? board*, but it li not aaf# for | poroon* to ti??? over It It l? a p<?ttlT? >h?m> thnt It > la left hi. Tolw a weak from flity to >lily paraona i pax over the bridge. and altlio'ivh the aubjret baa been befora the (Ymnion Council, and ordered to b? don*. It la not y?t dooe (In* ol thru- morninga a half donan iltnha will be broken li b fault will It be' Or aupp"?? lira* ohould ba loot wh<> would be to blaB/r Whiainw hualneea It la lat him look to It. It ia a big raoponoibilit/ It la too much to riak. A i.r?T 10 - (rrmit Juiy Piirknirii fmr iKr Ttrm ? At th* opening of the r. urt tola uioruinii th* (irand Jary Came In and t>r>-a*titrd a number of bill*. and ?' t? dlaniiaa* d from further tlt?oihnt?. IMor* Itif. In* Hi* court th* tirand lo<|U*?t handed up th* lo|. lowing pr*a< min-nla which ?frt r*ad. tail ordered by the rmrl to b* i*nt to the lwti< of the proper d*(Mllltltl 0t??? Ji?i R ion iu(u?t 10, 1160 To nil llf tNr. Coi ai or ()? ? :Th* attention of lb* til and Jury having been sailed to th* repealtd and larria>li| numb*r of llntiliri attending ib* erection and d<m<'lltlon of building* la thia ?ltj reaulllag in aeeeral recent caaea In a laiaantall* d<atructloa of human llf*. th*y bar* (tun to lb* iol'j*tt aarb conaideralion aj th* I ml led daratloa of th-ir a*Mion allowed aa1 they r*rr*r that It baa ant b*?a la ih*lr pow*r to |t?? to It aurh a thorough lai*atigalion a* would enable tl.em to pr***at th- wbnl* biatt*r to th* eaanrt la a abapr b ailing to aom* definite action I nJir th* alr*am*tancea. they raa only "Urg*?t that th* eoart will bring th?m>t?*r fcrwarl lot th* attentlr n of tb* or a abaaqu-nt tirand Jury, lo th* end that If warrant**! by the fa< ta *o allotted, (a* tl? y doubt not It will ba.) aurh a ehang* may b* made D tb* law relating to Ua l'oroa?r'a dutlea aa la i tb* *?1-Il??c* o| th* roart aad tb* wladom of tb* i t *gi*la:ur* may b* -earned neceaaary. to repair* froa 1 biin a i. d hlajur to* la aa<h caeea a rigid aad impartial ' icrntlny of th* rauaea aa well aa tl * rwaulta. of th?** , m rilM aceld*nt*. and a ?*rdlct la aeeardanoe. In at*ad of that y*ner?hia and tlnia honored oa* af j ' hob. dy t?> biatn* ' la th- m?artlme, It may ha?* a laodracy greatly to l**a*a th* number of auch diaaa. t*t- If own*?- of property aad baildera ar* made to rtalii* their reapoapihtllty. aail tb*lr Tlrtlaia aad aarTltora ar* led t- aadetataad their rtghta Hy th* mamon law. *?*ry aat ia h*ld to i rigid rwapoaaiblllty lor damage or Injury growing out of tl>* n?gl-*t. arele**??a?. or alapidity of him**lf or hi* aeraanta. aad why ahonld not the a*ai* ml* apply with *<|aaian1 greater loar* la th*a* caava 1 II aueh la tb* law. aad tb* jnry *aa a** no r*a?i? why It ihnald wot h?, a It* aulta cnmm*eced by th?a nam>d of ?rtppl*d or by tha w idowa nfthoa* killed and r*?oltlag a*tk*y lanM Uaaly wonld la *l*mplary damage* sight ho tb* of r*ad*rio| tb*a* arrld*ata thiaga of **ry rar* o*?an*ka* ifigaed) Pll I I.RTI t II IIOLT, f nremaa Th* Araad lar|ii*?t ?f the pity and county of Sew VmI pyaa< at the fallowing, eatabliahmeata and amour* b?ap* # n'llaaarea an iai.gvrlng th* public health. I a i? Hone boillag 1 nraa-aklnniog oM-Mlllg. aad ?that aimilar e*tah|i>hm*at*. toolbar with the ma tute heap* all to be f.and la tha apper w.jda of our city Tha bwala*aae? carried oa la lb* al> ?? named eataMiabwirnta. are aurh aa to prndua* a horrible atehi h. tokening and off-aal** la a aery great <1 gr*a lo all who are obliged to inh?l*th* altlated a'm >apb<r* Mf*nd#r>d by ihem In th* *lelnlty It pro uur*a nawea daatr ying th* app*tlt* e-m'-rt and ?uj' yment of all aoailag la contact with It-belag a ilrkealng dlaguatlng aaa deadly *01-11 Tho?a llaiag in th* kalgkl rh M ar* ire^neatly nblig-d to elwae thalr window* la th? waineat w?ather In a?n?eqa*aaa of Ibi-?i<b Ihua renderiax them egeeodlagly no ? ? mf'rtable and eadang.nng their health Pro prletora of **tabliahn'-hta. who carry oa bualnaa**a from wbtrh ao nulaance ail-ea and whi h are located n*ar thaa* objectionable *atabll?hmeat* aay that It la impo??iM* for them to retain hand* aufBeleat tooarry I oa their baaiaa** ia maw^aeMe of the diaga*tta( | fri Bi b*n?-h?illnji >n l otb?r ?>nt? Th? tllwt o? h??ltn and o?fort r*?n'tlitg tn m I'.htllnc thr -t?n?h ??g?n4?r?d by mans* K??p? U bout tfcn -?m? a* that kbnr* Tb?llrmn<1 j Mil th? ? lb* Ro?i4 ?f H??Hh Hit fUh'r ?tilh-rUI?# hsrlr.( ?h?rf of thr Ktlttf *?ih? for??*i?J h?? nr.ilfj ml i! irif ?r. ! tins to th? r"""' '??' lint * lb* 1 HtlHly fill LI II5 U. HOLT riirau j { nail m ?|I>W ? 1 4W? ^ Th? Prlnlrra' T'nlon. A mertirjr of the Printer*' Union wai held 1m evi'b'Dg at Fountain Ui.U. 14W l5o#?ry. A reporter frciu the /ImJ atteui J to report th< pr?c? e 41 tiff. au . *ai "ho?Q Into the r inni by the person who hil l chir*:" of the ilo,r obiierrlag that ther.; ' wai no ohjrction to reporter* beinn j . nt, tiUt ther<mi.i rul.< u>:aiiii-t nny ?i In r pertioi m- nln-,-heiiitr present. At tile j?auie "timi he r >ii<n'jai *at* I the fart to Mr Crate ?liu appeared t., be ?,-?iu< a< pirtldtnl i f tin- iaeetiu< tLat a rep rt-r :roin the i Htial'l wae 11 il" rooiu. Mr Ciiii > annoiiue.d thU inUl! :'ocm in &be w e' ii p nod muI th?j diu not * at kaow what they wt>ui j do thi-m?< lv. n; th< >r i-oaie of prIreH w.n nut tlxt i He a- ki'd them ?lmlti?r li win prude'it l'> admit a rpotter, e*pivl?H J * i porwr ''"in ?u< a a pa^er an tfa. tin,; J, that win-" will known tx be the ina ny of th cautu of Ubrr, an ! oppo?..l t all Ubor mofeuvut I lie rt oamnif ndt d th'm not tomlmi a reporter Iron Ibe ilrrcltl au J lie would no# put it to th-; vot'i. AM m... Tliur.. I. ........ i.. .. it ?.? ?l? when the ci i.Kll'utl in fAy*. uo p. r~ou <<lia.ll b? p. lent, except & Li inht-r without ? special rtaoluliot giving p?ruii<iinD " Mr.lVtTi 1*1 I t ! IUt It *?? better to t:ii:o ? rot on It, av.d Vi thtn put tb? que-tton from the vJbair wlmn it wj< uii?nlui.iu?ljr reoc lvrj th*c the reportgliouM not t - kiimitti i r thi n boweil Is'.h? t'kil ..ukft ;nt wif.hj tlicw. (<b tying. U>oil?uii'0 I a.u wutfti t b'igej U you; you nt nu ?..ui- f-.uur to-night. Tk?f ?a? n 11!I'm. . pr.fnt from tin 77t' :n? ofli ;e who usually rep >rta the laoor m-vem nr., " f r tin; jouin 1 Tlliutllcui unci Minli a!. I I? * i.i ax Oi'km a a r < ?*mi . Uitm? I 1'uritani ? ill be proUm .-d fir the tir^c timv, *>y the Uava 1 troupe, to-uiorr-w evening. Ttiin op?ri' Ii ih beeu i preparation tor week*. an 1 will lio r?prns*ate% with a powerful dirtiibutiou <.f roUti. Stetlanoui. Ms.rltii. r-ii 1 vi 0 Itaduli Mill Hu-tittn the niojt iiapor timt char?r'*r?; atol thin anai unc "tneiit, togetk. with the Milendor of the opera its< lf * :tl tra#. pr-b i lily, one ill the lurgeet m-i uiblicii of fashion and ta l ever known in thi liieiinnnliH V?f anticipate a very brilliant ant< rtaintnent in every reipe.;t and hate n. doubt that the vocalist* ?>ill add l*rgely tn their lam iu (bin eti|tiifile partition l!.i? m Tiii itkk?A new ver-ion of Ja-k Sh"ppuru " written by tbe exn llent Mage manager of tin ?, arioun . r <1 eli ,.unt i -tab! inlituiiit. Mr. II K. 3U)T*n' will be produced to uiorrow evening Thin piece fkibraced oemly all the artist* connect'J with the tbe i tre, anil the tcenery. dreaars anil deooratioua are o" tne riont co-tly and (.-tenant <!> ? -ripiiou. Tile cut. - taloiueiit* will eoiiuneni o with the fa of th? llu iJred 1'onn l Note." Them Is every likelihood of tbeDfcwny Theatre being cr iwdi d t?-wcrrow evening lu every department. If perii-verauce and industry 1 lierve mrci m thi n the proprietor ot thin popular e't.i blu-htuent ha; a juft claim to It. Niilo'i Oardk*.? Mr. Niblo determined tic Blatter what may he the expense, to prodiie* the most attractive feature* Iu the eh.ipe ol c >iu illei* and drama*, as al-o in tbe engagement, ot thi Oe-t talent i in tbe country, uuly Iwk at the bill for to morrow evetiiug The noun Family. with llurton. th l)?i t couii d:1 n <1 the age. a? th>- vcritaole \in:'jadii> flcek. and Brougham no leu attractive in hi< wite, at Captain >1 i.tpliy Magulre Although Nihlo'a theatre is viry large ana * II ventilated. w? believt** tb< re will u<>: b< pi t piug .r^om to. nn'.-row night. Tue et.teitt.iiments Mill oorludu wrn lb<t taro? of th ' Irish Lit n " in wtil- h Mr and tit* Broughtm wi 1 appear Thtie will beauiuMcil proiuintU between the piece* N*tio>?l Tiikatm'.? A new vereion of the " Drunk nrd or Negro t id? litjcotnureen J iuto threw act*, will be pripontitl lor the tlrst tiuie. to morroir evening. Mr I'erry eiiftanm the leading character. The next pit c e In tucceitiiiou will bt- the dr-ima ot th' New York Kit email " Mlf> Malvln.i will execute h ''Tambourine Dance" and an lri?h Lilt,'' anl the auiu-eimtitb will conclude with tli tare* of '' Boota at the Swnn " I >t> Tue-day evening there will bt) gran I allitir at the National Kmpire Kuiiae Company will present Mr I'erry with h beautiful aiiver trumpet. a? token ot their appreciation ot hn excellent peraoua I tiou ot the New York fireman Cmkistv'* Mi*m*m??Thi* inimitable bin ]. the j best organlit d in the I'nlteJ States, h.n been very successful ill Albany and gatatogu The concert at the I lilted St-ilen licit 1 amounted to ffrJO. the admi'mut: money bring oue dollar ia-h. We are not lurprla.-.] at thif. a- the (inking and instrumental performance* re excellent. Auraut<t Hi > m ?Th? great attraction of B*rnuin'it inw company. In filling the Hu>rum every night. The | erloribance of lb.- Drunkard," by lir Clatke aided by Meerre lladawajr. Ileakius. Bellamy IHm l<Mtr. Hin Hlankop* utl other), kai made this . drama exceedingly successful We hope noon to nee Mir* fi-ber in one of those elegaut character*in which ahe gained *o much applause. while playing at the Broadway Theatre Oi-tiiru .?Fellow*' Band are bccming very popular. Tbey announce a bill ot great variety for to mor row evening ftig'a* inatrumental performance* and exquisite dancing The new violinist ti a boat Id lilmaelf aud thouid he beard by musical connoiaaeurC**ti.?: Oiinr* - Thia delightful reaort, the comfort of which ha* hi en tented, at lb* respective opera*, th audience* experiencing the refreshing effeeta of th beet air and tieiiciou* Ice creama. oiler* a very attractive feature for Ihla evening a amusement ? spiea did Sacred Concert, tinder the guidau** of the beat of leadera. Mr tieorge I.oder No doubt the garden wiU be crowded ]t would be well to reeolleet that the garden I* open every day. when vlaltir* ein have a rplrndld >icw at the inaftnArrnt b?jr and mirrouailin* lirnery. lor the naall ?uui of ll'{ coal* The entertainment nf Mr. McCarthy, which ?u to htir ttkru pltrt on Monday Trultif bi< twn p"-t pined until the lWt.Ii Inat when It will c< me off at llie Society Library Drain or Ex-Gov. Ci-arkr, of 1<iwa?Jmne* Clarke, ex-governor cf died Ht htc re*idence, in Hurliogton, on the "JSth uIt. Not loot; since, in telligenre wan received of tlie death, by cholera, of ihe wifr of (lor. C. Soon after, two U lie*, wlm attended Mr*. C. during her nine**, died fr?iu ill* MOM malady. Then followed th?- ?oo of Mra. C , and bow we hear of thr death < ?-or. C. hn???H'. Thus hai> an entire faini'r, wiih t-vn intimate frierde, be? n awejit in few day", hf thi? terrible malady. 0?r Reader* at Unto?ii. The IIkud rin ktb?4 at Sar..t?ra Springs In the trnilng of thr ram* day on which It W print ad Jl-ad ar? can pt It at car agent*. tpmmr It Hnndall. at tfci port rflcr bookitort or of tha bojf who wilt be at thv hotel* with it every trlltt A lltlldhi'i I Trip -T?he ifle lladwn Hirer Kittrnaii I'in ike |i,ar'M-p??i rlin'elntk tram top at Kllli<|W'l DtMlta Iwm, Vrni^n play ton pin* thi.ftlt koar<l, i|??|ra It., It, lloi.V. a V ?r? a" etmparw >? Ith thlt J11?htf t ?|x>l Here tt.ere ?r? ,..n? >>f ihior lnioBiiaK l-iiilc called Rtrr*t^n?ati aft all al m< <trni? prlree. H * ?ti' l,iii lt,ile?m, *e*i?iuk ? I'alwinal* Hjr?l a*<' fcelliec r'i Mult Plaid, rat lit h id 'a taitol aeeldeait. N. B.?totrt tkc ladxt let utarly t1 pint la annul. The Climax Capped.?Brnoka'i BmI?. H *a. Gaitara. ft* . ar* tl i??I n( fa.ta. Thair in iuitablr !?)#. MnlJ r flaiab and !?r??.llitjr I'trui I a". atloa of e?rry oi'tlo < r aaar- th-in. RT* ?v t* 111 ratdari ?' " ?rt tmilmi of l>? ' f!? ??d p .or *kaa*. In *ak? a p?r? ha-* at 1*1 Pn'toa >ir?? i. *id i*?ar *111 mi IMItU M It ti ala* tu* chrapxt | l?r ? a ? ? ally t* gat | f<?'4 ulUli. (Jan. Pars.?Tli* lllnatrloaa Vriitiaclan tkiaftaln. ? < ?|?olrd Yy h.a lnuni?l* Itltidi, Itradi'a nllni, yrttfrti), ?h?? *a a mlaMt dac?*rr*?lypa mf il.ia dlan?*ol.l'?.l para !?? ? ??< a.Had I? th? NT) aaiatiana ?n|l??ti..n Tke prlacu.a ?f Mr. Bra-lya pi taroa la aal> ' jr iktir i paten tj. Dr. Jaaird W. I'uwrll, UrnINt, turtat, dbr. InaM kit llniii'ii nrlniin*; it IImmi I tha Br* ut Bar. frnai ? l?> t a rlntk at HI Broad* *j, nil'i.aa I * Warraa *tr?at. *hm ** W had kta pnoai*r " Tract** oa tha t," Id adtlloa, friM M>; aU. Ha --lf-a> wiaf Bjra aal r?aaaiaa irulattllrti iaanad. Wlft aal Taaptet.-Anal her Molal ha*. >?aa awHad *a Wm K? . lwl-r. far tk* k?l ?'l*a and T?i aw. Tl,? j>?i|i? \ra i*alt*d i* ta*p*ri hi* a.w atrl* far IMC at RaTi HBIOR * f*!*t>ra-*4 ?.( Titwty, I Wall ?r?.l I* k-ap. lha .ariMl u' >>h * rtaaak la Ika MIT Caw tka |4IWl I?Cltlaana and tlran|?n ar? laelto*'* iaaj?-i fHtLDN I ai* itfla a( Wtja aadTnnp**a. Ba h**p. ianr at aad ka*t aaa rtraaat la tka ill;, at M* Mlitrastl * ? Hair Pja P*?t*rr. IW Broadwar. mall tf Pay i'ia?i " >?? ?ko addr. a* Hair Dylnfl-Pkalna'* Ma??r Hair Oy a, to alar tk* katr it whi*b*r*. tk aiaiai it I* applied. wltkee* Uaryla ika a?ir *r akia It k* ?*ahad laaidlaialy (llkatl dlaiarkmr th? o*l*r. aad kaa a" tad *4*r It I* a*. Mad,ar ?*ld. at rNlU'KH t? aad T. rr~ Maaafaatarr W haadaar Hair l?jr I.?Balrhrlar'a Wan aal na U^alil air Dt*. aaa ..?l? ka pr--farad at tka a>*a*faet*ry, I W* I treat Tke tuhh* *h?*ld iaar<i acaiaat lakltatieaa. kaa r aarlaa* dlp>tra* Tirana* aha** hair kaa anaail a kad aalic ft m tha aaa >>f ?k* lailtatlna djo*. aaa kaa* u pain ml ka eoHIa* aa akata r't1 th? addr*** HI) I B V MAHKKT. ItttlNt. A >af*at ! ? f. M Ttif mraftoa tr**a*rtl<ini In tba atnak market (a Bay You'd hardly raAee to flea a fair brnberaf* to Mart Iktl una Indli tdnal It ba* heaa daetdedly tha dalle* day of the reaa^a ia Wall atraat. In lh? lr?t place 1 he weather la of>pre?aie*l} h. t that ant dnai rperallaaa art Ilaliv4. aad la the aaenai plar? there la aa dt*p>>*ltt'<a aoionf bolder* ?f rntk* ?r> *?U. *m"a* euUiler* tn buy Quolatloaa earraat. t*-4af 4a oat eary Materially from tboa* rail ik at the eltae nf Ibemarkal yialnday W# <n aal aaa tha Aret 1*11 attin af a reeieal aa4 tbnaa who are an arrtlnaaly lor>hl?R fnr the fall fia* will ra<julr? a f ?4 *apRly at ABIImhh t Tfc? R?adlnt r?llfad brr>??ht <i"?n 1*7J It ton ( Ia?t ??ak Tha ar(Tr|rata of ao?l transport*! frr?i tka anthraaita raglon ap to tha Mh ? > M iTintid Ctti T?at-r o? Fawaat if Kit )M0 TVn t frf Raadlrp Railroad ( ompany ?M "91 <C. l.fhiph C. at ami N?rigatl n I'onpirj . , KitM* 1'* Prhnylklll Ka?'gallon t'< mptny JMM? Dataware 1 llndaoa fan*: u?n panjr ld*?74<* Total to Jaly Jlat 1,?4;.47S 13 AddR?adir>|K R (' *.#k an r.n*JnlT 2"> 12 <01 I. ? ? Aug 1, tl??IC " " ? " ii| ?, M,*ri II T*t?' i .mm* n n? Irkigh and *?hnjlkl I canal? will ha ! VMklag ardar salt a>at *h*n tba raoalpt* will k? par.. Hraly larfa Wa look Inr trrf artl?a ap*rait*n? a? ikaaa mib darta? tba rr*aia<l r *1 <k? ? *, U*

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