Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 12, 1850, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 12, 1850 Page 1
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Wii ! T H . NO. 5907. INTERESTING FROM EUROPE. AllIVAl OF I'M* AMERICAN STEAMSHIP PACIFIC. FOUR DAYS LATER. IBB ICBLSSWZO WAR. TREMENDOUS B.tTriR V\l> GttBAT LOSS OF LIFK. i ENTRANCE OP THE DAVES l\r.l SCllLES WIG. /f>nn 0 i) ? ?t c n n ii t > m r n m a u u n orauion niiiia i iui? u, ADVANCE IN ( T T 0 N. MARKETS: Arc. vV<- Vc The American nnil *te.mi tiij> Pacific, C*|?tain Ezra Nye, nftrr u nrliil iu i h:m<? the All infic, arrived olf Sandy Hook it ?ix o'clock yf-iierday afternoon. i?he Mi Liverpool -it r?vn o clock 111 ttie afternoon tit We Inc.* I >y, ih'- ult., and extern-need coneiiini win I t rh? piera and whnrfd at Liverpool were crow led with people to witneo* her departure. She brought between ei.;|iiv .md ninety cabin *iat senders, the name* of uoin -t- us follows:? NAMES OF FAS>CM*t It- I'Ht I'ACIFIC. Robert Wude Mr l>?liinr r niid 1 * <; M i?* ? In - 11 I) h l>rfc|<rf Min" M .A Km., h h *'lilt art-ll E .U? hou lir Kir ) | i iiCii ; < *?* > Wo f.nrj Ih"!1 K Lcai Im?I i. 2 c ildr?ji> J c->'MpiMja Mr b< u field Jo?n I J mi'b F Vopel H I. W i'?l<|uh*un 3an.I K O<or> e lei W'ni II rr * J Khvh i ^H lady l.urrv I I, IU Mr K< r in!?hl AluutollM .<>h I Hu'r y \jt " ut *? G i. S?>d? lli>t a tL l urry \i i ?il*tom C A Krttuna H I'ul ? i - ? " Vfil 'ink Mr Arntink Thn* \\ . i ,?. ? Mr r j arro ?I M??re l)r J. I n > Ink t .rm ie, Jr G?-nl Bernard (htar-r <lu|iat> i ) W ??s <i? 1> M Mebbiue and J II M . e . u U .> T at * I ? lady M 'ie?il Vrklii * la 1 y Hr Gomalea W H K ?r J< !? Chm (lor Mr IIy No* inaon t;.- .r ? vi rritt J K hujdftin I: Br?? J K"'?? n'?i. .? * n.- D mil a** tber W h <>.iv? . <s ludy vir iMirAt.d x lady Hr fcareh and ?er- Hr Me* Join a "\ro?>n ant H E N -1.1 ii>k Miij J * I>~ H inland Mr Kent and lady UN'* in- 11 n?1* w httvrell f'tcohen ban tit n Th??? l*?' r. Mi 'a^vey Mr rkater Mr uo<-kh?ri. * lady fc. >* .V>? Mr J 1 KirtUr.d Annexed, in brief, ip the CAUO'J or rttK pacific. 3.167 bono* tin '.'S h?ie? gov!*. 4i> bundles iron tubes. I* c*?k? do 680 ctuirft good*. to. (j ir 'sN do. Since the bailing of the Cmtil>ri,i, on the 27th ult., c?tton advanced <d. to |d. Indian com hud flui-tn tted, und must be quoted Is. lower than when the Cambrii sailed. Flour a'bs firm. Wheat ??? Id per hu?hel lower. In provisions we liuve no rhinge to note. Wool continued in ueti?e demand. Cotton was tirn. Tea wt,B In tixnl request, but nu change in price. Consols closed in Lonilcn ? n the vtOth ult at 9*>' to 97 Mexii un Bonds ilerlined, ineouoeqaeuce of the ?ew? th*t Cont'reHM h id n?>? proceeded to busi ne*s, and lih'-wi'c in in h<tiii'* dith<'ii'ly whioh 'i 11 ariaen in prying th<-dividend out of the dollars in the Hank of Kn(;land. The British mail ?teamahip fcuropa, Capt. Lott, vrom New York, arrived nt Liverpool, at h ilf-p.tai <wo o'clock, P. M on i-^utul-iy, the 2.*iti ult. The propeller City of Glm^nw tirrivei in th"? vxlydu on the tame morning, the 2vb, from New York, after a p?*??? - of fourteen d-?yn and thirteen Jhourr, wuh 1*> and I .MM) to'n of car^o. There in nothing ?-f moment from S ?<?iii or I'oi* 'rngal. The new* from Schlenw-g-H'nlatien is important. There had been a great httile htlwrrn the Danish and ?ichle*wig loices, which resulted in the defeat 'it the lirtter. The lot* on hoih aides was verjr tjp*?t- Sivrrnl ?J/htr>, <"* a rough rnlrithiti'in, r?ti>mat* tf t loit nt ahovt tmr /A. u*< ?i<f mtn. It i? i*aid that the Daiiifh Gen?r?l hid offered a truce of 0>r?e dapato General WHIiwo. hut which haa l>eea rrfwrd Tk'Vertiforde ha* been aha:idon?d, and :he fortifications di?m.?mled Advice# from Malta < f ihe 221 mat. stite that Nhe cholera was s?ill prevailing there, hut 'hough the cn.-<ea were not so tuimrciK, the mortality waa w RP*M UN ever. The iicconnta from the agricultural district# of I'riare thnt the late r*iri* h ive done Immeoia leuclit to the cropa |i* n? rally, particularly the n'-mp, ttntl jxitatoes. The War In *a.'hlra?*lg. nr>rr.m?oi * iw rrtr. iic.twkki tiib dank* AXn ?cn.?wiam?hf.fkat aid kktkbaT of tub NOIL* <WKMIOUTUM AltMV ? TKS TIliM'SAHI) UVB* lost. Arronnta received from ^ehk"*lg>Holi(?iii, announce tnori paniftnnun "ni-R'-m-nt to have take? plaeeVtwi en the I>iui?n aid ."^chleawig-IInlMein foreea The enin-(r?-iii'-iit cummi-nced on the Doming of the 25th uIt , ,mj tmfil uninterrupted* y for eleven hour#. Uoiii II o'clock, A. M. for une M-eond, notwtth???H ting th*- innenae numerical minority tine*pect? d'y displayed hy the Ifeaea, to favor the f??r??ht, m* ihey aucceeded twice ia forcing the Ilatter to their lira' poaitiua between OcreriHv and Ati-*? kerliola At that hour, however, the IiNn*** ntmi ht ft* ?ti tr<?t|>4 into the held, an<t ?li linnifna- force if artillery, agaiuat the centre of C??aer?l WtlllHrii'a p>*itiun in front of Mfdl, and alter a frightlul taaowaad of two htiura' iuration, folWed up hy u Hiti'emfiil attack, the Schlcawic-IIoUtfin mint retired in ?<mk1 ord<-r through .H'hlr-aiil ?iid Mn-? n?te t? a position ta the mhiiIi ?w tWieMrdt The l>>-a on hoth aid**a ia very great. The batteric* nt KckTi fordr ire dia* mounted. The following are the rtrttil* o*' tbia terrible Dat'ie:? I Prom Ik- tlftD 'Miri *nfr?uhall<-.2 P M , Jnlj W ] Th?* imtici|'4ir4l coair?I c?'ininrof?i| thi* morning at 3 ? '< li?rk, with ?n tt| k ' ? tne on Soih winio at ihr ?vhi????ri^ I |oi*vm army. Th? >w?e? iitA nut at hrM ih >'-?iinti(( aay vantage, i hit mi ? ?hort tun ih?? Ik-iphi to irun jniUNit OH Mir I'ft *lntf. *Uef ihfjr a'trrt|p:*>fl to ?utalrfuh ili??i??lv#?. 1ml w. r-- au far driven hick h* a g<*ll?iit eh?r<-of the r il"? u<f t!? uif.tntrr, th?t mo further attack ?- m .<1 f in tln? q-i *rter ? '? the riirHt win* ih?j ??<-! w?r oly r?r?i?wi the SrWrM?l( llnlnirUr^lknl lltep eiMtld not mmd in tfaji.iair a wi ^ e la? h of tfro'lml ACirr *.lil? attacko* Mh wiiii.- Iiai' r?intiioie?1 for two or :hree home, tlie Imm- ? i?.i an ohhI n<h? on the -enit' alonit <J>* i'N i?' ? ', in t'i? d"P"'il<iil of Flen^htirg, wub inltiitit, ravairt. in I artillery, nt the ?hiim? ii.ii?'. !' e ^chl- ? ? m H .lutein lifM In'.ntry relirHl iifh nd ih- ihiii .? - ;h? i n*?r lui'd', w Imrr ?( ? ti I km ? w?r r?-?'ei?e J with a <hi'*ft V lulu fro ii the fo 'ifit'KiHina thrown up iliWifiWflliiK tIt*-hi to r?*firr a Mule Th" llolali inri- ncaia in-h?-(1 to Ih>- ivn'r*, -nil wi'h ?ne|i TltaCity t4ix4 the Ihme? * ir mvihnh|i|i H tn retreat nmine t>totha (K^ilat ?m?l Tlit- 'nan ivi?t? w.n twine *^i*a?ed, m<i m <? hi m nn |in i'ion on :hr Tt||rt? winfj and r*ntr? fuk-il hf t?i? Pin**. t?? Hw left wiiiw a n)T* kirmioiin ( tire w?a only rmriw-H n? Th? tmtile hml, n? ihn tnt?e, noun iij^ft lor ?f?riy ni{ht honr?; n I *?t ?rcn ten an.I e|r?-n o'durk il wetn?H e?-rtHin thu the r??ul' rrniM no! t?enther?i?? th*? fnv<tral>|e in i?. jnat at thia lime it h'Mnif aj>nir?-iit th it ih' lUnea h?<l no?o?litt?*e<l th>-ir whole t,<rrm f,.? n mon nttirk on nnr ceiitie ?tw1 hirhi wing Krotn th?* ernin'-?o? wki rr I atiawl, I rm Id ') ii'iir Iy i?^n the wh >|i* Itattlrth ffiMU'ry orn urn ? i?m m- r irnoi niin fn?m liiw rtitrrllv ihi* fnrrr, hntiff'nc "V? 'h* tun- iwrrr*! ha lrrtr* irt ttrirt I rimll tUo rii<mnr If (r* Ihr "?< Hi-nut ir<lmi< t?r frrtfc t*M?iii?i#. Of^nl fiihwii dIk m?iH Iw '-??r*r- in I* hrviir'" ?? w-ll < ? fto MVMT7, WIMUI ? *ri NM W pan*!!? E NE eugigt-d; and uhutit eleven o'clock a. iiiohI fearful cannonade commenced on both nidet>, which wm kc|>i up on the j>art of tlie Schleowig-HoUteiners with ureat nbminBcy for two hour* aud > hilf, nlthou^'li th?* eiienty** t;un? were Urff<-r and more noiiicroutt. m^lance* of umi'igo were shown that would M|>pen.r almort incredible. A huh 11 hatter) of 12-iMniud'TH charged rigut into the tiiikkfst oi trie enemy ? tire, pouted iir.eir at halt dtt-lunce, mid greeted the Daneb with repeated discliatgen front Hit* buttery. It was, however, soon obliged to irtiie, hi order to avoid a charge of C^ivalty. The moat determined couruge of the wh? If unity wti?, however, of no avail ugaiiiatt the superior force the Dines at this tun*- brought into action. They were also deficient m amm notion. Alaiut two o'clock the lJatiHH made anmher atiaclt, but being inyteif at this time obliged to withdraw, 1 was no longer an e?c witne?? of wh it occurred. Soon ufter, linwrvi r, individual aoldera were seen , along the Chuuece in thr direction of ! f'ch'e.-wig, followed mh>d after by larger nia-mtu, i-preadiuir the mournful uewathit the D itcn hud broken through out centre Under such circnnstanctB there was no other alteruaiive than u retreat, which immediately endued lieneial Willifen pave the i.ece?sary onl<*rs, anil the brave linle u i my i-;iw itself compelled to retire fro in the field of bdtlle, the himself being among the 1 lattt to leave. The ri treat w*n in ,de without cna! fin-ion, und in order, covered b/ a. ventl bati t .linns under the command of Colonel Vou der Tann Tfie Dimes appear to have been either too ' (niiaued or too indolent to follow un tht ir udvan I tuge, us ihe? made no |iur?uit. General Wilb'ven left Hie Civile of Gottorp on horwbuck, about 5 o'clock, hut I mil unable to iufoini )tu where the h?-ad.?)u.?rter? were efUb)i?htd Several battalions received order* to bivoutc in (lie lie Ids on tli- aidf > of th>- > lit iii-*e<* iifiii Fahdorf, in lilt- <liiri:in'ii of Ijck-iufonle, und othe'a wt re ordered on to lleudshurg 1 h> tmUlt- of lr-tedt will certainly maintain its place ati.oiif: tin moat saKifiiui iiy onte-is on record The h^s oa both Hide? h?* b.- i iiiin-n-e; but ihe D ines have Mifierrd more th-ri 'he 8chle?w i^-Holf-ifin?-i8, otherwise, with e':cli a (ovoideTMiit g loice, they would not have <:nnti*:iied tlieintt Ivi c w ith remaining on the fir Id of b*t'l<*, in .tf-id of follow my lip their success by it vi^oro>n pirsuit. According to tbf reports of the prisoner*, about UK) in nutnlx-r, the D.inish force enmged c.iuuot lnve bf < n let1.- than from I5.UXI to men. It <1i>es ! roi ?j',i?'iir tlint h simjle oflicr of the Sohle^wig. | UoUtein stdfl Ins been wounded. Gen-rii Bui i.-ff<'ii hasiaiher j severe wound in the n^lit nh<i'il, d< r, and a In rye proportion ol other llic-r-t .<t .-.ti.l to have fallen One battalion hasouly (am ollic is | alive. Hud not more than 400 men, and ih - other '< battalions have uImo sull?ted t-vi rely. Uf the ar! tiUery only one gi:n lu> been los' T he lhtue(> mitched into Schle-mrijj fvt' *en 9 Brd 1(( in the evening, anl Ki keritl'oide citler Ins b?? n or will be vacated,aa'lheguns h**e b-; -u withdrawn i till ihe loi t.titrations d?molishcd Ao' iheraccoiii i m tht emblement < stiluses I tbe foice ? f the 1 >-?in .< .it ;H.OOU. and tb tl of the fckhletwtu 28.000 OrntTil Wrlisen comniacurii th* ceutre, Von iier the li ft wing, and Von der 1 orst the right. [Ilanibvr^h Corrrapi ndenfie, July 5M.] It would be uede?j to uini-*r al>:' to a*) U)>on a h ire ?uppo*iiion wfut the lorn Imh been ou imth f-idrfi, an<l wbit h can only he known ajuuritcly at the hei d-quartcm of the re^wenve arinie?; but from what 1 have wituesaeil in the arriv .1 of tile ' sii^uuy wountien hi ,vik 111 mi* nay, mm trorn ? nil the IKXir fellow.- have mentioned, ill'* loaa his h?-eu pf that f noun description iha' th?- HoUtein army will not be able to recover c ihIv ho a, to be aide Ki inaiiit.iio the field .i?aiii?t the Diiii-.Ii tiene| ral in ?*chle*w iu The ^ent-lal m prearino i* ^ui h as , c<n ttwre rci aily be miu m il ih<tu deae-ii^d; : and, very Hngulur to a?v, the dr|tt?iMuii ob.-ervai bir i? even greater in ifamhurK ilim Alton* this i il'iy. The Alum* |>eoplc admit the loas hid been a grievouaone; and in the midst of n population ci tn|H'lIrii tn w itne?x th-* arrtvil of tr?tus flctti the i-eat of war till'd with wounded mil almost hourly, one would almost ex, wet a very considerable gloom upon the ueneral countenance of the inhabitants, and yet auch la not the ca-j ; on the contrary, the |>eople r? c>-ive the poar fellow# coming back, lm l> iiik aorrowfullv at tli> tn, aa innch as tuny, ?c have done our heal, tn a manner which make*one feel doubly wn^ihl? the caltimty of war, yet at the same tine to admire the emirate i of the people shown ho Ojieuly itnd?-r such fearful revern a, mid the kind attention ex|M rieaCrd hy the wounded defender* ot their eaiiM* on thnr arrival. I>etw en SOU and WJt) men slightly wounded, hive arrivt J wnlnn two dtvs in Altona alone, end the ni.mber of < verely w ounded in the interior rnuat fie fearful. There was a report circulated in Aliens that 10 IX*) S"wedea and nuaaiaa* hvl taken pi rt in the battle of lairdt, and been the cauae of 1 the lorn Such are the rumor? afloat Tne tmhnll* rep rt? from Altona by the Uat train from the I'ucb '*a. mention-ih ?t the 3chlei><ri* liolatem army, amounting to 2b,0tH) men, hi a taken up a concentrated position between Kiel, Kendeberg, and S< hit aw ig, which nlmoat admits of the Kider having been erosaed, since Kekemtorde haa been (xxi'pird (Ms rnoriiintf 'V Mir I?ii:Imi troop* A'mmii tii?n of th? Hohtrm army ar- ?md <<? h? hitrt tir r<inhit Tin rnntina entiauri kcrc <rry vrrat ; in all the rtreete are wen ^n<U|>4dUcui>]?ing UK 111' J' < t. By the la?t train from RentUburn. iutrllujence liaa arrivtd of the |>oaitiun 'aki ii uii t>y the iioUt<*ir? itny, liaer (hr ietr?-nt from ScliU'-iw ig It Mill nun.beia n?-?r 2B,liOO mrn, and wh? inovini? on Si hotidt, betwrv n ih? Wine?- > *?? ?nd ?r**- Kyd-r. Th?* l>ares took (m-sesaion of Eokeraforde after Major Junsmann aud C*i>tuin Chrisiinn-en, commanding the bitterieii there, h;id de.iroyrd the worka, mid aent ammunition and cannon to Itendibur# Hiid Kredenchaort It i* retried that the < rTTii in amlora hud nbiindoned lb-' G?fion, but th-it the i'nimmu aoldi^M on board had hoi Hied the I'ruaaian ll-<3, and declared that, in c?ae of attack, they h td orwri to dt-tirojr the vtrwl. (Ii vinburf Corri-?ponJ?n(*, July IT ) The battle of lueledt (on mm* iiiip* c.illed IcH#>'adi) hnn d< i id?-d ifcf <jur?iiini of the o.-cii|iition o> !*rhh-r*'K by the I?.nn.-b army, and ih? total R?elrt>iVM of ?ny further a'nutijle h?iwi*n the I tub-force*; ami )?tthe |mriir? h<"rewhoba*e I id the chief hand in rn>-our??ii>i{ <tiis ahunefol u ine of life, Hf ?till etoWvonoi; to explain, by illiiMtry rumor* ? Mich a* ?a overwhelmm* i?iwcr i<ii th" part of the l<iner>, aud that rt'vcdca and Not?n?ian had aided them iu the bittfe, dr*?wed ti|> m Itaiindi uniform: or 'h*t <n> Kumnu ?htp?, tin ler the Un^li.-h His, h?d l?..ded u very bir^e force nf Swede*. and other tro y*, in the r? ir?the fart iheir army h-if hern be*ten tinder *iirh II. ... . n: ... i- -.1 v... ... v..? <i?r T?nn Hi.d Von drr Dor*?m?*n whi?w vrry nam re, only a frw diy* lirhrt* ?ny !*-* i?* had Im??'o foiithi, wire of lhrimrl>m> '? '* * h<>?l I( in iDrlrM to point mil to Mii-ni thi* ini-tficii nry pt Ihf Sthlr??i|( llolll'in mm* in nwi'Vii) thr military forvf ?bioti wonlil ?n|?-n'ly l>? hn>ui/hi afHinoi th-IB, romm iH?*d * r whs hv mm who ?nr by no tin n? whon" >y? in th? m in*??ltit of a ?r|!-(4|ntilird ncl p?tt|*-t?.? b.?dt of nirn, who hnii hftttofufp Ixtii Uuniril ? it! ? w?nt of rnrtgv mill rotir-iif mm tu npiml with th?* (it-rBin mi.I now, ih'ii thr r??uli h?a turnril out imiiIp ron'rary to ihnr ?iah??? ami iM?itiiii>M, th?-ir army having N-rii dH?**t?tl on ?a ?|?n H<*ld, iibhi(i ?in?d ia ihi* |)*niah army hi* tvm hy any oih?*r ?ai?a'?.nc* hT ih' ir ?>wn rivir.,*.* .n4 detrrminatifm?? nnnw ih^ G?tnj'? ll<il?triu party i? letting forth. to the wkulr of th* t*er?ti<Mi f-ithrrland, n porta founded ii|?n ih* nmri cnws and notorii ii* fala? ho?id?, vn , that thr iniiiKncal form of th* Dan>?h and llolttrin army atond ?i tbrer to two. The l??ni?h army ia now aaid to h it* plow ii|?.i tft 100 infn, ?lnl?l lh?- w? urgent* hiil only f XX) m t he fir Id i f litairdt? h?vinu now, h?wrtrf, 26,WO nu n, i tiU two dtvr ?to>r th hiltto, in |4iaitii'ti lit-tm-fi-n Kiel, Kr(il?hnr|,rhr town t.f .'rhlriaij. Th' !' ?? on lio'h ?tdea h?a li'fg r?tim*re4,l>y tome wotiiotrd < Hicrrv wh> h *rrr>?d hrre, > ?'' who, from their rank, ate entiled to ti me authority in thia r> ?p?c?. at ahooi 7,(*I0 roar. in killed, wonn<l<d, and mi?*in?r??f whi?h thr Hi'lrtrln |>arty aay tfe pmlrt ahxre haa f?llen Ti|<? n the Ilanra; end, ronw^nntlfly, illnwinj} th* letter to hn*r hrrii 40.<?I0 men. n i? ?TV i |e?r thit the Tlolrtrin arm* w?? n^wara* of 3i),ii(ill m4n in thr lifld op-ratinff ?u?inat th"" l>*tie*. Tliit ihr fohlirwii! Ili'l-tn# ir? ojia h??r fon<rht ? ith r *tren>* hr-frr, and thi' 'h?ir oommmidinf ofl ?*? r? h?v?- itrni kill xftn 'UTifV ill r*tifird fr? m i>?*(two? whtrh thf-y n>w wrr no If tifrr ttn?Mr, i? hcninl anf qwiMioH! hul 'h?t th?-ir urniy h?? l**u i?roYr<| rn^'hlf of ?' iimrM ili? I*?ni?h tiooi?, in wn ?n<t r<wlr?t'H rnrnfmril, in *l-o rqtitllv lilr. Thr IloMein oavilr* wki not h<"n<?eht into nrtirn on ?n? important hxvinv h"-* "?*?l in pirkinK ui> thr mt?*kW? r><?e to th? Kidrr, to rnli> iltr ntmr in, or ?? rn?*r ih? W>m( of th? ??ir?, , ?!?< ifT??tMr |>?rt of whtrh h?* Mn frfoi'ly ??it|??<r?wn. with 'h* ^*r?,>tion of wtm f"W (Mer^K in '!? **? ? Th* irominfMrxin f'otn K*r??4?H?ir* hri?(r<i th* in"Hiprrr? for th?- /frwir^h-rtlr Ihnl 'ti' Ollinh Grnrnl h off?ml ii Irtt'-r of iHr'i> H<jr? ? (tMitiil Willi??-n. Hot which lir h <?t r?f >?-'l Th? I<nnii-h troor" h?H v*?trr?l?? Mv?n<," J within ? I few nik* ot Om Kiiir, M (Jrmj? WIO MORNING EDITION?MOI [Kruin the Ilinii'iur^h Narhrichtrn, July 27 1 The Itjft on both tldtt >? Vtrg threat Several "/Aerr*, im a rtsu%h raJcuUiilum, estimate tl ut tf'i me 1(1,(ICO mm. Four gui>? tell inm iht* hands of the l'ane-, and four of the Danioh field-pieces were driven into n ninrahH, nurl K|>tUerl t?y the .SclileswigH > i le1 fin era. One regiment of Duiirh hunsara is mid to have suffered a gr-at loss from tlie gr?(j>i} ahot of our artillery. Ai the commencement of ihe nn^^fin^n' the left wing was very severely prenred, l>ui the Dane* t>oon threw nil (heir force on our centre, winch, after a most obMin-tte conteat, w*a at length ?nin1 pelled to retreat in the Hirec'ion of Schleswig, ihe right wing sU accompanying it, hut maintaining the pame relative poM'iun to the centre it <? o'clock iu the evening an at 6 in the morning. Alter the retreat of the centre, which defended itself with the utmost hruvery, the left wing also commenced 1 a retrograde movement, covering ihe reireat. The cuvHlry is said to have heeu tint little eng iged, .m l to have loht only three men. ! The following infantry officers are among (lie killed:?Ma jor l>rMickhof, LieU'en nithII illf rt-icin, j Wnllerfrdorf, llHbeleT, and Sander. Anil the following are among the wounded:? Major-Gt'iiernl ]i*udih?in (.-ligtnl>). iMajor Lui 7< w (hl<L'tiil) ); Captains I'nruh, Doner, and Cirr<-l : Lien'eiiant* r-chnolx I, tliluger, Duddinj, Wilding. nnd Jeiiner. T lie infantry took oil their knapsack*, Jrc., to enable thrill to light the easier, and, hiving saved the whole of lh< 11 hdg^age, it will nt once tic t.een v.ith what admirable order the retreat must have be<- n conducted. I The tioops evacuated Schleswig mid commenced their inarch towards the sou'.h, Binding n.t| tioPld K'llgH. ' [ l.i kcintorde Correspondence, July 2'i, II A. M ] The Uane> are in full march upon us from (lie west, and ?re slrendy in the immcdi a<f n>i^Mi>rI huljd. The) are exacted to eult-r lh?* town ill ii j s hot time. I slitl! ot course leave for iti- south i betore their entrance I am glad to be abof to inj form >0:1 that our futlihcatioiiM h?vc been hli ?vn up, 11 nd of the sixteen guns employ ed i 111111111 n.; our I bntteriev, two have been removed to KrieiierichI fort, und the leinainder, for waul of horses, iVc , huve btcn obliiiid hi he alMiidom'd, Imt tli y have 1 bten H|<ik d, and o'ht-rw ntc rend, red uaeU-Mi A P'tiish war steamer ha* been reconni)iterin<; the (.??lion, ? hit h, as is w? II known, has lor miiiiu time h-en m?nn<d hv the I'm. lau*, and ou le irui ii?jj 'his fmrtthc steamer lift tut The lh rmihnHf, of the 2t!'h s.iys?"Tli? Schle* wiy ilulntrii cause is not in ho desperate . pre li; Ci lirt lit an there w?> occasion to lielieve from the hiol iiiielligen"e. ?>,000 picked lloi>|Mure conceit, tiatt d i pi'ii Witten-ec. Vim d'-r Thcii I is not 1 t l<er Ih^ht; but, 011 the contrary, i? if the hi-id of lli,(XKI in<-11. 'I He re|iorU of a counties* iimiitier of l,iili<l end tiiki n ? ti the |>art of the Schl ?wi*1 lolsteiners h ve not been confirmed to iheir I'.iil | extent. An ?sro>t brought th- wounded into ! Alton* at about 1 o'clock, and would lie I illow-d hv the Di ui.-h prisoners This night, at hal'-i>t*t | 12 o'clock, orders wt te given to a'midmi K k<- ru, forde, mid lit iii intle tile f.irtilioiltoas, wlii.;h 1 aire.,ay urconiphsheil nt f? The artillery1 arrived ut lleiM*fthurg. The Ueliou in still in the pn-s-ssion i'f I'lui st i, au<l n|i|>carn out if dauger Am ui'{ the l'alilrh pilMiliem i- KxCellencj R.i, ? fieri on of coti.-idernble ini|?orunce." T In- War Ifdvvtni Oeimmrk noil Schii avvlu liulMfliii (From the Loi>a-i> I'tine*. July Si) ) Pirire the f< rume of war and h sanguinary conflict Weie at liisl to 'ertI.IU.ile the fii.-|>u'.e hfiwrfn the crown ot lVumntk uml the |utt> whtcn h?d conclii in ihraw < ll' thi1 iilli,|{i4iiiT of tli- Diriii'-s o( and Holstein, never *.im the just ctiitr of authority more 11iuiii^>li?riily il f n-1 "?i. or\rr did a peo|i|'- rully with morv % ill ,i,iry j ih? ir n veieixn and their atsmUrd*, nevt-r wrre Hi" I intnijuf ^ uf a tomuu tfiction, * hii'li h<d foiii<uitd | civil war in tlir dominion* of *1 rieighhoimi< and i inil> neive Slate, more signally defeated and purtt-hed. The battle of Idu'edt, fought 01 the i lifithJuly lietween 'lie Iktainb army commanded , l.y ith iihiii'iial chit If, and ihe i.isurutnt ?riny hit lit* i injr r.nder tbe ord?rn of i s Oit.imii oflir r<, wu ! arc< io| nn;< d l>y ry cireum-iui i which 01 ild ' inbat'ie the ?jlorv ol that hod fonnlit <lny to llm ; llaniih nation The rank* ?>l' the iii were w li< u by volunteer* from every |mrt ot donnai v, ! ami led into Hi lton with nil the eltprri?Mice ol it j v i Jl know n l'rnsMan < ieneral and the (<11, | btaverv of the Bavarian Von der Ta.iu The liotien lo<<i alone in rtetrnce ot their Mivrifkn Mud ili#-ir ? ? ?iutry 11M|>|nlv for th?( ?|>ii ited people, no Ktttbian or Swedish mtlinry auxiliary afcared | ilit- hon< r ol the victory Their triumph and iheir j thMik-pivni^ii are unalloyed by the hunt* u of - r* ' fhliglllon even lo those who wished Ihem well. | Tlie moral Mippurl of Korepe, whl< li h m falltl{ fully aItarhed it?ell to their c*use, U all ihat th'-y I Denied to enable lh> niwlve# lo viiuiarat* t.'leir j ri^lita; and in defending the ao'uberii portion of 1 ibeir lerntoiieii fiom iuvaeion, they have rhowu I 1 hi-1 tlie d'tnutv of a nation, the energy of a |*-o|>le, and eve the brilli iury ol |i? tin 11'-i r y ei^loita, 1 are m l measured by the space it eovi r? on the surface < f tb?' glolir. Although, therefore, tlna battle drittonMlitlea the entire failure of the mediulton wbuh waa intended to brim; lhe dispute li u I' cliti' by Jiacific means, and although the treaty of prkce Jllct CoDtluiled in lletlin has h id the liniliodiate etlect ot Making the whole contest on Hie 1 i>M>e (1 otie heroel) I'MlMril Hiux;::lr Ik-uiivtrk roinci l Kli.tH>u out of iKii Mrrn ( rdriil, Md it 14 11.< r?" than prchatdr thit if ehe had lnvn relieve,! j I'rcni the mt?rf?-i? ?>f other power* cli' would lw?g have* wrniHMti. il the whole quarrel. In uiif! <Km iN'ruirrnrf in h ie,.etinon of , th'' rrror committed in luly nftn the lie*' i>f ( kirlri Albori 11 Mtiily h-nl Ml kMi fttt ! vrnted from dirlttinir h |ie*re hv an im;a-rfeui arI mi-Hre, mt|M>i*d on him hy other power*. wiier th*' reliratol the ^trijiiiiHii nrniv, 111 Anyuiif, 1*1^, the fcuDil riRi|M(n would not h-tve lie. n oja-ned, ?nd the huttle of Movant wutild not hnvi le-eu foi'lilit. Si, like?i?rt if the LMar> h?d not h>?en I'rt vinifil, l.y ill iiro< d negotiation!, from following , up their victory hi Frednici.t, the hmdm* of the 1 intern mii|i period, nud the ?r'?liif'il r*iu of IH11 I InM mtn*, would h?ve fteen paired The only ifrtlrc tmdrml 10 Iteninark l.y l,.? ??*ij tfiaiion | ltd# been Hie wlllidmwal of llir l'i - <11 remn.etita, m.d the c-sHntimi of (Germany fnon ihn qi nrr? I: that, Inlrrd, wtitunw tn? viiihle. null'.* the Hllirk < f I trnimik ami guarantee* of lief terntoni h * rrr to ha*e takeu an aeiive part in l?ci ?uj1>?rt J hi- military oj^rulionii ol th* il.iy np(f<?r to h*** been conducted hy the I?*ni? ??i h ??|ii.*l ?kill -md Valor ; find altlinMi'h tlir field ?nm mo<-t holly eoate?t?d on Iwilh Mdea hy thr atnhhura valor of thtrooj.*, the iiefe?t of the llol?'Pin army aeema to have been renderrd inevii ?r.le hy tin1 inferior judgment of their fieiman le??tera?ih" ?T) m- n in whom tln*y mort relied The |*Mtitinii of ih? Htht* iii limy in thr Miniheeaiem eorner of ihI'n' hj' of Hrntatrig, extenrtid from Kok'tufi'i)' 1 iiirf .^i hlriWiit HO llif rmiil lo n am II n?er tll.-d the 1 reefie fiowirt! 10 h Miiilitrflv direction, ?lii'-h hoiinilnl their extreme left. Th? Germ in* had ?ht ? n t.o di-prsttion lo Ofienurt the nri'M|Mfion id Itie diffltefl I No hy h?-y> nd tkear 'imi'a Hut no (M<n>i r hril the lMni*h c. inm md?i-ii??eh?ef, t*enetal Von Krovh, l?Ci fl? the lnrt of the leiie#ei| iii*us ;tn i f .*rl?lre?i|i hy the inamcenta, thin h' I 'oreerti d *i!rntl? Mr.d ati ndily to e*erale ih?- |<l<ti of b r?n fwtfii whtrh >? ?mi> t?? huve twm ciriwiil t? IIh 101 MUnrn lie ahlli'y, und perfolilled with e.|n?l pr? i inon > nd pncre<a < >iie I i?in?h ? ori? m i n,. .? d th? Ule of P?|imatit, o" the e>t?f r???t of Ifn'nti in, to keep the atfeMHHi of the enemy ifirei'ied tu thnt aide, and |o-nlily torHfl n I indii.|| m ?f retd, on the light fltnli of the llol-l-Mn armv II e e"Heme iij(hi of the T> 'Wi advuDced the ? hole lenpih of th? I*ti. hy without onpooitmo Th* | main hody meiiniime tia-ll the lii?;h rotd mid wxy hriwrr-n th>'im^i ro?M# of th* l-ihuiii* in 11?<Urrli h*n. At?n> mid thr Dan^h ci.l< r? art* Itaiii <i with rithiialiiMii; ?n4 from ?h? lati*r ti.wn th* Im* < I mti U 4? (Mi >1 M thw?at, on riM>f fo Hm-tim. nnnl tt nrriv*'l the l*ft f>nr>|i i f >h?-1 ifciif, n ? I'Wl wuh thr I >1 -1- in Ifltwmp dwlFr (iric r-il Vm dcr Tnnn T?'i?'vrrr ?-li inn<-1 on i iimjuI in *it< nil* t? forr* tin* i of the ii*ff, lnil in th* tn*ant iftv tH* Mlk of i!?? T'?ni-li mtny ??< rnnrriiiriilMl Win to th* north ; a f?*ijfitff?cli w.i? ?riid on tli* HoUtiin nplit, <?fi.<-rnl Von iVr Tanii, with ht? lit htlmrxr on th* **tirin* l*ft. w? rut rli ftom th* tiiHin liody, nml ih< Ihiiitk intnktrjr, with a |mwrtfiil |mrk of nrtillriy, l??ir?- down with irrt itptilil* I'Mllnntry on th* r*nfrr of th* rit*mjf tit <''-r < >*i <rnl Wilti??n hunwlf; thr halt I* w.* llirn fought for inaiiv houm with **tr*m* t*na>'tly on th* diirrt ro?H to th* town of ."Vhl*?wn Th? i Qrttnan* w*t* nt Imi'th Hn?*n Iwrk with rr<?at )<> ? , and although thrjr *f~?-tt thnt h*y r*tr*nt*d inifoori oid?r, tli* l*in*n urvjiirMionnM* *atrr?d S^hl*-wi? . thnt c?ni* n rht, ?ktk>t th* *n*mr witMrrw *?rn I ft' in F.? krrwfctd*. Th* i?orth*rn Ifcirhy thu? ' at one* rl> ?r*H fr> m th* i iv*?lini; fuiw, and tt r*t trma? d dimlnfnl wh' ih*r thr IWtiiph fJ*n*ral , not imniir lua a?l*ani?a?' by th* iMtcupn'ion ?> Mof | M*m At any r?t*. wr wmy maiimr ii^l ill mil? itar* rPMirfiinc* ?n tlir pan m in- mi ni'? n ai < . ml Ktrl and Rrt'iMHirs MiuM *t kaiit hr hrM by ih? Kins'a tro*>|?. ?rw1 th*- i>r>??i-??nal p?>v-fu ?? |?rohi?hl? Wf r irn-'ly h >,* that no rDKi.krn ftrwa of p ??tic fewte U Us M r?-a4 I iRK E *DAY, AUGUST 12, 1850. I settlement of ihe question. It ie h misfortune, nrid in every re*|>eci u <Ju?:r.n'f, Hi ! tln? lernhle wr,i?toi huniHii lite should have been required to rli^pnl the delusions ot thf rtuil to 1 a'tue ter the wain of resolution uu<i iil-tui drilling on llie p?ft of the gie*t j'owf-rs of l>jiro|te Bik since lli?* buttle li.i.- hern fcuiglic -,.1 <vnu, let I ti.iiiMrli utifi lh?* w >rlW at i Km I'rmu <>r 1 it; hikI let iik hear no mute of a caiiae which h id i la-en ubandoiicd by (hone who onoe prnfes"ie I to j dt-'t tut it. It im hard to lay a?i<ie a cherished illusion and j to ?itncm the destruction of a policy which hid i influenced the imagination of an enthusiastic

[ people, but 'ht? decisive event must bring home : the conviction to e?ety profesttor ui lunyu jurtt ' throughout Germany, that the riiihia ol' an unleI pendent, though a atnall nation, are not to he ill ? i pcieed of by uc?d?intc casuistry, or by popular j song*. II'the Gertnaua Me bcni on lekjiricitf I tins ternniiHiion ol the contest u to ili'in! ?-|ves, we nmst tay stiuli a huiniliutt ?i i- niir ly ' tst lf-itii(H>sed No one in Lin rope, and e>,?-i,i illy 1 no one in this country, has shown >iny div sitmti ] to unp'ti^e on their righu*, to cjuteat t.nir h?! fill authority, or to reduce th<-ir just in I i?-nce ; ' but when any .Slate or any people thinks tlint it can ! n move the It.ndmai k? ot Kuioix- and dictate sius'le1 h.iuoi d to its neighbors, the i.o union -*nse of jua tier mid 'in common interest of p?-ace re.ii?.i Mich a."gret-nons. If Geiin iiiy had really determiti-d, as k me dI her iiidticnt I champions ventured to asm r', to tiui? h<-r leyioiiit into tin* foulest, she would It ivc incutred list* cnl<>iinli' mi I the ?uil <>( .1 j^hu.-rtil war, and ofwur wii h mr -.11 ally. Shj <nor<* wtacly tcocd aloof, and re pressed .1 i-v iii,ni ti>' .?h did not nfti l 10 roocrul. The re.-ult piovi-s (ft if it U nm by the native foiee of the liticlni**, but l>y tic iui,ir<vr of Germany, th it il e eontist ha., uioiie b< i n protracted to Hits day, and <1! t>ie eviU il < ( < provinces hatr endured ret.r it| in th It-id of the irckitM ngitilurn who succe'.! ?I m ini-*l> tiding public opimou 111 liei niany on thi- 'i i 11 the i>hii of Ocnni.i!k, the and tin1 j-ntl-rU'liH of a (ialbiiit DKli- ii liavf bet 11 gloriously r w allied, Hiid though tile ti ll'* H I h > .v coin* whea 1 li?- ti^hin < f ili> t town may be .ifoicd wtiiitvu ftiilhi r <<iileMatit<i\ wr hope that they will In- ,ij. cont|aiiiied with inartutioiii. i.ilc.ilued nut oi;lv to prt*erv< 1 lie union of the l)iui-h niomrcliy, but in m ore the lil?Tii<-8 and the atl'ectioud of u free ai d not uiideservii l' people Npnln ami ttar Vulti'd tlliiti? In r* j<l J 10 mi article ? hi :ti .tjv in dm lie Worth I Avici irun (iazetie of the 13th of June, mlili-ned it i hiiin.i l| liia, the iMtidll.l Etptrilu 4ol Ihe I7'h lilt, putilibhe* u ,lt.rg *nd ably ?vrnt' n aiiicle on the nilject of u,ti rnnhoiiHl l?w, I'phoJdi'jj; ill - ii^hm e*t ri'iftd by Spain and orl.< r CuMpciiti n<tton.* over their colonies. i-feirmg more e- f-oi ?iiy to the 1 r>\ eni attempt at tho iuv.imoii of Caii.i l?y ciii/mij of il e I intrti *, mi! d?prrcatiiu ihe l.inyntye . ?>l 11 me H the American Jrti ma!*, and the fcccret I n ( ! < ; r aivni by niemtiers of C<>m{ie*?. | 1U l'bliao??lptiln (i'ltellr (i h\ * tin- Kijiana) prutini^l I tii .t -I. <ulii a <jUf.*tiou ?ii/.e r< i-)i?ol!ut the Ictfilitr of ; i" 11 y |)*iie>rilliiyila uur trann'laiillt doIooin it^baiiU in mt inlUt-a to tl>? Uniiid Stitf K0,er?i'ien! ?uil 1 in'I 10 11" g 'irniOiMl bi'um; It pie&en'lAlbftt 1 h'>nu lirnfldpi 1 nil tbrlr HUthoiltli*. be??u?? -ttii?lni >Iml?rit tn.m tli? K<iT?rnuienl ?f lb* connuy t?i ?tii.i!l th-jr I ia| | rikU-. lull under ili? ju(i*Utolt>>u uf .1 fornipa I 1 HD ?nt wldrh. wtcii It bf tintp? it. qunMrim tlivir 1 trill u nprrr ?l?*. II|4 tliiuka itm-li a iu ri*"dt?toI ! 'II ut* ollli r? 1' |>r?*t? Dun 'l)?t a law priuu u 1K itcj n ! tl ? I l. ticl Hlatfa nh'<ul(l tn lii *iiOd lu i'uIn, and in i ?EH(la: Ihht tLr ant h"riti?n in Ir,pro?lo ?nh inld ! O'tiauit Ihe m? mb* ra nf rnonre-a h**fwr? iiiur X it 'It 1 I'rri. left, |>> n bince. tlie> alioul l hu d> auicd .ino riliy I I') 'hi in aud tlial I li* territorial jurirdi stion whiru | ia lodi-) rnotnt ?>t tin (nrwnotkl ol the c >uutrT. | rboi til bv al p* Da?nt upoi h foruiro govtroyi' ot it I r?? i df lltaHy. tl at thu territorial Mirrrelguly ol Mil HCtl 1 Kngland ahould h? i*diii'?d u> ? nullity. mm li b tux bi*?t auiti-d to tba '.DtrrratH ol tk? 1 ullrd gtali . Tin- lIei and < hj c'. of |>1I IMa i? n<> aanrat to D< It ti * wlah to iii\f >4 ib<* go*.- uora c I oloiii? wr it a aotrcri i^n authority indtp- ml ut oi 'li.i inoihiT eoiintry to i tti-i t a n-jmalli u ..'r/ rfo A attempt l< ' uladr to rrrair UiHir ulliei- and ttif w ot>?t,rii-tl >n? In tli* aay oi thr I oral |i<i<iMiiriit< uf tb>*"' tMlaWt t*i n ntlft nil ailDttiii-tratinn lai|maaibl?. to p?-riuiade the Inhabitant* that tberv U no pram ?t pro-pi ity lor tin oi without niiiif xatlou tc tti>> Unit I jliateii Thi* t? tbi> ob.lrrt In *|i * au ni.jent wdi-ih will not V. attaint I. for Mpkta ? t<? maim alii a?r ruth'-* Ilk Ivlkt la>t I'atf' uiitjr, and b-Miau-n ?l??- I'ui'.n* >1 at* tlir li jaily i.f nil ?pauiurU> and l?a*ir? that in rail* of a lirtailon. the 3< <uii<ti rar? would '>< ati Mub'U l.y I ha AH|<li< Union, tbeyar* awaf- ihtl the n I iiion the lutigu.iv>- and the cuxtoni* id thi-ir f .rafatkara woulil rnuli-h ra.iiilly irom th- ? II and Hi it lb> y would gradually iltk.iniMraMi'ik) mo.e loStii-iii ?l bodlm alii would rngrrly * upon tin* rinh ai d frrtila mil. tin* pn?a?i>?ion of *1 icb w?a tbi if-dd- u bi I' wbicli riitlrt^ tba l.ur. am rr? of tan ViMMal ILa print Biiinbaruf atraugera alio (irortad tot.'uhi to t ivy ' I'a adini'iffiii cfTt-r?-?4 by thai lnaMtlfui Iniid In ta>a*a laiga forlUDra tb?rr by *erclain* goniMt' a oi thalr pru'rM Ion* uudir tlm^uotcotlon ol tUn Inaal-y * hu ll it If |(?Ti-rtiad. la a auMrlmt pri.ul (Itat tliey do m t ?-ar thr arbitrary ruin attributi-U ta it* governor, or iliat tin ) u ay lorlall tbalr liberty au-l tbelr lort una, and Id a"oth bra * niiiutr Ikn rlab rewat I tl-at aaaitt lb* lot< lll|(rut add In Iu?lrlnu. -nan in that |?ll?ll>n?d ri jiii n of Au.rriea ?i> rannot b-- "urnri -4 at tba I?<i-ti,?i. w h which no tinny ?tran( ra from liataiit land- w* k it? ?h >r?n ataou^ wh<nn ttia toftoAmrrlrana et'iiinbuti do lati<iirld>rabta in mVr Cut tl tbr gutnrutnvnt oi th?* I'niu l i?:at^ m ira t??li up el thr nlil) nf h?r r|U?n? ' ban tn?innliri appa-ar to br, I) ul tpitliin that lb? rtatiliah-Ml . Inaa lb < uba do Dot i*fli t ruM' trul K<iaranl*?? '"r | th> tn li would br tg< ri' ji|?t to 11atxt th> in ? ?klni( a I riilikBcall Um iatand than to ili-Diaoil an i Itwulmi j inlbr Ill'tll* laar. aaii to tli?'iral r?iai i iu? haI lai n tba proyiurn and thr- in >'brr rojntry In ?i-rm? I uc u-ail and unbrard at. and alnatrd by rapnea "f by l In'm-at. It la a ?i II kt own fa.-t In tha I'nlM Rtataa that Pj iln n il hriflaad aa Indnpi-ndntit nallooa rilll. if Ibiy rbcra nliira a Jti>l-a 1 o Into thrlr tarrliofy to MrHtigara. anil thit tli? law of rl*!it nould not In ai* tarad on tba pit a of rlvliilty i *. n t-lnniid Iliat in iijhhnr b> tba I iilii d Htala-a I ndrjn ndvnaa latin priuii law mnu aiiai u*ih>i<n mi?i id?uh *11" *?" ] ?? nl? urn of a rtitf. ramjet br dnlMjul in Ib? ?aio? i w?T tl at It aM.ld cot mfll -r that It" rltiiona of th? I I ti.tru Mal'a Mould alWgr that it aui'r I tli'U to Ma. tkbilab ill* n >? 1?> a at I > kll k without Qrat Uwna tiling th?- j.i tnkaaloli of <kr Kmpi-mr l>l ? hlna I )tr c tir tart *? bail |i< wt^u la *ra lb* AntloA m? riraa rlt i> na *< Iinli-U !n>ni Cuba all t(<at <*a <! ? ?tr? la that lh< ; ahould ba a li)? rt to th? la?a of Iba foULtiy . tLal b>< gn> to rxi-mpt tba-m In m lu jarU4|cuon and that lha l-tiiiuaia 1 rtphta r>t Kurojiaaii Rovart.ntrntt ahould n t b<. aacrlItmi to aurh traai;>- autl ualouiidr J naot' .n. 'I In* /.'.'7?/?<i coih-IuJi- liy r*ominc><iiaM ih<" lin<* ?>f < imIhi I lolioWril by tl.' I a11' I-ili< Ik'^PNUMl ' c f tlir I 'nitril f*?at? a, in w atof> M? lb* amIniioua plana nf Lnprit anil hi* crrw Such 'tii duel, II wya, lnn)>irra UN wil t the < '?ul I 'liro that , ihf ynvrrnmrnt of ihtt t ,nib:1c * ill not jif -writ 1 da irnnrin wfiit-li 8,?iia ntoK tint n r wwiM no' *rI r? itr In, ?i?rl wIin h wtiiihl arra'inlf pf""' fatal I m ih?- ihf fiTnd-hi|i row i xu-ium beiw??lfc' t*o J lu.t.ii.*. Affatu In Knglni'da Tkf Ibuil^h ijiafhiHm la rv:iti?if Ufa* ini?l??',n i? if thought iha? t.h ml.I our iia<ii in the Bil'W I" inirifi-trtf with, i? will ibrrfutV <*f ' lala-kl in iJiahr a ntcvr tn |iml?rt h T nwi Mflinr*' ' 'I'll* drbali- on lb' ?il Baron Hi'trharlilltj Wa? trail rm il t n llw iftl'h ull I ? Mil lha- llinia" >ttlirnird hmki!nni>?i?>n by na iitrT?hrlin'?l "if )i t it> ; I nt < n (Hi -eniin.- hi ti^-'T m-i in^m i>t h iitii ?im, porn* itiflimit* -kk* m> mt^' wninn* of ih? i*iIm b? hIhiiiM Ink', Th* 'nihn ?f ""f lift fUcn iM. i ) wrrr ukfp hy lh?* h?w r*N' m m N-r ??i hrmtaiiiiti, in Hie Jr+i-h ?*rew* wj'h the itmiIui .on dn* hoi > The ?wth of uljntntirn Wim thrn ten fev-d lo h>in, ?nd he IihiIj l? elf ttcriA i he ? or |||.- i/ue l?ith "f a f lilliliiin," *n<l until hr r*fue?i1 lh?*n; IveaiKe ih'J *'!? no: hindihk on hi* n>MK! e io?*. Th? ' 'h?n rtirrrti <t the |>?ri<n In withdraw Thi?K<?e [ r im? Ion * ?? Ion* <!eh??e, whirh MUmlrlf W ?o nether witjonrBinepi. ^rnilh (f'Bik u in to I" fimi??il from M*li? UUi.d to H?-h<?f Town, *lir,T he In hr ?e;<t la 1l? * ronliiicmrnt. Tht* Hr\.a ? Ihf Miti Ivp'l)( l? il" IV?ee m Krmkl'-n, hm wklfin'1! ikf Liverpool | iiMt wi'h lM'kpii < 'it recei.t nt the i lii mi Ifttelli? H'~ ?f,}" <<?' ? ? "I' if-iirriti T? ) lor, n in"i it"K of thr milium of the St.,top, rotilMit in l,j*i r|n? I. w*a#' I *t the Attn ti ?in nmrlil.ile, i|tr I'. f*l itr? . oii??il in 'h' hxir. ? h? ii r'?>lmlnM wrrrmMrtinnrlT ?ifci^M, iif ih*' hijjh ?r)imr.iiMiii? h?-ri?h"l >? h'? un a of lb* hI iliiy, *r ?i, iniegrii/, "ti4 put* tir aptftt iif the Utn?ntrt| m 'iter nnH !iir^nn, ?a<1 regret for hi* lo?? A |e-titlo? toC-murea* *hi I"' xdi'i'ii'd. if 41 mi Mimr (rtuMiiril nMMKd .o (i'li'tnl T?)lnr iii W lun/'np The CTopf nre vtj ia ppe*r*?CTnrkfr F.aatla n irrni.i* M il-trMit tl*- dmnmrwi"" *rf?r <| fltr ? My of -viiiixr i, go* f n*""' ?' '? rum-; Xf ?lonf Iioiim'?, imI 4.*> I*""' "' " w" <*, Imtr (ffn i(n>lfii)til Th cHiilfh, IW I* ' id m* r>l ihr mhitan'cior, of mmi-V" *?*j uthi.riiira, h? pri?<M, ????? ? ?. ?h? ??' " it, \'a, <<?rn , if b?r* l*e? ?w i . . nt* rntrn*f**d < ' ihr nli?? < tnp of Tirhr* n ?ir.* in .ifiif lirgr^r <M"t. !* ? >K(h d, n unt*ciarr> ) ArMMri, wkril |*r rnntxt p "k** Ow*" .< urr?f drn ntid I S^otkfan ? tr frtMB [ERA Our Pari* Curri'ipoiirtrnrr. I'i:us, July 2T>, JHjO Trial of I* Pmivoir?'111* Nntiomil AwmMy? 7-' ui? Nupolttm? 77)t Sunt try of War?7Vi? Soi talutt?Count of Put it?Ittibtlla iif S;mtn? Puitu^'il?Ameriran /.'?u y i?? Suitzr-lanl? lit (y?'lutkey?Denmark ani the J J us. hut?Hut ma?Pram/cut 'I'uytor't Death. Th" trial of the journal Lt Puuvoir, by the X.i_ tional A^enibly, which took place on the iHth inbtui.t, lias been much ceumrtd hy the whole p-es* of l'arm. Nothing wkh more absurd and out of btuson than such a ventenoe, delivered hy a body constituted to make Uws, l.ut not to imke them oliMtvtd. It made me remember, though it w.n not for a similar oH'ence, the of John Nugent, which was the cauec of mo much ridicule in War hiugton. Mr. d< Lamartimere. puhli*hvr of tie Puuvoir, was aeuten >ed to a line of 5,0H>, beiny tbi maximum of the penalty ; though itw?M well known toailtfie m-Miilier* of the A.-t-eiubly, that the true author of the lucrimiuatcd article was Moil-leui (i'aiiter de (Jailagu *>r, who had written it umier the iiiMhU'ttmu of ihe l?ly?ce. The sp--< ell ot Al Olioix tl El Autfe, lor the, Writ- COIlUlli r> d Veiy poor, uud, tholiLjIl tli ' ailoiuey had only to prove that the..c w,n< ii?t in the article go much to nuke a lux: about, yet he lulled, lie Inlytit have protested more euri^eliCully agaiust ihr mwuiuguf the National Assembly instead of tiiouiiole and ?.uuils. la the |i>..iiiiou whu-li Frailer now oc-upies hi horo,i-, and with so much ijinircliy in our at'.nr.-, the .1 vti'ies ol oiir iihiiou Inve j iveu a very poor opinion of their int'l|i((|,ce ll ) nil le*il Cdl> fully the lllipirtl tl ?(edries ol ilieir siuinvis, al tile new Palais .National, >> u iility 1.1(1 tiiele i.i no place il ihe woil.1 wlH-re " ioaler*'* ol al1 Kilta so corjjrrgate to losult ' o?I' r, am! ?io mulling, or, hi lenst.ilo evil, huiiDg the Whole length ol the day. In abort, in the c.'se ol the /'i.ui'.?/'', we have Ivell reimini ol the well lii own I. Iile ol. Km>p, *' I's.i tnunnt tii mtrn tiltJi. llltr I nil' Th? jitomgaiiou ol ihe Hou?<* '1 decided, hut the meitil in who are to re111 tin hi dunui; Ibc vui ;.liuu, lire uol yet elected. It it list i.s known before I clo?e thin, Iwill loiw.irri il to ) on. j Y'U air aware of Iti** duly which will lie l ii l 011 i ihcer iw i ; i). fi i c, a ho uik to ti on lue yui rti/r lor i everyili.iu uniuvoi. or- lo Ihe diguity of lhe A? | Hti'hly rumora are already o* the luj'n relatue to ihe |i:oroj{iilion <d' lie Assembly. Amu*, ti e n:n>! |.|.iiimItIc iintl t.t linn?ih ii Loui | N? pol- >1, w l)ii lit l< 'H'Wil; >1 military entourage ' lor I II. >elf, ha.s I. ii unvoted to retire lo tin- jitl o:e I ci Ih >i Ir /tiii VWcH'oi, innr V craaille*, *ii*re, | under th? |'iete>t ot n'h gialrrr, he would Hiirv?i j llie (oniiHtiou i i ih?- < uc.uii,>i i lit ol 11 /i! iini Silury, iiid iherr wuitli the 0|>iuir(uue moment (o : III kc it rtlif i/Viil. T he 12iM0 ni'liwtto -vill he tliere, will U* crimen fioiu .fflioiijj the more <1. vnteil to ilie memory id tin Kui|ieior, u.i well .t.-t from the if Hum lit? w hit h w ill he in ilie barrack*?>( 1'irn. Tl e whole UIIII'UUI tr <?, ? would he MI.IMI III' U, i?m! ihtii' wi -.hi eiiahleihr PreMileui to he hroiii{hl j on llin M hhit Id" a hi 1'hurunnntit. < >n rhe oilier dliie, it i* III*o -aid IjouiN Vi|?o]r on in .itvuit 1 I !MMim p#li? to Vlfii the e?il id t funre, Hlld amuM 1 roc id to Be*.ir^on, Cour-l<-Srtiiliiier and l.vom j i ()rdeik buve mImi tx "l* enl lo M?f(~*lll?H nud Toil- , | l"ii, lo ihr men-id-w ir win h were in the piiitu, lo Mill fur Cherbourg, where the ['re.-ideut ia to in- j t-peil lilt 111 A lin-lift Ml I..any contradictory ' i*y- I iTijrf," it ih eat-y to uiidrriUlliI that i.'-ese ,irojeet* > lire all (i'.hll/-h'd in I ldel lo prevent the *,({os~ije j mi! | i.tnn " In in In i.iiikf i ut liie true ili-Mjiin < ) Hie | Proidriit ami |.in Iut mix. I i i-i 11-1 d'lli'iii|<?iilt v hem 1 have so often ' cjx k? ii nf hi my im-i-ertii t: corn l*?iidereet on hi* JiiKtiuil fir mmi>li(, i? ("ill ?i tb?- he.ol ot the >Vnr i ! epariliint; Inn !* iii"-ure<l tti it il ii in i?|iite of | I Oner.I ( hiin*!'irnii t*? wirhea Kveiy d iy the j nr?>|?i|ii'rr contain iirwn ill qimrrrln bft*ri-ii ihi -< iw o inlli'Hr) imwetH, elid It i* certain I d'Unul^Hiu* will I'l.iy, in ilni' nil or, tli put of the 1 euiihriiUHi'r "K ijjM the liou *oU|H>ol?lie wdl he I hr. k'li l<nt, when he gendH in Mi rexi.jn iiinti, I Will rri I> Ii i 1 Hehlireil ihtl lie wll hive il hi* 1 heiula the p'|?r by which he wil' lie elecu-d | Ciovi ruor Ci-utul ol Alkfimi. Tlie red repiililirnlit, tb( llfill Very o'liet in tt|>- ! lieumiKe, me rev.-riiii ie>* iimui} nil ibrir cirriiiiM i to oifHinre iKetr |ibnf. The ie?iirr.< ol the |?Hriy 1 lire hi (ii>wnt in 'he i>I md of <in? iii*. y, (he ne<r| eft |hmit to France, wl.eie liiey m.iy Intve ri|.nl mI ti rt-oorte with their UH-neint ? ?.f 1'iirt?* Le^ru Jiolliii, Fell* l')ot. Hint l?o?Ji4 Iilnne, were ?ceii I ill the )iori ol t)ueriiM>, Ml the l!)th irialunt, hy one |.f my r< IhIioiib, Mho had Il-lled the I.ukli"li lehuid, on b.lrfiier-M. I' i? il jiOsini.'e f^ct I'nil llie r?-f1 repuhlicariH are ii .iknii! Hronud lo ilnd a e| i t Itivomlne an their ytwntur gtnirul Al if je Bttl Ut of the Minn.imio'.r, a.i wkiii m? ih" vachiii n of ihe .Nalional A^Hemnly h-*j{in?, will l-?ve 1 'h I iii. end vimI ifcetl c*oii^"derale?. A <'oiiKrena i- mIm> ?(?>ke:. ol, tu I poiimwI of air the mtellifrnl men id the |.ally. The lirat ohjeel of the lent,ten would he to aitree njMifi n I act which Ik (mid I** h intlit ttl'i, the o<*ciiiT'-nre of w hich I would b<n.n, - ili?- hikiimI IV>r a movement. All th- I |r?l?n it lu *li llftl XM<\ W|!h l|?e en;cp'IO|| of M. I t >irai lin* w bo la t-xciuiird from 11..- ilrlitk-raliwi, h i- in favor 11 |4oj?tt. Slliubur|[, Initio, ?!<if"K, nnil Mi.ii' 4 tin t ki?- poiiittii no the citir* whete a imcting ? < )?! t'ike plice, hut th? majority pivler ill** deiwvttnent < ! Sarnie ft L'lrc, i ih oanye it M nraret In Swiiierbuid nn?! (i?Tnnny. Ill ? ?.!" the torjprn h hi I t out of I'MnC, it h<4 hrin iVtidril (lull DO'liitii would be done wiikh w.nlitli i tlim.ivr rilli". lo | oln e or to diplomacy \ \Vhlbt the niiei ill lata are iIiuh |.ri ,piuiciii their ruNpiUkiatinD, the ttirur i'lvuiihoit Inn wriiirn fl? in toiarell Ht tu CiM' irrifrrtt, :i l?-lt>*r ilir- I'-d at him-i l.edru Kollin, Maz/ ni, ( VttMidiere, I'y W, 1a> uim lilnnr, mii J nil ill'- I'ail era of llw; mtrty, win "b j WH? |.ii!)l, btd in the j .11 III.11 l.e I'tM'/j/r i/f IOt, whiili i^lhf miw mi Ihr famed I'oix ilu PrupU, s hut which api?ar? monthly, tnatend of daily. He , m the author 11 the well known axiom," Propriety I* a Uirl'i After havinff r^fti'tni, in * l< ii* elaboratr, yet in ? runi;ii? >i> Ir, ilw itticlii nl hi* full ?fiifi whi had c*ile?l him a m m full >?f pride, and c1?ii|. rnu? ui Ilia principle*. a bully ol4lMMl||hla; lie nr. veiled lh?* lltci r? ?f llieM* llioc'li pi'lilici Mia, and, after having cpoln-d them nnVr h<a fr -t, after hav wu rhiiMhed ibeir impudence with the w?(! of an ac.Tj, he lw|iiii'? ihrlii with the nukDili' cf /iViif*.?i/, ? hi< h MtTinh'-a in ifooil I n(I tli, In niln^! 1* .iot that the lineal ijn ihftc.itn n to he fitri to ibex- fnumn iff rtfiVaii.iM, tbeie mbtili'U n-ep, IV11 ?it vanity and wind I And Mr. rpmdhcn niay, wi'h reaw.n. I* eoni|?-?red to tlx re m/i>?it In i iMn. alnar nul l'n Ihotiilti'a are like 'he rt. trior |.f truth, lie ak #?r hy th.'invlv.a Whilrt i*ie ri tici are tnua at' u kiui} e ick ofh-r, the |?(ti.,m-ta rut (lileniilMa mutate their example, iiiid ui?tca.l of uniiioit na they ought to do, in the Mttiation in which we are, th>*y are daily | tenjiti-t* ji wineib ni' which roav api? ar imn act 1 i'( k'?ti l'r ?(iiiiifI mrh other The lirat romnn- | iii' ti '(the Ox.n* nl I'atia trciy l? considered aa Mf i f lln y -cte. |! wae the cau^e of a journey to Knclm d futti all tl.e lead?-ra of the party, and the ret? irnmy ?bi h took place ' i*y he eon>idered aa a eolenm e.t'i, deliver* il in the h .it.I ?d 'b" aeron l ntail ?. t It* Linurli.m i i l**?Mrk * Il i? M'^ll k:.< ?ii ihm ?r prm i rd to i? re?to??ti m, hut, if ill' two kldf.rh** of BoilrHon? do not unit* tn<rth?( | mtif li??t that > ( h?kiDir th* KrpiMif, ih? \ * >11 forti.jr it Tin- iiiuiruld of y< ?trr<la) <rc filled ' "ith loo" il'tml- tMiili** lotltr ilim ot'ty nn'li' hy lli? i.f * rm?[Mr?rY ?.f th?- rot"! Th**'- ??.itl?Rirn i.f bi | Miiii t fit, h?i) formed n uowlitiwi tiixi? i ihr iixtur ?>f " Nf m'm," ih?* ?>f r?*?rfr, ' i.rt thrir <' > i>f IT*. imik Wa< tlir H ! M Virti*. No l<* Tmrlv.' individual* w??tp ?rit n<-.| <>n >> ?i?.t. ni?iiy wrtr * i/<-it among ? lii* li w< rr tbr rriftl tiK'o* <?t th?* wm-ii-'ji, rnttaiuii'K thr ir.i'M MiKUiimry i>fincj>il-*? A lrit*iin*l of ilrjili *>.ii i? l? >'i>?iKiitiittd la r?"f of ?i<y m A Inr'T* '|?r?>??t)t of emu mid nmtii'tnt'ton. d?*fr* mil ?iff hi th? fai-l'-Pt"? ni ih? rrrriri) h.iIivuii. I* Ihui *' no, '*1 *f?n th? rttr.'d ??f Kiinff hy, IW'I lh?- d?*v?<'-?blr drfdj of parttr*. 1 In- |f?i r.-efivr<1 from f**min it of a rrry aaiiohcintf rkaft'lrr Qtrrl lW?ll?, wh'?w iilMM ?>; rni>?i?lrr*d of n rrty lUng^r-ii* ch<f*^trf, I* itro*? tltij , *nd l??tr? room tor |irflmtnni? l<i b*i thi* I'rmiT of Moui*iim'Iiii ?i?d thi* |ml' ?t Miiri|?nn#r. I huff * ?? told hy a lli tli*n who arrived ttorrr dajra ?U" fruiu Vl vlrnl, *?hi?.-i* hr rorvi r+rti w?h nc ??f ih* r|o?tm? who WD* |>rr??nt at lh* nci'ourh'IIK-At of th*- Q*"l, Ihui (III- nr?ff VI h* ?hlr in givr lit It** nhildtrd; r?*?d ?, hrr M? )<-?(* li^'-lla i? atinckH h> ?n l h*r ailaaltoa i? nA?l ti'irririi- j I |i in Portiiiri I. Il>? nrw* ri-r?i?>H lI llw l.llh 'in that >tv fovrrtinH-nt K?* hn illy *gir?d With ih<- L'linrJ M M?rr, Mr OUy, irlativr to i|?^ f-Uintf of ibe raK'itri of Wa?tuurft?i? If thu in n*, jron n>my MiufiM I'm y?m hd?r vm* tyimf It mowi, m ?K?- m irli taf *4 >i?i <tUir? No itcuhi ih?i l.fiflUml, Kr?*r? mvt h ???m Kfl?id |?n ilfir ?fto, o? rt?b*r ?h*ir tn'Mvrntliot, on ih*t "flair U ihr h4rt*.\ ?m*mMr h?? hrcn p*r-tngnr4 nil (Arfotwr ; <t<w1 hrfhr# itw rlo.fnf of th* Mtlmr. Mr I. M?o? ti ' ( l Urn wMiri &UM* tte ftm mutmrt rw m?i m I ? T v\ JU 1J. ? , , TWO CENTS. Ifcf twrmy-thn-r caw ., hud ih- hoanr ro r In* i'i? (i? iiiitiL in r?i^ .l . . i ? ?' ?-?? * in tfi uir inir rm council ot ilerne, and to it-n-nre ih>- ni-tor retiuhlic iii Luri>|4- of nil lllr good frrlltmil eulert/llued hJT ib< xnvrri)ment Ht VV,tsiin,j{t<(ii iiiuMfiit- her. The nrwf Irian Imly is not very interesting. Tli? government ot Piedmont in anxioiia to di'Mtrojr tiie v?<Iij iiiii-irv pri(ici)<l<n i>l iii>- M1//1111 iii' 11. At Ctznle, a citv wi ll known for impiMtorit of ull kind*, n 111111 who hid tried, fnrth>- U.-t .iu iininifw, to |>MfH hnn-ell oil us a >eourid .F?*-i,ih OlirM, eeiitiiii* il 10 |irit-on. At Rom-*, thi* Po|*j n org mi/ii i; liir jiiivutc ?imv. Ai N <the dilli :uity winch itrot-e from th'- HMrriiu-- of thi* Oo'iut ol' Mint* mol'ii with the Mister to King Ferdinand 14 v > 1 uiin lilt d. The nii.iiMi-r of Sj>->i?i in im* at |{? me, nwhiiinj? iiriirr* I'min Madrid. The French Heel, W 111 a) 1 Wl? In the H iy III lVti|i|-H, HHlle I Irnlll tlieie mi 15<h ini-i , nod w t 10 <:rut?e uiih- wan-M of Tunir, to |>ieven( ihe Tmliii-h ntj'i-tdrou from utim It u the 15. y of thrtt country, wno li id h<-eu miIi 111* i.ed l>) thr Sut.linie Pone 10 sub.Mit ngusu . 10 1 In- ( onr.iiiou ot Iiih hauttnis. In I in t i i, 11 Utv rtjii'iiHl the freedom of the liri-.-w h?* In-i ll |iHfM-il .11 1 h'- rlirtinlii-rH, mid created jti <ii m iimi'ioii in th?t mil ill country Ai CoiiMunnni i<l , 'lie S ili.ui h.11 returned frmn hl> \<>)ugr 111 Ihi- Arcmpel.igo, wlieie li* h i I he* 11 ft ('lived Willi ill*' 111 III! ml ulhunt.isill Hi^n nihur-Miul lo l'uii>, Pnno- K-1II1111 Id. wh'i received Hie hoi,01 nt hcng n !tn*-il I ink*" of ^ino>, Imi nUM-il lit it di^iiiiiv, mid will rem mi her*- 111 he C'fMiCily which h*- occupied li-lnre. li is 111 in 111 Mint no o her ciiruyi woulil h ive in.* nil '** ah!e 1111111 lie in to occupy HI*- |iu-|ii?u n 1 iii.-, 11 nd to lie more |n>,iuinr H"**- if.i, I I.- only wilV, I'riiicrtu Killmi-ilti, i? onu o| i|i. liiiiiil.oii.eM mid lovt-ln -.t I (li-- of ilo- ili,>lo- ' in lie (11|*> M iii' I*aiii.?rinie, who urrivrd .it < i ii ioiiiino|i|e iiii tin l?i mil., ?j> lofteiv*d wiiii tin 1 li l.itnr l>y die Siiliiui, who inviti .J h in to iimiii 1, null tf.tve him ih' ciOBH nl th** "Nitoti.uu 11 i inr." Cur ex-member nl tin* provi ion ?l ijor 11 in iii wm?. 10 leavr on the 7tu foi -*uiv rn i, wlier* h* will ' !'* i*?>K-? ol h* I nut grmti'ii hi 11 ?>y In- ^ 11 lit Iii'1 l'or'e, 1I1* income ol wlticll is Mid to Ii< M )lu^, aii'l WIIICIJ ?*|II l>C l|tMUI'*U lli ni- )MMI? I lit- w r m Th** O.iiH'MiH, hit >vrrii ihe i.iliililuuix und iht Kuwian iriii), Mill mm .unit** fu? latpt Minimis ItTrlV.-d (mill lll.?l ruillilty UI-.UIH 11* iliul ilit* ofiln-O/ r hail ti'rii iiikjI tiorril ly )m i ii-ii, milt ohlii"! d to wiiliilr iw. 11. IVl.'inI, t !? 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Ilolrlt'lll lllfM* l?'irlili'-, uilliKd hr ai i'ii ni Hi miii r>, wli'fli hail iiiuiii* i' Hi1* |ti>|i riy ..f ti Ii ii ii l> ni' |irincrh, Ii n1 tifi-u iiir *fi] in 1) -ii.ji irk li) iht* Iirnviil i'll till' thiauf iii III uriuHilt It') Will r till Ullllrll til lilt' i it'l iii lllli I ' Ml It'i Id Hiii ii Thr Ihwb ot ?nci ft-slmi hriun nut the > niv iii ij ?<lr-t?* in h.x hi (vifm'UllHL'fll, ihi* ll 'till iii* lim k ll).' illllill* h[iji ir*'l|l ii wdt iii f ll!i:i*.>hlil||, oil c'.iitji t>l thr niiiiifioum (tfiirinlrrii. Kiom thn oihtr i-uli', ili?* |<fii|t|i* nt hul-ii'in, 4 ii'iin nit iiv in f in m il l ingun^i , irifd, in limh, tini?c<i* lif rf i u 11 it inn.i It, uiiil juiu with tlii* i>-rui ?a 1'hlljf Tht- ?ui wlm li th i'.irri'il Irtsvi-u l'r.i 'u mil lviiin il; wu? finl-d iiy uii uinMuv,o i n li, t>ttt il lllf lull d, which whi tin illy urrtim* ntiitd hy ? in iff oiil' ifd h? kiml ml, I{.u*mi,i, mil i- rnni- l'nihui wtf, i hr rt* ii it r. olili^nl to ,ih >n.1 it?t* I )i!i hu t. in iii.'ir o *11 fiirrri ui'l ihi- nr.i >ln of Ilnlhitin, ?omti> .i.d'-d hy l'riis>i.?ii nin.'tTn, ia> VMM <1 till* tN'hlf HWIjJ DlichV, Wf?lrh W,t* O 'Uyl.-J bv l>ni*-v Tln'ff, iu liifir tin it, iuv.?'i' ! uU? hi liU mm if;, u In ii tlii- Uii-r>i.m l!e<-f ^rrivril t 11 ut If hi/a t<> ihfir l>< lli(2**i*at (>? <* . I'hr qor't'd* ?t t)i?? lHli'lliiv it*. n* >011 t*-r, very oom.'lrx, *1*1, thctt-ftlK', lulich filtn-ed Muill IiI.hhI Inn i?r?*K<*y brrn finllrd f >r thtt r nine, nod, t>v 'J? I ict i ' nil*. IHIMI hliMwIy rkiniutti'd hid niea ii,ii < bet wet u ihc iw.i .<rniii*s. ui ilillr rm |il ?c t l li> I inii?*n h?d c<t|>iur**d ? vi l a! >lii|i? Iii'Iuii{iii|{ in HtilfU-iii Whui will In- tlii- md ui *il tliint In III Si IVl.fhbum and l,r ifi>*, w? Irvito in wt of ii vry bud i ii.iIiiimi r. In lie iM|tittl ?f l\iii>i", ? lmi{? fin* took |iU?'?' in the w<rd of ih'I cii?IiiIii knllM-, on llii- Miiii iuM *riiJ | iln,t tunlil'i jf mihI nnu? ulh"' linii?-? Initicrip I iihl id I'olni.ii mmr th.m :? (() hoiine* in ili'^muot ' puiulnii* |iirt ul tin- riiy weir il"*in>\ e* In Wuin-Oitwrg, inuilii'i iiiiinlrrer w <* ?rre-t*4 mi iLi* ll'li mail ilia utnir ii (jlKiitMU Kirr rf't'lf bdCh, rook by limit", who t**iii* Ui: inguiili to nK.ii-iiinii* ill'* kini; A lirgr couvi <cy bud ?lro been i)i?i-oyit? d f-iich m th>- hitiih of new* I hive to t i t >on. 1 will only drill to them lnr>i; noti*, tint tli< ! W iTi'idiu- ilit|wirli I'V ? hirh we have re<*t?eil t>i* new* of <?ener*l T?)lm'i? il'-i'h, h.?<t f miril tleep in<|>rett?i< ii throughout the wlial- ut h r-mcr Tin* i htliirlrr, though " roii|(h mil rrmlr,'" of )nur l'trm.riit, wm nnii'h e?t?ein-*l h-re, ml evrry one rejretii ihttl hi* h*n I??ii mi noon litkr,I fn in Ho- l?nd wliii-h lii <> m fh hum r?l wiih hm rour?ire, rnrrj>) and r*jnrity A'l Jh? I'hibin in our Ffnfh |??|?"'?, hit*r h^ea vrnttfa ih hie honor, >itid he *<KHr|>-d th it If \fV lb* li'i.D of *11 (miiipp, thi t u-ii'l ol rvrry Kn*ui:hiii*n. Wr iio not know Mr Fi'lmoMs, but ?rr t?o,?e lit will fullow unlit) th? i!1!!. i.f hi* pred?*<-e-? ?r MMi, II H R 1' S.?No Milutinn hi* yrt hrrn myr- I III ih# nomination ol ih?- r< urnming m-inhrra in t*i <>? ? nl of Twrnly-tivr hi lh<- N A <- iii'.It. 7hry ronhl noi fgrrr on ihr ai|f<j?i!t Tli?" Journal /y S\hh m mm | tih.-H fiy llir j irv. Mr. I* cnoy? r, * ho Wtn 11??- author ol an uruulr against thr IVwudrn', wi Irfi f rr, and it i? Mid ImI thin M-mriH'i' will rnlii ' Mr. Htro'-H" tn |iroHncr frcji-rl of law a*;?iii*t ih- )'ir>, to r-fo-m that InMl'tlllon. which no inofr nr^ra unit i U? govrrurnrLt. Will auch .< f illy h? 11 > l -r' ik-n ? The Kr?w h M.|>al>llc. Intrlliifrnrr ha* lirrii rumul Irian thr nil III ol .Oaon-M-I.olll, m III. h -p-ik III'Ml I iviinMy of tlw M?tr of emu iirrcr anil iioln?t v, i?'l oP thr inin 'b? tni-rrivr m ibr dr|a?-ii? r> ?*iv. din 'hr miin|i? l>anli? of fhr <! ixriin^al, a- <n woJrnuMa M|>n of |>r<?<i*-niy and ri>uh<i> ner in ihr nminirriiiBrr of ordci. A j>loi foiri.rd |.y thr rrda fur hurmnj thr <r? nt ii Tmli n hud jiim hrm rtitnwiM ^ii'iifirr orBan of thr Prraidrnt, thr W*tl?v i/a X?r, tionl! ? ki <1 I ??*- A*>? lnlw> wiih Mill iftr tir r ?|ol?iirr. Thia atiH-lr, ronrrivrd in ihr in a' lurri'l|?lll>l ?rii>, lurin l* Mircrt-i >n lu I Ik- I > I" i lli? l<? uitiiiuata, ami Ihr Mont iyn>r>la, nad rr|*iiM'lir> Ham wild inihiiin'l- in il** nfirt' ' of ihr hio|?ioi, l>> thr (rirMfc'r of nhorr name tl.jur tl<?> airr mud 1hr ilrannalion of ihr Fr< nrll flrrj la a .id In h? Hrh!? ?? ')? Iloiati in, in o d. r lolakr |uii m the I'loli. ln?- luirrvrniion li-r I he aritlrinrol of I*? l/i < lit* ? lo la-nni nk 1 br Brnill id Krairf Wrrfcly rrlirri hn?r? an i n< fa.1. a( 1,00,(110 Iktnti n llw irnidiiui nt*ti!a, ?H<I ol l,*flU,W0 fralira III Ihr dlar . nit? ; lh>- (lota lirrlilalx n llil'iraard ahoul 2,(-?*il.lMHI fralira, -nrl l|?r Mim lo llir rrrdit of III* Ifi-H', f. V ?lmill ".Sli.Wll irai i a 1 hr ( ounril of Cfexlrauri'.ix hia r ?t.rr.?-??l thn * oil thai in thr in'r rr.t of lU- cwaoliil ilion <>(ihr ??rrtill*r |Ki*fr, t|v ronaliliji* n ?h?ild hr rrma?-d II lltr third i?tV ?'" lr#i?lil ir>-. A motion I n?tfhl tin w?l4fc, f..r tavrolinf ihr ?l?rloial l? of?inl frtumimt lo ih?l of Man h, IH4II haa ('" r?f? Trrd lo ihr romin'ltrr of initi?li>r Thr ullr.-lrKHMnir-l-dia i|>t>rii*r >hr motli h ol ih*- Mount <in fi>r thr rr|ir?l of thr rl- tl Kil law , ?( < r..dirt' 1 It# ul li'lr in thr .M miffttr ilu v Ir *?< thr vKjrn ??l diM ii-?n a la ih?- Aac#mM? \r?i. idiy Th# al all ? >|?ir||ol aa x i-fl-ia of Ih' ill oo?i irtiilf. In ih - trgatilr iIk I'r.Mftrni mid ih' mini*: f, * id h? |iaiiMana of ihr K'jifr ?rr r?joiriii<< ih<t r *1 lb* > '-rr.? |he ih- tiie 27ih | ?ll , ?km ifWuidi of SOO uffikf old iiiv4h<? W*rr j (f'Mtitrd wi'h fr?? tlili"* nti ihr neotoN, MKl j 'h?y (j??i th? fytlrw nt U?r lvii|>-r<>r * h. <ri? *?! I t'OV ' Thrri- ?Kf ?rvrf*l rri<*? of " V|W N?p?1 kn?," " Vive rhmpereitr," ?ad a ?f " V|W la " Hoth in h? ??il r*t>-m'nr from lk> ilirtlif.lhf l'rea?i|-n' ??' Innilt* fhT'd Thr M (i.fii.l-l) of Ihr 2? ti nil , | *?*? ll?l>r? a Hfnw of the IV?*lral of th? llrjHiiilir, la.itnitg * au?niatii'- ol l>*r?'?tii>n. of >hr?' <I.t* I Wm, hyr at mV. all ?'wU ?m?m? ia tbr Flmrk |w>rl? af lIf Mrrfilrrraneaa from ? ?hiotio ? ?tw rr Ihr rholera pfetmU | 1 lirr? w?? ao ?> ? "I inter< tin Pirn >n Mon ! dm, ihe Vth, Nut bu?>ar?e ro?lini?e? trttvr, as?| [ tl?? lair lata* ha??- done nnvh (nwl. * > ne oon>? alatr that ihr ?li'?i hirti-iii wnnli) mi la *i food Mprrtril Thr Huatw i? firm, Inl little doing Firm oj?rt?-.| Mi ?5, clo^d W H? The Rtrnmi Kmplr* Th' Auttilnn t-abtiarl hu i?-unl rlrmtUf i)f l?ii |a>?, miniiixMKK n |fin>rtl uwm'ilf of 'ta d> rainm at Krawltf *rt. Aa attempt t? IhH limit# Initially to real I. re the lottl' l iMtfiH of iM I'Mt ?t. In anp*.?t ?f t||?? (aaitiiM, |i ta -a-d that Aa

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