Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 13, 1850, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 13, 1850 Page 4
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NEW YORK ITERALD.. JAMKK UOI( l)(l% IRIIBTT, PROPRIETOR AM) IDITOK OVVICl N. W CORNER OF H I.TON AND NAMSAV' *TS. 'rut; OAn.t hlu.ti u. - r" A -I)f?u?iu?. tut. >i IKK l/.u, 11*. V, mtnit.itftr if. p,. ? "" 1 ?ir" ?b?, . . / In 'ind Ii> any pifttij Uu < ?nun;. //. 'i Pu fK/'ljyt il l MTTfihS >? >.?u, ioi iwxcripu**, ,*r until nnt er1 irmr n, u> i~ ^u. -pivi ?? >>tr pxtlnvt m!l *y Mw'mI /r.i?? fee Mtmrt/ " "tilled VOI.< tiLKKiit'uSDlu!*{'c *tau*itf%iny > <u,t fpt. 'l !|'( from'Iny qnnrtrr of th* in^'Ul ; ifvir.t."i '* iim < i/'y i-nitl I or HO VOT l( / .' /??/ n/ u UK ^miqu oxniiMralun'' 4'* <4? W , 0 in t! |. .ill . tPV ' STiNt' 'IKjV'J'.v tc<u**<! tvtry wuruttae. AktMMkNTS T1II8 tVIMVO. nOW | R\ THEATRIC, P wrrji?Tti? I'ki.oVh L**t ?tlx* li 1' N I kill Kl'M> : HIRI.Of GARDEN, Bt 8?*iori TToawl?G Ifca Tiki la. NATIONAL THEATRE. Chalhim 8|ti?r??*v Iim-Niw YI KK I ii,> J ? I'LKIn i ION. OLYMPIC, nro?dw*y?iu.i-ow?" New Yo*k Ethiopian Vru? Tkoi i'*. AMERICAN vrsri M-At ing IVBroRKAKCrjArrrn??< ? AMi Kv CMBC liniTUf IT Si H W WT l/ \ ' l / l j l i i i ?j l j jt . \?w \?>rk. 'I utldiiy. Ai-^u?t 13, 1 > "I*. Tltc CiimUH of IS.'iO. The Uu'led State* March tls, throughrut the country, are now eiujaijed in performing tht ir duurt, in tdkiag th<* ct'iuuu under l!w set of 'oppress. The information w hich they are J.iily gatbeting iu full of interest to the nurrhtut, the politician, and the Matrcman, mh thowing th>' in?if our |M>pMlhtion, wmlth and resource--mechauical, mineral, physical mtd industrial. In our columns, to-<la?, will lie found a portion of what hits thus far been crlleotnl, in diir-rrnt pirta of the Union; nnd we t-liall publish, from day to day, tuch additions us we may tie able to g.ttiier. IMPORTANT F tt H W A 8 HI H ? T 0 X. 1 lie K iipr?)t?m?n I of ilic Callfornln 1X111 In (Ik- hei.nti ? Its t*rol]?l)lt I'hmh^c To-Uay. Our reader* will perceive, l>y a telegraphic a\ nopt-iw of the proceedings of Cou^re**, yesterd ly, that the hill for the admission of California ih u sovereign and independent State of the American ccinft-di rucy, has been ordered to be engro*ied, ?nd that, according to all Human probability, it will be passtd, to-day. It will I*- the first subject taken up at the meeting of the Senate this moruinp, urd tlint it will he immediately passed, we think there tan he no ^ue^tion. This U indeed cheering newn, and auuuis well for the restoration of harmony and good let-ling between the dill'erent uctionn of the republic, which are unhappily jeo|>ardized by the unfortunate slavery agitation The future now, in reality, is brighcaing; ami if )>e?c? arid tranquillity be not immediately the icfult of thin action in the Senate, we shall !* very much and very grievously disappointed The following is an analysis of -the vote directing the California bill to be engrossed. Our reader* w ill bear in mind that it admits that Stite according to its boundaries as they were fixed by the conntitution of California: ? KM. K?*?. JltiiVii hi. of l'uDBfirLirut Atehiaon Mi??nurl HiH Tioii(Ff?e. li?rn<re|l. South Carolina. Heotnn MUnouri itr rm. Uavrnit, llisabury Maine. ilut)?r. South Carolina. Indiana. Clemen* Alabxaia. % <) ??. Michigan. Dari*. Mi??i**ippi. Ciiam: Ohio Dawiim. C?w, Pennsylvania. down*. Louisiana. Jiui < Ma*?acliii??tt?. tooie Mi-n??ipp|. Dickiueon. Near York. JiunU-r. Virginia. J'odge Wirruutlu King AWbaina. f'odge leva. Mumn Virginia. Douglas Indiana Afar/on florid,v 1 Vritf, Ohio Pratt. MurylanJ. ( rich Michigan 11 u?k. IVsn <-' n Rhode Inland Setutrtian *rk?n*?? 4I?lk Nr? Hampshire. Soule. Louisiana lluntiln. Main* Turiwy TrnntMM. lioHitH, Tea**. Yulrr Florida Mii.Vi N?? J ui ?*r. ____ }ioirla New Hampshire. Democrat*, In Rimtn. i'AWpi Vvrmrot tY big*, in llal?C{ free aollgiuf d. Hew York. era. in ?mali. lariraL letFlnelds Illinoi* t< r?. 3Connecticut. tfitumir Delaware. Kmigeon Pennsylvania I i.diru-^t Kentucky. t /*< ? Vermont. It.tit Delaware V alker. Wisconsin ?'? inikt*p. MarsachuiM it* \\ iiilromb, Indiana. Th?-^*rn?te ha> ing of Ihss measure, as wrllaaof that providing for I!?? settlement of the boundary dispute between T? *rs and Near Mexico, t>oih ? f Ihi m'>ery important hills will be handed oter to the House of Representative*, for their action. We since rely hope that body will not hesitate to concur wttli the Senate, and tlmt they will l>ass lh>"m its soon as possible. The responsibility is now trsnbferred to them, and it is to be hoped thnt the members- will meet it in a proper spirit, and bhure with the Senate the honor of passing measures which, while they will settle an agita< tii'U thtl at one time threatened to produce a disruption and disintegration of this ^lotious, mighty,* ar.d powerful republic, will also put down for ever the unh> 1) S|irit of political fanaticism w Inch has no l?>i>g l>een rampant throughout the country, car??inc teiror to the hearts of all patriot* and ; thropists. Let th' tn pas* these measures, ami we shall h?i.r no more of northern fanuticism?no more t'f "higher law" doctrines, and no more of Southern t>lir?i?xp, or threat* of disunion. The fi< ry orb wliuh tl,naUi.?d to fail tn tin* great family of State* end coDfnme them, will be cxtinguish-d, and our r? public will po on proserin* ami to |>ro?l?et? the glory of the nineteenth century, and the admiration of the world. lulu- lluii!>e. yesterday, a resolution was passed el< tire debate on the Civil and I >iplotu itic Appropriation bill on Kiidny ml, and an inethctual movrn ent made fixinii the adjournment of ConfrrM on ih< second M< nday of ne\t month. C*uroS*i> K??????rs.? The value to the tnaarrcitl ?<miuuait) of ?*prv?? tn> dI* h** two m?J? trtf , | r< mm* >> Ijr apparent ersr stnre Adams t C?, Gregory It C# . tnil Ll?lii??t(i? h Wells, established Ih'ir [ grnls between tlihi eity atiil tbe Im.j to*n? nf lifcrnla Th??? Ctui? ?Kn are eqaally efficient In forwardicg gold dust aa<i fircl< af erery description, now do the rblsf part of tbe transportation of gold dn?t front th minrsto tbls ett.T. ?n l i? every ell lag* In ??? 1 nltnl ftitrt, (bit m-ij !> with a ?f>?rlm?n nf tk? y?ll?w rth In th? ll?f? nf gwlJ dmt rrclid t; Ibi rtMniH. lb* n?niN ( Adam* k Co ?nd J.w. j h W (Jrrgnry, or "Oragoty'a Kipr> <?. k! ???? (!garr lark-'lr an 1 tin- public h??? K en .o ?r?4 by the *<,l?ary of th*?# tnrwnrhm li .u?# that th? rilfrprtilDit proprirt trp now ree-lrr a mkjorltj 'fall th?- brnHnrri of Ui> ralu*r? In ' in* ln?taor?? ?h?f? tb?M- in tbernln<n haie ??nt psrrvU horn.- I.jr |rinl? r(iin?) ini"? tL?r? ha?? bwn brwrbr* of tm-t, th? r??*lt? of whirh might bar* br?n ohr1it?<l by (bn I l?j m tit of a ?m*ll pommi?l?n ?" ** r*fofy'? R* I'fru' or to " A l*tn? k Ol.'l Ksprr*" " fI#r??flcT w# prr?un>? private indiiiduali will > >( b? troublvd | a. (Ury kara b??n to ' Sad tfc* right kovN." for Ihr will ??od ih?ir licii# ptl??? by ar*?p???IM? ron- I ")'? * ?ait?< teth# nvrvarltlranf th?r???' salnfall , rrr|>oa*fkl* rartirr* th? t*i uptMWM ?i kin IM< [ d ar? m'kj.d to fnlUmw ?oj public f?m W* j Bi' ntioD th# ??-t, WeiMf V* kit! bear I. with rrgrrt *f Ibi l?a? of *>r?al paakag.. cat tram I'.ltfaratu to I WiJo?? f?4 f ?tl*f antVti ?*i I I i. lit' #. f Vnlfralloii to (' llfornlii - Depmrturr of! Ihtrt Ktriimm. I | To-<1ay,'hrrp lennnit'lr?ve this i>ort on their i j way toward* C?lif< riiia ^u-h an vent prrs?*u'? : at voj<ihle opportunity for a f> w reflection*?aug? gotnl ! > f 1 fart itself, and li? tlir apparent ill rni- ( liutlou in tin- n unibpr t rt:ii>r:iting to the ('.till' >r*'. i .'old n>inen. N. vrr bef<re, in the liistory of hunt ii futrrt'i ./.? di (I of colonisation, li is any country r< ctivkI, hi n> khort h iw-riod, within its wild and 11 culiix,i:< rt lit Irtf, o iriuiy adventurers? and v In n wi- n raider that then* ini*n have left a re11 -itc 11 i.iii- ini-It l>lr.--? il with proaprrtty, and ulv? ,it - i-nrrotih to incluatry, the |> rniimunnn beci i; ? - Mill nii're int? rrciin;,' and important. 1 Ik ull>, h? liut i* oltf n uryed, tli; H.ime amount ami .' i nit of industry exerted in agriculture, ti|>on a rich toil, would contribute quite as much to the ; i ' i I of those engaged upon itas the |.n ducts < I gold mines, yet the common mind does not nedily perceive thin gieut axiom of public e< I'liorny, uud in not ttinulated by the truth dwelling in the thought. Cold it<?ell is a tangible aubMance, when perceived. Thought, or a great pruritic of anion, lit? much deeper. Equally utile, if equally re. pecfd and nought, and treasurrd, to enrich iiiauliind, it must give way to a treat pi. ctical re-nIf, such us the lubor in the mines bo t-ubs-t .uti.illy furnishes. Uvea the miccestfulot iiidtvidual laborer*, in trade, in commercial ftes'L'M". in agriculture, within tlie territory of filiform", fail to draw o()', by their example, i ar:d by 11 < ir prosperity, any large number of those whore imaginations have been inflamed by th* ] prize lump* of gold found by pome fortunate delver 1 < t tin M>il. In lotteries, all purchasers expect to I lie win iters, in the California fro Id lottery, we I jerceive the same credulous hop*?the same spirit 1 < f adventure, as In nny other scheme of chance, j The w?:ld has proved that labor on the soil, even 11 Jejiie countries, always enriches the husband- ' iii n; lutthe failure of thousands in California to obt?iu a " pile" of dust, do?e not check the growth f.nd perseverance in the desire of sudden fortune. 1 Men, except in individual instances, seek to be cone rich by tin- swiftest iii^anw, unmindful that without labor, man is a nii*ery to himself, and dead to national wealth?as useless af a gcnibler or a dealer in stocks. It ha- been supposed, recently, that this feverish | desne, la-ed on extravagant hopes of su td?B j wealth, hat- abateil in the United States, and many , per tons have too willingly asaer.ed that the eniii gration to California is nearly nt on end. This, w? believe, to be a decision n?>t in accordance with j truth. In the spring of the present year, thousands upon thousands turned their steps towards California, reeking it by various routes, and filling ship alter tliip with crowding hundreds. The tide of entetpme tending in that direction was largely swollen. Around the Cape, by Panama, and across the plains, thousands departed?all inspued by oue intelligence, by one will, to reach the mines in the most favorable season for reaping the anticipated harvest. Most of these pei&ons were poor men, who had not the means to i-ustHin themselves during the wet season, when In I in California ceases, and life itself become*, at l>e?t, but a dream of patience and deprivation. This is the reason why few are now on their way to the mines. Those who naw go thither nintt be prepared to sojourn there, withont any income from labor, for months after their arrival, am< thote who have not pre|>ared for such patient | inaction, will find themselves like the foolish virgins in the parable. On the whole, therefore, we ale nut tnrpriserf that the emigration has diminished within a lew weeks, while, at the same time, I we aie equally well tatitlied that, at a more pro I lUiius season, the annual iid?' will again he no- j ttced sweeping onward a whole sea of heads to- , wards the Pacific, and exhibiting the same 8|>ecta- , cle tint was b''lit-Id with such astonishment lust , year We have thousands, in this metropolis alone, ready to Mart at a proper and convenient e*?on. Tuk ImrosiTumsi or tub Hackmkn.?The exorbitant demands of the hackmen have become an fiequent of late, that a Kpeedy check is necessary to reprem ihem. A few days ago, a gentlen.-n took a hack, fr nil one of the East river steamboats to a street up town, sad was charged $1 60, instead of 76 cents. His time being precious, Ktid not caring to lone it for the sake of six shilling*, he submitted to the extortion. Another gentlr-man acted rather differently, having the or^an of coiubativeness more highly de\tlo|?d. In liis case the fare wna also i six .'hillings, but the hackm<ui demanded double i that amount. He refused to pay it. The hackman coolly told him, if he did lot he would i take (lway lus trunk The gentleman first took I down his number, and then told him he might do i so as fast as he pleased. The cabman, knowing he was in the wrong, backed out, and consented | | to taki- his fare, six shillings. The gentleman, 1 the rascally treatment he had received. He lodged his complaint with the Mayor, and the fellow wan lined $20. Now, what ia the remedy for these impositions' j If?very body would take the trouble, and hid time ! to H|Htre, to act a* the gi-ntlema'i last referred to, ) the evil would very soon be eflrctunlly cared. I This, however, is not the case. People in general, | even when they know they arc wronged, will not take the trouble, or lose the time, necessary to ' punish the scoundrels, w ho,therefore,calculate j the chances of r?ca|>c are in their favor, and act uc- ; fittingly Tlx re is a regulation by which they are j compelled to have the fare printed, nn I posted 1 in the carriage; but, through a defect in the law, they are not obliged to hate it printed 1 in large letters, or placed in a conspicuous pla-e. They, thrrefore, take advantage of the | letter of the rule by violating its spirit s and i it w ould I* with great difficulty that any on?- could ' j (iadthe-i price.* if he tried. then is to be 1 dtne* Simply to enforce the spirit of the law u il well ai the Utter, and to iu?i?t U(K>n the rogues petting up the fare* ia to conspicuous * place, and : ' i iii i harm ters *o <li-,in"t, tint he who li le? inj)' [' read. They would then have no excuse for their 1 | extortion; and they would not attempt it, when 1 every be dy could see for htmself what he hvl nwbt to pay. In some European ciiies, the plan is a- 1 , ili'i 'ed of eompelln.' ey. ry hai kman, unl-i a |? n il- | i ty, to i arrv a printed hoi k of far-'* and i'ile? issued \ by (he mayor of the city, which booh he ia obliged j t. hlii w In fore he can deni in i pay nfnt of Ins f ire; ( sihi defi,'.;!: i f doing m, he i< liable to a heavy ' Imr. f-'ojnethinjf of t(.i* kind i? nrcmrjr to ar- j ! . t . <4 cf ihr r?11 i i ii| I iint d of, .1. I u isto i t In |??1 the Mayor will look to it. \ ?? ?! t'.ir llir Pirlllti Aorri l;.T tl.? n'mtur and ? !? < ff , .rd ' r ?) >lnr.' pnMI?*a'i"n rf our U?t 1.1 r? r'''"itn r i'h ?. r.t City TIn* Ull rig oft ii tii" .li '?!! ill" d?}>>rturr? n>imbrriiig marrljr . 1. ' r t , I. 1 . untr1 n . , 1.1 Thin i? ivtnlr t I b* arc iiDtrd f <r bf tb? fact, that (ratal* #T?r?!nif far j CilUiiul* U IbU |*lM will rnwti lh? if d*>Un?tlnn ' ul ut t:. l -t udIm I, by f..r milling op ra? II' n?:? A ml t tjirli Kat Allan Bnatna . i.t? Kll?i.' ?a |i , Hark lum. I'awk.r S, , f-rV -Ptaamar t'hlo. i?r |? b 1 v itiaaea * an Mop M ?1 lf"?. M ?ta tlalMm ra 7->?iip >?r?uaa, ... ...... N"? ItatiarJ firu A4mtral T . Til idaiakJiU >?? V. rk lo?JPtp Jain *artla> Pt*?tl>? 1> Hart lannp. (rl?I n II. I atna I V Imiral P ' .r-.| for I n-ona r> naltidar tor Pan franriw" Oiava* Bxo.??t(OW.? By ?a ilifrlivmol In nr | mi< u-tj ia wnieii i??" aer?? of Ian I In 1 T< ? #. I* tfi|?M lor fifty (i?r?in rmijra lr j ) that ?h<- (J<rman? ?r? grttiitfl awarv I I~( t be t ft that Ctl- ciiiiytrjr. Mil thi r? atr J jrratjr I'Ttrif Urg# ?nii^r?iinn (Irran^, , *t.<l ttbrr part* of lb# r->atia< nt to TttM thl< year. t rur.i f lh? ???k lb- J lei t'i? f>ll >?i I r?v | : I in thi< r >.? 1 ' ?? ((n?ir?t crnnf* ' I. Trn nr*?>k I' l| ; > 1 h '! ?. t' , >. kfvv i?. i'J '!f.' J fN 1^' T f ? Cino /\n Tfnn Nnr.o Poi't'i^TiaN ?W.-* were rti ver it < rr cni|ni^i] ih-n we w re ihe oilier tliy In peruMnirpetition, nuineroi*ly signed by citir< r>? < f ('I,ir, r> u?: 'i-ip the < "ii\ "iitioa cull -I f >r rif v the con?ti'urioii in i i- rt iii tlit* ir**' instrument a 1'i.iM -icii for tli ' removal from th; liir:ift> of tlii.t Si. 'c of .15 pt-rt-ous of color, or of miii d 1 l^i i!f .i, 1 (.roliitj.iic.;' 'heir future ?*ntr,ti e into it. The peiMinii rs uivt mriny retuoii why <1 provision of tlvit c hnract r i iilit to b" iasertei in ilie n( w cc?..s?iruf:<u?, th' ' i<>?' prominent of w'ii '!i are, that, according to tli?- r.t'io of I lie iner* ise of t) e ii?gr<' population, th? y will in a few y> irs icquire the fci ljnte of poli'i .1 power ia tli*t Sl.ilej that, having done BO, they will itl-iat ><n the elt'Cti?>n of colored judges, -\ri<! officers to execute !h' luwy, wliieb, they sny, i itmot lie tolerate!?thit nature ht s drawn .-in h i wide distinction between the iv.o races, th t it i 1 ...' 'sible for tli-rn to live together oil terms or eoi i I equality, nud th it am ilgnmatii n is not to l>e thou ;ht of, because, wh'-reevtr it ha;i I e?n iried, it h is resulted in the deterioration of both ract a. There are other reasons given, but these are undent to give our readera mi innght into the ( h n inter of the petition, which, emanating, as it dots, from citizen* of Ohio, cunnot but be lock* d upon a? u most curious and extraordinary document. We read this petition m >re thin once, in order to safitfy ourselves that it w<js authenlic and intended in eurnest; for, above all States ia the I'nion, we c.i eel/ i ersuade ourselves that such sentiments w?re h 'm' ned by any considerable portion of the people of Ohio. The authenticity is placed beyond all question, and we shall watch with some interest the developeirents which it will probably give rise to, not that the s< ntiments which it breathes are not entertained by nine-tenths of the white race in every State of the Union, but b-cause Ohio has given utterance to the:n in such a I'U ad and comprehensive manner. Within the last few yearn we have heard a great deal about the wrongs and sufferings of the nePfOP* in fh#? Smithprn nu W*?ll a? uKnnl the moral crime committed by wliite men in nol coasting with the colored race in the free St-t'es, on terms of equality. Notwithstanding all the almentations that have been poured forth on the sub. ject, ainl the oceans of ink that have been spilt in depicting the risiht of the negro to be treated us an fqual by the whites?in arguing their inieileutua capacity to be treated as equals, and in attempting to demonstrate the fact that intellectual culture and opi>ortunity were all :h:t'. were requisite to enable the negro to reach a position of equ y with the w hites?we have not seen the firp* while man, with the exception of a few Boston Ianitic3, who ale as crazy us loons, that entertained the serioubelief that the negroes were not an inferior to the white*, that all the culture in the world could make them our equals, or that all the opportunities that could l>e provided would make them capable of self-government. In this very State, which contains a great number of sympathizers with the negro, the colored race have had opportunities ol mental and intellectual development; and where is the one that has reached even mediocrity in the scale of intelligence ? or where is the most rabid abolitionist or free soiler, with tlie exception of a few fanatics, who would sit,cheek by jowl, with a negro 1 Even our churches, of nearly all denominations, have separate seats or pews for their accommodation; and as for colored men and whites associating, or eating at the same table, or sleeping in the same tenement, there is nothing of the kiud, r*cr|>i in me lowest and most ini<;uiton < parti of the city, where moral degradation and infamy have quashed all distinction. Even the State of Ohio iteelf, which give a free soil vote of thirty-five thousand four hundred and fifty-six in the last Presidential election, has taken the preliminary steps not to associate with the colored rate withia its livtiits?not to treat them aa equal*, but to expel them from it, and drive them to seek shelter wherever they may. If we refer to the British Weil India Inland*, since the emancipation of the blaeka there, we look in vain for any change for the better in their aituation, maral, aocial, or rebgioua. The aniue may be aaid of Uiyti, where the ebony einperor, robed with the insignia of royalty, an 1 his loyal subjects have had every oj?j-oituuity of proMiig the truth of the assertion, so often made, that all the negroes wanted were frtedom and opportunity, to show that they were ca|>at>le of attaining a high rank in civilization. That unfortunate inland is going back to htrbarism hs fast as it can. Kaustin the First, himself, prachses the satage juggles and barbiric ceremonies which have been common in Africa from tune immemorial; and his subjects are nothing short of lilack savages, who delight in war, and if not checked, will, in a few yeara, roast and eat all who may chance to get within their power. The State of Illinois has a provision in her constitution prohibiting free negroes from liaing thsre, and no doubt it is her example which Ohio is following. Other States will be compelled to follow the plan, or be inundated and swamped hy the colored population, j-o gteat is their increase; and yet the Northern States, as well as New Kugland, are continually aisailing the South for not doing what they themselves refuse to do They want the Southern States to abolish slavery, and set loose nearly three millions of negroes, and yet they llieni-elves will not ullnw frei tilnrtu i?? wiihin the limit* of their Stater. There proceediat!* are, however, hut Another |>ro<>f of the hypocriay and dujble-deahn? of the Hlx>liti<<Hii>t*, who can- for ihe negro no more tlinn they do for the blucl** in the interior of Africa. Thr * hole agitation of ihPrlarery qnettwn in baaed U| on | olitit al uitfigue; and the aymiiathy wliirti ha ki n expended in auch imiitenac i|ii*otltiea of la'e y? ?re, la rothing hut gammon and pound ui.d lury, fiunifyiuu nothing. Rportlng lolelllgrure. Tin Rai.aita ai Hoaoai v?A beautiful raea fiima off, yerterday. oppoalte the tibial Klelda. Uobokan. a In n two four oared boat*, n n id tb? Tbom < J. (I-rlon i.nd tba Washington f tit hJfd for a purtu of <J?u boat* were manned aa lollowa lath* Th"maa Jefferaoa wer?. Lawranre Au'ten. Mi ward McKay. Win Oak ford, aud oraon Rmliln r>ar?men with Jamri Pherrot a? eo-k?wnin In the Washington were. Kdward Wheaton Mlchial l.rgae. Charier Palmrr and John Krkeraon with ? "in en aa ccckavala ? The bi ata ara aaeh 30 feat In I. ngth and baauttrol ni' di la. Tbry left tha lower atake boat at precisely i D'rloek Tin* Thr ma? Ji (! raon at tba flrat few atrakea, raited rapidly oa hrr ramp "It r The W i?htrigton'? arairn n bi wurr gaaa way luatlly. and aeeme I to regain neatly all they bad loat; but tha J>ffiT?nn* <>ara -utlhewaier like lightning again, and produced the i feet ot gaining her former ad rant age of poajtlon akirh ?hr now atendtly InipraTed Inch hy ln*h until he riaebrd the npper atake boat, whlrh wa* anehored t tnfle above milei from tha atarllm: B^iut Che larted the atake a I- ngth and a halt abea?4 and then bar nu n gate way again with r?neaed wgor au<l * pt [taring more and m< re dlatanea between tbemeiW.n n,d tti W anbli e'i n. antil they r*me in nrAr'jr ! The tlaar ronaumed In the rare w?aju-l taenty ae?i n minuter It waa really a biantlfnl alght tn aae tbnaa eight sum alar rowi r? performing their narta la aneh eaplal itjle. and to aee tha boala darting oaer. or. rather, hnikh the watar. Ilka veritable thing* of life There > < thotoanda of ipertalora at Ibe tlj-au Fie,da md all aermi d highly drllghted with the aport A? hi wtnnlrg boat reaehed the goal, a ?uecaaal >n o| tamindi na eke era aent up Irmn tha friend" of the ? w Tha whole My o*er whleh tha raea wa? pariiniil. waa rorerad with gay lxiata many of them idmuably manmd. ao tbat. f r tha lima being, tha it ir a? all atl?e Hereral yaehta were aalllag craee ully atont. like many o?? raeara of the woi k about o be performed All In all. it a aa a grand time fur he li \era of aijuatle aport Tha bonta wi re both rlnh b?ata Tha JrlTeraan bM-ig nlled by tha elnh wha own hi r ''Tha Bella of the Itid-i.o I er original name however w?< the Tbna iferarn Pita waa laat tor the oaeaalon to the m n il.. ii we.1 lor. who a>< tv-a'm-n maag d lor the iif *t part ah ul the toot if apilng alreel Tba ll a b i<gtun a rraw ar< bvAtaiea alao. from tba foot of M<ir* n at n 11 I itttrif ?m **7 ' IT- fc'i* "fiint". B?m>- ; illy ?. Ti W?'Mn*t"n ?? Ih# farorlti>, ?t> r? th?y #l?rt?4; hgl lh? IiiIm itoa tuivd. ?n!, ?!??? th?<r tiirn?4 the npfr tak>' bo?t. t?otn, D, >?'?i t In furor cf tb?Thom?? Th**r?w<f : hr .l?flrr<on wtrm n<.*? ?! do*i In iht t??!t. Tli?? j ti:t*d (ir aitta ? won-l.rlullf rapid ?n4 It w?* l*i; Kt )>y r.r?rly *11 lh? t?tor< th?t th?y mint j r??ktj| iWu??it bWorr tt?> j rtaehMl III* ?.-> <- fetnt, I ?' Bet ?o 1b?j *?pt It tip ko<1 ??m* iu with nearly ' > r?| I n c, t|. ri * thrj .?yrtf.| TT>? <t*j ?. rln | VI 1*'> r' "ft tff In ??rn?l ?nd ?!?h (r, j tK* i Gut man Ottkjices on American Citizens.? 1 I We have rtMFon to believe that so'rie documents ^ h>ive been transmitted to the Department of State, at Wellington, from certain abused citizens of the l ulled Mate*, now at Hamburgh, and in other part# in (i' ni'iiiiy, which will require tjwuly and d. cibive action. A certain naturalized citizen of thU cout.tiy, owning property in Germany, h is recently I ht?ri M'lit d, made a conscript, and hij esiutcs h lve I I ecu cciiriecated. This is one of several ucu of hiriiilur high-handed dealing. The circumstances all ndiwg the attest were very wvere, and well | calculate d to uroute a ^ nit of lailigu .tion against i ui. uet at otKe so lawle.-A and c<> much in deli tnciof the honor and diguity of the United States. We I n-KCt it lib one of a mi ml*-r, ea.-l?? I whi :li is suliicii lit to iletn.ind the immediate interference of tii j government. While upen this aubjeel, it is our duty, and our pleat-uie alto? as we believe Mr. Secretary WeU ii rV perceptive t.icultieb are acute enough to pcrc< i\c tlie tinall thing* which involve principles, .t? w? ll ua principles iheuifcelvet?to urge upou the Stu e l> pnrinirnt tlif necessity, generally, of pro tecting, by some decisive act, the American citizen ia Lurope, from some of the uuuo) auci-s to whit: it he i? too frequently subjected. Ii in ia vain tint re! ( f ct it- sought, even m.dtr the shadow of a pt.-sport?With the two-dollar t??x< <i vis i, which some consuls still exact, contrary to instructions. We wunt a Mow struck at once at all in?i>ro,- -.-r intermeddling with American citizens. Oftentimes subjected to the caprice of isjnorant-offici*!*, we know of no way in which knowledge can be iin| arte d to l.urnp?-Mn Slates and their oflioers, exce,?t | by making a telling example. Germ my supplies ! nu admirable opportunity by her recent outride*, ' 1 anil we sineeiely trust that nucha demand wi t be made ti| on that gcvernment, is will give n? future annoyances on such subjects. Disapproving, as we most emphatically do, of all bluster and bravado, , would look to Mr Webster for such diu'nitied I , nction as is nec< ;?aiy in the cafe, not only with 'i ( . V|< w to an immediate redre m of all these outrages : rttizen*, and to the restoration ..1 the ? >ducted citizen from New < >rlean>, to his lights, ut ; . mi up ,he principle of protection more '''''ctUHlly, ?,y which the American citizen covers i 1 ln ''' w ''h the . Ugis of the confederacy i F"r year. |-ast, there have been too many instance. < f ind.gnity, in a smill way, thowu to ; Li "'id instruments of the United States; an> , ""ili specimens of for.ien folly and ignoranae will . rej?a'ed, ag?in and again, il overlook, in i ,he f"'?llnes# ?f the individual inconvenience, the mimfDsiiy of ij,r iirttionh 1 aufleri?g. True diploi "'.icy demands action, therefore, not only upo.i , ? review of the ciicuautances, but in con, fidertUon of the great p'itieiple involved, "U'l of tii#* quiet of the future. Will* the increase of our bteam marine, our citizens native ujiH naturalized, are constantly visiting the old world. If every suspected individual is to i V a"eel< <!, incarcerated, and liis papers are to be f i^*'ed wnh the mere show of resect, it is qu'1"" i time that something should be done, to prevent he I'wpibiiity eviU Foreign nut ions inust be indocfrimted into the temper of our government upon the capricious exercise of locil tyranny u,.on individuals almost defenceless. TheymCft he advised that the certificate of " l>ro" lection ' hy the State Department, is not a mere loriiiul parchment, hut a life giving and life defending

power, that must not be act at naught. Within a brii I p, riod, three |>eraous from our shores have fullered in Germany the vexation of capture. Two of them Hill fcufter incarceration, we belit ve, and how many more may have applied to ( the Secretary of State, for his interference we , nmy hope to learn at an early day. However, j the number of the outrages in our opinion, j do rot arii'avate the necessity for action. We j need not wait for any addition to the catalogue. , < *ne instance, auchaa that which we have related? the seizure tl an American citizen, and the forcing hint to h?ur urmfa ... . i-? .nil* nnllull i to justify a bold and determined atep. Thia step, | | we feel as<ur*d, will be taken. Mr. Secretary I Webster will not tamper, we presume, with a subject ao important to individuals and to the nation j at large. In connection with it, w'e would suggest, also, that our foreign conauls be instructed to | crate their tricks upon travellers. Their instruci tion* are plain, but some of them still persist in levying contributions for writing th?ir names on contrary to the regulations of the government. While such a want of respect for law is r.i ticed l-y the < flicials of foreign nttiuns, it is ( not to be supposed that they will be very cautious i in their of treating our citizens. Bettar | w< uld it l>e in dir|en-<e w ith the cons ilar system, i than that < very |?> r artiat should be obliged to j pay cumular tnbutr, as is now pra?ti*d on the i c< iitiiitlit (.f Europe. Mr. Secretary Webster, j ?' trus', will give us some reforms in foreign i ' counties, * hit h Ainencans will be rejoiced to arret at un eail) day. A good beginning cm be 1 i tmde in trermi ny?Htd then we can go into Aus- 1 | Uio,; nd into tin cities on the Me literranfan. Marin* Affairs. Tn irr Pmr Ltvt Kiiiini?This new clalmsnt on 11. -pallet ?g> bl lbs Atlantic travelling e <oimunity, 1 leaves otir port, On her flrnt vOyaf* to Liverpool. to* 1 morrow Sha was built by Mensrs Ferine Patterson | Mark < i \\ lilUm^burgh and Is said to be oas of the ; In ?t ships ever built la ths t nited {Hate* Iter cabin .? atrinn\J neat and elegan' and her stats room* are furnbbid | r< bally In a sty Is never b. f re attempted ! "ii t.rr.rd railing vessels, and eon>p'ruoa< am<>nit?t ' tl m is I 11) i ranklin s stats room title I trthe?. 1 i elusive aer- u modatii n of that lady >b->nld she f?< 1 di-posed to pay America a visit The ??s<.ni eabin is kl s? ss"ii airy and comfortable plaee and very enmto' dlens The accommodations for the strerag* pas I teagers ars a great Impror. m?nt on anything mm sser previously witne?w4 The banks (?? alw? la th? ren-nd e?l'it') ars sll bun* In moveable Iron frame*, and ran be rmun. J In a minnle. it m .re r'tn I*. rs | ..oired t r stowage Tbs eonktag apparatus f >r tb Merrsge paseeng< rs is \ eatoa s Patent by wbirb cpvarjRti iw*my ran ixir c.< n lid rna?t at no* ?t d th* Mm* ttip* and rotnpl*t< It prnt?pt?d frr n th waatliar There are alRQ an hoapltal on th*r*nM*ol if* upp?r rtrrk. aajal 1c of aoaouiaiodatiag abaut a (If . rb patt*LU Rii<l water rlnerU fur ??eh rl*?? c.I |aarrngtra. tfc* want of which. In many . I - muih f* t. In fact. nnlUni la wanting for Ih* cclbfoit of nil. that th* rujg*?tiona of hu- | aatilty or Ingenuity e?ul4 d*rla*. Ph* I* built for P Hump-on k N?ph*w'a lln*. and t* pinmin I 4 by Captain P toaton. *?ll known *< r .mnn.n; d?r. ?u*r*?ai?*ly. ol th* Okford and Fidelia Th* fallowing In a fnll de?rri| ll> n of hag build Dlmtnm na^- l*o f< at long. 40 f*et heara and 21 f-et hold. ' villi lotig poop dick and verandah. aid?bip bcii? and fi pgallant for*?aMl*, 1.1 frame* forward and aft of lire ik all d<ad wood; and k*l?on? forward and aft of l|** rak l?eiiRt and cedar. fourth futUp k>. tnp? and (tan rhlniR . 3 thick parboard alr**la. * and T Inrh** | thick Ix lte.t through th* ?l?ter k.l? n? In *w*ry tlai b? r and l olted vertically into the main keel er*ry SO Inrh** 4 lm h bottom | lank*, with II attvak* of.' lath , ahalea. all R<|Uar* faeletied and butbolted plank?h*er Bd rail. 6 Inrhra thick, -1 tier of ketone la thr aealre I with Hater lu laon" 1J. by 14 Itirhea " (iiar* t br** itroaka I trlxnn en ra> h ?td*. it 16 and 15 Inch** d> ?<> : l>y 1 r> Inch** wide and baa orer f< ton? al Iron ftat?nlag | tnthfai; from the k*l?on* In th* turn of th* bllg* th<ra are h atreakR of* lnrh*< thick and 7 Inch** ' tot ha lower dark. 2 In I .a la *arh atreak. In eeerr timber . I.*r dark and barging kn*e* ara all of Vrrjiat.d and Virginia alill* oak; d-*k br.*?t hoi.kR li?* oak; the 8 other hooka ar- of whita cak 1 had at* tttr.atkabl* for their ait* and tha quantity of faftrttrgR In *arh. her deck heamf are ltf|W than la i any ahlpt f har airaararhulltln thia eitj . ah* ha? l?c?l In i emit*-fatirhlona a tier of hllga >fan?hlon* runn'tigfi m h*r upper deck to th* bllg* atreak*. and Rlrapi?d ai d hrlted U> tha beania and k>laoa< Ph* ba? 2 boltR In each laar. for* and aft Phe ba? a round 1 Rt?ra. and I* 1 lit >4 tona register. liM*ta r?Ma?ao.?Tbla l? Ih* a*m* of naw >tr^m?r now bmlding at Baltiinor*. to trad* b*tw**n ranamn and Pan ? ranrlaro Pha i? built far a mar far.y and U tha flrtl of a n*w Un* on that rout* Pb? la ISO f<rt long, and 2fi l*?t * larhoa btim. and will ba raady for launching In a wa*k whoa ah> will ba tak*a ti l l.iladrl|'hia to r*r?|r* bar machinery, at R*au'y t Neafia'f Llaatanant duatar. of th* t niUd ttatrl !*?< y. I* to f mnmad h?r. ' Th? Y'tlrft Olvrtrr ?*j? lh?? ?* not** na tha BU?k Ri<?r Haak. Watartnan fl If-. ar? la r?rmlaU?a In ?? that loan It amy m.n th?y *r? aa wall at'ratml ? that It ta no lanjrar ?a?a to taka aajr Iwt na that ' bei,k nrlt if ti^ry goed Ja4e?s ?f kaek |iay?r Th# ??< C rui|< d of tk? ?|ta I* rathrt poorly Jon# hut, a>l4? fmia ?h tl ? tn l'xli n l? ?*r?i|. t.l I??Wli??wUk?n '' on h? cat oi tb* I'll?* Irn*?, witauot 4?- 11 ?v?u?a. Tin Tailor*' Hlrlkr? ?Ta<i Nrdlni; ofTradn < In Iht Pnik? Clothe* for Nalbliig to the ' Pillule. 1 ' A in**i- uiietiri: of the irttdfM w?? U't eTt-niog ' for 8?? < cli ck. Id th? Hark to nu?tiin the tail in io . .. . . . i ttnir present elriktt. and to a.*Hli<t tnem to foiin cooperative aocletlea. The meeting waa very thlu, ui <1 bualneM did uot couimeuuii till within a few uiliiiiti'* ol tlx ?>loik. The thinners of the ni?etiug *?( panly owing to the fact. thut It ?a< uot regulirly ai d < flu tally tailed bjr uuy organized body or committee but tin-rely by ku ediUral notice iu oua paper, (tlm 7Vilunt.) partly the grea body of the Irade.iiin ot the clt) uot jet prepared ti> larm eo. operative roci?lie?. aud la tlv b-eau^e the trade* in geuttal are flow l u Ideui ily iuk tbemaelvea with tbe tailor* owing to tbu lulu untortuuate bu?in><?* in 'I b li t tuet At lar tt miuibere are rouit riied, lti? Din ting ?a a dieidrU (allure. It wan not halt o !aifci a* any ot the toinier main meetings ot iho tailor* tbi tuft I vcF It eertaiul) did not ex -wd thr>? t nudita men. m addition to the Hermann who hi Id it i ale biteling ol tin ir own at the ear tern iiuruiT ot the City Hall vlieiu they were ftddri i>*"d by orator* in alia ju.'gti.g in m the eiciierueut and the ti'u.iodoue iijeeii?.^. U>e l?upu.?|ic iuu<t ha vu been iiilUuiUiuLuiy l be other meeting kiu organized by calling Mr ()llb? ri I . Hi an. a leading ini uiOur ot the CongresM of l'radt f. to tl.e chair. A i< iir ll-t 11 V! e Pronient' wi re then appoiutud Kir K Arthur Unity Pre, ideiit of th? ).'ongre>i-of Trade*, and a uumUer of others, were appointed 8eireiarin Air ll*n ? then read tin following document:? f tnijUe and brethren, it i* uq undeniable (ruth tlint n u, mi i ui. ui< n ana ui ne ucodi' pari-ub 01 Hit uiuiiMi d. id the creation i t tli*i world, deaigued nil i lie l liluebt* ll rlevt to bi the COBUUOn propi rty of H.11 tllri rbtlartn. together with the fowl of the air. the tixti ot t h- m a tl.f 11 Ml ol 11 i ti Id and all I hinge, whether ubiD ate Ol inai itnate thetrln cuntttibed. to be uiadrt mjImhii lit m the r-ai inti ri rt. huppine..*. and lie.. |>) rdi Hi-1 11 all a liaiud > i.d lias i i.jolufd uvmn up tti<- ditty > teplenn-l my and suhuuing the earth, to it i<> M>ng turih abundantly thai w tilt h will sun tatu i he 1 tfn nl lb burnt, j;ladd. u tha heart, ratiate tho dieinp alii ii|.l'l> Uw Beoeealtie* ' f men j and whom' kt ill* lit* (1 ii ?ti lni- inti rdii-tt d 1 he law uf liod and loi Kid up tli>- iacd lri in its rightful uam rt. ?bo. with hopetut biai t- mid willing hand* would gladly become cultivator* of that which Uod gave them fur poase?in 11 ki>0 willed thereby mukc th? tad of this roI'upbiiu leoi'iid unnleu ot tJod. h piraJiae on earth b liealb the biauche' 'i ?hose tries the birdii of th* p^iniriai paradise would bo glad t > sing ; and whereas tho luiti iy ut thin country, and the hi tovy nf tho world, ? ldebtljr shews that ut d? r tho prenut system ol laudli rdlsui monopoly. and wrong uo perui?uent lentil ?an aritfrom periodical eruption* uf isolated traded. ?liicb only give to In- capitalists a pretext to raise his lems. wbirh like the law* ol tho Medea and Persians hdtuitot iiu alteration ut least in n diminutive p un of view . and as it is a duty which man owe* to Ood to I Xiimrt It. to society, and to posterity. and those lawfully j do] eiidi M on him tor m-t' nance to prodnco ax much ! as he tiny consume. it is uo loss a duty iaoumbout upi ii imii tu MCuro the pruductioua ol bin labor to hiui.-ell ai d ihone legitimately out itli d thereto ; and tor tho acct u pli hnient of this noble purpose has thi-t \etl assemblage b >n congregated. to conriiumiat* i-D.i nx the tailor* an union indissoluble. jn*t, and strong, whereby thi y may judiciously establish a cooperative More aud bencel<rth cease to work for the benefit acd aggrandizement of others, and commence to labor tur i hi mtelro* in the prlmeial independence in ahirh 0? d rr> ated men : acd from you. friend* and broihi r* they require what you will readily accord, a support ifl'?ctive. sincere, lasting and strong, lie it. i th? refore. Ke?i Wed. That it i? the imperative duty of the In- I dut trial clatu s throughout tho city to aid and *upj oit the ororatire tailors in their laudable undertak- I Iuk ol oMat'lisbiug a general ut ion. where all will be mutually iMtieHtd und njual aharahi lders in the profit* of labor ltecolTod That thl* m-eting hall* with jrreat plea- ! Kill* the noWle and pra'roworthy effort* of the tailor* , to tftahlirh n co-operative ftore. and hereby pieilga tbi nif-tlves tu sitflain the tailor* by aay and every ' On ana within their power, inasmuch aa they regard the priLOiple ol co-operation aa one of the chief mean* w horfcl y the n times may redeem tbi ui?*lve* and posterity inni a ?tate of degradation and destitution The resolution* wi re then put from tha ohair. and uparimi usly carried Mr W V HaIIa. a d?l<?-ate of the C'ontre** of Tradea. being then caiti d upon by the chairmtn to addres* the meeting, laid Kellow citizen*, workingmi u. thi* in the third time we have boon called tu|c*th*r in the Park, and on the *ame old *ub # " v.. . " I ?ie urn lu ?upv means to si t to work mm deprived even of the privilege of working We hare talked a great deal in thi* t country of our right to work to mm oar bread by the wiat of our brow The tailors four week* ago found out Ihnt tb> v had in right to werk They found out that the riiht dwindled down to a mere privilege to work at starvation prlcr* and tb'y r< solved to nban don the pilvliege M e huveccine here to i>ui>tatn them. Dot by mere talk, but by action There hu? been a good dial of talk in this I'ark. aud all over the city, lor the tart month, and yet we are just win-re we were In the beginning The reason I* becauie it was all talk and no work I do n?t intend totalk to night I pro- I [>o?? an association for doing *onu thing a eo-opent- : lite association of tailor*, with stork at X per enure. Let e*ery man here subscribe for one or more of these phnrea i am a poor man. and yet I will take one to aid tbe association (Cheer*) Others ar? re Lt-rr ready to take mora *i shall presently take down the names, aud see how aurh of genuine heartlelt sympathy tb> re is In the masse* There is n? man. here eicent one who I- deprived of the privilege of working. that caanot adord to pay H for a share If. therefore, you are willing to su-taln the cau?e of labor, jou ran set the Mllor* to work N IkM seltea. and before another month a cooperative store will be openad. (Loud cheer* ) A proposi tW n ba* been made to raise monty . but the tailor* don't want morey, tliey waut work Every man hire will want either a coat, pantaloons, or Test made like It to tbe>e tailors If you hate money l>ay for the work, which * ill be ? ell done . If not. they ?III werk f<>r the public without money. in>t< ad of the ! select few who are pilndlng them to dc-t (Cheer* ) 1 If the stock of tbe proposed association be taken then we wl'l be Id a position to d' what we want, and thi n the capital st* win find out that we know enough not to allow them to skin us of fifty per cent This is the doctrine of a??o. i%ti<>u upon w blch n< niu-b odium h%s keen c*'t \ <>u have heard a gr--?t deal about *?soei*. liou and focialism Now. every capitalist l? an a-*o. rlatiooist A back is nothlnc else than on* of the.? as.-c<lati.r.s A hank I* got up in share*. with a capital of flnotx. An advertisement is in-<rted in th. papt r? ofT. riug itock The stock is taken The tank Is <rganlied and the public ate skinned. It it tn a?soelatIcn of capitalists for plundering poverty and it I* a very resectable thing because its no iaberi belong to the w. alt by nnd Idle i 'as - s Itiit when v >u the coopers hatter* sho> makers, tallars or any attier trade, fi rm yourselve* into an ass.teia'lon th-n yo'i are denounced by the mercenary minions of the capl. ,. ... .M- | UJ fTITJ Hl?n ^ lllmr and cheer* ) Tlw onnprudurtlfo claa<ea hare j, pr>ac-hr<l to vt nut to aiooclala Tbmy when ?? j ,, aaeorlnte, *f ehi II be ?are to >|uarrel. and that thia I , ID' and that on* 'hull gi t t> I. I ot your fund* Th" t) VI Iowa w^v ?aj tbie art C'o#> otic t? it- tj !? ??>* l(>; me*>urf? f<>r robMoz y i Thry bara ' t] ib'lrhiied nilni< on of tb* pr*#? denouncing ua. ? l j Ibca* ?ery uien figure In tb* wht h ai ?i?ned tor the oppre>?ioa of tb' ma?a?*. I hare ??H ? po ugb to OKbt Action l? anw th* word lapp'ilti ,, fru not ? a body , but a* lu-lltiduaja; to A >' any Mil- in tlil* crowd hU *jm pat by wita a* mJ dirUrrt that* arary man to enjoy i ^ if*, lil/frty. happineaa ai d h*>mn I appeal to tboaa ; ,, rl i> in thW way It Ik alt Tery >rll to do no Kut th* eympatby I want l? that which nail not #* |,i ?etly from tha hMti wi of th* b? ad bu fru tb* ti- ? om of hi? poakat. th* mint e*n?lbl* portion of th* . in man form. (I,aii|htrr ' I know th*r* ara a*?*ra1 |( h?ra r?ady to ?l?* Th<r* la on* wh" romea <nwi alth Hi" for tli? immHiitr aalvalif n of th? working ,, l?M (tlteat tbeeiing ) Tb- working m?n hata al- ,, owed Ihfiuirliri to l.e driven by thia l-ader and that, I r, I II they arc Nallrrril Ilk* ?hiep and th* bull !'>* of > ,, ha rapltallttp but* baa a hunting them till they , n know not whm tl> ? are They arr now railed n to j,, oabilr. and by lne*eting >.% In a r TDm>n ?t>-k. t ,) th-m will b* ? b*nd i f It t*Ti ?t that will unit* th*-i lo^?tlnr There ar* other* b*r* to a<tdr*<? yon I 1 m m ?> banMeii and if I eoatiaue to rpr?k any li n?T. ,j( I p ay fiy < uietbinfr that will n<'t b* ?ery plea'ant to i ii ine p?r?< n? Fur. I belter* In ferpetual n m*di"?. n iat m? i* temporary one* lika thl?. t Wli??* In th* ^ > III' dr which gi?e? tr etery Ban a rl?bt to a place on | od t <?trtool I hat. bon rapotted in the new?p? i r, era to hate -aid that th* polte* of thl> rlty arv ' ?0 bote* "om' two *ery reep-r'aM" policemen, bar* e, worn to It an that it mu?t be eo (l?nrbter> I -ay f n tbe tac* ol ib* >fl|4aTtta of thea* arook*<l aicn who y , an t? i?t tka tinth mot anrnr ngly; I eay that W V Wl arr |M|f(ff?flk( Sixth ward, "ho l?. |? (o ?*ry ti-ltir* about beinf mWtak-'U for tb* wild, hair- ! mined radical (thank God Thomaa J. harr la bo rala* l?* nf toln*) ?I wa? abont to ray that t dlatiuctly deny jr ver baelrc uttered wbat l? attributed to m* In th> * ! ^ (ll.latitr It I had twenty *hilllr.K> to apar*. Iron!! y. t tw? nty athdavit* th t.ittfr t" !b?' r**er?* of what n?t U..m too l llltrg" Thlt?ogl4 wt lh> mtll'rill I. Ifht Hut Ihf (uhjxt In <iU|mt* In Of Ml It'll* rnntt- r ili?t I 4? ?"t ??ol to pay *1 no out ofay *t nck?t at pr**< nt Tbl? li on? ol.j rtlon I bar* im n, h>r ehj<rticn ?t> I that I- th?t I no not ??nt to pat 'fti't <n tb? f krt? of th??p offlrUU. ffut I b<tt fu "t r<?n? hi r? to d> f!t>* my pwttlnn I ha?* nul? |,r M< rot.tradirtion In (1* f> r*tir* to ?r mr fr1*f.<1< and I j in ??t tlif nt"rr all rl?M ah^n th? tlni* f?B? wt ?t u? In tit* mrantlmr yn forward In tj,, Tin I I *11111 With a Wfai-on Mira and b**? | ? *1 n? ral?* a l<arrlrad* of ha I lot that will mat* tha y, rltill't# tr?nihlr *or?* th?n lb* *ll?t*ntrm baron*t? 'hlf'l th* barrlcadr* of Pari* (Cha*?a ) Tb*y bira | raan a !ln? to ??p?t*t? th? ?orkiagm?a Th*y bara >r,-i y.u rn ?a--h ?ld* of It-on on* !<!* lb* daraaratr ami on th*oth*r th>-?blc? Th* l*?l*r? on on* },. d? aytoyn* up?*t tho*-1 nil W?T*I whl*? an.I tha a'l?-r? mtli' iih?r aW* *? or*rtbrn? th* drm <-rat? n.l ila. tha rklncvn ???? ?i?* 'h "tbar a-r...a I |? ia Una, till Ilka tba Kllkaaay rata. th?fa I* nothla* ,,tl ft but tb? tall* < Tha an.<-d>ta of tb? |h, nd an iitil tha hnntrf T-- ?| propriata Thay want to ,|? lint tofathrr *?<1 tbay ea<i*l t a turkey an.I a bo*- f, r ltd W t n th> } C?m? t? dl?id? th?ir lh* hua- j, r aald I will taka tb? tnrkry. ?n<t ji>? will tak* the uriard Tha lndl?a damnrrad ?? tliin Tha bnnt?r ,n, kid. wall than. 70a w II t>k> th? bntrard and I will j?, ika tkr Inkay Tha ladlaa aald. Vau > talk tur- . r, y la mr at all " Tha w?rklnrm?a hara a manil! wo It In r.ot tha ?hlf or th* d?t?o?ratlr party l>?t th< i?-n nopt trick?t<M who l?ad both partl?? I,at n? r>l Ira and kirk th-m at and kick c>nt with Ihrm th??a j,a ? with tbalr bat on ? itnralat ronad to tha ahiaf jy,. Bra whtrh w?a lwim?rtlat< ly bahlal hlqi ) and wa |f 1 all ba?a H>?r talk alont th?' turkay Wl will tak? lalr ofllea tlrat. and ?nd than all oaarboard and |f rk than. to tha daatl a#tarward? If naeaaaary ,n< haan.) .rt Mr Hi ?TH tint addraa??d tba m?atin? IIa aald ? lift fltl>???. ? hara roma tbafa to tak* Into am'Id- ^P, t'lri tba rant c.-f tfc? do?? troddrr aad ?fpra??.-4 of ? , " ? J ur fellow rout-tfjim n Four wto-ki apo, th? taiiord bond iJiiiUr ?n "pp'-xlDn of y??r?i standing They irc'H mrt d?t-rmiio <i ?? |omr< r to hubmU to It ? rhi-?-r?)~ bh loii|i?r IoIhW without ? ju?t nvul.? rbi? nigbt th'> Mp|? Ml 10 *mi to them Will foil do it or mil! >011 nil"* th?? iron hfW ot <lii?pnti<ai o k? > H" in II in tli* du-t' I wWh to ?t?te tli? 01144 f th* |Mior<i?TUi??'" ? ho r??n" hf?- wiih high r*p?otiitioD' nti'1 ^lo^iun hou**n Ih v hvlf f.irawell to th<! urd < f t(ifii I'irth ?^tl thfiiiH?l??Hfrom father, ?<ii hi r m <1 k 11 iiti-.l ?u'I ?.il<l t h"ji iouM eoai? to thltt oi.g t?H>dof. mid iiiio-h thought of land of liberty, rtify nrrWcd hf* >x rtmir to r??p th* ivwurd of th* it Uliiit, lint tl i' in'mi* hi tlifjr net, tl.?ir fo#t iip'iiz Ihf mil. tl'f r'-ynl Re .?*! tl??*r of ctpltal w it rn? ly to (prli k Din n ihftn Sh. ilid i>'i ittidmiir-itig thrni wltUi JiU'ftiliM-Ml hi. |i h> Id I' in l"? n to .?rth Tlm? tine to hp'I a*U*d the capitalist* to giro tlitD) the o* tbcir lab-r. The <apit*llrts *al?l no we H'I'I Merrw y? u out Th-y hufe attempted to ;|o k>. Will you n.ihtuef maker*, and carpentnra. an?I L?lar*|(f ii it ft Mtnt ojrti of MbHf trad?n. permit ItT C know jon ?ill not F t??r one have come forward to ake tin- ?bM" > in crder to Mixtaftu the tailor* (Ore at shit rfiiK.) Talking w ill do du g-?od; actiou ia w hat Ig wh n1? d Vr. IN n r whm n?-xt iu'rodiiriid to the meeting by ,b?- I'roiilirt He *ald:?I h?pe the wau wh<> novr luirourri m*? t? t> ir rt-crHdation. and sen what ? pretty t.?ol rapt'eh^t* and politician-* have *o Iobj i*rt? of tt.fiu C hop** t.h**y art< d*-t*noi'?e<| to *uVnit; 3o|oi>f*r to thi* HlaTerv. (tat to M?<???rt the riijht to iv?*. Ni.d to the ? uj? y iii m ot all th* ble?in<4 God has tiv? ii them and to overthrow the eh?'pocrary, millM'lHty. kmI <*dti*h ariMocracy. (.Laughter anY sbe? if ) I hnve roun? b*r? to a*k you to patr'tnim* he taib r* who from t<uie imin^morul, have beery n??r* "|.p? >M-d than any other boly of m*n I cair am. in f**n houi* twic~ ii4 much a? a tail >r can iti ixteet). A tail <r ran only ?ru a doll ir in th? day at; Doft. I car two dollar^ a dav Now. what 'i?I't 1 t<- twice a? much a* the tailor*, or ho?nukrri. or fcar*?i)gert> lit* not n hod nri' r the snnif right to livn an I hare T t i- U'f ii an u i l? t work at nil that robs him of m i?ir proportion I hope the tim?? will noon arrire ?l?nthi- jugjfl^ry will be * eu thrnuKh and the cry *ill n?? longer be. *.? it hart been h retofore. work work, ?ork till you htm rewarded with a p iuper'a grave at H>t l>o yon not feel that the republican institutions >{ the country nr?- calumniated by the rum Milling pollIrian* of thicity .' It' you have a apark of patriot^ui in your brea-t*. I u-?K you will you not prw^-vo jntaitiftd the in?tit tions that Washington haud?*<l low n ? Or w ill > ou mibniit to 1jh drummed up at th* primary ?-|ectl^!i?. which ar?> no?r in preparation, to lect *once "prig of the codfish aristocracy, who know* nothing of the people except such a* ha ratet* In the tmuntN of d*beurh?ry * Them in no gr<*Ht body of rt'?*n who ran all i|U*ntlon< ry* to eye. Partir.anbip in. therefore, ?v?n upt. L?t tm, than, ca^t th**m to i! ?- lour wind* i f hfav* n They hare deceived UJ, md ltt tb^oi lire up< n u? uo loutft-r 1 do not want lo fo fir in ?}h p to *h"p. to a^k tv-r work like a be^^ar, lid to h? nut with* No" (The np*a*er uttered the Qionopyllnble po b**otd that everyta dy laughed) To Du* of th^?? wbo a*k? d m* if I wanted a job. f replicif 4 No " (Tlie ir.riio-\II -?l?- whp ?-mpha*i?e<l In a ^tilT levd^r tone, and tflieited nnotht r peal of laughter.) I ?m rot h*-re an a d?uiHgoiru**. I do uot wiah to ex r?it* unit lin' f mtit. ul in vmi vhri anrk tor ir*?nt.l?* 111* ii bavir.g large st< re* in Srondway. who are buildIts coiiBtty tfitf wbl.b to.-ttheni $30 000 or (4<l.UOO. rbls Is fi r his wife and children It ought to be foi (ours My Bible uji It any man work not. nelthi't l>t bin rat*' Th>re art* thousands uf store* which ire rot wanted A dozen would do alt the businesv I he men who are loitering nil uay in those numerous ltor?i are living upon ji? and they mi/ht be dispell e<( with There ?re t hiu'ancl* of acres out to the Wast inviting tin m to cultivate them. How much bettor aoiild O eir daughter* look out there around theua, brought up in innnr-ence instead ol being mala 'new?iy nil-" for the co 1 tieh arl-tocracy. It would redound to the Interert of all mankind II such a ?yiteui were introduced. I go in for the seifl-h idea If t be a selfish Idea. I think I know it* mueh an any t>i'f?. I never knew one wbo knew as much a* I do. Why :lnntbe?e hnaaes be patronised;' How mueb better to patrni.ite cach other; when you build tbe tore I ill patronise you instead of th- nun who built th? :oiiDtry h at (Obeera ) Before I conclude, ( shall >ay that I am opposed to all liolenee If you bar* not the patlei.ce and intelligence to exercise yonr poitiral fr*Bi-hi?e. so an to procure your soelal right* snareabiy I have but little hope or cenfldenceln yout ibiliiv to rbtain them In any otber way Physical V rce in the Ian resort even under monarchies. Thepeo jle I hi re know that if they could only secure their political tri ertom. they wruld thus bare a lever by which b>y would soon raise theniMlves in the *o<-i?l *nal*. Pbey would cot be drummed up to primary meeting* >y tuniti lli-rn. They are too much pinchel by pov? rt? Thilr daughters are made ' n-r-murf arils" to be breaking ot many a father and mother's heart, i ou will see in on* of tbe papers (not any of the dalles for they are rather respectable), that the nigger* mil other rowdies are Invoked to five tbe tail or a hraebii'g This Is the advice ot Major Noah, a timpim House i ffl, er He may be a very enlightened MB,. I bull dog pn pensitiee be intellect; but I think I ould write a better article, and one with >.*? sop tilery than bis With all the thousand* of acre* oi land round us we ti e t bat the conditio* of the workiag nan Is very little better here than it I* in Kuroi a. It Ive years mare It will be worse, if things are allowed' o g? on as they have been, for those laboring andftr he oppre*eiot>* ot European taskmaster* none here to o ahead and st ckat not hlng and they will succeed to he ousting ol the native born population But let u o forward with truth on our side, and we mast break lown all opposition Let truth set in her stately chair, ter face as fair as the moon and let her b? euthroned imo-.ig us till justice and piety become the eharaetersticsof ' tbe land of the free and tbe huake of thf <rav* " (Load cheers) Here there were loud cries for Miks Walsh, who how Tit did not reepond. If be tin prewil Mr. Fmhh wit addrewed the Bwlinf II* *>< lad So Dut the time had no> eont when tha Is wrlpi portion of the community know wb*t ?u dao n (bi Birl?n. He who klnri ba-1 right to tbe imri if that laNr and h? wai glad al?o to pica that they lad trllwtfil for thr purpo*i> of ealabliab dk a principle b? which they could carry out tbalr >an an I not tbe ?g<ranJti-mant of hi?" who b*d M> lor? krpl tbrn a* they ?n When i? *aw all thla aow be van aeliamed of the UnoraBca rb rb *hi ) *n long w.-ra hound by. aad Iba trammel* rl.irb ' h> j to Ion endur< <1 lie van a poor aao. aod lepewdid upon bt? dally labor but he wnnld, for ?? . apport. with bin pur*? and all hi* heart. th**tan? ililrli tbry <rrt aloul ti trukr (Chaeri) The m loyir* h?d ?trnBTl< d bag to k'?p them la darkncua ad in ignorance, but lb* y (the working Bra) vara low n far adtauctd. that they can continue to eduat' Ili'ai'iltM, aod thr true relation they baar to btlr fellow man aad to the lleiog who l? tha father of U fl-?h It I* tbi cur?uof monopoly whieh ha* op twd tbe aholc world of Banklnd; it W that run* f Born poly which baa atarved oar brethren on the thrr -idr of Ibr Atlantic, tt i? that curia whieh ba? ibled u? of that rlibt lilrh *? baec to our prorrtionata >hare of the product lona of our own labor id tie pre dure of the earth (Cheer*) Uc would, lierelrro, cibort them lo be brethren, to support oaw notbrr 110 dl**entlon ba rnnonpt them, for that i what lh<ir opponent* d*?lre; hut th?y ?h >nld re if inter l but In i nlon there In *trength l<et thaia e? p united *nd th?? need not f. ar the oppr???or any 'tiger (( bur* ) The chain* which had kept them t Ion ft in bondage were hrokaa. and th?y ahould deI?re. nt Ibe n? *t elecllou that they hare a mice In le ni miration of th> *e who are to pa** the law* of 5i* republic (I'heeii I It they a**ert their right*. ji ir trlumpbi w?re coirjUtcd. (Cheer*. aod heir ??> The Ch*i*mi? then atated that It woali an nutteil iu the morniac Taper* where tbe *?heer1pIII lid* would be left and "here tho*e whs ware da lrru? of taking ?'o< k cruld i liter th*ir name*. Mr I t ri h called on )h? -etloa net to eipend one r>ll?r in the More ol any ho*< tailor who refu?ed to ibecribe to the Journeymen'* ll't Oi*>fli><?. Let'he aexfon He put to a?ery b??-a before tticy deal wltb 'B^. 1 ha?* jou (lirn-d the Jonrueymea'* II*' of rW*''1 If b<-*ar* n". then leava Ma * ra and aay, I BUft go lo a more boaorahie man " (Load cheer?' I wa< cheerirg to him l<> ?e* the number of o?har <cb*nlc? that were r>'Bla|t to aid vbem in their i i.ri mm vnuf PI'HIOI i" wnim in* m ada tad ?ti? rf |M< ronnliy b. l?n? ' T" tr tar Ira anrrly anil If tha mai-hanli** J<ln ?? ? <?r?T ha toll 'hi m fbnt tV? *tr?ka vnntd ba bof. ir frramnna-r of a ?r??l aarant far tham lla b?lia?i-4 l> rfoka Ibr HllllKrtX of 'h? K?rliM ?h? 0 ha ?*t4 <at ihp frrH htt do?a lh?tn J??t|oa Thar* ? < but i? rtifptim to tba fitnJi't of ttw taitor*. an I ha on Id ray that ilia m?j-<rifr n( iV jnirw;n>n tallon > m t r? "iiIm or jn'MfJ tha ?lol?nrr of a lata o?aa on Tl .a majority of tha worn'Tino ?f? a? f^al raarratora of tha pnhila p * ? a? th? ri\j fathara n ffwlt" II??r h?ar) A onth< r'hitu h* *?k-d tha -tillamrn of lha pr??? ? > nndrratnnit ajtb tham- (th>nrt???i?? ) lh?t? w?? nil l>tn." n-lth>r t nrl- rt?m nor ant otkrr " l?tn ' Co far aa Ih'lt ?n lni?ra>.?? ??r? eetiarrn*'! tliay arara . ., la!i?t? fca ra ?r? man* JoirHi wn tail-r? In V? Vnrk wfca ttaaoira hut..lri"ta <1 dollar* and ha bopad th*rn'lld ni l In 0|anlnc tLa nmpoaa.1 tora IJa ?dmtt<?il af thrr? ?>rt ?oni? pon?pl?-ntlooa m?n aan<i( th? ??? hut th?y woii'd any at, n auk?I to mnfirni to a Jonr?ry???'a jrlrn " will my n-i*hbnr <|n as* * ih ? >o?m *ho tiara alf?"l tha h II tk'j vara ankfnl. bat If ?arhln?naan ona? orr*ni?a In Wait irk thay ?onld a^fand 'ha h?n?flta of rti?lr a*rlha t<? a fartka*t llml a of th? I'nltad >Ut'a Thara a?a n< >4- da.aftaa to l>? l*ttar pa"l Ihafn ana lanna r.' ratar ! ?'? lot a af iilt rf manli -od p r??d? th?in wa n "liama to aaa tha d*?Wtntlon an l nltarf at thr frlta'aaof thla rltr ara radaaad t?. vhlrh mral tb?B> to aa?k oo? In lan>-a and allay*. wt( <a ftalntb'tn haaanaa thay ara nit aMa to fn by n<at labor (fha?r* ><d h?at b?-ar) n <n'f w-rr u na r un i >r *! ?* W?I?h Vit br , nn? pr??rnt. ?n4 Mr r?n< r im* >-rw?r4 %f?l rr? ! following rcn.miinirat i<?o trrm tk? Pmt?"tl?c I'M fl'i >1) ? , Ptv'rrHtr Cfiiim ?f (A# CUf -f S'ir York I* ?*? I V /bf Crit'i in ?*? P??* ?ttraAM. I'i :? Tnti Vn llr? In ?n ?froi'lit with ?f i?nn?. n?nn? tTir?rt*nr? to th? pr?it unit fntnf yt>rillw> "f IwmWy Tli? t m? P nrrlT'il ?h*n >t?rn "it* tH old ? ? frm ? "?r pn^tl-n nf ?U?ty ?n I * I. t n?ur<-# hf ?btrh yntir rlnlitu ?> r-Mtn-'< *a<f Iktmi l'l?n< k*tr '*? In Un?p? min ?lrt|l? in I ai't'io'l- i?rrr to ?* ?n? p?-rt' 1 In tli? hl?'o-? .<f . p.-r?? n Th? .jwrtton f?f "lutlnn not l?. !.*? y mi *iif?d mfllr ?nt t" ?rnn?? t"ii t>. th? full i mm'unl ?"? nb?t?n-l? In th? wnf nt nM?ln'nj nr prrp*r p?4M0ll of ?-?|ii*lity ?n-l nnlty ' (Vh>? ?r lm>? mff?r1n)t no Impairs! janr lnWIW>*%? uml if Ally*'(I ynnr h??rtn ! >tl> inalKy fri-m r-t?hfmlir( th? n?? ?>r prarMrlnc th?"lb?r? II ton iiH b? fr?? t" lsbnr mhr n jrru p|. % ?. ?n I b? 1 > frntt? fhftm It t? <r?n th*t mu?t th? i??? th?t biH'l ??<1 pl?n<t<r ??>t If yita *??M r-?' lh? full iilTi?l?|r of Krolhorhond. ;im m-irt r-r'r* np^n Ih fcroM pi nrlil? of ^mllt*. yt-n fnm wnnld 4?*troy ?T?rW n** it , If jkii ?o?M pr??*nt wr*?tb<iinM? ?n I *ii?* T*n wiiM r?lfc rr i h? Ufcori-r nf on?ro?? t>il, I rtlBnUif Ih* ln^ot ?? hnl??nm? In1i??" I ?iu?t rtn rHrt #clMy ?f>n? b??H ?? ? th? pr ' I'f ?n'1 l i?' --T ?r? nn'f"f In th? ?m? p?r<^n. 1 ?nll? f|<? Pml?Mli> I'nlnn I ,k<-n ttVnuii 'n't-'t'f ? y?t It woii'."!.

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