Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 16, 1850, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 16, 1850 Page 3
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SBWS Or TAM (ftBKi miVUIlY BKRALD wUlb* publlaked M Muni, I ill* o'llNk tomorrow IU olumn* will W Oiled with variety ol highly llC?Mtli| nttUr, from all parti ot the world. It will, la flaot, tw a weak* hii-torj of the wwrld. Blagl* ooplae. In wrap> ** iiiptlM. iMptnant to tike LadlM?W* roeomraand ar lady i.*??re. who rteaire te i???* 'J}*'' '* ' j*? *} Boot or fcUr, to visit the ator* of Mr -I. D. ti'lir, 134 Canal Ireet. They will he f und lo I* of eerv auperi-r workmanship, and remarkable Mr their neatness and nai-b The articles at tills enabllahmeni ha?e al*? auoth'r pews ful rsovil neman u; n.?v ?'? "old at msderats price* at J. H IILlLIi'.i, 134 Canal strsst. "W? 'Mould call the attention of oar rtad> ere to the'eree eiwrtment of .Eoliau Piano Kortee, at the warvroome if T Gilbert a Co , 4?7 Broadway. The .S-'lian la CO ? ay Interferes wl:h the plai.0, either (in be played alone, or 1 o'b uclted, thue eombinin*, In one inatruineat, all the beauties aad varieties of the pian and parlor orgaa. aundera' f wit able Urruliig Gate Vac* torv. 147 Broadway, e? rner of Liburty ttree'.and 317 Broadway. llitMiiarua combine many advantages over the 1mpcr'ed, teinK made with the view fov real >arTtc?. All the artlalea coraivd ilnrein are of convenient al?e aad gnod quality. wl irb mav lws enumerated tLe Metallie Tablet Strop for keeping ra??ra in nerlVet order. Coinb Factory, 387 Bi?adway,?The naoat tm? iclec'loa of op n work UttxCumbi, in Turtuine SUell, Bnflal" H<>rt>, fce . tu be mkd in the oitr. Ludioa will pereelvc the advantage of proauring roinxs at this establishment from the fart that '!> gru"tent care ia takea in the shaping of cash, so a* to (It the head In the moat perfect n-an ?er. Couita mudo to order, alter any pattern. Repairing A h J. 3AUNDBKS. Hair Dye.?Bairhelar'a Oenolue Liqald Hair Dye, eaa ealy be prvouttf at the manufactory, 4 Wall Street. The public ahoold ,,.tiid against imitations. Hei m wl?t from the nee of tbe imitation Jyoe, ?m b?a H MtTMtad by nailing u ah?ve Cop* the addrea* Hair Oyhig?Phalan'i HfHfftv Hair Oy?, to lor tbe hair or wfctakere. th. momum it i> applied. without ??ry to the hair "r iKid It oau t.e waahed thou t diaterbiuf tho eolor. and hn> no bad odcr It ie apBliad, or eold, at PTTAIftM'S Wlj *?< To a pee Mancfaetory Vn Broadway Wl?i %nd iouj><<a.~A?ottier IMedai baa keen a* ..reed to ffi>. bachelor, lor tho bent MM<? and TonSHI. 'fbf uubllo iatitod to in*|?K>t hie now utyle foi i860, at nATrfl?LOfr? n-lttrawd "i* factory, i Wall (tract. He keopt! the l?rr??" and nw aortmoat <> the ley. C?pv the ai*''"" Wlg>l Wlgtl-tUium iud Utiangm art lantad w mepcrt J'HaLoVS oen etyle o' Wig# and Tou >111. He krepe the lament and beet aeaortraent in the eity tthli celebrated Wb<ri.- Hmr fje Taetory. 197 Broadway oraer ef Dey etreei. ''opr'he eddroen. 5,000 Wlgaaad Tviipeu h I way a on hand, at the v I* facility of MEDMUKSrfc UK a HI. *7 Mai.len lane The* ere made of he bei i natural cmlid hair, and aomhiaa all the latne' iBipenvcmenH. Ladlen' ornamental kaie. in reat ahr ml >tnr*> C.t?l thin tint. 'H IftLiiiitn lane. To Ike A filleted I'o Uio ?- of oar Readara Wfc? eie troublrd with ooraa, or teudai Iki, n auiU UTl.? th? ifiilul Urooi '* nt ir ?ty|# if Burkakio Boon, *h"ea, I t.ii i ht y are decldadly ho i aa'eat and pl<aA?at??t arliole? a maa car tear Mr. B 00&'\ No. 1M fnlt a at<aat. baa >b? largoat and Lac ?tocli of K>>od? la th? oltv, wbxh fi.r durability and ihtapuosa ara not to b? mri>aa ad. MO NKV MARKET. Tm:a?D?r. Augunt 15? P M. The ftock market baa been mor* active daring tha |kM t?? or three days and hook el the leading tanclae have allgbtly cdranced In orlceit Oparatora la Reading Railroad bare created aome little excitement among bolder* and it ia po*aible that a rl?e of one or two per p?nt may be produced among ?p*cul?tor?. or rather among bolder*, without realizing tha first (rac- J Hon of bona Ada aalei The ayatem of putting up J priced for fancy atneka, from day to day, for the purpose ot attracting cutalJer- ia a good deal like that practised to frequently at all the mock auction eatahlithmoDta aboat town. through the I'et r Fanki. The sudden Mart aoma of tha moat w.rtbleaR Uney atocka take upward la tho beat evidence la the world that half a doien Peter Pnaka are engaged in bidding prices up in bopea of catching a few outside Hate Notwithstanding all that baa b?en aaid aboat the wty* aad means refort'd to for tha purpose ot drawing in anlnillated operator# there appear* to be no and to tbe ITif-ply of material for the regular Wall atraat epee a la tor to work upon. We can only acoount for thia Ire in tba (act that there la a large claaa of monied man In tbia audevtry other large community who moat hare something to' | lay with, "aome exeitlng way of employteg their morey or ratbaraome seductive way ot losing It. It uadoutedly U a source of greater *atl*fectlon to many nti or artu, to lo*e large nam* of bodkj peculating In fancy stock* than In any regular, legitimate Hat of buatneaa Wall (tract 1* eontlderd by many a* tort of talety ulTt Im the gambling pro|h ul Jm of a large olaaa, and In thl* rlew, It might ba well enough to rneouraga all kind* of ftoek opera tlon* In that locality, and aid tha ragular broker* to t?M la the or eat. rhortatt pmaibla way, tho-?i who Ml into their band*. It doa* not require any aid from ua to glee ? grratar Impatoa to this propeae.ty la th? pablie mind, Tha broker* generally find as many riatla>* a* they require and wa hare as doubt tha nipply will always be eqoal to tha damaad. II haa been a matter o! maeh aatoalahmeat to aa. whara tha piirahaaen of Ihney mock* some from; bat when we eaathe mm* ladlrldual* earagad. year after year, la tha aama game men who haea baaa ralaad time aad agala. who have freqaintly earn prom I **4 their loaaaa, we are no longer aatoaiahed at the *aoee*a of tha tab Wee *o oftea la Sated. At tha tret board to-day MorrU Canal advanced X par eeat, Farmer*' Loan. ; Reading Railroad. X; Can tea Company %. Krla laeoma Bond* deellaed % far aant. Krla Railroad V . aad lla-lem Tba racaipU at iht offlra of tha AiiUtut Traararar of thla port, to-day. amounted to $87,141 11; pt;a?tU. ?? oee M; btUoor. $5 IW.H] 03. Tha rtctlpU of tli* Hartford and New navrn railroad for tha month of July, 1*40 war* |(I,H4. For Jaly, 1M0, 934,740 I nrraata, $M44 The panaaagar nwlpt ikovi tha vary laxga larr?a*? of forty-oa* p?r tat. ecaparcd with tboaa of Jaly, 1340. which aiaaad*d tboaa of tba taai month of aay prrrlous jaar. It appoere tba' oa tba coaaa'Matloa -f tha Ankara ami Roeh**t*r and tba Ankara aad 0yraea*a Rail road Caapaniaa. It waa agreed to ftaa tba Individual atookholdrr* ft tba Diraat Railroad Coapaay. far a traaefa*cf tbair map* right of way, fc? , to tba Roohaatar aad 0jrmamaa Railroad Coapaay. (took la tha ftaob**t*r aad Byrne*** I'ompaay, to aa equal am >ant Ml by them r?ap*atl?*ly la tha Diraat Coapta;, oa tkatr paying la ninety par aaat tkaraoa allowing tka taa par raat paid la aaak. aa deaaaad Tha t'oaeolldaiad Oaapu; ara to r<aa>aw tha roaatrootioa ai tba diraat llaa following aalaly tka roata aar?*y*d al<ag tka aaaal If tha Roaheotar aad 9yra?aao i'?a paay akall aot tnaaraea tka road. ky aspandlag. wltbla tha yaar aad lag Aafwt 1 13A1. th*?aai of fVO,Mt lhaa tba Diraat Railroad Coapaay ara ta bara tba right, aa prarUad la Ita chart r. ta rainaa aad eaaatract lha road n< raaaaaa aad eipaaaoa of tha Oadaoa aad ?*rkahira RatirMld Coapaay, tor tha I rat ear* a aoitlu la aaak Cf tha bin U o rrara. am u ?-???? ' 1M?. ** !>? J?*??rr I" * All IH. .. >? - 4.. 4?. 7a. ... I,- ?M |l<w ??. !#* ' ?* 4*. i*. *?. ... n,ma - E.|?.*? ... ? ? ? Not H.*41 n?? OArair |4 for Um flrat mm ronatha af 1160 ?kow ? li'M tnMlknw for tk? oor TMfoa4l*t F?rto? la 1149 of IT.ST*. Tkla look* ??ry w?ll. ti4 If Ik* n^niiMf an proportloa*My rHM?4, r<ap>'U with Ik* r*?*lpU. tka ataakkol4.r? may oa* of tkaa* fay* r?al1*a anaafMag oa tkolr ln***tm*at* It l? *ntim?U4 tkat vkfi ik* traa work* aloag tk* I la* of raa4 wt la hi1 porattra. Ik* r***lpU of tkl* onapaay will k* mnrk in*t *** 4 Tk* ln*l la aow laid with a k*a*y rail tkroafhoat. aa4 tka ?oBp?ny bin larllltl** for tka lr*a>f oriatloa <4 u; aanal of baala*** tkat ??y ?f*f Th* * ? ?*<! rala* of taiakl* ?ro?*rt? vttkla tk* It; af It. I-oala. la IMS. ?M ?1M01.01?, and tka aa la I MO. waa ?2??7??K? balag in la riiw tf 2)\ p?r nil f?r naiia Tk? m?i?4 rtltt rt ptoprrtf to the fit; at It Loala. oa tka lat of Aufiut 1*.'0 ( irtfllnj tka alty KiaataJ ?m |>tl; ul th? MMiwd iiIim ?l lit; Maam ?> Inngln* to tk? tity. at th? Mai* parted. >u $111 W1 maklajt th? total ?-?la? of property M?i|Ing to tka city ?1 179 304 *1. It la ao? at at ad that th? daflaiaary la tka koaka of t|r Vdtin Rallr<at| "otapaay of Maa?aakoa*tt . will raark oaa haadrad tk^naand dollar* la relation ta tkl* dafalaatlaa, the fteam TrmrtiUr rijt " It ap pMN ii ? nader?tand It tkat krok* of tka graateat fcapartanaa. trfethar wltk U? dUkaraeaaat and ra elpt 'f lar|* nm< of Boa*y. ktti keen loft aatlrely to Ik* chart* of oaa ma. w1tko<it rk??k or a*a*laati?a frrrn aa J ?*?> ? p.raua Laft *aaii>letely to kin Mlf, tk* def*-ilt*r ka* kHi ?M? to aaatlaa* ht? dapre iiiltim - for a lanf tl?. ky "'?? af fal.a kaUaaaa and ftatttl' a* aatrie*. tbni tkroalag do*t la tka aya* of Mm tiraatot* It la nat a llttla daitUr tkat tk?a* aaty kaok* vara tka akjaota M e.peaial praUa la tka laanr-ar r?|Nirt af tka ln?**ttf?tlng fVmaltfc* af tka OH Galaay *a Irrad ? oa?aaa? ' Tk- Hoard af PaWta WerlMi of flrrllrta kara leaned paap^lr to a J oaa ii tWOOW1 kt-arlaf laW*at at |-?a rat* at all per eent per una, payable o? the lat of January and lat of July, in eaeh year, and irradeem- , abla for twenty five yaara from tha data* of tka aartiflaataa, bat redeemable afterwarda at the ptaasar? of J the State. Propoaale will be received at the offlse ~ ot the Second Auditor of the State, until the 28th <>f ' Allguat > The proportion to eonatruet a new railroad from -i Bt bt-rnetady to Albany, will very aoon aommand Itself to tha $ ood judgment of all thoae who are inter?et?d ia li the (uecees of the eeotral linn, and or the Hulaon - Klv?r railroad. It is well known that ia or<i?r fo rt- ' due# the grade* upon the latter. Irom nmtits to ten 'eet per mil*, tbat the line along the river wm adopted, ti aud a very large Increase of oost was Incurred. This i lucrtase of eo*t will be enongh to construct the new " line from Seheneotady to Albany. Now, it la well ?' known, (bat In going east the pretent line rises upon ^ ery heavy grade*, to the top of the high land* west of -l Albany. Thence It descends, by grade* varying In n amount from one hundred feet to the mile down to * thiity. to the terminus in Albany. 01 course this ? going over a hill, is forever an expensive matter. It is | a perpetual waste, and it it can be avoided it will be, so soou as tbe Hudson River rsad approaches a tertnlna- ' tlon Property going eastward, will not be lifted over the hilU between Schenectady aud Albany, ualees there is a clear necessity for it. Obviously there * Is no cred for this, because a road oan easily be * made around the bills. The Mohawk river may 1 be followed, to tbe vinlnlty of Nlskanna, and thence t road may be made to the upper part of Albany, J or even above the city, and may there eonn?ot a by a bridge with the Hudson River railroad. There * then will be a complete contieotlou without ascending \ grades going rant, and the graven *?t lessened by fl the lunber of f?at rise now ineurred In a?ce nding from A Se>eneeUdy by tb? present road If there is to be 1 an; connection made, by th i propriet >r* of tha Utiea | J and Schenectady railroad with a railroal to tie Uud" 11 ton river. they surely will seek fucb a Una aa will pro- | ^ perly connect them with the ltud.-on ftt?er railroad 1 They will not clog and embarraw their presnt road with the unfitting oonnection with the present road ^ between Schenectady and Albauy. Though thn niicMntry of the planes are dispensed with; the rise >a al' f, there yet, and will renal* there, and forever limit the >> aloe of the route, because of the expense of the c grade*. Whatever Albany may do or may desire, the gr?-at interest ot the west, and of the city of New York 1 will settle thla natter right. The competition of the | * Krie railroad will draw attention closely to the im. ; provement of ths central line, and the day will come ; wbex. there will be no rise going eastward Iron Lake , J Brie I In whatever way the people of Albany may regard thla, it will not be possible for that locality to keep jj down this improvement. The rails of the central line a must be eonneoted with those of th<-|fIudson Rlveijrall- , J road Tb'se wbo wish to stop at Albany may do sa, J bnt these who wish to ge on direct to Mew York will have tbat privilege. There never can be a proper con- t ntetlon between the present Mohawk road, and the ft IIudtoa KiTir railroad, and thir|f?et, well m the ? great loci Id gradei alluded to, will iood show erery ^ one that there Bant be a new railroad botwera Be he- k nietady and Albany j b Hteck Bxchanm, 1 $11000 Ohli>* ? 1??0 !?"*? 1?U >h> Morrie^aaal MO 16K f I K1*> KenMioky fi'i 104V 100 HarWm RR tuw 5"* I 1 W0 Brie 7? W bS 1024, 100 do ft->W . .000 do li'UJi 10(1 Caatoa Co 4#\ , Krlelnckda 1*0 "0 100 do Km 40W ' VW do >9% MO rarm.r.'Trait *.t , 1 WO RR b<!? 100 4<>0 do MO 4?W ' 11 Mi aha Bile RR K\ 100 Readme RR C 360 do 78 300 do ?S 1 * BO do bnw 71 WO do M ??IJ* Z 100 de bM 7)1 100 do M? MV r M) do 7ft%' tO do (Ot BO W do b30 76 ltW do t?l\ * 92 Hud.oo R- tr.RR 73 * UCOND BOARD r< |80# US 6. 67 119k 100 ib>C*aton Oe 47 71 IMX? tut lac bdi \M HkV M do M 47 U I'"** de IM K'S AO Morrie CaaaJ I'iM * 4)0 do WV Ml Krl? RR eSO V>\ ?o tk? Nor * W?r. old 41V 111 do T>K 10 Rodiai RR ?S?p?? MS 21 do b? 7?K 1 ?<> do tlO .*v2 |?? do aSO 71K , ' 1*0 do wi do WW 7.-.V low Harlfm RR M 40 do 76)2 "yVERTlSBMNTS RKNKWKU KVKHV DAY. UKW/IHU* I NOTICB-LOST OR STOLEN SINCE THE lrr Of JUL* -\ la?t. two Aaatoakjt Bnnda, tha proparty of tlx ?ob aeribar, pajatla 30 yaar? from Oatobar lit. for 1 aauh, I7dl ut I7dC Warm* iDtirm at 8 par aaat All , paraoaa ara raatl aa<i huui aa^uitaua* for, or purahaaing r th? iidii. aa {aynaai bH b<*a itappad. lloadbldara who J ba*? pnrotn< 1 ainca tba abora tiior. art rciuaatad f? .a- . tnrm REl'BEN PARSONS 7* Fraaklla atraat. Naw lark. 4 (ton reward -lost-supposed to date been . ?*v dropped, ytitarday fortaooa. la a Br adway omnI - r tap, a laall Quid Doabla Caaad Lady'i ft'atab, with (J..Id , Chain, Ear aad Hook. mida by A?Nrr, <iaaa?a Tbaaboaa rt ward will ha paid if rotaraad to tba onv, at No. I (Taw 1 Ijr 1'laca, ovracr of Bmada ay. _ ( i IIVA RD ?LOST. IN ONE OF THE CRO^JN LINE ' Jp?> ? ?*>?, a lattar addraaaad Miaa Harriott M. Sao it, alt i v Bark ad Laataallla. U peat, 30th Jnna Any part "a kind % aaougb ta laara tba aald lattar at Sft Broadway, ahall ra- f lalw tha akaya raward. _____ ? o in REWARD?LOST <>> Till R-IIAT. IAtk WHILE 9 Iv |?aalar throafk tha baaaaiaat of tha Harahaala' J Elcbaafa a raall paaikat boab. rltk ataal baa da aad alaip, aoataiaiu a aaall aaaaaat af moaay. with a ahaak ai(ar<i. 1 hataottnodap with aay aaaaat. Tba abova raward will la paid by rataralaf tha aaaa at tha oSaa af Waltar Kaalar. 1 v ' Viml y LOST?ON SATl RDAY LAST EITTIRH IN MYRTLE I' aaiaoa ataga, Broehlya. or la tha farrv baat. or at Bar >B'a Maaana. acaatlamaa'a Signal Riaf. Whaaaar will n ratarri It ta tha Brat blitk haaaa la Oold (traat, Brook lya. F1 c ppoaita tba pablto aabaol, will raaaira tba fall ralaa af tha ~ na*. ? " V* LOST?LAST iihiut, AT ??ituoa ^rimu\ ok i ri th* *?i from Harat >aa to Tr?]r. a im>U ?rp?t Kk, J marital A. J. with wrtUa* lak. aa tha kaatlla. / pply t" A. 0i J !>I tklr, 71 Ronth atraot, K??Yi>rt,?Ot??( Maaara 0?l- r. Una. Vom k. 0*., vkrra a inliakla rrward will to *l?a? far I, lla nlari. 01 ? . ? _ FOI ITICAIJ. StcohD ApnuMiu.r district.?tiii dri.*gatr? , rlacl t- lb* P-n."?rati' Aaaambl/ Convtatioa, tr?m tha | 'IhH anJ S *th ar- r?qnaata'l to khi a* lha lay . C ?? . K'. 7* II? atroat. Ifcia (rrita; (araalnj. Aataat MtK, A' 7)?a'cloik f. M.. far tka parpoaa ?f flxtlai t lal>{il? , H rt|r?a<>l U i 4latnat la tka (fraruaa CaarwtlM. IWMHa. ^ ~~ i rENTRRTIIXI COVRH. L. l.-TtOTTIWO. OW fRI- ? 4ay. Aun>t lAtk. at Mj a>lo?k, aiatrk for ??*>. aula I a toata. to IMIto. ?a?n?? w I? aiaiea t m Faaay Hutlar. ai 7. I anklta aaMM to. ?. t atr??ill? laiiwadiatalt aftar, a " faraa ef ? n. a., la kaata. toat karaaaa. Mr. Oa'aa 1 ait ra k Ixa Rjc-a R T?af?k aatara to. aura Jaaa < ?!- P tort. G.Pajaor aatara ?k $ Itlia, C. bmki aatara k. a. " l>aa HarUa. i C .akUa aatara k. m. I.klr M alta Mr. R. >1 ??l?n (lr?r f(?<. Jull. rilNKLIV. Kr^>tl?t?r. M< ?ra. Hnat*4 It K*a4al)'a llaa af "malb<ia?a will l?*?? Valtoa ftrry. Brooklj a, f<r tha Court*. at twa "'rlora. P, < I. 1-tart.lai aa aoon aa tka *|?rt* ar* oaar Par* aaali >n ;:.???> ? N ft - A ImiitM" ihr faitraaMaaata. * f Tk-inw r'ni air i I ttorrivn irn ?aj rran r. IimU. Um I III >, ?i4ft lit nlill*. far litrM r ?h? HIM * para* arar I* Katrlai te to mmA* at k (?m? ft Mk.M?n'?, na Fitdrnj IH?I||. kj taa o'ajaak. Ttrw I f atn to a*k< ? t?e?, an 4 t?o ? ' -r? *1 KPICM ft WrWAffW. rVTfiXTt. | UHIOJ? COCBftR. L I -TROTTINO. O* TBI'KtPAT, Aaiaat 1J4 It ^ ivaailr ||>|I>. | ia hwr.Mi. CJaa. fflftr ?aWr? k f II <1M( Jnkt; S. *' I Unih'ia. min ?k. ( C-.aM?a*#. Jm rUm tifl eb. ... (. Tr?>H. an< IH ft MrKkNxVr.rrtM .fi J, WW?AL wtkim. t TH? r*IR*I>* Of IBR BOIMN ? ATBOLI? IIAI.P | Orpkaa Am In* ?r? kaMi na) fr*4kr J a an I(t !.'? ?t? a'*l??k,at t M k <a t? *f W?. T. ? Paa?r?. ha. J* friac? ttraat. By ?t4?r a# ?, TBOBftt BAUER. Chairata J! J.W.Wtum, ) rMHiinii J J. { ??'r?tan??. ~ IO. or O. r.?TBI B. w. BRAND l/?D<l?or JOrTlj rrn W,w T?rk. will kalA a aaaatam at tto ur*r l{^r a Nattnaal Bali, CkMl ttraat. Mil* ?*" eU'?- I K r?at?<KM will |>Imm to aaaataal. Br H t N J i. r lltl Oraa4 *???_ fl ipsa ( HArm, no. i o. r a-a tvu. attend- " IBM ?f aaaton it raaaaaiaA aa ItK.Htt al?M at ? ?>U?k. P M tk? VUitla|(Va ?i,i..r, <a Chaaaarr a at I to r>rr?a? m4 Ma'il'l.n .1 tut th* aa*t Ufa 1 - . > u . Zm, POTlfR. TAIPARAIBO, wax ATTBWD TO ^ air or Apt*; kaila**, ar i?ni|>aMi I cr ? ??! a? ma'uH to hU etiirf* ap*a tb? a it IwankllfOra*. Alaa, drain takaa fa th? I A. V nAwmn i.??;Oio*. rHu.ADii.pHiA. Arorrr 10. , Ji _h.iu> U k.Tftr Mm l? UfrUala r?il4lu it I 'la >n < ahf r-i? ' ! . ? fianiah i- / at ta ka riiiklnhtl f-r tka 'ai4 ??rrii-.rT H<t that >pfliraH** far ttir apflatmaiit sail Va ma<U l<> tb? rf , fnr F^ralta Atalr", ?t Opaaha?ta, arHila n?M ?' ?. fr m * Uallhkalta. MTBEN Rfl.LS. 1 c?u roMU. T| BATUMI *vn M RAi rKK. r^Ru arm** a KB \ C?MW>| Imitm,(Iwpn>.0. ?a f'T?ar4 *11 a. da aaat ta aar aara, ha? n? 4n? r*ti? 1'arjhf kaata, iritk fa41a rabbar f?m. aaitAbla f -t *k? ?>???ya??H ?f HMHtifn < frat*M ??laf?ll? fa?jaaia?ta ?ltk Rnaala I K?.t nuprlMN ???( . M 0"rfaa a*4 t'ra' ?. n th?r? ?11I V f 4alaf np"i ika ' lithMi. M K TA1 ijrtu, lata-t Halt.m?~ ' J m t?K lUtfRt. la-a -f * * OrlMtaa * Irftmiw la *? T?t?, I. R<>wat? I *? , 34 Braa4wa?. Oar Araat* ara L llaaa ?S Rratrt atraat: (Vat*. Hf> < 1. 8 Caaaalata, ruaai. Mm >.a4arr ft On.. A*a fraa<w?, giMfcrali. j j OCIFW ft IMTWW?(WC1TD U Oni)?N. THO* J. i Pajafi>-1? b<'laaalaaa4 Oa'ral Crmmi-- *a M?r?haatfc ? f?t Fra?-iaa?. < alif?r?ia. M?r?I.aa4iaa o???iraa4 t? aa aill , U |la<?4 ?? WaN 'at atnra (Ilia and a?l4 If ?aai|>laa - ? ar?i4lrt all riaka <.f 4ra. ft* Sa'?? ?? ? w*> H far* ft < a., J Raw Y'lk ; <?a??1> T. Rattraf. 4a ; Ixmbafl ft BattrUt. 4a.; I:rrrft Rt? rn, J ; (Vtraa ll-flr at. ft t'? , 4<a.: C <akUa ft ?ialtk. 4? r T nar?". 4?J ft*a4 ft It i via. AV?ar ' WURIilio, M.'. a ?- i Ho A n t)f Ro.-HBArmt'f. TAfttoM axt? ?tr? aitb *..?r4 aaa ' "la/ at i)l'r?a'" r if 1 Ir.^ttr ?aa| .1 la t>nii?aa?f |Kt ?a?t l"a?tt?aa la I U.a H?ft wt*b ?aa *?* I-<?a tm 'a?aUiaa <1 " all r? if * r* f V?i i iTn iVi *o oi? to-?* I f\ filaatb*? ""-"ft aatiH raat taa ar ikf-a f^raUKa^ / maata ta faaii'twt, altb braakfa?t u4Ht, t( r? a 1 IW. la^alu M 2St flnti atraat t i I WASTi. [XT'ANTED TO HIKt-A GOOD TW0 STOUT AMI rf at tie heuea, la the neighborhood of Uap*nar? r>ltn,aru< M IrMBt iUmii. Addraaa J. B., at tkli Bo*. IT ANTID-A RESPECTABLE YOUNG FRENCH woman ?uli a situation, aa Wet Norit. Apply ai IS Cedar <reet. U|TANTID-A SITUATION, BY A TOUNO MAN. I! FY V?n of ?H?. Han been formerly engaged aaaclerli i a at ddlery hardware eetabiiehuient. Addraaa C. 8. Sadler larald SWe. 117ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO MAN. A Ft aitaation aa Coachman or Waiter; eao gi?eentire ?aafaetion la either capacity; underataada gardening. AdtaM J. L., IttU Front (treet, throagh paat. Helerenuua eurely Mtiafaotnry can begivtn. ATANTED ? A SITUATION, BT A lE^PBTABl.e yoang w?man. to do ehamberwork ?T wailing, or t< id-1 la tue wai-hi"*, ar to tak* ?are of ohildran. Can com< ell reiouimrirued by tha Hat I aity r?f< renoe. l'laaac call at IB Centre at reet, front room, ftrat floor. [I7ANTED-10 GO SOUTH, AN ttXPEKIENCED BARrT kreper, oIa? a peraoa capahla of taking charge of i latauraat A liberal (alary will be given to thoaa ooraine .11 reei amended, and none othere need apply. Addrv.a II 1 K , Herald ofRra. 11/ANTED AN UNFURNHHKD I1EI) CH A t "R R FT pleutaatly and retirvdly located, for atlady aud gemieian, with lull board for iba la?ly, ?here do queatiooe will c aaked A unall parlor or eitting room adjoining, preferm1. Addreae H. M L., Ilurald office [17 ANTED TO HIKE, FROM l?T SEPTEMBER, AN? FT tnronair mora yeare, a atnall hotite, MlniaiiM alt able for the oci upaw i ol four row n nereona. A'ldreat lib location aad l-'in, U B <*., office .if Expreaa MW'|1 ipor 117ANTED-A SITUATION BY A RESPECT*SL1 "t woman who in ai. ex>elleat cook, w??' ertaod Iroaer aa at onJ*"ti<n to go a abort die'aim* in the 'ouotry nnld do wail ing ft > at a tt'e of ehildren, aad in fact. >ai all kinde of bonee w?Tk. or wnld go hone* teaping ii resectable family l<aa go. d rity re'erenee?; can beieei n' it (lilted. Ple-ae aeli at 1.1 Cit v Halt Plan*. [17ANTED?A SOBER, STEADY, YOUNG MAN, TC " take chaige of a l.iqnor Store, he lanet hue- good re. 'r* aca and give eeuri'y. Scutcb preferred. Apply at d: kvenue C, earner of Fifth afreet. 117 ANTED III M EPI.I TELY?TWO OFFICES IN BRO?T ?T way 1'ola'ea Krankliu and Murr.iv etreeta? one on th r?t, the other outtexcond floor, if poeaible. Adireaa 0 I. office ot thu paper. IT ANT1D-BT A RESPECTABLE PROT1STAN' VT \ i uttfl *'W*B, m 11a' i..ii M I mli ur t-? d enei >1 homework ia willing tu h ake hereelf generally ue? ii *>\ i ? nt? at 77 Saaeath atraet. 117 A NTS D ? FOR A LADY AND UIMTI.KV \N, i " handaomely furnialied room, on the nccnuii Hour, witl oud for the laity only, in a email family, I wM w lady pro nred.) whrra there are no ol har hoardera. Location ma* pleaeant >n< i eiiioulle 4a wn tow n. and near Uri>ad? tj r ?n Xrmo ago route. No reltret ee given. Addreea 11. \ far two itaya, Herald office. a young man wants a situation as a coach ? man, or to work in a etable, or to make himaelf nsefu iithhoraee; he ia acquainted with hi a bnninoaa ; ao ohjeo u na to go in the country. Can give the boat of refcrmiie rom Ina latt employer. Can be seen for two dnya at 304 Mot trtet. \ COOK WANTS A SITUATION?SHIt UNDERSTAND! a. pantry aad bread bakiag; haa ao objection to do a par f the warning aad ironing Beat of oily refereaoe caa hi lyea. Caa ke aeen for two daya, at No.Ml Prnoe atreet. Dhuo clerk wanted?ONB that CAN COM 1 well ieoommend?ii, and haa aoarn knowledge of the buai a>, may apply at.VI Pearl iireet, ournerof Prank fort. N. V Pattern makers wanted?two or three pirsi raw I'atinn Maker* wanted; none others need apply J A WES BOua ItDU.t. corner Cat tr? and Duaao eta 3UC11UN UO"B MAKERS WANTkD-UALT A DOZBK ~ men who caa few on eaetian hnaa f r akipa' uh. wil nd employment by calling immediately at OS Praaklor treet SITUATION W?NTED?BY A YOUNG MAN IN i J re?peotakle mere an til*. ah< pping or onmmia-ioa hoa*e r in aiy bneiaaea wher* hia ahilitie* conld he mad* araila le haying been eng-ani actively ia kaalaeaa generally. fo number of yeare, andrr<tanda bonk kaepiag, fee. Uaai aptionable ret'erenoea giyea. Addreea " Active" tkrougl hit ofttea. ro SOUTHERN MERCHANTS?AN EXPERIENCE! Pnlraman, thoroughly ao in am ted with tha "ry good rade In al ita braaehee, ia deelroae of obtaining a eitnatioi i e<?e tnrrraatile honae aoath of Philadelphia. Beat o ferenee gtve?. Addreie Pitahngh I'realice. Urouklya lew Vork. rOCALirOMNIA.Nf.-AN AMERICAN WOMtN WISH irg to go to California, ii deairoae uf getting a eilaatini 'bar to travel with a lady nr ae a*aletant houackeepir. ti family ?e tied tbere.or woald take tha birth of Stawardeae *li g capable of falllliwg any eitaatioa of traat Bae? o fertaee given aa to abaracter aad capability. Iaoair* a % Hnedway, op ataira, fai Miaa Coreca. Oan be aaai roaa 10 t a ?. IAI.EI UY AUCTION a " l/ALUABLB PROPERTY IN THE THIRD WARDr ANTHONY J. BI.EECKER will aaU at aaetioa, o? huraday, Sept. 6ih, 1*60. at 11 a'uioek. at the Marchanta itheaac--Deritreet?All that oartain lot aad protect mate ia tka Third ward af the oity of New Verk, kaowa I No. K Dey atreet, oa tka northerly aide of Bald atreet .Ua mdiaputable. Thle property preeenta oae of tha ni>et ivoraHc opportuaitiaa for iaveetaieBt on tha North Rivei de, keiag aeit door ta tha North Hirer Haaki and iaeuitI U for n r v >?, ?>. Haa lull naLin? l? ba Tribi.oa BV JACOB H FLATT?L. 0. CARRINtiTON, AUCTION. I* LEh ? llardaar*. (tll.rj, hamui'i piat.1*, guaa ' wia kulta ... t Ik liajra, M> a'rau aaddlaa, lifh i|uaiitr ?ar-4ai o*.(t>Til>i7>?< ra/ora, a*ida< r",??.; H pit aa la4la r>ibbi ktrtofI rli.i b 10 tfoi. CD wo-.tiaaw ?; 1 e>a? u* haniil"i i ??K vJamn ra l paronaalna aWnt Sfti lha walght 1 01. m?i an ai d hay fork*, k'. Jaoot S. Piatt will Mil IM aj, at 10 o'clock. at lb. aaalioa room aa ab??a?alan,a?a fr*l ir-trim'it of kniaaa aid forka, p"ok?l aoH p?a kai vai aaor*. abalf hardaara Re.. In which lb* att*atioa af coo a ry a* wall at ally d*al*ra, U dlr*r tod. 1X7N. McCORMI< R, AUCTIONEER. - rURNllTRI If Piaaoa, ?.-Wm M'Connlah k < u. will tall, am Satur ay, at half- paat in a'l look. la thair ij?m n< atara, Ma. I praa* itraat, aa MNlof parlor ImMRM Faral' or*, from a family. Alao, thraa roaawood aad m*h<v*n; W aad I oata*a rianofortaa??a? aplaadld raphia* N I.?Tba aobaarlbar* Ira pr*par?l to raaviva, aad mak* adaim va all klad* of raarrhandlaa. I W BROWN, AUCTIONEER?HOUSEHOLD FL'RNl' a tar* tad floaaa Caraiahiaf Articlaa--fnaaj. Aug Ith. at K'S ? alo< k, at Na W Ilroadway ?J. W. Browa ?ul >11. at anain a a? a boa*. a lama aaaortmaat af aararlor furItar*. mbtaalag roaawood aad palatad anlta of Chamhai uraltur*. mahogany draaaiag aad p'ala Baraaaa. Baakaaaa laacb Radalaada. bair Mattraataa . tap aad mahala) TaLlra. Sofaa, Coaalaa, Tata-a-Tatta, Pailot Chair*, r , alao. law atyla Uapa, ??.: alaa, aaw at ?la l.amia, Oiladnlaa. Bolxmiaa Olaaa, da?"raiad fraarh China, fcc. foi arttf alara. aaa nialafita, which ara it* raadjr. fOR RALE AND ( LKT. COR HALS AT A BARGAIN?A BLACK OR DARE C lr?an Mara, fall hlocdcd l?\ baada hi?h, yaar* old, r ih atrfal form, aad groat aaJaraaoo, la vary at) hah drlaar rrlratlj aonnd aad gautla, rnaaily from tba auaatry, oaa rot a mlli> la tbtaa mitutaa, aad with tral.lag. will mat* aa nf tha faitaat oa Iba laland. PrK* (4(a) Alan, a light agna, with (hlftlag laatliat top, la good ordar. by aa* of tha aat city buildara. I'riea $IW). Adirua* Jaaa> IJad, lUrald Eaa. rw AI.E OK I X< IIAN'.f TOR CITV fROF ERTT Tba uikdrra aid apaal .aa aiaaloa. with ?l?bt a?raa lad. alluata arar Jaiiiaiaa, aad kanwa a? *'all?*roT# Tba taaaiM, la taUix d la tin boa- naasar, with all th; aadara nproTiaaata. ar-t la for y font a<|<iara. aialaalra nf tha aataa (-aa?. baa>?, fea. T a baartaaat roatatna kltohana, afratattla aad aeal aallara, paairtaa. tl aata aad aa-'aaU i>al. Tha Irat alar* i* diTid-d kjr a aparloaa ball, an l ' ataiaa tw* lar(* parfnr* a Ukrar), and dlalac mnai. Tha aoad alory **a>aial an badraoaa, a ith *l.,aaia A pnrti. a r tha parlor faraiiar* tan ba had wtlb I ha pram I aaa if dahad Tha gmatidaar* wadar high aaltl*atioa, aad ar* laid ai la th* a*aat'aatafnI maaaar. Thap at* atnakad with Ih* h< i?aatfrnita, fa?*r* aad ahada traaa, maay af thaai iinm art i ? tha praaaat o?a?r. at gtiat aipaaaa, fraaahvaad. 1 a ki'*i>*B rardaa aoatalaa a Ur.a ataak af *o?*tahla* of lia flaa t daaauptioa. Tha aat baildit...* aoaa at af a gTa?aatt la* loaa* a aaw alal ia, a aarnaca-lioaaa, ahada, hr. 1 era la a wall of Aaa a ?"r > ' *** taI with a pamp la tha A at roam raaa alang lha r< af ?f tbagraaada wliioh ar la * ala la anppiy th; oa aaa li aoaa' ra-lal f >r tha prw r hi Aaalr'at ?f Hilar m tha i?ttttr. ??h *"ry Mill; >t tr?iw<i?|ki>iMHl>lbi city, tkia tlv ?**ra in IW4 It ta *a tha raa4 l? * > Kif.tvlu aar'a 4rla? fraat tk* r*?illi>a. By nlln; It i* (wtf-lt' iiaataa In.? ih? " lli lrtry A l?i<? parti** ' Ik* partor ??n*? caa rtmain aa ! ?* ?< aa4 Tltl* tat i takl*. V'T fartkrr p?rtl*"l*r*. la intra ?f I. # Witt I'att atd. at UtlMttot, * Ha k C? . It Wall atraat. C?OI MU LOW?A FIMT CLAM BUCK H?H t < a* aiantaa aalk froai Roatk 'rrrt. Rraaklya. la a raairtakta a*<(l.knrk<M>4, Salaka* ia krat m*4ara atyla, wttk tk rallar. aiarkla aaatlaa thr?a(k?*t. t? , l?. T??a tar ta aa laafl'tit parakaaar. Apply ?a PRTRR AKIH 17 Wall atraat, 14 Hour, kaak ??a*. *a? Tar*. ma at tomrrm por *ai.b ?mpbbio* ion. J a a* a aa<l maaa**'tartar l?ra'i*a - Villa lata aa hick "aa# ya< an<atl?al ta r?llr<>*4 aa4 ataaatkaai laalta*; In 'a* ItaliuBa rat'a?ra Taakara la a kaaltky tat arlah at <??* ar<1 prapar'y ia Ita rinalty la rialai ra4. t .a itin* fr?? ,h* A#*rJ*a ky tk* A*4' it Bi\*r Ralt'oa4. Aral* to * Baaar Hall, Taaktr* It z:_v_ * *. Offla*! A-'ar iMat. if0* "ALB-A PORTKR UOl'tB. RITVATBD COIl> RR ? af Rati*rt aa4 ftaatk atraala, aa* 4*ia? a kaalaa** "I flftrra ta t?aaty 4allara pat aa?. Tka raaana f<-r aallx trill k* aa4a aauafaatory to tha par?-?>*a*r, kra?j>1yta? ? Ik* pr??la*a. JOBWO. wWKfT IIORDBPORVAIB-A HAWDAOtlBrllB'TNUTIinRRt II ltta*a aa4 a half kaa4* I l?ti. alt yaara *14, a?aa4. kl?4 *4 faat tp^lj ti l?" ar atraat COB BAtB.-THBIBTRRBrr. ?TOt R. AKkfUWRB' r ?f tka partar kaaa* *ltaata4 1.114 Br- arfway, . >ra*r ? Tilrty- thlt4 atta*t, as a 4*l*? A fa?4 taaia-aa. ta t?tra at i> poB RAI.B CHRAP-A CARRIAGE ABD A *(X'R4 V a ay. la ?**4 artar fa* Iai?a4i*t* a a* _ Apply at tk< araaaa at tp fi r partlaalara, aaar tka t*try. iaraay tltf. 'Tli* IViilM fOB 'MR ' f MVf !!OR?r. PO* " ir, >a f rat nn raialrf < r4ir, ?Mh a ta?4 kotlir. aii'l] a>. laqalraxfj a KMOhM. ??rn?r r.f North Saioarfaoi Ik Hrtiit, Wlllla??kar(h. Prir* |W117 A WTtD TOBBt L- TIIRVR OH mm nOOP *?CO*I " kaa4 Bit?ri? Wa?ra? aaJ Martini Alu, ? " * thru ll< nn, >11 la |i<m triii. ii<|iin it no. 1 fill ro I FT IK mil M*IHI ken T<) l*T. TUB ?l ? ( I lion ?i(4 T>??illr? !! 17.1 iir?i>t iirm ? illlaai' nrili. la til rufn of tho bantam |irt of tHl ritlac* TV ool?ik?l??<t ?1 hr 0>m?K Bina ra'OM . .i. ... aa4 rtilar. la fi?? *i P! tfaiaa* (< , W. T. I'M I.BT-NMARHINO HOI * Til LBT, AND milt' I tin f?r ? ? - Tlw i?Hi* iliiMi ?( iiiilatirriiHi'ii Fa will oUalliikr* knr4<ii| kina*. |r ?a< ?4 la Blaaokn lr<iv a?ar l.rii4a?T,la4ite?i k?r friiili in ??it tfci ko?m lit, ai4 tli" faratt?r?. r< "4 will, ii . for nU. Ak>at Bv Ik* ?nklj Ian ? Ir-m lbi p>i>int femrdiri. mil il kw kl?i kair<t*4 Ih?ri for mini j?tr?. Ia4 all tf wk>? ro 'i??if ?i? f nrr.aialas. aa4 li rtfrrimn < ???b. I nr h?r t <nl*ilii? ki l*an*4 k? oaiiia? * * l> l?< ! 11, or 1*1 HW^kif rtnal. II . , r "ITU TBI rmrir/.i o? TY anrf| an*? a' thi ia4 if tk* fiar. a ki??l of atMt n Ntifoi'l i?4?1lk ftoia Ira II iia ?mi if fw>4 l?a<t |i itirtliiliMjirMW I.tkiftly A44miC. ?IIiIim? ? tW*TJ, n. t. II B WAUTI BB1 mi-R II "ifj !!' !. I* iln ifHaitf if Bt. J4ki*? Fartlit l? hi ?!" MiKti, i?l liiar 'kin fr?t.kttn ?f a*??i F"artl ir?r?. t a tin ihi i.4? <f *T?i'1?iy [M*fT?4; w?il4 fciw t ilcfttom ti a f?r?t>k*4 n f>*i|?il? fir?bi*4 V>n-i laffiirlTj [liar ? rt ?i?l?* af ki???k??|in? in kia? af a / trallt, l.j a44ft?ll?t C. R W Nt?<?i| I'm vCw. A*U??**WT?. | DOVIRV THIATK*.? filDAY EVININO.AUa. Mj k, imo, will be performed th? uew drama, la three mu ! entitled the riLON s l^AHT DKt AM; or, Jwk Sheppard la ' Fr*no?. Jack fbtppard, Mlee 0. Deute; Jo* HUeektn Mr. 1 Stc\?n?; Arnold and Shoti'olt, Knurl 1'ieher and Lone; llart, Mr. (joulfUna; Jailer, Mr. Clarkeon; Mri, Sheppard, tin. " Jordan. The performance will terminated with the dram t of the DKl'NKAKD- Edward Middletou, Mr. TUtou; Ardent Kenrelaw, Mr. MacDonald; Hill Do?too, Mr. Win&ne; : unorv, r. mhiqiiiod, ?aiy wiibou, him weiuysa; mr* wil- ! 1 od, Mr*. Jordan; A^nen, Mi km <\IJi(f?ri. Daora open *t A M a After U>7i i -urtuiu ri*e? at half-peat 7 o'clock. J CA8TLB UAKDIN-TIIC CKLBBHATKD IUVAN1 Italian Opera Company, und?r the direution oi ftiguor 1 k F. Badiali?Mfcnora Steflaaoni, t ignor I. Salvi. Bigaor ( . Ba- , diali, Sigaor I Marini. Friday eveuing. Aug. Id. I Mil, I | the grand ? pera. by Bettinl, of I PUKI1 A N I?Sir florae, ; Signor 1. Marini; Lord Arthur Talbot, higaor L- rtalvi; sir Richard Froth, Sigoor C. liadiaiii Elvira, Signorina "Hut. i fanoal. Between the acta of the opera, a Promenade Mui- < ; eale, during which, the favorite Orrh atra, under the direoi Horn of Geo. Looer, will perforin novel Walue?, Polkaa, t and Callopa. Tickets of admieeioa, fro oeata. To conuaeaue at n o'clock National thkatkb. cuaiuam htkmtFrida evening, Auguat 16. the en terta.nmeu ta will l 1 e< mmt-nce * ith the drama < f Til It UK I' N K. A Kl>?Charted ; Mildway, Mr. ti. A. Ferry; Virginia III11. Mr Yoonf, Crabtrce( Mr. Th' t?p"? r; Mm. Thornim Mra IJaunton villa; Jane

1rnton, Mi?? ftmily Motmy?r. To conclude with, tor the 34'h night, the drama ol Til K StW V'ORk Pi H&lf AN?Fr jceri k Jeiune, Mr. tl. A. Perry; Mr. Wealthy, Mr. Thotapaon; Kotar> Prta*. Mr. JttfTaraon; AIIn ilawthorue, Mint Emily L Meaiaier, Lncretia, Miaa Weaton; Mra Jerom?. Mra. tl r. ( rattan \)(* ra t |>en at 7. performance will commence at half-pant 7 e'elock joxea. PtunU fit, 1?^. > /^AKb.-CbKlMVS OPEN i HOUSE OLMIB KUKA V/ iihort leaaoa.?The patron* of Chruty'a Minntrelt, and the public generally, are respectfully informed that, for the ' pnrpune ot altering and renovating the building of Mechaniee* Had, tkev will diacoutibue their poualur concerta tor a abort 5 ??aaon During their reccaa in this eitv, the company will ; give Coacerte at Utica on Mcidav and Tueaday, Auguat ; 12th and 13th: at St racuae. on Hedn^aday aad Thnraday i Augnat lliii and lAth; and at Rochcater on Friday and i Saturday. Augnat 16th and 17th. Due aotiee will be given > pi meir rc- n.nimx, >i i.ueir urnn-miimiinm ana ubj gue Hall. In New York _ K. P. CHRISTY Hireoter v UilM'11'9 AM IK I CAN MLBItliM.-P T. UtMUM, K) Muueger end > roprietor. John Greeuwood. jr. A?j eiataal Maruper. Siaty-foBrth performance of the DRUNK- I AKD Every evening tbie well. oommeaein* Monday, An*. 12. INM 1 lie ovei?heluiaftly popular mural piece of TUB < OKI TN K A P. t>, wiH be (il ven with t).o usual celebrated out, 1 ?ii: Mr. C. W. Clurke LI Edward M d<iiet< n. Mian Alexin" 1 ? Firlier an Fury. he. Ti e afternoou performmce, thit week, 1 will roialat of Ol'R MARV ANN K, a very annminij pieue; I tJ a, Impromptu S>.?*?, the Lanoaahire llall Riugert, 1 j> tc Aoi'<ng>t the new curionitiea are, a Nerro tnrniu I , white. ila ia aaid to here diaeovend a weed. the juice of ' wl.ieh ehangee the eoloreil aklo to while, lilt pura.m, aa may < he aeon. ia rapidly undergom* that eh?n<?. Queeo Adelaides Carriare; Titan ia, the Fairy Queen; ail iuiftenae Boa ' I Coaatrictor, *u fcc. Afternoon performaneee at even- ' li inic at o'clock. Admleeioa. li conta: children ualer 10 1 yeare. 12* "emia . 1 ' d lTTO COTTAOE, HOB0RBN?ORANB INSTRUMBN- J V" tai i\ ? Con. -rte?Hiranea eelebrato-' Bind every Mon- ' day. Werineaaay aul Friday, eommeaciBK at IP. M . and . eloeinc at i P. M. Ferriage reduced to 4 ?ente. N. ?la eaae the woather i( cafavorahla. the Coaoert will take plaoe 1 Beat day. /^aBTLB GAR* EN IK NOW OPEN FOA Till RKCBP- ! ' tlen of vteitera darta* tbeday, from 7 A.M. till S P.M. \ U- lathe tarpeet aad Boat beautiful renin in the country, . ~ afr.Tdin* im peri or eppert nnity for reading, meditatioaa, or i ? andieturked pruvenadee, while viewing the aea, chipping, : and deligbtfnl eoeaery aronnd. and inhaling the delloiona i ' eea brteie. Admiaeioa. 12K oante. J IIT AI.HA 1.1 A. 3<i CANAL STREET.?Crowded every area- , mf, te witneaa the claaaieai living picturea, lovely , Arab tiirle. and beantifnl Female MiuHrela. The only | plaoe in the elty. where the true repreaentation of living i??r turea ean be aoca. Boon open at 7 : performance to eomB.enee at 8 o'elock. Ball ever; Bight. TI1E Dl'SSlLDORF ACADEMY OP PINE ARTS.? < New painliage recently arrived from Europe, among 1 J which ia "Germania," by auebler?a work of art of the t hlgheet ela?e. Tl.e exhibition ?l paintings by artiate of the above aehool hae received many addri na, and reuatna open at the two rooaa over the ball of the Church of < he Divine . i Unity, ia Broadway, between Spring and Pnnee atreete, j from 10 o'cloeh A. M. nntll 10 o'clock P. M. A^mlaaioa IB ' ceata. Saaaon ticketa to oenta. Catalofaea 12H oeata. ' ' INDIAN CCRIOMTIES?SELECTED BT F. A. AH- J i I T? I l.T, who ia now aroctif the Iadian tribea of Lake 9a- j parlor and from wh"n he hae proenr*<l the larceat and Boat , coeth enllertiea of eurloaitiea ever offered in thia city. He- j > vernl eaeee have been received, aad are bow ready for ailii- , hitioB aad aale at tb? Lafayette Baaaar, MO Broadway. , ' El CI'HBIONM. ~ EZCNitaiON TO THE FISHING BANKS EVERY DAT, uieept Satarlay.?The Buffalo will leave Thirteenth " itree' N R . 7H >'elnek, Canal etreet at T\-. Grand, Cath rlne. CW; Plar No. J, N. R., 9, A. M., returning hy 6K, P. M Ralreahmeat aad Sahinn tackle provided. Fare U | ate. each way. I fli IKtaLLAN KOIIM< pREl IOCS STONE* AND FRENCH FANCY GOOD "" VlCTOR BISHOP. Inportar, 23 Maldaa Laaa. { N. B Pearla, Diaaoada. aud all klada of (iama rurohaaad , , II tkalr fall aalua t " 1-IOKOK TO WHOM HONOR IS DUB."-D. D. ?)f. M. 1 ARI>, Eaq , ?h< m tuliaarjr prapartlloaa and ?aacral attaatlaa to all ibat pariatna to tna awofortoi ?b? ' [ ">aa?r ??" havft for aaay jaara bun world famoei. haa a . Jawal of a *?it?r in Hr Unnbo Mlig. who liolda forth at tha Irtlti lloiit. Mr. Mia( haa baati brought op ?i the aatah- i liahnaatofD D Howard, and thomujhljr undarataada Ma > botlaaaa, fr?a foldtaii taapkialo blaakiag a pair of boata. <1 Caiabo haa alao a ni?at a*r*aabla and plianiray of Soartakjn< tka wl>p on a raatlamaaa ?oat ao'.lar. Txla la aa impartial aoaaidcrattoa. for wa all ka>*w bow aootnia* an affao* a i l.t l? atiiLn aad a raaila faah baa upon a paraoa of waak I >i oa, a I*,la nnd?r(<iiB( tha oj.oratM.nof baaing hln aoat I b-tubrd, iaataad i t that tough roiato'lliug, and awtichlat, , ,1 ' t'li niiri? oon.m'D niagara ara apt to a| pl> whan thair "koaaca" ara looking aaotbar war Mr. Min* aaaar 'grauta" Mt'lNtli'Mlka diaaatlra in oth?r aatabllahaaaU fra" ^ ?11 y wkea aal rd a laror. aad If it wara only an flam' kaV a< ? ua*. wa > > d baaruljr rrrcmaaaad aJlonrfaatiuli.xa filanda to 'I r I i lug. WW HiHINO MAP* tin. OR HOW TO WASH CLOTHES without labor.?Tba baatfjratam la tbla world, raqalraa I ao aacklaaa, p> ondrra, rabhara, arida. or olbar latnrioua artitUa. la ara olala, artlalra abaap, and aaa ba bad * anjwt.rra. Priaa only $1 par arry. Call ar aaad to Madataa ' BKA T Bl.T. Pataat Laaadraaa. ?3 Aaa Stract, (aaeoad Boor) / ; Saw Vork. ] DUm AOVRRRCOTTPC FLATBS-THE SUBSCRIBES IS 1 tka only a?aat for Lavia L. Itakaa'a plataa. aunatai aaparior to aa* aaar aada. Ila will aafl tbaa arttb tha prtrUaffa of ratumfBK tboaa that wonldaotflra aatlra aatlafao. 1 tloa. A ao, jaat re aal Tad Uifarraotypa Praaaa. Loakati Roan, fca. VICTOR BISHOP. lap*r?or. IS Maidaa Laaa. ap atalra. NO. SUM BKOADW AY.-TUR DENTAL OPERATIONS parforaad at tbla ofBoa ara cbaraciartiad by alaaaara. |*rniaaaw aad airallaara of maiarlala. I harfaa baialy mnaai rating. laad aorh I alow tha otnal ra?ra. Tboaa lutaraatad (aad wha la aot M ara aalultad to rail. T. J HOfPT. PI M LATIN A. PALLADIUM. NICKEL. Pl.T PAPER. AND I Dialafarilag Uqald. _Polaoaa? PaloboallTj for aotha; riy r?rw; imn rn|WH mi u< uwirMfn roi*n?? Imm?ii4 Ti'lM. tuft > < Ftrfiatrj-Truiptragt * ukMIl Cakaa; Mrrtla H< ?i>, tha baat I* n-r military, Bmica, a?a4, h*aay aa4 Hanga) Rtarnh l'..liah. Jauuy 4 liair tllai-a Otta if Kom; H*41mIW Snap. ha. I vn. utn rBWTWAWoBii, uiimwu?. rAIPST i rilOL8TEaM*-? ANTED. SEVERAL EX- I p. baada. la cut. and Iit <?*n aarpata. < but * nn naa4 apply. to arlinm llkiril waaaa *111 ' Uglwa. AI.IXR T. Attn \ HT a i u . Broadway. OMi BOILER AND MIEATHINO C OI'PEB.-?,(* LBS. > af akaiaa ^ualit*. la lata in nut, for aala by ( , wioliT ft *nnEhr?. m * ntimra**. j /I KEEN Tl'RTLE EOIP AND BTEtkS AT FRENCH 8 " Haul A Km grttn tartla will ka MfT(< ap tkn 4a) and arary ?ay thla tot. . DK H'N?E?H Ml.EN III n t \ 8II M i .> A H I. F n K S I ' iar? at-4 I'pfcalaliry, at W3 Bma4*ay. anarly rpp"*ita . Ui? Irtlaj Hnw.-At thla a>taa?i*a au4 aiumlrrat Tarallara liUiliikMal (aiaalla4 by aa atkar) aay ka ha4, ?? ry atyla af Puraiiara. tbttktt Laala Uih. I'.ik. Qattilt. Efypuaa, Elital-. il. .a. or tka ah?iaaal Panataa. f?r parnra. Ina4n{ra, lil>ml*a. Iti aai ^lalai mat. Ala*. Dao'iitlaaa. la arary atyla af artlatla ur>u?iaaat. f?r a?ary ki>4 af rata. talaha? auk 4 aa patch aa4 far raaaaaaMa aharpa f MEDICA< El? VAPOR AND 81 LPUI'R HATH8.-E J. C'Arrall'a, M Flar-lar atraat, ra*n?a??4a4 ky Dra. a Hatt. Rtaaaaa. Naaaataa. Boy4, Caulk. Mtaa, Miltatt. aa4 atkar Malaaat ahyaaalana, a? a t'luady f >r a?l4?. ruaaa Uaa^ aaareartal alaaaaaa. aalt rkanat. ptaplaa aa tka faaa, atyaipalaa. ahreaia afaitlaaa af tka It Tar. Iaa?a. at.aat, Aa. WIIY PATRONI8E ANYBODY WMOCHAROU nrTT _ par ??at a ra tkaa yaa (at tha artiala ilaawkara f At tka "Kfcalalar Prlatmi E?taMi?kmaat." >a. I" Watar atraat. aartar af Mt4?? lua. tkay aoaaia arary 4?aarlptlae af H>iaaa4 tylryrapkla prtatlaa. at ritnaalf la? artan. < ar4atar |l par >kaa>aa4. aa4 ?p??r4a (Khar pnatinf r??arkahly lav. If yaa waat lay ktaA af priallag Aaa?, 4?"p la at pa. |A4 Wltar atraat. HENJtHIN I. HART. 74 IIAI PEN LANE. II At, 111 r ra. a lar?a aaa.rtaaaat of 4a at la aa4 ala?la<?iat 1-arral paiaat tiraaak Rita aa4 that Oaaa. 4aakla na4 ainrla Piatola la?iltitaaf all 4aaartptl<>aa F<a4ar Pla?ka, 8hat I'naakaa a>.4 Balta, Oaaaa 8a?a Eaflkah an4 fraull Parr?aal< a Can tna tratarialt. aa4 a??ry atkar artlila aaaa"laJ ?lta tka ttaAa. aU af wkiah la o#ara4 aa Jaa aoat likarat larma. I . u a .*?a . iaaa rT7? Pltl l HE* ^ M*nt*l aartdabra*. U'raa4?l*(. k' . af th? ?*l#kra a I . Car?*li?? k l'a " lltiUh. In ko?M4 w*rk, ?l'?, ?II??T pi*'** C?>? *, " ak* 8**l?i*. T*i Ra?*. fr<-? |i< l? ? ? fiktk fork- 17 *1 n*. (iliiH n llxui ail??- A II1 n , (IAN. Itf William air**!, ktltH>r?]l? > '! All ayr'*i'? tk?Ohnr'li. Daoi imniTrri rur?.-t*o ca?k* vbrt I rap?rl?r rfc t<mpM* Plat**. *ll?'r*4 th* alaw'ra k*minl prntMl, !? < r*r*l*?4 ai4 f?r Ml* k? ________ I'LIT) IIRR w R4TRAr. 71 rr'iit < f rxi it ro* the utimi, a*i? protki ru? rrm ' L4 tha I>.a<l Al Uu Kr..4..r at. *l?i>U Ik* ?r?* > luaaii tt* <* th* If* -I. MaaiructiMa nr-*?*anr 4 1 f(? ?l Irt ?ill fnir?? lb* 4**4 vlthnni >ku<r hi (* ? i |?rf**t pr*t**'t-? ( in*i MntaKlni. 2 Th* Clri?!? S*n?l V??*. ?f 1 ??w m4 Waatlfal form. rarra*?lnt ill ?k- ln**a' tl"i**f r?M ?? f Harlal Ca*??. It ra-lit*???kt, ??f ka*|>ia* rrmatn* pnrpataaily 4 !! f*r f.r***rni>i frail* of all kind* far j*i?*. Al** n*arlf HW *lrt*'i*l*l aliitl* ' mmlUr thair*. k*<**t**4?. It nnci, flan" *l4 ll?r? >i I". ' [ ?hl*k far tarpaM li h*iat j, ln?rr. ?l**a??r*, Mf.iatiy ?? ' I 4r raMllt*, all a<k*r* In ?** All t r *?l*. ?hi|- ? I* -?r 4 r*- ' UU. it Ml |p?4*af, kf Ik* Hatalli* llnr al u4 fnll TaM ? oST > flA* riSTl IM-I. BTtiPTtNU. k CO.. *<? I JOHN F , v? *<r**< rr*M*tfallv Inform th* |tnhl?* ifcll Ml** lh?f I III** *aM ikalr kna4*i;M?n. tk*r ha** mtlfH fr?-n lh( ' *?l*hrat*4 lamfic. j tt * > r*. ( ..rut ? k ( I'm.*- 1 4?J|hl?, ioai anlr*lr * pa!t*-ai *f ua? Ck**>4* i-r?. J Rr?< k?l?, kc . w ki< h 'h*y r??p*"fnll> la?ll* ?h* paMll to **!l a?4 urnln* k*f?r* hij'r j ' ?r- " <h?j ? H l? In ?K*lr a4ria'a#* aim. a r;?k a*n?T?m*ii ?f Salir * Lamp*. 0lm4*lw, m4 China *** *. J. UTOtlVftNM, k CO. W?. link! * ? ? " f D'CW Ct'TOLAM.-J. IfVVTIMLk on mr* NOW ' I* kaa4, >1 ?>iMf nuiifMtM(. *? '* I 'T'"/!*-; a l?rf? *a4 trl?r4l<4 aafrim*at ?f?*a?r < wftptlaBrf Cat J OI.?t, to alllfk th.y mOI (Jm ?tt??tl? at 4aa1?r? u( tha \ rM,. r *9*. On MiitmrHn.iiU H? J Milt. I . . ? -J?('<IC IIS p?t*?TtK, rno* PHIL* Of (.Fill A J V> I*t4>n hff MPtiaM u< jfatlaia-a ?f tkia ?l?j, ^ ? la Wtr-.|<.|J, laaa a?4 law?a??ar? . latatpfftiii 4raa??.ka . j r If ka?k? ??4 Mk?w ? ?? ?* I) r?lt?4 ra ?? " af?ta??a, ?a4 | , trill Mil lha aaw af Mm to4f ar ? ?> ?? * ' ? rry , I alaa t*ia ??a>? af tka *lal*ar llJ CIliK* MM t I 4lr? ot.nij '*? <)?atl??'a * '" ? | ,0ft **oapw?t, jit i>? ntu.tjr ?*? * ncmr , * i f> R , |,|f, Hal?a*. flalfaft'' Palm^ala ??rar aa4 l , ?i kkara ?ll t <*? rj Wlfafa, aaa W ka4 f-aaH?a t?f ?. , ??a la M ibaaarW 111 Ml* 4 ?-,??4 ?ill ifOM'a* ' ' aairra??tk?kMr If ra*a tklftj jaa" J * W T*? f??al?? I'l " HMfl?l*lIt? | J ?a'I aa I* I Pf??a ? fait ail *it- ??"mil A4?ia? j ?>?'*. Thtteff)''**. AHlfEHENTf. Broad hay theatre?phopkiri or and lbs*rr E. A. Marthall; Manager, U H Barret. ?Thu popular itiahlUi > !>( ?ill op?u us Monday evening, Au*u*i lUlf), ritti the fi'l'osir k addiiim ? :? lUe e.impiny, who liavo ro :ertty arrive! fruw Euro|rt:?Mr f ?-iinwav, from the fltatrra K.yal, l)iuty L*ue. Kraiwn, and Olympio, U>u) u; Mr. W Davirite, froia itm Th' a're? H->al, Drurv Lane, tnd otyupii-, I.ODd.n Mr H. Scharf, from tha Tneutrei L>l)U'pic and Sid< irr Mi?? AnderK n, from th? Tliuairm Itujil. Manchecrr and Liverpool. Mi?a Richameon, ''l ui Itf lU? iria Koval. LrMjin. aiid Olvtnmc. Ltndon: Mirh Adelade G<>n,!en?eiin. fr*m the Thiltn'i Koval, Ly:e,!? ?nd Olympic Mian J<??i?hiuo Ceugenbeim: Mm C?r*l, fr?-m the Ttntrr Roywl.*; Madame Adeline, [r< in her Majeaty a Theatre, Lond<>0, tud Aeadciuie Royal, I arm. N'BW-F^ITWILY TUB LASTN10UTUF DOHBfcr, ?nd uf tli? ?nr?g? meut of Mr Burton, who will appear as lapiain ( bi tl?? I.toucImh m his original eharaoineriof b?|itn?kli llotsi.y; Mr G Jordan, of Burtou's f heat re, m UrUr, Mr* a. kuight, as Edith: Miae Mary I ay lor. a? Toota 1 r?day ? vening, Aug IC.tb, Overture by After wh k the oopular |>lay of DOtfBBT AMI BON. An interm.?mou of half an hour, wbeu tha magnificent tali reom will throw n open jut a promenade muMcale. To conclude w.ih the farce of the HI A MB4E TWINS?Sin i n Hlow, Mr. Burton, btnm# O Glib Mr. B" ouabain A SI OK PLACE OPBK A HOUSE?THE FIRST NIQBT of the Grand hpee'atleof Jl'MTU, will take plaee < ? Mcnra* mil, August 111. Madame Anna Buhop a* Judith; laraphael, a spirit. Madame Augusta; LHacim, ?i* Novell!. Tie muM'i adapted and ai ranged, with the connecting reoitatnc and l a 1 let piecca c- mi>o ? i by Mr. Bochsa. Together with a BAi I KT IIIVEK'l iSEMKNT. and a MEXICAN SCINA, t?y Madame Anna Biehop. No'ice.? Tho B??* o(Ac? will be opened at ten o'eWk on Friday morning, when places may We secured. Boiea and Parqoctte, $1. Amphitheatre, 16 ceata. TUB A8TOR PLACE OPERA IIOPSE.-TIIE PtJBLK) are r*<pcctfullv informed that this elegaut theatre will be re-opene<i, lor ui>nef naaeon, on Monday evening. Aogast 19, 1*60 Msdanr.eAN.M Bishop will make her first appearanoe In New Y< rk sine* her wonderful and brilliant tour ra Mexico, in a new frond and mafrmtcent opera-ape taole in fire tableaux. entitled JUOH 11 the text of which has been tranalated Into English by II. C. Watson, Ea<|.. and will ??e produ cd, for the tirnt time in thia country, with eutirelv new and costly Hccnery, costumer. decoratioua. grand incidental ballet, A c. Nic. &c. The nmaio entirely aele?ted from Verdi'i uioat celebtated sr d popular operas, via : "Nabuco," " Eroaai," "Macbeth," *'I l.ombardi," " I Ma*nadierl." and " Giavanna d'Arro," a-f.ip'ed and arranged by Mr. Bochsa. DiUMcal d rector to llad. As>a Biaitop, who ia also enraged M Conduct i r on this occasion, la order that every ma?niti^en? aM t maj beviven W the uew spectacle, the tn.-tnafftftncat ha* also eflectcd an encasement with the unequalled iod |>o| lardansiie. vf.tdame Au<uata, with Mona. Za*y. itntohki. Hirp LiKtlkij). ai.d hii etnoient ballot oorpa. And to perfect .he mm al a* m? introduced in JUDITH, oompriainn eighteen of VHl'? choicest composition*. independent [>f tt iacompari. le talent* of Madame Anha IiiaMnp.iJignor Novelli it alio en/aged a* prima baaao, toother with a powerful cJ oruF, und *r li e direction of Mr. Heavier. A grand louble orchestra?lender, Mr. Roberta? and a complete nilitarv i.i . w h,,I appear on the atage in dramatio 3ostouie. Thus. with other auxiliaries, numbering upwards one hundred and flflv p? rformera. rendering this extmor* imary niu?i? al spectacle the moat gorfeona ever proeented In New York. OniMonday, August 19th, the new opera, JUDITH.?Judith, Madam* Attn A Ri'H'-p; Kliatim, High Priest of the Jewa, *ignor Novelli; lloloferuffl. General ef the Aaayriena, Mr Mu* ller Joshua, an laraelitiith Soldier. Mr. Huettl r Ui< (ail, Confident of Judith, Mr*. Boullard; larapl ard, a spirit wnt to Jtdith, Mad. Augunta. To be followed by a new tdendid astern di vertlMemcnt, in whioh Madame Augusta M. Zaevtow*ki, Mi** Ludlain, and the corpa do ballet will ipnear. To conclude with a 1ABLKAU OF MEXICAN LIKE. P pnlar Mexican song, " La Pasadito," ov Madame Biihop, iu < ihtillui.o, and in the costume of a Mexican airl. Performance every evening during the reek. Admission?t??xes and narquelte, one dollar; prira?e bosea $6 and $10; amphitheatre, 25 oenta. Tho box will be opened ?n Friday and Saturday next, when place * can be aecured without oxtra oharge. To eoamenoe it eight o'elock pvecieely. BURTON'S.?THE LADIES AND GENTLEMEN ENaaaed for lhHMBll| NAMB, are requested to aaaemble >n the ?tage on MPUy next,*Aug?si lt?, at eleven o'cloek in he morning, preparatory to the eommencement of the aeaion, on the following Monday. W. E. BURTON, Chambers atreet. FSIXOWr NEW YORK ETHIOPIAN OPERATIC Troupe, late Pieroe'e Miaatrela, at the Olympis, No. 444 Broad way. between 11 oward and Grand eta.?Monday, Aug. 12, and everv night ulU lorther notice. The MlUanel raoeess that hue favored thia inimitable band of Ethiopian ^erformern, haa stamped tkom aa being the ne plua ultra of til Ethiopian bands, oompriaiag a oompany of thirteen per rmera, lifer the direction ef J. B. Fellowa. Thjy will lave tho honor of givinr their original Inimitable entertainnente every nia.Lt until further notice. Adaaiaaiou 15 eenta. Doora open at 7, Concert to eommeno* at H o'elock. An aftertoon Concert on Wtdnaadajra and Saturdays. eommenoinf US P.M. AW18KMKNTS IN PHILADELPHIA. BAKNIM S MUSEUM, PHILADELPHIA.?P. T. BARnum. Proprietor and Manager. Henry Sanford. Aaaiatant Manaa er He-engagement of the popular Campbell Mlnatrela tnd Mona Bird, the Magfcian, for thia week only. They will present their choicest Songs, liurlsequsa and Medleys, together with magioal f?-atiaod ventrilu juial aoconiDliehnrnta An endles* variety of enrioaitiea to be aeen in the Saloons. New niacca are fn rahearaal. whioh will develope the talent of all the Cempauy who are to appear aubsequent the IWth (n?t. Also, toim- new moral draiuae, written ex>rt?sly for thia plaoe by distinguished authors, wkleh will f? far to render it worthy of the reputation wbieh II haa leretofnre soatained, aa a plaoe for moral inatruetion and atienal amunemeat. ro SINGER?.?A LADY ANU A CF.N TI.EMAN. (ONE who ainga ale oomia lonp pr. .erre I.) ura mttti to aaMlila wl'h & riarlat and ?iolinl?l id eivtnac concert*. Thay at fad tB Battel y tha Kifr?K a) rti; t< , in 1 to ran ler .( air p*rloroi*u>'ea of high ordar nd g<<uer?* iaiaraal. A<1Ireaa EntrnMr," at the Herald offioa. ARfBIE CRIKVR, NO ? BARCLAY STRLRT. V, what ara tha uuB<|na.t* tbat heroa* aahiara, 'uni'trrd with tha fame of teaawaad Archia Om? t [la. and ?H Mm at hon a with fowl aa<* with baaat, Aad mete will eaafaee biaa wnadar at laaat; Lraee daft j Briadway and jnit eater Me mora, 11.11 abow yon aaah ettaago thinge yon aa'ar taw btfere. Ilart, (rat of all, la a breed of Bautoa donkeya, tiraan Caraeaa parrote. and Aiaaaoe aoakay*. And BOBHI L'aaadiaa. an.I Shetland, ao email. Ye ni(ht aarrr them, aaddle aad bridle aad alt; Engllen lall-Joga that Hf, u thair tarrihla Jawa, Aad ehaggy blark mouatala baare lieklng thair pawe, Va mar aaa faraat woleae. raaooaa aad wild ??t Aad tarriara rough-bearded. tha aworw foea of ta*a; Bar* awtft honnda, HlHad aad Bntieh ara Wboaa a>|aala ara act in tha wida world araoad; [Thla Arable aaowe with a knowledge profound ) l>ae?e tha 9< Bernard krwad aad tha amall p< udle. tad liat la the larha ha hae taught " Taakaa D odl*. ' ro moeking bird* itaglng tha eeaga of hlaek biaa, )rBorkla* fka eblrpingaof aparrowe from Chlaa; lera, tao, ara laaata? ne araan, tha roaa. and tha fray, rr?aa tha laad of tha kaathar. that eia* tha whala da/, Lad r aaar tar ao yellow, wbeea aotaa ara dieiaa, irehle a wear, thay waia hatehed na tho bank* of tko Rhine; lera ara tha "hole feathered trtba, from the bl| aetrlak haa, a tha daeart that llaaa, t> tha amall honpiar wrri; Lad the lord of the dnaehill arowa londlv aad rlear, kllho eaired cp. n akea loae to hie fat eaakling dear: drra ara all ktada uf aanadi, awaat, harah. deep aad hallaw, J A ortbeatra ci.uld auali a e?aaart a ar follow! I ah ap el?* tha owl with a tuft Ilka a er- wn. lad fratrly tha aymbol of wiedom loake dawn, H bile eqnitrel* leap aboal. aad Iba gel den flab iwia, 9, droll Art l.ia Oriere ' who li like onto Lib.' J. I?. No. I) Barelaj atreet. VKAV KIJiKRH' Ol'lUK p AM DW AND AMBOY RAII.ROAD UN I FOR ramble 4alphla, at aeean e'alook. A. M.,ao'l half-paatoaaa'alw.k. P. 8., by at.air boat POTTER, Tally (inndaya naaptad), from Pier No 1, North rlaar. Para?Pint alaad Mr*. U: aaaaad alaaa oara. 11. INDEPENDENT OPPOSITION LINE TO PIBLAbELpbla.?Tha ataamara of thia liaa ara aaw roaaiag raaulaf atwaaw New T"rk and PMladelphia, landing aatfi way at ;?pe May, aa Moaday,Wedaaeday. Thnr*4aya, aad Aatarlaye. from Piar 11 N. R? at d P. Cabin far*, ft. daak. Illi. O. V. MR I AH treat. __ ^ RAILROAD*. rHE ROL'TM (AKOLINA RAILROAD COIPANT, Charleetoa, fl. C . Augnat I, "<M - Ka'.aa af freight (roa l.axlaau a, 6 C., la !1! >i mt n??- p Jifp : ; : !!< ? "f h**?. * 4 larflor*. par ft., |(M W |0 # t? M W * mi< ( Umu< klM ?f 4ry t?4*. tlivM, tj. ?'*? . r*>aw. I* v* IW iw... ... ? M I ?0 I M I M Vi?4 I1w?.>?? . r.~, kiltrt, InlfcoM. ) ?thrr. I' ?f ?4 ?fik?4>?r?r >>to ?ro< ktry Ml |Im) w?r?. wll>M k?r4**r?. ?7, Bat NO I to., ? M to n n ?rtk I U#?? Mi?r rtH, fl? lr?a. mill ?nd HIM till*, kWI * , ? M M W M ?? ? ? !S ?12 ?2 la torr?b T? I ? i S W ? ? Ll<|?*r. ! >!? *n4 hk4> . I ? I <0 f3? * - torrtta, 10 T? i?0 W M Itakt torr?l?, . M l?ff n ? * !?. f?n? ' >tb?l >Mk". a* a? T* 1 94 It? lip. **?<* ? , I ro???. ?altor ? 1 I* I" hack**. tatofca.. ft Z ,,3 ,5 15 S" 15 r<# un w.w r># r Car?ia*??. bar?aabaa, ??.. 10 00 10 no ? ID a 00 ? on r<i?, l??. rarrjAlW. hr., (00 00 It MO IT 00 I* 00 pl??<rh* hnitwr-wa.fc 00 W I 00 I ?0 I W r?l .Iwr Htld'i a?? tfc? < ?alar??<l Int. with *1 ??4 m?'M prmUd ?P"? r*H(. All ? <> M tha VnIh Car* Ita a Rai : -a4 if ihMr ??'?'?. tl?M ?.th hill i?f l?nn?, ill U foia ff"?4 fraa of MtiniHltl ta tha fUra* aaa?4 ? > f' tafMbnr lit>r??4ll" iIiimu tntkiL * ' a.I Mtitu ICamKart H< rtitiiHinri Tba c r tormntlt a44?4 m) lar?al? ta tbair kmIxm '? k ?tf, ? >tk tot fr?l(kl ui H< w t? 4ia at?! Ml If that mat MM, > lwt wra ?l??4. k?m>rlif?t*?i?4 ?i tha 4cfw?t W**??it?4awii nil ta k>4?4 that tiMfht. a* I aval a# by lh? ?*aa>la?-b n ' lh Mil mtititi lot llaalnrg; aa?t. ? tha Itr will ka <r*r>f*rr*<l ilituft <a tba 4*ptt nf lha ; < rr<? W*llini4 rr*^?). at A?n*tt. i? l? hr*irM in hatr blbaaa I f 4a?tlaaU<?. Tm hit ?!? !? TuIhiiiw and Nail Tralaa !> <?, al fr?a*at, at t?? < "'%? * f r ' lata' la a?<t ' im4>a. an4 *i Naif | ? ( ?*>l?-ak A H. far Hataharf aa4 Ait?a?a(?a4 tka I ' f K^li-|Tto Irair . at tn ?>lr?k A. I.I; bat If H? n>il<f ?l I'MHri'n At hi tint rt'i'ilt It, tha Coataaaj i?a 11? fura* l? * t*t?k at, attra tnila. "? tralaa. la f?lU? r- ? nain? iiiir int mail train*. tt>? ra-.a at r?a??r? at rawM. f?r tlrat rla*? iniM. I* thr*a aaaw r-r alti. "r la 4 inkn, II ta llul art. aa<l Caa4xl. 1 H KM BUT. 9?*f irv \,| A< < .? ISFi fcmtfc'ft kAlLllOaP ci???'A?T. * *I I < >! , i * , MM JiiI? i** - Xmi?? k> lnnk<M'n k ?' )*( I?f t>a * < ?? of t*? Ih?? ?? ! W ?*?ru kallr a? ( ??r-ay, af Ha-ma *111 W k?M Mil* wall ?n?1, tlv alia at ; '?? t-t\, n TtMla;. U* lhk 4a?a< Aagaat i???, ? W a'f|i?a|, A M r-itataal ait?a4aafa Ill r*ra.'? t I f ft 'lf. ta taatrarf, a* Vattaatf af ImportM** will aal?l4 fara tlia ? ??? 11; aHar af !& art ? Wf ffa ISAAC tLOTT, PfWl4aa?. i K. Timi.K^nlar; l)|t?> *?ft C?"?* tlt? ro? Tin f.kMAM* 1/klU I f *4 -Tka Pa aaaia MailraarfJI 7]*?r "? ~ f..T fafBiaWa* *."? ??faa? fllaa aa4 tl.'Wl >aaa Tl?a ?|?a4?rafla** "f <k? altaa, aa4 a ha* In'ormaM Ka4 ?f art l)?* a* JK* <Vm, ,,T' It.t* lkf?4??y. fMAMCI* *PIt?, filtfirrt IltTKLLfCElVCE BF THE MAIIA Our Washington Corrri|iaiid?nr.<, Wamiiootum, AUI{ 13, idfiO. 71 j T? u 'it. n j < . Ajv Tnmbi imt/ i/it Slate of Georgia?llu Souiktm Pruttil A/fuuut California ? Tut N?m Mtxitan BUI? Mr. Btnlon't A mm*/mint, tfC. The House, to-d?y, on ihe Civil and Diplomats Bill, have employed themselves iu listening to several speeches on the President's message, disunion, ai d-to forth, having oo more relation to tile bill than to the man in the moon. At intervale during the speechifying, is usual, group* of dry members paised over to the refectory, juat outaide the gale, over the way, to refresh themselves from ihe tedium, monotony, and everlasting dingdosg of distolulion, State rights, abolition, freesoil, civil war, and u'l those threadbare subjects of eight month's steidy palavering. The slavery question has become a chronic disease, and it ?itn upou ihe stomach shout as comfortably as a flitch oi salt pork lo a man sick of the dyspepsia. Mr. Toombs, to-day, came down upon Mr Fillmore's message pell-mell, headlong and head-# strong. IU- im powerful man. rapid and keen a* liKhtiiing, and < nergt uc an J imp- tuous as a corpK of Mural's dragoouo let loose wpnn til'' Austrian**. But we apprehend that he and the State of Georgia are playiug a de^ieriue game. Tfte Ctlilorma bill is to be pushed through. If it p>-ts<~s, the Wovernor of Georgia must call a convention of the people, to determine what is to be none ; and B? the only alteiuanves will he 10 su iiiiit or resist, it plactg the Stale of Georgia iu the uncomfortable attitude of letidu.g ofl'iu ihe work '>1 revolution, or of backing out, to ihe amuxemeni ot the attolmonisls. The object, It is plain to ?ee, with Mr. Toombs and Air. Stephens, is to save the State ot Georgia from making a Judy of herself; bemuse it begins to he apparent that, if driven to the issue, sha will heck out. If, therefore, an adjournment cun be effected without the admisiiou of California, Georgia will be in a good position 10 recon-lder her steps, as will the whole South; and mile will be given to them to full back upon -i a-il'cr platform than revolution becaut-e ol' the hHiiiimmoii of Californt t; and the only practical doubt of the pinsige of Californiu and the terntorixl hill*, and the Texas hill through the House, is in the chances of delay by the Clingmunir ini; process of parli't'iient iry rustics. And I bin U|)peari> to t>e. the last stand nf the South. In this Iiusidi sh, they me ided by ihe free boilers, who are opjiosed to ihe T?-x is indemnity, and wirh the proviso to be nailed t.i-t to ihe territories. The South are opposed to Ihe cession of Texas territory to New Mexico, tor ihe piir|MM?e of buildin? up another free Millie. heiween these extremes, there in doubt of the IVxas bill; and the fact that it in an administration measure, does not strengthen it umiiOK the democrats. Still, we believe the hill has a majority, it it can be brought to h direct vote U|>on tut tun its, as it passed t ru* Senate. The speech of Mr. Steven, of Pennsylvaaia. who, at home, ha* been h IUiihui! abolitionist, was the direct rever?e of ihe (iery attack ol Mr. Toombe upon the Presidrnl. Mr. Sieveu* delighted in torturing the Southern chivalrv, and rejoiced in the prospect of pinning them to the wall. Aa in the old times ol barbarian Warfare, he appeared t# feel a particular ttusto in the jiroapect of the prostration of hi? Southern enemies, fur the mere delight which ihe torture of the prii-oners would bestonr In the Senate we had an episode of more solemn import?the protest of M?-s?ra Ma.-on, Hunter, Barnwell, Butler, Turn?>. Atchison, Jefferson Davie, Soule, Morton, and Vulee, tg unst the California bill, and in ihe d'hote upon spreading it upon the journal. The protest is hut a recalculation of the objections ol ihe South hi the discus sion of the bill?it contemplates, with becoming gravity, the issue of di-aoluii?u? hut, from its tone and trni|>er, it does not Mem to regard it aa anim< mediate consequence of the admission of California, hut as a tutur* result, traceable to this bill. It would seem thatthew distinguished proieu tanta consider it at least a foregone conclusion that agitation must go on. and that from one provoea tion to another the South will he fimlly driven to disunion, and that when dii-solunon does occur, tbey wish this protest to itand uoon record as a prophecy dating from the pancake of the California bill. Now, what are the chincea 1 In a few years IVIaware will he a free Minte. She acta wiin the North now. Then there will be California, Mm resold, sud Oregon, and New Mexico?twenty free States sgaiust fourteen slave States The ftee States will have a majority of twelve in the Senate, and an overwhelming majority in the Hoasc. With such m tjonnea in th$ North, it is not likely thr abolitionists will stsp short of the abolition of slavery in this district, in the dockyards, dec , and other measures Calculated to exasperate the Sour* At thisrersion. therefore, the South are fighting their last battle for the bajauce of (siwer in lh< Senate. Ilefeated now, they are completely at the discretion of the North hereifter. Hut if they are defeated now and submit, it will be upon the righi of revolution when more direct assaults are levelled at their peculiar inctitutions. The Presidency has kept the South divided ih.s session. There are many uspirauts in the South for the chance* of the camp iign of 'Oct?Mr. Cobb, Mr King, Mr. Houston, Mr Knott, ainoug them. They are, therefore, conservative t<> the last degree. snd have exerted great influence in restraining the South from extremities. We accord to them, also, a love of the l.'mon, stronger than a desire for a Southern confederacy; hut still the Prendency has exercised a great power in the arrangement of thene slavery dispute*. There m great cohesiveneas in the patronage of the general government; and the prospect of fat offices u better than the hsisrds of civil war. But let the agitation go on. and lei the cotton interest feel the operations of the abolitionists, sad then there will be work to do to keep the Union together. If the t*outh sub m' now, it will prohiblv only lie a postponement of the inevitable day. We csn only ttnsl to time audi* Providence, and make the best of the present. The New Mexico territorial bill was carried up to a third reading to-day. Mr Benton wished to put the government in operation, whether the Texas boundary were settled or not, hir his motion wss rejected bV a larr- majority, and in the substantial form of the Utah, a linos' word for word throughout, the hill for New Mexico, the last passenger of the t imnibu?, ia disposed .?f by the Senate The whole issue is thrown upon the I loins Everything there is in roofu-ioa, with a middling prospect, notwithstanding. of the ad nisi >n of California, just as ahe is, at all hoards, and in spite of all impediments, in precedence of the territories Oar Philadelphia OsrrrtpssSsss*, Pnii.AnBr.rMia, Aug. 1A, IWUl A A\v Trmfmmn Mnrrmrnt~l%trtt\tnd /<?g?e Bttr?A Subi* CvninlutuM?MoneyMtnki ? Th* Furrftt Ihvmrrt Cam Te of the most gratifying evidence* of a real tempeiance movement inonrnndst.iathe increased consumption of lisht claret wines, at the expe? * of alcohol, m all its poisoeous varieties. Three . years sgo, Ihe sale of claret at bars was wholly conbned to (iermans and hienrhm'-n. but now the native American pa I at* baa trquiird a g'wto for it, and with ltry Urjf number of oar cituena it liui completely uaurped ihe pUrf of ?tr<>n| drink*. ml or rnm|nMil?d. Thin in n ptoH ?i(rn, and Icok* if permanent temperance reform* lion about to br tlifctrd M lut. Much wa ripretfd o( lagrr b**r, wh?n introduced into Philadelphia, for mach wan aaid of ita purity, and the ahnence of all ingredient* calculated to intUm' the brain and atomach. N>?er wan there a greater mistake It elatea and inflne* aa readily a* atroag beer; h?t under the plea tl at it cannot intn?i?a'*, beaatly <j?t**titie* or it are w*H<>*red > rery day by ita admirer*. To wae a Oetm?a naying. " in the morning thejr are lager beef l> trrela; in the evening. hurela of lafer Keer." The fund for the relief of the aiiff-'er* by the freat fite in thia city, now e*rei-<l $30,000 A nong the rei eut contribution* *a? the aurn of front the firm ofCrartflr Stall, of Ma?eh*e?er, KngUnl Mr ftell r??ided for many ye?r? in tht* city. Mr* Kli/,nh<th CHaypole, of K?-n?irig<on, ww drr.#ned on Monday evening laat, white on her ft I In m ? - ' r?.... in I ^ ' '' "'IM that ?h* M into the ri?f r while in the act of from the wharf t? the lm*r The (,'<irnnfr> fury, w ih? < ?# < r4 ili? two nrn who were lulled l.jr thr falling of n Wal-aboae* to iraaite etr?et. have hrmijht in in bone* verdict They c that th* hniMin* w?< ? > cmatructed aa to he unfit for henry atnr??:e; and recormnead u? thr pfojrr aatltorttic* farther ill real i#*'inn of tlM hjecl The moHi trarhrf wa? rrry aaimnted to day, aad IB J <-a<lirr ?hare* th'f waa Mntnf feelir.f rthhit'd. WihiB 'he 'aa? two or threo d?ya nrveral thcneand aharee hare changed hand*, t a larpr advance naer the cUcing j?rWn of U*t weak, and th* " hulla " are qnitc confident th?t 'he ifi??rd irt'n'm'11 wuat routinti* fnr *?me tin e. There la acme grn<ir.d fot thia rontidcrvre, | ia c?p|iaeT?. fire f^ihe dta? ,tr*ea Mtuatinn of the i?nmp if in inr ?r*?M ffHiit" : ?rd to ?fc<>w thai hi* rontiri^noo i? rnt*-ii?nir<l at>too?l ? w*ll a* m homo, I tni?h? */i.l that noarty II th? mN i<i Rrtdinf ?!(* ? thia ?'Hl bora on N?w Yatk a?vount. TK?i a rtiTwJ-mt of f?o? four ?o fivo per e??i on ll?o eonmrm ?i?>V, will ho <Wlar?4 in Jatwarv i?o*l, ia ??< r?#*r??? I * liiod faot Oorommmt ??d *ta?o aoo ?c?tioa tr mor* in roqvoa* Tho rrnro tlx* riiawiiinmat* tho ipcrf i? aronn, ta roim?o?l ,n l-ai'nl alio# M n?> i'fttMicrt^iUy. Tb*? i

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