Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 18, 1850, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 18, 1850 Page 1
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TH ?M* NO. 6913. TiuitiriK iiTiiiitmii. THlBTI'-flHIf CONORKII. riSST SESSION. Hour of RtprtMntitlT?< ?y bai.Vs ki-ei tro-maonktic tki.ku i:*rn. W**hi*gto9, August 17, IMO. MIGXtTlOX or MR. OOflRlO. Tbe8r?'*a?a laid before the lloi.<r a letter from Mr. Conrad, tendering bii> resignr .ion >? Dicnbtr (or the ?econd District ot l.oulaiana. the rnirirc (aiekuar. Mr. Kixton moved that the IIobji" go into committee en the private calm'ltr Disagreed to, 45 to 71. the civil **!> nrlomatir .treaoritiatiut bill. The House went into Committee ou the CItII and Diplomatic Appropiatiou bill and returned the contide rntion of the olaaav tcukiug appropriation for the )><r dirm and mileage of mmtbera. Mr. MiUauumet, (whig), ot Ir. >a moved to strike out the proviao to compute milntge by the route on wbieh tte Biaila nri* tranoportea, ami said this, if adopted, woold int n l'i'-e a rule an nnci-rt aln that It irould be utterly imp< >Mibie fur member* to tell how much mileage they are entitled to, as iu the Weat th i mail route* depeud on tbe wtFoa ot the year?th) rivere sometime# being too low tor navigation. The prevent law In be.-t Mr. Tookim, (whi^) of Ueorgia, auiJ til.' i the route* nre changed ic con ' .tu nee of th< . jU, the computation rouM be mole aocoruln^t / Mr. Pntii, (dem ) of Indiana ci v to luiert the neareet route Mr Mr.tur, (dem ) of Virglnl i *?nt I a <li??ot line. Mr. N? inon. (wbw ) ot Nex . i k. wl>h?<l to compute mileage on the route by wliioli the until i-IihIi be ir*n?ported from the Capllol to the re?ldi dou of ^i'liatora, Kef resent alive* aud lstjegatec, at Ifle til .< ot ihe commi ncement to tb-t close of ea^'U ?c#M>u of Centre** for whicl. mlleace is i.&l I Mr. Stamtor, (dem ) of Kento*?cy. moTt-d to ainrnd, t>y making It " ummlly travelled r>u'? " All th?f* amendment* were *?Ter*lly rejected. Mr. Cam, (deip ) of Al ibtnia niored to compute by A bee line (I.aug'ul ?r ) Tiil? tuim J we at ciu alto ri jecfed. Mr. Ciitapi.Kn. (whig ) of I'enmtylruiiia, aked Ih .t ILc amendment bo again reud. 11* understood that the gentleman (aid " t:c llu?." This was humbug, (laughter.) Mr. M?<l?iTHtr'a iimenlment wai rejected. Mr. FrtiMr*Mo*. (dem ) ?f Ulln , odnwl an am?nd. ment.that do member tbitll receive pay lor abuwnce from the Iloare or the city, nnlefi from flekanf. or by Itave of the Hhom-. Hi* objrot was to Correct a great evil. M: mtxTi ar.t ab vot tor ilty t and week* at ticjo. ai d thl? thould bu entabliahea byfi-gUiaWon. or abollthed Cent! n<-u ore In tti.* habit of going *?ay from hero, either for l uslceus or pleasure If tliey were deduct?d. it would nccurn a better aMendaeco, and the Ilou- wuld not b" ao often I riu'd Without quorum, anil b:iam*?a would b? facilitate! Mr. Voviiwiid, (ai m ) of South CaroHot, w? for letting eon*titu?Dta ta'ne c?nr of their oaru re preaoaIM1t<i. A distant i?|irt><>n!itlri bti no ri^lit to interfere 111* r> pren u uti?e belongs to I'.ic constituent* - l''f them FUperdre hit conduct. If the law bo ii adti it cannot be exeantcd Mr Caait.a, (dem.) of Ohio.- I more that thu per diem ( * deducted (LllU.htPT) The Becttt a - That le the ameadineTit Mr. Ctart-a Then I mo*o to reduce it one half. Mr. ?j?t?u arro* moiltiit d hi amendment to apply to meiubem of both buw> i. Mr. Cterra adrocattd tho amendment. Mr. Vihtoi, (whig) of Ohio, *ald that the law ?ai already Mifllclcut, if "leciaad. N? im mtirr ia allowed to be ab cot without leare of thu IfouM' Thla nOt,iert of inlleaie ht? often and for a long time, agitated. ati'l am- utcd *to nothing. II.* t (.|>n,nl to DrBb n to r<j . ILc MMdto in * and It tit* of the length Ihu at (thin alri idr pri>f"d with the bill The <ltnrt it ami ndmeal of thli clausc, wa*?? Biuob time lost. Mr. (.'tarra's ami'Dtlffl"! t w?-r?j?ct. d. and then Mr. I'eatherstoB'a tlie htUf l>/ 1ft] fit t ?ii!j - t. u T(llo? Tha clause remains a* orl/lnalty reported, nnm< ly : ** Mileage to he computed on tin. rout* by which the mallear* transported &n a^Dbr residing *s,t ?r the Hock; HoonUlm (bull rcM*t more tbaa ug* thousand dollar? iii111 tor cm h ? ?Im nr. <i member or delegate trit of tliu K. kjr Hiiuatftlv* uurf Ihta two tb< oitaod dollar* Construct1.?. miliars preTl d..-.i Mr. Jwiwsow, (dem ) r>f Ark*n*>ao. morel an amend rut, providing tea d?llar> altltii.nal for stntiouery The all.iwaare by law Imd glrrn out an I m rnWri ha beard all aroaad. bar* Iwu pwvhnstug from their owa pHM A tnm words pa?*ed Luiwrm hm?t? him.* and thompson. of Mlasisalfpi. when tin am.ndmi-ut was b i ( ' < j 7'. to 41. Til* body tLit.u proeredod to Other imfiilurib, and rote >? takes. but no quorum *ot.d Tha committee ro?e aud the roll was rallad. A quorum tx iu;; mow In attendance, tbo Ilouto again went into committee. The committee ob toiio.t found Itielf without a antrum twice more. The roll wi< called, tbe committee roar, quorum was reported, and the llou<e ajaia weat lata committee Mr g< Hrm a. (whig) ' ? Oblo, afrred an amendment nastily," that for thi parpo*. of inab!lag the clerk to faralicb Di. nbrn of th- preheat Co*|Mt, who hare Bot yet read them, each book* a* were furnished to member* of the twinty.itrfbyi. twen'.r ninth and il.lrtieth Coogress that taenty s*e*a d< ll*r* be proTided. Tbia thall aot be roB>trae4 to authorise the reprinting of any of the hooka " far Jawra, (deal ) of Tean-eteo. moved a snh?tltute, propoetng an appropriation of six dollar* to eaeh new ati luber, IB Ilea ol the bocks Tbl? *um wrjld beth* aggregate ol aeveaty-flee thousand dollar*, and It aoild be batter to appropriate th* money, that m-m b*rs might (elect hook* twaaty times more raluatile. lor thamndTca. Th* ameadment wa* read, hut there wera oaly four vote* la tie favor Mr. Vmton aald the hooka hire been (old oyer an I oier agala by Bi*mUr>i, and nothing furtli*r should be do a* lhaa to distribute those an hand lie |iad b*cB iaportuaad a?e? aud over again to (ell hi* books Ikir moci r*n*s, (dem.) of Illinois Doe* the geat lrman charge tlie far t ol Humbert telling tlie books I his owa kat.wlrdg< ' r 1i"> < > ?I Enow ii aim nu iw?r? n; am inn u uPiabut I aad* an aeca?ation ajalait aa; mnibrr. Mr M<Kia*oca, of N T . Mid that a*a>>eri ih< ulJ place th* kotk< In tha llbrart** la th*ir dlatrirta. a here lb* pnblle ran art than Cuagrr-a ?h?uid kajr tkra -Mil tba trad* rhall h?m. M?. Of Mi ui. (ft??**tl < t ib to offered a pro?ia* that tb* Im?m (ball b? marked or ?t?aapod la aa laedar* t I" aaaa*r. ?a tba f?w? <>r title page with tba nam* til tk* Bfabrr rif lflm it ll.aa(M?. aad rrtee *f That will do "| There -hould ha aa ahjeetlon ta that lif waaUd to pr***nt th. aba** nf pablle coafll>-ar* Mr 0n>i4?i.a' aaendm-at ??? ad >pled <>n aiatioa c4 Mr JoMa, the aaouat ?u iarr*a?*d ta fdWlW* Mr ^mui atated that but Oft**a hundred of th* An*rtoaa State pape.? w?i priated. yet lift -n bun irad aad ailty ?tr? die'.nbun d Bowkaioa^ern bought than fi? a aoag aad a- id tbrm to tba goteraavat for til or aotaa dodasa Mr BtMr*t* aaid that a Baa who woald ?ell hia b< oba >tt iitUa hatter thaa oaa who totld Mailt petit laraeay Withoat dlaanaiag nf the au^ert, the raaaltte* r?a aad th* IIoaf* adjourned IF'roaa H'a<hla|tan. nvii *rtt< <ai. T?!.*o?Ar?nc 11n anwiI ti k. W*iMia>i(*a, Aug II, INM (Th* Mmirtnn hw paUlahe* a aaeaga letter of Oea Wallace agaloat flri Ifnaatoa. aa<1 another Soath CarolhM attack ap> n Oea Foot*. In tola aad f?lw are tppralieaded Ther* ar* ttorte* afloat that *na* laportaal rliaage* -will aooa b* mad* amnag th* h*ad* of aarai haraaax Meeara Coarad aad M*K*aaaa w*r* awnra la ft* .erdaf rroaa the toatb. ADOUTMN *?ctta?K1f at *ava*1?tt, ITT . tLTinia, A*gn?t IT, 1UD The Roathera aiall h?? arrived Rtgbtf paWeat* wer* ad nit ted lato th* Ir* Orti-aa* < bar It 7 Noepltal aia* of whloh were lateraltteat f?*w raara. There t? an rholera or jdlo* f*?*r tbT" There *a* eoa?ld*r*hle *ieit*aeiit at (aaaaaah oa Taeoday laa*. ta *oaaeqaeaee of a aaabar of handbill* havlag b- ? ted jintlfylaf the eltltaaa that aa iWlltldnM wa* to he tarr*4 aad feathered lb* f*a tleaaa heelag aad* off*an|v* r*aark? lath* anap?aj if i< rtrai ladiee aad g*iitl*a*a II* ??< tlr.t nrd< red t<> lra*a th* aity bat harlag mad* a wrtti*a *tat* neat, dteaanwtag th* of*a*a. th* *XrIteaeat after a ilrr u fielded lb*a*atfc*rat 'harl*<tna I* naaroa.lj hat The th. rmoaetar. oa Wedaeaday e-a* M The ; rl? Jc?eahin*. from Pretnn airlvoj at Xew I- It'Mf aa lk? ' h . tk? kark V?r*n? from Wa? York at hfiiiiik on U* t*?k. ! ?, ?i tb* <ay. Ik* krt? Irwibt* trim Hmtoi I ? M?l K?<l?ni' ( on vrnlloa?Hall way fccflAc. Urtn. i?;nt 17, 1M0. AboK M( knlr?4 anl any to tha 04J of tka Xorlbtrn t)i?trWt ol N?? t ba?* arrWr4 k?? A 4lr< Irula ?? lb? tit la* ant R;rMM? Rallrn?4 ru I -it tho lla*. a?ar I'tka. killing on? Ban, <i?u . ronrly injuring a?T?ral otbrr* I A bnal f??taia ha? twaa arra?tr4 h?r? f?r . Oiw b? lo?pla)t to ffntttnfhaa k (!? . tufsla 1k? Canada at Halifax. Ifturii. lo|?tl If-IA M Tha ?t<-a??hlf Cara4a fro* N?? Tark arrival hara I If* o *ltak la*t night M?a w?k la alttj akalAn.a* ? rnal. ? I ?t t?*T- 9 H"ck *la.1 fav Mat* f J E N E' ' " ;r,. v 4731 r. /j* r~.* Mardtr and Sulfide o( the Murderer. Vi Va , Au* IT, lb A mOft heart milling uiuriirr baa bwn perpetrated J ot White Oak, Bear tliii place. which liu chub*J the greatest exoitemei.t A man named \\ m llrowa attacked Mr. John 1 ugot, and aovered bid head from hit body with an axe. when the murderer aoon after took hi* own Hie by committing suicide. Our Baltimore Corre?|M?ndenee. Baltimoik, Ann 16. 1850. Shretctlniry Crmp - Tht Hat/mH Cauuly HotuiHr? *H'atrrmrlvnn and the Cholrra- TSt Mayoralty, 4-c, tl A large number of peraoni leave her* to-day for th? O great .^hrewi-bury ramp meeting. The weather la *?- o ctediogly fine, and shuuld it no continue uuMl Sun- q day, the largeat religioui gathering ever h. 14 la thla 0 country may l>? witneteed at Bhrewabury. Krom its e ' contiguity to Baltimore, much dirorder and drilling p | may be reasonably counted on. ^ The examination of (Jriflith, charged with b*-in;j conct mi* d in the murderot Harry lluiuioond. w brought to a cloac at Belleair on Wednesday afternoon. Quite a ^ number of vitstrfKi van examined, but no v facte elktled, except that (irlfll'h and Stump were in p, tin? neigbbeihoed of lluinuiond * farm ou the day of jj the murder, in a covered wagon or buggy bcl >ui;iug to the accu-ed; that two men, armed. apitrtiitly gunmm. were ia the immediate vicinity of llawtiond'a J houee; tba? .iccuft-d related publicly th* manner in 'J which John YV. Slump and William Htunip committed ' the fiul and cowardly deed, aud had in Iii- tl a petition to the Uoiernor, praj iog fir u no/ piattfui e lor Man Griffith a conn, el aldrrHHir) ' ? f i .let u;wx tbia evidence, deiinm ing hit as from the jj evidence it waa c-rtain that Uumtn"itJ wm .-hot by e John W. Stump, aud Griffith wu* r >; n n aceeiaory. The proa< cuting alt toej requested a p.' tponeuvnt of w the cuae until attachment! could be i!.-Ui<d foraeveral '< abrfeu' witne^cc. whopo testimony, he couteuded, > would have an important bearing on th? ca-u. I| t'uiiou-ly enough the nw'Ktiuie decided to discharge ti I Grlflllh from cuati d v Griffith wa? Immediately aur- n | round) d and congratulated by hia friend*. ami iu % 'j ikeittlMMl li e town tor % ca.n;i i.e til (la , ym in t be neighborhood The alaimi'.g accounts ft-om #oreral of the amn.l v toenail Virginia of the progreaa of the choler*. have 11 brought'Into active rervite the cleamln- propnltie# U of our citii na. tVv obA-rve tint cellar" and g-rtire. b In all diremions aie being rl<-an*-d and liaie l II >* - 1: eier. ih'-a will have llttlu or no effect in preventing a t| viek fit m the dr> ad. d dine; If t . w*t rmtion huek- e i ster* ate not forbidden to fell th. fruit. tVuterine- ?i Ion- Infler liein_r hawked abort loan all dn< nn I rYnf.H tl to tl:i: heat, air not ??-?t fcealthy eating. and il l> ?urpift-iiiK 11ml pcopli- . ?t* buy I' r? Hut ao it i', Mil '' tli? huckotim nr?-dii -iag a t>ri< '? trado ! lh> d(U.orr?tie (cnnntton hold auoth'-r m-ottn* |> I to-night. it is rixpi'ctrd that all p< ndm* il'lhi ui it ! ti<-? btt*? cu WatKlns and Turner will 1)? '>uled. and " , tl e r*r-J unite on cow of them, or M'lret * n w m <u. 1 j Kilhiiij further this mornin? fr?n th>? Ku'.timnre J( j county ullray, id which Mr. Am Kly wit* U mj;"ro'i-<ly i j wounaed. ( hai.tim'ut:, auinitrt 17, 1s50. l | Tht Mai.fxuhy?Suambout Colluicn? Aftarth nf * i a H'atrbnuin?The EtyviU* A{jray?&'ir%terlntry (l Cam/, 4'f. u Hie democratic nonnmtting convention held i another n.eeting last night. The Turner delegates, J) , who at a former meeting receded, ap|*ared, und v ! occupied seats i n a body on the souUi eide ct ihe |> j hitII. All the pending difl'"ultirs t ing trilled, ^ J the convention proceeded to b;illot for i p r#on to i ' bear the (!enxcratic banner in the approaching 0 mnytralty election. Previous to the billoi, the f I name of Major John \V. Watkins hud been with- ' drawn; and the I*rrwdent learnln<; that he was tl : in in'- rnmu c.r icorera on, inTiica Dim witnui me i ! bui 10 ad -?. the convention. The Mijor com- 'J plied, :i (I whs received with grit npr>l:tuse. To- " i wnii s the conclusion of liis short sddri'M, how- 11 | be t!?ve ?>nie Ttry noil tarcasTnu on the *' I course ot the Turner delegates which were p | rtceived by thut p'tty with lowerm;; lookn 1 I ud cl<nrhr<l fiitn. The Hijtit vu creeled with ' ' a volley of pro;in<i and hiff-n cn concluding. The * 1 conveiitim th?a balloted with the followin" re- " Hull? 51, I'firtR iwccnmry lo a choice; J. M lybury 11 Turner, W; ( barlea Tow.-on, 2 >; ecaftcrinij. 17. Jj ! On the announcement of thi* vole, the hill re- * Hounded with uremia and Inane*. A motion waa ll now made, thai Mr. Turner he declared the nn.ini- " ni<~ ciioict <>l Die convention, which, on being * 1 put i?i the *o?e, received aeveril loti?l trd enerwftic c " oo," " boV" Tliia indicate* tint Mr. Turner * j cannot mlly the ecu re party to his tiinwi, and i funv <jiie[,ily may lie defeated J The whig*, tfiia nornii)?, are concratuUting ' themaelvi a on the nomination, and casting about r j for nn aide and popular man to bring out in oppo- C aition. It ia iiiir.ored, thi* morn "if, thai the dwnfli-oted " df mocratk will bring o-jt Win. <?. lliUTiioc, Kaq., . a men-hart on ih<- wharf, aa an indepriid-ut c*n- " dtdntr. Tbia will aeenre the election to the whig * 1 cundidati', tor wlich (iecrge ll. I^od^e, Kaq., I*rv- j * I aidenl ot one of the telegraph linea, and Jewe I'. ' * I Reid, Kcq., are the m< at prominent reraon??n;im?"iJ. ' A coIIihou look place in the h?rl>or, lai-t nijrh*, between the ? <* amera Cecil and Farmer. Thr wa- * ter wheel itbd guard* ij the Ocil w?.?re carried j1 away, and her tieia drove in. The Ir'aiuier backed J: 1 oil, and pursued liercourae without asking whether ' the other U?ai r?<|uired any awiatance. WafnltiitHit l.nnti U'lulal all?muhniT Irt k**#n tKft peace between n e*nn of rowdiea, on Tharadny * j uieht, wanknockedH**vrn and wvercly beiien by 1 1 tta ci ?f llie I'Hrty. Ilia J end la cut and Imiiwd v~ry j i it nrii.and lie will be coniinc I to hie bed for ?i?m<5 i time to roinf. Warrantahiivc lven icsued fur the arreM of the nartiea charged w,th the naaittlt. | Mr Am Kir, severely wounded in the affair ?t i I FljrniUr, i* afowlr rerovcnrg Heveral pjltceof firrn. wit ftnm ibi* city, oa Wednesday, to pro; t'rt the workmen in the repair of the dam l*olon?l i Hugh Lly, togelhei Willi coanir nnntnlu', apI |4 srril on ihe ground, it io aaid, with th? intention mt airrniuu the ritjr police oflkeni; Ihj.. f<>riin?t?Ir, took a Kobrr aecond 'bought, and th*a i-nflered th*dam lobe repaired w-Mhoflf further disturbance. {'vet hundred trail hare hfB pitched at the creat camp meetiug at Shrcwabury, York co , Pa. Tl?a Waltrlng Plartl. ot l p.?smoM?m.x cona*ii*of?PMxc*. Yrllow Hrai>os, (Pa ,) Aug. 6, 1830. 7/oac Stnfngrrt at Saralofa art Trtilfi by 7*oa* irAo art Inlrrttttd im Bottling Mint nil i A rirctmialance took pUee at the Sarilo" i .cpnnjra, while the writer wax there, a few weeks cince, if.e facta of which he thmka ought Ui he placed before ih? travelling public. Thejr were Kiv ii to oa editor of that village, who acknowledged the g leranee to exiat, aad la be one of frequent occurrence; bur, aa the people of Saratoga ! were very aenaitire aa to anything tonehiog their ; I pecutiary intereau, be declined a publication of the lacta. Knowing thai you do aot luck for your bread oi pntionage from any particular neetinn or clique, and are erer re*dy to etpaw error or Imposition, I hare concluded to giee yon an article on the fact# of 'be raae. After travelling *ome two thousand nr.i>a from the aouthe"*t, for ih<' benefit | of ihe hc -vt-Ji i f my aick family, I reachej 8*- i ratoga al oul th flrat cf July, and pill up at the | I bited Statea lloli I. A pbyxiciaa waa called to 1 eee ia) wife, who pfacntted that oh', after twea- : l y-four ho?r?, akould take a glaaa of Ongreaa wat?*r alKHit nine o'olock, P M , and another again ' in the meriting I had b^ea repcatejly at the ( ring?aaw hnndreda drink of the water?a<w maay caminp It away in pitchers, and l had two or three t in< t carried aaray a bouie full at a time, aad In i k .<11 I wanted, la fact, to all human ai> pe..rar>ce, the water eeemod to he aa free loth* public aa the water* of the Mii**?etpi* are to iia navigators. Finally, haviag been there a fr? dayr, my wife atill unable to walk to th*' "grins, 1 ! went after my hottle of water immediately after tea Having Itlled it, (only Ml (MH,) 1 NtlM I acrota the atrret, anil w.m atcoMt-d l.y a in in corn- i iti|t fri'tn wfr the way, (where I am told th?v | , Ixitile the water fur ex|x*rtaii?a,) " WUat are you going to do with that watatl" I replied, "I w?a i about to carry it to my mom " lie Mid, I mnat i not carry 1 away?that rirnlnf the water aw?y , in hot**' * wna not allowed. I remonstrated, telling i Inn. i had come two thousand milva to get the hen<>. | tit of the water, and I w;ia with mjr ftioilr at the i hotel, paving five dollara per day fur board, A c It i all would sot do. I had to go away without the i water. Now, what I complain of especially i? Otiai tint i while thousands are using the water daily, without rrntriction, that tb re ahotild be tolerated? ; person, having powers on th'- apot, to diecrlfmaate, | and ioMilt tmnr-' rs. I would aUo suggest th?t th? liberal owner of the water, place At the firing*, in j Urge letiera, and k'f|> it in tlx psi?rs puidiah-d ?i the Hiring*, the term* on which viaitera can tn?? the water. If he would do Ihta, I think it Kk-ly he number of vinifera wmM fall eh Oft II* woe Id thereby probably he n*<fe to make a fe w rr<ore dime* . by **ndiag tbrn watec to their doya 4 BIIIUN VY Y O SUNDAY MORNING, Our Pnrl* Corrrtponifrnrai Pabis. A'ler 1. lffift. [fi? Final Daft of the A*?emhli/'? Stuiitn?l*iw for tl* 'Ilealrt*?Rett'tratinn of the Hour Hons? C 11 in ii*'' Hautpoti? lt<iilw<iy ProjtcU J>ucvt?eJ. ? Stute rf It ply?Nn)>!r$?SrlUttteigHUrtnn?Ibmor Paul to tin American Sen Captain?/aw of the /Vr?i, fv. The vacations of the National Assembly will bein in ten days ; and one who | ay* now a visit to tie trench House, retires with the conviction that ur re^rt auitutivea have only the fear of being blip* d to remain one day lunger at their posts, so uickly are they voting upon nutters which are not nly important, but also worthy of being carefully xnniinr f!. Th twi> sessions of Tuesday and Wede*day, at wlich I was present, made me tviaemer the time when 1 was at school, waiting it.ipv ently for the "cr mmencenaent" which would eliver one from all studies and obedience to the gulations. The br l^eta of the navy find treasury ere voted Willi much rapidity, and finally the enmUe if the budgets was udui-lttl by a majority of UN votes against loo. Another important law was also voti d. It was :ie law re^matini; the lilx-rty ol" thejtreu. For a >i'g time, since 1HH, the theatres ol l'aris enjoyed I le greatfti freedom, and, with the exception of ie piny frlli (I " llun*e," exhibi'ing the priucipil j vents of th?- Pope, l'iiu Nohuh, which w:*.s pro- 1 ibited by the government, i>> obstacl" wti ever ut upon a pli.y of my kiud. You may feci aasim d, iat nuee 1 uriived in l'uris, I ha t t. en, on ihe oards of <K.r thofct-i H, a gn at lot of plays which ere of tbe most incendiary kind, either relatively ? politic*, i r on uccount id' the Lad rr.orile*. ibitrd in tluir l?blet> r. AcafaUl fault With os rt iiclimt. ii it-, thai wo cannot rc?trui>i our lioenousM'i-.-, und tl at, when we are allowed," to biie a ioutl'ful of i c?l. we awalloiv the whole of i!. 'he I which was vcteil, h>id for itc object to ^ibtill tlie plajs received bv wan ig is to the pre us anthon aiion of the Minister of the Interior i i'mi*, and of the prefect. - in the provinces. Such law was i- power dining t*e reign oi tbe IJ.firor.?, ami cf I^-ni- Philippe, but wn-, annihilated in -iH by tl.e re; ublic. Mow, it will be replaced by lie reouhlic! 1' rison! Cornvlv! Who would . vt i (.lure 10 t.ay, th, t we arc fit to be r?*public4Q i 1 i wo ) iir-i have been aullieieut to prove ti >t hbtMty" for um in triiioaimotiu with ' licentiousem," utid tlmt, like \ouni* boys', we are oh'igt'd to bey n iinrn- or ii echonliiiuter. For th? future, oliiical pow i will rule tlie French t' 'utrrH, ami, Moliere wuri 1 i 11 alive, lit* t">ulu uol h-ive TarfHfc" i- rf?-ini< d without the consent of M. !.:roclic, ani, r.o doubt, such [i?rrrii?>sinti would be eftitTi!, < n account of ill- allusions which could < iithdc to bo nnuy wcnther-eoek statesmen of our i i < li In u ii.uuth fioni d<tti', there will be a unuu ebtiil-i.-ht'd ui the Miuialfy of lultiior, to ibi< h will be a'inched men having iiowt/r to curml tl i manuscript*, to be pre etit at the reheari-ils, D ahnrten ?-r render l<>njr>T th? petticoats of our cllriWt, to represa llie aiUut/ct and faur pun of he dubt>?net . Tlier* will be publiahi-d a co4<: of ulth for th? use of theatrical dre amakcra, aud j rau:at<> anthirc. Though 1 ju-rfcittly confewi , are uot a |*o;?l? woiihy ol cnjoviug nay liberty, I ecuiM* *\e ure always ri-auy to nhu*e it, 1 cannot lit bave (be Mine opinion u? m^uy eiioaonti?tH and eliticiauF?" the law on theatre* i- an absurdity." nourepoeh of enfranchi^-enr'nt, of independence I thought and mf nnern. tbcte is but one ceneorhi|i to it Iy tij?on, and it is that of " public opiuin." Tl.. m W..X mi>?K lf,IL i>nT.,^,i/uriun.n?? 1. lie cum&iwi of the National AeacniUy, Hboui u new roituMtioo <>( M Ctctou, v? lix li li t-1 f?r it* object > dt'imtnd lh?-ol li e lnws relative to ?e hi If of lli*- l(ourlx<riH of t'le branch* din/ nd rati)lit I was (old tint it wis the e*prf.-,s in* ttion of M. Cteton to present it h<fore the closing I the National AwniMy, and 1 havo no doubt, iioi.jjh public opinion is much in fivorof tint Uw, t.Ht it will cKitr u great eioi ran4*.' in the House, nd till ovi r tbc rtiotiuv. Nevcrthel -as, 1 think hnt tbe fcilopti<>n of ?ucn a proportion would be be Wat riieaim to rcatrain impiti' iii nmbiiion. nnd i) pr?veot the fo mm h spoken of rwf* li'tt'it. riKl, wi f-lsti-III know at once if Frunce wirliea n rrnnin la n ?Mte or republic, and, i? cue of th? flirnmiivr, wr would reli ct for the future, t diidilatei. for the I'rt t>ij:-ncy anions whom France mild make a choice, without brun; at each iutant, tbreuleaed with a name. Another mnior thread at the Nntiannl Acembly i?, that General I'revai, at the requeM of fjoma sup* bow, liaa written a mfmoirr, by winch the eapectiff |-o*ition nnd powers of (!<-ncr?l Ohmuruirr, ai> ctrnrrnniler of the whole French army, i d lit o?ra! d'll'tutpool, na Miniater of War, were <termin*d ind rejjul ttrd, aa well hr the law* nd lule#, an- l>y military tradition. If I aiu well nfornied, M Frcval t* not futor?blr. to the |>reti Diona of General ('h-ingainicr, and tlie Frc?deut ia rtucli in favor ?>f the m/mi-trr. Well! what of ill \ ill 1 etna Napoleon h?ve these two praerala put efrre a imv el th< ir oeera? We phall aee. The brojobal ruUe by M de Giranlin, to rr4or? n?- ball thi actual tltuv of ibe Keprescattttoaa of lir hotifrn. w? irjfCtM b) Uk CuamiltiM, to the mis cfwnich it bnd hern Riven to lie examined? iuI, ttliri luin, M An lrr iitnpoird to reduce it on*and M Chailr* l.?->'r?npc d*m*nde<l tint very representative ahoiild remit the half of hi* nlitry to the Htnlr, as well *? h*lf of Ihi IMMMC. Hie fini of moot'J collected bjr thcan wantons * 1 rid iwnprlllrd !< .I ptivilf fund, for in. all.I votkmrn. In h|<itc af > o uit'ch charily, none of h? ac |i:ojerti. will be adopt'd. Mogn) , to our Re- , iicm illative a, (with f< w rAcrptiooa,) u? bettir (ana 1 I'orir! 'J be bill, on the railways, wa? presented to-day. | n il>e Natnnal ^wembly, end will he disctiescd x fore the elding cf their aittiag. A<*c?Miag to all *o?pfctf, the lib* from Trnnerre to Macon will be . i>at! wort >i ii in ihort tira'*; 0 he c? n tinned till finished. 1 he newa from Italy it of very trtcific kind. It Home, the body of oar troop* ia cfnlv din.mi'hre. by the return to France of several Imttilino* 11.d ronipaoies. Itiily in c*lm. Nevertheless, the i'i?pe and hi* minuter* are nit certain that ctr*cnar???n ia rnlKrlv i|r,iri yed sreund ih-tn, and Ji# poUOriaae, who know i>eM, are fotctrlUaf motlier revnliitionary < rploHon. At Naples the government 1* much reassured. Ilie pretention* ol England sgainM 8icily do ntt iisftnh either the King or hia minister#. It ia to l>o 1 ">ped that the Ubm n received by lirrtl Hritaia, ia [Irrece, will be favorable to the withdrawal of there fictitious claima. The 1 >u? iiras of Herri, mot Iter of the Count of I'hamhord, ia now at Naplep, * hers alie has beea received with niach honor, No doubt, her prrtence at 'he court of Naples ia the pro^uostu of *imf secret machination. NoBewaof much importance ha* reached 11* Prom (irimaby, but the coavnca'K-o v>f theCongr??a t Kranktort, and the cooMrtuiiioa of the battle* riven by the l>aiu-h troop* to thoae of AchlaawigHoltfrm The viiiwy w?s won at I fatrdt, 04 the iftih ul? , by the L*ane?, and tli? a'Wck waa one of Ihe m<w>t terrible evtr witaeiiped aince t.'ie great batiIrs of the E'ltpire At the l-U?s? ?i*te received. I lie if7th uli , the aimy of iloMeia had en<*aiii|ied ; un the atiorea of the river Kyder, and, ?fier a few 1 kitmirhea, a |.n>t??w?itioii o< armistice h*d beea 1 made hy Oaeral Kn>g, roininan ier- in-chief of the 11*noh army At the baille of the 2.1th of Julv, ihe two amor* amounted to sho?| th* aame number of Birn?30.IM) in each cam?. The (raw ia ?ai.l to have amouaied to K.iiOO men, ei her killed, or wnuaded, or made pisoner* on each aide. lH|d> Bi*cy, by which eo many efforts have already been ntxdr in order to prevent the fight, will have tow inu h more lo do 10 ?top another etlii'ion of blood. 1 In r? ia, as you know, la that question of dvaaaty I ?rin, something els* tain a liarii I ot ain:?'? rsiaa The equilibrium of the North of I lurope, aad many intereirtji of ihe navy ir?d commerce, are attached to it. The territory id lloletein ia, without any doubt, a O rtrna couairy, Milipiit'r n by vaaaalage to Dram-irk ; hut the Ihiehy of 8chleawig has always been a llaniah aad. and the river Kyder, hy whiua the two iJuchiet ire eepaiated, has long h?*n coB?idere?i as the lerT>in?B of the Cermaa Kmpire, forrrwrly the H?'y Itomaa en?|?re Theretore the iaterfrrenee of >er many ia out of reaaoa, and ao douht th*t, H- fore Ion*, one of the great Kurnpeaa nation* w II P>bIIi A mm mm a?Kit.r am tks aa^ati.^ I* a....*li i. more ndVantageona than a war fur both oounifi-a It ia naid that Kuaaia ia iatrreated lo yita help t?i lb? Panea. There ia, in the entire ?f the Htlitc c*, at inland celkd Horn halts;. containing ae<reri?l porta of much vain* for the navy of Kiimm* ft la well known tha' the pona of Kuaaia nre ffni'n in till May, wh?lni thoae of ltornhaleji are open in Marc h' It the arrt>n -rrirot ia made by ituaain, L?i>prror NtrhoUa ariil h??e h>-r> iftrr the auperinimdt i>f e of the Batik* ?ea, and will thu* add a Bear jrwfl lo hit already rx-h crow* klVaMhat Lonia Napoleon conferred, greater lay, the I h?*er of the I 'ro?a of ihe Uikhi of Honor on an American cnptain, *1 l*enniw?n, of the arhooner JacoS W H)T>nn. for tiavinj aner-t the livea of at I French aailora t- loagmg to tha whaler Ue?er*J Teal, and having provided them, during thirty dn?a, With all the comfort* dn?an4?-<l by their nu-f? Mvnc b?ch diMitno*. '% > i<h ?K ?4 RK B AUGUST 18, 1850. mi'ted by the rules of your country, i?, nevertheless, I a jut! rtward for (he humanity of Cxprain Denniecp. The lew on th- press wae eneented this morning, hod you will notice among the newapfl'jers I semi lo you, that every one is murk.d with the " aUm,>" i

(/.# tintbrr) of live government. M tuv tournaujr heve already aiiprnented the price of their mihscription, but seven! of them h*ve not changed it, with the hope that tbuathey would entice the subscribers of the newspaper*, who httve augmented theirprice, to leave them and .subscribe for their sheet J$ If. R. Tcrrllile Calamity?.Thirteen Lives Lout at ! > mi field, Mm I i Lynn tie Id yesterday afternoon. The p irticulara, as we learn Ironi the Bottun Mail, of the 16th instant, were bri< iiy these :?A Isrjje paiiy, connected mostly with tho First Christian Society, (Kev. Mr. I. H. Curtier.) of Lynn, proceeded, yesterday, to Lynriitld on a pic-ttic excuisi??n, lectina con- ' veiiient t-j'Ot on the borders of ti beB*i''f.l pond, ] nttr tin. i.yntii'ield House. About 4 'clock, a iwiny of twenty-live went ou !??> rd a Urge li.itbottomed row boit, for an excursion on the pond. Wl en about one hundred yards from theshore, by some accident, not explained, the boat u;>s.-t, and thiiteen of ihe |?rty were drowned. The following are the names of those lobt hv thus h>*un-rc:r.din^ catastrophe:?Kobert Sliuitlil. nnd wife, recently niHtri?-d, and on a vit-it to their friends in Lynn. They belonged to Medway. Mrs Mary Howard *nd daughter, Maiy Jane. Mrs was wife of Mr J. ft. How ird, of Saugus. The mother and child were taken from the wni?*r, dead, Slid clusped 111 each other's arm*. Ml>>s Catharine L. Admne, aged 19 yrure, belonging to this city. Mis* Mary L. Ad.Hi!.-, a?*rd years, belonging to this city Miss Mary A. Johnson, of Lnuii, a Very interesting young lady. Klira Young, 1 of Marbtebeud, a young h Jy on a vi.,i t to her friends in Lynn. Mr&. Mehitahle Alley, ol Lynn, a^ed M. The in leu-ting childten "f Mr. Joshua Curl md, of Lynn, ' d nx and two years. Twodau.jhiersof ! Mi l'.| b."ai ij IJiown, ot Lynn, wboee atjes we did rot leaf Miss Mtiria Cheever, ol Lynn. All (tie fxdi's hud been recovered, except two?Mm Cbtever and ihe daughter ef Mr. A. Johusnn. ficee lb- alio je was in type, a correspondent has furtiithtd lis with the following 1. 1 litional purticuIs a:? \ |"tty of *bont one hundred aud li..y pernors ft< :n L< tin aid Snugtis, came here t.j aa ? xc.irsion <d pleasure. Alter having taken their diu- I ii' in pic-nic atyle, 111 the beautiful grow which 1 i.i- Ii t.r, ibi y obtain-d a p<?d ile hint, and j atiiUMil theniselvi'.i by cruiznig around Ihe holes, j and Ibe Ml inl ill the pond Brwildiflfafrnt ? .? 1: ! |Niiiienof tli" party bad mtde excursions in it with | si ty, but lb? last company rnet with a most ter- ' nblt tiitaatiojlif. Twenty-live persons were ou j board the bo .t when it left the tdior*. A* they j npprosehed the is'.tnd, the piddle threw some j * uter on on - side ol *1. - deck ; the ic,up .ay then 1 patted to tin other tide? thu cau:e>i tbs* ule to be 1 wet; tlty then ctos ed back again. T?*i- was dor.e "evril tines By this smldca ehan><e of |>o- I . titiou 1I1 j set tlje boat rocltini? Som* of the (?arty j 1 brcoiiiu v fiiL'htenedgot U|K>U the scuts; thisinade ; ] lli? bo it ilip ii.c re. Thty now Is came panie-ttneken; and as one ; side went down into the water, auiue of the puity i 1 tprr-Og ujain tin- wheel* house, which was iu the j cenre of tl.c boat, wh?n, tinfortuu&fely, the boat | was rcmplt teW capi-ntd, twt'oin up. Mr. Jonathan ' I ?i! lit' ! I > nt; i* the bot'om of tli* 1 boat, and that ' Ii l.< C< ttld i;ol iwim, kt NCNtd 4 . in buyiup ii nmwoeroi lives. a hi in ana n >y who coolri >w:m, p'ri,if*d thrniKtlvst, antt twvm to the shot*. AltliMich the h?Hl we.snear i!i<- iktrr, in a ; (jinrt ce\ i if the i.Umi, yet thirteen lives were i l( I The boa? v. :tn rrinstriirted t?y covering two d?ry's j with a dtrk. nnd placinf a piddle wheel, worked by .. hand ernnk, beiwetn them. Th- person who , eug*g> d the boat was told that it was s.ifr- fur four- , teen |ieii>otj?. i ha*c hern told that thirty p<*r*ous have mnde t \cins-ions upon it at nnue with k ifety, | and this p?iMv would have met with no accident if the) had kept still. It ? as the rocking that c^ux-d the cilamitous result. Thk Siikkim i.i Cincinnati?The lloird ol Health ch?e th ir reports to-duy; the cinder\. wliott prevalence an an rpidt mio in our city, caused them to re-assemble and issue their otited bulletins, bit vug nrurl, ?l'<vr'tier <.tiin?pr-*r<?t. Th?)r r??port for the fott)-fight hours ending at five o'clock it.hi rvenirg, three inletmeiits ol petson* who died of cholera, and Kl of person* who died of othT disease*. A f*w cases i f oktilrrs ?|H*ared here the la?t week in June. Some of these being very aevcre, and cndiuffiii snd ' i death, it wit* thought advisable that the B<?srd of Health should assemble, and it'sr* oocr'.ioriul liulletint. On Wnodar. July let, they re|?>i.<ri "*t MhJ canes?nil they could 1 hear of to that liuie, th t.^h they weie well satis- , fied there hsd l.een more. They issued their ac- | i cend bulletin or th? 3d <?f Jaly; and, for the forty- i I HEht hour* r Dome me (RTKiw ryrnrnjr, reported 1 i 4()<J< athr uf iliit diwwr. Tkrir reports tkep ? * i < t.m<-d ii'y. The following fijiurrH fliow the cotirao , I of the epidemic, fiom its cummrncemrnt to, the i pu MM time :? I rWn?. Otkn lh?rmtr$. TtltJ. I I Destbc to Jn'y 1 2U ? H i i J uly # 1M 1?S TH 1 I ' Julyltt 11?. tU 4 W 1 " July SS 1WJ 819 41* | , " July M It# *W SIS 1 ? am t M m % rs " Auf. 13 13 124 14T , ! Toua to tki* d?t? .... w,i iTw toil I 1 Tl.ii? akow* to'al mortality, far * prriiMl of about | k< ?co ttftki, *f two iltoti.'iiiii| and thirty-one, of whir )i h food deal lent than onr-hidf cUn?'-<I I 1 l>v the Mini! of ITeillli n? cholrra. The otli?-r Hireaara were chiefly biliou*, and in freat p<rt dif- ! 1 fc-rrd hut little f'om the nrdiaarv ?nti)urr dmfna-i of lite city. Liu.' jrtar, the to ml number ofd-*th? h?'te, nf nil di-x-ifec.forH period of evfti'wpf*s' lid- 1 J ii g on thr 6th A tig., <va* four thousand four liunrfrrd M I . Iii>-ritfht. I<aatye,ir, the MMtM appeared I 1 here enrlv In Mny. On (lie 10'ti of ih*i month. O. 1 U ltrrujgl) waa atUtktd wuh lite ili-r*-*-, in : ? rrrrm frrm, and died *rter (? h?vr?. Ttu?'-re ?l?-d | nnwiliii.? Iili- it g?n?i.r 1 alu.nrt imiifdi.ilely hrCMii?> r,?l. r t*i time tu the 1I?ih o> Junr, M? i.tli* umi rieatlm avCeitainrd wnf? I i ?> K. hi,it IW) J ,-ti, t?> the llith of fulv,K. L in lite 17lh to Ihe VkI < * ' li.akra no ivvrmatr. (rem t lni-l in il.i'. i! < rii-r^ae to thr d.<ie laM int.. The entire rr.orixlily ot the cu, livr wreka, coinrnrni in* on lh?* I.Vo of J :< *. hi: I ri.dins <>0 Ihr ?M of July, (i hoU M and all rrttlrr i 4 KtM*,) Wll 3,M 1Iir tint MM lIxIrmrM ' in llie raragr* , 1 ' :nic krrr lut lUMIiri, u4 imprrfrfiM-ut In Ihr gi t.rral hralih of the city, wa? b> iiwi, by ?hr ir|w>rt of the Iftk July. In thr eotirar of lbe nrjt a4>fc-n? da) a, ihe death- by chcl"* Jerrr.?>e?ifrotiitf7 tonne i* rday, an>l ihe martility by II di?eitea ftwni I.V. to XI prr diy. The t?ul htorulny of Ihe riiy |*a< k?m<d, for a p-riot] ?l right week* ra<li?? un ih? I I'll of Anfiat (when ibe cholera c? a> rd U? hr regarded m o tdrmic), -( mrimiali Uazrttr, /tvgu,i 14. Ino?i Mot'iram in Wiaconn* ?A frw d y* hiic, aaya thi MiotiiI I'oiuI 7't/<w*<, of July Li, *f wcrf ik?#? iin< u of orr brought from I Mark l!ivi r, Crawford coniitv. ihrqnnlity ol winch | ?arp?aara any ir? n orr we hive ever b*fore a#?-n. i fto |.i.n- u it that it ia though: by good judgra that j tmeltuig fura?r?? ?||| I* itnnere??<iinrforob?aining ihf i?rr r or la I, it )l Mine a>??it ninety per cat ? I Thr amount of or<* la aai4 ta be rrry gr-at, 11 rov- I rrmg at lra>( fortr acre* Oibrr vrina vr brr? 1 diacovrrid nmr by. and. If our In forma ? an- not vrry mtirh deoeivd, thu? discover? *a ?ur* 'o add mi? h to the already extensive mine..! wrv!th of Wwronain hpecimena ha*e be-n aen ( > < a*rirnrrd iroo-maMtrta ut :h,- lu?t, who |?"a >ui -ir il of a auiirriorqoality. An abtindare* of l* i -r and watrr dowrr are near at hand for ??rryiiw. f irniwea, and a? it in near navijr*h|r watrr, it ?>* <1 vrry aonn l*rnai? a wiiroe of protii to thr rairr|?riantc (rnlbmrn who bare rurvrjrd and located thr land lor th?- pirpour of erecting iron tuuiiuf if lonra at no very diaiant day. r (ipr-fif imvihra i >rvf? t?> orw tun nv-inr niuiihrr of |>Hi>M'0|(rra who arnrrd ?t thi# ' njr LninVrHf,doling IM mnnlN of July ln?t, W Wfr i 11 ?migrant*, ia r>,?itrd at thin num^ r < i ? I*k?i boih cbildrea ?n'l ?dulM Thr n if mo in arn*r tbirlly ia tb>- month of lk? niflTnla of thia yrar. a* cnmpurrd with ? > ' IH4H, ?lica a *r?ai Mtmf off. luring'h oi M*y l??t raaf, ibr Grri.iaft rtniir-?n?a an ? ' I , 7 (Xin, wbiU ih? arrival* for tarn mwi ' lun l>r??rat )ear, abow a lint of b it I.**' !* rauxnl, aa ura burn, by tbr di' rwltr ?'f ti'p'W of property la Orrnnny ? IXkunt ,hU i l*r>mnr V\ac<? ? TKr L"*'tw4' Jmrnai ny?i I W# uadrtauad that IWh?t> Hmmki ? now c?m i fin'd ia lb . city, at lb' K<-? Mr Htr?ra*>ii,?, by | a aevar* atUik ??f Mumn fr?rr, c<>"irnfi- d, na it i ia mii |wta> d, b* tbr Migura aad n^'a^rra of b'^t lair toar to ib?- 8t I ' ? ? poafarracr, ai Imiri. ,n. Mo Hr ia ireriviag rrrry atteiMtan f,,,m h?a fb)kiciaa? mtui ??iin r<?i? fri? udn lb?l C/uM b * ?W#r4. It tr?a iiMMiKai I ?a< rrrnia? *ti fator?Mr r h ?nxr bad I <h' n in b'^ t c l/io* Wr cwiwv.d ij boy ii may t* k> [ERA % I>?w? fluid the Plains. [Kroui Hit St. l.oui" HspuMiean. Aug 8 1 F?ki Laramir, July 8, ltSV). The great California emigration has a' length twept past this point, ard tin* prairie< twain to assume their wonted air of solitude and dre.iry in'*notoi.y. few strati) rs, Home one thousand innumlvi, still behind, lire on (his side of South i-'ork, and will he hi re id n ft w d.tys. Hie lin <1 result of this year's emigration, us regw<>-reit at this point, is 37,570 men, 825 women, l,> clnl. dn ii, 9,101 wag< ns. 22.K78 horses, 7,ti.V> mub s, oxen. Htid 5.754 cows ; m-tkini; a liberal alh wauce ol 2,171> per.-ons and HIM wagons for those v ho have d without registering, und by ttji * still behind, we should hav -12,000 souls and !),72t) wagons on the trail at .his moment?of this number from 8,000 to 10,000 are on their way to Orepoo, with the lutentiou of settling ill that country, uinl visiting the gold mines next season. Tlie character of the emigration of this year is mot t decidedly inferior to that of lust. The number ol difiioultieH, robbeitet, iV<:., oa the trail, Imve fir otitnt'nilrri d tin e of lit reason. Not only have they relieved each other of their pro|?erty, but iliey haNe paid particular reu ?rd to tlie public and private projK-ity in this vicinity. N veral detachments have been sent from litre in pursuit of otul< n minials, and their effort* five generally beea attended with success?overhauling the ln;ht-Hngpred gentry afier u race of some ni to 100 mil-s. The tick nets hut. l>een verc between this [>oiut ind the frontiers, but beyond hi re there bus been tint little mortulii V. The pure nir of these elevated rt gious ia more ilian a in ttsh fur the caretei-nc.-i, H'oniof erptrienee, of cltsnliuess of the 'inigianfs. Of tl.e sevtn handled who now lie .Mined beneath the prairie soj, Im tween here und [he NiM-onn, it nnv safely be averred that ninek'UlliU Vere pliuvu icrn from the above c.ius a. < <<l cm tachiih .. of troops have passed along ;bi* > :tne road thi: teamn, and during the mo-t <ii kly portion, nr.d not a man ha-, b.-eu lo .t. Thi; -how* conclusively the advant *tje of strict atten.ion to diet and water, and camp rei!<il<Uio:i? A j arty of t migraut* will pitch ihvir c imp aJoag>iiie i f a pond, or an oM we!! du<; in the s:i:d, an I 'rink tli ir t-tngnant^rs in pr? fereiiee to tin' imniig wu'er ol the l'litte. because the'r nny I* cooler and clearer than the Utter. Tli iraves (ncirdiijg thes"> pools tho'.v the c m.- luecc.t s. Col. tn.mner, of the drm/oon3, arrived at thia j ?>ct from l-'ort Leavtnworth on the l(>;h in?t., with 'ifty mounted iufniitry, m / nfMothc cror.-i'_?of he Aitjansa.-, where bets t< join the ni nn hnlyof im coininsr.d, consiitiny a battery of artillery ml line 111>*iIr#?n <kl Iht* lit it ilr>ii<. This toti'f > Iii op rate <111 the Sant.i I e tr.iil. Col. S. m ;rclieil << thi* int iii the thort spire ( (twenty (wo d iyj. II? u ill have here in ftlnmt a k, ?nd will l>* icecnip^med by Col I tollmen, ?>l Wth infantry, *itd Mujoih 1 tioiiij r i [i uiut CmlUm ol Hi ' 1st drugoou.. S'.oif of ihf blnprniluuii DUnnlnii Plot, Ldtucr ol lU? I'lirU i Iphta 1iii|u1i*t ) Wamiinotom, August l!? r'oO In my letter to the/ryuirir, of in Muted that id .'anuury la?t, h imper developing n [ lot lor the tciriiuiioD of h Southern confederacy hud been |>1hc< d in General Sam llot -ton's hamlj ?that it dt tailed with Fonie minute a .i? the nu*abures which were to he adopted?rhut overture# n re to be made to Mexico ta join the confederacy ?th?t General Houston w<ia to l'xe?ideul, iYr. Mv inlcrmalion iv.ts fioin a reliable source, and 1 u ui > to the contlfry to mwJie it public. To-dey, id the Sennit', Mr llutler, of South rend li.iu Idle r. Hint i:mIIi-iI hi mil General Houston 'o state whether it w.s irai- or not. Lirtirrril Ilo'j&ton whh n<'[ present whilv lite letter ' ?af beinj,; read, Ktn came into the rh .inher lltilely ui t rv.mdr; ?b?I, on Ik-in? intonii* <1 of wlut tsd trjin-1 ir? d in bib absence, nt uoit re?i>onded 10 llr. Butler's oill, by declaring tint tin? frtateraeiit vss k K'lrli ii t umluip, or Falsehood '1 ti it lie inew rothinj of >i:ch a rt-heme. In the oo'irse of lit. reniutkh, however, he t.'nUil dial lie booted at he idea ot Mexico joining the Southern confederacy. Th i rtateiricat seemed unn what at v? with his denial of the trtth of ilie letter, for the most pron.ment piirt of the bctvine, as there stMtf d, vh* this very proposition with rt-|> vrd to Mexvco, whirh ttenernl llousU u s,uid he hooted at. li* lievii jr Irmnthu tlmt itwre mam he romr mi?nppii heniMon on ihe part of General Houston, ami feeling do |>ly seiiHilili- of ihe importuiK e ot the truth Nint nrrivi d nt, I called U|>on thai gentleman this af*ernr-eB, and tound thut niv Mrini?e of his having made ihe ?lem?l tn>L r a miaappreh'-ni.ioii of what wa? staled in the letter, was correct, lie siid to me thut a document, such an I had dc:-crtl?-d in n.v It-il. r, luirt been handrd to him l.iat Ja&imrv; but that it wus a rriatake that General l.ot>"T h td anythird i? do w<>h it, aa it was |>reaentrd to him by, who had brought a l?*ti?-r of in?r< riitrtjoti fi<>111 it frienJ; thai wh?l Itr had inU mlrd to deny, is hia remark* in the Senate, was, that the document or memorandum had the aignaIrre nf Mr. liuilrr, or any leading Southern inen, niacin d to it, aa it hud no Mgnulure whit<-vrr. I in>m* diatrly called General fiouaron's attention to [he far*, ihut 1 hud rn?de no aa?ertioii tint aur sipnatii'i K were atlHched; (hat 1 had impli'-atrd no ixrt-rn l>) name, fur 1 did not hear that the document ?'?' M|;ned, and it atiuck tue aa highly improbable that n trraannatile paper would l>e hmded ul out wilh u ll-lale Mgnaturea attached General llouatou Miiil furtlu r to tue, that he inu.gtitnlly refiwtl to have anything to do with the plot. Mad handrd the |>aprr to Grneuil Kuak. I If did not know where it was now, hut he believed it wa? ia hia inMH'ttion, eiiUrr ut Wellington, ar at hia hull e. iu Trut; thill if the |>H|>er h id been kignei), he would hive f< |t it Mn duty ai anee tw h*ve aftpoped the guilty purlieu; hut Iwing m-relv nn UBai^UL'd liocuiM-ut, lie did not feel warr.m'j'O, ii(>ou mere ?twmi.*e, in t iking nny action, ami ao dropped it. He alio disavowed any inlrotiou of l?eiwc perron*! in hie remark in the Stellate. The Uiaiw r ia one of great moment to the country. A |do' hut been, and ia now, in nil prolmbility.giMii*; <>u for the dium'-mljermfni of the Union, i.d it heroine* the duly of nil g >od ritivt' to it te rvrty ?H?'rt In unmiok ihe tremuin It will not do lo ullei hnckbeyed ?t?erra at "Irltac writer*," or "new?|K>|irr (aoagrspha " The matter in Me nf i?? itiurh in?t"trt?in:e to l?e eithrr avertd or laughi < The S^uatp, through aoil?e of Ji?-ii imi ha v 'e?u fit fit notice the nutter, li 'it , w d x * < ' that it will nix end here, i ! , i j i r .la h <i>er, aurh aa i .... ii i and, in a m itter ' |v,?i?. . ii ,1 i <nrney of the ?>n ?, in m'jiii'm-' ih it paprrahould 1e di. j^'d tula 4a#l'K>tl. Pii:< 'vi yt i ' i f i iii i??d (irnrt/? Nl<:ht>l?, w! b"? !? ? i ^ ? 1 ImiUI llirrr rnoftihs, c< n.niiH' < i . '? >? k u?t at llir txitii-r- <?i J. ?iii l>Tk . . M? t>7 II4 111Il? n ?tli rt, hy i-hio'irg hm.r? II tftruugh <br h "d wiih a doobf* harrH fnwl^n* piree. rh-rr-wa? found in the houw mller li* ronimi Ud tfc* d?-rd ihr fullowiM^i? Till' i? 1117 i??t 111 in I Irrttant I h?n?hr nil l?i|iirtlh ft my M?ry Amlli if PiiUli 1*1, (Toikrliirr) f ?|Un4 ??" hn??ir?.| potiol* I ilm glvr ?*d l? |iii ?' h to Mar/ Witb?r*iofc. 01 Urin. ? kr. (I.lrrnln?hliw> >lil; p< uadx t*h?Btldt*M>o? ?rt*r ? " MHO Nll'll'll. l < jtoiI c-iim- t> in !? rn aa?lfn?d for ih?-d- rd It it thnt f?r ihrt-? months hr h??< tw*u (lying U> pinrurr work, and lint all lu? rflnrta h pri *?-.l i?a*??Hiif, ?rd thai ihia 4 *a(*fi<iiiiin'n' nuifil Umi lo commit *uioid<?. Tli? MMtct'* [1117 rtnil' Tfd n vridit-t of |.iet.i<?it<: d drath.? JI41 nry Journal, H? r*i< aau ur ow bAii.ic lvij?nr>. -?.\ hi?r from iH<* n>t*iin' id'it of S.ii?le UUi.d rti lnwi the followmif |H<iM rv, which, with i>il?rr artielm, a watrh k< y, a alalr prix'l, a r*rr* of lumrd Wo ?. two rvii?r and two inn iiifiin'i'ls imd a mi ttinfc colicr, *11 contained u a m>?W Kittle, |>'<kii. tip .on flic ninth ln-Cfc (if Sililf 1-Uiul, nDoiit Iimi w i> rrmr mr wr? m w?r mm rn Is? kbiilif. AfrllVtil -l F M ? W*t U II N K?r<>m JO 0 & sir A??? ?*; Inn J? 0 W wlivj ft W Ci>?n|aM Ki fHim'li >id ih# vrillii r Thli DM* l? ! on DtfTk *M 'mm lk? Rurk Aim nblp Mltdlnl. ?u<l irniM Hmturl bouud to Liverpool. ?1l dmjf out If any thimlfl ??ff pink t hi* M'lf lip ! ( > nMllf M th? Nil III Vi r? I i i pool tint oMigi-yoir'a trul/, II ' M?B f VirMil WMlit, Uarmloa '' ' " ii . Mtyriinlradrnt, mlrlw. "I hurt U' 'i' '# >> uirnhimid (iipiT win writ u '*:< A p.\t JHT-O, m lhal dkte w?a on k M i ?} ' It ilf , i Kun " i inns,?Thf Unilrd Stllri t 1 t ' M'.hilf h.i* nrfilp-anrd ihi- n*-w hf l>|>gf<yll [W ir?lr i >n /* ! ? ontny (ifiMiwrn now in Mo? it k iii ucr H tn; Mtof rrimin?liijr, ? i i. nnd? rrt*nd, writtra Uithi* city, ' ' ' r f >' Un ilirre iri Mnjr ?vw|ppce lure, ?pi>n v' t ii' u.itirini'?t? KjfkiDrt thrni ?iV O, , Aft 9 MHIM m h xin tHk II 8 r'niaAT* H*A*?>Vwimi ? A l? mr, mi fumrd 0. M. llrkiid\ * I In , I'd Munlrtilli n, Jiior 4, nUW '* ?! W he ff??? HlR d Krnnkwir, iibHM ?"">" "f en ? inni'd Hred, in ?r?fr?l plarrc, no ih?t ?lnd in m frm nnr>(iTVr* h?d HHf HI fr+'mi b? tw+rn ihr Kmnk?"?i wmmmf'srd Ik liouUr HUM. ?ld k' *1'' ? t*' VfciW4 for irtnl L J). TWO CENTS. | _ Tlirntrfral and Mualral, Thi Iiiiio onni at Oauti k u>m>hi ?'fo-morro? nigbt. "L? Katoriia ' will b* performed lu tbu work. Bulii* great talent i? con?piruonaly bicu,bt out Nothing can b?* boor than hi* la?l cm*. TriJ>?ro. aUo. that popular uaJ fa?rinatlnx Ftxa) t. will appi &r. rupported by the bent element* at tl1 Jraupe 1hU announcement. nnd the fart that ibeti| i ra in *o< n to be do* d will druw ? large audieue* The manager ban been "*t an pnoruioui rip?n>i throughout tile wholti union. and there ?hould be a general public pitroragi'for the remaining few nlght?, tba> bt iimy ii>Mke a good acconnt of hi- ?ucce?? in New York. It in ijulte uncertain whetherSignor l'nd?r ftill biii'g bin c<> lb pan y again troin Havana. and ? thU account al ne, we xliould take ever/ opportunity to h?r*r tin uri at artii-t*. Bhwmh Tin 4th> ?The manager of thi* popular and elegant theatre. ?blch lot* the largeat elage in lh? Ibion. pri e< ntn tur the amiiHciufnt of his piironn another ii< w drawn to-morrow evening c lil-d tha I'lr&te of the I Tlione who imve witneneed every la w ableb ha? bt#n produced at till* theatr#, are will an are tln.t ro .pen .-? ha? b-vu aparrd in ( c< i eij una drtmea, in trd>*r to b'v< full effect to evary kevue Ibe nu.uxeniri.tii ?iU clo:e Willi the auceHaatoi ( tur n written by Mr Steven* call I the Felon'* I nst I>rc?m " There cannot be greater attr?ctinn tLan Ibtn two pico- *pn?. nli-o.i-.^uently.i tin reanonable rufjoeitk n ii< tbiit the th' a' c will b i * 1. d llioinoii Ti'i uii: - Tbl* favorite report and whnt may bn tiriMdthiMetro) olltati tbe,itr? willb. o^ned towoirow m ii't'K wilb u uew company ol i: >u cdian# rtomlly arrived Irom lai.-lnnd. lu or-icr tu ahow off the | liiii i| hi p. rtoriucra or in mnuy an can be thrown in'o cue 11 c.. i ho tuuu .;rr, 51 r Hurret t. ft li > i? every way kUilt.l to i be atiition b<* (ill ban m l I .v'i ri dan'n excellent comedy of tb? f< h<>ol I >r ? inlnl." .Mr t!<n? ?y. wlio U bi((hlT epikeuvt t. ill *tj?'aln tti* Ti?tla,Mr. be at as Sir Ollm Snr.'ace, Mr Srbirf u Aiutca, Mi it Miiicr ou ?? Li.iy Teazle, aol Mii? liou.t libeiui a? Maria. Th w!ii i? will aoadud with the faic? of t' e "Thumping I." The I'.ioadway will be tlli-u If m pit toUoui. lu morru* 111^'it Nimii'i Tin ai h r ?Tbt? boiojj the ? i ra ^reft*. j theatrical cmp i tition. biblo. who in Iwayr in rri t> thing of uoYrlty and croat attrm-iiou. hat * <rnrttl the un! m of i ht f"?*t e median, Mr It filicide. The piece lMtod lor thi of liin t xtft Unit o |*|iy of coraKJ'me. W Il iUrclr iult'e o<> not'} cl I on don Amriief"?Mi I'Jande. as Hir liar, cci'it l'< urti t; Ljtr e, a* Mux Mm kaway; M'tleutt, n< Iienlv: Chippendale. .ta MarR Meddle; Hefton a* I'oil} Sj ?l1 it, ill,.. Mai}' 1'ityioi ,11.1 I,it(l) (lay Hp lukor, &]l!f Nu kii -mi, ?i draco llatxae.iy, ant ?t ". Hel'tn* tt-l'irr Attn Ih third act. the I'romnol* 1,'oncert wlil 11? plate. 1 '< api^iruiui ?f Mr. I'l&elda *111. 110 ih i lit. I t- bail. d wlili fLthuiliwtic c'u irjliom ht> u ar3 adtulr-re. liuaiov'a Tmi-?t?k.?TViIh ettablUlimeiii w,il bt opt i t d to ii.onuw atoning with an excellent notn|iany An U| tl * i n t ii, mm of l'.u!u? Bib, .1. Wallat k l.e?(?r II I'land T John'on. f<ke r-tt anJ Joidtn. The tt malc di pirtmiot e nipnta thi nun -. < I >1 !*> J nlia I'aly. Mr t l:?a*ell, Mir Stfrntt Mini J lllll, a id M i * llu(<hi!<, with pt-vt-rii other*. Bit we did nl itit liidi' the uiiiou of a ei.tnt di <u wno 1* a ho?t 111 bin. ui' fTwjbodj'i lirnilt? and n itura'i aotor ? we no fill W K. Carton. l'io pltr.-- -oiecteii, a'e the ccmtdW'a ralld'Uoti.;!! Diamonds '' which will be followed I y the dhti i tiring alwnTit lntere*i'Dg < ~nnol "Tlit- Perlrun Family." hLIoIi will lotr.eluce a., v-ra ol the Wading artiila M Frederic an I Mian M ult? r?t wilt dtii'ce' Log liirtrloooi;" -d the iT'Nmtra will tzreuto aeTeral new oTorturi-n. N?th>>at Truth: There are three excellent pita** efni imo d lor the enli rtainnii nts at thi* popular cetabli'hm at morrow rf?nliif(. Tbo ftrcL i> the di'Mna of thi- ' Divll in I'arU," in which Mint Mf itarcr and Mr Inry will *u-tnln the loading part*. The nixt in (Ucieerioti will lit! the cucetv. I'oi drtat of the ".'ii w 1 ork Kir.-man.' and the eoucl?d>ng pine# will be I be new faice flint tl n> < here, called -The Cltal Uri; i*nl " lu abirb Mr I't-rry will appear aa lack b'ofpariel. Mlu llalriim will tlwiM a Ui|kUiid tiiii f. lliii if a flue entertainment fir iwenlf-flre at nte. AaToa l'l ai r Or*** ?To morrow uvuulnj thin ln'a?tllvl Iheairtt will be opened undrr reiy fav walMa au'plree. In the flr:<t placo. Anna l!l*h"p, who in we'l km.wn to the uiueiral <tilUtnntr at an artlut of the biybe,tt Ht ti.'i.nn nte in the cburininK acinnce of t.inttliration, will eppear In the rbarirter of JutltU, <m wbit dnuCt. fbe will display all the jud: n. uL, ft I e|ti*em II. and fetliu/, which the rompo'er Intend eti. in ordt r to llluittrat? I j t.m e t h i va.ioua euiKtlon* cf tbe heart. ' Thie if etrlctiy la at orJnn?i> with tL? pot tin esprrakton. that -the aound lauat he un ot ha t* the lenie." lit r iwet t wntbllnce and en|aUtto execution ntvi n alwaye with tin* no<t taMiinating eipree ?lon. bieak out uthernr in pure tnalody. ~o a to charm theeenaer Next. Madinni Augueta who U deoi le41y tbe nio?t e^-atte aud truly cnotnplhhtid Jm- i.? la tbe htatee. will i | ?e In the oriental halltf of the ' Cbakte Salute " i >i?ti-J by ^ignor /.?' u m.kl, aa4 an ffllflcnt r?t/n Hr l?Urt. blfrnor Ncvelli willapi>?ar at Kliakin. in tlia opera Madane Auiartt an l?rapbat I. and Mtt. (J le.tler a* Abigail Tha ctKirluding feature will be a chen rterletic lahleaiix of Mexiitaa bi'M. in wbit 1 ,irn? lllrhop will appear In tlie ewiunie of I XiiImi i>trl Tha moras d parlnn nl U uudaw Ui? dliactkn ol lit Uvnslrr. Aiirnif ?* ? Thia alrtfant th?atr? of ui?-lly. In I hi* abapa of ruriofltia* of i-?ary dia-rlpUoit *n4 at etcrllrbl dian atle prtfurMMN, ia nightly Bll-J t* o?< i Mowiiid, by audi nc?* wbo m daily hud wtlb tli? ? ttc j ri'vrmnn < of tba "Drunkard." aa rab; llr Clark*. Mui Almlna ) labrr, Mr adawiy, and other Mnturnt artuta OttMrnTh* ai aipany of Nrjro Min?tr*la, nod-r Uir utBafrBrDl of Mr Fallow* anntaira a flu" proiran>Dr, In aorga, Inatroaiantal j>rK>rmanea, aul darning. for to niorrow iinolDg CmLi (l??rri ? Tlila delightful igannr rwArt, ao rcol and < < mmtablr, and which n>aj V t.rmrd lh?> tb. ? r? ?.( Lralth. will aSord ^r.-at raoraatloa tbia frrtiioK to thr loirri of luuir, In llayda'a irraad ora| tortool thr " Cr> utlon " lit der tha dirvotion of tha I dUMnguUhrd luiiataal prafaaiior, Mr 0. LoJrr illMMi Ko. ??.?Th* yi'UDg toraliat, *ho (? tnriaad tin Nlabtlngala, ?.11 gi?? a coniwii at tha ab"??? litn>?, on M ?dnatday atanlng n**t ICtilfttuu* Inlrlllgtnrc. C.iiMx rna Ai-oi ?t.?1* Twi-lflb Buuiay aU?r Trinity ; 21 Ht Itar'.liolomiw tha ApoaJa , li Tbkr U< nth Sunday atMTrlaltf. A ramp mri-tlng will b* b?ld at Brrf?n Point W?w Jartry. on I hi gnunds In louring U Mr |i II Haltaro. rwr>rti lof on Monday, Uia IMk, ami C7atiaulng on r the following Sunday P?? Mr Mtrbrlh'i KrtugMical l.?ftor?, Ctuilltill Ion llall. bM llroadway, r?*r y Kabhai b, 10l< A M. anil 7\ I' M fubjrrta. Aug IN. "Tha l.'hrlrtitl Pilgrim' and Ilia Bin againat tba Uol; Uboal " Tin rr itf thirty irntrBlM now la ?tl?l??r?. nadar tha tart of Praab*t?rl*? of tha O B Oaaaril Aaawta My aad Intalxl at filluwt: Two of than la tba Plata rt New Vork. Bra la Prnnaylranla, aaraa lu nkii tbr". la Virginia Ihrra la Indiana twa In g >rth ('aroint Ibrra In Tannaaaaa oaa In Naw Jar**?, on* la Itllacia. ont la Alabama, oaa ia Mlaaiaalppl aad imp In Kn.torKy Ttif It bara In tho of lintlft thirty. li? ll?'i>'tn<l rhuroh ??uih-r? tba krtbMlate t?*a 1/ lour tl ouaabd Tba uunibar Of Uildrm la tebixita I* ' tiltitlnl at forty lbou?anJ B?? K Ranal?t*r and family. H-t fl t> ftimond# id If*, Itn I f II n)l Mil ?IN> War M C Kri|??a ltd H?? John Klinn. will < !! I* Ihi Cbrnkw oi th* I llih ?fpaptanhar for tha Mrtb->4l?t mlwlooa la CnMJ and ?ir> <r>n. At tha North Ohio anaual fwi?ar ?? of Hi M-tho 4Irt -pall bar--b, la a?aaiua at Madlna l? , all tlw I! pu't'lta ?l ehncabaa la lb* tnaa. In'l udia^ vha Protaalaat RplM-afal. war* Mr4 by HMkoOm rlmf^an Rrr. William and Mr> M A f?aBd-*?oii Aihtaara. Ml Ictiin.f >; tit* An-ilrau baptlal Mu.ionary Linton j to tha china* of Piam, ?ail?tyaat?ri*y In lb<- chip It banning I apt Johnran far II' >c K n?| U la a atrii tlinl lb* * Iml* mini tier of traw*Hi?ff p-r?rh> r? in tlic M?tlx*hat Kjitarnfial tihurcli. 1 South, it l.iQ, (if w' mi%MM arr aii|**r tanu ttrrf : lom I iitfurVr*. 3 f*l , .rirrntf r*. MS,Bit; 1*1,TSl cv. IimImmp TmiiI, wi.MB, <? !? ht nr I'obt li?n.. k> Tba Ohio Aaf'i <n< rliri tha t< Uoatag Irttar froai Port l.arami* dat*4 July I Thr as|r*** frfia tlrrgna. With daipalrlna lr< ai Mrjor H? n.lararm arrlaad b>r? last ?? tiin| It that Vort Hall ba? bma at?a4 noi Tha inx'pt I. It Iiiat )K*I on thr 10th <>f May, taking up til* lla? of inarrh lor tha l?alla? Thla Mori l? ?ald to httilxB m<il< lut tba want of pio?J?io?? 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