Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 19, 1850, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 19, 1850 Page 1
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T 11 NO. 6914. mitiinii iiTOinim. Tke Chalcra Ib lh? hi?u PiImh, liiui?i> ik auf'iit it. lrfto The ehol?w? h?* l>-ok?u <mt in < he I aili4u> tltrf, t>d up to I* t f> t? ?? > nn l flf rtg iitthi bad oocurrel Ainmu the ??< it noon -t, Mild Hoot, roovle'ed erTur.I y*%rt ?io nf hitlng robbo4 the hank nf *'W <hj?? u? .|<-?Ur*4 Mi Innoeeno* to the l??t wh*n in*. hut acknnvl-dgeil kivlll|t committed WTi-rtl hnri(Urj<? aud implloAtcd reapactabU altUi*n? or l.out-?in*. fin Blot and Nutdrr lo I'lilladiilphUi PmitiKLriiu. ?ug lit IX, MiO. I A Bit waa killed thi? moraine iivia* I t rmilouit, | cratch mm* onuvr. who ?> in i'i- timpl >y.n"Ot of i Hr Jutt formerly of N??r Vor* Th? murl?rer *M ascertained to b? Patrick V<i''laln Arui*toti?| bad brag in tha country hu' ah >ut thr-? id >n?h? Bobba' lumber yard and th? Hnn?? m Induttry were partially burned at ten o'clock ihl? morning. Thoy , at* altoatad la 8a*anth and Oa'h- rlu> atraota. A tarloui riot occurred ? m-varal ?i>r? ?t?bh?d aid a Oeraian. aakaowu, ?aa hot hraaub tha haart and JUUad, at tha eoraer or Kt?Mh and -outh ntraett. Fire a and Kloia la Baltimore. Ha>.TiMoaK. Ailgu-t 18. 18(0. Several (mail flrxi and flretueu'H not* oaounad hara laat night. Damaga hah'. Oar C aianvvU CutitapiiiKlrnca. Cazknovu, A it(>iat II, 1S50. TV Extent of ,V>. tllrrn f-'u+'ltH ltrn. Thiaapot hai h-*?-n n;lecti*.| for ih-* giowth and dirplay of mora folly ttyiinat the eonatitn'ional tight* of a iNiruon of our einzeaa The agents of dianaioa arc at work. Uerrit Smith <tud all his trib? will be here It w*i? ejtpeuiril tint Mr. VVin. L Chaplin would be hrrr.wuti tln?e fog iivf alavea ftom Waalnuyton, but it *crin> dounif il I uuder- , Stand that aeeret ag*-uiH h**e to-.-n srnt to try and | get him out, ro aa to be hr-re Aa to thf C izeno- I vians in general, ihey h-ivr no ayinpithy with Chaplin of thia movement of Smiih'a I at-ad you the lateat handbill, which r?*ad? a< follow a: ? PoBn to tka Convention of fu|(iii>r HUi-1. thinh I* to ha held lu l ao'uuiu 4 at* uf N?<r York. Jl?t and 92d itfuit. 1 h.'.n There art Irmh and moot urgent. reaona ?h; yau ahould ooat* to tt. and o?a? loo h? tbinnao II aud tea* of tboaaanda The di?iio{>i'>h J p iil?n< hrapmt, 'William L Chaplin ?? la-t. Krtday pat In ja I In tha city ol Waxtiliifton. uu>i?r nh ir|? uf aoutlug <la?aa lo Uftkn Ih?*lr p?*' BJMffJ ID WaArllDtftotl nn?l?Q OUtr?<t lipi II* I'klUlJriltff A* 4rtl 41 u^->n tiuaitltf! Oodio (<> th? iuf'<Q(l >n. il'i *kii ia y >a 1)?# lo lib-tat# your uoht- nhri-'iar hroth-r. al-o Drajiou aa i .S?/r? ?n.i jour uilinr Mli* ain who W? luiprinoiKil ia tb? oily. auJar tft? *aui* ?barge to (hr rniBftntioa drtcrtnlued lliit Ao>rloil alaToiy thall dl?! ijuni- aviat mlm-d (U?t th? c? > bua dr*d tboitaaail pir?ir* ?h > hoi I ihr* iai!li?u< of ?ur ?*uutryan-u It -Unrj mil nil-ihn ?h>i? itdii W kball DO longer h< p-rinll'?<l to U" ?n b^r Tb? aolxbralrd hufl-lo ?na*?Bllua of I Stl ?m ln*9Tiitluo in trn-i' tb> mt'oxiou of KU'rr; Tni* U i oBTaattoa to put ?o ?i>l lo * sWtlig Ixury T?u of tkou?iiiii lockiil to tktt. Why >b>il uot sort dj?k o tliUT T< |rt to Cu'ooilt from tta? KaH >a,| \r??t, you com* #o th? nt.lroad to Oblt'riiouao Ilk iiiliu tul of flyra?u?r. Th'Brc M Cunnofit U 11 oiiUa, oi > bMttXltul plan k ruad Our C?*ii*ctle?l Corrwpv?<l?M?(. mijfiii.e own, corn , an#?nt is, 1hb0. "Commit*','mtnl uj Ihi H'rdiyuti 1/nnxriUy. Coaatderiag truth, how-vrr j'luuly ?y>keti, preferable U> error, suit intluriicni Uy the crilicuiiu of , ?COITea|Mi?drDt to a wid. ly uiciilitinl Mrw Kofi tad pac^r, wboM wraknraa and ignorance are a* uuju.t -offer yon ib< w nnler, taken by one who M u il tmprejndio d apettator. E P. Whipple, E?q , of Boaton, delivered Sefora the literary ancietiee, .u Monday evening, the moat jaaaterly an J deliuhiful oration it ever our finnreto hear. The |mem, by W. H. C. Hoiraer, -waa called very fine, aa tl?i were the oratiooa on the following <tay, by L)r. Whedoo, before ike Phi Beta Kappa Society, and by Mr. Cainiuiua, before the AIubm. The regalar commencement eierciaee befaa oa Tburaday momma, by a aaluiatory addreaa, in Latin, by W. B. Silher. It mi/ h?ve h*eagood to thoae who uaderatood it. The ueti oratioa, by T. B Chandler, on the *' Theoiiea of a Future State," waa tolerably well wriiien, and *p .hen, hut aotliiag very remarkable or new w ,? etpreaaed Mr. -George Stillmau followed with au orttiou on the *' Ufniae of Mueic," *#u h ?v ta e*-?-rdiu<ly line, and awtk't'd plrxaan' ihotitfh'a The " Meal the petfecttoa of the Moral." h? 8 th till irci, w?? a finely eiecuied production, ami e*i?c>*<l ?? ordinary canaWliliee in the wnter *.">ial??'n n for Aim* net, by John H V an Peiten. wil a *'?*! piece, -clearly apofcea "l-.<i??rA roe," by Fiauk Pal?er, waa tolerably W'iiir?, hai i??? harehaeva of (he peakef'a delivery deetroyrd ih-?-fT u? " Political and Social Improvemeui," ii? F *. Fell .w?, *n .a trite aal>ject. tritely delivered. " Vlia-ooaor Philo?o.>by," by Ji?bn M Vanvleek, waa a (Mace of much tjiowaht, hut ihe ennjeet dot no* ad'nil of display. " The Hig her Law," >?y B F f*arrahee, dl*|>layed laune thought, mine r ??t; bn Waa loler Mv wetli^N'kt-n " TniH-a of Pine IX ??y Jab?? Brwflli. Waa a liu' matioa, and well received by the audience Individuality," by W Hnidley, waa a production of uncommon a?ent, in the delivery of wlMcf) 'he author /1ia|H?ye,| great powera of oratory. The Spiritual hl-ut-m iuCivilia?tio?," by A 11 H.yi. dieplated more ach-i'ilh >v d-cl tnia'iua than refined thought *' Hiaiwrv." riy T. B. Pearao?, waa chaate and elevated Th?elejint appearance and d? ll*er? of ilfep- >kerad1*d n u ll to I la effect " Mocralea and th? S"|il||? #v (1 M S aele, wat learned and lahorafe It displayed Bach uf the achol.r w Ma-lam [V St tel. her gewiua aad deali-y," wai?hara terued h* h?anty, lejaace and cha?tue*e, an I *? deii?efed wi'ti Oiurli im^reaauveneaa "Teadeo?-y ?f ihe revolutionary aptnt," hv Ira E (/hoar, wae well arniien, aad atahea with winch grace "^armialcfN in the Hryte / hi W... I rm it. ? ? .1 ?.,. ? -we- l?w giem\. kad not III' rpraktr with f?l?e h?pothe?*?-H wa? tol-nhlf rredit?hl* totheaatbor "Tin Maifr^DriiKK),' If ll?lw der Winrhell, aknwed r-?|.|. n :r M ih fht, "'It, ttMoihimlt, wfiiieii 1a >wii:k lm?i? Thl lirfir* uf H A *? IV? rm,t- ri?d ?mi ninrlen? touai iMiildnm, and that of \1 A on In irtwn Tllf deqiee ??f I) D. ?? rrfd nn U. W. C1*rk, m New York, and H??r? H mater, irf Mfi<?af'er ahwh an nralH?ii. with ik' iiWieiaTT ddrr?.#e?, Wa? drli<r?"i< h? A J Hlrtiia. flta ihr-ma w?# "foil ?< ' ? ? ?-MMTV c?twltfi??i of pr"0te?a??r hem?." Hia aiyl? ?<a *mii>ea*lT th>?i*hlfnl aod imi-T?-?ai??-. anil hi* or?ti<xi Wwtld bur dan* kntinr 10 mm* 0 I' Ki? t?rr??ll ddrr-aa la hia cl a* illalra and the AM'il f, ?t? e?. CfriHn|lf Nrmtiful, a* lk' i'?r? "kmti ini'kl'l down mull a faimwH ch-eh win i?-tif*. The rirrrWl, aa a akxlr, arrr prua'Hi'i ?l k?ilrr than any which ha?e e?er ? .k- n plte* al ihta JloarwbiaC 'Jkl'eraiU, wh'fh Wm found <1 in Mil la MS. A Bwwor m 7 <>rpi.a ?Mt-ho^ i i'(*oan?r aa I the Su|>rnorof the HmhI1 I ??# Pitt*f?urfh were mrimirti and hroiiaht h*-f->re the \d-?yor of thai c4lf. taxi 7"hnted<>, for allowing one of the rwrfp leading from the h> ?i?t ?l n? ulogfed ilk lk# moat notm>mr filth l*he f?:la w?r* i*m Kt hif ee?rral wllngwen, and h" honor nnpored a fi ie ?f 9? on the Th- l?w?era Were ahom to enter an when the 4 i???r de. chired thit he would not allow ?n| <|K* I The Vionev iMtat he paid nr the Hi?f? p to jail \a Ihtre la at pmtenl n?? j??dge Ih town hef-.r? Whorn he c??M he hrnwthtni wnl <>1 fih'v rwfar, (alt Mm to pay <l)? mnnry r*iH*-r tH?n i till tl>? ft?rn of ori- of ?h# and lb* Binhoy fm* tk? ft**-, and ?? < ???.1. Tamkm Skiw ?T? ?i?? Mini# M** of th* r* ton' to whir* ?fi? nxnvlKf u ? <4 ?h mm ??m?d t* in wuif iwm in K i^i ! ,! ? Mnl? Mary to ih>- lymmM # ?>? rill .* K-?* iH# year iwJwf ?< * (Ifv ot A? * ?I t?. ?t -? ??? ?i< I iliai 'tf mi ni?i to ii'ifn^nf^ i>i f .'?imiton, N H , rnrf-rni I2f>.ii00. ?t ftfHKJO TIk MMMinl |>?id for f>n?hi ?<( lin ! (? viii mr Jl'1 Wl TK? iwn? 11 ow, .and ifi|iuH 2I0.IM) f-rt </ kixnta i* nik> ifc-m. IVn w now Inrff4 m?mtffliifVa. S--i4*< mi" n?w4l?r ?? # . nli"*?'H?r n?Mn of 'nr<n?( mil fWI.000 pan* p?r annum. 'd m<- *(Mj ?< rtqnir*, ?* r*"f??rtt?i M E NE Watering Plaera. OUE PASIilONAHI.R COKKSSHoNDMOB. unitmh stam hum, ) Saratooa Springs, A'lgiui Iff, IK50. J Colimitatiun Rot*/; ?n? Sc'xxl at It IVmlhf L\ ft * .... ......... ..... y Ua/f?The Curu/ar? Mr Ihmptter?I.txtt* at Play?H w to Travel here. To My that Saratoga ia crowded with visiters, would only be relating wlut hit* already l><-ea anidhyyou; hut it in more thin crow led. The piucr i? a perfect jam. The ITuiied State# Hotel c <unot hold anything like tha number of guest* wlu> daily dine, breukUat, mid anp at ita tablea. '1 he proprietors are cor>equeo'ly obliged to colonize Hen corner*, ulld I Ik y have well ingli tilled all the regular colonies or Itxlging houses. The immense dining hall* are crowned every dty at thiee o'clock, nod Urge numbers nine at the later tit ur, halt p?e< lour, in older to aecure a pltce; but bet-idea nil ihe?e, nmnv who hoard at the home are alit-ent on private dinner eicuramu*, or order ae pirale etiteltallillieutB at a club house on tile ground*. The United Slates ih not nlone lu Ha fulness. Confttftf II.lit and Uhioii II ill are also full 10repletion, and are ul?o obliged lo leaort to colonisation. As to tile amnller hotele, they al.-io share the good fortune of their larger iinuhhora an I are good naturrd on account of their *ucc-?a Cook ?V Loouiih, at the Lake Hou*e, have oidera daily lor game breakfasts, dinner*, ami supper*. In short, Sara tog 1 ia enjoying ? wonderfully successful seaam, ao fir a* number.- go. Bu', si range to say, a epirit of dullness prevaiU, which it in impossible to disaipite. There la U<>( so lavish all expenditure of money by the stars of the fashionable world a* there waa Us year. The exanrrna'ion of the atudenta of the Law School, at Hiillatou Spa, waa concluded yesterday ; and the graduating class, thirty-two m number, gave an exhibition of their oratorical powera, ta pretence ol e* President John I'y'er, David I'-iul 111 own, E-q , of Philadelphia, uuu stvertl other distinguish* d nit Biliris ol I he bar. Al I lie conclusion of the exercire* the studenta were nddreH?ed by Mr. Hrown and othera Hut you will probtbl? receive a full account of the exhibition by the aame niHil which convey* this to you The weather ia cool?nay, more, it is cold, and firm are lighted ut night m the tirepl io-a of the hotels. J have not, us yel, aeen a full drawing ro< m exhibition, nor haa there been a hop at any of ihe hotels since I arrived The ladies, whom I have seen in the aiieit, and on the balcou!"*, and tooled walk* abou' the hotels, are for the moat part Ma.d and reserved, tven lowarda each other They have chosen waim dresaea for a day or two purl, ou account of the cold weather. One thing I mutt say in all candor, namely, that the ladies are prettily und chastely attired, iin?re ao than I have teen tor the past five years. Saracco, the profeae-.-r of dancing, u full of business ua usual He his an excellent bind, and their intiric ia listened to with pleasure by all the fr?i)uentera of Broadway Of the new dance* which heie?rbes, enough haa alietdy been aald They are faaciuating ; aud as to their propriety, ?h) let each juitge tor himself All that h tinpioja-r, or will hear the semblance of impropriety, may attach to the common walu, aa well an to the .1 un.... a,,.), k . r.i iK.r , I. modern maatera of ibr Fteueh school. Mu>:h hn been rmd of ihr " L'uu-i'iu you m*v ? well inform Ihr rra<)<rn of the Hrruil ih-tt ihr tvnt hay u which the term cau he rendered into E-igliah, rtuw nrnt to pnyw ijpllhilit? ?Ui n.iato tMtit-late it, "A ctnl Irrm, nrnmiix a reep? cta*>le bii*Mli-down,"?for that cornea nearem 10 ihr idea * bich Eurni>ean?, who are it??cii?ioioed t? it convey, when they ?|wHk of it It ih Mot iliarriMitihle to dxnce i', hut ita introduction i? * kiud of liceuae which ia allowable A deputation of arm*-of the dni.ciii^ Mtcietira of NVw York have l?-?*n here to are the liona, and 10 are what Strseco w-ut introducing Meaeia Jno. Mill*, W. Archer, and Charle# HilUburyb, officera of Junior B? b*lor?' Society, were at the Union until tbia morning Mr Milla, vou will probahlv rrcolleci, ia the Ute Cre?nlrntof that dociety. whether they will ?li? the new dani'O to he prrforinrd at their hit I la during the cotriug aeiaon, will depend on future consultation between thia committee and the officer* and meinliera of the eociety A Hieeun* look (>Uce y i a>er<lay at ifce United Sta'ea Hotel, for the purpoae o? unking preliminary arrangemeuta for the Grand Fancy Deeaa Hall which i* to come off on the 21a< iuMt I enclaae the circuit: ? fmci Btu *t tmb Uairao IriTaa HiiriL, H.a?ro <> Hrmni.i -At a mcetlDg held at tba Uaitrd Slatea Hotel faraUtga Ppriair*. un the lUh Augu?t 1*40, for the purpoaa of making arr*iiBaa-ol< for a Qraad r?acj flail, to ba gtven on w <iu? day a>*elog tha 2lal Inetant lloa rraaela Oraager ?*? mMm the shair and W 8 bray toa appoiuted aaorvtary Tba following enileara were appointed aMayti : ? IIoo FraarlaOrangar. N T. J * Oa'ard. If T. W B braytoa t V JO Worrell Pna. I!?l Jaaiea Monroe NT. J. f Purdy. Raw Tork Oaa C. O'Doaaall. M4 D M Haydaa Ky I Cat Cbotard. Mlaa Una Darld Orahaa N T. ' w n II W.<t.t~JI N T A Lniiluu G II Tharher Him. J. AIM! * 0 ! Hoa G u Caball. Pla K M?K?t (iwfU . B Dart*. Mtaa W. P. laraad t)b|n fl n W W Botriaai 01. Qaa Wool. Hi* Tark I lloa J K Tb-uipaon N J Lieut May D 0 IIon J?na Matadllb, Md. l?Wn * Ja<aa* . T. Dr II Duoraa Mlaa J. B Marrta Jr . Md. I J t?r?ti Frna. ll*r*a?i* !t T. ' tlao W Aadrrfna. Ga I*au II ffrtfkt fla K MoAUIatar Ky. W H J?aaa. Tark I Hoa Joha Tylar. Ta. Harry VaCall P-na Hoa. D I). haraard. I. T. Jam?* DauaaU, <4 ! Aawuei llnffn>aa. Md Major Wiaabl* A Ilea J T. trooper N T. Wlla?a Rjtra l'?aa. U N Millar. N T. Hrar* Bergb t T. ! H lageraall, Puna J W I NiIm Vln Hod Geo H Klcbardaon, J Da ?r l?daa. If T Marylaad lloa Larl Waifhary,N.U IttrrD; Johaaoa Jr.. Md Joaapb ruley. A Trodeau Loalalaaa A L R"|>ert*oo N T. Ura fan iterant, H. T. t. L. Waddatl, I. T J II. Jaatra N T Tb> Ma*t?| (ntlnta warn appointed ta bara ai rlualae charge of lha Hall. aatlag aa dtraatnaa, aad la aar ararlal badge# Praarta Granger NT J T 0-wpar. N T W Drattoa Oil W H J*m<. N T Joha H Thaa?*a N. i. 0a? R Hi hacdaoa. li Will lam Maj Dt It A Tradaaa L. <u<e<?aa R.l?r? m Jaa?a. NT. 0. * Bedford N T Alalna 8 0. Darld Urahaai. N T. Harry MaCall Paaa 1 kr Mmatai roiaa far th? gnreraaaat of I ha Ball ale tb-a adopiod 1. Ticket of adalaatoa for a geatlaataa wVb or libra! ladle* 91* . f> ha proaared apoa amplication M no of tba dlraeWa t No )>arana ahalt ba adalttad akbail cottaws *1aept b< a?- <>f laaana* eaiariag altb ibatr abildrea or aatda la aoatajna if geaUeaiea apua tba paymaal of ?1?. I Maaka af eaacy daaartpltoa airladad 4 Tba mtiagtra *111 b? d?atfaa<ad by a blaa bajga I. Katiaa aad daaelag In aaaaaaoa at alaa a'olwak ?app~r at tvalra Tba tlatata will ba read* far dtatrtbatlaa oa T??aday I'ntug aad Bay ba bad aa apaliaetiaa la ellhaf ?* lha dirrctura al tb-lr r-rftai No Kaelaaraul Building eaary day. batata the boar* nf III*!, aad oa tba day of lha Ball '? ? tin P ?t mtXDtl UHANUBB, Obalraaa. W g Daarraa, Baeretary The hall, Ilka tknat wkirk kifi prrraM it, Will, irf roaraa, ha a Kraixt alftir Joha !.)?? T?fl?r, al M I'riora atreei, i? here Wit'i a vary Urge and nrh wwriitrnt of cna'am-a ; aad Mr DiNar, he hairrlrraaa-r < ? Hrnadarar, hariag jnai (NlM aa rutfx^emrut ?*i'h it rumn u> draaa lha jttardtafi Niwhiia?xl>-'a llriil tralhara, while aba ta ta Naw Vnik, ta abmi to offiar bt* ?*i?ie? t? th? la?tH a fl# ."Saratoga I HI ib? ixi-aaou ( t|?a apyf ?ach ag hall. Mr Kiliar, htrmarlf nf Hrnadaiir, ^ T, haa tlarnl a lar*. vaa>>rirrtaai nt ah>(> iif all kit da. fin* Ml alafTa, dow a la Until bo* l<n? a'a carta. ^ Mf I'atnpatar |i??t una af big" htlltd tnitttl" t (<Higf>aa Hail to- morrnw rvniaf Ma hat ? ?oat aainher of frta-ad* h>-ra, aad I ha?a no doaM tha rtiMrrt ruun trill ba cr>>wda<l. By the way, ha pioyoaaa l? conn- lo Naw Turk, praleiiaaally. irHif '"UK I K-?> i.i.'hin# ml ( r'liNf iaf?r*>? I* frnnmniUCM'. TKrr* la ft'ttf i?f ??*?<> rr,?ri ah mi *+tj l?i(t? mn?o( iMHffr di<iigiM| k>?4<?i m'(tn in* hi'MT*. IVixn# who rurr rnr lwt? far a nil nK il>r mp-r, kimw iKhI If ha* ?h?*|? f uif* an4 lung < la?fc. anr| if Ihry K?l ihr ?*>l of an ?a-<|'ia' i'MHlr>i, fhf Ihrf ba*r on If Ui tfcioh lk"Mt*lv?a tw 1 ll?If mrn f ?.|?h IrntrrllT Tlw r?ce .nitirw m nrtxinhi iato rpqitaiiio* Tr+q?n>lt. There af* ??w ?ery IrwMmf tairhee. h?l mm Dhi( h ? *m fl f<IUn niwl-r uf iiWrtfalHW WMthp J ti4r, I aflat I 1*1 n n.rix-ni turthrr u,*>n M I mMterafnfH llttl <h?ra will he fill* ?rr? afM'il tm iilurili; f II I ?iiih Nr ^niiil'fH km I* m-niMMi to ilmaa "ho iravrl ihw ??, th*< thr Fmj ?n<1 Airaunfa rwiile If llrCNl' dlt Ikill "klrh lh?? ?h.*il I Ufc- if Iff ( M i-njoj ihr irmiffl hiihmiui ??f ifom'nrt in li>?> lli?K TM >?amri fntf, riiflUm.l-H "ij r,>|>lNIH PulJ, * 1111 Ml liwltf* 4?H iIWIHI'IHkI iIHW OVTM ?n?p ?fl rnr <nt' |? '^"fl to fi-Klff ih'in?>lv'ar<Hn(iHi<M<- 1k< ?f?* *! Tm* lliw lw *r?-nk'?ai *1 u? i* ? ?? an* -I *4 !?> * ? lh? *r*i? Ir*r*t iS? Tnt* Mi?-> fcr lki< #? ? ? ih- irtHlor f' l( r ?* M? r?n? ?>>4 f?w di???r I kail k?prn? inJuriwd of whator** iruH^m wanfcy at Mia W Y O MORNING EDITION R (ON Oux Benin Corr?apondeiie?<, Jn'jr 29. Examination af the Attauin of the h'm? Prvstmn (iirvernmmt and the Prm? Reitmintt i on nt>oA$mrr?? /tnunnrmrni$ fur ine nuprrvitin* of the I'rru?The Ptuntpm Union?'/he P<ititurn nf St hU$vng-H?Utnn, Grrmuny and Pru-uia. In a former communication I gave you some accouiit of Hn attempt on the King's life by a noncommixaioned officer. lie was secured directly, and hi.b been in prison tver since ( May 22). Two months have now elapsed without his having h.-ea hiought to trial, the examination of the | ritoner being cuttied on in aecret; and except the reports of two professional men, who have been com ?i* iontd to investiga'e hia menial accountability, -ind who, according to the rumor* all* it, have pronounced it at< their opinion that he is ni<i cnmpot ncMiu, very little has. transpired in public an to ihe stute of the proceedinga against httn. According to the cuaiom of ihia couutry lie is examine I in private, by a legal functionary, who hear* the t'ornndable till** of the Iuquisitsr. Thia person tries to find out what hta motives may have been for | committing the act he ta accused of; and whe'lter he haa any accomplice*; and after ho has got t-IK'Ugh OUl of him to hurt lite Uldittlllieiit, he h tl-frt Iiiiii over to the Attorney lieneral. They inaaage the?e things very ditl ri nily m K?(laiii1, wiiere i Pale wa? tried niid condemned in le?a than a lurt- j night af'er bin attempt oil Queen Victoria M-an- i while, the King haa completely recovered of hia ! wound, and haa received a great number of con- ( graiula'ory addresses on hia wajape, fr-un all pirts , of his dominions. A deputation from the citizens of Lbrlin, on preteniim; their addreea to the Koig, who re-i<ie* at 1'oiHi.iai, xnd han not Hle|it at Berlin since the revolution of IrtW, hedged hi u, at the pame time, to return lo his capital of K-rliu, and rra'de there aa formerly ; hut the wswer ?a>, id it although lie was convinced that 'he majority of the uitiabilauU of Berliu were loyal to hia hou^ und dynasty, yet there waa null a wicked crew hete, whcif-r presence would preveut him fioai needing to ih? wi-hes ol the good and fruitful cimzene, and of following ihv dictates of his own heart, hytikuiK up hia resideuce in his beloved native ciljr. Whether he expects this " wicked ctew" lo leave lierlin voluntarily, or in'euds the police lo turn them out, n rl uimit, we are not i able lo tell ^ u You have no doubt noticed, in the Ivirop-an pa- < peri*, I kin l 111** I IUM-MU llllliirnj III nir ll?n iKCllltil on the life of hiit majeaiy a preiext for inMiiiu^ mill moir stringent luweHgouat ihr icwu^r plena 1 tbnii iho?e already exieimg. Tmfiricof (he?w# ' regulation* ih, that before h in>irr ia permuted to ' t|'pe?r, * "chuikw money" mu?t be depo-nied mih? 1 herd* of gov? ruiiient, which vanea from ft (lOU th-t- ' lefh (or h dally, 111 2.600 thaler* for lll-weeklv, and ' l,<00> lor weekly ouhlicatioiiH. A MiniUr J law whm introduced in t ranue imin>-di-tiely afier ' ihe ke?tomiion, and haa been revived j*?t now under ihr republic. The Bo?ernm-iit allowa four ' per criii interest on lh? de|x??it ; and ? coon *a > uny prosecution it commenced agaifiat an editor of j a n> *i |wt|K r, the amount of the fine to winch he ' may In- ?ul>j?*ct for ihe offending art o'e, ia at on<-e < tr^Ufrirat^d out of ibr dqmwt, which he ta coin pelleri to m-ike up to llie original amount; *nd if J this it not done oirectl*, the |>????-r ia at<Vi"*d altogether. After tbe thud couviciion, the further ' imhlicaiion ia prohibited, and the caution mouay ' foi feited. The next item lathe withdrawing (lf I what ia called here thu " Potirtrbtt." According ' to the rtguliitwai heretofore exirtiug, the poat of- ' ficea torwardod :ll periodical* at a lo ?er rite thaa tbe utual postage og leltera, tbe aewapa(>er |M>?tage 1 I*inp paid quarterly ia advance, alang with the ?uh- ' Msilplion to the paper, and tbe latter b tnded to the I l?blieher. Thiaurmiege haa beea wuhdrawu from J theediiortofaucn journal* aa have made tMinialvea * ohnoxioua to the gtr?ernmenl by '.heir democratic leadeary; and it tbey with to aaad th-ir ptpera through the|K>at office, they have to piy the |>j*l tge I af a letter for every tangle number, wbich,of court-, t nimW**at it tiMi nwiMVp tjr the run uf ?utv \ criltrr*. The couar^iirace of ihr-r la** tit* brrn, ihut u^wtdli of oar buadrrd i?H hlty at ihc provincial |M|wra h?r ortxil to ratal, ptnly berau>r ?hr rdtior* could not rai*e thr deposit noary, or el*r (rum iheir kriu of *ih jft'llKI ikritKrlrrt to a if thfr cmUBurd to wriir la o^MiUtmal reuae in the province*. ilir Governor, or the Chi?-f of thr P.riioe, M authorised to *top ihr forwarding of *urh lourn?l* hr think* proprr; aad thr ualo editor ha* an redrew, exorpt the very duhiwu* re*ouror ol , piiraliaf lo Ihr Mloi*t> r of ibe Inlrrioi; wane the paprr remain* euapradrd, or ibrcir<:uUiion?o.,*.rd, * unnl lhr?e order* are revrrard. la Ihta ciiy, only I a frw h??r cr?*rd lo a|ipe*r?one fur want ol lb* i nn-??rv fund*; aaothrr, the editor of which haa i l?<ju*tul*t> d oa account of .udtfmrat hrm* (iv>-a i aymnal htm for an article of ardnioua >udeney ; I and a third, whirh waa nupported by the reaetioa?ry party?but whoar circulation waa *o am til, i thai they did not ikitk it worth while lo pay ui ihe I dr poaH. 1 hue the minintry have aueceerted In ahidiling | the political pre** of thr country hv their Dracoaw law*, piofrtMOK *11 the tun-, ta tneir umiI hypocritical way, that they are f?r Irom wiahin* to *tiptrr*a free ditruaMon oa the mraaurr* of fotrtuMenl, but oaly de?ra In confine it within reaaoaaM* limit*, and preveut the propaiiiiDon of republican and anarchical prmciplea. R<?aide* ihe nhoee initiation*, a co,iy of evary pt? per miial lie aeni in 'o ihe pollen a* noon a* printrd, and if aii>(hniK i* found lu It lhat m j give oflrnce to ihr |*iwrra thai ba, ihe praaldent of poller e?n atop ihe circala'ioa of the paprr at ihr priming i.fltcr, or *?? ihe c?p?ee at the ooflra h<?i**?, tavrraa, aad other placra of puhlta r--?ort. whrrr it ia kept, ahrr which it ta hmdad over lo ihr A Horary (rrncaal for proarcuMna. I* *o>ne <aa> * thr juriadtctioa ia takr* out of >hr hand* of ihe Jury, aad thr cauar ia tried by aao'hrr tribunal. (l'(T|??r(1 III OfTH'lala ana lawyrr*, wnrrT III \T I'n ekaitc* irf ih?- rdiiix beiaf a0q<aitl*-d Iha >?r ih? jur>?!? ; although (rati can* la t?ha? to arlact ?>nl> ??ah |*taoaa mm *rm fatoraMc I# fuf?miiirnl By all ihrw rrwaaarra Ike y"m haa her a rrd>ic-d U> ?tl?ll a aUtr thai III* cruat>r?hi|> which exiat-d tiftur* the r^TolvjiMiB, aftrf wta iiom* ??r?jr watt, hy ro)al l<rncUm?'i"a, aad t?r tha 0?a*tii<?arrof io he rr imrodiic*!, waa **aar<l!? r.??h4*m) hr niiirr hirnlM la iim nliian itl ?' ? Iha* kr ptrKtf lawa, heotuae, la iha ti'at idace, ihrre w*a no ft umarj n?k, ih? 1f|?iwi h?inj a new in?"*ntn>n in thw cauatry- in Ikr nr|i p|?cf, ii mim aa tkr rcaaor h >a Iui4al otir iha proof aha>t, ao<1 eiaw*l anrh (Mrt aa he dialiked, or r?e? n-ltfrii rat ire artictea, anH ?h-? ! <( Iim wpKMiif, tberr auau furih-r rra,?.>anhility nii?rM to the p.,Mi-her, who BuW, on iha trary, la alwaya in jrvpardy, 1/ to fi?r? aay lUiaiku fflrrfni o? the nimiriaol lb* adminMrtra'H*; anH <Hi)y thoae journala thai wrtu in of mmiairr*. or fi? a?n1a milk u<( water Ira Hum "n l'a, etprraatag no <v?ai"n of their own. liH?a a chaorr of avct|?n4 anacaihed I* ?|W| KMJ >0 ih-ar (Iffi: mliHt atfaiaat tha 1>rrad o' lihrril idfat, p*|T? aad inmiiklrtt printad Ml Mkrr par'a of (} r- i<ny. aad anll?a la I amrit tumoral to Proawa. are mm allowed to ha . . A ... .h. K?..h. r?irwiin? n ny mr or u- *? ?m- ? arlkra if r*cri??d h? private h*?d About J flMMI'll M?i?a ,rnm,?Mrt *11 jmiM anH at (Jaaaal j in called " I'iwm* ud llif h?o*a of Hohpi.nlkra." M<mr c fin of which ?t? ??i hrra. TV polio- h?-iag>fMir4 l?j their tr*i n?i?il <k# to a? \t* iter ohnminaa work The fficr* <Mllr4 at a arhrr'a wh?> km Irmn^a'ly aold iVihiktiik pvM*, and ?h?> fiff ?|i iwm vnmra of lh? ?h"?? ?>k, aaauiliig th> mfrmid"iia ?f ?h? U? iltif Hp h??1 ? ? rr; Sut ihia waa not antl'iaml; k? *m rf^Min^ ? |Ki>fr that h* had arta???d an? |?rr?mi? It; a i'4 of rimrmr a?< kriti a Ma la pfu" a a?<?> kf ?>a kuM ?IT tw priaoa without anf c?f?nw<ay >>nr mhrt r?ay??'aMa h*oh*rlW-ra >( lk? minwrrlal |arty waord oa M d* Miak'iM, ftikf Iniwiir* of tuck k ii liki'yi rfl-i-i, till the ai(?riof irihmial ? *i>?li*d < ; ai d h> ord r of ihia i*iiiirt,lk> polie* al laarfth a#i h>m al MwilV, aflar Imui la priaea tut <>r ia?hr H>ya Thr I'diiai iirifinaifd hy I'maaia. and which waa In h??r a-mfcrar* d all (tanaaay. k<a l?'n 4?a rr*-*!-!-*!! hy ia< of da dmi |ir?aiiarai ?h? Klri i?'i >4 Hnwr ikwl and the iJuwl IVihe of tfeaar lMr?i>l*di; 0O thai IkM pimfc'.?rr?l'?ii. huh * a* irnn>|?rtrd f.?f ih aa a miafi aiTofc# .d' Pina?iai< |a>lH ? i* al) hUl |i?rt 0|i hy it* nv?l ?-alima r?|i|7-aa. Srinj rrrtaf*-d In a fc-w a<n ill iirtiwi |wh?i* a, W h< -ofr-ft l/na, al f ihanar ?|ik Ikeil "i* l'i i?, arc tl?d 10 lahd rvfufr h. hiad IV P<-n* ai.h Na>iau-ln Traly. llw m>Hin'ani in lahatf h?a pn'dm > d a ri'ttriil-Mia iihmiw; tnd all Kwtowiu'a 14 ? ! ? ip eihra h>??* had Mimk'r ffru in?a 10 nwkr hini * ? - lm?hi?t rack ? K>if?^ Tim al* aaair Ihil a (irwic *44 iKmrliHrd heia*>n Pticpia ?id IVamirk ia 'k? tHfianiaji ( iHi* Mwi.'h, a?l ?h* (i'?i>l? ?f and R 4"fin a>r> Ifft 10 flahi H a-'l kf ih-< A Miatdy rmrairmoil k plara al "l ia ihi Ih* *?h i??i , mi wha-ti lha O a-a vara vwtwroaa*; aad lha mnir*f?i?, Jl'f 4*af*r*l? raataiaao-. 1a or a. IMW Schkr.wi^, t?d rMtfv bay aaJ ika RK II DAY, AUGUST 1?. 1850. river Schley, where tlfV havr a utroog point ] (t'upyui iu ih?- furtre*# of Iten'isb'iry. U xiv-ara

th?i both Hiniifb with r<iu?l courtage, mid tbMt the ***ue "I the battle w?? ilrcultil h? n win- ' no)u?rf of ihf by which they out off the )?rft wing of 'be enrimr from th?- iviitre, m,t forcrd tkeiu lo reireat. Alirr thin (ir?t ch?ek, wnirb n.iuu *how the Holalriornt ih<t they *rr iianhln 10 kiirtaiu a conflict h?n?V<l I he whole power of Denmark, iwou'd ey ifie threats of a XucfiHl) intervention, il would i>rotit'<ly he easy to quell the inaurrectnm hv moderate meaa'irea; and, m the present elate of affairs, n union witii Dti nmik would Hfl'urd the Ihrchie.a n hr*ttr?r j pro?pect of enjoyintf liberal iiiMllutioaa iliaa H clour t'ODDkxiou with Germany, aad e?,?rcifilly wiili I'rusMP.. It i? much u> be feared, however, thit national nuti|iathiej will ooatiiiiit* Jo prevail, and ptvvvi* an agreement conducive to the interrats of Unit parties Abmdotied an the Holateiuera are hy lha priiMitu ol GeniiHny, their Cause excites tfl-it enth mi imh among the people, and subscriptions are beni^ roired throughout tli'* country tmmppiy them ?iih fund* for the continuation of the war If they should he linally subjected t>y the Otoea, auch a cutaftrophe would add fresh luel to the hnrniiif r?H?n'ltinit felt hy all cliwi of the irernnn nation at the pusillanimity of their rulers, who, wi?h hii immense standing army at their co'iimanit, look tamely on, while a people alli-il to them hy the bonds of hlood and language are oppressed hy a foreign power. Yours, respectfully, A. B. AFRIVA'- op tttb^ contoy Pltl?0*ee* at NlCW Dei Kama?The Contoy prisoner* who were brought to Mobile on the tinned Sla'es rli p VI'miiy, wer? .eleased ve*terd t* hy the Uuited States District A'torney, Mr Hamilton Several of them irrtved in thta city this morning, on 'heir w ty home. We learn iliat thev hav? forwarded 10 VIr. Wehtfer, the Secretary of State, through Mr. Hamilton, two statem-nts, HHtn^ forth the m inner in which they w>-re inveigled into the expediion, contradicting ilie sialeim ui mote exieunv-ly n ihe p<per?, of the humanity of itieir ire timeiil, and stating the cruel trestnt'-rit tfwy received at he hand* of the Spanish authorities. From the ' lay ihey were taken prisoner* tbey *?re treated anh ihe utmost barbarity, put in doilhla irons weighing ahont eight po-nd*, and reintin-d in lhat Condition for fifty-four d iy*, until ih-v w-r? released. Mnnv of them *ere ?ick, anil suffering or went of medicine; hut I he surge<>u of llie frite Soi?erniio, oo hoard of which ih-y were confined, let them go without all ution. only occaalonill) giving a inn relief, mm it suited In* wM<n? Some m-ventern of the pri-oners are i runt I'mrirnati, and. as they inform ns, had emhtrkel tinier the imprecMon they were going '? California They were ?nn>ng the company raired hy Cttiiain Hatdee, id Kentucky sn l Ohio, who, wli-n heeiiletrd ihe in, tepre^nted, aa 'he? charge, that triey were going to California to work in the ^u irtx ountains for gold After the hark (Vorfiana, on whn Ii vet*el they hail embarked. U-ft the H. llie, unriirr unini iu ii|f- <*11011* crew irie oi>- i ret 11 'br mirdilinn, ?ad tdmiiird th-i' he hid >e?-n tuilty i>f rfirfytiiio in miMiiK th" m**u. hut k? ell ihdi ike mnknitude of the rchcnr ?ud lb-* c-runity rf mii (tm Warrnnlrd Ih>- deception. The 5(M|.i-h officer* and noldiera took the inoiiey and welry found on the priaonrr-, and when they mt-Tr releaard restored I lie jewelry, txil k^t'1 about we-hali of the money Thev w -rr inld they mtial y-c 1 ve the money nod div'de it yrs ruia, mid nake up ihe loan (!) each iimu had an?t*in?d. ' rin-y were then made to tiKn it that th-y ; 'tad received all their money and jewelry On , >ein|f net free, they wt<r?i told the* were htmahed | r??<ni ihe inland, and if ever caoirht in any i><trt of be ^panm* donnniotia, they would be condemned <1 ten yeara' hard ithor I < The condnci of Mr. Hamilton, of MnhiU, th? I U a. lx?triel Attorney, toward* I bene 111-n, la I 1 'l?ol en of la the highrnt rerma for hia kindaeaa and renernauy ; he having ruaed a awhaertptioi 10 ea- I 1 ible them to atari on their way home.?.Via Or- 1 Mm pHMtfumt Augutf 10. < M.. It....... .. II A ....II? - I iDiiouiirriii* nif ibr United gi*ie* Kiy>Mi? Artillery, inrier Majot Snerniau, g-iTe the inlii*>iiaul*ul I1<m:? awl vk'iiiiiv, jfnirt t?v ?fi> ro.i..u, an il i u*t ratio* ol u.r |? rf? ciioii lo winch ihi? ritfht aria <>t the D?uun>l rlruiir ku niTrtl. Tiwrr were nr**> nt Ibe Ooveroor aad Mite ; Ktnitl g-n> r?l other* of lite rnililia : tw Lancers, is lull ; deUchnient* Irom the Iftwion Artillery; Kmbury Artillery; City Ounnla ; Massachusetts Volunteer*; Fa?t> j leer*; Wsrhwgtoo L^ght U<?eu>u Light | Ovarii; and tkie Wur.n Infantry, of Koshury. The batisliou *M comniMdnl by M iji?r ll<?l- ' brook. The display look pi ice upou the l?r?l ground aesr like Charlea street Mall, the adjoining bill anil the trvel (timiuh od b?kh witn hemg i crowded wtlb [ieo|>le, variously eMimateil at trow tea to twenty thousand. The chief features of th? rvoluiions diaplsyed, were the perfect traiaing of the Dies and florae*, and th<-ir t>ri>mi>t u?-? aad reierny at ibr word of couimaad At a bust from ibe Nijlf, the detachment, i.ioug"> at full tf-tllop, would r?wt* to a sudlen halt, the men dtsmoun'iog, uniimhe-tr.g (he (una, loading, liristj, aad limbering up *?nin ia the space of Ira* th?a a mi mite. Their rapid chu|* of imtiima was also wonderful, l? rlciru ?d a# it waa with the grraie*i y-eciaion anil trgulainy A leal th*i attracted much at'eaioa. | aM eirited tbr aatonirbtn- at or all h. holders, waa tbiai?Ibe H*eoe* were dirot'Hiaiad an<l li .> ?? upon the griuud, the p?m?j(f wheels were takea oil aad throws dowa, aad thea the whole put tour ther again ia the S|?ce of a li'tlr over a minute. The advance at full speed, the taking of a position, loading, flung, and retreating, were ^diniralily p-rfotnod. The diaclplioe of llie liuraes w,? a* woad?iful a* that of the men They sreitinl ia understand ibe blast of the bugle a* Well, and to he as mu< b gnid* d by it, ss were their ri'tera, ruuniag lid haltiog, turning and wheeliag wiih * jaro-ly say appa/ral guidance or urgisg ftvm any quarter, ms/>#hI ka f ika aar?ar<4 n# <?<> a a.l t>ii.*Ls? nur|tt? i|kb The ahow rootina'd for aeariy iwo h?ur?, aad elicited univeraal aipmaa ? oi aniMuehnient nod delig hi from the inilnurtf 1 hjMBtf all ihr raplit Uil .ilin,"l I?1 V lupotrri of ihw body of iiiri ?? ! a pot dog k> Ina |*nTf ia lk? thickrat of Ike fray. ruaaiu^ ai.<4 lea|4iMf imo llM antohr, aad ran a# from ??t rn4 la ihe oiherof tile held, bi ikr u toof the (ft'oa, ?ih Kfal appar?at aloe. Thr wh >le aho ?r J w.?cloa?iJ with a?me fold <-l*ri i?*a hy lha leer hanalioa preaeat. Tha Artiller? left lh>a mornm* aa their rrum to Newport, by the way of tl<* V? at* Mown Ararat I, where rh?*? will ?l'?t? to n.aka owmi repaira I* Lhair yuaa ? Jfoa/oa T * natter, ilafuM IT Amttmixik* UNn w u<-T*i Maniao* Boa H'inn?.BT, arc ? Among the fmin of the ehalera oli Monaay uignt laa', waa a coavnM in th? Ulmia peiiiteatiMiy, at Jefleraonvilie, nnm d Knot. He ?? acntrared to ihe paaiteiiti iry fcr '* ye?rs uod> r a 'barge of having r"f?h J (he h.ak ai Main Mi?, ludiaaa. of aniiir (kit), aod hi < a-nt--ace , would h*ve ei,arad ne?t mouth Oar r? id-ra will recollvct that tl w robbery took plice aho it ?e?ea >eara ???, aad ctnate.l icr^at etriirmral ai ihe time, aad Mi>|?'ioa * ? e?-i ii??>n aome mm n?eaf) inn hi*h pi.era Th* rnimry waa aevar foaad, aid <> ihia nay, aa haa lieea a?>ertala''<l hf rifinontnaa kept by Hie hank, aot a d-dlar of th* aioi?-a aotea ban 1-trl hfr? put ll circalilioa Ko>?l ?al a n>aa of hid character, aad aa he waa ?t Madi?o? about the time o# the rwbhary, he waa p*>*aed, arIMinl, ?M, na thai, ana cnntlcted of the cnine, alihuugh nothing imaiinely wa< |*o?f? a|aiMl liim, and notwnh?taa<ting he aljovt jnfiilrely ( Coved an nJttn (hi hia deathhed oa Monday night, | I lietly Ciiifi i aad to a aumhrr of fa g?wiea aad eiioxa, at.d implicated aa being ronnec'el waa him in hla farter* Irapanc'l tie, a ?* mm i$ at II nf Mil riff (aif e*n ll ?? ^ jmterl f A* mmlk ti'i humrii** (Vmaawf dn'imr?' H?, however, tiMi-t e?ra?-Btty ?ad aolemly d^ai'-d hiviif ever had ?ir'bin| whatever to do with the Maii-? ? H'lib rob'wry, or of knowing aa?>hm< aht.ut ii, either directly or indirctly Aa wa have alieady 'aid, Ua freely arkn.iwl H<-d to ra iay trther i run-i, hat with a fall knowledge that d--nlh would aooa alaini hiTi aa a rifim, he aa-everatrd in ihe Ina' ihat he Waa Buffering the p-aaltiea ?< ' a cilme of which ha waa ?nur-l? inaof-ai. Tn? . ,. . . .l?i i__ ii. iv e t I lift wrrr m?nr ? nn m?i# |if " r * ???H f??m til iHp m tin? ilf hrlMVMi i? lt? lru? ? /. mi* Ur i umr*tr, jlmg 14. Aa?T m>>rmiirr? -Th? si L<?im r*r?mtrin, H .km><liiy, ? ? ?- W? Irxm ih?i iit? Till ? l)i Hrrt tMair* iafaitry, Cotun-I I'ljrm i??? ?*? ll?-k<1t?|r. wfcMrfc tea* )" < r^tirn-fl ?<?ni KllPndt, rW liiii imrrrlf nr*m|ir4 al Jr?r-r?Ni ll?rr?<l(?, Pifirr vnrr )i? r-mi'4 ?til r> (f<>? i?" iMmj p( W?r u> pirpirr '?r ib4?ii ?mt?, ?" ?? imnir liiirtf i* Fuft ? Or*. r? M li)Mriclmi>, ? iiwtora'aiMt, katf ?l 4> Id |MMM fl??W?rrt, Mh ill h. Ilk <-r)n<i?t>?nt ?'l m-n.niitf .?f th>- r? ?fiti ihe <ir g -o? r?^.w iu?, ?l tarn . h itiff kiiM)r?it lit ?i* M J? lf-'?w H->rrwli? We III n?f th** - r.f iKth m '?'iivriU, Nl ?H<-jr !> >* iiim h ** if Pi-*d'*i f'tlm if ? p'*p?r'? !,??" I III- nn>|lt<? i* "?? '14 Minn<S l*^a T- ?? ai>4 ? ?>? Th? ?f t?i? ""wm wimiM t* fcr In* mmy ettutmafmcf [ e r a t*. ^ Thr CmI Trad* fmr UMt. (From i liu Miliar*' Juu'aal. Au?u*t IT ) Thr i|?<aiiilty of i o?i t-^oi hy ih lr<>a<t ihn wwk i? XI, 111 17 tuna, lieiug about 1,70" unm kit Uian InH wm k. Hy r? feirnce to our rrporU fur thr cori?npo tiling pMTivd U?t yfitr, it will tw ht? thai th? rulroui i? oill) ot>,lki0 tuu* nlw .id, hik( i hi? ctn il i? iu .nl* moe of i*?t ) em' ?hi|>llir uU -11tour, unking in tl?e ?KHrrK.,ie ,,,, Hiuirmw "hipuif^t front tin* , up 10 imii iwrvtd, 01 /ount) ton* I lii- ui.i<*i-e will tw wolu. I'd. ny the time the catttl i* I'jlly m operation, In til (KM) ton* On the o?cuireuce of the recent wur^ Mm m sod Hoik), we pro|>bettieil thai tt would require *i lm>t four wi?rh? |u repair thn damage* d ne to thdiHrrrnl ennuis ru>;igr<l m lb* trm*i?ort iMon of coal. We only refer to tbr ditr? n?w t? -b >? that wf do not mike ?t.item--n ?, with,tut auificient <)atH, to tiidintHH <> in our .i??erlioii? The tl xnl occurred an tin* fbili ind I9th of July l i t?u weefcn from ih*t period, -*n-tly. the L-hig'i cm tl wn? ill opriation (We were in errif l*?? Week IU fctnliM thai ?aid work waa ooninlered, ft' cntal wni uoi filled mid fully prepirrd for tfunaport iii?ni uiitil ye?ierna) ) Thit repiim on ih** ."Johuylkiil cmiibI would have hern tiuwtfKrd by the *lo?e of thin week. bad tt uot been lor the r.?.i? of T'l'irad?y, th?* H'h in?iaul, winch i ?rri>d n?a? the C?(V r dtim, ?t Felix'* l.ix ka Thm occurrence niiy retard thr conviction fur h week or two It i* a >?> |>o-rd, howpo-r, hy thoje roni|>' lent tn (It-it lie etunl will be hi reamuer* to pn-? boil* by Monday, the 2fi. b in-tarit. 1 l?r price ol coal at Richmond, ?- well ax h-re, ( remallie UDcbfcBlfed. We Cauiiot bill hi-ll'Ve lb.I the iiurctntrt-r" hIuiihiI will too lute dtmiiwr the error of their |,mm poliey, iu refu inu to tik- on ' their eup.iiiii-, at the ruling rate.*. f ir coU nml freight. We rnuat ali-o .ig'iin reiterate o ir cooviutiou, III it llieie will be .1 -Hon ?.?,>|>ly of coal He ||l to IIMI kel ih'H HexMoll. lor the I'Oll - tl III I>11 l?ll of , \1/.. I _ .... . ? J hooted at b> iiiiiiv wiwiop-*, who ( re'end' to I know more of ihe trade than we do, hut we *re more inclined to place reliance on ti'.ire*. nod facte, thnii on the random a^rutim of igaoriwil, , |>rejuiti ;rd. aiid intereatad (iirtiea Amount of coal e? nt over the Phil?iel|ihi?Hivl ' |{eaiiii>t> rnilmad ?d<4 Sch'ivlkiil itttmn, fi?r ' the WL'tb (tiding on Thursday evening I tat:? Ktiuott WWfc. 7Vol I't Carbon 10 244 00 Xi.Hulno Mt Car bun 3t#l 1ft |M?? IS ' H ll??ru 1J o74 li & int.' IT < Ft. ClintoB 6 It* 07 111 Ma 10 ' *1,111 II T il.TO Hi# i 0? caaal trtt tl+ uu | Total by railroad and etnal too- WU aiH no ' To aaaia tnua UkI y*?r by railroa<l M*> 7*4 oi " aanal 'iXl Ml lii itt IH , loorvaaa tbla year, an fur tana T?.7iM 11 Two Divi kkkhins Puiciok* ?Our reader* will I recollect the aniioMcenrai of the d-ath nl Mra Harriet Spencer, wife of Mr. II I) S^-ncer, .it thla village, ut the rendence of her I tih?.r, Colonel I hapniitU, in Clockville, Mail I-on coiiulf. early ill ' May l?>l We have thf* uiel.iucfi-ly dm/ of re- ( t-nrrliiig the death of her mother, Wra Cha mnn, , under cMciima'ancea The parncuU'a of thread and lieai I rending hereavemc ut are m lol Iowa:?Mm. Spencer, who had fteeu riiarrv-d but a i ahort linie, wmk a|ieiHtini( aome lime at the residence of her father tn M*rch Nat, ha4 ix-caatnn to * do M?llie Waahia^, au.t, aa we heliev* h -a he.-u Citetoniary with maut, uard camphiue hi the pruceaa; ? hut whether the qil.mtity UMd w ik t>hi lafrf*-, or fiom M-hnt cau?e( we are not informed, htii lonn? ilutely atler i'a uae, the w*a attacked with w?i*ra a |min and aollerititf, kimilar toinllmiin ilor* rheuin*ft-tn, aud which finally exuded temporary iii-millv Alter rmMimng iu ihia coudmon a-veial week*, ?i><I Mitieiini; moat intensely, ahe l.oiod an .nyor- 1 luuity, notwithstanding the Kreiteat watchfulu^-a* on the (inn of her fueuda. to commit aiiicde. M a i lt><|imitu, 'he moth>-rof ml M,e-ic>-r. w|> iii the mm.m wuh Mia. S at th* time the c.m ihue * >a , Hard, an<1 *??# Hllm k>it 111 ij.-nrljr ihe MIIII- mm- \ wt Sh? baa continued m ill N>HI| *lll ? < Hllilll >prll> if lllMinltJ. until two ill lKr?i- ll<|fl I ago, > ) n ?hr air* o i tni'led ?ulcld-, by twisting 1 a i? ndkerch'ef ao tightly ir>und li<f nach, *hile \ in h?d with h? r hu?hatid, na to depive h-r of life Thua ha?e the livea of twn * mi iMe ami htgSif teatw< liable |em?lea hrn ?ac'if)t:ed in inuvi|<i-itca ot the ?-r ot aa article daaitrmit ai ?ll tuiiea. ?o?l | ?hn tirrd 111 too ureal iUkiiitiM, riiaklr of Ibe ?d . IV rta above imrtatrd Mra. "*(?encer, ?inire h? r m?rria*e, had resided in thi? village, ?"(i the rirf|4ni* ol' Mimr time |?n' at her filher'a, and by krr Miiahlr dwfiailitHi noil fianin?iiii< in ianei?, had won th? ealreni of all who h id the pleasure of hrr acquaintance Of Mra Ch??M??n w? hear tb? aatne good opinion ei^reaae.l. and rejjr-t l?> rerorrt, in ?o knfl a apace, ihe death of two ladM ao itintk ndrtml hf th>ir virtuM ta their fnr?d? and acsuHinlaooea. ? finmt Sm(imI. MutHioi ?The Meadville Drmanral of tha I ' 15th ina?, Haifa the following .- ? Harrier (,'lnrk, i tie ailf of Ira Clark, al lltoowiiujt ftllff, in I Wi odcuck lownahip, wan arreat-d on ihe (ih mat . t for mi aarMlilt with intent to kill, upon the wile of ? Nieholr* Koudrhuah It ia thit Mr <'lath, I abort time amre, traded hia firm, in that riint- t ly, wilh Jonathan C-ollom. tor another nl r-. in i Vtrill* iu?inlii(i, and Mr l<wud>-hii..h hit | rlnwii * i?>rnoo of Olarh'a old farm tr?m < '.oliom I M'< ( lark aflnwarrla l?mni? di*a*rt?ti>-fi with the trarir, ami aa the nmr im.roarhe.1 for lra<rm( ih?ir farm, ?he mm e<) gre>it depreaamn <?f apirita | On ihe morning of the flth mat , ah# taok lier hua* hand'a razor and |?ri?ree(l??f 10 Ki?n1rh>i.h'< how. Mr. Koud'hiiah waa ahaeat in the field* wb'i ?ha I arrived. ai?l fang in direrily ( ih- h-d wh'f Mr*. I(oodr)iaat) lay aaleep, ahe dr*w iba ronr | acroaa her throat, inflicting a nevrre wount M a. I R ' acre a ma awaktned a >onn( man aleeping 1a aaoihrr part of ihe room, who a*r?ng nil of t?-d. and Mra. C. ran nut of tli* lmii<r Thr young I roaa*i*ri?d -flat oace for aa-U(*awhei Mra. I maraud, and renewed h.-r -.a-iuli a**>a Mr I victim, giving her another woaad aloag h-r ?h?ilHrr and hrraM Mra. K wowtfil. h?????r, ta k*>|Hut her aaaailant at U-y acini eucoor amH. Mr* rUrk waa brought to town and emnniMH > jail, hat on Thor-<f?y w?> hailed oat by Mr h'lahaad Mra Koaitehuah, a? are hip** to latrn, la <*<>inf qaiie well, aad it ta hnf d will aarviva brr mjunra Thep*ri?ea bad alwaya he-n n,M?a Iba heal trrma, and It la thought tHr KioHriMt deal In ihr tr?de alluded in, bad wnrk?l up'ta tba n-md ?f ihr uafortuaata priaooer uaul ahe bad brtumr d?rang?H N lairrirh' Coftva*no*. ? TTin great ai<cual coa?*aiioa of the varioata proh-anora and Kintilir m? a ihrmiiknin tkr dilf-reni will lake |ilmt on Monday n*?\ ihe l%h, al S-w Haven Among ihe many ahatiaglafcahed r*"H*nrn bo Witt be iinwat na thr nrcaatna, lh? folia ?iq| ma* be aamed a* coni,?mii< th<* 1'?i*dnig I'nai-Ph>< lleary. of th?* .Snitbamiia laantatr; Plof llnaAirt, of lb# l,awreii?>e S im ih? School, ('aniKn.tge, I'rofe--ora l?ache, ll-rrxh, tnd Klwig |*rof Ate? I) Hark*, *n.? n*i'a>nt of ihe I'oeai Sirrrf. wdt al tbe CnHf-ati?n. wblrb will bold ita ???? la ibe roooaa aad chapel of Yale College fa ??Mi?laa lo ibe varvxia rnrwriotteea already apaaal'd, another ha* h?ea B"mui?ied, f?T ihe ,,un*i?e of r*c?t*tiif tlta nan bera aad ifcvilrrt vwata. , I I Fans A a ? Th- I hitrh kit rrrfitr^ latrlligroc* (mm Aiir->in? mi? of lh? Molnrra Ivlanilt, of ??f(n ?f frifhiftil nrtkqw-kra opfitrr*.) n ><ifs ?h<4 MfrmiiH #r??( Tlfy ??f? Adl hf viotrat m^nirmy wfcirH mmHl off *r??l imnf of iIm> nail*'-* and ia?<H of A nil* who had rrrvmlf arti?*.| in ih<" Mm I fiMfn Holland. m *n of Ik* third i<lw?, mitdfi-l fo?a<t him??lf, Hy |H<? d'n't of ?|| hu . ?( nora, the fir at official, ?? aa ?.jrfc, h* ki?l to na4*rt?tr I he duiim of g?r- n?o? Tub Ntw Taaaav faa'-a taaoa ?TH# lligMak?ii Hf "* alalia that about two h ,?k?:a of r??i k' i ar? daily ahi|> <?d from >hat 'h# rtlK? M >r? Torfc, A>*??n?, Buffalo, Roafm, and Nrw H. Hf.od vltrrr tkrf ar* It rntm tno-a Miar4 fur o?Wr pofi la ilioenvrwol tar* or lira# wrrfca, it aaya thai aa many aa nmr of 'haa*?n4 hirli'ta i?r 4ay will be aei?t Iran iH-ra TV Mnna* Molly Mtrrnr a??a ifcrrr a for (?m? I* i ? of a plentiful atipfilf of thia d*lt?d?-?o frmi in ! that n. ijhKorh<Hw1. hot if la though' th-r will tort prr>Ii?Hj Iti* trera Ota Itun w<>n thu Mmi'am ?Tko Mntli of 1 riminhiiipit b? una in I??- J im>m?I mi nnmr > in w4.bingiixi, *itl * l??-a I fri-ni iS?- Ulri'i F?it? ij iirr/. in #?rwi e ?nif lt? ml?if w Murk, hm( ' k? H'fhioi* ?f Olrt 4 F?tV, (Maya ihul it nnf*l> iv l*? !/ < > . >! j |K? muk H p*, ?h?h ?i alt n)?tl iu il ^i? k>Mlf nt fiwiah, aMl ilk a ailrt IWH1 ?n> hrk <1 11 to >ia?ir?> >* **, if M ?*n? tJkrt TKr ..v ./ 't?r M?rk ?n ?? tm ?h" arnl|?nr "ill h? fnm mnd a fc?K M l?M. mtft a l??H IrH *1*. a*4 to hl?#*a i?oh-? itok /km , Aw* U / r" " * \ L u. TWO CENTS. Tta* CtMU vlrtnrM Tmrrra, N J.?The low.' poj.uUliM of Tre?> 'on unit V ?tij iijiiig "t Trenton. mi d ilir \i la.r ?rL i. be on. u i I,'?7H T*lie tot J (h puliation oi Tr nfnn pro.ier, is #,S8>?. w%teh u? mm tiiLimte o 2 WJfi 11nee li*4u "Ali'ant, N Y?Th?- c-M'ia of th? Tcnrfc Wari IK .. .....I. 1*1... .n,F.I. J JM.-H.lhll tt.a |M |iiiliiioii m ill fxct-rii <J 1500 Kuuman, N Y?--Tl?6 i>niiul?tina of tli* tow? of Hwlmaii. in |,7n0 In I">44>1 i' ?>?B l.7l)2 ki 1 MM, inrrouw in fivf V'*?ra. SS. Of cureae, !W loa* w?-ie )>ioduced, ?ud lol of ttuii?*r Hk<>wnvil.l>, N. Y.?The po.njtition of Br^wamIi* in 4,282; hi IHK) i< x-airJ.ttfM: >i? 1SI5, il wan 4,UM). The whole uuinl>er uf r&ruia is 2 <2 I.k Ho*, N Y ?Tlif po|?wf?tio(i of Le K?? in 3.160; in |>k), ii war 3 721, <u llMo, il w.t* If.iiil ? Thr iitiii.hrr of inriiiM i? 371> l'riT, l'?.?Tlie tltpu'y niNit-hat linitdind lading' in i'm (ownnln^. !l? (r.,/ul ition niiiuliiiif lo lwo tUvudriml aiid i niny--.ix ri>?f* w tie only fifty denthn vnuhni itr boiuilnKii from ill* Kfhi ol Juue IMS, to ihe rirnt of' thr* m(M inonili IKjO. Wkkihwiuj, Pa ?Thepopulation ?t Wright*Ville, \ olI* COBI.IJF, la I,y0>> 111 1*40, *w?*iH2? lucrrwr, f.37. Tlicf ?i<* !*j p-raon .? ihe luwt over 20 yt;<ir? ?f ae* who c.m ueilh i re.ul uor write, t-'V) colored |> mnl 2..2 |Mi|?lu iu ik< Mchool*. FhKrs'TKWiv, York coilKv, P.i rh-? it i*qMlaltM ul MM, l>) an llicrt-a*e >1 iir M?cr I'M') Wdohhiiky Tow%*twe, ItUii ctftttttjr, ha* [NI|HJl lllOII MI 1.111. ('ATHAKIM* TiiWKfiWIF, P.I , HfHI WU.ijams*i I.U Hhkoii?II. f,. ,740. Or?iiiK> l. ml .lllnrmiugy, I (J liKftMtri, U-v ? 1 >e?t Mi?Allmn gli wbi-n . ntudcul -inr ?i he Lolli^r ol Pliyaiciauo mid SutRt-oti* of I In- Umir?-i>iiy ol lliin "Aul#-, I (laid?:?u~n1>-r*,>h* mention, lilidtr lite tilled ml) ?>f I Ih- late* i1o-'lu|('all*-it I>r. Mitchell. lo k**oli>KV nnd imil-rilM^v, .? . l?r iii< ii<-? af k 11or-1a' m> iIIcmI diiCH ma, vi?m !<; * 'liaci??erjr uf p< Id alid oilier meuUlu Oiliii>rui^ I b>iv? rfev?frii Ii.m il mole of hit nt'r-nlioii lo lh-?* ?tt*?j"i!t?. I Im tin* t x nn i D? d rtifir i*t in?ri- a?? If 11.ii .? ?rr? irly letr, 1 will al>te lo (newnl lo irte at ii* I* ii f ? hat nf lir ni 'M iin|Miruni uotlmr.', I otiith-'ii ii?* of T'lil^a *. ..... _... . ?. j ... . t ? it i - ri^ni> .111 ...n.r ... n win I.J i.til i) ?.f trrni vmIii>- Mt ilii* inr'u'iil-.r u'it lor il>?- ?f-li>-r?il iiiloriii-tli.tii >tf v Coutnln, hut for ihr |ir?clie?l knuwlwiUr r ailu* t i the Virmaa fir. 1.1 of ilir cilli-l of ih<-r iiih in wlli.'h iii?n?riU ?lr toun<4 mihe?f<ird. A Nkillnl Kfttlogift will hif? ([lint hiIvhii npr o?t-r till oIIitx III l(i?* i1i??to?rrv iHlir mum in wlii'-h yol.l nnd olht? r inrl.ilH it?<l pin lou? Mourn nixj found I would call ihr H trillion of w't'l'-ntM in ihM rnitv ) ei, tno?i (wriiculnrly '? tli<* wuiha of .S.iiiaai?rr, Wrlurr, Cumrr. mill I^tiiliitT I iii.iv 4iipi)r mime ot my own information 10 i.r .i ii *1 ptirtMiae* ia ilia niOtllllalllH ol (_ HlllorillMt IICI' X,llll>Z Kim i wairrat Thai)'* Iturhl lh* Napturlan <iri(lii ol Uia aartti /.?im l?u*lit thai lira aa* tli- p imt a.urrw Hath err llhi-k pllllnn lib. ra Ayrirola. IB Maxim; ati'1 K-rna?i1 rta f*li?'T. In Fran* arm tha Oral ?hu |n-?f-ml ratiaual oj.laiaaa an lhl? -ulij?oi Ilalllct id bl? ??rk aMtlUil i h.-T^ltl*m?4.174* HaHna In bit >|/lau<)IU fla.' u of Dm Enrlk araa lk? tail 1 illiaa. a bwada, 1TM la ht? topographical ilMMtlp Ubmao (I'mtii, li ITW <rw tulnar tad vrtU n Vknrta rook* Uail.ilin of U|im1 prntvMior nf taiuaral'if y, ITTI. Uirtril'i >?rk on mineral* 177* tmflllll tB hi* t'fcy?lr?l lir<>kt*|.hf a?abli?4 w?>l; all Ibr kaooltriga ot in* t>r ?.ir? Pallaa tw luplnj, it by lha Huwlto g'>raraiaaa^ md niada rHrtrrliM Id Kvm)< 177# Uurtt>.ro ami Winat Bad l.a?..lal?ur tha a-Ubraaad :krBi>l, dmritbrtf iba BilD<*raia ul rruiiw IT'9 *au?aora. b f>|Muoiu id bla vorki. lar iriuia?4i Ul tba otb?t? 1TTW |)rlu? of r.????B. did tnurh tor s-o|.?^y "Til Vnorr, piofaaanrnf min?ralt> ?' fr-jli-n ta Ha* >oy baa <|obc am for Blarr?l'>(i th?>< ?<iy * liar liter; hat nk?- t<?iraiM ha ?r>>ta hut ItttU hiaiaatf i> a itolo^M a* hi* tlan ?r? iu>*il; t?k-a fmn M? pit piU Caricntior. buck llauat?r i<uiati>U ?n t niaf Mbria. ara bin puplla Tba am t< i?l !> oiairu. iaukr. hlualaibai'k |>a?-d tba at; fur lUa oat< bratad vol k ot Oarta-r. ao Voaall (leaingy Ail the other wrileta, excepting Saua-ore, mm ikrar important brmichrt uf n kihi!, when coapKii-d to Werner Mid Cu?trr, are twit aura .?f iufa?r??if nianDiiudr Lf Lat<?iier h? <i| hia knowledge ul geology Irom I'iuh-i ami W^rari'a |Mi|*la. JaMKM Am im>io.<i iltcitaar. Aki.iNuron Hu m. Augu-t ft, I <t$ Fatal ArrnAT ?C)o .lumlay momma Uat, dillirnliy aiiar at the lower pirt ># M atreel, b> iwtru a man lawd Ckatlaa A Miwrr a?4 a young inn Batt.ed Frederick CiUrr, ?vlin'h rapu1<?H il Ihf ?litn'#t UirNtil d?.th of the laiia^. IV dtrraard ?aa c irrta al a U'de uaar which ('abler waaawing V(iof? apat n,t >a Caftlar mac or IBk'r, who remonstrated ?ub bi n. Vt>wn replied Ilia I hr Caaiild mora Ilia i:h lir -liiiiir arorda flawed, rturoitf which time M> called Okblrr )??t loafer, who teiorted ih ? tin- tihrr w ? a d?4 ?ar The partiea rnae, Mil Mna>re with He b.ak if Ilia h.?d hit al Cahlrr in Ibr direction ?f lata n-?i III. The latfrr mr??ird I?(I or thiea atepa, pitied out |??liil and Hr?d Rmh parti-a ar-at ta Ihr Blrret, where Oahler p rka.l u,i a hrn- khal, Mmift r M*lainiiii|! that ilir other had not hu hiit. Ml l>) tSe door al? |> Hp liri d hill a fear moiueaM, A |io>i mortem eiMtoiiMiioii i>f'iv. il th it tti? dacexaad waxahol ib'iiugh the h'art, <h I died fran intetnal hleediag Cihier ifn<i>*<li-<t?-ly (are Inn* w-lf up to Mr. Jurtica WimhI, Ii> lore wtwm ite ?ia ejanitard >ntirda|i r?Fniu( After a fii'l ntreat* nr rtHJinmirti u) J4II ??n in** *v murder, JuaUoe tin-tiling Ihxl >he o?b> *?| not bailable. Thia, we hrlw??t, i* ih? hr?t f?i<l flrat that Iim weuim* in Nat>h'? wo id* hill fm if u nr tw?l?e >ear? ?Jfilrhrt C'.-aaner, hiA mmI. Pti* Fi otit>?. - Th?- >rnit<d Hrate* IninM rlean>? r Farkioa. '?(,! J Ma>(* l!ak-r. fr<>m Warn lirm lir, Florida, Ikf 6 h liartaal, arrive I < I' ? w>ul?, Hi ih? lilt in rant She i?(l ?| Fort lliwkf Ik*- Umi-d M ?'?? ?ie,m?r? IV K??l ti* Pl??ter, Jaat r?Mt?rH from K?n Mi ore, ? i|? ( nnrooaah -Ifhie, The |h> K.i<?aet lirM||lil a 4* ta? Imieal of Company A, 4'h Arnller? Fh- a? rogwrr, Juhm Kaia. a nalire of |ral <a l, UH rfH.MKt, ?ni1 w ? <tn>w ted Hi* S??dj *u rarn?in) The K-*hion hmnrhi to P uM>?|nula IM nm le?. I horae, 24 21 lr? M-ra, 4 *< mil' aire* end ei*hi rti'drrn. la ?fcarge of Mr. laaar Knlfrto : aleo a del-rhrnant of <'otiiMaru A, 4'h Arllle'y |t* men ?r?d I an n m), nnder r<tav n ai d r>f t.iawl He?l *r.J l.ieut; M '|?f (" B'neil, i* rharffe ? # (lie drletfttloo of Seirn ??tO rhn f , r> Inn inf Weat lliui <k and Klaeh Jan K. mterpierera: Ji#r? J-ntf r, prim -ip?| S-io*nole i liirf j aiMIWrh. '>nrf OMi-H, R<mal TVjer. NahnU Had in, Yah* Tuifti, W raaa. Taa'?mitie?, aifr aod la- children,o d \l|i?<iar, <*4 ll'-lo-ee, > <) aa old |ndl<n wnin?a Tk? He? Mr llnwe, and three on de -fc .erne p%M*agf 1*.? AVae Orlrunt Drttn, Ant 10 Hkai.TR n? IVarrnn ?There hw Keen a alifht iarr? ?#.- ol rrvwialilt *he ?> <rnl week. 7* <4.-a'h? havif<n atlan* 176 Ual a?'t For (It* ramt week laa' ?? -, ikef a?rr 25 J death*, of wh>rh 111 w-reha . hoi- ra. K-ia^Im n ''?im ea )lrr? qmlr f*tal i|inn? he ae^li, iM'rvuttf oil 9 perMHM So,nil taii I* f ?*4 <ll appearm*. a far having i agr A far ati **?'h?, and earri??| n(f *ho?t 3M> petwn* |Tliere h?? leeii a m?*? rem*'k*Ma *W rmrr of fml'l iaae? ol (r?rr, for tlie ptat mi >? >nki e<III'par"* wiih "he aame period l*?t year ')t tho d?a'h? <Kia week. .V) were nnd-r .pr?e?raof ua, MI vf In rn die.I wkile laaikinf ?H<nhm TVaaa^ in, da? II Aj.nrarr ? Saiamwa Ac? ipaai a<??arra?l naar llaik?aaa? k na "*a'>ird \y I?at The hir<?i a?larh>4t?a whit k r>HI?afi i><aaa?r'rt IJ ad flHWI 'ke rai|rn>tl. 'oak frifkl a?d da?hed a# a ftari'riia r tie wi<k l??e iraaarayr* laaide, (?>l| whom were He? Mr Ma?ae, of Mewiim, hr.i<h< ft l> lla|iie i4 ikia ci'?, a?d Mr Mall, ik? prf* IrrkrtM AM Miira *4-4 in \*n,*nah<*n rhe ? hv . rl? with hot iriflma mj'irr, eteepi Mr Mali, who, heit.g ,?r?*all? Mlod, wa. ,.hmej to regain ia.l4o. en?1 reeeiaed ae??re e..?ni^?o Iipoo iko ha ad ? Kntmk Jdtffmr, Aofo* ' laroiTtirr Hiiwm nr ?> H<n H!? ff. hfl?J tr**'imhU .* * af 4*. (17, K<?, ' <?mww4 a *( 1 1 mm "'M ?w t nifKiir. and ??i'K? ? '!? of h i m*rrtr nr? R? mrnitr >hH<i? hi itiT? ?rti4rui. in irf ki< *??? and < Km ?i <( ? ir? ?f ll?? fcfl, fcf ' k* t f >*?<*. t f'lMM tS? **? <4n>(, witK-xit 4>?| mwofe H*n? gr #??. /4?f It TV r""' *? ? It t? '? ? kw ?>f4*,4IMf la ??? ImmI'Im ? '' ? < Imim H r??tl I* IIMtl . |? lint >?? >?T fp ??>? ! th? ? >?ll? < iMMf

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