Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 20, 1850, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 20, 1850 Page 5
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!* Railroad Accident at Morrtaaala. TO Till KOITOH or THK Ht.RiLl) A writer In hut Saturday's Herald, who sign* him??lf " I ordham." make* some statement*. and c.i?Ls ?ome t< Heetinn* upon the Coroner'* jury. which demand n (assiog notice. 1- The coroner's jury, in tha ease of W in Blvii. did ensure the llarlem ltallroad Company, attributing the olliston to the waut ot > engine of sufficient power an ibe accommodation traiu. uuJ Haying. also. that tha tiupany was highly censurable tor their disregtrd of tbe liven of their passengers in the above particular ' k'oritliaro ' could n ;t liave se. n the verdiot when he pruned his article, or he would have had a little more regard tor troth. 2 The jury did not c?n?ure the engineer, beeiuiu lie wan not deserving cf it; bull they threw the blame on the company, where it propt riy belonged; and thorn who heard or havi* rend the evidence, are satisfi*d Willi the Terdiot. ' Kordhabi " is extremely ignorant of the subject on which be writes or el e he jiurpo-ely withe* to mislead the minds cf others. Will not the reader be surprised to learn, aft*r perusing Ford hams " article, 1 ll ut tin re are already two track*, or a double trask, bitwetn Molt llsven and William's Urtd^e. auil that the collision in question. was oocasioued by the ?txprtss train ruuuiug into the aocouimodation train, both traii.s being at th? tim? on the same track, aui iroving tu the sum* direclioti .' Such were the tact), yet who would come to such a conclusion trom reading I Kordham's " article ? "Yordham" is equally widn of the truth in regard I to the collision near Mr Bathgate's f.iria It wat tu October last, instead ot lust ?uuimnr, that it occurred, nor were thi re any human live* lost. Mr. llalhgttii lost nine valuable cows by tb? accident, and this was the exteut ol the loss ot lite I was on the spot at tbe time.'and know the truth of what 1 write this colli rion occurred ou the double truck, though uutmu tiiu one on Monday taut, (he car* went moving in ditfereut directions The event wail occasioned by the co.*s being tin the track* of the real and the air 60 dJflatly toyitv a* to entirely obstruct the eight. I am glad "Fordham" has taken "pen in hand " tooaot'gate the llaritui and New liavcu aompanies, lor they richly deserve it; but a writer who attempts to teach duly to other*. should coullne himself to fa?ts. an by resorting to falsehood. be neutralizes the intiueDce of his own censure*, aud render* bis strictures wholly powerless. AlUitttld\N IA. (' iltt'd Mutt a Har<h?l'i OlHre. Arrt^t rf a Fugitive h'orgtr ? Mr. Gilbert K. Hays, of the independent poliae. arrested, on Saturday, an old Scotchman, by the name of James Forbes, a fugitive Jorger from Aberdeen, Pootlnnd. where be stand* charged with forging a promissory note, dated July 3d. 184V bt twelve months alter date, for the sunt of ?400 sterling To this note Forbes had forged the names of seven persons, as endorsers to said note. Another note, dated June Wh 1850 : ? At two months alter date, pay to me or order, within the )>erth of Scotland ltaak, emee , Iverary, thu sum of ods Itunilrcd pouadi sterling. ( jigaed ) J AM lis FJKBKS. iiornaide ef liraco, Scotland. There were tire forged endorsements on the above note. Before these notes became due, Forbes abpronded. and took passage in the ship Caroline, frjin Glasgow to New York. The steamers, however, anticipated his arrival, and Mr Hays was despatched to watch for the arrival of the ship On Suturday the vessel arrived, and Forbes was duly taken into oustody on the charge of forgery, and conveyed at ouce before the I'nited States Marshal On his person was found sixty sovereigns. lie Is a plain farmer looking old Scotchman, of about forty years of age. The case was partially heard yesterday, and was further postpoin d until Thursday ot this week. The objeet Is to rend the prisoner back to Scotland for trial, under the treaty existing between the United States andUreat Britain The prisoner was committed to jail. Iltrmpt at kn oU ? Yesterday, four seaman, by the ? ? 1 I 't.r L Inkn 1 .. - I .. P...lnr u r> , I o'clock tbla inornlDf. 8tn|l? cnpica, in wrapperi read/ for mailing ilzpaco*. Tk? IVcw York Boot and Shoe Braporlam. ?Brcoka. l&lt rult. n atnot, ?h"aa Root*. Khooa. Gail-ra, ft a.. h? v# a world-wida rtpntaUoa for haaaty aad durability, haa now, aad alwaya haaoa haad a Iarta and aplaadid twortm'n' of Ladioa' Utatlamaa'a, Miaa*?. Bora" and ChlUran'a Boota Urnoa. ftr . of arory attlr. wbi?h lor durability and ahaapaoaa, art aot to ba nrpaaaod. Tk? Exetlalor, B3 IVaMaa at., Iwlft'a-Who haa ant bwrd (e( Dvakorf whoaa nat It idaatltod with Trrxthinf n?Mri?d with that moat valuabla of all tha pi?aatory apa< i? a?tha orator. H' lia <w al tho abort aatnll oat iiaiaf ul.oa, wbaro bia uaaquallad akill may l.o r .und a tho rirl r.raa aad rarlnlaa af hia i-ual?m?ry m: .n*? u . < aa wall aa hi. jromrtaaaa aad palltaaeaa la hla pmfaaatoaal poraait. O" aad atalt tbo nutlomaaly aad tariafatigabla proprietor, Hwlft. aad hla akilful aaaUtaat. Pookrr. who ha Bow tha abarrfo. aa b< formerly haa had, af tbo ay?tcr tapartaioit. Klafaal Bridal tarda, Knvelopea, Cake Boiao, aad Bridal Wafora. af tho latoataad aoa: faokioatbla atylaa. oaabt had at KVBRPBIX 8. .V>2 Broadway. earaar of Intra Pttoot. Nr. EtokSoII haa a braarh atoro. at ?fn. t Vail a(root, for tha aacoumodatloa of hia dawa towa aaatoagara. V. B. Palmrr'a Bnalitcaa >1an'a Almanar, 1MI ?Thia work, replato with all tbo iaformatloa whlak fold ?o roadaaaod iato H pa?o?. la aow rabliafead. aad hcald bo ia tLa haaJa of arary man d-ia< baaiaaaa, aoi oaly iatHarity tnt altcwhtra. I'ritt 13H coat*. For aala by all tha boakatllora. Jrntiy I Intl.?Much will he expert**! and roqnlrod nf thta Irnly wn Jarful aoaitraaa, apoit whlah tbara ia room far antna dnabta, tialaaa Mr. I'. T. lUrti'im ran haaaa oaa *rna af Krllln(?r'a larna bottloa of Mari* laid, whinh ara <">mp< aad af mnalral and haraamlnaa natrrlala. It aaad a fan .lav?. will rro'laoa oa? "atara of ai.tra In ' i?" t jr ). ml?f >. ro<iairo<l. Upon thu d??4 La BO <1.11 lit. Can. Pmi?1T??a Illnotrlotia Vcnrintlia kMitli, MnaHild k; hl? Intlmato frlooM, rlilMd Mr%4y't poliory. Jr??tor4ay, ?hrn in adalrahlo d Ina "t tin ptnuiui ?n a1.lo4 to tho ?otj aatonol<o colloelloa. Tho of Mr. Lft4/'| piota roo |i til/ aqaallo4 ky thotr i^palarlty. Thr riuaiho Ratlanal 0?|nrrr?on Oitllc* rf.Ro I'll aoatoi** tho luixl oollortlia of Portrait* of <lin??liho4 lnfl>Ulil> la tao l'lllo4 luiaa. Na mio ih?al4 fall toaltli thl? aalrhr*'*4 ?ollo<-tloa for by oo 4?ia( taoy will ho oaro or moot I ok with aioar familiar faaoi. rnib tarnforlnrf, :?01 ; Dr<Muiway?I lot lwoif Itfltl tho attoaiioa af ih? IWiN k> a; aov aoO aloraat pattomo. My aox.rtmonl la of tho largoot. aa4 raaaot to o.|uoll?<t la llio oltjr. rroialoa chain at ro4noo4 Mtoaa. Cral4 at wkoloaalo. JJ.T, Br?? l?a?. oo?n?4 door a koto DaaaoatraoW. 1 M. vllUBV. Wlfa aM Toai|>oM.--A notliar Ho4ai hal I tan aoar4o4 to Wm. Eauhol ?. for tho b?ot WI?o aal Taa??? Tho aalllr aro Iaolto4 la iaopoot hi* aow atria fot I MO. at HATTHtl OW*fl a*1?Srata4 w* faotory, i Wail mat. Mo ???< tho larroot aa4 hoa? i->rta>oat la tka at*. C?W Uo a44raaa. Wlp Tnapa??,-*i?al??r Bf*lal tiaa fcaoa a*?r4o4 ?? Wm. Hatrholor, f?r tho Wot Wig* aa4 Toa? **. Tho ftUlt oro loriloH to laoant Mi ? ? ityl* for Wo. ai llatrhol *' ?alobraio4 Wlr F?*??ry. 4 Wall itroot. Ho kooi.o tho ImiuI aa4 l?ot aoaartatoat la tka oily. C py Ma a4iroaa. I TIM R?rt Hair D/a?RaJlartf'a rtrat Pr? i?n Hair l?j*. for nr api>h*4. WMikar* Milnrat ia n mla*iaa. >nr ahad* Th* till al-? la thirty miinua. Wantalad aat taIa4? ar aaah ?*. A literal 4i*c<>?nt a*?4a l< <tnui)ti. pttfrim ?r <?wn. O. M. IIALI.AItU. Ckamiat. Ma. IMrallva lltMt, tret 4o< r ?a?t af Nratliif. Hair Dfr.-B*l(k?l?r'a Otnalnr IJqaM n?!r !>>? ?* , ;lr 1 ? |.r -"rj't ? ?!? Ml aa'a'tor >. ? Wall 1atra?t T' i ?I -m ?i Ma n*> i t>. t>i r ??? .> vartaaa atpl-maa I'ar-aa arkn.a hair kaa Mtaatl ikM rata* (r?a Ik* aa- of Ik* latitats a 4 r?? -an hart II *ar| iaiw< ky aailn-t ? Orr *4dr?*a. Ilalr Dylai-Phalaa'a Ha^fr flair Dfa, to Mlar tka kair ar ?h:ak?r*, Ik* antaaat II la appltad. wl?h?*t UarrM ika I air ar Alt. Il aaa ka waakad iaiaa4iat?lj attbaat 4tatarMaatkaa?l*r. aad kaa ao ka4 ada*. llUif Hwt.or at riAUiN Wi? aa4 Taapaa MaaalMtaty. wm lnalaa?. Dyiprpala.?Tka?Mn4< rtiHar* thl# tarrlMa aMwtira wllkaal an* atlrmpt ta allrnata th* aaaaa af M>nt>rian Mn?M*t* W;i'ikl? P;if?ttia Rittara a ill n. I < al< ?.? I r ...| r? ' I " i it 'in- l?'u Ia? aaaaa. Ita %lir? >?alitl?a aa aa aatl-djrepaptl* m?4i rua. ?rr almaa- ^t-ry?>.?ra ark an* I. 4r?4. Lar f* kaltlaa SO aaata. Prtarlpal - fllr*. ttz raltaa ati??t. MO N Y NAHKRT. Hnaaa*. M Til# ttoirk inatktt "ji?t?( linr/ tkl > morning Tk? Mwr artlia faa. j . n Iha Hat <>a r ria liaiiraad, and aalaa vara aUa at darlln* of V P" ? ?! Ftram l/#aa d?*Mnad p?r aaot ard llarl-m v? IM Iar* of Ir?? Vallrt ad akar*< ar* mora d1*pna?4 to pat tk*lr Mark a,'?-o tli? matkat. th?'? arManllf b?lo( a 4?*ir# to Ma! to# Tk? f< n#fjto at tk? ofkra of tk* Aa*lalaat Tr?aaar*r rf Ikla pa#t. today, amonat-d to IMtlTt; pajmaaU *1*7 *44 4? kalaaaa. ft 7*7 M8 M Tlia d?maa4 l?r rtartlaf * tenant*, for ramlttanaa k; tk* paekat laa*lo* Roatoa on W-di^dt/ kaa Vara BK>drrr.t?ty *.-:ira I'.-aarra ha?a maintain' I pra? .aa tataa. a ad th* aappir <* ?"<* Mila #a tka markat to a?t latf# Wa qanta Mlla na L?a4aa ta?? a 101< p-r aat pr?mlam. na Parto, if a ht JO HamVarg. U\ alt Rraam T?V a 90. 4m#t*rdam t0'4 a . TV# prtU'ioa of 'fitb, la#t arak, aaouato4 t? 1466.800, pi ocipally silver. Ki ported previously, M'^0.210 Tout for 1860, u <178,100. Amount of government stock issued on foreign aosount. during the week ending Au^uit 17th, was 01(j5.C6O, of which $19,010 wan of the loan of 1842; fH4 tf>0 of 1847, and $'2 000 >1 IN 18. Thewtather at tbePouth lor the cotton crop appears to be all that could be desired The excessive high raog<' of the thermometer, the last six week), has tdictually prevented tlie usual devastation of the infects, which regularly, each season, commit some iegree ot detraction to the young plant. We do not recollect a period in which we have seeu so few complaints as we have this season. Our exchanges are uniform, la describing tae plant as indicative of a good harvest, with a fair average season; the only injury, which Is of Itself a questionable one. is the studding of tome of the numerous forms and botls, which encumber some of the youug branches; this, ike the dro; ping of extr* fruit, is ordered by na'.ure, hat the porion remaining may have more susteuaoce. A Soutl rrn gentleman has recently presented us with a specimen of a n?w variety of cotton, termed the banana, which hu is cultivating this season, on one small branch of which, about eleven inches long, we counted sixteen bolls; they stood different from the usual kind, and were thrown out in couples, or four stt ins. from each joint. Bhould the staple of this new variety prove good, it must add immensely, not only to the yield iu future years, but to the rapidity of -I?>!?? !? II??r u'?m>l111 v nature nrovijes for the wants ol mnu! With an unpromising spring. there was every indication of ibort grain harvest*, anil only two mouths since, wu raw calculations male, we should hare to export flour aud crn to St. Louis, Missouri. (we actually shipped Hour west from Uutfalo) as, in comtH|Uence of the bad season, and Califurnia emigration. the crops in that section would not support the inhabitants, Ue The result is befere us It may prove similar in regard to this crop ol ootlon. A good crop has always succeeded a short on* since it has bi en grown for export; and although there wan at one time great alarm experienced, that the rule would be deviated lr. m tLis year, it does not at present look like an exception. Yet. with the great re<|uir?m>'nts of the world at present, it is still doubtful whether the yield will be sufflcient for tht wants, provided It 14 a?Ti taiued that the grent activity in the manufacturing districts In Europe Is for substantial present requirements, and are not at all based upon the probable scarcity of the raw article. We are satisfied that the American Interest is u very small one now. aud it is possible that the Liverpool speculators may succeed in cornering their Lancashire friend*, and prices be yet carried to nina or ten pence per lb. for medium spinning grades. books for subscription for new stock to be issued far the construction of the Direct Line of railroad between Rochester and Syracuse, are to be opened in few John Thompson, bands on bo.ird the ibip James Wright. from Liverpool, were all taken into custody bf the lotted btates Marshal, on a charge preterm! agatnxt thrin by the Captain, for an attempt to revolt on board raid Teasel, about the 20th of July, while on the pastage trom Liverpool to this port They were all committed until Wednesday, when a hearing will take plaet before the Commissioner. Captain MtrrU Hailed ?Captain Henry W. Merrit. of the stave ship Martha, who waa arrestel, on the Hth July last, on a charge of being engaged in the slave trade, and ha* since been committed in default of bail, waa liberated, yesterday, from custody, by Mr Morton. the 1 nited ftates Commissioner, in the sum of $3 000 surety, to aniwer the charge when callad upon ftr trial. MAIM FOR BllROFE. THE WEEKLY HERALD. The Americas steamship Hermann, Capt. Crabtree. will leav* this port at thr*? o'clock this afterboob, tat Southampton and Dremea ; aad the British tramer Cambria will 1mi? Boiton to-morrow neon, for Halifax aod Llrcrpool The mall* ot the Hermann will eloee at quarter before two o'eloek, and thoee of th? Cambria at faur o'clock thl? alternoon Thf Wiuli tTraaib will b? pablUhed at tea days, in Rochester. and at various point* along the line. This U one of the most important railroad routes in the 8tate. and we hare no doubt tbe nece^ary amount ol capital will be expeditiously raised Tbe present line from Rochester to 8yracuse is 104 miles In length. The straight line branch will be about eighty-one miles between city and citr, and will require the construction of about seventy-fire miles of new road, involving an expenditure of from twelve to fifteen hundred thousand dollars. It is estimated that the expense of iroa and grading for a double track, from Rochester to Syracuse, oa the present Una, would about equal, If not exeeed, the expense of the right of way for and the conatraetion of this new road seventy- Bve miles In length. Tha new track will go through or near the nourishing villages of r airport. Mace don. Palmyra, Newark. Lyona Clyde, Weedtport, Port Byron, and Jordan?an entire new range of villages, not at present accommodated by any railroad facilities No other section of the State is equal. In all the elements of prosperity, wealth. popalation. and enterprise, to that between Rochester and Syracuse? none of equal extent it* superior in the United States. The value of merchandise Imported Into and ex. ported from the port of Philadelphia, during eaeh of the past four years, ending June SO. was aaannexod:? coumibcr or PmLiinKi.rMi*?Iwroars asd Kiroars. Iw of Import*. Dutiable. f'rtt. Hprrie. Total. 1?47 H.Ail.TJy BJ.IJW it."it IW II JVl.XJO JZ/.wt 14,it/.Ir?.? INV V.A19.IM M66.I*4 27<?..Vv< 10.641.??U:t icau MbiajT* 1.161,lav ?i.:w6 li.aia.MDt Total,,. . $J?,6U1,UK1 t\6Uo}79 I'aJur of Effort*. J\*rr<tlr. f^rrivK. Snrrit. Total. W7 H.WS.SM iSSU-Vt 41.637 * M.VS9I I1.4* 6.40XU9 351,Ml 62,(571 V7JB.**: ]h4? 4,*)7,?U IM.VJ 1*.,SH5 6.344.421 1.-S4J 2,124,IM 2f7,VJ 30(>,4I71 4 ..VI),712 Total saiuvMl $l.l?,4? fMIAM >24.121.V4I Tot?l vtlae of import* for low >?*rt $4.V>OT,''2S port! " " 34,121.6* Kt<-*** of import! otw uporti Is four jtiri SI9,l<72,34tl Tho ioroifn trad* of PbiladtlphU la imall. and ao tar aa bcth import* and axportu ara concerned. tha port raafc* abc ut tha fourth la tha country. Uomp&red with the fbraljra trad# of thla port, Philadelphia can bar* bo pretemiono to fOBmrrct. Tha Talua of foreign mfrrhandlrr Imported Int o thif port, during tba month of July, waa njual to tha Import* Into Philadelphia la any two of tha paat four year* Th* monthly eiport* of New Vor| are about eqaai to tha yearly aiporti of Philadtlphla. Tha annnrd ftatement exhibit* the>ela'.iT# eoit p<*r eent of the tran*portallon of paaaengar* aai ro*rebandiae. upon twelre of th? principal railroad* ol Ma?rarhu*ett>. In IMS ? Ort*?Ti*o Kirrtpirmr* or R*1l?o*d?. Pa$t*ngri TiwjUr. Poitrngrr /'inftiffr f'.tpen i<i ft*a<f* Krpoti?e?. Jferet/i't. per rent. Worre?t*T fXUlftO'l 41 4 S We.tera 101.4.7 .'??! U??7 2H 72 Prorlden*? W l ->7H 2i> 040 41 02 Taunt..a 10 0*2 33 78.1 AO 27 New |!?dl?rd 23 #63 AO.039 17 .0 lx>Wfll W2 ?ho 179.790 81 flfl Naahtut 27 7*7 57 Off7 4141 Koaton and Main* l.'ieuU 333.314 4o <W i itehbant A2.M4 304.0M 40 A3 Ki'Urn 1?? l?0 404 U72 34 40 Old < ?lOBy 16J ul* 167 .mi 77 41 l'*ll ?'1.414 102 US i<J 12 >Ytigkt Trufllt. t'rtigM FmgKt F.rptntn fjprnui Mrcripti. ptr crni. W< rrmt?r %v>2 ?'fl $87*7M 67 44 427 116 7*2 231 M 73 rm*ld?Bfr e?w?4 12* *'i M 24 Taunton 20.WH X7 DllO 75 49 N?w Hvdford 1*467 1MH M 24 l.oti*U Inn.nua rait 71 o-i !U?hua 71,669 *7 44J 10 13 Button ?nd Main 122.469 190 121 64 43 Pitchburg Mv Ml 66.14 i:??l?rn 44 MO 113 *67 *> ?l Old Co|n?y 45 31 M *27 63 31 Fall Klv?r 60.447 71 404 44 #7 R'T'tuUtir* Ttml Tot ml Total rrpmtr RaW< Erp?n? Rwiffi prr r*nl WottMtfT ?4>iv>i ?7M mi bin W Mtrrn M* MS 1.345 XII 43 73 Pro*ld??e? 163 1*2 354,:m 46 10 Tiudni' 37 373 tO.TM 41.44 N?? n?U'f..r4 42 4* *7 200 4* 3* l ? 960.003 414 4M 62 64 NaatlU* wann 1X1 ' W ?"i Boat on and Main* ?? 4*4 .H1M1 49 47 FHehbtirf W4H 474 W 4* M rwtwi 1W ? > 117 CJO 35 M OMColoar 176 Ai-?o WM r?oi Kim no t;* m.ou ?7i It tppoort by Ikitkoft t?bl?? that tha npn?r?np frrm thlity fl?? to ?lity nlo? per Mat of tk> n*r?^ ?t< r?coipt? Tko of tbo fralgktloi Wpartmant II will bo mob. fTMtlf m??4 tbo pk>M?(?r t*pirV m?*t. tbo ktfkMt por rf?l In tbo foiior k?t*( ?*?h?T four nd frortlo* por rott u4 I* tbo Uttor *oroat j mtpii id4 trartlna por font, Tko OTaraja la atom lift j por nit. bat tbo oitroaoa.'ifo mark grvotrr tboi ? hod itllrlpM*!. tack (M?rsr?. -M 114 ?>hr> ftria RR 7V-, l7o<0 Pfaw 7nk ? ?. "4? HiK W 4o 7?V MW' Naw Tar* C?, M 1<H ? 4a <*??> lllia.ti B.a.t., 47 MS M 4* k| 7V, ? ' 0*4 Hit B?o4a I'"' * > < a*i 7% ?? >Brla la' B-a4a I1*) 4* 0?t 9 7? l? ?hri N Tt*M Ca ll??t n 4n 7.1 190 r?r??r? Traat MB 4i?t IW 4a |hi 4* 4ft ." af ?iV KM 4* ?*? ft Rork fe Sjra RR !<?? ? 4a 7?V M 4r> 4* ?7\ ? 40 Ml 7> ' IP N Ha* Ik Bar'. RR 171 *? R?a4l?* RR 4milatM*HR ?'4 ? 4o I Ml 4* k?0 v;-" 1(10 4a *? 7? 4o ?S mtrniro *ruRD' in??.r?mtr?m l(*!< ** ?br? Crla R* M 7<* R>.rtlt?r?*fl? ? 4o b? 7} IM< Hartfm RR ?S IN 4? kill 7* 311 *rra k Raak ?7>. W1 R??4,o? RR >1 ADIKimRRlKNT* BBJEWCT BIBB! M. PKCIAI. R?TI?IU. 1a or o r-TH? r w. orano lodge. or ?or tb?m K>? Yark. will k"l4 o ??![? at tha Oran'l Lo4<* B < ?o. ftatlnaal Hall raaol ?ir?t, thla ???a<?? at atcki a'claek. RtpraaaototlrM> will t>'?a?o W;'M?atool. R? i> riHT/?, Orlnl AlTilWOURRin URITIWO Ol TUB fRIR.vrM of Mr. k. X. t..' <4oa? loliaa >a4 llaatlioa) oill H hal4 I I aito Ball. >orwr r-afth a?roat aa4 Araaaa C, thi* ( Tn-rf.j) ataalaf. *-?? ? ??? fw tha par?aa? ?f aohlM pr.|>ara<Vr( la t~H<i ?a tka im? l>?ltaWr ?oa%, fr?ia ?la n?)n?- im^ri??a??o' / f*!... , aUIm tl illCt, Cbair ???. Ch k tl. R? w, fowrtot). MWARN. tftZ H F. W A RI).?LOST.ON SATURDAY 17TH INST., ON fr ^ Broadway, bciwe*u R?sdr? Seaman k lluir't itore and i'rince strtet, a Quid Bra< cUt, with sel of 4ar<?*t and i>?arl in the form of a leaf. The ttuder will be re war led. by ( leaving the name at thin otflee. HH W A K l? - TO JOHN Ml V M HE It 8 Of W> RKif?p, Rowland. If this notice should inuct h - eye he ie requested to immsilately communicate with T W Pi>rott, oare of IIall. Brothers, 4* li m?er street, New York ; or $ ' regard will be given to any peru?n giving information cf he Maid John Chambers, who is supposed to be at. or near Alt any, N T. A LIBERAL REWARD WILl BE PAID FOR A COPY of the Weekly Herald of Auicu?r 36th, IH-4'J. Apply al Mr. trint^n's Confectioner' st'-r*. H ' Pulton stroet. InST-LRFT, AT /. M OU1UBVA COMIt \ND FASCf J go< ds store, Broadvtay. a Purse, coutainiu^ luoaey. H.e owner will plea.-j call aud prove thy same, and pay for tl is advertisement. 108*?ON THE EVRVIVO OF THE 10TH INSTANT, J tupposed rear the entrance to CaslJo Uurden, a purse c? ntaini*f( un ney, tor the return af which a liberal reward will te given. Apply at 78 South street. Post OFF li i: NOTICES. MAIL!? FOR KPROPE.?POjT OFFICE. NEW YORK. August 17. 1*60.- The ntiuU for the united State* >1 ill bteau>?r llciiaunn, will le made upat this offteeon Tuosdav, the v.?'ih instant, cirsinji at a quarter before two P. M. %l **1? for the iteamrr Cambria. (from Bstou,) will be de#patehed on 11 i i lii look P< Is., to be forwarded via New Haven. The supplementary mail via Stcniu?ton, will close at four o'cl ock I*. Mi. ^ WM V. BRA ?Y. Postmaster. CALIFORNIA MAILS?CQANC R OF PAY3.-PCHT V' Othce, New York, Aagu?t 17, 1850.?Notice m hereby given. that tho da J? of culling of the Unite J State# Mail ' Vitamer* for California, are changed to the 11th and tilth of . racli month, instead of the 1 l.h and 2.*<th The next regular ' mail will be despatched per Ohio o the 2dth of Aiuuet. WM. V. 11KADY, Puiimastor. PBHSONAXm INFORMATION WANTED (IF FRANCIS POHIER, OF Charleston.? A telegraphic devpatoh from Charleston, to the cnderaicte 1. requires tho immediate return ot Frau~is Pohier to ( harlcston. in consequence of the death by drowning, c I' Mr. A. Jacob. Further particular* may be obtained by applying to JOUN KfcN.NKTT, 1<"? Vesey St., N. Y. IF ANY 1ADY WISBEJ TO ADOPT A UAXDBOMR, bfthliy, Interesting female bahy, rar:ly l r >nzht up on the b**t tie. an the mo tin r'n m a? Bur r ither limi'ed, the can ban It. a i- mf| bjr letter, pott paid, 118 MmUni * mi. Name ard refidence ie laired. 'lhu above can be au?w?red ftr three daji. PKfc SON A L.?ANY YOONU LADY WHO WOULD hsve no objection to join a first-rate company >f trave'lirg arti?tc. under the care i.f a respectable rutron, can hear of a situation with a high salary, by addressing it. VV. Citj P u Notice.?mr. tiiovas dat.zell, formerly of Marltield, near Fori rv In tbo oonntv < i Down, in | Ireland, left Ireland in May, 1M0. and on the;!7th July, l"40, i joined the flr<t regiment l uitad State* Dragoon.*. at I'hila1 delphia. Mr. Dalzell, in the rummer of 1MI. got kicked bv a horrt. which incapacitated hint from .uru er aarribe and ufn |uitting the regiment, stated l. is intention to procecd to Columl'up. f>hio. Mr. Dal/ell has not been heard uf lunce lMl. if ii vi(I/, i- la r . . apprised last infoimationut much importance to bimcan, up<>n application to the undersign* d, be eotnmwnisated to him. If this notice meet* the eye of any p-rson who may be acquainted ; with Mr. Daliell, if living. or if dead, is aware of the tune j and place of his death, the undersigned, <?n the part ??f the ' immediate relatives ot Mr. baliell, will feel graceful for information aa to his residence, or as to the time and place of i his death, at* may he. Dow npafrick. 27th December, 1849. , JOUN WELSH, Kirkcubbin. JOHN W A RNOCK, Solicitor, i inpitriek,Minty of D?wd. 1n1si4. A CARD-SIMON MANN IMS THIS DAT AP >!. >gited for and retracted the slanders uttered against The re fa llalilow? and tho suit 8. M. has been discontinued. 8POKTI MO. UNION COURSE, L. I.-TROTTINO.-TIIURSDAY, August 22, at 3 o'elock, P. M. ? Purse of $100, two mile 8 M<l.aughiin enters eh. g.. Confidence; Jm. Bridies entera eh |.f TrunUc. Immedi?tely after, i>ur>e <?f $1). mile heat*, tent .1 in 6. under the saddle. 8. McLiughliu entera gr. m , Lady H afMn^too; Iaaa-* Woodruff enter* b. h , Tom McCaun; Charles Brooks entera b. g., General Scott; P. J. Nodine esters tli. g.. Kisgfold; J McMann CltlVa rr. g., Sambo; Job* 9i-icer entera b. g., Trojan. The ear a wi 1 leave the South Ferry, Brooklyn, at 2)6 o'clock. P. M.. and return as aoon aa the rporta are over. SFlCEltk McMANN, Proprietors. A CPA! I.ENGr-WK, THE CIIKW THAT 1M I.I.Eli thetl '' BMl < ? i je Waakingtun again*: < Ub lloat i Tbomaa Jt-fTeraon, in the late race, will pull the George j Wathingten against the Thomaa JefTaraon a 7 or a 10 mile racr.for the aanc amount of money as pulled for in the late rare. If the above challenge is * < i ' ptoflM fill llfhafc Hinds', Clarkaon and Greonwich etreeta, any evening thia i week. Edward Weaton, Dharlea Palmer, James WaUroa, John Eckerton, Stephen Green. FOR SAL.B AMU I? LKV. ~ ~ VALUABLE LEASE. FI'RNITl'RE, AND BUSINESS for aalc, of tli. .tenant four ttory honac, No. 14 D*j ] atraot, known aa tl.a Karae.a'a Haa'1: tli. l?n baa n.arly I algbt l<> rrn. and th? li ttin.- ?K pay. th? wliola I rrni: tha wiil.nlng of Day r.n.l.ra tbia lr??? rarj *aluabla, and for ? wholaaale atnr?, or the promt liaainfiaa. iu i lorattrn i, unai.cllad; t" an old <ou ntr\ man tlii. aatabliahm<nt VMM ba T*ry d.airatl.-, and tha taraia will bp mala arrommodating for a fart of th* parchaar, If naraaaary. Apply on tli* [remia.a. ta K W. ALLEN. FKR SALE?A BAY IIHRSE. SEVEN YEARS OLD. tlftran harnla biib. ran trot lna mila In thr.a mlnatca. Impure at 47.1 Ura?'l atr.ct. U. BROVN. TO LET-TOE LiRliE SHOPS IN BEAR Of HI. G5, aud t)7 C*ltr? atraat, with itua ponar. aaitabln for I If. n and bran foonJ.rt. bwlahing ,h?pa ap itiiri. or Power I priu'ln,; plenty of tight f*l trttMT'iin. |>ra?.?t eft ...* round floor. A naiubar of cranaa. Iron tlaaka, furaar.a, fca , I for ,ali. Aptly on iba pr.Mi.aa, or UH Falun atraat. TO MEDICAL MEN. LAWYERS, ENGINEERS. AND m otlittg.?'Tolat. !r .ni tba lat of cr, or with im rdlat. po'Mttion, if r*ioir?d. an offlna. atlh prlvata room, i m .' r.palr, and r??-tntly peered and paiatad admU i ralily aitaatad for any of tha abo*. fitted tnri Bitura to ba takan at a valuation. Rant mod.rata Apply to M. Tan HortaWrg, Ea t , Coaaaallor, ki.. 14 I'hainbara at. H' OL'IE TO LEASE.?THE LEASE OF HOCJE NO. 4 Murray itr*.I. two doora from Broadway, will be transferred to a good tenant, on tha ia??t favorable t*rm<. and th. farmitnra for aala at a bargain. laqaira on tbapra' ml<??. n.lBI. Til . WT ft VI D II ITT WWW CV ft n I > T. I S I*i, altuatfd U lha luv?r part of tba rlty u l a?jr to Broad**;. F?r t?rma apply *< No W Broadway, Halle k Huildiaf, roxai No. 4. AI I.IAS4.KT ATTIC liEDROOM, Fl'RVHIICD, TO Ut to a iia?W i-iiltDki. A pply at ST Broadway, ay atalrf. K0OBS TO KENT - FURNISHED AI'AHTM ENTS FOB ?lr?l?- cmlfmrn with all II * fonrtmrntr of a trat (lid liMrI, ttrtftlai ll il? ?ycor l.r?aard. I VVANTItD-TO ON THE 1ST SBI'TEBRER. IN " Cmi'ich, Vulnaittii, tr f eit Mr??t. balow Borria ttratt. a Urra anforal'^ifd front rw>a, laltaMa for a bar ro >?. or a aaal! boa?a wttb aarb a rwnai atiaabad la II. Apply. by lattar, |>r? paid, marhafl " C. C. C.." t??thi? < ffic*. Matlag whara ?ad whan m tatarala* on la had. Wanted?A oentkei. housb. with tiik <>drra f?*??aifa'-f?, la b? ilta it?>l a?^r Br? ' wiy or a at?r' ronla, to If n??d ?? a hoafitlaft hotna fur a ft ? ?ln l? ranilr man and Ihflr Indm No r#f?r? a??? (Iran. bnt tlio tonl patd In adirnaa*. Addraaf, eoafldaailally, Mr<. 8. I,. C . Brand? ay fwi OIBar. 1 Wanted to hire-a oood two ptorv and attic hi'ii*. la tha ad|hkorbaod af Lltpannrd. ! Wtlker, Oraad or Broom* itreat*. Addr*** I. U., at thia ' hoar.MNOT mc. 70*7 bkoadwat. opposite grace ohubcbI W I R>artl>r -Nri?m *aJ*ar*ln4 la tfcla tilr. 4**lrla( a prlra'a r?anl-aoa. *ntalmrd *Uh tha cnraaiia** of a r?t tlaat total. Mtlon ?nd bad raaiaa aaaaaoting. na a**al l Int labia. attwailT* **ri**t*, bath*, *t* , aaa b* normata*4*1*4 at tin aloaa jlaaaaat laaallaa. TirMMil arraaxaXfnta for l>ard raa ba aada. Aladt residing bituin ten inttbi walk ft m 'ha Fnltoa Farry, Br-< klya. batt?? a larm airr hmaa wa?r*apt*4, w**l4 m*kr ?rran?rtaaatt far III* aa aaiaodatlna af two or lb raa (ant Ionian, with farola>.*4 f> ??, ?nh ar wit boat brrabfaat aaa taa. A'l traaa UanUI. Harala nBlra. Noaa bat Kaatlanfa aard apply. AIMRTBENTE WAVTBD?PABI/>B AND BBDROOB, faraatrd ar nafnr*'*k*4.wl>h i r wllhawl ptl**t* tabla, Wtwira Foartbaad Faartaaatb f.raata. aad nanr B-?.*4w*y. I Addraaa CI.. B- ? I.I' 1. r .ft OS?. (Itla| (itaatiaa and ttru. J ablab Bail to raaaaaabla. Board-two or tiimeb single oevtirven. or a (ratlri&aa aad wlfa, raa ba a**?aia^.dat*4 ta plrnftat n?lj? toihood **^ wlth^ (nr roumf. *n m .drrat* M f lha b<?r4aT*. Apply *1 IM Bait Br?a4? ,r B'>AB!>lhn~A fSEN'TI-BMAN PBSIBBA T>> HAVI A p' r*?a. with parr, at k?*r4,la a strict* Iy |>rl?a-# family ?p ** . whara h? 171*7 mi> t'ia mforti sfakiaaa K'faraaa.-a (Iran aa4 raqaira4. flaaaa ad-lrrsi luwar yaat ?#?, k<? IM, statlni tartai. pnun wanted-a 1 Anv wianr* bo*bd in * D laall prlaa'a faallv or | n< sta l.nar Jn( hiasa. ar tin ( nhf?raiaka4 rnama Tha aituati >n nit ka iftr Rri?4*l| 1 aa<l hai ?aa? boat an4 lutaaath itraata. A44raas t'. C. J., I ?t tkka 1 Hi. ... ROABI) WANTI D mi I ADIB9 IN t U raa|**taM*family.(a ?l4aw i*4yt'r? farr*4) whara tlx \ ???f"rta?f a homo mat U i?hi?4. TW waat >l4a of tk< fll) KtlrrtH. A44r*as A. H. C.. BaraM aflkaa, far tltraa . 4a> a. UOAHD WANTtD-moK TIIB FIMT Or OI'TnlU D t 7 a rao'lan aa ?a4 Ma ?lf?, la a friaata frail/, ? whara tkara ara kwt f*w k*ar4ara? a Raam aa4 Ba4r?atn .4 I lataiaa, aafanitali'4 ?r parilr (?rai?h?4. I.?aatl'a kwtwaaa . 1 hialan aa4 Amity itraata. aaar I iil'ai. K.faraaaaa *tafca?t?4. A44rasa 1. L . at tha nllta af this papar. BOARD wAnrro -A LAOT WI'HIJ BOABDIW A rrivata family. af a bar a tkara ara fair knarlara, aim tka aoc?a.??4tilaa af kath. Bafaraaaaa aichmal. A4' 4ra?a A. at tf.ia e??a. ijoaiid wantbr-i obntlbmaN itopld mbbto 1' akiata a faralshait parlor an4 ka4r >amt w ttk kaar4. In a, (whara thara ara ? nthar knaa.|ar?| foi htaaaaK aa4 wifa Prirata iakla prafarra4. Tama mait I kc ma^arata. A44<aaa " IV at th "afti-a af thia papar. TBATIIJ.EII?' OlIDM CANDBN AND AMBOr EAtLBOAP LIN I fO* FOILA?a*pkla. at aaraa a'alaak, A. , an4 half-pas' raaa'aloak, I T. kf ataamkoat JOHN POTTBB. VlyJI?a4?ys >??apt?4| fr^ ri.r Na. I. 5 art* rtrs*. ?ata~f(iM atoaa ?" > aaa?w4 ataaa oar*, tl. INOirB.V HBNT Ot'l'OMTION MSB TO PHII.APBLphis.-Tks staawiara af tkis Has ara a aw raaaini r*ra lar ka'waaa Naw T<.rk an.l n.lla4alphla. Iaa4la? aaah way a* , 9*1" !'I 1? ".I'lf'.JTh?ra4a?a,aa4 Satnr4ays, from Plar IB. N. R- at 4 P. M. *Ma Nra. II 4a?k, FTTBl.ICATIOnn. II fTTBIJ/S MTf.lfJ AGB. NO A Caataa'a ? I. (MtarW, Praaaraattaa af Mtka, Qjart?il? Barlaa; 1 |,?4 Br- . jhaai an4 tka hiaalan aaakta?a4ar. Pcaaiatnr aa4 T<ma? S. Biory af I Hdgatl, L?4ia?* l'o?paal"a; ?. Haral H >ira 1 y a Ijlr. Na? |'.rk Baaa'n* ? ! Haatlai Llfa la ("itB Afnaa, Bfaata'ar; 4. Tka , Ah'a aa4 Caaaa, riatnrM la tka raaa4ws 4a : J. ('arraapa?> 4aa?a a?4 Ittaararr af ? karla* V , 4a.: A. Cktataa Da-ma. 1 U'a >f tka Bartk Waukaaaa sal Balaatnr #. l>-atk -f tka Traat4a?t, Naw | ark (laansr Wsaktiw?a? u4 Ik* Frl?. , ?latas af tka Baaalatlaa, P. Wharpla II. Tkaaaaa4 . Ia*aa4a of Ika Si. L*wra*aa AlKaar Braata* l?tifa?'i wttk CKtry. *a4>k*at arMaia* p.,kitalia^ > ?kl?. a? f I. (fall I l'? . R.u'na; a?4 .a | k) D.aailt k ?i > 1| y >'-i 'l ' V).? fia..?., 4*. Bt? V rk. I WARTI. I to" anteo-two la?w dri4s gap hakbr1 and i Tf two .v.ft Cap m?keri: to thoao w?ll wit'. ' ! the bmiCHi Ike boat uf ?:? ? imu Alio Wi'it* 1 for tIto I millinary branch, one ,npor.or rrinwer and Iwj itooi Milli- 1 un. Apply, morning and eienlm, at HKS. RICH <OXr>* M? Hmadway. Wanted.- MTUaTIOVS ARE WTAN tfa K.i.l A'J Mil' sixty e*t'elleut Ainericiu. English, Sootoh, mii Pro. | teetant Iriah i-onmUruene,. nil ruse. o. iki, nhambartn iil?. wait, , general wor?er?, Ht? : all have <o 11 ohiraotora?7 Carmine ?tr??i, Elmora'j Jiluot rrotci'ant t uployini'iit i Agency. N. U ?Smart, tidy, woll reeotannq I. I I'rut'jstaut ) ,?rvant.< can obtain at'oa'iona h#ro, free of ctiafgn. Wanted?a situation, hy a youmq wouks, to do chaiuberwork anl sewing, or home* irk f >- ? | small family, with the best of eit ir refer????. Apply a. 11J I Canal street. Can be aeon tor tw > day* Wante1>?an english ok scotch wo on, * ho is an ?*cellent Hook, at. J can brm; < I recommend at ion* at; to character au J capacity. Ap.>ly At No. I il# Second A venue, from 10 to 11 A. M 11 Vv young woaian, ah Chambermaid, or it u^e eir? of i I, Itlr-n, mill Jo i'lain M ' M? ' *tUi?f to make hers If e rally useful. S'o objection to the country. Tne beat of city reference fiven Can b? i"*?,n f >r three lay * uly, fro a ten o'?-lock to tire. Pleaie call at No. 00 c 'lumbu street, fr??nt IhmitiiiI. WANTED?BY A HUH1LV KKHPEJTVBLK MIDDLE iti-il woman, recently from Scotland, a mi tuition as housekeeper in a gentleman s family, or travelling with a futility, efih*i by eea or land: she ii ?Uv?r a* *er needle, and well adapted to take care of la-he-' a? well ad ohildren'a wardrobes. Letts r* nridre*?ed to "Anne," 11 raid OAoe, will be promptly atltawd to. Wanted?BY a eehpe''TABLE YOUNG WOtfAlf. a Protentant, a situation to do ehamherw ?rk and naitin^. or taking euro of children; gool city references given. Please call at 110 Laurens street, in the rear. Can

be seen for two days. Wanted?iiv a kk^pectable uikl, \ situati.-n as Cliamberaia.d. and is a good shirt id iker. and would have n? objection* t'? mind children. Apply at JifJ Seventh street. Can he : leu fjr this week. 117 ANTED? HV A RES-'EOT ABLE ENGLISH WOMAN. ww &?ituitioB toCvok, wanh, Mi I iron: n ? ohjootion to the country; g<*Kl city reference. Can bo aeeu for throe days, at .'ISA Ei/nth at root. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A BBIPBCTABLB Protentant young *-?nmn,to do general honaework ia a small private family. Please to call ak XM E^hth street. Can b? t?en tor two day. \\T \MKP-BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN*. W tStl inc and Ifoniug. She underatan ia her buaincas. Piea?e tali a r Koi rtl? at rent, WANTID-BV A RESPECTABLE YOUNli WOMAN, M u situation as Coek, anil haa no objection to do part of tl.e within*; enderatand* pastry, an t aUu bread baking. Can be seea for twodays at 1*5 Croaty strut t. 117 ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN. ww h situation as Nurte and rUmsowi-r, or w?uM 4? chaml* rwork aud waiting. Good city reference given. Ihreejtarsiu her last place. Please call at No. 10 Twelfth street, third door from the First avenue. Can be seen for two day a. WN\ i KI' \>\ \ RESi El r ABLE t.l (I. A SITCA tion a?i Chambermaid or Xnr^or wouM do the cooking f t a amall family. Can be seta for two days, at No. 6 Union Court, middle floor. OTAMTBD \ MTI atiov, BT A IBIPICTABXJ M woman, to do general housework; ia a good Cook. Wa?hcr, and Iroa*r: would do tl4ambcrwjrk, waiting, or take rare of children. lias no objection to go a *hort diataneo *n the country. Haa good city rcfercuce. l'leaae call at 16 C:i> llall place. Can bu aeen for tw* days. WAN i ?D A 8ITI ATION AS BEAMS! RK BY TUB week or month; |*rfeotly underitanda making and cutting fine *hirt? and children's drcsae*. Bent city rcferencea given. Can be foot for two daya.. Please call at 1!H Prince street. lias no objection to take care of a few children in a respectable family. WAKTF.D?IN A M A NUFACTl'RIN0 JEWELLERS office, a Clerk, who understand* the hrimi. Addre?i. with reference and torma, to Jeweller, the office of tint r?P?r. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE ACTIVE YOUNG MAN a aituatioa aa porter, or clerk, or in any other capacity where seal for the is tercet of hia employer would render him useful; ia acquainted with every part of the city; writes rapidly and plain, and haa a th?r?ugli knowledge of aeeounta; hr also underatanda the care of horses, and is fully competent to drix* ene or a pair. Good references or security, if required. Addreaa W. A. B. Sun office. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A iituati<>n iu a rmate family, aa waiter and chambermaid, or asaiat in washing and iroainc but refrren"?-g v.?n I iwn . , < a*. I4J ilufter atreot. one Iom fNl the Bow err Orooki > s r< waitM*By a jroaftg Eaafiak woman, latelv landed in thi?oonntry, a iit?a* tion aa children's nnrae. and to do plain aewing. in a r?ap*otablc family. Call, for two davf, at 143 ileater street, one door from tlic Bow* ry Crockery Store. WANTED?BY TWO RESI'ECTA BI.E TOl'NO WOMEN, aitnatlona, <'D* taeook and dj ?a?hm? and lroaiu(, tba other do ahambar?>rk and waiting; both can jiie g'mi eitjr relrrfnra from thair lait placaa. No nDJeation to go to Brooklyn; may be aacu at 3*7 Molt atraat, for KoJiji. loqntra in tha atora. WANTI D?A SITUATON, BT A R*81'*CTABI,S yonng fDBVi, u cook, vukir, an I ironer. Apply at Nn. !M holt ptreet, for two d?y?; tha beat of tity raiercaoa KiTWn. WANTED-BV A NICE. TIDV, REHI'El'TABLE GIRU a situation to anok. waah and irui: i? a ri*ht (aoi waahtr and ironrr, and good plain cook; it of ryad diapoai* tion. and v illm? to lat interact for bar ?.npt>y?r; { kiai and agrrrahla with children; tag give good city rafaranaa from her lMM|lofir bar own I' rltiiiic them ia. p irt. til. family went travailing: can ba aaea for two dayt, if not tn*?K?<l, atOl I'tarl (treat. XJL'AS rrii?BV AlForNaTilAN. WHO understands Wf bm.neaa centrally, a altaatioa, at Aaiaeaan. ia a wboleaala or rataii drjr good* or other atora, and would aeaiat at b<H>ki (aa (Ira the bait af rafaraaea. Addraaa M. R., Herald office. WANTED-A YOUNG. WELL F.Dl'CATATED GERi.iaa girl. lately arrived frain Germany. < deairnna of I>reinrtrK twiplot ui?lit to du, araaaiat In, (antral honaawork in aa Amtrieaa family, aa aha wiahae to U.\ra tha En^liah larrupfr. A family aavlaf a p?r?'>a in tha lining trial aadar?tui.?a the Onnaa lau*waf?, would b?t praferrad. Caa ba we! at So. IU Thompson ureet, aaaoad floor. WiMIP, TO RENT-AN Omcl OR DESK ROOM. In a?? (tor*, om lb* Ural or aaeond floor, I* th? ?iei?lty of tl>t II-raid o??. Addrraa bo? R.. tbia otBca. Wimin-BT A REll'ECTABLB CIIRI.. A SITI:Alion la a amall fapactabla family, to do gaaaral hfji??w.ri: It an aioaltcnt waahar and Inner. and a Rood plain rook: baa tho l.aat of rlty r?f?ran'?: ao oMrrtioaa to fo a abort way la tha aoua'ry. Call at No. Ill Mott atraat, u lb* raar, aacvnd floor. Caaba aaait at tbat playa for a faw daya. ' WANTED BY A CONFIDENT TOUNO WOMAN. A alluatloa aa Cook, aba aadarataada waaliiaa and Iraalnn. aaa *tra r??p?ctabla city rafar ai-' Apply at No. 37 I'farl atreat. Caa bf aaaa far t? o daya. If not tn(a?d. WANTED-TIIREE AOMTI. TO TRAVEL IN THE touatry, and oaa la tba city, at aa oa?y banaaaa. all hanra work per day, and |10 p*ir w?ak, ovar e .nrain, mada. Capital r? iuir?d. only <> $V anl moticr rafandad if ait ucrrraftil. Apply from X to III, A. M , to-day, at *>? Fourth ni ai >i?th uv. una. W>NTED BY A BBSPBCTABLR YOINO rJIIIL, a aliaatloa aa Cliamharmaid and W a I tar, or to <lo f-naral liowafwork. Tha baat of alty rnfaraaca oau ba (Ivan. Call at N? IWI Oantr* (tract. WANTED-A SITUATION, BV A COMPETENT y>na( aomia. aa Drat Co"k inalntrl. wboaan prodaca tha t*?t of taatlmxaiala from h?r laat placa. I'lft a rail, or a<ldrraa a sola to No. 3t> Trinity Plaaa, will taaat pri mpt atlaatloa. No atbaranard apply. WANTED-A RITCATION. BV A RESPECTABLE woman, to anoh. wa?h. and ir?? ; ha' '#a l>aat af rlty raftrancta h?r laat placa. I'laaaa rail la at tha miUIaary atota, U? Bo wary. WANTED-A SITUATION, BV A RESECTABLE " i"Ml Woaaa. aa >?ok,wa-lirr and l,.-.ic.r alty raf?raar-a aaa ba clraa. rl?aaa tall at III Eliiabatli traat. Now fark. \JkTANTfD?BV AN AMERICAN WOMAN. A W|TN)W, TT n aitaati'n u Uluttk'tfri <' * firr fM>4 r?f*r?'?i(?tt]r?inU k? f>rtf*rr*l.) Call it No. 1-1 l.auraaa ?if?t, ?f l*riac?. AM RKSI-IU tahi R TMmi WO?A* i* iwnonnr fatlirit a allnatlaa t-> ??lt ?a a Ulj ?nd family ?h? am a >e?it In tra<?l. la wMali itn?ti?n ?>i? h?- **-"> ?'? ha ta aa riccllant I%4j a a<ua?, an I a <nol M*anr??i ltr?4 tlttmn Ttar* la <*, pl?co. *? ? r??l??'< fllT ?a? U had. A laiwr. a<t?lr?i??'l t? ' ' BaraMOtfkr*, arlll b? al(*ll?l t i lha full >?la? Jay. AWM-ECTABLr. VOIMl WOMAN ITtillM A ?IT aation aa rhaaiHrr ti.n l aa I villat, ?rd ?.iH a??at la ? ?nd iraia< Th? h??t of ?-lt? r?f. r?ae*? rt?an i f*Wa-t rail ? 947 Twalfth ?t lirat (I .r. H??li r??m, Vint tal 8<na< maaw. t'aa ! ? ac> a far tv* <laya if Ml aapifd. A respectable yoi nii wmtn wants a itttatla; It a ? ?4 a*tk*r and irantr; ? Urtt rata aaakj I aoad'itp nl?rn'f ?lraa: ku ? i>kjart|..aa t? do -?*aral haataaork In ? print* fam \j J'laata aalt at 17 R "'aaralt Utaat, la ill* raar. ntt tka (rat laar; aaa b* aaaa tut t?? dafa. AiCOAl 1ivaj* -wahtbd, a situation A t "U ||???. a ataadt aiaa. ?n ladarttar. la kattnraa ?!i'.ro?*hl? J it l toHjr ud rartfal drltar, an I la nttally rafakla of la-d**r datlra. Tin kaal af tilt rafaraara, and ?n ?l,)Mt|oa la lh? aonatry; a ial*i ?aJ aarwaa??t ?ltn???o? aura aa akjaat tka* hicta at|H. Addrna WD. at Uaitrt* BrBrlda't. e-i.. ?l Br >adwtf. Aa notmikkkriit-a middle acjed inoi.uaw tana alalia* far tha akoaa aitaatl'.a. Rk? itndar. t'aaHa tha manacxaant a( a f?ttt11 r. aa I la r?a4 af a Aildraa. *t?H l ata a? al )a? n?? la itui4 ap?a aa latalll. Ini?lra f Mrt. ( am| ball. ZAi ItiaaU llrtti. thr*a do*ra Una , *m?r. Duron mi wanted out wll? H? a th>>. raaih knoaladja ?f Kit kaalaaa* la *?*rr ptrtl??Ur. may apt It ! J O llrira, Cham it I ai I A | t.actrj, H S*? 'a I ; aaanaa, Htf Vatfc. FOR HOTM.*?AN rvPEftiENrsn IKIOKKCCI'IR IA daalr-nt af aMllaint a allaa'loa. Ha tiaa ta okjar. titia ta ft *. nth. Hp m t .ia a *11 r - ? * ! 1 1 J kit praaant aiaplojar. A<ldiata 9. r., k?a ?,? " ** ? * "* HANDS WANTED IJ? A 1TOOM.IV I'AITORV "NE ttaoad a*rA*r, l*t itn4 ami a-a^r^rt, fiaf Kf> t? taad aarda, lamp r?< fattrlM* tH?f t?? ?"\r? to aerk la dja kant*. thi?t ilra' ral' i **k ?al**taa. Apply ta O. R. Itl RV |t?| HM, ij tt1 n llr-adaar. To w ati iihakvr* -wanteii a ?iti <TtOV. bt a tanacMan aim la llmraafkiy a?.,aalati4 ?l?k aaaap i ? '*nrli f t>.t aal'hatkai a ki. iaaat. Aii'l/at tai t'karn I lara 11 raat. TO Sni TIIERN SRCHANTIt AX UPHU* ID Kalattnaa, lk?r""?MT a' lua.aitd with Ik* *rr f <xta laadal* all >t| htm-h-t it d??ir ia?f ? r atitntw.a la aatra aaraaatlla h?aaa aaalh af |1illa4atpMt% l??ai if rtf"??<a ilraa. Addraa* litihu?k I'raatla*. Itr^klja, Mrw \ I Tr>CBNTIBM?N Of TH1 81VTII WANTED. BT A Jtaai mat of kannaaa haiita, ?k?. I* aaalaaa ta to ta II,a *< atk. an 1 ?l.a tp-a?t and ? "t?a 'Sa frM- li laataat" aafraatly a altnall?a M k?ol- kaapar ?f t?la.taaa. ar la a?y <'k?r raptmt J la whlok ka aaa ?aka a rfp-ata^la litla? Baal rafaraa#aa aad aaritritr ta aaf xttaaat aaa k? (Ivan. Addraaa J MrD , at tba aAaa tl Olitar l?ra. ?!.. *1 Ntaaan atraat waihiwfl. W??HIHflll?M EA<T.OBH'>WTOWA?n? i/inir^ vltkaat laiMtf.?Tka Watafatam la Ikla tritrIA: r><|nlrta * tra?k|f)?v p^ardart. rnK'.r. ?*'? . r aWi*? lala' >ta artialaa. Ia "rt. tl aa ?? tdai*. atllt l?? rh.a|t. ? << ?tt ka ha4 ???hara, .Wrlta ?a'l *f (tt? ri I'tll it <?? 'i d?|ia| tr A T B'.T, f "raj Lt .?Jr.'aa, i.' Ar a 9 'c?\ (.?? tU") >i? ink. AMI ?K1K?Tfl. I Bowery tueatre-tvbsbay evening, auq. i 2U, IrifiO. will be performed the new dratua, enuled the J 1'IKaTK OF Til K 1 SLES ? Murvogem. N J.ibnaton; Do. antrum, Mr Tilt<*n; z*ne Kirl>aba, Hi IV man*. Bar<>isi, Mr. Ftevrns; Kara Miititapha Mr Mar-id: Audrea, Mr Hamilton; Marco, Mi?a S. Deuia; Meleua. Mia* Weiuyaa; Phroaiwe, Mm Ililfert. To conclude with the drama entitled the FELON'S LAST 1'KfcAM.or, Jack bheppard la Frauce. JackSliep- ' < pard, Miae 8 Deuin; Joe niuedkit. Mr Steven*; Arn"Id and bhotbolt, Mfusrn Fisher and Lowe; liuuhard, Mr. (Jouldaon; Jailer, Mr. t'lurkaou Mm. Sheppard, Mrs Jordan. l>>orsopen at a quarter to 7; enrtain ri at half-paai 7 ok. Castle u ahoen ?i.a8t week of the cei.e- 1 brated Havaua Italian Oi?rra Cotupauy, uudvr the <iiro<i- i 1 tion of Si^noi F Hadiali. Wednesday evening. Auimt 21, * will bo performed l> >nuetti'a *r?at operLUCIA Dl 1 ^ I AMMKKMoou?Lu?ia ili Lanimerinoor. Si^ivra A. lioaio; ! I. Sir lieury Aahtoa. Si|r C. Itadiali; KIjfardo, St? L Salvj; < Hainondo. lienor L> Coletti; Sir Arturo, r F. lia liali; Flora, Sif n< ra L Bellini; .Virmanti", Si 'nor Uirritini. 1 Miiextro, Si^uor ltotteaini; Loader of the Oroht-atra- Higuor T Arditi. Book* of the Opera, in Italim an I EuTt >h. are S for vale ut the door. Tiokots l admission, 40 eeuts. Par- o1 forn.ance to commence at K o'clock. tl National theatre. Chatham street- i llenetitol Mr. Pti ry.?Tivsdav evening, August 2<>. the ? I ntertalnmei ts will e minence with the IX D Eli U ELS OF i ot CKIM K? Julio D-rmilly. Mr. II A IVrry; C?i?i lv*. Mr. ' I'. Hut"veil; Francoia, Mr Warwick; Ferdinand, Mr. Varrey; M h 'h?Tt, Mr. GrauKcr; L>uUe, M.?? E M.never; M idm. Ilou- ! ?li cet. Mit-s Iluu onwll"; Fanuy, Mi?a M CnarW* To concludo H with, for theSH?h night, the druma of the NEW YORK FIRE- K MAN ?Frederick Jerome, Mr 11. A. l'crry; Mr. Wealt iv, Mr. r: Thompson^ liotary PrtM, Mr. Jefferson; AI Miss Emily Mostaver; Lucretia, Uus Leicester; Mr*. Jerimc, c< Mrs. U P. Grattftn. l Card.?cottiSTrs orera aouaa closed for a short aeaaon. ?The pat rona "f Chriftj's Miutrili, lu I J the public generally, are rcapeetfullr iaNrmod that, lor the : 'I Eurooee ot altering aud ren vat inn tne buildiag of Meohaaica' ' I lull, tkey will dutcontiaue their pop ilar concert* far a short 1 seaaon. During their receba in tlua citv, the company will t aive Concerts at Utioa on M ??dav and Tu? ?lay, August > 12th aud l.'Hh ; at Sira> cue, ou Hedneaday ami Thursday ! August 14th aud 15th; and at Kooheater ou I'ri lay an 1 I \ VI..... .. ,,U? ||I?K i7<?1 fl.... tr.ll K.? tfivKA < i of tklif re-npeaiug, at their long-established and unuiuo ! Hall, in New Vol I E. P. CHRISTY, Direeter. Minerva rooms. 4 w Broadway -the celebrated young Irish Nightingales?This extraordinary child, who ha* astonished tnit most eminent musicians in Europe, will give a Concert at the above rooms ou Wednesday area isg, the 21st lost , asiisted hr Mis* Gillespie, Matter Gillespie, and Mr. James Gillespie, wmo will perform au air aud variations on the f!ute, aud accompany hiwH-If at the lane time on the pianoforte, never before attempted. Admittance 2fi rents ; reserved seats .*> cente. D^ors open at 7, to commence at 8 o'clock. For particular nee programme. SHAKSPBABB DBAM M l ASSOCIATION. - TlIS trieuds of t^e above avxociation. and the public, arc informed that having reorganised, they intend commencing their representations on or about the lirat week in Soptember. The raorganiied members are requested to atteud a meeting, to be held at 414 llroadway, up stairs, ou Wednej- , day evening, 21st iust., at H o'clock. j. B. \ an in BBN chairman. DBLLOW1* Ntw TOBK ETHIOPIAN OPBBATtO F Troupe, late Pieree's Minstrels, at the Olrmpfe, No. 444 Broadway, bet ween ilo turd an u Grand sts.?Monday, Aw*. 12, and cverv night until further notice. The eontinued sucoess that nas favored this inimitable band of Ethiopian performers, has stamped tfcera as being the ne plus ultra of all Ethiopian bauds, eomprising a company of thirteen perfermers, under the direction of J. B. Fellows. Tkjy wiU have the honor of gjv i? nnl iutmitable entertainments every nicKt until fu rther notice. Admission ISA cents. 1 Doors op?n at 7, Concert to eominence at 8 o'clock. An after- i noon Concert on Wednesdays and Saturdays, ocmmencini . at sr. u. J W A 1.1.IIA 1.1.A. No. sr. t'ANAI. STREET?THE ONIjY J criminal F< male Band of Minstrels, to be seen at this 1 place of amusement. Ileautiful Arab Girls, and lovely Living Pictures, to be seen every afternoon at .'t o'ol-ck, and 1 in th? ireiiac at 8 e'eloek. Toe eoly plaee where the true living pictures ?an be seen. Price of admission, 25 eents. j a llsll every night. ' Toe dusskldorf academy of fink art*.? * New paintings recently arrived frjm BlWIt. MMM which is "Germanla." by Koehler?a work of art of ths highest rlais. The exhibition of paintings by artists of the akove school has received mauv additions, and remains open at the two rooms over the nail of the Church of the Divine Unity, in fVroadwav, betwein Spring and Prmee streets, from 10 o'clock A.M. until 10 o'eluck P. M. Admission 25 oents. Season tickets 60 eents. Catalogues 12}^ cents. BXCIIKSIOIII. CI RAND PIC NIC AND COTILLON EXCURSION, FOR J the benefit of the Roman Catholic Half Orphan Aiylntn. to Biddle's Grove, Thursday. August 2Vth, by the friends of tbe Half Orphan Asylum. Ticketa, 54) rente each; to be had of John Drumi^old. M.'i Gran I street; Thomas Mater, corner Barrow and Washington streeta; James W. I Walsh, 1ft Fiith street; J. T. Bfcrry. lii Second street; Andw. Clark, ft Park Row, and corner warren and West streets; John Flanly, Twenty-sixth atreet aad Broadway; Robert ( dding+cn, aM Bowery. James O'Niel, 2*2 ig Bowery; Th-??. Riely, corner Allen and Houston atreeta; W. C. Powers, 76 PvilMMmt; Jo* Kivrnan.'tll Bowery; and of theSext?ne of the different Catholic Churches. The Coiamittee pledge themselves that notMnf shall be wanting a tlieir pif| to make thai one of the moet delightful excursions of the : MSW. Tksj have engaged tlie large and commodioun steamer Niagara, and the splendid barges Gilboa and Waahingt?n, and Meaers. Manahan k O'Connor's celebrated Baud*, for the occasion. N. B The frienda of the above are requested to meet at W. P. Powers*. No 7fl I'r.nce street, on Wednesday evening, August 21st, 1MA0. at ei<ht o'clock. By * erderof THOMAS MAllCK, Chairman. I^XCrRSIoN TO Tlir. FISHING BANKS EVERY DAT. J eir.jtt Katnrday?Tha Buffalo will laava Tbirtavn'h trarl. N. K . at ?s o'tlork; Canal ?tr*at at 7V 'iran J. * '?: Catlitrina. C>?; I*i?r No. S, N. R., DA. M rattirniaa by .vL P. M. Ki-frtolimruU aad ftahiag tackle provided. Far* 23 { caata each way. SALES BY 4UCT1QH. Auction notici-purniti;rb. Caj, at lo n'llMi. at Ko, 13 Sprue, ,tra?t. will ke eoU, il ?F*Drimrni ?i iiimuiin irn? * lawny, inrinina* lw:ik and rookara to match, bedatcada, lada, wxlnut fumitnra, pat lor ttova, crockery. kc. Alan, S pinaofortan. f.ljj and ?, ata?aa. to he aold without ru?i><, the time of limitation having expired. W'M. MVORUICK k CO., Auctioneer*. IIiaOCLLAII BOUBl Birds for sai.e a few pine yoitnq hoi-kino BIRDS, jut btnluiu U ||D(. Apply at 137 Madiau MBMi REDUCTION IN TEI.EORAPH RATES.?MERCHANTS' Liu*. Baln'e Pairut, ?> U all atrrat ?The rliarr* t't ton worda, Boat on and Naw York, will lirraaliT be Taanty Cant*, and Two CaaU for each additional word. By ardcrof tka diraatara. L. W. JEROME, Saa y. WBT PATRONISE ANYBODY WHO CIlARtiES WITTY par rant m ra than yon cat th? aioa articla elaewhera f At tha " Eiaelator Printing Eetablialimeut," No. 1V4 Water atr*at, rcraer of Maidea lana, they eaccuta every description of plain and lylcrraphic printing, at eitremcly low prioaa. tarda for $l par tboninnd, and npwarda. Other pndtinf remarkably low. If yon want aay kind af priatiaa dune, drop ta at No. lit Water itrcet. LUXUIY FOR TI1E LIVING, AND PROTECTION FOB Oia Da*d ? At 24# Broad**/ ara eiaikle tha inal' it ] Invaattoaaef tka a?c:-l. Idtatruntikla alr-aihaoalad Oof6na which will prceerye tha daad without change for a|T?l? parftct pratoetia miltit cuataflaa. t. Tha Or?ek Burial Vara, of a aaw aad kaaatifal form, aurptaeia* all tha la\eatioat of paat ayta. S Burial Ca?a, l r ra-iatcrmont, for keepiw remain* perpetually. 4. Iloiaafor preaervlni Prnlta af all I it, da (or yeata. A lao, aaarly I'V varlatlee of aUatia metallic ahalra, kadataada, loungea, piano aad atora-at'.ola, which far auriiaca In l>*anty, luiury, el'tanee, aeoaouty and durability, all nthara In naa. All (or iale, wliolaaala and ratall, at 24W Broadway, by tha Metallic Burial and Fruit Vaae Co. _____ Notice to the pibi.ic-wm reed, the hriginal and only diatillar ?f tha raal American Ol-I Tom Gin and othrr ll'inora. W K. rctnrna tlianka to hi> frl'nda tlnnanca of tho am*. I>i?lllarp Twaaty-aacaaJ itraat, una a, . r ? I ' ?f Silth a? Now Vnrk. PRECIOUS ETON Eft AND FRENCH T.\ N('T GOOD far uli fcy VICTOR Binaor. Importer. ? M.Uaa Um. N. n Potrli, and ail kiadj ( Gama parohaaa* At thalr tall vkhit. C1.AIM5 roil RETURN Of DUTIES PAID ON LEAK* ara aad l<r*ikifr <f alaaa ami 1 i<|q-?t? anltaao*, dralaaaa of tiifara, lr., ar? promptly all?n4'd ?obvFF,RPINAMI E. IIABM.KK. (ianvral A*oat. W a-fiimt. a Cit). H. C. Rafara l? lliram lU'nay, TV Wall ail?a?; A. I?>n*diot. 40 Wall ttraatj Konmll ft Fr%ac>l<, II U?a*?r iraat Win. Il.8?lft l'r??ld?nt, I'a., WilalB(t)l Il4 lt!> nm. n K R. I > . Philadelphia. ( 1<IVERN<<R rODNS. roRMBRI.V < ORNEK or Tt'LE loa aad N<m< tan at all lln*? be Koa by Ma frtfnda Ii4 tbt pakllt. at the I" aaJ rhaap^i* plaoa In the fit) *?t ftli. ? . and i.ait-r? <1 Ceurtlaadi u?.ior the Merohanta' II?to|. rt'ftrli f'Alf Itnote, |4 Ui. m rth 17. pataat laailiar Ronta, S:.?a>. Ac., tonally cheap. ( all aa4 im him?tha !? ?t< r. W 11.Lows-willow jvnr arrived rR<>M Harre. p-r ahlB Vrrmeat, tt*? h*adl?e; par ehip a?l pojar. 7(a) bandlae, aa<l par ?hip El<iab*th Rrara, 2ml leadlaa: ti ay ara all ma* or i?, nf tha be?t From-h liowa. for aala by J. r. CLEI7. No. *u Joha atraat. S*OLAR I A Mr P. CIIAN OBI lERft, MANTEL fANDELA? hraa. ( iraadtlee, flea Fiateraa. al tha aelebr-ted ma?a, emh?>aed and (ill; alec, olexant d..nkle plated Taa Wi, tJ? an 9 "i II'K r->r*r, n, ; rp n?. pi |wr a r'O ' ili"r', Rnak'ta. kr >n (braiii 'ilttr Raaaol'f i??rr iatlo Catl.ry. A. K. MORi'AN. Ift* Will ?m atra.t, Mm flltw ?4 A? Wfw". ftRRHCH I.AHOI *111 -TAt'OHT OH HODRRATR I taraa. Apply, I.J not*, to A.H., at thi* ?IRta. TO HOTRI. OR HOlSHR?riR?-JI*T RRCRITRO, I fraah fr..m IM rtiairf, I lot of timlUtit H lit- in atoaa jara. of fraan ?fi?#n to t??rtji f.a*4* aach Ikm iim at th? K?|>r*aa < !*?*. Ki. 10 Wall nwl A< ?RI> Tllf IMIWTINO THAT II DOHR WITH " Ratl? Oloaa." ar t aa at'k ">arhl af|*r I? tha KM Ml* : fair ap*aliti*? a ?f tt* aat? ?I varh ran ba a**a a' Itvia*. n?*ar4. art Rr?a4way hotala, A?t..r lli??. and many larca o*tak1l?hatrata. Thapakll*!* 'a<Mi..>?l ' ( war* of ?o?atarf?lta. aa tl.rra art atntmli r aoa in ? ?. ?alett|at?4 ? Ito tha pahli* aa4>r tamm alma*. Th* rnlj oririaal i* ' ratm i;loo? Whlta," ma.ia aa ! rrrj-ornl osl* kf (IT'iRilf. W IIOJRft, Paint**, rmir af T??'r.|tl>4 Hf??t aa4 Tli r4 at??ur Nt* Talk LAIHM ARnilRHTI.RWR* ARE HKRRRT *R?rRrTlallj ia(nr?i*4, that tha fall iiIh a>111 k? pa>.l, ia '?k, fi.f all ri-at rt|'K.aa ?f I>at><-Mn4 aa4 rot of rlatMij MJ. It Oriait atrrai. Orl**? l*fi at Ha. II, or ikroaib tta l>iaf?" h Knlma|itlr att*a4H to. J. MORON RV, II <>ra?(? WM*. JOHN < OI.OAX ' RRRM-RRf. NO. Ml VI *VR STRRRT, *'? V-ik. -burin Iba raafaa af tha brawti< a, tha HkurW Km ma4a r?at a44iilnna a?4 ir. tar iai-mTataaau ? Ma aat*MI*hai*nt 4atarialii?4 that ha tllfl m?%I. II antairai, all r >ta|?ti-. >ra an?a#*l in tha m? i?fa?t?ro ..f ihat kralth/karrraca, Tuta Hall Ala K? atpanaa ?..r paint ha*al*aa I parr 4 in rlmwlli |. i>'il?r hr*?otj a Ih'.ranth "fnliialltf. ||a la . ? p1*aa* I t* ana<*<nr* !<t hi* pat*'a* aa4 tka pa Mia caarallT, that ha eon 'tftlt tii.rrbaoafa ?t'h aar'|iill?4 artlala at I'aJ*. At*l*or ai.4 Mritaa Ala. Ilia itn;*"tt irrt ta ara an*h aa tsrraM* him to brow a |r.aali Iar?*r n>??tfj ?t Ala Ihai <i?'iar tha p-l aaia>.<i. Fi'ab Ala. raa4j lor aa*; Malt, llapa, Oraiaa, aa I Taaat, far **l*. iOIHOOUlN. OAM'RkRROTVrRft.-Tlir ArftrTtOJI* lirHI'lt* ally? tha wrtnklM kmw?th* ' a!4 haal?th* <aa?ft ?' ?atrha??? an4 4aalh ? pr>.n>|H aa n lira for f?ariif aaH Imm-rialilj. u?, tharafnia, aa4 a" ur' tlio aha4?. a f ?a'ara k? tka llaht rf li-a?aa Ha. 'J<0 Hroa4?ar. R' "n Sa. tl. ftlaaa. tl ta RM. Hll.AR A. HOI ?R?. D tha -aly ?r-ot f or l??la I.. Utah klataa, warraataj I 1 a^rarloa to aa* av?r Ha tai I ball ?Na? with tha fjt?- < lla?a af rataraiaa tkoaa Ibat ?'tHri|l? *atira tat afaa- I ? * . A aa. jaat naattai fra?aa. I?abat( < mwnr. r? Ma?4*a l?aaa. ar aaain. ( <An??f.l* RaRflAOR^. TMint'lta -CHR?r. tT , J ' ? I., ft II ?* ll '|.N tl t Or. I|a, vti H . .f Rkataiof, .tafaat 1Mb* ' 1 AflUSKMRm a [BROADWAY THEATRE?PROPRIETOR AND LIS8U, IJ K A. Marohall; Manager. ii. U. liarret.-- Tuiaday, Aug. l?, iMflu, will be prei*< nttfil riulwer'a admire^ eamedy of th? -Al>V Of LYON.*; Or, L"ve and Pride?ri.iude lr. C uwH); Col. Dium, Davidff*. M Oeohappttllt)*, MfttPeuhn*. mil* Anderton. Muih. Mrs. i't.U. Afu-r alt., n. Ml'*. Adeline m'111 appea in the |>as e <haractir ot La ftitana. To conclude with the favorit* oimdiettauf I'UH 1ION'. l>re?. Cue la and Parjuette, .? ceut*; Kam'ly Circle and Third Tier, 25 cents; Uall?ry, -y% ctntj. l>?ors optn at 7 o'clock. P?rforwauoes to ooiaa? n< at \ all-i'uwt 7. V11JI.OS.- TI ESDAY EVENING, AVQVST 20. IHM, an overture will >.? played l?y the .rchwtra After hieh the popaler cootiy 1 LOVDJN ASSURANCEir llarcnurt C< nrtly. Mr. II. Pla^de; Mai liarka war. Mr. yats. Dacsls, Mr. UaleM; Charles C??urtley, Mr. Venua; ? !, Mr. I^es' li; Mark Meddle, Mr. <hipixMidale ; Dolly ranker. Mr. Johu Seft. Jamee, Mr. fleteher: Martin. Mr. l?rence: Im<k?, Mr. Taylor; Lady (i\y Srankir. Mi?a M. * l"r: (iraco Harka*r?y. Mim. Nickenaon; Vert. Mm John Hftaesa the third and fourth acts an intcrniiaeion ' ns l nn ). tir, * h< n the magnificent Ball Kuuia will bo >rot> open as a Promenade MusHale. > I'KTO VS THEATRE. CHAMBERS STREET?TtTIS 9 day eveninpr. A"K uill ? plavd. H.n-knone'a comedy TbK IUIKai'U (?F I* KOMI SK - Kh<*nec?sr Sudden. Mr. urton; Mr. Mr. Johnston; .Mr lludaoB, Mr Henry , r*. Trapper, Mrs. Iluxhen; Celratina. Mint Weston; M ithili. Mm? Clark*. To Le followed by the ?jsw c?*m': Hetta >! 01 ti II lil.% MOV DS?l ord Plato. Mr. V nry; Mr William verirr?en, Mr. Uland; a iru>'u? UUnheim. Mr tlolnn; Conain Joe, Mr .1 iiMt??u: Lady Plate, M ** Weston: ????* M,- Hhmrr?tt iilald M *? Mil-i-a. T? t clinic with the farce of the LAl'UUI MO IIYEV&? Mr. . , I. . i Mr*. F i. * FtiuiT. Mi ' 11 'itn?a. A BTOK PLACK OPERA HOUSE.- THE FIRST SIOM ta ot the Grant! Spectacle of JUDITH, will dace on rut;Hda\c\e: August at"1, Uaiaine Anna Ui?hop ua a a 1' th; raphatl, a?j.irir. Madame Augusta: f liucira, >u Novuli* il ? in'itic adapted and arranged, with the connecting reei;?tive and ballet pieces. composed by Mr. Uochsa. Tocithir mil a BALLET 1)1 VFUTiSLMENT, and a MEXICAN M'FNA, fcy M idtu.e Anna Bish >p. Notice.?The liui office mil be opened at tin o'clock ??n Friday m ruing. when places ii?ay be sceuru-i. U^xes and l'artdeUe. $1. Amphitheatre, V> cents. BARM ? b a? y m. - r. ha kne m Mauatrer and Proprietor; John Greenwood, jr., Aslistant Manager. Owing to the astonishing *ooti?-sa, as well uk to the moral character t^a* >un i and |ta< ileal temperance lesson, the domcotK drama of the l)RU N K A KD will be re pre ten led. commencing? n M-nday, An/. 1^. infill, ?v*ry evening this week?Ed. Miadl*'ton, Mr. C. W. Oarke; Mary MiddlctoN, Miis Alexins Finher. in th? afternoon, eomin'uc nf ut 11% o'clock. Songs. Danoes, the Lao <sn litre Bell Rin*ers, ard tlie laughaH* piece of HOW TO I)1F. FOR LOV E. Hie Negro turning white, by a recent proce** of bin vn. is still here, and ? iv be scon. Also, Queen a icUiie's Carriage; Titaria, the Fsiry (Jueen; an inim*os<? doa Conitrictor. Mo., fco. Admission, 25 oeuts; children under 10 rears. Ilk oents. f3RAN KLIN MUSEUM, 175 CHATHAM SQUARE.?THIS elegant place of ainucement is n w open fur th' season. Nre performances arc given every day. commencing at 3 in he afternoon, and 7 in the eveniug. The en'eraiumems consist of LeVs unrivalled company of Female linstrels: the celebrated and ori 'inal Arab Girls; a troupe of lodel Artists, wlio will p- rs' nify some new and sp'endid eprisei tations of Living Statuary, and who ere eicelled by lone in regard to btautyand A{urs. A variety of enteraininents #*very afternoon and evening. For full partiduars. se?? bills ?>f each day. Admission?Seats io private ox, Mi cents; btsje seats, i,7)| cents; Boies, 23 cents; Pit, 12>? cents. _ _ Castle garbed is nhw open ro.t the rxciptic-n ot visiters during the da>, trom 7 a.m. (ill * P.m. U if the largtit asd niott beautilol room in the soon try, affording rvperioT opportunity for reading, meditations, or indietnrbed Promenades, while viewing the sea. shipping, bnd delightful scenery aronud. and inhaling the -ieUeioni .? U..u A 11U flUnt.l TO AMATEURS?A FI'.W LADIES AND liENTLEIIEN of tale ut arc requested to complete an aaeeeiati?*n now formed, an<l about to lonmenM in a few days, oa far nuri liberal principle* than have hitherto been exerciaed in auch ?oc:etiei>. For further information, ?tatiai where an interview may be had, fee., apply by note lo L. L. F., Uerald office. Otto cottagk, uoboken?granb instrlmehtai Froe Conoerte?Strauea celebrate^ Band ever? Hunfay. Wedneaaay aad Friday, commencing *t 3 P. M . and Ferriage red need to 4 #euta. K. B?In nee the wenther if unfavorable. the Concert irill teke pin? Bent day. AiugERlKNrsTlV PH 1LADKLPIIIaT ^ BAKKUM'S MUSEUM. PHILADELPHIA.?P. T. BABuuin, Proprietor and Mutineer Il?nry Sanf -rd, Aea atant Manager. The grand Dramatic K?-"peninn Oocaeion, Moudav, the ll'th inat., aith a new management, nn increaaed, and now unequalled company, Itc. The ope nine piece will be the thrilling moral drama of RETRIBUTION, i?r the Drnaknrd'aH'ite. eminently calculated to develop* the liver* talenia of the company The Lecture Room, ee well la the entire Museum, haa been thoroughly repainted and ;mbelli?hed. making ita elegance comt>1eia. Aplen hi afternoon entcrtainmenta. oomp<aed of Wh-toncd (areea and >e11te Drama*. liallada, Dancei, Diaiolving View*. He. A nilliou of wondcra in the aaloona. Admittance, 2Z? eenta; ihildren under ten yeara of age. Yl^i cent a. PAHTN K It* HI PH. Dissolution. ? the co-partnership uermtotore dieting between the auhecribere, under the linn of I. Stari fc Co., ia thia day diaaolvad by mutual eonaent. V an ValVenburah and Martin will aettle ell claimj vamat Lk? lata firm of J. Stare At C?o.. to whom all Mriu&i iadabui trill plena* lunke payment JOHN STACO. JOHN A. VAN TALKKNBrROn. New Ynrk. Atirnst >th. IW. COP A RTN ERSII I P.-TIIF. <! HS( H1IIKK.S HAVE tbte il*y iilml into partnership, under the name ui Irtn ef Van \ ilkenl ..!< *. Martin. for eoiduM'ii the Grocery ami Feed business, at the northwest corner ei Ninth Menat noil Twenty-tint street. J. A. VAN VALKENBURGB. joseph t. martin. New Yerk. A?*ti?t t?t??, 1 &>. Notici-tbe fir* or j. e. fi ller m co? or No. UK Warren street. lure llil> <l? n>4e u ment tn the underlined. All persjns indebted In nay wny to tho snld Arm are requested le make Ir mediate payment to the nedersiKned. and persons having claim* aea net ull lrt?, am rc'inested to preetnt the sauiv to the sabeertlier, nt No. lis Warren Mreet. JOHN CORK1X. New York. Aoyu.t 17. InSO. A PARTNER. WITH IS WANTED, IN TH* Milllnr business. In thie etiy. The business is ei tnblinhed. and yays a larse ptod'; tut. wiehint to eiUnd their business, the prevent pripnetors nre cesiroai of tnkina n partner, with th abo?* amount of eapltnl. Far farther irUculnrs, apply personally or by letter, nt Eelsey Mill*, neuty seventh street, between Ninth and Tenth aeenne*. ^ RAILHOA DR. ^ TBE ROITH CAROLINA RAILROAD COMPANY. Chariest'.a, 8. C, Annus! I. IttAU.? KnU* of freiaht freak Charleston, 8. C.. te? mi \ i rim cu*r- r i fPo : : Bins of hate, tfimaeti fj"? ! and I uranure. per It., $0 06 $0 HI *>? *>30 90 ? Second ClasaB??> and t ales nf try (node, shoes, ssddlery. (lasa, paints, olla, drug*, '*oiifec11* nary, h<>.; per IW lbs 45 BO 11* I U I TO Jlaajriitg, km, ' I Uf, tllt'lt, lolm-o. Ink. tlitr. loaf Had ar'i?h d tuftr. lilid*. arockary aad glaaa war*. raatlnira, l.ardaara, fcr , Bar IUO Ika V) U (0 99 IB fPMr.l. JTlaaa- ? w W ? hi K?r, tufu, rl??, n<> Iru*. Bill aad arlud tosaa, aila, batm ??. l? .. IS X) M 97 M llolaa"?. la l.l.da , Mat nili (2 Ml.).. J no 4 on 9 m 14 00 14 09 la karrala, 7? | n j ? j kl j M I-i |4ur, aad 1.1.da, S Ml 3 tu ( - 60 n W " k**"? ?o r? | #? n m a m ?? i? i? Miliaria, af ada?, lift?ra, ??7lk?a. I rontaa. rollara. aaddlatrtta, It., t-r <??... 28 ST n IN III Baokata, laW,kt., par ? ? 10 1(0 in |l? . ... ., ? 1?| IW i no ?W i w Mattka kallowa f la ta U la tot _ , _ flW 110 3110 410 4 9 Carr.ajra, baroiiahaa, If V 1" 00 2niD ? no mw Bn??aa, r.rrjralla. ft*.. IW ? l? It UO 17 l? 18 00 Fiona ka, rtrawaaiiaia, kr?!harr??>, fta 80 M 1 JO | go ) 80 r?r otkar artlrfra ? tka Cniapaar a ?alart?d li.t, vim ralaa a>4 rafalaiiaaa atlai-kad. prtalad anr.a tarda. All (aada roaairaad t? ila featk Car-liaa Railroad Impaar. LI.', ;!'. ?V"?P" *d alaata villi Mil af ladlai, will H foraardad fraa of roiaanaaUa ta tha alaraa aaaai I*L "M* f??d'aia atalloaa ?< Ik* llaa at road kataaaa llamUr, a.4 (haltaao?,a. TfcaTompaai f ? Tary la?>ml7 w. aatira aa4 ? talk fi r rral?M aad | a?.ar?. aad air prrpar <-4 w dlai a?U!S! 'l. 8"ada that ma; enaaa. aa fa?i a? ra.*?*!*?y.** raayWa4 at tha dafM kafnra aaMa?m 111 lali adad ikat alclit. an- aaat aR by Ika ?ra a alaah , V ,r*n,,"T?d thaaaa lo tfca dapat of ika ? TKialUilraad t "?raajr. at ta ka reward ad la tl.f.f rlfce?? of HiitiiiUui. Till drat finN r?HIW' T- -Mnrtr ii<i M? I Tr* I|? I . tr?a*nt, it !i| o"' '!" i * m f r i >n ai Jiai' |?M t< a'rloali A. U fur llaml ur> aa I Ah<iHi(m4 th? ?"?< ?Uu ?r half- pri** train It kra tiltck A. M.I; bail If tha inbl of pMVraaan ? aay tin# ra-iatta It. tna t'nmraaj in fr?|?ii4 l? 4i'tii'h ? nlfi irit?, or irtlu. la MU* iain>a4iat ?lr attar ika mail traiaa. Tka rata a< r,M?i# at |?r futl ili? train I* thraa tnU |<*r aiita, af la raaa4 aaatora. |l la llawlarr Cali'mt a an4 Caa4aa. 4. H CM KIT. IntaMTf. cALironaiA. Tatix>k and i>? fiArms. roiirAiinitA awd Kiraliiita, < ha?ra? N. 0. W? ara "? pra?an4 tnfatwari all a?<.4a nit to air rara. haala? *? la?tit 4r?n?ht fcaata, with Ia4la rat-War raran. laltaMa for tka ? > ?atma of ! . nr?ra anil fnlfM. W? har? alan a?4a arr*n?'rii?nu with ftniali k Co., tranat">rtatl>>a ncanti. a* { ' rim la4 C'rtt'aa. ao thai tk?n will ba ao 4alay afaa tM athmaa. M. K. TATI.OR, lata ? llaltianra. 1 N PB IIAiCfllt. lata af Jiaw Or!?a?a. lUfirtaaa I* Haw Turk, f. II ? ?M A Ma, M Diaa<air. 0*r*i*at?ar? L llaai.M *?aa?r atraal. Carwlaa, ?ra. a C?? t . H Coatalau, 1'atawa. M?< ua4arj ft 0a_ Saa Traaaia<-o, California. HOfilK a BArirn-(?irir? u ch:dik. t?o*. t. Vt na a?l Wk,.|?aalaa?4llanfraUv?<?l?aiaai M.?<kanUL *aa f'taarlrao. Califartla. Mar-kante* i-att?aW la aa will to alaaaal na kaar4 aar aa-rf iMf an I a?l4 *T aaaiatia-?ka? at. 14,a? all riaka i.l An, A' Raft* to:-Wa II. Car* * Hi* V'rk; ) t??k T. J?a?ar. 4a , I.amtor4 <a Rallrkk. 4a.? Rank iia?"tii Craiia, II fl aa, A C*.. 4a.; Cnkuat nuih. 4?.i f.T. Haraa.ia.t IUa4 A Kawla. AMxinr rntAT 'TOKAOi AT WITH Ml* ?'H * JfCIAOO ? Tl.? *1 la ' Fiaarla l)a I'aa. '4raw|?? Mfk. 41*. aaur, 4i??'arr ! alota la it ra al ilia |la?a, at all Lnara, la aaalk aaur. IVf-aa ?aa)roa* af paor?t1.,j Cfctap Ptaarafa. aa4 at A f'ltnlrnl i>ta?a l-r ll< Saa fraa> ?? aa4 atliat narkHi, III ?a4 il traall/ to tkair la araal loittn at AaatA Ba* fnarlaaa. \*. -la praraa4to( l? Raaith *aa rraaal.aa, kara ial? to lakr a 4lrar| r< lira- Ira aa <?n rr.nn'il (?.?? arrtr* 0 lb- w i? nt at Saath ?.n Fraarl.- ?, al.lrh I. a. aa, aa frr? iba larja Ii?t? koaaa ?a Ilia aatrama aai4, aal k'l lha a ) | 4 anarillatlhai la aaaaavarr fof tHa larraaA I an raana*. afclah aan aaakar ?nai? ihalr l?n?'k af ika J> m?. Ia f aa latkaa ?atar. aa4 Iaa4 t>.a r aHfa aa a tta* Ari>l? to HI NT** a llrnTIIIK V n I xfaalilrt i i'. tan -a *n al rH pra t .< a i i r . W . ura a, !; |.|. I in (' ? ah P!' (, '?4 al?v ra;.?it.

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