Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 21, 1850, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 21, 1850 Page 1
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e- ii = T H NO. 6916. ONE WEEK LATER FROM EUROPE. I AftEZVAL OF TUB STEAMSHIP EIROPA, AT HALIFAX, j TELEGRAPHIC OVER TI1K Mora Scotia, New Brunswick, and Maine Lines, w n d a 11 t r * v ii thinck ovkk qiaii's berchams' telkgtt. apd, to the snow toils herald. 1BBIVAL OP TILE ATLANTIC AT LIVERPOOL. The Quickest Passaic Ever Made. THE SCHLESWIG WAR.; vn sukorsan h aavhstb. THE MARKETS. DECLINE IN COTTON, arc. 3rc. arc i Halifax T*i.kjraph Ofpicb, > t..u inn a.... >! ( iuuiuuiK, ? *'? t'W. ) The Euro|>a has arrived. She sailed from Liverpool on Saturday, the 10th instant, ut 11 A. M. She reached this port at half-past 10 o'ctock last night. She took in about hfty chaldrons of coal, ' and sailed for Boston, with a fresh northerly wind, at half-past 12 o'clock. Owing to negligenoe in the officers of the Ne>v Braaswick Telegraph Line, we coull not get the news in time for yesterday's papers, although the Europa arrived at Halifax at half-pust 10 o'clock on Menday ni^ht. , The steamship Atlantic arrived at Liveri>ool at midnight on Tuesday, the 6th inst. Her running time, from dock to dock, is stated at ten elayi, right hours anil tirtnly minutn, thus beating ail , yreviou* pauagti by tevtrul himrt The steamship Ilibercia arrived at Liverpool on i Sunday evening, the 4th iu?t., after a fine parage . of less than eleven And a half days. The steanibhip Washington arrivad at South- ' bampton on the 4th, and Bremen on the 6th last. We learn from Mr. Shaw, ths obliging Purser of the Europa, that the packet ships Constellation and Parliament were passed at the Bel) Buoy going fato Liverpool. Also, ship Anna Taft, from New Orif JU18. Money cootmues abuidani, at very low ratea. Conrols cloed steadily through the week, at 96f a MI till FriHnv u lis*rt vn+Ani1 fr? Qfii There has been a fair demand for U. S. stocks, but their are frw offering. The following quotations, cnrr'nt at London on Friday, the 9th mat., ahow a alight advice :? XTATIOS* or AMERICAN STOCKS. ...... ?P*r?t. <Joii?r. isia ?l I>itt? < " " lx?? 10? 1 IhtU " " lam I DitU., 6 " 1*0 lU7*alOH?< f air York feata... fl " " llkH inn *)<A? maaylftaiA 4 " ** ? *4 * sS hi ? " - 1WS 1?K? - | 4.'an?4a ? 44 ' 1W4 j The cotton mtrket haa been quiet during the week, and all American descriptions below fair have receded one-eighth. Total aalea, 50,000 bale*, of which speculator* liave taken 27,000 and exporters 1,000 bales. The lchl?a?*lA War. ..A protocol, which recogmUei substantially all ?'.he leading viewaofthe Danish government, waa >ifsed in London, on Saturday, by nearly every foreign minister at the Court of Ml. Jam*>a. A telegraph despatch, dated Hamburg, 1st inst , vtatea that General Williaen haa declared that he will hold the Ifeniah provinces responsible for fthatevrr may happen to those of the SkhleswigHclstien party. No change bad taken place in the position of the aimies. General William has issued another proclamation,(praising his trsops, and declsring that th*y cannot be driven from the soil of Schleawig except by second and third battle, and they will be more blocdy than the firm The Dsniah force is estimated at 42,000 to 41,000 :nrn. The anlur Tor the Holstein cause is Mid to b? abated, at aad near Hamburg. Adrift* from Altora, af the 5th, atate that a collision between the Danish and Holniein armies took place oa Friday, near Mnhede, which resulted In the defeat of Ike Danes; the loaa la iaconsid?rahle on either aide. Littla doubt exists am >ng well informed parties, but that higher powers wiU la involved in the adjustment of this dispute, befora * anything dectniva or satiafactory will b? done. Should difdomacy not succeed, and in lbs next battle, should v ieneral Willnon he victorious and cioMthe KyJer, Fuaaia and Knglaad will probably Interfere; aod should the Danes triumph and push into Holatr.D, the Prusmana aad HanoTerlnns will be likely to attack them Should it so occur that ?^her Russia or England akall be compelled to i? :arfrre, ther$ la reason to apprehend n revolution in ('reunany, which her present rulers may be unable to control We learn from Berlin, that a early 200 officers from varkwa branches of the army, kava goaa to join General Williaen and the llolsteiaera. Under date of Berlin, Aug 3, wa learn that tha lueatioa of a German parliament and constitution is again tllnwiil to slumber, and in reference to the Danitfc ratifications all hopes of tkeir succai are now at an and, as Prussia and Aastna cannot come to any satisfactory adjuatment. The Prussian norpa of obaervauon, un.I?t Gen. llahn. have rsiablished their headquarters at Bort xelbarf, o?er lit* HoUteia frontier ?Tbe remainder of the Htvirt >n ia continued northward iloi( the HolatciaSot wee in frontier BngU?4. The <ja--rtvo? relative to Baron Rothechild i nkinghio w?t ia the Hone* of Common* hu been nwtponed to Hi* ant ?e anion, wh*i th* miaiatera aw lo intro<iooe a new hill upon the enbjeet. The House of CwnmoM have, by a large majority. granted rhe prenent Duke of Cambridge a pon aon of ?12,'Mi fee annum. The Irish franchise bill, aa mutilated by the tarda, ha* be?o rejected by the Common*, who knee ??b?nt?>d a ?12 qualification, which, aa it iaotaled, adiio mane 170 009 vote* to the trial) ronOllnaHa The Alffewaa not for Ireland hae Seen withdrawn. TbeQoee:: and Court are to leave London for Scotland on he 28-1 inatnat, preanene to which her Majeoty wee ejected to prorogue Parliament ia TlM?aau>o<aiino of the new enMnet at WaaUng* mm ia vended, by the lending Gngiaah preeo, with aao4 fe*<* The perform *neeo of the oeeoo etoewore of both ?nri'l and ' ?1 hne" Hae, hare been the tWae o? E'NE mm &>: I: Mo: renewed wonder at Liverpool. The IJibernia reached her wharf on Sunday evening, nearly twelve hours before she w.isexpeeted; but this was eclijsed I jr the performance of the Atlantic, which has now made the shortest by many hours now on record. The Atlantic arrived at midnight on Tuesday, to the surprise of every body, and amid the congratulations of the public, who fufly appreciate the value of the spirited opposition Her news w?* telegraphed to London, and appeared there on Wednesday morning. The Irish Tenant Night Conference meeting, now l>eing held at Dublin, is said to be a noble assembly; and, though its declarations are somewhat staggering, its orderly anl business-like attitude is suggestive of success. What Sir Robert I'eel, over end over again, in late 8e*?ion?, asked for Ireland, a comprehensive legislation, the conference certainly offers, for their proiwsal is equivalent to a social revolution. In the placing of the land in the hands of the people, if we mirtake not, an agitation has commenced which will agitate society in iiciuiiu ||? It? iirnn, wn.en, mini uppeaaen ny ine required concessions, will engulph all the petty clans of the present government. The conference ' is composed of th? ablest of the country. The unnouncement of the end of the repeal movement was premature. At a meeting, laBt week, the rent was declared at .?28, and it id now Eaid the society is nearly out of debt. The Gotham controversy lias been br?ught to a | clore, the reveiend gentleman having gamed his | point in every respect. Harvest operations have commenced, and the ! cnvs promit-e extremely well. The man who thieateued the life of Lord John ] Russell has been committfd for trial. The Board of Trade returns, for the month endirg the 5ih of July, .-how an increase in the deeluri d value of exi>ortHti<>na of at!7,k)u0, as cotnlared with Hie corresponding month vf last ye:ir. The aggregate value of exiiorts, durine the first half of ih? present year, has l>een ?31,778,50-1, ch? wingan increase of jC5,J88,065, as cam^ired wi'h the correspor ding period of 1*19. The American Minuter, lady, anJ daughter, are on a visit to the Duke and Duchess of Northumberland, at Alnwick Castle. It is said that the Great Britain steamship has been purchated ff?r X'23,in)0. and that she is to run with passengers on ihe Pacific, between Panama ar.d .>an Francisco. PtHNi Several of the rociuli ts have been visited with the law'b penalties for threatening the liven of j representatives. The choleta has ntdrlv disappeared from Toulon. The coru harvest id r.ow about half ovur, and, it is siid, will not ?e so plentiful as was expected. The correspondent of the (HoUr says that the Neapolitan government hat admitted, in principle, the claims of indemnity put forward by Lord I'almeston, for the losses suffered by the British residents at Messina and Palermo, during the siege at those pi ices, and that the ?nly question now undetermined is the amount. The Minister of War has demanded another credit of 12,.V>7,S4fl francs to meet the expenses of camp at Versailles, and other contingent outj.tys. The President Is (.bout to pet out on his orooosed I excursion through the southeastern iirovinceH The hill for putting an end to the forced currency ! of the Bank of Kraace was discussed in the A seembly to-day. and was favorably received. A irivate lotter from Gen L'etnbin*ki states that { the Tuikith government, at the demand of the | K'Jrsi'.n and Austrian government*, has ordered j him to be removed where Kossuth and his coin1 anions in exile are confined. A terrible storm broke over Paris to day, and did steal damage. Tie rain fell in such torrents, that for hours the aireets were impassable. The heavens were completely obscured, and in soma bouses candles were lighted. A (rreat legitimist conference is being held at Wie?baden. The delegate# circling round ths , Count de ChamliotiTg ; M Gui/ot is among the , number. The Prince* Lieven, Berryer, and La Horhegus guem, are also there. The conference is su^poecd to have a deep political meaning. The new law relative to the preas, his ulresdy had the effect of killing several of the provincial journals, and in all cases the circulation of tho p |>ers has been greatly diminished. Austria aad Hungary. The Vienna cabinet seem to be for peace, as nothing ia talked of but reductions of the army, and retrenchment ia its expenditures. Itassl* and Turkey. The Kmperor Nicholas has isaued an ukase, ordering sevea men in each one thousand of ths population of the western provinces, and ten ia esrh one thousand in some other provinces, to bs raited for the army The population of theae distiic'k is cimpu'.rd at thirty-one millions The Sultan has decided that specimens of the 1 iran^fucture* of Turkey shall be tent to the- . xlnbitm n in London, hi lN5l, anil he han nominated a I Cfmmisaien of fite aupenor functionaries of the i Mini?try of Commerce, three Muaaeluien, and four Chrietian merchants, to superintend the nrceaaaif arrangements. Lamartine is at Constantinople. Rpaln and P*rta(*t. There is nothing new from Spain or Portugal Commas-rial Affair a. Messrs. (Gardiner Ac Co.'s Circular, of 9th August, says that the weather has heen showery end variable, and retailing harvest operations; ' along with this we have large arrivals of wheat from the north of Europe. The natural upward tendency, thus caused on the one hand, has been I counterbalanced en the other, and prices remain , pretty nearly ss before for wheat and Hour. In- | dian corn, influenced by very general reports ef potato blight, ha* advanced fid. a la. per quarter. I To-day's market op?ned very tamely Towards the cloce considerable purchases of wheat wer? made at full price*, and Iodian corn was generally held for higher rates. Provision*? Beef? Fair sales at steady pricea. Pork dull; prices unvaried. Paeon in active demand, at an advance of sixpence to one shilling on low qualities. For other descriptions, stock much . reduced Shoulder* scarce, and command full | prices. Ham*?No improvement; cheese, do; lard i command! 33? a 33? 6d. Kice dull at 16*. a , ion fid. Coflee? Slow sales, at decreasing r:t?r Sugai?London and Liverpool markets are active. at improving prices. Molsese*?Large haainess, at improved prices. Tea?In improving demand for all common Congo, at very full rate*. Some qualities have advanced one penny. No change in greens Navsl Stores ? Nothing H<>iag in turpentine, which la nominally Ifia a 17s (We give thee* . quotations aa we received them. The 1 notation i?r rwt > the 2d mat waafta. 3.1 ?Ki> Ilea *>.D 1 Alou' hitrrn hundred barrels common American room M'Id it 7m *d. 2* M. Quercitron barb, o? the umt, rrmuiu Arm, at 12? prrcwt. for fi rat Philadelphia As has am dearer, with (jrxxl ir-i'iiry Salea reach N?> Ibis , at :Wa rid a 31a for poarl*, and 80a for (via. Tobacco? Small buaiaesa; prices remain firm. Oflg?ONvt, fair huslneaa, at late ad ranee I.iaaead?I>ess inquiry, a? ?M All fiah oils arc dull Freight*? No variation m ratea or demand for , goods or paaaenger* llusiness in the manufactahag diatricta continnM ! bntk Tbr prospect of an abundant harveat is generally good. eicyt for potatoes, for which aerioua apprahraai<>ns ar? beginning to l>? felt The rot Hi reported to bo spreading rapidly, especially in tho ; south of Ireland THK IIATRK KaUCT Havrk Aug. 7 ? Hal*a af roHon for tha work, i 1S,0W> hales, at an advance over the previona wook | of fall three franca. The latest advicea are to tha K'h, at which time tha market was quiet, but firm, the Hiberaia's news having produced no efact ia tha market. Ntssrt. Ilrsws, ll<tf>lep M ( a.'a Clrenlar. lltiaMi, Faiatr K'tuna, Aaguitl.lIM , Kn??l?h*ta?t<'t- g lb* larga dally bu?laaaa In ei?tton rtmlng tha peat week, tha toaa of tha warkat !<?? baaa leoldadly qalrt, ?l' h a daallaa of lill; oat eighth par poea4, la ail deserlptlea of Aaiariaaa below fair This > rbrrk aait nalalr ba u?riM ta tha slightly laapro??4 waathee for tb? (roving arep. eraatiag at tha praaant eewparatlraly high pHaaa. a 4?gf?<- af aaaa?laaM no tbe part mt he?e*re a?4a?ea<ratn r??ltaa ia tha ' laaat alga af aaythlag aafevoraMe ta tfcatr praepaeSe I Vaatattoaa -fair Orlaeaa Rflaat a>4 MMgiiag tha ease aa hy tha Niagara; laid-Ulag ?eeilUae era qeaSa* I at t V | Ta? Awarlraa 4?aefiptlooa anli a.iaJate of eb?e* I U,'?0 Vrtaaaa at ft* at*, IMM *pta?4. ?K a ?H. w il) * p.3 ? *?" T RNING EDITION?-WEDNJ 4,0(0 Mobile sod Alabama, 7>? a 8 V,'; and 2,000 S?>? Maud, at I2?i a 13d. Tb? otock of American oolton in Liverpool la e*tiin?U-d at RB (ho balna. a#alnht a *tonk at thlj period laat j t iir of C03,00" bale*. PuMn|?r? by the Karupat Mr and Mrt Vitrei!, Dr Slmtuok aud U1/. Mr and Mr* Fountain. Mr and Mr* Pe?rc?, Mr and Mrt Cnllancr*. Mr anil Mr* Tenrl.ciuakt r, Itr ?*J Mr* Kin*, Mr and Mm 8t?vi>i<*?f<. H<?mt A iidi-racu. T*pp?u. Law, Iiara. Ikardtn, Jtrlneloy, My* Brown, Ried, Ft?rce, (YlUmore, Crockett, Law, 0 .?*?, KeatlnK, Moirra liana, Ctadwick, Mtyer and frii'tdt Cro?ky. Llitl?Joh?, Airloaer, Micro. I.u-ky, Hayar*. B?ll. 'fill-r, Litchfl'ld. I'lrk. Scott. Ilrawn. I tnouinb Hmulitou Dalenm. K* i?irie. L A?Ur lu U friend, Fuller U?. iimafl. Reand, Uomau, Miiln, Iodtt. Kitttibge, Netting, Fountain, lllfchftjld, til lion. Palmer, Jnt [Tar tan. Hunt, Uoulding, Stcine, woob, Wnugb, Wooif, Ki litter, nfliean, Ttompaun, Greene, It<akt, Kotaiar, I'wnptoB, liutchio. (SHIPPING IVTIXLICiKNCH. AnoHAMiu, July 21 ? Arr Alatilla, Uonton. hmiaToi, An* i? Sid "llarureia," .NYork. IIriman, July 20?Atr Amtidea, F?Mliauiou, NYork. ci.tix, Aug <f-Arr Ohio, Fliilllpa, K York. 311 Suaoatrit, Battoa. c'itt*, Avg 3?Sid Mandarin, NYork. Ih, Ao|t li? Arr Oarlaml, liar e, NYork. I>**L. Aug ??Arr WeatmiBiitar, NYork. S1<1 Uh, MayIm.r, NYuk. Gk?vuimi, AugR--Arr H.ndrlk Hudaon, Warner, KYfrk. On naiTAK, July 2U? Arr Ark, Boetoa (cltl for Marecillei); Oak, do. hamfiipo, July X?Arr Traaklin, RolufTa, NYork; Stb, Klita, Trautn an. do. Hai vorr, Aug 3?Arr Carthagenit, NYork; KluAbttli, ilo. Hatrk Aug f? Arr Ilavaria. Anthony, NYork. limkbkk, July 31?Arr ALua Maiia, Dllluu, N York. Lit erpuoi., Aug 4?Arr Shannon. I.tidlam, NYork; 8um Grtenmaa, Hpenear. do: Mary Ua)?, Kobblna. ? ?: Hth, Vary I'loataate, Miehaela. Philadelphia; nth, Yorkshire, ah. irmlb. do. Slil VI, ' Knioua," Fieldi, N'Yurk: Sandurky, Borland, do; Bill. Berlin, 1'kiladelpl.ia; 7th, A ChanJl r, Jo; Cambridge, l?e Couroey, do; K C W in'krtp. U 8th, 11 omla| here. W kilt leery, do; (.'oaatitution, Brittun, do; Sardinia, I'eudletCB. do. I.tmiohi, July 21 ?Arr Joveph llaleh, 11 uton., Aug fs?Sid Zeookia, Uaily, NYork. mai.aga, July Z3?Arr Farmer, NYork. Maliaiil.l.vj.-Jnlv!?-Atr Aduie R..<?n nt?li Mai ti July 24- Art Ionia, Boston. Iji'iiMtco, Aug 1?Sid AIM on, Dot ton. ' tnoi>ii>T," Aug #?Ar? Ilersehoff, NTerk (prol.aMy lierschell, W imfcoltl. eld at N Verk tor U-inil.urOFr Pktk*i>i>v*o, July 21'?SM Itboaia, Boston. Lt I'm, July 2i?Arr Otvar Fr?dcrick. Bosun The A mcrlf?B Sclent I lie Convention, G?m NKW IIA VI N COKKSaPONIiBMCK. New Uatc?. August 19, 1?>0. Kfferlt <f Lightning, ifr. In the contention to-day, Professor Hniar g%re en account of experlmeuta, preeing that electricity more* along the surlaoe in case of a thock?a needle In a coil ol wire, in the interior of a gua barrel, remaining urimagnetiied, while one on the interior *u magnetised Me had made many experiment* showing the dixperhItc action of the pasxiog current and iU track, by the I maguetitlug of needles pUced upon a pasteboard disklie thought that the phenomena oould be proved to be I owing to a high degree jf repulsion in the particle* tltetrified by the pasting rpark. With refpect to the remark* of Profesaor Olmsted. Profe^ser Looms said that It was generally the case that tliote tree* which bate no Mp noo'luct the lightnlng Bioat. Tieea with little rap arc more shattered than those which hare much. Professor Brocukslt r< marked that ho had the good fcrtune, If such he might call It. to b? in the meeting bona* alluded to by Profeeaor Olmsted, at the time it wu struck by lightning. (Laughter ) He then described the effect it had of thrawing up the mud several leet high, and searching the rraaa to soma | h ngtb, and about six Inches In breadth There was a j ipgx'ar clrrumxtance connected with this phenomena I A person was standing In his fhop, soma wr?nty-fl?? | jards distant Irom the meeting-house, surrounded by various articlot. aud he lelt the shock going through i him; and many of the Inhabitant* said at the time of thi shock, that they aaw a baH of are descending upon the building and the air Mllrd with Are Mr. W C. Ksnriri.D obwreed. that en an Occasion of a dlrrhirg* of lightning In frent of St. Paul's Church. New York.there was a tree which separated thecharg* It then left the true and went on to the Iron rails in 1 lie nt o! th* r) Hi,' b Prof?Mi>r Ku Mr. tb* I'realdaat. ataWd that all the 1 I brcoiuniia which ha had read or nbavrre I. Id rift-trd i to th* rffret of tb* leclrleal rhork on bodi?a, could b* , riplaltitd 1 y thu blah rt-j? ilalon of tha |>?rU mil b; tbr action un tho aid* oI l>a?t roala'aoe*, In regard t>i th<- dlatarr* at which th* !> I at h?n?? of claotrWl equilibrium took plac* h? had liopea that Profeaaot llrory would hav* dracrltad th* num. T m? *ip*rl >*Bta which he had mad*. In?m cut t)j.*r?i?d by hlin**ir. algnr of fualon w?r* ribibitod In a th< odaltt* plarrd upon a w?od*n ataad. h?low a tripod n<?d a? a atpaal In th* cant aurv?y. th* tripod bavin* b**n < truck by ligh'Blnff. At lt? diMan of an fifth of a mil* a mac atandltif with hla hai I on a erovb tr that waa throat Into th* gronnd. rt?'*lr-Ml at tballan* of lb* atiiklnr ?f th* tripod. a ?*ry wvar* ahoek Th* qina lloa of what kind of ti**a wrr* moat liable to b* atruck, waa difficult In aJovrn*y mad* under famrald* clrcumatancra for auch ofcaervatlona, h* had uutlocd to many dlacr*panrl?a In th* facta In r*c*rd to thU qaaatlon. that thouab ait*r two daya of obwrratlon, ha thought that alhcory aonld ba" | lauaibly mad*. af".*r a I lire# we*k?' j< urn*y. U"na rouid ba franiad Tha difficulty ' f InfrrlDf th? dlr*ctl>a of fbrr*? from a curaaty asaniaatloa ol tha direction In which ,,bj-cta ar* thrown, waa ?ary treat A aalut* from Rl >?? Ida battary tr*d near tha t'apltat had brokan th-. glaaa In th* wlndowa. and tba fra???DU ba l all lallau o?V ?ar4a I)r. 1. A flon u ?aid that ba ?aa Inform"! by Dr Void. of I'hilaJalpbia that oo tha wuiot of a alioek of lightning. La ?ii,. i d ? ?, ral pan** of glaaa which bad IX utbatlrrrd and f und that *T?ry ooa of ihaia , tail i-n tba outaida. A profataor in Utrnaay had lataI* vlaitad a tala*raph line which had b*an 'track by lightning II atruck i?rj near tba nation hoaar, whara tba k**p*r waa kaookad dowa, an 1 r*ai>ral aona-laaa for many I, ?r? at about a raila dlatant an>th*r krafirr <u knackad down, and alt cicatrical poata ?b?,??d thflr a. arka, oa accry on* of th<-ui a apiral lliaflrnok out ftniu th* t,ip of tha pMt to tba ground Prnfraanr Auaaan, In lila companion nf tha fata of Arhea with tbat of othar mrtabraUi draw tlguraa of ?acb on tha mijlbitlota board, an,I crvatad a?m? lavish tar tbrooahxnt tba ma?tiog fl- aald tb?r* waa no oa* who bai n?t b< *n lad mm lima or ath*r, ah?n looking al ili? f.w - a frlm J t^, a r*?Bil,la?^ tatwaaa It aad aoata animal It* bad aaaa auab rawablMior and It had l*d blm to Baka an,|ulrlaa why It waa >i Ha^waa aatlaflad tbat aueh a thing ?iWa, aad Ui* unity whlrb ailata b*tw**a all rlaaaaa of ?ar tabrnta, ?h<wa tlial th*t*Buat l>aaam* lonaJatlun tor aueh r*a*?M*ac* WaladoaiiHiaaaa atrnctnia of tha fk?? In g?-*ral Flahaa aaa alaaa. rank tha low Ml aa vartabraU, tbvra ara i -,,i ?ni,~ In than which ara not < haaerad la aay otbar -tba tin*, tka lnOT**BI? r*cicna iingi iua ?y? ?n.i ?u? iu ra flrai of th* lowat jaw, kit . ko Th? |.n(V? Mf tbrn <b>?crlbf <1 rwuli (MiliirltlN lu lb* (ura? tioa of fl?h**. and illuatratrd Ik cm by drawing* Km Htm, Tu?*day Amg SO. 1I">0 711 Jtmtrum .ft ttrimliwn/tr Ike J^Mrnnl tf ? ?? - .1 rinl l? Ul UmfrmifteMi and W?oUfwml C*'? *'* < / T*U C?U*t* ^i(rwi*mr| Jtlur 7V? 1 tr*. iwi-- 7V Tmlint Hotrl, Tli? Aai*rt?aa Aaaoolatloa for tk* Adraae*a?at of M?bc* art agala, thl* morning. at Taio Coll***, Bad It l? uod*r?toeJ that th* brniiM of tk* ronraatloB will oo*apy U?* whol* of thl* w**k At a UUl* aft** nln* o'alork, frofMaor Bach# tha ^nxldnt took tk* chair Tki UU *u lull; ttl*sM Amoairt th# a?di*ae* Iktrt w?r? a great aaa; ladl**, who a?aia*d to Uk? poBPidrrabl* Interact la th* wl*Btll? proo**dlngw Th* Pr?*ld*ot ?nooono?d that It o?M b? JmlraVi* for Birnibar* to gl?* aa abatraet. is writing, ta th* I**. r*tary, of th*ir obnorvatlon* J ?. L rroyB. Kaq . *f th* elty of Alhaajr. iatIM Ik* A**o?latkoa to Ml*4>t that city aa tkalr Bait plao* f marline Oa ??half o< tk* ?ltli*M of Albaay. h* aaaarrd th*m that Ik*; tnill m?*t with *??r; * ! mb* and aceoBimodatloa. IW?rr?d to RUodiag Co? ltt*? Tt? islnnUa of Utf Undioc Commltto* *? md. Th?jr rftoBD'ndril tkat Ik* Aaaorlatloa dlrtd. into two arotloa* on* for *oi?f j and Mlira^ hlrtory and tha ethar for pkyaloa math-roatlea, aad kwlatr; ThU moiMfcUoa tu a?r**4 to Prafa**nr linger*, of lortra. npirtil Ikil tb? 0?a. mitt** ob Tlrkatatnd r*a* r?oomrn*adad th* appoint. b?tl nf B oratory to kald kia offlaa for tbr*a ;?wi, at b aalary ol $XA par annual Hafarrad to Utoadiu OmsMH Tk* mtiu of phyaloa BtlkaatliM, Bad skaaiMry. tk*a ratirad to BBotkar r*oat rrndaaaor II D Rogara ?W Ikaa m??ad to tk* ohalf, to prarid* ?.?a? tk* Motion W gardngy and aatural kla to|, b?4 Prnfaawt Hafcbard Bad I>oat or KaraKt, war* r?quaat?J to?*t a* prlnaf pal aaoratorla* Profba?or tgawli tkaa ooaaoarad aa oral aiplaaa ti?a of ihag???tk*f lli? r|| prior t* tk* datdtf*BMt nf tkaritibry* Fraftaaar 0 C Hubbard addraaaad tiia nartlar oa rattla la <|?*rta. anil Nh? laaraia Pr>Haa< r Atlaava. of A10 karat < o4W f? Ml 'ka t.atura aad art|la of (ha ?p~alaa ( UrraatrtaJ 4liiMa I* lb?l?l*M?f JmiIm UanniJ.Natal) haundiaa tka itlfflruitj of atplaratloaa la trtploal raaiona thaUlaad af Janata* r*m?rk aMa faaTllliaa tor tha la?a? tfcatloa af nkjwti aklak ara aoat.?-< <* ! a??k tha langtapklaal dlatribatlan of aM*1** '? 1 *" *f?at naW nf typloal fartai of tha UirrMrlil thrill, aaI In lha i*4rl<ll'ia of m??t of Ul? MfMtf, la irty nana* liailu. a a On* tha laal? dan a?r? i)ii?i.f ui than Uioaa vklnfc ara itI amlid <>a tha rortlr.ant *a. th 4 aria* aanr tha ball 1 rpipatat<t ton* On tha tutfara of tka ipaalaa, tfca (rat nnrrlaalnn ia thia thai la many frnapa tha *pei>l?a ara >tlatla?a'afcahla hy typaa naif. aa4 ant kt a?tl it>lai<l Italia Thla j?r"?o.Hlaa ?u Ula.traUl ha a flaoia la ahlah a(*H?a vara rapra?aat>1 hy awaaa aiaf rf ?bfc-k a?ra la walaat, aad ahaaa araaa vara *prtaU>4 irrafaiarl; alt* joU. raffiaaat RK fi 2SDAY, AUGUST 21, 185< log TariotUs. One central dot represented the type of the species Pome larger dot* represented type* of a talue intermediate between that of "peeiei and ordlniuy varieties. Tin amount of dilleren l>?tw>-<-u tlit- types ? * represented by th< Ir distances Ou the bourdurle.t of the speoies, we ;fln t Turieiiea which fllosely rvM'Uibli- their neighbor* in the * *pecl??, while their affinities with the central type* of both species are eo nearly balanced, it is not really a mutter of much eonsaqucno* ou which side of them the imaginary boundary li&.i ot tin epecies is drawn. An exact representation of taei.# relations would require the three dimension* of i?p.iee. i On a plane lurtace we bate only an approximation to the truth With tht boundary Hues, ?? rcpr?xeut th# specie# aj described in books: without them, w? *. ? the species as thsy exist In nature It ail the examples of this kind should be enuiueiated, Tery few fppoies I would remain isolated Of such. some mi^ht be uuiteJ l>jr turtber di^corerira; wni.n otn?rs uii^hl ri uvila Isolated. since it is a pan of tU? g-nmU plau of organic niituro tliHt the spa' Let we. u thu ! groups shall be unequal, so tliat s"tn? spectra. Itoe genera, M ine families, fcr sh ul stand Hints alouo. The ptinriplu in not peculiar to the terrestrial uiollusca of Jamaica The N.iia<J:u mil the Mellnldiu of the United States wnloh have bwu so thoroughly studied by Mr h?a. ot Philadelphia are exactly lu the same case hut the tacts are wiptudnd over wider geographical limits. The some Is true ot th?> snails and fresh wnter shells of I'.urope. of mmy groups of manne mollusc*. ot Bshes. of uirjs, bud eveu ?t euimsls. The sp< cial lii^et ligation oi varieties i. rapidly filling up the gaps wlilch Were onc? suppoevj I to exist brtwi fli species. Not dissimllir is ths case ot the human speciee. which graduate into aaeh other in I HUrh a maule r that the fact ia lieu used a < mi ai /umi nt fur confounding nil the rat>?? In oue j?-ci-a T>-t it is aomilted tWat the tiltT?r#iires between the human races are much greet* r than i>-twe?n uiauy distinct species of ai lui&K. Our conclusion it briefly expressed in the proposition, that spesies uro oi the , same ua'lire a* gent ritj that is. are to be founded on types, whether or D'.t an iotpuss.ilde vicuuin can be ft villi Ulwou the type The p-ciiJ Inference on iha nature of thu ?peaies, and higher groups, ii thU that the natural typee are uA susceptible of b-iug ' wholly comprehended in a few successive rank*, j in ?ach of which all tha types shall be of *i- | actly equal value ; hut that there is au intefin.t* si r'e* ot typ< a within types which are lai'quliljtant If in (roup as thst of Hrlix Simtata ami the kiudred speoies, it is practicable to establish several species of a given mine, in another, as thilt of Cylin /rr/fu Mujrri. it U impossible to tind species of the same value We must ett her make numerous sptciej ot less value, or regard the grt up as one species of greater value 'ihe same dortriue was illustrated aUo by the com- j parison of the geuus Helix, in which the number of ! distinct subtypes I* very great, with Suceiina, in which subtypes are Indistinguishable times the subtypes of rpecles are distributed with great regard to locality, it is obvious that much of the p-rploxity, wiih h results from the graduation ot specie* into each | other. Is avoided by those travuiler* who tak? but a .

few specimens fiom distant localities aud by thosu I collectors, ?bo are Mitisfled wilh it single well elia | ...k .. -1. _ .11 i i are raluable an exhibiting typ<*?; but they ??ry iuiprrftclly represent the r?*lati<-n? of )>t>? . a? a itaull Oof human flgurra, of which one should bo an I >. another a Congo ctpin. with two or three i ther aa well charaattriied ot dintlnct tHH) would terjr Inadequately illimlinte the uatural history of mankind It i? ODTiou*. also, that a difterence of "pinion between any two naturallsta on the <|aectton. whether a given apeole* in a good fpeciae, doea not Dvoeaaartly Indicate a want of discrimination In the obaerTrr* It rather IndlcaU* that the t.vpe In juration W a little abore or beiow the rank Into which It U attempted to foroe It. What hall we ?ay now of th? logical notion of * infM* rptciet, which would both bypotbrtlrally charactrriae aiptclea by unity of origin and require u? to find an I nip m?a1<l? gu,* between those apeclrx which are moat olocely allied ' auch a doctrine only ?>howi how the world would hary been con-truetrd it the pbllotophera had ma la it. We will rrnture to affirm that the facility of diacorerini; auch | (prtdea will 1* inversely a? the knowledge of the fact*. I II. Our aecond topic ia the origin of the rpeclra. The common notion ol in/rna iptrtti aettlne the qua*tion of unity or plurality of origin by definition ! The fact* rouriuct to the Inference, that the ezlating ?peclea were Introduced by tha creation af many Individual!, which were modelled according t> curtain I typra, that were moatly but not wholly local. and wbioh ; tillered from each other unequally aa do the ailatlng Taiietiea Tba preof of tlili proposition ia found in the g?ogra| hle*l distribution of the varieti'**. In tba I""' "^""V ? !? ?V I OietrUuted that the ?p*ee abloh m oaoupiad by on* rttfciru roinelii-e wttb that of the other two or mora Mow. If ihe elmiimdmifw of locality b?<l produce 1 tin | loeal typea by modification* of one original typ? of the ' peeler. Ibi'D all tbf varirtle* wbloh inhabit n locality ' rbouitl have been affected The geographical ciu?! Utff ot oka variety with naveral l?eal varieli.e li ' Inn nxUtrtit with uny other theory than that of an 1 oti|lnal conrtltutioual peculiarity of cbaraoter In each > rarit ty The lamf (rtrial mode of distribution holdi j In tbr eiN of rntlr* piirrlM Sour frrj Ixil and others, mora widely <il?trlbut?d occupy the g'ounj of ?veral local ?peclf? We bare then lndlntlnct varletld, dUtinct varieties. doubtful apeclea, food epe- I clap, and (map* of specie*. and all the Intermediate trp<-a. distributed In the una manner. Now, the theory of unity of origin re.j ulre* u< to belleva thai all . tha t?p*? which are below the value of a epeilro are j the effertf of locality, and although ?p?elfln ty pea of , eiaetly eqnal value do not eilat. In allfronp* yet that j the typeo which tffWttlUfm IMM value wera | created In one centre In a (Ingle etook. hut that thoaa tyt>ea which are more con|>reh< nulve than epeoieo had plural origin af eraally a- many they eontaia gool IMlM !*om? obaervatl' n? on the fold formation of Maryland. Virginia and North Carolina, were made by l'rofeceor W H. Johneon, of Washington Irof W B tlooaat followed Mr Joha*"i ! >ob? observation* upon toe tre< logical poaitlan ot tha aurlfar u> belt la tha United Htatea and ui >n the rouli tleaj aador whirh the r< Id U fmn 1 In th? T?iaa at j tba inrho ud at <-oii?iJ?rall? Irpt ha He atated lLat th> (Mi'rtl direction of iha aunf-r>>u? b?d? r?rmponda to that of tba old rat4aiv>rpMr rooka with wb|?b tb?y ar? a?ao<-lat*<1 Th? quarti vrlna a?ually rui parallel with tba bidding of tba adja?*nt atrata, bat crraalnnally Id an tririmn OratM oftrn th?T ar? dlnjl' , tin >nici lm>-? ramifying Al t la Tldont that thn gnat ma?a of lbc?? IWWW material rna? to Iha atirffcra bvtwaan th* 'Drilling ptlM rf Ih? talroa* and mlearloua ?l?t?'a In whii'h tn-y orour t'rof H aallad ??p?clal att> ntlon to tba ??ry d I IT-rant po??lltl"ii In wblnb th? (old In found la tba aup< rllrlal l>art( of tha vain, and at deptbi l?-| .w ?h? raarb of laMcorlo agaoota* Naar. and at tha aurfhna, tba tjoar'a la rararnana. aiblMtlng lj? oa?tt|i-a formarly ?*cnplrd by tba aalphurrt of Iron, with which ib? guld waa Intireat'ly blandod In th?m ar? fr-j i-otly f"<ind gianulraaad PCasglna of gold, but tha *ulpbur?t of in n baa bm laeoewwed and r?mo??d Tba maltlog oilda of Iron la f.uu I r..lln t? l nl'.nj tba (llaa or i walla of tba vala. forming < airtim-a ral'iabl* hwda nt Iron or*. wblla mtk of tba gold la l<-ft In gralna or nail a?gr*gatad aaawa In tba body of tba 'juarta la tbla rendition, it a aafaratln la e"n.p?ratt?aiy raay aatvra baring aloady raanorad tb? olt.bnf?t of Iroa, tba lagradlaat whlrh r?Mina tba fold wah m< at Una tjnj ??wr mr oriuaary purtlrlng pr - ?* rroi u urg*d the laportaar* of ka*plng in ?> ? tblaJlff??*Baa Ib* aaanrtattra* rj th? gold r> ar tb* aatfaoa af tha ?*la and at ?i|iM>nkli .1 pU i. *? it plainly IiiUmIn th* mIm| proJu?'.l*ri.' of th* ??laa Ml DM mlgbl twripinUJ to dlml nlah. ?f. 'f r*vblog MB* daptb b*low th* ?urr?r>? ? *?? whll* tb* r*al Mount at gold pra* ut la lb* rook woald probably ba aa |TMl or graatar. l?|ow lhaa at th* Darto* h< aatrr of Bn*u>a. oomBiaal ?t?i biara aarob** on tb* origin. dar> li.p*iu?Bl aad nalara ( Ik* ?p*raiatlr parti<-l*? throughout tba rrriabrata aorioa or rNiuti, t?n ?r?ni?T. Ptofaaaor Piui a of Cainbrldg* ilaaa In tba Chair Sa?r*tartaa - IV^min l/mali and R* I**" rrof*?arr OiMrr*t> IIin i?iaa?w<l ly raallag bli p*p?r. on a< ?aa p*rullar prup< rti?* <4 a f"Mp"UU<l of lard aad rtula II* raid I do Bot know that r'-tlr* ha* bfB t*k*n by AmM llUw of porta I p?<Miliar p? p*rti?* por *aaa*4 by a eoMpoaad fors ad of hog a lard, and tha NIMBOB fain of th* al.ap. Aa aa'ldrnt flrat \*4 ma to obarrva aoMMhlng ramarkabl* Ib thl? enmpaunJ, , aad I bar* alao* Mad* a few *ip*rlait nta with a rl*w | af fartbar larratlgatlng tba ralattoB b*tw*aa tb't* t?a tal>*tan?M WtMlBf U> fit tba braaa plata of aa nil air pa*}, m m to MkV* a rloa* joint with tha raa?lT*r I had b?rn a*<-n(t'>m*1 to applytn lh? plata a di'k Of t l*atb?r. aataraUd with lard With th* hop* of r?a | darlag It nora a?aipl?taly >mp?D?tr*l.l* to air I addad to tb* lard a rraaU juaatity of rnata and aialtad thaaa I tof*th*r I *ip**t*<| tb* roaln would glra gr?at*r bardnaM t? tba lard, aad aiaka it 111 tba aora* of tha l*ath*? wiora < toil oaiiy hat na an*prtaa<l to And tlal tba abaaga irmliMd by tba ritda >u to la part la tba lard a laadatiay to r*aala la tb* llald ttata. ao 'ha? la a wlatar'a 4a*. tb* aoMpaaad. whan wold, ra alaxJ la tba atata of a ?al Said, at tha taMparatara af a room Bo<i*rM*lf b-atad If^anJ alto that I hi a >n>Mtri*a. >b*a appllad ?a tb* l*ath*r of tb* air P?*P raad*r*d It praallarly aoft and at tb* aataa tiM* ran iMparMlabla t* air aa a* to form a gaoj Jadat with tba raaal*ar. Hat what atora particularly arraatad a; attaatlos wa* tbU that hat lag load rwwntij i?n in* KtUtrr on tb- rliU of tb* pump mt " I; * JHf, during ahloh tin* lh* lit* of th? ?ppa r*Hw VM 4brai?nwi. I .uppo*o4. ?h.n I too* II oa* agala lk?? I ih?ul4 flnl lha l>rui |il>te an*b ?or r*4*4 M I ktd WMMIBOI M?1 N Mon ?bo*oipooo4 for nach loo* Dm* to tbo aatlnn of lh* ?ll*4 4i?* of loatbor. bat oa tbo oontrorr tbo bra** ?B? *ntlrolf fraa ffroa rorrosina t?4 I btn anlfbralf (,??4 " ba tb* mm ?la * b??< ar long Iti loathor atjr bara rrBialaod la **ata*t with lb* ptata Tbla oboor ? *!? ? ?a?gaotod aaoUior a or* laportaot mot ' ?b*?Ma?l?r.|.aralioB far Inbrlaallnglb* ptaloaa ?bi*b Ukoala* of brim am' aorirg la br*?* banal*, hud War* i a*a*l*n?4 ui? maob laooaroalonoo. by that* liability fa 0Arrr4o lb* a?Uoi of tka oil nor 4 fa* labrlaallBg oa lb* bra** Moror'or, tbo t*a4*Bey a* tbo ptoparatlon U lanai tka Iial4 rt?M by tk* frlatio* ?f th* p4?toa a*do a rory #ob?^IobI ?at ' ftaal apjtlloatr.n for tkl* parpooa I b?ro roroaily aa*0 a oip. rta?aU. with lb* otoa of aooortaialaf tb. Bolting point of tbla *'>BpoaB4. ?< tko propor Ik bo *? 14* lagr*41?nU wbtoh giro Ik* laaoat Bolt. 1 t H?l Tbo boot prop^rtloo# or* by wolgbl Ur4 tbroa part* roaia ?ao fart If tb* Ma b* a<14*4 la tio*4?r aa4 i bo biii ?<* *a.l otlrr*4 { altboat lb* pBMaatloa at brat j It uiflrei ?a4 m aurl; apprnar I, a* a ItM a* la raa fr*?ly a ban takoa ap aa Iba otlrrlagro4, at a toa<para?ar* *4 Tt 4*gro*o Oa BolUag tbo bibImtt at,a U rot flag vui? I* *Mi 14a foWooiag [ERA m 0. eliaiifcm UKt< ptac* At 90 it ivmains tr?u? puient kpU 1!b|> d; at 87 d^rrro*. h polllrlr brgln* t term on th? turtac*, and toon afrt-r It Iwiilaa U |roi gliphtly * iceitt. and a? the l< mprraturv de.v -n i. 1 pamh H through <Hn<T?i?t dcgrrn of rlhoidlty Ilk" oil W uiii.II ai I O n I'?!III a II tc bl llll fluid It is IID ni,.?|,.-cl,.j result, til It th ai'diton of 0110 part in four of rt.nln, who..' nultin, polnl i(r.wta<i to lard, wIkim. melting? poln if at l<7 Jfjini'i, ibould reuder it nine fluid rrdueloi it* Dieting point t<> IK) degrtea, imp'trting to it tb propt rtlrs of * in mi fluid. at a temperature a? I <w a 7ti iiidr?< ?. and ? v?n rendering Urn preparation ot; K'C' r ennalMency tbnn lard it?elf at a temporalurn i low a? fcO Ui*(iri-ef. Tliii compound of lard an t ion. ha- iki-irlnif. two eomewhat r? uiarkable proimrti. . 1. It prevents in tli* inrd, and probably in all thu an m .1 oiih find fat*, tlii-ir tei.deney to g"neritto an a -k and thus to undirgo spontaneous d.i'oiuv-oiiii.m much smaller proportion of rosin than oue fi urtl gives to inrd thla property. destroying an it do?? tfc tendioryof them substances to Si-Titri Important practical applicati lis result fr m this pri perty. Its u?? fur lubricating surface* of brrnic < copper ban alr< ady Imu d adverted to 11 is e<j *ally a pliciiblu to suriaii* of sbaeliroii. I bxrlouu la vol Ihiu coating ii| I'll' <1 willi a brush. ?r"Mont to pieaeri ftusria iron stuTei and grates fri * rusting durin hi.iunier, i vi n in damp situations I usually all lo it portion of black lead, and this preparation. v?ti* art Med with a kriti-h in the thinnest pwiiklii Mm ?i.l be four d a coin plate protection to abmt iron etnv* and pipes Th? FKine pioperty randuiw the muupoun of lard ai d losln. a valuable Ingredient iu tbe c >mpc rttion of ehavilg toap. Th* i|uality o! shaving s ia in g.'ally implied by a larger proportion ?f.oll thai is u-ually employed. >o M completely to aatura** th alklli hut J-uch M ap easily heroines ram>id wli -i wet wilh water, and suffered to remain dump hi i common!) ia wbtu 'n one. If a certain pripor tii'ti of ihla compound is added to com moo Wind ror t-eap. (:ay one half it< weight) the tendency ti i?row run'id ia prt vented. A very soft and ajreeabli ahavlngcoiupoutrd. or "cream." may bi' made ly att ain lUK ui a clo-e oup a uake of any common ah ?vtu^ f?ap an ;i? to redueu it to a roft aonaUtunoe. and then ml* Ing iut'maWly wl'h It. half ita weight of our resinow preparation cddil'g a few ilropn ot aome odoriferou subo'Miee Ti e same compound forma an < r.nolleo water proof paste for leather Units. w!o-r Ireatei with it. W'li fooa afterwards take tbe usual po lisli when liiaoki.d. and tbu aoles may bo Ha tuia'wd with it without danger of soiling thi tlocr, as it doe* not rub off, while tb<> iiitbei is iendcii d, in a liiy h degree iinperviou* to * ? er Th?* ti? rfnri &nlutlnn intn u hl, h rn?in n???KJ ?hu? heatid witb nil. tuggcsted the possibility of i laprdvlog iu this way. the quality of oiln used for illumination and l.y its rtduclng tbo melting point of laid t) rm der tbat more mitable for burning in solar lam;)* X therefore. a<idcUpowdered roain to lard oil, iu ttw proportion of 8 nuucca of roein to one giliou of oil and applied a moderate bout sufficient to produm pertect soiutiiiu 1 then filled two M>lar lamps, e iun in all rtapect* tha one with lurd oil, tho other witl tin- Hftioi, holdlnir the rosin in s<*u?ii>n and rejjula ting the fin net- mm to ba as nearly ettha eamo ?t?.- h porMblr 1 ini aMirtid by the method of shvlows, th comparative iutensitiis of light, which 1 fotiud to b an 7 tf ft in ta-vor of the prepared oil This burni*d witl a tltme of peculiar richness, plainly exceeding in den fity that the simple oil ; but after two hour the tlamc of the prepared oil began to decline ?|i>wli and H'OB i e-iioa inferior to the other an effect whicl doubtlecs ii rose Iroui the dogging of the wiak. Ilia hoped, on nucot.nt ot the perlect solution which th ro?io Feen.rd to undergo, that the sompound would bun freely wiihout encountering thin impediment; but ii thin recneci I ?a? disappointed, and can only any tha it it me uu am crui be devised for avoiding the teulenc; to clog the wick. tk? addition uf a email portion o roeln to l.-<np <11 or lard, will a<ld eaeentlally to it? ?* lue tor burning In * >l?r lamps by rendering It lea* liabli to congeal and by increasing Itn Illuminating power Mr Hrrrin n ma le iome suggestiona with regard t< the application vl these principle! as spokau of by Prof- s?or Olmsted Profisesor llrear Irqrlred whether any reduction ol temperature bad been observed id the experiment I'rel. mmt lUi iia temarked that tba fusing point o! most chemical compounds wa? leas than that ot ellhai of the ii.gredii nta Th- second commvnication wag mad* by Profeasoi Pillimar, Jr ? a no,ice uf tha American meteor iroas lie exhibited a specimen of iron from Kentucky.whicl he believed to be uieteorie. The other apeolm"li wa from the Ticinity ot Pittsburgh, Pa Professor K?.i r.? remarked upon tha frequsut pre sence of chlorite. In small quantities, In uettorl< masses Profer: or Looms was then heard apon th* propheight of the lightning rod lla said The rul prescribed by the Vrencb Academy of ftcicnce am c.pied Into almost all tha works on electricity fn detei mining the proper height of a lightning tod. I that a rod will protect a carcle whose radiua is twlc the height <1 the rod A ease recently occurred I Tallmadge. Punimit county. Ohio, which appears t demonstrate tbat thia rule is nnaafe Ontheaftai noon of July 27 th. about aix o'clock, there was a sligh tbower of ruin. accompanied by a tow f1a*h< 1 of l<ghl nlng One fl ub tu remarkably ?lrid and < < *u< ae? flrd aljuoet luaieully by a loud report. Ia an It eta nt attrraarita. a largo pile of ?ha?Inge. 1 y i a i: on tb *mI rid* of a f wrrlage ahop, was found In fall l>l?a< 1 he abaetag* bad recently baen carried ou? of til and Vara ulfc dry, and ?- do lire L?J ba?u u?c In tnat rlelnlty f?r aevaral weeka and a? other run J la know a -n which tba abarlaca could hare li*? Iblt'd it *? Inf.i.-I'd to hare Dr?a cau-ed by Ui i -trie dim barf*. The carriage *bop waa furaUh* Ilk a H|k>| rod and It waa a aiattar of furprli tl at the fluid hbould hare atruck the gruuad ?o riea U' tb* rod Tha top of tha rdO ay fifty.nln* feet hlgt tba ehaelaffa. and tba shavings w?ra low fce d it tan I IV' B a point vertically aadar tba top of th< rud Acsording to the rula aboe* quoM. tbia rot abonld Vbt? affordad cuapleta protection to a distant of lit f*?t trnm It* t>aee. whereas, tba aliasings w?rt truck at a dl 'aa< ? cf ICO faat, and Uiat ti-i ?h?r? >?-lng elevated only a few inches aboee tba genera latal of tba ground. they mUkt be pre*ua??d to alt r> no peculiar attraction lor tba lightning This rod ap ptn to b?>? been constructed In accordance with tb ouil rale It U terminate* by thraa points whirl ara glldt d. and appear to ba In tolerably Rood oon li tlon A boat t< n feet trnm tha top la a break In th rod, and thu two po rtion* ara looped together tfroi tbia point tha rod In cnntlnuoa* to tha button, an eaters tba ground to the depth of aboat threw-feel where tb" earth, at tha lima referred to, wa? quit mailt The iod la uboot flse-clghthi of an Inch I dlan?t?r, Tbl* ca?e demnnatrate*. to my Blind, tha It la uaaala ta rely upon a rod to protect a olral whose radio* la more than oo?a and a half bh* heigh of tba r?4. at laaat upon tba waat (Ida Ih<Id( that trot which tbuodar ivbonera generally come la tbia latl tU'lr l*r<'f?-??< r llsaat gave *a account of aoaia eip?ri menla la Waahingtnn, where a rod waa surnionot* by a ball, which waa atraek by lightning la thre pi area, durlag a etorm which orturei after II* er*? tioa rr< iraaor iiMiioaii ctuou iirgnna hi id* nruaain of pla* tr? m th'it ?lru<ik by llfklnlui Profcwaor R?>.a*a r*tmrr I thla to lb* |>r?o*iic* ( rralnooa matter la tha tronk of th* pin* Mr ki eriiLO mrotl' iifl that th?r? mi a parnliarlt In tha ll|btllD| loirka o? tba hwfh tr?*a II* ?i Ui?t It waa tb* p*???ll*r form of lb* l* T<M of Ui* pin that p'fhapa might MiN II llabl* t' lb* ?(T*< ?v<k* n of at ;tUrili;'i isratkng TrufrMor Unit aail, with rogard to tr*??a rtruck b llgktnlrg h? bad apna namlnatl >a that thai ?f old n"t bo th* ?Ughi*at mark of olootrlnlty on th f<p*r braarh*a, bat U appaarrd in atrlh* al tfc tilink at that part from wbt-oo* th* brannhn* aprta r.nt H*th?n told a fgrlnaa ImI of a man baring !* killed la a bona* byllghta'ng ae 1. afl<r?arja th inula* of bla l|iri iinaltej Ikt lilt If Ui oiottrlelty had goao lato It. Trofoaaor iiiirmtj aild that thay had had a ttnrm fa? w.*k? ago la K?t liar**, and ft ?? wmry p*?c liar Th* llghtaing *n rl?hi by lt? continuity rath* tkM th* latoaiaity and It *ai aasoaapaalad by a ana at ant roar of thaad?r, tt ?aa rath*r paiaJtaa to hli to kanw why thrra ?a? apparently *o narh llfhtnlni aa<l aa lit11* laaaga dna* II* tbaught la aar ra??a th* olouda ara ?*ry high which fat >: ramiUea Icn, aad d.mlauhaa tba toaad Prof**aor IfutaT r. m?tk? ) ap^n th* e?l"t ?' *l*--trl. dUrharg.a h*' ba?r*.d thai *b?a th* oo'.or la r*d. I U to ho laf-rr.d that lb* *1 ctrlcitr U rary high rrtf***. i ItarNa r> mat k>d apna ll?oi>tdui<tl*|p?n of air ha >*< Inaod thai tb* tla eonlaal algaau na* oa th* en*at aar??y wo** fVaqavatly throw a dovi whllo th* p'4a tu aot Injarod. Pr<dao*o?<>t vat an all n <1*4 |? tb* flriac U garpna d?r bf . Icctrlclty by th* lat?rpo*ltlon <H a ? ? atnn. II* alao m?t tb* caao .?fat **ral tla nana b?lu i th* path cftb* *l*<"trl? dlaoharfa. aad that th* pan war* porfr ratod aa tba aj p'-'att* aid* Ptofcaaor llaoat aald thai thla waa duo to th* aa anmalatl.n of rlccUlrUy la paaalog (tota on* pa a t tba (tb?f Prodbaonr Raoaaa atalalnod how nbj**ta might b raak la tb* aatgbbotboad of a lightning ooadnatoi Tb* fbartb Maaialiwlloi waa mado by Prof**aa ftoratard of ( aaabrhlga I a4?*r*ltr, oa aaaaoala li at?' aphatla air II* r?*d * p*p*r on lb<- immil of atamoala In lb< of tb'tl Iki Ml?in| li ab*U**t Th* la fUiK w i* b* d*n*a4 ftow ?bl* * *r*? lb* II. I* tt *r??or* mi l???rt*at on* TK* dtfllMltj k** I'M UHt Ik* HirM <1)4 ml *nn M b* ?*?*l~at. lb* *ai laat *f niinnnl* foanil In tin Uir **pb?r> )>* hM* Ian >*11 Th* d?t?r?ln?tl- n > Uf?? *( ?- ?ar ' Hill I >a of rr?oi??? of *lr ti 1? n????** of ina?nit That *f U?Bp for ?n ?qn* tnlua* m t iobi* Fra*?ala? r>un4 la *a *>j>i* rala?* b* d f 0 Ub? ??4 by night. 0 I W? of *nui?al* Tb* ml>i I ttr*n?<l Ky <lra*c*r and Praaaalaa *? I aw Wil*i tb* *14 *f ?? a?pi rator thay IriainltM la*f* ?olaai"? of ' o??barlr a|rthr*a?>< 4lloi*l brtr ' biorl* *?ld. Iat?n l?d M rataln tb* ammnala Tin qnwllnn *r'*?? wli. Ih?r tb.. alwnapbwt* air W*a**H 1*4 lPa*ttr*'y 4aprl**4 t.f It* aaaoala 1'rnbably n*t Ituaarb a* n?ly lb* tarlor portion* of < *< > batbta ar* ripr??d to tb* a?4l?a of tb* a?l4 An ap * * ' ' atrl??4, by whloh all ?b* atai ph*rl< Jr tr*a?in*tt?<l ?? tbornnfhty alffM *nh m>hI?hi ><rtd ?*p?>r* TbU S< lac <taa* tb* antl ?*tbo4 a vapotatloti wMb bi*bl?ri4* of yUtiama **?r*. .rt?< W> lor lb* 4*4?rialaatl?e of th* <|aaattty cl taamli TI ta*a|ia hrr* j.r?*?nt*?1 vara b??lB*l by tb* *ri>* raia* last a??r tio**4 P???iailn*llonj ?rr* mvl> Kb I at lb* riMftlnw far th* baalaalag aad ai4dl> nf *a*b aof ib Th* Wl?*l?| l|M* annfMa* tb* r? >?U. 4**< *!* batag a?Mt*4 Th* M**ad *4?ai L D. , TWO CENTS. ' plves th<> numbur ef pnrU of ammonta ! o on? millioB |>*rt( b? wei/flit of ?tnio?picric air: ? ' m>J. " I860 ' July t 40 Jan 15 .tS ! " ? ftft " ao I P'-Pt 1 .'!? Feb It 8 Oct 11 28 M'ch 1 13 " 1? 20 " 16 10 11 f "CO ]4 ' 30 :i Not ? T April 16 .39 , ' 10-13 7 4 29 30 Id Xoy. 17 und Dec. 5 6 May 14 li .13 1>?? SO 21 T Juno # 4 I " 2W 2 17 30 21 < " a W " 29 li j July 5 4 l. "10 2 * <'16 12 1. , The quantity of nmuionla in. ft J ?<H h? nWrv?<4. in , tt:j much greater than lound by prevloua eiperitl meulera. It waa obaerve j generally, though thl* rula >- win HI l without exception thut the quantity w?* >r K" a *-at when the wind *u? from the aouthwa.U. Tint ? I hii'Iih ma iu rain mid snow whs alao quanUtntiiely J * y [ Urmint-d The mow km t?und to contain moat Till* 'a ! fact flnda its lauatlou in thelmg.i absorbing ?urig ftt' M it offer* to the air n i I'lnleRMir IW>:i<y Migje ietl that th? action ot the a | acid no tin- Kit" ?raaela ?1.1 j>1 o>. 1 and t'*c dilf-woe* i, j ol time during which the y---cU were eiiMmi to thU m I action, mi};ht fca?B a mething to rto with thn diitiri| j eui M eijr<>?K<d iu the table. ?. j Proltuxor 8iiii?i*n, jr , it>'|ulr*d whether Ihe *mj? I mi nla poasibly preaent In the inid and wa >r u 1, h .d a b'rn n gnrdi d a Prof II iimukii replied to the first auggmtion that a he had in several instance.!, a'fcr calculating the ,,n\. t liiotim from th? p.atmuin fait a? >i* ml, ignite I to* . | same and alter washing ai.d re.ignition, calculated the ammonia airain from the metallic platiauui roll | msining and the result* obtained by the two inetti" U A i <l d not dill-r materially. T > tWe.jueryof Pruf man. I'rof. Ilorsford replied that the ammonia hi I'ia , a< ul and vattr lrrd had been d?ti rmin?d. and a tor. . i r.* dedit. tlou reade from t li? r. Miltn of the ani | Teral detennir i.tioiM ov - n in the table ? l lie uext paper wan on the variation in th? propar t mo ion of (ha fundamental st*r.;? r rgmx, by &ir. IS. 1 i tii hiil rrt, ol C'ambiidfca, and * a- rra J by !.i? ut Chi*. . T!.' I>avta - | The chairman than called Professor Henry t- th? 9 | chair and preaenttd a coumuuicat n to the aocfdty on r i the probable period ot the fund am en Ml afar,a vi'i i;iai?. i M- oh'air? d au orbit vt -14 yearn as th? m ><t ptofcaM* i j rauiua of orbit Ofl nconda of time. Prolfrnor Mitch?i i. enquiivl the dialancn and pro, 1 bahle wgnltuun ol thin inriilbla body . j Profeaaor Oi Maiiui made h>q? reiu irki upon tlia ni ntributlona of the late Lieut. K IV Mason to a?tro? ! nomloal science lie w.ia a young nun wIumi b? iloj, , and tliia coufctry had re:ux>n to be proud of blta n i I'roicasor llacH* remarked upon tha appli ation o4 1 | tha method of least *<juaraa to pbyaical problems ?ha i I ceiuidered thta method not properly applioabU . j Tbi* n ctiou adjourned after one o'clock. * I aftkenuon MEETI*#. " ' Tl.e association ana<-mb|ed at threw o'clock, iu " l nvral m?? t ing. iu thu chapel of Vale Colli ge. tiiv l??tura rot m being Insufficient to acc< tuiu' data tb? nuin1 beta who were anxlouato bo present. The body of tli? '* I church waa well tilled, prearnting a goodly army of tha 'i fair ft x. ^ I l'rd'sror Joatrn nii?? submitted aome obserr?' I tiotia on the origin, uieaaureuiunt, aaJ claa>idc?tioa * I of mi i hanical power IIa said all thecli?ng-s going n on in the subject of the earth are pr loced by what " I ?e rail pnwitr All tli* lirtmun gi'lu^ <ju ari>uu<l ua wo 1 i can r? Or t<> mechanical power, aud mechanical ponur tujijr l'i* li f'-rre?l to spiritual powar. To m>k? a di?' tinction between power ?nd fore* foroe i? wore generic Power If that which producca motion. whiuh produces permanent changts in matter. When | body Ik in a state of power. It can paaa )r>m i tbat slat* to a state ot no pow?r. If ha I (Profeaaor Henry) threw an itory ball a,;a nit a ball 1 of putty; the pultj ball would lia indented, and th?u , the whole pour ia ummI In inaalnj that indention. Tlia lee.rned professor then referred to the dllTereut Iji*I ees nnd Telocity of cannou balls, and their power t!o4 I ha? so coustruoti d tha uni?erm< that aach part of It act* upon other parts If the ?un were annihilated, the planet Neptune would instantly more in a straight line. Mr. Ilenry continued, at anm* length. U> ob??i ? upon mechanical power, th? power of w*t.-r a!.?n a*itated; the power of the Totca, he lie d??lg?a ud water power, tide power, wind, and nun txauii, pr.marjr power-, and ateaui as a aecond elan* power. All anij BiaU derive their power from vegetable matter Wa must admit that there 1* a apace around our otrUi r which 1* filled with (.tharsai matter that is, a .m thing u tliat ? iUts between us and th'? aim 1. ght aul heat I r<M|nlr? eight minutes to come from the aun to u? Th* - queatlt a may be aikod, a be re J..?i tha Kun roeoiTe IU t linht and heat' 11 is constaut ly ni?in< olT It* power to the air ao wa ino?l suppose that t thauitlon of tha n mc la constantly goin on The ?un ia a great ui.w<< of 0 lighted matter Now. If it ia In a ?tate of oon i"U?a . lion thara muat come a time when the aun will c o??e lt to ealat " The tinia will coma whan the aua Itaclf 1 w 11 tsll. and anoieut night lot >Itc n deiolate ?V?? ' * Profmaot Corn* ao 1 Mr Ai i *?, of Prorllsnea, . ne it a<ldr eased tha meeting on tb? seine subject * Professor W li ltoua??ftl?o ware the as embly hi* Tit wa of the ciftraiOcfttion of mechanlcbl power a Profeaaor P*ua of \\ aahingti u *.?e an eipo?ili >n j of acme of the loading featuree In (he power ot eln.itro i tnagnatiom, hai exhibited aoow maoh n<ry. anl eimn? pilaed the power of galvanised coll upon a ? a( u* * I bar. wbi h kept It. a? it were In a state ot .? (i j In the tuba of ft helix h-U in a parpendicular po<4r | It being pa?t sixo clock the meeting ft>lj?urua<l till , | nine o clock neat morning i: b. mg now too Ute lu t' hear Othrr communication* that were I Ml the list fur , Uiiaatenmg I I Tlsited tha mineralngical and geological oftbin -t of t the Coll.g. which ccmprl o. many 'oioui. race and ? eitra.* lioary ap> cimena. conflating of upwards of ' V> tAW of which It la irapnaalbli to loirry any ade.juftt* I Ideft There la ft beanttfwl apecimen ofcryetftl of ntia. I apar 'arbonate nt lime, weighing la& pounds A ca<? ot apecimrna Ulualrftting the geology of Kurope, on* al Itltnf an<l tnlJ nrna r?f kin i* an*, nf anKl.k imfrrin I tlUi rnw Thoro tn> (nam ?*ry utrtirJI itt I >nrtla. Trilobit** from riiurtan rook* of N * y< rk and Ohio wbirh ?r.' loe*iU of mi oral ahap?, at animal* at th* >< ? auppo*?d to In UMMrlttr UrIf.I of tli? earth ? liitvncA KoukU* of th* al'lu, Kllu*t? I n,<Un l bon** of Ali l III K' *Uppo*<d to hUr* *?l?'?.| I t>?( Iwtoreth* If" uf man HmwiI of tboaa nal>in*u w*r* ool lee led by th* Ul* 0*1. <ill>l??, an I loft by him for a tiui*, with lb* VaJ* t'l-Ueg*. bat l#*lin< ? nereeaity for dl*po*ing of th*iu ?ul^- jn-nti/ h*oif?r>-d O.em for >tlr I* tli* i;uUr?. and th*y tun |iurrb<?4 lor |20,<*<? But tb* mo?t *fttraor4iuary thing that bu I at ruck my nolle* ka a bag* ntMuf ia?U<>rle lr.>u,froin T*iaa whlrb tai pretectal to Tal* t'olieg* by Mr* riltl*. lb* widow of th* <V|oa?l In 1IM lu form la It* length thre* leal f<>ur and a half innba*. It* gr~at>at breadth two feat four imh??.aiiu It* *4|hi 1 <-11 i unda Only fancy auoh a nu fallliv. a? a Better through tli* air II la *ald lo b? lb* l?r??*l j?lere in any collection lb tlie world, altl^'Ugh tberw ar? (< '? uiaay tlaiat larger lying in th* wild r?gl?at of Mellso and Peru It* turfae* wlileh I* oo??r?d with a Mar ki?h rru?t, I* (Trail r in l?ot-d, from whtab It Wonl 4 *| p**r that thl* ivi Md I' aa la a wft atata h*a It 1*11 <>n remnrlng the rri't tb* Iroa. oa ?po*ar* to Boletur* hecm-a otidated It la atld to r< n*l?t en'lr?ly of Iran wbi'h p ' a a high d?grea af m*..?aMllt j )i|*riuanta ha<lag b -*n mad* aiibo'i. 4*tenting nickel or any other metal Thia o?rm-?u? nia>* a a* found near tb* Red rirer Th* library belonging loth* eol'ef* la a r.rj- (H* building and appar-atly nm I'irtml wr.b gr*?t r?*u. i larlly , It contain* II f00 volume* There are tbraa other iltrarlea, belonging to th* aoeletl*-* aumbarlaf la *U he?w*?n f>i' i*i# and *> ?*> rolumet The at?U**4 ha* iMt **ta>>ll*b*d l*u year* Mr Jot Harllag tbo ( oldeat 11 ring graduate I* aow in lb* flat year of hW aga Me graduated la I77T. pr?rlou* to tba tul?p?uJena* of t a*rlra .lew lfar*a la at i>r*e*nt *ulir*n>. I by m?ny >W?a1 g! r?. number! < f whom ire no Joubl Induo-d by th? pr*t* at wlenllfte I a Th- Tontla* h "I i? aiowded , tb* Mraaim^datlaa l( *1 elleal the atIkMmm good arid tba fbra un**reptioa?M*. quailh (ration* whloh wbea kn wa will a'wara lo?nrv a 'nit IIK'??V to III IB'IKII <?n? Miiiwiw j>r?prmw, * ' AUU MaTrnriiU mt DI>tl*|iilihMl Paopla. Mr <:t*7 *tt?adad l>mn? tt Or Ch?ul?a' eknrrh ?? Newport H I ?n llli'h; ai <rti>| llaa Joka Tan k<ir*a !* T . <'ap? II Fowler. If. P 1 , Rig * t?i Ir'iHn llaitni Mr ll??. Ilti|i anada llor Th> m*a P??h La u4lnittKH f.tli?r? ?rriT?d jaat-rdaj and look r- <> > at tba Union fltrt lli??l lloa II 0to4>lrk Ark , Bar Dr llatohisaaa, F. W * uU>? * D l-aara. W? . II H rVcgaaball K I* | fujim. r.nn . M H Rentt. f la , aa I f>r?y thraa ntbara arrlrad, yaatarday. aad took rooaa at tin 011a1 tea !! t?l J Ska>0'? PklU . II?nrj Orant Kf : A Oarrlr?'"n ? I.miL. J Oardarr. Nov Orlaaaa J % I Aadrrva T?unw> k Hcutna Tnu W 0 M/rM'-, irUfi a. J K Doaflaaa Houth Carallaa Y. II kayaolda. ladlaoa aad 1*1 atkara, arrlrad at lb? KmaiJ Hot*l vltkla Ik* M Iknw dart (Ira Talaarft* H?? tlanabnrfli ('apt k A l.ulhar, I T A M?Jk>r lia Inrt C ft A ; lloa Ttmau I. Prtra kMaiiod ?a . Ilaa I. Pratt, Prattarllla aad DT "Ihora arrlr?4 yraiardaf, at lk? Irrlai B"?" ft'a>ir"t>? Phlla I A l?"?d Ky , W T?l??, Lt UibWo I R A aad M othara arrlrad. J?aI i. r l?y *i tha A marlaan W Wll*r>i Pklla M 0 Brian Kalllmora; 0 n<fta, Mnl.ll> liar W Haalra N.w II.,.. and lli ?th.? kfrl?."1 ;Nl?r|>r ?l tt? A?tor Umi?? ?(? R (tii mi fkmllf. ?frtt?d la th? alt*, twttiitr.nd '?eip; p?rtm-et? ? lufrnotlCMIrg? t Im> Il'itol t> tilted Hlata* taart. HiriiRn jm??* nrrra At'" ?* to Ikr Him* nittp NoiU ?Jm4f? BHU c urt ytt-T&mj ml )!? .< ji>l|nni> > tk? i i.l th? ?hl|> M%rlhx ?*P>nr?l ma k-irt ti at tiif . ii lk? 'Im lr>li Th? .I!> !? xoa-laaino't tb? ?n1 rwitorvd a 4** rmm itf aal* Ik* la aatlmt - I ip W rib Uf? ?i| IKaihW 4 !?? mil < ?)?.itM Hjr<k* Rrt* M war T?ttj tha l ?i <-( atilah mill b?<1i?ld-?l tk* nf??rt aa?l ?r?w af Ik- kr*c aa pHa? maaap T?a mart traaaaatad n?k?r llrrt. of no partUular Itltrnl, ia4 Ikaa ?4Jam??l lily ln|i kiM?l o?w ''(aataa .tl I Mi H ?m? kf lifktalng I

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