Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 24, 1850, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 24, 1850 Page 1
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-i+m. ?l TH NO. ?919. FASHIONABLE INTELLIGENCE. THE GRAND FANCTpRESS BILL AT SARATOGA. THE FETE OF THE SEASON, too , *bc., *c. The grand file of the m ason, kt 8aratoga?the grand Juf iJrrn Bail for 1H60 -c?m? off, according to a'lr.rtiseaaxnt. i>n;Wrdntte<Uy night la*t, at Marvin's Unlived States D.trl tlin day preceding the ball *u lovely, Ud the faxbionable denizens at the Springe were buniJy pngaged. from an early hoar In the morning, until a late hour In the afternoon, in preparing for it. At to the coetuuitre' rooms, they were literally jammed. and thi re wae hardly .paoe tnough to make 'bargaining oomfort able Mr Taylor, the oontumer. of Prince etruut and Mr l'ltlllloi of Chathuiu alwut aided by Mr. Mtlot. Mr Taylor aMittant, ??ru all ?uiployed in nuiilug tue gentlemen, while Mr* Taylor Aided til o lad Ire la ling theli drewe*. All was, for tke tint*, eoulunion. but out of tbl* confution.'Snilly. *rew I. nutiful ordi r. Mr Dlbb'.ee, the haird'eiiier, fBroidway, who Tlnti J Saratoga by request of hi* uvtomerc, aud Mr Hiker, who 1* ia the name line of biuiacM, were crowded to axons, aud coulJ uot procure the a**Utaucu they wauttd for the occasion ? While all tbii * an going oa outtide of Uie hotel, tb* Heui! Martin wire t^uieily but iuduHtriou ly ent?g' d la decorating the beautiful groan i* euel i?ed ly the he'il Iu order to produce I oa tabl >u>, thin year, the mi .til ll?.;? with which the tree* htve li*ret?!?re two denorated wore ill-pen t-J with, and 'he enure dicp1 y ?? uifile bylhe u??of colored gta*a cup lau p* Ihi lnii,!^ were of a gr>-at Tari-ty nf brilliant c lcr* Then ?rr? about two thou rand fl?? liUUilril of lie U! aud they wore ?t!?peul?d froia tba n? which had previou.-ly been wrought iu'.o T)*t ??rk fl< IU the l irre. AI It 11 1? ?*UOIl if ijom- ?"Veataen to twen.y Ni t u rn thi k.'iuuiI Wh?u nil Utile UlumiNar it* were ht njjiit into u-? th.y prwduoed as i Su'l bi'uutilul b.jouil (lernription. l'h" untuncr iu whi. h tLey mil iu im K'- I nil illunivj {feet. iiud one mm 1 linoliy Mi?n lhat there wero not butUreds of ihuu-uDili ol'taeiu. The e?euinj( was beautifully rliir. hut ih? foliage .it th* l*r*?- ire?? oa 1 li>- t;rouii<W ? ? '..;!Wi'U iit >l:vli? tn iflinvn the '.jrUliuut "light* At ? i'.tlr> be} nud rniu tfowu, lb* uytiii i iitrikLCtw ti. tbu hoiel weru olowd, and *eatriei pftoed at proper iut< rm,? tu i;uur 1 the enclosure fr jui in proper in ru 1- in I ? p;-r? ? re pla 4 ?i tae (.trance* thiuUrili tlltch ing ru rnil ej.*r-ii ?nr? to b? 'ua<l??? I 'hi' ?rr> ii?ui>u> d tohiin rtadln.M* for the ret ention of the gutrta, fhe lu*h'- ptopl* collected in ureal ero?un around the rj?,n entrance, to in th* tllntrt ut. < b?r*cti>r? a* tXiy ?pp. ar.-.l in i: >|. tame; tor Ui*. y <? in. t' other h?l> 1*. many more 1rrM"l tor the lull ?t tbo ?>* turner*, and lomi itltnia, who were not < b.igi d tu appear In tta? *tre-t. ;ar? Why to u , ai .1' mM( eaui'y anJ ? "it 1 a littie nty oii-lde. on liidiu.if errand*. ilim dinplayiurf tbeir " leliry d:?M " Al one tuomi-lit iMIDI au lu lun chief. with lirad i-?Uot?, toinibi?*H - t'.p i< knife, and all p^tiaikti * ; lito lb>'inolMur> II r? HKc a oonrtii r dHiuUly la.r? J ml larl*hly perfumed; ancu a pi ntian nUtl K meo ittpp-d at t?e gnte, .ml next a piruix; J<<uk t al-totf roll, a u.t pond.;/- >u? car. cate t?wardi> tfc danee. and (lien light fv.riee-:in 1 iu?rr !niiklt| fortune teller*, black num. itu4 uniformed* ?bit- u .n< and Yantee tailor* went aim Hi riin I'aul H r Intruded hluiae.l up"ii tita cbkervatlon of utaid Turk* or itati ij dumcs au J !.t f'oli* lai.nbed at 1fc~ j'V? -f ~i ^rr i f fca1t?< Utittr Jti? tMloonli-a tlJ ?rlk? wrr i cupii-i bjr prom "naJtn in io?t'??i.. tmmu (iuih before tho entry 10 thu l?tl ro' iu In fact, .kl* im no* of th? ruiwt IT -oti?o y*rts of tlit treDiDii't tiubiUlnntut tb> I 'im* (or thr o< uiiuiao?-ui< nt dt tti? btll uttfi d, till ] thr Akuioi* is eoclumu ? I'll :i i. ry Ur<? unuji'-r o! M>r?on? not c*?tuoi?d, in ?4? th*ir w.?y toward* iLa liintlnjr r>lo?a. her* tli* following orJor *u ?atounctU by cunt", ?> the rnotill AMMB or liAItUIHG. NAIrfi-M?j t< r? li 1U.V t? I!j 1. Q-'?>lruI??Ju'. St.uO.t V Qnn Jritl*?F. i. .Stnuu. *. w?l???Wt?4?r?- 1<>. fulks?Cnmbnaut cb?* Ocuji'l. . 'Jang'l. >'B- It. V?lu? Amli* 1,11. ?liT.<l?-r stmuM. U. Wu?itrili??L"U. imi 4. ?' lk?? -W i?r??r . ,iir?u??. Krm'nr SlrtiM. IS. K'-dow\ Polk*? V U> uiin!l??liiilv. N pi mu .., ... I.'j 4 w *lt.? iwht'iiliriiii- U. <*?i .? fr lt.or.ur. l.??u<r. *. Qu??Jt. Nn-^OrBl, 'u? 15 .Jcin>tti??h? . .Htria". Ifl. IMk? . IcUttUih-Bou- , .Straaif. <J??I W unck. (.Kil'lA* CUTII.LO?. 11 :?r CcVBii'lr* Rf-4 Rw'.ll, lit" it ? . niu? C?<?n. itca Wane la. Tba mlH< coiumeaoad u 10 o'nlock. bit J >h?a th? -cmpau > h?d tJ"*nil>lvd. th? rfVif HM fiO1'!>nt Tti'Tf ?n? n gr-at uuiub.-r ol grail-id*1 in oltlier'e ?tre*? anil mtn) '.a lien who worn < t*i|>l? ball Thia guru e-rjr ill|till?<l appearaiin* I > i.iu .mil dl'lcl g really to iti? r vogti 0?mliic<n ulrbnut r?m uik* ?fM charged flS evh for their ticket of ndailxlon Auuib.r featu-a of tbe eeen'ng ?a? a pally of young ftaaUeiuta sad lailirt aho iree-ed In tilUyla eoelume. tax tfri'l mrm a^f^a* ij<b, <1 tn ruiu eailors and tba ladMM m ^ aeaii ulr'n lb ra r? hoihu t ?> nty-ilr? or ta>rtf of tfeaaa dn?-et? and that wara a couipany w'tobaea berelntcra Wr??ii brilllap ly fur ?ufti t<nc*?i>>ri* >*J <Jkli 1 h> ab?< bca ?! -i ia'|? a u.i ab' r d-duct<-1 (rou th- biilllanc I a ?f the ?vi-ultf. Rata a l'?a lively ?pM IM *!>6Ulb?ti l>4? tT*t before beta ? idtrd u i .' oa of thi? kind. It aa? >>b?ai?>-d by *?uj thai a a?DM of Jul u M *t> perci'ptlbl* especially In ikr early jan ?t 'he u'ulit tha ?:nounl of < rr> ?' Id--bui tbr -a ol the** ware 11J or plain r (ubim llnketa; and bai-ldai iiafn'a or gu?rJlaaa lnrrlt>? children la conluuia wura allowed to (0 la plain Kill* tti?ru?> l??? The following nentli inm har'ag b* n ?eleet?<l to ask M were de?igna'.'d by blun b*d.iin : ? Maaaoaaa. ilon T rani-la fl ranger NY. Una siauwl )l T. Tf S lirayton. t V J W i.rrard. N. T Col Janet Monroe. NT, J It Jaiua* 1 V ?len. C. O'Dni.neil Md J C W < rr-ll Pi nn. , , Cat Oh .lard Mlaa J V t*urdy. New York. W t: I Wnldell. N T. II H llajlea Uy O, H Iha'lier Ma?a. il?o liaeid liraham 1 T. i;?? l. 0 '. II I'U. A V|.,nn I.irry, i.oui??ii?. 4 If. I>?<Ip, Mim. J. \lxnu. it 0 lloa. W U lluwdau, U McKay. Mvwrgia. Cni. W P lari l UUi. Hod Jobs II Thrum, tin Wmtl.N.Y, N J. Ltrat 0. Uoi. Jonathan Ufrrdlth K^turt W. f T. NvjImiI J II Morrtt jua . VI D( I 1)1.1.??n MIm. K. 8i..< o?,n N. V i.Unti Inn I>mo X. Wrl|kl I'll. <Jt?rg* M* W. U Jno*?. N Y K MrAlllfUr hJ lli?*r j M<m:?II I'aan. Un. Mt T)l'r V? .'*ro?? I'lnn-ll Mi Uan I* l> h'?rn?.d !* T Vhj .r W n.bip U S A. ftanrl ll< uaikh. h* M i.j- n Kjr*. Pol . '!* J"'.n T > !f. T. It>ir; Hrrfli. .1 T. W M. Mll?r Nr. J W I Ml-. MiM B l?|rt? II, fn t. J. UrVrJ'lrt 5 T. il? Gaorg* II MnfcarU- llna l.^rl Woodbury, M II. el. ll Tnl?y. Ta A L llub rli' n 1 T. A Truilaa l.a H, W >4.1 'll. N T. Tb? Iwllovio* a|>p<>tai?d ta lt*'? if* altar** of t*? kali. Mlli| aj 4lraatar?, war* Maflat awmw Fratx-W 0r?rg?r. NT J t Caaprr. 1 T. W P |kr*]i>-o r.H *. W B Juua*. N T Joha R tbaniMin M. J U*> R. Ki.-b*?4?<'a. Mi WillUa T IAN A Trad~*?. Uuuioaaa. Robart W Am.-*. N T. 0 t n~4f?r4. K T Jo**|.h klrtin A 0. I>a<rl4 Orabaat. !< T. Harry Mat-all. P?aa. Tfaa r.ilb ?lo<[ rata* ??r* aJop'.r4 for tka gnrTmm?u* ol ?? > k|| Tin'l in 1'icit'nim i"r n>- W -.*? at lad**-*. t^1 Na i? b* a<lailu?.| w.thout rtat'ira*. ? fit laalilM i-aU-rug with tli?i? cbiidr.n if nr4' in ,r ( mkBiiii ii|>on lb- p*ym*at af $)> Ma?k? r?i-ry d?*?rlpi ion ?t<-lud*d |m>. li?i|?n aid ll>? faatiritia* war* t h* MmM| fc?mra 11 r *t')ir. Hr> ARtt i4 >??.!,?.ii ?j*<ry? *pp>-*r? I to ??ry pril (iHin ?*? ? 11 fannta itf I h? ll?r-jj MboH All* a nf .?*tamiali n^r*wnt?4 ?iJr II-? r< ?t imt ?? at .>my nrrvot. bu? fry rick Mid ??H i??|i al Aih ii ?lA>??nt?h. tj<t?lo*4 th? < h?'? 11 r of *? ImIhii i < h-kii t < xlinlrt Ion IIir dt *** a M>? k, filwl ?Hk )lU(* MHM ?|| '| r.a ai.1 IbUlull; wl'h kia* aol ?*ito* ribb-ma. aol not ? ulj tto* IfiiMito ooMaraa but tit* grarafiii atfl* at III* a >arrr *??lti rt * !! r?l airolrai If n Hi??lr ?n i.f W?ml? Pin-. Im fork apn?ar?d u a vrrdrr of ?? ?. b?mll ik* f*lr?at fln**r *' ib-m It Tfc* dr*?? -1 Mr*. Ilrary Hargh imilil'J of a fink alia akirl of ror?ag<' lit* Miift rulilr aatbrolvi*r?d la (llfir. *>4 lk? lattrr triaia?d aitb lav daap |( ?rr< nf illwr h*i d Uftr tfcd anraaga <m wira a nata'lure j?rk-t nperbly <iruam*at>d witk ?ll??r #p?al-!t?? m?ii'li?tl?*. b.itlon* fc? Tb* dr*?? ?a? ai*d* la Ma Irld for thl* ball Tit* h?-ad-dr*a* la k**plac eota*i?tlt>| af *pan>?h et mb. silver II >a?r?. ike. { r? Patrlaj "f N*? Trwk, a*?um>-<i th? owrtuta* of of J?rti*al?m " I)rr.? of vklt* allk vllk r*d at a ?tripr?, and a bandana* tarbm of I ha ?\n- ntyl* Mm* Mar; Badfird af N*w York, la a bmO ma kat ilailf b*ll 4ra*? Mr* I4<n h?rgh of New fork dra*a?<1 a* Flora br ?or* a ?l??ir ilraa* aad a garlaad aad ?arrl*d a ka-k*t of ?l??aat bvaatlfnl aa l fragrant #???r* Mr* II ! ' akoil. of Rtrk'P nd la r^r<Mut<il. la a rtrh *orr?ot aad *H*idld a?atna> I.aola dl l.atnaoi ai'>"r I Ml* dr?-*a aisl'ad ? aataral a lairatloa. aad r*??-'-d : r-at rrodll oa idaat* oil bar* * faaoloa*b<* *?faMI?b'o?nt la Broadaay. ?ba ra. * ar* told, tt a a* ' ! * ! " MfcMCW*** ? ? H W*4ptu<t E NE ! b' - M mmdemoHtll*. ajade a vary capital representative of tha Lad; of the Lake The noitgmt ?> whit* .trimmed with red. and tki carried a unit fanciful littl* oar. Wif t'hautard. of Nitchci, Mlu . appeared a* a LadJ of the Did French Court, whilst her ?Uter represented , a Nrupchtutnt i V In* Datu. of North C'arollaa, wore a tarty and plain &*H dretta. f Mine Fontaine, of Texas presented one of the moot ej.iut.iite appearance* In the raom A* far a* our u*u taete ic concerned, we are Inclined to con-dder her la j>lui htllr. She wore a dark guaia dreu. covered elth silver stars and hieroglyphic*, repiesuntlng an LnchatitjphS She euch'tuted every beholder. an 1 b >r dark black eyn led u* for a while to believe that .tie i war a celebrated belle of a s<*u.<ou or two ag o. or elsa a | younger *l*t? r of tLat lady. kllna Fowler, of New York dressed a* a French Pea- I sant of the time of I.oul* XIV ?white underskirt trimmed with pink, ami pink nkirt, trimmed with biack; ! black bixldice aud powdered hair. This style of droll . prevail' d to a great x.ti at aud Is eery pretty Jdr?. <JreigfoD of New Uaven. drained a* Lady Wa?h- ' ingtou. a novel and effective costume, which wa? generally admired Mrs. David Crabum. of New Vork. the whole of j whose interesting lauilly were presi nt appeared la a plain aud very becoming, yet matronly, ball room j dree* Mi.a lli.urtl i,f IUItimn? ? W.,IIA>I I - ?/ | lad; " to have Ki'ucud tbe room with hnr pre.< u a* V an-hion*ot Ibc ant ien rtgiinf. At thf i-leTeuih j hour. boweTer, she reueieed tbe >aJ n. ?? ol dear friend h death and h?r eeening wmi dei u4M to mourning insteed of merriment. Mint tinriiitiQ app> ur< J in a riohilreet ca(Hi 'iui Li. r sifter represented p.-tu-aut tcom Mke mmuUIii* ol liuh< mla. Mrs Hain't. of tbe 5th A Terms. New Tork. in th? j character i'l ? court ladj ot the last cnatnry, wort- ? ! rirh white druas, wit h ? m*uuiti'-<ut etriuK of diaiu .u.U uri nud tier p^wdertd b>*d drun. The paUu?of her countenance tonether witb the powder *u 1 white dw ft. K?vt- a wry peculiar, but dlguitiel, impret iou to l\ii b?helder. Mrs. Jackson, from Virginia, wore the coatumeof a BobrBliuD pr!tMtuL .Mr? Jow|hsfrctP Philadelphia. represented Z"?ld*,'' in a rich ai l biilliaul oriental coatuiue, which aha wore TIM j gr?c? fol y. Mr* Jackson, of New Vork, wore* rich but p'iin ball dress, with a wreath of rosea Mad. Jiimi'l wu "J. n occa?t'>n. personated the l>urhe?i of Orleans- dress, wh'te lace Uiadi ui id diamonds ln-ad dres* ot diamonds. tbe san).- owned and us'd by Joscph' lie. thf wile of S ap"l*on Itunupart* be pleat he 1 to ht-r njioe. aud sold to Ui>ai Juiu.l t?r i'.'o uot? ll?r watch i? tbe i-aue that ?as porohnse 1 after :hu Duch';?? do Berry had offered ft! Jt*> fur it. Ilesid-s t!i -her dress ?at spiUKii'd with Jiamon Is to 111 amount nf upward of f&.CoO. V?> leum that tor nine yearn ti n wa* tbn only Inly HliuiiU* at the Oouit of , Ktarce, if" nihility; and mm* in Fran-i*, rtorpt tben\ duritur that tinm. imnli excel her in llic vi lut> Mini um^nifleciice of^Hir apparrl Miaa K)i>n, lmr uitce. a?*'.iiued thn.uharartor of a Flower Olrt- ilre-ed in plain rtue nivalin w;ta turd* oriaiut n i with a (jtp?y hat wiih ro- " *p:i;n d-cora'ed with pink-a Utile basket of . flower* upon lmr arm. Mr* Jruex lite Mi?M n* an Italian peasant, i io ' i J r. uitik-Lly will. Kt rn?< ban. of Naw York, appeared both ai Marchicac..M a o la Pompadour. Mie* Fy lv'? MringitoD. of Sr* York, a Freno'i Pea Milt i>iil < t t lie lime of l.oul* the Fourteenth P.>w- , d< red hair, rblp hat, aud long streamer*, bt-c-.iae h> r T?ry well. VlUfe* I.aunce. ol No* Turk, appeared in the ?:im? fn-rt ni Mine 1,1 vine xton The ani k *p*rklint( eye? of M>? Miry lauut' *h<>ue with r> doubled brighter.-* li ninth the powdered load. Mif* 1 jwnnn ?1?"> wore the Mitn* dress a* theabove. Mr*. J cob Little, of New York, wur* a ?lmpie but . 1 Ttrvrieh laie dit-s. >/r*. Chtrlei Levey.of Qutbte, wore a hunliom* ball , dr. ?*. Mia* Lltltigrton appeared *< Little Red !lt'in< If '>d; , ??ry pretty ?ud very brooming MU* Oakley, ot New York \n riaurbter of Jud^nO., j we rup|>"*?.) ria a blaek uul and fU'talnod the character with iuui h bMCi.mniic a-Hnanutll and dignity Mir* I i ter*, of New Yolk. wore a Tery li,,nos in* ball df?M. Mi** l.nty IVultney. of ?1n )Und a Inoi >u? b-vity, I l l'iar-d n? a Poltara tad fnhy aojtatord hir claim* Ivtw counted :iBjctii{ tb? very tir*t belle* p rear lit >i. p j.;try uonineou. (>t l.amrnore. urj>uiii<*'i the ohamrtir r>t Mm wwi"n to riliwldan K aowle*'* pluy of i'h? ^ in* " a ?l?it? ailt < kirt. with flowers, and a lint hat. 'Itu* lady la ?l.-o a d >lliigulhh?d beauty. >lr?. l<i*Ru-h. <>f l'bllad* Iplila, n? present, anl ax I usual, the centre of a *?dect nod refined circle ,?Uo I *?M a ijitrk dree*. ul aom- rich material Ml?a Trudeau. ut NewUrieeue was* i.ry chuw'.n; l?>ry Mr*. Si p|h T Ihouta*. of fbiUJ. Iphia. iookt tl eell to* ? ?" ? ' rWJi Ukm, a- /.ai l." Mr* fuley. of Vlrjftnla, wore# magnificent (Jreek i f 'Muue ?' avarlet aud il't hair lull in 1 >tg I raid* C.wt? h. r back. ami the gf'Oj natured expire- i ' *lrr of her face was not th? leant ol her rha-uia Mi?? Tulrj a* the Morning star, la white lace od I iptiitgled <U>e?, looked peculiarly rbaiuiiug aul iuno! cent MixToitr.of Qui bro, wore a eery tile# ball drrM moat tercaiingly Mlaa V auileutifiiTel. of New Vork. dre**;> 1 a* Kolly. in red end ?hlte with cap and bell* lookrd r?ry. eery clia mli* indeed. aiid not only perv nat J fully her ?)f bot i au.?U olbi r? to commit folly IIat where la 1 tli?* pre:'/ women I bat dee? not do tb? ?ain<- thiug ! Ml** Whitney. ol N?w Vork. appeared In a truly fjKnuid orlealal eoatune It cou?l?t> d In part of a m arlei . tuhrohlrn-d Jack* t, white aatlu and gold ernbr'lileled -k'rt. aud 1 -1> d eery ... .'i ifW. Mia* V\ aUroua. of Alabama drraaed aa thu " Qa.loera ol M|ht " M its St E. Walker, fit Hatannah w?a a eery obxrmitiC repreae'iifutive of thn * tuny rto>.th in a piquant, original and eery t-aaty fancy <lree?, iHvminjiy c<tnJO d of white aud black materials and a ttae diaplay i f dtami n?a aud p> aria Uiie Woodbuiy of New Hampshire wa? another repri?< alalia) ol Night, but It >ai aa tin* a u.glit a* wo en r ra? . and i)n not think that any one who eat al the hull all! depute that fact with U' Viae H ilklne r l I l.hkill N V . I<>. k> d t?e< ly In the I'tibt jacket end p>otnie?^iia dri?e i>l the OaedVlenu*. Mr? W t) II IV add**ll ol New York, aypearej al Jut.e Her <lre?? wae white, aad triBkim d witU roaae. it wae worn with euub i;rac? that it* wearer wai obeerved and imuplimentt i wi?er??er ?hi- caiue Ml?e H tle>>i a< the M-rolne of Nice Thia eery rharwunf y*jiinx lady i* tha daughter at >Irt Oenaral .taliley of Ht l.wnia 11 - r <lrt? wat uilnmally adailird Kr It* eorrectni ee Iwitig as exaet itniiatl >a ot nl>bra:?il ptintirg It coital?'?d principally ol wblta aatln. riih > '.rimoie4 wi'.h pfa la aud p.arl heail UtM. Ml** WMtn*y. ipfHwIlwUr. rcpr???ute j PoufthontM. M?r attw > > iirrt' el Mi'1 ftnlllwi. but b?r p?*r? >i??Ika < f II r lii? ? *i>< ani.l.rluiiy trutliful and rurrvrt. 11,J?rtl. < ha?f cut in a i >B( time. Moa a laurjr chnrm u r M> ?ll ?B|'|>urt?-d. CRN 1.1 CoM-fTM*. IIr Allan <-f e??*iitinh Ok. aj>p?*ttal In th? ?h?rirUrrflkrC >atl d? Mauprat. in llul? r ? pUy of Klrbillru A ??rj itch wtliist nf Mac * and oraoga. Mr. Alfl' ii ol "-.ulh Oan.liua. m a ai?n ol ??r'a ai?a. fa'?oT'a fhlrt. <a! itt an* l>lu?. ai.d white paata. >lra? hat. Sio Mr. At'lrrmii. a) CbarW* II.. wor? a niagmtirvot ratltt and jjvld eontuair with ?loaeh*d n?t. a id iNtkor It r JaBir> II Ardrrtnii "f Nrw Otltam appeared la a ?>TJ rich TurUMi r"?tun* Mr Barflay ut N*w York, lh? aoo of tha Brltlih CorfUl. apptaird IIami't. In a ??f; p-rf.rt and Witttitul iMtiin* Tli> fault of niott "f iwm rt?<? VKtuurt a ball If. that th?j in too hrary aad uoeMfiitakli hi *?M Ibri tkol?t?Nh|. Mr Hare.ay r? ? M ?u T'-ry rai ly Mr ll? bi j Urtgh f>f !*?w To*k warm 1h< ? ?tuia nf ?r) ?r*rl*t cl?ih ami gold, who >4110 nnlar jwliri, In. an t In a xut of rl*b ma'.orlal. wt-r.t ??rn n a.a raVadiit irai piocnrrd hj Mr B ljlh? tuniti pf?h*Ea?t l.?t<-r la tha ?rrntng Mr II rbanged lit* drr?p ft r aa l'traal pmrntat.on mlt carrying a trua Ttladn Madi it h!i ?MH. 1 Mr V r?urju.vdt. t.| tbt X?w Tn'k Ff?" *pfwar?d ? II Piinla Kin taiuralljr ?tr?ag and *<>11 ?bipfd b' aid add id an llttla la giving a wild. piraMi'tl da-n to hi* ???)- r trrt-rt lit wnra a Urga datig trtu# It?kn ? lil.df -aiu.r ? b-' , a Imiiljl lotugtatk rap aad a broad ttrlpod ?aUar'i ?hlrt - ' ft rmlti?bl? li.i'Mi g pirat* ?' a??wm ntiin MM ?"nn ?? 11 arilM II( 1(1 * < -TJ rla hi* * rohrnidatrd dri-aa Hj bio ild? b* Waff i tabra por ri-ni at l>iri>nu Mi. fork ?f ??r'? mob Mr ('butA*tl of MaU*b*t it mi rrtrn, *?*d lb* Kr?n?h candy to |??rf .nllou. Sir I h'lda af b appaarxl *? tfnu? |H? I >r?* is a ? r> aplaodld i'wtnui'' wb>h r*. aall auaMr Di'ii^no of MiiM|?l^pl an *ae?|1an*. ?p l? tu m n at il a?l?r W alt* I. In t?|.l?/ I tlin llunollUk air ll?? r?!'ym|il#t ?nmaiiii>4r of bar >(<*j< >'y'? |r,i*?* In Caf*da ab' n> n ii?1w< > < wlntannfw tbr *?>ai of iba I'uuia itt< r ol danagar*. afcn t .?n thia n^ix'rlm (1/ tr 1 pr??? tliair bk i-rTtatw n f.f hi? I b -? t< varla the (Tobilaon < niurtl ul HuiTal. an I .it bar tl>? I n It ad rlalttrg rKUto ?<>ra hta beautiful UI*Mand uoif ?ia Mr to (Ilia I'un'in nf I'rcrl Unra drraaad a* a lli(hla?dar and ?< *bim> ? > ?rjnj iha danm* a* nn?h *? any ?that par? n In iba now Wa o?nt u* biill real i ?.?< ijurtrg tha m n i>? Mr I'nakr of .V^a Tnrk aitaag if aar < nil. Mr fl W Fallow**, nf N?? Vork flrai. ?ii(i?t'?l a? ' a b(>nl of l.a Trappa. frtxn *hl<b i *?imo? f?> m ManI) traa*fi>'wd lilni""li t* *a p a dra?a a* irnnld tai Inaf Id*i1 thai i>f MlarK lla?k. tha |gilwfi:hl<fIna Ikl'i at a latar boar nf Hi* ari olnx b* a<*hi rbanyi J ti' ai.f'b-r npi., abarnrlar Mia' nf tha yaatia aid In?a (lab R?n*o in vblcb ba hau l ai laa fata bio* r*t*at .Ira.a Mr <i M Plat?b?r of lt**ton. wot* fb* draaa of* r lilt ad Hlal?* ' I titil abroad Mr f K ill * aid of Paliim ra. aop>ar*d * f>na ' faiaar da Hamn In a ??rr riab and majiifl tni draaa nfaraan ailaat rm l.r*ul?r?d la a?>ld Mr ll*riai i vnra tb* iitj piatar*a (n* draaa af an Italian n< hi* i Mr I)mil' f W naydoti. nf Karluak/ aa tk 4*1 (a da* th? Alaarlna rbiaf I arga Mn* f irli-b trow**ra I fk' Jarlrl of ilia ?na ruiar >**rl?t naar* ?l all rVbia an I K ai<il?nlly urnmaaa ?d la f id. whit* b?f. u>u and i fbt i?i?a.i af bi-aa'.Ull tta-Ma 7.<4? ?ii . MM??? W YO ORNING EDITION?SATUI altogether on* of tbe rioheet coitamea In the roota. kn uil war broiubt by tbe wearer from Danaectie th Mr Jamee Howm of AUhanaa, la a court aultof th <1* time of'lleorje 111powdrrml wig wb Mr. W K llown appeared a? a Han't l tin Mr Jobnaton. of Nrw York. dre?aed at PUt?l. fir to the purpose of aupportlng the Palatal! iu<ihIju?J eUe- tk< where bo Mr 11 W. J amen. of New York appeared aa a iuaa- Nr. of war' man, Id tbe lallor'i costume w? oientlouoii m? ilnn wi Mr. J B Jauiee. of New York, alio la Sailor'* drmu ale Mr JC.Iward Jouca of tMtlnburi(h. wore a mtj -ich th autl ;isij dreaa, intended to renreemit a Neapolitan tbi N. I>le. fro Mr. Alfred Jonm, of New York, wore tb?ex>?et ooun- ru' t. .-pan of the drt-sa wera by 8ltf Beuedvlti, la " Br- pr nani." to Mr 0 Kane, of New York, aa a riallor. ret Mr Kent, of New Yock. a- a Hail >r ha Mr Kejr ft V&r>land, wore a Tor/rich and aploodid wa Alt aceau coatume. pl< MaJ. K uur) vat. present iu his United States Ujl- dil lorm. da Mr K Lieln^'tou of New York, were the Are** of bo noli Hoy Tory i u..c tenly on Mr. A. l.loyd, ol llaltiiaitre, aiaUo Mr. 1. Lloyd, *p- k < Jx ured a.' lulled (jta'aa Bailor*. It Mr Lee, tailed State* District Attorney, of dary- of land, muUu hi* uppearauoo In m wa^uiticuat Uourt ' luit kii J?o K. Mtlot. (coftumer.l drer*ed in UarJj'iph. f*i I)r. Mollatt, of New York. W ire the contoi^e of a ?K Member ot tke Society ol' riioudH. iu tb? uuie ol tt'ui wit Petiu-grey clothe*. brtitn.hc*, uad hat with an n- vm ce^JiDKiy broad br.m yei Mr Montgomery, of New Orl?>ins. Mumid ttu< en- ?a tuuie ol an hogli.ih Jockey. The character t"ld very of well. The red coat, email clothm, 4so., were worn wir a a coiittdeluLle ur?, e by Mr M eai Hubert Miti khj of New York, wa* one of the diiid- t?i ber of gentlemen who dre&ood a> a Mailor Tb Mr. Mormon, ot Now York, was auitber of tliooo no Sailor#, I hi Col J. W Nile*, a backer, of Natche*. Mi*>W*ipp(, ji< a|>p>'ari d a* Charles 1 Co-tuiuu, black *? . . e , Jar trimmed with silver bugle*, lououed hat, rapier, a ad M? belts. cm Mr. A <JIiT?r. of New Orlenti*. was dre.'.tej a? a by kuuter uaiter I mii* XV. Ikh Ma a.i Mliwllkjily i *r. rich dren. gotten up by an ?rtt?tiii New ?rl aim lor ! Mr 0 *ori i n i i-at, trmimed, with rilmr, yellow trow- ' ei ers and varuiehed twoti. ) ba Mr Ogdnri, ot Now York, appehrud m a Mouot*iu ' iV r in ifit i' lu a very baiid.ioojt'utre-h of blauk. triuiiu- d 1(4 aith n aili t ; b?i Sir l'ari-h. of La, appeared la thi complete coj- u'i li.utr < f au i bluf Ui* tall oomiuaudiuii ?ra, lr uud correct oh?.?cUli*tic detriment. imj . 4 lujeh thi ii n u-riiU-iliiia lie ?a.< UKOKUiptiiii-a by a bro ber of ,r" ti e ai.od* fioiu Oatiada. aod the t#o ?,?vu, hi tfural tui.i h ounun the veiling, fie reguUr war ; I tii y I. Uo managed to Uiuuu a a at uauee to tile luu*. J | II i lie band. i WH >V I I'arker.of i?onton. rippe .red la th i b*-iut,ifiil l^' conur.e at tliu l'earaiit t in? lit roe the Jrm wa* coj nu 1>' to a pall)' iny the character -blue!; |??W-! I " Hbt. b< iii.d in I ti.uioitd with eoaiU't riobau ?lr?w bat wiiii btremu.ra ol ttd nob m. Ao txocodiugly i u" jretty enftrme j *,v L A l'h.llipn, the co.'tumer. a* f?i.'tHd It *u > x K?>< u ;<>n u? uic ui kii ifui him co.-iuia? wai ' good and tie < batvcltr oik wi 11 Mi?taiu- J .Mr I'hillip*. ol > * .drwd 111 n n b Urc k co?called iIi? M utile i hriato, alter the ?pli nusl coi- lkr ti 11 ' of lie ilniri -tir In the play < 1 ill v. u?M Major f. iiiI. of I J*. A . wai- pri >eut ia tn> early p?rt o( the vT^itiug. drened in hi* uniform. Vt i latur Lour be csL.f in ia ri. li '-l-xioaii co turn*. ?l h clunk rich!; triiuiuid Willi g !<! .in I i nil**!? feat ?lth l?-?'hcrt. fco. 1 1 Mr Vice Chancellor Kobvi-m >u. of N. Y., wa? pror it it. the i-octi.uu ui u Jockey ?r rt. CaliloraJft, appeared &? a North Aiuj- "? rirnn Indian. I Vt' 'li e tun Mr Tbumpaon, of New Jerncy, wore the Urc-e if h iu' Hil.'.r vt l lie Nuw ? irk Ya be Club M r Juliau Vallittee appeared as t Igaro, in tht Uarbor Of Si TilU Mr I If. Wadiii II, of N. Y .appwnl in the early XI p.irt of Hie eveutog a? ? Pallor 11m afterward*cnan^vd ci? nMtinie to itint ot i'aitl fry. and in lb:* character Htticd a great deal ?i inert intent in the nail room Mr Wcod. of New York. lna^mtiiient spauleli uuOld Itll'l dl'i ?CHll -t and ?,r?eu iljjur v> iuhliip, uf li y, ? an dr-.-.?eJ la the uml'/rji ' in Tb' int.. I'. William", of the Yew York Pr<;?4. appeared i.a lhe Knight ot Malta A bi am.IJl rMuian. uial* 01 I'li.ok, tlUuiueil wiUt ?ilT?r, lru(i,ii;ij pla au I ? : ? Lite lent be re Mr J. Whiiui ire. ot New fork. appeared u a Mebardeur. < mu>uif( is i cMt'UMe. One of the It atur* a ot the er-uin{ was tb leanlifil I n't lire t?r< ? Ui d by a tra ujm of clitidreu ?)10 were 1 ?*< <<..i ..el* wi ll <i ?ttun?4. aaid wbuee tliMtU w m j.o L nc???ji'fcly agreeable *p!re lor tb"i occaeton. Amttng f time juTetiilw. we noticed Manter I. Audeteua ot daraunah, Ua , whw wa? ?lii ?ed a? a Milor bey Matter Frederick h?dlord, eon of l)r IJedfjr-4. of New Ytnft, iipptarttl In an exceedingly rioh furklah rv-lvme Uaeur (Jeorge Itfdford wai dref?ed ai a rortuni- 1 teller of th? "Idea time. Ao ?mu?ia,; llgure, well kUiI Thxr* ?u? three Muti rt ?uJ ?D* M h llmh ?ui. to rtitldren ot Pifld Urilmia. I* i tUrx'Iml irnt ! >IUMI<'D?riI ula^uti'io Un< ?f tbe llttla boy? ??? I _ drcritd !u TnrkUb mVuinr uof a Sprnilrk I'M*. | imir k<'j ?l ;?Ml. niw^M' i ?' i r< ? ? I n rich luar.jin Tbeir?i*<cr wa* dr??*?d at 1 w* Auuik IroDi la 8<>i. i.amhu ? j,., Mwtri WlJlmRi Little a orly h> ?ded llttl* prattler. j lour or b?? yearn "t ago <? vlrrnitil w > Kit arli oour- |t,j tier r>t tbe nt iffiwe ll>- re luiui.i.u'e ?p word. bmi>tr*j?un111 v uoaer the auipl* ?kirw of lit* ' f l( Uil rui(J> rt a aktrt Mviiri Llllbi mi l Uitlita w?r* i ni, lb? admiration ?.| the ?boie room. j yr V le? Jfi | h'lit- Carrol of Ne?* <Jlp?ey itiri, i a,, *a? ??ry pretty 1 jtl Two Maateri Oakley, ot New York, appeared u p,,, Milof bu| BB tllft ? uut' oli t'lib ol N? w York wai dre<j>?j *? a , iilrl. and elie j.a?u an ai*bu> <? I tii>rm<l<<o to ,t the character wbieu rio lerad It |.la?.lj|< la l'i* e*- I tri me fnl Manter Carroll appeared aa a Miepbi-rl bcjr, an I |n| ? artrd hi' part W) w II N, Va?trhmpp of New York. app^irrl a? an Alploe I j,t l>ri|(aL'd Tb* cvatume coaipiet* la minunttta. [ i|( M ter ItuiK'K o of New Orb an* appeti ej a* a Jpao- I ro( i'h Ma a dor i olor- Muff, trimm-d with p.irpl? aad I (? gold ; a I eatj'lful (irM?, * [ a|, 1 be tao klieo I'nrdy dau^hteri of J V Puriy .f ' New V.?k. two beautiful lU'.le .-|rl? Wi re <traa*rd. on* I Yj u a Vti.|?iwe nt the t m? ?l Uul< XIV , au4 the ag oib? r a? a M?i?a peasant hn'h aoatuaea w*r? p .*f--ot r, Th* Marij ??e won- a >. ri uf ru n l>r<K>a I and bal y, b, i t<?ir appr p 'a*ely p< ?d< i?d The pe???at wora a p tMU ?Mrt.IrmMrj rltt |u*m and a chip hat Till* *r?u p ot ehlldti n eeemed to ' joy m* erentBf |), a? oiti' ll or ti er than au; >.l the . <0 up parlo I- >a pant* Thiy were, ?uh"ut >-ieep!l <n. dtee-*-f lu ei. j,, reedlr.k (< ?>d taeta. aud wherever th*y went. Id their tun hliu?? about th? lar<e iWntknz lia'l. they ?pfi hailtd t ; tba rp?r'ator? ?tth remaik> of applav**. ?t o?:*Ti.r <i M"r ii t "ri *R u, J W Bryan, of Alabama, ttea t'o 'p> r ? Albany; Iloo. Francll (jraofatr. Il'>n l)a?id tiraba-n Ki I'ra- | t r - i -" I 1 I .. t >i.n r nti.'.il in. I _ -rr t r >< hi* f< mil; are in niou'iiiiitf ) Mr Uardiuvr in > ? | r li.rk Mr J T I'urdy. or New Yoik. Mr W .4 liray- ^ toD cf Poulb Ctri'Uii; Hon 0*n K Kirha l?"i of! M?i} mj ; " il' iul J tulrf. of Virflili ; vlr H. - of N?* I'nrki Mr 8 hnicu "f <Im ; Mr .. J H Jiwi. ii(M>? fork, Mr llarry Hawaii ( l'?m yhat-'a. Mr H liiinill. Ii<>a Jd K Tb <up??n of i >r? Jfwy; Mr. W II Jii>e?. of >?? Hrl, ilr k?. j 5, md) J' tnino Jr . ii! Mar>Ua<t. Mr W Ojll HaddrU. D?* Yllk, Mr f. Ilrartt <?f lliinl<i}. >? f?r?, f| Mithrt R< bii.aon of lliltiionr*. Mr. J lliini >n .. tinker ot H *11 ?tr< < t. Mr U4n? thk frr??h bij ?- | j, ll?r l? Broadwa?; Mr 'baiia* t.?r?y. <4 H nl>?nj ' ^ l.ord nt>r(* Uuronn, S. ub r L <i* Arr?P? l*ia innUtrt tOmtrnln lh?wn? <?ml?ti?i ?ko lb> tytul "f III# Mrllrau <'>T?r .nana'. ??? io?trii I m > 1)11 roa^lu'llDK treaty at f- *ca wito >*?n r?l j Fcmt. vhtn'tir ? hi ?<i lath* niiy ?( li? taiMii f( traitor l)la?'\ nf ll?>aoa. a gtltlvtaaa of (?il nand *ral' L. a plantar f( THK ICl'I'U, AMU 00J?CU'-.|0<f. ' At aboat ?? o ?i w k. ik* hour far ?a|<p?r hoiyg V' arrl'i d. iha -< m^any Id ib? ball r<'?tu ?r>|i*i?d tur a l a)k to tl>? unpt *r r. i iu TU? baud |?i*y*d a m*rnh . ?i to th? tun? of ah < b irrfil UunU J b? ..jry par- | *i ton* krj>? /1?p T?* Marahal f.f fhr I)i ,">j # ? ! tk? li'n lr?bk Granger. a?<l it ??i aith ?>ul" tilUa | >? d'fft>'iiirt tliat nut* i.i tb? romvaiy w?r? n?n ilgxil i !r< in t?kti>K tn?,-i4.f tn? Mar-'ial til hiring it ?< length Mart. d right. ho?? nr. ?b? com|i .r ? ma*. aa<l ' o? in ( " rt?i<in through tb* h?ll? tni Ml iaiulkt ?' middl) aviuuHOi tha fcutrl ground*. do* a t >r*i. >j? C| to Iil<it ai ih-i h??'l of th? fining room r?*rtoiba glial ttili.r H?ltf *?rif?d bat* lbrtnii|iiay iN right and lift, anjtnuyid tba ial?at th ia*>la?, ?' ai Itl viranak notnaly in Iba uialn ilnioR liall but V| al-ii in If # aiair vhicN alib tba !aaia hal aa I. Thi- tat * art# har'Untiiy I ' luJu l '* tb? nrtiaa.*aial a'lfilbatMh ary ??? *t (tii-.t* Tti* j ?i w*r? . ?. r(n.d iu ?**lly *r >? !? ?l?. ; *i <) lli? lam y di?br* ?*ia all ndiuira >U ,t?ri'l?li-<l Tb? nurt iw M>nii?r -xil'il l??it ilia > dii*t**bi* Hi>nll ?a* ?l hi* p' ! of i?tt?Mii(i M d H"? d lll?l>da?M ? * nr^arH to ill I'll < ?m? * ? flnaltf In nhand'ui** aa<l a* ilancla? I ?'l *liarp?o? <1 ill.- of lbn<( Ul?f? '' M nnrtarful dl?ylay of ?r?p'f >* III* il<? ta b. * ir ?h"rt "f 1< r, bat th-Ir fi aa*# w?r* *tipj>llad by " full i'Iih Tin I* ?*? *ni'UKh and to >|>ai* "f 'f*f?- *' thtii* *a?* ?* *?-r?fil H(i la abuadao** and *11 tha II d*|trat* ttaad* ??r? ??i?fa?t.i? *h-ut .??> b-ttlaa * of rbarop*(t *ir* 4irp '**4 *(, a*4lh'*^?rlill*f Dil i b. j.rrdur*d It* l? Ttia . >>ra;>aay b?. an* H ?lT*tl< ii* and "it bad ju?l b< gaa la tab* tb? Ik-Id. *

tiii lb* tiaif (nr rMnrnlaf to ?b? ball-roam arri??d tl K??ryib<i ( ?*?t ?u la th? m?>al ard*rly raaun-r and tb* ball ? ntls'*d to <b* *?4 fb* lira** cwtillioa I* > <l*r<-*a *ifla?it*ly by ?ba y?*ag |*auaaau aad U Udlaa aha war* 4?a?*?d a* aallort * I y?a<*nt girl* Tb* ?*ar| ?aa aary fx>4 ^r?Hi af Ulll riaaa ao- ? ll.Ian of ?b**b aa mi*b ba* baaa (aid *o? *rlt|r? It la. ?fiar *11 a ?ary ?r*wy aad by ua uiaau* Unrlca'a " .la i a* aad ba* aa.y baaa t'f ai*laal*a ka-auaa daaori bat* But r h.rf.a t? l*art| It 11 aintU "f al- '* ainat aa ladalta >*nl?r af *ki*|<? Mil a fn>4 1aa??* l a in ba ?l?aya *r)<*<*| i??l M y i-ma* ? "! r. ric. , tl?.n !% art, amy ?*?* ih-ai ?ti ???> b-. I MN id ( *!<* , aad tea dtaea Met l?'d jt aMJ )t> ?Uo ' RK H IDAT, AUGUST 24, 1851 Owi bin step* aan follow At about halt punt * o'clock e comptn; broke up - the ladie* retired and I-ft th* nelng ealooa lo poeaeaston of a auaberof gentleman 10. attvr a little oonveraatlon oa th* irnrlti auj da run of the ball. In whole anil la part*. vera about l?av* th* room wh?a It wax discovered that on* of i attendant* at tha ball had fallen asleep, Hitting It upright in a chair, with hie bead agalu*t tha wall i aooner wa* thl* di?cowry made thin ?oui* of tha rry lark*. pre**-nt. began to euclrcle tha wtary oiu tb cb?ir? wbh'h they piled row on row. Nutil tha *pt r looked Ilk* Huuyau't charuoter in tha eage of ? Uiaat Deapalr Having eonipl?t*lj imprisoned fir man. the wag" called out loudly. wbea.returning i ui the laud of dieua; . the iu?u looked aoout wildly. bbt-4 his ey?a. took dawn the chairs. and wade a ccipttate retreat. It wad now daybreak. but I he cot- < Died Inuividual* ?**med by uo meaui disposed to ire hut went off in various direction-., some tj on* unt and tome to another For aouie bemi afterrd*. *traegler? wero coming In wilh drooping amec bull boots covered with dirt, and lace rutUej :to It oiu*t hava been near 12 o'clock. M , ot Hiuray. before the ball wa* fairly over Thursday's diuner ' ur however, found <|<iila a restoration to the oi l j lerofthlng* A f w checks were ?oujewb?t blanched, nubdned kind of expression pervaded everything ? | wa* the aplrlt of la'.lgu* that had taken |>ux*e-iurn th* gn tin ter fcliarlfy had retired from the fluid. a Many hundred* perhaps thousands. will u?k tVhat ! id ot a t'all wa* the faucy dress ball at Sa-atog.*. tuis non'" We will try toau-<wer theiuterrog if,or* 11 was :r??<i affair, but not no brilliant m< tbikt of 1849. It , d - remarkable for the unanimity of teellng thit pre- ! * iled. and in thi? respect better than the frli of list 1 p *r Ihirii ?>r? * lei's number, aud not so ?{r"nt a I rlt Ijr of costume* as Id IMH There wm an ,ib >? ? | t] nnuite characters a greater part ot the evening; and j f ?t Airiness ot mannor. and a wuat of enthUNUt<iin h used some to ?ay 1 hut it whs dull To a m t? ip-c- | u oi-rtalnly born the apjH irauof lalneHs. i t< u'ii ?ho had engagement* to make m>J fulSl. may t have observed this In a pecuuiary p iiut of vi>tw, it hall of the present (easou wan it good uno It rnunt Id the proprietors s?uie two or three liundr- 1 Jul- ; t s more than ?iil that of la*t yeir The 'lessr*. I il iltin iltd all that they could ilo to make tbelr ?<i>st? ' mfortable. and we hnard MO dlsrausfacllon expr"f.<"d ! aryol thoM* who patrouliud them there were a , at many fldwr. < sold tor lb - rn-jasi >n Large tin ; it es ot bouquets wrrn seat up from thin city tb? day i d l< re. and were In good condition at the time of tb > II ? n k f!.?t Diimb-r? left f:iruto?{a on Thursday iftern ion, tl t their place* will be supplird by tho?e who hire n en waiting for the ball to pai.s in Older that they flit enjoy ilie bcnrflt of quiet at the S|>riui?s. Cb? * y traiu of cars was very long and most of tl ? earn crowded It in a favorite road with idler" The Klourr Troy was fail to replen ; but the gentlemanly offi< a iu ch'irge on i Is occasion? Mr T Wilbur, the clerk. and Mi. W. M. ? ty. Reward made them all oomfortablw lly the , 1. y.Mr !>oty we perceive, U about to take charge of J t< - steward's department on bo.ird the oew statin <blp i hi klin. n on to cmminc* running an a Havre j e ket We return our sincere thanks to the gsntle. 1 f o above named. lor their kindliest in furnishing ! a fi. ilitii s for p,-o?i cutlng our labors on board the mm r while on the w?y down the river a it II now that the file at Haratoga is over wi!h,th? u lenieit aifeiidaiit on getting m th* grand b ill a; fjnsf in UJP m > i1* n?'iw 111 oriivr. i Iio'h for Newport. prahh'litii! ijooj living. ?ui the ? t fancy I'ulI of tlie cMon ' , * TELEGRAPHIC IV m,LIGE1 E. arOHTANT F R U H \f ASnilCTON. j ; lgrcLEmeul of the Fugitive Slave f Bill la tlie Senate. IB Apmei'imTfoi mtL n TIIK h.UIE. ' I o ?~?MEETLXG 0/ THE TEX1\ LElilSLirbXK. , ^ ^ b tie Governor's JUcssago on tho > Texan 2oaadary. J IttlSftttkB 4HJUOIS IS INK CISIHE!*, J See., &C.t Arc. I > i TiUKTi-riust conmnum. ! rmrv wJ^'-Tj j i Br .HOftfck S MlO.MkllO IKI.KliRA/'U. , WMMIMTt!!, 11, 1IM. TMK IHIIIin. Cho Iudinn InUreourif bill, uuder eon-i lorntion >tord?jr, w n fcfaln tak?D up, dobatod. *n<l ordi-r?d c be tii|:oi.??d. a ihr ri eiri'i ?n?? bill. bo r??itl*? 8la?? bill ?n ?<?.n tnkrn up, and *ftor ' .ion upon tho thIhui tni?oiliufo(s tl)? <jj-*;ioa 1 i ?t?tod up<>n Mr. t'ndorvood'a f.ub<titut? hirtto o nottcod. for tbo ntlr* till I n it (Jiii-E ?? ? J t<> ?rn>-nltlio *m<n lin-nt.fjolrlk- ' r tout* foctlon uatklDK ttto prurl.tnm of tM |4 ' piti ?fclo to th? torritorto*. *o m to apply It to tn? ^ n ito? unty A d?b?t.H u.a-l upon tr ..? n n l- ' tt in U'M ?!nur~. oi <lil<?n ilr luin r>'?i <r ? Turk Jinti mm if Camm'rct a r*p*rt of an a u lU J o airutiim atC?? uorla, iiti'ii ii>i< ii|i"u a* stlJltr) add;*.* and railing Urn att*atiria o! lb* i?j>lr i>f tht Soul* to It a* * ot th? opinlont a f?rliH(.? ot tb* Nur'h la relation to Ih- rl<!)'? of ? foul h, cr ?t l?a? t art* wbUh <?i?r? eouiiti naucrd j <1 mt p"tt? J by tbftr law* Mr !> ?. i f I ow? if* 1 mi not of th* *t*!? of 1 ??, ' r th< purpura of ?lmwiu* lh*t hir oltUvan antrr- | linid tin Hiicb rti*nttin**ii14 ii< tliorr antlgnad to th* j irth hy Vlr Yuli* and ??otnr.-d It a??*rf. t'lat th? I utttui and ?ru'.lm*nla uf th' (r*? D*<r:> eonranio lit ''??*uovi? woald b? n-|iu tUlx'i byth<) great im of tli' p?(i|'k ?l Nn? Viirk TIM i|Ut?*l in tminu c k-D im Mr ''fca?e'? ammdan-nt, It win ri'jucled, he ruir >villi, toi It III r Uav"N > '* <! It tmrnl th* am*a<lm*nt offrrrJ r hi in and adopted in Com m ut"? nflkn Wb'dw. l.r li dirg a |irn*i?l -n ma* In a rnm btl or 111* d'pitT ( p< hhMh la iUtoaK?* for ttiracape f a fugitive t i??lt?n bit ikIuiI/ alt rim ah* I ha?i b?*n ar tied It alfo nikk'i hiio rmp inhibit* It btaliill Itll r um til ilu> Ji|l|>ur? ta >irrutltil| tli* wtrrtnt for r arrot i f tlm t*nlli?* Tl>? lai'rr cian?a ol tha iirudan ot ?>a adopt* J without a dlrUoa aal'.b* I | i Di*r by aj e? 'JM uaji ti Mr Ci-ilrixxil t m.b'li'utc *ai tbi-n r- j"ct "i Minor ani?gdo'tti ?trt luadatoMf Mat >n i <ubllut*. Whiau wmi finally r . ourrrd In k!r l)a> < uf Mt<t iiI'iku t i i>n?nlin> nt. th* ohrt of ?hic'* w?? to rrllrr* rol irr l rlti>-ii? of fm? ( ate* fr< m th*>n of th* law# 'if lea ii>rt a???. by which tu.h ralvrril ettl**n? (iiiaf to j cltli * u ma?u ar* Imprisoned and liable t b? ! Id Itiii ilMtry Mr. Pirn iupp?rt<d the aui"ul- I ?ut brtrlly Ml. lit ii.i a n tit*r<1rd that a colorcd nun it O'Jt a tl?*n ol ib? I oitid fttatea anl D >t cotitl'd un l*r 1 i? Oonttlt^?loa. to lh* eouiplrt* ri(ht? ol rili?"'i nip j Mr. B??a't..? co?t*tMSwl tor th*- rl|(bt ol a !>- .o ita ui h municipal !?<? b r lt? proV.-tioo may l?a Uaid n?r??*arj If tbn tm aJit'tt tbouid be r lopta-4 It ai.iit'l ilrfi'at l!i* hill M ?0 H )?th-*rn inM | .I ' In. - ..... ... It., n 111 I. 111- | . -A I'/ I o? ! I hi- ft ih' p. f y!? of thn J< JUth, h? J K tht' ??trKb?rii? ?liieh th? li< ?fri?ri?4 t?ure Km m?? !?? thi-U ?!?? no ! ih-lr fhll lr?a riti.M ?li? )i.irri>r< bf iiKdrr tl n Mr Wii>in>.>'p ?jr< i 'I n!ru?ul ?ni ?*bpon i .j r?*itnrk? Is i" nil .iii?ti >n "I th? "? 'f (cutb OmoIIm to ?bl'h tb? n aJiii>*nt t*r? All?r lomr fitf.hir ! h?t?. >1 r Potions mil- ?-un < niirki Id r?ii4-:no to tb?i <!n??ii >?i? ? rrtil to tbN BW'i 11I114 ttjf Mr i n' ? BWot ??vlJ iif?<r hi.t M U if 'h' i tl m HkJ ? i.ui.Uii i *Vh rfhlfh Ml inch pr I.) , prsiiik.d ?i| o. by :b?nr?M ?< ?'? p in m ill. Ni.p'r Tl# (Ufitnii Ih-iuk itk<D np< n Mr Dtili'i MMM> i'i It My* M. Ib? lull .?? Ih. n < rd*irtl t<> b- j#*? 17, , tf li- ?? fatl*i?r? - , >?? .- Mr-m, Mi lu< ?. lt?M. IJ'fr.?n, > 1 f hi.-, I'. . , I> . " ?T|, P ? ?>. Iip?t?r. J I K ?, M?n<> MI. if#. Hi'rt. *?;* .?|?, * T?rn?J, . .' r?. .I W.i- Till ,S ? ' K *? ? troll MaMftii. lirallarf, < l.?n. I-?p?r, l>aTl?. | ? . ( >li??lr> lallk. |.l i m. Wa.ltr W .1 hi-f lb' laitlu (tkrcoiirw "ill. I'lla H ??. I h-?i thtri ! m* til pi 1 ? '! ? , It tjii'k llir ? 'j urn> 1 ' >( >1 i.4i/ n??r *1 III pmi'iiUif'w. ?T mtm >? ir.s> i ' i in ?i. i - * iiNioi- rM. IM. titiL ami ixn o?*tiu irrmriii n>> am , Tha ti' iim ??nt mlo aVMiaittaa an r' Irlt an4 ( Ul>a.allr Appropriation Mil I , Mr Btmi (da di ) ul Hh?wn|?l marad ?? atriki , <t lb* rlau?? appiaprialla* H 7?0 ? M?? '"r P?> Of Ul* *i?hth votiim* ?f Amaro-an irthltx l? la *tb I'' ngraaa ||? aanl'd ' ' IM? *>? 'hia m mm# waa rallrd iis lo fj fnr b<">ba for i?-m^x*r? 't- I n 7<-w> agii *na>a wmr? di-ad aBd oih?r? had . l?i |?4 'balr ntlilriKfi ftx lbl? ml td" raault ill ba. ?b* hank* wtil r>B>m la tha foldlag rmtm and >ro ba anld for >! < |ii|.rr Mr Ktuf ,dant ) of \a ? >il l ba |r?'ll?il If tba ?m? aboaltl ba airlaikaa *at but ha u iJ?ratood that | ? V ?a vara ortaml kfif f iar la* Mr Jam idaan I, of T**b*m?, atl< that ' ba b>"k? ara pnbitaba4 aadar ^llrMl Mr I'aava <ahigi *f t?bi id 'ba? aiora than f>? aia?i(..r. nt tba MtMai., aaa ara la lb ' < i?a? ibara ha'a rbaa gad Iba* raai<iai,M?a aad ba bb4 Hilar r>Birh>irt a ad a aba* Mr Iraaa'a aiaaai ! >. aaa |.;?rt?d by tt to 71 Mr Mamn. traa at Ok 1 aald tb? Tib-a vara ? | baaka to run; aagtha laa >? Caugrraa. aai l ERA J ). 'otln| book* to who ?r? d?#?d. aid othort rh? ba?? moT#il ???y. II? n*ver h??rd of % mora rltievlnu* pr>^?Mltton. Mr Hk.iwn. la ni-rordmcH with tk* au(K<?tioi> ?f the t-nllin.*u, moved nn niuoudmeut, atriklng out Ike ] l?llT?ry of books to m-mboin of th? t?<iuty-?ixth , 'ongnn>, mid ordurlng tlinn to b* roUiimd until Ju j ,M (u d of by (TonKim* Aj;i.> d t?. j <J* A Hfniilw uuiiiimt-nt. wuh iv^ari to tb* *pproprlv j ion cf uliKitfro bumlrrd dollar* for mvaiber* of the ? 'wi my^Mv^ulb Congou. adopted. | 111# ciauue lining uuncr contiueralion, to enable tbe or ltrl of the 11 <><>>>w t? pay for tl?e thousand tire hua- I red and forty-four copies ot th? Oongriw?ioii?l n<l tbe iioik number of ttm ApptrUi* at thr ? dol- 1 i j ?r* per copy mob. thirty.three thousand two huu- | red and eix'y-four dollars. Mr. McCi r?w**n, (iImu.) of Illlnoia. effered an m*udm< ol to pay the proprietor ot the Daily QiA* , fth?ii thou and dollar- for publishing two tlioUHand oluniu* ol the proareditigi of the Houne 11* eaid th<j Tv roprl? ?nr m now doing a losing busim-mi, and aaould , ?j e indemnified. | rt Mr Aniimun. (whig) ot Ma* aobueettf. w.-u opposed ,, a payirg lor loeeeit hy the daily publication If the nl: loune wi-re U> pity for tUe daily publinalion, it eho'lld j, ill i piipi-r that lias * large nirnulation. H# wa? ( nl ontxnt to vote tor tho continuation of the Oougrea- I , x ional Ulubt uod Jlpprmiix I [j( Mr. Di i.ii, (whig* ol Ne* Tork, naid the number of ! pt behH to each aimibir bad Ixnn in<-iva*ed from twelve j u, twei.t} four oojiIm He (kongbt that If both wart ^ (." 'tDtiaui <1. no i vll would i?nit In thi* event, only ! itl ?>< madtMii would be publiihed In tbe newspa- , jv ere. and what the public wiaaed to ?e?. I Mr M 1'li a <i> replied < o the g> iilli-njan and e?id J,, ... I . it i. mi I uUUn i ill not |iubli<h Ikw Hon .n I ,U( roceedmg.?; th?-y publish the Senate proce diniH, and i l(, L uit tiuiMD they havu not room for th?m. I'beie paper* i -j ,. ow i eceive tiltecu lol!ar< per column, and he proposed j iH i kit.- the u only one ball pr .Mr I'i Aiinmrj*, (dura ) of Vi'eisjip^i. opponed the | u , m< odment Mr Tuumh* (whig) of Oeorgia. VI' for continuing the i ji fcivan nul '</ ?? <m?i1 Kuepiurf the matli'r ut> it wm, ' J* iM tact from i be pnwy pnn> Mr. M i.'iimjm'i i?a?<ndinriit mi adopted?aye? W1 S. do?* U.i | jjp Mr ltii. ..*, (tlmi) of'IliHlolppi. moTt-4 an amendipiit. ?h1rh wan adopt' J approprulio* t?a thou?unt > oliars lor binding the bookrf in! Mr. M< (d> >u ) of Mit. offered *11 amendment ppropri.itinj; our hundred thousand dollar* r>niy 1 M public printer, for amouuta enpeml-rf. 'itb blank pi r cent m proht* Mr IVumih, (*htK) ot "it . ral"<id a pclat of or ier a* i 1 a ami Bdmimt waa dlrouilj ?.aiu-?. the law orjerlug n?h* printing to be done by oouir ict. I J be Chaikma.* ruled 11 oat ol order. { I'u An aiiifii'imnt ?u? adopted iippropriiitini: twenty- thi bleu tbotifai.d tire bundled <! >':Ura. for a hunlr-1 >|ii?r< *a< b of I. hi* f'liKjr' $\iitnul OW? a ml Roc 'er ?f j t.?i klulrt. to be depoalt'-a In the Congressional library : " r t be in-# of lot' Hi Ih * a P" 0' In 1 am?B<lu>ruta were acted ou when '.h- cl?u-e Ai nu;? up li r the paiim nt of taxc* doe 011 the mint in In Inlad Ipbin, for *bieh :t payni-ut baa been utttallail, j ' ud tea ill ni-iaji dollar* h n? h??a rec?i/<-i tb Mr IViiri, (dim ) of Mo moved a prorlm. that if I nytunbir t*.\e? be imposed i>y ftuijlitnli thi ; wi nut Bbnii k*natfiH to n 1 ? V01 k ] th The Ohahman !. li-1 the nmer.Im-ut cot ia order, j Mr I'hki.rn appealed, but the decision of lito oiltir m ran aurtAim d. Mr Okb. (d?m ) of 8 C.. moTfl to strike out the ppropriat mo nod iiaid if l'*aa*yWania w?? di?po>ed v iLbku the 1 xactlon.the luint tU'iuli bo removed to ndiie other city 1 Mr ItfTi r. (ileai) of Ya., aaid the ta>: waalcapoAed <j, iiider a *?aeral la*ot the ouatrr. but tUe Leji'la- j ure paio- d a law luruvereximpting taxation ol public Iflpcllf. . . ,.u Mr. 0?i. rm, (dem ) of OIjIj. kaid it w?a an outragj (i coine ti' re. and | ray thai bullion should U" trarnerred tr. Philadelphia anlftb-ii rurlni btek . fur tin iuri>ni?< 'if pkinxiiiinic that cl'?. 't w>.i not on'y teau to tux tha government but it was to at- ' rmpt to eitort mnue* in thla wiiy. I J1' Mr Km > replifd. thrtt tbl? win for*juditwnt t.b- ] ?* alned ?ya!nft ibf k< ?i rum*'lit bj the tii?be..t court ' " 1 f the conuirj. I Mr t'mnuLt.R (wbU) 'if I'* . *? natlaQai t!? city | lid < iitilj of I'hi aJeKh.a w?nt? nothln; of th'./ ^o ri.uiftl Of did uot com? here petitioning for lha i enetitol tile mint It might be doubted whe;.h?r ttia i tii^ii-fion-m had the purer to exempt the pubtio 1 rope It 7 troin taxation. The raa'ter waa 1>r<ntt<b! be- j i>r? the court* to tattle tli .ju>'-tion. aul tli Slate | in--! d a l>? ri (.??l' in: th? taxati a So tar r.1 thi? ?en- | !? inkii Iron Ohio (Mr. Oltlrr.) bud impugned P'.nln- ! r< lilpbi* r.'f>rr-i ntlug hir c< b'.^in nlni? > lir ? ?h? i uai.?ne? the mint correctly nba will ??? rt her riirbtl , b< !MiMril(| it. fhe wltl'n-vt-r t? K tor aitn< .*tn- w loo** lii-l nghta and will defend tknu X- uf th? tea n iLoumuiJ liolltir be c.c u.d ?< n 1 ilome and bt'uit ?i.m 4 In halt an liour Hi ?> -.ail-H. J Ib it o > per ou ???r thought ?>t preheating toe i iliu. !l- sti..uld fco-. f * 4 :'i? iu jt ii.c to tin iu i j? ill item 11 it * nil 1 tmt lii.plj there *i:i *om< thing ?ronR I i. Kr >1111 Pktli?lb a U bt r.ioertalaed to ba dun ' <|> tRhllipt UK uurt the onl) oo u?e to putMia 1* to pro- ^ Ide for 11 p?j mint .iid alti . Ii'iwacau l.'t I'.mid- I >>l?ai.l,i iltelde whether kb? w.,'; tafce lb.' tn/a.-r Hut j t la not I or ua lo ray. whea ju lg> aeot i< obtaiacd, hat we will u,ake no proTi>l<>n for Its pa. m- nt. The q?Mlion wa? taken, aod tbe motion to strike , >ut diuanxl to " The ri'iuiulttee fo?* Wi.boat dlrpo?ing of tho bill, nd the XIou?? adjourned Slilrmrnt of tin- t'ontny I'rlMiirri rr H CH.M"|. A llfllKt iJ. IXJl). 1 w< Tha Ni* Orleans Hui'rt.n, reoelreil h?ra l,y thia j Ubt ? mail, publlahei a (tateotnat from ih? (5oatoy 1 tt?"ret? rn-i olly released It Ik an artlola til con- i I'ltr.tle ill Drib and wa kU? the tollawin^ an tha 1 goat mtarrating portion of it -Th- y thv. th*y 1 rft Net OrlrKi.f un<l?r the lini>rri?i<>n that thoy 1 ..llltig lor California. inl that ttwy wrr<- t? r- l?a d' nur tV uflud dollar* rtrli fur on? pU'l r?'-id*uc? in j to fcliimiit* Ih m CopiklD llwd; T"i?y ?m? ?t?o I11M, hat n r< ?cliing Contoy tha I run ol>ja?t if tb??x;v- <"* Ittion would lw mail* known On bi-arlng mil. the* *1' ifntrd to irwwil turthrr. and *tt? promised to o? , f" undid at Naw orl?uui> The Cliatrii, onii ?uo lagtut 23 t*59. | Kin dffttbi by oholera oecurnd li r? y?*tirdi\y I<ovi<<im.> \ugu?t'2.'l IHiO. M Tb? <-b<>l?ra ii 'till llnj<'?rui* latally fi?r?, Kifta?n a| lu> fir* of ?hi"h nTt l.ital. oeeurra I yaatarday. Pirtim'aoM. Auguiit ?1. ISJ'>. Thr<e ea-*? of cholera occurred liar? y^turiUy, aui-rd by r*rkl?!.?|y eating green Irult N <! < ? ; ' n?f b.m n<>ilc*.i up to noon t? day, ami u> <J a;b< . rom atb*r diranaaa. The oily la ili'Hlwe coti<ii*r?d i a ait by The d?ath? for the w?. * ru ling to Jay. (Monday) hi h 38 death* from cholein Kntar. Aug 23 lsjo " W< are glad to ha?* to atate, tba ch >lara ha* otally di.appeared in tblt pin* j J t<imio?r ! ?.. Aug J3. ISM. i || Tb?r? bara been three u ia death* reportod oil iia |. b? pant taruiy (our hour*, from cholera ,i ? j i* Hi*Ma Ctaatjr Antt-rra* S?ho?l C'Mtrta* ' lion. * t'rir*. Au?u?t SI 1*W. ''I A m%" meeting of tbi> opponent* of tua r taa erbool !' a* ?a* bald at IJanipdftu ye?t?rday. Tb* meeting ??* ?ery largely att- n lel. Truman KL"? ?*a chairman firm itm ' P On ma'lon. a committee appointed to nomitiala ' itnuaatul vileria lor ihe cou?- ution A. ri IMKM m.?~ t Alter the eonTriiitin ri a??*rih>J, the eomtnlttaa rpi'lrd tbr t l|ii*l?( < l)|i->r> - Uaorg* Helttol i:iiot??. *' 'rend?l.t A. Mimhi .%- Ilallloil II M'hite Uti.-a. ' I AUatu* Itoiiia. and J. ' "fry. fr-ntou. Vli* I'rml . le?l?, Wlrkvl Mi yuad?. I Hi a. and 0 I llaloa. of I. rd. m iarU* m </ utotlon of lion P John a ciuimlila- or aaran '?? appointed to dralt i*?nlutton* bur nig tha ati*anra of tb* cnimritt**. t>a?ll Haul- . on adilre-m-d tb* WHiTatlkin ll a?ifnllowad by tha loo V Mbila of ttila ounty Tli* (Vrnmittr* on ' ?-o;uii*o? than r?porto?l and b* r?< lntion* ?rc to ba |iui?li >h* J in nil thr S?m v or a ( MM r? A (oinnilttc* >i> a, pHn?i>1 to m*ka trran r-raau' ?r printing a pa p?r nil t(lri tk- el<et<->o, w)ra tie * adjnwra'd a | * 1 he ran* Unnk Sota Law, ?he. Pill n kl.H. Au^itrl ll. I?.,0 I Tli-1?? pi?libi>li( tii? dmMln < ( kutM 1mm * th?r Mate*, bt laae ?*lne tb?o Bra dollart, la unlterailj I All rUiM ale receiving and ill iat <tn? a* helore. Pmghu ar- K?ttiaic mure plenty 1h? il**r ai <uria <4 f*et 4 lacbra la the oliaaarl at Lie plaee. Tha (anihiU at llaliret. " "" Mtt.ins aaf The ittaaiabip '"mnhria airifai at i>ae o rlnek, : >oal?d * id >au?d it li?u past tao lor Liaar <eal Wiad Itnrtkwaat Great Umimgr by Mlwrma. ^ I'm la \ . \114u-t JV 1*jo The recent r?.na haee tl'-ae an inam< na* >a >uat of Ianmr i>u the llln.ia rleer and fanal, ! ar*a num*>er? t . muher ?arn? hai liera iwept aaey .li-ttte re?e ?i| unit ant bee 1.. -0 tin a to pi? *?? and ih- natiiatkia >1 the canal will ?> *peaO> d for at leeat fuur week* Fire at Bridgeport. H iiu* Aug a at 71. ltj#. Ten kniiei a barn and a ?nnik*r <4 oat buil<lin?*. ! la i eaibrldgrport. ware deatroyrd hereby lr? lv? reeum* The properly tMlraK?iJ}ti> Mr A?a Miardueb, : be?a laea It about (Mi I b'reaa Haltlaawre In nm a. tn? SI, 1**? The reralt of tba e*n*M tu throe w?rd? 'bow. H m)0 Inhabitant* aa?a| theia I w<> |er??o* aeer 1UU y?er? eld At White' 4laMIU'/ IO d?y ? pltok *?? aaf eaiitli'i a Ueiaitn I II in xm- belling . '|?a d< r d??p ll? w . a*f .11* ' ' and ii?1 ah ..-uy after Wei da Itla ea.ra aaa J?hn f-etaer A key. ain't Mmlaael a > uera waa droaaeJ ta the Win i? ?*y . Our mai hat- are antbanii-a. . ^E?srn^ssaseaesm LD. . TWO CENTS. H?m*ri mt t Change li (he Cihlitt, OUR .1TICIAL TJ LJi(?*Al?HlC COKRRHPOSDBIC*. waihivoton, auk?m23 ism. Char* are rumor* of a mlvunderitauding in tlM kinet, and that a ohaug? way bit ?xp?cU4 la a f?? M111 hand* anticipate lively time* lo tba Eoim of |.r?-*"'utatlT*? next waek. There li (till ioui dtabl th? Senate bill* Important froma Tmu. tTKA< !U>iNA*? .>1KICII.\0 OK TMU LRQi?OAT?RK? 1 lia QOVEHNca'S MKftP/iftK?1MB KBCKITlO.t l?r I1IK I'RKMDKST'S UltStOI, KT?. .Niw Ourtm. Augunt 22, 1850 I>aly#?tou Jatet of the 13ih ln*t ha?c bean received. 1 r . 1." g>!n( ur? met on the l'Jtli iimtaut jjThe ilornor'n m?,!a>;? *u* r?c?lt<*4. It proceed* to H|inuic the unwarrantable ami in; ;|oi; of power ol tba lade1 Kiecutlve. by direct liitrrf?rcnee with 'ha inualol.1 NlTiilr* 1'ifja ?cv.'r?-1(rn State, anil pronounce* dlamelon u?m1?m No rWlunre luunt be placed on tba lu^ive boon Of juntiie t? Ti-iii., bat w? wu?t aneer* id n>aint?ni our rl^hta at all,h?urd? and lo the n?t It. uiily The Olily oourse left in the iininediate *d>|>>n of ncoeaaary measures lor tiie occupation of Sau'a u ilb kui|.l? force to repel the arrogant and rel??-l >u* eptrit. exiroug snould ?ucn uieuHuren proijui* cfnUici with the pte-eut au'horitiea uulawfully > ( :i(i(I shske the confederacy to it? centra, m* will >tand ujpnetated { before t?e worlil. itbority In h'ked to rni <e eupplie* for two mounted ;iuiei>ta for the oc<*up*ucy of Hwita t< ; also, for a li'ury force uufli lent to eualilt the civil auttiorttr execute the law* It alno f>?yn, however willing iUDjajr he to di?[>oi'* of a por'i >a of her Xorthwrsti territory, no resectable partyjuottld ai-n. pt it' he opwitioi).- embraced in the <jompremi?e bill; but If 'ri>|>o*itl0ti hail been offered to purohaiw that pi-t rih i t M debtee* latitude, with n proper ttnariin'aa J obneiraure of the rules of aon>. xalton, it wouH i? been I'-aiWatMury "he rew.-. of the eogroisment of Pf?ru?'i rfenftt* bill* 111 Hie President'* lue'.age respecting UotnriiW 11 1 letter ? i?rt . eived at liulreeton oa thu 17th aal >duned great di<-?ti fai-'! a ETe pfc)iiM ?ay tbii men ure will arou?c ! ellng' e< li,;uatluu throughout the Sta-. u >t eatily allayed Sfiwn from Jli'tlca Ilii'img?:. iVu*u*t 23, 1H50. Hie Southern mail in through, ana brings important a>f. froia Mexico. The data m-e to the -2?th our ?tafce* Iw I been attacked and robbed betw o n i bla and Vera t'rua, in which Major Komo, and ail > conductor* vera wounded, s' of the ro!.*?*r? le arrest'd and will be dtalt with to the full ?? ut (if the law. rh> Mexican p*p?r* ara almost naanlmouidy oph-i1 to lha TYnuai.tepee treaty T'lty nay it givea nerican* too ?trong a !ootliol?l ov r the soum ra >u: i r. ?t'?*r had doubled in price It e^nacii'i'i-'e nf all e dork b-niK purchased for the l!?liforni t mar- >'t l-a'e date- ftf Vera Urna slate that the ?M?H if increa-t' fearfully at tuebli an i >ther ;iart* of country It mi ti."appearing from V.-nOrul Several attempts to n?-rlhrow the State guveiui ut have b"< n recently detected * lhe i ai.ra>; tor the l*r< fidenc* in propra ?ing r?pl l!y. uoiiimliir}' kitluii; in quarnln. Phiii ri.i'Hla. \\lg -J 1sj9 fhe Macon ? Convi ntion h?*e pas-" 1 a r? riilli >n rlirlngtbat. nhoiild uhi ? occur In whlah it ahall n c?.?.i.ry for the do ru?i to .Via cionili >n, e -i iid r'pr -' iitatlref In Congreei ?? rati'? dto ro'urn h<m? 'I he Yrl&tiila (election. ho m?i<rau. .lug It tht re-eHotioa for the Virginia Caiirenlioa ju'fc Id in Jebrti fro'tl triet theru w?r^ lm.r.i rli 0*u4!te? l;lir Ittaf lilghe?t were Mwra I,u it ? ila r,?r, ml r and Tbompiion. in the diitricla omnpu>? ! u( il 'iruu j kiiu > i?i a. At ilWliLoi il anil Uhuuci). th* ii up ( * nr l n?' riiJteal ticket. h--aJr.J by e At- aui ?> nh if cOL'itfcTkljlJ l tlir full iv?uli k?? uot ji t l>??n u -ittniau l Arrial of ltniinv?n>umu'i i ii .il auth*' js. iwo. Cor I i rt'N ha* b> r 11 t h' ?Ji# isani to In* ?F*iniii?uu? b.foir t tm Omrt, of tti' ipriwl broojtbt up on Ku'ttrt rurpji, wi.ta mi' tu Vtrtf'ut* I til* >?! ! thuy ara riiinht iliti'K 'tnd I hot ih? nhar?;? of ntoal.og m ??1j ft u-t> to U'H IU> ui ln'ck to Virginia Anoitur !*ltv? Ktinapnlf, kiln n>i ,.u( 19. VMt'nlay tblfty two *!??< * trapW'J .n ta? '<**~ DKipkn (. afcam*' j.!.ink F?a4 ,>*. *4. Ury *?' 'u*:>ctly pui -u. J, but up to ikU. f> ?? ?-< 11 m th't.u li?ard th< si Hie t'nltnl V(nlt? h'rlKtlt Itarltau. K. <( ?.' 1*4 1 Tti" ! .. '?d ?!? ? ? fiigHir Jturitau ?ail?t) tbu moraig I'.t it.? I'.clic W aftr lor tlie Clijr of Albany ai.m??i, tu(u>l ?1, 1svi. ihi* W?t?r oonmlo.ionor-'h??? i'nr.mi'1 'nvk for i be ibim of >160 uuo. to ?uppl; tbu o.t/ e.tfc ?t?r. Alx?l lllori tendon at laxmorla. SECOND I'AV dm t. Ail|('i<l3t 1m0. Hlll'IIJ IIWIUK The rw luti >a mir p?>? | to ral?p a fuuJ ?.f 2* lla'OntMrty day*. to aij CLaytla la hU del-'an* r ?u11> Mr liberty Tfc? J>l>*ti- to th>' r-?t of th? r. ?..luti.jn? wan ih.n rrii-d on <i?rrit Jnitb Mary 1.04*11. aid .|-?er?, ? kr Tb?-lr remark* ??rf ia>r? lb* r?!uit?n? l'hir. ??. t. ? irtfuiAr ?pr.*ch by an) S*>'Uir nj tb? Klmor* iprl? At ;hm time a t*l- *r.pln- |>?r? ?? ?a* r**'l fc. ? I* V'tk ahirh >tati >1 that > t|>l liolnarj I !> 1r ritpliirW W. I., Chaplta, would b* la thkl B?ll tn liny Civil Do?|li>i irM?. ind miaii'M tb? Oipl IfpMut tti?ki #n?t on th? pUtfuin, lint In- JU out ??rrnt<io* itMim, Til* rotin-ntlon opth-d *lth pramr. Th? n iiiioiM??. on tba ui< 'lal baa r*3?iT?d t'lul ??UtJ ti?? lal Utbar coilmlttm ? r*pirt?ii. an I tho oua?econ ac'joi rof <J 'oil* ? liitrlll||i ni?. 1* .1 !'r>4 Csm- < 1/ f' J " 1 ' imi( "'<i M Cli'k#.' TktiltNUU tli* i'.-n-i?a f. lot* of jtnt'Um ' t# Co, It* H>ar lai retiam*, liaia it ap|>f?r< irtiH'4 Bit* a Mi ?? In Wall Mtrrt, am ?n?r the o?i? itim kiiu 11 MM lin ker* It I* 0Wi*?ad 'hit MM Iftn' lif>a 1 ili'llar* .f iSitnAn ft -r 1 at iiroirnl held hp the ba?k? anil hr ik -r? li? -Vail Irn'l n tlilrk It' i> doubtful tt the H will ! -l*? 10 fill* on IP# d .liar Aiaon( thl? mi " ? r Arm ?lauoay l?? .In * Urkr. Jir-^kT- 4 > I Wail Hrftt, ho tiilii al?>ut ?bi,'u worth nf tr.* . *>iJ u rder t.. t-?t lue ii.iIti* 11 Ilia la.nii*. I u * *4 J* ?!..? flnti a f-? itap? <50 m? la oa n barn JuJffa Mlteball. at tha itupr m? O.mrt ??ttiag ifih Ibat rte.?i~ i||)i|.iai ft *a?? una ? ? rl?ir to th>lr btcppanH i.mJ *hipj,J - < \j a ?*rp .rji ?la Oil III ?.i r to urrj md li a I 1 m-? "iio all il la?ifa amount* 1 ? m i-f "h 1 b? lit- a' I* i traud tbelr rroaliora On ibt* aifl<l?*n at aunt!* ii 1 a ?a< n,*i.r lit a S-Pllarll rant amen 'M ?. 'U.n*ly by lb> and A***H Amiini ft ?a?* were un->M oa 111* aile n. on an I *L? yumeat l> iiua |m i.ijii.f <| da u ft ate pronoBiia?.l th? iha'n of fra'i I a< in. 1* tul inn to hp II' I'larba to U unnu bh4 ?a?w 1 lap r !' riliniiliil -u>Jani Jr and Iran I* I' a, ap wr< 11 i, i?r. j u>ur- t,< iii p At in ** f> I ? > t ta Bir? itr-*l at>>t until* oath ?1 1 > l( * M a bj Ml I lark* lit Ih? matter p*iti|iB< I. t >r * J it'l<# It ft II aa? uu'rm ? h i' H I p?rjii j a?l ? J tliat Mr i'lirk> might t.? trrotio) t .i| l>?lt Ih a* Ih? l*i <llr>el* * rl on !h?-? u t fiwllrl lh? nta?1-t-ai? lori|*jilil? i <t hi? arrant fir tba air??t nf *1r "liarI*" Tb? ?. tank l> flirx In lt? bai ilifit * *r *t*pli. n? ?li i lofc an ui< ti into I Ufloilf an'l nmtfj- l K:n ? ' >r? aMi?l>Utl> Th' Mf>? till uoi-ifi an DivniM* ~a in Tn> i4h? n< ?t TV / i*? I i?r ri l rn.1 .trrn rJ ?T* t*T? v .ln*?fib 1'ifif? " af t In of tb* bi ?,< 4?aa. ?b ?, <>a hr lthh Instant J a t * it? ft it tb pnrt ira |i?lJ r(tli-h roil?ti tr Iri m th? ]-l*nil .| B*rinu<la ?? arrlli 4 f'Ti ? anr -ati* Iwtiif J fey J ii ti a |,nit|f p on 1*10 b#r?rf- i f hrit>ntf( inrtl^n con>)e'? ?lthli tl.a Jurialii'iil <> rblt 1Mb'.' ol lilt rMttr < lit 1la u bar* 1i??? *rr>><l by ?h* pnli?? t>f tli? Vou'tk mi. aid ar? at br***nt rabBiti 4 In lk? To?ba Mr. iift'i Nimiitk. tii? n?tn-r ol thav*' *1 ip,.'B'fla# lia p' ttr? mart. *1' h 11.? I ip'tm II* h? I jiirll *lf ?lu><4 lo ai'Btf? ?li? eonti'ic lw? ? htlirriegihel, n r.oi???n?rn' * i?I lH*lr btlnr p >ifti.B ! ttrl bo% nttLaWr (9 \U' !? Hi*?"r on thr l*? nn?? r?al? If r. Nf ??l*h ? *t?*rt?t n ?a .Imwn tn tba? r?rl "t '* ? atneli rat*. ' "Jw *l>all "a?? tv a ?o??l'? 4r >i>rnth *w ?all?t- >< " * " '*? aiiift h'? fiimripl* JJ rk*"// _ raonft lato thi, r.uarj Ihrr*f..r* MttojAma* I alien ?ir#,h* ?a? *illl?if to ??? -/ ''' ***> ii?ti nn? In rnrtody ba< k *fain I n IWttit " ov??l 'hal Ihf pf ll?* wnH alJ blw ***??r!n? lli-n*. in Ik ari th?r. ?-. | ?ltlrh *?nl4 anil ri>ur?<tay ,f?l Th? irtaci'lral* an?l lha ol-rk Mr. Faith ?tal?d lh?T """H *'? far llly la hair invtf A *rrll?#al* aaa ?!? to fa b of th? rtnrlal* of aklrh tha MW??iu? ia a topj ? T\l* t? ? rf'iff lliaitt* litrr t?ai. ?l lattft a*l?t < ? l*aH tfi# >fl>lf t'tftti llvtk, at Hai-iiiftk a? ftn?K?'gft fr?? faritnii nl f ?*? f\y, >* r n tiWn* i*t li? * * an r*<arat* Kananila4nr1n? ?ha r<t?tilaa aI > Mataaa*. aklak *aattaa? >?| u*i a tka ?nk ai Marat, M llt??? laitat <a? haa4. 'a h ari tka W?4*af (>a?i?ft all at Brnani**, Ih* I2lk Iff if An?'i-'. illW. j a. tiimii.* Tbl* oon?i??, It *~*??? by kit ftosrMtloi. ?a? ft ikf l*tr>< for I'litlag atnft?B jir"l**'r#T '* * * >anftf, fi|lll|il ?b4 *tf tfftl*lfMl I* Ulan (>tr> Iftmp if. ituB fb* Bi?(t*lr*l* huarvar, on r?il?* ?f tkft rid- b'* 11-14 Ih* t'apfalit l? hail IB th? ana af IftuM r bi* a|.|??ran** a* rmirl for trial, iknill tnf imirt b hi b? Ivut J Mr <t rnl'll *nt*r?4 i?t*? lha ??. ti.txft b' nl. an4 tb* t.'afifa a <* ! UVaib fraaft watti4/.

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