Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 25, 1850, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 25, 1850 Page 2
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NEW YORK HERALD. Jtlll ROItDOa BRMIETT, proprietor m* bdito*. vpiob - w. oo*.wk* or fi LToji a? iub&au m m BAIL r KKM.AU), I cm, ft ?f>??ST f mi ? I'H* WHMIil. > Hmturd.iy, tU ?)% ?*tm n, T M r>< *?nu~> '*? ><UtUn. |( K' ZSSmu*??? "r*^ "u ** U *"? ALL k| Mii, r?r ??>iii iprni ,*r wW Wxrjywiww, W~.i- r?i ?r A* PH<MI ?4U W tram ruLvtiTAK V COKMJiBrUNDILICB, wliw^ruw HW. lllW<< frvm mmm fv-'rUr nf fA? wrU if tw?4 W>J' W tWrsUy l?U /?r Oi b Foariu* OuumwrookraTa ami P*? ticvi ivi v Kn' jntr to rial ru<ia Lrmw J/O SOTttK (?**>? of itwM Wi dm ml rttum rtjetUd ct?ani?wa. jfm?i ADVUM.TIHEMKST'- rfWmrt Mtfrmaa#AMUBBMBNTS TO-MORROW 1YIMNQ. TBRA-CASTLR GARDEN?8*?ro. THEATRE. Bowmt?PtBAT* or T*? IMJH n? FiLOh'i Lui DKXAM. BROADWAY THR.lTRK, Bro?iinr-llO?il-PKmtKI KIBI.O'9 GARDEN. Bro?<tway?J?.A?? or Jl*tu Ri> t?i> Coaisua-Jf"* lm?. BURTON'S TIIE A THE. Cfcawler* ?lro?t?OosnvEXiO? CfiuKjy Ciku. _____ RATIONAL TnKATKE. thallium 8q??r??1? nui a' m it?In I'MO a?ii Oi r ?<r Ltmaux Kar. AVEKICAN MIHEUM-THC DfcVNKAB*. DLYMi'IC, Broa*w?jr- fuiowi' N?w Yo*i Etmiupiab low 'lurri To- Night CAST1.E>*> t???ittr. N?w York, sii.nlu) AaRiiat '4\ 18110. Ttlegraphlc Snmuiaryi We are disappointed to-day, in not being able U kiform our readers of the p:ms tge of the Civil an<: lHj'lonmttc bill in the House of Representatives >??-terday. It is, however, near its end, for, as v\? learn by our telegraphic intelligence from WasnIngtoti, every section lias tx-ea ujted upon. There i> no doubt, therefore, that it will be taken up and dir posed of ?u Monday. Ttie next thing in ordei *ili be the Senate bills, hi that we may ejp"Ct aii exciting time in the House next week. The fecvtar<l Clique, und Mr. Flllaiore'a A (I in I ni ? rutIon. Thorlow Weed, and the whole of the Scwan clique of" higher Uw" politicians, are in a state o r< .idl'ul et'spense, and have been so since the ac fsstt ii "f Mr. Fillmore to the I'reM.lenty. Previcus to the decease of the venerable G' neral Taylor, they were in high spirits, and c i 'ie<l tilings with ? high hand. They iiitluencd tli: Galphin cabme its they pleased, and even went so far as to pre> vent Borne Might wishes of Mr. Fillmore, in tht matter of appointments, being gratified. In a mo ment, 89 it were, the cup was dashed from thei lip*, ere they had more than tasted of it* contents and Mr. Fillmore became President of the Unite* Arties. From that day to tins the Seward clique I'd their onanist, Thurlow Weed, have beei jjnrnl>i-t-d. and undecided what course to take They cannot reconcile themselves to the Iosb o Hfie and influence which they have auaMiaed ei.d, to bite, content themselves with as occasional prowl at 'henew administration. < >? Mr. Fi'lnr.ore s accession, the Albany ?"; **??K Juumnl condescended to say, that as lonj as Mr. Fillmore conducted his administration accord, inff to the views of its editor, including the Seward clique, he would receive its support; but when h< etmytd from that path, lie mi'ht eapect its opp > (tiiion. Soon, howtv< r, the J>urnul found some tin tag to hud fault with. Mr Fillmore, as it m wel kuown, selected the Hon. IWii l Webatcr, ai Se tretary of State, and Mr. Hall, of Buli'alo, as Post waster General. This was looked upon ax a blow directly aimed at the Seward clique, and '"rated <t. ?ut h. Accordingly, Tliurlow Weed anncunced tlr ( election of the one as a blunder, and that of th< ether as a mistake. Thurlow did not vouchsafe ti give any reasons for his Opinion, thinking, perhaps th :i his ij ft 1/1*1/ wassuflicient. In the estimation o ihe whig part) generally, however, and in that of th I*1 pie at large, if Ihe appointment of Mr. Web tt w hs ii i>iun<ier, ii was a most lortunatc one, lor. a* i Kill' snian, lie ha? not hissuperior in thiaor any othe country. It may have r>ern unfortunate f.>r tti< h- ward clique thnt h- wu < appointed to tliat higl cflice, it* likrwiw Mas Mr. Hall's selection a .PosUmster Grprral, but in every other light i cue of the moat judicious thing* that Mr. Fill jn?>rr ha* done unce be took the oath of of lie* The re.-ult already protes what we aatert. Ily the oierbriiriDK conduct, and bundling management o the Galphin cabinet, the birndly irlttiooA whicli h*?e alwajv (luted brlwm the United Sute*i.:id Portugal were disturbed, and the two countriei brought to the brink of war, about n petty claim, v hjch Portugal ottered to leave to the arbitrament of h di^ntereMed power. This honorable otlei w as rejrctrd by ihe < >alphin><, and our Minister pi that ct tirt w.ia instructed to made a peremptory d. ir,and for it ' payment, and in case of a refusal t< )?iy it, solicit tois.paaaports, and return to the Uaitec hlttr*. The demand was made ami ri t ' >od. Mr. Claj got his pi f ?|.orts ant* embarked on board one of oti natioral versels. In this situation of the mitter ' earn- into Mr. Webster's hands, and, lo and behold in a very short time, the Secretary o# State,>? appointment *? a mistake, rod the Portujjies Minister, pat thtir h- >ds together, and after one o two fiiendly conference*, arranged th- whole lis " . without any bullying on either pirt, and witl cat any loss rf diitnity to the I'nited Stales. Then was no "mtMake" com?nitt??l, for the di'pnte< claim was left to arbitration, as was propos'd bj the Portuguese government, and here w ta an enii .1 |LI . _ ... I. >.l.ll?al.U. Li .11 the i uly objection that c>.n be i.r^ed ac nm-t bin t?, that be i* Mt of the Seward clique. Wf a;>pre b'c<i, however* that thi* is more in hi* fivm than again.* t him. If W H. S?w.ird had hee? elected, in place of Mr. and oec ol WrrdV urmiitrD 11 I'oaii.-iifter General, we a;? fte lend ibut the column* of the Erfntnf Jomnuit would abound with fu!?onie ~riiw ??f ?*cb, an J |>r ) diaaerutione commend Mi Killin<?re> mgaiity and diM-rimination. lint the President eir re-toed l.m owa judgment. without coaauliinff to* Heward clique. Ihnc tlla- hchrvmi*. If Mr. Fillon r? cotuinvea to conduct bi* administration aa he ha* commenced it. and act* npon hi* cw.i , idf lent, rather than upon the aucfeationt of thi* li'jn*. we apprehend that, in ih* opinion of Thurlow "W?ed, and the Albany En-mnf, Jmtna!, he will commit more miatake* aod blunder* As it ia, W<e?l can acaiceljr conceal the venom of hia <?j?appoiniment and mort'lication, %p 5 taoalf awaiting favorable opportunity lo ihrow aw le the fltin?r math vhich he ho* n?aumed. and come out id cpra rifpiition to Mr. Fillmore and hi* admini*Ultiol. Kr >in the time of the nnti-miaonic e.vatem?nt, to the preeent day, Tburlow Weed and hia (h|N kave be<n a drue on th< whig party, a perfect inrufcn* en it* organization. 1 and hta coterie, and Greeley, anil other eooalitUi an I paeudo re. ftrmere, have endeavored to buckle on to the jwrty ail the odiou* i?nu> whirh have r man *t? <* Im lh( Wtin< of crac k-paled viairnariea. Ilnar much longer will that p?rty pnhmit to th* burd*n ! They will I* e?on railed aj^on to fit their *rren?ih The neit I# vtion ia rapi Jly advancing, and if they <!o not repudiate the whtde of the aholiuoa ,**?W4rd ali',lie, the) will not be in a condition to r?nfi*nd n term* of equality with their opponenta. Ixt them tee to thia in time. It*** or limu.nk*cr from Havaxa ?We Have received, hy the Ohio, ourtil'-e of A/i Prtn*i. I Hat i<> rtt ia Marintt, and the Fttro /? i,?fi tni, to the l*th inat. The political n*w? ii not ot (real interest, and the latand of ('hIm en joy a the moM undisturbed tranquillity The nrwaof the death of I he infant Prince dee Aatnnea? v! produced punfitl lenantion. The ?*b??fefa had on?ider?Me a)>ited at M ?ta<i u, tad the l*hat>it*aia # urn o?/ >???,., the 16th inst., by a 7V Drum, in the cathtu.'al, the C disappearance of the epidemic. ' o On the 12th of thin month, a great performance tl took place at the Tacan theatre, for tha rebuilding ( a of the Jesas Maria church. A *ew piece, called w "El Muerto la Manda," written by an author ot Havana, >'ifhor Otero, wan reprrsented with im- ; tl menae success. j P It u> aai<l that, in a fe w days, a fight will take j li place between bulla, and the lious and tigers of a Mr. Raymond. Thia stirring spectacle is expected by the Habaneros with the greatest anxiety. T*k Racino or rut lk>o Star and ok th? J OriKA.?Castle Garden is a fixed fact is thia me- ' tropolia, but like many another fact, it is ao fixed, ) so permanent, so every day in its character, thit 1 thousand* of j<eraons under whose very noses it exists, never dream of purtaking in its delicious ; ] atmosphere, even when the thermometer marks j " rinety at night-fall, and the pavement a of the : J roasttd city smoke like the ribs of the great ox i ( recently cooked in tnglund by Soyer, the great ' cook of the Reform Club, to please the eves and , ' palates of a rural population g IIrre are we ( enned, ! and penning away in a cily, with only an outlet I or two at the hide?", and with only the roof oft", to i | let in a little air at the top, thousands of us exj claiming, with vain complaints, about the heat, i and the misery "nd dullness of city life, while a: i ( ! oo inconvenient distance, we have the most mag- ' j nifcent place of public resort that art, nature, ant I circumstances, ever provided for the weary deni- j | zen??.: a busy metropolis. All the guide books of ; 1 European cities?all the travelled observation of i the tourist, straining and striving to desciibe the : I splendors of nature and art?must fail to produce I , ; any description, which will rival an appropriate one j I ; of Castle Garden, as it appeared, for instance, on 1 Friday evening last. ll?d a stranger, blindfolded, j , been permitted for the first time to open his eyes . 1 on the scene, he could not have done Irss than , ! a< knowledge, that London, Paris, Milan, Naples, | I 1 Lisbon, Fr Ft tersburg, Vienna, or any other Eu- j r | ropean city has no suuh brilliant locality, com- ' , | b.nirg to much to enchant and satisfy a tustefjl ! | miud On the northern si?!? of Castle Garden? j ?n immense circular building more thtn two | ] thousand feet in circumference?is a beautiful | I ark of eleven acres, lundsom-ly arranged j I j w'ith grass plots, and adorned with magnificent [ I tiers and handsome walks, the chief promenade > rrinj:>np, t< r r.< any a quarter ol mile, flie Heaving ; ocean, which plashes gently and musically, where j its clement is thus bounded. Th<> sea bre-ze whiap- i , eis from leaf to leaf, ni d now, nightly, the full t orbed moon risen above this treat temple of eong, pilding the tops of trees, the walls of the cat>tle, end silvering the placid wavea which heave in gentle undulations, while rest upon them hundreds of r , fhijis?the gems of a generous and intelligent commerce. Such a spectacle of splendor ni-iht s?*' m 1 loi ks itp?>n in a crowded city, and dull of souj mutt lie be, who could pic? the beautiful whiles, ! which the prudence of old Hen Fletcher, in | , provided for a forgetful posterity?without appre- i ( ' ciating 'he most romauiic s|*>t chronicled in the ' . j natural history of cities. , J Added to all this, to the charms of nature, to j that spirit cf old Ben, which declared,'* Whereas, ! there is actual warr between our Sovereign Lord , and Lady the Kin? and l^ueea, and the French | King; acd I am informed of a Squadron of Ships I and land forces, intended from France to invade this Citty end Prov ince ; and whereas, for th" aat'oty ard preservation thrreof, I fiude at o( absolute nrc? a*ity to make a platforme upon the curmoste i I pointe of rocks under the Foft, whereon i 1 tt? build a battrry to c uumand both rivers; ...ive i i . i therefore thought line, and doe hereby require j r )ou, the Mayor, Recorder and Aldermen of the ] , t Citty of New York and Manning i.nd I'.ariiea'I*- | . j land, to cut down cordis of ?tocM?doe?, of 12 . ' feet in l>rgth, and to bi. - then, in readisess to b* 1 , oi.\. y?d to -w Y> Ik V.e tmy, a >-i to this, we have now greater cute for esciu ment ,j. j than even eld l!<u Fletcher himself, at the .. I anticipation of incursions. A k < ** lt?It n have invaded the city, and have t*ki?n A ' possession of (lie very fort and hatter), which 1 r were to prove such formidable obstacles to " out- j J side barbarians." There they are fully encamped, j I, with all their pam ply, their soldier*, tbe?r banner*, , ; their music, their swords and carbines; and the , jiretil r? j t il* made by them are now theme* of I discourse throughout the country. Thousands Hot a iu from the couutry and from adjicent cities, to give the in a warm rtreption. whenever the gtlea , I c?n be entered. They excite the u'most anxiety? , I and though some of their leader? are women, yet, I on this account, the inteust of the j?eo,de at Ur^c . , is increased. The chief leaders are StetTaooni, ' Dosio, f'o*tini, Vietti, Salvi, Lor in i, Vietti, (th? \ ti nor y whose conduct is fre<|ueutly noticed,) Colletti, and a grent man, M nisi, a kind of aecon i I , Attila. It is Mid, also, that this latter Vietti ha an as;tciat quartered in the vey heart of th? j , city, known a- Pico \ ie?ti, whose voi<'.% I it it said, may be yet expected to be "heard of f lights," exciting the astonished listeners, lie- | r aides these, there are tevrrul other great leiders, , whore instrunifnts have sounded about our ears, we must crnfeas, much to our wonder. Bottesini ! is the "big gun," snd the big one, who directs the | whole butiness, while Ardiii, the leader of the r whole, by the virtue of his (Tice.has a very high * a', and is looked i 'o on ail occasioni by those ( around him, though tlit >thi r chief* rf this troupt, , alf'-ndy named, sometimes look down u(> -n him I | However, ail is harmony in the ranks of these I Italian invaders, > n 'h<>U-h a second evacuation I | of the city was to be chronicled on the second of I next month, as the official bulletins det^red a* ' Philadelphia is nrxt to be attacked, yet, w learn, I . j in order Ihtt the governor of the fortr< \ named I l'.A.. r,.?? l ? i_i r Li. r. , ? ?'? i ?/ ??fc ?u*<|u?ir |'iw?isiwiw iui iiip iu?urr ^ t rompaipsa, thi? rtrnl will not take place till about < I t! e ninl.!;e ?>f Sri'tfmVr. Voder the?e ciicjii- J a'nucc * m?j- fi|*ct ?r?frtl more very interea- f I tins: action*, for which our jieople *h<>uld i>rei?are ' lhen<*elve?. Let iiv m*ke a rii!?h upon the gate*, J and tend out *e\eral IDOff, w? II filied atearner*, t f-orr New Tereey aod from i"<uten lalani, to nuke J a landioe directly on the * ? aide of the ciatle. Y Let tia have no delay*? but turn out in full force. > ' When General Hurgotne waa .gartered in Itoa- , ? ?<>n, he converted the old Cradle ol Liberty, Faneuil 1 Mali . 'iitrf a play hou. H" wrote ptaya himatlf, . i.e .n4Phh!i>-hed\olurwa deacribc how well thejr were received in 1 anueil Hall, u: which he waa , the mrader and temporary possessor. Governor i r, bv? ute;?.l at Caaile Garden, doea not * write lyrical play*, btit he catiaea them to be acted by the Italian* who have enliated under hia banner. ^ l b"" he follow* In the fnotrtepa of the old Ktgliah ? Geaeml. However, it cannot be aaid that the .* It.ii.xn* a " iitii'itora of the Kn^hvh, when th?y ii 1, --' --urn hi n cny m in' way in wmcn < >o r wnor l'?d<r?a company !iava taken thi* m?-- t The anceator* of the Italian*, in their rarlieat day, performed the ??mr hind of deed* os their defendant* do at |.re?ent. If we look through the myth of Homiiluo, *r 1 diveat r it of all nonaeaae, w? qrnakly perceive thai, when 1 ti.a great Koirta' ?n?ral we?t iatothe amntry of p the hMnri, he ...rerted kil tnmp* in the rant* v ?t)lr * Governor Fader. Tha ivar?e deteription r' of lhe nei/'ire of the PaHine women mn?t not be d rareived io It* literal Mnae. The a?m? ravishing mnak that now delight* a*, captivated the p??vie of Soae day*; and It wa? only in the mo?t pne:i?*| *' ard nai?tral w?y that the J*al>ine* were ann *i*d ? tr the Homaa rity. So far ? ran I* aacrrU.ned, Kt inuloa ?im kind of haaw man, axl theatory of ^ hi* kiting I. nun ia oily another way of siyia? that ha drowned the voire of hi* brother?ju?t aa w wr tow aay Forreat can kill Macready. However, wr do not intend to rn? through all the ii*?oge? of J| hiftory whirh fortify onr le?roed option. Any hi ene w? donbt* ita pmpnoty, wnl Mean* torem ? l>er that Nerokt.l hi* atige, hi* rLtfnrrt, bia own w arMior*. by re*ime?t*. to arplanlfcim, and do o?? wui f 'jf t hi! "fiddle wbfit Kerne waa barring " ^ >11 the whole, Governor Pader follow* the general rf uaizatioa of the Italian character. He haa aat > tie city on fire; and aa for the fiddles, why, they re heard in the midst of the excitement. Well, j re admit tkn conqaeat; and, anderall thecircumtances, advise the people at large?as several of liese Italian chiefs will offer fair terms, during the reeent week?to go down to the eastle aud eapttu?ta. They will never regret it. They may be asured of thai. Let ua all gu. City Intel llgeaee. Do* Hkriy Clay.?The lion Henry Clay pawad hroHfh New York yaateruay morning on hi* return ,o WaehiDgton having loft Newport in Friday night * oat. 10 out Illy aa to b? unobserved Ue panned ilirough thla city ineo$., h.iring suffered ?o severely yom hand squeezing. wheu lately passing ?ntoat* to Newport, Tmil Wkathcb,? Yesterday wan a rual August day, hot, clone, and sultry. Iik? a Wast Inula day The tbrrsBometer increased degree* from the day before, md 10 Iron Thursday It was at M at noon The air tax perfectly clammy, und very oppressive In the morning there wai> mob a fog that the ferryboat* were | compelled to eross the rivers by the found of belli. Aooiiirs Fopkirb Convict Aiiuicd.?On Friday cnother loreign convict, named 7.uile, *?? arrested by uflicer Thrall of tbe First ward, and kept In duraueo vile, to awuit the nailing of the vessel in which he is to be ?< nt back. Akncu or anotuib BrMMt'ca Cohtict.?Yesterday a man * ait arretted by two of the pliee of the First uaid. who was supposed to be Terence McOee a convict who e*c?pe<l frcni Sing Sing. but who turuid out to be DanUl liooday a eonvlct let loose from another quar < i .... v.? i l,? tha " l""?u" ??" ""UUIJ U" (.r.-. Uovernor of liermuda. He wag taken before the Chief of Police. and lock* J up in order lo bit boing seut back to liermuda. P->4T Hacr.?A rowing match ceme oft ye?t*rday 1 afternoon. at 4 o'clock, fru i I astle l>ardi-n around j Ellis Island and back, fcr which two nineteen leet ' boots wcr? tutored?vii : ihe I'ennis Mullins. rowed I y Hugh burr*, and the John L f rawed by KdwarJ Uoady. The Jormer won eapy. in 'ii minuter. Distance three mile*. Gam Pir-\ic.?Ity an ad rertisement in another column, it will be perceived that there will be a grand , pic-nic excursion lo Hasting* on Wednesday next, (or tlir benefit of the church of ft |<'hurled liorromeo, in Brooklyn. From what trc hate heard of the arrtngemn nt? that have been ma 'or this excursion. we bare * o doubt that It will be one of the most brilliant ot the ' peatou There is no happier method of benefiting it church than tbiii. and we expect that the proceed* of the xcenrston will amount to a hand?>tn* mis. Tlii* it til I" an excellent opportunity for the public to esjny tl cm elves and at the tune time euutrlbuie to a worthy purp??e. Ac cu>? >r - I.aft evening. Iienjainin C?rr *? knocked down by n horse and rart. at the eorner of Peck Blip, in Bouth street He was severely injured, and wax taken to the City Hospital. Pot RDLi*a.?A male lnlant. about t hree duyj old, wax found on frriday morning, ft 9 o'clock, under the stoop of a house on the- corner of W'avcrly Place a .id lit iter Uriel It wax rent to the Aim* House. Child LOUT.?On Friday forenoon, at 11 o'clock HUM named IHnMI iHtl Oteif 1 ra - .1 away fT im Xo. SU Jay rtreet *nd w?? not heard ot at a lat-j ) r Inst niifht. Foe Aia Ai.*au?Or vridny afternoon, at 4 o'clock, 1 a ynitlemau from Connecticut xbibited on the dock, at pier No. 3, North rher an invention for 'tndlng ' an alarm at sea in cases of fog. somewhat li> ? ? -Irani t histle. The sound produced by the condvu-xtllon of air by nieani of an air pump, the air escaping by the tpeiung of a valve through a wbirtle. and making a trout horrible shrill nolae. that might be beard at least for the al?tar.ce of a mile, ity removing the wb'stie, and placing a horn upon the instrument th sound is charg>d to that of a horn, and this appears to l>? an impiove ment as tbe sound H much louder. The pump ll*?M by tlirn; c a wheel with tke lund. and the leverage being Co (o tbe square inch, the pump can t>e ebar^eil in half a miuut". This machine U in a .'A lioKl unit u.iiiinf for lh? ft?P n>er II *>11 ewt about f6(>" for tfit* latter abo'it .11VJ The ! < J ofit U heary. b< l wrought iroa, ami nltitilnr to abou three feet of a horizontal boiler placed on it- <r.d. It If made in tlii<*i; in erder to keep a tirin hi.ld of the drck of a ?hip in a ttorm. I* I* a pini) 1? r> ntrltanre. ?n?l a|>pear? to aufwer iti purj.-> > well. The intent^r aUtnt that it produced an echo at a diataorc of fifteen mile* en the Long Irland (ho re, which the ftiair whittle 'tiled to do. Miuiiii Mmi.MtKTi. -The Highland0uartU C?pt. Alexander Kaglatoo bare chartered a ateainboat. and ill pr< ceed to our ol our Kaetern ptctur?(i.|uj Tillage* nn the found, on Thursday. September 5th. It bein* tkrtr utiti r?r]r. The Highland tiuard* In the oldnt rrB'pan) o! 1 ij tad citizen aoldier* in thin Stain, and lathe tint He 'Itli company wearing the ' kllta" in thi* coun'.ry It waa not Tery pro-perou* for aorae time, until r--uacitatrt! by the eni rftj and akilful ruacagroieut of it* E''(b respected rouio*h |er, and It now protniaea ! amongst the flitt of our crack HlKlaui. V ad by reu'mentnl order* thit Meuti l'orter and Manaon two gentlemen of much iu11 ut nee. have leen elected to bit 11* two vucaut . I ni5?r auch auaplcca the eotupany eaunct but proeper. A tew company call* 1 the ' City Graya," will make j their d. hit. tbl??eek. before the New V"rk community. TU< ettnpany i* composed ot highly reapeetable y< uug m> n. 'Jlieir uniform. aa the name d"?i|in*t-?, J ill be gtay. and they *11 be attached, we believe to the eighth reijim- t.t. Tin will be introduced to the public l>y Crane, ana bis m;igni9c<qUy drilled co id pa uy |?tio a -t m nn ?~ort Tbe W* t.ington Continental?, Cap'. Ifarrow will receive the Katie t'adet*. from Bridgeport on tbe 1?; h f r( xiB > it baa Lien plated that the Eagle i"adela are not a military company- we prrnutne wltb a dealre >n ipjure tbe reputation ol th Continental*. Thi> If not >0 We are a- ?ur.-d that tbe Kegle Cadet* are a highly resectable military eoaipaay, and much r. faceted i ?i >!rid((i|ort. Tbe Coutineulala, no doubt, artll r ->?!* them well. Tbe BcottUh (. .ard*. under tbe command of Caplain A C. I'a^tle. wi!t be ?hi>rtly prevented we uodar land. *i>h a magnificent Slag * ileid with maxnirent autl?r* alid appurtcnancea, which are beau lifully Inlaid ?ith tloee, the American arm', ani lie natli t,aJ tiiiatle. in ail?er The eye? are iagenl. [>u-iy nilii cuiio?i?ij cui iroci iu o.-onu p< ble It will b? HHinUd t? thf eompaoy by Archii-ij roll Km) , o* gotland and aill b? *b rtly i uliiblrd at lb' armory. Mercer llouae At lb- end of IweWc m It will form the tip*t priieto b? gi?en to b">t icnrkumHti at lb* target pr?|,tlf". <1 ' Oledoota Fu'Unri. under t'.* coTii.un.I ol i apt T W. MarCl.1T. aecouipanle<1 by the ?talj of thfl rtcond rrglim nt proceeded to Bull'? Ferry y-sterday, I rtar^?t prartua The flr?t priie, a HuMxti 1 bn n?t. wa? *' n h) private Thoma* Puke The ?cr.ind i rlic, a grid pencil. wu> won by private William t|??[?tt tMtlMlHM A grid p< n>- I. ?a? wen by .'..r uorai Moore. The company wa< accompanied by , Blivlton'a )tra?* Hand. TWO KKITiail t c>NVICT TAI ROMI KD IIV TIIK C0*?. MiaHIQNKKM HM.OKATIM. to tni ?.i iroa or ih> muud >ia - I rce by your paper that u tri b bitch of dl?rl^rged convict* *?ri> landed on oar ?h< rt? A? the ?utject l? now before the public. It may be a? well to lire you a hletory of a pair of th??e worthies, wh'> acre landed h?r<- In tbe month ol Kebrnary la?t Theea [.llo??b?d the rbaln-etep to perfection and called >u he t hief of 1'oll e to give htm to nt)d?r<taod that II they acre not comfortably prorldl for, lit j would bare to take to the old trade The Chief raferr-d th?m I .f the (Seneral Ageatnf theContml inen of Kinuralon, and a* that worthy rfllct.r wu one of thaottglnatnr? of the I'rliK n A>?*ckatl n be r> adlly r> T?ltt-d bethi<re?to the emUiant refute on Ward* Mini, lo aeei- tatc with the l.on it and unsophisticated p?>ple. whoee only crime wa* poverty About this eatae l?e a* the fig aid elated, their w. re hundred* ot I migrant* unataiaed by any crime wha ha 1 a claim >n tne protection of the t>nimte*l?n?ri and yet re fueed cvea lodging*. and many of them bad to lie In he 'reet? Shortly after going to Ward'<.l?land oae I tb> convict* took efcolera and died th?re The >ihwofie named Wilton remained there till about the Ith of July laat. when the warden of th? ln*titutien ound It nec? **nry for hi* own alety to t-mnif bin 'run the Itlaed, a* ha had threatened hi* life lie wai ila" drunken and dlaordarly. and vl< lently a***ulted j he wat liman The general. rant of the C jaiml tionera hen ?ent him to aome paA ol New Jersey , wliitliar l >? ma.le tbnt ???/? too hot t* hoi I htm or a it I no , kH ???. but h? leturaed In a trm !aj? and waa airtln a an?tr? around th* ofkre of lb)1 1 omtnUal n?r? of 'miration In tb* Park. until lv-t Ct*ur lay, ?brn b* | >n>* titlerlaf Into tbr rfflt* in * ?t*t< ol Intoi ration. ii i..mule h> *M piraaM ft MDbUs|t|<tl| i areeny mad* an a??anlt on one of the nfflr*r?. lor i thirh bo vairnt loth# Tomba Whfthrr or n't * c roarriitton H(?in*t him waa follaved up I cannot fay. i I yeatrrday rblle I ?a? pa?#ln( in lb' rear of th? !*W City llall I ?a w thi? ?auie Wilaon ?lttinj among number of ainiple ?mirranta. Now. t <!. >a< thl? ' kerlaa* of " ( migrant" for whoee ?ak? tb- law of 1M7 raa mar ted * Your*, fcr > ! Auf. 28, IS60 __ ?*AU. PRY. J Tm* : Fanrt D*raa Ratv *t liitTWi.-Or r r' ***r 1 arlrf been ml*lBW>rm*d in refWrenra to Col kney a t oatnro*. w* *?'? f>l> iwr? In makinc tb* corr?*tl(in It J r?uld b*** b**n reported a? follow* ? Col Win M Rellly, of Philadelphia. appe*ted ?r*t j ? th* eo?tn?? of am<-nk., tbi? b? afUrwar 1- 'ian?~<l i) magnificent Mont* Chrlato' >lrea* an I later ?iul. j e fhang'd bla rarb to that of llomro The Charaa ifi wer* ail well anatalnel _______ I H*Tri*rnta *f IMa??n?H?ah*<l People. lion R W Pud. Mlrblean; Captain Campholl. IM I Mrt . A ; r . n HlMktcn. r I K ; U II C OUtI, I" A ; Capt f N I'lark, I' * A ; f,t k V ken-t. ? . P A and 193 other*, rrrlred yc?terd* at tb* rein* Hon**. _ I Captain Joalah Tattnall, 0 R N ; 0*| <ln T F 1 rhrnck at ranter Ohio; R L, Catfkota, B??1 t? P P ? room. Trrnton R ; ,'atnea W Wall and thirty. i In* other*. arrlTfd at th* Manaion llonae terday . Hon Henry Clay pa?*ed thr<ngb thia ?r. yt?te|. I ( ty morn In*. ** ?i? tor Wa'hini^ott. frw Newport Political Inf? Ill||i (re. | f P i flay** b*? been nominated ? a the democratic 1 irdldate for C***T**? far the . e< Oi;d Con?r?a?lonaJ , I tatrlct of IIIIboI* Tbe dtatrict I*. at pr*a nt. repr*nted by Mr MeClernand , ? Th* *l?etton for dele?at*? to * n?t!tntlon*l.*< > - t< rhlion. la Indiana ha# reanlWd Id tbe choice ol *7 | i-moerat*. and 41 wki<> * ft Mortoa haa been nominated by the whlfa of Pel*. I ara eaunty P* . a* their raadidate for Co?<re?. ri Hmnlt I?r?HT*WT lit TMI Tn?.;?ifw ?Tb? ?lr? mmuiiir?l? to th? Bominji p?p-r? of Thnr?Uv, ?< ? tb*tr n?Jtt?or? rwr??|?<w.<?nt. Ih? l*hty lilWWll?| and ??*( rtfv* ta?t for " hich <h? PTl?? mt ja?t ta-aty r?*U. ' < *pt ifnMwrtftht wa? arr??t?-< for ?*lllag Magt* f itlN'Bt " Th? ( i?it ?* ??'?rr?r* "f r?tfc?r th? J >rr??p<iii?tit to aot ?Uttng th. pmlat hoar ( J it ??| in ? b?rh th* ?"f?t <*?arrr4 Folic* Intelligence. * Chmrfr / bnt?l>| Wri L?d*t Uct.?Oil day Uat ?t ?k tbrtf per-oa*. well kne?B la the aity of Brookljn hj tlir i tatf at Tbonu Bigga Jeha UH|aUl, km Wii Jehi>*oD, were arreated by officer* Campbell in.I Willis ui the Teatb wart police. oa a vwrrgt la I it a bj Ju*tice (Haoatturt. wherala they *taad charged ' nitb ?ibi lug. by ganbllag with dice. (1.4A0 Ires , Hii?a*HrKwn grocer, eeraar of Catharlae and HaBiiitot itn oti aad Robert Cuaneily. frocarand liquor ; d?-?l*r evrrfr of Moti aad tiraad atreete. It Neai thai Mr blgga kerpa the pablie bean ealled the He tenth V aro Hotel eituatad ia Cathaiino (treet, vhere tbe ??? ??) named partie* were la tkr habit of ftifnrittag *u? guaihltBg together, which resulted la Mr. Ceiinrity > <<> Mr UeKrm loalag. by the hasard af the die tbi alere amount af mosey The aeeaaed parttee we>t held ta bail by the mufiatrata, to aaiv?r the eburge Cm'ft / ^Uvnim -Offliin UUlUple, of the Fourth ward police, arretted, yeeterday. a aian by the naa? (it Cbarle* Vineeat. on the charge af abducting youl g ; gul ol I ft jiara of age. by the name of Harah B. Valea- I tin*. li< ui Newark N. J . with the inteation of ?eduriug her It iicbi that the officer obterved thix , wati ?lib the girl, who ill Tery pretty aad iouooent ; lookiaic in Water aireet, about engaging board for her ami bineelt lu < Be of th> lit u?e* of Ulari-pute iltuated In >bat vicinity The officer, sot liking the appearance i nf til* 111 All tll4.k k?? U#A - ??-? k?? e-?#K ? K .. ? ? ?? ? ??/ girl. >u< touujdil ihern before .1 ustloe Lothrop, wba detained ibtrn both lor a lurtber bearing. ( Auigf ay Uuiflary - A young man l>j the Dimi of , M n>. Fenioa. ? detected in the dwelling bouse sitaa- i t?dal Mo 206 Went trait, occupied by Mr James Conaay. The rogue, on bviu^' discovered, endeavored to escape, and in no doing. he unfa-ueaed the trout | d' or which. Ik ltd nature, involves the prisoner in the crime el burglary. Juttice Lutbrop committed him to . prison on tli* charge. bu>nt*ry jn L *, d m Vtitel.?'Two fellows o( a T?ry unfa' I rabif appeal acre, called Charles WalHiin and John ital.aaaliliu. were detected, on Friday Bight iu the act of br< akiug into the cabin ol lb* brig Swap, lying at the root i rh Moore street Officer llant. of the t'lith ] weid took the rogues Into custody; audJustice Lo- j tbn p committed th?oi both to prison lor trial. kiiuiji Imw i'ractut?An affidavit wan yesterday made before Justice Lothrep. by a widow woman, i named Catiiarlne E Mathews. residing at 016 Washington ftreet. which somewhat involves the integrity or a lawyer by the name of Martin Van lloveuburgli, doing bu .oese la Chamber) street. Tha substaace of the affidavit is as l'aliowa aa filed in the Police Court It appears that on tha lotb ! June Wet, Joseph VIathewd the husband of Catharine, was accidentally killed while in the employ of tho Delaware and Modioli Canal Company, at their doak The decraitd

had been ia their tinploy for nine years previous The next day the coroner a inquest waa publiihed id the newspaper*, and tha day following a person. named Morlou. in tba employ of Van lloveobuigb, railed on her ut the boat*-aha was thtn living at Nn.iW Washington street?and exhibited the publication ot the death and inquest thuii published :n the ui arpaper. and read the same to her. lie told her she hao belter sue tha company lor damage* and lay the afcoujit at >6 OVU Alter conversing with her tome time, he induced her to agree to comui-nce j.n action against the company, but she must sign a pa- i p i in oi a* i lo ao so. Aecordingly. she aoe<>mpenied , Morton lo \un Uovenburgb s offioe in t'liauiberx i street. where Mr. Vun Hovenburgh told her it wa* j his business to | roseeute ?urh eUims. and to enable ' mm to ti u. iij- iii < nut. *ne iuuk aign unoi ncr paper, i which rim did rot knowing wbat mutter ruch papar contained I'.uii' paaeed on from day to day. and oa calliLg on 11 r Uu Llovenliurgh to ascertain what an d< ne. be informed bet that the vice preaident of tin ?onipnii> was cut of town, .and he could not procied until be returned, and tbu? In- evaded >i.y ?li*8Llttaiirntr for aouie time, coutluuia'.ly putting her off when the callail finally, he told her that the com(an) war too atrong to go to law with, and if aha Would take *176. he would go down with her to Mr. Chapman tne attorney for the company, and obtain tLe money. At flut, she leluM'd to accept of that amount but, on being persuaded by Vau Uorrn^urgh. who r< ferred to hu mrral childreu ibe had to tuppi rt. and that it abe did not take that, eh? might not art kii>th:i'g. the th< retore MMllM to accept that amount? \ an llovoubngth and Mr*. Mathewa accordingly went down tn the cilice rt Mr Chapman, the i ' unm'l lor the company and there on signing a release,the $176 wax counted out by Mr Chapmtn who, hanoi d it to \ ai llr Tenburglt to cnunt. which he did.and then folded up the I.ill? ana placed lhe.?ame in hi* breaat coalpri kit Mr* Mathewtaud Vau Uovenburgh together with a man who accompanied her. retained to Van ]lovei.bur?>h i ciflice. Ileie Mr. Vau IloTeuburgh ?aid, ' W ell I >upf n>e.*Jra Matbewa.jou want sum- money ' Hew luiu h Uo you want.' Mr*.Mathewa replied. 1 want the whole of it, ax 1 wii>b to put It in the bank.' Van llovcLbuigh requeated hie clerk to make out hi* bill of co-W. ati i during that time. Tan Uovenburgh left the otiti c and went into the rear yarJ from wl?i< h piare he obtained ncceea to the atieet lira Mathewa aud her triea-d rat waiting for aeveral hour*. tipe ting Van Jloveuburgh to return but Fine* which time they hart i.i i l.i i n aiiie to find bim although they have i albd repiatrdly ut hit offli e. The allegation if, that Mr Van IloaenhuTKh obtained thia amount of money by trick and dcviiand by lal*?> leprennlationa. in order togr! p.-Mi fionol the money. A warrant baa been 1-fUt d by Justice Lothrop lor the arreat ot V.inlloren 1 iii(ili We have n > doubt that Mr Van ilovetibur^h will on the hearing of thi* i arc pay over the money, tetaining. ot eonrae. a reasonable tee. l'oa-ihly. Mr V an liovenburgh haa beau taken unwell la. the cuautry. aud < ould a>ot return to tettlo the burinea* hr?klyu /Jangbra.?Two fallow* called Philip Davit and Jam a Muiimu were arretted by the aaalatant captain "I tlie I tttli ward police aad Captain I'arpen ter in a charge of braaking Into the tailoring -t. :K b. 1MB f ulton atreet. Brooklyn, on the tith of.luly I last, and stealing therefrom a large am'.uwt of clot) irg The coat a aud pantaloon* In which the rog tea wti?di.?k?u wen i. -atlli^d by ill owner of the pro- | pi rIy. The aceuaed were con?e\id to Uiovkijufor 1 trial Chmrgt </ buyirg Strlfa Property.?A few day* t'lico j c nulie Joaeph arretted a man I y the name ot Klwaid tieward realdtug at the corner of Canal aud , IIncfoti atrer-t* on a cl>arge ot receiving and buying ato ?n watohea, the ptep-rty of Joaeph fell*. No til J Walker atra-et It nania that the rtore of Mr. Tell, waa broken into about the 1 _th cf Joly. by toiao r.gua* and watche* and jewelry atolen 'beratroni valued at ?r?8 About the Middle of thi* Booth oUicar Joseph found In the poa*e**lon of Steward fa?r gi Id wiitche*. proven to be the property of Mr fella. and a ortu n r.t tin- nrotnrtr ptolen In Jnle I niter . tli.ff eirrumManerr f toward nil arretted on thw 1 et>?rg<- of pirftinpiap thle property. with th* km w'?d^? ' flat it war ptolen J untlee Lothrop hold htm tc ha;i ' in lit noi ot >.vo to inp*'r the char it* f l at it n! JtaMriy.? l.a-t Tuo-Jay nx rnlog b-tween 4 [ . ml & o'dlct k. a tuan rail ig biBieelf John <J'Doi.u?lf. i I'd two othm tiolmllj ?-nulled Carl llalluai Id 1 ( < arlltle street. knmkhg him down In tb? etrwet. and while down thty rt.ob-Jhnn by force t'f *7 In money, j ' Officer l.aak ot the hnt watd. took O Donndl Into , u-trdy i n the et arg* and Juttlw Lothrnp looked , kin up tnr eiamtinUion . iriil *n lufii m ?Oflloer Wileon, of the Vlfte-roth ward. arreati d two p<r?on? eallid FrgnrW Hughe* and , 0?#ii Ui>|bii on ?u>ploloii il Mealing a poi'kvthvnk btitaiLiiig f; i. the |.rop?riy of (lodger Mop hair Tb?y ? . ued by Justice lUcakloj Ur n further b ?r tug Jlrrnt of nn .luflionrrr.? A tnan by tli? name of Corri'llttp II hyau war arretted ou W wduetday by Cnptaln 1 ilrhe't u a warrant i??u<'d by -Inxtico Lotbrpp a b< ri-lti be <tande charged with telling good* at aaclien, at No 31('hatham itract, not b-tuj( lireoixil 40 to 1 art In that it or*. bi< licenre only |i>altf)Mng biai to >ell at hi* former reehlence In flreenwl-h itreet .lu?- ' Lice I nthrop held him to bail III tb?- nni ot fUli, to 1 utter Caught . If in K young man eal'rd .'oba Calabau. , ?a? arreatt d on Tue*Jay by ofBcar Ni il*. on a ebarga 1 r>f Mealing >W? in money, a ?li?er watch and none ar I,, r, of ' ?r?lry. the property of wm keegan Xo "4 k< M11 TV. ....,.^1. .n.l.1^1 1_ - 1 n >11 liii n the lwdrooai Thr aernaari w p#in to k?rm4 thr Mil toth? b*4r?oin and att^rword |M| | Ihr h< u?r On lh? property l-amg mi-nj miaptrlon r??trd i n < ?ltli?n %> ? > trntUJ at hi* l< dicing 1iob??. No MBulWrrj On ai rhln* tb? pra ml*>? thr (BiaU bog Hllfil of Itl IMtfiU. >i< fund hrnwn lni<> thr m.k Tbr >rcun<-d (McnnnltMlt ?ri*< n by JmHm Lttktdf. fi* a fxrthrr h arm^ fiilimy?A I'utriiman by thr nana of John Koakla. i ?at arrrrtrd <n H'rilarMh; by oflloar Johtioc >t thr rhirtrvtiih war I on a eamtg* of marrying ih> r Wfcftt wfciU hl? Cittwffr Jti am ti(t th? lirlop lurtlea Mountfort cotraiUUd tlir ac-u?r.l for trial .frrfj an ,v?/ ? John I'urrlr ?m arr?-tr(| OB *"?4a??day. n pirlon of ?traling J/0 fr>m h ?#ti n of Abratii Van Id|<b, No 42 ('lift ?tr?rt Thr i?rn?rd waa d? t?ln-d lor a Inrthrr hnrlnir ir?n?r/a llurglar?A Dotrhman. railing hlraaatf : 'ndftlrk Ymbwrg >? drtrrtrd In tb? art of bur- ' [latlomly rntmng thr j rrinlwi known a* thr Cnllaga r??? Cottaga, orruplrd by Mr Strph-n R. Wrrfca 'ha rogaa waa rangbt by A??l?tant Captain l'aliar?< n. iftha Third ward pollca lt? w?? fmmilt?d In th* t'oBiba for trial. MMif <r Smikrmfr Jn#?ph arraatad, ? Tuaaday a Mark vrmaii rallad Mary .'anaTb<ai?? u , a charge of atrattng a pockrt book rcntainlng .10 and a (old watch and chain, tba property cf a mitharn g.nM-man. who fata hi* nam** aa John ailth 11 m? that Mr. Pmith la from Horth t'aroit a and tlflM tfct* ?<>l?>r?d woman at a hona* In Anbony nrnt. wh?r? he wa? rt llr?rd of hi* property n?tirr l.othr^p rommlttrd thr woman W prtcu for > furthrr htarlng Halljilotia ltittlll(tnrr. arn vioiis TO-oat. rraabyttrlaa fbnrcb. Ilftaaoth itraat, R*? J. M lrt>< Mid, rnlrg Mnh<dt?t Kalreonal Church Mulberry ?tra?t. R'? I 1. P. tM|N. n>< rttlnf Chrlattaa ( Bareh. Kighth avann* R?t Mr Beed c Tet tl<f It i* Hated that the whole unnher of tra #11' g 11 rearhtrt In the M?thodl?t F.piaoopai I'hurrh Potrth, r. ] ?43 ?>f wh<-tn f 4 are euprrunnnated, lonal pr'aah- n B-ember.. 114 72a c lorad, 3 2# !a . Hi n- Total MM KO We learn from the Minute* of the fjeorjla R?pti?t J. held in Marietta la May Ia?t that tliera " re M that d> nomination In the Jtate. 1.133 rharehea. *' V FIP a>> where, and that the total amount contributed '' or Mw#ion? lad year. w?? $10.1*1 6* C R>t. Mt. Taiker hxa reialgncd the na?toral rharge of w he Preehjterlan I'hurrh In Aurora, Ji Y. h Re* J. Pir-mi flotay of Richmond. V* . ha* ra- (, aired and arr?pted a eall from th# Klertnth T"reaby- / arlan Church in Naw York, formerly Mr Noble'* H(? Kdwin A Rnlkky. late tftlenera. !* T . haa rc> pted aa invitation to* b? tha paatnr of thellnlon >aBgellral < hurrh in Grotoa. Maaa and will In lallrd In *c|>ten>ber Ipartlag lni?lll|taf?. J, I*irt* n Rtrr ?Aa l?tereatlrt paelag race. mlla li a!*. he?t threw In In, raina a* on tha IMh ln?t h ??t I be Met aria eowrta. l?e? Orlaana There ?*? a a iv4 atteadaaea. ana ?wrh *port wai aajoyd Tha blowing la tha ammary rn< Hm't kl ( illaar Ileal* 1 1 1 r rilia'ah t t ow Prlrar 9 3 1 R'ea'r eh ( < Mar Powt. J I 8 t Xitt-.l.tVi i f Mam of the Titlart. On Tkiit?*> *? mt| mar* at'ilM ol tha A atari branch if taiicr*. tw brio in tha Sixth Wu4 Ilct. l Hi J Doiirll). PmMrtt In tlw ?h?lr Tke atltvdanr* ?tl t u meruit* and a apirit of antho eiaam pra*atlrd Mr Mai to* rnd tba lollowlng letter fro? tke and?rftgii?d denying that Itirj bad a?ar aaalated V taraoa k Jettilngr ?(C?lui>i the tlrlkr:? Kt* Ymi. Anpit SI, ISM. To Ki>. Mai lok Kiq . of Cmniaittae :? Na I u iD'vrr to your note of tbU data. we htTI on)) to i?) III at Meerra riernon and Jaaainga hare no authority to Intimate that the audarsigned la, or avar baa been B>auu*arturtt>g clothing tor any other ettabln than oar own exolu>iT?ly You ara at liberty to make i hl> (.utile, aa tbU la not tha Brat latination tbat bu (Ou> to ua without any foundation. It* bate only to add. if tbo?? gentlemen bare not Kiiur to the conclualou to allow yon what yoar bill ( price* call* for tbt-y will not accomplish tbalr object, in itandiug out againr-l you through ua Yonra, re pectlulJy. UaKKUCY It TKKGO per Wm. 11. L??. The foregoing *aa ordered to be Inserted on tha minuti a It ?ai then noted by Ur Fulii, and uaanimoualr earned tint on and after the tl rat of t*eptamb?r. all bow joining the association pay ib initiation t%a ot fifty cents. Tba principal business of thaaveaing wan the conaldtTalivu of a bill for custom work The strike hitherto bad b?eu inor? directed agaiuat tbe .Southern trade thin tbr rutlnm and id ihitt branch had bean so far acressful that twa-tblrda ot the bosses had complied with the dtmanda ot tbe journeymen. and it la expeett j ihe remaining third will v?rj soon capitulate and (allow tlii Ir example. The object now U to regulate the price* tor the custom trade, whloh are doable a* much ? tor the tlouihem, the articled being made In a tar superior manner. The hill oi prices for the Southern trade hegine with $2 60; the bill for the utlmtr trade is i<> m>iu with ?6 It was unanimously truulied that henceforth no number of the tociety b? allowed to make any cuatom vork for any shop tb.t i? struck againat. A diseusaion ill. n arnee na to the mode of making out a bill at prioes- whether the tailors should draw up aiiil adopt one at tbeir own. and present It to the botM s. or ?In I ber t In y should brat invite the bosses to Hint i In ui In oraer that both (idea might agree upon a bill The Freaidt ut thought the latter eeurae would be but an it wwuld be more likely to be per BisueLt. and to harmonise ail parties Mr. Faaifct tbiu moved that a committee be appointed tr ci nndrr ibe subject. and thai they retire lot l.alf an hour tor the purpose. The resolution bariig bull adopted, the committee were appointed by the I'resident, and having retired for half an hour, report) d 'bat a mi'i meeting be held on Monday lext at 9 o clock, at the Hixtn Ward Hotel, aud that a committee be appointed at that meeting, consisting ? ' ore man In ui each ahop in the customer traoe, to dtaw up a bill of prices. The resolution was adopted. llr Mathksi then briefly addressed the meeting in nferenee to tbe cooperative store that had been agreed upon and said tbe committee that bad been appointi d to I arry it out would meet uext evening. It ViUld be at II t< r thrni to eonie there and learn all tbe) could. They bad already got a nnuib.irof subscriber, hi 'l they expected soon to get more Mr Uiih no ved that the Kxeeulive be paid f.>r their ?ertl ea Ev ry member of tbe Kxecutlse declared theywtuld cot acc? pt a >ingle cent, though they bud given all tbeir time to the movement. Mr Maimin sddTi?ed the meeting in an eloquent fpeecb. He said tbey bad f ou still on hand, and would pay it to tlioae who wanted It. who would perhaps, on Hatnrday night, receive nearly as much a? th?y would have nceiveU Irom the bosses against wb< m they had struck It >ai not for tbe tailors alone that this movement bad been set. on foot, though they lelt that they bad been rather backward, being <he last trade thai came forward, with tbe exception of the tinsmiths. THnueh they were late in the held, however they were lighting bravely, and would carry away the laurels of victory. (Cheers ) Those wiio altemi 'ed to lick tham in the street were giving way Baldwin aud Ktarr Lud yielded, and paid not oily S6 per cent more than * a < at,tint demanded, hat sent them to help the strike (Cheers.) Jennings. too. was softening. The tailors had been aslaulted CT?r the wa'er Tbe ease was brought before a parti-aii Judge. In Brooklyn, who said " it he had bten thtre. he would have knocked off the h-nd of the ccoplaiiikct " TLe case ?a* dlomiaaed. of eouree. with corta. Mr. Lite 11 then adverted to a man who bad peraonated bun aad calling himpelt Leech. went around Injurlip tbe aociety all ho could, and it wu natd that he VHc about to wrli*> a book on tbe auhjeet The PacMPEKT tald the man *i? unworthy of notica Ilr Donnelly. the President. Mr Matbern, and Mr. Mallon w> re Hien unaalmoualy elected aa delegatea to the I?du?trlal C.ongreea Mr. Min on then adverted to the co-operative aliap which ?a? b'lf. got up In V'X) aliarer. $S to be pal in at |>r? n'tit lie laid coeiety moved in epoch* and onvuMve luroea nut giadually. and at present there waa a movement all over tba earth. among tlio working ela>Mr which would termiaata id aomelhiiif vary atopvr.drcH On I hrirtian prtneiplea every man oupht to anpport thl* movement tor men wvra b*lt?r Chi iHlaiiP when their rlreiiB-tanrvn were improved At pre?tat they were tree politically but aoclally thay were "lava- free at the ballot box, (laTen In tha wark( hnp. I'praiprwT?Vaa, tha boat holda yonr liwa In hia ha nd. Mr Mat i.oa.?They were aa much alnvea aa tboaa who bowed to tba cap of royalty. There waa d< w a chance ot raving tbemrelvea trom the degradation. them d? ?o 11 the law would not keep paea with II.e progrera of aoeiety. It waa their bufineea to do ao, la?t there ?b"uldbe a repetition ot iba bloody acen?a d Iran-e They w?reall hound to live for posterity. Vi aehington Iiw <1 not for hlmrelt: and after com|Uering In a m?( n yeara' war he raid to hia fellow aolun r? * ht-n l liey wi te cheering to tlie pre?? nca ol i'ornwaiti* it n d the fcngii'h. "No. in* touutrjrmra. let no cbae* tu?ult tbe ! *', inga f.l tba fallen ft*. poatarlt/ will ilo tha cbeerirg for an M (Great cheering ) It wai not for t iBiDrll tbat l.auartin" 'ad the laat French rerolaHobj It wa? not ftr him??lt tbat Koaauth fought. and <it now In a Turkish f'Ttra-a- nor on bla own account that Sir lib OUrnn?that glorioua liinlimau??a? ?eut to Maria l-lnnd. (Itnmenaa ch-ering ) A t? te of ibanKa waa then pnaolmoualy paaaed to the reporter of tbe IhralJ. for bU pBIlr%l?al attend?? t the in>.tinge of the tallora and for the accural iml trot bful cianner in which lie reported tbe procitilit' The meeting then adjourned. t'r lt?d IMIM Mnrahala OArr. nn|r <ij ()/h mrp Isttrr ? Tbo I'nlted Btataa i-rurd hla warrant i n W< dnead..y . for tbe arr. at af Mm Put ler "u a cbarga of ab'tra ting a letter Irom Lb# P?-t Office. directed to Frederick Klce. reaiding at No. 4.'2 l!r<*dw?y The letter, it l"nn ?< from Inglafd ai.d dirti ted to Mr Klca bat obtained from Ihe Pc?t Oflra by "tutler. about tbal't of Auguat. who a) en?d tbe rami- w? II kai'*ing. a? alleged, the Jett-r wa? thi property if ilr Hi e l>eputy Marahal I>? An|iea arretted huller on the charge *ml he waa held to bail, in the aum of Out), to anawer. Ir>tellli(ea<e fiom Kltilra. (From the New Orleana Delta, Augurt lft. | Th? t.ri Ainadma lelt Vera ('rut oa the Slat alt . ar.d arrlvnl here thi' morning We ara Indebted to b?'r obliging mman Jer, Captuln ''.ilrala. t < fllea of Mexican journal.', from at; h we cnl' 'he f I'oaing kteina.? Mi let'lei. who an the leader of tha late O^aea prol.un'aiu Lto although ?eT*ral time* l?at?n and puriu?d by Ihe Pta'a fori-ea la net y trut dua'l and tliraatin* to renew the contort l.ieut Col .1 oa* Maria Trado and tha rommander of [ attain n Mariano Aria* had [rep?rtd a pronuncia Bjeoto to overthrow tn government of <>ruab* T>1'lot ?? nipped In tha bud. by the arreat of the cbiaf. i>f the conspiracy Tha Tebuantapac treaty 1* the them f mueh aagry lifruaaion cmong Metlcaa politician" The lathmnc, hay aay will he oaenpled la a few yaara by a d?nae I tmeiloan population What then will b*rotn? of Mexico pr>?>ed on th" Klo Mrand* and oa the Uoatracajco by tbla overwhelming tide of Amerlcoa popuatlrn constantly landing to overflow Ita proacribad is it ? Tha cbMera wai ia?t disappearing from tb* City of r*itv- mrir imu "w n ir w tKirij IU n?nj gfiio* lull?, for tfcr ImI ten daj? preceding Ihi 24tb of July. Tne Trail d' t *um lift* U>* fo'l' wln* Mat o5 Prenrb 'e?ld<at? in the 0*? of Meileo. wbo died of abolera I. P. J?ntr?. J P a Uk?io>. CUadtilfi, ' bin K?lktud L M I> L?|uulltrd. Andre l>r>n|rr. rtmlr- I'ntllir* An<nria R(.ll?<i I PraneoU Barth*ly. I C Pimier. Viator Adeline l>uboe I'romb*. J La notte. T'etmer J. C N l.eplleher "Ibe rbfclera in inrreaelag feartnllr In PneMn Til* LffUWtnr* bud nthnrlitd Dot. fauflra to borrow M< 0 000 to Mffl the ri!?' nelea rrMl>d by tke in?a-t.n f thia dreadful plagne Man; of tb* wealthy et?l?en? >f lbe Pity hare contributed eery large turn* of money [or l L e tmur pur] M The epid me ha* latalr mad* It* app?aiaara la (.at lalajara. tba capital of the Plata of Jauioo. VlKT linicm?TI^? PROM CofNi It Bt.fPP*? The ?mc-??a?The Mramer Lifhtfou' arn*?J ni^'Kt wfurr lant From h*r officer* we learn no new* orther than that th*' rhnlrra war ragioc to aonte itrnt on hott aidea of the nrer above H?\ .innah >n th* dawn ward trip the l?*t atopfted at Lamher'? ?oodvard, kept by a perron of the um<- untt. The n\y h oi'M "I that poin\ whirh is about 70 mile* *low Kanearllle, had been dererted, and three or our of the family bad dird of cholera, inclndinc Mr. .anthrit, wife, and *<> Two women died of the diaeate at ^ rannah, the day the boat paaeed hat town M'irh alarm exiat* alone the whole irer al*>?* Jaarph. and it wa* with much diffi "i?7 win J ''fir fmiin iw |p" wn *? ?" ?* rveral nf th- landing* Her progr??* w?a jfreatly mprded for the want of fuel, a* tV ual atop;<tn? lacea for wood had l>ecn entirely neglected There re a great ninny Mormon* atill at (be Blufl* and djacenl wUletnent*, and another expedition for Wit Ijihe thin < xaon ia talked o* The health of ho inhabitant* directly in the M ' nom aettlemenl. " far a* could be aarertaiBed w?* decidedly better tan at many ,?ima ?.i the ri*er below The holera hid not i?grd to any ci'ent, and .* eaae r.ia retting to I** a rare occurrence The wea"ier id fteen very fnvoraMe to t orn, but the wh?*t rop had ao? turned out a* well a* ei|*ct?d.? HI. (M* ) KipvUlrn*, Aug tut! 13. Ataiy Intrlllfrnrh W?? Ilit't *rn n*t(lt?(?it '? Orrtct. I W??ni?orn* Angntt ft, 1M# $ Otwran ft,rr?< No 24?The rettntattoa re?pe*t|fi? he dre?? of the Army. (nhli?hnl la (lener*l Order* e I ?f frl>rtiir; II to take eff*rt the 1 ? of i>et?ber i tuipe^drd antll farther order* Bueh offleer* a* ?e | rrtM< '1 tt>em??|vr* with tb* B*w (tree* are P*rlitUt to wear It for the |>r**ent Tj arder of the feeretury of War ft. JO*KB Adjotant Oraeral The *t**m ?? mil el W no Her k And?r*<m. a? WI1. ifnttcn X C. a< hnrne 1 eh the 21* la?i nt !???. i lyfip, \tti frr j, Tlci . ? 1 I TCLLIfllll Kr TMIHTV - ? I HUT CORaBBII. rrxai ??>*. i?,;. Biutr of ArpiiMllatlTW. T * < > xcki ikomi -ktic rutiiri. IT IIHIMTOI, Aug M, IMA Mr. Jo?i a*U? 1 ? ??e u> ir>tr?4ueo a resolution with the tI?w *1 luTuii fi ux real* for the offlolal re po.-tars of tbf <V.W- within lh? bar 01yrt?d to. Tht- Hmi- th' p ?i nt into Cirinaittao of ths Whala oa the Civil aiiti Dipioi. i?tir- Appropriations bill. 8eT*rai a?>- iiJiik on of do particular l?portm? were UI?i1' Mr Jona? [.l*iu < t Ti na o8?red tn iwiiMit, which waa that lb* pay of UbcNli Nik* public (rouuir ah* : b? forty dollar* par month, It* trad ot on* dollar a day. without deduction for aickIH>. Mr UtHi ton. (*b' 'f I'a ollVrrd the tolluwing M an auilitu uai imt I1 <>iu and after the passing of thin act :i'< Uu* ? ? lili JX>~r <J by the act ?dtilli*d, "An aet (educing the i i < ? ?i i imyiiru and for other purpose tJi|iriiT>a luly.'i lb; -bait bn laridj un goods. wurrp. iuii ui-1 i ui^ur(?>l into the United hUin t" Ui? ?v. vkluH which tike HOM utklw lior. in it> |T:ufij .1 market* of the United glaim the yrnr enilng June SO, 1816, to bo ai-orrtmu* u i?i.d -\i u muter ih>' direction of the Secretary oi i- T< >k -ui) Mr Toouu, .w*.,' of i u nine to a question of ordae. Tbn {< an Hi<^<u|.rii i hill, ud the object of thv anii-i dkit ul ii- lu [ ii-f revenue. The ilHiimu . i.abl thi- eiaiudiuent wan not la order. Mr. iiAkiriu" mid ihi i ?i- precedent fur thin in the Civil auu l>i|ili ui i A j.,n>;.rUtii>n bill of 18KJ. TbeM'i.ik,' ? <1 i'ii iiiluient was not germain . tua by tin ru'.f ?ut <1 order Mr HitHm Kir. , i t' i . nppekied from the decision it th- ' heir ... i - bi n a?ked that a .section from thi* the act ot iMo >?d ibilhiiiti t' r. iloune decided it to t>? in ordi-r. th- et ctinn ? r. m Ubji-ctinif t.,.' the reading indifferent din ctu uk Mr. Toi.nen #ai<l section could not be read but. by unihian u* cum Mr 8t?v? ' .ii.-w bin request, and asked tor ti lleis ?u tfce h,', -?i Mr H??i> soi i.j t '? a mid the clause wae pot in bjtbertin.uil.i.- W .y, aud tleans. and not bj the Ct niUitttee I't the V M l 1 he quniKij w.<- teaeu. aud the Chair ?m sustained ?SI to 77 All iht< krrli'ili' i i In- bill baring been acted on, th* COB niltt w rn?r ai.del 'ru luiuute* past one tho Hoow aojourued till viru Uj 111. in the South. ABKIVAL OP V AifcXiCAft Bol'.VDAKY COMMISSIONERS AT NBW Oi: KAN'S?THIS NFORO INSUBIUCCTION IN ALABAMA A HOAX? VIt:U 1AIA ELECTION, ETC. lo?>* ariu;iAi TKkKtiiiFHic ctiiurumn ] Baj.timohe. August 34, 1S50. The Southern mail ha? arrived. I gather from It tbat the Mi'iiutu liwuiidary Cum mlaeionera, from New York, arrived at *rw Orleans on .lie 16th, and were tc Mil (or Lavaca ou ihn 17th. They are All well. Tkier* was trifling sickntan am ug them, but it wim of do eon (fqirtet The negro in.?urr.ctl?u in Alabama U pronouured a ! hoax. There ??? a h?utjr tail of rain at Richmond, on Friday, wbioh did coneidt rable Umage. The Virginia election returna are Incomplete, and. ahow no change We learn that the whig* of Portsmouth and Norfolk have elected a majority to the Yirgiuia IXoraa l convention The National Inieliiftucer, of thin morning, *ayn that the Hen. ?hoaia? M McKennou ie about to return home for a thort time, hla health being aomewhat impaired. The Baltimore market* are unchanged, fljur being St* dollar* ' Kacape of Kegroft-VrUl for Horse Stealing, 11a*?ik?l *<j, Aug 34, 1840. The court wbieh wa* occupied, during yesterdty d<vid| ifFiimoiij on inc coipu* 01 toe negroc ct:aifed with atealiag hireee. la Virginia, rendered their dectuinD tlii> aioruiug It appenn the orgroe* were alnrea. and bud atolen Vnric* to eacape with. The court decided, that the alare who uteais a horae to Mr?pe with, commita bo crime no criminal olfene*.? The prieauera were thereupon J to bediechartfed About a oiiiru turn Irum Winrbeater, Va., aaeembletf at tbe priein Moor, and attempted to telle and handcufl the >la*e* en tbeir coming out. A great erowd of whttea aad tree biana ?lao uivinb!ed. and a general | riot iminceiately commenced One flare effected hir | tprape imldat a abower *f ecunee and club*; tba other | two, their maatera. with aeeiftance, aueceeled despite I all realalanco In handcuffing. Feeeral ncgrne>. were * tabbed and otherwise wounded The ownera u> the elaeee were alightly hurt. TbeOoort | Immediately i-nuil warrauta agfcinat the ownera. and a!'. enraged, for aaaault and battery. with Intent tc ln<.lte u ilot The >U?et and ma>tera are now In jail ana a large number oi other arreate have been made, which lb* Court are now enpa?rd In diapoatag of The Court aim crdired a pome to be employed fot diverting the mob aaaembli d in tront of the Jail a* all hacarde. whiah they ayecevded la doing wl'Vut mnrh rralatanae. The town la now comparatively 'guint T,.i" : Great Klrc at Montreal. M.inui, Annual 24, 1H40. A dreadful fire occurred here laat night, in the 8t Lawrence auLurba. Several aciea of ground are la i mine From one hundred to one hundred and bouaea hfve Ween ilr?trove>l I naa t IJA linn Dittdlal Kalltaajr Atcliltnl. Ilumin u, August 24, lUv. Lut ?Ight'? train from Philadelphia ran over a cow when about four Billet below thin plitea. The l_>comotiva wu upaat and a pauaoger ear. conftiuing a large aumbfr of emigrant*. _?a< rm^thed. A paj?enger named Albart Bryant *m killed Instantly, and Ira other* were badly injured. nn>- not expev' I to kurvive Tha engineer and i thera on the angina, nirtowljaacaped t.y jumping cif. inothtr Hvllrimd Accident* Bitraaa A? ?* Orn< r I'oati **n, Aug 2i.lljC Tbe gravel trnln on the Kenu?b* ? and I'ortlaa railroad *n thrown from the track tbU naming lo Cumberland. kllUag four Iri*bm*a. and ??t?r ly lajar Ing aeveral other* *om* ?o badly aa to leave no L ->a of their rwetrtj. The ace! l-nt w*? coated by tiak*i and atone being malictuc ' r ietl upon tha tra?fc kf ml perron* unknown Marine Aflalra. Lat ri n ?The ae* packet *hip .'oteph tl'ilUr, 1.326 ton*. wa? launched on 1 buraday at It o ci*?k. from the jan' of her buUder Mr. W. II Webb foot of Ktrealt itreet I?l Hirer. W e |am a lull deieriptlon of her hal'd In Wedne*ilay?* pap* r. I?h? l? owned by maml Thempfon A Neib-w ard l? to run In their Hlaek (tat liae of Liverpool packet*, and ta be commanded by Captain Hernia ovm ut m-*vt*. Kri Wear. Aug. II. iiM 1 hare written by the mall of to day. carried by the achaoner Merchant but tbe Palnu-tto ha* JM ap ^ ared In fight, and I drop line by her u Tha brig Irving from Sew Orlejin* firMar?afce? with atarrh. tai among tha > koala on Oarryfnrt reel with wrecker* around he- > lew daye ajo . but got out and proceeded < n Ler voyage without am af wreck > er? t The *hip? M Howe*. I'at*en from Naf^ York for New Or* ?. and the l.mily Taylor, Itardr. Iroro Boa ton for Saw nrlaar*? ia briaf account of thaaa eoeoet we puhll>bed oa yaterday), with valuable eargn ran aahura on tha night of the l.%th Itat. at about the aame hour ; tbe oi? on tha Ka?t?rn. the other on the Weelrrn Dry Hock- B?-tb r*.-ived the aid of tha aid < f wrecker*.. tha Howca had nine feat of water In bar bold * baa th?y tant on b' ard a?J a lar?a portl >n of har rwi? U particularly l?? <.f Manilla Uigur wbirb W balaf p??pad oat. Tha pnmpa ara f. > f niitlit and d>) at iha rata rt nlnaty-ali ?trok<-t l mlnuta. and '>>" ku " W?b faafd Tha ?taa?*r Oraola. mid on tha l*Ui in?t and pnr?b?*?d hy Krnrf, LKI B?aaar. *. t'lapp. >t?amad oat to lb* M?>w?a. aud rand?rad valuaWa ??ralea In (tatting har of. and will probably ifaeah a mora In tha war of hItki# than >b- told tor liar bull braufht fl.ToO. and with bar aaohor ard abalua ?3UTB. Iha ? nil? 1-ajlar ta not roa<l<larad mnrh daatf'4. and will prwaaad on har tnr?K? without daiay. I?h? wax llghtaatd about Iw faal M bar oarfa bat bar hotturn l? a<4 ?u<-h Icjurad. Bh- U eoaalgn>-d to M f' alalia Tha Traola ?0I praaaad loNft Vorh la a <U? or |ac. Tba HttkM 01 tha artdrt' la both of tba abora ?? ? hara bran btr Wy Marltorl< aa ill ?S?taat. and praaaat ?trm.g plalra . for *alra?a. aad whan aU aal ??* . ?Iffjairt daoi?* fee , ?h*ll ba aattlad. tha aadaiwrltarn will wind Dp a In** of :I4 of $4? 000 Tha barqa* Mary t'nrnry ftturyaii. with fraaita. la dlatbarKing at tha I' A ?nfli Wa b ?t a<*??lili??M bara at IM? momaatthan a baaa bad la taa *?ar? bafar? A long axillauaaaa of naprarrdantf>tly bot aad calm Waattiar I taa mduaa'l a f?o?'ral jn>??l?itr? o| (?rn It ytald*. knatttr rtadtly to mild ni?UcV Uaatm-at -tad bat law aaaa* baa* arrant fatal Atn 'M^ tba daa*h? wa aota I boa* of Mr*. Dr. Wltban aad Mla* Anaau Walling ton. Tar R?ar?t?p Air to Paaata^ia W*??n*"a f ami ? ? tVa ar? r. qo??tad t- -tat* that tha tatanant I* taUa a blah I. a* b?? n r .ug tha muni* of tha naw?pal???, arrdltad to tba Aft<l. that a paper ba? baan alrrulatad >a< BR tlia trrra wealthy ot r ur rltiiana to ratatba mm af f2i> o. to ba fltan ta tha wif* aad ahildraa of Trofawor Wrbatai-, and (hat tba p?p?? l? btadad hi Mr? Oaorg* Vukiaar wlf* of tha aaadaaa nan. with tha iinaf *f*. and laatly that fbatva ha n?arly r< ?rh?1 tha prcpa*?4 ?aonrt Tbawhak a^arr la a tabr >r*i l<>n aaja rar int< taani wha ra^aaadatka; tha atrry will ha rnrrrrtad wbtrarar It baa baa a aiaaa at?d - Vatfaa B" Jl't$ IS Ta n pr1?' a>r? aaaafd from tha Jail at WTTUbWiynl fa. a r-? day* atbaa. wh*n ona if ?k<t| baalithta -?a a*^ li.Ht . a a. | 1

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