Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 27, 1850, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 27, 1850 Page 1
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I TII NO. 5922. DOUBLE SHEET. TELEGRAPHIC INTELLIGENCE. INTERESTING FROI WASHINGTON. Passage of the Fugitive Slave Bill in the Senate. rn lf>PBAI?BI?TlAV RIII IV THD oorar The Rnmortd Resiynution of Mr. Mennan. ELECTION RETURNS, fee. <5rc. See VniATT-riKSr CONORIII. PiaST &C3S10N. , IciitUi *T NORSK'S MAONKTIO TKT.1WRAPR. Wa>hinotoh, August 20, 1550. iOJOVHKHI.1T. A motion to take up a resolution fixing tin d*y for the adjourna>ei>t of Congfen railed. twelve only voting Is furor of it. There M?mi to bit, on the |>a-t of the majority, a disposition not to fit aday for adjourndent, til the Houoe bare acted upon the California ?n<t Texas bllis. Waa wad a third time and panned without a di ' TiUen. ICOI TTin* TOrl'schase books. Alltr a few word- irom Mr. Duiurtso*. deolsratory of Itia views ia It* favor, a resolution nuth^riiihg a subKciiptidi. by the 6f?r?U'y of the Atrntte. fur three thousand copies of a compilation by Asroa (I Palmer, ! and atatfotie* relative to the ctmmcroo ul trie East, *11 taken up. Mr H uiio.f oppu?>-4 the revolution and went in'.o a frcrrsl history of the purchase or book* by Coogrets. (opposing and denouuoiDg ''? prac'ice In toto. regarding it ae enormous in It* conception aud more Intqnitaus ia its progress. Mr. F?ot? replied, and the debate waa continued Willi torw o oilXiK, ?n?n the resolution *m portioned iudt tiaitelj KIICCTITI I' llTUN, Vrturf Bidck* anil 11am .m I;?r> uotirn that they -would, at oa<> o'clock tr-morroir. morn that the S-n*te |>roce<d to the eouHderatiou of tbu T??t amount of cxeeutlr* buaine?* before H and heptd >u underStanding te tb?t < fleet would be bad. Tb? lien ate then adjourned, H?im of KtprMeiitat|rM. ?t iain's klectko-chkjhicai. tf.i.mka?r. TTisiiinc.ioi, August 20, ISiO. aiwctiox or ruTioi. Th* BruAica atated tlir peniing queatioa to be on , the motion, heretofore mad* to nu*penil the rule* la ' order to enable Mr Mattiaon to lntrodno? a r-*.>lntion, making tb* bill for a reduction of t poataga the ?pe?lal order ol tbe daj for lb>' ftiu>th Moi.lay lu August. The Uoat>e refused to eutpobd the rule*. rut rosr a UT? HILL. On motif a ef M r Pottib (iem ) of Ohio, the flou-e dUcharged the Committee ol the Whole on thj Slate of tbe Union from any farther eonflcieratiua of the Mil for tbe eetabllehntrot ol po-t route?. fercral aiaeiidmeble haviug b-en ajtda, Mr Auhmi*. (ahiK ) of Ma-* moreit to po-tpone the further coanideratiuli of the bilk ualil UoniUjr next, it : t>eing important to diapoee ot tua Ct*ilao<l iMpluuatlo , Api r ipriatlom lull at oo'-e. Tbe qmatlcn *a? decided In the nnr?!tre? 81 to 120 : The cc-nalderaHoa of the I'o t At, jto Bill aae thea rennmed and ammdmruta uraie Mr V . . .. Iml.i Lr.t 'I.,... , l>. IT. r.ul m.. Inn>k. 11 pnblir toad* ana analogous rlTarn jio?t r>?t*? and uthoi laiue th? I'pMmartrr Urnrral to cin'ru-t !<>r carrjln# ID*' BikIIi trrna |l?e* to plton, In conformity with law, wbanarer. in Li* opinion tb<- puilta pood ball trqulrx it Aft?r dtbatt. ih? am' iiUiucut wan tojicttd and tlic bill vat pu?d. ? civil ?nn nirioiittic arranraiaTio* nil V Tbr llfiunii wrnt Into Cummittox ot iht VThil# o> tb* Btata of the Union and Imiu-diatrly Mr. B*Tly noted tbat th? comuiatro rl -and Mfnrt tkiCiffl And Dlploij>aUo Appropriation bill. \gr-<?d to. Mr lUiir ralrrrd into a Brief "niparUon tf *hl? bill, ah aiii> L<lad, with th it ot >iKi tern anl ix to ihow that, drtiuetirit '.h? i arljr four million* nd a qrartrr for ut-w obje. i? of mo-'n litur-. ttil* bill ii> le#? t?jr right y-jl^bt tbouMud y lit hundred ail , lxty doliai*. than that of ?-lRbt**li bundrt d forty At* , and nx which wan fpTintf by ?lr >!?>'?? Ntnoui fir *ccn> my Mr. MrKay'? bill w?? tour niilli?n? ona j liundtod and tlfly-oon thousand albeit hundred and ' alxty aix dcllar* I nd. r tba apt-ratios of tha pruvttm quix'.ion. ncna Mmndoi.-nta of tha eoruailit. hating iwo eoooatrt-d In. a trparala rotr aa? onlt*r? I n 'h it appropriation f Ml OKi lor bo. k< lor r?? iueuih.-r? Mr Hear. fd*m ) of Sru!h C roliaa ark>-d that tha fxtlrth rul? b? rrad iba*. no ai-mb. r ah?ll -ynt* on mj (jmrttcn In the i tn( <>t ?!iitk he I* Intuit! ;*tH y ma pertleulail? iaUr?*t?d The { ?.??>* ?ai?t it w?? not tor him to de'lfuat* fllli BrBlM" >I.OUlil <>' T't* (turti ImjuiilM vrrr nt'lr. but tl th* cnfmion, *?tt prooimaord out ol ordrr Tl>? Ix'r.k amandan-Dt concurred ?S, u*r*, 7T Tlifl airen'lm?nt appropriating ci*Mcoii thousand doll?r> lor ont in* to I hi- C??i in e> . i/Wn to P ort agnl. ruodor, llutURmlit nod N?? linatilt. wee oon<ur?r : In lu7. to t>aj> Mr lliin muff J to r oonililtr Ih* fot?. bat vllktrf? kl* Motion to n*Me Mr Jo?n, (ili m ) of TmO' #*< . to offer * resolution jprorldlnc litll ?*ur clerk'* >le>k l<r the Omht reporter*, petidlng the eoadduratlou of wl.leh, llie lloax adjourn* d. ' * nlfTtillii|| from Washington. BKPOKT1U KuionAllien or MCKBTaBT HCttmeUI ?th* mnivi bill? a c:o*r?wri.ATBn vnn BT TUB PBB!?II>B!T? TAIIIorS OTHBR BUaotf, rrc. oil WIIIIL rn toiirHif roliumftixi. IW?Mfl?B?*W. Au|U?t 28 1 t'rO Hr MiKm.u. FtcrtUr; of the Interior, ka* left for heme, where, it U earrcu'ly report' 'I he *'11 <Om report It that the labor* ot kl* department *irt too Mark for Mm Another *er?l?oa of the *tory is, /Utt he doe* not la'.cnd to return, unlen the Prffldent will iiueal to the rtanftl of (ertril head* of Ike kvreaai, a* veil a* a number of clerk*. Th* last rumor, tki* treil*(. U to tke effect that th* Pr?*tJ*nt kae actually reneteed Mr McK.'s resignation, >n l that tke Uon John Minor RotU will rerelee the appoint , anl. Or e tl.lng It certain - ft-cretary MoKeunan ha* left Washington elty that'a euro It MitM prevailing oplaloa, tkat skoaid tke FaflMr* Slat* kill P*** Ike Moure, I'redeem Pliimor* will Tote It on Ike groaad of the unconstitutionality of th* rtorUIca It I* tke renoral Imprearloa here that tke Ct*U an 1 r>tf lomat o hill will t>e <t>-p -eil of to ni > r..w, an J ' hit the Senate territorial bill, will he Immediate!/ taken Vke IntrlUfrnrrr and B'fmllir nrge prompt aetlo? na tke Senate til'* aad *iprc*s tk* oplaloa that tkejr ?aa all he pa*eed thlo week Tke Aeiieeet fwM/igewree ha* a leajrthy article on mattoial affair* atd tap* that tke peace ot the rotaIra U noe la tl.l.-rHnf th* Nltn* ni Rvoreeee-a. Ur~. u4 it found ant (?l? la Itara* bat?U. a Mo* Ifraparab>* ib IU ci>aa?<ia*ae<a atll ba atrurk aut oaljr U ib* fiMfwit; M'l hrpflti'M >4 ih. >-op|. bal to |h< ranaa <1 |? pnlat fra*d< ai throughout tba world Tba Hrpuil,. Mjitpalli aaa of tba hlfbaat tuMl(MH ha? Jaat arrived Iron Tn?i ?bn %y tbara I* hat litW* drabt bat tba* th- Tttu boundary bill *U1 with tba raaotloa at aa o??rali>-la?ia< aiajonty 4ftW panpla of t but Stat* Boa* ranaaay tla>M from Vtrgtala. ?h? ba*a paaaad f?* fraa fur a loag tia??. a?r? raptur-d by tba #allaa. rrati-rt-d to tb'lr mm tht? **?aiaf faaatot I'ratt ha# g?aa b>?r, In aoaaaqaaaea of tba lltkaMi of Mb* iab?ri of bia family In tar eating fraai Pit tab org 1?. jfrn mots?two aniriDM?RbPiroiAriu.i or tu uu not* uw, fta. Aaf M 1 *40 TbaSabad afSittars nf Notra Pain# at ChfHantha, OMa, *M Mobbad oa Wadaaadaf laat, ana tba lnmt.t?a dtltf out Tba Bab waa laafdUM; apyrnawl, aad ?IH ?ai fthm ntrtUlAblfita arraiImA A ** >< ?<wurr? I on tba Ohia an?l P?na*7lraala R?il?lt abcat right all** froa Pittsburgh. In ablah j Akfl HO Ir1?hm*a war* pp4 Th? Hb?rifT 11*4 ?ut Ik* Irtary, ul pr*??*?4 t.. ?h. 01 ar?in? Wahrar Pi aollraa In*, bat eoa*i<l?r?hl* boiiiy Inju f|? kttt Vmi la*lrt?d i Ctrau ikiw??l?r. at??< TruH put an ?ad t? M? nbtrira by ratline kli throat A J??I ***u aa??'t fcab-oaa W alkar, lb* tai 4bar ml a ?bU4. a^atba oM. aim r?maliu4 anlrlda W labtag paiana la maaa^araaa of tb* fatbar of bar ?wM r?f?ata? la mmirj bar Mara Kan u ara praparlag f*t a lar*a fall Ka !* *? Bail ara pl*??J ?f M??H h"??* running m* r,?.r la fa? I?ta( n I ~l J i't t bt>* l**t Ttia J|im al ibt? alt) aUii arga a^aajy, r*p?4lalloa af Ua S&lartriM. E NE ..._ r 1 Political Information. COKOKEhSlOBAI. NOMINATION 1M 1-BNNCTLVANIA. PiTT?m/?(.H,-^U|{Uflt 24, 186#. The democratic primary matting bald on Saturday, reaultcd in tba choio* of Mr. Salisbury, tba *oib'n| lan'i candidate, for Congreaa, tor the fall term of tba tbirty-aecond Congreaa, and for tba abort tara which la yat undecided TUB LATK BLECTION IN MISSOURI. Sr. Louis. Auguat 24, 1850. It la pretty wall aacertained that the whig* in thla State have elected four out of the (Ire Cougrr??m?r, taking a wbig gain of four mambera for the tbirtyaecond Congreaa. RESULT OF THE INDIANA EIJSCTION. iNDiANiroLia, Auguat 24, 1850. The remit of tba election held in thia State on the 5th laat., baa been fully aaeertalned The dnuiocrata have a majority of 29 in the convention to frame a new coaatitution; and In the State I<egUlature the aame party haa on Joint ballot a majority of 45. Item* from Baltimore. arrival, of mk. ckay ?two schoonkrs wrecked? i>i.sait4ceruL riot, etc. Baltimore, August M, 1850. lion. Ilenry Clay arrived here thin afternoon, and dlued at Cuy'a United Statu* Hotel A large number ot friend* congratulated him. lie departed for Washington b; the h o'clock train. The steamboat Gaielie, which returned from a camp meeting on the Bastern Shore tbis morning, brought up Capt. Harlow and crew, of the schooner Savannah, from this port for Newport, It. I , with coal The 8. was sunk off Harpers Island, daring a severe gale in the Chesapeake. on Saturday night. The Oaselle also r*ports pus* in g in the b\y a schooner and pungee. upset. A rep?rt prevalltd at the camp meeting ground, that the schooner had on board a family on their way to attend the meeting. All on I board are sapposed to have perished. Beveral rowdier, bilrnging to this city, proceeded to j Laurel Factory yesterday, atiJ attacked the chorek there during the service. They broke the windows of the church, and em milled ether act* of violence, when tb? eongrigatlun trmtnil fire ot the rimer*, all ofwhoiu ?ubHi i| in ntly escaped, but one. who In in jitil. Itaynor and b? ntor, the young men whowera recently arretted la Philadelphia, fer beating the watchman there, had an examination to-day. and were committed for trial. The lion. Mr Clarke, whig gubernatorial candidate for tbla biate. retained houio Irom a tour thraugh the Slate, seriously ill. A fire broke nut to-day. and destroyed twelva imall houses in Sterling street ; the loss is trifling Hubs< qui etly no bouses on Potter street were consumed, and alterwards the house of Mr Jones.on Federal Hill. The deaths here last week reached ISO, of which 77 were children under tire year* ot age. Proyreas of the Cholera Alleomant Cirr, August 26. 1850. The cholera is raging badly in the Fourth ward of Alleghany City. Iteports are conflicting. In twenty houis, end iag yesterday at 3 P. M . it was said there had been fifteen deaths. To-day, tha reports vary from right to thirty. The lowett number Is thought inoat correct. The epirfi.mic is confined to two blocks, : }iwcipally occupied by Uermans. PiTTnavai.h. August 26, 1850. | No death* from cholera have been reported to-day. Tha city Is haallhy. O'lltlllj'a Ttlrgrsph I.lne. Iatiiaitaroais, Is , August 2G, 1850. The Ohio. Indiana and Illinois Telegraph l<lne has just been partially organised by the representatives 1 of tha ktofki?lJ?>rf. nbfl n et In tki? rift Thia la on* I of the most nUEklva lim e In thn world, nd has now (cut l.t'O mllrc in working order. Mr Urlrnin, Die fluent or Mr O'Reilly, read a repo t o! the operation* ot the liu*. (wbirk .bowed th*t| tku burlii??H ?ui Undilj aiiveiiriu| ) wbi< b wan ordnied tu bo printed ; ; nuo Vr U'Kiill) ?a? ui>t ablu to b>- preaent, the | (torkhi'lJ-r* adjourn) d our till ibu lotb October, ?h<utlu> ure to meet fur rti?lfli( from hlui tl>? tir.u.-fcr of tl.e line, and completing tlid organixttioa Ol' till tlUf?l?J. Our rkllRiltliibia Corre4j>on<li nc*. J'lll!.ADKl.i HIA, August 2'i, 1 X>3. Mr. CUiy in Phtlarlrlphta?tin JVirt?A Novel J.'jrvriton?Stunt! und S'lHuaf- Mr. Mirtdil\ j ?e*o} f>Mg, ft. Mr. Clay style a complete march on hi* hand- | flmUinp, arin-,'a!ling, enthusiastic admirera of ! Philadelphia. ilt arrived in thu city on i?iturj.?y ! eveu:i>g Ins!, from New York, unheralded and un- j announced, and qui'tly put up at the Am^nc in lit tel. Yi atcrday, he removed Ins quartere to the residence of an old and attached friend, and this nn rn'Pjj he lot-k the early train for lt tl:iniore, >u rovti fcr Washington. Many of the knowing ones litre assert (hat Mr. Clay'a object in Yuitiug Washington at the present time, U to revive the Compromise bill in the House; but these assertions are mere fudge. Mr. Clay is one of the few pructical statesmen of the day, and h.ta not the j slightest idea of sirrilicing the sulwtance for the shadow, lie ia of opinion th 11 the great question* which now distract ihr country, c in he b.?t settled eu ihe bu?ia set torlU in hi* Compromise lull; arid it i* * inailer of perfect indifference to hirn tin- meaaure* in that bill tire passed wholes-lie cr icuil?in a lump or in detail. Such are hi* views, as freely expressed to tua fiienJain this city, Hud (Ley are views which will be senctiou'-d by the croini<>)i aenae and coinnion patriotism of tl.e country. Cornelius <V Co , the grout chandelier nod lamp men, not merely i I I'Ml arfi-Iphi t but of th<* I'm. n, ?V? n?d their hearts iiud packets, on 'Saturday last, to an eatrnt not olirn witnessed on this tUm of rlie Atlantic. They eaieuded an invitatioa to all their employees, and their employees' wives and awrth< ana, for a fre* excursion to Caj>e May. The 1 learner Koberi Morris was cha'ter d for the pur Mie left her whuif at an early hour on Saturday mornirp, ;.nd returned about hilfpist twelve o'clock the i*iiie Diktat. Tliere were about two huintr'd und lilty of MhM. Cornelius -V C > 'a handaon hoard, and nearly thstnumbei of nntrone and maids?th' lr wives or sweethearts ; and finer *1* tirnena of womankind, aa Jon tth.m Oidhuck would say, could not be produced in UfjMhtl 4 Itf or town in the Statrt?all blooming, if not beautiful ?all realfleah and blood?aad their natural ch trine , eel oti to every Miaaible advantage by dresaes inaocent of ihe gentle swindle of padding. There wan a fin*- b<ndol uninc eag*g~d, and tli?* way the young folk*?full of mirth and in unci'?danced up anl down the Delaware t?i a caution to the old timbers of the old Morria. There is conn l? table pfenning in spirit among a ceitain clase?and the gioana have found utterance i in print?becauer a citu. n of I'hiladt Ipt.ia, whoi-e name is Ultimately connected with a rrtm c m case of celebrity, figured at the .Saratoga ball as one of the principal n.anagers. There baa lwen more or less immorality in ihe world from the day* of th eld patriarchs to the days of the young pilriarchs and aa moral reform caanot be effected to any seri oua eat* at liy mere conventional rule*, society ? | |n'i polite, intellectual society?ha* to wink at what it cannot extirpate, tf the han i? ta h* laid ni?>? all thove who violate the seventh enmm in4m?nt, there will he a considerable thinning off ia W..I. I. .11 mlA *- - ..Jl, 1 ?*?? ? iiu uiw ?i- "mf iwnin , UIIU ii i* nni uniii' ij th?t " (*w . k of muij- of our f?*hion*bie cfcurt hra would ?*n he claaaed tmon| the moil wortklfti of the " f?nci?s" El Seerrtary Mrtediih h? takrn up hia renid?nre with u? again, and will, nodeuS', make to ; eflort to tecover the large and lorratlre practice | which he enjoyed for upwards of fifteen )ear?; not that he lack* mean*. f> t lie has heen aa m hia personal expenditures aa he haa heen surcesatul ; in business, and mnst ha?e netted during the fietiod named, upwards of $300,1)00, a ?rn ill sum far a ftuydam or a !<age, hut an incalcuUbl* amount in the ryra of a Philadelphia lawyer. There if no telk yet of n Meredith "gathering," or a dinner, or a supper, or a nerrlce of plate or pewter; h?t till there is n faint hope, although lha age of miracles has paaaed. T he weailn r is renlly glorious, and Ohrsnut treet, tn consequence, has heen crowded all day with gay choppers, for the ladies nnr, ?inie tlirir ( turn Irom the watering places, that they htvn "not n tingle thing (It to wear" It is well the Bioney market ia easy, and t>an k directors gracious and aio niaNxUting The democratic conn'? f?M?vi ntion met this morning at ten 'otaeb. Thorn u Forsyth has been r?-rominate?l ft>r Sit'e Senator hy a large majority. The ttal'wUing in atiH g't'og cn for th? balance of the tlek<4. Mltleal faMlllgsnea. Vimwiti. - Parly Ite^s un m* drawn In Ike territory of Mlnnewta ?s', wh p?r1y has m%4- Its wnt In*Una of a eaa<M ^nta M i l?i>t* la roagroas II U ?iNr? U lha 4 ?arr*Ue, and tfarid <MwsWa? tba I ?b% naadldata. # W YO MORNING EDITION?TUJ Our Washington CcrrrlpondenM. Washington, August 25, 1880. The Course of the Administration?General Com and Garibaldi, 4'c , frc. The admiB'atration ha*quietly resolved to dot ??- ? H""-' " /? ?wi WIlllOUI positively having the appearance of miking war on the friendi of the late President. It wiahea to avoid a division in it* own ranks, which ia, nevertheless, unavoidable; but which it is desired thou d con e gradual, rather as a consequence of events than of any rule of action adopted by the President and his Cabinet. President Fillmore flatters himself, perhaps very judiciously, with the belief that a silent amnesty granted to all political oflenders ia more calculated to win him friends than the handing them over to the executioner. A few examples will nevertheless be made of the moat daring of the Seward men, not so much from vindictiveneca as for the purpo.-e of checking disobedience and disloyalty in others. Oh the whole, the administration of Mr. Fillmore will be distinguished for tolerance, forbearance and moderation. It he succeeds in settling the slavery question, he will have au easy time of it for the next two years, and at the end of that |>eriod surrender tha reins to Gen Scott or Gen. Cass, as the caae m ly be, carrying with him the esteem and regard of all houeM men who have wutched his course during a most critical period of our government. My opinion certainly is, the Senate hills will i>ass the Uou?e; but that for that purpose, it la ntcefssry to pass the territorial bill for New Mexico first, snd then the Texas boundary. Reversing that order would be looked upon by the deniiu'lHU HI a Wxnt ?if -urr,**t iKa w< ..f .U ? ? ... "' "?v K**4 w 4" mc frienda of thtt udiiiuiit-tralion to do their duty by the meaaurea of comfronnae, and endanger the p*i**age of the bill, borewatned forearmed, ia an old adage. And now I hope I im not guilty an ladi.'cretioii in coiiuiiuiia'ating to >ou a copy of a letter written l>y General Cnsj to General Garibaldi, tlie Konmu hero and patriot, now aojournnu iu your city, (heard thai rhe patriot aoldier baa adtlreratd a letter to Gen. Ca*a, aud knew that Gen. Ctu-ti wo lid be glad to welcome the man who has fired the last gun for Italian independence, and tliux reepcctfully applied for a Copy of Gen. Cass'a aubwer. Here it ia WA?iuwoto^. A ujoft 14. lRfiO. Mf DriR Pm : ?I welcome you to thii> land of freadtni Ma} it alwaya b? the land of hoapitality t? th? uniorluijatt) enle, dri?i u by ib? peraeeutlon of arbitrary |>o??r to H? ?k rtlUjjt iu tbe new world, froin the tjruEi j of the bid. Ut-Ltral. you po?aef* the regard and the aympathy of tbe Ann iIran perple. and you will merit thia diatliietioc T?u raifd tbe standard or liberty upon thj CaaWUhia liill, and blrtxry will d<> juatiea to your Di'ble t fit ita to laatataia it there ; to reeieu the spirit and tbe treed'm ot anoient Koaie amid the inonuufnta of bt r power and glory 11 ia Dot nu seeaa that hailowa a raure; it l? the priu<'l|>lH involved in it You yielded to an otera helming force. To another deacant of th? Gaul. upon Italy. Bui you preserved your own bigh ebarat ter. and you pte^tetd aUo the rerpeet of ovary bt llever ia tbe right* of man through the world But aueb etTorta as tboae of the R.>nmo propla. though uilurreratul, are not ua< leae The battle of freedom May be loft once and again but it will yet ba won.and inan i rrMor?d to the righta which Uoo k<t? kit> d him 1 thank you. lor your kiad letter. and f?r ' tL* i D lonii'e Irom Mr Hyatt, though you need no ibtitidm tlon to to Aoitricaa Vour glortou* exrrtloua, followed by misfortune*, b^rne with equanimity, air a paatpoit to tha heart* and home* of my countrymen. I fliouM be kappy to aee you Id Wafblnflton. and to exprr*ato you lu perton thorn aentiuient* of reapaet aad regard which I inui t u .w put colJly upou papwr. ud witb which I am aTt-r truly and ftltnfully Your friend and aervant. LEWIS CASS Onriu. Giiimici li 'here I?e a m .n living in this country whohu Mi. ?i|itrMr(l ind acted op to, generous *ymI'Hlby f?>r f"? ?* ijtu exiles who have niffered in the CBUi-e i.f liberty, in atiy p ut ol the world, Geueral C?m ia th.ii mun; do *'i' \der hid 11 line is now lin* d hv thouHiidi of t'urojwaa orphui*, whu* 'fitliert* hn\?; ieal<-<l tli ir faith in tii'takmd with ilieir blood, ?nd tha e :ch rneu at* Knaruth and G&ribuldi fchtuld itim-mbrr.hini in their payers. l'o/./.o 01 lluxoo. Wa iiiMo roi, AuguHt 25, ln?jO. 71f Ttiriff Mi Vtmrnt?7%t Fiitt Fatiurt?Jtrjmrluri of Mr. M < am huh to I'cnntj'ranin? What fur? Who toya to~S(;uthrm ultai oj Srrcttiim? drtulvn! IttHns; (torn. Jar tht promt?slpproach In tht Final Strv/mlt. The mult of the late hi riff caucuses is a Ihsh in the pan. An attempt wm mad* yesterday towaids it,Jhj the proposition of uu atn'-ndnvnt to the (.initial Appropriation bill, providing! tint fore iga goooa >ball be ral?d a*, tl.e custom boure* at th.t ir average value at the )w>tta into which they aie bright? in other word*, on the principle of a lu me valuation in th" Btiictest sense. I?< t us tuppose a tpecitnen of its operation. A ton of iron in England we will say ia worth t'?? ? (L* a|?t that. An adviilorem upon th it valua turn of thirty percent, **? uI<I bnug upth*p-ice to Mii e fSn But ?t Philadelphia, according to the home v?lu*ti?>n, the name ton of iron ought to l? worth $10, Htid n tnriI) r>f !10 pet rent upon that valuation would he e jMhI to a duty of tifry |* r ci nt ti| <ia < old iton uiwler the valuation of the net of 1 H4#> The amendment projaned, therefore, ?Jniply contemplate* to rm*e the tanfl' upon iron tweiity |irr cent abov** the act of 1K46. The motion failed, 77 to SI? rather a close vote, wheg ?e cMiMrr timi tkM imjiortatit question of frotcction wm |>r? posed ta an amendment to an app'opriatM n t ill, to which it ia aa irrelev nt aa the hill fur the admiatiou of California. Thin would itidicatr a very atrong party in the llouae in Uvor of an increaae upon the d title a proposed by the act of l<Wi. bull, we apprehend there i? no poaaiHe cliHnre at this sraaion far a modification of the tarifl, ?nd a very alim proapect thi* ride of the nest Presidential election Other attempt* are to !?? made. The fi?und?rie?, hn (i . ii: i<>ik? - < i i\iiii i an HMII|. Mh want* protection, and the' Mdiumiatration want her ?upimrt It ia important to have It. Protection landing doctrine; and where the auppott of a gr? at Stale depeuda upon carrying out auch a doctrine, we mny reat aaaured it will not he abandoned. It ihe tinfl interest and the ?hi* party can t>? identified aa the aame thing, it will l'? far to make Pi? n?] Ivania a whig Mime, and thia ia exactly what the adminiatration ia after Hut never aince the daya of '."a and South Carolina nullification, haa there apprared a juncture ao iinfavoral le for the doctrine of protection a* thia lmaeni time. If the thing could he dine, it would he hazardru* now to re-enact the tariff of '42. Hut it can't ,be d< re ; and we ?u*pect that for venra to come U?e b*Date will lie a bar to noma protection The doctrine uf free trad* ia atronger in that body than the principle of Itountiea totbe *ti|vort of manufacturing eauhliahmenta; and year after year the ideaa of republicanism are saining upon the old dogmaa of *,>e<;ial prmlegea Bung up the qoeation of protection to home mtaufai tinea in a fill, and you will aee an array of facta, figure*, reaeona, and experience agajnet it, never before exhtlnted in our legialature Mine* the great movement of Sir Hohert Peel in Great iWtt haa been a moral and prai ileal j ower given to the |>riiH tmde which cannot be overthrown So thoroughly ia the South convinced of the |>oli< v, that a Southern politteiaa haa informed ua n would be an advantage to the Southern State* to pay all the esi>en*ea or the government, North aid South, by taxea upon tha Southern |?oj It directly, provided trade and navigation were made eotirel* free. The departure of Mr McKennan to Pennaylva ia, on account of bad health, create* aim? (peculation. iJoubta are entertained of hia return. It it *aid the ciimate uf Washington doea not agree wnh him ; hut whether it ia the geographical climat* or the political climate ia not vet diacloaed. Perhapa II ia aomething of bolh. Who knownt But they ?ho ought 10 know aay, that Mr MoKennan will probably remain in Pennaylvania. The fact ie, Mr. Kwing *o completely approt>riate?? the patronage of the Home Department, that auapect the only loco loco left ia Jemnf MV,er, th* Irith l>llblic Eardener. an I he. inheriti* k.. <>fFirr frmn tJeneral Jarkann, i* under the Xpeclal Hilrdka of Henry Ctif. Mr. Fwiog, it ,ijw?r?, Viad mailc *U tho airanfm'-Btji (hone* r<-at Included) I* au^raeHe J-mmf, wh?*n J . mnif adiltrN>iitii?lr lo Mr CUf, iM that j0|j atopped iMl?Wir Thr Uomr [)?narmeai U. tp fTr\or^ ?iikout patwnattr, iiitlttkWl f jgj, Still we treat }<?' Mi Mc&ennaa will hoK^ 00i Kn>| make the aM?t of it. U|?i? the Califnraia fw n ,n that w? etui Irmn, tki- ultra* of the . are corn* down to a irete parliamentary re?i?U??i-t afM4 the final tttrairg o?er of ihf wbM to* lie people and the N?th ?iite Cuave otioa TK<- f ^rntf, the enth<M*aani, the efletvaeneace. aad the gun?mwder aeem lo haee h> > n r??tie?iru?H ta ',h? firing of rncketa aeat up during tbf eeaalar., ^ the graaJ f ihibUioa of 0 iRK H 2SDAT AUGUST 27, 1860. fireworks, Chiaeae candlea, BengKl lights, and revolutionary pyrotechica, aeema to be indefinitely nftponed. Still we may bare some ground and laity tumbling at the conclusion, by way of variety; bat it is believe^ that the fuwa or all the hombahtlla will be extinguished by ar plentiful aupply of coM water before the adjournmf nt. In all aeriouanesa, while this x a matter of rejoicinf, it i? no aubject of jjratularon to count uj>o? the future. The two aectiona will remain distinct in their interests?eeparated by their prejudicea and dirtrusfof each other?aa diaiinctly as by Maaon and 1 >i?en's line. The growing powerof the North will reaet uj>on the weakneas of the 3?uth; and when the South ceaae to hold the balance of power in ihe federal government for their 6e;rurity, they will cea?etn regard it aa the exj>onenrof the conatitution.

But we have to deal with rhe prevent, and that in itself is quite a sufficient task. The General Appropriation bill will probaWy be disposed of <?n Monday, from the anxiety to get at the slavery Mils from the SenHte. When they are taken up wr snail nave something of interest, and of great Interest and sprtshtliness, in the conflict of the diverse elements of tne House. There will bo excitement entAigh; but we hope there may be neither "cracked crown*," nor "bloody ncaea," nor pistol scene*, nor sittmEs of forty-eight Irours duration, nor anything tending to a harried t*iournmeut to Nashville. Wasimnoto*. Aug 25,1859. TV Pronprit?7Tie Efnirm Safe Vet?Membert of Congi rn Detrrvt Venture fur their Iklay of Bu?imeu?Af< A'ennan and H'ibiter?Eu-Uink^t Conduct, 4*c. The Fugitive Slave bill, th? last of the noble aerie* of bills for the adjustment of the slavery question, concocted by the wisest and best patriots in the country, having bee? ordered to be engrossed in the Senate, and the (Jeorgia Convention of disnuionibts and fire-ealers, at Macon, having turned out a failure, there is ample ciiuse for the friends of the Union, everywhere, to " breathe freer ani deeper," than the times hitherto have permitted them to do. There is now no real daager of the defeat of the S? nate adjustment bills in the House. The " Wilmot" cannot be attached to the territorial bills for Utah end New Mexico. The moral force of Mr. Webster'a noble position, and the good aense o^ nu nibers of the House, from several of the Northern States, will be amply sufficient to cause the odious " Wilniol" to be thrown overboard. Thia done, and what is to prevent the South from going into the fcuppor*. of the adjustment bills which have already (Hissed the Senatel nny upou II, III) oouiiirrn oiatr will RO OUI 01 the Ukion, because California, with her claimed liBntf, comes imo it, nor Incau.-te Congress refuses lo adopt the Missouri compromise, ani run it tbrvu^h the newly acquired territory to the Pacific Ocruu. The attitchment of the Wilmot proviso to the new territorial hills, and its passtge into a law, is the only thing which has been proposed, Mi'h ?ny show of support, that would he calculated to drive a State, or more than one State, into an act of {evolution And, thank God. that cause is averted. The "Wiltnot," with all ita infernal mischief Hurt unkindness on ita head, is dead, and con to he huried. A more wicied humbug ?u never rals?d for mischievous purpose*. Hut although there is reason tw b? lieve th?t all the adjustment bills will ptaa th- House, yet the 1 member* of that body deserve, in the lump, the rewoof and condemnation of the people everywhere, for procraitinating action and delaying the puolic 1 business as they are doing They know mid fe-l 1 that 11 "lie-tenths of the people of the country are 1 1 for the adjustment measure# which hive nissed I the Senate, an i are tired and disgusted with the I delay of their representatives in Congress. And known g this, iho*e repretenla'ives ought to reflect that theirconatituenta may call them to an account, mil leave them at home, as unworthy, one of ibHI da* s Mr McKennan, tlie new Secretary of the Interior, has gene home to Washington county, Pennsylvania, to recruit his health, which is not very rood. Some say that he does not intend to come fuii'li, but will resign the cabinet station no recently conferred upun him. The fact i*f he h is been overwhelmed with uivbeattions for ofiice, and with sii. eiils lor Uxn to AMI the miry prom -?-s which Mr. r.wing hud m.sde, hut h id no* carried i>m. To give od<-third of the applicant* office*, he would he c i'inj>r|U,J to remove in my |>er*ons whom Mr. I-v? inj? iiud np|>oinfed. This would If an onplramnt lit.?KAnd in addition to this, there are son e twentt-five temporary clerk*, mostly whi.<s, Bi d hut lately n|ipointed, in hi* Department, who mil have to go out of office is noon as Congress adjourns, rn ibere will he no law retaining theni, ror wny appropriation to p*y them. It if lurilier stated, th?t Mr. Wt hstpr has request- I ed the Piesidetit to direct tint the ap^o.utinf power relative to M"t*!ials mid District Attorneys, shall he re-trantlcrred trem the Interi?>r Department to the Slate Department, ; where it piopetly b< louged, ur.til Mr. Clayton cot it transferred from the Jjiaie to ] the Interior DtMttmeat* aid Ihcl Iff HoKenntin tirmly refuses to ptve up the power lodged to and rciwd by the Department ol the luterior, at the time he eutetcd upon the discharge of its ! dutit a. There thine* are rumored, sal it is nUonimored that Mt. Mihennan did not attend Mr. Webster's r< tent diplotn 'tic dinut-r, and pleaded indispositiou i an I he rutim for his ttbseiice. Mr. hwhsnk, the Pan tit-Office Commissioner, ingrowing rnore and more unpopular every day. I'urtits ate heie from Northern cities, showing up hia par'ialrty in a |?? rticuI? r quarter, and his gross j unfairness us a public officer. He is to decide j upon a very important case between this*n4 the ; fitM of next month, and if he decides as is gene- ! rally anticipated, articles of imiM-achmeut against I him will he preferred to ihe President, and also to the JVnate The case to lie dec:.d?d relates to the renewal of a patent, which will have tun fourteen yenrs the last day of this month. The (mrues for nod sgtinst the renewal have been for weeks it wotk taking testimony and framing arguments, all of which were to he submitted to the Patent-Office by the 2fith of thia month. The counsel for the opponent' of the renewal wrote to CornnnsHoner Kwbtnk to know if either party could send in an argument or testimony after the 20t|? instant, or coulasee the other party's argument at the Patent Office, after that date. Me I received for reply that neither could be done. And ?et the party opposing the renewal of the patent have caught nim in alluwing the omn^l of the party the renewal to go I? Ike Puiral Office aincc ibr 2f)ih inatant, ard* and fill* a reply to ihe argument of the oi.p'>itr |*rty Mr. V.wkahk w?a addr'aaed yeaterJay by let er, to aiy if thia had been done, hut he declined ana wring 1 until to-morrow lie ia in a tight plice, and h n | tl arp r>ea a|M>a him He hnlda an office tint a uliable man, of ewav virtue, could rea'iie twn j hundied tkn?Mad dollar* in a v?f f'0tn Mr. K?r. hat.h will mo?t prohaly, vacate the po*t he now hold*. 0?r Ilaltlaiore Cwrraapondene*. Bai.ti*o?e, August 3H, WO CanJidtitri far tht Maynraliy?Vamp .Mitting Ttoubln?Erpwrlt?California Cimmtrrt and I*mtt?St ram boat Fxptrtniml? Bvrglart. The number of candidate* for the Mayoralty of this city continue daily to multiply, though it ia probable that moat ol them will withdraw aa m on aa a whig nomination ia made. Col. Maybvry Tunier, in the meantime, ia overcoming the nppoaitioa to him among ?h? democracy, and will probably a weep the Ivwrd on elovtion day. Mayb'iry haa a long purae, and ac alter* ita content* to the right and t* the left, arii.^ag hoth democrat* and whig*, The (imp meeting* bei?g held in vicinity had a terrible time during Saturday Bight. The nun romnrnrij to fall ?h<>nly after roirtiiwn, an<i contfonM to pour in torrent*. aocotw?nt?<l bf a he?vy winH, throughout the mttht. Many tent* "" klew? <???, and their oocupint* left to tha pi'tilr** pelting of the atnrm Th? ruin t? n? trat*(i II # them, ?n<l nil their occupant* *?nefe4 mora or le?* from the water Yrttertiay ri?''aintf. h??" r, iKr mn ?hnn* ut brightly, *n<1 quite or?iW<l of |>i1|tiBiii from the city, in every ??rit?y of v*h* e'?t wtl ?n ('amp Chapel. The total valve of foreign < iporta from th* port of II* It.mote during the past week w*a #1)1,00798. The number of veoa^la in the port on .Maturity, rirltttitr of hay craf , *m aa follow* i -;<hipe, 21, herka, IT, brig*. 2B, ?ehooner?. 1ft?total OT Of tke?e hot one ahtp la np for I 'ahfornta < ?ur tn? rchant* have tnffe'ed eo aererely from ahippinf good* to California, that hut few are bow williau ?? repeat the ?iprnm?nt M?a? hare found tketr fortfo all Mtei tip by heavy rhar?ea, <mI a bill for a balance Hoe, aent kowte for onlleetion An e?penmen* witk a email ateamhoat maait Vcmterf by a lt?ila.M,>kia tailof, Mr. Aleiaader Bo*4, wh trIH i? J on*.' KWL* <* SataM.y U % [ERA ia worked wall a cull instead of wheels, and ia intended for canal navigation. The ri|>f>le was scarcely perceptible, and it moved at the rate of about m.x mile* an hour. Two young men named James Agen and Wm. Fleming, were yesterday, caught in the hardware tore of Mr. Richard F. Turner, (lacking up i\ lot of goods, which it was doubtless their intention to remove last night. They were arrested ouce before on the charge of twrglary and arson, but escaped by some quibble. There ia ao doubt now entertained that they vrere guilty of the former eharge. Interesting frvm Santa *V. ADDITIONAL PABTK IILAKS CV TIIK LATK ELECTION? I INDIAN DKritKDATIONN, ftC. [From tb? 8t Louit Ke.wbUoa*, Aug. 18.] Severn! gentlemen of the army?among them, Cavi. Sykes, 3d infantry. Li?uts. Plvmirton and TyW,7th infantry, Capif. Allen, artilfer/, and L)r. Edwards, with Mr. R. T. McXianey, left Santa. Fe oa the 16th July, and a part of them- arrived yesterday in thia city. From Mt. McKumey, we gather the following information.? The flection*under the State constitution of New Me* iM tc>ok pfelce on the 20th June, and resulted in the choice of I>r. Henry Connelly for Governor of the !"tste, over Tomae Cabeza de ltact; Manuel Alvarez, Lieut. <J?vernor, Iwating hieopponent, 6. iSt Vrsirt <ti)d Willinm 8. Mmmttf, Representative in Ccwgreaa, fw a majority of 500 votea over llug!i N. Smith. At the same time that theae elections were made, an election for members of the l>'t>i?lalure was also held. Thia hod?convened at the time a|>|>ointe<) in ths constitution, and sora? curious sc.mea were enacted. Aa is generiHy known,New Mexico has been divided into two partie*?one of . ?#rn advocating a territorial, rt?e other a State government. A member of the female by the name ot tyuntaya, from the county of Santana, preatnted his credentials, uad was adviKted; but it was found out, soon after, that he might not be disooaed to vote with the mnjerity, and 1m was excluded from hia seat, aud one of his om>oaents was voted into his place. Hereupon, six Senators Hi d Itepres* ntatives withdrew, and left the Senate Without a quorum to do business. Cut this difficulty was overcome in a mariner peculiar to New Mexicnn legislation. The remaining members proceeded to till the places of a sufficient number te make the husiriett* of legislation leg> I, and they proceeded in the performance of their official dut*s. They elected Msj. R H. Weiphtman. Ute Paymaater L'nit'd States Army, and Ma}. F A Cuuninghtim, also Paymaster United Stitea Army, Senators in the Congress of the United Slates. At n later period, they elected P. J. PHlans Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of that State, and E. C. Wefrt, Toniaa Cabeza de Baca, and Liego Arohulettn, Associate Judges. Lewis B. Sheets won rirticu CJCiiriaij ui ciair j. j\ u* ivudiusoo, Auditor, and Chatlea Blunter, State Treasurer. An election for sherifls anil ?>ther officers was ordered for the 2d of August, but it is said that there was some conflict of opinion between Col, Munroe and the MMMt in this imrtieular, and that this election would be prevented. The Indiana atill continued their depredation! in all parts of New Mexico. They attacked the ranches of Kit Carson and Maxwell, run ofT all their stock, and killed Bill New, an old mountaineer, a bugler and private of Company I, First Umpeons, and Mexican. Major Gner barely escaped with his life They had also riui oil' the htock frtitn difierent places in the neighborhood of 1 Taos, during which they killed live Mexicans. ' These depredations were committed by the J lirarill* Apaches, a band of Iuriiaus numbering only about 2f><) men. The Navajoes were not idle, and lad run oil large h*-rda of sht?eii from the I'ueblo. Large imrties of the Canmnchea had visited Galisteo, Santo L>?mingo, and Auton Cliico, but they ilid no damage, and professed to be peaceably inclined. Vaiioua outgoing trains and detachments of military were met on the route. Webb's train was met thirty miles Irom Sunta Fe : S. Wei here d, .las. Sabine, E. Ross, and Hex. Harrison's trains at Bed Biver; Capt. Sanderson's command, escorting government Mores, at Whetstone ; the United Slates mall in Mage coacbcs at Cottonwood creek; lad IfcCauley'atrain at Rtbbll Far. l)r Connelly, the newly elected Coventor of New M' xico. Smire Collin*, Win. C. Skinner, anil W. O. Araiiiger, w<remet liltcen imlea ftotn the crossing of I tiff Albania*. Capt. Lovell, with * command of Lovell's Light Battery and Company K of Liiagoons, were met at JoiiCb' Fort, on tneir way to the Big Timber*, when* a military poat is to lie ?stablnhed. Connelly's train of wagons whs met nt Walnut creek, ami Aubrey's tram at the Big Bend of the Aiksnsas. A second United Statea mall b'Hv wa? nx t at Cottonwood A detachment of rccruita ucdcr comm-nc of Capt. Hhroeder, wis met near Stranger creek, and several detached parties aloi'tf the loute. Col. A fay, Capt. Humbcr of the 7th, and Lieut. Burmide, were to leave w ith the aame party for the Plate*, but were detained by official duty. I The croM in New Mexico were very fine. No I ri in (ell while the party wt a on the route, and in kome places it wa* difficult to procure water. Tlie l.nle Ti n??? <!> at Troy, The following facta have been furti^hed the Albany Matt relative to the putties to the lui? tragedy at Tioy N. V :? Willi, in A. Caldwell had been a personal acquaintance of the wnter for gorne fifteen years, intcriuptcd ? 111> by an ab.-?ence of niue inonthaat Auburn, and a tnn e yeais' cruise an supercargo, on 1 hoirda merchantman to China, Arc. He arrived ( Rt New#Vork from that cruise, in early summer. ' Previous tohia Waving this contineni,( nnrne veari | prevlon*,) lie wi i imaged to In* married to the la- j d) who resigned h' rmlf to the horrid death with j which we are all familiar. There was c< nt-ider* j ble opposition Urllte match, which delayed the con- j tummation of their desires. While ab^nt to China and other parts ol tlie world, the lady, now no j more, became acquainted with a gentleman by the 1 name <>f knapp, and her friends importuned her to accept hia honorable proposal* for marriage, to \ w hi h at l-ngih ikt reln< tintly yielded h< r a is nt, arid tliev were married, and have had one child. wkk h die d early in May, ?nd Just previous to CaldWell's return Caldwell hud s-iiled nearly around Ui? world, and a* lie newred his native shores, ihe mo?t iironunrnl thought that twrlled hia hosoin, was the c? rtainty, as he ?u|.(>i>s? d,' of agtm cla.?p- 1 ing bis Louisa to hia heart; hut he returned only to find the object dearer to him than life, | ihe wife of another. The iron entered his soul; ; Ue wasdered about nearly distraetrd, but hi* letter j MM r.une to him, and h?* resolved to ?h?k?- it tifi. In the meun lime he found that alie desired j to see him; *he, the wife of another, requested an j interview. Thev met at last, but their meeting i* net to he described. The years of abst-nrc thit : h?d pa?fd,only bad Inm them 'ogeth?r more | atrmisly, if possible, thsn before; th?*y met as they ) rhould not have done?m h?ver?. Oaldwsll'shriter teaton at first did not allow him to think of ih? fetiire an-he thought, and it doubtless would have paa?-J by,and left only despair fastened in I heir hearts; hut the) loved.and madlt; and th? former aflsoriatioun of youth came up Iwhire them more frrafcly at tli* thought of a final aej >a ratio*. Shrdld n.>t wish to live w ithout him,and told him that aherould norland that it win her determinat t?n to r?main w''b him,not withstanding rhe was the wife of another Caldw.-H i wan ton mHinnnfe and rash tn rental that, and it ' wantalked over,.that rhey ahould meet again He i' r?? . wrh her to tint hit irieixla ia Wliiirlinll,, nrl w ot on heard the areniti|{ boat for Albany. Afi?r the boat w?a under way. and while he *m walking the <>rli, to h?a after aatoauhmeat ah' upueared before htrn. The thought at onc? pierced rim, that the hail in.Ued ahtnd< nttd her h.MM**,niul reaolved, r nrrtkaa uf all the tremendoua coilMqurnrea, ta ahare t:.a fate: and her word# aburtly corroborated what had p<ta?ad like lightmng 1 through hiaeoal. They immediately proceeded to j hia Matt room. a?4 there they resolved ut th? ! of all Ut? temMc rircuntaiancea around thern, to* teter paitagaia. They did aut part; but arrtr?d at Albaiiv, and took l<*l?ior* at the Olrean Howa. fU left her there, and made bta rootrrnplatnd viait to Whitehall, and returned in about tea day*, abe ia tbe meantime, rec'leing h^r m<*ala ia h? r room, acr< rding to bia *tu<n, in order to avoid ohef rvntu.n He returned and took room* wiib her at the Ameriaaa Hotel, where he wrote !)? |-bt.lip-b? ! I' t f r to t|.r editor of a Whi'> hull rip?-r; be remaiaed at the Ar??*rtean a few daya. hi thought it ?ai too public a place, and eng iged ' l?Mlaing? at a private bouae ia Jay atreel, where he 1 remained about ore week, then took the Eaate m eara and went to Wtlltamatown, and 'vaa aurpr ^ ,j nad i?r-ued t.v acme one, ua he remarked ia \ioy, that be had wbi^ied two conetahlea an.I ea 'Mtj) nr |Mtnicumra ?.i wnirn win nmn ip|>ear. ||?. rtcaprd in a w horar i arrtaar, and arrivr 4 Hl th* fM Cknrln HomI, Turrinf corning, ',?k?ui f..ur ? '? lock And ih? a?quel ia now belo I*, the world tk?re rr??il?fd to dit?Vilh hta own hand b* r>l*nrd tW* pot' ila ol rtfrnify. Th',j both poaard U th# nnoi?c?i*rrrd comtry, ftoir. wh?>nr<- no I rati lUrli llfltir??d. Thr pa?fa nf rnmaire can irarraljr n?< dnc? a pa rail. I, or 4 <t*arrif>ti<>n fraught m ith men M<rtlinjr and awfr4 rirrumatan.ra at r?l*???ntrd ? !>? tintha < t'Mtur Mr Trtrnr f?r ?<* ? tla? pa?t no trial at Haw OrUat>?. a tb* ? aiaataj I'ltm wfclafe *< *14 W %< hU rt>H 9t ?iT'ifflln( kit kwi at?rhn?r'? | LI). r TWO CENTS. Thaatrlcal uid Bios leal. Iran** Orrai it Caitli OiUDtfr.? La*t n If tat a brilliant audience welcomed l'edeeoo on the oeoaaMA of bar benefit Oil bir entrance at the tuuimoiu *4 the audience at th* oIom of the flrat act, several wreath* and bouquet* war* aho\*ere<t upon tha ?tage, and the entbualaau of the audleno* whla we were present wai of a vary warm character. To-morrow right there will be a m*<ffnllicent an* tertalnment for th* benefit of dteffanoal In addition to the i*prea*ntatlon of " I Puritan! '* by aeTeral of the principal artl?t?, flafrl, Marlnl, Badta.'l and Hteffanonl the celebrated Bottealnl and Ardltl will lafot the public with on* of their new eompoa.'ttoa*, I* which they will perioral a iturUt on tb* violin and double baw. The hou** will b* throated of ocura*. bowiav Thkath*?Th* large anemblage* whlob very niglit it tend lata popular eata bilahmrnt. induce thf manaiomrnt to Mill continue tha i?pna<DtiMoM of the " l'irate of tha lalaa," and tha " Kelon'a l-aa# Drriim." Tha cat-t of charaetnra emhraeea all At f'a*ana comrdiaca aUi/rb-d to the theatre. and tha ?cenery la very appropriate and beautiful KrmJtf thing ?f'm to mora on nnoothlr behind tha ourtalnj every artlat la at hlx peat, and there la no uanoaa* eary delay between the act*. Nist.a'a Uaaou. ? The hiatorical afcetoh of the ''King and Coaiedian," will commence tha entertainment* this eveaiag. and will bo followed by that gorgeoiaa and maKiilttreai eitravagaaaa of the " Ialaod or Jawala," abk'h. ft* reentry, draaaa*. and d?oorat[*na. all coatly and beautiful. baa never been jurpaaaed Intbaeaak of character* wa find tha name! of Mlaa Mary l ay lor, ilr? Wrno* Jlra Hefton. and Mile*. Celsate and t'arilnai; Mr?r>. Nickinaoa, Stiton. lyana. l.raeh. Trail, ?ad Conovrr With auch talent, 5t la little to be wandered at that PliWo'e beautiful, wall ventilated, aeil crmfortable eetabliahment a.hould be vlaited by large and fashionable auiAiencaa. lleeld"f? the performanaa in the theatre the aplendid aa d magnificent ball roots ia thrown opea. where a military band playa aareral national aire during tha promenade. Bkq*lwav Thiitii,?If enterpria* and J a Helena niatJ8g>ment daaarva to be patronliel, Meaara. Uaiahall ft It&rritt ?t>- worthv of ??r>DOrt: Had if an n ce 1 It*di company ef rtrrltug ?to? k acio-? nan have a claim upon the Invera of the dra ma tba new Importation at the 11 roadway Thaatre ar* entitled to oar admiration. The anntedy of " Money" wan repeated, taat evening with the gam* caU of character* a< on Saturday Mr. Couway and Mini A ndfrtoa (uatalnad their respective parti with much taxiing, and draw down rapturoui applauae Mr 8ch *rf waj tho very picture of miuiry. nud Bbaw the Aaau idrai of coxcombry Mteara. Davidga and Frad^rlcka war* ?*. calient in their part*, and Mrs llieid, and ov.? yonOgbut rialng favorite. Miaa Olivia. wera all that we ooald wish. The aoaiedy of " Money" wifif ba performed again, this evenicg. and it will douhtlata* draw a fait houns. It la one of the beat of uiodarn eompoaitioa*. Poetry, with all ita oharin*, will not cna^ltute a good play. A very Interior dramatic work may b" in t ha highest di gree poetical; but thia comedy ponaaaaaa both the gift of pwatry and the grace ot action. It U the production kl a nan of geniua, and of moa* excellent and rkllful dramatic education It la highly ? nUitaming both oa tba atage and in tba eloaet--faM of original thought, elevated aeutlment. and natarnl everyday occurrence. It ia, on tho whole, auch a bappy atire upon tha human race, with reganl to tba worrhlp of the ' god of ita idolatry." golj, that It ! iapoaalble not to pardon nme little extravagaaalaa. *ocb a* ibopa of the Widower (Iravea. Altogether, tka tone and ?atira of the piece exhibit many totljea and ?lo?(i of the time*, which the evideut aim of the autho* la to ratora, for. when rolcmn ontnaro and uprightly wit are m.uji timea found ineffectual, the ludloroun will often prove ot import All tha character* are traa picture! ol ecmmon life. Duaton'e Tmartt. -The new drama, entitled '0a?luelo La Cantatrire." will again be preaanted thia evening Mra IIumhII. aa Coimu.Io the cau'.atrioa; Orllla. her rival, by Miaa Julia Daly, and) tha mala rh tract em will he auatallied by Meaara Kredtrla, Lovera, ilolmm, Blnod. ISherri tt, and Jackaon Tba orchestra will fxacute aaveral beautiful overture*, Hid tbe aanum nf-nth will cloee wlih the fare* of -Poor I'llliocddy," In wbioh the great comedian, Bur tea, ?ho?a gi pturoii alono, without a aolltary eipre*?loa, are anfflrli nt to arouas the dulleat apirit, they ar* M truly arch and comic. RtTiwti Ttir*trc?The app*aranc* of Mr. and Mra B Willi.iina waa balled laiit evenfng with tha mi*t *othu?ta?tic cheering. Ttiey apptaa to night la three pleeer. The tir*t le tho langbahle (area ot Uuc i *1, ' 111 unirii jure ?. n niinuia. win# ? ? ?rry * ill tppnr a* ' 'aroitiie M "rtuu Till* followed by the tarce it tie "Irleh Lion.' la which 1)ninny V UliniDK n ill ruktuin tlia p*rt of Tim Honrs, an.l Mr* William* thut of Mri> lit'gifc, >il?* M ilrina will danra 11>at*ado ill Cadi*." ami a medley dansa, and all will clw* with " Ireland an It I#," llurney Willi am* a* Ktgged I'at. aud Lie wila a* Judy O'Flaharty. Awnnti'* Mr,?i The *arae bill ?l antrrtaitimenta ? annotn ced for till* evening namely. th? moral and ntereftirg dram* entitled the - liruaknrd," which ha* t een draait g large ni>*euii?lag>? aver elma this b<-nutilul eitablinliiaent opened. i'o* m^M|l*e ehanciiri are Mi'talmd by an excel'^nt company of comedian*, who ar? nightly cheered ler Ibefr axoilinnt gratiiatli: ability. Ot ?m*ic.? Fellow*' ba*d anninnce a hill of great arlety lor tbla evening'* entertainment *t iglng. laitrumental ferlutmiDvt, and ri^giMlr dauolug The original New <?r>an* lerenadj-r* are performing at Newark, and will apto nr. on Mond*v evening Mlt, at the Muelcal Fuud Hall. Philadelphia Mot tmt nfa of Olettng'atebnl Pmpl*. General Hamilton. 8 0.; Coin 'iodore Karaey, If. I. N. ; and twenty-ai* cth?r?, arrived at the Manvtoa Il< u?e yesterday General J H. Mvlne, Florida; C*pt. J P. Roland, fleor^la ,JMc**reW Vance W.B WooirufT Arkan-at ; Lieut. J, W. Wilkin*. Can Kraacieeo, t.'aJ . and thirty other*, arrived and took roontt .veatorday at the Clinton Hotel. Hon W MO aim. and fair. California ; N. H Villa, l'aagrr. Miiina , 1 tat A l> Bachr, l> 0 0o??t Surrey ; Hob. 11. C f! ry !> tuhkeep-i* . Dr J Simmon". U. R A- ; A. R l.ltiMr, tl. 8 M A ; Mr. Kwart liana, and lamlly. Kugland ; Cat t Van Huren, I!. S A.; Itr Wood I 8. A . andtwo hundred and *evenlyt?* other* arrived yeaterd ty at th? Inltig llon-e Major Anderson, J. N Bonaparte, J. H H^wen. I'. K A and one hundred and thirty oth<r*, arrived ye?terd?y, and toot room* at lh? Aator lloute The aggregate number <A arrival*, at the prinoipal In.tela |i< the city. yeaterlay. waa 1<W6. Hon Henry Clay left i'bliaiielp!kla yaatrrjay morn* lug for Wa?hingi on city. Hon B F liutler wl't to day. pronounce a eulogy, at W ayhridge. > t . upon the lit* and character af ll'?a. (ilia* W right The ocegalon I* the laying o tha aoraar ?to?e of a monaineut ta Mr Wrfcht Lady Klgin with bar daughter. Lady tmayr and her ton. Lord Htuee. have taken a col tag- at H< ika> way. 111* ?aid ?he will no mere ret am tot'tnaia. Maj Andereon J, A. Bonaparte. T S Hn?n, (1.8. A., ard ona hundred and thirty other*, arrived yaat*rd?> and took room* at the t<l?r ll"ii?e. The aggregate number of arrival* at the principal hotel* In the city, yeaterday waa thirteen -.e..dred and eighty-pit. The following are atnoaf U?e peranna attending tha Water tiure eetab'iebtnenl at Brattleliorw, V.aatoat ? Maeter Jo*. Cloae .MlaaC B Kel<e Mr If A (Chela M kliaaadarf Mr 0 R Mr Al.">art D ?<?* > Ml?a Jan* f. Dodja. >fl?? M A Da?l"->a Ht 8 0. Ahtborn Mr? I T? RUIot ?r 1 ( ? ??. ?vtirr B W Brown. Mr in I Mm Yaa Blhb?-r aa.l >a MM* ( nrolino iUMi#rl. Mr ?rg? T?n>ni4 Mr Kugaaa frn?\oa Mlaa Ahby lla#"-*. lira H II unt?r m4 ( milj * ? Vnrk. Mr M'a.fl Pack*?. Mrs IVU?t Mr I S r :?)? MM It Tru? *. 4iaa 0 WiHa-d, Mr* f H. Ilaratnw M?? L ir Kltaha Vhlttlwy.Wr. M Pi.rm?l??. Brc?kl.\n 1. Y , Mr I ?. 8l.?<?raiar Mlaa R KM4 Mr* P?ek Ronkaatar, NY, MImM Whl???j N V ; U?r II II Hulim. Rtataa I-kand M t* . Mj?> R HrvkfktnM, Ili.Vm !? Y f Mr II A Pwl ..r Hlllli-kirt M T j Mr J B llnat>-r llrwMlrk. f.ju * Y ; Mr> I R. MaUtowa. WtMltM W Y , Nft Rii(*n? H C'??k, I nor.t. n M *.j Mr 0 F. I,. ? J, ?n l taailf. (ik-n?atnlaa, N Y , Mr and Mr* A ? I'oalar, Albany, N T . PmiUhI FlIiMorr t m (hlrn(r?|>li)r,A>? Th* Nalumml IntriJi ^nurr paMwhra ih? l*lt#r from ih? Preaidrnl of tK? >Joita4 i*tn?n to I )r. N?| bffvi , * /iikkktm. Angnat 31 !> * Mi?I km t' n hmor in krkit >>|wl^a th? H aakpt at your nut* i-r by aa l?ttar af aoagratalatlo* , la dilt.-r.nt l*a?*ia?>a, nr wblch job ?lll ^rati ar*?f?t J Mkiiofbdrm?nt? Tba l? t\rr, ?< * vork or art ai*aut?d, aa I uad?r?t*nd roj' |j wilb lira tirwl) ajiylhmi <4 tba kind wblab har* rrrr ?a?a I had an cnar?ptl"a thai tba art of? hlr*?r*ahy bad b~-n hroo?hi m aoih partactloa la t' t\t nt a?y otb'r eoa.try, ??1 I d??m II worthy of a i? ,napl#ii?>aa plara la tba pr?aM??itl*l iaaa lr>a Yoa |B ynar aata of tb? r4 your Ilia ? , ,.u, ranaa of ynar a?|nlrla? a knoal?d?w ** at an. I I Sot fjw m?r Ilm4 thta happf eonatr j tfc. tajtum of Ika oj pr ??.! of all n?tt?a? ?"!r* for tfc? r?w?lnd?r of yur lif? >M tl>?t r,uf prnpl? al**c< r<a<tv to appnwlata rtt. " / Mini ?o ibtl timIMm ??< * tVfc your lltrrarT aa<t WtaalMa a?tala???ta ? n<l? antltlatov. I ha** th? fco?o? to ka yoar ?Wdl.nlwtaM MILLARD t(LI.MORI Dr Oiihi I.atb mo* Caana***?Anorara Nr**?<m praird ?Th?- hri# Waahingtoo, c?|>?aia Nfwioi, nmrd ai ihi* port, thia momma, from CaHenaa, Iwnrr ?hr aailnl Auffuat Mth. ( tuUia N. n?pona that Lo)?i. with anirfhat Invidinf (nw, waa e*p???rd there iinhllf. TIkw w?a otnii*irti at mi tor ? the people no<l ait* naive prepyatioM fW going on to rrprl the XW?. wm in.ngii.f, will I* wwa to l<^w-7 In the ntrantim?? where ia Ix>pe*1? pktl Au% 2R DaainKIa MtaMlUaf. Wa an Ia4?t>ta4 to Mawra Morrtana * 0* '( IW 4a an4 Tnrl ^wlafi ?tfr?a? Itaa, ?? ikaltMl Tana** pap?ra *hra4 af a?*rjth>*f ** *ka M*. j ??a*h R L Wlekllff. ?ho a* at W f ?ra? la a ft?M SI R?airt?#o?n Rxttark* afcoat a y?ar haar-??f%. I * ? tt?t fia ' ?? t v u 11 n l-< I M via-" M Md.