Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 27, 1850, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 27, 1850 Page 4
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NEW YORK HERALD.1 JAJIKa UOROOS BBN SB 'IT, ! PROPRIETOR ANI EDITOR. fpice s. w. corner of fitlton and Nassau sts. , n U 0*11, Y HK.m.U, 1 .4*1* prr r&rt TMm. ULUKLY HKKALU. n*r\ Saturday, ?t\c?u.rrr ?>?. OT |.1 por (Imum : rkt Hurnwnn K per irnum, J"1'' ?f Hmu llru.iiii. itui to aiiL airl / Uu 0>nInrnt, both '<> inrltu'e llu p*ota j*. ALL LUTTKkX S "-'U. for ?t*rr*r*~*. ,or >.*tA vdt>cr Ujtjnwn;,, to i/< <y tht pMtutt HHU Of . uu?r?J /" >WOLIRt'k ' COMJUMHONVKXCX. colaMnfuyrljM Mn ?<>licitf d f rnm -'' V 9b i *tff of fHt wM i' ?** / ?m/f M Mbtrallv p'tid for oim k'uriox Ouiumioihum arc Pa| TIC'' I. lrLI Kl <} VVTE11 TO SKAL TNIUIt L*TTItA* AMP faoka?.>?. , ? . KO SOTK K lafe.i V .t'^iymtiutctaunu-McaUiTu- We U mat rt'\rn rrjnt*t rt? "?wu itfon aDVHK Tint. VKVT.V r<MMJ>wrt moriWB#. AMUtiRMRM'd THIS IViMNQ. oprra?CASTi.c OARDEN-I i'uwtaii. ?OWIl*Y THtAT3I. B?>wery?Pikats o? to* Isi ca tiia } m^i> g la*. l<a?a*. broadway thratrk, llrowlwaj?huhct? puree- > V)?fn NIBI.&'ft flARDBN. Bn,Alw?y-I?iA*u or Jsarcu*? Tv-1 Hire Mb Cohaxiaw BT'RTO.n s illl.ATRI, Ctiamlera atraat?Co!?*v*ui? P??H PlLUCOIlllT. | NATIONAL THlATRE. Chatham Sonars ?0e? Gal? laiah lr>k ? iftci.akk ab it la AMSRtCAN Hl'mUK-Aarnjo I'lirtiaAMi iviar ArraKTuua and L?a?i??. OLTMPIC, Bto4**af-Kiajxiwa' New York Ktmiopiar Onui a Til vi ra. DOUBLE SHEET. Haw lorta. Turailay, Augiul 47, Inm, TilrKra|ital(' Summary. The Fugitive Hlave bill was disposed of j-ester 4ny iu the Senate, hawnu been pasted by a hijidacme majority; after, doing which that body adjourned to to-day. It is intimated that executive ba fiucM, a good deal of which is on hand, wdi j occupy the attention of the Senate until the appro- | pnutkn bills are brought before them. An attempt 1 wat. u.: de yeatf - lay to fix a day for adjournment, ! but it wa>< unsuccessful, for the members of the ' Senate are doubtless anxious to see tue fate of the ! territorial bills in the other branch of the legisla- ' ture. The Civil and Diplomatic Appropriation bill was ditcufscd in the House, and twj or three amend- j ?rnts made to it j one providing thirty thousand dollars for booka for the member*, and another i driving eighteen thousand for outfits for new minis- I lens. We do not thiuk the House are as indus- I wious w th this bill as they ouirlit to b>>. consider- i log the situation of the country, and the urgency ' tkrrr exist* for prompt aciion on the territorial ! bill* W<- hope they will get rid of th- bill to-day, iid go to work at the Senate bills. Our telegraphic information from St. Louis jus- J tififh the belief that the whig* have elected four of tlx- five nu mbers of Congress, making <t gain to ?h?t party of fc ir members for the next Congress. Th.< election in Indiana, it appear?, hits resulted in favor of the democrats. This was expected. V?r j liit?resiln|( Inrormatlan from Oregon ?'I tie !\?* ?e?tlon of Ihe Houtli Channel off tin- Columbia lUver. We publish, in auother part of this day's paper, ?ome very important and interesting information which we have procured from Washington,relative to the ojieralions of the Uuited States Survey f the newly discovered channel in the Columbia river, Mud the commerce of Oregon. This information w 11 be very acceptable to our commercial men, as well as to underwriters. It is contained in a cwrrehpondrnce between Professor Bach**, of the United St* tes Coa*t Survey, in Washington. and Mr ThurHor, the dehgate from Oregon, and tf<rrs. We mute fur it it car- fill perusal by tlie merrantile purl of our community. Wr learn by these letters, that the commerce of f'regon is increasing at nit unprecedented rate; th ?t Uie arrivals ant depirturea from that territory amounted to ninety-five between April the lat, 1M9. aud June 26th, 1*<50, composed of vessel* varying from one hundred and fifty to seven hundred tons burth?n, ami that the newly discovered channel in the Columbia river is perfectly safe, and aftara* good and caty navigation for veaaels of all alss*< s, ? hether inward or outward bound. Since the discovery of the channel, on the nineteenth of pul last, vessels of large tonnage have daily paat-ed over the bar at pleasure, with and without pilotr, and without an hour's delay. The channel ha* not yet b<*en thoroughly surveyed; but from what h*s rlready been dons, we learn that the least depth of water found on the h*r at half tide, wa? sixt en feet, and at two miles inmde of the hr< airts it deepen* d to live fathoms, and from arvea to nu.e fathoms at a distance of two miles Maul) the bar. So safe and easy is the navigation, that it occupies a vesael t ut twenty or thirty miantes to reach the wide ocean from the time she leaves the anchorage at :vu>d I (ami ; and, what is fe^ual importA?c*, we are informed that it is not aecessary for vessels to lack on the bar with any wird TV discovery of this new ciuaael will hi f inca?cul Me importance to Oregon, and to th? oir tn? rcu nterei-is of the Vailed States. The atrauce mtii the Columbia river, from the Puci'ic Ocean, ha* !een the dread of manners ever ai..ce it* discovery; and many vessels have been lost among the breakers there, and nameroua lives lost These dsrp n have all been disripatej, as it were, in an inttart, by the discovery of the new channeh and a aew and a bright destiny aw*it? Oreg.ia in aoa sequence. It is not a little carious that, previous to the dia- | overy of the naw chanurl, it was looked upon as 1 to ins sealed agaioat the eatracce of aay veasel from I the s? H ; and manners never approat lied the mouth t ?f th> t "luint 11 without otlf-iing a prayer that t th-y nok t n"t be forced intottie southern chan- < ae! Father Pe Sniet, the celebrated Catholic i tkasioi'.srv, inform* u? of the imaginary dan^era i whuh he. and *11 ou beard of tl.e nwl which he t >k p*?.igr 10. wrurred on rntenng the Cwlutn'pi*. i ll h < , : r4 i n the t'nr'y ti'M of July, I ?11, the I fea-t of ihr great Loyola. Thia Auaptcioua circum. I < Imik r, he My a, gave him ho;eaj ail full mi corfnl'iice in the prntrcHiin of the founder f the order to which he belonged, he and hia MHoeiHt'* prostrated tl??m?eive? < >n the deck, as<! f* rvemly implored Ht. Ignatiu* Loyola e .t to abandon them in their need A* they up. proachtd the river, they redoubled their prayer*, j A* they rame near, the caputn took aouadiatr*. ] * ,d found (*ve? fathoma of w*t<-r, then hi, th?n 1 five, and then three. It wa* then e?pt<H4 th it I , the Traael would be daahe.' >?? K*cea. Houodinga wrrr actus taken, and d'pth fathom- obtaii ' d, bi t ?<*w it w?* rrloced tothrn- ConMrrnation again nai/ed upon ?U hauda. The lleutraaat er-laimed that the rout* w? miataken; but U>? rH|'Kin kept o?, and the reawl crowd the bar safely ' Hea>*n," any a Father IV Sweet, waa tit op ; o-h*rwiae, neither th? akill of th* captain, or th? aaiiora activity, eonld hare re?cued u? frxrt larv liable i rath.*' In the fulneaa of hi* gratitude, the reveteiid fauer reclaimed" Glory to Ood? aad alto to St Inatio*, who ao viaibly protects! kia rhildien on that d?y." He alto ?*y?, that thta nae the fir?t eaar', aad probably it would he ths Uet. that a owld paas thiough that channel. It w m very fortunate thing for tha p??>t>le rm board of ?fcat ?eaa?l, that th?- cnptiin waa entirely ns*e- : fatmifrd with the rocka aad breaker* at the mouth f the Columbia, aed waa, lihewiee, n<?t provided wuh rhartm wh ch, (he miaaimiary informa on, waa kr caae, (rr l> id he do- hern rot >pell?d to take the snatheta channel, th* probability m th*t the ???ael ?mM bate hern toft it the northern haaael, tha i navigation of which is so difficult and dangerous, according to all account*. In that event, he would have hud more reason for calling upon the protection of Loyola, as well as more need for it. Wo meun this without irreverence. The discovery of this new channel in the Columbia nvtr removes the only impediment which ex* isted in (he way of Oregon becoming the ncheat, most prosjieious, and moat eligible of our territory boidering on the Pacific. She may not possess pold mines in such abundance, or so rich, as California does ; but the has what ia as good, and perh;i| s In tier?a soil rich without parallel, a delicious climate, abundance of coal and timber, water power without end, and navigable streams which abound with fibh of tke rarest and best quality. The Columbia river stretches from its mouth about two hundred miles to the eust, thence it takes a northerly direction for a distance of one hundred and lifty miles, and thence extends eastwardly again for a distance of one hundred and seventy miles. It is navigable a distance of lifiy-four miles above Vancouver, or about one hundred and fiftyfour miles from its mouth. The Willamette is a tributary of the Columbia, and Tarnishes an inexhaustible water power. Every description of grain can be successfully cultivated in Oregon, and the ' Columbia and its tributaries abound with the finest ! salmon and other fish, such as carp and trout. | With a simple basket, the Indians catch two hnndr> d and fifty salmon at a haul; and so numerous are this fish, that when the rivers overflow and again recede, in) riads of them are left on the banks nnd in the gulleys, the stench of which, when putrefaction eetn in, is experienced at a distance of miles. An immvus trade in ticdi could be carried i on between Oregon and California, South Amerii cs, rnd the United States. We have thus cursorily referred to the many ad: vantages which Oregon possesses. llich in all that furnishes necessaries and luxuries for the use i of man, with everything that could be desired in soil, climate, rivers, timber, and water power, t!iat territory promises to be one of our wealthiest States, before many years. Let emigrants direct >11111 nrj.D iiniuci, nuu ici enierpriw una energy develope its resources, and i( will become the garden of the United Slates?the choicest spot on the American continent. The Kas*lnii Policy of Kxtemlon. The announcement is made, by every fresh arrival of news from Russia, that (he Emjieror Nicholas is increasing hie forces, and preparing munitions of war on a grand scale, significant of M>iiie purpose. What possible object the Czar may have in conn mplation, however, becomes a puzzle even to the facile imagination of the prof< saion&l political correspondents of the English newnpapera. These cloer writers, who are apt to circumscribe the design* of Nicholas by the narrow limits of Western Europe, lose fright of the great jmlicy of Russia, forget her position, and do not think of the giant strides which, in Iter dreams, that mighty empire wc uld make from her remote eastern frontier, eastward and to the south. Rc&n'ly, while calling attention to the fart thrit a Turkish ambassador has embarked on board the United States stores-hip Erie, for this port, we were forced to notice the general policy of Russia tow.iris Turkey ; but the designs of the former power increase so rapidly in the extent of her preparations, that some further notice must be taken of a fact which will interest, eventually, the government of this confederacy. For many years past, the fleet stationed upon the I'll, ck bra. Slid containing ariihin it mmu powerful war strainers, has give a significant intimations of a purpos? an the |>ari of Nicholas, at once bold, gigantic, and vastly important to the civilized woi Id. The forts at Odeaaa, at Sevaatopole, Theodosia, Anapa, and all along the coiat of the Luiiue, and also upon the sea of Azof, at Ta^ann g and at Azof, supported with great dilficulty and eipenw, as they are, speak loudly of a future v. hich in not only possible, but very probable. Checked by the haughty defiance and the unconqu> rable patience of the Circassians and Crt'orgiana, the Czar finds numerous obstacles opposing the proj? ct of his ambition to subject these nations, that Ik may more readily and easily advinre and subject Smyrnu and the whole of Turkey in Asia. ?wteping with a (wwerful fleet down the Hosphoius, and takiag the great city of Const-tntine, the Crar wonld thus have free egress and ingress for his present southern dominions on the Black Sea, even to the Mediterranean Sea, by the Sea of M trmora and the Archipelago. If this desirable conquest could be made, Persia would fall naturally enough into the desires of the ambitioaa Nicholas, and he would not stop in his progress of acquisition till he should be able to annex Turkey in Asia, and vthrr kingdoms of the east, to his territory and surveillance. Bulgaria, Romania, and ltnmHia, however, will be able to cope formidably with the aggressor on the western coast of ike Kuxine, and Anatolia, or A?ia Minor, as it is usually called, wauld meet with an iron front even the liussian forces, even though they might be flushed with the eou<|U" ?t ofCiriMAnuand <ieor,'ia. The war in the ('iucuui now hindrrathe progress of Nic holaa. Year* have been spent in a vain uttempt to subject the scattered and impoverished, but yet warlike, people ol ih\t region. Nevertheless, should the great military force now enlisted by ihr CTar, be went forward to cut the way for a greater future march of warlike power, it ia impossible to conjecture the result of such a determination. There can be no doubt, though, that we have aketjhed the main features of the design, and that we are very likely to be a correct prophet aa to the destination of that hont of an army now preparing for distribution and for aggression. The immense force of Nicholas evidently is not intended for any direct a|>plicatioa and bearing upon, the nations of civilized Europe. Th? Cur ia interested equally with them ia the preservation of )*ace, in order that monarchical usages iibd power may the better be strengthened and consolidated. Nicholas, with admirable ingarily, perceives the aaefulnea* of opening an uninterrupted channel with lha Mediterranean, not Illy to stirngtlien hie own l*>wer on thr borders >f thr Euxine, but to add thereby to the prosperity .1 the starving inhabitants of that region, and of lie Crimea, that lovely locality where Jason Fought the gwldrn fleece, and where the early I hriFti?B? | their standard* and their faith. Within the rock) wails of the <",reek church, th? early simplicity of which has now departed. In a commercial point of view, the conqnea desired by Nicholas might be eitremely valuable to him, and to Ins subjugated allies; but the I'nited Males can nevrr look on wuh indiflerence, in comsequence of any and all |K>*?hle good, when an onslaught i-liall be n ade uj<in Turkey The land of the Moslem is the great barrier acainet the fusion of the hnropeaa elements, which republics Countries must dresd aad nppoee Consequently, we may wrll rejoice that there is a probability of nr using, thiough diplomatic engacity, a vast influence upon the World's Ualinir of imwrr l*i? cim?Uiic??, nianiMd and almo*t marvellona, guide d hy a epecml Providence, farmah an, at the l>r?M ni int.r. an minuraMe opportunity for protecting thia comment agmnat the Karopean comhinaitoa * nich * ill, ?ne d?y or other, be attempted. Franc*, at pWMt, la an anomaly With all her gre vnrt*? with all her political energy?with all her republican apintehe pr>-^uia m*rHy the hope ?f an hereafter with which a republican country can cympathlw. If ahe ahould prove true to hertcU and to her profe?aiona, ahe will be a political a.aier ol tbe United Htntee, worthy of our maet enlarged and liberal regard and lora; and in thia anticipation we ruuet leave ber for tbe preaent, to e n>?> a* lelight at tb? pmapeet of a more intimate alliance between our country and Pwitierland With SwitT'rUr.d and Turkey acting in um?on with the t i i-rd S;?u?, an I with the expectation that I rante *?iil rooir into thnr ?nae?uming yat protective Ir.gur, the ciuee of ha man liberty uU ot the 1 diminution of onnrMaion thmnsluinl Euro (. miT I be advanced in a manner at once quiet, inoffensive, and full of blessing to the happiness ?f the wcrtd. The vast cou merce of our rapidly ncreasing country will be the cement of the peac of nations; and, jealous of any infractions u|>on it or u ?<n its interests, we shall be able to remonstrate against any cruel and uncalled for aggressions by the powerful nations of Europe. The Czar of Russia may have his ambitious projects, without number, and sternly magnificent in their imaginary splendor, but the practical execution of them cinnot be carried out while our interests oppose a barrier to their Hang?-rous d splay. With Switzerland and Turkey acting in unison with us, these two nations will become important for the maintenance of peace and for the security of commerce, and happier still may be the day when we count upon France as another nation in the natural league against arbitrary oppression and the hostile extension of kingly empire. Tin Fashionable World?Tire Waterino Places, and the Closinq of the Skasov.?The fashionable season culminate', and, tike th? moth, after putting on its finest colors, will live but a day, and then be numbered with the pust. The summer of 1850 has been a remarkably lively one at all the watering placcs. Saratoga, which has been foil?too full for comfort, Lake George, SSaron Springs, Richfield, Niag.ira, Lebanon S,>rin<js, Cab-kill Moantains, West Point, and Lake M tlio' |'HC, have all had their f>har? of patronage. Then ( mere is trie white mountain*, in ivff nampsmre, and the White Sulphur Springs, in Virginia, and the i renowned Newport, in Khode Island. At all these placec, for some weeks past, men and women, youths acd children, have been hard at work enjoying themselves. Many of them labor more 1 8?verely during the season devoted to summer recreation, Mian at any other time in the year. For i what with routes, rides, dancing, dining, breakI fasting, bowling, etc., etc., with the necessary : devotion to the toilet, which is incumbent upon those who would maintain a fashionable reputa' tion, they |>erform more actual labor, day by day, than would make up a good day's work at any useful employment. Saratoga has already had its season, and will, before many days are over, be ready to i>hut the doors of many of the hotels until another summer. One or two hotels will prolong the season till the middle of September, but Saratoga will not he the bustling, gay, thriving, crowded resort of fashion, that the was last week. She settles down cow to a quiet, well-behaved, country town, where persons, fond of retirement and Congress water may enjoy themselves. Meantime the | whole Hock of pleasure-seeker* are oft th? wing, I and will, for the mo&t part, settle down ia Newport j sometime during the present week. Next week the closing pageant of the season takes place there, 1 and then early frost will follow, killing potato vines, and sending the fashionables pell raell into town, j where they will worry oat the winter by attending ' the opera, giving and attending totrirs, and closely following fathion and folly, either in the large cities, or at the national metropolis. One of the principal benelita resulting from the I systt rn of fashionable rendezvousing is the good { which they difl'us* in the way of patronage to tra Je*j>eople. There are many of these ahrewd far seeing shop-keepers and mechanics, beside* thou- ' Minds of hottl bervants, who follow in the train of fat Lion as ardently oh do the ton themselves. j They are at Washington, New York, and New Orleans in the winter, but the early summer finds them at their post at Saratoga, Newport, or elsewhere, ready to derive all possible benetit from the prodigality of the rich. This ia all right. The gtaudfathers and grandmothers of the moated belles and beaux, who lead the gay throng of the watering places, were,1(for the most part, useful people .and { earned un honest living, and so it will coine about, , hat the children's children of the haberdaslwr* , and hair-drea*ers, tailors and toymen, cordwainer* and confectioners, who now dance attendance to the rich, will, in their turn, ride in fine coaches, wilh nondescript coats of arms emblazoned on ' their doors. They, in their turn, will t!?en scatter j rofusely about them the very shillings which are , i now carefully husbanded by the industrious mechanics who produce the comforts which are to be bought for money.,The expenditures h.ive not l*?n so lavishly made by the fashionables at the North this year, as In tome former season*. It is no easy matter to account for this. At Saratoga there was a great deal of wealth, but with a few exceptions of the parchase of expensive jewelry, there was no expenditures of sufficient importance to create a topic for conversation ; this is rather remarkable, as this has been one of the fatorite modes of lionizing heretofore. Some say thut an overweening attachment for the gaming table led to an invest- 1 nirnt of money in play, instesd of appropriating it elsewhere. The young ladiea complained of the waat of attention shown by young gen'lemrn, and said that the beaux muni pos*e*s a wondrous adection for the "tigre," when they paid ao much attention to it. The fair ones said there had not been | so much aa one serenade given during the season. I ncorivwg ima aim, me oani waa callr.i into r-->|tiu sition by the young Kentlemen, who serenaded the ' fair onea one Dipli), but verified ih>- complaint of , the U<lie? bjr nerena.lmj Uie"tl(re"(||*nia| ho i*e) I the neit night. They owned that the "tigre" hal J possessed the greatest *1(111101 of th?ir atTrctioa < during the *rwi?, and lo it, the object of their J regard, thejr devoted aa*ren?d*. I Some queer thing* develop themselves, when ' we c Wrve what distinctions are inade in opera. tive law, a* well a* by conventional usage, he- 1 tween the rich *nd poor. If a po?r maa heat* hi* ' wife unmercifully, and *he cried out lustily, the police ruth in and carry oll ihe offender, who inu*t ' expiate hi* misdeed according to law A rich m.ut, at a fashionable hotel, give* hi* wifr a regular 1 'hrsshing, and |?eo|?l? merely say, "How atrange," 1 nnd K>me ?ven venture to a**ert that auch conduct , ta wrong and unbecoming a man, but the law never thinks of interfering A poor tailor, living in poor J apartments, get* on a Saturday night aprse, quar- I rela with hi* N tter half, and threaten* to kill h?r J He la seized, imprisoned, and made to answer for t hi* violent conduct. A rich tailor, belonging to J the tun. goes aut shooting, comes hack to his hotel * tipsy, quarrel* with his wife, and points a pistol at her. She cries out, the |>eace ia broke, but the ? rich tailor suffers none of the leg*) chastisement * which hia poor brother haa to endure A practical illustration of this occurs.I at Sam..** a few day, , ! ago, where a titled nabob did the ihra*hing, and " ' a rich tailor did the pistol eiernse There must J he deep philoaophy, and a good reason for theae diatinction* aomewhere, but w* have not yet dia- , covered what that philoaophy ta, nor what good c reason govrrna ia such caaes. C Hut there ia no time now f..r entering into dia | J i vumivh v?mv? . h...s ?% ? ?im. i nrnrinii fancy dreaa hull, the lk*t of the m?ng, will com* oft at the Ocean Houae, Newport, on Thursday night of neit week, after which we ahall be better able to | review the whole faahionable aeaaon It hu ' been a g*f one, but not to brilliant u >Mt year. One improvement haa been made, namely: ' ?many peraona of wealth have d warded livery and their aervanta now appear ia the more republican atyle, with no dietinctive mark, eicept their mannero. Thia amaclta of wiadotn, and wo have hope a of the faahioaablea yet | In-uarmea rao*? Jaaaaia. it. Domino.?Oaptala Parker. of the eabooaer Hararrn. rrl??d at thl* port on Ptiaday Infbrm* a* that tha Raparor Faaatia t . vaa flttlag op aa exp*4Mtoa agala*t th* Windward lataada, both by in ill tan4. It vaa wM th* aavai f w woald aeaalat of two large aqaara rtgg*4 tiiiiIi, and a propeller . tha lad tor wad la preparatiea la ?** part at Barepa, eappeeed la Baglaad tbrea twli pre* Ira* to Oapt f t aalllag. throe white Inhabitant* of laflnrar* had baaa hahead?4. tor what tha awthorttlea aaaaMarad a too free eipraa*len of pailtleal apt aioaa _ TVr? ware 1*7 death* la FhiUdrlpbia, dariag tba 1 vaafc a a ding ikalMlMt Tii* Pbook'8 (? ^ctxwc* 111 America?'The i Late Cokvemd* at Yal* College.?We this \ day publikh tl conclusion of the prjceedings of the burned convention at Yale College, New Haven, to which we 1 av , throughout the past week, devoted considerable space, because we deemed it not alon important to the acientitic world to give the eemmunicationa somewhat in deiml, but we were convinced that while we promoted the individual interest of th? American Scientific Aoociation, we at the same time showed to w?urroundin^ natio is that there are men of science within this i ontinent, ia whose minds native thoughts arise, and form a bed/ for themselves; men who see rot with the eye alone, but with the uudeistandisg; tnd describe, not merely with the tongue, but with th? m m'j men whose untiring industry, in nature's creative laboratory, espy new mams 01 ner opeiai.on-, ana turn mem to iiaiuxu purpose. The American Scientific Association numbers, amongst its membeis, mtny men of great capicity ot intellect, and dee,? studied knowledge of the lofty stuge of science, au acquaintance with the phenomena of earth, aad a knowledge of heavenly bodies,.their magnitude, their motions, and their distances. Those who have read the account of their late proceedings, as extended throughout the pages of the' Httuld, for w me days past, will not only be entertained, but instructed, and may receive, from their i*rusal, a world of information, which it has taken a large body of men years, perhaps, to ascertain. In this convention we had a combination of talent?rare in its separate excellence?honorable to a new country yet in ita infancy of indpendence, and such as is seldom to be witnessed at on- assemblage, in any i<ortion of the globe. We had luminous communications on the various branches of science. In them may be found descriptions of i plants, the distinctive characters of shells of rnol- ' lusca, the decomposition of rocks and minerals, of fossils of many kinds, of reptiles, of fish in all Its ...M.knig unH an enmnared with man i,f ilum. mieca, galvanic wire electricity, lunar distances, 1 tidal end meteorological observation!), optical < moving figures, the theory of solar spots, magnets, 1 cr> stale, nitrates, the anthracite coal regions, ex. ' penmen's .of colors in vision, American minerals, i magnets, the structure of cells in animals, the rep- ' tilian footprints, metorius, solar ecli|?e, measurements, age of the metamorphic rocks of Eastern I Muttachueetts, the terrestrial mollusca in Jamaica, J the al*orpti?n of acids by solutions, longitudes, < and various other interesting subjects of chemistry, geulcg)', natural history, physics, and mathematics, < vVe had also a highly interesting communication on the volcanoes of Central America, which will i form not the least interesting of the documents 1 furnished at this ustembly. The whole will make an interesting volume for the scientific world, and the convention of !?i50 will be an epoch long remembered amongst the fraternity of philotophers, as one that has tended to tltvate and improve the youtut'iil iniud, whilst it | has added new vigor, unl given new impulses < to those already honored alike in science and in years. 1 Cltyj??i?l Rubarban News. IMPORTANT CHANGE l\ THE MMDICAL DEPARTMENT i or ward's island. i An Important change hue been made In the Medieal ' Department on Ward's I eland by the Commissioners J of Kaiigiatlon, and we regret to say It Is not for the i better It baa caused gTeat commotion and counter- j nation as lar an it ia known. Instead of a resident , physician and his staff of assistants, as at present, a board ot visiting physicians and surgeons are appoint- J 4 to tupensde th? in on the first of September The j following appointments have been made -Consulting l physicians Drs. D<lafleld and Cack, consulting sur. ' geons, Drs Stevens and J. K Rodger*, vlilting phy- . siciatis I>rs Willlamf II. O Co*. MoNeven Moweu. .wrhiilic^ snd llab.l. visiting sargeons Drs Uossrk. , Wilk. s and Carcochaa. The salary is to bs *000 each snd the visiting physicians and targeon* to visit (he island in turn, one set ?s understand to

take It for one half year, and the other for ths I tber half The joint salaries will thus am >unt J to $7 too The resident physician only r?oo,??s ' $2 (xjU per annum Therefore there Is an In- ? cl? mm' 01 J>J ?i?i liprnv i?r ? lee* iiunuoi 01 eerrio"* Tbr entire nprair ol the Rrilint PhjiliiiD tnd hi* i ai?i*tant*. it only >0 coo Without making any earn 1 I>m im>d between Or. Teloamp and the pby*lciao* ap- 0 poiutrd in bl* (trad, it mail atrika everybody tb?t mere vlHterr, no matter what may be their atanding w er ability, can never *upply tha place or redden t in e an institution wberethere Ma ?o many human being* o liable to take ill at any moment, and die before a vialt- k iru pb)?lelan or ?ur(roi ran im them It la aaid ! that in the abaenca ot the vliltlng phyilclan*. the Uvea a of tbr patient* even woman in labor, are to be ?utruntea to medical itnd??U- b?rdl??? V>yi- whi will By i large taa to the doctor* for the practise, tbera in( on u afirt;*. ten eaae* of midwifery in the _ weak, lathi* a flagrant job. and do dollar* and poll- y tic* weigh heavier in tha aoale than human lir**' Why art tha meeting* of the Commlaaionor* at inl(ration held wltheloead door*? KiTraTiiNMinr to Ok*kb*l Pari ?Tha " lllaatriou* tltlten" of Vemiuela ha* been invited to an ?nl |. tainment In liobokan. on Thuraday next. by Capttui IriHMM. the a>*?clate of Pari and ltnllvar. In the Colombian revolution The people of lloboken and <?* Jeraey intend to give the old warrior n reception, and the citizen aoldlery of Mudnon count* will turn out on I he occasion. Tha National Ouard (7th regiment), the City Guard. the Light Onard the Lafa>ette Ouard. Ibe Italian Guard. and other military companu?, will mcoti blm from thi* ?laa of tha river and tha t?rUg* , will form in tha Park, at tan o'clock. A. M. It promlf*-a to be a grand affair. Tut Bi????o? Coe?ict?- light out of tan of t' '* s<uvtot? are now in cu*tody. awaiting tha *aiUnx ui t |he brig Swan, to llermuda. on Thursday neit Tha other two getaway from the city Thr bond*of f3. mi, kgalntt Captain Pierce, wl'.l only be cancelled In tha ti nt of hi* bringing back a receipt to thl* port of the . It-llvery of the convict* from our C*neul at Rerniuda. >r the Governor of tha convict hulk. Wedway On ! <unday night ana of the eight, named Itamnet Harvey, i tava bimaelt up to tha Captain of tha Sixth ward i police. I Aaaow ?The carpenter *hoj. corner of Rank and IFaehlngton atreeta wa* di*covered to ba on Are. at Ight o'clock, on Sunday night. It waa eitlngulahed ?j (fflor WraterBeld. of the Ninth ward, before tha trrl val of the ftr> men It U *tate J that It wai tat on Ira by *oma boy*. . Thi Starve ar Join 0. C*cmOoi??Fi'Bth*? Pan nrvi.*aa ? It Uaiportad that thl* work of art. If tho ' b ro?ihrT ahaul J prora flna will ba rataad to d?y. Mr. a A hipt I* Mr ?pn>ula. tha i|rgt of tha iindar?ri:?r?. ' a >nd tb<' ? ? aUwaln I.f tha ruttar Morrla ?p?ot tha n ?h< I* of In anlaaTorlng to brlnf It tn ih? r, urfar- and would ha?a Wn ?im?wHI bat for tha ?| [ IftM wtlitbit Mrili) Tta? watar In ibtutM t) wt4wp,it4 Mr Wblspl* ?B<1 tht dl?ara ha ban with ,, ilB ha?a ?. -artaiaa I that th? placa of tha Wl r, >*<1 OB* tide plaaa mtr (TOO* but Ula Matua I* 1 U?- t! pjurad Tha >aud kw ! ?# w*.b*4 through tha if.r- <j ur*a lata tli? hot ind bt< ronplitrlr Imh- Hal tho ? tatoa that (notarially lt?aaalng tha iincr of braak- t> n( la ralaing It Mr Whlppla In hi* marina armor, I f ' ? ?H'l?r I h? wat-r (<>r tw.. houra t ?aM,ar on 'at ir ?, lay Thora waa oa? book under tho bo* T<-*tarday, ! n ml It wow Id hara bawa got up only for Ui> atllt nnM- , j lad utata of tha Hat to-day. It li walitoatly p ir pad It will to r?wu?d from tha waaaa ,, Par torn A< ciDrar to tm? Law? or Q*a A*tt?*4.? d 'ha wlfa of Ganaral A varan*, raotdia* at VII lirood- * ray. waa alttlac at h?r wladow In tho aa? nd atory, pi ? fiuailay rT>>*B|. about * o'eloak. whan aha Ml ? jlaap and aafortunataly fall oat. a hrfght of twalra ri aat apf n har haad aad i? ao aorloualy Injur I that ' irr Ufa la daapalrad of. Gaaaral Atataaa waa aot at ? ioma I T Oaatrn Ffr-Hic aaa CoTttuoa Rirrattaw to Rtnri r'a J laatr for tha banallt of tha Roman <'atlio|lA Half , irphaa Aayluoi by tha fHanda of tha half-orphana nn I , 'huraday tha ?th of Auirnat Tto orphan ara In a *' katltata aondltlon. anil, aa thlt la tha only atauralon *' lurlait tha taaaoo for thalr tooattt ?a hopa It will bo m Itoraily patroalat d Waa tdrartlaamant ^ Tar Un Wiii'i Moirit irr Tha waakly roport o 0( ha City laapaator auhiiahad la auothar o>lnina. * howa a aonaldarahla darraaao la tha Mortality for tha m raak.tha numbar halag oaly 3V.1. balng 74 la?a than |n or tha praalou* waak. whan tha aamtor waa 4<17 fr 'hit It will bo aaan. waa what wa anticipate! Ik y-a. f, arday'? pa par Tha haalth of tha rlty la. on tha tt rhola rary food For tha rorra<pon<llag waak ol laat m aar, tho aiortallty waa T?? In tho aorraapot.diac V] fa*k two yaara mgn, th* mortality ?? n?ly nil but hal f??r *w ana>u*lly baalthy an4 allowane* to b>- Mad* for tha Inaroaa* tl population U DirOT m rat Nrw Tnaa tan Rata R?ti.**an ? ai "ha dlrretor* <?f th* Krta Railroad Caapaay ara ah-.tit th ?r?t a da pot at tha loot at tlaaaa ?tra? t. tba lantl- ta a| of tba flarannt b'.at? Tha It* la a?? balnj pra- ?< ared Th# bnlldlag will hara a fraat oa W*at >trwt. ?l if aboat TO faat flllln* up th? .?*< # ? '?..n Pnaaa * iid R?ad* ilrNU aad aitond bark a hoot 370 f?-t to M taahlngtoa rtratt Paraatj f??t at tha part ?dj*- *1 aat t* tha rlrar ?tll b* built m br .wo at and ha ba waatlfatly ort<aa*at*<l Tha f?aHn? *h>ut Jnt faat dc rill ba b i'lt tp a r'?t" ??' *fb*l?h with e-vlt* wl *nd faring* Tba lattor will f"rai atabt aw.a l-w pm ?i Uhm daalara. or tha atnraya of Tbajr win *?- at ' d thrragh tba bulldtag fr?a atraat ta atraat Th* In attal portlta of tha ??">?ra aatrwmtty will ba aaaa al I'd a* a flr* ngia* hoaaa Th* mar* *l*cant * - 0a a of th- d?| <* wfll ba a aad for tha trama-tim of ai ha btiata*** of tha *ompao j Tha aatraaaa will ba > ' r>rm?d bj twa arch** vappartad la th* a^atra by a ala- an vatlaaa It win p.-oaably ba al??ad f m aa of I ingataa 0* alth*r *14* *111 ba two rtaraa 1 h? [ M' Mini portioa ai th* iaaiag vUt pr ')**t aartraJ lUw I * from the |nml inrface, and be nmonUd by !Wl-?tr?ulu p*dlniit and flagstaff The oorniee la continued from tb? pediment to the right and left, is a heavy and bold atyle. Conspicuously o& the blocking course above will ba the name of the company The freut will contain twelve windows, with heavy projecting UnteU and Corinthian truiaaa. Tha four central one* directly beneath the pediment will be connected two above and ona below, by panel*, and ba decorated at tha top by aireular heads. The same aenernl itjle will be preserved on the Readeand Duane itreet side*. The building will ooit from $00,000 to $76.00?. and it if expected it will ba completed on the flrit of May. Vhk Tailos?> Strike ?Y after day morning a mast meeting of the Irish and American tailors was held at Oarrlrk's Sixth Ward Hotel, for the purpose ef appointing a committee to draw np a bill for "customer" work. The customer shops were well represented, and delegate* were appointed, without any apeeehus being made, work being the order of the day. Theso delegates are to meet this evening at T o'clock, at Garrick'*, under a penalty of flfty cents for each absentee, i It was stated that the Southern trad* 1* now com- t pletely intbe hand* of the tailor*, there being only < lour large mops who nave not yielded to the terms i proposed. Bo independent are the tailor* now. that though Baldwin and Starr ofTered them twenty-five per ; cent more than their own terms, and to assist them In their movement, they rejected the ?B?r with scorn, becauae they would not sign their bill a* well a* pay it. Tbe new co-operative shop, it is stated. Is goln* on admirably. the sharea being nearly all taken up. They are $30 per share. $ > being paid down. $5 more before the sht p is opentrd. aud the remaining f'iO to be called tor as wanted, and in sums not exceeding $1 each week. Another shop, with smaller shares, is to be set on foot next week, to accommodate persons of smaller mean*. The number of persaas now on the roll of the American and Irish Tailors Society is 2.600: and they have paid already to the journeymen on strike $1,300. Death bt a Fit ?Coroner (jeer, yesterday, held an inquest at the toot ot Staunton street, on the body of a colored many by the name of Thomas McLane. aged f fifty years, who was found lying in a small pool of water In the lumber yard of Alderman Smith. Assistance was rendered, and a cart was sent for to convey him to the station house; but before It arrived, the man died. The jury found that he came to his death by an epeliptic fit. Detention or the New IIaven Train.?The train of ears from New Haven, which should have reached here at half.past 8 o'clock yesterday morning, did not reach till 1 o'clock in the afternoon, in consequence of an accident to the engine. Universitt Intelligence.?The chair* vacated by Doctors Mott and Dickson, and which have excited inch intense Interest as to who should be their suosetisors. are now about being filled by two of the most distinguivbed lecturers in the States. On* of these vacancies?the chair for Dractice of medicine?i* to be 1 occupied by l)r. Bartlett. whose fame extends through t the Southern anil Western States. It U rumored that a Dr. Darling, who now so ably tills the office of Demon- i itrator lo the University. (he practical operator upon subjects for dissection, is to be appointed to the other vacant chair?namely, that ot surgery. The New York University will present, this season, a grand array of lecturers. The following are the chairs, as they now stand:?Practice of Medicine. Bartlett; Professor of Anatomy. Patterson; Midwifery, liedford; * L'hemistry. Draper; Materia Mediea, i'aine, Surgery, * ??; Demonstrator, Darling. A Shocking Accident.?A shocking, and probably j latal, accident occurred yesterday afternoon on board j nf the Liverpool packet ship "Manhattan." lying at y the loot of llaekiaan street pier, East River. It appears i quite a number ot her men were busily engaged In dis- , , charging the cargo, when they were suddenly star'.lad t by crien of- stand from under." In consequence ot one c or them, named Henry t'rauley. slipping from the third deck, and being precipitated through the hatchway, distance of over seventy feet his head striking upon a coll ot thain cables, tractaring the skull dreadfully, and orushing other portions of the cranium almost i to a jelly. Toe poor man was hoisted from the hold ' insensible and speechless and Immediately conveyed to (he City lf0"|<ital In a carriage, where Dr. Leut treated his Injuries. Vp to last evening he was suffer- ; Ing in great aj"ny, and no hopes were entertained ot his recovery Tisemen's fticvnsioff.-Eagle Vlre Company. No. 4, | el Brooklyn.accompanied by Granger's excellent band : of the same city, parsed our office yesterday afternoon, on their way to the steamer Empire Stat*. In which they sailed, at 6 o'clock, tor "the City ol Notions," where they will remain till nest Saturday evening. This is a very tine company, and does great credit to the City of Cliurchea." They numbered 8f'ty-oue caps In all, and wvre aoronipauied by a goodly number of invited ga**st*. rhey taok their engine with them They wera dressed In drab pants, with blna ihlrts and patent leather c MU, and l a very fine and uniform appearknce The ateamer takes thrm t* Newport, an J from hrnet *t b'iir" th?j (O thi rnt ol thr way by railroad Tbt j will be received at Boston by Perkins Korlne Company No 16. After breaklaat at the 0. 8. Hotel, the quarters of tha Hrooklyn company, they will paiada through tba principal street* of tba ally, ktid pay their rtspects* to the Mayor at the City Hall, [n thr afternoon of to-day, tbay will vlalt tha Nary k'ardL Bunker Hill Monument, and other public ?dfJres. and. leturuing in the evening. will l>e met at Warren HrMge hy the Boetoa I'ire Department, who lacort them through tha eity by toreh light. On H'edaerday the aama company will go on Boaton Comn?n for practice thenoe to Vraah Pond, where a dialer wdi be in waiting for then. The nest day they eave for New Bedford. They return to this eity oa Sunday Best. PoLit'K InTKLLioKwrc?BaonsLTR.?Pkllip Darlt, tha teraou who robbed the atora of Mr. Park, 18V Fultoa trret, on the 6th ol J uly laat. and another one. nasi ad itun>en. an accomplice af tha former, ware brought >ut for i-iamination. Davit waa folly committed, lunaon. alter thv examination of tha witaeaaea for he prosecution, waa remanded for a farther hearing, 'he evidence adduced appaara to establish the guilt f tha prisoners, beyoad a doubt. Ilnna* at i* Bbookltw.? A boy named John Wfcitliek, '?a arreated yeaterday afternoon by oSeer Kelt on a barge ol bating, on Aaturday laat. aatered tha bakery D the corner of Atlantic and Willow streets, Brooklyn, ept by a Mr Barnes knocked down the yoang Udy i attendance, and robbed the drawer of Ita eoaUata, bout |S. lie waa committed for esamlaatioa. City Politic*. Dmocaaric W? an Kh. tioh. ?The Democrats of tha ! ' eeond Ward held their primary election laat night ?r m< tnbert of the General Committee The eleetToa r?ulted in the choice of Daniel Mehan. aa atcrprlIng and Intelligent newspaper carrier, who outstriped every competitor by a large majority. There were bree members elected, bat Mehan was ahead of the Mt, and obUln'd a large majority over the praaxnt iderman "I lha ward, the exalderinm, and llio wouldt alderman, and all the other* of hi* party who took he aide of the < ffllals It may how bs expeoted that be der.oeraey of the Reeond Ward will be properly kanaged. as Mr Mehaa Is a thoroughgoing and enter rifltigkxD c Tut en.htm waio? At the elaetlon for tbi< warj. (* rid at Chnrrhtll'*. in spring nrwt there war another '< iw k r'ji-tli ;en ol the ran* of a former gl|bt, kat m ir>r? etqirnt Th?re wef* eren rtflee la raqataltton la k? b?na? i f th? abort boy*.'' The following ticket *. rlerted, hut It If .aid It will ba dlaputed. P> d that anutbrr lection Id la lake place Tammany ekrt: ?far Oen>ral Committee R T Coaptnn. 0. It.UK, Col (> Smith I'nr delenU* to aeleet a donate U lb* Plata roiintlnn -John Oraar Ralph Bo- t rt. ii B. Tlarney David A Fowler. Levy lifer tt la Folic* lattlllftar*. ft .frrrel if a ll-mritng "no knfv.-Olin Mao** Ml rfted y ?terJay man by the una of Patrlrk luukatt keeper of an enlgraat timrdlof hooae, at ,, o 17 Wa>hir.rton etravt on a rb?rr? of robbln* atrlrk t'aily ol a purve rontalnlnr flTU, la (old and c| a per m< ney Th* eir*uu>?t*n<-ei? It a*em? nailer Dl btrh tb- roMwry wae efl rt*4. were aa follow* ,, 'aily t< ok U dg ti? at Plankett'* beaee u4 while be n a> a/leep (> th* bed. ha waa disturbed by Pliuk*tt li u.lioj- In* band Into bin ?eet porkat near hia ;?ut tblcli ywlrt rmUliitd tb< bom; Dtll; d?iurr>d to tba taking ?( th? part* tonl?inl?( th? 0*7. but aald ha tu anly taking it la tdrr thai ha (Tally) inlgbt ant lorn* It Plnakatt P' onkxl turtkar that h? eould ba?a tba rnoaay la ha atornlag. conaa.jnantly. wltb t?la uadaratandlag. ?lly parattt-d kit to take 1 ha raonay la tba atom- T1 ig. bowtaar Plankatt an b*4ng appliad to for tba tara of tba rnoaay. iltaM all kau*M?r ol tb? ranaacil* r and da<-|arad that ha bail aot lou had < aa < liar of tha complainant * manay Tba uflnr. o? < ptrrblni the irroilm of tha areuai found la tb? ? urraa diaw?r two plaraa of Carman rotn, aalaad at ** 7 M, alao arm a American fold plaraa, trgatbar vlth ,* nk b'lla. and a?rftflaataa of dapoatt. glaaa by the p|, o??ry aad ?ll<? bank* atnoaatlng to urn 9400 |tr ha two (lanaaa placaa of gold I'atly Idealised aa a ar nrtioa ol bla aicn-y fioai the fart at bia harm* four ? a I. plaraa la a puraa. which ha had raealTad In ashange, at Linrptxil. for th* value of )10 aaab A ? omao by tha naai* of Mary Braala. who arrom- ti? ?n!ad ri'iiikatt to the Poller t'ourt. appeared to take I mi yrty ?i>tir? part la babalf of tba prtaoner, whleh fact '< ' ' raat.-d the anaplrloa of Mr ftewart. tba penetrating *** r* wbo at oar* ordered bar Into aaatody aad, oa 1 arrhiug bar pawn ?*i la gold plaeea. ?a? found kit moaay aha cwwld aot gl*a aay aatlafaetary aa- 1 >uiit of aa to bow. or la what maaaar It aaaia Into *' >r pi*a?*atoa; therefore It l? beflaaad It la a portion 'tba atolaa nonay takaa from Pally. Tba (beta. aa J,, > re raatrd. the magWtrata aoaaiderad (allitteat to Br iBimlt both part laa to tba Toaba lor a furthar ax a- ka inaitoa * * f'p ia> ik Kawur awd fWn ai'rt IV Dm I ?A oialil a.hibltt- a took plaaa yeatarda y a boat tba aid-lie Ih? day. In tha virlally of l'?arl and Wall ilr-fU, ' bt< h ? ik?t??l ?mb>> of and Ma>?4 JJ' nrb ni>rr a>nt It *?* 'but on? of th* a?atlon**r* that tfrlalty. bad antrappad a rardant gantl*ia*n, . i m tlanarara. hy falling hi a * Mil of dry good* and . t f an <la? amounting to >2ft* aot ralt??d at half * , i? am mil t Tha drp*d(>u< afl?r paying down tb* oaay <lwotm d ba wan **avad ant of o?*r >100 and Iwl r I ha adat** of aoma frian?l? ha r*faa*d to a<-o*pt tb* la h><1*, aa<t tb* anrtlr???ra r*fuaad to r?f?nd ba*k any ?r?t n of lb* moaay Finally, tba aid of Captain I llaj. of tha Firat ward pone*. aai brought Into r* w' lialtlro who likawia* applied to tha aarllonaara for 'M araturaot th*avn?y but to no avail. Tha eapIn. howavar art f*?l rg Jlapnaad to ha Maff*d ?lf, fa- p? Ttad to tta old and aora m*thod. ' tha bannar ' on * Hah I* wrlttar In h*ld |att*ra. ' itrang*ra Hawara of k*? rwk auatloaa '' Thl* ennaptauow bannar wa? *r*rtad CT' I (ha bark of a rnnlral looking Itttl* old Datcbmtlj* la did ap th* baaln*** ta admiral bin. by parading (. p <-kwarda and forward* b?fora tha aartion ahop Thla all a waa Mora than tha aaatlonaara could po-wlMy *? th.taac a* thalr hnalaaa* waa dara whila tb* baan*r {*'' la ap l ha raaalt waa that a ?omproml*a waa ao ? J|" triad lata b*tw**n th* anatl<>n**r aad th* par*haa?r. whlak th* ronUdl 'g atr*og*? r***lrrd ha*k tha fa, tola of h'a aronay with *ha raaaoaahla dlaooaat of T-i ? p*r aamt off " for aaah " A* anon aa tha a*t>l*m*nt w pr? malgatad. tha ?t?etaUr* laugh*') aad aoagratn t d'bamaa at hl?an****a Th* t*ann*r waa fart*d Cn 4 'ba eomiral locking llttta Datahaaa waa a?aa 1 t* ' adlrg hi* war ha a I to th* dailat boa*a. with aa air JJ'i rtlgnltr aiblntt'l la ht* m%aa*r aa If ba bad jaat pturad Vtra Ct*? at tba ?lty ot I itti ? .? i i ii fm Maria* A Airs. XFUfCTS OF THK STOEM OF SUNDAY? ALLAMT COHDICT. The following letter ih bud?4 to aa jaiifj lay, by a gentleman from the icen* of dlwirtw, who alorms u? that 15- Downing U a man o?er M yean of and hi* ton a lad of only nixtaen. We eoiuldee lommrnt unnectuary; but ainoerely hop* that th? >ra?e old man and hia ton will ree?lTe, in addition t? .be thank* of the community, (to which thay wi ? lighly entitled) some reward of a mora svbatantU) ind laating character from the government, for their lucceeefui and brave exertions to reMM their fellow creatures from a watery grave:? Ktrei'i Nick, Sunday. Ang. 36, t l'i O'clock, M. i TO THI EDITOR Or THE NKW TORK HERALD. Dm Hik:?An accident ooeorred here to-day, during the violent aortheaet storm wbieh U bow rating, bat ealled lor ih? use ?t the lifeboat. About nin? >'ciock this morning I observed a small vessel coming ound thf h. ad ot the teef. I kept wateh of her, aa X lonsldt-red b< r in a very critical aituation, and la Vw moments I ?aw her rapsite while in the act oC ibing in coming into the bay, and directly two meig eere i<et-n on her bottom, the s?a at the time rurfning; rery high, and br?uking ovrr her. I immediately wnt off tor help.and obtained two yoke of oxen, wltfa veveral mm, ana I had the b6at hauled to the shore with the expectation of having a strong erew. But ndge of m> surprise, when not a single person could it prevailed upon to to in the boat; and knowing that 10 time was to be lost, I g't into the boat with only ny son. a lad sixteen years ot age. and I with one ame arm. having hurt it very badly aome two weeks lince. We pulled oil in the trough of the sea, until re got to windward ot the wreck, when wa ran down Hfnru the wind, and i<ueoeedt*d la saving ona man; the ither undertook to swim ashore, and met a watery (rave, liaj be remained on the wreck, ha wanid hare keen saved. She proveu to be a small sohooner deck>d boat, of about four or five tons, belonging to Naif k'ork, where she wa* bound, with two men on board* ria : -lobni lark aired ~G yearn, aod Gideon Gardner, iged years, both men of family, residing in thei ;ity Clark, rbo owned the boat, was saved, andl jardner. formerly of Connaniout, Rhode Island, waA ost. Alter taking off Clark from the wrack, tha great lifllculty was to get the boat batk again, which C 'onnil It. ininniiihlw (n di. anil hill tn run t.n ImVAnl until I found a place of xafety. Had I have lud tiro more men wit bine. no doubt but I should have Mrofl be oilier uaa. as us wn? somewhere to windward; >utit was mi re than I oould do with only two oars, iiid one lame arm to pull the boat against the wind ind ;cn. nnd i lie rain f illing in torrents, and no on* o look out 1 waa therefore very reluctantly coin>elled to leek safety for myself and son. A? loon a? he storm at-ates, I (hall endeavor to And the wreek. ii Mr. Ula'k tell* me It Is all that he la possessed o? n the world. 1 nmain, very respectfully, youri. liKNJ DUWNINU, Keeper of Eaton's Neok Light. ANOTHER SCHOONER wrecked On Sunday afternoon a.'. 4 o'clock, the wreck of 4. choonir wti seen on the Sound off Huntington, filled rith water, and wan boardud by Capt. Johnston. who iioughth r into Huntington She was painted leadl olor and had been apparently rebuilt. She bad unit r her (leek two patent block*, and a quantity Of oldl unk She was about 18 feet keel, and had new masts, ihe wan supposed to hnve been eapslaed in the heavy >low of buuday. and that her foremast coming out, he i hen right* d Some of the men who boardvtl her bought when they Urnt peroeived her there www two r thrte person* on bo&id. ACCIr.KNT TO T1IK KEYTOBT srXAM.1t. The li >lent ruin storm and gale ef Sunday,, produeid a heavy sea along the Jersey shore, and the swells :ont iiiued to run very high to yesterday morning, and ?t hb early hour the steamer Cliingarora" was dlsooeied totting about upon the wave*, Mid suddenly truck the bottom with such force that one of the cadt ron flange* of the steum chest broke in id Instant, endering it liopos.-ible to get up *teani. Captain IVhitlick despat' l.ed a messenger to Quarantine, and irocured the a-si?taB?e of the steamboat United Itates which vMsel fwed the disabled *teamer audi. ier passenger* uj? to this city. The damage will b* :pet dly repaired, and she will resume he* trip* to~ norrow afternoon. In the meantime, tb? uvk her place. Voa Ci' steamship Ohio, 0?pt. Bckencfc* ailed yesterday, at 2 o'clock, for Havana, where sb? lonnects with the Falcon from New Orleans, whioh ear ies her malls and passengers on to C'hagree. For list* if passengers see Marine Intelligent*. Lacrcn.? The ship Arctic will bo launched from th* aru 01 nrnri rerine, rattcraon fc StaeK, at WilLamaburg, on Saturday next, at half-pant kin*o'clock, he ii built lor A. Trrrgn'* line of Liverpool pack eta, nd * ill be commanded by Capt J. T?r?|t. Til* k reilc U a Crit cl?M TMtrl, ot 1900 ton*. 1* 177 I eat ddk M Ikiiii. and 33>^ deep. 8h* la constructed In he builder'a beat etyle, ot the moat aubataatial statela!* and 1< a epleadid modal. Hit an>?Mp Franklin, tor Howard fc Boa'a PaclOs In*. In pn>gri?< iog rapidly at th? ma yard, aal will w itady for launching In abont fonr montha She la 0 b? commanded by Capt. Wllaon, now cf the la<lre City, and to judge of her pr?*eat appearance rill make a good report of beraelf when fairly an tha kmoiu of old Neptune. The tame build, ra are alto constructing a at earner or the fame firm, f r tha Paciflo river trad*. Meeara. ' 1*. fc Co. contracted to bail-1 her la the anuval hort ?pace ot 100 day*. which time will expire la .bout >11 werka. when aha will be ready fur lauaehlng. Tb<-v bare aleo In tiam* a propeller lor William* it 'o . which will be ready io abont three montha. Bha a 1C4 0 ton* LurllitD. Ii9 feet Ion/, 8J wide, aad M feet lold And laetly, the aame firm have juet laid the keel of a llpp* r ?hlp for the Canton trade, of aboat 1UU0 ton* MM kleeer* Lawrence L Fncdea, foot of draud atreet. are nearly completed the large California ateamec yt the Norwich and New Londea Steamboat Ooaipany. he dun *iobi< ul wblrh we have already girea She 111 be lanncbed la a lew week* Merer* I. fc. I. hare also In hand two at* am era for |ea?r* llnxkafc l ard. n. Tltey are to run b?twoea avenneh and <'harl?atnn and will be of equal dtm -nlona. vll ?tOO torn burthen, lift feet long, 97 wide, ad 11 deep Mr J W llllam*. Williamsburg. baa jaat laid th? rel of a abip fur the dan Fraaemeo trade, to be eon inndid by ('apt llamilten, formerly of the ahlm 1 ulh l'?r. |lna Mie will b. Of about 1 .JrtO ton* 11*3 at long. 87 leant, and 91 feel hold, and will bw unclied about the lat of Uecembar aemt. portlag lntalll|aa(a, Tbotti?o E> taaoai i>??r - On Friday next, thirty ivea h"- ea contend for pnraee at the C?atrevlll? oaraeji :ield that haa never before been known la this untry truly, the fall eampalga la opeaing In annertha'. aeg?ta well foe a port inf. We aatieipata i lerocare t>u*lr;r*a thia fall for the eaterprlatag pra? ietori of th- trotting eoureea la thla neighborhood Viatel CemialMloNerl OIBce. Tht e/ ikt F*>ger?Mr Mwrtoa. tht elteu pie.e* Commie#loner eoaeladed the eiaalnan. f.) L ...K... I 1?1 ' ' nd nhrn b? ttuli ihtr|?4 with tba of real**( cj nut** to th* ?ni'?uukof At* hunjr <t pound* rr log M<d raraplag to tbW aonntry to avoid piaolAb rt. Thr Conn inolocrr will bl* da?Ut<>? i 'Ho pom thl? dur The ltnpr<>Mloa Ik 'h?t tha gor i put ?l W . .hii ( n will ?nrr?a<lrr th* prl?nec p t? tbo RrHl' b authority a? tho rut pHtll una oatly romlnf and?r tbo treaty Tbo rrlra** do?lg? ,t?<t m roitiine ond?r tbo treaty only nambar #r?, mit'tlng of Ditdrr. artna. rapo, forf?*y, tad highway May. MAILS roil BtauPB. Tli* *trani?hip J> iagar*. Opt Iltrrie n.wlll Inn Oil* rt tomorrow Bonn for lialiCai and Liverpool- II*c all* will clnpo at hair pant 19 o*alork la tbo noralng. it H'ftUt Hrr?U will ho pabliahad at aiaa o'tlovk Or K*lllag*r"a Aito?ndln| laecfM U *aflaatta fat *fy turn >hat paraararaaea ?? l <IHinN will ?t'. m. -n? pr* k?4 <h?t m?rt' will ?l??r? Ink* rt .. i' ?. m frM?N t -Mah'lie l>r * t>c<iM rt ha?a a>irl< ?<n jaari to for* th? pakUa; hi* In* ia?d* ?r? a?w hi* *?ren***? *?4 hottt alt who with to ..4 t.i tr?t th* t?r will 4" 'II t? **ll n hin *' ?; a4a *r. ' >,ay caaaot (a away d>?aa! mH- I. th m?4t a **?y pUaiaat ia4 ahanaa low. Ma attMi what dia-. Dr. Keltlugor?. Itoar Mr i It a 111 ii no rat rlraanra tn laf-ti. yaa ibat I ha*, aaly aaad rti hot at year M*(la Plni4. ?hl' h ).* r?*taa?4 an I raaawa4 r h? ? > imit 'f my 14 f* *<? *?ar -ty Vn w n>?. ia4 ?p??t a - at aftjr dollar* la Ma varlna* pofa* ap ItaC II ar? fit" -ita* 'I,a v >a aal r aatry ta try t? tt??t th* a. Tour*, traly, JOB* HBitWM. Jr , Vaahar*r lonlaj A RhM'i Trade lalo Bulletin? ?, - , ?- " ?" 'W'nil 1 ar, Ms it .? with b? lain.? of D. tpplaua k Ca. ia"im < 1,1 1' II' ? 1 '? I ? foil ? m* ..rtar, ?n tit * 4||lata. Ca<rra *. Pntnaia. k*Wt Twlor k. -r -' . i r < ? . I y H . D u 4. Th? ui> ?ill - i <?. .t.4 .tinv la 'k? r?r ?r 'Hn ?f U? lalafB.-, > amaa'laf at ? f. alflak. Tit* P1n?h? National ilalltn, If*. ?** ta<?wat, ibmi W 4 k; *11 ?k? ar. Uat a( ta? ptaTf? aaprti riff ?f tl'? |i?tnr?.-h??H arpr*alata4. V*tni ky IS. .14?1 tr' In Uvla aaaatrrn.|n.m..?Tr"-Tl.o.f * onr IUa??t? ? ? > ka rfartrtnt?- ektala ?n|?rt?r Ukaaaaa. wa ra? H. I a - v0. ?-# Hr?a4??T f !< ??? ipl'.r til Pit; iraa ar? mata. fc* ika l?kra?a4 'If" " 4 a * 11 ' i a I' goonn faartk *9 f?m Hail iia*?, aaraar Im4i Mint. Paa.a?* fi<.na Panaaaa la 4aa rraa?*w? a-? ,n ' ?!;! , ait ' frmi Paaaaia, fr<-m ?M'h ?a (' 1 I . .?ra in. .m! raati tor Calif rmf ark <? * 4 ?n aa #?lay oa th? latkcaa. a* t???alaf"TW- tka aim..f M?at -mill in. IM Urn .Will pli ia? kai ?aa* aat . ' a ?'raa<*la? baht aapll ?a??.i?a? ta aa???n>i T f ft .1 n. la atitlll. t ? tha an?cf at.aaian ilnalr ?"ra?* ' la naalaf katwaaa lkt?f? t?. tha f II*. n? air* lit t aiaaaaaktpa. I lk??ait ** >?r? tirunt, l.rnh?rfc< ., Parana, ?>" arrlT. tft P? rlaf tlia siarih alF*i>*<n If l>4 iwijr-llw OOUIB. t..a Ii?lm ?>? iknt nam wlU H ?li Taakaaa, ?'i < B k I ? . aa a fa.?, pa- taatrara f*r tha tM4 4>?>aia?. "* p?*?ar<<?#; ill t a|ih |im ?f nfMf. |af*a?K? 1 r ' H?k' f is. ii?.?I "t ?>.?* ? - K ? f????a? H.air iBfttar* it tfffaai. ?.. *?a ? ?Malaa? .-Mi I If WMTh \ r s? "I ti' ? i* nrn. rk. ak? I* Mta ?|?al nf W^tra r^rataa. Brntkaf k Oa. allfornln ? > < . aiaanfatlarM at Ha.ll irtl?a> t it *? ai>4ar Ik* Kaaal.auj If tka rfacta p pfhi-aara^ Baota aa^ ffn?a|kaflBl ? aiL aall k( It r * > ?! >t 4f ??k ?' '?It. T'k #7. raiaal l.MP?t Kn'i, kliM*. *?., a^aall^ ( It ? i?? I til'*G. iha Maaara > at 41 UaiUaa4* at.