Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 27, 1850, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 27, 1850 Page 5
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*??' Fall Style ?r Hat U-hmi, Carlatm, Paiater*. Rlftiier*. and other work-people, K??? H" baally tkployed in the aale-roon of Kaoa, " til* liaU tor," for the Uet ainath, >ad tbe reenlt is a* ipariou*, beautifully arraLg?d. baudaomelv ornamented wareroom aa Ui-ra la is tbe eity, but there liaa been bo interruption ia Ki?t't manufacturing department. The taata, induntry, liberality, 4atarainatioa to pleaaa, and raeolutiua to overtop all rivalry, that heretofore ha* character* ?ed ?. '? >' predominant feat one, and 1 hare no heeitatinn in uyiag, and ?ay it boldly, that Knox'* Fill B'yta of Hat i* tbe neataet, moat ta*ty. tec eming. faatinatlaK piece of bead-gear worn alace old Adam travelled b4rehtaded wlthirJth* (ate* of Paradite. Knoi i* riaolvad, and he ia famou* for good resolution*, to ell a* be did lam aeaaen. hi*bat*, though unequalled byaona, at leatl twenty etnt chtaper thaa any other eity raaaufaatarer*. All he want* f* that thn?e who are Judge* of ft good article will call on him at IV Fulton ttraet. The Crescent Dining Maloen and Oyster aom*. corner i f Exchange Place and Bearer (traeta.?We Would call the attentive of onr reader* and the publio to tha above eatablial uient. which haa recently undergone conaiderabl* ia*pr<.veiix-nU, under the apirited proprietorahi? of Mr. J. 11. OKXUOttr, who, in enlarging hi* eatabliahmunt. bu fitted up a extenaive auuiuoa 1 noreio. id me placatory departBent, for formatting hie putr?na with that moat delicious article, the Oyatar. It will be founi ta b? the oat axt? naive aad untiue establishment for eajoyiag the Bivaltular luxury to be found in the city. Mr. Gragsry liaa aoatided tills drpartmeat ta the management of Mr. NTin. B. Bee wood, who :? perfectly au fait at tha huslaeea, aad whose kill may be t.ated la tha riobnesa and variety of hia arrangements. and wli(*e politaneaa and urbanity are aa ornament to himself and the establishment. We wouM by all ? meant recrmnend a visit to Mr. Gregory, and his akilful Bssittant, Beawood. y Hurra for the New York Boot and Shoe Xmporinm?The beet place to get fitted to a good artiole of Boots, Shoe a, <J ait era, and Slippera. At the Emporium, 1VJ Vnlton street, is the largest aaavrtment in the oity. of every t)la, and for durability and cheapneaa cannot ba surpassed. Something New.?Mr. blKhtmycr'i New Berigna for Cards, are beginning to attraet a good deal of attention. Already we see them in varione eonspiononi plaeee abmt the city. Th?y make a beantifnl and impoaiag appearance. His rooms are at Donlap'a Uotel, Bear the Herald aad Bon Bnjldinga. A Card.?Vr, Editor t? In J net Ice to W11han 8. Johraton. late Captain of tha Eighteenth ward police 1 with to atate that Captain J. was not the person implicated in tke affair of exurtiag money Irom Mr. Rednond. grocer, of thr corner of TMrty-aeoond street and Third avenue; bnt a person by the name ot Aagustna Johnaoa, who was a dog killer previons to hia teing dismissed by the Mayor for being engaged in the transaction which I alluded to la my lata speech before the Induatrial Congress, lie was la bowuy concocted with the police. DiVlu MORGAN. Cuba.?We understand that a Panorama f this Island is about to be brought before tha publio, of the BMt clesant aud artistic character, embracing views of ita principal maritime and inland cities; also of ita rich and divaraifieu scenery. Troidcal scenery has often bean the sukjaat of the par, bat will here ba brought to viaw through a nedium ef art more definite, more realising. It has been Minted by Mr Chapprtl, who made a sketching tour through tha island fur this purpose, and whoaa akill lb this department af art i* well known. Elegant Hrldal Cards, K live lope*. Cake Bails, aad Bridal Wafers, of the latest and aiost faahioaabU etylea, can be had at IVERDELL'tl. 3t)3 Broadway, eornar ac Daaaa street. Mr. Kverdell has a branch store, at No. 1 Wall afaat, for tha accommodation of hia down towa easterners. New Fall Dry (>ooda. ~ Hitchcock A Leadbaa tar, S47 Broad way, corner of Leonard atraet, hava ahead y received their new fall goods, and ara prepared to aerva their auetomcre with Silka, Dt I.ainea, tthawle, Marin <>a. Far ana tin*. >11 kin'ia of family gooda. aa Blantata. Quilt*, Flannel", Liteua, kc ; Gentlemen'! 1'nder Shirta, Drawera, Sctrfi, Cravata, Haadkerchio'e, Ulurea, lie. _ WI?- and Touptea.?Anotb t Medal kal taai awarded to Wtc. Batehelor, for the peat Wlg? and TonBaee. The public are invited to inapeet all new atyle foi WO, tt B ATCBILOR'S celebrated Wig Factory, 4 WUt ftreet. Be keepe the Until end beat aortmeat is the HI*. Cepy the addreea. Hair Dye.?Batctoelor'a Uennlne Llqnld Hair Dje, ean only he procured at the mano<aotory, 4 Wall treat. The public ahoali guard agkiaat imitation*. See my arloni dlplotnaa. Pcraoai wkoee hair haa aeaamed a had eolor from the uae of the Imitation dyea. can have il ?orreeted by calling aa above. Copt the addraaa. CombWanafiu'lory, 303 t Broadway?Thr riginal manufacturer of the celebrated Open Chain Shell Co nil * and the only manufacturer in Broadway, lavitee the ladira ee call and examiao hia late Improved patterna. Prenium Open Chain*, til. Cuwb* at wholeaale. 7. M. QOIMBV, 3U?X Broadway. MUaWl'l Italian MedleaM Soap will fare tea, pimple*, frecklee. aallowneee, ke. Peadre Bab tilt a* eradicating auperfuona bail f;?~ aa* nar? of thl M. L.4*"1* f" P?l? "pe aad cheek* tilly WhlM STri?v.. at 17 Walker atraet. I rat atora treat (net la) Broadway; CfcUan^r. W loath Third street, PhtUielphie i bM k Oo, 1? WaeMaatoa Betie^ Dr. JUMtt W. Powell, Oculist, AvrlM, Ac. ievotee his attention exclusively to disease* of the Br* aad Bar, from 9 to 4 e clook, at XI Broadway, an trance ltj WarE street, where caa be had kit popular "Traatlaa on th? M adit Ian, prlee 90 cent*; a Lao, hia *elf-e*tlag Ijrt aad faaataina. irtiflaial Ires iasarted. ON BY HAHKKT. Mcr-ar, Aug 2?-? P M. The (toek maiket tu more buoyant thla morning, ill priraa for Hfiril of the leading fancies advanced At the drat board, Heading Railroad improved Spar ant ; Krle Railroad. % ; Kria Income BondJ. '? The transactions ta Reading Railroad vera very large, and the improvement In pricea, from the opening, 1>? pel Mat. This la a moat extraordinary reaction, and li kat another lllnstratioa of the uncertainty of all fanay *tack operation*. The advance to-day, has not, II appear* Intimidated the heara, and the probability ii that the ball* will get their fill before the movement leap. The {Reading Railroad hae earrlcd but 43 051 tons of eoal more thla year than iaat. thaa far; aai when we take lato consideration the fact that toi some time left year the traaspertatioa of ooal oa tht read waa aim oat entirely impended whereas this y ?ai the road for a time hat had the monopoly of the car rylag of eoal from the BehaylkUl region. It will b aeea that the oompaay eaaaot ehow any Improve eat of eoneequeaee la Ita basinese, or exhibit I ere favorable state of thing* at the eloee of thla yea thaa they did last The rlee la the market valoe o the stock* la. therefore, entirely speculative, aad a sach. cannot be otharsriae then temporary It la on laprrealon that tho?e who look for a dividend on tb oM (took, nut January, will b* diaappoiatsd Th* r*eaipta at tb* ode* of the A militant Traaaur* mt thla port, to-day amounted to tlSS.137 69; pa) nU, ?a0,0U 67?balaao*, 0*9 90. It U ai pasted (hat th* Appropriation bill will paaa thla t?l whan a portion of tbla enoraou* aoeumnlatlon of ip< I* will b? l*t Iom*. and And It* way baok again Int Ut vanlta of tb* bank* from wb*nea It cam*. Tb* BehuylklU Canal will b* in r*adla**a to pa* onpty boat* on tb* ttth I net , bat leadad boat* will a< b* able to pa** tb* br*ak before th* lattar ?nd of n*i WMk. Th* damage* doaa to tb* saa al wtr* auc grrater than waa anticipated Immediately after til lood, and have, eoo'equently, required a longer p*rln to repair tbem thaa anticipated at Ik* tiaa* of tb* tturrrnN Tb* principal detention baa bean at f i lit * Lock*. (Is mil** aboT* trading where a portion i M* of tb* dam* wa* earri*d away Tba break waa Tory Mrlm on*, but baa boon a* promptly r.paired i oould bar* b< mm *ipe*t*d fro at tba dlaadeantagooaa al avatane** under whleb lb* agent* of tb* aoaapan labored far tb* flrtt week or two, for waat of nat rial*, labor, ke ti Although It baa taken fomewhi longer to repairlhaa waa anticipated, a weak noint I Ik* aanal ha? boon made permanently (trong. at M danger a*ed bo apprehended at that point for tl htir*. Tb* latent ihlpplag retome of tb* Brltlah Board < Trad* furnlah tb* moan* of comparing tb* roaalt* < the llret hall year of the repeal *1 the aarlgation la? Vlth tbowa of the <tomty?i4li| ynM at IMS n IMS For tb* "li month* ?4li| the ilk at Jmly l? ib* tnnnaf* *nt*r*4 Inward* tu M Ml**l ? T*w?*sa Ihtiib liviiw-ln Ummrm awmaa Jtti.t .Wit IMA IMA Efe * ** > l,.vr.MS I.7M.I74 l.MI.I llltMnwIt Will i?r?M ?l,J roaa trt** MM.M7 Ml 1M M7.T T.1*J Cl?M0 1^*0.7*7 t?*j> Tb* elMMtft oatw*rd* ?*ra ? IM*. i*#. unn. ritUh tmnI( ........ 1.711.M !.*? *? t.m.t 1.1..4 Sta'r. Twwla .... 2*1.M<) 3I0.H74 **l.? Othar ..aairi** *>J*t ?M M Ki Totti t.mjm t MMI i aM?.u From thl* It will b* ***n that la toaptrlaoi wit lk? Irat half of IM tk*r* bu boos a* r**?r l? 11 tonnac* ?at?r*d Inward* a dlmlnntlna daring th* pt btlf-ftw of abaat ?H par r*at la Brttlah. and 34 p aoal la Caltvd Rtato* T**?*la, with aa laoraaao of K pwr **at la tbo t*?*?I? of atbor eon atria* A* ragar Ik* tanaago rl*ar*d outward* tkoro baa booa aa I ar*a?* la Brlttch r*?**l* if TH p?r Nal, a d*?r*o*? Cat tad I tat** T*ao*l* of 1l<i fmr swat, and aa laaraa ? ?v.1 Afk.. -< n u> With rofard to tho eawtlti trad* th* tmnif* Wt>4 inward* waa IJM.lll la th* half f?r Hi July ?. 1S4S. A Ml 5T1 la tha Mm* >*rtod of 1M?, at .M4.Uk la that of ISM Th* elatraaoo* ratvu W*r* ? 6M r 4 la th* ?r?t hair of IMS. ? 2*1,4M la th of IMS. ta( A A32.4f.S la that of ISM Th* iaui*4 UM* aihlhlt* th* arrival of th* (li hal* of cottoa at Nov Orloaa*. la *aoh y*ar *la?* It) Ik* rtoolpt* ( that pact, and th* total erof ? otto* C?o? or tna U<mt(d Fi?*t karai too r.?.r r?o.r h Firit Killing Rrt'i Or of 11?? tmU. frti U S. 1940?Jap* ?. .Ao? 7-.Oet IS... 139 ?T0 I ?M ? ]M1 - Jaa* 10. . An* I. Oot as... 740.1M1AAAI 1M3 M*y IT.-JBly ?. .Nor. 1. . . 1.060 MJ 1 S7*r? IMS Job* Aajr 10 0?t B .. 910 *A4 2 ?H im<?Mar M. Jaij an .0??. to .. 979*A*.4?w IMA Maf M. July ?. .Nor ?. . .1 OAS AS.1 9.079 <1 IMA JaoolO. A a* T 740SM1.TSSI 1*47 May SO. Anf T Nor M. . .1 21* *0!S 9*17 I IMS Jaao 1. Ai? t. aoao 1 lit SS-J f 71* I 1M9 ion* A An* 7. . afl*r ptrkaf 'M* 097 1.0M ( IMOJaa* 10.. A a?11.. . ... ...... . ? ? To A or 10. ISM It will ho *o*a hy thU that th* arrlral of t ho ft hal* to ao lad** of ?h* *rop toa** T**? ?hra I ao*?4yt wm *arly. th* *r*f -a* "hort aad at itkm I imrw took ^m* Th* aa*l*ty wtatlaf la U?o aott pWMjSNliM M Uto ?o?atry, la r.iat^a to ?ottl tha flnt bale of hi itob to mukit, hu a vary peralclou* inflaenae apon prloee. and ia oaleulated to pro- ' due* a gtaat deal of harm. Bach i? tha anxiety among plantar* to ba tha Arat to gat a new bale ef eotton to market that no expeaaa deter* them and frequently a am all parcel, or part of a bale, la hurried down to New ' Orleans and a great aolse made about It. This foas te | Llfitpool. where spinners and speculators are selling upon every mommtiit to depress prioes; and the faot i that part of a tingle bale of the new crop ha* been received, Is laMttent to remove whatever apprehen loni may havu previously existed relative to a short crop, and the effect is immediately seen In the quota, tlon*. We hare not the (lightest doubt but that there 1? a lost to the country at large of full half a mllllen of dollars annually, by this foolish oompetltien among planters to get the flrst few pounds of new oottonto market. Cotton picked out In this way generally eosts much mere than It brings, and Is, therefore, a losing business to the planter who comes off victorious from the contest. According to return* which have lately been made to the British Parliament, it appears that, on the 31st of December last, the number of miles of railroad open in the United Kingdom of dreat Britain amounted to 0,031)4 miles. The number of passengers conveyed in the last six months of 1849, was 35.073,072. ' The receipts from passengers amounted to 4.?6.455 218; from goods, ?804.343?total receipts for half year. jCfl.3J0.561. Railroads or Cheat BaiTAm?Tn*rric and Ritvuivt. No. oj Krci-ipta Kerripti Paiirnotrt from from Milf couttyed. Vauenycrt. (ioodt truffle. Ytarinilint oyn. ? ? d. ? s. d. June Ni. IMS 2.343 3S.7Wl.JftS 3,?7ti.S41 Oil 2,28.1.373 0 0 Jons.1840 2,765 43,7"0,!<K3 4,7??,2I5 11 2.840,55316 6 June .'in. 1M7 3.603 61.S52.1W 5.141602 ft I) SS3 19 7 i JaneSn. IMS 4.47X 57.IWft.070 5720.SHI 9 2 4 21.1.169 It ft JeneS", 1MB 5.417 fli.3SW.159 6,IOft!?75 7 7 5,004,925 1810 Half vi?r ending Deo.31,?9 6,031k 35,073,672 3.155,218 0 0?? 2.89.">,3I3 6 0'? ? i d. Total receipts year ending Juan 30, IMS... 6,209.714 0 0 Total receipts >ear ending June-ll, IMS .. 7,565 i>ti9 H 2 Total receipt! >esr ending June 3o IM7... K.5IO,8Hd 4 7 Total receipts jear rndini June SO, IMS... 9 953.657 3 7 Total receipt! year endi it Juno .'In. I "f ..11,9*1.901 6 0 Total receipts half yearendlag Dee. 3I.IM9 0,3541,56112 1 By this table It appears that In four years and a half the number of miles open for traffic had Increased from 3.343 to no less than 0,O01)<? But while a great increase has taken place in the mileage, the same rate of receipts has not been maintained. The fallowing hows the average rate per mile per annum reoeived In each year on the whole length of road open from time to time :? Ratio or Receipt pi* mi.* iff each or rue roixowi*o v ears. Avtrage receipti. Year ending Jane .10,1845. jC2.ii.Vi pgr milo. JnneSO, 184? 2.7*9 " I June .W. 1847 1388 " JaneSO.flMfl 2.2IS " " Jane 30, 1849 J,UM " For the half year ending December SI, 1!M9, ratio per mile, ?1,043. or for the year 2.1(16 " Therefore, from 1844 to 1849, the average ratio ?f receipti fell from ?2,736 per mile to ?2 068 ; and, although the last hall year show* a alight improvement' It mnit be borne in mind that the leeond half of every year exhibit* receipti larger than the flrit half. Stock Elchange, $8000 C 8 Si, '<77 U? 29?h. Kne RR 74',' 1 MICH) do 116W <w; R. fh ft Syrno W7 Mid) do bSO III100 Reading KR 49W tOOO Kentncky ?I 104V 90 do 49V 2000 Uliaoil Bdi, '47 52 k -VI do llO *?\ 2(11(1 do ft2? 19(1 do HO 90 6U> City ft., '69 101 50 do HU 9UV 2000 Erie 7e, '59 102V 100 do 5(iW 3U'0 do 102 1290 do (10 5<>V SOW) Erie Income Bdi IXW 50 do MV < 0 eh. Del k Bud CI >'e 193k 450 de .10 IKi'J 30 Bk of Comce, fuU 1(?<< 390 do 91 90 Oceaa Bank 103** 14 do 5ll? 20 Bewiry Bank 102 100 do a30 !?\ 100 Canton Co 47 V lOONYkNHRB 107 SSO Brie RR 74? 1 50 Harlem RR 50 do 115 74V 650 do 98W 150 do bfio 7* 5?) Farmeri' Truit 42?? ISQ do do aCO 42 " MX au -. t SECOND BOARD. S10C0 Reading Bdi, 70 74 10 eh. Roah ft Syrao *7 | II.'. .h. Erie RR |C0 74W 4<?i Farmeri' Trn.l *38 42 176 do 74V 100 do *> MV <M) Harlem RR *10 IgV 290 do u 42 V 100 do bfiO fWV 100 do |00 42 MO Reading RB AOK 400 de i?0 42 200 do h30 54)2 150 d* lS 42 | 80 do W>2 100 do b3 42V 200 de *80 50^4 100 Monti Canal 16V W -J.-- - J-' ADVERTISED ENT8 RENEWED KVBKY UAY. POLITICAL.* CECOND WARD?AT A PRIMARY ELECTION, IIELB 0 ta accordance with a resolution of the Demoeratio Republican General Committee, at SUneall'i Hotel, on the Wthof Anrn.t, ISflO, the following ticket iu dnly elected:? ! iKcnon w??i>?roa ncMita?i. comkittii. Jimti B. 11 cihrmf n, Uoorga W. luui, Daaial MiIiH. roa DiLMim. John Ward. William Mlaor, 1 lii'bu C. Harriaoa, John HcLmi, Th.maa Raallt. n. ?!" L *L'l?***' ? laaraotora app' iatrd by tha Domoeratio jomrrioinH. _ THIRTEENTH ASSEMBLY" DISTRICT-NEtT YORK, A ngaat XV!. ISM).?At a rai' liu of tha Daa<xratio Rrpnhlican Contaatiaa of Dalaiataa, ilefttd purauaat to tha Call of tha tiratrtl Oaiuittaa of Tamaaaj Hall, and th? roeammoadatloa of tha tlly aad roaatr af Mow York, to maiiatil raadidata to ropraaaat tba Talrtoaath Annbl; Diatriot, hold at tha hvaaa af Mr. Richard a, r?racr <f Foarth aad Thnapaon atroota? Oa autioa. Mr. ; Elaathaa 1 hoina waa callad to tha Chair, aad Mr. R. S. In ott Aotlac Socratarv. It waa oaaalaooaly RaauWod ? That Mr. Jena Vaa Baron ha olrotod to ropraaaat tlila Aaoomtly Otatrici la tha Stala Coaroatioa to ha hold at rraraao, oa (ha lltk af optoinbrr, IMi). Oa motloa. Mr. Sanaal J. Tlldra vaa alaatod aa tha altarmata Dalatcalo to aid Coaooatloa. Aadrow A. f??ra Jnaoph MrArdlo, Mchalaa Walah ELM AT1IA.N Til' >K.NE, Chairaaa ft. 9. ( arr, Soarotarv. KKWAHUV. LOBT-OM SATURDAY AFTERNOON, A SILVER Watch. Ma. k.UO, aada h* ft. fc 0. Baaaol j, Lirarp?al, waa laat la aoaiai froaa ahip Einat-.r. Plar No. 4a laat tti?ar, ta U Kiakaaaa Plata. A hVral raward will katlaaa la aay poraoa tndiac the aataa. aad loar!it at 41 Exchan^a rlaaa. aad aa aaaatioaa aakad. I'awahrokara will plaaaa Map tha aaaa if vffarod for aala. Lost on stoi em. om batteday etenino. wrn raatant. la Warraa ttraat. a ?ery aiaall wblto >lat of llarana. A lih-i al raward will ha (Uaa to aaj> -na hrin(la< It hack, at Na. 7# Warraa ttraat, aad aa quaatioaa aakad. Lost- a imall parcel, containing six pwh of aaw alitor Forka and Spn?n?. aarkad "ftlttoahonaa." m?da hr Gala ft S-a. A lihoral raward will haci?aa for tholr allTtrr to WARD ft PRICE. Ma. to ITall atfaat. 1* rpo "JCBTICE."?$100 BEVABD WILL BE PAID BT h JL J. I. t" ?nliiimlm th? *h*rg* if th* T24 n l* r<MIN T! RTIB BOCP-WII.l Bl SERVER I P *T A tk* linUin, Na. IM r<.?4w?y, to-morrow, at 11 a'*l*?k, A N. r*aitllM *o rrll<4 Alto. ?*? Tart I* Hi*tk>. Ir kf >ka ??ul?o?i nitwr LOCIS PtH'LBTT _ " C 1 4 M *'* AH'' vnTICE TO < ABHBT--T1IE of ?Iv rirait >hr> l?k (tiki H>l<> *ui< frmelrl IMV. Aufiiot I#, will ti ifn t (nor fcj Mllli | U N?. I *Ml * atr**t. Nmk Bl?*r. u ?7r~ - ~~r~? r HPECIAL IHTirRS, J XJOTICB.-A PIBLIC MEETING WILL BE HI1-D ON IN Ihnri^KT Rfit. ?th Int., u ^t'lUk ?> intiry BUI. Bowary. for tk* pnrj m *1 ?hri>|(m 111*1 mhI a tract of Iu4 lldklf *ltaat*4 far kaiMiat ait** a4_ Jolalat tha TlIlM* "I I'IMI I?TIM>I|. aa<l Ipoa tk* |ln, ?l wht*h tla* fall*i|.laaati a aoi all la'iri<1 aatloa will k? (t**a Aa aoroaat al*? will k* rir*a 4 th* n?ia aa4 prnfrraa of Morrtaa^a. All who f**T aa iat*r**t ** ?w tarW4 %? ka pwml. YEA MAN'S OrAED.-ATTINTlOW.-THB MEMBER* f Ik* rnata i Gaar4. IN r? |uo*t*4 to att*a4 MM? ia? aa4 Mil. aa tkla (T***4ar) *?-*(**. linn 27, at 4 1 t'tlMk, U iko Ckaiaoa Maaor Item, roraar of fTwaa'v-fifth ra atr**t aa4 kl>U atnii. Paart**! afaltiH r?<|a*-io4 . Br or4*r i f PET KB HL'> N, lhairiaaa 14 T?ri A. D' aa, ftmltr; * TkTEW~TOBK MEDICAL COLI.B<??-TH B CBRlMO?IT IN af l>fl>| tk* nniMloii f Ikla t>all4l*g ia Tklr, toratk ln?t, ***t af Poartk ataaaa, *111 tak* ? !?- ?*, tk* ?tk iaataai, at ftk o'tlaok P. M. Aftat til--k. ?? at T W a'<I* tk P. ?a miln wtllka 4alirar*4 aa tk* ~-*?. j i|oa tk* B*t T?r <"*? of Brooklfa. la 'k* B*t. Df. t'hooM ?*r'a (fcarak. I'aloa plaro. Tk*ir koaor*. tk* II at or aa 4 _ oHar. Ik* kaa*r*kl* tk* Carforatlaa, artlMr* taJ facalM II** of toll****, ma/l*al. pkartnaraatlral *n4 aoarfaiato. tk* r*?*r*a4 tka clar*y. caatlaaiaa of tk* ar*aa. "tr*a??'? of I 4latlacti*a, Ia4iaa. a*4 th* rabll* (* n*?*M(ullf iant*4 t- at' ri4 I u A CABD -TBB SVB?( BinBK TAKBS TI1I8 OPPoB?l fa laalty to r*iara k<* k*artfalt tkank* to hi* frl**4a an4 _ totiwwwniaww* >(![ k*a* ..Uai ill ttaolr ail. la hit i? kakalf oa ?ator4at la*t. tka ink laataat. ky aa li'tm i . *a4 PI* m* t* RI44I* i Or*"*. H* ?oal4 *att*a. Ia4l:D ?l4aallf all *ko o*atrlkata4 tkalr *14 aa4 **rap*av *a tk* IC **oa*l*a, kai wHaro all wor* tlmnlata4 la th*tr klaHa*** t' ?*r4* ?ia, k* tklaka II v*al4 H* nf*r4*oaa. H*rua t, ko**T*r. I*? tkl* *aaattaaltf Pao* *nk< nt aioatloaiat ido , llkoralfy of Cap*. Haaaai, tka a?a*rof tk* RnfWIa, for tk* (rataltoaa a** of kl* koat f*? tk* o?a. 'milk. << tka ?.atl?manlr iraiaaailir af tka a?*aaar. far kii aatlr*4 mrtlaai Ik aaki tki aiaarataa a ilmui ih ta ail. la " ?klak ka harpilr wiinlil; Ilka. Im ta tka HBallUI if >. arruiaa?n, fa* tkalr rntUrai ia kii Kthilf I HWM ATRontR. A 11 PUM)HI HA TIRO CI.*IM* kfl AIKRT TRI A Batata af Jimn I Aaili. lata ?( N?. ? ham'xra at*?at. aarakaat tailor, ara kartkt aatlta4 la kaa4 la tka ian* la Ckarlaa K. Tartar. Ka 7a Kama ?'ra?t i a?4 all paraaai n ara raaituM ta pat tka aaaaai af tkalr Ia4ahta4naai It Mb, arka aalf la aatkai?aa4 ky a* ta raaalra ika taw. Haw Talk, lapn ft, l>*>. vl ikoRIRT J. MAW, Adalatatratar. at . L._x _n_-. GRA*nn<! WIO AND con I.UlU ?*CITMIOff to MMIa'i Orrra, fx IN kaialt <1 tka lavaa Cat k?ilta " HairOrptaa tiflaa. If aha fnan<it af tSa Half Orpkaaa. W- r>a T^aradar. Anaaat 9, IM*> Tka ( una IMlkaa l?a?a ta raaia4 tka fflaali if tka Half Orpkaa Aarlam. af Pia 4a?tltata aaa4ltt?n nf tka Haa, aa4 aim tkat tkia ta tka aalf at aiaamaa (taaa tkla raaaaa !a* tkalr kanadt. Tkaykarna**??4 tka aa* aa<l plaaJM ataaaar Hiaaara. aaAtkattra larr* ia4 aaaao^laaa karjaa Hllkaa an4 Waaktattna. *a4 aaari laaakm k O'Caaaar'i Maa4a. far tka oaaaatta. aa4 lta; |M|a tkaa*alraa tkat aatkiaf akall ka waatiag ? tt< i pari ka aaka tkla aaa af tka aaal pl?aaa*t an4 >T4 4attffkkfal aaaarataaa af ak? aaaaoa. Tlitata. (0 raaU 17$ aaah. ta ka ha4 af tka Raitaaa <t tka 4ifaraat Catkalla Ct arakaa. aa4 at tka aararal Ua4la?i aa tka mi rata* af tka airarataa; Ala* af Jaka f>r??n?ai4 anr. OraaA aa4 R<l?a Ha ; af R. t a44la?taa. IM Batrara; J k raaaa. Ji I B-war? Tkia. **> Hat ar. a* ra?r Rarra? aa4 Wa*l?aaft?n itraata: Jaaaa w. WO Watak. U Hitk wraati T. Oarrtak, ( katkaa atraat; W. T. <10 rattan Ka. T* ftlaaa itnatj Ikiaai Ralr, anrnar af All'a Lia aa-t Rtaitai ittaata; Jaa ONIata. Mk laaatt: J a aaa T ^ Parry. 14 RaaaaA I WW. Tka kaat aa-t ian?. sill laa?? 'ka faat af flftk atraat, at 7 a 'l?A A : Hartal atraat K C. at kalf faat f a'ataak Raaa?a4 atraat. HI, t< A a' l*-k; Warraa Mraat a* kalf Mat Ia'al??k. aa4 ytar Na. I Knrtk ... Rtrar. at tarl.-at, aa4 laan tka Gr?r* at < a'alaak P M. V. R ?afra.haa?W wtU ka fam..k?4 "t k?ar4 ka tta ar4ar a# THOMA* ItnlA. CkairaM. 17 I raVT | aa R. R. Tka >ik|4i af tka akara ara rantatH la aaat at W.r. rataara' Ka Tt Prlaaa Hraa*. tkla at at?ki ^ | i ilaak, la aaki taal tnaaiaaaita fat tka naa. WAJITa WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN, WHO UNDIKSTAN DI kaaiaeaa generally, a aitnatlon, u DiImsh, is i wholesale or retail dry good* or othtr atore ud tuiM a?na' at hooks Caa (11 lb* b?i of refereaoa. Addraee M. K., Herald oAse WANTED?A SITUATION. BY A YOUNG UIRU Ol tit respectable parent*, residing at 1M Madison street Now York. Sua la willing to do oil km da of work?age* (ix< t?i years- speaks German and English. Wanted?a maid to attend upon a lady ani iifaal child? French. Eighth, or' German only. Apply Id tbo Second aveuuo, east earner of Thirteenth (treat from 0 to 12 a. m. WANTED-BT A RESPECTABLE ENGLISH GIRL, ? situation aa Chambermaid, or tako care of ehildren can do general bousewrk for a smallprivate family. Goo( reference can he gi?e? from her laat place. Pleaae to appl] at 171 Mulberry street. between Broome and Grand atresia front basement. fan he seen for two daya. WANTED - BY A RESPECTABLE YOITNO WOMAN a situation aa Oeok in a private fatmlr llaa no objection to a hotel or aajr other large establishment. C u fnlil any sitsation. Can be seen for two daya at No. lot Barclay street, aecond floor, up stairs. WANTED?A CUTTER, IN A MERCHANT TAILOR! store, In this city, who understands the varioui uf cutting. To one nullified, a liberal oomaeniation will l>e raid. A line addressed to W. A. B., office, will be promptly attend*d to. WANTS D?BY A MIDDLE-AGED (iKNTLEUAN (peculiarly well qualified ), a situation at tuperiii'eudent or aiiutint in a ur?t rate mercantile concern. Bit intelligence, education, and knowledge of buaineae, ahoulc render him an aei|iiiaition. Apply to Philip Burrowet, E- | 44 Wallatreet; U?o. MrBride, Etq . 14 Broadwav; or Jotepl Mellorrav. Ea>|. 100 Pin# atree t. N. B.?Add rem T. M. S , al the Herald offiee. WANTED-DY A KESfKC'TAHLB WOMAN, A SITU a-ion at chambermaid and laundrett and tewing; wouli have no (Ijeetiont to cook or do feneral homework in i mall private family; the Lett of city reler*acet can ki given; no objectiona to go aihort dittanoe in the oountrr.Apply at 38 Thirteenth ttree t, between Fifth and Sixth arc liuea^ WANTED?Br TWO R*SP*CTABLE*YOU.VO WO men. tituationi,on* to cook, wath and iron, (?h. i an excellent waaln-r and ironer), the other at ohamoermaii and waiter; bo objection to mind children in a respectable family: none other# need apply; they cab have rood city refer* nee fti m their latt placet, PL at* call at ]'2C% Cannoi treat, in the rear; can le teen for three da) a. WANTED?A SITUATIO!*, BY A I'ROTESTANT <11RL at i urte and tauittrCM: wonld like to go travlllni with a private family to any part; the bett of city rifer in e cun be (lveii. Plca?e (all at No. 7 BriJgo air et three donrt weft of Whitelall afreet. WANTID-A SITUATION TO DO COOKING, WASH ing, and Inning, or rooking only, by a young worn in who ean give the bett reforencet. In jure at 13 Kranklii ttreet. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAM, A SITU ti<>ii to do cooking, ?anhing. end ironing. or a* Cham barmaid. Frit of city reference given. Apply at 9 Bear* street, tecond Hour, back room. WANTED-BY A HIGHLY RESPECTABLE PROTES tant young wiman, a situation as Chambermaid Walter; i? a g?ud cook, paaher, and irontr; would do th< general work of a umall private family. Beat of city re Terence given from her last place, I'au bo soon fur too day at rt Mercer atreet, ia the rear. WANTED?BY A PROTESTANT YOUNG WOMAN, I situation an Arst rate Cook Can be wall reoommenaei from her laat place, and the beat of city reference can b< given. Can be >?ea on* day. Please call at 13b Rivingtm stdeet. _ WANTED-IROM THIS DAY TO THE FIRST Of DC cember or January, the half of a Dwelling Uonsc, in i respectable part of the city, ntuatod watt of Broadway, am not abnva Broome street. Addrcaa House, at thi? ofllce. Tb beat of reference can be given. WANTED-A SITUATION AS COOK, BY A RESPECT able young woman, iu a private family ilu n? objection to gM to New Orleana. Good city referencos given Aiply at the cortrr of Smith and Doaglaas streets, aontl Brooklyn, at Mr. Tinney'a. WANTED-A SITUATION TO DO GENERAL HOUSE work, by a respectable yonng woman, who in ami celleat wanher an? lroner, in a amaii private family. Th be?t of reftrenrea given. Apply at the corner of Smith am Douglar* itrcets. South Brooklyn, it Mr. Tiuuey'i. C*u bi act n for two daya. WANTED?BV AN KXPKRIEX'ED BOOKKEEPER eorreet aceouutant and toady ? ,?r a aitu*tion wrtere hit ferriccs would rcceirt m iJi< lie mtintrttioo ?5-.h" "r?rUnct ; -art nule afTiin Addreee Credit, at WANTXD-A Sl'l ion. or broker ly a pereoa who l>a? l.a aeveaicen y?ara" ?i| n 1a tl ttom boaioc* a South. H? ia an raicrtn bo r. rcadv and corre<aeceuataat. and haa a $ -ral k of oommercu aflaira. Salary expeoted, a lair eu ' for aervicoa rea dired. Addraaa Cotton, at thi? office. \MTANTED- BY A RESPECTABLE VOUNU WOMAN a aituatioa ta do general homework ; aha it aa ax eellaat ? aabar and ironar. Bait city reference can ba givei I'laaaa c all at % Uaanuenlay atraat, im th? rear. Caa ba aaa for ?wa daya. WANTED?A SITUATION AS NURSE. BV A RESPKC table yanng Engliak woman. Apply at 106 Catliaria atraat. aoraar"f Cherry it. WANTED-A SITUATION, BT A RESPECTABL youag womaa. Sha la a food plaia aook. and a llri rate waeher and lroner. llaa ao objaotloa to do houaowitr la a t mall private family. The baat of olty reference ean I given. Plaaae call at 3M Teath airaat, betaeea Avanuea aad C. Caa be taaa for two daya. WANTED?A YOUNO MAN Or OOOD ADDKf.* well acquainted wltk the eity aad the general roatli of hn?ineae. to engage la a raapeetabla buainaaa. h?ldli forth toad ladncemeata. Addraaa, wlthont delay, A * office of Ihla paper. Hating where aa Interview caa ba ha<l. WANTED?BY A SCOTCHMAN, K1CENTLT At rived,a altnatloa aa Clerk or Portar la a tracery lluacratore, having had a moat oiteaaiee eiperlenoe 10 tl Old reentry; woald make himeelf generally aaafnl to I employer. Addraaa J. U.. earo of Mr. Jao. Theaaaea, 1 Eight* aeeaaa, rear balUlag. WANTED?A SITUATION AS CHAMBERMAID, B a competent, reapretableglrl, la alao amdooik. Ca ba loea at. or a acta addreeeed to K. M., 171 Mulberry etree will moot with proaipt atteatiea. WANTED A tTA Ti ll MAKER. WHO IS COMPETE* to wake general repaire. aad aaderataada rarloaa ei tanatali. Apply ai MB Pearl atraet. WANTED? BV A USSI'BCTABI.E WOMAN. WITHTU teat of eity rofareace, a aitnatloa aa Chambermaid < T a*adr*aa. or to IcMoklii, or plain *uhlu. or *aa*r h?aarwork. la a mall prirata family. #?oU likaarloo tal art of rklldrrn and do plain aawtaf. Apply at JM Nta tra*l. btttNl Mroad ind Third aranaaa. Wantid?a SITl'ATION as Nt'RSB. BY a III iptttaklt woman Tho kaat at oily rafaraaaa* oaa I fivaa. ri*a*? rail at 9(3 Grtoawieh atrrot. WAHTID?A COl.ORBD LAD. ABOUT IB OBM tba1 old, ?ko will to tka Watt Indlaa; oaa who ual* (tanda thararaaf hiraa*, and aaa ait kimaalf ganaral aiofal. Nni bm< *11117 *ko eaaaot protiM ih< rata ontaa. Apply *1 tha union Hotol, cnir at Raatot ai Oraanwlah alraata, hotwran 1 and > o'olook. WANTRD- BY A RBSPBUTA BI,B Y9UM0 WoBA Jnat ?rri?"l from London, a iltnatlon * Chaaihr niald H nrrnind or O k In a ra*p**taMa family. Can Man far lhr?* laya at IIS Oroca atraat, la tha rear. Wm ANTID BY A PROTECTANT 01 Rl.. A 8ITPATK ta 4a ttaoral haaaa or family ar ehaakar vork. C ka ** * for (va day*. If sot anga^ad. Ploaaa aail at ad Da 00* IITMI. M?oad laorjwkrnaa. W1 antino situations?a obrman sbamsirb and 'lr??amak?r a ->ntak aaroo. two l'r<>toa?aal ?o..l twa Protaalaot > amairaaaoa. a Protaataat lady'a ma> I. I lafliak |WBI, a ?ri aiaarKarad i'ratoataat wat tar, a 1 otkor rara'allr arlaatad prirato famllr aarraata. at Pl"*t? 1 tt?o Agaary, lift Uraad atraat, aaraad Haok aaat of lr>u way. Wantbd-rt a man and his win. (protk taala ) acta thirty-two yaara. (ara Bailiah. fraaa U ! dac ka?a li?ad la Aaarl<-a thraa roam.) aim*: M I aaiall, ( < d famly, tta wtfa 04 fond rook, haaaakoapor. lad)'a raid; man aa waltor or eoaahmaa. Bo'h ar* an-ir. ao?p?taat. No okJ??tl"a to to?a. ooaatrr, or akr>ad tin rat r*f*r*n'?* ara proffarad. Addraaa A B . car* of Mr* w a a. I" Tork atrrot, J?r*?y City, *r r*n?lr* for partUalai up rirtt atrp?i. nrat >tW amrv. W^^HANTtt>-RV A'KISPR' TARI E V<i's . * ? a altaatioa ii Rranirtnaa. Hu akjartlna ( In I ehaaiharwork ?r ?a? waakla*. B?M of dl; nrmw < ti? mi. rtHM rail aril 4?or II m Twelfth itnti ai Araaua 1. IhiN i'nrj, fmat room. Cm ka far i [ **r* W^HiNTn-IT A IMPBCTAILI WOW A I*. A BIT atloa > C'aak ? a prlrato family. Haa Iln4 ai | raar 7??ra la ker laat plaa*. FUw applj at 177 Tarl wil< Unor. fmat ro?i?. f'aa a? ? ? for <ta<? WA VTH> AN UfllllNi BI> IILUITBA. rkf bli nf lakiat ahara* of aa aataHliahaiaat, an* la will! t to laara tha atty. Rn-h aa ?a? lioa* af a parmaa* atiaaii-.a Ir appl* Na. ;l( Hu atraat. katwaaa i loan af a aa<t 18 A ?! WANTID?nr A U?P?!TAII.I TOCNfl WON A a aliuatloa aa Cka?al.armaU, or Nan* and plaia ia lac, with haat aflnltr nfanaaa. Apply al U Roworr, kotwi n4 T#ath atra.t. Caa ka t r t?.i vi' antid -an asmrtant in a fimra rtor?. <? ? ? tf at hat (t""4 r?'?iaiiia?4ailoai at.H aa4an>a*4a kaatnan may apply at I"2 Br ad??j. aaraar J*ha am 1 Alan, a hoy In laafi lha kaalaaaa. I WANTID-BT A SMART, ACTiri TOCKQ fOU a ritnaMoii aa Cnok, aa4 to aaatat with tka aaail aa4 Iroalaf, ?r to 4o (aa*ral hoaaaw rk for a amall 'am gha I* a i?f 4 plaia a-mfc, aa4 aa aaoallaat traahar aa4 lr?a Caa prai??a aaa??w?MoaaMa ally n'ar?a*a, aa4 rat ha a. rrr tfcrva 4ajra, at If *l?hth araaa*. katwaaa ftaraataaa aa4 llrhta??th alnala. WIMHANTID-A POO TRIBMR-ANT TRRAON *1 I la r"iapat?nt ta tllp tka war I from a larfa Soanl Pra4lr Dof. aa4 *:*? hl? a haa4a..aia appaararro, will h aa otr-orttialtv of 4iadayla? kla taata if applyla* at i R?'?H oilra. Hoat kit aaapakaat f?n?i mm ?l?r tk WTrlraa. WAST1D-HT A TOITIfO WOMAN. WITH 00< rafrraaaaa, a attaati a to 4a (anaral hoaa-???rk. in prirata fatailt; la aa * 11**1 ?aahav aa4 Ifoaat; ?Bn " a' r l?? aajr, at 1 Warraj "'roak. ________ WAX Tin- bt a rriAnr tucno max. a mtu 1 r o I r alaMJ o a? wk" I with tka ktaataaaa. ail FU rjaa lh* kaak a# rafaraa'a fr kia laal ra>pl?jor?or aroal* ha' aa -kJarMoa ta lat . alarfa of a alara. wha la aapafcla of kka kaalaaaa. Tin aall oa W *,*?.? carmna attar frawk raa?, ifclH *u aa4 it will ?? l?. WAWTfP A ?WAHT, ACT1TI TOtTIO AT AS I aaalataot Bark ?par aa4 Waltar. On" aho ran Kri n4 r?r> aimr.,H?t|ra far k"aaatr aa<l aokftata, taaj h*ar rrmap.ak rlaaklaa. \y arpljlna IW-ra It) A ) at I *M4a< H ital, Tktara atraaa. \LrAPTID?>Y A RRftl ITAHIJ TOCNQ HAM. 1 ?? alkra-ltfi aa Forfar la a aim, H-la a maa of at r taw para ?> a kaHka; waaM 4ara?a kla wkola klma ka tka | taraak af Ml a?|>1o?rar. If tka akaaa w?aM aak ott a Htaatloa aa kaaa ?attar at walkar la a iwapraka ' plara. whara aoaf4a?-a waaM ka ra>ta1r*4. Tha m raatakakla mtaaaa Ikklaai (ta aa. rlaaaa aall at I n't'trv atraak. uaar I r1ara W A*T?I)-A rorWBWAtr, or V!?II< IPTIOfAR rharaalrr aa<i of ?*o4. a44raaa akoat algkuaa *f t a>t Srara af aaa wka I* i?'a"4fa?t aaJ *< atatnai'-attra. w> r taaataa of iottta raa?> laatkllitf, l? a (aakaal kaalaaaa. Plai . a T . tka WaraM BUI DLrAtfT?l iBBiniA-mtr-TnoonotrTii, TO (AT A aak, 0 rg a, a ?o?- at lllaar "aa who parfaotla a 4>ra'aa4t ka I aaaaaaa. ?rp>r kat aaaa alaa aw4 taw. al i ftr*a4w*f. WAHTHk-ttTV tTIO**. IT TWO M9PK TA I ) l?W wowiai-awaaa r*aw.kar?al4. kbantkar aa I > 4raa> Mala aa I *a*nakraaa Oowl altp rafaraaoaa atr riaaaa <all a- Xa ikarf f ttiaat. ay akaifa. fraak frt (MM Mkfalkttkark. I ^ WAJTTB. ^ j . ! nTANTID-iri STEADY AND RESPECTABLE PRO- 1 * I TT t?kt?Dl vuiD. * ailuftlibi u Hurt*. Ska is eaperi[ cured in the car* of children, and is a nsat plain sewer , ' I would not object lo assist in light chamberwnrk if required. , ! Haa bsst ?f refereaee. Plaaae call at 111 Mulberry street, ia ! | tha rasr, near Walker street. 1 Wanted at thb battery uotel?one head 1 Waiter, and one to aaaiat ia thi dining room. City reference required. Call from 10 to 12, A. M. i A RESPECTABLE 01KL WANTS A SITUATION AS plain Conk, good Washer and Ironer, la a private laaiily. Good city reference given from her laat plaoe, 1 where sha lived for three yes re. Apply at 3UI Vullurry ' treet, between Houston and Blcecksr, in the rear. Brat floor, A RESPECTABLE ENGLISH WOMAN WISHES A ' situation aa Cook or Housekeeper, wfco thoroughly un- i dsrstunda her husinasa. ia a private family; has no objection I to go in the country. The ba?t reference will ba given. Picas* sail at No. 271 Madlfon atrtet, andean be seen for three day*. AN INTELl 1GBKT, ACTIVE BOY. AND A GOOD j writer, is wanted in a lawyer's office. J. Itankin, Jr., 37 i Wall street. i I

AYOl'NO WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION ASSK\M3tresa in a nniail private family; understands dressmaking ; no objection to do light ch&uiberwork ; ean be seen for two days. Best olty references can be given. Please call at SS between 6th and oth avenue, Tenth street, front bai emeat. A SITUATION WANTED?BIT A RESPECTABLE young woman, as Wet Nurse, with a fresh breast of milk. The best of oity references given. Apply to No. M Jamesstreot, Brooklyn, up stairs, room No. 7, Mrs. Keisel. DYBBS WANTED?REV EKAL PRACTICAL DYERS, at $5 U) per week. Apply t? Jnmu? Burk, No. 1) South Irimi btrret Philadelphia. lucent of American Print, and By Work*. I IJOTEL KlEPEllS.-A YOl'NG AMERICAN MAN, OF X1 good addreaa, having a very favorable and extended acquaintance through Britiah North America and moat of tl>? United Matra, ealrea a ailuatioa in an offioe or bar of a reipectable hotel. For a now houM hi* influence would be imuienie ; i? competent to lake charge of a hotel; would go to any part of the United States, or further if r?<|uirel. Reference* exchanged. Large wage* wil? net be required. Addreiia, pott paid, Hotel, lierald office. New York, for on* week. Housekeeper wantkd-une who undkkatanda, and ia willing to do the work for two pvraona. No children. An American, of middle age, preferred. To one who will eait, a c-infoi taMo home and fair wage* will bo given. Inquire for Mr*. Livingaton, DO King atreet. PACKER WANTED?WANTED IMMEDI ATKLY IN A Wholeaale Dry Uouda competent Paoker, to whom a liberal aalary will be paid. A. T. STEWART li co., Broadway. Situations wanted?by two respectable young girla, one aa conk, who ia au excellent waatier and iroi er, the other to do chamberwerk and waiting; toth lav* good city refertace from their laat place; no objectiona to go to Brooklyn; would prefer feeing in one home; can be I aetn for two daya. if not engaged, frleaae apply at It/7 Mott Itreet, near Bleecker atreet. Silver plater wanted to goto Birralo-oni that nnderatanda honae plating, may learn of good and permanent tmplox upon application to ULO. D. w.CLINTON, ixj Pearl a>.,N?w York. SITUATION WANTED ?BY A YOUNG MAN, IN A merehaat'a office, b>* chief object being to get a knowledge of bu*iu*?*. llaa been enga<ed in an office la this city lor the laat clgl.t m?ntb*. Could lend or depuait, aa surety, nun hm tmplovera, f.wv. AUdreaa, ? . w. ? , Harald *moe. 1 O^O GENTLEMEN GOING SOOTll OK west.?A LADY X of unexceptionable cbaraoter and addreaa, ua'iveof New England, wishing to gu in either of the above diroctions, j is desirous of making an engagement with a gentleman, aa j >11 rerint i ndent of his household : to one studying MM] . iu 1. - wardrobe, she would meet hit Tiewa?bsing tt>?M in the nectaaary aa well aa urnameutal walks of lift. Address S. W., Office. I rpa SEAMSTRESSES.- WANTED. AT BKADBft ?OK'S A Juvenile Warehouse, 297 Broadway, 1(?) Seam-tremea. j Tlio<e who are capable of doing fine work will And ronatant <m|lo}ment. by applyias before 1U in the morning. or after 8 in the evening. A respeatabla youth wanted, who ha* aotna 1nowledge of book-keeping, and ia willing to make himself ~ naefnl, at BRADBROOK'n, No. 297 Broadway. City rej feiea>es required. ! fiOfUk WANTED TOR one YEAB-rOK which a B?vv liberal interuat will ba given. Addreaa W. J., Ilerald OIU*, stating whan and where aa interview can ba ^ had. * iTiUC A tVD VAl'UK, SUL.FHUK, AND IODINE Hatha ? E. i. Carroll's. 46 Barclay street, are highly i omaiesded by Dra. Mott, Stevens, Boyd, Maonsven. ^n,itn. Dixeu Miilett. aad otkat eminent physicians, as a n.oat eflretivs remedial ageat for Colds, Sore Throat, lntun.n.atorv and Chruaio Kheanatism, Mersnrial Affeq'.IVBt, Ague aLd Fever, l.lvir Comnlaiats. Itch, Salt Rheum, Barbtr's Itch, Ring Worm, Erysipelas, Scrofula, Neuralgia, welling ef the J>lats, all eruptions cf the Skin, aad other eompls'.iU ai<:'.i<a rr .m cheeked perspiration or a deranged ' iiik ..I tie tyiiin. mm oato nave Been id luoceesiai " opvratka for tin |??t tmntr Ait ytara, dnrlBf ?I1 of which ' period the> have Ivor, literally patrealtcd by the flnt moll* c?l Kfi,aut only of thla, tut of aelcbboriay oitleo Tbic >n? fact aloao, HBi 'iu i*#n theibadowof '(n?iikery. aa I clearly drnaoDitraice thair unriltea M a remedy for remona* ( dlicajee fjom the himu fyetcin. rphx fturscibkhs have now ready, in pots. at X Acloria a rollectioa uf above Aftjr varieties of lie ('hilt nete c'brj.anthtnieioc; mo r?n?j ?t< m layere which will k wad up'B'iiutr u. inrkrro alter (lowrtiD* InOctober. Price, >o fur Ibo tnl IHorini'il, |l per dote i; a eocoai annrtment B of elder bat (rod kiade ?J per doien. AUn, a splendid collection of Paehetas, ib uwb. moetly of the huh colored < rt? mbb)r of which arc *ory largo, with beaatlfaldiepleyed 8, avrollo a dot* u of the hi eet corti uadcr name aad i j flower tc $6; a setoad rallvotUaef twelve fur $* Aid, several variai( ticc of thaw) wiaicr fl<>wtriB? rlaata. Crtlamoae, of eorts, I , Oia Ii risen aa, Trrtkolc. Uirta and Capna*. Torn-nla Asian's. i inmki^ Larpvatao, Tr Lobblaaain, ito.. fty cott? cash. a chaiaa onllectioa of tha Aehimcaee, t- c< mlni into fh.wor, cbt'Wy aad striking object*, tha colon or ar the Boot vivid de?opnr< "b. five varietiee. flfty rente each, be With a general coUctleaaf tardea, told, aad flower aceJs, ilc which is aafBcaiod bi evert arrival frro abroad. m J. m TlfORBI r.n k co . 18 Joha streak. XroTlrl-ARCfUTECTI-RB AND DESIGNING.?HBN* 1 v RV MOrrMAN.oBce No. M Great Joaes ctroot, Invites those who wleh oraamaata! or plain doeiirae lot aajr * klad of edllce, fouatalae. park*, maautnents, tornbs, furmiture. ?r rrecro, to ciAiaiao hie dr*oia?> aad dacltac. Bel* If prepared to foraiab tl.ern la tko rroal'et variety aad la tha I. hifteel pvrftetlaa of art, be bavi*( bad auf yeare of praatiae ia rtrlaiMMbi natron n> n>ea. B f UICBT ru* THE LITINO. AND PKOTEOTION POB I tr JU Lh?Dail-AtWI iri ilillU the puitil al lareatioae ef tk* a?e:-I. I4eatrcctibla liMiwM Calia tak. wbleh will praearae the 4aa4 aithoat change far a?e?? lk ? HrfMl pnMiln 1. The Cmk Burial VIII. of a aew Uj kaaatifal fans. aarpaaeie* all the ia<?at.aaeef |iit H**. 1 Burial Cihi, far ri-liUrank.for |. keepiai riMlm perpetaally. 4. Boiee f?r preaervine PraiU be ef ill ki>4i lot jwi im. iitrl; luo nraliN of elaetla atetallio eh aire. hadetaade. loaetce, piano u4 atort-it* l?. ? ?ki?k fu iirtui li bmif, Intrf, iIiium, Hnoa; u4 a 4ar?hillly, all othere la uee. All for aelc. aholeeel* ea4 r?r. toil, at Stf Eraadway, ky ika Metaili > Banal aa4 Pratt V tee 5 PRECIOUS (TOMES AND rBENCH PANOT OBOtS 1 fat Ml* kj _ VICTOR BISnor. Importer. ? Mali** Um. y N. B. Pearle, Dlaaioadc. cad all tlad?ef Oe?t furekaeed r.' kt their fall value. k* I I ROM I S CL6CE*.?I0P.0S0 CLOCES, OP RrERP ? V dearrlptlaa. manufactured la the Vnlted Hte'ee; emu IN which, ar* 0. < ?.. O O. U., round aad chare Oothloa Ei'ra ta Coin ait Gutblce. Maria* Larar*. aa4 tax 11 ail pattern*, of i- Janaa i mean fact are, far aal? by th* ana. aa tba aaa?r?aaoaakla terma. a* *U Court land atraat, w?n4 door abort ? Qraaawieh atraat. M \IV DlftloTIKT -4 OMMfK S a J IT hlace VaEaa la alab, far (teeae, pipaa. aratee aa4 ararr ilaaanpilaa af a4 Iroa a ark, may ke kept a let black, witk a* kaaatifal p. i>?b ie- a* a eoa. k bedy. leal laila IIair !>? . warranted te a-ilar 4- tke kair krowa or bla?k end aot Main tke akta la My eaea. Iel4 at ( (tract. Ala*. Or Lareetu a Aeeeetie Oil. k ~ aertala care for 4eafaaaa af Iftaaa r aa re ataadiag. VIIVSHDH. SANPOED A CO. S TRANSATLANTIC * f-J I'erk ?C* E*praee end Rempcen Armor at A^ama A .1 Ca.'e f a pt e* (ifknaa. It aa4 I* Wall aireat. Samplee. per .? eala. rerl?(ee. ealaablaa, merrhacdlee. Ae.. ftt* . forwarded ta aa*i frail, all parte el Earoae, la eeaaectiea wlvh Ckapha ' " k lli ia , af Eaelaad, an4 the Meeeagertee Velloeela aa4 Oeneie'e of I'raa" Ci' ode bought ea eommieeiea end (ertleatar atteatlra ahraad ta ehipnaeate far ?** Caita4 N kietaa. lafarte* reeetrcd, eed rials* af a Tory kla4 celV: laatad la tere of rradti created at ear beaaac in Eaglaad, ' . payable ia tnartaa. Drefte f?r eala which a?III ha cached ,.r ftt aay beaking t?.aee la Eaalaad, Seallaa4 ar Iralaad Tba Traaaatlaaue Ei. r-ee I mpaay hare r?el4?at par'.aere an4 eMeea ia Kra y. rk. Philadelphia, Baltlaiore, Lireryaol, a?4 Ua4aa, aal will r>" the cirineef attaattaa ia IT. all baeiaaea ta tkaia. Orilere aa l ?m4* raaalra4 at ,,T all tke ofSrae af A4aaa k Ca.. la the fe ted Stataa The (k 1.1 ritaa eo4 llrarpaal Dtraatoriat aa4 Hrtuek Tariff say ka eeaa ae akaae A- frit *MDTei<VB?H?-COlir*MI!?p A HISTOIiy n? rik> !. * < of It* f"1'"*-: ** ?t <?ai-f<U *??44ti??: at**, ii? nlnlM t? ?*< I'M k* I kti* *! . rrt??, 71 ? tr*m ?J Ml* n if pl*iw?r?, *111 *r.?? ??" ? ? Ml mtH?r \m Ifci# finm*. T>?? wtfcwj< Jl and tmHH ..ntr(,?l..r ta ?ha Kal'-k'tW^kat ?. aa4 faranka* ni*m af tat?TaallM ' "f* ' ?, tka? ? *?. I* IM? aa<" ? To* ? ? T?rA Caartaf aarf lata irtr la t aa<t*a -f ID* ka?k " thai ? ?? Wfw m?n a?IM kaawl?4*" r??p??'laf ' ?* klM't.aaA >af?| ?<? ?? Ik* l??aa? ??aa??t?4 Ilti H. ?kaa all K? tnaalkar 'hat ka?a ?rr??r?4. I? to C-*?'.?* * *??,t. rwiUitf ** ' IiMnkMltr OHM. IIUMIM itfHt nt if ACBIi*imT.-ir??oi>wo?Tn-8 ? If. J?1 *Mm?. Hum gaaiao. ?a?l?r?. *,* i.f ll ?r. 1 MkH ,wtj kiwi * Maftklaarj ".? a alllt. lro? u< nnM CaatiM*- J1,^1 itb riViiri ?-r. i???! ????*?*** 11' kui, ar aia4a m t4t ?i tba ItWMy.lHu,.. jrlRN B. t.gATlB, IM falUa '??l <Hil>U KM.TT A AIK *K. MM HAHUM T? aWaa*. ?II IX W??M?? a* All r ' y ***>. ? to ?*??r M^irisn' ?f ?ha.|?., a?< ?alarlal? f? ?"'"J ?'* #k?<M Tkaj ?aka tka ? II pttrM fa'l Inflir-ln ft aaat l#aa Waa ajf?*JJ ? All I|h4h miiWlll ttl utlkfcw Wft '? |7?*( I *?M"N T>. TIH riMIINO ?*,?* ka K* aiaapt Aa'araaf "> ,#?i (P i !u' atraa*. *. a..?( ;h Wfrs cmiiiwi" 7*~'?*LVfc - C?t|..rt?a.>k; fSrMK B.,?A. ?. ' VIIS S-iZ- 51 a- r m m4 aaim ?*??i4a4. r??? Ntll M*k war M I l^roHS?A DAIJ.AIK'AB CA? IttlfTOWIJJ IJ ? ??? ?. rf i b ?k*? '.' "I*.*" * T.r*. fcMll pro???-IIO? ?r?"? , l? M? MM*. Tk? ?r?4? ?r? t>Tl!TT' - ~ Jdimi k* ??k? M _Mrti??l*r fit* **' k" t?m?t ? *?lk?ry. For ?*?k ?!/ P?.B <AI.A A HA*P'<>*? ?A?or- "V'?P"? Ini luMi, Ml ?) Ink (rm i ??i. LiT?ry .-?M. '??<? l?l i>i I* (i?r.k.?? *f?? **** * ^ V* J*????! I f*" "!! ? ? - * m* Callaoi Pla?a. (riu atakta j ( !??? 9 m4 t a'tlaak Mt r1" or* CIOTBIW0 WAtTID-UniM Ot <I*WU. V/ ?aa ?Mala ik? huhati ftlaaa for Mat ?f alrthla?, faratiara. ka.. k? raa4>ac, tkr?n?fc j"*t ?r atharvln' _ f'T J l.t* t4?rtir, ?M Hr**4v?r. <>p-?**ir?. I.?ii?a a?II ? *#< hf tin. L. VI Il*6l'MMOTTPi /LATM-THB iPM'lllll l? 1-, tha ?a'y ?..! lor U.l? I. kukaa't rii?? nrruM tmfrtir l? H' nw i<?. * ?<U ft ? ?#li iIm fl?? l?a?a aI ratark<aa ?<mot Ml ?*aM ? < ??aa itMn ?a ?** Ra Iji * M J??i iinMil BniiwITH Fniato. iMkMi i? W*To? unof, IkH'W. IiMnUm, ty MMn. tjvmonw kn*mh -hahtoi ? im ??? m ?iu . . " 1 M HIWI I Nil IM MMItim nf til pm<M VWItM V. >?<??. r?*at?M. haiii. r?r4?. ft* . < ttair m?mm, " rti'l will mbwi, i( ?<>l tmj imrtawl la ?k? aita, ** aart wj i' h ?kaj W1M wll at a fair llalM ?*? . 411 harfoa * ?tm?l?l a*? to >ink ar rarL Caaatrj wrakMto *111 tmi u mkwxmim to w> AHiiiKutirn. _ DOWBBY YHSATU.?TUISBAY BTININO. AUO. D 27. 1H0U. will b? p?rformad tka na? draoi, antllad tha FIRaTB OV THE n. Jobnatoa; IHMr. Tiltoa; Zana Klrbatx.Mr.1V :na??, Bar iil.Hr. taveaa; Kara Muatapha, Mr Marl in; Andraa, Mr. (laniltuuj Marco, Ilia* 8. Oaaia: Helena, Miu Waaraa; Phroaiaa, Mix Uiflert. To consluda wlt>i tk* drama unlit lad lb* FBLON'S Last BKIaM; or. Jack fheppard Is Krao . ia?k Shapcard, Mlta 8 Dtaia: Joe Rlnaakit. Mr Statin*; Arnold and llioibalt, Meaara. Flaher and Lon*; Boohard, Mr. Goaldaoa; Jailer, Mr. Clarkaon; Mra. Miajpard, Mr*. Jardan. Donraopaa at a quarter to 7. curtain riwi at half-paat 7o'olock. Broadway tueatrm?e. a. mabsuall, sol* lis- 1 "V ,?L B?rraU, Manager.? Tueaday availing, Ai|. j Bill k. .k. . ..Ij. Uiw?v I Blr John V|N), Mr. W. Davldg*: Evelyn, F. Conway; Lord 1 Ulin-nrre, Frederick: Sharp, Matthews: Stout, Whiting; : j-?dy Clara, Mix Andenon; Gcorgiaua, Mia* Olivia; | lady Franklin, Mrs. H??rl<l. ARer whloh the grand divartiscment of the FESTIVAL OP FLOK A, in which Miss Adeline and Signor Nori will appear. To ooocluda with tha admired far'# of PER rEC'TION; or the Maid of Menstar. Dress Circle and Parquet te. 7fl cents; Family Circle and Third Tier, i& cents; Oall'ry. I2H cents. l)?.ir? open at 7. CASTLK O Ml DEN-LAST WEEK OF Tilt CELKt rati d Baveua Italian OparaCompany, under the dlreatlonot Sicuor P. Badiali.?Benefit of Signoriua Hum Steffauoni.? Wednesday evening. Aug. 2H, 1*50, will he performed, Bellini's great opera, in tliref acta, 1 PURlTANI? Lord Walter Walton, Sirnor P. C*ndi; Sir George, I. Uarini; Lord Arthur Talbot. Simur L. Salvi; Sir Kionard Froth, Signor C. Badiali; Sir Bruno Robertson, Signer llarratini; Henrietta, Signur L. Bellini: Elvira. Bignorina Steifanoui. After the tlrat act, O Bott?>ini and I. Arditi. will e.ecuta agrauri Duo di bravura on the Violin gnd Double Bass, tailed La fata dea Bohemians. Admission, AO cent*. A CARD-TO THE PUBLIC.-TH* PUBLIC IS RKspeotlslly informed, that in oonsaquaace of th>- nunfulfil tL e u t of tho engagement with Madamo Anna Uishop. by the manager of the A Mat P ace Opera House, the graud opera speitaele of "Judith" la, for the present, withdrawn. The rftrsBiLDosr academy or rmi arts.? New paintings recently arrived from Europe, among which ia "Gerniauia," by Koehler?a work of art of tha highest "la n. The exhibition of paintings by artiata of tha Above achool baa racaived many additions, and remain* open at the two rwm over tha ball of tha Utureh of tba Divine Unity, la Broadway, batwaen Spring and Prince street*, from 10 o'clook A. M. until 10 o'clock P. M. Admissiuatt cent?. Season Hokata ?> cents. Catalogues 12^ oents. Franklin museum, 17s Chatham square.?this elerant place of amusement is now open for tbs season. Two performance* are given every day, commencing at S ia tkc afternoon, and hair-past 7 in tho eveuiag. The entertaiumems consist of Lea's unrivalled company of Female Minstrels: tha celebrated and original Arab uirla; a troupe of Model Artists, who will pera<nlfy aunt naw and splend>4 representation! of Living Statuary, and who are excelled by ao?? in regard to btanty and figure. A variety of entartainmeuts every afternoon aad evening. Tor full particulars, see bills of each day. Adnission?S?a:s In private bo*. AO cents; Stage seata, 37>4 cants; Boxes, 2ft coats, Pit, lt)< eents. CASTLK OARBIN IS NOW OPEN POX THE RRCKPtion ol visit era daring tho day, troin 7 A.M. till i P.M. It Is tba largest and most beautiful room In tba country, affording superior opportunity for reading, meditations, of undisturbed promenades, while viewing the saa, shipping, and delightful scenery around, and labeling tha delioioaf p bra?a. Atelwlsa. UK an ia. LtELI-OWS- NEW YORK ETHIOPIAN OPRRATIC * iroupt, i?m ritroi laitraw, it ma nu.m Broadway, b*twe*n Howard and Orund *t*.?Monday, Auf. 12, u< erery night antll further notice. Th* *<>ntinued iaooo?? that na> favored thli inlmitabU band of Ethiopia* performera, kaa a tamped tkem aa Ulan th? no *lua altraof all Ethiopian baada, eomprirtag a *ruipany of thirteen performer*, andar the direetion of J. B. Fellow*. Thiy will have tba honor of firing their original inimitable entertalameata *very nijLt until (urthar notice. Adaiiaaioa IB o*nt*. Doara open at 7. Conoert to oommeaee at 8 o'olook. An aft*raooa Conoert oa Wadneadava and Satnrdaya, aommeaolnf all P. M. _ Panorama saloon?rroadwat, corner or L*<penard atreat. Exhibition free. The painting* are too well knowajtto require deteriptioa?the addition of th* apluudid Htatue, Venua, the Gieek Slave, th* Great Oyater, and ilirth of Y'uua, ahould be aeen by (very viaitor tu th* oity. SPORTING. ~ CENTREVILLE COURSE. l. I.?TROTTING?FRIDAY, An(uat :m. commencing at 11 o'clook A.M. preuiaely. The largeit tild of lioraea ever brought to(*th*r ia the world. No. 1.?Pure* $30, Bile heata, beat 3 in 8, to harneaa. Mr. Teneyck entera h. m. Jane Culbtrt; R. Toman entera ch. n. Jerny; F. Conneljea eatora ?t. K Bli-apy Davy; 8. ''oe .intern blk. < Tomahawk; L. Voorheea entera br. m. Jane l.?"eh; W. \\ helan entera b. h. Napoleon; J. MeMann entera br. h. Cow Uoy; J. ilathaway enter* ch. g. Ji(lar?on Duvia; A A. Gatea enter* b. h. Dan Kiee; C. (Jortnn aotera h. g. John RcRurF; C. Brook* entera b. g. Jo* Tanner; 9. Iloafiaad enteraib. g. Midai; Wm W. Whelan eatora b. g. Poteotat*. No. I ?Immediately kfter. Purae $30 Mile heat*. b**t 3 in .1 to barne**. J. Concklin inters b. m Lady Wattaj C. Marnh eatera b jr. Tom Brown ; T. S. Wilnon cn'ere b. m. Craty Jane; J. MrM.inn, entera br. h. Cow Buy; G. V entera b. m Flora Temple; I. WooJruff enter* bl. h. Tom McCana; W. II. Vaa C?tt (at*r< b. r Trump; W. Whtlan enter* b. g. Potentate; J. Whelpluy enter* b. k. Whitehall. V. t - Imtnriilal#!* after Purae D). Mila heata. to wagon*. WagoB and driver to watch *00 lb*. O. Nclaoa en'*r? * m Mary Gray ; W. II Van Cott filan b g. Trump: C. Brook* enter* b. g. Joe Tanaer ; Z. C<>acklin enter* br. a. C*atr*vlll?: U. W. Iilitf g. g. Morgan ; Mr. Shoot* tntora ch. g. *'?r No. 4.? lama J lately Ilur, part* $30, Mil* h*ata, b**t 3 la 3, is karncae. C. Brooke entera l>. k Du Marble; J. Whelpl*y enter* I. g Yuen* Amen**; O. Rayaor ?Bt*ra cu. g. W. W hclan enter* b. K Potentate. No. ImaeiliaUly afUr, aar>* >30. milt beat*. beat 3 la ?, under the aaddlo. 1. Woodruff entera k. g. Trojan; A. A. aatea eateia rh m. I,?dj Alnmc, J. P. NodiBoootore ah. g. Ringgold; C Brooka enter* b. g. Dan Marbl*; R. Thomai enter* eh. m. Jeraev T>i? bonea entered for pnroe No. 1 will ke itarted preeiaely at eleeen o'olook, A. M and all boraaa not than at lb* lima will he rBlad out. The alhar puraea will eorae off In ra|ld ei.eoeaeiea. tba Immenae niimt*r enter"! malting It abfolnUly aeceuary that thi? ahould ho dona to ploaao tho I public. JOtL. CONRLIN, Poprtetor. CI H KNTRRVII.LE COI R?t, L. I , TROTTINO.?A PURSR of flho will ha gieen. Two rnila haata 1b haraaaa, to oca* on 8?pt. 3d. Al*o a pun* of 1130, mil* haata. boat 3 la I, la hana*?*. to oobio off Aapt. t. Tho above poma or* froo (or all trotting bora**, eieeptln* l-ady Suffolk and Lady Moatow ; tv> will go to tb* *?ooaa b*at IB *aob puree. Rntrl*a forth* ahoea nnrao* will *lo?* Wedno*day evening, ? ( at 2d, by 10 o'clock. at Gr**n k Madden'*. I ft Bur* t* uiaka a gold, 11? atart to Bake a not. jnil. COVIMK, Proprietor. UHNION COl R8R L. 1.?TROTTING. THURSDAY, ?UI |*at Mtk. at 3 o'olook, P. M. Puraa aad atake glUO; two Bile koala 1b harneao. Mr Jamee lirldfaa naaioa ch. g. Triietee: Mr George *picor aaaioa k g. Hoaoal Jobs. Puroo MO alio kaata la haraooo; beat thr** la It? fr*? for all paeiag bora** that aarar woa a puree over that aa> uat. Batn*a to k* aad* at Ur**a A Maddaa'o, Tu*odar *Teatag by It) o'clock. Tkro* or a*r* to Bake a ra**. aad two to atart. SPICRR A MoMAMM, proprietory UNION COUR9R. L. I -TROTTINO, SRPTCMBER S. Port* Bill* haata. k**t tbr** la B?e ta baraeaot RSO to aaooad taat. Saptaa>*r 12th, para* $?*>. two all* heata ia kirafM g.'O to aMnad h**l. September I ?ib. pnra* |>?. tbr**all* haata la baraoee tlOtoaocond beat. Kotrtaa for tha above pnroaa toko aada at (Ireoao A Ma<fd*a'(, Saturday eteaiBg. Augaat 31, by o'olook P. M. Tkroe or or* t* aaka a ra**. aad two to atart. SPIrtR A McMANN, Propriotora. UMMON ( OI RSR, L. I ? SRI'T I.M BBR PVRkl ail* ''eat*, boot throe la tr* In karn*aa October Ttk?rant (3Ni. iatil* beau, ia harneao, for all aatlra hora?a. Batrt** to ko aada at Oroen A Maddea'a, >*pteaber Utb. by l*'at**k. Thtaeoraorr to aake a raoo, aad two in atari. R^ICRR A MrMANN. Proprietor*. Rm KI> nouxB pi.kahi'kb oround.-troitino.-a *ar**of|tA Will coma off on Boaday the *Uh Inat., at I o'clock. B ile heat a, b*?t 3 In t, la haraea*. t'l?*?d with tb* following aatrico ? Mr 0. P. eotara b m PUraTeanlo; Mr. I>. Iff. eat-ra b. g. Star; Mr. B. Vaa <;ett en tore I. g. Pathfinder : Mr. M U. eater* Daa Marbl*. A^m MOAT BACB^A BOAT RACI CAM! OPT ON Tbaraday. Aoaaai 72d, IHflO. between two aoaall yaoh'a, SI feat long, oae called Ibo " White Ragle," aad the other callad tbo1, Blaek Scrpcat." frua tbo i<ro*a Port Railroad doek aroaad M elter I.! and aad tef k to the doch. tho die* taara tal*( larnl)-<-i?lit anlaa it <u ptrfiirmul k? tlm ka?la m l?? k< ?rr an i ilfiy -a?a nualu. hum wl?< tad ilda i .if way n und ??t1*| thft kaat una ?irat4? ar uad that la'aad. tha ' h|l?" ?? kiult ky r*h ft clark, no*. ?<>4 wun alr?at. |l,imii>h>i|t<l kanda aim. a*, athar iar?rainn ar na prida?, zvi iaat . samoa a aloof rallad " m. m bara," and tha ? mia ra?la, (ka itata 'a laalra aillar tha " koala ' raaa in a>i *1 na? ml'-. imi 'haatad naad? tha " (a?la . a latlaa r k. pi"h Shooting bati b at borokbn. on tiicraoav, i au(. i7. at t*al?a a'aliak. ttiara viu ka aaaaral ft rata aiatrkoa or i aaaapatakaa , ala* ? ina ahot far at bokiliaka. aa hi akara aamrd day. pahtnkmhin. Copabtn rrahip ?cll a bhbrla in ft and jaiaaa b"maaoa. hara thla da? formad a r- par'arrahlp, tad will aaatlaaa ika badl urranaan 'rada, aadar tha aria af uhaaakarlaia. haliaaaa ft ca.?now tark, aoro.t *i 1*50. *? chat'biri.aln, obo a. pbbl.pb, ai.b* n. i.awrb*'t. jAt rorinrnn. The cop* rtwia'tlll' hitherto ixiatino hei tvaoa baii. 8iai"aa karlaf aiplrrd kj llaaiia'ion, aatloa la karohf |lm thai ik* aaaia la raaoaad, aad that tha kaaiaaaa will kf aaatlaaad, aa haratof.ra, at tha ooraar of baldaalaaa aad naaaon airoot. (aalraaoo na. m naaoaa ,.T.x ) al l t* mllml** bivxt v*w tobr. atrouftt m. inki-ma copartmer in (kla horoiaforo ailatla* aador tha ana af clark. ilall ft baraod. i? thia day diaaalrod kr ainiaal aoaaaat. < i.ark, ha i.i. ft b abvid. all daaaadt acalaat tha ana will ka aotilad kj tka ankaarikor*. wha a 111 aaatlaaa ta oarrr aa tka knataaaa aaoonal. ci. ark a h a li* m aaa ttraak. oft li porbu. Tatm>r and db baufrr. porwardinfl abb coaailaolo* marahaau. ckacroa. n. o. wa ara aa? ?mB>d la forward all caoda aoat ta aar aara, haaiai aaa is?ha afht koau. with i adla rakhar aaran, aaitakla fat tha a?arajaaaa af paa?*c*r? aad fr?nht. wa hara alaa aadaarraniaaoata wllh ronala ft co.. traaaportatlna *?aaia, a* MMMi l.jf TATLOL lata ?( KftltlBoff. J . OK BAtFrBB. lata of Ha. Orlaaaa. Bafaraaaa I* Baw Tot*, f. R?w?rf a "-aa, * lr?4nr Oir A/xlitn L IIm, ? Rmit atraat. Bfo. k c?.. v. a. ch?i?u, rum, nh mIct * co? *?a m?. ala^a. California. /iiinnmn CAi.irnnNu BXI-BCM -TRR MJB arrlkara will forward iMimii Iiim NriMtam Philadelphia. 3Mh ?a4 i Otr. N (Wpa?aaKar Bhlffar* aho?|4 laa?a ?ha>r *o?4a at tha ?*< . pri?t la tha 4a; "f aatltaf Paroala oaly nMlnJ na Ihi aoralai if lha lay tba ataaaiar Im?m T'rma raaaonahla, THBBPBON k ptTCfOOOC, Baa?r?r. aa4 ttaaia i|* P?arl Mn?r? Wall uml. I ' * TRA S si'uhTATIoN ai *n^ rill * ' lathaiaa of Paiuaia - lMtl*u~ii, N ! ->? k !?., af Paaaaia will al?i4 la tka Iraaaf rrtaM"? nf fratah't aaraaa lha Itikiaat, hat aa*h yaakam aiuat ha af |? Mah>? ana aa4 wol(hl, aa4 proparly aararaf, aa /., M k O. a*a aot raaaoaaihla far 4ama?a ar a?M)4an> la (ha traaalt. Tha i-haraaa ? iraaajwirtai i?a la ha pra pal4 la Haw Tart, rat htiM yrmalara. ar pi r ta B ?A< IRIMON k CO . ?T Wall Mraai. O'lMH k H?TH? tkl(ITI> I. OODB* fH>>? J. Bayaaa | ITV.Iaaalaaa* Oaaaral 0"mmi? ? Bar-haakL aa Praaotaaa. fallforat*. Bar-kaa'Uaa nu?i*?a4 ta aa arlll aa plaaat aa hoarf oar a?ora ak>v aa4 a?H Vr aaaaataa -haa arm4ia? all rlaha of tra. fta lafn ta:? mm. 'Tar/ k Ca, Haw Torh i J HfhtTkaaa'tjjla.: Laatarf k Baltriah. laj ~~ RAIMWiBI. CA|W??1* ABI> ABBOT **ILBOAD LIWBPO* PhMatalphla. at aaaaa " 'aa^ IJLfcJS a'alaah. a?aaai?oa? JOH!? PrrTTBB 4a<ly. (faa4aya aaaapia},) fr*ai Plar Ba t, Battk Blrar. IWt ataaa aara. tft aa-.a4 .la- #? TO A V BI<liBB>' qC??. IBPIPtBPBBT OPP^ITIOB LIBB TO PKTI.ADBbalha.-rkaa>aaawra of ih.a Maa a*, aa. raaala? ra*?la?lf hatwaaa Ba. T-r* aa4 n.na4.lfhUlla.4ta? aa?h way at Caaa B4y. aa Baa4ara W.4a?a4ara, Thara4ar?, aa< HjariBL&VEvr -r II ABl'SKHEDTI. Niilo's garden.?tickits rirrr c*nts to alt, "f th? Sklooa; Private Huxo, $?. D?or? ?niil '~t0 oummeBi'B ?t 8 o'clock. Manage ra?Meta Paly H. I lni |..nd?]? id,i John bafton. l>*?t night bat on* of M>? C.ojueoui Extravayanta ho J lu< niftht bat foarof ik? Drauatio ftaaaou. Second aiichi of the llntorie Sketch, receivtd with loud approl.aliou. Mm Mar; Taylor, Mra. VtrM'?" Niok:n?oB. Mllea. Ueloate an J | < arline, Mr. John Seftvn, Mr Lvnne, Mr. Niekiaaea, fco , Ac. Tutedav ot?niii?. Au*?it t7. Overture by tba orehoetra. I k7 "n hiatario eketch, called tub kino ?. .? C2*EDIAM? Frederick II, Kin* of Kuaaia, Uf. LyaaAf Stalback, the Comudiaa, Mr. Mekinaon; Conateaa Plotiea, , ' jjff To conclude with. I*m night hut ona af th? splendidepectaole, tha ISLAM) Of JEWELS?Qiltalnjertraad, the Ureal, Kin? ef I'haritale. Ur Nickinaon; Trine# Prettiphello. Mi.. Nivklnca; Lady lirtelia, ia waitinx oa lh? Prmee?a, Miae Mary Taylor. Werineatey, Mra. John lefton'i Benefit-Tlie Druukard, Hough Diamond, and laat ni*tit of the Inland of Jewel*. t'RTON'8 THIATRt, CHAMBERS STRUCT-TUI4? day eTenlbf, Auiui t 27, will be played, aa entirely new drama, In tkree arte, called < ON SI' t.l.O 11. TANTATRICI. Drawatiied from George Sand'aoe!, I>nited novel?Conai Uuetiaiaai, Mr. Frederic: Anroleto, prinotenore at the opera, Mr Jaektoa; Con?uelo. theCantatrice, Mra. Kmeell, 'e.nlla. her rival in lore and fame, Miea Julia Daly. To eou?lnde with the exceaaively laughable farce of rooK I'lLLICOUDV ? Pilliooddy, Mr. Burton; Capt. O'Scuttle Mr. T. Johnttont Mra. Pillieoddy, Mite J. lit' 1; Stiaan. *r> ikerritt. Uxee, AOoenta; f amily Cirele, ZAcentt. Doeri >pen at A qaartaj paat 7; to begin at a quarter to 8 o'clock. National tukatkb. .hatha* stuitTueadav evening, Auguat i7, tin entertainment' will eouimenee with tin laughable farce of UUrt (J VL?Mr. Win? terlljaeoni, Kr Herbert; Caroline Morton, our gal. Mra. B. Williama. To be followed by Ilia faroe of tho IRISH LION ?Tim Moore, Mr. B. Willlama; Sc|uavba, Mr. Tli >uipeon, Ginger. Mr. Herbert; tin. Fitiuig, Mra. B William* Mtaa Jinka, Mite l.e Roy. To conclude v ith the drama, by an IriaM Exile. untitled IRELAND AS IT IS- ILmiK'U Pat. Mr B. W illiatta; Dan O'Carolan, Mr. li. A Peiry; Judy O'Flagherty, Mr>. II. Williams. Honor OVarolan, Mra. U. P. Uratiaa. Bnxea, 2fi centa; pit, 12)4 centa. NJBLO'S.-DRINKAK!' ROUGH DIAMOND, ISI.AN0 ol Jewela ?Mra. John geftou a rtrst Benefit at this ea? tabliahment.? ttedneaday, Auguat 2Mth, will be acted, faff the fim time here, the popular drama of the DRUNK* RD. . To he followed by Buekaton<'? new ec medy of the ROUGH fs?SS? W JEWELS.^ "Uh (M "d l"' lh# BARNUM'S AM A KM! AN MUSEUM.-*" T. ttAanU*, Manifir and Proprietor; .'oh_ Greenwood, Jr., Aaliatant Manager.?The Drunkard all thl? week, ermmeaeinc Monday, Auguat 20, l?50. In (onaoquen'.o uf the enthunaatia erowda that every night throng tb? 1 tutiful Saloou *f tSa Muaeum to witntaa thia abiortm* Mr. Barnum will piracnt tho DRUNKARD, not o?l> t\cry evening of thin we?k. bnt nlao Saturday afternoon. In the afurti on, comm'-aoinic at 3>i o'clock. Songa, D?n< ea, I ho i,anc*ahire Boll Rinver*, and the farce of THE TAILOR OF TaM WORTH. The Negr* turning white, by a recent |nceaa of hii own, ia atill bent and mar be aeen. Ala*. Quern Adelaide'* Carriage; Tltaai^ the Fairy Queen; an iminmie Boa Conatrictor, fto., A*. Evening rerformanoea eomuienco al 7\ .,'olook, P. M. Adn'aaion 24 eanta: eMIdren 10 roan. lllj len 'a. Al.LHAI.LA.Stl CANAL STREET -THIS TEMPLB of aniiiMf ment atanda m rivalle-i ho'h for lovely wo mot* and charming aongatera. The oi ly original female band oC minatrela In the world. Thla hand conaieta of aome of tb? moat charming women. Living Piot?r?e; Beatifnl Dancing Arab Glrle, every aft.ruoon at three o'clock, and half-paafe aeven o'clock in the evening 1 he mtnager trnata that th? entertainmenta he hae fell oted will meet with public favor. Price of admiaaion 26 centa. CAED.-CHKISTVS OPERA 1IOUS*~LO*ED FOR i abort Maaon.?The patroua of Chriaty'a Minatrela, an? the public generally, are reepecttulle informed .hat, I ir th? Girpoae ol altering and renovating trie bnilding of Maabanla^ II, they will ducentinne their p'ri'?r ooneerte for a ahork aeaaoa During tkeir receae in thla eity, the company will give Concerta at Niegera, BuPalo, Clevelaud, Detroit,Chi? ear a, Mtllwaukio, kr. Dne notice will be gives at their re-epening, at their lang-eetaMlahed and nriqee Mall, la New York. R I' ' IIKISTV. Diwet.r. / \TTO COTTAUR. HOBWKEN -iRANb IN STRUM**V/ tal Free Concert#? itttuH c.lct rale ' Sand every Moa? ilj, Wedneedav and Fr* lay, commencing at 3 P. ul Ferriage rertuotd to 4 ?*nU. N. E ?! uh the weallier U uafavorVjle, the Concert anil loke plaat est daj AJUVEHKN r IN 1PHTUWLHUA~ DARNUM'S Ml'SEUM, I'll 11. AI > K 1.1 ? III A.? P. T. BARJJ num. proprietor anil manaerr: lleiirv *??dford, aaaialant manager. Brilliant iriumpS of lh? New Compaar, wh* were received with an enthusiastic welcome oa the ?|>rning night, and have alnce performed to larr? mi applauding * dirneM. Flrat appearance of Mrs. Tbay. r and Mr. Baker. This week will he predated, "The Bnken Sword." " Not t* he Poae," "Married Uh," " Turning tlie Tablee," " My Hister ate," " Our Mary Aone," he. fHMaiMM every afternoon at 3H, and every evening at Vi to A o'clock. A pair oC living elka, weighing ltam pounds, lo b< seen tine week with the other curiosities. Timely notice will be given of the apCarane* of Misa Alexina Fisher. A girgenns oriental ?neecle in quick preparation. .Saturday evening, benefit of Mr. freMnaea. Admiltauce erata, children ander Ul yaM* 12H oente. MAI.KM BV Al'tTIOH. * Auction wotick? irisii hii svky ?ukkard * BetU will Mil, thia day (TuosJa, I An*. Z7, at II o'clock, w ithin the atom, per samples drav i . in I nd ?l.-iali Wliiakey?puncheons pure malt W . 4ry, froaJ. Mehaa's Wateralde Distillery, tondoadeirv.juat received jwr ktrk Faany; waa selected by a gocd Judge, an 1 will be found ?f superior inality. SALE or IRON SAFES- WI1.LIAM M< ( OH MICK, Auctioneer. Williaiu McCortaick it Co., will aall, tbia day.ak 10 o'clock, at No. 1.1 Spruce street. ei* lire proof Iron Safefc made by Delaao?alao an invoice of Prenoh eight day elocha a lot of Tea, China, lie., fee. rou lALk A.IDM LKV. STEAM ENOINE FOR SALF.JH NINE HORSE POITer, In brat rata rnaniug <rd"P; with a gnod boiler, nearly I naw. lmiuire of J. A Rll* U)M. e< rncr of North Second aul Tanth itrnll, Wil'iamalun. Friea (MS. Houses for kali, a fair o> kink cahki \<.a horaca furaald; Iittnl a??-n jmn "Id; kind (aatla. bad louad IB tTiry particular. 1hajr will ba ?>ld oa th. IMti ?f K?plfmt>?r, lh? iwBrr hull' n' >h lor Iham afUr lhat date. Addrtaa K. M Uorald Boa. For sale. the oooi>?? ill and ri kmtijre or a barbar aliop. now dua* ?? aaaallaat l?i>iua, la oae of tt a lowar alip*. ?a tha aaa'tri ?i la < ili< altr. Apply at iba barbar'i ahip, IwatBl o( ti.a idaaaloa II 'ih.WCUuiUi* atraat. BILLlAKUTALI.ISIOKbAi r.-TWO <;<>Ol) SKCOHD haail Billiard Tabla> la good ordrr, with t?<rv tbla* ai>n>plau,f<r aala ehaap f?r a*>h. Aip.y t- T. O'CONNOR. 41 Ann ilrnl. wUraha ba? on baud aa aaa.i Imtal af a?# TaMa#, with marbla aad w?" il baiia. Roqms~in a small i km ate fa*ii.t. a front Parl?r and a iarfa tiall hadroru .? tha aaaoad >o?r. la lat. to two or three y?na? wen. a' #"> per wea*. wlltioit board, la tba wry eeatral |oea<lon M Howard etraal, afm | daora Mat af Broad war. tlood ra>eraare nnalnd. TO LIT-i CONVENIENT THRU STORT BA*?Bifat hoaaa. oi Fnar-h artaaa. B?ar l wia<;.foartk atreat, toataialai fcaib. kltchea raat*. fc>- I' eeoaat.n la* aadlMl|. Eaquira ai JIV fxartb ataaaa, tiraar Taatlf* fourth (treat. TO LRT-T1IR FITS IToRT IIRuW.N STONE STORE* Na. ?A Naeaaa atraat, l(atIt. 6 la. la depth. aad tl ft 1 ia. la width, with bdMaaaat aad aub-rallar lha etera la wall I J'.ted with a d?na 14 ft. 1 "iir la th? r?, aad II f: t>rd In the rear. Offloee?Tha ;'n<l aad trd ?<v.ra ara arr?Bie4 f. r '<Soaa. aad ara toad ap with ( rut-a water kaaiua. a*. 1-rfta? Tha 4th an 1 Mh ta< r? arr B'?t partmonad. aad ara wall ealted f. r aav buelnea. ra.|alrin( a atr?B? ticki. rha abula balldinc will ba raaxd ??tl?r, < ? to aui applio.iata. AppljrUNIEPIIENSJfc KA*lC_7 Na..?n airaet VV'ANTI^-A N?AT AND CONVENIENT TIIRII* or uafarataliad. a lit* i to Mr. W. A. Na. 7 Waw atraal, will bo attaadrd ta. WANTED-TWO Ft' K VI' II ED ROOM', FOR TUKC? atlamaa, la tb? a?i*liV.rhpi d of tl>? I'ark u ai>a? ifla dullkra a muath. Addr?aa L. S . at tl? olboa of thfe _ ~ mv. ~~~ Board wanted bv a oentirmah and wir* la lh? rlaialty of Br a 1 aaj, aat al">?? Hoaat<?? almt. A ???jr larga aafurt had r m ollli > aa -anary, wttk paatrlaa attarnad Tama n.n at I m<.Jar ita, a> lha partial wiah to ti prmaaeai. AMiih Tnta," at tan lui.raaMi airlmgw. Board ?a o e nti em a m t*Di.tnr mtunr, raa hat? k irt in a tr>a Irata taantfy; ploaaaat lo? ratl"B, aaar llroadwar M r< ran ? r?.(mrad. AUr m a. ft. C . Irutiraj p?at Rlrn, atat a< wkarn ?a >aiariiatR raa ka kad. _ _____ Boa*d at iiorore:* -a f; w ?r . ?oimtlbaian raa ka w naoda'ad tin partla' i??H aa l lodging* la "? af tka Boat t.l-aaaal hr or In Ifobaboa, wlihia l?o mlaalM'walk af th< farrtaa T |?r??i>iiM>l?ra, farriaf" fr? A I draa ' ' a' ?> ' ' ' Board wantid-b* a orviLrmam, im a priral? bnardin* haaaa, wknra ikara a-a Iadr koardara. at witk a |. m widow. Ma atkar atrd apply. A44raaa a. b.. llarald ?0ra. ________________________ DOARD DOWff TOtH -I ofltirmam amd his D wifa ran aktala a ??ry * aira' la fr nt r? ?, ?a lata* Vd in. r. with badro..? atta'lad II 4a>ira4, at If-. it Maralaratrfat two or ikraa rla/la i?a'N iti?o . aa ala-< h? a*tomm-da - l a. . I. i raferar . a and r*i<ilr?d. loari IMO or i'art I.? a HOI -k to i et-a GRMI* Ilaaaa and kla wifa aaa la aam.??n<>4at*4 with h ard, with farnlahad or aafaial'bad rrntaa, ..r aonl4 rant pwrt af tha koaaa bath roa?. larpn jard Mr t-rma ?4*r*ia. la jalro at 111 Want Twna' r faarth H., a h aaa 7tk araaaaa, TO FABIMIR WANTINI. f<o\R|>r|- TOR N-A TRRT 4a rfrakka aad ruavanmat aal'a of fo-ar, with ar wtthna# rrlrata ttVla. Pmato taMaaa>a> haabtaia. I a* XISt. Mark* Flaea. alan arroaiodat l?n i r tw? raaac gaalii aiaa. TO TWO GBMTI.RMEV. WHO Mil *MH TIIR COB, fntt* af a kniaa. la a pi'rata ?a . f, loaailna la Broadway. whart an tl ar K ar r< ar* lataa a nit ?.f t >ra? m< with alxaau and hatli Hwat a4j< laiai. will ha la* r?aa. naklj witk partial hoard. If daatrad. Rafnrtaona iltta ad ra'ialrtd. Pariiralan mat ba kaatra kj addrwaala* * Han to Carolaa.'' < ?> ? of ti.ia r'frr PI rnimird ROOM* A NRATI.T El RNf911 id AIR Ijilrnaaat froat parlor, trlih bad room atiohod. oa Ika ?~ aaa Ho, r. ta lat. la a f?i*ala famny, with titkar fall aff partial board. Applfat ill Eraaklln atr*at. Fia raaaa aM aai<abla far tlUar a gaatUaaa aad kla wifa, afttraaia?>? MlbMla n Ml.ll HTIIUlT I irrtLta'S tiTiBo ao*. wo. w. iih r-Bfrrs. comM.J taata ?I. M'ataicaa aad Ewi-r?oa. Maw Tark * ? nrdrr; I. Flatahtrand Milt a Ladlaa' rompaalna i .1 fiaa? dorrat, t}a?rt?rlT R??la?; 4. M?nrloa Ti?raap. Ck. ?L? 111^. Dablia Cklraraltr Maaanaa V Tha fcnhara?ral? Or an. Raaaal A. Rllot Paatr?-?-kfi?r-naa Dt/ la tka Baakp WoTd^f? Maala ?mrt Artlalaa- AV -n Tarrot Dw<et af Staanahlpa Dapika of lir frt1'" A tattaa; l>oa *.? I? nf * ' iiklMll a af l**l t>?*t* ?f Br. } Baaltk : Pf" IVr?na?i U?ar laa; Horaa. kallona, Unaia aa A marina Pabllahad a aklj . J^Ado1 laaf yaar, iy I Uttall k i n Bnal. a aad aoldV Dawttt u4 Daraapa rt, Tnkaaa Bail Ha?a Maw Tark. ^ wraairi M K Mm. K?? iou>iw?: *kHMf finnw-tifl.lln k STOfflY ha?* raNu'll n?"< Bii'" Hjh t '14 HiiXiiimoi M m? nrT**m*. tm ahara ? hava <n> ki>4 I nlMklt u4 HKlltn M?T > >!< of Ika BMt hrln Fvraltar*. t? aklafc aa la?lta ?ha af.*M'?a of tk* WAO*SH ft ?TON?T, M? Wr?a4??f. afanalta th- ('Mum* Irmi. r>*alara npfliil n a?t aaaai MMtitiJttldi Mrata. Til mmsfrrs bplbwihd fv (? > ???u? n?w? " ?! aa4 Ht.Mmnr, IIWI tadaav, 'Marly npr>mttt tka tr*?M Imh.- At IIU rt a. i *a*i>>??aai ri?C aitara latakliakmat (a*ta4U< kjr an nar N k*A. rrarj ?mt**?4 ???1? a# r?r*Hara. ? .*'*?r ixa* I4tk, Mtk. notki* hi), tfaa. far par Ufa k?a.(?lra. Hkrara* Va4 ?i4 llaia* ra- <-m. Ala*, 0**"ratioM. la *?a?y ftjla .rMalta ai r?ajg'?*a?f** rrarr lrt?4 af ma, ?aMka4 <Hik t-a*a? ^ a?4 Ifcr raaaraakla ?har?a WINDOW IHADI4 ?A*V?-\'TO*T, It RPWC'B atraat aa**a4, tkirfl, aad faa?*k iItm ?Tta4. ar ftka4aa. ?f *rrrj 4aaarlr?t?a, ?a kaa*, aad ??lat?4 ?'rf**k f. CVAOfUL

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