Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 28, 1850, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 28, 1850 Page 1
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T H NO. 5923. ONE WEEK LATER FROM EUROPE. AKKZVAL OF TH? 6TEAM8HIP IMERU A AT HALIFAX. TELEGRAPHIC V1R THE Nan Scotia, Hew Bruniwitk. and Wain# I met, VO POHTLAIIi, nunc* ovu ill I MERCHANTS' TELBDRiPI, TO THIS sraw Toss SLIGHT DECLINE IN COTTON. THE WAR IN SCIILESWIG. MORE FIGHTING. mminoui hzploszoxt. I0T111HTS UF JBRIT HMD. THE -POTATO DISEASE. THE EUROPEAN HARVEST. Adjooramcit of Hit British F&rlidiniut and the French National Assembly, 4k*.. Ac., Ac. Our foreign itvi despatch wn written through from Halifax to Portland direct, and thence to thii city, over the Bam lines. The despatch closed in Ilalifsi at half past eleven last mjjht, and was all received at 09 Wall street at live minutes before twelve, ovtr a dittanrt of omt thnuiand milt* of Utre. The Bain line worked admirably under the <btt{ge ?' Wr. Swan, the accomplished chief HaMVAX TxktOKAPH Opfick, > Tuesday Evening, 7 o'clock. 5 The ateaniahip America, Captain Shannon, haa arrived. She ieft Liverpool on Saturday, the 17th iast. She left thia port, after coaling, at o'clock thia evening, for New York, and will arrive at your city early on Friday morning The lower and middling qualities of cotton had declined |d ; other kinda were unchanged. The nlea of the week amounted to 39,000 balea, of which apeculatora took 7,000, and exporter* 14,000 balef. The Aaia arrived at Liverpool at half paat 7 o'clock on Saturday morning, the 17th, after a very quick paiaage?one of the bhortent on record. The America on her outward passage arrived ?t Liverpool at midnight on Mouday, the 12th. We learn from Mr. Wniie, the obliging puraerof the America, that the packet ahip* Star of the Weat and Coronation were aeen going into Liverpoo' aathe ateamer pi*?ed out. Alao the Charle* Crooker, from Charleaton. Parliament haa been prorogued Hy the Queen. The National Aaaen.bly haa tidjourne 1, and the attention of the French nation m ou* principally occupied by theprogresa of the Prewrtent through the provincea. With aome few exception*, he appear* to have been very favorably received by the people. Jenny Lind was giving concerts to crowded audientea at Liverpool, and waa to have anled for New York, in the Atlantic, on the 21?t mat. Miaa Cuthman, the celebrated American actreaa, ia a jwaaerger in thia ateamer. Mr Wilbur ia alao a pwaenger, and bearer of rf**|??u:hea from Kngland and the continent to the American government. S/itn# further Nlirirtiihri tirfVe ltU'*n iilace be tween be I>anes ami the llolsteiocrs, in which the lstter a{>|war to have come oil ticlArioii. There are rumora of an approaching settlement of the juarrel, under th- auxpices of Ku?sta, l.ngland and France. Copenhagen letters report that the King of Denmark hs? committed a left-handed m.fringe with a dressmaker. The overland mail from India, aa we learn by a telegraphic despatch, kindly furnished hy. the Royal Mail ftteamship Company, at rived at London at 10 o'clock on Saturday, juat previo'ia to the sailing ol ihe America. We have i.o pnuculara. Urnaairk and tk? Due hies. Oae account from head-quarters represents that ? slight rtigHgi ment had taken ( lace on the 8th. Itwat a mere iflair of outpostt, though at first iI was BU| pna*d the whole Danith line waa in motioa. The attack on the pHrt of the Dines wai 'precipitated an account of an explosion of the laboratory of the artillery of Gen Willinon, by which there was great loss of life and property?91 pertone, killed l>y the exi loeton, h*v? I. en .uried, and 96 wounded, some severely, snd II put down ai miaaifig. Many bodies were so mangled thai they could not be identified. Twenty-two c*' deta of lbs artillery school are among tb< killed. Scarcely a house in tbe town baa en tirelf escaped from tbe coacnasioa. Tbe effec of the catastrophe on the public mind bad beet very depreMNg About noon oa Thursday, tlx day oa which the explosion took place, the luaiat (reneral advanced large Ixxlies of nn-a to ihe veq verge of the right wing ? f tbe Schleswig Moisten pnsitisa Tbe latter rstreated to tbe maia body behind the bridge, sad a slurp struggle ensued which gradually e*tended naeif ai<>n( the rtgh ilf, to the rulwird, aa fir U I>a?en?fedt I laated for aonie hcura. The Lunra ontnuinherej the Schleawig Holateiaera, but the latter advaaeet upon the Dane* with tiied hayoueta, and, will lotid hnrraha. drove th< m|frnm their ehrlter. Th< Daa?i fled in aorh a harry that they Irft behim their killed and wounded, which ia, wuh them, I net unui"> a I ctrram*t* nc Frtai Copenhagen it ia atated the Kiac of Den mark, atrnd all tha broil and trouble, baa beei puraaing hla uanal amoura and diaaipaiiana, am tkal a baa been m?(l? of hia clandea ioa mamage with a lively and fiacinatiog jrounj dreaamaker of that city. AfUta la Ea|laad The chiet feature of hoghah n-? ? ia tha CJaeen' apeech npon the prorogation ol Parliament. Th following paragraph* ar'all th it potaeaaed an general iatered " It haa afforded me great aatiafaction to gtva m' atteatM'B to the acta which hurr pww<l for th un|*ovr tnent of tha merchant*' narala ervica. I 1* I trtiiK, cal> nlated to promote the welfare a every claaa cflfcaeclrd with thia owutial branch o the national irfWreata The aca the gradat -4iacaatianaar? Vf interment* within the limita c the metropolta ik ia conformance with thuaa en lightened viewa which hare fnr their object th taipaoTemeiit of the pnhlic health. I looh for th OlMt beneficial conaeqneaeea from th. meaaur which haa beea framed w,ih a view to gi?e m people in Ireland a fair participant in aur repre ea'ative ayatem. The improvemeat ia the re venae, and tha large rrducuona which have bee mad* i? vartooa hraachea of eaueaditore, hav tended to add to oar fiaanctal coadiiioa, alaNlity and aecunty "I am encouraged to hope that the treaty bet we* Oermany and I'enmarh, whi h haa heeB' ai Berlin ander nay maduUia*. may laad>t aa da E NE' MO] tHi)? period, to ihe restoration of peace in the north e of Europe ^ "I c?- ntinue to maintain the moit friendly relation* j with the foreign powers " Common tine upon the businnaaot the aeanion just e cloeed, the 7V?rlei pava:? "The ministerial rranatrement of the Legislature has not been very sagacious, very Hysterni'ie, or very hiisinem like. The reasons for fhi? m?vbe traced. in a conaiderrble degree, to the second , rate qualification? of the cabinet. Rut th-se reas >ns fi do not supply the whole truth. The whin minis- c ters are not ministers selectrd hv the Commons, but forced in'o office by circumstances. Not a deeire. but a diaaster, gave them place. In any 3 cafe they would not hare been good governors. They have not the intellect to command respect, nor a policy to insist on attention Rut because , the House of Commons were not th?*ir constituents, 11 they had to follow the House, for the House would 9 not follow them " a Among the more important bills introduced by t the ministry which have fallen through,, is the Jewish Emancipation bill, the Savings Bank bill, the Lord Lieutenancy of Ireland Abolition bill, and ? the Marrisge bill. At a concert given at Liverpool on Friday, by Jenny Lind, the house waa crowded to suffocation, I and tickets sold at a high rate of premium. She | is said to be more beautiful and accomplished than , ever. * The Atlantic being too full of passengers to ae. commodate her full tuite to New York, a part of them are passengers in the America. ' The French Republic. The Assembly was prorogued on the 10th inst., t and miniatm have now all things their own wajr. a Moat et the members have left Paris, and altogether, though more peaceful, Ptria in less gar than it waa some mouths ago. Previously to aepa- c rating, the Mountainpreaented the public with their promised report on the parliamentary proceedings of the aeaaion. This document has become the B great topic of the day. It ia drawn up in a atyle remarkably free from the common defects J of inflation and violence. It ia signed by eixty-eight members. In some respects the | President has not been so fortunate in his present ^ as in his late tour. At Lyans the people were ^ worse than apathttic ; there was no address?bo public rtjoicing6? the town council refused the eupidies for hia suite. Under date of Paria, d Thursday, it is stated that since the Presi- < dent left Lyons his progress haa been Manufactory, r and impartial reports declare that public feeling , generally ia decidedly in his favor. A telegraphic ' despatch from Paris, of Friday, cantains similar advices. ' Accounts from the Provinces stste that the 1 weather is exceedingly wet, aud unfavorable for ' harvesting, in consequence of which there had ? been an advance of 2a. 6d. the sack. ' I The commerce of Paris still continues to pro gre*s favorably. The manufacturer* have suffi- 'c cient orders on their books to occupy all their , hands, while some branches find a difficulty in f procuring operatives to supply the dem tad. i Past* Bomss, Aug. 16 ?Fives, 9tt 85. g i Carman jr. Dates from Hamburgh of the 13th, state that it , has been determined to remove the Department of t War frum Kiel to Kendbburg. Intelligence from j the seat of wnr is tc the effect th?t a cej>ation of t hoKtilitu h lias taken place between 'lie belligerent 1 ! parties, acid that negotiations were on foot at 1 SchlMWig, between the Kuglieh and Preach and ? l.un-ian Envoys, in older to put an end to the eflu- ' I sion of blood. ' Hraaala. Frcm St. Petersburg and Cracow, we learn that the po| illation of those places were actively en- \ gsM d in repairing their re*i?ective citie* from the J ?ffft ts of the late conflagration. The datnuge d.ine j has been found to be greutsr than was at first reported. I A stria The news from Austr a presents little of general 1 interest. The Court of Vienna appears to be struggling how to gain a preponderance in (rerman af- t fairs, but as yet without much success. The batcher llsynau had retired from the ^ustiinn dominions ,to join tb* trsitar liesrgey in his eiile. 1 Spain. The Cortes haa been dissolved, and new elec1 1 - ? * 1 it a? it. lions will tnae place. i,?iu noun, iur minister, ha? been well received hy the Queen. ller Miijesty haa completely recovered. I , The Roman lUtM. f It ia aaid that the whole of the great powera re commend the Pope to grant a constitution to the Statea of the chureh, on the model of that one which Auatria haa given to the Lombard Venetian ' kingdom We have nothing new from Portugal, or other parta of the continent. Tka Cropo. I The potato diaeaae ia apreading in nomeroaa diathcta ia England and Ireland, and it ia generally admitted that it will take a large per centage off the crop. The other cropa generally promiae well. Cutting ia now general, and the weather ia very fine for ha treat operations. I The Markat*. ohbtabt iNTaixwinm. The market for tha Engliah aecuritiea haa aot been ao good thia week. On Monday there waa a "heavy" demand, and price* declined The fall at one period waa 4 P" cent, bat tome reaction took place, and the lateat pricea ahow a fall of f per cent on the cloaing quotations of Saturday, tha 10'h. Price* fluctuated from !WJ a !W?|, during the week, and cloaed oa Saturday at 4 a |. ahbbica* a-rocaa. We have no report of American atocka, and find no allusion m the state of the market in any of tha . papers at hand. rL?t-m, cows, *wd WBHT. (!*rdrer Ar Co.'* Circular, of August 16th, says t . " We have had a very favorable harvest, hat the wrather, since our lart, haa imparted dull feeling to the corn trade, and a considerable decline has only been prevsatrd by well authenticated report* of i short field of wheat. Our quotation* for J every article show a slight reduction, and at today'* market the basinea* done was very trifling, with prices tending in fivor of the buyer ' I rnovtstnun There ha* been retail demand for beef, at prs| v ion* prices. Fine qualities of pork are in more demand. < 'rdinsry description* of bacon command fnll ptice*. Fine qualities are dull. The few arrival* of *honlder? *?e< with fren , sale*. Ham* *re very dull. There have been but *mall *alen of lard. The matket is lean firm. rr?AB. There sre said ?o be eitensivs order* In ths English market for sugar* for shipment* to America Csba and Forto Hico'have slightly advanced, and in all description* thers is a steady and rather more than an average business doing cores* Hotb al Liverpool and I^ondon, coffee can h* pvrrhs*ed at * rednetion from ths late rates; Not till shippers and hoir e dealer* are disinclined to o|*rste. Ths continental advice* are for from esi ufsrtoTV. m* Then in teas diysiias U pnr*h**e is* al ths W YO INTNG EDITION?WEDN1 xtreme rate* of last week; bat ' oldrra evince bo lioponition to give way. ttusineas at London and Lire-pi ol haa not bee? xtenaire. molasses. A large business has beea dane in molasaea, at dvanciog rates. HICK. There has been a large speculative demand i>r East India rice, at an advance of 3d. per wt. for middling qualities. About 50 tierce* Carolina have been taken at 18a. d. Tor good qualities. ASHES. This article continue* to meet with a speculative aquiry, which haa resulted in a further advance of e. per cwt.. the market clotting at 37* 6d for pots, ,nd 33s. for pearl*. During the week 700 bbls. lave found buyers. BASK. Quercitron Bark?Sale* have been made at Us. id. a 12s. for first Philadelphia. NAVAL .ST<H[ HI. Common rosin is in good request, Is. 9d. being laid for 1,500 bbls. No transactions are reported in tar or turpentine. Spirits of turpentine are in moderate requeat, at 18*. 6d. for American. OILS. Last week's rates for olive oil are fullv main tiled. Linseed ia dull of aale. In seal oil an advance of ?2 per tan, on pale, haa aken place, no holdera being now diapoaed to lell under ?24. I E?r. The iron market ia dull, and without any aif na if improvement. MANU7ACTTIRKB. The reporta from the manufacturing district* are till satisfactory, although leas buaineaa appears to ? done in Mancheater, and the same remark wil| ppljr to buaineaa in every department of trade. FKBIOHTS. A declining tendency still prevaila in freights, rhere are rather more paaaengera offering to New fork, but the fates are very low. HAVRR COTTON If ARK ST. Since the receipt of the Atlantic'a advicea, the laily sales have not exceeded 300 a 400 bales, aad i decline of f.l a f.2 must be aignalized in our tea. Messra. Brawn, Shipley A CoClrealu. ' Loeeow, Aaguat 10, IBM. Wa bava experienced a very qutat waak In ooltoa, rltb a further decline of fu'ly Xd per pnund In tba ovir and middling qualitiaa, while tba batter deaorlpIrna being aearea, and no mora demand for export, lava maintained their paaition Tba decline la ascribed oUly to the great aenaltlvenea* of hrldars at the laat avorable change In the preapeota of tba growing irop. aad It haa baen followed la Manoheater by a creation la demand for yarn* and gaods, with dlmilUkttf confidence oa tba part of purohaaera In the ireaent rate*, aad a growing fading that the prloea of neat af our productions bava been forced up to a daacrru* point The aalet for the week are eatiiuated at P.2M) bale*, of which th* trad* hare takes only 18.000 ?Ui. Th* Anerlcan dreeription* ?oid eouiiit of 0 600 upland*, at 7* a 8*; 11800 Orleaoa. at 7 a iK; 4,860 Mobile* and Alabama*, at 7,H * *>>4 io Hfa I>laiid. at 12^ a I'M. The official quoatioo* art Fair Orltana 8H; fair npltuda and rt< bile, 8't, mlddliBf. 7S a 1\\ ordinary, 7 a 7)?. rh? total etock ia thin port I* called 4*3 000 bate*, >f which S'JOCOO are American. ayainit a Hunk, at :bia period la*t year, ol 736 000 balsa, with 647.000 kmerican. P*H*n|en bjr Ut? Aaaerlca. lie aarooi >f nil akia- Mr and lira fearaoe, Mr Bad lira H altr*. Mr end Mta Uoln'e, MreC Stoae Mie?*a Cuebiuea, Stone Neileoa, bee Mr Mehyagrr, Meaai* W ilkur, U ,1tord, H>< acltLt. Jmuetoa. Palmer. .-prade Spra*ae km I eoa, Harriets, Itren. f'n.lth lluckiLitjaai, M Tn? n Th >mi>a?a, 'piajue F< refer Pniwllliam, Sierra*, U'lf"'?J, M*r?Je tad rrlerid, Brwltr, LeriCaiaide, Br} aolda, Stele, Hobe.r, Caaklle, Puling i>li, Believe Srcrml CaMB? Mr end Mr a Satnpet.e, M aa I Mre Soialer. Mr etid Mr a Cetera, Mr an I Mra I lark, lira Lualedea, Vra ? illi.n. lad rkild, Viae Dltlerhark, Mreare I aa il. Martia, letoB. Merrhaed, I lul l Marahall. rhiah"lai. I#anil m, So. natt a Jartaia, T?iaat. Speaeer, I'rua eolie, Header***, Heiahar, Uuitlmia B-jd, Caiman Kikaear, HaAlea. blppla| Intelligence. Aarwaar. Am lo?Arr M'nk. 814 14th, rarer. N Yirk. Aeieraai aai, Hag 10? Sid Catherine. NYerk. BK**ai.H*rm. A.** 5?Sid (_ a?o? N TmkBiteta. Abk V?Art Anna, NToil. Sid ?th, Matilda, N Fail. Be i BAt'i, Ang II?Sid Mela***, NYerk; Fied?oa teae, PLlMeifkia Ci'iHKt" Aag 6?Arr Herethell. N Yerk. Caai'irr, Aag 14?SI* William Aan N York, Cbor*tjiit. Ana f? Arr Iriedm, N Ve-k. < Lt i a, Arg 6- Arr More, N York Sid yth Jana. Raet?a l'a*u An* 16?SI* Not* Sreila. NYork: ladapendt ae*. doj W?h A ?i bill, Dnatoii IMh, Vlit ria, NYork. Itt un. Ai| 12?6ld Aahlaad, NYork. Eiai-?o?e. An* 9?Arr Silreatrr. N York. . llaaiaiao. AugV?Arr lletaehrll. N Y rk. lltinaT. Aui H-Arr Kdaiaa. NYrrk. 614 llth, TrepU cae, H' atia >4in Perarlan, N i ork. IIatb*, An* A?Arr Batarla, NYerk, Bid llth, Zariek, NYork, llth, Vrreaillee. Breton. Liiilrtn., Aag ID?Arr CeBetellatiea. NTork: Parlia ert. Beau a: late, 6i?el*|or NYork: 17 th Aabkartoa, d*. 814 Igtb, Roreioa. NYerk: I>e Witt i iib'ob, d?: Nee taglaa* do: ? a Wirt, dat J aa B?aa. Boa oa: 10th, CaetlMaa, NYerk: llrtag Age, de, Tairarera, Philadelphia; 17th, Meelaai. NYerk. Loanoai aaar, Aag 10? Act Dmwthea, NYork. Liaaaira. A*g 10? Arr llaaaah. NYerk. I.aaaeuaa, Jaljr ? Sid Oeaa, N Yeik Laeaoa, Jul) J ?Sid Meater, NYorki Aag 6. ! * 4a. Maaeaiuaa. AaiS Arr Bjr..e, NYerk; Colaaikiae, Kklladelpfeia, Mbk. Caaarlla* H*raa. de; Be* per we, NYork. FoBTSiaurTH, Aag lie- (>g, Coreeliee, urtaaell. NYerk. 614 llth, Melliagrea, NYerk. U> aaater* we. Aag 10?614 Tk?* Baa4ferd. Boa'ea. St Paraaeei ao, Aag 6?614 Walter. NYerk (eiaWt??k* bi lm). fniBi.i*. Itta BtiUr, KT?t rUr?H.I?kn; |Utk, C?UnMw, ft York. Tnurt Ai? ? Art Pr1*4?a H fork. TiUMU, AM *rr Otk. loitra. Tile !. ? Dajra of Prafiiwr Wtkttaf. [ r ri'B the looton TrarrlUr. A ugu*t JO ) The earthly eiiatence of thia unfortunate maa la rapidly drawing to a cloaa. la four abort daya more, the aen trace of the law will be eiecuted, and hia apirit uihfrrd into the eternal world. Yi* terday waa the laat Sabbath be will apend on earth ? an<i we learn that he apeat ita houra la reading the fcnpturea, and in aalemn meditatioa, and thai lie waa perfcctly calm and composed Mr Aadrewa atuiea that the Profeaaor a health la p? rfertly good, and bia apinta aa buoyant, aad hia mn?rrn?tton at timea aa aprig htly, a? though nothing were about to traaaptr* lie aaya that for a few weeka pa?t he haa obaerred hw eye* to be a lit tie bUodahoC and tear* occasionally trickle down hia cheeka, and <hi aevtral occaaioaa ha* found him eagng'd in fervent prayer, and poriag over bia Bible, and other rrligioua hooka, apparently uncoaacioua of the r?re?ence of any one. Mr Andrewa thiaka him to be a moat '(inordinary man. and hardly kaowa what to think of him He thiuka it cruel to piac* a guard of h?e or an men upoa him, aa waa ?urge?ti-d, but that he ahould be left to himaelf, to afford him opportuaity for meditatioa and priyer, aa the time for auch e*erciaea will ama he I'i?nf ni "U NH run. mi n unw ?mht -n'' * that the prean will cfn?ur. him for ihr courae he ha* adopttd, to not placing ??rong guard; hut he haa done what he euppneed to be a duty M owed to fallow d? ing man. and anya, thai if Prnfraaor Wehnterever htd an idea of committing uicile, the m?de and nianner haa l>?en >lr< i?).-d long a (to in hi* own mind, and that a guatd of twenty men cannot prevent il. Ilia family continnea to vlat him twice a week, with whom he converaea very freely, and comforta ihem lij aaying he feela happy, and quite resigned to hia fate (front the few tea HeraM. Aegaat M ) It if aatd, upon good authority, that the medical atudem who entered Dr Wehwer'g rnnmi, *t the time the dreadful tcene of November laat waa being enacted, will pubbh a atatement, after ?iec?lior. Hiving full |?rnrolara of all h?M?#Tl heard It appeara the atudent had left hia ruhhera in the Iioctor'a laboratory, and finding tba doora Inched, and iifixaiiig the I doctor had gooe to Caabndge, ha rninrd a window and entered that way. PalltMal latalll|tata. aetata IU??riee-Tba eleetton far deiegatea to the Mtmtm te reforw the eeoatltntlea af tba Plata baa ?> ? .1 and n frw af tba return* ba?a b??n *4; not ?< !. ot however. to gl?? aay I4?* at tba raanlt otb.r than that tba daaiaarnta katt baen a? laaafnl faaaavL??ar* ? J R Pnliabnry la tba 4?m'v-ratla aaafMaitfrri'nfMilnTblrt; M?n?t di?trtet. iamaa X Mrl.aaaban ia tba grniocrell* candidate in the Hi te*atb dtetrlet Jaaaaa Taylor. abi|. and Alfred itltnrar, ftnarrtl. are tba aaiiMaUa In tha Teaatf fuartb dlatrtet , N aw J tatar - Bon W f RoMneen daailnea Mai I ablg aandldafte fot Oowcwac af Uu* >t?U RK I ESDAY AUGUST 28. 1C IMPORTANT FROM WASHINGTON. Passage of the Appropriation Bil in the House, fc?. Jrc dec ?aiBTT*riKIT OOROKIlli WIMMT nasioM. Date. T OMB'S HA0NKTIO TK.RORAPK. v Wuhitctoh, Aug 28, 18to. After the consideration ofthe morning buiineM, an a bill to refund certain money ta the State of Vli gin la. tbe Senate, on motion of Mr. IIamlin, went lnt rieeutive aeaalon, and ao continued until the aJjoun ment. mm ?f K?H immUMtm. BT BAlfl' LaCTSO-MAONBTIO TIQ.KORAPK. WaiHineTon, Auiaat 27, 1850. rimaoa or thb citil ikd diplomatic irrioriuno bill. Th* llouae returned voting on the amendments t the Civil and Diplomatic Appropriation bill, reporte from the Commltta* of the Whole on the State of th Union. The amendment appropriating nine thouaaad dollar for salary end oat At of the Charge de Affairs to NIos ragna, ?u eqnourrud In?yeas, 119; ntji, it. The amendment* appropriating $40,000 for th* relit and protection of mariner* on the Western water*, an $66 DUO for the erection of a ouetom honee and poi offlee at Cineianati, were then eoncorred in. Mr Doaa, (whig ) "IN Y moved to reconsider th ote bj which the Hons* aon-coacurred In the emend merit of fifty ihoufand dollar* lertbe relief of mariner on the Western water*. said earn to be expended aad* the dlreotioo of the Secretary oi the Treaeury Mr Bust, (dem ) of S. C., moved to lay the motion oi the table. The question waa determined in the afflraatireyeas 96, nay* 86. The appropriation of fifty thousand dellari for i poet ciBee and other public offlee*, at St. Loul*. wa non-concurred in- yea* 79, nayi 93. A similar amendment lor Bangor, M* ,of thirty-nin thonsend dollar*, ? ( non-concurred In, by Hd to 93 The fllty thousand dollar amendment for a ouston heue at Mobile, waa concurred in, by 113 to 08 The anrndmxDt appropriating twenty fire tbouiani dollar* tor the purchase of a nite for the erection of i p<*t offlee at Batb. Me , or for the repair of the old one

wa* oonenrred in?yea* 94 noe* 87. An amendment paying Mr. RIt*i fifteen thou?ani dollar*, for reporting and publiihlng in the Dai I] Glut*, two thoueand oolumns of proceeding*, was oon curred in-yeas luS nays 80 An amendment appropriating ten <hsu*and dollar to blbd tbe CvngmnuntU Globe and *1pprndix, was con curred in, lo 46. Yeas atid nays refused Tbe enenilment appropriating twenty-thre* thou *and five hundred dollar* for an bundred set*, each,*o the Cvngrtuummi (Hot* and Jipprndis, and KtgiMlrr Dt lain for the m* of member*, not conourrrd In. The Ilouee retuaed to atrik* out th* Item ot twele thousand dollar* to secure a perpetual leaie of th rooma In tba naw hall, to ba eractad at Ut lea. 1or th ufv ol tha United dtatci Circuit and District Courti The bill ?u then pmrd-aye* 130. mayiO'i.a* follow* Ira*?Me*?r*. Altiaadar, Allan, Alaton. And?i>oa, Aah mun, Bakar. Uajly, Haala, Hauaatt, BiatalLBokaa, lloii Bowia, Bowlia. Br. *?, Uriaga. Rurruwi, Ilttur Hatlai Itmuiaa B. Hollar, Cable, Cabal). Jo*aph fVCaidwall, Cat ?i?, ( ampbtll, Chandler, Clark, C'ale, Corwin. Cruwall. I)* tarry, Iaiioa, I??er, bgaeaa. Eliot. Baana, Mil ; laana. Ohio Kaing, Filth, I'ualtr, frtaal.j, Foliar, Uentry, Uiddiagi Oillnora, Uotl, OoulJ. (irmnall, Hallowar, Hampton Hay Hajuiioad. Uanri, liibbard, ililhard, Hoaglaad, U.lmea Hovttoa, Howe, llumar. Jackaaa, Ua ; Jaekauii. N. V ; Ju Uaa. (Jeo. P. It lag. Ja? I. king. John A. King. Preaton Kiatf I.aaere. Latter, Littlefteld, Mao*. Vtia. Maaoa. HitMam NrClaraaad, HaUoaall, McUanghey, MoKiaeoek, NeLaaa ltd ; McLtan, ky.: McWille Maaebana Moore. Morebead Boraa, Burton. J??laoa, .Nawell, Ogle, Oii?, Outlaw, Peer** Peek, Pboaii, Pitman, Putnam. Keyaolda. Rabiaa, llo kwal Hoot, Hiaa, Koaa. Hutu*-ey. Saclett, Santalla, Sctirrmerheri 8< boolcraft, heddi.n, Shepherd, ttyiaaaier, Hpauldlai IfHfM, ?* ! }, ttUMinn ; IMm. Strong, Tiioaa aua. At iTlturtnan. Tuck. t'ndarliill, Vau.lykr, Vmtaa, tfil din. Waldo, Watkina, Walbora, Want worth, Wain, Wi! In ma Wilmot, Wtlaoa Nan?Meaaia. Ali<ert*on, Aaha, Aferett, Bay, Btngbar BowiJea, Boyd. Brown, lad.; dual, Hurt, Caldwell, <y Carter. Clii.gnian CoSb, Ala.; Colcoek, Oaaial, DiramkDimey, Put), Ha a hair, l>urk*a. lumonnn. raatharalo Harry Gorman. 11*11, Hamilton, llarllam, llarlaa. Innu I Barn*, Taaa ; Harrta, Ala.; Howard. Ilaoberd, laga, Johi *<>b, laaa ; Joaaa. Bann, Pa : MeDoaald, II Lanai aa. M Bullae. Vayu aa. Bead, Miilaon, a>rri(, Owen/. Parka khaipe. Pottwv, ?uh>rJ>?? Kntinaoa, ravage, yatf ir Thomaa. Tk. eiraon Miaa . TnomHa, Vai.aMa. Wallace, Wki tlaaly, Wildriik, Weod, Woodward. and Teaag. tut ri*t?ii.?a*u t?iTnt(n (littiM. Mr Httoaii (dam ) of Pa , |trr notice that ha wool Dim to take up. to-morrow th- Panneylvanla Oontaa i d Klactlen caw. lo which Mr Llttall contest*Mr llol bin*' "at Th? llou** than adjourned Kruin U ?hliigl?n, COUJI Tf'lt MAXW HI.L?CIIIN?*K COMMHAIOMKB(ONKIRM ATlOMi ? SOCTHkK* CAl'CUS ? A.iontk Miiko DirratxtY. [ H irnut TM.mitrRtc tautaraorn ] Wa*HinoTon, tnguit 27, 1930. Tbieuf ofHr Maxwell, I tram, cama up bafol tba Senate to day It la aaid bla conflrmatloa d prodi cn tba vota of Mr. Clay. It 1( rumortd that Aaron Ilaigbt Palmar, of Na Yotk. baa barn appointed Commiaaloner to China Nothing baa bwk dona with tba eaaa of Mr. Law! Tba Danate bita eanllrniad a large batch of ra non (nation* to day ?Poatiuaatara, Land Ofllnar*. and other Including Major Clalna*. Qorarnor of Oragon. A llrrly tlma la axpactad in the llouaa to morroi on tba qnaatloa of taking np tba alarary bllla. Thai liarna talk of another eonpromlaa Commodore Thoua* Am. C Jonea of tha Paclt a>|uadron and tfca lion. Ilmrj Clay bin ?rrl??il h v A floutbarn raueua I* bflng held t night. on U pit! of opmtloii la rpgtr ] to tha (Urir; MU*. Tba o?gro who ?M ?rr? ?t?d yaatarday and rama?? to Alaiandrla >u an applicant for fraadtn. aadartt Platrlrt lawa. HU aummary raaoval h?a eraata airlUiaaat Bararal altlaaaa who ba?a amplo] ad blm during tha laat fltU?n yara. haft takan la? ?t?pi far hit raatoratloa to thU elty. Tha Mayor < Alataadrla fcaaaajolaad hla claimant* from raa *!? bin * oath, until tha Wgal quaatloa la dacldad I'olio as M alloy Biada tha aaptura. aa allagad, aadar Ul< gal aid aajaatltafcla alranaataaaaa Tfca Irtak Riot nair Pltub?r|ll< *t?l"va APPalB? nol-hk* tor* dow*-tub tawt* rriMrci.i.KD to rum fok their i.ivbsTlltftTT-six bkitkm in custody, JCC. StC, Pirraai ?oh, Auguat 2t, 1 woTba riot aval to a ad la yaatarday'* daapatrh amoi IrUbara oa tba*Ohlo aad Panaaylranla Rallroa taaaiacad wllh a party of maa aaployad aa tt Caaaty road Tba Mot waa eootlauad all laat algl aad part of to day Tba rtotara laaallad a number of hoaaaa along tt road aad tba laaaUa, a?i, *< m?n and rhUlraa III to tfca wood* for protar tloa Tha ftrott Ouarda with PharlfT Ourtla waat to tt a* at of war yaataiday aad raturaad thla aflaraoo ba>lag la raalody thirty alt prlaoaara. whoara all ao tajpM Many of tha rtaalaadara ara attll aarratal la tl wof da. aad paopla In tha aalghfcorbood of tba am aiaraaa atrh Ia*r of baing m?l raa'ad androbHad Tfca rtotara glory la tfca aabrtqaata af "Pardawaara aad " Corkoalaaa " Til* r?|lllT? ll>T? BIU, and tho *o?tH ItLflMK, 1 Uflll 77. IMO Tha ftoathara BaU to night bring* nothing aoath IUl'l|k Tha lnth>n aowapapora do aot ganarally rallah tl Vegltlaa Blaaa Mil aa It hat paaaad tho ?n?t? ai regard It aa Intaadad tao?da*o Virginia Maryland at rataahy ftoa tho toaaot eaaaa of tho Mouth Tl Bpara appear to ha uaaalaoaa In aaaortlq* that i a taa ha affaataai ta raaorar lanaaay alaraa fwmwm Balttaar*. nor amom tub Diiooin-r t?ut ??utrt gTr ., rrr. BtLTiMoaa, Aagnat ff, I'M. At tho damnaratla naotlag laat eight hold at La lagtoa Mai kat aoaalhlagof a light toah plaao hotwM tho parttaana of Watklaa aad Torn?? lata nppnoli aandidataa for tho mayrralty Tha llghth ward ia< had thotr traaaparaaoy. vhlah Uiay aarrlad la prao? Haa, lata a aad daatroyod. faaa at ttaa ?ara for<ta toava tha aiaailag groand Wllllaai Millar, a aotorlaaa Ihtaf waa arraatad t day. rhargod with hotag aaao?ra?d la tho harglary Mr Taraar a tkara, oa Puaday laat Tha laaihar yard of Maaara I'aat k Olaa. aa natai atraat aaa partially aaaaaaad hy dra thta a?ralag Tha property aaa laaarad Riltaoidlauy Claikal Caadaat Rnaroa, A ag IT, Jtn Oa Patarday tha Rar Mr Fallaa of franhfort. M laft hnaiafar Oldtova. aa aa aiatiaaga of palpit I waa aawvll. aad aftav arrtalag at Mldtowa aat hr hta toga aad arlata aad aaoh alda of Ma throat. ! aa aat Mptattd ta racarav, altMaagh alira at tha U | a a? aaa la. [ERA 150. !, The Chalera?Bvatteeaa, &?., at the Wait. Alxeomakt Citt, August 37, 1860 The cholera continued to prevail here. There have been, (lore my laat, eight or nlnn more fatal eases In the eame locality mentioned yesterday; three of these are 1 physiolans, and all Germans. PlTTSTUSUH, August 27, 1850 TbU city it unosnaHy healthy No mortality from uy diiease to-day worthy ot not*. Cincinnati, Aug IT, 1860. The health of the eity ii good, and business la Increasing. The rlrer U rising slowly. Columbus, August M. 1850. We had two deaths here yesterday from cholera, but there have been none reported to-day. Business la Improving. Columbus, (Ohio ) Ang 37, 1850. Two deaths by cholera occurred here to-day. The wtather Is cool and pleasant. -o I. IsTsr* Rom at Norfolk. NowroLE. Aug. 37, 1810. Th* storm of Saturday night, from 8. . to W, was the severest experienced in the Chesapeake for thirty years past. The steamer Oseeola had her wheelhonse R blown away, and several small vessels were seen ashore, tome dismasted, off the Capes. Several houses in tha 0 eenntry were blown down, and a woman and two j children were killed. We have heard nothing as yet , from the coast, but serious injuries are apprehended 9vr Washington Correspondence. ' Washington, August 26, 1890. Mr. Conrad and hit Chitf Clerk. .? Mr. Coarad. the new Secretary of War. com mences his official carerr as a good whig, should commence it. He appoints, as is understood, for the chief clerk of the department. Captain George T. M. Davis, a sterling whig of ready and excellent business habits, who has for a year past held an important clerkship in the General Land Office. Captain Davis was not an applicant for the post in question; but having acted gallantly in the Mexican war, as the aid of General Shields, ana won the approbation and good will of Major General Scott, those two distinguished gentlemen united with others, in preseniing the name of Captain Davis to Mr. Conrad as a most worth* and suitable person to be chief clerk of the War Department. In making the appointment, instead of selecting a |>eraonel triend or a relative from Louisiana, Mr. Conrad steers clear of the charge of nepotism, clique ism, or sectionalism. For some twelve years previous to the Mexican war, Captain Davis was an able whig editor in Illinois. After the w?, he edited, for some months, one of the daily whig papers at St. Louis, from which post he was invited tn a rUrlmkin in fh?? ri?>rnI I.anst nflinp ut salary of #1 ,600 per annum. t or Mime time past, the chief clerkship in the General Land office has been vacant, and Captain " Davis has been an applicant to fill the vacancy. The place was absolutely promised to him, through one of his Senatorial friends, by Mr. Commissioner t Hutterfield. But Mr. Butterfield,failed to make ? his premise good. 0ar Philadelphia lorraapandenes. Philadelphia, August 27, 1850. Death of Clen. Prevail?Vtilling r irtmen-Srcrt- ^ i, (dry AlcA'ennan, jr. i I regret to announce the death of (Jen. Prevost, I the Secretary and Treasurer of the Boird of >; Brokers of this city. He died very suddenly, at ! his residence, this morning, from a disease of the heart. Gen. Prevost was universally respected for - his high sense of honor, while the amiability of his '? disposition and the courtesy of his manners secured for him a wide circle of warmly-attached friends. ' The Northern Liberty Hose Company, a most [ efficient snd gentlemanly body of men, expect to I, visit your city on the 4'h inst , on their return from Albany. 1 commend th?rn to the well known 1 hospitality of the New York Fire iJepartment, for they truly repretent what Philadelphia firemen ?. ouuht to be. The SclM>ylkill Canal is now roady for the pasn', sage of bouts from Pcttsville to tairmount. the o. temporary repairs at Kelix's liam hivuig been sotnpleted yesterday, according to promise. It is it, to be sincerely hoia-d that no further damage will r. Im- sus'amed, for the capacity of the canal and the '* Hailrosd will lie taxed to the utmost, for the balsnce of the season, to meet the legitimate Id dtmsnd* of the trade. t Secietary McKennan has actually gone home f>- in the sulks. As he confidently expects to be coaxed back, the probabilities are that we soon shall have another chief for the Home l^epartment 1 nr Ann ?i ine rrisom-K Itioi. DlCiSlOB or JI'DCI iCARSON OK Til* WHIT OK HAIIIA* ' k cobm'*. The following o|>im?n of Ji idge Pearson was de- ' livered on Saturday evening, wh'-n he heard the owners and their assistant! on habeas corj/ut, on the charge of assault and battery. The Common wealth va. W ilium Taylor and * other*?Wat of huhtat roqmt?These grotletu n are brought from the )>rimoii of baui>hin county on w a writ of habtu$ rorjmt, having been confined undtr the following tircunutnncea : ?Th* court wn? informed this day that a great riot had commenced and wu in progress at and about the prtson, and that a nunilier of iiermns were eng?getf in fighting within the jail wall*, that much blood had b? en shed, and nun live* su|>|K>sed to have hern w_ taken, and it wh* a|>prehen<led, from ?lhe number ' of |>eison* In the atreet endeavoring to force an r" entrance, th?i con?equence* of the gravest character niiitht be exacted. We directed I* our sfticrr*, with the police of the town, a. to raise a *nfTicie nt force, make their war to l# the (ioor* < I Ita pflaM, and secure them, confiningsll who were within, and preventing the entrance of any more; and oa this being done, to r*i*e a sufficient force to arrest or di*per?e the mob i* on the outside, and secure and retain those within; >4 i all of which *|ipeamo have been performed. Our r. aole object wai to preserve the public peace and secure those wbo had broken it. The ewdmce now beft re us shows that the parties on hearing had entered the vestibule of the orison for the (>ur|M>ae of >f securing their slave*, who had fled from the State | ?- of Virginia, been charge with hone stealing, and by us discharged on a writ of habrai carjnu. The , evidence shows that great violence wti used r>y the owners m mH--avonag to aecare their propert) ; that the slave* were aeverely be?t?n, and left bleeding and almost senseless The J narlte* befnre u? are fully identihe 1, and the hct* clesrly proved So far a* diacloanl by those who have trstiheH, there doe? not n^ar t<> have; been anything in the nature or character if of the resistance to justify a resort to such ex. 1, trrme measure*. The defendants ha** offered i. evidence to show th it they were attacked by the |( alavra in a hostile manner, and uaed no more force than was necessary to repel the attack, and secure Ukdi in cuatody. We do not believe that, accord " ing to the rule? of law in regard to preliminary e?111 a twinstions, we have a right t? hear their eVKVnce. Thia ia hut a preliminary eiammaiioa on a writ <>f ' habfof rnrpM; we are not to hear the evidence on m both aides, hut on the part of the commonwealth only; else on every suck writ, this court, (or the m separate judge* thereof, aa the case might he,) IS Would arrogate to itaelf the decision of all disputed facta in the brat instance, rendering the thai by jury >" superfluous and unneceaaary We poanesa by law no such pt war, but where a pr\m%* fmru c?se ia made out by the commonwealth, must leave th* c?u?e to be settled by a jury, when all the evidence will he heard Aa a comm. we will judicially take notice of the facts proved before as yeaterday, that the m> a endeavored to be arrested were slarea hew I* longing to Mr Taylor, and in oar deciaion thia ,4 motaing, we declared that he had aright to take 1(J them wherever he could lay hia hands peaceably upon them, eicep* in the actual presence of the io court. Wr arr also of opinion that hr, and ihoae wh<>m be mm have rallrd to hta aaaiatance, had a right to uae juat aa much force in arreatitig and necunng them, aa an officer of thia commonwealth, Dt with proceaa in hta hand*. haa in executing auch procean ; yet, aa we could h? no meana ja?nfy a henll or conMablo in naing the amount nt violence a. i>ro*ed to have been need in I ha cone, hot would hold thein anawerahie for an annnnlt and httfry, to mn?t we hold tkeM defendnnta The officer mnat, in the firat ptnee, me aN ((eatie meana to ae a cure the party ordered to bo arreato4. If reaiated, * he noil overcome thai reaiatance hjr force, hat matt he eitremely careful to meaawm it by the degree of violence need againat him, and ran only inttify heating bin priaoner tn prevent great bodily * bum to hMBaelf, and mnat deatat aa aoon aa he haa ** it tn bia power to aecare Kim by other menaa Wi caaaot accord to the d?>ndanta here any greater * power, when the* r?r.? on to our aoil to aei*e their tiiaitive alavea, than we confer on our own poaeo (Hictia. The per'/ona engaged in reaiatuw tbean men tn tho lawfn, aieretee of their nght of eeiiure, t are gntltv of a gt*at wrotf, and moat nainatihaw breach of the tohlie wbich we have held * aa many t? /?.-n?iHe aa conld h* ap(*ehended ; and * we mu?*, m lilte mannet, hold theae gentlemen to *h antwer at rat negt Court of Quarter S??a?oaa, I fla wher, the whole anhjeot wiU bo inverigaled Hy ?al the 14*] L J.J. rnaJtaan, Fre?*deai Jadf' I I A 1) . % TWO CENTS. mi iuiium. Till PKMOCBATIC BI ACTIONS?ORGANIZATION or W OKNBUAL COMMITTKK. Lwt evening, the Democratic General Committee, whoee election tu completed on Monday evening. act at Tammany Hall, to decide upon contacted ?eat?, aad to permanently organize the committee. Mr (i. 8t?iH? ?a? Chairman, yrt teni, and Mr. II. M. Waeraan Secretary. The eecond ward waa conteited, and the tioket daicrlbed ai the "Brndari" ticket, upon whlok vat placed the name of Mr. Daniel Mehan, one of the oar ?? i"<* nrraia, *ii luiiunea, in aoeoroanoa wiw the eredentlals of the Inspectors. One of the objections vu that a poll book ?n carried away by on* { the victorious party In order to prevent an eiamlaatlon of fictitious votes, and to strengthen the objection, the fact waa referied to that Tiuiethy Orr Ilibbert, ex-Afalstant Alderman of the flecond ward, had awera an affidavit ot petty larceny, in reference to thla book, againat Jack Cardiu, awho r**preaenta in hla own par* aon, tha great unwaahnd.'' Jaok and hla friend# ay that ilibbert had no buaineae there?he waa not aa Inspector. appointed either by the Ward ComcaltUa or Uaneral Committee. and waa only interfering with the election by caoaiug delays, aad objecting to every ona that did not rota far hla ticket Jaok. it appears, aaktd to eee thia check book, and while he held it la hla hand soma person snapped it from him, aad ran way with it. Mr Ilibbert went to tha Tomba, and more an affidavit of petty lareany agalart Jaok and a warrant waa Issued. Jack gava bail to anawar tha charge on Friday next Mr. Hlbbart wanted to Qx tha value af the book at (30. aa he said tke namea ia it ware worth that amount, bat the magistrate would nat allow the value to be beyond $3, tha sam atatad to have been paid for It when blank. It waa also atatad that a number of ballots rolled up In ona were frequently put into tbe box aa one. but were afterward* counted aa ao many genuine votaa by the Inapeetorr. Tha General Committee. however, having heard all tha piot and rant, deaided in favor af " tha aarriar" ticket, which had nearly three votes to ane. a a object Iod waa thea raiaed to tha Fifteenth ward election, though the delegates had aat for three nlghta, without any objection or proteat, and had voted upoa other conteated seats themselvee. The object of tha objection waa to get rid of John Van Buran. and It waa alleged that the owner of the house where the election waa appointed to be held would not permit it to go oa, and it was held oat ai doors. This ohjactlan, however, was not made at tha time, nar heard of till last night, wbea ona of tha delegates, John K Itoaa, objected to himself, and aald he did not thiuk ha waa properly sleoted. It appeared, also, that only ona inspeeto* nlgued the return. The oommlttot having deliberated. ordered t new election b; a large majority, >n<l then adjourned, without electing a chairman, or taking any step towar4a a~>ermaueat orgauliation. The following l? a lint of the committee, as it now stands Flret Ward ?Charles Gannon, Michael Murray, B. T. Mulligan. Second Ward.? Jas. B. Ilethringtoa, 0. W. InaM, Daniel Melian. Third Ward.?Wm. II. Bolton, U. J. Mabbett, B. D. Marshall. Fourth Ward.?Jacob F. Oakley, Vlorenoe McCarthy, J. W Avery. Fifth Ward ?Henry M. Western. J. V 8arage, Jaa , K. B Hart Bisth Ward.?Joseph Cornell, T. GUmartla, T. J. Barr. Seventh Ward ?J. 8 MoKibbln, Hdward Wert, Jaa. Murphy Klghth Ward.?R. T. Compton, 0. Cohen, A. Barmere Ninth Ward ?Kdward Strahan, William Valleaa, t. Ripley Tenth Ward ? Fraaele March Wm. Walnwright, D. II. Hunt. F.leventh Ward ?Hiram K ogles, Weeley Smith, J. 0. (Fillet Twelfth Ward. -Charles O'Counor, W. D. Craft, J. If e Arthur Thirteenth Ward ?John Marrener, J. K Brlggi, J. R Tilley. Fourteenth Ward - Mlehael Toomey, PhU. O'Brien, D Garthwaite Sixteenth Ward ? D. W. Geary. llobt. Berkley, O. Q. Mitchell. Seventeenth Ward ? Jaa. S. Hahted, Wm K. Meek*, Michael Smith. Kighteeiith Ward. Lonnio B. Shepherd, Alex. Wrentou, 8 O<jooil! Nineteenth Ward ? Moees W. Jaoksin, Jehn Qolaa, J. Dowgherty. Theatrical and Masalt-al. IliUi* Orin? AT C*?TLB Otten.- Thii evening ha* been eet apart by the manager of the great Haraaa Opera company, for the benefit of Signorina B 8t?tI....... I t V,. K~. I ..,1 J..-. the company The irent is on* whioh will call oat kU tiie munical enthusiasm and !> > of the uintropoik*; lor independent Of tha popularity of Ht-T?unl ' 1 Puritan!" will be perform* d. with Salvi. MeMal. Hallalt sad frteffanoul. In addition to thia. Arditi aud Uotterinl will perform on th? eiolln aed double ba?g ?an entertainment in Itself that will attract hundreds to the beumv Thousands will be preaeat t*ulght. Bowi ar TiuMiai Th? entertainments thin finnlo| are a>t apart for the benefit ol Mr. A fyle the leader ot (be orchestra LIe li an eso -llent mutinlaa, and ha* hern attached to this theatre for year* Th >* wbo bare been so often tmuwd br the orchestral nude under bie snperlntendaaoe should remember him on the occasion ol bie benefit I factor* bar* claims upon public patrooage. uioaiciaa* ought to bare a similar claim, as they endearor. by thair harmonious nu>lo, to eiclta the moat pleating and agreeable r m"tl?>n* The piecea seleatrd are the two capital play*." The Pirate of the lslei." aid the " Pwua'a l ax t>ream," the performance* of which are receire4 with?ntboriastic cheering. Nieio's G*?n*w.?Mr*. John Helton, a eery clever actre**, and deservedly a great faeorite. take* bar bi niflt this stenlng, and if we may judge from the Immense assemblage which honored h>r hus'iand'a benefit, there can be little douht but that Nlhlo's. thl* ettiiing. will present a brilliant arrsy of our fashionable cltlten* Tha pieces selected fur the oooa?ion are the grrgsnu* and magnificent eitrarafama. e?tltled the - Island of Jawela.'' Muck*ton<*'* naw nom* ly of I be " Kougb Diamond." and a drama ia one aat. called tba ' Drunkard" a different plena from that which is being played In other part* of the eity la tha " lltnnkard," Mr Taylor plays tbe part of Mr. know to b< Aral rat* aoatilltw. wall anataia thr aharartrra wt Micbarl Dray and l>aTld Martin, tba drunkarda In tha ntbar two pi*"**. naarly all th- tal?nta<l r' wipany will appaar an<l Ml?**a Cakaat* and 0a? haa will appear la aavaral brautlfal lanea* fi wlah Vrt B?ft?n a bump*r. Baoanw ?t Thuitii ? Wa ha?? a*ld"aa**n aud>n**a ao wall ptraaad aa tboaa tbat bar* att*nd*4 tba llroa4wai alana Ita r* np*alng Th? adalrabla Biaair In which tha plaeaa ar? raat laflrrt grant aradlt oa Mr. Urorga liarratt tha aMa and talanud aiaww M thta baauttful Ibaatra Mkaa Andart on aa Lad/ Clara. (I'M a brautlfal plrtar* ot trwa loTa ot aff-atloa not w?raia4 to Ita rllaai by tha prn*a**t of worldly a?(ran<li*amaat, bat bjr tha aympathalle Infloaaa* of r**ipro*al loaa. Mr Conway.a* Eralyn dlapUya tb? hi*h aad diMlnntahlng rbara*t?rt?tlaa of hnanr la hia rwlatloM with (ianralana aad l ady Clara, aad whaa ba fladathal owa lovaa hla for hla n?n?y. aad tbat tha othar la aatvatad hy tha pnr*at aantlnaa of tha haart. hit pot^ traltara of tha oratory of a boaoai awailta* with laa?. El Ira 1.1 a jot. la finding bar whoa ha adorad trna ta I at In th* boar ot hla aappoaad ad??r*li?, la a puitar* trna to natar* I)a*td?a mahaa a rapilal rtir Jam V??J CrnJ?r(r?? m? tilo??mr>r? (It** *rl<hig* of gr*at dr*n*ti* aMIIir and Acharf u Oram. I|>I> lain. Ik< llriMil**; e >iap*aj I* iwll?ot, and will ultimately pro** a *oure* oI *r*?t prfll ta th? mwiffr Bi ?n?'i Tniitil Burt?^p*tr*lo ilflii la taw characttr* Thl* al<>a? I* uffl>-|*nt in rovd th* h> a**. *o ?r-*t I* th* Imlr* In *** lhl? Inlmltabla aomadlaa. Onlp Iw.k *t th* blU' Th* tBIMMTItl pr<niB*nr* wllb " My l'rw|n? H*t*** '? M Rnbtall aad Jnhaana a* Wa??all. till Wft Ru?mII aad Mia* Hill Thl* *111 b* Mln??l by Pas 4m Folk* <'oalqo*. by M Prod*rl* ?n.| Mm Wtitara. Thl* vlll ba rarrwM by th* a*v ilraaa nf l.'na oaln." which vlll ba?* a loaf aad *a*****fal raai ad lb* aain**iD*nl* vlll raaalada vlih th* far*? nl ' <>Ibi?"b Criai** " Hay h* Bartoai Th*atr* voat ba rnvd?4 thl* *T*alaf H*Tiaa*L Tatar** ?Mr and Mr* William*. tha rrt a r*l*br?t?d lrl?h ao?*dlaa. aad th* ***aad an *a?*IUat r*pr?aoatatlT* nf Tank** flrl*. ar* drawl** fall hoa**? at tha Natloaal Mr WilllaaM app*art taal|ht la th* I rt*b l>o?t." aad la tha drama n| " Iralard a* It I* aad Mr* Wllltaai* a* J a.If O'Plahartv, aad la thr?* ?bara*t*T* la tha *m<i*tn* f?r?* M fa aad Oat nt Mar* " Tb*y ar* raa*l*ad *?*r? *r*aJag vlth *atha*ta?tl? rh*?r* Mint Malrlaa vlll ?*ata a Hal** aad Taaihnrin* daana A la* Mil of *at*rt*laia*at far tvaaty ** **nt? Ajaraic** Mi **<> -- Tha *ry la, " (till th*y rnai*,'* at thl* thaatra. tor ??*ry *r*alag th* laatara m-i? la rrnvdad Batnaai It laahy la ***ry thla? h* aad*rtahrt III* a* u>n fl*a ?**. ral *a-l*lan?|na II la vorth tha prloa af .dmlaalra to *? th* f***lBBtlag artr*** Ml** fl*h*r . Oi mnr -fall boa.*, *r*ry al?ht hill tor thl* ?**alaa My*r*. th* p**t riotlal**. I* graaUy *d?lr*d aad th* hoa* piay*r I* *?**II*bI B****tv ir Ciiti ift firtt' - T%* popala* aad rfal ol lh* ll.?*a* trr-a^a ha* taada bar *rp*al to th* pa Ml* It a b*a??t aa Moaday a-?l. hITmvH* * ,?cd *a* and.h* *tll Wi* II'?* !riaHa" I* ta b* a*rto?-?d. aad C ?*4lall v dl ?ir*at'b?a lh* ***! W p*ra*aaUag Am Thl* <*UI b* *tr?*t lad??d t*iM n???fc*r? oi* r??r*. /<*????? !'U~ On? JljlMtfM. ? tfe* ?rra*? *1 w? H?tl*r on ? -h?r*? ?? lag UM?f tw? ??"* ? J ? <M knil Oo??U?lo??r 0?r.|n?* ? Tkur.-Uy lut iWNr UntWr ?4wh*m*4 frmn ih* fi-mt* tlm (few* M?g ?0 t#?tlwio?y V> ?irt%U ? , !' ?? N?tk*rWl W?H. ? !?** l?M"J rbm of *<? H? * w m ? 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